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mA " M ' -■ ' ■ ' % . •Sf ' T ■• ' ,1 ;, ' ..■•r- ' ' ' ■ V-s- 5; -,.-:-. .■ 3 mi iv Jv; .■■•i " lr " v; ' . ' ii ' !i ' » ' ' S GENOA AREA HIGH SCHOOL GENOA, OHIO 1971 LIMELIGHT VOLUME 46 «»s -. Hey I go! Hey you go! Hey everybody goes to cool school! Early in the morning, the sound of lockers slamming, voices soft, then loud, then louder yet. Bells ringing, doors shutting, announcements blasting from the P.A. Sports, plays, queens, homework, always something going on. Then the long-waited day finally arrives — GRADUATION — Now what? College? Work? Or maybe you ' ll be the one who gets caught by the draft. How many of us will survive the next 10 years? We must live while we have life. To do this you must be yourself! Do your own thing! EXPRESS YOURSELF! ' TABLE OF CONTENTS Academics 12 Organizations and Acitivities 28 Sports 64 Administration and Faculty 82 Classes 92 Advertisements 126 :vv " VAV.v. £iJ It Was A Time Of Spirit It Was A Time Of Expression J Express Yourself In Color Comets Express Themselves In Sports 10 The countless hours we ' ve spent here at school seem to have flown by. Everyone " did their thing " , whether it was with a brush or a spatula and bowl. As the final bit of frosting is scraped from the bowl, the girls complete the cookies for the bake sale. The artist busily stroking the canvas, expresses himself with color and texture. There are hours of practice, scales, and checking off music before the final competition. The burner is lit, solution boiling, test tubes in place — Will it be a success? ACADEMICS The advanced math class learns as Carl Smith demonstrates. A geometry problem is clearer to Julie Bailey as Mr. Baird explains it on the board. Concentration on details is an important and necessary part of electronics class. Dave Clere and Ed Matyas. Radioactivity is studied by Mike Bariette and Fred Kusian in physics. 14 An experiment in general science looks easy to freshman Julian Lozoya as he is assisted by Sue Ackerman. Students Experiment In Unknown " 1 - chloro - 1 - methylcyclo - hex- ane. " " E MC " " In a reaction, mass is neither created nor destroyed. " " A + B = C " Sounds echo the halls from the science and math classes throughout the day. A large variety of science and math courses help prepare students for college and jobs after gradua- tion. With our laboratory facilities, Genoa students are able to learn through experimentation. An im- provement to the biology lab this year was the operating room. Math students rely on various instru- ments for measurements and learn with the help of Mr. Porter ' s toys. Rats are used by biology students for observation. Steve Pinson chloroforms the rat before op- erating on it. Chemistry students Sam Rameriz and Mike Peters work with caution as they measure their solutions. 15 Discovering Technical Skills " Skip two spaces after every peri- od. " " Three-quarter inch plywood. " " Two and a half yards of corduroy material. " " Scale of one half inch equals one foot. " These are some of the common expressions used in the vocational departments at Genoa High School. Industrial arts and mechanical drawing tries to teach boys how to plana and carry out projects and to use tools and machines. These can be expanded into many occupa- tions. Home economics prepares girls for homemaking and family life. Girls taking business courses are ready to go out into the world more composed and capable. Right — The Home Economics Department welcomed its first male students. Al Skaggs and Frank Pokorny. Below — Mixing skill with concentration and practice makes a good typist of Emily Kern. Mechanical drawing teaches Ed Matayas the Karen Duke and Luanne Van Sickle show the first step to make a dress by cutting out the fundamentals of drafting. material. 16 he secrets to a beautifully fitting dress Is the proper choice of pattern as Mrs. Roberts helps nne Marie Shively and Pam Dean. Only shop class could add one boy to one piece of wood and come up with a hockey stick. reparation for a secretarial career is a chal- nge for Jackie Lach In secretarial practice. All safety precautions must be used before Stan Hoffman may work on the machines In Indus- trial arts. 17 During the government class trip to Port Clinton, weapons confiscated by our county sheriff The county records of mortgages and deeds were inspected by several Senior boys. are explained to Mike Shields by Jean Williams. Studying for an American history test puts junior Mark Wenig deep in thought and concentration. The culture and customs of the people is part of Jackie Wolcott ' s and Sharon Porter ' s Spanish education. Spanish four students Adelina Ochoa and Bill Nolte demonstrate how to put on a sombrero. History And Other Countries By the time a student graduates from Genoa High School he should have a knowledge of the histories and the governments of the world and the United States. Sophomores are required to take World History where they learn the histories, gov- ernments, and customs of the many countries of the world. They taped make believe interviews with fa- mous people of the past for a spe- cial project. The history of the American peo- ple is studied during the Junior year. This study of the United States is continued into the Senior year with American government. The highpoint of the year for seniors is a trip to Port Clinton to see how the county government operates. Not only does the GAHS student learn of his own country, but he has an opportunity to learn of two for- eign countries. Classes are taught in both French and Spanish. The class covers not only the language but also the customs and the way of life of these counties. Above: French student Jenny Spears concentrates on the recording of a conversation in that language. Left: Senior Bill Werner glances through magazines trying to find a subject for the Friday cur- rent events assignment in government. 19 Gym Class Provides " Action " Physical Education is required for all students unless they have a credit in health. Gym class means a study hall, two period class or gym every other day. The question " Whose gym day is it today? " was often heard in the halls on Friday because boys and girls alternate Fridays for gym classes. During the year the physical edu- cation department covered many fields of athletics. The girls spent each gym period playing action packed games such as softball, vol- leyball, deck tennis, basketball, badminton, soccer and gymnastics. This year the girls, as well as the boys were instructed on how to use the new mini-tramp. The boys played baseball, foot- ball, basketball, badminton, volley- ball, lifted weights, wrestled and tumbled. Keeping his eye on the bail Don Mathews is set for another hit. Above: Debbie Kusner does the Russian splits off the mini-tramp. Below: Boys lift weights to tone and shape up their muscles. Jeff Vogelpohl dunks another basket as Mr. Johnson spots. Above: " I still think that this is the wrong way to play leapfrog! ' Below: Kaye Clark puts it up for two. It ' s a clear shot for Debbie Jensen but Ariene Purney is still prepared to swing. The race down the court is ended with a shot for the basket. 21 A paintbrush and canvas are used by Art II student, Denise Hammitt to express her artistic pa talents. Before marching to the football field for the game, band member, Julie Bailey waits in front of the Jr.-Hi. building. Concentration is a necessity for music stu dent, Carol Ammons. Sitting on the floor in the hall seems to be the best way for Fred Levee to learn perspective drawing. 22 Christmas cards made by the silk-screen method are arranged by Sue Leppert. Student Talents Are Expressed The art and music departments provided many opportunities for self-expression. Over 180 students participated in music classes that ranged from marching and concert band to beginning and advanced chorus. Music theory and music appreciation were also offered. Solo and ensemble contest aided musi- cians in perfection and perform- ance before a judge for a rating. Concerts highlighted both the cho- rus and band ' s year. Art I and II concentrated on the basic fundamentals of art. Some specialized work was done in Art Appreciation such as a scale model of a Grecian temple. Commercial Art along with their study of letter- ing and design found time to spon- sor the all-school art show. Many projects and posters were complet- ed by Art Service. In March, several students entered the Port Clinton Art Show. Bill Nolte received a first prize, third prize, and an honorable mention. Orchestra member, Don Drummond, fingers the strings of his bass. Dividing her attention between her music and IVIr. Eash, Janet Kozak practices for the football half- time show. 23 Band president Teresa Best was chosen " Outstanding Band IVIember " for 1970-71 by her fellow musicians. Teammates Scott Cambell and Jeff Ross were named to the all NLL first team. 24 Outstanding Students Honored Ernie Sanchez will be trying out to attend the Kansas City Royals ' baseball camp. Traditionally Awards Assembly is held each year in May. At that time recognition is given to those who have won scholastic honors during the year. The I Dare You Award is the outstanding honor given to a senior boy and girl who represent the best in character, leadership, scholarship, and service to both their school and their community. The boy chosen to make the trip to Washington for the Presidential Classroom must also have the above qualities, as well as an inter- est in government. Scholarships are awarded here rather than at graduation. At Awards Day various depart- ments give medals to their out- standing students — Outstanding Band Member, Outstanding Art Student, Outstanding GAA member FBLA, FHA and FTA awards. New Quill and Scroll members are recognized with pins and certificates. This is the first year that the Betty Crocker and DAR award were won by the same person — Mama Sanderson. However, this is not the first year that Bill Nolte has won the Art Award. Seniors who received scholarships were Audrey Vogtsberger, Sue Richards, and Judy Rice. Winner of the Betty Crocker homemaker award and the D.A.R. Americanism test was Marna Sanderson. 25 The Boys ' and Girls ' State delegates for 1970 were Joanne Schell, Sam Ramirez. Judy Rice. Bill Nolte, Marna Sanderson and Denise Garey. (Not pictured Larry Lee). Ernie Sanchez was named athlete of the year. i Left: Mr. Jennings presents awards to valedictorian Teresa Best and salutatorian Marna Sanderson. Above: The 1971 delegates to Boys ' and Girls ' State are Tom Dunn. Denise McGinnis. Dave Sander. Barb Padgett, and Mike Schimming. (Not pictured Martha Wheeler). 26 The district championsliip troplny is admired by the baseball tri-captains Ernie Sanchez, Jerry Schrieferand Ron Brossia. Reach out Express yourself Striving Working To achieve Success Experience Can be rewarding Each of us Excell in someway From day to day Whether in Music Art Sports Academics Or in many other fields Special awards Honors The knowledge achieved And the experience gained Make all the work Seem worthwhile Surrounded by some of his work and a few of his awards he has won is outstanding art student Joe Lach was also named athlete of the year Bill Nolte. and was awarded a trophy. 27 " Let ' s hear it — spirit, spirit! " It echoes throughout the halls As Friday ' s game draws closer. Not just any game. It ' s homecoming. The Thursday night bonfire Attracts football fans Of all ages. This year, many interested Students got involved Instead of just talking about Politics. They went to Campaign dinners, to meetings. And to the polls. The costumes and make-up are on And everyone ' s in place. The curtain rises. The long hard hours of practice Seem to be worth it. As the audience laughs And applauds. Clubs, plays, and other Activities give students the Opportunity to " Express Themselves. " ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: On Steps: Char- lene Dietrich. Marna Sanderson. Jill Harbal, Denise Garey. Judy Rice. Row 2: Jackie Wol- cott. Bill Nolte, Debbie Sandrock. Row 3: Ter- esa Best. Deanna Dunn, Luanne Schultz. Debi Deppen. Judy Padgett. Denise McGinnis. Barb Padgett. As one of the first Juniors to be in Honor Society, Barb Padgett lights her candle. Valedictorian. Teresa Best, completes her part of the ceremony by lighting a candle. Charlene Dietrich signs her name in the Na- tional Honor Society register. 30 students Join National Clubs At the Honors Banquet, Freshman Scott George receives his award for outstanding scholastic work. The annual scholastic recogni- tion banquet was held on April 22 this year. At this banquet, awards were given to all students who had outstanding grade point averages. Also honored at this banquet were the members of National Honor Society, who were installed as part of the program. For the first time Juniors were allowed to become members of Na- tional Honor Society rather than probationary members. There were seven new Junior members along with the eight Senior members. To enter the society, students must be outstanding in scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Quill and Scroll is a national hon- or society for outstanding journalis- tic work. Membership is awarded to members of the Comet Tales and Limelight Staffs who are in the top third of their class. They are also required to have made some major achievement or contribution in the field of journalism and have been recommended by their advisors. Charlene Schimmel and John Brig- gle became members last year as juniors. QUILL AND SCROLL: Carl Smith. Betty Heilman. Mrs. David, advisor: Sue Leppert. Bill Nolte, Judy Rice. Beth Yackee Sue Richards, Lana Floro, Row 2: John Briggle, Pat Moon, Kaye Clark, Cheryl Miller, Sandy Meeker, Adelina Ochoa NOT PIC- TURED: Denise Garey and Charlene Schimmel. 31 Groups Perform Halftime Shows Anyone who has ever attended a Genoa football or basketball game has enjoyed the talents of the ma- jorettes and the Pep Band. These are both provided by the band and are under the direction of Mr. Eash. The majorettes lead the band from the Junior High building to the football field and then present a dif- ferent halftime show for each home game using their twirling and danc- ing abilities. They use props such as umbrellas and fire batons. The Pep Band plays their music between the reserve and varsity basketball games and during quar- ter and halftime breaks for home games. Their strains of " Sweet Georgia Brown " not only entertain the fans but give the players a rhythm for their warm ups. Baton routines and band music mix rhythmically for the halftime show. As the lights dim. a murmur rises from the stands. Our majorettes run onto the field and per- form their specialty — twirling fire. MAJORETTES: Top to Bottom: Drum Major- ette — Nancy Waldenga; Head Majorette — Judy Padgett; Janie Vroman, Paula Linde- smith, Kris Hassan. 32 PEP BAND MEMBERS: Sitting On Floor: Bob Roecker, Dave Champion, Sue Keller, Mary Jo Beshalske, Nancy Clark, Lois Kinsel. On Chairs: Steve Pinson, Karen Eash, Brenda Lau, Karen Keller, Catlny Sayen, Carol Ammons, Sue Eash, Denise Norden, Mark Bailey. Standing: Julie Bailey, Jerry Sampson, Jackie Baker, Teresa Best, Tom Peiffer, Joni Hesselbart, Mark Diefenthaler, Jenny Widmer, Debbie Harsanje, Sue Ackerman, Tom Nor- walk, Joe Nemeth. Above: Before playing between quarters, the members warm-up to their music. Left: Pep Band leader Mark Bailey, concentrates on his music. 33 Band is Expression in music Eighth period every day Marchingduring halftime Bare fingers on cold instruments Applause from the crowd Hats backwards for a victory Band DayatBGSU Concerts in the auditorium Praise for a performance Oranges and Grapefruit Solo and ensemble contest Festivals and competition A one at district, two at state Practice for the musical Roller skating party Challenging for a better chair Square dancing at the band banquet Memories. CONCERT BAND: Front Row: A. Tester, B. Harsanje, V. President; K. Keller, D. Sutter, J. Padgett, B. Wagoner, L. Joehlin, L. Kinsel, D. Pow- ers, M. Wheeler, D. Gruben, C. Race, S. Sheldon. Row 2: A. Vogtsber- ger, C. Rudes. K. Eash, B. Lau, V. Wagoner, M. Peiffer, S. Keller, N. Coon, L. Schultz, S. Eash, C. Ammons, J. Bailey, S. Leppert, S. Porter, K. Lindsey, J. Hesselbart, K. Dazely, J. Kehlmeier. Row 3: C. Sayen, J. " Fight the Team Across the Field " is blasted one more time by senior band member Bill Nolte. Band members prepare for marching on Band Day at BGSU. They played with many other bands during the BG football game. 34 Peters. J. Rotruck, D. Norden. B. Fleck, B. Williams, P. Weseman, D. Denn, J. Widmer, T. Peiffer, P. Puehler, J. Johnson, L. Chambers, D. Matyas. L. Miller, M. Allen, J. Spears, J. Mireles, A. Colyer, P. Baker, N. Clark, J. Baker, D. Williams, B. Browning. Row 4: N. Waldenga, C. Pin- son, Sec. -Treasurer; D. Fair, S. Hoddinott, L. Shiffert. D. Kusner. J. Libertino, T. Best, President; M. Beshalske, T. Norwalk, B. Roecker, M. Diefenthaler. S. Ackerman, M. Porter, L. Yackee. D. Hodulik. T. Szyp- ka. L. Limpf, P. Gruetter. D. Dunn. J. Fisher. D. Sander. M. Schulte. S. Pinson. D. Paschal. B. Skilliter. M. Bailey. J. Samsen. P. Tester. J. Spurgeon. Row 5: B. Linke. J. Nemeth. R. Spitler. J. Pugh. D. Champi- on. B. Pinson. C. Prahl. D. Harsanje, J. Kozak. B. Nolte. Mr. Eash. director. Above: Band memberstry to fight the cold wind during a game. Right: Mark Bailey helps Deanna Dunn on with her skates at the band sponsored skating party. 35 Above — ADVANCED CHORUS- Front Row: L. Peiffer, A. Tester, D. Everhardt, M. Cashen, M. Wheeler, J. Buhrow, M. Beshalske, B. Browning, D. Dille Row 2- M Porter C Miller, C. Ammons, R, Schnefer, K. Dreier, B. Hellwig, D. Fork, J. Opfer, M. Goetz, D. Dunn, President. Row 3: S. Keller S. Eash D Reetz, B. Diekman, J. Lorenzen, Treasurer; C. Rudes. C. Dietrich, A. Vogtsberger, P. Lindesmith. Row 4: M. Lowe, J. Peters, S. Rust, L. Shif- fert, M. Haack, M. Shields, W. Burdge, D. Spafford, V. President; V. Duffey, T. Norwalk, Secretary. GIRLS ' ENSEMBLE: Front Row: M. Lowe, M. Goetz, S. Rust, S. Eash, C. Dietrich. Row 2: J. Peters, V. Duffey, L. Shiffert,C. Rudes. MIXED ENSEMBLE: Seated: B. Browning, Mr. Gruenke. director. Standing: J. Opfer, D. Spafford, C. Ammons, J. Lorenzen, T. Norwalk, D. Dunn, M. Bailey. 36 It ' s early morning. Picture yourself Passing by the auditorium From the open doors The sound of many voices Blending in harmony Singing the music Of our time And the past Concerts are present For Christmas and for Spring The rush of the musical Everyone participates Practice after school A program presented A type of expression Through musical talents. Top Left — MIXED FRESHMAN ENSEMBLE: Seated: L. Kinsel, R. Sievert. Standing: T. Gargac, D. Gruben, D. Boss, P. Gruetter. G. Tester, P. Tester. Left — FRESHMAN GIRLS ENSEMBLE: Seated: J Lib ertlno. B. Lau, C. Sayen. Standing: L. Cross. D. Gru- ben, S. Holinott, L. Kinsel, K. Eash, D. Sutter. FRESHMAN CHORUS: Front Row: C. Sayen, S. Trejo, P. Parks, M. Floro. B. Lau, T. Gargac, P. Tester, J. Libertino, R. Sievert. Row 2: D. Goetz. L. Kinsel, P. McGinnis, K. Eash, P. Baker, D. Sutter, S. Heilman, D. Gruben, P. Gruetter, B. Rohloff. Row 3: L. Cross, M. Peterson, K. Wenig. K. Keller, D. Boss, D. Williams, S. Hoddinott, R. Dunn, Mr. Gruenke. director. ,© Expressing the " Trouble " River City will have is Harold Hill, played by Marty Wicks. The train arriving in River City is filled w(ith salesmen, among them, Harvey Burchell. The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Eash, plays their music during dress rehearsal. The mayor ' s wife, Carol Ammons, plays the Statue of Liberty for a Fourth of July pageant. 38 The salesmen discuss their colleague Harold Hill, not knowing it is he sitting beside them. " Oh, we ' ve got trouble — Right here in River City! " A simple pool table A man named Harold Hill A bag full of instruments And a librarian Named Marion. They all add up to The Music Man Presented April 15, 16, 17 For this year ' s musical " Goodnight my someone. Goodnight my love " Marion the librarian Falls in love with Harold Who tricks the townspeople And organizes a band. " Seventy-six trombones Led the big parade. " Harold realizes he loves Marion, The band has music and uniforms, And there is a happy end for all. After her piano lesson with Marion, portrayed by Deanna Dunn, Mary Ann Cashen invites shy Winthrop, Rex Sievert, to her party. Singing their rendition of " Lida Rose " is Paul Gruetter, Tom Norwalk, Mark Bailey, and Mike Haack. 39 THE YEARBOOK BUSINESS STAFF EXPRESS THEMSELVES: Sitting On Floor: Lana Floro, subscription manager; Betty Lau. advertising; Sandy iVIeeker, advertising; Adelina Ochoa, business manager. Sitting On Chairs: Dave Grosjean, advertising; Judy Rice, typist; Ernie Sanclnez, advertising; Janet Kozak, subscription manager; Carl Smith, photographer. NOT PIC- TURED: Charlene Schimmel, typist. Albert Ochoa, freshman representative, and Connie Rudes, sophomore representative, are crowned king and queen for collecting the most money for the annual staff. They reigned at the yearbook dance after a basketball game. YEARBOOK EDITORIAL STAFF: On Floor: Sue Richards, copy editor; Sue Leppert, activities editor. On Chairs: Kaye Clark, activities edi- tor; Denise Garey, school editor; On Desk: Bill Brooks, editor; Mrs. David, advisor; Bill Nolte, art editor. Expression Through Journalism Charlene Schimmel is a member of both the Limelight and Comet Staff. " Express yourself " was the theme chosen by the staff for the 1970-1971 Limelight. This was the first step in producing the year- book. Following this were many long months of planning layouts, choosing pictures, and writing copy so that everything fit together and looked just right. The annual staff was elected late in their junior year and began early in September to plan the annual. They sponsored a king and queen dance. One girl and one boy were chosen by their class- es to represent them and collect money as one penny equalle d one vote. Albert Ochoa and Connie Rudes were pronounced the win- ners at the Friday night dance. Work for the annual staff continued long after graduation to include all the spring activities. The Comet Tales staff published the school paper twice a month, printing all the current school news. Editor-in-chief Kaye Clark, was in charge of seeing that all articles were in on time and typed correctly, and that all the pages were ready for publication every two weeks. A Schoolwide contest was held for a new heading design to use on next year ' s paper. COMET STAFF: Front Row: Kaye Clark. Row 2: Mrs. Swartz, advisor; Beth Yackee: Cheryl Miller; Tammy Smith: Alyce Bondy; Brad Rohloff; Nancy Chalfin. 41 Service Clubs Provide Leadership Key Club, a boys ' service club, is sponsored by Kiwanis Club. Before school began, they painted the bleachers at the football field and cleaned up the stadium so that the games could be more enjoyable for the fans. Their latest project was the purchase of visual-aid equipment. Key Clubbers, being concerned with the rising drug problem, presented several drug abuse programs to the community. Genoa Key Club was selected as the top Key Club in their division in the State of Ohio. Student Council was changed this year and provided more repre- sentation of the students. It consist- ed of three sections: the general assembly, the inter-club council, and the executive council. Meetings were held weekly so many more goals could be accomplished. They were successful in revising the dress code, and in April, they cleaned up Veterans ' Memorial park in Genoa for the beginning of the summer season. KEY CLUB: Standing In Front: B. Skilliter; K. Rideout: B. Brooks, Pres.; C. Dunn; Mr. Miller, advi- sor. Sitting: M. Schimm mg; B. Werner; C. Smith; K. Gladden; J. Herman; C. Dreier; J. Opfer; J. Sanchez. Standing On Stage: J. Fletcher; J. Ross; M. Parlette; J. Marko; S. Ramirez; B. Nolte, Sec; B. Rohloff; B. Ramirez, V. Pres.; J. Lorenzen; E. Sanchez, Treas.; D. Grosjean. The pressbox at the football field is painted by Key Clubber Jan Opfer during the summer clean-up. 42 J STUDENT COUNCIL GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Front Row: P. Tester. C. Ammons, D. Dunn, J. Pugh, J. Rotruck, J. Widmer. B. Gordon. Row 2: D. Cornell. R. Hodulik. M. Wicks. M. Shields, L. Lee, D. Harsanje. K. Dreier. Row 3: Mr. Opfer — advisor. K. Campbell. R. Schriefer. D. Kusner. T. Everhardt. B. Skilliter, T. Briggle, J. Lorenzen, B. Rotruck. S. Leppert, K.Clark. S. Ramirez. L. Schultz, L. Shiffert. D. Garey. Mr. King — advisor. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Kneeling: K Clark Row 2: S. Leppert. V.-Pres.: S. Ramirez. Pres.; D. Kusner; L. Schultz. Row 3: B. Gordon. Row 4: Mr Opfer, advisor: D. Dunn. Sec; Mr. King, advisor; D. Garey, Treas. 1 X 1 ; an s«l lun V w f K» m - i m The Christmas tree in the office, like many other things. Is provided by Key Club, It is being decorated by President Bill Brooks. Team Chooses Sharon For Queen A hush fell over the crowd as the speaker paused. " And now, our 1971 Basketball homecoming queen — Miss Sharon Porter! " The students leaped to their feet to ap- plaud their new queen as she stepped forward to accept her honor. The excitement had mounted all week as the nominating and ballot- ing took place. Representatives from each class and three senior girls were chosen for the homecom- ing court. The basketball team vot- ed from the top three girls, Kaye Clark, Judy Rice, and Sharon Porter to choose Sharon as queen. Linda Shiffert was chosen to rep- resent the junior class; Cindy Pin- son, the sophomore class; and Lin- da Smith, the freshman class. Our basketball queen from 1970, Miss Denise Assad, was also present to give up her trophy. Sharon was given a personal tro- phy provided by Key Club and the traveling trophy for one year. She and her escort Ernie Sanchez then led the rest of her court from the floor and to their honored seats to reign over the game. 1 I The queen ' s personal trophy provided by Key Club is given to her by Sam Rameriz. Crownbearer Susan Skees asks Sharon, " Which side are you cheering for? Genoa or the other side? " 44 Comet Jim Helle pushes through the Maumee Panthers to score for Genoa once again. Crowned and kissed by her escort Ernie Sanchez, Sharon Porter is now our 1971 Basketball Queen. THE 1971 BASKETBALL HOMECOMING COURT: Denise Assad, 1970 queen; Cindy Pinson. sophomore attendant: Kaye Clark, senior attendant; Queen Sharon Porter; Susan Skees, crownbearer; Judy Rice, senior attendant; Linda Shiffert, junior attendant; Linda Smith, freshman attendant. 45 F.B.L.A: Front Row: Brenda Williams; Connie Zinn; Delores Bowyer: Emily Kern; Joanne Schell, Sec; Betty Lau; Diane Shields; Lana Floro, Pres. Row 2: Yvette Christie; Charlene Dietrich; Sue Keller; Jaci Baker; Marcia Green; Denise Carey, Recorder; Linda Shiffert; Becky Harsanje; Mary Green; Kaye Clark, Row 3: Arlene Colyer, Cindy Pratt; Cheryl Floro; Diane Denn; Kay Valentine; Donna Matthews, V. Pres.; Sandy Meeker; Rhonda Haeft; Judy Rice. Treas.; Paula Lindesmith, Tammy Smith; Cym Race; Sue Schimming; Deb Bowland; Mrs. Hoeft, Advisor. At the State F.B.L.A. conference. Sue Keller placed second in beginning typing. Club president Lana Floro counts T-shirts, while Deb Bowland counts money turned in to bal- ance their books. 46 Clubs Learn Through Experience Two of the clubs at Genoa are aimed toward the professional fu- tures of their members. They are FBLAandFTA. FBLA is the Future Business Lead- ers of America. Its members are required to have at least one year of business courses. For experience in business and managing, they held a candy sale and sold Genoa T-shirts. At the end of the year, they held their annual banquet and awarded trophies to girls with the most points earned during the year and the outstanding member. FTA IS the club organized for Fu- ture Teachers of America. Its mem- bers sponsored a guessing game for a money-making project. The stu- dents were asking a small sum for each guess for the number of jelly beans in a jar and the closest num- ber won. The Junior and Senior members were allowed to observe teachers in action at the elementary schools in our school system one day. They presented a program at each of their meetings concerned with the teaching profession. F.T.A.: On Floor: Gerri Oberhaus, Leeann Miller; Virginia Duffey; Virginia Wagoner, V.-Pres.: Becky Diekman, Treas.; Lynn Lowery; DeDbie Magrum. Standing: Pat Moon: Mrs. Blumenthal, Advisor: Mrs. Graetz, Advisor: Jamie Libertino. Sitting On Stage: Mary Ann Cashen: Sally Hoddi- nott: Carol Ammons: Linda Shiffert: Debbie Sutter: Barb Wagoner; Deanna Dunn, Pres. Kneel- ing: Mary Goetz; Martha Wheeler, Sec; Debbie Kusner: Diane Powers; Debbie Fair; Deb Fork. Above: The FTA contest attracted many peo- ple to review the numbered sheets to find their chances and then sign up for the num- ber of their choice. 47 FHA MEMBERS: Seated In Front: M. Floro. A. Halicek, N. Aldrich. Row 2: M. Garcia, S. Shelton, G. Halhober, L. Burdge. D. Fisher, F. Pokorny, T. Blev- ins, J. Pugh, D. Cornell, R. Castilleja. Row 3: J. Widmer, M. Cashen, P. Parks, C. Hoff, J. Harbal. Standing: B. Shields: D. Gruben: D. Harsanje, trea- surer: E. Hellwig: M. Blausey: A. McCormick: L. Shiffert: J. Felger: J. Peters, secretary: B. Diekman: B. Salinas: G. Spitler, president: D. Williams: L. Smith: D. Jensen: M. Peterson: Mrs. Wagoner, Mrs. Roberts, advisors. NOT PICTURED: L. Assad: J. Farkas: P. Moser: C. Schimmel: M. Chambers: N. Chalfin, V. -president: C. Peeler. The first boy to become a member of FHA, Frank Pokorny. joins other new members at initiation. Several initiates gather in front of the sym- bolic candles. 48 I ' Tuture " Clubs Plan Projects As one of their projects this year, FFA paint- ed equipment. Gaylord Sheldon wields the paint spray gun here. Future Homemakers of America and Future Farmers of America are clubs concerned with the future vocations of their members. They shared a chili supper in March that the FHA members prepared. One of the FHA meetings was a pot-luck dinner with the Oak Harbor FHA members. In December, the FHA decorated the Lutheran Home of Mercy in Williston for the holiday season. Santa Glaus passed out gifts at the FHA Christmas party for small children. The annual Mother- Daughter Tea and style show was held in January. Several conven- tions were attended during the year. Nancy Chalfin, Debbie Jensen, and Jenny Widmer attended the state convention in April. FFA members were best known for selling popcorn at the football games. The members also sold seeds as a moneymaking project. School grounds were plowed, culti- vated, and tended by the group. They purchased tools and equip- ment for the school with the money they earned. FFA: Front Row: Fred Huss, Tom Burdge, Bill Vargo, John Adams, Mark Theilen. Row 2: Jeff Wilbur, John Reinbolt, John Boblander, Al Scaggs, Mike Ohm, Frank Pokorny. Row 3: Rock Martin, Jim Fisher, Dave Huston, Jim Fredericks, Rick Sheetz, Rick Hausman. Row 4: Chuck Bonecutter, Paul Stevens, Tom Dunn, Doug Jensen, Gaylord Sheldon, Terry Hansen, Keith Lenz. Row 5: John Lorenzen, John VanNess, Kevin Cornell, Leonard Camper, Tom Goodeman, Terry Hutchinson, Mark Diefenthaler, Bill Linke. 49 School Service Clubs Are Active Anyone having at least one year of art is eligible to join Art Club. Many services such as making signs and displays for the schools and area are undertaken by this club. In April the club sponsored an All School Art Show for students of the Genoa area schools. The annual " Psychedelic Dance " was also held by the Art Club that month. This dance was their biggest project of the year. Decorations of beads and posters, along with the mod cloth- ing of the people and the sounds of a rock band filled the cafeteria to its capacity. High school librarians are mem- bers of Hi-Li. In December this group held a Christmas Tea. Former librarians were invited to return and see changes which had taken place. Hi-Li members also made a field trip to the library at Bowling Green State University to compare notes. ART CLUB MEMBERS: Front Row: Becky Salinas, treasurer: Sue Leppert, vice-president: Deanna Dunn, president: Barb Padgett, secretary; Ruth Castilleia. Row 2: Sharon Skees, Yvette Christie, Shirley Steindam, Sue Richards, Diane Powers, Linda Shiffert, Esmeralda Flores, Deb Reetz. Row 3: Ernie Sanchez, Tom Goodeman, Mrs. Holman, advisor; Bill Nolte, Jeff Herman. Santa and his elves, sponsored by the Art Club, pass out candy canes before Christmas vacation. 50 HI-LI MEMBERS: Sitting On Floor: Kaye Clark, Tammy Smith, Judy Rice, Debi Deppen, Sue Leppert. Sitting On Chairs: Barb Padgett, Arlene Colyer, vice-president; Deb Fork, president; Sandy iVIeeker, secretary. Standing: Alyce Bondy, Mrs. Wood, advisor; Judy Padgett, Marcia Angel, Betty Lau, Mary Moon, Diane Powers, Sue Richards, treasurer; Martha Wheeler. Hi-Li president Deb Fork serves punch to former librarians at the Hi-Li Tea. The library bulletin boards are decorated for Christmas by student librarian Sue Richards. SPANISH CLUB: Front Row: J. Rotruck: P. Wallace: J. Harbal: B. Browning: M. Allen. B. Fleck. G. Duty, T. Gargac. P. Moon: J. Libertino: D. Collins: M. Benton: R. Sievert. Row 2: Mrs. Zimmerman, Adv.: D. Paschal: C. Kapp: L. Cross: J. Lozoya: P. Gruetter: B. Wagoner: M. Goetz, J. Buhrow: L. Kinsel: S. Porter: D. Fair: G. Oberhaus. Row 3: P. Weseman: A. Ochoa: F. Garcia: M. Schulte: L. Schultz: K. Dazley: C. Rudes: L. Joehlin: J. Lorenzen: K. Has- sen: J. Lopez: D. Kusner: K. Valentine. Row 4: D. Boss: S. Rust: K. Gladden: B. Skilliter: J. Ross: W. Burdge: B. Nolte: B. Pinson: R. Smith: B. Goetz: J. Feckley: B. Rameriz: J. Wolcott: E. Sanchez. To increase their knowledge of Spanish cul- ture, club members Bill Nolte and Brenda Browning prepare their tacos. Taco eating can be messy, but Joe Lopez and Dave Korsog adjust to the situation. Club advisor Mrs. Zimmerman does not want to miss a single bite of her taco. 52 Two Clubs Become Proud Parents Top: is 5 year old Jean Marie whose favorite subject is stories. Bottom: is Maria who likes to look at pictures. Membership in the French and Spanish clubs is limited to students presently taking French or Spanish. Each of these clubs has adopted a child, one from France and one from Portugal. They earned money all year to support these children. The Spanish third and fourth year classes observed the migrant children at Allen School in Septem- ber to practice their speaking techniques. Their meetings are held during class time where they play games to improve their speaking abilities. For their end of the year activity, both clubs went out to eat and to Cinema to see a show. FRENCH CLUB: Kneeling On Floor: C. Sayen; L. Kansorka; P. Tester; J. Hesselbart: L. Chambers. Sitting On Chairs: D. Peloquin: G. Green: Mrs. Zimmerman, Advisor; M. Layman; S. Pinson. Row 3: A. Tester; B. Lau; C. Dille; L. Lowery; D. Magrum; B. Lemke. Row 4: D. Sutter; K. Dreier; K. Eash; S. Hoddinott; J. Spears. Row 5: C. Pinson; T. Best, Pres.; S. Eash; N. Coon; S. Ackerman; K. Keller. Row 6: J. Sanchez; C. Dunn; C. Prahl; R. Lommerse; J. Bailey; D. McGinnis, V.-Pres.; R. Wegman. 53 Experience Gained Through Travel Dramatics Club attended several plays presented by drama students at Bowling Green University Thea- ter. In December they presented a Christmas play ' The Villain in the Toy Shop " for the children at Allen Central and the Genoa elementary schools. They also had charge of the make-up at the musical. For their last activity, they saw " West Side Story " at Bowling Green Uni- versity Theater and had dinner. JCWA had programs at their meeting and attended district semi- nars in Toledo. In the spring they participated in the U.N. model as- sembly in Toledo. Some of the members made a trip to New York in November to visit the U.N. They also had foreign exchange students from Ghana and Belguim visit our school. Appearing in the Christmas play are Linda Joehlin and Theresa Gargac. Raggety Ann Lois Kinsel helps Sharon Rust with her costume before the Dramatics Club Christmas play. DRAMATICS: Front Row: Mr. Millinger, advisor; D. Dille: B. Lemke; L. Burdge: D. Collins: L. Floro: P. Parks: T. Gargac: P. Moon: B. Lau: P. Tester: C. Sayen; L. Pieffer: M. Johnson. Row 2: A. Tester: B. Padgett: N. Clark: D. Powers: M. Wheeler: J. Smith: L. Kinsel: L. Cross: J. Buhrow: B. Wagoner: L. Lowery: B. Rohloff: M. Floro: J. Widmer. Row 3: S. Hodinott: C. Pinson, D. Hammitt: K. Dreier: D. Norden: D. Fork: R. Haeft. sec: S. Richards. Pres.: A. Bondy: P. Gruetter: S. Meeker: J. Kozak: D. Dunn: C. Henley: P. Baker. Row 4: M. Schulte: D. Harsanje. S. Ackerman: L. Joehlin: D. McGinnis; B. Harsanje: K. Rideout: D. Garey, Treas.: B. Nolte: B. Rohloff: M. Wilhelm, V.-Pres.; S. Shade: J. Vroman: S. Rust; C. Prahl; K. Hassan. 54 Cx t JCWA: Front Row: K. Dreier; Y. Christie, Treas.; C. Ammons; B. Diekman; P. Moon: M. Wheeler. Row 2: Mr. Opfer, Advisor: K. Kalmbach; B. Salinas. V.-Pres.: B. Padgett, D. Harsanje; K. Dazely: B. Gordon. Row 3: B. Aeschliman: J. Smith: B. Goetz: M. Peters, Pres.: D. Garey: L. VanSicle: B. Lau. NOT PICTURED: D. Powers, Sec Dressed in foreign costumes. Debbie Harsanje, Mike Peters, and Becky Salinas prepare to join JCWA. JCWA officers, Mike Peters and Becky Sali- nas, sign a check toward the " School to School " project. 55 Expression With Athletic Clubs There are two athletic clubs in our high school, one for boys and one for girls. Varsity Club is made up of all the boys who have won let- ters in school sponsored athletics by earning points. The popcorn and pop sold at the basketball games was provided by these boys. With the money they earn at the conces- sion stand, they have a banquet at the end of the year. The Girls ' Athletic Association (GAA) was busy most of the y ear and sponsored several activities. This year the GAA had the gym ev- ery Monday after school for the in- tramural program. Their year was kicked off with the football home- coming which they planned, deco- rated for, and presented. In April they sponsored the annual " Battle of the Classes " basketball game and presented a trophy to the winning senior team. k J Eji BL Ri VARSITY CLUB: Front Row: F. Molina, K. Gladden, M. Dreier, J. Reynolds, B. Ramirez, J. Schriefer, J. Herman, J. Opfer, M. Parlette. Row 2: J. Ross, K. Harsanje, M. Streight, M. Schimming, F. Kusian, J. Reinbolt, A. Skaggs, D. Shessler: K. Lindsey: J. Marko: K. Sander; T. Dunn; A. McGinnis: J. Marcum. Row 4: F. Levee, B. Werner, B. Nolte, M. Haack, D. Matthews, T. Hutcheson, J. Frederick, B. Skilliter. NOT PICTURED: Mr. Miller and Mr. Firestone, Co-advisors; S. Ramirez; D. Clere; G. Draper; D. Drummond; R. Dunn, T. Good eman, J. Heilman, D. Huston, J. Lach, G. Parsil, M. Shields, J. Spurgeon, D. Balduf, J. Chambers, B. Holman. Right: PEP CLUB: A new club. Freshmen Girls ' Pep Club, was organized this year. At home basketball games — Varsity, Reserve, Freshmen — they could be seen cheering the Comets on to victory. GAA: Front Row: B. Gordon: J. Widmer; N. Clark: J. Buhrow: L. VanSickle: Mrs. Russell, advisor: R. Schriefer: C. Henley: D. Collins: B. Lemke: L. Peif- fer. Row 2: C. Pinson. D. Harsanje. C. Rudes, C. Prahl, M. Lowe, J. Peters, J. Vroman, S. Rust. N. Coon, D. Reetz, K. Hassan. Row 3: J. Harbal, M. Wheeler, C. Floro, K. Valentine, B. Aeschliman, J. Smith, C. Race, S. Keller, C. Kapp, S. Skees, J. Padgett, P. Lindesmith. M. Beshalske, C. Zinn. Row 4: B. Yackee: D. Bowland: R. Hokulik: D. Mathews: D. McGinnis: B. Harsanje: L. Shiffert: P. Puehler: J. Lorenzen, V.-Pres.: D. Dunn: S. Porter: J. Schell: A. Colyer. Back Row: T. Smith: C. Ammons: J. Mireles: D. Fork: J. Rice, President: S. Leppert: B. Salinas: D. Garey: R. Haeft, Treasurer: K. Clark, Secretary: T. Best, Recorder: S. Richards: A. Bondy: S. Meeker. To the left is Denise Garey and above is Janet Kozak each adding two points to the seniors ' score. In the Junior-Senior Battle of the Classes, Kaye Clark, Sue Richards, and Sharon Skees battle for the ball. 57 With a look of confusion, Sharon Porter strings the lights on the tree with some assistance from Mr. Opfer. This romantic setting makes a perfect eve- ning for Patti Weseman and Mike Pinson. Santa Claus arrives and offers to share his candy canes with everyone. Couples take time out from dancing to enjoy a lively conversation. Jennie Smith, Mark Wenig, Joel Pinkerton, and Joanne Schell. 58 Remember Christmas in Crimson Everyone else is forgotten as Carol Ammons and Mike Schimming gaze into each other eyes. " Christmas in Crimson " was the theme chosen by the Senior GAA members for this year ' s Christmas formal, held December 4. Friday afternoon before the dance the cur- tains to the cafeteria were closed, concealing the transformation while the seniors decorated inside. As the couples entered, they strolled along a cobblestone walk and through large double doors. The fire in the fireplace burned be- hind the Christmas tree. Rocking chairs on a hand-woven rug created a warm, homey effect. The crimson theme was carried out with red lighting and decorations. For the first time, attendance was not limited to only GAA members; the formal was open to the whole school. Eighty-five couples and sev- eral faculty members enjoyed a lovely, romantic evening. Music was provided by the Star- lighters. During the band ' s break, there was a surprise visit from San- ta Claus, who gave candy canes to several girls and their dates. The dance brought a holiday spirit to Genoa, and made Christmas vaca- tion seem nearer. Sophomores seem enchanted by the music of the band. Tammy Smith and Glen Draper stop during a break to enjoy each others company. 59 Rhonda Haeft Reigns As Queen " Sounds of Music " was the theme of the 1970 football home- coming assembly. Each of the six- teen candidates chose a theme song to be used for her poster. These posters hung in the hallway for a week prior to the assembly, and were judged for the most attractive. The winning poster belonged to Sharon Porter and was made by Bill Nolte to the theme " Casino Royale. " Schoolwide voting took place in Wednesday to narrow the 16 to 5. These five were voted on by the football team Friday afternoon a few minutes before the assembly. The music theme was used as each girl and her escort entered the gymnasium across a bridge. The atmosphere grew tense as the moment for the final announce- ment neared. Then the emcees, Bill Nolte and Jenny Smith, announced the top five. After fumbling with the enve- lope, Bill finally said, " And now, our 1971 Football Homecoming Queen — Miss Rhonda Haeft! " r ' Escort David Huston congratulates Rhonda with a kiss, and unknowingly puts her crown on backwards. The look on Rhonda ' s face shows her surprise as she is announced queen. From this thrilling moment on. she shall reign as 1970football homecomlngqueen. At the homecoming assembly, emcees Jenny Smith and Bill Nolte announce each candi- date, her escort, and her theme song. 60 Each candidate ' s theme song was aptly played by sopho- more Julie Bailey as they crossed the bridge into the gymnasium. The queen ' s traveling trophy is presented to Queen Rhonda by Miss Ja- net Widmer, the 1969 football homecoming queen. They are being watched by crownbearers Kristen Oberhaus and Lukey Billingsley . THE QUEEN AND HER COURT: Front Row: Joe Lach, Georgia Spitler, Sue Leppert, Jerry Heilman, Kaye Clark, Dave Clere, Deanna Dunn, Dan Hodu- lik. Queen Rhonda Haeft, David Huston, Jerry Schriefer, Joyce Mireles, Joanne Schell, Sharon Porter. Row 2: Sandy Meeker, Glen Draper, Judy Rice, Randy Dunn, 1969 queen Janet Widmer, Jerry Marko, Diane Powers, Mark Wenig. Becky Salinas, Mike Haack, Teresa Best. Dave Sanders, Mike Dreier, Nancy Waldenga, Jim Reynolds, Dave Grosjean, Tom Goodeman, Sue Richards, Cheryl Miller, Mel Streight, 61 Several band members congratulate their winning candidate, Nancy Waldenga. as she and Sandy Meeker wait in front of the Junior High before goingto the football field. The queen ' s personal trophy is carefully in spected by Queen Rhonda and attendant Jeanne Schell. Attendant Judy Rice and her escort Randy Dunn cross the field during the pre-game ceremonies to the tune of " Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. " THE QUEEN AND HER FOUR ATTENDANTS: Joanne Schell, Judy Rice, Queen Rhonda Haeft, Nancy Waldenga, and Sandy Meeker. 62 Spirit grows with Homecoming Rhonda grins after accepting tine tropliy from 1969 Queen Janet Widmer during the half-time ceremonies. A peculiar mixture of tension, excitement, and anticipation seemed to infect everyone in the school, as the spirit of Homecoming Week climaxed at the pep rally. Thursday night, the student parking lot was transformed into a sea of exuberant fans surrounding a giant bonfire. Friday, the halls were filled with noisy, excited students thinking only of the big announcement and the game. Finally, the queen and her court were announced and the tension for the game continued to build. Before the game began. Queen Rhonda Haeft and her attendants walked across the field with their escorts. After Rhonda was given the trav- eling trophy during half-time cere- monies, Bongo Rameriz presented her with a personal trophy provided by Key Club. Left: Several of the candidates pose while waiting for the game to begin. Sharon Porter. Joyce Mireles, Deanna Dunn, Cheryl Miller, Teresa Best, Kaye Clark, Diane Powers, Sue Richards, Sue Leppe rt. 63 ( all began in September. Friday nights Away games Confetti McDonald ' s Screaming, honking — Victory Tears. Sports are important AtG.H.S. Friends, cheering Dribbling — tweet — Time out From the everyday Fiumdrum of school. Runners to your marks Get set Go Practice Sweat Teamwork Through sports, athletes " Express Themselves. " SPORTS School Shows Its Comet Pride The 1970 season was not an out- standing one for the Comet football team. The team was mostly small and inexperienced, with many sopho- mores who had never before played varsity. But our team and our fans have something no other school could — Comet pride. The height of the season was the November 6 game with Lake. The tension mounted as the score tied at 12-12. A Comet pass was inter- cepted, but was saved as Joe Lach tackled the man in the end zone, raising the score to 14-12 and win- ning the game for Genoa. Third year letterman Jim Reynolds protects the ball and pushes through. Seniors prove their spirit as they let loose with a mighty yell. " Listen, Ross. 1 want you guys to quit messing around ar d show them what we ' ve got! " ' -til%!«Mi lBHIH I HQ|i| ■ P . ik " kSk r Hr « mmli li MPr BE - M E ' wi • f 1 ' 1 ■ 1 VARSITY: Row 1: D. Grosjean, D. Huston, D. Clere, J. Heilman, R. Dunn. J. Lach, G. Draper, M. Dreier, J. Reynolds, M. Haack, T. Goodeman. Row 2: J. Markum, J. Fisher, J. Marko, D. Sanders. T. Dunn, J. Schreifer. M. Streight. K. Lindsey, J. Fredericks. D. Auler, IVI. Wenig, K. Harsanje. Row 3: J. Zwicker. J. Ross. J. Apel, W. Oberhaus, K. Cornell, J. Fletcher, C. Dreier, T. Peiffer, T. Hutcheson. D. Hodulik, W. Burdge, B. Skilliter. Delta Dave Hitchen checks his earphones to get instructions for the next play. Doc Russell, our faithful physician, wraps Jim Reynolds ' ankle to relieve some of the pain. 67 I FRESHMAN FOOTBALL: Front Row: F. Huss, D. Powers, D. Boltz. F. Komives. Row 2: R. Spitler, A. Ochoa, B. Streight, J. Feckley, D. Leppert. Row 3: M. Schuster, S. George, R. Hammye. B. Pinson, T. Szypka, Coach Baird. Not pictured: L. Dennis, L. Ackerman, J. Lozoya. End Jim Fredericks clutches the ball and is aboutto takeoff for a winning run. We beat Lake 14-12! Coach Firestone seems hysterical from the victory, as he hugs Glen Draper. 68 Awards Given For Achievements FRESHMEN SCORES TEAM WE THEY Lakota 6 Eastwood 24 Springfield 8 24 Maumee 6 32 Elmwood 6 14 Perrysburg 12 22 Libbey 8 Many of the Comets were award- ed for their fine efforts. The football team voted and presented the title of Most Valuable Back to Joe Lach and Most Valuable Lineman to Glen Draper, a newcomer this year. Joe also won the Star Club award for the most pass interceptions and fumble recoveries. Jim Reynolds was the only one given a third year award. Comets placed six men on the all- league team; offense — 2nd team center, Randy Dunn; 2nd team end, Jim Fredericks; and 3rd team full- back, Jim Reynolds; defense — 2nd team tackle, Mark Wenig; 2nd team end, Joe Lach; and 3rd team line- man. Ken Harsanje. Left: Excited band members cheer the Comets on to an- other touchdown. Below: Supercomet mascot Candy Walton holds her breath as the Comets try for a first down. Below: Another Oak Harbor Rocket hits the ground as Comet David Huston makes a vicious tackle. Varsity Faced A Rough Season Only two players, Bill Werner and Ernie Sanchez had played varsity ball regularly in previous years. Er- nie and Bill were among the leading league scorers all year. Ernie fin- ished 3rd in the league with 13.9. He also was named to the 3rd team All- League. The team was dominated by se- niors. John Briggle, the leading re- bounder, broke the Genoa rebound- ing record in the 2nd Oak Harbor game with 21. In the first Oak Har- bor game he sparked the team to victory. Jim Helle, the playmaker, was instrumental in Genoa ' s win- ning the Eastwood league game. Carl Smith, the 5th starter, played one of his best games at Oak Harbor and scored his highest number of points, 13, in the Eastwood tourna- ment game. The team set a new record with the number of field goals in one game. They had 35 against Oak Ha rbor. The old record was 32. The Reserve Team, made up en- tirely of sophomores, was led by Coach Baird for his first year. They won ten of their games and present- ed an exciting hour before every varsity game. Six of their games were won or lost in the last seconds of the fourth quarter. Top Right: Before the varsity game begins. Carl Smith breaks through the crepe paper onto the court. Lower Right: Ernie Sanchez expresses his determination to teammate Carl Smith in the locker room during halftime. Below: Each of the players react differently to Coach Hitchen ' s instructions on a time out. 70 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: Kneeling: Dave Spafford, Ernie Sanchez. Ron Brossia, Bongo Ramirez. Standing: Coach Hitchen. Jerry Schrlefer, John Briggle, Carl Smith. Bill Werner, Jim Helle. Bill Werner and Ernie Sanchez were this year ' s co-captains. The ball is well protected from a Comet oppo- nent by the hands of Bill Werner as he snags a pass from the air. BASKETBALL SCORES team We Eastwood .mmm 57 Port Clinton 3HWi 44 Fremont St. Joe mmm :, 4 Perrysburg ..anK w 52 Oak Harbor jmfv. 79 Springfield Lakota t JKI Northwood H Eastwood . 1 Cardinal Stp r« Woodmpre Ai Maumek k 1 1 Rossfora fl | t M B t ■ 5 " " Oak Harbor H I KHS 80 Anthony Wa H B X 64 EInnwood H KSI 49 La ke ' H KM m m K: 1 They 75 74 73 80 .71 45 74 58 53 83 77 71 87 67 67 64 74 71 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM: Kneeling: Coach Baird, Larry Dennis, manager. Standing: Ken Harsanie. Bob Skilliter, Kevin Gladden, Jeff Apel, Charley Dreier, Terry Hutcheson, John Shessler. John Lorenzen, Dan Hodulik, Jeff Ross, Richard Wegman, Junior Sanchez. A pass Is set up for the Comets byseniorjim Helle. RESERVE SCORES m Team We They Eastwood 38 40 Port Clinton 36 34 Fremont St. Joe 44 51 Perrysburg 45 46 Oak Harbor 48 21 Springfield 35 36 Lakota 54 48 Northwood 51 21 Eastwood 54 39 Cardinal Stritcin 55 46 Woodmore 71 45 Maumee 51 53 Rossford 41 58 Oak Harbor 52 37 Anthony Wayne 43 42 Elmwood 65 48 Lake 41 53 72 starting time nears Noise in the gym builds Shouts, screams, sighs Bleachers fill with fans Popcorn and pop Pep band enters single file Fight song Teams run on for warm-ups " Sweet Georgia Brown " Mixes with the steady beat Of bouncing balls Go Comets go! Teams are introduced Lights fade National Anthem is sung Cheering has died to a lull Gym fills with a nervous Hush Who will win or score — Or lose? A whistle blows The centers squat The ball is up — The game is off. The Comet players are so anxious to steal the ball from their opponents that Ernie Sanchez ac- cidentally makes a foul. FRESHMAN SCORES 1 Team We They Perrysburg 18 52 Eisenhower 32 18 Springfield 32 37 Eastwood 40 56 Maumee Valley 47 25 Maumee 38 59 Eisenhower 39 34 Rossford 25 61 Oak Harbor 46 18 Anthony Wayne 49 48 Elmwood 53 50 Lake 45 53 Lake 28 40 FRESHMAN TEAM: Front Row: Ron Hammye, John McGuire. Tom Szypka, David Fielding. Tom Briggle, Mike Shuster. Jim Feckley. Jeff Shaneck. Tom Porath. Bruce Zunk, Mark Fork, Coach Johnson. Row 2: Albert Ochoa. Dan Powers. 73 Comets Win District Crown The Comets baseball team was having just another season until tournaments began. Genoa finished fifth in the Northern Lakes League standings. Then the boys decided that if they were going to accom- plish anything it would have to be in the tournaments. They beat Gibson- burg 4 to 2, and Cardinal Stritch 6 to 1 to become sectional champs. From there they moved on to polish off Anthony Wayne 7 to 4 and Ross- ford 8 to 4 and win the district crown. As one of 16 teams left in Class AA in Ohio they were scheduled to play Margaretta in a regional semi- final on May 28. The Comets left the high school early Friday morning to the echoes of a pep meeting send off. Some 80 Comet fans were in attendance at Mansfield to cheer their Comet team on. The Comets lost the game 5 to 2, but their fans still consider them to be topdogs. =1 Above: Another practice grounder Is socked to the outfield by Coach Baird. Left: Sophomore player Bob Skilliter readies himself for a powerful hit. BASEBALL TEAM: Seated: J. Sanchez, J. Vogelpohl, M. Thielen, J. Zwicker, R. Brossla. Kneeling: K. Schmidlin, mgr.; B. Skilliter; J. Feckley; J. Fred- erick: S. Campbell; E. Sanchez. Standing: Coach Johnson, J. Ross, M. Schuster, R. Hammye, J. Schrlefer, T. Szypka, Coach Baird. BASEBALL Clay Waite Perrysburg Start Eastwood Lake Libbey Macomber Elmwood Anthony Wayne Bowling Green Maumee Devilbiss Woodward Rossford Springfield Sectional Genoa 4 Genoa 6 District Genoa 7 Genoa 8 Regional Genoa 2 WE 3 3 2 1 8 3 3 5 ; 3 3 11 1 2 6 Tournament Gibson burg iCardinal Stritch Anthony Wayne Rossford Margaretta Below: Expression is also found on the baseball field as pitcher Jerry Schriefer heaves another ball home. Second baseman Scott Campbell pitches the ball in to get another man out. Right: The dust is flying as Jeff Ross and Ron Brossia slide in for two more Comet points. :f 75 Cf - n i 1 F Tj H ■ v? i( H ™ 1 6 N ■ m a k HHr 1 1 i i ' » V ' VARSITY TRACK: Sitting On Floor: M. Schlmming, J. Herman, J. Lopez. K. Gladden, R. Tapia, F. Molina. Kneeling On Floor: A. McGinnIs — manag- er, D. Wingerter, J. Opfer, F. Kuslan, J. Marko. D. Hodulik, C. Dreier, T. Hansen. Standing: K. Harsanje, B. Rohloff, B. Werner. J. Fletcher, M. Wenig, T. Hutcheson, J. Apel, K. Pierce. Coach Miller. FRESHMAN TRACK: D. VanSickle. S. George, R. Spitler. A. Ochoa. J. Flick. T. Porath. M. Vogelpohl, S. Hoffman. M. Spafford. 76 Long distance runner Jan Opfer cannot break his stride during a cross-country meet. Cross Country And Track Teams Cross-country is a fairly new sport in Genoa and suffered a rough season. But it takes a certain kind of courage to face a vastly superior number of opponents knowing thiat victory is almost beyond reach. The Comet Track team was a winner. Perhaps they did not score many points in the larger meets, but nevertheless they are winners. This team learned to compete and con- tribute all they possessed. Led by seniors like Bill Werner and Dave Clere, they provided a formidable competitor when face to face m their individual races. The under- classmen led by Terry Hutcheson picked up this clue and united to help themselves and their team- mates to performances they once thought beyond their capabilities. The Track Team ' s record was 5-4 in dual meets, 2nd in the Ottawa County Meet, and 3rd in the San- dusky-Ottawa County Meet. Precise timing is a necessity for track man Dave Clere when jumping the low hurdles. CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM: Kneeling: F. Molina loff, K. Gladden, J. Herman. J. Opfer, A. Skaggs. Standing: F. Kusian, B. Roh- 77 " Come on Joe! Hold him tighter! " Coach Oberhaus shouts his Instructions from his sideline seat. Senior grapplers practice before a tournament. WRESTLING TEAM: Front Row: D, Tester, E. Almarez. F. Komives, F. Huss. Row 2: G. Parsil, A. Skaggs, J. Herman, F. Levee, J. Chambers. J. Rein- bolt. Row 3: D. Balduf. J, Lach. L.Shessler. R. Spitler, C. Spaulding, B. Holman, J. Marcum. 78 NLL Champs? You Bet! The Genoa Reds bowling team, comprised of seniors Bill Brooks, Mike Bielowski, Bob Shields, Mike Haack, and juniors Mike Parlette and Jim Fredericks, bowled their way to the NLL championship. Dur- ing their very successful season in which they lost only two matches, the Genoa bowlers also rolled a school record high team series. The Genoa Whites bowled a good season with a 6-6 record. Three seniors were outstanding on this year ' s wrestling team. Glen Parsil, a senior wrestling at 132 pounds captured first place in the Springfield Invitational, second in the NLL, and fifth in the state sec- tionals. Wrestling in the 167 pound class, Joe Lach, also a senior, pinned down a first in the Spring- field and Lakota Invitationals and in the NLL, as well as a second in the Northwood Tournament. Al Scaggs, the last of the senior trio and wres- tling at 119 pounds, wrestled to a second place in the Northwood Tournament. The Most Valuable Player award was presented to Joe Lach, a four year letterman. Fred Levee, a prom- ising sophomore, was voted by the players as the Most Improved Wrestler. Once again Mike Haack ' s mighty arm cuts loose and another ball flies down the alley toward the pins. BOWLING TEAM: Sitting On Floor: Fred Diebert, Mike Parlette. Sitting On Chairs: Bob Shields, Mike Haack. Terry Hansen. Jim Fredericks. Mike Fahle. Standing: Bill Nolte, Dave Huston, Mr. Miller — advisor. Mike Bielawski, Dave Braddock. Bill Brooks. Cheerleaders Encourage Spirit Who are those strange little men with the huge heads coming from the girl ' s locker room? Or those people charging in front of the foot- ball team, racing onto the field? Or the girls leaping around on the bas- ketball court doing cartwheels? They are all the same people — our cheerleaders. These girls give much of their time practicing cheers and planning skits to urge the Comet fans to yell a little louder and ex- press their spirit. Three of our cheerleaders, Jackie Wolcott, Sharon Skees, and Connie Rudes attended a ICF cheerleading camp at Ypsilanti, Michigan, in July. They placed 5th over various squads from Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Supercomet this year was Candy Walton, who brightened the football field with her sparkling gold suit and gold boots. Cheerleader Marcy Peiffer is pleased as the Comet score is raised two more points. CHEERLEADERS: Joanne Schell, captain; Marcy Peiffer, Sharon Skees, Rhonda Haeft, Judy Rice, Jacl ie Wolcott. Connie Rudes, Sue Grosjean, Delores Bowyer. Lori Peiffer. " Shout louder! " urges Candy Walton, the Lori Peiffer, Sue Grosjean, Delores Bowyer, and Connie Rudes make up the reserve cheerlead- Comet mascot. ing squad. 80 School spirit is inspired by cheerleaders at All right, who took the ladder? VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Judy Rice, Jackie Wolcott, Sharon pep meetings. Dolores Bowyer does her bit. Skees, Joanne Schell, Rhonda Haeft, Marcy Peiffer. Pep assemblies were often livened up by skits the cheerleaders presented. FRESHMEN CHEERLEADERS: Top to Bottom: Debbie Kusner, Brenda Lau, Jamie Libertino, Lori Chambers. i " Good morning. Could I please Have your attention For the morning announcements. " The backbone of Genoa Area High School Board meetings Levies Teacher ' s meetings Exams? The lounge — Knock before you enter Teachers offer Counsel and advice On just about anything Baseball, apple pie College, home They ' re always there to help We can ' t begin To thank them For all the hours they spen d Helping us Explaining, testing, rewarding ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION - Sitting: Mr. Albert Bnggle, Pres.; Mr. Russell Rice; Mrs. Barbara Smith, Clerk. Standing: Mr. George Donnelly, Supt.; Mr. Robert Samson; Mr. Lyie Shiffert. Not pictured - Mr. Ken Sheets. The Superintendent of all Genoa schools is Mr. George Donnelly. Mr. Thomas Jennings did a fine job in his first year as a high school principal. 84 Board Hires New Principa The offices at the Administration Depart- ment are organized by Linda Lobdell. The Board of Education hired Mr. Thomas Jennings to be the new high school principal. He came from Bowsher high school in Toledo to serve Genoa in his first year as a principal. He instituted many new ideas at Genoa. The student council was revised under his direction to be more effective and powerful. The Board worked hard this year attempting to pass the school levy. They finally succeeded on their third try in December. The student council submitted a new dress code to the Board. They approved the dress code and put it into effect immediately. This new dress code allowed girls to wear pant suits and boys to have longer hair. The administrative offices are organized by Linda Lobdell at the Administration Office in Clay Cen- ter, and by Pat Fondessy at the high school. Mr. George Donnelly is in his sixth year as Superintendent of Schools. Mr. Donnelly is in charge of five school buildings and the Administration Office. Under the supervision of Mr. Donnelly class- room additions have been made to the Brunner Building and to the High School Building, as well as an auditorium to the high school. The high school office would be complete chaos without Mrs. Pat Fondessy. Effiency is obtained through the help of the office workers: Deb Fork, Joanne Schell, Adelina Ochoa, Jill Harbal, Judy Rice, Ruth Hodulik, Rhonda Haeft, Betty Lau, Charlene Dietrich. 85 Faculty Have Many Activities The 3:10 bell is a welcome sound to not only the students, but also to all of the teachers. For some mem- bers of the faculty it means another two to three hours at school with football, cheerleading, band or some other kind of practice. Many of the others sit in on club meet- ings, acting as advisors, offering their advice and suggestions. When the bell rings on Wednesday, some lucky teacher gets to take his turn guardingthe detention study hall. Special meetings, decoration, cleaning, planning, counseling, re- hearsals, tutoring, then its home to cook supper or fix the leak in the roof. Finally free and relaxing at home, the teacher has to make the big choice whether to grade the tests, reports, papers, term papers or to make out seating charts, daily plans, and new tests. It seems as though the teachers job is never done. Each teacher at Genoa High school IS involved in something that makes high school more enjoyable for the students. This year the Key club chose Mr. Robert Baird as the teacher of the year, for his dedica- tion and service to the school. Mr. Eash teaches Music Theory, a new course atGerioa High School. Robert Baird Evelyn Blumenthal Alice David Verlin Eash James Firestone Janet Graetz Herbert Greunke Judy Hoeft David HItchen Kathy Holman Roland Huss Charles Johnson Phillip Johnson Ronald King Frank Liller 86 Ray Thompson Ruth Wagoner Phyllis Wood Carol Zimmerman Paul Meyer James Novotny Jerry Oberhaus Darrel Opfer Dallas Porter Rosemary Roberts Barbara Russell Robert Sieren Edwin Spackey Bonnie Swartz Above: Mrs. Wood, school librarian, does a fine job in keeping up our school library. Left: Our new English teacher, Mr. Liller answers questions prior to a test. 87 Right: Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Thompson serve themselves at the buffet dinner for the prom. Far Right: At the Christmas Formal Mrs. Janet Graetz enjoys dancing with her husband. Above: Some of the women teachers sit together at a pep rally. Right: Coach Hitchen is caught in the act of giving directions to this players. Far Right: Concentration is important for Mr. Charles Johnson in the shop. y. : M PI fel ff - HPl ■•■ ' flfflP HS H ' ' ! " SSil H . .i Wmm f ' W ' A i WAl k .. %m5 it: u Mi ' 4 .1 Explaining, Testing Grading TInings are a little clearer After a few minutes With a teacher Conduct slips Detention study hall Unwinding With a cup of coffee In the lounge Click- Each classroom door is Locked at three thirty Some teachers Coming back next year Others Leaving. Above: Pausing briefly in front of the oriental fish pond, Mr. and Mrs. Spackey and Mr. and Mrs. Porter inspect the prom decorations. Above Left: Mr. Jennings finds his Christmas treat in his mail slot. Above Right: Art instructor, Mrs. Kathy Holman finds out that grading is one of the most challenging jobs of any teacher. Left: All of the attention is focused upon baseball coach, Mr. Robert Baird. 89 CAFETERIA WORKERS: L. Shiffert. J. Hausman. C. Race, D. Mathews. S. Tello. M. Chambers, P. McGinnis, S. Schimming. M. Moon, V. Zapata. O.W.A. gives service in many areas. T. Calhoun, B. Baggitt. W. Reeder, P. Bloomtield, J. Flick, S. Hoodlebrink, and R. Bevins. ELECTRONICS SERVICE GROUP: Front Row: D. Lutman, G. Michel, Row 2: J. Mominee, B. Tapia, R. Reffitt, Row 3: R. Dunn, L. Rhoads, G. Sanderson, D. Hartman, B. Shields, L. Lee. B. Werner. Row 4: P. Stevens. J. Gruetter. J. Rohloff, F. Drummond. J. Rudes. E. Matyas. M. Pinson. 90 Service Personnel Appreciated Custodian, Ray Schimming also works as a bus driver. Lunch hour! The lines form and as everyone is madly grabbing for the trays the cooks work busily, pil- ing mashed potatoes on all of the plates. An early start every day as well as much experience is the key to the fine meals served in the cafeteria. The cafeteria workers, cashiers, and OWA all work to help the cooks. They all play an important role in making lunch hour a time to relax. Whether it ' s count-out change or washing trays these students are alway busy. There are two people that roam the halls everyday picking up paper, sweeping or dusting. They are Ray and Leroy, everyone ' s friends. The janitors work long hard hours to keep the building in beautiful condition. Whenever there is a movie to be shown or a bulb to be replaced ev- eryone calls on Mr. Novotney ' s troops, the electronics class. Cau- tiously wheeling a projector cart down the hall, these boys are a real help to the school. COOKS: Bessie Strohscher. Jane Swartz, Joyce Lusk, Mary Mathews. Custodians at the high school are (From Left) N. Wyatt. and R. Schimming. P. Gaul is head custodian. 91 " We ' ve only just begun. " Pep club Third floor? Freshmen make everything A little more entertaining. One down, three to go. Would you like to buy a pen? Rings! What would sports be like Without Sophomores? Candy sale Decorations Prom Juniors await anxiously For their Senior year. I ' m finally out! What next? Graduation Looking back Upon the last four years At Genoa Fligh School I ' ll miss it. SENIORS L GRADUATION Beginning of a new life Seeing classmates for the Last time. Heavy hearts and tearfilled eyes. Anticipating the end Unknown future plans Joyand laughingvoices End of daily classroom routines Parties, parties, parties College and career planning Solemness of the Alma Mater Seeing Genoa High for the last Time as being a part of it. Long hours of job hunting Success, Failure — Which way? Memories of happy times. Gone are the faces of your Favorite teachers. Prayers for guidance. The senior ' s Guardian Angel informs them of last minute instructions, but no one seems to be listening. TODAY fS THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR UFE Leading the Class of ' 71 into Com- mencement exercises are Lana Floro and Emily Kern. Valedictorian, Teresa Best, advises her class that love and friendship are needed to live a happy life. The joy of achievement is seen on Jackie Lach ' s face as she receives her diploma . 94 Iflt C: Satisfied seniors. Ruth Hodulik and Jim Helle admire their reward after long years of hard work. Turning of the tassal symbolizes the final step in graduating for these happy seniors. Seniors " stand in honor " to Genoa High for the last time as members of Genoa Area High School. To some this is a solemn moment, but to others it means the closing of many years of learning. Looking into the future. Deanna Dunn and Bill Brooks, wonder what road lies ahead for them. 95 J Senior Play Expresses Comedy For their class play this year, the Seniors chose " Out of the Frying Pan. " This comedy was the tale of six aspiring young actors, three boys, played by Bill Brooks, Don Drummond, and Sam Ramirez; and three girls, played by Kaye Clark, Deb Fork, and Joyce Mireles, that live together in a New York apart- ment. They are trying to get a pro- ducer, Bill Nolte, to see them put on a play he produced in the hopes he will hire them. The plot thickens as Dottie Coburn ' s friend Muriel, por- trayed by Betty Lau, tells Mr. Co- burn that the six are living together. Several untimely appearances by the crazy landlady and a slight flur- ry with the police add to the spice of theshow. Left: " But I only wanted to take a bath! " Don Drummond finds himself in a rather strange predicament. SENIOR PLAY CAST: Sitting On Floor: Joyce Mireles, Betty Lau. Sitting: Adelina Ochoa. student director; Don Drummond, Deb Fork. Mr. Mllllnger, director. Standing: Bill Brooks, Skip Shade, Dan Alt, Sam Ramirez. Mike Haack, Bill Nolte, Kaye Clark. Sue Richards. 96 " Won ' t you please come up and see our play Mr. Kenny? " The young actors plead to the big producer played by Bill Nolte. Each character is brought to life by frequent use of: hand gestures . . . facial expressions and tone of voice. 97 Seniors Look Towards The Future Four years of classes come to an end, all the English, history, and science requirements are finally behind us. Our senior year conclud- ed our preparation for the future. From senior pictures in July until graduation day, our year is filled with involvement — The first " big day " of being the oldest in the build- ing and being looked up to by fresh- men. Football games filled with " se- nior spirit " echoing through the stands. Trips to Port Clinton to reg- ister for the draft, as another guy turns eighteen. Government class- es, day after day, teaching us about our country. Homecoming queens chosen from our classmates to rep- resent our school. The senior class play. Out of the Frying Pan, is presented with many mistakes but much laughter. The year ends with the class trip to Ce- dar Point and finally — graduation. As we await the end of the ceremo- ny, some think of parties, some think of vacations, but most think that — yes — this is the first day of the rest of our lives. Outstanding student Teresa Best has been accepted into the Freshmen Honors Program at Ohio State. Bob Adams Dan Alt Carol Ammons Jaci Baker Sheila Benefield Teresa Best MikeBielawski Alyc? Bondy Roxanne Bonecutter Neil Bower Deb Bowland Dwain Brandt John Briggle Bill Brooks Paulette Brooks 98 Ron Brossia Peggy Calhoun Scott Campbell Leonard Camper Mary Ann Cashen Esther Castilleja Nancy Chalfin Yvette Christie Kaye Clark David Clere Sam Colvin ArleneColyer Carol Crum Gary Cruthers Don Davis SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Kaye Clark, vice-president; Bill Nolte, president: Sue Rich- ards, secretary. Not pictured, Adelina Ochoa, treasurer. Joe Lach captured the NLL 170-pound title. He has excelled in sports all four years of high school. 99 Darrell Dean Diane Denn John Diefenthaler Charlene Dietrich Connie Dille Mike Dreier Don Drummond Fred Drummond Virginia Duffey Deanna Dunn Randy Dunn Mike Fahle Leticia Flores Lana Floro Deborah Fork Just what is it Dave Huston and Bill Werner are hiding be- neath their chairs? The " court house gang " takes a break during their trip to Port Clinton. 100 An eight o ' clock bell Rings through school As Seniors begin Another day of learning, Of friendship. Preparing Seniors for Future vocations, For aspects of college, careers Appear in the future. Developing the mind As well as the body. Working with others Efficiently and happily. Learningto think For themselves To clearly and effectively Express themselves. If Adelina Ochoa isn ' t careful, hungry Randy Dunn will steal her candy. Bruce Gaskstetter Denise Garey Thomas Goodeman Carl Gordon Mary Green David Grosjean Karen Gruben Mike Haack Jackie Haeft Rhonda Haeft Terry Hansen Jerry Heilman Mark Heilman Susan Heilman James Helle 101 " Have you got that spirit? " " Yea, man! " " Let the Seniors show it — " " Go Go! Go! Go! Go! " Senior spirit rivaled the rest. The largest class attendance At games, and usually The loudest voices. Seniors show their spirit Dancing at bonfires Making spirit signs Decorating locker rooms, Yelling at games. Organizing pep rallies. Seniors express themselves With spirit. 8 |HH|| Ej!o | Hf ..x ' ' - 9 The football homecoming bonfire is enlivened by the Seniors ' can-can dance. Wayne Helle Elizabeth Hellwig Ruth Hodulik David Huston Douglas Jensen Janet Jones Jim Kalmbach Emily Kern Rhonda Kidd Debbie Kocis Janet Kozak Sandra Kozina Jackie Lach Joe Lach Betty Lau 102 The two Senior girls chosen to represent their class with the basketball queen are Kaye Clark and Judy Rice. Larry Lee Susan Leppert Michael Lerma Fred Lowery Nancy Lutman Don Mathews Donna Mathews Edward Matyas Sandy Meeker Cheryl Miller Joyce Mireles Jay Mominee Mary Moon Christine Murray Bill Nolte 103 AdelinaOchoa Glen Ohm Glen Parsil Christina Peeler Michael Peters Kermit Pierce Michael PInson Frank Pokorny Sharon Porter Kathy Potrldge Diane Powers Cindy Pratt Sandra Purtee Sam Ramirez James Reynolds ismmk mMAk The many moods of Seniors are expressed through Shock at a broken bubble Biting Into another delicious school lunch . . . Or a tense moment at a football game. 104 " Who is that weird kid? " " Oh him . . he ' s a Senior. " A locker is filled with gum wrappers. Whose is it? A Senior. Pitching pennies at the courthouse. Who does it? Seniors. Fighting with cafeteria lunches. Who is it? Seniors. People wandering the halls. Who are they? Seniors. The class of 1971 express themselves by being themselves. Seniors Charlene Dietrich and Sue Leppert choose the best of their designs. Judy Rice Susan Richards Bradley Rohloff Margaret Rost Jim Rudes Becky Salinas Ernie Sanchez Marna Sanderson Deborah Sandrock Allen Scaggs Joanne Schell Charlene Schimmel Sue Schimming Jane Schmidt Douglas Serviss 105 Skip Shade Mike Shields Robert Shileds Susan Simon Debbie Sisinger Carl Smith Tamara Smith David Spafford Imogene Spaulding James Spirko Georgia Spitler John Spurgeon Shirley Steindam Larry Stiger JohnTeet nmMmi Seniors can often be caught " doing their own thing " whether in the crowd of a football game or in the silence of an emp- ty hall. 106 1 1 4 f W m. ' ! ' ' ' W p ■ Only a few more days Then our high school days Will be complete. Everyone is busy, Rush, rush, rush. Trip to PortCiinton, To see how our County government works. Practice for our ceremonies We leave for our trip — Cedar Point — here we come! Baccalaureate on Sunday. Parties, open-houses, and finally — Graduation night. Seniors express both Sorrow and joy — for Today is the first day Of the rest of our lives! Will the real Genoa High School band member please step forward? Merle Wilhelm Margaret Wohn Beth Yackee Paula Traver Audrey Vogtsberger Virginia Wagoner Nancy Waldenga John Walker Sharon Wallace Bill Werner Valerie Wicks Russell Widmer ' Jeff Wilbur Not Pictured Jennifer Ackerman Joe Blanton Randy Dennis Danny Doyle Glen Draper Frances Drummond Andy Komives Norman Oster David Ranes 107 «KS ' Seniors ' ' Express Themselves " 4i W J mi ' ifi 109 An " Oriental Fantasy " . Months of long planning Weeks of decorating And building props. Then finally The prom was ready. As we stepped through Into the fantasy, We see a Chinese village Complete with a laundry, A Chinese tea room. And geisha girls. From there it was to Genoa to see " Topaz " . And then on to Millbery Fire Hall For many more hours Filled with square dancing. The prom came to a close about 5 a.m. Leaving many tired But happy couples. One of the shops was a tea room where Ed Smith and Charlene Dietrich are served their tea. The silent Oriental gong was too much of a temptation for Kevin Gladden and Carol Crum. Many who passed by stopped to hit it. Judy Rice and Tim Weis serve themselves at the buffet style dinner catered in the cafeteria. no Enjoying the music provided by the orches- tra are couple Pam Parks and Jim Reynolds. Chinese laundry girls tell Connie Rudes and Dave Huston " No tickie. no washie. ' Receiving their vi ill and testaments are Jennie Smith and Mark Wenig. Corrie Henley and Mark Heilman inspect the laundry room. Ill Juniors Choose Suspenseful Play " I Was A TeenAge Dracula " was the play chosen by the Junior class officers to be presented November 20, 1970. It was directed by Mr. Charles Johnson. The plot centered around Steve Draca, played by Mike Schimming, and Sue Marshall, por- trayed by Sharon Skees. The plot builds as Steve arrives and is thought to be a vampire by everyone but Sue. Then people around the neighborhood begin to disappear, and a patient from a nearby sanatorium escapes. Every- one holds Steve responsible for the troublesome happenings. There is a surprise ending as a romance blooms between Steve and Sue. Uncle Clyde, played by Marty Wicks, turns out to be the vampire and the villain of the play. An unaware victim is about to be captured by the vampire. ' Master, where are you? " cried Jennie. ■|f that Steve Draca comes near me — I ' ll get him with my umbrella! ' 112 CAST: Back Row: Ken Rideout, Ken Lindsey, Bob Rotruck, Sue Keller, Marty Wicks, Jo Anne Lor- enzen, Linda Shiffert, Pat Moon, Mr. Charles Johnson, director. Row 2: Jon Pugh, Candy Walton, Sharon Skees, Jennie Smith, Becky Harsanje, Mike Schimming, Delores Bowyer. Front Row: John Adams, Mike Parlette, Jill Harbal. Steve Draca, played by Mike Schimming, appears to be almost strangling Sharon Skees. 113 Rings, Prom Are Junior Concerns This year ' s Junior class has had some distinctions that sets it apart from the others in the school. They had the smallest class, numbering only one hundred forty-five mem- bers. This was evident at pep meet- ings when their class didn ' t fill their allotment of bleachers. At the end of their sophomore year they ordered their class rings, being the first ever to do so, but due to a strike the rings were not deliv- ered until September. They started earning money for their Junior-Senior prom by having the traditional candy sale. In No- vember they made more money with their Junior Class Play, " I Was a Teenage Dracula. " February began the busiest time for the Juniors. From then on the only thing they were concerned with was the prom. Picking a theme, choosing chairmen and commit- tees, and ordering the decorations took up the first few months, but the real madness began about the end of April. Suddenly all the deco- rations arrived, the invitations need- ed addressing, and the ball started rolling. Attendant to the basketball queen represent- ing the Junior class is Linda Shiffert. John Adams Beth Aeschliman Eddie Almaraz Mark Bailey Dame! Balduf Mary Beshalske Gary Bloomfield Irene Bloomfield John Bowlander Delores Bowyer David Braddock Brenda Browning Brenda Burdge Barbara Buser Dennis Clere Maria Cottrell Debra Deppen Becky Diekman Tom Dunn Debbie Everhardt James Fi sher Cheryl Floro James Frederick Steve Garey Mary Goetz Marcia Green Marcia Hansen Jill Harbal Becky Harsanje Dick Hartman Betty Heilman John Hurst Cheryl Kapp Sue Keller Carolyn Kelley David Korcsog Fred Kusian Paula Lindesmith Kenneth Lindsey Joe Lopez . The women ' s liberation movement has taken over the offices of the Junior class. Cheryl Kapp. Sec; Becky Har- sanje, treas.; Joanne Lorenzen, pres. Not pictured, Luanne Schultz, vice-pres. Class rings was the topic of discussion for Ken Rideout, Jerry Marko, and Dave Sander. Joanne Lorenzen Michael Malone Jerry Marko Denise McGinnis Galen Michel Pat Moon Mary Lou Moritz Joe Nemeth Nancy Nicklin Margaret Noble Tom Norwalk Mary Sue Oberhaus Debbie Oleszczuk Barb Padgett Judy Padgett Mike Parlette Marcy Peiffer Patty Puehler Jon Pugh Arlene Purney Cym Race Bongo Ramirez Roy Ramos Bill Recker Ken Rideout Jon Rohloff Bob Rotruck Jerry Samsen Dave Sander Mike Schimming Ken Schmidlin Luanne Schultz 115 Gaylord Sheldon Larry Shessler Diane Shields Linda Shiffert Sharon Skees Diana Skiles Jenny Smith Mike Sondergeld Mel Streight Mark Theilen Cindy Thornton Kay Valentine John Van Ness Judy Vickers Candy Walton MarkWenig Martha Wheeler LizWhited Marty Wicks Larry Wilbur Brenda Williams Jackie Wolcott Virginia Zapata Connie Zinn David Zunk PENTA COUNTY Kevin Assad Sandy Sevens Tim Buckley Chuck Burchell Troy Caudill Kim Cruthers Jim Diefenthaler Phyllis Dodson Bill Dunlap Allen Floro Larry Heilman Left: See what happens when you play with handcuffs. John Adams knows. 116 Another home basketball gam e is enliv- ened by the music of the pep band led by Mark Bailey. We ' re half-way through Only two more years What will this year Belike? American History class Mr. Miller All girl officers Our group divides Into Penta and Genoa Rings finally are in! It took forever Want to buy a candy bar? Chocolate and rice They ' re really good Thanks! JUNIORS express themselves Through class plays A teen-age dracula In Genoa? Junior Senior Prom Ordering supplies Tissue paper, glue Long hard hours After school Decorating the gym Saturday! Topaz Next year, Seniors! I can ' t wait! With the prom, their Year, comes to an end. Sandra Helle Randy Kania Mike Komives Jan Krumnow John Lassiter Rick Norden Charles Palacios Denise Parks Clare Rocs Wanda Potter Ronnie Powell Janet Pryor Tom Pryor Raul Rendon Dennis Rewoldt Robin Roecker Debbie Rollins Jim Rose Frances Post Loren Sandrock Linda Schimmel Lori Schmidt Jerry Schriefer Terry Serviss Kathy Shackelford BillSkiles Patty Smallwood Ed Smith Joanne Swift Connie Teet Darrell Tester Gloria Venske Harry Walker Mark Wanner John Wetzel Dan Zunk 117 Sophomores Have Year Of Firsts The sophomore year of high school is traditionally known as a year of beginnings. Sophomores are looking forward to the responsibili- ties of being Juniors. They do the usual things — serve at the prom and the band banquet. Sophomore boys may now play varsity ball; the girls can now be reserve cheerleaders. Their course of study is not so structured, and they are able to choose more of their own subjects. But this year our sophomore class moved a little from this groove of tradition. In October they held a pen sale to begin their savings for the prom. January brought the big- gest change as the sophomores chose and ordered their class rings, the earliest of any class. Many of the boys in the class showed a fine athletic performance this year. The sophomore class shows a promise of continued and enthu- siastic efforts to improve Genoa High School with their spirit and pride. Nancy Aldrich Jeffrey Apel Donald Auler Donna Auler Julie Bailey Connie Base Mary Jo Benton Leona Bloomfield Phyllis Bloomfield Chuck Bonecutter Judith Buhrow Thomas Burdge Wayne Burdge Ruth Castilleja Joe Chambers Michelle Chambers David Champion Nancy Clark Debra Collins Karen Collum Nancy Coon Kevin Cornell Bobbie Jo Currie Kathleen Dazley Fred Diebert Mark Diefenthaler Monica Dietrich Diane Dille Cheryl Dipman Arthur Downey Charles Dreier Karia Dreier Nancy Drummond Karen Duke Craig Dunn Susan Eash Ronald Eckerman Alan Fahle Rebecca Fleck Joe Fletcher " ■ W " T : ' « Esmeralda Flores Janice Floro Nancy Fording Mary Lou Garcia Kevin Gladden Robert Goetz David Gonzales Betty Gordon Sue Grosjean John Gruetter Cindy Halhober Denise Hammitt Harold Hanthorn Deborah Harsanje Kenneth Harsanje Kris Hassan Rick Hausman Beth Heilman Barbara Hellwig Corrie Henley Jeffrey Herman Dan Hodulik Cathy Hoff Bruce Holman Karen Hoodlebrink Sharon Hoodlebrink Terry Hutcheson Jon Johnson Kathy Kalmbach James Kehlmeier Tom Klavinger Mary Beth LaPlantz Mark Layman Barb Lemke Keith Lenz Fred Levee Ed Lloyd John Lorenzen Melinda Lowe Lynn Lowery SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Kris Hassen, secretary-treasurer; Betty Gordon, vice-pres- ident: Tom Peiffer, president. Fashion plays a big part at Genoa as shovi ' n by these new styles of culottes, short skirts and vests, and pantsuits. ,. - , 1-....-- - " " •Y " - ' r ffi iim; -rJ 1 ill 1 m 1 1 . aSJSBB 119 Holding hands? No, Sue Eash and Steve Pinson are about to operate on a rat in the biology oper- atingtheater. Majorette routines are a part of each half-time program. Here Kris Hassan looks particularly starry-eyed as she gracefully performs on the field. Dennis Lutman Jack Marcum Rock Martin Alma McCormick Robert McCormick Alan McGinnis Bill Miller Paul Mireles Alfred Molina Beverly Niemesh Denise Norden Wesley Oberhaus Mike Ohm Jan Opfer Lori Peifer Tom Peiffer Judith Peters Eddie Pierce Cynthia Pinson Steve Pinson Marilyn Porter Colleen Prahl Debbie Reetz Rodney Reffitt John Reinbolt Larry Rhoads Bob Roecker Jeff Ross Connie Rudes Sharon Rust Junior Sanchez Greg Sanderson Anna Scaggs Kathy Scaggs Larry Schlievert Rosemary Schriefer Douglas Shank Rickey Sheetz John Shessler Judy Ska ggs 120 Man, I ' m glad I got that year finished! Second year of high school Not much happening SOPHOMORE athletes Express themselves By going out for every Sport, from football To track Pen sale in the fall Begins earning money For the prom Just think Next year The prom — Me! Exams in Biology, Geometry — Unbearable! Class rings are ordered And delivered in April The earliest ever! Each World History class Means a day closer To the end of the year June 10 Please hurry! Jan Opfer solicits money from classmates Dan Hodulik and Joe Fletcher so that he may win the title of Annual Staff King for the sophomore class. BobSkilliter Barb Smith Cynthia Smith Randy Smith Tom Spade Clarence Spaulding Paul Stevens Robert Tapia Shelley Tello Amy Tester Cindy Tippey Don Traub Ricky Vaillant LuAnne Van Sickle David Vogelpohl Jeff Vogelpohl Janie Vroman Barb Wagoner Richard Wegman PatWhited Jenny Widmer Donald Wingerter Jeff Zwicker NOT PICTURED; Greg Duke Debra Shields 121 Frosh Adjust To High School The first week of school it is usually apparent whcih students are freshmen. They are the ones caught searching for lockers, entering wrong rooms, and sneaking glances at their schedules to see if they have made a mistake. The freshman class this year is no different in their respect and made scores of mis- takes at first, but soon adapted to high school life. Adjustmg to the noise of six hundred people, to the Bill Ackerman Larry Ackerman Sue Ackerman Michelle Allen Marcia Angel Lisa Assad Betty Baggett Peggy Baker Steve Bertok Richard Sevens Larry Billingsley Marilyn Blausey Tina Blevins DickBoltz David Boss Tom Briggle Ketih Brown Harvey Burchell Lisa Burdge Tim Calhoun Kim Campbell Geraldine Carmona Jerry Casares Lori Chambers John Colvin Daw n Cornell Linda Cross Glen Danison Pamela Dean Cindy Dennis halls packed full of shoving, rushing students, and the busy days of being a freshman is not easy, but it is always fun and lively. Many of the members of the freshman class joined clubs and were active in school sponsored events. The freshman girls formed a new pep club for cheering at games. Other freshmen won in music com- petition and art awards. ■ ' V-i-C-T-O-R-Y is the freshman battle- cry! " Karen Eash lets loose a loud cheer for her class. The freshmen were represented at the basketball homecoming by Miss Linda Smith. 122 P 9m Larry Dennis Mike Diekman Rita Dietrich Peggy Drummond Roberta Dunn Gale Duty Kathy Duval Karen Eash Terry Everhardt Deborah Fair Jayne Farkas Jim Feckley Julia Felger David Fielding Diane Fisher Jan Fisher James Flick Mary Floro Mark Fork Tim Frelstuhler Irene Garcia John Garcia Theresa Gargac Scott George Diane Goetz Garry Green Debbie Gruben Paul Gruetter Susan Gruetter Karen Hahn Gloria Halhober Ann Halicek Ron Hammye Jane Hausman Sandra Heilman Kim Henley Joni Hesselbart Sally Hoddinott Stan Hoffman Diane Hubbell The freshman class officers rest In the hall before going home. Debbie Sutter, Sec; Karen Eash, pres. VIce-pres. Debbie Kusneris not pictured. Student Council representatives. Tom Briggle and Dawn Cor- nell, spin records at the basketball homecoming dance. 123 Fred Huss Debra Jensen Terry Jester Linda Joehlin Mike Johnson LuAnn Kansarka Karen Keller Donna Kern Lois Kinsel Gary Klavinger Mike Kohler Frank Komives Debra Kusner Brenda Lau Dana Leppert Jamie Libertino Laura Limpf Dan Lmdesmith William Linke Ric Lommerse Aurora Lopez Julian Lozoya Debbie Magrum Ron Mason Diana Matyas Cynthia McCarthy Mark McDaniel Patricia McGinnis Lee Ann Miller Pam Miller Wayne Moritz Patti Moser Tony Murray Susan Nero Gerri Oberhaus Albert Ochoa Pamela Park Denise Paschall Cheryl Peeler David Peloquin Mary Peterson Brad Pinson Tom Porath Dan Powers Lou Ann Pratt Janet Pugh Wesley Reeder Beth Rohloff Doesn ' t it frighten you to know that the halls are filled with people like Beth Roh- loff and Jamie Libertino? Freshman basketball attendant Linda Smith signs Albert Ochoa ' s cast at the dance. " Is there really an elevator? " FRESHMEN adjust to high school. Many activities . . . Clubs, sports, classes . . . Pep Club . . . Frosh express spirit . . . And support Comet teams . . . High School is different . . . So many rooms . . . Hard subjects . . . Study halls . . . So quiet . . . Older kids . . . Always something happening . . . Freshmen look forward . . . To three more years. Joni Rotruck Jerry Sampsel Cathy Sayen Mary Schulte Mike Schuster Richard Shackelford Jeff Shaneck Sharon Sheldon Barbara Shields Anne Marie Shively Donna Shoemaker Rex Sievert Ronnie Skaggs Gary Smith Linda Smith Mark Spafford Jennifer Spears Rick Spitler David Suplica Jeanie Suprise Debbie Sutter Joan Swartz Thomas Szypka Lori Tello Gary Tester Paul Tester Terri Thayer Susie Trejo Anna Vaido Doug Van Sickle William Vargo Janet Vickers Mike Vogelpohl Patrick Wagner Kaye Wenig Patricia Weseman Mark Weyandt Billy Whited Dwana Williams Ann Wohn Lee Yackee Yolanda Zamarripa Bruce Zunk PENTA COUNTY Steve Johnson Patricia Merle Bob Tristan 125 Genoa Population 2,247 Situated in the Northwestern corner Of Ohio Good things Come in small packages Main street With its shops and stores Bustling? Business affects All of us Shopping, chatting. Dining, buying We ' re all a part of it People make it work Because of its size Genoa provides A comfortable escape From the everyday rush Of modern living With quiet little shops Peaceful streets And afternoon strolls. ADVERTISEMENTS IND TRIES CORP. MILLBURY DIVISION _, THE GENOA BANKING COMPANY GENOA BANKING Member of FDIC and Federal Reserve System Sixty-six Years of Uninterrupted Service Assets over $10,000,000 OFFICERS David Piatt President Kermit Freimark Exec. Vice President and Treasurer Dennis C. Vine Cashier Secretary Gertrude Sage Assistant Secretary G. Robert Powers Vice President George Bowland Attorney and Vice President DIRECTORS David Piatt George Bowland Kermit Freimark G. Robert Powers Edwin Johnson John Stevens — Director Emeritus STAFF Brenda Fulkert Audrey Spurgeon Janet Sondergeld Elaine Woznicki Carol Hovis Evelyn Peloquin Glenn Truman Alice Brown Linda Caswell GENOA MOTORS INC. SALES AND SERVICE CARS AND TRUCKS GENUINE FORD PARTS USED CAR LOT DIAL 855-3818 SHOWROOM DIAL 855-8366 THE GENOA SAVINGS LOAN COMPANY Savings Accounts Earn 5% Interest Is Computed Quarterly Savings Accounts Insured to $20,000 Assets over $10,000,000 OFFICERS AND STAFF Earl F. Camper Chairman of Board Paul A. David President C. Tracy LaCost Vice President Wm. F. Clark Vice President Secretary Shirley M. Ryan Assistant Secretary John L. Chambers Attorney Faith E. Westcotte Teller Meryle B. Durdel Teller DIRECTORS Albert F. Camper Wm. F. Clark C.Tracy LaCost Earl F. Camper Paul A. David Dr. E. D. Schuiteman RobertT. Skilliter, Jr. Member of Federal Home Loan Bank System CONGRATULATIONS Class Of 1971 »• f ' " ' .r i:m Tli. s f ,: THE BRUSH BERYILIUM COMPANY Elmore Ohio FLEITZ BUILDING SUPPLY Ready Mixed Concrete Complete Line Of Building BOWYER ' S SOHIO George Bowyer, Manager General Repair Rte. 579 Williston.Ohio Phone 836-9605 Compliments Of ERNEST E. COTTRELL Curtice, Ohio ■ .m: « Class Of ' 71 GENOA PHARMACY East Oregon 3608 Navarre Avenue 693-0674 West Toledo 3037 Tremainsville Rd. 479-0684 Phone 855-4932 Genoa, Ohio JOHN STEVENS OIL COMPANY " Distributors of Citgo Products " " 48 Years Home Owned and Operated " Whitehouse Station Genoa, Ohio CITGO KORNRUMPF For the Big Difference in Insurance 1509 Main Street Genoa, Ohio Phone — 855-8391 FELBINGER ' S Grill Dairy Bar Congratulations Class of 1971 CAREY DAIRY DIP Washington Street Genoa, Ohio Dinners — Sandwiches — Lunches Phone — 855-4042 Genoa, Ohio H.W. BOWER TRUCKING COMPANY 606 Main street Genoa, Ohio Contract Petroleum Carriers Phone 855-3185 855-4452 Garage 855-4168 ACE BILLIARDS G. R. Drummond, Prop. Main St. Genoa, Ohio 1 FORGING S HARBOR MANUFACTURING CO. Genoa Ohfo We Are Committed To Your Future World By Building and Planning Today . . . Toledo Edison is contribu- ting in the area it knows best — electric power. TOLEDO Edison tUCnCV FOP HOHTHWCSTCflM OHIO LASSITER ' S MOTEL Route 51 Genoa, Ohio Phone 855-3750 " MR. CAMPING " STEVE BERTOK See Ski-Doo Nimrod — Starcraft at A B CAMPERS Woodville Fostoria Road Milbury, Ohio 43447 836-3427 GENOA BRANCH LIBRARY 602 West Street Telephone 855-3380 Library Hours Mon.-Thurs. 2-8:30 Fri. 2-5:30 Sat. 9-5:30 RUDES REEDER INS. AGENCY Call 836-2715 Phone Genoa: 855-3326 or 855-8254 205 Lucas Street Curtice, Ohio Compliments of E. D. SCHUITEMAN, M.D. TANK MOTOR SALES A.M. Cars — G.M. Trucks Since 1923 Williston.Ohio 836-5563 BOWLER ' S SUPPLY Your Sporting Goods Headquarters W. H.Whited — Owner Phone — 855-8505 Woodville Rd. (Rt 51) Holts Rd. Genoa Compliments Of DR. WILLIAM RUSSELL, M.D. Genoa, Ohio HENRY W.BERGMAN INC. Roads And Bridges Truck, Crane Service Bituminous Materials Bulldozing Road Oiling SUPPLYING — Restaurants, schools Hospitals, Institutions, Bakeries Clubs and Fraternal Organizations Woodville, Ohio Phone:849-3100 635 Main Street Genoa, Ohio Phone 855-4757 Compliments Of GENOAN THEATER Dorothy Nicklin Owner-Manager Rt. 51 Two Miles West of Genoa Rd. WALT ' S GULF SERVICE Tires, Oil, Auto Accessories, Batteries, General Repair Manager, " Walt " Royor Phone:855-8125 Genoa, Ohio Compliments Of J RCOMMERICAL JANITOR SERVICE Billman Road 836-9170 JackTeet General Manager NANCY ' S BEAUTY SALON Nancy Ruthsatz, Prop. Williston.Ohio Complete Beauty Service Williston 836-6064 ROST COLLISION SERVICE 403 Cedar-Brown Business 836-4855 Home 836-8800 Compliments of GARGACTILE Curtice, Ohio Compliments Of PARKSIDE INN Nickand Mable Genoa, Ohio MANDELL TRUCKING CO. Phone 693-3562 5535WoodvilleRd. Toledo, Ohio ELMORE CLEANERS KRUSE COIN LAUNDRY Route 51 Genoa, Ohio Phone 855-8353 Congratulations Graduates Of 1971 GENOA JEWELRY SHOPPE Grace Witherell Genoa, Ohio " - ' Phone:855-8376 THE BEAUTY SPOT 619 MAIN ST. GENOA, OHIO HARMONS BARBER SHOP 624 Main St., Genoa, Ohio Mon. Tues. 8:30-6:00 Wed. Fri. 9:30-9:00 Sat. 8:30-5:30 Closed Thurs. With Or Without Appointment Phone — 855-8561 STAR AND LIL ' S Compliments Of YANKEE PEDLAR 631-633 Main Street Genoa, Ohio Telephone — 855-8404 NITE CLUB Star LiI Ladd Food — Refreshments Genoa, Ohio 855-4464 NATIONAL BANK OF OAK HARBOR MtMBER " FCDCRAL BCSERVt " SYSTEM Curtice, Ohio Congratulations Seniors Of 1971 LANGHOLZ MANUFACTURING Dike Pumps South Main Street Genoa, Ohio It ' s the real thing Coke. COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF 3970 Catawba OHIO Toledo, Ohio CLIFF DUNN CHEVY — OLDS 7200 Brown N. Curtice Rds. Oregon, Ohio Ph. 836-2614 Your Good Will Is Our Greatest Asset . . . Compliments of DR. HEROLD M. HARTER, JR. Veterinarian 5038 Woodville Rd. GENOA SOHIO SERVICE Compliments Of Bob Nolle Rt. 51 And Main St. Phone — 855-4279 Compliments Of ROBINSON FUNERAL HOME Genoa, Ohio COM€iATI|iAIiOIIS T0 SIHIOII CLASS I ,;|lttlT GLAUSER ' S 4510 Woodville Road Toledo, Ohio Flowers Gifts For Every Occasion Call 691-4684 GENOA AUTO SALES Jim Gallup Genoa, Ohio 43430 JOHNSON LUMBER COMPANY Community Builders — Heating Hardware — Plumbing Phone 836-4565 Williston.Ohio L M TAVERN Beer Food 5808 Woodville Road Oregon, Ohio Phone 836-8029 Open Daily to 2:30 Sundays Included Lyle Margaret Owners Liq uor Compliments Of LARRY KATE HOHENBRINK LAWRENCE C.SKEES INSURANCE AND INVESTMENT SERVICE Genoa-Clay Center Road Phone 855-3073 PASCHALL UPHOLSTERY Geno-Clay Center Road 855-3258 Genoa. 0. Compliments of DR. NORMAN L. REUVEN Optometrist Genoa, Ohio DON ' S CAFE Main Street Genoa, Ohio Compliments of TOLEDO AUTO TRUCK SUPPLY, INC. inm C-R TRAILER BODY WORKS, INC. 5811 Woodville Road Toledo, Ohio 43616 Phone 836-6906 UNITED STATES C Y P S U UNITED STATES GYPSUM COMPANY The Greatest Name in Building " Genoa Plant BILLZUNKSOHIO Fuel oil Gas Williston.Ohio Compliments of DEAKIN ' S RED WHITE Williston.Ohio Television, Radio and Record Changers HOME-EQUIPMENT TV SERVICE 635 Main St. Genoa, 0. Marlin Ceswell Phone 855-4520 Congratulations from DR. F.C. TOYE Genoa, Ohio OWENS JEWELERS 125 East Mam St. Woodville, Ohio Fine Watch Repair DON ' S AUTO SALES AND LEASING 1500 North Main St. Genoa, Ohio Don Emahiser Jim Looman 855-3371 HAHN FARM EQUIPMENT Massey-Ferguson 836-8259 Millbury MAYBERRYTIRE Main Street Genoa. Ohio Phone 855-7754 SPURGEON MOTOR SALES INC VEGA CHEVROLET Congratulations to the Class of 1971 Your Chevrolet Dealer Genoa, Ohio 855-8361 HOMER J. HUSTON Trucking Bulldozing Genoa Ohio Septic Tanks Cleaned 24 Hour Wrecker Service Used Auto Parts 855-3975 855-3014 GREENWOOD MOBILE PARK GREENWOOD MOBILE SALES Rt. 51 — Genoa, Ohio Phone — 855-3412 836-8265 Sentry BALLIET HARDWARE Sherwin Williams Paints and Wall Paper Best For Your Home Needs Genoa, Ohio Phone:855-8312 WHITE ROCK QUARRY CRUSHED STONE AGRICULTURAL LIME 855-8388 EDWARD KRAEMER SONS, INC. CLAY CENTER. OHIO 43408 COMPLIMENTS OF PEGGY ' S BEAUTY SHOP lOSSouthmor Drive Genoa. Ohio 43430 Phone 855-3308 AUTO H REPAIRS MARTIN GARAGE Martin. Ohio JOYCE ' S BEAUTY SALON 807 Wilson street Genoa, Ohio 855-3524 Proprietor — Joyce Peiffer CLAY CENTER BOWLING 855-3342 Open from 9 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday 25c Per Game Sat., Sun., Evenings 35if Per Game League Openings — Sign-up Now DUNRITE CLEANERS Phone 855-8245 North Main Street Genoa, Ohio 43430 SIGLAR SIEVING Water Softeners, Pumps, Plumbing, Heating 516 Main Street — Genoa, Ohio PInone: 885-4417 Compliments of PLATT ' S 5 $1.00 STORE Genoa, Ohio AMERICAN DISPLAY COMPANY Palm Trees — Bamboo — Fishnet Grass Mats — Pennants — Tiki Gods 20-22 N.St. Clair St. Toledo, Ohio 43604 SAMSEN ' S HOME FURNISHINGS 601 Main Street Genoa, Ohio Phone: 855-3605 Owens-Illinois Toledo Ohio 43601 © " SPORTS, Inc Phone 732-2911 124W. Second Street Port Clinton. Ohio 43452 NISSENCOALCO. Ready-Mix Concrete Coal BUILDING SUPPLIES 5700 Navarre Oregon, Ohio 43616 Phone — 0X1-5261 HARMEYER CONSTRUCTION, CO. Genoa, Ohio 43430 Phone — 855-8378 SANCO PRODUCTS COMPANY INC. Modern Sanitation Greenville, Ohio Bowl at FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH LANES 12 Lanes Phone 849-3400 Lime Road Woodville, Ohio BOWLING Congratulations Class ' 71 GENOA PRINTING CO. Quality Printing Letter Press and Offset 1519 N. Mam St. Phone 855-4930 Genoa, Ohio SHflmROCK MOTORCYCLE SALES Genoa, Ohio Compliments of DR. KEITH NORWALK B.S. andD.D.S. Tife$loite MAYBERRYTIRE INC. Main Street Genoa, Ohio Phone:855-3356 HERFF-JONESCO Bill Roberts Representative Class Rings Medals Trophies Diplomas Caps and Gowns Commencement Announcements Box 38 Maumee, Ohio 43537 BLAIR REALTY Blair D.Miller Elmore, Ohio SPROUSE INSURANCE AGENCY General insurance 615 Mam street Genoa, Ohio Phone:855-4170 Compliments of MILLER MOTEL Robert Huston Rte. 280 and Ayers Road Millbury, Ohio 836-3261 Compliments of DR.W.H. DUFENDOCK Congratulations Class of 1971 KORNRUMPH INS. AGENCY 1509 Main street Genoa, Ohio For The Big Difference in Insurance Phone 855-8391 Congratulations Class of 1971 WISHY-WASHY CAR WASH 2468 Woodvllle Road Oregon, Ohio 43616 Also Woodville Road Genoa, Ohio 43430 Compliments of REEDER APPLIANCE Sales Service East Rice Street Elmore, Ohio D. L LORENZEN BUILDER Woodside Acres E. Curtice Rd, 836-5801 836-9609 Curtice, Ohio 855-3635 862-4441 Compliment of CHIPPEWA GOLF CLUB BRUCE WALDENGA NATION WIDE INSURANCE AGENT 917 Main Street Genoa Phone 855-3541 CLAIRE C. DUNN — Insurance 505 Superior Street Genoa, Ohio 43430 (Associate) JOHNSTON-LANGMAID AGENCY, INC. OREGON, OHIO Bus. 691-2451 Res. 855-3981 " We Need Your Head In Our Business. " GENOA BEAUTY AISLE 612 Main street Open Daily 9-5 Except Monday And Tuesday Evening Appointments Phone 855-3717 SCHOOL APPLICATION LIGHTING SPECIALISTS SINCE 1918 INCANDESCENT FLUORESCENT MERCURY VAPOR LAMPS FOR EVERY COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL and INSTITUTIONAL USE VERD-A-RAY CORPORATION A SUBSIDIARY OF NORTH AMERICAN PHILIPS LIGHTING CORPORATION 615 FRONT STREET. TOLEDO. OHIO 43605 GENOA AREA MOTHER ' S CLUB Officers President — Mrs. J. Herman Vice-President — Mrs. B. Spitler Secretary — Mrs. B. Waldenga Treasurer — Mrs. B. Gladden CHIPPEWA TOOL AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY Millbury, Ohio 419-666-2310 " ... If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away ... " Henry David Thoreau — WALDEN LIBBEY-OWENS-FORD COMPANY TROY VILLA MOBILE PARK SALES Truman Rd. at Rt. 280 Route 1, Perrysburg, Ohio Sue Dipman — Sales 837-6929 Sales 837-6594 Corp. Compliments of THE MELLOCRAFT CO. 1320 Locust St. Toledo, Ohio 43603 Phone 244-8327 JoeGill Sales Representative Sanitation Supplies Industrial Chemicals STOKELY-VAN CAMP INC. Curtice, Ohio INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT OF NORTHERN OHIO, INC. Offers The Areas iVIost Complete Line International Harvester Tractors And Industrial Equipment Motts Mowers And Davis Trencher Home And Industrial Type Mowers Williston.Ohio Phone 836-2561 836-9561 836-9562 WALTER F. MILLER 412 Superior Street Genoa, Ohio Hunting Fishing License Phone — 855-8513 Notary Public Income Tax Compliments of SANDER BROS. BUILDERS Genoa, Ohio ou STUDIOS EXPRESSION . . . ... is a reflection of thinking YOUR EXPRESSION . . . ... is the soul of your portrait HAVE YOUR PORTRAIT MADE BY SPECIALISTS IN THE ART OF EXPRESSION YOU CAN HAVE CONFIDENCE IN OUR ABIUTY TO PLEASE YOU IN ALL TYPES OF PHOTOGRAPHY OIL PORTRAITS FREE PARKING AVAILABLE USE PARKING FACILITIES 244-1465 AT COYLE MORTUARY 2495 COLLINGWOOD at Delaware PATRONS KEY CLUB BAND COMET STAFF CHORUS DRAMATICS F.B.L.A. F.F.A. F.H.A. F.T.A. FRENCH CLUB G.A.A. J.C.W.A. SPANISH CLUB STUDENT COUNCIL VARSITY CLUB Senior Activities A — ALT. DANIEL: Basketball 2.3; Band 1.2. 3; Boys ' State Alternate 3: Cross Country 2; Senior Class Play 4. AMMONS, CAROL Band 1.2,3.4; Chorus 1.2. 3.4; F.T.A. 3,4; French Club 1; G.A.A. 1.2,3,4; Instrumental Ensemble 3; Junior Class Play 3; Orchestra 3; School Musical 3,4; Student Council Alternate4; Vocal Ensemble 3,4. B — BAKER. JACI; Band 1,2.3.4; Chorus 1; F.B.L.A. 2,3,4; F.H.A. 1; Junior Class Play 3; Orchestra 1,2,3; Pep Band 3.4. BENEFIELD. SHEILA; F.B.L.A. 2; V.I.C.A. 3. BEST. TERESA; Band 1.2.3 — V. Pres.. 4 — Pres.. Chorus 1; French Club 1.2 — Treas.. 3 — V. Pres.. 4 — Pres.; German Band 4; Girls ' State Alternate 3; Homecoming Candidate 4; Junior Class Play 3; Instrumental Ensemble; Nat ' l. Honor Society 3.4; Orchestra 1; Pep Band 1.4: School Musical 3.4. BIELAWSKI.MIKE: Bowling Team 4. BONDY. ALYCE: Comet Staff 3.4; Class Offi- cer 3 — Treas.; Chorus 1; Dramatic Club 1.2. 3.4; F.T.A. 1,2; G.A.A.; Hi-Li Club 4; Junior Class Play3;SpanishClub2.3 — Sec. BOWER. NEIL: Basketball 1; DECA 4; F.F.A. 1. 2.3. BOWLAND. DEB: Chorus 1; F.B.L.A. 2.3.4; F.H.A. 1; G.A.A. 1.2.3 — Ledgboard. 4; Girls ' State Alternate 3; Office Worker 3. BRANDT. DWAIN: Football 1; Wrestling 2. BRIGGLE. JOHN: Basketball 1.4; Comet Staff 3; Chorus 1; Quill and Scroll 3.4. BROOKS. BILL: Annual Staff 4; Art Club 2; Basketball 1.2; Cross Country 1; Boys ' State Alternate 3; Bowling Team 3.4; Class Officer. V. Pres. 3.4: Dramatic Club 1; Key Club 1.2.3 — V. Pres.. 4 — Pres.; Junior Class Play 3; Quill and Scroll 4; Senior Class Play 4; Stu- dent Council 3; Track 1.2; Varsity Club 4. BROOKS. PAULETTE: Cheerleader 3; Chorus 2; Dramatic Club 1.2.3; F.B.L.A. 2.3; Spanish Club2. BROSSIA. RONALD: Baseball; Basket- ball 1.2.4; Bowling Team 3; Chorus 1; Cross Country 2. C — CALHOUN. PEGGY: F.H.A. 1; V.I.C.A. 3.4. CAMPBELL. SCOTT: Baseball 4; Football 1; Track 1. CAMPER. LEONARD; F.F.A. 1.2.3 — Treas.. 4 — Sec. CASHEN. MARY ANN: Chorus; F.H.A.; F.T.A. 3.4; French Club 1.2; Limelight Queen Attendant 4; School Musical 3.4; Stu- dent Council 4— Rep. CASTILLEJA, ESTHER: B.O.E. 3.4; Chorus 1; F.H.A. 1.2; G.A.A. 1,2; O.E.A. 3,4. CHALFIN, NANCY: Band 1.2.3; Comet Staff 3. 4; Dance Band 1.2; F.H.A. 1.2.3,4 — V. Pres.; F.T.A. 1; G.A.A. 1,2.3; Inter-Club Council 4. CHRISTIE. YVETTE: Art Club 2.3.4; F.B.L.A. 2. 3.4; French Club 3; J.C.W.A. 3.4. CLARK, KAYE: Annual Staff 4; Basketball At- tendent 4; Comet Staff 3,4 — editor; Class Officer, V. Pres. — 1.3.4; Cheerleader 1; Cho- rus 1; F.B.L.A. 3.4; G.A.A. — Sec; Hi-Li Club 3,4; Homecoming Candidate 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Senior Class Play 4; Student Council 4. CLERE, DAVE: Art Club 2; Basketball 1; Cross Country 2; Electronics Club 4; Football 1.4; Junior Class Play 3; Track; Varsity Club 2.3,4. COLVIN. SAM: Baseball 3; Football 1; Track 2; Varsity Club 3.4. COLYER. ARLENE: Band; Chorus 1.2; F.B.L.A. 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1,2.3,4; Hi-Li 4 — V. Pres. CRUTHERS, GARY: V.I.C.A. 3,4. D— DAVIS, DON: D.E.C.A. 4. DENN. DIANE: Band 1.2.3,4; F.B.L.A. 2.3.4; G.A.A. 2.3; Junior Class Play 3. DIEFENTHALER. JOHN: F.F.A. 1.2.3; V.I.C.A. 4. DIETRICH. CHARLENE: Chorus 4; F.B.L.A. 4; School Musical 4; Nat ' l Honor Society 4; Se- nior Ensemble 4; Vocal Ensemble 4. DILLE. CONNIE: F.T.A. 1; French Club 1.2.3 — Sec. 4 — Sec. Treas.; Orchestra 1.2. DREIER. MIKE: Class Officer 3 — V. Pres.; Football; O.W.E. 3.4 — Pres.; Wres- tling 1.2; Varsity Club 1.2.3. DRUMMOND. DON: Basketball 1.2.3; Cross Country 1.2; Orchestra; Senior Class Play 4; Spanish Club 1.2 — V. Pres.; Student Council 2.4; Track 2.3.4; Varsity Club 2.3.4. DRUMMOND. FRANCES: F.F.A. 3.4. DRUMMOND. FRED: Electronics Club 4. DUFFEY. VIRGINIA; Chorus; F.T.A. 4; School Musical 3.4; Senior Ensemble 4; Spanish Club 1.2; Vocal Ensemble 4. DUNN. DEANNA: Art Club 2.3 — Sec. 4 — Pres.; Band — Outstanding Band Award; Chorus 1.2.3 — Sec. 4 — Pres.; Dra- matic Club; F.H.A. 1; F.T.A. 1.2.3 — Sec. 4 — Pres.; G.A.A.; Homecoming Candidate; Instrumental Ensemble 3.4; Ju- nior class Play 3; Nat ' l Honor Society 3.4; Pep Band 4; School Musical 3.4; Student Council. Sec. — 3.4; Vocal Ensemble 2.3.4. DUNN. RANDY: Electronics Club 4; Football; Varsity Club 3.4. F — FAHLE. MIKE: Basketball 1.2; Band 1.2; Bowling Team 4; Class Officer 2 — V. Pres.; Instrumental Ensemble 1; Key Club 2.3. FLORES. LETICIA: F.H.A. 1.2; V.I.C.A. 4. FLORO. LANA: Annual Staff 4; Chorus 1.2.3; Dramatic Club; F.B.L.A. 2.3.4— Pres.; G.A.A. 3.4; Quill and Scroll 4; Vocal Ensemble 3. FORK. DEBORAH: Chorus 1.4; Dramatic Club 1.2.3; Dramatic Club Play 1; F.H.A. 1; F.T.A. 1. 2.3 — Treas.. 4; French Club 1,2 — Sec; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Hi-Li Club 2,3,4 — Pres.; Inter- Club Council 4— Pres.; Office Worker 4. G — GAREY. DENISE: Annual Staff 4; Cheer- leader 1; Chorus 1; Dramatic Club — Treas.; F.B.L.A. 3.4; French Club 1.2; G.A.A. 1. 2.3.4; Girls ' State Delegate 3; Nat ' l Honor Society r; Quill and Scroll 4; Student Council 1.2 — Sec. .4 — Treas. GOODEMAN. THOMAS: Art Club 2.3.4; Bas- ketball 1.2; F.F.A. 1,2.3 — Sec. 4 — V. Pres.; Football; Track 1; Varsity Club 4. GORDON. CARL; F.F.A.; Track 1 . GREEN. MARY: Band 1.2.3; Comet Staff 3; F.B.L.A. 2.3.4; G.A.A. 1.2.3; Junior Class Play 3. GROSJEAN. DAVID: Annual Staff 4; Boys ' State Alternate 3; Dramatic Club 2.3; Foot- ball 1,4; Key Club; Track 1; Varsity Club4. GRUBEN, KAREN: A.C.P.C. 3,4 — Pres.; Cho- rus 1.2; Dramatic Club 1.2; F.B.L.A. 2; O.E.A. 4. H — HAACK, MIKE; Bowling Team; Chorus 1,2.3.4; Football 1.2.3,4; School Musi- cal 3.4; Vocal Ensemble 3. HAEFT. JACKIE: F.H.A. 1.2.3: G.A.A. 2. HAEFT. RHONDA: Basketball Class Rep. 2; Cheerleader 1,2.3.4; Chorus 1; Dramatic Club 1,2.3.4 — Sec; F.B.L.A. 3.4; G.A.A. 1.2.3. 4 _ Treas.; Homecoming Queen; Inter-Club Council 4; Office Worker 4; Spanish Club 2 — V. Pres.; Student Council Alternate 4; Wres- tling Queen. HANSEN. TERRY: Bowling Team 3.4; F.F.A. 3. 4 — Pres.; Track 4. HEILMAN. JERRY; Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1, 2; Football 1,2,3.4; Varsity Club 4. HEILMAN, MARK: Electronics Club 2; Orches- tra 1.2; Wrestling 2. HELLE. JIM; Basketball; D.E.C.A. 4; Penta Student Council 4; Track 1; Varsity Club4. HELLE. WAYNE: D.E.C.A. 4; Electronics Club 2; Wrestlings: Varsity Club4. HODULIK. RUTH: Chorus 1; Dramatic Club 2; French Club 1.2; G.A.A. HUSTON. DAVID: Baseball 1; Bowling Team 4; F.F.A. 3.4; Football 1.4; Varsity Club 4. J — JONES. JANET: A.C.P.C. 3: Art Club 1; Chorus 1.2; D.E.C.A. 4; F.B.L.A. 2. K — KALMBACH. JIM: Football 2.3; Wrestling 2; V.I.C.A. 4; Varsity Club 2.3.4. KERN. EMILY: F.B.L.A. 3.4. KIDD, RHONDA: Dramatic Club 1. KOCIS. DEB: C.O.E. 4 — V. Pres.; F.B.L.A. 1.2. 3; F.H.A. 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1.2.3; S.O.M.C. 3. KOZAK. JANET: Annual Staff 4; Band; Comet Staff 4; Chorus 2; Dramatic Club 1.2. 3.4; Dramatic Club Play 1.2; F.H.A. 1; F.T.A. 1; G.A.A.; Junior Class Play 3; Pep Band 2.3; School Musical 4; Vocal Ensemble 2.3. U _ LACH. JOE: Football; Wrestling 1. 2.3.4; Varsity Club 1.2,3.4. LAU, BETTY: Annual Staff 4; Band 1,2,3; Cheerleader 1; Chorus 3; Dramatic Club 4; F.B.L.A. 3.4; G.A.A.; Pep Band 1; Se- nior Class Play 4. LEE. LARRY: Basketball 2; Boys ' State Dele- gate 3; Electronics Club 4; Football 1.2.3; Spanish 1.2; Student Council 4. LEPPERT. SUE: Art Club 2.3.4; Annual Staff 4; Basketball Class Rep. 1; Band; Cho- rus 1.2; Dramatic Club 1.2.3; G.A.A. 1,2.3.4; Hi-Li Club 4; Homecoming Candidate; Inter- Club Council 4 — Pres.; Instrumental Ensem- ble 2.3.4; Junior Class Play 3; Orchestra 2,3; Quill and Scroll 4; Student Council 4 — V. Pres. LERMA. MIGUEL: Art Club 2; Football 1; V.I.C.A. 4. M _ MATHEWS. DON: Baseball 2; Varsity Club 2.3.4. MATHEWS. DONNA: F.B.L.A. 2.3.4 — V. Pres.; G.A.A.; Inter-Club Council 4. MATYAS. ED: Band 1.2.3; Dramatic Club 1.2; Electronics Club 4; French Club 1; Junior Class Play 3; Pep Band 1.2; Track 2.3. MEEKER. SANDY: Art Club 2.3; Annual Staff 4- Chorus 1; Dramatic Club; F.B.L.A. 2.3.4; G.A.A.; Hi-Li Club 3.4 — Sec; Homecoming Attendant; Quill and Scroll 4. MILLER. CHERYL: Comet Staff 3.4; Chorus 1. 2.3.4; F.H.A. 1.2; G.A.A. 2.3; Homecoming Candidate; Orchestra 1.2; Quill and Scroll 4; School Musical 3; Spanish Club 2. MIRELES. JOYCE: Band; G.A.A. 1.2.3, 4; Homecoming Candidate; Senior Class Play 4; Spanish Club 1.2.3. MOMINEE. JAY: Basketball 1.2; Electronics Club4. MOON. MARY: Hi-Li Club 3.4. MURRAY. CHRIS: B.O.E. 3.4; F.H.A. 1; O.E.A. 3.4. N _ NOLTE. BILL: Art Club 2.3.4; Annual staff 4; Band 1,2; Outstanding Band Award — 3.4; Boys ' State Delegate 3: Bowling Team 3,4; Class Officer, Pres. — 1,2.3,4; Dramatic 1,2 — V. Pres., 3 — Pres.. 4; Dramatic Club Play 1,2; German Band 1,2,3,4; Key Club 1.2, 3.4 — Sec; Instrumental Ensemble 3.4; Ju- nior Class Play 3; Nat ' l Honor Society 3.4; Orcfiestra 2.3; Quill and Scroll 4; Scfiool Mus- ical 3.4; Senior Class Play 4; Spanisfi Club 1 — V. Pres.. Pres. — 2. 3.4; Track 1,2; Varsity Club 4; Vocal Ensemble 4. O — OCHOA. ADELINA: Annual Staff 4; Class Officer 4 — Treas.: G.A.A.; Junior Class Play 3; Quill and Scroll 4; Senior Class Play4;SpanisfnClub OHM. GLEN; D.E.C.A. 4 — Treas.; V.I.C.A. 3. OSTER. NORMAN; A.C.P.C. 3.4. P — PARSIL. GLEN; Cross Country 1.2; Track 1.2; Wrestling; Varsity Club PEELER. CHRISTINA; Comet Staff 4. PETERS, MIKE; Basketball 2; Chorus 1.2; Dramatic Club 1.2.3; French Club 1; Football 1;J.C.W.A. 4— Pres.; Vocal Ensemble 1. PIERCE. KERMIT; Baseball 1; Track 3.4. PINSON. MIKE; Electronics Club 4; F.F.A. 1,2, 3; Football 1; Track 1,2. POKORNY. FRANK; F.F.A. 2.3,4; F.H.A. 4. PORTER. SHARON; Basketball Queen; Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3; Dramatic Club 2,3; G.A.A. 1,2.3,4; Homecoming Candidate; In- strumental Ensemble 2; Junior Class Play 3; Orchestra 2,3; Spanish Club 2,3 — Pres., 4 — Sec; Vocal Ensemble 3. POTRIDGE. KATHY; Chorus 1; F.H.A. POWERS, DIANE: Art Club 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4; F.T.A. 1.2.3,4; French Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Girls ' State Alternate 3; Hi-Li Club 3.4; Homecoming Candidate; J.C.W.A. 2,3.4 — Sec; Junior Class Play 3; School Musical 3.4. PRATT, CINDY; C.O.F.A. 3; F.B.L.A. 4. R — RAMIREZ, SAM; Basketball 1,3; Boys ' State Delegate 3; Cross Country 1,3; Dramat- ic Club 1; French Club 1.2; Key Club 3,4; Se- nior Class Play 4; Spanish Club rres. — 2,3; Student Council 1,4 — Pres.; Varsity Club 3. 4; Young Americans Delegate 4. REYNOLDS. JIM; F.F.A. 4; Football 1,2.3.4; Track 3; Varsity Club 2.3.4. RICHARDS. SUE; Art Club 1.2,3,4; Annual Staff 4; Chorus 1,2; Class Officer, Sec. — 3.4; Dramatic Club — Pres.; French Club 1; G.A.A.; Hi-Li Club 4 — Treas.; Homecoming Candidate; Junior Class Play 3; Quill and Scroll 4; Senior Class Play 4. ROHLOFF. BRAD; Cross Country 4; Comet Staff 3.4; Dramatic Club 4; French Club 1; Football 2; Key Club 3.4; Track 1.4. POST, MARGARET; D.E.C.A. 4; F.H.A. 1; O.E.C. 3. S — SALINAS. BECKY; Art Club 2.3,4 — Treas.; F.H.A.; G.A.A. 1.2.3,4; Home- coming Candidate; J.C.W.A. 3,4 — V. Pres.; Inter-Club Council 4. SANCHEZ, ERNIE; Art Club 2.3,4; Annual Staff 4; Baseball 4; Basketball 3,4; Cross Country 1,2; Dramatic Club 1,2; KeyClub2,3, 4 — Treas.; Spanish Club 3.4; Track 1; Varsity Club 2.3.4. SANDERSON. MARNA; Girls ' State Delegate 3; Hi-Li Club 2.3; Nat ' l Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Club 1,2. SANDROCK. DEBBIE; B.O.E. 3 — Pres., 4; French Club 1,2; Nat ' l Honor Society 4. SCAGGA, ALLENfl Baseball 1; Cross Country 3.4; F.F.A. 2.3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4. SCHELL, JOANNE: Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; Cho- rus 1; Dramatic Club 1,2; F.B.L.A. 2.3,4 — Sec; G.A.A. 1,2.3.4; Girls ' State Delegate 3; Homecoming Attendant; Office Worker 4. SCHIMMEL. CHARLENE: Annual Staff 4; Cho- rus 1.2.3; Comet Staff 3.4; F.H.A.; Orchestra 1.2; Quill and Scroll 3,4; School Musical 3; Spanish Club 2,3; Vocal Ensemble 3. SCHIMMING, SUE: F.B.L.A. 4: F.T.A. 2. SCHMIDT, JANE: B.O.E. 3: Band 1,2; C.O.E. 4; Chorus 1,2; F.B.L.A. 2; F.H.A. 1; G.A.A. 1,2. SERVISS, DOUG: Football 2: V.I.C.A. 4. SHADE, SKIP: Comet Staff 4; Dramatic Club 4; Electronics Club 3: Junior Class Play 3: Senior Class Play 4; Spanish Club 1,2: Track 2. SHIELDS, MIKE: Basketball 1,2,3; Boy ' s State Alternate 4; Chorus 1,2,4; French Club 1,2; Football 1.2,3; School Musical 3,4; Student Council 4; Varsity Club 3,4. SHIELDS. ROBERT: Bowling Team 3,4: Elec- tronics Club 4; French Club 1,2; Track 1. SIMON, SUSAN: F.H.A. 1,2. SISINGER, DEB: B.O.E. 3,4; Chorus 1; Class Officer 3 — Penta Rep.; F.B.L.A. 2; G.A.A. 1,2, 3; Girls ' State Alternate 3; O.E.A. 3.4. SMITH. CARL: Annual Staff 4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; French Club 3; Key Club 3,4; Quill and Scroll 4; Track 3. SMITH, TAMMY: Comet Staff 3,4: F.B.L.A. 3,4; French Club 1; G.A.A. 2.3,4; Hi-Li Club 4. SPAFFORD. DAVE: Basketball 1.2.4; Chorus; Comet Staff 4; Cross Country 2: J.C.W.A. 4; Orchestra 1,2; School Musical 3: Track 1.2.3; Vocal Ensemble 4. SPAULDING, IMOGENE: A.C.P.C. 3 — Sec, 4; B.O.E. 3,4; G.A.A. 2,3; O.E.A. 3,4. SPITLER, GEORGIA: Band 1.2; Chorus 1.2; F.H.A. 1.2.3 — Sec, 4 — Pres.; G.A.A. 1,2; Homecoming Candidate; V.I.C.A. 4. SPURGEON, JOHN: Band 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; Comet Staff 4; Dance Band 2; German Band; Instrumental Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Junior Class Play 3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Track 3; Varsity Club 3,4. STEINDAM, SHIRLEY: Art Club 1,2.3,4. STIGER, LARRY:VI.C.A.3,4. W — WAGONER, VIRGINIA: Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2; F.T.A. 1,2,3,4 — V. Pres.; German Band 4; Inter-Club Council 4; Junior Class Play 3: Spanish Club 1.2. WALDENGA. NANCY: Band 1.2,3,4; Chorus 1: Class Officer 1 — Sec. Treas.; Dramatic Club 1,2,3: F.T.A. 1,2; French Club 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Attendant: Majorette 3, 4 — Drum Majorette. WALKER, JOHN: Baseball 1: Wrestling 1,2; Varsity Club 2,3,4. WERNER, BILL; Basketball 1,2,3,4: Cross Country 2; Electronics Club 4; Key Club 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Varsity Club 2,3,4. WILHELM, MERLE: Band 1,2,3: Chorus 1,2; Dramatic Club 1.2,3,4 — V. Pres.; Pep Band 2. WOHN. MARGIE: D.E.C.A. 4; F.H.A. 1.2.3. Y — YACKEE. BETH: Comet Staff 3, 4; F.T.A. 1; French Club 1,2; G.A.A. 2,3,4: Quill and Scroll 4, Faculty Activities B — BAIRD. ROBERT: Geometry; General Math l ll; Frosh Football; Reserve Basketball; Baseball; Sophomore Advisor. BLUMENTHAL. EVELYN: Phase III; Composi- tion; FTA Advisor. D — DAVID. ALICE: Phase II English; Annual Staff Advisor; Dean of Girls; Frosh Advisor; Quill and Scroll Advisor; National Honor So- ciety Advisor, l FONDESSY. PATRICIA: Secretary. G — GRAETZ, JANET: Phase II; Speech; Co- Chairman of Musical; English Literature; Red Cross Advisor; FTA Advisor. GRUENKE. HEBERT: Frosh and Advanced Chorus. H — HITCHEN. DAVID: Recordkeeping; Gen- eral Business: First Assistant Football; Head Basketball; Counselor. HOEFT, JUDITH: Bookkeeping l ll; Typing II Secretarial Practice; Shorthand l ll: FBLA Advisor. HOLMAN, KATHY JO: General Art l ll; Art Service; Art Appreciation; Commercial Art: Art Club. HUSS, ROLLIE: OWE (Penta). J — JENNINGS, THOMAS: Principal. JOHNSON, CHARLES: Industrial Arts I; Draft- ing l ll; Junior Class Play Advisor: Senior Musical Stage Sets Chairman. K — KING, RONALD: Green Yellow Biology: General Science: Prom Advisor; Student Council Advisor; Frosh Advisor. L — LILLER, FRANK: American History; Com- position: Assistant Track. M — MEYER, PAUL: OWA (Penta). MILLER, DAVID: American History; Composi- tion; Phase V; Senior Advisor: Cross Coun- try; Track; Bowling; Athletic Director; English Department Chairman. N — NOVOTONY, JAMES: Chemistry; Elec- tronics; Audio Vision Director. O — OBERHAUS. JERRY: Phase l lll: Compo- sition; Driver ' s Ed.; Student Council Advisor; Wrestling. OPFER. DARRELL: American Government; Sociology; Economics; Student Council Advi- sor: JCWA Advisor. P — PORTER, DALLAS: Algebra l ll; Senior Math. R — ROBERTS, ELIZABETH: Orchestra. ROBERTS, ROSEMARY: Beginning Sewing Foods: Home Economics I: Assistant FHA Advisor. RUSSELL, BARBARA: Physical Ed.; GAA Advi- sor; Cheerleading Advisor. S — SIREN, ROBERT: World History; Prom Advisor. SPACKEY, EDWIN: Physics; General Science. SWARTZ, BONNITA; Typing I; General Busi- ness; Journalism l ll; Comet Tale Advisor. T — THOMPSON, RAYMOND: Shop; Voca- tional Agriculture; FFA Advisor; Junior Advi- sor; Athletic Ticket Sale Chairman. W — WAGONER, RUTH: Home Economics II, III, IV; Beginning Sewing Foods; FHA Advi- sor; Junior Advisor. WOOD, PHYLLIS: Librarian; Hi Li Advisor; Christmas Formal Advisor. Z — ZIMMERMAN, CAROL: Spanish I, II, III, IV: French I, II, III, IV; Spanish Club Advisor; French Club Advisor. V — VOGTSBERGER. AUDREY: Band 1,2.3.4 — Outstanding Band Award; Chorus 1.2,3.4; Dance Band 2; F.T.A. 1; French Club 1,2; G.A.A. 2,3; German Band 2,4; School Musical 3,4. E — EASH. VERLIN: Band: Music Theory; Music Appreciation. F — FIRESTONE, JAMES: Business Law; Head Football; Counselor. The Faculty enjoy themselves as they parade through a pep assem- bly under the leadership of Mr. Firestone. Index Ackerman, Bill 122 Ackerman, Jennifer 107 Ackerman, Larry 122 Ackerman, Sue 15, 33, 35, 53, 54, 122 Adams, John 49, 113, 114, 116 Adams, Robert 98 Aeschliman, Beth 55, 57, 114 Aldrlch, Nancy 48, 118 Allen, Michelle 35. 52, 122 Almarez. Eddie 78, 114 Alt, Dan 96, 98 Ammons, Carol 22, 33, 34, 36, 38,43,47.55,57, 59,98 Angel, Marcia 51, 122 Apel,Jeff67, 72, 76, 118 Assad, Kevin 116 Assad, Lisa 122 Auler, Donald 67, 118 Auler, Donna B Baggett, Betty 90, 122 Bailey, Julie 14.22,33,34, 53. 61, 118 Bailey, Mark 33. 35. 39, 114. 117 Baird, Mr. Robert 68, 72, 74, 86. 89. 159 Baker. Jaci 33. 35.46, 98 Baker, Peggy 35, 37, 54, 122 Balduf, Dan 78, 114 Base, Connie 118 Benefleld, Shelia98 Benton. Mary Jo 52, 118 Bertok. Steve 122 Beshalske. Mary Jo 33. 35. 36, 57,114 Best, Teresa 24, 26, 30, 33, 35, 53,57.61,63.94.98 Sevens, Richard 90, 122 Sevens, Sandra 116 Bielavi ski, Mike 79. 98 Billlngsley. Larry 122 Blanton, Joe 107 Blausey, Marilyn 48. 122 Blevlns.Tina48. 122 Bloomfield. Gary 114 Bloomfield. Irene 114 Bloomfield. Leona 118 Bloomfield. Phyllis 90. 118 Blumenthal. Mrs. Evelyn 47, 86. 88. 159 Boltz. Dlck68. 122 Bondy, Alyce 41. 51. 54. 57. 98 Bonecutter. Chuck 49. 1 18 Bonecutter, Roxanne98 Boss. David 37, 52, 122 Bovifer, Neil 98 Bowland, Debra 46. 57. 98 Bowlander. John 49. 114 Bowyer, Delores46. 80. 81. 113, 114 Braddock, David 79, 114 Brandt, Dvifain98 Briggle, John31.71,98 Brlggle.Tom43, 73. 122. 123 Brooks. Bill40. 42, 43. 79. 95. 96,98 Brooks. Paulette98 Brossia. Ron 27, 56. 71. 74. 75, 99 Brown, Karen Brown, Keith 122 Browning, Brenda 35, 36, 52, 114 Buckley, Tim 116 Buhrow, Judith 36, 52. 54. 57. 118 Burchell, Chuck 116 Burchell, Harvey 38. 122 Burdge. Brenda 114 Burdge. Lisa 48, 54, 122 Burdge, Tom 49, 118 Burdge, Wayne 36, 52, 67, 1 18 Buser, Barbara 114 Calhoun, Peggy 99 Calhoun, Tim 90. 122 Campbell, Kim 43. 122 Campbell. Scott 24. 74. 75. 99 Camper. Leonard 49, 99 Carmona, Geraldine 122 Casares, Jerry 122 Cashen, Mary Ann 36, 39, 47, 48,99 Castillya, Esther 99 Castlllya. Ruth 48. 50. 118 Caudill.Troy 116 Chalfin. Nancy 41, 99 Chambers, Joe 78, 118 Chambers, Lori 35, 53, 81. 122 Chambers. Michelle 90. 1 18 Champion. David 33. 35. 118 Christie. Yvette 46. 50. 55. 99 Cisneros, Sylvia Clark, Kaye21,31,40, 41,43,, 103 Clark, Nancy 30, 33. 54, 57, 1 18 Clere, Dave 14, 61, 77, 99 Clere. Dennis 114 Collins, Debbie 52, 54, 57, 1 18 Collum, Karen 118 Colvin, John 122 Colvin, Sam99 Colyer. Arlene 35, 46, 51, 57, 99 Coon, Nancy34, 53, 57, 118 Cornell, Dawn 43. 48. 122. 123 Cornell. Kevin 49. 67. 118 Cottrell, Maria 114 Cross, Linda 37, 52,54. 122 Crum. Carol 99, 110 Cruthers, Gary99 Cruthers, Kim 116 Currie, Bobbie Jo 118 Danison,Glen 122 David, Mrs. Alice 31. 40. 86. 8£ 159 Davis, Don 99 Dazley, Kathy 34, 52. 55, 118 Dean, Darrell 100 Dean, Pam 122 Denn, Diane 35, 46. 100 Dennis, Cinda 122 Dennis, Larry 72, 123 Dennis, Randy 107 Deppen, Debbie 30, 51, 114 Diebert. Fred79. 118 Diefenthaler. Jim 116 Diefenthaler. John 100 Diefenthaler. Mark 33. 35. 1 18 Diekman. Becky 36, 47, 48, 55, 114 Diekman, Mike 123 Dietrich, Charlene 30. 36. 46. 100. 105. 110 Dietrich. Monica 118 Dietrich. Rita 123 Dille. Connie 53. 100 Dille. Diane 36. 54. 118 Dipman. Cheryl 118 Dodson, Phyllis 116 Donnelly, Mr. George 85 Downey, Arthur 118 Doyle, Dan 107 Draper, Glen 59, 61,67, 68 Dreier, Charles 42, 67. 72. 76. 118 Dreier. Karla36,43. 53. 54. 55. 118 Dreier. Mike 56. 61,67. 100 Drummond. Don 96. 100 Drummond, Frances 107 Drummond, Fred 100 Drummond, Nancy 118 Drummond, Peggy 123 Duffey, Virginia 36, 47, 100 Duke, Karen 16, 118 Dunlap, Bill 116 Dunn, Craig 42, 53, 118 Dunn, Deanna 30, 35, 36, 39, 43,47, 50,54,57,61,63,95, 100 Dunn, Randy 61, 62, 67, 100, 101 Dunn, Roberta 37, 123 Dunn, Tom 26, 49, 56, 67, 1 14 Duty, Gayle52, 123 Duval, Kathy 123 Eash, Karen 33, 34, 37, 53, 122, 123 Eash,Sue33, 34, 36, 53, 118, 120 Eash,Mr.Verlln35, 86, 159 Eckerman, Ron 118 Everhardt, Debbie 36, 114 Everhardt, Terry 43, 123 Fahle, Alan 118 Fahle, Mike79, 100 Fair, Debbie 35, 47, 52, 123 Farkas, Jayne 123 Feckley, Jim 52, 68, 73, 74, 123 Felger, Julia 48, 123 Fielding, David 73, 123 Firestone, Mr. James 68, 86, 159 Fisher, Diane 48, 123 Fisher, Jan 35, 123 Fisher, Jim 49, 67, 114 Fleck, Becky 35. 52, 118 Fletcher, Joe 42, 67,76, 118 Flick, Jim 76, 90, 123 Flores, Esmeralda 50, 119 Flores, Leticia 100 Floro, Allen 116 Floro, Cheryl 46. 57, 114 Floro. Janice 119 Floro. Lana31.40. 46. 54. 94. 100 Floro. Mary 37. 48. 54, 123 Fondessy, Mrs. Pajricia 85, 91, 159 Fording, Nancy 119 Fork, Debbie 36, 47, 51. 54. 57. 96. 100 Fork. Mark 73. 123 Frederick. Jim 49. 56. 67, 68, 74,79, 114 Freistuhler. Tim 123 Gacksetter. Bruce 101 Garcia. Irene 123 Garcia. John 123 Garcia. Mary Lou 48, 119 Garey. Denise 24. 26. 30. 40. 43., 101 Garey. Steve 114 Gargac. Teresa 37. 52. 54. 123 Gaul. Mr. Paul 91 George. Scott 31. 68. 76. 123 Gladden. Kevin 42. 52. 56. 72. 76.77. 110, 119 Goetz. Bob52, 55. 119 Goetz. Diane 37. 123 Goetz. Mary 36, 47. 52. 114 Gonzales, David 119 Goodeman, Tom 49, 50, 61. 67. 101 Gordon. Betty 43. 55. 57. 1 19 Gordon. Carl 101 Graetz, Mrs. Janet 47, 86. 88, 159 Green, Garry 53, 123 Green. Marcia 46. 114 Green, Mary Alice 46. 101 Grosjean, Dave 40, 42, 56, 61, 67, 101 Grosjean, Sue 80, 119 Gruben, Debbie 34, 37. 48. 123 Gruben. Karen 101 Gruenke. Mr. Herbert 36. 37, 86. 159 Gruetter. John90. 119 Gruetter. Paul 35. 37. 39. 52. 54. 123 Gruetter, Sue 123 H Haack, Mike 36, 39. 56. 61, 67, 79,96. 101 Haeft. Jackie 101 Haeft. Rhonda 46. 54. 57. 60, 61,, 101 Hahn. Karen 123 Halhober, Cindy 119 Halhober. Gloria 48, 123 Hallcek, Ann 48, 123 Hammye. Ron 68, 73. 74, 123 Hammitt, Denise 22, 54, 1 19 Hansen, Marcia 114 Hansen, Terry 49, 76, 79, 101 Hanthorn, Harold 119 Harbal, Jill30, 48. 52, 57, 113, 114 Harsanje, Becky 33, 34, 46, 54, 57. 113. 114, 115 Harsanje. Debbie 33. 35. 43. 48. 54,55.57, 119 Harsanje. Ken 56. 67. 72. 76. 119 Hartman, Dick 114 Hassan. Kris 32. 52, 54. 57. 119. 120 Hausman. Jane 90. 123 Hausman. Rick 49. 119 Heilman. Beth 119 Heilman, Betty 31, 114 Heilman, David Heilman, Jerry 61, 67, 101 Heilman, Larry 116 Heilman, Mark 101, 111 Heilman, Mary Sue 101 Heilman, Sandy 37, 123 Helle, Jim 45, 71,72, 101 Helle, Sandy 117 Helle, Wayne 102 Hellwig, Barbara 36, 119 Hellwig, Elizabeth 48, 102 Henley, Corrie 54, 57, HI, 119 Henley, Kim 123 Herman, Jeff 42, 50. 56. 76. 77, 78. 119 Hernandez. Carlos Hesselbart, Joni 33. 34, 53, 123 Hitchen, Mr. David 67, 71, 86, 88, 159 Hoddinott, Sally 35, 37, 47, 53, 54, 123 Hodulik, Dan 35, 56, 61, 67. 72. 76. 119. 121 Hodulik, Ruth 43, 57. 102 Hoeft. Mrs. Judy 46. 86. 159 Hoff. Cathy 48, 119 Hoffman, Stan 76, 123 Holman, Bruce 78, 119 Holman, Mrs. Kathy 50. 89. 159 Hoodlebrink. Karen 119 Hoodlebrink. Louis Hoodlebrink. Sharon 90. 1 19 Hubbell. Diane 123 Hurst. John 114 Huss. Fred49. 68. 78. 124 Huss. Mr. Rollie 159 Huston, David 49, 60, 61, 67, 69. 79.100, 102. Ill Hutcheson, Terry 49, 56, 67, 72, 76,119 Jennings, Mr. Thomas 26, 84. 89 Jensen. Debbie 21. 48. 124 Jensen. Doug49. 102 Jester. Terry 124 Joehlin. Linda 34. 52. 54. 124 Johnson, Mr. Charles 86, 88, 113, 159 Johnson. Jon 35, 119 Johnson, Mike 54. 124 Johnson. Mr. Phillip 20. 73. 74. 86. 159 Johnson. Steve 125 Jones. Janet 102 K Kalmbach. Jim 102 Kalmbach. Kathy 55. 119 Kania. Randy 117 Kansarka. LuAnn 53. 124 Kapp. Cheryl 52.57. 114. 115 Kehlmeier. Jim34. 119 Keller. Karen 33. 34. 37. 53. 124 Keller. Sue 33. 34. 36.46. 57. 113. 114 Kelley. Carolyn 114 Kern. Donna 124 Kern. Emily 16.46. 102 Kidd. Rhonda 102 King. Mr. Ronald 43. 86. 159 Kinsel. Lois33. 34. 37. 52.54. 124 Klavinger. Gary 124 Klavinger. Mike Klavinger. Tom 119 Kocis. Deb 102 Kohler. Mike 124 Komives. Andy 107 Komives. Frank 68. 78. 124 Komives. Mike 117 Korcsoz, Dave 52. 114 Kozak. Janet 35, 40, 54, 57, 102 Kozina. Sandy 102 Krumnow, Jan 117 Kusian, Fred 14. 56. 76. 77. 114 Kusner. Deb 20. 35. 43, 47, 52, 81.124 Lach. Jackie 102 Lach. Joe 27. 61. 67. 78. 99. 102 LaPlantz. Mary Beth 119 Lassiter. John 117 Lau. Betty40. 46, 51.55. 96. 102 Lau. Brenda 33. 34. 37. 53. 54. 81, 124 Layman, Mark 53. 119 Lee. Larry 43. 90, 103 Lemke, Barb53, 54, 57, 119 Lenz, Keith 49, 119 Leppert, Dana 68, 124 Leppert, Sue 31. 34. 40. 43. 50, 51. 57.61.63. 103. 105 Lerma. Mike 103 Levee. Fred 22. 56, 78. 119 Libertino, Jamie 35, 37. 47. 52. 81. 124 Liller. Mr. Frank86. 87. 159 Limpf. Laura 35. 124 Lindesmith. Dan 124 Lindesmith. Paula 32. 36, 46. 57. 114 Lindsey. Ken 34. 56. 67. 113, 114.115 Linke. Bill 35, 49. 124 Lloyd, Ed 119 Lommerse, Ric 53, 124 Lopez. Aurora 124 Lopez. Joe 52. 76. 114 Lorenzen. Joanne 36. 52. 57. 113. 115 Lorenzen, John 42, 43, 49, 72, 119 Lowe, Melinda 36, 57, 119 Lowery, Fred 103 Lowery, Lynn 47, 53, 54. 1 19 Lozoya. Julian 15. 52. 124 Lusk. Mrs. Joyce 91 Lutman, Dennis 90. 120 Lutman. Nancy 103 M Magrum. Debbie 47. 53. 124 Malone. Mike 115 Marcum. Jack 56. 67. 78. 120 Marko, Jerry42, 56, 61,67. 76. 115 Martin. Rock 49. 120 Mason. Ron 124 Mathews. Don 20. 56. 103 Mathews. Donna 46. 57. 103 Mathews. Mrs. Mary 91 Matyas. Diane 35. 124 Matyas, Ed 14,90. 103 McCarthy, Cindy 124 McCluskey, Dan McCluskey, Terry McCormick, Alma 48, 120 McCormick, Bob 120 McDaniel, Mark 124 McGinnis, Alan56. 76. 120 McGinnis, Denise 26. 30. 53. 54. 57, 115 McGinnis, Patrice 37. 90. 124 McGuire, John 73 Meeker, Sandy 40, 41. 46. 51. 103 Merle. Pat 125 Meyer. Mr. Paul 87. 159 Michel. Galen 115 Miller. Bill 120 Miller. Cheryl 31. 36. 41.61.63, 103 Miller, Mr. David 42. 76. 79 Miller. LeeAnn35. 47. 124 Miller. Pam 124 Mireles. Joyce 35. 57. 61. 63. 96, 103 Mireles, Paul 120 Molina. Alfred 76. 77. 120 Mominee. Jay 103 Moon. Mary 51.90, 103 Moon. Pat 31, 47. 52. 54. 55. 113. 115 Moritz. Mary Lou 115 Moritz. Wayne 124 Moser. Patti 124 Moser. Paul 121 Murray. Chris 103 Murray, Tony 124 N Nemeth. Joe33. 35. 115 Nero. Sue 124 Nicklin, Nancy 115 Niemesh. Beverly 120 Noble. Margaret 115 Nolte. Bill 19.24,,54.56.60, 103 Norden. Denise 33. 35. 54. 120 Norden, Rick 117 Norwalk, Tom 33. 35. 36. 39, 115 Novetony, Mr. James 159 Oberhause. Gerri 47, 52, 124 Oberhause, Mr. Jerry 78. 159 Oberhause. Mary Sue 115 Oberhause. Wesley 67, 120 Ochoa, Adelina 96. 101. 104 Ochoa. Albert 40. 68. 73. 76, 124. 125 Ohm. Glenn 103 Ohm. Mike 49. 120 Oleszczuk. Debbie 115 Opfer. Mr. Darrell 43. 55, 58, 87, 159 Opfer, Jan 36. 42. 56,76,77. 120, 121 Oster, Norm 107 Padgett, Barb 26, 30, 50, 51, 54, 55, 115 Padgett, Judy 30, 32, 34, 51, 57, 115 Palacios, Charlie 117 Park, Pam 37, 48, 54, 111, 124 Parks, Denise 117 Parlette, Dennis 14, 42, 56, 79, 113,115 Parsil,Glen78, 103 Paschall, Denise 35, 52, 124 Peeler, Cheryl 124 Peeler, Chris 104 Peiffer, Lori 36, 54, 57, 80. 120 Peiffer. Marcy 34. 80. 81. 115 Peiffer. Tom 33. 35. 67. 119. 120 Peloquin. David 53. 124 Peters. Judy 35, 36, 48, 57, 120 Peters, Mike 15, 55, 104 Peterson, Mary Lynn 37, 48, 124 Pierce, Ed 120 Pierce, Kermit76, 104 Pinson, Brad35, 52. 68. 124 Pmson. Cindy 35. 45. 53. 54. 57. 118. 120 Pinson, Mike 58. 104 Pinson. Steve 15, 33, 35, 53, 120 Pocs, Clara 117 Pokorny, Frank 16, 48, 49, 104 Porath,Tom73, 76, 124 Porter, Mr. Dallas 87. 89. 159 Porter. Marilyn 35. 36. 120 Porter. Sharon 18. 34. 44. 45. 104 Potridge. Kathy 103 Potter. Wanda 117 Powell, Ronnie 117 Powers, Dan 68, 73, 124 Powers, Diane 34, 47, 50, 51, 54, 61,63, 104 Prahl,Colleen35, 53, 54, 57. 120 Pratt, Cindy 46, 104 Pratt. Lou Ann 124 Pryor, Janet 117 Pryor, Tom 117 Puehler, Patty 35, 57, 115 Pugh, Janet 48, 124 Pugh, Jon35, 43, 113, 115 Purney, Arlene 21, 115 Purtee, Sandy 103 Race, Cym 34, 46, 57, 90, 1 1 5 Ramirez, Bongo 42, 52, 56, 71, 115 Ramirez, Sam 15, 24. 26, 42, 43, 44, 96, 104 Ramos, Roy 1 15 Panes, David 107 Recker, Bill 115 Reeder, Wesley 90, 124 Reetz, Debbie 36, 50, 57, 120 Reffitt, Rod 90, 120 Reinbolt, John 49, 56, 78, 120 Rendon, Raul 117 Rewoldt, Dennis 117 Reynolds, Jim 56, 61, 66, 67, 104, 111 Rhoads, Larry 90, 120 Rice, Judy 25, 26, 30, 40. 41, 45, 46,51,57,61,62,80,81, 103, 105, 110 Rideout, Ken 42, 54, 113, 115 Richards, Sue 25, 31,40, 50,51. 105 Roberts, Mrs, Rosemary 48, 87, 159 Roecker, Bob 33, 35, 120 Roecker, Robin 117 Rohloff, Beth 37, 54, 124 Rohloff, Brad 41, 42, 54, 76, 77, 105 Rohloff, Jon 115 Rollins, Debbie 117 Rose, Jim 117 Ross, Jeff 24, 52, 56, 66, 67, 72, 74,75, 120 Post, Frances 117 Post, Margaret 105 Rotruck, Bob43, 113, 115 Rotruck. Joni35. 43. 52. 125 Rudes. Connie 34. 36. 40. 52. 57.80. 111. 120 Rudes. Jim 90. 105 Russell, Mrs. Barbara 57, 87, 159 Rust, Sharon .36, 52, 54, 57, 120 Salinas, Becky 48, 50. 55. 57. 61. 105 Sampsel. Jerry 125 Samsen. Jerry 33. 35. 115 Sanchez. Ernie 25. 26. 27, 40, 42,45,50,52,56,70,71,73, 74, 105 Sanchez, Junior 42, 53, 56. 72. 74. 120 Sander. David 26. 35. 56. 61. 67. 115 Sanderson. Greg 90. 120 Sanderson, Marna 25, 26, 30, 105 Sandrock, Debbie 30, 105 Sandrock, Loren 117 Sayen, Cathy 33, 35, 53, 54, 57, 125 Scaggs, Allen 16, 49, 56, 77, 78, 105 Scaggs, Anna 120 Scaggs, Kathy 120 Schell, Joanne 26, 46, 57, 58, 61,62,80,81,105 Schimme!,Charlene41, 105 Schimmel, Linda 117 Schimmmg, Mike 26, 42, 56, 59, 76, 113, 115 Schimming, Mr. Ray 91 Schimming, Sue 46, 90, 105 Schlievert, Larry 120 Schmidlin,Ken74, 115 Schmidt, Gretchen 121 Schmidt, Jane 105 Schmidt, Lori 117 Schriefer, Jerry 27, 56, 61, 67, 71, 74,75, 117 Schriefer, Rosemary 36, 43, 57, 120 Schulte, Mary 35, 52, 54, 125 Schultz, Luanne 30, 34. 43. 52, 115 Schuster, Mike 68, 73, 74, 125 Serviss, Doug 105 Serviss, Terry 1 17 Shackelford, Kathy 117 Shackelford, Richard 125 Shade, Skip 54, 96, 106 Shaneck, Jeff 73, 125 Shank, Doug 120 Sheetz, Rick 49, 120 Sheldon, Gaylord 49, 116 Sheldon, Sharon 34, 48, 125 Shessler, John72, 120 Shessler, Larry 56, 78, 116 Shields, Barbara 48, 125 Shields, Bob 79, 106 Shields, Debra 121 Shields, Diane 46, 116 Shields, Mike 18, 36,43, 106 Shiffert, Linda 35, 36, 43,45, 46,47,48,50,57,90, 113, 114, 116 Shively, Anna Marie 125 Shoemaker, Donna 125 Sieren, Mr. Robert 159 Sievert, Rex 37, 39, 52, 125 Simon, Sue 106 Sisinger, Debi 106 Skaggs, Judy 120 Skaggs, Ronnie 125 Skees, Sharon 50, 57, 80, 81, 113, 116 Skiles, Bill 117 Skiles, Diana 116 Skilliter, Bob35,42, 43, 52,56, 67,72,74, 121 Smallwood, Patty 117 Smith, Barbara 121 Smith, Carl 14,31,40,42,70, 71, 106 Smith. Cindy 121 Smith. Ed 110. 117 Smith. Gary 125 Smith, Jennie 54, 55, 57, 58, 60, 112, 113, 116 Smith, Linda 45, 48, 122, 125 Smith, Randy 52, 121 Smith, Tammy 41, 46, 51, 57, 59, 106 Sondergeld, Mike 116 Spackey, Mr. Edwin 87, 89. 159 Spade. Tom 121 Spafford. David 36. 71. 106 Spafford. Mark 76. 90. 125 Spaulding. Clarence 78. 121 Spaulding. Imogene 106 Spears. Jennie 19. 35. 53. 125 Spirko. Jim 105 Spitler. Georgia 48. 61. 106 Spitler. Rick 35. 68. 76. 78. 125 Spurgeon. John 35. 106 Starnes, Connie Steindam. Shirley 50. 105 Stevens. Paul 49. 90. 121 Stiger. Larry 106 Streight. Bill 68 Streight. Mel 55.51.67. 116 Strohscher. Mrs. Bessie 91 Suplica. David 125 Suprise. Jeanie 125 Sutter. Debbie21.34. 37. 47. 53. 123. 125 Swartz. Mrs. Bonnie41. 87. 159 Swartz. Joan 125 Swift. Joanne 1 17 Swartz. Mrs. Margaret 91 Szypka. Tom 35. 58. 73. 74. 125 Tapia. Robert 76. 90. 121 Teet, Connie 117 Teet, John 106 Tello, Lori 125 Tello, Shelley 90, 121 Tester, Amy 34, 35, 53, 54, 121 Tester, Darrell 78, 117 Tester, Gary 37, 125 Tester, Paul 35, 37. 43. 53. 54. 125 Thayer. Tern 125 Theilan.Mark49. 74. 116 Thompson. Mr. Raymond 87. 88. 159 Thornton, Cindy 116 Tippey, Cindy 121 Traub, Don 121 Traver, Paula 107 Trejo, Susie 37, 125 Tristan, Bob 125 Vaido, Anna 125 Vaillant, Rick 121 Valentine, Kay46, 52, 57, 116 VanNess, John49, 116 VanSickle, Doug 76, 125 VanSickle, LuAnne 16, 55, 57, 121 Vargo, Bill49, 125 Venske, Gloria 117 Vickers, Janet 125 Vickers, Judy 116 Vogelpohl, David 121 Vogelpohl, Jeff 74, 121 Vogelpohl, Mike 76, 125 Vogtsberger, Audrey 25, 34, 35, 107 Vroman, Janie 32, 54, 57, 121 W Wagner, Pat 125 Wagoner, Barbara 34. 47. 52. 54. 121 Wagoner. Mrs, Ruth 48, 87, 88, 159 Wagoner, Virginia 34, 47, 107 Waldenga, Nancy 32, 35, 61, 62, 107 Walker, Betty Walker, Harry 117 Walker, John 107 Wallace, Kathryn Wallace, Pat 52 Wallace, Sharon 107 Walton, Candy 69, 80, 1 13, 1 16 Wanner, Mark 117 Wegman, Richard 53, 72, 121 Wenig, Kaye37, 125 Wenig, Mark 18, 58, 61, 67, 75, 111, 116 Werner, Bill 19,42,56,71,75, 90, 100, 107 Werner, Ken Weseman, Pat 35, 52, 58, 125 Wetzel. John 117 Weyandt. Mark 125 Wheeler. Martha 33. 34. 35. 47, 51,54,55, 57. 116 Whited. Billy 125 Whited. Liz 116 Whited. Pat 121 Wicks. Marty 38. 43. 113. 116 Wicks. Valerie 107 Widmer. Jennie 33, 35, 43, 48, 54,57, 121 Widmer, Rusty 107 Wilbur, Jeff 49, 107 Wilbur, Larry 116 Wilhelm, Merle 54, 107 Williams, Brenda 35, 46, 116 Williams, Dwana 35, 37, 48, 125 Wingerter, Donald 121 Wohn, Ann Wohn, Margie 107 Wolcott, Jackie 18, 30, 52, 80, 81, 116 Wood, Mrs. Phyllis 51, 87, 88, 159 Wyatt, Mr. Ned 91 Yackee, Beth 31, 41, 57, 107 Yackee, Lee 35, 125 Zamarripa, Yolanda 125 Zapata, Virginia 90, 115 Zimmerman, Mrs. Carol 52, 53, 87, 159 Zinn, Connie 46, 57, 1 16 Zunk, Bruce 73 Zunk, Dan 117 Zunk, David 116 Zwicker, Jeff 67,74, 121 Activities Index Art Club 50 B Band 34-35 BandDay-BGSU34 Band Skating Party 35, 163 Baseball 74-75 Basketball Varsity 70-71 Reserve 72 Freshman 73 Battle of Classes 57 Bowling 79 Cafeteria Workers 90 Cheerleaders Varsity 81 Reserve 80 Freshman 81 Chorus Advanced 36 Freshman 37 Christmas Formal 58-59 Christmas Plays 54, 163 Comet Tales 41 Crosscountry 77 Dramatic Club 54 Electronics Service 90 Ensembles Freshman Girls 37 Mixed Freshman 37 Girl ' s Ensemble 36 Mixed Ensemble 36 F.B.L.A.46 F.F.A.49 F.H.A.48 F.T.A. 47 Football Varsity 66-67 Freshman 68 French Club 53 G.A.A. 57 Graduation 94-95 HiLiSl Homecoming Basketball 44-45 Football 60-63 Honors Banquet 30 I Individual Honors J.C.W.A. 55 Junior Play 112-113 Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom 110-111 Key Club 42 L Limelight 40 M Majorettes 32 " Music Man " 38-39 N National Honor Society 30 Office Workers 85 O.W.A. 90 Pep Band 33 Pep Club 56 Quill and Scroll 31 S Senior Class Play Senior Trip — Court House 1 J Spanish Club 52 Student Council 43 T Track W Wrestling Students and faculty express themselves through activities in Art at Junior Senior Prom at Band Skating Party in Dramatics 163 As the minutes fade away . . into years, as friends travel on to new horizons, and as each of us grows a few seconds older and a little wiser, the year 1971 lives on within these pages. The first day of school, with everyone prancing down the halls in the latest fashions and shiny, new shoes; the special feeling that was present as the homecoming game approached; play rehearsals and performances; the salty smell of popcorn that filled the Friday after- noon halls; SPIRIT, like no other year; the relief felt as the 3;10 bell rang every day, especially on Friday; great friends you know you ' ll never see as much of, or again; the wild tingle down the spine each time we won, and the dry throat and tears when we lost; teachers you ' d like to talk to again, and those you ' d love to , . All of these memories and many more are kept fresh in this yearbook. Now as the cover closes, and it is shoved back on the shelf they stay trapped in time and space, for you to explore . , , whenever you please. It was sure- ly a year that will never be forgotten. Not by the stu- dents and faculty at Genoa High School ... or by you. The 1971 Limelight Staff would like to express its gratitude to Mr. Earl Parks of The American Yearbook Company for the ideas and help he gave us throughout the year; Powell Studios for capturing just the right expressions in their photographs; the local businesses for the support they gave us; and the students and fac- ulty of Genoa High School for their cooperation. We would like to extend a special thank you to our advisor, Mrs. David, for without her help we wouldn ' t have been able to " Express Ourselves. " ' • . . ■ ■ : ;! ' ' ; ' •:. ' i. -. _ .-y _|i . • : ■■■!iy: ' ' ■ ■ . ' M ' ■Mi ■ ■ ■,■ ' ;{ . t ' j! ' 7.-..- ,y uiSf ' % " i .-: ' . " -: ' M i. ■ t A-,..-; fl m v, ' :- , - Nr;c(f i% ' : :H ' •r ' ■■■ r ' ■ •M ' r ' ' ■■-■ , -7? ■?- ■■■ ' .■■■■ J ' -f ' -, -t _ .m ' ; - M-?- rA? .■ , ' i

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