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: i E . 2 i I 1 E E i 4 i Q z E . i 1 5 I P Q I PRESENTATIO Back row left to right: Mrs. Speake, G. Ahders, J. Lockard, M. Straat- meyer, T. Martens, Third row: B. Wortrnan, C. Wilsey, M. Elfline, G. Van Oort, R. Rypkexna, R. Stubbs, Secmd row: Mr. Sargeant, M. Sprock, G. Krahling, M. Bodum, J'. Swalve, M. Kix, B. Schrick, Front row: C. Harms, C. Speake, K. Fitzgerald, L. Meinerts. O? Editor -------------------- Connie Speake Assistant Editor ------- Karen Fitzgerald Business Managers ----- Lorena Meinerts Charles Harms Photographer --------------- Roger Stubbe Art Editors ---- -------- Ma rion Sprock Gloria Ahders The Annual Staff presents the 1956 Bluejay with the hope that it will renew pleasant meznories of the unforgetable experiences and lasting friendships nude wlile in high school. 1 FAC LTY Front Row: Esther Casjens, Esther Jacobs, Betty Larnmers, Verna Speake, Lorraine Lentfer, Rose Maurer. Second Row: Lavina. Lichtenberg, Katharine Munday, Mabel Anderson, Sylvia Gorter, Mary Greene, Gertrude Summa. Third Row: .Tay Speake, Supt., Mae Geick, Robert Hand, Wendell Schaefer, Conrad Eckstrom, Marion Sar- geant, Jim Munday, Harvey Reiter. li' M..-43 ,.,- E. 2 Sag. A Q bfweg FDL? , 'ae 5535! .Q t 1 sf! i owvggv-'gg-vig gqwg-:,":?bS7 L, 2 .,.wSww.fa 'ew s out QW mea,-wh. 52.2 .f3,QIve Q :.0v '5'e,,.:'S'55a5-f?g- 5"'5'.i'f'!'Q?,?.'r W ' . - 5 . Q UPA, fa,-gd 5152 5 ,.fg'?e.5,.-S55 was es' Fee U fQ,1""'f' W- asw be We gr qi M sz 0 H ' aa N wr: .94 BJ x 'NHS Qs-1? 0325: S W 2- - 'U Q 'Z' ASUS fu E' Q-Z' -S -' 304' gk L' -Sw -'P fo' " 'cy '41 1: D' A 915: Sq 3 'Q 5 5'e,,"5' F 'S' '-9. -U agbfm W 'E 4' 5356555 ' a .rv ,IT ,-Qi""g5,-'-. A -c -"..9'o-Qgfocea.-1.1 fc: FSS 'S 551 "E-gg' 55s,-'0:,3,, i,'5,"'xQ Jug,-A. '5 oat,-Q l.fe"w-in Q-Whoo arg' Wwe? mr' -1.00: .: .fsJ3f"f: ,- N-S-aff ,115 ' V' M. ,we ,gl ' The Seniors receiving diplom 'o is gn on Tuesday evenin J Q ., g are as follo 27 "' FJ Gary Abels ff S 5.5 Helen Athens W Harlan Beek R . 'Q ll Mary Bechler Gene Blum Q" 5 3 Bet! L, 5' y Bos ,sg U Barbara DeGraaf 5, 5' lg 5 Beverly DeJong ,S 3 L 1 Ruth Dirksen w I Joan Eilders VJ 'U Larry Feldman 5 3 George Frecrksen -U David Geerdes CLS 3 'ggi' Martha Ann Geick A L' P 3 Mavis Goldhorn gif g, Marvin Grave 9 L2 Sv v9 Verdell Groen FQ 4, QS . W 5, 5 Genevieve Hansmann Sggg Q Arnold R. llarms L. ,gi Charles llarms Q, ox' ' Roger llarms " D U' Vera llilbrands W-Q Marla Jean llinseh 'S 9,555 Kenneth G. Jensen 'cg Roger .lurclain -E - no f 'bg' Yvonne .lurrens 1' " M ll' K' 8 L . arce .1 ix' 5, ,Q Gwen rirahling fa Qing' Mary Kramer is Bob Locker Jim Lucas 'U 3' N F Lorena Meinerls 41 'N lv N , Grace Meyer ,Q w N V Janie Nagel 5. -C, 'gg Dwayne Riebeling U 'V S Eileen Rypkema 0 Edwin Sehniedernian Q Larry Smid w 'UQ M " Jerry Smith ' k 5-5 Constance Spia e Roger Sproek W Marilyn Straatmeyer Roger G. Stuhbc Floydelle Sudenga , ' Lois Tjepkes Thelma Van Briesen 'g Judy Vcenker Colleen Willemssen Darwin Willemssen 'N .5 J Orville Willcmssen Ronald Winkel GARY ABELS "There's a good time ccrning, boys!" Glee Club 1 One-Act Play l Dramatics 2 BETTY BOS "Pretty as a. picture is her frame." Glee Club l Basketball 1 Rec Club 1, 2, 3,4 Class Play 3 BEVERLY DE JONG "A happy combina- tion of fun and good HELEN ATHENS "School hours from 9 to 4, but history is made at night. " Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 MARY HARLAN BECHLER BEEK "Vind her up and all "The man who wills She does is giggle. " is the man who can" sense' H own, but I don't Basketball 1 , Z Glee Club 1 , 2 Class Play 3 Lunch Rnotn 4 GENE BLIJM "Don't hun'y, there's plenty of tixne. " Glee Club l, 3 Chorus 3 Class Play 3, 4 Dramatics 2, 3, 4 Baseball 4 Basketball 4 Rec Club 3, 4 One-Act Play 4 BARBARA DEGRAAF and so "Blondes always have a sun- ny disposition. " Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 Solo l, 2, 3, 4 All-State Chorus 3 Class Play 3, 4 oneLAcf Play 1, 4 Drarnatics 2, 4 Basketball 1.2, 3, 4 Trio 4 Mixed Qiartet 4 RUTH JOAN EILDERS LARRY GEORGE DIRKSEN "It isn't what you FELDMAN FREERKSEN "My heart's not my do, it's what you "So mund, so firm, "I like to study in get by with. " so fully packed. " the mvrnillg. but I careg it's in good Rec Club 3, 4 always f01'gef to hands. " Class Play 3 get up. " Lunch Room 4 Glee Club l DAVID GEERDES "Handsome is as handsome does. " Glee Club 1 Wrestling 2 Class Play 3 GENEVIEVE HANSMANN "Never too busy to help someone else." Glee Club 1, 2 Newspape r Staff 4 Class Play 3, 4 Librarian 2 Dramatics 3, 4 CHARLES HARMS "Every man has his devilish moments. " Bsketball 3 Diramatics 4 Newspaper 3 Annual Staff 4 Stage Manager 3 Class Play 4 MARTI GEICK "She's as likeable as she is loolahle. " Rec Club 1, 2, 3, 4 OneqAct Play 1 , 4 Class Play 3, 4 Dramatics 2, 3, 4 Gee Club 1, Z, 3, 4 Gzorus 2, 3, 4 Vocal Solo 3, 4 Attendant 4 All-State Chorus 4 MAVIS GOLDHORN "l'.t's nice to be na- tural, when one is naturally nice." Band 1 , 2, 3 , 4 Glee Club 1.2, 3,4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Sax Sextet 3 Dramatics 4 Class Play 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 4 MARVIN GRAVE "Gentle of speech. beneficient of mind. " Newspaper Staff 3 Class Play 3 X ROGER HARMS "Great men are dying and I don't feel so well my- self. " Baseball 1, letter Z, 3, 4 Dramatics 2, 3, 4 One-Act Play 1, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Escort 4 Student C. 3, 4 Class Pres. 1, 4 VERA I-IILBRANDS "A m erry heart maketh a cheer- ful countenance. " Class Play 3 X VERDELL GROEN "Loaf, and I'11 loaf with you, study and you study alone. " Glee Club 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Gass Play 3 ARNOLD HARMS "I live from day to day. why worry about tomorrow. Baseball 1, 2 Gee Gub 1 MARLA KENNETH HINSCH JENSEN "A wonde rful per- sonality is one of the fine character- istics she possess- es. " Rec Club 2, 3 Class Play 3 Lunchroom 4 Gee Gub 1 "That debonair look. " Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2 3, 4 Gee Gub 1 2, 3, 4 Tenor Solo 1, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Que-Act Play 1, 4 All-State Chorus 1,3 Mixed O.1,Z,3,4 Dramatics4 ROGER JORDAN "Witty all the time, that's me" Class Play 3, 4 YVONNE J URRENS "With her, a giggle is a must" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 MARCELLA MAE GWENDOLYN KIX KRAHLING "When all the girls "If giggles got me pass you by, this money, I'dbe rich" one would surely Band 1, 2, 3, 4 ii! Q r g .1 MARY JO KRAMER "A girl among girls is she, but among boys she'd rather One-Act Play 4 Chorus Z, 3, 4 catch your eye" Chorus 2, 3,4 be" Dramatics 4 Girls' Sextet 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1-2 Glee Club 1 , 2 Solo 3, 4 Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Letter 3-4 Escort 4 Mixed Q1artet 4 Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 4 Letter 3, 4 Majorette 4 Dramatics 2, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Attendant 1 One-Act Play 2, 4 Attendant 4 One-Act Play 1 , 4 Queen 4 Class Play 3,4 Baritone Qt. 4 Dramatics 4 Class Play 3, 4 Attendant 4 Trio 4 Girls Sextet 3, 4 One.Act Play 4 ROBERT LOCKER JAMES LUCAS "Available, but llI1Wl.11l.I1g" It Usgxnetigneg Wige, 301-ne- Basketball 11 21 3: 4 1 times otherwise." Baseball 1, Z, 3: 4 L it Baseball 1, Letter 2, 3, 4 CaPfain4 1 1 i- , ,,,. I RecClubl,2,3,4 Clwrus 1, 2. 3, 4 f , lb Oneaacr Play 1 G18e 1 , 2, 3, 4 L. I V, class Play 3 Band 1 v 2' 3' 4 "" 'J i Student Council 2, 4 Duke 4 g ,,,, A 'J g ,, Class Treas. 2 Class Play 3,4 CK 3 X , Class V. Pres. 4 Pres. of Class 3 A Annual Staff 1 Dramatics 4 Escort 4 Boys' Quartet 3 X LORENA GRACE MARY JANE DWAYNE EILEEN MEINERTS MEYER NAGEL RIEBELING RYPKEMA "True to her class, her friends, her work" Class Play 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2 Dramatics 4 Annual Staff 4 Lunch Room 4 N583-Zine Ca-mPai871 Ngr. 4 "A manner soft and friendly,l a spirit kind and true" Glee Club 1 One-Act Play 1 Dramatics 3 Class Play 3 Class Sec. 3 Rec Club 2, 3 Lunch Room 4 "Anybody know a joke? I love to laugh" Librarian 3, 4 Rec Club 1, 2, 3,4 Basketball 1 Class Play 3 "The gentle mind by gentle deeds is known" Basketball 2 Student Mgr. 3 Class Play 3 "Sweet persomlity, , full of rascality" Band 1.2, 3, 4 I Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4 Glee Club 1,z,3,4 Basketball l,3,4 Class Play 3,4 Attendant 4 Rec Club 1,Z,3,4 X EDWIN SCHNEIDERMAN "I put my troubles in a pocket with a hole in it" Baseball 1 Glee Club 3,4 Class Play 3 LARRY SMID "I think mostly of the future, because that'e where I'll spendthe rest of rny life" Wrestling 2 Class Play 3 MARILYN STRAATMEYER "Always striving to do her best. " Basketball 1 Glee Club Z,3,4 Rec Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Annual Staff 4 .TERRY SMITH "Never trouble troubles, till troubles trouble you " Basketball 1 Baseball 1,3 Wrestling Z Class Play 3 CONSTANCE SPEAKE "Music is to me, like honey to a bee" Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Dramatlcs 2, 3, 4 One Act Play 1, 4 Class Play 3,4 Sax Sextet l,Z,3 Sax Quartet l,Z,3 Sax Solo 1,Z,3 ROGER SPROCK "Worry and I have never met" ROGER STUBBE "Every man has his fault and honesty is his. " Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 1, 2, 3,4 Class Play 3, 4 One Act Play 1, 4 Dramatics Z, 3, 4 Pep Band 3, 4 All State Chorus 3, 4 Bass Solo 3, 4 F LOYDELLE LDIS THELMA JUDITH COLLEEN SUDENGA TJEPKES VAN BRIESEN VEENKER WILLEMSSEN "Sie aftenburns the "Some say she's "Books and I are "She's as nice as "Always glad to help rridnight oil" quiet, but we know very good friends" she is ambitious" a friend" Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4 better" Lunch Room 4 Band l, Z, 3. 4 Newspaper 3 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Class Play 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 3 Qlorus l, 2, 3, 4 Lunch Room 4 Gee Club 1, Z Captain 4 Basketball 1 , 2 Gee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Rec Club 4 Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Vocal Solo 4 Hi-C Club 1, 2 Gee Club 1, Z, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Gee Club 1, 2 Class Play 3, 4 Girls Sextet 3, 4 Girls Q. 2, 3, 4 Newspaper staff 2. 3, 4 Editor 4 DARWIN WILLEMSSEN "Answer to a mai- dens prayer" Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Qzorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1 Z, 3, 4 Class Play 3 Baseball 1, 2 Basketball 2 VALEDIC TORIAN Colleen Willemssen CLASS FLOWER Red Carnation CLASS COLORS Black and Silver President ------- --- Vice President ------- X ORVILLE WILLEMSSEN "He's got what it takes--Looks, that isll RONALD H. U. REITER WINKEL CLASS SPONSOR "Just give me time, I might do some- thing violent yet" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 Qmorus l, 2, 3,4 Play stage crew 3 Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Dramatics 4 HONOR ROLL SALUTATORIANS Helen Athens Harlan Beek Constance Speake Beverly De Jong Marvin Grave Robert Locker Roger Harms Lorena Meinerts Lorena Meinerts Robert Locker Marcella Kix Eileen Rypkema Constance Speake CLASS MOTTO Marilyn Straatmeyer Roger Stubbe Let him who deserves Floydelle Sudenga Thelma Van Briesen it, reap the reward. Judith Veenker Colleen Willemssen ' CLASS OFFICERS Roger Harms James Lucas X Y any Vae, E gggy Q XI i f' H if I' Q Secreta,ry-- --------- -Marcella Kix Treasurer ------- -Mary Jo Kramer DE DICATION We dedicate this Bluejay in memory of Kenneth Van Briesen, who would have been in our graduating class of 1956. CLASS PROPHECY The great Genii takes me first to a lard factory where Gary Abels is the president. They manu- facture not Fluffo, but--Blubbol I Ah, how odd, , , Joan Eilders, Hair Stylist for Bald Women! I Here we are in New York, in the Metropolitan Opera House waiting for the curtain. There it goes, and who is at the piano, but Connie Speake! ! Notice who's waiting backstage for her, Roger Stubbe, President of the Stubbe Electrical Company. I see Roger Harms is in New York, tool He's directing his latest play, Only Mary. In the New York Times is a column written by Judy Veenker, Advice to the Assistant Editor. She got her start as the 1956 George Breeze editor. Here in the comic section is something else you might be interested in, "Freerksen's Freaks" by George, himself! Let's see how many of the Seniors stayed in their own home town. The re's Janie Nagel walking down Main Street with nothing to do. She has tried several times to get a clerking job but the customers couldn't see her over the counter. Roger Jordan has taken over his dad's business and has been quite successful. too! Not from selling implements, but he makes his money on the parking mders installed behind the lot! ! Orville Willemssen has quit his job at Houtsma's. He thought he'd better quit while he still had 3 fingers left. Marcy Kix is now the head of The Hayenga Department Stores--15 of them. Here's a bus depot!! 'I'he sign says Betty Bus Co. Best transportation in the Midwest. Who do you think is the new Superintendent of George High? None other than Grace Meyer! the first lady superintendent of George High School. There's Eileen Rypkema driving a brand new Ford! The back seat comes in pretty handy for the Sudenga's. I see that Jerry Snith still leads a. sheltered life. He has now taken over his dad's farm and is kept busy supporting little Smiths. "Do your toes lack twinkle? ? Do your old shoes Crinkle? ? Better go see Ronnie Winkleg His snoes are tops! I Playing at the Cedar Cabin this week is Ken's Dance Band--featured soloist, Marti Geickl Larry Feldman has invented the Feldmobile and his money is rolling in! Marvin Grave has taken over Dutch Voge1aar's funeral home. He's the best mortician in Lyon County. Helen Athens has taken over for Helena Rubenstein and has the latest in cosmetics. Her name--Helena Athenstein ! Gene Bliun has an occupation to fit his hobby--He's the head of the testing department of Wrigley's Chewing Gum. Yvonne Jurrens is in the Ozarks styling hair for all hill-billies and guaranteeing results! Business at Bob Locker's summer resort is always boocming-mainly because the girls all realize Bob is still a very eligible bachelor! Lorena Meinerts is now head nurse at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. The patients say she's the best nurse this side of the Mississippi. Jim Lucas is president of the Lucas Meat Packing Company in Chicago and is putting Swift and Annour Star out of business. In Hollywood, Harlan Beek is studying under Liberace. He has the per- fect waves, nice smile, all he needs is to learn to play the piano. Arnold Harms has his own T. V. show "The Mechanic". It's quite popular, too. Darwin Willemssen is roaming the country still having love affairs. Where he gets his money? No one lmows! Secretary of the Treasury in Washington, D. C. 'I'hat's Colleen Willemssen's latest posi- tion. Sie wears mink capes and diamonds, and was thinking of going into politics. Vera I-Iilbrands is a gentlernan farmer in Colorado. She owns her own ranch and keeps the cowboys roaming. Marla I-Iinsch graduated from Oxford University, and now is teaching French to the Hindus. Gwen Krahling pilots her own guided missile with Mickey Kramer as stewardess. Anyone inte rested in a diffe mit vacation ccntact Barbara DeGraa.f at Cairo, Egypt. Chuck Harrns enlisted in the Navy, but after three months, because of his aversion to women, he became a Rear Admiral in the Waves. Mary Bechler, the journalist, has been quite successful with her column, "Love Clinic". Her occupation puts her in some precarious positions. The men take off their hats for Roger Sprock! He's the only barber in town. It was found that Genevieve Hansmann is a distant great, great, grandmother of Bridey Murphy. Genevieve is now hunting for a hypnotist who can shed some light on her past husband. Edwin Schnelderman is shortstop for the Jersey City Grey Socks. Duke Schneiderman is as popular as hike Siider was in the good old days! Continued on page 37 9 Top row left to right, John Donaker, Larry Klingenberg, Stanley Meester, Judson Schrick, Richard Hamlin, Gloria Ahders, Bill Sudenga, Jean Heibult, Darlene Gruis, Joan Rypkema, Lola Kix, Third row-left to right, Glenda Gronewold, Elaine Duin, llryl Hollander, Terry Swalve, Paul Mahler, Marlyn Kruse, David Vaselaar, Richard Rypkema, Second row-left to right, Marian Sprock, Lois Harms, Carol Pals, Ronalda Maxwell, Ellyn Koerselxnan, Janice Lockard, Patti Snuttjer, Karen Fitzgerald, Vivienne Cassens, Verna Hassebroek, Miss Geick, Gladys Dammann, First row-left to right, Audrey Schulte, Elaine Sprock, Leanns. Johnson, Joann Wortman, Marilyn Eliline, Patsy Kramer, Betty Behrens. Not Present--Arnold Jansen. I akhpmf - Presichnt ----- Janice loclard Vice-Pres.--Richard Rypkerra Secretary ------ lvhrian Qarock L Treasurer- ------ Jean Heibult 11' vs- fish BVU e' 1 '1' ff, ZIQLU 'Nl Front row: Wanda Krahling, LaRae Schmidt, Janice Va.nWesten, Sharon Vaupel, Lela. Schulte, Audrey Sxmith, Donna Jurrens, Lorraine Kruger, Second row: Lila Geerdes, Marlys Thorn, Sandra Hil- brands, Joan Hlnrichs, Earlene Freerksen, Judy Swalve, Mary Bodurn, Shirley Johnson, Lila De- Boer, Dorothy Veenker, Elaine Symens, Third row: Conrad Krahling, Charlie Harms, Loren Geer- des, John Beek, Eldon Johnson, larry Van Briesen, Bruce Klinkenborg, Dick Wilsey, Ivan Bleeker, Harold Riemersma, Wayne Heyer, Fourth row: Judy Grave, Janie Voss, Lois DeJong, Curtis Bruns- ma,Emory Smith, Harry Meyerhoff, Marvin Kruse. Glen VanOo1't, Michael Gieske. Burdell Schnei- derman. Richard Meyerhoff, Sponsor: Miss Anderson. N. 4 fl SOPHOMORES President .... ..... C harlie Harms Vice President .... .Emory Smith Secretary ........ Elaine Sytnens Treasurer. . . .... Loren Geez-des .fi " sg. x . J E E 11 an Front row: Shirley Kramer, Donna Trei, Lovelle Johnson, Norene Dickrnan, Donna Krull, Shirley Snuttjer, Marlys Geerdes, Loreen Timrner, Second Row: Carolyn DeNoble, Sheryl Groote, Beth Wortman, Karen Kraxner, Janice Maxwell, Beverly Slykhuis, Dorothy Ahders, Marlys Meyer, Glen- da Beek, Marion Krahling, Georgia Kruse, Adeline Riexnersma, Phyllis Kruse, Donna Dietz, Third row: Roberta Klaahsen, Martys Siebrands, Sharon Meester, Janice Hollander, Artie Beek, Evelyn Dirksen, Carol Speake, Judy LaCour, Ted Krarner, Kriene Schneiderman, Lyle Hollander, George Nagel, James Koerselman, Fourth row: Smaron Sudenga, Marilyn Ossenfort, Carole Wilsey, Teresa Martens, Sandra Harrns, Lawrence Kix, Clarice Harnfis, Janelle Renken, Dudley Eben, Gary DCBOCIS Fredrick Bossard, Daniel Kokenge, Fifth row: Herbert Koerselman, David Ackerman, Kenneth Koerselman, Marlyn Luitjens, Robert Tjepkes, Leonard Scholten, Donald Marcus, Duane Horn, Ben Schx-ick,Sponsor: Mr. Speake FRESHME lf 'dar' .1 'S .-ff' 12 1, 0 , M .. G I . 45" , 5 Q- ...f 1 A Q X -1' ag ,Y f' .f fi X -9 1:41 'HN 4 . nr, 8 . UNE: STUDE T CDUNCIL BREEZE STAFF Back Row: Mrs. Summa., sponsor, Kenneth Koerselman, Joan Eilders, Marilyn Straatmeyer, Bob Locker, Glen Van Oort, lVliCkeY Kramer, Karen Fitzgerald, Third Row: Marti Geick, Sharon Sudenga, Lois Tjepkes, Mavis Goldhorn Genevieve , Marla Hinsch, Beverly Delong, Second Row: Glenda Iurrens, Colleen Willemssen, Thelma Van Brlesen, Floydelle Sudenga, Elaine Symens, Gwen Krahling, Janice Lockard, Elaine Duin, Ellyn Koerselman, Mr. Sargeant, sponsor. Back Row: J'. B. Speake, Stuart Smith, James Lucas, Bill Sudenga, Bob Locker, Emory Smith, Glen Van Oort, David Ackerman, Front Row: Gene Sprock, Orville Willemssen, Earlene Freerksen, Elaine Duin, Sharon Meester, Marcy Kix, Gwen Krahling, Secretary-- Gladys Dammann, President-- Roger Harms. -nu- Flrst Row: Marcy Klx, Joan Rypkama., lnla Kix, Eileen Rypkema, Glenda Gronewold, Marian Qarock, Joann Wortrnan, ass't. editor: Judy Veenker, editor I I 15 THLETIC Student Ivianager, Iviarcy Kix, Karen Kramer, Gwen Krahling, Karen Fitzgerald, Captain Connie Speake, Sharon Sudenga, Mickey Kramer, Carol Speake, Floydelle Sud- Iudy Veenker enga, Janice Lockard, .Tudy Swalve, Elaine Duin, Iudy Veenker, Faculty Sponsor Mary Greene, Coach, Mr. Eckstrom. Season's Record 8 wins 10 losses County runner-up The team made 25. 911 of field goals and 38 'Zn of free throws. High Scorer-Karen Fitzgerald. Cheerleaders: Carol Pals, Shirley Kra- mer, Lola Kix, Marlys Thorn. 16 Captain Bob Locker I 51 ol . 1. . :J K I ' A F z I 2 'T . , .5 ,. Front Row: Student Manager Richard Rypkema, First Row: Assistant Coach Jim Mun day, Paul Mahler, Stanley Meester, Bob Locker, Bill Sudenga, Orville Willemleen Daniel Kokenge, Coach Conrad Eckstrom, Second Row: Ivan Bleeker, Michael Gie ske Terry Swalve, Emory Srnith, Lawrence Kix, Charles Harrns. Season's Record 10 wins 10 losses County runner-up The team made 36.41. of field goals and 42.31, of free throws. High Scorer--Bob Locker 5 s A Our coach..Mr. Eckstrom 17 l Q I Front Row: Gene Blu.m, Ivan Bleeker, Milce Gieske, Burdell Schneider- man Larry Van Briesen, Daryl Hollander, Roger Harms, Second Row: Coach Jim Munday, Paul Mahler, Curtis Brunsma, Bill Sudenga, Bob Locker, Glen Van Oort, Terry Swalve, Daniel Kokenge, Jim Lucas. The baseball team elected Jim Lucas as their captain for the 1955-56 season. The following boys earned letters in baseball for the past year: Ivan Bleeker, Milce Gieske, Roger Harms, Danny Kokenge, Bob Lockerg Jim Lucas, Paul Mahler, Stan Meester, Burdell Schniederman, Bill Sudenga and Terry Swalve. Final batting averages for the spring season showed that the team average was .Z5Z. The Bluejays record for the fall and spring seasons were 13 wins and Z losses. MUSIC Back Row: C. Speake, J. La.Cour E Symenl G Gronevwold, E. Koerselman, M. Eliline G Ahdera J. Veenker, E. Rypkema, J. Wortman M. Bodum J. Hollander, J. Ry-pkema., C. Wxlsey Th1rd Row G. Krahling, M. Geick, L. Johnson C Pals D Ackerman, K. Jensen, L. Kix, D Willernlsen R.. Stubbe, B. Locker, J. Lockard S Sudenga A Back Row: G. Krahling, M. Geick, M. Goldhorn, M. Elfline, G. Kruse, G. Gronewold M. Krahling, J. Rypkema., J. Wortman, M. Straatmeyer, M. Bodum, C. Speake, V. Hassebroek. Third Row: K. Kramer, E. Symens, C. Pals, B. DeGraaf, L. Kix, A. Smith, J'. Hinrichs, J. LaCour, M. Geerdes, D. Gruis, F. Sudenga, S. Meester, H Athens, K. Fitzgerald, S. Hilbrands, C. Wilsey, Second Row: P. Kruse, B. Slykhuis P. Snuttjer, J. Lockard, T. Ivhrtens, M. Kix, C. Speake, S. Sudenga, J'. Swalve, E Rypkema, J. Veenker, S. Harms, Y. Jurrens, J'. Hollander, G. Ahders. Front Row: L. Timmer, D.Ahders, G. Dammann, P. Kramer, L. Johnson, B. Behrens, V. Cassens, D. Trei, C. DeNob1e, A. Riemersma, M. Siebrands, R. Klaahsen, A. Schulte, B. Wort- man, D. Veenker, E. Koerselman, Mr. Schaefer. Schulte, Y. Jurrenl, Second Row: P. Snuttjer, L Kix, B. DeGraa.f,C. Brunsrra, I. Bleeknr, L. Schol ten, B. Sudenga, O. Willemllen. J'. Svalve, F. Sudenga., M. Kix., S. Hanna, First Row: C. Speaks G. Ihmmann, M. Siebrands, P. Kramer, M. Goldl horn, H. Koerselman, K. Fitzgerald, B. Wortrnan R. Klaahsen, D. Veenker, Mr. Schaefer, Director BOYS GLEE CLUB -if Back Row: R. Wilsey, B. Schneiderman, D. Hollander, R. Rypkema, K. .Tensen I C. Brunsma, E. Schneiderman, E. Smith, D. Willemssen, R. Stubbe, O. Willems sen, L. Kix, D. Kokenge, M. Gieske, V. Groen. Front Row: L. Johnson, L. H01 lander, D. Ackerman, K. Koerselman, H. Koerselman, I. Bleeker, E. Johnson B. Sudenga, B. Locker, L. Scholten, T. Kramer, J. Koerselman, Mr. Schaefer Back row: C. Wilsey, E. Symens, I. Koerselman, I. Bleeker, S. Smith, V. Groen, D. Willemssen, R. Stubbe, B. Locker, B. Sudenga., E. Smith, K. Jen- sen, M. Gieske, J'. Swalve, J'. Rypkema, L. Kix. Second row: L. Johnson, S. Sudenga, J. LaCour, P. Snuttjer, S. I-Iarms, I. Veenker, F. Sudenga, C. Pals, E. Koerselman, J. Lockard, M. Kix, E. Rypkema, I. Hollander, C. Speake, P. Speake, D. Veenker, Mr. Schaefer. Front row: G. Roesler, J.Vogelaar, M. Goldhorn, P. Kramer, G.Dammann, B. Wortman, G. Smid, R. Sudenga, .T. Harrns, G. Krahling, C., M. Elfline, R. Klaahsen, M. Bodurn, K. Fitz- gerald, H. Koerselman. On May 11, under the able direction of Mr. Schaefer, we participated in our last 500 Club concert of the year. It was the final of a series of three pre- sented during the school term. Each concert consisted of numbers by the Band, Chorus, Girls' Glee Club and Boys' Glee Club. Solos, both vocal and instruznental, and small groups rounded out the program. These three con- certs were not the only public appearances we made. There were many others. Included axnong them are: Augustana Band Day, Small group music contest, Large group music contest, County music festival, Orange City Tulip Festival, Memorial Day Parade and the Fourth of July Celebration. Also our music groups' talent was always available and frequently used at plays, assemblies and Kiwanis' noon luncheons. This year was one of our best in participation and all around usefulness to the students, school and community. ZZ HO ORS CONNIE SPEAKE ROGER STUBBE ROGER HARMS A11-School "G" A11-School "G" A11-School "G" Arian Award Good Citizenship Betty Crocker Award Award I rating State Interpretive Reading Mixed Qmrtet I rating State B. Sudenga K. Jensen BOB LOCKER NIARCY KIX All-School "G" A11-School "G" I rating State Radio Speaking Other State Music Winners Baritone Qzartet I rating State Judy Veenker M. Bodum Marcy Klx B. DeGraaf Carol Pall Leanna. Johnson BARBARA DEGRAAF KENNETH JENSEN GWEN KRAHLING I rating State I rating State I rating State Soprano Solo Baritone Solo Interpretive Reading 23 Rx -ov 8 Q. 46 95' 1 MARY IO BODUM I rating State mezzo solo CAROL SPEAKE I rating State piano and flute solos Highest Magazine Salesmen High Salesman - Marti Geick - 396.00 THE FLATTERING WORD DRUM ENSEMBLE , one-act play TT ritggiaitgte I rating State L. Kix speech contest M' Elfline Mrs. Speake I: LaCour G. Krshling M. Bodmn M. Gexck C. Speake R. Harms K R. Stubbe so -ar JUDY VEENKER FLOYDELLE SUDENGA .TANICE LOCKARD I rating State mezzo All-School "G" A11-School "G" solo Editor of The Breggg ELLYN KOERSELMAN I rating State piano solo 24 0 I W : r . I I...Ti I - + ' MRSAVJDSONW I 1953 A THE rmnemwe I h WORD-1956 !i I'1l wll .I- I III. I I1 0 7"l fxf-WSPEECH THE CLASS OF '56 PRESENTS JANUARY THAW Frieda Genevieve Hansmann-Judy Veenker Herbert Gage Sarah Gage ......... ..... Gene Blurn Mickey Krame r- Yvonne Iurrens Paula Gage... ....... Mavis Goldhorn-Gwen Krahling Marge Gage .. Eileen Rypkema-Marcy Kix Barbara Gage. ....... Barbara DeGraaf-Marti Geick George Husted ...... ....... . ........ Kenneth Jensen F Jonathan Rockwood ..... ........ Roger Stubbe Matilda Rockwood.Lorena Meinerts-Connie Speake Mr. Loomis............... Uncle Walter .. Matt Rockwood. . Carson.......... .. Bob Locker Roger Harms .. ....Orvi11e Willemssen Charles Harms S M4 i '55 ,, ii 5 'Q 3 1 E, QI ze V 311- A YOUNG MAN'S FANCY Harold Greenley ..... .......... B ill Sudenga Sylvia Wilson ............ Glenda Gronewold Campers ,,,,,, Marion Sprork, Elaine Duin, Gladys Dammann, Patsy Kramer, Carol Pals, Joan Rypkema, Leanna Johnson Dr. Spee ............ Dorothy Bennet Helen Greenley ,,,, Dickie Crandall Oliver Crandall .... Mrs. Mary Crandall Davie . . Ronnie Maxwell Carrle .....Janice Lockard Patti Snuttjer Marilyn Elfline .....Marlyn Kruse . . ........ Paul Mahle r ., Joann Wortxnan Stanley Mee ster Grilly ............ Jokey Stephan Buddy ............ Marie .... Matilda . . . .......... . I-Ie rmma .................... Mis s Weatherhead ,, ...Judson Schrick Richard Rypkema .,.,,Terry Swalve Karen Fitzgerald Ellyn Koerselman ............L01a Kix Gloria Ahders Boys from Camp Trilby ...,, Arnold Jansen F W DECLAMATIO ,A First Row: Gwen Krahling, Roger Harms, Gene Blum, Mickey Kramer, Marcy Kix, Barbara DeGraaf, lviavis Goldhorn, Roger Stubbe. Second Row: Carole Wilsey, Elaine Symens, Lorena Meinerts, Sharon Meester, Connie Speake, Ellyn Koerselxnan, Ear- lene Freerksen, Dorothy Veenker, Genevieve Hansmann, Third Row: LaRae Schmidt, Glenda Gronewold, Karen Fitzgerald, Joan Wortman, Martha Geick, Betty Behrens, Sandra Hilbrands, Lela Schulte, Judy Veenker. Fourth Row: Janice Lockard, Or- ville Willemssen, Roger Jordan, Yvonne Jurrens, Mary Bodum, Judy Swalve, Ken- neth Jensen, Herbert Koerselrnan, Mrs. Speake. Fifth Row: Ivan Bleeker, Conrad Krahling, David Vaselaar, Richard Rypkema, Charles Harms, Bob Locker, Marlyn Kruse. We got our "I" Ill 1 .. R Mrs. Speake - our director. Our "home" at Storm Lake 29 Winners of the Home Declamatory Contest were: Radio Speaking - Mavis Goldhorn, Marti Geick, Bob Locker Extemporaneous Speaking - Gene Blum, Roger Stubbe, Bob Locker Interpretive Reading - Connie Speake, Gwen Krahling, Gene Blum Dramatic Declamation - Barbara DeGraaf, Glenda Gronewold, Judy Veenker Humorous Declamation - Carol Wilsey, Kenneth Jensen, La Rae Schmidt Original Oration - Eileen Rypkema, Lorena Meinerts, Roger Harms Oratorical Declamation - Sharon Meester, Lorena Meixierts, Marcy Kix Those who received "I" ratings at the Prelixninary Contest at George were: Mavis Goldhorn, Marti Geick, Bob Locker Gene Blum, Roger Stubbe, Bob Locker Connie Speake, Gwen Krahling, Gene Blum Glenda Gronewold, Barbara DeGraaf Carol Wilsey, Kenneth Jensen, La Rae Schmidt Eileen Rypkema, Lorena,Meinerts, Roger Harms Sharon Meester, Lorena Meinerts, Marcy Kix Those who survived the Pre-District Contest at Orange City were: Marti Geick, Bob Locker Roger Stubbe Connie Speake, Gwen Krahling, Gene Blum Glenda Gronewold, Barbara DeGraaf Carol Wilsey, Kenneth Jensen, La Rae Schmidt Roger Harms Marcy Kix "The Flattering Word" "I" ratings were awarded at the District Contest at Sheldon to:' Marti Geick, Bob Locker Connie Speake, Gwen Krahling Carol Wilsey, Kenneth Jensen Roger Harms Glenda Gronewold, Barbara DeGraaf "The Flattering Word" Out of 21 talented students who survived the first contest, and went on to the next in a series of 5 Speech contests. 4 received the ultimate reward, a "I" rating at State: Bob Locker - Radio Speaking Connie Speake and Gwen Krahling - Interpretive Reading "The Flattering Word" The cast included Roger Harms, Roger Stubbe, Marti Geick, Gwen Krahling, Connie Speake Those speech contests with the meeting of new people, sharing the disappointznents and happi- ness of others, and having many new experiences were loads of fun. One experience, in particular, was the contest at Orange City, March 3, 1956. The snow storm which increased throughthe day necessitated an overnight stay in the college dormitories and in the homes of hospitable citizens. 30 H 32 f wif Omecomifv PROGRAM LQHSS . !! . .......--1: , - I 71 Q bw me . I 7 .,,., or K Jani.. QW 322 ,wi ff fb swf Q if? E ,, iq nrsg-fm xr: unhmiin ' fn LEUhA HA HHN Q .1 . p x Z 'A'2tlfQDlhD - ..- fp. Q nn-n-mf... Anuan L sill e 1 ANC 5 y . hp . a 5 JR.- R The Juniors' drearns finally unfolded on the evening of April 28, 1956 into a won- derful "FANTASY ISLE". The guests arrived at 6:45 p.m. to find the isle in four lands: Candy Land, Rhythm Land, Fairy Land, and Mas- . , sl L , ANQUET que rade Land, where all their dreams were to come true. The spaciousness of the new gym gave adequate room for the Juniors and Seniors to enjoy the evening of fine entertainment and music by Kay Kurly and his orchestra. K? President ---------- Mickey Kramer Vice President ------ Eileen Rypkema Secretary ------------- Bill Sudenga Treasurer ------------- Mary Bodum INY RW? Continued from page 9. Class Prophecy Ruth Dirksen was snatched by the prince of Bolentavia and she now has 300 servants. No one ever did find out what happened to Klaas! Larry is Public Accountant in prosperous Edna, Iowag population-729 Beverly DeJong and Mavis Goldhorn run their DeGold drive-in. Their motto is: De Young get de best, De old get de rest. Dwayne Rlebeling is working in the New York State Bank--as window-washer. Marilyn Straatmeyer and Thelma Van Brlesen run their own private Bachelors' Home ll Lois Tjepkes is their new hair stylist and manicurist for men. David Geerdes is manager of Rocky Marciano II. Experience is the best teacher. Floydelle Sudenga has organized her own teaxn of Sweetheart Globe Trotters. They are famous all over the world. Verdell Groen already has his B. A. , M.A., and Ph. D. and he's still in school. Aversatile class in high school and still a versatile class, wouldn't you say? CLASS WILL Janie Nagel wills her height to Gloria Ahders. Roger Stubbe wills his ability to get along with lviiss Anderson to Stanley Meester. Roger Jordan leaves his loquaciousness and gauffau to Patsy Kramer. Edwin Schneiderman and Ronnie Winkle will their shortness and stoutness to Verna Hassebroek. Roger Harms leaves his "presidency" of Student Council to Gladys Dammann. Judy Veenker wills her sincerity in giving speeches in Breeze meetings to Joann Wort:-nan. Eileen Rypkema wills her use of the red and white convertable to Bill Sudenga. Kenny Jensen and Marti Geick will their hand-warmingtechnique to Richard Rypkema. Bob Locker and Floydelle Sudenga will their athletic ability to Terry Swalve. Mickey Kramer wills her assortment of boy friends to Carol Pals. Barbara DeGraaf wills her Lester attraction to Janice Lockard. Thelma V. B. and Colleen W. leave their studiousness to Arnold Jansen. Harlan Beek gives his curly locks to Larry Klingenberg. David Geerdes and Larry Smid will their sleepy study halls to Marlyn Kruse. Helen A. leaves her male friends to Vivienne C. Connie S. leaves the Annual editorship to Karen F. Marilyn S. gives Elaine Duin her spot on the honor roll. Marla Hinch and Grace Meyer leave part of their sweetpersonalities to Betty Beherns. Marcy Kix leaves her assortment of clothes to Lola. Mavis S. andGenevleve Hansmann leave their purple jeans to Jean Heibult. Joan Eilders leaves her devilishness to Genda G1-onewold. Larry Feldman and Gary Abels leave their corpulent figures to Darlene Gruis. Mary Bechler and Betty Bos will their long hair to Elaine Sprock. George Ihreerksen leaves his artistic inclinations to Marian Sprock. Charles Harms leaves his car to David Vaselaar. Yvonne Jurrens leaves her mother's sewing machine to Marilyn Elfline. Vera H. leaves her jolly disposition to Ronalda Maxwell, Orville W. and Jim L. want to keep their jobs at the meat market. Out of luck, Richard Hamlin. Gwen Krahling leaves her loquaciousne ss to Audrey Schulte Dwayne R. leaves his big build to Paul Mahler. Lorena M. leaves her nursing career to Patti S. Ruth Ilrksen leaves her ability with the plate scraper to Lois Harms. 37 ,4 '6 If N K P , in-" Ah- x QWWW P5 nt ,J J :Jig YQ 1 "" S ' A 6 Ds' 4. 'Flin . W"-'v 'UI' Q37 I S? av Khin, 1. as-' A in 'L if? 37' ff' if ii!! G.- A , Georgie K. Barb. D. G. Joan E. Loreen T. Gloria A. John B. Evelyn D. Vivienne C. La Rae S. . Carole S. . Janice H. . Shirley K. . Dorothy A. . Lavelle J. . Marion K. . Law ren ce K. . Clarice H. 18 19. 20 Z1 22 23 2.4 Z5 26 Z7 Z8 29 30 31 32 33 Ruth D. Marvin G. John D. Janice V. W. Mitzi Siebrands Lila G. Glenda G. Connie S. Sharon M. Donna D. Ted K. Judson, Terry Stanley, Dick Carol W. Roberta K. Elaine S. Loren G. Lovelle J. Norene D. Judy L. C. Harlan B. Jixn K. Elaine D. Janice H. Judy G. Janice H. Patsy K. Stanley M. Sharon V. Carol W. David G. Mitzi S. Shirley K. Shirley S. 38 Janice L. Dudley E. Janice H. Terry S. Eileen R. Donna K. Patty S. Darwin W. Judy G. Carol P. Elaine D. Gloria A. Joan H. Leanna J. Marlys G. Daryl H. Carol P. Norene D. Grace M. Sharon S. Ellyn K. Darwin W. Marti, Gwen Barb, Marcy Carol P. Orville W. Audrey S. Verna H. Emory S. Lola K. Marla H. Joan, Vivienne Marian S. 85. Shirley J. 'i W-.,'f"' 10-.iii 44 if ff T"-v L, IY' LW, AC' 6 Kuiper Barber Shop - Ashton, Iowa Sudenga Iron Works George Super Service Klinkenborg Bros. Implement Tirrel Lurnber Co. Louie's Hotel 8: Cafe Lyon County News Jordan Implement Bruns Motor Co. Heeren Produce Herman Hollander, Grinding Oren Van Iperen, Insurance Swalve Produce Co. J. E. Smid, Insurance Jake Dietz, Trucking Welzenbach Iznplement George Cleaners George Market George Bakery George Co-op Oil Co. Lyle Fie, Insurance Fie Sheet Metal Jennings' Drug Store Hayenga's Store Sudenga Hatchery Vogelaar Furniture Dreesman Implement Co. Jensen 81 Prouse, Veterinarians Jack I-Iarms, Grinding Luke Freerksen, Woolen Goods Farmers' Lu.mber Co. Farmers' Elevator Co. J. A. Jensen 8: Co. Art Trei, Grinding George Produce George State Bank Grotewold Hardware Josten Jewelry Vogue Beauty Shop Wortman Bros. C. E. Farm Service Dr. H. De Jong, Dentist Dr. H. Gessford, M. D. Dr. J. Lavender, M. D. Molmen's Dairy Bi11's Ca.fe White Shop Gamble Store Council Oak Genelli Studios Coca -Cola. Bottling Co. Spirit Lake, Iowa 40 I I I E 1 I E ...mmm vnu.-nu-mn m'f..wxwna:z4.w.. .nm-:Q n-.1 nqmrw-U .-:a.:...l-., f-- A .-1. -1 m V- ff..-. rv f... mr: -11..-yn.-M-'w.'g,vn1g.m-1 vm -

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