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THE LEGEND ■d -d -- ' ■i!| jaiW ' " - ' TTr % ) H t fj LEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 00064 4283 [GENEALOGY 1977. S02 GSSL 1961 The Volume XXI pumisded By 5fie Senior Class of GENEVA HIGH SCHOOL GENEVA, INDIANA OuA- Ol beMJta FOREWORD During each year in high school, many doors of opportunity confront us. Some are labeled " Push " . Others we receive help in opening through the efforts of our parents and teachers. Each door in itself is a challenge. Passing through, we discover new doors of opportunity awaiting us, and proceed down the path which leads through our opening doors. CONTENTS ' (MM ' Scholarship Leadership Sportsmanship Friendship Citizenship DEDICATION To a man whose understanding and expert guidance have helped us through the past three years, we wish to express our appreciation. He has become a part of us, and he will be remembered with much respect. We take great pleasure in dedicating the 1961 LEGEND to our sponsor, MR. NED YINGST. Ui c2Wu a i £ csLe x-cozk nyU) The doors to scholarship and leadership are opened through our own efforts. To unlock the door to success in these areas we must use the key of hard work. SCHOLARSHIP Learning to think well in many different fields of thought is the most important part of school life. Studying hard and thinking critically help the student to learn and profit from the courses he is taking. World history class gives us an exciting view into the past. Three members of the freshman- sophomore vocational- agriculture class, John Lehman, Ted Lautzenheiser, and Bill Hawbaker, are shownworking on the construction of a hay feeder. There are many such projects carried on each year in the vocational-agriculture farm shop. We believe this is a fine opportunity for the boys to receive valuable training and experience. ' jl j 1 % -0 ' - ■ 1 fl H Speech class gives us the opportunity to develop our speaking ability and to feel at ease before a group. The ability to type helps in many other areas, such as other commercial courses and the student ' s own personal use at home or in college. Making hydrogen gas was one of our laboratory exercises. We learned a lot through the laboratory experiments and through our class discussions. Struggling with x and its properties kept us busy during our first year of algebra. Learning how to sew was an interesting part of our seventh grade home economics class. Part of the course was spent in learning how to cook, also. Anita Hodgin is the school winner of the Betty Cro- cker " Homemaker of Tomorrow " Award for 1961. She received the highest score in a written examination on homemaking knowledge and attitudes which was given to the senior home economics class. The award was presented to her by Mr. Van Emon and Mrs. Muth. Harold Temple is a Finalist in the National Merit Scholarship competition sponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Scholarships awarded on the basis of forms which each Finalist must fill out, go to a small percentage of the Finalists. Each Finalist re- ceives a certificate of merit for outstanding scholastic achievement. LEADERSHIP In high school we enjoy the privilege of par- ticipating in many different activities. By using our interest and our ability, we may develop the characteristics necessary to become good leaders. The following girls act as assistants to Mrs. Runyon during school hours. They are Roberta Bailey; Joanna Wheeler; Sally Schisler; Patty Schisler; Mrs. Runyon, librarian; Gladys Franks; and Joan Augsburger. The football squad must quickly follow the signals of the quarterback. .•r The candy store is under the complete supervision of the junior class. Each junior spends two to three weeks in charge of it working during his noon hours. John Walker is managing the candy store this year. The cafeteria assistants help the cooks each noon. They are Glen Lehman, Dave Biery, Ron Yoder, Ireta Mann, Martha Schmit, Larry Moser, Harry Hoffman , Bonnie Lehman, John Mann, Alice Schmit, and Jim Baumer. The F.F.A. chapter ' s activities include individual projects, community services, and chapter outings. The officers elected for this year are Ron Yoder, president; Paul Norr, vice-president; Darrell Hen- dricks, secretary; Glen Lehman, treasurer; Tom Toland, sentinel; Bill Hawbaker, reporter; and Mr. Kipfer, advisor. The F.F.A. Vegetable Judging Team, consisting of Glen Lehman, John Lehman, and Arnie Lehman, is to be congratulated for winning the State Vege- table Judging Contest held at Purdue University last September. As state winners, the boys and their advisor, Mr. Kipfer, traveled to Colorado Springs in December and participated in the National Vege- table Judging Contest held there. They placed tenth in the nation. John Lehman placed tenth indivi- dually and was awarded a National Junior Vegetable Growers ' Association jacket. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA YOUTH FOR CHRIST CLUB The purpose of the Y.F.C. Club is " teens reach- ing teens for Christ, " The weekly meeting, held Friday afternoon, includes singing and time for fellowship. The officers are the following: Mar- garet Bixler, president; Ron Yoder, vice-president; Brenda Affolder, secretary-treasurer; Jeannie Stolz, song leader; Paul Norr, prayer captain; John Lehman, quiz team captain; and Mr. Kipfer, sponsor. The quiz team has done a terrific job and is considered one of the best teams in the county. The members are: Kathy Grile, Susan Neuen- schwander, John Lehman, Laddie Wheeler, Grace Amstutz, Angela Lehman, and Ruth Sprunger. mmwmmm ANNUAL STAFF The annual staff members are Harold Temple, editor in chief; Kay McCabe, Anita Hodgin, Janice Yoder, Glen Lehman, Janis Haines, Ron Yoder, section editors; Margaret Bixler, layout manager; Carol Stauffer, art editor; Deanna Farlow, Gloria Stanley, artists; Alice Schmit, Ireta Mann, Phyllis Manning, photographer ' s assistants; Faye Cott, Ann Beer, Doris Schindler, Tom Toland, copy- writers; Mert Sprunger, business manager; Paul Norr, advertising assistant; Jerry Workinger, sales assistant; Stan Mosser, Dick Lautzenheiser, representatives of the class of " 62 " ; Mrs. Runyon, advisor. MM Oh, isn ' t he terrible! Barney, sweet, you ' re so generous. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY The Class of 1961 presented its Junior Class Play, " Tattletale, " Friday, April 1, 1960. The cast of characters was the following: Janice Yoder, Patty; Kay McCabe, Mrs. Blaine; Ron Yoder, Mr. Blaine; Anita Hodgin, Isabel; Paul Norr, Artie; Margaret Bixler, Ida May; Harold Temple, Tod; Glen Lehman, Paul Cummings; Jerry Workinger, Mr. Nixon; Janis Haines , Mrs. Nixon; Janet Laux, Miss Wiggam; John Mann, Walt Kennedy; Ireta Mann, Lou- ella; Phyllis Manning, Monica; Larry Moser, Barney; Carol Stauf- fer. Quiz; Philip Baumgartner, Mr. Bixley; Betty Mathys, Mrs. Lorimer; Jeannie Stolz, Hetty Heaton; and Elsie Neuenschwander, Evelyn Kirchhofer, and Ann Beer, students. Mrs. Eichhorn dir- ected the play, and--oh, yes, --we mustn ' t forget our guest star, Miss Ermintrude DeLacy. ' 1 ' ' s Mr. Nixon ' s typewriter has been stolen! Here ' s what I think of you! You slandering little minx! E-e-e! BAND OFFICERS The officers for the Senior Band this year are Harold Temple, assistant quartermaster; Dick Lautzenheiser, drum major; Evelyn Kirch- hofer, assistant librarian; Floyd Hughes, di- rector; Joanna Wheeler, librarian; and Janice Yoder, secretary. Not Pictured; Paul Moser, quartermaster. Clarinet; Evelyn Kirchhofer, Judy Caffee, Judy Fosnaugh, Joan Augsburger, Cheryl Bauman. Bass Clarinet; Donna Hodgin Oboe; Gretchen Burl e Flute: Joanna Wheeler, Susan Neuenschwander, Lois Long. Cornet; Laddie Wheeler, Mike Newcomer, Paul Norr, Phil Thorn- ton, Betty Kirchhofer. French Horn; Alice Sprunger. Saxophone: John Lehman, Dal Fosnaugh, Paul Moser, Wanda Sprunger, Judy Mosser. SENIOR BAND The Senior Band, under the di- rection of Mr. Hughes, participated in the County Music Festival and the District Music Contest again this year. The concerts which the band presented were a very good example of fine music. The Marching Band, consisting of members of boththe Junior Band and the Senior Band, added much to the home basketball games. Besides theseband shows, the Marching Band competed in the Berne and the Bluff - ton fairs. Tenor Saxophone: Janice Yoder. Baritone Saxophone: Carl Zim- merman. Baritone: Ted Lautzenheiser, Dick Lautzenheiser. Trombone: Stan Mosser, Deryl Bauman, Don Gillespie. Bass: Harold Temple. Percussion: Jean Stolz, Orval Bisel, Dean Hall, Larry Doherty, Janis Haines, Kathy Grile. Director: Floyd Hughes. HONOR BAND This group, composed of the better players from the Senior Band, meets with students from the four county schools to play more difficult music than can be played in each school ' s regular sessions. Members include John Lehman, Judy Caffee, Paul Norr, Evelyn Kirchhofer, Paul Moser, Mike Newcomer, Dick Lautzenheiser, Janice Yoder, Donna Hodgin, Janis Haines, Harold Temple, and Gretchen Burke. Not Pictured: Joanna Wheeler. MARCHING BAND Left: This formation from the band show " Junior Joins the Band " shows the Marching Cardinals forming a baby rattle. Right: Mike Newcomer, who played " Junior, " is standing at the front of the band ready to offer his " musical? " rendition. Left: The German Band, which plays some catchy tunes and tells some corny jokes, has entertained at banquets, P.T.A. pro- grams, and other community activities. Right: The Pep Band, a group composed of Senior Band members, played at pep ses- sions and basketball games. JUNIOR BAND GIRLS GLEE CLUB Director- Mr. Hughes. Pianist: Janice Yoder. FIRST ROW: Kay McCabe, Jean Stoz Anita Hodgm St ScWsleV Sharon Yoder, Roberta Bailey. SECOND ROW: Judy Mosser, Carol Stauffer Donna Hodgi Emma Lou Colpaert, Beverly Mosser, Janice Feaster, Elsie Neuenschwander, Joanna Wheeler ?HffiD ROW: Gretchen Burke, KathyGrile, Roberta Manning, Ellen Gerber, Judy Ludy, Donna Amstu z RitrNeuenschwander, Veda Smith. FOURTH ROW: Karen Hofstetter, Donna Fosnaugh, Phyllis Manning, Ferral Booher. HONOR CHOIR These students were chosen to represent our school in the County Honor Choir. The members are Harold Temple, Jean Stolz, Kathy Grile, Carol Stauffer, Margaret Bixler, Anita Hodgin, and Janice Yoder. 2), ( U- t Jy( h£lm.aJ7A Learning to be a good sport was an important part of our high school days. As members of the team, we were expected to work to- gether with o ur teammates and to play the best kind of game that we were capable of playing. Paul Norr, Guard Jim Baumer, Forward VARSITY •60 Bob Dull, Forward Glen Lehman, Guard Mert Sprunger, Guard Gene Newcomer, Guard BASKETBALL ' 61 Ron Yoder, Center Tom Toland, Guard Larry Moser, Guard John Mann, Forward Dave Biery, Guard Bill Burke, Guard Yoderadds to the score at the foul line to help Geneva win over Adams Central. Players scramble for the rebound after a fast break. The referee. . . " ruler of all, friend of none. " Baumer eyes the basket for a foul shot. SECONDS Seated: Roger Lautzenheiser, Bill Burke, Dave Biery, Larry Webb, Bob Dull, Mike McGough, Harry Hoffman, Arnie Lehman, Orval Bisel. Ted Toland, Paul Moser, Mike Newcomer, Tom Hirschy. Standing: Jerry Workinger, student manager, Harry Anderson, coach, Bill Morris, assistant coach, John Walker, student manager. Moser at the line. Hoffman controls the tip. Mike up for the rebound. HKUiNHLS PEP CLUB ft f ' f ' Each member of the Pep Club is required to attend all nome games and all varsity tournament games. The fifty- five members liave special red and black jackets which maybe worn with either color in front. This is the group that you see and hear at the basketball games. CHEERLEADERS Winning the Everett Rice Sportsman- ship Award was the " big moment " for Geneva in the 1961 Adams County Bas- ketball Tourney. The award is presented on the basis of the conduct of the fans, the student body, the players, the coach, and the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders for this year are Dick Lautzenheiser, Pat Schisler, Janet Laux, and Phyllis Manning. 4i BASEBALL FIRST ROW: Jim Walker, Tom Hirschy, Phil Thornton, Jerry Workinger, student manager, Roger Lautzenheiser, Paul Moser, Jerry Buckingham. SECOND ROvV: Harry Anderson, coach, Mert Sprunger, Jolin Mann, Larry Moser, Gene Newcomer, Mike Newcomer, Orval Bisel, Bill Morris, assistant coach. CROSS COUNTRY FIRST ROW: Tom Toland, Paul Norr, Doug Bauman, Ted Toland. SECOND ROW: Calvin Hofstetter, Dick Hanni, Ron Yoder, Larry Moser, David Horn, coach. FIRST ROW: Dean Hall, Doug Bauman, Larry Doherty, Jerry Buckingham, Bill Burke, Paul Moser, Tom Ludy, Tom Myers. SECONDROW: Calvin Hofstetter, Gary Zuercher, Phil Thornton, True Myers, Dave Biery, Orval Bisel. Bob Dull, Mike Newcomer, Jerry Workinger, student manager. THIRD ROW: PaulNorr, Glen Lehman, Ted Toland, Lynn Hall, Tom Toland, Larry Moser, Darrell Hendricks, Dick Hanni. FOURTH ROW: Harry Anderson, coach. Gene Newcomer, Mert Sprunger, Ron Yoder, Jim Baumer, Mike McGough, Harry Hoffman, Larry Webb, Bill Morris, assistant coach. TRACK jj " . Last year Jim Baumer and Glen Lehman broke two school track records. Baumer broke the existing shot-put record with a throw of 45 feet 1 inch, and Lehman, the pole vault record with a 10 feet 9 inch jump. Neither boy was beaten in competition with other schools. Tom Toland set a fast pace to break the old cross country record with a time of 10:13 for the two mile course. Toland broke the record early in the season but was unable to finish the season because of an in- jury. Glen Lehman-Low Hurdles Larry Moser-Half Mile Ron Yoder-440 Yard Dash Paul Norr-High Jump Gene Newcomer-Half Mile Relay Jim Baumer-Shot Put Tom Toland-Mlle FIRST ROW: Jerry Workinger, student manager, Tom Hirschy, Doug Bauman, Phil Thornton, Calvin Hofstetter, Jerry Buckingham, Paul Moser, True Myers, John Walker, student manager. SECOND ROW: Bill Burke, Dean Hall, Tom Myers, Russell Galloway, Mike Newcomer, Tom Ludy, Lynn Hall. THIRD ROW: David Horn, coach, Orval Bisel, Bob Dull, Larry Webb, Dave Mathys, Merrill Dull, Mike McGough, Harry Hoffman. FOOTBALL Football, new to our school this year, was organized last fall. Complete uniforms con- sisting of h elmets, pads, jerseys, pants, and shoes were purchased for the squad which was made up of freshman, sophomore, and junior boys. Playing no regularly scheduled games, the boys spent much time learning the fundamentals of football. Mr. Horn, who is in his first year at Geneva, was in charge of the football squad and did a fine job with the boys. M )W i Freshman Basketball FIRST ROW: Gary Zuercher, Ted Lautzenheiser, Jim Biberstein, student manager, Doug Bauman, Phil Thornton. SECOND ROW: Dick Hanni, Jerry Buckingham, Dean Hall, Bob McCabe, Lynn Hall, Tom Myers, Bill Morris, coach. Not Pictured: True Myers. Junior High Basketball FIRST ROW: Jim Biberstein, student manager, Doug Edgar, Don Gillespie.DavidHirschy, Rodney Mosser, Jeff Brown, Bill Morris, coach. SECOND ROW: Steve Murphy, Cary Hanni, John Binegar, Bob Mosser, Bob Toland, Ron BoUenbacher, Dean Burgess. Freshman Cheerleaders: Gretchen Burke, Judy Mosser, Donna Hodgin. Junior High Cheerleaders: Marsha Jones, Kitty Tyner, Tonya Mosser. GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Girls Athletic Association was organized in 1959 under the leadership of Mrs. Rhoades. Their activities include bowling, volleyball, Softball, kickball, and gymnastics. Officers for this year are as follows: Alice Schmit, president; Janet Brown, vice-president; Connie Hof- stetter, secretary; Jeannie Stolz, treasurer; Martha Schmit, manager; and Phyllis Manning, reporter. 2). ' (9 9Jol The doors to friend- ship are always open. Through these doors we meet new friends and re- new old friendships from year to year. OUR FACULTY PRINCIPAL Kenneth Van Emon, B.S., M.A. Physics. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Richard Miller, B.S., M.A. Guidance Counselor, General Business, Government. Kay McCabe and Anita Hodgin are receiving assistance in career planning in the Guidance Center. Harry Anderson, B.S. Head Coach, Industrial Arts. Katherine Eichhorn, A.B., English, French. David Horn, B.A. Football Coach, Math, Physical Education. Floyd Hughes, B.S. Chorus, Band. Doyle Igney, B. S. General Math, Social Studies. Bill Kipfer, B.S. Biology, Vocational Agriculture. Bill Morris, B.S., M.A., Assistant Coach, Social Studies, Physical Education. Lavaun Muth, B.S. Vocational Home Economics. Margaret Rhoades, Catharine Runyon, B.A., Harry Walter, B.A. A.B., EngUsh, M.A., English, Library, Math, Science. Physical Education. Physical Education. Ned Yingst, B.S. Business Education. Agnes Shoemaker, B. S., Grade Music, Art. Ross Johnson, B.S. Grade Six. Harold Long, B.S. Edith Walter, B.S. Grade Six. Grade Five. Ruth Hunt, B.S. Grades Four and Five. Sara Briggs, A. B. Grade Four. Ruth Neuenschwander, A.B., Alice Rhoades, B.S. Grade Three Grade Three. Marjorie Fifer, B.A. Grade Two. Mary Isch, B.S. Grade Two. Catherine Fravel, B. S., Grade One. Nancy Houser, B.S. Grade One. Secretary: Flossie Lybarger. Advisory Board: Al Cott; James Lybarger, Trustee; Lester Robinson; and Roger Yoder. SCHOOL STAFF These people have done a fine job in making our school system complete and in helping to keep our school running smoothly. Although we don ' t always show it, we appreciate the job that they do. till: p ji p Cooks: Clara Hofstetter, Martha McBarnes, and Francis Biery. Janitors: Gerald Farlow ana Peter Bollinger. Bus Drivers: Kneeling; Jerry Parr and Wayne Der- rickson. Standing; Frank Hofstetter, Arthur Ford, Ray Black, George Morgan, and Dekner Stanley. THE GENEVA SENIORS PHILIP BAUMGARTNER HIGH SCHOOL OF 1961 y DAL FOSNAUGH JANET LAUX JANICE YODER RON YODER SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seated from left to right; Harold Temple, treasurer; Glen Lehman, president; Margaret B i x 1 e r , secretary, Mr. Yingst , sponsor; Mert Sprunger, vice-president. CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1957 we began anew ex- perience as freshmen in high schooU Dur- ing the year we held a very successful bake sale, and enjoyed a swimming party and a variety party » As sophomores, in the fall of ' 58, we really got the ball rolling with our candy sale, bake sale, radio raffle, and chili supper. For pleasure, we took time to have a swim- ming party and a skating party. Fall, 1959: Juniors, already! Busyness and excitement emphasized our junior year. We had a progressive party in the spring, and worked hard at selling magazines, mana- ging the candy store, selling popcorn, and serving an F.F.A. banquet. Our class play, " Tattletale, " presented April 1, 1960, was the high point of the year. In the fall of ' 60, we entered our last year of high school with happy , but a little less carefree, hearts. During the year we sold cokes, wrote newspaper articles, and published the 1961 Legend . In the spring we went on our class trip to Washington, D. C, and returned eagerly looking forward to our graduation. SENIOR COKE SALES Elsie Neuenschwander, Ro- berta Bailey, and Evelyn Kir- chhofer take their turn sel- ling cokes at one of our home basketball games. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Janet Brown, treasurer; Stan Mosser, president; Bill Burke, vice-president; Mr. Kipfer, sponsor; and Alice Sprunger, secretary. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Tom Ludy, vice-president; Mr. Igney, sponsor; Jean Baumer, president; Jean Nevil, treasurer; and Ann Gillespie, secretary. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Judy Moser, treasurer; Mrs. Muth, sponsor; Doug Bauman, vice-presi- dent; Connie Tyner, secretary; and Roger Lautzenheiser, president. JUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW: Melvin Augsburger, Cheryl Bauman, Deryl Bauman, David Biery, Orval Bisel, Roy Bisel, Cody Booher. SECOND ROW: Patty Brewster, Janet Brown, Bill Burke, Emma Lou Colpaert, Sandy Do- herty, Janice Feaster, Pat Flanagan. THIRD ROW: Judy Fosnaugh, Russell Galloway, Kathy Grile, Max Hawkins, Darrell Hendricks, Harry Hoffman, Betty Jean Jones. FOURTH ROW: Betty Kirchhofer ' , Dick Lautzenheiser, Bonnie Lehman, Mike McGough, David Mathys, Paul Moser, Beverly Mosser. FIFTH ROW: Stan Mosser, Rita Neuenschwander, Pat Schisler, Martha Schmit, Veda Smith, Alice Sprunger, Jeff Striker. SIXTH ROW: Harold Vorhees, John Walker, Joanna Wheeler, Sharon Yoder. Not Pictured: Merrill Dull. SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW: Brenda Affolder, David Amstutz, Teri-Ann Armantrout, Joan Augsburger, Jean Baumer, Kathy Beeler, James Bisel. SECOND ROW: Judy Caffee, Glen Colpaert, Robert Dull, Ruthann Gerber, Ann Gillespie, Lynn Hall, Dick Hanni. THIRD ROW: Bill Hawbaker, Tom Hirschy, Calvin Hofstetter, Mar- vin Kirchhofer, Arnie Lehman, Tom Ludy, Joyce Mosser. FOURTH ROW: Susan Neuenschwander, Jean Nevil, Sally Schisler, Eric Sprunger, Wanda Sprunge r , Ted Toland, Jim Walker. FIFTH ROW: Sharon Watkins, Larry Webb. FRESHMAN CLASS FIRST ROW: Donna Amstutz, Doug Bauman, Ferral Booher, Jerry Buckingham, Gretchen Burke, Donna Cook, Larry Doherty. SECOND ROW: Shirley Fellers, Donna Fosnaugh, Jane Fosnaugh, Gladys Franks, Ellen Gerber, Peggy Grile, Jerry Grogg. THIRD ROW: Roy Haines, Dean Hall, Benita Hix, Donna Hodgin, Sally Hoffman, Karen Hofstetter, Darlene Hough. FOURTH ROW: Terry Jones, Roger Lautzenheiser, Ted Lautzenheiser, Darlene Lee, Anita Lehman, John Lehman, Lois Long. FIFTH ROW: Judy Ludy, Bob Mc- Cabe, Jim Mann, Roberta Manning, Alice Morningstar, Judy Mosser, Tom Myers. SIXTH ROW: True Myers, Mike Newcomer, Jim Rich, Phil Thornton, Connie Tyner, Jani ce Walker, Nancy Weidler. SEVENTH ROW: Bonnie Wheeler, Laddie Wheeler, Shirley Wolf, Carl Zimmerman, Gary Zuercher. FIRST ROW: Gloria Amstutz, Grace Amstutz, Sharon Armstrong, JeanAugsburger, Gene Auker, Linda Baker, Bill Baumbauer, Linda Baumgartner, Jim Biberstein, John Binegar. SECOND ROW: Bob Blount, Lavina Blount, Ronnie Bollenbacher, Jeff Brown, Sue Burke, Kandy Doherty, Doug Edgar, Cheryl Eicher, Nancy Fogle, Don Gillespie. THIRD ROW: Cary Hanni, Linda Hawbaker, David Hirschy, Philip Hough, Gary Huffman, Marsha Jones, Bob Kirchhofer, Karen Lautzenheiser, John Lee, Angela Lehman. FOURTH ROW: Gloria Lough, Terry Mann, Sheldon Mathys, John Mere, Bob Mosser, Tonya Mosser, Steve Murphy, Jane Neuenschwander, Ronnie Ralston, Mary Lou Rich. FIFTH ROW: Ruth Sprunger, Dick Teeter, Cathy Tschannen, Kitty Tyner, Ronnie Vorhees, Mary Lou Wagner, Michael Webb, Shelby Workinger. SEVENTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Mai Banta, Connie Bauserman, Janet Beer, Marlene Buckingham, Carl Burgess, Sharon Case, Stephen Cress, Linda Fellers, Ronnie Fosnaugh, Thomas Hart. SECOND ROW: Dianne Hendricks, Linda Hix, Julia Hodgin, George Hurst, Sue Jones, Jim Langham, Cathy Lehman, Orlyn Lehman, Jon Lybarger, Margie McGough. THIRD ROW: Laura Morningstar, Rodney Mosser, Toni Mosser, Susan Murphy, Judy Neuenschwander, Marjean Neuenschwander, Steve Neuenschwander, Terry Nevil, Allen Raugh, Janice Smitley, Robert Toland, Dale Wagner, Susan Weaver, Janice Whisler. € " S i) tJ . fti Fi S 1 GRADE fe f 7 ni If n ■■iCUi FIRST ROW; Mr. Johnson ' s Room; Ronda Affolder, Cathy Anderson, Jack Aspy, Mike Baumgartner, Ronnie Brooks, John Buckingham, Harlow Burgess, Karen Case, Leon Childress, Gary Dailey, Fay Edgar. SECOND ROW: Barbara Hawbaker, Dorwin Hendricks, Susanne Hofstetter, Roberta Ineichen, Bernard Lautzenheiser, Roger Lautzenheiser, Jim Lehman, Elaine Morningstar, Nancy Neuenschwander, Dean Parrett, Barbara Shimp. THIRD ROW: Karen Stauffer, Greg Thornton, Judy Walker, Betty Weaver, Bob Zimmerman. Not Pictured: Lana Webb. Mr. Long ' s Room; Delno Abnet, Deryll Amstutz, Nic Armstrong, Jon Baumbauer, Merlin Beer, David Booher. FOURTH ROW: Judy Brown, Sammy Butcher, George Cott, CarolDoherty, Danny Gerber, Karen Hanni, Paula Hawes, Teresa Hiday, Kathy Hurst, Gary Jones, Dean Lautzenheiser. FIFTH ROW: Mary Lybarger, Steve Mosser, Pat Newcomer, Roger Raugh, Steve Simmons, Myra Stevens, Darell Tumbleson, Linda Watkins, Dianna Woli. jhk C f f € f ( € FIFTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Mrs. Walter ' s Room; Ruth Amstutz, John Auker, Judy Baker, Ellen Beitler, Don Burke, Kim Campbell, Gene Dailey, Jim Dailey, Alfred Feaster, Nancy Gerber, Eugene Hall. SECOND ROW: Frank Howe, Lee Lehman, Mike Mere, Carol Mosser, Peggy Ralston, Marcia Smith, Rodney Smitley, Becky Sprunger, Ronnie Tschannen, Carol Tumbleson, Stanley Van Emon. THIRD ROW: Paul Wagner, Danny Weidler, Cindy Wilhoite, Carol Yoss. Mrs. Hunt ' s Room; Connie Aspy, Steven Bailey, Kathy Bauman, Ricky Bergman, Denny Caffee, Max Case, Debbie Davidson. FOURTH ROW: Billy Garringer, Lynn Gillespie, Mickie Hough, Connie Lehman, Nell McGough, David Moser, Bob Neuenschwander. FOURTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Mrs. Hunt ' s Room; Esther Amstutz, Curtis Armstrong, Kay Beitler, Sara Jo Biberstein, Susan Bixler, John Briggs, Bobby Bucky,Mike Fenstermaker, Arlyn Hendricks, Jackie Hurst. Mrs. Brigg ' s Room; Paul Abnet. SECOND ROW: Mike Anderson, Mary Balantine,TimmyBooher, Steve Buckingham, Bob Childress, Lonnie Fravel, Ted Hiday, Marilyn Houser, Carolyn Lautzenheiser, Glen Lehman, Philip Liechty. THIRD ' ROW: Linda Jo Mosser, Debbie Neuenschwander, PattiNeuenschwander, Harry Rich, Bobby Schetgen, Marvin Smith, Dianna Smitley, Roger Smitley, Twyla Sprunger, Ronnie Stauffer, Linda Kay Teeter. FOURTH ROW: Lester Wagner, Gregory Werst, Phyllis Wolf, Wayne Yoss. O P i " |M f B P THIRD GRADE FIRST ROW: Mrs. Neuenschwander ' s Room; Leon Amstutz, Hal Armstrong, Beverly Bailey, Paul Beitler, Janelle Derrickson, Gary Fosnaugh, Robert Garringer, Kevin Hanni,Jim Hawbaker, DeLane Hendricks, Von Jones. SECOND ROW: Paul Lehman, Mary McGough, Joan Minnich, Randy Moser, Ricky Murphy, Luann Purdy, Judy Sprunger, Susan Stevens, Edith Treese, Debby Tyner, Ladonna Werst. THIRD ROW: Barbara Workinger. Not Pictured: Terry Davidson. Mrs. Rhoades ' Room; Susie Amstutz, Larry Aspy, Kathy Beer, Delores Bergman, Alan Case, Jimmie Davidson, Mike Doherty, Brian Dynes, Sharon Fraze, Dennis Gerber. FOURTH ROW: John Hall, Patricia Hawes, Patty Huffman, Jana Jones, Sandy Lichtenberger, Jim Mere, Ruby Morningstar, Ned Neuenschwander, Sandy Neuenschwander, Ricky Smith, Randy Toland. FIFTH ROW: Janice Tumbleson, Mike Van Emon, Janelle Whisler, Ronnie Yoss, Janet Zimmerman. It a m p. p- r f T ' C f A f r f p P c - f: i " " - SECOND GRADE FIRST ROW: Mrs. Fifer ' s Room; Dennis Affolder, Sharon Amstutz, Diana Bailey, Jimmy Bailey, Karen Sue Balentine, Beth Beer, David Beitler, TedBiberstein, Deborah Brandt, Roy Brooks, Paula Burgess. SECOND ROW: Billy Childress, Darrell Dailey, David Fosnaugh, Karen Fravel, Bobby Haines, Susan Haines, Billy Hix, Larry Keller, Ricky Lichtenberger, Allen Mami, Bradley Mosser. THIRD ROW: Shirley Mosser, Linda Neuenschwander, David Smith, Dale Sprunger, Jana Thornton, Dwight Vorhees, Don Walter. Not Pictured: Donny Johnson. Mrs. Isch ' s Room; Harry Anderson, Gerald Bailey, Eva Baker, Keith Barnes. FOURTH ROW: Robert Beeler, William Beeler, Randy Bergman, Richard Briggs, James Buckingham, Jerry Burk, Kristy Doherty, Michael Engle, Justin Fosnaugh, Gary Fravel, Jody Grogg. FIFTH ROW: Jackie Hawes, Maria Hodgin, Donald Lehman, Patricia Liechty, Nick Minnich, Steve Minnich, Robert Muth, Freddie Pyle, Betty Schwartz, Phyllis Shimp, Stanley Smitley. SIXTH ROW: Jean Sprunger, Dennis Van Emon, Elaine Weaver, James Weidler. : FIRST ROW: Miss Fravel ' s Room; Suanne Amstutz, Samuel Beitler, Randall Bixler, Andrew Briggs, Susan Bucky, Donald Dailey, Jocelyn Davidson, Wanda Fogle, James Galloway, Rebecca Hawbaker, Harry Hiday. SECOND ROW: Judith Houser, Thomas Kuhn, Daniel May, Mike Nelson, Deborah Norton, Marvin Schwartz, Ricky Smith, Joyce Tumbleson, Lee Wheeler, Lyn Wheeler. Not Pictured: Billy Herrin. MissHouser ' s Room; Carolyn Armstrong. THIRD ROW: Connie Bergman, Billy Booher, Deborah Bucky, Randy Cress. 4r P c I.. J A- . FIRST GRADE il4 4, i FIRST ROW: Janene Derrickson, Vickie Doherty, Vicki Fosnaugh, Ray Gerber, Linda Hendricks, Kevin Hofstetter, Carolyn Hunt, Kathy Lichtenberger, Billy Moser, Gyneth Neuenschwander, Keit± Parr. SECOND ROW: Steven Smith, Tommy Sprunger, Sara Workinger, Marilyn Yoss. Not Pictured: Cynthia Lee. FRIENDSHIP INCLUDES EVERYONE At the desk, Sally, Connie, Ted, and Ron are having a jam session in the library the second period. K L. V -- ' ■ Jl ..: - - j Ti- ar 1 Larry, Harold, Gene and Glen had a ball the day they sold ads for the annual. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. At least that is what these first graders think. Mrs. Rhoades and Tom have a " friendly " discussion in English class. cZ), ( U ' e i nlt Becoming a good citizen involves know- ledge of the community in which you live. We received a part of this knowledge as we met merchants during our sale of the advertise- ments for this yearbook. Employees of the Sol Schwartz Construction Co. from left to right are Amos B. Schwartz, Sol B. Schwartz, Joe B. Schwartz, Wes Herman and Kenneth Urban. SOL SCHWARTZ CONSTRUCTION CO Sol B. Schwartz, President All Types of Residential Commercial Building Excavating - Elevator Work - Steeple Work - Painting Phone Petroleum 2570 Rural Route 1 Geneva, Indiana Mrs. Carl Bauserman accepts a deposit made by Ireta Mann at the Bank of Geneva. BANK OF GENEVA Geneva, Indiana Members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 1 ■ - pm i P ■L Hey, Alice, locked in? If a bobby pin won ' t work, use a screw- driver from Briggs Hardware. A.6. BRIGGS AND SONS HARDWARE Geneva, Indiana Congratulations to . . . the Geneva Seniors of " 1961 " Best Wishes and Success from THE CARDINAL INN Open Monday thru Friday 6:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Saturday 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Phone 368-7217 Geneva, Indiana Larry Moser and John Mann offer a toast with Gerber ' s Grade A milk as Jim Baumer holds a case of empties. GERBER ' S CENTRAL DAIRY Grade A Milk and Dairy Products Buttermilk Butter Coffee Cream Chocolate Milk Vitamin " D " Homogenized Cottage Cheese Orange Drink Pasteurized Milk Phone 120 Night Phone 1335 230 West Market Bluffton, Indiana Compliments 0 HERMAN J. BIXLER INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 368-7529 Geneva, Indiana Miss Jo Nelson pauses a moment from her work in the office of the Herman J. Bixler Insurance Agency. Compliments of EASTERN INDIANA OIL AND SUPPLY CO. Sinclair Products Goodrich Tires " Eventually We Will Be Recommended to You " Geneva - Berne - Decatur Portland - Celina FARMERS FEED MILL Dealer In State Pilot and Wayne Feeds Custom Grinding and Molasses Mixing Berry ' s Gro- Coated Seeds Fertilizers Phone 368-7810 Geneva, Indiana Congratulations Class of " 61 ' FRANKS PLUMBING HEATING Phone 368-7508 Geneva, Indiana THE GENEVA HERALD Weekly Newspaper Job Printing Phone 368-7313 Geneva, Indiana THE FOOD BANK INC Phone 368-7854 411 Line Street Geneva, Indiana Thorson A. Howe takes an order. GENEVA LUMBER SUPPLY CO Dealers in Lumber, Fence, Building Material, and Coal BAILEY ' S SERVICE STATION Blue name Bottle Gas Goodyear Tires Phone 368-7415 Geneva, Indiana THE FORD STORE Fkmily Wearing Apparel Phone 368-7275 Geneva, Indiana DON AND DICK ' S BARBER SHOP Barbers Don Stevens - Richard Zeigler Geneva, Indiana Congratulations Class of " 61 " GENEVA-BERNE LIVESTOCK SALES CO. p. B. Stewart and Co. HANNI PLUMBING SHOP Water Systems - Water Softeners Pbrnaces - Plumbing Fixtures Phone 368-7626 Res. 368-7620 Geneva, Indiana L.A. MANN Real Estate and Insurance Phone 368-7577 Geneva, Indiana GENEVA LOCKER SERVICE Custom Butchering, Curing, Si Freezing Melvin Bixler Phone 368-7480 Geneva, Indiana HOFSTETTER MOTOR SALES, INC. Authorized Sales Service for Studebaker Automobiles Trucks " Home of the Fabulous Lark " ' ™ Phone 368-7307 Geneva, Indiana GENEVA MANUFACTURING CORP. Geneva, Indiana IDEAL BEAUTY SHOP Complete Beauty Service Phone 368-7875 Geneva, Indiana Barber, Paul Logan CITY BARBER SHOP Downtown Geneva CURLEY ' S T. V. SERVICE Phone Bryant 2-6167 R. R. 2 Geneva, Indiana HANNI FURNITURE Geneva, Indiana HARDY AND HARDY Oxygen Equipped Ambulance Service Day or Nigtit Geneva, Indiana FELLER ' S GROCERY Geneva, Indiana HAFFNER ' S 5 ? to $1.00 STORE Brach Finest Rg Geneva, s . . . Chocolate Indiana THE PORTERHOUSE Daily Lunches and Sunday Dinners Phone 368-7310 Geneva, Indiana WALKER ' S SERVICE STATION Marathon Gas Oil Cooper Tires Geneva, Indiana Miss Mary Pusey and Mrs. Myron Simmons are working at the Geneva Milling Company. Compliments of THE GENEVA MILLING COMPANY Mrs. Ernest Binegar displays a dress to Jana Jones. THE PAYLESS CLOTHING STORE Gray ' s Keep - U - Neat for Quality Cleaning Phone 368-7431 Geneva, Indiana JOHN W. KARCH STONE COMPANY Crushed Stone Agricultural Lime Phone 75 New Cory don Bryant, Indiana KOZY KORNER RESTAURANT Catering to Private Party Banquet, and Sunday Dinners Phone 368-7641 Geneva, Indiana LIMBERLOST AUTO THEATRE " If it ' s at the Limberlost. . . It ' s the Best Show Around " Geneva, Indiana Raymond Mathys and Lee Lybarger discuss business at the gravel pit. LYBARGER GRAVEL AND READY-MIX Phone 368-7855 Geneva, Indiana Compliments of STUCKY ' S GAS AND APPLIANCE Home Leading Lines Phone 368-7228 Geneva, Indiana Willis Jordan and John Walter are shown in a glazing operation. NUDOR OF INDIANA INC. The Best in Sliding Glass Doors and Windows Geneva, Indiana ZIMMERMANS Janssen- Cable Pianos Kinsman Electronic Organs Electric Dampp- Chasers Piano Organ Lamps Piano Tuning-Service Geneva, Indiana Shop GIFFORD ' S Groceries - Produce - Dairy Products Tablerite Meats U. S. 27 Phone 2-2134 Berne, Indiana FERN ' S DRESS SHOPPE Children ' s and Ladies ' Ready - to - Wear When in Berne-Shop at Fern ' s 110 East Main NAGEL ' S QUALITY FLOWERS SINCE 1910 Mr. Mrs. C. August Nagel We Telegraph Rowers Phone 2-2472 GILLIOM LUMBER COMPANY If It ' s Lumber, Call our Number Phone 2-2312 518 East Main St. Berne, Indiana Complete Sales Service Auctioneer Real Estate T 4 Phone 2-8355 Berne, Indiana PHIL NEUENSCHWANDER AFFOLDER-MILLER New Idea- Allis- Chalmers- New Holland Sales - Service Phone 2-8538 Berne, Indiana Mark Wenzel and Brenda Affolder discuss Allis- Chaln-iers tractor. the new Cong ratulations to the Geneva Seniors Best Wishes and Success 3f " 1961 " THE BERNE 5( TO $1.00 The Paint and Wallpaper Spot STORE BERNE ELECTRIC Electric Heating Electrical Contractors Phone 2-2819 158 North Jefferson Berne, Indiana BERNE EQUITY EXCHANGE COMPANY Dealers in Grain, Seed, Feed, Coal, and Fence Tama, Ohio - Berne, Indiana Linn Grove, Indiana - Chattanooga, Ohio Main Office - Berne, Indiana BERNE ICE CREAM CO. Ice Cr earn for All Occasions Phone 2-2617 817 E . Main Berne, Indiana BERNE LOCKER STORAGE Custom Butchering and Slaughtering Phone 2-2806 524 W. Franklin St. Berne, Indiana BERNE LUMBER INC Complete Building Supplies Millroom and Cabinet Shop Phone 2-2268 Berne, Indiana i I H BERNE OIL COMPANY Service Is Our Business Washing and Polishing Quality Products Lubricating- Tires-Batteries Home Heating Oil Don Lautzenheiser Leonard Schwartz Phone 2-2604 STANS MEN ' S WEAR Stan Brenneman - Owner Specialist in Young Men ' s Wear - Formal Wear Rental Service Berne Winchester " The Best Dressed Man Relies on Stan " BERNE OVERALL CO., INC. I 1 T E L 4 y, %( E 2-2153 t f 104 East Main Street Berne, Indiana BERNE WITNESS CO. Publishers of The Berne Witness Since 1896 Printers, Publishers, Binders 117 E. Main Street Berne, Indiana E.P. SPRUNGER, D.D.S. Phone 2-2309 159 Jefferson Street Berne, Indiana ROBERT L. BOZE, M. D. Res. 2-2157 - Office 2-2144 256 West Water St. Berne, Indiana ECONOMY PRINTING CONCERN INC. Printers and Publishers Berne, Indiana EMICK ' S BOWL Bill and Julia Emick AMF Pinspotters Eight Lanes Phone 2-2927 Berne, Indiana FLICK ' S BODY SHOP Phone 2-2333 618 Parr Road Berne, Indiana GLOBE HATCHERIES AND POULTRY FARM Babcock Bessie Peterson Arbor Ace Cross Baby Chickens U. S. PuUorum Clean- Feeds- Poultry Phone 130 Ossian, Indiana Phone 2-2447 Berne, Indiana FELBER MACHINE WELDING Parts - Sales - Service Massey Ferguson Dealer Phone 2-2201 Berne, Indiana FIRST BANK OF BERNE For All Banking Service Members of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System Berne, Indiana Fred Liechty accepts a deposit from Leonard Schwartz. GOTTSCHALK SUPPLY COMPANY Retail Coal, Cement, Building Supplies Phone 2-2723 Berne, Indiana JAKE AND JIM ' S TEXACO Ttf toite Tune-up, Brake Service, Air-jet Car Washer Buy the Best, Buy Texaco U. S. 27 S. W. Franklin St. Berne, Indiana Sherrill Beer and Ralph Beer give you courteous service. THE HABIT CLEANERS For Guaranteed Odorleos Dry Cleaning We Operate Our Own Modern Plant Better Service - Better Quality Phone 2-2305 Berne, Indiana Luther Burry is a member of the staff of the Jefferson Garage. JEFFERSON GARAGE Gas Oil General Repairing United States Tires Auto Accessories Phone 2-2179 Berne, Indiana KROGER STORE (Live Better for Less) Walter Fenster maker, Manager Berne, Indiana Checking out at the Kroger Store. LIECHTY MOTOR SERVICE New Car Dealers in BUICK-CHEVROLET-PONTIAC Phone 2-2805 Berne, Indiana MOSER MOTOR SALES, INC. FORD, MERCURY, FALCON, THUNDERBIRD, FORD TRUCKS 218 West Main Berne, Indiana Ann and Kathy enjoy the sun on the back of the Driver Ed. Car. THE PARKWAY RESTAURANT We Cater to Parties Operated by Irene Stahly and Birdie Schug Highway 27 Berne, Indiana Wrwm Just drive right up and walk right in. RIESEN SCHUG MOTORS, The Forward Look for 1961 INC. CHRYSLER- PLYMOUTH- VALIANT Sales Service Standard Oil Products Repairing , a Specialty - Body and Fender Work Phone 2-2615 Berne, Indiana SPRUNGER, LEHMAN CO. The Department Store to Serve You Better Leiand A. Neuen - Manager Phone Berne 2-2175 Berne, Indiana L. Luther Yager YAGER FURNITURE J- Jei ' onie Yager Made by Berne in Berne YAGER FUNERAL HOME Oxygen Equipped Ambulance Berne, Indiana PRICE IMPLEMENT CO. Phone 726-7232 Portland, Indiana ROGER YODER SAWMILL Buying Timber-Custom Sawing- Selling Dimension Lumber Phone 2-8665 R. R. 1 Berne, Indiana Congratulations Seniors Geneva 1961 WESTINGHOUSE ROUNDUP LAUNDROMAT 155-157 N. Jefferson St. Berne, Indiana AAASTER ' S WRECKING YARD Wrecker Service, Auto Repair, New and Used Parts On U. S. 27 Indiana 67 Phone 2-6590 Bryant, Indiana ' Compliments of Your Candy Man ' KWATNEZ CANDY TOBACCO CO.. INC. 3117 Maumee Avenue Fort Wayne, Indiana LIECHTY JEWELRY Keepsake Diamonds High Fashion Jewelry Berne, Indiana PARK MOTEL Owner, Art Zehr Air Conditioned T. V. Highway 27 - Phone 2-2375 Berne, Indiana GREEN BELT CHEMICAL CO. Midwest ' s Fastest Growing Co. Fertilizer Granulets Phone 2-6655 Bryant, Indiana NEVIL ' S MOTOR SALES Used Cars Bryant, Indiana LAUX GROCERY AND HARDWARE New Corydon, Indiana SERV-US-STORE, INC. Hardware and Electrical Supplies Phone 2-2212 Berne, Indiana W. E. REUSSER COMPANY Complete Building Service Phone 2-2694 Berne, Indiana FISHER SONS FARM IMPLEMENT INC. John Deere Sales Service Phone 2517 330 Godfrey Avenue Celina, Ohio Phone Willshire 109FA Main Street Chattanooga, Ohio WENDEL BROS. MOTOR SALES AND SERVICE PONTIAC- TEMPEST- VAUXHALL Willshire, Ohio Phone 123 F12 Chattanooga, Ohio IVAN J. JOHNSON ' S GARAGE Automobile, Truck, and Tractor Work A Specialty Motorola and Zenith T. V. Sales Service Enarco Oil, Grease, Antifreeze Phone Wabash 31F22 Chattanooga, Ohio WATE CULLIGAN R CONDITIO ■1 NING Phone 5-5478 Linn Grove SHOULT ' S STUDIO Portraiture- Scenery- Commercial Enlarsfine Portraits in Oil . . A Speciality Phone 7261 409 East Jay Dunkirk, Indiana Gloria, Deanna, Betty, and Connie exchange senior pictures. WATSON ' S SPORTING GOODS Fishing Hunting Equipment Athletic Equipment It Pays To Play 1 Phone 3861 103 North Main Street EXinkirk, Indiana Jeannie helps Janice try on a football helmet. . .just for size. DECATUR HATCHERY DeKalb Chicks-Decatur Quality Chicks Kelvinator- Refrigerators, Ranges Freezers Decatur, Indiana SCHAFER ' S Since 1874 Decatur, Indiana ANDREWS ' SAWMILL Chattanooga, Ohio Phone WiUshire 123 Fll Route 1 Rockford, Ohio STATE LINE TAVERN Floyd DLx R. R. 5 Celina, Ohio ADAMS COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. D. Burdette Custer - Robert G Smith Phone 3-2154 113 North Se cond Street Decatur, Indiana BOWER JEWELRY STORE - ® Decatur, 1 Indiana ADAMS COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP Monroe, Indiana Only Daily Newspaper in Adams Co. DECATUR DAILY DEMOCRAT Decatur, Indiana DECATUR LUMBER COMPANY Builder ' s Supplies Coal Phone 3-3309 111 Jefferson Street Decatur, Indiana UHRICK BROS. Radio, Television, Furniture, Carpets Appliances Phone 3-4109 - 130 Monroe St. Decatur, Indiana Compliments of STANDARD BRUSH-BROOM CO. Phone 726-8686 Portland, Indiana STUCKY COMPANY Complete Home Furnishing Monroe, Indiana DECATUR MUSIC HOUSE Pianos Home of Wurlitzer - Organs SHEETS FURNITURE COMPANY Quality Home Furnishings Phone 3-2602 152 S. Second Street Decatur, Indiana LESTER BICKEL INSURANCE Phone 726-8682 207 N. Meridian Street Portland, Indiana Owned by Those We Serve JAY COUNTY R.E.M.C. Phone 726-7121 Portland, Indiana Compliments of A. A. CURRY CO. Portland, Lidiana ARN ' S JEWELRY STORE 106 West Main Street Portland, Indiana C. R. JACKSON JEWELER Watch Repairing - Jewelry Phone 726-4008 137 E. Main Portland, Indiana Hey, Judy, take that money to THE FIRST STATE BANK OF DECATUR Established 1883 Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Fund Member of the Federal Reserve System Member of F. D. I. C. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Portland, Indiana H F BAKERY Pies, Cakes, and Rolls Owner: Grover Flauding Phone 726-4252 Portland, Indiana McCONOCHY PHOTOGRAPHY Phone 726-8455 228 South Meridian Street Portland, Indiana Dreaming, Paul? Insure your dreams at the LELAND SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Complete Insurance Service Phone 3-3111 Decatur, Indiana Comptimenti 0 THE JAY GARMENT COMPANY AND EMPLOYEES Portland, Lidiana BUCKMASTER-NESBITT INC. Insurance and Real Estate Phone 726-7123 125 West Main Portland, Indiana Member: F. D. I. C. THE CITIZENS BANK OF PORTLAND for All Banking Services Travel Arrangements Phone 726-7116 Portland, Indiana HALL ' S SALVAGE STORE Name Brands- First Quality Outstandingly Low Prices 1303 North Meridian Portland, Indiana HAYNES MILLING CO., INC. Phone 726-8191 Portland, Indiana PENNENT WINNING FEEDS Oldest State Bank in Indiana THE PEOPLES BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Phone 726-7141 Portland, Indiana This Space For Rent MESHBERGER BROTHERS STONE CORPORATION Contractors Producer of Crushed Stone Bituminous Coated Materials Applying Road Oil, Asphalts and Tars Truck Delivery Phone 5-5311 Linn Grove, Indiana THE 1961 DONORS Art Craft Sport Shop, Portland, Indiana Brewster Jewelers, Portland, Indiana Bryson C. Fetters, Berne, Indiana Buckmaster Rexall Drugs, Geneva, Indiana Calhoun Drugs, Portland, Indiana Clauser Furniture, Berne, Indiana Commercial Print Shop, Decatur, Indiana Cunningham Music, Portland, Indiana Dorothy La Rue Shoppe, Geneva, Indiana Dr. Luginbill, Berne, Indiana D. W. Fireoved, Berne, Indiana Frederick F. Sprunger, Berne, Indiana G. C. Moser Insurance Agency, Berne, Indiana Goodmans, Portland, Indiana Hawkin ' s Shoe Repair, Berne, Indiana Hendrick ' s Electric, Berne, Indiana Holthouse Furniture, Portland, Indiana Home Restaurant, Chattanooga, Ohio Howard Baumgartner, Berne, Indiana James A. Bixler, Berne, Indiana J. E. Taylor, Portland, Indiana J. O. R. Campbell, Geneva, Indiana Larry ' s Barber Shop, Berne, Indiana Limberlost Beauty Shoppe, Geneva, Indiana Linn Grove Hardware, Linn Grove, Indiana Marlene ' s Beauty Shop, Geneva, Indiana Mennonite Book Concern, Berne, Indiana The Model, Portland, Indiana Norman E. Beaver, M. D., Berne, Indiana Portland Electric, Portland, Indiana Quality Furniture, Portland, Indiana Ric ' s Barber Shop, Berne, Indiana Sears and Roebuck, Portland, Indiana Wearly Monuments, Portland, Indiana Weiler Brothers, Portland, Indiana Williamson Marathon Service, Pleasant Mills, Indiana (gejinj r C JtuJki ' gg«feBSayt -- gw g» " ' ' « " iiiil ' ' UllWlTlltlS ■ " !?( ! U j?° ' f ' -» -Jfr-8 — - — " l l ilP ¥l£. s

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