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Mustang 1969 George Mason Junior-Senior High School Falls Church, Virginia Volume XVIII Fred Crabill, Business Manager C. B. Brouillette, Principal Robin Cruise, Editor Mrs. Katherine Hanley, Sponsor ° llc i V Co ! Table of Contents 2 Title Page 1 Theme 2 Curriculum 8 Organizations 48 Seniors 66 U nderclassmen .... 96 Features 1 38 Sports 158 Advertisements . . . 195 Index 205 Retrospect 208 The same halls in perspective, the same sounds of shuffling feet, the same sights of dust shifting in sun-light; the same places— the library lobby, the art room, pep rallies, and gym class. An assortment of bodies collected indis- criminately-bound to the system whether they like it or not. But liking it. Contributing without thinking of it. Capturing grades for the privilege of independent study, of signing out for lunch. Competing for the success, the satisfaction. Dropping out of the crowd and making new friends, learning new ideas. Each student doing his own thing, inadvertantly or intentionally perpetu- ating the group effort. 3 - Individual involvement rather than apathetic entrapment: the result of a metamorphasis of attitudes and social change. The evolution of the curricu- lum through the reorganization of time, of courses, of subject matter, of meth- ods, caused a trend of intellectual acti- vism. The beginning of an era of shiny paperbacks, seminar discussions, and individual participation— to be heard as well as to hear, and to influence as well as to be influenced. A new spirit of confidence im- planted itself in students as they saw a positive reception awaiting their ideas. The experience of staying after class to debate, resolve, and debate again; being in awe of your capabilities, yet realiz- ing your limitations. The frustration of mind-expansion that creates spaces to be filled. Tomorrow. Students satisfied personal goals by contributing to the school: typing copy in a silent building, competing in a foreign language contest, rehearsing in an empty gym, practicing on a slip- pery field. Today. 4 5 J The student community be- came involved with the civic com- munity. Suddenly the one-way re- lationship of adult-managed ac- tivities changed to a symbiotic agreement, the Youth Council ad- vised the business community, and the School Board responded to the fund raising policy requests of the students. Demonstrations of politi- cal consciousness appeared: in fervant campaigning for candi- dates, and in sincere demonstra- tions against them. No longer content to sit back and watch, individuals invested their time and talents in the city, and appreciated the rewards. Joining the winning team and achieving; rousing forgotten emotions. The renaissance of involvement, bring- ing a new pride, a new game to the stu- dents, to GM: an end to apathy, and a beginning to participation. 7 r rm n i 8 m CURRICULUM A dm inistration 10 English 12 Social Studies 20 Math 24 Science 27 Language 30 Commercial Arts . . . 34 Music 38 P.E 44 Staff 46 9 Administration Plans for New Addition SCHOOL BOARD. From Left, Front Row: Mr. J. Roger Wollenberg, Chairman; Mrs. Jessie Thackery, Vice-Chair- man; Mrs. Sally Strait, Dr. Edward Todd. Back Row: Mr. James Wood, Dr. Thomas Cotner, Mr. Robert Cruise. DR. DWIGHT E. KNOX Superintendent of Schools J. EARLE PHILLIPS Assistant Superintendent of Schools H. MURRAY KLINE Assistant Principal C. B. BROU I LLETTE Principal 10 Guidance and Special Services Expanded Guidance Department KATHERINE HANLEY B.S., B.A., University of Missouri; M.A.T., Harvard University. Keyettes, MUSTANG. PHILLIP LINDSEY B.A., Anderson College; M.A., Ohio State University. TERREL ADCOCK B.S., M.S., Southern Illinois University. George Mason Wilderness Society Sponsor. RICHARD TOMALTY, (seated) Guidance Director. B.S. Wayne State University; M.A., University of Michigan. ELIZABETH DRISCOLL B.S., New York University College at Plattsburgh; M.A., George Washington. Resource Teacher. MARY JANE JONZ B.A., University of Texas; M.S., Northwestern State. Special Education. Revolutionary English Program Frees Formerly distinctive as the only six-year required subject, the English Department this year was updated with a new format. Students chose quarterly courses from a range of topics after completing a first-quarter composition course. Silas Marner and Moby Dick were supplemented by The Inferno and Siddhartha. Mind-bending ideas richocheted around classrooms as students ex- plored black power, philosophy, and warfare. The department ' s en- thusiastic teachers inspired stu- dent performances that outshone past accomplishments; term papers became interesting re- search, and third quarter slump disappeared. Valuable experience was gleaned by adapting to the dif- ferent standards of each course. For all concerned, the vivid transformation of the department from formal structure to spon- taneity proved both successful, and inspirational for 1969-70. MILTON DAVIS English Department Chairman. B.A., Beria College; M.A.T., Duke University. English. nmr ivyw MARILYN K RZYWKOWSK I B.A., University of Michigan. English. Junior Class Sponsor. PEGGY SANGE B.A., University of California at Berkeley. English. Junior Class Sponsor. Students to Pursue Private Interests HERMAN MENZER B.A., M.A., George Washington University. English. Debate Team. BARBARA STUCKEY B.A., Mary Washington College. English. Wilderness So- ciety Sponsor. Junior Class Sponsor. Apparently the Debate Club had trouble getting its point across to league directors this year as the GAA double-talkers were complete- ly left out of the inter-scholastic debate program. For lack of other opportunities, they resigned them- selves to intra-club debates on Tuesday afternoons. The club, open to all grades, consisted of Seniors, Juniors, and Eighth Graders, all of whom did justice to topics as controversial as " The Draft " and " Criminal Investigation Proce- dures. " This year of practice, as well as Mr. Menzer ' s excellent coaching, will help in producing some smooth talkers who will be heard from next year in League debates. Debate Club. From Left: Nancy Nicholas, Debbie Wood, Victor Rutgers, Chris Terman, Abbie Wilson, President; Mr. Menzer, Sponsor; Mac Scott, Paul Brucker, Janine Hardy. 13 Creative Writers Sustain a Lively TEMPO TEMPO is the Senior High ' s foray into the literary world. Basically drawn from the Crea- tive Writing Class, the Staff has reached out to enfold the cream of the creative writing crop. Most of the work was done in class periods throughout the third quarter. After a brief comic attempt to rename the magazine, the staff settled down to the hard work of reading, editing, laying-out, re- editing, re. ... A mammoth quantity of material was con- sidered for publication, ranging from film scripts to short stories to poetry, all typed in triplicate, at least. Editor Glenn Harcourt, and assistant George Churchill worked closely with Mrs. Rodin in mak- ing decisions. Phil Jones created a beautiful blank cover, and an even more striking title page. While TEMPO may not be an " Evergreen Review, " it is at least an accurate barometer of student creativity. TEMPO. From Left, Seated: Mrs. Rodin, Sponsor; Glenn Harcourt, Editor; Chuck Holzhauer. Standing: Phil Jones, Don Matheson, Ralph De Los Reyes. Not Pic- tured, George Churchill. DORIS RODIN B.A., Temple University; M.A., American University. Eng- lish. Tempo Sponsor. Recognized for outstanding contributions to school publications, mem- bers of Quill and Scroll are: From Left, Seated: Phil Jones, Mary Oltman, Robin Cruise, Suzanne DuPont. Standing, Front Row: Barbara Mahaffey, An Larson, Gail Clinton, Debbie McMillen, Rhonda Bost, Craig Medak. Back Row: Fred Crabill, Ralph de los Reyes, Glenn Harcourt, Jim Anderson. Not pictured: Priss Tackney, Dolly Hass, John Cruise, Carol Ogilvie. 14 Editorial Emphasis Improves LASSO Working for long hours alone in the school building, the LASSO crew turned out a bimonthly tab- loid. With Strings attached at ap- propriate intervals, the LASSO kept GM informed of the latest in the high school community. A mid-year change of format signalled an equally effective change in content. It began the year as a single sheet publication with typical sports and feature stories. By December subscribers were re- ceiving an 8 V 2 x 11 paper with four to eight pages and an increased amount of student opinion on a diversity of subjects. A regular column reviewing recent movies and plays reminded readers of the existence of a world beyond school affairs. The LASSO staff is one of the few that does its own printing which does not deter it from tak- ing top honors from Columbia Scholastic Press Association. LASSOers gather in composer room the night before a deadline. Lasso Staff. From Left, Seated: Debbie McMillen, Jimmy Anderson, Susie Mileson, Carol Ogilvie. Second Row: Mike Karnis, Sue Griffith, Robbie Keller, Rhonda Bost, Barbara Mahaffey, Editor; Victor Rutgers, Renee Clinton, Abbie Wilson. 15 Jr. High Finds New DIMENSION DIMENSION. From Left, Front Row: Paul Brucker, Ann Dexter. Second Row: Vanessa Steubing, Mari Miller, Kathy Vanneman, Kim Walker. Third Row: GiGi Gittings, Debbie Holcomb, Susie Miller, Drew Rider. Fourth Row: Ann Yoshihashi, John Lawless, Linda Johnson. Fifth Row: Mark Checknoff, John Walls, David Hornstein, Louise Willis. Back Row: Mark Stein, Pam Millan. ROBERT SMILES B.S., Millersville State College. English. JV Basket- ball Coach. l 16 DIANE JENKINS B.S., University of Wisconsin. English. DIMENSION, Seventh Grade Sponsor. Organizational Budding authors, critics, and journalists got off to a quick- moving start this year as under- classmen familiarized themselves with newspaper and magazine pro- duction. However, ROUND-UP, the Junior High newspaper, was in difficulty. Due to organizational problems and the waning interest of its staff, it was forced to aban- don production plans for this year. Meanwhile, DIMENSION, the younger generation ' s literary magazine, was successful in turn- ing out both Winter and Spring editions. A limited group of readers screened prospective material which ranged from poems and short stories, to original art work on various versions of " Happiness is. . The resulting magazine showed promise for future talents in journalism. Problems Plague ROUND-UP ROUND-UP. From Left, Front Row: Margaret Karnis, John Walls, Kim Walker. Second Row: Susie Miller, Mark Stein, Ann Yoshihashi. Back Row: Cindy Longerbeam, Stephanie Curtis. JUDITH SUFFIELD B.A., University of I Ili no is. English. Seventh Grade Sponsor. BARBARA FIRKIN A. A., Pine Manor Junior College; B.A., Connecticut College for Women. English. Sophomore Class Sponsor. Dramatists Combine Experience, Ambition in Recognizable by their bleary eyes and wilted scripts, Drama Club members ranged from the Class of ' 69 on down. From " Everyman " to the Children ' s Play, the club showed that high- quality productions could be per- formed on low budgets. The clubs involved the entire school with " Everyman ' s " production in true house-that-Jack-built style. Art students designed sets for shop students to construct, to the cos- tumes that Home-Ecers stitched, for the cast to wear, to the origi- nal score that the band played. The result was lauded by the community. Late winter found Senior Drama actors at Madison in prep- aration of the Three One-Acts, while Junior Drama Clubbers ex- perimented with stage techniques. Efforts paid off as a bus load of eager members arrived at District Competition. CAROL HULL B.A., Hamline University. English. Speech Drama. Senior High Drama Club. From Left, Front Row: Betty Eckert, Donna Smith, Carol Gray, Gayle Waitzfelder, Karen Daniel, Sheila Jones, Susie Gendreau, Melanie Allan, Judy Wurz, Beth Mileson, Vicki Boyd. Second Row: Lisa Drummond, Anita Cerio, Peter Herrick, Suzanne Hollandsworth, Candy Siler, Chris Larson, Susan Mileson, Rory McBroom, Mary Oltman, Craig Medak, Barbara Mahaffey. Third Row: Alycon Pierce, Sandy Jones, Laura Avery, Janet Harding, Lyn Grove, Robin Segall, Carolyn Diehl, Carol Humphreys, Cindy Herfindahl, Susan McQuary, Tricia Kinney, Mary Karnis, Barbara Checknoff. Back Row: Jeff Strait, Keith Thackery, Robert Waring, Ted Bain, Laurie Hilliker, Pete Fredenburg, Linda Fernald. 18 Season Marked by Bold Experimentation Jr. High Drama Club. From Left, Front Row: Mary Beth Betts, Jeff Nelson, Pam Millan. Second Row: Debbie Wood, Nancy Nicholas, Phyllis Donnelly. Back Row: Kitty Porter, Anne Peret, Erica Herfindahl, Kim Walker, Anna Earman, Kim Perry. Thespians recognized for excellence in dramatics are, From Left: Candy Siler, Rory McBroom, Barbara Mahaffey, Mary Oltman. Not pictured: Joe Driver, Laurie Bolster. JUDITH BAKER B.A., Oglethorpe. English. Seventh Grade Sponsor. Dra- matics. 19 Five New Teachers Shape Department The curriculum of the Social Studies Department is second only to that of the English Department in its variety. Ranging from the old staples — U.S. and Va. Gov- ernment, Geography and U.S. and Va. History, it extends to a wide range of stimulating electives — Psychology, International Rela- tions, Social Problems, Civics and Economics. Sporting five new teachers, the Department employed new and unorthodox methods of in- struction; once the students be- came accustomed to them, things went smoothly. Co-ordinating current events with a thorough understanding of the past, the Social Studies De- partment helped us understand a complicated election year. CHARLES HAROLD M.A., Glasgow University. Chairman, Social Studies Dept., World History, World Geography. Soccer Coach. The excitement of the daily grind — class is over. CAROLYN HARDMAN B.A., M.A., University of Rochester. World History, Freshmar Class Sponsor. 20 Draft Discussed at Lisner Lecture MARC BENSON B.S., Boston University. World Geography, Social Studies 7. Assistant Football Coach, Eighth Grade Sponsor. GREG WILLIAMS B.A., Ball State; M.A., University of Maryland. Government, Civics. Key Club Sponsor, Chairman, Junior Class Sponsors. PATRICIA JOHNSON B.S., George Washington University. Government, U.S. History, Psychology. Flying Club Sponsor, " It ' s Academic " Sponsor. Department Dissects Election DEWAYNE DOZIER B.A., George Peabody College. World History, U.S. History. Junior Class Sponsor. LINDA PETERSON B.S., University of California. Social Studies 7, Social Problems. Seventh Grade Sponsor. MARGUERITE ALBERT B.A., Mary Washington. English 7,8, Social Studies 7. Seventh Grade Sponsor. JANE KAATZ B.A., Simmons; M.A.T., Northwestern University. U.S. History. Sophomore Class Sponsor. 22 IRC Displays Cosmopolitan Interests Caroline Baum and Janie Pope with smiling enthusiasm sell AFS Christmas Cards at Back-to-School-Night. The main supporters of the AFS pro- gram in GM, International Relations Club members are always " having someone over, " to meetings. The " someone " is usually a member of an Embassy staff, or other foreign citizen, come to talk about his country. Foreign representa- tives have included those of Turkey and Czechoslovakia as well as Venezuelan students, Norys Soles and Pablo Velaszco. The IRC sponsored AFS Fall Work- day netted over S400 and that success was carried over to the American Field Service Assembly and another later work day. Christmas card sales netted addi- tional funds. International Relations Club: From Left, Front Row: Mrs. Toman, Sponsor; Debbie McMillen, Secretary; Caroline Baum, Treasurer; Kathy Crane, President; Louise Thompson, Historian; Jack Herndon, Vice-President. Second Row: Laurie Bolster, Connie Rackowski, Sheila Jones, Laura Avery, Janie Pope, Sandy Jones, Susie Gendreau, Vicki Boyd, Rae Tanner, Sue Thomp- son, Kate McDowell, Wanda Keyser, Holly Hutchens. Third Row: Carol Ogilvie, Lynn Hammond, Meg Scott, Terry Thompson, Betty Wurz, Gail Waitzfelder. Fourth Row: Lisa Drummond, Linda Fernald, Laurie Hilliker, Reeny Chapman, Janet Harding, Laban Sadtler, David Manning, Betty Eckert, Karen Daniels, Ralph de los Reyes, Stephen Lunciy. Fifth Row: Gail LaBaugh, Jeff Strait, Mike Burk, Victor Rutgers, Pete Fredenburg, Tom Rackowski, Keith Thackery, Dave Sanford, Harold Nicholas, Ted Bain. 23 Prob. and St at., A.P. Calculus HELEN BOHART B.A., M.A.T., Northeastern State College, Oklahoma. General Math, Consumer Math, Algebra, Plane Geometry. Jr. High Drama, Sr. High Drama. CHESTER ROCKWELL B.A., Shepherd College; M.A., George Washington University. Intermediate math, Geometry, Algebra, T rigonometry. Chairman, Senior Class Sponsors. The Math Team gathered around Mrs. Wither ' s desk. From Left, Front Row: Dennis Chevalier, Gail Clinton. Second Row: Kathy Crane, Robin Cruise, Chris Offering a wide range of choice courses, the Math Department worked hard at getting its charges ready to cope with the big, cold, numerical world. The usual list of classes, included Algebra, Geome- try, and Trigonometry, was augmented with Probability and Statistics, a fun-filled course involving the study of such unre- lated events as our football and basketball teams ' performance, and the Presidential election in November. Functions, and A. P. Calculus, were available to the figuratively minded. Under the " iron " grip of Coach With- ers the Math Team matched wits against the mathematical wizards from Fairfax County. It was certainly an uphill fight and as the season went on Math Team found themselves answering more questions . . . correctly. The long bus trips provided good warm-up time and the team put up commendable fights against their tremen- dous 1-A rivals. 24 Inspiration for Numerical Seniors Terman, Captain; Rhonda Bost. Back Row: Lin Lemon, Mark Tosti, Sue Thomp- son, Kevin Burns, Gail LaBaugh, Laurus Newby. Sheila Simmons and Brenda Twombly figuring the fundamentals of Algebra. CORNELIUS COMBER B.S., University of Southern Mississippi. Algebra, Plane Geometry, Trig- onometry. Chess Club, Senior Class Sponsor. Math Team Grapples With 1 -A World FERN ASHBY B.A., Oberlin College. Algebra, Functions, Geometry. Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor. ELIZABETH BALDWIN B.S., Florida State University. Math 7, General Math. Future Nurses Sponsor, Eighth Grade Spon- sor. JACQUELINE GIFFIN B.S., Simmons College. Algebra, Geometry. Future Teachers of America Sponsor. NANCY BUSCH B.A., Michigan State University, Math 7, General Math. Eighth Grade Sponsor. 26 Chemistry, Physics Await Young Scientists Founded on the traditional base of the Physical and the Bio- logical, the Science Department has kept pace with modern trends. Seventh and eighth graders, given a strong background in gen- eral science, graduate into the sophisticated labs and independ- ent research projects of the Sen- ior High. Select students in an advanced placement course attend such revelating experiences as a lecture by Dr. Seabourg on " Youth and the Atom. " Physics students participating in a lab on wave mo- tion, snared unsuspecting hall walkers with their lurking slinkys and wires. Accumulated bits and pieces of knowledge, such as identifying a Cyprus Larch, reciting va- lences, or diagnosing Dopier ef- fects, yield surprising results in scientific achievements, and pro- duce many avid laymen in the field. ALICE ROONEY Science Department Co-ordinator. B.S., Marywood College. Chem Study, Biology. Junior Class Sponsor. BARBARA SWEELY B.S., Grove City College. General Math, Science 7,8. Eighth Grade Spon- sor, Biology Club Sponsor. MARIAN GILLEN B.S. Kent State; B.A., St. Mary of the Woods. Math 7, Sci- ence 7. Eighth Grade Sponsor. 27 A.P. Classes Guests at Youth and DOUGLAS SCOTT B.S., Hampden Sydney. Science 8, Chemistry. Hi-Y Club Sponsor, JV Football Coach, Sophomore Class Sponsor. THEODORE HENRY B.A., New Mexico Highlands University. Physics, Earth-Space Sci- ence. Chairman Freshman Class Sponsors. J. DOUGLASMILLER A.B., Dartmouth; M.Ed., State University of New York at Buf- falo. A.P. Chemistry, Chemistry, Biology. Wrestling Coach, Assistant Track Coach, Junior Class Sponsor. 28 the Atom ; Hear Seabourg Lecture VIOLETCLARK B.A., George Washington University. Biology, Biology Club Sponsor, Freshman Class Sponsor. Marianne McGlynn in the process of conducting a very scientific Biology Club meeting. Biology Club. From Left, Seated: Robin Segal, Treasurer; Marianne McGlynn, President; Car- olyn Diehl, Vice-President; Ann Gerard, Secretary. Standing: Mrs. Clark; Sponsor, Jeff Burns, Paul Gregory, Candi Chase, John Velasquez, Catherine Vanneman, Vanessa Stuebing, Mrs. Sweely, Sponsor. Meet standards of scientific interest and a strong nervous system and your membership in the Biology Club is welcomed. Labs are spent crucifying and dissect- ing pickled creatures; a Biological Lab trip and fossil hunt were organized. While we rattle off game scores, the Club is complete with knowledge of mandi- bles and gizzards, successfully preserving the high standards of the biological mind. Waiting for Science to start. 29 Puerto-Rican Rendez-vous Brightens Bent on increasing their awareness of the customs and people of Spanish-speaking coun- tries, the members of the Spanish Club are students looking beyond their own environment. Speaking the language and enjoying Spanish and Latin Ameri- can cuisine are two of the more enjoyable activities of the group. The words of various speakers are absorbed and digested as well. The yearly Pinata Party was the usual success, with candy flying and broomsticks waving. Later in the year Hispanophiles took a trip to Lisner Auditorium to hear Andres Segovia. Raising money by the inevitable bakesales, the club held a Spanish Dinner and an In- ternational dinner where mem- bers sampled the good gastro- nomical life available south of the border. The Spanish Honor Society rec- ognizes high academic achieve- ment in the language. Inductions were held in the early spring. LOUISE COSTA Co-ordinator, Language Dept. A.B., Judson College; M.A. George Washing- ton University. Spanish. Spanish Honor Society Sponsor. Hi V TJ v an m K mm. sa ij|; j n • I iA ■3A F w » i B ALICE KRUM B.A., Madison College. Spanish. Spanish Club Sponsor. Chairman, Sophomore Class Sponsors. Spanish Club. Far Left: Lisa Drummond, Vice-President; Reeny Chapman, Secretary Treasurer; Far Right: Janie Pope, President; Mrs. Krum, Sponsor. Front Row: Susa Huber, Vanessa Stuebing, Erika Herfindahl, Pari Khosrovi, Sue Watson, Jill Evan: Debbie Smoot, Lisa Sherman. Second Row: Kitty Porter, Danny Skelly, Dennis Trac; Bruce Baines, Bruce Chase, John Edmondson, John McBee. Third Row: Pamela Wo lenberg, Susan Cumbey, Carol Humphreys, Marianne McGlynn, Karen Daniels, Laur Mongole. Fourth Row: Candi Chase, Ann Crane, Robin Segall, Fred Watson, Crai Medak, Pablo Velasquez. 30 Spanish Speakers ' Spring Holidays Jim Davis and Ann Davis gracefully two-stepping through Mrs. Kruno ' s Spanish dancing lessons. Janie Pope, with an All-Star swing, attacks the pinata at the annual Spanish Club Christmas Party. Spanish Honor Society. Far Left: Mrs. Costa, Sponsor; Janie Pope, President. Far Right: Susie Gendreau, Vice- President; Debbie McMillen, Secretary-Treasurer. Front Row: George Churchill, Brian Gendreau, Craig Medak, Susan Wainwright, Cindy Herfindahl. Second Row: Ann Katen, Tom Skelly, Gail Clinton, Marianne McGlynn, Carol Ogilvie, Mary Burrell. Third Row: Glen Harcourt, Andy DuPont, Jeff Hobson, Suzanne Hollandsworth, Laura Avery, Anita Cerio, Diane Alleman. 31 Latin III Revived , Revamped Under the spreading language tree, the budding lin- guists sit. VANJA HUTH B.S., University of Wisconsin. German. Sophomore Class Sponsor. PATRICIA NEADER HOUSER B.A., Cornell University; M.A.T., Yale University. Latin, Journalism. LASSO Sponsor. 32 Camus No Stranger to French Students DORIS JACKSON B.A., Howard University. French. French Club Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor. I LEAN A ALIM B.A., American University. French. French Club Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor. The French Club and the French Honor Society broke the grade barrier and decided to work together on all activites. The Honor Society recognizes high academic achievement with the emphasis on proficiency in French. Both clubs are full of more or less dedicated Francophiles. The club sponsored a jaunt down to the Lisner Auditorium to see Moliere ' s Le Tartuffe, and planned to see the annual festival of French movies at McLean High School. What would a French Club be if it didn ' t eat French food? They did not overlook this important aspect of their culture study and had an enjoyable lunch at a French Protestant Church in Washington. To encourage others in their own enthusiasm for French cuisine, they participated in the Interna- tional Dinner and then planned a French dinner. Based on the premise that you are what you eat, we have the most French French Clubs anywhere. French Club and Honor Society. Far Left: Mrs. Jackson, Sponsor. Far Right: Mrs. Alim, Sponsor. From Left, Front Row: Barabara Troy, President; Mark Greenberg, Treasurer; Sue Thompsom, Secretary; Kevin Burns, Vice-President, Second Row: Barbara Checknoff, Tricia Kinney, Robin Cruise, Lois Addison, Ann Gerard. Third Row: Laurus Newby, Robert MacComber, Lyn Muilenberg, Carolyn Diehl, Robin Dibble, Benita Wong. Fourth Row: Doug Jenkins, Tony Carroll, Mark Tosti, Colleen Lynch, Candy Siler, Janine Chevalier. 33 Interest Fostered in Domestic Arts A KAREN STROTHER MILDRED HARDY B.S., Iowa State University. Home Ec. 8, Teen Sewing. Future Home- B.S., Purdue University. Home Ec. 7,8. Sewing. Future makers of America Sponsor. Sophomore Class Sponsor. Homemakers of America Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor. Future Homemakers of America. From Left, Front Row: Tricia Kinney, Mrs. Strother, Sponsor; Jessica Miers. Second Row: Carol Humphreys, Shirley John- son, Ann Katen, Secretary; Glenda Hood, Treasurer; Ellen Smartt, President; Janie Pope, Vice-President; Diane Head, Kris Boggs, Benita Wong, Mary Kar- nis. Third Row: Karen Stein, Laura Brandt, Jean Elam, Mary Antinozzi, Cindy Bzdek, Barbara Checknoff, Carol Ogilvie, Ann Perry. Martha Payne intent on one of those sewing projects. The Home Ec. Department did its part to keep America well fed and beautifully clothed, and added a course: " Career and College Living. " They helped in creating costumes for " Every- man. " In addition, the Home Ec. suite provided welcome refuge for sufferers of broken zippers, split seams and trailing hems. The George Mason branch of The Future Homemakers of America completed a busy slate of activities. Their tasty concoc- tions lured a crowd to the Club Tea in September, and soothed teachers at the Pre-Christmas Teacher ' s Tea. At monthly meet- ings, they acquired new accom- plishments: the delicate art of Chinese cuisine, a lesson on fashion and three bagfuls of tricks of grooming techniques. 34 Business increases Job Opportunities Future Business Leaders of America. From Left, Kneeling: Pat Herman; President. Standing: Mrs. Baylor, Sponsor; Brenda Thorpe, Juanita Law- horn, Sally Dill, Tom Alexander. Now, girls concentrate! Only ten more times and maybe you can type without mistakes. 35 Amid staccato bursts of type- writer racket, the Business Educa- tion Department generated secre- taries, accountants, and business executives. These teachers pains- takingly instill the rudiments of Book and Recordkeeping, as well as of General Business practices, in the business orientation of GM students. Their goal — a new gen- eration of solvent, organized and efficient men and women. NADINE WILSON B.S., Northeast Missouri State Teach- ers College; M.A., Northwestern Uni- versity. Office Practice, Bookkeeping, Recordkeeping, Shorthand. National Hon- or Society Sponsor, Student Council As- sociation Sponsor. ELOISE BAYLOR JOYCE LOWRY B.S., Bloomsburg State University. Commercial Department Chairman. A.B., Pembroke General Business, Personal Typing, College. Typing, Personal Typing. Notehand. Future Business Leaders of America Sponsor. Industrial Arts Combine Beauty , Unity WILLIAM LANGSTON B.S., M.S., Virginia Polytechnical Institute. In- dustrial Arts. Freshman Class Sponsor. The chance visitor to the far end of the building may be slightly startled by the shrieks and whines emitting from the depths. How- ever, it ' s not really a mad dentist ' s office down there, just the indus- trial arts staff teaching GM boys to be handy with saws and drills. Artful craftsman of all grades turn out handsome products of leather and ceramic tile under the supervision of the shop teach- ers. Design is studied in the various co-ed mechanical drawing classes, while wood and metal working are offered in another course. Their co-operation with the rest of the school in providing everything from throne frames to stage scenery is not the least of their contributions to the student body. RICHARD TRIMBLE B.S., Western Carolina University; A. A., Warren Wilson College. Industrial Arts, Wood and Metals. Freshman Class Sponsor, Head Varsity Baseball Coach. EDGAR GABLER B.S., California State Teachers College. Mechanical Drawing, General Math. Senior Class Sponsor. 36 Art Provides Aesthetic Foundation LINDASTENBERG B.S., State University of New York at Buffalo. Art. Pep Club Sponsor, Eighth Grade Sponsor. Looks like mud, smells like mud and even squishes like mud. Valiantly attempting to mold whatever material there is at hand, the Art Department con- tends with the traditional hazards of teaching an elective that re- quires the accent to be placed on individual work with an extensive range of equipment. Art students de- signed programs, sets and made the halls a pleasanter place. ROBERT DUNBURG B.A., Capital University; M.A., Columbia University. Art. Freshman Class Sponsor. Band Salutes Broadway FRANK BARR Junior High Majorettes. From Left: Terry Herman, Jackie Chase, M.M., Indiana University; B.S., Davidson College; B.S., Norma Miller. University of Cincinnati. Band, Instrumental Music. Major- ette Sponsor. f r 1 1 l! 1 1 «. JH » 4 fl h , w A Senior High Band. From Left, Front Row: Victor Rutgers, Caroline Baum, Librarian; Laurie Hilliker, Carolyn Diehl, Mr. Barr, Pam Wollenberg, Ann Gerard, Deedee Baynham, Connie Rackowski. Second Row: Teresa Twombley, Barbara Troy, Secretary; Jackie Chase, Mary Seal, Betty Eckert, Linda Fernald, Nel Sigmond, Robin Segall, Cindy Herfindahl, Maricie Werth. Third Row: Trisha Hopkins, Patti Sachs, Laurie Bolster, David Blake, Mark Hanak, Ritchie Buschow, Fred Lane, Gail LaBaugh, President; Brenda Twombly. Fourth Row: Fred Norman, Don Vines, Pete Fredenburg, Joe Driver, Robert Hunt, Susie Ames, Wayne Langford. Back Row: Gary Williams, Dennis Bettendorf, Tom Rackowski, Vice-President; Gary Parrish, Manager; Candi Chase. 38 All-Regional Draws from Band Junior High Band. From Left, Front Row: Eve Strait, Margie Renick, Mimi Renick, Sue Cole, Mari Miller, Joanna Troy, Jocelyn Francis. Second Row: Debbie Wood, Anne Peret, Nancy Kain, Debbie Lovings, Janine Hardy, Chris Ingley, Bruce San- ford, Erica Herfindahl. Third Row: David Bailey, Nancy Gerard, Molly Sachs, Glenn Goodnight, Doug Swick, Steve Ingley, Jerry Hoover, Mike Precht. Fourth Row: David Rothmeyer, Guy Apsenieks, John Hefferman, Mark Stein, Nancy Nicholas, James Rackowski, Jeff Cronin, Abby Ames, Vanessa Stuebing. Back Row: Judy Christian, Paul Brucker, DeeDee Sigmond, David Berkowitz, John Edmondson, Bobby Sietz, Bill Moore, Gordon Bailey, George Swick. Although usually viewed filling the back bleachers at football games, or serenading the crowd at pep rallies, the Band moon- lighted with several other activi- ties. New marching formations were created for half-time enter- tainment, a select portion of brass and woodwinds provided the musi- cal score for " Everyman, " and a quality Christmas Assembly was provided by bypassing the more jingly Yuletide tunes in favor of modern music. The Winter Con- cert featuring Broadway show tunes drew a good crowd, appre- ciative of the sparkly music. The Colts, Junior High coun- terparts of the Senior Band, spent their practice sessions learning new techniques in preparation for their graduation into the Senior section. They marched at JV Foot- ball games during halftime. After competition in the Music Festival in the early spring, the 1969 season went out to the tune of " Pomp and Circumstance " as the group set the mood for graduating Seniors. Senior High Majorettes. From Left: Teresa Twombly, Cathy Proffitt, Trisha Hopkins, Brenda Twombly. 39 Choir Supplies Brigadoon Cast " Always on the go, " are the only words that can describe the various choirs and choruses. The Ninth-Tenth Grade Choirs ' calen- dar was filled with assemblies, a musical, and a lot of practice for the District I VMEA All-Regional Chorus Competition. The choir al- so hosted the first District IV Junior High Clinic. Members of the Advanced Mixed Chorus kept themselves busy with the production of two musicals this year. They also added participation in the SCA Electives Fair to their busy docket. A select group of vocalists joined the ranks of the Readers ' Ensemble. The girls dressed in black, floor-l ength skirts while male members made the scene in black suits and vests. Their smart appearance and undeniable talent made their performances in local churches, hospitals, schools, and community projects successful. RICHARD HOWELL M.M., Westminster Choir College. Vocal Music. Modern Music. Modern Music Masters, Reader ' s Ensemble Sponsor. Senior High Choir. From Left, Front Row: Nora Martin, Patti Singleton, Jeannie Martin, Lynn Muilenburg, Linda Gilley, Martha Grim, Lynn Grove, Diane Alleman, Wanda Elam, Rena Trexler, Kate McDowell, Bette McCarthy, Sue Thompson, Debbie McMillen, Debbie Yeary. Second Row: Wanda Keyser, Rory McBroom, Wayne Coates, Van Rouse, Pat Herman, Tom Alexander, Pret Block, Charlie Momsen, Wayne Locke, Rodney Culbertson, Alan Stack, Earl Houseman, Chris Newman, George Cotner, Jim Davis, Ron Hoke, Karen Stein, Jack Herndon. Back Row: Mac Scott, Lynn Hammond, Colleen Lynch, Sharon Sebastian, Susan Leigh, Debbie Blystone, Janine Chevalier, Candy Siler, Cathy Crane, Linda Fernald, Julie Pitsnogle, Ann -Perry, Maria Mazzie, Lynn Westmore- land, Lisa Drummond, Mary Frederick, Dan Vines, Don Vines. 40 City Lauds Choir for Service Ninth and Tenth Grade Choir. From Left, Front Row: Nancy Hall, Susan Tapper, Nancy Curt, Debbie Miller, Teresa Twombly, Janice Tanner, Brenda Twombly, Vicki Boyd. Second Row: Laura Avery, Barbara Ferguson, Shirley Jackson, Barbara Check- noff, Jessie Miers, Robert Waring, Ralph de los Reyes, Will Hubben, Bob Good, Bill Essig, Wendy Strachan, Linda Taylor, Sandy Jones, Janice King. Back Row: Charlene Beethoven, Sue Lemon, Ann Wells, Page Fraley, Joanne Johnston, Tom Walls, Fred Norman, Paul Eskildsen, David Manning, Keith Thackery, Janet Alexander, Robin Dibble, Sheila Jones. Readers ' Ensemble, From Left, Front Row: Jack Herndon, Karen Stein, Don Vines, Wanda Keyser. Back Row: Dan Vines, Candy Siler, Mac Scott, Debbie Blystone, Wayne Coates, Rory McBroom, Fred Norman. 41 How Much Music Can A Modern Eighth Grade Choir. 1. Keith Calamen, 2. Debbie Wood, 3. Harriet Morse, 4. Terry Lambert, 5. Terri Houtz, 6. Pat Bkystone, 7. Joyce Wyncoop, 8. Pam Millan, 9. Jim Singleton, 10. Don Faith, 11. Vivian Shreve, 12. Kim Perry, 13. Mary Beth Betts, 14. Nancy Nicholas, 15. Anne Dexter, 16. Emile Papanicolas, 17. Nancy Addison, 18. Patti Macomber, 19. Eve Strait, 20. Mimi Renick, 21. Susan Cumbey, 22. Priss Edwards, 23. Margaret Karnis, 24. Devra Bailey, 25. Laurie Briggs, 26. Debbie Brown, 27. Bryce Robertson. Seventh Grade Choir. From left. Front Row: Kim Coolidge, Gloria Goff, Gabrielle Weetman, Jane Hammer, Erica Herfindahl, Kitty Porter, Marjorie Renick, Joany Harris, Ann Yoshihashi, Jocelyn Francis, Marc Terman, Steve Miller, Johnn Walls, Doug Jackman, Billy Lindsey. Second Row: Drew Rider, Jackie Grey, Belva Compher, Angela Jordon, Debbie Holcomb, Tracy Houtz, Linda Powell, Debbie Smoot, Bobby Chew, Carol Wright, Steve Strub. Back Row: Ann Waring, Kathy Litten, Peggy Travino, Anna Earman, Melba Johnson, Patti Sirk, Mary Larson, Janice Hughes, Sharon Willcock, Theresa Rothmier, Linda Johnson, Julia Herrick, John McBee, Tom Williams, Bruce Chase. 42 Vlusic Master Master ? Tri-M. From Left, Front Row: Joanne Johnston, Laura Avery, Barbara Troy, President; Laurie Hilliker, Barbara Mahhatfey. Second Row: Caroline Baum, Gail LaBaugh, Debbie Blystone, Secretary; Candy Siler, Victor Rutgers. Not pictured : Dan Vines, Vice-President. A honorary music society, the Tri-AA is composed of full and ap- prentice members selected through rigorous auditions. The members do their best to encour- age interest and appreciation for this branch of fine arts. Tri-AA members spent much of their time this year in setting up a regional Tri-AA organization. A Tri-AA Newsletter was established in hopes of increasing communi- cation with area Tri-AA clubs. It was a year of innovations and new concerns for AAodern AAusic AAasters. While upperclass musicians busied themselves with Tri-AA ac- tivities, " AAini AAusic AAasters 7 or the Seventh-Eighth Grade Choirs, busied themselves with learning music fundamentals. In hopes of making progress the boys and girls held separate classes; ap- parently this psychology worked because the young singers showed signs of prospective talents with their pre-school Christmas carols, assemblies and elementary school programs. Debbie Blystone tries her hand at conducting the Ninth and Tenth Grade Choir. 43 P.E. Builds Strong Bodies Twelve Ways Dedicated to turning out well- rounded students, the four gym instructors (one of them new) counted laps, measured leaps, and taught driving theory. Besides being in charge of the school- body ' s physical fitness, the P.E. Department coached most of the various Mustang teams including our charming cheerleaders. JOHNNY GAMBILL M.A., Middle Tennessee State University. Physical Education. Monogram Club Sponsor, Head Football Coach, Assistant Baseball Coach. New athletic director, Jim Raines, whips the Mustangs into shape during a sum- JIM RAINES mer practice. B.S., Concord College; M.A., West Virginia. Physical Education. Athletic Director, Assist- ant Football Coach, Head Varsity Basketball Coach. 44 State Requires Drivers ' Training i ' M MABEL BRADD B.S., Radford College. Physical Education. Janet Masters, practicing for those always inevitable skill tests. MARJORIE HUMPREYS B.S., University of New Hampshire; M. Ed., Eastern Michigan University. Physical Education. Cheerleading Sponsor 45 CHARLOTTE HAGEN Library Secretary MILDRED DALTON B.A., George Washington University; Madison Col- lege. NANCY DePASQUALE B.A., Shepard College. Office Secretaries. From Left, Seated: Lucy York. Standing: Esther Kraft, Terry Donnelly, Annabelle Stafford. 46 Cafeteria Staff. Ann Clark, Avon Lee, Gladys Layman, Wilda Beitle, Alice Fischer, Natalie Lazarz. FELICIA BULKA School Nurse Custodial Staff. From Left, Front Row: Ernest Lowery, Jessie O ' Neal, Fran- ces Drew, Philip Read. Back Row: Lin- wood Alexander, Louis Aylor, Henry Penny. 47 48 SCA 50 NHS 53 Key Club 54 Keyettes 56 Hi-Y 58 Tri-Hi-Y 59 Future Nurses 60 Future Teachers . ... 61 Wilderness Society . . 62 Chess Club 62 Flying Club 63 MUSTANG 64 49 Increased Social Consciousness Marks From Left, Front Row: Mrs. Wilson, sponsor; Robin Dibble, Rhonda Bost, Rae Tanner, Dennis Chevalier, Barbara Brittain, Dolly Hass. Second Row: Stephanie Line, Jeannie Martin, Sarah Stanley, Doug Moore, Gaye Goetz, Kinsley Morse, Randy Sim- mons, Ann Yoshihashi. Third Row: Page Fraley, Chris Terman, Sue Thompson, Reeny Chapman, James Rackowski, Pat Her- man, Mark Greenberg. Back Row: Lin Lemon, Mac Scott, Priscilla Tackney, Colleen Lynch, Steve Zlotnick, Robert Waring, Andy Schwind, Susie Ames, Ellen Smartt. Seated: Dennis Chevalier, President; Rae Tanner, Vice- President; Standing: Robin Dibble, Second Vice-President; Barbara Brittain, Treasurer; Rhonda Bost, Corresponding Secretary; Dolly Hass, Recording Secretary. The Student Council Association is dedicated to establishing a uniform sys- tem of governing student activities. Once they managed to get everybody gathered around (most of the legislation concerned attendance), they performed several worthy projects. Starting off with a Welcome Tea and dance the SCA proceeded to make itself indispensable by organizing and running announcements, elections, a forum on student-police relations, and rooters ' buses. Various other services rendered included daily flag raising, operation of the Lost and Found, and coordination of the bulletin boards. The council ' s good works extended to the cafeteria where a stroke of SCA genius provided pretty, but pungent plastic tablecloths, and monitors, to control the feeding Mustang herd. In order to make the school even more charming, the second annual Christmas Contest was won by the Freshmen, and the Student Square was landscaped. To prevent the student body from be- coming totally immersed in the world of school affairs, the SCA did its best to broaden our collective political mind by running a mock presidential election. Busy Year for Student Government The Club Presidents co-operated to stage the Club Tea. From Left, Seated: Debbie McMillen, Carol Ogilvie, Ellen Smartt, Kathy Crane, Marianne McGlynn, Janie Pope. Standing: Pat Herman, Anne Peret, Claire Hastie, Lin Lemon, Gini Bonnell, John Cruise. Each Homeroom elected a Representative. From Left, Front Row: Billy Martin, Susan Miller, Sharon Willcock, David Bailey, Tim Malone. Second Row: Debra Lovings, Mary Karnis, Stephanie Line, Julia Hollandsworth, Suzanne DuPont. Third Row: Anne Gerard, Jane Jeter, Jeannie Lacy, Claire Hastie, Bette McCarthy, Linda Lindahl, Liz Hoffman. Fourth Row: Meg Scott, Sue Lemon, Karen Daniel, James Rackowski, Mike Lacy, Dennis Tracz. Back Row: Butch Pierce, Dennis Chevalier. 51 SC A Guides " Ship of School ' ' New students socialize at the Welcome Tea. " How long is this meeting going to last? " Chief Wheeler answers questions at Student-Police Relations Forum. Wanda Keyser and Wayne Coates paint " A Charlie Brown Christmas " for SCA decorations contest. Snoopy makes his entrance at SCA Welcome Dance, " This is your School, Charlie Brown. " 52 NHS Hosts District Convention IF i f , M % Mi 1 BBT ‘fr- m ' W ' !0 ' “| Krivkflfe- ' ' ■ a T . . r . i ?W. ' M til. -v JUT ml i i - j r4 p rtjgBj 1 niu|H a r f From Left, Front Row: Mrs. Wilson, Sponsor; Rhonda Bost, Treasurer; Rae Tanner, Secretary; Rory McBroom, President; Barbara Troy, Vice-president. Second Row: Sue Thompson, Kinsley Morse, Debbie McMillen, Gail Clinton, Robin Cruise, Janie Pope, Carol Ogilvie. Third Row: Chris Terman, Craig Medak, Gail LaBaugh, Kathy Crane, Marianne McGlynn, Jean Elam, Candy Siler, Kevin Burns, Dolly Hass. Back Row: Brian Gendreau, Mark Greenberg, Glenn Harcourt, George Churchill, Lin Lemon, Mark Tosti, Laurus Newby, Jeff Hobson. Not pictured: Dennis Chevalier, Suzanne DuPont, Priscilla Tackney, John Cruise, Jeff Lundy, Susie Ames, Mary Oltman. Kinsley Morse, Priscilla Tackney and George Churchill light the way to a rewarding year. After fall replenishing of its ranks with a large number of new scholars, the National Honor Society fell into its pattern of infrequent meetings and quar- terly crises — " My A in English will balance out my C in . . An organization rewarding leader- ship, scholarship, character, and serv- ice, the Society converted its members into gracious hosts for the Annual Dis- trict Convention. Forty area schools sent their representatives to convene under the theme " Dedication to Individ- uality " for a day of viewpoint trading and guest speakers. Seniors find that hard work pays off. Service Provides Key to the Future From Left, Front Row: Wayne Coates, Secretary; Lin Lemon, President; Dennis Chevalier, Vice-president; Pat Herman, Treasurer. Second Row: David Manning, Chris Terman, Tony Carroll, Paul Karnis, Mark Greenberg, Eric Yoshihashi. Back Row: Jack Herndon, Fred Crabill, Wendell Byrd, Dave Sanford, Victor Rutgers, Jim Anderson. Lin Lemon and Debbie McMillen preside over a joint Key Club- Keyette meeting. Key Clubbers were to be found everywhere this year. Pa rk- ing cars . . . UNICEF . . . ALSAC . . . March of Dimes . . . Christ- mas caroling . . . decorating the teacher ' s room . . . Salvation Army Christmas Bureau were among the projects undertaken by the club. Teacher recognition day, a first, was started, along with a basketball game with the Hi-Y. Car rally, a hundred miles in the rain? Will " Mustang Sally " ever stand? Developing leaders and serv- ing were the aims again this year of the High School affiliate of the Kiwanis Club, with President Lin Lemon and sponsor Mr. Greg Williams directing the way. 54 Postponements Heighten Rally Suspense Key Clubbers enjoy punch at a party after an evening of Christmas Caroling. Key Club members listen intently at an afternoon meeting as they try to plan a car rally. 55 Active Membership Fuels Key ette Drive Front Row: Debbie McMillen, President; Kathy Crane, Vice-President; Rae Tanner, Treasurer; Suzanne DuPont, Junior Repre- sentative; Janine Chevalier, Corresponding Secretary; Janie Pope, Recording Secretary; Sue Thompson, Senior Representative; Susie Ames, Historian; Carol Ogilvie, Chaplain. Second Row: Louise Thompson, Kinsley Morse, Connie Rackowski, Sarah Stan- ley, Robin Cruise, Dianne Head, Ann Katen, Susie Gendreau, Marianne McGlynn, Rhonda Bost, Debbie Wiencek, Brenda Schu- mann. Third Row: Suzanne Hollandsworth, Meg Scott, Lynn Muilenberg, Laurie Hilliker, Barbara Mahaffey, Candy Siler, Car- oline Baum, Jean Elam, Kathy Wood, Sheila Jones, Ellen Smartt. Like the proverbial ants- nest, this group is always seeth- ing with activity. Busily develop- ing initiative and leadership, they make a point ot serving the school and community. The Keyettes have contributed s uch valuable services as mending the mashed Mason mascot, shining the mus- tang shoes and raising the tlag at football games. A good deal of the mimeographed material distrib- uted by our peerless pedagogues has been prepared by the nimble fingered typists. They have brought Thanks- giving favors to meal trays of White Hall, crepe paper and Christmas cheer to the teacher ' s lounge and assistance for parents at Back-To-School Night. Also thanks to the Keyettes the tro- phies were polished, the Salvation Army ' s stockings were stuffed and their Thanksgiving baskets filled, and the Christmas Bureau was staffed. They also collected for ALSAC and UNICEF. Not content to let this im- pressive list stand at that, they proceeded to carol during the Christmas holidays, and provide well qualified tutors for the Fair- fax Community Action Program. to Serve School and Community Chief decorator, Susie Ames, displays her talent in the teacher ' s room. There ' s got to be a genie in one of these trophies if we rub hard enough. " You mean nobody brought a car! How are we going to get home when we ' re through Christmas caroling? " Debbie McMillen and Meg Scott horse around while getting Mustang Sally ready for the game. Membership Drive Nets New Hi-Y ' ers Picking up initiates along the way, the George Mason Hi-Y Club, part of the vast YMCA, fulfilled its portion of international goals. Early in the year, the group (headed by Charlie Newland and Frank King) jointly collected for UNICEF with GM ' s other serv- ice groups, and bagged $167.67. Each quarter, the boys could be spied dragging trash cans underneath the bleachers and crumpling up Hot-Shoppes refuse on the front lawn, in their efforts to clean up the school grounds. The Club took time out from school and community services to battle the Key Club on the bas- ketball courts, highlighting the game with their antics. The activities of 1968-69 created a strong, efficient Hi-Y that its heirs will be proud of. From Left, Front Row: Ray Rollins, Treasurer; Charles Newland, President; Frank King, Vice- President. Second Row: Ed Humphreys, Sergeant- at-Arms; Benn Deans, Historian; Terry Wheeler, Chaplain; Tom Rackowski, Secretary. Third Row: Mike Ellis, Billy Martin, Jim Davis, Steve Larri- vee, Robert Smith. Fourth Row: Scott Cline, Al Davis, Mike Rick, Gary Johnson, Maurice Gordon. Back Row: Fred Watson, Jim Thur, Chuck Stick- ney. Butch Pierce, Ritchie Buschow. 58 Charlie Newland recruits new Hi-Y members. Expansion Invigorat es Tri-Hi-Y The George Mason Branch of the international Tri-Hi-Y Club, benefitting by the sponsorship of Mrs. Ashby and the leadership of Judy Parsons, has coordinated their purpose of maintaining high standards of Christian character with the accomplishment of var- ious services. Summer meetings, and a pre- September membership drive boosted sagging spirits, increased membership from five to twenty- seven, and created a fervent and organized club. Prior to induction into the local Tri-Hi-Y chapter, the group held a bakesale, a slumber party, constructed car-signs for Home- coming festivities, UNICEFed, and raised $50 with a mint sale. The club was formally linked with the local YMCA in mid-December, and continued their projects — a Pep Rally skit, and coke sales at basketball games. From Left, Front Row: Wanda Keyser, Elizabeth Stanley, Cindy Bzdek, Laura Brandt. Second Row: Ann Perry, Colleen Lynch, Carol Cooke, Judy Bradley. Third Row: Gaye Goetz, Priss Tackney, Brenda Schumann, Barbara Charlesworth. Fourth Row: Mary Prender, Reeny Chapman, Stephanie Line, Meredith Huchins, Anne Newton. Fifth Row: Juanita Lawhorn. Sixth Row: Judy Parsons, Presi- dent. Seventh Row: Claudia Dewhurst, Secretary; Julia Hollandsworth, Vice-President. Eighth Row: Lisa Drummond, Lynn Muilenburg, Treasurer; Helen Cooksey, Chaplain; Mrs. Ashby, sponsor. Back Row: Belinda Schumann, Historian. Tri-Hi-Y members are inducted at can- dlelight ceremony. 59 Rigorous Careers A wait Active Future Nurses of America. From Left, Front Row: Nancy Miller, Secretary; Barbara Brittain, Treasurer; Laura Brandt, Vice-President; Dianne Head, Historian. Second Row: Linda Lindahl, Kathy Kenny, Mary Seal, Monica Ingley, Kathy Kane. Third Row: Cathy Burrell, Mrs. Baldwin, Sponsor; Charlene Beethoven, Barbara Charlesworth. President Barbara Gibson tells about FN A at the Club Tea. FNA Promotes Health The FNA, composed of aspiring F. Nightengales and C. Bartons, does its best to encourage its members ' interest in nursing as a career through aiding the community. They do a commendable job, performing kind services right and left for the very old and the very young throughout the area. The Future Nurses held a stuffed animal drive for Fairfax Hospital; toured Fairfax Hospital; helped to train a child with Cerebral Palsy; organized an Easter Egg Hunt for retarded children and visited area nursing homes. FTA Aids Teachers The FTA runs a babysitting service for PTA members and served refresh- ments at Back-to-School Night. The Roa- noke Convention was the high point of December. They encouraged College Board takers with a between-tests bake sale. The speakers they have listened to include a Peace Corpsman, the Stuckeys, and a member of the Montessori program. From the Pot Luck Supper inductions to the banana split party this is one of the most energetic groups in GM. Is it pos- sible that the teachers we know and love were once like them? 60 Future Teachers and Nurses Future Teachers. From Left, Front Row: Debbie Ferguson, Secretary; Jean Elam, Historian; Kate McDowell, Treasurer; Carol Ogilvie, President; Debbie McMillen, Vice-President; Louise Thompson, Chaplain. Second Row: Dianne Head, Sheila Jones, Susie Gendreau, Chris Dailey, Susan Thompson, Brenda Schumann, Karen Stein, Sally Dill. Back Row: Reeny Chapman, Candy Siler, Janine Chevalier, Ann Perry, Kathy Wood, Jackie Jackman, Debbie Blystone. 3130 Club Roster Expands with The George Mason Wilderness Society. From Left, Front Row: Nicky Nicholas, Reeny Chapman, Ann Crane, Debbie Mattson, Bruce Chase, Jeanne Lacy, Barbara Hamlin. Second Row: Terry Brennen, Stephanie Line, Liz Hoffman, Jeannie Martin, Susie Ames, Kathy Crane, Julie Hubben, Frank Gordon, Frank Avery. Third Row: Susan Leigh, Steve Ripley, Owen Baynham, Mark Tosti, Jeff Strait, Billy Martin, John Shell, Mike Burke, Mike Grant, Robert Waring. Back Row: Mr. Adcock, Sponsor, George Churchill, Historian; Henry Hubben, President; Julie Hollandsworth, Vice-President; Sue Griffith, Sec.-Treas.; Mrs. Stuckey, Sponsor. Call of the Wild K +-QB 3: Chess Club in The Wilderness Society was initiated this year as another GAA first. The Society held well-at- tended sessions in the dreary pre- school hours every Wednesday to inform club members of the con- stantly changing expedition plans. If a Society member is active, it means he is literally very much so. Cavorting over, under, and about the local countryside is sometimes uncomfortable and often exhausting, but never boring. Rappeling down the side of a 75 foot cliff with only a rope around your waist just does not encourage drowsiness. Neither does a ride in the back of the Stuckey truck. Skiing, skating, hiking, moun- tain climbing, spelunking, or camping, not to mention pros- pecting and having hilarious snow- ball wars, were involved in the Society ' s adventures. Hunched defensively over sixteen tiny men, castles, and horses, the Chess Club members battle wits and pawn off insults onto each other twice a month. Led by Kevin Burns, and coached by Mr. Comber, the club spends from 45 to 120 ' minutes on intra-team competition each meeting, and occasionally the same on inter-school matches. Uniquely, the Chess Team membership roll spans six grades; the ladder rating system plays no favorites by age in de- termining the top five " Boards. " 62 Addition of Flyers, Outdoorsmen The Flying Club. From Left, Front Row: Reeny Chapman, Kathy Kenny, Pat Singleton. Second Row: Lance McCracken, Mike Burk. Third Row: Nicky Nicholas, Brian Rusterholtz, Bill Marsh, Richard Warren. Area Competition ■°m Left: Mark Tosti, Richard Warren, Bob Campbell, Chris Terman, ' ic Yoshihashi, Ben Scott, Kevin Burns, President; Mr. Comber, Sponsor. Flying Club Lays Ground Work Arriving concurrently with Mrs. Johnson, the innovative fly- ing club spent its tirst year trying to get off the ground. ' Although spacious plans were spawned (among them attendance at ground school, and a group sky-voyage) they were not all achieved, due to shaky organiza- tion and failure to procure loan of an air vehicle. Nonetheless, spirits remained high, the club brought its goals down from the clouds a bit, and, muttering, " Curse you, Red Bar- on, " set their sights on 1970. 63 Fresh Format Enhances Mustang Image From Left, Front Row: An Larson, Copy Editor; Gail Clinton, Production Editor; Suzanne DuPont, Underclass Editor; Debbie McMillen, Organizations Editor. Second Row: Jack Herndon, Ads Co-editor; Pete Fredenburg, Assistant Features Editor; Craig Medak, Features Editor; Wendell Byrd, Sales Editor, John Cruise, Sports Editor; Lin Lemon, Assistant Sports Editor, Dave Sanford, Ads Co-editor; Glenn Harcourt, Headlines Editor; Third Row: Fred Crabill, Business Manager; Kathy Wood, Assistant Organizations Editor; Laura Brandt, Index Editor; DeeDee Baynham, Assistant Underclass Editor; Dolly Hass, Cur- riculum Editor; Mary Oltman, Senior Section Editor; Robin Cruise, Editor-in-Chief. This year the yearbook staff fell into place with a new acquisition . . . experi- ence. Members of last year ' s staff cou- rageously returned to assume new posi- tio ns as editors. Two-thirty was set aside as Mustang period; the Mustang Choir provided en- tertainment with the " Instrument Song " while the more industrious compiled lay- outs and developed pictures. The Physics lab was unfortunately designated as the Mustang sanctuary, and consequently, Butch was constantly sleeping in the hood, while H 2 0 flowed. Spilled cokes and quick tempers characterized the early Saturday morning get-togethers; in between trips to Hot Shoppes and general gab-sessions, a little work was accomplished. However, it was the last minute bj;ain storms and the night-before-deadline dedication that saw the creation of MUSTANG ' 69. Occasional visits from the mad-math- master terrified the staff — 400 alphabet- ized receipts were once tossed into the air — and also provided opportunity to re- taliate for her practical jokes. As deadlines approached, the motto became " Be a little less creative and work a little faster. " Each individual buckled down to serious work and the yearbook started to fall together. Inno- vations in the cover and style were suc- cessful in making MUSTANG 1969 an original annual. Work Sessions Lively , Often Productive “Mrs. Hanley, do you think maybe I can go home for one Robin and Mary pause from singing " The Instrument Song " to work while day during Christmas vacation? " Phog Ed (Photography Mrs. Hanley looks on. Editor) Joe Driver pleads for his release. The Staff. From Left, Front Row: Dianne Head, Sue Lindahl. Second Row: Ann Perry, Jean Elam, Fred Norman, Ralph de los Reyes. Third Row: Betty Wurz, Judy Parsons, Butch Pierce, Mary Karnis. Fourth Row: Judy Bradley, Gaye Goetz, Colleen Lynch, Maurice Gordon. Fifth Row: Lynn Grove, Terry Thomp- son, Reeny Chapman, Carol Gray, Gayle Waitzfelder, Janet Harding. Back Row: Ann Katen, Dennis Chevalier, Chuck Stickney, Betty Eckert, Robbie Keeler. 65 66 67 Senior Class Senior Class Officers, From left: Candy Siler, Treasurer; Lin Lemon, Representative; Malcolm Scott, President; Mark Tosti, Vice-President; Gini Bonnell, Secretary. Class of ' 69, last survivors of a decade that will not be forgotton — arriving the same year as the gym floor and team-teaching wing: chugging along with Doug and Tug in ' 63; bomb scares in ' 64; new, firmer policies in ' 65. Who will remember the grotesque pile of painted gourds and fruit on the caf- eteria wall; the non-acoustic stage (and gum-coated balconies) where we romped through " The Mikado " and " H.M.S. Pinafore " ? Who will recall sockless boys with madras shirts, and girls in saddle shoes and crew-socks; Ber- muda Day; bi-weekly trips to the language lab; Mr. Bucklin ' s Glum Bubble-Gum Chums; Biology and worm dissection — " Count thirteen segments and slice. " Who will remember school dis- missal at 2:30? at 3:00? at 3:30? a Hootenanny and " Mountain Dew " ; the Roaches, the Electras, Ye Baye Rums, and sock-hops where you im- itated the in-crowd; Science Fairs and alcholic rats; " A Night in New York " ; becoming eligible for honor societies, but not making it; Alison; Psychotic Dimensions; selling Beat Signs; trading in your gym suit for government with the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Who can forget Scarborough Fair and 200 empty Kleenex boxes; Raili, Santi; the innovative Mother ' s Brothers Drop-In with George, Steve and " Alice " ; a subdued throng gath- ering on the front lawn to pay trib- ute to a lost leader; final exams as Juniors, nerves stilled by rumors of another assassination. Then long summer nights punc- tuated with PTA blacktop dances; and the side-burned, sun-tanned amalgamate that returned in Sep- tember as the Class of ' 69; the new privilege of independent study (a trip to-Hot Shoppes); switching Eng- lish teachers and nervously studying Satan, thumbing through " Man and Superman, " and analyzing Carson McCuller; ransacking the college reference shelf or playing college; Victor; YAC and gripe-sessions; 1 trips to the pool tables at the CC; the " marahuana movie " ; stomping through the swamp with Blue Fox and the Cobblestone Rat Pack? Who will forget a class of dis- tinct individuals each doing his own thing; silent expectations for late- March - or - early - April; wistful glances at the towering new addi- tion; a trip up the steps and down with your future in your hand . . . Class of ' 69 locks up the memories of a decade. 68 k Welcome Tea Dispels Inhibitions LOIS KAY ADDISON DOUGLAS F. ALBRECHT RONALDMAUGHAN ALLAN DIANE ALLEMAN JAMES TROY ANDERSON MARY HELEN BAILEY CAROLINE ALICE BAUM BARBARA ANN BEST TONY CARROLL — caught in the act. 69 Majority of Class Receives Privileges CHRISTINE ANN BOGGS VIRGINIA FRY BONNELL RHONDA MARCELLE BOST NANCY LEE BRADFORD LAURA JEAN BRANDT CATHY LUCILLE BURRELL CYNTHIA FAYE BZDEK ANDRE PAUL CAIN 70 of ndependent Study , Leaving Campus Pablo Velazco and Norris Soles: Friendship ' south of the border. MARK STEVEN COMER ROBERT LEE COMPHER KATHRYN ANNE CONOVER GEORGE ROBERT COTNER R. FREDERICK CRABILL KATHLEEN CRANE JOHN ROBERT CRUISE ROBERTA ANN CRUISE 71 Class Hootenanny Incorporates ALBERT GRIEG DAVIS SALLY LOUISE DILL W. JOSEPH DRIVER JR. ELISSA DRUMMOND EVA JEAN ELAM DEBRAANN FERGUSON LINDA JEAN FERNALD ADR I EN N E F I FER Senior Class Officers explore new heights] 72 • 1 1 Potpourri of Student Talents RONALD JAMES FISCHER a MARY EVELYN FLOYD CHARLES F. GARHART BRIAN CHARLES GENDREAU BARBARA LOUISE GIBSON SANDRA SUE GIBSON LISA MICHELLE GORE MICHAEL ARTHUR GRANT 73 Seniors ' Harvest Moon , Fall SUSAN MACB. GRIFFITH MARTHA ANN GRIM STEPHEN L. HARRISON CLAIRE LUTRELL H ASTI E DIANNE LOUISE HEAD JAMES EDWARD HERNDON ANTHONY GERARD HERRON DOUGLAS BURKE HERTZ LAURIE ANN HILLIKER RONALD CLAUDE HOKE Mark Tosti and dripping umbrella escort Maid of Honor Gini Bonnell to half-time festivities. Decorations , Create " Enchanted Autumn ' ’ CHARLESW. HOLZHAUER WILLIAM A. HORSTKAMP MARJORIE ANN HOWARD SANDRA LEA HOWELL HENRY RUHL HUBBEN MARY ELLEN HUGHES JOHN G. HUNDLEY III DOUGLAS ALAN JENKINS Sue Lindahl, Lisa Drummond, and Cindy Bzdek assemble Homecoming ' s harvest moon. 75 Practice, Hefty Line-Up, Talismans PAULETTE MARIE K ANODE MICHAELOWEN KARNIS ANN ROSE KATEN ROBERT WILLIAM KEELER GLENN ALLISON KIGHT FRANK HOWARD KING MICHAEL F. KINKEAD JR. Lynn Muilenburg, Kathy Conover, Gina Warner, Larry Tur- ner, and Dan Vines exchange tasty conversation in lieu of food. CAROL ANN KIRBY JUANITA ANN LAWHORN WILLIAM MITCHELL KOHN SHARON LOUISE LAWLESS Senior Powderpuffers. of Powderpuff Football Victory Senior slump strikes stands. JOHN BLISS LEAVITT ROY LINWOOD LEMON SUSAN BE A LEIGH MICHAEL ARTHUR LENNON V fM WSa SUSAN G. LINDAHL COLLEEN LYDEN ANNE KATHLEEN LYONS NORA ANNE MARTIN DONALD ST. C. MATHESON MARIA MON 1C A MAZZI E Renee Clinton beats the crowd to the punch at Alumni Tea. Scholastic Seniors Rate Advanced RORY KATHLEEN MCBROOM KATE LUCETTA MCDOWELL DEBORAH LYNN MCMILLEN Laurie Hilliker, connoisseur of fine foods. LINDA KATHERINE MOWITT CHARLES HUGH NEWLAND LAURUS ROBERTSON NEWBY CLARE THERESA NUGENT Rory McBroom assembles Senior Christmas. 78 Placement in Calculus, Chemistry CAROL RUTH OGILVIE CATHERINE ANNE OWEN MARY ELIZABETH OLTMAN EDWARD JAMES PARNELL Lin Lemon, at home in Mrs. Hanley ' s office. KENNETH EARL POTTER THOMAS C. RACKOWSKI MICHAEL PATRICK RICK Caroline Baum sandwiches in a little bookworming. 79 Yuletide Seniors Brighten STEPHEN S. RIPLEY JR. RAY DAVID ROLLINS JR. PAULA BELLE ROSE CATHERINE LOUISE ROUSE VICTOR HENRI RUTGERS ROBIN VIRGINIA SANDFORD DAVIDCLARE SANFORD JOHN ALBERT SARLES BRENDA DORIS SCHUMANN JAMES A. SCHWIND III Dave “Atlas " Sanford prepares to launch his pumpkin. Library Lobby with Decorations Diane Alleman and Donna Yelverton contemplate politics with Mr. Williams. CANDACE ANN SILER ELIZABETH ANNE SITTON ROBERT BRYANT SMITH TERENCE JOSEPH STRUB LENOREASIRK ELLEN DOUGLAS SMARTT NORYS SOLES RAE JEAN TANNER 81 Seniors Rank as District NHS CHRISTOPHER JAY TERMAN SUSAN MARIE THOMPSON LOUIS MARK TOSTI BARBARA JEAN TROY Rhonda Bost achieves " Vera animi magnitudo. " LARRY KING TURNER SARAH VICKERS VAN NEMAN PABLO VELASCO DANIEL VINES Officers , Outstanding Citizens Phil Jones, a portrait of the artist as a young man. REGINA MARY WARNER TERRY LEE WHEELER BARBARA ANN WATKINS ABBIE CARROLL WILSON ZANDRA MAE WOLFREY DORIS A. WOODWARD JAN ET MAR Y WOOLSE Y DONNA JOY YELVERTON 83 Netherlands Import: Victor Rutgers Smiling shyly over his flute, or terrorizing the soccer field, Victor was a welcome additon to the Senior class and to the school. With a surprising command over American-English, Victor evoked jealousy in Speech Class with his entertaining, thoughtful commentaries. He also surprised the Driver ' s, his American fam- ily, by nonchalantly tucking away mammoth steaks, and mixing up his words now and then. Victor spent his year adding dry wit to the LASSO, ransacking the dark room for Joe, working for AFS, or espousing: on American girls — " very nice, better than Europeans " ; in praise of U.S. in- formality; or on Dutch beer and drinking — " you can do it without being looked at. " As Victor says, his aim this year was to establish good rela- tions with Americans. Congratu- lations on a job well done. 84 - Senior Directory LOIS ADDISON: French Honor Society 2,3,4; French Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2; Academic Achievement 1,3. DIANE ALLEMAN: Span- ish Honor Society 4; Senior Announcement Comm. 4; ' ' Brigadoon " 4. JIM ANDERSON: Mono- gram Club 3, Vice-Pres. 4; Key Club 4; Junior Variety Show 1; “South Pacific " 1; Varsity Football 4; Track 3, 4; Most Improved Track Award 3. MARI BAILEY: Spanish Honor Society 1,2,3, Vice- Pres. 4; FHA 1,2,3; Home- coming Comm. 4; Honor Roll 1,2,3. CAROLINE BAUM: Na- tional Honor Society 3; Tri- M 2,3, Sec.-Treas. 4; Key- ettes 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3, Li- brarian 4; Pep Band 1,3,4; IRC 2,3, Treas. 4; Welcome Comm. 4; “Oklahoma " 2; Junior Variety Show 3; “Brigadoon " 4; Intramurals 1; Band Award Letter 2; Band Honor Award Letter 3; All-Regional Band 1, 2,3,4; Wind Ensemble 3; Jr. -Sr. Basketball 3,4. BARBARA BEST: FNA 2, 3; Pep Club 3. DAVID BLAKE: Soccer 1,2, 3,4; Cross Country 4. MARY BLOEBAUM: Tri- Hi-Y 3; Jr. -Sr. Basketball 3. IAN BOASE: Transfer 4, SCA President 1; SCA Rep. 2,3; SCA Teen Council 3; Jr. Cabinet Member 1; National Junior Honor Society 1,2; National Biological Honor Society 2,3; Senior Will Comm. 3; Prom Comm. 3; Welcome Club 3; Folk Con- cert 3; Varsity Football 3; Babe Ruth Baseball 2,3; Most Likely to Succeed 1; International Science Fair Rep. 2; International Edu- cation Fair Rep. 3. Cathy Owen winces at date ' s anec- dotes. Best-AII-Around — Robin and John Cruise. KRIS BOGGS: FHA 2,3, Historian 4; Pep Club 2; Homecoming Comm. 4. GIN I BONNELL: SCA Wel- come Comm. Chairman 4; Freshman Class Vice-Pres- ident; Sophomore Class President; Junior Class Rep- resentative; Senior Class Secretary; Pep Club 1, 2,3,4; Cheerleading Club 1,2, Vice- Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Keyettes 2,3,4; Junior Variety Show 2,3,4; Freshman Homecom- ing Attendant; Most Out- standing Freshman; Most Outstanding Sophomore; Junior Homecoming Attend- ant; Maid-of-Honor Home- coming Court; Alternate to Va. ' s Girls ' State. RHONDA BOST: SCA Pub- licity Chairman 3; SCA Rep. for AFS Workday 4; Cor- responding Secretary 4; Na- tional Honor Society 3; Treas. 4; Keyettes 3,4; TEMPO 2,3; LASSO 4; Jun- ior Variety Show 2; “Car- son ' s Corners " 3; “Every- man " 4; Academic Achieve- ment 1,2,3; Latin Award 1; Outstanding Junior Girl; National Merit Commenda- tion 4. These fourteen class members had always been outstanding, and in January they proved it conclusively with their election as super- lative seniors. Awards were given in eight categories on a basis of contribution to the class and school, upholding high standards, character, and fortitude as exhibited dur- ing the student ' s GM career. The Superlative ranking was awarded in the areas of Leadership, Best All-Around Scholarship, School Spirited, Most Athletic, Most Out- standing Contributor, Witti- est, and Most Talented. At a MUSTANG spon- sored sock-hop, appropriate gifts were presented from the staff, ranging from a first-grade arithmetic book for the Most Scholarly, to plastic whips for the Leaders. 85 Class Elects Super-Seniors MARK COMER: Junior Variety Show 2,3; Football 1,2,3, 4; Track 1,2; Intra- mural Basketball 1,2,3. BOB COMPHER: JV Bas- ketball 1,2; Varsity Basket- ball 3,4. KATHY CONOVER: Pep Club 1,2; FN A 1,2. GEORGE COTNER: Jun- ior Variety Show 2,3; Wres- tling 3; Hootenanny 4. FRED CRABILL: Hi-Y 2, Vice-Pres. 3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Key Club 4; Sweetheart Dance Co-Chair- man 3; Junior Variety Show 2,3,4; JV Football 1; Varsi- ty Football 2,3,4; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; Outstanding Football Player Award 4. KATHY CRANE: Spanish Honor Society 1, 2,3,4; Na- tional Honor Society 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Biology Club Sec. 2; Keyettes 2,3, Vice-Pres. 4; IRC 3, Pres. 4; Wilderness Society 4; Junior Variety Show 2,3; " Brigadoon " 4; Girls ' Track 3; Powderpuff Foot- ball 3,4; Jr. -Sr. Basketball 3,4; Academic Achievement 1,2,3; Outstanding German Student 3; Math Team 4. JOHN CRUISE: Junior Class President; National Honor Society 4; Spanish Honor Society; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Monogram Club 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Key Club 2,3,4; LASSO 3; MUSTANG 2,3,4; Junior Variety Show Best Leaders — Rae Tanner, and Dennis Chevalier LAURA BRANDT: MUS- TANG 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3, 4; FH A 3,4; FN A 1,2,3, Vice-Pres. 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Sweetheart Dance Comm. 3; Prom Comm. 3; Homecom- ing Dance Comm. 4; Junior Variety Show 3; Senior Wel- come Tea Co-Chairman 4. CATHY BURRELL: FNA 4. CINDY BZDECK: Tri-Hi- Y 1,2,4; Pep Club 1,4; FHA 2,3,4; FTA 2,3; Junior Vari- ety Show 3; 1968 Christmas Queen; Homecoming Public- ity Co-Chairman 4; Senior Welcome Tea Co-Chairman. ANTHONY CARROLL: SCA Committee Chairman 4; French National Honor So- ciety 3,4; Key Club 3,4; Jun- ior Variety Show 3; Intra- mural Basketball 1,2. DENNIS CHEVALIER: SCA President 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Sophomore Class Vice- President; Junior Class Treasurer; National Honor Society 3,4; District Nation- al Honor Society Vice-Pres- ident 4; French National Honor Society 2,3; Key Club 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-Pres- ident 4; Junior Variety Show 3; Varsity Track 2; Varsity Basketball 3; Academic Achievement 1,2,3. GEORGE CHURCHILL: Na- tional Honor Society 4; Mountain Climbing Club Historian 4; TEMPO As- sistant Editor 4; Youth Ad- visory Council. RENEE CLINTON: French National Honor Society 3, 4; Prom Co-Chairman 3; Sweetheart Comm. 3; Jun- ior Variety Show 2; " Car- son ' s Corners " 3; Alumni Tea Comm. Chairman. Most School Spirited — Fred Crabill and Claire Hastie. Three Attend Boys ' - G iris ' State Virginia Boys ' State, Girls ' State Representatives: Dennis Chevalier, Robin Cruise, John Cruise. 2,3; JV Basketball 1,2; Var- sity Basketball 3,4; JV Foot- ball 1; Varsity Football 2,3, 4; Tennis 1,2, 3, 4; Harvard Book Club Award 3; " It ' s Academic” 4; Junior Stock- holder 3,4. ROBIN CRUISE: SCA Rep- resentative 1,2; Committee Chairman 4; French Honor Society 1,2, Sec. 3,4; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; District National Honor So- ciety Secretary 4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Pep Club 1,2, Sec. 3,4; Keyettes 2, Chap- lain 3,4; TEMPO 1, As- sistant Editor 3; Tri-Hi-Y 1; MUSTANG 1, Underclass Ed. 3, Editor 4; Junior Va- riety Show Co-Director 3; Prom Comm. 3; Sweetheart Comm. 3; JV Cheerleader 2; Varsity Cheerleader 3, Co-Captain 4; Cheerleading Club Historian 2; Jr. -Sr. Basketball 3,4; Freshman Christmas Dance Attendant; Junior Sweetheart Dance Attendant; Homecoming Queen. AL DAVIS: Monogram Club 3,4; Drama Club 3; Hi- Y 4; JV Football 1; Varsity Football 2,3,4; Varsity Wrestling Captain 3, Co- Captain 4; District 1st 3. SALLY DILL: FTA 3,4. JOE DRIVER: Band 1,2, 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Thes- pians 4; Junior Variety Show Stage Crew 3,4; MUSTANG Photography Editor 4; LAS- SO 1. LISA DRUMMOND: Tri- Hi-Y 3, Chaplain 4; Spanish Club 3, Vice-Pres. 4; IRC 4; Wilderness Society 4; Sweetheart Dance Comm. 3; Prom Comm. 3. JEAN ELAM: Spanish Honor Society 2,3; National Honor Society 4; FTA His- torian 4; FHA 1,2, 3, 4; Key- ettes 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Sweetheart Dance Comm. 3; Heil Hanley! Most Outstanding Contributor — Gini Bonnell. Tosti, Chevalier, Cruise, and Tanner Prom Comm. 3; Homecom- ing Comm. 4; Junior Varie- ty Show 3; " South Pacific " 1; Jr. -Sr. Basketball 3; Powderpuff Football 4, Aca- demic Achievement 1; Choir 1 . DEBBIE FERGUSON: Pep Club 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; FT A 3, Sec. 4; Rep. to FTA Con- vention 4. LINDA FERNALD: Tri- M 4; Drama Club 4; IRC 4; Choir 1,2,3, 4; Band 1,2,3, 4; Pep Band 1,2, 3, 4; Sweet- heart Dance Comm. 3; Prom Comm. 3; Homecoming Dance Comm. 4; Spaghetti Dinner 3; " South Pacific " 1; " Oklahoma " 2; " Briga- doon " 4; " Everyman " 4; Junior Variety Show 3,4; Reader ' s Ensemble 1,2,4; Washington Post Literary Award 3. ADRIENNE FIFER: FN A 1 . CHUCK GARHART: Mon- ogram Club 4; IRC 4; Choir 1,2, 3, 4; Sweetheart Dance Comm. 3; Prom Comm. 3; Homecoming Dance Comm. 4; Varsity Baseball 3,4; Varsity Football 4. BRIAN GENDREAU: Span- ish Honor Society, Pres. 2, 3,4; National Honor Society 4; IRC 3; Debate Club 1,4; Soccer Team 2,3, J.V. Cap- tain 4; Outstanding Spanish Student 3. BARBARA GIBSON: Home- room Rep. 2; FTA 1, 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4; Intramurals 1,2. MIKE GRANT: SCA Bulle- tin Board Comm. 3; Drama Club 3,4; TEMPO 4; Wilder- ness Society 4; " Carson ' s Corners " 3; " Everyman " 4; Tennis 1,2, 3, 4; AFS Workday 4. SUSAN GRIFFITH: Fresh- man Class Treasurer; Wild- erness Society Secretary- Treasurer 4; FNA 2, Jun- ior Variety Show 3; " Car- son ' s Corners " 3; Fresh- man Sweetheart Attendant; LASSO Layout Editor 4. MARTHA GRIM: Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4; FNA 2; LASSO 4; Choir 4. CLAIRE H ASTI E : Pep Club, Historian 1,2,3, Pres. 4; JV Cheerleader 2; Var- sity Cheerleader 4; Sweet- heart Dance Co-Chairman 3; Junior Variety Show 2,3; Sweetheart Dance Attendant 2 . DIANNE HEAD: Keyettes 4; Pep Club 1,2,3, Vice- Most Talented — Phil Jones, Candy Siler. Pres. 4; FH A 2,3,4; FNA 1,2,3; FTA Historian 4; MUSTANG 1,2, 3, 4; Junior Variety Show 3. JACK HERNDON: MUS- TANG Ad-Editor 4; IRC Vice-Pres. 4; Key Club 3,4; Wilderness Society 4; " Ok- lahoma " 3; " Brigadoon " 4; " Carson ' s Corners " 3; Dra- ma Club 2,3, Treasurer 4; Choir 1, 2,3,4; Junior Vari- ety Show 3; Science Fair Honorable Mention 1. TONY HERRON: Wres- tling 3,4; Track 4; National Merit Letter of Commenda- tion 4. LAURIE HILLIKER: Tri- M 4; Keyettes 4; AFS 4; Wilderness Society 4; Pep Band 1; Choir 4; " You Can ' t Take it With You " 3; Vari- ety Show 3; " Brigadoon " 4; Girls ' Chorus Director 3; John Hundley between classes. Band Medal 1; Band Patch 1; Regional Band 1; Band 4. RON HOKE: Monogram Club 2,3,4; Choir 1, 2,3,4; " Oklahoma " 3; " Brigadoon " 4; Cross Country 2,3; Track 1 . GLENDA HOOD: French Honor Society, 1; French Club 1,2,3; FH A 3, Treas. 4; Academic Achievement Night 1. SANDRA HOWELL: Pep Club 1,2. HENRY HUBBEN: Biology Club 1; TEMPO 1,3; Dra- ma Club 2,3,4; Wilderness Society Pres. 4; Soccer 3,4; Tennis 1,2; JV Football 1. MARY HUGHES: Jr. -Sr. Basketball 3; Powderpuff Football 3. JOHN HUNDLEY: Var- sity Soccer 1,2, 3,4; Varsity Track 2,3; Academic Achievement 1; Monogram Club 3,4; Hi-Y 4; Photog- raphy Club 2. Rank as District NHS Officers District National Honor Society Officers: Dennis Chevalier, Vice-President; Rae Tanner, Treasurer; Robin Cruise, Secre- tary; Mark Tosti, President. Most Scholarly — Chris Terman and Rhonda Bost DOUGLAS JENKINS: Jun- ior Class Vice-President; Savants 1; Academic Achievement 2; Biology Club Pres. 2; French Honor So- ciety 2, Treas. 3,4; Youth Council 4. PHIL JONES: Junior Va- riety Show Co-Director 3; LASSO 3; TEMPO 3,4. WAYNE JOREWICZ: Hi- Y 4. PAULETTE KANODE: Pep Club 1,2,3; FTA 1,2; His- torian 3; Public Relations 4; Cheerleading Club 3. MIKE KARNIS: LASSO Printer 4; Certificate of Creditable Participation in No. Va. Science Fair 3; Certificate of Participation from the Washington Junior Academy of Science. ANN KATEN: Spanish Hon- or Society 3,4; Keyettes 2, 3,4; FH A 1,2,3; Secretary 4; Pep Club 4, MUSTANG 3, 4; Junior Variety Show 3; Sweetheart Dance Commit- tee 3; Homecoming Com- mittee 4; Welcome Commit- tee 4. ROBBIE KEELER: Sci- ence Club President 1; Hi-Y 4; LASSO 4; MUSTANG 3, 4; Cross Country 3,4; Track 3,4; Wrestling 3. GLENN KIGHT: Soccer 2,3,4. FRANK KING: Hi-Y 3, Vice-President 4; Mono- gram Club 3,4; Variety Show 3; JV Football 1; Var- sity Football 2,3; Varsity Baseball 2,3; Most Valuable Football Player 3. CAROL KIRBY: FNA 2, FH A 1; Pep Club 2; Sweet- heart Dance Committee 3; ' ' Oklahoma " 2; Powderpuff Football 3; Jr. -Sr. Basket- ball 3. BILL KOHN: Junior Vari- ety Show 3. JUANITA LAWHORN: Tri- Hi-Y 3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Bi- ology Club 1,2; Business Club 3,4; Science Club 1,2; " Oklahoma " 2. SHARON LAWLESS: FNA 1,3; Pep Club 2,3; Sweet- heart Dance Committee 3. JOHN LEAVITT: Drama Club 2,3,4; Tatui 2,3; Wil- derness Society 4; " Murder in a Nunnery " 3; " Carousel " 2; " The King and I " 3; " The Emperor ' s New Clothes " 3; " Everyman " 4; Intramural Basketball 3, Maior Bas- Baseado Award. SUSAN LEIGH: Senior Hootenanny 4; Drama Club 3,4; Wilderness Society 4; " South Pacific " 1; " Okla- homa 2; H.M.S. Pinafore Props Manager 3; " Briga- doon " 4. LIN LEMON: Freshman Class President; Senior Class Representative; Na- tional Honor Society 4; Aca- demic Achievement Night 1, 3,4; MUSTANG 4; Key Club 2,3, President 4; Homecom- ing Dance Committee 4; Sweetheart Dance Commit- tee 3; Prom Committee 3; " Brigadoon " 4; JV Football 1,2; Varsity Football 4; JV Basketball 1,2; Varsity Bas- ketball 3; Varsity Track 2; Boy ' s State Alternate 3; It ' s Academic Alternate 4; Mon- ogram Club 4. Math Team 4. MICHAEL LENNON: Foot- ball 3; Wrestling 3,4. SUSAN LINDAHL: Transfer 4; FHA 1,2,4; Pep Club 1,2, 4; JV Cheerleader 1; Girls ' Basketball 1; Softball 1;2; Volleyball 3. NORA MARTIN: Pep Club 1,2,3; Homecoming Dance Comm. 4; Sweetheart Dance Comm. 3; Prom Comm. 3; Junior Variety Show 3. DON MATHESON: Tennis 2 . RORY MCBROOM: Na- tional Honor Society 2,3, Pres. 4; Thespians 4; LAS- 89 SO 3,4; German Club 1,2; FT A 2,3,4; Senior Hoote- nanny Chm.; Keyettes 4; IRC 4; Drama Club 3,4; Communications Comm. 4; “The Chairs " 3; " Briga- doon " 4; Junior Variety Show 3; " The Night of Jan. 16th " 2; " The Curious Savage " 2; " Everyman " Business Man. 4; DAR Med- al of Excellence in History 3; National Merit Letter of Map devours Malcolm Scott. Commendation 4; Best Dra- matic Performance 3; Aca- demic Achievement 3. KATE MCDOWELL: FT A 3, Treas. 4; Pep Club 4; I RC 4; Choir 3,4. DEBBIE MCMILLEN: Na- tional Honor Society 4; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Club Sec. -Treas. 3, 4; Keyettes 2, Junior Rep., Pres. 4; FTA 2,3, Vice- Pres. 4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; IRC 3, Sec. 4; FHA 1,2, Sec. 3; LASSO 3,4; MUSTANG Organizations Ed. 3,4; Choir 1,4; " South Pacific " 1; Junior Variety Show 3; Jr. -Sr. Basketball 3,4; Academic Achievement 1,2; Baccalaureate Chair- man 3. LEN MICHALOWSKI: Var- sity Football 1,2,4; Track 2,3,4; Second Place District Shot-Put 3. SUSIE MILESON: LASSO 3,4; MUSTANG 3; Drama Club 3; Spaghetti Dinner 3. NANCI MILLER: FNA 3, Sec. 4. LINDA MOWITT: Pep Club 3. LAURUS NEWBY: Na- tional Honor Society 4; SCA 2nd Vice-President 1; French Honor Society 3,4; Math Team 3,4; Track 1,2; Football 3. CHARLES NEWLAND: Hi- Y 2,3, Pres. 4; JV Football 1; JV Basketball 2; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4. CAROL OGILVIE: Na- tional Honor Society 4; Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; LASSO Circulation Ed. 4; IRC 4; FTA 2, Librarian 3, Pres. 4; FHA 1, Treas. 2, Vice-Pres. 3,4; Keyettes 2,3, Chaplain 4; Junior Vari- ety Show 3; Choir 1; " South Pacific " 1; Jr. -Sr. Basket- ball 3,4; Academic Achieve- ment Night 1,2,3; Student Teacher 3. MARY OLTMAN: Junior Class Secretary; National Honor Soci ety 4; Thespians 2,3,4; MUSTANG 2, Ad Ed. Mary Oltman — NCET winner. 3, Senior Ed. 4; TEMPO 2; Drama Club 2, Sec. 3; Pres. 4; Keyettes 3,4; " It Happens Every Summer " 3; Chil- dren ' s Play 2; " Rise and Shine " 2; Student Director " Carson ' s Corners " 3; " He and She " 3; " Every- man " Costumes 4; Junior Variety Show 3; State Dra- ma Competition 2; Best Sup- porting Actress 2; Best Ac- tress 3; Christmas Attend- ant 2; NECT Winner 4. Seven Seniors Win National Wittiest — Butch Pierce, Mary Oltman. 90 Jim Anderson and Laura Brandt " Within a Snowflake. " CATHY OWEN: SCA Treas- urer 3; JV Cheerleader 1, Captain 2; Varsity Cheer- leader 3; Cheerleading Club, Historian 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; FNA 1, Treas. 2; Vice-Pres. 3; Sweetheart Dance Comm. 3; Junior Va- riety Show 2; Intramurals 1, 2; Homecoming Attendant 2. EDWARD PARNELL: Wil- derness Society 4; Drama Club 3,4; Sound Effects 3. BUTCH PIERCE: MUS- TANG 4; Math Team 4; Tennis 1,3,4; JV Football 1; Most Improved Tennis Player 3; Youth Advisory Council. JANIE POPE: National Honor Society 4; Spanish Honor Society 1,2, Sec.- Treas. 3, President 4; Key- ettes 2, Corresponding Sec. 3, Rec. Sec. 4; Spanish Club 2; Pres. 3,4; FHA 3, Vice- Pres. 4; IRC 3,4; Dance Comm. 1,2,3; Junior Vari- ety Show 3; " Brigadoon " 4; Jr. -Sr. Basketball 3,4; Aca- demic Achievement 1,2; AFS Candidate 3; Choir 1; AFS Comm. 3,4. KEN POTTER: Chorus 2,3. TOM RACKOWSKI: Hi- Y, Sec. 4; IRC 4; Band 1,2, Vice-Pres. 3, Treas. 4; Pep Most Athletic — Albert Davis Merit Letters of Commendation Natio nal Merit Letters of Commendation, From Left: Chris Terman, Dennis Chevalier, Rory McBroom, Sue Thompson, Rhonda Bost, Tony Herron. Laurus Newby — Santa ' s little helper. Band 1,2, 3, 4; Junior Variety Show 3; " Everyman " 4; " Brigadoon " 4; All Region- al District Band 2,3. MIKE RICK: Monogram Club 3, Serg.-at-Arms 4; Junior Variety Show 3; Var- sity Football 2,3,4; Track 3,4. STEVE RIPLEY: Band 1, 2,3; Junior Variety Show 3; Wilderness Society 4. RAY ROLLINS: Hi-Y Treas. 4; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4. PAULA ROSE: Junior Variety Show 2,3. CATHI ROUSE: Spanich Honor Society 2; FHA 1,2, 3; Pep Club 2. VICTOR RUTGERS: Tri- M 4; IRC 4; Key Club 4; " Everyman " 4; " Briga- doon " 4; Soccer 4; Tennis 4; AFS Student 4. ROBIN SANDFORD: FNA 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1, Junior Vari- ety Show 3. DAVE SANFORD: Fresh- man Class President; Key Club 3,4; Drama Club 3; MUSTANG 4; Monogram Club 4; Biology Club Pres. 2; " Oklahoma " 2; " Car- son ' s Corners " 3; Junior Variety Show 3; " Briga- doon " 4; Soccer 1,2; Cross Country 4; Track 3,4; Soft- ball 1; Swimming Team 1; Citizenship Award 1; Junior Carnival; Sweetheart Dance Comm. 3. JOHN SARLES: Wilder- ness Society 4. BRENDA SCHUMANN: Bi- ology Club 2; Keyettes 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; FTA 4; Junior Variety Show 3; " Every- man " 4; Intramurals 1,2; Rep. to Loudoun Valley American Athletic Assn. 1, 2; Powderpuff Football 3,4; Jr. -Sr. Basketball 3,4. 91 Long- A waited Acceptances JIM SCHWIND: Soccer 3,4; Junior Variety Show 3; Stage Crew. MALCOLM SCOTT: Sen- ior Class President; Ger- man Club 2; Reader ' s En- semble 1,2,3; Wilderness Society 4; " Oklahoma " 2; " Brigadoon " 4. SHARON SEBASTIAN: LASSO 1, Circulation Man. 2; " Brigadoon " 4; Junior Variety Show 3; Academic Achievement Night 1. CANDY SILER: Senior Class Treasurer; National Honor Society 4; Thespian Society 2,3,4; Keyettes 3,4; Tri-M 3,4; FT A 1, Pres. 2, 4; French Club 2,4; FHA 2; Literary Mag. 2; Girls ' Chorus 1, Vice-Pres. 2; Reader ' s Ensemble 3; Dra- ma Club 3; Sec. 4; Mixed Chorus Sec.-Treas. 3, Pres. 4; Concert Ensemble Stu- dent Dir. 4; Maitre Pathelin 1; Talent Show 1,2; " Blithe Spirit " 2; " Apollo of Bellac " Student Dir. 2; " South Pacif- ic " 2; " Carson ' s Corners " 3; " An Overpraised Season " Student Dir. 3; Senior Class Hootenanny; " Everyman " 4; " Brigadoon " 4; English, Mu- The Doctor is In. Abbie Wilson and Sue Griffith listen to Alumni at annual tea. sic, and Scholarship Award 1; Music, English, and Un- dergraduate Dramatic Ex- cellence Awards 2; Music Award 3; Howell Music Camp Scholarship 3; Christ- mas Dance Attendant 4. BETH SITTON: JV Cheer- leader 1; Cheerleading Club Sec. 1; Pep Club 2. ELLEN SMARTT : SCA Welcome Comm. 3,4; SCA Special Projects Comm. Co-Chm. 3; SCA Bulletin Boards Comm. Chm. 4; FHA 1,2,3, Pres. 4; Key- ettes 2,3,4; LASSO 1,2; MUSTANG 3; " South Pa- cific " 1; Junior Variety Show 3; Jr. -Sr. Basketball 3; Sweetheart Dance Comm. 3; Homecoming Dance Comm. 4; Student Exchange Comm. Program 1. TERRY STRUB: Trans- fer 4; Academic Achieve- ment Night 1; French Club 2,3; Junior Class Play; Var- sity Football 2,3; Tennis 2, 3; Basketball Manager 2. RAE TANNER: SCA Comm. Chairman 3; SCA Vice- President 4; National Honor Society 3; District Treas- urer 4; LASSO Business Manager 3; FHA 2, Histor- ian 3; Keyettes 2, Historian 3; Treasurer 4; Homecom- ing Chairman 4; Special Projects Chairman 3; " South Pacific " 1; " Oklahoma " 2; Junior Variety Show 3; Pow- derpuff Football 3,4; Jr.- Sr. Basketball 3,4; Home- coming Attendant 4; Aca- demic Achievement Night 1,2,3. CHRIS TERMAN: SCA Discipline Comm. Chm. 4; National Honor Society 4; French Honor Society 2,3, 4; Math Team 3, Captain 4; Key Club 4; Chess Club 1,2, 3,4; Sports ' Statistician 4; Chemistry Lab Assistant 2,3. " It ' s Academic " , Capt. 4. SUSAN THOMPSON: SCA 3, Communications Chair- man 4; Class Council Rep- resentative 1,2; National Honor Society 4; French Honor Society 3, Secretary 4; Girl ' s League 1,2; Biolo- gy Club Secretary 3; Math Team 4; Keyettes 3, District Representative 4; IRC 3,4; FT A 4; Alumni Tea Com- mittee 4; LASSO 4; " Brig- adoon " 4; National Merit Commendation 4; Academic Achievement Night 3; It ' s Academic Alternate 4; AFS Candidate 3; Representative to AFS Committee 4. MARK TOSTI: SCA Com- munication Comm. 3; Senior Class Vice-President; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; District NHS President 4; French National Honor So- ciety 3,4; LASSO 3,4; De- Tom Rackowski toots his tuba. Bring on Senior Slump bate Club 1,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Math Team 4; Chess Club, President 1,2, 3, Vice-President 4; Tempo Art Editor 3; Inter-Club Council 1,2,3; Track 2,3,4; Football Statistician 4; Cross Country 4; Wrestling 3; Soc- cer 1,2, 3, 4; Intramural Bas- ketball 1; Intramural Foot- ball 1; Intramural Volley- ball 1; It ' s Academic Team 4; Most Valuable Soccer Player 4. BARBARA TROY: Na- tional Honor Society 3, Vice- President 4; French Honor Society 1,2,3, President 4; Concert Band 1,2, 3, 4; Pep Band 2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3, Secretary 4; Junior Variety Show Band Director 3; " Oklahoma " 2; " Briga- Jim Schwind overcomes acro- phobia. doon " 4; Academic Achieve- ment Night 1,3; Band Letter 2; District IV-B All Region- al Band 2,3,4; District IV-B Solo Festival 2,3; Wind En- semble 3. VICKY VANNEMAN: Home- room Senator 4; Sweetheart Dance Comm. 3; Prom Co- Chairman 3; MUSTANG 2, 3; TEMPO 1,2; Junior-Senior Basketball 3; Prom Attend- ant 3; Honorable Mention in League of Women Voters Poster Contest, 4. PABLO VELZCO: Span- ish Club 4. DAN VINES: Band 1, 2,3,4; Reader ' s Ensemble 4; Tri- M 4; Senior Hootenanny 4; Junior Variety Show 1,2,3; " Oklahoma " 2; " Brigadoon " 4; JV Football 1; Varsity Football 2,3. Someone up there likes Michael Grant, Henry Hubben, and Don Matheson. TERRY WHEELER: Home- room Rep. 3; Hi-Y 3, Chap- lain 4; Discipline Comm. 3. REGINA WARNER: FHA 1 . ABBIE WILSON: Debate Team 1, Pres. 4; LASSO Copy Editor 4; MUSTANG 3; Wilderness Society 4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; " Carson ' s Corners " Stage Crew 3; Three One Acts Stage Crew 3; " Okla- homa " Stage Crew 2; Junior Variety Show Stage Crew 3; Basketball Sports Day 2; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. DORIS WOODWARD: Trans- fer 4; Culpeper Library Club 1; FBLA 2,3; Drama Club 2,3; John Yeates High School Pep Club 3. JANET WOOLSEY: Pep Club 1,2. DONNA YELVERTON: Pep Club 1,2; FNA 1, Sec. 2; Sweetheart Dance Comm. 3; Prom Comm. 3; Christ- mas Dance Attendant 3. First string rooter line-up Frank King, Cindy Bzdeck, and Jean Elam. Sharon Lawless and Kris Boggs — artists at work. 93 Things Were Great In ' 68 At right, Kathy Crane and Sue Thompson take time out. An indescribable Steve Ripley. Joe Driver, caught by his own device. College-bored Seniors take advantage of short recess. Enthralled audience clues in on " how to party " at Alumni Tea. Represent- atives from four colleges and two careers spoke on the hardships and benefits of the cruel world. 94 And Super-Fine In ' 69 m m m Starved barrel chomps trash from reformed litter-bugs. Deborah Ferguson and Ellen Smartt add the light touch, just the right touch to Homecoming. 95 Juniors 98 Sophomores . . . .110 Freshmen .... 118 Eighth Grade . . . 126 Seventh Grade . . 132 96 1 . V 97 Junior Class From left: Barbara Mahaffey, Secretary; Mike Lacy, Treasurer; Kinsley Morse, President; Bill Marsh, Vice-President; Susie Ames, Representative. Thanks to the phenomenal effi- ciency and organizing ability of its president, the Junior Class finished most of its planning for this year before school had even started. Four bake sales had been planned and executed and a Welcoming Committee formed by the time Sep- tember rolled around, enabling the eleventh grade to add $300 to its treasury. A successful carwash, a stu- pendous and lucrative Spaghetti Dinner, and the formation of a wildly enthusiastic if defeated Pow- derpuff Football team were among the early accomplishments of the class. Thereafter followed a prof- itable Ring Dance, a beautiful Sweetheart Dance, i and a well- planned Junior Variety Show. To keep the class up to date on all projects, a Junior Class Bulle- tin was circulated monthly, another innovation to promote participation and cooperation. Turning all talents to making money for the Prom vied with heavy schedules but somehow a happy (and profitable) medium had been reached by the time that still an- other class function rolled around; that of serving as ushers at the Senior ' s Baccalaureate and Gradu- ation. A well-prepared Junior Class was ready to come into its own. 98 Achieves Scholastic Success Larry Addison Tom Alexander Susie Ames Roy Anderson Owen Baynham Karen Black Pret Block Debbie Blystone Laurie Bolster Gary Boone Chris Boswell Judy Bradley Terry Brennan Barbara Brittain Chris Brown Randy Bullock Kevin Burns Mary Burrell Ritchie Buschow Gary Campbell Jon Calloway Joe Carpenter Marianne McGlynn, Craig Medak, Kinsley Morse, and Priss Tackney light candles at Honor Society assembly. Spirited Class of ' 70 Kinsley Morse caught showing one of her frequent smiles. Scott Cline Gail Clinton B. Charlesworth Janine Chevalier Kelly Champion Kim Champion Carol Cooke Denise Conley Wayne Coates Jeff Hobson and Richard Fauteux ' s antics amuse Suzanne Hollandsworth. Highly Extra- Curricular Marty Schwind and date Debbie Mattson enjoy a night out. Suzanne DuPont Joe Earman Wanda Elam Mike Ellis Richard Fauteux Joyce Fewell Lani Fisher Pete Fredenburg Mary Fredericks Claudia Dewhurst Andy DuPont Ben Deans Dave DeCreny R. de los Reyes Jack Der Andy DuPont and Julie Hollandsworth moonlight as waiter and waitress. 101 Competitive Spirit Brings Jeannie Martin radiates her approval at a passing GM boy. Mary Frye Jim Gorman Lynn Grove Gaye Goetz Mark Greenberg Judi Hall Lynne Hammond Glenn Harcourt Dolly Hass Chris Hedeen Pat Herman Jeff Hobson J. Hollandsworth Earl Houseman Debbie Hughes Ed Humphreys Roy Anderson, Clay Walden, Lisbee Stanley and Ron Hoke smile approvingly at the Spaghetti Dinner. Greater School Involvement Pat Hundley Holly Hutchens Meredy Hutchins Carol Ingle Jackie Jackman Chris Johnson Waitresses Barbara Mahaffey and Barbara Brittain work diligently to serve their customers. Wanda Keyser Gail LaBaugh Mike Lacy Fred Lane Jim Langford Steve Larrivee Gaye Goetz joins the Junior crowd at SCA Welcome Dance. An Larson Gary Lindsey Stephanie Line Wayne Locke Versatile Juniors Excel it Frank Lozano Jeff Lundy Gary Lyman Colleen Lynch Barb Mahaffey Ralph Malone Bruce Manley Jeannie Martin Bill Marsh Gorden Matheson Debbie Mattson Rich McCarraher Bette McCarthy Jim McCrocklin Marianne McGlynn Carol Mclnturff Steve McIntyre Craig Medak Linda Miers Charlie Momsen in Science and Sports Kinsley Morse Lynn Muilenburg Chris Neumann Anne Newton Harold Nicholas DaveOrdway John Parker David Payne Judy Parsons John Payne Martha Payne Ann Perry Julie Pitsnogle Janet Reynolds Lorenzo Rocca John Roebuck Van Rouse Bugsy Schumann Marty Schwind Margaret Scott " Mentally Dazzled ' ' Juniors Dan Seidel John Shell Eric Sherman RayShick Patti Singleton Tom Skelly Co-chairman Stephanie Line surveys the action at the Spaghetti Dinner. Nancy Skubal Barbara Smith Karen Smith Allan Stack Lisbee Stanley Karen Stein Chuck Stickney Grover Stock Debbie Stoud PrissTackney Brenda Thieme Brenda Thorpe Bypass " Functional Fixity ' ' Eric Wolf Kathy Wood Ken Woolfenden Debbie Yeary Eric Yoshihashi Jim Thur Rena Trexler Chris Van Domelen Don Vines John Wagner Clay Walden Richard Warren Maurice West Susie Weiler Lyn Westmoreland Robbie Werth Linda Whittmore mm Ann Perry smiles slyly, " Little do they know what they ' re getting ! " 107 Class Organization, Efficiency Linda Miers ' eyes light up (right) as she overhears Debbie Yeary calling Mark Greenberg ' s and Pete Fredenberg ' s attention to the fact that one candle holder isn ' t quite empty. Colleen Lynch, (Below left) seems to be fed up with spa- ghetti. Meredith Hutchins and Ann Perry ( Below center right) attend to the needs of customers Terry Thompson, Priscilla Edwards, and Harriet Morse. National Honor Society member Dennis Chevalier informs a delighted Suzanne DuPont that all her late- night studying has paid off. Dolly Hass (Extreme right) enjoins fellow initiates Glenn Harcourt and Jeff Hobson not to spill any wax. 108 Bring Profits , Rewards The hard work of a mere sprinkling of Juniors on their car- wash resulted in a veritable flood of profits. Peter Colona and Wayne Coates (Right) toil while Mr. Do- zier stands by. Clay Walden (Cen- ter right) seems on the verge of drowning the photographer while Peter Colona and Carol Ingle look over the next job. Ben Deans (Bot- tom right) shows his true feelings for dirty cars where he thinks no once can see him. 109 Sophomore From left. Front row; Sandy Jones, Treasurer; Reeny Chapman, Representative; Karyn Harner, Sec- retary; Second row: Steve Zlotnick, President; Steve Grigg, Vice-President. The Class of ' 7 1 took its promo- tion to the gym floor seriously as it set out to prove itself a functioning and important member of the Senior High. It did this by individual con- tribution and participation rather than by a collective effort. The high number of tenth-graders that invari- ably turned out for school projects attested to this fact, as did the large proportions of Sophomores found ac- tively participating in the Drama and Pep Clubs. The major class undertaking was the production of the Christmas Dance, ungrudgingly passed down by last year ' s sophomores. Class spirit was further encouraged by a successfully co-ordinated sock- hop. As members of the class began to assert their individuality they be- came less involved in class-linked activities and followed their own in- terests into other areas, ever mind- ful of their status as mighty Sophomores. Captures Elusive Spirit Andrew Acosta Janet Alexander Steve Antinozzi Laura Avery Mark Albrecht Melanie Allan Douglas Appleton Ted Bain N. Bartholomew Louis Berkowitz DeeDee Baynham Keith Bost Vicki Boyd Stephen Boyles James Bradford Larry Brooke John Brophy Mike Burk Donald Burns Wendell Byrd Bill Bzdek Toni Calderone Dave Campbell Brian Carroll Mary Carroll Anita Cerio Ricky Chapins Reeny Chapman Janette Cole Connie Cooke Sophomores Swell Club Rosters Karen Daniel Ann Davis Michael Davis James Decker John Doliante William Essig Betty Eckert Ken Fauteux Bill Ermerins Debbie Filan Betty Eckert takes time out for a smile. SuzyGendreau Joan Gibson Frank Gordon Dana Gore Steve Grigg Ed Hannum Bucky Gibson Linda Gilley Maurice Gordon Carol Gary Mark Hamlin Janet Harding Tenth Graders Spark Dramatics Karyn Harner Peter Herrick Ken Herrington Joyce Hileman Dallas Holcomb David Hooper Julie Hubben Vincent Herron Bob Hobson S. Hollandsworth Bill Howard Cindy Hull Robert Hunt Milton Hunter The camera catches mixed emotions of Sophomore spectators. Monica Ingley Judy Jensen Gary Johnson Sandy Jones Joanne Johnston Sheila Jones Barry Kain Paul Karnis Kathy Kenny Judy Kight Paul Kuritzky Betsy Leigh 113 Struggling Sophomores Confront History students contemplate political issues. Janet Masters Roger McClesky Susan McOuary Toni Mecca Vicki Midkiff Beth Mileson Buster Miller Shirley Miller Laura Mongole R. Montgomery P. Montgomery Chris Nelson Christmas Dance Dilemma Tom Nicholson Danny Nugent Larry Parnell Cliff Parrott Leon Philpot Alycon Pierce Fred Norman Ricky Orf Gary Parrish Frank Perry H. Piccariello Randi Pierz Mary Prender Cathy Profitt C. Rackowski Walter Ragland Doug Riffee Bert Robertson 4 Beth Mileson and Carol Gray wait for a Mustang score. 115 SCA Projects Propelled by Bucky Gibson participates in class discussion. Patti Sachs Mike Sandidge Laban Sadtler Mary Seal George Simpson Susan Skubal Jeff Smith Terry Skelly Donna Smith Sarah Stanley Jeff Strait K. Strickler Sheila Tapper Karen Strange William Stroud Linda Taylor 1 16 Sophomore Contributions Keith Thackrey L. Thompson Terry Thompson Mark Hamlin ponders an upcoming game during a class. Tommy Thompson John Velasquez S.Wainwright Linda Tompkins Beth Viscuse G. Waitzfelder Dale Walton Robert Waring Fred Watson Paul White Debbie Wiencek Ricky Williams Wayne Wright Judy Wurz Edna Wynn Mike Yelverton Paul Young Steve Zlotnick 1 17 Freshman Class From left. Front row: Tricia Kinney, Secretary; Carolyn Diehl, Treasurer; Second row: Jim Lynch, Vice-President; Andy Schwind, President; Page Fraley, Representative. The class of ‘17 began establish- ing a reputation as a winner this year. Not only did its Homecoming dummy place first, but its Powder- Puff football team, in collaboration with a few seniors, trounced the Sophomore-Junior contigent 6-0. The SCA Welcome Dance in September established a long awaited legal precedent in being the first bit of GAA night life that they could enjoy without the risk of being thrown out. Taking advantage of their new status, they planned a sock hop of their own. It was a year of being influenced and guided, both collectively and in- dividually; the first real step toward eventual independence. Frequents Community Center Wayne Allen Debbie Ames Pamela Anderson Andrea Andrews Mary Antinozzi Carla Appell Lucille Ask Diane Bailey Frank Avery Gordon Bailey Janet Barbee David Begle Kathleen Boggs C. Beethoven D. Bettendorf Wally Boswell Scott Bradley John Brennan Robin Brickman Lorraine Brown Patricia Burke Janet Burnham Jeffrey Burns Robert Campbell Eugene Carroll J. Chamberlain Candi Chase B. Checknoff Freshman Girls Form Core Richard Cheney Theresa Clewlow Sue Cole Carol Compher Palmer Crellin Nancy Curt Robert Clement James Clinton ReitaComley Ann Crane Susan Cumbey John Daniel Andrew Davis Glenn Deans Jack Lem Der Robin Dibble Carolyn Diehl Donna Dinkle Denise Doyle Jeff Dunbar Freshmen girls try out new tablecloths. of Powder-Puff Victory Team Gwen Fehrenbach Tom Fewell Peggy Flynn Page Fraley John Fredericks Cathy Frye Barb Ferguson Steve Flick Brian Fox Dave Fredenburg William Fry Bill Galacci James Gibbons Jeff Gilmore Bruce Grant Lynn Grigg Nancy Hall Barbara Hamlin Doug Hammond Mark Hanak Robin Hamer Steve Harrington 121 Freshman Dummy Takes First Steve Hill Liz Hoffman Danny Hoke Michael Hoover Pat Hopkins Susan Hornstein Vicki Howell Will Hubben Susie Hughes Mr. Henry amazes Freshmen with an experiment. C. Herfindahl S. Herrington Lois Hertz Howard Herman Anne Herron Denise Higdon C. Humphreys Susan James Pat Johnson Stephen Ingley David Johnson Shirley Johnson 122 . Frosh Sock Hop Reaps Profits Kathy Kane Mary Karnis Janice King Tricia Kinney Jeannie Lacy Kathy Lambert Freshmen flock together at Homecoming. Wayne Langford Sue Lemon Carl Lindahl Edward Litton Deborah Locke Jackie Locklar G. Longerbeam Peggy Lyddane Dana Lyman Jim Lynch James McCord Billy McGlynn James McKenzie Bruce Mechem Frank Mele Scott Merkle Harold Michael Jessica Miers Ninth Grade Journalists A. Piccariello Michael Pierce Ralph Pierce James Powell Judy Proffitt Betsy Rouse Andy Schwind Ben Scott Robin Segall Susan Shade Mark Shell Andy Sherman Mary Shick Anita Smith William Smith Mark Snider Robert Sobol Randy Souders The Brentsville District game puts Margie Ear man and Jake Warner in fine spirits. Deborah Miller Debra Miller Nancy Miller Bill Miller Dennis Murphy Nancy Peel 124 i Perform Yearbook Drudgery Karen Steirer Sarah Streeks Sandra Street Sharon Struble Daniel Sutton Janice Tanner Mike Thatcher Marlene Thorpe Carol Thur Ronald Turrisi Brenda Twombly Teresa Twombly J. Vanderheyden Michael Wallis Thomas Walls Jake Warner Ann Wells Maurice Werth Carol Whitlock Debby Willcock Ed Williams Gary Williams N. Williams Alberta Willson M. Wilson Jean Winston John Wise Sharon Wolfrey Pam Wollenberg Benita Wong Eighth Grade From left, Front row: Priscilla Edwards, Secretary; James Rackowski, SCA Representative. Second row: Steve Kap- low, Vice-President; Doug Moore, President; Richard Roth, Treasurer. Second year veterans of the GAA rat race, the eighth grade began the year by assuming an unprecedented amount of responsibility. Their first move was to take over the Lost-and- Found in a noble effort towards keeping the student body in full possession of its belongings. The class of ' 73 took the lead in the Junior High Council as well as in planning two successful dances with the Seventh Grade. Members of the class were fre- quently seen observing dance man- agement techniques at sock hops in an increasing effort to ready them- selves for future accomplishments. A large portion of the class ' s energy was used in learning through observation and imitation as each member formed his tentative opin- ion of what role he should play in the next four years. Pilots Nancy Addison Kevin Allan Teri Branch Laurie Briggs Roger Carroll Dan Cavanaugh Junior High Council Russell Altman HilanehAyoub David Berkowitz Barbara Ardus Devra Bailey Mary Betts Pat Blystone John Boaz Mike Boisseau Thomas BonTempo Mark Bolster Loretta Boyles Miriam Brooks Donna Brown Debra Brown Paul Brucker Dianne Bullock Frank Cantore Jackie Chase Daniel Ciaccio Bruce Clendenin Neale Coates Linda cole Linda Woolfenden gnaw(cks) on wood. Jeff Cronin 127 Welcome Dance , Pumpkin Prance Stephany Curtis Francis Davis Anne Dexter Patricia Eckert Cilia Edwards B. Ehrmantraut Deborah Evans Don Faith Jean Fauteux Chuck Ferguson Clift Fraber Fritz Fralick James Gibbons Teresa Gibbons Michael Giles Teresa Giles Eighth graders groove to the sounds of the " RECORD PLAYER. " Jo Ann Hall Janine Hardy Julie Harton John Hefferman Donna Herman Doug Owen Carla Goins 128 Highlight Social Life Patricia Javins Betty Jett Frank Jeter Andrea Johnson Jane Jeter Jennifer Jones The Wicked Witch of the West boogaloos above prancing underclassmen. Steve Jones Nancy Kain Susan Jones Thomas Kane 129 Eighth Graders Find Themselves Jean Lloyd Mary Lloyd C. Longerbeam Peter Lovell Debora Lovings Scott Lowery Joanne Lynch Patty Macomber Tim Malone David Marsh Loretta Masters Billie Mather Bruce Mattson Matt McCarthy Terry McIntyre Pam Millan Norma Miller Howard Mitchell Doug Moore William Moore Charlene Morris Harriett Morse Therese Murphy Athena Napier Geoffery Nelson Nancy Nicholas Wayne Nicklas Mike Ordway E. Papanicolas Greg Parrott Sherrie Payne Anne Peret Glenn Hood and Stephany Curtis, the eighth grade ' s answer to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Kimberly Perry Peter Piccariello Lorriane Pierce Stewart Pierce Anthony Polk Michael Precht 130 in the Lost and Found James Rackowski Norris Rice Dennis Ridge Margie Rinick Bruce Robinson Thea Rose Richard Roth Dan Rothmeir Donald Russell 1 Paula Russo Inis Sharif David Shaw Spirit goes a long, long way. David Shifflett Vivian Shreve John Simmons Jim Singleton Cathy Smith Jay Stanich Eve Strait George Swick i Larry Tapper Randy Thieme Norma Thompson Mark Tuten Jim Vreeland Beth Waitzfelder Kim Walker Shawn Warner Ronnie Wiencek Debbie Wood Judy Woodward Linda Woolfenden Joyce Wynkoop Judy Yelverton 131 Seventh Grade From Left, Front row: Randy Simmons, President; Billy Lindsey, Treasurer; Ann Yoshihashi, Secre- tary. Second row: Mark Tracz, Vice President; Jackie Gray, Representative. Another boisterously uncertain horde of kids with a half a dozen years of preparation already under their belts ascended to and de- scended on GAA in the fall. There was the usual confused first-en- counter with lockers, multiple classrooms and each other. Then they all settled down to the tortur- ous exploration of the social and physical labyrinth in which they found themselves. Alliances were formed, as the benefits of flocking together became more and more apparent. Careers in extracurricular activities were be- gun with membership in the Pep Club, the Round-Up and the Junior Drama Club. Incredibly enthusiastic class elections in September gave prom- ise of a developing class identity. What was first an unknown quantity began to be recognized as a fa- miliar part of the student body. Madison Dominates Elections James Allan David Bailey Ricky Berens Dennis Boone Keith Bruns Mike Checknoff Robert Chew Robert Cole Abby Ames Robert Bain Charles Boaz Brenda Brown Bill Campbell Charles Cheney Judy Christian Debra Comer Donna Atwood William Bell James Boe Shirley Burdick Bruce Chase David Cherry Anne Churchill Arleen Compher Kim Coolidge Lori Corter Ellen Crane Donna Crawford J onathan Crone Gregory Cronin Phyllis Donley Linda Draper Joan Dreslin Kellie Driver Anna Earman John Edmondson C. Fitzgerald S. Fitzgerald Jocelyn Francis Robert Fry Seventh graders learn every litter-bit hurts. 133 Class Covers Ground for UNICEF, Patti Galacci Nancy Gerard Barbara Giles Tony Giles Teresa Goebel John Gordon Jacqualine Gray Joni Harris Julia Herrick David Hornstein Arthur Gillam Gloria Goff Rosalie Gordon Joseph Hamby Erika Herfindahl Randall Hobson Catherine Houck Irene Gittings Glenn Goodnight Alan Gray Sarita Hammer Terry Herman Deborah Holcomb Traci Houtz Susan Huber Conrad Hugel Janice Hughes John Hunter Chris Ingley Douglas Jackman Genelda Johnson Seventh graders become acquainted with locker combinations. Linda Johnson Mary Johnson Patricia Jones Martha Jordan Chris Kerr Parri Khosrovi Zina Klinger Michael Koontz Nets $29.72 David Lamberson Mike Langlais Rory Lansing Mary Larson Jeffrey Lennon Jill Levins Billy Lindsey Cathy Linton Karen Lippard John Manley Bill Margelos Cathy Maybury Debbie Holcomb and Mark T racz set the pace at Welcome Dance. John Me Bee Harry McGinnis Bradley Mechem Wayne Millan David Miller Mari Miller Steve Miller Susan Miller Glendon Mowitt Kevin Nicholson Kathleen Nugent Michael Payne Jan Philippsen Anna Philpot Dora Philpot James Pope Kathryn Porter Linda Powell Pauline Pratt Richard Proffitt Christine Purdy Patricia Rick Drew Rider 135 Diminuitive Rooters Initiate Majorie Rinick Molly Sachs Bruce Sanford Denise Santos D. Satterfield Brian Schwind Steve Shilling Patricia Sierk Deidre Sigmond Robert Seitz Michael Shafer Liz Sherman Stephen Sherman Seventh grade music class gets into the sing ot things p l ' 7 W r) W -- r n i Randy Simmons Daniel Skelly Deborah Sitton Keith Smith Mark Smith Debbie Smoot Vince Stack Bruce Stanley Mark Stein Thomas Stickney Mark Strickler Stephen Strub Susan Struble Vanessa Stuebing Class Cheering Section Douglas Swick Mark Terman Larry Testa - • Dennis Tract Mark Tracz Susan Walton Peggy Trevino Joann Troy Luann Underwood Cathy Vanneman Kenneth Volz John Walls Anne Waring Susan Watson G. Weetman S. Westmoreland Leslie White Earl Wilkerson Wanda Wilkerson Sharon Willcock Debra Williams Thomas Williams Louise Willis Carrol Wright Barbara Wurtz Ed Yarborough Ann Yoshihashi Jeff Young Nikki Young 138 139 Spirit Chain, Mystery Rooters, Prime Night Pep Rally Replaces Bonfire GM students take time out to purchase game tickets trom Coach Raines (right) and to admire homemade spirit chain (below), the masterpiece of Cindy Bzdek and Ann Katen, (bottom left). Gini Bonnell instructs Tony Carroll to come up with 10 pumpkins for dance centerpieces (bottom right). Opposite page: Kevin Allen (top) has plans for the prize winning dummy. Dennis Chevalier appears as the Good Fairy, dust and wand in hand (lower left), and football players join cheerleaders in chorus line as the Homecoming pep rally ends, (lower right). Students for Homecoming Happenings The first tangible signs of Spirit Week 1968, were the doomed dummies slouched in their Death Row a-top the trophy case, and the red and white penny-a-link spirit chains festooning the halls. These were only the first of the myriad generators of Mustang Electricity. Posters papered every wall and good luck strings adorned countless fingers. The mystery rooter phrase, " Beat Colts ' was on every tongue as were Pep Club Peppermints. Tuesday, Wednes- day and Thursday, re-christened " Wink at Football Player Day, " " Tennis Shoe day, " and " Girls Wear Jersey Day " , came and went as spirit mounted higher and higher. Friday night witnessed a unique pep rally on the black top. Beneath multicolored Christmas tree lights, hoarse cheerleaders and dancing football players boosted hopes while trying to avoid each other ' s flailing feet. A special guest appearance by the Good Fairy provided the final magic touch, then everyone trooped home with anticipation of the pending game and further festivities. Mustang Spirit Shines Homecoming Court. From left: Gini Bonnell, Maid of Honor; Colleen Lynch, Junior Attendant; Carla Appell, Freshman At- tendant; Nancy Hannum, Flower Girl; Robin Cruise, Queen; Rae Tanner, Senior Attendant; Joyce Hileman, Sophomore At- tendant; Steve Ferguson, Crown Bearer. Spellbound couples enchanted by the sounds of the Yorkshires. 142 Through Rainy Weekend Obligingly enough, the 20th anniversary of the city of Falls Church was celebrated on the same weekend as Homecoming. Not so obligingly, it rained from beginning to end, dampening the extensive plans consi- derably. The first thing to be cancelled was the parade from City Hall to GM which was to include our float and Governor Godwin. As it happened, the Mustangs needed little extra encouragement. They so de- moralized and demolished the Congres- sional Colts, that they splashed off the field at half-time, never to return. Queen Robin and her court cruised up in Mrs. Humphrey ' s limousine, instead of the usual convertibles. Huddled under black umbrellas, the regal procession made its watery way down the track without the ac- companiment of the rained-out band. Robin was presented with a dozen red roses, com- pliments of Burger King, then given a brotherly kiss by John, acting in his ca- pacity of co-captain of the football team. The crowd ' s enthusiasm was only slightly diluted. As the Good Fairy had promised, " An Enchanted Autumn " was discovered that night in the Team-Teaching Room, thanks to the handiwork of creative Seniors. As bestirs a fall ritual, the Homecoming dance was held beneath a huge harvest moon amid corn stalks and pumpkins. Margaret Hannum, 1967 ' s Homecoming Queen, did the honors, after which everyone joined in the Queen ' s Dance, culminating a triumphant week and a well-spent evening. 1967 Homecoming Queen Margaret Hannum crowns Queen Robin Cruise. Rae Tanner and Mark Tosti enter through corn stalk arches. Jack Herndon entertains Sue Lindahl. Mark Greenberg flashes his ultra bright smile. 143 A Frosted View " Within a Snowflake ' ' The 1968 Christmas Court pauses before the coronation. From Left; Karen Thompson, Flower Girl; Reeny Chapman, Sopho- more Attendant; Gaye Goetz, Junior Attendant; Carol Ogilvie, Maid of Honor; Cindy Bzdek, Christmas Queen; Chuck Garhart, Christmas King; Candy Siler, Senior Attendant; Beth DuPont, 1967 Christmas Queen; Robin Dibble, Freshmen Attendant; Chris Avery, Crown Bearer. With the coming of Christmas, the Sophomore Class accepted the now tradi- tional responsibility of the Christmas Dance. Disorganization reigned in conflicts with basketball games and the administra- tion concerning the date and place. The old problem of an over-extended budget, controversies over the theme, " Within a Snowflake, " the printing of programs, the assembly line snowflakes and the shortage of court escorts plagued chair- man Debbie Wiencek. During the two days of preparation, energetic Sophomore girls dangled snowflakes, frosted windows and hung the pink parachute. The night of the dance complete with rain (not snow!) found the Village Squires in a setting complete with dishes of marshmallows and unlit candles. With trembling bouquets, the court introduction began. Sunday morning found the Giant Snowflake in the trash after weary Sopho- mores, S100 poorer, finished their clean- up. It was worth it. 144 Melts Christmas Vacation Blahs Couples rest during a band break. The Court slows down to the vibrating Village Squires. Queen Cindy and King Charles await their entrance. ' " " W jM. An overall view of the Christmas dance. 145 ' Look , " Decorations Lovely 1969 Sweetheart Court. From Left: Janie Schwind, Flower Girl; Anita Smith, Freshman Attendant; Kinsley Morse, Junior At- tendant; Mary Oltman, Maid-of-Honor; Renee Clinton, Queen; Julie Manning, 1968 Sweetheart Queen; Vicky Vanneman, Senior Attendant; Sarah Stanley, Sophomore Attendant; Steve Clinton, Crown Bearer. In an effort to maintain their reputation for staging beautiful dances, the Class of ' 70 gave the cafeteria " The Look of Love " for one night. The decor involved hundreds of poly-chromed tissue- paper flowers mounted on a chick- en-wire frame; a jet of water that issued from an island of plastic flowers surrounded by bricks and real ivy; a kleenex-rose covered trellis and matching " trees; " and nylon parachute-draped windows. Members of the Junior Class nailed, sawed, cut, and folded for almost a month before the dance. Co-ordinating these activities, Chairmen Carol Ingle and Andy Du- Pont, and Kinsley spent their time assigning, pleading, and trying to fit together all the bits and pieces into a recognizable whole. Couples strolling through the floral gazebo found themselves in the midst of a horticulturist ' s dreams; the dec- orations were a huge success. The comely court bloomed un- der an arch of roses beneath what looked like huge silken webs, and various sweethearts danced on a roomy floor to the tunes of the Penny Arcade. Unfortunately, despite the bountiful greenery at the dance, not much came into the Junior Class tills. Bloomin ' Fountain Steals the Show 1969 Sweetheart Queen, Renee Clin- ton, awaits crowning under a trellis of roses. Court couples wade through the Queen ' s Dance. ...and the final product. Suzanne DuPont, Prisscilla Tackney, Chris Neuman and Andy DuPont assemble Sweet heart fountain... 147 " Everyman ' s " Timeless Message The crowd receives greetings and salutations " Gramercy, Good Friends, " from Everyman. Man ' s search for ultimate meaning has led to an infinite variety of endeavors, among them the Dramatics Club production of a searching medieval morality, Every- man. Part of the thrust to put message in the medium, Everyman is perhaps George Mason ' s most ambitious theatrical produc- tion to date, combinin g a wealth of dra- matic, home economic, art and industrial art talent. With the approach of opening night, academic concerns faded, as cast and crew both submerged themselves totally in the effort to push Everyman over the top. Per- haps the three-pronged direction of Mrs. Hull, Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Bohart provided the needed extra shove, for Everyman was indeed a success and a dramatic milestone at George Mason. Death damns Everyman during rehearsal. 148 Reaches Modern Audience Cast Everyman John Leavitt Death Chris Larson Good Deeds Anita Cerio Good Fellow Glenn Harcourt Beauty Reeny Chapman Worldly Goods Sandy Jones Strength Pete Fredenburg Discretion Debbie Ames Conscience Rhonda Bost Kinsman Craig Medak Ministry Robert Waring Maidens Vicki Boyd Ann Earman, Kitty Porter Middle-aged Women Laura Avery Terry Brennan, Janet Harding Old Women .... Suzanne Hollandsworth Candy Siler, Barbara Mahaffey Townspeople Betty Eckert Beth Mileson, David Maninng Directors Mrs. Carol Hull Mrs. Judy Baker, Mrs. Helen Bohart An onlooking Death hears Good Deeds and Kinsman air sorrows. " Who but the Father of us all knows?. . . " The Chorus adds a spiritual affect to the play. 149 ▼ One- Acts Provide Varied Fare Lila demands the " Opening Night " off. Oyster stew disagrees with Alden ' s stomach. Opening Night Cornelia Skinner . . Candy Siler Lila .... Lisa Drummond Buzzy Laurie Bolster Mrs. Judson Barbara Checknoff Mrs. Palmer . . . . . Cindy Herfindahl Alden . Ralph de los Reyes Patsy Beth Mileson Jean Mary Karnis Thelma Robin Segall Dodie Janet Harding Janice Alycon Pierce Wisp in the Wind He .... Glenn Harcourt She Vicki Boyd Rocking Horse Winner Paul Craig Medak Hester Mary Oltman Geoffrey . . . George Churchill Joan Laura Avery Katherine Sandra Jones Oscar . . . Pete Fredenburg Annie Anita Cerio Bassett Mark Hanak Doctor Halley . . . . ... Brian Gendreau Student Director . . Rory McBroom Faculty Director . Mrs. Hull ipyjp " I remember clearly little things " ... He recounts tales of his past. Back stage, the cast relieves " Opening Night " jitters. 150 " Rocking Horse ' ' Wins Superior Rating " That ought to make everything stop. " Paul ' s thread of life snaps. The past two years have seen an in- crease in both the variety and quality of dramatic productions here at GAA. This truth was evident in the annual production of three one act plays, Feb. 14-15. The three plays presented were; " Opening Night, " a comedy of manners; " Wisp in the Wind, " a dialog on searching; and " Rocking Horse Winner, " a morbid fantasy. The weeks preceding the production passed less than smoothly. Each play had its own problem. " Opening Night " was plagued by eleventh hour cast changes, " Wisp in the Wind " by the mere memori- zation of lines, and " Rocking Horse Win- ner " by property problems. Three days before opening, two flats were destroyed and the plays were left almost setless, but the show went on. Particular thanks are due to Mrs. Hull and student director, Rory McBroom for service beyond the call of duty. " The lawyer chaps phoned me. It ' s some estate matter. " Uncle Oscar speaks of the inheritance to Hester. 151 Seniors Meg and Fiona talk of wedding in Market Square. After an intensive and frenzied series of rehearsals (right up until curtain time the second night) the choirs created the mythical village of Briga- doon right on our own stage. It was a cast of thousands, milling around the stage in the various market and wedding scenes. The second night ' s performance, with most of the set filled in was enor- mously enhanced by the addition of so- phisticated and effective lighting tech- niques to the set. One of the highlights of the show, the chase scene, was car- ried out effectively, so well in fact, that it broke the circuit breaker. Brightly colored and well tailored plaids swirled about the stage following the movements of their rigorously rehearsed wearers. The dancers performed their part by working together through simple but in- teresting dance routines. Brigadoon was a learning experience for all. High Talents Simulate Cast Tommy Albright Jack Herndon Jeff Douglas Benn Deans Sandy Dean Charlie Momsen Meg Brockie Candy Siler Archie Beaton Lin Lemon Harry Beaton Pete Fredenburg Andrew MacLaren Wayne Coates Fiona MacLaren Rory McBroom Jean MacLaren Bette McCarthy Kate Wanda Keyser Angus McGuffie Rod Culbertson Charlie Dalrymple Dan Vines Maggie Anderson Diane Alleman Mr. Lundie Mac Scott Frank Lin Lemon Jane Ashton Barbara Mahaffey Dancers Reeny Chapman Mary Fredericks, Susie Gendreau, Su- zanne Hollandsworth, Sheila Jones, Jean- nie Lacy, Sue Lemon, Jeannie Martin, Kinsley Morse, Janie Pope, Debbie Wi- encek, Wayne Coates, Pete Fredenburg, Dave Sanford. Lassies Sharon Sebastian Debbie Blystone, Wanda Elam, Lynn Mu- ilenburg, Lisa Drummond, Lynne Ham- mond, Karen Stein, Wanda Keyser, Ka- thy Wood, Barbara Mahaffey, Janine Chevalier, Kathy Crane, Maria Mazzie, Julie Pitsnogle, Ann Perry, Debby Ye- ary, Linda Gilley, Rena Trexler, Linda Fernald, Lynn Westmoreland. Laddies . . . . ' Bill Essig Paul Eskildsen, Jeff Gilmore, Ralph de los Reyes, Tom Alexander, Pat Her- man, Charlie Momsen, Don Vines, Wa- yne Locke, Chris Neuman, Alan Stack, Lynn Grove, Kate McDowell, Patti Sin- gleton. 152 Tommy and Fiona take a curtain call. Meg Brockie belt s out " The Loves of My Life. " Scottish Village of Brigadoon Clans gather for Jeannie and Charlie ' s marriage cere monies. Clansmen carry off the corpse of Har- ry Beaton. 153 Seniors Slip by Juniors, 19-18 George Mason ' s annual cat fight, more commonly referred to as the Junior-Senior Girls ' game happened on March 7. The girls started practicing weeks ahead and after a lot of concentration, were able to master what appeared to be some sort of zone defense. Perhaps a little more time should have been spent practicing foul shots as the girls faced the usual problem of too much kicking and scratching. The Juniors had the height, Bouncing-Belinda, and Fleet-foot Lynch, but the Seniors had the brains, the speed, Brenda Schu- man, and Jumpin ' -Jean Elam. The game was a real hair-raiser, and the Almighty Seniors emerged the 19-18 victors in the last nerve- racking seconds of the game. Both teams put on a fine show as did the shapely male cheerleaders. Ellen Smartt and Colleen Lynch race for the ball. Chuck Stickney ' stuffs ' Mr. Scott. Flat-footed Faculty cheerleaders. Lovely Laurus Newby and Jim Anderson lead Senior cheers 154 Faculty Flunks Key Club , 77-64 Suzanne DuPont andJeanElamjump for a tie ball. Mr. Benson and Mr. Carroll execute the minuet. Brenda Schuman and Linda Miers follow the ball down court. Mr. Stuckey leaps for the ball. The fans went wild with the fiasco which followed the Junior- Senior game — it was the Faculty versus the Key C lub. Women teach- ers who appear meek and mild enough in the classroom made their appearance as pig-tailed, loose- limbed, Faculty cheerleaders with their multi-colored tights and well-rehearsed (if not unusual) cheers. Meanwhile, the male members of the faculty turned in their every- day suits for red basketball trunks and proceeded to really burn up the court. ' Red 7 Raines with his fancy footwork, and ' Ball-State-Wonder 7 Williams with his leaping, spurred the team onto the final 77-64 vic- tory. The Key Clubbers, pegged as the underdogs from the very start, had a few tricks (as well as draf- tees) up their sleeves and managed to give the confident faculty a fight to the bitter end. The faculty how- ever, had to pay for its victory with the aches and pains which accom- pany old age, while the limber Key Clubbers felt no after effects aside from a deflated ego. i 155 New Community Center Eclipses Junior High students show " how its done " at the Pumpkin Prance. Cf m 1 i 71 I yj 1 Annie Herron takes a breather while the Yorkshires play. Cindy Bzdek, Chuck Garhart, and David Manning " Rock-on " at the S.C.A. Welcome Dance. Crowded atmosphere serves the Freshman treasury. 156 Waning Cafeteria Sock-Hops The SCA and the Freshman Class spent at least part of the past year vying for supremacy in the art of sock-hop giving. Their biggest competition came from the MUSTANG staff, whose Senior Superlative presentation gave them a somewhat unfair advantage. Precedent for things to come was set by the SCA at the Welcome Dance, " This is Your School, Charlie Brown. " Speeding through the other SCA entries we arrive at the MUSTANG Dance. The superlative ceremony, presided over by Craig Medak, will not soon be remembered by all who attended. Some of the sock hops 7 usual thunder was stolen by the opening of the Community Center, which proved to be a dance location somewhat superior to the cafeteria. Lynn Grigg shines against the murky background at the MUSTANG Dance. Buster Miller and Paula Montgomery boogaloo down Broadway. Mark Hamlin and Joan Gibson practice togetherness. 157 SPORTS Clubs 160 Cross Country . . 163 Football 164 Soccer 170 Wrestling .... 172 Basketball ... 174 159 New Cheers , U n if or ms, and Faces From Left, Bottom Row: Mrs. Stenberg, Sarah Stanley, Gaye Goetz, Dolly Hass, Suzanne DuPont, Claire Hastie, Dianne Head. Second Row: Robin Dibble, Gini Bonnell, Carla Appell, Mary Karnis, Carol Humphrey, Tricia Kinney, Anita Smith, Barbara Brittain, Ann Katen, Cindy Bzdeck. Third Row: Paige Fraley, Robin Cruise, Stephanie Line, Joan Gibson, DeeDee Baynham, Barbara Hamlin, Jeannie Lacy, Linda Gilley, Beth Mileson, Reeny Chapman. Fourth Row: Susan Huber, Judy Chamberlain, Cindy Herfindahl, Diane Bailey, Margi Earman, Jean Elam, Priss Tackney, Laura Brandt, Betty Wurz. Fifth Row: Linda Draper, Debbie Smoot, Patti Rick, Debbie Williams, Kitty Porter, Erika Herfindahl, Colleen Lynch, Debbie Willcock, Susie Armes. Characterized as usual by a prepon- derance of female underclassmen, the Pep Club met every other week to create Mustang fever. Every football game found members swarming over the goal posts to swath them in crepe paper. Thanks to their dedication in staying after school for long hours, innumerable signs were posted, advertising athletic events, and expressing such school- spirited sentiments as " Stomp Wildcats, " and " Crush Raiders. " Pep Club mem- bers helped produce programs and livened up pep rallys with their skits. What ' s red and white and has thirty- two legs? The GM JV and Varsity Cheer- leading Squads. With an improved image by the addition of two new girls to each squad, and crisp uniforms all around, the cheerleaders continued to fulfill their duty as chief spirit raisers. Their dedi- cation echoed down halls twice a week, and showed up in cheers and jumps on the gym floor every Friday and Saturday nights. Surprisingly good sportsmanship characterized the season ' s cheering and linked the squads with the pandemonium in the balconies. Voices hoarse, saddle shoes smudged, and megaphones dented, the cheerleaders were a colorful addition to the " Mustang " side-lines. 160 Soul-teasers, Crowd-pleasers i I « I Varsity Cheerleaders, From Left, Bot- tom Row: Colleen Lynch, Gini Bonnell, Co-Captain; Priscilla Tackney. Second Row: Dolly Hass, Suzy Ames. Top: Claire Hastie, Robin Cruise, Co-Captain; Su- zanne DuPont. Cheerleading managers. Clockwise: Gaye Goetz, Stephanie Line, Varsity. Connie Cooke, Debbie Wiencek, Junior Varsity. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, From Left: Margie Earman, Anita Smith, Carla Appell, Joan Gibson, Co-captain; Sarah Stanley, Co-captain; Judy Chamberlain, Robin Dibble, Beth Mileson. 161 Letter men Uphold Athletic Tradition From Left, Front Row: Kim Champion, Secretary-Treasurer; Jim Anderson, Vice-President; John Cruise, President; Mike Rick, Sergeant-at-Arms. Second Row: Mr. Gambill, Billy Martin, Paul Karnis, Mark Greenberg, John Hundley, Jeff Lundy, Mark Tosti, Andy DuPont, Jim Davis, Fred Crabill, Wendell Byrd, Frank King, Mike Ellis, Ronnie Hoke, Chuck Stickney. This year ' s new Monogram Club members gather in the dimly lit halls. From l .eft. Front Row: Chuck Garhart, Lin Lemon, Robert Waring, Dave Sanford, Tom Skelly Second Row: Andy Schwind, John Wagner, Marty Schwind, Mark Hamlin. The Monogram Club this year inducted another fistful of top quality athletes in keeping with a strong tradition. Boys who have lettered in their particular sport are invited to join. The meetings are a little irregular because of after school practice, but when meetings are held, they border on the hilarious. The highlight of the fall in- duction was induction week. The inductees had to promote school spirit for the basketball game and wrestling match that took place that weekend. 162 Jr A ■ ■11 lir ■r % f jjj 1968 Cross Country Team. From left: Kim Champion, Chris Boswell, Paul Karnis, Dave Sanford, John Powell, Billy Martin, Doug Hammond, David Blake. Underclassmen Show Promise Record GM ... 48 James Wood 15 GM ... 15 Osbourn 50 GM ... 37 Stonewall Jackson ... 28 GM 2nd place . . . James Monroe Tri-meet GM ... 33 Woodbridge 23 GM ... 42 Gar-Field 17 GM ... 22 Clark County 15 GM 5th place . . James Wood Invitational GM 14th place . . . Wakefield Invitational GM 4th place District Meet Coach Siders (top), times a Champion finish. Tosti and Karnis (below) strain against James Wood. Faced with the task of repeating last year ' s state championship team, this year ' s Cross Coun- try team encountered many problems. With only two experienced starters, Kim Champion and Paul Karnis returning, the team was undermanned and inexperienced. The schedule called for tough meets against such strong teams as James Wood, Gar-Field, and the tough Wakefield Invitational Tournament. With such stiff competition the young team was able to win only the Osbourn meet. The District meet at Manassas, proved to be a disappointment; for the first time in recent years the team failed to qualify for State. Kim Champion provided the bright spot by capturing a ninth place medal. 163 Byrd looks for daylight against Clarke County. Pret Block turns the corner en route to a long punt return. Mustang defensive unit, bulwark of the team, braced for James Monroe onslaught. 164 Final Minutes Prove Costly Lemon passes despite hard rush by James Monroe. Cruise passes in rain against Congressional. Stickney shows form that made him District ' s leading punter. 165 Wendell Byrd, Wing-back Fred Crabill, Full-back John Cruise, Quarterback Jeff Hobson, End Bob Hobson, Tackle Mark Comer, Tackle Despite winning only one district game, this year ' s football team proved to be one of the most exciting and improved teams in the area. After beating Culpeper, 16-6, in the opening game, the team conquered Brentsville District in their debut against a Monument District team. Successive losses to Stonewall Jackson, James Wood, and Woodbridge, brought the record down to 2-3, but the Mustangs bounced back to beat Clarke County, 25-0, and Congres- sional, 31-6, in the annual Homecoming game. The next two weeks found the team traveling to Osbourn and Gar-Field to play the two top-rated teams in the district. Unable to put together a consistent offense, the team relied on the defense which en- abled the Mustangs to end with a hard- fought 0-0 tie with Osbourn, and a 7-7 tie with Gar-Field. The team then returned home to end up a 25-7 loser to the James Monroe powerhouse. Perhaps the most important achieve- ment of the team was the respect it gained throughout the Monument District. In years to come George Mason will be looked upon as a threat rather than a soft team from up north. Wendell Byrd and Chuck Stickney made the All-Monument District Team. New Players 166 Bolster Team Pret Block, Halfback Chuck Garhart, Kicker Record GM .... 16 Culpeper 6 GM .... 7 Brentsville 0 GM .... 14 Stonewall Jackson .... 19 GM .... 0 James Wood 39 GM .... 6 Woodbridge 7 GM .... 25 Clarke County 0 GM .... 31 Congressional 0 GM .... 0 Osbourn 0 GM . . . . 7 Gar-field 7 GM .... 7 James Monroe 25 167 Mustangs ' Gambi ' ' on Pro-Set From left. Front row: Manager Keith Thackrey, Fred Crabill, Jim Anderson, Chuck Garhart, Len Michalowski, Co-Captain John Cruise, Co-Captain Al Davis, Mike Rick, Mike Ellis, Lin Lemon, Mark Comer, Manager Ted Bain. Second row: Marty Schwind, John Wagner, Bill Marsh, Clay Walden, Dave Payne, Chuck Stickney, Pret Block, Mike Lacy, Roy Anderson, Andy Du- Pont, Jim Davis. Third row: Coach Jack Gambill, Jeff Gilmore, Ken Harrington, Mark Hamlin, Wendell Byrd, Jeff Hobson, Rod Culbertson, Bob Hobson, Richard Fauteux, Jon Calloway, Barry Kain, Andy Schwind, Assistant-Coach Jim Raines. 168 JV Plays Shortened Season This year ' s JV Football team encoun- tered the same problems that have plagued the JV for the past years; inexperience and a lack of participation. Starting early in September with new players, coaches, and a new style of foot- ball, the team found the going rough against such strong teams as Garfield and Osbourn. Yet the boys never gave up and turned in some good performances, almost upsetting Stonewall Jackson and battling a stubborn Brentsville District to the wire, only to lose 7-0. The boys anxiously anticipated their last game of the season against the Wood- bridge Vikings to whom they had lost ear- lier. This game promised to be the most exciting and the boys practiced diligently. However the weather would not co-operate and after one postponement the game was permanently cancelled much to the players ' disappointment. Prospects appear brighter for next year, since this year ' s team was composed of many eighth and ninth graders who will be back next fall with a full season ' s ex- perience under their belts. Record GM .... 0 Gar-Field 43 GM .... 0 Osbourn 28 GM .... 6 Stonewall Jackson .... 20 GM .... 0 Woodbridge 27 GM .... 0 Brentsville 7 GM . . . . 0 Gar-field 35 Inexperience Hobbles Colts From left. Front row: Robert Campbell, Billy Moore, Tim Malone, Peter Lovell, Matt McCarthy, Mark Tuten, Mike Yelverton. Second row: Tom Fewell, Petie Mattson, John Boaz, Leon Philpot, Co-Captain Jim Lynch, Steve Jones, Dave Campbell. Third row: Dallas Holcomb, Co-Captain Wally Boswell, Doug Riffee, Dan Kinkead, Mark Snider, Ronnie Lodico. Fourth row: Jake Warner, Bill Bzdek, Tom Walls, Steve Harrington, Ed Hannum, Coach Marc Benson, Manager John Walls, Coach Doug Scott. W-L Upset Highlights Season From left. Front row: Nick Larson, Dan Hoke, Paul Gregory, Lorenzo Rocca, Kevin Burns, Mark Greenberg, Co-Captain David Blake, Co-Captain Andy DuPont, Glenn Kight, Frank Lozano, Paul Eskildson, Eric Yoshihashi, Billy Stroud. Second row: Henry Hubben, Pablo Velasco, Chuck Holzhauer, Brian Gendreau, Wayne Coates, Jeff Lundy, Mark Tosti, Ritchie Buschow, Wayne Locke, Victor Rutgers, John Vanderhayden, John Hundley, Robbie Werth, Jim Schwind, Mike Davis, Dave Fredenburg. Despite stiff competition in a new league, the ' 68 Soccer Team, outfitted in new uniforms, pulled through the year with a 4-5-1 record. The Mustangs won only one of their first six games, and after four consecutive losses, Mr. Harold gave the team incentive with the 4-2-4 line-up in- stead of the traditional 5-3-2. With the new line up the Mustangs won three of the last four games, losing to Wake- field only by the referee ' s decision. The last game, against W and L, was the highlight of the season. In the first half, the Mustangs newly mastered defense held the deadly W and L offense to a 0-0 tie, but in the third quarter, W and L scored twice. With only ten minutes, the Mustangs tied the game. In the final two minutes, they scored a third goal beating previously un- defeated W and L. First-string Seniors Mark Tosti, David Blake, John Hundley and Glenn Kight will be sorely missed but underclass returnees show great promise. John Hundley leads tight Mustang defense. 170 S occer GM 1 Yorktown 2 GM 2 Friends 1 GM 0 Wakefield 0 GM 2 O ' Connell 4 GM 2 Yorktown 7 GM 3 Friends 1 GM 0 Wakefield 1 GM 3 O ' Connell 1 GM 3 Washington-Lee 2 Wayne Coates grapples for the ball against an O ' Connell forward. Hubben (14), Vanderhayden (11), and Lozano (10), lead the offense downfield despite the efforts of two O ' Connell Knights. 171 Six Matmen Qualify for State; Front Row, From Left: Kim Champion, Billy Martin, Kelly Champion, Mark Snider, Ronnie Lodico, Marty Schwind. Back Row Chuck Stickney, Jim Schwind, Bill Marsh, Mr. Miller, Coach; Al Davis, Jim Schwind, Tony Herron. Jim Davis is victorious with one second left on the clock. This year ' s wrestling team, having only one year ' s experience, fared ex- tremely well in the rough competition presented by the Monument District teams. Under the guidance of Coach Miller, the wrestlers gained knowledge and ex- perience through the year, and as the District Tournament rolled around the boys were confident of improving last year ' s performance. The team placed fourth in the meet with Kim and Kelly Champion, Jim and Al Davis, Bill Martin, and Bill Marsh all qualifying for the 1-B State meet in Bristol, Va. A school-wide fund- raising drive collected more than enough money to send these boys to State. After a long trip and two days of wrestling the young team returned home having captured fourth place in the tourna- ment. Kelly Champion and Jim and Al Davis won second place medals with Kim Champion taking a third place. 1 Team Pins Down Fourth Place Kim, Kelly Champion, A Davis Win at District Record GM ... 21 Spotsylvania 29 GAA . . . 28 Stafford 23 GM ... 30 Osbourn 16 GM ... 16 Stonewall Jackson . . 36 GM ... 21 Stonewall Jackson . . 31 GM ... 41 Brentsville 11 GM . . . 16 Gar-Field 32 GM ... 46 Brentsville 8 GM . . . 36 Stafford 14 GM ... 41 Woodbridge 13 Al Davis wrestles in District Tournament at Osborn. I I 173 Experience , Good Coaching , Strong Varsity Basketball Team. From Left, Front Row: Richard Fauteux, Pret Block, Robbie Werth, David DeCreny, Larry Clendenin, John Cruise. Back Row: Randy Simmons, Manager; Wendell Byrd, Mike Lacy, Jim Langford, Bob Compher, Jeff Hobson, Gary Lindsey, Mark Stein, Manager. New head coach Jim Raines set the ' 69 basketball team ' s goal: to improve the former record of 2-13, and become a top 1-B area team. Facing a tough schedule of 18 games plus the district tournament, the team compiled a 14-7 overall record. Nondistrict games pre- pared the team for District play; highlighting the set was a 60-54 victory over Handley. In District play, the Mustangs pulled a 6-4 record, with wins ov- er all league teams but Gar-Field. In the tournament, the team beat Stonewall and then met Gar-Field. The Mustangs grabbed a 25-24 half- time lead but Indian talents made Gar-Field the 48-44 victors. Bounc- ing back to annihilate Mary N. Smith, 75-45, the team took third place in the tournament. With the loss of only two play- ers, the team may well rank as number one in 1970. Head Coach Jim Raines eyes the scoreboard as the teams watch from the sidelines. 174 School Spirit, Yield 14-7 Season John Cruise drops in a left-handed hook. Pret Block looks for an opening Wendell Byrd pulls down a rebound against Handley. Bob Compher demonstrates his dribbling techniques. John Cruise, Number 11, gets up there. Mustangs Take Third Gary Lindsey shoots over Gar-Field ' s Vern Washington. David DeCreny picks up an easy basket. 176 in Monument District Tournament Varsity Record GM ... 87 Clarke County 57 GM ... 62 Handley 80 GM ... 87 Culpeper 59 GM ... 63 Warren County 56 GM ... 60 Handley 56 GM ... 71 Clarke County 46 GM ... 73 Warren County 51 GM ... 60 Woodbridge 54 GM ... 68 Culpeper 70 GM ... 68 Osbourn 71 GM . . . 41 Gar-Field 72 GM ... 86 Stonewall Jackson .... 68 GM ... 86 Brentsville 62 GM ... 48 Woodbridge 66 GM ... 68 Osbourn 53 GM . . . 71 Gar-Field 87 GM ... 73 Stonewall Jackson .... 60 GM ... 85 Brentsville 43 TOURNAMENT GM ... 55 Stonewall Jackson .... 51 GM . . . 44 Gar-Field 48 GM ... 75 Mary N. Smith 45 JV RECORD GM ... 28 Clarke County 43 GM ... 26 Handley 55 GM ... 47 Culpeper 56 GM ... 40 Warren County .... 34 GM ... 18 Handley 52 GM ... 30 Clarke County 48 GM ... 34 Warren County .... 35 GM ... 29 Woodbridge 38 GM ... 51 Culpeper 79 GM ... 43 Osbourn 53 GM ... 36 Gar-Field 42 GM ... 46 Stonewall Jackson . . 41 GM ... 41 Brentsville 51 GM ... 43 Woodbridge 38 GM ... 54 Osbourn 49 GM ... 44 Gar-Field 60 GM ... 33 Stonewall Jackson . . 42 GM ... 41 Brentsville 49 TOURNAMENT GM ... 39 Osbourn 45 ' Gunther ' Compher swishes a Mustang goal. Young Team Shows Promise for Future , ST4 Ha From Left, Front Row: Jim Clinton, John Velasquez, Jim Lynch, Doug Hammond, Glenn Deans, Billy McGlynn, Bill Lowe, Ralph Pierce Back Row: Mr. Smiles, Coach; Eddie Hannum, Howie Herman, Glenn Hood, Mike Sandidge, Bob Hobson, Bob Moore, Wal- ly Boswell, Mike Yelverton. This year ' s JV basketball team faced the same old problem; acute lack of experience. Despite this problem, the team, stocked with new faces and young players, showed signs of real promise. Playing an eighteen game schedule plus, for the first time, a JV District Tournament, the ba- by Mustangs compiled a 4-15 over- all record. In their only tourna- ment game, the Mustangs made an excellent showing against Osbourn, but lost in the last minutes, 43-49. Three of this year ' s starters will be returning next year. Bob Hobson plays tough defense against Osbourn. Ed Hannum shoots against Woodbridge. ADVERTISING 195 Coughfoon, the Insurance Typhoon ☆ R.S. Myers, Inc. ☆ Ware’s Pharmacy ☆ 101 W. Broad St. Falls Church, Va. Six Convenient Offices to Serve You Member F.D.I.C. Best Wishes The Clark Co., Realtors 111 N. Pennsylvania Ave. Falls Church, Virginia S hannon - • l uch S Realtors Since 1906 THIS MEANS SERVICE Econoprint 626 S. Washington St. Falls Church, Virginia Residential Sales Commercial Sales Insurance Mortgage Loans Appraisals Apartment Rentals Investment Property Sales Property Management Commercial Leasing Urban Renewal Syndication Consultation OFFICE BLDG. LEASING MANAGEMENT Falls Church Stationers 1049 W. Broad St. Falls Church, Va. 22046 Galley ' s Prescription Center 3801 N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington, Va. Phone 525-0525 Mortgage Loan Correspondent: Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins Co Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada Monumental Life Insurance Co FARRAGUT BLDG. 900 17th STREET, N.W. • 296-2345 UPTOWN OFFICE 5000 CONNECTICUT AVE., N.W 244-6900 MARYLAND OFFICE . 2600 UNIV. BLVD. W., WHEATON 949-2300 VIRGINIA OFFICE 6510 ARLINGTON BLVD., FALLS CHURCH 534-9000 196 CONGRATULATIONS!! You Are Now Entering the COMPUTER AGE — and if your education stops now it will pass-you-by . . . " Our greatest need in the future will be for information middlemen — those who perform the tasks of information collection, processing, analysis, and distribution; who de- sign the various new applications; and who serve as the interpreters of the needs of the physician, the teacher, the lawyer, and the busi- nessman ' For tens of thousands of years, man ' s speed of travel was limited to the speed of a running horse. With the advent of the steam engine, the gasoline engine, the jet engine and the rocket engine — in one cen- tury we have witnessed the man on horse- back conquer space. Perhaps more dramatic has been the de- velopment of the computer. There was no computer industry, two decades ago. Today, experts predict that at the present rate of growth, the computer industry will soon surpass the auto industry as the nation ' s largest. One of the main facets of the computer in- dustry in PEOPLEWARE. It is this area that will determine the future growth of the industry. The present shortage of ad- equately trained people is already ham- pering the growth of this industry. COMPUTER AGE INSTITUTE A Private School 8800 Arlington Boulevard Fairfax, Virginia 22030 Like other fine schools, the Train- ing Center of Computer Age Indus- tries, Computer Age Institute, is situated in an atmosphere condu- cive to learning. The Fairfax Cam- pus is located on eight rolling, wooded acres just off the Capitol Beltway in beautiful Fairfax Coun- ty, Virginia. Quality computer courses for res- ident students call for modern computer systems. The IBM 360 30 Computer System is available for student use on the premises. TUITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS AVAILABLE 197 The Most Distinguished Name in School and College Jewelry YOUR GUARANTEE ■■■ OF: Perfect Satisfaction Unmatched Quality Dashing Style Complete Security MR. DOUGLAS DIVERS Liggon Paint Store One of N. Virginia s finest selections Vinyl Wallpapers Murals 154 Hillwood Avenue Falls Church 532-7980 Arlington — Fairfax — Savings and Loan Liberal dividends compounded quarterly on your savings account We Make The Unusual in Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Galvanized, Stainless, Tin. Main Office 6711 Lee Hwy. Falls Church Office 450 Broad. St. Ill Gordon Road, Falls Church, Va. 532-1146 533-1111 533-3110 BOOSTERS CLUB 199 Business Patrons Brown ' s Meat Market A R Tool Rental 7151 Lee Highway Falls Church, Virginia Four Locations to Serve You The Finest in Meat Falls Church Bowling Center 400 S. Maple Street Falls Church, Virginia Falls Church 108 East Fairfax Street 532-9641 Springfield 6519 Backtick Road 451-8886 Falls Church Florist 419 W. Broad Street Falls Church, Virginia Vienna 161 Glyndon Street, S. E. 939-9419 McLean 6232 Old Dominion Road 532-9504 Giant Music 109 E. Broad Street Falls Church, Virginia Let Us Stock Your Freezer All Meat Inspected by V.D.A. Gray ' s Donut Dinette 436 S. 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McGonegal Plumbing and Heating Service Kitchen Remodeling 1861 West Broad Street 532-4445 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 69 from your PTA George Mason Junior-Senior High School 201 Worlds Largest Ford Dealer C-OnijiLiniznti of Koons Ford 7 Corners Falls Church Atlas Sporting Goods Taco Tico Tower ' s Square Barber Shop Wissinger Chevrolet Meese ' s Flower Shop Flowers for All Occasions Phone 534-7117 210 East Fairfax Street Falls Church 202 Murphy Ames Browse About Shop Wonderful World of Art Ziggy ' s Gulf Service Stratford Motor Lodge l (alia thz nk 815 v 1 1 zit Sr oa d Strzzt Sue Lindahl Sudee Sweeney George Mason M Falls Church 71 Laura Brandt and Robin Cruise visit Murphy and Ames. Lumber — Mi 1 1 work Building Materials A dmire a Sue Brett Jr. Dress. “ Junior Fashions with a Flair " From the Pink House have Become favorites in Northern Virginia 6908 North Fairfax Drive Arlington, Virginia 533-3100 Persona! Patrons To the Graduating Class of 1969 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Albrecht A Friend Jennifer and William Astle Elizabeth Z. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baum Mr. and Mrs. Julian E. Betts Mr. and Mrs. Mel H. Bolster Mrs. M. Bradd Jim and Tina Brown Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark Browning Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Chevalier The Class of 1969 The Class of 1971 The Clements George Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Crabill Mildred L. Dalton The Debate Team Mr. and Mrs. Wayne V. Dexter Mr. and Mrs. James G. Disney, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Driver Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Fernald Mr. and Mrs. Martin Fischer Mr. and Mrs. William A. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gendreau Joan C. Gendreau Phil Gillespie Miss Marian Hargrove Mr. and Mrs. Haydn Evans Col. and Mrs. R. E. Herndon Mr. and Mrs. Grant G. Hi Hiker Cdr. and Mrs. R. M. Hollandsworth Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Howell The Humphreys Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Jones The Junior Class Mr. Menzer ' s Puns R.I.P. Commissioner and Mrs. Michael W. Katen Mr. and Mrs. Galin Kierstead and Teri Charles A. Krebs Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lowe Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Mahaffey Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. McMillen Mrs. R. W. Mileson Allen Miller J. Douglas Miller Mrs. Charles Momsen Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Morse The Mustang ' s Friend Navcossact-Ocean Systems Division Mr. and Mrs. J. Cortland G. Peret The Princess John Alexander Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Frederik L. Rutgers Mr. and Mrs. Everett C. Seal and Mary Carole Mrs. Mariana Trice Stanley Mrs. Rose M. Stuck Mr. and Mrs. Tanner Arther T. T ree Mr. and Mrs. John C. Walden A Friend James R. Wood Little Wood Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Wurz The future of our nation lies in your hands. We charge you with this trust. We now look to you for our care as you once looked to us for yours. Make your decisions with in- finite wisdom. This is a good coun- try, strong and true, built upon new-found leadership of each gen- eration. As you ring that bell Grad- uation Day, ring it with the con- viction and determination of your forefathers. God bless you. " TEXAS DAN " and the Entire Staff of the Lone Star Beef House " Cactus Joe " " Fingers Frazier ± NATIONAL 8-4300 504 - 9th STREET. N W WASHINGTON. D. C. “Hearty Dining for Hearty Appetites” OFFICE! 833-3647 RES.: 833-0730 •SALES •RENTALS Acknowledgements . . . WALTER M. BRANDT REPRESENTING The 1969 MUSTANG Staff ' d TO i REAL ESTATE 3218 KORTE COURT FALLS CHURCH. VIRGINIA wishes to thank: The Photographers: Joe and Maurice . . . Jay Ardai and Gary Zieses, for their time and talents . . . Mrs. Jonz and Mr. Henry, for the use of their rooms Ernest Lowry, for letting us in . . . The German Club The German Club was formed late in the year. From Left: Mrs. Huth, Sponsor; Janice King, Mary Kar- nis, Rory McBroom, Mac Scott, Meredith Hutchins, Carol Ingle. Not pictured: Linda Cole, Sue Cole, Kathy Crane, Gail LaBaugh, Denise Moore, Rae Tanner, Barbara Troy, William Stroud. Index Acosta, Andrew 109 Addison, Larry 99 Addison, Lois 33,69 Addison, Nancy 44,125 Albrecht, Doug 69 Albrecht, Mark Ill Alexander, Janet 43,111 Alexander, Tom 35,99 Allan, Kevin 127,140 Allan, James 133 Allan, Melanie 18,111 Allan, Ronnie 69 Alleman, Diane 31,40,69,81 Allen, Wayne 119 Altman, Russell 127 Ames, Abby 39,42 Ames, Debbie 56,119,160 Ames, Susie 38,50,62,98,99 Anderson, Jim 14,15,54,60,168 Anderson, Pam 119 Anderson, Roy 99,102,168 Andrews, Andrea 119 Antinozzi, Mary 34,119 Antinozzi, Steve Ill Appell, Carla 119,142,161 Appleton, Doug Ill Ardus, Barbara 127 Ask, Lucille 119 Atwood, Donna ' 33 Avery, Frank 63,119 Avery, Laura . 18,23,31,43,45,111,150 Ayoub, Hilaneh 127 Bailey, David 51,133 Bailey, Devra 44, 1 17 Bailey, Diane 119,160 Bailey, Gordon 41,119 Bailey, Mary 69 Baine, Robert 133 Baine, Edwin 111,168 Baines, Bruce 30 Bains, Ted 18,23 Bayhnam, Owen 62 Banner, Ted 109 Barbee, Janet 103 Bartholomew, Nancy Ill Baum, Caroline . 23,40,43,45,56,69,79 Baynham, Deedee 64, 111,1 60 Baynham, Owen 99 Beck, Carol 119 Beethoven, Charlene 43,60,119 Begle, David ... 119 Bell, William 133 Berkowitz, David 41,127 Berkowitz, Louis Ill Best. Barbara 69 Bettendorf, Dennis 119 Betts, Mary Beth 19,44,127 Black, Karen 99 Blake, David 40,69,163,170 Blankenship, Jim .... 97 Block, Pret 40,99,164,167,168,174 Bloebaum, Mary 90,125 Blystone, Patricia 127 Boase, Ian 69 Boaz, Charles . 133 Boaz, Joan 127,169 Boe, James 133 Boggs, Kathy 119 Boggs, Kris 70 Boisseau, Mike 127 Bolster, Laurie . . 19,23,38,99,150 Bolster, Mark 127 Bonnell, Gini . 51,68,70,86,140,142,160 Bon Tempo, David 127 Boone, Dennis 133 Boone, Gary 99 Bost, Keith Ill Bost, Rhonda 14,15,24,50,53,56,70, 89,148 Boswell, Chris 99,163 Boswell, William 119,169,178 Boyd, Vicki 18,23,41,111,150 Branch, Teri 127 Boyles, Loretta 127 Boyles, Steve . Ill Bradford, James Ill Bradford, Nancy 90 Bradley, Judy 59,65,99 Bradley, Scott 119 Brandt, Laura 34,59,60,64,70,160 Brennan, John 119 Brennan, Terry 62,99 Brickman, Robin 119 Briggs, Laurie 44,127 Brittain, Barbara 50,60,99,103 Brooke, Lawrence . Ill Brooks, Miriam . . 127 Brophy, John Ill Brown, Chris . . . . 99 Brown, Debra 127 Brown, Brenda 133 Brown, Donna 42,127 Brown, Lorraine 119 Brucker, Paul 13,16,39,127 Bullock, Diann 127 Bullock, Randy 99 Burdick, Shirley 133 Burk, Mike 23,62,63,111 Burke, Patty 119 Burnham, Janet 119 Burns, Donald Ill Burns, Jeff 29,119 Burns, Kevin 24,33,53,62,99,170 Burrell, Cathy 60,70 Burrell, Mary 31,99 Buschow, Ritchie 38,58,170 Byrd, Wendell 54,64,111,164,168,174 Bzdek, Billy 111,169 Bzdek, Cindy 34,59,70,140,144,145, 156 Cain, Paul 70 Calamen, Keith 44 Calderone, Toni . Ill Calloway, Jon 99,168 Campbell, David 111,169 Campbell, Gary 99 Campbell, Robert 119,169 Campbell, William 133 Cantore, Frank 127 Carpenter, Joe 99 Carroll, Brian Ill Carroll, Eugene 119 Carroll, Mary Kate 1 " Carroll, Rodger . 127 Carroll, Tony 33,54,70,140,155 Cavanaugh, Dan 127 Cerio, Anita 31,111,149,150 Chamberlain, Judy 119,160 Champion, Kelly 100,172 Champion, Kim 100,163,172 Champion, Randy 125,162,163 Chapins, Richard HI Chapman, Reeny . . 23,30,50,59,61,63, 65,110,111,144,148,150 Charlesworth, Barbara . . 59,60,100 Chase, Bruce 30,44,62 Chase, Candi 29,30,43,119 Chase, Jackie 40,127 Checknoff, Barbara . 24,33,43,119,150 Checknoff, Michael 16 Cheney, Charles 133 Cheney, Richard 120 Cherry, David 133 Chevalier, Dennis . . . 24,50,51,54,65, 70,141 Chevalier, Janine . 33,42,56,61,100 Chew, Robert 44 Christian, Judy 41 Churchill, Anne 133 Churchill, George . 31,53,62,70,150 Ciaccio, Danny 127 Clement, Robert 120 Clendenin, Bruce 127 Clendenin, Larry 174 Clewlow, Terry 120 Cline, Scott 58,100 Clinton, Gail . 14,31,53,64,100 Clinton, Jim 120,178 Clinton, Renee 18,24,70,77,146,147 Coates, Neal 127 Coates, Wayne 42,43,54,160,170,171 Cole, Janette Ill Cole, Robert 133 Cole, Linda 127 Cole, Susan . 41,120 Comer, Debra . . 44,133 Comer, Mark 71,166,168 Comley, Reita 120 Compher, Arleen 133 Compher, Bob 71,174 Compher, Carol 120 Conley, Denise 100 Conover, Kathy 71,76 Cooke, Carol 59,100 Cooke, Connie Ill Cooksey, Helen 59,100 Coolidge, Kim 44,133 Cortor, Lori 133 Cotner, George 42,71 Cra bill, Fred 14,54,64,71,166,168 Crane, Ann 30,62,120 Crane, Ellen 44,133 Crane, Kathy . 23,24,42,51,53,56,62,71 Curt, Nancy 43,120 Curtis, Stephany 17 Crellin, Palmer 120 Crone, Jonathan 133 Cronin, Jeff 41,127 Cronin, Gregory 133 Cruise, John 14,51,64,71,165, 166,168,174 Cruise, Robin . . . 14,24,33,53,56,64,71, 142,160 Culbertson, Rodney 42,100,168 Cumbley, Susan 30,44,120 Dailey, Chris 61,100 Daniel, John 120 Daniel, Karen 18,23,30,51,112 Davis, Albert . 58, 72, 1 67, 1 68, 1 72 Davis, Andy 120 Davis, Ann 31,111 Davis, Francis 128 Davis, Jim . 31,40,58,100,167,168,172 Davis, Mike 111,170 Deans, Ben 58,101 Deans, Glenn 120,178 Decker, Jim 112 DeCreny, David 101,175 De Los Reyes, Ralph . . . 14,23,42,65, 101,150 Der, Jack Lem 101,120 Dewhurst, Claudia 59,101 Dexter, Anne 16,42,128 Dibble, Robin ...... 33,41,50,120,144 Diehl, Carolyn 18,29,33,40,120 Dill, Sally 35,61,72 Dinkle, Robin 120 Doliante, John 112 Donley, Phyllis 19,133 Doyle, Denise 120 Draper, Linda 133 Dreslin, Joan 133 Driver, Joe 19,40,65,72 Driver, Kelly 133 Drummond, Lisa . 18,23,30,42,59, 72, 1 50 Dunbar, Jeffrey 120 DuPont, Andy .... 100,165,168,170 DuPont, Suzanne . . 14,31,51,56,64,101, 160 Dwyer, Richard 120 Dziubinski, Marion 120 Earman, Anna 19,44,133 Earman, Joe 101 Earman, Margie 120,160 Eckert, Elizabeth . . 18,23,40,65,112 Eckert, Patricia 128 Edmondson, John 30,41,133 Edner, Leslie 120 Edwards, Priscilla 44,128 Edwards, Terry 120 Ehrmantraut, Beth 128 Elam, Jean 34,53,56,61,65,72,160 Elam, Wanda 42,101 Ellis, Mike 58,101,168 Ermerins, Billy H2 Eskildsen, Paul 43,120,170 Essig, Bill 112 Evans, Debra 128 Evans, Jill 30 Faith, Don 44,128 Fauteux, Jean 128 Fauteux, Kenny 112 Fauteux, Richard 101,168,174 Fehrenbach, Owen 121 Ferguson, Barbara 121 Ferguson, Charles 128 Ferguson, Debbie 61,72 Fernald, Linda 18,23,40,42,72 Fewell, Joyce 101 Fewell, Tom 121,169 Fifer, Adrienne 72 Filan, Debbie 112 Fisher, Lani 128 Fischer, Ron 73 Fitzgerald, Charles 133 Fitzgerald, S 133 Flick, Steve 121 Floyd, Mary 73 Flynn, Peggy 121 Fox, Brian 121 Fraber, Cliff 128 Fraley, Paige 43,50,121,160 Fralick, Fred 128 Francis, Jocelyn 41,44,133 Fredenburg, David 121,170 Fredenburg, Pete . . 18,23,40,64,101,151 Fredericks, John 121 Fredericks, Mary 101 Fry, Robert 133 Fry, Bill 121 Frye, Cathy 121 Frye, Mary 102 Galacci, Bill 121 Galacci, Patti 134 Garhart, Charles . . 73,144,145,156,167, 168 Gendreau, Brian . . . 31,53,73,151,170 Gendreau, Susie .... 23,31,56,61,112 Gerard, Anne 29,33,51,121 Gerard, Nancy 40,41,134 Gibbons, James 121 Gibbons, Jim 128 Gibbons, Teresa 128 Gibson, Barbara 60,73 Gibson, Bucky 112 Gibson, Joan 112,157,160 Gibson, Sandra 73 Giles, Barbara 134 Giles, James 121 Giles, Mike 128 Giles, Teresa 128 Giles, Tony 134 Gillam, Arthur 134 Gilley, Linda 42,112 Gilmore, Jeff 121,168 Gittings, Irene 134 Goebel, Teresa 134 Goetz, Gaye . 50,59,65,102,103,144,160 Goff, Gloria 44,134 Goins, Carla 128 Good, Robert 43,121 Goodnight, Glenn 41,134 Gordon, Frank 62,112 Gordon, John 134 Gordon, Maurice 58,65,112 Gordon, Rosalie 134 Gore, Dana 112 Gore, Lisa 73 Gorman, Jimmy 102 Grant, Bruce 121 Grant, Eric 128 Grant, Mike 62,73 Gray, Alan 134 Gray, Jacqueline 134 Gray, Carol 18,65,112 Greenberg, Mark . . . 33,50,53,54,102, 143,170 Gregory, Paul 29,121,170 Griffith, Sue 15,62,74 Grigg, Lynn 121,157 Grigg, Steve 112 Grim, Martha 22,42,74 Grove, Lynn 18,42,65,102 Hall, JoAnn 128 Hall, Judi 102 Hall, Nancy 43,121 Hamby, Joe 134 Hamlin, Barbara 62,121 Hamlin, Mark ... . 112,157,167,168 Hammer, Sarita 44,134 Hammond, Doug 121,163,178 Hammond, Lynne 23,42,102 Hannum, Eddie 112,169,178 Hannak, Mark 40,121,150 Harcourt, Glen .... 14,31,53,64,102, 148,150 Harding, Janet ... 18,23,65,112,150 Hardy, Janine 13,41,128 Harner, Karyn 110,113 Harner, Robin 121 Harrington, Ken 168 Harrington, Steve 74,121,169 Harris, Joni 44,134 Harrison, Steve 74 Harton, Julie ' 28 Hass, Dolly . . 14,50,53,64,102,160 Hastie, Claire 41,74,160 Head, Dianne 34,56,60,61,65,74 Hedeen, Kris 102 Hefferman, John 128 Herfindalh, Cindy 18,31,40,122,150, 160 Herfindahl, Erika 19,30,41,44,134, 160 Herman, Donna 128 Herman, Howard 122,178 Herman, Pat ... 35,42,50,51,54,102 Herman, Terry 128,134 Herndon, Jack . 23,42,43,54,64,74,143 Herrick, Julia 44,134 Herrick, Peter 18,113 Herrington, Ken 113 Herron, Annie 122,156 Herron, Tony 74,172 Herron, Vincent 113 Hertz, Doug 74 Hertz, Lois J22 Higdon, Denise 1 22 Hileman, Joyce 113,142 Hill, Steve 122 Hilliker, Laurie 23,40,43,45,56,74, 79,81 Hobson, Jeff 31,53,102,166,168 Hobson, Bob . . 113,166,168,174,178 Hobson, Randall 134 Hoffman, Liz 51,62,122 Hoke, Dan 170 Hoke, Ron 42,74,102 Holcomb, Dallas 44,113,169 Holcomb, Debbie 16,134 Holcomb, John 129 Hollandsworth, Jim 44,129 Hollandsworth, Julie .... 51,59,62,102 Hollandsworth, Suzanne . . 31,56, 113, 148 Holzhauer, Chuck 14,75,170 Hood, Glenda 34 Hood, Glen 129,178 Hooper, David 112 Hooper, Sheldon 129 Hoover, Jerald 41,129 Hoover, Mike 122 Hopkins, Pat 40,41,122 Hornstein, David 16,134 Hornstein, Susan 122 Horstkamp, Bill 75 Houck, Catherine 134 Houseman, Earl 42,102 Houtz, Terri ' 44,129 Houtz, Traci 44,134 Howard, Margie 75 Howard, Bill 113 Howell, Sandra 75 Howell, Vicki 122 Hubben, Henry 62,75,170,171 Hubben, Julie 62,113 Hubben, Will 43,122 Huber, Susan 30,134 Hugel, Conrad 134 Hughes, Debbie 102 Hughes, Jan 44,134 Hughes, Mary 75 Hughes, Susan 122 Hull, Cindy 113 Humphreys, Carol 18,30,34,122 Humphreys, Ed 58,101 Hundley, John 75,170 Hundley, Pat 59,103 Hunt, Robert 40,113 Hunter, Milton 113 Hutchens, Holly 23,103 Hutchins, Meredith 59,103 Ingle, Carol 103 Ingley, Chris 41,134 Ingley, Monica 60,113 Ingley, Steve 122 Jackman, Doug 44,134 Jackman, Jackie 61,103 James, Susan 122 Javins, Patrica 129 Jenkins, Doug 33,75 Jensen, Judy 113 Jeter, Frank 129 Jeter, Jane 51 Jett, Betty 129 Johnson, Andrea 129 Johnson, Chris 103 Johnson, David 122 Johnson, Gary 58 Johnson, Genelda 134 Johnson, Linda 16,44,134 Johnson, Mary 44,134 Johnson, Patricia 122 Johnson, Shirley 34,122 Johnston, Joanne 43,45,113 Jones, Jennifer 129 Jones, Pat 134 Jones, Phil 14,75 Jones, Sandra 18,23,43,113,148,150 Jones, Sheila 18,23,56,61,113 Jones, Steve 129 Jones, Susan 129 Jordan, Martha 134 Jorewicz, Wayne 75 Kain, Barry . . 113,168 Kain, Nancy 41,129 Kane, Kathy 60,123 Kane, Tom 129 Kanode, Paulette 76 Kaplow, Steve 129 Karnis, Margaret 17,129 Karnis, Mary .... 18,34,51,65,123,150 Karnis, Mike 15,76 Karnis, Paul 54,113,163 Katen, Ann 31,34,56,65,76,140 Keeler, Bob 65,76,172 Keer, Chris 134 Kenny, Kathy 60,63,113 Keyser, Wanda 23,42,43,103 Khosrovi, Parri 30,134 Kight, Glenn 76,170 Kight, Judy 113 Kimberlie, Debbie 19 King, Frank 58,76 King, Janice 43,123 King, Allison 129 Kinkead, Danny 169 Kinkead, Mike 76 Kinney, Pat 18,33,34,123 Kirby, Carol 76 Klinger, Zina 134 Kohn, Bill 76 Koontz, Michael 134 Krogmann, John 129 Kuritzky, Paul 113 LaBaugh, Gail 23,24,40,43,45,53,103 Lacy, Jennie 51,62,123 Lacy, Mike 51,98,103,167,168,174 Lamberson, David 135 Lambert, Kathy 123 Lampert, Terry 44,129 Lane, Fred 40,103 Langford, Jim 40,103,174 Langford, Wayne 123 Langlais, Mike 135 Larrivee, Steve 58,103 Larson, Ann 14,64,103 Larson, Chris 18,148,149 206 Larson, Mary 44,135 Larson, Nick 170 Lawhorn, Juanita 35,59,76 Lawless, John 16,129 Lawless, Sharon 76 Leavitt, John 77,148 Leigh, Betsy .113 Leigh, Susan 42,62,77 Lemon, Sue 51,123 Lemon, Lin . . 24,50,51,53,54,64,68,77, 79,165,167,168 Lennon, Jeff 135 Lennon, Mike 77 Levins, Jill 135 Lincoln, John 114 Lindahl, Carl 123 Lindahl, Linda 51,60,114 Lindahl, Sue 65,77,143 Lindsey, Dagmar 114 Lindsey, Gary 103,174 Lindsey, Karen 129 Lindsey, William 44,135 Line, Stephanie . 50,59,62,103,107,160 Linton, Cathy 135 Linton, John 129 Lippard, Karen 135 Litton, Edward 123 Lloyd, Jeannette 130 Locke, Debbie 123 Locke, Wayne 42,103,170 Lockar, Jackie 123 Lodico, Ron 114,169,172 Lloyd, Mary 130 Longerbeam, Cindy 17,130 Longerbeam, Gary 123 Lovell, Peter 130,169 Lovings, Debby 41,51,130 Lowe, William 114,178 Lowery, Scott 130 Lowery, Rhett 114 Lozano, Frankie 104,170,171 Lundy, Jeff 104,170 Lundy, Steve 23,114 Lydane, Mary 123 Lyden, Colleen 77 Lyman, Dana 123 Lyman, Gary 104 Lynch, Colleen . . 33,42,50,59,65,104, 142,160 Lynch, James 123,178 Lynch, Joanne 130 Lyons, Anne 77 Macomber, Patricia 130 Macomber, Robert 33,114 Mahaffey, Barbara . . . 14,15,18,43,98, 103,104,148 Malone, Ralph 104 Malone, Timothy 130,169 Manley, Bruce 104 Manley, John 135 Manning, David . . . 23,43,54,114,156 Mannon, Bonnie 106 Mannon, Linda 105 Manwaring, James 62 Marcet, Mike 42,105 Margelos, Jr. W. A 135 Marsh, David 130 Marsh, Bill .... 63,98,104,166,168,172 Martin, Billy 58,62,114,163,172 Martin, Jeannie .... 42,50,62,102,104 Martin, Nora 42,77 Masters, Janet 45,114 Mather, Billie Carol 130 Matheson, Don 14,77 Masters, Lauretta 130 Matheson, Gordan 104 Mattson, Debbie 62,104 Mattson, Petie 130,169 Maybury, Cathy 135 Mazzie, Maria 42,77 McBee, John 30,44 McBroom, Rory . . . 18,19,42,43,53,78, McCarraher, Rick . . McCarthy, Bette . . . McCarthy, Mathew . McCleskey, Roger . . McCord, James . . . . McCracken, Lance . . McCrocklin, Jimmy . McDowell, Kate . . . McGinnis, Harry . . . McGlynn, Billy . . . . McGlynn, Marianne Mclnturff, Carol . . . McIntyre, Steve . . . . McIntyre, Terry . . . McKenzie, Jimmy . . McMillen, Debbie McQuary, Susie . . . Mecca, Toni Mechem, Bradley . . Mechem, Bruce . . . . Medak, Craig . . . Mele, Frank Merkle, Scott Michaels, Buddy . . . Michalowski, Leonard Midkiff, Vickie Miers, Jessie Miers, Linda Mileson, Beth . . . . Mileson, Susan .... Millan, Pam Millan, Wayne 152 104 42,51,104 130,169 114 123 63 104 . . . 23,42,61,78 135 123,178 . 29,30,31,32,51, 53,56,104 104 104 130 123 . 14,15,23,31,51, 53,56,61,64,78 18,114 114 135 123 14,18,30,31,53,64, 104,148,149,150 123 123 123 78,168 114 . . . . 34,43,123 104 . . 15,18,114,150 78 . . . 16,19,44,130 135 Miller, David 135 Miller, Debbie D 43,124 Miller, Debbie M 124 Miller, Harold 114,157 Miller, Mari 11,16,135 Miller, Nancy 78,124 Miller, Nancy C 60 Miller, Norma 130 Miller, Shirley 114 Miller, Steven 44,135 Miller, Susan 16,17,135 Miller, William 124 Momsen, Charlie 104 Mongole, Laura 30,114 Montgomery, Paula 114,157 Montgomery, Robert 114 Moore, Billy 41,169 Moore, Dave 50,130 Moore, Robert 178 Morris, Charlene 130 Morse, Harriet 44,130 Morse, Kinsley . . . 50,53,56,98,105,146 Mowitt, Glendon 135 Mowift, Linda 78 Muilenburg, Lynn .... 33,42,56,59,105 Murphy, Dennis 124 Napier, Athena 130 Neuman, Chris 42,105 Newby, Laurus 24,33,53,78,154 Newland, Charles 58,78 Newton, Anne 59,105 Nicholas, Nancy 13,41,44,130 Nicholas, Nicky 62 ,63,105 Nicholson, Kevin 135 Nicholson, Tom 115 Nicklas, Wayne 130 Norman, Fred 40,43,65,115 Nugent, Claire 78 Nugent, Danny 115 Nugent, Kathleen 135 Ogilvie, Carol . . 14,15,23,31,34,51,53, 56,61,79,144 Oltman, Mary . . 14,18,19,49,64,146,150 Ordway, David 105,130 Ordway, Mike 130 Orf, Ricky 115 Owen, Cathy 79 Papanicolas, Emilie 130 Parker, John 105 Parker, John D 105 Parnell, Ed 79 Parnell, Larry 115 Parrish, Gary 43,115 Parrott, Cliff 115 Parsons, Judy 59,65,105 Part, Pauline 135 Payne, David 105,166,168 Payne, Johnny 105 Payne, Martha 34,105 Payne, Michael 135 Payne, Sherrie 130 Peel, Nancy 124 Peret, Ann 19,41,130 Perry, Ann . . . 34,42,59,61,65,105,106 Perry, Frank 115 Perry, Robert 79 Perry, Kimberly 44,130 Philpot, Ann 135 Philpot, Dora 135 Philpot, Leon 115,169 Piccariello, Anthony 124 Pierce, Alycon 18,115,150 Pierce, Butch 51,58,65,79 Pierce, Lorraine 130 Pierce, Mike 124 Pierce, Ralph 124,178 Pierce, Stewart 130 Pitsnogle, Julia 42,105 Polk, Tony 130 Pope, James 135 Pope, Janie . . 23,30,31,34,51,53,56,79 Porter, Kitty 19,30,44,135 Potter, Ken 79 Powell, Jim 124 Powell, John 163 Powell, Linda 44,135 Precht, Mike 41,130 Prender, Mary 59,115 Proffitt, Cathy 41,115 Proffitt, Richard 135 Proffitt, Judy 124 Purdy, Christine 135 Rackowski, Connie 40,56,115 Rackowski, Jim 41,50,51,131 Rackowski, Tom 23,43,58,79 Ragland, Walter 115 Reynolds, Janet 105 Rice, Norris 131 Rick, Patty 135,160 Rick, Mike 58,79,166,168 Rider, Drew 44,135 Ridge, Dennis 131 Riffee, Doug 115,169 Rinick, Margaret . . . . 41,44,131,136 Rinick, Marjorie 44 Ripley, Steve 62,80 Robertson, Bert 115 Robinson, Bryce 44,131 Rocca, Lorenzo 105,170 Roebuck, John 105 Rollins, Ray 58,80 Rose, Gene 115 Rose, Paula 80 Rose, Thea 131 Rothmeier, Teresa 44 Roth, Richard 131 Rothmyr, Dan 131 Rouse, Betsy 124 Rouse, Cathy 80 Rouse, Van 42,105 Russell, Don 131 Russo, Chris 115 Russo, Paula 131 Rusterholtz, Brian 63,115 Rutgers, Victor . . 13,15,23,40,43,45,54, 80,170 Rooney, Patty 40,115 Sachs, Molly 136 Sachs, Patti 116 Satterfield, Dean 136 Sadtler, Laban 116 Sandford, Robin 80 Sanford, Bruce 41,136 Sanford, David 23,54,64,80,163 Sandidge, Mike 116,178 Santos, Denise 136 Sarles, John 80 Schumann, Belinda 59,105 Schumann, Brenda . . 56,59,61,80,154 Schwind, Andy . . . 50,118,124,168,172 Schwind, Brian 136 Schwind, Jim 80,170 Schwind, Marty 105,168,172 Scott, Ben 62,124 Scott, Malcolm .... 13,42,43,50,68,81 Scott, Margaret 23,51,56,105 Seidel, Danny 106 Seal, Mary 40,60,116 Segal I, Robin . . 18,29,30,40,124,150 Seitz, Robert 136 Sebastian, Sharon 81 Shade, Su san 124 Shafer, Michael 136 Sharf, Inis 131 Shaw, David 131 Shell, John 62,106 Shell, Mark 124 Sherman, Andrew 124 Sherman, Elizabeth 136 Sherman, Eric 106 Sherman, Lisa 30 Sherman, Stephen 136 Shick, Mary 124 Shick, Ray 106 Shilling, Stephen 136 Shreve, Vivian 44 Sierk, Pat 136 Sigmond, Diedre 44,136 Sigmund, Nell 40,116 Siler, Candy . . 19,33,42,43,45,53,56,61, 68,144,149,150 Silverstein, Mary 136 Simmons, John 131 Simmons, Randy 50,136,174 Simmons, Sheila 25,116 Simpson, George 116 Singleton, Jimmie 131 Singleton, Patty 42,63,106 Sitton, Beth 81,136 Sitton, Debbie 136 Skelly, Daniel 30,136 Skelly, Tom 31,106 Skubal, Nancy 106 Skubal, Susan 116 Smartt, Ellen 34,50,51,56,81 Smith, Anita 124,146 Smith, Barbara 106 Smith, Bill 124 Smith, Donna 18,116 Smith, Jeff 116 Smith, Karen 106 Smith, Keith 136 Smith, Mike 136 Smith, Robert 58,81 Smith, William 124 Smoot, Deborah 30,44,136,160 Snider, Mark 124,169,172 Sobol, Bob „ 124 Souders, Randy 124 Soles, Norys 81 Stack, Alan 42 Stack, Vince 136 Stanich, Jay 131 Stanley, Bruce 136 Stanley, Lisbee 59,102,106 Stanley, Sarah ... 50,56,116,146,160 Stein, Karen 34,42,43,61,106 Stein, Mark 16,17,41,136,174 Steirer, Karen 125 Stickney, Chuck . . 58,65,106,165,167, 168,172 Stickney, Thomas 136 Stock, Grover 106 Strachan, Wendy 43 Strait, Eve 41,44 Strait, Jeff 23,62,116 Strange, Karen 116 Streeks, Sarah 125 Street, Sandra 125 Strickler, Kevin 116 Strickler, Mark 136 Stroud, Billy 116,170 Stroud, Debbie 106 Strub, Steven 44,136 Strub, Terry 81 Struble, Sharon 125 Struble, Susan 136 Stubing, Vanessa 16,29,30,41,136 Sutton, Danny 125 Swick, Douglas 41,137 Swick, Jerome 41 Tackney, Priss 14,50,59,106,160 Tanner, Janice 43,125 Tanner, Rae . 23,50,53,56,81,142,143 Tapper, Sheila 43,116 Taylor, Linda 43,116 Terman, Chris . . . 13,24,50,53,54,62, 82,89 Terman, Mark 44,137 Testa, Larry 137 Thackrey, Keith 18,23,43,117,168 Thatcher, Mike 125 Thieme, Brenda 106 Thompson, Louise 23,58,61,117 Thompson, Norma 131 Thompson, Susan . . 23,24,33,42,50,53, 56,82 Thompson, Terry 23,65 Thompson, Tommy 117 Thorpe, Brenda 35,106 Thorpe, Marlene 125 Thur, Carol 125 Thur, Jimmy 58,107 Tompkins, Linda 116 Tosti, Mark 24,33,53,62,68,82, 143,170 Tracz, Dennis 30,137 Tracz, Mark 137 Trenton, Mark 131 Trevino, Peggy 44,137 Trexler, Rena 42,107 Troy, Barbara . . 33,40,41,45,53,82 Troy, Joann 137 Turner, Larry 76,82 Turrisi, Ronny 125 Tuten, Mark 169 Twombly, Brenda ... 25,40,41,43,125 Twombly, Teresa 40,41,43,125 Underwood, Luann 137 Vanderhyden, John 125,170,171 VanDomelen, Chris . 107 Vanneman, Catherine 16,29,137 Vanneman, Vicki 82,146 Velazquez, John 29,117 Velazquez, Pablo 30,82,170,178 Vines, Dan 42.43,76,82 Vines, Don 40,42,43,107 Viscuse, Elizabeth 117 Volz, Kenneth 137 Wagner, John 107,167,168 Wainwright, Susan 31,117 Waitzfelder, Gayle 18,23,117 Walden, Clay 102,107,168 Walker, Susan 17,19 Wallis, Michael 125 Walls, John 16,17,44,169 Walls, Thomas 43,125,169 Walton, Dale 117 Walton, Susan 137 Waring, Anne 44,137 Waring, Robert 18,43,50,62,117 Warner, Gina 76,83 Warner, Jake 125,169 Warren, Richard 62,63,107 Watkins, Barbie 83 Watson, Freddy 30,58,117 Watson, Susan 30,137 Weetman, Gabrielle 44,137 Weiler, Susi 107 Wells, Ann 43,125 Werth, Marice 40,125 Werth, Robbie 101,170,174 Westmoreland, Lynn 42,107 Westmoreland, W. S 137 Whittemore, Linda 107 Wheeler, Terry 58,83 White, Paul 117 Whitlock, Carol 125 Wiencek, Debbie 56 Wiencek, Ron 131 Wilkerson, Earl 137 Wilkerson, Wanda 137 Willis, Louise 16 Willcock, Debbie 51,125,160 Willcock, Sharon . 44,137 Williams, Debra 137 Williams, Edward 125 Williams, Gary 40,125 Williams, Norma 125 Williams, Richard 117 Williams, Thomas 44,137 Willson, Alberta 125 Wilson, Abbie 13,15,83 Wilson, Marcella 125 Winston, Jean 125 Wise, John 125 Wolf, Eric 107 Wolfrey, Sharon 125 Wolfrey, Zandra 83 Wollenberg, Pam 30,40,125 Wong, Benita 33,34,125 Wood, Debbie 13,19,41 Wood, Kathy ... 32,44,56,61,64,107 Woodward, Doris . 83 Woolfenden, Ken 107 Woolfenden, Linda 127 Woolsey, Janet 127 Wright, Carroll 44,137 Wright, Wayne 117 Wurz, Barbara 23,137,160 Wurz, Judy 18,117 Wynkoop, Joyce 131 Wynn, Edna 117 Yarbrough, Ed 137 Yeary, Debbie 42,107 Yelverton, Donna 81,83 Yelverton, Judy 131 Yelverton, Mike 117,169,178 Yoshihashi, Ann 16,17,44,50,137 Yoshihashi, Eric ...... 54,62,107,170 Young, Jeffrey 137 Young, Nikki 137 Young, Paul 117 Zlotnick, Steve 50,110,117 WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo . U.S.A 207 A political year, September 1968 brought sun-tanned students back to GM and an issue-packed year. In Miami Republicans held an extremely quiet convention and chose Nixon. The loss of RFK was felt at the riot-ridden Demo- cratic Convention in Chicago as the party split in confu- sion; nominee Hubert H. Humphrey survived. Between com- position courses and football games, students debated the candidates ' merits. Classrooms filled with campaigning, arguing, and the rat-a-tat-tats of construction on the au- ditorium . . . Jackie Kennedy ' s marriage caused more con- troversy in the classroom — an image shattered. Thoughts shifted to the local scene with the dedication of the Com- munity Center, partly solving the long-debated loitering issue, and the celebration of a very wet Homecoming . . . November brough t the election itself; it was HHH all the way at GM, but a plurality of the nation elected Nixon. The novelty of the election wore off and the topic of conversa- tion turned to report cards and English electives. Students produced and acted in movies .. . The Nixon-Eisenhower marriage occupied the Decem- ber spotlight. The rest of the month was a lost cause as students prepared for a very cold Christmas vacation, most of which was spent in front of the television watching three Amer- ican astronauts orbit the moon. The crewmen of the PUEBLO made it home in time for the holidays, eleven months after their capture, to be met with inquiries and scrutiny of the " code of conduct " . . . The return to school in Jan- uary brought an important victory over Osbourn as well as the first snowfall of the year. Jan- uary 20, Johnson returned to the ranch while GM students got an extra vacation, the Paris peace talks floundered, and opposition to Nix- on ' s cabinet was voiced and forgotten. Rebel- lion and Responsibility was taught and ques- tioned when a young Czech burned himself demonstrating against the Russian invasion. . . Wars and troop involvement headlined the in- ternational scene with Berlin elections and Arab-lsraeli conflicts. Temperatures rose as Hong Kong flu confined thousands to bed . Sports dominated February as did Sirhan ' s trial and Laird ' s talk of abolishing the draft. Nixon toured Europe while the basketball team toured the Monument District and six members of the wrestling team traveled to State compe- tition. Lombardi and Williams arrived in Wash- ington. The student body united in its first as- sembly and in efforts to support the wrestling team and Coach Raines ... It was a year of guest speakers and special projects ranging from an introduction to Black problems, to in- volvement in television government exercises: Crisis Congo a possible result of current Sino-Soviet conflict? . . . Arrests drew atten- tion to possible drug traffic in the area . . The early March snow and the year began to melt away as third quarter slump took its toll. Spring blew in along with college acceptances and the entire atmosphere of the school re- laxed . . . Retrospect . . . Va . Col . 371.8 G GEORGE MASON MUSTANG 19 9 772145

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