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K 'BL fvwg .ff r-"' I x . g er, f r- f W Vw JQV ' 1 5 , . Q' ' ' 4,,f"' , 'ya 4'72o0b 1, yi: ,5 if F' 1 'fl-lcd? X blq,iywxg ,kJQlQv wvg. 7 ...-....'fL"""H f .J N F 5 f 'f A XXX-S, x 'cj Af 'lf D WMM fl Diff -,sf as 6 O L n ' 21 sv 0'O..,, xl X ff y I 5, q 3 , ,jx ,J 5 frf' J' L ,K f I f ,K , fb' P-Z, ff? , 'XIX Qclyk - 7. ll 1'L'J' JL 1137! Vi! ' ,g7,f?M . iq my f , jpg P11776 Offwcf' Z K 'B 9 --,-, 70 :?f7rfv1M7 .ff ,wwf fvqg VXNMWBV ' 2 WI Ag? fr ,ffm PW-359 , W 3' IJLUNN J! 04: LL gf! A 0 -Ju' J 'f' !-J" jgfdryjbx . Liiffxyjff' .QUGJ - , V' I M. A . b AQQJ ' Q I, , , L W , ' T A 7 ' ' --+1-E, 15f:,4:..,.4!i,...Qzf3, ,4, ' , ,, V ' I ljjgxi -L l vkv- .7 iwxbld I -, ' M Q W5 1fn'j'+ ff9T ,J F" X My ,fi i xv f mf f 57 J Lib fx 1-2 ,vf Q, W Q ' VJ! a.,.g,f' ' ' vgg,?1"' Eifwl.-K1 QW?-fk U' 'A . J ' ' Akiijx. 'H Mk! D ' J Lf! V ' -f,vV"' ' ' ' - 5. ,X QW wif , f7g,6J . x ZMMWQ A V-4.9, 4,4-4 J M QF if am A Wm 'Aff' swwmmfqiibdxdi 'dbg' pfis-Sw SQ ' L- M Sw 14" .Q f .Si . D - MX 'Jw Nmwpr " Q 3 58 2040 rmr' 'u UJZQB 22 2 "'A . 1 n 1 in ,, I 4 - A . W GU! 79 Q vfffi, OfU5- X QQ. QSQQ4- 5. ZQ,ffMl ffm pfly ' JN C32 yep ix? txfffok ff?-z,f2e.?44a!Q Aga Jaaljc 29 ,yqif ,A pci 6. iff' ZZ., F '95 Z7 L - , ff QJL ,7,,.4,, ,pdl . . f X42 1 64,711 C 1,- N- QQLLJKMWMMWX GX WLQORD , ,A I . A v ova vA, O.,-cn' WQUWW MC-5 X - gi? ,fi , 'ETH luvm 66 1500 l if aj fb Sfyfw fl Wy 7, My Kay Q sf Nvfiifgqfig lv sv A w . 5 3 H ., W 4 , gf ' m , If .., .. 2: 5, f' v"y PQ, ,-4,- I ,1 I ! Ind! wt, . nr- . "' :yup .W -an-WWE' iw mu 2'-4.11 lr 'W .1 Ar '5n.,4 Wm x4f.: 4 45" , 3i.f,l,L'L 'Vs qqav ,, Ay ,fuel W 'WW W1 Mwwwgffi fg2g,W2w W f ,XX Q, N .., sl X X ' 3 ' Q S x ,hkg-Q Q Qjix, Kiiivx, X Q15 ' 'x ,. 4, 6 L, I I .-i 'I P L11 11Jv,i,a,,., 'IIYJZJCQLL t ' IU" M' J4,f 1jLjgif 'W r.!LQ-'H-pIz1,l.?J" 'rf J "i' WIFI 'D W ADM.: V 1 ,Qi I If I LL- My K cb L . if 1 3 fvb .ff X-, -XJ, I 'LL I A I ' bn' 'I . ,Ir f f my pm if U: lf 9 mb? V I Mfu' Il' f If If I I 9.1 If I fl, X 1, L". IM .f?fv'7b 'LLQM G. C. MARSHALL HIGH SCHQOLW IU' 2323 LEESBERG PIKE UI' FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA VOLUME 1 ting? my M, as J W WBLUEPRINT 3 I Mgt, GMEEVV I Contractors 'QI 4 I Q .xfflf nf' Q3 AR WV tt' Laborers xg5QWw A Block-Busters Trade Unions Overtime Stockholders 2 Nl siiiitmllilfffrfj Pa C ' gel 'U Jai Wy' ' v X5 X A M Q' l -.xx -X XX. SN X 'Q Y .X . 3 X Page 64 gqgfxgg Pa e 92 S it iigifvfticwewwud g 3:7511 X4 K' It ll' X A A A ' N A When a school comes into existence, it does not :N J 'R attain stature easily. It is'the result of the combined Pa C efforts and achievements of students and faculty. g ' I Inspired by our teachers, we have acquired l quickly the blocks of leadership. Organizations, Ax J izlubs, agdfstudelnt goverjnment are hacfwomplishijd , A . A acts an orm t e oun ation on w ic to ui . P Sl. 1 MX' Jl Through the growth of our school we can contri- QP V fl bute to the total growth of Fairfax County, for Q we feel that a strong school results in a strong . 'T -,.f ' A . c mum . ly qflf f J Q e, the, first "Statesmen" take pride in being fflfl 915' Adv pjllkof George C. Marshall High School. Ji! QL. E I A A , ,QE L nl W fill 19 5 , lilly ilflwli if W f .il M T, t fl? AW. . ' 1 fl WMM if VMS' lk tl ll Nl Associate Editor Associate Editor Photography Editor Advertising Editor Business Editor 'V mv Staff KATHLEEN BUCKLEY SUSAN IVES JACK LUCAS GARFIELD ROSENGREN LISA SMITH 3 - Faculty And Administration ,ov 5 This was a year to begin, a tradition-forming, precedent- setting year. These' were the months that determined the personality of G e o r g e C. Marshall High School, In this first year, a teacher was not just a teacher, nor a principal, a principal o n I y. They were school builders. Co- operative people in the com- munity helped. Ot special as- sistance were the informative visits to the home of General George C. Marshall, There, in Leesburg, through wa rm pleas- ant chats with Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Hertzler gained invalu- able knowledge of our "states- man." Mr. Hertzler Wins Admiration . Mr. Elam K. Hertzler Principal Every new high school is erected to answer a specific need. George C. Marshall High School was the result of a population explosion in Fair- fax County. On November 27, l96l the engineer staked out the property lines, today so well de- fined. The school board sought the ideal person to whom this school would be dedicated, and chose George C. Marshall, soldier and statesman. As the "Architect of Victory," he became our guiding symbol to erect a citadel of knowledge. The construction of our school began on March 29, l962. Less than nine months later students and faculty arrived. Having learned to do without gyms, cafeteria, or auditoriums, we felt ready to appreciate all now at our disposal. As soldiers we tried to adapt ourselves, as statesmen we hope to become a meaningful addi- tion to our community. The architect for the vigorous life and spirit of George C. Marshall High School has been our principal, Elam K. Hertzler. By virtue of his experience, our first and most difficult year has gone smoothly. Mr. Hertzler received his M. A. in Administration from Eastern Michi- gan University. With fifteen years of experience behind him, much of it in Fairfax County High School, and five years experience on the college level, we have been most fortunate to obtain him from James Madison High School, where he served as Assistant Principal. imbued with a deep reverence and knowledge of the life of George C. Marshall, Mr. Hertzler transferred this loyalty to the faculty and students. Mr. Hertzler gives final directions to Mr. Johnson before moving from McLean High School. Staff Deserves Credit MR. PAGE T. JOHNSON The administrative team that meets daily with Mr. Hertzler to set our policies functions as a strong radar guiding the activities of faculty and students to safety and success. First on the line is T. Page Johnson, Assistant Principal for Administration. Abounding with energy, he travels with logic and decision through the innumerable situations and assignments that go with school and the physical care of the plant. Mr. Johnson received his A. B. and A. M. de- grees from George Washington U. A graduate of Fairfax Schools, and o former teacher in the county, he is well aware of the needs of the community, MR. CLINTON DeBUSK MRS. CHARLOTTE CONGER Equally vital on the team is Clinton DeBusk, Assistant Principal for Instruction, who assists the instructional approach of the faculty and directs student organizations. Armed with an academic background in the humanities, Mr. DeBusk earned his M. A. in Education at the University of Vir- ginia. He has published a study of local Virginia history. A veteran of Fairfax High School, as ln- structional Assistant Principal, we look to him to help us establish our philosophy. Completing the administrative group, Mrs. Charlotte Conger, as Guidance Director brings a vibrant community interest to bear on our school problems and policies. Enriched with wide journal- istic experience, Mrs. Conger examines each issue with objectivity and optimism. Her work in the field of Public Relations, after obtaining an A. B. at the University of Wisconsin, provided a breadth of experience. Our administration confers daily in order to discuss school policies. f , Qi 7 -E ,e ..lz'fl' . T- ,fy-c V fav- I 5 Virginia Anderson Mary Briskin B.A. Madison College A.B. Emory U., M.A. U. of English, Public Speaking North Carolina- American Civilization, English, Creative Writing Dept., Chairman, Reveille, sponsor English Department . Communication, critical thinking, reading for full comprehension and enjoyment, and creative writing are the fundamentals which the English Department tries to inculcate. The English Depart- ment, by teaching the mechanics of language, provides the solid foundation upon which other subjects can grow and expand. Enrichment courses, such as journalism, crea- tive writing, and dramatics give students the impetus to produce a yearbook, newspaper, maga- zine, and plays. With such willing and capable teachers, the achievement. A , sv-we blQx -iv Wayne Chester Margaret DelBene Darrell Fleming B.A. North Carolina U. B.A. Good Counsel College A,B, Union College English, Journalism English English Rank. and. File,. sponsor John Reese, applies the master's touch. z f -5 ' M' . .rf N. U sf. luv: H .1 li Q 77. V 0-rig?-4 i 3 ' if 'fl' iw "" vi: fl tn if su, Qu- ... it l My " - - . f-.. ,lr . i Q Unldizf--'y"1' Betty Keenan A. B. Rosemont College, M.A. Western Reserve U. I Distributive Education, English Columbian, sponsor, DECA, Breakfast Club 8 department opens wide the doors for student Preston Haynie A.B. M. A. Colege of William and Mary American Civilization, English Philosophy Club sponsor 4'N ll. . 5' 'VI I 1 - Shirley Kotheimer B.A. New Hampshire U., M.A Stanford U. English Quill 8- Scroll, sponsor , I Basis Of Learning A C team teaching means planning plus Pls 9- Y - fx. M. . it in .. , P A v 'i fri- -5 V-ih F Wfi?'iff3?'7:F?f , 1- -.. args: x A r. ' N N It . 'E' v ff" .1-in Louise Acton B.A. M.S. Mt. Holyoke Remedial Reading i l I in i s J nf' fwfepf' f L xi John Reese Jeanne Singel AB- COUGQE of William Gnd B.S. University of Wisconsin Mary English Drama, American History Pep Club Director of Drama, Drama Club "Now hear this," declares Mr. Chester. Ido Tracy A.B. M.A. University of California English American Field Service l 9 L. l -aw-5 James Weddle Yvonne Willis B.S. College of William and B.A. University of Michigan Mary English English Forensic sponsor ' o I5-T PIS Mr. Hills shows bills Joseph Hills B.S. Lock Haven State American Civilization, World History Department Chairman x Q rx l. 91 V2.7 Norman Bradford Armand Sebastianelli B. S, Shepherd College B.S. Blaomsburg State College World Geog., Modern History, Geography Health and Phys. Ed. Debate team sponsor J.V. Football Coach, Varsity Baseball Coach Past, Present, A comprehensive view of the world around us is the result of the Social Studies curriculum. Teachers daily expand and revise material during sessions in the teachers work center. The ad- vanced courses are in areas of world civilization, anicent and medieval history, and American civili- zation. Audio visual aids make the scenes of American History come to life. Williamsburg--revisited on slides gives a vibrant picture of colonial days, while frequent are the student mock-debates of current affairs. A bit of dramatic fun takes over when the class decides to portray a famous lesson in history. Tapes, movies, charts, discussions, and directed reading all combine to make the Social Studies Department alive. NESS, T lsucile Scott Donald Smith Mary Victory 55- UWVGVSITY of Alabama B.A. M.A. East Carolina B.A. University of Washington W0"ld GEOQFODVW College American Civilization, American History American History Jr. Honor Society sponsor, A.F.S. sponsor Al. U .ei 51 LSAQF- -'H 'ff-, ,Q ulilrvs Q55 QA, "' 1f"fC"'3"'l1' gm '?':S.frff.,525L! Y. 5521 ME, -' - iE,.,Il, ' . ea sz, is v ... .JJLMLS 5.1!-ef 11-in .f H N ,W ,.. ' 1 'L lib" . V .v,n.:.v, 'J'- .x' 1' Under Mr. Tischler's capable direction, lab. assistants and students stock up. Through the untiring efforts of a newly- organized staff, the Science Department pro- vided' a challenge to scientifically-minded individuals. The endeavors of the staff to offer new opportunities and to open up new horizons to the students are evident in the courses offered. ln addition to the general curriculum are such accelerated courses as CHEM Chemistry, Bio- Chemistry, Physics, and the increasingly impor- tant study of Earth Science. Here the impetus for national preparedness is met on the high school level with wi -a ake experimental classes. I5 . 1. . "This frog didn't crook, but l may," says Mr. Snavely. Jean Gravlin B.A, Houghton College v French, Latin , . Department Chairman The Language Department, along with the L no , 1 rest of the school, got off to a "foreign start." n" 1--Q .s L '-Q However, once established in our own building, , , ll i'i1' " U the department had at its disposal a modern and well equipped language laboratory. "Qui, io Porlo ffonCoiS"-S0 SGY fho SfUdon'fS Of Mr- Tf00D'S Language clubs increased student awareness Class of the cultural background and civilization of the country studied. "Fasching" parties, Roman ban- quets, and restaurant trips added flavor. Gateway To wir, 14.1. Kelfh BOWGY Sfephen Mohler, Martha Rudnicki Rose Tigani AB- WClShll'lQT0f1 31 Lee, BA- MA- GEQVQG WC'5l""l9'0"' A.B. Lebanon Valley College B.A. American University MA. A. U. of Virginia U-t French German French 5DOnl5l'1 Debate team sponsor "der deutsche Verein" sponsor French Club sponsor 'V -Eg., , , , 'Q - S 'R ""QA f-a.,l f - Harrison Troop Nola Turner Pgul Yates Mabel Bulger B.A. George Woshinston AB- Concord College A.B. Woodstock College B.A. Wells College University 5D0Fl'Sl1 Latin Spanish French, Spanish Latin Club sponsor 12 D tv- , A Elizabeth Rosenberger . B.A. Westhampton College , F" Algebra l 1 x Department chairman ll z fy! X, I L, George C. Marshall High School has one of the newest and finest Mathematics Departments in Fairfax County. It represents the trend in secondary education. The adoption of the new SMSG study exemplifies this advance. Students enjoy a variety of business and voca- Mr. Putziger is all tied up with Math. tional mathematics. The Modern Worldgjjerg W' iv .bk-2. fl Charles Baker Richard Barrett James Branscome Daniel Bridge B.A. University of Delaware B.A. Glenville State College B,S, Concord College B.S, East Carolina College Gen. Math, Algebra, Geometry Gen. Math Geometry Algebra, Geometry Basketball Coach, Asst. Football Coach DUN. ,sl VVM V wa ,..g5., , James Earl Ernestine Hulen Bernard Putziger Ralph Sykes B.S. Maryland University B.S. Troy State College B.S. American University A.B. Atlantic Christian, Mathematics Algebra Mathematics MA. Duke Geometry 13 5 . ,Vu Mt, ji J .1 'T 1 it .it ? 255 I , I , lil 5 - Forrest Hutton B.S. West Virginia Institute of Technology Mechanical Drawing, Shop Department Chairman, Track, Freshman Football V-, . i .. 's'i it A iw XX 3' John Gouldin Edith VanDeventer B.S., Virginia Polytechnic B.S., Radford College, M. Ed., Institute Virginia Polytechnic Institute Electronics I, Mechanical Home Economics Drawing I, IIA, IIB. F.H.A., Breakfast Club, Department Chairman "Sew what," quips Mrs. Van Deventer. JI The world of electronics opens up to Mr. Gouldin's class. Practical And By offering several specialized courses, the Industrial Arts Department assures the student of an excellent background with which to enter any one of the industrial fields. Included in these programs is the electronics course, which strives to give students a knowledge of the basic funda- mentals of electronics. Another specialized field is mechanical draw- ing, a basic course designed to help the students to learn the fundamentals ot drawing, and to de- velop an understanding upon this subject. Subse- quent courses include: industrial drawing, the more specialized phase of mechanical drawing as it is used in modern industry, and architectural drawing, a course devoted to the field of archi- tectural drafting. The Home Economics Department, headed by Mrs. VanDeventer, has had at its disposal mo- dern and attractive fa- cilities. An up-to-date kitchen, and the latest thing in sewing ma- chines have made "househoId tasks" a pleasure. ff I - I Reba Gail Wilburn B.S., Columbia College Biology, Home Economics F.N.A. 4 Cultural Arts xmxw Geor e Horan Elinor Schaible B. Mus., Ed., Boston B. Mus., Ohio Wesleyan University University, M.A., Tufts Band Director University Choral Music Cincert Choir I -- li- A -Plc Music floats in liquid notes in Mr. Horan's band. Sights and sounds have made their rounds at George C. Marshall. The Art and Music Depart- ments, through their combined efforts and talents, have rapidly become an integral part of our school. The influence of the Art Department, under the guidance of Mr. William Tidewell, was felt not only by the individual student but also by the entire student body. Students worked to beautify and personalize the halls of our school with attrac- tive bulletin boards geared to the school seasons and events. The Music Department, under the leadership of Mr. George Horan, includes several bands and the choral groups. Long before school opened in the fall, the band groups were practicing, so that they could add spirit to our athletic games from the very beginning. The highlights of the musical season were the Christmas and spring concerts and a folk music program. William Tidwell June Atwood B.A., Fairmont State BJ: Eine ArtF,IRicl:n:ond . t. Mrs. Atwood's art class enjoys a lesson in fashion and design. A'I,r:'g,',f,b"' 'O esfilfpol, H5 ' U e Health And Physical Education Department . . '-2' ey, -. 5 William E. Cloud Roger Cole Mary Haskins Edmund .lanisziwski B.S- Phys- Ed-, Maryland B.S., James Orrnand Wilson B.s., Stetson University A.B., Glenville sraielcpuege, UFllVel'SlfY TeClCl'lel'5g College , Physical Education lll M.S., West Virginia Pl'1YSlCUl EdUCClll0l'l l, ll Bl0lOQY, Pl'lYSlCCll, EdUCGTl0l'l Assistant Department Director, University A Assistant Football Coach, Head Coach Varsity Football, G.A.A. Health 81 Physical Education Head Wrestling Coach Varsity Tennis Jr. Varsity Baseball ' -::, V ' JS I .aim film. ' '- - vt- - 'R F F rv- 'E' TX dir- -A . 1 . T' rf' . 1 ' .fl , , ' 1 Q Al Marvel Johnson Royal Snavely Denise Stephenson Jean Fay Wagoner B-Sl, Appalachian State B-A, Bridgewater College Bs. Wilson Teachers college B.s. secondary Ed., Radford TEClCl'lefS CQHEQS. Nl-A-1 Pl'1YSlCf-'ll EdUC0ll0fl, Bl0l0QY M.A. Maryland University College, Health 8, Phyiscal East C0l'0lllflU C0ll6QE, Science Health 8- Physical Education Education l, II Health.8t Physical Education Jr. Varsity Basketball Coach Varsity Field Hockey, Head Girls' Basketball Coach, Assistant Track Coach J.V. Girls' Basketball ASSlSfOl'If Softball Coach, Freshman Cheerleaders Cheerleaders 'That'll be 25 push-ups!" orders Coach Cloud. i Minus the usual building facilities until spring, teachers showed themselves ingenious and versa- tile in maintaining interest. Stott members de- lighted students with classes in bridge and isomet- rics imuscle tension trainingl. Team practices took place in neighboring schools who offered their facilities, and each Statesman team rolled up enviable records. When the new gyms opened, "Wool" was all we could say. Herbert Yost 'U B.S., West Virginia University, M.A. George Washington nr- University -pu... Physical Education Ill Director of Health and Physical Education Business Education Department In a country dedicated to efficiency and pro- fess in business, new methods and techniques are the subject of continual revision and study for teachers as well as for students. Many an experienced teacher today returns to industry to take a new course labeled "Programming" or "Advanced Card Punch Technique" in order to teach it in her own class. Time and motion studies, as well as cost stud- ies, require an optimum output on the part of each business employee. On the high school level, the Business Education Department, has become increasingly interesting to the student. Fostering this challenge, George C. Marshall High School offers the following courses: Typing l 8t ll, Shorthand l 84 Il, Bookkeeping, Clerical Office Practice, and Vocational Office Training, o course offered to seniors during which they participate in a cooperative work experience pro- gram in the community. Finally Personal Typing is given to assist students not directed towards Business Education. Typing skill is the backbone of our business training. T7 Ql1,l.lf" L C. .wi-fx ,V M 5 5251 5 'Stihl 'IS Geraldine Hudson Rita Crabill B.S., M.A. Ed., Central B.S. Ed., Madison College Missouri State College Typing I, Shorthand I Professional Typing I, ll, Keyetteg Bookkeeping Department Chairman 15. l. l R: Mary Hucks B.S. Bus., Econ., Winthrop College Typing I, General Business, Notehand 8. Personal Typing 1 W gl Qt -1 L .f-1. "Production tests are simply impossible!" 1 Guidance . 'N v' -. 'Qs Rudolph Bush Theodore Caras A.B. Bridgewater, M.Ed. U. of B.A. U. of Maine, M.A. U. of Virginia Maryland llth Grade Counselor l0th Grade Counselor, a ' "wi ' 11 7 -J ., ts 'X 5 E , . ' l . ell Martha Harrell B.S., M.A. Appalachian College 9th Grade Counselor w?,,.f.5--Y 'K are . af., 1 'E 5 -of ' Q C' 0 Paula Dunn Finance Officer Publications Advisor Indispensable A powerhouse of information is our Guidance Department. From each office comes information on scholarships, jobs, activities, and help with our most life-long subject, personal adjustment. Here teachers and counselors met with students and parents to plan satisfying school programs. Counselors helped clear the pathway between our temporary home at McLean and our impressive new school. Especially in this first year, we are grateful to you. 'Q' -.4 ., an .. ,: fl st. John F A.B. Glenville "A victim of guidance." Librarians . 'Fx 5, 'so L , I Q. " X n y S, C - N I - , I - X . . W ft' . '. V ', C. . 2 - ,wr i f-mftfgf:,. ' - 37 i".I- .ft-Si:1 "1-L+' 'J",.. af: , ' -4'-i'."f , +2 tba "'.-it aff '2": 3- 3, .V "a'fll.. ' -19.1-N: ,Fifa f". i- , 1vf2l?:f'?-fue-.'7 52.115 ima Velva Matthews Marguerite Michel Heitmann Patricia PGYTOU B.S. Texas Tech., M.A. A.B. Miami U., M.A. Emory U. B.A. -Madison College George Washington u. Head Librarian Assistant I-'brown 10th Grade Counselor Personnel . Jr l ,A Clinic . . H 1 Mrs. Morgret Parrish, School Nurse, tells Roger, "lt's not so bod." Jacqueline Brittain Guidance Secretory Mildred Davis Main Office Secretaries . . Serving both faculty and students alike, the friendly office secretaries offer a helping hand to bridge communications. ln their daily clerical duties they have come to know us well, many of us by name, and we have come to look for their warm greeting when we come from class to their offices. Laverna Lipp Main Office Louise Stoy W, Mr. Hertzlers Secretary iw i Custodians . Mr. Morris and the crew keep new halls mirror-like. 19 Laborer Students 90 Students, working as labor- ers, diligently carry out the plans of the contractors or fac- ulty. Carefully placing brick upon brick, they establish a firm foundation and then con- tinue laboring to strengthen it. The words of General Marshall that, "The progress of science depends on facts and not on fairytales," serves as a sharp reminder to us that we must seek truth each day in all its reality and, in this way, our school will grow. William Youngs President Shelton Schmidt Vice President Mandy Thomas Secretary John Burch Treasurer Kristin Reiber Senator Don Hertzberg Senator As juniors, the "oldest class' at George C. Marshall High School we look back on a year filled with "firsts." There was more than the usual excitement when we reported to McLean to begin double shifting classes. At first we gloried in the thought of all those "free mornings." Soon we found ourselves winding our way up to the center of activities, the cafeteria, to meet new teachers. These willing builders helped us to organize clubs and activities, found all over the county. There were many morning meetings and steering com- mittees, while we formed ourselves into a new school. In the afternoon, we still had a solid 22 3 I "s. I-1 U IOR block classes. The big move to George C. Marshall High School was a real Christmas gift. However, the newness all around us made us aware that we would have to do our part in creating the "esprit de corps" of the school. We have delved deeply into the life and spirit of George C. Marshall. From our study we hope to forge a unique spirit of achievement and ser- vice in our school with the help and influence of the faculty. Already many aspects of an established school are firmly set up. -J? ,i 5 as gh . 'Qu ,r J, ii ,I if taxi I if: J Ap- I J l ,.., ? , Black, Robert Blackburn, John Blasco, Vincent Blatz, Bruce Bles, Jerry Bobbitt, Michael Bohrer, James Bolevitch, Mary Bonner, Susanne Brodie, Donna Adams, Mary Adams, Stephen Albrecht, Martie Anderson, Richard Andres, Russell Arnold, Judy Arnold, Ruth Armstrong, Sandy ' Ashley, Carrolyn , Ashton, Helen ' Atkinson, Phoebe Ault, Judy Babbs, John Bailey, Howard Baley, Patricia Ballay, John Barron-Clarke, Beau Barton, Bill Barwick, Bonnie Becker, Dave Berard, Ric Berry, George Berry, Peggy Bishel, Kenneth Studying can be fun, N'est-ce pas, Dick? ' N - Brown, Martha , Buckley, Kathleen LM Burch John ' 'zz' Callander Richard Camp Joe Carlson, Gray "' Carmody Pat ' .V Carrasco Carlotta '. Carrlgan Gaul Casso Carolyn Cockrell, Carlena - I. Coffey, Sharon , l Coffin Allen Combs Nancy Crigger, Betty Crittenden, Barbara Dorne, Elizabeth Dames, Gail Davis, Dianne DeVaughn, William DeWitz, .lean Dickerson, Carol Dillon, Kathleen Dodd, Dennis Chamblin, Carolyn Chase, Russell Chiles Judith Clarke Sheral Dave Steere-One of Maybelline's ardent patrons. Dole, Lonnie Douglas, Susie Dowell, Ralph Doyon, Sharon Duin, Michael Duncan, Carey i Dungan, David Duran-Ballen, Susana rl - fe- 5' , Q DuRant, Thomas I+ Q' Q' 45 Dyke, Gloria V-v r . I 1 .1 , Elliott, Terry , Elvin, Jan Q Emanski, Jane I Faith, Sandra 9 " . v. I l ll T -T. X Y Farris, Robert Fedora, Richard ' Fillman, Joan Flaherty, Mike Fleming, Clarence Foley, Betty Rose Follin, William Frank, Kathy Freeman, Jean French, Robinson Fuller, Pat Fuson, John Futchik, Dennis Galant, Luke Gallahan, Janet Gamotis, James Garber, Lessandra Garner, Cheryl , Geer, Ellen Geery, Susan Gerrald, Gwendolyn Gheen, Judy Glading, Dorothy Godfrey, Mary Jane f' Hines, Patricia Hinkle, Dianne Hinson, Pat Hoffman, Patricia Hollen, Sharon Holloway, Susan Holsinger, Dennis Hoplin, Barbara Honeycutt, Dave Horne, Allen Howard, Peggy Howell, Bettie Jean Huffman, Anita Hughes, Nancy Hughes, Ronald Humphrey, Donalcl Hunt, Theodore Iden, Judy Ives, Susan Jackson, Wayne Jacomet, Jean 26 . ,X -.. i 1 Xu Golden, Linda Graff, Chris Graves, Doug Green, Gloria Griffith, Bobetta Griffor, Anne Hagaman, Craig Haney, Jim Hardin, Mike Harkrader, Richard Harper, Katherine Harrington, Mark Heckel, Gordon Hemsley, Joanne Herzberg, Donald Hesser, Fred Hicks, Barbara Highley, Patricia Q6 5 vm Vu An attentive student? Q, A, I h . 5. ilu: rw .ga -..E yr., 3 ...F l I C fm '.' Malone, Larry McBroom, Thomas McCurdy, Ellen McCutcheon, Mary Lou McDonald, Joseph McGann, Theodore McGehee, Thomas McGillivray, Brenda McGlasson, William 27 Jamison, Robert Jenkins, Mildred Johnson, Neal Joiner, Barbara Jones, Dale Kakalec, Carol Kalassay, David Kelly, Constance Kennedy, Claude Kephart, Katherine Kiger, Martha Kimmins, James Kirby, Carol Lynn Kisiel, Edwin Klipa, Virginia Klise, Beth Kreutzer, Richard Kugler, Standish Kundzins, John Lamanna, Lexie Lappeaux, Phillis Lawhead, Paul Laws, Joseph Leahy, Patrick Leet, Chris Leith, Richard Lingamfelter, Christian Lockhart, Melissa Lockhart, Ricky Lueck, Kerry A woman's work is never done 3.1, - . ., Me- .kann tl' McKagen, Jerry McKnight, Constance McVicker, Donald Meisinger, Danny Melnicoff, Stephen Meyer, Leroy Michael, Alice Miller, Jim Minard, Sonia Minor, Annette Morris, Patricia Morsch, Mary Murphy, Carl Mutchler, Rick Newman, Terry Nichols, Renn Nicholson, Carolyn Nixon, Alyce O'Brien, Gregory O'Brien, Zan O'Neill, Larry Orrison, Linda Page, Marjorie Palmer, Ken ,A " 1 Q L, W 1 - .2 N ll. 1 - - 4 il zz, . .g all Y 1 ," :Pl-ra A' 'PJ :'l"Z. l i t ll Pauls, Philip Payne, Carol Payne, David Payne, Ned Peale, David Pease, Sharon Phillips, Richard Pittard, Alice Plyer, David Polansky, Gary Politano, Karen Poole, Donna Poore, John Prater, Robert Price, Janis 28 Ji-4 lstshe some kind of a nut? 2 as ,hx 1- Q. r' l el Q sz -, W' . ' PT 15' , Roadley, Sharon Roberts, Ritner Robertson, Glen Robey, Mary Ellen Robinson, Bruce Romanus, Kathleen Roper, Russell Samson, Barbara Saylar, Alin Nan Scanlon, Robert Schaeffer, Betty Jean Scheps, Lionel Schlup, Wilma Schmidt, Shelton Schmith, Donna Schoulda, Craig Schull, Richard Sellers, Trudy Shannon, Barbara Shaver, Nancy Sheley, Sandra Shurtleff, Norene Sims, Catherine Sines, Janine Smith, Pamela Snyder, Jimmy Souders, David Spruill, Nancy Stackhouse, Carol Stanley, Maureen Printzenhoff, Suzanne Pryce, Wesley Pugh, Wayne Pullman, Paulette Radford, James Ravella, Albert Rauth, Dianne Redwine, James Reiber, Kristin Richardt, Yvonne Richmond, Barry Riordan, Jan r ? .wfgggQfrs1.. ,, . ffilrimmesgsfg ,:frs1rs1fxw,,,Wf l , Sffiiiesziezggsggfws. 1 as , ft'i?i!fi?s3?fXf' 1 few, f mem-vfrf , Q 1-Q.-.-Q-,.....-fc f-,fm-.-s..1LK:e A ,r...ii.1qaQ f 5 Latin class absorbs Roman Culture. 1. 5, v- I, 29 -x if W K ,l,r1,x., v Stanley, Peter Steokley, James Steere, David . J F Stevens, John Stevenson, Sally Stiles, Judy Stryker, Margaret Sullivan, Dionne Switzer, Kathrine Tew, James Thomas, Patricia D, Thomas, Amanda I 'l don't owe a cent." 'r . Thompson, James , 4 Thorpe, Bebe 'J Tibbetts, Clark Tipton, David ' " Toone, Albert Traupel, Melodye f V Jiiii Trickett, Sandro , Van Duzor, Milton J' "' Van Dyke, Peter Via, Jean Wagner, Gilbert Wagner, Joe Wahl, Linda Waldron, Carol Walker, Carol Walsh, Terry Wolters, Stephen A Wayne, Cathy - Webb, Leslie Whitley, Diane ' Widener, Martha rg , Wilhm, John A ' Williams, Peggy Wilson, Lorelei Wilson, Pomellia Young, Albert Youngs, William Duffy, Denise g Seaver, Betsy Onachila, Cherrie K.. 'lv' Whitmer, John 30 c if -s if "The Pause That Refreshes "Blame it on the Bosanova." In Memoriam 1 Never called Duane . . . smile perpetual . . . - enroute to Madrigals or Seminary Church . . . Eagle c- Scout . . . first publications volunteer . . . Business Manager of Reveille . . . aggressive advertising eh M ff- i Q- man for all publications . . . welcome addition to the yearbook staff . . . missed by all . . . a living memory in the hearts and minds of the class of '64-all this adds up to our beloved "Beeb." BEEB WEST 31 , K 5 i "V lg? i' I S Junior Days "Not angels, sent with burnished crowns, dynomos, with foibles frough1'." but vibrant, noisy Vik Ev "z, "The Mighty Juniors!" , . ,er . . , A M N fwfr f. 3 .W 'A 'K f 1.K'.A "Do they really need this,much advice? ot another fish tale! F, g. Q" Q ,. If N-,-f ffm ' lr f . ', -' ., A. . N Vg, W Q . 1- , , -,-, ,1 A IJ 1 ?. 1. 1 : ,f.. 3 il f H Y 9 , 15,-if 1 Z4 ' J 1 ' , - '11 fr- - , W ,, ' .-'r' '- -. - f e " ' a"'3:'5"x '1:J 'Q I of in I, , lr 'Lx Y? X Q S in 1 , .. ., .:, . Qi .n '32 12 4 1. , . i ,. K Q 4 ? "WeII, I guess thaf's all the gossip I know now." "Caught you in the act!" "Oh, those lab coats!" W .1- 1. C. F T l ' wcifvjilvglll i E U gw rg, Mtiflfrhfj T F, in Ufllll flllll-find! .vdbw li V fwvaldlflbpfivtvjorffyh X PPT W Us my N' V 'V A lljfff Nfl! .Jw W llzwlilicl wlll"'llgLyVilh' ,W SWL? if 1 T ,, W g of FJV, Koi, i"'l e 1 I Jmice Preiflfgilcglvl-QQ! 5 ' Sandy Fitzgerald Secretary Muff Thomas Treasurer 6l'1Ol' l V -1 ll .N ' '13, 7 -. Whooshllll-And we were off to explore "soph- omoric" realms under the capable piloting of our six astronauts: Russ Fee, Jimmy Hodgson, Sandy Fitzgerald, Muff Thomas, Jane Morgan, and Jack Lucas. Before our dazzled eyes spun Julius Caesar, Silas Marner, green algae, sock hops, Deutsch- if OPHOMORES land, frogs, theorems, hockey pucks, Reveille, one acts, the Rank and File, cornets, cake batter, "laissez faire," Columbian, batons, la belle France and, lastly but not leastly, isometrics. The view was tremendous! Our trip? A-OK! We are looking forward to our next flight. l g if ' 1 ,f Z. i ji 'fe f.-.. Black, Frank Blain, Roger Blasco, David I L! Blessing, Richard Blomquist, Roger Blue, Sharon Bochenek, Jan Bock, Gary Bohrer, William Boyle, Thaddeus Boyles, Julie Branner, Patricia Brewer, Marilyn Now really Bob. lt isn't all that bad." Brooks' Ronald 35 Bloxton, Dianne Abegglen, Susan Amorosi, Arthur Andrews, Andrea Andrews, Winston Appling, Gregory Arnold, Ellen Ashley, Annette Asp, Judith Atkinson, Marcia Atwell, Victor Bailey, Winifred Ballay, Roger Baxter, John Bayless, Leslie Beach, David Beacom, John Beatty, George Beck, Robert Belleau, Pamela Benson, Marian Beery, Robert Bieber, Cynthia Bierach, Nancy Billingsley, Gerald 2 ll vm. , Al 'A' i i . -irihl 1 1 ..- - ' v 2.3 ,E Qy- EE'f! ' : C N ' l Cleffi, Michele Clements, Doris Clinton, John Cockrell, Karen Coffey, Deborah Coffey, Paul Colegrove, John Conniff, Pamela Cook, Lawrence Coombs, Dianne Crandall, Lindo Creekmore, Robert Crisman, Robert Criswell, Richard Crockett, Gerald Crompton, Roy Croson, John Crowley, Faye Cummings, Alvon Curry, James Cyr, Suzanne Davis, Berkeley Dawson Sue DeLisle Madeline Delmore John Delmore William Diaz William Detwiler, Willard Dickerson, Candance Dinan, Warren Doallas, Sandra Dodge, Alone Donnelly, Sharon Donohoe, Christie Doran, Sherill . Q- A t I 7' A fl ., at L" Capraro, Robert A fl V I, ' i . ,. F' .. it-VE g E i Hard day, Bugs?" all Farmer, Wanda Fee, Russell Felton, Dennis Fincham, Nancy Finnell, Katy Fishe, Erica Fitzgerald, Sandro Fleming, Lindo Flippin, Catherine Flynn, Michael Foley, Susan Freeman, Daniel Fuller, Terry Gamotis, Nina Garrison, Edward Garrison, Patricia Geery, Anne Geris, Kathleen Giannini, Janet Giles, -Carolyn 37 Darius, Earl Dull, Jean Duncan, Jerry Duncan, Sharon Dye, David Earman, Kenneth Earman, Sharon Eckert, John Edwards, Dennis Edwards, Martha Egan, Theresa Eggers, Jeffrey Ellen, Raymond Elliott, Linda Elwell, Robert Evans, Art Evans, Daniel Evans, Richard Everett, Edmund Everett, Joseph Everett, William Fallon, Sharon Fallon, Sheila Farley, Rosannah I ' ' ,rv F l I ,tl 1 f F lil es it rs --Lei: it X . ' Q. ' 'R .'1, I 1. v . Ili' K 1- :- i F if 2 Z Q t , is J Q 5 Golden, Michael Golub, Aaron Good Fellow, Herb Goodwin, Joseph Grant, John Gray, Daniel Greene, Georgiana Greene, Henrietta Guenard, Renee Gullion, Ruth Gural, John Hogood, Lacy Hall, Elizabeth Halvorson, Lloyd Hammersley, Sandra Hanger, Frances Hansborough, Wade Hardin, Charles Harding, Dorothy Harney, David Harrell, Linda Harris, Stephen Hart, George Hayes, Linda So this is your den, Wolt!?" -ml- .v- 3 J if. Head, James Helsel, Donald Henninger, Robert Hill, James Hitchcock, Anita Hitchcock, Sarnia Hitt, Ronald Hodges, Karen Hodgson, James Hoffmann, Richard Holland, Bonnie Holmberg, Thomas Holt, Brenda Holt, Jean Hope, Joyce 38 , :- Ie 5 ' 1 L. 5 v I Hough, Marilyn Huddle, Donna Hudson, Robert Huffman, Gloria Huffman, James Huffman, Judy Hughes, Roger Hughitt, Michael Hunt, John Huston, Donna Hyden, William All that pie s not for you Mike Irvin' Waller L 5- , i V fr 1 A l Q . 4 7 Krohn Kathryn f .J fx lj Lawrence Lester 39 'L ' .1 Q- i 1' 5 , ' . , ' xx Maedgen, Betty Mahan, George Maher, John Maloy, Mike Marcey, Eric March, James Mason, Richard Masters, Pamela Mattozzi, Richard May, David Mayo, Douglas McCaffrey, Sally McCarty, Kenneth McCIung, John McDonald, Virginia Mclntosh, Martha Millard, Leah Miller, Diane Miller, John Miller, Robert Minard, Marelea Mize, Rebecca Molle, Joan Monat, Ronald Montour, Gregory Morgan, Jane Morrill, Brian Morris, James Moulis, Mary Muir, Michael Leahy, Jane Leichliter, Vyrl Leishear, Jeannie Lindquist, James Livermore, William Long, Gloria Lowe, Carolyn Lowry, Ronald Lucas, Jack Lund, Wilber 3 MacDonald, Jeffrey MacKintosh, Sandra "lGrr1biC what?l Z, , J-Li, 40 Ours, Stuart Pala, William Palmisani, Carole Pongman, Ann Pannek, Jane Pappas, Christine Parker, Larry Pate, Rosina Payne, Catherine Payne, Timothy Peer, Linda Perry, Bernard Pierce, Hannah Pike, Leslie Pike, Marlin Pittsnogle, Kendo Planas, Ramon Plaugher, Raymond Plyer, Bruce Poland, Robert Poole, Jean Kathy Potter, Teresa Pratt, Maribeth Price, Carolyn Pullman, Catherine Rae, David Readdy, Melvin Redfield, Robin Reed, James Reed, Lyn Muse, Katherine Nanno, William Neale, William 1- I "- ' Nemore, Stephen M' . Nichols, Robert Oakes, Carol 'im ,, , V Er' N O'ConnelI, Robyn O'Donnell, Vincent Oldham, Linda Oprendek, Alan O'Reagan, Patricia O b M' h I ,, , S om' lc ce O. K., HCI proves you ve got a strong stomach!" 41 ' Regus, Shirley Rehrig, Pamela Reynolds, Linda Rickbeil, Constance Riedel, Jayne Ritchey, Kenneth Rix, Elaine Rizzo, Carol Roberts, Angie Roberts, Sherry Robinson, Marie Robinson, Philip Robinson, Thomas Rogers, David Roop, Charles Roper, Robert Rose, Charles Rosengren, Garfield Ruckman, Lee Rumfard, Catherine Rytter, Richard Salter, Vance Salyards, James Samuels, Barbara 4 x Samusson, Judith - Sanders, Frank i Schaeffer, Roger ' Scheffel, Barbara , Scheurer, Andrea Schmick, Jerome Schultz, Charles , Scott, Dennis Q, Q Scott, John Scott, Melinda - Seale, Caroline Selden, James -' ,.,,'f ' la?" Sellers, Lawrence fi S f ' H if J L- - , 0 ef, U Y ' V ' ' Y "" 'W fl Shea, Rosalind , " , , 1 Sherton, Corine Sherwood, Nicholas Shupe, David - " Siess, Pamela L' Y' Sims, Bonnie Lee Singel, Nancy J' l Simpson, June ' P Sinzdak, Sharon 1 - 'Q .. 1, skulnak, cami 'L , A " 4 , Skillman, Samuel 'E' ' QL , ' , Slocum, Susan , X xy ' Smallwood, Judith i -- Ta Smith, Barbara U ' 5 45, Smith, Basil i 1 fi. V- 42 ., 1 W Q i N A I o V sf .A 5 .-. " E' I Smith, Carol E, Smith, Douglas Smith, Howard ug , Smith, Larry Smith, Lisa Smith, Patricia x Smith, Patrick Smith, Richard Smith, Robert Smyth, Jeannette Speakman, Joyce Spearman, Richard Going around in circles John Spillars, Keith 'ST ' Q V Spivey, Becky Steele, Andrew I Steele, David I xl ' Stevens, Brenda 1 A Stewart, Scott Stoen, Chris Stride, Judy Sullivan, Francis Swaftord, Susan Sweet, Louise Switzer, Daniel -'T - Tatham, William v- Tayler, Fred Thatcher, Roland This, James ' ,Q Thomas, Linda Anne ,ll T I f 3'-.i , ' Sword, Lewis A Thomas, Muff .. 2 "i " -' Thompson, Chris - I I Thompson, Patricia T" Thomson, Diane -,f Tinsley, Letitia ,Fi Trickett, Dean , A Trimmer, Barbara . - 1- ' ff' 7 Triplett, Stuart t' Q 1 X '- ' + ' Tuggle, Steven Y Turacy, David A , V S -' Valentine, George .I Van Roekel, Daniel 43 wr' F' at 4' 1 ' Ai C, 5 Via, Ronnie Victory, Stephen Vipperman, Delbert Vogel, Paul Vogler, Kurt Voigtsberger, Virginia Volovick, Linda 'i Voskuil, Jon 1 '- Vredenburg, Gay r Waldo, Christine rx Walker, Sandra Wallace, Diane Watson, Edward Tj Watters, Elizabeth A - Weed, Patricia ,. Weiss, Brenda Welch, Sally West, David West, Margaret West, Michael Weyant, Robert Whipp, Joan Whitmon, Patricia Wilkerson, Brenda Williams, Calvin Williams, Harriet Williams, Roy Williams, Sandra Wilson, Margie Wilt, Wayne 0 rm' 1 ,. ,jig f Vyrl could never make up his mind which way to go. 7'-is , Q. Winnings, Christina Winters, Michael . , Wolf, Terry I , Wood, Carolyn ii! , Wood, Harvey Wood, Martina V Worrell, Gloria Wright, Margo Wright, Martha Wyman, Diana Young, Thomas Zimmerman, Patricia will rm m , ri. -pl "Sophomores conspire!!" Sophomore I Antics . f gui-:....I ' "What's up?" X I' 2 '.,k'J"4rri' .411 nil 41 '5 .-gm.. ..--9' 'lp I Action speaks louder than words. I' u H M.. , " It's on the tip of my tongue "Listen to that Bleep!!!" 46 iff' Rah -I-1: ly." -. ,ou . ,, . Q. A V -f' . Seeing ns beluevmg Take Sominex today and sleep . . . -Y -5 A f' ' 'v 1- P 1 f f'YxTg ue- s. , 'i Salter wants you.! F Q XX 'x KF: a A' C Q l K ng 1. lv-L-an 1. l l 4121'- .- Q f Paul Hendrick, President Wendy Chamberlain, Vice-President ,--. . 4' ' RE HME Taking the step from the position ot "top brass' in Junior High to the position of "rookie" at Marshall was somewhat of a comedown. Never- theless, we looked forward to our freshman year with eagerness and nervous anticipation. Although our first days as Marshall Statesmen found us feeling lost and small, we had an advantage over the usual freshman class-entering George C. 'Marshall was a new experience to the entire stu- dent body. Our first impressions of upperclassmen, and of Kris Wike, Secretary Flo Dryer, Treasurer Nina Hodge, Senator Henry Zinman, Senator the taculty members whom we would work with throughout the year, are memories that will not soon be forgotten. The first pep rally, the first dance of the year--these too shall linger as fond memories. We are proud of our football and basketball records, of our vigorous school spirit, and of the support we gave school organizations. As the first ninth grade class, we tried to set the pace for the freshmen of l963. Now that we have become part of George C. Marshall we are looking forward to the sophomore year. Adams, Kevin Albrittain, James Albrittain, John Ambrose, Wilmer Anderson, Kathy Anderson, Mark Andres, Kris Andrews, Tommy Armstrong, Alice Arsenault, Stephen Ashley, Patricia Aydelott, Sharon Ayoub, Akram Babbs, Priscilla Baier, Randall Bailey, Howard Bailey, Mark Bolducci, Robert Barber, Clarence Barlaw,Frank Barrett, Cynthia Barton, Elaine Baxter, Anne Baxter, Lloyd x 'fn' . ,gl 1-i. gp. .. , ' ' If 3 '95 l-. I Beardaw, Lesley Beatty, Jay Beaulieu, Lisa Berg, Rebecca Bernard, Kay Beveridge, Theresa Beyer, Michael Bishop, Rebecca Blackburn, Jane Blackburn, Joseph Blackburn, Keith Blackwell, James Blakemore, William Bobbitt, Kenneth Bokelman, Gordon 49 Q , "lt says right here Half? 'L Shocking isn't it!" Butt, Vera Buynitzky, Anne Byers, Barbara Byers, Leonard Caldwell, David Callander, John Camp, Nancie Campbell, Ann Campbell, Carey Carroll, Brian Carruth Michael Cassidy, Mary Jane Chamberlin, Wendy Chase, Kenneth Cheek, Linda Sue Chiles, Catherine Chumley, Helen Churchill, Janice Clarkson, Nancy Clinton, Catherine 50 Bonnet, Jeffrey Booth, Phyllis Borden, Daniel Boule, Susan Bower, James Boyd, John Brackett, Lois Braga, Andrew Bramley, Eleanor Brandt, Wilfred Bronner, Ronald Britton, Sharon Browder, Dano Brown, Stephen Bruce, Carolyn Bryant, Peter Buchko, Melinda Buckley, Virginia Buller, Amy Bullock, Jon Wayne Burch, William Burke, Gerald Burke, Susan Burroughs, Jeanne , y KH 4 .! 4. I S .Ulm fills Coffin, Frank Coleman, Janet Collin, Humphrey ' Comer, Courtney P Compton, Ann Conger, Dahlia Copperthite, Ellen l ' Corilter, Robert - , -- 2. Cowhig, Bruce ' . Crandall, Patricia ' - 3 Crigger, Linda ' A , 1 Crittenden, Thomas Q " Crockett, Brian ' ' Crockett, John ,N Q, C, V 2 , ., A Cronenberg, Bill ' - ' R Croson, Franklin - Cupp, William A r Curll, Edwin ' :gif ' Curry, Elizabeth ' ' Damico, Larry Q . , ,, Davis, Michael Q' "' ' V Davis, Patricia ' V Day, Janet Day, Joyce -,1,.L,. 1 1 "Tia A MA. .21 DeGrange, Donald Dengler, Linda Denier, Judy Dennis, Jean DeRoberts, Richard Deskins, Leon Deuell, Rebecca Dinan, Robert Dorsey, John Dougan, Anne Douglas, Albert Douglas, James all Dowell, Diane Downs, Linda Draper, Gaylord Dryer, Florence X Duehring, Karen ' Duffy, Anna Marie DuFour, Elizabeth Dungan, Jacquelyn Dunham, Barbara Duron-Ballen, Alicia , Eads, Kathryn Eagle, Charles Eaker, Marie Edmunds, Greg Elliott, David Elliott, Sandra ' Ellis, John Emswiller, Rachel 51 sv- f F' liz ,QI1-., 9 f- ef- , L A, 1 1 ' ' f . er rf, A is Wh- I , :M . A ,l - 1 .Q f l af , ,,., ,, M " ' 1, -45122 sz ,fp- S i' 2 Q . .,, f " , ,X A:-- 2 l. E . N., a? ,., Y. 4 L .Q M, , z 'L' 5 ,piggy ,bli"rz. ptr ,. . - V 5 -j L vl F - s, f I i VL, . 1, Y . H' Freeman, Jeff Freligh, Earl Friedlander, Thomas Fuller, Victoria Futchik, Michael Gafford, Joan Gallagher, William Gallinger, Bruce Galton, Steven Gamble, Melvin Gammon, Carol Gapp, Majorie Gauthier, Robert Gayne, Michael Geldof, Richard Gentle, Sandra Gloeckler, Linda Gobely, Larry Godfrey, Patricia Goggin, Anne Golden, Judith Goodman, Richard Gourcleau, Linda Graff, Hans Evans, Thomas Faith, Barbara Farris, Jeanne Feagan, Michael Fennell, Mary Fenton, Warren Fite, Kathleen Fite, Richard Fix, Theresa Flaherty, Kathleen Fletcher, Cheryl Fletcher, Wayne Follin, Gordon Ford, Carolyn Frank, Eleanor 1:17 l-"5 l- :- l WM' 52 La- 15? ' Pensnvely watching the ice 2 0. -V Q?- .. fs Th x 4 J iii lth liliiii Hess, John Hickok, Marilyn Hodge, Nina Hodges, John Hoffmann, Jane Holmberg, James Holmes, Mary Honse, George Hottle, Denny L Howard, Mary Howard, Suzanne "Molding our Future . . .What?" Howdefsheuf Robert 53 Grafton, Carol Grafton, Linda Gray, Linda Green, Deborah Greenwalt, Joyce Griffith, Ricky Gripman, Marc Daniels Groves, Kathy Hagood, Peggy Haines, John Hallam, Kathleen Hallam, Thomas Hallberg, Karen Hamilton, Sally Hand, Gloria Hankey, Evelyn Hanley, Penelope Hardin, Brenda Harney, Donald Harris, James Harris, Michael Hart, Linda Lee Hash, Stanley Hassett, John Hatcher, Willis Helmick, Jane Helms, Nancy Hendrick, Paul Herbots, John - Herzberg, Bettyanne A1 ' ' 'F' -' . 4 s ' e nh N- ti..,,..,r1+ i F x , Don't worry, time passes quickly Freshmen. l-lowland, Paula Hudson, Brenda Jill Huffman, John Huffman, Laurin Hughes, Connie Hughes, James Humphrey, Donald Hundshomer, Brenda Huntington, Albert Hurdle, Kenneth Israelson, Eric Isaacs, Carl x 1 mr Y: . V 4 r I xr ,.. L Q w 'X V ' zu . T l 2' , ' " in V 'N ei an - J 'nil I 54 T Inge, Linda Kaye Ives, Pamela Jamison, Mary Lou Jenkins, Carolyn Jenkins, Linda Jensen, Richard Jessel, Alfred Johnson, Diana Johnson, Richard Johnston, Brenda Johnston, Steven Johnstone, Wendy Jones, John Joslin, Laurie Joyce, Nickie Kamenski, Thomas Katona, Timothy Keeney, Scott Kelly, John Kelso, Jeffrey Kendall, Linda Kent, Jane Kidwell, Catherine Kidwell, Larry Kiger, Hugh Kilck, Linda Kimball, Kay Kincaid, James King, John Klipo, Dorothy A l-. I . if f. " ,N . r 'L-J i ,. - Y .Lf Apt H' 1. .., ' QIN it, '7f .lgrvi Vw, .,f, .iz "3'?"i""" ..- .' - -l -V ,, Jm1h,vN . .4.. Mis-Guided Frosh Keep the Guidance Department busy. 1 J 5- L dw I Klopfenstein, Linda Koepsell, Judith Konzelmann, Jo Anne Kowalczyk, Victor Scott Kriss, Susan Kuper, John Kolstad, James Laird, Linda Laird, Paul Laird, Wanda Lamb, Deas Lambert, Ely AL' ts. SSO 6. -.Af ' 'ST ' 4' 51, . mag .ez .M,z'. . Mm li 55 YT Larsen, Peter LeBarron, John Fred Leonard, Leslie Light, Elliott Lirette, Sandra Littleton, George Lockhart, Nancy Louk, Linda Loy, Alvin Lubbers, Jerry Mackert, Edwin Mackintosh, Shauna Magarity, Diane Malecki, Barbara Malone, Michele Malay, Marcia Mann, Melvin Marcey, Walter Marshall, Glenn Martzall, Robert Mosich, Shirley Mathes, Paul Maupin, Melissa Maxwell, Robert May, Richard Maynard, Barbara McCracken, Ronald McCrea, Larry McCullough, Gail McCutchan, Kathleen X - fu 'fn '...' ll it K. 7 ,Y l mx ff x Q 56 McDavid, Linda McDonald, Patricia McDuffie, Sharon McGuire, Edward McGuire, Marcia McKenzie, Hal McManamay, Lindo Meadows, Ronald Meeks, Sandra Michael, Jo Ann Michaels, Paul Minear, Nancy Minnich, Susan Mitchell, Barbara Monaco, Lynn Moore, Joan Moore, Kolvin Morris, Janis Morrison, Diane Morsch, John Morse, Robert Moseley, Sandra Moss, Robert Mote, Timothy Mullen, James Munster, Charlotte Murray, Regina Nagley, Edith Neal, Roger Neale, Robert Neil, Kenneth Nelson, Bonnie Nelson, Mary Newell, Robert Noble, Bobby Norman, William Nye, Geoffrey Nye, Nicholas Nye, Shirley O'Brien, James Stephen O'Bryan, Kathleen Oleyaf, Donald Olsen, Becki O'Neill, Catherine Opp, Richard Orear, John Overcash, Sharon Owen, Hugh Page, Sandra Pannek, Carol Pacquin, Kenneth Parisi, John Parker, Phyllis Parsons, Nancy Mrs. Singel's 1'-' 'i 4 1 K panelists eye each other. 1 .. . 1 r l ip L y Pauls, William Payne, Bonnie Payne, Joyce Perrin, Marianne Perrin, Clifton Phillippbar, Joseph Philpott, Richard Pierce, Elizabeth Pierce, Elsie Pinkerton, Robert Pimentel, Antonio Plaugher, Edward l J C 0 57 LEP- Kg 'ff fi f P , Q ill! A Polansky, Jonell Politono, Frank Poole, Joyce Poore, William Popovich, Linda Post, Russel Powell, Arthur Prater, Chris Prather, Daniel Pratt, Joseph Prelli, Frank Price, Janet Proferes, Nicholas Quinn, Patricia Rainer, Ronald Rash, Robert Raterman, Ben Readdy, Velma Reiber, Paul Rieger, Charles Riley, Audrey Robinson, John Rodes, James Roland, Scott Romanus, Charles Roth, Beverly Rumler, Teresa Saintsing, Betty Samuels, Leon Sando, John Simpson, Judith Sisler, Rita Skowronski, Stanley Smith, Catherine Smith, Coleman Smith, Edward Smith, James Smith, June Smith, Michael Smith, Ronald Smith, Walter Snead, Joyce Sollenburger, Roger Springmann, Charlotte 1, . Springmann, Helen ' - i . Squire, Paul i E Stamm, Benneth - I fh Stamps, David Brett " -i,il'l'il'ffi'f1t?2 v . Sando, Ruth Ann Sawmelle, Michael Seover, Carolyn Sellers, Emory Sheridan, Michael Sherwood, Bruce Shipley, Myra Schepmoes, Barbara Schouldo, Leslie Scott, Kathryn Scott, Ladnor Shoemaker, Lucetta Stanley, Patricia Stein, Ann Sterling, George Stoughton, Sheila Stover, Anna Stride, Roland Strong, Linda Stroud, Evelyn Stryker, Patricia Stubbs, Dana Studioug Freshmen "Gee, if'S Cold out here!" Q ass- wif "T ,fr Thorpe Thomas 2 5 Turner, Susan Upperman, Alice Urisf, Steven Valentine, Jo Anne Van Dyke, Joseph Von Herbulis, Paul Wahl, Bruce Wahl, Lance Wahlen, Raymond Waldron, Charles Waldron, Kenneth Walker, Dana Walters, Pefe Wance, Barbara Ward, David 59 ,gs Weber, Barbara Weinel, Suzan Weyont, Gloria Wheeler, Daniel Whisler, Kathy White, James White, Susan Whiting, Stanwood Whitmoyer, James Wike, Christine Wilbern, Sue Wilhm, James Wilkes, John Williams, Gail Williams, Gerry Williams, Larry Williams, Wynell Wilson, Larry Winfrey, Carol Wingate, Karen Winnings, Leonard Wiseman,Robert Wolfe, Margo ret Wood, John Woodward, Timothy Wortmon, James Wright, Eric Wright, June Wright, Ronald Yoroch, Gregory 1' ' l lfifiln i 2' V F . I , . f, . l Y . 'l ' W iifilllfl Q Q A. I il '- 3, - . ., h i ,A ' i .1 ., ,L , iw xl' ,.,, , 5.5, 5 I ,B A . If ju' 4 3 l . Y 1. l . l 7 vi l ' .l J, l In Memoriam 3' .13 ' ' Young, Paul Young, Charles Zetty, Allen Zinmon, Henry Coleman, Mike McCorroll, David Palmisoni, Jim XC' ..,f Marcus, Virginia Lxfc Is Not Taken Away But Changed A 71" McCracken, Rodney 60 AN AMATEUR STUD-Y DF - THE '- " A X3 MARvL AN g1! ' QA wnocsn I f A A"A ::'z::' C32 1' 5 ifk- g. f,.x- M,3 5 I Field trips are fun, but oh, those ties. Freshmen Oh, this book is fascinating!! 1 ! . !. 1 -4 I R ll ,, ,F 5 f Ah-,. I - V A QQ' I ,A ,'. v ' i . if!! , A X "Hey look!! I've found the secret-I can fly "They got me!" 62 .. ., ,gl N .-V :Lk Nw as-, U1 There's one in every crowd. Z U5- -.I. 1 . Smile-you're on Candid Camera 1 SX ini Deuces are wild. ,.-A A,,,,,,,, .4-E The end of a long hard day. ,PZ- Block-Busters Athletics 64 Victory - sportsmanship- school spirit. These words de- scribe the Statesmen's 1962- 63 athletic p ro g ra m. The Statesmen's seasons w e r e memorable in every sport con- test. These first-year victories brought a burst of Marshall rooters to every game. No Statesman will ever forget our first touchdown or the kickoff of the first football game with Edison, as well as, the first basket against Osbourn, or our first homerun against George Mason. Working t h e i r way from the ground up, the track team and wrestling t e a m s made established schools rea- lize that Marshall had strength to be reckoned with in each match. Varsity Football i. x Larry Smith, William Devon, Bruce Plyer, James Boehre, Russell Fee, Larry Malone, Howard Smith, Vincent Blasco, George Berry, Craig Hagerman, David Saunders, Bruce Blatz, Jacque La Marre, John Scott, Jon Blackburn, Al Ravello, Robbie French, Chris Lingamfelter, Jim Redwine, David Rae, The first football team at George C. 'Marshall has shown real Statesmen determination in build- ing one strong student body. Our unbeatable record began with an Edison defeat of 2l to 6. This fighting spirit was carried on throughout the entire season. The Woodson defeat was an exam- ple of this, when a smashing l9-O score was handed them, their first of the year. The mighty Statesmen went on to tramp Mason, Herndon, W 81 L, Wakefield, and Loudon Valley. Perhaps our toughest game was our second with Mason, but we were the only first year team to rub them OUT. This football season was the first building block in our school spirit. The team bows in thanks to all who made this record possible-the community, the coaches, and the determination to achieve. "Step Lively, Bays" to - Q "st-ffzvfi Gary Camp, David Counts, Howard Bailey, John Dalmore, Paul Vogel, Craig Schoulda, Dave Steer, Jim Haynie, Bob Elwell, Lloyd Halverson, Doug Maya, Wade Hansbau- rough Back Row: Bill Neal, Steve Nemore, Stuart Ours lmgrs.l, Coach Cloud, Coach Roger Cole. FOOTBALL SCORES G. C. Marshall 2l ....,.......,. Edison 6 G. C. Marshall l4 .. .. Geo. Mason O G. C. Marshall l9 .. Woodson 0 G. C. Marshall l9 .. ..... Herndon 6 G. C. Marshall i9 .. ..... W. L. "B" O G. C. Marshall 27 . . . . . . Wakefield "B" 6 G. C. Marshall 26 .. ...... Woodson 12 G. C. Marshall 33 .. .. Loudon Valley 6 G. C. Marshall 27 ...,.......... Edison 6 "Gary Camp is tackled." - J wwf Mr. Cloud, assistant, and Coach Cole instruct our captains Chris Lingamfelter and Robbie French. .1 5, I ' 'vu . Q ' 72 2 u fihm 1 . Q, fi H' . wx - W. AA i--ii ,-sf -- I I' X Q . ,SX I . 5-. , , V .4 .. ' A-.. ..- Don't go-please an -s,-Y-.... s- .,....,,..,T,.-V, S -,gin ,r ff Z it 'em hard. t 67 1 stay ,jr e X J' J QE , XV fu.. . . Y -- Pf , J . G., f if K I X N- 3' '-.T ,,,,, .. -. Q' 'I' ,, . 'wp . ,, mv, A- 5514 ,f J.V. Football i r' 'kS'e.Ja7' f-.K M1 ' 1- .- 1 - U- la- 'Z 1 ..r"s1,,:'-'-.' V- -.- .ef rw- " ---,-1-Lg 3, - J UN IOR VARSITY FOOTBALL First row: Coach Bradford, Coach Barrett. Second row: Frank Black, Rusty Thatcher, Tim Mote, Steve Adams, Warren Dienen, Jeff Johnson, Ed Garrison, David Blasca, Mike Win- ters, Bill Livermore. Third row: Jack Dunn imgr.l, Chip Har- din, Sonny Andrews, Robert Beery, John Gural, Wayne Wilt, Jim Miller, Danny Evans, Frank Sullivan, Joe Camp, Shelton Schmidt, George Valentine Cmgr.l,Stuort imgr.l. Fourth row: Bob Black, Michael Duin, Jim Reed, Ed Watson, Ronnie Bullock, Roger Ballay, William Boehrer, Bill Nanno, John Birch, John Wilhm. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES 1962-63 SEASON G. C. Marshall 6 .. Geo. Mason O G. C. Marshall 6 ,. Wash. 84 Lee 7 G. C. Marshall l5 .. .... Woodson 7 G. C. Marshall O ., .... Herndon O G. C. Marshall 43 .. Longfellow O G. C. Marshall 21 .. .. Woodson 0 G. C. Marshall l9 .. Herndon 0 Gi an 5 The Junior Varsity team turned in a fine sea- son this year. ' The Statesmen compiled a record of seven wins, one loss, and one tie. The only loss was to top- rated l-A Washington and Lee with a close score of 7-6. The tie game was with Woodson, whom we had defeated in an earlier game. Our J.V. team showed much promise in its first year under the straight forward coaching of Coach Bradford. 'Il sure wish Coach Cloud would throw that ball a little closer, I m tired!" Freshman Football First row: Tommy Baxter, Jimmy Douglas, Danny Borden, Paul Young, Eddie Curll, Paul Hendrick, John Kelly, Tom Thorpe, Pete Walters, Roger Sallenberger, Rodney McCracken, Greg Varoch, Mike Carruth, Coach Snavely. Second row: Allen Zetty, Tommy Barber, John Hess, James Head, John Albrit- The freshman football team of George C. Mar- shall High School shows great promise for the future varsity team. This was proved in the five games they played this season. The boys fought hard to uphold the Statesman reputation with two wins and two losses and one tie game to their credit. G. C. Marshall O . , . . . Edison 20 G. C. Marshall i9 .. .. Woodson O G. C. Marshall O .. .. McLean 13 A ,ht tain, Joe Blackburn, Billy Thompson, Richard Opp, John Orear, James White, Jim Mullins, Joe Van Dyke, Coach Forrest Hutton. Third row: Eddie Smith, John Paris, Bill Burch, Jim Palmisan, Ronnie Meadows, Steve Obrian, Lance Wahl, Tommy Evans, Ronnie Ranier, Bobby Dinan, Chip Kiger. Probably, the most exciting game and the one which attracted the largest attendance, was the game with McLean. In spite of valiant efforts, the score resulted in a l3 point favor for McLean. Trained by Coach Forrest Hutton and helped by Jimmy Douglas, manager, the boys made a very commendable showing for the first year. G. C. Marshall 7 .. G-W 6 G. C. Marshall O .. . Hammond 0 I N 1 wi Q' 2 R31 x .R 'wig - 1 11 5.1 465 - -..:-V: " Varsity Basketball .Ei . 1 Mr. Richard Borett, Aaron Golub and Bill Tafham-Mgr., Larry Smith, Mike Winters, Dick Kreutzer, Phil Pauls, John Frank Sanders, John Kundzins, Jim Lindquist, Art Evans, Blackburn, Jim Redwine, John Wilhm. 72 , ,..- 1 A X B "We're waiting on you, ball!" "Fleas, John?" .1 "Glad this was only a warm-up!" "Oh, no, you don't!" 'Up for grabs! rnmmmcnmmmmcnmmmmgugncn O0 .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Marshall 55 Marshall 43 . , Marshall 32 . , Marshall 32 . . Marshall 35 . . Marshall 49 . . Marshall 54 . . Marshall 50 . . Marshall 57 . . Marshall 55 . . Marshall 53 , , Marshall 64 . . Marshall 59 . . Marshall 55 . . Marshall 4l . . Marshall 57 . , Marshall 53 . . , . . . Osbourn ......G.Mason ....W.8tL."B" ,.......Woodson , . . Loudon County Madison .........Edison ,.....,G.Mason Loudon Valley Edison ....,...Edison , . . Loudon Valley ....., Woodson .,.... Herndon Edison . , . Loudon County ...... Herndon Our Statesmen have shown a lot of fight during their first basketball season, ending with a fine record for a first year school-l0 wins and 7 losses. During their first game, with Osbourn, they trounced the Yellowjackets in a terrific upset. Inspired by this victory, the Fighting Statesmen raged on to defeat the experienced Mustangs of George Mason, 43-42. John Kundzins, high scorer for the Statesmen with 214 points, showed great examples of leader- ship as the team's captain. The team displayed consistent team work throughout the entire season. of-it . ,,' 1 .jx Jl. at il. Dave Blasco, Mike Byrnes, Roger Ballay, Jerry Billingsley, Brooks, John Scott, Rusty Thatcher, Jim Hodgson, Terry Wolf, Ricky Lockhart, Bill Tatham-Mgr., Chip Watson, Ron Mr. Snavely. J.V. Bask Let's dance. 'L etball Statistically the J.V. team broke even with seven wins and six losses, but actually they had an extremely rewarding season. One of the biggest challenges was welding the group into a team that worked and thought as one. By the end of the season it was evident that unity and coordina- tion had been achieved, the victory reports began to roll in. Thus the season ended on the upgrade and we look to members of that team to accom- plish fine records in the years to come. J .V. BASKETBALL G. C. Marshall 27 . .,..,....,.,....... G. Mason 45 G. C. Marshall 34 ,.,..,...... .,...... W oodson 46 G. C. Marshall 40 . , . . . Loudon County 24 G. C. Marshall 47 . .... Madison 6l G. C. Marshall 46 .,,..,.. Edison 25 G. C. Marshall 56 ....,.... Mason Sl G. C. Marshall 43 , ,. . . Loudon Valley 34 G. C. Marshall 50 . ,. ..,..,., Edison 40 G. C. Marshall 53 ......... Edison 45 G. C. Marshall 57 . . Loudon Valley 26 G. C. Marshall 52 ..... Woodson 57 G. C. Marshall 63 .... Herndon 55 G. C. Marshall 46 ,.,...,, Edison 53 G. C. Marshall 64 .. . ,. Loudon County 34 G. C. Marshall 63 ,..... Herndon 65 All together now-l ,2,3. First row: Jimmy Douglas, Mgr., Greg Yaroch, Bill Pauls, McGuire, Roger Sollenberger, Ronnie Rainer, Tom Frielander. Bobby Dinan, Roger Neal, Bobby Newell. Second row: Mr. Not pictured: Kalvin Moore. Harris, Jim White, Tex Pimental, Joe Blackburn, Eddie -.,,.w l ,fl -L ' . 9, . l' ' U . --yu 5 n I F 3331 ,b ll 5 ' A ' llf N . 'N-Tr: lil ill .' - . ef I ' 59 ,- 1 l5. 'iff'-.2315 lil-fl li ' Q 'af f l" ' llfilf 4 ' -""' T5"" Q - ,Y . 1. ' if ij.. ...--i-" ' l: 5- .1 . I -- i f Aft- Br' jf T -- . , 'J ,I 1 JAP' Outstretching McLean -... -,L, l 1 , V ua., -K ,. l . Q .- A 5 f 1 2 -V -- -Lf - 1 White scoops it up again. George C. Marshall's first basketball team, coached by Mr. Harris, finished with a record of 4-5. The highlight of their season was their vic- tory over J. E. B. Stuart. These boys displayed out- standing spirit and gained valuable experience for future years to come in basketball. Varsity Wrestling Under the direction of Coach Everett Cloud, the Varsity Wrestling Team racked up a record of 3-3. Competing in the Northern Virginia Tourna- ment were six gropplers, Barry Richmond, Bruce Blatz, Jeff Johnson, Howard Smith, Lloyd Halver- . fn an son, and David Rae. After a successful appear- ance in the district meet, Blatz, who received the ' Most Outstanding Wrestler Award, placed fifth in the State Tournament. .. : U ,,- 2 WRESTLING RESULTS 62-63 G. C. Marshall l9 ....,,..,.... Orange 33 G. C. Marshall l6 . . . . . . Woodson 31 G. C. Marshall 36 ., Edison l6 G. C. Marshall 29 .... Edison l7 G. C. Marshall l4 . . . . . . Woodson 33 ' G. C. Marshall 54 . . . . . . Orange 0 "Hey, wait a minute, I think the Ref lost his contacts." X E Top: Coach Everette Cloud, Manager Glen Settle. Top row: row: Michael Harris, William Tucker, Barry Richmond, Jef Barry Tombes, Leroy Meyer, William Youngs, Jacques La- fery Johnson, Russell Andreas, Craig Hagerman. Morre, Lloyd Halverson, Howard Smith, David Rae. Bottom 76 als, Q First row: Mark Howard, Sommy Skillman, Rich- ard Phillips, Gary Trudell. Second row: Danny Gray, Dick Blessing, John Baxter, Dave Counts, Coach Cloud, Glen Settle. ..,,.,.- . I I "Do you mind?!?" Let's put our heads 77 togetherl' 'The Saturday scraps were fun' Track First row: Mark Howard, Ed Curll, Frank Saunders, Ricky Smith, Dan Freeman, Ken Earman, Richard Blessing, Bryan Morril, Russ Fee, Larry Malone, Jack Dunn. Second row: Jock Delmore, Greg Yaroch, John Herbots, Scott Stewart, Robert Scanlon, Bruce Blatz, Leroy Meyer, John Callander, Lloyd Halverson, John Wilhm, Richard Spearman Cmgr.l. Third row: Coach Hutton, John Harrington, Bob Dinan, Howard Smith, Russ Andres, Craig Schoulda, Bruce Plyer, Richard Harkrader, Dan Grey, Larry Smith, Kenneth Ritchey, X1 Assistant Coach avely. Fourth row: Joe Chryst, Phil Robin- son, Jim White, ,eff Johnson, Joe Comp, Richard Leith, Larry O'Neil, Jim Rodes, Joe Goodwin, Rick Mattozzi, Bill Tatam. Fifth row: Tom Young, Doug Smith, Ed Sledge, Coleman Smith, Dave Cardwell, Joe Van Dyke, Richard Opp, Bill Cronenberg, Stuart Ours, John Whitmore, Paul Vogel, Bill Delmore, Paul Young, Jim Bailey. Not pictured: Chris Lingomfelter, Cliff Crompton. Breaking a record in the Fairfax County Relays and racking up a victory in their first dual meet, the George C. Marshall track' team is off to a promising season. By placing in the two-mile relay, the mile relay, the 880 relay and the shot put, the team won fourth place at the Fairfax County Relays, defeat- ing long-established schools. Showing exceptional promise in the running events were Juniors Bryan Morrell and Leroy Meyer and freshmen John Cal- landor and Don Herbots. In the area of weights Bruce Plyer and Dave Rae showed potential. Over fifty boys are participating in track this year. Although the track is not yet completed, it will be ready for use next spirng. "Heove ho, Bruce!" f ,Nl fx 4 -, Q its .lib 4 '9" 1'1" V 1 1 r un 7 i- u .V u Q 1, K 5,1 , 4 .3 gf'-, K H , A , uw ,R U ard 6 L. , F 4 4 r 1 0 J " 1 -, , N, -t Q f 1 . gg. FE ' f f - mf l a' A - 'Eau' Al-of .v 'B" L 'L A". -.4-1' we 1 , ' 1 Q " ' J - 'x 5 "V ' M ,-. , A' Q ' - . I-'+I , l l' L. ' ' 1 . J .r if 4 ,- YF "Congratulations" "That's putting your best foot forward." 11 "Russ vies for lead. ' 'fr ,Ji 'M C. 7' L.- ,.:-' 'F,.- -1'--"? 1 .' 4--uv' 4. ' Ziwmsrxn., Jr. 5 A - . 'ff' ,,.,v- M..-ff, ,Ah V 4 if .V .TI- . v42,,f-. 7 ,fl - JA- q Q ,V I 4 . vs Y -..C fsxifiri 1 if-..,'," '7'- , 1 t A. -8 ' . IL.: it ' 514 iz" . ' Y . ..., . '-ff' - If ' ' W" V 1 0.-VA W . :lf-4""1" H I - .,,.,- sg-9-V. .E a.. f '-mkvf, -- f -t 77'f?7JQ1.... ' . J' Ai.. "Statesman holds lead in relay!" l Y- ,"' ,' -- 1: " 1 .-A5154-Ar' ls r - : -' 3 'rj il yjftza 1" , "ffl, . , . ' '- :ff amass. - -, ,,,.. . - ..:m. A, A -' -Y .A -,- -,-,. '9ft.fM'z-17 ' v gk! ,, ' ' ' , T 9 s xv ' l ,' r ,rg fri . A f ' ,Q I , .ff ,ia 4 X I rf uf? 1 Qxsfr fx-3,5 J 1 fr In I i Y I--ef.-:il A.- J V -j - W' 'fi 'Y' 6 v-.,. 4 ,' , . Q .555-11 ':. ,A MJ 1-A , G n arm? A ,F 4: ' ,l . ' 1' . ..s , Nl a l s LL: re, , - F " -H-if -, , " 5 -I Q 1 ff-l ' l 1: . 'L-.f..a"9 -"'TL.,...24 , " Eid? g1E-Q: "What do you think coach?" QE' 3 Plv ' 1 " N Hy J i ' : "Light-footed Lloyd 'misc' 3' r 5 First row: Tom Thorpe, Phil Pauls, Art Bushe, Howard Bailey, Donnie Morris, Jacque LaMarre, Bill Livermore. Second row: Vincent Blosco lmgrj, Barry Richmond, Rusty Thatcher, Bill Barton, Mike Osbourne, Dave Counts, Aaron Goulob lmgr.l, Star pitcher, Billy Thompson, says "Watch this one go by," at seoson's opening game. l Coach Bradford. Third row: Glen Robertson, John Scott, Jim Thompson, Bob Elwell, Jim Redwine, Billy Thompson, John Kundzins. Baseball Our varsity baseball has great potential. Un- daunted by our loss to George Mason High School by only one point, the Statesmen will undoubtedly continue on to a victorious end. During the first game Coach Bradford commented on the outstand- ing Freshman pitcher, Bill Thompson. lt was only a homerun in the seventh' inning which caused the defeat. We know that this team will carry on the States- men tradition-to win-! VARSITY BASEBALL Date Opponent APR. 2 . . . , . George Mason 9 . . . . . Loudoun County ll . . . . Loudoun Valley I6 . . . , . George Mason 20 . . ....... Osbourn 23 . , ..,,.. Edison 26 .... .... H erndon 30 ...,. . . . Woodson MAY I .... .,..... L ee 3 . . . . . Herndon 7 . . ..,. Woodson 10 . . ......,.. Edison 14 . . . . Loudoun Valley l7 . . . . Loudoun County S'- gg X I ' ia! fggia . so-55155555 , , J. V. baseball tryouts Hit and Run . f ' 'nl' ., ,. 1, ma 1 in ia f N4 DUN APR 23 . 26 . 30 . MAY I . 3 . 7 , I0 . 14 . Some people con't keep in step. 81 J.V. BASEBALL 'fi .EE EE 1- .f' '4 Opponent . Edison Herndon Woodson . . . Lee Herndon Woodson . Edison Woodson Left to Right: Carol Kakalec, Leslie Webb, Gray Carlson, Marcy Edwards, Susie Douglas, and Mary Walton. f r Varsity Cheerleaders 71,3 r fl Q X Kd- nx , C . ll Deserted post Big decision gm CGCAPT. Sl 153-If L, Susie Douglas and Mary Walton. Marcy Edwards and Kim Kelly. Practice 82 .Tk 1 1, . it Jag , jg- 1 f A I . 1 'SJ I K i i Lx ,Q,, 4 Q -' 5 N-....,.f X '- N -Q ,Z f' 5 i ., ,W +5 , A I 'f"3'T'5"'if::"i-fl-. -A v "Fi-'2,fn' .fa . It I 1 H5455 wiki, 52, Y ., 1. HV 1 -:Ik 'ry' 11 -me -any .M-.-,. A . mf. :i,""',f.i-'..e'. - 'xr-lf! .ang .,., -., , 1 yigg . A' 3 F l I Rf " 'Pf55'.Z.2 , ' Q- vp...-V- - .14 . ,x1'i"f-':.n- ' . 'fbi' f faint .ef . vi v-if-fm... . . X ng 35 , t r1L'.' Cl ,Z ' Xu "Wheee!" , om Q Our Captain, Gray Carlson Sewing circle meets again. Leslie Webb and Carol Kakalec N little louder, VICTORY!" "Come on Statesmen, win tonight!" It T' i . ee --.L f ai' - 'W -fq i , K 'J .. .omni Front to Back: Judy Samuson, Linda Harrell, Mandy Thomas, Margie Page, Co-Capt., Gloria Green, Capt., Sandy Fitzgerald, Dianne Bloxton. J.V. Cheerleaders ,JVN M-A-R-S-H-A-l--L What's so funny? ! ? Freshman Cheerleaders 4.1 - Left to Right, First Buck Marcy Malay, Shirley Nye I, . Wendy Johnston. Second " Sandy Page, Linda Strong Patti McDonald. TENNIS VARSITY before first match of the season with George Mason. Left to right, first row: Gordon Bo- kelman, Chuck Reger, Paul Mathes, Mike Sawmelle, Alan Brown, Roger Hughes. Second row: James Jeckell, Roger Balley, Chris Leet, Dick Kreutzer, John Grant, Stephen Harris, Allen Horne, Coach Cole. Tennis Left to Right: Maureen Stanley, Pat Hinson, Anita Huffman, W nie Dole, Barbara Joiner. A strong forehand wins the day. Girls' Athletic Association 85 ,. . Gym Assistants l 1 f 1-l ,,.- -., 1 1. , First Gray Ault. row: Ruth Arnold, Lonnie Dole, Carlson, Phoebe Atkinson, Judy Second row: Jeri Coulter, Susie Douglas, Kathy Switzer, Mandy Thom- as, Bonnie Powell, Barbara Joiner. Third row: Judy Somusson, Margie Page, Kris Reiber, Sharon Pease, Kathy Dillon, Andy Scheurer. Fourth row: Pat Hines, Gloria Green, Pat Highley, Mau- reen Stanley, Joanne, Hemsley. Fifth row: Dianne Bloxton, Marie Robinson, Linda Harrell, Zan O'Brien, Kathy Muse, Nancy Hughes, Pat Branner. Lon- I - I -. NN? ,, I, f 'H' , Q XX, u C , ,,f' u . , . ff' s-,w,,f ' f . ,Q 4 . .. V L, ,QQ R ,Nh . K ,, J. l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 l0 ll I2 13 14 Kathy Muse Kris Reiber Linda Klopfenstein Nancy Hughes Marilyn Brewer Jeri Coulter Linda Orrison Pat Brunner Laurie Joslin Barbara Trimmer Andy Scheruen Suzy Printyenhoff Cathy Switzer Joanne Hemsley HOCKEY SCORES G. C. Marshall 2 ........i..... Woodson l G. C. Marshall l ., .. Madison 3 G. C. Marshall l .. ....... Lee 3 G. C. Marshall 7 ,. ,,... Herndon l G. C. -Marshall 2 . . . . , Falls Church O G. C. Marshall 3 .. Mt. Vernon 3 G. C. Marshall 3 .. .... McLean 2 VARSITY HOCKEY This year's varsity hockey team fought their way to a winning season under the capable direc- tion of Coach Denise Stephenson. Making up for a shortage of experienced players, with an abun- dance of school spirit, the team finished with a record of 4-2-l, losing only to Madison and Lee, and tying the highly skilled Mt. Vernon team. Marshall was especially proud of having drawn some of the stiffest competition in the county. "A wonderful group of girls" was Coach Stephen- son's comment on the team of l962, and the team's followers agreed heartily. Hockey A ,,,w,,,: ,rf iii .iz ' sas -. 1: jim f ,h r 5 L 'gszej Wea? is - ' er. 3 ,T . .,.l w. QB T-keg' , f "All right you toads!" "lt couldn't be that bad, Laurie' A Junior Varsity Hockey i an . ,ai -' i' 1, 7' , L l ggi' . 3 Mx - 'A""' .f-f r. mm.-me . msg, X . Ruth Ann Sando, Linda Grafton, Judy Stride, Ellen Arnold, Jan Elvin, Sharon Pease, Leslie Schoulda, Pegi Bryant, Gay Vredenburg, Linda Kendall, Linda Kendall, Ann Pangman, Nancy Huse, CENTER-Pat Quinn, co- captain. The Junior Varsity squad this year played seven games compiling a record of 3-5-l. The team played some of the toughest and most exper- ienced teams in the county. All members of the squad gained valuable experience which will bene- fit the strength of the Varsity hockey team next year. Most of the girls had never participated in hockey as a team before, but in spite of this, teamwork was strongly developed. A large amount of credit is due to the coaches, Miss Denise Steph- enson, and Miss Fay Wagoner. Next year, the '62 J. V. squad will be a booster to the varsity, and we hope that they will continue their fine example of sportsmanship. "You don't say," 2? l Eff is Watch that wing ra, 4 is x, First row: Wendy Chamberlain, Sharon Earman, Eleanor Bramley. Second row: Diane Magarity, Marcia Atkinson, Andy Scheurer, Nancy Parsons. Third row: Pat Branner, Sue Dawson, Chris Waldo, Pat Quinn. Fourth row: Cathy Chiles, Becky Bishop, Joyce Day. Fifth row: Marilyn Brewer, Lisa Smith, Laurie Joslin, Ellen Arnold. The first George C. Marshall girls' basketball Varsity Girls' Basketball VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES teams had a successful year for l963, in spite of G. C. Marshall ..,,....,.......,.... A. Stgart 2 inexperience, changes ofurules, and having. to mggllgll "fM.'f"'f5'3i::J: 28 travel to Thoreau Intermediate School for practice. G' C' Marshal, I , OSl,aa,,., 44 The fine sportsmanship, diligent practice, and G Q Marshall .,..., 'Lee 38 team-work on the part of the players and the G C Marshall .... Fairfax gg excellent coaching by Miss Jean Johnson and Miss g E marshall A . . Vxxzodrtgg 19 Denise Stevenson were responsible for their out- G C Mgfihgn Mil: Hemdon 43 standing season of 4-3-l. G C Ma,-Slaall , , , Ml, Vernon 29 G. C Marshall . . ........ . . . Falls Church 37 Mr. Yost and Miss Johnson gave Up! Up! Up! us letters banquet night. , dtex ' f' ' ,-.,- ,, JH .. i .ld kill, Girls' .l.V. Basketball JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES G. C. Marshall l7 ................. Stuart 7 G. C. Marshall 23 .. Annandale l6 G. C. Marshall 26 .. ...., Edison 7 G. C. Marshall 25 .. .. Osbourn 7 G. C. Marshall l9 .. ...... Lee 27 G. C. Marshall 26 .. ..... Fairfax 29 G. C. Marshall 26 .. .,.. Woodson 9 G. C. Marshall ll .. .... Madison 2l G. C. Marshall 30 .. .,... Herndon 8 G. C. Marshall 23 .. Mt. Vernon l3 G. C. Marshall 17 ............ Falls Church ll In all sports events, George C. Marshall has had great success and the girls' .l.V. Basketball team is no exception. They have worked hard under the superior coaching of Denise Stephenson to achieve their won-lose record of 8-3. With their spirit and determination they show great promise for an un- . defeated season next year. l First row: Wendy Chamberlain, Sharon Earman, Eleanor Bramley. Sscond row: Diane Magarity, Marcia Atkinson, Andy Scheurer, Nancy Parsons. Third row: Pat Branner, Sue Dawson, Chris Walds, Pat Quinn. Fourth row: Cathy Chiles, Becky Bishop, Joyce Day. Fifth row: Marilyn Brewer, Manager, Lisa Smith, Co-captain, Laurie Joslin, Captain, Ellen Arnold, Manager. "What's this, girls-The Big Three Conference?" i l "Let's don't fight, girls." l -HY i 89 Varsity Softball A ' , li Miss Stephenson cheers team to victory. Varsity Softball at Marshall this year, like softball all over the country is a highly competi- tive and exciting sport for both players and spec- tators alike. MarshalI's girls, coached by Miss Faye Wagoner, are as competitive and aggressive on the field as they are bright and charming young ladies off the field. The girls are backed by an enthusiastic student body and feel that if the wonderful support continues, they ccin't lose. The team is looking forward to a successful but extremely rugged season. Their schedule con- not be taken lightly as the girls are playing some of the best l-A schools in the area. Even though they lost their first game to Mc- Lean by a very close margin, the team feels they will bounce back to victory after victory in the true Statesman spirit. First row: Kathy Muse, Captain, Linda Orrison, Co-captain. son. Third roy: Sondy Hitchcock, Manager, Pam Connif, Second row: Judy Asp, Manager, Pat Quinn, Sharon Earman, Kathy Dillion, Katy Timnel, Pat Branner, Joan Hemsley, Bebe Thorpe, Susie Douglas, Marie Robinson, Phoebe Atkin- Kitty Krone, Diane Magarity, Anita Hitchcock, Manager. Girls' Sports 12 it J.V. softball daily trips for practice at Thoreau made way for the opening game April 19. The following girls made the team: Becky Bishop, Janie Blackburn, Brenda Carpenter, Marie Eaker, Nora Frank, Linda Gray, Brenda Hardin, Laurie Joslin, Linda Kendall, Linda Kiick, Carol ginsey, Gail McCulloch, Diane Morrison, Lisa Smith, Pat mith. 1, .,A,,, X , Shooting into the future . . . archery gives students an op- portunity for individual accomplishment. r r : liw-3. H J' if l '- I ill -5,5 5111: "W ' -f . L-1 ' gym L fe W 1 - l 4 , ,y ,,,3,.-3'1.w-' i 5 raising .r ' r fe f . .. .iv - - , ' '-- 9 ..,'a , 'w T' 4','f" - " v -A' ' ' 'l I ' -i ,. S L .- -'nl 'f' l ' 5 Y - -I r . 5 J .Y ' . 51. i,,J1 f. , frm. ,bl ij, .Ug I . A 'pgiaim 1 -Q , '.'f7'41f-I l Nia. '.w , -N . ' lhfiafffi -S .. B fx me -fe L IJ eff! " . L " ' XX i r 1 if " " x .its . - . . q r, .glqv I4 i ! Q f ' J ,L Id - ' Yi si . i X 1 nl! il ,Adil Majorettes Barbara Malecki, Diane Herrel and Nancy Lockhart. 91 Trade Unions 'Pu vu" Club --ff ' Af :Lan . .',r'. "'. 57. .o fl ' ' ' 1 ' 7 , . . ',., -n 4 c 35. '... -fw' 'L - .gb Un. " . . . .., , .-. J ,, ,E ',,,A,,A.g, V reg! " 6 ':""J"- fn '50 ' 44 Tffi 'f'-1. -fa. - .Q' Eff' ,-H994-'.-.L'.'.", A'-:, ,' ,. 1 Slut--g 41 .. - . vu. V 5 , . ' '- .I ,L . , U- 53. ., Q.. .f'.,,.--f u ' fn .P -.-5 5, ,M , un r E . . 's' 5 A -rpm.. 'A in ANN 4- , 1, P45-.W 'ff B. '4'- v ..!i? P, 92 70" Aw Jfg, 5 '11 l 'X wJ oftf.. "'4'-b,' 5"A1r,' ' n .5 - - 4' ' f'f""i: " N 'n 'I- - . K --A'ff' -4' "Sf, ':."1,- 'I "i:E'2i,4,'J1v3,f3x."' 'f 4' ,I 1.1 'll' 'J' ' .7r"'L7'-. -'-r ' bv' 4. 45 'M f' I -14' ,-v-.f,' " -Gb-i::..1::', 4 -.F ,.i ' .--:xv-1 -2.3 Eff an ' E ,v,-T' 'J 1. e L 1 ' , 1- ' '. , lr V .Au , ffYTT,'fU'?,l',U"fJ' 5- -flvffvf 'fl ' 1,Q,f-I . axle A 14, Tl.,-., Av- f ff 1 'P F lf, .4 , -Q, - 3:5 ,ljl , r lla. s,,-.-, .,. Q L1-13" 'f as-rr yr-a ...ear -24' ff, .fl - 2 ldv: t .ww '. W... 'v-- A s " - ,.. , , A '-' frail Y -A I h A ,Wfi v gv , " ,N . 1,53 Q""'-,gd iv'-f ll.-5 H IX QA "J 4 ' A '-l.4xlfE-A 'Q 4. q l it .4 A. '..x.,,. A' 4 'M .1 . V.. . TL1.Q,.1 ,xi-l. ' ' g.- -f. mags ' ' 4, , ' ....:.3. ,, ,j- ., -,f .J V '..', ,A N. V. . , ,W 1 A . . A. L . .O N -' dgliflfi' t - A .. s an .9 ' v'?..,"' z""fQ"' My 1 , - . H In W. A Q,-' Y . n- . ,,,-. vi! Ia. , 9. , -ru! I i L -T ."'g ,Yah fi-.Ji-3, l Q-.'1:M-"1..tL'r max! ',,-QQ-l'1V?"gp's. ,J .., - , A, .muh s 0 , sf Q!! 'f:.M'mi,'- 3 .1 1 5 ,dis . Mn , , - L. . . 1 A if - rf. .f V ,--.-J. A -"-'PL 4 , ' . 3 'U'Arf 14" rxyidfp--QI-fi-4-r 1 .1-s., f .x . I - .1 . . V. 51'-x,Rky!a Q.Jl.1,w, 'iw . ihglii .1 ' 'jeg :, .fa I fu i -I ,', 5 - f ' - . .. ' "U 4 1 ,fini , 325,11 . an-gg , 11:2 I. wdihfgg ,hy A IA. ... - . r i i. fin -f Megan.- 93 A school cannot evolve social- ly without its "fringe benefits"- a variety of clubs ranging from service to "fun" organizations. Through these clubs, the States- men meet new faces, obtain the experience of organization and leadership, and establish the trends that shall influence the future generations. A club is an association of persons united to promote some common objective. Many clubs formed help sup- plement fields of study offered by George C. Marshall. After- school clubs spell "fringe bene- its." The Steering Committee, composed of representatives from the six schools of Marshall's district, met throughout the summer under the guidance of Mr. Hertzler and Mr. Johnson. During this time, the committee decided on the school colors and nickname, and wrote MarshaIl's constitution. Organizing the first social activity of the school, the steering committee arranged the first pep rally and bonfire to open a spirit-filled season. In December, the five S.C.A. officers became the hub of our wheel of govern- ment. They enlarged the pattern of leadership according to the suggestions offered by students and faculty. An additional group, the members of the S.C.A. Cabinet, appointed by S.C.A. president, Nancy Shaver, worked in co- operation with the officers and repre- sentatives. S.C.A. actvities were co- ordinated by this group of seven, whose aim became that of promoting spirit and enthusiasm at all Marshall func- tions. COGS I 1' S Standing: Susan Turner, Treasurer, Stan Whiting, Public Relations, Donna Brodie, Clerk of the Senate, David Kalassay, Activities, Kathleen Romanus, Historian, Paul Hendrick, Parliamentarian, Jean Holt, Clerk of the House, Seated: Bob Henniger, Vice President, Nancy Shaver, President, Cindy Bieber, Student Opinion. SCA Officers and Cabinet 1,-. -.. ' ' Lf 'h:R'Hh,DHb,S K', Stes f1f1 g C0111 m 1 151166 gzrlefgi egg, .sims 8.32.5B..?.'1B...i:.z-'anz,...?Saz..ass, GU EI1 I'IC . 94 THE WHEEL ll-in Senate Though the Senate was not organized until late in the year, the members worked diligently to overcome this handicap. The three girls, Kris Reiber, Jane Morgan and Nina Hodge and three boys, Don Herzberg, Jack Lucas, and Henry Zinman represented the Junior, Sophomore and Freshmen classes respectively. Nancy Shaver, S.C.A. presi- dent, led the first meeting in February, ably assisted by Donna Brodie, Clerk of the Senate. This year the Senate served admir- ably in coordinating class and S.C.A. activi- ties. By helping as laison officers, the sena- tors attended their class meetings as well as S.C.A. meetings. Arranging dances as well as obtaining class discount cards, the Senate proved to be one of the most effi- ciently functioning bodies within the S.C.A. Seated: Robert Henninger, Vice President, Nancy Shaver, President, and Cindy Bieber. Standing, left to right: Susan Turner, Treasurer, Stan Whiting, Donna Brodie, Clerk of the Senate, David Kalassay, Kathleen Romanus, Paul Hendrick, Jean Holt, Clerk of the House. House of Representatives X.j ef? First row: Richard Evans, Jane Morgan, Donna Huston, Jean Holt, Barbara Malecki, Wendy Johnstone, Carol Burkhardt, Roger Blamquist. Second row: Judy Samusson, Martha Kiger, Wendy Chamberlin, Ann DuFour, Beau Barron-Clarke, Gail Williams, Jean Via, Fran Hanger. Third row: Janet Kirwan, Letitia Tinsley, Carlene Carey, Linda Orrison, Laurie Jaslin Lonnie Dole, Carol Winfrey, Dianne Rauth, Sharman Mc Duffie, Harvey Wood. Fourth row: Nancey Parson, Nora Tal- bot, Vicki Fuller, Lisa Smith, Sue Dawson, Anita Huffman Paul Hendrick, Stuart Ours, Robbie French, Mike West. uill And Scroll "Quill and ScrolI," the international literary honors society for outstanding high school journalists, maintains the standard of publication at a level of quality in George C. Marshall High School. Scholastic standing and a meas- ure ot contribution to a school publica- tion are qualifications for membership. Members are usually inducted in the spring from the writers in the junior and senior classes considered to be the most meritorious. Mr. Chester, Susan Ives and Mrs. Kotheimer look over new Quill and Scroll charter. Junior Honor Society Outstanding scholarship, school citizen- ship, service, leadership and character are the qualifications for members of the Katherine Marshall Chapter of the Junior Honor Society. Members from other schools formed the steering committee and inducted ninth and tenth graders during the year. First row: Jane Morgan, Carol Skalnik, Erica Fishe, Linda Oldham. Second row: Marilyn Brewer, Robyn O'Connell, Linda Brink, Beth Rix, Renee Guenard. Third row: Mrs. Victory, Russ Fee, Bill Nanna, Vyrl Leichliter, Nick Sherwood, Jim Hodgson. .' S . ' "9"ism.. WT - I '-3? Sitting: Kathaleen Buckley, Treasurer, Susan Ives, Secretary, Don Herzberg, President, Cathy Sims, Vice President. Standing: Barbara Samson, Susan Holloway, Nancy Shaver, Carlene Carey, Ronnie Hughes, Science Club 3-1' David Shupe, James Steakley, Allen Horne, Ralph Dowell, Sheley, Pat Baley Madeline De Lisle Betsy Seaver Larry Dick Kreutzer, Richard Phillips, Gary Polansky. Frank Wag- Malone, Ronnie Hughes Nancy Hughes Ken Ritchey Neal her, Beau Barron-Clarke, Kris Peiber. Joe Wagner, Sue Johnson. Geery, Butch Young, Manyd Thomas, Dennis Futchik, Sandy Debate Club Participating in the Northern Virginia League, the debate team has gained in- valuable experience this year under the guidance of Miss Martha Rudnicki and Mr. Armand Sebastianelli. Emerging with an impressive record, the team debated with the leading schools of the area and participated in the Annual State Debate Conference at the University of Virginia and the invitational meet at George Wash- ington University. Through debating, the students gained experience in public speaking and a greater knowledge of subjects of current interest. First row: Alice Pittard, Andrea Andrews, Linda Old- ham, Jonell Polansky, Paul Reiber. Second row: Miss Rudnicki, Jack Lucas, Mike West, Vyrl Leichliter, Gary Polansky, Vance Salter, Mr. Sebastianelli. Drama Club 11 '. in l t 35 r 1 f I '12, . ' First row: Fran Hanger, Beth Rix, Cathy Flippen, Renee Guen- Kay Kimball, Greg Appling, Ellen Geer. Third row: Mike ard, Martha Kiger, Diana Clayton, Linda Lee Hart, Patricia West, Dave Steere, Stuart Ours, Julie Boyles, Sandra Elliott, Hoffman, Janine Sines. Second row: Muff Thomas, Larry Jane Pannek, Mr. John Reese. O'Neill, Edwin Kisiel, Beau Barron-Clarke, Dick Kreutzer, The Drama Club, formed by students espec- g ially interested in drama, gives its members yu, practical instruction and experience in play QW: 1 production. Using a semi-theatre un the ' 5 round" in lieu of an auditorium, the Drama gs :F Department and Club presented "An Evening of One Acts." With the expert direction of F lm 9 Mr. John Reese and the help of an enthusi- If lj- 52 astic stage crew, the plays 'were successful . r- li , -5. both in our school as well as in area competi- ,,f l f V 'MQ' tion. ln May, the Drama Club offered other A. I 'r yr r-7 ,Q selections showing versatility. imnmiifl 1-K E13 1 - I v ' L v "Who's doing the acting, here?" German Club "Der deutsche Verein," George C. Marshall's Ger- man Club, got off to a good start this year by electing a steering committee while attending -McLean. Under the guidance of Miss Rose Tigani, the committee wrote the German Club's constitution, and planned the year's activities. The first official meeting was a St. Nicholas Day party. "Der duetsche Verein" also had a Fasching Party, talked with a German foreign exchange student, saw slides of Germany, attended a German restaurant, and wound up their successful year with a picnic. 559 First row: Alyce Nixon, Wendy Johnstone, Pat Thomas, Jean- nie Smyth, Dorothy Klipa, Gray Carlson, Lisa Beaulieu. Second row: Micki McGuire, Susan Wood, Shiela Stoughton, Trudy Sellers, Vicki Fuller, Donna Brodie, Peggy Williams, Candy Dickerson, Jean Via, Mr. Yates. Third row: Sue Wilbern, Ruth Ann Sands, Betty Hall, Peter Van Dyke, Stephen Detwiler, Lexie Lomanna, Vance Salter, Richard Kent, David Ward. Fourth row: Susan Abegglen, Lottie Gerkle, Jack Lucas, Den- nis Carruth, Ric Berord, Ron Buchanan, John Beacom, Lloyd Jones. Fifth row: Crain Hagaman, Bob Black, Ray Phaugher, Ed Phaugher, John Ferbots, Joe Wagner, Beau Barron-Clarke, Dean Trickett. -0 ' Seated: Miss Tigani, Sponsor, Bettie Jean Howell, President, Virginia Klipa, Secretary, Anita Huffman, Activities Chairman, Roger Blomquist, Treasurer, Kerry Lueck, Vice President. Second row: Judy Keroher, Cindy Bieber, Dianne Coombs, Fran Hanger, Joani Fillman, Ruth Arnold, Rick Goodman, Hans Graff, Richard Evans. Third row: Kathy Koth, Vicki Kalassay, Chris Graff, Sue Geery, Sandy Garber, Yvonne Richardt, Angie Roberts, Dianne Rauth, Richard Mason, Geoff Nye, Fourth row: David Shupe, Mike Osborn, Bob Jones, Tom McBroom, Harvey Wood, James Steakley, Bruce Gallinger, ,Lester Lawrence, Richard Spearman. Fifth row: Ronnie Lowry, Frank Coffin, Clif Perrie, John Wilhm, John Kundzins, Allen Horne, Chris Leet, Tad Boyle, Bruce Cowhig, Jerry McLagen. Latin Club Composed of students presently taking Latin and those who have formerly studied it, the Latin Club establishes a sounder foundation in the study of this language and creates more interest and popu- larity for Latin and the classics. Following its motto of "Semper Excelsior" or "Always Higher," the club sponsored a Latin Banquet in April, complete with Roman food and "authentic" Roman slaves, and a spring picnic. From all club experi- ences we gained a greater appreciation of the Latin language and its culture. 99 ...grrgge 5, . Qsesmsdlifgwi?-. wwf' 7' K1 JMR. M .3 gm aes: is :HWY N' 55.2. Egg w 5.3 ew N M v P Q A6565 , me -- M.. it Wi 'R- Sittingz- Shea, Jeannie Standingg Cqljjifskalnik, sy Seayer, Vt,s?.2ssx'1gi -eggmz The first staff of Kgiygllfe decided this year to publish the best aimiliable and art, with the hope'ViofE?EQQlEcting ing creative in a genuinely ing the patient guidance Briskin i two'issu'es this yeElr,..iiE1d have literary-art magaiinesq in the process. We hope that Reveille will goin .quality and interest as we acquire more evqierignce. I Segef. Www.. mme asf -as "Take them away," says Mrs. Briskin, Distribution Day. 100 Susan Holloway, Jan Bochenek, Mrs. Briskin, Joani Fillman. Cathy Sims, Cathy Payne, Nan Saylor, Barbara Samson, Bet- Cathy Flippen, Melissa Lockhart, Carolyn Bruce. Reveille l' tw mfr? H fr, -1, - ti ii V.. ' r ,ms ,rifiwii ., ,. .. ,Wx , ,WW gk N rs-2 mf" Slflhl-l M "fi 1. ,, qi Wir, dt, - 1 , Y , it . iwmtiggii ,i-i wniftgW4g2',,f Ranks And r File U 'i:. I Z . r l.- ,. ir' .wg I . -1 i . i 1 - A i-Members of the staff of RANK AND FILE Lfirst metf, during lAuglust,"l962'. Planning, the f'irst'iSS.LJG.C1nCl 'getting ia'cau'a,inted with the standards- of,.M.r. Wayne,,Chester were the 'purposeswof fthese imeetings. The ,organization settled on The .NortherntVirginia Sun for its V. flihewfirst issue was rdifferentltlookiiing, being lrwithoutllain official: .malstheacllfor staff. After thetfchoblllcontestl tomme all the publications, 'the 'newspaper emerged. with-the catchy name- plate of'tRANKiANlD FILE. rw :1 . 4 t l'Aware'ofttheineed farmaneygto make 'any' P- i ...V I '1 I J. U1 1..-, fl- ea- 1 r . lb ,ir publication.ffsuccessful, 'pitched in with other publicatfiolns to .rnakea good subscription drive-andllta get asp.muc,hi,adye,rtiSing' interest asjpossible-to ihelptus with our- finances. 7 'ti' ' January-ther first editors took on official .duties andlthetpaperfdevielopedfas more organ-. izations 'fo,tlr'ne'd"toi lfeportg In sense, the newspaperlbecamela. mirtor oflstuldent lifeyand I' ithought., . i. I y , - -Vi.. Irv. ,.! i,:v5,, n .V ifr- i-sw.-L, , .r w 5 . I . . l 4 i 1. ,. ii s -it ,M wi 4 i , . "'New'.approachesfto journalism cropped up after. the'Mlarch-trip toythe Columbian Press AssoaiatibntConferericle fin New York. ' There we.,saw.Q,first hand wlflatit italges to put youta Medalist,.pape.r..,, .s W A .V V XXMQP .., . ,, i, ,,,,, i ,V Kathy '-Swttgert grid? Nlglqf Sherwood' gwdrlg ,on layout liifdlFilIe.:',"l' fn l g . - '- -'- 141. ,ww an Q.-.vygirwv i. ir-Jaw ,112 wa- r.Siftins:uMr.fChester,.,DiQnne,Hinlsl,e, Nancy Sl'lClV6.'i,f,NlClS'Sl'E9F ,0Qd,.-. Kathy 5wif2efJ 7Bf2dU BU ffQrJEClc1rflib'-.ISQCQQ41 .ww ze .Pete ' RQhri,QLfEha'r52 125 .1 .on Donnelly,1BarryvRichn'johd, Qlarli Tibbetts, VPhi,l Robinson. Thirdf.f.,f '0WiDOD,-HCfib,SQFQ,fJCl',fY,MCK5Qf50','3Jf1,l'1 B5Chen?'l5. l l' ,2'iN,r f "rQ, ,. ,. f ' .4 - .. -i .Y .f. 1 .lily gr. 1 rx we.. u rliz' All" , -w-5. 5-,Q 'l,fjf,f-,if QQ -.,-grf,I- -ge 1131, We yiw .julia J r vnu: --t , -1.1 ,.-t-..,,.,r. ,t tmrtnylh vm FM, ' Realibng that our primary.-purpose is tolli inuforrn the readers, "We Willf report,u.l?JlQ?lOSQCl,-ff-.sei-12 accounts of news, use lthe ieditoniatl-e.I,icenseft',i if rr honestly, encourage students, 'towexpressftheifrt 1 opinions, and seek to establish ljiarrnony students, faculty, and,comr'n1unity,'yglgfl'Lf g R A . .,q- . 4 it , ,i ,.,' I toward maintaining 'ands-.contributingl rl: hanorf and respect dueT'f'GeorgefA C. V newspaper staff,,directrfitssrwas 101 ' f ll,l..,. if lb, :5 .1 , ll r, 1 iw 1 Ll ,l!....7 .. .. , Vx fr- y gl X ggg A' ' HL I . s J L ir. L .' 4 it 1:..lA l ecagnnzing the heritage of,ourQ,nar7qesalge,,,. .. fl , vs..- f. nr 1 -'A - f f - -.wil ' E rv N, ,4,,,., .,.,.!. 1 V r rm .r. n Aw. L .4- x lr .H-.n v.,. Q r-r. ' TVT' E ., 'I 4 S I, Q L.-Q. 1 v f f 1, 'r A. ww v-. --.- I v ,U Qu 1 S rL ,EL in L54 V, Q 3. 5-Yr H .Q Eff ' F" :':'7 5' 3, 5 .4 5-. ,., 1-'.4.l,f-1- . ,,-,ZFTE .- H ' -- .- 1 'L'1 'F :' Y- -. ,-.Q,,l,4.-. 'Z LM? :iff .,.,-, C . 'ZLKIY K QV' 5 .V . .. ,F .. 5 . ,--N . . f- . ,. uf lr: ---.,-N... ..v.1,,. . '.4,n., :,'. ,, -. . ...t..z..,,, T 4: -. 'v .V 4 x N F, N , J "All , I Publications Staffs Report . 3:5 K-Z-'FY-7 5?FFf23'HX, ' "Do you coll this work?"- A Saturday work session. "SmiIe!!!" L of this in one coIumn??" l, "That's where our money goes." 6 in ..x "A . S. 1. fs , X111 2 "The pure joy of a deadline met!" 103 First row: Pam Siess, Teresa Potter, Gail Darnes, Rosina Pate, Janet Gian- nini, Sherry Roberts. Second row: Mrs. Wilburn, Brenda McGilliuray, Jean Holt, Karen Bassford, Marcia Atkinson, Pat Hinson, Nina Hodge. Third row: Linda Fleming, Wander Kay Farmer, Pat Benson, Kitty Hallam, Gerry Williams, Susie Howard. Mrs. Lucas. Fourth row: Sandra Mackintosh, Jane Hoffman, Patti Morris, Susan Kriss, Pat O'Reagan, Betty Hall, Linda Thomas. 'Bal- Futurc Nurses Cf America The aim of the Future Nurses' Club of George C. Marshall High School is to pro- vide a setting in which young people who are interested in medicine as a career can meet together to share that interest and to explore the opportunities and require- ments in this field. The club stimulates the members to grow as individuals by working together and to learn about the commun- ity lite in which they soon will participate as informed citizens. Charters are issued by the National League for Nursing, sponsor of Future Nurses Clubs through the Committee on Careers. The Committee is co-sponsored by the American Hospital Association, American Medical Association, American Nurses Association and National League for Nursing. information from this com- mittee keeps the club in constant contact with accredited schools for the various medical professions. Future I-Iomemakers Al... ' Mrs. Lucas helps to chart future nurses course. Future Homemakers of America is a national organization of girls and boys studying homemaking in high school. Its purpose is to increase interest in the homemaking program and to give its members an opportunity to develop leadership. The Breakfast Club was a major activity this year. 104 First row: Gail Williams, Linda Laird, Monica Miller, Pat Whitmon, Carol Winfrey. Second row: Andy Scheurer, Sandy Garber, Chris Graff, Melissa Lockhart, Wilma Schlup, Sharon Pease. Third row: Sue Feery, Linda Mc- David, Cathy Kidwell, Carol Stackhouse, Elizabeth Darne, Tery Smith. i H ff ..-,f ,. D 5 V3 it 1' - ,, s. one 'V J 'I' 4 ' ' -- sf ' - F "' ',,5 . .. ' 13. 1 4 Q s ' -4. Ti! xl . -'--A-me--ref. -'t'7L.lf! 495 .li T' 'HQ' T. -ear.: . T " ' .. ' 'wi f--1 . t E Terry Newman helps a Grant's customer. L First row: Dianne Grimm, Mary Bolevitch, Darlene Hollen, Peggy How- ard. Second row: Carol Dickerson, Dale Jones, Carol Payne, Third rowz J. David Honeycutt, Clarence Fleming. Fourth row: Pete Stanley, Terry Newman, Gene Keller. ffice Helpers CLINIC, OFFICE, GUIDANCE, First row: Sandy Garber, Helen Ashton, Gene Keller, Cathy Parish, Rumford Martha Wood. Second row: Phillis Lappeaux, Bebe Price. Thorpe, 'Diana Whitley, Katy Kephart. Third row: Margaret D.E.C.A. D.E. classes are informal sharing of knowledge. D.E.-Distributive Education is the work- study program that permits juniors and sen- iors to go into the community to gain exper- ience in jobs relating to the distribution of goods and services. Technical aspects of Marketing form the course content of D.E. l and D.E. 2. HELPERS the school nurse, Sherry Roberts, Carey Duncan, Janis 'PQ qv 41' il' Us 115 M. 5' P . 'T Astronomy First row: Cathy Flippen, Barbara Samson, Dianne Davis, Cathy Payne, Clif Busby, Joe Van Dyke. Third row: Richard Paul Reiber, Nick Sherwood, Philip Robinson. Second row: Evans, Jan Bochnek. To Each His Wn Diversion . ,f Chess club members use every available moment for practice. 'lr' 'Ih '-fl l I . -F 'I t' on. 9 A Library Assistants Behind Desk: MISS Peyfgnl Jqmeg Whifmqyer, Lindq Klop- In ffdhl' of desk: Jeff Kelso, PCIUI SUlliV0i'1, ChCll'l8S Rieber, feustein, Jonell Polansky, James Steakley, Warren Fuson, JOGY1 MOOVC, Lonnie Dole, Tim Tidwell. John Wilhm, Dan Freeman, Jim Thompson, Mrs. Heitmann. 106 7 lx I' French Club First row: Rosina Pate, Wilma Schlup, Mr. Barney, Sponsor, David Kalassay, President, Carol Skalniky, Secretary-Trea- surer. Second row: Dianne Bloxton, Barbara Malecki, Janet Giannini, Erica Fishe, Linda Lee Hart, Hannah Pierce, Kathy Muse, Sherry Donnelly. Third row: Sheri Doran, Barbara . T' Schessel, Susie Minnich, Charlotte Munste, Evelyn Burks, Jane Pannek, Betsy Seaver. Fourth row: Jeanne Farris, Dana Brauder, Dianne Davis, Jan Elvin, Linda Thomas, Kris Reiber. Fifth row: Kathy Dillon, Pat Baley, Mike Flynn, Richard Hark- rader, Chip Hardin, Dennis Futchik, Dick Kreutzer. v ii. i -H-sir' Pep Club First row: Kris Andres, Becky Spivey, Judi Asp, Lester Law- rence, Vice President, Fran Hanger, President, Susie Minnich, Treasurer, Ann Pangman, Secretary, Mary Walton, Susie Douglas, Gray Carlson, Carol Kakalec. Second row: Angie Roberts, Judy Stride, Katy Finnell, Bonnie Holland, Monica Miller, Ruthie Gullion, Rossie Farley, Janet Giannini, Marty Albrecht, Marcy Edwards, Leslie Webb, Alaine Dodge, Con- nie Rickbeil, Cynthia Nash, Mrs. Singel. Third row: Rosino Paste, Eurie Hankey, Wynell Williams, Mary Holmes, Linda Krich, Eleanor Frank, Gloria Green, Judy Samusson, Kathie Scott, Sharon Sinzdak, Kathy Eads, Wendy Johnstone, Wendy Chamberlin, Margo Wright, Muff Thomas, Michael Harris, Melissa Lockhart. Fourth row: Sharon McDutfie, Sue Wilbern, Betty Crigger, Susan Abegglen, Evelyn Burks, Ellen Geer, Nancy Hughes, Mandy Thomas, Ruth Arnold, Margie Page, Flo Dryer, Leslie Leonard, Nina Hodge, Karen Hollbey, Pam Masters, Gloria Long, Nina Gamotis, Richard Mason. Fifth row: Dianne Bloxton, Sandy Fitzgerald, Debbie Coffey, Julie Bayles, Becky Deuell, Jan Elvin, Linda Crigger, Nan Saylor, Jeannie Leishear, Cathy Geris, Berkeley Davis, Jand Pannek, Bruce Gallinger, Herb Goodfellow, Frank Black, Mike Flynn. 107 Overtime Activities 106 The overtime that students spend in activities shows the real quality of a school, The more worthwhile the activities of a school, the richerythe character of the students. It takes much initiative, hard work, and overtime to have such activities. Activities indicate the true measure of school spirit. ln activities, personal gain takes second place and the repu- tation of the school becomes foremost. While it is possible for a relatively few students to maintain the reputation of a school, it is only with general student response and participation that an activi- ties program attains full stature. At George C. Marshall, the activities program started last summer even before students reported to our temporary school. From the first dance of the year to the last, from the dramatic presentations to the music concerts, and in all other activities, students gave wholehearted support, mak- ing each activity a success. Rose planting in courtyard . . . Breakfast Club profit, D. E. shared sponsorship. fu Carol Wintfred demonstrates line and de- sign . . . her own proiect. as Li ....., V V .x we 1'44- 51-. .ew :uv-I1 .,s ku - V-, V nf-A. In' L58 XATCQK l4' Home Economics teaches ln becoming a truly womanly person-a home- maker-all that pertains to home management is of vital interest. Students planned activities with this end in view. During the current year, a Mother-Daughter Banquet at Easter highlighted the season. A fashion show, Home decorations for Christmas, and the operation of a preschool pro- gram helped to make school . . . full days but fun days! Wouldn't you be proud if Marshall displayed your creations? So are Carol Smith, Valerie Jarrard, and Brenda Hart. Homemakers seek every short cut in manage- ment of time and energy. L. YN 'S i A gracious living . Participating in social activities developes poise and self confidence and contributes to "Being at ease" in various groups. Elizabeth Darne, Bar- bara Crittenden, Linda Fleming, are practicing social skills, while entertaining their mothers at a luncheon. Happy and successful living begins in the home. l Brenda decorated this Christmas mantle, Chris Graff provided the story to rthree year olds at ploy school. f .' :Y ' "-R ,f 'xx Introductions . . . o teen age social hurdle, comes easy to Elizabeth Darne, introducing Mr. Clinton DeBusk, Asst. Principal, to Mothers. :ishion wise Misses select self-made models- arbara Byers, Becky Devell, Carol Gammon, nd Paula Hamlcxnd. The Pla Is The Thing! l iii il T f- A lgflfffv an l- fu ' . R. 'l , i "- Q a Ye it N. v ' nge f' wwf . ii, W Q a ii - za M5322 N S W. , " Jeannie Smythe and Robert Henninger off to Richmond for superior rating. win' ' Will the real Mr. Clean please stand up? l Backstage Q7 with the stars. "BERNARDINE" PRACTICE Sitting at table-Mike West, John Burch, Dave Steere. Sitting "Bugs" bifeg the dust, on 'floor-Mike Hynn, Greg Appling. if i'i2'..5ai We REE? 4 'J fibifhill "Swing and sway S.C.A. first formal dance featuring Roulettes set them twisin', but gently. 4 Coach Cole, caught by the Candid Camera. Dick and Deedee get things going at Sophomore Sock Hop. King Neptune gets limited honors from S.C.A. dance. pl T4 l 113 Big Tuna caught at Christ- mas Dance. Band . WT 1 - - - .. . l The Symphonic Band includes: Flute-Beth Rix, Barbara Joiner, Judy Koepsell, Joan Moore, Oboe-George Mahan, Robert Miller, Clarinet-Allen Coffin, David West, Sue Daw- son, John Grant, Jean Holt, Dean Trickett, Judy Keroher, Ronald Monat, Linda Volovick, Gordon Heckel, Elizabeth Pierce, Wilbur Lund, Alto Clarinet-Richard Fite, Bonnie Nelson, Bass Clarinet-Gregory Montour, Bassoon-Glen Robertson, Pam Wilson, Alto Saxophone-Chris Prater, Larry Gobley, Jim Kincaid, Tenor Saxophone-Donald Harney, Bar- Maclrigals l itone Saxophone-David Harney, Cornet-Tom Robinson, El- liot Light, Ford Blakeley, Emory Sellers, Tod Trantham, Rich- ard Hoffmann, James Wilhm, French Horn-Nick Nye, John Wood, Trombone-Andrew Steel, Bret Stamps, David May, Sammy Skillman, Al Huntington, Baritone-James This, Janie Blackburn, Bass-William Pala, Nicholas Glab, Tim- pani-Doug Graves, Percussion-Jan Sylvester, William Nor- man, Denny Hottle, Eric Marcey, Librarian-Elaine Barton, Ellen Geer. ll W First row: Barbara Shannon, Julie Boyles Jackie Johnson, Beth Rix, Pat R b rt M-H t d t d T , Thomas, Barbara Samson. Second row: Llinda Orrison, Edwin Kisiel, Ter- kiwi as gnir'o?Th2nff5g::1tZ:Sgl' re ry Elliott, Russell Roper, Robert Hennlnger, Betsy Seaver. Music hath charm . The George C. Marshall High School Band participated in the District Four Band Festival, held at Washington and Lee High School, on March 16, I963. The Band received excellant ratings. They played three numbers, The "Nutmeggers" by Eric Osterling, "lntroduc- tion and lnvention" by Paul Whear, and "Toccata for Band" by Erickson. The band members point with pride to their Conductor, Mr. George Horan, who helped them make this honor possible. Irlllllbl I lllllilllll llllrll Xlllllill Mmm x niltlllllll lfllllx lm-ui a 4 SPRING CUNCERT Conductor George Horan cues the Symphonic Band for the opening of the Spring Concert-another Marshall first. Mixed Chorus - fl in A l f'- L . HH - lf! First row: Donna Huston, Margo Wright, Patti Morris, Jean Dewitz, Sharon Roadley, Shauna Mackintosh, Lynne Kiser, Theresa Egan, Pat Hoffman, Rosina Pate, Betty Saintsing. Second row: Jean Freeman, Wilma Schlup, Carol Kakalec, Annette Minor, Melodye Traupel, Pam Masters, Karen Holl- berg, Yogi Greene, Brenda Wilkerson, Rosita Hatch, Jean- nie Leishear. Third row: Karen Jacobs, Berkeley Davis, Linda Harrell, Candy Dickerson, Terry Stryker, Christine Pappas, Pat O'Reagan, Dianne Sullivan, Terry Walsh, Chris Kluger, Penny Hanley, Leah Millard. Fourth row: Kevin Adams, Billy Poore, Pat Tiller, Paul Vogel, David Beach, Ramon Planas, Russell Roper, Chico Kishter, Warren Fenton, Sult Stewart, Jim Bailey, Larry McCrea, Mrs. Elinor Schaible. Art Club 3 1'-7 First row: Cathy Flippen, Jeannie Smyth, Chris Graff, Melissa Lockhart. Second row: Sue Wilbern, Kathy Frank, Mary Jane Godfrey, Sue Geery, Martha Widner, Renee Guenard, Sandy Scollcmd a- Garber. Third row: Rosalind Shea, Linda Brink, Nan Saylor, Sandy Sheley, Dick Kreutzer, Larry O'Neill, Dennis Teachey. American Field Service Not handicapped by a mid-year start, the American Field Service got well underway this year. Aided by enthusiastic adults heading the A.F.S. community chapters, the students formed the club shortly after we arrived at George C. Marshall. As the chief aim of the club is to promote in- ternational understanding, the A.F.S. concen- trated its efforts in money raising projects so as to sponsor a foreign exchange student next year. In addition, to sending a student abroad, the American Field Service hopes also to have a fore- ign student at G.C. Marshall. In order to finance the student, the club sold tickets to the Falls Church Women's Follies and worked diligently to produce a much-needed stu- dent directory. cn First row: Trudy Sellers, Ruthie Gullion, Sherry Donnelly, Martha Kiger, Kris Reiber, Nancy Shaver, Carlene Carey, Sheri Doran, Cathy Flippen, Renee Guenard, Hannah Pierce, Lindo Oldham, Carol Skalnik. Second row: Mrs. Victory, Joani Fillman, Sandy Sheley, Gloria Green, Susan Ives, Margie Page, Mandy Thomas, Betsy Seaver, Ellen Geer, Lexie Lamanno, Jean Via, Mrs. Tracy. Third row: Potrician Baley, David Kalassay, Nick Sherwood, Tom McBroom, Richard Harkrader, Terry Wolf, Chris Leet, John Herbots, David West, Mike Poole, Roger Blomquist, Madeline De Lise. 116 f x Science Fair Left to right: Jim Steakley, Kris Reiber, Clark Tibbetts at George- town University Science Fair. NEUURUS First place-Zoology-Northern Virginia Science Fair- James Steakley. Being a new school this year we were not able to have our own science fair, we did however have six entrees in the Northern Virginia Science -Fair, each of which obtained recognition! ln the field of zoology James Steakley obtained a lst place award and Ken Ritchey received an honorable mention. ln electronics Stanley Skowronski placed 2nd and Charles Reiger placed 3rd. Paul Reiber placed 2nd in Earth Science and Gordon Heckel obtained an honorable mention in Physics. Our school also participated in the i963 Junior Science and Humanitites Symposium. James Ste- akley was chosen as one of the six area finalists, and Kris Reiber, Clark Tibbitts, and Gary Polanski received honorable mention. ' Keyettes Serve . . The Keyette Club is an organization established under the Fairfax Ki-Wives Club for the purpose of serving the school and community. Composed of former Keyettes from McLean, Madison and Falls Church High Schools, the Keyette steering committee led the way in forming an active ser- vice club at George C. Marshall. To prepare for the first inductions of those girls meeting specified qualifications, the committee chose the sponsor, Mrs. Rita Crabill, and wrote the constitution. During early spring, the G.C. Marshall chapter of the National Keyette Organi- zation began to function. Sitting: Mrs. Rita Crabill, Nancy Shaver, Kris Reiber, Kath- leen Buckley, Donna Brodie. Standing: Pat Carmody, Peggy Williams, Carlene Carey, Phoebe Atkinson, Alice Pittard. Missing: Joani Fillmon, Marty Kiger, Kathy Switzer. 117 'A Fifi yi, -I I r. . r 'fi '-fax". ' . -4 A-J. 4 .Millenia i ig. has .1.. 2 1 3, Mes - ,fp A .52 f 7 . J ye - 1 l x?ElfX is .ffssif 'rs fl I 'II I II 5,y,, 1' wget, N l X' Q e , it , li 1 . ,. , 'B JJ vis! V Yfli, I . il rig CONCERT CHOIR, Soprano: Evelyn Burks, Julie Boyles, Christie Donohoe, Sandra Elliott, Rosita Hatch, Patricia Hotf- man, Laurie Joslin, Patricia MacDonald, Lindo Orrison, Nancy Parsons, Rosina Pate, Barbara Samson, Barbara Shannon, Nancy Singel, Benneth Stamm, Wilma Schlup, Jeannette Smythe, Dianne Sullivan, Melodye Traupel, Terry Walsh. Tenor: Earl Dorius, Robert Henninger, Russell Roper, Pat Tiller. Alto: Marcia Atkinson, Sharon Blue, Carol Burkhardt, Dianne Dowell, Mary Jo Howard, Carol Kakalec, Jacqueline K, ff gd, BFS Girls Chorus meets daily. Nw- i Q 0 ll'l.4's H ll' J' A f AQ li it it T if It . f ' i i ' . ' 1 ll eil ,i s , . ,. l l Hi ,Y Johnson, Pamela Minor, Patti Morris, Patricia O'Reagan, Beth Rix, Elizabeth Seaver, Margaret Stryker, Patricia Tho- mas. Boss: David Beach, Robert Berry, Terry Elliott, Ed Kisiel, Kelvin Langley, Larry McCrea, Scott Stewart, Paul Vogel, William Youngs. String Ensemble Violin Elizabeth Breed, Evelina Chao, Neva Greenwood, Mimi Niccolls :Viola Peggy Angus Cello: Kenneth Englefield, Ellen Siepman Orgonist: Dr. Westervelt Romaine. Girls' Chorus The Choral Groups of George C. Marshall High School participated in the District Four Music Festival, held at Groveton High School, ,March 30, l963. Each group, The Madrigals, Concert Choir, and Girls Chorus received superior ratings. Each group sang two songs, one required and one op- tional. Each group was judged by a panel of three Judges. Also performing were four soloists, Julie Boyles, Jacqueline Johnson, Patricia Hoff- man, ond Barbara Samson. They received excel- lant ratings. The Choral Department achieved these honors under the expert guidance of our choral director, Mrs. Elinor Schaible. Assemblies Arouse Statesmen Some of the memories students and faculty alike will retain as they look back an their first year at George C. Marshall High School are the unique assemblies. The first program, held outside on a cold December day, was significant as it marked the beginning of many flag raising ceremonies to come. The second assembly, held in the new auditorium, was highlighted by General Baker's presentation of the "George Catlett Marshall Award". Various pep assemblies and rallies rounded out the program. K i 'jg F, f. i Mr. Funderburk welcomes Marshall students. ir 1 l Flag raising day at Marshall-excitement, dignitaries, cold weather . . . General Baker addresses students at first indoor assembly. Nancy Shaver and Mr. l-lertzler accept the George Catlett Marshall Award from General Baker. Faculty at play . . is 'Q 10" kung, General Staff g Marcia Atkinson Cindy Beiber Joan Burley Mickelli Cefti Linda Crandall Linda Harrell Pat Highley Pat Hines Anita Hitchcock Sandy Hitchcock Anita Huffman Katy Kephart Lexie Lamanna Jane Morgan Mike Osborn Dianne Rauth Barbara Smith Maureen Stanley Jean Via Cathy Wayne Beeb West Martha Widener The general staff at work Credits We, of the Columbian, wish to express a per- sonal thanks to all who have offered their co-opera- tion. The list ot credits for any worthwhile project is long. Yet each person deserves a special notice, Alston Studios Co-operative Teachers Porter Studios Mr. Theodore Caras, Guidance Dept. Lamont Studios Student Photographers Harris 81 Ewing Studios Everyone connected with the Advertising Campaign W.M.A.L. Television Station Chamberlain Vocational High School Mrs. George C. Marshall Mr. Elam Hertzler D.E. Students Miss Kathleen Kronyak Custodians 121 1- ,, 15 l H.. IA- 1 i s 1 .... xxx. X -r . Q s.,-s W. N 1 My Av 5 xxslzr ' 4 X n M ti IK , W K ..-,.,.....,q 4. I ,ffl And Patrons 123 ' 2 tif ADVERTISING AND PATRONS Cooperative parents and merchants of the community merit recognition. Understanding the problems of a first- year school, these "Stockholders" gave both time and effort in supporting successfully every school function. ln the fall, they potronized our publi- cations. During the winter months, the SPTA appropriated extra -curricular funds. ln addition, the Building and Grounds Committee ofthe SPTA worked diligently to have our athletic fields ready for use next semester. Spring brought the all-important light drive to highlight the Statesman field next fall. Spirited parents and a generous community pledged fifteen thousand dollars in less than a month. As we go to press, one-third of this sum has been collected, making a bright field a reality for '63. May Marshall students make one hundred per cent on the "Stock- holders" investment in the '63-'64 SEOSOD. CHASE and COLLIER, LTD. Men's Wear Open Thursday Nights 4844 Chain Bridge Road McLean, Virginia EL 6-4006 Compliments of EDMONDS OPTICIAN Seven Corners Shopping Center McLean Shopping Center 5275 Lee Highway VIENNA TRUST COMPANY Five Convenient Offices To Serve You MAIN OFFICE BRANCHES: Vienna, Virginia Vienna, Virginia McLean, Virginia Great Falls, Virginia Tyson's Corners, Virginia WE 8-2900 THE McLEAN PROVIDENCE JOURNAL ga., up WILLIAM STALCUP Furniture Co. 234 West Broad St. Falls Church, Va. JE 2-8880 mhz Qgxfnrd 442 Soutg13gfgagIg9ngton St. Men's Wear 228 W. Broad St. Falls Church, Va. Gpxfurd Campus Shop For Young Ladies and Young Men if 230 W. Broad St., Falls Church, Va. 12 Foley's Jewelry and Gifts Complete repair service Watch and iewelry repair Clock repair and engraving 238 W. Broad Street Falls Church, Virginia CH RISTY'S HAI RSTYLIST 356-8543 1 Old Chain Bridge Rd YATES PRINTING COMPANY 6900 Lee Highway Arlington, Va. 532-7292 Lette rpress-Offset r SU N-X GLASS TINTI NG COMPANY 1123 Haycock Road Falls Church, Virginia JEfferson 2-8511 Controls FADE . . . HEAT . . . GLARE THE GOVERNOR MOTOR HOTEL JE 2-8900 On U. S. Route 50-one mile west of Seven Corners ROBERT SHREVE FUEL COMPANY Coal - Fuel Oil - Oil Burners - Service "Don't Freeze . . . Coll Shreves" Locally owned and operated, buy at home There is no need to Cross the Bridge Arlington, Va. 6873 Lee Highway Falls- Church, Va. JE, 2-1960 EEEEI 125 I J' X 91: JR ,1 I pl F IIIS Church Bank 0' HV ,V X34 A C X ' my K "Your Friendly" , f I D' I0 IU L U9 Falls Church, Virginia I Jil I I Phone JE 4-4000 wmv XLJI? I COMPLETE BANKING SERVICES I 1 ' I AT 3 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS XF Ib! Main Office: IOI W. Broad St., Falls Church, Va. CU East Falls Church Office: 6879 N. Fairfax Dr., Arlington, Va. I Falls Plaza Office: I224 W. Broad St., Falls Church, Va. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Area's Complete Community Recreation Center McLEAN BOWLING CENTER 4835 OLD CHAIN BRIDGE RD., MCLEAN, VA. 40 Ten Pin Lanes Snack Bar 84 Restaurant League Banquet Room Open Patio Court Supervised Nursery Professional Instructors Complete Pro Shop FOR INFORMATION CALL - EL 6-6234 HOME OF THE STATE JUNIOR LEAGUE CHAMPIONS 'k 'k 'Jr 'k 'k 'k 'k SMITH TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 804 W. Broad St. Rt. 7 Falls Church JE 4-6747 A complete line of portables New and Used - Repairs made on all types of office machines 126 L I if .f Aq- You are invited to open a Savings Account at one of our 4 convenient offices Arlington-Fairfax Savings and Loan Association I. Small or large amounts welcomed. 2. Friendly Courteous Service. 3. No additions to savings made by the IOth of the month earn dividends from the first of the month. . Your savings are insured by Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. . Liberal Dividends credited quarterly. 7. , . , .',,.!,, ,f , i' u' V. is , 2 my . r..-....., -., Y' l' L T...-22- .--MLM -' .1 I , Ti I " .L,' I. ' .1 I . 4. No Fluctuating of Principal Value. 5 6 MAIN OFFICE: SEVEN CORNERS OFFICE: FAIRWAY OFFICE: FALLS CHURCH CITY 6825 Lee H'way, Arlington, Va. 33 Leesburg Pike 363 W. Lee Highway OFFICE: JE 2-I I46 Falls Church Va. Fairfax, Va. 450 West Broad St. JE 2-4242 CR 3-0500 Falls Church, Va. JE 2-2015 ONE HOUR CLOTHES CLINIC 2918 N. Sycamore St. Arlington, Va. Dry Cleaners Shirt Launderers Phone 938-2998 NORMFORD STYLE SHOP Nationally Known Men's Wear Norman Houck, Manager 331 Maple Ave., E. Vienna, Virginia NORTHERN VIRGINIA ESSO SERVICECENTER Complete Auto Repairs 6730 Lee Highway Arlington I3, Va Phone: JE. 4-9200 Martin I. Cook Compliments of Mrs. Wm. H. Laughlin Realtor "McLean's First" EL 6-4I6I 5IOI Chain Bridge Rd. McLean, Virginia 2 CHARLES L. BAKER MR. 8. MRS. CLYDE F. BALEY COMMANDER 8. MRS. R. H. BUCKLEY MR. 81 MRS. MR. 8. MRS. MR. 8. MRS MR. 8. MRS. MR. 8. MRS. MICHAEL CARRASCO HENRY J. CASSO JOHN W. CHILES J. D. COULTER RICHARD COX LONNA DOLE ' MR. S MRS. JAMES H. DOUGLAS MR. a. MRS. L. GRIER DURANT FARMS S ACREAGE, INC., REALTORS ROBERT C. FITZGERALD COLONEL a. MRS. JACK C. FUSON DR. THOMAS A. GONDER LOUIS W. S ELLA E. GRAVES T. HAM, M. D. MR. B. MRS. w. L. HARDIN MR. S MRS.. CARLETON A. HARKRADER HAZLETON LABORATORIES MR. B. MRS. RICHARD HECKEL MR. B. MRS. GEORGE T. HEMSLEY MR. B MRS. DONALD H. HERZBERG MAJOR B. MRS. ROBERT R. HICKS DR. E. CLYDE HOELZER MR. B. MRS. FULLER HOLLOWAY LT. COL. B MRS. MERWYN A. HUNT DR. GERARD J. INGUAGIATO MR. B. MRS. RALPH N. IvES MR. Is. MRS. L. A. JACOMET JAMES SCHOOL OF THE DANCE, ARTS I RUSSELL w. JENKINS, JR. JOSEPH W. SEAY CO. MR. 81 MRS. KARL W. KALASSAY MR. 8. MRS. JOHN KAKALEE DR. GEORGE R. KEOUGH D-R. JAIMES V. L. KISER COLONEL 8. MRS. EDWIN C. KISIEL Patrons NC. KLOOSTER DECORATORS MR. 8. MRS. JULIAN LEET CARL A. MARSHALL DEAN H. MARTIN, M. D. BERNIEEN 8. BEN MELNICOFF MCCAY 8 MCCAY, INC., REALTORS MR. 8. MRS. THEODORE -MCGANN MR. 8. MRS. W. D. MCGLASSON MR. 8. MRS. JAMES P. MINARD MR. 8. MRS. F. J. O'BRIEN LAWRENCE V. PHILLIPS MR. 8. MRS. WALTER L. PHILLIPS MR. 8. MRS. R. A. PLYER DONNA 8. KATHY POOLE PORTER STUDIOS 8I PHOTO SUPPLIES MR. 8. MRS. LEONARD A. POTH MR. 8. MRS. GEORGE B. PRICE MR. 8I MRS. PAUL REIBER MR. 81 MRS. EMERY SAMSON MRS. P. G. SAYLOR MR. 8. MRS. E. ROBERT SEAVER MR. 8. MRS. HARRY L. SHANNON COMMANDER 8. MRS. ROBERT S. SHAVER MR. 8. MRS. NORMAN E. SIMS, JR. MR. 8. MRS. GERALD STRYKER COMMANDER 8. MRS. NEVIN J. STEVENSON 'THE MERRY REALTY THE MCLEAN ANIMAL HOSPITAL THE MCLEAN SHOE REPAIR ALBERT P. THOMPSON MR. 81 MRS. ROLAND TIBBETTS GILBERT F. WAGNER MR. 8. MRS. JOE A. WAGNER WEAVER BROS., INC. WILKERSON INTERIORS COMMANDER 81 MRS. E. K. WILLIAMS YEONAS REALTY, INC. 128 WWMEWPMN W wwf MMM ga W W f?ijfW W www UW W W 11- fr .I V Wa. 4 H ,.. ff! -l,,. . I f 6 ,, bg, fw- P' ', W0 N, . J. . E ,, I 3' V ruff? if ff' , Af ,, .N ' 6.1 04, u f New IJC' 1- 11.02 i , I A wok ' g dj I A' iv -Iii . ,, U ,mx A I ,' ' N I. I n I 5 VN Qu y j- I U ' V- I rf .Mill-fra' g:V.fALi,' . . v . ,' MV I -.f .1" V My Q W lN"x.O ww x 5 ' A - -il-1?? - - ' 'V . " V- , QS-if L'-3 ' 5, - ',L.-',-'44-':,,..- film.-T 0 ,A i I Q .4 GK.: I' , ' ',,' , . ,,,. , , , YEL!! I HJ 'I lg! r .ELIC , -1 , - ., U, ' Q, ' . Y j-.,-vv' ' . ,'l . " A ' , 1F 54 I - 4- it-4, W , affg+g3'e.Jfgi- Q , ' H -ff' ' - , 5' . ' , ,, .359-45-!."': A I-4' A - . ., D Q5 -L I, , ' ' . , . 3151 ' A f' 7, l lf? 'WJ A f 121 1 4 1--1 Y, v 5-1"":'LT"., ,Q Y, JI -avg "Ff' --5-,gf-'QQ ff .M A N3 Q if gfgllq' Q X X W Eff, 1k2'1.fN fp., 5 O2 - KW 5 4 fC6,cZf , ZX Q50 . l M5432 1550+ 9 .1 ?l'liSF' ,J Q3 K? MW x A a,AQMff 4W Q, X QA? ' "' gp 11' rf' fr X UFTT' N -RQ X gg: FX Kc X L W Q-Q. -fi ga Q-44 Q5 X"-Rx' "-K X' X mf .f R in R Y My Ax, JL ' ,Q

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