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f f Z ' ' J ' A A ■ George Mason Junior and Senior High School 1959 This book belongs to THE 1959 MUSTANG Published by the Student Body of GEORGE MASON JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Joanna Michael Editor-in-Chief John Malloy Managing Editor Philip Glaser Business Manager P. H. Hasselvander Yearbook Advisor V. J. deGregorio - Art Advisor THE George Mason Junior-Senior High School Falls Church , Virginia With the school year swiftly closing, the time has come for us to look back and catch a final glimpse of the experiences we’ve had and the friends we’ve made. Many things have happened this year which we shall never forget. Our laughter, disappointments, and dreams will linger on in memories which we sincerely hope this book will keep alive for many years to come. The Staff is proud to present to you the 1959 MUSTANG — -“A Day at the Races. " It is yours. You made it: we hope we have preserved it for you through words and pictures. MUSTANG STAFF Table of Contents _ Page 6 Page 8 Page 9 Page 17 Page 44 Page 83 Page 105 Page 133 Page 158 Page 161 Page 177 1 sWJ • fp ' fjf • • 1 »Kt 1 wr ■ j»s • fc ' fflfc 5 " £ i6t. . ra Sg V -w. . ’ ’ ,V.» ■ 4 - v j. , r .. J 4 ' • ' COULTHER BROS. PHOTO 6 7 Our Principal Speaks J n ft m LE_ — -A M 1 1 L 1 Oil. 1 | XJ V Zj Over the years, it has been my privilege to work with many young people in our American secondary schools. I have appreciated the wholesome and ob- jective outlook exhibited toward the varied problems of living and learning in a school community such as ours. You have devoted yourselves faithfully to the many challenging tasks and therefore have made lasting contributions to your school. The course you have charted will be an inspiration for the many who will follow you. As you leave George Mason, it is my hope that you will continue to perform your duties, whatever they may be, in a courageous, honest, and construct- ive manner. In accomplishing this, you will fulfill the responsibilities of citizenship which lead to per- sonal success and a useful life. 6 9 School Board Seated: MRS. ELEANOR S. JUSTUSSON, Clerk, MR. THOMAS H. LEWIS. Chairman ; MRS. JANE DEXTER. Vice-Chairman. Standing: MR. FRANCIS J. ACOSTA, MR. WILLIAM R. PIERCE, MR. H. P. STROPLE. (MR. LYTTON H. GIBSON and MR. JOHN W. KELLY were unable to be present when picture was taken.) 10 RAYMOND R. REED. Principal A.B., Doane College M.A., Carnegie Institute of Technology The Administration DR. ROSALINE EDWARDS. Assistant Principal B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Fordham University Ed.D., George Washington University MRS. MARGUERITE ALBERT B.A., Mary Washington College English, Social Studies Sponsor, Eighth Grade, Tri-Hi-Y MRS. MARY ANN BRADLEY B.A., Western Michigan University Eighth Grade, English, Social Studies Mathematics Sponsor, Future Teachers of America RICHARD J. BROWN B.S., Pennsylvania State University Mathematics Sponsor, Tenth Grade, JV Baseball Coach ERNEST L. BUCKLIN B.Ed., Plymouth State Teachers College Special Education MRS. GERTRUDE M. CHISHOLM B.A., Goucher College English and Social Studies THOMAS H. CHRISTIE, JR. B.S., Kings College Physical Education and Health Assistant Football Coach, Baseball Coach MISS CATHERINE COCKRILL B.S., Madison College Physical and Health Education and Driver Training Girls’ Softball Team, Senior Class WILLIAM W. CONDIT B.A., Haver ford College; M.A., University of Pennsylvania English, French Sponsor, Lasso, The Penman’s Palette MRS. LOUISE C. COSTA A.B., Judson College; M.A., George Wash- ington University Social Studies, English Sponsor, Seventh Grade JOE CRAIN B.S., Milligan College; M.A., George Wash- ington University Director of Physical Education and Athletics, Driver Training Sponsor, Junior Class MISS DOROTHY L. CROCKER B.A., Mary Wash- ington College; M. A . , West Virginia University Guidance Director National Honor Society Co-Sponsor MRS. PATRICIA CROMER B.S., Indiana University Special Education Sponsor, Senior Tri-Hi-Y, Future Teachers of America LEON DASHOFF B.A., Odessa Conserva- tory, Russia Orchestra ROBERT M. DAWSON B.M., Catholic University ; M.A., George Washington University Instrumental Music Bandmaster VINCENT J. deGREGORIO B.A., American Univer- sity; M.A., Catholic University ; Ph.D., Ohio State University Art Art Advisor, Mustang STANLEY 0. DELLINGER B.S., Madison College Algebra, Plane Geometry Advisor, S.C.A. MRS. NANCY MYERS De PASQUALE Shepherd College Librarian MRS. PHYLLIS • FETZER A.B., Ashland College English, Typing Sponsor, Tri-Hi- Y, Junior Class MISS THERESE FINNEGAN A.B., Marywood Col- lege; M.A., Temple University Biology Sponsor, Tenth Grade, Biology Club, The 59’ers Club, Future Nurses Club FRANCIS A. FOSTER B.A., Black Mountain College ; M.S., Uni- versity of Oregon Art Art Advisor to Penman’s Palette MRS. WILLIAM C. GRIFFIN B.S., Birmingham Southern College Mathematics, Science Sponsor, Seventh Grade PHILIP H. ARTHUR PATRICK MRS. VIRGINIA HASSELVANDER HOLTON HOWARD B.S., M.A., University of Virginia English Advisor, Mustang Ph.B., Commerce, University of Notre Dame; M.A. Ed., George W ashington University U. S. History, American Govt., World History Sponsor, Sophomore Bookkeeper RICHARD HOWELL B.M., M.M., West- minster Choir College Director of Vocal Music MRS. COLETTA HUDSON Guidance, Library Secretary MRS. MARY CATH- ERINE HUTCHINS A.B., University of Texas English. Social Studies Sponsor, Seventh Grade HENRY D. JAWISH A.B . , St. Johns College Physics, Algebra MRS. FLORENCE LANE B.A., New Jersey State Teachers College Mathematics (Resigned, 1958) MRS. NORMA P. LANIER B.S., Madison College Physical and Health Education Sponsor, Junior Class, Keyette Club, Girls’ Varsity Basketball J. K. LAYTON B.S., University of Kentucky Eighth Grade General Science Sponsor, Key Club, Science Club JAMES McBLAIR A.B., M.A., University of California U. S. History. World History, U. S. Govt., Psychology’ Sponsor, International Relations Club, Chess Club, Northern Va. Discussion League, Junior Class MYLES STANFORD McClellan B.S., Penn State English, Social Studies Attendance Coordinator Traffic Supervisor MRS. HELEN MACKS B.S., Duquesne U niversity Home Economics Sponsor, Senior Class, Co-Sponsor, F.H.A. Our F. WILLIAM MAHER A.B., M.A., Catholic University of America Eighth Grade Core, Eleventh Grade English Sponsor, Senior Dra- matics Club, Director of Forensic Activities, Chm. Eighth Grade MRS. RUTH MILLER School Secretary MRS. ANNE MOYKA A.B., Wilson College English. World History, Guidance Sponsor, Tenth Grade; Chairman: Virginia League Creative Writing Contest MRS. JEANNE NAGAY R.N St. Luke ' s Hospital School of Nursing School Nurse Advisor, Future Nurses of America J. E. PHILLIPS B..4., University of Virginia; Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolas de Hidalgo Spanish Sponsor, Junior Dramatics, Junior Class MRS. LOUIS 0. QUAM A.B., University of Colorado Latin C. S. ROCKWELL A.B., Shepherd College; A.M., George Wash- ington University Mathematics Co-Sponsor Senior Class, JV Basketball MRS. ALICE M. ROONEY B.S., Marywood College Chemistry, Applied Science Sponsor, Junior Class MRS. MAXINE M. ROPSHAW B.S., Miami University Mathematics, Social Studies MISS MARY LEE RUDDLE A.B., Davis-Elkins College; M.A., West Virginia University English HARRISON E. TAWNEY B.S., Ohio University; M.Ed., Kent State University ; Advanced Professional Certificate, George Washington University Guidance Coordinator Co-Sponsor, National Honor Society DAVID A. TURNER B.A., Iowa State Teachers College World History, American Govt. Advisor, Debate Team FRANKLIN D. WAGNER B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute Industrial Arts Co-Sponsor, Hi-Y Faculty WILLIAM M. WEAVER B.S., George Wash- ington University Physical Education JV Football Coach, Varsity Track Coach, Senior Class Sponsor MRS. DOROTHY WIEDEMAN B.A., Baylor University, Texas University Eighth Grade Mathematics and Science MISS CAROL WOLFE B.S. in Secondary Education; B.S., in Physical Ed., Longwood College Health and Physical Education WILLIAM K. WOODWARD B.S., Oregon State College; M.S., Ore- gon State College Industrial Arts Co-Sponsor, Hi-Y, Tennis Coach MRS. MILDRED HARDY B.S.H.E., Purdue University; Ball State Teachers College Junior Home Economics Sponsor, Senior Class Co-Sponsor, F.H.A. I 16 1. “John, stop it!” 2. Where’s the fire?” 3. “I love this cashmere sweater.” 4. “All aboard!” 5. Inner sanctum 6. Letter from home 7. “Look, Miss Finnegan’s bashful.” 8. “And John showed the picture to the class!” 9. Second childhood 10. “All right, put your money where your mouth is.” 11. “Mary could do better if she would only apply herself.” 12. “Now, this looks good.” 13. Paper dolls? 14. “And so, I said to him ...” 15. Bridget Bardot? 16. Maestro watching a maestro 17. “Look here, Tim Tam pays two to one.’’ 18. “Uh huh! Playing the horses again!” Wi nrnhb Senior Class History Gosh! It’s really hard to believe that the time for us to go our separate ways has finally come. Although we, in all probability, will never be together again as a class, we can never forget the good times we’ve shared. Remember how big we felt at being in high school, and how we all “snapped to” at the wishes of- the big seniors who towered overhead? Most of us will recall being in the improvised classrooms in the gym with either Mr. Maher. Mr. Potter, or Miss Knox, and trying to study with the band practicing on the stage and paper airplanes dlying over the partition. This was the year we moved into the new wing, and the band wore their new uniforms at the dedication of the football field. In November there was the unforgetable trip to Wil- liamsburg — need I say more? Gary Martin was the high salesman in the magazine drive, and held this position for the next four years. The eighth grade came and went with nothing too exciting. There were the usual field trips to the Capitol, Treasury Building, and Supreme Court. We also went to Manassas, but I think we saw more of each other than the landmarks. This was the year the varsity basketball team went to State. Our freshman year marked the first year of the Thanks- giving Day Football Tournament with Falls Church High, which ended in a 6-6 tie. This year our class, under the leadership of President Jim Oliver, held its first big dances, the Pandemonium Ball and the spring formal, “May in the Orient.” Remember the hours spent painting that dragon mural and putting up the ceiling? And return- ing one Monday to find that the school had been broken into? Boy! was that an exciting week with detectives walk- ing around the school! Of course we can never forget all those maps we made for Mr. McClellan — and the dancing in gym class. During this year our class began to show some of its outstanding leaders. Sports claimed Lance Seidel, Jim Ebert, Jack Vick, Joan Laufman, Pat Gentry, and Barbara Puckett, while Alan Gayer, Bonnie Benn. Judy Wall, and Patricia Harvey were on the SCA. September 1956 made us sophomores. None of us will ever forget Miss Finnegan’s biology class — those poor crayfish and frogs! On the brighter side, there was the Cafe Dance which we put on and the big Record Hop we had with Bob Rickman, the disc jockey, as emcee — we broke all school records by making nearly $300. This year another new wing was added to the school — this time in- cluding a cafeteria. On Thanksgiving we beat Falls Church High, 13-12, and a new member of our class, Carol Ann Kirtley, made a big addition to the school’s vocal music program. As Christmas we held a big class Christmas Party at the Teen Canteen, and that spring Pancake Day came into existence at GM with Jean Yates as its first Queen. We all suffered a great loss with the death of Mr. Snodgrass, but he, and his contributions to our school, will never be forgotten. In our Junior year, our football, basketball, and baseball teams captured all District Championships, but the Thanks- giving Day game trophy went to Falls Church. Leon Rix won the State Band Music Contest with his superb cello playing, Joanna Michael recaptured the Virginia State baton twirling championship and Carolyn Newell and Bill Pritchard became Virginia State debating champions. Then there w ' as the day the boys wore suspenders instead of belts and the girls retaliated by wearing big bows in their hair . . . remember? The following week the girls’ gym class had their immortal camping trip — were you there? Everyone else seemed to be! During the winter, we put on the Christmas Dance, but had to cancel the Sweetheart Dance because of an unex- pected snow. That was when Mrs. Feagin had to take poor Mr. Metcalfe’s place while he was detained in Ohio. A while later, the history classes went to Gettysburg — Boy, it was cold but it surely was fun! Remember the “Junior Lounge " and “Junior Raunch Day”? More field trips to the Senate and Capitol — I think we nearly wore that subway out! As spring made its entrance, juniors were absorbed in one big project — the Junior Variety Show. Anyone who was in it knows all the hard work that went into making it the success that it was. Those rehearsals were more fun! No sooner was that over, than it came time for the long awaited Prom. We have the distinction of being the first class to hold its Prom outside the school. Remember the Arlington Towers Ballroom and Patio and the Break- fast — Swim Party afterwards at the Fenbrook Country Club? It was freezing — fifty degrees in May! Then with graduation of the Class of ’58 we became seniors! Boy, the problems you face when you become a senior! Decisions have to be made on colleges, professions must be considered, and the prospect of starting a new life on wha t you’ve made of yourself in the last twelve years of school faces you. But there’s no getting around the fact that we had our fun this year. We put on the Homecoming Dance, over which Barbara Puckett reigned as Queen. Furthermore, we sponsored Senior Raunch Day, and made a trip to the University of Virginia for the football game. Remember the tour of the campus, the hysterical trip down, and the long ride home? The Falls Church Football Trophy became ours to keep as we .ended the series, 21-20. Lance Seidel in this game became the Virginia State scoring champ and GM was again a winner. Carol Kirtley was our Sweetheart Queen, and everyone gave parties . . . anyone for lasagne? Term papers, final exams, the Prom at Bel Haven Country Club, Graduation, and George Mason has seen the last of the ’59-ers as we become alumni. CLARE RAE 18 Left to right: Sandy Johnson, Bob Barrett, Bill Hansen, Steve Callanen. Senior Class Officers Officers President BOB BARRETT Vice-President BILL HANSEN Secretary SANDY JOHNSON Treamrer STEVE CALLANEN Sergeant-at-Arms JESSANN HAMBLETON 19 Senior LAURA LOVE AKERMAN “Laura” MURIEL ARCHER “Muriel” TONI ATKINSON “Toni” BILL W. BAILEY “Bill” LITA BAILEY “Lita” BOB BARRETT “Bob” ALBERT BASSETT “A l” ALLAN JOEL BERMAN “Allan” 20 lass - 1 959 KAY ELAINE BRONSON “Kay” STEVE CALLANEN “Steve” BONNIE BENN “ Bonnie ” BILL BIRDSONG “Bill” 21 A Senior WILLIAM DAVIS " Bill” JOHN DILLON “John” SIGRID CHRISTENSON “Sigrid” CAROLE LEE CLINE “Hank” ANN ANDERSON COPELAND “Ann” BARRY T. CRICKMER “Barry” SUE DAVENPORT “Sue” ALBERT DAVIS “Albert” ' 22 Class - 1 959 JAMES EBERT “Jim” LAUNIE BEATRICE EMBRY “Launie” JOHN GARVER “Jack” PAT GENTRY “Pat” KAY EVANS “Kay” THOMAS P. FARRELL “Tom” MARY ANN FINLEY “Mary Ann” NANCY FORSYTHE “Nancy” 23 A Senior FRANCIS W. GOVERN “Frank” WILLIAM GREER “Bill” JIM GUTTRIDGE “Jim” JACK HAASE “Jack” JESSANN HAMBLETON “Jessann” JANET HAMPTON “Janet” 24 i i Z lass — 1 959 ROBERT HAYNIE “Bob” VICKI HANNA “Vicki” MARION HORNBECK “Marion” JOHN HOWELL “John” WILLIAM HANSEN “Bill” PATRICIA HARVEY “Pat” JANE HASTIE “Jane” MELANIE HOLLISTER “Me!” 25 Senior PRISCILLA HYMERS “P. cr HORACE SANFORD JOHNSON. JR. “Silver Bucket ” BARBARA HOYLE “Happy” HELEN HURLEY “Helen” CAROL ANN KIRTLEY “Carol” BENNETT E. KOFFMAN “B. E.” JACK KURITZKY “Jack” JOAN LAUFMAN “Joan” 26 RICHARD GARY MARTIN “Gary” RARRARA ELLEN MESSEC “ Barbara ” MILES LEE “Miles” CHARLES McBRIDE “Fred” JOHN R. MALLOY “John” RALPH MARR “Bull-dog” JANE McCARRAHER “Jane” EMMAGENE McRAE “Emmy” 27 ROBERTA GAIL NICHOLS “Gail " SANDRA NORSWORTHY “Sandy” Senior J ANGHENINO MINOR “Anjoe” CLARE RAE NEUBERG “Clare” ZAIDA CAROLYN NEWELL “Carolyn” GUNTHER MORSE “Gunth” 28 Class- 1959 BARBARA ANNE REID “Barb” JANET RAMEY “Canuck” PAUL R. NORDWALL “Paul” JAMES L. OLIVER “Jim” BARBARA JEAN PORTCH “Barbara” PATRICIA JEAN PRICE “Pat” 1 ! BARBARA JEAN PUCKETT “Barbara” CARYL RAINS “Caryl” 29 Senior MARGARET RICH “ Maggie ” LEON RIX “Leon” CAROLE ANN ROELOFS “Carole” JUDITH ROYSTON “Judy” RAFAEL E. SAN MILLAN “Sam” LINDSAY SCHAFF “Lindsay” JAMES SCHLEEPER “Jim” JIM SCOTT “Scott” 30 Class- 1959 DELORES STOWELL “Dee” KEVIN EDWARD TALBOT “Kevin” FOSTER SECHRIST “Zeak” LANCE SEIDEL “Lance” EDWARD SIMON “Edward,” HELEN CAROL SIMPSON “Helen” FRED SHUTTE “Fred” ELIZABETH LYNN SIDES “Penny” 31 Senior VIRGINIA TASKER “Ginny” IAN D. THOMAS “lan” DICK THOMPSON “Sleepy” DAVID THRAICKILL “Dave” KRITON TZANAKAKIS “Kriton” LEONARD VANDIVERE “Leonard” JOHN CLIFFORD VICK “Jack” DOROTHY WALSH “Dottie” 32 MERIT SCHOLARSHIP SEMI-FINALISTS B. E. Koffman, Margaret Rich, Gary Briggs 33 Most Scholarly JOANNA MICHAEL and PAUL NORDWALL “On your mark.” Senior Superlatives 1958-59 Best All Around PAT PRICE and JIM OLIVER 34 Best Looking GINNY TASKER and TOM BRETT “Wow!” “ This is mis-leading.” Leadership MARGARET RICH and BOB BARRETT 35 “Plunk” Most Talented LEON RIX and CAROL ANN KIRTLEY “Talent?” 36 Most Outstanding Contributors CLARE NEUBERG and JIM SCOTT “Who is contributing what to whom?” Wittiest JESSANN HAMBLETON and DAVID THRAILKILL “Nebbishes” Most Athletic LANCE SEIDEL and PAT GENTRY ‘Don’t think too hard.’ 37 Superlatives ■ 1 ■ - ;• ! Senior 1. Jim Scott 2. Pat Gentry 3. Leon Rix 4. Steve Callanen 5. Clare Neuberg 6. David Thrailkill 7. Barbara Puckett 8. Melanie Hollister 9. Carol Kirtley I. Kevin Talbot 2. Bill Hansen ' 3. Kay Bronson 4. Lance Seidel 5. Pat Price 6. Frank Govern 7. Jessann Hambleton 8. Joanna Michael 9 . Virginia Tasker 10. Margaret Rich II. Marion Hombeck 39 I 1 ( 40 1. Howard Gebeaux 2. Tom Brett 3. Barry Crickmer 4. Paul Nordwall 5. Sandy Johnson 6. Jim Oliver 7. Bill Hansen — a few years later. 8. State Scoring Champion 9. Carolyn Newell 10. Bob Barrett — Senior Class President “Dahling . . “Grade insurance.” Friendliest MARION HORNBECK SANDY JOHNSON 41 And Away i-JL k- x m Ml j ,--;, ' ' » V ' ; A - f E5 ' . ? ' - . 3 S - J : f l A ' i »- - UP r ' jr. | “V ■ Classes 44 Left to right: Gail Stetson, Mike McQuary, Oma Gifford, Bur Roeder, Babs Bolser. Junior Class Officers President BUD ROEDER Vice-President MIKE McQUARY Secretary GAIL STETSON Treasurer OMA GIFFORD Activities BABS BOLSER 45 Junior Amelia Alves Pat Ames Robert Bealle Martha Benn Dan Boland Babs Bolser Gail Caldwell Marty Campell John Cannon Laura Carlo Bill Carlson Betsy Caron Evelyn Case Joel Casey Karen Cederstrom Penny Chandler Larry Cheatham Mike Chew Kellen Chick C. William Clewlow Z lass John Cline Ross Connealy Shauneen Cruise Doug Daugherty Catherine Marie Davis Brian Dewhurst John Edner Martha Ann Edwards Jim Epstein Mike Faddis Kay Ferrell Bert Finkel Tommy Fouche Mary Erase Gary Furbee Buddy Garland Jim Gendell Alice Giddings Oma Gifford Virginia Gilmore Junto i Rita Goldberg Phyllis Gorman Peggy Forcier Pat Govern Henry Green Jon Green Bob Greer Candy Grundmeyer Fred Gugel Brooks Haley Roger Hamilton Larry Hanna Bill Henderson Bill Hodges Tom Holmes Judy Howell Nancy Hovey-King Barbara Iones Naomi Jacobson Mike Gurley Class Tom Jacomet Charlotte Jenkins Jerry Johnston Randy Kahn Joe Kaufman Carol Keeler John Kent Karen Kunz Clair Lattimer Pat Lay James Layman Bruce Lehman Sue Levin Lynn Lockhart-Mummery George Long Jim McCarraher Andy McDavid Don Machrowicz Steve McNamara Mike McQuarry Junior Mike Mahan Gail Martin Pete Meyer Sue Miller Suellen Miller Jack Monroe Grace Munkasey Ron Munsey Jean Musser Ken Neubeck Don Nicholson Margaret O’Halloran Luke O’Hara Nancy Oliver Larry Palmer John Payne Graham Pearson Bob Pennington Harriet Pickert Jack Porch Class Michael G. Renn Lee Rhodes Judy Roe Rud Roeder Dan E. Rollyson Bruce Rothgeb Sandy Royston Barbara Saintsing B. D. Schneider Diane Seymour William C. Shreve John Simon Ed Sisler Tommy Simpson Bill Smith Sue Stathers Alan Steiner Gail Stetson John Stone Karen Strauss w Junior Class Karen Sullivan Mike Tackney Eileen Thaxton Linda Thomerson Marsha Tong John Tvelia John Tyler John Van Domelen Diane Wallingford Claire Walter Pat Walter Pat Webster Paul Wenzel Carol Whitesell Jane Whitfield Mike Wright NUTS IN MAY Curtain call Curtain haul Make-up committee Props in place Act I Scenery painting Lights Back stage Sound effects Act II Critics . ,1 M KJ5i- m Hall Happenings Two gents from Texas Bermuda Shorts Day I wonder what they’re saying about me? Left to right: Kathy Wright, Judy Fischer, Bevin Steadman, Mary Ann Seidel. Sophomore Class Officers President MARY ANN SEIDEL Vice-President BEVIN STEADMAN Secretary JUDY FISCHER Treasurer KATHY WRIGHT 55 Sophomore Akerman, Emily Appleby, Jim Armstrong, Grant Baldwin, Scott Bassett, Connie Bednarz, Margaret Benedetti, Rick Betts, Sandy Bircher. Rusty Bolton, Bob Brandis, Kathie Brett. Bob Brickman, David Bronson, Ann Brown, Bette Brown, Robert Brown, Claire Brush. Bill Bulwinkle, Mandy Buntenbah, Jon Burden, Tony Busbee, Howard Bushdid, Patty Burrus, Diana 56 Class Callanen, Shirley Carmi, Sandy Chase, George Chew, Melanie Christensen, Pete Clark, Bill Clark, Pam Clark, Paul Clearman, Joan Costa, Carl Crane, Lynne Creasy, Ed Crocker, David Culbertson, Stephen Dale, Pete Davis, Linda Delaney, Mike De Santo, Dave de Zengotita, Tom Farrell, David Fischer, Judy Flaherty, Pat Fletcher, Barbara Fox, Charles 57 Sophomore Fox, Patti Gaseau, Nadine Gebeaux, Robert Giddens, Dick Greer, James Grillo, Elizabeth Groves, Linda Hamleton, Bert Hastie, David Hampton, Jean Havens, Mike Haynie, Ann Henricksen, Karen Herndon, Rod Hicks, Bonnie Hough, Steve Howell, John Huard, Ollie Janz, Valerie Johnson, Janice Lynn Johnson, Tom Jones, Donna Grace Kellman, Dorothy Kole, Carl B. 58 Class Lawhorn, Linda Lee, Tim Lemon, Paula Llewellyn, Rhys Lloyd, Dorothy Louden, Kenneth Marginean, Charles Marr, Nancy McBride, Bill McAfee, Ellen McDowell, John McNab, Danny Medinger, Elise Middleton, Kathy Mitchell, Nadine Momsen, Charlotte Moser. Allen Nichols, Richard Orr, Allen Palerm, Armando Payne, Albert Potter, Mary, Grace Ragland, Tom Richardson, Dale 59 Rienour, Wayne Rocca, Gordon Roth, June Ann Sawyer, Debbie Sophomore Schiavi, Pat Schutte. Gretchen Seedlock. Beth Seidel, Mary Ann Simmons, Glen Skubal, Fred Snell, Gary Steadman, Bev Stratton, David Stuart, Carolyn Suleske, Aaron Swing, Meg Swire, John Tackney, David Taylor, Sharon Gurley, Linda Tong, Linda Toregas, George Warner. Joan Weed, Judy 60 Class Welch, Helen Wilson, Judy Wood, Bill Wright, Biff Woodward, Billie Wright, Bonnie Wright, Harry Wright, Kathy Wright, Tony Turner, Beth Van Mullem, Dick Young, Vicky Zeigler, John Wethington, Mary Lou Thomas, Don Timkovsky, Kyra Dr. Edwards serving tea at the faculty Christmas pa r ty. 61 More George Mason Firsts Miss Finnegan’s closet Teenage werewolf 62 Left to right: Feddi Harrison, Sharon Cosminsky, Anne Herfindahl, Donna Fisher. Freshman Class Officers President .... ANNE HERFINDAHL V ice-Pres SHARON COSMINSKY Secretary DONNA FISHER Treasurer FEDDI HARRISON 63 Chris Bill Bradford Pat Browder Roberta Boswell Weslev Birch Albert Burgess Charles A n Olin Att en 1 ee A umS HoV M ' ' eS loan Balden JohnBalhnger JohnBaiW Bob BariWt Pat Barton like Beucher foan Benjarm " Laura Berman ludy Berns kncv Betters Freshman Jeff Burnham Dennis Campbell John Carlo Jack Carlson Doug Carper Joe Carter Richard Casey Johnny Chambers Kathie Chandler Paul Chevalier John Christiansen Val Clayton Carolyn Coburn Penny Coleman Sharon Cosminsky 64 Barry Glassman Judith Goff Roy Goggin Margaret Gorman Trotty Graham Gery Greer Nancy Hahn Carl Hall Myron Hanke Eugene Harrison Ingrid Hayes Sandra Helwig Bobby Herb Anne Herfindahl Doug Hereford 65 Chuck Hines Beverly Hvnk Gary HuHrsh i m Holhns Patricia Hoover Tim Horkan Hoard Mary Huie Lynette Jackson Sue Jones jelirey Hay Sandy Heple Diane Kersey Freshman Bill Kinsella Charles Kunz David Lachterman June Ladd M ary Lander Miriam Lane Tom Lavender Irwin Lesh Ralph Lockhart Cindy Long Dale McClanan Ann McNamara Nancy Malone C. G. Manly Caroline Manning Teddy Man waring Dennis Martin Ann Mason Carol Meese Corky Meyer 66 Richard Paul Nancy Payne Pam Pearson Robert Penny Ronald Penny Gloria Perry Meredith Pierce Randy Read Blaine Reid Bobby Rhoads Mills w Car] iV e ° n Ciz Mi rt K ll ere D are « BlJ tch lj 0r dwa11 Worthy rt r, “ oi, m r na Oti, B 0 °S y Jim Rhodes Richard Robertson John Robson Pete Ropeshaw Bill Sampson Sandy Sanford Sharon Schneider Mike Seymour Dennis Shea Barbara Sheeks 67 Sharron Dave Sorgen Becky Sowell David Sparrow Connie Stem Barbara 00 j e «stoad“t d Virginia S uu Bob Swatingen vlnetb Swiger Freshman Class Kent Thackrey Jim Tiller Dick Thrailkill Jack Thompson Ann Turner Lee Uhl Vicky Van Mullen Pat Ward Claudia Wells Susan Wexler Russell Whitfield Nancy Wilkerson Mary Lou Williams Barry Wrenn Tony Wood 68 Mary Ellen Yowell Judy Zipf Left to right: Tom Callanen, Judy Strup, Jim Edmondson, Barbara Owens, Bob Campbell. Eighth Grade Class Officers President JIM EDMONDSON Vice-President BARBARA OWENS Secretary JUDY STRUP Treasurer TOM CALLANEN Sergeant-at-Arms BOB CAMPBELL 69 Marilyn Adams Donald Azars Christie Baldwin Roberta Bingham John Bonnell Ben Bookhart Judy Bower Bennie Braddock John Brady Ben Brown Jay Brown Shelley Buck Gladys Bulwinkle Delores Burrus Paul Buxton Ronald Calderone Tom Callanen Bob Camble David Carlo Keith Condit Eighth 70 Chuck Crebbs Bill Cruise Bob Curtis Donna Daniels Carol Day Bob Decker Diana Devlin John Dewhurst Grade Barbara Disique Stuart Drake Sally Ann Eckbreth Jim Edmondson Margaret Evans Pam Everett David Fleenor Jackie Flynt Gay Flook Mike Fox Richard Frase Emil Galton Carol Gaut Patti Gibbs Mike Govern Frances Graves Pete Green Karen Gustafson Jeff Hall Russell Hamilton Peggy Hedetniemi Kathy Hereford Carl Hoffman Andy Holmes Richard Hough Janice Houseman Albert Jacobson Betty Jenkins 71 Richard Jones Ellen Kelly Ralph Kennedy Betty Kilpatrick Judy Kirtley Monica Kluger Steve Koelz David Lane Pat Lavender Emily Lay Russell Lee Ellen Levin Pete Lewis Margaret List Karen Louden Rusty Lunson Pat Malloy Sharon Marginean Judy McCrocklin Peggy Martin Eighth 72 John Medinger John Michael Connie Musser Joe Nichols Karen Nitsche Paul Nixon Barbara Owen Vincente Palerm Grade John Panciera Veronica Papanicolas Jim Portch Kathleen Potts Peggy Price Linda Rains Terry Read Dan Reichart Steve Reimers Noble Rice Terry Rollins Donald Roth Jack Rowe Peter Russell Steven Rust Ace Sampson Mike Sanford Jean Schaffer Paula Shore Jo Ann Silverstein Carolyn Simmons Pat Simmons Carol Smith Steven Solomon Steve Stattner Ed Stevens Jack Stevens Edith St. Johns 73 Eighth Grade Bob Stone Patty Stone Nancy Strople Judy Strap Judy Thomas Richard Thompson Chris Thompson Thomas Tong Sarah Toregas Nathan Van Meter James Weaderman Anita Werner John White Marie Willett Skipper Wright Jerry Post Sophomore class meeting in session. 74 Left to right: Roy Moats, Judith Ingalls, Jay Hanke, John List. Seventh Grade Class Officers President JOHN LIST Vice-President JAY HANKE Secretary JUDITH INGALLS Treasurer ROY MOATS 75 Alfred Akerman William Albaugh William Ames Margaret Anderson Ross Armstrong Glen Aylestock Richard Bailey Lynn Bauer Jim Bartelmes John Barton Lance Benson Pat Biondi Roie Black Fred Boland Sara Bolton Brad Brasfield Karen Brasfield Stuart Brown Brenda Bruce Richard Burgess Tommy Burnes Alan Clark Diane Clark Syd Clewlow Lynne Coalter Mike A. Comer Douglas Conner Robert Cook Terry Cox Thomas Crocker Seventh Grade Karen Culbertson Donna Culbertson Bruce Cunningham Allyn Davis Brian C. Davis Franklin Dennison Gordon Dewhurst Barbara de Zengotita Leslie Drenner John Ebert Linda Lou Edwards Terry Elliott Bill Emerson Jerry Faddis Sandra Farmer Jean W. Farragut Jimmy Fincham John Finley Neil Fisher Judith Flaherty Sue Forcier Roger Fraley Lloyd Galkin Maxine Galkin Stacey Gentry Joe Gibbons Tom Gibson Joe Gillespie Philip Gillespie Barry Good Sylvia Gordon Marian Gorham Susan Graham Vicki Grant Dennis Gray Peter Green Susan Gurley Nancy Guthridge Rick Gutridge James Haase Jana Hahn Peter Hamlin Jay Hanke Janice Harper Ann Hastings Nancy Hausman Gail Heeter John Henricksen Charles Herring Jimmy Hignett Danny Hines Rhichard Hoffman Buddy Hoover Chip Hovey-King Woody Hough Judy Ingolls Donald Inscoe David Jacobson Linda Jarboe Janice Johnson Seventh Grade Mary Ann Johnson Terry Johnson Paul Jones Bobby Kaplin Ann Mary Koensella Louis Kuritzky Mike La Blanc Rosemary Ladd Jane Lamb Robin Lauriault Loren Lesh Glen Letham Douglas Lind John List Doug Lundgren Gail Mabray Elizabeth McDowell Tod McNab Wilbert Maho ney Susan Manly Charlie Mason Gary Mesaris Linda Messec Anne Middleton Lisbeth Miller Roy Moats Myles Mocre Jim Newton Billy Nicholson Brek Nitsche Janet Nixon Susan O’halloran Jam O’Hara Bill Osbourn Laura Overby Jimmy Owendoff Gary Pedersen Priscilla Peterson Steve Peterson George Phillip Bobby Portch Kenny Powell Phil Quam Bill Reiner Kathy Rick Theresa Roberts Dave Robson Cliff Roland Kathy Sandige Clifton Sayers Bob Schleeper Trudy Sellers Buddy Shaffer Peter Shaw Carol Sheppard David Shonerd John Shreve Linda Silverstein Charles Simon Jack Smith Seventh Grade Kathleen Smith Kaylen Snell Pat Sowers Jim Steiner Jack Stevens Sally Stratton Ronnie Stump Nancy Swarthout Mike Swidrack Susan Tabor Terry Tawney Tommy Tawney Stan Temple Duane Thaxton Billy Thomas Dean Thomerson Linda Thrailkill Diane Tillman Kenny Trana Judith Tranem Elaine Turner Robin Uhl Merle Valotto Allan Vanamen Richard Varnev Paul Vick Diane Vines Scott Walgreen Carol Wallace Doug Wallingford Bobby Walter Mary Ann Warren Bruce Welch Patricia Williams Sarah Williams Dick Wright Gail Wright Peter Wright Phillip Wright Butch Young Seventh Grade 82 83 Front row: Rick Benedetti, Ralph Marr, Bill Henderson, Jim Wiggins, Ed Creasy, John Payne, B. D. Schneider. Second row: Tony Wright, Buddy Garland, Ralph San Millan, Mike McQuary, Allen Moser, Bert Hambleton, Doug Tasker. Third row: Dave Tackeny, Kellen Chick, Bud Roeder, Fred McBride, Jim Oliver, Jack Monroe, Richard Thompson, Jim Ebert. Fourth row: Butch Duncan, Kevin Talbot, John Carlo, Gunther Morse, Frank Govern, Lance Seidel, Albert Davis. Last row: Mr. Crain, Head Coach; Mr. Weaver, Backfield Coach; Mr. Christie, Backfield Coach. Varsity Football Date G.M. Opponent Sept. 19 41 Marshall 6 Oct. 4 19 St. Stephens ... 19 Oct. 11 72 Lee 0 Oct. 17 19 Osbourn 7 Oct. 25 54 Cedar-Lee 6 Nov. 1 38 Loudoun County 6 Nov. 8 45 Gar-Field 0 Nov. 15 13 Herndon 14 Nov. 21 21 Falls Church .... 20 ( Denotes non-league games) 84 Credit where credit is due. Off-Tackle 85 Seidel— State Scoring Champ Touchdown bound. Lance takes a breather RECORD Game Yards Points Marshall 256 25 St. Stephens __ 141 6 Lee 200 32 Osbourn 147 6 Cedar Lee 257 25 Loudoun Co. 153 19 Gar-Field 237 30 Herndon __ . 80 7 Falls Church .141 14 Total .1612 164 Up the middle Avg. points scored per game — 18.2 Avg. yards gained per game — 179 Avg. yards per car- ry — 8.1 yards Seidel strikes again! Where’s the Mack truck? Mustangs find a small hole in the line. 87 SIEDEL, Senior Back PAYNE, Junior Back GARLAND, Junior Back CHICK, Junior Back DA IS, Senior Guard SAN MILLAN, Senior Guard EBERT, Senior Center MARR, Senior Guard SCHNEIDER, Junior Back HENDERSON, Junior Back ROEDER. Junior Back THOMPSON, Senior Back COACH CRAIN It’s Here to n :Vu V ’ £k ' With our victory over Falls Church High School this year, the inter-city football rivalry comes to an end. This series has been an annual event for the past four years, and it is unfortunate that the series will now be terminated. The record for the four-year series is 2-1-1-in favor of our Mustangs. Because we won the series, the game cup is ours. This has been a very exciting series and a- friendly, high-spirited rivalry. In all the series games, the final score of either winning team has not exceeded the score of the losing team by more than one touchdown ! Left to right: Nadine Gaseau, Sue Miller, Bonnie Benn, captain; Barbara Puckett, co- captain; Jane Whitfield, Bette Brown. BEFORE AFTER Varsity Cheerleaders Varsity Basketball First row: Buddy Garland, Alvin Yarger, Bill Henderson, John Payne, Don Machrowicz. Second row: Mike Tackney, Ross Connealy, Roger Hamilton, Paul Nordwall, Allen Berman, John Carlo. Third row: Coach Crain. Team Manager, Tommy Gibson. Not pictured: Jim Ebert, Luke 0 Hara. 91 Starters " ST ' DONNY MACHROWICZ Junior Guard ALLEN BERMAN Senior Forward MIKE TACKNEY Junior Forward LUKE O’HARA Junior Center SCHEDULE Dec. 12 GM 32 Nokesville 28 16 GM ...37 Marshall 46 19 GM....36 Rappahannock ....57 Jan. 6 GM 46 Herndon 52 9 GM....48 Warrenton 36 21 GM 45 Gar-Field 40 23 GM... 54 Osbourn 40 30 GM... 51 Marshall 57 31 GM —49 Loudoun 41 Feb. 3 GM 61 Stafford 46 6 GM.__.49 Loudoun 42 10 GM 38 Nokesville 67 13 GM . 44 Rappahannock ... 46 17 GM 38 Herndon .. 70 20 GM 72 Osbourn 41 FOURTH PLACE PLAY OFF 23 GM — 66 Rappahannock . 52 24 GM ...40 Nokesville 54 ( Denotes Non-League Game) JIM EBERT Senior Forward Coach talks the old fight. Luke makes the set. “Up. up, and awa-y-y-y! “Over here. Luke.” Paul tries to add two to the score for the Mustangs. Tacknev ' s shot is going to be blocked. Paul fights for the rebound. Kneeling: Oma Gifford, Pat Walter, Kathy Wright, Pat Gentry, Nancy Marr, Sandy Royston, Barbara Ioanes, Randy Kahn. Standing: Mrs. Lanier, Coach; Malanie Hollister, Manager; Virginia Tasker, Sigrid Christensen, Maryann Seidel, Ann Bronson, Pat Price, Carole Cline, Joan Laufman, Priscilla Hymers, Mary Frase, Gail Stetson, Emmy McRae, Co-Manager. Girls’ Varsity Basketball Mrs. Lanier smiles for camera after the team records another victory. SCHEDULE Date GM Team Opp. Dec. 12 37 Nokesville 25 19 38 Rappahannock 46 Jan. 6 59 Herndon 21 9 42 Warrenton ...... 28 21 44 Gar-Field ..... 27 23 38 Osbourn 36 30 37 Marshall ......54 Feb. 6 49 Loudoun ...41 10 44 Nokesville ......38 13 31 Rappahannock ......32 17 47 Herndon . .29 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Feb. 27 46 Marshall ......47 ( Denotes Non-League Games) Maryann helps the girls with two points. “Hey, Ann, get the ball.” “Throw it here, Oma.” “Patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man.” aKr‘: . m First row: John Christensen, John Swire, Carl Costa, Lem Forrest, Tom Doyle. Second row: Jim Portch, Barry Wrenn, Steve Solomon, Ben Brookheart. Third row: Trot Graham, John Chambers, Bill Kinsella, Carl Nueberg, Jim Ellmore. Coach — Mr. Weaver. J.V. Football Cheerleaders Top row Mary Ann Seidel Barbara Fletcher Kathy Wright Bottom row Sandy Helwig Kathie Brandis Barbara Stetson 97 A J . First row: Butch Duncan, Carl Hall, Dave Crocker, Charles Manly, Bill Kinsella, Biff Wright. Second row: Mr. Rockwell, Charles Albright, Dave Tackney, Kent Thackrey, Jim Hollins, Joe Carter, Howard Busbee; Tom Jacomet, Manager. Not pictured: Mike Delaney, Bob Brown. Junior Varsity Basketball SCHEDULE 16 GM 19 Marshall ... 19 9 GM 47 Nokesville ..26 16 GM 24 O’Connell 44 23 GM 12 O’Connell 32 29 GM .35 Nokesville 28 31 GM 34 Loudoun 28 3 GM 25 Stafford .15 10 GM .40 Herndon 38 17 GM 49 Herndon ... 34 20 GM 26 Osbourn . 18 98 First row: George Toregas, Albert Davis, BUI Henderson, Ralph Marr, Albert Payne, Foster Sechrist, BiU Smith, Jim Wiggens. Second row: Dan Boland, Gunther Morse, Bud Roeder, Bud Garland, Ralph San Millan, John Carlo, Alan Stiner. Third row: Dave Tackney, Fred McBride, Kellen Chick, Jim McCarraher, John Stone, Tom Jacomet. Fourth row: Scott Baldwin, Kevin Talbot, Sandy Johnson, Aaron Suleske, Walter Mielwocki, B. E. Koffman. Last row: Mr. Weaver, Mike Faddis, James Lehman. Varsity Track SCHEDULE FOR 1959 SEASON Date Team GM Opp. April 4 G. W. Invitational 7 W L “B” Squad 9 Gar-Field Osbourn 20 G. W. “B” Squad 23 Osbourn 25 Wakefield Invitational — 28 Herndon May 2 District Meet 5 Wakefield “B ’ Squad — 9 State Meet ( All meets are away) “It’s an awful long way down, isn’t it?” First row: Pat Gentry, Pat Harvey, Kathy Wright, June Ann Roth. Second row: Clare Nueburg, Randy Kahn, Oma Gifford, Barbara Puckett. Girls’ V arsity Softball SCHEDULE FOR 1959 SEASON Date 7 earn GM Opp. April 2 Herndon 7 Herndon ... 15 Nokesville . 17 Warrenton . 21 Osbourn 24 Loudoun 29 Marshall ... May 8 Gar-Field ... 12 Loudoun ... 15 Nokesville Pat shows us some fancy ball hand- ling. Sitting: Doug Tasker Manager, John Payne, Danny McNab, Gary Martin, Donny Machrowicz, Richard Thompson, Mr. Christie. Standing: Robert Haney, Albert Bassett, Bill Bailey, Anjoe Minor, Bob Barrett, Butch Duncan, Ed Creasy, Marty Campbell. GM ...... 7 Herndon ....3 GM ... .....6 St. Stephens ...4 GM ......15 Nokesville __1 GM ...... 11 Rappahannock ...0 GM . 4 Warrenton 1 GM ... 5 Osbourn .....2 GM 7 Loudoun Co. .....4 GM . 6 St. Stephens 4 GM 6 Osbourn ...4 GM.. .11 Herndon ...1 GM .. ....... 6 Gar-Field ...4 GM... 15 Loudoun C. .....4 GM 6 Marshall . . 0 GM 8 Landon .....4 Varsity Baseball District Champions 1958 Some fancy fielding by Donny and Gary. Kneeling: Beven Steadman, Larry Hanna, Michael Renn, Dennis Martin, John Swire, Rhys Llewellyn. Standing: Gorden Rocca, B. E. Koffman, Lynn Lockhart-Mummery, Jeffrey Kay, Bob Brown, Mr. Woodward. Not pictured: Dale Richardson. Varsity Tennis PAUL NORDWALL, Captain First row: Jim Epstein, John Payne, Bill Henderson, Jim Gendell. Second row: Richard Van Mullen, Barry Crickmer, Ed Simon, Court Wood, Allen Berman. Varsity Golf SCHEDULE FOR 1959 SEASON Date Team GM Opp. April 10 Fairfax 20 Annandale 24 Falls Church May 1 Groveton 4 Wakefield 8 Wash. -Lee 25 Lee ( All matches are away) First row: Jim Steiner, John Michael, Roger Fraley, Russell Hamilton, Philip Quam, John Ebert, Tom Callanen. Second row: Mr. Jawish, Bobby Campbell, Jimmy Portch, Stuart Drake, Mike Govern, Skip Hamburg, Dean Thomerson. Drake gets the jump ball. Forrest adds two points for the oravs. 7 and 8 Grade Basketball Cheerleaders Standing: Barbara Owen, Ellen Levin, Linda Rains. Kneeling: Gayle Yates, Terry Read, Nancy Swarthout. Organizations 105 A Student Council Association Front row: Shauneen Cruise, Emmy McRae, Ann Overby, Gail Stetson, Sharon Cosminsky, Penny Coleman, Oma Gifford, Mr. Dellinger. Bac k row: Sharron Smith, Donna Fisher, Alice Giddings, Mary Ann Finley, Howard Gebeaux, Laura Carlo, Allan Berman. Inter-Club Council OFFICERS President JIM SCOTT First Vice-President LAURA CARLO Second Vice-President PENNY COLEMAN Secretary EMMY McRAE Treasurer GAIL STETSON Activities .... SHAUNEEN CRUISE DONNA FISHER Public Relations OMA GIFFORD ANN OVERBY Calendar MARY ANN FINLEY SHARON COSMINSKY Health, Safety and Welfare ALICE GIDDINGS SHARRON SMITH Speaker of Senate ALLAN BERMAN Front row: Jean Musser, Evelyn Case, Carol Smith. Second row: Donna Fisher, Jane Messick, Kathie Hereford. Third row: Paul Nordwall, Ed Simon, Alfred Akerman. Front row: Jay Hanke, Lance Benson, Richard Frase, Bobby Owendoff, Don Roth, Ben Brown, Nan Hovey-King. Second row: Karen Culbertson, Pat Malloy, Cindy Long, Nancy Hahn, Corolyn Coeburn, Babs Bolser, Clare Neuberg. Last row: Kyra Timkovsky, Pat Price, Dave Tackney, Mary Potter, Howard Busbee, Howard Gebeaux, Allan Berman. S.C.A. Representative Assembly 107 Front row: Marion Hpmbeck, Margaret Rich, Gail Nichols, Carol Ann Kirtley. Second row: Barbara Saintsing, Pat Price, Naomi Jacobson. Bonnie Benn, Joanna Michael, Carolyn Newell. Back row: B. E. Koffman, Joe Kaufman, Bob Barrett, Steve McNamara, Albert Bassett, Paul Nordwall, Mike Tackney, Gary Briggs. National Honor Society Officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsors PAUL NORDWALL BOB BARRETT MARGARET RICH PAT PRICE MISS CROCKER MR. TAWNEY 108 Front row: Donna Bothell, Mr. McBlair, Kriton Tzanakakis, Muriel Archer, Marion Hornbeck, Joan Laufman, Margaret Rich. Second row: Barbara Warner, Pat Lay, Mary Frase, Martha Benn, Shauneen Cruise, Gayle Martin, Judy Roe, Kay Ferrell, Betsy Caron, Rita Goldberg, Karen Sullivan, Caryl Rains. Third row: Jean Musser, Sigrid Christensen, Phyllis Gorman, Barbara Saintsing, Pat Walter, Sue Levin, Pam Ames, Karen Strauss, Harriet Pickert, Gail Nichols, Burt Finkel. Fourth row: Oma Gifford, Babs Bolser, Naomi Jacobson, Sandy Royston, Barbara Ionas, Karen Cederstrom, Judy Howell, Joanna Michael, Carolyn Newell, Bill Greer. Fifth row: Tom Holmes, B. E. Koffman, Lyn Lockhart-Mummery, Bill Hodges, Bud Roeder, Mary Ann Finley, Nancy Forsythe, Bill Smith, Steve McNamara, Bob Haynie, Pat Price, Jane Messick, Barbara Reid, Paul Nordwall. International Relations Club Officers President BILL HANSEN Vice-President ... MARION HORNBECK Secretary KAY BRONSON Treasurer JOAN LAUFMAN Sponsor MR. McBLAIR 7 i v. ¥£ ml ;;» - ; t, ?1| frggsr i V: L f i Wfc..!: ■ . ' Ml vjW Club members pose in front of Club’s International Exhibit 109 Front row: Pat Lay, Carol Kirtley, Mary Frase, Evelyn Case, Emmy McRae. Second row: Gail Stetson, Judy Royston, Martha Benn, Shauneen Cruise, Pat Harvey, Janet Ramey, Margaret Rich. Third row: Nancy Marr, Pat Gentry, Babs Bolser, Marion Hornbeck, Oma Gifford, Joanna Michael, Clare Neuberg, Barbara Saintsing. Fourth row: Alice Giddings, Bonnie Benn, Carolyn Newell, Naomi Jacobson, Mary Ann Seidel, Pat Price, Judy Howell, Laura Carlo, Mrs. Lanier. Keyette Club Officers President MARGARET RICH Vice-President PAT PRICE Recording Secretary CAROL ANN KIRTLEY Corresponding Secretary CLARE NEUBERG Treasurer JOANNA MICHAEL Historian MARION HORNBECK Chaplain GAIL STETSON Senior Director PAT GENTRY Junior Director NAOMI JACOBSON Sophomore Director NANCY MARR Sponsor MRS. LANIER 1 10 Officers President __ Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Sergeant-at-Arms Senior Director . Junior Director Sophomore Director Director-at-Large .... Sponsor EDWARD SIMON PAUL NORDWALL JOHN DILLON JOHN SIMON BILL HANSEN RALPH MARR KEVIN TALBOT MIKE McQUARY HOWARD BUSBEE TOM BRETT MR. LAYTON BARRY CRICKMER Governor Capital District Key Club International Key Club ED SIMON President Front row: Mike McQuary, Howard Gebeaux, Tom Brett, Mr. Layton. Second row: Ralph Marr, Alvin Yarger, Bud Roeder, Bill Hodges, Bevin Steadman, Chip Hailey. Third row: John Dillon, Anjoe Minor, Grant Armstrong, Kriton Tzanakakis, Ross Conneally, Tom Simpson, Steve Cul- bertson, John Simon. Fourth row:. Frank Govern, Allan Berman, Mike Tackney, Paul Nordwall, Steve Callanen, Sandy Johnson, Kevin Talbot, Howard Busbee. lit Front row: Tony Burden, Jim Wiggins, Albert Payne, Gary Martin, John Payne, Tony Wright. Second row: Rick Benedetti, Albert Davis, B. D. Schneider, Richard Thompson, David Thrailkill, Lindsay Schaff, Dave Clark. Third row: Ralph San Millan, Jim Ebert, Bert Hambleton, Doug Tasker, Jack Vick, Jack Monroe, Larry Palmer. Fourth row: Aaron Suleske, Bill Greer, Gunther Morse, John Carlo, Foster Sechrist, Mike Stratton, Fred McBride, Albert Bassett, Bill Birdsong. Hi-Y Officers President GAR MARTIN Vice-President LANCE SEIDEL Secretary RALPH SAN MILLAN Treasurer JIM WIGGINS Chaplain _ JACK VICK Sergeant-at-Arms ALBERT DAVIS Sponsors MR. WOODWARD MR. WAGNER DR. deGREGORIO I 12 Officers President JANE MESSICK Vice-President VIRGINIA TASKER Secretary BARBARA MES SEC Treasurer .. BARBARA PUCKETT Chaplain JOAN LAUFMAN Sergeant-at-Arms JESSANN HAMBLETON Historian MARY ANN FINLEY Sponsors MRS. FETZER MRS. CROMER Tri-Hi-Y Front to back: Mandy Bulwinkle, Jtidy Wilson, Virginia Tasker, Martha Edwards, Billie Wood- ward, Helen Simpson, Launie Embrey, Caryl Rains, Claire Lattimer, Barbara Puckett, Delores Stowell, Sandy Betts, Phyl Gorman, Pam Clark, Candy Grundmeyer, Donna Bothell, Mrs. Fetzer, Kay Ferrell, Grace Muncasey, Kyra Timovsky, Pat Walter, Diana Burrus, Elise Medinger, Kathy Middleton, Miss Cromer, Jessann Hoamleton, Melanie Hollister, Linda Groves, June Ann Roth, Sigrid Christensen, Sandy Royston, Joan Laufmann, Barbara Reid, Bonnie Wright, Connie Bassett, Priscilla Hymers, Claire Brown, Barbara Messik, Carol Cline. Junior Tri-Hi-Y Officers President KATHY HEREFORD Vice-President P. HEDITINIMI Secretary PAT MALLOY Treasurer SANDY SANDFORD Front row: Judy McCrocklin, Kathy Hereford, Sandy Sanford, Patty Malloy, Sharon Schneider. Second row: Peggy Martin, Patty Gibbs, Karen Loudoun, Sylvia Gordon, Ginny Sunderland, Georgia Moyka, Sue Jones. Third row: Betty Kilpatrick, Judy MacKrocklin, Pat Barton, Nancy Malone, Penny Coleman, Diane Kersey, Sharon Cosminsky, Sharron Smith. Fourth row: Anita Werner. Peggy Heditinemi, Carol Smith, Becky Sowell, Ann McNamara, Vicki Van Mullen, Nancy Hahn, Sandra Smith. Left to right: Bevin Stedman. Richard Robertson, Trotty Graham, Feddi Har- rison, David Hastie, Wayne Rittenour. Lee Forest. MR. DAVID A. TURNER Sponsor Debate Team, fg: V 1 Seated: Barry Crickmer, Steve McNamara, David Lachterman, George Long, Mike Stratton, Court Wood. Standing: Mr. Turner, Chris Thompson, Ann McNamara, Linda Gurley, John Malloy, Carolyn Newell, Mike Gurley, Joan Benjamin, Bill Smith, Ginny Gilmore, Nancy Hovey-King, Robert Nelson. Not pictured: Lyn Lockart-Mummery. 115 THE LASSO George Mason High School, Falls Church, Virginia Students Open Accounts in GM’s m Tzanakakis to : rt with the basic;: he Island of Ciel . He is eighteen] reign exchange g I which i much ss our e man- s first ■ ly that arrived After .0 New ty im- aut he ■ecause i[ )ld and lade a he par- d more ing he is the nness ' . merica n par- iion a : ‘very ! a teen- seem or go id, and prob- r view diat it 1 ' many Council »uncil this y!j 1 Directory ac k school yeail The second Btory should b r Bor four weeks! fcoon the hom c ■get the namesa ■phone numbe: • ' President Jim 4 Handbook sho than the one Council last ] due to be put the year, the prin ted profe ■pi Ka oo d fo ! I ’ J M ry i s ■ ii " r, ' ■ ' AT Scot het-tei Front row: Linda Lawhorn, Claire Brown. Marion Hornbeck, Janet Ramey, Judy Wilson, Dorothy Kellman. Second row: Steve Stattner. Mary Frase, Shauneen Cruise, Anne Mason, Virginia Gilmore. Cindy Long. Mr. Condit. Third row: Dave Clark. Leon Rix, Mike McQuary, Tom Holmes, David Lachterman, Lyn Lockhart-Mummery. Tonor deci- CJ.UC5C 1 11C Dana student-operated, it must be closed during the day, so that the tellers, Senior, Clare Neuberg, and Jun- ior, Nancy Oliver, can attend classes. The two girls trained all HHCorners ■■ under Hii Man- V- ■prepare sion in thUM Aithoughj% their be gB few will HB vious recIS The Hoftp sists of: Paul No K Pat Price Bf i Albert, MB alternate. Hfi presented |H most of tlmH tions willBI the appro yl student’s S ing these S select theH their confl| their partigf ities, and B citizenshifBB The prS Honor Ca much like B 1. Earlier B minutes ® 2. Honor Cai NA0MI JACOBSON, Editor o. Senior Lot be determined later and approved 0 ff j Ce by the administration.) v , Kriton Tzanakakis Kriton tin II, ament, h. He ;h, and eient). ' uages 1 lo not erican speaks n him . since l won- speak immei jncil I I last K.C.A feadfo ginia. iounci land jfnany f its sec- Mcpiday, 20 P.M. . a M SchAV has Si can As: ment of 1 11 s t en ■the Col- ILTnose at- d hear their atives from esent. This o enlighten they might I new l she ; tary j, wh It in NAOMI JACOBSON MARION HORNBECK MARGARET RICH TOM HOLMES SHAUNEEN CRUISE MR. CONDIT Editor Business Manager Student Advisor ing, ev seller” and ma the sch ton, D. will be level w i ecome ion of :ourse girls, very ender, in im- JNews hclitor Feature Editor Sponsor •nth, eighth ■nts will be junior-high student will excused from school. The remain- brilliant imum - • — r»- fY Front row: Barbara Saintsing, Leon Rix, Diane Wallingford, Claire Walter, Jane Whit- field, Harriet Pickert. Second row: Marilyn Adams, Virginia Gilmore, Sandy Carmi, Jean Musser, Lynne Crane, Phyllis Gorman, Kathie Brandis, Pam Clark, Carolyn Stuart. Third row: Lyn Lockhart-Mummery, David Lachterman, Emily Akerman. n DIANE WALLINGFORD, Editor Editor DIANE WALLINGFORD Assistant Editor CLAIRE WALTER Proofreading Editors HARRIET PICKERT BARBARA SAINTSING Art Editor _ .. JANE WHITFIELD Sponsor MR. CONDI I ART STAFF Editor-in-Chief JOANNA MICHAEL Managing Editor JOHN MALLOY Business Manager PHILIP GLASER Sports Editor RALPH SAN MILLAN Class Layout Editor PAT HARVEY Art Editor GRETCHEN SCHUTTE Chief Photographer GARY SNELL Advisor P. H. HASSELVANDER Art Advisor V. J. deGREGORIO 1. Selecting football pictures. 2. Editor gives assignments. 3. Penny develops a print. 4. Checking layout. 5. Sorting pic- tures. 6. Printing. i Future Teachers of America Front row: Ann Haynie, Mary Ann Seidel, Shauneen Cruise, Phyllis Gorman, Kyra Timkovsky, Donna Fisher. Second row: Judy Zipf, Dorothy Kellman. Mandy Bui winkle, Judy Wilson, Bette Brown, Linda Lawhorn, Nadine Gaseau, Donna Jones, Sharon Taylor, Marsha Miller, Carolyn Coburn, Valerie Janz. Third row: Dorothy Lloyd, Mrs. Cromer, Kathie Brandis, Sandy Carmi, Judy Fischer, Pat Schiavi, Sharron Smith, Karen Sullivan, Nancy Oliver, Betsy Caron, Susan Eubank, Mrs. Bradley, Meredith Pierce. Fourth row: June Ann Roth, Judy Howell, Mary Lander, Claire Brown, Tim Lee, Paul Clark, John Barrett, Diana Burrus, Karen Henricksen, Barbara Fletcher. % or inu b a rj Officers President EVELYN CASE Vice-President ALICE GIDDINGS Secretary PHYLLIS GORMAN Treasurer JUDY HOWELL Reporter VIRGINIA GILMORE Historian GAIL STETSON Sponsors MRS. MACKS MRS. HARDY Front row: Sandra Helwig, Judy Zipf, Susan Eubank, Sharon Schneider, Barbara Stetson, Mary Drisko. Pat Hoover. Second row: Pat Barton, Ginny Sunderland, Babs Bolser, Barbara Ionas, Virginia Gilmore, Judy Howell, Evelyn Case, Alice Giddings, Phyllis Gorman, Gail Stetson, Grace Munkasey, Dena Otis. Back row: Shirley Callanen, Muriel Archer, Margaret Gorman, Bonnie Wright, Vicky Van Mullem, Mary Potter, Barbara Fletcher, Karen Henricksen, Ann Haynie, Pat Schiavi, Sharron Smith, Donna Fisher, Mrs. Macks. Front row: Carol Smith, Veronica Papanicolas, Karen Strauss, Judy Thomas, Nancy Hovey-King. Second row: Patti Fox, Connie Bassett. Mary Lander, Pat Webster, Patricia Govern, Marsha Miller, Martha Benn. Back row: Diane Kersey, Linda Davis, Sue Levin, Carolyn Coburn, Becky Sowell, Harriet Pickert, Ann McNamara, Kay Ferrell, Pam Ames, Judy Roe, Mrs. Hardy. Future Homemakers of America Future Nurses of America Officers President JEAN MUSSER Secretary-Treasurer BONNIE WRIGHT Vice-President EILEEN THAXTON Front row: Bonnie Wright, Eileen Thaxton, Jean Musser, Elise Medinger, Billie Woodward, Mary Huard. Back row: Judy Roe, Miss Finnegan, Holly Pickert, Emily Ackerman, Joan Baldwin, Margaret Howell, Alice Muncasey, Helen Welsh, Suellen Miller, Mrs. Nagay, Sue Jones. Chess Club Front row: Lloyd Galkin, David Robson, Peter Hamlin, B. E. Koffman, Philip Glaser. Back row: Carl Costa, Bill Smith, Biff Wright, Stephen McNamara, Mr. McBlair, Tom Dezengottia, Walter Meilwockie, Dale Richardson, Boh Rhoads, David Parker. Officers President B. E. KOFFMAN Secretary -Treasurer PHIL GLASER Area President STEVE McNAMARA’ STEVE McNAMARA President Washington D. C., Met. Area Chess League. Biology Club Officers President Vice-President Secretary Program Chairman ANN BRONSON KATHY WRIGHT JUDY FISCHER PETE DALE JON BUNTENBAH First row: Peter Christensen, Mike Havens, Kathy Wright, Ann Bronson, Val Janz, Judy Fischer, Miss Finnegan, George Chase. Second row: Boh Brett, Ken Louden, Jon Buntenbah, Dorothy Kellman, Bette Brown, Linda Lawhorne, Nadine Gaseau, Dorothy Lloyd, Ann Haney, Karen Hendrickson, Pat Schiavi, Charles Fox. Third row: Pat Flaherty, Helen Welch, Carolyn Stuart, Beth Seedlock, Robert Gebeaux, Pete Dale, John Howell, Steve Hough, Rhys Llewellyn, Donna Jones, Judy Weed, Allan Moser. Fourth row: Joan Warner, Barbara Fletcher, Pam Clark, Gary Snell, Judy Roe, Kathie Brandis, Kathy Middleton, Janice Johnston, Sandy Betts, Nancy Mahr, Diana Burrus, Elise Mettinger, Dave Stratton, Bevan Steadman. Fifth row: Tony Burden, June Ann Roth, Dave Tackney, Bert Hamhleton, Meg Swing, Linda Davis, Bonnie Wright. Ma ry Potter, David Brickman, John McDowell, David Hastie, Richard Giddings, Paul Clark, Howard Busbee. Science Club President ALFRED AKERMAN Vice-President ROY MOATS Secretary ANN OVERBY Sponsor J. K. LAYTON Left to right: Mr. Layton, John Christensen, David Lachterman, Ann Overby, Bill Albaugh, Doug Conner. 123 J Left to right: John Payne, Bill Hodges, Mike McQuary, Doug Tasker, Mike Tack- ney, Frank Govern, Jim Ebert, Don Mach- rowicz, Bill Henderson. Ralph Marr. B. D. Schneider, Kevin Talbot, Luke O’Hara, Allan Berman, Jim Oliver, Dave Tackney, Fred McBride, Bud Roeder, Jim Wiggins. Not pictured: Steve Callanen. OFFICERS President RALPH MARR Vice-President MIKE TACKNEY Secretary BUD ROEDER Treasurer KEVIN TALBOT Monogram Club ’59 ’ers OFFICERS President SANDY JOHNSON Vice-President LEON RIX Secretary GUNTHER MORSE Treasurer TOM BRETT First row: Ralph San Millan. Gunther Morse. Second row: Albert Davis, Sandy Johnson. Third row: Dave Clark, Jack Kuritzky, Ralph Marr. 124 Exhibition Committee Mr. Howell, Albert Davis, Kenneth Gosselin, Jessann Hamble- ton, Jim Ebert, Sue Davenport, Margie Bednarz, Win Dalton, Dr. de Gregorio, Larry Cheatham, Jim Guttridge, Bill Clewlow, Bill Carlson. 125 f f f i44W» ? • Front row: Anne Herfindahl, Suellen Miller, Helen Simpson, Jane McCarraher, Carol Ann Kirtley, Marion Hombeck, Pam Clark, Becky Sowell, Cindy Long, Penny Sides, Emmy McRae, Virginia Tasker, Barbara Warner, Delores Stowell, Judy Zipf. Second row: Jean Musser, Judy Royston, Barbara Saintsing, Ann Bronson, Gail Nichols, Gloria Perry, Lynne Crane, June Ladd, Mary Lander, Nancy Marr, Sharon Cosminsky, Carolyn Coburn, Paula Lemon. Third row: Anne Mason, Susan Eubank, Clare Neuberg, Priscilla Hymers, Connie Bassett, Joan Laufman, Joan Warner, Nancy Hovey-King, Naomi Jacobson, Nancy Hahn, Gery Greer, Carol Cline, Sandy Sanford, Pat Walter, Barbara Reid. Fourth row: Carl Neuberg, Jeff Kay, Kriton Tzanakakis, Tom Holmes, Paul Nordwall, Walter Mielwocki, Sandy Johnson, Steve Culbertson, David Thrailkill, Larry Cheatham, Jack Garver, Gunther Morse, Leon Rix, Howard Gebeaux, Henry Green, Jim Portch, Gary Briggs. Fifth row: Bill Greer, Albert Bassett, Richard Thompson. Senior High Chorus Officers President CAROL KIRTLEY Vice-President JUDY ROYSTON Secretary JOAN LAUFMAN Treasurer EMMY McRAE Public Relations Chairman MARION HORNBECK Historian JACK GARVER From left: Emmy McRae, Marion Hornbeck, Jack Garver, Joan Laufman, Judy Royston, Carol Kirtley, Mr. Howell. Music Membership Roll: Marilyn Adams, Judy Bauer, Pat Biondi, Sally Bolton, Lynn Bowers, Bennie Braddock, Brad Brasfield, Stuart Brown, Dolores Burrus, Trudy Cellers, Donna Culbertson, Karen Culbertson, Barbara Disque, Sally Ecbreath, Sandra Farmer, Patti Gibbs, Nancy Gutridge, Lynn Harper, Gail Heeker, Kathy Herford, Woody Hough, Janice Houseman, Terry Johnson, Ellen Kelly, Judy Kirtely, Micheal LaBlank, Rose Ladd, Jane Lamb, Emily Lay, Ellen Levin, Margie List, Judy McCrocklin, Liz McDowell, Liz Miller, Connie Musser, Sue O’Halloran, Barbara Owen, Ronnie Papnicolas, Terry Read, Carol Shepard, Carol Smith, Kathy Smith, Sally Straton, Nancy Strople, Edith St. John, Nancy Sworthout, Judy Thomas, Sarah Toregas, Elaine Turner, Anita Werner, Susan Gurley, Robin Laririo, John Barton. Junior High Chorus Girls’ Ensemble Front row: Carol Kirtley, Emmy McRae, Penny Sides, Delores Stowell. Second ro w: Marion Hornbeck, Paula Lemon, Anne Her- findahl. Back row: Clare Neuberg, Priscilla Hymers, Jane Messick, Joan Warner. CAROL ANN KIRTLEY President 127 Piccolo Alfred Akerman Anne Mason Flute Peggy Price Phil Glaser John Christensen Elizabeth McDowell Oboe Myron Hanke Clarinet Howard Gebeaux Anne Herfindahl Barry Glassman Richard Giddens Jay Brown Stephen Reimers Connie Steinkamp Joan Baldwin Gary Pederson Richard Casey Judy Ingalls David Jacobson Alto Clarinet Howard Busbee Bass Clarinet Judy Weed The Band Alto Saxophone Robert Bartlett Philip Gillespie James Haase Tenor Saxophone Charles Marginean Bassoon John Tyler Trombone John Zigler Lee Rhodes Paul Jones Louis Kuritsky Doug Wallingford William Ames Peter Shaw Stuart Brown Peter Russell Bass Bob Rhoads Tom Simpson John Bonnell Courtney Meyer Percussion Jack Kuritsky Leon Rix Glad Bulwinkle Lee Uhl Wesley Burch Peter Lewis John Michael Trumpet Robert Owendoff Kenneth Louden Steve Stattner Virginia Gilmore Jay Hanke John Finley Donald Azars David Roth Joseph Gillespie David Sparrow Glenn Letham John List French Horn David Forbes Bruce Lehman Peter Hamlin Baritone Jim Scott Robert Gebeaux Director Robert M. Dawson Senior Director-Drum Major Howard Gebeaux Junior Director Charles Marginean Majorettes 128 Left to right: Sharron Smith, Linda Edwards, Carol Wallace, Claire Lattimer, Pat Hoover. Not pictured: Bonnie Hicks. i Orchestra Front row: Gail Caldwell, Karl Kole, Terry Tawney, Myron Hanke, Mr. Dashoff, Tommy Tawney, Judy Weede, Ann Mason, Linda Gurley, Peggy Price. Second row: Ann Herfindahl, John Tyler, Bruce Lehmann. David Forbes, Connie Seincamp, Joan Baldwin, Barry Glassman. Third row: Lee Allums, Mike Gurley, Jim Scott, Kenneth Loudon, David Sparrow, Russell Hamilton, Lee Uhl, Jack Kuritzky, Bob Rhodes, Doug Carper, Mary Lander. THE MAIN ORCHESTRA MEMBERS Left to right: Linda Gurley, Jim Scott, Jack Kuritzky, Mr. Dashoff, Karl Kole, Mary Lander, Doug Carper. Not pictured: Lee Allums, Mike Gurley, Gail Caldwell. 129 Senior Dramatics Club Officers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor T r»TV Junior Dramatics Club Officers President PENNY COLEMAN Vice-President DONNA FISHER Secretary SHARON COSMINSKY Treasurer EMILY LAY Sponsor MR. PHILLIPS f ont r ow: V a i n Site !- «. r So “ ' «. M - QrisS :t V S’- h “ ’ Mar y Lo “More dinosaurs. Jack?” “Alvin, you ' re not supposed to be on TV! “Jack changes hobbies: dinosaurs to girls.” “Relax — you’re going into a deep, deep sleep. 132 Features 133 mH gg ; m Mary Ann Seidel, Sophomore Attendant; Sharron Smith, Freshman Attendant; Bonnie Benn, Maid of Honor; Judy Stetson, Queen, 1955; Barbara Puckett, Queen; Tommy Puckett, Crown Bearer ; Evelyn Case, Junior Attendant ; Emmy McRae, Senior Attendant. 136 1959 Sweetheart Court Junior Attendant BABS BOLSEK r Sophomore Attendant BETTE BROWN Maid of Honor EMMY McRAE 4 Queen CAROL ANN KIRTLEY Senior Attendant MELANIE HOLLISTER Freshman Attendant BARBARA STETSON 137 138 First row: Judy Fischer, Attendant: Sharon Cosniinsky, Attendant: Carol McBee, Attendant. Second roiv: Gail Stetson. Attendant; Tommy Puckett, Crown Bearer; Barbara Puckett. Attendant. Third row: Betty Boone. Attendant: Betsy O ' Roark, May Queen. Senior Activities LAURA LOVE AKERMAN — Chorus 1 ; Penman’s Palette 1, 2; Lasso 1, 2, 3, 4; Mustang 2; Future Nurses 3. MURIEL ARCHER— Tri-Hi-Y 1; FHA 2; International Relations 3; Senior Dramatics 3. TONI ATKINSON — Washington and Lee High School 1, 2; Senior Dramatics 3. BILL W. BAILEY — Falls Church High School 1, 2; Track 3; Northern Virginia School Boy Ping-Pong Champion 2; Senior High Chorus 4. ROBERT BARRETT — Leavenworth High School 1, 2; Key Club 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4; Senior Class President 4. ALBERT BASSETT — Hi-Y 3, 4; Membership Chairman 4; National Honor Society 3, 4. ALLAN BERMAN— JV Football 2; Hi-Y 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 3, 4; Lasso 4; Speaker of the Senate 4; Key Club 4; Debate Team 4; Spotlight 4, Editor 4. WILLIAM BIRDSONG — JV Football 1, 2; Varsity Foot- ball 3; Hi-Y 3, 4. DONA BOTHELL— FHA 1, 2; Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2; Vice Presi- dent of Tri-Hi-Y Council 4, Historian 4; International Relations Club 4; Bookstore 3, 4, Manager 4. TOM BRETT — JV Football 2; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Director at Large 4; Varsity Football 3; Track 2, 3, 4; Class Vice President 3. GARY BRIGGS — Science Club 1 ; Chess Club 1 ; National Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 3; Senior High Chorus 3, 4. THOMAS BROKKE — JV Basketball 1, 2; Biology Club 2. KAY BRONSON — Lasso Reporter; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, 3; International Relations 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; SCA Senator 3. STEPHEN CALLANEN — Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School 1; Varsity Track Team 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3; Key Club 3, 4; Class Treasurer 4; International Relations 4. SIGRID CHRISTENSEN— Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; International Relations 4. DAVID CLARK— JV Football 2; JV Basketball Manager 2; Track Manager 3; ’59ers 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 4; Lasso Sports Editor 4. CAROLE CLINE — Lasso 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 3, 4. ANN ANDERSON COPELAND — James Wook High School 1, 2, 3. BARRY CRICKMER — Science Club 1, President 1; De- bate Team 2, 3, 4, Captain 3; Senate 2, 3; Virginia Discussion Conference Gavel Award 2, 3; Biology Club 2, President 2; Key Club International, Capital District, Treasurer 3, Governor 4; Prom Committee Chairman 3. ALBERT DAVIS— JV Basketball 1, 2; Varsity Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 3, 4, Historian and Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. WILLIAM DAVIS— North Chicago High School 1, 2; Lake Forest Academy 2; Master of Ceremonies, Junior Variety Show 3; Senate 4; ’59ers 4. JOHN DILLON — Science Club 1; Biology Club 2; Chorus 2; Senior Dramatics 4; Key Club 4, Secretary 4. JAMES EBERT — JV Football 2 ; Varsity Baseball 1, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football 3, 4; Hi-Y 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. THOMAS FARRELL MARY ANN FINLEY — International Relations 2, 3, 4, Senator 3; Penman’s Palette 2, 3, 4; Circulation Editor 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Historian 4; SCA Calendar Chair man 4; Junior Variety Show 3. 139 ‘iiH George Mason at Work at Play [, - r ;tfin I ' ji I ? t 1 MT71 1 i H 1 1. Typing class 2. Mr. Woodward gives a pointer 3. Finishing touches 4. John and George “bone-up” in Library 5. Ricky cleans the aquarium 6. Metal work 7. Physics class take block aptitude test 8. Carl supervises woodwork operation 9. Retreat 10. Art Class 11. English I Class takes a test 12. Peggy Sue ' and Charlie Brown 13. Sandy tries a take-down — Indian style 14. One man’s family 15. “Now, here’s the play” 16. Don Thomas shoots the works 17. Miss Cockrill shows how 18. At the Hop 19. G. M. Rockettes 20. Oops! 21. Trying for the pin 141 Senior Activities NANCY FORSYTHE— Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Lasso 4; Inter- national Relations 3, 4; Basketball Scorekeeper 3. JACK GARVER — Junior Dramatics 1; Senior Dramatics 2, 3, 4; 59ers 2, 3, 4; Choir 2; Senator 3; Activities Chairman 4; Mustang 2. 3. HOWARD GEBEAUX — Track 1; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Chorus 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Com- mittee Chairman 3, 4; National Honor Society 2. 3; Senate 3, 4; Investigating Chairman 3, 4; All-State Band 3. 4. PATRICIA GENTRY — Junior Dramatics 1; Glee Club 1; Future Nurses Club 3; Varsity Club 3; 3, 4; Senior Director 4; Mustang 4; Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Softball 1. 2. 3, 4. PHILIP GLASER — Penman’s Palette 1; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 1, 2; Chess Club 1. 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4: Senior Dramatics 4; Mus- tang 4, Business Manager 4. FRANCIS GOVERN— JV Football 1; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM GREER — Coronado High School 1; Junior Dramatics 1; Biology Club 2, Vice-President 2: Choir 2. 3, 4; Barber Shop Quartet 3, President 2; Mustang 2: Senior Dramatics 2, 3, 4, President 4; Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 3; International Relations 3, 4; AFS Summer Exchange Student 3; Thespian Society 4. JAMES GUTTRIDGE — Fork Union Military Academy 1, 2 ; ’59ers 3. 4. JACK HAASE— Oak Harbor High School 1; Hi-Y 4. JESS ANN HAMBLETON— Okinawa High School 1, 2; Class Sergeant-at-Arms 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Sergeant-at- Arms 2; Assistant Chaplain 3. JANET HAMPTON— Pep Club 1, 2; FHA 1; Lasso 2. VICKI HANNA — Mustang 4; Senior Dramatics 3. WILLIAM HANSEN — Paris-American High 2; Junior Dramatics 1; Band 1; JV Basketball 1, Vice-President of Class 1, 4; Varsity Track 2; Varsity Tennis 2, 3; Inter- national Relations Club 3, 4, President 4; Northern Vir- ginia Discussion League 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Harvard Award 3; Chorus 1, 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4, Chaplain 4; Inter-Club Council 4. PATRICIA HARVEY — Junior Dramatics 1, Vice-President 1; Mustang 2, 3, 4, Feature Editor 3, Layout Editor 4; Biology Club 2, Vice-President 2; Keyettes 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3; Varsity Softball 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club 3. JANE HASTIE — FHA 1; Biology Club 2. MELANIE HOLLISTER — Softball 3, 4; Basketball Man- ager 3, 4: Mustang 4; Variety Show 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4; Sweetheart Court 4. MARION HORNBECK — Decatur High School 1, 2; Falls Church High 2. 3; Senior High Choir 3, 4: Public Relations Chairman 4; Keyettes 3, 4, Historian 4; Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4; International Relations 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Girls’ Ensemble 4; Senior Dramatics Club 4. JOHN HOWELL— Travelers 2: Hot Rod Club 3. BARBARA HOYLE— Dance Club 1; Pep Club 1; FHA I; Dramatics 1: Lasso Staff 2, 3; Prom Committee 3; Library Staff 3. HELEN HURLEY— Holy Trinity 1; Penman’s Palette 3; Senior Dramatics 3. 4. PRISCILLA HYMERS — Junior Dramatics 1; FHA 1; Choir 2. 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 3, 4; Lasso 3. HORACE JOHNSON — Frankfurt, Germany 1; ’59ers 2, 3, 4; JV Basketball 2: Choir 2, 4; Varsity Track Team 3, 4: Key Club 4; Class Secretary 4. CAROL ANN KIRTLEY— Goffney High 1: Junior Dra- matics 1 ; May Day Attendant 2 ; Senior Dramatics 2 ; Most Promising Actress Award 2; PTA Music Scholar- ship 3; Homecoming Attendant 3; Variety Show 1. 2, 3; Sweetheart Queen 4; National Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Keyettes 2, 3, 4. Secretary 4: Girls Ensemble 2, 3, 4, President 3: Choir 1, 2. 3, 4, President 3, 4. BENNETT KOFFMAN— Science Club 1; Biology Club 2; Chess Club 2, 3, 4, President 4; Forensics 3; SC A Rep- resentative 3; International Relations 4; Debate Team 4; National Honor Society 3, 4. JACK KURITZKY— Track 1; Choir 1, 2; JV Football 1; Varsity Football 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; All-State Band 3, 4; School Dance Band 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Senate 2, 3 ; ’59ers 2, 3, 4. 142 Senior Activities JOAN LAUFMAN — Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 2. 3, 4, Secretary 4; Girls Ensemble 2, 3; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, 3, Chaplain 4; Mustang 3; Inter- national Relations 3, 4, Treasurer 4. MILES LEE — Palette 1; Band 1, 2; Orchestra 2; Biology 2, 3; Debate 3, 4; Senior Dramatics 1. 2, 3, 4; Manager Football 4. JOHN MALLOY — Ponce de Leon Jr. High 1; Coral Gables High 2; Debate Team 3, 4; Audio-Visual 3; Mustang 4. CHARLES McBRIDE — Izmir Dependents High, Turkey 1; Football 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Hi-Y 4; Monogram Club 4. EMMAGENE McRAE — Sweetheart Court 1. 4; Class Sec- retary 1, 3; Biology Club 2; Choir 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4; Girls Ensemble 3, 4; Keyettes 3, 4; FHA 3; Sen- ate 3; SCA Secretary 4; Junior Variety Show 2; Prom Court 3; Homecoming Court 4. RALPH MARR — JV Football 1; Varsity Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4; Monogram Club 4, President 4. RICHARD MARTIN— JV Basketball 2; JV Football 2; Class Vice-President 2; Biology Club 2; Chemistry Club 3.; American Legion Boys State 3; Baseball 3, 4; Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, President 4; ’59ers 4; Mustang 4. BARBARA MESSEC — Pep Club 1, 2; Literary Club 1, Secretary 1; Biology Club 2; Mustang 3, 4; Variety Show 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, President 4; Choir 1, 3, 4. JOANNA MICHAEL — Majorette 1, 2; SCA Representa- tive 2; Penman’s Palette 1, 2, 3; Mustang 2, 3, 4, Editor 4; International Relations 4; Keyettes 2, 3, 4; Junior Director 3, Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Honors Banquet 3. ANGHENINO MINOR — George Washington High School, Guam 1, 2; Montgomery Blair 3; Key Club 4; Inter- national Relations 4; Varsity Baseball 4. GUNTHER MORSE — Leavenworth High 1; Varsity Foot- ball 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Choir 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y 4. CLARE NEUBERG — Junior Dramatics 1; Biology Club 2, Secretary-Treasurer 2; Class Treasurer 2, 3; International Relations 3; GW University Health Conference 3; Soft- ball 2, 3, 4; Dance Decorations Chairman 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls Ensemble 4; Keyettes 3, 4; Corresponding Secretary 4; Mustang 2, 4; SCA Repre- sentative 3, 4; Senior Honor Card Committee 4. CAROLYN NEWELL — Junior Dramatics 1; Glee Club; Orchestra 1, 2; Keyettes 2, 3, 4; National Honor So- ciety 2, 3, 4; Senior Dramatics 2; Debate 2, 3, 4; State Negative Champion 3; Northern Virginia Rotary Nega- tive Champion 3; SCA Representative 3; Chaplain 3; International Relations 3, 4; AFS Summer Exchange Student 3 ; Honors Banquet 3. GAIL NICHOLS — Junior Dramatics 1; Intramural Basket- ball 1; Orchestra 1, 2; All-State Orchestra 2; Majorette 2; Senior Dramatics 2; National Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Tutoring Chairman 3; Choir 1, 2, 3; Lasso 3; Variety Show 3; Honors Banquet 3; Mustang 2, 3, 4; Inter- national Relations 3, 4; GW University Health Con- ference 2, 3; Class Activities Chairman 4. PAUL NORDWALL — Englewood Senior High 1, 2; Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, President 4; Honors Banquet 3; Key Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4; ’59ers 3; President’s Council 4, Vice-Chairman 4; Basketball 3, 4; Tennis 3, 4, Captain 4; International Relations 4; Senior Honor Card Committee 4. SANDRA NORSWORTHY— Eastman High School 1, 2; Penman’s Palette 4; Senior Dramatics 4. JAMES OLIVER — JV Basketball 1, 2; Varsity 3; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3, President 4; Chess Club 2; Debate 2; Hi-Y 2, Vice-President 2; Varsity Baseball 2, 3; Senior Honor Card Committee 4. BARBARA PORTCH— Pep Club 1; Biology Club 2; Girls Chorus 3 ; Choir 3, 4. PATRICIA PRICE — Intramural Basketball 1; Glee Club 1; Biology Club 2, Secretary-Treasurer 2; Orchestra 1, 2; All-State 2; SCA Representative 1, 2, 4; Northern Virginia Discussion League 3, 4; Class Publicity Chair- man 3; Honors Banquet 3; Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; Mustang 4, Copy Editor 4; National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Keyettes 2, 3, 4; Historian 3, Vice-President 4; GW University Health Conference 3; International Relations 3, 4; Senior Honor Card Committee 4; Spotlight 4. BARBARA PUCKETT — Pep Club 1; Class Treasurer 1; May Court Attendant 1, 3; JV Cheerleader 1, Co-Captain 1; Varsity Cheerleader 4; Sweetheart Court 2; FHA 2; Basketball 3; Variety Show 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Treas- urer 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Queen 4. CARYL RAINS — FHA 1; Future Nurses Club 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4; International Relations 4. 143 A Peek ’Now, take a closer peek at the picture, Have you got a date? Senior Activities JANET RAMEY — King Edward School 2, 3; Lord Byng High. British Columbia 3; Choir 4: Lasso 4; Key- ettes 4. BARBARA REID— Choir 1, 3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; In- ternational Relations 4; Intramural Basketball 4. MARGARET RICH — Senior Dramatics 1; Band 1. 2; Lasso 1, 2, 3, 4, News Editor 3: Student Advisor 4; Keyettes 2. 3. 4, Treasurer 3, President 4; National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; International Relations 3, 4; Senior Advisor 4: Inter-Club Council 4, Chairman 4. LEON RIX — Band 1. 2, 3. 4; Orchestra 1. 2: Outstanding Member 1; Palette Art Staff 2, Literary Editor 4; Lasso 2. Feature Writer 4; " 59ers 2, 3, 4. Vice-President 4; Choir 3. 4: James Bland Music Scholarship State Win- ner 3; All-State Orchestra 1. 2: All-State Band 3. JUDITH ROYSTON— Pep Club 1; Girls Glee Club 2, 3, Vice-President 2. Secretary-Treasurer 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Corresponding Secretary 4: Keyettes 4. RAFAEL SAN MILLAN— St. John’s High School L 2: Hi-Y 3. 4, Secretarv 4; Track 3. 4: Football 4: Mustang 4: Youth in Government 3, 4. LINDSAY SCHAFF— Hi-Y 4. JAMES SCOTT — Junior Dramatics 1; SCA Representative 1. 2: Choir 1, 2, 3; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Barber Shop Quartet 3; Variety Show 3; Track 3, 4; President of the Student Body 4. FOSTER SECHRIST— Track 3. 4. LANCE SEIDEL— Varsity Football 1. 2 . 3, 4, Co-Captain 3; State Scoring Champion 4; Track 3, 4; Hi-Y " 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4: Varsity Club 3. 4. ELIZABETH SIDES — Junior Dramatics 1; Penman’s Palette 3: Future Nurses of America 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4; Choir 3. 4: Girl’s Ensemble 3.4. EDWARD SIMON— Lasso 1; ’59ers 3, 4; Golf Team 3, 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4. President 4; Spotlight 4. HELEN SIMPSON— Lasso 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; International Relations 4. DELORES STOWELL — Pep Club 1; Choir 1, 4; Mustang 4; Lasso 4; Penman’s Palette 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4. MICHAEL STRATTON — Debate Team 3, 4: Biology Club 2 : Spotlight 4. KEVIN TALBOT — Junior Dramatics 1; JV Football 2; Varsity Football 3, 4; Key Club 3. 4; Senior Director 4: Varsity Club 3; Track 2. 3: Monogram Club 4, Treas- urer 4. VIRGINIA TASKER — Class President 2; Varsity Basket- ball 3, 4; Choir 2. 4; Penman’s Palette Bookkeeper 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 4. Vice-President 4. IAN THOMAS — Biology Club 2; Chess Club I, 2, 3. RICHARD THOMPSON— JV Football 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4: Varsity Football 4; Hi-Y " 3, 4. Chaplain 3. DAVID THRAILKILL — Anacostia High 3; Hi-Y 4; Dra- matics 4 ; Debate 4. KRITON TZANAKAKIS — (Foreign Exchange Student) Glee Club 4; Key Club 4; International Relations 4. JOHN VICK — Baseball 1; Hi-Y 3, 4, Chaplain 4; Mus- tang 4. DOROTHY WALSH — Senior Dramatics 4; Penman’s Pal- ette 4: Intramural Basketball 4. BARBARA WARNER — Falconer Central High 1, 2. 3; Band 4; Choir 4 ; Orchestra 4; Lasso 4. JIM WIGGINS — JV Football l:Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3. 4; Hi-Y " 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4. COLRT WOOD — Orchestra 1, 2, 4; Debate Team 4; Golf Team 3, 4: Spotlight 4; Biology Club 2. 146 Ceremony ‘Your knees are showing! again 147 OUR FAVORITE SUBSTITUTE 148 “Where’s that bus?” 149 hHHd ‘‘Wow! Wish I could do that!” January Zeus in all his glory Albert displays flag flown over Capitol that he won in essay contest. 150 February “Shall I ask her?” 151 March “Dr. Killian, may I present . . Dr. Killian speaks at Honors Banquet. Planning period? April 152 June 153 Kriton in Grecian costume Procession to light the Olympian torch. The American Field Service Area Foreign Exchange Students visit G.M. at George Mason Visitors from Scandinavia. Bill visits President Gronchi of Italy. The Old The Blacksmith The Blacksmith Shop 156 The City Hall 157 158 MRS. HUDSON Guidance Secretary Cafeteria Staff Mrs. Kathy Gutridge, Mrs. Elizabeth Loy, Mrs. LaVinia Snapp, Manager; Mrs. Gladys Layman. 159 Custodial Staff 160 introducing . • • Our Advertisers 161 Compliments of TOPS DRIVE-INN ■THE HOME OF THE FAMOUS SI HI. (USER Compliments of JIM HOLLINS , INC. INSURANCE FREDA MUSIC COMPANY Everything in Music 451 0 Lee Highivay Arlington 7, Va. Ja 5-6233 Compliments of SAI-HO RESTAURANT FALLS CHURCH . VIRGINIA ORRISON FUEL OIL INCORPORATED Fuel Oil — Oil Burners Oil Burner Service IE 2-2573 1219 West Broad Street FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA WYNN’S DRESS SHOP 230 W . Broad St. FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA LEON’S FABRIC SHOP Broad Street FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA 162 MURPHY BUILDING A Guest House Tourist Ample Parking — Modern — Gift When Leaving 151 E. Broad St. Falls Church , V a. ]E 4-9768 BROWSE ABOUT SHOP Gifts 6865 N. Fairfax Drive ARLINGTON, VA. JE 2-5455 R. K. HIRST HARDWARE Pittsburgh Paints and Glass Poultry and Dairy Supplies POTTER’S APPLIANCE SHOP 116 W . Washington St. FALLS CHURCH, VA. Parts and Service for All Vacuum Cleaners New Appliances at Discount Prices Purina Feeds Seeds — Fertilizer JEFFERSON 2-1340 TYSON’S CORNER VIENNA, VA. FALLS CHURCH BANK FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA Serving the Area for Fifty Years WASHINGTON AND BROAD STREETS Branch — 1075 W . Broad St. Branch — 6813 Lee Highway MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION JE 4-4000 163 LORD FAIRFAX CLOTHIERS , INC. GEORGE MASON JACKETS 108 E. Broad St. JE 2-2900 C. M. HAILEY Real Estate — Builder — Insuror Multiple Listing Service STATE FARM INSURANCE 164 OFFICE JE 2-7944 RES. JE 3-7989 126 E. BROAD ST. FALLS CHURCH, V A. Compliments of TASTEE -FREEZE FALLS CHURCH , VIRGINIA BARBER ROSS HARDWARE Sporting Goods Power Tools Builders ' Supplies 7 Corners Shopping Center FREE DELIVERY JE 2-3710 Compliments of NORTHERN VIRGINIA ESSO Compliments MONCURE W ashington Blvd. and Lee Hwy. °f AGENCY ARLINGTON, VA. JE 4-9200 KARIN’S 6812 Lee Highway Arlington, V a. FLORIST Compliments of 7 Corners Shopping Je 2-2200 FALLS CHURCH Center DEPARTMENT STORE Je 2-4141 1059 West Broad Street FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA 165 WILSON G. HALL FALLS CHURCH GULF SERVICE 400 W . Broad St. FALLS CHURCH . V A. Compliments of Compliments of ALMA SHOPS , INC. RUST MANOR PHARMACY 106 E. BROAD ST. FALLS CHURCH, V A. W est End FALLS CHURCH, V A. Compliments Compliments of SNYDER CO. Falls Church, V a. Compliments of CHARLES C. WHITFIELD LIFE INSURANCE of CENTER BARBER SHOP FALLS CHURCH VA. 166 Best Wishes From IRVING BERMAN FALLS CHURCH HOBBY CENTER 13] So. Washington St. Falls Church, V a. Je 2-3200 Compliments of ROBERTSON 5 10c STORE F. A. McGONEGAL PLUMBING AND HEATING SERVICE 1061 WEST BROAD STREET IE 2-4440 “ Radio Dispatched Service Trucks ' ’ Rock Wool Insulation Aluminum Storm Windows, Doors and Screens Porch Screens Porch Enclosures Jalousies Aluminum Awnings Kaiser Shade Screens Fiber Glass Sheeting 6850 N. Fairfax Dr. ARLINGTON 13 VIRGINIA Telephone JE 2-0184 HODGES HOME INSULATION SERVICE 167 DEALER McDaniel’s esso SERVICE CENTER Gas — Oils — Lubrication 835 W. BROAD ST. Falls Church , V a. PHONE: JE 2-2127 TYLER GARDENS APARTMENTS Compliments of 399 W . Broad St. FALLS CHURCH , VA. STANLEY R. ROWLAND JE 2-2810 CO., INC. Compliments of Sales — Rentals — Management W ALTER L. MESS INSURANCE 120 E. BROAD ST. 168 CENTER BARBER SHOP 111 So. Washington St. FALLS CHURCH, VA. JE 2-9559 Falls Church, Va. PHONE: JE 3-3333 GEORGE MASON HIGH SCHOOL CLASS RINGS Supplied by W. C. SAUNDERS COMPANY Post Office Box 475 RICHMOND, VIRGINIA WALTERS MAJORETTE SCHOOL 1073 West Broad Street FALLS CHURCH, VA. JE 2-7000 169 Compliments of NORTHERN VIRGINIA HARDWARE « Engineers and Manufacturers Dehumidification Humidification 1109 WEST BROAD STREET FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA JE 3-9600 POWER CLEANERS 100 East Broad Street FALLS CHURCH , VIRGINIA Call JE 2-7222 MARTLEE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY DAIRY QUEEN “The Cone With the Curl on Top ” 1050 West Broad Street FALLS CHURCH , VIRGINIA Carpentry and General Contracting P.O. Box 4047 FALLS CHURCH , VIRGINIA 170 WALLACE AND MONROE 438 S. Washington St. (Lee Highway) JE 2-2966 FALLS CHURCH , VIRGINIA WEST END BEAUTY SALON Hair Cutting Stylists JE 2-2716 1057 West Broad Street 2nd Floor Falls Church, Va. EUGENE N. HOOPER Contractor — Builder SUITE 202 4620 Lee Highway ARLINGTON 7, VIRGINIA BOYS’ GIRLS’ SHOP All Ages Thru Teens (Juniors and Subteens) 209 West Broad Street JE 2-6433 Falls Church, Va. “ Service You Can Trust” BEACH’S FRIENDLY SERVICE 1045 West Broad Street FALLS CHURCH , VIRGINIA JE 3-0122 FALLS CHURCH PAINT WALLPAPER CENTER JE 2-2536 130 WEST BROAD STREET VIRGINIA FOREST ESSO K. T. CLEM, Proprietor T A Virginia Forest Esso Atlas Tires and Batteries JE2-2653— 29837 702 S. Wash. St. ( Lee Hwy.) FALLS CHURCH, VA. Compliments of EARL M. SMITH NURSERIES KING-KERLEY DRY CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS 444 South Washington Street (Near Hechinger’s) FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA JE2-4429 171 Compliments of VILLAGE HOUSE MOTEL 245 N. Washington St. FALLS CHURCH VIRGINIA JE 4-8000 Northern Virginia Homes, Farms, and Acreage TIM KITE Sales Manager DILLON LAND CO., INC. 1114 Hilluood Avenue FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA Just Below Seven Corners OFF. JE 4-4040 RES. JE 2-7583 - WEST END CARRY -OCT SHOP FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA HORACE E. BROWN SON Hardware and Paints Phone JE 2-1168 100 W. Broad St. FALLS CHURCH, VA. 172 PHONE JE 2-2720 GEORGE T. REEVES Real Estate — Insurance R. L. SCHEPMOES, JR. Associate 6827 Lee Highway, Falls Church, Va. PETER PAN 5 10 1065 W. Broad Street FALLS CHURCH, VA. JE 4-3674 Metal-Fabricating MITCHELL’S BARBER SHOP 2701 S. Nelson St. ARLINGTON 6, VA. JA 4-0710 118 N. Wash. St. FALLS CHURCH, VA. Mitchell has now opened a new sanitary barber shop. Expert hair cutting, children’s hair cutting a specialty. “ WHERE ALL GOOD FELLOWS MEET ” 173 ORRISON MOTORS At the Corner of Broad Street and Lee Street FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA 174 PATRONS W e wish to thank the following patrons for their kindness in aiding the 1959 MUSTANG to have another successful year. MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM A. ALBAUGH III J. B. BULWINKLE, JR. MR. AND MRS. PAUL CARMI MR. AND MRS. WAYNE CASE COL. AND MRS. GEORGE H. CHASE MR. AND MRS. THOMAS A. CHEATHAM MAJOR AND MRS. J. D. COLEMAN MR. AND MRS. CHARLES N. DAVIS MR. AND MRS. SAM EPSTEIN JAMES FADDIS, LCDR, USN MR. AND MRS. THOMAS CARVER MR. AND MRS. N. A. GASEAU MR. AND MRS. ALEX GENDELL MR. AND MRS. MERLE H. GILLESPIE, JR. MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR J. GILMORE MR. AND MRS. EZRA GLASER MR. AND MRS. SIDNEY H. GREEN CAPT. AND MRS. HARRY H. GREER BRIG. GEN. AND MRS. ROBERT E. GREER MR. AND MRS. GEORGE R. HALL THE HAMBLETONS MR. AND MRS. KEITH L. HANNA DOROTHY A. AND CHARLES J. HEDETN1EMI HAROLD HODGES FAMILY MR. AND MRS. J. B. HOWELL MR. AND MRS. JOHN J. HURLEY MR. AND MRS. MARVIN R. KAHN MR. AND MRS. JOHN W. KELLEY RAYMOND G. KILPATRICK MR. AND MRS. LOUIS A. KOFFMAN MR. AND MRS. C. B. KOLE GRAHAM AND JENNY LADD LT. COL. AND MRS. ROBERT L. LANDER LT. COL. HUBERT C. LATTIMER DR. AND MRS. JULIAN N. LEVIN MRS. JOHN C. McRAE CDR. AND MRS. F. J. MALLOY COL. AND MRS. FRANK C. MALONE MR. AND MRS. H. LAWRENCE MAN WARING MR. AND MRS. M. M. MARTIN FRANK J. MEYER MR. AND MRS. GENE MICHAEL MR. AND MRS. LAMBERT H. MILLER COL. AND MRS. GUSTAV A. NEUBERG MR. AND MRS. D. S. NORDWALL MR. AND MRS. THOMAS A. O’HALLORAN MR. AND MRS. HUGH O’HARA MR. AND MRS. RONALD W. PENNEY MR. AND MRS. C. A. POWELL MR. AND MRS. DONALD D. ROTH MR. AN D MRS. R. L. SAINTSING LCDR. AND MRS. H. M. SANDERSON MRS. V. A. SAN MILL AN MR. AND MRS. JOHN P. SCOTT, JR. PAUL STEINER ESTHER AND JOE SWIRE- CDR. AND MRS. TRAVIS 0. TABOR III JOHN E. TAYLOR MR. AND MRS. FRANKLIN THACKREY MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR G. WEED, JR. MR. AND MRS. CLAUDE M. WELLS MR. AND MRS. J. A. WENZEL MR. AND MRS. HERBERT L. WHITESELL MR. AND MRS. JOHN R. WILLIAMS CAPT. AND MRS. S. E. WRIGHT MR. AND MRS. JAMES YARGER 175 BROAD STREET MOTORS INCORPORATED Sales Service 1001 WEST BROAD STREET FALLS CHURCH , VIRGINIA Sales and Service JE 4-8500 178 Autographs TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made A A LOCAL HISTORY COLLECTION MARY RILEY STYLES PUBLIC LIBRARY FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA

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