George E Westinghouse High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA)

 - Class of 1966

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George E Westinghouse High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1966 volume:

fL""L' f 'P' "f"2'i' .' if' -'ffff-'-" ' -'E - 'iv 'uf -- -g.'ff.5f-.V :fr . :--,- '.-- .-, f-"-'zfr' - I ,ff QI 1 -I I. I-.QI .I ., I ,4 -. - I5II,,4v"I . I IJ, ,Q II, I ff-I nh.. f If , I II, ' ." " " ',' " "-" "'.' ,-'33 - ' '-Sf' H H, Ig, ' 'v4.1. Q'-vm, .--4' ' ,' - 3 III 4 , I 4.1,-..-I, ,I ., -AI I. II- 4 -I I, , 1. ,I , ,Q ,I , ,IW . ,I , ,, .- ' ' - .. , I, ' ' --if . fy .'-4 . '. ' . . z." 45 ' ' J " ' f . J .. , . M .. , I ., , . , I, .I - .,I A . l A 4 I -. I II, . ,I fI,MII, I0-I I, II ,f U ,fm If .I n I f I, I ..I f- -.I -L N- ., , -4 "' ' , I . :I " , 'n,."". "I, J 'I L, Ib, , ' - 4, ' ,' , , A. .- ff' .I I - 4.4, ,I t . ..' I A ,..,,. .au , - I ISIS ,I ,If .Iam 'F . 4 , .4 I -'.4 - -I-.-'. .I ',.I,, ,II 5 . ' fn ," Ii, I I.- .',,- s I. ". ' r f .4 - f ' -5- I J' . - - If . Mr I I - .4 I , I ,' I' A-'I. II I I ,.".a.1 ' ..'f'.-i' , ' , A f"' L ' H-I- "'2Ij - , -Axe--. 4 .I , . .- '- -.f' I.. ,,"s..3 "5" SJ , I 1 I I i . , J- " ' ' I ' ' II' I- III...s .s,- I ' I- 1 -I-. s. 'I ' :I I I - ,- , 94 I II I I I,.III-'I I I II -. I 'II ..-III ., II .- I. I I AI ,I III, 4 , f , .L II 1 'N . ' . ,I- -.-I X . I ' ,I I ,. . " I I I ' ' ' ,. ' , . -. - ,.. . ., .J I. I. I- I .. II- .. , ... - .---Q--.. ---N ..... nf . J I ,LT -WI Y I II W If -.,, f:n.,.,.v-m,-J'----..:.,., ...ff-,F-f x , -fi 1 -- -r -X -. -X -1 -7 XXX 1- .' W N ' . . ,- I X , ' v ' x -.. I , I Y. I .II 1 1 ' . . 1 " ' . 1, . ---1 . W ' N" 5"' L N . W I IJ .- . X., L, 1 MJ f q ,.v ...-.,-.w.. - . 1--. : 1 -2" f-' ' fn' ' "' " '- - V " v ' ' 1. I, fx 7 x N ' 1':"' ' - Q F , Q L- 15- "--..qw-i -,, ., . K- ,, xl . ', IPI- I, I I I X .S-II , I - . VII .I V . - 'I - , ' ' , '- N. -, . - K , f . ..- ., ur ' I -.I I I ' I- V. f N , A .-' . I '-H. 4 ' :Q '. -- . .- AN- -X-N, I Q -- f.-' 'gg -' --,I . f- V -. , . Q, -Aff.-. v. G- , - - V . - I Y ,. 5 .,,, . I - '- f II,u- " . .1-' . W -I " 'Q I ' 4 Ap- " g ' ' - - ' , - ' -' 'L . ' - ' Q. U. ,V ". ' M. .-' " " 1" , , e. I,. ,, QI, - ,L , . I I .. , ,I I Q, - . - AAI -f fs " PP ' .- ,bi ,r - - -. - 'll' JJ ' . ,, .. " ' . ' -. xg ' i, gi' X , -2 , -' ' 3. ' rj ,A ' I . . -' -f' ::,,.f' Q Q- '. - - ' -1 A . - . f ., ' -.- . , .- . -'Q . .-1 .. ' 1' . " ,' ,- , -. -.. '- X 'ef I -..' I- - I -II I H4 I II .... - yr I '- Wu. I: II , .. f ., " , -RNKI J I ,Ie ,NI . , - . I I I I II- - Q - f - I ,gf , 1 . ' , ' V --..y - -: . 1 . -. V . . '-. ' ' 'H ' -" 5 ' K - 1-' "' , ff' - ' .' -... 5 . 'f"'T"". " "wi I M. 1"-'L ' 'H N' -Q.. . i .,- ' X ' I - lp- I ..- r ., . 2 -3. . -- I-.. I X, I - ., -. . -X, S. -. ,, V -f '-f-H'-" f .,,, ' 'Q ' ""'. fr.. - LN ' .1 - :Lf ...Q A - wh- - . .-,Iv I - II , I -' I5 I. . .'f I -1-I . j..I.,,N I-. -, I B., Pvc- - AXIFII III. I -, ,I . T III :II . .Iv, ,nf .. -. III . .k, 5 I . , Q. 3. ,II x .I I , . I .R QI. NI III .I .NI I . I X .4 511: ..- '-' :F -V ------QQQA -2 "'- . . L-'Q -gf' ,-' , -4 Y 1 'X ' N- - - . ' r f -, 5' "Hi .' 1-....,,..., .w-: - L, -: .- , ' - .. x .- 5 - - .91 ':- . , - J . - -' H' ' -.-'-J 1 "1'- .' . -x g.I. -- " . -- ,, ,."- 3- -a x'- . ', .dw A- 1- ..,.- I-.Q -: - ff Ag -1 5.3 J- LF- - A 4-4: f --5-AA , .. 7IY...a-Q-, 1- , Z-H-T-ig... .. R. Tl"' ' ' ' " Y Y 1 :L f Y W an i I . ." , ,. "x I . 'Vfl' 5 , Q -Wmxv, M' avi- Nw- mf ' f' ':4"' - 1-Jfaf uf 2 - Nw- f - xv 1 , h.. ,. yy' ' M, - . -:A .W 14.5, 3 mg, 3 :T -in 1' 1595 ' " k2QS3f1f5?Eg?:Qi2L3:-'z ' 1-:,",L, Lf 1' . . ":,,y:w-,'A.,.5- 1-K,-if-,I - C , . .. ,L , , N .. . ,. MJr35gg'q f gllqzkjzxp' . V h "'F31'.:3'!Afi f ' , 5: 4 A ., ' 11J','f:F " ,. A I IXA , 1. - . 'X -. . -'-51 nt F., f ' Mio" Arif f Q W M4 275 i .gf L '--sw: 2:5 Q , '1 1-if - Mp- : ' ,HQ el' WJ, ," ! , - ". WN fl P7 ww illl alll mmf 5157.13 5' ui I H rw-vw viiikzavvl ' PJ ,f I I P 4 ,. , fa-411-wlvfv FC? I le.: va ' 5' 4 J' 1 'FL' if HJ I 'T f-L --A- fvbkv 4?-T ,muh 'WMS-,' M., my . R N , y-.-.., , ,, - .JI " V Ji: 1. . ' 2f4"h ' ,4.-,,, fa 1, ,f 'L a A . ' ""'T',. 'P mi A Q 2 V K P if ' ' ' 1 5 N 1 - C- Y 1 I, , ,. .. -1-,n .J,,,,.,.::.1.,,J,,.,. QQ, 4 ,g,+J.,,. ?"fI""'2L"1 ,:"f'-L23-.."ZE3w ,zf -fzm, M- 1:,.f,.:,.,,. . .I 1- ff: fl-ggjjg,Z-.g433gf.f-Qgj. 5455i.3,'g514:-QF?i-if fig 4,1-.,:4L.i.,,QJL.?.Kg,,f,l,i1lx,IQ.1ffgA'x,'I.:,'j "g4ff+g3ifQ5jf:.-Q33 Q5 , "j3'T:1 'a:-" sf"f'f'jf"'jAjj1'j,Cf7I ,fi' 'E"'f , 2'p:11',,,.g:':,.1,51gQ15,f .j .g,f1-ll?-,5f' ff '.1'r' i"1'5-"'g -I ,.g-.i:,i,f .w,V,' Lg1N,,,-,fi 3 H 5- rf 1, ,tw 1 3 V? E1 1 ' I r L P 4 ' ' L .rf V, x R F fg f 2 I 1 R E 1 5 y safaqgx - gy - ..- A I, ffl fs A ,I 3- S, y ' Y .f- lr 514 f -:ffl 4 ,. R 4--we .V ' 1 ff 354+ 473534 71" Q33 ,4fi35:f?"' ' Nw. ' .--. ,1 'f 1.f.Q.m:,1 Vlg':ji'935?f 1 Pvxiiyiw gvgzgggsp 5 ssfemk- - 2' J V-Ki-V L N , 4., f f W? '.".'6f' . .fix 1-,Sz 42 fffilahli. igiakgiiifv ,g -- vs I -L. . Af- . Nr A ni-. 11- L. 5 5 y . '. gr -. 51-P' 5 35fiAf'h,,1,. 0. ,.Q.,.:? ww vrzr, " V- '1 I-I mi. f tax i,1vJ,, K iff-Q 9LW3,M" 3 " 453' A ,Mf- --,J-.nail li To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. A time to be born, and a time to die: A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted. A time to kill, and a time to heal: A time to break down, and a time to build up: A time to weep, and a time to laugh: A time to mourn, and a time to dance: A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together: A time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing: A time to get, and a time to lose: A time to keep, and a time to cast away: A time to rend, and a time to sew: A time To keep silence, and a time to speak: A time to love, and a time to hate, a time of war, and a time of peace. What protit hath he that worketh in that wherein he laboureth? Ecclesiastes CH 3 1-9 Vs. The universe is characterized by its division and order. To every aspect a proper time has been assigned. If this were not so, planets would move at random, temperatures would soar and plunge, continents would emerge and submerge. For man, too, this is true. There is the time for man to grow, in mind and bodyg there is the time for man to work and to playg there is the time for man to fade, in glory and in body. Man experiences this as the weaver Fate weaves the thread of life onto the loom of Eternity. "There is a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted." As the time for formal education ends in the life of a senior, the time for self-assertion begins. As the fruit of the tree begins to form at the approach of summer, so the senior begins to mature at his commencement. What profit hath he that worketh in that wherein he laboureth. 1. 1 , f Hwgfik WW .S .N f 'Q f 3. I . is 'qt - 2 If ,H , 5' V4 Y V' 2 2 G N,f MQW , f justice and counsel are the administrations primary concern. The school's very existence thrives on the industry of its administrators. They exert the necessary force to keep the school uplifted. MR. HARRY B. SINGER, Principal MRS. HELEN FAISON, Vice Principal MRS. RUTH N. PIPER CLERICAL TAFF MRS. S. CROZIER, MRS. GOODE, MRS. SAC, MRS. MILLER, MRS. PIPER SENIOR COUNSELORS AND DEPARTME T CHAIRME 5 Tl MISS SIMON MR. BARMAK Counselor grades 11-12 Counsel grade 10 , X. MISS MARION BAND English Department Chr. MR. LEARN Science Department Chr. 1 MRS. ANNE SHEIFER MR, HOWARD G, BOWER 6 History Department Chr- Calculus, Department Chr. I MISS HARPER MR, CAPONE FAC LTY ,SV -A "E,--f 7 .X MRS. BERLIN MRS. TORLEDA MR. SMAIL M SM MRS. UPPAY MR. HUDDLE MISS LUBARSKY N MRS. MAHLER MISS WILT MR. WADE 1 F92 MR. SEATE MR. SALZMAN MISS LONGDON MR. RUSLEN MRS. DOBKENS MR. KOKALIS Miss RISCH MR- CERRA MR. MCCLAIN NX! K MR. MAZZELLA MR. BOLDEN M,RS. LAMBERT wf . and a time to pluck up that which is planted. A time to plant ,elf A ' Abdhl-Azeez, Suleiman Adams, Diane Adams, Mary Alexander, jeffrey Allen, Cynthia Allen, Stephanie Alston, Cyphus Anderson, Thomas Algie Anderson, Yvonne Austin, Philline Bailey, Douglas Bailey, Floretta Ball, Alex Banks, Rita L. Barker, Russell Bennett, Barbara Bennett, Robert Barren. Connie Benson, Dexter E. Barrett, David Betts, Beverly Birtha, Regina Blackburn, Donna M. Blackwell, Emegtine BQI1I161', Deborah in 5 ,gg f Q, . my- W q 75.4 Boyd, Earl Boyd, Earl F. Bradley, Judith Brantly, Michelle V. Bridgeforth, Russel Bright, Norman Britton, Peter Broadway, Robert Brown, james E. Brown, Lorraine 'qt' Brown, Samuel E. Brown, William Bush, Willie E. Bush, J Byrd, james W. ackie Burney, John Caine, Danise A Carpenter, Sherman Carter, Dianne Carter, Nora Carter, Saundra Carter, Eugene Carter, Michelle Carter, Theophilus f f ilgssafiglswrz--1' 'r v' ., Qephasy Jghg Chavis, Chester Cherry, Vincent Clark, Stephen Coleman, Diana Conley, Hawthorne Conyers, Jacqueline of, Cooper, Antoinette Cooper, Ronald Davis, joan Craig Davis, Todd Peggy Covington, David Davis, William DeBerry, Peggy DeLaney, Mifflin Dennis, William DeVaugh, Ronald Dickerson, Francis Dinkins, Mary Dobbs, Jeanette r P Drake, john Draper, Cheryl Dupree, Eugene EUV! Easton, Kathleen Edwards, Alfonzg Duck, Judy Edwards, Barbara Edwards, Robert Fears, Emmet Enty, Charlotte Fletcher, Gertrude Evan f Evans, Emma s, William Fletcher, Tawanda Flowers, Claude Ford, Birdie Foster, Regelia Fowler, Helen iuxmw-.1 M, 1 Frye, Loma Gantt, Lula Garnett, Percy Garnett, Wesley Garrett, Melvin Ga5f0U, C9-ffef Gibson, Jolene Ginyard, Barbara Givner, Catherine Gladney, Frederic gif? Goodman, Dewey Gordon, Kenneth Graves, Barbara fx ,Q,r,.,,,. ,S ii, Greene, Antoinette F sg e Gould, Gordon, Sarah Sandra Greene, Richard Grice, Albert Griff, Sarah Griffin, john Grimes, Walter Haddock, Edythe Hamlin, Carl Hardine, Sandra 'HUM Hardy, Linda Harris, james Harrison, Eugene Harrison, LaVerne 52,5 rr,.r r N i Qi Haymon, Elmer Haynes, Cheryl Henderson, Bobbie 28 y Henderson, Earlene Hill, Duane i 2 if Q "li ' i i Q 5,i15vau:as'.s fm .4 Hicks, Elaine f ll, Donna Hill, Geoffrey Hicks, Grenarcl Hill, Kenneth Hill, Ronald Howard, Howard, Evans Aaron Hill, Sidney Horne, Darryl Hoyle, Van Humphrey, Dolores Hunt, james Hurt, Donald jackson, Frederick Jackson, john jackson, Johnny jackson, Miriam Jackson, Rufus Jenkins, N611 jenkins, Robert jenkins, Roosevelt Johnson, Adrian johnson, Audrey johnson, Charles Johnson, C1if1f0I'1 Johnson, Edward johnson, Raymond johnson, Richard johnson, Terrell johnson, Robert johnson, William jones, Beverly jones, Burrell Jones, Charles jones, Gladys jones, jaculyn Jones, Delores Jones, Douglas jones, Lloyd jones, Lorraine jones, Marilyn jones, Oscar Jordan, Wendell joseph, Thomas Kea, Berniece Kellum, Arthur Lawrence, James Lee, Lain I-CC, Laffy' Lee, Reginald Leonard, Nadine Lewis, Edward Lewis, Janice Lewis, Walter Lipscomb, Billy Lipscomb, Wade Lloyd, Gerald Lowe, Barbara Lyle, Alan Maben, Robert McDonald, Roger McMahon, Arlene Mariner, Karen McGuire, Charles McGuire, Nicholas all Marshall, joe Martin, janet Matthews, Hazel Mays, Barry Mitchell, Earlene Mimhell, RaPh21 Mills, Stephanie Minor, Marva Mitchell, Tyrone Mobley, james Mobley, Robert Moore, Janice Moore, Robert Moore, Sherdina rf Moore, Harvey Morgan, Carolyn . 1,' ia""'? Morphis, Dennis Morris, Blanche Moses, janet Mosley, Herman Murray, Donald em' - Mosly, Charlene 3 infer . Neal, William Nichols, Stanley Owens, Donald Parker, Elizabeth Parker, Shirley EK? Parker, Owens, Marian Carolyn Patterson, Ernest i Payne, Craig Peterson, Patricia Phillips, Dale Phillips, Nancy Phillips, Priscilla Pollard, Olsen Poole, Linda Porter, Beverly Porterg Hattie Price, Stephen Prince, Horace Prunty, Regina Raleigh, janet Ramsey, Helen Randolph, Shelbia Reed, Lawrence Richardson, Garnet Richardson, Frederick Richardson, Martha Richards, Michael Roberson, Harrison Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Donald Robinson, Melvin Robinson, Olivia 1 Rodgers, Dwight Rodriquez, Michael Ross, Tanya Roy, Pamela Ryan, William Sampson, Freda Sandiclge, Ellen Scott, Linda I 2 ml Shepard, Estella Simms, Jacqueline Simms, Naomi Simms, Olivetta Sizemore, Carol Sloan, Lenwood Slaughter, Sylvia Smart, Allan W S Smith, Cynthia Smith, Diana Smith, John Smith, Smith, Ronald Smith, Stephen Larry Smith, Kenneth Snyder, Bruce Stancile, jesse Stewart, Stewart, Melvin Lillie I Stephens, Pamela Strong, Anita it Stevenson, Audrey Stubbs, Kenneth Sweeney, Glen- Taliaferro, Stephanie Tames, Edward Taylor, Jacqueline Taylor, Betty jean Taylor, Terrence Terry, Anthony Thompson, Carol ,,,' Townsend, Bertha Thompson, Melinda Titus, Wanda Trent, Gilbert r 5-2 Y 1 l fl we bfi' Tiller, Geneva Trumbell, Andrew Tuck, Beverly Vasser, Gregory Walker, Delorse Walker, Harold Walton, Barbara Via, Toni adv.. 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Williams, janet Williams, Shirlene Williams, Victoria Wims, Lena Winchester, joan Woods, Richard Woods, Robert Wright, Beverley Yagerrn, Theodore YatCS, ROITHC Young, Frank Young, janet Adams, Karen Brice, Beverly Brown, Marcia Burton, Lorraine ...ff Carson, Elmer Clegg, Frank Downs, jimmy Fields, Richard Gazzo, joseph Gibson, Clarence Graves, Yvonne Gore, William H aymon, Morgan Hickman, Willie Hill, jerry Kinsey, Phillip Hurt, Leslie Lewis, Connie jackson, Lawrence King, Glenna Mack, Melvin -S :g3,g ,I McWilliams, Anita Mason, Ernest Mason, Richard ' Mitchell, Raphael Nelson, Nora Owens, Dwight Peterson, Patricia if' Penn, Diane Smalls, Lucius Phillips, Charles Sirmons, Musette Walker, Clifford I Sizemore, Estelle Watkins, Marilyn Claudia R. Pate Business Law Carol Young Warren Young 42 SULEIMAN ABDUL-AZEEZ Bulldog Staff Student United Nations Lab Assistant Future Plum: Lawyer DIANE ADAMS Senior Office Aide Mrs. Conwisher's Aide Driver's Ed Future Plum: Secretary MARY ADAMS Robed Choir Teacher's Aide Drama Club Future Pluur: Practical Nurse JEFFREY ALEXANDER Band Orchestra Homeroom President Future Plum: IBM Operator CYNTHIA ALLEN Aide D.P.S. Future Plum: Nursing STEPHANIE ALLEN "Stevie" Marching Band Office Aide Lab Assistant Future Plurzrg Social Worker CYPHUS ALSTON "C-Bone" Football Team Jr. Track Team Drama Club Future Plum: College THOMAS ALGIE ANDERSON "L. G." Football Team Track Team Robed Choir Future Plurzr: Biology Teacher YVON N E ANDERSON "Cookie" Cheerleaders Club Driver's Ed Lab Assistant SENIOR INDEX Future Plum: Business School PHILLINE AUSTIN "Phil" Majorette Co-Captain Robed Choir-Narrator Student Council Future Plum: Speech Therapist DOUGLAS BAILEY "Doe Doe" Homeroom President Student Council D.P.S. Future Plum: Electronic Engineer ELORETTA BAILEY "Diane" Baton Club Aide Future Plurzf: Child Care ALEX BALL "Peabody" Swimming Team Track Team Driver's Ed Future Plum: Civil Engineer RITA BANKS "Lindy" Head Majorette Senior Leaders D.P.S. Future Plum: Teacher RUSSELL BARKER A Band Lab Assistant Driver's Ed Future Plans: Teacher CONN IE BARREN A Orchestra Driver's Ed Class Representative Future Plrzm: College DAVID BARRETT Choir BARBARA JEAN BENNETT Junior Leaders Charm Club Cafeteria Aide Future Pluur: Secretary ROBERT BENNETT i.Ben In A Orchestra Volleyball Team Future Plump IBM Engineer DEXTER EARL BENSON III NDSXU Senior Class President Student Council Treasurer Lettermen's Club Officer Future Plum: Psychologist BEVERLY BETTS Nurse's Aide Jr. Office Aide Homeroom President Future Plum: Secretary REGINA BIRTHA "Burt" A Band Student United Nations Bulldog Staff Future Plumj Medicine DONNA MARIE BLACKBURN "Missy" Miss Simon's Aide Cheerleaders Club D.P.S. Future Plum: Secretary ERN ESTINE BLACKWELL "Ernie" Homeroom President Student Council Sketchbook Staff Future Pluur: Secretary DEBORAH BON NER "Dei-Bo" Science Club D.-P. S. Future Plum: X-Ray Technician EARL BOYD "Shot Gun" Robed Choir Football D .P. S. Future Plum: College EARL F. BOYD "Froggy" Visual Aides Future Plum: Paratroopers IUDITI-I BRADLEY "Judi" National Honor Society Student United Nations Student Council Future Plum: Social Worker MICHELLE VERNIECE BRANTLY "Chelly" Robed Choir Office Aide D.P.S. Future Plum: Stenographer RUSSELL BRIDGEFORTH "Mr. Ed" Baseball Cross Country Track NORMAN BRIGHT "Bunday" Cho-ir Future Pluur' Dietician PETER BRITTON "Petey" Football Team Lab Assistant Swimming Team Future Plum: Lawyer ROBERT BROADWAY JAMES EDWARD BROWN Band Lab Assistant Basketball Future Plezrzr: Medicine LORRAIN E BROWN "Rainy" Jr. Leaders Art Club Future Plum: IBM School SAMUEL EARL BROWN ,.Sam,, Softball Football Choir Future Plum: Business School WILLIAM BROWN "Brown" Track Basketball Future Plum: IBM Computer Technician JOHN BURN EY, Jr. "Pickle" Audio Visual Aide Basketball Team Future Pluurf Air Force JACQUELIN E BUSH "Jackie" Choir Senior Class Officer Aide Future Plum: College WILLIE EDWARD BUSH .,Ed,, Future Plum: Army JAMES W. BYRD Sr. Track Cross Country Letterman's Club Future Plfuzf: Lawyer DANISE A. CAIN "Dani" A Orchestra Driver's Ed Usher Future Plum: Medicine SHERMAN CARPENTER Homeroom President Future Plfzrzr' Dentist DIANNE CARTER "Dee" Dr. Sebastian's Aide Cheerleader Club Junior Leaders Future Plmzr: Secretary EUGENE CARTER MICHELLE CARTER "Mickey" Cheerleader Club Art Club Music Club Future Plmzr: Business School NORA CARTER Religious Ed Future Pf!17ZJ.' Secretary SAUNDRA CARTER "Sandy" Choir Future Plum: Pediatric Nurse THEOPHILUS CARTER "Carter' ' JOHN CEPHAS "Ce-Bone" A Band Junior Swimming Team D.P.S. Future Plum? Marines CHESTER PEARL CHAVIS Swimming Team Volleyball Captain Jazz Club Future Plant' College VINCENT CHERRY Football Team Track Homeroom Vice President Future Plum: Army STEPHEN CLARK Basketball Team D.P.S. Future Plufzfs Air Force DIANA COLEMAN "Dee" Senior Leaders Office Aide Drama Club Future Plfzm: Medical Secretary HAWTHORNE CON LEY "High Priest" Football Track Band Future Plum: Math JACQUELINE CON YERS "Jackie" Charm Club Religious Ed Nurse's Aide Future Plum: Typist ANTOINETTE COOPER "Toni" RONNIE COOPER Q 'ROD' l Track Sketchbook Future Pluur: Army DAVID COVINGTON Choir Basketball Octet Future Plfuzf: Salesman PEGGY CRAIG A Orchestra Lab Assistant Jr. Leader Future Plum: Nurse JOAN ELAINE DAVIS "Stuff" Aide Charm Club Sewing Club Future Plant: Stenographer TODD DAVIS "Dave" Basketball Manager Homeroom President Homeroom Representative Future Plum: Mortician WILLIAM CURTIS DAVIS i'Buffy" Student United Nations A Orchestra Sketchbook Staff Future Plum: Chemical Engineer PEGGY DEBERRY , "Piggy" Library Club D.P.S. Future Plum: Lab Technician MIEFLIN DeLANEY "Peacock" Student United Nations Driver's Ed Orchestra Future Plurzkg College WILLIAM DENNIS "Little Dip" Lab Technician D.P.S. RONALD DeVAUGHN jr. Basketball Jr. Swimming FRANCIS DICKERSON "Putsey" jr. 8c Sr. Orchestra Swimming Team D.P.S. MARY DIN KIN S "Peaches" Aide Drama Club Swimming Club Future Plum: Dress Designer JEANETTE DOBBS ..Jan,, Sketchbook Staff Swimming Team Senior Division JOHN DRAKE "Sparky" Orchestra Chorus Student Council Future Plum: Minister CHERYL AMY DRAPER "Little Frog" Band S.U.N. Senior Leaders Future Plum: Medical Secretary .TUDY DUCK EUGENE DUPREE Audio Visual Aide Miss Simon's Aide Lab Assistant Future Plum: College KATHLEEN EASTON "Kat" Swimming Team Student United Nations Volleyball Team ALFON SO EDWARDS Vice President Student Council Lab Assistant Student United. Nations Future Plum: Chemist BARBARA EDWARDS "Gipsy" Usher Future Plum: Secretary ROBERT EDWARDS "Moose" Religious Ed Football Team Track Team Future Plum: College a 1 2 v 6 A r 68 CHARLOTTE ENTY EMMA EVANS "Ignat" Aide Friendship Committee Future Plum: Medical Secretary WILLIAM EVANS "Billy" Basketball Baseball Chess Club EMMET FEARS jr. Football Jr. Track Future Plum: Football Coach GERTRUDE FLETCHER "Gerty,' Bulldog Staff Aide Service Club Future Plum: Accountant TAWANDA FLETCHER Student Council D.P.S. Future Plum: Lab Technician CLAUDE FLOWERS "Butch" Basketball D.P.S. Track Team Future Pluuff Medical Doctor BIRDIE JEANETTE FORD "Net" Aide D.P.SL Future Pluuf: Dietician REGELIA FOSTER "Deetle" Bulldog Typists Homeroom President Religious Ed Future Plum: Army Secretary HELEN FOWLER Mrs. ConWisher's Aide Mr. Cook's Aide Cheerleader Co-captain LOMA FRYE LULA GANTT "Cille" Driver's Ed Religious Ed Aide Future Plum: Nurse PERCY GARNETT D.P.S. Basketball Team Track Future Plum: Mechanic WESLEY GARNETT "F lat top" Football Track Basketball Future Pluu.r,' Pro Football WILLIAM GARRETT "Bone" Football Future Ptuuss Auto Mechanics CARTER GASTON "Gasman" D.P.S. Football Visual Aide Future Pluur: Army JOLENE GIBSON ..J0e,, Miss Simon's Aide Homeroom Secretary Speech Class Future Pluuff Counselor BARBARA GINYARD junior Achievement Student Council D.P.S. Future Plum: Nurse CATHERINE GIVN ER "Cathy" Senior Leaders Luncheon Committee Locker Committee Future Plum: Nurse FREDERIC DOUGLAS GLADNEY "Fred" Driver's Ed D.P.S. Visual Aide Future Plum: Electrical Engineer DEWEY THOMAS GOODMAN ltTorn!l Swimming Team Driver's Ed Visual Aide Future Plunrj College KENNETH GORDON Football Art Club Track Future Plum: Architect SARAH GORDON "Smiling George" Band Aide D.P.S. Future Plump Stenographic SANDRA GOULD National Honor Society Cafeteria Aide Drama Club Future Plum: Secretary BARBARA GRAVES "Lamb Chops" Lab Assistant Chorus Aide Future Plum: Nurse AN TOINETTE GREENE "Mutte" Band A Aide Student Council Future Plum: Nurse RICHARD GREEN "Baby Face" Band A Swimming Team String Club Future Pldttff Armed Forces ALBERT GRICE, Ir. Bulldog Staff Student Council Future Plum: Engineer SARAH GRIFF Bulldog Typist Future Plum: Secretary JOHN GRIFFIN WALTER GRIMES Student United Nations Homeroom Treas. Student Council Future Pluuf: Lab Technician EDYTHE HADDOCK "Edie" National Honor Society Homeroom President Aide Future Plumn' College CARI.. HAMLIN B Band Orchestra Future Plurz.r,' College SANDRA HARDINE "Sandy" National Honor Society Future Plum: Pharmacist LINDA HARDY Senior Leaders Sewing Club Lab Assistant Future Plum: Nurse JAMES HARRIS "jim-Harry" Football Team Lab Assistant Swimming Club Future Plum: Physical Therapist EUGENE HARRISON Football Basketball D.P.S. Future Plum: Businessman LaVERNE HARRISON ELMER HAYMON CHERYL HAYNES "Sherry" National Honor Society Bulldog Business Manager A Orchestra Future Plum: Missionary BOBBIE HENDERSON "Candy" D.P.S. Future Plum: Nurse EARLEN E HENDERSON Cheerleader Senior Leader S.U.N. Future Plum: Occupational Therapist ELAINE HICKS GREN ARD HICKS DONNA HILL DUANE HILL "Q. T." Cross Country Driver's Ed D.P.S. Future Pluur: College GEOEEREY HILL Football Science Club KENNETH HILL "Kendow" Marching Band A Orchestra Track Future Plum: Ministry RONALD HILL SIDNEY HILL "Horse" Robe Choir Basketball All City Chorus Future Plum: Electronic Engineer DARRYL FREDERICK HORNE "Cricket" Student United Nations Driverts Ed Track Manager Future Plum: Teacher AARON T. HOWARD, Jr. "HOok' ' Aide Track Swimming Future Plum: College EVANS THOMAS HOWARD "Chuck" A Band Cross Country Future Plum: Engineer VAN HOYLE "Sonny" A Band Lab Assistant Latin Artist Future Plum: Doctor DOLORES ELIZABETH HUMPHREY Future Plum: Secretary JAMES HUNT A Band A Orchestra D.P.S. Future Plum: Lab Technician DONALD HURT FREDERICK JACKSON "Duck Lips" Football Lettermen's Club A Orchestra Future Plum: Journalist JOHN RONALD JACKSON ..KiP,, Choir Octet Cross Country Future Plum: Air Force Photographer JOHNNY JACKSON "SpOokey" Aide D.P.S. Future Plum: Army MIRIAM JACKSON "Rickey" Aide Lab Assistant D.P.S. Future Plum: College RUFUS JACKSON NELL JENKINS "Tootsie" Choir Homeroom President Religious Ed Future Plum: IBM Computers ROBERT JENKINS "Jenks" Football Team Swimming D.P.S. ROOSEVELT JENKINS ADRIAN JOHNSON "Agee" Baton Club Homeroom Vice President Aide Fulure Plum: Secretary AUDREY JOHNSON CHARLES JOHNSON "Spider" A Band A Orchestra D.P.S. Future Plum: Business School CLINTON JOHNSON Junior Track Senior Track Future Plum: Draftsman EDWARD JOHNSON RAYMOND JOHNSON RICHARD O. JOHNSON III "Patch" Basketball A Band D.P.S. Future Plum: College ROBERT JOHNSON "Malcom X" D.P.S. Stage Crew Visual Aides Future Plans: Air Force TERRELL D. JOHNSON "Miss Johnson" Sketchbook Staff Jazz Club Homeroom President Fulure Plum: Social Worker WILLIAM T. JOHNSON "Hustler" A Orchestra D.P.S. Basketball Future Plum: Lawyer BEVERLY JEAN JONES Cheerleaders Captain Senior Leaders A Band BURRELL FREDERICK JONES "Butch" Marching Band Chess Team Driver's Ed Future Plfuzi: Doctor CHARLES DENNIS JONES "Bow-Legs" Lab Technician D.P.S. Fulure Plum: Air Force DELORES JONES "Dee" Aides D.P.S. Driver's Ed Future Plum: Medical Stenographer DOUGLAS JONES Ill "BoOtsie" Bulldog Staff Homeroom Vice President Science Club Fulure Pinus: Camera Repairman GLADYS RUTH JONES NurSe's Aide Religious Ed D.P.S. Future Plum: Secretary JACULYN LAFAYETTE JONES "Jackie" Choir Senior Office Aide D.P.S. Future Plum: Speech Therapist LLOYD JONES LORRAINE JONES "Rainie" Student Council Baton Club Aide Future P!d7ZJ',' Secretary MARILYN JONES "Mutt" Senior Y-teen EYC Future Plans: Teacher T, I 73 oscAR JONES "Steam" National Honor Society D .P. S. WEN DELL DCVAUGHN JORDAN "Chief" Football Team Student Council D.P.S. Future Plum: Mathematician THOMAS JOSEPH 'lRat" D.P.S. Art Club Future Plezrzf: Artist BERNIECE KEA ARTHUR CLEM KELLUM Baseball Team Homeroom President Student Council Future Plum: Electronic Engineer JAMES EDWARD LAWRENCE "Turk" Bulldog Staff Artist Sketchbook Staff Friendship Committee Future Plum: Commercial Artist LAIN LAMAR LEE "Lain" D.P.S. Future Plfzrzff Architect LARRY MASON LEE "Sweet Lee" Basketball Track Cross Country Future Plum: College REGINALD LEE "Reggie" NADIN E LEONARD "Slim" Homeroom Secretary Student Council D.P.S. Future Plumg Business School EDWARD BURTON LEWIS "The Ed Guy, Basketball D.P.S. Future Plump Air Force JAN ICE MAE LEWIS .janv National Honor Society Student Council President Drum Majorette Future Plum: College Professor WALTER SIN CLAIR LEWIS Cross Country Track Drama Club Future Plum: Armed Services BILLY LIPSCOMB WADE T. LIPSCOMB ..LiP,, Football Team Track Driver's Ed Future Plum: College GERALD LLOYD BARBARA LOWE "Barb" Drama Homeroom Secretary Future Plum: Child Development Teacher ALLAN LYLE "Soul" Senior Swimming Team Track D.P.S. Future Plurzf: Demolition Expert ROBERT L. MABEN Football Team Future Plump Engineer ROGER MCDONALD "Made" Future Plum: Air Force CHARLES MCGUIRE "Charlie" Football Basketball A Band Future Plum: Technical Engineer NICHOLAS MCGUIRE "Nick" D.P.S. Future Pfam: Drafting ARLENE MCMAI-ION Chorus Volleyball Team Art Club Future Pfam: Business School KAREN VERNELLE MARINER "Birdie" Bulldog Mascot Junior Achievement Music Club Future Pfam.' Secretary JOSEPH P. MARSHALL ujoen Chess Club Student United Nations A Band Future Pfam: Engineer JANET MARTIN "Quilla" Bulldog Staff Drama Club Future Pfam: Secretary HAZEL ANN MATHEWS "Squirrel" Honor Society Senior Leaders Aide Future Pfam: College BARRY MAYS "Perry" Sta e Crew 8 Future Pfam: Navy STEPHANIE RUTH MILLS "Stevie" Honor Society Majorette n United ations Stude t N Future Pfam: Special Education Teacher MARVA MINOR .I IGYPSY' I Aide Future Pfam: X-Ray Technician EARLENE MITCHELL "Earl" Volleyball Team Junior Achievement Future Pfam.' Nurse RAPHA MITCHELL "Mitch" Track TYRON E MITCHELL "Birdse-ed" D.P.S. Future Pfam: Musician JAMES MOBLEY "Lil'Mob" Driver's Ed D.P.S. Future Pfam: Computer Operator ROBERT L. MOBLEY "Stickman" Track D.P.S. Driver's Ed Future Pfam: Army HARVEY MOORE "Big Harv" Football D.P.S. Homeroom President Future Pfam: Jr. College JANICE MOORE "Mother" Aide 1 Student United Nations Baton Club Future Pfam: Child Care ROBERT LEE MOORE "Bootsie" Choir All City Choir Baton Club Instructor Future Pfam.' College SHERDINA PATRICIA "Dumpkin" Girls Swimming Team Baton Club Track Team Future Pfam: Army Nurse CAROLYN MORGAN DENNIS MORPHIS "Fuzz" Band Swimming Team Future Pfam: Musician MOORE BLANCHE MORRIS ujudyn D.P.S. Fzztzzre Plam: Secretary CHARLENE MOSLEY "Charley" Lab Assistant Senior Leaders Chorus Fzztzzre Plaznr: College HERMAN MOSLEY "Herm" Football Track D.P.S. Fmfzzre Pfam: Teacher JANET MosEs .,Jan,, Aide Fzzffzre Plazm: IBM Typist DONALD MURRAY WILLIAM LEWIS NEAL "Neal" Swimming Team D.P.S. Fixture Plmzr' College STANLEY NICHOLS "Peanut" Football Softball Religious Ed Fzztmfe Plam: Business Executive DONALD OWENS MARIAN OWENS "Silky" Chorus Typist of Year Aide Fzztzzre Pfam: Nurse CAROLYN PARKER Sketchbook Staff Aide Student Council Future Plfzm: College ELIZABETH PARKER "Sissy" Senior Leaders Robed Choir Aide Fzztzzre Pfam: Nurse SHIRLEY PARKER "Stick" Cheerleader Senior Leader ERNEST PATTERSON CRAIG PAYN E Audio Visual Aide Future Pfam: Drafting School PATRICIA PETERSON "Loot" D.P.S. DALE PHILLIPS "Porky" Driver's Ed Track Swimming Future Plum: College NANCY JOYCE PHILLIPS Homeroom President Fzztzzre Pfam: Nursery School Teacher PRISCILLA PHILLIPS "Prissy" Drama Club D.P.S. Swimming Team Fzztzzre Plfzm: Secretary OLSEN POLLARD LINDA POOLE "Chipper" Aide Cheerleader Club Ticket Counter Girl Fzzzfmfe Pfam: Air Force Sky Diver BEVERLY PORTER "Shorty" Aide Fzztzzre Pfam: Beautician HATTIE PORTER "Tee" Aide Locker Chairman Future Plmr: Secretary STEPHEN PRICE "Stevoreno' ' Fuiure Plum: Engineer HORACE PRINCE Student Council Football Basketball Future Plum: Doctor REGINA PRUN TY "Reggie" Aide Chorus C Religious Ed Future Plum: Secretary JANET RALEIGH upiggyn Orchestra 1 A Band Lab Assistant Future Plum: Lab Technician HELEN IUANITA RAMSEY SHELBIA ANN RANDOLPH "Shelby" Sketchbook Staff Manager Orchestra Aide Future Plum: Nursing LAWRENCE REED Future Plum: Minister MICHAEL CARL RICHARDS A Band All City Orchestra Brass Choir Fulure Plum: College FREDERICK LOUIS RICHARDSON "Teddy" Drama Sketchbook Staff Future Plum: Actor GARNET BERNIECE RICHARDSON "Tawni" Student United Nations Student Council Aides Future Plum: Doctor MARTHA RICHARDSON HARRISON ROBERSON ,.Harry,, Visual Aides. Future Plum: Engineer DANIEL ROBINSON Fulure Plum: Mortician DONALD ROBINSON "D, Rob" Basketball Chess Club MELVIN ROBINSON "Rob" D.P.S. Aide Fuiure Plum: Auto Mechanic OLIVIA BETTY ROBINSON "Libby" Homeroom President Aide Cheerleader's Club Future Plant' Fashion Designer DWIGHT ROGERS Baseball Lab Technician Lab Assistant Future Pltuzr: College MICHAEL RODRIQUEZ "Ricus" Swimming Team Track Fuiure Plum: Drafting Engineer TANYA ROSS '.'Tis" Cheerleaders Lab Assistant S.U.N.' Future Plum: English Teacher PAMELA ROY .ipamn Aide Cheerleader Club Future Plum: Social Worker WILLIAM W. RYAN "Alderman" Basketball A Band Track Manager Future Plum: IBM Operator FREDA SAMPSON "Freddie" Cheerleader's Club Baton Club Aide Future Plufzr: Business College 78 ELLEN ADLONIA SANDIDGE National Honor Society Bulldog News Editor Aide Fulure PZKZIZJJ Elementary Teacher LINDA ELAINE SCOTT Class Treasurer D.P.S. Driver's Ed Senior Leaders Future Plumg Home Ec Teacher ESTELLA SHEPARD "Stell" Homeroom President Aide Friendship Committee Future Plmzfr Legal Secretary JACQUELINE SIMMS "Jackie" Aide Library Aide Drama Aide Fuiure Plum: Social Worker NAOMI SIMMS "Cookie,' Robed Choir All City Choir Fulure Plalflff Fashion Co-ordinator OLIVETTA F. SIMMS "Ollie" National Honor Society Sketchbook Staff Bookstore Clerk Future Plmzr: College CAROL SIZEMORE Science Club Aide Debate Club Future Plf11z.r.' Chemist SYLVIA SLAUGHTER "Binks,' Senior Leaders Cheerleaders Club Aide Future Plum: Legal Secretary LENWOOD SLOAN "Woodie" Student Council Student United Nations Band Future Plmzrx Psychiatric Sociology ALLEN WILLIAM SMART "Smart" A Band Religious Ed Future Plum: Business Administrative CYNTHIA SMITH "Cindy" Baton Club Swimming Team Track Team Fulure Plum: Medical Secretary DIANA SMITH "Linde" Majorette A Orchestra Homeroom President Future Plans: Airline Stewardess JOHN THOMAS SMITH "Smitty" Marching Band A Orchestra D.P.S. Future Plfzuf: Music School KENNETH SMITH "jughead" LARRY SMITH "Smitty" Chorus Track Science Club Future Plurzrr Drafting RONALD SMITH Metal Theory Lab Assistant Fuiure Plum: Engineer STEPHEN SMITH "Haj Track Softball Sketchbook Staff Future Pluuy: Architect BRUCE PATRIK SYNDER Student United Nations Future Plurzf: Air Force Tech JESSE STANCILE "Hemster" Stage Crew D.P.S. Future Plum: Industrial Arts PAMELA ARNETTE STEPHENS upa-Inn Aide Cheerleader Club Fzztzzre Phzm: Secretary AUDREY STEVENSON LILLIE MAE STEWART "Punky" Band Aide Religious Ed Fixture Plmzr: College MELVIN STEWART "Mel" Homeroom Treasurer Aide Friendship Committee Fzztzzre Plans: Law School ANITA STRONG "Susie" S.U.N. D.P.S. A Orchestra Future Pkzm: Psychologist KENNETH STUBBS GLENN SWEENEY Football Basketball Track Fntzzre Plum: College STEPHANIE LYNN TALIAFERRO "Stevie,' Aide Art Club Drama Club Fzztzzre Plmzr: Secretary EDWARD TAMES "Supe" Jazz Club Track Cross Country BETTY JEAN TAYLOR Publicity Committee Jazz Club Sewing Club Fzflzfre Plmzsf Business School JACQUELINE TAYLOR "jackie" Swimming Team Aide Driver's Ed Fzztzzre Pfam: Cosmotologist TERREN CE WENDELL TAYLOR "Former" Basketball Track Stage Crew Fzztmfe Pfam: Linotype Operator ANTHONY TERRY "Tony" Robed Choir Student United Nations Book Store Staff Fzztzzre Plfzm: Engineer CAROL THOMPSON "Tootsie" D.P.S. Aide Fzztzzre Pfam: Secretary MELINDA THOMPSON "Tracie" A Orchestra Aide Bulldog Typist Fzztzzre Plmzrx Business School GENEVA TILLER ,.Jan,, Homeroom Treasurer Sewing Club Aide Fzzmre Pfam: Singer WAN DA MARIE TITUS "Smoky" Cheerleaders Director Counselor's Aide Orchestra Fzzlzzre Plans: Teacher BERTHA TOWNSEND "Bert" Bulldog Staff Chorus Religious Ed Fixture Pfam: College GILBERT TRENT ANDREW WILLIAM TRUMBELL url-frullln Driver's Ed Softball Locker Committee Fzzlzzre Pfam: Army BEVERLY ANN TUCK "Bubbles" Student Council Orchestra I A Band Future Plum: English Teacher GREGORY CHARLES VASSER "Vasser" Track Team Drama Club Football Team Future Pluur: College TON I LEE VIA Aide-Counselor Nurse's Aide Future Pluur: Secretary DELORSE WALKER ..De,, Nurse's Aide Robed Choir Future Plum: Operating Room Technician HAROLD WALKER Football Visual Aides Track Future Plum: Army BARBARA LOUISE WALTON "Barb" Student Council Senior Leaders Lab Assistant Future Plum: Nurse JOHNNY F. WARD "Frank" Track Driver's Ed Future Plum: College SYLVIA EMOGEN E WARD "Sylvie" Clean Up Committee Future Pluur: Bookkeeper CECIL WASHINGTON "Bongo Man" Homeroom Treasurer D .P.S. Friendship Committee CLYDE WASHINGTON BETTY ANN WATSON "Dimple" Homeroom President Sketchbook Editor Cheerleader Club OLIVIA ANN WEBSTER "Libby" Sketchbook Staff Aide Volleyball Team Future Plum: Secretary REGINA WELLONS "Reggie" A Orchestra Jazz Club D.P.S. Future Plum: College DAVID WESTON "Mr. Machine" Football Track Physical Fitness Club Future Pluur: Gym Teacher GENE THOMAS WHITE "Boopie" jr. National Honor Society Orchestra S.U.N. Future Plum: Priest CON N I WHITFIELD "Bonni" Student Council President-Jr. Aide Student Council Future Plum: Secretary ERNEST WHITTED "Fargo" Football Track Future Plum: Civil Engineer LEROY DAVID WILCOX "Lee" Basketball Team Aide Chess Club Future Plum: Electrician CHRISTINE WILLIAMS DONALD JAN WILLIAMS "Slim" Track D.P.S. Sketchbook Staff Future Plum: Psychologist EDWARD WILLIAMS "Boonie" Baseball D.P.S. Future Plum: Business School EILENE WILLIAMS "Lene" Chorus Baton Club All City Chorus Future Plum: Secretary JANET WILLIAMS D.P.S. Chorus SHIRLEN E WILLIAMS "Donnie" Aide Future Plum: Social Worker VICTORIA LORETTA WILLIAMS "Vicki" Senior Class Secretary Student Council Driver's Ed Future Plum: Lab Technician ALAN WILSON Track Audio Visual Aide D.P.S. Future Plum: Lab Chemist LENA LOUISE WIMS "Lee" Robed Choir D.P.S. Aide Future Plum: College JOAN WINCHESTER "Shotgun" Baton Club Drama Club Aide Future Plurzf: Teacher's College RICHARD WOODS "Peckham jr." Track Future Plum: College ROBERT WOODS "Sonny" D.P.S. Drama Club Science Future Plum: Electronic Engineer BEVERLEY ANNE WRIGHT "Babs" National Honor Society Senior Leaders A Orchestra Future Plum: Religious Ed THEODORE YAGER "Teddy" Track ROMIE YATES "June" Aide Physical Ed Leader Future Plum: Gym Teacher FRANK YOUNG Basketball Homeroom President Future Plum: College NOT PICTURED KAREN ADAMS sz y and a time to build up 113A 326 4 84 W 9 ,ffl rg " ,Q -. iv- R. 319 1 1 i ,V.. ,-.. ,,... , 4 N 1 N Y 304 1 86 I B-27 151 333 and a time to laugh ...and a time to dance muixzi n - - -3 1: :S 1 mxwf--M151-:1sA:: NATIONAL HGNOR SOCIETY i lst R. O. Simms, B. Wright, S. Mills, S. Gould, H. Matthews 2nd R. C. Haynes, E. Sandidga, J. Bradley, S. Hardine 1 Mr. John Bodnar, Spomor I 4 l l Y Character, scholarship, leadership, citizen- i ship, and service, guideposts for any stu- dent, serve as prerequisites for the National Honor Society. In addition to being a goal for underclassmen to work for, the honor society seeks to serve the school. 1 l 1, 1 4.3152 wifi 21. argl , xiii STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Lenwood Sloan l Prey. All City Stzzdeni Council Left-Right: L. Sloan, D. Benson, A. Edwards, J. Lewis 90 STUDENT COUNCIL NT UNITED NATION S PEP CLUB CHESS CLUB VARSITY CLUB 92 I DRAMA CLUB KEYSTON SR. LEADERS JAZZ CLUB I L L LAB ASSISTANTS SKETCHBOOK EDITORS S. Azeez B. Watson BULLDOG Music, expression of man's soul, diverts him from the strain and stress of daily toil. From primitive times, man has tried to arrange sounds in a harmonious pattern. Music, an achievement in his developement, separates him from other living species and refines his humanity. D. Broaden, J. Bush, B. Williams, A. johnson, S. Hill, J. Mrs. -Nicholes jackson, H. Prince, D. Covington 1st ROW J. Brown, N. jenkins, B. Ward, F. Johnson, H. Thomas, P. Austin, A. Johnson, B. Williams, J. Bush, D. Brogden, J. Gibson, G. Taylor, C. Graham, E. Yates, M. Brantley, N. Bright, J. jackson, H. Prince, D. Love, S. Brown 2nd ROW A. Anderson, E. Parker, I.. Burton. 3rd ROW N. Proctor, J. Jones, D. Gordon, D. Walker, B. Dixon, N. Simms, G. Cunningham, M. Adams, L. Wims, M. Toliver, C. Morgan. 4th R. M. Sirmon, O. Pauler, G. Sweeney, G. Gaddie, M. Smith, D. Barrette, S. Hill, D. Covington, A. Terry, A. Harris, W. Gore, Mrs. B. Nichols 96 From trying to make harmonious sounds with his own voice, man progressed to making instruments. He discovered he could make different ones. He went on to make combinations of these instruments and made separate parts from the tune of his song. Rather than playing in unison, various sounds were played at the same time, but still the music was in harmony. Our orchestra at Westinghouse owes its origin to early man's efforts to make his World tuneful and relaxed. The A Orchestra, composed of sophomores, juniors, and seniors, is directed by Mr. Ferdinand Tuelle. In addition to performing for assembly pro- grams, they present a Spring Concert annually. Priscilla Anderson Rita Banks, Cfzpffzizz l l Karen Ellis Patricia, Ware i , Twila Page Kimberly Cole Diane Smith Philline Austin Wendy Woodruf C0-Caplfzin 1 Gertrude Parker Stephanie Mills D. Glaze, A. Alexander, C. Sales Janice Lewis, Drum Majorette FRONT ROW R. Banks, C. Sails, A. Alexander, D. Glaze, J. Lewis. SECOND ROW D. Smith, J. Raleigh, K. Hill, F. Cephas, E. Howard, J. Hunt, P. Addison, C. johnson, S. Mcp 1 F. Stewart, G. Covington, J. Alexander, J. Smith, C. Draper, M. Cephas, W. Jenkins, C. McWilliams, P. Ward THIRD ROW P. Austin, R. johnson, M. Spearson, W. Young, R. Barker, M. jackson, L. Davis, P. Taylor, G. Byra B. Eilis, L. Cook, C. Washington, T. Paig, G. Parker. FOURTH ROW C. McGuire, E. Yates, J. McNeal, C. Carter, B. Tuck, L. Nelson, jones, M. Richards, S. Jefferson, S Mills FIFTH ROW K. Ellis, D. Crawford, T. Lee, D. Byrd, V. Hoyle, L. Jackson, R. Gibson, K. Maben, C. Johnson ff mx I r lx iwtiftfisiju Q ggi as fr K 2 2, -f,f. i..-Y if,,A g 6 ,fs - t 'W Y' 1-'ity Ti Aft Q' A 51? A A . and a time of peace ' W--'e f ' ,wa f K ii ",. ill .Ji ',-L i l J-f ix? s,L1-.auf-rggil "' i " - ' . .lf 4, '-3, wr.g3+,f gym- -,-. 1,5 ,M t :Law if ff- . LL'L e 7 4 X ,, as Q 1 i 1 ., I ..., .. ' f-A-, A' A . r X ' We ft gg . .. 'Q' f L ' ' ,,e,, -. , A,Vz ,W .,e..e Sports have been a form of amusement and play extending as far back as ancient Greece. Although sports awaken a competitive drive within the athlete, the mortal combat never escapes the boundary of a "friendly war". Knowledge, stratagem and strength are prerequisites for the players before venturing into foreign arenas. Conquest is ardently desired, but defeat summons tears. With a tacit prayer and mar- tialed forces, however, they once again vie for victory. X L i L . an f .WKQE t , . fx F J i 4 Karen Mariner Terry Benson Tanya Ross Shirley Parker Beverly Jones, Captazifz "1 'I' hggswml A Darlene Robinson Helen Fowler C 0-mptaifz Q -fl,1f11,,,11 ,, HHXELQS ---......,, g,--..... qs L? FST? 553 iiielil Y. miss pe V3 Z Ealene Henderson ' ' X5 1x.?3'3N5Y'wi Leona Lewis F! NWS? I ..., MQ Murial Jafkson I03 lst ROW--E. Harrison, G. Vasser, R. Fields, W. Garnett, L. Jones, H. Gonley, D. Weston, L. Weston, M. Ellison 2nd ROW-W. Dudley, A. Anderson, E. Woodit, C. Austin, D. Murray, L. Burns, G. Sweeney, R. Hurt 3rd ROW-Asst. Coach R. Muslin, W. Jordon, D. Vassar, A. Allen, W. Gaines, W. Anderson, W. Lipscombi R. Boggus, T. Webb, N. Mosley, E. Haymen, Coach Pete Demperio 4th ROW-Field Attendant D. Hunt, S. Jones, M. Weston, K. Taylor, J. Clavis, K. Hunt, J. Ross, T. Miller, H. Hopson, R. Blairel PRE-SEASON GAMES O-New Castle Westinghouse- 6 7-Charleroi Westinghouse-19 6--Steubenville Westinghouse-34 SEASON GAMES O-South Westinghouse-40 7-Allderdice Westinghouse-47 0-South Hills Westinghouse-27 7-Schenely Westinghouse-46 1 2-Peabody Westin ghouse-42 CHAMPIONSHIP 7-Gladstone Westinghouse-41 ,, L Q... W. WL , X W R K ,.,,, ' LIN I K: K luis' ,g21'Llf+'-in 7 " A U ' s aasle s L -f ., li K, ,,,,,-K A . .P .M - A .:. ,ii ' " f 1 ..., . Y Eiga . 'x Y iw pm 'V mg W 5 J Q. Svx A I 1 Q sf. M' E 51 W gm. 1 I, , x., Westly Garrnet i Herman Mosely ,,21 ywwv 1.-1...-4f'w , K Richard Fields 152' . .Q 5 Mil jk ?.::.,,V I vwkwf , ,-L,::.f:,,3 . jx. . FW 4 I iilw .K .A Mk V' SA Q, .ff D rew' vw I xml W , 1 rirffi " 2 Q L NGK Y w x.: Q1 VM - 4 K. BQ. N R! K 1' . . Lloyd Jones x- H, ,. .4 MY.. ,i,.,.,. , Cyhpus Austin - 1 f 5 2 ,, :ww awww- K Elmer Haymon Wendel jordan K f may " WLM! Ii. 155-:ti H n , f- f f , 'v H .1 2, , , MQ- , 'a '3xf52fff2'v'fL ' A ,X Q I 1 1- 5 p.f'1"' QWWQV ff, K Y' 14.'35Zl2'Mf'f::'k " wr .ff'zg,Q,:,, sw, ws' -ff -- -- pu r,, , W J, " W- "ff -Tff'iv"'evJ" Glenn Sweeny Algie Anderson Eugene Harrison DOUf11d MUIIFHY David Weston Z3 5 11: MZ' W2 '-' . '1J": - ..., f- SG f 'gn' Maze- 'SGW i :Msg i sf' A , Ev 1 X A Qygffqi hqgg, " ai- ry fry if I W? sr , ,,,-, frf ' J im' 1 . be r ,rr Gregory Vasser Wade Lipscomb Hawthrone Conely IO7 , Y S' es f r CROSS COUNTRY WHS 19 Peabody 15 South Hills 23 Fifth Ave. 30 Canavin 23 Carrick 34 Allderdice Finished Third in City. I08 E. johnson, W. Lewis R. Woods, J. Byrds TOP ROW-Coach Mr. Doaks, I. Smith, R. Carter, J. West, F. Ellis, K. Mosley, A. Ball, O. jones BOTTOM ROW-R. Woods, J. Byrd, E. johnson, W. Lewis, Alexander, C. Thermin TRACK TOP ROW: Coach Doaks, F. Ellis, M Rodrecus, J. Byrd, D. Weston, W. Dud- ley, E. Kemp, M. Ellison, R. Mitchel E. johnson, E. Haymen, T. Yager, S Sharpley, M. Means, BOTTOM ROW: A. Ball, J. Williams B. Crawford W Li siomb T. Ta lor , - P , Y , O. Scott, B. Nichols, L. Portis, C Thurman, A. Anderson : 1st A. Williams, M. Weston, A. Crisp, P. Dorsey, I. Ross 2nd A. Howe, W. Lipscomb, C. Rodriguez, G. Kelly, L. Washington, L. Lewis 3rd C. Gaines, A. Ball, S. Sharpley, C. Chavis, F. Dickerson, L. Stubblefield, P. Britton, R. johnson, Coach Macanan William Lipscomb . - Lanai? f . .. l 'Q ' , . f , 1 v . 3, .,,. - - ...firmer-. --fe. , N. 2-Y . x , -r. -. 'gym'-G" ,. ' "' ' ' ...g irl f1E1.s,Sli.3S55!d f ' -A I A E . q . 3 ,, fr 535 as f ,gm -- ..:..s,...-R-Ngujw V.. L-f .: "f i -1 Arron Howe Peter BHUOI1 Chester Chavis IIO F. Dickerson Alex Ball TOP ROW-C. Chavis, R. Griffin, D. Hurt, L. Wilcox, Ii. Kemp, E. Harrison, W. Evans L Nelson R Brown Coach Mr Grupe BOTTOM ROW-A. Williams, J. Sidberry, J. Roberson, J. Preston, T. Taylor, D. Bailey, A Day T Lee F Young G Terry C Jones, J. Homes W.H.S. Fifth Ave. W.H.S. Alderdice W.H.S. South High W.H.S. Peabody W.H.S. Washington W.H.S. Sd1enley W.H.S. Fifth Ave. W.H.S. Alderdice W.H.S. South High W.H.S. Peabody W.H.S. Washington W.H.S. Schenley William Evans C 0-Captains Leroy Wilcox Frank Young Donald Hurt Terrence Douglas Bailey Taylor Eugene Harrison lst R. Lee, B. Kemp, I. Saxon, D. Dandrige, M. Dixon 2nd D. Loving, G. Gilmore, E. Henderson, H. Fleming, L. Beauford, J. Long, B. Evans, S. Young 3rd P. Author, J. Bryant, E. Strous, P. Moore, L. Mickins, L. Hicks, D. Hurt, C. Parker, Coach Mr. Becker. Ejwgf T1 ,fi L' LL U rg?-g. , V tiki .X :P-5' cf, .. ' W . -21 .s 5 H N N ' 5 s 53 ffivq 7" K M 43 i W I yew P' gif , X 1 1 , B XX I 4 " in 8 'S' F J 1+- i'9 L ' 'f a '- " n If , 35- w D 'W 1 ww : 6" , B 5 551, :gf Y , ,W I ggi, zu - fy 1 g 1-in 3 ., pat ' Maj 0 - - M5555 ' We . rf T f - Rr-M. r- -is . K f- gkfrzx K . -PM--f"fZ. ' , k I 'QM B ' ' T' Q.. 'MK 9" , ,,..,. f W' ...B . r...,,a ,rff V- . . ,, MI , ' .. -4 - Nw.. ,wx -s . - ,. J' ' may ' asiigqi , Cm. W, A ,rag . 41,0 'x . . .J if lui 5,-ya X JA Besf Wishes A FRIEND I TOM'S TAILO R SHOP COTTRELL HAIRDRESSERS Complimenfs of WOODSIDE BAR-B-QUE 76I0 Franksfown Ave. LANGUAGE LAB dr ,nl , ,,,, A g A lo+hes?" COMPLIMENTS LIBERTY DRESS SUIT RENTAL CO. Formals for Men Rental and Sale 44ll-5972-44I-544l I25 S. Highland Ave. "Wl1al' do you mean lel' him go." Please Complimenfs Trowers Cleaners 81 Shirt Laundry 27l8 Wylie Ave. 62l-IZ79 7620 Franlcslown Ave. "Heads or Tails?" Congralulafions and Besf Wishes 'lo +he Senior Class of '66 Pres. Mrs. Daniel Williams Is'l' V.P. Mrs. Herndon Douglas 2nd V.P. Mrs. Al Mills Rec. Secrefary Mrs. Howard Rodgers Corres. Secrelary Mrs. Roderick Robinson Treas. Mr. Issac Wade Advisor Mrs. Rolaerl' Smilh Jr. Devofional Chairman, Mrs. Franlr Ellis Jr. Council Rep.: Mrs. Roy Tanlrsley Miss Ella Harris WESTINGHOUSE HIGH SCHOOL P.T.A. Complimenfs of WARDEN AND SON FUNERAL HOME II00 N. Homewood Ave. CH l-3838 CH l-2600 Those alcohol fumes are somelhing else. Whaf do you mean you can'+ adcl"? Bes'I' Wishes l HOMEWOOD HEATING AND IMPROVEMENT CO PATRONS Mrs. LoH'ie CoH'reII Miss N. Berneslri Mr. Taylor Mrs. Kish Mrs. N. T. Jackson Mrs. P. M. Wesion Mrs. Carrie Hubbard Miss Nancy Siviy Mrs. Louise Brenner Mrs. WeIIingI'on Young Dr. S. P. Marland Mr. Duane Campbell Mr. A. OuI'en Mrs. PresI'on Mr. H. Mills Mr. Wm. H. CarI'er Mrs. Anna M. Nelson KIMBALL'S CLEANERS Pressing Repairing Shiri' Laundry 906 N. Homewood Ave. 242-322I IIIIIIIIMMM5 I - Loolring Io 'Ihe Fufure CHESTER P. CHAVIS, JR. FUNERAL HOME DEPENDABLE-DIGNIFIED-ECONOMICAL 362- I 470 Phones 362-2582 Famiy ConsuI+an+ and NoI'ary Public 7029 Franlzsrown Avenue Piifsburgh 8, Pennsylvania FLOYD ALEX HOPEWELL FUNERAL CHAPEL NORTH CAROLINA MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. 220 Granf S+. PiHsburgI1 I9, Pa. 28 I-I397 242-4339 Res. I2O .4 ifwie .A gmr ii' , . Z3 , 5. .L 4-A , 1 'CHEF r v I S, . gn, . if J - " .' 'f ' 'l Q Q xv, I Y ll W' 5" ,wap -um, , 2 2 fx' 4' 5 Q14 14' w S 1:11, 'QMV V lf H 'ri .'Jqvf?" ' V' fMm5iV fs afwrfwf 1 ,Q 54.511.- ? .Q 'L aldr- QWCQ

Suggestions in the George E Westinghouse High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

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