George E Westinghouse High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA)

 - Class of 1975

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George E Westinghouse High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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A.. H, ,Q WESTINC-HOUSE HIGH SCHQCDL VQLUME LX 1975 Westinghouse forever, Loyal and True, Nothing can ever take the place of you. Westinghouse forever, We're true to you, We love our Colors of gold and blue. f 5 I l r is V si The Sketchbook Staff P.T.C. 2 To an excellent Senior Class. You have graduated from the academics provided for you at Westinghouse. Along with this great achievement let us graduate into real outstanding men and women. Let us use all our power to lift up the standards, morally and mentally, of Westinghouse High School and the community. Tenolia 1. Guice, Sketchbook Sponsor Parent Club Mr. Theodore Vasser, Princ'pal The principal of Westinghouse High School has provided new frontiers since he took the helm. He has been influential in curriculum development. He has acquired new programs and instructional materials. He has designed the schedule to fit the needs of 2,000 students. To use a parenthetical expression, the course to the harbor was, as he ex- pected a long and difficult one, but with an unlimited concern for the school, self- confidence and determination, the class of '75 has arrived at its destination. Mr. Vasser has a very keen interest in sports, especially football, as he reflects to high school and college days, as well as, participating with semi-professional teams. Mr. Vasser wishes to congratulate the Senior Class of 1975 because it possesses leadership and has been quite successful. Mrs. Audra Mae Gilliard Mr. james Law Mr. 1. Leo Woods Mr. Clarence Marks l 1 A' 3. 5,5 l l 2 e M r. lo Mrs lane Berlm Twelfth Grade Counselor Miss Mlttle Vaughn Ninth Grade Counselor fl is as lk 4 M vivo r ' ' ,een NYC Counselors i. 1 Head Librarian, Mrs. Dorothy Davis, Librarian, Mrs. Starks fx, Nurses - Mrs. W. Major, Mrs. C. Moore School Security- Mrs. Clausell, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Kyser, Mrs. Pendleton, Mr. Legion, Mr. Smith, Mr. Lee, Mr. Williams, Mr. Brown. 6 Gffice "Gang" N ILW mfg Mrs. Fuller Mrs. Keys I 1 N Miss Branche Mrs. Hicks i .L . JM LX Mrs. Dragich Pete Dimperio Mrs. French Mrs. Azzara BRAXTON, GEORGE AUSTIN, ROBERTA BAILEY, LAWRIE BARROWS, PEGGY BERTY, RUDOLPH BISSELL, FRED BOLDEN, JESSE BROWN, IAMES CAPONE, JOSEPH FLAVIN, CAROLYN FORD, AN N E'I'l'E G ERMAUX, ROBE RT GILBERT KATHERINE GOLOMB, LEE Elsie-m 'fiwtkf i LORINCHAK, EDMUND GREENE, JAMES ' GUICE, TENOLIA 1. HARPER, GLORIA JEMISQN, LANA KUMER, HERMAN LUBARSKY, SORALI MACCACNAN, ANG ELO MANTSCH, GEORGE MAZZELLA, SYLVESTER MEANS, SAMUEL MOSKOWITZ, BERNARD SIVIY, NANCY MOTISMAN, PHYLLIS MYRICK, EDWARD NELSON, ION NESVISKY, ALLAN NICHOLS, BIRDIE NORKUS, VIRGINIA SPENCER, GLORIA TARKA, JOHN URQUHART, VIVIAN WALTERS, CHARLES WEBB, GEORGE WHITE, IAMES WILLIAMS, ERMA Mrs. R. Alston Mrs. F. Hurt Mr. Briscoe, NYC Counselor Mrs. A. Petite and Mrs. D. Richards Liason Workers I.-1 Mrs. Kyser, Security if X 'XX Mrs. Clausel I, Security Mr. Ernest Lee, Security james Smith, Security Mr. Sam Legion, Security Mr. Brown, Security DINAH SMALLS Miss Black Westinghouse of 1975 G.A.A. QUEENS What Can I Say? The Bulldogs have done their thing up til' now. Let's go get SOUTH HILLS Homeroom 314 Row 1. L. Price, R. Fleming, R. Brown, V. Anderson, C. Tullis, K. Woods, I. Felix. Row 2. W. Session, D. Francher, B. McClain, M. Tate, T. Bridges, K. jackson. JR. CLASS OFFICERS MR. ZENER'S HOMEROOM 18 Homeroom 226 Row 1. l. Samuels, E. Massey, R Raines, V. Manual, Mr. Palso HOMEROOM 230 Row 2. D. Lane, 1. HOMEROOM 218 lones, K. Hay- Row 1. C. Poindexter, T. Woodson, C. Lovelace, M. Medley, B. Washington, Mrs. Koyako. Row wood, B. Ro- 2. L. Morant, 1. Gratton, L. Vaughn, D. jackson, T. Frazier, A. Robinson, C. Curtrary. binson, W if HOMEROOM 310 S-T-R-I-K-E 20 HOMEROOM113 HOMEROOM 339 HOMEROOM 336 Row 1. M, Cray, M. Eaton, B. Miller, V. Walker, R. Turner, Mr. Lerekes. Row 2. A. Strothers, M. johnson, C. Craighead, M. lones, K. jackson. Row 3. B. Morris, E. Wynn, I. Lockman. Row 4. G. Freeman, E. Randall, D. Sumpter, D. Gallman, 1. Brown, C. Finch . W ,l f ral l - l Q W3 fgxwfi THE ROBED CHOIR- is excellent, for most of them it's Farewell! 23 BAND L to R, Row 1: G. Baynes, R. McClain, C. Williams, K. Frederick, W. Mitchell, D. Gray, K. jackson, V. johnson, C. Baxter, B. Fulton, j. Davis, L. Green. Row 2: S. Turner, R. Robinson, K. McKoy, D. Brown, M. Gray, j. Edwards, D. Gallman, j. Samuel. Row 3: A. Williams, L. jackson, B. Lane, M. Tate, G. Freeman, M. Williams, A. Ridley, M. Coairoll, M. Berry, D. Gilbert. Row 4: M. Saunders, T. Taylor, R. Davis, B. jackson, G. Harrison, j. jackson, A. Wilson, M. jackson, T. Smith. BIOLOGY CLUB L to r, Row 1: K. Hicks, j. Stenhouse, M. Randolph, Mr. H. Brown. Row 2: L. Turner, R. Bey, T. Whitted, M. Gray. 24 BLACK MOVEMENTS L to R, Row 1: D. Smalls, T. Terri, M. Davis, C. Pendleton. Row 2: A. Dupree, l. Sumpter, C. Williams, L. West, B, Fulton. Row 3: L. Smith, C. Lovelace, W. Williams, A. Smith, R. Fleming. T ggi t l BOWLING CLUB L to R, Row 1: E. Walton, D. Brown, l. Vaghn, P. Campbell, N. Dixon. Row 2: C. Wynn, D. Tull, C. Felix, D. Harrell, D. Gallman, Miss L. Carpenter. Row 3: C. Cutrary, M. Gray, B. lackson. 25 ROBED CHOIR L to R, Row 1: M. Smalls, V. Lovelace, P. Patterson, V. Briggs, Ms. Nichols, C. johnson, A, Rose, A. Smith, l. Foster, C. Francher. Row 2: A. Dinkins, K. DeHonney, A. Robinson, R. Edmonds, L. Price, A. Diggs. Row 3: E. leffries, D. Smith, D. Hutchson, T. Turner, B. Walker, W. Lowery, D. Francher, C. Gibson. Row 4: 1. Bostick, R. Wallace, B. Cutrary, D. Waddy, D. McNeal, K. DeHonney, K. Tyler. ENSEMBLE L to R, Row 1: 1. Foster, V. Lovelace, A. Rose, A. Smith. Row 2: C. Cutrary, M. Smalls, R, Edmonds, W. Lowery. Row 3: T. Turner, D. Waddy, K. DeHonney. 26 D.E.C.A. L to R, Row 1: E. Randall, T. Terri, T. Lavender, D. Wilkes, D. Wilkes. Row 2: A. Manual, Ms. Strothers. Row 3: V. Manual, D. Willcox, D. McMillan, B. Mitchell, P. Mooney, T. Williams. GIRLS GYMASTICS L to R, Row 1: D. Pryor, R, Watkins, D. Sneed, S. Shareet, Y. Moore, C. Morris, N. Mullen, T. Golden. Row 2: Mrs, Alston, B. Talton, l. lackson, D. Lee, M. Williams, V. Bush, K. Hatcher, A. Cox, E, White, l. Adams. 27 MARTIN ODES T0 DR. MARTIN Martin was a King among menp He tried to free this world form sin. I heard he knew just what it took To put Black History in the book. It was not uncommon to hear him say, "I have a dreamy we shall overcome someday." The people did love him and so did I. And on the day of his death, we all did cry. On that day, too, the world took pause To mourn a King- a King with a cause! by Jerome Porter Q .W LESLIE WILEY Ds li srii A. Theodore Vasser Roberta Gudger LUTHER KiNc,1R. C. MORRIS Thomas Burkhart G, jONES A GREAT MAN A Man that knew violence wasn't the way- But with knowledge and learning- We will reach our goal someday. The dream he dreamed can come trueg with help from me and you. The marches, the speeches, the boycotts and all lust so we as people would not fall. So help us, teach us, show us the way- One of us might become a Dr. King- someday. by lulia Hill GRADUATIQN 'ef 9 fx .e W N? sl' X '1 1f111 Q 5 :g1,, ik. j,, -,1,. . I I Ti. N ,.:5.. K , ,E ,V k-,,, A 27 DAY Z, S 41 A: ,F ., 'W J f W9 ff f ,Q fx, Hi - ww: r, E I fi , fd? 3 In R COACH STITZELL AND TENNIS CLUB fd V' V xl-0 9 6 :KAN LIBRARY AIDES: P. Young, E. Huff, E. Knight NEWS PAPER STAFF Row 1. C. Morris, Y. Medley, C. jones, K. Wilmer, 1. Morant, Ms. Hogsgaard. Row 2. D. Palmer, R. Thomas, E. Miller, M. Cuy, D. Denard. Row 3. A. Harold, G. jones, D. Waddy, D. Quinerly 32 ORCHESTRA CHILD CARE CLASS I SR. HONOR SOCIETY- Ms. Holt, D. Smalls, D. Wilkins, I25 L. Wiley, D. Palmer, G. jones, STUDENT COUNCIL AND SPONSORS VARSITY CLUB 33 4.3 ff 55 rw .fy 333' ,hm gif. if Nz. Y f ix as X 3 A fx x , N a 1, x 4' X 5 wwf! "1 if 4 an ms N-.,., N-...f " - SENIQR CLASS OFFICERS Seated - M. Williams, R. Gudger, M. Kenderson. Standing- R. Thomas, L. Portis, T. Terri, C. Morris. 36 Lindsay Ferguson and Debbie Heard Leave It To Us. CLASS UF 1975 Keith Pendleton - doing his best! Mr. Eugene DuPree ACIE, lERRl ALLEN, TYRONE IIFLYH l.V. Football, Basketball ln- tramuralsg College ARTEMUS, TYRONE "TY-STON E" To be president BANKS, ELEANOR "KATHY'f National Honor Society, Marching Band, BSA, Latin Club, College ALLEN, NORMA JEAN Shondors Sorority, Air force ANDERSON, KEITH C. "SLY" Automotive 84 Diesel Tech nology BANKHEAD, DANIEL LaMONT "DANNY" Football, Entertainment Afterprom, College BARN ETF, JEFFREY U. T.V. Production 84 Elec- tronics BALDWIN, VERONICA LELISA Cosmetology and Fashion Merchandising BASS, LISA "LADYBUC" Volleyball Team, Typing, College I e , BELL, DAVID A. "BlNC" College BOWENS, VICTORIA LYNN "VICKY" BSA, Yearbook Staff, Af- terprom and Prom Com- mittee, Health Aid, Miss Westinghouse Pageant Committee, Camp Coun- selor, College BARRETT, DGRIS E. Cosmetology BATIS, LUCILLE "LUCY" Basketball Team, Bowling Team, Elementary Educa- tion BEY, RAMONE O. HSPEEDSTERH Varsity Cross Country, Var- sity Track, Art Club, Com- mercial Artist BOYKINS, BARBARA L. D.E.C.A., College 39 BURNETT, RODERICK BROCK, ION 'fBROCK" Ribbon Day, Afterprom, Yearbook Staff, Basketball, lr. Track, Electronic School BROWN, JAMES JR. Bunny, DONNA Louise f'Ln-rLE Bn" D.E.C.A., college 40 BURRELL, ANDREA "TONIf' Health Aide, BSA, Band, Executive Secretary BROWN, DAVID S. "BROWN" Miss Westinghouse Pag- eant, Community Day Parade, Prom Committee, Afterprom, Band, Army or Marines BROWN, SHARON RENEE "CHANNEL" Hall Patrol, Fashion Show, Gym Aid, Model or Airline Stewardess BURTON, ROBERT "BURTON'S BULLDOGSH Varsity Football, All-City Football, Western Pa. All- Stars, Prep-All American, Varsity Club, Volleyball, Track, Chess, President BUTLER EMILY HM!! Editor, Yearbook, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, Latin Club, College - Sociologist CARTER, WILLIE "SONNY BONO" Baseball, Football, Varsity Club, Student Council, College CHARLTON, ROBIN CLEVELAND, ALFRED D. "CHASE" Band, Travel HN j BUTLER, IOYCE ANN "CLEO" Gym Aid, Homeroom Sec retaiy, Queen "73", Af terprom Committee, Eash ion Designer CHATMAN, BELINDA "REDBONE" Business School CLARK, RICHARD Baseball, Varsity Club, College COLLI ER, CYNTHIA D. "CYNDI" Band, BSA, College - Special Education 41 DR. COOP S Bookroom- Marines a a g T cooPER, DENNIS se , al I rf W L , Q ,W fisfm. M24 " 'f,k T qi. 5 M-A wfim CORNELIUS, FRANK IAMES "FRANCO" Baseball, Football, Varsity Club, Hall Patrol, College DABN EY, ELIZABETH Ill-'ZH Upward Bound, Iota Sigma Theta, G.A.A.g College DEAN, KATHY "DEAN" D.E.C.A., BSA, Ribbon Day, Afterprom, Track, Nursing School COOPER, EUC EN E "GENlE" Track COVINGTON, ALBERT DAVIS, JAMES JR. NLD-lr Band, College DEAN, MICHAEL 11jIMMYff College ,si 5 DENNARD, DEBRA l. HDEBH Latin Club, Newspaper, Volleyball, BSA, College -Nurse DICKSON, CARDL ANN Honor Society, Volleyball, Secretary DlXON,lOYCE Ill-Dlll BSA, Pom-Pom Girl, Prom Committee, Secretary DOTSON, GENEVAM. Honor' Majorette, Volleyball, Drill Team, Executive Secretary DIGCS, ANDREA L. "ANNIE" All-City Choir, Typing, College DIXON, DONALD B. JR. "Li'L DlXON" Youth Safety Council, Oddsesey, Auto Mechanic DONALDSON, DARRELL MAURICE HSTRINCBEANU Latin Club, Lawyer EDMONDS, RENEE DIANE "TURTLEff Choir, D.E.C.A., Afterprom, Community Day, College 43 EVANS, BENNIE "HOOTS'f Track, Student Council, Baseball, Community Day, Technical School FITCH, DARREL WESLEY "lIMMY FINCH" Honor Society, Ribbon Day, Yearbook, Basketball, Afterprom, College FOLKS, LORRETTA FREDERICK, KIM RENEE Band, National Honor So- ciety, Orchestra Ribbon Day, College 44 FERGUSON, LINDSAY EDWARD "LIN-SKEETERH Varsity Club, Senior Hall Patrol, Ribbon Day, Col- lege FLANAGAN, ROCHELLE "SHELLEY" Gym Aid, Nurse or Beau- tician FOSTER, IAMES "FOSTER" Track, Football, College FREEMAN, CHARMAINE GADDIE, CAROL l I , GAINES,KElTH o. ' , Football, Basketball, Var I sity Club GIBSON, FLORA National Honor Society H.R. Secretary, Gym Aid, Modeling School l GILLIARD, MARY Gym Aid, Afterprom Com mittee, Honor Roll, Execu tive Secretary GAINES, EDWARD GIBSON, CYNTHIA MARIE "CINDY" Robed Choir, Home- coming, Prom Committee BSA, Student Council, So- cial Worker GIBSON, ROBIN ANN f'sQuEAkY" Library Aide, Gym Aid, Airline Stewardess GOUCH, ROBBIE Track Team, Honor Roll, H.R. President, Hall Patrol, College- Law 45 GREEN, AVA D. Scholar's Program, Stenog- rapher GUDGER, ROBERTA "BERTA" Sr. Class President, Student Council, G.A.A., Business Administration HAMI LTON, SANDRA CAROL HSANH BSA, Beautician HAROLD, ALTH EA LYNN MTH EA!! Student Council, B.S.S. Gym Aid, Afterprom Com- mittee, Legal Secretary GREENE, RODN EY HDOUGLASH Carpenter GUY, MICHELE ROBIN "MlTCH" Girls' Basketball, Softball D.E.C.A. Newspaper, Col lege HARDAWAY, KEVIN lAY Varsity Cross-Country College HARRELL, HOLLIE E. "CANDIE" Typing, Clerical Office Business School HARRELL, CHERYL HARRIS, lESSE ALBERT ffsoisoff College HARVIN, KERKLYN "KERK" Football Team, Varsity Club' Education HAYES, GWENDOLYN HARRIS, BEVERLY MICHELLE "MlTZlE" Honor Roll, Afterprom Committee, College HARRISON, GEORGE S. Ill Marching Band, lr. Achievement, College HAWKES, VIVIAN ANTOINETTE HVIVII Choir, Gym Aid, Afterprom Committee, Nurse HEARD, DEBORAH RENEE Yearbook, Majorettes, Latin Club, BSA, College -Nurse 47 HEARD, RODNEY "BUTCH" lr. and Sr. Track, College HENDERSON, JOHN "SPUTY" Ribbon Day Committee, Bowling Club, Auto Me- chanic HICKS, KATHALITA Hall Patrol, Marriage HOLEMAN, FREEMAN M. 48 HENDERSON, CHERYL ANN Beautician HICKMAN, KAREN HOLBROOK, ALVIN 1. UNIV!! Covernor's Safety Council Auto Mechanic HOLT, WILLIE E. BSS, Baseball, Prom Com mittee, Auto Mechanic HOWARD, CURTIS S. Trade School HUFF, EULENE Library Aide, Retail Selling JACKSON, JACQUELYN M. "JACKIE" Cheerleader, Gymnastic and Tennis Team, National Honor Society, Scholar's Programg College - ln- dustrial Engineer JEFFRIES, KEVIN D.E.C.A.p Trade School HOWELL, OTIS R. JR. Mechanical Engineer JACKSON, BRUCE E. "LONG" Swim Team, Varsity Basket ball, Varsity Clubg College JACKSON, RODNEY CLARENCE Service JOHNSON, CECELlA DARLENE f'cEiL" Choir, Student Council, Af terprom Committeep Col lege 49 JOHNSON, DARLENE "CRANNY" Student Council, Who's Who American High School Students, Hall Pa- trol, College JOHNSON, SHEILA E. "SHEEKlE" Yearbook, Red Cross Club, Afterprom, Ribbon Dayp Airforce JOHNSON, WAYNE Football, Track, Baseball, Varsity Club, College JONES, DEBRA R. "DEBBIE" Retail Merchandising JOHNSON, LOLA "TOOKlE" Pageant, Parade, Prom, Business School JOHNSON, THERESA Sold candyg Child Care JONES, CLARENCE W., IICJIII Baseball, Varsity Club, School Newspaper, Foot- ball Manager, College JONES, GERALDINE ANNE "GERRY" C.A.A., National Honor So- ciety, Track Team, Gym Aid, Secretarial Field 3. fi iggqb "M EGQOW 4 , 4 O v. me 4 'I ww ,:'.o'9 ks,i"Q.fn 4 4+ +,'s",' 1 ,mdvt 'Q .,, , 4 . if 42" o".'!L P -emu-. new KENDERSON, MARTINA A. "TEANNINE" Class Secretary, Gym Aid, Office Aid KYSER, LESTER "KEBLER" Lette-rman's Club, Football, Baseball, Track, College LANE, WILLIAM IR. IIBILLII Marching Band, Teacher Ald,Army LEE, CHERYL KNIGHT, DAPHANY L. Library Aid, Latin Club, Af- terprom, DECA Club, Col- lege LANE, KEVIN RUSSEL "HUNCHY" Football, Volleyball, Let- terman's Club, Scholar's Program, College LAVENDER, TIRRELL "TERRY" Tennis, DECA Club, IBM School LEWIS, IANETTA F. HLOUIE BEE" Gym Aid, College 51 LEWIS, MARNETT R. Afterprom, Child Care MANUEL, ANGELA ANITA "ANGIE" Afterprom, Swim Aid, DECA Club, Honor Roll, Cosmetology MCCLAIN, DORIS IANET "SNOOPY" DECA, FHA, Business School MCGINNIS, RICARDA R. HRICKII BSA, Student Council, Counselor's Aide, College 52V LOVELACE, VICKIE HLILVICKIEI' Robed Choir, Afterprom, BSS, Yearbook, Ribbon Day MARSHMAN, VICTORIA JEAN "VICKY" Model MCKOY, KENT "NUGGET" Track Team, Basketball, College MCNEAL, DON 'DONNYMACH Choir, Swim Team, Volley- ball, Kappas, College MCMILLAN, PAMELA lI ll Student Council, DECA Club, Court Reporter MEREDITH, ANTHONY l UACEII Honor Roll, Stage Crew, Airline Travel Agency MILLER, EVELYN L. FHA, BSS, Newspaper, Homecoming, Secretary MITCHELL, BARBARA A. "ROSEY" Pom-Pom Girl, DECA, lr. Achievement, College MEDLEY, YVONNE MAE "BEE BEE" Newspaper, Hall Patrol, Honor Roll Student Council, Executive Secre- tary MILES, CAROLYN BSA, Prom and Afterprom, College MITCHELL, ARTIS IEROME "ARTMlTCH" Swim Team, Football, Air Force MONCRIEFF, KAREN 53 MOON EY, MARGUERITE "PEGGY" DECA, Afterprom, lA, BSA MooRE, cHARLEs MORSE, GHAUNGEY MORTON, GLORIA l. r1jEANff Track, Volleyball, Gym Aid, Honor Roll, Nurse MORANT, JANIGE ANN "PEEWEE'f Track Team, Basketball Team, GAA Newspaper, Gosmetologist MORRIS, CHERYL D. Cheerleader, National Honor Society, BSA, Af- terprom, College MORTON, DALEENA I. "DEE DEE" BSS, DEGA, Business School MOSEBY, ROSETTA L gl lk MOSES, TONI RENEE "MOSES" Hall Guard, College NOEL, RODLAND E. "MEAN MONSTER" National Honor Society, Who's Who Winner, Stu- dent Council PARKER, ROBERT L. "BOB BYRON Student Council, Bulldog Announcer, Afterprom, Electronics PATTERSON, ZELL M. "PENNY" Robed Choir, Pom-Pom, Track Team, Counselor's Aid, Mortician NIXON, WILLIAM "CADILLAC" Track, Chess Club, Engi- neering PALMER, DENISE R. f'DEE-DEE" Newspaper, Homecoming C-ym Aid, Stenographer PATTEN, CYNTHIA "CINDY" l.A., Health Club, Volley- ball, College PEAY, YVONNE 1. "VONNlE" Airline Reservationist 55 PERRY, BARBARA ANN "BARB" Music Education PHELAN, PARIS Social Worker POELLNITZ, BYRON PORTER, JEROME "JAY-BEE" Science Honor Institute, Chess Team, SchoIar's Pro- gram 56 PERRY, LORNA MAY IIFOXXII Doctor PICKETI, MARY IIPIGH Business School PORTER, LARMAR "COLEY'f Baseball, Track, Communi ty Day, Ribbon Day College PRINCLE, WILLIE IR. "POTATO CHIPSH Hall Patrol, College PRUITT, STEPHEN "STEVE" Football, Baseball Captain, Pro Baseball PUGH, HARRY HH!! Counselor and Office Aide, Homecoming' School of GMC QUINERLY, DIANE NADINE "TREE" Homecoming, Newspaper, Honor Roll, Stenographer RAINES, KATE PRYOR, CAROLYN DIANE Scholar's Program, Gym nastic Team, Cheerleader CAA, Honor Roll, Stenog- rapher QUARLES, CILBERTIR. JV Basketball, College QUINERLY, MELVIN IR. "HORSlE" Football, Basketball, Var- sity Club, College RAY, ANTHONY Softball, Baseball, Com- puter Technology 57 REED, ANTHONY ffLAcY" College REED, WILLIAM IR, HBH-LH Hall Patrol, Afterprom, College RIDLEY DEBORAH ANN POOH CAA, Ribbon Day, Track Team, FHA, College ROBINSON, DAVID IR. IIDAVEII Varsity Football, Hall Pa trol, Varsity Baseball, Col- lege REED, RICHARD K. "REED" Choir, Afterprom Com- mittee, DECA, College RICHARDSON, IEEEREY L. "CSONKA" Varsity Football, Track, Let- terman's Club, Student Council, College RITTER, DONNA ROBINSON, GREG Why. Obs ROBINSON, IACKIE M. Gym Aid, Nurse ROSEMOND, BRENDA "Bl'I'l'Y BIT" Majorette, Gym Aid, DE Club, Secretary RUTH ERFORD, BARBARA H. "BOBBlE" Cosmetologist SMALLS, DINAH L. "FEEDE" Black Movement Dance Group, Red Cross, Cheer- leader, Honor Society, College ROSE, APRIL L. -r'2Aax, CDNDLRT CHDIZ, V.P. IQ73 -I-lome.c.omin3 Queen, STUDENT' Coulvcu., Hdnar Sxfef-yi M1461 c, cares rf BUSINESS C0MMufuic4-nofvs RUCKER, DELORES IEAN "DUCKY" Pom-Pom Girl, Gym Aid, Business School SADLER, IANICE Counselor's Aid, Student Council, Business School SHEFFIELD, RAHMAN "ROCKY" Baseball, Honor Roll, Col- lege 59 t i 2 . .A be SMITH, ABIGAIL Q "SWEET" , Concert Choir, Gym Aid, TITIIIII Honor SociefY, Student i?' Council, Pomerette, Col- ' ' f B I I g lege , A at s. f i ' K ':::'-wi ,, I '- I ,gp .,,,,. .Aw . , . wan, Q- 1 an IW it - i i ' - fr- 'L ' -5 SMITH, DENISE SMITH, EDITH IIE'-G!! Yearbook, Iota Sigma Theta, BSA, Beautician SMITH, RODNEY H. "DIGIT" Track Captain, Intramural Basketball, College 60 SMITH, DEBRA SMITH, DIANE "BUNNY" Choir, Ribbon Day Com- mittee, College SMITH, LUVENIA "CHICKIE" Ir. Achievement, Social Work SMITH, VIRLIE IR. ll,OE jOEll Volleyball, College STANCILE, DEBBIE IIDEBII Afterprom, Gym Aid, DECA, Business School STRIDER, BARRY "BEAVER" SchoIar's Program, Band, Afterprom, Electrical Engi- Heel' SULLIVAN, BERNICE I. "BUNNY" Afterprom Committee, College TALLEY, RICHARD "RlCKY'f College STI RKEY, DAVID Lawyer wiki? C 4, Q- 2. S1 ' STUBBS, HUBERT SUMPTER, IANICE ROBIN "lANNIE" Afterprom Committee Cosmetologist Q AW'-. . I - Iissi sr I I I., I' KL,,L,, TAYLOR D NAL c. . ' O D Q! L Drafting SCIWOOI 61 Band, Outdoors Club, Gym Aid, Cosmetology, Black Movement Dancer, TAYLOR, REGINALD GLENN "REGGlE" Chess, Track Football, Yearbook, BSA, College TERRY, TONI L. "TlPPY" Black Movement Dance Group, FHA, DECA, Af- terprom, Merchandising THOMPSON, EDWARD Carpentry, College TOLBERT, SHIRLEY TERRY, ROSE M. "GlOVANNl" Prom, Ribbon Day, News- paper, College THOMAS, ROBIN Track, BSA, FHA, .Library Aide, Honor Roll, Optom- etrist ' TOLBERT, cUssiE LYNN ffHiPsf' Basketball Team, FHA, College TURNER, RODNEY Track Team, Football, Physical Education Teacher TURNER, SAMUEL B. HSAM C-UNN" Band, Drafting School TVVYMAN, KAREN M. "MIKIE" Cheerleader, Beautician VIRE, WAITMOND IR. WALKER, MARIAN ELAINE "ELAINE" BSA, Yearbook Layout Edi- tor, Iota Sigma Theta, Community Day Com mittee, College TU RN ER, TH EADORE S. "TEDDY'l Robed Choir, Carpentry, Stage Crew, College VAUCHN, DONALD IR. Football, Basketball, Var- sity Club, Who's Who in American Schools, College WADDY, DOUGLAS IAMES "WADDY" Concert Choir, Newspaper, Prom, All-City Choir, Col- lege WALLACE, ELIZABETH ANN "BETTY" Business School 63 WALLACE, SHIRLEY D. DECA Club, Business School WASHINGTON, MICHELLE L. "PICKLES" Afterprom, Student Council, DECA, Counselor Aid, Business School WEAVER, SONIA L. IITNNYVI Student Council, Child Care WILKES, NORMA College 64 WASHINGTON, IRENE DECA, Executive Secretary WEAVER, LYNN DARCEL "LYNNE" Ribbon Day Committee, DECA, Odysseys, Business School WILEY, LESLIE A. National Honor Society, Scholar's Program, Student Council, Teacher Aide WITHERSPOON, BLANCHE National Honor Society, Career Girl WILKENS, DARLENE A. "DEE" DECA, Whofs Who, Stu- dent Council, National Honor Society, College WILKES, SELINA I "BONES" Afterpromg Business School I I WILKS, DARNISE "NlECEY" BSA, BSS, Ribbon Day Committee, DECA, Busi- I ness School I WILLIAMS, IAMES I DECA, Business Adminis- tration WILKES, LORRAIN TERESSA Clerk-Typist WILKS, DARNELL "Cl-lIPPER" Band, College WILLIAMS, CLARENCE WILLIAMS, KEVIN LYNN HBABYFACEH Football, Track, Pro Bas ketball 65 WILLIAMS, MARCIA Swim Team, Gymnastic Team, Marching Band, Ribbon Day Committee, Accounting M aim WILLIAMSON CLINTON Marching Band, Air Force -College WILSON, ALAN Varsity Club, Scholar's Pro- gram, Band, Chess Team, College WOODSON TRINIA Gym Aid WILLIAMS, TABITHA ANN IISLNMII Gym Aid, DECA Club Volleyball, College WILMER, KIM Newspaper, Prom, Home coming, Retail Merchan dising WINCHESTER, WENDY WRIGHT, MARY A. HBIGII Basketball, Msuic, Employ- ment HOLMES, FRANKLIN YOUNG, CHARLES "ICEBERC" Scholz-1r's Program, College FLOYD LINDA HARRIS DAVE MILLER, IERONE A. WALKER, WILLIAM WHITE, RUTH MCMILLAN, SHARON THINGS YOU WILL NEVER FORGET! Mr. Tarka, English Ms. Lubarsky, English Mr. Rose, Class Sponsor Mrs. Ford, Class Sponsor The Bathroom in the Basement Mr. Woods, Vice-Principal The Houses across the street The W.H.S. Field Westinghouse Choir Mrs. Nichols Bulldog Newspaper Harry Pugh CHD Tank-O Harris Mr. Vasser's office Frigidaire Lunchtime Three Lunches Pep Rallies Forfeiting Football Games Mrs. Harper Water Fountains - Stuck with Paper Wine Bottles Roaches Cinsectsl Roaches fsmall cigarettesl "Fired upff Debbie Heard's Legs Elaine Walkerfs Glasses One-half of Man Rum and Coke Carol Dickson's Socials Kappa House Oakland House ofthe Sun Come on Babydolls jeffrey Richardson SGHENLEY fthe enemyj Earth, Wind, and Fire Show When the Moments came to the House The House's bomb threats Getting rid of the 7th Graders Pre-Scholars Four Years of Language Black Week Homecoming Dinah Smalls- QUEEN Dances in Gym for 75 cents Basketball Danny Bankhead Brock and Fitch Horsey and Lucille Diane and Reggie Elaine and Richard Twyman Anne and Pecker Rhoda Flemming and Kurt Morris Rose Terry and "Whoever" Emily and Steve Me and You THIS WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR FOR U-S The Way We Were" Your books are put away, the marks are closed The child is gone, the man is here instead The friendships end, childish joys are dead The obscure future is only "supposed" And gone the joyous teen-ager pranks and clothes From the austere facts, dreams of youth have fled Through paths of education you've been led! Now you tremble on the path you chose These hallowed grounds you fear you trespass on Are opening their gates to welcome you The father lacks the freshness ofthe son The failure of one swells the gain for two So take with you the cherished years gone by As you forever stretch toward yonder sky. Elaine Walker Too Many Rules and Books Miss Carpenter instructs Bowling Team zzwf W ., S E - N Q H 'R k - 'H' X --N Sig QS qv - -1:-in gf ' 11 EQQQi ..:1112,QN. .W 442. 3? Q- i' X R fi ,Q .,, sw 'X , NK E 'R mf ww .Q Q A X if L R , E32 F A E wx, ' 3 I 2 f gg QE g X E 5 X f fgi , Q , .. 5 M gxignw PWR Z , Y, LL.LA , , , ki MEMORIES 0f1975 f i 1 EE gg .5 Q gf A45 4 A A s-ugx K H3 "L' fsE., ,:E, ,. - ' . 'iz i ' X , li ., K ll pa R W' ..... K. ff--- 1 ,.K . ,,,. 'W Q, .,,, H X S1i,:.mS5?'!fi3?5f' QE -ffl-M-wean,-3 5+- ,Mw ..k,,... ...,,.:.. ,,.f , ,M , 5 .AM mm , IT'S A TRIP - to a variety of fung another glimpse at our Queenp Conley's is like your wildest dreamp melodies blending with a colorful waterfallg dance to the "Bump," chat with the "Roses," smile at the cally dine with the one you love most of all. if k"'f3f,', V V wwf. gw,"1'i.,.u Hold Still so I can get a Candid" .3 W S X +1 .N A ,, X , .. il? E wxqgqi, "And to the Republic" "Get Down Q 'N ff:x f "ff-'f' 1-1.41 4'f .V ff? Qv..,."Q1 . A ,,M'l -".,' ff'-jf K,V.f jf'g:,1'f5Q',Q'gE,3 'k.' K' ,'kk ky -h xx 44 ? 41 ,M 1 5 "Somebody Fouled Up" A . rv. "Sing a Song" ,fn awf- gx :L if , E 4 v .T Danny Bankhead - Linebacker Willie 1. Carter- Linebacker Robert Burton - Defensive End W ,K ,,,., -Wm wmv? , ","'.??3 Lindsay Ferguson - Linebacker David Harris? Guard Kerklyn Harvin - Linebacker a aaaaaa in-si N - ,,..,. W, . . Wayne johnson - Halfback U Lester KYSSV- End Kevin Lanef Defensive Back Jerome Millerf End Keith Pendleton - Halfback Steven Pruitt- Halfback Melvin Quinerly jr. - Tackle ik if jeff Richardson - Fullback David Robinson -Defensvie Tackle Larry Smedley - Guard 1975 Pom-Pom Girls Majorettesz E. Howard, L. Bush, T. Fulton, C. Fincher, P. Clausell. CROSS COUNTRY .fi fs, 5 if - I -, may -i. da Make it. l Mad 1 1 Where do I go? l I l Coach C. Stitzell DRAMA CLUB A. Pack, R. Evans, Ms. Olaswere, C. Coles, 1. Foster, L. Martin, A. Travis, M. jones 84 The Track Team and Sponsors f' T,., A lll , l "cf l Tlas .ss aa , 1 1 TWT. Q wa. , "Go get'em Bulldogs!" I w ,ff -4... qi . WAIT FOR ME! wsu "READY TO CO." 85 l l x 5 Q +1 1 i ,T SR. BAND MEMBERS Row 1. K. Frederick, C. Williams, M. Williams, A. ALLAN WILSON Wilson. Row 2. A. Cleveland, B. Lane, C. Harrison, S. Davis. V ww . ., . ,ff . " .. 4 l ,. A ff Y T ii ' 'M BAS EBALL LAMAR PQRTER Row 1. S. Pruitt, L. Porter, F. Cornelius, C. Sewell. Row 2. Mr. Barnes, W. johnson, R. David, C. Shareef 86 3 'xi 'gain -vnnlf f 3? 52 gg ., i, . :ii I ' .- - il - W '-.11-'K J W , -,, je, E I H QW g CURTIS SEWELL A ,, , , I .ff , t E N N',.,.,--'wiel d 3 --,-1 f g qw w - :m "L-W--'E J- J. -- . ., . - ' ' - - -s m -lg Rifggax Q wx-1. 3 -mr-q:,,:1,,,,-,i. N, - -S -:, - 564.1 ,... 3. " 1 y ,. L,L. ,. .E - 'L ' " , , b- V L, L. I S., -' V f 533' 'J' 'fwisr :LL ' .Maw WAYNE JOHNSON 57 . IVV K 1 X' A '...1 W. , 2 , , . -- 1. I ' " 1435- H E' a -,::1'f'f-f"':-'wi5' 'lee " 'f Q' 1 ff f M 3 - 5 . , Q M..-..y ,Q . STEVEN PRUITI' 87 "Le-t's See what's in my box!" B LACK MOVEM ENT "Right-On 'Brer' " 88 We're Not Fuelish! --Qi " 5 Something Funny Here. BIOLOGY CLUB AND SPONSOR Edward Gaines Keith Gaines iw- , 'Za 'Saws M5 Bruce-jackson Bob Moore Duff Robinson Don Vaughn .. .. L... . Melvin Quinerly I 5 Tony Wilks GREAT TEAM! aff' G REAT FANS! MARCHING BAND Darryl Fitch Bulldogs in Action Bulldogs on the Go! 93 Senior Basketball Manager, Ruth White swf .B M-U. Cheerleaders Sr. Player, janet Morant Sr. Player, Lucille Batts Sr. Player, Michelle Guy CROSS COUNTRY Row 1. R. Nesbitt, W. Barnes, D. Terry, A. Bey. Row 2. M. jordan, M. Patten, K. Hardaway, B. jackson BOWLING TEAM B. Davenport, B. jackson, Mark Medrano, Miss Carpenter, standing 1. Boykins. 96 ,, gg, miami.,-, M , . ' my my . - -' f Q., 'P . V 4' ra W gi Q .xxx so i mx .. - ---1.T:,,. ivslwfsxfffvw'-A ,,mW-i,a.,mw W,,, . . 1 .. CIRL'S SWIM TEAM L. Doswell, M. Williams, D. Lee, C. Benson, T. Smith, Coach, R. Alston. .wwmmuvlw , - A--vvqqm - , w--...N-M....,,,, f ,.,... , , ..,. ,,,. , BOY'S SWIM TEAM Row 1. D. Cooper, T. Shannon, R. Morris, D. Harrell, Coach Malins. Row 2. W. Lowery, G. Freeman, D. McNeal, G. Morphis. ! "N POETRY CORNER Spring is almost here you see, Things are shaping up slow as it seems. Old winter is tucking away it seams. Soon the sun shine will have its beam of different colors and tree of green. The only thing I forgot to say, I hope everything remains this way. CCheryl Leel The Representatives are Darlene Wilkins, Ms. Strothers, sponsor, and Tirrel Lavender Graduation Scene ,wig-i Student of the Month! Roberta Gudger's questions were about Wes- tinghouse andthe senior class. QUESTION: What do you think are the problem areas in Westinghouse? ANSWER: They are the students and the proper lack of the learning resources. QUESTION: How do you feel about the Senior Class? ANSWER: There are doers and don'ters in the class but we are striving to achieve our goals as we have done through the years. 7 4' I 6 7 Al. X I ' ' ,r X I !,.gV i C THANKS SENIORS! '75 SKETCHBOOK STAFF 99 PITTSBURGH NATIONAL BANK BAPTIST TEMPLE CHURCH 7421 Race Street Phone: 241-1624 Rev. j.A. Williams, Pastor CONGRATULATES THE SENIOR CLASS OF1975 WHAT IN THE HILL IS QZANAM? lt's a free Community center. lt's where you take free classes in reading, music, Afro-American history and literature lt's where you goto have fun: sports, music, films. There's even someone to take care of the kids. lt's Ozanam. Bishop Wright started it. The Community operates it. lt's for you. That's what in the Hill Ozanam is. Call or drop in. OZANAM 1833 Wylie Avenue 281-4046 102 Westinghouse High School Faculty Association Congratulation To The Class Of 1975 Trowe rs Cleaners ancl Forsythe Shoe Store Shirt Laundry lnc. For Fashion Conscious Women East Hills Shopping Center Now Offering Pound Cleaning on Hangers 241-1433 7620 Frankstown Ave. 2718 Wylie Ave. Standard Emblem jewelers 245 Fourth Avenue Pittsburgh, Pensylvania15230 CONGRATULATIONS SENIOR CLASS OF 1975 DORSEY RADIO SHOP Radio - T.V. - Hi-Fi Service 7614 Frankstown Avenue 371-6607 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Alpha Omicron Lambda Chapter CONGRATULATIONS THE SENIOR CLASS of 1975 KINLEY DRUC- STORE INC. 7401 Frankstown Avenue 371-7249 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1975 C-oocl Hope Baptist Church 415 Lincoln Avenue Rev. Carl H. Moncrieff, Pastor 441 -9377 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS - 1975 MYERS' EXXON SERVICE GHAEOOR REALTH COMPANY Fifth and Frankstovvn Avenues Pittsburgh, Pa15206 Pifwburgh, Pa- 15208 361-6800 661-4771 ' SPRIGGS 84 WATSON FUNERAL HOME PENTOWN PHARMACY 720 North Lang Avenue 1500 Lincoln Avenue 243-8080 361-1299 441-4707 BEST WISH ES Bethesda U.P Church 7220 Bennett Street Dr. Leroy Patrick, Minister SERVOMATION CORP. PITTSBURGH DISTRICT 4214 CampbeIl's Run Road Pittsburgh, Pa. 15205 HOME CENTER REALTY INC. 7006 Fran kstown Avenue 441-8400 Oliver jackson, Broker Liberty Men's Formals Prom Specialists, East Liberty 126 So. Highland Avenue 441-5912 Congratulations Senior Class of 1975 GALLMAN'S FLORAL SHOPPE East Hills Shopping Center 241-1775 NEW CHAPEL Funeral Home Redecorated SAMUEL E. COSTON, DIRECTOR 427 Lincoln Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15206 661-5916 GEORGE A. WARDEN FUNERAL HOME 1100 N. Homewood Avenue 241-3838 CONGRATULATES SENIOR CLASS OF 1975 EAST END FLORAL SHOP 5903 Penn Mall 661-6071 661-3198 CONGRATULATIONS SENIOR CLASS 1975 William Orr Metal Company Inc. N. Braddock and Thomas 242-3000 CONGRATULATES THE SENIOR CLASS-1975 Strem Studios Ninth Street 84 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222 Fine Camera Portraits CONGRATULATES THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1975 Specialists in Yearbook Photography 107 Graduation ...... Fun .... Work! Elaine Walker Commencement at Soldiers and Sailor's Hall Thus the seasons come and go. Another year has passed, never to return, but time and again our mem- ories will recall this year. Many small incidents that will happen later in life will cause us to remember. We who have produced this book sincerely hope that in some small way it might also serve as a reminder - serve to stimulate your memory, to recapture lost mometns, and cause you to say, "Yes, l remember." Marian Elaine Walker Lay-Out Editor 108 S We have your cheese Tony. : .425 . . , ,..,, . g c. w +2 Q. Emily Butler Yes, I would, l'd like this again and again. Graduation has arrived. Many of us are gladg many more are sad. We have done our best here at Wes- tinghouse. Now we must leave our Alma Mater and the many acquaintances we have come to know and love. We shall never forget our high school years . . . classes . . . teachers . . .friends . . .football and basketball games. . .dances . . .and most of all graduation. As we enter the vast world. . .young men and women of the future. . .we will carry these memories with us and walk with God. Emily Butler Editor 109 Roberta Alston The Beckham Family Raymon Bennett lane Berlin Dwayne Briggs joey Brooks Mr. 84 Mrs. William Charles D. Enty V. Floyd Dorothy B. Fuller Sarah Garnett Juanita Grannison Gloria M. Harper Gladys Howell Charmaine jackson Brown Mr. 84 Mrs. Milus Lawrence Aleda Dean Vanessa Logan Mr. 84 Mrs. Steele Mrs. Ralph G. Longo The Lowery Family joseph D. Mainiero Lydia B. Martineck Arlene McGill Grant Miller Tommy Newring William Overton Charles E. Pendleton Sr Signora Pendleton Marion l. Thomas jim-lim Thomas Stephen Leroy Patrick Meredith Quinn Lillian Richardson Mary Savage Mr. Shonka Pamela L. Stevenson Christine Stitzell l. Leo Woods john H. Sumpter The Editors and Sponsor are concerned about the upcoming deadlines. Mrs. K. Williams lames White Rhoda Fleming George Fleming Emily Butler Ms. Miller A.W.B. Homeroom 24 CThe Bestl Homeroom 339 PATRONS john Tarka Brenda Terry Eric, lada 84 Rachel Taylor Darlene Walker Hope Walker Mr. 84 Mrs. Thomas Walker Mr. 84 Mrs. Bowens Mr, 84 Mrs. Fleming Homeroom 232 CBig Seal .. .rra 'ar Vanessa Logang Rhonda Fleming, Assistant Editorg Elaine Walker, Lay-out Editor. 111 AUTGGRAPHS , 3 2 l 5 1 ! 4 4 i T I 3 I I 'r v 1 5 i 1 3 . . i ,

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