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LOCAL HISTORY COLLECTION MARY RILEY STYLES PUBLIC LIBRARY FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA THE STAFF OF 1952 “MUSTANG” GEORGE MASON JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA jftreienti the hjhirst aition of e M U s T A N G Gus Mason, President of the Student Body, accepting “ The Mustang ” from Nancy Altfathf.r, Editor , and Roberta McCrary, Lay-Out Editor. Oi-dH n OfflU to The Student Body u P. St oice ersonaiuy rencj tk Organization y This year the Mustang Staff decided to write a short history of our beautiful new high school since this is the first year that the City of Falls Church has had a real high school of its own. Up until 1942 the town of Falls Church had its own school system. At that time the McCand- lish Act was passed by the Virginia State Legislature stating that Falls Church Schools should be transferred back into the County of Fairfax, and at no time in the future, no matter how large it might become, could the schools go back to the City of Falls Church. Then there were only two schools in Falls Church— Madison Elementary and Jefferson High School. Until 1945, Jefferson remained the High School. At that time the County built the Falls Chur ch High School and Jef- ferson was put into use as an Elementary School. In 1948 Falls Church was made a second class city with the right to its own school system. The McCandlish Act was declared unconstitutional by the Virginia State Supreme Court. As soon after that as possible, a school board was appointed by the City Council. Mr. Irvin II. Schmitt was ap- pointed Superintendent of Schools. On November 11, 1949, the citizens of Falls Church showed their faith in the new system by overwhelmingly voting a Bond Issue of $700,000.00 to be used for school construction. As soon as this was passed, the Board employed architects and started an extensive search for school sites. ' The site chosen for the new high school is at West Broad Street and Haycock Road. The plans, drawn by McLeod and Ferrara to fit this site, were given an award at the annual convention of the American Architects Association at Atlantic City. These plans arc now entered in an interna- tional contest in Switzerland. As soon as these plans were approved by the State Department of Education, bids were opened and the contract was awarded to the B J Construction Company. Construction was begun im- mediately. Page 4 “Thompson House’ “Jefferson” Due to the shortage of materials, the High School was not completed in time for the opening of school in the fall of 1951. The School Board therefore used Jefferson to house the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades, and rented the Thompson House at Seven Corners for the 10th and 11th grades. The Seniors were allowed to return to Falls Church High School. The building is now being rushed to completion and we arc looking forward to the opening of the school next fall in the new George Mason Junior-Senior High School. " Check and double-check those steel “ It ' s beginning to look like reality.” beams on the gym before erecting them.” » Page 5 (.■Mill a nmnp«; iiv i«ra Page 6 Irvin H. Schmitt Superintendent of Schools ADMINIS FALLS CHURCH PUBLIC SCHOOLS 1007 W BROAD STREET FALLS CHURCH. VIRGINIA OFFICE OF THE TELEPHONE SUPERINTENDENT FALLS CHURCH 9000 March 26, 1952 TO THE FACULTY AND STUDENTS OF GEORGE MASON JUNIOR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL! Greetings and congratulations to you at George Mason Junior-Senior High School. You have the distinction of being the first student body and faculty of Falls Church ' s new High School. I am proud of the way you have cooperated to start it off so successfully. The achievements of the first year have exceeded all expectations. Inadequate facilities have not kept you from having a fruitful and happy experience. It is fortunate the history of this initial year will be permanently recorded in a year book. The courage to under- take the heavy responsibility of preparing and publishing The Mustang is just one of the many examples of the spirit you have displayed in getting your new school off to a good start. Let us consider the achievements of 1951-52 as pointing the way to improvements in the years to come which will place George Mason among the top schools of the nation. IHS:mc Sincerely yours. Irvin H. Schmitt Sup erintendent MRS. ELEANOR JUSTUSSON Clerk of the School Board MRS. LOUISE STACKLER Bookkeeper Page 8 MRS. MARJORIE COPE Secretary to the Superintendent MR. HOWARD KING Director of Maintenance Transportation TRATION MRS. ELIZABETH MYERS Secretary MRS. ROSALINE EDWARDS Head Administrator at Thompson Building MISS BESS KNOX Head Administrator at Jefferson Building MRS. DORIS CRAIN Secretary ' The reckoning day is here! Page 9 Faculty BALLANGEE, PAUL R. B.S. Industrial Arts CAMPBELL, PHYLLIS B.A. English, Journalism, Music BISHOP, MARY F. B.A. Mathematics, Jr. High BARKLEY, ANNE B.S., M.A. English, Guidance Coordinator COCKRILL, CATHERINE B.S. Physical Education CRAIN, DORIS Secretary CRAIN, JOE B.S. Physical Education FISHER, MRS. JOSEPH L. B.A. English, Social Studies GREEN, J. J. B.A., B.D. Social Studies KLEIN, J. NA ' PALIE B.A. English, Social Studies, Speech, Dramatics LEYER, KENNETH B.S. Physical Education, Driver’s Training MENEELEY, REYNOLD C. B.S., M.A. General Science, Chemistry Mr. Rit .man counseling J. Bold, M. Taylor, P. Nicholson, D. Campbell Mrs. Barkley counseling R. Beale Faculty MILLER, BRIN I ON M. B.A., M.S. General Science, Biology MYERS, ELIZABETH Secretary OWENS, JULIA S. B.A., M.A. Latin, English RITZMAN, ELMER B.A., M.A. French, Spanish, Guidance Coordinator ROCKW ELL. CHESTER S. B.A., M.A. Mathematics SCHOLL, A. F. B.M., M.M., M.A., ED.D. Band and Instrumental Music SELLERS, MRS. EMORY B.A. Home Economics SNODGRASS, WILLIAM D. B.A. Mathematics TOMLIN. DOROTH Y B.A. Art WARNER, WILLIAM C. B.A. Junior High Social Studies YOUNG, AL B.A., M.A. School Psychology Not Pictured ADALAC, LOIS M. B.A. Business HORLICK, GERTRUDE C. B.S., M.A. Art PHELPS, HELEN B.A. World lliston’, U. S. History Social Studies Remember, keep vour eve on the ball! £00 ca or ' »es riir Uin Sii ou came Page 1 2 Henry Mason Barbara Zimmer Betty Cline President Vice-President Secretary’ Guy Morris Treasurer James Ginn Activity Committee Chairman Charles Bailee Public Relations Committee Chairman Student Council Standing: Donald Jones and Roy Smith. Sitting, left to right: Jerry Roylance, Dick Fisher, Larrv Chaney, I’erp Palmer, James Ginn, Activity Committee Chairman; Betty Cline, Secretary; Henry Mason, President; Guy Morris, Treasurer; Tommy Webster, Joan Johnston, Charles Bolton, and William Breit. Page l) Timor a a6S Yarbrough Robert Dennis Peggy Payne President Vice-President Treasurer Page 1 4 JUNIOR CLASS Altfather, Nancy Chambi.iss, John Dennis, Robert Earman, Dennis Ferguson, Frances Farris, Jack Furcher, Donald Geier, Carl Ginn, James Gray, Joyce Page 1 5 1 JUNIOR IIannen, Evelyn j Holland, Frances Holmes, Wayman Hunt, Marguerite Jackson, Nancy Johnston, Joan i J Kinney, Arlan Leake, Joseph ■I Lee, Barbara Lintner, John J Page 16 CLASS Llewellyn, Lynn Louis, Fred Madden, Kathryn Mason, Henry Maulsby, Sue Meyers, William Morris, Guy McCrary, Roberta McFarland, Bert Newman, Carol Page 17 JUNIOR CLASS Payne, Peggy Rountree, Jocelyn Siielton, Betty Sprinkle, Janet Stephens, Roi.and Tasker, Alvin Tasker, Buddy Thompson, Robert Yarbrough, Charles Zimmer, Barbara Page 18 o mo re a4 3 John Yarbrough President Bill Jeffrey Vice-President Patti Regan Secretary Nancy Allen Treasurer Page 1 9 Altman, James Berry, Joe Butler, Scott Chapin, Elaine Allen, Nancy Becker, Edmund Browder, Nat Campbell, Deborah SOPHOMORE Arnold, James Bold, Jane Byrne, Richard Clatterbuck, Shirlev Beale, Ronald Boswell, Dorothy Caldwell, Joslyn Cline, Betty Page 20 CLASS Coe, Carolyn Fink, Melvin Hedetniemi, Charles Jackson, Ten Broeck Coe, Elizabeth Fruland, Richard Heetcr, Robert Jeffrey, William Davis, Kathleen Gcddes, Kenneth Hinman, Betty Jensen, Donald Earhart, Mary Geier, Louise Ilomer, Paul Kcarus, Richard SOPHOMORE Krages, Sonia Miles, Mary Rose, Elaine Steiner, Barbara Manwaring, Janice Nicholson, Phyllis Smith, June St ieringcr, Constance Marshall, Melody Otis, Julia Ann Spaulding, Ann Strum, Franklin McAfee, Christine Regan, Patti Stearns, Walter Taylor, Bruce Page 22 CLASS Taylor, Mary Lou Yarbrough, John Newcomers Ledford Day, Jr., Anthony Bickrest Page 23 Jre 6 L man a a6 s Judy Fruland Bill Breit Gail I Iodges President Vice-President , Treasurer Secretary SECTION I Ralph Havens Wayne Daugherty Wanda Waldron President Vice-President . Secretary SECTION 2 Jerry Roylance Anne Albaugh Donna Lee IIinshaw Page 24 FRESHMAN CLASS ALBAUGH, ANNE ATKINS, VIRGINIA BERGER. WILLIAM BILLINGSLE Y, ANN BLIFFIN, CONRAD BOWER. ROBERT BOWERS, MARY ANN BRANSCOM, LEE BREIT, WILLIAM BRUMBY, CONSTANCE CAGLE, HAL CARON. PATRICIA CLARK, MARY JANE COLLEY, JACK COONS, RICHARD CRANFORD, BAYNE CROOKS, JAMES CZECIIANSKI, IRENE DAUGHERTY, WAYNE DIETZ, JACQUELINE DINSMORE, DONALD EBERT, PAUL EUBANK, BEVERLY FISHER, RICHARD ERULAND, JUDITH FULTON, THEDA GLOVER, MARILYN GREEN, HENRIETTA Page 2 5 FRESHMAN I IARRISON, Cl I RISTOP1 IER HAVENS, RALPH HINSHAW, DONNA LEE HODGES, GAIL JONES, DONALD LAREW, KARL LASSEN, ALLAN LYNSKY, EARL MARTIN, BYRON MAULSBY, CAROLYN McCarthy, nancy jo McCURDY, GRACE McQUARRY, OI ' IIO MONROE, PAGE MORRISON, PAUL MUNSON, LYDIA MYERS, CATHERINE O BANNON. RICHARD PITT, WILLIAM PRESCOTT, JOHN ROLLINS. RAY ROTE, ELINORE ROYLANCE, JERRY RUM LEY. JANE SCI I ROM, ROBERTA SMITH, DAVID SMITH, PATRICIA LABOR, MARGARET Page 26 CLASS TASKER, JOHN TAYLOR, SANDRA TUNISON, JOHN VAN PELT, DONALD WATKINS, JO ANN WALDRON, WANDA WKISIIAUPT, PA TRIG I YATES, CAROLYN Not Pictured RUCKER, ROBERTA Newcomers LEO GIDEON, FRANK GI VMBATTISTA Pago 27 LtL ra SECTION 1 Roy Smith President Tommy Hedetniemi . Vice-President Larrv Chancy Secretary Rodney Phillips Treasurer SECTION II Sara Jeffrey Gil Hansen Judy Stetson Stephen Hedetniemi President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Page 28 EIGHTH GRADE Andrews, Robert Armstrong, John Bauserman, James Bigelow, Judy Bliffin, Janice Branscom, Donis Bronson, Howard Bryan, William Butler, James Capper, Danny Carey, Jacqueline Chaney, Larrv Cohn, Larry Colbv, Marilyn Cooper, Georgene Cooper, Joann Davis, Donald DeRamus, Juin Devlin, J ean Farrell, Chris Fisher, Rayburn Funk, Joan Gebelin, Virginia Gifford, Ellyn Ginn, Jerrv Good, Henrietta Criffin, Robert Haines, Lvnn Hall, Carolyn 1 Iansen, Gil 1 Iavens, Daniel Hedetniemi, Stephen Hedetniemi, Thomas Ilockman, Owen Hulfish, Marv Jeffrey, Sara Jenkins, Hubert Kelley, Frank Kilgore, Kathleen Koster, Cheryl Krages, Tosca Larew, Catherine Lee, Gilbert Lunson, Barbara Maddan, Loretta Malick, Waldo Manning, Arthur Manning, John Page 29 EIGHTH GRADE McMillan, John Moats, Ruth Ann Munkasev, Michael Nugent, Lani Otis, Laura Paez, Adolfo Payne, Colleen Phillips, Rodney Powell, Cynthia Procter, John Reimers, John Roberts, Milton Roeder, Mary Beth Roelofs, Larry Ryan, Robert Simpson, Bernard Sisler, Nancv Smith, Kent Smith, Roy Smoot, Charles Spaulding, Shirlev Stahl, Linda Stephens, Steven Stetson, Judy Stuart, Rosalie Strader, Ralph Taylor, Grangis Trimble, Margaret Timkovskv, Sergei Thackrcy, Janet Stilwell, Joseph Webster, Thomas White, Ted Wolfgang, John Zclaska, John NOT PICTURED Giambatista, Frank Gideon, Leo Sehoff, Franklin Sweet, John Page 30 s. i en th CraJe Off, cers SECTION I SECTION II Philip Geddes President Robert Kiem President Marilyn Berry Vice-President Boyd Evans Vice-President Donald Williams Secretary Roberta Charlton Secretary Barbara Cadle Treasurer Allen Davis Treasurer Page 3 1 SEVENTH Adams, Rodney Backus, Diane Beard, Br ' an Beck, Janice Bern ' , Marilyn Bolton, Charles Brewster, Mary Brokkc, James Brown, John Cadlc, Barbara Charlton, Roberta Christenson, Thomas Crouch, Thomas Combs, Walter Crumbaugh, Margaret Czcchanski, William Davis, Allen Drake, Brian Erickson, Joan Evans, Boyd Farris, James Eiess, Edith Frost, Carolyn Funk, Charles Geddes, Philip Gibbs, Nita Gilbert, Jane Ann Greer, Gabricllc Harmon, Patricia 1 larvcy, Vivian I Ieamon, Pat Iligbic, Richard Ilignctt, Joseph 1 Iorkan, Jack Hough, David I low .e, Charles Kicm, Robert Lee, Chcri I X ' ndstrom, Catherine Leonard, Elizabeth Page 3 2 GRADE Levenberg, Judith Lenvi lie, Ro bert Longlev, Anne McKenzie, Joan McKenzie, Joyce Means, Julie Messec, Diane Miles, John Miller, John Menchew, Robert Moore, Barbara Myers, Chloe Navlord, Robert Paez, Patricia Palmer, Alfred Perry, Carol Polk, Josephine Pond, James Rockey, Mary Russell, William Smoot, Patricia Stapleton, Daniel Stathers, George Stearns, Henry Stov, Robert Strusch, Margaret Terrell, Jimmy Thorp, William Tunison, Kay Vernon, Thomas Walker, Douglas Walter, Richard Welch, Ruth Wilkins, Gary Williams, Donald NOT PICTURED Smith, Terry Page }J RicJe «?m ( Joe Clubbers ! J U : n,n( i hack the paqe$ 0 P Wi o yf 0 gn F u,f century W,ll lwnis L Wty ; lemme out of this comtraption ! More fun than a barrel of mon keys ! 2 ° orm. msh 2T 1 M I MTm- 1 1 MM 4 1 Hubba, hubba A bevy of belles arul beaux - - iheJ cu jaml Oreo Eat, drink and be merry " s P°t at W ' lhamrtvrcf I Ice Follies , George Mason style f Page 34 Wciv J y fo a mans heart FOOTBALL TEAM Last row: M. Fink, R. Fruland, C. Bailey, B. Tasker, J. Ginn. Middle row: W. Stearns, E. Bailey, F. Louis, J. Tasker, B. Jeffrey, L. Llewellyn. First row: D. Jensen, G. Mason, C. Yarbrough, J. Chambliss, J. Farris, J. Yarbrough. FOOTBALL BASKETBALL The Mustangs played four games of touch football and won them all. The only points made by an opposing team were in the last game with Remington, the score being 26-2. This is the first season for the Mustangs and will be remembered as an undefeated season. Next year our Mustangs will be playing regular eleven-man football. The basketball season was not as successful as the football season for the Mustangs. As they progressed into the season they met tougher com- petition. Toward the end of the season the Mus- tangs were not clicking as they should have, but the spirit was still there. Not having a gym this year hurt us very much. Look out for the Mus- tangs next year in that new gym. l age 16 BASKETBALL TEAM Start — top row. left to right : L. Llewellyn, J. Yarbrough, J. Chambliss, D. Jensen (manager), J. Tasker, B. J effrev, B. Tasker, J. Ginn, C. Yarbrough, D. Smith, R. Fruland, G. Mason. Not pictured : A. Kinney. TEAMS IN ACTION A lav the Best man win. Where’d it go? Page 37 BOYS’ JUNIOR VARSITY Standing: J. Ginn, F. Giambattista, L. Cohn, R. Havens, R. Phillips. Kneeling: A. Manning. D. Hock man, J. Butler. GIRLS’ JUNIOR VARSITY Top row: N. Jackson, B. Lee, J. Johnston, V. aldron. Middle row: P. Smith, M. Earhart, L. Branscom, M. Taylor. Bottom row: N. Allen, C. Manlsbv, N. McCarthy. Page 38 Top tow : S. Maulsbv, P. Payne, G. Hodges, M. Tabor. Bottom row. B. Zimmer, J. Fruland, G. Atkins. GIRLS’ VARSITY [ j A 1 j | fl r n It h LL J Another goal! Hold your breath! Page 3 9 SENIOR CHEERLEADERS First row : E. Chapin, B. Hinman, C. Newman, N. Allen. Second row: S. Maulsbv, B. Lee, B. Zimmer (Captain), B. Cline, B. Shelton. Not pictured: F. Holland, T. Jackson, S. Clatterbuek. JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Page 40 VOICE Tr rmwr TfT?T?0’ ! THE BAND First row, left to right: R. Smith, ' I ' . Webster, B. Naylor, T. Palmer. Second row: R. Walters, ). Miles, T. Vernon, A. Lassen, B. Eubanks, M. Bowers, R. Linville, D. Williams, G. Stathers, B. Kiem, Dr. Scholl. Third row: J. Pond, ). Stilwell, J. Terrell, M. Hawze, C. Farrell, B. Bryan, W. Czcchanski, A. Davis, B. Cranford, M. Munkasev. The George Mason Junior-Senior High School Band was organized this year under the fine leadership of Dr. Herman Scholl, Director of Instrumental Music. This year the Band was made up entirely of Junior High School students, al- though everyone who has an interest in music and is able to play an instrument is eligible and welcome to join. Our Band is growing rapidly and has prog- ressed much this year. At Christinas the Band gave a concert, which was such a success that another concert followed in May. One . . . Two . . . Three . . . Four Page 42 THE GLEE CLUB The Glee Club lias been established to promote not only enjoyment of music, both classic and popular, but the appreciation of music and its qualities. The Glee Club participates in many of the school activities, such as the Christmas Pageants, Spring Festivals, and other functions. First row: Mrs. Hooley, M. Miles, M. Hunt. Second row: P. Homer, J. Bcrrv, J. Arnold, J. Altman, K. Davis, J. Bold, L. Hannen, C. Coe, M. Tav- lor. Third row: J. Smith, M. Marshall, B. Steiner, C. McAfee. First Term Jack Zelaska President Lynn Haines Vice-President Judy Bigelow Secretary Colleen Payne — Corresponding S ecretary Rosalie Stuart T rcasurer John Manning Historian Second Term Larry Cohn President Roy Smith Vice-President Mary Beth Roeder Secretary Sara Jeffrey- Corresponding Secretary Judy Stetson Treasurer Jerry Ginn Historian Junior Outdoor Education Club Page 4J THE LASSO STAFF Left to right : Standing — First row: B. Steiner, J. Wells, B. Cline, Miss Campbell, Sponsor. Second row: J. Hcdctniemi, K. Geddes, S. Butler, M. Earhart, }. Farris. Seated: N. Allen, E. Becker, P. Regan, M. F’ink. Eddie Becker, Patti Regan Co-Editors The “Lasso, " the student newspaper of George Mason Senior High School, is distributed bi-monthly by the journalism class. With the help of their sponsor, Miss Phyllis Campbell, the newspaper staff publishes an accurate account of the latest happenings of the high school. THE GLITTER STAFF Left to right: Standing: C. Bolton, T. Christensen, J. Roylance, C. Payne, P. Caron. Seated: J. Fruland, L. Chaney, R. Smith, L. Otis. Roy Smith Editor Larry Chaney News Editor The Garnet and Gold “Glitter” is the Junior High paper published weekly featuring news and events of the students of the Junior High School. Page 44 SCIENCE CLUB First row: M. Kink, R. Fruland, ). Hedetniemi, R. Beale. Second row: E. Becker, K. Geddes, W. Holmes, Mr. Miller, Sponsor. The Science Club made a model of the new George Mason Jr. Sr. High School, and plans to enter it in a contest at the Virginia Jr. Academy. The model is to scale, and is indeed a splendid and worthwhile project. DRIVER TRAINING Left to right: Mr. Lever, Sponsor; V. Holmes, J. Gray, N. Altfather, B. Shelton, B. Lee, J. Johnston, A. Kinney, J. Altman. The Driver Training Class was organized this year to train the students of this high school to drive cars. It is a complete course. We were fortunate in securing a dual-control car that has been a great help to Mr. Lever and the students. Page 4S KEY CLUB Sitting: J. Lintner, G. Morris, Vice-Pies.; B. Dennis, Pres.; J. Hedetniemi, Treas.; E. Becker, Sec. Standing, last row: J. Roylance, D. Fruland. First row: J. Berrv, K. Gcddes, D. Fisher, B. Brcit, M. Fink. The Key Club was organized as a Junior Civic Club by the Kiwanis of Falls Church. It meets every Monday night at the Teen Canteen. Chess and Checker Club Standing: R. Smith, G. Cooper, S. Foster, L. Chaney, R. Phillips, Miss Bishop, Sponsor; S. Jeffrey. Sitting: j. Reimers, R. Ryan, R. lligbic, J. Manning. The Chess and Checker Club was formed for the purpose of pror iding a hobby for Jr. High School students. A great deal of interest has been shown bv the students. 9th Grade HOBBY CLUB Left to right: J. Watkins, M. Glover, D. Hinshaw, G. Atkins, G. McCurdv, J. Dietz. The 9th Grade Hobby Club was formed in the shop class for 9th grade girls who arc interested in it as a hobby. They learn the use of the basic tools and how to make simple repairs around the house. Page 46 DRAMATICS CLUB First row: E. Coe, E. Rose, Miss Klein, Sponsor; R. Kearns, J. Lintner, J. Arnold. Second row: C. Geier, J. Caldwell, M. Earhart, D. Campbell, S. Krages, S. Butler. " I lie purpose of the Dramatics Club is to understand, enjoy and participate in dramatics and theater activities ... in all various fields, radio, stage, and classroom . . . for the benefit of self-expression and social enjoyment. Cast of " The White Phantom,” pre- sented by the City Slickers Dramatics Club. Mary Miles presenting corsage to Miss Klein, Di- rector, on behalf of the two casts. Cast of “ When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet ” presented bv the Speech Arts Class. Page 47 THE MUSTANG STAFF UPPER Standing: J. Yarbrough, J. Rountree, f. Berry. Seated: M. Taylor, N. Altfathcr, R. Fruland, B. Jeffrey. LOWER C. McAfee, B. Ilinman, F. Louis, K. Davis, P. Payne. UPPER R. McCrary, T. Jackson, M. Miles, A. Kinney. LOWER Standing: N. Jackson, C. Coe, J. Johnston, C. Yar- brough. Seated: K. Madden, C. Newman, M. Marshall, S. Maulsby. Nancy Altfather Kinney Caroi. Newman Roberta McCrary Mary Miles Kathryn Madden William D. Snodgrass Lucy II. Webster Porter Studios King Printing Company Editor-in-Chicf Associate Editor Associate Editor Lay-Out Editor Literary Editor Business Manager Sponsor Photography Portraits Printing and Engraving Page 48 1 9? PERSONALITY e op IJen . . . Junior Hieh School Citizenship Theda Fiji, ton Larry Ciianey Sportsmanship Judy Friji and John Tasker Scholarship Barbara Moore Jerry Roylance Page 50 • • • Our J4it Pc ara Citizenship Melvin Fink Shirley Clatterbuck Sportsmanship Barbara Zimmer John Yarbrough J y 4 Scholarship Robert Dennis Phyllis Nicholson Senior High School Best All-Round Arlan Kinney Nancy Altfather Leadership Kathryn Madden Eddie Becker Barbara Lee, Queen MEMBERS OF THE COURT Peggy Payne Betty Cline Jackie Dietz Sara Jeffrey Barbara Zimmer Nancy Allen Judy Fruland Mary Betii Roeder Donald Jensen, Jester Patsy Harmon Barbara Cadi.f. THE FACULTY FIVE THE JESTER Page 5 2 THEY WORKED HARD ON... Judy Fruland John Manning Melody Marshall The Staff of flic MUSTANG is grateful to the students of George Mason Junior-Senior High School for their interest and assistance in publishing this, the first issue of the MUSTANG, by selling magazines. The Student Body led by those whose pictures appear on this page sold $3,443.75 in magazines making a profit of S944.04 to help defray the cost of the book. Jane Bold Richard Fruland Ralph Strader ...THE MAGAZINE CAMPAIGN Page 5 3 Page 54 If It ' s Photographic Cali PORTER STUDIOS Two Stores to Serve You 104 N. Washington St. Falls Church, Virginia FA 2953 4765 Lee Highway Arlington, Virginia JA 7-6935 Glebe 5106 FA 4429 FAIRFAX GLASS CO. 131 W. Broad Street Falls Church, Virginia for Picture Windows Table Tops Mirrors Auto Glass Compliments of DOBKINS D. G. S. MARKET Falls Church Virginia ROBERT SHREVE FUEL CO. 6873 Lee Highway Falls Church Virginia FALLS CHURCH BAKERY Donor of Our Christmas Cookies 101 E. Broad St. FA 1644 Best Wishes from Martin Brothers Best Wishes from Bryant ' s Restaurant Page 56 Compliments Compliments of of McLeod Ferrara CLEVELAND PARK SERVICE STATION Shell Products Goodyear Accessories Architects A.I.A. 4401 Conn. Ave., N.W. Washington, D. C. Open 24 Hours Phone WO-9794 E. E. McCabb N. S, Webb Men ' s THE Wear OXFORD FA 1100 SHOP Falls Church, Va. HORACE E. BROWN Hardware - Household Supplies Paint 100 West Broad Street Falls Church, Virginia M. E. CHURCH, INC. REALTOR Compliments of THETA ALPHA EPSILON Compliments of BROADSTREET DELICATESSEN 244 Broad Street Falls Church, Virginia Compliments of STUDENT COUNCIL ASSOCIATION Page 57 tKtje W. ®eii Austin Snsurance Sgencp Dial JE 3-1200 INSURANCE CONSULTANTS and UNDERWRITERS 151 E. Broad St. Falls Church, Va. THE FAIRFAX STANDARD Published every Friday in Fairfax county, Virginia, by Margaret C. King, Editor and publisher. P.O. Box 304, Falls Church, Va. Falls Church - 2775 r 7 do the best I know how, the very best I can and I mean to keep doing so till the end; if the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won’t amount to anything.” — Abraham Lincoln Compliments Statewide Real Estate Service of FALLS CHURCH REALTY CO. 1215 Wash. St. Phone FA-2122 Joseph W. Seay Co. VIRGINIA HOMES AND FARMS FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA Joseph W. Seay Office: Tel. FA 2620 Home: Tel. FA 0218 1 13 West Broad St. Compliments WFAX 1220 on Your Dial F. A. McGonegal, Inc. Plumbing - Heating - Supplies Appliances Hardware Bendix and Philco SNYDER and COMPANY Paints - Glass Westinghouse Appliances FA 4440 Falls Church, Va. 6047 Lee Highway Phone FA 1194 Falls Church, Va. Page 58 BROAD STREET MOTORS Inc. A New and Modern Ford Sales Service Headquarters ; j f 101 W. Broad St. Your Authorized Ford Dealer Cars Truck Parts Service to Serve You Phone All Falls Church Make 5100 Cars Accessories - Washing — Expert Lubrication McDaniels SSO) Service Center 935 W. Broad St. Phone FA 2127 Falls Church School of Music J. C. PENNEY CO. Phone JE 3-1009 102 E. Fairfax St. Clarendon Falls Church, Virginia Arlington, Virginia J. L. C. WEST REALTOR Homes and Farms, A Specialty HIGHS ICE CREAM EARL SMITH NURSERIES 310 S. Washington St. 401 W. Rosemary Lane Falls Church, Va. Falls Church, Va. Page 5 9 Compliments of CHESTER FRULAND Curtis Circulation Company School Plan Compliments of NALL’S GARAGE Falls Church, Virginia Wissinger Chevrolet Co. Seven Corners Falls Church, Virginia Phone FA 1177 Roger H. Blake Florist Sleepy Hollow Rd. Corsages Cut Flowers Phone FA 2119 Compliments of GOODWIN ' S GIFT SHOP BROWSE ABOUT SHOP Home Accessories - Gifts 6865 N. Fairfax Drive E. Falls Church, Va. Phone: FA 5455 For Items as: Arrow Shirts Bostonian Shoes Stetson Hats See The Claude Well ' s Store For Boys and Men SERVICE TILE COMPANY Specialists in Clay Tile Michael Geier, Jr. Phone FA 7313 " Repairs on Anything Electronic " TELEVISON WORKSHOP SALES SERVICE 118 S. Washington Street Falls Church, Va. Phone FA 2990 FLOYD E. MARTIN BEN F. HURT 3 Day Service „ Q Q 1 Day Special °P en 8 a - m -’ 8 P‘ m ‘ EAGLE CHINESE LAUNDRY 188 S. Washington St. Falls Church, Va. SEW ALL REALTY COMPANY Sales - Rentals - Loans - Insurance 14 S. Glebe Road Arlington, Va. Page 60 J. E. ANDERSON Moving Storage Company IE 2-1260 2011 N. Westmoreland Falls Church, Virginia Compliments of THE ALMA SHOPS Women ' s Ready-to-Wear Buster Brown Shoes Falls Church Arlington Laundry Shoe Repair SERV-ALL CLEANERS FA 5110 107 E. Broad Compliments of the FALLS CHURCH COMMUNITY THEATRE Truly Your Friendly Drug Store FALLS CHURCH DRUG STORE FA 1275 FA 2575 Falls Church, Va. Compliments from the CLOTHES HORSE Shirlington, Virginia Many thanks to the wonderful kids in publishing this book. W. D. Snodgrass The 1952 Mustang was printed by THE KING PRINTING COMPANY iyj e a r l o o l r i n t e r s BRISTOL, TENNESSEE Page 6 1 ■mmh Page 62 nr ' mr tr l 5 1. Moonshiners. 2. Go ’wav, you bother me! 3. The Glitter ' s printing presses! 4. Fashion hits. 3. Sweethearts. 6. Future fixers. 7. And now a word from the sponsor. 8. Nuts to these new inventions! 9. Just learning? 10. The old bathhouse. 11. One! Two! Three! Kick! 12. Go! an eraser? 1 3. That ' s five feet. 14. Pocahontas II. 13. Traffic jam! Page 6i Mr. William D. Snodgrass In presenting this first Mustang, we of the staff wish to acknowledge our deep appreciation to Mr. William Snodgrass. It was only through his determination and untiring efforts that we were able to meet the unusual problems which arose in Publishing this first yearbook of The George Mason Junior-Senior High School. Officially, he has been our sponsor; in reality, he has been our constant in- spiration. THE STAFF OF THE MUSTANG The staff congratulates itself upon being able to keep this page a secret during ir fn nrt cc iig aicui the process of going to press. MARY RILEY STYLES PUBLIC LIBRARY 00084 7507 LOCAL HISTORY COLLECTION MARY RILEY STYLES PUBLIC LIBRARY FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA ■ I, :■ y mill . • rj(fv; . . N ■ WWW- . ' • ' ‘ ' , : m W " ■ . v - - 7 ' . . : ' ■ ' •. ' ; 7 •• ; , ! .• " ■ ; ' ■ . : • - c . ■ ' ■ ■■ ■ -S . ■ ■ ' ' ■ . ;i‘ - • , - ' ■ ■ ' . ' . i ' Jffi ■■{!( }. wM • | ■ ' ■ ■ I M : ■ iff . • I i s Sjlll ■ ■ ■ § % . nl : ■ ■ ' % . ' . S ' ; - ■S ' H ' : • ' i ; il -;- . . ),! . ■. ' i M: ■ 1 ; | , $ | ; J :■ % ' : 1 • ' . 77 . 7” ■••. ' ■ ' , i, ■ ■; ' , ■ ' - M " ' • mr ; , 7 ' ■ • ■ . rjj h :. . ■ ■ . k ■ • . ft. (fs t i : . it ■; Mi. ■Jw: ) ' f . : ■ wm % % ' - ■ ■■■ ■ -v;,.. v.- . • ■ 7 ’ ' ;• . . ■ ■ m. wf m v ' 1 ' • • • • t ' u, t r 1 :: ■ it .■ ,, . ' J " ■ ' - ' ' uh ; ’■f ' v . ■ ' • ' ' ■ 7 ; ' , ' ' ■ •. ' ■ ■: . . % , ' • : V f$0L : ■ • . ‘ V . ■ y ■ ! ' , . A . , ■ .v .- 7,, ■ - :: : ■ ■ ' ' ■ ' ■ m. ■ ■ - ' ' % k • ! ' -7 fe - - ■ . ' w; . ■ - ■ : ■ - ■ ' f ' ' V •- ' vV ' 7.; ■■ ■ “ vV . ■ .. . ' ■ 7, 7 -7r ,

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