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! • ■: ! ill - ill L s . i ' ! rjfijt " . ' •:. .. i ! ; LEGEND ' I a s ' m. nJ ; ! -v ' ' y ■ .- ■ i , " ; ' •- ;,■ _ i: a J i I ; ; - i : :.■ G£rt EN BOUNTY t ' NUl It. 1 IHIi 3 1833 01737 9600 GENEALOGY 977.201 AD1G 1964 We, the graduating class of the Geneva High School, invite you to share the memories of out school year through The Legend 1964 edication We, the members of the graduating class of 1964, dedicate this twenty-fourth edition of THE LEGEND to Mrs. Muth and Mr. Wellman. Their patience and understanding in guiding us through four of the most important years of our life has been appreciated more than they can ever know. GO 8 Hi E FACULTY r C. J. NEUENSCHWANDER, Superintendent South Adams Consolidated School KENNETH VAN EMON, Assistant Superintendent, Chemistry School Boaid Fred Fosnaugh, Bob Lehman, Walter Muth, Norman B eaver, and Les Lehman. WILLIAM MORRIS Principal JERRY CAREY Elementary Principal Guidance Counselor v™z? JERRY AUGSBURGER Head Coach; Social Studies; Math. THOMAS AGLER Health; Social Studies; Physical Education. ROBERT CONNERS Football Coach; Physical Educa- tion; Social Studies. HARRY ANDERSON Athletic Director; Industrial Arts; Driver ' s Education. JERRY McINTOSH English. FRED JOHNS English. MARAGRET RHOADES English; Physical Education. RUTH NEUENSCHWANDER English; French; Health; Physical Education. CATHARINE RUNYON English; Library; Spanish. , ■l y ' ' 1 WILLIAM KIPFER Biology; Vocational Agriculture. LAVAUN MUTH Home Economics; Cafeteria. ANITA HOUSER Science; Math; Health. ALICE RHOADES Commerce. KENNETH SMITH Math; Commerce. FRANCES WELLMAN Assistant Coach; Math. ■ | AGNUS SHOEMAKER Art; Music. FLOYD HUGHES Band. DR. FREEMAN BURKHALTER Chorus. in H rf. ... — .J HAROLD LONG Grade 6 ROSS JOHNSON Grade 6 EDNA GLENDENING Grades 5 6 RUTH HUNT Grade 5 EDITH WALTER Grade 5 JOHN CORNETT Grade 4 My Weekly -.uli w EVA. " 1 - ' LLOYD MUNRO Grade 4 MARY DEAN MYERS Grades 3 4 FRANCES LOGAN Grade 3 KATHRYN SMITH Grade Three GLADYS ORR Grade Two MARY ISCH Grade Two GLADYS HOUSER Grades One and Two NANCY HOUSER Grade One CATHERINE FRAVEL Grade One LINDA FULLER Kindergarten 9 FLOSSIE LYBARGER, School Secretary. BETTY BIXLER, School Nurse. Cooks: Dorcas Mosser Martha McBarnes Clara Hofstetter Elouise Hoffman Jessie Branstetter Custodians: Arnold Ivins Ralph Haines Gerald Farlow Bus Drivers: Jerry Parr Art Ford Bob Hofstetter Wayne Derrickson Ray Black Gerorge Morgan Chester Adams Kindergarten Morning Class Afternoon Class x 8 rti E SENIORS r Senior Class Officers President--Rog Lautzenheiser Treasurer--Sherrill Yoder Secretary--Carole Fosnaugh Vice President- -Ladd Wheeler CLASS FLOWER: Red and white variegated carnation. CLASS MOTTO: In ourselves our future lies. Basketball 1234 Track 1234 Football 4 Baseball 4 Class Play 3 FFA 4 JERRY ALBERSON Newspaper 2 GAA 3 YFC Quiz Team 234 YFC 1234 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club 3 DONNA AMSTUTZ FFA 1234 Class Officer 1 Basketball 12 Track 1234 Football 1234 Cross Country 1234 DOUGLAS BAUMAN GHS 1234 Choir 1 Pep Club 4 GAA 1234 FERRAL BOOHER -4l BARBARA BRUBAKER Class Officer 23 Choir 12 Class Play 3 Cheerleader 234 Band 1 JERRY BUCKINGHAM Newspaper 234 Bowling Club 23 Annual Staff 4 Baseball 1234 Football 1234 Track 1234 GRETCHEN BURKE Class Officer 23 Choir 1234 Band 123 Cheerleader 234 Annual Staff 4 VICKIE CLEVENGER Chorus 12 Newspaper 3 Class Play 3 Class Officer 3 Pep Club 4 Class of ' 64 GHS 234 GHS 34 Pep Club 4 GHS 1234 Baseball 1234 GAA 234 Choir 4 Science Club 12 Choir 4 Baseball 123 Pep Club 4 Latin Club 12 Band Twirler 4 Track 23 GAA 4 Choir 4 YFC 4 Basketball 1234 DONNA COOK NOEL DANIEL SANDY DAVIS STANLEY ELLENBURGER 1 SHIRLEY FELLERS GHS 1234 Pep Club 1234 GAA 234 Annual Staff 4 CAROL FOSNAUGH GHS 4 Class Play 3 Pep Club 123 Choir 1 Newspaper Club 3 Class Officer 4 DONNA FOSNAUGH GHS 1234 GAA 124 Choir 1 Pep Club 124 JANE FOSNAUGH GAA 123 Choir 123 Class of ' 64 Class Play 3 Pep Club 24 Choir 14 GAA 234 (officer) ELLEN GERBER GAA 23 PEGGY GRILE Annual 4 GHS 1234 JERRY GROGG Bowling Club 3 GHS 1234 ROY HANIES DEAN HALL CALVIN HILL DONNA HODGIN SALLY HOFFMAN Football 1234 Bowling Club 4 Band 123 GHS 1234 Track 1234 Basketball 234 Choir 1234 Class Play 3 Band 1234 Football 4 Cheerleader 234 GAA 12 Pep Band 1234 FFA4 Pep Club 1 Twirler 3 Stage Band 234 Track 1234 Annual 4 Annual 4 Class Play 3 Chorus 1234 Band Officer 23 Class of ' 64 Pep Club 4 GHS 1234 TERRY JONES Basketball 1234 Baseball 1234 Class President 1234 Annual 4 ROGER LAUTZENHEISER GHS 1234 Rekamemok Club 1 Choir 1 DARLENE LEE GHS 1234 YFC 1234 Pep Club 4 GAA 234 ANITA LEHMAN XT JOHN LEHMAN F.F.A. 1234 Y.F.C. 1234 Band 1234 Pep Band 1234 Stage Band 234 Choir 4 LOIS LONG G.A.A. 1234 Choir 4 Y.F.C. 4 Pep Club Drum Major 4 Band 1234 JUDIE LUDY Class Officer 3 Pep Club 13 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3 Newspaper Club 23 Choir 12 ROBERT McCABE Basketball 1234 Football 4 Track 124 Choir 4 Class Play 3 Band 12 Class of ' 64 YFC 12 G.A.A. 234 Class Play 3 Honor Chorus 2 Chorus 123 Band 12 DONNA McCUNE Choir 2 YFC 1234 Class Play 3 Twirler 123 Newspaper Club 3 Annual 4 NANCY McCUNE Hartford 123 GHS 4 Cross Country 3 Basketball 23 Track 23 DONALD MARTIN YFC 34 Pep Club 34 Newspaper Club 34 Class Play 3 GHS 34 West High 12 LINDA MINTON CHARLOTTE MOSER JUDY MOSSER TOM MYERS TRUE MYERS Band 123 Cheerleader 234 Bowling Club 34 GHS 1234 Choir 123 Twirler 1234 Football 1234 Track 1234 GAA 1234 Choir 1234 GHS 1234 Football 1234 YFC 1234 Class Officer 123 Pep Club 1234 Pep Club 4 Band Officer 123 Annual 4 Class of ' 64 Baseball 1234 Baseball 1234 Track 1234 GHS 1234 Football 134 Band 1234 Football 34 Pep Club 4 Track 234 Class Play 3 Cross Country 34 Class Play 3 Basketball 1234 Basketball 1234 Track 34 YFC 123 Band 1234 Annual 4 Basketball 1 Choir 12 Choir 4 MIKE NEWCOMER JAMES RICH EVELYN ROTH PHIL THORNTON 7tt HHj cv JANICE WALKER NANCY WEIDLER BONNIE WHEELER J. LADD WHEELER GAA 34 YFC 1234 GAA 123 Concert Band 1234 YFC 34 Newspaper Club 4 Pep Club 3 Pep Band 1234 Cafeteria 2 Annual 4 Stage Band 234 Newspaper Club 4 Choir 4 YFC 1234 Cafeteria 3 Annual 4 Class Play 3 Class Officer 4 Class of ' 64 Newspaper Editor 34 Class Play 3 Cheerleader 123 Class Officer 1234 SHERRILL YODER Pep Band 234 Choir 4 Stage Band 234 Concert Band 1234 Pep Band 14 CARL ZIMMERMAN Bowling Club 23 Basketball 12 FFA 34 GARY ZUERCHER " Beef Stew ' On Friday, April 5, 1963, the juniors presented " Beefstew, " a comedy in three acts. The cast was as follows: Dean Hall Beef Melville-who IS m a stew- Sally Hoffman Jane — his sister-- , „. .,....., ., . Phil 1 hornton Drumstick --his kid brother-- „v„„, »«■ i -,i i_- j_ j .... Jerry Buckingham Clarence Melville--his dad-- ' ., , .it i . t. ... Judie Ludy Grace Melville--his mother-- ,. , w t . T . Linda Minton Boots--a classmate of Jane-- McCabe Saddle --who goes steady with Boots-- ° i i » f t„„„ . . Ellen Gerber Peaches- -another classmate of Jane-- . j t- d , u o . . . Mike Newcomer Cream— who goes steady with Peaches-- .,,.„..„ ... Laddie Wheeler Alloysius--a " brain " -- , , ,n. ■ ii ... Nancy Weidler Gwendolyn--another " bram " — ' „ . , j . . 1£ _- j ... Karen Hofstetter Susie --anybody ' s girlfriend-- nKU Miss Finster-the high school history teacher- Barbara BrubaKer We, the Senior Class of the Geneva High School, wish to say a hearty " thank you " to Mrs. Neuen- schwander for directing our play. Senior Prophecy I, Ellen Gerber, was recently the lucky winner of an expense paid tour around the United States While on my tour, I met several of my former classmates. Upon boarding my plane at Baer Field, the stewardess who seated me was none other than NANCY McCUNE balUe m, e m SVHu P skTes. AlaSka " " ' " " KEWCOMER Coachin S the world-famous basket- From Alaska I flew to California where I saw DARLENE LEE, now a clerk in one of the better -known stores She has hopes of being " discovered " and possibly becoming a well-known star. CHARLOTTE MOSER also living in California, after growing another inch taller, has finally been accepted by the Tip Toppers Club. Incidently, Charlotte is one of the shortest members In New Mexico I found CARL ZIMMERMAN, famous architect. Carl is working under the direction of Pablo Picasso After leaving New Mexico, the next stop was Texas where I visited the DOUGLAS L. BAUMAN ranch D L is the ' owner of a 5000 acre ranc h, better known as the Double Dollar Sign ($$) Next I stopped in Kentucky where I watched the Kentucky Derby. Jockey of the winning horse, Lucky Lizard Legs was none other than PHIL THORNTON. ' i ' lzara Le S s I then went to Washington, D.C. ™ F t™ mfe p " P ° 1 ! tiCS V R ° GER LAUTZENHEISER was running for President of the United States. NM R t w °? " r completed her nurses training and has hopes of becoming First Lady. JIM RICH, also of Washington, D.C., is now assisting J. Edgar Hoover in the F B I While in Massachusetts, I visited Harvard University where I found JERRY BUCKINGHAM was a physics professor It is said that some day he may be a second Albert Einstein. Cut;!! 7 imp ° rtant pl f " ' " 1 WaS t0 Visit was New Y ° rk City. While in New York, I found that DONNA AMSTUTZ was leading soprano for the Metropolitan Opera I also visited Carnegie Hall where SHERRILL YODER had recently appeared. Since her performance there, Liberace nas been having stiff competition. tJ r T ? " " Y ° r f ? ' 1 n c° tiCed S6Veral bUlboards were advertising the coming appearance of the famous lighter, Glorious Grogg, at Madison Square Garden. Glorious Grogg is the former JERRY GROGG Later I read in the NEW YORK TIMES that ROY HAINES was his manager and GARY ZURCHER was his personal body- While at the U.N., I met JANICE WALKER, now a famous interpreter. RTPH e T ' JUS tH ,l °PP° T rtunit ; to tour a television studio where I watched one of my favorite programs, THE PRICE IS ™I™ ' SaW tiat SANDY ° AVIS WaS ° ne of • models appearing on the program VICM CLEVENGER, also of New York, has become a famous dress designer to thf " a T ln ? a ' theair P° ! was informed «« would be a slight delay. Upon hearing the announcement, I went LO S IOnT T " here I purchased the latest issue of VOGUE. On the front page was the picture of Madame Lois Anne, LUlb LONG, famous model for Paris Originals. Photographer for the pictures was NANCY WEIDLER busm McclTerMorry ' . " ' l " B ° B McCABE ' ™ a . « «— « " I- Ms new DONALD MARTIN, also of Detroit, is driving the test cars on the obstacle course for General Motors seem toli e ke V b n e S st igan ' " " " " " h ° me a§ain ' ° Indi3na ' ' plaCe that m0St of mv f°™er ' classmates Upon my arrival home, I learned that JERRY ALBERSON had just been elected governor of Indiana TFRRY ™ 8 - q !i te WeU alS °- ° EAN " WaS r£Cently a PP° int ed Chief of Police for the city of Geneva. ltRRY JONES is the new owner of the Rainbow Laundromat TOMu™ I£R J S c W T r mpl0yed 3t th£ Gen6Va bank ' but She resi § ned her J° b to ma " V « bank president TOM MYERS and STAN ELLENBURGER have just become owners of the Little 500, a local dragstrip There have also been many changes in the school system. JUDIE LUDY is new secretary for the South Adams Com- munity School with EVELYN ROTH as school nurse ? " and , M D S ;l R , UE MYERS aie n ° W IeSiding in DeC3tUr Where he is Practicing law in the city court Mrs Myers ESK SET " - Barb DONNA F °™ « -— the newly-foLed kindergartener . J w ER " ° W haS heI OWn daily television sh °w called " Hints for Better Homemaking " LINDA MINTON is the new editor for the GENEVA PROGRESS. DONNA COOK has been most successful with her new beauty shop. Her specialty is hair styling DONNA ™™?f ! f J didn : : ha an °PP° rtUnit y to visit have al » -hieved ™ «» various occupations. DONNA HODGIN had enrolled at the Parkview School of Nursing. While there, she met a young, handsome in- tern, and I ' m sure you know the rest of the story. JOHN LEHMAN has taken Jay Gould ' s place as farm director for WOWO DONNA McCUNE of Indianapolis is proprietor of a charm school for secretaries FERR L Jl 00 ™ 1 iS nOW " " honora ry member of the basketball team, the AU-American Redheads PEGGY GRILE and her husband are living in Portland. They are the proud parents of six boys CALVIN HILL is the famous halfback for the Green Bay Packers. ANITA LEHMAN has been doing missionary work in South Africa. LADDIE WHEELER is now the vice-president of Lockheed, a missle base. NOEL DANIEL is now chief engineer working on Geronimo, the space shot to Pluto Delttatl " 01 ™ " " " " PI ° Ud m0th " ° f ' " §irlS - She heI husband and children are living in D r 170 ™ " ' S married also and has four cute, little, red-headed, freckle-faced children C A f r u! h ° I! alS ° mar " ed ' r6SideS in Ft " Wayne - She iS the P roud mother of ins, Ronnie and Connie. As Tme mEN ™rT T 6 T ™ f ' j H ° U V W °° d - tak the place of the late Marilyn Monroe. As lor me, ELLEN GERBER, I an now editor of the " Dear Abby " column in the newspaper. 22 Guess Who?? Senior Awards Senior Award Jackets FIRST ROW: True Myers, Phil Thorton, Doug Bauman, Rog Lautzen- heiser. SECOND ROW: Dean Hall, Noel Daniel, Bob McCabe, Mike Newcomer, Calvin Hill, Torn Myers, Jerry Buckingham. Not Pictured: Stan Ellenburger, and Jerry Alberson. Senior Honor Sweaters FIRST ROW: Judy Mosser, Donna Amstutz, Barbara Brubaker, Donna Hodgin, Sherrill Yoder, Vicki Clevenger. SECOND ROW: Rog Lautzenheiser, Jerry Buckingham, Ladd Wheeler, Sandy Davis, Judie Ludy. Homemakers of Tomorrow Award Nancy Weidler was the winner of the Homemaker of Tomorrow award from Geneva. She placed in the top ten in the state. She received a pin for her accomplishment. 4 CD 8 Hi E CLASSES r Our Class Leaders Cary Hanni--president Jim Meshberger--vice-president Tonya Mosser- -secretary Linda Baumgartner--treasurer Margie McGough--vice-president Kathy Lehman--president Sally Minton--secretary Julia Hodgin--treasurer Sam Schwartz --secretary Ted Habbeger--president Faye Edgar--vice -president Karen Stauffer--treasurer 26 Juniors ls Gloria Amstutz Sharon Armstrong Bill Baumbauer Jim Biberstein John Binegar Grace Amstutz Jean Augsburger Linda Baumgartner Sharon Billington •9 Doug Bixler Ronnie Bollenbacher Sue Burke Phil Clark Mary Ann Duff Judy Bixler Jeff Brown David Clark Kandy Doherty Doug Edgar Nancy Fogle Janice Habegger Linda Hawbaker Phil Hough Patty Fields Don Gillespie Cary Hanni David Hirschy Gary Huffman Bob Kirchoffer Angela Lehman Sheldon Mathys Jim Meshberger Marsha Jones John Lee Gloria Lough John Mere Tonya Mosser Jane Neuenschwander Ronnie Ralston Mary Rich Steve Murphy Dixie Pharr Virginia Rhodhamel Ann Steiner Richard Teeter Ronnie Vorhees Patty Weaver Shelby Workinger Kathy Tschannen Mary Wagner Sheryl White Mr. Agler Sophomores Mai Banta Bill Baumer Janet Beer Marlene Buckingham Phillip Burry Alan Bauman Connie Bauserman Jim Brubaker Carl Burgess Jerry Ellenberger Mike Fields Robert Grile Diane Hendricks George Hurst Linda Fellers Ron Fosnaugh Tom Hart Julie Hodgin ■ ' ,- iiwtaZ...iiA Sue Jones Jon Lybarger Sally Minton Rodney Mosser Toni Mosser Kathy Lehman Margie McGough Laura Belle Momingstar Ronnie Mosser Susan Murphy Marjean Neuenschwander Terry Nevil Gaila Runyon Judy Neuenschwander Steve Neuenschwander Allen Raugh Janice Smitley John Stahly Bob Toland Susan Weaver Janice Whisler Bill Steiner Marjorie Wable Kay Wheeler Mr. MclnTosh Freshmen Sl Rhonda Affolder Deryll Amstutz Terry Alberson i fa d- fa o Cathy Anderson Jack Aspy Mike Baumgartner Allen Billington Judy Brown Nic Armstrong Jon Baumbauer Gail Beer Dave Booher John Buckingham Harlow Burgess George Cott Brenda Daniels Carol Doherty Danny Gerber Sammy Butcher Gary Dailey Patty Davis Faye Edgar Ted Habegger Karen Hanni Paula Hawes Jerry Herman Susann Hofstetter Roberta Ineichen Barbara Hawbaker Dorwin Hendricks Teresa Hiday Kathy Hurst Gary Jones ' mti Bernard Lautzenheiser Diana Lindsey Jean Mertz Steve Mosser Dean Parrett Roger Lautzenheiser Mary Lybarger Elaine Momingstar Pat Newcomer Calvin Roth Roger Raugh Richard Schmit Barbara Shimp Karen Stauffer Greg Thornton Bob Runkle Sam Schwartz Steve Simmons Myra Stevens Darrell Tumbleson Judy Walker Betty Weaver Diana Wolf Bob Zimmerman Mr. Smith Dale Wagner Linda Watkins Kelley Wheeler Eddie Ziegler Mrs. Rhoades S95 ■»• Ruth Amstutz Grade 8 Q Ct A £s, £31 A ' i ' k II wl L i ■I -tV,l - 5 Connie Aspy John Auker Steve Bailey Kathy Bauman Ricky Bergman Greg Bixler Dale Brown Don Burke Steve Burry Denny Caffee Kim Campbell Charlotte Clark Donald Clark Gene Dailey Jim Dailey Debbie Davidson Ricky Dubach Alfred Feaster Bill Fields Peggy Fosnaugh Bill Garringer Nancy Gerber Lynn Gillespie Eugene Hall Mickey Hough Frank Howe Diana Keller Connie Lehman Bonnie Martin Neil McGough Mike Mere Karen Mint on Roger Morningstar Carol Mosser David Mosser Bob Neuenschwander Peggy Ralston Betty Schwartz Marcia Smith Rodney Smitley Ronnie Tschannen Carol Tumbleson Stanley VanEmon Paul Wagner Danny Weidler Cindy Wilhoite Carol Yoss Mrs. Houser 8th Grade Class Officers 7th Grade Class Officers Neil McGough--vice-president; Don Burke-- president; Lynn Gillespie--secretary; Karen Minton --treasurer. Sara Biberstein--treasurer; Susan Bixler--sec- retary; Patti Neuenschwander--vice president; Mike Anderson--president. Grade 7 Robert Buckey Steve Buckingham Ralph Dawson Mike Fenstermaker Lonnie Fravel Nancy Gerber Arlyn Hendricks Ted Hiday Ronnie Hirschy Leroy Hiscutt Marilyn Houser Jackie Hurst Rodney Lautzenheiser Allan Martin Brenda Meshberger Steve Miller Buddy Minton Linda Mosser Richard Muhlenkamp Patti Neuenschwander Steve Pearson Marsha Perry Boyce Phillips Jon Pyle Janet Rhodhamel Harry Rich Roger Robinson Sheldon Roth Gedda Runyon Nancy Schwartz Marvin Smith Diana Smitley Roger Smitley Ronnie Stauffer Linda Teeter Larry Twigg Lester Wagner Jay Welches Greg Werst Phyllis Wolf Wayne Yoss Mrs. Shoemaker Mr. Johns Grade 6 Leon Amstutz Beverly Bailey Kathy Beer Mike Doherty Brian Dynes Gary Fosnaugh Patricia Hawes Delane Hendricks Patty Huffman Jana Jones Mary McGough Harold Muhlenkamp Russell Myers Ned Neuenschwander Luann Purdy Sandra Ralston Ricky Smith Randy Toland Janis Tumbleson Ladonna Werst Janelle Whistler Janet Zimmerman Mr. Long Esther Amstutz Kay Beitler Mike Anderson Sara Biberstcin Curtis Armstrong Susan Bixler Brian Bauman Tim Boohcr Karen Beitler John Briggs Grade 6 Larry Aspy sm Delores Bergman, Linda Bixler, James Davidson, Robert Garringer, Dennis Gerber, Kevin Hanni, James Hawbaker, Von Jones Cosy Luke, Michael Mertz, Joan Minnich, Ruby Momingstar, Sharon Morningstar, Celia Moser, Randy Moser, Richard Murphy Tonya Riesen, Edith Treece, Mike VanEmon, Barbara Workinger, Ronnie Yoss, Mr. Johnson Grades 5 6 a fk Rebecca Amstutz, Andy Anderson, Hal Armstrong, Billy Beeler 1 • V b £ j Beth Beer, David Beitler, Ted Biberstein, Richard Briggs, Paula Burgess, Janelle Derrickson, John Hall, Angela Keller Marcia Myers, Ronnie Reynolds, Rita Roth, Susan Stevens, Emalese Striker, Danny Thronton, James Zerby, Miss Glendening 32 laron •ristutz % £ C% k fij Jimmy Bailey, Mailand Billington, Bebbie Brandt, Jimmy Buckingham, Dairell Dailey, Kristy Doherty, Justin Fosnaugh Sharon Fraze, Gary Fravel, Karen Fravel, Susan Haines, Larry Keller, Bonnie McKinnell, Allan Mann, Nick Minnich Steve Minnich 9 29 Bradley Mosser, Linda Neuenschwander, Bob Perry, Harold Phillips, Regina Schmit, Robert Schwartz, Leonard Smith £h| Grade 5 Stanley Smitley, Judy Twigg, Dennis Van Emon, Dwight Vorhees, Jimmy Vorhees, Mrs. Walter Dennis Aff older, Diana Bailey, Gerald Bailey, John Baker, Robert Beeler, Randy Bergman, Roy Brooks, Jerry Burk la S Billy Clark, Michael Engle, David Fosnaugh, Jody Grogg, Robert Haines, Jackie Hawes, Maria Hodgin, Henry Johnson Jim Mere, Shirley Mosser, Robert Muth, Jeffrey Pearson, Charlotte Schaadt, Betty Schwartz, Phyllis Shimp, David Smith Dale Sprunger, Vickie Steiner, Jana Thornton, Don Walter, Elaine Weaver, Mrs. Hunt Grade 4 Billy Booher, Deborah Buckey, Susan Buckey, Paul Burry, Gail Cottrell, Janene Derrickson, Ray Gerber Becky Hawbaker Anthony Hiscutt, Larry Ivins, Thomas Kuhn, Doyle Martin, Marcia Mertz, Ronnie Morningstar, Charles Muhlenkamp f% Cs, 48K " 4fe 4H y -V ET«i ui O r.ff $b - yf j L Joy Welches, Lee Wheeler, Lyn Wheeler, Marilyn Yoss, Mr. Munro Suanne Amstutz, Steven Baker, Jeffri Bantz, Galen Bauman, Connie Bergman, Randall Bixler, Gary Bollenbacher Jocelyn Davidson, Vickie Doherty, Sandy Fosnaugh, James Galloway, Linda Hendricks, Judith Houser, Cynthia Lee Beth Pearson, Randy Reynolds, Marvin Schwartz, Steven Smith, Joyce Tumbleson, Sara Workinger, Mr. Comett 34 Grades 3 S 4 Carol Armstrong, Randall Bryan, Wanda Fogle, Michael Herman, Carolyn Hunt, Michiel Nelson, Michael Perry, Peggy Robinson Barbara Schwartz, Richy Smith, Scott Striker, Allen Aspy, Susan Beer, Terrence Burgess, Mickey Hasinbiller, Tim Hiday (-1 1 p 1 . A » V aw Donald Kuhn, Virgil Nevil, John Rich, Michael Zerby, Susan Zuercher, Mrs. Myers Grade 3 John Amstutz, Allan Bailey, Becky Burgess, David Dubach, Laura Ellis, Vicki Fosnaugh, Robert Hanni, Suzanne Herman schwander, Jimmy Nevil, Jill Newcomer, Cheryl Norton Bonnie Ralston, Michael Roll, Patricia Sauder, Kenneth Schwartz, Janet Smith. Donaloc- Smitley, Thomas Sprunger Jackie Tschannen, Karen VanEmon, Londa Weaver, Mrs. Logan 35 tley, Gene V01 Grade 3 Deborah Affolder, Cheryl Bailey, Pamela Baker, Mark Banta, Michelle Besser, Roy Billington, Jeffrey Bryan, Elaine Cott. ft Cynthia Fravel, Karen Gerber, Kim Haines, Derryl Hirschy, Kevin Hofstetter, Stanley Hunt, Christina Keller, John Ludy. Daniel May, Richard Miller, William Moser, Pamela Mosser, Steve Riesen, Ginger Runyon, Ricky Smith, David Stauffer. Ronnie Stevens, Lou Ann Twigg, Mrs. Smith. Grade 2 h-) Jeff Agler. - Gallow=v. Matthew Armstrong, Susan Beeler, Margie Dailey, Cynthia Dubach, Jill Fosnaugh, Renee Franks, Lois Fraze, David Habegger. Michael Hirschy, Viola Hisc in, Joesph Muhlenkamp, James Roth, James Timmons, Michael Vorhees, Mrs. Orr. 4 Vs mSj v. Jerry Amstutz, Rita Aspy, Jeff Baker, Steven Brandt, Vickie Burgess, Steve Clark, Robert Denney, John Hofstetter. fk Q Qk S Miles Johnson, Sue Lautzenheiser, Dean Lehman, Ronald McCollum, Darrel Phillips, Stephen Rhodehamel, Eric Riesen, David Roll. r c yy " m mrimmi ■■■■■■ ,- ibba . « f - Mary Lou Schwartz, Wenda Sprunger, Rodney Stucky, Ned VanEmon, Sara Walter, Eunice Wheeler, Mrs. Mary Lou Isch. £21 -kj« fT3| 71 Norman Amstutz, Max Augsburger, Timmy Bergman, Rikki Herman, Brenda Hunt, Bobby Martin. Vickie Mosser, Carol Smitley, Cynthia Steiner, Arlene Weidler, Judy Amstutz, Ricky Brewster, Susan Clark, Sandra Dubach. l Dewayne Hofstetter, Gordon Moser, Tommy Nevil, David Runyon, Kathy Smitley, Gene Vorhees, Kathy Zerby, Mrs. Gladys House r. Grade I s . ™ v V- r Jm , i .s% h Duane Affolder, Cindy Bailey, Ray Bowen, Richard Buckey, Jo Ellen Burgess, Penny Doherty, Ted Dynes, Deborah Ellis, Debbie Ford, Mark Haines. a Qi c a lik fc 4 7VI In Jon Hawbaker, Rodney Hofstetter, Wanda Hough, Melinda Huey, Richard Keller, Jeff Koons, Cynthia Kuhn, Cindy Lautzen- heiser, Lee Ann Lybarger, Brenda Manning. V Rhonda Rupert, Danny Smith, Tony Smith, Cindy Switzer, Genise Tumbleson, Steven Zuercher, Miss Houser. Mark Affolder, Connie Beitler, Janet Biberstein, Cheryl Bixler, Terry Bollenbacher, Carla Burgess, Rose Marie Dailey, Marijo Fraze, Donald Grogg, Donald Hanni. tr. ft ft rff? IP fS Q 1 « 4 MtaA Alvin Hiscutt, Veredith Keller, Jim Koons, Jill Lehman, Kathy Mann, Randy Martin, Roger Minnich, I Purdy, Rhonda Roth. Michael Schwartz, Douglas Smith, Kathy Smith, Dawn Suer, Larry Thornton, Kathy Timmons, Mark Werst, Dean Yoder, Duane Yoder, Miss Fravel. ' - J ■ ' - f «4 UJ!P y CD E rtn ATHLETICS TONYA MOSSER GRETCHEN BURKE ANN STEINER Varsity Cheerleaders JUDY MOSSER BARBARA BRUBAKER DONNA HODGIN 40 Second Team Cheerleaders r _.i m SiS ,.v af r . . ■ j i j 1 i w I 1 MARY ANN DUFF MARJEAN NEUENSCHWANDER JANICE SMITLEY Pep Club m% ?$ % " ' A ana i jrtnA ' fi ' aifl a tf« n Varsity Basketball Team WE SCHEDULE 65 Bryant 49 Madison 54 Berne 60 Hoagland 56 Selma 54 Madison 82 Monmouth 71 Montpelier 52 Decatur Catholic 72 Pennville 48 Lancaster 72 Dunkirk 62 Warren 60 Marion Bennett 64 Adams Central 53 Ossian 56 Monroe Central 67 Huntington Catholic 72 Winchester Doug Jim Edgar Meshberger (Guard) (Center) Second Team Freshman Team Eighth Grade Team 1 " T i : Seventh Grade Team HARRY ANDERSON Athletic Director THOMAS AGLER " C " Team Coach ROBERT CONNOR Football Coach Student Managers DOUG BAUMAN, PHIL BURRY, and ALAN BAUMAN Freshman Cheerleaders Junior High Cheerleaders FAYE EDGAR and KAREN HANNI SUSAN BIXLER and LYNN GILLESPIE Football Team Cross Country Team Track Team Baseball Team x 8 rtrf E ACTIVITIES 9 - m m ie " •Pp; - 1 fc-jf W m i H t 3 Stage Band Band Officers «» Pep Band Junior Band 1 GEHEV Jg GEMEM. ■4 7f II v Judy Mosser, Feature Twirler; Lois Long, Drum Majorette; Jean Augsburger and Kay Doherty, Color Guards. TWIRLERS: Mary Rich, Connie Bauserman, Cindy Wilhoite, Toni Mosser, Sandy Davis, and Fa ye Edgar. POM POM GIRLS: Sue Jones, Diana Keller, Patty Davis, Brenda Daniels, Carol Mosser, Roberta Ineichen, Margie McGough, and Julia Hodgin. YFC Club YFC Quiz Team Boys ' Bowling Club Newspaper Club FFA Girls ' Athletic Association Choir 9 ADVERTISING Donations Dr. Donnally Dr. Andrew Naoma ' s Beauty Shop Geneva Veterinary Hospital Slusher Station Clauser Furniture Dr. Howard Luginbill Dr. Norman E. Beavers Liechty ' s Food, Inc. Larry ' s Barber Shop K K Market Adams Builders Supply Arn ' s Jewelry Weiler Brothers Wiebusch Plantery Hanlin Rex all Drugs First National Bank Goodman ' s Fashion Shop H F Bakery Schindlers Rex all Drugstore Jack Kerns Chevrolet Club Cafe Geneva, Indiana Geneva, Indiana Geneva, Indiana New Corydon, Indiana Berne, Indiana Berne, Indiana Berne, Indiana Berne, Indiana Berne, Indiana Monroe, Indiana Decatur, Indiana Portland, Indiana Portland, Indiana Portland, Indiana Portland, Indiana Portland, Indiana Portland, Indiana Portland, Indiana Celina, Ohio Celina, Ohio Celina, Ohio 58 How to use your Savings to beat down the cost of Borrowing Put your savings in a Full Service commer- cial bank. Borrow money from that same bank. You ' ll make the most of your money because you ' ll pay the least for your loan. The more you do for a Full Service commer- cial bank (such as ours), the more we can do for you. What can you do for us? Bring us your checking account, your savings account, and any other accounts you may have. And do all your borrowing from us. In return, what can we do for you? Chances are we can save you money on loans. Our interest rates for loans are usually lower Cy than the rates at other types of financial institutions. But what about our lower interest rate on savings? True, we sometimes pay a little less on sav- ings than other types of financial institutions. But if you ' re like most people, you ' ll borrow far more in your lifetime than you ' ll save. It figures that having to pay even a slightly higher rate on a loan will quickly wipe out any small gain you might make on your savings. How do we get together? Very simple. Just let one of our bank officers show you how we can become your financial headquarters. The rest comes easy BANK NAME AND ADDRESS ©1962, Foundation for Comn FUW SERVICE i_ BANK OF GENEVA Member of Federal Insurance Corporation Geneva, Indiana MILK PRODUCTS | Ice Cream n Frozen Foods W. %t VfGt GEty Fishing Tackle Guns Hunting Equipment WATSON ' S SPORTING GOODS 103 N. Main Dunkirk, Indiana " Your Specialist in Sports " Featuring the Name Brands in Athletic Equipment Brunswick - -MacGregor Wilson Converse Shoes Louisville Bats Adirondack Bats Nokona Ball Gloves Wigwam Sport Sox Voit Trophies Sporting Goods WATSONS Congratulations Class of " 64 ' GENEVA MANUFACTURING CORP. Geneva, Indiana Buttermilk Cottage Cheese Orange Drink Vitamin D Homogenized Grade A Milk and Dairy Products Coffee Cream Butter Chocolate Milk Pasteurized Milk GERBER ' S CENTRAL DAIRY Night Phone 1335 Phone 120 230 West Market St, Bluffton, Indiana Home Furnishings Rugs, Carpeting, Custom Built Furniture HANNI FURNITURE Phone 368-7477 Geneva, Indiana Bob Lautzenheiser Bill Loy ' It ' s Quality Products and Service That Count. " LIMBERLOyT SERVICE Phone 368-7670 Geneva, Indiana " The Store Where Your Money Buys More " Complete Home Furnishings Decorating Services and Free Estimates HABEGGER FURNITURE. INC. Open Evenings Except Monday and Wednesday Phone 2-2314 Berne, Indiana Lumber Building Materials Fence Coal GENEVA LUMBER AND 5UPPLV (0. Geneva, Indiana GENEVA MILLING CO. Phone 368-7211 Geneva, 368-7212 Indiana MASTER MIX FEEDS VC FERTILIZER TATE ' S HANttt QUALITY GROCERIES PLUMBING SHOP Water Systems Furnaces ! HOME KILLED MEATS Plumbing Fixtures LOCKER SERVICE Phone 368-7480 Phone 368-7626 Residence 368-7620 Geneva Indiana Geneva Indiana makes your permanent lovelier all 4 ways Deep, rippling waves, formed bv positioning each reveal a good permanent. Amateur methods can ' t com- pare! Silken softness, shimmer- ing glow— proof thai a per- manent is right! beautician achieves this because she knows how long to process your waves — has the finer professional lotions for your type of hair. Another test of a perma- nent—will it set attractively ... and hold its set? No home attempt can match the results of a beautician ' s skill here. The natural look of a fine permanent draws compli- ments for your hair rather than your permanent. For a lovelier permanent — all 4 trays — see your beautician. ask for the loveliest of all, ask for a . itfttd PERMANENT WAVE BERT5 BEAUTY BOOTH Geneva, Indiana SHOutTj yruo.o Portraiture Scenery Commercial Enlarging Portraits in Oils Phone 7261 409 East Jay Dunkirk Indiana Congratulations Class of " 64 " FRANK ' PLUMBING ( HE ATIHG Phone 368-7508 Geneva Indiana LEE ' S THE FOOD BANK DEPARTMENT STORE In Geneva ' s New Shopping Center-- " For People Who Care What They Wear " THE RAINBOW PLAZA Plenty of Free Parking Space Phone 2-2175 Store Hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday thru Saturday . Geneva Indiana Berne Indiana JTUCKVJ GAJ AND APPLIANCE " Home of Leading Lines . " ANDV5 PLACE j Phone 368-7228 Geneva Indiana Geneva Indiana LINN GROVE HARDWARE Paint and Electrical Appliances Linn Grove, Indiana Phone 5-5496 THE HABIT CLEANERS For Guaranteed Odorless Dry Cleaning We Operate Our Own Modern Plant Better Service --Better Quality Phone Berne 2-2305 Berne, Indiana THE FIRST {TATE BANK OF DECATUR Established in 1883 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp . Federal Reserve System Decatur, Indiana Compliments of EASTERN INDIANA OIL AND SUPPLY CO. Sinclair Products and Goodrich Tires " Eventually We Will Be Recommended to You " Geneva Indiana Berne Indiana Decatur Indiana Portland Indiana Celina Ohio NUDOR OF INDIANA ' The Best in Sliding Glass Doors Windows " Phone 368-7281 Geneva Indiana FARMER ' J FEED MILL Dealer in State Pilot and Wayne Feeds Custom Grinding and Molasses Milling Bulk Delivery- Berry ' s Gro-coated Seeds and Fertilizers Phone 368-7810 Geneva Indiana ,«• " ■ ® y vJ " 5 °% KARCH STONE CO. " Service Beyond the Contract. " HERMAN J. BIXIER INSURANCE Phone 368-7529 Bryant Indiana Geneva Indiana 18-84 Months Quality Trailer to Pay Coaches (Your Courteous Trailer Dealer) " Oldest State Bank in Indiana " THE PEOPLE ' J BANK Member of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ADAM) COUNTY TRAILER JALEJ, INC. New and Used Mobile Homes Trailer Parts and Repair Service Hi -Ways 27 -33 Phone 3-3138 Decatur, Indiana Phone 726-7141 Paul Strickler President Kathryn Strickler Sec ' yTreas . Portland Indiana MEJH ERGE JTUCKY BROTHERS FURNITURE JTONE CORR COMPANY Linn Grove, Indiana Berne Phone 5-5311 Producers of Crushed Stone, Agricultural Limestone, Emulsified Asphalt, Bituminous Coated Aggregate Complete Home Furnishings Sale and Application of BITUMINOUS MATERIALS General Road and Street Contractors Plants at Linn Grove and Pleasant Mills Monroe Indiana ADAM) CO. Custom Butchering and Slaughtering FARM BUREAU BERNE LOCKER STORAGE CO -OPERATIVE Everything in Farm Supplies Phone 2-2806 524 West Franklin St. Monroe, Indiana Berne Indiana C.TJ.OF BERHEINC. YAGER FURNITURE Made by Berne in Berne YAGER FUNERAL 406 Pharr Road HOME Berne, Indiana Oxygen Equipment Ambulance Service Phone 2-2106 Berne Indiana Phone 2-2876 Auto-Truck-Tractor BERNE " W SER VI CENTER Expert Service U.S. 27 North Berne, Ind , Dan Yoder Dale Rich Denver Rich Richard Zimmerman FIRST BANK OF BERNE Established in 1891 " For Complete Banking Service " Members of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION and FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM. Berne Indiana LIFCHTy MOTOR JALEJ New Car Dealers in BUICK, CHEVROLET, PONTIAC Phone 2-2805 Compliments of the JAY garment company and Employees Berne Indiana Portland Indiana Compliments of BERNE LYBARGER EQUITY EXCHANGE CO. GRAVEL i READY MIX Dealers in Grain, Seed, Fence and Fertilizer j Phone 368-7855 Chattanooga Ohio Linn Grove Indiana Tama Ohio Berne Indiana Geneva Indiana Main Office in Berne, Indiana ZURCHER ' J BEST WISHES FIRESTONE JERVICE From Your Culligan Man Headquarters for Firestone Tires Serving Area 17 Years Phone 6-6551 CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING Phone 5-5478 Monroe Indiana Linn Grove Indiana THE BERNE WITNESJ Published by Publisher ' s Printing House, Inc. Printers --Publishers - -Binders 117 East Main Street Berne Indiana E.P. SPRUNGER D.D.S. Residence 2-2289 Office 2-2309 159 Jefferson Street Berne Indiana BERNE OVERALL CO. INC. D.W FIREOVEO 104 East Main St. Phone 2-2153 VETERINARIAN Berne Indiana Berne Indiana EMICK ' } OWI Congratulations to the Geneva Seniors of " 1964 " Bill Julie Emick Best Wishes and Success THE BERNE AMF Pinspotters 5$ TO §1.00 T0RE Phone 2-2927 The Paint and Wallpaper Spot Berne Indiana Berne Indiana Congratulations Geneva High School Seniors of 1964 FLICK ' S BODY SHOP ROUNDUP LAUNDROMAT Westinghouse Equipped Phone 2-2333 155-157 N. Jefferson St. 618 Parr Road Edwin Lela Vorhees Lloyd Viola McGough Berne Indiana Berne Indiana THE MOON and beyond Bright, new horizons await today ' s stu- dents . . . new technologies . . . new advance- ments on all fronts . . . even the moon and whatever lies beyond. How far you go in this space age depends partly on your imagination but primarily on your education and training. Conquering new horizons will demand more of today ' s graduates — more knowledge, more skills, more training and more specialization. Our Free Enterprise system, with its high living standards, gives you an oppor- tunity to " shoot for the moon " in any field. Whether or not your target is reached de- pends on how well trained you are to launch your career. Indiana © Michigan ELECTRIC COMPANY HAWTHORN fefllELLODVi ICE CREAM IDE ALICE CREAM CO LOFTON RICH, DIST. Decatur Indiana MENU WE ATJ, INC. 2506 Broadway NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Auto- -Fire - -Life Thurman L. Baker " In Service With People " Phone 368-7430 430 East Shackley St . Geneva Indiana Fine Portion Club Steaks Fish and Seafoods DON AND DARRELL ' S BARBER SHOP Don Stevens Darrell Byrum " We Need Your Head! " Wholesale Suppliers Ft . Wayne Indi ana Geneva Indiana L MIZ AUCTIOS CO. AUCTIONEERS - REAL ESTATE OFFICE PHONE 2-29Q3 BOX 43 BERNE. INDIANA Phil neuenschwander Phdni 2-B355 L. A. MANN Real Estate and Insurance Phone 368-7577 Geneva, Indiana THE FAIR STORE Gifts for All Occasions General Merchandise School Supplies, Candy Menno Burkhalter, Prop. Phone 2-2160 Berne, Indiana MORAND ' S " 66 " SERVICE MARKET Don Lena Moore Berne, Indiana AFFOLDER IMPLEMENT SALES AlUs -Chalmers --New Idea-- New Holland Sales and Service Phone 2-2964 Berne, Indiana POPLAR DRIVE INN " See and Try Our Popular Menu for the Best in Fine Foods . " Counter --Curb --and Carry -Out Service ZUERCHER MUSIC STORE Everything for the Musician P.O. Box 272 U.S. Hi -Way 27 Berne, Indiana BERNE MASTER FEED STORE " The Garden Spot of the World " Phone 2-2303 Berne, Indiana Television and Antenna Service Car and Home Radio Repair CURLY ' S T.V. SERVICE Phone 2-6167 R.R. 2 Geneva Indiana THE DECATUR DAILY DEMOCRAT Adams County ' s Only Daily Newspaper Get the Latest in School Sports -- Society News Subscribe Today--Just $10 a Year by Mail in Adams or Adjoining Counties . Decatur Indiana LAUX GROCERY AND HARDWARE New Corydon Indiana GENEVA SHELL SERVICE Tune Up- -Carburetor and Brake Service Phone 368-7830 Larry Ellenberger Highway 27 Geneva Indiana GENEVA PURE SERVICE A . J BRIGGS AND SONS HARDWARE Phone 368-7444 Complete Auto Repair Virgil Taylor Geneva Indiana HAP ' S TAVERN BRYANT " 66 " TRUCK STOP CAFE 24 Hour Service Highway 67 27 Phone 2-6465 Berne Indiana Bryant Indiana WE JEN I SCHUG MOTORS. tfVi!|i ' .|fr. INC. SERVICE ' ' IJJII 1 ! ' Chrysler --Plymouth --Valiant Sales and Service Repairing a Specialty—Body Fender Work Standard Oil Products 50,000 Mile Warranty Phone 2-2615 Berne, Ind. Nite 2-2669 or 2-8513 GRABER INSURANCE INC, Insurance Bonds Phone 2-2904 P.O. Box 84 U.S. 27 North Berne Indiana HARDY AND HARDY OXYGEN EQUIPPED AMBULANCE Service Day and Night Phone 368-7676 Geneva Indiana ANDREW ' S SAWMILL Congratulations Class of " 64 " W. M. MANUFACTURING, INC. Chattanooga, Ohio Geneva Indiana Breck Revlon IDEAL BEAUTY SHOP Phone 368-7857 140 E. Butcher St. Thelma L . Milligan SHEETS FURNITURE CO. Quality Home Furnishings Rayette Realistic Geneva, Indiana Decatur Indiana Compliments BERNE LUMBER, INC. Phone 2-2268 Berne Indiana Congratulations Class of " 64 " BERNE -GENEVA LIVESTOCK SALES CO, P. B. Stewart Co. NAGEL ' S QUALITY FLOWERS Since 1910 Phone 2-2472 We Wire Flowers G. C. MOSER INSURANCE AGENCY 179 West Main Street Phone 2-2142 Berne Indiana Berne Indiana ADAMS COUNTY OBSERVER BERNE HI -WAY HATCHERY, INC. Honegger Layers North U.S. 27 Berne Indiana Berne Indiana JEFFERSON GARAGE Auto Tractor Repairing Phone 2-2179 Berne Indiana BUCHANAN ' S STANDARD OIL 105 S. Main St. Front Wheel Alignment Complete Auto Clinic Phone 368-7666 Geneva Indiana Compliments of ADAMS BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. 309 South 13th Street Phone 3-3104 Decatur Indiana IVAN J. JOHNSON ' S GARAGE Genevieve E. August, Proprietor Automobile, Truck and Tractor Work a Specialty Dumont Motorola TV TV Service Accessories Electrical Appliances Batteries Oils, Grease Welding Gasoline Tires Radios P.O. Rockford, 0., R .D. 1 Chattanooga, Ohio CARDINAL INN COTTAGE LUNCH Home Cooked Dinners Home Cooked Meals Sandwiches and Short Orders Highway 27 Phone 368-7217 Geneva Indiana Geneva Indiana RAINBOW 66 SERVICE CENTER Since 1944 U.S. 27 at High Street WALKER ' S SERVICE STATION Phone 368-7610 Complete Car Service Marathon Gas and Oil Bob Mayer Al Farlow, Mgr . Geneva Indiana Cooper Tires Geneva Indiana GERBER ' S BUCKMASTER DRUG CO . SUPER MARKET, INC. Druggists 622 N. 13th St., Decatur, Ind . Geneva Indiana ORVILLE ROBINSON CO. The PAYLESS Marathon Products Featuring Quality Clothing For Less Tankwagon Service Phone 726-8535 and Gray ' s Keep-U-Neat Quality Clothing Portland Indiana Geneva Indiana The CITIZENS BANK of Portland COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Member FDIC All Bank Services --30 Min. Free Parking 510-520 East Arch Street Travel Department j Phone 726-7116 112 W. Main Street Portland Indiana Portland Indiana HOFSTETTER MOTOR SALES, INC. FARLING ' S FINER FOODS, INC. Service for Studebaker Automobiles and Authorized Sales 935 Fort Wayne Road Phone 368-7307 Bluffton Indiana Geneva Indiana Courtesy of SPRIGGS FURNITURE COMPANY BILL ZOSS CHEVROLET-BUICK, INC. The Home Furnishers Clyde Spriggs Richard Spriggs Buy From Zoss--You ' re the Boss Decatur Indiana Celina Ohio MASTERS WRECKING YARD GREEN BELT CHEMICAL CO. Wrecking Service --Auto Repair Midwest ' s Fastest Growing New Used Parts Company U.S. 27 and Indiana 67 Fertilizing Granulets Phone 2-6590 Phone 2-6655 Bryant Indiana Bryant Indiana Compliments of K. B. SKILES CO., INC. Distributors of WEHRLY HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. Fine Food Products Dial 726-4041 --Collect Featuring RICHELIEU and DEER WOOD Quality Fruits Vegetables Portland Indiana Bluffton Indiana A Quality Store for Over 100 Years NIBLICK COMPANY Dry Goods --Ready-to -Wear Floor Coverings Decatur Indiana Berne MEL ' S RESTAURANT Mel Walchle j 112 E. Main Street Indiana SMITH AND RODENBECK THE MAYTAG SHOP CONSTRUCTION Phone 2-2170 W. M. Lehman R . R . 3 Bluffton, Indiana R . R . 2 Geneva, Indiana Berne Indiana HAFFNER ' S 5 £ to $1.00 Store KLIP and KURL BRACHS FINEST CHOCOLATES Betty Hirshey Phone 368-7840 Geneva Indiana Geneva Indiana The LODGE FELLER ' S GROCERY Groceries and Gas Rainbow Lake Phone 368-7860 Boats Baits Geneva Indiana Geneva Indiana LA RUE SHOPPE " Stop and Shop " Phone 368-7511 Geneva Indiana Congratulations to 1964 Seniors MERCER COUNTY BUILDING LOANASS ' N, CO. Celina Ohio State Pilot Feeds HAYNES MILLING CO., INC. Portland Indiana For Your Beauty Services Call JUDY ' S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 368-7220 Geneva Indiana DUTCH MILL " Specializes in Good Steaks . " Phone 2366 Bluffton Indiana LESTER BICKEL INSURANCE Phone 726-8682 Portland Indiana GERBER FURNITURE Bluffton Indiana NAAS FOODS INC . " The Best in Tomato Products . " Geneva Indiana ADAMS PORTRAIT STUDIO Quality Portrait Photography at Reasonable Rates . Your Satisfaction Guaranteed J. E. TAYLOR Insurance and Real Estate Phone 726-4919 Bluffton Indiana Portland Indiana CITY BARBER SHOP Jack Cavanaugh Murray Berry Geneva Indiana MILBERN ' S CAFETERIA HIS. Main St. --Celina, Ohio Mildred Schuster Frank Schuck, Mgr . Phone 2560 THELMA ' S CLOTHING " Apparel for All the Family at Reasonable Prices. " Geneva Indiana TEEN TOGS Apparel for Sub-Teens, Juniors and Misses Telephone 3-2758 121 N. Second St. Decatur, Indiana Celina LITTLE DUTCH Amy Coate, Owner BUCKMASTER -NESBITT, INC , INSURANCE Ohio Portland Indiana CLIFF NUSSBAUM Sell Norge and Gibson Appliances Berne Indiana IT- r--i:- - ■-=? C.S " tp4™jtQr,Jm: Manufacturers of Quality Upholstered Furniture Doctor Frederick F . Sprunger Optometrist Office 65 N . Jefferson Berne Indiana GRAND 5 £ to $1.00 201 S. Main Nations Houseware - -Toys - -Gifts - -Jewelry Celina Ohio Congratulations HENDRICK ' S ELECTRIC ;rne Indiana ' Owned by Those We Serve " JAY COUNTY R.E.M.C. Phone 726-7121 Portland Indiana DON ' S BARBER SHOP Open Friday and Saturday Evenings for Your Convenience . AFFOLDER AND AFFOLDER Fresh Eggs in Cartons Night or Day Berne Indiana Geneva Indiana SERV -US -STORE INC. Giftware Hardware and Electrical Supplies Phone 2-2212 Berne Indiana LIECHTY BROTHERS " Over 40 Years of Complete Plumbing and Heating Service " Phone 2-2818 160 N. Jefferson Berne Indiana MOORE ' S Motorola TV Stereo Motor Repair Phone 2-2204 Berne Indiana MILLER ' S MOTEL on U.S. 27 33 Pat Patterson, Owner Decatur Indiana LEHMAN HEATING PLUMBING CO. Phone 2-2215 Oil Burners, Gas Burners and Heating Supplies, Plumbing and Air Condi tioning 164 No. Jefferson St. Berne, Indiana SHAFFER ' S RESTAURANT U.S. 27 33 Decatur Indiana MYERS HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY Firestone UHRICH BROTHERS " Quality Furniture at a Discount Price . Decatur Indiana Decatur Indiana KOZY KORNER Home of the Family Style Smorgasbord Saturday Night - -Sunday Noon Phone 368-7641 Geneva, Indiana PAUL YODER GARAGE Automotive and Tractor Repairing American Bosch Magnetos Champion Heaters Phone 5-5378 Linn Grove, Ind, LONG BROTHERS BULLDOZING SERVICE Phone Geneva 368-7276 Berne 2-8257 JTAN ' S MEN WEAR " The Best Dressed Man Relies on Stan! " Specialist in Young Men ' s Wear—Formal Wear Rental Service Stan Brenneman- -Owner Phone 2-290 ' Berne, Indiana Autographs (r 87 Autographs __ PefcAonod? (2uiWua oJta io«u iWovuJ? (2ui»m uBjtaJta JPp i,

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