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J7 N GENEVA L E G E N D Published by The Senior Class of GENEVA HIGH SCHOOL GENEVA, INDIANA Volume XXII May, 1962 -6 lEDICATION We dedicate our book of memories to Mr. ieroy Hedges, who has helped us through our busy Senior year; Mr. William Kipfer, who has guided us during our Junior and Sophomore years; and Mr. Robert Schisler, whose leadership was appreciated during our Freshman year of high school. We also dedicate this 1962 LEGEND to our aimual adviser, Mrs. Runyon; our principal, Mr. Van Emon; our faculty, and our parents, who have been very patient and understand- ing through our high school years. ADMINISTRATION Kenneth Van Emon Wilson Cross B.S., M.A. PRINCIPAL Chemistry Flossie Lybarger School Secretary B.A., M.S. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Commerce Guidance Planning committee for the new five period system. HARRY ANDERSON, B.S. Head Coach Industrial Arts Driver ' s Education BILL MORRIS, M.A. Assistant Coach Social Studies Physical Education DAVID HORN, B.A. Football Coach Matli Physical Education MARGARET RHOADES, M.A. English ALICE RHOADES, B.S. Commerce Math LEROY HEDGES Science Math BOB HANNI, B.S. Social Studies Bookkeeping WILLIAM KIPFER, B.S. Biology Vocational Agriculture LAVAUN MUTH, B.S. Home Economics CATHARINE RUNYON, M.A. English Library KATHERINE EICHHORN, A.B. English French RUTH NEUENSCHWANDER, B.S. English 4 . AGNES SHOEMAKER, B.S. Art Music FLOYD HUGHES, B.S. HAROLD LONG, B.S. ROSS JOHNSON, B.S, Band Grade Six Grade Five Six Chorus RUTH HUNT, B.S. Grade Five EDITH WALTERS, B.S. Grade Four SARA LOU BRIGGS, A.B. Grade Four GRACE SHELLER, B.S. Grade Three FRANCES LOGAN, B.S. Grade Three MARJORIE FIFER, B.A. Grade Two MARY ISCH, B.S. Grade Two NANCY HOUSER, B.S. Grade One CATHERINE FRAVEL, B.S, Grade One COOKS Clara Hofstetter Frances Biery Martha McBarnes Jesse Bransttetter Gerald Farlov Ralph Haines SCHOOL STAFF To these people we say " Thank You " for a job well done ! BUS DRIVERS Delmar Stanley Jerry Parr George Morgan Frank Hofstetter Arthur Ford Ray Black Wayne Derrickson SCHOOL BOARD Lester Robinson James Lybarger, Trustee Roger Yoder Al Cott SENIORS ' ' " ' ' ' ' " XJij y ORVAL BISEL Bowling Club 4 Football 3-4 Pep Band 2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Band 1-2-3-4 MELVIN G. AUGSBURGER Band 1 Basketball 1 Class Play 3 CHERYL BAUMAN Geneva High School Band 1-2-3-4 G.A.A. 2-3-4 Class Play 3 DAVID BIERY Basketball 2-3-4 Football 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3 Band 1-2 ROY BISEL Geneva High School Bowling Club 4 BRAD CODY BOOHER Geneva High School Bowling Club 4 r ik ' " V, DONNA BUCKINGHAM Geneva High School Choir 1-2-4 G.A.A. 2 WILLIAM H. BURKE Basketball 1-2-3-4 Football 3-4 Class Play 3 Band 1-2-3 (officer) Class Officer 2-3-4 PATRICIA ANN BREWSTER Geneva High School G.A.A. 2-3 Class Play 3 JANET SUE BROWN Volleyball Tournament G.A.A. (officer) 2-3-4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Class Officer 2-3-4 Honor Roll SANDRA DOHERTY G.A.A. 2-3-4 Choir 4 Class Play 3 Geneva High School MERRILL DULL Geneva High School JANICE FEASTER Geneva High School G.A.A. 2-4 Choir 1-3 Pep Club 3 PATRICIA FLANAGAN Geneva High School Librarian 1-3 Cafeteria 2 Choir 4 JUDITH FOSNAUGH Band 1-2-3-4 G.A.A. 2 Rekamemoh 4 Class Play 3 Honor Roll KATHLEEN L. GRILE Geneva High School Band 1-2-3-4 Choir 1-2-3-4 Y.F.C. 1-2-3-4 G.A.A. 3-4 MAX HAWKINS Adams Central 1-2 Geneva High School 3-4 Y.F.C. 3-4 Class Play 3 F.F.A. 3-4 DARRELL WAYNE HENDRICKS Track 1-3-4 F.F.A. 1-2-3-4 Land Judging 1-2-3 Livestock Judging 1-2-3 Secretary F.F.A. 3-4 HARRY LEE HOFFMAN Football 3-4 Basketball 3-4 Cafeteria 3 F.F.A. 1 Class Play 3 •n- " " " BETTY JEAN JONES G.A.A. 2-3-4 Class Treasurer 1 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3 Honor Roll DAVID LEE MATHYS Football 3-4 Bowling Club 4 Class Play 3 Cafeteria 3 BETTY KIRCHHOFER G.A.A. (treasurer) 4 Band 1-2 Y.F.C. 1-2 Choir 1 RICHARD LAUTZENHEISER Varsity Cheerleader Band 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff 3-4 Class Play 3 Honor Roll BONNIE LEHMAN Geneva High School Y.F.C. 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3 Cafeteria 3 MIKE McGOUGH Basketball 3-4 Football 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3 Student Manager 1-2 PAUL MOSER Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Football 3-4 Band 1-2-3 Annual Staff 4 STANLEY W. MOSSER Geneva High School Class President 1-2-3-4 " " " " MMj Band 1-2-3 . t ' Class Play 3 Annual Staff 3 BEVERLY MOSSER Pep Club 2 Choir 1-2-3 Class Play 3 Y.F.C. 1-2-3-4 G.A.A. 2-4 RITA NEUENSCHWANDER Geneva High School Choir 1-2-3 Pep Club 3 G.A.A. 4 Y.F.C. 1-2 MICHELE RUPE Geneva High School 3-4 Pep Club 4 Class Play 3 PATRICIA SCHISLER Geneva High School Junior Class Play Varsity Cheerleader Annual Staff 4 Drum Majorette ALICE SPRUNG ER Class Secretary 1-2-3-4 Band 1-2 Class Play 3 Y.F.C. 1-2 Annual Staff 4 MARTHA JE, ' N SCHMIT Geneva High School G.A.A. 2-3 Pep Club 1-2-3 Class Play 3 Cafeteria 3 VEDA SMITH Geneva High School Choir 1-2-3 G.A.A. 4 Class Play 3 Pep Club 3 JEFF STRIKER Geneva High School Bowling Club 4 HAROLD VORHEES Geneva High School Bowling Club 4 CLASS INFORMATION Class Motto Wisdom is not inherited: It inherits you. Class Colors Powder blue and White Class Flower Pink Carnation JOHN WALKER Canteen Manager 3 Class Play 3 Newspaper Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Student Manager 3 JOANNA WHEELER Geneva High School Band 1-2-3-4 (Officer) Choir 1-2-3-4 Rekamemoh 4 Y.F.C. 1-2-3-4 SHARON YODER Geneva High School Home Ec. 1-2-4 Class Play 3 Pep Club 1-2 ' 1 r- ' ij M-Nrj S T s " T f S ipl V ' -oV 1 ]ti 9 m H Hjl l IHIHI H H 1k, ww3 H TWELVE YEAR CLASS FIRST ROW: Cody Booher, David Biery, Bill Burke, Sandy Doherty, Betty Jones, Judith Fosnaugh, Joanna Wheeler, Betty Kirchhofer, Pat Schisler, Alice Sprunger. SECOND ROW; Roy Bisel, Stan Mosser, Orval Bisel , John Walker, Paul Moser, David Mathys, Rita Neuenschwander, Veda Smith, Beverly Mosser, Bonnie Lehman. IN TRIBUTE One of our classmates, Deryl Bauman, was injured last summer when he fell from a wagon load of hay. We the 1962 senior class wish Dery ' l much luck in the future. 18 SELECT MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Betty Jean Jones Mike McGough MOST POPULAR Janet Brown Bill Burke SENIORS MOST TALENTED Kathy Grile Dick Lautzenheiser MOST COMICAL Martha Schmit John Walker MOST ATHLETIC Cheryl Bauman Bill Burke BEST DRESSED Alice Sprunger Dick Lautzenheiser ANNUAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief . . . Dick Lautzenheiser Advertising Bill Burke Dave Biery Business Paul Moser Max Hawkins Layout John Walker Ed. High School . . . Janet Brown Ed. Elementary . . . Pat Schisler Organizations Judy Fosnaugh Music Joanna Wheeler Betty Jones Art Alice Sprunger Photography Kathy Grile Sports Mike McGough Dave Mathys Adviser Mrs. Runyon CLASS OFFICERS President Stan Mosser Vice President Bill Burke Secretary Alice Sprunger Treasurer Janet Brown Sponsor Mr. Leroy Hedges ' " i ' I) 20 SENIOR PROPHECY I, Martha Schmit, while attending the Inaugural Ball in the year 1982, was pleased to be the honored guest of Stanley Mosser and his charming wife, Alice Sprunger. Oh, by the way, Stanley ran on the Democratic ticket. The feature of the evening was opera singer. Mademoiselle Katherine. Later, I was amazed to find that she was Kathleen Grile. Stanley then asked if I would like to at- tend a Washington Senator ball game, where to my surprise, Harold Vorhees and Orval Bisel were star players. While on a sightseeing tour, I stopped at one of the larger plantations near Wash- ington, D. C. I was astonished to find Darrell and Cheryl (Bauman) Hendricks to be the proud owners. Motoring back to town, I had a minor collision with a woman driver, Bonnie Lehman. State Tropper Cody Booher was investigator of the accident. I was then taken to the horsepital where I was treated for minor cuts and bruised by veterinarian Dick Lautzen- heiser. The next day I visited the F.B.I., I found that Jeff Striker was taking the place of J. Edgar Hoover. That evening I enjoyed a Chinese supper at Roy ' s Beanery. The chef was Roy Bisel. The evening entertainment was the comedian Pat Flanagan. After the program I boarded my plane for New York. The kind Stewardess was Janet Brown. On arrival I visited the " Remote Cafe " where I had lunch. The proud propritors were Paul and Rita (Neuenschwander) Moser. After leaving the cafe, I took a ride about town. I was startled to see every bill- board announcing the personal appearance of Pat Schisler. They say she is the second Jane Russell. I spent the night in a hotel owned by Melvin and Betty (Kirchhofer) Augsburger. The next morning while visiting, I heard of the ladies tag team wrestling champ- ionship match. Who do you suppose came forth when the bell rang? None other than Sharon Yoder and Patty Brewster, who were a team; Janice Feaster and Beverly Mosser the other team. What a match! ' I also met other classmates on my way back home. In Kentucky I met (coach) Bill Burke and his famous basketball players. Among them were Sandy Doherty, Judy Fosnaugh, Donna Buckingham, and others (they have all dyed their hair red). When I started back for the green fields of Indiana, I passed a little country church where I saw the familiar faces of Veda Smith and Harry Hoffman. I could tell by their happy expressions that the knot had just been tied. I was surprised to see that a former classmate, the Reverend Max Haskins, had performed the ceremony. Michele Rupe is now Dean of Indiana University. On her staff are Betty Jones, Mike McGough and Joanna Wheller. I was also amazed to find that John Walker, David Biery, and David Mathys were owners of the Geneva Bank. So you see the Class of ' 62 has done very well for themselves. " PAINT THE TOWN PINK. " CHARACTERS Mr. Clarke, Principal of Mansfield High Stan Mosser Sally Renwick, his Secretary Betty Jones Rem Tyler, Principal-for-a-day Bill Burke Christy Smith, his Secretary-for- a-day Michele Rupe Loretta) Sharon Yoder , ; Joanna Wheeler June ) „ , . , Janet Brown Ruthie ) Nan ) Teachers-for-a-day Patty Brewster , . ; Martha Schmit Louise ) „ , „. u , , David Biery Herb ) , , i ■ ,,, , Dick Lautzenheiser Warren) , ,, -r,, j Miss Carey ) Mrs. Margaret Rhoades Miss Hughes ) Students-for-a-day Mrs. Lavaun Muth Mr. Willinson) Mr. Harry Walter Mrs Lawton, a School Board Member Kathy Grile Rose Ryan, a Reporter Alice Spmnger Mr. Kessler, a radio executive Max Hawkins Winnie Page, a Weather Girl Pat Schisler Johnson, a Painter Mike McGough Mrs. Ramsey, President of the PTA Veda Smith Moran, a Policeman Orval Bisel Hank) P= " l Moser Joe ) Radio Technicians John Walker Chief Foster, of the Police Force R " sell Galloway Mayor Langford, of Mansfield Mike McGough 22 c L A S s p L A Y J U N I O R 1961 23 OUTSTANDING SENIORS CONGRATULATIONS JOANNA! Joanna Wheeler, a senior, was the winner of the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow award. The award was pre- sented to Joanna by Mrs. Muth, home economics teacher, and Mr. Van Emon, school principal. MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS Bill Burke and Mike McGough were voted as most valuable players by the team members. Mr. Horn, football coach, presented the award. MISS ADAMS COUNTY 1961 Pat Schisler was crowned Miss Adams County 1961 at Monroe, Indiana. She also won the talent con- test for the Junior Miss Indiana contest. We, the Seniors of G.H.S. wish Pat the best of luck in the future . •■ 24 CLASSES j FIRST ROW: Brenda Affolder, Dave Amstutz, Teri Armantrout, Joan Augsburger, Jean Baumer, Kathy Heeler, Jim Bisel, Judy Caffee. SECOND ROW: Glen Colpaert, Bob Dull, Ruthann Gerber, Ann Gillespie, Lynne Hacker, Lynn Hall, Dick Hanni, Bill Haw- baker. THIRD ROW: Tom Hirschy, Calvin Hofstetter, Marvin Kirchliofer, Arnie Leh- man, Tom Ludy, Joyce Mosser, Susan Neuenschwander, Jean Nevil. FOURTH ROW: Sally Schisler, Eric Sprunger, Wanda Sprunger, Jim Thomason, Ted Toland, Jim Walker, Sharon Watkins, Larry Webb. Mr. Bob Hanni, Sponsor. JUNIORS CLASS OFFICERS Tom Ludy President Larry Webb Vice President Ann Gillespie Secretary Jean Nevil Treasurer FIRST ROW: Donna Amstut z, Doug Bauman, Ferral Booher, Barbara Brubaker, Jerry Buckingham, Gretchen Burke, Donna Cook, Sandy Davis, Larry Doherty. SECOND ROW: Shirley Fellers, Gladys Franks, Donna Fosnaugh, Jane Fosnaugh, Ellen Gerber, Peggy Grile, Jerry Grogg, Roy Haines, Dean Hall. THIRD ROW: Benita Hix, Donna Hodgin, Sally Hoff- man, Karen Hofstetter, Darlene Hough, Terry Jones, Roger Lautzenheiser, Ted Lautzenheiser, Darlene Lee. FOURTH ROW: Anita Lehman, John Lehman, Lois Long, Judy Ludy, Bob McCabe, Judy Mosser, Tom Meyers, True Meyers, Mike Newcomer. FIFTH ROW: Jim Rich, Betty Thoma- son, Phil Thornton, Connie Tyner, Janice Walker, Nancy Weidler, Bonnie Wheeler, Laddie Whee- ler, Shirley Wolf. SLKTH ROW: Carl Zimmerman, Gary Zuercher, Sponsor, Mrs. Lavaun Muth. SOPHOMORES CLASS OFFICERS Roger Lautzenheiser President Gretchen Burke Vice President Barbara Brubaker Treasurer Judy Mosser Secretary 27 FIRST ROW. Gloria Am- stutz, Grace Amstutz, Sharon Armstrong, Jean Augsburger, Gene Auker, Linda Baker, Bill Baumbauer, Linda Baumgartner, Jim Biber- stein. SECOND ROW: John Binegar, Doug Bixler, Bob Blount, Lavina Blount, Ron Bollenbacher, Jeff Brown, Sue Burke, Kandy Doherty, Doug Edgar. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Eicher, Nancy Fogle, Don Gillespie, Linda Hawbaker, Gary Hanni, Dave Hirschy, Phillip Hough, Gary Huffman, Mar- sha Jones. FOURTH ROW: Bob Kirchhofer, Karen Lautzenheiser, John Lee, Angela Lehman, Ron Litmer, Gloria Lough, Terry Mann, Sheldon Mathys, John Mere. FIFTH ROW: Bob Mosser, Tonya Mosser, Steve Murphy, Jane Neuenschwander, Ron Ralston, Mary Rich, Ruth Sprunger, Dick Teeter, Cathy Tschannen. SIXTH ROW: Kitty Tyner, Ron Vorhees, Mary Wagner, Mike Webb, Shelby Workinger; Sponsor, Mr. Bill Kipfer. FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Bill Baumbauer President Doug Bixler Vice President Jim Biberstein Secretary Gary Hanni Treasurer FIRST ROW: Mai Banta, Connie Bauserman, Janet Beer, Jim Brubaker, Marlene Buckingham, Carl Burgess, Steve Cress, Linda Fellers. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Fosnaugh, Tom Hart, Dianne Hendricks, Linda Hix, Julia Hodgin, George Hurst, Sue Jones, Jim Langham. THIRD ROW: Orlyn Lehman, Kathy Lehman, Jon Lybarger, Margie McGough, Laura Morning- star, Rodney Mosser, Toni Mosser, Susan Murphy. FOURTH ROW: Judy Neuenschwander , Marjean Neuenschwander, Steve Neuenschwander, Terry Nevil, Robert Raugh, Janice Smitley, Bob Toland, Susan Weaver. FIFTH ROW: Janice Whisler; Mrs. Katherine Eichhorn, Sponsor EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS Judy Neuenschwander . . President Kathy Lehman Vice President Marjean Neuenschwander . . Secretary -Treasurer 29 FIRST ROW: Delno Abnet, Ronda Affolder, Deryll Amstutz, Cathy Anderson, Nic Armstrong, Jack Aspy, John Baum- bauer, Mike Baumgartner, Gail Beer. SECOND ROW: Dave Booher, Ronnie Brooks, Judy Brown, John Buckingham, Har- low Burgess, Connie Butler, ilammy Butcher, George Cott, Gary Dailey. THIRD ROW: Patty Davis, Carol Doherty, Fay Edgar, Danny Gerber, Karen Hanni, Barbara Hawbaker, Paula Hawes, Dorwin Hendricks, Teresa Hiday. FOURTH ROW: Susann Hofstetter, Kathy Hurst, Roberta Ineichen, Gary Jones, Bernard Lautzenheiser, Dean Lautzenheiser, Roger Lautzenheiser, Jim Lehman, Mary Lybarger. FIFTH ROW: Elaine Momingstar, Steve Mosser, Nancy Neuenschwander, Pat Newcomer, Dean Parrett, Roger Raugh, Barbara Shimp, Stephen Simmons, Karen Stauffer. SIXTH ROW: Myra Stevens, Greg Thornton, Darell Tumbleson, Dale Wagner, Judy Walker, Linda Watkins, Betty Weaver, Gayle Webb, Diana Wolf. SEVENTH ROW: Bob Zimmerman; Mrs. Alice Rhoades, Mrs. Agnes Shoemaker, Sponsors. SEVENTH GRADE CLA.SS OFFICERS Sammy Butcher President Karen Stauffer Secretary Dean Lautzenheiser Vice President Nic Armstrong Treasurer 30 GRADE FIVE SIX FIRST ROW: Paul Abnet, Ruth Amstutz, Mike Anderson, Kathy Bauman, Ellen Beitler, Sara Jo Biber- stein, Susan Bixler, John Briggs. SECOND ROW: Bobby Buckey, Dennis Caffee, Howard Campbell, Karen Gillespie, Ted Hiday, Marilyn Houser, Carolyn Lautzenheiser, Connie Lehman. THIRD ROW: Dan Lehman, Glen Lehman, Philip Liechty, Neil McGough, Debbie Neuenschwander, Peggy Ralston, Marcia Smith, Marvin Smith. FOURTH ROW: Rodney Smitley, Becky Sprunger, Paul Wagner, Dan Weidler, Cindy Wilhoite; Mr. Ross Johnson, teacher. GRADE SIX FIRST ROW: Connie Aspy, John Auker, Steve Bailey, Judy Baker, Ricky Bergman, Greg Bixler, Don Burke, Gene Dailey. SECOND ROW: Jim Dailey, Debbie Davidson, Alfred Feas- ter, Billy Garringer, Nancy Gerber, Eugene Hall, Mickie Hough, Frank Howe. THIPUD ROW: Mike Mere, Carol Mosser, Bob Neuenschwander, Ronnie Tschannen, Carol Tumbleson, Stanley Van Emon, Carol Yoss; Mr. Harold Long, teacher. 31 FIRST ROW Larry Aspy, Beverly Bailey, Paul Beitler, Delores Bergman, Jim Davidson, Mike Doherty, Bob Garringer, Johnny Hall, Kevin Hanni, Patty Huffman, Jana Jones, Sandy Lich- tenberger. SECOND ROW Joan Minnich, Ruby Morningstar, Ned Neuenschwander, LuannPurdy, Tonya Riesen, Ricky Smith, Susan Stevens, Randy To - land, Debbie Tyner, Mike Van Emon, Janelle Whistler, Barbara Workinger. THIRD ROW: Janet Zimmer- man; Mrs. Edith Walter, teacher. GRADE h FOUR GRADE FIVE FIRST ROW Esther Amstutz, Curtis Armstrong, Brian Bauman, Kay Beitler, Timmie Booher, Steve Buckingham, Jimmie Butler, Mike Fern- stermaker, Lonrue Fravel, Aryln Hendricks, Jackie Hurst, Linda Mosser. SECOND ROW: Patti Newenschwander, Steve Pearson, Phyllis Penrod, Harry Rich, Diana 5mitley, Roger Smitley, Twyla Sprunger, Ronnie Stauffer, Linda Teeter, Lester Wagner, Greg Werst, Phyllis Wolf. THIRD ROW: Wayne Yoss; Mrs. Ruth Hunt, teacher. 32 GRADE THREE FIRST ROW: Dennis Affolder, Andy Anderson, Gerald Bailey, Eva Baker, Bobby Beeler, Billy Beeler, David Beitler, Ted Biberstein, Roy Brooks, Paula Burgess, Kristy Doherty, Mike Engle. SECOND ROW: Gary Fravel, Karen Fravel, Jody Grogg, Billie Hix, Donald Lehman, Patty Liechty, Nick Minnich, Steve Min- nich, Shirley Mosser, Linda Neuenschwander, Jeff Pearson, Betty Schwartz. THIRD ROW: Billy Schwartz, David Smith, Dale Sprunger, Jana Thorton, Dwight Vorhees, Elaine Weaver; Mrs. Grace Sheller, teacher. ' ' i51T ' GRADE FOUR FIRST ROW: Leon Amstutz, Sue Amstutz, Hal Armstrong, Kathy Beer, Linda Bixler, Shirley Butler, Janelle Derrickson, Brian Dynes, Gary Fosnaugh, Dennis Gerber, Jim Hawbaker, Patricia Hawes. SECOND ROW: Delane Hend- ricks, Von Jones, Paul Lehman, Cosey Luke, Mary McGough, Rickey Murphy, Sandy Neuenschwander, Sandy Ralston, Judy Sprunger, John Thomason, Janis Tumbleson, Edith Treece. THIRD ROW: Ladonna Werst, Ronald Yoss; Mrs. Sara Lou Briggs, teacher. GRADE TWO FIRST ROW: Carolyn Armstrong, Connie Bergman, Billy Booher, Andy Briggs, Debbie Buckey, Randy Cress, Don Dailey, Janene Derrickson, Vickie Doherty, Jimmy Galloway, Roy Gerber, Becky Haw- baker. SECOND ROW: Linda Hendricks, Billy Herin, Timmy Hiday, Judy Hofstetter, Carolyn Hunt, Cindy Lee, Kathy Lichtneberger, Danny May, Mike Nelson, Keith Parr, Beth Pearson, Marvin Schwartz. THIRD ROW: Ricky Smith, Joyce Tumbleson, Marilyn Yoss, Randy Bixler, Roy Hevener, Gail Cottrell; Mrs. Marjorie Fifer, teacher. GRADE THREE FIRST ROW: Sharon Amstutz, Dianna Bailey, Jimmy Bailey, Keith Barnes, Beth Beer, Randy Bergamn, Debbie Brandt, Richard Briggs, Jimmy Buckingham, Jerry Burk, Darrell Dailey, David Fosnaugh. SECOND ROW: Justin Fosnaugh, Sharon Fraze, Bobby Haines, Susan Haines, Jackie Hawes, Maria Hodgin, Larry Keller, Ricky Lictenberger, Allen Mann, Jimmy Mere, Bradley Mosser, Robert Muth. THIRD ROW: Freddie Pyle, Barbara Schwartz, Phyllis Shimp, Stanley Smithley, Carol Sprunger, Dennis Van Emon, Donald Walters, Jimmy Weidler, Mrs. Frances Logan, teacher. 34 GRADE ONE FIRST ROW: John Amstutz, Allan Bailey, Mark Banta, Johnny Bergman, Becky Burgess, Elaine Cott, Laura Ellis. Lois Fraze. SECOND ROW: Karen Gerber, Bobby Hanni, Frank Hix, Stanley Hunt, Don Kuhn, Virgil Nevil, Cheryl Norton, Bonnie Ralston. THIRD ROW; Steven Riesen, Ronnie Stevens, Jacqueline Tschan- nen, Susan Zuercher; Miss Nancy Houser, teacher. GRADE ONE TWO FIRST ROW: Danny Abnet, Suanne Amstutz, Sammy Beitler, Randy Bixler, Susan Buckey, Jocelyn David- son, David Dubach, Wanda Fogle. SECOND ROW: Suzanne Herman, Caren Horn, Judy Houser, Kathie Keller, Tommy Kuhn, Susan May, Tommy Muth, Gyneth Neuenschwander. THIRD ROW: Stan Neuens- chwander, Jill Newcomer, Debbie Norton, George Purdy, Janet Smith, Steve Smith, Karen Van Emon, Lee Wheeler. FOURTH ROW: Lyn Wheeler, Sara Workinger; Mrs. Mary Isch, teacher. GRADE ONE FIRST ROW: Debbie Affolder, Allen Aspy, Cheryl Bailey, Susan Beer, Michelle Besser, Terry Burgess, Vicki Fosnaugh, Cindy Fravel. SECOND ROW: Kim Haines, Kevin Hofstetter, Ira Dee Lehman, Pamy Mosser, Richard Neuenschwander, Jimmy Nevil, John Rich, Kenneth Schwartz. THIRD ROW: Douglas Smitley, Tom Sprunger, David Stauffer; Miss Catherine Fravel, teacher. THANK YOU We wish to thank Sgt. Preston Pyle for the fine supervision at the crossings near the school each morning, noon, and evening. II I 1 1 1 I III 1 1 1 i 36 J ACTIVITIES YOUTH FOR CHRIST CLUB Mr. Kipfer, Sponsor BOWLING CLUB Mr. Hanni, Sponsor SCIENCE CLUB Mr. Hedges, Sponsor 38 REKAMEMOH CLUB Mrs. Muth, Sponsor NEWSPAPER STAFF Mrs. Neuenschwander, Sponsor FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Mr. Kipfer, Sponsor PEP BAND The Pep Band furnished entertainment for the basketball games this year. They did a very fine job. Thank you, Pep Band! BAND OFFICERS H u O u h-l O O u 11 o Z O 41 JUNIOR BAND TWIRLERS Susan Haines Jana Thornton Maria Hodgin Jean Nevil Judy Mosser Sally Schisler Donna Hodgin Gr etc hen Burke COLOR GUARDS Lois Long Joan Augsburger DRUM MAJORETTE Pat Schisler FEATURE TWIRLER Dick Lautzenheiser 42 ATHLETICS c H E E R Judy Mosser VARSITY Donna Hodgin Barbara Brubaker L E A D E R Dick Lautzenheiser CARDINAL PEP CLUB Second Team Cheerleaders Gretchen Burke Sally Hoffman Gladys Franks 45 GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Janet Brown . . President Pat Schisler . . Vice President Betty Jones . . Secretary Betty Kirchhofer . . . Treasurer Karen Hofstetter . . . Reporter Mrs. Rhoades . Sponsor 46 BASEBALL JTv " TRACK FOOTBALL CROSS COUNTRY -ffii« JUNIOR HIGH TEAM CHEERLEADERS FRESHMAN TEAM CHEERLEADERS VARSITY BASKETBALL STANDING: Bill Buike, Dave Biery, Paul Moser, Jim Thomason, Mike McGough, Bob McCabe, Larry Webb, TedToland, Mike Newcomer, Roger LauUenlieiser. KNEELING: Harry Anderson, coach; Dick Lautzenheiser, Donna Hodgin, Barbara Brubaker, Judy Mosser, cheerleaders; Bill Morris, assistant coach; Glen Colpaert, student manager. Not Pictured: Harry Hoffman. HARRY ANDERSON COACH STUDENT MANAGERS Glen Colpaert BILL MORRIS ASSISTANT COACH John Binegar Bob Mosser Jim Thomason, Forward A R T Y Paul Moser, Guard Mike McGough, Center Bill Burke, Guard B A S K E T B A L Dave Biery, Forward 52 Roger Lautzenheiser, Guard Larry Webb, Forward ' 61 ' 62 Bob McCabe, Center Mike Newcomer, Guard Ted Toland, Forward f „ -If fSf HHi I - o k ' OPJ ■ " • MBBLi: ..! , ..JiIJI- ' E HHI HI ■ ' m- 1 1 53 SECOND TEAM STANDING: Ted Lautzenheiser, Phil Thornton, Bob Dull, Carl Zimmerman, Glen Colpaert, stu- dent manager; Bill Hawbaker, Jerry Buckingham, Gary Zuercher, Doug Bauman. KNEELING: Harry Anderson, coach; Sally Hoffman, Gladys Franks, Gretchen Burke, cheerleaders; Bill Morris, assistant coach. Cardinals ' Schedule Nov. 10 Marion Bennett Home Nov. 17 Montpelier Away Nov. 28 Decatur Away Dec. 1 Bryant Home Dec. 8 Hartford Home Dec. 9 Ward-Jackson Away Dec. 15 Berne Away Dec. 2 2 Hoagland Away Jan. 2 Adams Central Away Jan. 5 Monmouth Home Jan. 19 Pennville Away Jan. 20 Lancaster Home Jan. 26 Dunkirk Home Jan. 30 Decatur Cath Home Feb. 2 Huntington Cath Home Feb. 9 Ossian Away Feb. 13 Pleasant Mills Home Feb. 16 Parker Home Tough Luck, Harry! Harry Hoffman, one of Geneva ' s top basketball players, was not able to participate in basketball at the beginning of the season because of a fractured ankle which he received at the Geneva-Hicksville football game. ADVERTISING DONORS Dorthy LaRue Naoma ' s Beauty Shoppe Lehman ' s Feed Mill James G. McCrory, D.D.S. Art Craft Sport Shop Sears, Roebuck, and Company First National Bank Holthouse Furniture The Model Weiler Brothers Quality Furniture Company Limberlost Beauty Shoppe Commercial Printing Shop Bryson C. Fetters Clauser Furniture M. W. Habegger Construction Rich ' s Barber Shop Larry ' s Barber Shop Brewster Jewelers Wearly Monuments Cunningham Music Calhoun Drugs Goodman ' s Fashion Shop Geneva, Indiana Geneva, Indiana Berne, Indiana Berne, Indiana Portland, Indiana Portland, Indiana Portland, Indiana Portland, Indiana Portland, Indiana Portland, Indiana Portland, Indiana Geneva, Indiana Decatur, Indiana Berne, Indiana Berne, Indiana Berne, Indiana Berne, Indiana Berne, Indiana Portland, Indiana Portland, Indiana Portland, Indiana Portland, Indiana Portland, Indiana COFFEE SHOP Phone 2-2229 Berne Indiana Television ; Antenna Service Car Home Radio Repair CURLY ' S T.V. SERVICE BRyant 2-6167 Geneva, Indiana GREEN BELT CHEMICAL CO. Midwest ' s Fastest Growing Company Fertilizer Granulets Phone 2-6655 Bryant Indiana g i gijaig P: ir r r T. " ' ' ! ' V " " ? ! HERMAN J. BIXLER Insurance GENEVA " Service Beyond the Contract ' HERMAN J. BIXLER INSURANCE Phone 368-75Z9 Geneva, Indiana Buttermilk Cottage Cheese Orange Drink Vitamin D Homogenized Grade A Milk Dairy Products Coffee Cream Butter Chocolate Milk Pasteurized Milk QERBER ' 5 CENTRAL DAIRY Phone 120 Night Phone 1335 230 West Main St. Bluffton, Indiana GENEVA MILUNGI- CO. Phone 368-7211 368 - 7212 Geneva, Indiana Lumber Building Materials Fence Coal GENEVA LUMBER SUPPLY CO. Geneva Indiana BOB LAUTZENHEISER BILL LOY ' It ' s Quality Products and Service that Count " LIIV BERL05T SERVICE Phone 368-7670 Geneva, Indiana DON LAUTZENHEISER LEN SCHWARTZ mm OIL CO. GASOLINE FUEL OIL BERNE OIL INC. Phone 2-2604 Berne, Indiana Quality Products - -Lubricating - -Tires - -Batteries SUf - ' Supertnara Open Monday Through Saturday 8:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Phone 2-2134 Berne, Indiana tan ' ( men wear ' The Best Dressed Man Relies on Stan! Specialist in Young Men ' s Wear--Formal Wear Rental Service STAN BRENNEMAN- -OWNER Phone 2-2907 Berne, Indiana OENEVA PURE STATION Corner of Main and Line Streets Geneva Indiana THE GENEVA HERALD WEEKLY NEWSPAPER JOB PRINTING Phone 368-7313 Geneva Indiana HANNI FURNITURE Hey! Betty, locked in? If a bobby pin won ' t work, use a screwdriver from BRIGGS HARDWARE. A.G.BRiaQS ON} HARDWARE Phone 368-7477 Geneva Indiana Geneva Indiana Compliments of Congratulations Class of " 6Z " E gERN INDIM (ML i SUPPLY CO. FRANKS PLU ABtNG 4 Sinclair Products Goodrich Tires " Eventually We Will Be Recommended to You " Geneva --Berne- -Decatur- - Portland- -Celina Phone 368-7508 Geneva, Indiana H IB FARAAERS 1 l H BK JKI mk Svg FEED WILL H 3HE Dealer in State Pilot and Wayne Feeds STUCKY ' S Custom Grinding and Molasses Mixing Berry ' s Gro-Coated Seeds and Fertilizers Phone 368-7810 Home of Leading Lines Phone 368-72Z8 Geneva, Indiana Geneva, Indiana PLU BI 4G hop Water Systems Furnaces Water Softeners Plumbing Fixtures Geneva, Indiana Phone 368-7626 Res. 368-7620 emica:s bowl EMICK ' S BO A L Bill Julia Emick AMF Pinspotters 8 Lanes Phone 2-2927 Berne, Indiana Congratulations 1962 Seniors WE TINGHOUSE ROUNDUP LAUNDROMAT 155-157 N. Jefferson St. Berne, Indiana Compliments of LYB RGEI 6RWEL RE Dy wix Phone 368-7855 Geneva. Indiana Quality St Service You Can Depend On Phone 2-2162 P.O. 232 Berne Offering a Complete Line of Dairy Products Ice Cream Products ERNE LOCKER TORKGE Custom Butchering Slaughtering Phone 2-2806 524 West Franklin Street Berne, Indiana E.R PRUNGER Res. 2-2289 Office 2-2309 159 Jefferson Street Berne, Indiana FIRST BANK. OF BERNE For All Banking Services Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve System JEFFERSON G R GE Gas Oil General Repairing U.S. Tires Auto Accessories Phone 2-217 Berne, Indiana Congratulations- -Seniors of ' 62 Best Wishes and Success BERNE 54 TO 1 The Paint and Wallpaper Spot NUDOR. OF INDI N " The Best in Sliding Glass Door Windows ' Phone 368-7691 Geneva, Indiana Si i? BERNE LUA BER INC. C omplete Building Supplies Millroom Cabinet Shop Phone 2-22( Berne, Indiana PRUNGER LEHfAAN i CO. THE DEPARTMENT STORE TO SERVE YOU BETTER Leland A, Neuen- -Manager Phone 2-2175 Berne, Indiana Live Better for Less KROGER 5T0RE WALTER FENSTERMAKER MANAGER Berne Indiana Better Service Better Quality THE HABIT CLEANERS For Guaranteed Odorless Cleaning We Operate Our Own Modern Plant Massey-Ferguson Dealer FELBER MACHINE 4 WELOINQ Parts - -Sales - -Service Phone 2-2305 Berne, Indiana Phone 2-2201 Berne, Indiana BERNE WITNE$5 INC. Publishers of the Berne Witness Since 1896 Printers, Publishers, Builders 117 East Main Street Berne Indiana BERNE EQUITY EXCHANGE CO. Dealers in Grain, Seed, Coal, and Fence Tama, Ohio--Berne, Indiana Linn Grove, Indiana Chattanooga, Ohio Main Office in Berne, Indiana L. Luther Yager J. Jerome Yager YAGER FURNITURE Made by Berne in Berne Berne Indiana YAGER FUNERAL HOME Oxygen Equipment Ambulance Service THE PARKWAY RESTAURANT We Cater to Parties Operated by Irene Stahly Highway 27 Berne, Indiana GLOBE HWrCHERIES POULTKV FAWA OVERALL CO. Babcock Bessie Peterson Arbor Acecross Baby Chickens INC. U.S. Pullorum Clean- -Feeds- -Poultry Phone 130 Ossian, Indiana Phone 2-2447 Phone 2-2153 104 East Main Street Berne, Indiana Berne, Indiana RIE$EN SCUU6 (AOTORS.mC. ROBERT L.BOZE The Forward Look for 1962 KA.D. Plymouth Valiant Chrysler Sales Service Standard Oil Products Res. 2-2157 Office 2-2144 Repairing, A Specialty Body and Fender Work 256 West Water Street Phone 2-2615 Berne, Indiana Berne, Indiana LIECHTY NAOTOR SERVICE New Car Dealers in Buick Chevrolet Pontiac Phone 2-2805 Berne, Indiana Dreaming, Harry? Insure Your Dreams at the LELW40 KA»TH msURW4CE AGENCY INC. Decatur, Indiana JOHN W. K RCH $TONE CO. Crushed Stone Agricultural Lime Phone 75 New Corydon Bryant, Indiana 60TTSCH LK SUPPLV COKAPANY Retail Coal, Cement, and Building Supplies Phone 2-2723 Berne, Indiana fuckS body swop Phone 2-2333 618 Parr Road Berne, Indiana Martha, Alice, Donna, and Veda Exchange Senior Pictures Taken by SHOULT ' S $TUDIO Portraiture- -Scenery Commercial Enlarging Portraits in Oils . . . Phone 7261 409 East Jay Dunkirk, Indiana Hey, Pat! Take That Money to THE F»R$T ST TE MiK OF DECATUR. Established in 1883 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve System WWSON ' S SPORTING GOODS Fishing Hunting Equipment Athletic Equipment ' It Pays to Play! Phone 38 61 C 10 3 North Main Street Dunkirk, Indiana BUCK VASTER NESBtTT NC. Insurance and Real Estate Phone 726-71Z3 125 West Main Street Portland, Indiana Compliments of THE COIVVP NY 4 EISAPLOVEES Portland, Indiana $TUCKY CO(VVP Ny THE CITIZENS B NK OF POWTL NO Phone 726-7116 Portland, Indiana Complete Home Furnishings Monroe, Indiana Oldest State Bank in Indiana M m COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP THE PEOPLES BANK Everything in Farm Supplies Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone 368-7615 Phone 726-7141 Monroe Indiana Portland Indiana IVAN J. JOHNSON ' R5HER 50N GARAGE FARM IMPLEMENT INC. Automobiles, Trucks, Tractor Work a Specialty- John Deere Sales Service Motorola and Zenith Televisions Sales and Service Enarco Oil, Grease, Antifreeze Phone 2517 330 Godfrey Avenue Celina, Ohio Phone Wabash 942-1289 Phone Wabash 942-1284 Chattanooga, Ohio Chattanooga Ohio WENDEL BRO$. ANDY ' S TAVERN MOTOR 5AIE5 Beer Wine 4 5ERVICE Pontiac - - Tempe st - - Vauxhall Chattanooga Ohio Geneva Indiana DON DICK ' S BARBER SHOP Phone 123F12 Don Stevens Richard Zeigler Willshire Ohio Geneva, Indiana L. A. MANN WALKER ' S SERVICE STATION Real Estate and Insurance Marathon Gas Oil Phone 368-7577 Cooper Tires Geneva Indiana Geneva Indiana Congratulations Class of ' 62 LIMBERLOST AUTO THEATRE BERNE -GENEVA LIVESTOCK SALES CO. " If It ' s at the Limberlost, It ' s the Best Show Around! " P. B. Stewart Co. Geneva Indiana GENEVA SHELL SERVICE GENEVA MANUFACTURING J. V. Smitley CORP. Tune Up --Carburetor and Braike Service Phone 368-7830 Highway 27 Geneva Indiana Geneva Indiana THE PAYLESS CARDINAL INN Featuring Quality Clothing for Less Home Cooked Dinners Homemade Pies GRAY ' S KEEP-U-NEAT Sandwiches Short Orders QUALITY CLEANING Geneva Indiana Geneva Indiana GENEVA LOCKER SERVICE IDEAL BEAUTY SHOP Custom Butchering, Curing Freezing Complete Beauty Service Groceries Melvin Bixler Phone 368-7875 Phone 368-7480 Geneva Indiana Geneva Indiana CITY BARBER SHOP SHAMROCK INN Don Haines Murray Berry Geneva Indiana Geneva Indiana ADAMS COUNTY BUCKMASTER DRUG CO, ABSTRACT CO. Druggist D. Burdette Custer Robert G. Smith Phone 3-2154 113 North Second Street Decatur, Indiana Geneva Indiana Phone 368-7464 436 Line Street Geneva, Indiana BERT ' S BEAUTY BOOTH HOFSTETTER MOTOR SALES, INC. Offers --Beauty on a Budget- - Features Authorized Sales and Service for Helene Curtis Rayette Permanent Waves Studebaker Automobiles Operator : Owner Mrs. Jerry Dubach 305 Harrison Street Geneva Indiana Phone 368-7307 Geneva, Indiana GILLIOM LUMBER COMPANY D. W. FIREOVED " If It ' s Lumber, Call Our Number ! " Veterinarian Phone 2-2312 Phone 2-2460 518 East Main Street Berne Indiana Berne Indiana FOOD TOWN FAIR STORE Noah L. Habegger Since 1903 Groceries --Meats --Vegetables Novelties - -China- -Crystal Melmac- -Candy --School Supplies We Specialize in Fresh and Smoked Kitchenware - -Seeds - -Notions Sausage Toys Phone 2-2178 Berne, Indiana Berne Indiana BERNE ELECTRIC CUSTOM FLOOR WALL SERVICE Electric Heating Marvin Sprunger Electrical Contractors Carpet Laying Sales Installation of Drapery Linoleum --Ceramic Tile - -Formica Phone 2-2904 Phone 2-2924 158 N. Jefferson Street 756 Clark Street Berne Indiana Berne Indiana GRABER INSURANCE, INC, Since 1910 Insurance ; Bonds NAGEL ' S QUALITY FLOWERS Phone 2-2904 We Telegraph Flowers P.O. Box 84 Mr. Mrs. C. August Nagel U.S. 27 North Berne Indiana Phone 2-2472 Berne, Indiana PARR ' S TIRE IMPLEMENT DR. MAX LEHMAN Oliver Tractors Equipment Bates Tires- -Montgomery Ward Batteries Veterinarian Farm Oil Service Large Small Animals Phone 2-2149 Berne, Indiana Phone 2-2951 Ber ne, Indiana FERRIS BOWER-JEWELER REED PAINT SHOP 210 North Second Street Reed Wallpaper Paint Store Decatur Indiana New Corydon Indiana LAUX GROCERY AND HARDWARE Congratulations Class of 1962 HENDRICK ELECTRIC New Corydon Indiana Berne Indiana ZURCHER MOBIL SERVICE C. R. JACKSON, JEWELER Headquarters for Watch Repairing- -Jewelry Firestone Tires Phone 726-4008 Phone 6-6331 Monroe Indiana 137 E. Main Portland, Indiana AFFOLDER IMPLEMENT SALES MASTER ' S WRECKING YARD New Idea- -Allis-Chalmers Wrecking Service Auto Repair Sales- -Service New Holland New and Used Parts U.S. 27 Indiana 67 Phone 2-2964 Phone 2-6590 Berne Indiana Bryant Indiana MESHBERGER BROTHERS STONE CORPORATION DIERKES ' IMPLEMENT SALES Contractors Producers of Crushed Stone, Asphalts Tars Bituminous, Coated Materials Applying Road Oil Decatur Indiana Phone 5-3311 Linn Grove, Indiana Massey-Ferguson Equipment DR. EDWIN NYFFELER Quality Home Furnishings SHEETS FURNITURE CO. Chiropractor Phone 3-2602 152 S. Second Street Residence 2-2315 Phone 2-2197 Decatur Indiana FELLER GROCERY Berne Indiana Geneva Indiana BAILEY GASOLINE We Cater Reservations KOZY KORNER Best for Less Family Style Smorgasbord Phone 368-7641 Geneva Indiana Geneva Indiana G. C. MOSER INSURANCE AGENCY HAROLD D. SMITH CONSTRUCTION Phone 368-7344 Geneva Indiana Berne Indiana HARDY HARDY HAFFNER ' S 5 to $1.00 STORE Oxygen Equipped Ambulance Service Day and Night Brachs Finest Chocolates Geneva Indiana Geneva Indiana MOORES STORE STANDARD OIL AGENT Auto Accessories Parts Motorola T.V. T. T. FENSTERMAKER Phone 2-2204 Geneva Indiana Berne Indiana LIECHTY JEWELRY PARK MOTEL Art Zehr- -Owner Keepsake Diamonds Located on the South Edge of High Fashion Jewelry Berne, Indiana Berne Indiana Phone 2-2375 MENNONITE BOOK CONCERN W. E. REUSSER CO. Books - -Bibles --Greeting Cards Complete Building Service Office Supplies --Typewriters Phone 2-2694 Berne Indiana Berne Indiana THE FASHION Phone Z-2150 119 N. Jefferson Street Berne Indiana THOMASON ' S RESTAURANT Daily Lunches and Sunday Dinners Geneva Indiana W. M. LEHMAN APPLIANCES 154 South Jefferson Street Berne Indiana Phone 2-2170 Compliments of STANDARD BRUSH BROOM CO. Portland Indiana LINN GROVE HARDWARE Hardware - -Paint Electrical Appliances Linn Grove Indiana BRYANT GROCERY Groceries, Meats Sealtest Ice Cream Phone 5-5417 Linn Grove Indiana LESTER BICKEL INSURANCE Phone 726-8682 207 N. Meridian Street Portland Indiana Owned by Those We Serve JAY COUNTY R.E.M.C. Phone 726-7121 Portland Indiana H. F. BAKERY Pies, Cakes and Rolls Owner- -Grover Flauding Phone 726-4252 Portland Indiana DECATUR MUSIC HOUSE Home of Wurlitzer Pianos --Organs POPLAR DRIVE INN North of Berne on U.S. 27 Counter - -Curb Phone 2-2077 Only Daily Newspaper in Adams County DECATUR DAILY DEMOCRAT Decatur Indiana ADAMS COUNTY TRAILER SALES, INC. Phone 3-3138 Decatur Indiana UHRICK BROTHERS Radio- -Television- -Furnitu re Carpet and Appliances Phone 3-4109 Decatur Indiana THE DUTCH MILL Phone 2366 Bluff ton Indiana SERV-US-STORE, INC. Hardware and Electrical Supplies Phone 2-2212 Berne Indiana CONSTRUCTION CO. Harrison 8-2825 Fort Wayne, Indiana - ' ' ' ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Knipstein, Walter F. Knipstein, Walter A. Smith, and Noah Agler. an to si rap h 9 antoslK Aplis lii ' !;::- .: ?T: ' :--[ A: f . Jhe HF Group Indiana PlanI 100629 D 8 00 7 13 2007

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