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V. ,.,,, . . I A i A 'e 4 E I qi J I J 1 1 4 1. V 1 F 1 4 J 1 Y Q i 1 w I' , 2 1 I A ' I , 1 1 - 4 ' ' ' Q 3 A N . ' . 4 W' A , - ' ' 1 ' ' N ' gf , f f f if jd f gif lf , , ,ff 1 A 1 Y LIMELIGHT GENOA AREA HIGH SCHOOL, GENOA, OHIO Foreword A day in the life of a Genoa Area High School student is full and complete. The student's schedule provides a time for academics, athletics, and organi- zations. Life at G.A.H.S. is more than this. It is a boy and girl in a crowded hall stealing a few moments to- gether between classes. lt is the laughter and chat- ter which fill the cafeteria during lunch period. lt is the shouting and spirit of a pep meeting. lt is the personal sorrow and bitterness of losing a game. It is all this and more. The staff of the 1967 Limelight gives you a pic- torial and written description of this time in our lives. , rpg!!! H ' sf?-"."'i ,vm J ., ' 15,1 all V as K' l fu Fil.. ...Q l N, vs ,sv Contents Organizations 12 Activities 36 Athletics 52 Awards 72 Academics 80 Undergrads 96 Seniors 1 10 Advertisements 126 The pursuit of academic excellence is by far the most important role the school plays in a student's life. This excellence must be gained through each student's hard work and ambition, but at Genoa High the basic tools are well supplied for their use. The varied courses available here enable a stu- dent to prepare for his future in one or more major fields, depending on his interests and abilities. Math, science, and vocational courses provide excitement and experience to those who wish to participate. The library provides easy access not only to refer- ence works for the students' special projects and papers but also to lighter reading for his enjoyment. Another facet of academics is the extra-curricular testing program in which most college-bound stu- dents participate. Abbreviations such as S.A.T., A.C.T., C.E.E.B., N.NI.S.Q.T., and numerous voca- tional tests become increasingly important as a stu- dent nears graduation. 1-7 w -..F-. Athletics play another important role in a student's education, whether he partici- pates or observes. ln the seasonal cycle of football, cross-country, basketball, bowling, wrestling, track, golf, and baseball, nearly every male student can find one or more sports in which he is interested. Athletics are also open to girls. A girl may participate in basketball, volleyball, and deck tennis. Sports provide a means not only to improve the physical health of the participants, but also to develop the sense of sportsmanship and fair play which is needed in today's highly competitive world. E W I N I I 8 'T """"lH W . B 1-5, The varied activities available to in- terested Genoa High students provide a needed relief from the pressure of school work. The two Homecomings, the G.A.A. Christmas Formal, and the Junior-Senior Prom, highlight our social events. Our numerous clubs and organi- zations give students experience in ad- ministration andthe handling of respon- sibility. The three annual dramatic productions give participants experi- ence and provide them an outlet for their creative abilities. 9 E' The pace of high school life provides many oc- casions for crowding and confusion, yet also pro- vides times of loneliness. Loneliness can be the worst enemy of a student who is always under pressures to conform and to be accepted by his peers, but it can also be the best friend of a young adult search- ing to find himself, and must do it alone. No matter how fine an education is supplied a student, no mat- ter how involved he becomes in academics, athletics, or activities, his success as an adult will depend upon how he prepares himself for maturity. w1ff4c1Lgm-:QQ-:Q .wrlv QRGAN IZATIONS A Time to Participate ,.- , - Worth Projects Are Tackled b STUDENT COUNCIL FRONT ROW: C. Briggle, Treas.g J. Harbal, V-pres.: K. Farrell, Pres.: P. Harsanje, Sec. ROW 2: Miss Johnson, Advisor: M. Matyasp B. Sutter: J. Pinkerton: J. Widmer. Student Council president, K. C. Farrell, announces the starting lineups for a home basketball game. The services performed by the Student Council this year have made it one of the most useful or- ganizations in school. Their varied activities have made it well deserving the title of a service club. One service was to select and sponsor a group of stu- dents who attended the Governor's Conference on Traffic Safety in Bowling Green. They also served as student guides for the annual open house of the high school. The Student Council supervised the Basketball Homecoming festivities. Their planning of this activity made for a smooth running and well- remembered ceremony. Each month they selected a student as Citizen of the Month. By heading the Junior Red Cross Drive in our high school, each member showed his own citizenship in the daily col- lection of money. Q L A Service Clubs The Key Club kept busy performing services for community and school all year long. Key Clubbers umpired baseball games in the sum- mer and from time to time throughout the year sponsored Key Town dances. They served their community by washing cars and working at Kiwanis-sponsored suppers. By selling pennants and spinning records at school-sponsored dances, they made money which they used to- ward the purchase of an announcement board. Key Club honored the football and the basket- ball queens with their own personal trophies. The club in turn was rewarded when they re- ceived the trophy for the best decorated car in the football homecoming parade. KEY CLUB FRONT ROW: J. Rinaldo, Pres.: K. Sander, V-pres.: K. Farrell, Sec.: D. Hennen, Treas. ROW 2: G. Brooks: M. Padgett, L. Sampsel. ROW 3: J. Thompson: G. Kusner: C. Coleman. ROW 4: J. Rice: J. Herbal: D. Latham. ROW 5: D. Fork: W. Wheeler: R. Shields. ROW 6: J. Rohrbaugh: B. Wescotte: M. Yentzer: G. Roecker. Key Clubber Mike Padgett sells a school pennant to Pat Duval, the 1967 wrestling queen. Jim Rinaldo, Key Club president, presents the trophies to the 1967 bas- ketball queen. I5 l VARSITY CLUB FRONT ROW: J. Vogelpohl, V-Pres.: B. Havener, Pres.: R. Witte, Sec-Treas. ROW 2: D. Hus- ton: T. Bell: J. Lewis: J. Rice: A. Womack: L. Cashen: R. Tapia: R. Andaverde. ROW 3: R. Briggle: J. Braddock: J. Brossia: D. Tester: B. Younker: K. Farrell: G. Wend: G. Kusner. ROW 4: J. Harbal: B. Colvin: J. Duvall: J. The Varsity Club this year sponsored the home- coming candidate who was chosen as queen. At the home basketball games they sold popcorn and soft drinks. The money earned from this project was used to pay for the annual Varsity Club banquet which was held at the Secor Hotel in the spring. The Girls' Athletic Association has had a busy and fun-filled year. ln the opening days of school twenty-six new members were added on the basis of athletic ability. During football season the G.A.A. sold football programs and made a considerable profit which helped sponsor Homecoming festivities. ln December the annual G.A.A. formal was held. Trying to do their part for girls' athletics at G.H.S. the club sponsored a deck tennis team, varsity and reserve basketball teams. Through buying "Genoa G.A.A." sweatshirts in school colorslthey have tried to promote pride in the club and school. The sweat- shirts also gave the athletic teams a bright, uniform look. Another objective of G.A.A. was to buy a tram- poline. Thompson: C. Coleman: D. Siefke: R. Knudsen: N. 5: D. Hennen: D. Nissen: B. Wescotte: Fredritz. ROW Ll. Rohrbaugh: P. McColl: K. Sander: J. Werner: F. 6: Mr Miller, Advisor: M. Padgett: B. Schultz. ROW Hartshorn: R. Rollins: B. Ackerman: W. Bower: L. Fowl- er: Mr. Firestone, Advisor. thletic Clubs ret. I6 . . . . .L.. G.A.A. FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES FRONT ROW S. Albright: C. Shields: G. Peer: N. Scott: J. Widmer: B Wanner: V. Duval: J. Bowen.-ROW 2: J. Widmer: M Chambers: A. Schlievert: D. Dunn: N. Lindsey: A Stagner: M. Vogelpohl: B. Spurgeon: L. Rice. ROW 3 P. Waldenga: J. Rombach: M. Wolcott: J. Bertok: H Spasoff: H. Lorenzen: M. Wheeler: T. Gerkensmeyer: J. Tank: D. Haar. ROW 4: C. Leppert: J. Johnson: M Fletcher: G. Castilleja: J. Chalfin: L. Smith: S. Diek man: B. Peer: M. Lemke: P. Sampselg J. Nemeth: M Tank. ROW 5: K. Sheets: C. Koenker: D. Sieving: M Blausey: B. Cottrell: M. Vargo: B. Haack: K. Sheets A. Wood.: B. Mandell: P. Wescotte: C. Witt: C. Witt: D. Porath: K. Briggle. Strive for More Interest in Sports G.A.A. JUNIORS AND SENIORS FRONT ROW: M. Freckleyg Serg-at-arms: K. Sander, V. pres.: J. Gerkensmeyer, Pres.: M. Lemke, Treas.: G. Chambers, Sec.: D. Aeschliman, Recorder. ROW 2: Mrs. O'Connor, Advisor: S Helle: K. Cashen: G. Porter: C. Brooks: N Johnson: C. Zalesak: S. Steindam: L. McCorm ick. ROW 3: L. Browning: L. Haar: S. Fork: T. ' Race: N. Pitts: B. Brewer: C. Sandrock: M Sandrock: P. Harsanje. ROW 4: D. Aeschlirnan S. Stein: C.,Buehler: J. Turnow: S. Scott: N Vogtsberger: J. Farrell: D. Sander: C. Sivinski man: C. Weseman: S. Wilka: B. Jackson: S Sander: B. Westenkirchner: F. Kusian: S. Tay lor. J. Varga. ROW 5: B. Sutter: C. Arndt: J. Acker- FRENCH CLUB: FRONT ROW: D. Helle, Sec-Treasp S. Scott, V-Pres C. Brooks, Pres: J. Rohrbaugh, Presp B. Witker, V-Presg C. Buehler, Sec: F. Kusian, Treas. ROW 2: S. Steindam, B. Hunley: R. Rinebold A. Womack: M. Tank: Mrs. D'Almaine, Advisory B. Jackson: C. Wesemang L. Browning: L. l-laar. ROW 3: B. Westenkirchnerg J. Shesslerg L. Bringeg B. Havenerg B. Wescotteg R. Witteg W, Wheeler: R. Shields: J. Gerkensmeyerg S. Wilka: D. Aeschliman. Foreign Languages Give Students French Club members enjoy a feast at the Secor Hotel. tbl k .. - - Q J-,A .S-1 ua i f J .. .- , f in: .bf- The Latin Club held their monthly meetings the first Monday of the month during class time. At these meetings there were various forms of educational ac- tivities. Their main project of the year was a dance and candy sale. The dance was highlighted by the crowning of Caesar and Cleopatra. The money raised from this project was spent on the lavish Roman Ban- quet in the spring. "Mille Francs" was the theme of the French Club dance and pastry sale held during the basketball sea- son. The money they earned was used for a formal banquet held at the Secor Hotel. At the banquet Mrs: D'Almaine received several gifts from the two French Clubs in appreciation for all she had done to make the banquet possible. At the patriotic assembly for Wash- ington's birthday the French Clubs sang the French national anthem, "La Marseillaisef' All the language clubs felt that it was truly an enriching and fun-filled year. :Q - - "XS, Mr. Barton joins in the fun of the Latin Banquet. John Bower trumpets to announced the oncoming battle. an Opportunity for Fun and Learning LATIN CLUB: FRONT ROW: K. Briggle, Pres: A. Krueger, V-Pres C. Vogelpohl, V-Pres. M. Cottrell, Pres: C. Briggle, Pres: G. Wend V-Pres: B. Vogelpohl, Pres: J. Pinkerton, V-Pres. ROW 2: P. Cham pion: J. Bowen: B. LaVigne: K. Fowler: B. Moeller: C. Shields: Mrs D'AImaine, Advisor: G. Peer: J. Widmer: B. Wanner: P. Bond: R Shaneck: J. Vine: R. Eckerman. ROW 3: A. Schlievert: L. Rice: M Lemke: J. Tank: J. Bower: S. Tester: B. Richards: R. Clark, B Sprugeon: M. Wheeler: D. Bowland: M. Vogelpohl: M. Chambers: S Huss. ROW 4: D. Oleszczuk: S. Diekman: K. Duffey: B. Bowlander: D. Frey: ROW 5: B. Man- P. Shes- slerg R. Haddix: G. Spaulding: B. Hartshorn: R. Rice: ROW 6: M. Matyas: P. Layman: J. Fletcher: B. Lau: T. Lorenzen: D. Fielding: B. Kinsel: D. Wilka: J. Heisman: L. Harsanje: T. Harbal: S. Bailey: M. Chambers: D. Brandt: L. Rewoldt: M. Niehousmyer: B. l-laack. J. Coyle: S. Kalmbach: M. Tank: G. Peiffer: J. Browning: T. Schulte: L. Cornell: J. Rombach: L. Smith: M. Fletcher. P. Sampsel: J. Johnson: C. Leppert, C. Witt: P. Wescotte: dell: A. Wood: T. Weis: P. Johnson: D. Peterson: A. Wicks: li Tail a Sugi f .7 ' 'E-ua W" V flew 1, PROJECTOR CLUB: FRONT ROW: J. Pocse: T. Bell, Sec-Treasg Cantug F. Mollenhauerp P. NlcCoil, V-Pres: S. Clereg B. Silvisg M. Yentzerg C. Hartwig: W. Braddockg J. Cole, Pres, Mr. Frick. T. VanNessg F. Schultz, J. Bayer. ROW 2: C. Schlievertg R. Hansen, J. Smith, B. Wagoner: R. Problems are created and Services Are Rendered b solved by electronics students in class. 20 The main duty of the Projector Club was to take care of the public address system. They set up the microphones and other equipment for assemblies which were presented to the student body. Another vital service performed was the showing of movies in classes when requested by the teacher. They also set up the screen and projector for other social functions. Hi-Li, a service club, consisted of student librarians. Librarians were responsible for checking out books, straightening books, and keeping order in the library. Another project of Hi-Li was cutting out clippings from newspapers in our area about our school. These ar- ticles were then pasted in a scrapbook which was kept inthe library. Mrs. Wood was the advisor for the club. She was always willing to lend' a helping hand to any student seeking aid on a research paper. This was greatly appreciated by all students. rx --L il 2,5 HI-LI: FRONT ROW: N. Johnson: M. Wheeler: D. Aeschliman Treasp B. Westenkirchner, V-Presg J. Rinaldo, Pres: M. Feckley Secg Mrs. Wood, Advisor: T. Race. ROW 2: D. Grahlg B. Peer Students Through Active Clubs Librarian Diane Grahi checks out a book for Dennis Siefkez , 1 . 'I' ING - 'Y fr -V 4 ,. , --3- Ag ,W , 21 Dan Colvin carries out the main duties of FFA, caring for the school grounds. The Future Farmers of America Club has had several projects this year. ln order to earn a jacket, each member must have passed the "greenhand" test, the first step in FFA. FFA rendered an important ser- vice to our school. Its members were in charge of tak- ing care of the grounds. They planted bushes, pulled weeds, and did much to keep our school looking its best. During football season FFA members made and sold popcorn at home games. The Future Homemakers of America Club has had a successful year. Each new member was assigned a big sister at the beginning of the year to observe and to help her. The new members were later initiated formally and informally. During basketball season FHA members began a new project, selling hotdogs at home games. They also sold school pennants. To honor their mothers, members held a Mother and Daughter tea. In the spring the club traveled to Cedar Point for a day of fun before the year's end. Marlaine Lusk was chosen as the outstanding FHA member. Industrious Students Learn FFA: KNEELING: J. Lowe: C. Hartwig-5 D. Colvin: R. Lenz: R. Pres: L. Lohr, Treasg D. Nissen, Sec: B. Widmer, Sentinel: S. Adcock: Nl. Lau. STANDING: lVlr. Thompson, Advisor, J. Smith: Chalfin, Reporter. E. l-lurdelbrink. ON TRACTOR: W. Dipman, V-Pres: F. Schultz, I -A ,..- A, -'f ' :. ',,.'-'-- , ,gm-:ern t-A 'g ZF:.'7'i:1F!QA - I- '- ' f " if-.-:mm 5 ' jwaiwszt. FHA members sell hotdogs at one of the home basketball games. W? Big sister Betty Oberhaus explains the Future Homemakers symbol to her assigned FHA little sister, Sue Adcock. Responsibility Through Club Work FHA: FRONT ROW: Mrs. Jobe, Advisor: D. Haar, Historian: B. Sutter, Sec: S. Fork, Parliamentarian: M. Lusk, Pres: N. Rich ards, V-Pres: G. Porter, Treas. ROW 2: S. Albright: G. Heilman C. Pierce: L. Webb: K. Archibald: J. Archibald: A. Torres: S. Krell. ROW 3: N. Scott: V. Cantu: P. Pierson: L. Fisher: S. Helle: D. Castilleia: C. Lusk: B. Skaggs. ROW 4: B. Calhoun G. Castillejag J. Chalfin: B. Oberhaus: J. Ousley: C. Wicks: M Zunk: J. Nemeth. ROW 5: K. Sheets: C. Roecker: G. Michel: K Sheets: C. Michel: C. Koenker: M. Vargo: K. Wohn. 23 Future Professionals Gain Practical F.B.L.A: FRONT ROW: Mrs. Pope, Advisor, D. Aeschliman, V-Pres., M. Feckley, Pres., S. Taylor, Sec., S. Sander, Reporter, Mrs. Hoeft, Advisor. ROW 2: D. Castilleja, J. Archibald, D. Haar, N. Pitts, J. Davis, T. Gerkensmeyer, L. Crandall, J. Tank, L. Webb, M. Vogelpohl, L. McCormick. ROW 3: C. Lusk, C. Pfeiffer, J. Varga, H. Lorenzen, F.B.L.A., Members, Debbie Aeschliman and Carolyn Pfeiffer, check figures by using electronic machines. M. Harrison, J. Ousley, B. Calhoun, H. Spasoff, J. Bertok, L. Fisher B. Helle. ROW 4: J. Farrell, K. Sander, C. Sivinski, M. Wilhelm, D Sieving, G. Michel, B. Sutter, B. Oberhaus, C. Stancil: D. Dunham P. Waldenga, S. Smith. - The Future Business Leaders of America had an active year. In the fall they sold mums as. they do every year at the football homecoming game. Their most important project was a candy sale. Through this candy, sale they earned enough money to purchase new electronic machines for the business department of our high school. F.B.L.A.'s goal is to prepare its members for careers as secretaries and other business employees. At one club meeting a teacher from Staut- zen berger Business College spoke tothem about career opportunities in business. In this way and many others, F.B.L.A. was able to accomplish its goal. In the spring the club members went to dinner at Latham's Country House and put a close to a wonderful year. Experience The Future Teachers of America Club was established at Genoa this year. F.T.A.'s aim is to help its members to prepare for their careers in teaching. The club undertook many projects to accomplish this aim. lts members sat in on classes here at the high school to observe the methods of various teachers. Later in the year they travelled to Bowling Green State University where they observed the methods of college professors. F.T.A. attempted to further the education of elementary school students through a program on the evils of smoking. At club meetings panel discussions were held with a group of teachers. Along with these edu- cational activities, F.T.A. helped 'to commemorate National Teacher's Week by presenting each teacher with an apple. F.T.A.: STANDING: J. Rinaldo, Pres. FRONT ROW: C. Zalesak. V-Pres.p B. Jackson, Sec., M. Feckley, Treas.3 C. Buehler, Historian: Mrs. Dunn, Advisorg Mrs. Hoeft, Advisor, Miss Starling, Advisor. ROW 2: E. Betancourtg D. Helle: K. Cashen: P. Harsanje: C. Mc- Cormickp J. Widmerg D. Grahl: L. Fisher. ROW 3: J. Rombach: K. Q k'f, .Nh During National Teacher's Week, F.T.A. members, Jim Rinaldo and Cathy Zalesak, honored Miss Starling with an apple. Briggleg D. Sander, G. Chambers: D. Aeschlimanq B. Mandellg J. Turnowg C. Witty D. Dunn. ROW 4: B. Hunleyg M. McCormickg C. Briggleg J. Gerkensmeyerg L. Shiffertg K. Sheets: J. Shesslerg B. Haackg C. Weseman. The make-up committee practices a pplying make-up to Jane Shessler at the dress rehearsal before the Dramatic Club play. The main project of the Dramatic Club was its annual play. This year's play, "Lavendar and Old Lace," required weeks of hard work by all club mem- bers to become the huge success that it was. Dramatic Club meetings proved to be both interesting and un- usual. At almost every meeting members put on skits for the others. Also at meetings members gave reports on plays or movies which they had seen since the last meeting and recommended whether or not they were worth seeing. Another project of the Dramatic Club was keeping the make-up kit supplied for plays other than the Dramatic Club play. At the end of the year the Dramatic Club members had a theater party and trav- elled to see a production of the musical "Carousel." rt and Drama Make Students kirchner, Treas.: F. Kusian. V-Pres.: S. Taylor, Pres.: S. Scott, Sec. D. Troknya, Sgt-at-Arms. ROW 2: K. Fowler: B. Moeller: N. Johnson L. Fisher: A. Stagner: D. Grahl: Miss Starling, Advisor: C. Brooks: L Rice: C. Tank: M. Vogelpohl: D. Helle: B. LaVigne: G. Peer. ROW 3 J. Tank: B. Spurgeon: D. Bowland: M. Wilhelm: L. Browning: M Tank: N. Vogtsberger: C. Sivinski: K. Sander: K. Briggle: D. Sander: DRAMATIC CLUB: FRONT ROW: C. Briggle, Reporter: B. Westen- P. Waldenga: M. Wheeler. ROW 4: P. Sampsel: D. Frey: B. Peer: J. Johnson: M. Wilhelm: R. Nero: N. Hurdelbrink: M. Matyas: M. Nie- housmyer: J. Tournow: C. Weseman: C. Leppert: J. Nemeth: M. Clark: T. Gerkensmeyer. ROW 5: P. Layman: K. Sheets: A. Wood: J. Ousley: M. Chambers: M. Blausey: J. Shessler: K. Sheets: J. Ger- kerismeyer: J. Widmer: M. Cottrell: D. Sieving: J. Ackerman: B. Man- dell: D. Gaul. . - I ffm " '. 3.1.1- 1 Q 'Qi ' ' 5- 1:-TQ. -Hy ,i E . '.g.jL-5317 I , . , V' - I . , . -. . 5 page .. 1" an 'Ma f 4.. ART CLUB: FRONT ROW: B. Helleg D. Helleg L. McCormickp G. Cas- tillejap L. Walkerg B. Dietrich. ROW 2: R. Hartshorng M. Wolcottg C. Zalesak, Treas.g B. Witker, Pres.g S. Taylor, Sec.: Mrs. Dunn, Ad- visory J. Powers, C. McCormick: N. Vogtsbergerp D. Dunham. ROW 3: C. Michelg D. Phillips: J. Rice: C. Briggle: M. McCormickg M. McCormickg C. Wesemanp J. Turnowg L. Reckerg C. Stancil. Aware of Cultural World The Art Club was very active in helping our school this year. During the basketball season members were assigned to watch coats at home games. The club pur- chased another coat rack to be used for all school ac- tivities. They also purchased a slide projector to be used in the art department. Besides these important projects, Art Club sponsored an annual model car show which was judged by automobile salesmen. This year's club members took it upon themselves to draw up a constitution which clearly states the club's purposes. They also revised the point system by which members earn Art Club pins. Many members visited art shows in the area to develop their cultural interests while other members displayed their work in these shows. Art CIub's most valuable project was Art Service. Mrs. Dunn and many of her students donated their time and effort to make interesting, inspiring posters and displays. They helped to promote school spirit and to make our school more attractive. Art Club members Cathy Zalesak and Bill Witker view the award- winning pictures at the art show in Lamson's Department Store 'life' - ii i -we 'Mil COMET STAFF: FRONT ROW: J. Rice, C. Pfeiffer: J. Shessler: S. Scott: K. Farrell, Editor: S. Taylor: L. Browning: R. Bergeman. ROW 2: K. Ackerman: H. Spasoff: C. Brooks: K. Briggle: R Kalmbach: N. Johnson: B. Spurgeon: M. Vogelpohl: L. Rice. chool Staff members Diane Sander, Richard Bergeman, K. C. Farrell, and Jane Shessler prepare the final copy of the school newspaper, Comet Tales. . ....,,... .. , Ak, ,..,,.,, . .,,,. pu-.. ......4 , ,,,,m, bl.: pig 1 f - .1 e -1 "H, M151 : if .,.l T .251 wi . H , -si :sg 25253 sf-at X.. ..,.,,-Ah - ROW 3: Mrs. Pope, Advisor: M. Fletcher: D. Sander: N. Vogts berger: K. Sheets: M. Tank: B. Brewer: S. Freidt: D. Grahl ROW 4: P. Shessler: B. Mandell: P. Wescotte: B. Oberhaus: N Richards: C. Briggle: A. Wood: C, Weseman: C. Witt: J. Browing Publications Feature This year has been filled with change and progress for the Comet Tales and its staff. Many old traditions' were broken and replaced by modern, more efficient methods. For the first time the Cornet Staff was able to print the newspaper themselves on a newly- purchased mimeograph machine. In the past a print- ing company had handled this chore. Another change concerned the sale of the paper. Previously individual copies had been sold, but this year's staff decided to sell by subscription only. The Comet Tales was dis- tributed to subscribers once a month. The year was filled with work and decisions for the Limelight Staff. Many hours were spent to make this book possible. The staff voted to make the page size of our annual larger and to continue fall delivery so that more activities could be covered. Staff members attended workshops at Bowling Green and St. John's High Schools in order to learn how to produce a better book. Mrs. David, the staff's advisor, devoted count- less hours to helping and guiding annual staff members. LIMELIGHT EDITORIAL STAFF: FRONT ROW: J. Gerkensmeyer, Activities Editor: B. Witker, Activities Editor. STANDING: R. Shields, Editor-in-chief: C. Zalesak, Art Editor: R. Briggle, Better Quality and LIMELIGHT BUSINESS STAFF: SEATED: Mrs. David, Advisor: S. Sander, Typist: J. Rinaldo, Advertising Manager: S. Stein, Advertising Manager. STANDING: S. Grau, Typist: J. Harbal, Junior Assistant Editor: C. Buehler, School Editor: S. Stein dam, Photographer. Style Junior Assistant Business Manager: K. Sander, Business Mana ger: K. Farrell, Subscription Manager: D. Aeschliman, Sub scription Manager: R. Bergeman-, Advertising Manager. Q 29 ADVANCED CHORUS: FRONT ROW: M. Lemke: J. Widmer: H. Spas off: L. Browning: J. Nemeth: B. Barrett: M. Clark: F. Kusian, Sec Treas.: A. Wood: P. Wescotte: R. Miller. ROW 2: M. Vogelpohl: C. Spafford: N. Scott: D. Grahl: L. Fisher: D. Sieving: C. Koenker: B Brewer: B. Jackson: T. Race: J. Johnson. ROW 3: D. Troknya: C Gates: N. Hurdelbrink: J. Shessler: C. Briggle: K. Sheets: N. Richards C. Weseman: N. Vogtsberger: S. Scott: D. Sander. ROW 4: C. Brooks, B. Johnson: J. Lewis: G. Roecker: B. Witker: M. Matyas: C. Shields: G. Porter: M. Wheeler: B. Spurgeon: M. Wolcott: J. Bertok. ROW 5: G. Wend: D. Palacios: B. Wagoner: T. Van Ness: D. Moritz: L. Shiffert: B. Ackerman: D. Wilka: A. Krueger: W. Wheeler, V-Pres.: R. Shields, Pres.: E. Peters. New Chorus Robes Add Color to the MIXED ENSEMBLE: TOP T0 BOTTOM: R. Shields, D. Moritz, B. Witker, F. Kusian, J. Shessler, C. Weseman, J. Lewis, L. Browning. r Genoa High's Advanced Chorus had a year of which to be very proud. With money earned by previous candy sales, the chorus was able to purchase choir robes this year. These beautiful, maroon robes were worn at their concerts and assemblies. The chorus presented con- certs in the fall, winter, and spring, besides perform- ing at assemblies before the student body. During the winter several members attended the district chorus festival held in Sandusky. At state competition held at Port Clinton, several chorus members did exceptionally well. The Mixed Ensemble and Rick Shields, who sang a solo, both received superior ratings. At district com- petition the entire chorus received an excellent rating. GIRL'S ENSEMBLE: FRONT: F. Kusian, Accompanist. FRONT ROW: D. Grahl, B. Johnson, S. Scott, N. Vogtsberger, D. Sander. ROW 2: K. Sheets, C. Brooks, B. Brewer, M. Lemke. Music Department BEGINNING CHORUS: FRONT ROW: V. Butzin, E. Betancourt, S Rudes, G. Peer, B. Lavigne, B. Wanner, C. Shields, D. Dunn, I Gongora, B. Moeller, K. Fowler, J. Widmer,'P. Bond. ROW 2: S. Huss, L. Dodson, R. Collins, K. Ackerman, A. Stagner, J. Rombach M. Wilhelm, D. Frey, C. Malone, K. Younker, L. Smith, A. Schlievert, A. Chesson. ROW 3: S. Diekman, M. Tank, R. Nero, C. Witt, M. GIRL'S ENSEMBLE: FRONT ROW: N. Scott, M. Vogelpohl, J. Widmer. ROW 2: M. Wolcott, J. Johnson, J. Bertok. ROW 3: A. Wood, B. Spurgeon, P. Wescotte. Niehousmyer, M. Vargo, B. Haack, S. Bailey, M, Chambers, C. Roecker, P. Layman, K. Briggle, B. Peer, C. Tank. ROW 4: J. Bower L. Weseman, J. Browning, P. Shessler, J. Pinkerton, N. Ammons, T Fisher, A. Krueger, A. Moritz, J. Kusian, M. Lau, G. Peiffer, T. Zale sak, S. Tester, S. Kreager. ' Concert Band Rates Superior at SENIOR BAND MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Judy Gerkensmeyer, Sec- Francie Kusian. ROW 2: Sandy Steindamg Linda Haarg Dennis Hen- Treasg Gail Chambersg Cathy Zalesakg Lois Browningg Mary Ann HGH. V-PYGSZ Ken Sander: Pres: J2fT!6S ROPIVDHUENI D9l1I'1iS Siefkei Lemkep Marlene Browningg Marly Feckleyg Barb Westenkirchnerg Wayne Wheelerg Dave Norwalkg Susie Stein: Pam Harsanje. 32 CONCERT BAND: FRONT ROW: J. Gerkensmeyer, C. Leppert, J. Chalfin, G. Porter, B. Haack, B. Johnson, C. Brooks, P. Harsanje, C. Zalesak, D. Sieving, C. Tank, P. Wescotte, C. Roecker. ROW 2: N. Vogtsberger, M. Chambers, A. Schlievert, N. Johnson, M. Matyas, L. Browning, J. Rohrbaugh, B. Spurgeon, H. Lorenzen, A. Wood, M. Cottrell, G. Chambers, C. Witt, B. Bolander, G. Peer, M. Feckley, S. Bailey, N. Scott. ROW 3: J. Widmer, L. Smith, J. Rombach, M. Lemke, M. Clark, S. Stein- dam, D. Sander, F. Kusian, B. Wanner, C. Shields, N. Lindsay, T. VanNess, A. Stagner, M. Wheeler, D. Troknya, D. Frey, P. Waldenga, T. Fisher, T. Lorenzen, L. Harsanje, N. Ammons, D. Hennen, J. Widmer, A. Krueger, G. Roecker. ROW 4: C. Sheldon, S. Bowyer, P. Layman, J. Vine, T. Schulte, D. Haar, B. Westen- kirchner, D. Wilka, C. Weseman, J. Bower, D. Dunn, D. Moritz R. Rice, K. Sander, M. Lemke, D. Blausey, M. Niehousmeyer, P Champion, J. Johnson, R. Miller, B. Lau, L. Haar, J. Bertok, A Williams, J. Browning, B. Oberhaus, P. Shessler, F. Kruse, M Browning, J. Widmer, W. Wheeler. STANDING: T. Gerkensmeyer S. Stein, L. Stevens, D. Fielding, J. Lewis, B. Richards, B Ackerman, J. Harbal, D. Norwalk, D. Latham, B. Kinsel, D Siefke, R. Browning, M. Chambers, C. Coleman, Mr. Eash. District and State Competition The Genoa High School Band has truly had a year of which to be proud. At the start of the year the members, in cooperation with their parents, initiated plans to purchase new uniforms. The style was select- ed and will be worn by next year's band. Later in the year several solos and ensembles travelled to Port Clinton for state competition. Three soloists rated superiors at this competition: they were Wayne Wheel- er, Gary Roecker, and Ann Schlievert. District competi- tion for the band came next. Never before had a Genoa band earned a superior rating at district. Band mem- bers practiced long, hard hours and to everyone's de- light, they received a perfect rating. This entitled the band to participate in state competition. Members travelled to Columbus in the early hours of the morn- ing. By noon the word arrived that the band had re- ceived another perfect rating. A cheering crowd of parents and friends greeted the band and their "chief" as the buses pulled into the school that afternoon. lt was an unforgettable moment for all. To finish out their highly successful year, the band held a banquet and dance at which Wayne Wheeler was selected as the outstanding band member. Concentration is the keystone to a good performance v The Majorettes for this year were Cathy Zalesak, Marly Feckley, Mary Ann Lemke, Bonnie Spurgeon, and Nancy Lindsay. These girls were chosen by Mr. Eash on a point system. They proved to be a hard-working group. ln the summer all the girls attended Smith- Walbridge Camp in Syracuse, Indiana, to further their knowledge of twirling. Their hard work paid off and they won a plaque for second place in their division. During the football season the Majorettes were par- ticularly active. They spent long hours composing and rehearsing various routines. The girls twirled batons lit with fire and wore special costumes to add color to their routines. The Majorettes made halftime much more interesting and entertaining. Band Initiates Plans for ORCHESTRA: FRONT ROW: E. Faught, B. Witker, B. Wescotte, C. Spafford, C. Schimmel, C. Dille, D. Helle. ROW 2: S. Wilka, I. Krell, N. Lindsey, B. Bolander, M. Fletcher, E. Hurdelbrink, J. Fletcher, B. Bailey, C. Miller, M. Haack, M. Rohrbaugh, B. Haack. ROW 3: S. Tester, M. Buhrow, B. Johnson, J. Gerkensmeyer, N. Vogtsberger, DANCE BAND: FRONT ROW: M, Cottrell, C. Witt, G. Chambers, T. VanNess, N. Lindsey. ROW 2: W. Wheeler, J. Widmer, P. Shessler, J. Browning, K. Sander, M. Lemke, D. Moritz, C. Weseman, B. Westenkirchner. STANDING: D. Fielding, D. Latham, D. Siefke. The pep band raises spirit by playing at pep meetings and home basketball games. Purchase of New Uniforms M. Matyas, F. Kusian, N. Scott, S. Bailey, M. Feckley, G. Peer. ROW 4: K. Sander, M. Lemke, D. Wilka, W. Wheeler, J. Widmer, J. Brown- ing, R. Browning, A. Wood, H. Lorenzen, B. Spurgeon, J. Rohrbaugh. STANDING: Mr. Konzen, D. Latham, A. Krueger, D. Drummond, J. Cole. T. Gerkensmeyer. Our orchestra, one of the few in the area, had a re- warding year. They were able to purchase a new string bass which added much to the orchestra's eftectiyeness. Several orchestra members played in the district or- chestra at Sandusky. Some members also played in musical productions at other schools. They played in "The King and l" at Eastwood and "Kiss Me, Kate" at Elmwood. 35 ACTIVITIES A Time to Value N f i .L 41 I 2- 1 Q. ii ,l ? i , ll - I i .. , pl., I 1 ef I i. "And now our 1966 Homecoming Queen- . Miss Susie Stein!" iv Susie Stein Reigns Gver TOP FIVE: Gail Chambers, Sandy Sander, Queen CORTS: Jeff Rice, Jack Vogelpohl, Dennis Siefke, Susie Stein, Sharon Taylor, Mary Ann Lemke. ES- Terry Bell, Jerry Thompson. 38 it 4 Genoa Hi h For fourteen senior girls, the football homecoming of 1966 will be a long-remembered event. For all of us, it provides many warm memories. lt all began with the choosing of candidates by Genoa's clubs. The week before the homecoming game was campaign week for the clubs supporting candidates. Then came the big day, the day when the 1966 homecoming queen would be chosen. The students voted and selected the top five girls. From these the football team chose the queen and her attendants. The girls were tense and excited while the student body was anxious to know who their queen would be. ln mid-afternoon the homecoming assembly was held. As the first of the four attendants was an- nounced, a hush fell over the crowd. Fourteen girls waited breathlessly to find out which of them had been selected queen. 'I l l L :fl is iii? K : T Z L I el .., I .... . ,-, A '! . lp l 5 far T . Tx W ..:.5?i?.f...1??is3?i535i33?is3f es-gsz,,':sewls.lmf.l . . Ml. ,rrmpll ll"ll,,, it fe' T aTwii'.a'Ys"ii ?P??:Q5252iig2??f Z V ilu ll! l 'l'i1fi,, rig iiii ii its if .till lg, , .1 .J l 'E X K X :lx l.. S 133 5252: ll . T. 5 ztslwif so .. iw Wt. zztijgf .. . .y. ami if . gm ..c...c. .W im A: . ..f...t. .1..4.....,.,m.,l, Excitement ounts 45 ' + Tension fills the air as the football team votes for their queen. The climax of the assembly is reached when DennisSiefke crowns Susie queen. After arriving at the field, John Harbal. Debbie Aeschliman is helped from her car by escort Linda Lemke, 1965 Homecoming Queen, retires her trophy. 40 as Homecoming Story Llnfolds That evening the candidates rode in a parade ending at the football field. Their cars had been decorated by the clubs that they represented. The queen and her court reigned at the game. At halftime, the queen was presented with a traveling trophy which is hers to keep for a year. Queen Susie was the sixteenth girl to receive this trophy since its donation by the alumni. She was also presented with a personal trophy by the Key Club. To add a crowning touch to a wonderful evening, the Comets honored their queen with a twenty to nothing victory. The following night a dance was held at the high school for the queen and her court. Homecoming week of 1966 was truly a week to remember. ab Z The Key Club wins a trophy for their presentation of Freyja, Goddess of Love. l The court is ecstatic as the team rolls on to victory. The last dance marks the end of an unforgettable week. Q . Figsg The annual G.A.A. Christmas Formal was held De- cember seventeenth in the high school cafeteria. Follow- ing weeks of inviting and planning, the long-awaited night finally arrived. Couples looking their very best floated into "CandyIand Christmas" on the music of the Mark Five Quintet. Boys and girls swished around the dance floor dodging giant candy canes and lighted Christmas trees and stopped to pause a few minutes under the mistletoe. The highlight of the evening was the week-early appearance of Santa Claus. He greeted all the couples and chaperones and pulled out of his bag a present for each senior girl before departing. The night seemed to fly by and all too soon the last dance was being played. The couples then slowly de- parted, leaving behind a warm and well-remembered holiday evening. Q Q , 0 9 r Candyland Christmas The G.A.A. officers look on as Mrs. O'Connor opens her gift from them I The photographer captures Sharon and Terry upon entering the formal. Sweeten Holiday Activities Holiday spirit is mirrored in couples' smiling faces. Eg Ja ,4 e ,, i I V, W. sfQg":W'Ql nfl' ' Zi ' i V, , Q .... .ig i Judi Martin, senior G.A.A. member, receives traditional gift from Santa. 43 W i H' 'il wr if?- .Q 1 N J , ,, 7 Queen Barb Barb Jackson Is X 'T ATTENDANTS: Carol Tank, Freshmang Julie Bertok, Sophomoreg Barb Jackson, 1967 Queen: Barb Westenkirchner, Senior: Cathy Zalesak, Seniorg Sandy Sander, Senior Jean Peer, 1966 Queen: Barb Sutter, Chosen Basketball Queen Junior. ESCORTS: Dennis Henneng Ken Sanderg Phil McColl: James Rohrbaughg Fred Mollenhauerg Jim Duvallg John Harbalg Jim Brossia. The basketball homecoming of 1967 was filled with excitement and suspense for all. A week of voting ended in the selection of three unclerclass attendants and four senior candidates for queen. At the game with St. Joe, the air was alive with tension as the crowd waited for the presentation of the queen and her court. One by one the girls were presented along with their escorts. Every- one there waited expectantly for the announcement of the queen. Then the words came, "Give your warm ap- plause to the 1967 Basketball Queen, Miss Barbara Jackson!" A cheer arose as Phil McCoil crowned Barb the new queen. The excitement of the crowning ceremony was matched by the excitement of the game. The queen and her court reigned at the game and at the dance which followed. Jean Peer, 1966 queen, presents a . bouquet of flowers to the new queen. 1 X Phil lVlcCoil's congratulatory kiss brings a smile to Queen Barb's face. "1 E DRAMATIC CLUB PLAY CAST! ON FLOOR: Sharon Barb Mandellg Rita Nero. ROW 3: Miss Starling, THYIOY, Student DiI'GCf0I'2 l-055 Bl'0Wning. Student Directorg Mary Niehousmyerp Martin Matyasg Jobie Director. ROW 2: Jane Shesslerp Deanna Troknyap Ousleyg Jim Widmerg Mike Stebing, A Play, a Banquet Give Students a Mike seems to be the man in the picture but we're not too sure which one's the boss. -1- 46 The excitement seems to be just a little too much for Miss Ainsley. i N X n 1 X gf! . 1 . Y . V mu -V f' 1 , --1 J 0 , Q WL , VH gg H L C " ' F 1 N f A e A I , .L The Bladiatofs Pfepafe f0" baffle- Part of a slave's duty is to make sure that his master is well fed. Break from Stud The Dramatic Club presented its annual play which was entitled "Lavendar and Old Lace." The play revolved around a Miss Ainsley who was thought to be crazy by most of her neighbors. Suspense heightened until the reason for Miss Ainsley's placing a light in her window every night was disclosed. The play was a mystery-comedy which provided an evening of plea- sure for all who saw it. Barb Mandell played the lead- ing role. The Latin Club held its annual Roman Banquet in the spring. Before the banquet first-year Latin stu- dents presented a play, "The Rape of the Sabine Wom- en," for thesecond-year students. Following the play, everyone marched into the cafeteria for a feast be- yond compare. Freshmen acted as slaves and served the sophomores food and drink. Fruits, garlic bread, city chicken and punch abounded. The hard work of the Latin students had paid off in a successful ban- quet. Slaves must obey their masters, but they can have fun doing it. TN i ,.. -.. . 'isxx we .,. . li.. A - Tony and Rex duel to the death seeking the top honors. I : IIT-" Ef f g . I l I I I Decisions, decisions-which one will she choose? "Tammy Tell lVle True" was the title of the play which was presented by the Junior Class. The play was about a young country girl named Tammy who went to college to be with her boyfriend. While there she befriended an old lady whose niece was trying to prove her insane. Luckily her plot to obtain her aunt's money failed. Tammy then found out that her boy- friend wasn't the boy she thought he was and she fell in love with a college professor. Carol Brooks, Carol Weseman, Al Womack, and Dennis Latham played the leads. The title of the Senior Class Play was "You Can't Take It Along." The play was a Cinderella-type story about a young orphan named Sylvia who worked as a servant for her aunt and two cousins. One day the news was delivered that Sylvia had inherited a large sum of money from her long-lost father. Her relatives tried to cheat her out of the money by devising a plot to prove that she was insane but thanks to the clever- ness of Dr. Kennedy, Sylvia's admirer, the plot failed. The leading roles were played by Barb Jackson and Bill Witker. The Desire for Money Is JUNIOR CLASS PLAY CAST: FRONT ROW: J. Lewis, D. Sander, B. Sutter, C. Weseman, S. Scott, C. Brooks, A. Womack, D. Pa lacios, D, Latham, R. Grosjean. ROW 2: M. Jansic, L. Sampsel B. Johnson, S. Pryor, C. Coleman, M. Stebing, K. Hoeft, R. - Porath, J. Turnow, H. Steindam, R. Potridge, G. Roecker, D. , Troknya. D. Grahl, J. Farrell, K. Sander, B. Zunk, N. Vogtsberger, C. Gates, ,Jw A. SENIOR CLASS PLAY CAST: FRONT ROW: C. Zalesak: B. Witker: B. C. Bodette: J. Rinaldoq J. Cole: J. Shessler, Student Director: F Jackson: C. Buehler, Student Director: M. Lemkeg J. Gerkensmeyerg Kusian: S. Gallup: S. Grau. L. Browning: P. Harsanje. ROW 2: S. Stein: Miss Johnson, Director: Brought to Life in Class Plays "Hey! What's going on here?" "Gee, Dr. Kennedy, .i 'ii E. . I Rf f iii' fi' - A iii. i i . - , . . i I ' 'Edd .if Ji, H , .. 1 My 'v Fav ."' Vx 49 I didn't know you cared." i i X "Stairway to the Stars" Provides Heaven was the word for it, the night of the year's biggest social event, the Junior-Senior Prom. The eve- ning began with a grand smorgasbord in the star- studded cafeteria. Dinner music floated through the air to give a special touch of elegance. Following dinner, starry-eyed couples hurried to view the beautiful decorations. Leaving earth-people behind, they travelled up the "Stairway to the Stars." Passing by pink-blossomed trees and twinkling stars, couples finally stopped to visit a mysterious fortune teller who told them what the future had in store. A few more steps along the stairway brought the wan- derers to a deserted space ship. Curious to see what was inside, they entered but found nothing except the wills of the abandonedlcrew. The adventurers then stopped to rest and were entertained by acrobatic dancers from earth. They then continued on their journey through the heavens until coming to a sou- venir shop where each received a keyrlng to remind him of the incredible journey. After the celestial voyage, couples returned to earth for a party. The party began at the Genoan Theater where they enjoyed the movie, "The Russians Are Coming." Their glorious, star-filled evening came to an end at Schroeders Hall where they danced until dawn. The signs of Zodiac help predict this girl's future TX, ,o , 4 ii? Q R' The juniors can at last relax and enjoy all that their hard work has brought about. O a eavenly Evening A splendid banquet prepares travellers for their journey into the heavens. 42' 4.5 rf is V '-X A beautiful setting creates a romantic atmosphere in which to dance. 51 . i Sophomore Diane Bowland offers sou- venirs to couples attending the prom. TH LETI CS A Time to Compete .IE X X ga VARSITY AND RESERVES: FRONT ROW: F. Schultz: D. Nissen: J. Thompson: B. Havener: K. Sander, Co-Captain: J. Vogelpohl, Co' Captain: J. Duvall: D. Hennen: T. Bell: D. Siefke. ROW 2: G. Kusner: J. Lewis: J. Rice: C. Coleman: R. Witte: J. Werner: R. Rollins: D. COACHES: J. Bolander: R. Baird: J. Firestone, Head Coach: D. Hitchen. ...iff -F7 Huston: J. Harbal. ROW 3: G. Wend: L. Sampsel: E. Evans: T. Smith: B. Feckley: C. Vogelpohl: T. Harbal: D. Fork: R. Betancourt: D. Moritz. ROW 4: NI. Yentzer: B. Lau: R. Kalmbach: J. Spitier: L. Kozak: B. Ackerman: J. Heisman: B. Kinselg C. Kocis: L. Harsanje: B. Wagoner. Comets Begin the TT- --'ff 1 -, ' -V "Y-.35 f' , .H V v ,f ' -,..-saw. 1 - - '17 .5 V eff: nw, fi 5. 5 . i Pefryghgfe E' :Gi 14- f 'ff :Laker T . . Rossfofii. 205i .0 ii A ,Miauimieef : .AO E : R24 V SPf'n?f'P E 1 8 1oakiiHa'gisor : ,ig v 1 :Z ,TZ 1 :ns 1.3 - .gg ... .AY- Y . Y Laifsikea 5 , ,ii -.,..L, , , , L fjifffag, V '. W A F Jil .-T A M' - A Q2 FRESHMAN: FRONT ROW: T. Jones: T. Fisher: T. Lorenzen: Pinkerton: J. Stancil: R. Andeverde. ROW 3: Mr. Baird, Coach: B. Gledine: D. Martin: J. Fletcher: J. Browning. ROW 2: G. G. Spaulding: A. Moritz: B. Clere: D. Heilman: M. Moeller: T. McAllister: J. Dunn: J. Kusian: B. Vogelpohlg R. Buehler: J. Zalesak: R. Rice: M. Chambers, Mgr. Season With Downcast Hopes SENIORS IN FRONT: K. Sander, J. Vogelpohl. FRONT ROW: J. Thompson, F. Schultz, B. Havener, R. Witte, J. Werner. ROW 2: R. Rollins, D. Siefke, D. Nissen, J. Duvall, D. Hennen, T. Bell. The season looked bleak. All our former greats were gone. The experts predicted only a mediocre season for Genoa. In scrimmage games it became quite evident that the team of '66 lacked the size and strength of former teams. Then came the first game and a resounding defeat. Every- one had been right about the Comets-they just didn't have it. The next game pitted us against Lake. When halftime came the Comets were trailing by .three points. No one knows what happened during that half, but when Genoa returned to the field they were a different team. MANAGERS: B. Witker, R. Knudsen: L. Fowler, M. Padgett, J Powers. 1 Jack Vogeipohi shows the form of a first team NLL defensive back. Touchdown for Genoa! At Season's End, Comets Quarterback Hennen pilots the team to a 20-0 victory over Rossford. 56 Anxiety in the midst of crisis. Beginning with the Lake game and con- tinuing throughout the following weeks, spirits rose and the Comets continued on their win- ning streak. The Eastwood game was the peak of the season. Both schools were tied for first place in the NLL, At last we had the chance to become the champions ofourleague. School and team spirit was at an all time high. When game night came, the team played the best game that they possibly could but the other team played a little bit better. The Comets were defeated and had to settle for second place in the league. The 1966 football season at Genoa was supposed to be mediocre, but it became one of the best in our history. Possess Two Trophies Dick Huston gets one of his many fine tackles for the Comets. VARSITY BASKETBALL: FRONT: Mr. Honner, Coach. ROW 2: J. Brossiag N. Fredritzg H. Harbalg W. Bower: F. Nlollenhauerg P. McCoiIp J. Rohrbaughg K. Sanderg J. Duvallg H. Routsong D. Hennen. Comet Varsity Struggles Over RESERVE BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW: D. Matthews, T. VanNess: J. Heisman: R. Briggle, Phil "Greek" NleCoil makes a rebound G. Brooks. ROW 2: L. Harsanjeg D. Wilkag B. Ackermang Mr. Bolander, Coach, J. Lowe: good for two DOIYWS- L. Kozakg D. Fork. Difficult Season SENIORS: .lim Brossia, Dennis Hennen, James Rohrbaugh, Phil McCoil, K. Sander, Jim Duvall, Wade Bower. This was truly an unusual' and varied season for the Genoa Varsity Basketball Team. There were games when they amazed their opponents with a startling victory, there were games when the Comets came to know what the real meaning of defeat is, and there were many of those breathless, unforget- table games when the score tottered back and forth right up until the final buzzer sounded. Although the season record wasn't the best in our history, it was far from the worst. This year's team brought many exciting moments which could not possibly be forgotten. Who could forget the games with Oak Harbor and Gibsonburg that had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats until the final mo- ments brought victory to the Comets. This year's team will be long remembered for these games and others. K 11.1, .If uf, i N 'T , X14 up W 3 K 5 M gp' Z K L-'94, " , , Y E ' Y , i it , ..m, ,. Seconds before the game begins the Comets are introduced. Seniors Head Attack of the James goes high in the air to gain possession of the ball. i The varsity team was dominated by seniors this T year. The starters were Jim Brossia, Dennis Hennen, Phil lVlcCoil, Jim Duvall, and Ken Sander. They all did an excellent job. This was proved by Phil Nlc- Coil's finishing fifth in league scoring and placing on the second All-NLL team. The other four starters re- ceived honorable mention in the NLL. The team enjoyed several trips this year. Preceding the season they travelled to Akron for a weekend. There they scrimmaged several teams including Ak- ron St. Vincent, Akron Springfield, and Akron North. After the season ended, they took a weekend trip to Detroit where they watched two professional games. The Comets also had the opportunity to visit Bowling Green and see the Falcons in action. i i ' wr ill ? ir "si X fi .l N 3314 if H533 zz BASKEIZBALL SCOREBQQQRQ ll 5 ll H an ,V at af. gl l :f2 f l Ql Y it l we THEM Eastwood 78' ???'lf5k'8 it 58 is 1Q 52 or 93 5 ll P6rfySbUTQ"iil f A51 F64 l lNlorth:lBafltiii1ore Sprihgfidld l isa: , ,il i l Harbor Qblfib p Eastwood li 39W""'l8i 95999 Q?r9irgllQistiitghpp St, -me Maumleelfl l O8KliH8l1b0lg i l Q62 ,60 Gibsombgrgt Rossf rdl l or :late si? 52. ,lid V 612 SL fer ai . wif . 67 -ao? See hr ja s Q 221 s 67 i W ,H K 4 ,, k. 60 il, 5 ,, ki M ,, L l 2272 V lll Pgnthopyawayne 546 llll as Elmwood . Qz 87 iihg6Z Anthony Wayner i l l- it TOURNAIVIENTIU ll i89 E 261: 44 N62 The crowd is hushed as Phil prepares to shoot a determining foul shot. Ba S I I u itmltough closely guarded Ken still managed to get a good A tight defense is important in the winning of a ball game. BOWLING TEAM: WHITES: L. Lohr, R. Swartz, S. Varga, T. Bell, J. Cole, D. Oleszczuk, R. Witte, D. Norwalk, B. B. Nloritz, B. Havener, B. Wescotte. REDS: Coach Miller, Younker. ' 0 Bowlers Strike NLL Runner-up Spotg NLL high game trophy winner, Ron Swartz, strives for the per- fection needed to be a superior bowler. ' 35 The Genoa White bowling team had an extremely good season. Led by Ron Swartz with an average of 157, they received the runner-up position in the Northern Lakes League. Ron Swartz also won a trophy for bowling a game of 257, the highest game in the NLL. Although starting the year with three straight losses, the wrestling team bounced back and lost only one other match. They finished by splitting their season with four wins and four losses. Rick Andaverde was the mainstay of the team. He was second in the NLL and won a first place in the Eastside Christmas Tournament at North- wood. He won the sectional but due to a back injury couldn't continue in the tourna- ments. Two other sectional winners were Al Womack and Dennis Tester. Mike Braddock makes the important weigh-in before a wrestling match. Y The referee watches opponent. Wrestlers Splut Season 3 H. . , Ti It 'bg b.. 1 V T I A 7 , fe J- i ' ' t-t sr M . O i L 1 T ,wr 1 - eww- - . ff! -1 closely as Gilbert Cisneros tries to pin his WRESTUNGV TSCOJRJEEEARDZ . . R T XTWETEH Sprimgftielgi Lake e i ler' QCSM Perrysburg R Dfilfa .m p North lBJaJti'n1ore T tg T ' L. reir P T V , AnfU0nYfr.W2Mr2efr' T H H , H M JA ., T Hr ,uuwmww m wwjmmmgcft N mm Y 955,21 R., R E if w m Wig W we' rr. arf., fr we . . 1- T " ' ' M ' W mrifiiitgff f, 'T H. ' 'H . v . H QL, 1 , f H -1. if WRESTLING TEAM: FRONT ROW: R. Andaverdeg A. Womack: B. Kinselp J. Spitlerg R. Kalmbach. ROW 3: Mr. Firestone, D. Tester, Co-Capt: J. Braddock, Co-Captg G. Cisnerosg M. Brad- Coachp D. Latham: R. Betancourtp H. Cisnerosg B. Hartshorng dock. ROW 2: G. Parsilp R. Hartshornp C. Colemang D. Moritz: J. Powers, Mgr. 'Q'-4? rd 13 . -'Tot 40 -J, QA'- fx w t X 23 32 1s 3 . FW 26 K,,r .fa A T.-9 ,?1' N -' V X Q. f 2 V 4 :.-vm.-. ...lm m-...M .-.,......,. , ' yew. :.f Hmm' ' ' 2 -' 'of . .2-,. ...L sq:-ng x H A H . -f ' , -. .J , --.--I -aa .4 zz.-.mfs : . La-''L'?:v'I'nLf.f3J.V ' 541255. . . -' ' K - . ,, .... . . , -VG.-is--,i -J, ,, .--azz ,. Izzo.. ' + ff- , fa.:-affszi 1- 1 i 051 'P'. -- IJ I---J -I BASEBALL TEANII FRONT ROW! RESERVESZ R- Clark. G- Wend. B- J. Lewis, T. Mathews, D. Hennen, J. Duvall, B. Havener, K. San- VVaS0neV- B- Kil'lS6l. B- ACKSVVYISFI. J- Lowe. T- VSFINSSS. L- KOZBK. der, J. Harbal, J. Vogelpohl, J. Brossia, J. Rice, Coach Hitchen, B. R. Swartz, M. Yentzer, M. Padgett, ROW 2: VARSITY: Coach Baird, Younker-mgr, 52522515 , . . ..L52i.ii .- -, ESE: " .gl B 3 S E IJ 3 I I Te 3 I11 Does WSI I if 1 , A L J"'JI' 110. ' John Harbal waits on deck for his turn to bat. I WQIIEYV ' Eiga' , . , I ,.JJ. Hume? W " QJRossford: J . , ,.,, - fha-I-wa JJJJ I 5 II 83,ee,1' - sigh f R 5- . 11... .wliwi 5 25115 -.- EWG? :': iff . . I 9f 2. f'F"h"JH4 f"" il- ... 55531 5213 ..... - -' ,--if f . Iw...'r..W'-f.'. .. -"..Uw.."'I Fw... -af .Ms ' 'W' F, E . .2 111 111...,.,,... E5 SM. - E L- Z szmf 1 1 if ' is-2 La? . if fi Y ' , , ff, SE.. 64 This was the first year for a cross country team at Genoa. This sport, which took place in the fall, con- sisted of boys from opposing schools running over an open course. Unlike other sports the team with the low score was the winner. Despite a two win and five loss record, Genoa's team was fifth in their district. The Comet baseball team had a victorious season. For the first time there were varsity and reserve teams, each with its own schedule. The varsity's record for the year was ten wins and seven losses. Several players did very well during the season and as a result were placed on NLL teams. Jim Brossia, Jim Duvall, and Dan Mathews made the NLL second team, and Jack Vogelpohl, Bill Havener, Ken Sander, and John Harbal received honorable mention. 'X it 'Til i .- W 1. , . '. 1. is X A Cross country runners K. C. Farrell and Bill Hartshorn run side by side at one of the meets. Cross Country Added at Genoa . i l ' - l ,aa . ,, ., ,,. ,F E T DR1 .R'lii ef f. J Q9l?!1SEfS3ffw 4 ' E220 7- f ..... rg. :Q M- iiy ji "" - ii Qi .1 'i 1.3 -. , A iipg..ay,,q .4.N. HEY, J ' 5 i .... Y : uf' ' ' 2 tl . t, 1, . - ,Lf -.1 ' 5 " " , Rohrbaugh, P. McCoil. Z l -Whit - 1 'J . CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: R. Tapia, A. Womack, K. Farrell, G. Roecker, B. Wescotte, A. Krueger, J. 1 'i zl VARSITY TRACK TEAM: FRONT ROW: Mr. Merickle, Coach: D. Siefke, Co-Capt.: B. Wescotte, Co-Capt.: R. Witte, Co-Capt.: Mr. Miller, Coach. ROW 2: R. Tapia: J. Garcia: A. Womack: D. Colvin: B. Richards: Trackmen Streak to Second Farrell: J. Spitler: L. Fowler: D. Huston: D. Fork: D. Palacios. ROW 4: J. Werner: R. Shields: S. Clere: J. Rohrbaugh: P. McColl: J. Heisman: C. Kocis: B. Colvin: J. Powers, Mgr. M. Braddock: R. Thornton. ROW 3: G. Kusner: K. The Genoa Comet track team had a record-breaking year. lndividual records were broken and re-broken. Jim Braddock's two-mile record was broken twice by Bill Wescotte who managed to set a new county rec- ord for it. His record was then broken by Dan Fork. The relay team, composed of Branch Colvin, Derly Palacios, Al Womack, and James Rohrbaugh, set a new time for the school in the mile relay. Terry Par- sil broke his brother's pole vault record and also set a new school record in the high jump. The highlight of the season was Genoa's victory at the Ottawa County Track Meet. Never before had a Genoa team won the county championship two con- secutive times. This year's team made it a first. This year's track team also continued one of the longest winning streaks on record at our school. They had seven consecutive wins before being overpowered by a strong Maumee team. This, added to fourteen previous consecutive wins, made a total of twenty- one consecutive dual meet victories. Great individual efforts and a greater team effort made this year's track season one not soon to be forgotten. A happy track team lifts their coach on their shoulders after winning the county championship. R,- x ., Consecutive County Championship Vaulter Nhk Keg M 2 , f 1, M L25 iq, 5? li? 21 :Q- Eke ! Jerry Thompson lines up a short putt. '.: . -.L Ml. ' . Brown, C. Shields, J. Vine. GOLF TEAM: R. Martin, D. Martin, J. Thompson, W. Bower, T. Weis, Coach Blum, J. Rinaldo, B Golf Gffers Exercise and Relaxation Chippewa Golf Course was the home for the golf team this year. Beginning in late March, after-school hours and many Saturdays were filled with practice sessions for team members. As the actual golf match- es began in mid-April, the true test of their abilities was given. Genoa putted their way to fourth place in NLL standings and fourteenth in the District Meet. The G.A.A. sponsored a varsity and reserve volley- ball team which played during the autumn months. Both teams were about even in the won and lost column. Each time they met an opponent, three games were played. The team winning two of the three games was considered the winner. The winter months were filled with basketball games. The reserves split their season while the varsity was winless. But more important than winning was the fun and fellowship the girls enjoyed as they met many new friends. Tim Weis tees off at Chippewa. ., f 1 ,fs QLQQW ' 1 s -'T ig' 1: is J " " 1 .Q 'ffglif' 4-'ri If I .f 'I . ek' ,iffy 1 it , x 'L A T' FI 2:5 EEE: ' E fax-51? 55 1 .ig : J, .I iiIH'.53.!UH ..l?Z -L-i 1 .94 . GAA VOLLEYBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: RESERVES: M. Lemkeg sanje: M. Feckleyg S. Stein: D. Aeschliman, Capt: J. Gerkens- K. Sandarg S. Scott: J. Ackerman: B. Sutter: S. Wilka: C. Siv- meyer: S. Sander: B. Jackson: D. Aeschlimang G. Chambers: inskiz D. Sander: C. Buehler. Capt. ROW 2: VARSIW: P. Har- T. Race. .A.A. Provides Athletics for Girls . 'V 1!! L 'Theyi f 935 3M I 6: 121 T 1 2?!i 11692 T Rfaasgafiaijg-isfritshsrf MT 15 Eastwood I ' 2. T7 QV2. 1 Y QBosSfo'rd 71k L-fa 11 :Y L H 75 i 1 GAA BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: RESERVES: C. Briggle: P. Sampselg J. Nemeth: S Scott: D. Sander, Capt.: D. Porath: S. Hussg C. Brooks: L. Dille. ROW 2: VARSITY: J. Gerk ensmeyerg B. Sutter: S. Wilkag J. Ackerman: D. Aeschlimang G. Chambers, Co-Capt.: M Feckley, Co-Capt.: S. Stein: K. Sander. 69 r e fu-1? A Fi' '.,v l s-1131 .5-gi-Q Q 1? , A 513- L...w-.N .mme -swf -' n N ' 1 . , I , , ..T-.11 ' E x .Zak A H 3214.-w.W,,w'fii4.Xz 7 , . "MA x . ' MI' f ...nah-1 - 1 f , . I, J S 1 wsu. -..-..,-...-p.---...m 1 .13 , T4 5 ag I W ' ielfzifiii SET -f-i- f:'1 Q . i i if i ii if The thrill of victory The cheerleaders stand at attention during the singing of the National Anthem. dd Excitement to Sporting Events The excitement of cheerleading began in the spring of 1966 with the choice of the new cheerleaders. The Varsity Cheerleaders were Gail Chambers, Barb Jack- son, Sandy Sander, and Cheryle Sivinski. The Reserves were Karen Sander, Janice Varga, Julie Bertok, and Lynne Rice. During the summer two of them, Barb and Cheryle, attended cheerleading camp at Kent State University and won several awards for ability, per- sonality, and spirit. When school began, the cheerleaders devised a way of raising school spirit. Each week they awarded a spirit flag to the class which had shown the most team support the week before. Their year was kept very busy with practicing, cheering at games, and planning unusual skits for pep meetings. Without cheerleaders, a colorful and vital part of Genoa's ath- letic program would be missing. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS: S. Albright, J. Widrner, K. Fowler, L. Smith ,mfg . . lliifisice 'iiiwr .mf .. W..-W WARDS A Time to Achieve 0 0 O li 1 r 9 in Q1 .1 Qifii wf' ' .nv I r 11 My , N - -5-'fm if 'N , ' ' " ' HN xxx X givin uf1"!lL2': 555355777 , ' '- g5YEIS?,:"'v.- EEE H,.,5..,n:t -Q fri' A Q As. , , A , M, gifs? WW ,skew Rick Andaverde was selected the wrestling team's most valuable player. He won in the District Wrestling Tournament, allowing him to advance to the Regionals. L.. '1- .: 1. Jim Duvall, most valuable football player and NLL first team offensive fullbackg Jack Vogelpohl, first team defensive halfbackg and Ken Sander, most valuable lineman and second team offensive end, sparked the Comets to a fine season. Outstanding Genoa Athletes Dennis Hennen Displays the star award plaque he won for re' covering the most fumbles and intercepting the most passes in the 1966 football season. 74 Track Queen Francis Kusian congratulates Bill Wescotte, two mile run record holder, over the Ottawa County Track Meet Trophy. Rate Praise ' fin., ig it. i Q W 5-P? . tx., Phil McCoil was named to the Northern Lakes League Second Team in basketball. 75 .Q 'irim E .UN ,'.: , ii T' 'XX' V .. fr Wiiffi Q4,,,,.w+ Y " n j at , mi Qt tlt f, er ,1'-filu, i'x:'i'li ' s, , ' , ggi , k g gifi g 2 - 3 fs , ap .:..-,,i,.5a:5i..:, ::-5: i.:5gi-kj:-5 : , ' ,ggiil ' "IN U I' , .. . --' .':-x::lr :.m:s-52 ., .-.- .,.- .t. 4. .. . X i Terry Parsil exhibits his championship form with which he set school records in the high jump and pole vault Genoa students again excelled in all types of sports. The football team placed second in the Northern Lakes League and retained the Celestial Ball trophy by tying Oak Harbor. The basketball team had a less successful season than the previous one but still provided fans with many thrilling moments. Our cindermen again captured the Ottawa County Track Meet Championship and broke many records. Our wrestling, golf, bowling, cross-country, and baseball teams gained success and popularity and appeared to be headed for even more of both in the future. Genoa Scholars Gain The following students received ratings in the Final District-State Scholarship Test: Lyle Shiffert, American History: Kathy Duffey, Latin lp Marcia Tank, English l. Ken Sander and Judy Gerkensmeyer receiving the "I Dare You" awards. " ' 'Y wzzsiu i 1 ii i lvl ' i Q- i i i yi 1 . '- 1- 1, i I if i Rick Shields attained the rank of Final- James Rohybaugh was granted a Kathy Sheets earned a Superior rating ist in the National Merit Scholarship scholarship to Yale University, the On her Science pr0ieC't etthe State Science Program. first Genoa student to be so honored. Fair. 76 Honors, Awards County winners from Genoa in the American Legion Americanism and Government Test: Mary Ann Lemke, Nancy Hurdlebrink, Rick Shields. l 39? ,V :El ati 4 '. Genoa soloists who earned Superior ratings at State Competition: Gary Roecker, baritone: Wayne Wheeler, tromboneg and Ann Schlievert, clarinet. 77 Genoa scholars experienced a very fruitful year as they captured many honors and awards and scored many "firsts". Rick Shields became Genoa's first Finalist in the National Merit Schol- arship Programg James Rohrbaugh became the first Genoa student to be accepted into Yaleg Kathy Sheets received a Superior rating at the State Science Fairg and Wayne Wheeler, Gary Roecker, Ann Schlievert, and Rick Shields earned Superior ratings at the State Solo and Ensemble Competition. The annual "I Dare You" awards to one senior boy and girl were won by Ken Sander and Judy Gerkensmeyer. These awards are based on over- all excellence in scholarship, citizenship, and athletics. Wayne Wheeler, the band's top senior member. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: L. Browning, B. Witker, J. Gerkensmeyer, J. Rohrbaugh, K. Sander, R. Shelds, D. Clark, S. Grau. Eight seniors were inducted into the National Honor Society at the annual Scholastic Recognition Banquet in April. The ceremonies were conducted by the ten junior probationary members. The members were chosen on the basis of scholarship, character, lead- ership, and service. Since its establishment in 1963, thirty-four Genoa students have become members of this nationwide organization. New members of Quill and Scroll, an honorary so- ciety for students who have done outstanding work in school publications, received their pins and certifi- cates on Awards Day. These students were in the upper third of their class and were on the staffs of The Limelight or The Comet Tales. Four members of the society had received their pins the year before when they were juniors. Honorary Societies Dan Clark signs the register of the National Honor Society during cere- monies at the Scholastic Recognition Banquet. l 78 Xi NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY PROBATIONARYMENIBERS: STANDING: G. Kusner, N. Hurdelbrink, G. Roecker, C. R. Rinebold, N. Johnson, C. Brooks, K. Sander, S. Scott. Weseman, J. Rice. QUILL AND SCROLL: SEATED: J. Gerkensmeyer, D. Sander, C. Shields, K. Sander, B. Witker, S. Sander, Mrs. David, Advisor, Nlrs Buehler, D. Aeschliman, J. Shessler, L. Browning, S. Grau, S. Scott, Pope, Advisor, C. Brooks. S. Steindam. STANDING: R. Bergeman, J. Rice, K. Farrell, R. 8689000009 79 ACADEMICS A Time To Learn + w ,, E 1 'Try 'v to ' Qi' Q K , if 7. JSM P I 11:5 -N, V A Q ,L A x- v' 1 .1 ,X-E ki .X -- f X v' png- , I A .N x Am 'it 'T' BOARD OF EDUCATION SEATED: Mr. Russell Rice, Pres. Claire Dunn, lVlr. Glen Nlarsh. STANDING:, Nlr. Robert Samsen, lVlr. Albert Briggle, Clerk Lester Henningsen, Supt. George Donnelly, Attorney George Bowland. Able Supervision and Guidance George M. Donnelly GEORGE DONNELLY, the Genoa Area School su- perintendent, together with the Genoa Area Board of Education did an excellent job in supervising the opera- tion of the entire school system. Through a monthly newsletter all residents of the Genoa school district were informed of the activities of the Board and of the school administrative department. Some major projects included the establishment of Genoa's first kinder- garten, the approval of an adjusted teacher wage policy, and the adoption of a summer remedial reading course. In his first year as principal at Genoa Area High School, PATRICK BARTON proved himself to be a capable administrator. His support and participation in both school supported and extracurricular activities won him the admiration of the student body and the faculty. 4, .A -- -if -5 Sue Grau receives guidance from Mr. Firestone. Patrick J. Barton Promote Genoa Education David Hitchen I 1 , 'X The Arts Broaden 'Q' , w x-MVN i ' ' i James Konzen 'si A Duck Blausey shows musucal prowess. 84 Phyllis Wood Genoa's three music directors: MR. EASH, bandg IVIR. GREUNKE, chorusg and MR. KONZEN, orchestra, did a fine job in supplying musical entertainment at any event from a football game to baccalaureate services. NIRS. DUNN'S art classes learned of the history of art and how to put art to use either as a hobby or as a profession. IVIRS. WOOD provided an invaluable service as li- brarian because nearly all students at some time use the library for reference or for pleasure. Student Horizons Jim Smith displays art talents. I R i Jane Ackerman puts library facilities to use Adelaide Dunn 85 English in some form was a requirement in all four years of high school because a thorough understanding of our language is necessary if we are to effectively communicate with others. MRS. DAVID, through review of grammar, library assignments, and classical reading sessions gave her English I students a firm foundation for further English courses. MISS STARLING, who taught English ll, relied upon grammar, literature, and poetry to broaden the student's knowledge and appreciation of our language. The American literature classes taught by MISS JOHNSON, MISS STARLING, and MR. MILLER told students the history of creative writing in America by giving in chronological order famous writings by Ameri- can authors. English literature, taught by MISS JOHN- SON, told the story of British prose and poetry from its earliest origins to the great English writers of to- day. Speech, also taught by MISS JOHNSON, attempted to give students the ability to express themselves well before a group. MRS. D'ALMAlNE taught the foreign languages, using her own experiences in Europe as background material. English students prepare short story reports. 4 P V , Bill Wescotte delivers an impromptu speech. Languages Enable Erma Johnson fs,-T g -to 3. V l, Q fl X - , ' ! , r K, 4 X 1 Marianne Cottrell leads Latin Club in playing Vinco. Us To Communicate with Cthers Willy!! 'ff . V I n ..lf.aek. ,. l Thelma D'Almaine Alice David 87 VA- Axfv Carole Malone completes the sewing of a new dress. Judith Hoeft Susan Pope Vocational Courses Provide Bonnie Spurgeon practices on a ten-key adding machine. in " f in 2 1? E if if ' E i ., ii .- im mu 2 I :5 : Dan Oleszczuk completes a plate in mechanical drawing. t , .ri Raymond Thompson Students with Needed Training Charles Johnson 11 13465 Ny T1 15 -J . T i ii is 5 IVIRS. JOBE in her home economics classes tried to teach her pupils the basics of good homekeeping. This year she traded students with NIR. THOIVIPSON, who taught industrial arts and vocational agriculture, for several weeks to acquaint the girls with the use of tools and power equipment and to teach the boys to use appliances and to prepare food. NIR. JOHNSON worked to train his mechanical draw- ing students for careers in drafting or related fields. IVIRS. POPE and MRS. HOEFT in their business and typing courses gave their students the training needed to assume secretarial or similar jobs. ,sp E - . M.,rr.3 ' Lv: , Q! ' ":: E ii i Richard Honner 3 i SEE? "" :affair . f-as iw I "fEQTiiE':4 'RE lv my Anita O'Connor Phys. Ed. Creates Sounder Bodies Tumbling builds muscular co-ordination All students were required to earn at least one credit in health andfor physical education. ln his boys' phys. ed. classes, MR. HONNOR led a variety of interesting activities including: touch football, kickball, dodgeball, basketball, and tumbling. MRS. O'CONNOR's girls' phys. ed. classes played volleyball, tumbled, and learned modern dance. In their health classes, both teachers stressed the importance of a thorough understanding of the work- ings of the human body in maintaining good health. In the history classes of MR. MILLER, students were required to attain a more complete grasp of the sub- ject material because ofthe essay type tests he gave. His lectures and his readings from outside sources helped keep the courses alive and interesting. MISS BLAUSEY, in her history and government classes, used many means besides the textbook in teaching. These included: maps, special reports, a scrapbook, and a speech by our representative to the Ohio General Assembly. 2 '2 if 'l Mike Yentzer utilizes a map of South-East Asia in studying current events. Social Sciences Explain Our World May Blausey 5 David Miller "V Gordie Wend adjusts microscope as Barb Mandell selects the next specimen. Last fall MR. BOLANDER began teaching a new Freshman subject, introductory Physical Science, designed to prepare students for more advanced studies. ln biology MR. SIEREN tried to tie together the complex world of plants and animals through student observation. ln teaching physics MR. NOVOTNY, using varied lab equipment, attempted to establish in the students' minds the basic theories of the physical sciences. In chemistry he, again through the use of various lab equipment, tried to develop an understanding on the student's part of the nature of chemical reactions. The math teachers, MR. PORTER and MR. BAIRD, struggled to implant the idea of mathe- matical reasoning and deduction into the minds of their algebra, general math, geometry, and ad- vanced math students. James Novotny Science and Math .il Y QW! I. AQ V V' W 'la eff Y . if? " mn? S 7 ui-' 2 15' X Z 5' X' W ' , be-few egwwii 1 E ,mem-he M H X: H L 2 ii-I file E S, W l M be '-' gi zz, Q i - 4 E, ' V Vikk im . K .:....,, x .j,::, i W ei a ,s.. in ii 4 xmi' .15 II' Karen Cashen and Jeff Rice conduct a linear expansion experiment. ' ,311 - "Qi '+V Joseph Bolander School Personnel Contribute : Mk Iee 'ff Genoa High's service personnel performed various duties in all aspects of school life. The - cooks, custodians, cashiers, cafeteria workers, secretaries, and office workers managed to make life easier and more enjoyable for all students. is W T CASHIERS: SITTING: H. Spasoff, B. Peer. STANDING: C. OFFICE WORKERS: SITTING: K. Sander, M. Niehousmyer. STANDING: Briggle, J. Ackerman, N. Johnson. M. Wilhelm, S. Sander. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING SECRETARY: Linda Sorg HIGH SCHOOL SECRETARY: Lynette Hoeft i C C SWE: 2:1 2 'I Z' 3 , ,. N S"u 94 Necessary Services BUS MAINTENANCE: Lowell Miller. CUSTODIANS: Mr. Gaul, Mr. Wyatt, Mr. Schimming. CAFETERIA WORKERS: FRONT ROW M. Fletcher, L. Dodson. ROW 2: P. Ray mond, K. Johnson, K. Moritz, I. Gon- gora, C. Stancil. ROW 3: M. Vargo, J Coyle, K. Duffey, S. Kalrnbach, M Zapata, S. Adcock. ROW 4: L. McCormick, P. Pierson, E. Lopez, V. Skaggs. COOKS: Mrs. Lusk, Mrs. Swartz, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Stroscher. ii ri nge: 1. W' Q 5. it as ,EQ H' fm.. . "1 W as 5: ei Siu mi wages gg! Esiie-' 'kj 1 1 . R 1 ASK - .E S gi. U DERCLASSME . . . A Time to Explore 'ri A E5FJ f OFFICERS: Christine, Shields, President, Karen Briggle, Vice-President, Karen Fow Ier, Secretary-Treasurer. ADVISORS: Mr Bolander, Mrs. D'Almaine, Mrs. Hoeft, Mr Novotny, Mrs. Pope, Mr. Porter. it Freshmen Officers Prove 9? Ax V F I .i if .. ,wh E ' j 0l Lui- I Ing: ,,, , ,, M Eg-QT? 'lv 3. fl A y gg r g iq 4 .. g ,gil ... 5 ' AE r'-is . if 535' EE '- I A ff - Q lf: 1 . ..+V '-Le li - xl - it t. fi ...Ji 'A - K Z, -wargk Jil. l x 'f 'l Q I, his Shfjl - i. '-f 1 5- K is 98 Kathy Ackerman Sue Adcock Sharon Albright Neil Ammons Ray Andaverde Kathy Archibald Michele Arndt Sandy Bagley Susan Bailey Mike Bergeman Michael Best Elvira Betancourt Louis Billingsley Donna Bloomfield Paulette Bond Jane Bowen Sharon Bowyer John Bower Bob Bowlander Dale Brandt Karen Briggle William Brown Jim Browning Royce Buehler Sherry Burdge Vickie Butzin Richard Cantu Jim Casares A, I v ,Sp-Q I E ' we-LN H ,van A la W' r , , . ,,' ,J To Be Capable Leaders Dwight Fielding Tim Fisher John Fletcher Mary Fletcher Rosa Flores Joyce Floro Karen Fowler Debbie Frey Sue Friedt Bruce Geldine Irma Gongora Brenda Haack Rick Haddix Carol Hagarty Gary Halicek Leonard Hanes Charles Harrison William Hartshorn Dave Heilman John Heilman Marlene Helle Michelle Hensley Ed Hurdelbrink Sharon Huss Kathy Johnson Kristy Johnson Paul Johnson Tom Jones f Janet Chalfin Margo Chambers Mark Chambers Paul Champion Robert Clere Reba Collins Norman Collum Laura Cornell Judy Coyle Tom Crandall Linda Davis Susan Diekman Frank Dietrick Lynn Dodson Kathleen Duffey Diane Dunlap Darla Dunn Jerry Dunn Jan Duval Vicky Duvall Bob Fahle ' T Af A V , . 'T ,. 1. P if J it .4 Eur Q H A 5 .,1 92: X k "sl i M '1 Y 99 5 gf Q 4 4 EZ ' it , fight, 4. l-li' ' " . l ,Q f X Jai" " 54 , an s. 'ff F W P .,l1?lhQ'l"i'fgi ll ' ' "-w' in f 23' eil' 'li' E, , ii i , ii in E .15 BLM V 2-I 10 V 1. F X Susan Kalmbach Connie Karstetter Valerie Kern W Y Jack Kidd Steve Kreager ' Ivy Krell Alvin Krueger James Kusian Carolyn Lassiter Marty Lau Beth Lavigne , -iii V , Pam Layman -N Jim Lerma Nancy Lindsey Leonor Lopez Tony Lorenzen Carole Malone Donald Martin Ronald Martin Bennette Moeller Mark Moeller HM H re: W w ,, .o i l ' G: in Q .. i V ,. V - , .:.-1 V all' " I ,':, :: f - 2 Q N AA 'X f 'E i IQ If A W M!-X 0 im. 7 i lf " ' Q- . I. i Y t X 4 - ' K ' M 3l!li ' ! !l,QEZM ? 1 W lylv H 11 i Q X 1,6 , , .,.-, l in -1 . as i LRF Rita Nero Mary Niehausmyer Nancy Oberhaus David Oleszczuk Becky Peer Gretchen Peer George Peiffer Patricia Peters Robert Pierce Joel Pinkerton Donna Porath Sharon Powell Pauline Raymond Linda Rewoldt Rex Rice Cindy Roecker Jolene Rombach Cecil Rudd Cedric Rudd Sharlee Rudes Danny Runion N V 5i?if Jesse Molina ,,-V J Arlan Moritz z 'N Q -W Karen Moritz V A I AIAV , - Roger Moser , ki ' rt. Ni Margaret McCormick ff g ' V 3361 George McAllister ' K, 11, :ii Li fi X ' Vg Randy McDaniel 1' ,J 1 -5553- Freshmen Adjust Rapidl WK ,, .: jg. Ai J y L 'E 'F is w J , ' if J L P Y, ,,. e-Wil. -L , if Y ' P7-'seg 4 ty., , .. i s gli. fi Y 'X ,J 3 iv' Nl v S . 1.4 y ?-- l00 9 Sandy Ryan Jim Scaggs Judy Scaggs Bill Scaggs Ann Schlievert Denny Schmidt TUm ,,Lf,, ,L 3 Q' x f :E,.... ! Tom Schulte Steve Schuster Audrey Seltzer Randy Shaneck Cheryl Sheldon Paul Shessler Christine Shields Debbie Skiles Dennis Smith Lois Smith Gary Spaulding Alice Stagner John Stancil Lawrence Stevens Jim Stiger Debbie Suto Carol Tank Marcia Tank Scott Tester Amelia Torres lrene Trejo -all i aavt 1 Ik Jie 45" A J 9 sf . . ,r .- --ts Kgrff "' . ,. 11 Z ...:, 2 '. . I Q I rg, L " Q ' , .E Fw ff. nf 7' .- lt B-., 1 it ' ,J ,nf my -1 A nf fb -fe P 3 A M ff 1 M 'lr to High School 1 X, za' ,-.. , . 1 A l ' N up -Y, tv ea.-of -1 fN -gf' - I?- Ji T 4 .4, ki 4 .,-.r gi, .' ' i , ., QA A X , l,r gi ' , sig all ls . Y i ' , M . ,.- T 'J T X it f A L if X Karen Younker Tom Zalesak Mary Alice Zapata Marilyn Zunk lOl Ji fl i 1 , N ""' . I qw, ,gi P ' Norma Tristan Jerry VanNess Mary Vargo Bill Vogelpohl Bill Wagner Marion Walters Bonnie Wanner Tim Weis Larry Weseman Aaron Wicks Janet Widmer Marcia Wilhelm Albert Williams Cheryl Witt Photos Not Available: Randy Apel Rushel Rudd Vicki Vaillant K OFFICERS: Gordon Wend, President Chris Vogelpohl, Vice-Presidentg Barbara Mandell, Secretary-Treasurer. ADVISORS: Mr. Baird, Mrs. David, Mrs. Dunn, Mr. Sieren, Miss Starling. K' 'TQ Sophomores Excel in mx 'best I F f A f' I V :- 21' l02 5! Y ig 'ei Bill Ackerman Jennie Archibald Brenda Barrett Mike Barrett Jim Bayer Bill Bergeman Julie Bertok Marilyn Blausey Kenneth Bloomfield Diane Bowland George Bowland Eddie Braddock Mike Braddock Cathy Briggle Gary Brooks Raymond Browning Mike Buhrow Barbara Calhoun Vilia Cantu Dora Castilleja Gloria Castilleja Mary Ann Chambers Gilbert Cisneros Mary Ann Clark Ron Clark Dan Colvin Marianne Cottrell Roger Dailey 4 ld i L 51' I . 1 'T if: ' , Many Activities Domingo Hernandez Marlon Hoeft William Hunley Fred Jensen Jenise Johnson Roger Kalmbach Barry Kinsel Barbara Klavinger Carl Kocis Carol Koenker Andy Komives Larry Kozak Sue Krell Suzanne Krumnow Blaine Lau Robin Lee Marsha Lemke Russell Lenz Terry Lenz Christine Leppert Jesse Lerma Jim Lloyd Mike Lloyd Estela Lopez Jim Lowe Connie Lusk Barbara Mandell Roger Marcum - ff D wif E V .- 2 Q ,J f' 45 . Y i f.- rl, i .7 V ! f W. l l l l r ' . ' 1 Li WS, mf V7 it X law,-at l gf g-,, . 'll Q 'gf 1 Q . IT' 1' mf 7 fs - 5 5, l03 1. ,D i, A 1 x A l 'gy 35 L" ' au, A-I. 'fn Us if f, if I Q' ,S T -sg, JI' if f' I ,ii , . in sw li 3- ' l dr i Donald Dezanett Ronald Dezanett Bernadette Dietrich Robert Dipman Diana Dunham Tom Duval Roger Eckerman Eddie Evans Bill Feckley Kay Fisher Dan Fork Larry Fowler Joel Garcia Terry Gerkensmeyer Debra Haar Tim Harbal Barbara Harder Larry Harsanje Roy Hartshorn Glenda Heilman John Heisman : r e Umfxre - 1' lu 3-"J Iizfiilafgr ' V T 4. ,Vps ,Hr , J, ' ' ff- ,S s ll -L t. -,ni ,JIU N ,, 1 B J I Q ' S vin 2 A ll J d W Q ,WI u..2 41 i all I 12:- Charles Schlievert Jerry Schlievert Gary Schnabel Norma Scott Harry Seltzer Gary Serviss Karen Sheets Kathy Sheets Albert Sheetz Clifford Shields Diane Sieving Violet Skaggs Ronald Skiles John Smith Sue Smith Helen Spasoff Jerry Spitler Bonnie Spurgeon Ronald Swartz Jean Tank Carolyn Van Dorn Dan Mathews Martin Matyas Reginia McGlone Carol Michel Gail Michel Ruthann Miller Bruce Moritz Judy Nemeth Merle Norwalk Jobie Ousley Mike Padgett Bill Peters Dan Peterson Christine Pierce Peggy Pierson John Pocse Kathy Porath Jerry Powers Dallas Pringle Linda Recker Gaine Reeder Sharon Rewoldt Lynne Rice Bill Richards Alan Rinebold Rick Sackmann Pam Sampsel David Scaggs Sophomores Keep Busy age Y A.. I J X L fi,-. ll , inf' f li . ' l I J , 3' N. if y w, ,'!.t,. ,i 54,-'..LE,'fe1 mil' 1-I ,:.: - 1 , 1 J, he N C Julie Bertok finds time to study for a difficult bookkeeping test. with Their Studies Chris Leppert and Mary Wheeler ponder over a problem in biology class. -1 551. -- . J Ja: .J Michael Yentzer 105 Steve Varga John Vine Chris Vogelpohl Marjorie Vogelpohl Bill Wagoner Pat Waldenga Linda Webb Gordon Wend Pam Wescotte Mary Wheeler Jackie Widmer Donald Wilka Michelle Wolcott Ann Wood Not pictured: Russell Eckerman Helen Lorenzen OFFICERS: Gary Roecker, President: Karen Sander, Vice-President: Nancy Hurdlebrink, Secretary: Carol Brooks, Treasurer. ADVISORS: Mrs. Jobe, Mr. Thompson. Knits O ' Ar If, 'E W-9 x u i , I, fab. ll . .ii -2 'rf- 1 Fm ' F-was A an f L -1 2 3 4 ' x l ' , f - iff,--' , in 3 4 .K 4 W . A . A-4' Juniors Present nnual A A .1 ' + 'M' QA fi c, H- , . Q- 'if .. f- ff .si V, ' 1 ' P ,kv ' V , : 1 'I' ' " f " 'E f' J., Ai X'-FJ' . . 5. rr .T 4" Fw y' V . ' ' 'H' liflf2lfQ' ' 1 ' , . i ' lf , , ., fri' , Ah. 4. . 4 ' Q' X "" .'f. , , 1. W' G ' li R I ' , ' .4 af 'il ' l V' 1 ' ,QE . ' : ., " A Ai , J. i '. - J f hw ' 'iii-' gf .Hb-fir ' , - " v H M X I V QQ. ,,.,. , 1 , i ' 'V ' f ' S 'E' K: V uw Q' . A -. 1-ilu . I- I F ' 1- ' FP -1 J ' ' -'..-wifi l . rt .J 2 l ,. ,.l,U.j,. ,f.'ff,.i5g:fl1...L' . li? .2 . f f . , 1 ' . A ll IO6 Jane Ackerman Ronald Adcock Rick Betancourt Richard Blausey Barbara Brewer Rick Briggle Carol Brooks Sue Calhoun Karen Cashen Joe Casares Steve Clere Charles Coleman Linda Crandall Janice Davis Sherry Dennis Joyce Farrell Linda Fisher Robert Fletcher Nelson Fredritz Cathy Gates Debi Gaul Diane Grahl Brian Hagarty Gary Hammitt John Harbal Marsha Harrison Carl Hartwig Vicky Hellman ii at .L Lisa z-.-Q, ' -g if A ik 1 X, J ia' .v F f' Q U ev ,J , 1' Q Q ' 2 - v 1 ' k Y Q Ji H1 , -s li X , 9 w "-l.. xg ' A Q ' fi' ly'-L . 11, ,fi L 1 fi - Junior Senior Prom Jennie Plantz Karen Porath Gail Porter Ron Potridge Susan Pryor Jeff Rice Nancy Richards Rita Rinebold Gary Roecker Randy Ross Brenda Rost Howard Routson Larry Sampsel Diane Sander Karen Sander Sandra Scott LyIe,Shiffert Bill Silvis Cheryl Sivinski Carolyn Spafford Charlotte Stancil Mike Stebing Harold Steindam Barb Sutter Richard Tapia Ronnie Tester Steve Tester Deanna Troknya l kt.. K I .R - X - I fi 1 Wil. 6 X .l vii' gyffffz , ' ' ll E ' W' , V 'I :X , ,E zz., -u , .a J. 'ff F fi M l ll. . lr' ,ly l l .Af ima N' l in .. ll., 'ls i ' ' l it l W., 1, " R11 1 ,N ' ' u l M. H V .7 'ltr tg ," "??f il" ni ,I ' ic X .ffl - u ,. J .' ' 107 my 1. , Tl 'TV ll .-Allie . .Ao- fifgigx LJ. by F, ,,.-. I -, N 'f,f M .I gl Donna Helle Betty Hunley Nancy Hurdelbrink Dick Huston Marc Jansic Barbara Johnson Nancy Johnson Fred Kruse Greg Kusner Dennis Latham John Lewis Laura McCormick Carolyn McCormick Marilyn McCormick Rudy Molina Fred Mollenhauer Dennis Moritz Bette Oberhaus Judy Ousley Derly Palacious Nancy Pitts I Wlis s fr' Q? - W5 ll 4" ,, V 3, l V95 N -Bali! - g iiruf., Ml 'l - 'ln -as , ,Y ui l 4. , in., -in -Y gn it ll ,v -Wit ky .,...,. ll J , ll, l l ll ll l ,la wr ll l l N! ll l lx xl l l ll X l li ll E HM ,Ml V l ll l ll llwf ll ll X l I .l W "kv P ' lv" l v. ll, , ll l J MR .js-A ll Qi, w J " f H 'm.s?'f'tvXl? .,.l -mu l l ' 'U fi WV' ,Myrna -is M Jean Turnow Tom Van Ness Janice Varga Carole Wepler Carol Weseman Jim Widmer ,.,' l as 0 J 1. N i or ' ' 'Fw 1. "" 4 - ' f"s. ,... N V. -'i Nancy Vogtsberger -my if 'ew .- -'-- V3 X, ix N3 5 - rf . , A . , 5 N. L .sf 1 . F I Y 4 1 I if 1 I "-T 0 ' , , X Al X 1 Marlene Wilhelm AI Womack Barb Zunk . Juniors Receive Their Class Rings Tom Van Ness, Gary Hammitt, Jean Turnow, and Bill Serviss admire their new class rings. Junior boys gather around the lunch table as they discuss their plans for the prom. Bob Albright Ricardo Andaverde Joyce Bevens Jesse Castilleja Marvin Chambers Jean Drummond Sandra Floro Conrad Gongora Richard Grosjean Kenny Hanthorn Kenny Haeft Gail Hellman Barbara Helle David Kennedy Roger Knudsen ,, ll . X x I X ' . , 'fl , V V ' , V .. ,, , ' A, 4 ,T , ul -:ai . , 1 l I 1 s , S WK' l "SLU " . j ., J K ' '4 ills M :L --zz, , ,V Hur. .ff. fl 4'- ew 7 " " il ,.. I HF- , 1 , 1 1' '1 ix p , E' ,fi ,1 ii. 9 if -. I li an 5 . ' lxxfl l Penta County Proves Successful if l ' ll fl- 'li eii':' ' 5 ,ffl 'ki wi 'W' 3 l , es, '71 ,nrff 4, f K . .IIA ,wax fl -' U L l 'l-ig f 5 -l 1 13 ll il ' M l si l . K fa i- -- ., Xe' V l l ll " 3, lr- , " rr ' .L l' i ,' uw' "I?'1" IO9 Otila Lopez Denny Marsh Randy Ohm Robert Peters Ronald Porath Wilma Raymond Cheryl Rhoads Connie Sahr Beth Schriefer Tom Smith Shelley Traub Lois Walker Jeani Werling Martin Traver Linda Bowyer Not pictured: David Garcia Charlene Weaver SENIQRS . . . A Time To Reach Beyond X"ll,::Q"'g , . ig? Y, . , 1- Q, H , m ME., " , 1 F if 'X ' - 1 V ,k,k"'., N ,. 1 'K E '1 .32 .Q I w Q, , J ,.---S OFFICERS: Presidentg James Rohrbaugh, Bill Witker, Vice President: Barbara Jackson, Sec reta ryg Suzanne Wilka, Treasurerg ADVISORS: Mr. Miller, Mr. Hitchen Seniors Are Led by Competent Dfficers wi- A -QI," it PAT ACKERIVIAN DEBBIE AESCHLINIAN DIANE AESCHLIMAN CARLEEN ARNDT TERRY BELL BARBARA BENNETT T Qu f 'Cin' TE gf? 25? I 'ffagmgil QQQJ ,Wm .ww Wmiar, -,Agway www' I mmf' ' I 1 mffefzaw I X QL,,Q 2 fm.W,, . :mms In warg RICHARD BERGEMAN TOM BLAUSEY CHRIS BODETTE WADE BOWER DAVID BOWLAND LARRY BRINGE JIM BRADDOCK JIM BROSSIA LOIS BROWNING MARLENE BROWNING CAROL BUEHLER JON BUSCH 'f-39" DENNB BUTDN WCHARD CANTU LARRY CASHEN STEVE CHALHN GAl CHAMBERS DAN CLARK Seniors Are Active in Many Fields MM COLE BRANCH COLWN WHLMA CORNETT UNDA DE SHETLER UNDA WEBERT SUE WEFENTHALER 'gg-'sv-Yr xy Q11 hir' l . I ., u :E2E:EE.E:I ' Si , ev gy II I TNf1P 46 22! UNDA DWLE WAYNE MPMAN JIM DUVALL PAT DUVAL KENNETH FARRELL ED FAUGHT MARLY FECKLEY MIKE FLORO ROGER FLORO SUELLEN FORK STEPHANIE GALLUP JUDY GERKENSMEYER SUE GRAU ROGER GUELDENZOPH UNDA HAAR ROLAND HANSEN PAM HARSANJE BlL HAVENER JERRY HEBERT SHARON HELLE DENNB HENNEN DENNB HOEFT BARB JACKSON DARLA JOHNSON 'T' 'TZ' S 4 e Q l xg ,ff ,F xx J til' iz g. l la li ll lv 3 iw' YL? A - ,, f - .s fx, 41" , 3 'try' JIM KOESTER NANCY KRUMNOW FRANCES KUSIAN MARY ANN LEMKE LELAND LOHR MARLAINE LUSK Seniors Show Great Scholastic Abilit These twelve seniors were the top ten per cent of this year's graduation class. They are Judy Gerkensmeyer, Lois Browning, Mary Ann Lemke, Frances Kusian, Rick Shields, Dan Clark, Dave Bowland, James Rohrbaugh, K. C. Farrell, Ken Sander, and Bill Witker. ll7 PHILLIP MC COIL JUDY MARTIN GWEN IVIORITZ DENNIS NISSEN DAVID NORWALK ANDY OCHOA ' 4-me A.. IIEmr'Y' -ffm QV' ww 1, f IEQWJ Q 5 5 I I si, GENE OHM DAN OLESZCZUK N056 'Nui ELWOOD PARKER ' ' iii? TERRY PARSIL JEFF PEELER CAROLYN PFEIFFER If ' 73352 DOUG ' PHILLIPS EVERETT PIERCE DIANE PRINGLE E ' A 1-au ffrfnrl TOM: RACE ALMA RAYMOND WNALDO 1.23. , Seniors Follow a Busy Schedule E Q JAMES 2 ' ROHRBAUGH RONALD ROLUNS KEN SANDER 1F9 49" gui SANDY SANDER CAROLYN SANDROCK MARMYN SANDROCK GARY SCI-IMIDT FRED SCHULTZ JANE SHESSLER LINDA SHIELDS RICK SHIELDS DENNIS SIEFKE Seniors Relax and Have Fun This year all the seniors put on their sweatshirts and tennis shoes for the Senior Slop Day. MM SMITH JANET SPAFFORD SUSE STEN SANDY STEINDAM JERRY SWARTZ JUDY SWARTZ MARLENE TANK SHARON TAYLOR DENNB TESTER JERRY THOMPSON WCHARD THORNTON SUE VARGO DENISE VINCENT JACK VOGELPOHL STEVE WALDENGA JOHN WERNER BILL WESCOTTE BARB WESTENKIRCHN ER WAYNE WHEELER CAROLYN WICKS BEN WIDMER SUZANNE WILKA BILL WITKER RANDY WITTE .iqqi -A, 5:-451--L 5 rs.- Q ,WFQI 25' I1 sk.. 4v""""Q -.L- I? ' 'IIIII f 'I KATHY WOHN STEPHANIE YENTZER BOB YOUNKER CATHY ZALESAK IRENE ZAPATA BONNIE ZUNK NOT PICTURED: ROGER LANHAIVI BILL NORWALK Seniors Look Forward to Their Future Carleen Arndt looks forward to her future, because now the time has come to decide her future. Graduation is only the beginning of a new life ahead. Graduation Marks an End Valedictorian Rick Shields receives his diploma at the commencement exercises. IVlr. Banon, principal, presents a diploma to Judy Gerkensmeyer, salutatorian, px In The Class of 1967 is together for its last time. l24 'N ff but Also a Beginning WHAT IS GRADUATION? Graduation is sighs and laughter Nlingled liberally with tears, Lingering memories of one's sharing Life with classmates through the years. Graduation is conclusion Of one big phase of work and'fun, A milestone passed, new things begun. Graduation is excitement, Speeches, farewells, and applause, Diplomas and a mortar board . . . The gate to pathways unexplored. Graduation is an end, But also a beginning . . . The start of all the dreams That every graduate is spinning. Each of us has lost a friend, but the school has lost an army. N A a DVERTISEMENTS A Time t6'Suggest Q, - 'x l f" "ffm--,V 9 W , SPURGEON MOTOR SALES INC. 4 SS 350 Camaro Convertibl with Rally Sport optio Congratulations to the Class of l967 Your Chevrolet Dealer Genoa, Ohio 855-7062 or 855-7072 I1 El.lVlORE HARDWARE Myron Hellwig Class of 1947 Proprietor Ph. 862-3121 136 E. Rice St. Compliments of RACE ELECTRIC , .1-ii-H. Genoa, Ohio Compliments of JOHNSON LUMBER CO. community Builders Phone 836-4565 Williston, ohio Furniture-U pholstering-Repair ART'S UPHOLSTERING SHOP 175 Front St. Curtice, Ohio Phone 836-7215 Arthur Haack, Prop. HARMON'S BARBER SHOP 624 Main St., Genoa, Ohio Mon. 8. Tues. 8:30-6:00 Wed. 8g Fri. 9:30-9:00 Sat. 8:30-5:30 Closed Thursday with or without appointment Compliments of SANDER BROS. BUILDERS Genoa, Ohio Malts Sundaes BOWER DAIRY DIP Washington St. Genoa, Ohio Sodas Cones wi Congratulations to the Class of I967 from SIGLAR 8. SIEVING 1' MTq'E"'1' 1- :,.,, 1 Y F, UAT! Ph. Water Softeners, Pumps, Plumbing Heating 8g Spouting 103 8th Street Genoa, Ohio Phone 855-5502 Compliments of RUDES 8x REEDER All Forms of Insurance Protection Curtice, Ohio CLAIRE C. DUNN GENERAL INSURANCE Fire Auto Life Health Accident Furs Jewelry Furniture Marine Liability Burglary Plate Glass Compensation Associate Johnston-- Langmaicl Agency, Inc . Oregon, Ohio Phone 69 I-2451 -l, For Yourvllih Styling wah miss CONNIE'S SALON "' Connie Younker, Mgr. ll Graduate of '61 204 Lucas St. Curiice, O. For Appointment-Ph. 836-8457 Closed MOWUYS General Merchandise Clay Center, Ohio SAMSEN'S HOME FURNISHINGS Genoa, Ohio Good Luck, Graduates Phone currsce sae-6241 CLAY CENTER BOWLING Open from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. BURGlE'S CURTICE TAVERN M . onday thru Friday Beer-Wine-Liquors 254 Per Game Catering Service Sat., Sun., and Evenings 354 Per Game Very Good Foods League Openings Richard Bergeman, Prop. 855-9727 Compliments of YANKEE PEDLAR Compliments of THE LITTLE FLOWER SHOPPE :I QP. f Genoa, Ohio Jim Seitz ,mix JR Al 39 - I '- lg n mitlni I., , ...4 .-. Compliments of ROBINSON'S FUNERAL HOME 631-633 Main Genwf Ohio Phone 855-9353 NATIONAL BANK OF OAK HARBOR WHOLESALE Curtice Office AMW, Savings Member of Federal Reserve System Member F.D.l.C. Curtice, Ohio FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FRANK ANNARINO Phone CR. 4-7357 Compliments of H cENoA soino X I SERVICE Owned by Bob Nolte Rt. 51 and Main St. ACE BILLIARDS G. R. Drummond, Prop. F' Main St. ox I -Q a' A- . Genoa, Ohio L r il-1-is .iii M GENOA WATCH , X A Compliments of X D X x .- f Ee! GIFT SHOPPE "" " ' 0 Main St J. A. Hubscher 'p X Genoa, ohio Phone ass-3033 X iiiiiuluwi 1 Genoa, Ohio . . I ROST COLLISION SERVICE 403 Cedar-Brown Business Phone Home 836-4855 836-8800 Curtice, Ohio CURTICE MACHINE TOOL 8. DIE Prop. Bud Rossler Wildacre Rd. Curtioe Phone 836-6952 ERV'S BARBER SHOP Curtice, Ohio Walk in or Call for Appointment Open Tues.-Fri. 9-6 Sat. 9-5 Closed Monday Thurs. Evening by Appointment only Phone: 836-8988 Ervin Petersen I.OWE'S RED 8. WHITE Super Market and General Store We Process Meats Phone 836-7612 Williston, Ohio OTTAWA COUNTY FARM BUREAU COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Q'-Milli - . PM ill if Genoa, Ohio MARTIN SUPPLY Toro 81 Jacobsen Lawnmowers Hardware Curtice, Ohio Compliments of ERNEST E. COTTRELL Curtice, Ohio oi. E' 9' eo... '- ,- , X o 'r ' ' ' F -ik-V i'3'if1l" 'E X 3, -0 'wg is , o -r -i ' , siilizii Q ' -- . 1 r -Q riiviif-'24 I . r aa.a . .ron C. ' unnllw' f 1L1"'-sfftrew J-31 -1.1 gggrrirf rr.:-rgrx' ' W - "4 . ,aw , , , M F 2.-f r i we-.,, Xrm Q:-ff ff ,zo r "" F W Q -girl Los- -:" - -. .Lg ,.,gg-'5t,1,- goof - 32.1113 , ' ' f ,o , We ' :" ' lo yal' ki.:--I '. For the Big Difference in Insurance Compliments of OTTAWA COUNTY COOP CO. Elevators at Curtice, Graytown, Oak Harbor and Genoa Highest Prices for Grain Manufacturers of Fertilizers. Dealers in spray Materials Ohio 'H-'1 Y 0 Citgo Gasoline and Oils A' cf 5 Farmers Feeds e M Q ll 1 Compliments of DR. NORMAN l. REUVEN Optometrist Genoa, Ohio Compliments of DUNN CHEVROLET OLDS-INC. Your Tronsporrofion soooiolisro Phone seo-2614 Oregon, Ohio OWENS JEWELERS , Y Compliments of L 'WQQSBQ 4, ,T ,QQ Main St. Woodville, Ohio DUNN'S CAFE LANGHOLZ MFG. Dike Pumps Genoa, Ohio South Main St. Genoa, Ohio All Makes of Television, Radio and Record Changers OIL COMPANY HOME EQUIPMENT TV SERVICE 635 Main St. Genoa, Ohio Marlin Caswell Bus. Ph. 855-5771 "Distributors of Citgo Products" Home Ph' 36769 5 PLATT'S 54 fo 51.00 STORE C ITGO ' , Genoa, P 0I'l :9224 o Oh ff Q Shop s First h e . -- , q enoa, IO Q,,4- N ..'.':S' SQ ' X .- 'i HOMER J. HUSTON Power Digging Trucking Bulldozing Genoa, Septic Tanks Cleaned 24 Hour Wrecker Service Used Auto Parts Ohio 855-4133 855-4138 lr STAR AND LlL'S Nite Club Star and Lil Ladd Food--Refreshments Genoa, Ohio Ph. 5741 l I Compliments of WILLISTON TAVERN Roy and Rose Thurston Williston, Ohio Compliments of HAVENER'S FOOD MARKET Curtice, Ohio Compliments of BLAUSEY'S RESTAURANT Genoa, Ohio HENRY W. BERGMAN INC. Roads and Bridges Truck, Crane Service Bituminous Materials Bulldozing Road Oiling 635 Main Street Genoa, Ohio Phone 855-71 1 1 L 6 WILLIAM A. FECKLEY General Contractor Woodville Road Genoa, Ohio 855-5951 IXIIIVIROD A 8. B NIMROD CAMPERS Sales--Service--Rentals Woodville Rd .--Millbury, O . Ph . 855-7840 or Ph. 836-3427 Compliments of H. W. BOWER 606 Main Street Genoa, Ohio Contract Petroleum Carriers Phone 855-8735 855-5345 Rt. 51 Two Miles West of Genoa Road WALT'S GULF SERVICE Tires, Oil, Auto Accessories, Batteries Ph. 7815 General Repair Manager, "Walt" Royor Genoa, Ohio 5ERV, PH p50 Compliments of BRUCE WALDENGA NATION WIDE INSURANCE AGENT 917 Main Street Genoa Phone 855-3031 O Class of '66 GENOA PHARMACY Phone 855-751 I Genoa, Ohio 77 Q ,ilk I ' Q 371 f ', 'I 3 n- B ri' .EF--3'-351 Genoa-Clay Center Road 855-5206 Genoa, O Compliments of HARBOR MANUFACTURING CO. i X1 GENOA BEAUTY SHOP I Margaret Lockhart, Mgr. Complete Beauty Service T 505 Main St. Genoa, Ohio Phone 855-3861 M Genoa Ohig Williston Home 836-7610 Compliments of DUNRITE CLEANERS Wfleming 1" '4 1 f x f A I ' I . A A X A-5 ' WH .L X Phone 855-8035 North Main St. Genoa, Ohio Shop 836-7615 DARRELl'S BARBER SHOP Walk-in or Call for Appointment - Open - Tuesday 9 to 6-Friday 9 to 9 Wednesday and Thursday 12:30 to 9 Saturday 8 to 6-Closed Mondays Air Your Barber Conditioned Darrell Rollins WILLIAM F. ZUNK Sohio Distributor Williston, Ohio Home: Business: 836-5285 836-5285 GALEN G. LOWE INSURANCE Auto-Fire-Life-Hospital Long Haul Truck-Home Owner Farm-Boat C. E. HENNINGSEN 8. SON Water Well Drilling Pump Sales 81 Service Williston, Ohio 836-7612 l"'i' Trenching Work Done 1 lGas, Water, 8. Footerl l3O South Norden Rd. Z U71 NANCY'S BEAUTY sALoN Oregon' Ohio Phone 836-5972 ,R Nancy Ruthsatz, Proprietor GUARANTEED x willisfon, ohio SERVICE Complete Beauty Service in Williston 8366064 - Bowl at FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH IIVIIIADOIIL I2 Lanes IAIVISYIU Phone 849-8261 Lime Rd. Woodville, Ohio WILLISTON IMPLEMENT CO. Offers the Areas Most Complete Line International Harvester Farm and Industrial Equipment Motts Mowers ancl Davis Trencher GENOA HARDWARE ll ' In-I . . ., Hardware--Plumbing--Pa:nts Phone 855-7 I 42 Williston, Ohio 836-256l 512-514 Main Genoa, Ohio DON'S BARBER SHOP MANDELL TRUCKING comPANv R, 5, G, E,,9e,,e,d me No Appointments -General Trucking- Hours: Telephone Oxford 3-3562 Tues., Wed., Sat., 8:30 A.M. to 6 P.M Thurs., Fri., 8:30 A.M. to 8.30 P.M. Closed Monday 855-2464 5535 Woodville Rd. Toledo, Ohio RICHARD L. HARSANJE KUHLMAN SERVICE Motorists Mutual H5 E' Rice SL Insurance Company El Oh. more, io 601 Wilson Street Firestone Genoa, Ohio Phone 855-3051 See Us for the Best Deal in Town GENOA AUTO SALES James Gallup ,? Y 'fi -It-T,.,i4Q . i i.. . T., . 'TT' - Q- -M- N. Main St. 855-2344 Genoa, Ohio S 0 .4 UNITED STATES GYPSUM COMPANY The Greatest Name in Building" S f A 1 E S Genoa Plant TANK fi Q DAN REINO 8. SONS MQTQR SALES gmc, . Cleaners 8- Laundry Q A5 Gibsonburg, Ohio Phone 637-2214 Rambler YOU' 50fiSf0C'50'1 40 Years in the Same Location is our Reputati Phone 836-5563 Williston Compliments of YOUNKER'S SUNOCO Beer and Wine Carry-out Howard and Thelma Younker Route 579 81 Genoa Rd. Curtice, Ohio THUNDER BAY MEDINA KENNEIQS Breeders of the Country's Finest Afghan Hounds 8K Poodles 22. fum: N-...ny SABIN REFRIGERATION CO. Q 855-7898 Marvin, ohio N Don't stick your neck out: Get Quality Dry Cleaning N from Compliments of DR. PAUL MANCINOTTI ' Euvioke X CLEANERS XX Phone 855-224 Route Sl, Genoa, Ohio Congratulations Class of '67 GENOA PRINTING CO. Quality Printing Letter Press and Offset Compliments of MARTIN GARAGE Martin, Ohio Don Lorenzen 1519 N. Main St. Phone 855-7131 BUILDING AND REMODELING Genoa, Ohio East Curtice Road Phone B36-5801 or 836-3809 Curtice, Ohio Compliments of CHIPPEWA ROBINSON'S FUNERAL HOME TOOL AND MANUFACTURING CO Genoa, Ohio SPROUSE INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance 615 Main 3 X Q., . X Willistogn, Ohio Phone 836-8888 855-49II Compliments of 855-8422 Under New Management Jeanette Hutcheson THE BEAUTY SPOT 619 Main Street Genoa, Ohio we-O48 U U U -xr-ufu wav-m M qfvftfcdlggli-4.5.-AN: U STA MPsX'II ABMLQQL, 'jggggg I .9EA'C.CQ'I!EB-Q ,J'X.fN IW-JW ,IN , 0 flfrfl Compliments of PERMAGLASS INC. Tempered Safety Glass Laminated Safety Glass Offices-Millbury, Ohio Plants Genoa, Millbury, and Payne, Ohio Aiax, Ontario, Canada Fort Lauderdale, Florida THE GENOA BANKING COMPANY Member of FDIC and Federal Reserve System Sixty-Four Years of Uninterrupted Service Harry C. Neh ring G. Robert Powers ..... Gertrude Sage-- - Kermit Freimark .... George Bowland- George Bowland David Platt I Dennis Vine Evelyn Peloquin Assets Over S8,000, OOO OFFICERS --------------Attorney DIRECTORS John Stevens Kermit Freimark Edwin Johnson STA FF Brenda Fulkert Elaine Slovak Janet Sondergeld ------- --President - --- ---Vice President Assista nut Secreta ry ----------Cashier and Vice President H. C. Nehring G. Robert Powers Audrey Spurgeon Carol Wax GENOA MOTORS INC.7 :fi ,F DPDL Soles-Service Cars-Trucks Genuine Ford Ports Used Cor Lot Dlol 855-3673 Showroom Diol 855-7761 Genoa Ohio .- 1 , MH XX 12. 49 A "l'l-IE EENCDA SAVINGS! 6 GGAQJ Genoa, Ohio Assets Capital 8. Surplus 59, 500,000 5900, O00 OUR SERVICES Direct Reduction Home Loans ' Savings Accounts Insured to 510,000.00 Christmas Savings Club Sale and Redemption of U.S. Series E Bonds Home Loan Bank Money Orders OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, AND STAFF Earl F. Camper ........... ................................ P resident C. Tracy LaCost .... ...... A ....... V ice President Wm. F. Clark .... ..... V ice President 8- Secretary Shirley M. Ryan .... .......... A ssistant Secretary John L. Chambers .... ................. A ttorney Faith E. Wescotte ......... ............... T eller Meryle B. Durdel ............ ................. T eller Dr. Edward D. Schuiteman Robert T. Skilliter, Jr. Paul A. David Albert F. Camper Member of Federal Home Loan Bank System L A Super Dollar Millbury Genoa Clyde 8. Country House Compliments of H A S STOKELY-VAN CAMP INC. Q"lr:"i, 'ii 'Q TEL? Efiff F313 ' 'if --,vw --L -lj frliiil-V :VT Curtice, Ohio Congratulalions Class 7 NELSON PURTEE INC Phone 855-7212 Genoa, Ohio Compliments of Cl'AY'GENoA P.T.A. Pres. Mrs. Lyle Faught D. MD. V-Pres. Mrs. Robert Buehler Rec-Sec. Mrs. Joseph Rinaldo Cor-Sec. Mrs. Paul Mancinotte Treas. Mrs. Milton LaPlantz , 'Wh Nu- I4 I Q! X' 7 ' 0 sru los EXPRESSION . . . . . . is a reflection of thinking YOUR EXPRESSION . . . . . . is the soul of your portrait HAVE YOUR PORTRAIT MADE BY SPECIALISTS IN THE ART OF EXPRESSION YOU CAN HAVE CONFIDENCE IN OUR ABILITY TO PLEASE YOU IN ALL . TYPES OF PHOTOGRAPHY 8. OIL PORTRAITS FREE PARKING AVAILABLE USE PARKING FACILITIES ' ' 244-I465 AT COYLE MORTUARY 2495 COLLINGWOOD at Delaware 1 FELBINGER'S GRILL 8 DAIRY BAR Dinners-Sandwiches- Lunches Phone 855-7122 Genoa, Ohio VISLAY'S SUNOCO Lawn Boy Mowers Garden Tractors Sales and Service I Authorized Service Lauson-Clinton-Briggs and Stratton Walbridge at Woodville Rd. 836-6411 ' Compliments of DR. WILLIAM RUSSELL Genoa, Ohio WEILAND'S GARDENS Meats Fruits Vegetables 3808 Wood ville Road ROBERTS ACE HARDWARE "Ace Sets the Pace" Quality at Lower Prices 4211 Woodville Road M Mi. East of Expressway V.l.C. TAVERN 5808 Woodville Rd. Open Until 2:30 Compliments of DR. HEROLD M. HARTER, JR 5038 Woodville Rd. -5, '12 "'z,'f- , 4,41 '-A,'1".1- 12-QQ:-2.1,rf 'I ' T' ' vm, ' .. Pena - . - 13' 413+ A fs Q17 I ,JF hi of Woodville, Ohio 'Cir ri?i5I"-1,50-:U .QF as-1 l lfxfz' .133 5 3? -t firlf "mi I al. W..-1 2 V .I .5 Wm-ifv . ,I Y 5Q'l's,-F ' .1 I 9'-X-C..- ,wi fe -fff,f,' XQLe,9fe1,,.'?4q,,agQ9p3y' DASO Phone 849-3100 Compliments of PEGGY'S BEAUTY SHOP I08 Southmor Drive Genoa, Ohio Phone 855-2325 LAWRENCE C. SKEES INSURANCE AND ' INVESTMENT SERVICE Genoa-Clay Center Road Phone 855-4604 Compliments of DR. DUFENDOCK Congratulations Class of T967 F11 ,.....1- W' , i- 'lf in lAMo N DPSVIA Ma R 5 5 5 5 I 1 1 1 l ' 1 1 1 A 1 as vqncnes ' I My -' : hs: W MW kv rm MY E. A...., .J we-1'-' Congratulations Class of '67 Headquarters for British Sterling After-Shave 81 Cologne 'for men. Compliments of REEDER APPLIANCE SERVICE Billman Rd. Genoa, ohio 855-3215 862-4441 CLASS OF 1967 FLEITZ BUILDING SUPPLY Ready Mixed Concrete Complete Line of Building Supplies 1531 Woodville Rd. Millbury, Ohio '-Y v 'l'i 9, Dobbs lli, On Navarre 1 lf4 Miles East of St. Charles Hospital City-Wide Delivery Call 693-0674 Open Daily 9-5 Except Monday Evenings by appointment only Lou Weaver Dottie Hartman "We need your head in our business" 612 Main Street, Genoa Ph. 855-3451 Senior Activities ACKERMAN, PAT: chorus 1, FHA 1,2. AESCHLIMAN, DEBBIE: Bond I,2,35 chorus 1, FBLA 2, 3,4, V-Pres. 45 GAA I,2,3,45 Basketball I,2,35 Vol- leyball 2,3,45 Hi-Li Club 2,3,45 Homecoming Candi- date 45 Instr Ensemble 35 Maiorette 25 Jr Class Play. AESCHLIMAN, DIANE: Annual Staff Circ Mgr 45 Basketball Homecoming Class Rep I5 Band I,2, 35 Dance Band 2,35 Pep Band 25 Comet Staff 2,3,45 Class Sec 2, 35 Cheerleader 35 Chorus I5 FTA 45 Fr Club 3,45 GAA I, 2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Volleyball I,2,3,45 Girls' State Delegate 35 Hi-Li Club 3,4, Treas 45 Homecoming Candidate 45 Jr Class Play Student Director5 Latin Club I,25 Instr Ensemble I,2,35 Quill and Scroll 4. ARNDT, COOKIE: GAA I,2,3,4. BELL, TERRY: Basketball I5 Bowling 3,45 Football I,2,3, 45 Track 45 Varsity Club 45 Proiector Club Sec 4. BENNETT, BARBARA: Art Club 2,35 GAA 25 FHA I5 Student Council 35 DECA Sec 4. BERGEMAN, RICHARD: Annual Staff Adv Mgr 45 Comet Staff Sports Ed 3,45 Math Club I,25 Quill and Scroll 3,4. BOWER, WADE: Basketball 2,3,45 Football I5 Golf 253, 45 Varsity Club 4. BOWLAND, DAVID: Basketball I5 Chorus I5 Latin Club I,2. - BRADDOCK, JIM: Chorus I5 Track 3,45 Wrestling 2,3, 4, Co-Capt. 45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Student Council Alternate 4. BRINGE, LARRY: Chorus I,25 Fr Club 3,45 Latin Club I, 2. BROSSIA, JIM: Basketball I,2,3,45 Chorus I5 Varsity Club 2,3,4. BROWNING, LOIS: Band I,2,3,45 Pep Band I,2,35 Comet Staff I,2,3,4, Feature Ed 2, Circ Mgr 3, Dept News Ed 45 Chorus I,2,3,45 Dramatic Club 2,3,45 Fr Club 3,45 GAA 2,3,45 Girls' State Alternate 35 Jr Class PIay5 Latin Club I,25 Vocal Ensemble 2,3,45 Instr Ensemble I,2,35 Nat'I Honor'Soc 3,45 Orchestra 35 Sr Class Play5 Dramatic Club Play Student Director 4. BROWNING, MARLENE: Band I,2,3,45 Pep Band I,2, 3,45 Comet Staff I,25 Chorus I,2, 35 Dramatic Club 25 GAA I,2,3,45 Latin Club I,25 Orchestra 3. BUEHLER, CAROL: Annual Staff School Ed 45 Band I,2, 35 Pep Band 25 Cheerleader I5 Chorus I,25 FTA Histor- ian 45 Fr Club 3,4, Sec 45 GAA I,2,3,45 Volleyball 45 Latin Club I,25 Instr Ensemble 25 Sr Class Play Student Director5 Student Council I5 Quill and Scroll 4. CANTU, RICHARD: Proiector Club 4. CASHEN, LARRY: Football I,2, 35 Track I,25 Varsity Club 1,2,3,4. CHALFIN, STEVE: Band I,25 Pep Band I,25 FFA I,2,3, 4, Reporter 4. CHAMBERS, GAIL: Band I,2,3,45 Dance Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 25 Cheerleader 3,4, Capt 45 Chorus I,25 FTA 45 GAA I,2,3,4, Sec 45 Basketball I,2,3,4, Co-Capt 45 Volleyball I,3,45 Deck Tennis 35 Girls' State Dele- gate 35 Homecoming Attendant 45 Jr Class Play5 Latin Club I,2, Treas 25 Instr Ensemble I,2,3,4, CLARK, DAN: Latin Club I,25 Nat'l Honor Sac 3,4. COLE, JAMES: Band 35 Bowling 3,45 Chorus I,25 Pro- iector Club Pres 45 FTA 45 Football I5 Latin Club I,25 Orchestra I,2,3,45 Sr Class Play5 Track I,2. COLVIN, BRANCH: Football I,2, 35 Track 3,45 Var- sity Club 3,4. - CORNETT, WILMA: FHA I,2,3,45 Art Club 2. DeSHETLER, LINDA: Chorus I5 GAA I,2,3,45 FHA I, 2,3,45 Homecoming Candidate 45 COE 4. DIEBERT, LINDA: Comet Staff 25 Dramatic Club 25 FHA I,2,3,4, Reporter 45 GAA 2,35 Volleyball 2. DILLE, LINDA: Art Club 2,3,45 Chorus I5 GAA 2,3,45 Basketball 45 FHA I,2,3,4. DIPMAN, WAYNE: FFA I,2,3,4, Sec 3, V-Pres 45 Baseball 3,4. DUVAL, PAT: Chorus, .I , 25 GAA I,2,3,45 Volleyball 25 Latin Club I5 Wrestling Queen 45 VICA 4. DUVALL, JIM: Basketball I,2,3,45 Football I,2,3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,4. FARRELL, K. C.: Annual Staff Circ Mgr 45 Comet Staff I,2,3,4, Asst Ed 3, Ed 45 Chorus I5 Football I,25 Key Club 2,3,4, Sec 45 Latin Club I,2, Treas 25 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Student Council 3,4, Treas 3, Pres 45 Track 45 Cross Country 45 Varsity Club 4. FAIJGHT, ED: Proiector Club 35 Latin Club I,25 Math Club 25 Instr Ensemble 45 Orchestra I,2,3,4. FECKLEY, MARLY: Band I,2,3,45 Pep Band 35 Maior- ette 2, 3,4, Head Maiorette 45 Chorus I5 Dramatic Club 2,35 FBLA 3,4, Pres 45 FTA Treas 45 GAA I,2,3,4, Sgt- at-Arms 45 Basketball I,2,3,4, Co-Capt5 Volleyball 2, 3,45 Hi-Li Club 2,3,4, Sec 45 Latin Club I,25 Orches- tra I,2,3,4, FLORO, MIKE: Football I,45 Varsity Club 4. FLORO, ROGER: Art Club 25 Wrestling 2. FORK, SUELLEN: Band I,25 Chorus I,25 FHA I,2, 3,4, Sgt-at-Arms 45 GAA I,2,3,45 Instr Ensemble I5 Or- chestra 2. GALLUP, STEPH: Art Club 2, 3,4, Sgt-at-Arms 45 FTA 45 Sr Class Play. GERKENSMEYER, JUDY: Annual Staff Activities Ed 45 Band I,2,3,4, Sec-Treas 45 Class Treas 35 Chorus I5 Dramatic Club 2,3,4, V-Pres 35 FTA 45 Fr Club 3,4, Sec 35 GAA I,2,3,4, V-Pres 3, Pres 45 Basketball I,2, 3,4, Capt 35 Volleyball 3,45 Deck Tennis 35 Homecom- ing Candidate 45 Jr Class PIay5 Latin Club I,2, V-Pres I5 Instr Ensemble 2,35 Nat'I Honor Soc 3,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 Sr Class Play. GRAU, SUE: Annual Staff Typist 45 Chorus I5 Fr Club 3, 45 Latin Club I,25 Nut'I Honor Soc 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Sr Class Play. Senior Activities HAAR, LINDA: Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,25 Fr Club 3,45 GAA 2,3,45 FHA 1,2,3,4, Historian 3. HANSEN, ROLAND: Proiector Club 4. HARSANJE, PAM: Band 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 35 Chorus 1, 25 FTA Parliamentarian 45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1, 2,35 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Girls' State Alternate 35 Latin Club 1,25 Sr Class Play5 Student Council Sec 4. HAVENER, BILL: Art Club 25 Basketball 25 Bowling 45 Chorus 1,25 Dramatic Club 2,35 FTA 45 Fr Club 3,4, Treas 35 Football 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Varsity Club 3,4, Pres 45 Baseball 2,3,4. HEBERT, JERRY: Chorus 1,25 Proiector Club 25 Latin Club 1,2, Treas 2. HELLE, SHARON: GAA 1,3,45 FHA 1,2,3,4. HENNEN, DENNIS: Basketball 1,2,3,45 Bond 1,2,3,4, V-Pres 45 Class V-Pres 15 Football 1,2,3,45 Key Club 2, 3,4, Treas 45 Latin Club 1,2, Treas 15 Student Council 25 Track 15 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,4. JACKSON, BARB: Basketball Queen 45 Class Sec 45 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Dramatic Club 25 FTA Sec 45 Fr Club 3,45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Volleyball 1,2,45 Hi-Li Club 25 Jr Class Play5 Latin Club 1,2, Sec 25 Sr Class Play5 Student Council 2. JOHNSON, DARLA: Art Club 25 Chorus 1. KRUMNOW, NANCY: chorus 1,2,35 FBLA 2,35 GAA 1,2,3. KUSIAN, FRANCES: Band 1,2, 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,4, Sec-Treas 45 Dramatic Club 2,3,4, V-Pres 45 Fr Club 3, 4, Treas 45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Candidate 45 Latin Club 1,25 Vocal Ensemble 45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Sr Class Play. . LEMKE, MARY ANN: Band 1,2,3,45 Dance Band 2,3,45 Pep Band 45 Class Sec-Treas 15 Chorus 1,25 GAA 1,2, 3, 4, Treas 45 Basketball 35 Girls' State Delegate 35 Home- coming Attendant 45 Latin Club 1,25 Instr Ensemble 45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Sr Class Play5 Maiorette 1,2,3,4, Drum Maiorette 2,3,4. LOHR, LELAND: Band 15 Bowling 45 Chorus 15 FFA 1,2, 3,4, Sentinel 3, Treas 45 Football 15 Baseball 4. LUSK, MARLAINE: GAA 1,2,3,45 FHA l,2,3,4, Par- liamentarian 2, V-Pres 3, Pres 4. MARTIN, JUDI: Art Club 2,3,4, Reporter 45 Band 1,2, 35 Dance Band 35 Pep Band 35 Chorus 15 Dramatic Club 2,3,45 FBLA 2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Basketball 25 Jr Class Play5 Maiorette 25 COE 4. MCCOIL, PHIL: Basketball 1,2,3,45 Proiector Club 45 Track 3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,4. MORITZ, GWEN: GAA 1,2,35 Hi-Li Club 35 Latin Club 1,25 SECO Treas 4. NISSEN, DENNIS: FFA 1,2,3,4, Reporter 3, Sec 45 Football 1,2,3,45 Varsity Club 45 Baseball 4. NORWALK, DAVID: Bond i,2,3,4, Pep Band i,2,3,4, Dance Band 15 Bowling 3,45 Chorus 1,2, 35 Track 1,4. OCHOA, ANDY: Football 1. OLESZCZUK, DAN: Cardinal Stritch Art Club and Track 15 Bowling 3,4. PARSIL, TERRY: Latin Club 1,25 Track 1,2,3,45 Wrest- ling 2,3,45 Varsity Club 3,4. PEELER, JEFF: Football 1,25 Track 35 Baseball 2,4. PFEIFFER, CAROLYN: Comet Staff 1,2,3,4, Bus Mgr 45 FBLA 2,3,4. PHILLIPS, DOUG: Art Club 2,3,45 Chorus 1. RACE, TOMI: Comet Staff 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Dra- matic Club 25 Fr Club 35 GAA 1,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Hi-Li Club 2,3,45 Latin Club 1,2. RINALDO, JIM: Annual Staff Adv Mgr 45 Basketball 15 Class Treas 25 Chorus 15 FTA Pres 45 Football 1,25 Golf 2,3,45 Hi-Li Club 3,4, V-Pres 3, Pres 45 Key Club 2,3, 4, Pres 45 Math Club 35 Sr Class Play5 Track 1. ROLLINS, RON: Football 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Wrestling 35 Varsity Club 4. ROHRBAUGH, JAMES: Basketball i,2,3,4, Band 1,2, 3,45 Pep Band 15 Boys' State Delegate 35 Class V-Pres 2, Pres 3,45 Chorus 15 Fr Club 3,4, Pres 45 Key Club 1, 2,3,45 Latin Club Pres 1,25 Math Club 25 Instr Ensemble 1,25 Nat'l Honor Soc 3,45 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Student Council 15 Track 1,2,3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Cross Country 4. A SAN DER, KEN: Annual Staff Bus Mgr 45 Basketball 1,2, 3,45 Band 1,2,3,4, Pres 45 Dance Band 2,3,45 Class Pres 1,25 Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Capt 45 Key Club 1,2, 3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Orchestra 3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Quill and Scroll 4. SAN DER, SANDY: Annual Staff Typist 45 Basketball Homecoming Attendant 45 Basketball Homecoming Class Rep 25 Band 1,2,35 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Chorus 15 FBLA 3,4, Reporter 45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Basketball 35 Vol- leyball 3,45 Girls' State Delegate 35 Hi-Li Club 15 Homecoming Attendant 45 Jr Class Play5 Latin Club 1, 25 Office Worker 45 Quill and Scroll 4. SANDROCK, CAROLYN: GAA'2,3,45 Latin' Club 1,2. SANDROCK, MARILYN: GAA 2,3,45 Latin Club 1,2. SCHMIDT, GARY: Bowling 2,35 FFA 15 Projector Club3 SCHULTZ, FRED: Proiector Club 45 FFA 1,2,3,4, Pres 45 Football 1,3,45 Varsity Club 3,4. SHESSLER, JANE: Comet Staff 1,2, 3,4, New Ed 45 Cho rus 1,2,3,45 Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4, Sgt-at-Arms 35 FTA 45 Fr Club 3,45 Girls' State Alternate 35 Jr Class Play5 Latin Club 1,25 Math Club 15 Vocal Ensemble 45 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Sr Class Play Student Director5 Dramatic Club Play 3,4. SHIELDS, LINDA: Chorus 1. SHIELDS, RICK: Annual Staff 3,4, Ed 45 Comet Staff News Ed 35 Chorus 1,2,3,4, Pres 45 Fr Club 3,4, V- Pres 35 Key Club 3,45 Jr Class Play5 Latin Club 1,2, Pres 25 Vocal Ensemble 3,45 Nat'I Honor Soc 3,45 Quill and Scroll 45 Track 2,3,4, Mgr 2. SIEFKE, DENNIS: Basketball I,2,3, Band l,2,3,4, Dance 'Band I,2,3,4, Chorus I, Football I,4, Jr Class Play, Track I,2,3,4, Co-Capt 4, Varsity Club 2,3,4. SMITH, JIM: FFA I,2,3, Sentinel 3, Football I,2,3, Varsity Club 2,3. SPAFFORD, JANET: Chorus I,2, GAA 2,3, FHA.I,2,3, 4, Reporter 4. STEIN, SUSIE: Annual Staff Adv Mgr 4, Band I,2,4, Cheerleader I, GAA I,2,3,4, Basketball l,2,4, Vol- leyball 4, Homecoming Queen 4, Jr Class Play, Sr Class Play, FHA I,2, Historian 2. STEINDAM, SANDY: Annual Staff Photographer 4, Art Club 2, 3, Band I,2,3,4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Fr Club 3, 4, GAA 2, 3,4, Girls' State Alternate 3, FHA I,2,3, Sec I, Reporter 2, Quill and Scroll 4. SWARTZ, JERRY: Track I. SWARTZ, JUDY: Comet Staff 2,3, Chorus I, Latin Club I,2. TANK, MARLENE: Comet Staff 2,3,4, Fr Club 3,4, GAA I,2,3,4, Hi-Li Club 4, Homecoming Candidate 4, Latin Club I, 2. TAYLOR, SHARON: Art Club 2,3,4, Sec-Treas 3, Sec 4, Basketball Homecoming Class Rep 3, Comet Staff 2, 3,, 4, Feature Ed 4, Chorus I, Dramatic Club 2,3,4, Pres 4, FBLA 2,3,4, Sec 4, GAA 2, 3,4, Hi-Li Club 4, Home- coming Attendant 4, Dramatic Club Play 3, Student Di- rector 4. TESTER, DENNIS: Art Club I,2,3,4, Football I,2, Track I,2, Wrestling 3,4, Co-Capt 4, Varsity Club 3,4. THOMPSON, JERRY: Football I,2,3,4, Golf 4, Key Club 2,3,4, Latin Club I,2, Varsity Club 3,4. THORNTON, RICHARD: Track 4. VARGO, SUE: Chorus I, Latin Club I. VINCENT, DENISE: Chorus I, Dramatic Club 2,3,4, FBLA 2,3,4, GAA I,2, 3,4, Homecoming Candidate 4, Jr Class Play, Maiorette l,2,3, Head Maiorette 2, 3, COE Treas 4. VOGELPOHL, JACK: Football I,2,3,4, C0-Capt' 4, Varsity Club 3,4, V-Pres 4, Baseball 3,4. WALDENGA, STEVE: Fr Club 3, Math Club 2. WERNER, JOHN: Chorus I, Football l,4, Track 3,4, Varsity Club 4. WESCOTTE, BILL: Bowling 4, FFA I, Fr Club 3,4, Football I, Key Club 2,3,4, Math Club 2, Orchestra I,2,3,4, Track I,2,3,4, Co-Capt 4, Varsity Club 2,3, 4, Cross Country 4. WESTENKIRCHNER, BARB: Basketball Homecoming ' Attendant 4, Band I,2,3,4, Dance Band 4, Chorus I,' Dramatic Club 2,3,4, Treas 4, Fr Club 3,4, GAA I,2, 3,4, Hi-Li Club 3,4, V-Pres 4, Homecoming Candidate 4, Latin Club I,2, Instr Ensemble 4. WHEELER, WAYNE: Band 'l,2,3,4, Dance Band 4, Pep Band 4, Boys' State Delegate 3, Chorus I,2,3,4, V- Pres 4, Fr Club 3,4, Key Club 2,3,4, Jr Class Play, Latin Club I,2, Instr Ensemble l,2,3, Orchestra I,-4, Wrestling 3. WICKS, CAROLYN: Chorus I, Dramatic Club 2, GAA I,2, FHA 1,2,3,4. WIDMER, BEN: FFA 3,4, Sentinel 4, Latin Club I,2, Baseball 4. I WILKA, SUZANNE: Class Treas 4, Chorus I,2,3, Dramatic Club 2, Fr Club 3,4, GAA I,2,3,4, Basket- ball 3,4, Volleyball 4, Jr Class Play, Latin Club I,2, Instr Ensemble I,3, Orchestra I,2,3,4. WITKER, BILL: Art Club 2,3,4, Reporter 3, Pres 4, Annual Staff 3,4, Activities Ed 4, Basketball Mgr I,2, 3,4, Boys' State Delegate 3, Class V-Pres 3,4, Chorus I,4, Dramatic Club Treas 2, Fr Club 3,4, Pres 3, V- Pres 4, Football Mgr 3,4,Jr Class Play, Latin Club l, 2, Vocal Ensemble 4, Nat'l Honor Soc 3,4, Orchestra I,2,3,4, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Sr Class Play, Varsity Club 3,4. WITTE, RANDY: Basketball I, Bowling 3,4, Dramatic Club Sgt-at-Arms 2, Fr Club 3,4, Football I,2,3,4, Latin Club I,2, Track I,2,3,4, Co-Capt 4, Varsity Club 3,4, Treas 4. WOHN, KATHY: Chorus I, Dramatic Club 2, FHA I,2, 3,4, Student Council Alternate 4. YENTZER, STEPHANIE: Art Club 2,3, Dramatic Club 2, GAA 2,3, VICA 4, FHA I,2,3, Student Council Queen 4. YOUNKER, BOB: Basketball I,2,3,4, Bowling 3,4, Varsity Club 4, Baseball 2,3,4. ZALESAK, CATHY: Art Club 2,3,4, Treas 4, Annual Staff Art Ed 4, Basketball Homecoming Attendant 4, Band I,2,3,4, Maiorette 3,4, Pep Band 3, Dramatic Club 2, FTA V-Pres 4, GAA I,2,3,4, Hi-Li Club I,2, Homecoming Candidate 4, Jr Class Play, Student Council Sec 3, Latin Club I,2, V-Pres 2, Sr Class Play. ZAPATA, IRENE: Art Club 2, GAA I,2,3,4. ZUNK, BONNIE: Band I,2,3, FHA I,2, SECO 4. Jane Shessler, Phil McCoiI, and Branch Colvin get straw for final Senior party. A Ackerman, Bill 17,30 33,54,59,64,102 Ackerman, Jane 26, 106 69, 85,94, Ackerman, Kathy 28, 31,98 Ackerman, Pat 112 Adcock, Ronald 22, 106 Adcock , Sue 23, 95, 98 Aeschliman, Debbie 21,24,38,40,69,112 Aeschliman, Diane 11,13,18,21,25,29, 38,42,69,79,112 Albright, Bob 109 Albright, Sharon 23, 71,98 Ammons, Neil 31, 33,58,98 Andaverde, Ray 55, 63,67,98 Andaverde, Rick 74, 109 Apel, Randy 101 Archibald, Jennie 23, 24,102 Archibald, Kathy 23, 98 Arndt, Carleen 112, 122 Arndt, Michele 98 B . Bagley, Sandy 98 Bailey, Susan 2,19, 31,33,34,98 Barrett, Brenda 31, 102 Barrett, Mike 102 Bayer, Jim 21,102 Bell, Terry 20,38, 54,55,56,62,112 Bennett, Barbara 112 Bergeman, Bill 102 Bergeman, Mike 98 Bergeman, Richard 28,29,79,113 Bertok, Julie 24,30, 31,33,44,70,102, 105 Best, Michael 98 Betancourt, Elvira 25,31,98 - Betancourt, Rick 54, 63,106 Bevens, Joyce 109 Billingsley, Lewis 98 Blausey, Marilyn 26, 102 Blausey, Richard 33, 84,106 H Blausey, Tom 113 Bloomfield, Donna 98 Student Index Bloomfield, Kenneth 102 . Bodette, Chris 49, 113 Bond, Paulette 19, 31,98 Bowen, Jane 19,98 Bower, John 19,31, 33,98 Bower, Wade 58,59, 60,68,113 Bowland, David 113, 117 Bowland, Diane 19, 26,51,102 Bowland, George 102 Bowlander, Bob 19, 33,34, 98 ' Bowyer, Linda 109 Bowyer, Sharon 33, 80,86,98 Braddock, Eddie 20, 102 Braddock, Mike 63, 66,102 Brandt, Dale 19,98 Brewer, Barb 28,30, 31,106 Briggle, Cathy 14, 19,25,26,27,28,30, 69,94,102 Briggle, Karen 19, 25,26,28,31,98 Briggle, Rick 16,29, 59,106 Bringe, Larry 18,113 Brooks, Carol 18,26, 28,30,31,33,36,48, 69,79,97,106 Brooks, Gary 15,59, 102 Brossia, Jim 3,44, 53,58,59,64,73,113 Brown, Bill 58,68, 98 Browning, Jim 19, 28, 31, 33, 34, 35,55, 98 Browning, Lois 12, 18,26,28,30,32,33, 46,49,78,79,111, 113,117 Browning, Marlene 32, 33, 1 13 Browning, Raymond 33, 34, 102 Buehler, Carol 13, 18,25,29,37,49,69, 79,113 Buehler, Royce 55, 58,98 Buhrow, Mike 34,102 Burge, Shari 98 Busch, Jon 113 Butzin, Dennis 114 Butzin, Vickie 31,98 ' c Calhoun, Barbara 24, 102 Calhoun, Sue 106 Cantu, Richard Cantu, Richard fSr1 2O,98,114 Cantu, Vilia 23,102 Casares, Jim 98 Casares, Joe 52,106 Cashen, Karen 25, 93,106 Cashen, Larry 110, 114,125 Castilleia, Dora 23, 24,102 Castilleia, Jesse 109 Chalfin, Janet 23, 33,99 Chalfin, Steve 22, 114 Chambers, Gail 2, 25,32,33,35,38,41, 42,69,7O,110,114 Chambers, Margo 11, 19,26,33,99 Chambers, Mark 31, 33,55,67,99 Chambers, Marvin 109 Chambers, Mary Ann 19,102 Champion, Paul 19, 33,99 Chesson, April 31 Cisneros, Gilbert 63, 102 Cisneros, Hector 63 Clark, Dan 72,78, 114,117 Clark, Mary Ann 26, 30,33,102 Clark, Ron 19,64, 102 Clere, Robert 55,99 Clere, Steve 20,66, 106 Cole, Jim 20,34,49, 62,114 Coleman, Charles 8, 15,17,33,48,53,54, 63,106 Collins, Reba 31,99 Collum, Norman 99 Calvin, Branch 66, 114 Colvin, Daniel 22, 66,102 Cornell, Laura 19,99 Cornett, Wilma 114, 125 Cottrell, Marianne 5,19,26,33,35,37, 42,87,102 Coyle, Judy 19,95, 99 Crandall, Linda 24, 106 Crandall, Tom 99 D Dailey, Roger 102 Davis, Janice 24, 106 Davis, Linda 99 Dennis, Sherry 106 DeShetler, Linda 38, 114 Dezanett, Donald 103 Dezanett, Ronald 103 Diebert, Linda 114, 125 Diefenthaler, Sue 114 Diekman, Susan 19, 31,99 Dietrich, Bernadette 27,103 4 Dietrich, Frank 99 Dille, Linda 69,115 Dipman, Robert 102 Dipman, Wayne 22, 115 Dodson, Lynn 31 ,95, 99 Drummond, Jean 109 Duffey, Kathleen 19, 76,95,99 Dunham, Diana 24, 27,103 Dunlap, Diane 99 Dunn, Darla 25,31 , 33,99 Dunn, Jerry 55,99 Duval, Jan 99 Duval, Pat 15,115 Duval, Tom 103 Duvall, Jim 38,44, 54,55,58,59,60,64, 74,115 Duvall, Vicgky 99 Eckerman, Roger 5, 19,103 Eckerman, Russell 105 Evans, Eddie 54,103 F Fahle, Bob 67,99 Farrell, Joyce 21, 24,48,106 Farrell, Kenneth 13 14,15,28,29,65,66, 79,115,117 Faught, Edward 34, 115 Feckley, Bill 54, 103 Feckley, Marly 3,9, 16,21,24,25,32,33, 34,42,69,115 Fielding, Dwight 19, 33,35,99 Fisher, Kay 103 Fisher, Linda 23,24, 25,26,30,106 Fisher, Tim 31,33, 52,55,67,99 Fletcher, John 19, 34,55,99 Fletcher, Mary 19, 28,34,95,99 Fletcher, Robert 106 Flores, Rosa 99 Floro, Joyce 99 Floro, Mike 115 Floro, Roger 115 Floro, Sandra 109 Fork, Daniel 15,54, 59,645,103 Fork, Suellen 23,115 Fowler, KGFSFI 19, 1 26,31,47,71,98,99 Fowler, Larry 55,66, 103 Fredritz, Nelson 58, 106 Frey, Debbie 19,26, 31,33,99 Friedt, Sue 28,99 G Gallup, Stephanie 49,115,127 Garcia, David 109 Garcia, Joel 66,103 Gates, Cathy 30,48, 106 Gaul, Debi 26,106 Geldine, Bruce 55, 58,67,98 Gerkensmeyer, Judy 18,25,26,29,32,33, 34,38,41,42,49,69, 72,73,76,78,79, 115,117,124 Gerkensmeyer, Terrie 24,26,33,34,103 Gibson, Janet Gongora, Conrad 109 Gongora, Irma 31, 95,99 - Grahl, Diane 21,25, 26,28,3o,31,4a,1o6 Grau, Sue 29,49,78,. 79,83,116 Grosiean, Richard 48,109 Gueldenzoph, Roger 116 H Haack, Brenda 19, 25,31,33,34,99 Haar, Debra 23,24, 33,103 Haar, Linda 18,32, 33,116 Haddix, Rick 19,99 Haeft, Kenny 48,109 Hagarty, Brian 106 Hagarty, Carol 99 Halicek, Gary 11, 99, 106 Hammitt, Gary 108 Hanes, Leonard 99 Hansen, Roland 20, 116 Hanthorn, Kenny 109 Harball, John 5,13, 14,15,29,33,38,40, 44,50,52,54,58,64, 106 Harbal, Tim 19,54, 103 Harder, Barbara 103 Harrison, Charles 99 Harrison, Marsha 24, 50,106 Harsanie, Larry 19, 33,54,59,103 Harsanie, Pam .13, 14,25,32,33,49,69, 116 Hartshorn, Roy 27, 63,103 Hartshorn, William 19,63,65,99 Hartwig , Carl 20,22, 106 Havener, Bill 18,38, 54,55,56,62,64,116 Hebert, Jerry 116 Heilman, Dave 55, 58,67,99 Heilman, Gail 23, 109 Heilman, Glenda 103 Heilman, John 99 Heilman, Vicky 106 Heisman, John 19, 54,59,66,103 Helle, Barb 24,27, 109 Helle, Donna 18,25, 26,27,34,107 Helle, Marlene 23, 99 Helle, Sharon 23,116 Hennen, Dennia 15, 32,33,38,44,54,55, 56,58,59,60,61,64, 74,116 Hensley, Michelle 99 Hernandez, Domingo 103 Hoett, Dennis 116,127 Hoett, Marlon 103 Hunley, Betty 18,25, 107 Hunley, William 103 Hurdelbrink, Ed 34, 99 Hurdelbrink, Nancy 26,30,77,79,107 Huss, Sharon 19,31, 69,99 Huston, Richard 54, 57,6-6,107 J Jackson, Barb 18,25, 30,37,44,45,49,69, 70,71,112 116,127 Jansic, Marc 48,107 Jensen, Fred 103 Johnson, Barbara 30, 31,33,34,48,107 Johnson, Darla 116 Johnson, Jenise 19, 26,30,31,33,103 Johnson, Kathy 95,99 Johnson, Kristy 99 Johnson, Nancy 21, 26,28,33,79,94,107 Johnson, Paul 19,67, 99 Jones, Tom 55, 99 K Kalmbach, Roger 28, 54,63,103 Kalmbach, Susan 19, 95,100 ' Karstetter, Connie 100 Kennedy, David 109 Kern, Valerie 100 Kidd, Jack 100 Kinsel, Barry 19,33, 47,54,63,64,97,103 Klavinger, Barb 103 Knudsen, Rodger 55, 109 Kocis, Carl 54,66, 103 Koenker, Carol 23, 30,103 Koester, James 43, ' 117 Komives, Andy 103 Kozak, Larry 54,59, 64,103 Kreager, Steve 31, 67,100 Krell, lvy 34,100 Krell, Sue 23,103 Krueger, Alvin 4,19, 30,31,33,34,58,65, 97,100 Krumnow, Nancy 117 Krumnow, Suzanne 103 Kruse, Fred 33,107 Kusian, 18,26 34,38 125 55,58 Kusner, 50,52 Lanham, Lassiter, Frances 4,12, 30 31 32 33 ,491751117, ' James 31, Kusian, ,67,100 Greg 15,38, ,54,66,79,107 L Roger Carolyn 100 Latham, Dennis 15, 33,34,35,48,63,107 Lau, -Blaine 33,54, 103 Lau, Marty 19,22, 31,100 LaVigne, Beth 19, 26,100 Layman, Pam 19,26, 31,33,100 Lee, Robin 103 Lemke, Marsha 19, 31 ,33, 103 Lemke, Mary Ann 32,33,34,35,38,41, 42,49,69,77, 111, 117 Lenz, Russell 22,103 Lenz, Terry 103 Leppert, Christine 19,26,33,103,105 Lerma, Jesse 103 Lerma, Manuel Lewis, John 8,12, 3O,33,36,48,54,64, 107 Lindsey, Nancy 13, 33,34,35,100 Lloyd, Jim 103 Lloyd, Mike 103 Lohr, Leland 22,62, 117 Lopez, Estela 95,103 Lopez, Leonor 100 Lopez, Lucy Lopez, Otila 109 Lorenzen, Helen 24, 33,134,105 Lorenzen, Tony 19, 33,47,55,58,100 Lowe, Jim 22,59,64, 103 Lusk, Connie 24,103 Lusk, Marlaine 23, 117 M Malone, Carole 31, 88,100 Mandell, Barb 5,19, 25,26,28,46,92, 102,103 Marcum, Roger 103 Marsh, Dole Marsh, Denny A109 Martin, Denny 109 Martin, Donald 55, 68,100 Martin, Judy 43,118 Martin, Ronald 68, 100 Matthews, Dan 59, 64,104 ' Matyas, Martin 14, 19,26,30,33,34, 46,104 McAllister, George 55,100 McCoil, Phillip 20, 44,45,53,58,59,60, 61,65,66,75,110, 118 McCormick, Carolyn 25, 27, 107 McCormick, Laura 24,27, 95,107 McCormick, Margaret 27,100 McCormick, Marilyn 25,27,107 McDaniel, Randy 58, 100 McGlone, Reginia 104 Michel, Carol 23, 27,104 Michel, Gail 23,24, 104 Miller, Ruthann 30, 33,104 Moeller, Bennetta 19,26,31, 100 Moeller, Mark 55, 67,100 Molina, Jesse 100 Molina, Rudy 107 Mollenhauer, Fred 2O,44, 58,107 Moritz, Arlan 31,52, 55,67,100 Moritz, Bruce 62,104 Moritz, Dennis 12, 30,33,35,54,63,107 Moritz, Gwendolyn 118 Moritz, Karen 95, 100 Moser, Roger 100 N Nemeth, Judy 23, 26,30,69,104 Nero, Rita 26,31, 46,100 Niehousmyer, Mary 19,26,31,33,46,94, 100 Nissen, Dennis 22, 38,54,55,118 Norwalk, Bill Norwalk, Dave 32, 33,62,118 Norwalk, Merle 5, 104 O Oberhaus, Bette 23, 2-4,28, 33,107 Oberhaus, Nancy 3, 100 Ochoa, Andy 118 Ohm, Gene 118 Ohm, Randy 109 Oleszczuk, Dan 62, 89,118 Oleszczuk, David 19,100 Ousley, Jobie 26, 37,46,104 Ousley, Judy 23,24, 107 P Padgett, Mike 15, 55,64,104 Palacios, Derly 66, 107 Parker, Elwood 118 Parsil, Terry 75,118 Peeler, Jeff 118 Peer, Becky 21,26, 31,86,94,100 Peer, Gretchen 19, 26,31,33,34,1O0 Peiffer, George 19, 31,100 Peters, Bill 30,104 Peters, Patricia 100 Peters, Robert 109 Peterson, Dan 19, 104 Pfeiffer, Carolyn 24, 28,118 Phillips, Doug 27, 119 Pierce, Christine 23, 104 Pierce, Everett 119 Pierce, Robert 100 Pierson, Peggy 23, 95,104 Pinkerton, Joel 14, 19,31,47,55,67,10O Pitts, Nancy 24,107 Plantz, Jennie 107 Posce, John 20,104 Porath, Donna 69, 100 Porath, Karen 51, 107 Porath, Ronald 8,48, 109 Porter, Gail 23,33, 107 Potridge, Ronald 48, 51,107 Powell, Phyllis 100 Powers, Jerry 27,55, 63,66,104 Pringle, Dallas 104 Pringle, Diane 119 Pryor, Susan 48,107 R Race, Tomi 21,30, 69,111,119 Raymond, Alma 119 Raymond, Pauline 95,100 Raymond, Wilma 109 Recker, Linda 27,104 Reeder, Gaine 104 Rewoldt, Linda 19, 100 Rewoldt, Sharon 104 Rhodes, Cheryle 109 Rice, Jeff 15,27,28, 38,54,64,79,93 Rice, Lynne 19,26, 28,70,104 Rice, Rex 19,33,47, 55,100 Richards., Nancy 23, 28,30,107 Richards, William 19,33,66,104 Rinaldo, Jim 15,21, 25,29,49,53,68,119 Rinebold, Alan 104 Rinebold, Rita 18, ' 79,107 Roecker, Cindy 23, 31,33,10O Roecker, Gary 5,15, 3O,33,48,65,77,79, 107 Rohrbaugh , James 4, 15,18,32,33,34,44, 52,58,59,60,65,66, 76,78,112,117,119 Rollins, Ron 54,55, 119 Rombach, Jolene 19, 25,31,33,100 Ross, Randy 107 Rost, Brenda 107 Routson, Howard 58, 60,107 Rudd, Cecil 100 Rudd, Cedrick 100 Rudd, Rushel 101 Rudes, Sharlee 31, 100 Runion, Danny 3,100 Ryan, Sandy 101 S Sackman, Richard 104 Sahr, Connie 109 Sampsel, Larry 15, 48,54,107 Sampsel, Pam 19,26, 69,104 Sander, Diane 25,26, 28,30,31,33,48,69, 79,107 Sander, Karen 5,21, 24,26,42,48,69,79, 94,107 Sander, Ken 4,15, 29,32,33,34,35,38, 44,52,54,55,58,59, 6O,61,64,74,76,78, 79,117,119 Sander, Sandy 9,10, 24,29,38,41,42,44, 69,70,79,94,119 Sandrock, Carolyn 119 Sandrock, Marilyn 1 19 Scaggs, Bill 101 Scaggs, David 104 Scaggs, Jim 101 Scaggs, Judy 101 Schlievert, Ann 19, 31,33,101 Schlievert, Charles 20,104 Schlievert, Jerry 104 Schmidt, Denny 101 Schmidt, Gary 120 Schnabel, Gary 5, 104 Schriefer, Beth 109 Schriefer, Dorothy 101 Schulte, Tom 19,33, 101 Schultz, Fred 20,22, 38,54,55,81,120 Schuster, Steven 101 Scott, Norma 23,30, 31,33,34,104 Scott, Sandra 5,131 26,28,30,31,48,69, 79,107 Seltzer, Audrey 101 Seltzer, Harry 104 Serviss, Gary 104 Shaneck, Randy 19, 58,101 Sheets, Karen 23,26, 5 104 Sheets, Kathy 23,25, 26,28,30,31,77,104 Sheetz, Albert 104 Sheldon, Cheryl 33, 80,101 Shessler, Jane 12, 18,25,26,28,30,46, 49,79,120 Shessler, Paul 19,28, 31,33,35,101 Shields, Christine 19,31,33,73,78,101 Shields, Clifford 30, 68,104 Shields, Linda 120 Shields, Rick 4,12, 15,18,29,30,66,72, 73,76,77,79,117, 120,124 Shiffert, Lyle 25,30, - 76,107 ' Siefke, Dennis 21, 32,33,35,38,40,41, 54,55,66,12O Sieving, Diane 24, 26,30,33,104 Silvas, Bill 20,107, 108 Sivinski, Cheryle 2, 16,24,26,69,7O,71, 107 Skaggs, Violet 95, 104 Skiles, Debbie 101 Skiles, Ronald 104 Smith, Dennis 67,101 Smith, James 22,85, 121 Smith, John 20,104 Smith, Lois 19,31, 33,71,101 Smith, Sue 24,104 Smith, Tom 54,109 Spafford, Carolyn 30,134,107 Spasoff, Helen 24, 28,30,94,104 Spaulding, Gary 19, 55,58,67,101 Spitler, Jerry 54,63, 66,104 Spurgeon, Bonnie '19, 26, 28, 30, 31 , 33, 34, 88,104 Stagner, Alice 26, 31,133,101 Stancil, Charlotte 24,27,95,107 Stancil, John 2,55, 58,101 Stebing, Mike 46, 48,107 Stein, Susie 29,32, 33, 38, 39,40,41,49, 69,121 ' Steindam, Harold 8, 48,107 Steindam, Sandy 18, 29,32,33,79,l21, 125 Stevens, Larry 101 Stiger, Jim 101 Suto, Debbie 101 Sutter, Barbara 8, 14, 21,23,24,44,48,69, 107 Swartz, Jerry 121 Swartz, Judy 121 Swartz, Ronald 62, 64,104 T Tank, Carol 26,31, 33,44,101 Tank, Jean 19,24, 26,104 Tank, Marcia 19,26, 28,31,47,76,80,101 Tank, Marlene 18, 21,38,110,121 Tapia, Richard 65, 66,107 Taylor, Sharon 8,21, 24,26,27,28,38,41, 42,46,81,12l Tester, Dennis 63, 121 Tester, Ronnie 107 Tester, Scott l9,31, 34,101 Tester, Steve 107 Thompson, Jerry 15, 38,54,55,68,121 Thornton, Richard 66, 121 Torres, Amelia 23, 101 Traub, Shelley 109 Treio, lrene 101 Triscan, Norma 101 Troknya, Deanna 26, 30,33, 46,48,107 Baird, Bob 54,55, 64,93,102 Barton, Patrick 19, 83,76 Blausey, May 91 Bolander, Joe 2,54, 59,93,98 D'Almaine, Thelma 18,19,l87,98 David, Alice 29,77, 78,79,87, 102 Donnelly, George 82 Dunn, Adelaide 25, 27, 85,102 Turnow, Jean 25,26, 27, 48, 50, 81,108 Traver, Martin 109 V Vaillant, Vicky 101 VanDorn, Carolyn 104 VanNess, Jerry 101 VanNess, Tom 20, 30,33,35,59,64,108 Varga, Janice 24, 70,97,108 Varga, Steve 62,105 Vargo, Mary 23,31, 95,101 Vargo, Sue 121 Vincent, Denise 38, 122 Vine, John 19,33, 68,105 Vogelpohl, Bill 19, 55,58,1Ol Vogelpohl, Chris 19, 54,102,105 Vogelpohl, Jack 10, 38,42,54,55,56,64, 74,122 Vogelpohl, Mariorie 19,24,26,28,30,31, 105 Vogtsberger, Nancy 26,27,28,30,31 ,33, 34,48,51 , 108 W Wagner, Bill 20, 58, 67,101 Wagoner, Bill 30, 54,64, 105 Waldenga, Pat 24, 26, 33,105 Waldenga, Steve 122 Walker, Lois 27,109 Walters, Marion 101 Wanner, Bonnie 19, 31,33,101 Weaver, Charlene 109 Webb, Linda 23,24, 105 Weis, Tim 19,58,68, 101 Wend, Gordon 19, 30,38,54,57,64,92, 102,105 Wepler, Carol 108 Werling, Jeani 109 Werner, John 54,55, 66,122 Wescotte, Bill 15, 18,34,62,65,66,75, 86,122 Wescotte, Pam 19, 21,28,30,31,33,34, 96,97,105. Weseman, Carol 12, 13,18,25,26,27,28, 30,33,35,36,48,79, 108 Weseman, Larry 31,101 Westenkirchner, Barb 4, 18,21,26,32,33, 35,3s,43,44,122 Wheeler, Mary 19, 21,26,30,33,92,105 Wheeler, Wayne 15, 18,3O,32,33,35,37, 73,77,ll1,122 Wicks, Aaron 19,101 Wicks, Carolyn 23, 122 Widmer, Ben 22,122 Widmer, Jackie 25, 30,31,33,34,35,105 Widmer, Janet 14, 19,31,33,71,101 Widmer, Jim 25,26, 33,46,108 Wilhelm, Marcia 26, 31,101 Wilhelm, Marlene 24,26, 94,108 A Wilka, Don 19,30, 33,34,59,105 Wilka, Suzanne 18, chool Employees Eash, Verlin 33,73, 81,84 Firestone, Jim 5,53, 54,56,63,74, 83 Gaul, Paul 95 Gruenke, Hebert 84 Hitchen, David 54, 57,58,64,83,112 Hoeft, Judy 24,25, 88,98 Hoett, Lynette 94 Honner, Dick 11,58, 73,75,90 Jobe, Peggy 23 Johnson, Charles 89 Johnson, Erma 14, 49,87 Konzen, Jim 34,85 Lusk, Joyce 95 Miller, David 62, 66,91f112 Miller, Lowell 95 Novotny, Jim 92,98 O'Connor, Anita 42, 43,90 Pope, Sue 24,28,77, 79,81,88,98 Porter, Dallas 93,98 34,69,110,111,112, 122 Williams, Albert 33, 67,101 Witker, Bill 12,18, 27,29,30,34,49,55, 78,79,111,112, 117,160 Witt, Cherlyl 19,21, 25,28,31,33,35,101 Witte, Randy 18,38, 54,55,62,66,111, 122 Wohn, Kathleen 23, 122 Womack, Al 18,48, 63,65,66,108 Wolcott, Michelle 27,3O,'3l,96,97,lO5 Wood, Ann 19,21, 26,28,30,31,33,34, 96,97,105 Y Yentzer, Mike 15, 20,64,91,105 Yentzer, Stephanie 54,122 Younker, Bob 62,66, 122 Younker, Karen 31, 101 Z Zalesak, Cathy 13, 25,27,29, 32,33, 34, 38,44,122 Zalesak, Tom 27, 31,55,101 Zapata, lrene 122 Zapata, Mary Alice 95,101 Zunk, Barbara 48, 50,108 Zunk, Bob Zunk, Bonnie 122 Zunk, Marilyn 23, 101 Schimming, Ray 95 Scott, Jane 95 Sieren, Robert 93, 102 Sorg, Linda 94 Starling, Sue 25,26, 46,86,102 Stroscher, Bessie 95 Swartz, Jane 95 - Thompson, Ray 22,89 wood, Phyllis 21,85 Wyatt, Ned 95 I 'KHMWHHW .mg ,e 'mm iii :msg agrwiii iii iii iii 55555 ' 553559 .Mai i eff 3 'rffszaia ii rm ggwis iil'iil"iill' isdisf em , ,l 3? Q: "T U. Q' are lt' 2 T ii x. i- i f l l . Y l ' 42 ragggf..?-2 wing .533-1--sf 1, are ' ia is 'S QE ea ii iii ii :wi H 1 H E551 ii Jil ii 555511555 ii! ,i,i,,Q+,, ii, ii, i,.,'f'r .,, st 3 Mmm . Q . K S na m wil Q l fi H 1 ii ml em. ferfgurggg li l l 55 L' ii , ii, ii iii - 4 ge lliilliiiw " W iii ii W. . i, ii il' ' at i Qi my 1 ii? A i W, ,MM , , . Y 'lil . Wt-1,,,e.Y i ,.x51.esae i r ii, i lm, zzxigiiri , 5 sem: , . slr im f g ,, if ,. - if - 'i' ar., e 1 ei l . fwfr, Y A Farewell The annual staff has tried to recapture the memo- rable moments of the 1966-1967 school year. We have used pictures and words, but still we have not been able to reproduce all the events that made this year memorable for YOU. These are just a few of the untouchable moments which will help you remember this year from the many others . . . the smell of popcorn that filled the halls on Friday afternoons before games, the hugs, cheers, and screams as a mighty Comet broke through the seemingly unbreakable line to cross the goal, the collisions in the halls between classes, the con- fusionbin the band room before Nlr. Eash sounded his unforgettable whistle, the crowding in lunch line, the silence that burst into noise when the bell rang, the breathless suspense before the crowning of a new queen, the dread of exams and the thankful feeling of reliefwhen they were over, the indescribable feel- ing of victory and the tears of defeat, the delight of fire drills, the tingling feeling of pride that was felt whenever singing the Alma Mater, the wistfulness each senior felt as he heard the band practicing for commencement and the confused surprise when that night of departure suddenly arrived. From a beginning to a beginning each person must travel. Time will move on as it always does, for time must go on to make room for the future. This is no end. Q em-."Jv"" 7 1 3... i - .Y - - f -Y .3 4 , - , -, -' -J b 1' n' Aw'-x--'-",-.."-',v l1,j'44?-' ,

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Genoa Area High School - Limelight Yearbook (Genoa, OH) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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