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Principal: George Thoms 7124 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA " The time which is lost. is never found again. Franklin 752888 CONTENTS Sports 7 Features 31 Clubs 37 Teachers 31 Students 90 3 “Do you believe this? " “ Higher ! Higher! ' “Would you believe we’re having FUN!” “ This is the way it was!” " This is the best coloring book I ever had ' ' G.M. Graffiti Biology Students score 1 . k . Fetal Pigs score 0 . . . SPORTS FOOTBALL TEAM: First Row, L-R ; Chuck Brown, Chas Hunter, David Owen, Robert Feautex, Jack Stickney (co-captain), Jeff Good (co-captain). Bill Bobb, Tom Piccariello, Bubby Acosta. Second Row: Dan Smith, Randy Gray, Jayson Wilson, David Martin, Charlie Moore, Jim Wolfe, Brian Schu- mann, Blain Schumann, Rick Gookin, Third Row: Alan Veatch, Tim Hockenberry, Jack Furst, David Schwind, Danny Thonias, Jim Connolly, Norby Strub, Don Kinser, Tom Ellis, Phil Ballard. FOOTBALL COACHES: Kneeling ; Coach Kalepp, Coach Strickland, Coach Gambill, Standing; Asst. Coach, Coach Lund. f: , W - - ' Robert Feautex gets it! The 1974 Mustangs, led by Jeff Good and Jack Stickney, fought hard but couldn’t seem to get together. Their only victory of the sea- son was over Loudon County, 34-21, in which 15, Phil Ballard, scored a 79 yd. touch- down, besides two others. The 1975 Mustangs look very promising with captains Danny Thomas, Chas Hunter, and Phil Ballard. Sept. 7 Sept. 14 Sept. 21 Sept. 27 Oct. 4 Oct. 12 Oct. 18 Oct. 26 Nov. 1 Nov. 8 G.M. 0 6 0 0 21 19 8 0 34 6 Opp. 9 41 6 27 48 35 27 49 21 7 1974 RECOBD Bishop Ireton O’Connell Loudoun Valley Warren County Chantilly Clarke County Broad Run Handley Loudoun County Lake Braddock 10 RECORD One or the other, Bartlett! GM 0 Loudoun Valley 35 GM 22 George Marshall 0 GM 0 Clarke County 18 GM 6 Broad Run 32 GM 8 Handley 30 GM 8 Loudoun County 33 GM 8 Chantilly 6 GM 20 Lake Braddoek 6 J.V. FOOTBALL Coach Kalepp expounds as Jim Morris and Cary Davis consider. 11 VARSITY SOCCER 7 4 PLAYERS: L-R First Row ; Mike Keating— Manager, Alan Stuck, Carry Stylianou, Mike McCormack, Mike Rinick, David Zanganeh, Jim Disney, Peter Wollenberg, Second Row ; Bill Powell, Kevin Snight, Kenny Huber, Bill Kemp, Bill Killam, Pat Faith, Alan Hundley, Kari Kaykho, Coach— Charles Harold. The 1974 Varsity Soccer season was the toughest yet, with fourteen games against triple A oppo- nents. As always George Mason was handicapped by having a small squad with few substitutes, but the team was strengthened by having a competent goalkeeper, Kari Kaykho, our exchange student from Sweden. Unfortunately Kari was injured half- way through the season and missed the last half- dozen games. The season began well with three victories, two against John F. Kennedy High School and one against Herndon. The toughest stretch saw several narrow losses, often in the last five minutes, to strong teams such as Wakefield, Washington-Lee and McLean. On the brighter side were two victo- ries over O’Connell and ties with Yorktown and Wakefield. A satisfactory season ended with five of our play- ers being placed on the all-Northern Virginia squads, Chris Faith and Alan Shick on the first team and Kari Kaykoh, Kevin Snight and Kenny Huber on the second team. RECORD GM 2 Kennedy 1 GM 5 Kennedy 2 GM 2 Herndon 0 GM 0 Wash-Lee 1 GM 1 Wakefield 2 GM 1 McLean 4 GM 1 O’Connell 0 GM 1 Herndon 1 GM 0 Wash- Lee 2 GM 0 Yorktown 0 GM 0 Wakefield 0 GM 1 Yorktown 3 GM 0 McLean 1 GM 3 O’Connell 2 12 ' Take a left at the next right. " ' Qtiit kicking my ball. ” In the Faculty Soccer Game there were glorious efforts by both tecons, but we don’t re- member who won . . . 13 Another lost cause is over. 9 See Vic run. Twisting the game away. RECORD GM 0 Herndon 4 GM 0 Wash. -Lee GM 0 Wakefield 8 GM 1 McLean 3 GM 0 O’Connell 4 GM 0 Herndon 2 GM 0 Wash. -Lee 4 GM 0 Yorktown 1 GM 0 Wakefield 2 GM 1 McLean 5 GM 0 O’Connell 1 J.V. SOCCER PLAYERS Coach: Greg Collins Carl Brady Rae Hargraves Knox Smartt Steve Alexander “Jean-Pierre Chevalier 0 Steve Churchill Ray Howard Pat Tracz Robert Adams Alex Schul Paul Bothwell Kenny « onnolly Donald Mloreto Clark Fredenburg Houston Hughes Victorino Kim “Co-Captains What form! Leader of the pack. CROSS COUNTRY RECORD GM 76 Handley 15 Loudon Valley 53 GM 37 Clarke County 21 GM 92 Bishop Ireton 17 Loudoun Valley 54 GM 34 Broad Run 21. GM 62 Loudoun Valley 42 Loudoun County 30 GM 47 Warren County 19 PLAYERS Coach: Steve Klass Kurt Camden Scott Abbott Jim Bothwell James DeButts Tim Kinkead Greg Ross Jay Philippsen Todd Wilson “ Don’t worry Jim, We’ll get ton! Debbie Hunch , Joan Clinton, Kathy Sullivan The Girls Basketball Team enjoyed a successful sea- son along with the rest of the school. With the help from Coach Bradd, the team finished with an overall record of 12-4. In the District Tourna- ment the girls took a second place winning against Loudoun Valley. George Mason proved to have a strong season and hope to have another next year, since they will only be losing two of their players. Kathy Sullivan GM 54 Warren Co. 15 GM 43 Osborun 39 GM 41 Broad Run 36 GM 47 Broad Rim 28 GM 32 Handley 35 GM 39 Handley 37 GM 53 Clarke Co. 12 GM 56 Clarke Co. 15 GM 34 Loudoun Co. 26 GM 53 Osbourn 60 GM 42 Loudoun Valley 29 GM 37 Loudoun Co. 40 GM 45 Warren Co. 26 GM 44 Loudoun Valley 32 District Tournament: Semi-Finals— GM 45 Loudoun Valley 30 Finals GM 44 Loudoun County 53 PLAYERS: Back Row , L-R—Ann Schwind, Tracy Phillips, Cindy Holcomb, Debbie Bunch, Kathy Sullivan, First Row— Joan Clinton, Joanne Shick, Gail Gibson, Kari Gathergoal, Heide Schieter, Coach— Mable Bradd. VARSITY BASKETBALL ’75 Varsity Basketball Team: kneeling: l. to r. Bobby Kaplow, Bill Bobb, Jayson Wilson, Randy Heflin, Bonnie Chew, George Sherman, standing: I. to r. Mr. Spiridoupolos, coach, Tom Herman, Bill Shafer, Mark Dryden, David Meirs, Nick Earmen, Andy Clinton. RECORD GM 74 Congressional 21 GM 60 Handley 68 GM 53 Landon 42 GM 45 O’Connell 77 GM 48 Pallotti 60 GM 48 Loudoun Valley 79 GM 31 Loudoun County 49 GM 42 Broad Run 46 GM 52 Warren County 54 GM 47 Clarke County 56 GM 47 Handley 56 GM 43 O’Connell 55 GM 59 Loudoun Valley 91 GM 51 Loudoun County 50 GM 43 Broad Run 64 GM 41 Warren County 59 GM 56 Pallotti 57 GM 69 Clarke County 89 Xmas Tournament Results: GM 55 St. Stephens 52 GM 47 Lake Braddock 69 Distric t Tournament Results: GM 41 Broad Run 49 Herb Kaplow goes up for 2. Spiro looks for a new idea. Coffee , tea or me? " 19 20 . J.V. BASKETBALL RECORD GM 28 Handley 62 GM 42 Landon 30 GM 14 O’Connell 68 GM 42 Pallotti 38 GM 33 Loudoun Valley 37 GM 19 Loudoun County 48 GM 30 Broad Run 36 GM 40 Warren County 47 GM 37 Hammond 76 GM 30 Clarke County 46 GM 56 Pallotti 57 GM 39 Handley 45 GM 45 O’Connell 59 GM 42 Loudoun Valley 63 GM 25 Loudoun County 59 GM 26 Broad Run 41 GM 41 Warren County 43 GM 32 Hammond 89 GM 40 Clarke County 35 21 VARSITY WRESTLING Shut up or I’ll shoot! Gentlemen prefer ‘Hanes Well, we can’t GM all be perfect . . . 18 Brentsville 42 GM 28 Loudoun Valley 36 GM 16 1 knew it all along! Bishop Ireton GM 17 O’Connell 46 GM 16 Loudoun County 36 GM 8 Culpeper GM 29 Loudoun Valley 33 GM 32 Handley 32 GM 8 Loudoun County GM 17 Handley 41 GM 30 Brentsville 30 GM 6 Osbourn GM 12 Bishop Ireton 44 GM 11 Brentsville 16 GM 4 Loudoun Valley GM 17 Culpeper 48 GM 17 O’Connell 17 GM 8 Loudoun County GM 18 Loudoun County 45 GM 23 Loudoun Valley 31 GM 3 Handley GM 33 Osbourn 24 GM 2 Handley 28 GM 6 Brentsville District Finals Regional Finab State Alan Shiek Kurt Camden Kevin Camden Kevin Champion Tom Boaz Jeff Marsh Oavid Sehwind 145-1 st 132-lst 105-3rd 1 12-lst 119-lst 126-2nd 1554th Alan Shiek Kurt Camden Kevin Champion Tom Boaz Jeff Marsh 145-2nd 132 -2nd 1 12-2nd 1 19-2nd 126-2nd Alan Shiek Jeff Marsh 145-2nd 126- 1st G.M. finished 5th as a team in State out of 38 teams. “ He’s dead ref, do I win? " Coach Lund, Coach Kirns I eat the breakfast of Champions. " My brother idolizes me! 23 5 , 4 , 3 , 2 , ... J-V. WRESTLINt REGORD GM 11 Brentsville 16 GM 17 O’Connell 17 GM 23 Loudoun Valley 31 GM 2 Handley 28 GM 16 Bishop Ireton 15 GM 8 Culpeper 1 1 GM 8 Loudoun County 20 GM 6 Osbourn 6 GM 4 Loudoun Valley 24 GM 8 Loudoun County 21 GM 3 Handley 18 GM 6 Brentsville 18 " No tickling! " " Don ' t worry, it v almost over. " VARSITY CHEERLEADING Mary Lynn explains her love for cheerleading practice. Top row, l to r.; Mary Lynn Scott, Kathy Dolan, Candy Morris, Judy Henley. 2nd row; Linda Koh, Joann Christian, Jenny Gendreau. Bottom row, Joyce Parsons. A little Homecoming happiness— too bad we lost. Sometimes all the cheerleaders cheer at the same time. 26 A LOOK INTO THE PAST 0 0 0 m DA Y Don’t you just love my outfit? I feel the same way. Ccr cerL ffiJSVf After the 50’s DAY action during school, there was a dance which attracted many. 31 FRANK KATHIE Row one; Mac McGary, Susan Allan ; Sponsor, Secretary from Super Giant, Row Two: Kathie Frase, Leslie Delong, Frank Z otter. Out It’s Academic team distin- guished itself by not only brain power but also good sportsmanship, good nature, bad puns and knuckle cracking. The comraderie of the team and the loyal alternates pro- duced an exciting and thoroughly “fun” experience. We keep answering but the score doesn V seem to be changing. " “Light my fire!” ' Come on Down!! " Jeff Good lights his own National Honor Society Candle. HOMECOMING ’74 " Don’t you just bee winning the game? " HOMECOMING COMMITTEE— We Thank you for making Homecoming possible this year .. ■ L-R; ( .indy Phillips, Jenny Genclreau, Holly Hoover, Carolyn Keyser, Mary Beth Pulsifer, Nancy Coates, Pam Marks. Dorothy Hannum. Bon Fire ignites Homecoming Spirit! Homecoming Court awaits half-time activities. We would help you HOMECOMING COURT: L-R-Rebecca Brockman, Flower Girl; Patti Hughes , Fresh. Att.; Judy Henley, Jr. At i Maid of Honor; Cindy Phillips, Jr. Att.; Joan Clinton, Soph. Att. Sr. Att.; Tracy Goetz, Queen; Jenny Gendreau. Bearer. " COLOUR MY WORLD ” March to Victory r Fail Drama Production ANTIGONE Sticks, Spears , Hammers, CLUBS MODERN DANCE: L-R standing ; June Stanich, Elaine Gerard, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jane Brucker, Julie Rowe, Chris Beagle, Liz Karnis, Sue Weir. Chris Faith, kneeling ; Maggie Moore. THESPIANS: L-R First Row; Joan Perry, Mildred Gordon, Debbie Caprio, Second Row; Martha Segal, Alison Segid. Margaret Miller K E Y E T T E S First Row, L-R ; Ann Millikin, Tracy Goetz, Sherry Locke, Kathy Allen, Dale Johnson, Bonnie Goebel, Joan Perry, Second Row, L-R; Holly Hoover, Nancy Coates, Mary Beth Pulsifer, Kathy Scanlan, Debbie Goebel, Margaret Miller, Sara Christiansen, Karen Bailey, Third Row, L-R ; Dorothy Han- num, Carolyn Keyser, Graziella Sana, Pam Marks, Kathy Frase, Nancy Rutherford, Antonette Rickowski, Betty Pavolus, Amy Acosta, Fourth Row, L-R ; Eilzabeth Montgomery, Mildred Gordon, Leslie DeLong, Pat Bailey, Elaine Gerard, Debbie Anderson, Robin Stein. 38 KEY CLUB The Key Club is a National Organization open to all male students grades 9-12. This year, lead led by President Kent Shell and our sponsor Mr. Krueger, the G.M. Key Club plans to con- duct many activities on behalf of the school. These activi- ties range from ushering school functions to assisting community oriented activities. The Key Club would also like to show our appreciation to Col. Campbell who constantly assists us and our projects. Would YOU give this boy a home . . . First Row, L-R; Joey Gass, Charlie Moore, Russell Allan, Tim Hockenberry, Peter Wollenberg, Second Row, L-R ; Andy Clinton, Tim Kinkead, Steve Churchhill, Chris Faith, Third Row, L-R; Jack Stickney, Bob Larkin, Sam Jordon, Mr. Krueger; Sponsor. 39 s X h 1 to r 1st row: Davis Meirs, Ms. Tannenbaum, sponsor, Danny Thomas, Greg Ross, 2nd row: Donna Troy, Joanne Christian, Meredith Morse, Dorothy Hannum, Joanne Schick, Elaine Gerard SPA NISH CLUB 1 to r sitting: Ana Romay, Joan Cin- ton, Sue Weir, Mark Ford, Ed Jack- man, Nory Rose. 2nd row: Mrs. Costa, sponsor, Kathy Acosta, Bonnie Barr, Karen Bailey, Amy Acosta, Terry Barr, Pam Anderson, Dale Johnson The Spanish Club and Honor Society provide an opportunity for all high school Spanish students to meet to- gether and enjoy a variety of activi- ties pertaining to Spanish and Latin American culture. 40 FRENCH CLUB: 1 to r sitting: Elena Mott, Linda Koh, France Karotsch, Jeanie Ansell, Jackie Karotsch. 2nd row: Phil Lundy, Nancy Rutherford, Sarah Chritian- sen. standing: Mrs. Alim, sponsor, Martha Segal, June Stanich, Brian Gnom. 2nd row: Mark Newton, Alison Segal, John Burns, John Chevalier GERMAN CLUB: 1 to r 1st row: Kathy Scanlan, Nickie Uram. 2nd row: Char Wassman, Mandy Kiser, Pat Bailey, Albert Wilner, Nancy Maybury, Lucia Engel, Ray Schmidt. 3rd row: Liz Karnis, John Karnis, Rick Hall, Scott Lowe, Bill Killam, Miss Loe, sponsor. 4th row: Alison De Long, Delta Cross, Joan Perry, Rea Hargreaves, Maggie Moore, Caroline Harding. 41 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY . to r., sitting: Russell Allan, Jeff Good, Jan Ed- mondson, Kenny Huber, John Farrell, Chuck Brown. 1st row: Pat Bailey, Amy Acosta, Jenny Gendreau, Elena Mott, Ray Schmidt, Kari Gathercoal. 2nd row: Joan Perry, Kathie Frase, Linda Koh, Ed Jackman, Phillip Lundy, Payson Todd, Dale Johnson. 3rd row: Robin Stein, Joanne Schick, Ann White, Nancy Ruther- ford, Leslie DeLong, Bonnie Barr, Jerry Rackowski, Burt Vines, Lydia Davis. 4th row: Margaret Houck, Karen Bailey, Pam Marks, Tim Kinkead, Sherry Locke, Chris Faith, Frances Taylor, George Pavelis, Scott Lowe, Mark Dryden, Dick Blystone, Kenny Moore, Tony Opperman. TEMPO-1, to r„ sitting: MIKE HEASLEY, PHYLLIS TUCKER, 1st row JOHN BURNS, DA- VID AVERY, TERRY SPINGER, LINDA HON- ESTY, JUNE STANICH, SANFORD SCHELLER, ANDY CHAPMAN. 2nd row; PETER SHERMAN, JACKIE KAROTSCH, LYDIA DAVIS, SARAH CHRISTIANSON, LIBBY LANOUTTE. 3rd row: BELINDA WADE, MONTGOMERY, JOHN GENDREAU, ROBIN STEIN, MARK HOEG- BERG, BRIAN McCLESKY. LASSO— 1. to r., sitting: Mr. Hoover; sponsor, (iarol Killam, Elisabeth Montgomery, Leslie Delong, Andy Chapman, Mike Wilson, Phyllis Tucker, Tom Piccarelio, Robert Fau- teax. Standing: Joan Perry, Kent Shell, Jeanna Boyles, Bennett Mitton, Joan Clinton, Jane Brueker, Brian McClesky, Kevin Snight, Seth Jones. Not pictured: Marcy Trinosky. 42 IRC The International Relations Club aims at fos- tering good relations between G.M. students and people from other countries. This year the club is working in cooperation with A.F.S. to meet and talk with foreign exchange stu- dents in the Northern Virginia area. Other programs planned are talks by officials from various foreign countries and visits to em- bassies in Washington D.C. L to r Phyllis Tucker, Kathy Keating, Jeanie Ansell, Albert Wilner 2nd row David Avery, John Burns, June Stanich, Debbie Lewis, Jane Brueker VARSITY CLUB The Varsity Club is made up of those stu- dents who have been awarded Varsity Let- ters. The club assists the Athletic Dept, in promoting participation, leadership, and sportsmanship in all Interscholastic Sports. L to r 1st row: Jayson Wilson, David Schwind, Brian Schumann. 2nd row: Joyce Parson, Liz Kamis, Cindy Phillips, Tina Daughtery, Mary Lynn Scott, Linda Koh, Kathy Martin, Alan Schick. 3rd row: Elena Mott, Jack Stickney, Norby Strub, Joanne Schick, Kevin Camden. 4th row: Mark Castellane, Mark Drvden, Tom Boaz, Tim Hockenberry, Peter Wollenberg SPIRIT ROUSERS REVIVED AT G.M. 43 m - 1 u A erg mm ( " - •• £ t U 1 i| gg jpp The SCC was formed this year in response to the growing and various needs of all C.M. Stu- dents. It is composed of an elected President and Secretary, class and middle school representa- tives as well as all school-wide activity and club representatives. The SCC acts in the following ways: (1) Coordinator of student activities and publications. (2) Spokesman for the student body (3) Advisery and consultant body to the ad- ministration on various school matters (4) Body for voicing student grievances The SCC will also assume those functions and re- sponsibilities which would arise as a result of stu- dent needs and interest. STUDENT COUNCIL: STUDENT COORDINATING COUNCIL: First Row, L-R; Tracy Goetz, Scott Lowe, Phil Lundy, Kathy Allen, Jeannie Atisell, Donna Troy, Second Row, Nancy McGlyn, Sherry Limberg, Kathy Frase, Dale Johnson, Peter Wollenberg, Leslie DeLong, Ms. Tannenbaum; Sponsor, Albert Wilner, Payson Todd. (North American Invitational Model United Nations) NAIMUN OBJECTIVES: To learn about and understand another country other than the U.S. and to partici- pate effectively in Georgetown Univer- sity’s Model United Nations as a member of that country. NAIMUN: First Row, L-R ; David Avery, Amy Jett, Kathy Keating, Leslie DeLong, Phil Lundy, Brian DePorter, Second Row, John Gendreau, Alison Segal, Martha Segal, John Burns, Kathy Frase, Tony Oppennan, Scott Lowe, Payson Todd, Frank Z otter, Mrs. Johnson ; Sponsor. FENCING CLUB: First Row, L-R ; David Legarreta, Mike Zim- merman, Second Row, Ms. Loe ; Sponsor, Kevin Simms, Howard Killam, Pat Bailey. SCIENCE CLUB: First Row, L-R , Dick Blystone, Kathy Scanlan, Debbie Goebel, Kathy Allen, Phil Lundy, Mike Caldwell, Standing; Rea Hargraves, Chris Allan, Jennie Ansell, Payson Todd, Ed Jackmon, Greg Alexander, Chip Finlay. The Math Team participates in nine com- petitive Math Meets sponsored by the Fairfax Comity Interhigh Math League. Students en- rolled in Algebra II or a higher level math course are eligible to attend practice sessions dining 14th mod on Thursdays. Students not yet in Algebra II may become associate members. MATH TEAM: Sitting ; John Farrell, Margaret Houck, Jimmy Grant, Chris Faith, Standing; Mrs. Ashby ; Sponsor, Joan Perry, Chuck Brown, Mike Caldwell. STEP: First Row, L-R; Amy Acosta, Pat Bailey, Debbie Goebel, Mrs. Johnson; Sponsor, Second Row; Peter Wollenberg, Robin Stein, Sam Jor- don, Andy Chapman. (Students for Total Environ mental Protection) STEP OBJECTIVES: To assist in informing the community on the need for conservation mea- sures and to conduct action programs, such as an attempt to set up a Recycling Center, to carry out needed conservation efforts. 45 This year the band went to Virginia Beach for a weekend to a com- petition and came home with a Sec- ond place trophy. G.M. Band takes Second Place. Scoll Lend ' and Bert Vines display their trophy. 47 Future Business Leaders of America— 1st row: Mr. Bratton, sponsor, Karen Bailey, Woods, Susan Lamb, Bridgette McCarthy, Nancy Smith, Leslie Hoegberg, Lisa Gilley, Andy Chapman, Margaret Siniard, 2nd row: Cheryl Sansalone, Gail Gibson, Kathy Lovell, Judy Henley, Debbie Chase, Debbie Grim, Amy Jett, Neddy Arias, Debbie Neil, Vickie Havens, Mrs. Wilson, sponsor, Mrs. Coleman, sponsor. 3rd row: Lela Price, Tammi Geoff roy. Regina Lloyd, Patti Orf Jackie Sierk, France Karotsch, Joyce Parsons, Lydia Davis, Renee Beach, Liz Carrico, Debbie Beauehane, Mary Sitton The Health Careers Club is a coeducational careers club to in- troduce young people to the opportunities and rewards open for education and employment in the field of health. The Club has sponsored fund-raising activities, Christmas visiting to a pe- diatric ward of a hospital, and other charity work. Health Careers Club— Melissa Donnelly, Wiletta Beethoven, standing: Debbie S.A.E.— sitting: John Burns, Steve Wallace, Tom Piecarillio kneeling: Terry Barr, Neil, Marilyn MacDougal, sponsor, Barbara Robinson, Sandra Kaplan Tracy Goetz, standing: Barbara Barr, Karla Barr, Joanne Schick, Linda Koh, June Stanich, Mrs. Fox on the ladder: Mary Lynn Scott, Bonnie Barr, Kevin Snight Aesthetics Club has been operating for about 5 years. The objectives of the chib are to improve the physical appearance of the school through art. The club is open to all students. Artistic ability is not a requirement. History Games: sitting: Steve Wallace, Carl Brady, Ed Jackman, Nelson, standing: Jack Stickney, Miles Kelly, Phil Lundy, Frank Z otter. Chess Club: 1st roiv: Jay Phillipson, Fred Smith, Jo Lyons. 2nd row: Brian DePor- ter, Carl Brady, Jimmy Grant. Aesthetics Club: sitting: Phyllis Tucker, standing: Jane Brucker, Andy Chapman, Melissa May, Jody Homer, Mrs. Azar, sponsor Forensics: 1st row: Al Wilson, Kathie Frase, Caroline Brown, Amy Acosta, Jimmy Grant, Frank Z otter. 2nd row: Kathy Keating, Joan Perry. Jane Brucker, Rea Hargreaves, Peter Wallenberg, Kathy Acosta. Drama Clu b: sitting: Margaret Miller, Debbie Caprio, Liz Karnis, Kathie Frase, Kathy Keating, Martha Segal, Alison Segal , Melissa Green , Jane Bla- cker, Mandy Kiser, Lucia Engel, standing: Rea Schmidt, Chris Faith, Ray Howard, Bob Larkinn, Caroline Brown, Steve Churchill, Irene Minton, Joan Perry, Mildred Gordon, Sarsh Christiansen, Margaret Cesnik, Jay Caprio, Chris Bobb, Delta Cross. Modern Music Minders: 1st row: Kathy Allan, Mary Lynn Scott, Kathy Keating, Kathy Martin, C. indy Phillips, loby Ltuar, .Matgau I Houik.znd iou Burt Vines, George I’avelis, Betty Ptwelis, Antoinette Rachowski, Julie Rowe, Nancy Rose, Kathie Frase, Chris h in the, Mark C.asteUane, Larry mgs. ,0 iP ' ajf « JMI - rif -f Ps fs$ ’ ’ » ' if . w - fsh. Jr «P - v- ' «, £ ,;t . ? .. J0 $-■ ■ ? : ' ' mil gw l v k . DR. WARREN J. PACE, Superintendent of Schools MR. HENRY POWELL, Asst. Superintendent of Schools. SCHOOL BOARD Left to Right— Mr. Charles J. Weir, Mrs. Betty Allan, Dr. Edward Todd, Mr. Walter Morse, Mrs. Betty Blystone, Mr. Willard Wright, Mr. James Edmondson. 52 GEORGE THOMS Principal , B.A. Economics, Queens College, M.S. Education, Queens College. KAREN MATHESON Secretary. JEAN McLAFFERTY Secretary. NANCY SPRAGUE Asst. Principal, B.A., M.P.A., PhD., Univ. of Michigan. BONNIE WHITING Secretary. 53 RICHARD SANDERS Asst. Principal, B.S., College of William and Mary. MILTON DAVIS: B.A., Berea College, M.A.T., Duke Unit., English, English Dept. Chairman. “What’s the past participial form of flabbergast?” “The predicate nominative of that sentence is hero, not sandwich!” Such were the refrains heard echoing through the halls as the English teachers, along with the students, took an intensive re- fresher course in grammer, spelling, punctuation and usage. Reflecting a current national trend back to basics, the English dept, instituted a semester long composition course for ’74-’75. Basic composition for one semester was an outgrowth of a summer workshop which also established a sequential English program for grades 3-12, and a schoolwide policy of requiring all depts. to assume some share of responsibility for developing writing skills. Much to the teachers’ as well as the the students’ relief, third and fourth quarter saw the return of the thematic program which continued its usual strong focus of reading and writing skills. BONNIE BUTLER: B.A., Purdue Unit., M.A., Univ. of Illinois, English, Stagecraft, Drama. MARILYN ABBEY: B.A., Depauw Univ., M.A., Wayne State Univ., Counseling Certi- fication, Univ. of Va., English, International Thespian Society, Drama Club. BARBARA STUCKEY: B.A., Mary Washington MICHAEL HOOVER: B.A., Univ. of Via., English, Newspaper “ Peek-A-Boo ” College , English, Tempo Coordinator, Dance. Sponsor. STEVEN KLASS: B.A.,- Univ. of Maryland, English, Cross-Country Coach, Track Coach. PAT BALL: B.A., Notre Dame College, DAN JONES: B.A., Antioch College, English, Yearbook Co- English, Asst. Cheerleader Sponsor. Sponsor. T refuse to answer on the grounds that might incriminate myself!” 56 The Social Studies Dept, at George Mason aims to pro- vide the students with a broad background in the various So- cial Studies areas, World and U.S. History, Physical Geogra- phy, Political Science, Economics, Sociology and Psychology, with some specialization in different aspects of these subjects at the upper grade levels according to individ- ual student interests. During their two years in the Middle School students have four semester units, one each in Physical Geography, World History and U.S. History and a fourth which encom- passes some Economics, Political Science and Sociology. At the high school level three required courses are offered in World Regions, U.S. History and Government. Each of these is arranged in nine-week thematic units with students mov- ing on to different teachers each quarter. Juniors and seniors may enroll for elective courses in Ancient History, Medieval History, Advanced U.S. History, Advanced European His- tory, Psychology, Advanced Psychology, Economics and Sociology. All Social Studies courses are offered on the quarter- credit and optional pass fail systems. Research skills, indi- vidual and group work, an inquiry approach and multi- media materials are emphasized. Special use is made of mi- crofilm and videotape. There is no truth to the rumor that many of these courses are approached from a strong Scottish point of view. JAMES J. WALLS: B.Sc., M.A., Ohio State Univ., Govt., European His- tory, Regional Studies, History Games Sponsor. CHARLES HAROLD: M.A., Glasgow Univ., World History, World Geography, Dept. Chairman, Varsity Soccer Coach. 57 PATRICIA JOHNSON: B.A., M.A., George Washington Univ., U.S. Govt., History, Advanced American History, NAIMUN, IRC, STEP Sponsor. MARGUERITE D. ALBERT: B.A. Mary Washington College, Social Studies, U.S. History. JOHN M. KALEPP: B.A., George Mason College of the Univ. of Va., World History, J.V. Football Coach, International Relations club Spirit Rousers, Vice-Pres. PTSA, Homecomine Boosters Club. SUSAN ALLAN: A.B. Univ. of Michigan, A.M. Univ. of Michigan, PhD Univ. of Michigan, Psy- chology, Govt., It’s Academic, Forensics, Faculty Advisery Comm. HARRY SHOVLIN: A.B. King’s College , Social Studies, Asst. Track Coach, Asst. Naimun, Golf Activity Sponsor. k ... MARY McALLlSTER: B.S., Univ. of North Carolina, Math, Science. BARBRA CORN: Northwestern Univ., Math. The Mathematics Department has two full-time and one half-time teachers at the Middle School level. There are five teachers for the high school. Some Middle School students participate in high school courses Algebra I and Geometry where ex- ceptional aptitude is demonstrated. Ninth grade students are enrolled in Math Sur- vey, Foundations of Mathematics or Algebra I. Other course offerings are Practical Mathematics for Juniors and Seniors, Geometry, Alegebra II, Tri- gonometry-Algebra III, Intermediate Math, Func- tions and Calculus. Any student who wishes to study mathematics in- dependently (above Algebra I) at his own pace may do so under contract with one teacher who has time set aside for working with contract students. Our George Mason Math Team participates in math meets with Fairfax County Inter-High Math- ematics League. j HELEN BOHART: B.A., M.A.T., Northeastern State College, Post Graduate, Univ. of FERN E. ASHBY: B.A., Oberlin College, Algebra II, III, Trigonometry, Func- Hawii, George Washington Univ., Algebra I, Foundation of Math, Math Survey, Math lions Geometry, Senior Class Sponsor, Math Team Sponsor. Dept. Chairman, Keyette Club Co-Sponsor. CORNELIUS J. COMBER: B.S., Univ. of Southern Mississippi , BARBARA PICKERING: B. A., Mary Washington College, Algebra I, Math Survey, Foundation of Math, M.A., V.I.P. b S.U., Algebra I, II, Practical Math, Chess Club Spon- Geometry, Algebra II, Keyette Sponsor, sor. Senior Class Sponsor. The Science Department is concerned with giv- ing knowledge of scientific facts and developing a scientific attitude of mind. The scientific attitude of mind is aided by following the logical order of procedure and emphasizes inductive and analytical methods of presentation. ALICE M. ROONEY: B.S., Mary wood College, Chemistry, Science Dept. Chairman. Science Club Sponsor. 61 THEODORE ]. HENRY: B.A., Highland University. Physics, Earth Space Science, Se- “ Put that Fetal Pig down! " nior Class Sponsor, Key Club Sponsor. ALAN L. KRUEGER: B.S., Univ. of Nebraska, M.A.T., Univ. of North Carolina, Biology, Tennis " And was gonna Bite it! . . . Coach, Key Club Sponsor. MARY ALICE M OFF ITT: B.S., Longwood College, M.Ed., Penn. State Univ., Science. Experimenting with language, as in Middle School, being college bound or travel happy as in high-school, students at G.M. learn the complexities of Spanish, French, German, and Latin, with increasing interest in the cultural aspects of the re- spective countries. This year the Language clubs and Honor Societies will com- bine forces to present G.M. with a first: an International Din- ner during the Christmas season! ILEANA E. ALIM: B.A., American Univ., French, French Honor Society and French Club Sponsor, Dept. Chairman, Freshmen Class Sponsor. Here’s G.M.’s own " Little Miss Moffit. " LOUISE C. COSTA: A.B., Judson College, M.A., George Washington Univ. Spanish Honor society, Spanish club, Spanish. = 5 . DEBORAH LOE: B.A., U.V.A., German, German Club Sponsor, AFS Club Sponsor. " J BARBARA OXLEY: Mary Washington College, B.A., French, Spanish, Cheerleading JOAN TANNENBAUM: B.A., Emmanuel College, M.A., George Washington Sponsor. Univ., Latin Club Sponsor, Adv. History, Latin. Our goal for physical education is that each stu- dent will become aware of the value of being physi- cally fit and will develop appropriate habits and an interest in the effective use of leisure time to main- tain this fitness. 1975 marks a new era in physical education and health at G.M.. Students for the first time have three basic choices: 1) Students may choose the quarter they take health or Driver Ed. 2) Students have a choice of activities and teachers. 3) Students may select a co-ed activity class. These choices given the student an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in those activities they are most interested in. JOHNNY GAMBILL: B.S., M.A., Middle Tenn. State Univ., Department Head, P.E., Head Football coach. Head Baseball Coach. ARNOLD P. SIEGFRIED: B.S. Ed., Rutgers Univ., M.A., George Washington Univ., Director of Athletics. MABEL BR.XDD: HA.. Had for, I Coll, or. Physical Ed. JtA ROBB: B.S.. Bowling, Green l nil.. Physical DAS ' l EL STRICKLAS ' D: B.S.. Slippery Rock State Girl ' s Varsity Haskctlxdl. Girls Varsity Softball ( " oath. Ed.. Modern Dance Club. College. M.Ed.. Unit. of Arizona. Physical Eil.. Asst. Football Coach, Athletic Trainer, Gymnastic Club Sponsor. " So your dog ate your gyinsuit. That ' s nice, you still get an " Oh that ' s pretty common. " JOH LL ' . NT): Wrestling Coach, Asst. Football Coach. " Von tctml to fight alxtut it squirrel? The Vocational Education Dept, has a threefold purpose: to train students for job-entry level positions, to develop career awareness, and to develope personal-use skills. All of these pur- poses are closely woven into the Falls Church Public School’s 5- Year Plan developed in 1974. Members of the Dept, have ac- cepted the challenge in the Plan “that by 1976, 90% of the gradu- ates not attending college will have job-entry skills.” Presently students at G.M. may select from a variety of courses— Data Processing, Stenography, Clerk Typing, Drafting, Printing, Electronics, and Home Economics. These are either two-or three year programs. Hopefully, in 1975-76 a senior ma) select to take a “mini” course in some areas which would develop basic job skills within a one-year period. Individualized instruction is an outstanding feature of the job- training programs. After learning basic knowledge and skills within a program, students may select areas of special interest in which to concentrate. They also have an opportunity to“earn while learning” by participating in a work-study program. The Vocational Dept, has paved the way for Career Orienta- tion and Exploration in the Falls Church School System. All pro- grams have courses for 7th and or 8th graders in which students are given hands-on experiences and are able to learn something about jobs available in the various programs. For several years students have taken advantage of the skill de- velopment courses in sewing and cooking offered in Home Ec. Boys and girls alike enjoy the creative endeavors available in the Co-Ed Living class. About 80% of the students at G.M. take type- writing before leaving high school and many, through Home Ec. or Business Ed. courses, are introduced to consumer education, a vital part of today’s educational development. Teachers in the Dept, feel they have a head start in meeting the challenges given to them by the State Dept, of Ed. and the local School Board. They will, however, continue to seek ways in which they can serve more students in our school. JOYCE LOWRY: A.B., Pembroke State College. M A., Unit, of Va., Typewriting, Vocational Ed. Dept. Chairman, Future Busi- ness Leaders of America Co-Sponsor. tf " ) 1 JAMES SPIRIDOPOULOS: A.B.T.. High Point College. M A., Ceorge Washington Unit.. Physical Eil.. Varsity Basketball Coach. L NADINE N. WILSON: B.S., Northeast Mo. State Teachers College, M.A., Northeastern Univ., Steno. I, Clerk Typing I, Personal Typing, National Honor Society. ROGER BRATTON: B.S., Sliippensburg State College, M.Ecl., Bloo7nsburg State College, Data Processing (Business Ed.), School Store Sponsor. IRVING STUDENBURG: B.S., Univ. of Maryland, Vocational Printing. AL ' tCE A. NEUKIRK: B.S., Univ. of Cincinnati, M.S., V.P.I., b- S.U., DOUGLAS SCOTT: B.S., Hampten-Sydney College, Director of Data Processing, Gom- Drafting, Mechanical Drawing, Yearbook Sponsor. puter Science. KEN HAMMACK: NOVACOCO. Computer Operator, Programmer. IBRAHIM SOl.lMAX: B.S.. Howard I ' niv.. M.S.. (’iiie. of Pittsburg, PHD., I ' niv. of Pittsburgh and I’niv. of Tain. RICHARD D. TRIMBLE: A. A.. Warren Wilson College. B.S.. Western Carolina I ' niv.. M S.. East Tenn. I ' niv., Trades, Industrial Arts Dept. Chairman, Teacher of Manufacturing, Vocational Building Trades. Construction. We welcome you to the Industrial Arts Dept. Here, courses in the study of Industry and Technology are taught to lx)th male and female, grades 7-12. Courses deal with World of Manufacturing (7th 8th), American Industries (9th), World of Construction (10th), Power and Transportation (9th and 10th), Auto Mechanics (10th and 11th), and several contract courses for grades 10-12 deal- ing with a wide variety of Ind. Arts subject matter. Come on down to the Ind. Arts Dept. We have always known what is important to the World. Our curriculum studies the problems of todays and tomorrow’s world, (Pollution, Energy, Production, Skill Development, Transportation, Conservation of Materials). We offer education with a purpose and meaning to all, and it is all taught in a very well equipped and changed facility. 70 STEVEX HILL: A.S., huliana (iiir., B.S.. EjisI Tenn. State I ' niv., 10th Crude Sponsor. MH MARILYN MacDOUCALL: B.S., l’nit. of Illinois, Nurse. Nutrition, First Aul. All Health related Courses, Health Careers club Sponsor. SL ' E WILSON: M S., L ' nit. of Missouri. Home Ec. JENNA MILLER: B.S., West Va. L’nit.. Home Ec. DONNA FOX: B.A., William ami Mary. M.S.. L ' nit. of Tenn , Resource Teacher RICHARD E. HOWELL: B.M., M.M., Westminster Choir College, Choir, Readers Ensembles, Tri-M. “ Let ' s crescendo! " ERANK BARR: B.S., Davidson College, Univ. of Cincinnati, M.M.E., Indiana Univ., Music Dept. Chairman, Band, Majorettes, Drill Team. Music Sooths the Savage Beast " We . . . Won 72 " Just grab it!” MARLENE J. AZAR: B.A., St. Olaf College, Painting and Drawing , , 111,1V, Art. Aesthetics Club Sponsor, Humane Club Sponsor. SASCY DePASQVALE: H.A.. S heperd College, Librarian SASCY KAl’FXtAS: MS., Iniilana I ' nii.. Instructional Systems Technology, Media S pc- JO AS McPARTl- SD: HA., Purdue l ’nil ' ., Paraprofessiontd. cirdist Photography Club Sponsor. BEVERLY HALL: Finance Clerk. CAROL COFFEY. Pathology. M.A.. Sorthuestem L ' i iii .. Speech. Hearing, Oingtutgi BETTY JO DA WA! .VS. B.A., Wake Forest, Cruduate Work, CVa., Reading Teacher. JESSE MILLHOi’SE: B.S., Auburn ( nil.. Guidance. PHILIP LISDSEY: B.A., Anderson College. St. A.. Ohio State I ' nic., Director of Guidance. j , t ' J f , 7 O " ,.( " v " .V " i " if EARLE HOCKESBERRY: A.B., Gettysburg College. M A T.. Colgate I ni i . JD, American I ' nic.. Guidance. ROBERT SMILES: B.S., Millcrsvillc State College. M.A., George Washington, Guidance PAT RYA. Y. Paraprofcssivnal. CAROL CRAMER: Cuulancc Secretary S ALLY PISZISO: B.A., L ' niv. of Texas, Paraprofessional. Lewis At for Minnie Williamson Rachael Alexander 79 MUSTANG IS STAFF Top to bottom: Nancy Coates, Holly Hoover, Meredith Morse, Katliy Scanlan, Carolyn Keyser, Dorothy Hannum. Middle School Yearbook Aids: left to right, Mike Schneider, Mike Xcil, Todd Pliilippsen, Joe Roger, George Mordecoi, Joy Veatclt, Terry Perry, Kevin Carrington. Tina Sprinkle, Jeff Miller, Mandy Ki- ser, Billy Richbourg, Audi Long, Jennifer Canaga. Dan Collins Special thanks to . . . Mrs. Neukirk, Mr. Jones, Kennv Huber, Russell Allan, Bonnie Goebel, Margaret Ces- nik, Joe Ebhardt, Bill Powell, Ray Schmidt, Brian De- Porter, Tim Harrison, Harriet Stanley . . . for all your help. The Staff Crow: A legend in his own time ! VALIANT 82 The Search ffi What’s in the grass? You’ve go to be kidding! Mr. Media Center If I were a bird, I’d fly out that windoiv. Reflection, introspection, perfection! Oh Herman . . . “ hope 1 fit into this car . . . I’ll make it alright! What are you looking at? What a mean muvva! Well take on anyone! Hey there sweetie!! To Each His Own To each his own, it’s plain to see To walk alone you have to be It’s all for you, and all for me you’ll see I’m gonna miss you, yes I will No matter who you are, I love you still Though my life is my conscience The seeds I sow I just wanted to let you know. Familiar faces that I’ve seen Turning red turning green They just got caught with writting on their sleeve. I guess I’ll leave. I’m gonna miss you, yes I will No matter who you are I love you still Will you cancel my papers, and lock the door cause I ain’t gonna be round no more. Will I make it, through the summer breaking ties with the old and new, Loosing one, just gains another There is nothing, I can do. AMERICA JACK ST1CKNEY SENIORS Amy Acosta Philip David Acosta Russell Mark Allan Debra Lynn Anderson Jeanne Carol Ansell Teodora Neddy Arias Kevin Hailey is my name ; Tri in ' to be Ell is is mi game. Karen L. Bailey Kevin Garnet Bailey Bonnie Doreen Barr Beach Boy— “We’ve been havin ' fun all summer long’’ Michael O. Beach Robert E. Beach Shirley Ann Beamen Wiletta M. Beethoven 92 Larry Richard Best William Lee Bobb Michael Boger Regina Boyles Karen Eileen Boggs Jane Rachel Brucker Oh Demo! 94 95 Nanci Anne Coates Thomas W. Compher Daryl Scott Decreny Leslie Ann Delong 97 Flex in his prime! 98 Robert Loui Fauteux Catherine Filan Katharine C. Frase Like Brother, like Sister . . . Jennifer Lynn Gendreau Joseph Sexton Gass Jr. Tammi E. Geoffroy Gail Carolyn Gibson 28 .. . no, maybe 29 I 99 Yvonne Marie Goebel Jeffrey Lowell Good Mildred H. Gordon Hetty Jean Gray What a man! Michael J. Heasley Randall Joseph Heflin 101 Barham Louise Henley 102 Mary Katherine Hoover Holly Hoover Owen Thomas Jones Kenneth F. Huber ' Look at that thing You had to be there. 103 Carol Ann Kill am William Hayes Kemp 1 04 Carolyn Sue Keyser Susan Averette Lamb Deborah Lewis Regina Elizabeth Lloud ( Rodney J. Langford Arlene Lewis Holmes J. Lewis 105 Cheryl Susan Locke Scott Cameron Lowe David G. Lundy William K. MacDonald Pamela Ann Marks Gary William Martin " So, where’s the beer?’’ 106 Brigette McCarthy Joseph Dean McKenzie Brian R. McClesky Aileen Marie Miller Vincent R. McGregor Anne Elizabeth Millikin Edith Susan Mitchell I ' m such a mess today! i Elizabeth Ann Montgomery Kenneth David Moore Julie Elizabeth Mosio Elena Medora Mott Mark D. Mueller 108 Debra Kay Niel Patricia Orf David Samuel Owen Sung Sook Park Steuben Parrott Tim does taste good . . . 109 I’ve got to do my ironing. Jaon Dorian Perry Thomas Piccariello Judy Ellen Pickeral William S. Powell 110 Michael P. Richmond SPfe. ■: - Lela Marie Price David A. Richmond Jerome L. Rackoivski j J 111 Don’t take this, what if my mother should see! Barbara C. Robinson 112 John Milton Rutherford Nancy Rutherford Raymond A. Schmidt 1 -ookl The circus must be in town! Tilnt paints away . . . 113 Graziella Sanna Kent Eric Shell Robert Sheperd George J. Sherman Alan Michael Schick Joanne F. Schick 114 Margaret Siniard Nancy Smith John Christopher Stein Jacki Sterk Frances Taylor— Career Girl Sure! Gee, I never knew that before. Cam Topel Marcelene Trianosky Bonnie Louise Via Teresa Ann Tiley 117 I hope she didn’t see me. Scott Westmoreland Michael A. Wilson Ann Calvert White Mary B Wmgrove Eeny , meeny, miney, moe. 119 L “ Don’t say it, Burt! " Claudia Foster braces herself for another day at G.M. Everybody’s hasseling me. Peace, Love, 6 DickBird What are your views on Lips, Mary Beth? mom? The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. The choice is yours. 122 Oh, I ate too much rice when I went to China. SCOTT ABBOTT KATHY ACOSTA GREG ALEXANDER CHRISTIAN ALLEN KATHY ALLEN PAM ANDERSON PAT BAILEY PHIL BALLARD TERRY BARR RENEE BEACH BRIAN BEASLEY DEBBIE BEAUCHESNE JOE BELL DICK BLYSTONE JIM BOTHWELL CARL BRADY CHUCK BROWN SIMON BROWN BOBBY BUNCH BECKY BUTCHERT MIKE CALDWELL KEVIN CHAMPION " Last night I dreamed I was a ballerina " DAN COLINS PEGGY COMLEY WAYNE COMPHER JIM CONNOLLY ROLAND CRAWFORD DELTA CROSS Karl Lambert, Alan Veatch, and Bobby Kaplow work together to determine the shortest distance to the cafeteria. Meow, meow, meow, meow-meow, meow, meow, meow, meow— Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow!” Toby Lazar contemplates the world ' s problems. TOM DESALVO KATHY DOLAN TOM FAUTEUX KARI GATHERCOAL DEBBIE GRIM MARK HARPIST BOYD HARGRAVES Jl’DY HESLEY MARGARET HOl’CK ALAS ' HIS ' DLEY RORERT HI ST CHAS III S ' TER ROBERT JAMES DALE JOIIS ' SOS SAM JORDAS ' BOBBY KAPLOW FRAS ' CE KAROTSCH • 126 TR CY walks in front of Jerry Testa! MELISSA SL Y XAXCY MAYBL’RY MIKE McCORMACK ROBERT McCIXXIS ROXXY MILLER BEXXETT MIXTOX CHARLIE MOORE CIXDY MORCAX CAXDY MORRIS Isn ' t she a mean looking cookie ' . ' . I better dam sight get an A on this thing. ' JACKIE KAROTSCII MIKE KEXXEDY BILL KILL M TIM KIXKEAD LIXDA KOH KARL L MBERT TOBY LAZAR CATHY LYXCH DEBBIE MARTI X " David, Black is Iteauliful! " " • " i " Tennis anyone? " Time seen is to he no concern. A little bumf), a little £riiul. MEREDITH MORSE ROSEMAIRE Ml ' RPIIY SHAROX SEAL PAT O ' DOWD COLLEES JOYCE PARSOSS OKEEEE GEORGE PAVELIS TOSY OPPERMAX CIXDY PHILLIPS LISA PITKIEL 128 JIM IXHXJOX ROBERT PRITCHARD MELIXDA REXDIXA PAT ROLLYSOX TOXY ROZ7.ELLE It only hurts for a littU • while. DAVID SCH WIS ' D KARLS SIMMS MARK SLATER DASSY SMITH ROBIS STEIS MARY LYSS MART SITTOS KSVX SMARTT TERRY SPRISCER EVERET SYEVESS SCOTT " What I need now is a baby sister! " JOE S ASFORD CHERYL SASSALOSE KATHY SC AS LAS SASFORD SCH ELLER BRIAS SCHUMAS ' S NORBY STRUB LARRY STYLIANOS NICKI VRAM DALE VANDERHEYDEN’ ALAN VEATCH The last 129 didn ' t count. TERRY WATERS ALEX WILLIAMS JASON WILSON JIM WOLFE PETER WOLLENBERG HATH I YOUNG STEVht i ALEXANDER LESLIE ALGER RICHARD AMACHER ISIDRIO ARIAS DAVID AVERY HERB BALLARD GREG BATCHELOR . imp] It TONI BROCKWAY DEBBIE BUNCH DAVID BURDICK CURT BURNER JOHN BURNS JEB BUTCHERT TIMMY BALLARD ANDY BEALL CHRIS BEGLE TOMMY BOAZ MITCHELLE BODDEN KEVIN CAMDEN DEBBIE CAPRIO UZ CARRICO RONNIE CARRINGTON BRENDA CARTER SHARON CHASE JEAN PIER STEVE JENNIFER JOAN CLINTON CHEVALIER CHVRCHHILL CIACCIO 132 EGLEE DIAZ ANN JUDY DOWNER NICK EARMAN TOM ELLIS PAT FAITH MADELEINE FILAN CHIP FINLAN M ARK FORD BEVERLY FOSTER JOHN GENDREAU NANCY FREDERICKS JACK FURST ELAINE GERARD KAREN GIBBONS BRIAN GOMES Good food makes you tough! 133 LINDA HONESTY JOHN HUGHS An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. DAN HERLINGER JODY HORNER UZ HERRICK CINDY RAY HOWARD HOLCOMB MARC HOEGBERG MARITZA ALAN HALL GONZALEZ NATALIE JEANNE HASKE HASSAN BOB HARBOUR BARBARA HENDERSON RICKY HALL VICKY HAVENS " Lady Chaterly’s Labrador " ANNE HUNT ED JACKMAN KRISTIN KAYE PHIL KEMP JULIE HUNTER LIZ KARNIS MILLS KELLY DON KINSER TOM KNOPP RICKY bASSITER BOB LARKIN SCOTT LAZAR ANDY LARSON D. LELONG Star quality! 135 CHRISTINE LEWIS BOB LLOYD PHIL LUNDY “Wanted— All American Boy” K. MACDONALD ' JEFF MARSH KATHLEEN MARTIN DAVID MARTIN KEVIN McCORMACK Friday, 2:33 p.m. MONICA MOSIO MIKE NELSON COLLETTE MUELLER MARK NEWTON MAUREEN MEAGHER MARCARET MILLER " Eyes Front! " MIKE MELE LINDA MORCAN TERRY 0,D0WD APRIL OWEN BETTY PAVELIS What you see is what you get! KATHY POTTLE SUSIE PRECHT MARIO ROMANO N. ROSE BENNY PRICE KAREN PRICE ANTONETTE MCKOWSKI 137 a GREG ROSS MARYLOU SCHEITER BLAIN SCHUMANN ■M PAUL SHELL PETER SHERMAN GINNY SITTON ALISON SEGAL MARTHA SEGAL Dining at its finest! BELINDA WADE CHAR WASSMANN GARY WITLOCK MARY ACOSTA MATTHEW ABBOTT ROBERT ADAMS SHARON ANDERSON CLARE BAILEY BILL BAILEY CARLA BARR JEFF BARTLETT SUSAN BEACH “Give It To Me” Dig it! BONNIE BEAMAN KIM BODDEN KELVIN BOST BEATRICE BRESNAHAN CAROLYN BROWN SCOTT BROWN TAMMY BRYANP ROBERT BULLOCK DARLOD 140 ALISON DELONG SKIP DOLAN ANN DOWNER LUCIA ENGEL LINDA EVANS BRAD FELKER LISA FINLAY MIKE FLETCHER BROOK FOSTER RUSSELL CARTER ROBERT CASH MARGARET CESNIK TOMMY CHEW JANICE CHRISTIAN JUNE COMLEY CONNIE COOPER KEN CORRELL GARY DAVIS 141 BILL FRYE PAUL GIBBONS WARREN CAROLYN SUSAN HAYES KEITH BILLY JIMMY GRANT GREENLEAF HARDING SUSAN HODSON GATHERCOAL DARLENE KEVIN GRIM JIMMY HARRIS HERMAN ANGELA DARLA GRAY ROBERTA JOHN HAUSER TIM HOLLAND GEOFFROY HAHN HOCKENBERRY KEN HONESTY DOROTHY DOUG LISA KEMP NORMA LIBBY JAMES LLOYD HOUCK JACKSON JUDY KEATING KINSER LANQUETTE ANNE KATHY RONALD YVONNE LISA KOH KERRY LEE LUMSDEN HUDNALL JOREW1CZ KEYES CATHY Y DAVID CAROLYN PATTY HUGHS JOHN KARN1S LANSING LEGARRETA McCarthy “Uh! Did we score?” JOHN MELE KEVIN MELLEMA SCOTT MIDKAFF DAVIS MIERS MAGGIE TIM MONEY MOORE DAVID JIM MORRIS MONTGOMERY BRETT MORRISON WENDY LAURA MUELLER O’KEEFE DAVID NIEL HOWARD JAMES PARNELL ODOWD MARK PELLETIER ERIC PEYTON VICKY PICKERAL HEIDE SCHE1TER ALEX SCHUL ANNE SCHW1ND BILL SHAFER TONY SHIPMAN KEVIN SIMMS LUCY SMART PATTY SMITH DYLAN STARRATT JAY PHILLIPPSEN VIRGINIA PHILLIPS TRACY PHILLIPS EDDIE PYLES SUSAN RICHBOURG SCOTT ROGERS DENZEL ROSE DOUG RUTHERFORD MARTY SANSALONE DARCIE STEIN LAURA TOONE JAMES TUCKER VALERIE SELENA BEVERLY MIKE TOM TRANSUE DONNA WILLIAMS WILSON WOOD SULLIVAN DONNA TROY UNDERWOOD NICLOE TODD WILSOK BOB PHYLLISS LORI WEINTZ WILLNER WORKMAN TENNEY CANDY MIKE WILLOW ZIMMERMAN BESTY VIA TINA DAVID VOLT7 WALLACE LARI VREE CHRIS WARNER VICTOR 146 WATERS JOE WEIK FRANK WHITE DAISY W HORTON “ Looking for something?” BRIAN ALBRECHT TERESA ANTHONY RUTH ARNOLD BARBARA BARR SCOTT BEAN KAREN BEAUCHESNE MARY BEINHARDT BONNIE BERGER TOM BLOCK CHRIS BOBB JOE BOGER GREG BOOGS JEFF BOLSTER BRIAN BONNET PAUL BOTH WELL CHARLIE BOWLING C. BOYLES KATHY BROWN SHEREE BRYANT DENNIS BURDICK JENNIFER CANAGA 147 KEVIN CARRINGTON RONNIE CARTER STEVE E. CARTER JOHNNY CASH DAVID CASON CHRIS CLIFFORD KENNY CONNOLLY WALLY COSTNER WENDELL CRAWFORD NANCY CUMMINGS JIMMY DAUGHTRY TERESA DAVIES DON DILORETO ANDREA DRESLIN DENISE EARMAN TERESA EDWARD S DUANE EVANS LINDA FERRARI MARNA FISHER RONNIE FRANK KELLY FRANKLIN 148 CLARK FREDENBURG TINA FREE ED FULLERTON LEON GEOFFROY CINDY GIBSON LORRAINE GILLEY FLAVIEN GRAY JOANNE GRAY LORI HENKES MARY JO HICKS STEVE HILL MIKE HONESTY KAREN HUBER CHUCKY HUGHES SUSAN HUGHES CHRIS JONES PAM JONES JEFF KELLEY GREG KEYSER AGNES KIM VICTOR KIM 149 PHIL KIMHLL CHARLIE KING MAN DA KISER CYNTHIA KNEPSHIELD TIMMY KNOPP CYNTHIA KOLAKOSKI MARY KOONTZ RONALD KROHN SALLY LARSON MIKE LEE SHERI LIMBERGER AND! LONG LISA LUMSDEN TIM LY BERGER CLIFFORD MACK MARY McCarthy NANCY McGLYNN ROBIN MclNTIRE TAMMY McKENCIE MICHELLE MEINERS DAVID MILLER 150 Blow, Gabriel, Blow! Rahul Shaukar JEFF MILLER KATHY TOD RACHEL O ' DOWD PHIL1PPSEN MILLER DANNY OWEN GREGORY STEVE MILLER SUSAN PRICE JOHN PACKARD JOE PUGH MILLIKIN DAVID NANCY SARAH MOORE PATRICK REINAGA GEORGE KIM PERKINS WILLIAM MORDECA1 TERRY PERRY RICHBOURG ANDREW MORRIS TIMMY PHELPS LEONARD RITENOUR GLORIA ROBINSON 151 TOM ROSE DAVID ROSS LAURIE ROWE JOAN SHERMAN JOAN SHERMAN BOR S KELLY TINA SPRINKLE SHANNON STARRATT CHRIS TESTA DEREK THOMAS LUANN TOONE MARIE TRACZ TOM TRAINOR ESTHER WADE LESLIE WAITE STUART WALDEN JANELLE WALKER GREC WEIR JAMES WEST WILLIAM WESTMORLAND EUGENE WHITE RICHARD WHITE " Give it hack. ” 152 SUSAN W1LLCOCK MARTIN WILLIS PAULA WILLIS MARCEL WILINER ROBERT WRIGHT YVONNE WRIGHT KIN YEUNG YE YOUNG-LIM SUSAN ALLAN KAREN AMACHER SUSAN ANDERSON MARGARET ARNOLD REGI ARNOLD MARCY ARNOLD CHRIS AVERY JODY BALTER RICHARD BARNETT KARL BARTH BENTON BEACH DAVID BEAN “Save my seat please. " 153 JACKIE MARK CAPRIO STEVE BEINHARDT BRIAN CLINTON JULIA BISHOP CARRINGTON ' KENNY DOUG BOE COMPHER DELLA BOST STEVEN KENT RONALD CARTER COOLIDGE BROWN GEORGE M. COOPER JAMES CASTELLANE MARK BUTCHERT SANDRA CHASE C0RT1NAS SELINA SUSAN CHASE JAMES CAMPER ANDREW CROWLEY CLIFFORD GEORGE BYRD Chris Mosio creates . . . Wally acts tough! 154 Kim Perkins plays the comb. DIANE DeCRENY LINDA DeLONG DANDRA DeSALVO BETSY DOLAN JEREMIAH DONNELLY MICHELLE EININGER VERALYNN ELLIS JOHN ESSIG DOUG FELKER JOAN FITZGERALL WILLIAM FLAIFUL SCOTT FORD STUART FRYE SANDRA GASS KELLY GOOKIN ROBERT GONZALEZ JEAN GRANT RICHARD GRAY LAURA GREEN CARY GREENLEAF KEN FRIFFIN 155 BETH HAMBRECHT NANCY H ANNUM JAMES HARTZEL BIEL) HAYES JOE HEASLEY JODIE HECK EH TER I HENKES DENNIS HIGDON KENNY HLAING VERONICA HOOK ANDY HUNT RON HUNT CONNIE INABINET JACKIE JACKSON MICHELE JENKINS TA T JENKINS BRENT JOHNSON DARIA JONt:S DOROTHY J( WES MIKE KEATING III INTER KIMBLE 156 Dan Collins destroys another Middle-Schooler. “ Fly Navy— I thought they had ships! " " And if you pull a string, the whole school falls down! " “ Please don’t hit me! " TERESA KIRBY GEORGE KOKKOROS ANN LANOUETTE DEAN LANSINC MAUREEN LARKIN ALBERT LONGERBEAM KARIN LOVELL LINDA McCALEB MARY MEAGHER CATHY MONTGOMER JIM MOORE KENNY MORRIS ALICE MORSE CHRIS M. MOSIC CYRIL NICHOLS MIKE A. NEIL LAURA OWEN SUSAN PH1LIPPSEN CIA. UDINE PIERCE CHUCK POLLARD CATHY PRICE 157 JOHNNY REINAGA KATHY RICHBOURG DAVID RODGERS SALLY ROSE TRACY SC HALE LORI SCHEITER LESLIE SCHNEIDER MARY SHERMAN GREG SMITH AUINDER SOU I J( )HN TESTA BILLY TOONE KENNY TRAINOR BOBBY TUTHILL JAY WATCH DEWARD VIA LORI WARNER MAUREEN WEIR WENDELL WRIGHT YOUNG-IK YI ERIC ZOTTER " Mother always warned me about cafeteria food " What goes on in that evil mind? 158 In Memory of Scott Neal 159 Falls Church Hobble Center Simpson’s Sporting Goods Falls Church Va. 131 South Washington Street Loemann’s Plaza Tel. 533-7855 573-4465 We have all your Hobbie needs Hours: 12-6 pm Good Luck Mustangs Murphy and Ames Lumber— Millwork Building Materials 6908 North Fairfax Drive Arlington, Virginia 533-3100 160 Falls Church Florist 6847 LEE HIGHWAY ARLINGTON, VA. 22213 703-532-1 194 Established 1949 533-1333 John A. Copland 419 W. Broad St. Falls Church, Virginia Kodak— Nikon— AGFA— Olympus— Konica Yashica— Honeywell— Omega— Durst Vivitar— Mamiya— Nikonos— Minolta FALLS CHURCH CAMERA SHOP, INC 161 Hillwood Ave. Falls Church, Virginia 532-2885 Complete line of darkroom supplies SALES-TRADES-RENTALS Student Discounts HARDWARE • HOUSEWARES • GARDEN SUPPLIES 6847 LEE HIGHWAY ARLINGTON, VA. 22213 703-532-1194 161 MUSTANG ’75 will not have an index. We are leaving blank pages for more writing space ... or whatever . . . The Staff 162 163 U HERFF JONES y YEARBOOKS Ua.Col 792898 371.8 G GEORGE MASON HIGHSCHOOL MUSTANGS. YEARBOOK 1979

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