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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1970 volume:

; ■■■ ' ■■ • ' ■■; ' , ' ' ■ . ' t ' ' ' : .-.•■ ' . i ' }.. ' ' -. ' : ' . ' ■ , : y ii : .: TOE USS GEORGE ' ' K. MACKENZIE (DO-- l -V. ) ■ ■ ,;, ? »« . ;,.■ - f- -». J m -» .) " ' . ™t--«s ■ , •, ■■ • MOM Tlffi FAST FOR THE FUTURE ■ ' ■ ■ ■ ' ' ! ■■. ' ' ■ ' ■ I ■ ■ ■ ■ : ' ; - ■ ■ vy, swIHr ' THE USS GEORGE K. MACKENZIE (DD-836) ODYSSEY FROM THE PAST FOR THE FUTURE 1968-1970 CONTENTS I. BENEDICTION 4 II. HISTORICAL INFORMATION 6 III. THE OFFICERS AND CREW 8 IV. A TWO YEAR CRUISE 24 V. MAN YOUR MOUNTS 26 VI. SAR, PARPRO, ETC 30 VII. BIRDS ON THE FANTAIL 35 VIII. UNREP 41 IX. ROUTINE AT SEA 50 X. MUSIC FEST 63 XL AWARDS, CEREMONIES, AND INSPECTIONS 66 XII. GIRLS 70 XIII. INPORT 72 XIV. CLOSING NOTE 93 XV. MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION 94 ■ ■ ' fcSSl Y I MUST GO DOWN TO THE SEAS AGAIN, TO THE LONELY SEA AND THE SKY, AND ALL I ASK IS A TALL SHIP AND A STAR TO STEER HER BY, AND THE WHEELS KICK AND THE WINDS SONG AND THE WHITE SAIL ' S SHAKING, AND A GREY MIST ON THE SEAS FACE AND A GREY DAWN BREAKING. I MUST GO DOWN TO THE SEAS AGAIN. FOR THE CALL OF THE RUNNING TIDE IS A WILD CALL AND A CLEAR CALL THAT MAY NOT BE DENIED; AND ALL I ASK IS A WINDY DAY WITH THE WHITE CLOUDS FLYING. AND THE FLUNG SPRAY AND THE BLOWN SPUME AND THE SEA-GULLS CRYING. I MUST GO DOWN TO THE SEAS AGAIN TO THE VAGRANT GYPSY LIFE, TO THE GULLS WAY AND THE WHALE ' S WAY WHERE THE WINDS LIKE A WHETTED KNIFE; AND ALL I ASK IS A MERRY YARN FROM A LAUGHING FELLOW-ROVER, AND QUIET SLEEP AND A SWEET DREAM WHEN A LONG TRICK ' S OVER. JOHN MASEFIELD " SEA FEVER THE MACKENZIE OLD AND NEW 1955 1968 THE ISS GEORGE K. MACKENZIE DD 836 MACKENZIK is a unit of Cruiser-Destroyer Force, I. S. Pacific Fleet and operates as a component of Destroyer Division THIRTY-TWO. She was built by Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine in 1945. She was named for Lieutenant Commander George Kenneth MACKENZIE, U.S. Navy, who lost his life during World War II while serving as Commanding Officer of the ISS TRITON (SS201). For outstanding service, heroism, and courage- ous devotion to duty Lieutenant Commander MACKENZIE was awarded the Navy Cross, the highest Navy Decoration. MACKENZIE is a destroyer of the GEARING class with a 2500 ton displacement, a length of 390 feet, and a beam of 40 feet. Her armament consists of four 5 " 38 caliber guns in twin mounts one forward and one aft), and various anti-submarine weapons. She has four Babcock and Wilcox boilers, which supply steam to two General Electric Turbines. She can develope a shaft horsepower of 60,000, and her maximum speed exceeds 30 knots. During the Korean conflict MACKENZIE bombarded enemy points on both coasts of the peninsula and served with the Navy ' s Task Force 77. Later she toured the Western Pacific area acting as a unit of the Formosa Patrol, operating between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland. Following a period of operating out of Long Beach, California, MACKENZIE ' S homeport changed to Vokosuka, Japan in May I960. From that time until November 1962 she operated as a unit of the Seventh Fleet in all areas of the Far East. She sailed from Vokosuka in November 1962 enroute to New York, arriving there in December. MACKENZIE received a major conversion to her superstructure in the New York Shipyards in January 1962. One of her gun mounts was removed and a helicopter deck was added. She received some new forms of wcaponery, which improved her capabilities in anti-submarine warfare. In July 1964 MACKENZIE returned to the Far East, changing homeports to Yokosuka, Japan. She saw duty as plane guard in the South China Sea, as Gemini recovery ship, and as a shore bombardment vessel off Vietnam. Two years later in July of 1966, MACKENZIE returned to America. She stayed less, than a year, however, and in June 1967 she was back in Japan. During this deployment MACKENZIE supported two amphibious operations in South Vietnam, conducted coastal interdiction in Operation Sea Dragon, and served as rescue destroyer for the ISSORISKANY CVA 34;. The Ship was awarded the Mcritous I nit Citation on 3 May 1968 for commemorable actions in assiting the ISS FORRESTAL iCVA 59), during the carrier ' s disasterous fire of 29 July 1967. MACKENZIE returned to the United States for a short period of training in January if 1968, but in June she again transferred back to Yokosuka as a part of Destroyer Flotilla Three. During this last tour of duty in the Far East, the ship engaged in Naval Gunfire Support for troops in Vietnam, Search and Rescue in The Gulf of Tonkin, and the Sea of Japan, Carrier escort and Parpro Picket operations in the waters of Vietnam and Japan. Though her schedule was very busy, the MACKENZIE was able to make several visits to Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Taiwan for R and R. The total (wo year tour in WESTPAC amounted to approximately 150,000 miles steamed. THE OFFICERS AND CREW USS GEORGE K. MACKENZIE DD-836 ' COMMANDER SHERWIN J. SLEEPER USN COMMANDER SHERWIN J. SLEEPER Commander SLEEPER was born in Rockland, Maine, graduated from Maine Maritime Academy, and was commissioned an Ensign of 2 Julv 1SM9. Since his commissioning, he has completed the Explosive Ordnance Disposal School. Indian Head, Maryland ; the General Line Course, U. S. Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey California; and the Command and Staff Course, Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island. Commander SLEEPER has served on board the USS SICILY (CVE-118); the USS HARKNESS (ANCU- 12) as Executive Officer ; the USS STODDARD (DD-556) for four years as Operations Officer and Executive Officer; and was Commanding Officer of the USS GEORGE K. MACKENZIE (DD-836) from 1967 to 1969. Commander SLEEPER ' S shore duty assignments include Explosive Ordnance Disposal Liaison Officer for the Bureau of Ships ; Assistant Cruiser-Destroyer-Minecraft Placement Officer for the Bureau of Naval Personnel; and as Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel and Administration for Commander Cruiser-Destroyer Forces, U. S. Pacific Fleet. On 13 December 1967, Commander SLEEPER received the Navy Commendation Medal for his actions in conning the USS GEORGE K. MACKENZIE (DD-836) to within ten feet of the USS FORRESTAL (CVA- 59), greatly assisting repair crews in combating FORRESTAL ' S tragic fire. Commander SLEEPER departed MACKENZIE in early May 1969. He and his wife and four children presently reside in Washington, D. C. where he is a member of the Junior Joint Chiefs of Staff. ' : ■ i : r.i | f " COMMANDER JAMES A. ALLEN USN 11 COMMANDER JAMES A. ALLEN Commander James A. Allen was born in Reno, Nevada on 18 December 192 7 . He entered the U.S. Naval Academy in 1946, graduated and received his commission in 1950. He served his first tour of duty at sea as Antisubmarine Warfare Officer on the USS D.J. BUCKLEY (DDR-808). In May 1952 he transferred to the cruiser USS ROANOKE (CL-145) assuming duties as Fire Control Officer. One year later he was selected to be Aide and Flag Lieutenant to Commader Cruiser Division TWO, a position he held until December 1954. His first duty as Commanding Officer was on the USS RUFF (MSCO-54). He served in this position for eithteen months. From June 1956 until mid 1958, Commander Allen was on inactive duty. He returned to an active status in August 1958 as Operations Officer aboard the USS WILTSIE (DD716). His first shore assignment followed in January 1961, assumming duties as Military Personnel Security Officer in the Bureau of Naval Personnel, Washington, D. C. He completed this tour in 1963, and de- parted for Vokosuka, Japan to become Commanding Officer of the USS TERRELL COUNTY (LST 1197). In July 1966, after a year of training at the Defense Intelligence School, he was assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency again in Washington, D. C. Finally in May 1969 Commander Allen reported aboard the USS GEORGE K. MACKENZIE (DD836) to assume duties as Commanding Officer Commander Allen is married to the former Miss Marthe Loehler of Marseille, France. With their two daughters, Christine and Kathleen, they resided in Yokosuka, Japan. 12 SECOND IN COMMAND LT COMMANDER ALLEN FEINGERSCH 1968—1970 LT COMMANDER DONALD L. MITCHELL 1970— 13 THE DEPARTMENT HEADS LT CHARLES J. DAY ENGINEER OFFICER LT EDWARD A. McKENNEY OPERATIONS OFFICER LT DAVID P. BRELER WEAPONS OFFICER ENS TOM G. STANFORD SUPPLY OFFICER 14 SUPPLY First Row: Austad CSC. Felipe SD1, Tayaba TN, Willet DKl. Tambaoan SKI. Jimeniz SKC. Second Row: Bond SKI, Freeman CS2, Hall SN, Rosa SN, Larkins CS2, Ravelo TN, Perrin SA, Stanford ENS. Third Row: Barclay SK2, Turckes SN, Panek SH3. Strawser SN, Poot TN, Lennon SN, Millar SN. Fourth Row: Jackson SN, McClean SN, Schlachter SN, Von Haden SN, Robinson SH2, Nunn SN 15 WA DIVISION First Row Middleton TM1. Wardon STG3, ll.m .in STGSN, Anderson ST1, Matthews STG2 Second Row: Luce STC, B. Dosen LTJG, Hall STG3, Starks GMGSN, Mortensen STG2, Groce SN, Harpe SN. Bloesch GMG2, T. Coyner LTJG, Holt GMCS. Not Shown: Rohde STG2, Harris ST1, Roberts STG3, Cole STG3, Abbatecola SN. Joyner STGSA, Vaughn TMSX lUSSGEO-KMCKENZiej 16 WG DIVISION First Row: Chadwell FTG2, Hickey GMGSN, Marcheleta FTG3, Adams GMG3, Jenson FTG2, Hoover FTGl. Second Row: H. Nisbet LTJG, Bigham FTC. ' .. Johnson FTGSN, Corley FTGSN, Lavernge FTG3. Miner GMG2, Moya GMG3, Hanson GMG1. Not Shown: Gray GMGl, Peterson GMGSN, Kamler SN, Garner FTG3. 17 WD DIVISION j 1 4un|i»fiiW . i m m lii |.ii.i..u..m € £ First Row: Gardner SA, Vaughn SN, Blackwood SA, Wegener SN. Stopper SN, Reacock SA, Herrero SN, Mande SN. Salcido SA. Lind SN, Orr SN. Second Row: Caswell SA, Logan SN, Kleppe BM3, Walker SA, Balls SN, Lopez SA, Hatcher SA, Cook SA, May SA, Ford SA. T. McDermott ENS. Third Row: Sindelir BM1, Fender SN, Byrd SN, Wages SA, Clendenin SA, Roybal SN, Cramer SN, Hacquist SA, Christmas SN, Murphy SN, Parker SN. Not Shown: Uyllacki BM3. Fischer SN. George BMC, Parsons SN. Ferrel BMSN, Quitteraz SA, Potter SA. 18 N and X DIVISIONS First Row: Corbitt QMC, Foster YN3, Walerius SN, BoernerYNl, Graham SN, Sellman SN, G. Hacke LTJG. Second Row: Winn QM2, Stetson QMSN, Thornton QM3, Lasson SN, Brevard YNSN. Brown HM1. Not Shown: Horsfall PN1, Sherry YN3, Ezell YN3, Furguson PN3, West PN3. 19 01 DIVISION First Row: McKay ET3, Walker RD3. Williams ET3. Henkemeyer ET3. Beaty RD2, Waytowich RDli. Second Row: Kempf RDC. Barclay RD2, Parrish ET1. Berman ET2, Tortoretti RD3. Plummer RDSN, Frederick RD2. Third Row: Roch ET3, Chandler RDSN, Heim RDSN, Garrison RD1, Masters RD3. Hinkle RDSN. Leath ET1. Not Shown: Wuthrich RD2. Greer RD2. OPS 20 OC DIVISION First Row: Kuyper KM1. Dull PC3, Brundage RM3, [Robinson KM:!. Scott SMI, Rancher SMSN. Second Row: K.Campbell LTJG, Robinson SMSN, May SN, Hyde SMSN, Erickson SM3, Deis KMs, Robinson RMC. Not Shown: Kleen RM3, Cooper RMl, Ashmore RM3, Chamblee RMSN. 21 M and B DIVISIONS First Row: Millermon FA, Dealba FA, Yazzie MM3, Medinger MM1. Coudeyras FA. Hull FA, Batten FN, Corwin FN, Mcintosh F ' N, Jackson BT2, O ' Donnel FN, Croll FA, Roberts FN, Marlow FN. Second Row: Gordon FN, Cappela FA, Rainwater MM3, Hollifield MM2, Brown FN, Heideman BT3, May BT1, Perotta BIT. Vetter MMFN, Duarte MM3, Garcia MM2, Olmo BT3, Rawlison BT3. Third Row: Williams MMC. Erickson FA, Cook BTFN, Crigar BT3, Ranum MM3, Williams MM1, Brown BTFA, Paap MM2, Wright BTFN, Baier BTFN, Shimack BT3, Dawkins BTFN, E. Ludwig ENS. Not Shown: Jung FN. 22 R DIVISION First Row: Watkins MM1, Carter FN, Wright EN3, Bruorton ICFN, Tedesco FN, Palmer EM2. Second Row: ■Grose MR2, Bernier EM3, Metchan DCFN, Erck BTFN, Earheart MMFN, Kiley EM3. Third Row: R. ■Gibbens ENS. Karetny ICFN, Sykes ICl Van Veighten EM3, Sullivan DC3, Pierson FN, McChristian IC2, Cunningham IC3. Not Shown: Rust DC2, Yopek SF1, Graham SF1, Harrison SFFN, Hoopes SFP3, Pittman EMI, Witkowski EMC, Bo K nar SFFN, Somera EM3, Guy EM3, Belew YNSN, Lewis FA. 23 JULY 1968 TO JULY 1970 A TWO YEAR CRUISE MONGOLIA 24 h . V i? M . ' • » 1 u I ■x. MAN YOUR MOUNTS For the last two years MACKENZIE has used her guns seven times in actual combat. She first fired during Operation " Sea Dragon " in July 1968. The ship achiev- ed a high degree of success in hampering the flow of enemy logistics craft. MACKENZIE has engaged six times in Naval Gunfire Support Operations for troops in Vietnam. In total the ship has expended more than 14,000 rounds of 5 inch 38 caliber ammunition during her deployment in WESTPAC. Pulling the trigger TWO GUNS 10 SALVOS HICAP LOAD -- — ■ -■■- ■ 27 A world of work, noise, dials, and NEW JERSEY ' S big guns. SAR CARRIER OPS PARPRO PICKET THE SHIPS THAT SERVED ALONGSIDE MACKENZIE Winter in the SEA of JAPAN 30 SAR USS JOUETT (DLG 29) USS TURNER (DLG 20) 31 ttk y |fV 1 in « . l f +1 lb w J JH I N IV a O o H w r r i— i O 4 4 i I BIRDS ON THE FANTAIL LOOK MOM, NO PILOT ft 1 m . jjfw, ' • ft ' j {J -Jl UL - ». " il 223 E 36 A FRIENDLY VISIT 37 . CJ •■ J « " Must be tight. " I don ' t leant them to leave. Commander, US Navy, Arriving. " No, this isn ' t Travis. " 38 A VERTICLE REPLENISHMENT 39 MACKENZIE takes well to the little fellahs. Many helicopters are prepared for any eventuality before they come aboard MACKENZIE. From underneath ' ERW fV REPLENISHMENT When the MACKENZIE began her cruise with the Seventh Fleet, she used a method of underway refueling which held a potential for disaster. The fuel line was inserted directly into the tank without any seal to prevent spillage. The following pictures illustrate the problem with such a system. 42 SPLASH i«4 - -- " v- ■ 43 ( ' leaning up the mess All-in-a-day ' s-zvork Waytozvich Wh 45 The new probe refueling system replaced the old method, and the chance for spillage was reduced considerably. 46 - a . 48 ROUTINE AT SEA WORK AND PLAY •flfe- 4r. , ' - . .■ . 50 CHIPPING, PAINTING, CLEANING, WATCHING AND DREAMING Blrrrrrrrrr Tins ■ " Don ' t pound so hard, the Officers are trying to sleep. " .51 ' Are we 28-56 North or L S-: South? ' " Creamy, Smooth Ice Cream is now being- sold on the mess-decks. " GQ will last ten more hour: ' Goodnight sweet Koahsiung. ryt 52 ■ " Vhere am I? " . L V. iM Above: " Commence holiday routine. ' Left: " What the DC A doesn ' t know wont ' hurt him. " » rt DIVERS IN THE WATER ' Mermaids ? You ' re krazy. " Maybe it was Rapture of the Deep. ' This sure isn ' t iu v mermaid. ' ' I leu it a fish expert. 55 Sharks have yet to bother me. Yes, I know Lloyd Bridges. " This is a new style for men. ' " If I ' m not up in five minutes, give me a call. " 56 A TARGET SHOOT .4 nice bin target I love it. " ' " " UN H " Til try my harpoon. ' ' Either that ' s the target or a submarine. 57 A FIGHT ON THE DASH DECK Whup! ' In this corner . . . " uw " " ' Let me at him. " Keep it friendly. 58 Take That! ' Don ' t let him hit von. " I didn ' t mean it. ' ' I ' ll beat him eyes closed. " THE US3 GSO fSE K. MACENZIE BEARD CONTEST 60 Sfe:: . ►.« ,?:j v ■■.-•?• ■,. ' - ; ' . ;-.o ? F ?- " ' r r ■ -v " . ' ,v ' -- - ' •-• 1 mPf m ? ' i» ,.■;».:. : : . ' ' _—. " ' . ' " , " i " . " Viji ! ' • " ; .y THE MACKENZIE MUSIC FEST PRESENTING THE MUSICIANS 63 THE AUDIENCE " Watch those high notes. Boy, that really swings. = I ' I ' m not moved. ' use Navy issue toothpast. " 64 " A song is as good as ten men. " R. H. Dana What ' s that tunc they ' re playing ? ' ' Did you here that. Above: " That ' s a goody. ' left: " I enjoyed your rendition of Tiptoe Through the Tulips. " 65 AWARDS, CEREMONIES AND INSPECTIONS 66 67 Not .so haril ' . 68 THE FAMOUS COMCRUDESPAC EXERCISE IN VERTICLE FEMININE INTERDICTION TACTICS (or) (How Johnny Grant managed to bring two girls aboard a ship at sea.) «» ' i m " ' ■■ CHRIS CRANSTON, JOHNNY GRANT, DANA PRETTYMAN 70 2 -. t , . I ■ 4 71 INPORT ROUTINE, LIBERTY, AND R AND R Yokosuka, THE HOMEPORT love oit. R, v Tp Tirinh r - A tai 74 THE ENGINEERS WORK NEVER ENDS Paap ' s Evaps I can fix it standing on my head. ' Tell the MP A that the pump tvorks. ' 75 PLACES AND THINGS TO SEE Dressed for New Years NEAR THE HOME PORT hand of many temples Kamakura is a renter of culture. Tokyo has many parks. 76 MOVING SOUTH TO SASEBO FAR EASTERN FOOTBALL 77 fyK2t£ri , 78 79 The Engineers tiikc liberty in Sasebt A familiar Street 81 SUBIC BAY, PHILIPPINES, AN ISLAND PARADISE fr S %. ' ' :. • " " " ' SB .. ' ■•■ " .•. Liberty in the Exotic Olongopo ( ' ity left: " Give me a Subie Smash. ' Right : The Boiler Room Gang r «: ' I- I ■ ? $ t s Sf Below: Officers and Gentlemen 83 KAOHSI UNG, TAIWAN FOREVER 84 r -fv-r -r.-r -r -r.-r.-r-,-r--r -r.-r-r-r-r. -r.-r.-r -r,-r - r -r--r -r -r -r -r -r -r -r - r -r -r - r- - r- -r - r- - r -r ;- -r -r -- - - -r ftfl so i-r i ' 1 18 ' a t »3 -• -i is 38 -- ' ■ i ' ■ t " 3 K i 99 " ■ -•3 K i sg -- 1 —I -1 -1 I -. " 3 -4 IS - 1 -,•1 BS5 ' ( ' , I , , SiMSSSSM5ra SM « MS S«MraMMW » » 5M« THE BEAUTY AND LORE OF ANCIENT CHINA ABOUNDS IN TAIWAN ■ ' ■4r £v w: v ' iiv I ' " v V h A small Taiwanese Duck farm Transportation Past and Present A Rare Form of Craftsman 87 THE MACKENIZE MOVES ON TO HONG KONG 88 HONG KONG, A CROSSECTION OF OLD AND NEW ' - " ■■ ■ Willi FIRST AND LAST TIME IN BANGKOK :4t vtlfc ■s 92 FINIS CLOSING NOTE This concludes the major portion of MACKENZIE ' S ODYSSEY through 1968—1970. The Editor has expressed the many moods of WESTPAC with as few words as possible, and has utilized photography to a large extent to meet this goal. Hopefully, the Cruise Book will keep alive some of the many lessons and experiences we have had while sailing in Asian waters. CREDITS ARE DUE TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE: FREDERIC N. ROUNDS, ENS, USN, EDITOR JAMES A. SEAMAN PC3 FOR SUPPLYING MOST OF THE CRUISE BOOKS PICTURES RUSSELL E. BALL BT1 FOR GUIDANCE AND REASEARCH LYNN D. HOLLEMAN RD3 FOR PHOTOGRAPHS ROBERT D. MAY MM1 FOR PHOTOGRAPHS JOSEPH B. HALL STG3 FOR PHOTOGRAPHY AND RESEARCH KENNETH E. ORR SN FOR GUIDANCE AND ART WORK BRIAN B. DOSEN LTJG FOR GUIDANCE GREAGORY A. HACKE LTJG FOR PHOTOGRAPHS OF KOAHSUING NOEL A. GREER RD2 FOR THE CRUISE BOOK ' S TITLE AND TO THE CREW OF THE MACKENZIE FOR SUPPLYING THE MOTIVATION PHOTOS ON PAGE 5 ARE OFFICIAL NAVY. 93 MISCELLANEOUS STATISTICAL INFORMATION COVERING A TWENTY-FIVE MONTH DEPLOY IN WESTPAC Fuel Oil Burned: 13, 000, 000 gallons Water Distilled: 13, 000, 000 gallons Spent $250,000 on parts and supplies Number of meals served aboard: 644,000 Cost for food: $250, 000 (of course, an undetermined amount of Yen, Pesos, Hong Kong Dollars, and Taiwanese NT was spent in the promotion of better international relations) Total Miles Steamed: 150,000 Day in Transit: 180 Days Spent on " SEADRAGON " and Naval Gunfire Support: 62 Days operating in the Sea of Japan off Korea: 57 Days spent in the Gulf of Konkin: 181 Days spent in Yokosuka for Upkeep: 231 Total Days at sea: 480 Total Days in Ports: 280 Total R and R: 25 94 Printed in Japan by : Daito Art Printing Co., Ltd. 19, 2-chome, Shintomi-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo SMHkSaK

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