George E Westinghouse High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA)

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George E Westinghouse High School - Sketch Book Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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id' f x 19 I A, m.'i 1 : Af' ' F-awk mL ,xg I. xg 1- 5 - 'Qu -L ,4 ww 52? Q J Salma! Moda "I-lere Youth and Opportunity Meet H AND OPPQQ7 QUT U xgggj W Mnvyf , x,, X 3 Q Q M l M U1 M I A140 mv D GX, S X I ek: Gfvuse rum H-70,1 SLI.. .swmz sw Westinglzoufe for ever, loyal and true, Nothing can ever change our love for you, Rah! Rah! Rah! Weflinglzoufe for ever., ':ve're true to you, We love our rolorf, flze Gold and Blue. ,WW X, XX fy f XXX X X 7 . ww. f X. ,gm ' avi' 4 f' .f f .Qin ff, f ' if Z , x X , 3 K! ff , X Foreword fiiiuu "THIS DAY XYIE S.XIl.ED XYIiS'l'X'X'.'XRlJ," So wrotc Columbus as hc closcil such clay's cutry iii his logbook. It is the aim of the 19-ll Sketch Book Staff to prcfcut to in i'cziclci's their uuforgettahlc youthful clziys iu XYL'Slill2'i1UllSL' High School as 11 voyage, conscious that each flzly, wc, uulikc Colum- QL hus, hziyc hvcu sailing czsstwarfl toyyzu'd thc rising Nun, towurcl thc rlayyuing' of thc clay czillccl Lllfli. lu thiw, our logbook. wc 1H'L'SClIi to you our zlwouiit of the iOl1l' your yoyzigc on thc lo S. S. XYcstiugl1oi1sc including our athletic, clmiiizitic, and Chili actiyitiw. XXI' aiuccrcly hopc that you will enjoy this i1'L'2lSlII'Cli H , Es . i X H account of our trip, Iii dosing' wc wish you, too, zi "hon voyzngcf - . l K r WW f f? K f fffff fr 1111117711 rf K 1' ff r'Qr XI14. Cmlck ly. Ixls'1'1.1':k l,I'lIIf'1fJ!lf Xlll. llxmu' I.. I ll lunar I nv' l,I'll11'l qi in Q -unv"..--li Navigato rs DOROTHY AIKIN J. CLYDE AMON AGNES M. ANDERSON MARTHA ANDERSON HARRY A. BAILEY HERBERT BARNETT GERTRUDE BARTHOL EEATRICE BEARES KATHRYN E. BEAZELL MIRIAM BECKEMAN NORMAN P. BISH HELEN BOWDEN OLIVE ERAHAM VIOLA BROSKEY JENNIE F. BURGO HAZEL BURRHOLDER OTIS H. BURTON ESTHER COOK YVALTER E. CRIM A. R. CUNNINGHAM LOUISE CUNNINGHAINI F. J. D'AMBROSI CLAUDE DIEHL JOHN M. DINSMORE JAMES S. DODDS ETTA S. DUGAN HELEN C. EDGAR WILLIAM EISENBEIS RALPH W. EMERSON EMILY s. EVANS HELEN s. FERRY MARIE I. FISCHER Faculty MARTHA FOHL CAROLINE PORESMAN ELEANOR FREELAND EDNA H. GEER CORA E. GERWIG LEMYRA J. GILLIS MARY E. GLASSER ELIZABETH I. GRIFFITHS AUSTIN K. GRUPE LOUIS HAAS EMINIA HANDLOSER JOSEPH HARSKY MARY E. HAYES J. GEORGE HARTLIEB EDITH B. HECKERT MERVIN HIMMLER NIILDRED HINDERER GERTRUDE R. HUNTER RUBY M. JACK CORNELIUS B. JANSEN MARY JEFFREY M. MARIE JOHNSON HARRY A. JONES FRED KELLAMS ALBERTA KELLEY GENEvIEvE M. KELLY CXRRIE E. KIM IVIARTHA A. KIINI EERTHA J. KIRKPXTRICK JOHN A. LX'NI'I'T5 lNIIl.I.!CE'Y'I' S. LEECH DORIS M. LINDBOM HARRY E. LONG HELEN MLABEE HELEN E. MCCRACKEN ALICE G. MLCRORY CARL MCVICKER ETHEL L. MORROVV ANNA MURPHY JAMES O,DELL RUTII K. PARRACR J. F. POUNDS ALI-'RED C. RITCHEY OLIVE M. SCHILLINGER EMMA C. SCHREMP FLORENCE SCHULZ DAISY SHARP DONALD D. SHEARER JOHN E. SHOTI' CHARLES R. SHULTZ E. BUCHANAN SMITH OLIVE E. SNEE J. LANG SPEER INDIA STEPHENSON CHARLES W. THOMAS LOUISE THORNE ANNA M. TOBIN EILEEN WEBER ORVILLE WEBER RUTH H. WVILDMAN FANNIE P. WILSON LEROY S. WOLFF FANNIE R. WOODSIDE RALPH R. ZAHNISER OFFICE Clark B. Kistler. .. ...... President Harry E. Pedicord. ..Vice President Flora L. Yagle .... ..Chief Clfrk lX'Iary F. Loomis.. ...Cl rk Anna Jane Cochran. . . ........ Clerk Minnie Osthoff .... ...Book Clerk Florence Fowler... ...... Girls, Adzzuor Paul Felton .......... ..Vocational Counselor Louise Hetlierington. . . . . .Director of Actimtzey Dedication VVhen, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for part of a crew to depart from a ship and perhaps embark upon another vessel, there is a feeling of sorrow on the part of those who have worked under them. It is to those who are now leaving our ship that we dedicate this book, in the hope that their voyage ahead will be as pleasant to them as their presence on the S. S. Westinghouse has been to us. MR. NORMAN P. BISH Since 1918 Mr. Norman P. Bish, or, as he is more often called, "Pop" Bish, has been a. well-known figure in the corridors of Westinghouse. In his early days he often followed "Pro" Burton with the score sheet. When he first came to Westinghouse, Mr. Bish taught chemistry, but for many years he has been teaching social science. Mr. Bish has been extremely active outside of school and plans to continue so. He has led bands, orchestras, glee clubs, and choirs, and plays the piano for recreation. He sponsored the now non- existent International Relations Club of W. H. S. Since 1916 he has been a member of the Allied Boards of Trade. For ten or fifteen years Mr. Bish sponsored the Hi-Y, and is at present active in community activ- ities. His interest in civic problems is so great that he is now working diligently on the rearrangement of Congressional districts. MR. VVALTER CRIM Mr. Walter Crim came to Westinghouse from Busi- ness High and Baxter but previously had taught in both Ohio and West Virginia. He has, during his Westinghouse career, taught secretarial subjects and is considered one of the outstanding Commercial teachers in the city. He has been in charge of the Service Room ever since he came to Westinghouse and has efficiently and quietly rendered enormous serv- ice to both students and teachers. He is Westing- house's first and only treasurer and his careful super- vision of our finances has won for him the title "watchdog of the treasury." He served for some time as faculty manager of athletics. When he leaves us as regretfully as we see him go, he plans to continue teaching in a Pittsburgh business college. MISS ZELLA BRECKENRIDGE Miss Zella Breckenridge has been one of the outstanding members of the Westinghouse High School faculty since 1924. Prior to her arrival in W. H. S. Miss Breckenridge had twelve years experience as a teacher in Hawaii, where she taught in private schools, high schools, and a college. Her Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree were both received from the University of Pittsburgh. She has taken summer work at both Columbia University and the University of California. Since she has been in W. H. S., Miss Breckenridge has performed excellently her duties as Girls' Advisor- so excellently, in fact, that her methods have been copied extensively by other schools. In addition to her regular duties, Miss Breckenridge has sponsored several clubs. To her was given the task of sponsoring the National Honor Society of Westinghouse, composed of the so-called "cream of the crop." Outside school she has participated actively in the Phoebe Brashear Club Cof which she was presidentj, the Homewood Women's Club, and the D. A. R., all of which seek to promote a close relationship between the school and community. MR. JAMES DODDS Since 1924, Mr. James Dodds has been the instructor in electricity in Westinghouse. He obtained his pre- liminary education in the electrical field in Bliss Elec- trical School, Washington, D. C., and at the University of Pittsburgh. Mr. Dodds has been of great service, not only in teaching his subject, but also in his extra- curricular activities. He was the sponsor of the West- inghouse Radio Club as long as it existed, and was both the sponsor of Student Council and the corre- spondent for the Teachers' Association for ten years. He has served also as the secretary of the Homewood- Brushton Allied Boards of Trade. For years Mr. Dodds has also been an active church worker. Mr. Dodds plans to continue in the future his work in the Dental and Physics Departments of the University of Pittsburgh. i - f tis... . I MR. GEORGE LEOPOLD Mr. George Leopold, the brother of our former principal, started his Pittsburgh teaching career in the old Brushton High School, which has, through a pro- cess of evolution become Westinghouse High School. In his forty-four years of teaching, Mr. Leopold has done much to further his own education. He received his B. S. degree from Susquehanna University and his Master's degree from the University of Pittsburgh. In the University of Pittsburgh, Mr. Leopold has com- pleted all the work necessary for the Ph.D. degree. In the last few years, Mr. Leopold has taught algebra, plane geometry, solid geometry, and trigonometry. Outside school Mr. Leopold has been very active. For years he has been an outstanding church-worker and has taught a large Sunday School Class. In all his teaching, Mr. Leopold has been known for his patience and understanding. -1 -4s.R.,nlau.1. 1.4. A K - i .lu K l MR. NORMAN P. BISH MR. WALTER CRIM INIISS ZELLA BRECKENRIDGE NIR. JAMES DODDS MR. GEORGE LEOPOLD 1- i - - .. l-.-T1 - i - - 1T Qi.-. 1 - 1 i, -i ,, - . 1 - - , ' , ox XVEJTI NGHO Uf.E Z w Vw v7 Vw W X X S A Q 2 'I T QM 71 N 7 X Q i AW ja 2 Voyagers Embarking Class Officers PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY HOWARD KUHNS Wish-Funeral Director Hobby-Swimming Specialties4D. P. S., Crossfcountry Team, Sketch Book Staff, Track, Senior Class Treasurer, Student Council, Glee Club. MARJORIE LOIS RENN Wish-Radio Singer Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Social Chairman, Girl Re- serves President, Student Council, D.P.S., Chairman Goodwill Indusf tries, President Home Room BERT POLLOCK Wish-Actor Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Cheerleader '39 '40, Na' tional Honor Society fPresidentj, Ml Ring Chairman, Senior Dramatic In Club, Senior Class President, ,JM Commencement Speaker, Student my Council, Class Play Properties, Col' l lege Club, Current Events, D.P.S. January IQ!-Ll HENRY L. ETHERIDGE Hank Wish-Physician Hobby-Gymnastics Specialties-12A Class President, Home Room Vice President, National Honor Society, Gym Team '38, '39, '40, Track Team '38, '39, College Club, Camera Club, Mixed Glee Club, French Club, Sketch Book StaiT, Honorary Council Member RUTH HIEBER Wish-Secretary Hobby-Swimming Specialties-National Honor Society, Student Council, Vice President IZA Class, French Club, D.P.S. Big Sisters DOLORES STAHL Dooties Wish-Business Woman Hobby--Dancing Specialties-Home Room President, Council Secretary, IZA Class Sec' retary, Bulletin Club Editor, Girl Reserves, Cabinet fyiwvyya TREASURER SOCIAL CHAIRMAN RING CHAIRMAN W., 1 l Donald F. Qver s f r Nora J. Bailey Grace H. Bciyle Andrew G. Clfecere Margaret A.iCo1ucci Gloria J. D'Alfonso Thelma L. llhwson wma M. Deichert Savino DiLopardo Paul DiSrasij Henry L. Ealeriage I I x i i .1 i P 1 i filf 1- .. Honor Students january, 1941 Y 4 .1 ' 1- W' r HIGH HUNOK uoxon cmss conons Blue and Silver CLASS FLOWER Bert D. Pollock Ruth A. Heiber A William E. Higgins Anne Hofmeister Ruth Lauterbach ' Norman K. Osmundsen Gloria Petrilli V Antonetta Porreca Lydia M. Shento Dolores M. Stahl Eva W. Stanton American Beauty Rafe CLASS M0'l"l'0 Education is our pathwayg succexs, our goal. ' x SAMUEL ADAMS Sam WisbfTravel Hobby-Driving Specialties-Hi'Y, Senior Dramatic Club, Class Football, Rifle Club CHRISTINE ALBAUGH Tink WisbfAviatrix HobbyfPhotography SpecialtiesfStudent Council, Home Room Vice President, D.P.S. ALVERTA ALEXANDER Baby Wish-Vrmcalist, Stenograpber Hobbies-Singing, Dancing, Writing Specialties--AGirl Reserves, Volleyball WELLINGTON ALLEN Well Wish-Lots of money HobbiesfDancing, Eating Specialties---HifY, Glee Club, Swim' ming Team, Volleyball, Motion Picture Appreciation Club ANTHONY AMABILE Tony Wish-Machinist Hobby--Tailoring Specialties-Italian Club, Fencing Club, Senior Leaders, Swimming, Basketball MARY AMATO Hebe Wisl1AStenograpber Hobby-Reading Specialties4Tennis, Service Room, Banker, Basketball, Volleyball NORA IANE BAILEY jane Wish-Social Worker Hobby4Reading Specialties--National Honor Society, College Club, Orchestra Club fCello playerj, Big Sisters LEAH G. BALL Tootie Wish-Social Worker Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Girl Reserves' Council Representative, Volleyball, Home Room President, Home Room Sec' retary, Life Saving Club, Swim' ming Team, Aviation Club. JOHN BATTISTE Bud Wish-Printer Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Home Room Vice Presi' dent, Glee Club. THELMA ELIZABETH BEASLEY Wish-Musician Hobby-Cooking Specialties4Senior Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Girl Reserves, Volley- ball, Basketball READUS BELL Wish-Auto Mechanic Hobby+Raclio engineering Specialties-Track Team MARY BOLEN Wfisbv-Seamstress Hobbies-Sewing, Dancing SpecialtiesfGirl Reserves, junior Dramatic Club, Volleyball, Basket- ball, Mixed Clee Club ANTHONY BONOMO Tony Wish-sBookkeeper or Machinist HobbyfDriving Specialties--Sketch Book Staff, D.P.S. CARL BONOMO Wish--Welder or Musician Hobbies-Swimming, Reading, Music Specialties-Band, Orchestra, Orchesf tra Club, Poetry Club GRACE BOYLE Gracie Wish---Private Secretary Hobby-Photography Specialties-National Honor Society. Sketch Book Staff, Camera Club. D.P.S., Chess Club BETTY BRANNAN Betsy Wish--Beautician Hobby-Roller skating SpecialtiesQCamera Club, Assembly Usher, D.P.S, LEO BRENNAN Lee Wish-State Police or Fireman Hobby-Sports Specialties-Home Room Treasurer. Rifle Club RUTH BROWN Brownie Wish--Scucial Worker Hobby-Keeping scrapbooks Specialties-D,P.S,, Big Sisters, Glee Club, Commerce, Art Club MYRON BULKLEY Doc Wish-Cartoonist Hobby-Sports Specialties+Glee Club, D.P.S., Speed' script, Track RICHARD BURTON Dick Wish-Teacher Hobby-Football Specialties-President of Student Coun' cil, National Honor Society, Swim' ming Team, Cofcaptain of Football Team, College Club, Bulletin Staff, Author of Westinghouse Code, Senior Dramatic Club, President HifY, Soccer Team, 12A Social Committee KENNETH CANNON Cannon Wish-Postal Clerk Hobby--Drumming Specialty-Track Team LOUIS CAPUTO Buddy Wish-Singer Hobby-Sports Specialtiesgliaseball, Senior Leaders, Senior Dramatic Club, l2B'12A Football THERESA CARDINALE Poogy Wish-Stenographer Hobby-Current Events scrapbooks Specialties-Girl Reserves, Big Sisters, Bulletin Stall' JOSEPHINE CARNEVALE Jay Wish+Artist, Singer, Dancer HobbiesQSwimming, Dancing Specialties - Cheerleader, Student Council, Sketch Book Staff, Senior Dramatic Club, Life Saving Club, Basketball, Big Sisters, Makefup Committee, Home Room President HENRIETTA CARR Hen Wish4Interior Decorator Hobby-Hiking Specialties-Girl Reserves, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball l TO CARR TA Dan Wish-Drafting, Linguist Hobbies-Sailing ships, U.S. Navy Specialties - Gym Team Manager, Cross-country Team, Fencing Club, Italian Club JOSEPHINE CASAMASA Joey Vvishw-Costume Designer Hobby-Swimming SpecialtiesfJunior Dramatic Club, Junior Etiquette Club ANDREW CECERE Andy Wish-Study Political Science HobbyfReading SpecialtiesfSketch Book Staff, Col' lege Club, Bulletin Staff, Class Foot' ball A I L G um Soaky ish ctri A lcnnl H ,ol t inggl iher ls, fossils ecialtiet-Track, r ssfco ntry Team X " ,nan '- VA ARGARET COLUCCI Peggy I WishfChief Acgoufiant Hobby--Sports J Q ' Specialties-sJSketch Boo Stalf, Volley- ball, Basketball, D. .S., National Honor Society, Big Sisters, Girl Reserves, Personality Club, Stamp Club JACK CONWELL Red Wish4Business School Hobby!-Reading sport stories Specialties f Bulletin Staff, D.P,S., Basketball Manager, Class Football, Senate LAURA LOUISE COOKE Cookie WishfDietitian Hobby-Collecting recipes Specialties - Student Council, Senior Dramatic Club, Sketch Book Staff, Current Events Club, Life Saving JUNE CORNELIUS Cox-ny WishfModel Hobbies-Dancing, Swimming Specialties - Girl Reserves, Home Room President, Volleyball, Big Sisters DOROTHY MAE CRAIG Wish-Laboratory Technician Hobbies+Swimming, Tennis SpecialtyfFrench Club MARGIE CRISSMAN WishfAir Hostess HobbyfDancing Sug Criss Specialties7Girl Reserves, Vice Presif dent 1lAf12B Classes, Basketball, Tennis GLORIA JOAN D'ALFONSO Wish-Teacher Hobby- -Swim ming Specialties4National Honor Society. College Club, Sketch Book Stall, D.P.S. MARTHA SARAH DAVIS Mot Wisb- --Beauty Operator Hobbies- - Dancing, Cooking Specialties - Girl Reserves, Senior Dramatic Club, Volleyball, Basket- bull THELMA DAWSON Wish-Social Worker Hobbies--Sewing, Reading Specialties --- College Club, Senior Dramatic Club, Big Sisters, Current Events, Glee Club, Girl Reserves WILLA MARIE DECHERT Willa-B Wish-Stenographer Hobby--Sewing Specialties -- Safe Drivers, junior Dramatic Club, Senior Dramatic Club, Red Cross Club, National Honor Society,Pig S' ters sf ll CARM L O Wish-Avmio echanic Hobbies- o 'planes, Photography Specialty- - .S. I-IARCLD W. DICE Uncle Hal Wish-Journalist Hobbies-wStamp collecting, Reading Specialties--Bulletin Staff, Class Presi- dent DOMINIC Di LEO Governor Wish- -Business Hobby----Football Specialties- -Football, Baseball, Volley- ball, D.P.S. SAVINO Di LONARDO Wisli-College Hobby-Sports Specialties-Dramatic Club, French Club, College Club 1' L PAUL ' sf Wish i lomatic er ice Ho ies-Re ords,r I Miller i S?5::ialties- 0 onor Society. .College lb- ke h Book Staff, Senior D amatic Club, D.P.S,, Italian C u RICHARD A. DONOFRIO Richie Wish--Photographer Hobby-Photography Specialties--D,P.S., Camera Club MINNIE EDWARDS Trixie Wisb-Artist Hobby-Painting landscapes Specialties+Girl Reserves, Speedscript MARGARET FELBINGER Margie Wish-Department Store Buyer Hobby-Scrapbook Specialties-Sketch Book Staff, D.P.S., Girl Reserves, Red Cross, Camera Club DOROTHY FORD Wish-College, Dress Designer I'Iobbies-Swimming, Dramatics Specialty---Dramatic Club x V5 MARTHA FRENCH Frenchy WishfLead Swing Band Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Orchestra, Senior Drama' tic Club, Girl Reserves, Big Sisters CLIFTON GARBODEN Cliff Wish-Newspaper Reporter Hobby-Cartooning Specialties-Junior Basketball, Senior Basketball, Senior Leaders, Presi' dent 12B-12A Football, Service Room DORIS GETZ Wish-Lawyer Hobbiesflxnding library, Sports SpecialtiesfSenior Dramatic Club, Tennis, French Club, Poetry Club, Tardy Squad HOWARD F. GETZ Howie Wish-Commercial Artist Hobby-Aviation Specialties+Orchestra Club, Brass Choir, Senior Orchestra, Senior Band CHESTER GITTINGS Red Wish-Grocery Clerk HobbiesfRecorcls, stamps, pictures Specialty-Track THELMA MAE GODFREY Thell Wish-Seamstrcss Hobby-Sewing Specialtiesgliasketball, Senior Drama' tic Club, Volleyball, D.P.S., French Club, Glee Club, Girl Reserves. Poetry Club, Intramural Girls' Track XJ ANGELINE A. GRANATA Ang Wish-Secretary Hobby-Reading Specialties-D.P.S., Service Room, Girl Reserves, Big Sisters, Volley' ball FRANK R. GRANATA Slappy Wish-Chef Hobby-Football Specialties-Football, D.P.S. . B My ARRIS Betta -Secretary bies-Sewing, Reading pecialties-Sketch Book Staff, Girl Reserves, Tennis, D,P.S., Etiquette Club, junior Leaders . 1 BETTY HAWKINS Betsy Wish-Nurse ' Hobby-Sewing I Specialties-Red Cross Club, Camera Club MATTIE LOUISE HAYMON Tennie Wish-Nurse, Xfray Technician Hobbies-Music, Traveling Specialties-D.P.S., Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Camera Club, French Club WILLIAM E. HIGGINS Bill Wish-Radio, Television Engineer Hobby--mAmareur radio-WSVNE Specialties-Editor of Sketch Book, National Honor Society ANNE HOFMEISTER Doll Wish+Private Secretary HobbiesfSkating, Swimming, Bowling Specialties-National Honor Society, Service Room, Tennis Club, Sketch Book Staff GERALD HORSLEY Rabbit Wish-Cabinet Maker Hobby--Swim ming Specialties-MSchool Track Team '39, 12B-12A Football, Senior Leaders, HifY, Class Basketball RICHARD HURLEY WisbfTravel HobbiesfSoftball, Baseball, Airplane Specialty-Baseball, THELMA HUTCHINS Hutchie Wish-Restauraiit or Tea Room HobbyYCollecting perfume bottles Specialties-D.P.S,, Red Cross Club, Volleyball Team WALTER JACOB Jake Wish--Machinist Hobby-eSports Specialties!--'Fencing Club, D.P,S. JERRY JONES Wish-Sky Pilot Hobbies--Swimming, Tennis Specialties--D,F.S., Glee Club MARGARET KEMMERER Peggy Wish-Nurse, Air Hostess Hobby-Sewing SpecialtiesfD.P.S., Red Cross Club, Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club MARTHA KOBER Marty WishABeauty Culture Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Tennis Club, Girl Re' serves, Life Saving, Musbball, Bas' ketball, D.P.S., Senior Dramatic Club RHONDA KRAMER Rhonie Wish4Typist Hobby-Tap dancing Specialties--Senate, Tennis, Class Sec' retary, Class Booster RUTH LAUTERBACH Wish-Air Hostess Hobbies-Ice skating, Dancing, Draw' ing Specialties-National Honor Society, College Club, French Club, Tennis Club, Student Council, D.P.S,, Big Sisters, Speedscript Club CORA BELLE LAWLEY Corey Wish-Air Hostess Hobbies4Sewing, Skating Specialty-Girl Reserves ELMER H. LYNN Elm Wisl1fBusiness Hobbies-Photography, Fishing Specialties-Apparatus Club, Gym Team LOUIS MARTIN Lou Wish-Symphonic Violinist Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Grchestra Club, Football FRANK MASTERMONICO Mastro Wish-Drummer Hobby-Swing music Specialties-Baseball, D.P.S., Senior Leaders MARGARET MATMAN Mugsie Wish-Air Hostess Hobbies-Sewing, Swimming Specialties-D.P.S., Tennis Club, Girl Reserves, Volleyball, Life Saving MAXWELL MCCALPIN Max Wish-Business Man Hobby-Sports Specialties-D.P.S., Student Council, Senior Leaders WILLIAM MCCOULLUM Mick Wish-Stunt Car Driver Hobby-Swimming Specialties-'Glee Club, Senior Drama' tic Club, D.P.S., Mixed Chorus, Football HELEN L. McCREA Liz Wish-Private Secretary Hobbies-Swimming, Dancing Specialties-Service Room, Student Council, Bulletin Staff, Senior Draf matic Club, Poetry Club, Person' ality, Junior Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Red Cross PATRICK MCDONOUGH Pat Wish-Salesman Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club, D.P.S., Sketch Book Stall' THOMAS MCEVOY Knute Wish-Aviator Hobbies-Dancing, Skating Specialties-Volleyball, Aviation, D.P.S. MILES R. MCKENZIE Big Slim Wish-Physician HobbygBasketball Specialties-Chef Club, Basketball, Track Team JEAN MEREDITH Pudgy Wish-Private Secretary Hobby-Playing Hawaiian guitar Specialties4Tennis, Poetry Club, Serv' ice Room, Sketch Book Staff, Girl Reserves, Home Room Banker SAMUEL MOSLEY Wish-Building Contractor Hobbies-Drawing, Singing Specialties-Track Team, Art, D.P.S, MARY JANE MOYNAN Jayne Wish-Stenographer Hobby-Swimming Specialties-Girl Reserves, Big Sisters, Basketball, Volleyball, Mushball JANE MURPHY Janie Wish - 'Typist Hobby -Drawing Specialty-D.P.S. LOUIS NESE Wish- Machinist I-Iobbics -Reading, Mechanics Specialty Baseball Manager VICTOR NOEL Wish--Electrician Hobby- f 'Baseball Specialties-V Stage Crew, Baseball, Sen- ior Dramatic Club JEAN O'NEILL Wishh-College Hobby f-" Saving pictures Specialtiese--Tennis, Leaders' Club, Commercial Club, Big Sisters, Sen' ior Dramatic Club, College Club if! i NOR OSMUNDSE Ossie Wish 'Coll e,Graduate Hobbiesf-V liny, Stan collecting Specialties' -Natio Honor Society. College l K, Sketch Book Staff. Student ouncil, Chess Club, Avia' tion Clubvf' DONALD OVER Wish -f 7 Teacher Hobby--Philately Specialties- National Honor Society, College Club President, Student Council, Chess Club CLAUDINE VIRGINIA PAGE , Kitt ' Wish--Dietician ' X i Lk C Hobby---Cooking pf! M Specialties-College, Senior Dramatit' Club, Girl Reserves, Glee Club. Music Appreciation STANLEY PAYNE Farmer Wish--Music Hobbies-A-Music, Baseball Specialties'-Track '38 '39 '40, D.P,S,, Volleyball '39 MARY PELLEGRINO Wish-Beauty Operator Hobby-Dancing Specialties+Volleyball, Basketball, G lee Club GLORIA PETRILLI Glo Wish-Private Secretary I-IobbiesfSWimming, Skating, Tennis Specialties-National Honor Society, Sketch Book Staff, Service Room, Tennis Club, Italian Club, Volleyf ball, D.P.S. PEGGY VIRGINIA PIERCE Peg WishfPianist Hobby--Playing the piano Specialties-Senior Orchestra, Orches- tra Club, D.P.S., Big Sisters, Girl Reserves ANTONETTA PORRECA Anti Wisli-f-Private Secretary Hobbies-Skating, Reading, Music 'Specialties-Service Room, Sketch Book Staff, D.P.S., Home Room Booster, Big Sisters RUDOLPH REINHEIMER Slim WishkAviator Hobby-Stamps Specialties+Senior Dramatic Club, Fencing ARTHUR ROWLEY Wish-Doctor HobbyfSports Specialties-Senior Leaders, Student Council, Current Events, Class Foot' ball, Hi-Y MARION ROYAL Marianna Wish4Concert Pianist Hobbies7Piano, Poetry, Reading Specialties'-Music Appreciation, Glee Club, Volleyball ELSIE SABATASSO Sabby WishfPrivate Secretary HobbiesfTennis, Dancing Specialties--Tennis Club, Girl Ref serves, Safe Drivers, D.P.S., Bas' kerball, Volleyball, Home Room Secretary RUDOLPH ACHILLES SALERNO Rudy Wish4Mecl1anical Engineer Hobbyklgainting Specialties-Sketch Book Staif, Senior Dramatic Club, junior Dramatic Club, Crossfcountry Team, Stu' dent Council, HifY, D.P.S. IDA SANSOSTI Skee Wisb4Milliner HobbyfDesigning hats SpecialtiesfNational 4 Honor Society, D.P.S,, Senior Leaders, junior Leaders, Basketball, Volleyball, Service Room, Big Sisters ETHEL SCHAFER WishfOfTice Worker Hobby-Collecting dog statutes Specialties-D.P.S., Girl Reserves, Aviation CHARLES R. SCHOLZ Chuck Wish-Newspaper Reporter Hobby-Collecting phonograph records Specialties- Service Room, D.P.S., Bulletin Staff LYDIA SHENTO Shorty Wish-Secretary Hobby-Swimming Specialties-National Honor Society, Senior Leaders, Tennis, Safe Driv- ers, Life Saving Club, Service Room, Swimming Team, Junior Leaders EDWARD SMITH Buster Wish-Certified Public Accountant Hobby--Dancing SpecialtiesfHifY President, Senior Leaders, Tennis, Track, Cross' country Team, Sketch Book Staff, Camera, D.P.S., Senate DAVID R. SPANGLER Dave WishfLawyer HobbyiDancing Specialties-President Senior Dramatic Club, Sketch Book Staff, 12Bfl2A Social Committee, Glee Club, Hi'Y Vice President EVA STANTON Wish-Teacher or Lawyer Hobbies-Reading, Knitting, Piano Specialties-National Honor Society, College Club, French Club, Bulle' tin Staff NEWTON STARKS Wish-Printer Hobby----Collecting stamps SpecialtiesfD.P.S., Assembly Usher, Stamp Club SARAH STEIN Wish- eBuyer Hobby-eDancing SpecialtiesfBulletin Stalf, Sketch Book Statf, Class Social Committee, Sen' ior Leaders, Service Room, College Club, Big Sisters, Class Play Adver' tising, Student Council WILLIAM R. STENBERG Bill WishSAviator Hobbies-Swimming, Football SpecialtiesgClass Room President '37, '38, '39, Track '37, '38, Football '39, Interclass Football '40, Tardy Squad ALAN TANSER Al Wish-Lawyer Hobby-Learning new dance steps Specialties!-lunior and Senior Swim' ming Teams, junior Soccer, 12A Class Football, junior and Senior Dramatic Clubs, Class Play, Senior Leaders, Red Cross Life Saving, College Club IUANITA THOMAS Nete Wish-Artist, Secretary Hobbies-Dancing, Talking, Skating Specialties--D.P.S., Senior Dramatic Club, Big Sisters MARIAN VIRGINIA THOMPSON Sis WishfPostal Clerk, Pianist Hobby-Music Specialties7D.P.S., Poetry Appreciaf tion, Sewing Club, Tennis Club, Clee Club MARY LOUISE THUER Wish+Typist, Salesgirl Hobbies-Dancing, Sewing Specialtyvllramatic Club RICHARD TRACEY Dick Wish-Machinist Hobby-Hunting Specialties-Senior Leaders, Basket' ball, Volleyball, Swimming, Class Football '40 ALBERT TURNER Red Wish-Success Hobbies-Sports, Dancing Specialties-Senior Leaders, Football '38, Stage Crew, Class Football '40 KATHRYN VENTO Kay Wish-Private Secretary Hobbies-Dancing, Sewing Specialties-Italian Club Vice Presi' dent, Italian Club Social Chairman, Service Room, Sketch Book Typ' ist, Home Room Secretary, Tennis Club, Volleyball, Basketball, Big Sisters SALVATORE VENTURINO ' Wish-Aircraft Engine Mechanic Hobbiesw-Model aeroplanes, Fishing Specialty-Camping WILLIAM VOLPE Bill Wish-Printer Hobbies-Music, Sports Specialties-Fencing Club, Class Vice President VERNA WAGNER Wag Wish-Typist Hobby-Reading Specialty-Girl Reserves MILTON J. WALKER Footsie Wish-Orchestra Leader Hobbies-Photography, Dancing Specialties-D.P.S., Senior Dramatic Club, Personality Club ELIZABETH WARNOCK Betty Wish-Nurse Hobbies!-Collecting dolls, Dancing Specialties-Girl Reserves, Red Cross WYATT CLIFFORD WILLIAMS Wish-Aviator Hobbies-Sports, Dancing SpecialtiesEAthletics, Track, Cross' country Team, Baseball, Aviation Club ADRENA WINSTON Wish-Social Service Worker Hobby-Singing Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club, Current Events, Student Council, Girl Reserves, Glee Club, Junior Dramatic Club JOHN WITTEMBERG Johnny Scratch Wish-Field of Literature Hobbies-Firearms, Play writing Specialties-Bulletin Staff, Rifle Club, Senior Dramatic Club, French Club ROBERT WOOD Reverend Wish4Draftsman Hobbies-Sport pictures, Stamps SpecialtiesfStamp Club, Senior Lead' ers, Track Team, Cross-country Team, Glee Club JAMES WOODS Poodsy Wish4Big League Baseball Player Hobby--Hunting Specialties-Baseball '40, Senior Lead' ers, Stage Crew, Senior Dramatic Club, Class Football, D.P.S. WALTER LEE WRIGHT Wrong Wish-Music Instructor Hobby-Music Specialties-Orchestra Club, Camera Club, Glee Club EDWARD YAGER Eddie Wish-Salesman, Business Executive Hobbies-Reading, Collecting old coins Specialties-Baseball, Hi'Y, Personal' ity Club, D.P.S. JACK ZAMBOTTI Jackie Wish-Big League Player Hobbies-Reading, Sleeping Specialties - Senior Leaders, Class Football '40 S'rA'rERooM 301 When Our Ships Come In Captain. . . . . . . .RICHARD BURTON First Mate .... Purser . . . Samuel Adams .... Mary Amato .... Leah Ball ....... John Battiste .... Readus Bell ...... Mary Bolen ........ Anthony Bonomo. . . Carl Bonomo ....... Emma Booher .... Ruth Brown .... Dick Burton .... Andrew Cecere .... Dorothy Craig ..... Gloria D'Alfonso .... Paul Di Stasi ....... Richard Donofrio ..... Henry Etheridge .... Doris Getz ......... Howard Getz ....... Virginia Hennessey .... Ruth Hieber ....... William Higgins .... Gerald Horsley .... Thelma Hutchins. . . jerry jones ....... Howard Kuhns. . . . . . .HENRY ETHERIDGE . . . . . . .RUTH HIEBER ....................globe trotter . . . . . . . . . . .j. P. Morgan's secretary . . . . .director of community activities .............printerin the U. S.Mint . . . . . .crepes suzette expert at the Waldorf . . . . . .Pittsburgh's most fashionable modiste . . . .figure expert at the Union Trust Company . . . . .Piccolo Pete of the N. Y. Philharmonic . . . . .head nurse at the West Penn Hospital ... . . . . . . . . . . .aid to the underprivileged . . . . . . . . . . . . . .a second "Pro" Burton .... . . . . . . . .U. S. diplomat to Germany . . . .laboratory technician for Westinghouse . . . . . . . . .teacher of English at Duquesne . . . .ambassador to the Court of St. fames . . . . . . . . . .photographer for "The Press" . . . . . . . . .physician at the Mayo Clinic . . . .corporation lawyer for and L. ....................Petty'sprotege . . . . . . . . .librarian at Carnegie Library . . . . . .private secretary to Darryl Zanuck .. , . . . . . . . . .television expert for N. B. C. . . . .president of Horsley Furniture Company . . . . . . . . .manager of Hutchins' Tea Room ....................minister ofthe Gospel ... . . . . . . ...director of Kuhn's Funeral Home Louis Martin ....... .... c oncert-master for the Pittsburgh Symphony Pat McDonough .... Samuel Mosley .... Louis Nese ..... Victor Noel ..... Donald Over ....... Peggy Pierce ....... Rudolph Reinheimer .... Lydia Shento ....... Esther Shullman .... Edward Smith .... ......................FullerBrushsalesman . . . . .head of the Mosley Contracting Company .........machinist for Ford Motor Company . . . . . . . .electrician for Bell Telephone Company . . . . .teacher at Carnegie Institute of Technology pianist ace for Uncle Sam ...................secretary to the President ........................secretary to the Mayor . . .certified public accountant for the Government Dave Spangler ...... .......... A ttorney General for the Government Marian Thompson. . Walter Wright ...... . . .......,......................concert pianist .music instructor at the Sherwood Music School GLORIA D,ALFONSO, ANDREW CECERE i221 Nissan. L A bi -R ..4. Q.. su... J... ......1Ahi.L:::4:m.- .. -.. 5.1-" ..a....'A1-. t...:'f.ilh:smg.- ..'LeA... 9'-J-li STATEROOM 320 Seaworthy Skippers OUR CREW WISHES YOU A PLEASANT VOYAGE ARY ysterious HRISTINE harming UTH adiant AXWELL eritorious ALTER ell-bred OMINIC aring ATTI E erry OBERT oguish UNE olly ARY odest LAN musing RANK rank YRON ild DA ndustrious RANK air LBERTA ffectionate ARY annerly ETTY eaming ARTHA odern ELLEGRINO eppy LBAUGH ffable AUTERBACH oyal CCALPIN anly ACOB oyful ILEO auntless AYMON BPPY OOD himsical ORN ELIUS onsiderate VOYNAN agnanimous ANSER alkative RANATA rand ULKLEY right ANSOSTI ociable ASTERMONICO usical LEXANDER CtiVB HUER actful RENNAN elievable RENCH ascinating E231 DWARD nergetic ARGARET eritorious H ESTER urious ARTHA elodious ILLIAM itty UANITA ovial ILLIAM ell-groomed NNE miable LORIA enerous ELEN earty E0 ikeable INNIE using LSIE Iegant ELLINGTON inning ILES asterful EIGH ively LARENCE areful ARION oderate ALVATORE pirited AGER outhful OLLUCI apable ITTINGS enial Avis elightful cCOULLUM ischievous HO MAS rustworthy OLPE ivid OFMEISTER onest ETRILLI opular CCREA ethodical RENNEN enign DWARDS arnest ABATASSO unny LLEN ' dmirable cKENZIE irthful OLLINS areful RADLEY oyish OYA L eserved ENTURINO ivacious Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. N ov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. ,I an. J an. Jan. J an. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 22: Sbip's Log Time of sailing: 8:45, September 4, 1940 2: Labor Day Cplenty nightworkj 17: Constitution Day Cprogram in auditoriuml 25: Senior ring order Clast chance ahoyj 26: First 12A class meeting QHenry Etheridge presidingj 27: First 12B class meeting QBob Rodden elected Presidentj 28: Football Season opens: Altoona away Clost a hard fought battlej 10: Allderdice here fvisitors bring majorettesg we won: we beat the Dragons 8 out of 9 yearsl 18: Schenley away four team is red hot, da dal eleventh time we whipped Schenley in twenty-one yearsl 23: 12A-12B Dance C'Pompton Turnpike" in its primej 28: Commencement tryouts Cspeakers elected were Lydia Shento, Nora Jayne Bailey, Grace Boyle, Norman Osmundsen, and Bert Pollockl 30: Ha11owe'en fgoblins raged, students rang doorbells, and nightwork was untouchedj 1: Peabody away Cwe lost: what a lucky pass won't doj 5: Election Day Cstudents vote just like regular grown-upsJ 5-11: American Education Week Cit's good to go to school in Americal 8: South away fwe lost: in nineteen years South beat us twicej ll 12 12-18: Book Week Ccollect magazines and books for hospitalsj 14: Parents' Night fwhen the truth does hurtl 15: South Hills here fwe won: in twenty-one years we were city champs 7 times, co-champs once, and section champs three timesj : Armistice Day Chope the next one will get here in a hurryj : Pageant of America Cbugler hit a sour onelj 22: Senior Dance Cno 12B's allowed: seventeenth consecutive year we won city Gymnastic Championshipj 27: Thanksgiving Play Cno air raids in Americaj 28, 29, 30-1: Thanksgiving holidays ftwo turkeys in every potj 4: Football Banquet Cfellows got their just desertsj 13: 12A-12B game CA's won 6 to 0 in last minute of playj 17: Shoe Fund Dance Qany ol' shoesj 24-Jan. 1: Christmas Vacation Qhome with the milkmanj 6: Athletic awards Cmore and more chenillesj 8: Senior Day Cnew 12A class wore green and white ribbonsj 20: Inauguration Day fthe First third term in historyj Stunt Day Cstudents, who were never suspected of such activity, sangl 2: Ground Hog Day Cevidently the animal didn't see his shadowj 11: 12A Dance Cno orchestra: record crowdl 13: Federal Symphony Cgee! the cello playersj 14: St. Va1entine's Day Clovers have twenty-four hours to tell her that you carel 17: First senior ring order Cone more to gol i241 Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May May May May May J une June J une J une J une lp s og Sh' ' L 12A English classes get "Our Democracy" Cchance for four year scholarship to Pittj Introduction of candidates for Student Council offices-Joe Liotta, Joe Tornese, Lois Haus, Bill Faas, Louis Spera CWhat! . . . only one girlj joe Liotta elected President and Joe Tornese, Vice President The "Ides of March" Cno school: income tax deadline: Saturdayj St. Patrick's Day CBonny lasses and wee boys decked out in green and shamrocksj Dr. Brown of Urban League speaks to Section I Spring Concert Cgala festival: Betty Peifer, Russell Hunter, Delores Cyphers- soloists: opening senior track meet at Pitt indoor: lirst day of springl Senior Gym Team at Slippery Rock Ctook second place in P.I.A.A.D Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Cplayed for all 3000 of usb Reports fout like a lamb Cplg Broadcast WWSW-chorus AD Helen Hiett speaks to Section Ig last home volleyball game CAllderdiceJ: Class officers audition Vinny White's orchestra for dance Knot badj Harvey Gaul's Concert for Chorus Ag "Pop" Bish's quiz on American Govern- ment Qgirls as good as boysjg Mr. Rizk talks to Section II Cwhat an ador- able accent he hasl Twelve Westinghouse girls sing at Buhl Planetarium -Apr. 4: Good Will Bag Filling Cbring your bundles, boys!J State Volleyball Toumament at Penn State fwe have Championship materialj Pitt Volleyball Toumey 12, 13, 14: Easter vacation Ca rolling egg gathers no mossj Senior Dance CVinny White Orchestra-three Westinghouse students play in itl "Be Kind to Animals" week Cgive the pets a chance-not so much homeworkj 24, 25: Class Play C"Arrival of Kitty" with Colosmo, Schlaecher, Watkins, D'Amico, Panish, La Roche and companyj Broadcast KQV National Honor Society Installation Senior Dramatic Club in Assembly Senior Band presents assembly program 28, 29: Memorial Day Play Memorial Day Senior Day Last day in school Flag Day CSaturday againj Senior vacation begins Cat long last! Wheewlj Commencement Before sailing June 21: Longest Day of year Cglad we're out of schooll before this dayg commence- ment is the second longest dayj june 5: 119405 Track Championship CWalters, Henderson, Bell, Woods win Mile Relay Trophylj and we all surely had a Bon Voyage H51 r V fTATE ILGDM 324 Q D .. V CAPTAIN BERT Don.u.om4 0 ' 3 o 1 ' X f ,, , Q lsr Nlprre A-srru va. QDWL5-Y N . .gf I M " - 1- G- -1 4022. .E Puasel IlHonoA KRAMER J ' .'-"-'Av v YA-A AA.A,A, A AfA- .AA A A A A X - , z THINKING- aawmfsf- Dome- snonrufwp wozcurfe- LAT-E' f gs +P +104 Jb S ' Q x 1 ' , W 'f " xr - i ... 1 j . ' 'I ,- m!21onvmAnmlvmy Fm: avenue sown. be N C MON 1-,,,,-,M wppuy A 7172, 74yv2sv+WA-i Ai, X A- A 7 A, AJ 2E"""'C' P1A1uvcsS.f,X'4no s -5""'-'Tal ASTVUYTITQ' I xx I fx C13 1 :S X Z '-" '-.' ' r x 1 Q T 'N - ' Cf ' 5, CAKMH-R TJGZVDRA TSELMH BEASL7 wire-Pmod Barry cunoy I-aefvnerm caan. -'Y-1-+A ,J-A, -x'A-,-AAAYAYA-JA-AYAfAYA -Aijxr Yfxyxf LOOKIQEZ-LOYgZy WIP.:-r': N44-' 'THIRD FIN-f-GR, .SLgNC-- nlftr- wntvenrwaf V 1 A uzr-'1' HMP" Jv- FCQ? GJ ,K 'Q ', qkgju Z- if JJK gl - . .1 I mamma .crzussnnnl rneunn vnwsom szreouon KRAMER. mmzmn nobera JANET mccmw comlimc-nam. Baaesmcf- wrcn-:wax Poe-ray sms Qvler HLVRYS rmmm ' hh. .. .:f' ' Muff 1? E fgw " "-? .A -f-Z" ' X ,-- "A TNOMAS EKEYOX' Joulv I1 CIOSE- AJEAN MEQEDTL ANTONETTA Pqiecvr D355 :lNN .fS.A A Y AY .A-f AYAY Av Y Y A Y AA- , AA YA Y,- H ,J-A4 seep we say F Tnfnnfimc- ov- Onnmf-nf eusyfx- b'l:.E.EPlNCv- - , df?" 'ae T XZ v--- - N ,-,f ' 6 caozcfe Cobmzzl cLAuo1ue.- some Bear Pouxn .uma munvuy LEONORD RQ! ..fX,AdA, 4- AAYJ- AWA A Y A Y A-A A,A,A.Jv 1x,1xYAYA,, DR M mf- pqeapwcw- uP a. msmlurr-anoomo Pun.L.uu G-- Q -- DAY EA ' Qewrnrfmf l Poe Bwu.r.1',N' N QoPes UNCEL HM' I OUYN llvl l Q 67.4-.156 P. 'BK I ans 1 L91 me ,481 9 X mv Z X JI oo., 5 W U Q . A-lmao. Romey zu mu sn sumo enum srem .mam I cow 'B CI-6' -1'f4f"f A- AAAJXA-AAA A-AAAJS, Aff: AJkYAi-JA AYAWJAW1' HW-'Ml 135775 'RACTIf-L?lG'- 5AMGlNG- Fasmows IN W0T'KlNlr,1 suvenmau HN IND RUNNI cf- A K pups. MID qs .. faifliag ae5E".L'-'W 1 '-""" ' -- -f .- ' A' ' D umm-Y r.-ufj-4:5-luyAniwQ.:ffj1sA Jem: fain ru -P, ora money 'IU mann: Q I 26 J 4' STATEROOM preyerztx W -w-,,..'.,c,3,- 5-Ny-qv-, ,... -..... . 318 After The Cruise -What Then ? by OURsELvEs Time: 1950 Place: Everywhere Ace Reporter. . . Photographer ..... Cartoonist ...... Columnist ........ Literary Critic .... Historian ....... Stylist ...... Printer ................. Type Setter. .......... . . Home Economics Director Society Editor ............. Private Secretary ....... Secretary .......... Stenographers .... Filing Clerk ........ Business Manager ...... Business Executive ...... Mathematics Professor. . . Navy Oflicer ........... Racing ........,.... Highway Patrolman .... Beautician .......... Doctor ........ . . Nurses .............. Psychologist .......... Jazz Orchestra Leader .... Crooner .............. Dancer ............. Blues Singer ........... Symphony Orchestra .... Prima Donna .......... Aviators ............. . Aviation Mechanic ...... THE CAST ....jack Abraham ......Grace Boyle ... . . . .Cliff Garboden . . . . . . . .'.Charle.r Scholz . . . .johnny Wittemberg ... . .Nora jane Bailey ......Laura Cooke . . . . .Newton Starlet . . . .jack Zambotti . . . .Willa Dechert ..............Dolore.vStahl .....................Betty Harris .................Angeline Grarzata . . . . Therexa Cardirzale, Louise Rorella, fofephine Caxamasa, Kathryn Vento Schafer .. .. ........ jack Conwell .. ...Margie Felbiriger . . . .Safvina Di Lonardo . . . . . . .Dan Carretta . . . . .George Vogel ...... . .Dick Hurley ...............Madeline Smyrl ...............Norman Ofmundsen . . . .Betty Hawleim, Betty Warnock ....................EvaStanton ................Milton Walker ... . .Louif Caputo .jay Carrtevale .....Margie Rerm ..............Stariley Payne ..............Elxiejean Trager .. . . . . . .Bill Stenberg, Dwight Logue .................Carmerz De Luco Air Hostesses ........... Cora Belle Lawley, Mugrie lllatman, Peggy Kemmerer DIRECTORS Our Faculty Our Parents Our Principals Our Friends T271 -GRACE BOYLE, LAURA COOKE June Class Officers Xa bm ' Yfx 'Ss 94'-NNE kyxx P Bos RODDEN Rugged KZ WishfLawyer - ' h I N ,P-1f""'iP X , Hobbies-Hitchfhiking, Writing PRESIDENT 94 Specialties-12B Class President, Foot' f., ' 2 xj,,.f- ball Manager '39f'40, Bulletin Co' Wish-Doctor DOROTHY SPEER Dottie Wish-Secretary Hobbies-Playing piano, Sports Specialties-National Honor Society, Senior Leaders, Treasurer 12B Class, Senior Dramatic Club, Big Sisters, Volleyball, Basketball sociiu. CHAIRMAN DOROTHY LOIS ALLEN Derry Wish-Secretary Hobbies-Writing poetry, Drawing Specialties-National Honor Society, Student Council, Home Room President, Red Cross Club, Senior Dramatic Club, Poetry Club, Ring Chairman, Glee Club 525- lb A editor, Gym Team Manager '38, Student Council, D.P.S. HARRY WALTERS Hank-Snooper Hobbies-Camping, Bead crafts Specialtiesflffditor of The Bulletin, Post Gazette Reporter, Class Vice President, Track, Band, Sketch Book Staff, Basketball VICE PRESIDENT OLGA De MONACO Teenie Wish-Teacher of Nurses Hobby-Ice skating Specialties-Student Council Vice SECRETARY President, National Honor Society, Senior Leaders Secretary, College Club, Big Sisters, 12B Secretary, D.P.S. TREASURER HELEN HADGIS Lenie WishfCollege Hobby-Collecting coins Specialties-College Club, National Honor Society, Senior Leaders President, 12B Social Chairman, Senior Dramatic Club, French Club, Big Sisters RING CHAIRMAN IQLH MATTIE AVERY JACK ABRAHAM Abe Wish Reporter Hobbies Reading, Dancing, Hiking Specitlty DP.S. LEE ADAMS Lee Wish- -Civil Service Hibbics-APhotography, Bowling, Bas' ketball Specialties Aviation Club, Hi'Y, D.P.S., Home Room President LUCY ANDRUCCI Little Lou EDGAR ALLEN Wish-wAutomobile Dealer Hobby-Driving Eddie Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club, Classroom President JACK M. ALLAN WishfBusiness Man Hobbies-Stamps, Music Specialties---National Honor Society, Student Council, Sketch Book Staff, Class President Little Bits Wish Artist Hobby -Dancing Specialities -- Basketbafl, V. lleyball Wish-O tfice Worker HobbyfDancing Specialty-Tennis Cluh JOSEPH AQUILA Joe Wish Baseball Player, Pilot Hcwbbies Stamp collector, Building acroplanes Specialties- Senior Leaders, 12B Foot' ball, Volleyball MARION I. ARNOLD Wish --Nurse Hobbies Music, Reading Specialtie:'+National Honor Society. Glee Club, Poetry Club, Senior Dramatic Club. Big Sisters RICHARD BALSOMICJ Rich Wish Physical Instructor Hobbies - Boxing, Danging, Sports Specialties -Student Council, Class President, D.P.S., Glce Club EVELYN R. BEACHY Evy Wish--Physical Education Teacher Hobbies---Dancing, Eating, Enter' taining Specialtics--Senior Dramatic Club, Life Saving Club, Girl Reserves, Home Room Secretary JOSEPH A. BARBLES Vlifh Machinist Hobby Dancing DOROTHY BAYNE Dottie Wishf--Secretary Hobbies4Swini ming, Dancing Specialties- -Home Room President, Specialties--Junior Dramatic Club, Life Swimming, Basketball, S e n i o r Saving Club Leaders, Volleyball P n an Y i l EMMA BOOHER Wish-Nurse, Singer Hobbies-Singing, Reading, Sewing SpecialtiesfGlee Club, Aviation Club MARTHA A. BOURNE Marcy Wish-Typist Hobby-Driving Specialties-Music Appreciation, Girl Reserves, D.P.S., Cooking Club CLARENCE BRADLEY Speed Wish-Attend Law School Hobbies-Dancing, Collecting records Specialties-Rifle Club, Track Team KENNETH BRANSON Wish-Lawyer Hobbies-Movies, Dancing SpecialtyfGlee Club WILLIAM P. BYRNE Bill Wish-Model Husband Hobby-Ice skating SpecialtiesAAviation Club, Apparatus Club JOHN CALHOUN Wish-Monotype Operator Hobby-Printing SpecialtyfSwimming Team Kenny WILLIAM BRADNICK Bill WishfTeacher Hobby-Collecting stamps SpecialtiesfStudent Council, Bank Cashier JUNE BOYLE Junie Wish-Air Hostess Hobby-Skating Specialties-French serves, Senior Leaders, Student Club, Girl Re' Council, Chorus, Volleyball, Home Room President MARGARET BURKHART Peggy Wish-Chemist Hobby-Swimming Specialties-Home Room Secretary, Life Saving Club, College Club NORMA A. BROWN Norm Wish-Dress Designer Hobbies-Reading, Sewing Specialties-French Club Secretary, Girl Reserves, D.P.S., Glee Club, Library Club, Volleyball, Basket' ball, Mushball ROSE CAPALONGO Snow Ball Wish-Driver Hobbies-Basketball, Dancing Specialties-Big Sisters, Glee Club, D.P.S., Volleyball, Basketball RAYMOND CALIENDO Ray Wishslbrinter Hobbies-Swimming, Music Specialtiesffiootball, Swimming Team, Musliball RAY BECK Wish gCollege Hc1bby+Reading Specialties---Home Room President, Track DOROTHY B. BECKMAN Dot Wisli-V-Biisiness College Hobbies---Sports, Collector Specialties-National Honor Society, Sketch Book Staff, Student Coun' eil, Service Room, D.P.S. Com' mittee, Home Room President, Picture Chairman, Girl Reserves President VIRGIL D. BIANCULLI Gigi Wish- Pharmacist Hobbies-Chemistry, Sports Specialties-'Student Council, Home Room President, Movie Crew, Gym Team, Apparatus Club ROSE BERTUCCI Wish-Beautician Hobbies--Swimming, Bowling Specialty-Italian Club ROMEGENE BODENHENIIER Bunky Wish-Librarian Hobbies+Dancing, Swimming Specialties-Senior Leaders, Girl Ref serves, D.P.S., Volleyball ETHEL H. BODNAR Chucky Wish-Secretary Hobbies-Dancing, Singing Specialties--Girl Reserves, Home Room Secretary, Hawaiian Guitar WILBERT BENSON Wish-Histcmry Teacher Hobby-Spcmrts Specialty--Sports ARMAND BELLINI WisliiTravel Hobby-Sports Specialties-Basketball, Senior Leaders PHYLLPS ANNE BLASCO Dollie Wisli-Stenographer Hobbies-Singing, Tennis SpecialtiesfBulletin Staff, Sketch Book Stall, Tennis Club, Bank Cashier, D.P.S., Sports Activity Shorty JOSEPHINE BLAQSCO JD Wish-Beautician Hobby-Reading magazines Specialties+Student Council, Election Board, Basketball, Volleyball ADELINE BONACCI Wish-Nursing, Secretary HobbiesfCollecting souvenirs Specialty-D.P.S. HARVEY R. BOMER Horatio Wish-Navy Hobbiesslleading, Movies Specialty-ASports MARY CAREY Carrie Wish-Reporter Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Cabinet Member, Student Council MAURO M. CARRETTA Mike Wish-Draftsman Hobby-Baseball Specialties-Class President, National Honor Society, Baseball, Cross' country Team, Italian Club MARY I. CIACCIA Minnie Hot Cha Wish--Artist, Trained Nurse Hobbies-Dancing, Art Specialties-Girl Reserves, Tennis Club, Volleyball, Basketball, Ha' waiian Club VINCENT E. CELLUCCI Red Wish-Army Pilot Hobby-Sports Specialties-Football, Swimming ANTHONY L. CICCARELLI Chick Wish-Machinist Hobbies-Driving, Dancing Specialties-Safe Drivers Club, D.P.S., Sketch Book Staff FELIX A. CIPULLO Chipi Wish-Office Worker Hobby'-Basketball Specialties-Senate, D.P.S., Printing ROY CAULKINS Roy Wish-Aeronautical Draftsman HobbiesfSwimming, Gardening Specialties-Aviation Club, Art Club, Mushball DANIEL CASTELFORTE Deek Wish-Travel Hobby--Sports Specialties-Football, Soccer Team, Student Council, Rifle Llab, Ap' paratus Club LOUIS CI-IIRIELEISON Chicken Wish-Interstate Truck Driver Hobbies+Tennis, Football Specialties-Basketball, Paddle Tennis, Senior Leaders ALBERT CHECCIO Check Wish-Travel Hobby-Sports SpecialtiesfSenior Basketball, Senior Volleyball BETTY COGGINS Wish-Secretary Hobbies-Sewing, Short wave listener Specialties-Life Saving Club, Red Cross Club, Tennis Club WILLIAM COE Cocoa Wish-Mechanic HobbyiPhotography Specialties-Band, Senior Orchestra, Swimming, Rifle Club JEAN P. COLAIZZI Jeannie Wish-Dress Designing Hobbies-Dancing, Sewing Specialties-Ir. Leaders, Life Saving, Glee Club, Basketball, Banker VIOLA C. COLAIZZI Vi Wish4Nurse Hobbies-V-Sewing, Dancing Specialty-4Girl Reserves MARY B. CONTE Scarlet Wish- -Model Hobby- --Modeling airplanes Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club, Av' iation Club, Assembly Usher, Ten' nis Club, French Club, Basketball LYDIA CONTE Pollock Wish-Gym Teacher Hobbies-Sports, Dancing Specialties--Basketball, Volleyball, Life Saving, Girl Reserves Vice Pres. EVELYN CRISSINGER Evie Wish-Private Secretary Iiobbyfscrapbooks Specialties- 'Red Cross, Bulletin Staff, Girl Reserves BETTY CUDDY Wish-Nurse Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Girl Reserves, D.P.S.. Red Cross Club S.O.S. JOSEPH CONSOLO Joe Wish-Bookkeeper, Printer Hobbies-Aviation, Chorus Specialties - Mus-hball, Basketball, Swimming GERALDINE COLOSMO Gerry Wish-Model, Private Secretary Hobbies-Dancing, Tennis, Swimming Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Life Saving Club, Jr. Dramatic, Sketch Book Staff 'ROBERT CREO Wknpy Wish7Printer Hobby-Printing Specialties-D.P.S., Senior Dramatic Club, Glee Club ROBERT COUSAR Rab Wish-Business Man Hobby--Dancing Specialties-Glee Club, French Club, Basketball THERESA CUTULI Red Wish-Secretary Hobbies-Dancing, Swimming, Movies Specialties-Home Room President, National Honor Society, Sr. Dra' matic, Home Room V. Pres., jr. Dramatic, Volleyball, Glee Club ROSEMARY CUNNINGHAM Ro Wish-Nurse Hobbies-Reading, Dancing Specialties - College Club, Home Room V. Pres., French Club Pres., Girl Reserves V. Pres., D.P.S. Oflif cer, jr. Dramatic, Basketball, Volleyball ROBERT CY PHERS Bobby Wish-Aviator Hobbies-Swimming, Mushball Specialties-N.Y.A. Worker, Assembly Usher, Mushball CATHERINE CZOLBA Kay Wish-Singer Hobbies-Collecting pictures, Dancing Specialties-Dramatic Club, Mixed Glee Club, D.P.S., Commercial Club, Tennis Club KATHRYN D'ALESSIO Kathy Wish-Telephone Operator Hobbies-Skating, Dancing Specialties-Tennis Club, Junior Draf matic Club FREDERICK D'ALO Freddie Wish-Engineer Hobby-Sports Specialties-Bulletin Staff, College Club, Senior Dramatic Club, Class Football DOROTHY DAWSON Dot Wish-Nurse Hobbies-Sewing, Drawing Specialties-Student Council, Home Room President, French Club, Glee Club RUTH DEAN Dizzy Wish-Singer Hobbies-Bowling, Swimming Specialties-Girl Reserves, Red Cross Club, Tennis Club, Big Sisters, Glee Club 1 W., , .qv-.,,.w-1-. . CHARLES DANIELSON WishfPost Office Clerk Hobby-Skating SpecialtyfRadio Club JACK DALEY Jackson Wish-Stunt Driver HobbyfDriving Specialty-Sports WILLIAM D'AMICO Bill Wish-Aviator Hobby-Model building Specialties-Football, S W i m m i n g , Cheerleader, Senior Dramatic Club, Bulletin Staff, Home Room Presi- dent, D.P.S. HENRIETTA D'ALO Henri Wish-Stenographer HobbiesfDancing, Skating, Walking Specialties-National Honor Society, Tennis Club LOUISE DECHERT Beezie Wish-Clerk HobbiesMDancing, Reading, Walking Specialty-Camera Club CHARLES De BOE Chuck Wish-Chef Hobbies-Fishing, Hunting Specialties-French Club, Track Team, Home Room Vice President ARCHANGEL De MAGLIO Angel Wish--Beautician Hobbies- -Bowling, Dancing Specialtyn Italian Club MARY De MAGLIO Merry Wish4Hairdresser Hobby-Dancing Specialties--Glee Club, Italian Club, Home Room Social Chairman, Bas- ketball, Volleyball GERTRUDE DEVITA Gert Wish -Travel Hobbies---Skating, Dancing Specialties-"Tennis Club, National Honor Society, Girl Reserves. D,P.S., Life Saving Club, Basket' ball, Volleyball JAMES DEWITT Wisli- -Aviator Hobby- Skating Specialties- -Swimming Team, Gym Team Manager, Fencing, Bulletin Staff, Speedscript Club RITA DODSON Wish Commercial Artist Hobbies Dancing, Ice skating Specialties --Senior Leaders, Senior Dramatic Club, Student Council, Home Room President, Big Sisters, Girl Reserves, Basketball DOROTHY DRAPER Wish - Social Worker Dony Hobby--Y-Dancing Specialties+Sports Activity, Tennis Club, Poetry Club, Big Sisters , 'I' WH Tl is A are was YP f - V s ew, GILDA DeNARDO Gil Wish-Private Secretary Hobbies-Singing, Dancing Specialties-ADramatic Club, junior Chorus, D,P.S. JOSEPH C. DEMASE floe D tor I Ykogf P Y Specialties4Natio Honor So y, College L, e Book Photo- grapher, ul tin tail, Home Room es., Camera Club, HifY. LOUISE Di MARIA Weasel Wish-Stenographer Hobby-Sports Specialties--Cheerleader, Senior Dra' matic Club, Basketball, Volleyball. ANTHONY Di CESARO Andony Wishfprinter HobbiesfBasketball, Collecting stamps SpecialtiesfD.P.S., Student Council, Cvlee Club CLARRISSA DUVALL Scarlet! Wish-- -Designer HobbiesfDancing, Cooking Specialtiesfjunior Etiquette Club, Club. Big Sisters, Home Room President IRENE DREXLER Amy Wish-Nurse Hobby---Singing Specialties-D.P.S., French Club, Poetry Club SAMUEL EDGAR Sam Wish-Structural Draftsman Hobby-Swimming Specialties-Glee Club, Leaders Club, Interclass Mushball, Interclass Bas' ketball JOE EISER joey Wish-Machinist Hobby-Music Specialty-Sports DON EVERETT Wolf Wish-Draftsman Hobby-Etching Specialties-Movie Crew, Senior Draf matic Club, Hi-Y Club, Swimming Tea WILLIAM E. FAAS Bill Wish-College Hobbies-Stamps, Scrapbook Specialties--Sketch Book Staff, Senior Dramatic Club, Fencing Club, Home Room President EMILY FALVO Em Wish-Model Hobbies-Dancing, Singing, Swim' ming Specialties-Italian Club, Personality Club, Basketball Club, D.P.S. ANTOINETTE FATALINO Toni Wish-Dress Designer Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Dramatic Club, D.P.S., Girl Reserves GLORIA ERRICO Glo WishfNurse HobbiesfSewing, Swimming Specialties-Tennisi Club, Girl Ref serves, Sketch Book Stalf, Volley- ball, Basketball FRANCES ELLK Frardcie Wish-Secretary Hobby-Collecting interesting pictures Specialties-Knitting Club, Girl Ref serves, D,P.S. ALMA L. FAHNESTOCK Alma Wish-Secretary Hobby-Sports Specialties-Senior Leaders, Senior Dramatic Club, Big Sisters, Tennis Club, Girl Reserves JOSEPHINE M. FAGNANI Jo Wish-College, Social Worker Hobbies-Dancing, Walking, Reading Specialties-National Honor Society, Student Council, College Club, Italian Club, Tennis Club, Girl Reserves, Big Sisters, Volleyball LOIS ODELL FORD Dickie Wish-Private Secretary HobbiesfDz!ncing, Skating, Bicycle riding SpecialtiesiD.P.S., Music Appreciaf tion Club LOIS MAE FERGUSON WishiSrecretary Hobbies-Skating, Dancing, Swimming Specialties-Girl Reserves, Glee Club, Commercial Club ' 13 5 LOUISE FORREST Wezie Wish-Dress Designer Hobbies-Bowling, Drawing SpecialtiesffStudent Council, Big Sis' ters, Basketball, Volleyball, Eti' quette Club MARGARET FLAHERTY Sal Wish--Swimmer Hobbies--Swimming, Bowling Specialties-Life Saving Club, Girl Ref serves, Basketball, Volleyball, Glee Club HELEN L. FULLER Honey Wish--Niirse Hobby--Tennis Specialties-College Club, Senior Lead' ers, Girl Reserves, Big Sisters, Red Cross Club, Glee Club, junior Leaders CECELIA FULWYLIE La Ru Wisli--Opera Singer Hobby-Bicycle riding SpccialtiesQGlee Club, Volleyball, Music Appreciation Club ALICE GINYARD Wisli -Nurse or Beautician Hobby Singer Specialties Tennis Club, Girl Re' serves, Glee Club MELVIN GOLDY Mel Wisli- -Surgeon Hobbies--Swimming, Tennis, Football Specialties--College Club, Sketch Book Staff, Rifle Team, Debating Team, Chess Club, Camera Club, D.P.S. X ai g iiiu L l , L Ati is 5 rs DANTE FRANCO Wish-Omcer in U. Tootsie S. Marines Hobbies-Swimming, Sports Specialties-Life Saving Club, Appa- ratus Club JUNE FLEMING junie Wish-Secretary HobbieshDancing, Football, Swim' ming Specialtiesajunior Leaders, Senior Leaders, Big Sisters, Glee Club JULIA GAROFALO Wish-Secretary HobbyiCollection of foreign stamps Specialty-junior Dramatic Club EVELYN GALANTY Etze Wish-Operate Dress Shop Hobbies-Dancing, Swimming Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club, Sketch Book Staff, Pageant FRANCIS GRAHAM Wish--Machinist Hobby-Ice skating SpecialtiesfSwimming, President, Rifle Club ELAINE GORDON Weinie Wisl1+Lawyer Hobbies-Walking, Skating Specialties-Music, Sports Drip Football, Class ALYCE GRAZIANO Al WishQSeamstress Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Basketball, Big Sisters, Dramatic Club, Music Appreciation DOROTHY GROSS Dot Wish-Stenographer Hobbies-Skating, Dancing, Singing Specialties-Home Room Treas., Dancf ing Club, Girl Reserves, Glee Club. MILDRED GRECO Mil Wish-Model Hobbies-Dancing, Bicycle riding Specialties-Glee Club, Italian Club, Basketball, Volleyball MARY JO HAFER Beckey Wish-Nurse Hobbies-lce skating, Design clothes Specialties-Girl Reserves, Big Sisters, Aviation Club, Red Cross Club, Tennis Club ALICE M. HALL Aldee Wish-Nurse Hob'bies-Swimming, Reading Specialties- French Club, Girl Re' serves, D.P.S., Life Saving Club, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming BETTY JANE HAUSWALD Wish-Private Secretary Hobbies-Collect postcards, Swimming Specialties-Life Saving Club, Basket' balgtxyjfjul-lf D.P.S. I WILLIAM HART Bill Wish-Attending Aeronautical School Hobbies-Collecting stamps, Photog' raphy Specialties-D.P.S., Assembly Usher, Senior Leaders HELEN GROGAN Wish-Typist HobbiesfSkating, Dancing Specialties-Girl Reserves, Big Sisters, Glee Club, Personality Club, Sew' ing Club, Red Cross Club MARJORIE HARRIS Margie WishfBusiness School Hobby-Sports Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Girl Reserves, Senior Leaders, D.P.S. LOIS HAUS Wish-Airplane Hostess Hobbies4Skating, Sewing Specialties4National Honor Society, College Club, Student Council, Girl Reserves, Big Sisters JAMES H. HARVEY Jimmie Wish-Gym Teacher Hobby-Stamp collecting Specialties-Basketball, Sketch Book, Personality Club, Student Council, Glee Club, Home Room President ALICE HECKERT Susy Wish-fModel Hobbies-Skating, Dancing SpecialtiesfSenior Dramatic Club, Student Council, Big Sisters, D.P.S., Girl Reserves . W, at sm. , it VIRGINIA HENNESSEY Wish- 'Librarian Hobby-V--Drawing Specialties'--fD.P.S., Glee Club, Big Sisters JULIA LEE HORNE jalopy Wish-College Hobbies-Swimming, Reading, Shows Specialties-Orchestra, Band, Life Saving Club, Basketball FRANCES L. HUBER Frannie Wisli--Ccminptoiiieter Operator Hobby-Singing Specialties-4Scnior Dramatic Club, junior Dramatic Club, Glce Club, Home Room President, D.P.S. ELLEN HUNTER Billie Wishef Interior Decorator Hobbies--Dancing, Reading Specialties- Girl Reserves, Home Room Secretary, Dramatic Club, Student Council, Home Economics Club LUCY ISBER Lu Wisli Private Secretary Hobbies Dancing, Skating, Singing Specialties --Basketball, National Hon' or Society, Service Room, Volley' hall, Senior Dramatic Club EMMA JACOBS Wisli Bcautician Hobbye-4Collecting pictures of coitfures Specialties--Girl Reserves, Sports AC tivity " ,,,, . ' . as ..5,:: EUNICE HOWARD Unie Wish-Musician Hobby-Volleyball Specialtiesffilee Club, Big Sisters, Volleyball IRA HILL Bud Wish-VF. B. I. Investigator Hobby-Collecting coins and stamps Specialties-l2Bf12A Football, D.P,S BRUNO IELLIMO Brownie Wish-iMultii11illioi1aire HobbyQSports Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club, D.P.S., Baseball, l2Bfl2A Foot' ball RUSSELL HUNTER Butch Wish-Coriiet Soloist Hobby-Music Specialties+Band, Orchestra Club DAVID J. JOHNSON, Jr. Dave Wish-Linnwtypist Hobbyf-Guitar Specialties-Baseball, Stunt Club. Life Saving Club, 12B-12A Football SYLVIA JENKINS Syl Wish-Nurse or Secretary Hobbies-Music, Sports Specialties--Tennis Club, Glee Club, Red Cross Club, junior Orchestra SHIRLEY KLEIN Wham Wish-Private Secretary Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Girl Reserves, Basketball, Volleyball JOHN KLEIN Lil Abner Wish-Certiied Public Accountant Hobby-Bowling Specialties-Vice President of 11B English Class, Alternate of Junior Commencement, Judge of Election, Home Room President MARIE Y isliiri ate Secretary obbyi- cing Sp ' s-Ho e oom Secretary, .P.S. S ch ok Staff, Guitar Cl Ja? EDWARD KELLER Einie Wish-Doctor Hobby-Reading Specialties-College Club, Chess Club URSULA JONNOTTI Urs Wish-Aviator Hobby-Tennis Specialties-Junior Dramatic Club, Li- brary Club, D.P.S. ROBERT E. JONES Wish-Doctor Hobbies-Reading, Dancing Specialtyw-Glee Club Jonesy CLARENCE H. KIRCHNER C.K. Wish-Telephone Worker Hobby--Sports Specialties-Chess Club, Safe Drivers Club JUNE KITTLE WishfSialesgirl Hobby-Dancing Specialties--Senior Dramatic Club, Chess Club, Basketball, Volleyball, D.P.S., Make'Up Committee JAMES JORDON Jimmie Wish-Interior Decorator Hobby-Athletics Specialties-Track, Volleyball, French Club, Gym Team SAMUEL JOY sam Wish-Orchestra Leader, Salesman Hobbies-Baseball, Crossword puzzles Specialty-Sports EARL B. JONES Esquire Wish-Lawyer Hobby-Music Specialties-French Club, Glee Club, Senior Band, Senior Orchestra EDWARD L. JONES Yee WishfElectrician Hobby-Sports Specialty-Sports l MARY JANE KOERNER Janie Wish-Milliner or Dressmaker Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Basketball, Volleyf ball MARIE D. KUHN Skip Wish-Nursery Teacher Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Sketch Book Staff, D.P.S., Student Council, Girl Reserves, Volleyball JULIUS LAMORTE Charlie Wish-Aviator Hobbies-Reading, Drawing Specialty-Home Room Vice Presi' dent CATHERINE LANDER Kay Wfish--Office Worker Hobby+Dancing SpecialtiesfLife Saving Club, Volley- ball, Basketball, Red Cross Club THELMA LAUS Wish-Stenographcr HobbiesfDrawing, Playing accordion Specialties---Dramatic Club, Swim' ming, Class Officer, Mushball, Volleyball, Chorus, Girl Reserves, Tennis Club NELLIE E. LEE Wish-Beautician Hobbies--Dancing, Sports Specialties-Glee Club, Sports Activi- ty, Music Appreciation Club, Girl Reserves ANDREW LAMONNA Gumps Wish-Mechanic Hobby-Sleep Specialties-Swimming, Class Football, D.P.S. LEE KUSTABORDER Wish-Mechanical Draftsman Hobby-Warfnews clippings Specialties-College Club, Sketch Book Stall, Camera Club VITO LATRONICA Wish-Lawyer Hobby-Talking Specialties-Football, Volleyball, Gym Team, Senate, Senior Dramatic Club JOSEPH LaROCHE Wish-Airplane Mechanic Hobby-Model airplanes Specialties-Aviation Club, Dramatic ,yu Club ffyf' Lf' L' A f 1 EARL M. LELAND QW beacon Wish-Brain Specialist Hobbies--Stamp collection Specialties-College Club, National Honor Society, Usher, Library As' SISCHIIIC THOMAS EDMUND LEE Wish--Steel Worker Hobby-Sports SpecialtiesfFootball, Senior Leaders, Volleyball, Class Secretary THELMA LIGHTFOOT Thel Wish-Dress Designer HobbyfDancing Specialties-Red Cross Club, Glee Club JOSEPH LIOTTA Joe Wish-Business Hobby-Collector of old coins Specialties-Student Council, National Honor Society, Home Room Presif dent, D.P.S., Usher ARTHUR LOMBARDI Moe Wish-Printer Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Basketball, V o l l e y ball, Home Room Vice President, Base' ball MARY LOMBARDO Chee Chee Wish-Dress Designer Hobbies-Dancing, Bowling Specialties-Commercial Club, rltalian Club, Poetry Club, Personal. Club ROBERT MACKAY Bob WishaAiroplane Mechanic Hobbies-Swimming, Driving Specialty-Sports JOHN A. MACIOCE Johnnie Wish-Show Business Hobbies-Driving, Stage Specialties-D.P.S., Italian Club, As' sembly Usher, Ticket Salesman LUCILLE LOMBARD Lou Wish-Secretary Hobbies-Roller skating, Dancing Specialties-Junior Life Saving Club, Junior Dramatic Club, Senior Dra- matic Club, Volleyball IOLANDA Y. LISOTTO Pete WishfGym Teacher Hobbies-Horseback riding, Dancing, Sports Specialties-Senior Leaders, Italian Club, Senior Dramatic Club, Junior Leaders, Big Sisters, Sports Activi' ty, Life Saving Club, Basketball, Volleyball, Usher JEAN M. LUDWIG Wisih-Private Secretary Hobbies-Walking, Dancing Specialties--Senior Leaders, National Honor Society, Senior Dramatic Club, Big Sisters, Tennis Club, Volleyball, Basketball, Senator ALBERT J. LUDWIG Al WishfAutomobile Designer HobbyfCartooning Specialties-Football, D.P.S., Aviation Club, Life Saving Club ANGELINE R. MANNA Angie Wish-Trained Nurse Hobbies-Walking, Dancing Specialties-Girl Reserves, Tennis Club MARY MALLOY Jo Wish-Singer Hobbies-Skating, Dancing Specialties-Junior Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Personality Club .A 5 JAMES M. MANNELLA Jimmy Wish-Baseball Hobby-Sports Specialty-Baseball IRMA MARCONI Red Wish-Secretary Hobbies--Dancing, Sports Specialties-D.P.S., Senior Leaders, junior Leaders, Italian Club, Vol- leyball LIDA CAROLINE MARTINER Wish -Dress Designer HobbiesfTalking, Taking pictures Specialties-W Home Room President, Bank Cashier, Girl Reserves, Vol' leyball, Basketball VERONICA MARZIALE Ronny WishfProfessional Dancing Hobby-A-Dancing Specialties--D.P.S., Poetry, Sports Activity, Basketball, Volleyball. THOMAS MATTHEWS Tommy Wisli -'Office Position Hobby -Fishing Specialty-Sports ANGELINE MATTO Angy Wish- fOfliCc Clerk HobbyfDancing SpecialtiesfGirl Reserves, Glec Club, D. P. S., Aviation Club, Bank Cashier, Basketball JENNIE MARTINO Jan Wish-Typist Hobby-Dancing 'Specialties-Glee Club, Tennis Club, Girl Reserves, Swimming MARY MARINO Mary Wish-Secretary Hobby-Ice skating SpecialtiesfSenior Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, D.P.S. CARMELLA MASTENDRI Wish-Interior Decorator Hobby-Sports Specialties-D. P. S., Girl Reserves Stamp Club, Big Sisters. JENNIE MARUCCIO Ginny WishfBeauticiaii Hobby-Dancing SpecialtyfVolleyball ROSE MEROLA Rosie Wish-Seamstress Hobbies-Dancing, Skating, Swim- ming Specialties-Glee Club, Volleyball, Eti' quette Club ELVIRA JANE MAZZEI Elvy Wish-Nurse Hobbies-Collecting pennies, Dancing Specialties-Basketball, V o l l e y ball, Italian Club, Tennis Club, Girl Re- serves MARGARET C. McCAULLEY Peggy Wish-Private Secretary Hobbies-Skating, Dancing, Swim' ming. Specialties-Tennis Club, Life Saving Club, Basketball JANET MCCLUAN Gale WishfBuyer Hobbies-Dancing, Save match covers Specialties-Senate, Big Sisters, Girl Reserves EMMA McELROY Wish-Srtenographer Hobbies-Reading, Dancing, Sports SpecialtiesfRed Cross Club, Junior Drama. Club, Glee Club, Volleyball JAMES MCFALL Red WishfTravel Hobbies-Swimming, Billiards Specialties-Dramatic Club, Stamp Club GLADYS MERRITTS Wish-Stenographer Hobby-Dancing Specialties-D.P.S., Chorus, Basket' ball, Sketch Book Staff EDITH M. MERZ Eadie Wish-Business College Hobbies-Reading, Movies Specialties-Girl Reserves, Basketball, D.P.S., Home Room Secretary 23: ..,, 5 ,Eg ,,. as ,f ,... ' CHARLES McCULLOUGH Chuck Wish-Draftsman Hobby-Sports Specialties-Class President, Student Council, Sketch Book Staff, Chess Club JOSEPH MCCUE Joe Wish-College Hobby-Collecting money Specialties-Basketball, Baseball FEDELIS McMANN Del Wish-Secretary Hobbies-Skating, Dancing Specialties-Home Room President, Senior Dramatic Club MAE MCKENZIE Mae Wish-Reporter Hobby-Sewing Specialties--Girl Reserves, Sketch Book Staff, Volleyball, Basketball, Home Room Secretary. HAYDEN MITCHELL Wish-Aeronautical Engineer Hobbies-Photography, Skating Specialties-Fencing Team, College Club, Sketch Book Photographer, Camera Club, Senior Dramatic Club, Chess Club, D.P.S., French Club WILLIAM J. MIHM Jungle Wish-College Hobby-Making dagwoods Specialties-Football '39f'40, Volley- ball, French Club, Senior Dramatic Club, Baseball, D.P.S., Basketball BETTY JANE MONTGOMERY Bets Wish-Beautician Hobby-Dancing Specialties-D.P.S., Banker, Class Vice President, Girl Reserves PAT MORELLI Pat Wish-Machinist Hobby-Selling papers Specialties-Apparatus Club, D.P.S, AUDREY I. MOORHEAD Suzy Wish-Bcautician Hobbies-Skating, Swimming, Dancf ing Specialties-D.P.S., Girl Reserves, Life Saving Club EARL NEUMANN Wish-Business Hobbies-Mushball, Swimming Specialties-Mushball, Swimming. RICHARD L. OFFILL Dick Wish-College, Travel Hobbies-Radio, Athletics, Driving Specialties-HifY, Swimming EDWARD ORR Ed Wish-Bziokkeeper, Stenographer Hobby-Building model boats and trains Specialties-Safe Drivers Club, Student Council EDYTHE MORRONE Judy Wish'-Beautician Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Home Room President, Member of Pres-1ident's Cabinet, Glee' Club, Home Room Vice Pres., junior Leaders, Volleyball, Girl Reserves, Assembly Usher MARY MORRIS Wish-Commercial Artist Hobbies-Drawing, Dancing SpecialtiesvSr. Leaders, Sr. Dram' atic, Girl Reserves, Big Sisters, Basketball, Volleyball, Bank Cashier DOROTHY NOZZOLILLO Dot WishQStenographer Hobbies-Dancing, Tennis Specialties-Bank Cashier, Home Room Treas,, Glee Club MARY NITTI Bob Wish-Doctor Hobbies-Dancing, Swimming, Sewing Specialties-Sketch Book Stall, Senior Dramatic Club, Junior Leaders, Home Room V. Pres., Glee Club JULIUS PALAZZI Wish-Musician, Artist Hobibies-Music, Mechanic, Art Specialties-Cooking, Art MARY L. ORSINI Wish-College Hobbies-Reading, Traveling, Skating Specialties-National Honor Society, College Club, Senior Dramatic Club, Senior Leaders, Student Council, Big Sisters LENA PALUMBO Wish-Beautician Hobbies-Creating hair styles, Dane' ing Specialties-Girl Reserves, Big Sisters, Senior Dramatic Club MAGDALEN PAPA Billie Wish+Dancer Hobby-Skating Specialties-Tennis Club, Volleyball, Basketball JAMES PARROTT Parrot Wish-Chef Hobby-Reading Specialties--French Club, D.P.S. ANNA F. PAYTON Ann WishfSeamstress Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Girl Reserves, Glee Club, D.P.S., Music Appreciation Club, Sports Activ., Basketball, Volleyball ROSE MARIE PISERA Judy Wish-Beautician Hobbies-Dancing, Collecting songs Specialties-Glee Club, Volleyball VIRGINIA C. PISHNER Ginny Wish-Stenographer Hobbies-Dancing, Sewing Specialty-Girl Reserves CHARLES H. PARKER Ace Wish-Professional Sports Hobby-Reading Specialties-Volleyball, Baseball, Foot' ball, French Club, Senior Dramatic Club TI-IERESA C. PAPALE Tess Wish-Seamstress Hobby4Collecting souvenirs Specialties-Commercial Club, Glee Club, Girl Reserves MARY CARMELA PERRI Chicken Wish-Librarian Hobby-Books Specialties-Library, LostfFound, D.P.S. BETTY D. PEIFER Wish-Play in Orchestra Hobbies-Marimba, Drums, Driving Specialties-Orchestra Club, Senior Band, Dramatic Club SHIRLEY V. POINDEXTER WishvMortician Hobbies+SeW, Cook, Collect pennies Specialties-Girl Reserves, Glee Club, Music Appreciation Club, Basket' ball, Volleyball, Sports Activity MARY PITTS Red Wish-College, Social Worker Hobbies-Dancing, Sewing, Reading Specialties-College Club, Glee Club, French Club, Big Sisters, Red Cross. Girl Reserves, Commercial Club DAN POMPA Banks Wish-Musician Hohhyw Reading SpecialtiesgSr. Orch., Orches. Club OLGA POMPA Terry Wish-Stenographer Hobbies-Dancing, Sports Specialties-Junior Dramatic Club, Senior Dramatic Club, Class Sec' retary, Basketball, Volleyball EUGENE PORTAS sg-we Wish 'Engineer H HohhyiSinging, Dancing JU! Spccialties+Sketch Book Editor, f tional Honor Society, College Club, Hi-Y, Student Council, Home Room Pres., Music Appreciation, Class Vicc Pres., Gym Team, Eng' lish Class V. Pres., junior Leaders, Sr. Apparatus, Cur. Events, D.P.S. MARY LOUISE PRENTICE Betty Wish-Air Hostess Hohhies-4Dance, Skate, Swim Specialties--Girl Reserves, Big Sisters, Basketball, Volleyball OVEDIO RAMELLA Nino WishfCraftsman Hobbies -Sports, Aviation, Crafts Specialty--Home Room Vice Pres. FRANCES RANALLO Dolly Wisli-History Teacher Hobby--Collecting pictures, post cards Specialties-National Honor Society, College Club, Student Council, Tardy Squad, Big Sisters, Girl Re' serves, Jr. Leaders, Sr. Leaders. MARIE PORTER- Pee Wee Wish-Seainstress Hobby+Sewing Specialties-French Club, Glee Club, Girl Reserves, D.P.S., Red Cross NICHOLAS PORCO Nickie Wish-Machinist H0bbiesfMovies, Sports, Driving Specialty-Football JUNE PROCTOR Red Wish-Beautician Hobbies-Ice skating, Dancing Specialties-Girl Reserves, Home Room Secretary, Home Room So' cial Chairman, D.P.S., Volleyball, Basketball. RUTH G. PRINGLE Sis Wish-Typist Hobby-Skating Specialties-Girl R e s e r v e s, Bank Cashier HELEN RICE Wish-Stenographer Hobbies+Swim, Skate, Dance Specialties-Life Saving, Volleyball MARGARET RICCI Peg Wish-Stenographer Hobbies' --Dancing, Bowling Specialty-Glee Club ROY RICE Roy Wish-Naturalist Hobbies-Fish, Collect sport pictures Specialties-National 'Honor Society, Sketch Book Club, HifY, Student Council, Home Room President AMELIA RIZZI Wish-Author Hobbies-Reading, Dancing Specialties-Home Room Banker, D. P.S., Sketch Book Staff, Junior Leaders Millie WILLIAM ROMANGO Bill Wish+Business Man Hobby-Ice skating Specialties-Aviation Club, Gym Team EDNA ROSE Wish-Beautician Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Sports Activity, Tennis Club, Red Cross Club, Volleyball, Basketball Dink LEONARD ROSS Wish-Draftsman Hobbies-Building model airplanes Specialty-Sports CARRELL ROLLS Wish-Doctor Hobbies-Model railroading, Sports Specialties-French Club, Glee Club. GEORGE ROBERTS Daddy Wish-Monician Hobby-Skating Specialties-HifY, Orchestra Club, French Club, Camera Club LOUISE GLORIA ROSELLA Wish-Stenographer Hobbies-Dancing, Collecting pictures Specialties-Camera Club, Italian Club EMMA ELIZABETH ROSE Wish-Lawyer Hobbies-Reading, Sewing Specialties-National Honor Society, College Club, Senior Dramatic Club, French Club, D.P.S. CLARENCE ROSSWOG Brother Wish-Mechanic Hobby+Collecting stamps Specialty-Football MATHILDA ROSS FRANK ROSSI Frankie Wish-Nurse WishATravel Hobby-Foreign correspondence Hobbies-Swimming, Archery SpecialtiesiVolleyball, Life Saving Specialty-Sports Club, Basketball ANNABELLE ROWE Wish--fStenographcr Hobbies---Dancing, Skating, Singing Specialties+Sports Activity, Volley- ball, Music Appreciation Club, Girl Reserves, Big Sisters BETTY ROBINSON Stinky Wish-Trained Nurse Hobby-7-Dancing Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Sports Activity, D.P.S. JOSEPH N. ROBINSON Joe Wish- 'Lawyer Hobby- eDriving Specialty- V D.P.S. ELMER W. RUSSELL Elmo Wish-Aviation Hobby--Skating Specialties-Aviation Club, Stamp Club, Class President JOHN SANTORA Half-man Wish-College Hobbies- -Singing, Dancing Specialties-Football '39f'4O, Volleyf ball '38-'39, Volleyball Club, Glee Club JOHN SANTUCCI Johnnie Wish-Printer Hobby- -Automobiles Specialties-Baseball, Swimming 3 'R JOHN C. ROBINSON Slats Wish-Mechanical Engineer Hobby-Tinkering Specialties-Orchestra Club, Safe Drivers, Cross f country Team, Track '39-'40, D.P.S., Hi'Y DOROTHY ROBINSON Dotty Wish-Social Secretary Hobbies-Dancing, Scrapbook Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Home Room Sec' retary, Home Room Treasurer, Usher, Volleyball, Basketball, Big Sisters JOHN SANT Johnny Wish-West Point Cadet Hobby-Skating Specialties--Football, Class President '40, College Club, Rifle Club, Camera Club, Swimming Team '39, Student Council JOSEPHINE SABBIO Jay Wish-Nurse Hobby4Skating Specialties-Tennis Club, Italian Club, Glee Club, D.P.S., Girl Reserves ELIZABETH SCARPINO Betty Wish-Travel Hobbies-Dancing, Skating Specialties+D.P.S., Lost and Found EDWARD SAUNDERS WishfLawyer Hobbies-Football, Airplanes Specialties--Track Manager, Glee Club HELEN SCHAFFHAUSER Shaffy Wish-Business Career Hobbies-Dancing, Piano playing Specialties-French Club President, Senior Dramatic Club, D.P.S., Big Sisters MARY GRACE SCHALLER Queenie Wish-Journalist Hobby-Ice skating Specialties-Girl Reserves, Jr. Dram. Club, Sports Activities, Volleyball CATHERINE SCHANO Cathie WishfPrivate Secretary Hobbies+Taking dictation, Talking Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club, Big Sisters, Ir. Dram. Club, Poetry Club STANLEY SCHANZ Little Abner Wish-Undertaker HobbiesiDriving, Pool Specialties-D.P.S., Assembly Usher, l2Bfl2A Football Team MARGARET SCHETLEY Margy WishfAir Hostess Hobbies-Ice skating, Dancing SpecialtiesfStudent Council, Home Room Secretary, Girl Reserves, D.P.S,, Home Room Booster WILLIAM E. SCHROTT i Wish-Business Hobbies-Swim, Dance, Ice skate Specialtiesfliootball '39"4O, Senior Dramatic Club, juniorfSenior Ap' paratus Clubs, junior Soccer, Vol' leyball, D.P.S. EVELYN SCHILLINGER Eve Wish-Secretary Hobbies-Dancing, Skating Specialties-Girl Reserves, Personality Club, D.P.S., Basketball CAROLYN MARIE SCHMID Sis Wish-Seamstress Hobbies-Skating, Dancing SpecialtiesfD.P.S., Safe Drivers, Girl Reserves BEN D. SCHWARTZ Benny Wish7Air Corps Hobby-Airplane mechanic Specialties4Aviation Club, Rifle Club MARIE SCIALABBA Duchess Wishf-College Hobbies-Sewing, Dancing, Skating SpecialtiesfNational Honor Society, College Club, Senior Leaders, Stu' dent Council, Home Room Presif DOROTHY SCHWAN Swanie Wish-Typist Hobbies+Sports, Cooking SpecialtiesfGirl Reserves, Big Sisters, Vollqball dent, Big Sisters PAUL SCHWAN Sputz Wish4+Machinist Hobby-Working wiih machines Specialty--Machine Shop , y , l V if , y S N 'Q .ff CLYDE SCIULLO Schu Wish-Business Hobby --Predicting sport outcomes Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club, lZAfl2B Football Team GODFREY V. SCIULLO Goldie WishABusiness, Travel HobbiesfSports, Collecting books, Reading history Specialties--National Honor Society, Sketch Book Staff, Assembly Usher, College Club, Home Room President, Home Room Secretary CATHERINE SERRAO Zitzi Wish--Air Hostess Hobbies-Sewing, Baking Specialties---Tennis Club, Glee Club, Basketball GLORIA SHAFFER Doll Wish----Secretary Hobbies4Roller skating, Dancing Specialties-Home Room President, Tennis Club, Life Saving Club, Girl Reserves, Junior Dramatic Club, D.P.S,, Basketball, Volleyball DOROTHY SHEPLER Dimps Wish--Rcccptiiznist Hobby- -Collecting souvenirs Specialties-Life Saving Club, Glee Club, Swimming JIMMY SHEPPARD Florida Wish---Politics Hobby---Boating Specialties4Camera Club, College Club, Hi'Y ANTOINETTE L. SERRAO Toni Wish-Stenographer Hobby-Collecting postal cards SpecialtiesAGirl Reserves, Volley' ball MARY CATHERINE SEIBER Shorty Wish-Drum Majorette Hobbies-Swimming, Dancing Specialties-Life Saving Club, Junior Dramatic Club, Basketball, Volley- ball, Tennis, Big Sisters, Glee Club, Girl Reserves SAMUEL ROBERT SHEARER Sammy WishfBusi1iess Man Hobbies-Tennis, Music Specialties-Orchestra Club, Dramatic Club, Bank Cashier PHYLLIS SHAFFER Wish--Secretary Hobby-Dancing Specialties4Senior Leaders, Senior Dramatic Club, French Club, Big Sisters WILLIAM SNODER Bill Wish-Orchestra Hobby-Stamp collecting Specialties---Stamp Club, Orchestra Club DOROTHY J. SMITH Wish--Model Hobbies4Roller skating, ilce skating, Tennis Specialties-Ten nis Club, Basketball, Volleyball SYLVIA SOMMA Syl Wish-Interior Decorator Hobby-Dancing Specialties-Glee Club, Girl Reserves Basketball DONALD SPEAR Don Wish-Airplane Builder Hobbyflvlodel building Specialties4Aviation Club, Fencing, Football DOROTHY STATKIEWICZ Dot Wish-College Hobby-Sports Specialties-College Club, National Honor Society, Senior Leaders, Senior Dramatic Club, French Club, Music Appreciation, Big Sisters HELEN FRANCES STECKLING Blondie Wish-Private Secretary Hobbies-Playing the piano, Dancing, Writing songs Specialties-Girl Reserves, Junior Draf matic Club, Music Appreciation EDWARD STEWART Stew Wisl1fPhar11iacist Hobby-Sculpturing Specialties-Senator, College Club, Volleyball, French Club, Home Room President, HifY JULIE M. STORTO jul Wish-Air Hostess HobbiesfCollecting pictures, Roller skating, Dancing Specialties?Volleyball, Girl Reserves, D.F'.S., Glee Club, Senior Dramatic BETTY J. STAHLEY Bets Wish4Private Secretary Hobbyflce skating Specialties-Sketch Book Staff, Volley' ball, Home Room Vice President AGNES M. SPEAS Dimples Wish-Secretarial Work Hobbies-Dancing, Skating, Sewing Specialties-Girl Reserves, Basketball, Volleyball PEGGY STEWART WishfTeacher Hobbiesklvlusic, Driving Specialties-National Honor Society, College Club, Dramatic Club, Big Sisters, French Club, D.P.S. ARTHUR STEIN Art WishfCollege Hobbiesiliootball, Swimming, Mushf ball Specialties-National Honor Society, College Club, Orchestra Club, Sketch Book Staff, 12B Bus. Mgr, ROBERT TAKACS WishfMachinist Hobbies-Baseball, Football Specialties-National Honor Society, French Club Abner CHARLES STRONG Chuckie Wish-Doctor Hobby-Sports Specialties-Gym Team '37, '38, '39, Baseball '38, Glee Club A Q I i A 1-2' 3 .L"'QA l , sy L P' ' S :MTM ia, if F .. , ? JOHN TAMBURRO Wish -Library Work Hobby-Raising pigeons Specialty-Library ARTHUR P. TAPPE Art Wish-Business Man Hobbies-Collecting stamps, Sports, lee skating Specialties-Sketch Book Staff, D.P.S., Aviation Club, Sr, Dramatic Club REGIS THEN Reg Wish Printer Hobby-V-Odd plants Specialties- D,P.S., Baseball Club, Swimming DORIS THEURER Dot WishfClerk Hobbies'--Reading, Music Specialties-Red Cross Club, French Club, Poetry Club, Safe Drivers Club, junior Leaders, Library Club, Service Club MAXINE B. TIETZ Wish Office Girl, Typist Hobbies-Filing mail, Collect poetry Specialties Girl Reserves, Music Ap' preclation, Glee Club, Poetry Club ANNABELLE TOMER Sis Wish --Swim mer Hobby-Sports Specialties-Life Saving Club, Class President, Sports Activity, Senior Dramatic Club, Glee Club, D.P.S., Student Council, Assembly Usher LUCILLE ELIZABETH TAYLOR Honey WisbfSeamstress, Teach Home Econ. Hobbies-Playing the piano, Sewing, Specialties+French Club, Glee Club, Girl Reserves, Volleyball RITA TAUFKIRCH Retsie Wish+Singer, Typist Hobbies-Dancing, Singing Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Volleyball Club, Junior Dramatic Club ANTOINETTE TIERNO Wish-Air Hostess Hobbies-Collecting tie pins, Skating Specialties+Girl Reserves, Basketball, Volleyball, D.P.S., Sports Activity ROBERT THUMM Red Wish-Cartoonist Hobby-Cartooning Specialty-Printing EVEREST TRILLI Trill Wish-Band Leader Hobby-Music Specialties-National Honor Society, Orchestra Club, Band, Home Room President ELSIE JEAN TRAGER Sneezy Hobbies+Playing the piano, Collect' ing words to songs 'Specialties-Glee Club, Senior Dra' matic Club, Music Appreciation Club, Safe Drivers Club MARY LOUISE TURPIN Lou Wish-Teacher Hobbies-Sports, Piano playing Specialties-Glee Club, French Club GEORGE VALENTINE Val Wish-Dancer Hobby--Sports Specialties-Basketball, Track '37, '38, Home Room President, Soccer, Basketball Club BETTY VANDLING Bets Wish-Private Secretary Hobbies-Tennis, Ice skating Specialties-Senior Leaders, College, Senior Dramatic Club, National Honor Society, Tennis HELEN C. VARLOTTO Lang WishiTelephone Operator Hobbies-Dancing, Collecting auto' graphs, Singing Specialtieswjunior Leaders, D.P.S. MARION V. VAUGHN Wish-Cartoonist Hobbies-Drawing, Writing, Photog. Specialties-College Club, Camera Club, Glee Club, French Club, Sports Activity, Volleyball WILMA VAUGN Wish-Cartoonist Hobbies-Amateur short stories, Pho- tography Specialties-College Club, Camera Club, Sports Activity, Glee Club, French Club, Volleyball MARY C. VALLETTA Mary Wish-Police Woman, Secretary Hobby-Tapping Specialties-Volleyball, Basketball, Girl Reserves, D.P.S. WILLIAM R. VALENTINE Vall Wish-Aviation Mechanic and Pilot Hobbies-Stamps, Model airplanes Specialties-Swimming, Sports GEORGE W. VOGEL Wish-Driver Indianapolis Speedway Hobbies-Sports, Driving, Writing poetry Specialties-Senior Leaders, Senior Dramatic Club, Stage Crew, Soccer ALTA L. VIA Netta Wish-Undertaker HobbyfDancing Specialty-Glee Club ARMAND WALKER Wish-Machinist Hobbies-Skating, Dancing Specialty-Sports MARIAN WAGNER Skippy Wish-Seamstress Hobby-Sewing Specialties-Girl Reserves, Class Room President, Gym Leader ff ,HII ugbv , . it 5' RAYMOND WALKER Ray SARA MARGARET WATKINS Wish---Dcntist ' Sally I-Iobby?Collector of old coins J 1' Wish-Surgeon Specialty--Sports ' Hobbies-Driving, Dancing VIVIAN L. WALKER Q ,f if . Z' Vivi Wish-Stenographer, Music Teacher Hobbies---Skating, Swimming SpecialtiesfGirl Reserves, Big Sisters, Glee Club, Red Gros WALTER WEICK Wisli--Air Mechanic Hobby--Microscopes Specialties-Music Appreciation Club, D.P.S., Track Team NORBERT WEIXEL Wish--Aviator Hobby-Building airopl Specialty-D.P.S. GERTRUDE A. WINTERS Gertie Wish+Telephone Operator HobbiesfDancing, Skating Specialties-ALife Saving Club, Volleyf ball, D.P.S., Senator, Banker NAOMI WILLIAMS Wish f-Beautician Hobby--Dancing s Club Norb ane models Nome Specialties--Girl Reserves, junior Draf matic Club, Personality Club, Glee Club Z lj Specialties-College Club, Senior Dra- matic Club, French Club, Girl Re' serves, Volleyball, Class Vice Pres. BETTY WALTZ Wish-Secretary I-Iobbyglvlusic Specialties-Sketch Book Staff, Girl Reserves, Senior Dramatic Club, Home Room Secretary, Basketball MARY ALICE WHITE Wish-Private Secretary Honey Hobby-New dance steps Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club Vice President, Glee Club, Class Ofhcer, Swimming Team BETHESDA E. WESTFIELD Thesy Wish-Orchestra Arranger Hobbies-Music, Reading Specialties-Tennis Club, French Club, Big Sisters, Girl Reserves, Volley- ball, Basketball GEORGE WILSON Red Wish-Undertaker's Assistant Hobby-Roller skating Specialties-Senior Leaders, Fencing, Bulletin, Senate, Speedscript THOMAS JOHN WILLSON Jackson Wish-Sportsman Hobbies+Guns, Outdoor sports, Pho- tography Specialties!-Rifle Club, Camera Club, French Club WILLIAM WILSON Wish+Aviator Hobby-Roller skating Specialty-D.P. S. PHYLLIS WOODFORD Woody Wish-Secretary Hobbies-Dancing, Roller skating, Ice skating, Talking Specialties-Senior Dramatic Club, Girl Reserves, Personality Club, D.P.S., Tennis LEWIS T. WILSON L. T. or Lew Wish-Civil Service Hobby-Sports Specialties-Track '39, Track Man' ager, Glee Club, Class Football, D.P.S., Track '41, Hi-Y THOMAS WINDRAM Windy Wish-Printer Hobby-Dancing Specialtiesalirinting, Assembly Usher, D.P.S. IRWIN ZACHER Wish-Orchestra Leader Hobby-Playing the piano and the accordian Specialties-Senior Leaders, Sketch Book Stall, College Club, Senior Dramatic Club, Camera Club, D.P.S. STATEROOM 224 Found In Davy Jones's Locker Nlary Conte .... Olga DeMonaco. . . Betty Vandling .... Roy Rice ....... Edward Keller .... Emily Falvo .... Mildred Greco .... Evelyn Galanty. . . Mary Joe Hafer. . . Mary Pitts ....... Clarence Kirchner. Mary Lombardo. . Tommy Matthews Johnny Santora. . . Phyllis Woodford .... Alma Fahnestock. . Catherine Schano. . Evelyn Shillinger. . Dorothy Schwan. . Edward Orr ...... Edward Stewart. . . Everest Trilli. . . Walter Weick ..... Vivian Walker .... Albert Ludwig .... Mary Alice White. John Sullivan ..... Betty Robinson. . . Margaret Burkhart .... Clarrissa Duvall. . . Marjorie Harris. . . Eunice Howard. . . li l . . . .school bank books ............books on nursing . . . . .hundreds of honor roll cards . . . . . . ."Sketch Book" receipts . ..........worn out text books . . . .time spent with Mildred Greco .. . .ragged chewing gum wrappers . . . . . . . . . .many absence excuses scratch paper with algebra problems . . . . . . .Mrs. Parrack's water jars . . . . . . . . .old "Scholastics" . . . .fantastic dress designs . . . . . . . . . .electrical supplies . . . . . . . . .wrinkled football uniform . . .tickets for the latest skating party ................old shorthand tests . . . . .stacks of type papers to check ... . . . . . . .' .good typing grades . . . . .rusty ice skates menus . . . .several sunny smiles . . . . . . . . . .rusty clarinet ...............string of broken hearts d bundant supply of sharpened pencils ..... . . . . . . .list of dates with Dorothy U31 . . . . .collection of dance steps . . . . .worn out mattresses ...........tardy slips . . . .laboratory test tubes . . . . . . . . . .good cooking recipes . . . .booklets on business schools ......... . . .miniature piano EVELYN GALANTY ., -.- .,-.-W v - -r-Y -F.-ai. - ,,. -f STATEROOM 238 South of the Azores September 16, 1965 Dear Hayden. Hello, old friendsl I ani enjoying a grand ocean trip, lazying on the decks, splashing in the pool, and playing all sorts of deck games. Because of this unusual leisure I have been taking lots of memory trips. You and your Mitchell Miracle, the latest in space ships, and many of our old friends, have bobbed up again and again. I am well, and rny affairs are in good order. My orchestra is fine because of the efhcient way my secretary. Evie Crissinger, handles the business, and I have a shiny new singer, Mary Malloy. I must remember to have my secretary, Evie, send the latest orchestration of my arranger, Thesy Westfield, to my printers, Thomas Windram, Robert Creo, David Johnson, and Company. Gladys Merritts is now working for them as a stenographer. I am so busy that I don't know what to do next. After I have finished writing this letter, I have an interview with that famous reporter, Mae McKenzie, who is also on board. I heard that before she left on this trip she interviewed the interplanetary traveler, james McFall. I suppose that up on Mars, where you have your laboratory, you never see any of our old friends, but down here I see them often. For instance, the other day, before I went on my trip, I went into William Romango's department Store and ran smack into June Kittle, the head salesgirlg there, too, was Art Lombardi, who is the manager of the store. Before I forget I must wire my lawyers, Emma Rose and Joe Robinson QFranny Huber now works there as a comptometer operatorj. I want them to contact a fellow named George Valentine who says that he can't rhumba to my music. He should read Amelia Rizziis new book, How to Do fhf Rhumba the Modern Way. The librarian, Romegene Bodenhemier, says it's very good. just to prove how strange life really is I saw six of our former classmates the week before I left. One, Edna Rose. is running a fashionable beauty salon on Fifth Avenue, Le Maison Rose. Then, there's Marie Porter, the accomplished seamstress, and Fred D'Alo, president of D'Alo Engineering Inc. The other day I read that Annabelle Tomer. the famous swimming champion, is at the Arena and that Earl Leland, the eminent brain specialist, has done some work for Dorothy Draper, a social worker. Do you remember Ursula Jonnotti? She is now a lieutenant with the Space Patrol. Mary Carey is a hostess in one of the bigger space ships. while Joe LaRoche works in the hangers as a mechanic, and Anthony Ciccarelli is a machinist for one of the space ship manufacturers. This fascinating new idea of travel among the planets, that we call space travel, has drawn in several of our former classmates. Kay Czolba is to begin singing at the new space club, the S. S. Fortune. This club has very good food. Of course, this is due to the chef, Jim Parrott. Felix Cipullo is manager of the club. I can tell you of some of its patrons because my orchestra has played there. One night last June I saw Naomi Williams. She is the beautician who started the Williams Cosmetic Company. Dorothy Allen was there trying to get a little pleasure outside the routine work in the hospital ofiice, and with her was Elvira Jane Mazzei, a trained nurse. I heard one of the "debs" say that her dress had been designed by Thelma Lightfoot and modeled by Alice Heckert. By the way, Sam Edgar was the structural draftsman for the club. What events have happened. since we voyaged at Westinghouse! Travel in the United States reduced to minutes. Qhow fast we thought we were when we made it to New York in about two hoursl colonies planted on Mars, and pioneers no longer "Going Westu but "Up and Out." And still young we are! What next? Yours sincerely, IRWIN ZACHER U91 STATEROOM 326 To The Galley With The Gourmets Captain ...... First Mate ..... Purser . ..... . Evelyn Beachy ..... Wilbert Benson l William Byrne I Dorothy Bayne ..... Mauro Carretta .... Jean Colaizzi ..... julia Horne Louise Forrest .... Elaine Gordon .... Russell Hunter. . . Bruno Iellimo ..... Edward Jones .... Robert Jones ..... John Klein ..... Marie Kuhn .... Jean Ludwig ...... James Mannella .... Margaret McCaully . Charles McCullough .... William Mihm ......... Betty Montgomery. Mary Orsini ....... Olga Pompa .... Frank Rossi ...... Charles Parker ..... Elmer Russell .... John Sant ........ Carolyn Schmid .. Ben Schwartz ..... Mary C. Seibel .... Julia Storto ..... Arthur Tappe .... Mary Valletta ...... Sarah M. Watkins.. Gertrude Winter .... ..........John Sant . . . .Margaret Watkins . . . .Gertrude Winter . . . ."It'.v dated ...... . ."At their best . . . . . . . . ."Fifty-seven varietiex ................"Fit forakzng ..."America'.r first choice for taste ...................."Kitchen-tested ..................."Friendly flavor "It'J delightful! delectable! decorative! . . . . . . . ."De:igned by men for men . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."Snap! crackle! pop! . . . ."Southern style . . . ."The new treat . . . . . ."It',r the flavor . . . ." Young and tender ..............."Self-rising . . . ."Vitality, vigor, and vim . . ."Summer .vunrhine captured . . . . . . . . ."0odle5 of noodle: . . . . ."Now better than ever . . . . . . . . . . ."America'.v favorite . . ."Your guarantee of quality . . . . . . . . . . . . ."World'.r favorite flavor ................."Wiri.r in'blirld'te.vt .. . ."No bone, no gristle, nor excen fat ..................."It'5 bite rize H' ...."It'.v a ham what am ............"Tenderized truly great name The last word in .run-ripened goodnesr . . . . . . ."Cold or hot, it hit: the :pot . . . ."Make.r 'regular fellerf' .. . . . . . . . . ."Good to the last drop ..... . . . . . . . . . ."Steaa'ieJ the nerver . . ."Made from an old-fashioned recipe l60l CHARLES MCCULLOUGH J I J I J I D 1 ! D I J J 7 3 7 J 3 J J J Josephine Blasco Phyllis Anne Blasco Ethel Bodnar Norma Brown Rosemary Cunningham Mary DeMaglio Gilda DeNardo Irene Drexler lylargaret Flaherty Alice Hall Lois Haus Betty Jane Hauswald lylary Jane Koerner Lida Martiner Angeline Matto Edith Merz hlary Morris Virginia Pishner Ruth Pringle June Proctor Margaret Schetley Gloria Shaffer Rita Taufkirch Lucille Taylor Helen Varlotto Betty Waltz STATEROOM 3 3 0 BETTY XVALTZ Ili-9 -s Ga V -to 13 FJ If :M J J. FD J J E ffjumpin' five f QV JU. i611 Hforephine I "I Wanna be in Winchellir Column "You Ought to be in Pikturef "Plea5e Take a Letter Mitt Brown "Oh, Rore Marie I Love You! "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea' "Dark Eyer' "I"m in Looe With a Beautiful Nurfe "Flat Foot Floogie "Alice in Wonderland "Flying Down to Rio "Lady with Red Hair' "Sophisticated Lady' "Take Me Out to the Ball Game "Danny Boy "Chatterbox "Stay ar Sweet a.r You Are "You Are My Sunshine "Did You Ever See a Dream Walking "Betty C0-ed' "Roller Skating on a Rainbow "My Buddy "Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning' "Pennrylvania 65000 '24 Concert in the Park 3 3 7 3 3 3 3 J I 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 J 3 3 l STATEROOM 126 Sunning Ourselves On Deck A We like to remember: Dorothy Shepler's and June Fleming's pleasant smiles . . . Shiny black hair and Lena Palumbo . . . Athletics and james Harvey . . . A pleasant voice? Edythe Morrone . . . The golden waves of Lydia Conte . . . Earl Jones entertaining us with his nimble fingers . . . Carroll Roll's appealing bashfulness . . . Witty sayings as expounded by Donald Everett . . . English grades, superior, by Frances Ranallo and Marion Arnold . . . Those quiet girls, Sylvia Somma and Helen Rice . . . Diligent Robert Cousar . . . Frank Joseph and his eternal question, "Do you have your night work done?" . . . Graceful dancing by Jay D'Amico . . . The swimming pool's Catherine Lander . . . A secretary with efliciency, Marie Kennedy . . . Shirley Klein making points in basketball . . . The poet in us, Mary Lombardo. We like to make plam for the future, too: Chicago and Clyde Bellin's Rhythm Rousers . . . Madame Andrucci-Gowns . . . Raymond Caliendo and Regis Then, two fine printers . . . Duquesne Light Company's Walter Cook . . . Nurse Helen Fuller . . . Stenographers much in demand, Dorothy Nozzolillo and Margaret Ricci . . . "May it please the court," Edward Saunders . . . Jennie Martino and Mary Prentice with typing awards . . . Dr. Charles Strong . . . Who on the stage but Vito Latronica? . . . Rose Bertucci's Aquacade . . . Edgar Allen and Hamlet . . . A rare collection of old coins be- longing to Raymond Walker. JAMES H. HARVEY E621 4-7 wax OSU Eco-U -Tusvgg-EJJQJ aw U 'Uvs QUE-25. ghgoo Fgc,,'Ui'i.::::oog.ggPx gags E2gm.g'S1,,,a.Q'-"T-3 E-9OL.U"""O"'+-1 gftfl'-v-4'-'Q-,gfnhgg Sed ww s,?Qgg,2:,i:,:QQ., G-255 oo,c:w::-Owns m xoo P'- -.:A E ,X -... .-."' -D -U Qgggwgggogmcflgigd was "L swf! w,Sm,'5f3E2nn::20f5:: 8 10" 532 A'CD.q::fHC.C'D'fE'-U0g:E'F"1-" L- 'SLUFPW E322 ..- O-Q .DID -SEQE go Hal- - CI '34 . CD gg U M o.aJ"5L-'-' QED-Os.. ,,, -5. 49 mug HESEUEEQE-if A E64 'Sian' HS,55:i,j3NU5QE3 gow 3332 Q9 23.5 a-1 "TJ 2504: -USL! 'DO 92: 11114 0,55 is S5 ide ga,-U ..,?u Lu m'-'pw www -as D, ,gg--ns.. Hz: L' 'GU '32 32 Em, z: - Ea-zQgcc:h QU E,OOO-:EH .-EJ: O -.G--g5O,U 3.4 O,f,,::qg:,-,fu Q L-.J-ENDOU 5. rd S'-1.s:'aw 05,21-E-E : -.2 5'2Enf-'9 'JH 'V' H126 E ur'coO'6'o1ru':'-'00 EH- W '- E.:4'wUm::,c:O'-"V J-fn Q 23,5 E+-1ms..'--QUE , mg Opus -:POD 8 EMG".-ge-vw-Ogio WH U'-SB UU QETJ V300 cum? '-. ,E+-' c,,+-Im'-C",Qu was CI..L::g3""'Q..O gg 4+ QQ 'Hgg 25332.20 on EEA U cu DD 3-Fgvuq 'D-1.-. GUS Nlww cl qg Q. EQ3.w-+:'--5"-2255175 Om Erzg 'cz .: U3 5-?3""J4H'-'isfgf 33 JUG. D".'L3" ,::g.gbD"'.,,g gan. WSU, gg-.UO ::,.:Fg..5 ,aww Er.-Lg wo-B." -HM GE W: -A aan O OQE gg Eoqg -E'-2:I:w'EuJ 5 EF Eg? EQ. C' .-Q.: an '- LL D'5Lg,::....:: .c:2'gco P404-I CO'-QU L 'if'-H 5x -O 8 C .8 O Sggo KD s.. -C 32-U5 'mio - a U71 453 ,gf D L, Q-EW I, 'bi LL-Msg?-522.2 Q X ,J .Jax ,.,o d-,L-1cuq,:c 'Ei LE-EWU -3'on,U EQ sM5QwE-ff:.z- af- ogy .fgewa HV' q.:-Cigdng'-QJEE .ci 0.-. wi 5w"w'1f'sQafw ii?-ae: '53 WS9'Uwf:"' LEM g""2?f,: ZH O ws: '- A04 5Wc:"'WEgf-' I :D -Us..U.-CIOQJQQ 2.11 Eqqq-5w,OU .tjnx o mE+-H-'..r- D o gp 0 U Q.:-' 2-A ,-Hg:'.,,,"U'Ox.. 4-A ,noni ww-20 'E !Q'53O2LS?-wf333- aw HBR' -gm? '11 U' vvl -qs? 'Q-1 5598 25:23.-g -E mm?-aug'-5k wg. Q,,,s::f-, .mv Cv '- - agmgi 5, 132 gfgu.,-9.0'8-C Uageefg if gsemfwe QCQB. 'ED' 3gwa.a'5g'g.g5E va 5,55-Qf4bn"".-C Qns ..:: cv Q H3 8 U-Es:-U72 qqs..!':'.'U Em "'-2'r'C'muu "":i'cv 5.-. Q. f631 f wfgjii 'N B W' xfwx fm RIGHT BoYs,Now YSEEW v'DoN'T NORMAN OSMAN EA QAM' cuff OAKB D Xb AufNTANseR F641 WH '5 Q. x T651 W Z W Z Yew! gwlwf 5 1 F. P lf' F' lf. ,. fx r n I u.. I 1. E. E. l v , P, f ll F. bi, L i 1 'i -.W r . ,R as -W. STATEROOM 212 "Passengers may avail themselves of opportunities for various side trips, to arranged at the purser's oH'ice." SCHEDULED Tiurs PASSENGERS SIGN Hz-:ma Olympic Games, Warsaw, Poland August 7-21 Richard Balsomieo T.W.A. Hostess School Antoinette Tierno june Boyle Catherine Serrao Harvard College Robert Rodden Broadway Shows iSeries announced laterj Theresa Cutuli Margaret Morrison lWeekly trips arranged, Dorothy Robinson Betty Stahley Thelma Laus The Old Caxton Printing Press, England Anthony De Cesaro joseph Consolo Metropolitan Opera Company Sept. 10-ll-12 Ruth Dean Cecelia Fulwylie Langley Airport, Virginia Robert Mackay W zlliam Wilson Bill D'zImieo U. S. Marine Corps, Quantico Dante Franco Cy Hungerford, Pittsburgh Marian Vaughn W alma Vaughn West Penn Hospital Nurses' School Sylvia jenkins Matilda Ross Dorothy Dawson Leslie and Johns Funeral Home QTime to be arranged for students of undertakingj Stanley Schanz Alta Via Carnegie Tech Engineering School john Robinson Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. lAny day except Sundayj Robert Takacs Pat Morelli Paul Sehwan zlrmaml Walker New York School of Music Danny Pompa The Leipzig Fair Crafts Exhibit Nov. 2-9 Ovedio Ramella Paris Exposition of Decorators Ellen Hunter Rita Dodson Glasgow Medical Center 'i ..-, ..,ll,. '14 .. Mary Nitti i661 MARY Nrrri in . ' ,ii '4 . li ......-an.:Lumlz..t.lEE .V V f-T--,-,-,l.-...,,,,-nqf,r'n- vv-.- -f ' r- r-W..-. , STATEROOM 214 While rolling over the bounding sea, I think of classmates in 203. Their futures some have planned qui And some have said that time will tell. Harvey Romer, Louis Chirieleisou, Samuel Shearer- It seems to be their sad, sad, fate To almost always come in late. joseph Aquila, Roy Caulkins, William Hart- Aeronautics is their aim, We hope that fate will bring them fame. Iosephine Fagnani, Virgil Buznrulli, Eugene Portas, james jordan- William Sehrott- They think that high school's not enough, They're stepping out for college stuff. While playing football he's at his best. To own a business is his quest. Peggy Stewart, Iolanda Lisotto- Peggy and Iolanda say, They may be teaching here someday. Betty Peifer, fulius Pallazzi- Studying music, to them, is play, We hope they'll famous be someday. Geraldine Colosmo, Dorothy Smith- Ever earnest in their role, To be mannikms is their goal. fennie Maruccio, Nellie Lee- These beauticians must do their duty, Turn a freak into a beauty. Mary Ciaeeia, Viola Colaizzi, Angeline Manna- Illness and diseases fight, Yes, here we have K'Three Girls in White." te well, Henrietta D'Alo, Lurille Lombard, Agnes Speas, Helen Steekling, Emma M fElroy- These typists' hands are sure and fleet, As secretaries they can't be beat. Kathryn D'Alessio, Mary Sieiliano- fames Sheppard- George Roberts- Two sweet girls are Mary and Kathy, To be phone operators would make them happy. We're sure that things will be lessncritical, When Jimmy Sheppard turns political. Some of our lads would be physieians, But Georgiels plans are a mort1c1an's. Godfrey Seiullo, Richard Ofill- Their good qualities are by no means few, Traveling is what they'd like to do. Lee Adams, joseph Barbles- Miss Edgar- Theylll give their pledges to the State, Civil Service is their fate. The Ocean has been very large, And hard to cross in style. By her counsel and inspiration, She's made the trip worthwhile. T671 GERALDINE CoLosMo ' .121 STATEROOM 220 A Page from the Ship's Log june 1-S. S. Westinghouse is scheduled to sail to the Land of Work and Progress. Weather fair. june IS-Passengers from 220 board the ship.-Water rough. june 9-Out at'sea found jitterbugging to the hot music of Oscar. Vaughn.are Marie Scialabba, Louise Dimaria, Irma Marcon1,.and Veronica Marziale, who wants to be a professional dancer.-Approaching storm. Auguft 4-Storm passed over.-Having a game of shuffleboard are Helen Hadgis, a collector of coins, Bill Faas, Gertrude Devita, whose life ambition is to travel, and Rose Capalongo, our future driver. August 28--Lucy Isber and Doris Theurer taking down the details of the cruise in shorthand. September 4-Strolling about the deck, Maxine Tietz, filing her nails, and Martha Bourne, our only girl driver.-Sailing along smoothly. September ll-Practicing some football plays, John Henderson and Clarence Rosswog knock our steward, Don Rawlings, off his feet.-Mist settling. October 2-Our guest cook, Charles De Boe, serves Stateroom 220 a delicious dinner. October 14-Theresa Papale and Rose Merola entertain their fellow classmates with some of their usual jokes.-Foggy. Octobeg 29-Ah me! Why, it's Fidelis McMann sighing as she thinks of?-Soft reeze. November 3-Joe Demase has proof of all events. How? Pictures. December 22-Found in the ship's pool is Lois Ferguson and Gloria Errico.- Smooth sailing. farzuar 1-A clarinet solo is given by Sam Joy and William Snoder while Julius illamorte sketches.-Damp. january 24-Sitting by herself meditating is Mary Marino who goes about her work never stepping in anyone's Way.-Rain. February 18-Sea gulls? No, Shirley Poindexter and Anna Payton. Mareh 2-Swish! l Betty Scarpino just missed Don as she rushed past. Betty is helping someone as usual.-Water calm. March 19-Marion Wagner making a gown which is coming along beautifully. April 5-Flash! ! Some news--Dorothy Gross will give an example of her tech- nique on skates.-Sun trying to come out. May 10-Dorothy Statkiewicz the best customer of ship's library. May 28-Norbert Weixel just delivered some letters by air mail.-Terrific storm. june ll--Archangel De Maglio creating some new hair styles.-Sun shining beautifully. Donou-uv BECKMAN i683 --- -sr--Y.-V 1-Y---r -.q:-,,,.,r,.-- - -c-- .xwrvwnmvwvq '- ., ,..., I Qs STATEROOM 318 052, wi d joe fBy special permission of THE BULLETIN, A snooperl a rummager among secrets! a peerer into crystal balls! Today: Dorothy Speer makes the fellows weak-kneed with her smile. Tomorrow: Dottie's smile enables her to obtain a well- paid secretarial position. Today: Mary Grace Schaller starts the day with a tempting stick of gum. Tomorrow: Queenie has those teeth that sparkle. Today: Earl Neuman, bored of education. Tomorrow: Earl Neuman, Superintendent, Board of Education. Today: Clyde Scuillo predicts the outcome of sports. Tomorrow: Schu takes Bill Stern's place as sports announcer. Today: Annabelle Rowe enjoys dancing, skating, and singing. Tomorrow: Annabelle has her own band to which thousands dance, Today: Audrey Moorhead goes through school on a wave. Tomorrow: Suzy waves the hair of those who frequent her ultra-modern beauty salon. Today: Kenneth Branson enjoys singing in the Glee Club. Tomorrow: Kenny sings out his pleas to the jury in defense of his clients. Today: Lois Ford finds reciting both amusing and entertaining. Tomorrow: Dickie writes her boss' recitations in short- hand, Today: Frances Ellk knits away in Knitting Club. Tomorrow: Frankie weaves yarns for leading magazines. Today: Louise Dechert hikes and likes it. Tomorrow: Beezie scales the Andes. Today: Robert Cyphers takes charge of 3l8's banking. Tomorrow: Bobby operates a Flying Bank, deposits received on all important corners. Today: Antoinette Fatalino takes an active part in dramatics. Tomorrow: Toni lands a job as dress designer in Hollywood. Today: Betty Coggins has a unique pastime listening to short-wave broadcasts. Tomorrow: Betty is foreign correspondent for Associa- ted Press. Today: julia Garofolo collects foreign stamps in large quantities. Tomorrow: julia exhibits her stamps at Hobby Lobby. l69l Today: Antoinette Serrao accumulates postal cards from many countries. Tomorrow: Toni takes over "Pen Pals" for Dr. Knudson. Today: Mary Perri is much in demand in Westing- house office. Tomorrow: Mary holds the envied position of secre- tary to the president. Today: Arthur Stein doesn't let his studies interfere with his education. Tomorrow: Art finds college professors harder than he anticipates. Today: John Santucci turns out attractive Bulletins in print shop. Tomorrow: john becomes a regular printer's devil for the New York Times. Today: Ira Hill makes coin collecting his hobby. Tomorrow: Bud collects criminals for the F.B.I. Today: Joe Eiser works in an A. 8: P. Tomorrow: Joey owns first automatic A, Et P. Today: Ray Beck centers his attention around the girls. Tomorrow: Ray centers his attention around college. Today: Lewis Wilson manages the track team with unsurpassed vigor, Tomorrow: L. T.'s vigor guides him to envied laurelsg he passes civil service exams. Today: Joseph Liotta has a big hand in class room doings. Tomorrow: joe is fortunate in becoming contractor for government dams. Today: Melvin Goldy enjoys inflicting his scientific theories on the less brilliant. Tomorrow: Mel graduates from Pitt, gets a degree in surgery, and still inflicts his speculations. Today: Emma Jacob collects pictures of various hair-do's. Tomorrow: Emma's pictures enable her to become an authority on hair styles. Today: Joseph McCue likes anything that relates to sports. Tomorrow: joe enters college and shows them what team work means. Today: Harry Walters breaks the tape for Westing- house. Tomorrow: Hank jumps the gun on his colleagues and becomes a successful medico. 1 w AGIHXHJ T M.BuLKLCy -x E Rr orf' Cards :Eff D S enskhh ' IA 1 W I -Eacher Q-LQ Me H155 , Lu! . f Histroyy f n F J 'ww fX 5 Mm A R C If ,why A I meds 'HTIJ' F12 Y ffffef Hs, Game' .Jo,.J mlm 095+ f W! f f X 'Sgg re B.5+enInr5 1, No X! ' s..++.- o , aw D, 1 yep Nj' 5 X X 4 ,V ' r f! g- ? 1 EJ S at x -ik ..H h' Kuhn' -ff px- Mimecupln Review - S eri' Hefagg x Mike 0 Q EN ! ' 5 I 1 C. ' Q . A E 2 0 - India-uf . gn'-'ge' V Noel XL IP fQ X SX X X :-' ' , " - "' 'Y X f. A TQ . f : N f 7 X - V Q' gf- ' 4 M,Lcr Reallxlhlg Q EM .ffl -:nL ,. DKK 5,,,,,,,, r ' ' Relay Han F I 7 Y , f + - ff ws? 43 11.3 Jes.. g,.em, , AiQgI,,.L 'ff lt- 'QM S+yLg ,C N' S....4 su, K If X ,147 f Mi 4 Q Q: Q K-,lk .f 3-45' X I , Th -T -i. - I X AIX carton 3 X 4 1 X t A f K Ybil 'Q-g-, gg- it i F . E r3snf..4 -li E 'L ' A 'Br -' NIJ. Mun nl Clams , Nz: s A 5 I r , 1' S. D. Lam an T-,sf Like A nn A ,V X Z- xl IZB P u 4. fo:-Se? his -' fy Dirloma 4 M .Q ' . sv J Y , -- -' - - t- A A101 M Z g -ff Q -it Q :Di ? ,,,,! Bgdffuer-:Jig " """"+- U03 f ,- ,-.Y g -- , ,..-..-V hQ '57-4 ' -3 o gg? " I' .XN - F Kfib , f, VJnVlLj,i,1-H' Kefgkg , n X- , ff' J 7 iff if ff" I -QYL Z7 f ff ilv 3 f- WW! f f W A2 Fw 2 ,X 2, K f ff ff fiiiaggifff ,f ff ,f1fgiQ' ff ,, SA NAI E161 AA-ir -,,-,1,.fn--Q.-4.4 l l2pI lfdilnr. .. black Allan Dorothy lleelunan Ciraee lioyle .-Xndrew Ceeere fierry Colosnio Sketch Book Stall ........Wni. Higgins Laura Cook Clloria lY.-Nlfonso lfyelyn Clalanty .Iames Haryey Anne Hofliineister LITERAI QY 12B lidimr ...... Lee Kustaborder Earl Leland Charles Xlcfollough Mary Nitti Mary Ursini ........l'iugene Portas Gloria Petrilli Bert Pollock Bob Rodden Sarah Stein Harry XYalters lletty llvaltz Irwin Zaeher BUSINESS 12.1 1m'1z,ii11i'.i.v .llllHll'Q1'l' .......... lloxyard Kuhns 1215 Bll,l'llI1',l'.l' lllalzager. . . .... llvilliant lcaas qldfw l'll,fllIK1: .lla11aKtgU1'. . . .... Xlargaret lfelhinger Phyllis lilaseo Anthony liononio Raymond Capone Mary Carey .Mitlnniy Qlicearelli l'idn'ard Claittnan l,ois Clawson Margaret Collucei -Iosephine Carneyale lfyelyn Crissinger Matthew D1Sanzo Margaret Flaherty Melvin Cloldy Betty Harris Alice Heeltert Nlarie liuhn Joe Liottzt hlae Klaelienzie Xlary hlastendri Pat McDonough jean Meredith Gladys hlerritts Donald Over Roy Rice Amelia Rizzi .XR'I' AND PHO'I'0GRAl'HY joseph DeXlase Henry litheridge Rudolph Salerno Marie Seialalvba Godfrey Sciullo Don Spear Betty Stahley Artlnir Stein joseph Tornese Adrena Winston Edward Feathers Hayden Nlitehell Rudolph Salerno 'rvi-is'rs .Nntoinette Porreea Ida Sansosti Lydia Shento hlaxine Tietz Catherine Vento Henrietta DIXIO Olga POIHPZ1 I-'ACUI.'I'Y Anvisoizs l311,si11i',i1v .. .... Nliss Hunter Sperm' . .... .......... K liss Jack ljfrrary . . . . .Nlrs. .f'Xnderson fIOlH'ClllIIl1fUl' . . . . . .Xliss Hetherington Arnold Belkin Clyde Bellin David Bixby Florence Bodnar Carl Bonomo Octave Bonomo Melvin Carb Joseph Carbone Marjorie Charles William Coe George Curtz Armand DeBellis Angelo DeBiase Vincent DeDominico Jack Denning Guy Dunn William Ewart Fred Falvo Senior Band Francis Farnan Grace Felty Fred Formichella Fred Fox Robert Gefiiel Howard Getz Robert Geyer Clyde Hankey Harold Hobson Julia Horne Russell Hunter Anthony Iole Paul Jagdmann Earl Jones Nelda Kreller Marcellus Luck Henry Marconi Lilly Matson Joe lylattern V131 Buster klcArthur Jane NIcKeoWn Domenic Natale Peter Pampeno Betty Peifer Daniel Pompa Donald Rawling Blazie Santoriello Mike Scuro William Snoder Conrad Snyder Vincent Tedesco Clark Tomer Everest Trilli Vincent Volomino Joseph Vullo Harry Walters john Werntz V141 STUDENT COUNCIL l'f-mill,-1,-1 ' x lllulg lrrmx Il fn 1' l'f'f',ml7f1.'! Olga I3cNI1+mL S1'1'I'1'l1U'X' Ilulmcs 5121111 N,'1'Q,',fl1l .ll .frrlfx X,ilcml.z1I1'mm11iL':l Spffrrwzg Xllss lIL'lllL'I'lIl XIV. IIIQVLIIII D. P. S. th-IM-, 1 ,mu Xyillilllll Ham X Illia' XX ZlllL'I'S Spmlwr Xlns llcllwrllm D. P. S. I,'ff-H111 1 fww XX'illi11m llxlrl XlilQc'XY:1llc1's ' A fN,,ffll,mr Xliss llcll1c1'i11 BULLETIN . STAFF lffffl:fr-z'11-lfflffv I Ilgxrry xY21lIL'l'S 1A',-Kff,f,-,- lffflifm- g I' lzmwld Dieu Sfwfff lfflifffr Rulwrl Roddcll I I a 1 Sfwfllilflg : Miss Nlllflhll Kim 4 Xlr. Smith JR. DRAMATIC l'r'f,mlf11! Cllurizl Imws I lu' l'rf'5nfwul NlE1I'4iOl'iC Urctz sl! ,',f111f. 'l1llL'I'CSZl l,mlm'icu Sfmflym' Nliss Hzxndlcwscr SR. DRAMATIC l'm1mlf11I UCVI Pollutk . . ' . I nv' I f'r,vm'f11! Nlllltj' .Xlicc Xxvllilk' Sfn'flmQx' Grace lluylc lm1,wn-wr Phyllis SCllZ1Ct-CI' Nwnll l.fm11'fm11a .Xlicc l iccl4cr1 Yrwfllvrffw Xliss lfulml Xllss .xllilll V f7 ASSEMBLY USHERS Stmffrwf' Xlnw llvmln-1111211-11 COLLEGE CLUB f'f'mIflf'11! H4 mxnlal Hx cr fur f'r'f'wff7ll H1-In-n llzuluvs Su, rf'lfn'.x' XIZIIX' f,lASilli 7'r,',1Xlm r' lfxarl lmlznml SERVICE CLUB .X,',m1wr' XIV, frim STAGE AND MOVIE CREW Sfmzlmm XII, Duxlxlx Xlr. Slum!! U63 L77 ORCHESTRA CLUB .Slmlmll lllrwvlnr Octave Iirmmuu Sf1'r1'!41l'-X' Louis Xlurtin lrm1,f11r'fz' xl2lI'4ilJl'iL' C1llllI'lCS l.ffll'zH'i!1Il 1'i1'CCITl2lll BIHSHII Sfhlllljffl' XIV. KIcYickc1' GLEE CLUB .Npm1,mr' Xliss Iglll'lilNblL1L'I' JUNIOR CHORUS Spffzmfr' Xliss Alcffrcy' Students who worked on remodeling project All ul' us ertjuy homes that we ezm be proud uf, homes that are comfortable :tml cheerful. 'llhe llume lfecmcmntles Department SllCCCSSllLlllf' proved this year that such humes ezm he ours even with little money. lntu at rtrum formerly used as it storage morn the decorzttors moved their lwule- discztrded furniture: an wld sectional hcmlteztse. ll wztluut chest, at daybed. three easy ehztlrs. 21 lztdder-hz1t'lQ rocker, at love seat. Z1 xYlIlLlSUI' Chair and three straight ehztlts. 'l'hen lltwllmretl the lndustriztl Arts Uepztrtment and the .Xrt Depart- ment. 'l'he hots in the shops under the direction ol Xlr. llztzts remudeled the lvwla- case. repaired and remnstrueted the dztyhed and chairs, Xliss lfreelztnd and mem- hers crl the lfuwtl llepztrtment wm'l4etl out the eolur scheme fur the dinette set. The L'UllSll'lIClltJIl ul the druperies. slip eurers. and pillow covers was the xrorlt ul the Clutlting lit-pztrtmettt under the direetirnn ol' Nliss Wilsfm, Xliss Clertrig. and Xliss 'lltlairr 'llhe students in Xliss XYwudsltle's. and Xliss l'lU2'CSIllZlIllS classes tlphcwlstered, painted. amd rellnished the furniture. Alter some wtted vlants :md mzteazines had been added, the Wl1OlULII'ClWllCl'S . I . snapped the result lor yuu-at pleasant ruunt :tt small mst. E781 Home Economics Room BEFORE AFTER U91 X 3 Q wg X X ks I F AJ lxx ISUI Rpm FRENCH CLUB Jjnf' Xllss Iglll U 'xr A FRENCH CLUB Sp fum' H155 Illmwm 5 ITALIAN CLUB l'1-,wif I IUQCPIIIIIL' I 1 nm: lm' IU If Hi Inq-pI1 I1 . 1 S 'l'l'l'lAu'l'Y .Xm S pm: CII: I II:IkIllIII Nlr.lJ'1m1lm,1 ESUNGVH Ili l!!!', H 4 4 "l5n5'5ggg,, lgfflbavvgg , ff! gpg If OO lfi3"' l nrgigiiii ' g ,vvetb n 1 .--T- .-N-A-M .-m-l- wig 0 0an'A L Bill hlilnn lCd Dellaquilla Don Dileo Dick Burton Lewis Xlartin Clarence Tucker Wm. Sehrott Vic. Santone Cleo. Colaizzi Yirgil Cimador Vito Latroniea Dan Castleforte Paul Mazzei Bill Heilman Football Team Co-Capzainx. .... George Colaizzi, Dick Burton Manager .......... ................ B ob Rodden .fffrixtant .Mazzagwz . . . . ..... Carl Kramer Water Boy ........ .... -I im hladden Axrirtanr Coarh. .. .... A. K. Grupe Fafully .Manager .... ...... L . Speer john Sant Rfl' Carmen DeStefano L.'l' John Santora Q.B Frank Cardone L.Q Frank Diamond L.H Ed Sullivan C john Henderson R.H. Stanley Caleombe R.Q Bill Merritt FB john DiLucchio R.T Harold Brown l, F john Larner RF john hlylan C Ralph Anderson Q.B James Jordan R.Q Roy Brandi F.B Nick Porco R.T Joe LaPresti R.H Tom Matthews Q.B john Haunty F.B John Blackwell RH Fred Formechella QB Tom Reghard F.B Harry Davis L.Q Harold lNIcClintoek G john Klason C Felix Yannotti 'l' William Brown R.Q Boots Garland 'F Robert O,Brien Joe Demase H521 Coarh . . . Illanagrry .. Vliilliam Allan John Antoniono Frank Beal Aldo Castelli Robert Coyne Louis Brown B. Campbell F. Champion Gym Team SENIORS Henry Etheridge Charles Laratonda Russel Lightfoot Elmer Lynn jerry Massabro joe hlirenzi juxlokb J. Ferraro Charles Horne H. Johnson R. Mascaro f33l ...,.............J.H.Harsky Dan Carretta. Richard Carretta R. Palandro Joe Pegnato Armand Yolturno john Wood Mike Yannotri B. lX'lcArthur Jack Slack V. Smith Boys' Athletics BASKETBALL Westinghouse will have to wait at least one more year for that coveted championship in basketball. This season's squad, although it flashed brilliant form at times, lacked both the height and consistency which go to make cham- pions. The team aside from Art Lombardi and jim Ladeda looked like midgets when taking the floor against most of their opponents. Coach Zahniser's squad looked fairly good in pre-season encounters. Clean-cut victories were recorded over Homestead and East Pittsburgh while close decisions were dropped to Alle- gheny and Har-Brack. In the first half of city-league play the Silver Lake shooters outscored Washington Vocational, Connelly Trade, and Schenley but were downed by Fifth Avenue, South, Peabody, and Allderdice. The second half of the season opened with a pair of impressive victories over our arch rivals, Peabody and Con- nelly Trade. Westinghouse hopes immediately soared skyward but when Ladeda and Renn reported for the injury list the "hope which springs eternal" died an immature death. In its crippled state, Westinghouse fell victim to Fifth Avenue, South, Washington Vocational, and Schenley but regained its stride in the season's finale with Allderdice. The Squirrel Hillers needed this game to clinch the cham- pionship play-off, but the fine veterans, Ladeda, Art Lombardi, Squirt Renn, George Valentine, and Jim Harvey played an inspired game soundly trouncing the Green and White. Sidelights-Jim Ladeda placed sixth in city scoring and was high scorer for a second straight year at Westinghouse with 106 points. Art Lombardi was second with 79 points. Westinghouse's victories over Peabody and Allderdice eliminated these teams from the exceptionally close title race. Finally, Westinghouse won 8, lost 10 games. BASEBALL For many years Westinghouse has been declining as a baseball power. Then. last spring our diamond-men were without a doubt the surprise of the league when they ended a close second to Peabody in Section A-1 play. This year, when Mr. Zahniser takes over the coaching duties from Mr. Grupe, he will have but one regular back in uniform. This will be ace moundsman, Phillip Muse. The make-up of the rest of the squad is rather hazy with the first practice sessions yet to be held. However, with interest once more aroused, Westinghouse should turn out another strong contender. TRACK Seven city championships in ten years-that is the record that Coach Harsky has made in his decade of directing the Gold and Blue thinclads. Last year's title was barely captured by a 2 and 6fl0 of a point margin over the nearest rival, Allderdice. Nine of last yearis stellar squad have been handed their sheep- skins leaving Harry Walters, Hindu Henderson, and John Robinson to carry on with the sixty or more green recruits that turned out for the first practice session. The first showing of our cindermen was an indoor meet in March at the Pitt Pavillon. After two dual meets and a regional, the city title will go on the block at Pitt Stadium in June. The outstanding performers will then go to Penn State to compete against the best talent which the P.I.A.A. can offer. i343 ' ' -AYPQI' W-- GYM TEAM During the past two decades, Westinghouse Gym Teams, both Junior and Senior, have captured city honors almost annually. The year 1940 was another Bulldog year. Coach Harsky's proteges won the city championship in both divisions of competition. The senior school, led by Henry Etheridge, had some trouble nosing out a strong Fifth Avenue squad, 615 to 605. Baxter junior High was the runner-up to the Gold and Blue "Pups" Etheridge led the scoring with two firsts and a second place. Castelli and Pegnato also took number one spots in their respective events. Second places were garnered by Lightfoot and Volturno. Last spring, in state competition, Westinghouse took fourth place against the outstanding schools in Pennsylvania, and this year with the loss of only one man by February graduation shows definite promise towards as good a performance. SWIMMING TEAM June graduation last year took the nucleus of the greatest squad of splashers in the history of the school. The Grupe-coached mermen have gone two years without dropping a dual meet. With the loss of such stars as Hartranft, McKenzie, Grant, and Cox, this yearis team will have a hard task in carrying on the West- inghouse habit of winning. hfost promising holdovers are divers Richard Britton and Ray Ashcom. But lvlatson, a breast stroker, will also be back. From his newcomers Coach Grupe is enthusiastically pointing to the possibilities of Ray Brandi and John Hurlbert. FOOTBALL Only one regular from the championship 1939 squad answered Coach Bur- ton's twenty-fifth annual call for candidates. It was around this boy, George Colaizzi, All-Scholastic fullback in 1939 and 1940, that the team was built. When the opening whistle blew at Altoona, the green material which had reported for practice had been molded into a smooth-working organization. On the ends, Pro started Willie Mihm and Bill Schrottg his tackles were Ed Dellaquilla and Clarence Tucker. Dom Dileo and Lou Martin, rugged guards, Hanked Dick Burton at center. The backfield found Vic Santone barking the signals, John Henderson and George Colaizzi paired at the halfbacks, and Vito Latronica at fullback. The cocaptains of the squad were Dick Burton and George Colaizzi. Bob Rodden managed the team, assisted by Earl Kramer and Ace Parker. When the Bulldogs travelled to Altoona, they carried with them a fifteen- game winning streak, which had carried them to two consecutive city titles. Altoonals heavy, experienced team, however, proved too much for the scrappy Lakers and Westinghouse was completely outscored 20-0. First downs stood at seven each, and the Mountain City papers praised the fine play of our team. The following week, with Danny Castleforte on quarter back and Santone shifted to halfback, an aroused bunch of Bulldogs met Kiski at the Silver Lake Bowl. The Preppers were completely outplayed, and first and third period scores by Colaizzi were the results of long drives behind the hard-charging Gold and Blue line. The league season opened with Westinghouse the choice of all three city papers to capture another city title. The ease with which Allderdice, a really good team, was beaten seemed to indicate that the predictions were accurate. f85l i861 BASKETBALL CVUIIFII NIV. Zahniscl TRA C K ffflllfll Mr, Harsky TENNIS Spfmxnr X Ir. Harsky Westinghouse had one of its best afternoons as it rolled a 20-6 tally. Colaizzi scored three touchdowns and a conversion. The other conversion was a pass to Mihm. Undefeated Schenley was the next victim to meet the high-riding Bulldog eleven. The game was played on the Bellefielders' wind-swept field. Santone scored Westinghousefs first touchdown after a sixty-yard march. The game then settled into one of the roughest brawls of many seasons with both teams sus- taining the loss of several players because of injuries. In the final period, Tucker blocked a Schenley punt, which Vito Latronica turned into a touchdown. The final score stood Westinghouse 12, Schenley 0. Now it was thought no one would stop the march of Westinghouse toward the city title. In the big game of the year, the following week, was the annual battle against our ancient rivals from Peabody. The first blood was drawn by West- inghouse on a Cimador-to-Mihm pass. Peabody then turned on a brilliant passing attack of their own to score three big touchdowns. The 18-6 upset was the first city league defeat suffered by Westinghouse since 1937. The Peabody disaster was thought to be the ultimate low for Westinghouse, but, alas, the worse was yet to come. The following week the Bulldogs traveled to Monument Hill to meet lowly, oft-beaten South. Only once in twenty-five years of rivalry had the Orieles humbled mighty Westinghouse. After the morning papers came out, the editor was besieged with calls to tell him of the typographical error on his sport page. It canft happen here: South 12-Westinghouse 6. fblame it on Knute Rockneg he invented the forward passl. The last game of the season found unbeaten South Hills opposing Westing- house, the underdog, for a change, on a field of mud and snow. With South Hills' passing attack shackled, our team went to work and rolled up 26 points against the dazed city champions. The high light of the afternoon was Mazzei's interception and 70 yard runback of a South Hill's pass. Thus ended the 1940 football season with Westinghouse looking confidently toward a championship in 1941. Sidelight:-Several boys were named on the Sun Telegraphic All-City team. Dom Dileo, Dick Burton, and George Colaizzi were given first team spots while on the second team was found Clarence Tucker, Lou Martin, and Vic Santone. The Presf named George Colaizzi most valuable player. Bill Schrott on account of his great playing at Altoona was given honorable mention by the Philadelphia Record? All-State squad. VOLLEYBALL In 1940 Westinghouse went to the state finals in volleyball, then, Munhall and defeat. This year the Gold and Blue netmen regained the title of state champs which they held from 1936-1939. After brushing aside all local opposition, West- inghouse was invited to represent district 8 of the P.I.A.A. at the State College meet. The Burton-tutored spikers walloped Waverly in the quarter finals. Cora- opolis took the first game in the semifinals, but Westinghouse came back to save the day with two impressive wins. Lancaster, in the finals, was easily disposed of by the inspired Lakers. This year's squad was made up of Will Mihm, Johnny Santora, Stan Calcombe, Charles Arnold, Al Checcio, and Art Lombardi. , ROBERT RODDEN lf 87 1 ISS! BASEBALL Cllrlffl R111 Crupc BOYS' SENIOR LEADERS Xfr. BLIVIOII FENCING fff??XH14jI'Yfl wiZ ii? i'TiinOVZZ5ff fx 'f l' gfrgg 4 xswfi ' fgdgigiii zb f "r H L i M. . - - i ii' 1 M ? " 1 ff, .4 n -- '!! Mil 'zflidsilla-.LIU :LE 2 f1 a diggs?-Qfaff, ff X LY ' 'l' + v "TLV Pm" 2 W I , - ' .1 f1'1'5 "ff 5 mmm 'Ulm X x . fr? A.T2..,1,4r' f f My pf EJ. 1 YN . gtT.Ba1Tn1't x L M-Kdlvcf 4 'I Pgf f 5 1 X J- X ,oxrfrff ' rj' I Spun '55 TBZQAY NX x f'N -q , t I f X X f ' N f 1 f. f kg Q X nt fx Q65 a sk Q K! 5 J 7 , j f XX ' If f X A , .ff- fT.,-- gba X' v '- : ff '-"' if Xxx ' M 25" In Q .X TIF f A Q1 .I V I I ' ,- jj! Vf,'-, !AH.FrQn72 . i ,Aff T I I ff y ' '2QrtUJaLKbr Y ,fg57fi:- - ' 7gggjf,vLf7y'yf TAA- lroo A.r1. Sahel- VRS. 'bfwffpfb T I-"M" NITG Before' ffnal., Nexf' Da ?e"f0f4 ,f Qsf - riff if ' TG 51' fl Q' ' To: ,Terr And +0 'HHIIK I 5'f3yeJl.h W- S+ vel ical If' ZW! C L frogs -.. J ff' I29 ff X893 921 GIRLS' JUNIOR LEADERS IW-.fif!,'11l Ifilccn Curlx S,'m'1'n11'.x' Yifgilliil Lloyd Spffmmr Bliss Snu- GIRLS' SENIOR LEADERS l'1'f',ffzff'1ll lh-len llzidgis ffm' f'l'f'jfzfz'lll lulzmdza l,isul1:1 .N','f'1v'f11r'-x' Olga DcXlnmiczx 7'f'rf1.r1m'1' Dorut hy' SPCCI' Swirl! l.'f111fr111f111 Lois l'ZI'iL'liSUll Spffzmfz' Xllsskl.1Llx GIRLS' NON- SWIMMERS l'f'1'.vi11'r11l xrkllillldll cxiCC2lI'L'Hi Sm'f'rl111Qv lfnnnu Rrislun .Npm1,mr Xliss SIICL' GIRLS' TENNIS Sjwllljllf' Miss Jack LITTLE SISTERS frllrlifllltlll Patsy '1'oxx'c1's hmwrlurbx' Kliss Succ BIG SISTERS i,'f111i1'n1f1H Bully' XIZIIILHIIIQ f.'rf-lffmiz-111f1z Sarah Stein Iiflzliuc Cart Ruth Pz11'1'lsl1 Olga DcKIonica 'l'l1c1'cs:1 Perla 1 i931 Girls' Athletics Under the vigilant supervision of lVIiss Jack, lNIiss Kann, lwliss Cook, and Miss Snee, the girls of the athletic department have again marched on to victory, not only by mounting scores in sports, but also by lifting Westinghouse morale. SENIOR ACTIVITIES The physical education teachers were unable to sponsor any senior interclass sports this semester because of the dubious results of the tuberculosis tests taken by all the senior girls wishing to participate in interclass activities. It proved to be a disappointment to many, for most of the senior girls look forward to interclass competition. JUNIOR ACTIVITIES The Junior Teniquoit Tournament, sponsored by Miss Snee, was very success- ful this season. Fine cooperation of the captains and their teams made the tourna- ment an enjoyable one. Having won all the games they played, the members of Dorothy Stevens' team proved to be victors. The tournament was efficiently managed by Patsy Towers, and Junior Leaders acted as referees and scorekeepers. ATHLETIC CLUBS The Nonswimmers Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Snee, is quite a pop- ular club for 7B girls who are eager to learn to swim. Thirty'two girls joined the club last semester. The results in January were as follows: 6 girls became length swimmers, 8 girls were able to swim between 3 and S widths, 8 girls swam from 1 to 3 widths, while 6 learned only to float. Three girls moved away during the semester, and one girl is still struggling diligently to learn to float. The girls who are length swimmers are: june Powell, Patricia McCall, Emma Bristou, Dorothy Parke, Cora Miles, and Doris Posch. Many Westinghouse girls are quite interested in tennis, consequently, these girls are members of the popular tennis club. Under the guidance of Miss Jack, the group is taught the rules which will enable them to play a good game. Several have displayed exceptional ability this season. Who knows, we may have another Alice Marble among us? Many a fine form has swum through the rippling water of the girls' swimming pool this semester. These wonderful exhibitions are attributed to the girls who are members of the Life Saving Club directed by Miss Cook. These girls are taught not only to excel in swimming, but also to rescue drowning victims. Being a member of the junior Leaders Club is the first step toward becoming a Senior Leader. This organization, under the sponsorship of Miss Snee, aids teachers and students in all possible ways, especially in physical education work. The members have undertaken several worthwhile projects: making dolls for the Babies' Home, sponsoring the Big and Little Sisters' Frolic each semester, and conducting the junior interclass sports. GIRLS' SENIOR LEADERS Why is the goal of almost every girl in Westinghouse to become a Senior Leader? This is an exceptionally easy question to answer. All we have to do is turn back a few pages in the history of the club, and there the facts will be revealed. So that they might make many children happy, these girls, under the sponsorship of Miss Jack, undertook to provide Christmas gifts for children at the juvenile Home, scrapbooks for children in the neighboring hospitals, and bibs for numerous little unfortunates. So as to do their share in aiding the poor, a charity dance was held-the proceeds of which went to a worthy fund. Spreading good cheer and happiness is only a part of their program. Their good will has even extended abroad. Afghans, sweaters, wristlets, and scarfs are some of the noteworthy projects which have been contributed to the Red Cross. The leaders are now working on a program which they will present to the children of the Juvenile Home in the near future. Their industriousness is unsurpassed, and merit is in everything they undertake. MARY ORSINI l94l we 9th AND 10th GRADE GIRL RESERVES l'z',1v1zfwf1l Durrmllly' POIICI' ffm' l'1'1'.Yfflw11f ,loam llunlcr Srrrflflrnx' Mzzrgzxxvt Sugdcn 1'rnmH'r1' Allllf' IBVZICIQCII Lnznlfzl Rfp, lilizubctll Sugnlcn Spmzfrn' X liss Hindcrcl' 11th AND 12th GRADE GIRL RESERVES l'rf,fl1ff'11l xlill-jUI'lL' Rcnu ffm' l'r'f,vfzf1'r1! Betty I'IZlI'I'lS Swrrrlzll'-X' Xlargarct Halma Y'n'1.15111v'r Ifdlth X lcrz ffnllmif ,Ilwmfffr Sllfirll l.'l1airnn111 lzlhcl Sclwfcx' Xllss C1rllI1lhs GIRLS' LIFE SAVING Swr'rr'l flry Helena flrccuc Sflllllyll' Nliss Cook Dorothy Allan Alaelc Allan Xlarion Arnold Nora Bailey Dorothy lieclunan Grace Boyle Margaret liurliliart Dick Burton Lois Clawson Xlorris Caretta Klargaret Colueei 'l'lieresa Cutuli llenrietta D'Alo Gloria D'."Xllonso Willa Decliert joseph Dernase Paul DiStasi Olga DcNlonica National l-lonor Society 1Yrrz'4'111l1f'r, 1940 Gertrude DeYita Bliehael Esposito Henry Etheridge Josephine Fagnani Helen Hadgis Lois Haus Ruth Hieber XYilliam Higgins Anna Holllneister Luey Isher Ruth Lauterbaeh lfarl Leland Joseph Liotta Iolanda Lisotta Jean Ludwig Beulah hlakel Klary Ursini Norman Us ni u ndsen lfyerest 'l'rilli Betty Yandling l96l Donald Over Gloria Petrilli Bert Pollock ljugene Portas Francis Ranallo Roy Rice Emma Rose Ida Sansosti Marie Scialahha Godfrey Seiullo Lydia Shento Dorothy Speer .-Xrthur Stein Dolores Stahl lfya Stanton Dorothy Statlciexxiw Peggy Stewart Robert Talaaes OUR CLASSMATES an ua 2 U 1 S' 5 5 Q e 5 3 5 1 I 1 cn E u 41 9 I ua on L' U I Q i 1 :JA .,. lrflrrfrft '7"""1 W V zvqimxi-'ul9Ynw'5'lW5" M, g ' ' -' f ' ' i 4 I ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Q In behalf of the 1941 graduating classes the Sketch iBook Staff wishes to express its sincere appreciation Ito Miss Louise Hetherington, Mrs. Martha Anderson, lMiss Gertrude Hunter, Mr. joseph Harsky, Mr. Walter prim, Miss Ruby jack, Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson, lMcKee Studio, Mr. Elwell of the Reliance Engraving fcompany, and Mr. Chalmers sivitef of Thomas swim BL Co., Printers, for their help in compiling the mate- rial for the 1941 Sketch Book. r V Z -'N I iw gif 'li Lfinifa. .f , I5 .xi fQf' 32 gg' 'hi ' -fd ' : . . LQ'-. M Mk, , .A IPF, 1' , ug 5'-.4 .1-'16 f-M k EI is-ff"'m 702 fi' 'J , , 4555 A t A fE"Y?ff, -are 5 Ml 4,53 if TF? X 'if,ggf'i xyly , f P ,Qf54flQ sfgbf, -,V YN ' 1 7 K A fgilf 'pa Xlligifgg lfxleuf rffiftf VX I lay' lj tt XE! 'I 5'-fflfltval ISN I YT- I-'DRESIGHT X u W that lwes LC, through the years 0 -A y A stroke of your pen might 3 -Xf' fl f A change the entire course of your family's future. It requires planning and fore- sight, of course, to map out and set up a sound plan for the management of your estate in years to come. But isn't it time well spent -when your foresight may mean happiness and content- ment for others for years to come? Think it over. Then consider how trust service can be helpful to you and your family. We will gladly discuss with you, and with your attorney if you Wish, the various ways in which we serve Lmen who wish to provide financial security for their families, QP!!-'l!l.RRETpQQ!!. Eb!! 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