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wi X A 2 5 Q 9 'Q 2, ,S 4 1 5:5,,,,.,t,., f, .hw ,.,.,,.,,M ,W fy- ...wer ii' 1 SPONSORS ,, . W.. ,,,Ww ,, DD TELEPHONE NO. E.E. Klinkenborg and Son, Realty and Insurance ------------------------------ 9 Iowa Electric Light and Power Co. --------------------------- Spirit Lake, Iowa ' Kuiper Barber Shop, Ashton, Iowa ------------------------------- Ashton 4282 Henry J. Jansen, General Trucking ------------------------------------ 207 Sudenga Iron Works -------------------------------------------------- 64 Coca Cola Bottling Co. ---------------------- - --------- Spirit Lake, Iowa George Super Service --------------------------------------------- 44 Klinkenborg Bros. Irnplement ----------------------------------- 90-A Sudenga Motor Co. ---------------- ---------------------------- 6 0 Tirrel Lumber Co. ------------------------------------------- 260 Louie's Hotel and Cafe -------------------------------------- 155 Lyon County News ------------------------------------------ 95 Jordan Irnplement ----------------------------------------- 75 Molmen' s Dairy ------------------------------- Sheldon, Iowa Ackerman Concrete Products --------------------------- 280 Bruns Motor Co. ------------------------------------- 144 Heeren Produce -------------------------------------- 2 Herman Hollander, Custom Grinding ----------------- 88 Oren Van Iperen, Farm Bureau Insurance ----------- 87 Ra1ph's Place ----------------------------------- 62 J. E. Smid, Insurance --------------------------- 49 Siebring Mfg. Co. ----------------------------- 43 Swalve Produce ---------------------------- 235 Jake Dietz, General Trucking --------------- 283 Welzenbach Implement -------------------- 80 George Motor Co. ---------------------- 286 George Cleaners Sr Tailors ------------- 125 George Market ---------------------- 148 George Locker ------------------- 153-A George Bakery -------------------- 156 George Co-op Oil Co. --------------------------------------------------- --48 Lyle Fie, Insurance ----------------------------------------- ---- - ------ 4 2 Fie Sheet Metal -------------------------------------------------------- 79 Bi11's Cafe ---------------------------------------------------------- 105 Jenning's Drug Store ------------------------------------------------- 45 NLE. Hayenga -------------------u------------------------------ss-w Sudenga Hatchery ------------------------------------------------ 187 Vogelaar Furniture ------------------------------------------ 158-A Dr. H.J. DeJong, Dentist ---------------------------------------- 10 H.H. Gessford, M.D, --------------------------------------- 152-A J.G. Lavender, M.D. --------------------------------------- 74-A Dreesman Irnplement --------------------------------------- 51 .Tack Harms, Feed Grinding ------------------------------- 129 Meester's Cafe ------------------------------------------ 36 white shop -------------------------------------------- 17 Grout's Clothing ------------------------------------ 34-J Genelli Studios -------------------------- Sioux City, Iowa Farmers Lumber Co. ------------------------------- Z9 Gamble Store ------------------------------------- 26 Farmers Elevator Co. ------------------- ------- 9 1 J.A. Jensen 81 Co. ------------------------------ 2.0 Jensen and Prouse, Veterinarians ------------- 199 Art Trei, Custom Grinding ------------------ 244 Luke Freerksen, Minn. Woolens ---------- 188-J' Council Oak ----------------------------- 176 George Produce ------------------------ 238 George State Bank ---------------------- 52 JOSf2er1'S ------------ Owatonna. Minnesota Grotewold Hardware ----------------- 17 Howard.K1in.kenborg, Standard Oil ---- 11 DEDIC TIO ' ri J? v f ' E if . .,,,,,, so W 4 t ..- I - We take great pride in dedicating this 1954- 55 Bluejay to Mrs. Speake. We have been indeed fortunate to have you, Mrs. Speake, on the staff of George High School. You are noted throughout Iowa for your outstanding work. You have proved your ability by the many grand plays and the success of your speech students. We thank you, Mrs. Speake, for all the time and effort you have put forth for us. 1 S t a f f W lvl e rn b e r s A r t Back TOWI N- Kruse, M. Kix, J. Groenewold. Middle row: M. Sprock, C. Willemssen, M. Elfline, K. E Fitzgerald, M. Bodurn. d Front row: Mr. Bengtson, R. Harms, R. Stubbe, S, Van i Westen, D. Reiter, C. Speake, J. Hilbrands, t P. Walkup, I. Sprock. O 1' S PRESENTATIO Sponsor: Mr. Bengtson Editor Business Nlanagers Ass't Editor We are proud to present to the students, without whom there would be no annualg to the faculty, without whose help there would be no annualg to the merchants, without whose sponsorship we could not have published this book: and to our parents, without whom there would be no school--this 1955 Bluejay, the result of our combined efforts. We hope that now and in the years to come it will give you many pleasant memories. Z FACULTY Back Row: T. Bengtson, W. Schaefer, J. Speake, H. Daily, I. Munday, H. Reiter. Middle row: E. Casjens, M. Anderson, G., M. Greene, M. Geick. V. Speake, E. Klein- wolterink. First row: L. Lentfer, L. Lichtenberg, M. Love, E. Jacobs, R. Maurer, M. Bengtson finset Superintendent I. B. Speake Secretary Beverly Acke rman muy., Principal H. U. Reiter BETTY ARENDS--She looks like an angel, acts like one too, but you never can tell what an angel will do. Annual Staff 23 Newspaper Staff 45 Class Play 4, Class Sec'y 4. DOROTHY BRUNS 'Tis the quiet worker who succeeds Class Play 4 Class Sec y 3' Hi-C 2 if ::'-.1 5 -::-:: 5 I ,... L j : was HARLAN DE BOER--Some think he's bashful, others doubt ---- very few know he's not. Class Play 45 Glee Club lg Class Treas 3' Hi C Z 3 HHQRY DUIN--If bright remarks were grains of sand, he'd be a desert. Glee Club 1,23 Class Play 43 Baseball 2,3,4g Basket- ball 4. IEANNE GROENEWOLD--She has sense: she has common senseg and even time for non- sense. Band l,Z,3,43 Librarian l,Z,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Glee Club l,Z,3,45 Clarinet Trio 3,43 Clarinet Quartet l,Z,3,4g Girls Quartet 3,43 Mixed Clari- net Quartet 3g Dramatics 1,2, 3,43 Class Play 3,4g One-Act Play 33 Student Council 3,4g Newspaper Staff l,2,3g Annual Staff 4. ' 0 -isfmf 2 ' ' .V av-fr . ,. W - H . Q' NINA BLAU--Never trouble troubles, till troubles trouble you. Class Play 4g Glee Club 3: Newspaper Staff 3. DOUGLAS BRUNS--We know little of him: but that little is good. Class Play 45 Student Coun- cil 45 Hi-C Z,3. ALMA DUIN--Love conquers all things: let us all yield to love. Class Play 45 Glee Club l,2,35 Mixed Chorus Z: Hi-C 3. ROSE ANN DUIN--Quiet UQ and gentle, slender a.nd tall, with hair of red and a smile for all. Glee Club l,Z,3g Mixed Chorus 1,23 Class Play 4. LOUISE HANSNIANN--She's sun- shine even on a cloudy day. Glee Club 1: Class Play 3,4. 3 3' ner' K KENNETH I-IARPHAM I am not in the role of common men. Glee Club 13 Mixed Chorus 13 Ba sket- ball 2,4, Student Mgr. 3, Class Play 4, Hi-C 3. JACKIE HILBRANDS--She's not very tall, in fact, quite small, but she's bright and jolly and well liked by all. Glee Club l,Z,33 Class Play 3,43 Dramatics 43 One-Act Play 4s Librarian 43 Basketball 13 Student Ivgr. 3,43 Newspaper Staff 43 Annual Staff 43 Class V. Pres. 4' Class Treas. 13 Student Council l3 Magazine Sales Mgr. 43 Hi-C 2,33 Rec Club 4g Queen 4. CAROL I-IOLLANDER--A brown- eyed personality, full of fun and originality. Glee Club l,Z,3,4L3 Mixed Chorus l,Z,3,43 Sax Quar- tet 2,3,4Q Sax Sextet 2,3,43 Band l,2.,3,43 Girls Sextet 3,43 Girls Trio 4g Sax Solo 13 Vocal Solo 4g Drurn Majorette 3,43 News- paper Staff 2,33 Annual Staff Z, 33 Dramatics 1,3,43 Class Play 3,43 One-Act Play 3,4. .TOE KLINKENBORG--My only books are women's looks, and folly is all they taught me. Dra- matics 43 Class Play 3,43 One- Act Play 4s Basketball l,2,3,43 Baseball 1,Z,3j Class Pres. 33 V. Pres. 1,21 Annual Staff 33 Student Council Z3 Rec Club Z,3,4. CAROL KRUGER--She thinks without talking and never talks without thinking. Glee Club 13 Class Play 4. 'i 391, if g 4' fm:- ,S . qs. DENNIS HILBRANDS--I like workg it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours. Bas- ketball l,2,33 Baseball 1,42 One- Act Play 43 Class Play 43 Wrest- ling 33 Student Council 13 V. Pres. 4. KENNETH HINSCH--Who's afraid of the big bad faculty? ? ? Class Play 4. CLARENCE JURRENS--Neither a book worm: nor a social hound, but a swell fella to have around. Class Play 4. WAYNE KRAHLING--I didn't come to school just to study. Class Play 43 Rec Club 4. NADINE KRUSE--First in duty3 first in full: first in the hearts of everyone. Class Pres. 13 Student Council 1,22 Pres. 43 Draznatics Z,3,43 Majorette 2,3,43 Glee Club 1,Z,3,43 Basketball 1,Z,3,43 Girls Sextet 3,4Q Vocal Solo Z,3,43 Girls Trio 43 Class Play 3,43 Annual Staff 3,43 Newspaper Staff 3,4Q All State Chorus 4. PAT MEESTER--Her energy equals that of 10 girls ---- she's got rhythm in her feet. Drama- tics l,2,3,43 One-Act Play 1,43 Class Play 3,43 Basketball l,2, 3,43 Band 2,33 Glee Club 2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 4g Drum Ensernble 33 Librarian 23 Annual Staff 23 Newspaper Staff l,2,3,43 Editor 43 Student Council 3,4. CURTIS MEYERHOFF--I live from day to day so why worry about tomorrow... Glee Club 13 Rec Club 23 Wrestling 33 Class Play 3,4. LLOYD OSSENFORT--I only hope I don't have to walk to suc- cess. Glee Club 1,21 Class Play 43 Rec Club 4. STAN RYPKEMA--Sometimes I sit and think--other times I just sit. One-Act Play 43 Class Play 43 Draxnatics 43 Baseball l,2,3, 43 Basketball 23 Glee Club 43 Rec Club 2,3,43 lvixed Chorus 4. .TOAN SCHOONHOVEN--We love her frank and smiling face, her Play 3,4 sensible and quiet grace. Class " RUDY MEYER--His only fault is he doesn't have any. Glee . R . 3, 'N Club 13 Class Play 4. DAVID MORKRID--I get up at the crack of dawn, stuff up the crack, and go back to bed. Bas- ketball l,2,3,4Q Baseball 1,22 Annual Staff l3 Rec Club 2,3,4. DOROTHY REITER--She's Sl'h3.l1: she's wise3 she's a terror for her size. One-Act Play 13 Class Play 3,43 Dramatics l,2,3,41 Annual Staff l,3,43 Editor 43 Newspaper Staff 2,33 Glee Club l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4: Band 1,2,3,43 Drum Ensemble 3,43 SaxSexbet 1,2,3,43 Sax Quar- tet l,2,33 Girls Quartet 3,43 Vo- cal Solo 43 Student Council 33 Cheerleading l,2,3,4. HELEN SCHNEIDERMAN-- Friendship that makes the least noise is always the most useful. Glee Club 13 Newspaper Staff 43 Class Play 4. BYRON SCHRICK--Now that Einstein isn't, I will be. Bas- ketball 1,Z,32 Baseball 2,32 Dra- matics 43 Class Play 3,43 One- Act Play 43 Glee Club 43 Class Treas. 23 Pres. 4s Rec Club 4. K?- Q X 51 ' ! Aw, ,. ' M .. 3 T , IOANN SPROCK--She knows what's what and what she wants she knows. Basketball l,Z,3,43 Dramaiics 43 Class Play 43 News- paper Staff l,2,3,43 Glee Club l,Z,3,43 Mixed Chorus l,Z,3,43 Sec'y 43 Rec Club 2.,3,4. SHIRLEY STUBBE--The trouble with school is that it interferes with other activities. Glee Club 2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Bas- ketball 1,2,3j Class Pres. Z3 Librarian 43 Drarnatics 43 Class Play 3,43 Newspaper Staff 2,3,43 Rec Club 2,3,4. GLENDA VAN BRIESEN--If I had a thousand tongues I'd use them all. Band 1,Z,3,43 Glee Club 1,2.,3,4Q Iviixed Chorus Z, 3,42 Pep Band 2,3,43 Dramatics 3,42 Rec Club 2,33 Basketball 13 Music Librarian 3,41 Newspaper Staff 3,42 Class Play 3,43 One- Act Play 1,3,41 Attendant 4. SHIRLEY VAN WESTEN--Her life is like the moon, there's a maninit. Hi-C 2,33 Class Treas. 4: Glee Club 1,Z,33 Annual Staff 43 Class Play 3,43 Librarian 43 Magazine Sales Manager 43 At- tendant 4. MR. REITER Class Sponsor is- I E6 I X 5 CLASS FLOW ER Orchid HARLAN STUBBE--Work is for the livi.ng3 no wonder I feel sick. Class Play 3,43 Glee Club 13 Base- ball 13 Newspaper Staff 43 Rec Club Z,3,4. GENE THORN--The trouble with opportunity is that it generally comes disguised as hard work. One-Act Play 13 Class Play 43 Basketball 1,42 Glee Club l,Z,3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4I Rec Club Z,3,4. A cARoL VAN IPEREN--Boys are bothersome but I like to be bothered. Drarrmiics Z,3,4: Class Play 3,4Q One-Act Play 33 Li- brarian Z3 Band l,Z,3,43 Basket- ball 13 Glee Club l,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 43 Trombone Quartet 43 Brass Sextet 33 Pep Band l,Z,3, 43 Newspaper Staff 33 Rec Club 2,3,4. KLAAS V35--A gentleman far- mer who tends to the rnilkxnaids. Class Play 3,4. CLASS COLORS Deep Purple and Silver CLASS MOT TO "He who sitteth down leaveth no footprints ' behind him. ll Q' HONOR ROLL Jeanne Groenewold Dorothy Reiter Betty Arends Dorothy Bruns Douglas Bruns Harlan DeB0er Carol Hollander Nadine Kruse Pat Meester Byron Schrick Glenda Van Briesen BACCALAUREATE PROGRAM Pre1ude..... ...................E11yn Koerselman PROCESSIONAL CLASS OFFICERS Pres ........... Byron Schrick V. Pres...Jackie Hilbrands Sec'y ............ Betty Arends Treas...Shir1ey VanWesten Call to Worship ..... .................. C horus Invocation ....................... Rev. B. Ver Steeg Scripture Reading ............... Rev. H. Johnson Have Mercy and Spare -- Christiansen ....... . Chorus Prayer ............................. Rev. I-I. Johnson Send Out Thy Light -- Gounod ........... Chorus Class Sermon ..................... Rev. S. Roesler Lord's Prayer -- Malotte ..... Kenneth Jensen Benediction ..................... Rev. B. Ver Steeg Threefold Arnen RECESSIONAL Valedictorian J Groenewold Recessional 2 ' The Last Step 'Taken Salutatorian: D. Reiter COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES PROC ESSIONAL Invocation ........................................... Rev. J. Walkup Rise Up, O Men of God - Walter .... Mixed Double Quartet Salutatory ........................................... Dorothy Reiter Address -- "Winning By Losing" ......... Rev. C.E. Mason fMinister, First Methodist Church, Sioux.City, Iowa, Valedictory ................................... Jeanne Groenewold Presentation of Class ................................ J.B. Speake fSuperintendent of George Public School, Presentation of Diplomas .................. Dr. J.G. Lavender lPresident, Board of Education, Prayer For a Safe Journey - Parry..G1enda Van Briesen Alma Mater Song ........................ Mixed Double Quartet Benediction ........................... .............. R ev. J . Walkup The Lord Bless You and Keep You CLASS PROPHECY As I look into the future and traverse the stairway to the stars some ten years hence, I see be- fore me the cream of the Milky Way. Some of the thirty-eight senior stars have attained higher heights than others, some are brighter, while still others are more beautiful: but each shines ra- diantly in its own way. The first star is a famous wrestler, Curly Curt Meyerhoff by name. He now has his own Used Car lot. You can't say he hasn't had "a lot" of experience. There shine Harlan DeB0er and Douglas Bruns. They have really built themselves up in the world. They have just constructed a 103 story building. Talk about reaching the heights! Shirley Stubbe has paved the way inT1er waitress career. She has just become the head wait- ress "to" a Brown Derby in Hollywood. Hereqre two of our stars--star basketball players from George High--Pat Meester, forward, and Nadine Kruse, guard. When Pat graduated from school she got a car and said, "I'm going to take this "Forward" to New York. Now she is editor of the New York Fashion Magazine. Nadine Kruse--Hey, where is she? Ah, there she is, guarding the gold at Fort Kruse and it's all hers. She got it singing on the NAK Television Show. Ah, I see Dorothy Reiter is still cheering. Cheering because she finally landed a fish with her line. Nice fishing, Dorothy. Lloyd Ossenfort has met and married his Harriet. Now on television, Ozzie and Harriet have competition. Every Friday night Ozzie and Harriet Ossenfort and Ir. and Slicky may be seen. At present Dorothy Bruns is at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York testing a new waffle. She's one of the best cooks in America fa rival of Betty Crockerj. I guess that medal she received in high school inspired her. Clarence Jurrens owns a cookie factory in Manchester, New York. There he is making "Kooks" Cookies. Louise I-lansmann is making her living selling kisses but not the kind you think. No, I see she is the proud owner of Louise's Yummy Candy Kiss Factory. Harlan Stubbe has just opened his own hatchery. He has been saving eggs for a number of years now. One who has worked her way up in the field of art is .Toann Sprock. She nowlhas gone through Greenwich Village and is drawing portraits of the President and other important "dog-catcher" officials. Next tirne you're in the "dog house" call on her--you might see her working. I just received a news flash from France. Jean Groenewold has received her first vote of con- fidence from the parliament as woman premier of France. And now to Hollywood where we find J'oe Klinkenborg as successor to Marlon Brando. As it was written in a Hollywood gossip column, he is noted as, not the "Lone Wolf" and not the "Lone Ran- ger" but, ---- as Tonto might say, "Ugh, him got much silver and many squaws." Of all the things Stanley Rypkema has been called, he has been named outstanding baseball play- er of 1962. Klaas Voss and wife are using their geometric knowledge in building a new home in California, one of those that hangs on a mountain. Another star is the former Betty Arends starring in her role of farm wife. During the day she looks after all the little Hansmanns and at night she teaches 4-H classes. Kenneth Hinsch, after trudging in the Sierra Madre for five years, has just discovered uraniu.m. He left on his prospecting trip the night he received his diploma. Wayne Krahling became a famous driver in the racing world. Didn't think.he would make it be- cause his name is often pronounced "Krawling." People want a driver who makes his car do much more than crawl. Nina Blau has cut her appetite. She is sword swallower for Ringling Brothers Circus. Rudy lvleyer owns a ranch in Alaska. He raises red-nosed reindeer, each endowed with the name, "Rudolph." In a farmhouse south of town we see Alma Duin and Johnnie. It seems the family pocketbook is subplanted more by accordian playing than by raising chickens. Henry Duin has been doin' just plenty. He is proud father of twins, "Nothin' Duin" and "Plen- ty Duin." He also sings at the Metropolitan Opera House. All that yelling across the study hall finally paid dividends. Texas clairns a dude ranch owner, Jackie Hilbrands. Jackie was a stewardess aboard an airplane that crashed in the rich oil fields of Texas. She later married the doctor who took care of her in the hospital after the crash. fBy the way, he owns ten oil wells., Guess who's the foreman ofthis classy dude ranch. None other than "The Dude," Den "Tex" Hilbrands. He made his fame in the role in his senior class days. Remember that "rock" Shirley Van Westen got for her finger in her senior year? Well, she's still collecting rocks. She and Stanley have a rock garden at their new home. Kenneth Harpham, the jet ace of the air force, is recruiting passengers for his tenth trip to the moon. The price has been cut to the astonishingly low price of Sl00,000 per person for a two week cruise in outer space. A new highway market has sprouted up. The sign says: "See Gene Thorn for the thorniest thorn bushes in town. A place where you'll get stuck if you don't watch out." 'I' l l l 4 i w N m David Morkrid is taking life easy in California. Dave owns the Morkrid Do-It-Yourself Dry Cleaning Company. There's a beautiful big Cadillac going down New York's Sth Avenue. In it are Helen Schneider- man and Carol Kruger, dress designers for Jean Groenewold of Paris. Carol Hollander, by the way, is an outstanding model working for the Carol-Helen Shoppe. Joan Schoonhoven's work in the F.B.I. offices is really exciting. Her favorite quote is, "I'm a lady detective looking for a man." Rose Duin?---Why, she's been named Miss Red Top of '65. Yes, that lovely red hair has final- ly won fame for her. The whole world is enjoying Glenda Van Briesen's beauty shop. Just try and tell me you can't make "headway" in the world by starting on the top. Carol Van Iperen has just realized her life-long ambition, to be a wife. There's no particular subject in her searches, all she wants is a plain ordinary man. The president of the senior class now works with the underworld. Byron Schrick says, "You know, I have a grave undertaking but actually business is dead." He's Edna's mortician. And so it is with the class of '55 ------ still shining so brightly--but oh, so differently than it CLASS WILL Be it known that we, the honorable members of the class of '55, on this the 24th day of May, be- ing of sound mind and body, declare this to be our last will and testament: Dennis Hilbrands wills his "way with the women" to Gary Abels and Ronald Winkel. Wayne Krahling gives his extra inches to George Freerksen and Kenneth Van Briesen. Dorothy Bruns wills her quiet ways to Barbara DeGraaf and Gwen Krahling. Rose Duin wills her red hair and blushes to Mary Bechler. did ten short years ago. Doug Bruns wills his beautiful blue eyes to Joan Eilders and his calm way to Beverly Delong. Harlan DeBoer leaves his studiousness to Arnold Harms and Norman Smith. Kenneth Harpham wills his curly locks to Charles Harms and his flying license to Larry Smid. Sorry, Larry, the license is good for airplanes only. Jeanne Groenewold leaves her list of car license numbers to Thelma Van Briesen and her va- riety of slacks to Genevieve Hansmann. Louise Hansmann gives her jolliness to Floydelle Sudenga. Klaas Voss wills his ability to go steady to Bob Locker and J'im Lucas. Byron Schrick wants to keep everything he has. Sorry, girlsll Pat Meester wills her list of "out of town" boys to Vera Hilbrands. Carol Hollander gives her brown eyes and a few boy friends to Grace Meyer. Joe Klinkenborg wills his unresistable charm to Darwin Willemssen. David Morkrid gives his physique to Larry Feldman and his black, curly hair to Roger Jordan. Shirley Van Westen takes Yvonne Jurrens's brother. Dorothy Reiter donates her musical ability to Harlyn Beek and Edwin Schneiderman. Curtis Meyerhoff presents his "ultra-modern" cars to Gene Bluxn and Jerry Smith. Harlan Stubbe wills his ability to get along with the teachers to Roger Stubbe. Shirley Stubbe gives her "boy cut" hair style to Betty Bos. Carol Van Iperen bestows her giggle to Marilyn Straatmeyer and Helen Athens. Clarence Jurrens wills his motto, "Women are so, unnecessary," to Orville Willemssen. Rudy Meyer contributes his reserved manner to Verdell Groen. Joan Schoonhoven bequeaths her long tresses to Mavis Goldhorn. Glenda Van Briesen wills her"come hither" eyes to Lorena Meinerts and her "Levis" to Mic- key Kramer. Lloyd Ossenfort leaves his ability to be heard to Dwayne Reibling. Stan Rypkema gives his position on the baseball team to Roger Harms. Nadine Kruse leaves her place on the basketball team to Judy Veenker and her pleasing person- ality to Janie Nagel. Kenneth Hinsch wills his cousin to Lois Tjepkes. Jackie Hilbrands leaves her height to Eileen Rypkema and Marcy Kix. She also leaves a few dates, just a few, girls. JoAnn Sprock leaves her art editorship to Phyllis Walkup. Alma Duin leaves her night life to Marvin Grave. Gene Thorn wills his ability to catch up on sleep in study halls to Roger Sprock and David Ge- erdes. Helen Schneiderman gives her extra-curricular activities to Connie Speake. Carol Kruger bequeaths her shorthand ability to Martha Geick. Nina Blau leaves her ability to remain unattached to Ruth Dirksen. Betty Arends wills her male companions during the noon hour to Marla Hinsch and Colleen Wil- lemssen. Henry Duin leaves everything he has to those Juniors who feel they have been cheated by the preceeding will. Divide among yout Signed, sealed, and declared by the Honorable Class of 1955 to be their last will and testament. 'WY ' 1 UNDERCLASSMEN Q 1 1 ,, " - 15' hnfss ' .M . , , fvszj L.. , ' , UNIORS Back row: E. Schneiderman, D. Geerdes, A. Harms, A. Beek, M. Grave, V. Groen 5th row: D. Riebling, G. Abels, C. Harms, L. Smid, N. Smith, R. Sprock, R. Harms D. Hollander, I. Lucas, L. Feldman, K. Jensen. 4th row: H. Beek, R. Stubbe, R. Wink- el, K. Van Briesen, D. Willernssen, G. Freerksen, G. Blum, B. Locker, O. Willems- sen. 3rd row: J. Smith, C. Speake, F. Sudenga, B. DeGraaf, M. Kix, E. Rypkema, J' Veenker, B. Delong, M. Bechler, R. Jordan. Znd row: Y. Iurrens, L. Meinerts, R Dirksen, G. Meyer, J. Eilders, M. Hinsch, M. Straatrneyer, M. Kramer, M. Geick C. Willemssen, P. Walkup, Nliss Geick. lst row: G. Krahling, L. Tjepkes, H. Athens B. Box, G. Hansmann, M. Goldhorn, T. Van Briesen, I. Nagel. Class Officers Pres. Bob Locker Sec'y. Grace Meyer Treas. Colleen Willemssen SOPHOMORES Back row: R. Hamlin, L. Klinkenberg, .T. Schrick, J. Heibult, B. Sudenga, G. Ahders, D. Grave, I. Lockard, L. Kix, J. Rypkema. Third row: M. Kruse, R. Rypkema, P. Mahler, S. Meester, J'. Donaker, P. Snuttjer, E. Duin, D. Gruis, T. Swalve, A. Jansen. Second row: A. Schulte, R. Maxwell, C. Pals, G. Gronewold, M. Sprock, M. Elfline, E. Sprock, L. Harms, K. Fitzgerald, D. Vaselaar, Iviiss Anderson. First row: B. Behrens, G. Dammann, V. Cas- sens, P. Kramer, L. Johnson, J. Wortman, V. Hassebroek. k , , , Pres. Paul Iviahler V. Pres. Bill Sudenga Sec'y Lola Kix Treas. Pat Snuttjer 13 FRESHME First row: L.DeBoer, L. Schrnidt, E. Symens, S. Johnson, M. Thorn, S. Vaupel, D. Jur- rens, L. Schulte. Second row: L. Kruger, I. Hinricks, S. Hilbrands, W. Krahling, A Smith, J. Van Westen, C. Jurrens, L. Geerdes, E. DeBoer. Third row: Mr. Speake, D Veenker, E. Freerksen, M. Bodum, I. Swalve, E. Johnson, C. Krahling, J. Beek, C Harms, H. Riemersma. Fourth row: B. Klinkenborg, R. Meyerhoff, J. Grave, L. DeJong J. Voss, I-I. Meyerhoff, E. Smith, C. Brunsma. Fifth row: R. Wilsey, L. Van Briesen, L Geerdes, M. Gieske, G. Van Oort, M. Kruse, Burdell Schneiderman, I. Bleeker, W. Heyer Freshman Initiation 1954 1955 King-Bruce Klinkenborg Queen Erma DeBoer ATHLETICS Back row: 15-Joe Klinkenborg, 13-Bob Locker, Z1-Bill Sudenga, 2.3-David Mork- rid, 11-Orville Willemssen, Mr. Munday-Coach. Front row: Emory Smith, Gene Thorn, Charley Harms, Stanley Meester, Ivan Bleeker, Terry Swalve, Paul Mah- ler. Dwayne Riebling Student Mgr. S Front row: F1rst six: Fitzgerald Meester Kruse Sprock Lockard Kramer Second row: Miss Greene C. Speake F. Sudenga J. Veenker E. Rypkema G. Krahling J'. Hilbrands, Mrg, ......l. -S BASEB LL u i J A. 'XA Back row: Mr. Munday, B. Locker, D. Hilbrands, B. Sudenga, E.Smith, H. Duin, R. Harms, J'. Lucas, S. Rypkerna. Front row: C. Brunsma, M. Geiske, I. Bleeker, L. VanBriesen, T.Swalve, P. Mah- ler, S. Meester. We 4 9 7 O 7 Z 7 2 8 8 6 3 6 SEASON'S RECORD Fall Rock Valley Hospers Hull Sioux Center Tournament Ashton, forfeit Western Christian Rock Valley Melvin Spring Rock Valley Ocheydan Larchwood Public Inwood Melvin Tournament Melvin Harris Ashton District Sioux Center 18 They 5 7 4 5 0 4 4 0 6 4 Z Z 4 0 4 Z 5 S L JM Music xi A 'L-W MIXED FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Dammann, E. Symens, M. Elfline, G. Gronewold, Y. Iurrens, D. Veenker, K. Fitzgerald, J. Wortman, C. Speake. SECOND ROW: C. Jensen, B. Schrick, R. Stubbe, M. Kix, .T. Groenewold, P. Meester, P. Walkup, H. Hollander, P. Snuttjer, G. Blum, B. Sudenga, B. Locker, D. Willemssen, O. Willemssen, There's Song BFirst row: G. Damrnann, E. Sy- mens, G. Gronewold, C. Pals, P. Kramer, M. Goldhorn, M. Elfline, C. Speake, B. Behrens, D. Veenker, M. Thorn, K. Fitz- gerald, M. Bodurn, .T. Wortman, C. Iurrens. Second row: Mr. Schaefer, C. Hollander, J. Sprock, P. Snuttjer, N. Kruse, I. Ryp- kema , L. Kix, J'. Swalve, I. Lockard, G. Van Briesen, L. Johnson, L. Geerdes, M. Kra- mer, E. Rypkema, J. Groene- wold, P. Meester, P. Walkup, G. Ahders. Third row: C. Van Iperen, G. Krahling, D. Reiter, M. Geick, M. Bechler, M. Kix, B. DeGraaf, M. Straatmeyer, I-L Athens, S. Hilbrands, F. Su- denga, I. Veenker, Y. Jurrens. CHORUS L. Kix, M. Bechler, M. Geick, E. Johnson, I. Bleeker, S. Rypkema, G. Thorn, J. Swalve Pals, C. Van Iperen, G. Krahling, D. Reiter, J. Lockard, B. DeGraaf, C. Brunsma, K Athens, M. Bodum, C. Iurrens. THIRD ROW: N. Kruse, J. Sprock, G. Van Briesen, C G. Ahders, E. Rypkema, J. Veenker, J. Rypkema, F. Sudengq. of In The Air BOYS GLEE CL B First row: Mr. Schaefer, I. Bleeker, E. Johnson, K. .Ten- sen, C. Brunsn1a, B. Locker, V. Groen, M. Gieske. Sec- ond row: D. Rypkema, E. Schneiderman, G. Blum, R. Stubbe, D. Willemssen, B. Sudenga, O. Willemssen, B. Schrick. Z1 ml CLARINETS Jeanne Groenewold Glenda Van Briesen Joan Rypkema Sharon Sudenga Judy Swalve Verdell Groen Roberta Klaahsen Sandra Harms Judy Harms Ruth Ann Sudenga Gladys Damrnann FLUTES Beth Wortman Carol Speake Georgia Smid And The FRENCH HORNS Ellyn Koerselman Lee Nora Peters Patti Snuttjer CORNETS Kenneth Jensen Karen Fitzgerald Bob Locker Emory Smith James Koerselman Herbert Koerselman TROMBONES Gwen Krahling Eileen Rypkema Bill Sudenga Carol Van lperen Roger Stubbe Stuart Smith Band PERCUSSION Janice Lockard Mary Bodum Marilyn Elfline Patsy Kramer Judy La Cour BARITONES Judy Veenker Marcy Kix Carol Pals Leanna Johnson ALTO SAXOPHONES Connie Speake Floydelle Sudenga Mavis Goldhorn TENOR SAXOPHONES Carol Hollander Janice Hollander BARITONE SAXOPHONE Dorothy Reiter ALTO CLARINET Lola Kix BASS CLARINET Dorothy Veenker TUBAS Darwin Willems sen Carol Wilsey Played On STATE MUSIC WINNERS Ma ry Bodum Girls' Sextet Division I rating Saxaphone Senftet Division I rating Vocal Solo Division I rating II's II's Piano Solo-E. Koerselman Treble Voice Low- Trumpet Solo-K. Jensen J. Swalve Snare Drum Solo-I. Lockard E. Rypkema Trombone Solo-G. Krahling Girls Trio A Baritone-Euphonium Solo- Girls Sextet A J'. Veenker Drurn Ensemble Bass Solo-R. Stubbe Brass Sextet Treble Voice Medium- Double Mixed Quartet G. Van Briesen Clarinet Trio Treble Voice High- Girls Quartet A M- Geiflk Chamber Group of 'Brass D. Reiter Trombone Quartet G. Gronewold r V, . ',",w, Q' 2 - df . I es. , , V .X --- - F ei? M ,ff A X' . A I :ii I Connie Speake Brass Quintet Division I rating Mixed Quartet Division I rating Saxophone and piano solos Division I rating "Ninn Dorothy Bruns Betty Crocker Award Poetry Awards Alma Duin lst in local Znd in county Karen Fitzgerald lst in local Art Awards County Janice Lockard Q Karen Fitzgerald Q I Ellyn Koerselmanj Joann WortmanQ Lois Harms J II Joann Sprock I Phyllis Walkup II Nadine Kruse HI Gloria Ahders I Q! Roger Harms Rating I Humorous Division State Speech Contest Boys' State Award Pat Meester Rating I Humorous Division State Speech Contest - I... Jackie Hilbrands Good Citizenship Award Big Q Winners Jean Groenewold Carol Hollander Nadine Kruse Dorothy Reiter xilg y M :kc . i f a' l ' Qi ' lull " 'fi' if - f . J rw" 1 Z 2.4 Jean Groenewold Rating I Dramatic Division State Speech Contest Nadine Kruse Rating I Dramatic Division State Speech Contest Glenda Van Briesen Rating I Dramatic Division State Speech Contest V Il- Fr ' 9' ,mf . .., ..-. ... -1- - 1 va.- UN. Q .WA SPEECH W ui' ' 1n SENIOR CLASS PL Y CAST OF CHARACTERS Little Sarah, who worships Charlie ..... ......Iackie Hilbrands Willie.....................................Wayne Krahling Charlie Davenport, manager of Buffalo Bil1's Wild West Show......................Harlan DeBoer Buffalo Bi1l..... Pawnee Bill..... Sitting Bu1l.......... I-Ar s . Schuyle Adams..... Mrs. Porter..... .....Klaas Voss .....Gene Thorn .....Henry Duin .Jeanne Groenewold .....Louise Hansmann .........Caro1 Kruger Shirley Stubbe Helen Schneiderman ....Dennis Hilbrands Curtis Meyerhoff Rudolph Meyer .........Nina Blau Rose Ann Duin Kenneth Harpham Clarence Iurrens ............Alma Duin Betty Arends Jeanne Groenewold Carol Van Iperen Ioan Schoonhoven ......Rudo1ph Meyer .....Kenneth Hinsch Mac, Charlie's assistant .............. Byron Schrick COWGIRLS ...... Foster Wilson, proprietor of hotel ............. Lloyd Ossenfort COWBOYS ..... Dolly ...... ................................ P at Meester Winnie .................................... Carol Hollander fmother-daughter team, INDIANS ...... Tommy, in love with Winnie ...... Stanley Rypkema Frank Butler, crack-sharpshooter ................ Joe Klinkenborg GUESTS .... Mary ...... ..................... D orothy Reiter Jane ..... ......................... N adine Kruse ffriendsj Annie Oakley ...... ...... G lenda Van Briesen Butler ..... Little Jake ..... ....... Ha rlan Stubbe Minnie ...................................... Dorothy Bruns Conductor .... Jessie ................................ Shirley Van We sten fAnnie's brother and sisters, M a W k e e a u 1' P e D a e P 5 a u r C 'IS C m e e 5 n s t Katrina..... Mama..... Papa ....... Dagmar ..... Christine ..... Nels ......... Mr. Hyde ..... Aunt Trina ..... Aunt Sigrid ..... Aunt Jenny ..... Uncle Chris ...... The Woman ...... George McIntyre...... T rry McIntyre..... Iv s. McIntyre......... . we 1 JUNIOR CLASS PLAYS ......Phy11is Walkup .....Connie Speake .....Kermeth Jensen ........Janie Nagel ......Grace Meyer .....Marvin Grave ..........Bob Locker ......Ei1een Rypkema ........Judy Veenker .........Marcy Kix .........Gene Blum .....Mar1a Hinsch Mr. Thorke1son...... Dr. Johnson........ Arne........... Miss Ga1e.... Miss Yates..... Soda Clerk.......... Madeline Bishop........... Dorothy Schi11er............. ......Dwayne Riebling ............Larry Smid .............Arno1d Harms ....Thelma Van Briesen ............Lois Tjepkes .......J'erry Smith ......Joan Eilders ....Mavis Goldhorn Maud, The Scrubwornan.............Vera Hilbrands Florence Dana Moorhead.............Mary Bechler Be11boy...........................Edwin Schneiderman JUNIOR CLASS PLAYS GROWING PAINS .....Roger Harms ..........Marti Geick .......Lorena Meinerts P- .xfessor McIntyre.... ...............Roger Stubbe E1sie................. Patrolman Rand..... Dutch ................. B rian ...... Omar ...... Hal ....... .Marilyn Straatmeyer .... .Floydelle Sudenga Sophie.................. Mrs. Patterson...... ... ..........Gwen Krahling ...Darwin Willemssen .........Kermeth Jensen ...Orville Willemssen ...............Jim Lucas ..........Roger Jordan Tom ..... Pete ...... Sonny ...... Pudge ........ Prudenc e ...... Sally ......... Patty ..... Jane ...... Mary ....... Miriam ...... Betty....... Vivian..... .........David Geerdes ...............Norman Smith ......Edwin Schneiderman ..........Verde11 Groen e ............ Betty Bos .....Ethe1 Harberts ......Barbara DeGraaf ...........Mickey Kramer Genevieve Hansmann ...........Beverly DeJong ..Co11een Willems sen ......Yvonne Jurrens I'm A Fool After swabbing horses all summer as a stablehand, George has finally been put, by mother and sister, into decent clothes again. Encouraged by a "dude" he meets, he be- gins to give himself airs, as he sees a young gentlernan with his beautiful sister and girl friend. They start talk- ing and George takes the name of a prominent horse owner. The girl and George fall in love, but she must leave soon. However, she'll write: she knows the address of his estate. George is crushed. Her letters will all be sent back. "There ain't no such guy. Gosh amighty. I hope I get cancer and die." CAS T George..... .....J'oe Klinkenborg ......Stanley Rypkema .....Carol Hollander Bert............... Ivii1dred............... George's Mother ..... ........ P at Meester Eleanor ............ ....... I ackie Hilbrands Dude ........ ...... D ennis Hilbrands Lucy ...... ..... G lenda Van Briesen No Television Tonight Mrs. Howard disconnects the T.V. set. Now she can have an evening of quiet, and get acquainted with her family a- gain. While Delsey and Bud argue with Dad about what program to turn on she sits back and waits. The set won't work. Everyone sits down to an evening of reading, etc . Then Mrs. Howard discovers that at eight o'clock there is a program she wants to see. The way they handled the situation made the comedy a delight. CAST Mr. Howard ...... ..... L arry Klinkenborg Mrs. Howard .... ........ Ma rian Sprock Delsey ........... ........ P atti Snuttjer Bud ............ .... R ichard Rypkema Lila ........ ..... G ladys Dammann Gordon ...... ...... J' udson Schrick Wienies on Wednesday The Foster family entertains Madame Castenelli, noted soprano. The worried hostess has had all her mental qualms for nothing, for the Madame is revealed as an intensely human character with a passion for "wienies" for break- fast. CAS T Z8 ' Mr. Foster ...... ........... . Mrs. Foster .... Marian .................. Jack ......................... Madame Castene11i,... .. ......G1en Van Oort ....Dorothy Veenker .....Elaine Symens .....Conrad Krahling ........Lois DeJ'ong PRELIMINARY Roger Stubbe Gene Blum Roger Harms Carol Hollander Jean Groenewold Judy Veenker Connie Speake Joann Sprock Nadine Kruse Carol Van Iperen Pat Meester Dorothy Reiter Glenda Van Briesen Jackie Hilbrands Shirley Van Westen PRE-DISTRICT Gene Blum Roger Harms Carol Hollander Jean Groenewold Judy Veenker Connie Speake Joann Sprock Nadine Kruse Pat Meester Dorothy Reiter Glenda Van Briesen Jackie Hilbrands Joe Klinkenborg Stanley Rypkema Byron Schrick Dennis Hilbrands DISTRICT Gene Blum Roger Harms Carol Hollander Jean Groenewold Connie Speake Joann Sprock Nadine Kruse Pat Meester Dorothy Reiter Glenda Van Briesen Jackie Hilbrands Joe Klinkenborg Stanley Rypkema Byron Schrick Dennis Hilbrands av' J v '-hx, Q X' DRAMATICS Back row left to right Roger Harms Gene Blurn Roger Stl bbe Byron Schrick Stanley kema, Mrs. Speake. Third row: Car- ol Hollander, Jean Groenewold, Shirley Stubbe, Judy Veenker, Grace Meyer, Martha Geick, Glenda Gronewold. Second row: Betty 9 5 Behrens,Joann Wortman,Connie Speake,Karen Fitz- gerald, Joann Sprock, Eileen Rypkema. Genevieve Hansrnann,Caro1Jur1-ens, Phyllis Walkup. First row: Joe Klinkenborg, Nadine Kruse, Carol Van Iperen, Pat Meester Dorothy Reiter, Glenda Van Briesen, Jackie Hilbrands and Shir- ley Van We sten. STUDE T COUNCIL Back row: Mr. Speake, S. Smith, R. Harms, I. Klinkenborg, D. Bruns, D Hilbrands, B. Locker. First row: C. Speake, P. Meester, M. Bodurn, A Smith, M. Sprock, E. Rypkema, K. Fitzgerald, I. Groenewold, P. Walkup N. Kruse. BREEZE STAFF Back row: N. Kruse, S. Stubbe, G. Van Briesen, A. Duin, H. Schneider- man. J. Schoonhoven, I. Hilbrands, S. Van Westen, Third row: H. Stubbe, M. Gieske, M. Grave, C. Harrns, C. Krahling, R. Rypkema. Second row: C. Van Iperen, B. Arends, D. Bruns, L. De.Tong, M. Sprock, I. Wortman, C. Willemssen. First row: J'. Sprock, P. Meester, P. Walkup, T. Bengtson. NEWSPAPER STAFF SOCIAL wi: - wg W Cr I Queen: Jackie Hilbrands Walking Down The Aisle Queen: Jackie Hilbrands 32 Duke: .Toe Klinkenborg Attendant: Shirley Van Westen Attendant Nadine Kruse Escort: Stanley Rypkema Escort David Morkrid :hi M V' . ill, f . ...x V Attendant: Glenda Van Briesen Attendant: Carol Hollander Escort: Dennis Hilbrands Escort: Byron Schrick On the night of January 7, 1955, the new George High School auditorium was overflowing with aluxnni and guests for the 195.5 Homecoming event. The crowd watched two tense games with Rock Rapids as George's ri- val. After a hard fight Rock Rapids won both games by small margins. Between games the queen's attendants were ushered into the gym by their escorts. Following came the queen, Jackie I-Iilbrands, who was later crowned by the duke, Joe Klinkenborg. Marty Veenker, alumni of 1953, acted as Master of Ceremonies for the Q evening. 33 f f 2 f.LM.i!S'Z3 smsrmw X 99 3 ,NL 451 1, Af sa fsteia 9' 1 ilu ,. A 30, 1955. Everyone arrived at 6:30 p.m. dressed in his very best Stardust. The audi bringing the warm spring evening into the hearts of all the Juniors and Seniors The Waiter and Waitresses Bob Locker - Byron Schrick Way - Mavis Goldhorn Connie Speake Mr. Schaefer Mars - .Tudy Veenker Stars - Jr. Class Glow Borealis Stardust and Shadows Star Dipper . an-el I X' 1 'Y Drops QI l -3+ REC CL B President: Carol Hollander V. President: Mickey Kramer Secretary: Eileen Rypkema Treasurer: Pat Meester Sponsors: T. Bengtson, J. Munday M. Geick, M. Greene. l'j K 73 93 'W S P R I N G P R O M CLASSES ,, ' ' fxmx, 'M . 1 - . f .. , - vs , ' .V 1 . g . Study Hall Manual Training 10B Hard at Work. Busy Woodworkers :,, L 4 +2 n U Shorthand Arnerican History Chicken-scratching Ready for Test? A I A mar -ba x .vA. l 37 -V4 ,Yin R1 ' A 3 I gfg - "' Q'-J Y R Y? if d ai F ' 3 . 1 m it ? 7a -1 A . . N if 4 I M . D! i W 'fiig lg "TQ , wg-'QQ-.1 xr Y. -T 'L v , 1. 8 "'v-ll ii' Civ 1,Qf'P'S I A ' Mr ,p'ifQ1Pcasfg , 5 ,Q , 'X' .' kv X v K X5 2 , ,gf . 3? QZM N Wk. 'Q L V yi 5 s - k fx gl-A Y. - W r V4 x - N , 'I . .,,l gr 1 gin 'wgmvxf up x mf? S f fl Es if -. n Q - X X as mg fi , Q .mm -SW C4 m 'EE- E . 17543 - , K A , x Og' ff: " v 5197311 Q , .H vw- Q iid, qw- ...,.,.+ ' 6 Q fri' 'fir "life YI' YPFJ ' 'Y qwtxkaf '.-1 D k1,47p 4' ",,1 g, Joan Schoonhoven Floydelle Sudenga Ellyn Koerselman Gladys Dammann Judy Veenker Patti Snuttjer Janie Voss Carol Hollander Jeanne Groenewold Marti Geick Bruce Klinkenborg Charles Harms Stanley Meester Lola Kix Carol Van Iperen Bill Sudenga Roger Stubbe Judy Veenker Dorothy Reiter Carol Van Iperen Connie Speake Joan Schoonhoven Patti Snuttjer Dorothy Reiter Darwin Willemssen Marilyn Straatmeyer Marian Sprock Douglas Bruns Lois Tjepkes Connie Speake Mr. Speake Dick Wilsey Bill Sudenga Darrell Hollander Janice Lockard Ellyn Koerselman Lorena Meinerts Audrey Schulte Janice Lockard Terry Swalve Karen Fitzgerald Nlichael Geiske Bill Sudenga Orville Willemssen Marilyn Elfline Douglas Bruns Yvonne Jurrens Vivienne Cassens Patsy Kramer Bob Locker Judy Swalve Jim Lucas Louise Hansrnann Larry Feldman Shirley Van Westen Ronald Winkel Judy Swalve Phyllis Walkup Shirley Van Westen Alma 8: Elaine Duin Lola Kix Harlan DeB0er Doug Bruns Karen Fitzgerald G1adys'Dammann lvfickey Kramer Genevieve Hansmann Emory Smith Vera Hilbrands Elaine Sprock Nadine Kruse Paul Mahler Dorothy Reiter Ellyn Koerselman Harlan DeBoer Charlie Harms Joe Klinkenborg Roger Stubbe Terry Swalve Betty Arends ,f QR! lg - 259' 2, Q.. 1 L xki 1 , M fx. 3 .xg g f .I w 4' TY V .. s Q in .g5J'A!.' 1 xbgg Y 4 4. in F 1' N. W! lim Q n p ww. 5 .V s, Q Q qi' 1' vf 'lk -Q.: Q v' fi-5 -I Q 1' iffy ff 1 1 S 3, !. A. X .a 'Y J w w l L .fl 'ix' 1 xi' H. IW: f s W gig. t fe rg xy Vito QR! Xt it . Q, if .. I t S ' Q ' E kg 2 . N- gf . ,, :fi if, K 'I Q ff Eff y 8 I ,,.. t X ' 1 U 1 y' T ' Tr ' Q s f If u , I+ 8? I' e 1 f Q: M wwiff' if is 1 4 is x 1 A . I . 3 1 p 9 lf , . G 55:5 .QI fJ'5? . '1 A+ JL' ' I ni Q37 z I I I , A 'if 1 ' 5 ,X 1 1 . iz f f, Q wg' I I I ir' f 4, , 8 A ' 1' 2 x F l!lllH llllllf " f 'll . f ff 4 if V, MIA . ,, J SPONSORS TELEPHONE NO. E.E. Klinkenborg and Son, Realty and Insurance ------ ------- ---------------- 9 Iowa Electric Light and Power Co. ---------------- --- ----- Spirit Lake, Iowa Kuiper Barber Shop, Ashton, Iowa ------------------------------- Ashton 4282 Henry J'. Jansen, General Trucking ------ ---------------------------- 2 07 Sudenga Iron Works -------------------------------------------------- 64 Coca Cola Bottling Co. ---------------------- - --------- Spirit Lake, Iowa George Super Service ----- 4 --------------------------------------- 44 Klinlkenborg Bros. Irnplement ------ ---------------------------- 9 0-A Sudenga Motor Co. --------------------------------------------- 60 Tirrel Lumber Co. --------------------------------- ------ 2 60 Louie's Hotel and Cafe ----------------------------- ------- 1 55 Lyon County News --------- ---------------- --- ---- --95 Jordan Irnplement ----------------------------------------- 75 Molmen' s Dairy ------------------------------- Sheldon, Iowa Ackerman Concrete Products --------------------------- 280 Bruns Motor Co. ------------------------------------- 144 Heeren Produce -------------------------- --- -----2 Herman Hollander, Custom Grinding ----------------- 88 Oren Van Iperen, Farm Bureau Insurance ----------- 87 Ra1ph's Place ----------------------------------- 62 I. E. Srnid, Insurance ---------------- ------- 4 9 Siebring Mfg. Co. ------------------- ---- 4 3 Swalve Produce ---------------------------- 235 Jake Dietz, General Trucking --------------- 283 Welzenbach Ixnplement -------------------- 80 George Motor Co. ------------ ----- 2 86 George Cleaners 81 Tailors ---- ---125 George Market ---------------------- 148 George Locker ------------- ---153-A V George Bakery -------------- ----- 1 56 George Co-op Oil Co. ----------------------------------------------------- 48 Lyle Fie, Insurance ------------------------------------------------------ 42 Fie Sheet Metal ---------------------------------------------------- ---79 Bil1's Cafe -------------------------- ------------------------------- 1 05 Ienning's Drug Store ------------------------------------------------- 45 M.E. Hayenga --------------------------------------------------- 58-W Sudenga Hatchery ------------------------------------------------ 187 Vogelaar Furniture ------------ - ------------------- ------- 1 58-A Dr. H.J'. Delong, Dentist ---------------------------------------- 10 H.H. Gessford, M.D. --------------------------------------- 152-A LG. Lavender, M.D. ------------------------------ -------- 7 4-A Dreesman Irnplement --------------------------------------- 51 Tack Harms, Feed Grinding ---------------------- ------- 1 29 Meester's Cafe ------------------------------------------ 36 White Shop ----------------------- -------------------- 1 7 Grout's Clothing ------------------------------------ 34-,T Genelli Studios -------- ---------------- S ioux City, Iowa Farmers Luxnber Co.--- ------------------------ g---Z9 Gamble Store ------------------------------------- 26 Farmers Elevator Co. --------------------------- 91 I.A. Jensen 8: Co. ---------------- s------------- 2 0 Jensen and Prouse, Veterinarians ------------- 199 Art Trei, Custom Grinding ------------- ---- 2 44 Luke Freerksen, Minn. Woolens ---------- 188-J' Council Oak ----------------------------- 176 George Produce ------------------------ 238 George State Bank ---------------------- 52 -TOSfen'S ------------ Owatorma, Minnesota Grotewold Hardware ----------------- 17 Howard Klinkenborg, Standard Oil ---- 11

Suggestions in the George High School - Bluejay Yearbook (George, IA) collection:

George High School - Bluejay Yearbook (George, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


George High School - Bluejay Yearbook (George, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 12

1955, pg 12

George High School - Bluejay Yearbook (George, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 18

1955, pg 18

George High School - Bluejay Yearbook (George, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 16

1955, pg 16

George High School - Bluejay Yearbook (George, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 40

1955, pg 40

George High School - Bluejay Yearbook (George, IA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 20

1955, pg 20

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