George E Westinghouse High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA)

 - Class of 1942

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George E Westinghouse High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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!.X A ,i 1,6 J ,AI ,,, f 4 5 I . 1 ft n Jw ' , gr-, ,.,4f Z X. ' gil wr if 5 i s Fr ,, . ' Y. Af . .,,. GEORGE WESTINGHOUSE HIGH SCHOOL .M ' 'igfiffl Qlf"i4"3 , f - aw "v, N 0' ' "FF " 5273? 'FT' 1552 :X W' O O WXN.Dl?CjP 0ga7?e ,gg ' X4 g , .f, - o z' E, O- O. -'1-. j. 5 O SCHOOL SONG Westinghouxe for ever, loyal and true, Nothing can ever change our love fo? yo ' lRah! Rah! Rah! Wevtinghouse for ever, we're true to you, We love our colon, the Gold and Blue. 'M--12 is-,GI f ,O w':3W'..f: lf? K .eo "iff . ,- ' - Fffi. w ' R ?i.h'f,1. lei? . 'ffl' ' El ' , 2- ,rv " I -f ' .I-f . ,zo 5 .f-1115" 55' 9.3 H "2 I ZX ff XM- DIIDICATION We the seruors of George Westmghouse H1gh School, dedlcate thxs Journal to the former students of our school xx ho are now 1n the SCIVICC of our country VVe ICE-lIlZC that thelr S2lCl1f1CCS wh make pOSS1b1C our peace and fleedom We m tum pledge our a1leg1ance to them and to otu countu Nlay our COOQCIHUOD m our common attempt match then courage 45 o J? 4339 Q if 2 9 2' Q M . ff. Q, N' tn Q ,V ,ff if in W 0 , i 5 V bf' I .,,. - -3 P t -Q a r ,, s 2' . i, 'l 5 OFFICE STAFF Clark B. Kistler ..... ........,....... Harry E, Pedicord ..... 1 M- Flora L. Yagle ...... F Mary F. Loomis ..... . Anna JHITIC Cochran .... lNIinnie Osthoff ....... Florence Fowler .... Paul Felton ......... Louise Hetherington .... l r " 'j. ,Q -' M1..,...m in fl" :P-f,L'l-'n.r.4?.e.lia..f',.' '. ..... . . . . .Principal . . . . .Vice Principal . . . Chief Clerk ........Clerk ..........Clerk .... . .Book Clerk . . . . . . . .Girl5' Adviror . . . . Vocational Counselor QDirector of Activities DOROTHY AIKIN J. CLYDE AMON AGNES M. ANDERSON MARTHA ANDERSON HARRY A. BAILEY HERBERT EARNETT BEATRICE EEARES KATHRYN E. EEAzELL OLIVE BRAHAM V vIOLA BROSKEY JENNIE F. BURGO HAZEL BURKHOLDER OTIS H. BURTON ESTHER COOK LOUISE CUNNINGHAM F. J. D,AMBROSI CLAUDE DIEHI JOHN M. DINSMORE ETTA S. DUGAN HELEN C. WILLIAM RALPH EMILY HELEN MARIE W. S. S. I. EDGAR EISENBEIS EMERSON EVANS FERRY FISCI-IER MARTHA FOHL CAROLINE FORESMAN ELEANOR FREELAND EDNA H. GEER CORA E. GERWIG Faculty LEMYRA J. GILLIS MARY E. GLASSER ELIZABETH L. GRIFFITHS AUSTIN K. GRUPE LOUIS HAAS EMMA HANDLOSER THELMA J. HARRIS JOSEPH HARSKY MARY E. HAYES J. GEORGE HARTLIEE EDITH B. HECKERT MERVIN HIMMLER MILDRED HINDERER GERTRUDE R. HUNTER RUBY M. JACK CORNELIUS B. JANSEN MARY JEFFREY M. MARIE JOHNSON HARRY A. JONES EDA KANN FRED KELLAMS GENEVIEVE M. KELLY MARTHA A. KIM BERTHA J. KIRKPATRICK SUSAN KYAK JOHN A. LANTZ MILLICENT S. LEECH DORIS M. LINDBOM HARRY E. LONG HELEN MCABEE HELEN E. MCCRACKEN 'Pk .SIM Q Q ,UQ F .If 'Jef-,YM ALICE G. MCCRORY CARL MCVICKER JENNIE F. MILLWARD ETHEL L. MORROW ANNA MURPHY JAMES O'DEI.L RUTH K. PARRACK ELIZABETH F. PIPER J. F. POUNDS ALFRED C. RITCHEY OLIVE M. SCHILLINGER EMMA C. SCHREMP ELMER H. SCHULTE FLORENCE SCHULZ DAISY SHARP DONALD D. SHEARER JOHN E. SCHOTT OLIVE E. SNEE J. LANG SPEER INDIA STEPHENSON H. G. SWAN CHARLES w. THOMAS LOUISE THORNE ANNA M. TOEIN ORVILLE WEBER RUTH H. WILDMAN MARGARET WILSON LEROY S. WOLFF FANNIE R. WOODSIDE RALPH R. ZAHNISER - ' ' WWW' z' h ya y , H ' 5 , . 5. L 5 A -1 1 ll. , 12A Editor, Joseph Tornese 12A Business Manager, Edward Claitman IZB Editor, Ross Porter 12B Business Marzager, John Werntz 'rYP1sTs Carolyn Howe Janet Smith Thelma Burton Zelda Walker Albina Tamburri Ruth Hutlles June Schwilm Philomene Fischione Rita Sangl PHOTOGRAPHERS Tom Moldvay Peggy Mason ARTISTS rl Burton Butker Howard Yohe ll sPoNsoRs Faculty Advisor ..... .......... ..... L o uise Hetherington Literary Adfoisor .... ..... . . .Martha Anderson Business Advisor .... .... .... .... J . F. Pounds A A 9 55,3-:,,,,,A,-,,4 .l.- el. ,md Honorary Discharge When, in the course of human e-vents, it becomes necessary for several of the ofieers to depart from an army and perhaps to engage in other patriotic services, there is a feeling of sorrow on the part of those who have worked under them. It is to those who are now leaving our camp that we, the students of Camp Westinghouse High School hope that their future duties will be as pleasant to them as their presence here. E. BUCHANAN SMITH Mr. Smith left Westinghouse High School December 19, after serving faithfully as a member of the faculty since 1935. Previous to that time, he was an instructor at Gladstone Junior High School. Mr. Smith came to Pittsburgh ten and a half years ago from a teaching posi- tion iniAtlanta. During his sixteen years of teaching, he has always been an in- structor of commercial subjects. For three years he was in charge of the business division of "The Bulletin," conducting subscription drives, keeping contact with publications- of other schools, and managing finances. Every teacher and every student sincerely regrets that Westinghouse is no longer to have the enthusiastic and unassuming services of a teacher who was truly interested in the work he was accomplishing. MISS FANNIE P. WILSON Miss Wilson, a popular member of the faculty of Westinghouse High School, resigned her position as home economics teacher 'last September. She received her education at Pennsylvania College for Women, Margaret Morrison Carnegie College, University of Pittsburgh, and Columbia University. . Miss Wilson's teaching experience has been entirely in this district. She began her teaching in Baxter School and later was advanced to Westinghouse, where her work has been outstanding. Miss Wilson was a great friend of her students, not only while they were in her classes, but also after their graduation. She was instrumental in securing employment for many of them. Nor did her students forget her, for many of them returned each year to visit her. Both faculty and students miss her greatly-her witty sayings and her radiant personality. Our best Wishes go to her. MISS CARRIE E. KIM Miss Kim, an English teacher in Westinghouse High School for many years, retired last September from her active work. Since the Westinghouse High School building was erected, Miss Kim has been a member of its faculty. After gradu- ating from the old Central High School, she went to Pennsylvania College for Women from which she graduated. Later she took courses at the University of Pittsburgh and Oxford University. Miss Kim has traveled extensively in this country and abroad. Now that she has retired, she is expecting to spend much time in her garden, where she finds many hours of enjoyment. It goes without saying that all Miss Kim's former pupils have benefited by her teaching. Her standards were high, and she expected her students to measure up to them. Each one of her ,Bupils was a separate personality to her. Her influ- ence will be missed. F L 7f , E XXI! f ff xfrai f XXX V? Afuyj ff fwf . . , Il' 'Ill "f' Pmwtzaq fl, ff" 2 ff 1' T I-I E 'abil C S 'lf' ' O F 5 JANUARY illziil I 9 Ll 2 gzusivfn jk wx :LJ J PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY r .. . . , , at R lv -L' W' V l --.1 ' 4 SI2 A Class Officers FRED R. CUSTER Cuss Ambition-Forestry Service ' Activities - National Honor Society, Home Room President, Swimming Team, College Club, Current Events Club, 12A Class Treasurer, HifY, Sketch Book Staff, D.P.S., SixfMan Football, Senior Dramatic Club, President's Cabinet HOWARD EDWARDS Howdy Ambition-Coast Guard Officer Activities - Home Room VicefPresi- dent, Senior Dramatic Club, Col' lege Club, Sketch Book Staff, Senior Play, Senate, Social Chair- man 12A Class, HifY, Home Room Secretary, National Honor Society. PHY LLIS KERZESKY Phyl Ambition-Successful Activities-Current Events Club, Class Ring Chairman, D.P.S., Daily Bulletin, Big Sisters' Chairman, National Honor Society 9 THERESA EVELYN PERLA Tepee Ambition-Nurse Activities - Class President, Corn' menkcernent Speaker, Student Coun' cil, D.P.rS., Chairman of Big Sis' ters, Senior Dramatic Club, French Club, Cixrrent Events, Girl Re- serves, College Club, National Honor Society EILEEN KOHLHEPP Ambition-Private Secretary Activities-VicefPresident 12A Class, President of Senior Leaders, Big Sisters, Sketch Book Staff, College Club, French Club, National 'Honor Society, D.P.S. THOMAS MOLDVAY Tom ' Ambition-Machinist Activities-Secretary 12A Class, Sketch Book, Current Events Club, Senior Dramatic Club, Italian Club ' . TREASURER SOCIAL CHAIRMAN .RING CHAIRMAN I . , fl I N E ww "Ling B4 F 'iz W gl W F 'l A 1 t: ! i 1 il l 1 G fl 1 ,ll ii 13-'., ,, ,f , "' .g, ' ,V -. . ' w T- A-.Q 2 ,,,1,,,,..- gb? I , A + 1HfQwMiSsizgnxientsg ' ' T gIaf1fi'wff942: 1 F ' " k...Lib-1 U X, J. ' Q 15 it 'Edgmqn D211 aquila. Ecfvfagfd Cllaitman Custer ' Nigcy Lou Piper QiBLQ85.Pi3licf0re 1 5FfQ.h:gs LQiogQ1a' ' Exiima Miion +L- ' ,-wp Q Howe 1 i O I .H Our jobir I . 1 nrgiir gdmoh argl, ,,., ' M X 'gf'5'f'-- A Y 'W kv 4. V HoS7uzQid ,Edmk211fd5 f Qminion- - Q? GLASS .campus A N E-ight qmd,Ddrk Blue " , CLASS FLOWER Yellow Rose 5 Cmss MOTFFO .E ' 1 t nn. Ax, "N, . r , Albemgt' 2 . - ,.. N- ' Arm ne1kg1ff L i , nofffaiasgaerfmang A1lQSfjoQQs'f' 4' 'Efilebp Kohlhhpp Thbresa' Perla. Geraldine: Krogan Caraline 'Sfqrtilif ' Q RiQ1ma' .cmem Evelyn McCdmmon in mea f4iw9fewhf w wf if dm. f . - .. 1 i . , 1 . twfa I' s. I . ' ' 1 t vi ' x ".!.:'?L. :.' - A . WILLIAM ALEXOPULOS Bill Ambition-Pilot .Activities-D.P.S., Senior Leaders ROBERT AMEN Bob Ambition-Business Activities - Senior Dramatic Club, Home Room President, 12B-12A Football, Mushball JOHN ANTONIONO Ambition-Aeronautical Engineer Activities-Senior Leaders, Apparatus Club, Current Events, Gym Team '38, '39, '40, '41, College Club JOHN RAYMOND ASHCOM Ashcan Ambition-Physical Education Teacher Activities - Ca tain of Swimmin g Team, Seniolj Dramatic Club, College Club, Senior Leaders, Drum Major, D.P.S., Social Com' mittee, HifY. JOHN BARONE Ambition-Draftsman or Artist Activities-Senior Leaders, Crossfcounf - try Team. ARNOLD BELKIN Arnie Ambition-Metallurgical Engineer Activities-College Club, Commence- ment Speaker, Current Events, Senate, D.P.S., National Honor Society, Bulletin Staff, Home Room Vice'President 11 2 S' 1 ALBINA BERARDINELLI Blondie Ambition-Beauty Operator Activities-D.P.-S., VicefPresident Girl Reserves MARY BERESKY Daisy Mae Ambition-Typist Activities-D.P.S., Girl Reserves DONALD BERMAN 'Don Ambition--Mechanical Engineer Activities--National Honor Society, College Club, Commencement Speaker, Sketch Book Staff, D.P.S., Assembly Usher, Current Events. RAYMOND BIRTHA Ray Ambition-Be successful Activities-D.P.-S. JOHN E. BLACKWELL Count Earl Ambition-Band Leader Activities-Football, Senior Leaders, Track Team PAULINE BOONE Polly Ambition-Secretary Activities-Sketch Book Staff, Current Events, Banker, French Club Sec' rotary I f HARRY BOWER Top-coat Harry Ambition-Fireman for Railroad Activities-Sports THELMA RUTH BURTON Sis Ambition-Successful Secretary Activities - Girl Reserves, Work in Miss Fowler's Oflice, Poetry Club, 2-logic Room Banker, Sketch Book ta BURTON BUTKER Burt Ambition-Millionaire Activities - Swimming Team, Senior Dramatic Club, Home Room 'Vice' President, Sketch Book Staff, Stu' dent Council RUTH BUXTON Ambition-Secretary Activities-French Club, Glee Club RAYMOND CAPONE Cappy Ambition-Medical Doctor Activities--Social Chairman of Senior Dramatic Club, Sketch Book Staff, Physics Laboratory Assistant, Prop- erties Class Play '41 LENA CARMOSINA Shorty Ambition-Seamstress Activities--Italian Club, Tennis Club E121 ,, I kil, , 1 , -5, . - ai? , 1 ' . HE . A A ,T SARA CARR Honey, - Ambition-Saleswoman Activitiesf--Life Saving Club, Senior 'Dramatic Club, Cheerleader '40, '41, Home Room Vice'President, Student! Council A RICHARD CARRETTA Rich, Ambition-Civil Service Activities - Home Room Vice-Presi4 r dent, D.P.S., Assistant,Manager of A 11A Gym Team, Manager 12281 - Gym Team, National Honor So' . ciety ' NORMAN L CARTER Ambition-Cabinet Maker ' E Activities--D.P. S. ALDO CASTELLI Al Ambition--Architect Activities-Gym Team, Orchestra Club, Apparatus Club. MABEL CATLEY Boots Ambition--Saleswoman Activities-Girl Reserves BIAGJC Cx-:Ecol-no check , Ambition-To travel Activities-Service Club, Stamp Club, Italian Club l ,A ..e....1.n..Ag,. rL ' wi VIRGIL CIMADOR Cimi Ambition--Engineer Activities-Volleyball, Baseball, Foot' ball, FRANCES c1oToLA Fran Ambition-Social Worker l Activities - Dramatic Club, Current Events Club, College Club, Home Room Activities Committee, Na' ' tional Honor Society WILLIAM CHIAVAROLI Bill AmbitioneWelder Activities--Basketball, Six'Man Foot' ball, 1ZB'l2A Football, DgP.S. DONALD CHRISE Slim Ambition-To be successful Activities -- Home Room President, 'Six'Man Football, Secretary EDWARD CLAIITMAN Ed Ambition-Aeronautical Engineer Activities-Sketch Book Business Man' ager, Commencement Speaker, Na' tional Honor Society, College Club, Orchestra Club, Current Events Club, Home Room Officer WILLIAM CONWAY Bill Ambition-Draftsman Activities - Home Room President, Council Representative, D.P.S., Avi' ation Club, Current Events Club CARMELA CONTE Carln Ambition-Bookkeeper Activities-D.P. S. IANET COTTER 1 Jan Ambition-Costume Designer Activities-Sports . EUGENE COVELLI Cub Ambition-Aviator Activities-Class Representative, Track Team, Captain Six'Man Football Team VINCENT DeDOMENICO Jim Ambition-Machinist Activities-Senior Band, Class Banker EDMOND DELLAQUILA Chubby Ambition-Civil Engineer Activities-Football, Senior Leaders, College Club, 'Italian Club, Hi'Y, 12A Class President, 12B Class Vice'President MADELINE DEZUTTI Scrappy Ambition-Stenographer Activities-Girl Reserves, Home Room Secretary, Volleyball E131 'l't7"5EV'lF. T l FRANK EDWARD DIAMOND Snooky Ambition-Welder ' Activities - Senior Leaders, Football, Glee Club X VIOLET QiiIORIO Ambition-Beautician Activities-Tennis Club, Life Saving glliabs Poetry Club, Girl Reserves, MATTHEW DBSANZA Snooky Ambition-Stenographer Activities-'Sketch Book Stai, Alpparaf tus Club LILIJIAN DOAK Cookie Ambition-Social Worker Activities-Red Cross Club MARY DOUGLASS Frances Ambition-Business School X Activities - Red Cross C11ib,,Tennis Club, Poetry Club, Girl Reserves ANNE DUNSTON Annie Ambition-Musician l Activities-Girl Reserves, College Club, Orchestra Club, Curretit Events Clulg, Senior Dramatic Club, Glee Clu . l I' f P WILLIAM LYNN DUNSTON Bill Ambition-Metallurgical or Aeronaut- ical Engineer Activities-HiPY, College Club, Dra- matic Club, Current Events Club, Six'Man Football HERMAN EASLER Hienie Ambition-Sports Commentator Activities-Volleyball Club LOIS ERIKSON Lo Ambition-Air Hostess Activities-Student Council President, Senior Leaders Vice'President, Senior Dramatic Club Secretary, Home Room President, National Honor Society, French Club, Sketch Book Staff, D.P.S., College Club, Class Play MARIIE FERRARO Ambition-Private Secretary ' Activities-Glee Club, Big Sisters, Girl Reserves VINCENT FREBRARO Cal Ambition-Physical Instructor Activities-Basketball JAMES GIANTURCO Turk Ambition-Printer Activities-Glee Club, Italian Club, Sixflvlan Football, Dramatic Club F141 . l ,, . M 'L.., 4 ,. ' , -' - '-A f. - .. '- " ' ' ,. . - H " fLi......,Li l-, Y f um' .1 - ,, TA V I'-ei a., , .4 4. tr, f"1 5 ANNA ELIZABETH Betty Ambition-History Teacher Activities - Home Room Secretary, French Club, Big Sisters, D.P.fS. KATHERINE HARP Kay Ambition-Beautician or Social Worker Activities-'D.P.S., Glee Club HENRIETTA HARN EY Hennie Ambition--Architect Activities - College Club, Current Events Club, Sketch Book Staff, Aviation Club. DAVID K. HARRIS Dave Ambition-Railroad Engineer Activities-Senior Leaders, 12B'12A Football, SixfMan Football, D.P.S. joHN HAUNTY swnewan Ambition-Master Machinist Activities-Football Team, Home Room President SHERLENE HILL Lenie Ambition-Dress Designer Activities--Glee Club, First'Aid -.vw ,., THERESA M. HOWARD Jingles Ambition-Laboratory Technician Activities-Senior Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Tennis Club, rSafe Drivers Club, Home Room Secretary, D.P.S., French Club, Girl Reserves, Basketball, Volleyball CAROLYN HOWE Ambition-Concert Pianist Activities-College Club, French Club, Orchestra Club, Current Events Club, Big Sisters, D.P.S., Sketch Book fStaE, National Honor Society FRANK G. IOLE Sonny Ambition-Machinist Activities-Sports MILDRED JACKSON Mil Ambition-Telephone Operator Activities-Sports PAUL IAGDMANN Jag Ambition-Machinist Activities - Orchestra Club, Senior Leaders, Home Room President, Band, Baseball Team BERNICE JOHNSTON Bernie Ambition-Comptometer Operator Activities-Tennis Club, Girl Reserves, College Club, Volleyball l 15 1 Ur mf 1 - -xl .merge sig, 1 -A ..-1 s .W , X e V L n ALLES JONES E Ambition-Dress Designer Activities-French Club, College Club, National Honor Society WERNER LOWELL JORDAN Ambition-Aeronautical Engineer Activities -- Aviation Club, College Club, Current Events Club PATRICIA ANNE KLINGENSMJTH Pat Ambition-To travel Activities - Red Cross Club, Tennis Club, Sketch Book Staff ' RALPH KOSS Nick Ambition-Radio Singer Activities - Glee Club, Home Room VicefPresident EARL W. KRAMER Sn-etchic Ambition-Machinist Activities - Stamp Club President, Home Room VicefPresident, Man' 'ager Football Team MARGARET KRAUSE Peggy Ambition-Model Activities-Life Saving Club, D.P.S. l E163 ' 'f ...- :.t...'1 , .'-,te an-:.uu,...-:i.3m.m..-I '- . mi lid-iii 5 , .'?."Jfg ,A , ' n- 4' JOHN W. KRESS Bighead' Ambition-Printer Activities-D.P. S. GERALDINE KROGAN Gerry Ambition--Professional Model Activities-Sketch Book Staff, French Club President, College Club, Senior Dramatic Club, 12A Social Com- mittee, D.P.S., Current Events Club, National Honor Society JAMES LADEDA Ambition-Welder 1 Activities - Basketball Club, 'SeriibFP Basketball, 12B'12A Football, Six- Man Football VIRGINIA LAMANNA Ginny Ambition-Seamstress A Activities-Girl Reserves, Tennis, Bas' ketball, Volleyball, Dodge Bat Ball HULDA CATHERINE LAU Honey Ambition-Saleswoman Activities-D.P.S. ROSE LEONE Rosie Ambition--Secretary Activities-Tennis Club, Girl Reserves, College Club, Volleyball, Basket' ball, D.P.S. LEO LOGUE Lee Ambition-Mechanic Activities-12B'12A Football, D.P.'S., Mushball, Basketball MARCELLUS HAYWOOD l LUCK, JR. Lucky Ambition-Musician Activities-Track Team, Cross-courr try Team, Orchestra Club, Glee Club, Assembly Usher, Band, ' French Club. ,EVELYN MCCAMMON Evie Ambition-Office Worker Activities-Tennis Club, D.P.S., Home Room VicefPreside-nt, National Honor Society HARRY MCCLELLAND Mack Ambition-Railroad Engineer Activities-D. P. S., Class Football GERMAINE McCOY Germy Ambition-Social Worker Activities-Bulletin Stall, Home Room VicefPresident, French Club BETTY McCUE 4 Red Ambition-Dress Designer Activities - Bulletin Staff, Red Cross Club, Mushball A , v 5: wf'w9yf1'yf:gA, 1.5, ' g g L., ' Q ' 'F E-fi PREP..-25' fu A ' - ' 'ef L ' , 'iq fl 1 JANE McKEOWN - 13118 1 Ambition-Dress Designer ' - sr.. Activities - Senior Dramatic Club, il Senior Band, Glee Club, Bigfsisf ML .:, Y ters, Basketball 'SF . w J., 1 . "vii , jf' NANCY JOAN MANNA Nan :ig Ambition--Nurse '. ' Activities-College Club, Life Saving Club, Tennis Club A ' MARGARET' MARTIN , Margie' A' Ambition--Secretary - -, ' Activities-D.P.fS., Glee Club Tennis Ri u? Club, Basketball, v011eybal1,.- ..- K L' ,,.A..- CESIDIO MARTINI ,Ive b Ambition-Success V . Activities-D.P.S., Senior Life ,Saving ' Club ' y if N " '.. ,,,-1' . .Z- ELIZABETH MARTINI ,Lee Ambition-Typist Activities--D.P.S. 4 , A .5 . ,fig ff. 'fvl' ilk,-F ., rite: . w R C5 FLORA MAISCARO ,muy Ai., . Ambition-Dancer. , iff Activities-D.P.S., Basketball V ' fig, '12 'Z ,K 3.3:- - 'g Ca, Q. .if - ',, '-wi' r .. ' ,s ' I- , .ti EMMA MASON M Ambition-Medical Doctor Activities-College Club, D.P.S., Senior Dramatic Club, Current Events Club, National Honor Society JERRY MASSABRO Mavo Ambition-Actor and Musician Activities-Senior Dramatic Club, Gym Team, Class Play, Orchestra Club THOMAS C. MATTHEW'S Jackson Ambition--Naval Officer Activities - Senior Leaders, D.P:S., Football VIOLET MATTHEWS Vi Ambition-Musician Activities--Glee Club, Orchestra Club MA ILYNN EAN MAXWELL R J Maxie Ambition-To graduate Activities -- Home Room Vice-Presif dent, Senior Dramatic Club PAUL J. MAZZEI Rugged Ambition-Machinist Activities-Senior Leaders, Baseball, Co'Captain of Football Team E181 ,, :f--.- WILLIAM J. MITCHELL Mitch Ambition-Coach Activities-Poetry Club, Glee Club, Track, Booster Chairman, Six-Man Football, Mushball WILLIAM G. MONT-iEIM Chubby Ambition-Machinist Activities- Senior Leaders, Football, Home Room Vice'President, Glee Club JAMES MONTGOMERY Monty Ambition-Aviator Activities-HifY, Welding MARY MOOREHEAD Tooks Ambition-Telephone Operator Activities -- Dickens Club, Girl Re' serves, Red Cross Club EMMA MORSILLO Ambition-Typist Activities-Glee Club JEAN MOSS Jeanne Ambition-Saleswoman Activities -- Bulletin Staff, D.P.S., Tardy Squad, Home Room Presif dent, Home Room Secretary, Senior Dramatic Club, Glee Club ' - A-f -- -1- V f--1-Mihai PHILIP MUSE Phil Ambition-Business Activities-Baseball, Volleyball, Six' Man Football, Hi-Y, Senior Lead- ers RICHARD NACCARATI Narcotic Ambition-Lawyer Activities - Senior Dramatic Club, Football. CARL M. NELSON Ambition-Welding Mechanic Activities-Sports NORMAN NORTH Norm Ambition-Printer Activities-Home Room President MARLIN J. OLES Marlow Ambition-Electrician Activities-D.P.'S. RUTH O'MARA Scarlett Ambition-Model Activities - Senior Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Girl Reserves, D.P.S., Home Room Banker DoM1N1c PALOMBO, JR. Dom Ambition-Forest Ranger Activities-College Club, Senior Lead- ers, Football, Italian Club, Appaf ratus Club, Home Room Banker, Sketch Book Staff RUTH PANISH Panish Ambition-Nurse Activities - Social Chairman Senior Leaders, Social Committee of 12A Class, College Club, Senate, Class Play, Senior Dramatic Club, D.P.S., Sketch Book -Staff, Drum Major' ette, National Honor Society EILEEN PEARSON Ambition-College Activities-Orchestra Club, Girl Re' serves, Current Events Club, French Club, Senior Dramatic Club SAMUEL PETRUCCI , Sam Ambition-Machinist I Activities-Sports NANCY PEIPER Nan Ambition-College Activities -- Commencement -Speaker, Dramatic Club, Current Events Club, College Club, French Club ANNA PIVHDORE Ambition-Secretary Activities-Italian Club, Senior Lead' ers, National Honor Society E191 l W' BILL POLAND Blimp Ambition-Machinist Activities-Sports ADELE POMPA Del Ambition-Secretary Activities-Current Events, Girl Re- serves, Junior Etiquette, Home Room Vice-President RUTH PRINT Z Tiny Am bition-Model Activities--Sketch Book Staff, Big Sis' ters, Girl Reserves, Sports Activi' Q ties, D.P.S. WILLIAM REILLY Squirrels Ambition4-Writer and Artist Activities-Poetry Club, Senior Lead' ers, Senior Dramatic Club, D.P.S., Stamp Club FOSTER RENN Squirt Ambition-Electrician Activities-Hi'Y, Basketball, Baseball, Camera Club, Student Council, Football FLEMING REYNOLDS , Flip Ambition-Mortician Activities-Track '39, '40, '41, Poetry Club, Crossfcountry Tleam, Six' Man Football, Mushball' DONALD RHULE Don Ambition-Tool and Die Maker Activities-Movie Crew, D.P.S., HifY, Senior Dramatic Club. College Club, National Honor Society MABLE RODGERS Squeeky Ambition-College Activities -- Bulletin Stall, Current Events, D.P.S., Volleyball J Q. JAMES ROSE Jimmy Ambition-Electrical ' Engineer Activities-Sketch Book Staff, Stu- dent Council VIVIAN ROSS Viv Ambition-Seamstress Activities-Girl Reserves, Tennis Club, Basketball, Volleyball THERESA RUSSO Tootsie Ambition-Business School Activities-French Club, Current Events Club, Life Saving Club, D.P.S. PETRINA F. SCHIRANO A Tina Ambition-'Secretary Activities-Girl Reserves, Safe Drivers Club, Basketball, Volleyball l 20 fl , l ROBERT SCHLEICHER Bob Ambition-Aeronautical Engineer Activities - Senior Dramatic Club, Senior Leaders BETTY CLAIRE SCHWAB Blondie Ambition-Nurse Activities-Sketch Book Staff, Tennis Club, Girl Reserves, D.P.S. Q JUNE AILEEN SCHWULM Dutch Ambition--Sports Journalist Activities - Current Events, D.P.S., Bulletin Staff, Tennis Club, Big 'Sisters, Girl Reserves, Volleyball, Basketball, Sketch Book Staff JANE SHAFFER Shaf Ambition-Buyer Activities-Girl Reserves, Poetry Ap' preciation, D.P.S. JACK SIMPSON Ned Ambition-Ofllce Worker Activities-Home Room Safety Com' mittee ' HELEN SMITH T.N.T. Ambition-Dress Designer Activities-College Club, French Club, Senior Dramatic Club, Senior Lead- ers, Home Room Banker, Home Room Secretary, National Honor Society r211' i. JANET LEE SMITH Peaches Ambition-Receptionist Activities--Senior Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Chorus, Home Room Vice-President, Tennis Club, Sketch Book Staff, D.P.S. CAROLYN SOTTILE Curly Ambition-College Activities -- Glee Club, Big Sisters, French Club, Current Events Club, Senior Dramatic Club, D.P.'S., Naf tional Honor Society ANTHONY R. SOSSO Red Ambition-Airplane Pilot Activities-Sports LOUIS SPERA Lou, Ambition-Lawyer Activities-Student Council, National Honor Society, Movie Crew, Senior Dramatic Club, HifY, DrP.S,., College Club, Senior Leaders, Cur- rent Events, Sketch Book Staff, Cabinet Member ' A ALBIN A TAIVIBURRGI Bea' Ambition-Private Secretary Activities-Current Events, Girl Re' serves, Tennis Club, Volleyball, Bash-netball, D. P. S., Sketch Book Sta FRANCIS TAMBURRI Tam Ambition--Machinist Activities-'Sports DeWITT T. TATE Dee Ambition-Medical Doctor Activities-Senior Dramatic Club, Life Saving Club, College Club, Track Team Manager '39, '40, Assembly Usher, D.P.S. HELEN MADELINE THORNHILL Ambition-Surgeon Activities - Tennis Club, Current Events Club, Big Sisters, Poetry Club BETTY TODD Todd Ambition--Air Hostess Activities-College Club, Senior Draf matic Club, Glee Club SARA JANE TOMER Blondie Ambition-Typist , Activities-Senior Dramatic Club, Glee Club, D.P,S., Home Room Presif dent, Student Council JOSEPH C. TORNESE J.T. Ambition-Aeronautical Engineer Activities-Sketch Book Editor, Vice' President of Student Council, Home Room President and Vice-President, 'College Club CLARENCE TUCKER Tate Ambition-Electrical Engineer Activities - Senior Leaders, Football, Guidance Committee E221 ' MW STANLEY R. TUCKER Tuck Ambition-Mechanic Activities-D.P.S. VIC VALENTINE Vic Ambition-Trailer Truck Driver Activities-Basketball, Senior Leaders, Football, Volleyball, D.P.S. OSCAR VAUGHN Skid Ambition--Architectural Decorator Activities-Stamp Club, Camera Club, Chorus, Glee Club, Football, Sen- ate Representative, Home Room Vice'President VICTOR WAHL Vic Ambition-Printer Activities-Home Room Vice-President ZELDA ANN WALKER Ambition-College Activities-Current Events Club, Senior Girl Reserves, Home Room Sec' retary, Tennis Club, 'Sketch Book Staff ROMA ESTES WALTERS Scotty Ambition-Mortician Activities-Senior Dramatic Club, Life Saving Club, Current Events Club, Tardy Squad - EL...--is--. - - - . J. WILLIAMS Moran Ambition-Sin ger V Activities-Girl Reserves,- 'Glee Club, Senior Dramatic Club, Tennis Club, French Club, D.P.S. WALTER WILLIAMS Walt AmbitionfWelder Activities-HifY, Welding Club IUUIA WATKINS Judy Ambition-Business School Activities-Bulletin Staff, Senior Girl Reserves, Current Events Club, Poetry Club ALBERT J. WEIN Al Ambition-Engineer Activities - National Honor Society, College Club, Student Council, Senior Dramatic Club, Current Events Club, Tennis Club, French Club, Editor of The Bulletin, D.P.S. LORRAINE WOLFRAM Sugar Ambition-Matron in a girls' school Activities - Senior Dramatic Club, Home Room Vice-President, Tardy Squad, Current Events Club l23l ,z.., ll 4.-4, DOROTHY WRIGHT ,Dot Ambition-Dress Designer Activities-Motor Traffic Club, Girl Reserves, Glee Club, D.P.S. GUY F. ZACCARIA . Ambition-Naval Oilicer Activities-Sports ANTHONY ZITELLI Bqbby Ambition-Printer Activities-Sports JULIA ZITELLI Judy Ambition-Typist ' Activities - Senior Dramatic Club, Home Room Banker, Bulletin Staff, D.P.S. VINCENT J. ZUMMO Vinnie Ambition-To graduate in February Activities - Senior Leaders, Football, Home Room President. - file ,J , n. nl.- -1 Y. -ur A-a -. ., .5 - "-25, I ,K u in if .fi d. 5' 'L v,I'? .. "' .. .f' --. .. 1 .tg if 'J la 1 w. 'J . 1 LE -52, 'E- ,5 Q I. .52 J ,Q-rqar left - ' .g .11 1 1 li, XA, ul W-W' -h ,. ii :Q -' le ar- DR. 'r q. ' 'I vl ci. v. ,1 , 151 -W J . v E. s ' 'fs zfwtf, Q lt P 2 P If ll i. W t I: Et' General Major . Colonel Mary Beresky ..... Burton Butker ..... Bill Chiavaroli ..... Carmela Conte ..... Anne Dunston ..... Herman Easler .... Theresa Howard .... Carolyn Howe .... Bernice johnson .... Peg Krause ....... Gerry Krogan ..... Jim Ladeda ..... Rose Leone ....... Margaret Martin . . . Elizabeth Martini. . . Emma Mason ..... James Rose ....... Foster Renn ....... Clarence Rosswog. . . Bob Schliecher ..... Helen Smith ....... DeWitt Tate ...... Sara Jane Tomer. . . Victor Wahl ..... Albert Wein ....... Marie Williams ..... Wilhelmina. Wright. . Betty Masqaro ...... Catherine Cummings Julia Zitelli ........... Dave Harris .......... Martin McDonough William James ...... Florence Bernard. . . Katie Etheridge ..... William Reilly ..... Helen Thornhill . . . l l 1 Fort Sharp BETWEEN DRILLS E241 ..........Albert Wein . . . .Foster Renn ....Burt on Butker .ringing latest hit tunes . . . . . . . . . . .latest jitterbug routines . . . .just one dime for "The Bulletin" business before pleasure ................yiddler's'mus1c . . . . . . . . .tinkering with machines . . .numerous laboratory experiment ................miniature piano easy to get along with . . . . .Stanley stage shows . . . . . . . . . .passion for food . . . . .worn basketball uniform . . . .fondness for the Pirates salesgirl . '.i't2Q,iig' ... . . . . . .type budgets up with the boys in tr-ig .... . . . . . .wears out text books ............two point kid .. . .hinally made the grade ...............class play femme .................roller-skating fan . . . .only boy on make-up committee ...................letters to Bob ................quiet zone the fate of all Bulldogs . . . ......... amateur comedian . ..... . .......... . ..... likes to sew likes to go dancing at Kingsley House designs with an eye for Hollywood . . . . . . . . . . . . ..jitterbug is the thing ..................six-man football ...................types .......catches up on his naps'ver says a word ....the ei 'ght fifty-seven member ...........rhyme and rhythm . . . .could she be noisy? BURTON Btrrxx-:R EMMA MASON rvmng ., W. rf.- .-,, . Carolyn Sottile. . Lois Erikson .... Phyllis Kerzesky. . . Eileen Kohlhepp Norman North ........ Ruth Panish .... Louis Spera ..... Don Rhule ..... Cesidio Martini. Ann Piviclore. . . Betty Todd ..... Eileen Pearson. . Marie Ferraro .... . Paul Mazzei .... Bobby Amen. . . Bobby Russell. . Dick Naccaratti. Julia Watkins. . . Theresa Russo. . Gene Cavelli .... Dolly Nlascaro. . Frank Diamond. Mable Rodgers. Zelda Walker. . . Lowell Jordan .... Oscar Vaughn. . . Tony Sosso ..... Ralph Koss ..... Violet DiOrio. . . Phil Muse ...... Bill Monheim. . . Vincent Febraro. Vincent Zummo. Rita Folgarelli. . Marion Battiste. Fort Johnson WHAT THEY DO ON LEAVE . . . . . . . . . . .thinking up kinks for coiffures .....flying up to Alaska Cwe wonder why?J .... . . . . . . . . . .singing along in shorthand . ........................... out to get a man? airplanes .coaching the kid sister on how to wolf in ten easy lessons .............doingajinejobasleaderofthe Y.M.C.A. . . . . . . . . . . . . .listening to Gene Krupa records it . . . .reading up on how to be the perfect secretary ......................oozing with personality . . . . . . . . . . . .fiddling while the neighbors burn . . . . . . . . . . . . .learning how to be the perfect home maker .........................attending testimonial dinners couldn't get leave: is now in the brig for being A.W.0.L. ia wolf on the loosej . . . . . . ........................ a second wolf on the loose third wolf on the loose .. . . .catching up in correspondence with the army round town ....being an artist lnot for "Esquire"J . . . . .hoofiing it in one of the night-spots . . . . .speeding around in his new convertible .. . .collecting a few Glenn Miller records not forgetting "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" ....collecting autographs and pictures of movie stars beingagood scout .designing a little honeymoon cottage . . . .heading the sport center of the U. S. 0. . . . .still pursuing his hobby of singing .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .thrilling to "The Press" novels . . . . . . . . . . . .struggling to build up a good baseball team . . . .playing every pinball machine in sight and then some . . . .chewing gum and wanting to know what time it is . . . . . . . . . .squinting at "Esquire" to determine what the well-dressed wolf will wear in 1942 . . . .burning up shoeleather on a dance floor .....beatin' out rhythm on a typewriter EILEEN KOHLHEPP RUTH PANISH E251 8:45 9:00 10:20 11:25 11:45 12:00 1:00 1:10 1:25 2:00 2:10 2:15 2:20 2:30 2:45 3:00 Fort Hunter ORDER FOR THE DAY p Fatigue Call--Color boys. Donald Earl still thought he was on his vaca- tion, for he forgot to get the flag out: so Fort Hunter saluted "The Flag That Wasn't There!" Ray Capone is now serving in the guard house, because he forgot that "Glamour" was the pass word when caught by Guard Hulda Lau who was serving on the Tardy Squad. We find listed in the casualties West Virginia hillbilly, Snooky Di Sanza, who fell on his head during Fatigue Call. Exercise period for Sara Carr, the drum majorette. What a promotion for a cheer leader! u For future army cooks only-Ruth Printz has a hard time filling up in senior foods: Pauline Boone spills-everything: Lena Carmosina keeps an eye on the salads: Emma Morsillo copies recipes. Mess! john Hulbert and Anthony Zitelli rush to get seven plates of beans only todfind Ed Dellaquila while serving on K. P. sampled too much of the foo . After dinner mints and a big smile for Sam Petrucci. Janet Cotter says "laughs in law class are her best digestive aids." Henrietta Harney is improving the signs in the Mess Hall: "Keep elbows off the table." "Don't eat your soup with a fork." Domenic Palumbo gives his orders for the afternoon, "Girls shall wear dresses to Mess Hall." I Ign review! Bill Poland takes time out to push the waves in his hair. Joe Tornese in his own designed uniform consisting of green coat, tie and handkerchief to match, brown pants. Mary Macripo likes to design new uniforms for the girls. Buck Private john Barone, the fastest mail carrier in the fort, has just sought James Montgomery, Giagio Checcio and Walter Williams to use as carrier pigeons while Harry McClelland does the sponsoring. June Seitz wishes chemistry period were overg Pat Klingensmith and Sherlene Hill .go into consultation over possible facial repair which Marlin Oles watches with open-eyed wonder. Mary Douglass wonders why a swimming pool had to be built in barracks while Jane Shaffer enjoys the study period. The result of two many library fines: Arthur Johnson in the Guard House looking through the bars laughing as he sees Ed Claitman dodging objects for practicing "The Bee" on his violin. In the barracks Betty Schwab and Janet Smith are jitterbugging around to, "We Are In The Army Now," while Albert Mehring sits with his head down dreaming of something far off. Another hard working day is over so Mary Lemme and Lena Masterber- dino take their roller skates to spend an evening at the rink. JUNE SEITZ PAULINE Boom: E261 T' 'gg i:-vfba' .rf-i'-.I reg.- ..-,,,,.... H, - . - -E 4,-ang- ,- -4 William Alexopulos. John Antoniono ...... Ray Ashcom ....... Arnold Belkin ...... Albina Berardinelli . Robert' Beltz ....... Donald Berman .... Thelma Burton ..... Ruth Buxton ..... Richard Caretta .... Norman Carter ..... Aldo Castelli ..... Fred Custer ........ Marion Dechert .... Vincent DeDomenico .... Madeline Dezutti. . . William Dunston. . . Howard Edwards. . . Alles Jones ........ Earl Kramer ..... John Kress ........ Virginia Lamanna .... Leo Logue ......... Tom Matthews ..... Betty McAteer ..... Tom Moldvay .... Elsie Muse ..... Carl Nelson .... Theresa Perla .... Adele Pompa ....... Elizabeth Ranallo. . . Vivian Ross ........ Petrina Schirano . . . June Schwilm .... Albina Tamburri. . . Stanley Tucker. . . Victor Valentine .... Odella Frances Whitsett .... I Fort Beares FURLOUGHED TO . . a crack marksman . . . . . . . . .lead a championship debating team . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .become a champion drum major . . . .play jirst clarinet in Benny Goodman's band physical education .. . . . . . . . . . . . , .drive on the Indianapolis Speedway ....accept the presidency of the Grocers' Association ...........................beaprivate secretary the N. Y. A. supervisor . . . . .boss a machine shop crew ..............make cabinets . . . .be a champion gymnast a forest ranger .. .............l7ecome the model worker . . . . .be president of the First National Bank for a handsome boss .be the highest-prlced cabbie in Pittsburgh .........................cherchez la femme a registered nurse . 1 . . .manage the Pittsburgh Steelers . . . . . . . . . . .be a police lieutenant . . . . . . .. . . . .be a super salesgirl ................head the F. B. 1. . an all-American quarterback a stenographer . . . . . . .be an ace photographer . . . .be a private secretary . . . . . .repair old wrecks ..........nurse helpless men . . . . .sew in the Vendome shop . . . .serve as a telephone operator . . . . .demonstrate for Wrigley's . . . .give private dancing lessons ..... . . . . . .write a sports column ....invent a new type of shorthand the leader of a New Order .. . .drive a commercial truck ... . . . . . . .become a teacher DONALD BERMAN THERESA PERLA FRED Cusrran E271 ' r Q -..X--n-.M ki 'C 'WN Nmulv' ' -xg I 5 Q . 9? - 9 49 Paaeaiinq CLASS J U N E 1 ii i' OF Q IQ42 s Q... .-ww F1 N SME T I2 B Class Cfficers President V ice-Presid ent Secretary E, 5 2 v 2. ..- r, 5,-9 i Treasurer 1- L Social Chairman I, 5 L L. if L i i . . L Rmg Chazrman Y 'Y if ET' ' l ,,. I my CAROLYN RANKIN ROBERT PERFETTO E301 m'. Ata..u4.-L.....L..4.-, u...xA.1.n...l4:g.g.-, - f. RALPHINA M. RACIOPPI DOROTHY OLDFIELD JOHN D1LUccH1o GLORIA VAcco .g,,,...x..1.. Basciotta, Amelia Battiste. Klarion Baxter, Jerry Bell, DeXYayne Bellin. Betty l3ellZ. Robert Bernard, Florence Bigos, IfiLlNX'Zil'Ll Black, Lois Boechieehio, Jean Bodnar. Florence Bonomo, Octave Boyd, john Brandi, Raymond Brennan, Catherine f-uv' if 5 ,Ru lx ,QL fx, . V "" A vi I - ' .3 ' 'a ni ,.., A A K A ,:Ei: .., k A 3 i ll' gi Ader, Jean Amen, Geraldine Alfieri, Anita Allison, Glenn Altenhaugh, Dorothy Anderson, Leslie Anderson, Ralph Antonueei, Phyllis Arnold, Bernadine Arnold, Charles, Jr. Asturi, Gregory Ball, Nellie Louise Barker. Louise Barone, Lena Barrett, Lawrence 15- X 'Q in yi 5 N if W , 5 up .1 W l' if X , Brinkoff, Carl Britton, Richard Brown, Jack Brown, Ralph Bruce, Clarence Bryner, Betty Mac Busch, lX"Iartha Byrne, Dorothy Cabell, Dora Blanche Camcrota, Carmella Cannon, Mary Ellen Carb, Elaine Carbone, joseph Casamassa, John Castclli, Helen , ...A ......... . ,,.., , ' l -as ,i il . ,Q 4 ,,2?.x,,, , '-g-1130 if 1 :A t X - V lilo . Cefalo, Lillian R. Cerchiara, Mary V. Ciorra, Anthony Charles, hlarjorie Childs, Jane Coleman, James Coles, E. Coles, Minerva Elaine Comas, Nlary Consolo, hflary Constantino, Yolanda Coster, Emma Cousar, Harriet L. Crawley, Lawtwher Creighton, Robert N ? Delauea. Rita Y. DeRenzo. Rocco DeStefano, Carmen DiLuechio. John A-X. Dodson. Thelma Dongiovztnni. Xliehael Dorsey. Alice Draper. William Duffy, Robert Dunn. Guy liiarl, Donald liiiser, George Ellis. Yivian Engemann, joan Etheridge. Katie if A .Q ,E M . 2',.f.,,.,,-: - X .:.:. . ,., . ,. ., a z z 6385 23 J' : " :. as t . fm M, ,. Cummings, Catherine Cunningham, joan Curtz, George Cutruzzula, Anthony Dalfonzo, Theresa Dauber, Helen Davis, Helen Davis, Ida Catherine Davis, Ralph Deliellis, Armand Deberson, Gladys DeCesar0, Philomena Delaaneey, Carlene Delaillo, Norma Delsandro, hlary .,, a,,i s K W, - ..,, 1 f K v IIIIH I rzlnk, C'Iz1l'ence I rzztznngeln, Klum' I nller, Helly .lean I llI4IllCI'. I IIIIL XII I '.Zkf 1-zmvlzalu, Czirnlelln bellel, Ilulnert xl. fIL'IIL'I'. Luis Iernrnellzlm, Mice Cieyer, Rnlmerl Cllintlzl, IIIYIIIPIZI antlc I if ir I Qv I'IllI5Illl1lJ, Casey I'IllllI. .Xnuminelte FZIIIIKJXZI, Xielmlus I'IllI'IlZlIl. Ifrzincis If. I":1snz1eI1I. Rolnert Iferris, Xlrlry Iferguscmn. ICdn':n'd Ifiedler. Sheldon Fiselnmle, Philmnene Ifiure. xIZ1I'QllCI'IlL' I'IIllIlCI'lf'. Stephen Ifolgzlrelli, Rita l"cn'n1ieI1eIIz1, lfred Foster, Helen l"1'aneesum. Xdinn sun. NX eslex' JXIILII J 'Ea GUI' '. lean' V3 Cinllzl. Yen niezl I I Ciumlsmm, Ifrnrnitl z uv' Cifml Jn, Mary 2 iffffvif f ,318 irch, Dorothy lreen, Helene ireer, Lila L. lrieco. Lucy lrogan. Cecelia iuyon, Ifdwartl laggerty, Lois lairston, john lallwirth, Martha laniilton, Robert L lawkins, Robert -Ieilman, XYillian1 lembury, Catherine ?lenkel, Frank Hertzog, Claude v UW X 3' 4 ,E : T X if 'fw ' wi . A . Q. rgeiiv Jzjwgix Ui 1 .. ,,,.., , Eitj. 5? .. , Hess, Katherine Hewel, Agnes L. Hickey, Mary K. Hickman, jean Hild, Clara Hilton, Charles T. Hopson, Harold D. Hunker, Henry L. Hurlbert, john H. Hutfles, Ruth Iellimo, Samuel Ingelido, Tessie Iole, Anthony James, William Johns, Evelyn -lolmson, llelen blolinson, Rachel jones, Anna Xlae jones, Robert blonnotti. Anthoiiy Kenley. lilezznore lieztr, ,lack Iitlvz ' liensiuger, Robert Reiter, Anna Xlzle Krauss, Dorotliy l li reller, Nelda lxunztr, l',tlwzirtl ll: l,z1ehmzm, Robert - r 1 l,ZllIAUIllCZl. lheresz l,elJomie. Samuel -vs? X ,. Q is QP' Lee, Gloria Phyllis Lee. james Lemme. Klary Ann Lemme. Matilda Leo. :Xngfclo Lewin. blarjorie Libby. Ann Lightfoot, Russell Loftis. joe Lombardo. Angelo N Luther, Walter H. Kle.'Xteer. Betty D. RIeBride. Klargaret McDonough. blartin Melilroy, Evelyn fa Fw blaute. Dorothea May. Lawrence blellum, Rutb bleyer. George . , . Muller. Crlorm Miller, Xilflllllll bliller. Raymond D. Mitchell, Luuise bluugu. lleatriee lXIuorbe:1d. XYilliam blurelli. ixlllhllllf' Murelli. lrrzmk Morrison, Robert AX. blorrisou. Robert lidgz Muse, lxlhle Mclielvey. Mary Jane McMahon. Marie McMurray, Ruth K IePola nd, .Mme Maeripo, Dolores Xlagellc. james Maiuzi. Mary Mamczlite. Lena Klartiu, Robert Mascaro, Belly Masrm. Freemzm W. Kiasma, john Masscu. Mary Kl21SICI'l7Cl'ZiI'dil1U, Lena Matson. Ifdwin Perm. llzmmlnl XY. l'L'l'lcIIu, Rolvcrl l'icmlinz1. Ann l'is1nzntu, -Iucquclinc l'lummcr. Rznynwml l'urIc1'. llumtlmy l'm'tc1'. Russ llllsun l'1'ivL-tt. llmvzilxl ll. Rzlclnppi, Rzllplmlnz Rillllilll, Czlmlyn Rlllllllltl. lilizalw- A Rcial. llzmlvl .N Rn-mln. .luscplm llllflllllf, 'z ' 1 'z Ricci. ,limo l"1'uncis R.-if Xlycrs, Ucorgc Mylan. xlolm Xcnlz. Bart bl. Xcll. Kathryn cyljllllllifll, Ruth Oldfield, Dm-otlmy fyLCZll'f'. Thelma Olivo, Tlmcrcsa Pagcl. Barlvara Palmer. jerry XV. l'an1pcnz1. Peter Pampcno, Dclphinc Pantoni, XYilliam Paraggio, lfdmoml Pclliciczni, lfva lichter. james Ridley. Klaryhcllc Robinson. Ifdith Robinson, Rose Ross. Bertha Royal, ames Sandstrom, Arlene Sangl. Rita Sant. Martha Santoriello. Blazie Santucci, Albert Saville, Norma Schaller. Mary L. Schran, Allan Schran, Harry -x if , 'Jw . f. 'S 'Z . 'E' W ,, 5 H 5 af :sr Schwartz, Raymond Seuro, Michael Scitz, june Sgarnhati, Mary Sheafler. Mary Shuba, lfilllllf' Skiles. lfugenia Slean, josephyne Smith. Helen Smith, -lean Smith. joe Speakman. Lois Stack, Mary Louise Stcmherski, joe Stern. Geraldine y Stucllc-ll. Hurry I Incl. Xurlnzul lllwlllpsrul, l"lcm-llcc llmrmmpsmm. xIIlI'iHI'lC lrnlrumw X - , . rllhmmy' llmlznsilm, ,Icnnic lmpczzrm. .'xIllUiIlCIIL' I IIRIISCU, Xwlumlu N www. fflllfill , . D, , 4, K nm, .Xngclu Nunn, lflizzllmcth Xnntw, 'l'cr'cs:l xLIlllIl'iIl4l. Yinccnl, xQl'LlK'I'lK'I', Ruth Ixus L'I'IlL'l'. Paul , joseph Yu-fcl. .XI'lllLll' ulllsclm. I,LlXYl'CIlCC zllslm, Xlary Louis U X I XXVCVIIIZ. Alulm -' ' ul - A umx XX l ' I N m 1 'ci.'c. k'iIl1L'S Riu. I 'iII'iCi1l Nita. Sy YCSICI' Rilsctl. O4 ella F. 1:1ms.lict1x' 'z mms, Iulzctlu LIIIIS. Yirginia x 3. cr. X Iurvcdcs lolff, George Vooddy, Annabelle lritt, William Vyld, Robert Q Class Colors: Blue and Silver Class Flower: Red Rose i Clary Motto: The horizon widens as We climb Wright Marie Wright, Wilhelmina Palmer, Joseph Parco, Elizabeth -1.440 ull.. v .Vi i .' 1 ,- I- . ' 1,-'Q-?i:.l 1 5 - A 15.1 E 1' H V- A3 ,4,.: , 1 ., , 'Ula -. I 'I W is 'I I In J . ra-. :.' In . ,- , 1- v " ": 'e -Ayf f- V, .' V "' ,- ' " 'V alw ,iii V-it-"" 4, mi -79" if-. J" " "5 'X -. ,' " ' , - 1 -3 1 -I "Ri i:L'fl4" a' 'li . 'i' 'ME .. .- .. a , .. A . i. , , . - - - -- J - - . . , . ,, A .EEA -, A - .-1 , , , 1 V . ., , .vg , Fort Braham Forward March! INTO THE FUTURE WE Go . . . Charles Arnold ........ Six feet tall, Big Stoop, marches into the field of engineering. Chuck has been an active member on. the stage crew. Edward Bigos .......... Eddie walks up the halls with Rita DeLuca, now. Soon he will be marching up the ladder to success as a research engineer. Ralph Brown ........ Make way for a brilliant new advertising manager . . . a leader. Dorothy Byrne ........... My! What a cute stenographer she's going to be. joseph Carbone ........... The film industry interests him, but not as a Casanova. Yolando Constantino .......... If you have a position for a good secretary, here she is. Robert Creighton ......... For National De- fense, make room for a new machinist. Carlene DeLancey ......... Carlene hopes to achieve her goal as secretary. Rita DeLuca ........ For exclusive gowns . . . Madam DeLuca, the original dress designer. john DiLucchio .......... "Anchors Aweigh" for popular Johnny. Thelma Dodron ........ As an air hostess, she shall be riding high. For all I know, she may be up in the clouds now. George Eiser ............ May his work as a metallurgist be as outstanding as his loud shirts and sweaters. jean Fuller ........ With Jeannie as a physical education instructor, another attempt will be made to teach children their right feet from their left. Lillie Mae Furnier ........ Wanted: A young, handsome boss to hire her as his secretary. Robert Gejel ........ Bob will be cheerleading his way into the Army Air Corps. Anna Hall ........ Classmate Anna will proba- bly be a history teacher. Henry Hunleer ............ You going to be a teacher, too, Henry? Either in sociology or economics. Right? Gloria Lee ........ Gloria's guidance as a social worker will probably lead her to aid many. -. -- .. famer Lee ........ james, who dances so well with Dorothy Wright . . . a mail clerk. Angelo Lombardo ........ Black-haired Angelo will look handsome in a sailor's outfit of the .United States Navy soon after graduation. Margaret M cBride ...... Mr. Lawyer, did you say you liked blondes? Here's a stenographer. Evelyn McElroy ........... For dresses chic, charming, and inexpensive, see Evelyn. Mary jane McKel1Jey ...... Out on the loose: One nice secretary. May she be successful in her findings. Robert O'Brien ........... The future's great coach is right here in our class. jerry Palmer .......... Unaware of it, Jerry will probably be handling the mail of 3l6's numerous secretaries. A Robert Perfetto ........ A college man in the crowd. Bob intends to widen his knowledge. Marybelle Ridley ...... Marybelle must be a lover of history, her aims lie in that direction. Mary Louire Schaller ..... , ..... We hope you get your position of private secretary with all us business-loving girls on the loose. Mary Louise Stack ........ Some day we may hear her tinkling fingers. Antoinette Tropeano ....... Working in West- inghouse's library has given Antoinette the desire to work in a library as an assistant. Lorraine Wolfram ...... . .Lorraine must be a reformer at heart, for she wishes to be a matron in a girlis reformatory. Dorothy Wright ........ If jitterbug Dorothy can design as well as she jits, she will make a very good dress designer. Marie Wright ......... Marie's ambition is a little different from most girls for she wants to be a mortncian. May her wishes be granted. Angelo Leo ........ Angelo will be another aid for national defense as a machinist. Robert Duffy ........ Bob says he would enjoy working in an office if the secretary is like Dorothy Porter. Anita Alfieri ........ Anita enjoys keeping -a scrapbook . . . of dress designs? LILLIE MAE FURNIER L...e,..d CHARLES ARNOLD, JR. Chuck Ambition-Engineer Activities-Stage Crew, Senior Dra- matic Club, Football, Volleyball, Basketball EDWARD BIGOS Edwardo Ambition-Engineering Activities-Stamp Club, Booster Com- mittee RALPH BROWN Rabbit Ambition-Advertising Manager Activities - Council Vice-President, Home Room President, Basketball Manager, D.P.S., Assembly Usher, Social Committee of 12B Class DOROTHY BYRNE Dot Ambition-Private Secretary Activities-Senior Leaders, Basketball JOSEPH CARBONE Joe Ambition-Salesman Activities - Band, Orchestra, Senior Leaders, D.P.S. YOLANDA L. CONSTANTINO Yoley Ambition-Stenographer Activities-Tennis Club ROBERT CREIGHT ON Bob Ambition-Machinist Activities-Assembly Usher, Six-man Football CARLENE DeLANCEY Rene Ambition-Private Secretary Activities-Girl Reserves, Home Room Secretary, Student Council Repre- sentative ' RJTA Y. DeLUCA Ree Ambition-Dress Designer Activities - Tardy Squad, D.P.S., Stamp Club, Current Events Club JOHN A. DiLUCCHIO Duke Ambition-Aviator Activities - Football, Social Chairman of 12B Class, Sketch Book Staff, Senior Dramatic Club, Home Room President THELMA DODSON Blondie Ambition-Musician Activities-Senior Band, Senior Lead- ers, Bank Cashier, Bank Collector, Basketball GEORGE EISER Gilar Ambition-Metallurgist Activities - Baseball Team, Student Council, Fencing Club BETTY JEAN FULLER Jeannie Ambition-Physical Education Instruc- tor Activities -- Senior Leaders, Senior Dramatic Club, College Club, Bulletin Staff, Basketball, Volley- ball LILLIE MAE FURNIER Ambition-Private Secretary Activities-Sketch Book Staff, Senior Dramatic Club, -Student Council, Home Room President, Bulletin Staff, Basketball ROBERT J. GEFFEL Bob Ambition-Aviation Activities-Senior Band, Senior Dra- matic Club, Cheer Leader, Six-man Football, Booster Chairman HENRY L. HUNKER Ambition-College Teacher Activities - College Club, Current Events Club, Senior Hi-Y, French Club, Sketch Book Staff JAMES LEE Ambition-Sports Activities-Football, Mushball, Chorus Club GLORLIA PHY LLIS LEE Glory Ambition-Social Worker Activities-D.P.S., Big Sisters, Glee Club, Girl Reserves ANGELO N. LOMBARDO Arizona Ambition-Something to be proud of Activities-Assembly Usher, Football, Six-man Football, Booster Commit- tee MARGARET McBRIDE Margie Ambition-Stenographer Activities-Sports E431 EVELYN McELROY Evey Ambition-Seamstress Activities-Sports MARY JANE McKELVEY Janey Ambition-Private -Secretary Activities-Tennis Club, Home Room President, Citizenship Committee ROBERT O'BRIEN Ii-ish Ambition-Coach Activities-Track, Football, Six-man Football, Senior Leaders JERRY W. PALNIER Scrap Ambition-To be a credit Activities-D.P.S., Six-man Football, Glee Club, Assembly Usher ROBERT PERFETTO Bob Ambition-College Activities-Class Vice-President, Col- lege Club, Assembly Usher, Home Room President, Chemistry Lab. Assistant MARYBELLH RIDLEY , Bene Ambition-English Teacher Activities-Girl Reserves, French Club, Glee Club, D.P.S., Big Sisters MARY LOUISE SCHALLER Weez Ambition-Private, Secretary Activities-D.P.S. MARY LOUISE STACK Lulu Ambition-Music Instructor Activities-Sketch Book Staff, Senior Dramatic Club, College Club, Bulletin Stall, Basketball ANTOINETTE TROPEANO Toni Ambition-Librarian Activities-Librarian Assistant MARIE WRIGHT Rie Ambition-Mortician Activities-D.P.S., Glee Club, Girl Reserves r 1 Fort D'Ambrosi We Pass in Review The days roll On, and time goes by, The year is ,52. Our future is before your eyeg We pass by in review. A Dorothy Altenbaugh .... .............. s ociety editor of "N ew Kork Times" Florence Bodnar. .. Dora Cabell ...... Lillian Cefalo ..... Tony Cutruzzula. . . Armand DeBellis. . . Bernie Ellis ....... Franny Farnan ..... Alice Gemmellaro. . Jimmy Gianturco. . . Kay Hess ......... Ruth Hutfles ..... Tessie Ingelido ..... Anna Mae Ketter. . Nelda Kreller ...... Mary Maitta ..... Jane McKeown .... William Mitchell. .. Bill Moorehead .... Kathryn Nell ..... Ruth O'Mara ..... Barbara Pagel .... Harold Penn ...... Dorothy Porter .... Edith Robinson .... Rita Sangl ....... Norma Saville .... Emily Shuba ..... Helen Smith ......... Francis Tamburri. . Gloria Vacco ...... Ruth Verderber .... Roma Walters .... Julietta Williams. . . Mercedes Winters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .head nurse at Mercy Hospital . . . . . . . . . . .seamstress at Cabell Clothes Center . . . .songstress at Columbia Broadcasting Company . . . . . . . .machinist at Westinghouse Company . . . . . . .graduate from Duquesne University . . . . . . . . . . .nurse at Indiantown Gap . . . . . . . .musician in' famous orchestra . . . . . . . . . . .newspaper writer for "The Press" . . . . . . . . . . .machinist at General Motors Company .air hostess on Pennsylvania Central Airlines ....................typist for Bell Telephone . . . . . .salesgirl for Sacs, Fifth Avenue private secretary to the President . . . .pianist with a world-famous orchestra to a steel magnate prominent dress designer for Hattie Carnegie . . . . . . . . .leading the "Mitchell M odernairesn . . . . .graduate from University of Pittsburgh . . . . .comptometer operator at Mellon Bank . . . . . . . . . . . .model at the Sub-deb Shoppe . . . . . . . . . .librarian at Carnegie Library . . . . . .engineer for Frick Construction Company . . . .bookkeeper at jones Sc Laughlin Corporation at Mayo Clinic ........................secretary to the Mayor .....personnel manager at joseph Horne Company . . . . . .stenographer to the Governor . . ............. teacher at Duke University . . . . . . . . . .machinist at Ford Motor Company . . . . . . . .model at The Elite Shoppe . . . . .surgical nurse at Allegheny General Hospital . . . . . . . . . .embalmer at Walter's Funeral Home ...............nurse at West Penn Hospital . . . ..... private secretary to Henry M orgenthau DOROTHY ALTENBAUGH DOROTHY OLDFIELD E443 l l Li Ii .g ,,' .-H. -si-.I - A .I i . t M , , .. '1 .., i--aw .. 71, 'au v Qfi I 1 DOROTHY ALTENBAUGH DOW Ambition-Business College Activities-National Honor Society, Senior Leaders, Sketch Book Staff, Bulletin Staff, College Club, Big Sisters, Italian Club, D.P.S. FLORENCE BODNAR Flo Ambition-Nurse Activities-Red Cross, Senior Band, junior Band, Current Events Club, Italian Club DORA BLANCHE CABELL Do Ambition-Singer Activities-Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Basketball Club, Tennis Club LILLIAN R. CEFALO Lil Ambition--Singer Activities-Girl Reserves, D.P.S. ANTHONY CUTRUZZULA Cut Ambition-Machinist Activities-Basketball, Baseball ARMAND DeBELLIS De Ambition--Business Administrator Activities - President French Club, Senior Dramatic Club, Senior Band, Senior Orchestra FRANCIS E. FARNAN Frannie Ambition-Orchestra Leader Activities - Band, Senior Dramatic Cllga, Orchestra Club, Bulletin Sta ' ALICE GEMMELLARO Al Ambition-Journalist Activities - Home Room President, Student Council, Dramatic Club, Italian Club, Poetry Club, Volley- ball ' KATHERINE HESS Kay Ambition-Nurse or Air Hostess Activities-National Honor Society, Senior Leaders, Home Room Presi- dent, Student Council, College Club, Social Committee RUTH HUTFLES Ruthie Ambition-Stenographer Activities-National Honor Society, Senior Leaders, Bulletin Staff, Big Sisters TESSIE INGELIDO Teaza Ambition-Oifice Worker Activities-Tennis Club, Girl Reserves, D.P.S., Basketball, Senior Dra- matic Club ANNA MAE KETTER Mae Ambition-Private Secretary Activities-Student Council, Sketch Book Staff, D.P.S., Tennis Club, Home Room President and Vice- President NELDA KRELLER Nel Ambition-Piano Player with Orches- tra Activities-Senior Band, Senior Dra- matic Club, Big Sisters, Life Sav- ing Club MARY MAITTA Freckles Ambition-Nurse Activities-French Club WILIIAM MOORHEAD Bill Ambition-College Activities - Senior Leaders, D.P.S., Senior Dramatic Club, Orchestra Club, Senior Band, Gym Team KATHRYN NELL Kitty Ambition-Comptometer Operator Activities-Dramatic Club, Baton Club BARBARA PAGEL Bunny Ambition-Librarian Activities - Senior Dramatic Club, Poetry Club, Italian Club, Make-up Committee, Costume Committee E451 HAROLD W. PENN Penn Ambition-Sports Activities--College Club, Senior Lead- ers, D.P.-S., Glee Club, Poetry Club, Mushball, Basketball, Home Room President, Six-man Football EDITH ROBINSON Sis Ambition-Nurse Activities-College Club, French Club, Current Events Club, D.P.S. RITA SANGL Ambition-Secretary Activities-Sports NORMA SAVILLE Nornay Ambition-Personnel Manager Activities - Senior Dramatic Club, Italian Club, Bulletin Staff, D.P.S. EMIILY J. SHUBA Nlilly Ambition-Stenographer Activities-Girl Reserves, D.P.S. HELEN SMITH Ambition-Teacher Ambition-National Honor Society, College Club, Sketch Book Staff, D.P.S., French Club, Big Sisters GLORIA VACCO Blackie Ambition-Model Activities-National Honor Societ , Sketch Book Staff, College Club, Dickens Club, Senior Dramatic Club, Italian Club, Bulletin Staff, Ring Chairman MERCEDES WINTER Mer! Ambition-Private Secretary Activities-D.P.S. Tennis Club, Dick- ens Club, Home Room Secretary Fort Gillis From a Soldier'J Memo COLONEL - CAPTAIN Le Myra f. Gilliy jimmy Magette able leader . . . trustworthy counselor tall . . . hard . . . handsome . . . heroic . . . friend of all i SERGEANTS Bette Bellin i Helen Caftelli sweet . . . silent . . . studious pretty . . . quiet . . . ambitious Margie Fiore Mary Kay Hickey pleasant . . . charming . . . full of personality talkative . . . good natured . . . seldom serious Ruth 0'Donnell i .l0f ,Reade quiet , , , quizziqal , , , Carefree athletic type . . . studious . . . excellent dancer Larry May Norma DeLillo likes Sports i i i likes to Sing I I I Wants quiet . . . cute . . . cunning . . . gets around to join the Marines Matilda Lemme james Royal wise . . . gvittyli always weary merry . . . musical . . . mannerly dm. 6' Onnf i mischievous . . . likes trouble . . . enjoys Ruth McMurray arguing silent type . . . always serious Dorothy Kmun B017 F4-Wafhf talkative . . . gets around . . . has a cute sociable . . . ambitious . . . pleasant assistant theatre manager Marjorie Charles I Bob Hamilton i sociable . . . pleasant . . . studious tall . . . liked . . . easy to get along with ConPonALs i - Mary Fgrriy .Paul Will!! friendly . . . seldom blue . . . always friendly . . . witty . . . an excellent runner in a buffy Catherine Hembury Norma Mill witty . . . carefree . . . lots of fun n er . mischievous . . . likes to work . . . always jack Liggett i.k having fun fine hunter . . . popular . . . 1 es sports Minerva Coley Harriet Couwr quiet . . . sociable . . . jolly friendly . . . pleasant . . . easy to get along with Rocco Dekenzo Tony Morelli short . . . athletic . . . lots of friends popular . . . likes everybody . . . always Mary G07'd0?'f smiling nice . . . lots of fun . . . likes to dance PRIVATES Amelia Basciotta Cjqfmflla CHWFVOW i very sociable . . likes to have fun always smiling . . . full of personality Ida Daviy i Helen Cochrane quiet . . . ambitious . . . very friendly quiet lsometmfesl ' i' ' loads of fun . Yolanda Tudino- studious iniiifiiirlfilshhiamlitcil. . . wants friendly . . . popular . . . business woman ' to be a nurse Bob Wyld Bob Kensinger mischievous . . . likes trouble daring . . . obvious . . . pleasant always having good times . . . energetic A -LAWRENCE MAY l 46 1 AMELXIA BASCIOTTA Mal Ambition-Telephone Operator Activities-Sports BETTY BELLIN Whiz Ambition-Nurse Activities-Home Room Banker, Na' tional Honor Society CARMELLA CAMEROTA Dolly Ambition-Nurse Activities-Sports HELEN CASTELLI Ellie Ambition-Stenographer Activities-National Honor Society, D.P.S., Home Room Banker MARJORIE CHARLES Margie Ambition-Architect Activities-Orchestra Club, Citizen' ship Committee IVIINERVA ELAINE COLES Nervi Ambition-Nurse Activities-D.P.S., Glee Club, Poetry Club, French Club, Student Coun- cil HARRIET LILLIAN COUSAR Ambition-Concert Singer Activities-French Club, Glee Club IDA CATHERINE DAVIS Ambition-Stenographer Activities-D.P.S. NORMA DeLILIJO Ambition-Nurse Activities-Home Room President ROBERT J. FASNACHT Bob Ambition-Machinist Activities-Social Committee, French Club MARY FERRIS Skeezix Ambition-Librarian Activities - Colle e Club Current g i Events Club, Library Assistant MARGUEIUITE FIORE Margie Ambition-Nurse Activities-D.P.S., Senior Dramatic Club, Student Council, French Club MARY GORDON Mary B. Ambition-Filing Clerk Activities-Citizenship Committee ROBERT L. HAMILTON Hammy Ambition-Lawyer Activities-Basketball Manager, Poetry Club, Bulletin Staff CATHERINE HEMBURY Katy Ambition-Civil Service Activities-Secretary, Bank Cashier MARY KATHERINE PIICKEY Kay Ambition--Telephone Operator Activities-Sports ROBERT KENSINGER Bull Ambition-Wild Game Hunter Activities - Senior Dramatic Club, Swimming Team DOROTHY LORRAINE KRAUSS Butch Ambition-Dress Designer Activities-French Club, Girl Reserves Senior Dramatic Club, College Club, Home Room Secretary SAMUEL LE DONNE Zombie Ambition-Teacher Activities -- Dramatic Club, Poetry Club MATILDA LEIVINIE Tillie Ambition-Aviatrix Activities-D.P.S., Banking Commit' tee HARRY IAIGGETT Jack Ambition-Engineer Activities-Rifle Club JAMES MAGETTE Jimmie AmbitionkStore Owner Activities - Senior Leaders, Home Room Secretary, Six'man Football E473 LAWRENCE MAY Larry Ambition-Marines Activities - Baseball Club, Senior Leaders, Six-man Football, Sketch Book Staff RUTH MCMURRAY Red Ambition-Filing Clerk Activities-Sports NORMAN MILLER Norm Ambition-Theatre Manager Activities-Sketch Book Staff, Cur- rent Events Club, French Club, Home Room Secretary, Home Room Treasurer ANTHONY MORELLI Tony Ambition-Draftsman Activities--House Committee, Social Committee, Banking Committee, Class Football, Basketball 5 . RUTH O'DONNELL Pinky Ambition-Telephone Operator Activities - Home Room Secretary, Home Room Vice'President, Coun' cil Representative, Basketball JOSEPH RENDA Dude Boy Ambition-Professional Dancer Activities-Gym Team JACK REYNOLDS Ambition-Drarnatics Activities-Senior Dramatic Club JAMES ROYAL Jimmy Ambition-Musician-College Activities - Orchestra Club, Senior Orchestra ARLENE SANDSTROM Stormy Ambition-Dietician Activities - Home Room President, Student Council, D.P.S., Current Events Club PAUL WILLIS Tiny Ambition-Musician-College Activities-Track, Orchestra, Band ROBERT WYLD Wolf Ambition-Business Man Activities-Assembly Usher, D.P.S., Home Room Secretary nlW"X"' . , 1'- l , l l w l l Ellen Cannon likes to talki . . . Bernacline Arnold, quiet, collects blit- terliies . 5 . John Ki sey spends period ing m fth ead- stery novels . Bea- trice does nigh coll tur ho S a ungo it like 'work but cts pic- s as a by . . . Mary ambati has ipretty smile l. . loves to hrgue . . . Casey lliabiano pre- l fers blonds . . . wants to y be a machin- l ist . . . Vivian l Ellis can p really play B a piano . . . likes Pepsi- Fort, Hartlieb '1 Nellie Ball studies hard but finds time ' to sing . . . Basketball and Emrnitt Goodson who wants to be an editor . . . Martha Busch wears swell togs . . . Gladys Deberson will be an efiicient secretary some day . . . William Snowball dotes on chewing gum . . . Wants to be a mechanic . . . it's aviation for Edward Bergtold . . .B and model air- planes for Anthony Jon- notti . . . but radio for John Casamassa Clarence Frank is at bat when Cola . . . Jack it comes to i Brown has baseball . . . l no love for Joe Vilani l report cards spends his . . . Classi- time in gym A N cal music . . . a second ' l attracts Betty Earhart, Agnes - p U Jean Williams . . . Hewell . . . i Girls attract Blazie Santoriello . . . i wants to be an aviator . . . Mary Del- . l sandro's speedy shorthand will find . n her a fine office position. i Rose ROBINSON l 1 i f i H81 , ,, y . i 1 i 1 ,ppr p i 1 , . i x his ' V- g , ,r t , ' f ',- p A . r .-'-V '-. , - . 1, W NELLIE LOUISE BALL Nell Ambition-Nurse Activities - Girl Reserves, French Club, Library Assistant EDWARD BERGTOLD Eddie Ambition-Aeronautical Engineer Activities-Banking Committee BERNADINE F. ARNOLD Bem Ambition-Business Career Activities - Home Room President, Girl Reserves, Student Council, D.P.S., Home Room Banker JACK BROWN Jack Ambition-Office Worker Activities-Sports MARTHA BUSCH Marry Ambition-Secretary Activities - Sketch Book Staff, Girl Reserves, Home Room Secretary, D.P.S. MARY ELLEN CANNON Irish Ambition-Dress Designer Activities-Girl Reserves, Senior Dra- matic Club, D.P.S., Sketch Book Staff, Home Room Secretary GLADYS DEBERSON Gay Ambition-Executive Activities-Safe Drivers' Club, Home Room VicefPresident, Home Room Secretary, Banker MARY DELSANDRO May Ambition-Private Secretary Activities-Banking, Oifice Assistant, Safe Drivers' Club VIVIAN ELLIS S00ky Ambition-Music Teacher Activities-French Club, Tennis Club, Current Events, Glee Club, Big Sisters CASEY FABIANO Am bition-Machinist Activities - D.P.S., Baseball Club, Italian Club, Banking Committee EMMITT GOODSON Goody Ambition-Editor Activities-Glee Club, D.P.S. AGNES L. HEWEL Ambition-Aviatrix Activities - Home Room President, D.P.S., French Club JOHN KINSEY Johnny Ambition-President Activities - Glee Club, Basketball, Football I 49 l BEATRICE MUNGO Bea Ambition-Beauty Culture Activities-Sports ROSE ROBINSON Rosie Ambition-Librarian Activities-French Club, Sketch Book gags Current Events, Tennis Club, BLAZIE SANTORJIELLO Blaze Ambition-Naval 'Service Activities + Orchestra Club, Home Room Secretary, D.P.S., Aviation Club MARY SGAMBATI squmy Ambition-Housewife Activities - Home Room President, Big Sisters, Italian Club, D.P.S., Banking Committee JOSEPH VILANI Joe Ambition-Banker Activities - D.P.S., Baseball Club, Banking Committee BETTY JEAN WILLIAMS B.J. Ambition-Business Career Activities-National Honor Society, Student Council, Home Room President, D.P.S., Girl Reserves 'L l 6 , I 7 lf. l li a si 9, 5? I . ti 3' I' 4. I ' a S 1 N. lt- ' i E F ? Ev Ei 5 ii, 4, in hw - -lang: -...... ? , Some People Say . . . Fort Kim Propaganda 1 Edward Kuhar is an electrician for the Duquesne Light Company-Ann Pic- coliria and Wesley Gibson are two of the city's successful commercial artists-For any legal advice, see Clarence Bruce, lawyer-Dorothy :Greb is private secretary to our District Attorney-Cecilia Grogan , types at Mine Safety Appliance. They Declare . . . George Curtz and his orchestra will be the feature attraction on the Stanley stage this coming week-Still, members of his band are Frank Morelli and Sheldon Fiedler--Charles Hilton and Edwin Matson are two of the best iengineers at Westinghouse. Michael Scuro and Anthony Iole are doing i very well there. Did You Hear . . . Rachel Johnson nurses at the Providence Hospital, in Philadelphia-Lena Mamolite has her own music school-Mary Sheaifer is a well-known buyer in New York City-Betty McCue has also become head dress designer of one of the large department stores in New York. The Gossip I: . . . JameslRichter has taken wings in the Marines-Jack Kear sends messages MJ, for tlhem-Marjorie Lewin edits for the Pittfburgh Prefs-Dorothea Maute isia very capable air hostess on a T. W. A. plane-William Draper now lowns an interior decorating establishment--Mary Louise Walsh works l in the ollice of Gimbel Brothers. I Wa: Told . . . Joan Iilngemann searches for secrets in test tubes at Mellon Research Insti- tute-5-Philomina DeCesaro is very valuable to the Port-Gazette as a re- porter-Vincent Venturino is a mechanic at the county airport-Emma , lCoster is doing well as a social worker-Russell Lightfoot is a successful l doctor. E501 it A 4 W' .L ' ,K f X ,4 I I hi I . . ' w :' 531 - f ' if ., H ,, ,A A n g . ag " W 1. 'I ' - . MARY SHEAFFER A....,, GLENN ALLISON Big Boy Ambition-Defense Training Activities - Senior Leaders, Home Room Booster, Senior Orchestra ICI-IN BOUGHAMER Boog Ambition-Naval Flier Activities-Aviation Club CLARENCE BRUCE Flash Ambition-Law Activities-Glee Club, Sixfman Foote ball IEANNE CAGE Windy Ambition-Singer ' Activities - Glee Club, Red Cross, D.P.S., Swimming EMMA COSTER Pete Ambition-Social Worker Activities-Glee Club, Sports GEORGE E. CURTZ Ambition-Musician Activities - Band, Orchestra Club, Dramatic Club, Gym Team, Brass Choir PHILOMENA DE CESARO Minnie Ambition-News Reporter Activities-D.P.S., Glee Club, Stu- dent Council, Tennis Club WILLIAM DRAPER Bill Ambition-Chef Activities-Football IOAN ENGEMANN shorty Ambition-Surgeon Activities-D.P.S., Glee Club, College Club, Current Events Club. SHELDON FIEDLER Fitz Ambition-Aviator-Musician Activities-Bulletin Staff, Senior Band, Senior Leaders, Brass Choir, 'Senior Orchestra WESLEY ALLAN GIBSON Count Ambition--Commercial Artist Activities-Glee Club, Sports DOROTHY GREB Dot Ambition-Private Secretary Activities-Senior Leaders, D.P.S. CECILIA GROGAN Ceal Ambition-Typist Activities-Girl Reserves, Big Sisters, Red Cross, Basketball CHARLES THOMAS HILTON Chuck Ambition-Engineer Activities - Sixfman Football, Class President RACHEL OHNSON Ra .. J Y Ambition-Nursing Activities-National Honor Society, Home Room President, Student Council, College Club JACK EDWARD KEAR Sparks Ambition-Maritime Radio Operator Activities - Fencing Team, Bulletin Staff, Home Room Secretary EDWARD PAUL KUHAR Eduardo Ambition-Electrician Activities-Home Room VicefPresif dent, Electric Shop Class Foreman, D.P.S., Ticket Machine Operator. MARJORIE LEWIN Marty Ambition-Journalist Activities - Bulletin Staff, College Club, D.P.S., Big Sisters, Class Room Treasurer E511 LENA MAMOLITE Moe Ambition-Music Teacher Activities-Italian Club, Sketch Book Staff EDWIN MATSON Eddie Ambition-Draftsman Activities-Swimming Team, Life Sav' ing Club, D.P.S. DOROTHEA MAUTE Dottie Ambition-Air Hostess Activities-Bulletin Staff, D.P.S., Girl Reserves FRANK MORELLI Ambition-Drummer Activities-Fencing, Senior Band Frenchy ANN PICCOLINA Pickles Ambition-College QArtistj Activities - Vice President, Student Council, College Club JAIVIES RICHTER Slug Ambition-Marines Activities-Gym Team, Home Room President D.P.S., Student Council, Stunt Club MICHAEL scuaho Pep Ambition-Machinist Activities-- Band, Orchestra, Orches- tra Club MARY SHEAFFER Dottie Ambition-Buyer Activities-Secretary of Bulletin Staff, Sketch Book Staff, French Club President, Big Sisters, Home Room President, Girl Reserves MARY LOUISE WALSH Lou Ambition-Secretary Activities-Italian Club, Girl Reserves, D.P.S. is Gregory Asturi .. William Bolen ..... John Boyd ........ Carl Brinkhoff ..... Richard Britton . . Theresa Dalfonso .... Helen Davis ....... Alice Dorsey ...... Charles Dligan ...... Edward Ferguson ..... Helen Foster ..... Fort Lantz Identijication Tags . . ........ the woljish grin . . . .his Jplfy plaid shirt . . . . . . .pleasing personality . . . .those nice rosy blushes . . . . . . .Christopher, Esq. ... . . . . . ...jolly good nature . . . . .her tricky new hair-do's . . . . . .those appealing smiles . . . .taking life at an easy stride . . . . . . .model physic student , ..................... little de-icer Carmella Garofalo ..... ....... ............. d e -lovely smile Lois Geller ......... .... t hose cool and limpid green eyes Olympia Gliatta ..... Lucy Grieco ....... Marty Haillwirth .... Katherine Hart .... Robert Hawkins ..... Frank Henkel ..... Evelyn Johns ..... Eleanore Kealey .... Anne Libby ....... Robert Lachman .... Nancy Manna ..... Freeman 'Mason ..... Mary Massco ..... Marie McMahon .... Gloria Miller ........ Fleming Raynolds ..... Joe Smith ......... John Sullivan ..... ................beautiful hair . . . . . .them luscious red nails ...........cute little pug nose . .reading up on her education?? . .twitching them eyeballs toward the fairest E521 no longer the roaming bachelor .............sweet and lovely little kid . . .ripping up the musical scale ............0ur genius of "42" ..............the A-1 nurse ............try a newer line . . . . .dark mysterious tresses ....sweet little wee Marie . . . .to love or not to love . . . . . . . .latest jive recorder . . . .his appealing bashfulness . . . . .ole rockin' chair's got me .IEANNE GODETTE EREGORY ASTURI Gigs lmbition-Grocery Store Clerk ictivities-Stamp Club, Gym Class Captain OHN BOYD Johnny Ambition--College Activities - Current Events Club, French Club, Assembly Usher CARL BRINKHOFF Brink rmbition-College lctivities - Home Room President, Senior HifY, D.P.S., Student Coun- cil, Sports Activities ICHARD BRITTON Brit rmbition-Business Executive ,ctivities--Swimming Team, Sixfman Football, Life Saving, Senior Lead' ers, Home Room Secretary 'HERESA DALFONZO Tree rmbition-Insurance .ctivities-Italian Club, D.P.S., Girl Reserves IELEN DAVIS Boots rmbition-Mortician's Assistant .ctivities-Basketball, Glee Club, Vol- leyball, Girl Reserves, D.P.S. .LICE DORSEY rmbition-Stenographer .ctivities - Student Council, Home Room President, D.P.S., Home Room Secretary and Banker HARLES DUGAN Chuck fmbition-Successful Business Man .ctivities--D.P.S., Assembly Usher, Class Football, Senior Dramatic Club, Stamp Club EDWARD FERGUSON Jeep Ambition-Machinist Activities-D.P.S., Senior Hi'Y LOIS GELLER Ambition-Nurse Activities-Sketch Book Staff, Senior Dramatic Club, Home Room Sec' retary and Banker, Girl Reserves JEAN GODETTE Jeanne Ambition--Fashion Buyer Activities - Senior Dramatic Club, Sketch Book Staif, Tennis Club, Girl Reserves, Home Room Vice' President LUCY GRIECO Lou Ambition-Beautician Activities-Italian Club, Girl Reserves, D.P.S., Big Sisters MARTHA HALLWIRTH Marty Ambition-Beautician Activities-D.P.S., Life Saving Club, Girl Reserves, Tennis Club ROBERT HAWKINS Hawk Ambition-Civil Engineer Activities - French Club, Assembly Usher, Track Team, Sixfman Foot- ball FRANK HENKEL Hank Ambition-Flying Activities-Hi'Y, Bulletin Staff EVELYN JOHNS Ebby Ambition-Beauty Culture Activities--Basketball, Glee Club, Vol' leyball ELEANORE KEALEY Elle Ambition-Stenographer Activities - Home Room President, Girl Reserves, Student Council, D.P.S. E531 ROBERT LACHMAN Bob Ambition-Civil Engineer Activities-D.P.S., Assembly Usher, College Club, National Honor So- ciety, Chess Club ANN LIBBY PENNY Ambition+Stenographer Activities - Glee Club, D.P.S., Girl Reserves, Home Room President FREEMAN MASON Slab Ambition-College Activities-Swimming Team, Sixfman Football, Senior Leaders, Orchesf tra Club, Life Saving Club, Senior Hi'Y, Band MARY MASSCO Ambition-Nurse Activities-Sketch Book Staff, Senior Dramatic Club, D.P.S., Girl Ref serves, Big Sisters, Student Council MARIE McMAHON Wee Marie Ambition-Stenographer Activities-Girl Reserves, Big Sisters, D.P.S., Life -Saving, Sports Activif ties GLORIA MILLER Squinch Ambition-Heiress Activities - Home Room President, Student Council, Girl Reserves, D.P.S., Tardy Squad JOE SMITH . Bud Ambition-Welder Activities--Movie Crew, Senior Dra' matics Club, Safe Driving, Shop Foreman, D.P.S. HARRY STUCHELL Stew Ambition-Automotive Engineer Activities-Sports 1 ? l Ei, 1 if F is E., F H s if' Di B. if i ,t 1' FQ . ll. gf. ll! F3 . :'.,' ,. tml -A., 1, 5 , Fort Leech Soldiers in Overalls Margie Thompson .......................... played the lead in our class play Harold Hopson ........................................... sold lunch checks Delphine Pampena, Bertha Ross, Mary Jean 'Smith ........................... out ourmonthlyschoolsupplies Ray Birtha ...... .. ...... .... h elped on "The Bulletin" committee Norman Thiel .... .................. ............ a s sisted on the stage crew Philomene Fischione, Eva Pelliccioni ....................................... .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .typed sugar rationing cards for our Government Clara Hild, Mike Dongiovanni .......... helped make our school dances a success Bill Hielman, John Mason .... ..... he lped our football team' march to victory Guy Dunn .................. ................. I ielped to sell "The Bulletin" Bob Geyer, Freeman Mason ........ helped to make our band the best in the city Jean Hickman .............. ....... . .... g uarded her D. P. S. post at 315 Stephen Flaherty ........................ collected our banking every Tuesday Teresa Vento, Elizabeth Vento .... assisted in making the class play a big success William Pantoni ............. helped to teach the art of electricity to junior boys Evelyn McCammon, Anna Mae Jones ...... daily read to us from the Holy Bible Ray Schwartz, Do n Chrise ............ .... h elped Student Council do its duty Mary Comas, Barbara Rhoads ............... did their best in our service room William James ................. kept third floor halls clear during lunch periods Jeanne Skiles ........................... ushered at February Commencement Harry Bower, Bill Conway ..... .... l ead our class to assembly programs Elizabeth Parco ............. .............. d id sentry duty at 311 Bob Martin .... .... u shered at junior assembly programs Jack Simpson .... .................... d elivered absence slips Lois Black ......... ..... t yped her way into the stenographers corps Joan Cunningham ............... ........................ k nitted for Britain Lois Speakman, P Richard Britton. . Lillian Barbour. . Germaine McCoy Mary Moorehead auline Valletta ........ learned the arts of keeping our fort tidy .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .helped W.H.S. win our swimming meet .. ................ lead the Lord's Prayer . . . . . . . . .checked daily absence the morning news Edmond Paraggio ........ helped much to make the Current Events Club a success Jane Ricci ....... .. . . .yours truly helped to make "The Sketch Book" roll along JANE Ricci E541 . .,, ' . Y, 'dvi if 4442, -, - s.. . LOIS BLACK Pep Ambition-:Stylist ' Activities -- Senior Dramatic Club, Sketch Book Staif, Red Cross Club, Life Saving Club, Basketball, Vol' leyball, Big Sisters, D.P.S. MARY COMAS May Ambition-Private Secretary Activities-Sports JOAN CUNNINGHAM Jean Ambition-College Activities-College Club, Big Sisters, Home Room Secretary, Red Cross Club, D.P.S., After-school Basket- ball NHCHAEL DONGIOVANNI Mickey Ambition-Machinist Activities-Senior Dramatic Club, Ap' paratus Club GUY DUNN Dunny Ambition-Flying Cadet Activities- Swimming team, Sixfman Football, Volleyball, Senior Draf matic Club, Tennis Team, Class Football, 12B Class Vice'President PHILOMENE FISCHIONE Phil Ambition-Stenographer Activities-lltalian Club, D.P.S., Typ' ist in 12B STEPHEN FLAI-IERTY Steve Ambition-Machinist Activities -- Stunt Club, lnter'mural Football ROBERT GEYER Bob Ambition-Prominent Trumpet Player Activities-Orchestra Club, Marching Band WILLIAM HEILMAN Bill Ambition-College Football Activities-Football, 'Senior Leaders, Sketch Book Stall JEAN I-IICKMAN Jeannie Ambition-Singer Activities - D.P.S., Bulletin Stail, Sketch Book Staff, Girl Reserves CLARA HILD Ambition-Interior Decorator Activities-Life Saving, Poetry Club HAROLD HOPSON Professor Ambition-Successful Business Man Activities-Sketch Book Stall, Glee Club, Senior Band, D.P.S., As- sistant Director, Senior Dramatic Club ANNA MAE JONES Jonsey Ambition-Dietitian Activities - Girl Reserves, Current Events Club, French Club, D.P.S. ROBERT MARTIN Moe Ambition-Chef Activities-Mixed Glee Club, D.P.S. JOHN MASON Ambition--Business Man Activities-D.P.S., Glee Club, Foot' ball Bugs DELPHINE PAMPENA Del Ambition-Civil Service Activities-Italian Club, D.P.S. WILLIAM PANTONI Bill Ambition-Business Man Activitiesfliootball ELIZABETH PARCO Betty Ambition-Secretary Activities-Sketch Book Staff, Italian Club, Tennis Club, D.P.S., Volleyf ball Team EVA PELUICCIONI "E" Ambition-Stenographer Activities-Italian Club, D.P.S., Big Sister E551 JANE FRANCIS RICCI Rabbit Ambition-Comptometer Operator Activities - Home Room President, Social Committee, -Senior Dramatic Club, Sketch Book Staff, Bulletin Stall, D.P.S., Volleyball BERTHA ROSS Bert Ambition-Secretary Activities-Big Sisters RAYMOND SCI-IWARTZ Von Ambition-Machinist Activities-Six-man Football, D.P.S. EUGENIA SKILES Jeanne Ambition-Nurse Activities - Bulletin Staff, Girl Ref serves JEAN SMITH Jeannie Ambition-Secretary Activities-Big Sisters LOTS SPEAKMAN Jeane Ambition--Social Worker Activities-Senior Dramatic Club NORMAN THIEL Ambition-Stage Manager Activities-Stage Crew, Senior Draf matic Club, D.P.S. PAULINE VALLETTA Polly Ambition-Bookkeeper Activities-Basketball, Tennis ELIZABETH VENTO Liz Ambition-Stylist Activities-Senior Girl Reserves, Bas' ketball, Volleyball TERESA VENTO Tree Ambition-Travel Companion Activities - Senior Dramatic Club, After-school Basketball, Volley-ball William Writt .... Walter Luther ..... Virginia Williams .... Lila Greer ........ Fred Formichella .... Dorothy Oldfield ..... Florence Thompson .... Virgil Cimidore ..... Marcelus Luck .... Paul Jagdmyan ..... Mary Cerchiara ..... Catherine Brennan .... Ruth Mellon ...... Martha Sant ..... Howard Privett .... Dan Ried ..... Harry Schran .... Betty Bryner .... Pete Pampena ....... Helen Dauber ......... Philomena Antonucci .... john Werntz ........ Jean Bocchicchio .... Louise Barlter ..... Octave Bonomo .... Helene Green . . . Patricia White ..... Mildred Jackson ..... Ann McPolasnd ...... Jacqueline Pismato .... 1 1 1 l -K u Fort Long In The Guard House In the guard house we must rue For the things we say and do. for having such perfect waves . . . . . . . . .for talking about the movies . . . .always laughing at the wrong time . . .continually asking questions . . . . . . .for telling corny jokes . .a Stanley autograph hound ..........for being so sweet . . . .giving us a thrill at the game . . . . . . .making the honor roll ., what an early bird . . . .exclaiming "Oh, Gooh" ...........for day dreaming ....chewing gum rather noisily ....buzzing around like a bee ... . . . . . .roaming the halls . . . . . .being late all the time mixed up .. . . .for her foresight in joining the Red Cross Q - E561 . .for tooting the horn so loud being so tiny . . .bringing her gang around . . .always missing something . . . . . . . .studying too much . . . . . . . . . being so ambitious intellectually discussing music . . . . . . .always writing letters . . . .for her humorous spirit ....always taking a vacation . . . .so very nice to everyone . . . . .for being so quiet RUTH MELLON MARTHA SANT in H by ,el . -,,1 I, I --i ll-i l -.:IlI h .Q I'i w' lf,l i-hw T ' -is lf-. ' - ,i , 1: ., ..,- mxwosg PHILOMENA ANTONUCCI Phil Ambition-Airplane Hostess Activities-Basketball, Swimming LOUISE BARKER Red Ambition-Salesgirl Activities - Girl Reserves, Social Chairman, D.P.S. OCT AVE BONOMO Ted Ambition-Musician Activities - Orchestra Club, Band, Orchestra CATHERIINE BRENNAN Kay Ambition--Mine Safety or Westingf house Activities-Sports MARY VICTORIA CERCHIARA Baby Face Ambition-College Activities-Life Saving Club, Basket' ball, Volleyball, Swimming, Danc' mg HELEN DAUBER Honey Ambition-Waitress Activities-Sports FRED FORMICHELLA Form Ambition-Physical Education Teacher Activities -4 Band, Football, Senior Leaders, D.P.S. HELENE GREEN Skip r Ambition-Physical Education Teachzr Activities-D.P.S., Big Sisters, Life Saving Club, Senior Leaders I 'I LILA L. GREER Lila Ambition-Radio Artist Activities - National Honor Society, 'Senior Leaders, Orchestra Club, Big Sisters WALTER H. LUTHER Walt Ambition-Bookkeeper Activities-Football ANNE McPOLAND Annie Ambition-Good Office Worker Activities-Vice'President Class, Ten' nis Club. RUTH MELLON Ruthie Ambition-Comptometer Operator Activities-Sketch Book Staff, D.P.S., Home Room Secretary, Girl Re- serves, Big Sisters DOROTHY OLDFIELD Dottie Ambition-Dramatic Critic Activities-National Honor Society, Senior Leaders, 12B Class Treas' urer, Sketch Book Staff, D.P.S. PETER PAMPENA Pete Ambition-Musician Activities-Band, Orchestra Club, Or' chestra JACQUELINE PISMATO Jackie Ambition-Stenographer Activities-Girl Reserves E571 HOWARD R. PRIVETT Howdy Ambition-Aeronautical Engineer Activities-D.P.S., Home Room Sec- retary DANIEL A. REID Dan Ambition-Merchant Marine Activities-Senior Leaders, Class Foot' ball, Home Room VicefPresident, Hi'Y Club MARTHA SANT Ambition-Costume Designer Activities-Sketch Book Staff, Bulletin Staff, Senior Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Italian Club HARRY SCHRAN Bub Ambition-Successful Livelihood Activities-Student Council, Fencing, D.P.S., Six'man Football, 12B'l2A Football FLORENCE THOMPSON Flo Ambition-Court Stenographer Activities-Student Council, D.P.S., Girl Reserves JOHN WERNTZ johnny Ambition-Machinist Activities-Band, Orchestra Club, 12B Business Manager of Sketch Book, Home Room President, Student Council PATRICIA WHITE Patty Ambition-Private Secretary Activities - Orchestra Club, Home Room President, Citizenship Com' mittee VIRGINIA WILLIAMS Ginger Ambition-Dress Designer Activities - Girl Reserves, D.P.S., French Club, Glee Club Fort Stephenson War? While our expedition on Early Americana was blasting an ancient stone building, which code men say was Westinghouse High School, we uncovered num- erous articles. It seem: they were having a war! On the first shelf of an old cupboard were three medals evidently given for bravery. On the back of the first one was inscribed - Lawther Crawley, for brave work in the medical field, on another, Edward Guyon, for capturing an enemy troop single-handed, and on the other, Robert Jones, for service in the Air Corps. As we scouted about some more, we ran across a bundle of letters from sol- diers to army hostesses, Jean Ader and Geraldine Amen, thanking them for their encouraging and entertaining assistance during the course of the war. In the very bottom of the chest lay a musty, old, notebook listing hundreds of patents on United States Flyers and Tanks, The inventions were listed under such leading names as Robert A. Morrison, Anthony Tolomeo, James Weixel, George Myers, Joseph Loftis, and George Wolff. In stacks of yellowed newspapers, we read some very interesting accounts of the war written by the leading journalist of the day, josephyne Slean. It seems that even the women of that day were wearing clothing with a tinge of army life to it. My assistant found an expertly designed suit-dress with a tag attached to it, reading, Styled by Theresa Latronica. , I think Raymond Plummer must have been the kindly proprietor of the corner store where every soldier bought to his heart's content. CI wonder what "on the cuff" meant?J From a list of army reports, we gathered that George Meyer was the capable government inspector in charge of the cleanliness and orderliness of the camp. We also found several nursing books which were once put into use very effici- ently by Mary Consolo. After looking at some old possessions of Angelo Vento, we guessed that before the war, The Pittsburgh Electrical Appliances Co., was very efficiently run by Angelo Vento and Nicholas Fantozzi, with Geraldine Stern as receptionist, and Jennie Tomasino as stenographer. In one corner of the chest, we found a small iron box in which was a very elaborate radio set once operated by none other than Robert E. Morrison, radio engineer. We ran across the log of the Tram-Atlantic, whose captain was, as you recall, Lawrence Wallisch, and first mate, Arthur Vogel. We even found evidences that Lena Barone and Theresa Olivo, those two great shorthand whizzes, willingly offered their stenographic services to their country. It was no surprise to us when we ran cross an old program from the play, "Midnight," with the famous Thelma O'Leary starring in the feminine lead, for we know that the soldiers were provided with the best entertainment. It was rather amusing when we found a pack of old invitations to a tea evidently given by Major Greene to be mailed, by Carolyn Rankin, Mrs. Greene's social secretary. CI wonder what the consequences wereil My assistant, not satisfied with the contents within the box, began to note the outside of it, and found that a beautiful design was welded into metal by the Ralph Davis Welding Co. To be sure that all needs and emergencies in the camp were properly taken care of in quick time, Veronica Golla offered her services as telephone operator. To complete our findings, we found a withered, old Bible, which was evidently the possession of the Reverend Doctor Ross W. Porter, Chaplain of the camp. RAL1-'HINA RACIOPPI I 53 1 v l 5 , a rir I . ., I ., A, ,,, .., , ..,,.,.i,, ,..,: 1 ,l , I g ,. , . wi-...H . I "' W N 1 as A- 5 i .W JEAN ADER Jeannie Ambition-Stenographer Activities-D.P.S,, Girl Reserves, Red Cross Club, Personality Club, Big Sisters, Volleyball, Basketball, Glee Club, Poetry Club, Tennis Club GERALDIINE AMEN Cupie Ambition-Nursing Activities-Girl Reserves, Red Cross Club, D.P.S., Personality Club, Big Sisters, Music Appreciation Club, Volleyball, Basketball, Ten' nis Club LENA BARONE Sugar Ambition-Stenographer Activities - Home Room Secretary, D.P.S., Italian Club, Tennis Club, Volleyball, Personality Club MARY CONSOLO Midge Ambition-Air Hostess Activities-Life Saving, Big Sisters LAWTHER CRAWLEY Doc Ambition-Doctor Activities-Chorus, Glee Club RALPH DAVIAS Duke Ambition-Machinist Activities-Six-man Football, Basket' ball NICHOLAS FANTOZZI Nick Ambition-Electrician Activities--Cafeteria Helper VERONICA GOLLA Vonny Ambition-Telephone Operator Activities-D.P.S., Volleyball EDWARD GUYON Eddie Ambition-Aviator Activities-Sixfman Football ROBERT JONES Jonesey Ambition-Air Pilot Activities-Class Football THERESA ANN LATRONICO Dolly Ambition-Dress Designer Activities - Red Cross Club, Home Room Secretary JOE LOFTIS Smokey Ambition-Boxer Activities - Class Football, Senior Leaders GEORGE MEYER Ed Ambition-Mailman Activities-Sports ROBERT MORRISON Skinny Ambition--Machinist Activities-D.P.S., Senior Leaders ROBERT EDGAR MORRISON Bob Ambition-Radio Engineer Activities-Sports GEORGE J. MYERS Duck Ambition-Machinist Activities-HifY THELMA O'LEARY Irish Ambition-General Office Work Activities - Senior Leaders, D.P.S., Big Sisters, Girl Reserves, Senior Dramatic Club, Secretary of Stu' dent Council, Bulletin Staff, Poetry Club, Basketball, Volleyball THERESA OLIVO Tess Ambition-Stenographer Activities-D.P.S., Big Sisters, Basket' ball, Volleyball, Girl Reserves RAYMOND PLUMMER Pipes Ambition-Store Owner Activities - Home Room President, Banker ROSS WILSON PORTER Ambition-Minister Activities-National Honor Society, D.P.-S., Assembly Usher, 12B Editor of Sketch Book RALPHINA M. RACIOPPI Feenie Ambition-Salesgirl Activities-Sketch Book Staff, italian Club, Bulletin Staff, Student Coun- ci CAROLYN RANKIN Caar Ambition-Private Secretary Activities-President Senior Class, Na- tional Honor Society, Senior Lead- ers, Senior Dramatic Club, Student Council, Bulletin Staff, Basketball, Volleyball E591 JOSEPHYNE SLEAN Bing-Bing Ambition-Journalist Activities-Dramatic Club, Big Sisters, Girl Reserves, Basketball, Sketch' book Staff, Bulletin Staff, Volley' ball, Poetry Club GERALDINE JOY STERN Gerrie Ambition-Private Secretary Activities - 'Sketch Book Staff, Or- chestra Club, Big Sisters, Student Council, Basketball, Volleyball, Bulletin Staff, Poetry Club, Report Room Banker ANTHONY TOLOMEO Tony Ambition-Machinist Activities-Sports JENNIE TOMASINO Jen Ambition-Private Secretary Activities-D.P.S., Girl Reserves, Big Sisters, Sketch Book Staff, Poetry Club, Student Council, Volleyball, Bulletin Staff, Basketball ANGELO VENT O Wgngq Ambition-Electrician Activities -- Senior Dramatic Club, 'gerlgigr Leaders, Sixfman Football, ARTHUR VOGEL An Ambition--Machinist Activities-Sports LAWRENCE A. WALLILSCH larry Ambition-U. S. Navy Pilot Activities-Current Events Club, Swimming Team, French Club, Home Room Secretary JAMES WEIXEL Jim Ambition-Machinist Activities-D.P.S., Dramatic Club GEORGE WOLFF Wolf Ambition-Machinist Activities-Sports ANNABELLE WOODDY Sunshine Ambition-Private Secretary Activities - Senior Dramatic Club, Sketch Book Staff, D.P.S., Girl Reserves, Big Sisters, Student Coun- cil, Class Secretary, Basketball, Volleyball, Tardy Squad P l Jerry BAxter .... Leslie AnDerson. . Ray Brandl ...... Hugo And0hisio. James Coleman. . Adino FranCescon ..... Anfhony CiorrA. . John Mylan ....... Ralph Anderson . . DeW'ayne Biell. . . ClaudE Hertzog. . John Hairston. .. BarT Nedz ...... Sam Iellimo ........ LawreNce Barrett Albert Gamer .... john Hauntyl ...... James M0ultrie. . PaU1 Verneri .... Albert Santucci. . . Sylvester WhitE.. I WE Fort Thomas H onorably Discharged ... . . . . . . . . . .to attend basketball game: . .to .ring and :leep in activity period .to reyurne football at N. C. U. work with Al keep up hir good work . . . . . .to live on Upland Street to- become a well known printer . . . . .to love, honor, and obey .to help coach the 12B',v again be a sport: jiend .. .to keep driving a .rtreet car . . . . . . .to become a preacher . . . . . . .to fight foe Louie ............................togro-wup . . . . .to ice Jkate with girl: he doeJn't know peddle hi: paper: E601 . .to think of a certain brunette . . . . . .to become an undertaker .to play .fix-man football again .tor pan into the working world . . . . . .to work algebra problems ALLAN SCHRAN I hmm-.L.f.....- . LESEIE ANDERSON Les Ambition-Trustee in U. S. Mint Activities - French Club, Student Council RALPH ANDERSON Rabbit Ambition - AirfConditioning Engif neer Activities--Volleyball, Football, Base- ball HUGO ANDONISIO Hugh Ambition-Salesman Activities-Basketball, Band, Mush- ball, Home Room Secretary LAWRENCE BARRETT Flash Ambition-Machinist Activities - D.P.S., Senior Leaders, Vice-President, Secretary JERRY BAXTER Jinks Ambition-Machinist Activities - Home Room, President D.P.S., Student Council, Italian Club DEWAYNE BELL Wayne Ambition-Machinist Activities - French Club, Aviation Club RAYMOND BRANDI Ray Ambition--Printer Activities-Senior Leaders, Football, Swimming, Home Room Secretary ANTHONY CIORRA Tony Ambition--Aviator Activities-Home Room VicefPresi- dent, Italian Club, Aviation Club JAMES COLEMAN Big Feet Ambition-Buyer Activities-D.P.S., Sketch Book Staff, 12B Class Secretary ADINO FRANCESCON Dino Ambition-Machinist Activities-French Club, Senior Lead' ers ALBERT GAN TER Flash Ambition-Street-car Motorman Activities Home JOHN c. - D.P.S. Student Council, Room Secretary HAIRSTON Junior Ambition-Medical Doctor Activities-Track Team, D.P.S. CLAUDE HERTZOG speed Ambition-Architect Activities-D.P.S., Sketch Book Staff, Student Council, Football SAMUEL IELLIMO Sammy Ambition-Business Man Activities-Soorts E611 JAMES J. MOULTRIE Speed Ambition--Mortician Activities - Track Team, Dramatic Club, Senior Leaders, Senior Class Play, Glee Club JOHN MYLAN Knobby Ambition-The Navy Activities - Home Room President, Football, Volleyball, Apparatus Club BART J. NEDZ Bart Ambition-Machinist Activities - D.P.S., Senior Leaders, Football ALBERT A. SANTUCCI Sandy Ambition--Salesman Activities--Home Room President, Mushball, Swimming ALLAN SCHRAN Otto Ambition--Editor Activities-Assembly Usher, Sketch Book Staff PAUL VERNER Star Ambition-Electrician Activities - D.P.S., Football, French Club SYLVESTER WHITE Syl Ambition-Government Employee Activities-French Club JANE CHlILDS Jannie Ambition-Physical Education' Teacher Activities-Tennis Club, Glee Club, Poetry Club, Home Room Vice- President, Home Room President, Student Council JOHN CASAMASSA Casie Ambition-Machinist Activities-Sports ELAINE CARB Eu, Ambition-Dancer Activities-Senior Leaders, Girl Re' serves, Home Room Secretary, Volleyball, Basketball CARMEN De STEFANO Runt Ambition-Aviator Activities-Football Team, D.P.S. ANTOINETTE FANlI Chipi Ambition-Wife Activities - Home Room Secretary, D.P.S., Italian Club, Basketball, Volleyball HELEN FOSTER Foster Ambition-Nurse Activities - D.P.S., Girl Reserves, Senior Dramatic Club, Social Com' mittee, Volleyball, Basketball, Home Room President WILLIAM JAMES Jessie Ambition-To Travel Activities-Six'man Football REPORT ROOM--120 CLARENCE FRANK Ambition-Business Activities - D.P.S., Hi'Y, Aviation Club, Inter-class Mushball REPORT ROOM-127 ANTHONY JONNOTTI Tony Ambition-Machinist Activities-Sports YOLANDA TUDISCO Lonnie Ambition-Business Activities-Girl Reserves, Sketch Book Staff, Home Room Banker REPORT ROOM-1 13 CARMELLA GAROFALO Billie Ambition-Model Activities-Girl Reserves, Senior Lead- ers, 'Senior Dramatic Club, Basket' ball, Volleyball OLYMPIA GLIOTTA Ollie Ambition-Stenographer Activities - Volleyball, Basketball, D.P.S. LOIS HAGGERTY Patdnes Ambition-Secretary Activities - Home Room President, D.P.S. REPORT ROOM-226 MARTIN McDONOUGH Max Ambition-Artist Activities-Sports E621 .en Q7 l HELEN ROBERTA JOHNSON Ambition-Clerk Activities-Home Room Banker LOUISE MITCHELL Ambition+Nurse Activities-French Club, College Club' 1v11LDRED JEANNETTE Melvyn, Ambition-Private -Secretary Activities-Glee Club RAYMOND DONALD MILLER Don Ambition--Navy Activities-Home Room Vice-Presb dent G. EDMOND PARAGGIO Eddie Ambition-Physical Engineer Activities - French Club, Current Events Club, College Club BARBARA LEE RHOADS Bobbie Ambition-Physical Education Teacher Activities--Girl Reserves, Life Saving Club, Poetry Club, D.P.S., French Club, Tennis Club, Basketball, Volleyball VVILHELMINA WRIGHT Meanie Ambition- Seamstress or Missionary Activities-Chorus , H..- ....- .r...4i'..".nj',lg REPORT ROOM--229 ROBERT RUSSELL Curley Ambition-Aviator Activities-Senior Leaders REPORT ROOM-236 JOHN HARLEY HURLBERT JUNE SEITZ Jerry Gubby Ambition-Surgical Nurse Ambition-Agriculture Agent Activities-Sketch Book Staif, Glee Activities - Senior Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves Swimming Team, D.P. S. EISIE MUSE Ambition-Private Secretary Activities--Big Sisters, D.P.S. ELIZABETH RANALLO Betty Ambition-Singer or Telephone Op- erator Activities--Italian Club MARION BATTISTE Toots Ambition-Secretary Activities--Sports ROCCO De RENZO Russ Ambition-Singer Activities-Football, Track Team REPORT ROOM-318 BETTY DOROTHY MCATEER Ambition-Stenographer Activities-Poetry Club REPORT ROOM-313 ODELLA FRANCES WHITSETT Odie Ambition-Child Educator Activities-Current Events, Big Sis' ters, Girl Reserves, Home Room President, Home Room Secretary RITA FOLGARELLI Frenchy Ambition-Seamstress Activities-Girl Reserves REPORT ROOM-221 ANTHONY IOLE ' Tony Ambition-Aeronautical Engineer Activities-Orchestra, Football, Stunt Club VINCENT VENTURINO Vince Ambition--Successful Life Activities-Class Sports E633 MARY ANN LEMSME May Ambition-Secretary O Activities-Big -Sisters, Girl Reserves DOLORES MACRIIPO Dolly Ambition-Dress Designer I Activities - Home Room President, Girl Reserves LENA MASTERBERARDINO Lee Ambition-Nurse I Activities-Girl Reserves, Big Sisters J. RUSSELL LIGHTFOOT Russ Ambition-Doctor Activities-Gym Team, Class Football ANITA ALFIERI Itty Ambition-Secretary Activities-Tennis Club, Girl Reserves, Poetry Club . ROBERT DUFFY Duffy Ambition-Secretary Activities - Home Room Secretary, Home Room Banker JEAN BOCCHICCHIO Bocky Ambition-Artist Activities-Italian Club, Home Room Banker, National Honor Society BETTY MAE BRYNER Dolly Ambition-Commercial Artist Activities - Home Room Secretary, Sketch Book Staff, Red Cross Club, Dickens Club REPORT ROOM--228 ANGELO LEO Lee Ambition-Architectural Draftsman Activities-Sports DOROTHY PORTER Dot Ambition-Business School Activities-Senior Leaders, Girl Ref serves President, D.P.S., Big Sis' ters RUTH LOI'S VERDERBER Ruthy Ambition-Surgical Nurse Activities - Home Room Secretary, Chairman Committee, Girl Ref serves, Baton Twirlers, Life Saving REPORT ROOM-241 CATHERINE CUMMINGS Kay Ambition-Artist Activities-QClass President, Dramatic Club I 64 I JULIETTA WILLIAMS Stringbeans Ambition-Nurse Activities - Girl Reserves, D.P.S., Glee Club, Big Sisters WILLIAM WRITT Bill Ambition-Air Pilot Activities-Sports BETTY MASCARO Bunny Ambition-Business Activities-D.P.S., Basketball, Volley- ball, 12B Nominating Committee, Big Sisters MARJORIIE THOMPSON Margie Ambition-Artist Activities - Dramatic Club, Poetry Club -q .- CD F' 'FW T F1"3er?".f'9T?3f'?' ' E., 4 -f Tom Moldvay Ray Capone Louis Spera Geraldine Krogan Mary Louise Stack Anna Mae Ketter John De Lucchio Norman Nliller Donald Berman Pauline Boone Burton Butker Lawrence May Rose Robinson Mary Shaeffer Jeanne Godette BUSINESS STAFF Lena Mamolite Lois Geller William Heilman Joseph C. T. Palme Josephyne Slean James Coleman Betty Bryner Antoinette Fani lVIarion Battiste hi LITERARY STAFF Martha Sant Ruth Mellon Ralphine Racioppi Allan Schran Ruth Panish Eileen Kohlhepp Gloria Vacco Henry Hunker Lois Black Norma Saville Jean Hickman Geraldine Stern Jennie Tomasino Ellen Cannon lVIary Nlassco artha Busch Dorothy Oldfield Bill Reilly Dominic Palumbo Fred Custer Theresa Perla Howard Edwards June Sietz Jane Ricci Dorothy Altenbaugh E671 Arnold Belkin Florence Bodnar Octave Bo-nomo Marjorie Charles Robert Collin Charles Cooper Eileen Curtz George Curtz Dolores Cyphers jack Denning Vincent DeDomenico Gloria DeMonaco Sam DeSimone Thelma Dodson William Ewart Fred Falvo Francis Farmer Grace F elty Sheldon Fiedler Fred Formichelli Fred Fox I l BAND Robert Geflel Homer Getz Robert Geyer Clyde Hankey Ira Hockenberger Harold Hopson Paul jadgman Theodore Kohn Nelda Kreller Joseph Lecce James Loftis Robert Liggett Marcellus Luck Henry Marconi Freeman Mason Lilly Matson Buster McArthur Jane McKeown Peter McMann William Moorhead Frank Morelli E631 Wallace Morrell Mildred Nappi Dominoe Natale Peter Pampena Channing Phillips Robert Porter Margaret Puchta Robert Ritts Bernice Robinson Blazie Santoriello Amico Sciullo Michael Scuro Conrad Snyder Marion Talento Clark Tomer Salvatore Vizzini john Werntz Paul Wiuio John Woods William Woods Calvin Wright STUDENT COUNCIL Spmzsurx Miss Hctherington Mr. Felton l'rw5irlf11!' I.o1s I'.l'IkS4lIl firf'-l'1'1'5ffff11f Ralph H1'mx'11 Srrrwlm'j.' Tllclmzl U'I.c:1ry D. P. S. Spulljm' Miss Ilctheriugton Clzfff' Louis Spcra 415551 11 ll I C11 if!'.v john Grove Hzlrulcl Hupscm DICKENS CLUB Spmzxor Miss Blcfrackcii Prfsirlmzl John lleacly Sfffffflfll' Gloria Yucco ART CLUB Spmlxur Miss Freclannl BATON TWIRLERS Spunynr Miss Cook Cmzlp l.l'tlIfl'l'5 Tlicrcsa l.oclm'icU llirflu flzirclinci' l.ziYc1'1ic .Innes Sally Kearns ORCHESTRA CLUB Sffmfun' NIV. NIM wkvr Slmfrffl f.'mlff1fr'!ff1' Hvtznvm' lifnlmlur GLEE CLUB Hfmmwr' Miss l:llI'kl1llllIL'l' JUNIOR CHORUS Spff rmm' Nllvgla-it1'1-5' COLLEGE CLUB Spnliyiff' Miss SL'l1illillQ'L'I' l'1v'5iifr1f! lhmzllrl Rliulv S,'r1w'Ii1r-x' Ili-len Smith Social f.ily14Hl'l7Iflll Nzulvy l,illCl' Tr'f'i1,i'lm'1' lfrcml Ciistci' ASSEMBLY USHERS Spulljlfl' Miss Ilctliwiiigtuii SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB Sprniyurj Bliss Islllll :md Bliss .Xikcii l'n'5iiln1! Rulmcrt 5L'illi.'iClll'1' 1'l'1'f-l'r1'Jfrfz'llf Ruth U'Kl:u':1 Tf'l'I1,Y1N'l'I' Rzlvlmnlcl .Xslicmilli Sfffiul l,l1i1'f'mi1f1 Ruyinmicl liilllthllk' Sn'n'li1rx' Luis lfriksml FRENCH CLUB Spffrlmf' Miss llurgu l'rr,x1'flr11f5 QQXYUIIKIIDIXII lizmylur xY1ll'I'l'll XYl1it1nyn-1' .'X1'111:mrl H1111-llls iivrzzlrlim- Kmgzux ITALIAN CLUB Sflffllyff' XIV. lJ',X111lmnsi l'!'f'A'lrf1'Ilf lfm-pll VILHTIIUSQ' I'!rwfl'n',siflrr1l .Xliw Hn-n11m-Ilzlru Srfwrlllrx' llfmminic l':1Irm1Im 7'nw1,xr1r'fr IIQIIHIIIIIS Nlulrlvzxy .Nfmnlf l,flf11r'1H1lrl Hlnrizl X'1llxk'lb 12th GRADE CURRENT EVENTS CLUB Sponmr Mr. Kellams l'r-fsfzlfnf Albert XYQ-in l'i1"f-l'rf,firffr1I Edith Robinson Sf1'I'l'fI1I'j' Henry Hunker Trwuxzrrfl' juan Iillgflllllll 11th GRADE CURRENT EVENTS CLUB Spnmmr Miss Kelly CHESS CLUB Spmlful' Mr. Ifiscllbcis l,I'11Yftfr'III Robert Zimmer l'iz'r-l'n'Jidr11l L'o1n':1cl Iimunno SI'I'l'1'fK17'j' llurry Reimer 7'1w'11.v11rfr -Iwlm Spear group. A few llucc' Ilofc' How Hou' lluru mt, ,N f The Home Making Apartment provides a desirable setting for the discussion of the questions which are discussed in this informal manner are: Fd ll fall fd Il FCHI F6111 I dvifefnp my prrmrzalily? I inzprow my prrwmzal appearance? I draw' atfrartiwly and appropriafrfy for Ihr orrayirnz? I gr! along happily with othfrf? I rzztfrtain my frifndf and enjoy a mon' .fafiffaflory Jorial Ziff? n CARING FOR THE HOME The art of everyday living is studied and practiced as the girls learn how to make over old furniture. recover chairs and davenports with cheery cretonne, and rearrange the furniture in the room, making it comfortable and homey. The results are shown in the attractively furnished apartment. hlanagement of the home, care ofthe sick, and care of children are a part ofthe work carried on in the apartment. E761 THE TEA Here the home economics group entertain their own members and their friends at afternoon teas, parties, everyday meals, and special meals. Learning becomes a functioning process as the girls practice the arts of hospitality. MEAL PREPARATION In the kitchenette the girls have fun as they learn to prepare varieties of dishes made to suit the taste of the connoisseur of fine foods. But the preparation is only a small part of the program. Planning the Well-balanced meal which will supply the body with the needed nutrients, marketing for the food, and serving it attrac- tively are all of equal importance in the work. f77l 11th AND 12th GIRL RESERVES Sfiflllflll' Xl iss ilriffitll f'l'z'.Yfrff'lIf I'ct1'i11u SL'lli1'ZllItl Ill'f'-l'f','.v.'lff'ul ,-Xllwiuzx l:k'I'IlI'flillL'H: S1'41'rlL11'N' KlZl1'Q'1ll'L'l Suggmlun Sfmfflf l.'fmff-uzml .Xflclv Vlilllllll l'1'ffgf'.1w1 6ff'1.1i1'1mlrl lilizzllwctll Slxgmlcn 9th AND 10th GIRL RESERVES Spmzxru' Miss Hlmlcrcr l'n'.xizff11l llwyl RL-lm l'in'-l'w,fif!,v1I lrcm' XXI-lltzcl Sr1'1'f!mjx' .Icnu IRUIII l1v'u.v1nv'r Doris Clmsc l'1'n,qn1f1l ffflcll-Flllrlll .xllllil XYuurlfu1'ml I.'nnm'il l3rf1r',',ww1f41fi:'r I lrcnc 1,0110 POETRY CLUB S1'7lll1.Yfll' M rs. l':11'l':1Ck ll7'1'j'i1fl'7If NlZlI'jlbI'il' 'l'lm111psm1 1'fm'-l,1'1'jl'1f1'lVI Ruth .Xclzuns h1'1'l'z'f1ll'X' .Xlicc llvllllllvllzlm 7'1'f'fu'1u-rf' Szunucl l'iIlI'l1l'IllAt '-2 "1-fZ'w's?--2:1 -li ' ,, ,4,' ,. Dorothy Altenbaugh Arnold Belkin Betty Bellin Donald Berman Jean Bocchicchio Ralph Brown Elaine Carb Richard Carretta Helen Castelli Frances Ciotola Lois Cushing Fred Custer Edward Claitman Edmond Dellaquila Howard Edwards Lois Erikson Philornena Fischione Lila Greer Kay Hess NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Firrt Semester 1941 - 1942 Carolyn Howe Ruth Hutfles Geraldine Jones Mildred Jones Louise Johnson Phyllis Kerzesky Theodore Kohn Eileen Kohlhepp Geraldine Krogan Robert Lachman Lena Mamolite Emma Mason Evelyn NIcCammon joseph Mirenza Dorothy Oldfield Thelma O'Leary Ruth Panish Joseph Pegnato Robert Perfetto E791 Theresa Perla Ann Piccolino Ann Pividore Dorothy Porter Ross Porter Carolyn Rankin Donald Rhule Edith Robinson Mary Sheaffer Helen Smith Carolyn Sottile Louis Spera Viola Strahl Gloria Vacco Nancy Piper Albert Wein Betty VVilliams Melvin Wolz - -1 jfwfgmwlneffz-5:5 -ii' 4.- ' ,: - M - 1' V . "- -fr 1, Q W. Q ' , J K ....,...g . 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' I'15"7l"-1,75 f' 'N' - 5, , '..gI'f,':yi ,z-5.51 :,, fn.-.U 'P' . - , H' l"'W?Eq"' 'Q .HE e'-'T .. ' ,-324.31-1----2+ --. -fff ' I -- ,- ..-'5-'L- 'f ,,Ig'3fxw.",1-.. wg -' , "xi-' s"' M- - " .--' '.j-r:..-- ,:-xg-, 5 N.. v - - . .1-.rf . ff- . . . 'ff-. w -.f ,-12.9 ' - ' . 0 4- vl g, . 1 ,. K U , ,-VYYT.:--..J4.v FTEJ .SPGRTS E1 ffl as E , , mL,,.,:,.,i, ,.,,.1.A5',,5ag,?z. K . .-N 1 FOOTBALL ' Coach ........... .... O g H. Burton Assistant Coach .. . .... Mr. Grupe Faculty Manager ..... ..... M r. Speer Student Manager ..... ...... E arl Kramer Ayxiftant Manager ..... ..... I Ohn Dil-fUCChl0 Water Boy ......... L ..... Louis Ciccione Edmond Dellaquila Carmen DeStefano William Heilman John Mason Clarence Tucker Howard Weber William Merritt Paul Mazzei Raymond Brandi Stanley Calcombe Ralph Anderson L.T L. G. C R.G R.T R.E R.H Q F L.H L.E John Haunty Virgil Cimador John Mylan John DiLucchio Thomas Matthews Louis Biondi George Watkins Albert Pitaccio Felix Yonotti Harold Brown Edward Sullivan E331 L. T. L. H. Q. L. E. Q. L. G. C. R. G. R. T. R. E. L. H. Bruce Weston Joe Lopreste Nick Donatelli Harold Rogal john Molinaro Paul Barbuto Stuart McConnell William Richter Robert Craner Ira Hockenberger BASKETBALL TEAM Firft Manager .. .... Ralph Brown Axxistant Manager . . .... Clyde Davidson .flrsiftant Manager. . . ..... William Johnson jordan Bisceglia Warren Rhule Jack Rhule Charles Paolino Forrest Patterson Ralph Burkhouse William Richard Albert Bonomo Robert Craum William Brown William DeWall Bruce Weston Edwin Yessler E342 Charles Arnold Bob VVolcott Charles Cooper William Nunn Robert Coles William Lopreste Anthony Cutruzzula ' ., .An ,..:.k4v.g,j,h,,1.t r'1...,.,,- .E GYM TEAM 1. Robert Coyne, Joe Renda, john Sales, Russell Lightfoot. II. Charles Woodside, Lloyd Miller, Charles Horne, Carl Davis, William Ahern, Alan Rowley, Jack Slack, Major Greene, Ornero Betti. III. Joe Pegnato, Joe Mirenzi, Charles Larotonda, Edward Deichman, John Antoniono, Aldo Castelli, Vinson Smith, Wilson Marshall. E851 Boys' Athletics BASEBALL A torn-up field was the cause of discontinuing Westinghouse's baseball team last spring, this year the defense program will probably ,prevent its existence. Baseball has been de-emphasized in many of the big leagues, and it is not unlikely that the same will happen at Westinghouse. Besides, baseball uniforms, balls, bats, and gloves will be very expensive, if they are obtainable at all. Should Coach Grupe begin baseball, he'll have to mould an entire new team, since his entire aggregation of two years ago has graduated. TRACK In June 1941, Westinghouse's oft-champion track team tumbled to a sixth place notch in the city finals. However, Henderson captured first place in the twelve pound shotg the half-mile relay team took second, and third place in the city was the prize of the mile relay squad. In addition, Hairston, Reynolds, and Mitchell placed in other events. This year, however, Coach Harsky is optimistic since he'll have many seniors returning and some juniors coming up to take the graduates' places. BASKETBALL Bouncing back from a season in which they won six and lost eight league games, Westinghouse was looking forward to the 1941-42 season. Determined not to have his team broken up by mid-year graduation, Coach Zahnizer started only boys who had at least one year of playing ahead of them. This squad had Anthony Cutruzzula and Forrest Patterson at the guard positions, Bob Woolcott and William Nunn playing forwards, and Charles Arnold at the pivot spot. After losing the first three nonleague games, the Westinghouse passers took two games to give them a two and three preseason record. However, these last two games seemed to point toward better things, for this Westinghouse team started to move. The first four games ended in victories for the Silver Lakers over Washington, Connelley, Fifth Avenue and Allderdice. In each of these games, Westinghouse was getting consistently better. Their fine passing, shooting, and defensive work attracted everyone's attention and critics were soon talking "Championship" Over-confidence caused the boys to tumble before Schenley and Peabody by four and five points respectively. At the time of this writing, the Bulldogs' record stood at four wins and two losses. If the boys can recapture some of their early season finesse and all-around play, their hopes can be raised, for their play against Fifth Avenue, 1941 defend- ing champs, stamped them as champions. - SWIMMING After a mediocre season, in which they won two meets and lost two, the West- inghouse tank men are preparing for the 1942 season. In view of the fact that only about four or five men were lost through graduation, Coach Grupe is looking for a much better season and perhaps even a championship. However, all that must come later. Although nothing definite has been established as to Coach Grupe's choice, the following boys are likely to be the main members of the team: Mason, Hock- enberger, Matson, Tomer, Hurlbert, Dunn, Britton, and Deichman. In addition, there are several prospects who are on the junior squad. All in all, the boys look forward, hopefully, to the coming season. FOOTBALL Last year found the Bulldogs from Westinghouse fighting to regain their lost championshi . To accomplish this, Coach Burton started on the line Howard Weber and Igalph Anderson at ends, Clarence Tucker and Ed Dellaquila at tack- 1361 In a... Ea..-.-a z..?R'.,m , n - 1 M lesg Paul Mazzei and john Mason at the guard positions, and Bill Heilman at center. The backfield showed Virgil Cimador, Bill lylerritt, Stan Colcombe, and Ray Brandi. This aggregation unimpressively conquered Penn High in the season's opener, a nonleague tilt. In this game Ray Brandi scored all the points to give Westing- house a 12-0 victory. The next week, the Lakers traveled to Altoona to absorb a 20-7 defeat. De- spite the defeat, the stellar play of the whole team gave signs of a good season. Trailing 20-0 in the final moments of play, Diamond snagged a pass from Col- combe for Westinghouse's only tally. Tucker then added the placement. ' In the first league tilt, Westinghouse "drowned" South Hills, 19-12. Playing in mud and rain, the Bulldogs outscoredthe '40 champs. Merritt, Brandi, and Weber each scored six points in the first, third, and fourth quarters, while South Hills was getting one touchdown in the second quarter and one in the fourth. Tucker scored once out of three conversion attempts. South Hills next fell victim to the powerful Bulldogs. Led by the scoring of Colcombe and the all-around play of Merritt, Westinghouse crushed the Orioles 32-0. Four of the five tallies were credited to Colcombe and the other was made by Bill Merritt. This crushing defeat more than avenged South's surprising victory last year. Westinghouse's power suddenly went dead in their next two battles, the Allderdice and Schenley encounters. In their tilt with the Dragons, the Blue and Gold found themselves being battled to a 0-0 standstill by the Squirrel Hill boys. Then, in the closing minutes of the game, VVeber recovered an Allderdice fumble on the enemy 20-yard stripe. After several plays, Colcombe carried the ball over, and Brandi converted to give Westinghouse a 7-0 victory. The Schenley game was almost a replica of the Allderdice game. In this game it took three and a half quarters for Westinghouse to push over their six points. This line plunge by Brandi culminated a 63-yard drive. However, a 70-yard run- back of the kick-off brought the ball to the 3-yard line where a flying tackle by Tucker brought the Schenley carrier to terra firma. Then, on the next play, the ball was carried to pay dirt to give the Bellefielders a 6-6 tie-the only mar on Westinghouse's record. The following week found Westinghouse playing on Highland Avenue in the back-yard of their eternal rival, Peabody. In this encounter, Westinghouse was on the short end of the odds, playing for the championship. However, the Bull- dogs came through in grand fashion, drubbing Peabody 19-0. In this game, Brandi scored the first two tallies in the first and fourth quarters, while Merritt scored the other after Brandi's second tally. Thus ended a highly successful game and season for the Bulldogs. All-Scholastic-on the Sun Telegraph allscholastic team, three Westinghouse boys took first team berths, while a like number took second team places. Clar- ence Tucker was unanimously chosen for tackle, Ray Brandi was chosen at full- back, and Paul Mazzei, because of his excellent playing in the first two games, was named at guard. Eddie D-ellaquila, tackle, Carmen DeStefano, guard, and Stan Colcombe, halfback, were the second choices. Paul Mazzei received the "Most Valuable Player Award" given annually by the Pittsburgh Press. VOLLEYBALL Five championships out of six years. That's the record the Westinghouse spikers will carry into this season. A defeat in the finals in 1940 is the only mar on the Blue and Gold's record since the championship string began in 1936. This year the netmen are favored to retain the championship. To accomplish this purpose, Coach Burton will build his team around the veterans, Stan Colcombe, Charles Arnold, Eddie Sullivan, and Harold Brown. E -ALBERT' WEIN I37l .MJ A I i a .1 I l 5 l it GIRLS' SENIOR LEADERS Sponsor Miss Jack President Eileen Kohlhepp Vice-President Lois Erikson Seeretary Anna Pividore Treasurer Dorothy Donatelli Social Chairman Ruth Panish GIRLS' JUNIOR LEADERS Sponsor Miss Snee President A Lillian Panish Vice-President Carolyn Yokley Secretary Mary Reckhaus SWIMMING Girls' Athletics Under the efiicient leadership of Miss Jack, Mrs. Beckeman, Miss Cook, and Miss Snee, the girls of Westinghouse have enjoyed athletics this year. SENIOR CLASSES Jllirr jack Mfr. Beckman As the spotlight was focused on the girls' athletic activities, basketball was the only sport in the senior classes. There were six teams who played earnestly to obtain the championship record in their division. By the process of elimination, Elizabeth Sugden's team proved to be the champions. I JUNIOR CLASSES Min Cook Mir: Snee While the senior classes have been busy with their sports, the junior classes have not been idle. The tenth-graders have been enjoying their basketball season through the able management of Patsy Towers. The ninth-graders are managed by Maxine Pfeiffer. All the girls should be congratulated for their fine cooperation with their captains, managers, and Miss Cook. While the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades were enjoying an exciting basket- ball season, the 7th and 8th grades were busy with dodge batball games. Through the generosity of Miss Snee, many seventh graders are enjoying recreational swimming after school. This may be done once every three weeks. To be able to enjoy this privilege, they must be length swimmers. ATHLETIC CLUBS Under the sponsorship of Miss Jack, the Tennis Club has become one of the popular clubs of Westinghouse. The purpose of the club is to help the members improve their game of tennis. Taught by Miss Cook, the Life-Saving Club practices to rescue drowning victims. For one week in May, the girls hope to have the use of a canoe and a surf board. This will enable them to do more practice in their field. Miss Snee's Non-Swimmers Club has shown exceptional talent. Out of an enrollment of fifty members, all except seven have learned to swim. The Junior Leaders Club, sponsored by Miss Snee, is composed of thirty-live members. Their main work is to assist in the gym classes, and act as officials and scorekeepers at the after-school games. As their project this year, they donated food to worthy homes of the district. GIRLS, SENIOR LEADERS The Senior Leaders Club, sponsored by Miss Jack, is one of the most out- standing clubs of the school. The girls are selected on the basis of scholarship, initiative, and leadership. Q This year, the Leaders assumed the entire responsibility for the sale of foot- ball tickets. They also conducted the annual Christmas Charity Dance for the needy. To cheer the patients in the Childrenis Hospital, the girls sent scrap books, toys, games, and books. Besides serving their school in every possible way, they helped our Govern- ment through the sale of Defense Stamps. V . RUTH HUTFLES E901 X '-L ...nj ....,.-n..acLszi2.:.i:e.xscsmsn.a.....'gf.,E ..5 ...M " ' ' rrmvwl' ACKNOWLEDGMENTS In behalf of the 1942 graduating classes the Sketch Book Stall' wishes to express its sincere appreciation to Miss Louise Hetherington, Nlrs. hlartha Anderson, Mr. F. Pounds, lVIiss Ruby Jack, McKee Studio, Mr. Elwell of the Reliance Engraving Company, and Mr. Chalmers Siviter of Thomas Siviter 81 Co., Printers, for their help in compiling the material for the 1942 Sketch Book. i fy la..--.,. 0 ,v. ,L yung-, ' F, 1'-4,1 , ' f'i"1 1 ,,,- I J".-nh'-. ... ,. 'f'.' '. , , . -fy 'fn ,g. 3- --pf. .. '.L..i. Q " wry 3 , ..- . , . f. 4:-1 .2 .-11. .4 . 'fT, M .. fi '-"1 - . My ,.. aw' ra f .- N Q .A,. A.. , 1241+ . fn-L .. LCE kW.. .. xt' ,P ,,,, Q S i-E 41.3, ,, lu-wr , an P li I V.: We A IT., 31.4. ,U ,ri , ,5 1 ,H - 15-K.. - -.,N:,ffax,. tg H Y w:.n:LQi:l-I 1 1 . ' ' Qs . 2' Wg 1 ff,-""n5"'ii . - V , M, -ay?-x,.A:., f -fu .f . .g..a"'.52H1e --xr-li: -fmxlf' , ' m,.g,. ' J .ffl ' X fw' fig"'7ffT , 2" 'Tm'-.,,41 f-v' .. .L .,. M gg g T .51 MV. i-,.'. H w , - 1 OUR Q 1 " x. , 41.11-ii ' "'- gffiiff .Qa'i"- 'ig5:f.'3 nga if VV rw , if fi' . ,', .,: JT". I 1.9. GQ. r 1. . r 5-. -ug' ..,.. , , g.. uv ,-'. 241 A er .. - N ,ue I .1 'r ,Q-. A .u.. W.: "p x.. .x. , -, L r . I r ' . .ey A :I .QF X-,.,, F..-W' :H 3, I. :. .. W, A- ., ,. ' , . F v. x fe '- , 4, . .-I 3 1 ,.. .A,, .. . ,' . ar , ' , EVN .mv 4 'vui'+J ' , ...v-1, 1 -y..- 1 w '. . v -f 1.1 P. -. .2 , f w .W .,.v..G U .. 4- Y . J , -'r yi'-, x .m 'q.',-f . ' V- ,Jppi 4. -. H ,... -. 1' 1. ' J x. ,a ...Q. in 'Q "K 1 'lk' 1 . 0 ' ' 4-.' W I .,r 5: . 451' ., -L' 9, .,fs .1 .-3 .1 ,, 1. vi . .P-. I-, I1 11 .:' 2.1L H in -. ...eq .gx .nh f- ' J,-, vi . .EMS ., Tr -.V H .. r --fu 1: j.,..?,.,1 .4 .wf x J'-.nb 5.5 4:1 'P 1 -vu .N- inn .x 'AAN - A, - , 1 ',.' -:W-,f. ..ffhf.u.:' M- " - -wi" 53. - ' ' Va 1. -+ 1 gf Im.E,45lz.,- n..:4j'x..,:L.i- I " 4- .1 .LQ .,,1-' s. ,QPF . 'I ? " Mlm' Supreme Obllgauon A s a husband and a father You p U, h ...x cl- ' lx? have the lmportant 0bl1g3tlOl1 of f supportlng and safeguardlng your famlly not only today but for as long as they need your help You are a good provlder now But have you glven we hope when your earnlng power and guidance Wlll no longer he avallable to your Wlfe and chll dren? Through Trust Servlce you can provlde experlenced management for your property and regular lncome for your helrs Let us tell you how thls modern method of estate management can help you fulfill your supreme ohhgatlon to your f anuly FIDELITY TRUST COMPANY 34l 343 FOURTH AVE PITTSBURGH Member Federal Deposu Insu a 1 e Corp alw 1 675 JA 1 Q 1 I - H I 'jx A . . . flag 'Q-an careful thought to the time fin the distant future, D Q o u Ca p I D 4: 01 COMPLIMENTS of the LEXINGTON ROLLER SKATING PALACE In the heart of East Liberty Broad St. and Larimer Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. Roller Skate for Health and Beauty Phone Hi. 9800 ?0, COMPLIMENTS of RELIABLE DRUG STORE 8006 Frankstown Avenue DEPP PHARMACY For Prescriptions Chas. L. Depp, Ph. G. 7701 Frankstown Ave. at Brushton Ave. COMPLIMENTS of DALLAS PHARMACY Pittsburgh, Pa. 1 Ei COMPLIMENTS , Compliments Of of A FRIEND JOHN R. MacDONALD, M. D. Ei E951 Gravity Fill Service Station, Inc. Gas-Oil-Grease Dial Bry. 3320 Zi H. MANDER SERVICE STATION Frankstown and Bennett Esso and Esso Extra JOSEPH TUDISCO,S GROCERY STORE Fresh Fruits and Vegetables FREE DELIVERY Lubrication Phone Pe. 6472 Battery and Tire Service W is EQ V BRUSHTON Sc to 81.00 COMPUMENTS STORE Of Cor. Brushton and Frankstown Aves. A FRIEND Zi ic! "The House of Reliable Quality and Service' Standard School Jewelers Class Rings and Pins--Booklets and Diplomas-Club Pins Commencement Announcements-Cups and Trophies Medals and Awards-Sport Charms and Keys NIXON THEATRE BUILDING PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA E961 Your Community Bank Personal Loans Savings Accounts Christmas Savings Accounts Checking Accounts Safe Deposit Boxes GNMVD Homewood Bank at Pittsburgh efuefr before has the country had greater need than now for the trained person. This need can be met only by high school students continuing their studies at a university of high standing and with adequate teaching facilities. BSE THE UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH Address the Registrar i971 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATINC CLASS OF 1942 McKEE STUDIOS Corner Homewood and Bennett Street Belmar Theatre Building 'A' Your Studio Where "The Sketch Book" Photographs Are Produced 'k Ready TO SERVE YOU AT ANY TIME IN ANY CAPACITY WM. I. BROSNAN Jeweler and Optician VISIT OUR MEN'S WEAR DEPARTMENT PEnhurst 9926 716 HOMEWOOD AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. DR. ALBERT KANE . Compliments of Optometrxst 719 N. Homewood Avenue A "I C that U C" I 93 I . A il 'E KINLEY DRUG STORE Corner of Frankstown Avenue and Collier Street LONGWELL PHARMACY David C. Longwell, Prop. Telephone CHurchill 9015 Homewood and Frankstown Aves. Pittsburgh, Pa. ITELL'S PHARMACY "Home-wood's oldest and most reliable drug store" WM. J. STACK Transfer and Hauling P. U. C. Certiicate No. A26256 W Phone MOntrose 9356 Cor. Homewood ec Hamilton Ave. 811 East View Street Pittsburgh, Pa Phone, CHurchill 9113 Phones-ATlantic 1425 and 1426 Res.-MOnrr0Se 9929 HARRIS BROTHERS F LORI ST "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" MARKET STREET 86 LIBERTY AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. 3 Compliments of CO J. E. HOLT, M.D. of A FRIEND and W D. C. IGISSELL, M. D. E991 BTC DOES YOUR SAVINGS PLAN GIVE B U S I N E S S ' LIBERAL RETURNS? TRAINING ' HIGH DEGREE SAFETY? C O L L E G E Whether you save small amounts regularly or occasionally, or have a S lump sum to invest immediately, ECRETARIAL it will pay you to visit our offices! ACCOUNTING Before you invest, investigate our savings plan. BUSINESS ADMmIs'rRA'rxoN COURSES Homewood Building 86 Loan Association Fulton Bldg. Pittsburgh, Pa. PEnhursr 4670 ATlantic 2678 7220 Kelly Street Pittsburgh, Pa. W bf Compliments of MELBA THEATRE 53' BRUSHTON THEATRE H. Littlestone, Mgr. PEnhurst 4157 W Fort Pitt Typewritter Company Typewriters Real Buys-All Makes-New Machines Rebuilts-All Guaranteed LOW RENTALS and TERMS Priced 815.00 up ATlantic 8320 644 Liberty Avenue G. C. MURPHY 86 CO. 5 - 10c STORE Ei Cor. Homewood 86 Kelly 100 MISS CONLEY'S SCHOOL S ecfe tarial Training for Young Women MONTROSE 8382 6214 WALNUT STREET ECE Next Class September 14 ' NOBLE-THOMPSON INSTITUTE Devoted to Essential Business and Secretarial Training Anne Noble Thompson-Alexander Campbell Thompson Day and Evening Classes Now Enrolling STATE BUILDING, 335 FIFTH AVENUE, PITTSBURGH ATLANTIC 2255 Diamonds Watches BRONNERS Credit Jeweler and Optician Compliments of All Watch and jewelry repairing fully guaranteed A Radios-Electric Appliance Pe. 8767 710 Homewood Ave. H E L E N ' s 23'-Q BEAUTY A RESS SHOPPE SHOP 1535 Lincoln Ave,-me 711 Homewood Avenue 51013 Pittsburgh? Leading Florists RANDOLPH Sv. 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Annotlncem ents Sm tlrtly Engrave fl 514.95 - First 100 Creative P 1'111t1I1S . . . at equally attractive Prices Let US 38.91812 YOU W1fl'l YOU! Printing PIOLIEIIIS THOMAS SIVITER 51 CO Pulvlfslters of 'Tin sketch Book' 117 Shady Avenue tc an Montrose 0358 51033 DAVID H. FETZER Funeral Director 2 Compliments of A FRIEND JAMES C. SCHWAN Formerly Huber's Drug Store ICE CREAM-CANDY SUNDRIES 560 Paulson Avenue ..4!5.. ,1:j,:, V ,. ,iw g A Selected Florin Qi? Quahzy I . for Thg-yg WILD PA Wltllollt Appreciate Extrawagance gf na? ' ' .Q'fV,vi'7 MOntr0se 2144 6010 PENN AVENUE PITTSBURGH, PA. N. MORASCO S, MORASCO 805 BRUSHTON AVENUE MORASCO Funeral Home PEnhurst 7679 PITTSBURGH, PA. fl04j SECOND FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF PITTSBURGH Each Savings Account Insured to 55,000.00 Christmas Savings-Trust Accounts One Dollar Opens An Account CHURCHILL 4475 920 N. HOMEWOOD AVENUE HOMEWOOD REALTY CO. BRUCKMAN REALTY CO. F- E- 5hHUghH2SSY, PWS- Real Estate-Insurance General Insurance and P bl, Mortgages Notary u zc Phone Plinhurst 3500 PF-11hUrSt 0223 7216 Kelly 'Street Pittsburgh, Pa. 604 Brushton Avenue Pittsburgh, Pa. COMPLIMENTS of HOMEWOOD BOARD of TRADE You can place confidence in G' OVER A. M. Thomas and M. F. Berardino Realtor FINANCE REALTY CO. Real Estate and Insurance Omce' PEnhu'St 0659 Specializing in Homewood-Brushton Penn Township Properties Phone: CHurchill 1044 Pittsburgh' Pa' 546 N. Homewood Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa 7631 Hamilton Avenue KIOSJ an The AMERICAN'S CREED 'By William Tyler 5Page 1 if -A' I believe in the United States of America as a Government of the people, by the people, for the people, whose just powers are de- rived from the consent of the governed: A Democracy in a Republicg A Sovereign Nation of many Sovereign States, A perfect Union, one and inseparable, established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice and humanity, for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes. I therefore believe it my duty to my country to love it, to support its constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies." f106:I , if imma- - ay- Q1 ,gn 4 V . . E ,saw AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS ,f 1 f'fff V XXX m fl W' fwfwf X X EAQ47 QNX +3 si? SA " 1 Q X K .gif X Wm f -Q U gvi K 'ng w , - 1

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