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George Peabody College For Teachers - Pillar Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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...s 1 Hr X K' I ' X 1 .A . 1 R ,, A. I 1 . A 4 xx . rv X J I x 1 W X v J N , 1 1 .xl VP . v x if x 1 X - 1-1 V 1 F I 'N N Y ' 1 X1 X X , 1- -V' X .. . Y , xx 1 1 4 1 X N 1 11 , W . ix I ' gf, 1 1 X. 1 , ' 1 1 , N x 3 l - 1, 1 1 1 . ,' 1 X X x ' - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ff 1 "r , , , , . -f X, ,A,,,,1,:, .1 - . ...L x Q X George Peabody College Nashville, Tennessee THE l HAR Editor-in-Chief: Jane Palmer Assistant Editor: Carol Cunningham you ea rare cole of mgrnxoyries. Thgse your ideas ond ex- presgions, ouf time onolgef- fdjflsshbvellbedn exhqusfgekl. lWel'hove done if for you lwe inilife you to e here as long os you like . . Time cannot sycczr 'lhesgy lmerfioigisl nor 'le-rose what is righffully yours. We Thank you for making The l967 PWLAR ct book that will never be equalled. The A1967 PILLAR STAFF Contents : DEDICATION . . . ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY .. CAMPUS LIFE . . . FEATURES .... ATHLETICS ..... GREEKS ........ ORGANIZATICDNS ACADEMICS .... CLASSES ....... ' SENIGR INDEX .. rj-.-' :"5--shui I8 20 50 86 IO8 132 I56 I98 222 271 Autumn colors against The horizon offer a morning greeting To early risers The campus alive with color or silently white, welcomes and challenges all who walk its paths. '-'r L if-f Z, iT 15 Q? -f fgw The campus echoes with the sounds of expansion the steady machine-gun roll of the drill punctuated by occasional explosions. As the new JFK Research Center rises above the landscape, Peabody assumes an aura of "newness" a "newness" which surrounds and unites both faculty and stu- dents. Mr. Walter Stokes commemorates the occasion 6 Dr. Susan Gray breaks ground for the new building. nu ur " . ,, ff I i,,g,.,, , .-. - . ' Q Y A 1 J- - K ' '- . - wg- 1 , ' ia: 15- -s-'H - -,Lg - Y .,, " ' ' w . x- ,- Y.. I V Y Y, V Y . ,H V r A- ff V .L - 5: ' "' 'ff 'Tw-V:-g - , ""- 5 1 A - . 1 K Qgigikffif- g".iK-- .-, :' ' ' - -' ' ' "f, " '11 -' "'i:'.-- :V 1 s A 1 ,f ,-2 L :Ni - 1' I- -' , 'ff - - .J V: . , - .-e . wr-fs N., - 5- , - " rn- .. - pf-:ax 4, -v . :Rm 15 EYE"-Finn .Q - 1 '- '- 6 " ' , ' A V 11133: ' . ,- .-,TRU 1-1.-1 1 ", ' fri! - - I - H , .1 - nm: J ss, ' "wr " -Uwu-y ummm' W f V-. -,f.c,E,,,'fmg . Q pw .--,I-ms: , - - , . N YE? if y' "'wm' iii """' rr ' ' ff' . ' - . ' -- I- 1. ,. ' ' : '-- A 'U ' .,... " .- wi' w 'Y ' 1 1, N . - 4,1 . Q-,5uw5.::Q., ,rf-f ii: - mr. '9"'1L -N ,sms.m.... 1 1 But Dr. Gray . . . Just break the ground! 7 Student foces sfudent expressions bold before fhe spotlight, carefree before the world . . . the oloiecfs of o pro- fessor's frusfrcafion. v 8 fi A ,.,4-,hxg " TL-4 ,.""'f""" C 9 f-Q :SEM Q "MF 'N' W U +4 IO' + f f , f 1 ,f , I 'im -flue if 4:77 'i Time, sacred in its scarcity, allows little opportunity for leisure an oppor- tunity which, when found, provides room for treasured memories. Il gl. L I-'U - Ks V, AY, 'f xl.-ig, -rf? Q-as-'. --was-gr" Nw' ii, , ,LXL my T 5. 'xsife A Q lf, M IW,-Lgffif .'.- ' QQ .if -1 .I df' ,. e I . ' "' , '. . - "'.1:iq3'.g 'QL'- --.wr ' . ,. My . -V. 11: ,-Mfg., E- g s-55.-' f w H's all a game A skilled gam A fun game, A silly game, A childish game, A mature game, lf's alla game of 1 e v-4' :ii- I2 1 1 11 16 1 6515! 11 11 1111, 11 1 111 if 11 " 1 11'1"11 X11 ,li 5531 1-111'1 11111124 -3, 1 1 1 1 1 ,H1 1 1 1 1 ,ig 1 1 X 1 1 !1 1,1111 : 11 1 1111111121111 1 1 1, , 1 1, N 1, 1 111! 1 1 1!1,1 111!! 1 1 1 . 1. 1 1 X N I 1111!! 111!1!1!M111,11w1111RE1 1 1111 1, 1 11,1 11! 111 1,1 11,11 1 1 A 1x1 1 1 1 11 1 'i :L ln groups or alone, socializing or concentrating, students at Pea- body live of ci rapid pace. The student center looms in the midst of each active day. lt is here that the basic demands of stu- dent life, mail, food, ond a meet- ing place are fulfilled. r'rg.-1.g-:- V f 51, . Nw- ,A NZ! Mi 1 ,-ff' ff --,W Y f H1 N us. , L ,-,, gi X' zf HJ x w .xx 1 1 M 1.11:-. 1 K 7 KN W 4-' M in Ja If I5 A laughter . . . A feW 'recxrs IQ . And C1 lot of courage. w H xx t331."N w E? u w mu" xi iwpia H. LE A vu- ,Q 2 1 an W, 'hi I 1 H' Y El' lunvgwy M' -a,?,- EP:-1 Graduafion A single ceremony that rep resenis all the hard work frustrations and rewards that college offers A challenge That, at last, has become a reality. P GA Dedicates '67 Pillar It is with intense pride and satisfaction that the Editor and staff of the i967 PILLAR endorse the selection of this dedica- tion made by the Student Government Association, who repre- sent the entire student body of George Peabody College. This dedication selection fully rewards all of us who have, in our small way, contributed towards making this yearbook worthy of the man to whom it is dedicated. Dean of Students, Mr. Arthur H, Cook, is one of the most dedicated men any school of higher education has ever been fortunate enough to have as a member of its staff. He has served this college both as teacher and administrator and is always available when duty calls. He is never too busy to answer a need, large or small, and his counsel always insures a brighter outlook to those who seek his help. Dean Cook is a Christian family man, educator, sportsman, and gourmet of renown, and we would be remiss not to include his lovely wife, Mrs. Ella Cook, whom we all know as the head of the Student Health Center. Dean Cook, it is because of your genuine, unseltish considera- tion for students above all else that we want to say, on behalf of the students of Peabody, a sincere "thanks". THE STAFF is iii Dean Cook is often seen on campus with his wife, Mrs. Ella Cook. The Dean takes time out to frolic in the snow with his secretary, Mrs Patsy Giffe. ,-,A .., Ni ing , i ii"'fs-if' 515,15 Assisfanf Deon of Students, Miss Mary Shaw, folks briefly with Clint Bolte, president of SUSGA 20 Faculty lounge: where faculty members find a place for relaxation, a quiet lunch, and a noontime "siesto Behind the years of research, beyond the en- tanglements of lectures, and beneath the Acl- ministrative responsibilities. They, too, are human. ' ,4- -H 4-1- .A ,,..4,' leqgtwa ' -'La K! - - 4 - 3-Q -1 Jwfsihf 'K " 'A s..-. ip . ,aw Q-Q, s "'a'.Pfa ' j IQ 4' -' , . iq.i,5. ' , V K ' DJ' 2' aggg Y- TTT. 'Q ,,,. wr. x QA he-. Q . -' ., "Campus weatherman", Dr. Phelps, enioys results of "no accumulation forecast it i l r 'Zi tggig, wx, 'l X- if Board of Trustees annual meeting, May 5, 1966. At the speaker's table: Walter Stokes, Jr., Trustee Forrest Andrews. Many of Peabody's faculty Trustee Albert Rose, former President Felix C. Robb, Board Chairman are present. Board of Trustees The Board of Trustees consists of very tar-sighted, hardworking, and dedicated men and women who have been, and continue to be vital, in the building, maintaining, and pro- moting ot George Peabody College. Lawyers, businessmen, educators effectively combine their talents while striving to make for Peabody a better tomorrow. 22 fat? es' 1. I --.. President Henry H. Hill, Walter Stokes, Jr., Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and W. D. McClurkin at Q recent Board Meeting. 23 fe-f2ff.V 'Q' ""' :W - :"g,iT T if 'Q ' " 'E-.Q ' ' nj V F' Y h W, ' i Hi f ' ' 'K - vffiafl 53' MQZESW' U-L35 A ' img?-., 71' if '..-' E533 'A -CI :iii 'fi 32,52 ' ! Wi gli M ' ,:,f:1:Zz W x iw ,mi 1 S I- ' ' W. K i ' 51251 ' 'ali ' g ,im I: . 1, ' 1 Xa 95' gi . W mu ' M2 s 5 , g , ? 9 Q: QS f, in .3 Q 25,1 . if 357' ,adm 9 1. Nw i ii , gs , Vice-President Hollis A. Moore As Vice-President of Peabody, Dr. Hollis Moore has been a major figure in the lives of both faculty and students. Among his many past achievements, he has taught in junior and senior high schools, served as the Dean ot the College of Education at the University ot Arizona, as Assistant Editor of The Nation's Schools, and as Educational Director of the VV. K. Kellog Foundation. He received his Ed.D. from the University ot Texas. A highly respected man, his personal concern for the individual has made him outstanding as a Peabody administrator. Dean of the Undergraduate School David P. Mullen B.S. Indiana State College M,Ed. University of Pittsburg Ph.D. Teachers College, Columbia University Dean of the Graduate School Charles B. Hunt B.S. George Peabody College M.A. George Peabody College Ph.D. University of California at Los Angeles Assistant Dean of Students Mary Mosby Shaw B.A., Western Kentucky niversl M.A., George Pecbocl o e e 4 ,. Dean of Students Arthur H. Cook B.S., George Peabody College M.S., George Peabody College l J ,, .7 3 All 27 Acting Director of Admissions Tracy Ramsey B.S. David Lipscomb College M.A. George Peabody College Director of the Development Office Elton Donoubauer B A. Sulross State College M.A. Sulross Store College M.Ed. George Peabody College in ,, ' ' , 1 X1 W ,, 11N 11 11 1 1 1 11ll1 l" ll1W'l '1m '1'111111M l 'l PM 11i1H X 1 11 3-E ' 1 W 111 1 11w! W 11ww Y 11 "l '1 avi? 154' 1 ll 'lsslff ,llilliw 1' 111 1' Hi' 'Ml' li 11 ' xl11 '1V'2i2isii 111 ll 11111 1 1 K l' llifgll l 5 11 1, 1 ll ll 1 l '11, ll 1 1 3 ll if HMM Controller Director, Division of Surveys and Field Services Carl Hill W. D. McClurkin B.S. George Peabody College A.B. Hendrix College C.P.A. State of Tennessee M.S. University of Arkansas Ph.D. George Peabody College -WWF J 'LA 6 vi' 1 k FT 'll l 1-1 13:-Y , 1 id-7' Director, Peabody Demonstration School Director, Child Study Center William Knox McChoren Donald Neville B.A. University of Mississippi B,S. Kent State University M.A. George Peabody College M.Ed. Kent State University Ph.D. George Peabody College Ph.D. University of Florida 29 Librarian, Peabody Division, .l.U.L. J. lsaac Copeland B.A., Presbyterian College B.S. in L.S., Peabody College Ph.D., University of North Carolina y I 1 . Fa es 5 1 li ' 1 ,Jl K' - i sw ,f we in ,K 4 . 'mi villlv uv cell' l ,,'ll,,, 3 ssg3:.g,,wi iii izsgrlrgfqaiii in ' 1 , .,f - --,f iz , fi fe, i 'f i iii . ff A .Q .Mmm se s iii iii il ii Director, Learning Resources Center Curtis Ramsey B.S., North Texas Stole College M.Ed., Norfh Texas Sfafe College Ph.D., George Peabody College .- -- 944 30 Director of Housing Mrs. Gene Rhodes B.A. Mrs. Ruth Berndt Head Resident West Hall Mrs. S. K. Brantley Head Resident East Hall Mrs. Sarah Campbell Head Resident Confederate Hall Mrs. Rose Chomlee Head Resident Gillette Hall Mrs. Anita Herndon Acting Head Resident Fall Semester, I966 Gillette Hall Mrs. Bernice Lee Head Resident North Hall Hi :- ii ii Yr V 1: Ei wi?" -- ,, i. ,ms-egg, ,, "'1?fW"LJ in tilt it James H. Appleton B.S. in C.E. Supervisor of Building ond Grounds William B. Martin Supervisor of Building Ji: ivgy D,L. Bacigolupo Director of Food Services Mrs. Cofherine Smith Posfmisfress Ello Cook R.N. Student Heolih Counselor ? Efhci Green B.A. Director, News Bureau X . :., new yr , V i 36' - :A ' .. 'N E. 'as - ... -- - Il. Q: ' Q, l Si 44. , Qi , ,,,, i 'i , i X ,y ,X S N l ,N , l wi H Rebekah Hanson Supervisor of Records Charlotte Owen B.A. Director of Student Center Mary McNulty B.S. Bursar Margaret Pritchett B.S. Director of Financial Aid to Students Henry H. Savage B.S. Audio Visual Aids Electronics Engineer James L. Smith Manager, Bookstore Edward Bleicher instructor of Art M.A., University of Alabama Sylvia Hyman Instructor of Art M.A., George Peabody College Katherine Dutch Assistant Professor af Arts Education M.A., George Peabody College John M. Frase Associate Professor of Art M.F.A., University of Wisconsin Frank DiSanto Assistant Professor of Art M.A., California State College Department of Art A, S- E , Fe s rue? 25.1-.55 rvf"wmsQ2ze .seg new ui sl l i 4 J i 34 ix: to -f-.tiff C ' Department of usiness Eugenia Harrison, Acting Chairman Associate Professor of Education M.Ecl., George Peabody College John H. Rich Associate Professor of Business Education Ed.D., Indiana University Department of Home Economies QL-D Ruth Gillespie, Chairman Jana W. Jones Bilrbdru Bornar Associote Professor of Associate Professor of lnsfrucror in Home Home Economics Home Economics ECOn0mics M,A,, George Peabody M.S., Universiiy gf M.A., Colorado State College Tennessee College 35 Charles F. Faber Chairman, Department of Educational Administration Professor of Education Ph.D., University of Chicago Imogene Forte Assistant Professor of Education M.A., George Peabody College Stewart Fra ser Professor of International and Comparative Education Ed.D., University of Chicago Charles Goss Assistant Professor of Education Ph.D., University of Texas Norman C. Greenberg Associate Professor of Education Ed.D., University of Colorado Clifton L. Hall Professor of Education Ph.D., University of North Carolina Samuel P. Wiggins Chairman, Division of Education Professor-of Education Ph.D., George Peabody College Division of Education l s . .gf,, ...L- 36 1 ll ,M Q33 M it -, . -1 or A l -l l l A l 1 as ..,x Robert F. lhinger Assistant Professor of Education M.A., Claremont Graduate School Richard M. Hinze Associate Professor of Education Ed.D., Stanford University Martin Laforse Assistant Professor of Social Science and Ph.D., Syracuse University James LaPlant Assistant Professor of Education Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Gordon Lawrence Assistant Professor of Education Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School .lack Miller Associate Professor of Education Ed.D., George Peabody College Ida Long Rogers Associate Professor of Higher Education Ph.D., University of Michigan Elizabeth Teigland Associate Professor of Education Ed.D., University of Florida Chiles Van Antwerp Associate Professor of Education Director of Student Teaching M.A., University of Michigan Education Department of English John E. Brewton, Chairman Professor of English Ph.D., George Peabody College A. Edwin Anderson Professor of English Ph.D., Vanderbilt University Gerd Fraenkel Associate Professor of English Ph.D., Indiana University William J. Griffin Professor of English Ph.D., University of Iowa E. R. Hutchison Associate Professor of Englisl Ph.D., University of Missouri Stanley E. Moody Associate Professor of English Ph.D., State University of Iowa Allene S. Phy Instructor of English M.A., George Peabody College Warren I. Titus Associate Professor of English Ph.D., New York University Lalla Walker Associate Professor at English M.A., George Peabody College Ruth Walker Instructor of English M.A., George Peabody College I we Department of Health and Physical Education X l ,f sc. , 1 ii-1 V 4 .1:u-.' - , fi QM., 1.. T' '-1, au- if l Q, ZX it . 1 , 'gif I. ' 'R L ,ff-A JL. ,.-1rLU! ,.,., ' 31... ..-W 75" 'WL il Ti!" J - -gi' -'. ic- I ......--. " w it E' ' L , fi jf" fl, 'ie-. ' Gi' ff 52.17-iisfiQ , i. C "3-S.-w, Ned L. Warren, Chairman Professor of Physical Education Ph.D., George Peabody College Kenneth D. Black Instructor in Physical Education M.Ed., Springfield College Clara G. Haddox Associate Professor of Physical Education M.A., George Peabody College Louise Knowles Assistant Professor of Physical Education Ed.S., George Peabody College Lucile C. LaSalle Assistant Professor of Physical Education MA., George Peabody College Roy V. Pangle Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education Ed.D., George Peabody College Glen P. Reeder Associate Professor of Physical Education Ph.D., Iowa State University Jim Ward Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education Ph.D. Peabod Library School Robert L. Gitler Director of Library School Professor of Library Science Ph.D., Honorary, Keio University, Tokyo Frances Neel Cheney Associate Director of Library School Associate Professor of Library Science M.S. in L.S., Columbia University A. F. Kuhlmon Professor of Library Science Ph.D., University of Chicago Jim P. Matthews instructor J. U. L. A. Stan Rescoe Assistant Professor of Library Science M.A., George Peabody College Wiley Williams Assistant Professor of Library Science Ph,D., University of Michigan tiyqtgi gg za iii Rowena Hibbms Ann L, Lee Anna Loe Russell Circulation Librarian Ofdef Ubfdfidtl Reference Librarian MS. in Lis., George M.A., George Peabody Peabody College College 40 Department of Mathematics TD . i... -I 3. .gnf .-. as i E I A 'l ii se, lil, Q Department of Modern Languages J. Houston Banks, Chairman Professor of Mathematics Ph.D., George Peabody College Otto Bassler Associate Professor of Mathematics Ph.D., University of Maryland Frank L. Celauro Professor of Mathematics Ph.D., New York University Annie Gorda Instructor in Mathematics M.A., Radcliffe '-4' X- Sf -, 'i lx Sara W. Whitten Mary Addison Hackett Assistant Professor of Modern Languages Instructor in Spanish M.A., George Peabody M.A., Vanderbilt University College 4l Robert E. Bays Director, School of Music Professor of Music Ph.D., George Peabody College Department of Music Holmes Ambrose it Associate Professor of Music so -- if , 1 - nazi-, iii v M.M., University of Nebraska .rail 4 fr me in Don Cossel , gif' Associate Professor of Music M.A., George Peabody College . ,5 'Is .. mfr V1- -,L Lucille David Assistant Professor of Music -' W M.A., Columbia University Sheldon Kurland Assistant Professor of Music M.M., University of Tulsa X 'VIlF"?1-" 6' ..A ,nr 1 we . . r 'ff' Q 'J fsxff' ' .3 ge., f':i-1' Louis Nicholas " " " Associate Professor of Music 'V' " ' " M M,M., University of Michigan l Q11 ,, Warren Prince LW Assistant Professor of Music M.M., University of Michigan 42 lfgg xiii E Werner W. Zepernick Associate Professor of Music M.M., Chicago Musical College 43 Uk!-ng 14 ,i Henry Romerso Associate Professor of Music M.M., Oberlin Conservatory of Music Lucien P, Stark Associate Professor of Music D.M.A., University of Michigan H. Gilbert Trythall Associate Professor of Music D.M.A., Cornell University Shirley Marie Watts Music Librarian M.A., George Peabody College Scott S. Withrow Associate Professor of Music M.M., Eastman School of Music Irving W. Wolfe Professor of Music Ph.D., Northwestern University fm Aww PE.. 'Q H-'Sly H L u H, ' i1 S215 1 VM: Q34 , , Wm.. 1 W Jgxfzm H my ,, .wx 1 My Robert Newbrough Associoie Professor of Psychology Ph.D., University of Utah Frank C. Noble Assistant Professor of Psychology Ed.D., University of Illinois Raymond C. Norris Professor of Psychology Ed.D., Columbio University Julius Seemon Professor of Psychology Ph.D., University of Minnesota Hardy C. Wilcoxon Professor of Psychology Ph,D., Yale University Lawrence S. Wrightsmon Assistant Professor of Psychology Ph.D,, Vanderbilt University Department of Science Biology Gus Tomlinson Choirmon, Department of Biology Professor of Biology Ph.D., Vanderbilt University Robert P. Word Associate Professor of Biology Ph.D., Mississippi Stote University Chemistry and Physics Wu-Chieh Cheng Associate Professor of Chemistry Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology Robert E. Hoyle Instructor in Physical Science M.S., West Virginia University .lomes Key Associate Professor of Physics Ph.D., George Peabody College Mitchum E. Worren Assistant Professor of Chemistry Ph.D., Vanderbilt University Bruce A. Watt Assistant Professor of Natural Science M.Ed., University of Texas fi' l 'Yi Wi , . ,,ffr,,,t 1 uhm , ,, iviiuiiw ,ts in it i, 1..,, Ui it it hives i ,ii sri Division of Social Science ik Jack Allen Chairman, Division of Social Science Chairman, Department of History and Political Science Professor of flistory Ph.D., George Peabody College History Kenneth S. Cooper Professor of History Ph.D., University of Missouri Robert Polk Thompson Associate Professor of History and Political Science Ph.D,, University of Wisconsin Sociology T. P. Yeatman Associate Professor of Sociology Ph.D., University of North Carolina Geography Jewell A. Phelps Chairman, Department of Geography Professor of Geography Ph.D., Northwestern University Martha Palmer Assistant Professor of Geography Ph.D., University of Michigan Charles Pieper Assistant Professor of Geography M.Ed., University of Houston Joe R. Whitaker Professor of Geography Ph.D., University of Chicago Samuel C. Ashcroft, Chairman Professor of Special Education Ed.D., University of Illinois Randall K. Harley, Jr. Assistant Professor of Special Education Ph.D., George Peabody College Wilber W, Lewis Associate Professor of Psychology Ed.D., George Peabody College Bobby E. Polk Assistant Professor of Special Education Ed.D., George Peabody College Wayne C. Richard Assistant Professor of Special Education Ph.D., Peabody College Marsha Zimmerman Assistant Professor of S M.T., Teachers College, Columbia University peclal Education DARCEE Susan W. Gray Director, DARCEE Professor of Psychology Ph.D., George Peabody College feat l i ,ii 49 IMRID Lloyd M. Dunn Director, IMRID Professor of Special Education Ph.D., University of Illinois George Flamer Assistant Professor of Psychology Ph.D., University of Minnesota Child Stud Center James J. Stack Associate Director, Child Study Center Assistant Professor of Psychology Ph.D., Ohio State University Barbara Bucke Clinical Instructor in Special Education Ed.S., Peabody College 2 . Ma., ff' Y ,aff Www, ,M if SY-: J H, L v if M f 4 ' , ,, .3 . asf wxxw x X ,vim H Y vqgkf r , ,1 , A, ww X X :WH , , 1:-,V , M -A , mug ,wi gf ,ff , m 4:4 w , i A1537 an we S uawm, un Egg' Q Z, .. w 'F 'fi' 3' 5- -v ' fd Y S fee .i?lf'f-S Z.-if-K ,H 'nb , fi ' ,Q-ay , . 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S HH ' 5522: " E GU E -H - H H H 1 H H H H H ,,,, HHH,,HHHHHH HHH,lH Q,jfHH H '- HR H ,, ,H , Hiff gg H, H,,H ,, HHHHHHHQ, H yg,1,HH,,,HH"HHH' HLHHHWHFBH H -- A HH ,,-HH,.H-.HHHHHSHHHSHM H H H :H.gHH ,H H kr A-ff -f- 75 ,Q - : 1 W -K .wg- HH HHHHHHll'HjHlllH1HHHiH ' ii, H Hi, ,HHHHHHUEEQEQTEQH -HH MHHHHHHHHHMH , MHQQS HH HHH,,,HHH,,QHH L:-Egg 5, HH ,:'HM,1g3Qm fy HHHHAHHH HHH., ara-fam S ' H :. .El ' :Q-7 'HH ' mlm :t ' 1E": .--V! . .. '- 1' 55532: HH PE .. ' 1 '-51, H ' H H HH H .... 1. H H Hrsfiiiiiig HH 1 H H , ' F1 HIHHHW -" LH HHHHHHHQ QHH H H H, ,LHLHHHSI H .HHHHHHHHHHHHH Q H ' HH,HHH' HHQHFHHHHIH,HHQST1Hgj7EHiH.4HHHHHH,,HHI,,HH'H, HHH W H H HHHHHHH-HHHHHHWHH--HH"'5fH A1 ,,HHuHHQg,lll'WHHHHHHQHHEH HHHH 'Hd' 'HHE3fQgHHgf3?I'j?:5ZQHHUHH'j,HHH',1'ki HHH" WQHHH N N'HHH"HNHH'1'! "ilu Hzzx Hgggg q !HHH1 "QHHH-HWHHH H Y M " " :F H . H- 1 ,?H'fHH Hi if., ' .1 ', .lk ": H ik H' 1-.-Lf A. M17 ,r-H.'.:f3 HHHIFJ-sy ' ,H-'i ei H 'H-Q? 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White beans ogcinl? yes' i : 52315 "i 'W There are two sides fo every argument-mine first! 53 J I Bool 1 Does it still itch? ' UN Bleahl 4! I VH 2 3 See-if's all called fhe law of gravity. f' 6. if Y 'E 4 M. x 'sf ?,f,E. : -:nw - 'Fl '35 'E-,i?,..f14',x' v . , ,su w .gl ' - . J H,-Q ' v 'fv-1 ,L ,,,j1,5-Z of. . 5- it l f. .-.' -Nufria. , f -YJ-z-.5gs'nfZ,j-, . l TL 'fear J' '-'f?S,?'iei ri? ':"' lg' 31-1 1 M. i., Av l If Humon Behovior could be fully undersfood, The humorous onfics of people Now look, young ladyl X.. :X-W l on-The-go wou ld not achieve holf the opprecio- Tion ... Ah ... linger on, oh un-undersfondoble mys- Tery! ll li lg ,l ll f' l lll ,l ,,. 1 u 1' . 'l X I I lust took ii in my little hands-ond .. . crushed ifl Did you soy "Vonderbilf"? 41 4 C The people have been presented, now Their roles will be made apparent. 1 ,, ..- ,fffgiifn1AI,,Lxsagf ,F , .Q is .Lai .-Q -Q ,T .. is ,... fp 14 Q A particularly heciic Orientation kept Dean Cook, his secretary, Mrs. Patsy GiFle, and Nancy Dodson, Orienfation Chairman, busy as They prepared for The large freshman class soon To arrive on campus. 60 Moving into The dormitory, a traumatic experience for some and happy for others, signaled The beginning of Peabody's aca- demic year. fX I J 3 I yi xf K" Aifhw 1 lwla1A,.M.,l. . I UAW. When 'they remodeled West Hull, they didn'1 forget cxnythingl p W .1- Sure Barb, just plain ole Russian Tea! it f 1 1,1 , S , MM: Q flee 'Y vlfvr,-' 'F Qu Nm: wr Old Spice-West Hull style. 54" ,x :Q fi 94: ' us, . "V ,Liga 1 .. r fu T - N A , IQ 'H Q Y e ws ? if Ki? . vi' 'S . qw 5 . I A ,GJ N, qv i y 'limi - 1 , .4 5, . ' . X. Ni r 1 'Q 1 1 Mfr X Q? wwf' 'f aff- 'x - 2 ff e R' , ' . fwiife "' f , , W9 . , -. gs sf 2' UE ,, V jf L , ,QQ if A i L ' L 5 F , - , 239. Mari LA J, Y, . ' Q ' A qi .. JE .., ,...1--V' , -.,-ffwf---'-Auf NH ' ' ' ' 'uf ' , , '17, W 9 x V my 1 i 1 in 1' " A if-,M vw ,, M' -ff " ' f. . f , Qmiw ,Q-WS.. .ww -' f 939 ,. - gmfif lhggi V 2,-?Qw2!.f53 ,, il, A153 '-" , ly, ,,. V- , H . w iz 'W in , . , -,,,,-,,-- . mf, -W1 Wu. ' V. 5' x 1 -1 -'M' 9.1: V .Jw ,svn rr V v K I- Qgfwg. Y' N f .wpggm Wk x 1 -1 V. 1'-,qi 5-5' A ' 1: g m' "H amy, - ' -Q . , -. ' N " . ,-4-' '1 'B a The normal day on compus finds students ond professors fully involved with their own c1cTiviTies. This year's lnterclass Game was one of the most exciting in recent years. The Sophomore- Junior team pulled out the victory with o Held goal by Bob Browning. Browning also intercepted o pass for the other score for the Sophomores and Juniors. The final score was IO-7, with the Freshman-Senior team coming out on the short end. The game was highlighted by pretty cheerleaders and the crowning of the queen, Judi Draper, at half- time. ! r3fZlQ,i !!,, A M J , Sl it , i V! ,Le , ,, ,mt n Yimi i., ..,,, H ,, A ,W 4 mr i i P " qi" ,ir ,, ' W -:. f' ik I r. g 5,1 J. T. - - -M--ff 4 fl , if ,.,.,, - , :.: cred. , .war eil 1 4 fsis V, ,m,,, ,uf . ,H H . .w.,,. , sl 5 . il E ll 4.6252 get T' i it t sy. .se W . .T - 'J ii i ro , f . J ,, ,.-- 1 f - fi .,:,:,:,.,.5,: . -2'W'5g,.iff' -fJ""Y ,'fz:s:ai:'F5E5't' ' 'l' ' M, , ,v 2-H1 ,av . o -- ' L . ., ..f,., E! . ' -LET! , - fe! -- - J V i1-T FFJ V il H' ' 'A MW,.,,l 5 1 S, ggi 1 'sf 'L fr +1 , 'V we ,itll ,fl M y I Q -I Q' T gg A Egg Ziff: qi s In jj ' "' ' 3.1, 1 E' Til- Q fin? .Il . 3,7 'l' 'ETH' Queen Judi 66 ' 'W -41.- . . .L Q - kill" Tami ' " M 5150 if .5' -rrfw . :.-10" f Q ,I an 1 1' mv 'ffl 1-IJ lnterclass Queen, Judi Draper, and Attendants, Hettie Raines, Sue Foust, and Diana Tucker 67 wx X X MN MH MSS I , ' I ,af M H W Hi 1 xiffl i K 'Y' , ' f,""', W 1 , ,W1Q,Wwww!!www!!!vw1E?i!R? l N I H ggi., W gggwu , iv ln ' Night life finds students alone, in couples, and in groups, each enioy- ing momenfs of Thought, conversa- fion, and relaxation. L, sf WS ia Fun nights, almost a weekly venture, help keep the cam- pus olive. The sound touches even the most remote cor- ners of the campus, from the library to the SR., as students crowd the Peabody Room. Each organization on campus has the opportunity to sponsor one of these lively events. ii A ?""'f 4245! Q-fi ig: ri FM , A 4 gqgjf " S 1 c-,- ., .0 i.. Dog Patch Day always draws a crowd. Everyone is ready To frolic to relieve The Tensions of classes. Throwing eggs, eating pie, and diving in Hour may not be The cleanest means of exercise, but it is a messy way fo have fun. 1-v i K ,:.M:,,,, 4. .-Q, - 5. r '.iLf . 5 :i.1'f1 L' --1 M, 1-mL,4'xf'v.,Ll-', ,.1':.1.:,,,, .- 'Y - " 'wa-..: ,,, A -5 f. .. rl . ,fan I .Jig-h-04 sm I-'ZX 0- A.. 3.-,q,Lktki,-,p1:.A1k t ' .Au-.X , If N - 1, .,,!', , ,N-lx, A"W.,,, . V.,,,,, APU.-'f, -:.,,,.'-1-9.4.2, - . ,-,,:i."'., - -"rye-.'Ja.gg1-:f 'A M J...,-, 5 ,. ., I ,N ,J Q fl f.. 123- riff ff":'fE?1.7'l"fa.g14i'F'm-1Ll"J. W M!" U ,wav K A- --on 'Nu fix- . S? 7 S ' 1 'A f ' f ' : gif-ff Q W' .b Q U 5 af -.1 'nn ' 1 l'-vJ i Stunt Night offers healthy competition, fumbles and fun, laughter and clowningg each student, striving for the winning trophy, performs within his own or- gonization for the success of the group. 73 Dr. Clifton Hall, Professor of History and Philosophy of Education, delivered the Founder's Day Address. Following Dr. Hall's speech, a representative from the Department of the Interior presented a plaque designating Peabody as a registered national historic landmark. , it iilii ii uf i M, W ggi ,,-- 1 it it it Qigggiieiie i, Us MQ: ' I V t tlil Ml - iiszi sm sw, f Please -Help Send Z This Child .V Sthbnl . Former Governor Frank Clement spoke at an assem- bly sponsored by Kappa Delta Pi. Senior Class members experienced a successful campaign in their eltorts to raise money for homeless displaced children in Viet Nam. 74 43 Clint Bolte, President of SUSGA, speaks to Student Government members at their Christmas banquet. Q51 It t tw x' xv, it .z t if M, H -. 7' , ' dsfifii 7 'R it e s ' ' X t'U"i ' fi-'jg 3 i ,H H rirwkglt W A: t -Ame, it W ,t g it ff 1 3 rfi W ' t it t ,mg if Sheri Johnson entertains at the Student Government Christmas banquet. Phyllis Hansard, Lolly Smith, and Susan Schick are caught up in the "mad rush" of packing before leaving for Denmark. 75 gf The firsf snowfall of The yecxr dipped The campus info o winTer wonderland. Professors ond sTudenTs found The whiTe Iondscope ir- resisfible os They Took Time for on occosioncrl romp. , "'7T1.V' F" .. Q' ' IM 'T TMA 1' ., . x M' nl xflhhr T 'nn -' -1"LT,' H. 1, RT. 'T T' H T Tr' , ' M '5f'TTff H, , . ..,. , L -H , W, . V .7-i 'Ziff - .Q M . s T TT ., T, it 3? T T , T T MH ' his ,TTT T T ,asker , T T 4 G. ,VL QT T, , :ITT Tw, B: ff? 1' K' A , ,T 4335- . . '- TT -T 1 as ,gif-'F rw T 42 ...ln ,T Y TRTT 1 Q fa .. J m 1 .. ,,,, fem, T 'N gf-1 11, ., .QT-xiii-i .TTT 76 .- .Q Christmas When even the saddest heart grows light, When a special feeling encircles everyone on campus, When it is easy to love and reflect the gladness of the season. This year's Christmas Dance, sponsored by the Senior Class, was highly successful. The sparkling Christmas free added a festive air To The Yuletide parfy. incidentally, both Yule and Tide arrived promply aT eight. Christmas Senior Class omcers and iheir dates 78 Dance The election of cu "campus Santo" odcled to the fun of the Christmas porty. With o merry "ho,ho,ho" ond cn enormous white beord, Dean Cook mode on excellent Santo. The spirit of Christmas invaded The campus as The drama of The Juggler is lovingly re-enacted and skillfully porfrayed. ,, I , 'gs- i 5 . i J -Q: The iuggler presenis his Tricks fo The Virgin Mary. The Hanging of The Green is a campus Tradition which signals The beginning of The Christmas season. Bl This year, the Mermaids and Mermen presented their fifteenth annual water show. AQUA NEWSBEAT, the central theme of the show, por- trayed various sections of a newspaper. Synchronized swimming, float- ation, hybrid swimming, patterns and stunts were used in an original manner to create an entertaining performance. Under the direction of Miss Lucille LaSalle, the Mermaids and Mermen achieved one of the best water shows ever presented. l B2 The Dance Program is presented annually by the Health and Physical Education Department un- der the direction of Miss Clara Haddox. The color- ful costumes and props accent the central theme of the program. Talent for the presentation is gathered from the Dance Group which works con- tinually throughout the year in preparation for the annual performance. ,..-.f' T . J., in V n,,g'o , I 1 , it c I ' Q . .N IU iii- The Senior Class sponsored a luau this year in addition to their annual Christmas Dance. The luau, a special event in this year's social calendar, was open to all students. It provided an opportunity for students to dress in on colorful, unusual manner, creat- ing cx typical beach comber. i 4 'G . 1 f 1 1 , 2 13 ,, 'S 1 if "5 -1 KK in ': , 1 'E ' ' 2' -, ' v , I 1 a, -1 qi R an Q13 'Q .gage W. Z -5 ,Main 5 WE .. 'W Q 5- will N sf ' - 5 1 F4 mf . 55. , ..,. 'B :sa 'iw 1' l 1 J t fiip ?'Ug5N?' GO Q50 243 l?QijJ5?48o0r 60415 S0664 DON IVQQQIG efzvqes you f 95 F013 7.524611 PUML p24f98fv?s mend 4 ERS Way Apu! five WLDEIQV0 day 'IL5' 6232. 2410:-g 1 iz fzve I '2 Aundr-9 '16, A'f'd Q' effet, of Qnd six eflffypihah 6'-t D o fl The Annuol Pore-nts Weekend, sponsored by the Student Government, feofured Greek Scene ond exhibits from ecich orgonizofion on com- pus. The visiting pcirenis observed compus oc- Tivifies in order 'ro goin o better understanding of college life. iii H ,U ii," 85 Becky Webb and Rosemary Peduzzi, Co-Chairmen. l , WE STAND BEFORE THE WORLD The perfection of beauty . . . The excellence of one among many . . . The sacrifice of dedication and responsibility These we proudly feature. w i in T I Y, F 1: ' m ' mi: W . sw, XXXMX X X,.1w3QXiXX:XXXXX Xu,wXX gEv6ix my 4 gg D - If , :ag nf A Y ' 'EJ - w . .Ji x - -,, W ,. , , H, .',, in W NX 'XX fm gfEX.XX..X N ,,,,,XXXg?i,X.,X. X . 1. ' 1 'T' W' XXXEQZZ M u 7 'N XXXN I Y . Vx A w- "' , ggi? 'H N 1 . H QXX w M1155 NX - , f 73, " M N XX XX W., 1 - E W 'H wo E-A uk ' 1" Sf , X X, X , ,XX A , Xw , ff gg H S5 1 N , .. . .MX . , , in W . HCM U m . X . XE , X NM w w MX XX, XEWXX XXX, 1- J " X M , X K X , ,Xi Q-gig XX Q X Q W A' w -f w XXXX 5i XX E, W X 1 vw W X, XX ' ' ' ' , ' ' ' H 1X W W M Hi Mfg: . W N 12' EVE isa' 1 sw , W N ,, w ,,.. 3 xv :fix f :X XXX:EgAxxXX mi XX HXXX Cy ,ag 1 "',:si2:' J . M, , QEXXW H H X M ,XX , XX XX :AX 5 W Q M V , H :Sf EL T ,, , ,X S U mi H H we X Us XX X, my ,E ,-Xg5XXE.XXX6 M N, XM , " Interclass uc-:en Judi Draper Interclass ueen Attendants Sophomore Class Attendant Sue Fousf M A6-if -':t't .NN . it '. I 1160 P L 43 .5 . 1 W-U , w : 7 ns- . 731' -WU QSM:- : - W --2' ' 3 x LJ, " H ' -:EE2: 'I'3 L L, , 1 A Freshman Class Attendant Dicmc: Tucker 1 A ff .smu-. mg? .S o iii' .1-it , , 'Q' A '11, 1' J 51 I. -,fit 255 -ig ' sq? 3: :E ww' 5 at ,gs Lt M , ,, t.,,.. 1 " gm", A BMW, me ,M A ,, an tttattt A W .. . M ,M 1, ,,.2z,ff- ,,, -fl- ,att tn tt 'Km E3 W fx ij: 1 Y 4 A, - FY Y , , 2 ' 5 L T - t asf -- a, ' ..L:g1.'?V , in K ." ' - A 1 Jr W ,Ei rj Og-ef. "- aattta N at t tttii Q H tlt' TX 9' Junior Class Attendant Heffie Raines 5, 5- vff- ffm- ,wx , 5 -W ,,,, 4 1. , , 3.5 I 1. gal ,, ig., , 8" :gm wk xx fag? LM 7 ni, Hfww , ' 1 use A 8 5' M :.-- -- ..., . was W , W ff 11 aw- Mm 5,2 ,, .W . K .raw 5 , .W Q V3 6,4 gg mgiggw 3 Sfsewf Sw EWU agiiqrv A gf sasaafswsfezwf- Gwfflw gf DT hx fm ,J E :E-f 25 .if 5 Mu, gg , H 5' fi 'M' 'fi I KY 1' 3 IMT i gi-wx xg," gg -' ,- ,, K fm .,1h-M,1Liff1.:f 2 fffyff will ' 31 . J. , Ii, I -5, ------ H - L:'F,t.T ' -"' S f 55151 .,1 1-W ,, ' 1 Q. 4 ,. 97'faEl- ,lil . W - .',-. n n' 5 ' ' fi, N ' 1076 T , .ji Q a N 17. ' MM H Y I , .X ' w. un-I, . A- X , - .' -vvasmgipii -X EF .: . M A , s 11.3 332 .,, - ' .. N aw L U -, 4 'iawg-W M 7 1 'HW Y' M2533 .3 W -A A ' If fl ... - V- 1 e O- gi . f , , .-.150 Afgzgf QQ Wwg W . - W , K. bw, I, ,f ' ' ,, -. - V L H Qf' V' " - - fi- wr E ' fig! , 4, +1 Y ' mis , 1--11' ' -'Hr - ' ' Q ' 7 . ,- ' L H - 'Hb - mfiffv : wif : ,I N -. J A , 1 ' H A ', . 1' ' ' :fra , - - MJ new ,iw 'gl' RAY K N ' ezkaw. E "Q ig . Q X A hx -- f , N. 11-.wg-, Phi Mu Alpha ,YQ- 93 H ,U H. lxl M tm 1,444 39 FN tx Wig" ,f Sweetheart Kathy Oliver Phi Chi Alpha '32 2 R X V 11 nf2'g21SQE.fW.?.11,,,N 1zi!111 WV! 1.1 VV! H 11 W'-1' 'lx X11 , 1 W1 X 1 iffy 95 1 1 H H H M 11 ., - 21 ,L 1 1 1,1,1e51.x1' 1 ' 1 "11"11!Q11'11" X1 1 1 1 1 HW ,-11,14 , wslgnge, 1! ,V Hit' 1 1 1 , 1 1 W. 1 11 11 K1 ,W ,J -9-fm ,, in ' mmm w w f ...L 1. -sag" '111 1111 H Wi lff2?e?':L X me 1 ,Z ,, M 1 1 1 H i , -1- 5-. .. ' 11:1 ,' Q . . "1 LW 1 , ,. j " A weetheart Katy Finney Attendants ulia Tarver 9 Margaret Lane sw 'V ig P... 1. N H uw H wh w V M, w ww , mm Y W 2 .' m V"2Y,n. , 5 W,...z-man-..- Sigma Epsilon 3118 11 11 Q21 1 lnvQ E' :m HW 1 1 . 11131 Ylffilfl' " 514' 5' Wil" li 1 L R112 T - A 11 '1 :mi 1-11 ib mAi www 5-fig Q' 1 ua 11 "Pk fs' 1 1 V Y, . my' "11' ' '111' 111 11f1g11g11s 1 1 1 ,s1 -11.1 '22E12ls11a21111111 1' " "1111m'1f'11 11 u Jus " 11 Vp ggi 1- M-11. K ' 1 ' 1 11111 ,N 1242112324111 1 " 1 11f wwf: 1 1 '11 11 ,111f:fj11W'f1 1. 11 1 111,S1i1s111::fz:11 11 1111 11 1 1 1x1 X 111111 111 11 We !11M1 X 1' 1 111'1' "1111"1111 1 1 11.3 511,11 1!! ggpgff W1 1M11!.gm1 11 ' 11 11 5411 1 1 1 1'11H1H1: 133 11 11111 1' 114 ll 1 1111111111511 11 1 H 1 11 , 1 ' Aiif. .. ' 3 11 1 1 - ff11!5111H1 ...-4.1.55 1 :ga ll nl..-55 1. 1: LEEEJL :. ' -E11 2 i 'LR' Kai? ' 1 as ,WTC 5 W l ' EE F i Z: ff 941 .ML "l ' Plank? ll' 1 :si V ii"a1:,, "'11111 1fi- 1151 71 3"- ' 111 .... - i .- . 11111111 Y A 1- M - 11 .Y 11 LF , ,,1, N 1,,f.' 1 1 , .1Q,,H, 1' 1 11 ' 11 11 ,fi 1 11,1M,1.. W W, ml me 111. 1,351 E5 -s , 11 11 H 11 '11 ' 1:11 ,wharf-.1 QM111 , 11 1 , .J111 1esma+yQ,11" "1 lE15111q1,1"-- 11 , 1 mg: 1. ,V mg!! 11 - Z2 . A H ...rmf 111"11 wig ,E 111" "111111 111 '111111' 511 'IM " 15 111 wa 11 11 1 1. 1 fu.. 1 Wg 1 1 W- 1111311 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 96 Sweetheart ane Williams , 1 ' ' ,Tj :ah 119551 Attendants if Penny Lish Sherron Lyon Nu ' Jim Nolan, Bela Beast lcenterl, Hunter McCarfy, llefil and Ron Knox, lrighll, runners-up. Beta Beast X ,, Beta Beasl Candidates FRONT: Jim Nolan, Tony Kerrigan, Bruce Mallard, Hunter McCarty, Ron Knox. BACK: Bill Goldman, David Lyon, Sims Lance. Miss Home Economics 99 Ellen Battle 1 I i ueen and Court Julia Tarver 3rd Runner-u Judi Draper lst Runner-u Queen Marsha Moody Millie Beesley 2nd Runner-u Susan Lakich 41h Runner-u 1 96 7 Coronation Pageant and Dance 103 J Senior Attendants t 'ifftv5iQl ' - pt Tgwiuf ', 1-' e ,A Joyce Lytle Alan Kaplan ,vs 1 '-L , ' ku in Q t A' Cooper Delk Joy Halmontaller Freshman Attendants Diana Tucker and Mack Ulrickson Sophomore Attendants Sue F oust and Bruce Mallard unior Attendants Janice Mclntire and Bill Wiggins ,wi ,J Ie, V img W! U' " 6 ,Q M, N z I ,EE P' W, H' ffiif W ,lx , H: ,wk , Y 1 ' 4- igigf-.lfj : A Q21 - z":k T' P - h it li ll En f i, ' f f 1 ' .ii ,L,..,.?,.. Through intramural and extramural activities, clubs, and organizations, Peabody alters students a well- balanced program in athletics. By becoming actively involved in these various athletic events, each indi- vidual has the opportunity to participate in his ta- vorite sport and meet other people with similar interests. 1 Through participating in group activities, individuals work together as they strive tor a single goal. Suc- cess depends on the united effort and cooperation of the members of the group. 1 iii 'Y .3 it it ' - , "-25:6 However, athletics includes more than a tightly- scheduled program of team sports. Individuals re- ceive the opportunity to develop their skills. Hard work and continuous practice show results in the development of excellent dance routines, swim- ming abilities, and gymnastic skills. - W 1 -:-w- , -- "' ' it t :tm .... , L ..: it i 1 , , is. .W - H, ,Z K ,Me it va- W. fi l , iz Al. - ss-if - iii ,ir V i -55: fffw' li ' J' Ei - t ' W ' Z' ll' Y iii its ly ll ' ii Hi it in xx M M ll ' ' , iii m: illliillZl5iZl?ll 'HH V GQ: 'll llitllll3iEi?iEl?lgl9xxi 'Q gif ll lllill ll llwgssp igilm ' ' H Emi - 'lui " it xe:'tt,t ' 2 " ---- , iii ggi ,ii we - g V ,, ll t ee W ' Q l 'lil'ii5??5?3?iii.i"'lil'ii ,i limo" ln i. 1 553'-Sl' - t, 'tt 3' ,, , tl" 1. - , gggsiu u H , tig er t it sim t ' 33.7.- t sf I Jim Jefferson Best All-Round Athlete ,W ,-, it W 'i' sssisfffssi. For the third straight year, Jim Jefferson has won the Leroy Cole Legion Athletic Award which annually gives recognition to the Best All-Round Athlete. Jim, an outstanding player for Sigma Epsilon in football, threw sixteen touchdown passes. He also played tailbaclc for the Peabody team and led them through a fine season. Jim also excels in basketball. He did an ex- cellent iob for Sigma Epsilon in the Peabody league and the Peabody team at Vanderbilt. Skilled both as a guard and forward, Jim is a powerful "rebounder" as well as scorer. ln addition to his slcills in football and bas- ketball, Jim amazes sports' fans with his talents in softball. P-300, 49 f Q9 N30 c5500 Q B Ui Peabody Team FRONT: Jim Jefferson, Knox McCharen, Bob Browning, Bill Waters, Jack Hofstetter. BACK: Hurcly Hudson, Mark Ambrose, Bob Allen, Sims Lance, Charlie Allen. Peabody's extramural basketball team participated in a league with the Medical School, Law School, Divinity School, Alumni Hall, Chemistry, and Bio-Chemistry teams at Vanderbilt. Peabody captured the regular season championship with a 7-l record. This team has done an outstanding iob ot representing Peabody and has advanced Peabody's Extramural Program. During their successful year of play, the team was led by such players as John Nelson, Jim Jelterson, and Knox Mc- Charen. 2 4 liz' ' H3 Peabody Peabody Peabody Peabody Peabody Peabody Peabody Extramural League Results 54 Chemhhy Depodment 36 Medical School 38 Law School No. 1 47 Divinity School 42 Law School No. "2 39 AMmniHaH 69 Bio-Chemistry Department lem twfl'lQ" it L 55351: it .tit .1 - it -. lt, x ' ll Miss Lucile LaSalle iSponsori, Sims Montgomery, and Ann Baldinger. The Men's and Women's lntromurol Councils are responsible for promoting participation in the intra- mural programs on cam- pus. Each boy and girl is urged to become actively involved in the schedule of athletic events. Through participation in this pro- gram, the councils provide an opportunity for student interaction, fellowship, and sportsmanship. ROW ONE: Jim Jefferson, Luke Riley, Bill Waters, Knox McCharenp ROW TWO: Bob Freclricks, Tom Kosslow Mr. Kenneth Block lSponsorl, John Spore. H5 Sigma Epsilon, Fraternity Bowl Champs, Brave Snow. ROW ONE: Bill Waters, Jack Hofstetter, Bruce Mallard, Mack sgn, Gene Baker, Bill Hudson, Bob Allen, Uan Elam, David Lyon, Ulrickson, Tom Kosslow, John D. Rupinski. ROW TWO: Jim Jeffer- Knox MCC!-mren, Peabody's Intramural Football League was one of ex- citement and surprise. Led by Cecil Wright and Bob Fredricks, West Hall rebounded from an opening game defeat to capture five straight games and the League Championship. Sigma Epsilon, the pre-season pick, was upset in the last game of the season by the Sig. Ep. Pledges, allowing West Hall to take over first place. LEADING PASSER: Jim Jefferson-Sigma Epsilon I6 Touchdown Passes. .ii in f' sr 5 N it I, i rig. t.. , :az-:-.ff N Y 3 , , w g? ..,: ... . si, vesivsswaiire iM,w,,, ,, .siii 'I wF I? 4 inmiii W if . Ji, Nl, I , , - EM '.-fffliir WF ii Wee. . '!wil1i..i'...'i.n -1 "JL 55? , ' i vt: I 1-5 2,23 , . ff -'-' fgigijiiii if 1' Q J q L if it V. Q Y . 'ig .3 I ,F i 1 E J E 'gg-1 is if I fa' "r, w ' , 5559 , .. L vjfr ., - --e-V 3 -e ,ft--H 1 , .- .4- ,sip ,'-f'-hsarc. i fp. , --.,. 'L-,J .1--1-1 ..- ., .- .V It Ie-...g .5 4 .Y,.i. 4...g.Y,,j'f:-. .--,- :....g4.1.. -.Y-,., WI -- - -A FINAL INTRAMURAL STANDINGS West Hall Sigma Epsilon 4 Sigma Epsilon Pledges 2 Phi Mu Alpha I INTRAMURAL LEADING SCORERS Bob Browning SIQITICI EPSll0I1 Cecil Wright West Hall Bill Waters Sigma Epsilon Won Lost 5 I 2 4 5 40 points 28 points 26 points I -,- .-' 1: . ' . . I. . . ....s I .L E :.-- -4,.se.,i.:ii,:' I' VANDERBILT EXTRAMURAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE 9 KE Peabody Peabody EAE Peabody EN Peabody 1rKA Peabody AE11' Peabody ATO Peabody EX Peabody PSK Peabody participated in its second year of extramural foot ball in the Vanderbilt League. This year, the team displayed a fine defensive which held tour opponents scoreless. Pea- body establishecl a 4-4 record and barely missed victory in two of their losses. Through the participation of Jim Jefferson, Bob Browning, Cecil Wright, Paul Plant, Sims Lance, and others, Peabody was able to achieve ci successful team again this year. Four sororities, two dorms, and The independents were well represented this year in The girls basketball program. Good sportsmanship and team spirit predominoted as these seven Teams competed in a 'ren week schedule of intramural play. The results of the competition hung in The balance until the last game as The Three Top Teams bottled for first place. Beta Kappa Tau Kitty Paul, Brenda Markham, Alice Leonard, Susan Wright, Debbie Vann, Martha Donnell, Louise Ballentine Nancy Dodson, Linda Ballentine, Diana Tucker, Diane Swift. H8 Confederate Hall Mary Dennis, Joey Scilyer, Betty Moran, Bettye .lean Davis lCaptainl, Donna Reed, Jane Downing, Marion McCord. , ,, it ,' il - C 'il 'NN ' Q 1' l If , . , ,. ik 2 -4 ' V I X Bw If X.. ,. , i -urn '-. - . il ' Delta Phi Sigma Linda Robbins, Carolyn McNab, Trish Campbell, Ann Baldinger, Laura Lester, Sims Montgomery, Kay Sim mons, Vicki Boyd. H9 Independents Karen Leach, Sarah Risser, Suzanne Elscn, Kathy Musgrave, Joan DiGiovanni, Claudia Badgett, Helen Harper. Sarah Risser Intramural Leading Scorer INTRAMURAL RESULTS Won Lost Independents 6 O Beta Kappa Tau 5 I Delta Phi Sigma 4 2 North Hall 3 3 Confederate Hall 2 4 Pi Gamma Chi I 5 Phi Theta Epsilon 0 6 North Linda Rudarmel, Anne McPherson, Mary Young, Allison, Nancy Prusinski, Gennie Harris. i 1 Pi Gamma Chi Gania Ticlwell, Diane Craig, Lisa Berger, Penny Lish, Sue Fousf, Moricio Wehr INTRAMURAL LEADING SCCRERS Soroh Rlsser ........................ lOl Ann Bczldinger .. m p . .:: z l 3 , , iii 5 5 Phi Theta Epsilon Peggy Lanier " " 54 FRONT: Kufhy Duffy, Susie Shewry, Liz Ryan. BACK: Ginny Mimms, Nyla Gusfafscn, Darlene Helm, Joyce Beuerlein, Sharon Brandon. l2l This year's basketball program was one which showed a great deal ot talent by some teams and individuals. This year's season started out being a battle between the Ramdom Samples and Sigma Epsilon. These two teams met the second game ot the season in what eventually de- cided the championship. In the finest and most exciting game of the season, Sigma Epsilon came out on top 60-53. There were also several other respectable teams which composed this years league, Phi Mu Alpha entered two teams as did Sig- ma Epsilon. Phi Chi Alpha, Independents, and the O.K.'s were the other teams to par- ticipate. Sigma Epsilon and Random Sam- ples finished the season tirst and second re- spectively. Sigma Epsilon used an awesome offensive, which produced an average score per game of 89 points and tinished with a fine 7-O record. The Random Samples showed tremendous rebounding strength and tine outside shooting finishing with a 6-l record. Sigma Epsilon Bill Waters, Tommy Meaclor, Bob Allen, Bob Browning, Jim Jefferson, Sims Lance, Jack Hofstet ter, Knox McCharen. ' "ki E x, 44 i, , Fiwtkfw' ' ' Sigma Epsilon cheerleaders, Jane Williams, Penny Lish, Hettie Raines, and Carol Lynn Worrall, give a resounding yell for their favorite team. L use T D . 4 M 1' ' i 'T uf ez . sei 'i 122 l Q Phi Chi Alpha Jim Hitchman, Wes Birdsong, Carl Zimmerman, Jeff Cook, Mike Fleming, Sterling Head, Larry Whitlock. 14,4 - - - ff--b -,- ---- f- f- A . -f -- V-f gf- -.-.l1- -' - -Y -...ze 1 V, - , :ff-:H ---4 ,X M, ' . , 14536. '. if , --n 5 . - , ' Sigma Epsilon Gray Tom Kosslow, Joe Genovese, Mark Ambrose, Bill Sheard, David Lyons, Clark Luster, Bill Hudson Bill Horsley, David Allen. 123 O.K.'s I FRONT: Charlie Allen, Luke Riley, Tim Britton. BACK: Warren Levingston, Bill Marr, Willie I Singletary, Bob Fredricks, Dewoyne Dozier. Intramural League Standings team W L Ave. pts. per game Sigma Epsilon-Blue 7 O 89 Random Samples 6 I 69 Phi Chi Alpha 5 2 53 Independents 4 3 40 O.K.'s 4 3 50 Phi Mu Alpha-Sharps I 6 46 Sigma Epsilon-Gray I 6 31 Phi Mu Alpha-Flats O 7 25 Independents Jim Ledbetter, Steve Fctzinger, Ron Colby, Mike Lutche, Tom Button, .luck Grutcher, Jack Stevens. I24 Random Samples John Gordon, Don Ahlersmeyer, Rondy Ellsworth Doug Glosnop Mike Word John Nelson Leoding Infromurol Scorers Bill Wofers Mike Fleming Cecil Wright Jeff Cook Knox McChcren Bob Browning Jim Jefferson 25.6 points per game 23.0 ff " " 22.0 " " " 19.6 " " " 14.4 " 'f ff 14.2 " " " 14.0 " " " ssL5,i.QEf BETA KAPPA TAU FRONT: Nancy Dodson, BACK: Pat Hyder, Diana Tucker, Diane Swift, Kitty Paul. CONFEDERATE HALL Pat Albright, Betty Moran, Mary Dennis, Margaret Munsey, Joey Salyer, BACK: Jane Downing, Betty Davis, Marian McCord. Beth Shew X PHI THETA EPSILON Lance, Sharon Brandon, Kathy Duffy, Nicky Day, Faye Dion, Susie ry, Carol Williams, Liz Ryan, Jean Barkley, Estelle Jordan. Valley Ball . . . The non-contact sport. The seven teams which participated in this year's volley season made it one ofthe most exciting in recent years. l If -'ga A :TQ 'J C' 'l' ."'i .' l f V5 "LN i x 'K F' me A M Q 'H fm- 1: ttt Z ,tj , -5 ng Q.. . ,K xl v ' ,, I NORTH HALL Mary Young, Allison Duffy, Linda Ruclarmel, Gennie Harris, Anne McPherson, Nancy Prusinski. are' e Q iz .J 0 'af 4 ,J C9 ii DELTA PHI SIGMA FRONT-Laura LBS?-f-rf, PGH If1SSIf 5imS M0nf90me"Yf KUY Sim' Gilmore, Ann Baldinger, Barbara York, Jane Cook, Madelyn mans, Trish Campbell. BACK-Linda Robbins, Bobbie Jean Che,-rylpenny puckegfycq,-Oiyn MQNgbb, ft J PI GAMMA CHI FRONT-Diane Craig, Potty Lanpley, Penny Lish, Marcia Wehr. BACK-Jane Street, Hetfie Raines, Sue Faust Lynn Schuler. It H ' 1 1' ' - I f ' ' -. '- 3 y ' 1 , . -- -7 -- a - r -ir. I' yn. I, . - . V, ' I I .gig if H U! r K I - 4 B K 4 .. ? . , Fi INDEPENDENTS FRONT-Arlene Leitner, Jan Dickens, Kathy Musgrave, BACK-Suzanne Elson, Sarah Risser, Karen Leach, Helen Harper, Joan DiGiovanni, Pom Fields. Each year the Outing Club sponsors.a swimming meet which is open to sorori- ties, dormitories, clubs, and organiza- tions. The eight individual and team events ofler students an opportunity to participate in competitive swimming at its finest. The meet is structured on a com- pletely competitive basis, and trophies are awarded the teams with the highest accumulation of points. Q l I if as will it ,J ,fmt ii 5350? I faF'7'd i ii 'L .W llilllt V ,,,,,., rm, ii, uiiiuiifis-eillfimi tiimiiixlxiiumwik. aegis J' 128 WEE: ,eff lt, .- . i a i The growing Peabody gymnastics team has had one of its most active years. Participation in five competitive meets and three demon- strations has given the whole team great ex- perience and confidence. The gymnastics team was one ot the hi-lights of Parents Weekend as well as the annual physical edu- cation career day. The success of the team is due largely to the devotion enthusiasm and encouragement of its coach Mr. Black. X W Y 130 S, ' Fifi-:JK Mi 2 W ga ,, ,M mv A 71 WE Eigiiw, iw" A ,ii , fs it Na ' Q . N. . it . M W Y HN' ifi. i Q ,em is - -:-I Iii 12 ai rises For true friendship, it is not enough to have emptied o brotherly gloss with each other, sung the some songs at The some club, worn the some colors os sisters, but friendship is Q union of our finest feelings. ,, 1 , W, sg, M.. iirswnitt i --fs H ' M H ,, Wt, is, 1 metals is , Q , :ff-5 it i, ,,,,.,,,,i. W e-1,.e.fs,,V n S H, in ff i we H ,, i WM , 5 2f'f5??F ii T :ss tt --qw if Q 1 iEr'5?5ffgF' ' 7 '5f"ii2- fff H ' ' Quik? 1 . 2 . I 3.1 EWQSW .. ., W 'J.aWf3',Q . N 2 M, J: ', - . Mhvsieiffzrge 3 E " iv 'Qs' 1 , F is QM h 2 ts get 5. .s Y ri ', J- .. ' -1 si' H , i g 'Efw,.r .-et M A ' ' - -iss, ii?-ff ,fiZ?.fJJ1ig1.f , ,-gg,-r g 5. 1,131 ywg s, is t sw i it .ii ew W ii Em TE ra K X 'gina 5' "Q, IMI ' 2 '11 .Y ' " , I 4?:L,g' 132 :sag i 1- nes? ,aw-sf si i ,,, A. ' 1 E1 H s, i sic gs 1 fs : E 1 Q F ai E if is T4 1 25.1 H5112 1111 1' 111111111 5: as 1 F1 gf 311 Qi' 22" 1 .2 1 1. 11 5 11 ,g 111: . 'MQ . 1 ff N13 11 , , .gg 1, 11. 111' 5 111123111 111. af 1 E M 51115. 11111 ,EI J 1 1 , 1 1 ,111 gg 1 1 1 11 11 11-. 1-11' -4,1 1a::.,:1. 1 .. me -ignr ,afw nf v Law K Kiwi? Qu 11121 'f -11 1 mi X ef 11 52-'5 an 11 fa k11"?: ga 11 , 4 .11 1,111 we 1 1 y 11 111 111 1 1 1 111 l.S.C.: Gail Williams, Susie Shewry, Martha Donnell, Sandra Ethridge, Linda Beth Lance iTreasurerl, Hettie Raines, Estelle Jordan, Nancy Dodson Vicky Hall iSecretaryJ, Ann Baldinger, lPresidentJ, Susan Wright Nice-Presidentl, Boyd. H : Five keys are needed to unlock many treosurers today: love, patience, co-opera- tion, worthy purpose, and willingness. The key we hold is essential tor a successful venture. ,I wif 1 -1 134 i 1 i wiv Ni: in:- l.S.C. celebrates Christmas at the Sorority House with the singing of carols. '-ef-fi Pledges squeal as Help Week finally comes to an end. Ann Baldinger, President, gives a sigh of relief. RUSH is is overl lAnd what a successll Meetings were a riot with Ros reading minutes Rush was rolling, Carol Lynn wasyfrantic but Beta racked up with tremendous pledges including a "Dairy Queen" . . . Ping, Pong, and Paddle came thru again but where was Buddha and the pillows? . . . Tokyo Rose was bare- foot . .. Dress rehearsal was dragging but after orien- tal tea, WOW! Stunt Night, bang, bang, bang, up in smoke . .. Basketball was bouncin' and Dennis let , Alice play . . . Gillette experienced the presence of the ,Eg Statue of Liberty and the dates returning to UDC And there's Connie the cow Xmas saw Betas and Sig Eps working side by side Rawlings was rockin' . . . McCoy was movin' . . . and Betas were grovin' . . . Where were Nancy W. and Lucy? .. . Susan W., what about the new car? . . . Mary, what about those direc- tions to Blue Grass? . . . Pledges and actives were pre- sented roses . . . Diana Tucker, best pledge, was speech- less Inside the band was playing and outside the cars were singing and swaying Connie had her camera Congrats, Betty had a date Turner makes hit with telephone pole .. . Long trip back was fun for some and hell for others . . . Nancy said, "Bon- nie, is that your leg?" . . . Bonnie said, "Les, are we al- most there'?" McKinnie said, "Ouch, this isn't fair" . . . Breakfast was "the last" for some . . . Martha and Poor John couldn't decide if it was med or law, you should have asked her later . . . Nefritete clutches aspi- rins Huck said, "Sharon, l'm not going to kiss you any more" All in all, believe it or not, Betas end M355 MGVY Pflffheiif SPOUSO' year successfully, but when in doubt . . . . Miss Lucile LaSalle, Honorary Sponsor. OFFICERS: Rosemary Peduzzi, Recording Secretary: Jane Violette, Treasurer: Nancy Dodson, President: Martha Donnell, Vice-President, Susan Wright, l.S.C. Representative. -355 J-. 139+ , l . .1 l l xx .4 , ll limit it it wi 1.- tt ..., t,,,u5,i it .. - ,lll m it , mega ,f t Jill Walters Nancy Lee Welch Carol Lynn Worrall Susan Wright Linda Ballentine Louise Ballentine Anne Blair Janet Clough Betty Davis Nancy Dodson Martha Donnell Connie Jean Dunavant Alice Lee Duncan Susan Elrod Judy Fowler Phyllis Hansard Nancy Hartman Wanda Higgins Janice Hinrichs Margie Becker Hudson Pat Hyden Kaye Kitchen Ruthie Klibanotf Alice Leonard Anne Lewis Amy Liberman Janice Mclntire Brenda Markham Tilla Marshall Julie Martin Janet Miller Sharon North Katherine Paul Rosemary Peduzzi Jane Pickens Bonnie Robarts Mary Rodgers Jennie Rogers Rosemary Sanders Pamela Sebastian Donnie Sims Betsy Smith Sue Stubblefleld Diane Swift Pat Tatum Lucy Thorn Diana Tucker Barbara Jan Turner Debbie, Vann Jane Violette Bitsy Walker Anne Waller Betas begin RUSH with the Oriental touch, with a look at the Far East. The exotic costumes and entertain- ment contribute most to their theme. H 4 S? of i S me Yi mg P' .. 5.3 W' RUSH ended, pledges bow and scrape for fun-loving actives. 138 wir' ,. ' llvxm ie? , 2 Weg Q? Qai- , fs-P24 filly V' .s ff Mfr: 5 51 "M ' uw v 2132152 1 ' EMM fm E E56 :rg E5g'u:5j :f' 7-pf ,Jxg :V Y x .' " L, 1 4 'li' 3 5 l E rl 5 . 1- ,Lt 7 ' , , vw' uf -' rs. 'Lin 1 N-I " A2 .lf 11.2 7'-N fs a .r Q Q, 'I' Q wg 'ri 41 J F Q' I 1 -l le Martha Donnell and Nancy Dodson accept the Alfred Leland Crabb Award from Dr. Crabb. 1' ,.'l Diana Tucker receives Best Pledge award. I s .,zx v ,f X G . I sk N Rosemary Sanders, Pledge President, presents Martha Donnell, Pledge Mistress, with a dozen red roses. The Biggest and Best ledge class Deltas rate dia- ' ' monds from Santa . . .p"Now That's Delta material" . . . Ann is l.S,C. President Carol is contestant for the March of Dimes Ba ba ma re bear Flaming Mamie . . . "Even if you had your apple" . . . The south- ern belles on campus . .. "Poor Mama Fleas" Two hits and misses on trampoline . . . Editor of Trek is Delta, Emily Sherry is runner-up of Miss Tennessee Big A and little G are still playing the game . . . Three olticers in Sophomore class are Deltas Joyce still has her friends , . . Let's hear it for those town students, Martha Ann Jane reserves Sky Chet for one solid week-end? Linda H's fortune telling really comes true on March second . . . Drenda, "Now ya'll, let's con- sider our money" Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker Vicki Robinson-transistor sister Sherry and her, "Sing that stanza one more time" . . . Miss G's fancy pink pi's A pin for Marietta, a lavaliere for Carol .. . Jennifer's wash and wear hair . .. Made any sandwiches lately? Now that Chet's in town Actives ventured into Storybook Land Linda C., "I'll do it" . . . And mugs for the pledges . . . Sky Chef is headquarters for the Presentation Deltas make the round in Beta house led by Carol Basketball team has highest number of wins this season. Miss Ruth Gillespie Sponsor OFFICERS: ROW ONE: Drenda Anderson, Treasurer, Linda Carroll, Recording Secretary: Vicky Boyd, Presi- dent, ROW TWO: Linda Hall, l.S.C. Representative, Martha Ann Gaines, Corresponding Secretary, Ann Baldinger, Vice-President. Si r . i l , L EL, Drenda Anderson Mary Bailey Ann Baldinger Betty Banks Jean Beadles Vicky Boyd Jeanne Brown Sandra Cacly Patricia Campbell Linda Carroll Madelyn Cherry Emily Cole Jane Cook Cathy Curley Camille Dial Dorinda Duker Martha Anne Gaines Jane Gillespie Roberto Gilmore Linda Hall Candy Haysleit Libby Ham Louise Ingram Pam Insel Sherri Johnson Susan King Peggy Lanier Laura Lester Joyce Lyile Carolyn McNabb Joan Malmborg Sims Montgomery Mopsy Morris Kay Olson Faye Overman Mary Parsons Gayle Peirone Pam Porch Penny Puckett Linda Robbins Linda Robinson Vicky Robinson Jeniffer Shipp Kay Simmons Mary Ruth Swini Alice Taylor Carol Venable Sarah Williams Anne Williamson Barbara York Deltas enhance Rushees with their Old South party, Dressed as South- ern lselles, Confederate soldiers, cmd minstrels, the entertainers re- live the Old Southern Tradition. . s tt r i s S . iv . , , We Y W.. ,i Y- VA, ' is A E ,A - ,, g 716.5 'F 1 f, .. ,ls , l. e pledges reverse the conditions and entertain the actives. Linda Robbins plays the la's Good Fairy. V. Q.. ,u,,c.1 role of Cinderel- Y av After performing ci successful party for their Big Sisters, the pledges ore presented. .leon Becidles is named Best Pledge. 17 V .,- vi g l i .S ,x 143 Undivided loyalty multiplied by spirit minus sorrow plus Mrs. Garda equals Theta . . . Here's pie in your eye . . . Beth, our fearless leader . . . We're the most sincere Pump- kin Patch . . . Our natural villain, Catltcart . . . One, two, three, WHOOSH! . . . Miss Tennessee visits Thetas Estelle, Luanne, and Suz become Octay's followers The dynamicrduo-Dion and Duffy . . . Palmer of Puckett's . . . Cherrie, Lu, and Estelle make Who's Who How's your asp? Jean B. leads North Hall We try harder . . . Our hero, Bob Garda . . . Mary Boyd and Beth, treasure hunters . . . Estelle, Faye, and Nyla rush to iudgment . . . Champions of the basement league Sharon, whose team are you on, anyway? Wait 'til volleyball season Jean T. goes to Denmark . . . Trish, Judy, and Aunt Eugenia walk aisle December 26 . . . Now we've got Uncle Charlie . . . Barry's Boys blow it . . . Nyla and Hitler trade ideas for Rat Court Spirit and slumber parties abound Sharon and Kathy lost to Dekes . . . Happiness is Carol's carat . . . Actives sweat pledges surprise . . . Shrine Circus plays host to Thetas and Bouva. Phi Theta Epsilon l A A , s is A 1 V ,W tl. it Mrs. Annie Garda Sponsor Q-1 OFFlCERS: FRONT: Estelle Jordanp BACK: Beth Lance, President, Susie Shewry, l.S.C. Representative, Ivy Heybey, Recording Secretary, Mary Boyd Andrews, Treasurer. Not pictured, Jean Taylor, Denmark, former Treasurer. 144 Mary Boyd Andrews Janef Barker Jean Barkley Joyce Beuerlein Marsha Bradberry Sharon Brandon Carol Cafhcart Nicky Day Faye Dion Kathleen Duffy Cherrie Forte Nyla Gustafson Darlene Helm Luanne Herod lvy Heybey Estelle Jordon Beth Lance Ginny Mimms Jane Palmer Joanne Parrella Carole Payne Diane Phillips Tricia Richardson Elizabeth Ryan Susie Shewry Jean Taylor Karen Ward Carol Williams The Roaring Twenties party ignites the Theta spirit and sets the pace for rollicking pledge activities. The pledges kneel humbly as Help Week begins. The pledges are presented by Mrs. Annie Garda, Sponsor, as pledge mistress Estelle Jordan presents each with a big yellow mum. Karen Ward, Best Pledge, takes the long walk of presentation. Following the dance, the pledges once again assume the lowly state as the Theta actives put them through Rot Court. E.. Mui'- 33 l 147 September ushers Pi Gams into Rush . . . Where are the iolly green giants? Penny wiggles and Bill blushes Roberts floats through costume party . . . 22 beautiful pledges loops, Qlk count- ing little Lindal . . . Pi Gams challenge Sig Eps to football at picnic . . . Tidwell the Terror and Lightfoot Lance lead the fray . . . Poptop cakes are fine but they'll never replace the real thing . . . Pi Gams entertain gay conventioneers at Pledge Banquet Jane, Jr. camps out at Chris's door during Help Week Pledges get Pi Gams out of shape with candy sale . . . When will "the house" be featured in Better Homes and Gardens? Stunt Night Ho, ho, ho, Pi Gams take second and Lisa grows a beard . .. Pledges squeal over octopi at Christmas party Etheridge gets elected president and finally gets that ring , . . June, Lolly, and Phate "fly" to Denmark . . . Pat Ray soiourns to Florida Basketball season arrives and Pi Gams maintain outstanding record Lish named Coach of the Year and Lamps dubbed Best Dressed Player . . . Patsy of Peabody rocks out with the Chosen Few Chomplin sleeps through Fall Semester Pledge Dance, Pledge Dance, where is the Pledge Dance? Pi Gams give Sky Chef AAA rating Webb saves the day and Pi Gams dance to Deep Purple at Iris Room Gania and Judi named Best Pledge and Best Big Sister . . . Bowen ho-ho-ho's at Pledge Party . . . Pi Gams ponder a Greek . . Scene Theme . . . Spring Banquet . . . Seniors sing "A Pi Gam Girl" for the last time . . . Vacation and Pi Gamma Chi looks toward next P1 Gamma Ch1 September, Miss Clara Haddox, Sponsor 'B' 7 lll:"'f .- ' az -lil ' :" i l l 5 T l t. ell ll ft.. 'fx E? - 4, v X Qgolilu itil OFFICERS: SEATED: Jane Williams, Secretary: Gail Williams, Vice-President, STANDING: Barbara Hodges, Treasurer, Sandra Etheridge, President: Hettie Raines, I. S. C. Representative. 148 he Bt vii' 1? ,AISI Judy Aboff Pam Alvey Anne Askew Phate Askew Betty Blair Lisa Borger Martha Bowen Margret Bundy Betty Bush Cynthia Candelaria Barbara Champlin Chris Cole Dianne Craig Alicia Donalson Nancy Dozier Judi Draper Ceci Dryer Sandra Etheridge Jerri Ezell Sue Foust Barbie Gerber Nancy Gywn Joy Halmontaller Cheryl Hardcastle Betty Ann Harvey Jane High Barbara Hodges Brenda Hogg Susan Ivey Bonnie Jones Kitty Kennedy Susan Lakich Patty Lampley Penny Lish Vicki Lang Linda McCabe Lynn McClurg Ann Claire Morgan Patsy Piper Ann Hara Price Hettie Raines Mary Ann Roberts Phyllis Rubins Cherie Sadler Lynn Schuler Carolyn Self Rita Sherer Lolly Smith Marilyn Spence Jane Street June Travis Judy True Becky Webb Nancy Webb Marcia Wehr Gail Williams Jane Williams Jane Williams Chris Wolfe Susan Yates The colorful costumes of the Pi Gems help them relive the South Pacific woy of life. Through gross skirts, rituols, cmd Howoi- icm music, they create on en- chanting atmosphere. Pledges soon learn to beckon To the aclives' call. Ee? I 4 ' . l i .. . -LK "r,,,.pz..vx i l After cs successful presentation, the Pledges begin planning a party for The acfives with the Theme of the Jolly Green Giant. Q' I Ganio Tidwell, Best Pledge, works wirh Phyllis Rubens on the decorations for the actives party 151 Fraternities brotherhood . . fellowship . . . unify . . . Rushes sign pledge preferenficls -' . .A Avfffll' 0' f Rggfmna I 1 ,,, ..-s'1wf"' P -:sq -Q-mg "-Y! .B ,. - "4--.... P .ah , Y 4- ' Y , .. J' " - ln Memory of Hogan Have Sig Eps changed pledge qualifications . . .I Phi Chi's pick water lilies. Phi Chi Alpha, one of Pealoody's social organiza- W tions, was founded in 1946. The fraternity is active in intramural sports. A highlight of their activities during the year is the annual presentation of a sweetheart and two attendants. This year's sweet- heart was Katy Finney. Her attendants were Mar- garet Lane and Julia Tarver. Carl Zimmerman, Vice-President and Larry Whitlock, President 'ky 'e-A 4' eff For those who couldn't get together . . 154 'yin 155 Bill Adair Wesley Birdsong Richard Connors Jef? Cook Gary Gregory Sferling Head Bill McSwiney Gerald Mansfield Drew Nixon Thomas F. Ramsey Michael Reed Jimmy Tarver Alex Wade Larry Whitlock Carl Zimmerman Sigma Epsilon, as an active fraternity, sponsored several activities during this year. The pledges and their dates began the social year with a hayride, As well as sponsoring a Christmas party for un- derprivileged children, the fraternity has organized cz swimming program for hand- icapped individuals. The year's activities were highlighted by the biggest event of the year-the Blue-Gray Ball on May l3. Jane Williams, the Sig. Ep. Sweetheart, and her attendants were presented at the ball. FRONT: Gene Baker, President: Hunter McCarty, Vice-President, BACK: Rusty Gray, Treasurer, Bruce Mallard, Secretary. -Qmfews-fe '-' 's'a - ' F f 156 David Lyon receives best pledge award from Bob Browning Und Knox McCharen, Pledgemasters. Q 'GY in! John Wright James Akers Gene Baker Robert Browning James Cash Joey Genovese Rusty Gray Jack Hofstetler Bill Horsley William Hudson Tom Kosslow David Lyon Hunter McCarty Knox McCharen Bruce Mallard Tommy Meador Jim Nolan John D. Rupinski Bill Sheard Mack Ulrickson Bill Waters 'U ' J. 'HQ ' -s i -:Q ' ii r, I i F 2151-I ii The bond of common inTeresTs, striving for common goals and a broadening of general knowledge Through discus- sion sfrengthen our organizational ries. "UW "fi U u."1i HHN EEWW QV 'V N0 W N-1 " M' """'m , v ww" W bw MihyfiW ieW2imW" ' w N Www M 5 "w,g3H. '... N S?"5'i-H,HWgiQ,a'..x 11 ,iw W WW W' mm! , w H ae, W ,jwwgmgiqil Wim N . f'4 . fx: .m.. N H ' nj W' W 1 H wx iw! X Yu! Y H Mwvxhw f o X ox Q' M," ,. 1. HH' ' of ' 'jg M' ' ,NM 4' X VN X , X , , , , .Q , ,H m w 4 Um X ,H vw 1 Q5 rr 'HHHE "1 Mil' Mg ,ggggiguwww-T W img r ' Janice Mclnfire Secrefury HH ri: :wx rfsiggi ,r M Mury Rodgers President WF: :Q w m 'mi I W v Z 1 H., s uf Wu V, 1 N F 1 l m ga' N Q V Harry Nchay Vice-President 160 A-Ev xx Lisa Borger Treasurer Reta Broadway . Saundra Cady .. Janet Clough Student Government Senate POST .. ...... PEMM Club Junior Class Emily Cole ..... .... S ophomore Class Nancy Dozier . . Alice Lee Duncan Pi Gamma Chi ..... Junior Class Mike Fleming ..... .... S ophomore Class Ann Fortenbery . Nyla Gustafson . Ben Jobe ...... Ishwarlal P. Joshi Kay Kitchen .... Patty Lampley . . Penny Lish .... North Hall Phi Theta Epsilon .... Phi Mu Alpha International Club .... Gillette Hall . . . . Senior Class . Sophomore Class Joyce Lytle ....... ........ O uting Club Laurie McDowell Bill McSweeney . Tilla Marshall ... Elementary Council Phi Chi Alpha . Beta Kappa Tau Russell Mays .... Sims Montgomery Sharon North . . . John Oliver .... Faye Overman .. Jane Palmer .... Rosemary Peduzzi David Phillips ... Hettie Raines ..... . . Janet Rappaport . .. . . . Betsy Smith .... Alice Taylor .... Linda Tidwell . .. Mack Ulrickson .. Bill Waters ..... Bill Wiggins .... Sue Woodford . . . . . Sophomore Class . . . Delta Phi Sigma .. . . . Senior Class .... West Hall . . . . . SNEA PILLAR UDC . . . Freshman Class JuniorClass Special Education Club . . . . Sigma Alpha Iota JuniorClass . Home Economics Club . ...... Freshman Class ...... Sigma Epsilon . . . . Junior Class . . . Senior Class fi!-3:5-lzgj , ' fsffz .1 M' Gene Baker Dianne Craig ff: up H. i ia fm . Mike Fleming Martha Ann Gaines Nancy Hoffman '6 fig gm 5 ,girly ' WEE: L I. Burburc Holzemer Bill Horsley 162 gm , 1 Executlve V55 gg,:4S2gk1axW , ,." V Qff "V 1, ,-igifjswifiblfz .Jasf4w,Qgvmff: -, , . , wi-:2 asm .- fsnvemf f, uw.. ,..v,5Z,,5mw.,, vN..,,. Y , E'-1 ' '- ' . Y i ! Y' ""' fl- "-' v izzrfxhwx i if 'H , V L L-1 i ':: :ii -i fvw' MMU V+ A .V '1A"'1w1'1,f'?5Q?1f A . . ii ff,vf'i'f g, ' Vfisi E. . i ' , V: . wx f-mkzyn 2 I ,, .Pegg 32 is " f i e S+ ii i i i . -'Mg . Q . w 1. : if ii 4 ' P ' . iiiii vliilii ir ,,.. L K1 ikffffm.. X, 4 1 2 , , .. My . ,- ,iif L ' 1 ' , fighgfiihf :. - .V SN - L . 1 95:4 ii-1, J mf www:-.z. ,1- fiiwi 'EH w i ,.,,, , , 331255 x S S w Cabinet L Dottie Sue Jones Bruce Mallard Alan Kaplan Hunter McCarty Rita Sherer Jane Violette Bi Il Waters Becky Webb ROW ONE: Elaine Ferguson, Linda Carroll, Ann Waller, Margaret Lane, Linda Herrell, Marsha Moody. ROW TWO: Doris Ann Bush lSecretaryl, Jane Hall lPresidentJ, Wilma Dooley lTreasurerJ, Linda Tidwell lS.G.A. Rep- resentativel, Ellen Battle Nice-Presidentl. ROW THREE: Mrs. Jana W. Jones Home Economics Club Monday, Dec. 6 Home Ee. Bldg. 4:45 Guest Speaker Attendance Required iSponsorJ, Barbara Rocklin, Eula Martin, Ann Moriarity, Gwyn Kingsley, Carolyn Byrd, Vicki Robinson, Pam lnsel, Kay Olson, Susanne Purdy, Mrs. Clarence Bomar lSponsorl, Miss Ruth Gillespie lsponsorl. The Home Economics Club is composed of Home Economics majors and minors who are interested in home and family life. Through providing activi- ties which promote social, cultural, and profession- al growth of the members, the club aids in the development ot student initiative, creativity, and leadership. Peabody's chapter is afliliated with the American Home Economics Association and the Tennessee Home Economics Association. The International Club has contributed greatly toward greater understanding and respect among people of different races, countries, and cultures. At the beginning of the year, several of its members participated in an International fashion show. The Club is also responsible for the International Fair held annually. HPHDPZFUTUP-32" Z0 UUCFQ FU? 4131 iii", I l"."-'45, 1' .- -- , H- .. 'cn' A ,rw , ut 1 f.'.".'..-u0,,'?,? L' ' S, ., ' it I 1.1 I I - - J' ' ' ,W The Elementary Council, a student branch of the Association tor Childhood Education International, is composed of people interested in elementary ed- ucation. The Council sponsors an annual spaghetti supper and auction. Another highlight for this or- ganization is the A.C.E.I. Convention which was held in Washington, D.C. this year. wi, 4' LM M ROW ONE: Margaret Rose lTreasurerJ, Christine Anderson iSecretaryl, Jordan. ROW THREE: Mary Jo Evans, Judi Draper, Edna Jo Hoes, Bill Nikki Girvin lVice-Presidentt, Peggy McGill lPresidentl. ROW TWO: Goldman, Linda Bouton, Claire Wilcoxan, Evelyn Thompson. Judy Jones, Laurie McDowell, Pat Holmes, Betty Black, Beth Lance, Estelle 166 l i Y., -v-""'!6 The Special Education Club was founded in 1963 with the idea of bringing together under- graduate students who had an interest in ex- ceptional children. Activities this year have been high-lighted by speakers and special proiects directly related to the many special- ized fields of Special Education. Peabody's chapter of the Student National Edu- cation Association is one of the newest and big- gest campus organizations. Organized early in 1965, its members share a predominant interest in teaching as a profession. Meetings feature prom- inant people in the field of education who give added insight to students considering a teaching career. Under the leadership of Dr. Richard Hinze, the SNEA strives to give future teachers a broader and more professional view ot teaching. ROW ONE: Diane Lawley, Edna Jo Hoes, George Kersey, Cherry Wilds, Faye Overman, Linda Carroll, Dr. Richard Hinze. ROW TWO: Cooper Dells, Becky Raymond, Madelyn Cherry, Carol Bradford, Jody Fite. ROW THREE: Susan Lakich, Dawn Bartow, Betty Black, Judy Gordy, Janet Barker, Doris Silber. ROW FOUR: Cherrie Patterson, Claire Wilcoxon, Sadie Roth, Shirley Bess, Mary Jo Evans. ROW FIVE: Larry Foxall, Margaret Rose, Mona M0- zon, Linda Newman. ROW SIX: Bill Goldman, Ivy Heybey, Ann Williamson, Cheryl Lee. .134 The Library SchooI's main purpose is to cultivate the interest in library science. Professional growth through bringing together the students and librarians is the means in which it achieves its goal. A- P ,i,q.- ," ,"1 , gr. ,, 'if ' - -r-fi 1 Zig... bij' - J, P-,ew ,gr ij T r s ,,,,,,,,,,,, LIBRARY f X ,QX 125 bk Mi- t. . s I W 28 ac :L ,", .',I. if, 169 4WPWwHF F I .1 ,f .-452555 1 4 ROW ONE: Diane Shupe, Kathy Oliver, Nancy Litz, Jane Kynch, Emily Bane, Gibbie Brown, Susan Hunter. ROW TWO: Mary Elizabeth Krupka, Joyce Cottanach, Penny Winfree, Ann Goin, Mary Young, Sherrie Johnson, Don- na Reed. ROW THREE: Lura Kauffman, Jane Kirchner, Roxy Hodges, Linda Fowler, Betsy Smith, Mary Grace Waid. ROW FOUR: Lynn Pickett, Nancy Watts, Diane Jamison, Bonnie Rives, Judy Wall, ROW FIVE: Bruce Smedley, Pam Porch, Linda McFadyen, Carol Crosslin, Linda Robison. ROW SIX: Bill Hinton, Louis Digennara, Joe Buffalo, Tommy Metcalf, Jett Fokens, Russell Mays. ROW SEVEN: Charles Meekers, Larry Lee, Terry Williams, Mack Ulrickson, Ralph Mills, Bobby Butts, Scott Withrow lDirectorl. ROW EIGHT: B. J. Woods, Steve Gordon, Phil Mendelsohn, Rodney Knowles, Larry Jen- kins, Clay Turner, Darwin White. Under the leadership of Dr. Robert Bays, the Madri- it galians present several programs during the year. One A Tig'- of the most popular of these is the Christmas program in the cafeteria. Known for their great variety, the Mad- rigalians sing spirituals, ballads, and choral composi- tions by leading contemporary American composers. Dr. Robert Bays Director Billy Jon Woods, Frank Kirchner, Darwin White, Joe Buffaloe, Betsy Smith, Nancy Watts, Lynne Pickett, Joyce Cattanach, Nancy Litz. l72 FRONT Carl Kauffman Lura Kauffman Betsy Smith Donna Reed, Linda Fowler, Bruce R. Smedley. BACK: Paul C Hancock Carmelita Gandy Joe Buftaloe Nancy Watts Carol Sutton. MENC Student Membership is a membership classification of the Music Education National Conference which provides for student partici- pation, at the college and university level, in the activities of the organization. The purpose of Student Membership is to afford students opportunity for professional orientation and development while still in school. lt is hoped that the student will develop a practical, real- istic concept as to the function of the music ed- ucation profession in order to facilitate the as- sumption of his professional duties upon grad- uation. E 4 2 v .. 4 i ii 4 - --:W ,,.-.... .. . , l oint University Bands ME Peabody - Vanderbilt QUE HB? 175 ROW ONE: Vicky Boyd, Jennifer Ship, Nancy Dozier, ROW TWO: Estelle Jordan, Jane Downing, Sue Foust ROW THREE: Ann Baldinger, Jane Williams, Sims Montgomery, Chris Cole, iNot picturedl Miss LaSalle Sponsor. Peabody's Women's Recreational Associa- tion begins Their year of activities with a "Howdy Party" where all women students have the opportunity to meet each other and make new friends. WRA strives to pro- mote and organize recreation for all women enrolled at Peabody. Intramural basketball and volleyball games and Stunt Night pro- vide opportunities for all campus organiza- tions to compete. 176 The PEMM Club seeks to promote interest and participa- tion in various areas of physical education through rec- reational meetings and guest speakers. It is open to all maiors and minors in the field of physical education. The club also sponsors the annual Faculty-Student basketball game. ROW ONE: Suzanne Elsan, Susan Vance, Savndra Cady, Jennifer Shipp- Knowles, Sarah Risser, Jim Jefferson, Karen Peters, Sue Faust Knox ROW TWO: Hunter McCarty, Kay Chaplin, Jack Stevens, Jane Cook, Olga McCharen, Sims Montgomery, John Spore, Bonnie Mullins. Valentovic, Ann Baldinger, Luke Riley, Linda Robbins. ROW THREE: Mrs. 177 The Gymnastics Club is composed of all men and women who are interested in improving their skill in gymnastics. Work-outs are held every afternoon throughout the year. Members give demonstrations in the local high schools and participate in meets with nearby colleges. ROW ONE: Jane Ann Holman, Jane Cook Marilyn Smith barger Sims Montgomery Suzanne Elson ROW THREE Jeannie Harris. ROW TWO: Darlene Swack Kay Chaplin Knox McCharen Jim Akers John Beck Mr Black Jimmy Karen Peters, Susan Vance, Peggy Lanier Carol Woltin Lee Harry Youngblood .lack Stevens Luke Riley The purpose of the Gymnastics Rhythms Club is to promote an interest in this type ot Physical Education. Scandi- navian rhythms are done, using balls, ropes, hoops, and bamboo sticks. The group gives demonstrations in local leges. l if ' , 1 ROW ONE: Trish Taylor, Mopsy Morris, Emily Anderton, Sims Montgomery. ROW TWO: Saunclra Cady, Jane Cook, Suzanne Elson, Susan Vance, Karen Peters, Kay Chaplin, Linda Fawlkes. 179 and out-of-state high schools and col- The Mermaids is an organization which consists of women who are selected each tall to participate in synchronized swimming. The Mermaids strive for perfection, through- out the year, on various strokes and water stunts. Rou- tines are designed and correlated with music in the creation of routines for a water show held each year in March, ROW ONE Susan Yates, Ginny Gardner, Nancy Dozier, Kitty Paul, Len Malone. ROW TWO: Peggy MacGill, Jennifer Shipp, Phyllis Rubins, Suzanne Elson, Judy Jones. ROW THREE: Margaret Rose, Anne Parella, Ceci Drier, Louise Ingram, Millie Beesley. 180 The organization for men which specializes in synchronized swimming is the "Mermen." Members are chosen in the fall, they work with The Mermaids in preparation tor the water show held in March. YT..- ROW ONE: Jim Nolan, Bill Goldman, Jack Stevens, ROW TWO: Mike Feeney, Jim Knych, John Spore David Lyons, l8l i 'wwf ,I QFEH' Fw N a ll The Dance Group explore The cliffereni Techniques of dance in their preparation for The' performance of The Juggler, of Chrisimos, and The annual dance show, which is held in The spring. 7 :ska ,V -MM :V ' J si , ii ,, in g M57 15: ui - - rl , -A a L ' rlrr s W, , J ,Q ii , rrl i rrlll rrrrzrrr r f ix Q 3 A ss, ii rri s r esis 1 ,S mggi KK .ESU iii iii 4 f li lu " ELEYVI ii, sine 1 ' . ii wsfaiii ' , H 33,5 t 5 , aeiwylifi H - .K " Wi ?p??Q lElml QQ ' 'l lv , . M , , Sl iii? ' Z FRONT: Janet Clough, Ann Lewis, Wanda Ball. BACK: Larry Ball, Linda Van Epps, Mopsy Morris, LeRoy Donnegan, Bonnie Mullins, Jennifer Shipp, Knox McCharen, Sandra Riley. 182 Formulated for women inferesfed and skilled in outdoor living, The Outing Club sponsors several trips during The year. Hiking, camping, and outdoor sports are emphasized. Membership is by invitation. E Janet Clough, Mary Parson, Joyce Lyile, Linda Carroll, Mopsy Morris, Vicki Robinson, Laura Lester, Drenda Anderson, Martha Ann Gaines, Sue Woodford, Brenda Hogg, Pam Alvey, Lisa Borger, Miss Haddox lsponsorl, Jane Williams, Judy True, Jane Williams, Jeanne Brown, Millie Beasley. 183 Student Publications The literary magazine that depends entirely upon student contributions, TREK is widely read through- out campus. lt is published each spring as a means of encouraging creative writing, and provides an avenue for first publication to upcoming poets and writers. , ,. l fit it i. ' it i it X . 'E EEN' ig 3? Si' ZMEK34 t i-it at ,Q , 'gsm :f?tx'a7li Marietta Waldrum, Emily Cole, Editorp and Lois Bailey i84 EWR 67 Dean Arthur H. Cook, Advisor, Jane Palmer, Editor-in-Chief, Carol Cunningham, Assistant Editor. This is the organization which makes This book possible. The Editors and Staff have worked hard in order 'ro give the students a record of college memories. "We hope you like it." Company Linda Robbins, Photography Editor 185 Dick Richardson, Representative American Yearbook Diane Swift, Marcia Braclberry, Academics Editor, Joan Malmborg, Patricia Campbell, Class Editor. 'X , .. as 15151 an-H 1 i 1 11.11 fm ax 'T c "sys-2-r, K Susan Schick, Faculty Editor, Suzanne Elson, Athletics Co-Editor, Bill Waters, Athletics Co-Editor. rim in ,JM Pillar Susie Shewry, Jean Taylor, Carol Williams, Greek Editor. Janet Clough, Organizations Editor, Pam Insel. 186 l H3921 ' 9 Lawrence Douglas, Melanie McCormick, Frances Reed. Tj'1'n K , Bill Goldman, Penny Puckett, Carolyn McNabb. 001100 UIUQQQ 'oo colxo sos Sylvia Slack, Susan Moody, Campus Life Co-Editor, Ann Melville, Campus Life Co-Editor. 187 The Peabod A l P0St The campus newspaper, the PEABODY POST, records ,lk and presents news highlights of the year. A bi-monthly :'L:'i:'llfi'ii"1' publication, it achieves its purpose as it gives an accurate and unbiased report of campus news. W fe ! The Peabod Post Vol. xx November 17, 1986 No. 5 Eanm- . ........,.. ..... .... . ........... . Rem Broadway Managing Editor ..... ........ Al an Kaplan Business Manager ,. .,.. ..... ............. s hir lay Paul Feature Editor ......... .................... Caro le Cathcart Editorial Assistant ................. , ...... , .... Barham I-Iofer Make-up Editors spam Edna- Copy Editors .., .......... Allce Stewart, Shirley PfelHm' Har-sley ......LeeDe.l.l Buchanan, Abby Gray, Llnda Herrall, Linda Garrett Feature ....., .... ..... . ............ J e if Fokens, Susie Blank Advertising Sul? ............ George Pnseyan, Jane Matthews, Kathy Krulnc, Mark Weiner, Bailey White, Lois Bailey News ............ Bill Goldman, Juan Ramlrez, Jam- Gillespie Circulation Manager ..................... . .... Frank Hammer Funny Advisor ................... . .... EL P. Hutchison Reta Broadway, Editor-in-Chief Barbara Hoter, Editorial Assistant, Carole Cathcart, Feature Editor, .left Fokens, Features, l 1 Advertising Staff: SEATED: Jane Matthews, Lois Bailey. STANDING: George Pasayan, Shirley Paul, Business Manager. A 4, 436- ' SEATED: Copy Editors: LeeDell Buchanan ancl Linda Garrett. STANDING: Make-up Editors. Shirley Pfeiffer and Alice Stewart. 189 ' i z ' ft K eva, awk 1' .- i- f 55 it . i ' , , , 'wrssffff wt ' f if ggqgsfm t it it " ' ' tt" Vwlqeeajg "' trim" ,Aww ,... , i ,,--1 E. R. Hutchison, Faculty Adviser, and Alan Kaplan, Managing Editor. IDC Inter-Dormitory Council, The moior orgonizofion govern- ing fhe dormitories, formulofes legislofive ond iucliciol policies for the resident women. Miss Mary Shaw, Assistant Deon of Students. STANDING: Miss Mary Show, Adviser, Surah Williams, Jeanne Brown, Emily Cole, Jody Fife. SEATED: Lynn Stoner, Jean Barkley, Joyce Lyfle, Ann Pcrello. 190 , ,..w Q-- Grounds for Dorm Gillette Hall East Hall I n ww. West Organization Confederate Hall 1 J pf L North Hall Hall The Judicial Boards and Student Counselors were begun for The first Time, this year. Both hove been very successful in The governing of women residents. ii, xi ,ii . New rganization Within the Dorm 5. A typical J-Board Meeting jr-1 .91 Gillette Hull Student Counselors: Helen Harper, KGTl1Y Oliver. Millie BeeSleY, Edna JO H055- 192 I MQ-1. OFFICERS: SEATED: Linda Carroll IV. Presl, Anne Perrella lPres.J, Sue Woodford lCommunication Chair- manl. STANDING: Dottie Sue Jones lTreas.J, Sue Foust lHist.J, Emily Cole lIDC Rep.J, Sarah Williams lSec.J i cy JUDICIAL BOARD: Judy Simpson, Barbara Champlin, Nyla Gustafson, Bonnie Robarts, Ann Hara Price, Barbara Padgett, Chris Cole, Joy Halmontaller. 193 1 4777 2 5 OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Lynn sroner uncm, Jean Barkley QPN,-5.9, Susie MQW Boyd Andfews fT'e0S'3f JOYCG MCMf"f"' fsec-7' fue" Mcfguhs Shewry fParI.J BACK ROW: Ann Forrenbery CSGAJ, Liz Ryan fHist.J, Wife Marshall- I Y? JUDICIAL BOARD: ROW ONE: Jackie Bayersdorfer, Faye Dion. ROW TWO: Estelle Jordan, Ca-role Raeuber, Dawn Barrow. ROW THREE: Carol Bradford, Sadie Roth, Nancy Jane Vining. 194 CLD OFFICERS: SITTING: Wilma Dooley lSec.l, Joyce Lyfle lPres.J, Rosemary Peduzzi ISGA Rep..l, Jeanne Brown lI.D.C. Rep.l Jody Fife IV. Pres.l, Jane Downing lTreas.l. STANDING: Martha Donnell lFireMarsl'1all. F-3 JUDICIAL BOARD: ROW ONE: Bonnie Omohundro, Jerolyn Taylor, ROW TWO: Carol Farrar, Mary Anne Batey. ROW THREE: Diana Collins, Susan Bertram, Sims Moni- gomery. OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Sisfer Michleleen lFire Marshall, Mrs. Brantley lHead Residentl, Sister Alberta lPres.l, Sharon Reed lAssist. Head Residenfl. BACK ROW: Mary Nell McLennan IV. Pres.l, Dixie Hollis lSec.-Treas.l. 196 OFFICERS: SEATED: Bob Rosen lV. Pres.J, Alun Kaplan KPres.J. STANDING: John Oliver KSGA Rep.J, Bill Goldman lSec.-Treas.J. 197 Students who excel in other fields, os well cs their own, support Peobody's present and give promise to its future. .41 my v 1. H -i fe, ,,s,m-. i, iwu Wi iii i '- Ii . .' ,, I ..:. E ,Mer K., - -Sui' - LIS. -gs I I g ? l R E 1 nf 1 :IP X 9.3.1 .. a h 4-QM,-.A5'.E 6509.091 199 Marilyn Spence Marilyn is an English major from Oak Ridge and would like to teach on the secondary level. During her college career, she has served as Vice-President of Kappa Delta Epsilon and of the Outing Club. Marilyn is also a mem- ber of the Dance Group, Inter-Dormitory Council, and Pi Gamma Chi. l Susan Lakich An Elementary Education major from Nashville, Susan plans to enter graduate school. She, then, plans to teach in Nashville. Susan is President of Kappa Delta Epsilon and a member of Pi Gamma Chi. She has served as class cheer- leader and has also been active in Student Government. 200 Cooper William Delk Cooper, a Nashvillian, has an area maior in Social Studies with an emphasis on History. After graduate school, he plans to teach college history. One of our most active students, Cooper is President of the Senior Class, a member of Pi Gamma Mu, and a senator to the first meeting of the Tennessee Inter-Collegiate Legislature. 201 Luanne Herod As a maior in Deaf education, Luanne plans to teach at the Bill Wilkerson Hearing and Speech Center here in Nashville after graduation. She has been President of Phi Theta Epsilon, secretary of Kappa Delta Epsilon, and an officer in North Hall, as well as Inter-Sorority Council Vice-President. Luanne is from Knoxville, Tennessee. Sandra Tenpenny Womack Sondra, an English maior from Leba- non, Tenn., has served as The Vice- PresidenT of lnTer-DormiTory Council, a member of The PILLAR sTaTT and The POST stall, a member of Kappa DelTa Epsilon, and a member of Pi Gamma Mu. Judi Draper Judi, a residenT of Nashville, plans To Teach in The elememary school in The near fuTure and later obfain a MasTer of ArTs Degree in educafion. lnierclass Queen, Junior Class Sec- reTary, 1965 SweeThearT of Phi Mu Alpha, and membership on The ExecuTive Cabinef of The STuclenT GovernmenT are buT a few of Judi's acTiviTies. Vicky Lynn Boyd Wg:1Es5"'.15f'33'w.J X W "" , in ' an ' ii W' ill' as ' se Aw ts, my ,mi T -Tir, Vicky is an English major from Goodsprings, Tennessee. Her ocTiviTies as President of DelTa Phi Sigma, Vice-Presideni of VV.R.A., and membership in The Peabody Choir keep her busy, Vicky hopes To Teach iunior high school in Virginia. X i Mariorie Becker Hudson Although born in Montana, Margie has lived in San Francisco, Dallas, and Cincinnati. She plans to teach English onthe iunior high school level, eventually becoming a guidance counselor. Margie is a member ot Beta Kappa Tau and the Student National Education Association. . We ii Alan Kaplan An English maior from Nash- ville, Alan plans to enter graduate school, teach high school, and eventually work for a Ph.D. He is Vice-Presi- dent of Pi Gamma Mu, Pres- Management Editor of the POST. ln addition, he has been Assembly Chairman for the Student Government, Constitution C o m m i t t e e Chairman, and Academics Editor ot the i966 PILLAR. Phyllis Lee Hansard Phyllis is a biology maior from Ferguson, Missouri, and plans to teach in high school before continuing her graduate work. She is a participant in the Peabody in Denmark program this year and has received the Kappa Delta Epsilon scholarship. W H 0 ident ot West Hall, and S W H O Cherrie Ann Forte Cherrie is an Elementary Education maior from Nashville. She was the editor of the 1966 PILLAR, and secretary ot Phi Theta Epsilon. She is also active in Student Government and the Student National Education Association. Cherrie in ad- dition, is an active member of Kappa Delta Ep- silon. fi Janet McGinnis Noble Janet, a Nashvillian, has an area maior in English with an emphasis on dram-a and speech. She is a member of the Peabody Mad'rigalians and the Peabody Choir. She has served on the POST as a feature writer, was chair- man of Freshman orientation in l965, was a member of the Peabody Players, and was Sweetheart of Phi Mu Alpha in 1965. 204 C7 Jeltrey M. Fokens Jeff, a resident of Dayton, Ohio, hopes to teach music in college after he graduates from Peabody. He is feature writer for the POST and secretary- treasurer of Pi Gamma Mu, an honorary fraternity. 205 Mary Elizabeth Rodgers Mary is a Social Studies major from Gallatin, Tennessee, and, she plans to teach after gradu- ation. Mary has served as Student Government President. She is a member of Kappa Delta Ep- silon, Beta Kappa Tau, the Outing Club, and Pi Gamma Mu. - 1 i. r .H "i mme ,.,.,. g W ,.,.,. .. ft 'EEZ ' fee? ---- . V J E mmM,A.M,A i if' - li Mary Jane Williams jr gsisssiessis: I i f Mi il-fy al . !,., ,lt ' g Jane plans to teach the first or second T grade in Nashville before entering grad- xlu K uate school. She has been recording J , secretary tor Pi Gamma Chi, social chair- iiiuiii . , man for VVomen's Recreational Associa- 111.2 Will ' . tion, and cheerleader for Sigma Epsilon. t A resident ot Nashville, .lane enioys . swimming and other sports. 'Q 1, m T A l, mr-e.f 5 Estelle Beckham Jordon An Elementary Education maior from Atlanta, E. , , :A S . in Estelle plans to teach kindergarten and late enter graduate school. One of our more active students, she is Vice-President of Phi Theta Epsilon, Secretary-Treasurer of W.R.A., a par- ticipant of the Judicial Board of North Hall, and a member ot the Elementary Council. 1. I. N. I' Naomi Sue Giger Webster Groves, Missouri, is Naomi's home. An elementary education maior, she hopes to teach in elementary schools in the western United States, and, later in Europe. She has served as secretary of North Hall and of lnterdormitory Council, Naomi is also a member of SNEA and Student Government. ,.,,,..m,,5,m mi it Li it Nm- sian ' Wwmfm fig -mi it vi If ' Joyce Halmontaller As an English major, Joy hopes to go to graduate school, and event- ually into guidance counseling. Joy is o Peabody Ambassador, a mem- ber of Pi Gamma Chi, and a Sen- ior Class oFHcer. Her hometown is Madison, Tennessee. Cecil Wright A history maior from Thomasville, Missouri, Cecil plans to teach history on the college level. While at Peabody, he has been active in sports. Cecil hopes to play professional baseball before becoming a teacher. Barbara Ann Champlin Barbara is an English major from St. Louis, Missouri, who hopes to teach English in iunior high school. She has distinguished herself as the editor of Trek, Treasurer of Pi Gamma Chi, member of the Peabody Ambassadors, and as a member ot the Judicial Board of Gillette Hall. The Honorary Greek organizafions pro- vide opporfunify for further study and research leading To a deeper under- standing of specific subiecf areas. If Peabody's chapter ot the National Biological Society is f""""""""' Beta, Beta, Beta. This organization provides opportunity ' for research in the Biological Sciences for students inter- ested in these areas. Beta, Beta, Beta strives for The J5 .lzl L stimulation of sound scholarship, dissemination of scien- tific knowledge, and the promotion of biological re- search. FRONT ROW: Sandy Harper, Allison Arnold, Cici Drier, BACK ROW: William Head, Betsy Moriarty, Raymond Bennett, Jim Hitchman, Fred Gibson, Dr. Tomlinson, Sponsor. 209 Af- . T.. I f , I 5 ,, .- f f is na, code ig v 017: P 'Oi Q fr ,f '75!u'Y'11'2kl' 'lmmml' The national honorary sorority for under- graduate women in the tleld of education is the Alpha Mu Chapter of KDE. The so- rority's purpose is to promote the cause of education through the maintenance of high scholastic standards and professional ideals among its members. FRONT ROW: Shirley Bess, Jean Shelton, Estelle Jordan, Betsy Gale, Betty Becker, Cindy Smith, BACK ROW: Sylvia Parcm, Mary Thompson, Linda Sizer, Cheryl Miller, Jackie Wadle, Bonnie Omohondro, Cherry Patterson, Mary Ann Batey. it it it , i limit W tin :siege i MQ., .LII , welter- : sm,-we , V.. nt 1 tgasgws, if W, , ttf , f ii? ti' ' Sir? frggg,.l V gf? we it . R, . ,W 12 5 I , . 1 se 1 ss' - t ii? ' l OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Marilyn Spense, Vice-President, Susan Lakich, President, Barbara Shackleford, Treasurer, BACK ROW: Mrs. Jewell Phelps, Sponsor, Drenda Anderson, Historian, Virginia Smith, Service Chairman, Luanne Herod, Secretary. FRONT ROW: Diane Lawley, Pat Terhune, Rebecca Crowell, Cherrie Forte, Sara Williams, BACK ROW: Barbara Champlin, Alice Leonard, Claire Wilcox, Ann Williams, Wanda Watson, Phyllis Hansard, Andrea Crist, Janie Pickens, Mary Rodgers. 210 .,,, figsi fi SEATED: Dr. Clifton Hall, Orville Grisso, Dr. Gordon Lawrence. STANDING: Boyd Purdom, Dave Walker, Al Williams, Jack Susskind, Alan R. Cullum. ll! 4' QT? JI, A L .fre mc PR, ft 46XraK5"4 sv 'R fm, rr, .1 rw I A ., H ' W , h I sing QQ .0 1 "' 1 QF: 5 l .':.:' Q PDK is an international professional fraternity for men in the field of education. The pro- gram is designed to stimulate professional growth of its members and to meet the cur- rent problems and needs of public education through research, service, and leadership. Nguyen Quy Bong, Glennon Rowell, President, John Petry, Abdul Amir Al-wakilp Dr. Jack Miller, Robert E. Greene, Recording Secretary: Jim Winter, Robert W. Bogen. 2ll A co-educational honorary fraternity, Kappa Delta Pi is based on two ideals: high educational standards and high scholastic achievement. Graduate and un- dergraduate students meet together to discuss prolo- lems in American education. Kappa Delta Pi focuses on the common concerns of students and creates uni- ty and understanding within the future leaders of education. ! . 4 Q I' Q4 Q :E - v 1 Q 'f"f1r'e?fti.twwe:esv- Q , - J- H' Mui? rv?-' 2532551 i it , iq-1 Robert Green, Ray Drolsom, and John White. 212 qi v-I ROW 1: Dr. Kenneth Cooper, Advisor, Alan Kaplan, Vice-Presi- dent: Dr. T. P, Yeatman, Cooper Dellc, Rosemary Peduzzi, Ivy Heybey, Barbara Shackleford ROW 2: Wilson Strand, Jack Sus- Jl' A Vi Mi Ii fr 4 5 KJ? Ae RN, ff: 'YQ 94 5213 f 'll F132 skind, President, Dr. Martin LaForse, Jett Fokens, Secretary- Treasurerf Paul George, Dr. Robert Biork Pi Gamma Mu is a co-educational social science society. its members include both students and faculty who are interested in promoting scholarship in the area of social science. Through intelligent discussion and investigation, the organization studies man and his environment with special concern tor immediate social problems. 213 H 9 V-W dug.,-E.-f .-S-if-15 llisi, , , Q-mga: -' ' . - Q . ,- ,, ,. 1 , -,jf , V .Eff 1 11 , KK ' G Swain ' 5 521,15 ,,. 1 KW :ram 1 1' 1 3, , , EQ xvawu-Y f Peabody's symphonic Greek fraternities olter opportuni- ties for professional training and fellowship with other music maiors. 215 Phi Mu Alpha ff i , -f:,fW, is D Yi? .2 5 .wa Q if 1 'J' 1 i is 4 'T' 1 .5--kim: A S., 2 F X -S-Ivkx-I-WX, A' Wxtgjf hf' Peabody's honorary music fraternity is Phi Mu Al- pha. As the oldest music fraternity in America, it has as its main purpose the advancement of the cause of music. The election of a sweetheart and jazz ensemble performances are two Phi Mu activi- ties during the year. l i i Gary Johnston, President: Louis DiGennaro, Vice-President, Buddy Shaw, Secretary, Bill Wiggins, Treasurer. Pledges Tom Boze Wayne Deason Stokes Dickens Charles Franklin Steve Gordon Todd Jones we , 'll E , David Melton Philip Mendelsohn David Philips Eberhard Ramm Greg Umloer Tammy Watts Andy Williams ,lim Wolf 216 Louis Brown Joe Bufioloe Jay Dawson Louis DiGennaro John Fullerton Bill Harriss Ben Jobe Gary Johnston Frank Kirchner Richard Law Larry Lee Russ Mays Ray Ol-cimofo Paul Plant Bob Reed Buddy Shaw Bruce Smedley Clay Turner Bill Wiggins Terry Williams .E w 1 ml d 1: kg 51 'X , X 3,35 ,H ESP 3 E Qi " e v - fd :EE A 5 -if -1' , 4 ivy, gg f Y 'ae 1- , L V ,V u 1, 5 ' 5 V255 gf mf ' ' 2 1 f , . f . 2 R . 1 I 5 '- 5, Y V .,.. N E, .L 'fr' . m " ii: qs, 218 ff! -ag, Eileen Bonneville Judy Denning ill? Lu ra Kauffman ffflgl, .sw was in? Emily Bane Mary Gibson Brown Linda K. Fowler Jane Kinch Shirley R. Blair H: W'-2-Wllrwf-2 Joyce Ann Caftanach l ,, li lr wb - Y 1 ,V 2, , 1 ew Elaine Harriss, President -J Elaine Harruss Cherie Harwell Valerie Hinkley ,-X 'NALJ fxlxlwlx x x x Z ,,-4-:wee Z. 'JXZJJ ' , Z-S1 yx je 'I I LLV 220 Mary Elizabeth Krupha Donna Reed Sigma Alpha Iota is a national professional music fraternity for women. Peabody's chap- ter was established in l946. This organiza- tion stimulates the maintenance of the high- est degree of musicianship, scholarship, and character. Striving to maintain the highest standards of musical performance, the fra- ternity's goal is to further the aims of music education. Frances Reed Diane Shupe BSTSY Smith Carol Sutton Mary Grace Waid Judy Wall Nancy Watts 221 Mary Young lf was The best of Times, It wos The worst of Times, If was The oge of wisdom, If was The oge of foolishness . . . We had everything before us, We had nothing before us. Charles Dickens , r . fa--. 222 xx :VT 'T' ...Q rf' gf-.,.... .... 4..--.W , sf 5,1 4-1 rr,f- I Q' ' sg! X , VV'VV -I lg . 4 QSM ifw if ,,,,,i ,L 1, fr l :eva za H mf? 1 N ,,t, M ll ms ll ll QNX mv, W ,sseggfr ll ll ' ,, ,, ,, ll .- Q fra E S H ugfw m N, QQ -v- ll Q llfv' l q. Class Officers: Cooper Delk, Presidenff Linda Carroll, Treasurer, Joy Hclmonicller, Secretary, Gene Baker, Vice President. 22 4 Q H YF:- V ,N M, 1 ,H :wjmfu - uw in N "W " ' HW' 4' -Qifiaisszsfnslnf U H' H , 33, ' ' W "XsfZf2?ffii1ff' ' v, W-'EEN-M H ' v N315 5553551 qw- ,N , , 'Hi , , ,H U gk 31254 Ns:f?'!v1!iu MN, X ' ' V1 A Y , wwsff ' , M ' H. S' f f ' I W MJ my K W 5 ':iaSg4:,Asv2.' 1 ' 1i59 fzE'is:V N N Mgigi svlf ww m 5 ' w ,nw zfgff m M M .im g -:gil m m H H X F Safsw , H ww -1175512 ":: 'H." lf:-A""g M 1 - , ,mu,uw1 ,. nu. N' ": Mi?13?A ' I mx '- V ,ww 4 - . ,amz 4 ,www ff - , , A , r V M " . N N "4 ' H 'M X V ,x. H V 5- , if W9 , .. ..r-. , fx, gjeggffggggz, W . K A Aw W f SES? gf, i , James Eric Akers Drenda Faye Anderson Emily Letitia Anderton Kaaren Frazier Andrews Claryce J. Arms . F' :iii t 5 4 zu r - an . In K Wg, ? w-.5-9 Karen Sue Armstrong Mary Lou Arnett Martha Ann Bach Gene Bqker Granville S, Bqrnegl Ill Class I I Dawn Bartow Carole E. Vick Bates Mary Anne Batey um if Ellen 'Kent Battle Joyce Baucom Larry G. Beavers Mildred Louise Beesley Susan Bertram A i i A " nl - ' Martha Joyce Beuerlein Vicky Lynn Boyd Joyce Carolyn Byrd Linda June Carroll Jennie Carter l l ' "' 1 .i,, A 'few Barbara Ann Clwmplln Catherine D. Clark Robert Lawrence Clark, Jr. Sue Lenn Claxton Kay Beryl Coffey Y' ., Patricia T. Coover Andrea Fay Crist Sandra Lynn Crowell Lula Anne Davis William COOPGV Delk, Ill of '6 Albert DeVencenzo, Jr. Charles David Dickens Nqngy Janie Dodson M0Vfl'lC1 Donnell Wilmv JO D00leY Betty Jane Downing Jlldi Draper David Harold Duncan Helen Diane Dunn Carol Lynn Ewton Carol Evelyn Farrar Jeffrey H. Fokens Ann Ford we "E Cherrie Ann Forte Peggy L. Foster Lgrry Eugene Foxqll Mqrthq Anne Gaines Naomi Sue Giger ESfl'1eI' Mildred Gilmore Thomas H- GLOVGI' Roger Len Goodberlef Annisse Elizabeth Green Lewis Greenwald f, - sein ee meer ,W M . Q een ,l" I All 9' Class Teresa Joyce Halmontaller Phyllis Lee Hansard Helen E. Harper l l l Belfie Ann HGFVEY Jun Lemoyne Hedges Luanne Herod Wanda Carol Higgins Doris Sanders High 'lf' H77 Mary Jane High Janet Sue Himes PGUIG Dime Hlfsch Edna Jo Hoes Suzanne L. Hoffman iw-:"'llWT2 E W QF lll Patricia Ellen Holmes Shirley Ann Hubbard Mariorie Becker Hudson Joe L. Hufflnes JOHN K- JGYNSS James Hugh Jefferson Ben Jobe Betty Greer Johnson Joyce Ann Johnson Gary Lynwood Johnston of 76 Patricia D. Johnstone Delphine Jones Estelle Beckham Jordan 41 Frans S. Jososoekirno Alan Frederick Kaplan Frank Anthony Kerrigan Jean Elizabeth Kimery TGFGSCI J. King Y A l mire Alvin Eugene Knotts Jr. Susan Germaine Lakich Patty Marie Lampley Betty Kay Lee Arlene Marsha Leitner 1 YT? Anne Rife Lewis Erline B. Lewis Barbara Lichtenfels Sara Faye Locke Victoria Lee Long l Joyce Ellen Lytle William Knox McCharen Peggy Ann McGill Richard Lee Martin M. Louise Mason Class L I Ruth Queen Melton Barbara Ellen Miller Cheryl Lynn Miller I John Charles Moran Linda Marie Morris Almaria Morse Katherine K. Musgrove Janet McGinnis Noble l'7i Robert James Noeller James Robert Nolan Sharon North Katherine Ann Olson NHC! Lovene OlfmGHDS , H ,, Y , ,i qi, A r Kew , it ll l - 5 Bonnie Faye Omohundro Wallace Eugene Oyler Sylvia Jean Parham Lilvh Dawn Parish Ann Williams Pate I .,. 'i ii' -with fl' ii.,-,,f1" Sl C F + , i , L ' jlgyf l Cheryl A. Patterson Carol Lynn Patton Dianne L. Pearson Anne Cassie Perrella -lane CGI'0l Pickens of 96 Patsy Ford Piper Wanda Carolyn Pittman Alfred Neal Roby Alva Kathryn Reed Carol Ann Reeves Patricia BOWMCIFI Revels George Ashlin Reynolds Bonnie Carol Robarts Mary Ann Roberts Vicki Lynn Robinson Mary E. Rodgers Billie Rogers Phyllis A. Runyan 91 .'.' I 'Q i inf' Ozcan Saatkaya Laura Eileen Schafstall Susan Edith Schick Barbara Shackelford .-5 ff 111 Q., Willis Erman Shaw, Jr. Betsy Lane Smith Virginia I. Smith Martha Ann Smotherman Mary Charlton Sowell ,ill . " ,. 'S , - - . wfiafgfff , 1 ,H Ywfl' W it T Marilyn Spence E. Marguerite Spickelmier Mary M. St Charles Martha Carol Stanfill Sally A. Stroud Georgia Baird Sullivan Kathryn H. Swiggart James Taylor Tarver Lynn Clark Shackelford Harold James Smith, Jr. Linda Anne Smith Nan Pitts Smith Class Julia Lee Stoffel Patricia Rebecca Tatum 'S' Jerolyn Ann Taylor Patricia Joyce Taylor Sandra Rhea Tenpenny Marvin Kent Therber Mary O. Kelley Thompson James Andrew Tidwell of 96 'i l C? Sarah Pierman Williams AQN Ho Sung Yoon Edd Reece Turner Lula Stevenson Turner Wanda Annette Watson Nancy Kay Webb Jane E. Weyer Barbara Ann White Mary Jane Williams Sue Frances Woodford Sandra Brodine Worrell 'Cecil Irving Wright, II Susan Beasley Wright etc... R, m N mv" . ' 2 Mimi N, .ggrm'1 , EE E Vx l 'T EEE., Yu uw g'f.2.x1. 1, N 235 H ,KP 'H e Class Officers: Nancy Hartman, Trecsureri Carol Lynn Worrell, Secretory, Kay Kitchen, Vice Presidentf Bill Wiggins, President. -'--nigga 5 hill' A. I : 4: 1 I X' h Y A Dev, V ' L r . - - 236 l 4 l I . w 1 , Christine Lynne Anderson-Columbia, Tenn. Mary Boyd Andrews-Columbia, Tenn. Ann Allison Arnold-Nolensville, Tenn, Phate Fuqua Askew-Nashville, Tenn. Barbara Baird-Kingston, Tenn. Janet Delores Barker-Chattanooga, Tenn. Betty Jean Barkley-Kingsport, Tenn. Lloyd Rogers Barnes-Nashville, Tenn. Jackie Bayersdorfer-Cincinnati, Ohio Shirley Elizabeth Bess-Nashville, Tenn. Anne Dumont Blair-Cincinnati, Ohio Elizabeth Jean Blair-Elizabethtown, Ky. Alise H. Borger-Nashville, Tenn. Marcia Bradberry-Signal Mt., Tenn. Reta Faye Broadway-Louisville, Ky. Jeanne Barksdcile Brown-Tullahoma, Tenn. Joe Riley Buttaloe-Huntsville, Ala. Ann Young Carter-Nashville, Tenn. Janet Dixon Clough-Nashville, Tenn. Richard Collier-Nashville, Tenn. Terrell Eugene Cothran-Nashville, Tenn. Margaret Rose Cotten-Nashville, Tenn. Rebecca S. Crowell-Nashville, Tenn. Carol Cunningham-Nashville, Tenn. Margaret Cunningham-Nashville, Tenn. Betty Davis-Pulaski, Tenn. LeRoy Donegan-Nashville, Tenn. R. Dewayne Dozier-Nashville, Tenn. Mary Jo Dugger-Pulaski, Tenn. Alice Lee Duncan-Lewisburg, Tenn. Betty Eckert-Nashville, Tenn. Susan Hope Elrod-Murfreesboro, Tenn. ,, , ,, 4 Nix, ee 1 X i 1 ffl . ,J X V f f J! as I 'li , ei l fi, , ili ii 'J QL. W T 1 X 1 I xf uf i 'J ,X A. r i -v" 17 0- X .- - Nr ' A-fi" YI' rf V! . : -. ' N nn""" :., wi Rf ff 'uv QQ ff Suzanne Knox Elsan-Nashville, Tenn. Sandra Lee Etheridge-Jackson, Tenn, Mary Jo Evans-Wayland, Ky. Jerri Moore Ezell-Woodburn, Ky. Martha Lynn Few-Dickson, Tenn. Jody Fiie-Nashville, Tenn. Georgia Flaihe-Brentwood, Tenn. Mary Rhonda Folio-ST. Petersburg, Fla. Anne Ford-Nashville, Tenn. Anne Catherine Fartenbery-Oak Ridge, Tenn Bill Franks-Little Rock, Ark. Befsey R. Gale-FT. Worth, Texas Connie Sue Gibson-Nashville, Tenn. Joyce A. Gilles-Springfield, Va. Nicole Girvin-Owensboro, Ky. Judy Margaref Gordy-Madison, Tenn. Judy Elaine Graves-Whites Creek, Tenn. James B. Gray-Nashville, Tenn. Cynfhia Ann Greenwald-Nashville, Tenn. Jean Smith Greer-Frankfort, Ky. Linda S. Hall-Nashville, Tenn. Martha Jane Hall-Franklin, Tenn. Sue C. Hamner-Nashville, Tenn. Susan Hargis-Nashville, Tenn. Nancy Louise Harfman-Louisville, Ky. Janice Clair Hendryx-Nashville, Tenn. Elvira Leonore Heybey-Huntsville, Ala, Kafie P. Hilliard-Reading, Penn. Katherine Hodge-Nashville, Tenn. Barbara Nell Hodges-Memphis, Tenn. Jane Anne Holman--Columbia, Tenn. Pct Holmes-Tampa, Flo. Barbara Holzerner-Nashville, Tenn. Pam Insel-Tullahoma, Tenn. Brenda Ironson-Nashville, Tenn. Susan Ivey-Fort Gordon, Georgia Dottie Sue Jones-Nashville, Tenn. Judy Jones-Leesburg, Florida Ellen Jones-Murfreesboro, Tenn. Martha Jones-Nashville, Tenn. Beverly Kay-Nashville, Tenn. George Kersey-Nashville, Tenn. Gwynne Kingsley-Roscoe, New Yor Kaye Kitchen-Nashville, Tenn. k Harriet Krieger-Fort Dix, New Jersey Susan Laird-Nashville, Tenn. Beth Lance-Washington, D.C. Valeria Longo-Nashville, Tenn, seg 5 M u Q fav Xi? ,V I V eiii fm l , t ww :gle - .., ., W." H' 4 ' mf tl. V, ' ,HI if E 'll ll . F 5 ' tl I lllym A 5 f3m'm' . Y tl X' 2 we ffff , :.... ,fe l" Ai . .rn-. 'I nulcr ll ga. - 2- H ' 277, . ' '-T 1 j' , ll , 1. u.w.i:w"""' ' A ,rn '.,-:-22.25232 S X Q Q' My 'v H W L L- - , '- M- 'f . .... 1 5-- , . i v-' SF K ff+e he 'E X Peggy Sue Lanier-Lynnville, Tenn. Diane Lawley-Nashville, Tenn. William Larry Lee-Nashville, Tenn. Alice Leonard--Lewisburg, Tenn. Audrey Jane Little-Nashville, Tenn. Nancy Elizabeth Litz-Chattanooga, Tenn. Michael Wilmer Lufche-Baltimore, Maryland Jusdin Hunter McCarty-Nashville, Tenn. Penelope A. McGlaughlin--Tullahoma, Tenn. Janice Anita Mclntire-Atlanta, Georgia Victoria McMahill-Battle Creek, Mich. Elizabeth Len Malone-Nashville, Tenn. Gerald Mansfield-Nashville, Tenn. Mary Arnold Marsh-Nashville, Tenn. Julie Ann Martin-Madison, Tenn. Mona Mazon-Hopkinsville, Ky. Velma Jean Meeker-Batangas, Philippines Phillip Mendelsohn-Cleveland Heights, Ohio Barbara Tevis Meyers-Louisville, Ky. Mary Dottie Moore-Nashville, Tenn. Anne Therese Moriarty-Tullahoma, Tenn. Joyce Morrow-Nashville, Tenn. Margaret Munsey-Naples, Fla. Harry Nahay-Nashville, Tenn. Gale Nearhoof-Huntsville, Ala. Jimmie Jean Nunley-McMinnville, Tenn. Mary Virginia O'Rear-Nashville, Tenn. Glenda Faye Orrand-Nashville, Tenn. Faye Osteen-Camilla, Ga. Jane Palmer-Nashville, Tenn. Virginia Patterson-Nashville, Tenn. Carol Payne-Joelton, Tenn. Connie Sue Peacock-Cincinnati Ohio Ann Hara Price-Paducah, Ky. ,rw Mfg, W .ad au: Rosemary Peduzzi-Chattanooga, Tenn. if 1 1 i W I Qi if N Suzanne Purdy-Madisonville, Ky. Barbara Richardson-Nashville, Tenn. Diana Riggins-Fayetteville, N.C. Heitie Raines-Tampa, Fla. Juan Ramirez-Nashville, Tenn. Sandra Riley-Nashville, Tenn. Susan Robinson-Chicago, Ill. Margaret Roth-Naples, Fla. Martha Ruschival-Louisville, Ky. Sfanley Rust-Nashville, Tenn. Lynn Schuler-Leespori, Penn. Brittina Scofield-Katonah, N.Y. Rita Sherer-Hammond, Ind. Doris Silber-Nashville, Tenn. Judith Simpson-Sheboygan, Wisc. Bruce Smeclley-Nashville, Tenn. Cynfhia Smith-Norris, Tenn. Laura Ann Smith-Winchester, Tenn. Mary Leland Smith-Nashville, Tenn. Virginia Smith-FT. Lauderdale, Fla. Gail Stern-Nashville, Tenn. Elise Stevens-Nashville, Tenn. Jack Stevens-Franklin, Tenn. Jo Strong-Richardson, Texas Susan Sulzberg-Plainfield, N.J. Linda Talberf-Nashville, Tenn. Jean Taylor-Signal MY., Tenn. Gregory Tekulve-Batesville, Ind. June Travis-Murfreesboro, Tenn. ' - 2354, X NLV N 4i'7"' Ji ' 1 Q xii' L, Hi. .i,, ff llliw 'iii ' L '--i if 25 L il X JV 2 X1 -ve Q 1 gary fl .. , :H+ i f-25:51 Zi V ,,, 1, 'J' mal: -1 i f-sail ,, i . , .. .- 'ar V' l ' 'Q l "JE Y- ' ii X" iiirff' ,Q X -1 " ' li ' -- filiisfiiw L A X V Z3 ll " - i .V i 1 , '- Y .: ,H U HM .H I ' V hh? J W 'i X x N X! xx 'xr ,Q xv' X fi' f - 'XJ-N 1 Nancy Vaiksnoras-Nashville, Tenn. Jane Violefte-Louisville, Ky. Jacqueline Wcidle-Atlanta, Ga. Bitsy Walker-Columbia, Tenn. Judy Wall-Huntsville, Ala. Laurie Walton-Greenbrier, Tenn. Marcia Wehr-Hamilton, Ohio Jane Wesfenberger-Pulaski, Tenn. Claire Wilcoxon-Grosse Pointe, Mich Barbara Williams-Nashville, Tenn. Gail Williams-Nashville, Tenn. Carol Lynn Worrall-Nashville, Tenn. Ellah Zand-Tehran, Iran Class Officers: Mike Fleming, Presidentg Susan King, Vice President? June Gillespie, Secretory, Sue Srubblefield Treosu rer. 244 A 5 . ,W h..,,. A: 4 I R X EV, i If 3 , X 4 xl N x 'A if X ll' 'X 1 N N .N it N xx! ,ZX ,N 7 3 bi'f!.',f4:lf:. . ,fN'1?!4Q,5, N X N w fx N X, X N Q" .ftl-1'9"",+Q AV .tx Q 'AV 2 Y ,V xv ,1- W- v' Ls, .,,,-S. A1531 X 'K W, ..., r- Nil' 1 Nifgfly 'a , iv 'S ,V Q 'wi' -- " -: - ' A :'5,,.Qyi:f' ' yu V , w r .3 ff fb-nw ., fi ,- Inga- ,.. ldv ,iffy ,wgxwrg 1 F. V , V X I hgwli g-R YL ,if gixk '- Tk , , ' -,Ti ,y y , , -, ,- - - 9-A - E mmy: lgpxf. V. ff, - . ., . .,l 'fm' 7 4 H fj5f?"A ? '1 L, ELQHQL- ul I I Fix: , eh fx '- N is H A' L ' gig I U: F ff' sr 1 Rf' X +fv A Y xv'-' N N ,fx 1 7 ' ' M ,XR ,Axe pak I - f , , . A .X abb I '-'--'W-1-V---'f V . f'-'.-5.f K. jgfsk X '?':rwf i f: vi yf H .ffm-fQ.A'1. , ' YA,- .V., L.s..:1. N ' N1-f' wif' 'iff 51 ., N A X if if 5755 952 Pi ' f V V ,' y' I we .. ,N gf .'.:kx',,,1ffx , U '- ,J V fl " Q 5,251 ': it , , ' 2 ,.,' XX ,jx 1212 1 -ff, '.ff.l'Y"-3J'1'iif'xi F V-xxx f"'X. 17'?i"' F' -' ' 5 .i xff 77- X' Av A .5 5, - -3175 + f 7i'- 4 3i'T'?'xefi g ,Kx ,ff -X 4 , , AI X ' gr-fu' - A g f. -' ' - ' .s. 245 Pam Alvey-Oak Ridge, Tenn. Becky Anderton-Nashville, Tenn. Anne Askew-Nashville, Tenn. .lay Bailey-Tullahomc, Tenn. Lois Bailey-Logansport, Ind. Mary Bailey-Nashville, Tenn. Wanda Ball-Nashville, Tenn. Linda Ballentine-Nashville, Tenn. Louise Ballentine-Nashville, Tenn. Emily Bane-Atlanta, Ga. John J. Becks-Nashville, Tenn. Kathy Beine-Atlanta, Ga. Herman Benge-Nashville, Tenn. Carl Berg-Nashville, Tenn. Daniel E. Bickel-Evansville, Ind. Elizabeth Anne Black-Paducah, Ky. Lynn Boles-Louisville, Ky. Evelyn Boyce-Nashville, Tenn. Carol Bradsford-Florence, Ala. Sharon Brandon-Crossville, Tenn. Timothy Britton-Newport News, Va. Dean Brown-New Paris, Ohio Harriet Brown-Huntsville, Ala. Gibbie Broyn-Irvington, Ky. Lee Dell Buchanan-Nashville, Tenn. Benifa Bullion-Madison, Tenn. Doris Bush-Nashville, Tenn. Robert Buffs-Gallatin, Tenn. Saundra Cady-Glascow, Ky. Betty C. Callis-Goodslettsville, Tenn. wgm125625,mjll1glqgll1lmaiMgfws:,M l ll lll lll 'll MNH ' ' "" Ei-Biz: 5 fl 9' E1 l S ' G' slwl N l .X V f .,. E l ll l l : .,,:,, 1 E -- l J' if ,, 3 .I X 1 1 b 7. si f. ease 1- 'iz , QB :-:a:- Q, 55, ef xy l . K Y?-:. If, A 'Z gjlo ln in ,, .. 91 . wig, anna.:-' lx " , F J, ,Q ', X Trish Campbell-Chapel Hill, N.C. 'VI' ' V L L lzuuuz wa, Ginger Carnahan-Nashville,Tenn. H ll ' l """ .4 ' 'WV' .,--A-.gfE'Ell Zim ' -:-5525? E: K Qs: 1 'Sl 1.15 'lu ' , in .. l 1 ,ummm m.1,2r,f nl " l lu l 1 ,Q 7 u. If N! 2 ' ii llll 3' l X 'Xl . X XA! x l X sf N-J , if W M f f. an w I X . J 5 ll 'fi " 1 :aft "2-,ii .. 1 l A 1 " C" E es Q . , H-H 15511 " f A A --5-L , .. - 1 . , '2 a f ,J L s ' J-V 1 ,4- -,Aix l I, vi 9- llf ml I, Q! I X sl Q I Vi +5 1 W, , gllrrrllillliiiii r l 5 ll r Lf T l n I ' l w if -X L s 9' K W K 1 i ' l .-,, via x 4 -i 'Y 1 42. ! v UQ!! . ff" Y' ' H rail W iiyur X M - ---' - -i " 4 l H i . ' " si A ' W' r " ll, ,. .,.- V gi r . , WK Elizabeth Carroll-East Hartford, Conn. Carolyn Pulley Carter--Nashville, Tenn. Carole Cathcarf-Nashville, Tenn. Joyce Caftanach-Deerfield Beach, Fla. Elaine Clinkscales-Pickens, S.C. J. Ronald Colby-Nashville, Tenn. Christine Cole-Langley AFB, Va. Diana Collins-Winchester, Tenn. Richard Connors-Nashville, Tenn. Kay Conrad-Waverly, Tenn. Saundra Cooper-Nashville, Tenn. Jean Corwin-Sf. Paul, Minn. Dianne Craig-Jackson, Tenn. Emily Crowder-Nashville, Tenn. Betiye Jean Davis-Smyrna, Tenn. Jay Dawson-Nashville, Tenn. Nicky Day-Nashville, Tenn, Pamela Dean-Nashville, Tenn. Faye Dion-Sf. Louis, Missouri Alicia Donaldson-Bogota, Colombia Helen Dorset-Rome, Ga. Lawrence Douglas-Mf. Pleasant, Tenn Nancy Dozier-Birmingham, Mich. Ceci Dreier-Morganfield, Ky. Pamela Drummond-Hatfield, Pa. Anita Duchman-New York, N.Y. Julia Ann Emrick-Brentwood, Tenn. Alice Fay Everett-Madison, Tenn. Cecil Ewin-Franklin, Tenn. Mary Lou Farrar-Fayetteville, Tenn. Gary Farris-Nashville, Tenn. Elaine Ferguson-Nashville, Tenn. Sue Faust-Jackson, Tenn. Barbara Frank-Little Rock, Ark. John Freund-Nashville, Tenn. Susan Frolow-Teaneck, N.J. John Fullerton-Nashville, Tenn. Gail Geiger-Nashville, Tenn. Joey Genovese-Nashville, Tenn. Barbie Gerber-Charlotte, N.C. Taylor Gibson-Nashville, Tenn. Beverly Gilbert-Nashville, Tenn. Jane Gillespie-Brentwood, Tenn. William Goldman-Clarksville, Tenn. Diane Gonyer-Battle Creek, Mich. Gordon Groves-Orlinda, Tenn. Dwain Gunn-Tullahoma, Tenn. Nyla Gustafson-Maple Plain, Minn. Candy Haysleti-Nashville, Tenn. Darlene Helm-Munster, lnd. Linda Lee Herrell-Nashville, Tenn. Janice Hinrichs-Nashville, Tenn. William Hinton-Hopkinsville, KY- Brenda Kaye Hogg-Oak Ridge, Tenn. Joy Holland-Columbus, Ohio Suzanne Howard-Wauchula, Fla. Alice Hudson-Oak Ridge, Tenn. Ann Johnson-Huntsville, Ala. Pai King-Coeurd Alene, Idaho Susan King-Hopkinsville, Ky. Marfy Kirkendall-Rochester, Ind. Ruthie Klibanoff-Florence, Ala. David Knight-Nashville, Tenn. Nancy Diane Koellein-Nashville, Tenn. iiiliix iwv i W L P 2 ,,...,.,. X gi f , 'r - 1, l il A 4 - 15: ' 1 T :isis J ' 1-Q1 F . .- -V ' ii f l . , 5-1 .S r 1 'Jil -3' ll ' ll' ..- gl H H VE :lh -:" A W 'i v .M , Q. , 1 x ' . . V QXYA .2 Xxx xg 5 V 7 X , '1 ff f i : Ki . E v x A ,f V A ll lkvll ll X"' i H l .715 ' ef V ' '51 if , ... l l A 1,. . kv , El .., yr N x ' A , A -1' 'l l i V li if V, ii, S .U s ffmi W i , , I ' 1- X' U kk ' OX! E: l i k H 2' -W i. ea l 4 3 am- f , , Xl if f' -, gin 'flfiiifffll ti . 1. 'l ,- 133 37 'f im 1 A 5 ' -Wg! N' -52, 1 :Zn V , ' x.. H-1 f ggi ' -' ' Yi H. jr . tv. I fx Ay.-, no' f J 'I 'H . dpi 4 -' , K 'e. if- f ips, W' P . 1 l 1 X 'PV 1-. - Margaret Lane-Nashville, Tenn. Diane LaPenna-Nashville, Tenn. Judith Lavine-Greensboro, N.C. Doris LePrell-Jacksonville, Fla. Amy Liberman-Wilmington, Delaware Jamie Linton-Kirkwood, Missouri Penny Lish-Franklin, Tenn. Joe Looney-Nashville, Tenn. Nancy McCabe-Evanston, Ill. Joyce McMillen-Franklin, Tenn. Bill McSwiney-Nashville, Tenn. Carol Maier-St. Louis, Missouri Heather Maillie-Nashville, Tenn. Joan Malmborg-Jacksonville, Fla. Brenda Markham-Montgomery, Ala. Eula Martin-Hermitage, Tenn. Russell Mays-Nashville, Tenn. Ann Melville-Nashville, Tenn. Janet Lyn Miller-Milan, Tenn. Edith Simms Montgomery-Pulaski, Tenn Susan Moody-Nashville, Tenn. Elizabeth Lucille Moran-Franklin, Tenn Pamela Lynn Morris-Tullahoma, Tenn. June Marie Nichols-Nashville, Tenn. Drew Nixon-Nashville, Tenn. Marilynn Nolan-Donelson, Tenn. John Leslie Oliver, Jr.-Springfield, Mo, Patricia 'Kathleen Oliver-Nashville, Tenn Alice Faye Overman-Fremont, N.C. Barbara Padgett-Leesburg, Fla. Stephen Page-Nashville, Tenn. Patricia Parker-Nashville, Tenn. Mary Parsons-Nashville, Tenn. Karen Peters-Hawley, Pa. Shirley Pfeifier-Nashville, Tenn. Anne Phillips-Nashville, Tenn. Pam Porch-Waverly, Tenn. Linda Pulley-Nashville, Tenn. Jane? Rappaport-Front Royal, Va. Rebecca Raymond-Evansville, Ind. Fran Reed-Lebanon, Tenn. Philipa Reed-Nashville, Tenn, Robert Reed-Chathamport, Mass. Tom Rich-Annandale, Va. Lynn Richards-Nashville, Tenn, Luke Riley-East Orange, N.J. Connie Robeson-Nashville, Tenn. Olga Robleda-El Progreso, Yoro Honduras Barbara Rocklin-Nashville, Tenn. Jennie Lea Rogers-Kingston, Tenn. Jean Marie Rohling-Nashville, Tenn. Margaret Rose-Oak Lawn, Illinois Robert Rosen-Northport, N.Y. Cherie Sadler-Madison, Tenn. Martha Jo Salyer-Bristol, Tenn. Edna Scates-Lansing, Mich. Janice Kaye Shapard-Nashville, Tenn. Susan Shewry-Fayetteville, Tenn. Diane Vanetfe Shupe-Nashville, Tenn. Dannie Simms-Huntsville, Ala. Alice Jean Stewart-Nashville, Tenn. Jane Street-Nashville, Tenn. Susan Lynn Sfroiher-Nashville, Tenn. Sherry Anne Stroud-Greenfield, Tenn. ill L. -Q X i V .5 - , Q- , Gaim ' . . .3 V- 'J ref i' H .mi 1, eicgii L X I rw -fees l iix ln?iV if? A guffifcie, r N al 5 1 1 K.: any 35 i l i 4 an A u ii ,Y -M 1 1:.:2 4 .. .-.- JI! l fig! il fxlfl llfkgn X!! Q' R Doris Sue Sfubblefield-Gallatin, Tenn. Vicki Lynn Thompson-Shelbyville, Tenn. Frankie Ann Trebing-Nashville, Tenn. Barbara Jane Turner-Clarksville, Tenn. Carol Venable-Nashville, Tenn. Alex Wade--Nashville, Tenn. Jennie Ann Walker-Franklin, Tenn. William Waters-Nashville, Tenn. Sharon Marie Watson-Tullahomcl, Tenn. Nancy Lee Welch-Nashville, Tenn. Martha Jane Wessel-Old Hickory, Tenn Mark Wiener-Nashville, Tenn. Carol Ann Williams-Knoxville, Tenn. Nancy Bret? Williams-Glasgow, Ky. Harrie? Lee Wright-Nashville, Tenn. Susan Ann Yates-Flingsione, Ga. Sharron Kay Young-Madison, Tenn. Barbara Jean Zeff-Florence, Ala. Carl Zimmerman-Nashville, Tenn. Class Officers Diane Swift, Treasurer: Judy Fowler, Vice Presidenfy Mack Ulrickson, President. Not Pictured Linda Thorfon, Secretory. 252 I 253 Pat Albright . . . Fayetteville, Tenn. Robert L. Allen . . . Nashville, Tenn. Mark Ambrose . . . Nashville, Tenn. Linda Ambrozik . . . Brentwood, Tenn. Myra Axel . .. Birmingham, Ala. .. Claudia Badgett . . . Madisonville, Ky. Bonita Ballard . . . Owego, N. Y. 'N 1 Betty Banks . . . Nashville, Tenn. ,Cu V I ' ,, L , .N l 'l gg-.iii ll' if it 4. V' Leroy Barden . . . Nashville, Tenn. . Sharon Barry . . . Buffalo, N. Y. , I 1 - V l Cynthia Barth . .. Nashville, Tenn. ,QW ' N :FQ Jane Bartlett . . . Nashville, Tenn. V Thomas Battan . . . Nashville, Tenn. Jean Beadles . .. Nashville, Tenn. Sarah Beasley . .. Dixon Springs, Tenn. Marian Bishop . . . Enoree, S. C. Susan Black .. . Nashville, Tenn. Shirley Blair . . . Arlington, Texas Linda Bouton . . . St. Louis, Mo. Barbara Bovine . . . Milan, Tenn. Martha Bowen . . . Nashville, Tenn. Michael Boyd . . . Lewisburg, Tenn. Tommy Boze . . . Gallatin, Tenn. Janice Faye Brady . . . Columbia, Tenn. Beverly Branding . . . Nashville, Tenn. Susan Bratcher . .. Jacksonville, Fla. Catherine Brewer . . . Nashville, Tenn. Linda Brown . . . New Orleans, La. Linda Lee Brown Hamshire, Tenn. Peggy Bugbee . . . Nashville, Tenn. Margret Bundy . . . Austin, Texas Bette Bush . . . Nashville, Tenn. iff ,, - - f .ftistfljl . ...,. g it Ny! r 4 A , Q sf- ,VI 1 .2 zzz ."' ,f i t L , -A L l .1 X ' I Tl S ' ll 'fl .A if . Y 2 I iii I if lf ff I .,,. ,, .H reki -- :ff 'rv 1 . X-r X ' vw. C l l 2, G - f-: r uses P- ix ith r I . 1 x., ox I X .. My tr ' gp xx' ,I-" ' Mark Carlisle . . . Nashville, Tenn. Priscilla Carter . . . Nashville, Tenn. James Cash . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Mary Anne Chaney . . . Canmer, Ky. Kay Chaplin . . . Glasgow, Ky. Madelyn Cherry . . . Nashville, Tenn, Jo Ann Cobb . . . DeWitt, Iowa Dael Cohen . . . Springfield, Pa. Donna Hay Copeland . . . Orlando, Fla. Barbara Cowart . . . Brentwood, Tenn. Cynthia Cowart . . . Nashville, Tenn. Cathy Cox . . . Hunfsville, Tenn. Jack Criner . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bill Crow, Jr. . . . Nashville, Tenn. William F. Davidson . . . Nashville, Tenn Karen Davis . . . Lincoln Park, N. J. Michelle Davis . . . Central City, Ky. Mike Davis . . . McMinnville, Tenn. Mary Dennis . . . New Albany, Ind. Diana Dicaula . . . Nashville, Tenn. Joan DiGiovanna . . . Massapequa, N. Y Deborah Dillingham . . . Nashville, Tenn Doris Douglas . . . Portland, Tenn. Dorincla Duker . . . Wabash, Ind. Connie Dunavant . . . Pulaski, Tenn. Joanna Eatherly . . . Carthage, Tenn. Amelia Edwards . . . Jacksonville, Fla. Patricia Ellis . . . Franklin, Ky. Ronald Evans, Jr. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Stefan Fatzinger . . . Nashville, Tenn. Michael Feeney . . . Claremon, N. H. Pat Flair . . . Nashville, Tenn. Rebecca Forte . Nashville, Tenn Judy Fowler Louisville, Ky. Linda K Fowler .. Huntsville, Ala Lynda Fowlkes . Franklin, Tenn Judy Frank Louisville, Ky. Siephame Freundlich Hialeah, Fla Elizabeth Gentry . . . Glasgow, Ky Roberta Gilmore . . . Champaign, Ill Ronald Goldstein . . . Nashville, Tenn Dolores Gonzales . . . Nashville, Tenn . Memphis, Tenn Nashville, Tenn Nashville, Tenn. Hopkinsville, Ky. Sharon Hagerman . . . Owensboro Karen Hahn Nashville, Tenn. 'if Q, fs JV . .ff H QV Gilda L - it ,fi L ff' rl wf . X xii? 'il Vikki Hall . . . Old Hickory, Tenn. Elizabeth Ham . . . Old Hickory, Tenn. Susan Hamm . . . Nashville, Tenn. Eugenia Harris . . . Arlington, Va. Joan Hatfield . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Donna Hawthorne . . . Yorktown, Va. Margaret Hazelwood . . . Nashville, Tenn John S. Head . . . Nashville, Tenn. Anne L. Hecht . . . Nashville, Tenn. Louise Hemmrich . . . Clarksville, Tenn. Virginia Hill . . . Nashville, Tenn. Valerie Hinkley . . . Cocoa Beach, Fla. Roxanna Hodges . . . Richmond, Va. Ronda Holland . . . Nashville, Tenn. Margaret Hornik . . . Winchester, Tenn. Andrew Hostettler . . . Nashville, Tenn. Brenda Hudson . . . Lewisburg, Tenn. William Hudson . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Janice Hughes . . . Franklin, Tenn. Susan Hunter . . . Nashville, Tenn. Patricia Hyder . . . Johnson City, Tenn. Katherine Irvine . . . Nashville, Tenn. Bonnie Jones . . . Hendersonville, Tenn. Cathy Jones . . . Nashville, Tenn. Anne Kipp . . . Son Diego, Calif. Roger Knight . . . Nashville, Tenn. Steven Koen . . . Ann Arbor, Michigan Thomas Kosslow . . . Miami, Fla. Linda Lawson . . . Nashville, Tenn. Karen Leach . . . Atlanta, lll. Cheryl Lee . . . Old Hickory, Tenn. Laura Lester . . . Pulaski, Tenn. James Lewis . .. Nashville, Tenn. Sherilyn Liles . . . Lewisburg, Tenn. Donna Lish . . . Hendersonville, Tenn. Janet Logon , . . Waverly, Tenn. Linda McCabe . . . Selbyville, Delaware Lynn McClurg . . . Cincinnati, Ohio Marion McCord . . . Nashville, Tenn. Melanie McCormick . . . St. Augustine, Fla. Leah McCullough . . . Nashville, Tenn. Linda McFadyen . . . Lenoir, N. C. Elizabeth McGlasson . . . West Frankfort, John McGregor . . . Nashville, Tenn, Maureen McLean . . . Nashville, Tenn. Carolyn McNabb . . . Oak Ridge, Tenn. Elizabeth McNeill . . . Nashville, Tenn. J. Owsley Manier . . . Nashville, Tenn. Jay Maupin . . . Franklin, Tenn. Thomas Meador . , . Nashville, Tenn. David Melton . . . Richmond, Va. Sheila Merritt . . . Nashville, Tenn. Thomas Metcalfe . . . Crossville, Tenn. Virginia Mimms . . . Miami, Fla. Suzanne Mintz . . . Nashville, Tenn. Cassandra Mitchell . . . Meridian, Miss. Nadine Moody . . . Nashville, Tenn. Linda, Moore . . . Nashville, Tenn. Margaret Moore . . . Middletown, Ky. Anne Clare Morgan . . . Douglasville, Ga. Stella Morgan . . . Springfield, Tenn. Carol Murphy . . . Oak Ridge, Tenn. Linda Newman . . . Evansville, Tenn. Wesley Odle Jr. . . . Nashville, Tenn. Z bfi' ff' fi -. 4 1' 1 U"x K ll .g 'X lrx Yu! Vlu . Y .Ir Q I . u'l.- QE , , ' , l ' - . it , 4 I , ' , Q , " '- asm , ' X, -a . 'H w! V Z . . 1 l KG' llyv I , 'A U , can 1 -I I x '..: . , l" f A E AV J, ,v t f S. " , J ' ,tt 1' ' llff- ' X f - il fl x I X 1 z , AS'-6' 3 1 - is S - " Y Y if 9 it in -.lll 'l-, . 'fri' L 51' 5 ig, '21 X f-- f W1 J. I .. I ' ' ' lx ' xf 'J J' dx 1 V-Cf yy K' i , 'dv sa , gl S: 4' x l i A if l ' Nl., E it Hag ll, l I 4 ll 1 fs! I ati' i it 1, J ' 1 9' . , si lu. 1 Y lim If l l i -it ,..a- ' N V V N Jie N 'ivy f ' V gi' x if X V71 Y L mfr Xj 1 . ,ssai ff- T zn' Q9 7 , - :., V J! 57524 ll -li,-:K Katherine Paul . . . York, Pa. Ann Payne . . . Hendersonville, Tenn. John D. Pearson .. Nashville, Tenn. Gayle Petrane . . . Nashville, Tenn. David Phillips . .. Diane Phillips .. . Suzanne Poe . . . Linda Poplin . . . Larry Powers . . . Nancy Prusinski Old Hickory, Tenn. Nogales, Mexico Madison, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. Nashville, Tenn. . . Hollywood, Fla. Penny Puckett . . . Pulaski, Tenn. Eberhard Ramm . . . Manchester, Tenn Marcia Rayl . . . Paducah, Ky. Donna Reed . . . Pulaski, Tenn. Sarah Risser . . . Nashville, Tenn. Cheri Roberts . . . Sandra Roberts Linda Robison . . Phyllis Rubins . Linda Rudarmel Nashville, Tenn. . . Hendersonville, Tenn . Huntington Station, N Tullahoma, Tenn. . . Portland, Oregon Vicki Ann Russell . . . Hendersonville, Tenn Mary Rutherford . . . Roanoke, Va. Jelt Sakas . . . Murfreesboro, Tenn. Diann Schniecler . . . Nashville, Tenn. Rita Scruggs . . . Norge, Va. Pam Sebastian . . . Nashville, Tenn. Larry Seeman . . . Nashville, Tenn. David Shaffer . . . Crossville, Tenn. Leacy Shugg . . . North Salem, N. Y. Fred Silver . . . Nashville, Tenn. Kay Simmons . . . Spring Hill, Tenn. Sylvia Slack . . . Madison, Tenn. Kay Stantield . . . Nashville, Tenn. Carolyn Steger . . . Huntsville, Ala Gretchen Stephens . . . Nashville, Tenn, William Stone . . . Nashville, Tenn. Martha Stump . . . Nashville, Tenn. Deborah Suiter . . . Nashville, Tenn. Vicki Sullivan .. . Nashville, Tenn. Martha Suter .. . Staunton, Virginia Diane Swift . . . Huntsville, Ala. Mary Swint . .. Nashville, Tenn. Aleta Szemcsak . . . Hollywood, Florida Julia Tarver . . . Franklin, Tenn. Julie Thomas . . . Nashville, Tenn. David Thompson . .. Nashville, Tenn. Lindo Thornton . . , Nashville, Tenn. John Thurman .. . Harriman, Tenn. Judy True . . . Nashville, Tenn. Remy Tshihamba . . . Congo Africa Diana Tucker . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Mack Ulrickson . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Gregory Umber . . . Decatur, Alabama Barbara Usselman . . . Elmira, N. Y. Olga Valentovic . . . Miami, Florida Deborah Vann . . . Lewisburg, Tenn. Anne Waller . . . Nashville Tenn. Lynne Wallman . . . Nashville, Tenn. Karen Ward . .. Nashville, Tenn. Linda Watson . . . Nashville, Tenn. John West . . . Hendersonville, Tenn. Jane Williams . . . Nashville, Tenn. Janet Williams . . . Nashville, Tenn. Linda Williams . . . Nashville, Tenn. f'! Y I vi' - 2:2 , 'Wiatr ii" 1 fe Y T ' we? 1 . T 1 P W 1 " Xjfy. I 5 JY z 'fa ff iq 1, ff ' A Sb S 5 l t - ,W i -5 6 Njy A , Ver Nl! N J l rex I in ,JI l f C X' ,f ff f 1-,V 'rye-R- . f 3 ,-,, A n , I ,FJ if V C J tx 3? 'j V-our flx, V. ll 5 'P l r l Z. 2 . ,-Q i . NA- N as , lllii f f I N Barbara York . . . Nashville, Tenn, Mary Young . . . Tyronza, Arkansas Anne Williamson . .. Nashville, Tenn. Gail Williamson . . . Macon, Georgia Jeff Williamson . . . Urbana, Illinois Sarah Wise . . . Nashville, Tenn. Judy Witzgall . . . Salem, N. H. Marsha Wolaver . . . Tullahoma, Tenn. Jim Wolfe . . . Nashville, Tenn. Carol Wolfinbarger . . . Champaign, Ill. Melody Woolwine . . . Nashville, Tenn. John Wright . .. Nashville, Tenn. Patricia Yeager . . . Si. Louis, Missouri Hiroshi Yokoia . . . Japan P-fl' ll Eiiuiw ge ez if: -'ig 'll , 'Q s , ', li' sslix' in 'il R, .. Z df' as ii J E ' "1 2 ii- U 'Q il, -if : .- S ii .ss, W.,1 L Hill Wild J " ss i if .MJ i gg ,ill f ii. ll mg ,, ii i F 4... as P . , - 2 My-L',.f E " V :'fll,fFEl" . is ii, .,.. m ils li i ii if li ----' 1 ,Eff -s s Hale ' -' 'F if-a ,V 1 .25-isa, G R A D U A.. A T E S 262 , mn IU I ' Q umm unnikwwwf 4' Q 1 Q' H I 263 ,Q if I f fvE .. -...i . w 'l S Hs iiwiiig ,. f A Wim -r will ,. li'Qllllil'l , M ...ESQ ii if R 4, A I f , 1 Zeer '- 'H f l M A et 4 itil inliixgiimlrigftihtiwl gggiiiiglig it 545, lim ,U !,,!.,I.,!.,'m., ,. Q A it X N VU' 5. Judy Alexander . . . Bethel Springs, Tenn. Patricia Allen . . . Cincinnati, Ohio Patricia Anderson . . . Louisville, Ky. ! f I l Mary Anderton . .. Nashville, Tenn. - c , , Rosalie, Ayora . . . Nashville, Tenn. - , W3 F N Marian Bierken . . . Smyrna, Tenn. 1 .Q N! I X Z L X v KW W: x"':? 4 4 l A95 'A --ii,i5"s l- W , '- V--l, - , ' i 1 1 g, V " no -1- .- : V' K 'Q , QU - -H , r-'I'."' 'af Qi Q - ,.-ri. fi b 4 1 it, ,I , f 41- " .... E., .Qi 'lg A iam' Robert W. Bogen . . . Arlington, Va. Nquyen Quy Bong . . . Viet Nam Gerald A. Burkett . . . Atlanta, Ga. Frank Burns . . . Lebanon, Tenn. Mary Lee Cathey . . . Florence, Ala. Roberta Clark . . . Memphis, Tenn. Milton Clem . . . Athens, Alu. Fred Cloud . . . Nashville, Tenn. Juanita Cole . . . Dardonelle, Ark. Barbara Cooper . . . Charswood, N.S.W. Australia Barbara Ann Coulson . . . Algood, Tenn. John Darnall . . . Murray, Ky. Sherrill Darnall . . . Paris, Tenn. George A. Dillingham . . . Nashville, Tenn. Yahya Doostdar . . . Shiraz, lran MQ T! E 1'-1 K x 55 , :xii I .sig -5.1, Q . gh w ,f . xf f "ii 1 ' ,f , . e 4' ibgQllV 5-dm' Mary Alice Kinnaird . . . Birmingham, Ala. John G. Leafherwood . . . Akron, Ohio Nancy B. Leafherwood . . . New Smyrna Beach, Fla Cecilia Lee . . . China Chi Ho Lee . .. Nashville, Tenn. Don Chang Lee . . . Korea Sherwin Lee . . . Fukien Province, China Phyllis Gray Leniz . . . Nashville, Tenn. Loreda McCord . . . Centerville, Tenn. Mary Nelle McLennan . . . Brighton, Tenn. Eileen P. Massey . . . Siolkot, West Pakistan James H. May . . . Nashville, Tenn. ff" V 'L 5 'E , Ralph Mills . .. Greenville, N.C. Shanti Mitchell . . . Barhpore, India Anthony A. Molinaro . . . Connellsville, Pa. Alfredo Montalvo . . . Nashville, Tenn. Betsy Moriarty . . . Tullahoma, Tenn. Kyokc Hayashi Morris . . . Kobe, Japan Steve L. Nichols . . . Santa Clara, Cal. Betty Pareia . . . Nashville, Tenn. Sunanda Peter . . . Hyderabad, India Wipah Pitakananda . .. Chiengmai, Thailand Galdino F. Pranzarone . . . Chicago, Ill. Rathna Mahadevappa 123' I 45" if fxj r ll 4a -ri' .ps L-ff WM or. vv' i gg LlL'A- I 0 U jlmi x -' Q" News . 3 2 iffilv , , 'rs . 4 Q 575' ,., ug K 1 l E x SX ll' I W W f if -' 3. ., V Sharon R. Reed . . . San Bernardino, Cal. Tom F. Richardson, Jr. . . . Lexington, Tenn. Carol Roberts . . . Canton, Ohio Elizabeih C. Robson . . . Siaunfon, Va. Glennon Rowell . . . Jay, Fla. William N. Ruefi: Paducah, Ky. .lesslyn S. Ryon . .. Miami, Fla. Carmelo San Diego .. . Malolos, Philippines Sang Yoon Lee . .. Nashville, Tenn. Jean Shelton . . . Linden, Tenn. Roosna Siliionga . . . Medan, Indonesia Rune Simeonsson . . . Nashville, Tenn. Willie Troy Singleiary . . . Lumberton, N. C. P Carolyn L. Smith . . . Carthage, Tenn. David Spencer . . . Nashville, Tenn. Nancy W. Steele . . . Nashville, Tenn. Jack Charles Stiefel . . . Indianapolis, ind. Dorothy G. Thompson . . . Franklin, Tenn. Mrs. Evelyn C. Thompson . . . Nederland, Texas Carol Tomlinson . . . Fort Worth, Texas Carolyn Wade . . . Huntsville, Ala. Mrs. Lexie Jean Waggener . . . Franklin, Tenn. Brenda Watson . . . Madisonville, Ky. Robert W. Weathersby, ll . . . Clarksville, Tenn. Diane While . . . Dorena, Mo. James Gorclan Williams . . . Mf. Holly, N. C. John Curiis Williams . . . Des Plaines, lll. Chuwif Woofikarn . . . Nan, Thailand ,XJ F!! HE ll Senior Index Anderson, Drenda Faye . . . Manchester, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . . . Business Education, Minor . . . Social Science, Delta Phi Sigma i,2,3,4, Pledge Class Secretary l, Sergeant-at-Arms 3, Treasurer 4, Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4, Historian 4, Outing Club 2,3,4, Outing Chairman 3, Pillar Stal? l, SNEA 4. Anderton, Emily Letitia Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Physical Education, Minor Home Economics, P.E.M.M. Club 3, Danish Rhythm Group 3,4. Andrews, Kaaren Frazier Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree Major English, Beta Kappa Tau i,2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary 3, Pillar Staff 'l,2, i'6l-64l, Campus Editor 2 i'6l-641, Post Stott l,2,3,4, i'6'l-64l, Editor 3 i'6l-643, Feature Editor 4 f'6i-643, Student Council 3,4, Executive Committee 4, SCA l,2,3, Membership Chairman 3, Orientation Committee 3,4, Senior Class Reporter 4. Arms, Claryce S. Nashville, Tennessee, B.S, Degree, Major Home Economics, Minor . . . Special Education-Visually Handicapped. Armstrong, Karen Sue Birmingham, Alabama, B.S. Degree, Major Elementary Education, Minor Social Studies, Gillette Hall Intramural Team 2, Elementary Council 2, SNEA 3,4, Pillar Staff 2, Floor Counselor 2. Arnett, Mary Lou Louisville, Kentucky, B.S. Degree, Major Special Education, SNEA i,3,4, Elementary Council 3,4, Special Education Club 3,4. Bach, Martha Ann . .. Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major . . . Elemen- tary Education, Minor . . . Social Studies. Baker, Gene Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Biology, Minor . . . Chemistry, President Freshman Si Sophomore Class i,2, Attendant Mr. 81 Miss Peabody i,2,3, Sigma Epsilon l,2,3,4, President 3,4, Peabody Ambassadors 3,4, Student Government l,2, Student Government Executive Cabinet 3,4. Barnes, Granville S., lll Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor . . . Social Studies. Bartow, Dawn Elmont, New York, B.S. Degree, Major Elementary Education, Minors English 8, Social Studies, Transfer from David Lipscomb l,2, SNEA 3,4, Coronation Pageant 3,4, House Council 3,4, Judicial Board 4, Intramurals 3,4, Elementary Council 3, Cheerleader 4. Bates, Carole Vick . . . Norfolk, Virginia, B.S. Degree, Major . . . Elementary Education, Minor Library Science, SNEA l, Freshman Class D. Batey, Mary Anne Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Ele- mentary Education, Minor History, Baptist Student Union 4, Judicial Board, Elementary Council 4, Student National Education Association 4. Battle, Ellen Kent . . . Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major . . . English, Minor Home Economics, Home Economics Club 3,4, Vice-President 4, Orientation Committee 4, Pillar Staff 2,3, Transfer from University of Tennessee. Baucom, Joyce Ann . . . Kingsport, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . . . Busi- ness Education, Minor . . . English, Transfer from Austin Peay, Feature Editor for Pillar Stott 4. Beavers, Larry Gene . . . Dresden, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . . . English, Minor . . . History, Transfer from University of Tennessee-Martin. Beesley, Mildred Louise Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Physical Education, Minor Home Economics, Delta Phi Sigma i,2,3, Outing Club 2,3,4, Gym Club 2,3, Dance Club I,2,3, Mermaids i,2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Danish Gymnastics 4, SNEA 3,4, PEMM Club 2,3,4, Student Counselor Gillette Hall 4, Dean of Students' Staff 4, WRA l,2,3,4. Bertram, Susan Windle Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Biol0gy, Minor English, Newman Club Secretary 3, Tri-Beta 2,3, Secre- tary 3, Pillar Staff 3, Newman Club President 4, UDC Judicial Board- Chief Justice 4. Beuerlein, Martha Joyce Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Home Economics, Phi Theta Epsilon i,2,3,4, WRA i,2,3,4, Judicial Board 4, Pillar Staff 3, Home Economics Club 4. Boyd, Vicky Lynn Goodsprings, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor Home Economics, Delta Phi Sigma l,2,3,4, Recording Secretary 3, President 4, Women's Recreational Association l,2,3,4, Team Captain 2, Award's Chairman 3, Vice-President 4, Intramurals l,2,3,4, Pillar Stott 3, Athletics Editor 3, Junior Class Attendant to Mr. 81 Miss Peabody 3, Home Economics Club 3,4, House Council, Confederate Hall 3, SNEA 4, Girl's Glee Club i, Peabody College Choir 2,3,4, ISC 4. Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Byrd, Joyce Carolyn Bakersville, North Carolina, B.S. Degree, Major . . . Home Economics, Home Economics Club 3,4, International Club 4, SNEA 4. Carroll, Linda June Franklin, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Busi- ness Education, Minor Home Economics, Delta Phi Sigma l,2,3,4, Recording Secretary, Outing Club 2,3,4, Outing Chairman, Senior Class Treasurer, Gillette Hall Vice-President 4, SNEA 3,4, Historian, Home Econom- ics Club 4, Student Government-Junior Class Representative, Pillar 2,3. Carter, Jennie Vanetta Madison, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor Political Science, Peabody Post i,3, Young Democrats Club i,2, TREK 2,3, Floor Otticer 2,3,4, SNEA 3, Student Interest Committee 3, Debate Council 4. Champlin, Barbara Ann St. Louis, Missouri, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor Psychology, Pi Gamma Chi l,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4, Peabody Outing Club 2,3,4, TREK Editor 3, Peabody Ambassadors 3,4, Student Government Representative 2, Gillette Hall Judicial Board 4, Who's Who 4, Student Academic Aitairs Committee 3,4. Clark, Robert Lawrence, Jr. . . . Madison, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . . . Elementary Education, Minor Social Studies, Peabody-Scarritt Interna- tional Club i,2, Vice-President 3, SNEA 3,4. Claxton, Sue Lenn . . . Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major .. . Special Education, Mental Retardation, Minor Elementary Education, Women's Chorus l, Christian Student Center l,2,3,4, International Club 2, Special Education Club 3,4, Student Council on Exceptional Children 4, Student National Education Association 4. Coffey, Kay Beryl Fairfax, Virginia, B.A. Degree, Major Special Education, Minor Elementary Education, Pi Gamma Chi 2,3,4, Special Education Club 2, Student Government Representative 3,4, Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4, Choir 2, lnterclass Cheerleader 3, Coronation Pageant 2,3. Coover, Patricia Anne Terhune .. . West Milford, New Jersey, B.S. Degree, Major Special Education, Minor Elementary Education, Special Education Club i,2,3,4, Secretary 2,3, President 4, Kappa Delta Epsilon 4, Student Council for Exceptional Children 4, President 4. Crist, Andrea Fay . .. Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . . . Elemen- tary Education, Minor . . . Social Studies, Transfer 3. Crowell, Sandra Lynn . . . Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major . . . Art, Art Club 3, Pillar Stott 3, Christian Student Center 3,4, Secretary 4, SNEA 4. Davis, Lula Anne Madison, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major Business Administration, Minor . . . French. Delk, William Cooper lll .. . Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major .. . Social Studies, Student-Businessmen's Symposium l, SNEA 3,4, President at Senior Class, Student Government Representative 4, Pi Gamma Mu 3,4, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4, Tennessee Intercollegiate Student State Legislature 4. DeVencenzo, Albert Jr. Warren, Ohio, B.A. Degree, Major Social Studies, Minor English, Member, Pi Gamma Mu, SNEA, Transfer from Lee Junior College. Senior Index Dickens, Charles David Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Art, Peabody Players I, Treasurer 2, President 3, SNEA 3,4, Peabody Post News Editor 3, Art Department Film Chairman 4. Dodson, Nancy Janie . .. Pulaski, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Home Economics, Transfer from Martin College, Beta Kappa Tau 2,3,4, President 4, Orientation Chairman 4, SGA 4, ISC 4, Basketball 2,3,4, All-Star Basket- ball 3, Volleyball 2,3,4. Donegan, Roxie LeRoy . .. Dickson, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . . . Physical Education, Minor . .. Education, Dance Club 2. Donnell, Martha Marie Lebanon, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor History, Freshman Class Service Project Chairman, Stu- dent Government Executive Cabinet l, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Outing Club I,2,3,4, Coronation Pageant I,2,3, Beta Kappa Tau l,2,3,4, President 3, Vice-President 4, Confederate Hall Officer 3,4, Orientation Committee 4, SNEA 4, Intramural Basketball l,2,3,4. Dooley, Wilma Jo Columbia, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . .. Home Economics, Women's Chorus I, Delta Phi Sigma 2,3,4, House Council l,3,4, Fire Marshal 3, Secretary 4, Home Economics Club 3, Treasurer 4, SNEA 4. Downing, Betty Jane Pikeville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Ele- mentary Education, Minor . .. Social Studies, WRA I,2,3,4, President 4, WRA Intramural Manager 3, Treasurer ot UDC 4, Extramural Volleyball Team 3,4, Intramural Team UDC 2,3,4, SNEA 3,4, Elementary Council 2, Election Committee 3, Urbanity Award 2, Draper, Judith . .. Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Elementary Education, Minor .. . Social Studies, Religious Lite Committee I,2, Pi Gamma Chi l,2,3,4, Assembly Committee 2,3, Chairman 3, Pillar Staff 2, Secretary at Junior Class, "Sweetheart" of Phi Mu Alpha, SNEA 3,4, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Dunn, Helen Dianne Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Math, Minor English, Delta Phi Sigma l,2,3, Treasurer 3, Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4, SNEA 3,4, Pillar Stott I. Ewton, Carol Lynn Chattanooga, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Double Major . .. Health 81 Physical Education, Transfer, New Hall Volleyball and Basket- ball Teams, PEMM 3,4, Treasurer 4. Farrar, Carol Evelyn Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor History, Young Democrats 2,4, Historian 3, Pillar Staff 3, SNEA 4, Orientation Committee 4, Confederate Hall Judicial Board 4. Fokens, Jeffrey H. Dayton, Ohio, B.A. Degree, Major Music, Minor History, College Choir I,2,3,4, National Social Science Honor Society 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Peabody Post Statct 3,4. Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Ford, Ann Clearwater, Florida, B.S. Degree, Double Major Math and Physics, Minor . . . Home Economics. Forte, Cherrie Ann Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Ele- mentary Education, Minor Social Studies, Phi Theta Epsilon l,2,3,4, PILLAR 2,3,4, Organization Editor 2, Editor 3, S.N.E.A. 2,3,4, Historian 2, l.D.C. 3, Student Government 2,3, Orientation 3. Who's Who Among Stu- dents in American Universities and Colleges. Foster, Peggy Lee Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor .. . Social Studies. Foxall, Larry Eugene . . . Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major . . . Social Studies S.N.E.A. 3,4, Pi Gamma Mu 3,4. Gaines, Martha Anne Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor Biology, Delta Phi Sigma i,2,3,4, "Best Pledge" I, Corresponding Secretary 4, Young Republicans 3, S.N.E.A. 4, Outing Club 4, Student Government 3,4, Basketball, Volleyball I,2. Giger, Naomi Webster Groves, Missouri, B.S. Degree, Major Elementary Education, Minor . . . Social Studies, Orientation Committee 2,3,4, Secretary North Hall 2, Inter-Dormitory Representative 3, Secretary Inter-Dormitory Council 3, Women's Chorus 2, S.N.E.A. 3, C.A.E.l. 4, Peabody in Denmark 4. Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Gilmore, Esther Mildred Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major .. Home Economics, Newman Club I,2,3,4. Glover, Thomas H. Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major . .. Social Studies, Phi Chi Alpha 2, Student Government 2, Intramural Football l,2,3, Peabody Players 3, Pillar Stott 3, Peabody Ambassadors 3,4, Transfer 2. Goodberlet, Roger Lew St. Louis, Missouri, B.A, Degree, Major .. Social Studies. Green, Annisse . . . Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Elementary Education, Minor .. . Social Studies. Greenwald, Lewis Scotty Glasgow, Scotland, B.S. Degree, Major .. Social Science, International Club i,2,3,4, Peabody Players l,2,3. Halmontaller, Joy . .. Madison, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major .. . English, Minor Psychology, Student Government Religious Committee I,2,3,4, Pi Gamma Chi l,2,3,4, Class Cheerleader 2, Sigma Epsilon Cheerleader 3, Coronation Pageant 2,3, lnterclass Queen Attendant 3, Pillar Stott 2, Literary Editor, Trek 3, Gillette Hall Judicial Board 4, Junior Class Treas- urer 3, Senior Class Secretary 4, S.N.E.A. 4, Who's Who 4. Hansard, Phyllis Lee . . . Ferguson, Missouri, B.S. Degree, Major .. . Biology, Minor Psychology, B.S.U, 'I,2,3,4, Historian, Program Chairman, Enlist- ment Chairman, State Officer, Beta Kappa Tau I,2,3,4, Corresponding Sec- retary, Student Government l,2,3, Representative, Treasurer, Beta Beta Beta 3,4, Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4, SNEA 4, International Club 2,3, Peabody in Denmark. Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Harper, Helen Eastwick Wilmington, Delaware, B.S. Degree, Major Mathematics, Minor Physical Education, Transfer, WRA 2,3,4, Gymnas- tic Club 3, PEMM Club 3,4. Secretary 4, Gillette Hall Student Counselor 4, Extra-mural volleyball team 2,3,4. Harvey, Bettie Ann . .. Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Home Economics, Pi Gamma Chi I,2,3,4, Student Government l,2, Canterbury Club l,2,3, WRA l,2,3,4. Hedges, Jan LeMoyne . . . Texas City, Texas, B.A. Degree, Major .. . Geog- raphy, Minor Biology, Phi Chi Alpha I, International Club 2,3,4, Peabody Geographers 2,3,4, Chairman 3,4, Inter-mural Football 2,3, Geog- raphy Department Assistant 3,4, Herod, Luanne .. . Knoxville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major .. . Deaf Edu- cation, Minor Humanities, Red Cross Volunteer I, Dance Club I, Phi Theta Epsilon l,2,3,4, Vice-President 2, President 3, Scholarship Chairman 4, Special Education Club 2,4, North Hall Historian 2, Firemarshal 3, Inter- Sorority Council 3, Vice-President 3, Kappa Delta Epsilon 4, Secretary 4, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Higgins, Wanda Carol . .. Fayetteville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . .. Elementary Education, Minor Social Studies, Beta Kappa Tau I,2,3,4, UDC Historian 4, SNEA 3,4, Elementary Council 2. High, Doris S. . .. Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Elementary Education, Minor Social Studies, Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4, SNEA. High, Mary Jane . . . Carthage, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Mathe- matics, Minor . .. Sociology, Pi Gamma Chi. Himes, Janet Sue Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Home Economics, Minor ... English. Hirsch, Paula Tampa, Florida, B.S. Degree, Major Social Science, Minor Home Economics, Senior Index Hoes, Edna .Io Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . .. Elementary Education, SNEA l,2,3,4, Secretary 2, lst Vice-President 3,4, Elementary Council 4, Young Republicans 4, Presbyterian Campus Center Cabinet 2,3,4, Student Dorm Counselor 4. Hoffman, Suzanne Lavonne Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Elementary Education, Minor English, Transfer from University of Tennessee, SNEA 4. Holmes, Patricia Ellen Tampa, Florida, B.S. Degree, Major Elemen- tary Education, Minor Social Studies, SNEA 3, Elementary Council 3. Hutiines, Joe L. Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Business Management, Minor . . . Social Science. James, Joan K. Greenbrier, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Elemen- tary Education. Jefferson, James Hugh Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Physical Education, Minor Social Studies, Student Government 2,3, V- Pres. 3, Sigma Epsilon 2,3,4, Pledge Class President 2, Intramurals l,2,3,4, "Athlete-of-Year" 2,3, SNEA 3, PEMM Club 4, Peabody Post 3, Peabody Ambassador 3, V-President's Committee on Student Affairs 3, Intramurals Council 4. Jobe, Ben Paris, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major . .. History, Minor English, Vanderbilt Marching Band l,2,4, Peabody Concert Band l, Peabody Choir I, Student Government Executive Cabinet 2, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Historian 2, SGA Representative 4, Peabody Post columnist 2,3. Johnson, Betty G. . . . Franklin, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . .. Business, Minor Social Studies. Johnson, Joyce Ann Lebanon, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . .. Home Economics, Delta Phi Sigma l,2,3, Reporter 3, Student Government Repre- sentative l, Home Economics Club 4. Johnston, Gary Lynwood South Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, B.M.E. Degree, Major Music, Peabody Players, Choir 2,4, Orchestra 3, Jazz Ensemble l,2,3,4, Marching Band l,2,3,4, Brass Choir 4, Trombone Ensemble l,2,3,4, Concert Band l,2,3,4, Music Student-Faculty Committee 3, Student Govern- ment 2,3, Orientation Committee 2,3, Freshman Talent Show Chairman 3, Phi Mu Alpha 4, President 4. Jordan, Estelle Beckham Atlanta, Georgia, B.S. Degree, Major Elementary Education, Minor Social Studies, Phi Theta Epsilon 3,4, Vice President 4, SNEA 3,4, Elementary Council 3,4, WRA 3,4, Secretary- Treasurer 4, BSU 3,4, transferred from Mars Hill College, Mars Hill, North Carolina. Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Jososoekirno, Frans Soeprato Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia, B.A. Degree, Major Home Economics, Newman Club, International Club. Kaplan, Alan Frederick Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor Social Studies, Peabody Post l,2,3,4, Managing Editor 4, Pi Gamma Mu 3,4, Vice President 4, West Hall President 4, Young Democrats, President 2, Pillar Academics Editor 3, SNEA 4, Student Govern- ment l,3, Constitution Committee Chairman 3, Assembly Chairman 4, Member of Faculty Assembly Committee 4, Who's Who 4. Kerrigan, Frank A. Jr, Nashville, Tennessee, Degree B.S., Major Business Administration, Minor Social Studies, Sigma Epsilon 3,4,5, Treasurer 4, Intramural Football, Softball, Basketball. Kimery, Jean Elizabeth Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Math, Minor . . . Business. King, Teresa Johnson Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4. Knotts, Alvin Eugene Jr. Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Biology, Minor . . . Physical Science. Lakich, Susan Germaine Nashville, Tennessee, Major Elementary Education Minor Social Studies, Pi Gamma Chi l,2,3,4, Freshman Class Cheerleader, Student Government l,2, Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4. President 4, SNEA 4, Runner-Up in Coronation Pageant 3, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4. Lampley Patricia Marie Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Social Studies, Minor Political Science, Pi Gamma Chi l,2,3,4, Student Government 2,3,4, Executive Cabinet 3, Senior Class Officer 4, Pillar Staft 2,3, Gillette House Council 4, WRA I,2,3,4, Newman Club l,2,3,4. Lee, Betty Burkesville, Kentucky, B.A. Degree, Major Geography, Minor Political Science, Peabody Geographers 2,3,4, Phi Gamma Mu 3,41 SNEA 4. Leitner, Arlene M. Biloxi, Mississippi, B.S. Degree, Major Physical Education, Minor Home Economics, PEMM Club l,2,3,4, Volleyball Extramurals l,2,3,4 Intramurals l,2,3, Freshman Orientation Committee 2,3,4. Lewis, Anne Rite .. McMinnville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major Art, Transferred from University of Georgia 2, Beta Kappa Tau 3,4, Peabody Dance Group 2,3,4, Lewis, Erline Blakely Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Special Education, Transferred from Tennessee A and I State University, Council for Exceptional Children, Special Education Club. Lichtenfels, Barbara Kingsport, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Ele- mentary Education, Minor English, Outing Club 3,4, Outing Chairman 4, SNEA 4, Social Chairman 4, Gillette Hall Floor President 4, House Council, WRA. Locke, Sara Faye .. Franklin, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor .. . History, Transferred from Florida College 3, SNEA 3. Long, Victoria Lee Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . .. Elemen- tary Education, Minor ... English, Pi Gamma Chi 2,3,4. Lytle, Joyce E. Batesville, Arkansas, B.A. Degree, Major Social Studies, Delta Phi Sigma l,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, Outing Club, Secretary 3, Student Government 3,4, Inter-Dormitory Council 3, President 4, Peabody Post l,2, Inter Sorority Council 3, UDC Dormitory President 4, Vice-President 3, Sophomore Attendant to Miss Peabody, WRA Historian 3. McCharen, William Knox Jr. Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Physical Education, Minor Social Science, Sigma Epsilon I,2,3,4, Athletic Director 3,4, Pledgemaster 4, Mermen l,2,3, PEMM Club l,2,3,4, President 2, Gymnastics Club l,2,3,4, McGill, Peggy Ann .. Huntsville, Alabama, B.S. Degree, Major Elemen- tary Education, Minor Social Studies, Elementary Council 2, President 3,4, North Hall President 3, IDC 3, SNEA 3,4, Service Committee 4, Mer- maids 4. Martin, Richard Lee Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major French, Minor English, Sociology, College Young Democrats l,2,3, Presi- dent 3, Student Government 2, International Club 2, Transferred from the University of Tennessee. Melton, Ruth Queen Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Ele- mentary Education, Minor . .. Social Studies. Miller, Barbara Ellen Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Elementary Education, Minor Social Studies, SNEA 3,4. Miller, Cheryl Lynn . . . Washington, Pennsylvania, B.S. Degree, Major .. . Elementary Education, Minor . . , Social Studies, Special Education Club 3,4, SNEA 4. Moran, John Charles Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor . . . Spanish. Elementary Education, Minor Social Studies, Pillar Staff l, Mermaids Senior Index Musgrave, Katheri-ne K .... Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Physical Education, Minor Social Science, PEMM Club 3,4, Extramural Volleyball 3,4, lntermural Basketball 3,4. Noble, Janet Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor Speech and Drama, Peabody College Choir l,2,3, Peabody Players l,2,3, Vice-President 2,3, PEABODY POST l,2,3, Student Coun- cil Representative 2,3, Peabody Madrigalians 3, UDC Secretary 3, Academic Affairs Council 3, Orientation Committee Chairman 3, Phi Mu Alpha Sweet- heart 4. Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Noeller, Robert James Buffalo, New York, B.A. Degree, Major Business Administration, Minor History, College Young Democrats 2. Nolan, James Robert Louisville, Kentucky, B.S. Degree, Major . .. Art, Minor . . . English, SNEA 4, Sigma Epsilon i,2,3,4, PILLAR Staff 3,4, Mermen 3,4, Peabody Ambassadors 4, Orientation Committee 4, Art Club l,2,3,4, Gym Club 4, Newman Club i,2,3,4. Norris, Lynda Faye . .. Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major. Art, PILLAR Staff i,2, Peabody Players I, Art Club i,2,3. North, Sharon Franklin, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor History, Beta Kappa Tau 3,4, Secretary of Pledge Class 3, Senior Class Student Council Representative. Oltmanns, Nita Lovene Cincinnati, Ohio, B.S. Degree, Major . . . Special Education-Mental Retardation, Orientation Committee 2,3,4, Special Educa- tion Club 3,4, Student CEC 4, SNEA 4. Omohundro, Bonnie Faye . .. Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major English, Minor Speech and Drama, Peabody Players 2,3, SNEA 4, UDC Judicial Board 4, Peabody Debate Council 4, Young Democrats 4. Oyler, Wallace Eugene Columbia, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major French, Minor , .. Social Studies, Peabody Players l, International Club 2, Cours de francais, l'Universite Laval Quebec, Canada 1965, Diplome d'etudes superieures, l'Universite de Dijon .. . Dijon, France 1966. Parham, Sylvia .lean Huntsville, Alabama, B.S. Degree, Major Elementary Education, Minor Social Studies, Elementary Council 3, SNEA 3. Parish, Lilah Dawn Geneva, Alabama, B.S. Degree, Major Home Economics, Home Economics Club 4. Pate, Ann Williams Knightdale, North Carolina, Major .. . Elementary Education, Minor . . . Social Studies, Transfer Student. Patterson, Cheryl Anne .. Madison, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Elementary Education, Minor English, SNEA 4, Elementary Council 4, Transferred from Southwestern 3. Pearson, Dianne Luke Miami, Florida, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor .. French, Perrella, Anne Cassie .. Vero Beach, Florida, B.S. Degree, Major 3,4, TREK Business Editor 3, President of Gillette Hall 4, lnter-Dormitory Council 4, SNEA 3,4. Pickens, Jane Carol . .. Nashville, Tennessee, Major . .. Elementary Educa- tion, Minor . . Social Studies, Beta Kappa Tau l,2,3,4, Orientation Committee 2, SNEA 4. Piper, Patsy Ford . .. Carthage, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . .. Elemen- tary Education, Minor .. Social Studies, Pi Gamma Chi l,2,3,4, Scholarship Chairman 3, SNEA 3,4, Pillar Staff l, Junior Class Cheerleader 3. Pittman, Wanda Carolyn .. Norfolk, Virginia, B.S. Degree, Major Business Education, Minor English, College Choir l, BSU l,2, Interna- tional Chairman 2, SNEA 3, Pillar Staff 3,4, English Club 2,3, Transferred from Old Dominion College i. Roby, Alfred Neal .. Gatesville, North Carolina, B.A. Degree, Major Geography, Minor History, Geography Club 3,4, Transferred from The University of Tennessee 3. Reed, Kathryn Madison, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor .. . Home Economics, SNEA l,2,3,4. Reeves, Carol Ann Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major .. English, Minor . .. History, SNEA i,2,3,4. Revels, Patricia Bowman Louisville, Kentucky, B.A. Degree, Major .. History, Minor . . . English, SNEA i, Transfer Student. Reynolds, George Ashlin Jr. Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . . . Business, Minor . .. Chemistry. Robarts, Bonnie Carol Sarasota, Florida, B.S. Degree, Major Home Economics, Cheerleader l, SGA Social Committee 3, Gillette Floor Officer 3, Beta Kappa Tau i,2,3,4, Historian 4, Chief Justice For Gillette Hall Judicial Board 4. Roberts, Mary Ann Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major English, Pi Gamma Chi l,2,3,4, Historian 4, Newman Club l,2,3,4, Pillar Staff 2,3. Robinson, Vicki Lynn . . . Hampton, Kentucky, B.S. Degree, Major Home Economics, Delta Phi Sigma l,2,3,4, Outing Club, Student Government Representative 3. Rodgers, Mary Elizabeth Gallatin, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major Social Studies, Beta Kappa Tau l,2,3,4, Pledge Class Vice President l, Outing Club l,2, Student Government 2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 4, PILLAR Staff 2, Picture Editor- PFARODY POST 4, Pi Gamma Mu 3,4, Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Runyan, Phyllis A. Tipton, Iowa, B.A. Degree, Major Social Science, Minor . .. English. Saatkaya, Ozcan istanbul, Turkey, B,A. Degree, Major English, Transfer from istanbul Teacher's College i,2, International Club 3,4. Schick, Susan Edith El Paso, Texas, B.S. Degree, Double Major Special and Elementary Education, Minors . . . Psychology and Social Science, Peabody in Denmark 4, Elementary Council 4, Trainee ship in Mental Re- tardation 4, PILLAR Staff, Faculty Editor 4, SNEA 3,4, Special Education Club 'l,2,3,4, Orientation Committee 2,3, Kappa Delta Epsilon 4, Gillette Hall Floor Counselor 2, Young Democrats 2, Reporter 2, Shackelford, . .. Social President 3, Barbara Johnson Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major Studies, Young Democrats l,2,3, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Vice- Coronation Pageant Representative 2, Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4, Treasurer 4, Pi Gamma Mu 3,4. Shockelford L. Clark Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major Political Science, Transfer from Memphis State University, Young Democrats, Vice-President 2,3, Newman Club 4. Smith, Betsy Lane Kingsport, Tennessee, B.M. Degree, Major Music Education, Minor .. . Organ, Transfer from Emory 81 Henry College, Peabody Choir 3,4, Madrigalians 3,4, West Hall Playmate 3, M.E.N.C. 3,4, SAl, Student Government Representative 3,4, Peabody College Guild Student Group 4, Beta Kappa Tau 3,4, Vanderbilt Band 4, Women's Choir 3. Smith, Harold James, Jr. Madison, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major .. Chemistry, Minor . . . Mathematics, Peabody Players l,2,3. Smith, Linda Anne . . . Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . . . Elemen- tary Education, Minor . . . Social Studies. Smith, Nan Pitts Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Home Economics, Home Economics Club l,2. Senior Smith, Virginia Isabelle Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Special Education, Elementary Council l, Student Government 3, Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4, Publicity Chairman 4, SNEA 4, Special Education Club 4, Student CEC 4. Smotherman, Ann Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Home Economics, Basketball Intramurals 2, Home Economics Club 3,4, NEA 4. Sowell, Mary Charlton Bon Aqua, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major , Minor . .. Spence, Marilyn Oak Ridge, Tennessee, B,A. Degree, Major . .. English, Minor Business Education, Gillette Hall Vice-President 3, Inter-Dormitory Council 3, Outing Club i,2,3,4, Vice'President 4, Dance Club l,2, Pi Gamma Chi l,2,3,4, Vice-President 4, Sophomore Inter-Class Queen Representative, Cheerleader 4, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Spickelmier, E. Marguerite Horton, Kansas, B.S. Degree, Major Public Health Nursing and Associated Subjects, St. Charles, Mary Magoalene Gallatin, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . .. Home Economics, Minor . . . Art, Art Club i,2, Home Economics Club 4. Stoftel, Julia Dorset, Ohio, B.S. Degree, Major Special Education- Visually Handicapped, Minor Elementary Education, Special Education Club 3,4. Stroud, Sally Ann .. . Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major . . . Elemen- tary Education, SNEA, Elementary Council. Sullivan, Georgia Baird Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Home Economics. Swiggart, Kathryn Haswell . .. Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major . . Elementary Education, Minor . .. English. Tatum, Patricia Rebecca Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Home Economics, Dance Club 2, Home Economics Club 3,4, Beta Kappa Tau 2,3,4, Coronation Pageant 3rd Runner-Up, 3. Taylor, Jerolyn Ann Donelson, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major .. Social Studies, SNEA l,2,3, UDC J-Board 4, UDC Floor Monitor i,2,3,4. ' Taylor, Patricia Joyce Santa Fe, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Physical Education, Minor Social Science, Phi Theta Epsilon 4, PEMM Club 3, Danish Dancers 2. Tenpenny, Sandra Rhea Lebanon, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor History, College Band i, PEABODY POST l, Student Government l,3, Junior Class Student Government Representative 3, SGA Constitution Committee 3, PlLLAR Staft, Faculty Editor 3, Inter-Dormitory Council 3, UDC Vice-President 3, Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,-4: Pi Gammv MU 3,4, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Therber, Marvin Kent .. . Rockport, Indiana, B.A. Degree, Major . .. English, Minor .. . French, SNEA 4, Intramurals 2,3,4. 274 Index Thompson, Mary O'Kelley Madison, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Double Major English and Elementary Education, Minor Social Studies, Kappa Delta Epsilon 2, Kappa Delta Pi i. Tidwell, James Andrew Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Elementary Education, Minor ... Social Studies. Turner, Lula Stevenson Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Home Economics, Home Economics Club 3,4. Watson, Wanda Annette . .. Lowland, North Carolina, B.S. Degree, Major . .. Elementary Education, Minor . . . Social Studies, SNEA. Weyer, Jane Elizabeth Hamet, California, B.S. Degree, Major Special Education-Mental Retardation, international Club l, Women's Chorus i, Orientation Committee 2,4, Special Education Club 3,4, Student CEC 4, SNEA 4. White, Barbara Ann Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major English, Minor . .. French, Pi Gamma Chi i,2,3,4, Young Republicans Club l,2,3. Williams, Mary Jane Nashville, Tennessee, B.S. Degree, Major Elementary Education, Minor Social Science, Pi Gamma Chi l,2,3,4, Recording Secretary 4, Outing Club l,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, Student Government 3, WRA Board-Social Chairman 4, Intramurals l,2,3,4, Sigma Epsilon Cheerleader 2,3,4, Sigma Epsilon Sweetheart attendant 3. Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Williams, Sarah Pierman Glasgow, Kentucky, B.S. Degree, Major Special Education-Mental Retardation, Minor Elementary Education, Special Education Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 3,4, SNEA 3,4, Delta Phi Sigma l,2,3,4, Scholarship Chairman 3, Women's Chorus l,2, Peabody CEC, Treasurer 4, Orientation Committee 3,4, Gillette Hall Secretary 4, B.S.U. l. Woodford, Sue Frances Louisville, Kentucky, B.S. Degree, Major Elementary Education, Minor Social Studies, Student Government 3,4, SNEA 3,4, Outing Club 2,3,4, Delta Phi Sigma l,2,3,4, PILLAR Stal? 2,3, PEABODY POST l, Gillette Hall Secretary 3, Communications Chairman 4. Worrell, Sandra B. Nashville, Tennessee, B.S, Degree, Major Ele- mentary Education, Minor . . . Social Studies. Wright, Cecil l. ll Thomasville, Missouri, B.A. Degree, Major History. Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Wright, Susan Beesley Nashville, Tennessee, B.A. Degree, Major Elementary Education, Minor Social Studies, Orientation Committee 2,3,4, Beta Kappa Tau l,2,3,4 Pledge Class Secretary i, Treasurer 3, lnter-Sorority Council Vice-President 4, Freshman Class Secretary, Sophomore Class Secretary, Outing Club i,2,3,4, intramural Basketball i,2,3, Coronation Pageant i, Attendant to Mr. 8, Miss Peabody i, Class Cheerleader 3,4, UDC Southern Bell 2, West Hall Playmate Attendant 2,3, Sigma Epsilon Cheer- leader 2,3, Sigma Epsilon Sweetheart Attendant 3, SNEA 4, S.G.A. 2,3,4. Yoon, Ho Sung Seoul, Korea, B.S. Degree, Major Mathematics, Minor . . . Business Education. if -fa ff- ML '15-4 e i WAS IT WORTH IT? Editing a yearbook is a iob. It dominates your life, becomes your entire conversation, and involves more time than you can possibly spare. It is a kind of hell when taken too seriously, and when not taken seriously enough, will lead to total disaster. Moreover, it grows on you like a disease. It becomes habitual in every respect and gives you a certain kind of determination that nothing can alter, and when it is ended, there is no greater satisfaction in the world. I would like to acknowledge at this time those people who greatly helped me to attain this satisfaction, Mr. Dick Richardson, who took the time to do more than iust give advice, whose genuine interest was more than an inspiration, Mr. Arthur H. Cook, who always knew exactly when to say his famous line "let me do the worrying", and whose encouragement and enthusiasm never failed to brighten what seemed to be the worst problems, Mr. Thomas Gerald Puckett, who was more than a photographer and accomplished artist, who en- thusiastically gave up his time to oFrer new and fresh ideas, Mrs. Patsy Giffe, Effig, whose bright smile and tremendous help always made everything easier, Mr. Steve Waite and the American Yearbook Company whose service to the school has never overlooked a single need, Mr. and Mrs. C. Denman Palmer who never failed to be understanding, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. W. Cunningham who also gave support on the home front, Cherrie Forte, who taught me much, Barbara Padgett, who managed to put up with me, a roommate i'?l, Reta Broadway for sharing office and sentiments, and to the I966-67 Administration, Faculty, and Student Body with whom this book is concerned. I also wish to thank those on my staff who gave up much of their time and efforts so that the '67 PILLAR would be possible. There are two people who were indispensable: Linda Robbins, Staff Photographer, who was irreplaceable in both time and talent and spent many a night developing and enlarging pictures in the darkroom, and to Carol Cunningham, Assistant Editor, what can I say. Her continued support was more than I could ever have asked for and without her, I would never have made it. May I speak for myself, Carol, and the entire staff in saying that, in spite of the frustra- tions, hard work, and sometimes tears, it WAS worth it! Sincerely, Jane Palmer Editor-in-Chief 1967 PILLAR if e4'I.' L ?'3y . S 9 A ! gf-gig: ig Ti' i 1966-1967 Pillar Staff Editor-in-Chief . . . Faculty Advisor . . . Assistant Editor . . . Photography Editor . . . Administration and Faculty Editor .. Classes Editor ....... Campus Life Co-Editors Organizations Editor . Greeks Editor .... Academics Editor . . . Athletics Co-Editors . . . Features Editor . Stat?-Ann Baldinger, P Jane Palmer . Arthur H. Cook ... Carol Cunningham ...LindaRobbins . . . Susan Schick .... . Trish Campbell . .. . .. Ann Melville, Susan Moody .. ,.. Janet Clough .... Carol Williams ........ Marcia Braolberry Suzanne Elson, Bill Waters Joyce Boucom atsy Gitte, Wanda Pittman, Carolyn McNabb, Joan Malmborg, Kay Simmons, Diane Swift, Sylvia Ann Slack, Melanie McCormick, Lawrence Douglas, Penny Rutherfoord, Frances Reed, Jean Taylor, Penny Puckett, Bill Goldman. 276 1 N. X V V -wiv -F 1 7. I g X W N , ff 4 I 1 .Q- V I w w I 4 V 1 1 Q

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