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' X 'TJ 46" --" 'r' -' ".:1' 'Q ' ' A f-S' g . .1 Q. - , - "ff" ' ' 1' . ,. . . - , 4 , ' ' I 1 I. Z 54 ni 5 Q 1 .QQ T an 7 5 - il -6 ,I 'a H 4 ii - 1 - ', 'I I 4 1 11 vw o ,fa 1 -H .315 A x 1 . .. F5 1 43 '1 ,al nl . A I i .1 fl k 4 Q .. M, . A ag . .. 1 .-f SQ f-,Nw fwf- v va A ws .A- -51' 'S i'.,a2fg:'?u,- .,,.,V-fff' --LQMQQ A ' , 23,19 , -PP ' V. , 2, - . Zglacw SZLMA ffl, -ffff-52 " o 1'.o un, 'J '1 J cn l 'J 4 as N: O 'r s A 2. '55 ,Q 1 4 p lL.' Btu A' book ofa goeoxotxes 'xo Ooe -qw.: oi X951, One QUJQXC xo wkxogo we owe, so wks-M so ogiei ov: aixencc when A oo us ofa Qfhv was , . 5 1 N or Q KN 61 C . gg Qaz oi ' 1 go e-'oo bam KCO, xo out mock o nba Ckass A banks Ko Sxse goo ed, 'Coe s oi Ya KO 05. e, K knock an s ong, we QT Baked is de 5 Coe gswkrwg gms can Quia apgreckaixoo Q ol is gm: KA vlt og0Q row , Qaz O01 1969 e A e acc A soc oow 5-Yxovl 993' o . . NN 60 KN 'AU 'Com no wand go . do ' oy' 5 Q Low! 5 waxy xo e xo x5 so our 3 YXQ e and e Ko Mx-5 X X49 ., . 1 be cegd 41 e ho? 9 amd can new analog Coax ZN aw, XX Rik ,mf , ' '. I inf- xxfs X 5 f R Q 'Z-Q., ' I N "-.afwq ' f n l i ' .1 pf I A l ' .Y-xf' 1 I 7171, A if -,,. - is-yhx ' 5, ' ' "' I ' 1 2, ..... 4- L fi" . " I ' ,. if pf - I F' n' f' -fx, I , - vi VL" T A ' . .fx 7' a U., .1 1 ' , , ' wif .' - .iw-rf '- " " f y 11 w "' I - 1 .' 4. . ,Q '. " 1 fffff - - v W ,H .. ' I V' Q jf ' x ,f , . + 1 I ff' XY ,ss ,dv LAWW I 02,32 LIMELIGHT Presented by the Senior Class of Clay-Genoa High School Genoa 0hio FUREWURD Our Silver Anniversary! Two anniversaries! Yes, this year we are cele- brating the 25th year of the LIMELIGHT and Z5 years service of the High School building. In commemoration of these two events we have chosen an anniversary theme for our annual. The ECHO, which was edited and published in 1925 by the Junior class was the first Yearbook. Its arrangement, style, and appearance was then very different in many respects. Two years later the title was changed to the LIMELIGHT, but no record as to a specific reason for this re- vision can be found. Thus we have had the LIMELIGHT, as the name of the annual for twenty-five years although publication has not always been consecutive. Many of the personnel of the staff of that first yearbook are the parents of those who now make up the staff of '52. We have tried to present our theme throughout the book with many sketches and drawings made by our able artist Carol Vogelpohl. Our one hope is that our endeavors meet with your ap- proval. The door to our book is open to you, Come in and join us in reminiscing, by turning the pages of our 25th LIMELIGHT. Let these memories always be a key to the treasures of the past. Carol Dipman, Editor 4 jd Table Contents Pages Classes ll Organizations 29 Features Al Athletics 5I Alumni 59 g3 Genoa er-aaa stnaai er , Allgpagengfgeel 75 Advertising 87 John C. Roberts, Superintendent. No organization, regardless of type or size, can function properly and to its utmost capacity if it lacks competent leaders. We, as students of Genoa High School, are justly proud of our leaders, those men and women who guided our footsteps through the halls of learning. For their patient help and understanding of all our problems, both large and small we would like to ex- press our sincere gratitude, DMI l TRATIO School Board-Mr. Roberts, Harold Sherk, Dr. Fred Toye, Pres., Ralph Camper, Clerkg Frank Emch, Edwin Sidner, Earl Camper. , .N NP uf- Burl Barker Agriculture Bernice Baster Home Economics Erma johnson English Speech Jack Kocher Music sol' -.fx f..-af iflvv 'Q ss '3' May Blausey History Sociology Alice David English Laverl Foos Biology General Science FAC LTY Mae Morrin junior High 47 . I 1:3 joseph Rinaldo Mathematics Ida Roe Language Literature V31 I Mickey Ialacci Physical Education junior High Charles Johnson Industrial Arts Pete Schmidt Physical Education junior High Dora Shaw Commercial 5 1--4 3 .Qi-v 'ff 'Qin ke- N. . - - 314. sfr me - - me W5 ,,..-n-1-1-4 fi!! 0' . "Winn- lx -l-ur-far. -Uikng,-.. 'IHOP " :fa -rl In 3-an Bus Drivers--Front Rowg Clarence Hesselbart, Harry Younker, George Cheney. Back .nv ws- 1-D Basie! 1 Dieiicl an Rowg Ray Schimming, Ray St. Marie, Bob Niehous, Jim Widmer. Nm' Cooks-Lucille Zeller, Helen Wilkinson. Janitors--Jim Widmer, Verne Plantz, Enloe Helm. 1 'iii 1. I 2 , 3' - ,r ff Nr -1' LW: v Librarians-Seatedg Anita Strohscher, Miss Roe, Beverly Wilka, Carol Bitter. Linda Swartzlander, Secretary. Standingg Mary Jane Schimming, Audrey Camper. TAFF Typists for Teachers-Seatedg Beatrice King 1Mrs. Basterl, Bitter 1Mr. Kocherl, Carol Dipman lMiss johnsonl, Carol Vogelpohl lMiss Wierichl, Joyce Coon fMiss Rael, Virginia Hornyak fMiss Blauseyl, Audrey Monk iMiss Shirley Philipon CMr. Gareyl, Eileen I-Ielle QMr. Rinaldol, Wierichl, Marilyn Haar fMrs. Shawl, Elaine Leisen- Frances Kozak iMr. johnsonl, Marilyn Van Etten lMiss heimer iMr. Gareyl, Jo Ann Platt QM:-. Gareyl, Not Ialeccil. Stanclingg Valda Haack fMr. Schmidtl, Dolores picturedg Ted Lorenzen lMrs. Morrinl. Kolthoff fMiss Foosl, Lois Haaclc fMr. Barlcerl, Carol . - ' v Q 'as' x 'QA . 4: 1 56 5, ST DENT COU CIL as-n .wilt g .7 .. 5- " ' X.f'y l l 1-f XYX ,tv " '55, Tom Pavlik President of Student Council. Seatedg Ruth Marsh, Shirley Philipon, Tom Pavlik, jim Faber, Miss johnson, Advisor. Standingg Michael Spurgeon, Richard Reeder, Anita Strohscher, Joyce Sievert, Bob Dekreon. The representatives on the council are elected for one year by their class. All presiding officers are elected by secret ballot, the president being either a junior or senior. He, in turn, appoints other officers at the first meeting of the council, School integrity, common sense, responsibility, dependability, and a sense of justice and democracy are the qualities a member must possess as a representative of his class. The delegates on our Council know the duties of their post and uphold it with their best efforts and services. I0 XXX. X .............4 f 7 Z a '3v'f"' maj' an 551 esxw-i 0 5,6 9X 6 671390 4: 'fwzvfoqy 9? ff-7 003 aaldffb ejggu JL-935 6,9427 43,f W Ogg, A, rbi 2 . 75461, 1. Q' 0 , D f 4 ,F Ci' 9'- ff .1 1 ll- ,fjy , r, 1,--'xfx fr. .,.f 39539 .' 'ff ff, ,ff 'fff-I-H' ,.,,., . ,J XR ,f fy' 1 ' . 1 Aff gpm K ,ff ,f I' f J!! Z' Q22 f X Class Officers-Carol Dipman, Pres.g Valda Haack, V. Pres.g Virginia Hornyalc, Sec'y.g Jim Dehring, Ti-eas.g Carol Bitter, Reporterg Miss Blausey, Advisor, Senior Trip-Where? When? How? f"! Carol DlPman Pres ident of Senior Class E HDR Seniors-that seemed like an unreal word and a long way off several years ago. At first, our now unified class was scattered in different schools. After eight years of reading, writing, and arithmetic, we entered high school with Allen-Central students joining our Genoa forces. Acquaintances and friends were made and our class was complete. Many of us joined clubs and entered into sports. Life went along as usual and then came our junior year with its Junior-Senior Prom. Suddenly, here we are-seniors, and its a wonderful feeling! One thing we would like very much-that is, to look into a crystal ball and have it tell us that we are worthy of calling G. H, S. our Alma Mater. I2 'F f L, I -4 39' x fr wr- XV- ii- Oh, the sparkle, sparkle of the dia- monds! Sonny: "Hmmm, my girl has one too! 1 f ,, I3 MMM Senior Play, junior Playg Annual Staff, Stu- dent Council 1, 23 Football 1, Z, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 1, Z, 3, 4"""g Drama- tic Plays 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Festival 3g Key ,,,:. 0' Club Z, 3, 4, Visual Education 1, 2, 3, 4. "'-'7 iv img 63,61 Class Reporter 45 Senior Play, Junior Play? Comet Staff 45 G. A. A. 1, Z, 3, 41, F. B, L, A. 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 5Q4Mu.43o-w-uf, Senior Playg Junior Playg Annual Staff, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Key Club Z, 3"', 4s Visual Q 4351 Education 3, 4. 0,5 f""h 014046 f if Jag Senior Play, Junior Playg Annual Staffg Com- et Staff lg Football lg Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Plays 1, 33 Glee Club Z, 33 Cam- Q , era Club 1, Z, 3, 4"'. 'sf 1 K junior Play, Football 1, Z5 Track 3, 4. GNU junior Play, Comet Staff 4g F. B. l.. A. 3, 4. KLM 0? Class Treasurer 43 Senior Play, Junior Play, Annual Staffg Basketball 3, Band 1, Z, 3, 45 Dramatic Festival 49 Key Club 2, 3, 45 Visual Education 1, 2, 3, 43 Camera Club 1, Z, 3, 4, x W my .1 . . Qxirbwii 3 i . if Q34 ' A' i if vw A 5 X E Junior Playg Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, Z, 3, 45 Glee Club Z, 35 F. F. A. 1, 2, 33, 4H'. Football 25 Basketball 3 KMA! Class President 3, 45 Class Vice President 25 Senior Play5 junior Playg Annual StaH:5 Com' et Staff 1, 2, 45 Student Council 15 Band 1, 2, 3, Mfg G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 49 F. B. Eff! Junior Playg Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 35 Track 2, 3, 4. . QQ L. A. 3, 4. junior Playg Comet Staff 45 Dramatic Club 45 F. B. L, A. 3, 45 Glee Club 3. F, F. A. 3, 4. Cff2f54ZfF?i'5fc Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Track 2, .4 JW, Junior Playgi Comet Staff 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 35 Key Club 3, 435 Vi5U3l Education 3, 45 Camera Club 1, Z, 4. X P dll' 'W 5 4 f! .-i . ' in-.f E, . A .. ec-me -2 . . .KE . 1 3 X , at x it l W "' : M .i-443 109' I l x Wah ,':,? A 1 hun' N What was that wise remark again?? .13 3, . 'J 'g?""?i1 'avg RJ'-4' "CSV Q? 'X i Fi' X "CT 4 'xv Q Lll Aha ppy-go-lucky government class!! v I5 0302 EMMA Class V. Pres. lg Junior Play, Annual Staff F. B. L. A. 3 ' , 4, Glee Club 2. Class Vice President 45 Class Secretary 1, Z, 3, Class Treasurer 1, 2, Senior Playg junior Play, Annual Staff, Comet Staff 4g F. B. L. A. 3, 4"g Gl ee Club 1, 2. . WW! junior Playg Comet Staff 4' G A . . . A. l, 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 49 Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 49 Camera Club 3: Cheerleader 4. Mm G. A. A. 3, 45 F. B. L. A. 3, 4. Class Secretary 4' Senor Pl , ay, Junior Play: Annual Staff, F. B. L. A. 3"', 4"'g Glee Club 1, 2. F. B. L. A. 3, 4. . .,. fag? Senior Play, Junior Play, Annual Staffg Com- et Staff 3, 4g G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 43 F. B. L. A. 3, 4"g Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 43"g Dramatic Plays 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Festival 4. fl 'ii 6- is", . .Bw-' .' ln JVM Senior Playg junior Play, G. A. A. 1, Z, 3, K 45 F. B. L. A. 3, 4"'. D 1? in if 'Senior Play, Junior Playg Annual Staffg Com- S iv", et Staff 3, 45 Band 1, Z, 3, 4x9 G- A- A- 1, 2, s,4. Senior Playg Junior Playg Comet Staff 43 Band 33 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4"'g F. B. L. A. 3, 4g ? P03 N Dramatic Festival lg Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g ft 1 ' 9 Cheerleader 4. A' ZLL mr. Senior Playg Junior Playg Annual Staffg Com- er Staff 1, Z, 3, 45 Band 1, 2g Dramatic Club Z, Z", 4"'g Dramatic Festival 33 Key Club 2. fam wwf Junior Playg Football 43 Basketball 25 Track 3, 4. ,? Q ?v I X AK, K K4 'E f ff .V W irq - 1 sc junior Playg Annual Stagg G. A. A, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Dramatic Festival 4g Glee Club 3. 4, Camera Club 3, 4. U F' B- L- A, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, vw-ww F. F. A. 3, 4. 'Qi ,wa-4 'QPU' Brrrr, its cold outside! Rain, snow or sleek-here we are at school! a-x amaze' js-0-in 'xi- 'Q-,,,, 'ep 'S' 55 C' if I ll 9 Senior Playg G. A. A. 4g Glee Club 4. Jew? D Student Council 3, 4""'9 Football 3, 49 F F. A. 3, 4. Junior Pla yg Comet Staff 4g Student Council 2, 33, 439 G. A. A. 1, Z, 3, 4g Dramatic Club 3, 49 Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 49 Camera Club 2, 3, 4g Cheerleader l, Z, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 39 Senior Play9 junior Pl Annual Staff9 Comet Staff 4g Band 1, 2, 3 HYS 42 G.A. A, 1, 2, 3,42 F.B. L. A. 3, 4M Dramatic Club 2, 3 4" Dra ' , , matic Plays 2, 59 Dramatic Festival 4g Glee Club 1, 2, 3. ,Yin Junior Playg Annual Staffg Football Z, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 49 Track 1, 2, 3, 49 Dramatic Club 39 Dramatic Festival lg Glee Club 3. BAL RMC Class President 1, 29 Class Vice President 39 junior Playg Football 1, Z, 3, 49 Track 2, 33 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 49 Dramatic Plays 2, 39 Key Club 2, 3"', 4"""9 F. F. A. 1, Z, 3", 4" Glee Club 2, 3"'. 1 Seniors exchanging friendship pic- IUFBS. iz.. . I dw .efafi Cvlee Club 1, Z, 3. Huff WW 7 'NJ' 1"'9 , . w I Basketball 1, Z, 3. Senior Playg Junior Play: Annual Staffg Foot- I i ball l, Zg Track 2, 43 Dramatic Festival 3. 'l F. F. A. 3, 4. V! Football 1. 45. ,3 -at 3" A' i l K . i-'lil Senior Playg Football Z, 39 Track 2, 3. 4 Q . x Y' "q-n A 2141! bra Q-- A' , I-I, Senior Playg Junior Playg Comet Staff 49 E y b Band lg G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 411, Glee Club - A . 1 l, 2, 3, 43 Cheerleader Z, 3, 4s May Queen ' K 5 'l"""""' nail: ff Arrendam 3 Annual Stagg Comet Staff 55' A W 3, ii 'l ' x i in ' I 4. z Oliiicerg M President. Only us!! I8 Clarence Smith was also very happy and honored at being selected as the second dele- gate for Buckeye Boys State. The only regret he had, was that the place chosen was so close to home but this was over-shadowed by the good time he enjoyed there. The campaigns, election, and grand parade of the winning candi- date for governor seemed to be one of the highlights of the trip. Of course, many friends were made and these together with all the wonder- ful times, will be long remem- bered. Jo Ann Platt has had two honors bestowed upon her and there- fore, she has a place reserved in our Senior Who's Who. Her excursion to the Buckeye Girls State at Columbus was the first honor she received. The American Legion Auxiliary was the sponsor for her trip. Many lectures, campaigns, parades and ban- quets took place and were enjoyed there. Jo Ann's second award of merit was her election to the ofiice of State Secretary at the State Future Business Leaders of American Convention. There's a great deal of work connected with this position but she wel- comes that fact gladly and takes it in her stride. Skip Garey was greatly hon- ored last summer when the American Legion chose him as a delegate to Buckeye Boys State. Camp Perry, the site for this annual affair, buzzed :Il and hummed with the business and fun of the boys who at- tended from all over the state. Skip says that it was lots of fun and that he wouldn't mind going there again. Wh' All-Conference Team! Best in Backiiield! Best in Line! These were the echoes that were heard when the honors and awards were distributed following the football season. Captain "Fritz" Diekman was named most valuable player in line, for which he received a trophy. He also was given an award for making the All-Conference Team. The most valuable in backfield title plus a trophy was awarded to Sam Angus. Dale Reeder also made the All-Conference Team and deserved the award he received. We are all very proud of their accomplishments and hope these fellows go on and hear these cries re-echoed in the future. AM . 'Q V iii' 73 - 'Z xl, 'S ' , .. - l V1 J r J f a . ,I Q i kk.. X, sf? 13 K rg If V 'fi TJ ,g ' ' 1 I ,r Left to Right-Row lg Lyle Barrett, Adrian Blausey, Audrey Blausey, Nancy Brandon, Joann Brown, Mary Ann Burke, Shirley Cashen. Row 25 Patty Cornell, Audrey Crookton, jo Elaine Dekreon, Joyce Donley, Richard Dreyer, Larry Everhardt, jim Faber. Lef. io Right--Row 15 james Foss, Bob Frey, Alice Gargac, Lowell Hartman, Ronald Hedge, Delores Helle, jim Herman. Row 25 june Hinde, Melvyn Hoeft, Bonnie Houston, Paula Kreager, Nelson Kruse, Ruth Marsh, jo Ann Martin. , 'N I 15 Q" a '-'S ,"'- on ' "' " , Jw , B fr rv 2 9 - f We 5 le , -' 'cr . ' ' ' ,, I-- ""' , . "" uk? ' T A 'gg H I Q K 4,5 fs 3 "f 'f , 5,3 ia -' Q I I it 3 'I 4 X 1,' ' ' X vii X , I ' l - f., ' X 1 Jw lf' X B 20 ' an " -fr rs. f , Q 'F . -vs , V3' l Q' - ' -6 V -A ' ,QQ ,. s '7 . Q -' 'X X4 l X .1 5 -.1 ,,.r '. f: -2 T fa ' , , "f " l - , 'X ' X "' 11 X6 R . -fr 37 N - '-R F' f I X 1 xx I as., ' , - :-'r -1' " 3 V, "' 2' , lk I , . 'T , .S Q, 1 . 7 -4 ' ' ' ,fa 1 174 Q.. X AW ,, 2 M 5 1 Am 'wif . F: , I ix, 2 r Left to Rightikow 1, Dean McFarland Earl Mccilone 35 Gary Shessler, Richard Shessler, Bill Shupe, Roxie Barbara Miller, Alvill Moritz, Edwarci Neff, Richard Soncrant, Lorraine Tasch, Ted Tillotson, Richard Novomy Bernadette Peiffer Row 2. June Reeder Walter. Row 43 Lewis Walterschied, Carolyn Wetzel, Lucille Rewoldt, Robert Russell, Carolyn Russell, Mary Ivan Weyandtv Harold Wilka J Jane Schimming, Thomas Schmidt, Bruce Sherk. Row , o Anne Wilkinson. Not pictured: Betty Todd, Ronald Wingate. Officers-President Barb , ara Millerg Vice Presi- dent, June Reederg Secretary, Audrey Crook- tong Treasurer, JoAnn Martin. Noon Game! Food! 1 xr- ' 2 i 7 I KC I V Y, I N ni' ! ': it to Q' "5 -7: ,jr ' if , , ' 'ix,.,f a Q, M'--'Z . lg I , L 2 -as fc. -3, ': "H ' - C41 ,- Q. 4,9 Q4 N o ,Z A X it " Q W Left to Right-Row lg Lewis Albright, Tom Antesky, Delbert Base, Maryann Bitter, Wayne Bittner, Patricia Brown, Rose Burke. Row 23 Audrey Camper, Donald Cashen, james Chambers, Francis Collurn, Phillip Collum, Willodean Davis, Grace Diekman. Left to Right-Row lg Joanne Dreyer, Carol Dunham, Dorothy Dunn, Shirley Fisher, james Fouke, Richard Fouke, Ralph Geldine. Row 29 Carlene Gerkensmeyer, Byron Gilbert, William Gladden, Barbara Gould, Shirley Gueldenzoph, Herbert Hedge, Vincent Hinde. Row 3: joe Hornyak, Stanley Joehlin, Eugene King, Fern Marsh, Arlene Monk, Marilyn Moritz, Jim Novotny. 3 fs: 'xv' 1 ' "' ."- :T C gf 'i ' ' 7 B -xii' , , D il V Ia, F ' Ea l A ' 'I- Q I me z M 7. f. -1' if ,. Q, -b x. , . H, -1 1 ' -7 ,' - ' fr xx 'U f' V 4 'F-'xi W7 ' ar 'I K F I , l 1' A F Q 'E L .3 5' f - lf- X il 6' f if. fp "' Q 1 " X A 1 'Q , 'iii' Qi N x X ,, aw' 1 Y ' inf N 1 than , 5- 1 'Q tl? , , Q 1.3 i i vxi- ! Y x in viff' ... T7 5 mvy I' PQ lx. 5 2' f'- l X27 i, . .- ' 5 . , n a . 44- , I lei 4, 1 -5 K an L 3 -C if ., ,J Q. Q ,I i ' D . fx . . Rx - I 3: , 'E 'Q -i , 4 I gy X if ff ... IQ. , f Left to Right-Row lg Dolores Placlco, Richard Reeder, Darrell Rollins, jack Rollins, Shirley Rollins, joanne Schnabel, Suzanne Sherk. Row 25 Pat Showers, Kenneth Sievert, jerry Smith, Richard Smith, Anita Strohscher, Merle Strohscher, Edward Troknya. Row 35 Sherry Van Camp, Donal Volschow, Sandra Weaver, Jim Wetmore, Beverly Wilka, N01 Pictured: William Dipman, Lowell Pont. Officers-President, Suzanne Sherkg Vice. h President, Audrey Camperg Secretary, Doro! y Dunn, Treasurer, Dick Fouke. Change of dass! ln Y What should we u 'N - -J - in il" A xi 4- fx I 2 1 ' 5 ' "" 1 "N x - 2 i ' Y: ," Q 'N-I J K, 9 1 -. -1. V.: ' ' I 'YQ7 ' rf? ' P for N. W P in J , A 2 l' t ' A M 'Q I .fqghi Ji, Q i -' . 5' 4 1' 5 . -3? fulfil 'V 7 , 1' -4 X 7 1 415, V! W A , Left to Right-Row lg Gilbert Barto, Pauline Bickford, Robert Bickford, Bernard Blausey, Jim Blum, Majorie Boice, Marion Butterfield, Darlene Byers, Ronald Cashen, Phyllis Coon, Sim DGZIGY, R0berr Dekreon, Frank Densic, Michael Despones. Left to Right-Row lg Joanne Diefenthaler, Ernest DilVlasso, Bonnie Dixon, Joanne Duval, Richard Estlack, Merle Fondessy, Edward Gargac. Row 23 Nora Lee Gladden, James Haaclc, James I-loeft, Phyllis Helle, Susan Hock, Linda Jacobsen, Roger Jensen. Row 35 Daniel Johnson, Joann Klatt, Carolyn Krukemyer, Loren Lau, Russell Layman, Charles Lehman, Patricia Marshall. 'Z , ..-.. . IQ A-1 'L ' 'Z 'F I ' 1' Q, f , lx . L3 7 , Q '.. ' 4 -W E . . ,' 5" Q , W D '- 1 ' 7311's J ,- ex ' ' :RX 1" f' A if 2' . Rf at "" 1 'W' ' . .pau vis V X .. g ,' T ' ,2 - 'rip ' v , f. u ,Q Q ,Q A- , . 3 li f: P vi fa- if 3 X "' A 1' . I f , 5 5 ' J ya ' ' I lf 4 J ww. f,-3 EXP .am l 'G C A Q ,O . '. .1 .ff-D W ff' if dh, A' 'E 'Q A11 J. 5 ff-'QV X 'X ,f rv 1" , n, ' . ' lf' gr, 'Z : 3' ff- ll' 'Q .- , ' 1 4- ' 1 4 ' 415 wr ' ' . t . :K ' - kai' Y--"Y 'vccf k n - '71 N . ' I f ' c I , n ,u . A b , O . , 2 nk- 1 tl. A: xi' L , N 1.5, 4 ' V Q ,Q ' 1-,M Nl M-P . 4 M f K Q ii! Nil 4, ,A "lt as 1' fu . V If Ol' Ld .it I 5 . tx .- mi K, , 1 "' K 1 .m h . U nf-' Lg 'O R, I dr I y - I' 4550, x 3 I ' an 'A v 4' IO I , 1 I ' 5 , N X Officers-President, john Taylorg Vice-Presi- dent, Eugene Soncrantg Secretary-Treasurer, Ruth Strohscher. Left to Right-Row lg Sarah McClain, Deanna McFar- land, Doris McPherson, August Moritz, john Novotny, Milton Plaugher, Diane Renick. Row 2g Dale Reitf, Kenneth Rossler, Violet Rupp, james Schimming, Le- nore Schlievert, Charles Schnabel, Joyce Sievert. Row 35 john Smahaj, Marvin Smith, Paul Snider, Eugene Soncrant, Ruth Strohschcr, Pete Suydam, Tom Tank. Row 45 john Taylor, Paul Tillotson, Jeanette Troknya, james Van Etten, joe Vargo, Steve Verkin, Richard Wagoner. Peggy Walender, Paul Yatsko, Delmar Zim- merman. Not pictured: Nancy McComesky. 25 Kart xtff, L- . ' ' ,us f , , . f ..- ., N 4 1 , , o ss 1 as gl Q, J 4' ,, 1 .li , 5 - Q is Q ' l " 1 I X , l,"'i's Q!! IQ ' ' ' i -.- -.v 4 . - 1' . 7 4. 3 f 'W 3 'I Officers-President, Bill Peloquing Vice Presidents, Carolyn Lack- ? and Ralph Layman, SCCFBYHFY, Alan Sherlcg Treasurer, Frances ocis. Left to Right-Row 15 Dean Layman, Ralph Layman, Gary Lee, Bill Mi chael, Evone Neff. Row 29 Marilyn Nolte, Bill Peloquin, Larry Plaugher, GRADE John Rupp, Joyce Russell, Marilyn Russell, Tom Russell. Row 3, Alan Sherlc, Roberta Spurgeon, Carol Tipe " " 1-J 'U ,J ple, Mary Rose Walender, Melvyn -- 5 . Walters, Kenneth Wilka, Charles X "' 1 '- Zeadker. Not pictured: James Kroetz, ff 'gh . x Sarah Raclcestraw, Jean Kennedy, Y I A 5' Uwana Roden. ' as ,AY I L "'-'I' Q FH- A t f. lf Q k as 4+ , N . if , I' mv . , I , I - ' , 1 r x ,rv - M Q . P' Xwx , J , ., 1 3 f ' . A., Q xx Y' V j. X W3 ., X , f' N f'9 26 '17 l,'? fi- fr fk.. I fr -ag , .F r 1, . X .L f if six' ' if ' -v ' s. 1 Left to Right-Row 13 Rodney Baer, Toni Boysen, Randolph Brock, Gerald Camper, Leroy Christie, James Cornell, Robert Cornell. Row 2, Carol Dek- reon, John Dixon, Duane Don- ley, John Floyd, Ruth Gardner, Herman Gerkensmeyer, Charles Hinde. Row 3, Judy Holcombe, Martha Johnson, Francis Kocis, Richard Kreager, Carolyn Lack- ey. EIGHT 1 5 5' if, "' K " - i K ., -1 f .1 71 ,, ' the fx v' - I? lf' 4' 1 - , ,, ' . . A. Q 'v1:A'J twrdxallv.,-I: 1' , 1-"" 1 "" lt '1- . ' ZX f M- X f Q 1, A9 was J y F 1 N , - ', a 'ai 44 fy ,. 4,1 Q- V- HF- 3 , v-lvv ' ' 4' ,ff L- sr ' df fl 4:5 S P e E af :X ' -2 1 L- 'J' Q R ff K A , Ps - Vx sf X. gs M 4' 'Y' K 4 'V K - ,Jr " 7 'f ,f I X 1 E A M '7 ' Qs., w ' f ' 'f . A E.-f A 47 Q. .v f,.l -0 ' x Left to Right-Row 15 Dale Aldrich, Pat Aldrich, Billy Baird, Willis Bitter, jack Brown, Martha Butterfield, Carolyn Camper. Row 23 Donald Claus, Roger Coffman, Lora Dazley, LuAnn Dekreon, David Densic, Glennis Dipman, John Disrel. GRADE EVE Left to Right-Row 15 Nancy Donley, Roger Doll, Charles Engleman, Ruth Fisher, Donald Fulkert, Sally Gaul, Mary Sue Gladden. Row 2g Anna Marie Gould, Judy Haeft, Enos Helm, Zenius Helm, Eugene Hodulik, jack Humphreys, Robert james. Row 35 Phyllis jcncs, Mary Ann Krasula, Duane Lau, Martin Lauer, Robert La Vigne, Alan Longanbach, Ronald McMaster. . - . 1 E, 'E ' if ' 2 .. A fn' ' 2 I' . 4 '19 ' ' E . 4 4 ' E 2 -f-1 . A f Q X , n 1 1 x E! A Q, Q I I g 3 5 X ' J " .. J , af 'L' kg 9 ' . 'Y' . 1? K ,:- eq f -v ' ge U Y 1 f - -5 1 ' f 4.1" '- c E Af ii ' 5' 1957. O I v , -f . - .51 'Ma QA A X QE- Q. ,-CQ Q . X ,- V 1' JI 4 2 2 ', if iii' 'fvq F 4 Fl 4 fd 4"f.. .. . Q 27 ,Q ' .-' V . R Av f If . fs' S 1 fe t - M, CJ' J l L. ... - -. bn l f I. 3 1' F: "5" .Q ' ,q- ff' c t - -1 ' is ' Q7 u " . lf "' R A I-' 'It g -ff . 4' t "' V y Q , -a if - sf 5 - f , 3 . ' x ' 'XL 'QT- 'V1 'ff .N A . Q . I 6 ,S , V 4. ., , S-Q P' xl ,' - ' 7 V I was X 4 1 A 4' 1 J 4- 4" Sal at Q M5 ' . ' - If 5 it 5 f x ' ' - f " N952 y vt, . ,,, 32 R "' 5' C if 4. 75 - ,li -W 7 Q- 7 ' A ' E P X V if if e Officers-President, Ann Scherryg Vice President, Glennis Dip. mang Secretary, Russell Schumacher, Treasurer, Sally Gaul. f 4' , s F, 'wg-Q X' 7 Sf, at as ., A, -F wt r W , - is 1 1 N 'I ,R I X. 7 . Q X- x , R 'I 7 I , w. l rj' so , Q w l E Left to Right--Row 15 Susan Mittendorf, Mary E. Mollenhauer, James Musolf, Doris Neff, Judy Niehausmeyer, Betty Nero, Verna Neuroth. Row 2, Lamont Phillips, Jeanine Platt, Margaret Pocse, Leland Recker, Patricia Routson, Nancy Audes, Sara Rupp. Row 39 Carolyn Sage, Mary Sandor, Ann Scherry, Meridith Schimming, Russell Schu- macher, Darlene Showers, Marlene Showers. Row 45 Michael Spurgeon, Ronald Traver, Robert Travis, Patty Van Etten, Dennis Vine, Donald Vine, Peggy Walterschield. Row 5g Robert Weaver, Carol Wheelock, Rodney Wilhelm, Robert Zak. Not pictured: William jackson. V 31311692 A Pirty 'I l 1 Axxxx Y X Z. .1177 -2 M A Wifii ii? Z W X Wx XM! f if! wi-,,, Seated, JoAnn Diefenthaler, Deanna McFarland, Miss Roeg Advisor, Ted Lorenzen, JoAnn Platt, Sam Angus, Dolores Kolthoff, Beverly Wilka, Dorothy Dunn, Shirley Philipon. Row 2, Audrey Crookton, Richard Reeder, Joyce Sievert, Pat Showers, Nancy Brandon, Jo Elaine Dekreon, Shirley Cashen, Carol Dunham, Joann Brown. Row 3, Phyllis Coon, Barbara Haar, Barbara Miller, Carolyn Krukemeyer. Row 4, Bill Shupe, Bob Frey, Dale Reeder, Gould, Loren Lau, Anita Strohscher, Frances Meng, Jo Anne Wilkinson, Tom Tank, Marilyn C l b Ronald Hedge, Jim Wetmore, Ted Brown, Donald Cashen, Herbert Hedge, Pete Suydam. ll F ll A Seatedg Nora Gladden, Lucille Rewoldt, Marjorie Boice, Sherry Van Camp, Sarah Dazley. Row 2g Darlene Byers, Dean Davis, Lorraine Tasch, Marian Butterfield, Joanne Duval, Mrs. Basterg Advisor. Row 3, Betty Todd, Pauline Bickford, Doris McPherson, Joanne Dreyer, Audrey Blausey, Joann Klart- vv fx G Key Club Seated, Louis Walterschied, Richard Fouke, Russ Bower, Leo Garey, Dale Reeder, Jim Herman, Stanley Joehlin. Row 29 Sam Angus, Dean McFarland, Alvin Moritz, Jim Dehring, Bob Frey, Jim Chambers, Richard Reeder. o"o,02ff-m 4 '-7' kb ' x i Seated, Joyce Coon, Mrs. Shaw, Advisor, Lois Haack, Frances Kozak, JoAnn Platt, Vir- Qinia Hornyalc, Valda Haack, Dolores Kolthotf, Carol Vogelpohl. Row 2, Beatrice King, F B Joanne Brown, Ruth Marsh, Audrey Crookton, June Reeder, Elaine Leisenheimer, Alice Gar- gac, Mary Jane Schimming, Marilyn Van Etten, Dolores Helle. Row 3g Lucille Rewoldt, Barbara Miller, Carol Bitter, Jo Anne Wilkinson, Audrey Monk, JoAnn Martin, Carol Dipman, Jo Elaine Delcreon, Shirley Cashen, Eileen Helle. Seated, Frances Kozak, Shirley Philipon, Eileen Helle, Elaine Leisenheimer, Mari- lyn Van Etten, Mary Jane Schimming, Carol Bitter, Carolyn Wetzel, Carolyn 0 0 J Q Osmus, Betty Ladd. Row 23 Bernadette M 5 0 Pieffer, JoAnn Platt, Audrey Crookton, Lucille Rewoldt, Shirley Cashen, Jo Elaine Dekreon, Dolores Kolthoff, June A Reeder, Ruth Marsh, JoAnn Brown. 'ii Row 3, Miss Iallaccig Advisor, Nancy Brandon, Barbara Miller, Marilyn Haar, Joanne Wilkinson, Joyce Donley, Fran- I J ces Meng, JoAnn Martin, Mary Ann M Burke, Carol Dipman. Y 7 I' ' Seated, Beverly Wilka, Deanna McFar- land, Fern Marsh, Bonnie Dixon, Sarah . McClain, JoAnne Duval, Patricia Mar- shall, Sherry Van Camp Kathryn Zunk, Shirley Fisher. Row 25 Pat Brown, Mar- jorie Boice, Joanne Diefenthalei, Pauline Bickford, Darlene Byers, Sarah Dazley, Doris McPherson, Diane Renick, Joanne Schnabel, Shirley Rollins, Marian But- terfield, Dolores Placko. Row 3, Pat Showers, Joyce Sievert, Carolyn Krulte- meyer, Ruth Ann Strohscher, Grace Diekman, Lenore Schlievert, Sandra Weaver, Audrey Camper, Maryann Bit- ter, Rose Burke, Anita Strohscher, Phyl- lis Coon, Barbara Gould Carol Dun- ham, Nora Lee Glaclden, Suzanne Sherk, Shirley Gueldenzoph. 9 7 N v ac" 'x I I wr, QQ.. 1 me FX F5 Viual EducaH0n Seatedg Eugene King, joe Hornyak. Row Ig Russ Bowers, Sam Angus, Jim Dehring, Dean McFarland, jim Novotny, Mr. Rob- ertsg Advisor. Camera Club Seatedg Shirley Philipon, Bob Frey, Ted Brown, Dean McFarland, Jim Dehring, Miss Foosg Advisor, Diane Renick. Row 2, Richard Wagoner, Audrey Crookton, Leo Garey, Marilyn Haar, Merle Fondessy, Nancy Brandon, Richard Fouke, Bob Dek- reonl Row 35 Marvin Smith, Tom Tank. James Foss, Don Cashen, Jim Wetmore, Paul Tillotson, jim Faber, Frances Meng, Loren Lau. ll F A Seated, Kenneth Sievert, Richard Reeder, Ted Tillotson, Fred Diekman, Dale Reeder, Gary Shessler, Ronald Wingate, Mr. Bar- ker, Advisor, Paul Yatsko. Row 2, Delbert Base, Adrian Blausey, Ken Rossler, Larry Everhart, Dick Shessler, Merle Strohscher, Dan Johnson, Richard Dreyer, Lewis Al- bright. Row 35 Bill Dipman, Dale Engle- man, Alvin Moritz, Wesley Tillotston, Bob Gerkensmeyer, Bob Russell, Herbert Hedge, Tom Pavlik, junior Nero. X j Thespian Initiation. Entertainment at G. A. A. Homecoming G. A. A. Initiation, F. B. L. A. Initiation at Woodvilli-. CLUB ACTIVITIE After F. B. L. A. Initiation. Key Club Noon Meeting. chool ew and View inthe Yi 'J R, xx A 'HE ,K Nglgkjgpg ,g3g. Eea353QfQZffr,F 'H 'W W' e femur ,i.,,2ff1fUG5rM wg ' ,si ,im -dh. ' i -v R Barbara Miller, Joyce Coon, JoAnn Platt, Dolores Kolthoff, Elaine Leisen- heimer. Associate editors hard at work. Comet With a resolution to attain a superior rating at the Bowling Green State University judging, the Comet Staff began rolling its presses. The staff, composed of students from various classes, provides an opportunity to develop their talent. It isn't easy! Behind the scenes is the last minute bustle to distribute assignments and the frantic rush to meet the publication deadline. Regardless of the rush and hard work the knowledge that you are "part of the paper" makes it worthwhile. 34 'ar A tus R f comin' ma i4 ,.:.....,...,. .1 Simnogjam ug, IH at , ggaiff- SUNUR Hiimnfg W1 'HHH yuilkr Le ., 'L l H- .. ...,, A, :...-...,."::::.:' ---7-M ,."-,gf D.-..,-.-.1 ' " -"- . ........ .. " ""' "" i- ..: .-1. e ...- V " ""' nd "' f-..... , , - -A-4 1. ... ...' ...fag -3. .,1 .-..,.. .. . , ' --mn W... I.. ,, - . i. M.. M.. " ' , --V... .. M, A er, war nm.. -v. .ni , . .........-. .-Vw... i.. im. , .M U.. 44rr....-... fr .. 11... ..,. -.-y -.N nw.. my Xl, llrklr llbl 6... rw.. Q... 1.. vi.,. road ,il Gill .mv .. ...fa-.1 lma ZXIYIJ MN I f.. .... mm. A -whnlll lldla .mt 1. M rum., rn an IV, ltr!!! ...ii M.. my .iw .... ami...- V... L., .. -if Mi. .5 11? HQIYY ii 5:3 fr 25 32 1 3 ...-.. an R noi... .. -.i.......'!. .A Y fc , O60 i x S i pus. WV... 7 5.1 Seatedg Carol Dunham, Valda Haack, Mari- lyn Van Etten, Lorraine Tasch, Betty Ladd, Delores Placko, Pat Brown. Standingg Vin- cent Hinde, june Reeder, Barbara Gould, Car- ol Dipman, jim Wetmore, Mary Ann Bitter, Sandra Weaver, Darrell Rollins, Nancy Bran- don. Insertg Ted Lorenzen, Editor of the Comet. L Arhnn hunk l vxuar Kara 9 .dull lhl 10 hx lnruhnll U1 Jun Vnrum ll ....,,.... .. law! Slovorl ll amy ua ix .nun I Duvll li 5"i'3 RIT? l 44 " il J i s. c..-ie-ua ig - 1 L92 ... ....., . ,Mm ....... . . l I H H W in 5 X A A 'WW fMCCMl ,...sefec. . X f E jgggu-y,5ggM--vi had nb ,w-M..,:e .1 ., .. - F , nm. :nun , L""1""" ' SEUIUQQ WK? 91 I e - 4 ., ,, sinus vm... ,S .nz .... " ' " ---H .........v ., , ,.,. ..nLve- .......2LTf-fi. , ' ' ' - ' ' . .J haf nat I! ,7....., . Seatedg JoAnn Brown, Audrey Crookton, Mrs Shaw, advisor, Carol Vogelpohl, Shirley Phil ipon. Standingg JoElaine Dekreon, Carol Bit terQ Leo Garey, joAnn Martin, Marilyn Haar 1 re? hots wh? . w deadline' 's who and W fobleml rrY! Meet that vT1:0t's ollf alumni P a "Oh, its finishedlln This was the sigh that was uttered by the Annual staff, Miss Foos, and my- self when the last photo was pasted down, the last copy written and typed, and the last bill paid, There were plenty of tasks for everyone. Subscriptions had to be sold, schedules ar- ranged, pictures taken and developed, copy edit' ed, forms and sheets made up for the company and many, many other details had to be attended YO. It seems like only yesterday when Miss Foos first spoke to our class about a yearbook pro- duction. Here it is, nearly a year later, the final book in our grasp and a good deal of hard work behind us. All in all, to those who have rendered their time and efforts, its been good experience and fun to work on. Several added features have been included in our publication. This year, for the first time, our yearbook has a padded cover. One hundred and four is the count of the pages of material in this bound copy-the largest so far. Another of our special features is the drawings and artwork sketched by Carol Vogelpohl, illustrating the various divisions and also portraying the dress and life which took place twenty-five years ago- the date of our first Limelight. We have enjoyed working and making this book of memories for you and hope that you will enjoy looking at and reading about the wonder- ful events recorded here that can never be taken from us. HUYYY 1 hu The LIMELIGHT THE LIMELIGHT 1952 Editor-in-Chief it . Assistant Editor Business Manager . Advertising Manager . ,. Assistant Advertising Manager Subscription Manager .. Editor of Allen Central .. Co-Editor of Grade School ,, Art Editor ,, , Typists ....... Alumni Staff . ., Proofreader ..... .,.. ...Carol Dipman Dolores Kolthoff Virginia Hornyak .. Russ Bower Jim Dehring Sam Angus .Clarence Smith Marilyn Van Etten Jo Ann Platt . Carol Vogelpohl . Valda Haack Don Queer Carol Bitter . Ted Lorenzen Frances Meng Betty Ladd Ted Brown ..,.. Lois Haack x Q A 4 -r The Y Covere D d the on I dx st whole Cou . urb' Arg ntrysgdej Ist at work Review the Year Seatedg Carol Vogelpohl, Marilyn Van Etten, Carol Dipman, Dolores Kolthoff, Valda Haack, Miss Foos. Row 29 Betty Ladd, Frances Meng, Don Queer, Vir- J Q, I ,- 9 'V 'Y' , f .2., any ,nf . A H32 0ur MARCH! G BA D Row lg Barbara Miller, Jo Ann Martin, Beverly Wilka, Audrey Crookton. Row 2, Kenneth Wilka, Roberta Spur- geon, Nancy Rudes, Glennis Dipman, Deanna McFarland, Dorothy Dunn, Shirley Fisher, Judy Holcombe, Carol Wheelock, Donald Fulkert, Donald Claus. Row 35 Jim Dehring, Fern Marsh, Bill Michael, Pat Brown, jo Ann Diefenthaler, Toni Boysen, Judy Neihausmeyer, Dick Fouke, Diane Renick, Dolores Placko, jack Rollins, Jim Musolf, Mr. Kosher, Director. Row 45 Bob Cornell, jo 2 1 I Ann Platt, Betty Ladd, june Reeder, Shirley Cashen, jo Elaine Dekreon, Carol Tipple, Suzanne Sherlc, Carol Dun- ham, Pat Showers, Anna Marie Gould, Ruth Marsh, Lor- raine Tasch. Row 55 Melvin Walter, Meredith Schimming, Grace Diekman, Bill Peloquin, Darrell Rollins, Maryann Bitter, Paul Snyder, jo Anne Wilkinson, Carol Dipman, Barbara Gould, Mary Edith Mollenhauer, Nora Lee Glad- den, Jim Cornell. I 1 E I 3 and Vi Q Z -rfb W . v , J 0 - - ,Ant ' ' ' ' ..-. ' 4' fl 1 C 2 . . ' J My ,Li 4 a Y J K l -Jie i " 1 i f , V ,Q . -r f ll. f x Q1 fc J ff: J Row lg Shirley Fisher, Shirley Philipon, Robert Dekreon, Loren Lau, Gilbert Barto, Charles Schnabel, Tom Tank, Pete Suydam, Delmar Zimmerman, Jim Van Etten, Joann Duval, Marilyn Van Etten, Mr. Kocher, director. Row 25 Deanna McFarland, Linda Jacobsen, Diane Renick, Carolyn Wetzel, Carol Dunham, Frances Meng, Nancy Brandon, Lucille Rewoldt, Mary Jane Schimming, June Reeder, Pat Showers. Row 35 Sherry Van Camp, Marjorie -r-'I' Boice, Darlene Byers, Carolyn Osmos, Joanne Diefen- thaler, Jo Elaine Dekreon, Sara Dazley, Pauline Bickfard, Joann Brown, Dolores Placko, Pat Brown, Marian Butter- field, Bonnie Dixon. Row 45 Elaine Leisenheimer, Betty Todd, Phyllis Coon, Nora Gladden, Carol Bitter, Joanne Wilkinson, Marilyn Haar, Paula Kreager, Joann Dreyer, Doris McPherson, Audrey Crookton. Choru gd I I - 5? I4 f ff' - 5 9 i ' K A "" w ...E vi f ' x I v After 5 . . ' the concert i 45, , 5: 1' was over!! 1 I "'L"fL"'f'?L N NX N V. k I x WW W ffx X 1 Ni X X X N Q X Xix, XX QS W 5 X T X X XXxX X X X f p s Nw NN. , 'fx MEN. X U W' x 5 X X I . K X X X A N X 4 M x XX f X-fn' Hx A XL xx ffxff., x X S X N R X XXXX S QR SX X X X x Ca t Elaine Leisenheimer Dolores Kolthoff Berry Ladd Ted Lorenzen Sandra Monroe Maizie Monroe Dorothea Apperly Haggerstaclt Egbert Monroe Dr. Ethel H. Smythe Elmo Bloclger Plunk Mr. Saleman Jim Dehring Carolyn Qsmus . Tecl Brown Clarence Smith Miss Meeker Carol Bitter Carol Dipman Valcla l-Iaaclc Glenn Truman Dr. Miriam Sprague Miss jones George Alexander Erma A. Johnson Jo Ann Platt May Blausey Director Student Director Business Manager Russ Bower Sam Angus, Valda Haack Marilyn Van Etten Stage Manager Property Managers Make-up Artist Prompters . Virginia Hornyak, Frances Kozak Music .. , Mr. Kocher , w ' K' by Affyx '74-sk "" 4' '27 , l b Seated? Carol Dillman, Virginia Hornyak. Standingg Carolyn Osmus, Clarence Smith, Frances Kozak, Russ Bower, Jo Ann Platt, Ted Brown. 1. Elaine and her prince charming. f 2' All 9Y95 glued on his fatal signa- ture' 3- Why C1025 everyone want that important paper? 4. To the W blare of trumpets, his Royal Highness 1: f .-... enters! 5. Whos gone ci-azy??? ,-ii..- f."'. I V- 'f-as . . . Q. ,EL xi oft ,.,x fix! :graft ,HV FEW Q ' H Q, Qnior P lay 3 Mcmioe, kan atxxacxive, Kmaima 'sxxeixc moxhe0 - ---- -- -N 6 0635, 51110931 ........ygxAv,Sb0 M Z Sandia K Sa Monroe NSY ew 1122163 ersxadk. Q53 1 dwfxe Q time xx "5 YVBQS ' imhetj . .. ' 3 ........ M m ian . , V M ton, Ja L'BuxcXx andy s Xxkamxsx ini, iio 1. fr in " J. W vs, Dr. B moBXob XX Xwtetna Do BY ,J K ce QS Kpsyc M Chatw m ...... etk. X , Vw., Q- L l P-QQ - i-Lg. Moor X W' Abe ' Wtmce bu' essma . oi we 'AS bed the xx Y NK emusv X 99 'ok coXXeC'cot Nfxonm Ysgdiv EA Mr. Smema 'Wxss Meeker ka 91 Q uf. mmm Sv' Q89 M925 55,55 same' A . George PAL ,L me ' Gym DxS2Y1'00uD'3 . .- X Q SYNC? Nxace in We e acixon es ,MN 'V' X v1XXe,U.S.A.'Yku9 mme as ' Vg Q , 1 Xjlie ,.ox xl f The i get in z The Seate d- C 9 3t'9l I er, Valda Ha Bck D 9 Olores Kolth Off ' Jim D ehr. ing, E . Betty lame L . L el , add. Glejleq-helmet. T d tu ' e mah, Mariltsfznzeni St an Ette ahding. n, 1 Sam An gllg, Dkxecwt .... em Dhfecwr .... ixagei' ....... XXX X . Smd Bugxness Ma X, X v W 5 I M 43 Y in--If Negro waitresses panto- mime to the music of "Lazy Bones." Q3 0ur Dancing with some bell- es of the ball. I , ,f -I ,4 I . A, i Q . xv Southern Hospitality outhern Plantation r. 1 'l"' " ' 1 I'0Ill Enjoying a dance v-fdbgw -1- Speakers for the evening-Mr. john C. Roberts, Ted Brown, Jim Dehring, Chuck St. Marie, Betty Simpson, Lois Haack, Kenneth Gross. Not picturedg Carol Dipman. Entering the ballroom. K., A , I 1 Music and the sound of tapping shoes. 5' l"'N E , S , Q ,If ' W.-, A . Y' f X i MAY QUEEN 0F '51 Norma Doll 46 if I ,go 1' 'F' ml Ls' . - Ext , i X'wt,3j-tx, f HUMECOMING QUEEN 0F '52 Shirley vmnpon Fe tivitie ei 0ur Queen' Reign in '52 V 4 si 1. The band leads the Homecoming Parade. 2. Queen rules over Homecoming Game. Queen Shirley and her Attendants, Marilyn Van Exten and jo Ann Platt. 3. A candidate's float in the parade. 4. Genoa's team lights for Queen. 48 "THE HIGH WI llllW" A llramatres Festival Play llrreeter Mr Charles Johnsen Jim Dehring Anita Strohscher Jim Faber jo Ann Platt Dolores Kolthoff Production Staff-Sta d g James No tny Eugene King, Frances Meng Mr Charle johnson D ct r lx V' Kneelingg Bob Cornell, Russell Schumacher, Charles Zeadker, John Floyd, Charles Hinde, Mr. Roberts, Coach. Standingg Bill Peloquin, Rod- ney Baer, Tom Russell, Alan Sherk, Randolph Brock, jim Cornell. nap JUNl0R HIGH BA KETBALL TEAM . - g? racucm Caught 9 D. v mm in chemamv 'sg""ed Marilyn? I0 Before fha bell :ami 17 1 f ' ' 'I 4 X7 ' I i Q I' . ln. fr ,Q "5 ' 49, . '. 5.g.2 ' 1 13: lr XV4 ? 1' , I v W X w X . K I X W' 1 , .1 0: kvvz ,bf 4' X A ' -7 N R 1 K ' K 'X N X XX V ' X N. 9 I N I X x xx Xxx x X .ww I JFK, jf Q 'sQ""Js ygfi v Q 'fwewv xl, us .' 'frwwq H385-Wg 5 Qeirm' wsmgiv M. e...1.d,,4,41-'I V VV 4 9 ge. 'WRX ' KW ww X, M A 01 I , QQSQXZ ww? Q M QM? Comets.. 332 D l DATE WE THEY Dec. 2 at Elmore 51 35 Dec. 11 Pemberville 42 38 Dec. 14 at St. Wendelin 67 83 Dec. 18 Webster C ll cl Dec. 21 St. Joe's 50 61 Jan. 4 Clyde 59 54 Jan. 5 St. 1Vlary's 43 54 Jan. 11 Oak Harbor 59 56 jan. 13 at Lake 42 4 Jan. 25 Elmore 57 42 Feb. 1 at Olney 65 63 Feb 2 Clay 53 69 Feb 5 Gibsonburg 63 69 F b 8 at Oak Harbor 60 56 F b 15 Lakeside 55 64 Reserves- ADick Estlack, Joh S h J, Ivan Weyandt, Richard Walters, im Ch b , o ert Bickford, J R b johnson, Pete Suydam, Richard Novotny, Vin- H' de, Ernie DiMasso, Larry Plaugher, Manager. rfafgm .12 4'-, T ., A Vw: UQ A " 5. H v 'I, -Lis' glfvg : , x W JM, f' ' V ' -Q' Q , -, 1,5 ' ,fi , , 3. , lb 5 3 Y ,! J-1? g , ' 41 fi y , , ,Q P .J f99 .0 5 ' 'Vu ff' 5. 4 ....x..-1 Marilyn Haat. Jo Ann Brown. ...-vfi' fxf Elaine Lexsenhelmer Qxxw W me X1 Shirley Philipon. 13 J ff! X is so e M W Putting motions and words together, exact timing, and coopera- tion by all are several challenges to accomplish in the art of cheerleading. On the stage, which is the football field or in the basketball auditorium, the performers lead us in the unified cheers for our teams-picking up their cues and putting enthusiasm and fight into the players and the crowd. 54 Seated on Ground, Managers, Larry Plaugher, Ronald Cashen, Gilbert Barto. Seatedg Phillip Collum, Robert Russell, Douglas Fowler, Byron Gilbert, William Gladden, Fritz Diekman, Dale Reeder, Bill Shupe. Row 25 Ivan Weyandt, Ronald Wingate, Dean McFarland, Sam Angus, Eugene Doll, Tom Schmidt, Larry Everhardt, Jerry Smith, Tom Pavlik, Mr. Schmidt. Row 3g Ralph Stevens, Skip Garey, Lewis Walterschied, jim Schimming, Ronald Hedge, Don Queer, Earl McGlone, Forrest Marsh, jim Herman. Football quad QM Schmidt. Seated, Charles Hinde, john Taylor, Merle Fondessy, Chuck Lehman, Dale Rieff, Eugene Soncrant, jim Van Etten, Alan Sherk. Row 25 Mr. Garey, Robert Bickford, Danny johnson, Ralph Lehman, Steve Verkin, Tom Russell, Loren Lau, Rodney Baer, Paul Yatslro, Russell Layman, Ronald Cashen, Manager. "Buzz" buzzes right past them! Genoa on top mostly I Ten enior Eugene Doll Buzz Angus fem George s Boy Pavllk Fritz" Dlekman S3111 I Don Muzi Queer Douglas xl r NP' yn Fowler Football Career Leo "Skip" Garey Dale Reeder Ralph Stevens ,,, , Al ws, Forrest l 'i , Sonny" W A Marsh .F " at C. G. H.. 'A A dance-step on the football field??? Genoa Comets in action! Varsity--Kneeling: JoAnn Brown, Jo Ann Platt, Marilyn Van Etten, captain, june Hfnde, Shir-ley Phlllpon, Standing, Coach Mickey Ialacci, Betty Ladd, Barbara Miller, Marilyn Haar, joyce Donley, Frances Meng, Carol Dipman, jo Elaine Dekreon, june Reeder, Reserves-Kneelingg Beverly Wilka, Dolores Placko, Bernadette Pieffer, Mary Jane Schimming, Pat Showers, Carolyn Wetzel, Fern Marsh. Standingg Jo Ann Schnabel, Grace Diekman, Anita Strohcher, Audrey Camper, JaAnn Martin, Suzanne Sherk, Shirley Rollins, Coach Mickey Ialacci. , .5 fr ,, IQ 'a Fa, 5 1 i F . X X 2 4 N JI H, 5 K - --.411 XX X73 R 1 ZH l wk Class of 1927 Laurabelle Apel, KL. Palmer?, Sandusky, Vern Arm- strong, Toledo, May Blausey, Genoa, Jack Boysen, Genoa, William Dehring, Genoa, Alice Dehn, Gray- town, Edith Eckerman, KD. Gleckler?, Gibsonburg, Frederick Feldt, Saginaw, Mich., Agnes Hellwig, KT. Dipman?, Martin, Walter Holmes, Detroit, Mich., Leonard Ilfland, Graytown, Mary Kekelik, KK. Fon- dessy?, Clay Center, Lucille Martin, KE. Groweg?, Gib- sonburg, Alice Schimming, KM. Diebert?, Curtice, Lois Schlegel, KDelphos?, Lemoyne, Donald Skilliter, KDe- ceased?, Robert Warring, Genoa, Carl Zwicker, Martin. Class of 1928 Sylvester Baum, Genoa, Rosette Burke, KMcMurray?, San Diego, Calif., Elizabeth Burman, KO. Bucholtz?, Toledo, Edna Burow, KW. Hockstettler?, 'Maumee, Bernadine Dolph, KJ. Cadaret?, Dearborn, Mich., William Dufendock, M.D., Genoa, Mabel Furman, KH. Boss?, Martin, Elsie Gerkensmeyer, KC. Johnson?, Mar- tin, Esmeralda Johnson, KE. Buck?, Willoughby, Rich- ard Kaylor, Oak Harbor, Merle Kemp, KDeceased?, Elizabeth Koch, KE. Tweetmeyer?, Portland, Ore., Helen Lau, KJ. Pennick?, Jacksonville, Fla., Nellie Leisenheimer, KR. Rease?, Toledo, Marie LaVigne, Genoa, Anita Musolf, KV. Libbe?, Genoa, Esther Nie- haus, KE. Camper?, Genoa, Kenneth Not-wine, Swanton, Leonard Pabcn, Toledo, Pauline Peilfer, KHirst? Genoa, Irma Reaman KW. Kontak? Elmore, Arthur Sahr, Millbury, Esther Samsen KL. Schroeder? Rossford, Velma Schimming KJ. Conner? Toledo, Alice Schimm- ing KDiebert? Curtice, Clarence Schlievert? Martin, Alice Shessler KDeceased?, Lella Mae Stewart KDe- ceased?, Oreville Taylor. Oak Harbor, Dorcas Tillot- son KL. Crawford? Albuquerque, N. M., Margaret Wagoner KR. Blausey? Genoa, Lawrence Weis, Toledo, Robert White, Detroit, Mich., Cleo Wood KDeceased?, Kathryn Wood KF. Feldt? Saginaw, Mich., Mildred Yackee KW. Klob? Fort Wayne, Ind. Class of 1929 Helen Asmus, Germany, Clarence Bell, Toledo, Mary Bowland KE. Epling? Genoa, Helen Bowland KG. Webber? Swanton, Bernice Bruns, Gibsonburg, Richard Camper, Cincinnati, Norman Cashen, Genoa, Walter David, Toledo, Gertrude Furman KD. Brown? Saginaw, Mich., Arnold Furstenow, Martin, Elizabeth Gerkens- meyer KL. Schlievert? Curtice, Rev. Lester Heins, Wayne, Mich., Norman Helle, Martin, Alice Hesselbart KC. Stevens? Genoa, Mabel Hurretlbrink, Genoa, Melba Johnson KN. Hahn? Genoa, Kathleen Long, Genoa, Edna Miller KG. Peach? Toledo, Hernando Mitten- dorf, Chicago, Ill., Edna Moore KH. Lusk? Fostoria, Oscar Sandwich, Oak Harbor, Lyle Shessler, Clay Center, Ralph Uthoif, Toledo, Dolores Ward KJ. Rein- boldt? Perrysburg, Fay Welch KJ. Wood? Elmore, Earl Widmer, Genoa, Helen Yackee KJ. Bayer? Genoa. Class of 1930 Edward Baum, Genoa, Josephine Camper KC. Brad- street? Genoa, Phyllis Cheney KN. Smith? Baybridge, Paul Clark, Toledo, Gordon Claus, Genoa, Frederick David, Cleveland, Esther Dehn, Graytown, Margaret Dufendock KJ. Boysen? Genoa, Robert Gardner, Gen- oa, Harold House, Detroit, Mich., Viola Hurdelbrink, Genoa, Earl Johnson, Williston, Walter Koenker, Gen- oa, John Magsig, Martin, Thelma Marshall KD. DiLo- renzo? Genoa, Irene Miller KE. Schimming? Genoa, Galen Moritz, Martin, Lucille Nissen KA. Farris? Toledo, Carmon Norwine, Port Clinton, Esther Sahr KJ. Brunner? Toledo, Rev. Edmund Schliecher, Mich., Alice Schlievert KR. 'Johnson? Gibsonburg, Helen Schroeder KC. Heisman? Curtice, Glen Seeger, Toledo, John Sherk, Genoa, Vivian Stevens KR. Kaylor? Oak Harbor, William Trokner, Toledo, James Ward, To- ledo, Clarence Wilka, Genoa, Clark Wheeler, KDe- ceased?, Agnes Younker, KE. Albright? Millbury. Class of 1931 Beatrice Basilius KC. Hildebrant? Millbury, Ralph Bid- dle, Toledo, Elton Bowland, Genoa, Musetta Burskett KKolbe? Fremont, Marjorie Dalzell KE. Tickner? Spring Lake Mich., Elnora Dier KE. Crandall? Toledo, Luella Dufendock KW. Salisbury? Genoa, Alfred Emch, Wood- ville, Thelma Haskill KA. Cairl? Martin, Jeannette Has- sen KDeceased,? Bernadine HesselbartKA. Lewis? Genoa, Margaret Hesser KJ. Haar? Genoa, Charlotte Johnson KC. Herron? Rocky River, Lester Johnson, Curtice, Louise Kersten KF. Kristenak? Clay Center, Lloyd Kroetz, Genoa, Lyle La Plantz, Detroit, Mich., Leo La Vigne, Genoa, Alice Lenz, Genoa, Joseph Long, Gen- oa, Warren Miller KDeceased,? Woodrow Moritz, Clay Center, Clarence Rice, Genoa, Robert Vincent, Toledo, Larry Welch, Genoa, Agatha Yackee KM. Dekreon? Genoa. Class of 1932 Robert Abdoo, Deceased, Wilson Blausey, Elmore, Alvin Boysen, Plainwell, Mich., Leona Cashen KA. Charron? Detroit, Mich., Paul Cashen, Genoa, Vivian Crossman KW. Kline? Genoa, Loretta Dalling KE. Maire? Genoa, Marie David, Cleveland, Leonard Davis, Curtice, Hazel Diefenthaler KW. Knudson? Millbury, Esther Dryher KMrs. Ward? Millbury, Ruth Edgar KR. Hare? Fayette- ville, Pa., Carlton Fulkert, Toledo, Mildred Goeckerman KA. Wilka? Toledo, Harvey Gregg, Genoa, Lucille Groll KR. Bell? Gibsonburg, Virginia Harris KW. Miller? Chagrin Falls, Erma Heins KC. Sheets? Millbury, Wil- bert Helle, Williston, Lester Henningsen, Curtice, Cath- erine Herman KS. Toth? Toledo, Nedra Herman KL. Gast? Elyria, Elwood Holcombe, Genoa, Lucille House KV. Smith? Detroit, Mich., Dorothy Klinger KR. Miller? Toledo, Francis Kristenak, Clay Center, Donald Kruse, Genoa, Herman Lau, Graytown, Orrin Lau, Cleveland, Glenn Marsh, Williston, Ted Murphy, Genoa, Marjorie Nickelson, KMrs. Meyer? Elmore, Christine Padgett KL. Nissen? Curtice, Lester Pe'erson, Curtice, Durand Por- ter, Toledo, Charles Rudes, Deceased, Alice Sandrock KH. Hiedmann? Columbus, Freder'ck Schimmel, To- ledo, Orville Schimmel, Curtice, Norman Schlievert, Martin, Alberta Shessler KE. Myers? Clay Center, Robert Slater, Genoa, Louis St. Marie, Worcester, Mass., Gertrude Streicher, Williston, Edmond Waggener, Flat Rock, Ill., Daisy Welch KMrs. McCormick? Genoa, Virginia Whitinger KM. Rupp? Genoa, Bonnie Wil- kinson KL. Shessler? Clay Center, Harry Younker, Martin. Class of 1933 Alfred Abdoo, Denver, Colo., William Arthur, Day- ton, Joe Barto, Deceased, Harold Bell, Toledo, Mil- dred Boring KMrs. Knopp? Oak Harbor, Florence Brinkman KW. Hesselbart? Genoa, Ernest Buhrow, Martin, Steve Busci, Toledo, Wayne Cillier, Stockbridge, Mich., Lorene Dier KT. Gross! Moline, Orville Dryer, U, S. Air Corps, Hawaiian Is., Almeda Emch KMrs. Goeckerman! Woodville, Margaret Gardner, Deceased, Orval Hartman, Curtice, Vivian Hartman KK. Roepka! Genoa, Mable Henninger KG. Koch! Toledo, Warren Hesselbart, Genoa, Dean Hesser, Drexel Hill, Pa., Edna jackson KF. Densic! Genoa, Ollie Jensen, Un- known, Donald Johnson, Williston, Frank Klavinger, Genoa, Frieda Kohntopp KL. Albright! Millbury, Ruth Kruse KB. Mittendorf! Genoa, Milton La Plantz, Cen- oa, Alice La Vigne KR. Roe! Walbridge, George Leisenheimer, Toledo, Edward Loboschefski, Weston, Laura Miller KW, Taylor! Millbury, Bernard Mitten- dorf, Genoa, Marvin Nissen, Toledo, Sarah Paulson, Toledo, Kenneth Plantz, Genoa, Vincent Purney, Clay Center, Edna Reeder, Millbury, Kenneth Roepka, Gen- oa, Earl Rudes, Genoa, Anita Sahr, Clay Center, Clara Schafer KR. Nickelson! Millbury, Dorothy Schroeder KC. Koch! Curtice, Mildred Schroeder, Curtice, Frieda Stausmire KW. Dufendock! Genoa, joseph Tanase, Genoa, Howard Taylor Deceased, William Taylor, Mill- bury, Mary Tokar, Clay Center, jack Walters, Un- known, Waldo Werner, Arlington,iVa., Meryl Wid- mer, Genoa, Lawrence Wilka, Genoa, Mary Zak, KMrs. Herr! Fremont. Class of 1934 Margaret Baker, Deceased, George Bowland, Genoa, Nora Cashen, Genoa, jerry Chambers, Genoa, john David, Deceased, Lora Dier KE. Sattler! Toledo, Georgia Dunn KA. Felbinger! Genoa, Erwood Edgar M.D. San Diego, Calif., Elizabeth Emch KL. Harmeyer! Genoa, Edna Groweg KC. Zimmerman! Genoa, jonella Henningsen KR. Downs! Curtice, Durwood Holcombe, Bradner, Juanita jackson KH. Mollenhauer! Genoa, Robert Johnson, Curtice, Ruth Koenker, Genoa, Helen Lenz KI. Distel! Martin, Alice Long, Curtice, Dean Marsh. Williston, Virginia McLargin KN. Miller! Tole- do, Harry Mizner, Oak Harbor, Dorothy Myers KF. Koester! Genoa, Ewald Niehaus, Genoa, Russel Peiffer, Deceased, Vincent Peiffer. Avon Lake, Marjorie Pogg- emeyer KM. Smith! Canaan, Conn., Iva Mae Stevens KW. Wallington! Fond du Lac, Wis., john Suto, Gen- oa, john Szabo, Toledo, George Troknya, Toledo, Donald Vine, Genoa, Virginia Welch KC. Kaemning! Gibsonburg, Wayne Wheeler, Genoa, Violet ZunkKMrs. Koster! Toledo. Class of 1935 George Abdoo, Denver, Colo., Richard Avery, Elliston, Beryl Baku, Toledo, Kenneth Basilius, Chicago Heights Ill., Eldo Bergman, Genoa, Walter Best, Genoa, Vivian Curtiss, Unknown, Bernadine Dalling KR. Wagner! Gen- oa, Arnold Dunn, Deceased, Elva Friemark KMrs. Rom- bart! Martin, John E. Gregg, Amsterdam, O., Richard Haar, Elmore, Norman Hastings. Unknown, Helen Hudson KMrs. Ameling! Gibsonburg, Woodrow Jac- qury, Martin, Gertrude Johnson KS. Mominee! Willis- ton, Kathryn Lankenau KK. Basillius! Chicago Heights, Ill., Lawrence Magrum. Toledo, Joseph Miklosko, Cur- tice, Bernard Nickelson, Clay Center, Ruth Paulson, japan, Mary Peiffer KA. Biggins! Pocatillo, Idaho, Beatrice Plantv KW. Baird! Genoa, Raymond Pollex, Toledo, Meryle Price KR. Durdel! Elmore, Russel Rice, Genoa, Meritt Riedeman, Genoa, Phyllis Samson KD. Wood! Genoa, Leonard Sander, Genoa, Lloyd Schim- mel, Curtice, Geraldine Schimming KG. Marsh! Willis- ton, Ruth Shessler KC. Kozina! Toledo, Yvonne Shess- ler KMrs. Testor! Toledo, Genevieve Stein Kj, Charron! Niagara Falls, N. Y., Spencer Stewart, Genoa, John Troknya, Williston, Minerva Truman KMrs. Seltzer! Martin, Carl Uthof, M.D., Grand Rapids, Mich. Rach- el Vine Kj. Sherk! Genoa, Rola Whitinger, Genoa, Lucille Wilkins KC. Norwalk! Genoa, Dean Wood, Genoa. Class of 1936 Belva Baker KH. Gonyer! Toledo, Luella Bell KE. Hane- ly! Perrysburg, Margaret Ann Boysen KF. Owens! Tecumseh, Mich., Elizabeth Bringe KW. Witt! Martin, Robert Brinkman, Genoa, Lillian Brittain, Deceased, Frances Buhrow KJ. Cowan! Curtice, Roger Bunte, Cur- iicei Wayne Carey, U. S. Army, Cecil Carey, Genoa, Ethel Davis KR. Smith! Fremont, Frank David, Day- ton, Mildred Dirnberg KMrs. Whiting! Elmore, jack Driver, Deceased, Dale Gardner, Genoa, Daisy Gust KD. Davis! Toledo, Charles Hahn, Millbury, Rosemary HHIBY, Genoa, Agnes Harbal KMrs. Stroer! Germany, Betty Heibeck KMrs. Young! Oak Harbor, Willa House KMrs. Rickner! Kingston, Mich., Dick Hassan, Genoa, Kathern Koch KE. Wagoner! Flat Rock, Ill., Margaret Kruse, Genoa, Wilhelamina La Chine, Genoa, Law- rence La Vigne, Hamler, Bernice Merle KM. La Plantz! Genoa, Frank Mikloski, Cleveland, Leota Moritz KMrs. Dipman! Martin, john Myers, Genoa, Helen Niehaus- meyer, Genoa, Ethel Organ KM. Nero! Clay Center, Chester Padgett, Genoa, Kathryn Peer, Toledo, james Pinkerton, Martin, Eleanor Reinbolt KMrs. Nolte! Tol- edo, Henrietta Sartoris KR. Cashen! Genoa, Audry Schimmel KD. Spurgeon! Genoa, Eloise Sieving KA. Lohrbash! Bradner, Ann Slovak KJ, J. Smglgngkij Toledo, Frances Spung KR. Avery! Elliston, Donald Spurgeon, Genoa, Eileen Stroscher KG. Wangrin! Gen- oa, Lynn Suhrbier, Port Clinton, Julius Szabo, Tole- do, Carl Troknya, Toledo, Marian Utley, Unknown, Jeanette Welch KE. Niehaus! Genoa, Robert Wheeler Genoa, Irene Witt KMrs. Woodrow! Martin. Class of 1937 Betty Armstrong Kj. Pinkerton! Martin, Donald Av- ery, Oak Harbor, Harold Avery, Genoa, Marie Basil- ius KMrs. Cadenhead! . Toledo, Loutella Bossa, Un- known, Margaret Cashen KA. Feyes! Genoa, Clifford Davis, Curtice, Evelyn Draeger KW, Pelgquin! Gen. oa, Edward Draper, Curtice, Alice Fondessy KT. Gleck- er! Toledo, Bessie Friemark KMrs. Sutton! Martin, La- Salle Furman KMrs. R. Scott! Toledo, Robert Goecker- man, Genoa, Clarence Helle, Toledo, Betty Henning- sen KC. Schroeder! Curtice, Roger Hesselbart, Genoa, Helen Hilton KT. Ames! Unknown, Faith Koenker KR. Wescott! Genoa, Alma Kruse KD. White! Genoa, Lee Kunce, Indianapolis, Ind., Donald Lenz, Deceased, Howard Lohr, Martin, Kathleen Nickelson KM, Sghim. ming! Clay Center, Merle Porter, Genoa, Orlena Reno Deceased, Verna Roecker KG. Stevens! Cenoa, Merrill Rudes, Clay Center, Walter Samson, Clay Center, Ralph Schimmel, Toledo, Norman Schulte, Woodville, Evelyn Schwerkings KS. Suto! Toledo, Margaret Shess- ler KF. Williams! Miami, Fla., Elva Stroshine KL. John- son! Curtice, Jean Tank KC. Uthoff! Grand Rapids, Mich., Faye Van Dorn KR. Jensen! Clay Center, Star- la Van Dorn KW. Teems! Clay Center, Dolores Weise KE. Petonki! Fremont, Ernest Wendler, Clay Center, Donald White, Genoa, Clayton Whittaker, Columbus, James Widmer, Genoa, Frederick Williams U. S. Navy, Willard Witt, Martin, Marian Yackee KF. Beatty? Fort Wayne, Ind., Virgil Zeller, Genoa. Class of 1938 William Avent, Toledo, Peach Baker, Toledo, Richard Blausey, Genoa, Earl Bringe, Curtice, Marvel Bringe KC. Johnson? Martin, Ross Burge, Curtice, Ruth David KC. Norwine? Port Clinton, Genevieve Davis KHerman?, Fostoria, Lila Mae Dunnmeyer KJ. Willis? Woodville, Shirley Emch KJ. Ryan? Genoa, Lucille Emerich KMark- ley? Martin, James Fisher, Martin, Lucille Fondessy KD. Bennice? Marble Head, David Geldine, Unknown, Frances Groweg KR. Brinkman? Genoa, Helen Mar- garet Haley KR. Wheeler? Genoa, Eleanor Hanely KJ. Richards? Genoa, Marion Harmeyer KC. Younker? Gib- sonburg, Leonard Jensen, Unknown, Charles Johnson, Martin, Maxine Kidd KPierce? Toledo, Eric Kohntopp, Genoa, Gertrude Krekemeyer KI. Peterson? Williston, Guy La Chine, Cleveland, Gordon Leisenheimer, To- ledo, Gene Magrum, Unknown, Geraldine Merle KM. Sindlinger? Toledo, Ila Mae Nickelson KM. Hartman? Williston, Harold Nissen, Williston, Ralph Nissen, To- ledo, Robert Nolte, Genoa, Dorothy Reinboldt KC. Widmer? Genoa, Cloice Rettig, Unknown, Bessie Sahr, Clay Center, Lowell Sander, Genoa, Ralph Sandrock, Curtice, Virgil Schlessner, Unknown, Frank Slovak, Jasper, Mich., Dorothy Stewart, Lima, Eileen St. Marie KC. Garey? Genoa, Oscar Szabo, Deceased, Herman Taylor, Millbury, Edward Vincent, U. S. Navy, Janet Vine KP. Diab? Gibsonburg, Margaret Watts KG. Garner? Toledo, Robert Welch, Genoa, Virginia Wetzel KC. Shumaker? Unknown, Bruce Wheeler, Genoa, Melvin Wilkins, Curtice, Dorothy Witt KE. Johnson? Williston, Thelma Yackee KD.. Miller? Woodville, Mary Jane Young KC. Garver? Tuiunga, Calif. Class of 1939 Hilda Maye Bowland KW. Apel? Toledo, Earl Bringe, Curtice, Mary Lou Brown, Genoa, Robert Burand, Un- known, Emerson Cover, Toledo, Bernice Englehart KW. Jerde? Spenard, Alaska, Marjorie Frey Ksherman? Tol., LeRoy Furstnau, Martin, Paul Gall, Genoa, Howard Gardner, Toledo, Virginia Gerkensmeyer KR. Arn- holt? Toledo, Jeanette Grosjean, Unknown, Dorothy Helleman KM. Walker? Ney, Faye Huss KW. Scott? Genoa, Betty Jacobson KG. Scott? Genoa, Richard Kemp, Cleveland, Betty Lou Kruse, Chicago, Warren Lenz, Curtice, Romayne Long KK. Schmidlin? Genoa, Edwin Lorenzen, Martin, Kenneth Mang, Unknown, John E. Musolf, Genoa, Edith Niehausmeyer, Genoa, Kenneth Padgett, Genoa, Nellie Peiffer KE. Harris? Genoa, Betty Poggemeyer KG. Washington? Midland, Tex., Mary Rudes KL. Green? Genoa, Russell Rudes, Long Navanaj Borneo, Indonesia, Florence Sandrock KE. Bringe? Curtice, Mildred Sandrock KKoob? Easter- ville, Ia., Marjorie Seiger, Deceased, Frances Shessler KR. Kemp? Cleveland, Jack Shessler, Cortland, Richard Stein, Genoa, Bernard Steindam, Genoa, Dorothy Stew- art KA. J. Rothrock? Lima, Gerard Strackeljohn De- ceased, Ruth Tuckerman KJ. Ames? Curtice, Nick Vrot- sos, Jr., Toledo, James J. Wagoner, Toledo, James Wetzel, Jr., Millbury, Lucille Wilka KP. Kaser? Perrys- burg. Class of 1940 Eunice Arendt KM. George? Genoa, Ruth Bage KJames? Detroit, Mich., Donna Mae Bergman KL. Welch? Gen- oa, Charles Britton, U. S. Army, Thomas Cashen, Genoa, Margaret Champion KD. Rogers? Genoa, Vance Champion, Genoa, Henrietta Clark, Elmore, Ray Darl- ing, Toledo, Beatrice Dunn KP. Sutter? Williston, Jack Dunn, Fostoria, Eileen Freimark KH. Seudder? To- ledo, Erma Garey KE. Navarre? Toledo, Max Geldine, Genoa, Jack Haley, Curtice, Helen Harbel, Toledo, Alice Harmeyer KR. Bunning? Detroit, Mich., Marilyn Hartman KL. Cowles? Walbridge, Thelma House, Detroit, Mich., Emil Kohntopp, Genoa, Agnes Kreager KYork? Toledo, Bernetta La Vigne KW. Kelly? Toledo, Lauretta La Vigne KL. Threm? Millbury, Ethel Leisen- heimer, Unknown, Gertrude Meyers, U. S. Navy, Mary Edith Pinkerton KF. G. Stein? Iowa City, Ia., Robert Plantz, Williston, John Race, Genoa, Margaret Rein- boldt, Martin, Charles Rost, Curtice, Virginia Sandrock KJ. Kirkbride? Toledo, Gladys Sedlemeier KL. Tracy? Toledo, Marvin Shaw, Toledo, De Etta Shessler KW. Kunz? Toledo, Delores Shessler, Genoa, Lyle Shilfert, Genoa, Mahlon Smith, Martin, Norman Stewart U. S. Navy, Stanley Stone, Genoa, Evelyn Turnow KT. E. Coultry? Troy, N. Y., Kenneth Vine, Genoa, Roland Vogelpohl, Millbury, Robert Wackee, U. S. Air Force, Richard Waldron, Williston. Class of 1941 Keith Baker, Toledo, LaMar Bower, Genoa, Robert Buehler, Genoa, Marian Carpenter KH. Avery? Genoa, Viola Clark KH. Schling? Elmore, Harold Crookton, San Francisco, Calif., Frieda Dalling, Genoa, Alice David KD. Diefenthaler? Toledo, Gailen Drummond, Genoa, Richard Dunberger, Williston, Donna Jean Duncan KE. Abel? Toledo, Donna Mae Emch KB. Linke? Genoa, James Evans, Toledo, Eddie Feagen, Goshen, Ind., Dale Feldt, Genoa, Dale Fondessy, U. S. Army, Virginia Fulkert KH. Schumaker? Toledo, Etta Mae Gatz KDubert? Port Clinton, Richard Haeft Deceased, John Harbal, Genoa, Charles Heibeck, To- ledo, Dean Henncn, Genoa, Harold Henningsen, Cur- tice, Genevieve Holland KM. Geldine? Genoa, Meri- dith House, Genoa, Donna Johnson KR. Waldron? Williston, Dorthea Long KW. Berger? Curtice, Mary Mang KK. Vine? Genoa, Adeline Merle KM. Thomp- son? Oak Harbor, Leonard Murry U. S. Army, War- ren Newton, Grand Rapids, Mich., Edna Nickelson KV. Hunt? Toledo, Keith Niehaus, Toledo, Betty Oberhaus KE. Stromaier? Toledo, Jack Poggemeyer, Detroit, Mich., Theresa Portale KM. Kersten? Curtice, Edward Powers U. S. Army, Jane Reid KL. K. Bernhard? New York, William Rost, Curtice, Harlow Rudes, Martin, Verna Schimming KD. Hennen? Genoa, Marcella Schlievert KR. Peer? Curtice, Hazel Sievert KM. Myer- holtz? Rocky Ridge, Karl Steindam, Port Clinton, Alice Stroshine KScott? Millbury, Robert Tank, Williston, Steve Troknya U. S. Marines, Donna Venzke KH. SChumaCl'ler? Luckey, Mildred Verkin KC. Schoepe? Turkey, Ralph Vogelpohl, Curtice, Jack Werner, Gen- oa, Myrtle Wight KSulewski? Toledo, Elizabeth Witt KFisher? Martin, Roger Witt, Genoa, Lois Wyse KH. Clarke? Toledo, Fladgit Zunk, Puleski, Tenn. Class of 1942 Arla Bell KR. Williams? Genoa, Thelma Blair KG. Drummond? Genoa, Burl Bowlander, Genoa, Marion Bringe KG. Rudes? Martin, Maebelle Caris, Williston, Dorothy Chambers KR. Goater? Piqua, Elsie Champion, Genoa, Ethel Mae Chandler KR. Vogtsberger? Toledo, George Chovanec, Toledo, Irene Clifton, Stony Ridge, C. H. Coleman, Genoa, Milton David, Rochester, N. Y., Dolores Davis KJ. Werner? Genoa, Robert Dunn, Gen- oa, Leonard Grosjean, Curtice, Audrey Gross KR. Huss? Genoa, Robert Huss, Genoa, Merrill Klatt, Mullbury, Frederick Kruse, Toledo Univ., Toledo, Betty Martin KL. Caldwell? Curtice, Ethel Merle KJ. Mobley? Toledo, Alta Niehaus KC. Schulz? Genoa, Carol Niehaus KR. Tank? Williston, Franklin Oatley, Claremore, Okla., Charles Padgett, Toledo, Elizabeth Padgett KWathan? Genoa, Norbert Peitfer, Curtice, Robert Peiifer, Wood- ville, Carmela Portale KJ. Haley? Curtice, Nelson Pur- tee, Genoa, Patricia Queer KL. Van Alts? Millbury, Wilson Roecker, Curtice, Clyde Rost, U. S. Army, George Rost, Denver, Colo., Alice Sander KW. Brugge- meier? Luckey, Ralph Sandrock, Curtice, Robert Sharpe, Columbus, Basset Sheldon, Genoa, Aline Shields KM. Shaneck? Curtice, Leon Paul Smith, Martin, Wm. Dean Sorrell, Genoa, Ralph Spaulding, Martin, Robert Stone, Genoa, Marjorie Taylor KH. Taylor? Unknown, Melvin Truman, Genoa, Gene Tuckerman, Toledo, Charles Van Dorn, Jr., Toledo, Bill Vassill, Toledo, Leonard Villhauer, Unknown, Marion Dale Wagoner, Unknown, Vera Wetzel KAbdo? Unknown, Russell Wey- andt, Genoa, Alberna Wilkins KI. Welling? Millbury, Letha Jane Williams KR. Vogelpohl? Millbury, Donald Wolfe, Curtice, Russell Zackee, Martin, Joseph Zatko, Genoa. Class of 1943 Joe Beleta, Clay-Center, Bertha Mae Camper, Toledo, Marguerita Carr KG. Brown? Genoa, John Chambers, Woodville, Galen Clark, Unknown, William Dazley, U. S. Army, Charlotte Diefenthaler KW. Reinhart? Toledo, Franklin Diekman, Martin, Delores Draeger KLeyder? New Bloomfield, Pa., Luella Emerich KMizner? Oak Harbor, Andrew Feyes, Toledo, Lauren Flick, Un- known, Robert Gerkensmeyer, Williston, Lawrence Gruetter, Curtice, Ruth Gruetter, Curtice, Teresa Gar- ofli KF. Furrie? Oak Harbor, Carl Harbal, Oak Har- bor, Eunice Harr KJ. Chambers? Genoa, Michael Har- sanje, Deceased, Carlotta Hartshorn KJ. Nemith? Un- known, Dorothy Hummel KE. Shiifert? Williston, Mar- garet Joines, Genoa, Jeanette Johnson, Unknown, Joan Jones KC. Henry? Genoa, Margaret Juhasz KV. Min- ulli? Baltimore, Md., Hazel Kidd KG. Swartzlander? Toledo, Ellen Kreager KSchulte? Genoa, Jean Lentz KR. Baker? Curtice, Mary Marshall KBlaloclc? Redman, Ore., Donald Reeder, Toledo, Milton Roecker, Genoa, Jeanette Schlievert, Unknown, Meinert Schroeder, Woodville, Maxine Sheldon KHudson? Genoa, Richard Shields, Curtice, Agnes Slovak KMeyers? Toledo, Mary Smahaj, Genoa, Kenneth Snyder, Genoa, Frances Strackeljohn KB. Kusian? Curtice, Joyce Swartzlander KD. Lusk? Genoa, Eileen Tasch KE. Draper? Curtice, George Vasill, Graytown, Ralph Vogtsberger, Toledo, Elizabeth Vrotsos KPatchett? Port Clinton, Betty Wey- andt KR. Overhouse? Genoa, Jeanette Witt KG. Miller? Genoa, John Wyse, Genoa, Dorothy Younker KP. Schmidt? Williston, Frederick Zunk, Clay Center. Class of 1944 Durward Blanchard, Columbus, Marie Buehler KR. Weyandt? Genoa, June Depner KSeligman? Chicago, Ill., Velma Diefenthaler KH. Filmore? Curtice, Virgil Drummond, Genoa, Robert Floro, New Braunfels, Tex., Lyle Freimark, U. Michigan, Martin, Glen Gross, Clear Field, Pa., Joyce Haack KA. Sells? Toledo, Maurine Haar KA. Opfer? Elliston, Reynold Helle, Curtice, Robert Haeft, Genoa, Rosanna Hammond KMurray? Toledo, Richard Harsanje, Genoa, Reynold Helle, Cur- tice, Robert Helle, Toledo, Virginia Helm KCardona? Ft. Wayne, Ind., Bernadine Hoeft KE. Dipman? Genoa, Donald Howland, Toledo, Richard Kreager, Lorain, James La Plant, Toledo, Alice Lusk KJ. Mohrman? Gibsonburg, Jack Morgan, Toledo, Lowell Murray, To- ledo, Myron Niehausmeyer, U. S. Army, Dorothy Nissen KO. Kinsel? Williston, Martha Olga KLoertsher? Elmore, Loretta Peiffer KBowes? Toledo, Robert Powers, Genoa, Lucille Rost KD. Feldt? Genoa, Arlene Rudes KL. Miller? Elmore, Maureen St. Marie KR. Arndt? Genoa, Donald Skilliter, Genoa, Helen Slovak KR. Floering? Millbury, Richard Smith, Toledo, Elaine Swartzlander KR. Geldine? Genoa, Richard Wilka, Wil- liston, Audrey Witt KR. Yackee? Martin, Josephine Witt KD. Williams? Clay Center, June Wolfe KC. Rost? Unknown, Pearl York KW. Lenz? Curtice, Mar- cella Zunk, Unknown. Class of 1945 Margaret Anthony KE. Schudel? Toledo, Elgene Aylor KR. Spaulding? Martin, jo Anna Baer KA, Arndt? Genoa, Ruth Bankey KR. Krumnow? Genoa, Jean Benadom KR. Lester? Toledo, Dorothy Blair KV. Drummond? Genoa, Robert Clark, Curtice, Ray Cover, Genoa, Richard Crookton, Genoa, Corrine Davis, Cur- tice, Jim Dier, Deceased, Alberna Duty, Unknown, Kenneth Gross, Woodland, Pa.,'Marvin Groweg, Gen- oa, Jeanette Haar, Williston, Lyle Hellwig KU. Mich.?, Martin, Marilyn Huss KR. Coon? Genoa, Frances Johnson, Williston, Irene Kochvai KL. Reinboldt? Gib- sonburg, Betty Kohntopp KC. Orth? Gibsonburg, Doug- las Krouse, Denver, Colo., Juanita Mack KE. Yonker? Genoa, Alice Morgan KSzabo? Toledo, Dorothea Ober- hous KC. Anderson? Toledo, Bernadine Padgett KL. Thompson? Genoa, Louise Philipon KJ. Arvantis? Toledo, San Portale, U. S. Army, Jean Rupert KW. Seegar? Graytown, Barbara Schimmel, Curtice, Victor Schulte, Genoa, Lillian Slovak KR. Miller? Toledo, La Verne Sorrell KM. Olzak? Genoa, Gerald Spurgeon, Genoa, Virginia Stevens KS. Vargo? Camp Polk, La., Lydia Strackeljohn KR. Kuehner? Curtice, Shirley Stro- shine, Martin, Robert Terry, Curtice, Jim Vassill, Grey- town, Dorothy Wilka KE. Lindsey? Helena, Henry Wilkins, Martin, Patricia Yackee KJ. Harbal? Genoa. Class of 1946 Joy Ann Arndt KR. Race? Genoa, James Beck, Genoa, Albert Bast, Genoa, Phyllis Camper, Genoa, Dolores Chambers KB. Raines? Woodville, Doryce Chambers KR. Shields? Curtice, Jean Champion KJ. Fey? Helena, John Chandler, Millbury, Leonard Decant, U. S. Air Force, Arlene Depner KK. Padgett? Genoa, Charlotte Diebert KE. Beauregard? Wyandotte, Mary Lou Dip. man KH. Heilman? Genoa, James Downey, Gibsonburg, Richard Evans, U. S. Navy, Leta Floyd KD. Swartz? Genoa, Emerson Fondessy, U. S. Army, Leroy Fowleer, Genoa, Eleanor Gargac, KR. Herman! Toledo, Bertha Mae Geldine KM. Groweg! Genoa, Jim Haley, Cur- tice, Thomas Haley, U. S. Army, Emery Harsanje, U. S. Air Force, Jack Helterbrake, U. S. Army, Alice Hoodlebrink KSteindam! Genoa, Reid Johnson, Rollers- ville, Delores Kavesky, Unknown, Donald Lackey, Pitts- burgh, Pa., Gerald La Plant, Toledo, Betty Leisen- heimer KH. Boutin! Curtice, Richard Mang, Genoa, Melvin Marsh, Brewster, Patricia Musolf KR. Wald- bauer! Shelby, Chester Norden, U. S. Air Force, Richard Peilfer, Genoa, Mary Jane Portale KJ. Haley! Curtice, Gene Rice, U. S. Army, Vondale Roecker KE. Hurdlebrink! Genoa, Donna Rollins KG. Brinker! Luckey, Gerald Rossman, U. S. Army, Edwin Rost, Toledo, De Lores Ruppert, Toledo, John Schmidt, U. S. Army, Rose Schmidt, Curtice, Jean Shessler KR. Widmer! Genoa, Clifford Shields, Curtice, Jac Smith, Martin, Marjorie Stroshine KJ. Witte! Martin, Ralph Tipple, Genoa, Elwood Venzke, U, S, Army, Joe Verkins, U. S. Air Force, Robert Vogelpohl, Curtice, Rhoda Welch KP. Garey! Genoa, Bette Werling, Fre- mont, Richard Wetzel, Millbury, Robert Widmer, Gen- oa, Alice Wilka KR. Clink! Gibsonburg, Thomas Willing, New London, Viola Wittman KR. Kapahnke! Martin, Bernice Younker KC. Zimmerman! Rising Sun. Class of 1947 Mary Jane Bowlander KK. Clifton! Toledo, Virginia Byers KJ. Schmuhl! Toledo, Ruth Chambers KC. Dief- enthaler! Curtice, Lois Dazley KP. Ackerman! Genoa, Richard Diekman, Martin, David Dier, U. S. Army, Tom Downey, U. S. Marines, Phyllis Dunham, Genoa, Maxine Floyd KD. Chambers! Genoa, Iris Mae Fon- dessy KR. Haack! Clay Center, Maxine Freimark, Mar- tin, Herbert Frey, Genoa, Marion Gruetter, Curtice, Donald Haeft, U. S. Army, Betty Harsanje KThomp- son! Genoa, Robert Hartman, Graytown, Elizabeth Hartshorn KJ. Neimth! Clay Center, Betty Helle, Wil- liston, Myron Hellwig, Genoa, Rosemary Herman, Pasa- dena, Calif., Bernard Huss O. S. U. Genoa, Helen Kocvai KC. Padgett! Toledo, Geraldine Layman, Un- known, Marjorie Lieman, Maumee, Nora Lusk KD. Kruse! Genoa, Donna Marsh KC. Dusseau! Toledo, James Meng, U. S. Army, Mary Meng KH. Ackerman! Fremont, James Miller, U. S. Army, Eleanor Pavlik KM. Kosfelnik! Cleveland, Pat Peiffer, Toledo, Philip Philipon, U. S. Army, Esther Pierson, Curtice, Gene Plantz, Genoa, Nancy Powers, Detroit, Mich., Audrey Rudes KH. Grant! Genoa, Darrel Sabin, Martin, Robert Samsen, Clay Center, William Schulte, Toledo, Richard Schuster, U. S. Army, Mary Scott KD. Courter! Youngs- town, Genevive Schiffert KA. Spillis! Toledo, Betty Slovak KC. Valentine! Genoa, Grace Starkey KH. Lentz! Curtice, Nlary Ann Swartzlander KH. Wilkins! Martin, Ruth Tasch KE. Leking! Luckey, Barbara Tipple KL. Fowler! Genoa, Irene Vassill KMichael! Genoa, Jay Wagnor, U. S. Army, William Weyandt, Genoa, Marilyn Wilka, Genoa, Kathern Wohn KJ. Smahaj! Walbridge, Margaret Zunk KDunberger! Genoa. Class of 1948 Kathryn Baer KVail! Toledo, Ray Baltzell, Martin, Darlene Barret KC. Van Ness! Martin, Donald Bick- ford, U. S. Army, John Bower, U. S. Army, Beatrice Brown KR. Weirich! Oak Harbor, Mary Clezie Bald- win, Wallace Univ., Genoa, Dorothy Coon, Genoa, Marilyn Faber, Genoa, Donald Floro, Genoa, Paul Fredricksen, Toledo, Ray Gargac, Curtice, Alma Gros- jean KR. Vincent! Toledo, Lila Mae Harmeyer, Ohio St. Univ., Genoa, Armin Heidman, Capital Univ., Wil- liston, Rex Heidman, Capital Univ., Williston, Alice Helle, Williston, Rosemary Hornyak, Curtice, Tom Hummel, U. S. Army, Keith Johnson, B. G. Univ. Genoa, Lagerthia Kennedy, Cleveland, Doris Kramer KR. Kreager! Lorain, Jo Anne Lentz, Ohio State Univ., Genoa, Grace Niehausmeyer, Genoa, Lois Reiff KC. Rymers! Elemore, Leonard Rossman, U. S. Army, Bev- erly Rost, Washington, D. C., Bernadine Rupert KD. Mang! Genoa, Joyce Schimmel, Williston, Katheryn Schmidt, Curtice, Joe Schmuhl, U. S. Army, Pat Schulte KA. Phillips! Martin, Ruth Schumacher, Gen- oa, Claire Scott KP. Bertok! Woodville, Audrey Shess- ler KJ. Beck! Genoa, Janice Siglar, Miami Univ. Genoa, Donald Smith, Miami Univ., Curtice, Melvin Snider, U. S. Army, Bertha Strackeljohn, Drexel Hill, Pa., Wilma Stroshine, Martin, Dale Venzke, Genoa, Leonard Vogelpohl, Curtice, Margie Wetzel, KC. Jack- son! Millburv, Barbara Widmer KC. Barrett! Millbury, Arlene Wilkinson KR. Baltzell! Martin. Class of 1949 Jean Ann Angus, B. G. Univ., Clay Center, Mildred Anthony KFiebelcorn! Genoa, Claudette Aylor, Toledo Hospital, Genoa, Jeanette Barrett KD. Genzman! Oak Harbor, Rudolph Barto, B. G. Univ., Genoa, Paul Bertok, Woodville, Margie Bringe, Martin, Richard Brossia, U. S. Army, Marion Camper, Genoa, Merwin Chambers, Genoa, Carroll Coleman Deceased, Robert Evans, U. S. Army, Kermit Freimark, U. S. Army, Theresa Grosjean KR. Skilliter! Genoa, Myra Haack, Toledo Hospital, Toledo, Don Harsanje, U. S. Ma- rines, Paul Hartman, U. S. Navy, Nola Dean Helm KP. Spicer! Genoa, Anna Mae Hornyak, Curtice, Elma Mae James, Genoa, Nancy Joehlin, B. G. Univ., Curtice, Lucille Kreager KG. Gackstetter! Martin, Ar- lene Kruse KP. Kozina! Clay Center, Joyce Lackey, Genoa, Robert La Plant, B. G. Univ., Genoa, Galen Lowe, Williston, Louis Matyas, Martin, Marilyn Mus- olf, Genoa, Alvin Norden, U. S. Army, Rose Mary Race KB. Stettler! Genoa, Clifton Reeder, Millbury, Ann Repka KW. Tasch! Unknown, Virgil Roecker, U. S. Army, Kenneth Rossman, U. S. Army, Eleanor Rost, Curtice, Elaine Sabin, Martin, Clyde Sandrock, Curtice, Sylvester Schmidt, U. S. Army, Alvin Schmuhl, U. S. Army, Donna Schulte, Genoa, Rhea Schumacher, Genoa, Ardith Sheldon KG. Gaines! Genoa, Tom Sig- lar, Genoa, Robert Skilliter, Genoa, Robert Spurgeon, Ohio University, Genoa, Pat Tipple KF. Swably! Fre- mont, Julia Vargo KJ. Murray! Elmore, Gerald Venzke, Woodville, Audrey Vogelpohl, Curtice, Mary Vrotsos, Genoa, Lucy Wight KS. Spitnale! Toledo, Lester Wilka, U. S. Navy, Betty Younker KG. Sonder- geld! Genoa, Dale Zwicker, U. S. Army. Class of 1950 Carol Bickford, Genoa, Franklin Bowlander, Millbury, Eugene Buehler, U. S. Army, Phyllis Culp QD. Tru- manl Genoa, Phillip Dazley, U. S. Army, james Duval, U. S. Army, Alvin Everhardt, Curtice, Herbert Fouke, Ohio Northern Univ., Genoaiii Steve Gargac, Curtice, Franklin Gould, B. G. Univ., Martin, Duane Groweg, U. S. Navy, Grace Gruetter, Capital University, Cul-. tice? WHYUC Haar, U. S. Army, Theodore Hartman, Genoa, Donald Hoeft, Genoa, jack Koch, Heidelberg Univ., Genoa, Henry Krukemeyer, Curtice, james I-emi, Curtice, Bernice Marsh, Genoa, Robert Meng, Genoa, Beatrice Merrill, Toledo, Shirley Michael CM. Chambers? Genoa, George Peiffer, Genoa, Edward Placlto, U. S. Marines, Ronald Roberts, Genoa, Robert Roeckefy Genoa, Ronald Sabin, Martin, Milton Schimm- ing, Curtice, Beverly Shields, Curtice, Betty Shiffert, Clay Center, Richard Shupe, U. S. Navy, Doris Smith, Cl3Y Center? Cecil Soncrant, Clay Center, Alice Stroh- scher, Toledo Hospital, Toledo, joan Suydam, B. G. Unk'-1 Martini Linda Swartzlander, Genoa, Robert Tl'0knY3, B. G. Univ., Clay Center, Don Truman, Gen- 035 Mary Arm Vafga, Curtice, Margaret Verkin, Gen- 025 Harold Weaver, U. S. Air Force, Donna Wechtel, Williston, Dorothy Whiteman, Curtice, Phyllis Wilka, Genoa. H Class of 1951 William Angel, Williston, Stella Antesky, QL. Over- hausl, Clay Center, Wilhelmina Barns, Curtice, Paul Bitter, Genoa, Leila Bringe, Martin, Meta Buehler, Gen- oa, Wayne Burdge, Curtice, Janet Coleman, Genoa, Dale Cover, Genoa, Edward Davis, lDeceasedl, Sue Digby, B. G. Univ., Genoa, Norma Doll, Genoa, Jo- Anne Feldt, Clay Center, Kenneth Fisher, Phoenix, Ariz., Euma Floyd, U. Coxl, Bellefontaine, Melvina Gall, KD. Dennisonl, Genoa, Kenneth Gross, Genoa, Vincent Harsanje, U. S. Marines, Dalton Hartman, Genoa, Marion Helle, Williston, janet Hudson, Mill- bury, Carolyn Johnson, Genoa, Wendell Leisenheimer, Williston, Ronald Martin, Genoa, Lillian Matyas, Mar- tin, LiaNoukas, B. G. Univ., Genoa, Barbara Peiffer, Genoa, Donald Peiffer, Genoa, Marilyn Reeder, Genoa, Douglas Rollins, Genoa, Kenneth Schimming, Curtice, Betty Lou Schlievert CV. Roeckerl Washington, D. C., Betty Shaneck, Clay Center, Harold Sherk, Genoa, Betty Simpson, Toledo Hospital, Genoa, Louise Smith, Clay Center, Doyle Sommers, Martin, Charles St. Marie, Genoa, Bernice Stroshine, Martin, Josephine Swedren, Clay Center, Joyce Teet CR. Kocisl Millbury, Dale Volschow, Genoa, Kozetta Walter, Genoa, Mary Ella Walter, Curtice, Lawrence Widmer, Millbury, Bar- bara Zeadker, Genoa. KZ... 61955 Mor ro' 5115755 coron- We 61n7J Ile faJcfef- 9 wlfflwi we mae. Sea,-lef arm! Sfwer fbsfs s FL 01.1512 - suffef c.-.m..m,,, It ima, 'T 'Eff' Iv 4 M fjf ,M fifpvg' ' U N Y X Auf' f X ,V Um Pj, A297 W1 . AH . 1 Q gfkfflgffwlm as 111, rv- Leona Dehn Fifth Grade Cora Digby Second Grade Ruth Koenker Fourth Grade W nv 18 x. L ' x X 01371-Yi' Charlotte Limbert Fourth Grade -'tg 'SO' . fQ""'vv 'me-F Ella Fraser Second Grade FACULTY Edith Neihausmeyer First Grade Helen Neihausmeyer Third Grade 73564 Walter Garev Sixth Grade Irene Holcombe First Grade Marybelle Shiffert Third Grade Frances Wierich Fifth Grade Har -3 S' fi, f, " 1" 'W a A ,, ' ofa 1.-. A ' -1.55 ,. 4: f 'KJ " Q,-f N " ' ' ' G r E My QB .-JL., NZ. .1 Mbflf - ,K , 8:1 ff? , xt N '? L N, ,IA y l qv W fo 6 rv- R -1- 1' v N . , - .7 ' -. , ,H " , i f ix ' , f .' M Vi X ' Se- - 'NW- if, is ,W-' Q- J, f , , - I i , A fe 5 .e 'F . A ' 'Ft 'vi' -1, J 4- . 'I 40 ks 'bl 'I al" af Q l . up , f - Aj n 1 Q '- 5 Q11 :ty , l1,fv . " ' V, Q ' f Q X - il. -1 , , QM - 1 . Q ' ' .V U, I 1 "5 4: t --if 'J' -2-1 - .,.- 'M +2 11' Li f' 'Q I' -lv ll ' A, I ' 1 X 'L .1 :Aa ' ' ' ' 1 , K , Y i, X 4? If Q .7 av ,ix t X l 4 K 1 . X dx! xi I , A an ,gi 5. as lr 3 1-'D 4 ,Q A- rl. J' -5 7s I' I l 'U' D K D A' 'R' 4" - fl 15" J X 4: ,gi Q A 2 xl ,N-.., f gig ' ., I . I " , gp' ,-rs 1 Qu .L Mr. Garey's Class. Left to Right-Row lg Allen Allred, Judy Bitter, Richard Bradstreet, Dennis Despones, Dar- la Diefenthaler, Leona Engelman, Margie Franks, Jo Anne Freimark. Row 29 Linda Gall, Richard Gardner, Garry Gilliland, Kerry Heilman, Alvena Helm, Judy Huck, Barbara Hoeft, Brenda Hoeft. Row 35 Jean Hol- brook, Joan Holbrook, James Holcombe, Barbara Huss, GRADE "- .l, ul' Galen Jensen, Donald Kramer, Raymond Lee, Charles Long, Nancy Long. Row 43 Douglas Ludwig, William Peiffer, Garry Post, Ralph Rollins, Raymond Routson, Edmond Seltzer, W. Howard Sidner. Row 55 Kathy Stevens, Sandra Suto, Vergil Tipton, Sheila Toye, Betty Valasek, Mary Verkin, Ronald Wagner, Frank Walter- schied. Row 65 Daniel Widmer. IX '21 Q - 1 r is 'lly wit .'. yi ii -QQQQ :C J .1f iz!! js! ' .- Q, AgOHQ we Q 3 'f5f"i eisagzfgn- as an GRADE FIVE Miss Weirich's Class. Left to Right-Row 15 Allen Bell, Barbara Boice, Betty Buflington, Charles Butterfield, Judith Camper. Row 2g Patricia Diefenthaler, Tommy Digby, Lynda Dunn, Conrad Eichman, Kathryn Heath. Row 35 Ruth Hesselbart, Jimmy Hock, Carol Hoff, Richard Jensen, Kay Koester. Row 4, Richard La- ' Marshall, Lynn McCoil Vigne, Patsy Loganbach, Alice , h r Row 5" Larry Moritz, Roy Rine- Louise Mollen aue . , heart, Jane Roberts, Nancy Russell, Joyce Scott. Row 6g David Spurgeon, Gerald Wagner, Mary Ann Wan- ' ' h Judith Wilka. Row 75 Gary grin, John Westenkirc ner, ' " Dehn's Class. Ronald Row 8, Zwicker, Janet Zwicker. Miss Ackerman, Robert Baird, Sandra Blausey. Joyce Brossia, David Brown, Dorothy Burke, Tyrone ' D'Masso Michael Cairl, Sandra Chambers. Row 9, Anna 1 , er George Gladden, Beverly K Driver, Carol Gerkensmey , lc Charlotte nieriem, e. Row Hedge. Row 105 Ronald Holbroo , Sylvester Lantz, Daryl Ann Lau, Carolyn Mair 119 Clyde Martin, Jeanine McMaster, Lowell Meyer, Donald Placko, Ruth Reeder. Row 125 Jo Ann Russell, Judith Ryan, Billy Sandor, Mary Frances Sidner, Rich- ard Verlcin. Row 135 William Weaver, Nancy Wetmore, Robert Widmer, Lyn Wingate. 70 Miss Koenker's Class. Left to Right-Row 15 Robert Ackerman, Billy Armund, Mary Baker, Melvin Brock, Wilbur Buiiington, Billy Cashen. Row 25 Sonia Cashen, Tommy David, Sammy Di Masso, Jimmy Dipman, Billy Dufendock, Roger Duffer. Row 35 Patricia Eich- man, Alvin Felbinger, Billy Friemark, Patricia Gilbert, Tommp Harpel, Jean Hassen. Row 45 Donald Heilman, H. W. Jackson, Fred Koester, Dennis Ladd, Russell Moritz, Rose Nero. Row 55 Daisy Pressley, Bonnie Rombach, Judy Rombach, Jimmy Samsen, Margaret Schuitemm, Roger Seltzer. Row 65 Judy Slovak, Ro- berta Sterling, Jimmy Stewart, Domingo Sustatia, Lynn Sutton, Phillip Van Etten. Row 75 Jeanne Vargo, Bar- bara Wheelock, Dennis Wilhelm, Robert Zimmerman. Not pictured: Barbara Kolb, Kenneth Roden, Irma Marshall, Roger Brown. Mrs. Limbert's Class. Row 7 Cont.5 Darryl Bittner, Gerald Blausey. Row 85 Robert Butterfield, John Camper, Sharon Chambers, Timothy Christie, Sandra Dekreon, Frederick Densic. Row 93 Fred Dipman, John Feyes, Deanna Foster, Danny Garey, Carolyn Gilliland, James Health. Row 105 John Kennedy, Karen Klein, Richard Kroetz, Mary Martin, John Meyers, James Parlette, Row 115 Mary Lou Rewoldt, Shirley Rupp, La Donna Schanke, Tom Scott, Delpha Jean Sherk, Janet Stagner. Row 125 Michael Stohl, Boni Stone, Verlyn Stroshine, David Suto, Lou Anne Truman, Mary E. Walterschied. 7I ,js ds ,,- -4 -' -QM its C 'MO' gg R 9 fn 3 Q on Yi ' " , ' s ' N' if 1 ' - vb. , , . ' -3' ' ',, "' 1 .L ,' Qg ' ' 'in t - , ,, Q u ' - - , , , .. . -v 4 ,Q ' X I x IM Ii , . rf 'rf 4-4- Nj 4 Q - fi i J ' J: 3, A l Ai, Y , ' X! ilf' lflllgutgike .x v A K ' g: 'N hh QL, 3 !'.,'.' " 'K M1 fs 5 a ff R i 5 A ,. .9515 1' ' . 4 g J rift -. rw' 5 ! lg.,-ef' 5 ' ' I ' 1 4 -4 Q .W n' 1, - --- i-M..?i,,,M ,A Y Y--7 I, 2 :L -3 K5 t , Q, V f 5 il' . J, 7, - 4 , I "N , I 'iv g .. f 'iv 1 D A ' -Jil-EF' f .H '-o 3' . .- sw K- xnxx J, i V ASQJV, A -J ,X A ' 3 7 -,, -. l. 0 -3. h Vg . .aj A, ' J Tr it ? 19 ai 1 'P ' ,. M ' G f R ifa X. . f we 1 , Q .F -. I w Q- su, 1 ..'i 'if is s U 5 'A v 1 ' .- 4 ,L ' 4 f 72 if 1 GRADE THREE Miss Helen Niehausmeyer's Class. Left to Right -Row 1, Ellen Arman, Bobby Brinkman, Jack Bush, Patty Dezanett, Lowell Diefenthaler, Lo- retta Dunn, Joyce Engelman. Row 25 Lynn Gel- dine, Margarita Gomez, Sharon Gregor, Larry Haeft, Dickie Hesselbart, Janet Hoeft, Charles Holbrook. Row 35 Delbert Huston, Fayrene Jackson, Mary Irene Jones, Wanda Lauderdale, Loran Lee, Nancy Leking, William Long. Row 45 Mary Carol Martin, Richard Morris, Sandra Nason, Patric Nero, Keith Norwalk, Robert Pelo- quin, Lila Jean Peppers. Row S5 Joanne Riede- man, Dean Rust, Ernest Sandor, Beth Scherry, Robert Shupe, Linda Sterling, Audrey Tipple. Row 6, Tony Valaseke, Nick Wohn, Nancy Zat- ko, Marian Zunk. Mrs. Shiffert's Class. Row 6 Cont., William Bergman, Margaret Bertok, Le- land Buhrow. Row 73 Dan Cover, Judith Digby, Wanda Elder, John Foster, Larry Green, Phyllis Gregg, Karen Hennen. Row 85 Michael Hensel, Thomas Hodulik, Theodore Huss, Judith Hutch- ison, James Johnson, Barbara Kreager, Sharon Layman. Row 95 Ronald Lee, Ronald Marshall, Janet Martin, Margaret Meyer, Jerry Neff, San- dra Niemish, David Parlette. Row 105 Velma Pressley, Jerry Rudes, Doris Russell, James Sadd- ler, John Sherk, Mary Lou Slovak, Scott Stahl. Row 11, Romiro Sustaita, Marlene Tidwell, Kay Weaver, Thomas Wilhelm, Elaine Zimmerman. Not pictured: Martha Boyer, James Brown. .4 ... , GRADE TWO Mrs. Fraser's Class. Left to Right-Row lg Michall Ackerman, Gene Baker, Junior Bickford, Linda Blausey, Jack Bufhngton, Maryann DiMasso, Paula Kay Doll. Row 25 Terry Donley, Jan Dufendock, Beverly Felbinger, Robert Fisher, Thomas Franks, Judith Gaul, Toby George. Row 35 Roger Hesselbart, Betty Hoff, Richard Hum- phrey, Thomas Houston, Ronald Jensen, Brenda Johnson, Theresa Lantz. Row 43 David La Plant, Graciela Lerma, Elizabeth Martin, Tomas McPherson, Nicholas Monica, Kenneth Nowak, Ruby Joe Peppers. Row 55 Charles Pressley, Glen Reinhart, Frederick Rewoldt, Lynette Roeck- er, Joanne Slovak, Thomas Sutton, Delores Strohl scher. Row 65 Larry Thurlow, Susan Toye, Char- lotte Walters, Leslie Wyse. Mrs. Digby's Class. Row 65 Cont., Ronald Bailey, Carol Bell, Henry Bergman. Row 75 Jean Brossia, Robert Buehler, Albert Butterfield, Sandra Dipman, Dick Dub- bert, Albert Dunn, Donald Fletcher. Row 85 Mary Kay Feyes, George Gaul, Lois Geldine, George Gerkensmeyer, Charles Gladden, Daniel Gomez, Barbara Hoff. Row 95 James Houston, Edward Hutchinson, Larry Johnson, Jacob Laver, Bernadette La Vigne, Hortencia Lerma, Janis Lohr. Row 103 Jack Mollenhauer, Jerald Meyers, Sandra Oberhaus, Delton Opfer, James Richard- son, Sandra Rollins, Melvin Rupp. Row 11g Jim- my Slater, Karen Stewart, Margarita Sustaita, Robert Taylor, Jaquilyn Wagner, Stephen Walt- er, Dorothy Zimmerman. Not pictured: Loupi Perez, Thomas Richardson. ' 4 -.- Q. L .1 .A Q R 5 K I li' . t 'li . L 75, -Y-P , - 4 5 'A " J 'Q Q 4-' 'Q' 23 E o . iq 1 X, l ra, E- ' - I 'of ' 4 J fe v ,XXX I X 'J 'Jo 4 4 v! 'v A . ' I P "e,w,b -n of 4 , , ' , .- wg ,. ' 5 ,av ' . J 1 1 Qa- , ' I - '04 R' 'pi 4 T as 5, "" -f -N' , 4, 1 x' I , A 4 A sir., 9 4 , 'i ' Q fs-4 t '.T U7 4- G' 2- . I 5 T I br -K4 . .4 X - M y 'v s . K nn, ' I , ' I 'l 'if a.. r . Divx' N ,- Q R, X Q19- ,tg 1 'Q 2 , ' I I' 1 : " 'ff 'A i 'f --St 1 ,355 I C f . f ' 4-2 .Q N - a e fa 1 1' h .B ' 'f 'i xi '03 i-in I5 V QQ? I' 'ing Y, P 'i Q! f'F3!?H' 1 3 lykxv I ,IQ g. Q eq is 4 xv r 1 uf fa V' ' ' is 'Q' V- .g ,gg -, ,x. QQ 'A'4! 2 ' 1. ' X 1 'il '- " F Q Si- R if Q51 A' ' ., - If . he rm fa f fi 'T-' r' GRADE 0 E Mrs. Holcombe's Class. Left to Right-Row 15 Billy Baker, jay Brinkman, Richard Bufiington, jerry Bush, Benny Fisher, Arlis Gladden. Row 2g Dwight Gregor, David Haley joe Hodul'k 1 I 1 Lynette Hoeft, Betty Hoff, Nancy Hutchison. Row 3, Donald Johnson L' d ' , in a Koester, Beverly Leking, Jack Lenz, Karen Lohr, Robert Ludwig. Row 45 Dix Martin Donald Martin N , , ancy Mc- Master, Mildred Meyer, Gretchen Mittendorf, Diane Parlette. R ' ' ow 5, David Poser, Orlan Post, Marcia Richards, Craig Schimming, Laurel Scott, Sharon Simon. Row 6, Tony Stahl, Laura Sterling, Juanita Stroschine, John Tidwell, Edward Ver- kin, Mary Ellen Vine. Row 75 Frederick Wahl Tomm W , y etmote, Laura Widmer, Ronald Zeller, Karen Zimmerman. Miss Edith N' h ' ie ousmyers Class. Row 85 Lowell Bitter, Pamela Bowland Leonard Brock, Betty Bruseau, Dick Buhrow, Dwight Claus, Judith Cole ' ' man. Row 9, Goryalynn Dubbert, Donald Gardner, David Gould, Linda Groll, Marcia Hille Linda Lou H ff R , o . ow 10, Lin Hoglan, Eileen Huss, Carolyn Kennedy, Jerry Long R b ' Y o ert Marshall, Duard Martin. Row 115 Virginia Martin, Bev- erly Michael, Alice Niehausmyer, Frank Niemesh, Delores Re- woldt, Douglas Riedeman. Row 12, Linda Roberts, Arthur Rus- sell, Henry Schmidlin, Nancy Sidner, Roselyn Stagner, Linda Stevens. Row 135 Dolores Valasek, Mark Wheeler, Daniel Van Etten, Danny Widmer, Robert Welch, Bevie Williams, Sheryl Wood. Not pictured: Nancy Bertok, Charles Miller, Daniel Brossia, Janny Fredrick, Lorene jackson, Dixie Lauderdale, Gil- bert Perez. 5 .,, 5 iw, 3' .Z ' 74 Clay- Center Grade School Allen-Central Grade School ALLEN TUWNSHIP SCllllllLS 3 :El gre-we E' f .r'-- l H-1 Superintendent Ray Blackburn ADM! l TRATIU School Board- Glenn Marsh, Theodore Johnson, President. 1' nl ui!! Lorenzen, Lester Heninger, James Pinkerton, Roger Bunte, Emil fl' .1 ,f , :Arif ...- ,...4-L. .. .-,.,,,,,,, i ' A. -.r . : :I lk Left to right Seated: Ray S. Blackburn, Superintendent. Mabel Blackburn, English and . . h E' h h Grade home room- Mrs. Avonelle Angus, Fifth Gradeg Mrs. Georgia Dunn, Fourt ig t , Gradeg Miss Corrinne Davis, Third Gradeg Mrs. jean Baker, First Gradeg Mr. Pat Barton, Coach and Sixth Grade home room. Standing: Mrs. Lottie Shessler, Second Gradeg Mrs. Lydia Riediman, Third and Fourth Grades Clay-Center Schoolg Mrs. Glee Lind, Fifth and Sixth Gradesg Mr. john Rofkar, Science and Seventh Grade home roomg Mrs. Dorothy Kocher, Musicg Mrs. Olive Cornell, First and Second Grades Clay-Center Schoolg Miss Mari- lyn Wilka, First Grade, Seated: Left to right: Mrs. Blackburn, Sponsorg Donna Smithg Patricia Coweng Gretchen johnsong Joanne Chovonecg John Berkey, Presidentg Standing: Left to right: Fred Bringeg Don Benschoterg Gayle Schesslerg Margaret Nerog Charles Bakerg Margaret Piersong Tony d Q Lorenzeng Diane Sievertg Dennis Haarg Warren Dewitt. 'r'-----F T Seated, left to right: Patricia Cowang Gretchen Johnsong Mildred Soncrantg Shirley Broad- wayg Phyllis Loweg Rosalyn Moritzg Carol Smith, Joanne Chovanecg Carroll Traversg Fred Bringe. Row 2: Barbara Surprise, Marlene Smithg Shirley Wittg Elveta Parkerg Ned Wyattg Dale Inman, Robert Vargog Dennis Haackg Alan Johnsong Richard Fossg Jack Hubbell. Row 3: Pat Smith, Sara Ruiz, Anna Culpg Shirley Burrg Judy Momineeg Margaret Hudson, James McComslcyg Edward Bowlanderg Delbert Shiffertg Dwayne Hoeftg Robert Chambers, Bill Benschoterg John Berkey. Seated: John Kozalc, Arthur Benadum, David Polsdorfer, Thomas Vincent, Dwane Wicks, Ronald Purney, Donald Benschoter, Dale Haton, James Schnabel, Arlyn Diebert. Row 2: Joseph Surprise, Virgil Base, Tony Lorenzen, Samuel Broadway, David Helle, May Lee, Patricia Marsh, Sandra Albright, Joann Hoff, Marcia Dier, Melvin Wicks. Row 3: Martha McComesky, Joyce Purney, Marilyn Lowe, Carol Schlievert, James Purney, Alvin Stroscher, Donna Smith, Gertrude Eclcermann, Vivian King. Row 4: Beverly Sievertg Darla Schimming, Margaret Pierson, Shirley Wyatt, Alice Shessler, Ronald Gerkensmeyer, Donald Novotny, Charles Baker. .fb lx I 'fig V. , 5 t, :riff 4369 f R9 W fn LQ 'W IJ: lllll a an-snr, nvucxt vvcnu, twvrunmu Q glnngll. nuvv 4.. Lnuuq vvuiuna, Juyyc Hood, Warren De Witt, Darlene Shields, Robert Kania, Duane Blecke, M'ree Drechsler, Ruth Ann Novotny, Sonia Wyatt, Bessie Ann Stroshine. Row 3: Margaret Ann Nero, Evelyn Kreager, Joyce Gregg, Gerald Lentz, David Mominee, Jesse Parker, Gerald Pratt, Richard Kania. Not Pictured: Gayle Shessler, Leroy Youster, Zenaida Mendoza, Leona Zunk. Seated Left to right: Easter Holsinger, Bonnie Haar, Judith Echermann, Nancy Base, Ellen Hauser, Laurence Pratt, Anthony Spasotf, Judith Welsh, Marlin Younker, Nancy Troknya. Row 2: Billie Englehart, Jeanne Mominee, Albert Varga, Carl Nor- den, Judith Hartman, Jerry Fondessy, Diane Pfieffer, Douglas Marsh. Row 3: Bessie Klatt, Virginia Jones, Rebecca Johnson, Ronald Perry, Diane Sievert, David Perry, Ronald Gargac, Jack Benschoter. 0 Wx Ls AX.. 1- I 1 ti 0 Seated Left to right: Ralph Hatan, Leonard Zunk, Mary Ann Soncrant, Karen Kay Fon- dessy, Edward Zunk, Eugene Zunk, Frederick Kachenmeister. Row 2: jean Ann Taylor, Jo Ann Taylor, Mary Schnabel, Barbara Schnabel, Rosemary Feyes, Elaine Everhardt, James Norwalk, James Lowe. Row 3: Merle Moritz, Robert Angus, Anna Mae Schroeder, Gary Carstensen, Gerald Purney, Dean Lowe, Robert Tokar, Mary Beth Pinkerton, Ima Jean Brown, Marilyn Swartz. Row 4: Lamar Baker, Arlyn Bleclce, Norma Brown, Thelma Ober- hous, Emery Pocs, James Elmers, Dean Helle, james Taylor, Wayne Fondessy, Martha Fredericksen, Sharon Hugh. Not pictured: Karen Inman, Billie Mae Burr. Seated Left to right: Russell Schlievert, Sharon Phillips, jack Morrison, Gary Schimming, Barbara Eckerman, Richard Hartman, Tom Witt, Robert Hartman, Larry Lorenzen, Helen Hahn, Donna Rich, Ronia Kania. Row 2: Frances Cowan, Victoria Ramos, Patricia Jones, Thomas Blum, Lorena Parker, Donald Norden, Judith Underwood, Gerald Miklosko, Ronald Schimming, Linda Schlievert, Leonard Krell. Row 3: Kathleen King, Eva Mae Coffman, Leroy lVlcGlone, Manuel Ruiz, Ninfa Ramirez, Robert Carstensen, Barbara Traver, Terry Schimming, Abel LoPez, Mari' Lee Todd, Sandra WiCkS- NO! Pictured: Joyce Tfoknyaf Norma Helle, john Vargo, Bonita Lopez. ...aff Faye Moritz, Janice Farkas, Petra Zuniga, Kathleen Pfeiffer, Larry Benschoter, Donald Windischman, Charles Hubbell, Sandra Weis. Row 3: James Coffman, Becky Bringe, Violet Wyatt, Judy Haton, Janet Perry, John Ferne, Sue Pinkerton, Manuela Romirez, Janice Helle. Row 4: Frank Ruiz, Jimmy Johnson, Roy Sheets, Lupe Estrada, Terry Johnson, Joe Elmers, Raymond Smith. Seated Left to right: Richard Hosley, Julia Peer, Shirley Lorenzen, Juanita Ramos, Sandra Sheneclc, Janet Mominee, Cathern Gruetter, Joseph Lopez, Wayne Burr, Victoria Zuniga. Row 2: John Traver, Billy Baker, Gary Haar, Phillip Estrada, Lonnie Cameron, Charles Coffman, Daryl Elwing, Ruth Hahn. Row 3: Ella Armstrong, James Schlievert, Martin Menchaca, Donald Oberhaus, James Berlcey, Violet Brown, Howard Boss, Wayne Robert Marsh, Larry Schanke, Kenneth Smith. f 'wiv he W." , " 'tijhf' . 1 gf," E Q, Seated Left to right: Roy Coffman, Ronald Schimming, Melissa Welsh, Francisca Ramos, Jill Rich, Billy Hahn, Royce Wicks, Patty Cameron, jean Strohscher, Asar Gonzalez. Row 2: John Kralik, Wayne johnson, Carol Sievert, Sandra Williams, Mary Lynn Polsdorfer, Theresa Suprise, Marilyn Draper, Augusta Estrada, Norma Walter, Marsha Eckerman, Den- nis Carstensen. Row 3: Sally Hugh, Mary Lynn Traver, Roger Kania, Beatrice Todd, Gloria Ruiz, Baltasar Lopez, Emma Gonzalez, Veda Lau, Alan Perry, Mary Ann Windishman, Sharon Taylor, Janice Ferne. Row 4: Carlon Brown, Kenneth Blecke, john Boss, Warren Moritz, Joseph johnson, Billy Reetz, Sally Dugan, Kurt Smith, Le Roy Duty, Anna Lee Brown. Not pictured: Donald Coon, Ben Lopez. FIRST AND SECOND GRADE: Seated left to right: Ernest Norwalk Phillip Mendoza, james Garner, Billy Bevens, Raymond Purney, james Slovak, Joan Shessler Leonard Perry Ronald Gardiner, Linda Lineberry. ROW 2: Sandra Mendoza Carolyn Gregg Joyce Wil burn, john Mendoza, Wayne Lowe, Dorothie Wfilburn, Diane Rudes Ora Lane Skaggs, Victoria Hoff, Peggy Gardiner, Edward Norwalk. Not pictured ames Tokar, Anita Men doza. THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES: ROW 3: Starla Faye Teems jerry Gardiner, Beverly Shiffert, Carol Ann Swartz, Carol Ann Benadum, Joseph Slovak Kay Lee William Peters, Gary Lowe, Dennis Shiffert. ROW 4: Kermit Claussen, Tommy Gardiner, Deanna Swartz, Pauline Gregg, Wanda Elder, Merle Swartz, james Hoff Richard Mendoza, Charles - - I Nowak. l 'L' I P Cheerleader Left to right: Judy Mominee, Gretchen johnson, Marcia Dier, Joanne ATHLETIC Ba ketball Team SEATED Left to right: Fred Bringe, Tony Lorenzen, jack Hubble, Bill Benschoter, john Berkey, James McComesky, Charles Baker, Richard Foss, Arthur Benadum. ROW 2: Duane Blecke, David Mominee, Virgil Base, Gerald Lentz, Robert Kolthoif, Dennis Haack, Melvyn Wicks, Ronald Purney, Dennis Haar, Norman Smith, Mr. Barton - Coach. LAC mcg 1 Mc ,vu .-., .1 1- bs Wo 0. is-o"49fx as 'PY SEATED left to right: Mildred Soncrant, Margaret Hudson, Beverly Sievert, Sandra Al- bright, Pat Smith, Carroll Traver, Shirley Witt, Marcia Dier, Carol Ann Smith, Richard Foss, Fred Bringe, Don Benschoter, John Berkey, Robert Kolthofl, Melvyn Wicks. ROW 2: Joanne Chovanec, Patricia Cowan, Gretchen Johnson, Marlene Smith, Anna Culp, Shirley Burr, Vivian King, Shirley Broadway, Ronald Putney, Duane Wicks, Joseph Suprise, Donald Novotny, Charles Baker, Sam Broadway, Mrs. Dorothy Kocher - Music Teacher. ROW 3: Rosalyn Moritz, Alice Shessler, Barbara Suprise, Judy Mominee, Phyllis Lowe, Shirley Ann Wyatt, May Bell Lee, Dale Inman, Arlyn Diebcrt, Edward Bolander, Dennis Haack SEATED left to right: Gretchen Johnson - Prettiest, Most Popular, Best School Citizen? Do,-ma Smith - Tied for Best Postureg Patricia Cowan - Best Girl Studentg Anna Culp - Tied for best posture? Joanne Chovanec - Best personality, John Berlcey - Most handsome boyg Best personality, Most popular, Best Athleteg STANDING: Shirley Witt - Neatest Appear- ance, Judy Mominee - Best Athleteg Bill Benschoter - Best Student, Jack Hubbell - Best posture, Nearest Appearanceg Tony Lorenzen - Best school citizen. 'P rl if u ,,1 . X I - Jbil. 'Qt 'V ' :,, ....,.....4 f t --v-L..-E jg T . -..e--1.4 I 1....,. N 5 1 Fosi S. Pumey, and Mr . , -.., L --. Cu - Mrs, Lenil, Mfs Margar over Gertrude E 50m-ram, Co0k5: . er Pierson . ckeffhan D19 I at P1 ny - 1' 3110 -, Ma , av l'C13 I Janitor Ray Haar Activitie at Allen Central ESTXVAL 3 ck downs Anna Culp a The Queen and her Court in 6' ' 0 ULRNUNNXG gl 5f'J 2, fx Ax Q. 5 rm: 'gg-J e C3 wg, xii ,- psig 0,1 4 C. , .V , ...flux Q. bf A x 'M , ' ' , rf M. e W FK n -, -Y . 5 ml 51 x X YELY MHRY mbitmvu qx Lo 'Qlxt-:BmQ We Thank You . .. The Boolccrafters Company for printing and assembling our yearbook. The H. A. Powell Studios-both the Detroit, Mich, and Toledo, Ohio branches for taking the senior, faculty, and group photographs. The National Studios for taking the individual pictures. The Livingston Studio for making composites of our grade-school pictures. The Student Body and Parents for purchasing their annuals. The Business Men for their cooperation and financial assistance. Doc Miller for taking shots of the night football games. Mr. Rinaldo for taking the Senior football pictures. Miss Laverl Foos for all the services she has rendered toward the completion of our annual. The Limelight Staff The Editor THE GENOA BANKING ' COMPANY GENOA, OHIO 'k Capital ,44...A .A,,4. 575,000.00 Surplus 00...,, 44., 0..0 ,4,... ,,,4... 7 5 , 000.00 Undivided Profits .. ..,,0 , ....,.. 5 9,3 9 2 .0 6 Reserves ..,.,......0.... .....,A ....... 2 0 ,000.00 Total Capital Accounts .... 4.... ..,...,.0., S 2 29,392.06 1' Total Resources Over Three and One-Fourth Million i Over Forty-nine Years of Continuous' Service to This Community 'A' Accounts Insured to 510,000.00 88 1 I Compliments STEAK HOUSE Steaks - Chops - Frog Legs of Chicken and Sandwiches Parties and Banquets i' if I Ed and Millie Gregor PHONE: 8324 gi may Compliments is ,L I I 0f THE BEAUTY SPOT THE BLUE MOON uk PHONE: 8422 GENOA, OHIO TANK MOTOR SALES Hudson Willys Reo School Buses 'A' WILLISTON, OHIO Telephone: 6-3 sas RACE ELECTRIC "Your Frigidaire Dealer" PHONE: 7301 Genoa, Ohio THE GENOA FARMERS EXCHANGE CO. Feed - Coal Fertilizers Seed - Grain 'A' Custom Grinding E5 Mixing Elevators at Genoa and Millbury 'k Phone: Genoa 7051 Phone: Millbury Curtice 6-2449 89 CUTCHER'S SERVICE STATIQN Compliments Solaio Gas, Oil C5 Accessories of Groceries 65 Meats .k GENOA BEAUTY SHOP Jess and Margaret Phone 7671 GENOA, OHIO curtice 6-3304 CURTICE NICK STEVENS MOTOR SALES, INC. GEoNA,oH1o 'Ir Dodge - Plymouth - Dodge Trucks I 'k Complete Body - Fender -- Engine Service The Best in Used Car Buys 'k Phone: 8151 Merrill B. Rudes and George H. Rudes, Mgrs. 1 i C0"'P'i"'e"fS LAYMAN'S SERVICE of Accessories - Motor Repairing DEE AND HOWARD Sunoco Oil C5 Gas if Modern Cabins - Heat - Running Water W H I T E H O U S E 'A' PHONE: 7811 ROUTE 120 90 General Electric - Philco , , Compliments Glidden Paints Freezer Supplies of Wiring Materials 'A' HUGH APPLIANCES Woodville Road, M Mile East of Drive-In Theatre MILLBURY, OHIO Phone: Lu 6-4775 'k Oil Heaters Small Appliances Furniture Deep freeze Perfection Compliments of DEWEY'S MARKET GENOA, ol-Io DIEFENTHALER GARAGE Repairs on All Makes of Cars -- Trucks -- Tractors ALT'S BARBER SHOP Genoa, Ohio Compliments of Your MASSEY-HARRIS DEALER 'A' PLAUGHER IMPLEMENT 85 SERVICE Genoa, Ohio ART'S TAVERN 'f'ffsf:55'Tv ' QW W Xi gllllfl K ff x 4 ,,r xx f Woodville and Genoa Roads B E E R - W I N E Body and Fender Work - Spray Painting -k umm atidicgiifllize Weldmg Where Good Folks Meet .k and WILLISTON, OHIO I Keel' Their Spirits UP Art Diefenthaler 'A' Residence: Genoa 7899 - Garage 588 ' Phone: Compliments Compliments of D U N N ' S C A F E of Television HAROLD W. BOWER Compliment of 'k BOWLAND'S CLOVER FARM Groceries - Frozen Foods Trucking Petroleum Meats Garden Fresh Vegetables 'k GENOA, OHIO Compliments of Compliments B U D G R E G O R Trucking of Bulldvzins NELSON H. SCHANKE 'A' GENOA CLAY CENTER ROAD General Building PIIOIICI 7830 Contfactoy NOLTE'S SERVICE STATION Route 120 at Main Street GENOA, OHIO New Buildings - Additions Alterations - Repairs 'A' GENOA, OHIO Phone: 7942 Compliments A. FONDESSY DUNN MOTOR SALES, General Truckzng INC Loaclzng Gradzng 'ff D Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Stone For Drweway F rzgulazre RCA an Parkzng Lots Appl 'ance rie CLAY CENTER OHIO PHONE: 6264 CURTICE of-H0 one: enoa 723 5 KCI1 unnj 'k cl Your Transportation and 1 F mls 'k lk a , P11 G OUR COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF 1952 'k JOHN STEVENS OIL co. G.H.S., 1913 Phone: 8111 93 THE GENOA SAVINGS 86 L 0 A N C 0 . GENOA, OHIO 'k Member of Federal Home Loan Bank System A i' S3 400 000.00 Net Worth 355,000 00 sses , , 'A' EACH SAVINGS ACCOUNT INSURED UP TO S10,uUu.UU J. E. Brunner .... Ojicers C. Tracy LaCost .... ........... Earl F. Camper .... William F. Clark . . John L. Chambers . Henry W. Bergman John E. Brunner Albert F. Camper Walter D. Skilliter . . . . . . . .President . . . . . . .Vice-President . . . .Secretary and Treasurer Directors Paul A. David 'A' Under Federal and State 94 . . Assistant Secretary ..........Attorney C. Tracy LaCost Earl F. Camper Robert T. Skilliter Dr. E. D. Schuiteman Supervision Phone: Genoa 8587 DRUMMOND 86 HALHOBER General Trucking Agricultural Meal Spreading 'A' MARTIN, OHIO PMA Approval Compliments vf KELLY'S BARBER SHOP Genoa, Ohio Phone: 8 3 3 1 Compliments Of CECIL TRAVER General Contractors 'A' GENOA, or-uo Phone: 73 3 2 WALDREN AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE General Repairing 'A' JUST WEST OF FOREST PARK Phone: 7823 TU-JONS TURKEYS "Oven-Dressed the Year 'Roundv For the Finest Turkey You Have Ever Eaten, Call R.F.D. ELMORE PHONE: 3958 Q J Nxa w ff LI l-fff j FELBINGER'S GRILL 86 DAIRY BAR Dinners - Sandwiches Lunches - Fountain Service 'A' Main Street GENOA, OHIO C. C. RICE Billiards Tobacco - Confections Sealtest Ice Cream ir GENOA, OHIO Compliments I Compliments of 1 of GENOA BARBER SHOP n ZUNK TRACTOR SALES Two Chairs Ferguson Tractors and Equzpment Genoa, Ohm PHONE ssss MARTIN oH1o 8344 TO THE CLASS OF 1952 The Alumm of Clay Genoa Hngh School extends 1ts heartlest congratulatlons to you on your commg gradua t1on We also welcome you as a new member of the Alumm Assocxatxon May the frxendshlps you have made durmg your school days contmue to l1ve and grow 1n your asso c1at1ons Wlth us THE CLAY GENOA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION JIM BECK V ce P s d nt EUNICE CHAMBERS Sec eta y T eas rer Complzments C0 Pl OHMES TAVERN NU WAY LAUNDRY Beer Wme Sandwxches Genoa, Oh1o 8345 WILLISTON OHIO 'A' . 'k 3 s ne: I 'k i' CLIFFORD SHIELDS, President , i - rei e , r r - r fi ' m iments of Of ' 'A' e: f 96 HOME EQUIPMENT CO. Radio and Television Appliances Sales -- Service 'K Phone: 7776 RUDES GROCERY Groceries - Notions Dry Goods if CLAY-CENTER Phone: rssz STOP FOR . . Barrel Root Beer - Fresh Frozen Orange Sandwiches - French Fries Package Ice Cream - Meals 'k SHOP FOR . . Auto Supplies - Tools - Gifts Novelties - Varieties -if THE GREEN FEATHER Woodville Road Compliments of OSCAR'S AUTO SERVICE Oscar W. Micheal, Owner 'A' Cutting - Welding General Repairing 'k CASH for YOUR OLD CAR i' Just Across the Highway GENOA, OHIO Phone: 8321 Compliments vf KNOWLES DRUGS Genoa, Ohio Phone: 7 5 1 1 The Answer For Y O U In Your Pursuit of Happiness 'A' THE GENOAN THEATER lil I Fw.. SPURGEON MOTOR SALES New and Used Cars and Trucks Genuine Parts and Accessories Service On All Makes 'k GENOA, OHIO Phone: 7062 George Powers, Manager C A S H E N , S H S U P E R M A R K E T lk Groceries - Meats I THE POWERS LUMBER Frosted Foods AND SUPPLY CO. ? o os C. T. LaCost, Jr., President W-A-W--' fr if xff T ff Lumber - Coal X Builders' Supplies X Iolan Deere Farm Equipment "A Little More -- For 4 L ir Little Less" 'k GENOA, oH1o GENOA, OHIO Phone: 7 17 1 98 Compliments Compliments of of R. R. SHOE CO. Shoes - Clothing - Gifts i' GENOA, OHIO THE RECREATION CENTER Genoa, Ohio 'k Bob Neihous, Prop. Compliments of J. W. PROMENSCHENKEL AND SON Distributors of Cockslaut Farm Equipment GENOA, OHIO Phone: 8 8 1 1 Compliments vf RALPH CAMPER CASHEN-WOOD Insurance i' 62 5 Main Street GENOA, OHIO Phone: 7155 Clerk, Board of Education it "Safe Sound Insurance Protection" Compliments Comldiments of A . F . C A M P E R Groceries - Meats Phone: 8284 We Deliver of VINE AUTO LAUNDRY I PHONE: 7754 GENOA, OHIO gi LET'S AUTO REPAIR Compliments Lester Hamann Sobio Gas as Oil of Simonizing Washing E5 Greasing BLAUSEY'S RESTAURANT it Phone: 7041 Reg, 8374 ACME DECORATORS SC I ' l' PAINT SUPPLIES Comp 'mm S Wallpaper - Rubber - Linoleum of Carpeting - Asphalt Tile Rugs Sc to 31.00 lk Genoa, Chio Phone: 8863 PERMAGLASS, INC. UTEMPERED GLASS" GENOA, OHIO I00 Of RICHARD F. SHERRY jeweler 'k GENOA, OHIO CLIFF'S POOL ROOM SC GIFT SHOP Ice Cream - Pop - Sundaes Knick Knacks - Bread Milk Open Sundays - Noon 'til Midnite 'k CLAY CENTER Phone: 7233 Cliff Keager, Prop. ' x 7 Compliments LOWE'S SUPER MARKET Compliments ' Groceries - Meats - Frozen Foods of Soflas - Sundaes A . C . W I T T 'A' Distributors of I "Valve-O-Knap" i' Dealers in General Merchandise THE GENOA PRINTING CO and Coal Iob Printing ,I Quality Work 'k Phone: 8580 Dean Wood Ja k S S IOI FORD SALES-SERVICE 'k Always 4 Large Selection of Used Cars 'A' CASHEN-ZWICKER MOTOR CO. GENOA, OHIO Phone: 77 6 1 A. ip pig: 02 Compliments DUNRITE CLEANERS of SIGLAR si SIEVING, INC. GENOA, oH1o Genoa, Ohio i We Operate Our Own Cleaning Plant COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments P T A of . . . GEORGE BURMANN MRS. PAUL I'lcFARLAND, PRES. NRS. AARON NEIHOUSMEYER , V. P. Fumifufe I MR. Jos EPH RINALDO, SECY-TRE5. and I Undertaking Compliments Of "' C L A Y C E N T 12 R R E C R E A T I O N GENOA, OHIO Bowling Sandwiches Res. Phone: 7722 Store 753 1 Nvvelfies 'k Bud Novotny, Prop. IO3 ed, Mu 0 rap s-if K WA rg n Mfiffffk ?iI'gi.'85, W ff?-ESA M fww. T555 I -11 d x Q, fy ff' YQ' Finis I04 ' 3'-1. fry- AA' 'NN 1 --1,1-pnsym Ns-, 4sf-"1 1 V P' xg van- S ' Q f: "' -Hr: 11-+P ' JA

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