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196 LI MELIGHT U, W ,Vfljljai 5,,3W,.,2.- Z ' W infra 9,353 - ' Q if Lf2 .. .. .1 -ir- GENOA AREA HIGH SCHOOL GENOA, OHIO ' VOLUME 43 The Builders All are architects of Fate, Working in these walls of Timeg Some with massive deeds and great, Some with ornaments of rhyme. Nothing useless is, or low, Each thing in its place is bestg And what seems but idle show Strengthens and supports the rest. For the structure that we raise, Time is with materials filledg Our to-days and yesterdays Are the blocks with which we build. BY Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Foreword He comes to us as grains of sand, bits of straw, eager to be molded into his own shape which would best fit him into the wall of society. He is packed to- gether with a sturdy base upon which his entire future depends. As he advances through the certain stages of production, striking characteristics begin to compose his personality. Feelings and emotions become alive as he is pushed and squeezed toward the goal. jointed, glazed, and polished, he slides down the ramp ready to meet the resistance which life has to offer. School is a student's way of life and life is forever building. 2 Contents Curriculum 10 Sports 25 Activities 46 Organizations 64 Students 90 Some with massive deeds and great, Some with ornaments of ryhme. Probing, examining, discovering, Cooperating, cramrning, planning, -forever building. --i 5 T5 ssl, wife M, E , " ' -gg? :'Ei..g11"P?mE? -HQ-n-3 Lx, " Z, 5 T ff V if: , 1: 1 Wig -K 1 .:.,, - i g. is.: gy" ' g et re - X Ui- in ,,.,1,q,,.. , ff V- in in H K is ' H in f - Q ' :E . interim ' ' QW iii,,i545i1i,,g11 zggtg QWQM' axgaiszsr My , 5: a 1 if , E rgi YZ, ,. FE Y Q- Y I f Nia: Z i - 1 Y 'JSE-H W a1idi.s p5giff5 lt?-ae -r sf, 1 -- J E T: . :LT " ' if aw 31? Wifi: 7:71 YH ' E ,,,,,,w5ff3?fEk "Efi ""'m Qi Y v, :Sir :EV :Emi ij' Zi W f an 1 E 6 ,, L,.,-..:..6t g.-.. -,- ,A . ,. - -, ml, , , , Participating, practicing, performing sighing, screaming winning -forever building ,,. -.,N,s. , fa Wy ' -M1-1-zxs?Fw EW H :Egb- ,, . .W iz. , H NH U ,M L 1 z3'f 'I "M 5 ' I Wiifiiq ,. 1 ' ,""V . 3-J., - - -' 1 .'3' ".+' Y Q, zW'm..g,, MV ww ,,.. 3, L 1 i v l 4 V3 Vw 'wi .h -lik- A- - Af- . Q qw- .,.. L. 'M X 7 S f u - 1 f fm A x ,WL f ww " 1 - .-.L A X A' "gl - :- L 3, bm i'-" .W l far ' 1 aj' X 5 w W 4 9' ' bf' Wai. 'M ff "g f xii" A 4' KW VM W WWW . ""4w M " 41. Q M S. L My A W V N " , W, ..... 1-. '. '-Lp' Our to-days and yesterdays Are the blocks with which we build. Delving, grasping, perfecting, following, leading, anticipating, -forever building. CURRICULUM uw. IH Hg H'-7 'veils A xx f.+ . Q wgxwf, was 4 M M. W .gg , WW ' George M, Donnelly Administration Plans forthe Future MR. GEORGE DONNELLY is beginning his third year as superintendent of Genoa Area School System. He belongs to the American School Admin- istrators, Association, the Ottawa County Education Association, and the Kiwanis Club. Mr. Donnelly is always working with the Board of Education to ad- vance oiir local standards with those set by the State Board. Camping and gardening are his favorite in- terests. MR. PATRICK BARTON is beginning his second year as principal of Genoa Area High School. He is a member of the Ohio Education Association, National Education Association, and Phi Delta Kappa, a fra- ternity which tries to advance the principles and standards of education. Coin collecting is one of his favorite hobbies. He enjoys basketball and a good game of bridge. H BOARD OF EDUCATION: Clerk Lester Henningsen, Supt. George Donnelly, Mr. Patrick j. Barton Robert Samsen. Mr. Russell Rice, Mr. Albert Briggle, Mr. Lyle Shilfert, Mr. Richard Sheets. Mr. Hitchen assists Senior jeff Rice in filling out his college application. james Firestone David Hitchen Guidance Counselors Assist Many Students MR. DAVID HITCHEN serves as a guidance counselor besides teaching government and record keeping. He is presently attending Bowling Green State University to secure his Master,s degree in Guidance and Physical Education. He is assistant football coach and reserve basketball coach. Boating, swimming, and water skiing are his hobbies, His favorite dinner is a filet mignon special. Mr. Hitchen would like to see a government course in sociologi- cal problems added to the curriculum. MR. JAMES FIRESTONE serves as a guidance counselor besides teaching business law, economics, and sociology. He is the head football coach. Coach Firestone has the unusual habit of rooting for his underdog in all sports. This year his favorite team was the "Cinderella" ofthe Big Ten, Indiana Univer- sity. He likes fried chicken and Dutch apple pie. Mr. Firestone is annoyed by the person who has no goal in life. Erma johnson james Mericle Alice David Three New Teachers loin 5 ii! air l ' in .M N W., x in ui i M ii, Brett Smith hoists the dreaded guillotine into position as Wayne and jim lrlelle relive the terror of the French Revolution. Language Department MRS. ALICE DAVID teaches English I and is advisor to the Annual Staff, National Honor Society, and Quill and Scroll Society. She also serves as the Dean of Girls. Known for her enthusiasm in sports, Mrs. David is a loyal fan of the University of Michi- gan VVolverines. She likes to travel and recently made a trip to Grand Bahama. American literature, English literature, and speech are taught by MISS ERMA JOHNSON. Miss johnson is the advisor for both the Student Council and the National Honor Society. She likes gardening and has quite a variety of house plants. She enjoys the fall season of the year because of its lovely, picturesque scenery. MR. JAMES MERICLE teaches English I, Il, and Senior Composition. He coaches the freshman basketball team and the-track team. Music is a hobby of Mr. Mericle and he is an accomplished trumpet player. He would like to see a course in Great Books added to the curriculum. Spanish I, II, and French I, Il are taught by MRS. BARBARA MILLER. Mrs. Miller enjoys the exciting game of football with her favorite collegiate teams being the Bowling Green Falcons. She would like to see German or Russian taught in our school system. MR. IERRY OBERHAUS teaches English II and Senior Composition. He coaches the reserve football team and the varsity wrestling team. His favorite food is lasagna. Mr. Oberhaus enjoys the spring season because of the fresh air and warm weather. 14 Languages Explore Creative Interests In ENGLISH I the freshmen are expected to learn and use properly the rules of grammar. The students also become familiar with the rules of par- liamentary procedure. The novel, Tale of Two Cities, and Merchant of Venice are studied in detail. ENC- LISH II requires students to apply their grammar rules by writing paragraphs, essays, and book reports. The cruelty of ancient Roman times seems to come alive in the play, Julius Caesar. Early American customs, tradition, and laws are related through the short story and novel in AMERICAN LITERATURE. Our rich heritage of poetry is explored and evalua- ted. The juniors may enter the National Poetry or Essay Contest if they wish to do so. SPEECH, ENC- LISI-I LITERATURE, and COMPOSITION, are senior subjects. In SPEECH, students learn to be creative and informative while addressing an audi- ence. In ENGLISH LITERATURE the students trace the style and material of the English authors from the Middle Ages to Modern Day England. COMPOSITION is a course geared to meet the needs of the college-bound student. Everything from the well-written topic sentence to a well-developed personal essay is discussed. Using Spanish records as a modern method of studying this lan guage, are Sam Ramirez, Barb Mandell, and Teresa Best. Transparency lectures aid composition students in writing. . I. ir "' 'essassfsssfff' Je ', llifi if-t..s..,.. .,,.., , , ,, I, , sf-eszrfswat . ,, , H 'xftsfgiifsit it it nssagszszzs f- ii Barbara Miller .. :gala am 5 . .. C++-RI i ii i . .,... it jerry Oberhaus e5'f save' I 52152 'V in james Novotny Robert Sieren Mr. Porter shows some of his many toys to jeff Rice and Greg Kusner. 1. 1? I wg I X A ,swiss - fr auf: -: - Q. 1- .- The meaning of "invert" is taught to Mike Drier by Dave Spalford, Mike Haack, Bill Nolte, und Bill VVerner in Mr. Mericle's algebra class. Science, Math Teachers Have Varied Interests MR. JAMES NOVOTNY teaches Electronics, Physics, and Chemistry. He served as Chairman of the Spring Science Fair. Coin collecting and photog- raphy are his pastime interests. Algebra I, II, and Senior Math are taught by MR. DALLAS PORTER. Mr. Porter is active in the National Council of Math Teachers. He enjoys the warm spring weather which affords him the chance to go Hshing. Biology is taught by MR. ROBERT SIEREN. He serves as an advisor to the Sophomore class. Mr. Sieren enjoys camping, swimming, and fishing for relaxation. MR. ROBERT SCHMIDT is the instructor for I.P.S. Ice hockey is his favorite sport because of its swift pace and rugged stature. Swimming and picnicking are his favorite summertime activities. General Math I, II, and Geometry are taught by MR. ROBERT BAIRD. Being freshman football coach and varsity baseball coach occupies most of his time. Mr. Baird is known for playing an 'iinterestingn game of bridge. I6 New Science and Math I e+e+ iff ++ + Arouse Student Thoughts I.P.S. is a new freshman science course which combines the principles of general science with physics and chemistry. In BIOLOGY the plant and animal kingdoms are explored in great detail to familiarize students with the abundant life which surrounds their own environment. PHYSICS is a sub- ject which deals with the common principles of mat- ter, energy, time, and distance. This course intro- duces the metric system as the scientific unit of measurement. CHEMISTRY students are expected to keep an elificient and accurate notebook including daily notes, homework problems, and observations of lab work. In ALGEBRA I, freshmen are required to learn and apply the major axioms of this advanced math. ALGEBRA II students delve into the special uses of certain problems. They become skilled in using the function charts and the slide rule. GEOMETRY is a different type of math in that the student is chal- lenged by logical and systematic reasoning. Trigo- nometry, statistics, inequalities, and some calculus are topics covered in SENIOR MATH. Lyle Shiffert adds his chemistry notebook to pi and Chick Coleman make last minute additions. le as Carol Brooks Robert Baird Dallas Porter Robert Schmidt fra-gin H i in 1- A metal lathe, demonstrated by Ron Adcock, is used a great deal in the shop. Vocational Teachers Like Sports, Outdoors MR. RAYMOND THOMPSON teaches Vocational Agriculture and is advisor to the junior class. Mr. Thompson likes all sports but especially enjoys bowl- ing in the faculty league. Boiled shrimp is his favo- rite snack. MR. CHARLES JOHNSON teaches In- dustrial Arts and is the junior Class Play ad- visor. He is a loyal fan of the Detroit Tigers and Green Bay Packers. Mr. johnson said that he can not overemphasize the proper care of tools. Typing I, II, Shorthand I and Secretarial Practice are taught by MRS. SUSAN POPE. Mrs. Pope is the advisor for the school newspaper, the Comet Tales. Family camp- ing is a favorite hobby of hers in the summertime. Her next destination is going to be the West Coast. MRS. IUDITH HOEFT teaches Typing I and Gener- al Business. She advises the Future Business Leaders of America. Basketball is her sport and the Buckeyes of Ohio State is her favorite team. Mrs. Hoeft would like to see Business English added to the curriculum. Instructor for Home Economics and advisor for the Future Hornemakers of America is MRS. RUTH WACONER. Mrs. Wagoner is new to the stall of teachers at the high school. She enjoys cooking and sewing. Mary jane Vargo examines Irma Congora's dress which she made in Home Economics class. Judith Hoeft Charles johnson Susan Pope Raymond Thompson Vocational Studies Promote Future Careers In PERSONAL TYPING the beginning students learn the keyboard and strengthen their typing abili- ty by doing prescribed exercises and timed writings. TYPING II students are expected to increase their speed and efhciency while learning the proper tech- niques of office or business typing. SECRETARIAL PRACTICE enables commercial students the chance to develop those qualities which are needed to be- come a professional secretary. SHORTHAND stu- dents learn to use a brief system of writing in which only the major sounds are written and emphasized. BOOKKEEPING I and II students become familiar in handling company books or records and distribut- ing their net income. Learning to make out checks properly, to figure interest rates, and to balance a budget are some topics covered in GENERAL BUSI- NESS. In HOME EC I, II, III, IV the girls learn to prepare balanced meals, to use proper health rules, and to sew clothing from sample patterns. Boys learn to be efficient in proportioning farm land, in choosing crops, and in repairing farm machinery in VOC. AGRICULTURE. DRAFTING aids future career men of this trade by teaching them the proper use of drawing tools and the proper way to complete scale drawings. Safety rules, choice of wood grains, and patience in completing a project are all stressed in INDUSTRIAL ARTS. Ruth Wagoner Proper use of one of the many business machines is shown by Randi Ross. Concentrating on her part for the upcoming competition is Ann Wood, Phyllis Wood Adelaide Dunn Creative Arts Help to Expand Student Talents The three MUSICAL departments-band, orches- tra, and choir-are always involved in preparing for upcoming performances. Their schedule includes certain assemblies, seasonal concerts, district compet- ition, and public commitments. They provide many hours of enjoyable entertainment for both the faculty and students of Genoa High School. The LIBRARY provides the proper atmosphere of learning for all interested students. Each year the teachers submit a new list of preparatory and suggested reading mater- ial which they would like to see added to the shelves. The school librarian, together with the Board, tries to purchase many of these books under their yearly budget. Student librarians gain valuable experience which is needed to become future professional li- brarians. The basic ART courses at Genoa are Art I, Art II, and Commercial Art, Silk screening, oil painting, lettering, clay sculpturing, and working with papier-mache are areas given major attention in these courses. Art Appreciation, which was just added this year, develops the styles of art throughout the ages. Cary Zimmerman ,4.,,..3,ya.,.W,, Al Womack uses a newspaper in the library to complete a current-events report. Liveliness Characterizes Creative Arts Section MRS. PHYLLIS WOOD is the school librarian and the advisor to the Hi-Li Club. She likes lemon cream pie for a dessert. Mrs. Wood enjoys all types of music with her favorite singing star being Petula Clark. Instructor for art and advisor to the Art Club is MRS. ADELAIDE DUNN. Working with ceramics and pottery is her hobby. Mrs. Dunn enjoys traveling and recently visited Expo '67, MR. GARY ZIMMER- MAN is the school orchestra conductor. Mr. Zimmer- man is new to the music department staff. He likes all sports but his favorite is basketball. MR. VERLIN EASH is the band director for the Genoa Area Schools. He likes to bowl and golf, Mr. Eash played the trumpet in the Fremont Civic Orchestra. MR. HERBERT GRUENKE is the choir director for the Genoa Area Schools. Mr. Cruenke loves cultural en- tertainment and has a season pass to the perform- ances at the Peristyle. i l Verlin Eash Herbert Cruenke The Sophomore Girls' Chorus practices a number to be presented at a future assembly-Brend Haack, Margo Chambers, Karen Briggle, Pam Layman, Rita Nero. 21 'n-I Nj joel Pinkerton presses the barbell high above his head as Paul johnson waits for his turn to begin lifing. Nedra Bruggeman ,Q Richard Honner Assuming the correct position to return the volley is Mary Wheeler as Cathy Briggle has a look of optimism. Instructors Reveal Their Outside Interests MR. RICHARD HONNER is the instructor for Boys' Physical Education, Health, and Drivers, Edu- cation. He is the head basketball and cross-country coach. Mr. Honner likes to travel around the country to various tournaments and last year he attended the Los Angeles Basketball Classic. Another addition to the faculty this year is MISS NEDRA BRUCGEMAN. She is the instructor for Girls' Physical Education and the advisor to the C-.A.A. and cheerleaders. Dabbling in art, swimming, and bowling are her hobbies. Miss Bruggeman is a lifeguard at a state park in the summertime. American History is taught by MR. DAVID MILLER. Mr. Miller is the head bowling and track coach and the school athletic director. He assists the senior class in all duties since he is one of their advisors. Mr. Miller enjoys steak and good music. MISS MAY BLAUSEY, who is not pictured, teaches World History and American Government. Her senior government class made a thorough research on the subject of crime. Both Miss Blausey's and Mr. Hitchenls government classes visited Port Clinton to see their county govern- ment in action. Soc. Studies, Phys. Ed. Complete the Curriculum BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION is divided into several seasonal areas-in the fall soccer and tap footballg in the winter volleyball, basketball, and tumblingg in the spring wiflleball and softball. Every boy has the chance to demonstrate his physical capabilities in the Marine Physical Fitness Test. GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION encompasses soccer, basketball, folk dancing, tumbling, kickball, softball, and volleyball. Bowling was added to their curriculum for the first time this year. HEALTH enables many students to become familiar with the intricately designed networks of the body. Rules governing correct dieting and good grooming are also studied. WORLD HISTORY outlines the trends of civiliza- tion from prehistoric man to the present day. Stu- dents become familiar with the successes and failures of former generations. AMERICAN HISTORY un- folds the cornerstones upon which this country was founded and the patriotic heritage which defended those cornerstones. Seniors develop the concepts of democracy in action in AMERICAN GOVERNMENT. In addition to the regular text, the students debate on such problems as Vietnam, Crime, and Water Pollution. David Miller Inspecting judicial records at the County Court House are seniors, Lyle Shilfert and Derly Palacios OFFICE WORKERS: Marsha Harrison, Chris Leppert, and Helen Spasoit. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING SECRETARY: Linda Lobdell. Smiling Faces Greet thee Visitors The administration and high school secretaries proved themselves capable of running eiiicient offices. With the numerous phone calls, scheduling problems, abundant paperwork, and odd errands, they are kept busy every minute of the school day. Miss Lynette Hoeft is the secretary to the high school principal and the guidance counselors. Some of her duties are assisting the athletic director in preparing state forms and eligibility sheets for athletes, entering all perti- nent information on student records, taking care of all banking for the high school, handling the activity funds, and acting as a receptionist for the students and public. The othce workers assist Miss Hoeft during their study hall periods, Mrs. Linda Lobdell, secretary to the superintendent and Clerk of the Board of Education, types the monthly newsletter, purchases items for the school, and keeps notes of Board meetings. These secretarial duties are greatly appreciated. .Kathy HIGH SCHOOL SECRETARY: Lynette Hoeft. CAFETERIA WVORKERS: FRONT ROYV: S. Rudes, E. Kern. Peer, P. Sampscl, C. Lloyd, L. Rewoldt. N. Richards, B. Haack, S. K. Archibald, I. Trcjo, D. Bloomfield, C. Pierce, j. Archibald, M. Rcwoltlt, j. Ackerman, K. Ackerman, D. Skilcs, Bagley, J. VVicl- Lopez, V. Valliant. ROW 2: C. Murray, P. Calhoun. L. Bagley, B. mer, A. Ochoa, K. Potridgc, C. Pratt. School Personnel Furnish Necessary Services The CUSTODIANS have worked hard all year to keep Genoa High School looking at its best and run- ning smoothly. The students should always exemplify pride in their school by cooperating with the custo- dians to keep it clean. The COOKS, again this year, are to be commended for the tasty lunches which they serve. Lunch time has been a favorite period of the students for years and with the wholesome food which Genoas cooks prepare, it is sure to remain a favorite period of the clay. The cooks are assisted by several student cashiers and cafeteria workers. MRS. SANDRA MEEKER is the speech and hearing therapist for the Genoa Area Schools. She is also the advisor to the Dramatics Club. COOKS: M. Placko, j. Swartz, j. Lusk, B. Strohscher. CUSTODIANS: L. Wyatt, P. Gaul, R. Schimming Sandra Meeker w is 1 . it "Kas n ii . SPGRT 735. ,V .35 ' ass 1, Lf' a 'WJ 8 ffl -'n x W if I m Jaw m HL 1 Q N UM xi ww A Ggsggpaaaa? 11. Z2 ,rg,:?sEfgx-xmas ,X N' -1' ,ig w wwf M -ml VARSITY AND RESERVES: FRONT ROW: R. Betancourtg C. Schnabelg C. Kusncrg J. Riccg j. Lewis: C. Colemang j. Harbal D. Moritzg G. XVendg Mgr. M. Chambers. ROVV 2: Coach Fire- stoneg j. Lloydg j. Baycrg B. Dipmang C. Bowlandg B. Laug B. Wagonerg D. Hustong D. Mathewsg C. Vogelpohlg B. Feckleyg M. Yentzerg Coach Oberhaus. HOW 3: G. Spauldingg J. Stigerg T. Z Harbalg B. Fletcherg C. Kocisg B. Ackermang J. Heismani L. Har- sanjeg L. Kazakg B. Kinselg R. Kalmbachg Coach Baird. ROVV 4: Mgr. M. Padgettg P. johnsonq R. Buehlerg j. Fletcherg j. Pinkertong B. Vogelpohlg B. Geldineg T. Lorenzeng D. Heilmang J. Dunng R. Andaverdeg Mgr. QI. Powers. The team's actions on the field are being observed by Coaches Hitchen and Fire- stone. iwwmwewe 's" iwmmmesisw 'R Ssik win .Y Rebuilding job Accomplished Early Few lettermen were returning in the 1967 season which meant a lack of experience for the Genoa Comets. Rebuilding was thought to be the word describing the gridders. The season started with a 1-1 record. In their third game, the Comet uCom- binationu upset the favored Springheld Devils in a 34-20 victory. Conditions of snow, rain, and bitter cold, monopolizing much of the season, made team and band performances along with school participa- tion difficult at times. A 40-0 victory over Elmwood added an extra thrill to Homecoming festivities. At mid season, the Comets were tied with Rossford for the league championship. Losing by only eight points to the Perrysburg Yellow jackets who were later to finish first in the Northern Lakes League CNLLD, was a hard blow for Genoa. Chick Coleman explains the opponents' defensive weaknesses to both coaches. FRONT ROVV: D. Hustong D. Crosjeang 1. Kalmbachg M. Petersg Shields: j. Lachg D. Servissg D. Clere: Coach Baird. ROW 3: M. Pinson. ROW 2: Mgr. N. Bowerg S. Colving j. Heilmang M. R. Dunng M. Dreierg j. Teetg T. Goodemang M. Haackg N. Oster. . l 4 Team members look on as john Harbal dodges both his opponent and the boundary line. Guard Dick Huston leads the way only to have halfback Cordie Wend fall. An important part of football is the "chalk talk.' Comet Gridders Surprise Many The Comets ended their league season in a 14-O victory over Lake during a freezing rain. Climaxing the 1967 season for Cenoais eleven was a non league loss to Oak Harbor by 20-8. Oak Harbor received the Celestial Ball for the Hrst time since its origin three years ago. A 6-4 record along with a third place league position made this year a victorious one. Seniors, led by co-captain jeff Rice and john Lewis, provided much leadership for the '67 squad. The disadvantage of inexperience did not plague the Comets but instead gave them the incentive to proye their strength and experience which they will use next year. Approximately eight lettermen will be returning both offensively and defensively for the 1968 season, giving the Comets high hopes for the future. li ,1 if 44' W, siiwiif ,wfzisfi-Li'21,, Lam , ,w H5233 ii 1 I 9 - an W2 Y 4 ggi 1 3 'daff . 1 'f :xxx i si X 'LSR-Tv I - 67131 . WSE . L, iiiz, .. Nl. ,Jez . --'Lf5ii,, .. .,'V siiisfsiifii .., .351 ' ,fiafiisii --1.:fxx:- 1 fs.-if xx xx-,g yx .-,kiwi mxlxfx- nw A , E..-:imp Wm- xx Wig 155335, 2 , ,gim gil ,, ig ,f,if5gf-- rd 'VFP 5 -xg ' M 1i, Z 5 i Z , 'W . f , b g m W' yMgx x - I X X' h xx 51 2? Xfsxxs' Z I - 41 qr !45 335 x43 f2.1 f as ., E an ig .fx , 9 x ' vi . xi . x fix ' MQ Nix , jsvig EEA x ,T : , ix xx xr xx xox 31 25 23 13 fx iig. tr-Us-E ff- I I 2 I W I ,EE Av - ,Ii "'N' . '- V ':: . ..- . U . T A ' 5 ' 'iff' Dm- x ' ' : - ,Q Lg, Q 3, xxx 2 I i: 4ii Zi . , A , . Q Q xmxgsgreff S 1:5322 ,fy X ,.::5:::5:5:.-gg h -1: ,. if WE, . ,, , - V .4 - "x x, , xx xx xx xx 5 si xxxxx .1 x xxx F , fx, 351' xxx ,rx gp 1 E C x. ffw? fn ,A use S 3 LX Z Y V? I I Eg hw Q X 35 J xx? x 'Hn 2 91 -Q 1 N !V-, . QiiX,SKETBAIfTl scoREi55AR.D wgseszisi VJ we " vggsgg.. H "sr:1es217" ,-1 .war w Q. M" g -WD. ge.ssfx.fiQIS? 2 1 H' CX' Eglin? W..wUfi 1,Wf.21:f:smnn:f , Q ' '..m.. Q ,'L5 W M5g5fSis5gfz1sgw:M My .Vu L.,,L.. ,N T T 1 H gszsfasfss iN .. "MM ' 'W Y. .uw ffm- . ' is , , A W .uw U55 ez ?i Exzi EoE ff Elmwood - 76? Y Elmore 61: 71 1: 1 ++ N WH P6 qiurg T' ' ' igz 62 ' ' Harbor 62 34 LQQRQIS- 4 712 -.ff X- , W !w ! N M ' kei q? T spriiiaeld :GTI 76 Y, T Frogont Sf. - .61 64 , fig? 1- .1 V2 67 ,355 mx. um E, . , Roggford . 48 GSE Sandusky 1 d h k h b H f b k y To . . l , I - ' r 7235? i wg... fm: , , , - D011 Drummond Sl'lONVS CteI'ITlln21tlOl'l dS CXVOI' st 8 J ln OTA 35 Ct. V , E- RESERVE BASKETBALL: T. VVeis, B. Vogelpohl, j. ter, j. Fletcher, T. Weis, B. Vogelpohl, -I. Lowe, Coach Lowe, Coach R. Shaneck, B. Brown, j. Kusian, S. Schus- Hitchen, Mgr. B. Richards. 33 sd- Manager Mike Padgett bandages the broken nose of Tony Lorenzon Reserves and Freshmen Show Desire to Win The Reserve basketball team had a winning season of eleven wins and seven losses. They scrimmaged with the Varsity and earned valuable experience to help the team in the coming year. The all sophomore team was led by high scorers Randy Shaneck and Tim Weis. The Reserves traveled with the Varsity to see a college game between Defiance and Heidelberg. Coach Hitchen was proud of his hard-working team. The small Freshman team ended the season with a record of five wins and ten losses. Although the team was little, they were filled with hustle and de- termination to win. In the Anthony Wayne game they trailed by 17-0 at the end of the first quarter but battled back to win 34 to The freshman team finished fourth in the NLL tournament. An Eastwood player tries m vain to block Dan Mathews' shot. one ofthe Comets many injuries. Coming down with the rebound is Bill Ackerman. john Heisman's long reach gets tip for Comets. During time out, Coach Honnor maps out strategy on floor as Dan Mathews and Tony Lorenzon look on. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW: R. Brossiu, B. T. Goodeman, D. Alt, D. Clere, M. Shields, I. Helle, Coach Smith, E. Sanchez, J. Mominee, S. Ramirez, B. Brooks, ROW 2: Mericle. Mgr. M. Fahle, N. Bower, D. Spafford, B. Werner, 1. Heilman, "Y-LT""'T-L 1 ' W ,, - 7' 1 i ri LCM-1 . 252 Bruce Moritz with the best bowling average shows proper form for the follow-through. BOWLING TEAMS: RED TEAM: FRONT ROW: 1. scaggs, J. Vine, j. Lewis. ROW 2: j. Rice, L. Sampsel, C. Hartwig, M. Haack. Interest Increases in Bowling and Wrestling Although the BOWLING TEAMS did not have a winning season, they represented Genoa High School well by their display of good sportsmanship. Holding the top individual average for the Reds was Carl Hartwig and for the VVhites, Bruce Moritz. They were coached by Mr. Miller. Genoa High School's WRESTLING TEAM, coach- ed by Mr. Oberhaus, had a season record of two wins and eight losses. They proved to be better, however, by placing fourth in the Northwood Invitational Tournament and fifth in the Northern Lakes League Tournament. This year's team was composed mostly of freshmen and sophomores, losing only two seniors. Rick Andeverde and Mike Braddock took champion- ships in their weight class at the Northwood Invita- tional Tournament. Rick Andeverde was also voted by his team members as the Most Valuable Wres- tler of the Year. WHITE TEAIVI: FRONT ROW: B. Moritz, D. Martin, B. Martin. ROW 2: S. Varga, H. Swartz, L. Fowler, Coach Mr. Miller. WRESTLING TEAM: FRONT ROW: Co-Capt, R. Andeverdeg Kalmbach, M. Drier, B. Wagoner, D. Fielding, j. Spitler, B. Fahle G, Parsil, M. Braddock, Co-Capt. A. Womackg C. Cisneros, j. G.Spaulding. Lach, C. McAllister. ROVV 2: Coach, Mr. Oherhuusg j, VValker, j. Mike Braddock sets up a take down against one of his toughest opponents of the year. Rick Andeverde wins one of his fourteen victories of the year. 37 VARSITY TRACK SQUAD: FRONT ROW: M. Chambers, M. Braddock, R. Tapia, M. Moeller, C. Kusner, R, Andaverde, J. Bayer, D. Smith, A. Womack, E. Braddock. ROW 2: Mgr. N. Collum, B. Wagner, T. Zalesak, B. Clere, J. Kusian, R. Buehler, Cornet Thinclads Have Mediocre Season in 368 The Genoa High School track squad broke even in the win-loss column for dual meets with a 4-4 record. With all the former greats gone, and the re- turn of only four lettermen, many vacancies had to be filled by underclassmen. Four seniors provided the leadership and incentive for the rest ofthe squad. The cindermen suffered defeat to Rossford 90-37, Anthony Wayne 87-40, Maumee 871f2-39112, and Perrysburg 81-46. They defeated Springfield 81-46, Elmwood 102-25, Eastwood 75-52, and Lake 73-54. The Comets also lost in a tri-meet to Oak Harbor and Fostoria St. Wendlin. The squad took a third place in the Ottawa County Meet finish- ing behind Oak Harbor and Elmore. The returning talented sophomores and juniors together with a successful freshmen team should highlight the next year's season. T. Fisher, R. Haddix, D. Colvin, P. johnson. ROW 3: Coach Miller I. Spitler, C. Bowland, L.. Kozak, N. Ammons, L. Harsanje, J. Lowe j. Heisman, C. Kocis, B. Kinsel, B. Geldine, j. Fletcher, D. Pala- cios, Asst. Coach Mericle. Bruce Geldine reaches the tape with a strong finish. Y w jerry Spitler shows strength and agility as he heaves the discus. FRESHMEN TRACK SQUAD: FRONT ROW: B, Brooks D ROW3 Coach Mencle C Cordon J Lach T Goddeman C Aus Grosjean, G. Parsil, S. Colvin, J. Rudes. ROW 2: Mgr. D. Wetzel tm D CILTG B Rohloff Mgr B N0lte E. Sanchez, D. Spatford, I. Kalmbach, B. Shields, N. Oster, I Helle Medalist Bill Brown lines up his shot to tee off. Golf, Cross Countryrnen Promise Bright Future The CROSS COUNTRY TEAM this year finished their season with a record of four wins, five losses, and one tie. In the League Cross Country Meet, Dan Fork finished in fourth place and Ed Braddock in sixth. These two boys advanced to the District Meet where Ed Braddock placed seventh. The top scorer for the team was voted by the squad as Most Valu- able Player. This was Ed Braddock. Mr. Honner was the coach. This yearis GOLF TEAM, coached by Mr. Blum, held all but three of its matches at Chippewa Golf Course. The teams had a record of three wins and five losses. Bill Brown was four times a medalist for Genoa's team. As a sophomore this year, Bill will have two more years of golf at Genoa High School. Only one senior, Larry Sampsel, will not be returning to next year's team. The experience should prove to be an asset to next year's golf squad. GOLF TEAM: j. Vine, B. Brown, D. Martin, D. Fork, C. Shields, T. Weis, S. Varga, L. Sampsel, R. Martin, M. Padgett. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: FRONT ROW: S. Shuster, L. Sampsel, E. Braddock, D. Martin, S. Ramirez, ROW 2: D. Fork, R. Shaneck, R. Martin, A. Womack, E. Sanchez, R. Tapia. V"ff' f. L ii-iff? T 5.15 21? W W : '.,4iiLWH .'.?'rL"-fi' ,ri . -:Q 1-:Mme at , :visit -- rx. 544 A " 1 aria , A. -. . 1'-Teas 9-4.13.-..2 4. 5 - W- +5 " 'Tf.."7'-17 Q. Q f xffpnw g g3i1Y...M..,:.' 5 f4- -H. 'N ' wb-,. t . vA .-Agx--Z " . ,v ' f Eqniygw SQL ' 'L-41 , ' .RAY-A. "ff-.Lf y, -.5 ' -+1 ff.. 4 -:"'12.if0e -1 H" i'? " fi1. 'Q T il? rw wi . 25 f ,, .. ,,,...,g I it V .. .1 , .. V. 1. , i f gfbiyiairwfi2is5::i5.i..1iv'P2i-A .agar :gl j 'Lgifvf 'A .pi 4.5.-., 2: 11 waffiggiffiga, A r x g s?Qm R ' .. - ri. I I Q2 X 'A '. SWE: ,J-fja . - EES , fi:-'i' Q " ' ra. g- J - .,., -YL-4,,,,N ROW 3: Coach Honner, I. Kusian, D. Wilka, A. Krueger, D. Drummond, T. Weis, R. Briggle, H. Routson. Top three runners, Al Womack, Dan Fork, and Ed Braddock, condition themselves foa a meet ii.. . Q-,,..,m 4 If 'w ' 1. 41 VARSITY AND RESERVE BASEBALL TEAMS: FRONT ROW: A. Williams, W. Scaggs, j. Walker, R. Brossia, D. Huston, R. Shan eck, j. Rice j Lewis, C Brooks L. Kellev S ur eon A. Sca s. , - - , .. J- P g . gg ROW 2: Coach Baird, D. Heilman, G. Wendt, B. Hagarty, J. Heil Coach Baird ponders strategy for Comet baseballers. man, M. Yentzer, B. Wagoner, D. Moritz, I. Harbal, B. Moritz B. Ackerman, T. VanNess, R. Briggle, D. Mathews, R. Swartz Coach Oberhaus. BQ? sez 1 W ii The players calmly await the start of the game. Catcher for the Comets, Rick Briggle, waits for the pitch during pre- game. Dennis Moritz only has thoughts of a Comet victory. :H Cheering their teammates on are Rick Briggle and John Harbal Puzzling Season Spring brought with it the start of baseball. Al- though this sport is a newer one at Genoa, its popu- larity is increasing. A number of players, Dan Mat- hews, john I-Iarbal, JeH: Rice, and john Lewis, return- ed to the Varsity squad. The team lost their first game to Elmwood 1-0 but came back strongly to win against Lake 12-5, Rossford 6-4, Fremont Ross 6-4, Port Clinton 3-0, and Elmwood 10-0. Their winning streak ended suddenly when they lost their tournament game to Woodward High School 10-0 on a very cold afternoon. The Comets continued their slump losing to Cardinal Stritch 6-1, Piossford 8-0, Eastwood 5-4, Lake 5-3, Maumee 5-0, Start 7-0, Port Clinton 3-2, Eastwood 5-2, and Perrysburg 7-0. Mr. Baird was the Varsity coach and Mr. Oberhaus, the Reserves, who Finished the season with a 4-3 record. all VARSITY AND RESERVE CHEERLEADERS: Gretchen Peer, janet Widmer, Lois Smith, Sue Diekman, Karen Sander, julie Bertok, Carol Brooks, Sharon Albright. Cheerleaders Add Spirit to Sports Following preliminary and final tryouts, eight girls were chosen cheerleaders. Four were on the Varsity and four on the reserves. During the summer, practices were held every week to get ready for foot- ball season. Three girls, janet Widmer, Sue Diekman, and Gretchen Peer, attended camp in Michigan. They brought back many new ideas for cheers, songs, and pep meets. Also, the cheerleaders were awarded a blue ribbon at a one-day clinic at Lake Seneca. They earned the ribbon by showing the most spirit while performing their cheer. With the start of school came practices twice a week, the fun of planning a pep meet, and the excite- ment of the coming game. During basketball season, a pep club was started. They were taught the new cheers and songs by the cheerleaders. The squads learned mounts to use in their cheers, performed skits, and did a pom pom routine. The cheerleaders worked hard and tried to keep up the schoolis spirit. The spirit which the squads helped produce made the season a beneficial one. Captain of the cheerleaders, Karen Sander, places the blue ribbon they won ata cheerleading clinic in the trophy case. Lois Smith, Sue Diekman, and Sharon Albright practice for the cheerleaders' pom pom routine. Gretchen Peer and janet Widmer urge the crowd to yell with them. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: FRONT ROW: Denise Carey. ROW 2: Rhonda Hueft, Kaye Clark. ROW 3: joAnne Schell, Varsity cheerleaders julie Bertok, janet VViclmer, and Carol Brooks present the prize chicken to the fans at the basketball game. 45 'E Qi ACTIVE-Ti :ap if fi as HOMECOMINC COURT: SEATED: Carol Brooks, Karen San- der, Debi Gaul, 1966 Homecoming Queen Susie Stein, Barb Sutter, Gail Porter. STANDING: Dee Troknya, Linda Fisher, Royalty Reigns in the Hiuand of Gzi' With the start of school came the nomination of fifteen girls by the various clubs and organizations for football homecoming queen. Pictures were taken and decorating began. Excitement increased each day. Finally, after a week of campaigning came the big moment. Each candidate was escorted along the yellow brick road to her place in Emerald City. The tension mounted as the four attendants were an- nounced, and then-"Our 1967 football homecoming queen, Miss Debi Gaul!" This was just the beginning ofa beautiful fairy tale forthe queen and her court. X AY, 1 Q . 'f,C4gg5.f 7-1 ...mmf Va.a,vH3f5s , ,aa wet-5 - ff , . it .ii ii. f .. 'maestro Egiu NS? 1 fu , gif, , 5' Diane Grahl, Sandy Scott, Nancy Richards, jean Turnow, Diane Sander, Randi Ross, Jennie Plantz, Nancy johnson. Diane Crahl and Bill Ackerman follow the yellow brick road to be seated with the court in Emerald City. H QT! , ik ATTENDANTS Carol Brooks Gail Porter Karen Sander Barb Sutter , MSW 11255233-:JAKI H Wig' ' Q QUEEN DEBI CAUL Grid Team Pleases Queen with Smashing Victory The homecoming night began with the parade down Genoa's Main Street to the football Held. Each girl rode in a car decorated to her fairy tale. Art Club was first, F.B.L.A. second, and Varsity Club third in the Best Decorated Car Contest. After arriv- ing at the football stadium, the queen and her court walked across the Held with their escorts to their special seats as the band played "Sweetheart of Sig- ma Chif' During the halftime ceremonies the queen was presented the traveling trophy from the Alumni by last yearls queen, Susie Stein. The C.A.A. pre- sented the queen her own personal trophy. To add to these happy and memorable moments was a Comet 40-0 victory over the Elmwood Royals. Climaxing this "dream-come-true" was a dance held the fol- lowing night in honor of the queen and her court. There are no witches on Gail Porter's mind as The Wizard of O2 answers Debi Caul's dreams as Chris Vogelpohl guides her to the throne. john Lewis escorts her into "The Land of Oz." Randi Ross rides in the Varsity Club's prize winning car. I jx .v' it we Three members of the queens court: Diane Sander, Randi Ross, and Sandy Scott join in singing the Alma Mater. -Ei vo 3 The court's spirit is aroused as the Comets near the goal line. During the pregame homecoming ceremonies joel Pinkerton escorts Linda Fisher across the field. N I ,fx 3' ws 51 Classes Present Successful Plays The junior class presented the play, "The Skeleton Walks." The action begins when Elaine Blair, Mary Ann Clark, comes to see the home she inherited from her uncle. She finds the very strange and mys- terious Dr. Fersig, Martin Matyas, The doctor does everything he can to scare Elaine and her family away since he is really a thief. Things finally calm down when the police come to arrest Dr. Fersig and inform Elaine that the house is rightfully hers. Direc- tor for the play was Mr. Charles johnson. "The Egg and In was the production performed by the Senior class. It was a comedy story about a city family who moved into the country. Their house lacked electricity, running water, and a bathroom. The play portrayed the MacDonald family's struggle to make their egg farm work. Miss johnson was ad- visor for this play. john Vine, a detective disguised as a woman, save s Micky Wolcott a deaf and dumb boy, from the ax of Martin Matyas. ,IUNIOR PLAY CAST: FRONT ROW: B. Mandell, M. Wheeler! M. Clark, C. Shields, M. Matyas, j. johnson, A. Wood, M. Wolcott R. Eckerman, Mr. johnson. ROW 2: Student Director P. Wescotte, J. Vine. fs. e H TQ - .-.-J .' .r 'lj' J- i' 1 4 1: it 'gn F uv 'af X -. ww 4 ' g w M W wQQ.lgy'1 ,,,. W ' ali 5. ' 'Tii' . H ,rn ,,,1 f """"ff'f17"'x1.ff Eff 3 f NW 1 Es 1 1 X if ig , - -3 if H ,L 1. X .- ? , 'qfvvy X' ix' 1 1 I, I ,- it A LM. , L 'fmt ' - 1 ' E N if 'WW -5-ur .431 -.1-f. af. ., 1 1 ,..,, CAA Spends Christmas Evening in the Alps The 1967 C.A.A. Christmas formal was held on December 16 in the high school cafeteria. The senior G.A.A. members were in charge of decorations. To carry out the theme 'iChristmas Evening in the Alpsi' one whole wall was a mural of a Swiss Chalet, and another was snowcapped mountains. In a corner was a sleigh amidst Christmas trees decorated in blue lights and covered with snow. Good Ole St. Nick made his regular appearance yelling good cheer and bringing gifts for everyone. Music was provided for the formal by the Don DeCamp Quintet. Refreshments, served by the eighth grade cheerleaders, consisted of tea sandwiches, dainty Christmas cookies, and punch. The C.A.A. formal was a new experience for the freshman members and a last but memorable one for the seniors. Student couples take time out from dancing to relax. 1 I 4, an . E ff , 3 , I 1 .A- 1: xr . 1 qv Y, gil! . ,Aw v, ,. f , 1 4 5 " ,,jj,,,gg, v E' , , , Y . I X 1 W5 3 diem' N X iff? , ,, K 5. L'55f?Y23'Pa5?G Q swm:7gv1,,,, ,E Qi ami mf. Sgffwz.. we . 'fsimsfs-' ' ,Mfr V X ' wi L ilffifllf , wx ,M-.N ,gy Y-JN, K 134. 'fx . . Q vL ' rw 'N .5955 L. . ,A ' H1' t , at r' .. ' ' 4 - .f-" 15' .- , 5 H' 'ffiw , ' Q -SWL Q . .fff ' Q V . N W . 5 ff ' 1 , f H 5 Q y Ax P K -L ff ' C .. bf'-Q QUEEN BARBARA SUTTER Homecoming Brings Happy Memories Miss Barbara Sutter reigned as Genoa High School's Basketball Homecoming Queen at the January 19th game. Until the halftime presentation of the court everyone was in suspense to know their 1968 queen. Previous to this evening each class chose the follow- ing girl to represent them as a queen attendant: Freshman, Sue Leppertg Sophomore, Karen Briggle, and Junior, Chris Leppert. Three seniors,Barb Sutter, Gail Porter, and Karen Sander were elected by their class. It was from these three that the basketball team picked their queen. When the girls were escorted onto the basketball floor, the anxiety increased. Then came the announce- ment of our 1968 basketball homecoming queen. The gym was filled with cheers and tears for their new queen. Barb Sutter was crowned by her escort, Howie Routson. The Key Club then presented her with a personal trophy. Following the game was a dance honoring the queen and her court, This evening was planned by the Student Council. Senior Attendants Gail Porter Karen Sander junior Attendant: Chris Leppert Sophomore Attendant: Karen Briggle Freshman Attendant Sue Leppert After being crowned queen, Barb Sutter receives traditional kiss from her escort, Howie Routson. Student Council representative, lane Ackerman, pins on Chris Lepperfs corsage while Dennis Latham holds the queen's crown. , . ' . Bill Ackerman and janet Kozak reign as Limelight King and Queen. Staging a sit-in at the sock hop are Ed Braddock, john Lewis, Gil Cisneros, Chick Coleman, and jeff Rice. Banquets and Dances Highlighted the Year The guidance department held a Back-to-School Dance the first weekend in September so that all students could make or renew acquaintances after the summertime lull. A Penny Hop, sponsored by the Limelight Staff, was held Saturday, january 6, 1968, to secure funds for the yearbook. In addition to the dance, a campaign was held the preceding week to choose a Limelight King and Queen. A Psychedelic Sock Hop was sponsored by the Art Club in February of this year. With Hower power, shades, bright colors, and strobe lights fluttering to the music of Bounty Hunters, the sock hop produced a real sensation among the spectators. The Spanish Club hosted a Barn Dance in mid April. The featured attraction of the night was a battle of the bands. All athletes were honored at an All Sports Banquet in May. Awards were given to the best athletes of the year. Varsity Club, Band, and FBLA held their banquets in the spring to honor their members, especially the hard working seniors who were leaving. 5 N40 i Ea 'K f i l awd Placing themselves in a frenzied mood at the Psychedelic Dance are Becky Peer, Cary Brooks, and Carol Tan lc. Mr, Eash is presenting Gary Roecker with this year's trophy for being the most valuable band member. Athletes of the year, Al Womack and Dan Mathews, receive their trophies from Coach Oberhaus. 59 Cathy Gates receives helping hand from escort, Dave Norwalk, as they arrive at the prom. Couples Creg Kusner and Randi Rossg Rick Shields and Cathi Briggle look over their traditional senior wills. HTahitian Holidayn Sets a Festive Mood A white sandy beach with colorful palm trees and seashells, a treasure chest filled with souvenirs, the moonlit but mystical tiki idol, and tropical fishing huts are the memories cherished by all who attended the 1968 IUNIUR-SENIOR PROM, HTallitian Holiday Beginning the largest social event of the year was a smorgasbord held in the cafeteria which was gaily decorated in a South Sea Island setting. After dinner, the couples viewed the gymnasium which had been transformed into a Tahitian Paradise. Several natives greeted the couples and presented them with tradi- tional leis of friendship and souvenirs recovered from an ancient shipwrecked galley. The Sophomore servers performed an authentic Tahitian dance. A hula dance and a magic show completed the eveningis entertainment. After-prom festivities were a movie, "To Sir With Loveu and a party which lasted into the wee hours of the morning. Prom night will reign in many hearts for years to come. Sophomore servers portray Tahitian natives. gg 1' 'D ' A5 f W , U5-+-3 f P-N' ., L' ai-3, ' H. CEU ,Q .iam ", 1 X v4 ,A If -at , i . 93211 M 'veil WN j., . .I WA 95 Q., 0, A 53 . ,, , , If ' - V ,. 1,5-Rf, ax ' T n . 1 n 1 f,., Y , K l X. fi ! - ga S11 W , ,. ,," va 1' EQ' VA' ,LV 1 .pm +5349 . Q3 f S - " . ri- ,, N6 Accompanied by the band Dennis Latham narrates part of a speech by Douglas MacArthur entitled U Duty, Honor, Countryfy Mr. Hitchen, senior class advisor, helps Laura McCormick adjust the gold commencement band on her tassel. ' . ,aw A New Beginning on the Long Road Ahead Commencement Exercises were held in the high school gymnasium on Thursday, june 6, 1968. This was truly the "D-Day" because it launched 108 sen- iors out into a rough competitive world where they will have to struggle along life's road to make their place in society. Dr. Laurence Hall from Perrysburg, Ohio, was the principal speaker for the evening. He urged the members of the graduating class not to be disillusioned by the actions of our society today but rather make our own decisions and follow through with them. On the preceding Sunday, june 2, 1968, Reverend Robert Hartenfeld addressed the class at the Baccalaureate Service on "Stay Awake, Stay Alive." Commencement may arouse mixed emotions but it also brings a greater responsibility for the graduates to face the future with an earnest desire to succeed. ' " . gi ..,.. Q- M: W f 1.5 x-gm M. k. M N ,f-will C- :J ' N 'EW X X 4 w mg H Y , 1 Lis , ,K ,. 3 2 1' 3,3 I , :2fg5511,,55:f1ggas1my .QW ,. ,W , L L qv-07" Q... E., 1.-..- URCANIZATIUNSLT- I lk Band Rates Superior for Second Year This year was a wonderful and exciting one for the CENOA HIGH SCHOOL BAND. They wore their new uniforms for the first time. The band got a supe- rior rating at district competition in Clyde. To add to this thrill, the band traveled to state competition in Columbus and returned home with a one rating. They were greeted by parents and friends upon their arrival back at the school. The proud band was led on a parade through Genoa to complete the excitement of the day. The band banquet, held late in May, was a huge success. Everyone had a good time square dancing. Awards were given to outstanding band members of each class. Gary Roecker was voted the most valuable band member of 1968. On Memorial Day the band played and marched in the surrounding area. In ad- dition to holding their regular fall and spring con- certs, the band members aided their parents in raising money through a. card party and a rummage sale to help pay forthe uniforms. Many members of the band are also a part of the ORCHESTRA, which is directed by Mr. Zimmer- man. This year the orchestra held its own spring con- cert. Brenda Haack practices her flute for a band concert. . M- ORCHESTRA: FRONT BOW: C. Miller, M. Fletcher, B. Boland- er, B. johnson, C. Porter, N. Scott, S. Bailey, C. Schimniel, C Dille, D. Hells. ROW 2: M. Hellman, E, I-Iurdelhrink, B. Wanner, M. Chambers, C. Peer, j. Baker. ROW 3: D. Latham, D. Fielding CONCERT BAND: FRONT ROW: C. Leppert, J. Challin, G. Porter, B. Johnson, B. Haack, C. Brooks, D. Sieving, C. Tank, P. NVescotte, C. Roecker, J. Schmidt, D. Powers, C. Spitler. ROW 2: M. Chambers, N. Vogtsberger, N. johnson, L. Smith, N. Scott, S. Bailey, C. Ammons, H. Lorenzon, A. Wood, S. Porter, S. Leppert, S. Purtee, j. Baker, C. Peer, M. Cottrell, M. Fahle, B. Bolander, C. VVitt. ROW 3: j. Rombach, M. Clark C. Sheldon, S. Bowyer, P. Layman, T. Schulte, D. Haar, A. Vogtsberger, D. Sander, j. Rice, B. Wanner, D. Wilka, j. Bow- er, C. Weseman, D. Dunn, N. Chaliin, J. Mireles, T. Lorenzon, L. Harsanje, D. Troknya, M. VVheeler, A. Stagner, T. Van- Nless, N. Lindsey, C. Sheilds. ROW 4: V. Wagoner, M. Mc- Master, E. Matyas, j. Kozak, N. Waldenga, A. Colyer, D. Denn, D. Moritz, R. Rice, D. Blausey, M. Niehausmeyer, P. Champion, I. johnson, B. Miller, B. Lau, J. Bertok, T. Best, D. Alt, M. Wilhelm, D. Dunn, N. Ammons, j. Widmer, G. Roecker, M. Green, N. Oster, I. Spurgeon, A. Williams, B. Oberhaus, P. Shessler, j. Browning, F. Kruse, J. Widmer. ROW 5: T. Cerkensmeyer, I. Lewis, L. Stevens, D. Latham, J. Har- bal, B. Richards, B. Ackerman, D. Fielding, B. Kinsel, Mr. Eash, R. Browning, B. Nolte, M. Chambers, C. Coleman. T. Cerkensmeyer, S. Leppert, A. Wood, H. Lorenzon, j. Bower, C. Weseman, D. Dunn, I. Widmer, j. Browning, P. Shessler, R. Browning, G. Roecker, M. Haack, ROW 4: D. Drummond, j. Fletcher, Mr. Zimmerman. .an-nL.., , -- --" - +3 - - --QYLP-if - ' .3 'AYM-14? i " '7is3?e'5-4 Wiatr - 1' ' .,. ,H ewrkelr ,W . no gl ' Q :iii iidi.. l t . 33.i5i5rg5 I Band director, Mr. Eash, awaits hopefully the scoring of extra points. Stevens, D, Fielding, B. Bolander, C. Shields, B. Haack, M. Cham- bers, N. Lindsey, j. Kozak. 1 Y l l MAIOBETTES: Bonnie Spurgeon, Head Majoretteg Karen Fowler, Nancy Lindsey, Dmm Majoretteg Alice Stagner, Marianne Cottrell. ll Jim Browning, Nancy Lindsey, and jackie Widmer rated superiors at solo and ensemble competition. Band Encourages Extra Student Participation The PEP BAND performed at pep meetings and at basketball games. Members practiced during and before school. The leader was Cary Roecker. The MAIORETTES practiced hard over the summer holding practices two or three times a week, to be ready for football season. Nancy Lindsey, as drum majorette, and Bonnie Spurgeon, as head majorette, were capable and qualified leaders. During one foot- balllngame the two of them twirled fire batons. All the majorettes performed in a pom pom routine and a two baton routine. The majorettes were truly an entertaining and attractive part of the pregame and halftime ceremonies. In March at Port Clinton Genoa was very success- ful in SOLO AND ENSEMBLE COMPETITION. Receiving ones were six soloists, two clarinet trios, and a trumpet quartet. 7 Vocal Talent inspires Seasonal Interest Under the direction of Mr. Gruenke the Genoa High School Advanced and Beginning Choruses pre- sented concerts in the fall, the winter, and the spring. They performed before the student body assemblies throughout the year. Carol Weseman, john Lewis, and Carol Brooks, with the Mixed Ensemble, com- peted in March at the District-State Solo and En- semble Competition held at Port Clinton. The entire chorus received an excellent rating at District Corn- petition at Clyde. A Senior Ensemble composed of Senior chorus members sang two selections for Bac- calaureate. The Beginning Chorus then joined the Advanced Chorus to perform two other numbers. The Choruses and Mr. Gruenke both deserved much Commendation for a fine year. ADVANCED CHORUS: FRONT ROW: Director, Mr. Greunke, K. Fowler, C. Brooks, L. Fisher, D. Crahl, L. Smith, C. Cates, N. Hurdelbrink, C. Weseman, J. Widmer, C. Peer, ROW 2: N. Scott, M. Vogelpohl, M. Clark, S. Diekman, A. Wood, S. Bailey, D. Siev- ing, K. Sheets, B. Wanner, I. C-ongora, B. LaVigne. ROW 3: j. Nemeth, D. Troknya, A. Stagner, M. Niehausmyer, B. Haack, K. . , pppy , ,,,. , ,A . L L BEGINNING CHORUS: FRONT ROW: Director Mr Creunke, E. Castilleja, A. Colyer, N. Viialdenga, D. Fork D Bouland Schell C Schimmcl ROW 9 K Pot- . ' , , . f. ..: . ridge, K. Crueben, V. Wagoner, D. Dunn, M. Peters R. Brossia, J. Schmidt, S. Meeker, S. Porter, L. Floro Sheets, M. Chambers, D. Dunn, B. Brewer, N. Vogtsberger, S. Scott, C. Shields. ROW 4: M. Harrison, C. Koenker, j. Lewis, AI. Kusian, D. Palacios, C. Wend, A. Moritz, J. Pinkerton, M. Matyas, M. Lau, C. Shields, D. Sander, C. Witt. ROW 5: M. Vargo, K. Brig- gle, P. Layman, N. Ammons, T. Fisher, T. VanNess, L. Shiffert, D. Moritz, P. Shessler,j. johnson, M. Wheeler, j. Bertok. -Q.-. 'fs' 1 ef. M. fr rf-.V 1 .. -. -. A K E3 ROW 3: j, jones, A. Bondy, S. Leppert, M, Wilhelm, D. Spallord, K. Clark, A. Vogtsherger, T. Best. ROW 4: C. Miller, R. Haeft, C. Spitler, V, Dufley, M. Shields, M Haack, D. Carey, 1. Baker, S. Richards, C. Ammons. Practicing for district competition are Carol Brooks and Carol Weseman accompanied by Mr. Gruenke. VOCAL ENSEMBLE: j. Lewis, D. Moritz, P. Shessler, A. Wood, j. johnson, C. Weseman, C. Brooks. 71 john Lewis and Bruce Geldine stick the second bumper sticker on Mr. Miller's car. KEY CLUB: FRONT ROW: Advisor, Mr. Millerg President, C. Roe- ckerg V. President, L. Sampselg Secretary, 1. Riceg Treasurer, C, Kusnerg j. Lewis. ROW 2: J. Vine, M. Padgett, D. Latham, D. .ss ef. As a Key Club member, one of Larry Sampsel's duties is to paint mail boxes. Fork, J. Bayer, M. Yentzer, B. Richards, C. Brooks. ROW 3: R. Buehler, L. Fowler, C, Coleman, T. Weis, J. Harbal, B. Celdine, J. Fletcher, P. Johnson. STUDENT COUNCIL: FRONT ROW: Miss johnson, adviserg D. Latham, pres.: G. Wend, v.prcs.g J. Ackerman, Sec.g Mr. Lemke, Treas.g ROW 2: K. Fowler, J. Bower, D. Carey, S. Ramirez. . Service lubs Have a Very Busy Year The STUDENT COUNCIL, the service club com- posed of two representatives elected by each class, worked at improving the activies of the student body. They sponsored a drive to collect money for the junior Red Cross and sold candy to help the Steve Beattie Fund. Basketball homecoming was also under the capable direction of the Student Council. They organized the Pep Club and elected students as "Cit- izens ofthe Monthf' ' Composed of 21 sophomore, junior, and senior boys, KEY CLUB was sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club. They worked to improve the school and com- munity. In the fall the members painted mailboxes and helped work at the Kiwanis pancake supper. They also spun records at school dances and gave personal trophies to the football and basketball queens. Selling bumper stickers and holding dances enabled the club to make money for an announcement board at the high school. is Dennis Latham, Marsha Lemke, and Karen Fowler admire the plaque which the Student Council purchased for the school. One of the library's many resources is used by librarian Nancy Richards and by Nancy Hurdelbrink. The movie projector is prepared by Howie Routson for a film strip. lub Members Render Services to Students The HI-LI, a club composed of student librarians, was under the guidance of Mrs, Phyllis Wood. Besides holding a dance, the club went to Bowling Green State University where they toured the new library. The Hi-Li members did an excellent job of checking out books and keeping the library in order. The attractive bulletin boards and display window were changed frequently by the Hi-Li. The PROIECTOR CLUB, a service organization, had the project of settingup and operating the pro- jector for classroom movies. Its members consisted of all students taking electronics. One of the clubis other chores was to prepare microphones and other equipment for student body assemblies and pep rallies, PROJECTOR CLUB: S. Tester, H. Routson, D. .Ml r. ii . 1+ 2 ZZZ N ' 5- f M iz: E ,, 9 ' "" 'if' 4 Y -. xlib ll? Q1 mx I D ,-1,5 h I x . Q ,Q ., S I .. I N : Z W jo 11 . I , Y " N Wx M-ff: 5 f iff 35" - , . 2. "L" I :wifi 'S pq I I . : Y ' f , 'fi by Qi-4 5 Q 'Eff W I. W ,J Q, sae, 2 A A ' Q, , . A ,, f W , Wm !' P5 13 ' 2924! 4 ff? W V21 TECIV3 20 f m Ni' 'W if xilfaikf 1 - I 1 -?1-4-r1 w W w m - n N wr w , 1 n r V 11 .T f M5-141. an 1 4 Q ' . . if ' 5552 " If, 1 f 5 53 Q ff, 65 7 --zz 3 .fnf Y W "0 is fs . ,,,g 2, W 1 , igggiw in.. 1- '? 1 :IEIEIEFFZ ... mil' Q I r x . X, 2 . , .gg .' I 1, W gi' A 1 ,,,,' z pmss'!TT' .z-f. kv' ,ME gh ., Vgxfim 1:53 , 2-nf 2 1 .- Leaving for the F.T.A. Convention are Carolyn McCormick, Jean Turnow, Nancy Vogtsberger, and Marilyn McCormick. F.T.A. President Donna Helle teaches a first grade class at Allen Central. FTA: FRONT ROW: B. Yackee, Advisor, Mrs. Dunn, Historian, L. Fisher, Secretary, C. McCormick, President, D. Helleg V. President, D. Grzihlg Treasurer, L. Shilfertg D. Dunn, D. Powers. ROW 2: M. Lemke, C. Dille, V. Wagoner, I. Kozak, D. Fork, A. Vogtsberger,N. Chalfin, j. Widmer, K. Cashen, D. Dunn. ROW 3: N. Waldenga, N. Vogtsberger, J. Turnow, N. Hurclelbrink, C Witt, C. Weseman, K. Dulfey, K. Sander, D. Sander, J. Rombach M. Wheeler. ROW 4: V. Dulfey, M. McCormick, B. Haack, P. Lay- man, K. Sheets, N. Richards, C. Leppert, A. Wood, B. Mandell. 'Q fi-4' 76 FBLA: FRONT ROW: L. Dodson, Advisor, Mrs. Hoeft, Recorder, K. Sanderg Secretary, j. Vaggag Secretary, B. Schrieferg President, B. Sutter, V. President, j. Farrell, Treasurer, D. Gaulg D. Castilleja, P. Bond. ROW 2: D. Dunlap, L. Webb, N. Lindsey, S. Freidt, T. Gerkensrneyer, J. Tank, B. Spurgeon, A. Stagner, D. Haar, j. Career Clubs Provide Experience pportunity Some of the members of the FUTURE TEACHERS of AMERICA had the experience of teaching at Allen. A movie with a question and answer period on smoking was presented to the fifth and sixth grades at Allen Central. At one of the club's meetings a foreign exchange student attending St. Francis com- pared his home country, Belgium, with ours. This year the FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS of AMERICA again raised money by having a candy sale. For Homecoming they sold yellow mums. At one of the F.B.L.A.'s meetings a representative from Stautzenberger Business College spoke on business careers. In the spring an F.B.L.A. banquet was held at Latham's Country House. Senior members were awarded charms at the banquet. Scaggs, V. Duval, V. Butzin. ROW 3: M. vogelpohl, H. Lorenzen I. Davis, L. Fisher, K. Porath, C. Tank, V. Kern, B. Brewer, L Crandall, H. Spasoff, 1. Bertok. ROW 4: B. Peer, C. Lusk, B. Ober- haus, D. Sieving, G. Michel, L. Fowler, B. Ackerman, D. Fork, R Ross, C, Briggle, K. Ackerman, 1. Ousley. Mrs. Hoeft records F. B. L.A. candy sale profits. Georgia Spitler gets Greg Kusner's signature as part of her FHA initiation. F.H.A.: FRONT ROW: B. Rost, Adv. Mrs. Wagoner, Reporters D. Castilleja, J. Ousley, Historian M. Clark, Pres. N. Richards, V.- Pres. L. Fisher, Treas. B. Oberhaus, Parliamentarian K. Sheets, N. Scott. ROW 2: C. Heilman, K. Moritz, D. Bowland, N. Chalfin, L. Webb, j. Larcom, C. Pierce, D. Dunn, j. Kozak, E. Castilleja, S. Purtee. ROW 3: C. Shimmel, L. Dodson, S. Simon, I. Congora, K. Students Perform Worthy School Projects The FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA, open to all students having one year of home econom- ics, had monthly meetings with planned programs of interest to all. The annual tea was held in March. Mothers and Sth grade girls were invited. F.H.A. oflicers were presented with corsages. Members modeled clothing they had made in class during the year. Refreshments made the evening complete. In April, the club planned an "F.H.A. Weekn in which they presented a plant of flowers to the oflice and sent cookies to Genoa's former students now in Vietnam. Boys interested in vocational agriculature joined the FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA. They sold popcorn during the football games and grew crops on school land as money-making projects. Spring- time brought the sale of garden seeds. A contest on parliamentary procedure was held with neighboring schools competing. The F. FA. boys helped in many projects around the school. Potridge, D. Bowland, C. Lusk, A. Ochoa, C, Murray, E. Hell- wig, C. Miller, A. Torres. ROW 4: D. Kocis, C. Spitler, R. Flores, S. Steindam, J. Chaltin, 1. Nemeth, D. Haar, M. Zapata, B. Salinas, S. Adcock, S. Kalmbach. ROW 5: I. Ackerman, D. Bloomfield, K, Sheets, M. Vargo, C. Roecker, G, Michel, C. Koenker, M. McCorm- ick, M. Wohn, M. Rost, D. Davis, M. Zunk. F.F.A.: FRONT ROW: B. Moritz, M. Lau, Pres. C. Hartwig, M. Diefenthaler, j. Lowe, D. Huston, ROW 3: Adv. Mr. Thompson Buhrow, R. Swartz. ROW 2: J. Clifton, C. Cordon, R. Adcock, j. L. Camper, T. Coodeman, E. Hurdelbrink, N. Bower, B. Fuhle. Genoa students, Mike Pinson, john Clifton, and Ed Hurdclbrink compete in the F. F.A.,s Parliamentary Procedure Contest. 1 it 79 avr: FRENCH CLUB: FRONT ROW: C. Weseman, D. Helle, Pres, C. Brooks, D. Gaul, S. Scott. ROW 2: j. johnson, M. Cottrell, M. Wheeler, Pres. B. Mandell, Adv. Mrs. Miller, Pres. C. Shields, L. Rice, D. Dunn, N. Waldenga. ROW 3: M. Fahle, j. Duval, B. La- Vigne, D. Powers, j. Widmer, J. Rudes, K, Cashen, D. Sandrock, VI. McMaster, B. Yackee. ROW 4: S. Ramirez, C. Ammons, T. Carol Weseman and Mrs. Miller set out candy for French Club sale. Smith, E. Matyas, E. Sanchez, R. Flores, A. Vogtsberger, T. Best, D. Fork, C. Dille. ROW 5: M. Fletcher, j. Coyle, M. Tank, M, Peters, B. Rohlolf, D. Smith, B. Shields, S. Diekman, S. Richards, K. Duffey, M. Clark. ROW 6: C. Schlievert, P. Wescotte, M. Nie- housmyer, D. Carey, P. Shessler, j. Fletcher, R. Haddix, A. Wood, D. Palacios, M. Shields. Language Clubs Have Busy Year Both the French and Spanish Clubs had an active and interesting year. They were headed by a new teacher, Mrs. Miller. The SPANISH CLUB held a candy sale during a basketball game and a dance in early April. They also sponsored a candy contest in which students paid to guess the amount of candy in a jar. To end the yea'r the club took an outing. The FRENCH CLUB was busy with a dance and pastry sale. At Christmas time they sold scented candles. The club sponsored a roller skating party, which was open to all students, and also went to see a modern French play at Bowling Green State Uni- versity. A trip was taken to Greenfield Village at the end of the school year. Spanish Club members, janet Widmer, Cheryl Witt, Sue Leppert, Sandy Purtee, Adelinu Ochoa, Joyce Mireles, prepare decorations for their Spanish Barn Dance. ?i SPANISH CLUB: FRONT ROW: Sec. D. Alt, V-Pres. B. Nolte, Pres. B. Mandell, Pres. T. Lorenzen, V-Pres. j. Pinkerton, Sec. C. Peer. BOW 2: M. Borjas, S. Purtee, J. Mireles, Adv. Mrs. Miller, B. Wanner, B. Brooks. FIRE EX Writing down guesses and taking money for the Spanish Club's candy contest are Bill Nolte and Dan Alt. ROW 3: M. Sanderson, J. Rombach, K. Dulfey, V. Wag- oner, V. Duffey, L. Smith, A. Ochoa, j. Widmer. ROW 4: C. Witt, T. Schulte, G. Peiffer, D. Drummond, P. johnson, R. Rice, S. Leppert. 81 VARSITY CLUB: FRONT ROVV: Advisors Mr. Firestone, Mr. Miller, Pres. j. Rice. V-Pres. j. Lewis, Sec-Treas. C. Kusner, G Parsil, R. Andaverde. ROYV 2: R. Tapia. A. Womack, D. Colvin. C Wend, j. Powers, li. Braddock, C. Cisneros, M. Padgett. ROXV 3- B. Lau, D. Palacios, j. Pinkerton, C. Coleman, D. Huston, L Busily filling pop corn bags at thc Varsity Clulfs concession stand is Dick Huston. Kozak, T. Harhal, L. Fowler, L. Sarnpscl. ROYV -1: B. Kinsel, T Weis. j. Lloyd. A. Krueger, B. Fletcher, T. Van Ness, R. Briggle D. Moritz. ROVV 5: M. Braddock, D. Fork. H. Routson, B. Acker: man, j. Heisman, L. Harsanjc, T. Lorcnzen, D. Mathews, R. Knudsen. Athletic Clubs Were on the Move The CIRL'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATICN, which encourages participation in sports, has grown larger every year. After tryouts were held early in the school year approximately forty new girls were added to the club. During the football season the C.A.A. sold programs to help pay the cost of carrying on the Homecoming festivities. The C.A.A. was honored to have its candidate, Debi Gaul, chosen as the Home- coming Queen. Members and their dates enjoyed the annual Christmas formal held in the cafeteria. The club had volleyball and basketball teams. To earn extra money, the G.A.A. sponsored two dances and a girls, "Battle of the Classes" basketball game. Mem- bers were able to buy C.A.A. jackets which was a Hrst for the organization this year. The athletes who earned their letters in the vari- ous spoits form the VARSITY CLUB. They were then eligible to buy a jacket and receive their varsity pin. In the spring their annual banquet was held at the Secor Hotel. Money for this activity was received through the selling of coke and popcorn at the bas- ketball games. C.A.A. IIUNIORS AND SENIORS: FRONT ROVV: Sgt. at Arms B. Sutter, Sec. C. Brooks, Pres. K. Sander, V-Pres. C. Briggle, Treas. D. Gaul, Recorder, D. Sander. ROWV 2: Adv. Miss Bruggeman, N. Scott, N. johnson, M. Vogelpohl, M. Chambers, B. Spurgeon, M. Lemkc, J. Bertok, M. Wheeler, L. Rice, C. Porter. ROW 3: D. Haar, C.A.A. FRESHNIEN AND SOPIIOMORES: FRONT ROW: D. Assad, I. Trejo, K. Fowler, S. Albright, D. Dunlap, V. Duval, B. Wanner, V. Butzin, j. Schell, G. Peer, S. Purtec, P. Bond. ROVV 2 C. Shields, N. Lindsay, N. Waldenga, E. Castilleja, D. Powers, S Porter, C. Hagarty, J. Schmidt, D. Bowlancl, D. Sisinger, A. Colyer, D. Dunn, K. Younker. ROW 3: L. Dodson, A. Ochou, G. Spitler, K. Ackerman, 1. Rombach, j. Kozak, D. Fork, S. Meeker, M j. Widmer, H. Lorenzen, P. XVescotte. j. johnson, j. Turnow, S Scott, N. Vogtshergcr, C. VVeseman, M. Wolcott, H. Spasoff, T Cerkensmeyer. ROVV 4: j. Farrell, j. Nemeth, A. Wood, C. Mc- Cormick, M. Cottrell, B. Schriefer, K. Sheets, C. Koenker, D Sieving, K. Sheets, j. Ackerman, P. Sampsel, C. Leppert. Zapata, D. Schriefer, M. Arndt, T. Best, D. Dunn, N. Chalfin ROW 4: J. Rice, S. Leppert, A. Bondy, S. Richards, C. Ammons C. Tank, B. Peer, D. Porath, S. Diekman, S. Bowyer, L. Smith A. Stagner, M. Green, K. Clark, R. Haeft. ROW 5: V. Kern, j Challin, K. Briggle, M. Haack, B. Salinas, C. Roecker, S. Bailey D. Carey, M. Vargo, M. Chambers, C. Witt, M. Tank, M. Fletcher M. Zunk. y 1 1 y I. RJ . M 'r' wf' I fl 495355. ir :wg ' ,W .,,, M. ,, 5 w I L, a Q". i Hg.. . Vg Q- :ggi iiizlf ,I .M ,, f 1-11 a ilf' :li g' wEf Qffig QQWWQQ Pi rs EF his 12 whi5 , fm V 5124 ' :Q . ' f 'N Sf Wim si Q. if ' + f Talents Displayed in Arts and Dramatics The DRAMATICS CLUB had a very full year in- cluding a play, uPillow Talkf, and a Halloween Party held at the home ofthe advisor, Mrs. Meeker. Officers for the club were President Deanna Troknya, Vice- President Marianne Cottrell, Secretary Carol Brooks, Treasurer Diane Crahl, Historian Nancy johnson, and Sergeant at Arms Martin Matyas. Under the advice of art teacher, Mrs. Dunn, the ART CLUB was of great help to the school. Many posters and pep signs displayed throughout the year were made by its members. During basketball season the club again assumed the responsibility of watching coats. A theater party and a picnic were the clubis recreational activities. On February 17th a Psychedelic Dance was sponsored by the club. ART CLUB: ROW 1: B. Rost, Mrs. Dunn, Advisorg M. McCormick, Sgt. at Armsg N. Richards, Sec., M. Steving, Pres.g 1. Turnow, V. Pres., j. Widmer, P. Bond, I. Krell. ROW 2: B. LaVigne, V. Duvall, K. Cashen, j. Floro, C. Brooks, K. Ackerman, D. Dunn, D. Helle, J. Scaggs, V. Butzin. ROW 3: N. Oberhaus, N. Vogtsberger, R. Painting beads for the Psychedelic Dance is Art Club president Mike Steving. Miller, S. Dennis, L. Stevens, M. Tank, C. Weseman, L. Davis, M. Arndt. ROW 4: C. Schlievert, C. Spaulding, j. Powers, C. Brig- gle, Treas.g M. McCormick, C. Michel, J. Stiger, J. Schlievert, B. Wagoner, C. McCormick COMET STAFF: FRONT ROW: File Clerk V. Heilman, Circ. Ousley, Sports Editor M. Braddock, Asst. Feature Editor D. Sieving, Mgr. L. Rice, Typing Editor D. Sander. ROW 2: Bus. Mgr. M. Vogel- Exchange Editor B. Sutter, News Editor J. Bayer, Feature Editor pohl, Asst. Editor C. Briggle, Editor S. Scott. ROW 3: Photog. J. B. Brewer, Art Editor j. Widmcr. Adv. Mrs. Pope. Lynne Rice and Barb Brewer work at running off the Comet Tales. New Ideas Achieved Through Hard Work Subscriptions were sold to the school newspaper at the beginning of the year by the COMET STAFF. Throughout the year they sponsored many contests for the subscribers including a i'Snowbound Con- testn and a St. Patrickls Day crossword puzzle. Prizes were given to all winners. They also put Comets in students lockers. Those having red ones in theirs were winners. Students taking journalism made up the Comet Staff. They worked hard to provide an interesting and well-organized paper which included a special issue on April Fool's Day. The LIMELICHT STAFF worked extra hard to get the necessary money for the annual and to meet the deadlines. The staff was elected by their class- mates and had many new ideas for this yearis Lime- light. They held a candy sale and a penny king and queen dance. Each class chose a boy and a girl to compete for king and queen. After a week of collect- ing coins for the yearbook from their classmates, the two highest became the king and queen at the dance. g LIMELICHT EDITORIAL STAFF IRONIT ROWV Asst lditor Editor C, Brooks, Activities Editor K. Sandor, School Izdltor N C Roeckcr FdltorC kusner Adv Nirs David ROW 9 Activities johnson. Photogrupherj. Widmer, Art Editor 1. Rice Advcrtising Mgr. H. Steindam, Advertising Mgr. Advertising Mgr. S. Scott. .ww Wir ,.,, I 5' . n X V 4, 4 , 2: if 1, "- QL W5 4:34751-3. v, 1 Q? milk f "Za 1 Q P ' s W. F, Q' X fr 'E Hamm-- 'fgpf '-4 -QL 53 ffm 'N' S 32 'sl ,,,,qw 'gfgifa - 12.25. Si' f . M, , .yu H A ,, I 4 X 'QV . : 'I A ff 14 . 6' ff, , N .. ff- A H 7 , . 'A 'EW . 1 Kai ...- K 3: 'gems , .. A Q V A45 4' :iw 3. 55: 1, M f l , 155.1--1 Y ' , E..:.i.i3: ix K ,wwf-'f,"igv'n 1 u u ' , . .' - . fl'5.f'A -', A . ,I iff -"Y'f'ljf5'. if -34.1 , lf,-. 3 .v ii 1. h , W f '..L'f- A rg: Lk J" . ' V.. ,, ,V Av 4 Q. ca' -" 2 ' 'fi ', 1',,'4 , 'dgy '5 1--naw 47 w W rg. I w X W f,,,,.5W, Y, E V 1 . ,kqw P .s. 1 5 sv iii F99 I wxvauualzrnv I gnvwefsnun R WQE? H uf- . . 'sni?iitmu 3n!U!lFl!lEl'if'l fElNi"L" 1lSl14ii'V"' llti flnlltl UIIQELBIIIUI . . , ,. X 'V YI, VJ. Q . pf,-s fav. -rr, 0 A 7,444.7 p ,E L 3.5 2, f+r,,4,.v 1 , -LL 152321 -r.: , U"g,l1" F7 F-Fi? 'H' Aa4"' r-idzfhl ' -ev - up:f,1,,..,f,!, ' , '1!5"E1f,f'f'E5"' 1 V 52 M 1'i'Wit"Lf-Liga! 1 m2i2"faiwgTH A- -- 1 mlgfeig I ' 5??1?2',EfET,6 Iii f 'f 'ff' . 'W 5255213 . . ' 3 -+1-m,qEiid V Q52 Q1-gggg' , ' Ya - 'V-" 'lf'-liwfiff' . ,- H 'I V.. f- --cf' . x ' "':. V , " ' L'f'i..,y ' g gf: , ' V1 . --.-11. . wx ' f ff- -- m .- A 'L . 'jr' KLA' ,, Mi. 1 'F-gg., 'f' -2:11 , .A L nnmEmnmigg?fi'Q fi lf IA f. if f ' ,kv-0 1' - lilllllkl' un ' utstanding Journalists and Scholars Honored This year the NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY in- ducted twelve seniors into the organization at the annual Scholarship Banquet. Scholarship, character, leadership, and service are qualities which its mem- bers must have. The five junior probationary mem- bers performed the ceremonies. As each member was called, they lighted a candle, received a certificate, and signed the register. Miss johnson, Mrs. David, and Mr. Porter serve as advisors for this society. On Awards Day the QUILL AND SCROLL mem- bers received their pins. To be a part of this organi- zation the members must be in the top third of their class and work on either The Comet Tales or The Limelight. QUILL AND SCROLL: FRONT ROW: C. Kusner, C. Briggle, D. Sander, K. Sander, S. Scott, N. Hurdelbrink, j. Rice. ROW 2: R. Ross, M. Vogelpohl, L. Rice, N. johnson, D. Helle, C. Brooks. Allen PTA President, Earl Wolf, presents certificates to top-rank- ing Eckerman twins. ROW 3: J. Wiclmer, H. Steindam, C. Roecker, Advisor Mrs. David. f se I STUDE T ff. Y, , ' ' Zf'2'-J-V it 15 -,,,,,-1-v M i .v ,k f 'viii XF I I Li MEEQ .1 CLEAN QLHE' sm fx X gs Q Sq 5 1 HA 3 .M A? Nw. 'I .Wa-Et' ,J H xx, ,,.. . X si . - W1 1 gn' A " Y 1 V ,, wx ' EVM, , ! 4 9 I . Q A if me .E,, N Treasurer Carol Brooks President Cary Roecker Vice- Presidents Beth Schriefer-pictured Dee Troknya-not pictured Secretary Nancy Hurdelbrmk Elin YJTQE " ' 7 UQ is be Nw: we W we s .Wei ww m1iL:i if jane Ackerman Seniors fl-: ur-wwf fm : :ma iii- ,. v mm in in in 1 , . ,esz-1, vm, ,ffsffn i f. me. .az ig " ff' 'i't" i in ' f yd 'M' in f F E iw , ik 1' Ronald Adcock Bob Albright Ricardo Andeverde Linda Avery Rick Betancourt joyce Bevens 92 , RiCl1211'd Bl21L1SC'y Barb Brewer Rick Briggle Carol Brooks 106 CHSHICS Karen Cashen jesse Cagtilleja Marvin Chambers f-f r 'Wir' l Steve Clere Charles Coleman Lincla Crandall Janice Davis Sherry Dennis jean Drummond joy Farrell Kay Fisher 93 iv 'Q Linda Fisher Robert Fletcher Sandra Floro Nelson Frcdritz David Garcia Cathy Gates Debi Gaul Conrad Conguru CM rf: R rr g rfrr n W ii -P". 'er , l Diane Cmhl Rick Crosjean Ken Haeft Brian Hagarty Carv Hammitt Ken Hanthorn john Harbul Marsha Harrison 94 QV f :,f.'V iw ug i Q , . .Pg :ay ,mi :Q Y wngim 1 55: mn gg me Ca-ri Hartwig, Vickie Hcilmun Barb Hellc Donna Hello Bette Hunley Nancy Hurdelbrink xi ,dna- Marc jansic Barb johnson Nancy johnson Rodger Knudsen Fred Kruse Greg Kusner 95 'Z ' eniors - Wea? ii: Dick Huston we Wi David Kennedy Dennis Latham ,Af I john Lewis jim Lloyd Carolyn Mccmmick Laura McCormick Marilyn McCormick Rudy Molina Fred Mollenhauer Dennis Moritz if-1 3' E U U Bette Oberhaus Seniors Q Randy Ohm Judy Ousley Defleb' Palavios Robert Peters Jennie Plantz Karen P0l'3th 96 , Y . .V.. -E. ...Y.,C, Sue Prvor Wllma Raymond Nanu Rlcharda Carx Roecker The 1967 delegates to Buckeye Boy's State and Buckeye Girlys State were Dick Blausey, Cary Hoecker, jeff Rice, Nancy johnson, Nancy Richards, Carol Brooks, and Karen Sander, who is not pictured. E95 ' i "' wie: '04 Howard Routson Connie Suhr Karen Sander Beth Schriefer My 25' 1 ewkg i Cheryle Sivinski Tom Smith Mike Stebing Harold Steindam Larry Sampsel Diane Sander Sandra Scott Lyle Shiffcrt An. Carolyn Spafford Charlotte Stancil Barb Sutter Richard Tapia L' 3 Ronald Tester Steve Tester Martin Traver janice V31-ga Deanna Troknya Jeanne Turnow Tom Van Ness N L Seniors 1 rr ur : rrr!!! EE NM 1 ',, rg? W H mlgiiuq Nancy Vogtsberger Carol Wepler jeani Werling Carol Weseman jim Widmer Marlene Wilhelm Al Womack Barb Zunk 99 S B 'KAW ,, -. ...Q-l ,V I gf . -,.-L5 -.Qi 1 ,. are w ri: , ' gsm 4 , .f-:v LVQ - . :L ls in sz ill. W f 55 H, . r y :wa ni, N M J rl I' A l 4,11 N 1 f IBF' Lf ,elf 'f Aer- e -V,-N Iuniors Q Ii M.-rr ,cv---,.g , .M were President Bill Ackerman Secretary P. I .im VN escotte W" ' i Treasurer Lynne Rice Q ,, r ,-h Ap . If .Q f .al it , ,.., I t lil' ,Jw . r '1' J' lk l xf, l A151 iw' 4- Q Q, B ' P ll . h . b t 5 f X- I . ............-.A---,gm 1 V ve. l .mf .. Am... Y. --, ..,, .. 1. y wage.-yi 9455 i :WA 'ly A- ...W .' , 1' ,,,' 'I' - .in-' 411' - 5 E ti Ri u B' I 1 fa L li r. .J I l . E-gt Q A v -I A ., 3 X , - . f' A 6 ' X J y . . wi: X N Q ' 15 M film if "WA 'le "4 lg- 5' 5, V N is ."" , , + . ' J .- Y - :i '1 v- - i. X " , ,, - 9 'A l ' 5 r i ...,, 7 i .I 4 LZ. K FC' i LF" , X Y W h 5:5 , f -2 f 2-' 100 0 0 0 a 9 0 fa O Vice- Presidents Vilia Cantu Chris Leppe rt Bill Ackerman Jennie Archibald jim Bayer julie Bertok Marilyn Blauscy Diane Bowland George Bowland Eddie Braddock Mike Braddock carhi Briggle Raymond Browning Mike Burhow Mary Ann Chambers Mary Ann Clark Ron Clark Marianne Cottrell Ronald Dezanett Bob Dipman Roger Eckerman Russell Eckerman Bill Feckley Dan Fork Larry Fowler joel Garcia Terry Gerkensmeyer Debra Haar Tim Harbal Larry Harsenje john Heisman Domingo Hernandez Marlon Hoeft jenise johnson Barry Kinsel Carl Kocis Carol Koenker Andy Komives Blane Lau Marsha Lemke Russell Lenz Christine Leppert jim Lowe Helen Lorenzen Barbara Mandell Roger Marcum Martin Matyas janet May joyce May Margaret McCormick Carol Michel Gail Michel Ruthann Miller Bruce Moritz judy Nemeth Mike Padgett Dan Petersen Christine Pierce Kathy Porath jerry Powers Dallas Pringle Sharon Rewoldt Lynne Rice Bill Richards Dick Sackman Pam Sampsel Charles Schlievert jerry Schlievert Norma Scott Karen Sheets Kathy Sheets Clifford Shields Diane Sieving Sue Ann Smith Helen Spasolf Bonnie Spurgeon Ronald Swartz jean Tank Steve Varga john Vine Marjorie Vogelpohl Chris Vogelpohl 'iz v Nui., xe 'IJ Ai li 'ill F 4 'F ' " .. i l 'Nz 'I , Iii V an l I , if .-5 , 'i ,I .Ji K , l I an l j 1 I A i .4 A Ati! i 1 r V , Ms vm, A5 1 I 5 QQ, pl fp ., V A R 4 , 74-, " - ia J if , i j , N :sa - 4 .N .QS- ll i i? Qi' l f ,' 5. T ,1 ,. V52 if 'IOI I, Q Sa w ll i -ity --af, , , .! 1 A ,V X r if -7 'Y i H XL: f--' x ,Q ' t , 'Y 5 my i Q I " . -5' 'i fig?-5 ,J W 1 I P is R in 'SFS i is v far 'Q ' N ,, xl I Qi 1 W K , E , 2 Q, N 533' ,kiwi W , is 91 6 Y' r W. i ' i gi . .uw I ' i if? 37255 1 V L t '- , ' Y' , , ,V Id: ::, X ' I Y Y? ' ' L a ' ff 'Y .3 ,, up H' iw- , ,Q 9' J " t, . .55 ,J W ,ij .. ,-lff .Magi 4 ,- tag- , " , jywiwfiii' P 'P f W E' W9 -. Zi? .515 1 'if' lg ,si i iff 5 ' " ,H " i "W , ' . - , A ww X V., K ull., Z Y , Nl? art if ff' . JI' Q " R f 3- - 'X-, 'R Sw '3 : is iii X 'fi' i-,.. ....,,,L, , , X3 L hx -dl. Q 4 i lf . 1, ' ...img-, 1,:. , 5 I-55' M an fn. I s i Q 1 i au: li l 'lu M 1 ' fr F' I w .,. f' Q .ia--f. ' 1 ',.- Qt W , -Q4 ,7 I 3. l, X ' ,. ggezf' rl l lg: la I 2, x If , IVA' .45 ff -R. 2 fil l.. 'Qka 1 i W Q.. 1- i H 3 E . H 5 lag in e W , 1 law. .. Aug Q l K lib re F 'XQ- 102 4 i - -5 J .F 3 P If A 'MW 1-1. ,r lb. fx J 4 I? Pat VValdengu Linda Webb Gordon Wend Pam Wcscotte Mary Wheeler jackie Widmer Donald Wilku Ann Wood Michael Yentzer PENTA-COUNTY Brenda Barrett Bill Bergernan Ken Bloomfield Gary Brooks Barb Calhoun Viliu Cantu Dora Gastilleja Gloria Castilleja Gilbert Cisneros Dan Colvin Donald Dezanette Barb Harder Glenda Hellman Bill Hunley Fred jensen Roger Kalmbach Larry Kozak Sue Krell Suzanne Krumnow Terry Lenz Mike Lloyd Blanca Estela Lopez Connie Lusk Dan Mathews Merle Nowalk jobie Ousley Peggy Pierson john Pocsc Linda Becker David Scuggs Gary Schnabcl Gary Serviss Albert Sheetz Violet Skaggs Ierry Spitler William Wagoner ' . 1 Michelle Wolcott our ,, , f , t. '- i , 'w ' 1 t 5 ' 'vs c , ,,,-f 4 .. W 5. 'lr '5 vi ' m ",, . l gm I 1 'H-lik' W X I , , . iii ' ,Ai juniors Tim Harbal, Larry Harsanje, jenise johnson, Mary Wheeler, Music plays an important part in Raymond Browningis life Bonnie Spurgeon, Barb Mandell, and Eddie Braddock are last in line to- day for lunch. ' ""' sv ' " it ' 'iq olglll , llfi :Q ff- ' "ag ' ii 1- - I og.: Q- 1 7 A- kkk ' K Y 5 ., - vl 1' E r l il E , jig Secretary-Treasurer Margo Chambers We A :pw r 1-F 1 ai fa Vice- President JE Mike Best ig W 1 ll Q YS R .A :lf Sill 4 L Ei . 5, n ll A 'K S B i i K ' . I :., W ,S A' i ...' 2 A " .. ' iii 1 A! X I z, fi Q -:-'---' V f fm 1 1 V fv zili wlze a li Q fhfi' f 1.-i i W eee X , ,,.A X B Z rl i iii , ii A ., ' ,,.' 2 V K ' l f Q , X , I Q M -:"i- : Sophomores it S " S e K sz- :V wwi 5 - . :gn ' ,-,- X H, -P 5 S: " e 11 4 :., 2 V gi iii 'v ' 3 ' 104 President Karen Briggle Kathy Ackerman Sue Adcock Sharon Albright Neil Ammons Ray Andaverde Kathy Archibald Michele Arndt Denise Assed Sandra Bagley Susan Bailey Mike Bergeman Mike Best Ellie Betancourt Louis Billingsley Donna Bloom Held Paulette Bond jane Bowen john Bower Bob Bowlander Sharon Bowyer Dale Brandt Karen Briggle Bill Brown jim Browning Royce Buehler Sherry Burdge Vickie Butzin Richard Cantu janet Challin Margo Chambers Mark Chambers Paul Champion Bob Clere Norman Collum Reba Collins Judy Coyle Tom Crandall Linda Davis Susan Diekman Frank Dietrich Lynne Dodson Kathy Dulfey Diane Dunlap Darla Dunn jerry Dunn jan Duval Vicky Duval Bob Fahle Dwight Fielding Tim Fisher john Fletcher Mary Fletcher Rosa Flores joyce Floro Karen Fowler Sue Fried! Bruce Gelcline Irma Congora Brenda Haack Rick Hadclix Carol Hagarty Cary Halicek Dave Heilman john Heilman Marlene I-Ielle Edgar Hurdelb Sharon I-Iuss Paul johnson rink Tom jones Susan Kalmbach Connie Karstetter Valerie Kern Steve Kreager Ivy jo Krell Alvin Krueger jim Kusian Marty Lau Beth LaVigne Pam Layman Nancy Lindsey , ,i ,Hi ,ii,,, , If ,,,, lb 5. 1 , ,,i,,,,,f My ,V - 5 IM 1' Wy'i,iiil"',r i, ,, ,, fir' if MMM W, H I wa: ii ui, 'af " if iWi,i7,Z"ii!, S' ii Iii did, , il' 'WJZ,2,"f3 ,, will ,vi H M " i, :if ,, ,YW ,p i,iiii,i,wi,, w l11lw,iiigwu+' wi, z ,iizliiiiiiwfnii ,,,,i,i,,mI,iiw,,, ,,,:, ,:' ., ,,,WWW,, , ,W , iw , Y , , ui' l'ui,ii,,w, ,i M , I if X "'9' , ,Q-iii I K. if. 'Q H W1-w 5. 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I,,i,, Iwi iliiiii ,Av , 'N i' i,,!j1.:: iv:,, iimiliwi H i fi 1 iiwflil l ' i ss -ii" ' 'i ii' 'w i ,,w- Y? , llwl' ' i' ,Q-, "fi i ill WW F'0'WWiWiWiJiiN AW ,xiiiiiziilwi'iMil::i',ai,,i,ulwisvriiicmi ' 1 I 'f wry, 1 if wwiiir bi i i, wifi! Mi uf if, ,,', :,, Y E QW- ,W , -5 , il1iiii' ,, , ,, .,,,, ii ,, , ,M a mi' ,, i' kiwi, . , ,iw , if ,, , .1 , NA will I :aff 25,2 'il-:ill 4' r I , ,, S will W , il ,, :Mimi ,wif .,,f,,s Ly i ,U MMS if 4, ., if Q, ,i i-iw ,i,,,,i,,w,,, i if all NU, f in W ,EW , 'li Q i 'T M1212 Y' Y KWH 3 ,W , ,U . i- ,W W lil Q. L-5' . ,ix ,- A W il N l l ll ll ii? ini X in ii W ' gw wfw W, ,wilwwu fiswmii 5 'wi w'liii,h'i 'x:',.i',,S,'ii" ' ,,,!,,:L,,i"'m ii, :iiipwi ii'.ii,i A, !Z,JC1,, ' ' " iilll2Wi,if:,"'11,"' ' 'M .3 Mis ,,, fi' ' i vi ' milf , W ii'ii,, ,+li','f,, M' ' li, iw, I l .,,, , li ' qwggg min '-iw wr ,im M' ,, W Q my I ' iii , ,, ll ,: iiilliiwi wli' s lim ,,,, ' ,I ' . -. asia-ff ,L ri 'i' ,, l ,f "iii,,lVflu, ww ""Wlli li',isii,,:L '- ' ,, W, N 'N ' ' Will F452 'Q E ,, , in Ml if , fwiiii'wfgrwi,Mmil, f ff il ', W wi-ii ,W 'W I X X ek in---iif 1, ft' Mm 2 WW' " il W. . , , -'-W i ,, Iiii-in ,,, , .,,i ,ii,,i',,,,v, ,i, ,,i,,,, A, , ,aff if i 'i,,i'-1 iiiVii,ii"fi' ii , i ' ' "Jai "'j"lFl:Z"Wl' . 1' , ' Kelli Q, . "D -ff' I V: E3 f' '-, r -31:7 ul in efffi . 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H M, ar . g R7 K 'R X xky, . X ' .1 ig- X 2 1 N if f ' 1 fi 'L .W ' 9,5 J' Q i-3,.2'3. L., ? ' fs .44 'if , .X 'li y 'CQ X I , Iv.. , .I , fi! i t PM if it i- - K ...H ' W H I W 1 Af' J N of . 24 .iffy .A 'Q R ' r ea iii f A . 'a 1 ' ' V A -. -2 sv .:. P 'lei' A Q, K Q ' I, ,, , A - V N i i , H S t gi tl' dv, li fl, r 1 1 , . U 54 - A J I- 4 --nf'-C Q, "1 'll by 106 Leanor Lopez Tony Lorenzen Ceorge McAllister Randy McDaniel Carole Malone Donald Martin Ronald Martin Bennetta Moeller Mark Moeller Arlen Moritz Karen Moritz Roger Moser Rita Nero Mary Niehausmyer Nancy Oberhaus David Oleszczuk Gretchen Peer Becky Peer George Peiffer Patty Peters Robert Pierce joel Pinkerton Donna Porath Sharon Powell Linda Rewolt Rex Rice Cindy Roecker Jolene Rombach Cecil Rudd Cedric Rudd Sharlee Rudes Sandy Ryan Bill Scaggs Judy Scaggs jim Scaggs Ann Schlievert Dennis Schmidt Y kDuoTo-thy Sclfriefer Tom Schulte Steve Schuster Randy Shaneck Cheryl Sheldon Paul Shessler Christine Shields Debbie Skiles Dennis Smith Lois Smith Cary Spaulding Alice Stagner john Stancil Lawrence Stevens jim Stiger Carol Tank Marcia Tank Donna Tennaneonr Scott Tester Amelia Torres Irene Trejo Norma Tristan Vicki Vaillunt jerry' VunNess Mary Vnrgo Bill Vogelpohl Bill Wagner Marion Walters Bonnie Wanner Tim Weis Larry Weseman Aaron VVicks janet Wiclmer Marcia Wilhelm Albert Williams Cheryl Witt Debbie Woolner Karen Younlccr Tom Zales llt 'vl irv Ldpata Marilxn Lnnlt PENTA COUNTY: Tom Duv'1l Leonard Hanes jesse Molina Harry Seltzer ,T IQ L- A ra T We f i --ar: E. s My ,i ii 1 Qffii T Ia W 'flesifgg - -we r V .Q rf' U .1 ,J J -r 5 i ii ,um ' W F - . .. ,i:i,:,.. .. rt " 'Q' J H xi I En l V I rx I t. its ,, ii- -V 1 ef!- qagln W . , fe A if rx an ,. Pr . -,Q :' 4fN'i 1,17 . 6 13 ii X l xxx, K X . yum. IV, ,- I F K , . , rw ir: W--' lfkfri ii :wg V , i Ayn. 4 , ,F i 1 ai K b l ICF 1. .X FW ,.., ,if ophomores ia wi LW? f gl ,Q ..:,. .V j N H? ' lim . l" t i ' if ' K' 'Mi iii fi 1 li 4 -' increase Wg ,, , W f r., WV M Y ri: sf T - H I 422241 V:-:D Q , NOT PICTU RED: james Howe Rnshel Rudd Audrey Seltzer Winfred Smith 4 Sophomore band members take time out for refreshments during Z1 football game, Secretary-Treasurer Nancy Vlfaldenga 1 i Tgw u . l li., y im. vi.4l4Mj,53i:lV 'If A .E M . S 1 mai leg? . ,W : fum' 4 X 1. . L,,. , Y Freshmen V ? A . A ll lx'll5:,7'all .incl 1 'C !'r'W. .L4lg!iiEs1ifi 1, ,Y n .,,X W " ,V , we , -li 'Q V1 Ss 1' , KAJ' Vice-President Kaye Clark ..,e , .i V in ,, ,,f, .:-.1 , ,, . , ,' g. 'fa - ' N ,U V , 5 -Y. f 2 rv , 'fix'-'. ff lk . cl .Q I'-' l ' a ff Q if ,L , Y, r I . , R ,fgnr V rf f ffl Xe. , 21111,-fl? :. K: u..P r Q Wf,- gg E e 253 l 5' viiiln- ' , V' ea if a we 3 President Bill Nolte Dan Alt jcnnie Ackerman Bob Adams . . Carol Ammons 5' 1 Linda Bagley jaci Baker 5' gg, R Q P' .X '- ' 'ver' zz iw ? ,, .. - . - i Teresa Best - - Mike Biclawski Alyce Bondy Neil Bower ' V- 1 Debbie Bowland john Briggle '-L. Q l gh! l J i i y .. K l - ,x.r l 5- 'Uy if" ":j . ga s e , rr 'GQFQI ETA Bill Brooks Ron Brossia Ernie Buehler 1 ,V Peggy Calhoun I 1 Leonard Camper -- Mary Ann Cashen iii' 4 if .. , H i T .,.V LQ if-H ' I -...f -.4 108 :gig il Esther Castilleja - X Nancy Chalfin ' 1 Yvette Christie 'L i l ei ' , I ' KayeClark QQ David Clere Sum Colvin Arlene Colyer Carolyn Crum Cary Cruthers Diane Davis Don Davis Diane Denn Randy Dennis Charlene Dietrich john Diefenthaler Connie Dille Becky Dille Danny Doyle Glen Draper Mike Dreier Don Drummond Fran Drummond Fred Drummond Virginia Duffy Deanna Dunn Randy Dunn Mike Fahle Leticia Flores Lana Floro Debbie Fork Cary Fredritz Bruce Gackstetter Denise Carey Tom Coodeman Mary Alice Green Carl Gordon Dave Crosjean Karen Gruben Mike Haack jeanne Hahel joy Habel Rhonda Haeft judy Hanes Terry Hansen jerry Heilman Mark Heilman jim Helle Wayne Helle Elizabeth Hellwig Ruth Hodulik Phillip Hurst Becky H-uss David Huston Doug jensen janet jones jim Kalmbach Emily Kern Rhonda Kidd Pam Kirchner Debra Kocis janet Kozak jackie Lach I X 1W,m,u-1-H Q1 . l . Q , ,T , ., .Q , 1 e 1,51 .. ur 1 V 'F 1 'U 'T' I ' . H - - ' H Mel . rl fs , . ur an - 1, - 1 it M ' ., of ti' 'Shu ' 1' ' 1 . -. ar- 1 - ' . , x. 1 'Rx l ii, Q -1 A X 1. . 1 M .. J is -it 1 i, fldpll-29g . Q 1' WW 1 we ,a f N 5 2's?iai222'f.?:aF' 3 . K .1 1 1,L1N15zi "1 : V 5 . , 1,,, -- -5 1 14 , -Q.. 5 ,, 1 .111 , - 3.3 21 G 1 i 3 Xi is 1 1, .,.,, 5 , 1 L T --.-- . ,te 1 1 l 2 3 ,w, t I Al ' 4 D 'ex-ex ' isa . i " D e ' M r,r r fl Ns la ,'2: ' D M--to . 1 ,. K 1 1 ,Z . .. s. T' Q4 f ff: ., ..4 x , rx AN.. ,. ' 5 ' 'pg 'J' A A 1 . 1 W 1 109 9152 5 1 ,,, J ' . B 4--- l 1 4, me -.AF l . 1 4 W T A mx X iii, 11. 1 ii-ik! ,. K lilitglig WW ' X' lx . jr 9 , l 1 -f - 1 -1 "' if l 1 l , , , , 1 1, j l 1 1 I 1. gig, j , MQW 'IQ .W f J, 1, . WM, ,4 r3g,ir..,41 . Q ' gf. f dl P s LI -- ' wwf" tl titl r 111 V, - eg: 111.111wi, ,,,.: It .. 1 .U - ik ll ."'-.,f.,. :. D Y 1 p 11 . 1"' flrl P' A , 1 ' ,wt Q Ella ,rw 1511? HZ: X ,gg 1 , it ' - ' ' "X r., 1 , - .1 ef .- N ' 'Q ev .nf V V '- E -' if 0' 5 , i 1 ' 1,1 4 if Tl QL. .2 WF' I ., I 1455 rs , s r A I dr i ft S il 1 2 Q1 -3 Sv- ' H ., . um kk y , ' N 1 Delhi, if. ikn tgl nv Q - 3, 1 ' Q QQ ,,,,.m, -, Q ' it :K ' ..a,.A I 1 52 I ish? -5 Jr ' gas x L' 1 if Qian M 3 - if 5 ' 1? Tm M ef? 1 AQL , . if 6 'xi' 1 .W hr S tai ,, . ,.,, . K1 .Q H. 3" Jlli ig. A 3 ,. .gy :N f Z rr' i Z1 W V i 4 l " L 52 ,. W A at 0 .., .., Q .M iff H H. i W is B B is i f ,fe i iii i- - .4 or 'K M , 4 ' ., pl l V 5 ,,""v -:I+ , A ze.: . Lf., -rg, L K. , 'k1'1, - . Q lm-lg -' , i I E av r Ep, ,, l , ' 'za' Q -.fs H f- u " xy . . Jin: A I 5 " "HQ: Wi' xl it :-: Iv a, . .. ' - A ' X L 110 Z -fsrsmar r .lg ,WQQQL S joe Luch jeanette Larcnm Sue Leppert Mike Lerma Cathy Lloyd Mary Lopez Nancy Lutman Donald Mathews Donna Mathews Eddie Mntyus Marsha McMaster Sandra Meeker Cheryl Miller jnyce Mireles jay Mominee Christine Murray Bill Nolte Adelina Ochoa Glenn Ohm Norman Oster Glen Farsil Chris Peeler Mike Peters Kermit Pierce Mike Pinson Frank Pokorny Sharon Porter Kathy Potridge Diane Powers Cindy Pratt Sandy Purtee Sam Ramirez David Hanes jim Reynolds Judy Rice Sue Richards Brad Rohloff Martha Rohrhaugh Margaret Host jim Rudes Becky Salinas Ernie Sanchez Mama Sanderson Debbie Sandrock Allen Scaggs joanne Schell Charlene Schimmel Sue Schimming joe Schlunz jane Schmidt 'D5GQ'Servis's ' Bob Shields Mike Shields Sue Simon Debbie Sisinger Brett Smith Tammy Smith Dave Spafford Imogene Spaulding Georgia Spitler john Spurgeon Shirley Steindam Larry Stiger john Teet Paulette Tippey Paula Traver Audrey Vogtsberger Virginia Wagoner Nancy Waldenga john Walker Bill Werner Richard Wetzel Valerie Wicks jell Wilbur Merle Wilhelm Margie Wohn Carol Womack Beth Yackee PENTA COUNTY: jim Lerma jim Rice Dan Runion Randy Volschow :wzv -af. If-4 DLS. '1 an xx-. ,. 441.4 s li ll-5? 5 A L: , :M V i ta will A rum , I Freshmen i ,, I 5'-j ig: il 5 -me 2 : ". ' f i '- ,Q . .: A . A .K .xfW J - - ,Q Nor PICTURED . M JA Charles Austin I 5 A 'T Sheila Benefielcl yy' A john Clifton y ':": " Terry McCluskey ' john Molina ' 1 f ,S ' -ii, W.. J .- 5-' -- :' me ma V12 f is ig Sharon Porter and Don Drummond meet between classes Demonstrating the mechanisms of a lawn mower is Leonard Camper. SPURGEON MOTOR SALES INC. l Congratulations to the Class of T968 Your Chevrolet Dealer Genoa, Ohio 855-7062 or 855-7072 THE GENOA SAVINGS 8. LOAN COMPANY Genoa, Ohio Assets Capital 8- Surplus 59,500,000 S900,000 OUR SERVICES Direct Reduction Home Loans Savings Accounts Insured to 515,000.00 Christmas Savings Club Sale and Redemption of U.S. Series E Bonds Home Loan Bank Money Orders American Express Traveler's Checks OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, AND STAFF Earl F. Camper ..... ................ P resident C. Tracy LaCost .... ............. V ice President Wm. F. Clark .... .... V ice President 8. Secretary Shirley M. Ryan .... ......... A ssistant Secretary John L. Chambers .... ................ A ttorney Faith E. Wescotte .... ..... T eller Meryle B. Durdel ..... ...... ........ T e Iler Judy Placko ............. ................... T eller Paul A. David Robert T. Skilliter, Jr. Dr. Edward D. Schuiteman Albert F. Camper Member of Federal Home Loan Bank System Compliments of ERNEST E. COTTRELI. Compliments of Curtice, Ohio MANUFACTU RING CO. Com Iiments of X P Q II SANDER BROS. BUILDERS T Genoa, Ohio To Genoa Ohio LAWRENCE C. SKEES HOMER I. INSURANCE AND HUSTON INVESTMENT SERVICE Genoa-Clay Center Road POWGV DIQQINQ Phone 955-4604 Trucking Bulldozing Septic Tanks Cleaned 24 Hour Wrecker Service Used Auto Parts Genoa, Ohio 855-4133 855-4138 IXIIIVIROD A a B Nlmnon CAMPERS Sales--Service--Rentals Wooclville Rd .--Millbury, O . Ph . 855-7840 or Ph. 836-3427 DAN REINO 8. SONS Cleaners 8- Laundry Compliments of GlbS0"b"'9' Ohio ROBINSON'S FUNERAL HOME Phone 637-2214 Your Satisfaction Genoa, Ohio is our Reputation Compliments of L A T H A Super Dollar Maubury M Genoa Clyde 81 S Country House KUHLMAN SERVICE NANCY'S BEAUTY SALON H5 E. Rice SL Nancy Ruthsatz, Proprietor Elmore, Ohio Williston, Ohio Flfe5l0f'e , Complete Beauty Service See Us for the Best Deal in Town Williston 836-6064 STOKELY-VAN CAMP INC. f w'- 7-if-1" I--'I fr. '--4 :, fe- --A ..-, V, : '. .-1 Curtice, Ohio V.I.C. TAVERN 5808 Woodville Rd. Open Until 2:30 Compliments of HEROLD M. HARTER, 5038 Woodville Rd. WILLIAM F. ZUNK Sohio Distributor Williston, Ohio Home. Business: 836-5285 836-5285 LANGHOLZ MFG. nike Pumps scum Main sf. G enou , Ohio Compliments of YANKEE PEDI.AR I 631-633 Main St. Phone 855-9353 Compliments of STAR AND Lll'S DUNRITE Nife Star and Lil Lacld Foocl--Refreshments , Wcleming Genoa, Ohio Ph. 5741 'C 1 4 f N1 6 N 4 Ag Ji ' ,Ii K 'C Furniture-Upholstering-Repair ART'S UPHOLSTERING SHOP P1'l0ne 855-8035 175 Front St. Curtice, Ohio North Main St. Genoa, Ohio Phone 836-7215 Arthur Haack, Prop. IIYIIIAIDIAK Ill 'Ill WILLISTON IMPLEMENT CO. Offers the Areas Most Complete Line International Harvester Farm and Industrial Equipment Motts Mowers and Davis Trencher Williston, Ohio 836-2561 HARMON'S BARBER SHOP 624 Main St., Genoa, Ohio Mon. 81 Tues. 8:30-6:00 Wed. 8. Fri. 9:30-9:00 Sat. 8:3O'5:30 Closed Thursday with or without appointme t Compliments of DR. NORMAN L. REUVEN Optometrist Genoa, Ohio SAMSEN'S HOME FURNISHINGS Genoo, Ohio Good Luck, Groduoles Compliments of DR. PAUL MANCINOTTI C. E. HENNINGSEN 8. SON Water Well Drilling Pump Soles 81 Service Trenching Work Done lGos, Wcter, 81 Footerj 130 South Norden Rd. Oregon, Ohio ----S Phone 836-5972 if GALEN G. Lows GUARANTEED 1 INSURANCE SERVICE Auto-Fire-Life-Hospital Long Haul Truck-Home Owner Form-Boot F ? ' if-B6 d Williston, Ohio 836-7612 if' .4-42" EE-4--pi ,ii 1 ,-n-"Nl Compliments of TREASURE ISLAND GIFT SHOPPE Moin SI. Genoa, Ohio ROST COLlISION SERVICE 403Cd B B Ph H 836 4855 836 8800 Ct Oh S TITES HENRY W. BERGMAN INC. Roads and Bridges Truck, Crane Service Bituminous Materials Bulldozing Road Oiling 635 Main Street Genoa, Ohio Phone 855-7111 Rt. 51 Two Miles West of Genoa Road WAL1"S GULF SERVICE Tires, Oil, Auto Accessories, Batteries General Repair Manager, "Walt" Royor Ph. 7815 Genoa, Ohio Phone Curtice 836-6241 BURGIE'S CURTICE TAVERN Beer-Wine-Liquors Catering Service Very Good Foods Richard Bergeman, Prop. Compliments of JOHNSON LUMBER C0. Community Builders Phone 836-4565 Williston, Ohio Compliments of DUNN CHEVROLET OLDS-INC. Your Transportation Specialists Phone 836-2614 Oregon, Ohio CLAIRE C. DUNN GENERAL INSURANCE Fi re Auto Life Health Accident Furs Jewelry Furniture Marine Liability Burglary Plate Glass Compensation ASSOCIATE JOHNSTON- LANGMAID AGENCY, INC. Oregon, Ohio Phone 691-2451 Complimenls of E. D. SCHUITEMAN, M.D. ,ZZ I7 Qivi9"' I Q -z 0 al e , , I MARTIN SUPPLY Toro 8. Jacobsen Lownmowers Ho rdwc re Curlice, Ohio Compliments of REEDER APPLIANCE SERVICE Billmon Rd. Genoo, Ohio 855-3215 862-4441 Compliments of PEGGY'S BEAUTY SHOP T08 Soulhmor Drive Genoa, Ohio Phone 855-2325 Compliments of I'IAVENER'S FOOD MARKET Curlice, Ohio Compliments of DUNN'S CAFE Genoa, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS lo the class of 1968 Compliments of BlAUSEY'S RESTAURANT Genoa, Ohio li. ACE BILLIARDS S A. . R. Drummond, Prop. A E Al" To Mum sf. THE BRUSH BERYLLIUM COMPANY G enog , Ohio -- Elmore, Ohio ,-.i-11-11 iii- Compliments of V MARTIN GARAGE Compliments of PARKSIDE lNN Nick and Mable Marlin, Ohio Genoa, Ohio HAHN FARM EQUIPMENT Compliments of Massey-Ferguson 836-8259 Millbury Owned by Bob Nolte X Rt. 51 and Main Sl. SPROUSE INSURANCE AGENCY GENOA WATCH XX X 4'- AND X, 1 ,f Ge"e"" clock SERVICE 0 " Pfli, Main .I. A. I'IUbSCI1eI' I 'fi X ' Phone 855-3033 f , 5 - , .lj 855-4911 Genoa, Ohio , Genoa, Ohio . -,f:::'- On Navarre IM Miles Eost of St. Charles Hospital City-Wide Delivery Call 693-0674 Compliments of DR. F. C. TOYE Compliments of DR. W. H. DUFENDOCK CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1968 Compliments of HIRZEL CANNING CO. 8. FARMS Lemoyne Road Northwood, Ohio ,XX Q 4 :EQ we 'Amy 2 H Q GP EBI IIIBEIII 5 viii AY .3 W Today s classrooms furnlsh knowledge that w1ll help ln tomorrow s world That s why Toledo Edlson ur es emplovees to lmprove thelr skxlls ablI1tl6S and mental growth through company sponsored educa txon and trammg programs such as ,EDUCATION ASSISTANCE PLANS ADVANCED MANAGEMENT COURSES FOREMANSHIP CLASSES SPECIAL ON THE JOB TRAINING AND STUDY But we also encourage other people to contmue their educatxon so they can quallfy for lncreasmgly Important Jobs such as those at Toledo Edlson TOLEDO EDISON A good place to work 1-- xr i Says: , A t so Pennle In 1 if ii lg U Compliments of Compliments of GENOA WHOLESALERS, INC. TOLEDO AUTO 8. TRUCK SUPPLY, INC. Compliments of CHIPPEWA GOLF CLUB Congratulations Class of '68 GENOA PRINTING CO. Quality Printing Letter Press and Offset T519 N. Main St. Phone 855-7131 Genoa, Ohio Compliments of Compliments of LAKE ERIE SPORTS, INC. PORT CLINTON, OHIO Established in T946 DR. WILLIAM RUSSELL, NI.D. Genoa, Ohio THE GENOA BANKING COMPANY Harry C. Nehring G. Robert Powers .... Gertrude Sage ...... Kermit Freimark ..... George Bowland- George Bowland David Platt Dennis Vine Evelyn Peloquin Elaine Slovak Member of FDIC and Federal Reserve System Sixty-Five Years of Uninterrupted Service Assets over 58,000,000 OFFICERS --..------President ----Vice President Assistant Secretary ---------------------Cashier - - - -Attorney DIRECTORS John Stevens Kermit Freimark Edwin Johnson STAFF Brenda Fulkert Janet Sondergeld Kathy Kaylor and Vice President H. C. Nehring G. Robert Powers Audrey Spurgeon Carol Wax 0 STUDIOS EXPRESSION . . . . . . is a reflection of thinking YOUR EXPRESSION . . . . . . is the soul of your portrait HAVE YOUR PORTRAIT MADE BY SPECIALISTS IN THE ART OF EXPRESSION YOU CAN HAVE CONFIDENCE IN OUR ABILITY TO PLEASE YOU IN ALL TYPES OF PHOTOGRAPHY 8. OIL PORTRAITS FREE PARKING AVAILABLE USE PARKING FACILITIES 244-1465 AT COYLE MORTUARY 2495 C OLLINGWOOD at Delaware SERVIOG Compliments of sauce WALDENGA JOHN STEVENS NATION wins INSURANCE AGENT 917 Main Street on COMPANY vs Gem 1, PEQ Phone 855-3031 "Distributors of Citgo Products" LOWE'S RED 8. WI'IITE Super Market and Genoa Ohio General Store ' We Process Meats Phone 836-76I2 Willison, Ohio SCHOOL APPLICATIQN LIGHTING SPECIALISTS ii SINCE 1918 Iii xfmixe Fi INCANDESCENT FLUORESCENT MERCURY VAPOR LAMPS FOR EVERY COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL and INSTITUTIONAL USE VERD14-RAY E LIGHTING PRODUCTS, INC. Subsfdmry of 615 FRONT STREET - LEAR SIEGLER, INC. MANDELL TRUCKING COMPANY PLATT'S 54 to 51.00 sIoRE -General Trucking- Shop Plctt's First i " I I ph oxf d 33562 "h0"e19274 215 ff Genoa, Ohio Q- I 5535 WoodviIIe Rd. T I d Oh x v iv SABIN REFRIGERATION CO. 8557898 M I Oh CLAY CENTER BOWLING Open from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. Monday thru Friday 254P G SIS dE g 35GP G I-es OP 9 855 9727 GENOA BEAUTY AISLE Open Daily 9-5 Except Monday Evenings by appointment only Lou Weaver Dottie Hartman "We need your head in our business" 612 Main Street, Genoa Ph. 855-3451 Compliments of WILLISTON TAVERN I Rose and John Newton Williston, Ohio Repairs on All Makes of Television, Radio and Record Changers HOME EQUIPMENT TV SERVICE 635 Main St. Genoa, Ohio Marlin Caswell Bus. Ph. 855-5771 ,fi I ' ?i'l tr - 1 1 4121, "' ll ,. 1 l e mits ng yy Owens-Illinois is but one ofthe hundreds of American business organizations concerned by this challenge W E N S - N 0 I S and actively engaged in specific ways and means to meet it. Toledo, Ohio G, PROVEN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION .' :fi F' ,if l 5,357 'n 41, -l Lf- In ff you can see the difference S li X ' Ui O , . , G?Vlf CfHe'2s5 'Tt'sa Good!" BEA'S DUCHESS BEAUTY SALON Bea Sonor 309 Toledo Street Williston, ohio Phone 836-2376 NATIONAL BANK OF OAK HARBOR Curtice Office Member of Federal Reserve System Member F.D.I.C. Curtice, Ohio I' v if 'U 'U IYXIMJUOJU SU T7 3 Compliments of A . H. W. BOWER TRUCKING COMPANY Q ,,,,lfl"f-'llf- F34 ll-'ll , ggi-Ls.--S Q oin u X-X I i 62Se1u,Ol1iot ART-OPA F le25Q'E1g'2Y Contract Petroleum Carriers ""-""""" ll Phone , -Q g E 855-8735 855-5345 ifLf1vfX4f1YfWfn,m 0 , Compliments of OTTAWA COUNTY COOP CO. Elevators at Curtice, Graytown, Oak Harbor and Genoa Highest Prices for Grain Compliments of GENOA CITGO Main Street Genoa, Ohio Manufacturers of Fertilizers. x Dealers in spray ...M Materials Ohio noNAln LORENZEN ggrzegoiiiil ve" Building and Remodeling ind OHS e I East Curtice Road Phone 836-5801 Z D or aaa-3809 M Curtice, Ohio ' . ERV'S BARBER SHOP Curtice, Ohio Walk in or Call for Appointment Open Tues.-Fri. 9-6 Sat. 9-5 Closed Mondays Phone: 836-8988 Ervin Petersen ROBERTS ACE HARDWARE "Ace Sets the Pace" Quality at Lower Prices 4211 Woodville Road Between Great Eastern and Woodville Plaza COMPLIMENTS OF BOB 8 DlCK'S CONSTRUCTION INC. GENOA, OHIO EASTERN LANES, INC. BOWLING AT ITS FINEST WITH THE SUBURBAN ATMOSPHERE I6 AUTOMATIC FAMILY BOWLING LANES A.B.C.-W.I.B.C. and B.P.A. Benefits BEVERAGES-FOOD-SNACKS Everything For The BowIer's Need 3511 WOODVILLE OX. I-8551 AI Hurdelbrink, Manager FREE INSTRUCTIONS DAILY I0 to 5 by BILL VALIQUETTE Williston Home 836-7060 Shop 836-7065 Compliments of DARREI.l'S BARBER SHOP Walk-in or Call for Appointment I . -Open- ' J V . f Tuesday 9 to 6 Friday 9 to 9 Wednesday and Thursday QQ! '2 12:30 to 9 I Saturday 8 to 6 Closed Mondays 3 "" '!F"""2'I AI' ur r er Conditioned Dzjrelfgolilins G6l'1OG'CIGy Cehfel' Road 855-5206 Genoa, O OWENS JEWELERS ' CHIPPEWA f 'W' i 1 1 . .4 ' l Tool AND MANUFACTURING E ' .J T 125 East Main sf. Woodville, ohio CQMPANY Watch Repair Made Bowl at FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH LANES I2 Lanes Phone 849-3400 WILLISTON, OHIO Lime Road Woodville, Ohio PHONE 836-8888 Class of '68 GENOA PHARMACY Phone 855-7511 Genoa, Ohio iiiniigo elf ewlth Coke C0S.29:Q9'a refreshes you best COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Toledo, Ohio Phone 474-5481 FELBINGER'S GRILL 8. DAIRY BAR rg PJ' ' '-. , F -... ucv ,gpnunuuw Ml , "H' KORNRUMPF .,F X 1 , 4 , 'LN' -1: ' ,-1 ,. , 'F Hg ,Ji A We - 1' .6251 ,Qi ' .nrjnlg 'gl A 1' g- I . v- .., 1. -A ' - 'iiwzf 1.,,.....a.i.gqL ' iixr 1 ,O +V 5 we B I I Y .mfg E Sigh Q , .5 to s, M, '-2 , H 1 gli' f fag ' " -'ci ,--m?5f'9:.. .f - F g4f12:g3g'S2:f,f.J-""' , , 13.04" Mei , ,L -, :,-- ,z A .... . .,.. My 'WZ . firfi V45 .,.. -'L -' .9 ' ew-A A ,, 1 .. " ' f 5'-"2"4'f"f'f fQ1 'iiiei ,LV H . . - -:.,e.::w:ss'cW?f:a .' ': is-A . f lf: - Y -V 5- 6 ?:g-ef' -42, :.., 'P . . . ., A M,-.W n sxeise I -wpqg, - isvizy-53-, ,qu f f , ' L -f-"F ,'L,,u.--v1,,, "f , ,, . A ' - slr, 5:-fw44,'f,'f?wf 1, .9 Dinners-Sandwiches-Lunches FQV fhe B19 Diffefefme Phone ass-7122 in Insurance Genoa, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS COMPLIMENTS OF TO THE CLASS OF 1968 CASHEN'S FROM SIGLAR X f Z s. slEvING MEAT-PRODUCE-GROCERIES GENOA, OHIO PHONE 855-7171 COMPLIMENTS OF THE MELLOCRAFT CO. T T T320 LOCUST ST. WATER SOFTENERS, TOLEDO, OHIO 34603 PUMPS, PLUMBING PHONE 244-8327 HEATING 8. SPOUTING JOE GILL 103 8th STREET GENOA OHIO SALES REPRESENTATIVE PHONE 855-5502 SANITATION SUPPLIES INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS GENOA MOTORS INC. W :FEEEL SALES AND SERVICE CARS AND TRUCKS GENUINE FORD PARTS USED CAR LOT DIAL 855-3673 SHOWROOM DIAL 855-7761 GENOA, OHIO X vi W" M .Q ' 'ii' ii ig, ' V " GLAUSERS by J f4g.,...,....,i7 D HERFF-JONES CO. ' C BILL ROBERTS X Don't stick your neck out: REPRESENTATIVE RJ Get Quality Dry Cleaning CLASS RINGS MEDALS TROPHIES N from DIPLOMAS CAPS AND GOWNS ' COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS I ELMORE BOX 38 N, ' X CLEANERS MAUMEE, OHIO 43537 Phone 855-224 Route 51, Genoa, Ohio CLAY-GENOA P.T.A. President Mike Despones Ist V. President John Wohlever 2nd V. President Mrs. Frank Matyas Rec. Secretary Mrs. Dale Zwicker Cor. Secretary Mrs. Paul Mancinotti Treasurer Lorene Klingbeil It RICHARD l. HARSANJE Motorists Mutual , Insurance Company 601 Wilson Street Genoa, Ohio Phone 855-3051 Compliments of THE LITTLE FLOWER SHOPPE Genoa Oh M 2: . f , io Seitz Vvllrl Ij Ij IIx1IIlIII" GENOA AUTO SALES JIM GALLUP I ROUTE 51 855-2344 GENOA, OHIO Genoa Ohio 4 , LAN D MARK Phone 855-8101 "Patronize Your Own Business" Grain, Feed, Seed, Fertilizer Farm Chemicals 84 Farm Supplies Farmer Founded, Owned, 81 Controlled Woodville, Ohio Phone 849-3100 Ma Its S un da es 6,3 .- FECKLEY DAIRY DW Washington St. Genoa, Ohio ,A Sodas Cones z Sandwiches .w . If Ji "Reach for Laub's Sunbeam Bread" - CRC ' TANK -'4 .15 Morore SALES RAMBLER Since 1923 Phone 836-5563 Williston, Ohio -F- fl LOMBARD'S MARKET General Merchandise Clay Center, Ohio Sunbeam . r 5 ' ii 5' X: N ,u all LX ii i "' 5,2 Baked bythe JERSEY BREAD CO. Toledo, Ohio Congratulations Class of 68 NELSON PURTEE INC. Phone 855-7212 Genoa, Ohio BRUNT'S PLACE fUN0CUZP Curry-OUT Light Grocer Hunting and Fishing Licenses Genoa-Clay Center Rd. and Rt. 579 FLEITZ BUILDING SUPPLY Ready Mixed Concrete Complete Line of Building Supplie 1531 Woodville Rd. Millbury, Ohio Art Club Band Choir F.B.L.A. F.F.A. PATRONS G.A.A. Hi-Li. Key Club Student Council Varsity Club Senior Activities A-ACKERMAN, JANE: Chorus I5 CAA 1,2,3,45 Basketball 3,45 Volleyball 2,3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Dram Club 3,45 Student Coun- cil 45 Sec 45 Girls, State Alternate 35 Cafeteria Worker 25 Cashicr3,4. ANDAVERDE, RICARDO: Wrestling 1,2,3,45 Most Vdluilble Wrestler 3,45 District Wrestling 'Tournament Winner 35 Co-Capt 45 Varsity Club 2,3,4. AVERY, LINDA: Chorus 1,25 Latin Club 15 CAA 2,35 FBLA 35 Comet Staff 3. B-BEVENS, JOYCE: GAA 2,35 FBLA 35 Dram Club 3. BLAUSEY, RICHARD: Band 1,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Projector Club 25 Boys' State Delegate 35 Sr Play5 Nat'l Honor Society 45 State Science Fair Excellent 4. BREWER, BARBARA: Chorus 1,2,3,45 District Music Festival 35 GAA 2,35 Latin Club 1,25 FBLA 3,45 Comet Staff 3,45 Asst. Feature Editor 35 Feature Editor 4. BRICGLE, RICK: Chorus 15 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 3,45 Baseball 45 Varsity Club 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Annual Staif 35 Natll Honor Society 4. BROOKS, CAROL: Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Vocal En- semble 3,45 District Music Festival 25 GAA 1,2,3,45 Sec 45 Latin Club 1,25 Pres 1,25 Fr Club 3,45 Pres 3,45 Dram Club 1,2,3,45 Sec 45 Art Club 2,3,45 Comet staff 2,35 Annual Staff Activities Ed 45 Cheerleader 1,45 Girls, State Delegate 35Jr Play5 Sr Play5 Dram Club Play 25 GAA Basketball 3,45 GAA Volleyball 3,45 Football Homecoming Attendant 45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Natil Honor Soc 354. C--CASHEN, KAREN: Band I5 CAA 2,3,45 Fr Club 45 FBLA 25 FTA 3,45 Art Club 2,3,45 Comet Staff 2,35 Cafeteria Worker 2. CHAMBERS, MARVIN: Latin Club 1. CLERE, STEVE: Football l,2,35 Track 1,25 Basketball 15 Var- sity Club 4. COLEMAN, CHARLES: Band 1,2,3,45 Dance Band 45 Football 1,2,3,45 NLL First Team 45 Basketball 15 Wrestling 35 Key Club 2,3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Projector Club 2. Sr Play5 jr Play. CRANDALL, LINDA: FBLA 2,3,4. D-DAVIS, JANICE: Chorus 15 FBLA 2,3,4. F DENNIS, SHERRY: FBLA 45 Dram Club 45 Art Club 2,3,45 Cai Worker 3. DRUMMOND, JEAN: CAA 1,25 FHA 1,25 Parliamentarian 25 FBLA 1,2. -FARRELL, JOYCE: Latin Club 1,25 CAA 1,2,3,45 FBLA 35 Hi-Li 2,35 Dram Club 15 Jr Play. FISHER, KAY: Am School, Monterrey, Mexico 15 FTA 45 Dram Club 3,45 Art Club 3,45 Sr Play. FISHER, LINDA: Chorus 1,2,3,45 Vocal Ensemble 45 Distr Music Festival 2,45 FHA 1,2,3,45 Sec I5 V-Pres 45 FBLA 2,3,45 FTA 3,45 Historian 45 Dram Club 1,2,3,45 Sp Club 45 Football Homecoming Candidate 45 Sr Play5 Girls' State Alternate 3. FLETCHER, ROBERT: Football 45 Varsity Club 45 Projector Club 4, G-GARCIA, DAVID: Basketball l,2. CAUL, DEBI: Band 1,25 Chorus 15 Orchestra 15 CAA 1,2,3,45 Treas 45 Fr Club 45 V-Pres 45 FHA 1,25 FBLA 3,45 Dram Club 1,25 Cheerleader 25 Football Homecoming Queen 4. CRAHL, DIANE: Chorus 1,2,3,45 Vocal Ensemble 3,45 Distr Music Festival 45 Latin Club 1,25 Hi-Li 2,3,45 Sec 45 FTA 3,45 V-Pres 45 Dram Club 1,2,3,45 Treas 45 Comet Staff 1,35 Football Homecoming Candidate 45 Sr Play5 Jr Playg Dram Club Play 2. GROSJEAN, RICK: Football Manger 1,25 Track Manager 1,25 Basketball 15 Jr Play. H-HAEFT, KENNY: Basketball 15 Jr Play. I-IAMMITT, GARY: Latin Club 1,25 Projector Club 2. I-IARBAL, JOHN: Band 1.2.3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 NLL Second Team 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Key Club 1,2,3,45 Sgt-at-arms 45 Varsity Club 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Pres 1,25 An- nual Stalf 3,45 Asst Bus Mgr 35 Bus Mgr 45 Class V-Pres 15 Stu- dent Council 35 V-Pres 35 Sr Play. HARTWIC, CARL: Bowling 45 Projector Club 35 FFA 1,2,3,45 Pres 4. HEILMAN, VICKIE: Chorus 15 Distr Music Festival 15 Comet Staff 3,45 Typist 3,45 Annual Staff Typist 45 Betty Crocker Award 45 Quill and Scroll 4. HELLE, BARB: Art Club 2,35 FBLA 2,35 Dram Club HELLE, DONNA: Chorus 15 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Distr Music Fes- tival 1,35 Sr Play5 Latin Club 1,25 Fr Club 3,45 Sec-Treas 35 V-Pres 45 FTA 3,45 Pres 45 Dram Club 1,2,3,45 Art 2,3,45 Animal Staff Circl Mgr 45 Quill and Scroll 4. HUNLEY, BETTY: Fr Club35 FTA 3,4. HURDELBRINK, NANCY: Chorus 1,2,3,45 Distr Music Festival 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Sec 1,25 FTA 45 Dram Club 1,2,3,45 Annual Staff Ad Mgr 45 Class Sec 3,45 Girls' State Alternate 35 Sr Play Student Dir5 Quill and Scroll 45 Natyl Honor Soc 3,4. HUSTON, DICK: Football 1,2,3,45 Track I,2,35 Wrestling 25 FFA 45 Varsity Club 2,3,4. J-JANSIC, MARC: Projector Club 25 Jr Play. K L JOHNSON, BARB: Band 1,2,3,45 Instr Ensemble 2,3,45 Inst: Solo 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Distr Music Festival 2,35 Orchestra 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Dram Club 45 Dram Club Play 45 Jr Play5 Sr Plav. JOHNSON, NANCY: Band 1,2,3,45 Instr Ensemble 1,2,3,45 Distr Music Festival 35 Chorus 15 CAA 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Sec 15 Hi-Li 1,2,3,45 V-Pres 45 Dram Club 1,2,3,45 Reporter 45 Comet Staff 35 Annual Staif School Ed 45 Girls' State Delegate 35 Cash- ier 35 Sr Play5 Football Homecoming Candidate 45 Nat'l Honor Soc 3,45 Quill and Scroll 4. -KENNEDY, DAVID: FFA 1,2. KNUDSEN, ROGER: Football Mgr 1,2,35 Basketball Mgr 2,3545 Baseball Mgr KRUSE, FRED: Band 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Baseball 3. KUSNER, GREG: Football 2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Track 2,3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Sec-Treas 45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Sec-Treas 45 Latin Club 1,25 Pres 25 Dram Club 15 Annual Staff Ed 45 Nat'l Honor Soc 3,45 Quill and Scroll 4. -LATHAM, DENNY: Band 1,2,3,45 Dance Band 2,35 Pep Band 2,35 Instr Solo 3,45 Distr Music Festival 3,45 Orchestra 3,45 Foot- ball Mgr 15 Wrestling 35 Key Club 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Stu- dent Council 45 Pres 45 Sr Play5 Jr Play. LEWIS, JOHN: Band 1,2,3,45 Distr Music Festival 15 Chorus 1, 2,3,45 Vocal Ensemble 3,45 Distr Music Festival 2,35 Orchestra 2,35 Football 1,2,3,45 Co-Capt 45 Second Team NLL 45 Basket- ball 15 Track 15 Bowling 45 Baseball 3,45 Key Club 3,45 chap- lain 45 Varsity Club 3,45 V-Pres 45 Latin Club 1,25 Jr Play5 Sr Play5 Annual Staff Circl Mgr 4. M-McCORMICK, CAROLYN: Chorus 15 CAA 2,3545 Latin Club 1,25 FTA 3,45 Sec 45 Art Club 2,3,4. McCORMICK, LAURA: Latin Club 15 Art Club 2,35 CAA 35 FTA 3. MCCORMICK, MARILYN: Latin Club I5 FHA 45 Sec 45 FTA 3,45 Art Club 2,3,45 Sgt-at-arms 4. MOLLENHAUER, FRED: Football 15 Basketball 1,2,35 Pro- jector Club 3. MORITZ, DENNIS: Band 1,2,3,45 Dance Band 35 Pep Band 2,35 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Vocal Ensemble 3,45 Distr Music Festival 25 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Wrestling 35 Baseball 45 Varsity Club 3,4. O-OBERHAUS, BETTE: Band 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 25 FHA 1,2,3, 45 Treas 45 FBLA 2,3,45 Comet StatI2,3. OUSLEY, JUDY: FHA 1,2,3,45 Reporter 45 FBLA 1,2,3,45 Comet Staff Photographer 4. P-PALACIOS, DERLY: Chorus 1,2,3,45 Distr Music Festival 2, 3,45 Track 3,45 Varsitv Club 45 Latin Club 1,25 Fr Club 3,45 jr Play. A Senior Activities PLANTZ, JENNY: Chorus 15 CAA 1,2,35 Latin Club 1,25 FBLA 3,45 Football Homecoming Candidate 4. PORATH, KAREN: Chorus 15 CAA l,2,3. PORTER, CAIL: Band 1,2,3,45 Sec 45 Chorus 1,2,35 Orchestra 45 GAA 1,2,3,45 FHA 1,2,35 Treas 35 Student Council 1,25 Foot- ball Homecoming Attendant 45 Basketball Attendant 1,45 Wrestl Queen 4. POTRIDGE, RON: Football 25 Jr Play. PRYOR, SUE: Jr Play. R-RAYMOND, WILMA: FHA 1,25 GAA 25 Art Club I. RHOADS, CHERYL: C-AA 2,3,45 Hi-Li 1,25 FBLA 1,2,35 Comet Stall: 1,25 Cafeteria Worker 1,25 VICA 3,4. RICE, JEFF: Chorus 15 Football 1,2,3,45 Co-Capt 45 Second Team NLL 45 Basketball 1,25 Track 15 Bowling 45 Baseball 2,3, 45 Key Club 1,2,3,45 Sec 45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Pres 45 Latin Club 1,25 Art Club 1,2,3g Comet Stal'l 2,35 Annual Staff Art Ed 45 Stu- dent Council 1,25 Boys' State Delegate 35 Sr Play5 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Nat'l Honor Soc 3,4. RICHARDS, NANCY: Chorus 1,235 Hi-Li 4, FHA 1,2,3,4, V-Pres 35 Pres 45 Comet Staff 2,35 Football Homecoming Candi- date 45 Girls' State Delegate 35 Cashier 45 Art Club 2,3,45 V.- Pres 35 Sec 4. ROECKER, CARY: Band 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 3,45 Instr Solo 1,2,3,45 Distr Music Festival 1,2,35 Chorus 1,2,35 Orchestra 45 Football 15 Basketball 1,25 Cross Country 35 Key Club 1,2,3,45 Pres 45 Latin Club 1,25 Treas 1,25 Class Pres 1,2,3,45 Boys' State Delegate 35 Sr Play5 Jr Play5 Annual Staff Asst Ed 45 Salutator- ian 4. ROSS, RANDI: FBLA 45 Annual Staff Typist 45 Football Home- coming Candidate 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Nat'l Honor Soc 4. ROST, BRENDA: Art Club 2,3,45 FHA I,2,3,45 Cafeteria Work- er 4. ROUTSON, HOWIE: Basketball 1,2,3,45 Capt 45 Most Valuable Player 45 NLL Second Team 45 Cross Country 3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 Projector Club 4. S-SAHR, CONNIE: Latin Club 1,25 GAA 1,2,3,45 FBLA 2,3. SAMPSEL, LARRY: Football 1,35 Basketball 15 Bowling 45 Golf 45 Cross Country 45 Baseball 25 Key Club 2,3,45 V-Pres 45 Var- sity Club 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Jr Play. SANDER, DIANE: Band 1,2,3,45 Instr Ensemble 1,25 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Vocal Ensemble 35 Distr Music Festival 2,35 GAA 1,2, 3,45 Recorder 45 Latin Club 1,25 Hi-Li 45 Dram Club 1,2,3,45 Comet Staff 2,3,45 Typing Ed 45 Annual Staff Typist 45 Football Homecoming Candidate 45 Girls' State Alternate 35 Sr Play5 Jr Play5 Dram Club Play 45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 GAA Volley- ball 2,3,45 CAA Basketball 2,3,4. SANDER, KAREN: Chorus 15 CAA 1,2,3,45 V-Pres 35 Pres 45 Latin Club 1,25 V-Pres 15 Sec 25 Hi-Li 2,3,45 Treas 45 FBLA 2, 3,45 Sgt-at-arms 45 FTA 3,45 Dram Club 2,3,45 Annual Staff Act Ed 45 Class Sec-Treas 15 V-Pres 2,35 Cheerleader 3,45 Girls' State Delegate 35 Oflice Worker 3,45 Jr Play5 GAA Basketball 3,45 CAA Volleyball 3,45 Basketball Attendant 45 Football Home- coming Attendant 45 Nat'l Honor Soc 3,45 Quill and Scroll 4. SCHRIEFER, BETH: CAA 2,3,45 FBLA 2,3,45 Sec 45 Art Club 2,35 Latin Club 15 Dram Club 1,25 Class V-Pres 45 Sr Play5 GAA Volleyball 45 GAA Basketball 45 COE Club 45 PC Oilice Worker 45 PC Student Council 45 Office Machines Club 4. SCOTT, SANDY: Chorus 1,2,3,45 Vocal Ensemble 35 Distr Music Festival 2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Volleyball 3,45 Basketball 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Fr Club 3,45 V-Pres 35 Sec 45 Hi-Li 45 Dram Club 253, 45 Sec 35 Comet Stall 2,3,45 Asst Ed 35 Ed 45 Annual Staff Ad Mgr 45 Football Homecoming Candidate 45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Nat'l Honor Society 3,45 Jr Play5 Sr Play5 Valedictorian 4. SHIFFERT, LYLE: Band 1,25 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Distr Music Festi- val 2,35 Basketball 1,25 Latin Club 1,25 FTA 3,45 Treas 45 Chess Club 4. SIVINSKI, CHERYLE: Chorus 1,25 CAA l,2,3,45 FBLA 2, 3,45 Dram Club 25 Basketball Attendant 25 Cheerleader 1,2,35 CAA Volleyball 2,3. SMITH, TOM: Football 1,2,3. SPAFFORD, CAROLYN: Chorus 1,2,35 Orchestra 1,2,35 Latin Club 1,2. STANCIL, CHARLOTTE: Art Club 2,35 FHA l,2,35 GAA 1,2,35 FBLA 2,3,4. STEBINC, MIKE: Dram Club 2,35 Art Club 3,45 Pres 3,45 Jr Play5 Dram Club Play 3. STEINDAM, HAROLD: Chorus 15 Latin Club 1,25 Annual Staff Ad Mgr 45 Jr Play5 Chess Club 4. SUTTER, BARB: Chorus 15 GAA 1,2,3,45 Sgt-at-arms 45 Hi-Li 2,3,45 Pres 45 FHA 1,2,35 Sec 35 FBLA 2,3,45 Pres 45 Dram Club 1,2,35 Comet Stall: Exchange Ed 45 Student Council Rep 35 GAA Basketball 1,2,3,4: CAA Volleyball 2,3,45 Basketball Attendant 35 Basketball Homecoming Queen 45 Football Homecoming At- tendant 45 Jr Play5 Dram Club Play 4. T-TAPIA, RICHARD: Football 15 Track 3,45 Cross Country 3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 Latin Club 1,2. TRAVER, MARTIN: FFA 1. TROKNYA, DEANNA: Latin Club 1,25 Dram Club I,2,3,45 Pres 45 Jr Play5 Dram Club Play 2,35 Band 1,2,3,45 Dance Band 25 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Football Homecoming Candidate 45 Class V- Pres 4. TURNOW, JEAN: Chorus 15 GAA 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 1,25 FTA 3,45 Dram Club l,2,3,45 Art Club 1,2,3,45 V-Pres 45 CAA Volley- ball 45 Sr Play5 Jr Play5 Dram Club Play 25 Football Homecoming Candidate 4. V-VAN NESS, TOM: Band 1,2,3,45 Dance Band 3,45 Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Distr Music Festival 2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 Cross Country 35 Baseball 2,3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Distr Music Festival 1,2,3,4. VARCA, JANICE: CllOFl1S 15 CAA 35 Latin Club lg FBLA 2,3, 45 Cheerleader 3. VOCTSBERGER, NANCY: Band 1,2,3,45 Dance Band 2,3,45 Instr Ensemble 1,2,3,45 Distr Music Festival 1,2,35 Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Sec-Treas 45 Vocal Ensemble 35 Orchestra 2,35 Latin Club 1,25 Treas 25 GAA 2,3,45 FTA 45 Dram Club 1,2,3,45 Art Club 3,45 Comet Staff 2,35 Sr Play5 Jr Play. W-WEPLER, CAROLE: Latin Club 1,25 Band 1,2,35 Instr En- semble 15 Dram Club 1. WERLINC, JEAN: CAA 2,35 FBLA 2,3. WESEMAN, CAROL: Band 1,2,3,45 Dance Band 3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Instr Ensemble 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Vocal Ensemble 3,45 Distr Music Festival 2,3,45 Solo 45 Orchestra 45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Fr Club 3,45 Comet Staff 2,35 Sr Play5 Jr Play5 Dram Club Play 2,45 Nat'l Honor Soc 3,4 WIDMER, JIM: Band 1,2,3,45 Dram Club 1,2,3,45 Act Club 2,3, 45 Treas 45 Comet Stall 3,45 Art Ed 45 Annual Stall: Photo- grapher 45 Sr Play5 Jr Play Student Dir5 Dram Club Play 2,3, 45 Student Dir 2,45 Quill and Scroll 4. WILHELM, MARLENE: Chorus 1,25 GAA 1,2,35 Latin Club 1,25 FBLA 2,35 Dram Club 25 Cheerleader 15 Office Worker 3. WOMACK, AL: Football 1,25 Chorus 15 Track 1,2,3,45 Wrestling 1,2,3,455Co-Capt 45 Cross Country 3,45 Varsity Club I,2,3,45 Fr Club 3,45 FFA 1,25 Jr Play5 Sr Play5 Outstanding Athlete ofthe Year Award 4. Z-ZUNK, BARB: Chorus 1,25 CAA 1,2,35 Cafeteria Worker 25 Jr Play. The McCormick twins wonder if they really look like that. Fahle, Bob 11,37,79,105 A Ackerman, Bill 7,27,28,31, 32,34,42,48,58,67,77,82,91,100 Ackerman, jenny 78,108 Ackerman, Kathy 25,77,83,85, 104 Ackerman, jane 25,-47,57,73,83, 84,92 Adams, Robert 108 Adcock, Sue 3,78,104 Adcock, Ronald 18,79,92 Albright, Robert 47,61,92 Albright, Sharon 44,45,83,104 Ammons, Carol 67,71,80,83,91, 108 Ammons, Neil 38,67,68,70,104 Alt, Dan 35,67,81,I08 Andaverde, Ray 3,28,38,82,104 Andaverde, Ricardo 36,92 Archibald, jennie 25,100 Archibald, Kathy 25,104 Arndt, Michelle 83,84,85,104 Assad, Denise 83,104 Austin, Chuck 39 Austin, Ken B Bagley, Linda 25,108 Bagley, Sandra 25,104 Bailey, Susan 2,67,70,83,91,104 Baird, Robert 17,28,29,42 Baker, jaci 67,68,71,108 Barrett, Brenda 102 Barton, Patrick 12 Bayer, jim 28,38,72,86,100 Benefield, Sheila Bergeman, Mike 104 Bergeman, William 102 Bertok, julie 44,45,67,70,77,83, 100 Best, Mike 8,61,104 BeSt, Teresa 15,67,71,80,83,108 Betancourt, Elvira 104 Betancourt, Rick 28,92 Bevins, joyce 92 Bielawski, Mike 108 Billingsley, Louis 104 Blausey, Marilyn 100 Blausey, May Blausey, Richard 5,53,67,88,91, 93 Bloomfield, Donna 25,78,104 Bloomfield, Ken 102 Bolander, Bob 67,68,84,104 Bond, Paulette 77,83,84,85,104 Bondy, Alyce 70,83,84,108 Bowen, jane 104 Bower, john 67,6S,73,104 Bower, Neil 11,29,35,79,108 Bowland, Debra 70,78,83,108 Bowland, Diane 78,100 Bowland, George 28,38,100 Bowyer, Sharon 67,83,104 , Braddock, Mike 37,38,82,86,100 Braddock, William 38,41,58,82, 100 Brandt, Dale 104 Brewer, Barb 77,70,86,93 Briggle, Carlii 22,6o,71,75,s3,s4 85,86,89,100 Briggle, john 35,108 Briggle, Karen 21,57,6l,65,70, Index 75,83,84,104 Briggle, Rick 32,41,42,4s,s2,ss, 93 Brooks, Bill 35,39,81,84,108 Brooks, Carol 8,17,44,45,48,49, 5l,53,67,70,71,80,83,84,87,88, 89,93 Brooks, Gary 32,42,59,72,102 Brossia, Ronald 35,42,70,108 Brown, Bill 33,410,104 Browning, jim 67,68,69,104 Browning, Raymond 67,100 Bruggeman, Nedra 9,22,54,83 Buehler, Ernie 108 Buehler, Royce 28,38,72,104 Buhrow, Mike 79,100 Burdge, Sherry 104 Butzin, Vicki 77,83,85,105 C Calhoun, Barbara 102 Calhoun, Peggy 25,108 Camper, Leonard 11,79,108 Cantu, Richard 105 Cantu, viliii 102 Casares, joe 93 Cashen, Karen 76,80,85,93 Cashen Mary Ann 108 Castilleja, Dora 77,78,102 Castilleja, Esther 70,78,83,108 Castilleja, Gloria 102 Castilleja, jesse 93 Chalfin, janet 67,78,83,105 Chalfin, Nancy 67,76,78,83,l08 Chambers, Margo 21,65,66,67, 68,70,83,84,105 Chambers, Mark 28,29,38,64, 67,105 Chambers, Marvin 93 Chambers, Mary Ann 83,100 Champion, Paul 67,658,105 Christie, Yvette 108 Cisneros, Gilbert 37,58,82,102 Clark, Kaye 45,71,83,108 Clark, Mary Ann 47,52,61,67,70, 78,80,84, 100 Clark, Ron 100 Clere, Bob 38,105 Clere, David 29,35,39,108 Clere, Steve 93 Clifton, john 79 Coleman, Charles 3,17,28,29, 53,58,67,72,82,93 Collins, Reba 105 Collum, Norman 38,105 Colvin, Dan 38,82,102 Colvin, Sam 29,559,108 Colyer, Arlene 67,70,83,108 Cottrell, Marianne 11,67,69, 80,83,84,88,100 Coyle, judy 80,105 Crandall, Linda 77,93 Crandall, Tom 105 Crum, Carol 108 Cruthers, Gary 109 D David, Alice 14,87,89 Davis, Diana 109,78 Davis, Donny 109 Davis, janice 77,93 Davis, Linda 85,105 Denn, Diane 67,109 Dennis, Randy 109 Dennis, Sherry 84,85,93 Dezanette, Donald 102 Dezanette, Ronald 100 Diefenthaler, john 79,109 Diekman, Sue 44,45,70,80,83, 105 Dietrich, Charlene 109 Dietrich, Frank 105 Dille, Becky 109 Dille, Connie 67,76,80,109 Dipman, Bob 28,100 Dodson, Lynne 77,78,83,105 Donnelly, George 12 Doyle, Dan 109 Draper, Glen 109 Drier, Mike 16,29,37,109 Drummond, Don 27,32,33,41, 54,67,81,109 Drummond, Frances 109 Drummond, Fred 109 Drummond, jean 93 Du ffey, Kathy 76,80,81,105 Dutfey, Virginia 71,76,81,109 Dunlap, Diane 77,831,105 Dunn, Adelaide 20,76,85 Dunn, Darla 61,67,68,70,76,80, 83,85,91,105 Dunn, Deanna 67,70,76,78,83,84, 109 Dunn, jerry 28,105 Dunn, Randy 29,109 Duval, jan 80,535,105 Duval, Tom 107 Duval, Vicky 77,83,105 E Eash, Verlin 11,21,59,67,68 Eckerman, Roger 52,88,89,100 Eckerman, Russell 88,89,100 F Fahle, Mike 35,67,80,109 Farrell, joy 77,83,93 Feckley, Bill 28,29,100 Fielding, Dwight 37,6o,67,6s, 105 Firestone, james 13,28,29,82 Fisher, Kay 93,144 Fisher, Linda 9,48,51,65,70,76, 77,78,84,94 Fisher, Tim 38,70,105 Fletcher, Bob 28,75,82,94 Fletcher, john 28,33,38,60,67, 72,210,105 Fletcher, Mary 67,80,83,105 Flores, Leticia 109 Flores, Rosa 78,80,105 Floro, joyce 85,105 Floro, Lana 70,84,109 Floro, Sanov 94 Fork, Dan 27,32,40,41,72,77,82, 100 Fork, Debra 61,70,76,80,83,84, 109 Fowler, Karen 69,70,73,83,105 Fowler, Larry 36,72,77,82,100 Fredritz, Gary 109 Fredritz, Nelson 75,94 Friedt, Sue 77,105 G Gackstetter, Bruce 91,109 Garey, Denise 45,71,73,80,83, 84,109 Garcia, David 94 Garcia, joel 100 Gates, Cathy 8,60,70,94 Gaul, Debi 8,48,49,50,51,80,83, 94 Gaul, Paul 25 Geldine Bruce 28,38,72,105 Gerkensmeyer, Terry 67,77,83, 84,91,100 Gongora, Conrad 94 Gongora, Irma 18,70,78,105 Goodeman, Tom 11,29,35,39,79, 109 Gordon, Car139,79,109 , Grahl, Diane 48,65,70,75,76,77, 84,94 Green, Mary67,83,109 Greunke, Herbert 21 Grosjean, David 29,39,109 Grosjean, Rick 54,94 Gruben, Karen 70,8-4,109 H Haack, Brenda 21,25,66,67,68, 70,76,83,105 Haack, Mike 16,29,36,67,71,109 Haar, Debra 67,77,78,83,100 Habel, jeanne109 Habel, joy 109 Haddix, Rick 38,80,105 Haeft, Rhonda 45,71,83,84,109 Hagarty, Brian 42,94 Hagarty, Carol 83,105 Halicek, Gary 105 Hammitt, Gary 5,94 Hanes, judy109 Hanes, Leonard 107 Hansen, Terry 109 Hanthorn, Kenny 94 Harbal, john 28,30,32,42,43,-53, 67,72,87,90,94 Harbal, Tim 28,30,55,82,101 Harder, Barb 102 Harrison, Marsha 24,70,94 Harsanje, Larry 28,32,38,67,82, 91,101 Hartwig, Carl 36,79,95 Heilman, Dave 28,112,105 Heilman, Glenda 78,102 Heilman, jerry 29,35,42,109 Heilman, john 105 Heilman, Mark 67,109 Heilman, Vickie 86,87,95 Heisman, john 7,28,30,32,35,38, 82,101 Helle, Barb 95 Helle, Donna 53,67,76,80,84,85, 87,89,95 Helle, james 14,35,39,109 Helle, Marlene 105 Helle, Wayne 14,109 Hellwig, Elizabeth 78,109 Hernandez, Domingo 101 Hitchen, David 13,28,29,3O,31, 33,62 Hodulik, Ruth 109 Hoeft, judy 18,77 Hoeft, Kenny 94 Hoeft, Lynnette 24 Hoeft, Marlon 74,101 Honnor, Richard 22,27,32,35,41 Howe,jim107 Hunley, Betty 95 Hunley, Bill 102 Hurdelbrink, Edgar 67,79,105 Hurdelbrin k, Nancy 53,70,74,76, 84,87,88,89,91,95 Hurst, Phillip 109 Huss, Becky 109 Huss, Sharon 105 Huston, David 29,-i2,91,109 Huston, Dick 28,30,79,82,95 1 jansic, Marc 5,95 jensen, Douglas 109 jensen, Fred 102 johnson, Barb 5f3,67,95 johnson, Charles 18,52 johnson, Erma 14,58,73,88 johnson, jenise 4,52,67,71,80,83, 84,91,101 johnson, Nancy 8,48,53,64,66,67, 75,83,84,87,88,89,95 johnson, Paul 22,26,28,38,72, 81,105 jones, janet 70,109 jones, Tom 105 K Kalmbach, james 29,37,39,109 Kalmbach, Roger 28,102 Kalmbach, Sue 78,105 Karstetter, Connie 105 Kelley, Larry 42 Kern, Emily 25,109 Kern, Valerie 77,855,105 Kennedy, David 95 Kidd, Rhonda 109 Kinsel, Barry 28,88,67,82,91,101 Kirchner, Pam 109 Knudsen, Rodger 32,82,95 Kocis, Carl 28,29,38,39,101 Kocis, Debra 78,109 Koenker, Carol 65,70,78,8f3,101 Komives, Andy 101 Kozak, janet 47,58,67,68,76,78, 83,109 Kozak, Larry 28,31,38,82,102 Kreager, Steve 105 Krell, Ivy 85,105 Krell, Linda 102 Krueger, Alvin 4,41,54,55,82,105 Krumnow, Suzanne 102 Kruse, Fred 67,95 Kusian, jim 33,38,41,70, 105 Kusner, Greg 16,28,30,38,60,72, 78,82,87,88,89,9-5,144 L Lach, jackie 109 Lach, joe 29,37,J39,110 Larcom, jeanette 78,110 Latham, Dennis 53,57,62,67,72, 73,95 Lau, Blane 28,67,82,101 Lau, Marty 70,79,105 LaVigne, Elizabeth 70,80,84,85, 105 Layman, Pam 21,65,67,70,76,84, 105 Lemke, Marsha 73,75,76,83,101 Lenz, Russel 101 Lenz, Terry 102 Leppert, Chris 24,57,67,76,83, 101 Leppert, Sue 54,55,57,67,7O,81, 83,811,110 Lerma, jcsse Lerma, jim 111 Lerma, Mike 110 Lewis, john 28,30,36,42,43,46, 50,53,58,67,70,71,72,82,87,91, 96 Lindsey, N ancy 8,67,68,69,77,83, 105 Lloyd, Cathy 25,110 Lloyd, jim 28,82,96 Lloyd, Mike 102 Lobdell, Linda 24 Lopez, Estela 102 Lopez, Leonor106 Lopez, Mary 25,1 10 Lorenzen, Helen 67,77,8f3,101 Lorenzen, Tony 7,27,28,f32,34, 35,55,61,67,81,82,106 Lowe, jim 33,-38,79,101 Lusk, Connie 77,78,102 Lusk, joyce 25 Lutman, Nancy 110 M McAllister, George 437,106 McCormick, Carolyn 76,83,85, 91,96,140 McCormick, Laura 62,96 McCormick, Margaret 85,101 McCormick, Marilyn 76,78,85, 96,140 McClusky, Terry 75 McDaniel, Randy 106 McMasters, Marsha 67,80,110 Malone, Carole 106 Mandell, Barb 15,52,61,75,76,80, 81,84,88,101 Marcum, Roger 101 Martin, Donald 36,40,41,106 Martin, Ronald 36,40,41,106 Mathews, Dan 27,28,31,32,34, 35,42,59,82,102 Mathews, Donald 110 Mathews, Donna 110 Matyas, Eddie 67,658,110 Matyas, Martin 52,68,70,84,101 May, janet 101 May, joyce 101 Meeker, Sandy 70,853,110 Meeker, Sandra 25 Mericle, james 14,15,35,38,39 Michel, Carol 85,101 Michel, Gail 77,78,101 Miller, Barbara 10,15,80,81 Miller, Cheryl 67,71,78,110 Miller, David 23,36,38,72,82 Miller, Ruthann 67,235,101 Mireles, joyce 67,81,110 Moeller, Bonnetta106 Moeller, Mark 38,106 Molina, jesse 107 Molina, Rudy 96 Mollenhauer, Fred 96 Mominee, jay 35,110 Moritz, Arlen 70,106 Moritz, Bruce 36,42,79,101 Moritz, Dennis 5,8,28,42,43,67, 70,71,82,91,96 Moritz, Karen 78,106 Moser, Roger 106 Murray, Christine 25,78,110 N Nemeth, judy 70,78,83,84,101 Nero, Rita 21,65,106 Niehausmyer Mary 67,70,80,84, 91,106 Nolte, Bill 16,89,67,81,8-4,110 Norwalk, Merle 102 Novotny, james 16 O Oberhaus, Bette 67,77,78,96 Oberhaus, jerry 8,15,28,37,42, 59 Oberhaus, Nancy 85,106 Ochoa, Adelina 25,78,8l,8f3,110 Ohm, Glenn 110 Ohm, Randy 96 Oleszczuk, David 106 Oster, Norm 29,39,67,110 Ousley, jobie 102 Ousley, judy 77,78,86,91,96 P Padgett, Mike 28,82,34,40,72, 82,101 Palacios, Derly 23,38,70,80,82, 96 Parsil, Clen 37,38,82,110 Peeler, Chris 110 Peer, Becky 21,25,59,75,77,88,84, 106 Peer, Gretchen 44,45,67,70,81, 83,841,106 Peters, Mike 29,70,80,110 Peters, Robert 96 Peters, Patricia 106 Peterson, Dan 74,101 Piefter, George 81,106 Pierce, Christine 25,78,101 Pierce, Kermit 91,110 Pierce, Robert 106 Pierson, Peggy 102 Pietrowski, Felix Pinkerton, joel 22,28,30,51,55, 60,T0,81,82,106 Pinson, Michael 29,79,110 Placko, Mary 25 Plantz, jennie 10,48,96 Pocse, john 102 Pokorny, Frank 110 Pope, Susan 19,86 Porath, Donna 83,106 Porath, Karen 77,96 Porath, Kathy 101 Porath, Ron Porter, Dallas 16,17 Porter, Gail 8,10,48,49,50,56,67, 83,97 Porter, Sharon 54,67,70,83,110 Potridge, Kathy 25,70,78,110 Potridge, Ron 72,97 Powell, Sharon 106 Powers, Diane 67,76,80,83,l10 Powers, jerry 28,82,85,101 Pratt, Lucinda 25,110 Pringle, Dallas 101 Pryor, Susan 97 Purtee, Sandra 67,78,81,83,110 R Ramirez, Sam 15,35,71,73,80, 84,110 Ranes, David 110 Raymond, Wilma 97 Recker, Linda 102 Rewoldt, Linda 25,106 Rewoldt, Sharon 25,101 Reynolds, jim 110 Rice, james 111 Rice, jeff 13,16,28,30,36,42,53, 58,s2,s7,8s,s9,97 Rice, judy 8,54,67,83,110 Rice, Lynne 75,80,83,84,86,88, 89,101 Rice, Rex 67,68,81,106 Rhoads, Cheryl 97 Richards, Bill 4,3f3,67,72,91,101 Richards, Nancy 25,48,74,75,76, 78,85,97 Richards, Susan 71,80,83,84,110 Roecker, Cindy 67,7S,83,106 Roccker, Cary 5,53,59,63,67,68, 87,88,89,97 Rohloii, Brad 39,80,110 Rohrbaugh, Martha 110 Rombach, jolene 8,67,76,8-3,106 Ross, Randi 10,19,-l7,48,51,60,77 87,88,89,97 Rost, Brenda 78,85,97 Rost, Margaret 78,110 Routsen, Howard 7,27,32,41,46, 57,74,82,98 Rudd, Cecil 106 Rudd, Cedric 106 Rudes, Jim 39,80,110 Rudes, Sharlee 25,106 Runion, Dan 111 Ryan, Sandra 106 S Sackman, Dick 101 Sahr, Connie 98 Salinas, Becky 78,83,90,110 Sanchez, Ernie 35,39,41,80,110 Sampsel, Larry 36,40,41,61,72, 82,98 Sampsel, Pam 25,8'3,84,101 Sander, Diane 48,51,53,65,67,68, 70,75,76,83,86,87,89,98 Sander, Karen 8,4-1.48,49,51,56, 75,76,77,83,84,87,88,89,98 Sanderson, Mama 81,110 Sandrock, Deborah 80,110 Scaggs, Allen 42,110 Scaggs, Bill 42,106 Scaggs, David 102 Scaggs, jim 36,106 Scaggs, judy 77,85,106 Schell, joanne 8,45,70,8f3,84,110 Schimmel, Charlene 67,70,78, 110 Schimming, Ray 25 Schimming, Sue 110 Schlievert, Ann 64,66,106 Schlievert, Charles 85,101 Schlievert, jerry 85,101 Schlunz, joe 110 Schmidt, jane 67,70,83,11O Schmidt, Pete 106 Schmidt, Robert 17 Schnabel, Gary 28,102 Schriefer, Beth 53,77,83,98 Schriefer, Dorothy 83,106 Schulte, Thomas 67,81,106 Schuster, Steve 33,111,106 Scott, Norma 67,70,88,91,101 Scott, Sandy 46,48,51,53,54,68, 70,75,80,83,84,86,87,88,89,98 Seltzer, Harry 107 Serviss, Douglas 29,110 Serviss, Gary 102 Shaneck, Randy 33,41,42,106 Sheets, Karen 70,75,78,83,84,101 Sheets, Kathy 70,76,78,83,84,90, 101 Sheetz, Albert 102 Sheldon, Cherly 67,106 Shessler, Paul 8,67,68,70,71,80, 106 Robert 39,80,110 Shields, Christine 65,67,68,70, 80,83, 106 Shields, C1iff40,52,70,10l Shields, Mike 29,35,71,80,110 Shields, Shilfert, Lyle 17,23,70,76,98 Sieving, Diane 67,70,77,83,84, 86,101 Simon, Susan 78,110 Siren, Robert 3,16 Sisinger, Debbie 88,111 Sivinski, Cheryle 98 Skaggs, Violet 102 Skiles, Debbie 25,106 Smith, Bret 14,3-5,111 Smith, Dennis 38,80,106 Smith, Lois 44,45,64,66,67,70,81, 83,106 Smith, Sue 101 Smith, Tamara 80,111 Smith, Tom 98 Spafford, Carolyn 98 Spafford, David 16,35,39,71,111 Spasoff, Helen 24,77,8-3,101 Spaulding, Gary 28,37,85,106 Spaulding, Imogene 111 Spitler, Georgia 67,71,78,83,11l Spitler, jerry 37,38,39,102 Spurgeon, Bonnie 7,5-5,69,77,8'3, 84,91,101 Spurgeon, john 42,67,111 Stagner, Alice 67,79,70,77,83, 91,106 Stancil, Charlotte 98 Stancil, john 106 Stebing, Mike 64,85,98 Steindam, Harold 87,89,98 Steindam, Shirley 78,111 Stevens, Lawrence 67,68,85,91, 106 srigef, jim 28,851,106 Stiger, Larry 111 Strocher, Bessie 25 Sutter, Barb 8,46,48,49,56,57,75, 77,8f3,86,98 Swartz, jane 25 Swartz, Ronald 36,42,79,101 T Tank, Carol 2,59,67,75,77,83,84, 106 Tank, jean 77,84,101 Tank, Marcia 80,88,84,85,106 Tapia, Richard 41,82,98 Teer, John 29,111 Tannancour, Donna 107 Tester, Ronald 99 Tester, Scott 107 Tester, Steve 74,99 Thompson, Raymond 19,79 Tippey, Paulette 84,111 Torres, Amelia 78,107 Traver, Martin 99 Traver, Paula 111 Trejo, Irene 25,843,107 Tristan, Norma 107 Troknya, Deanna 48,51,67,70,84, 99 Tu mow, lean 48,76,83,84,85,99 V vaillanr, Vicki 25,107 VanNess, jerry 11,107 VanNess, Tom 42,43,67,70,82,99 Varga, janice 77,99 Varga, Steve 36,40,101 Vargo, Mary 9,18,70,78,83,107 Vine, john 36,40,52,72,84,101 Vogelpohl, Bill 8,28,33,107 Vogelpohl, Chris 28,50,61,101 Vogelpohl, Margie 70,77,83,84, 86,659,101 Vogtsberger, Audrey 67,71,76, 80,111 Vogtsberger, Nancy 54,55,64,66, 67,70,76,83,84,85,99 Volschow, Randy 111 W Wagoner, Ruth 19,78 Wagoner, Virginia 67,70,76,81,111 Wagoner, William 28,37,42,102 Wagner, Bill 84,535,107 Waldenga, Nancy 67,70,76,83,84, 111 Waldenga, Pat 80,102 Walker, john 37,42,111 Walters, Marion 107 Wanner, Bonnie 67,70,81,83,107 Webb, Linda 77,755,102 Weis, Tim 8,33,40,41,54,72,82, 107 Wend, Cordon 7,28,30,42,55,70, 73,132,102 Wepler, Carole 99 Werling, jeanie 99 Werner, Bill 16,535,111 Wescotte, Pam 52,67,75,80,88, 102 Weseman, Carol 6,46,53,67,68, 70,71,76,80,83,84,85,88,99 Weseman, Larry 107 Wetzel, Richard 89,111 Wheeler, Mary 22,47,52,67,70,76, 80,88,84,91,102 Wicks, Aaron 107 Wicks, Valerie 111 Widmer, jackie 25,67,68,69,70, 80,855,102 Widmer, janet 44,45,55,64,66,76 81,107 Widmer, jim 61,67,84,85,85,87, 89,99 Wilbur, jel'1rey111 Wilhelm, Marcia 84,107 Wilhelm, Marlene 63,99 Wilhelm, Merle 67,70,84,111 Wilka, Don 32,41,67,102 Williams, Albert 42,107 Witt, Cheryl 67,70,76,81,88,107 Wohn, Margie 9,78,111 Wolcott, Mickie 52,853,102 Womack Al 7,21,37,38,41,46,53, 59,82,99 Womack, Carol 111 Wood, Ann 20,52,67,70,71,75,'76. 80,83,84,91,102 Wood, Phyllis 20,75 Woolner, Debbie 107 Wyatt, Ned 25 Y Yackee, Beth 76,80,111 Yentzer, Mike 28,42,72,102 Younker, Karen 61,83,107 Z Zalesak, Tom 38,107 Zapata, Mary 78,853,107 Zimmerman, Cary 20,67 Zunk, Barb 99 Zunk, Marilyn 78,813,107 ' ' K.. 1 ai." 1 l ms ,. .a- -.,..h--a,,.. -. W- ,,...,.. 1 at f ig 5 Q . M asa E t' Q ' 2 5 . . 5 .- Enteridg. Adit1s1fing.is6rf1'i1iig, Q . ft 51553, 'T me ,siekingiiglninding . 1.-an a - 'iff 3 . 1 Q A ,. ax . E . 5 ' 5 'St .. asf. U an 3, 1 1 .. . .U 215351 'E WX, at 7315.5 K, :rf a - me 1' 35 5 2 U f ,. , 1 f 1922 A 1 f 333' ,, A . L, ,iw ,a a s Y , a Nz .2 a. i, , , 135731 za- fegxa ,N Ti -aa... get 1,5165 af sz: as E31 mlgg tw EVE? it I 1 s 5 .1 . if a my Q 11 ii ar is 1 ii Us ' Eli!" ' , There are many things which make a school year memorable and we of the 1968 Limelight Staff have tried to capture these treasured moments and ex- periences with pictures and words. However these substitutes can never take the place of the real events and therefore it is up to you, the reader, to look beyond the pictures and read beyond the cap- tions so that your own scrapbook of memories may be completed and your own appetite for yesterday's fun and happiness may be satisfied. Building is important for the structure you com- plete must serve adequately for the time alloted whether it be for a few hours, a few days, or even a lifetime. A yearbook is only compiled once. The materials used to compile it must be supplied by the labors of the students involved. The strength, beauty, and outlook of the yearbook depends upon the man- ner and completeness in which these labors have been fulfilled. We ofthe Limelight Staff would like to thank Mrs. Alice David, our advisor, Mr. Earl Parks of Ameri- can Yearbook Company, and the teachers of our school for their excellent cooperation and assistance throughout the 1967-1968 school year. EJ Kilim? 4, ,, , M

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