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as .pr- ucnp --:- .P -5- E L si 'J .M . , ,W I. J p.f 1, 4 m 1 A P 3- Y P S 5 x 6 f . A x k r -3 v I 4 7 5 JK a Q 5 I Q , Q.. 3 -f-'B..,f N., A 4 , .V i. ml: X i '2' 'V , 3,5 2 5. . r . I, L' Af- , f.- 1 'Ji - ,Wgd,. . 'N'- jfl , ,A , 'T ., n..,, .5 -Q a ,Av , ' ' 1' V ' 4 "' -un , . ,A cw . 'A , A . . .. v 1 1. 1 , - f L at-.5 - -. i 'dx -op Q ,,-V W' if Gerald Nevil Favorite Sayinrg "I don't care." Geneva High School 1-2- Annual StaH 4 Class Play 3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Geraldine Nevil Favorite Saying "Oh! Gee! Whiz!" 3-4 Geneva High School 1-2-3-4 Class Officer 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Robert Meyer Favorite Saying "What you say, dud?" Geneva High School 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 2-3-4 Class Play 3 Bernadine Brunner Favorite Saying "Weill My Gosh!!" Geneva High School 1-2-3-4 Glee Cluib 1-2-3-4 Class Play 4 Annual Staff 4 Raymon Mathys Favorite Saying "Hey.' H1mt."' Geneva High School 1-2-3-4 Vice President 1 Class Treasurer 2 Class Play 4 Jo Nelson Favorite Saying "Oh.' Cow."' Geneva High School 1-2- Glee Club 1-2-3 Annual Staff 4 Prompter 3-4 Herbert Bergman Favorite Saying "I don't know." Geneva High School 2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Class Play 4 Darlene Moser Favorite Saying "Who did?" Geneva High School 2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Class Play 4 Majorette 4 . 1 lf: .4 If I r 3 ,aa -ex. 'HTFVIX Q- 1 F" 'mb FA H ' K ' "ru, 1. :- vi lwiywjip' gil, ,. I QQ? m 'ii' im lg Llll I I Ill ll I lll ll alll IL 3 ,gTl..f..,,l.t Q ,ez-,wi Bruce Farlow Favorite Saying "Yes, Boss!" Geneva High School 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Vice President 1 Annual Staff 4 Helen Morningstar Favorite Saying "Listen to the wind blo wys: Geneva High School 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Dwight Dailey Favorite Saying "Let's go to Portland! Geneva High School 1-2 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Basketball 2-3 Annual Staff 4 Kathleen Veach Favorite Saying "Huh, Whatcha' doin'? Geneva High School 1-2 Glee Club 1-2-3- Class Play 3 Annual Staff 4 -3-4 on -3-4 Donald Call Favorite Saying "1 did too."' Geneva High School l-2-3 Glee Club l-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Rita Robinson Favorite Saying "Hey, Jo."' -4 5 Geneva High School l-2-3-4 Glee Club l-2-3-4 Co-Business Manager 3 Class Play 3-4 Lee Haines Favorite Saying "What's the matter, honey Geneva High School l-2-3 Basketball 2-3-4 Baseball 2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Evelyn Snow Favorite Saying "Fm not gonna' do it!" 13 s ,--.,, E.. .X M4-A -vw: ' ' if' 4.91 ,Q E . ' fr, , , --. -JI I 'I 4 ,25 i aa gi ' J" ., 1 ' -4 3 ,, , R V ., x ,X 1 i , V V an 'ge ,g I if gil. . I Y J ' ' ' L H, ,Z 5 Y. -A E3 iv! ,. J . 4 .1 ,, xg J '- " 1 4-N. Sl 5'-1. Geneva High School 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Cheerleader 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 jiii lil ll if et A ill ll W ll ll Darrell Burgess Favorite Saying "I d.01L't care." Geneva High School 1-2-3-4 Glee Club l-2-3-4 Stage Crew 3-4 Gloria Lybarger Favorite Saying "Huh, huh!" Geneva High School 1-2-3-4 Glee Clufb l-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Allen Zurcher Favorite Saying "Oh, shut up."' Geneva High School 1-2-3-4 Glee Club l-2-3 Annual Staff 4 Coke Manager 4 Dorothy Farlow Favorite Sayinvg "Holy Cow! 4' Geneva High School 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3 H. S. Pianist 2-3-4 Thomas Weaver Favorite Saying " 'Tis too!" nr is-3 Geneva High School l-2-3-4 l Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Class President 3-4 Laura Billington Favorite Saying "Didja' -now?" Geneva High School 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Roger Coon Favorite Saying "You bet your bootiesl' ..-Q-W -- .....T--r..-,- , I J 1 l Geneva High School 1-2-3-4 'f Glee Club l Class Play 3-4 Baseball 1-4 Margaret Rhoades Favorite Saying "Oh, my wOTd.."' Sponsor, Class of '51 I ""'f1 ,wh H? lt Fa Ml ..., is 'F ""?' N-7 'N fri! Es 'F 'f1r i -Ji-GT-u -3-:X Nw! uw. -' L L A Fa E IUH HI TUPIY The morning of September 5, 1950, dawned clear and bright, and We, the Seniors, marched forward into a busy yearg one which we had been anticipating for quite some time. On October 20, after much hard work, we presented the play, "The Atomic Blonde." Some outstanding features of the year were: our class parties, receiving our graduation pictures, name cards, and announcements, publishing the 1951 edition of "The Legend of the Limberlostj' and receiving our DIPLOMAS. In the past four years we have found that one does truly "Live and Learnf' OFFICERS Class colors: Purple and Silver Class i'luu'e1': Yellow Carnation Class motto: Live and Learn. Class Sponsor: Mrs. .Rhoacles Class officers are as follows: l'1'esidf-nt, Tom XYe:1verg Vice President, Lee Haines: Secretary, Darlene Moser 3 Treasurer, Geraldine Nevil J U S T S U P P 0 S E Herbert Bergman .,,, would smoke cigars. Laura Billington ,,,,,, Bernadine Brunner Darrell Burgess ..,,, Don Call ,,,,,,,....., Roger Coon ,....., Dwight Dailey ,.,, Bruce Farlow ,,,,,, Dorothy Farlow .... Lee Haines ,.,...,,.. Gloria Lybarger Raymon Mathys . Bob Meyer ..,,..,.,. ,, Helen Morningstar Jo Nelson ........r.r..r.. Geraldine Nevil ,.,, Gerald Nevil ....... Rita Robinson ..,,, Darlene Moser .....l Evelyn Snow ,..,. Kathleen Veach .,,, Tom Weaver Allen Zurcher Mrs. Rhoades had a southern accent was six feet tall would talk like some seniors do would get to school on time didn't play pool didn't get into trouble wasn't henpecked didn't know the answers to the Civics questions didn't read magazines , ,,,l, love affair would break up wouldn't argue with Mr. Hunt would be skinny ,, .,.,..,.,,l, didn't dream about her Ulover boy" would meet her lucky man. CThen what?J wouldn't receive letters from-tGuess who?J didn't say just what he thinks would wreck the driver's training car hadn't gotten hitched would be an old maid didn't get letters from a certain "Arkansas boy" wasn't high point man in basketball .,,,,,, ,............,...,.,. w as the dumb one in the class didn't have any patience with the class of 1951 CL SS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1951, of Geneva High School, being of sound minds and bodies, having finished the race, will our most treasured possessions to the following: FIRST. To the Seniors of '51 we wish all the success and happiness throughout the coming year. SECOND. To the Class of '52 we give the privilege of getting in and out of more trouble than we did tif possiblej and still receiving their diplomas. THIRD. To the Class of '53 we give the privilege of getting along with the teachers as well as we did. FOURTH. To the Class of '54 we will our beloved school books, hoping they will get more out of them than we did. We, as individuals bequeath our possessions as follows: I, Herbert Lee Bergman, do hereby will my ability of not getting nervous during a ball game to Larry Hanni. I, Laura Billington, being of sound mind and body do hereby will my ability to get along with my teachers to Ronnie Coon hoping he will use it. I, Bernadine Brunner, being of sound mind and body do hereby will my ability to get my lessons to Fred Parr and Jim Pyle. I, Darrell Burgess, being of sound mind and weak body do hereby will my ability to get along with the teachers to anybody who needs it. I, Donald Call, being of sound mind and sore feet will my size 8 basket-ball shoes to Bob Penrod provided they fit with less than four pair of socks. I, Roger Coon, will my ability to get expelled from school to Bill Blowers. I, Dwight Dailey, do hereby will my ability to get expelled from school to Jim Pyle. I, Bruce Farlow, will my school jacket to our coach, fMarvin Mulliny. I, Dorothy Farlow, being feeble in mind and weak in body, do hereby will my position as librarian to "Hitzi" Smith, and my a-bility to manipulate a sewing machine, to Dave Shepherd, who certainly needs to know. I, Lee Haines, being of sound mind t?l and fragile body will my studious mind and controllable temper to Jim Pyle. I, Gloria Lybarger, will my ability to stay out of trouble to David Robinson and my shortness to Carol Heeter. I, Raymon Mathys, being of strong 'body and very weak mind will my weight to Elwin Van Emon. I, Helen Morningstar, will my desk to anyone who can use it providing they do not make out the names that are written on it, I. Robert Meyer, will my basketball suit to Charles Plummer, provided he dc-esn't put any more splinters in it. I, Gerald Nevil, being of sound mind and body, hereby will my "brains" to Carl Lee Mann who should be smart enough to take them. I, Geraldine Nevil. being of sound mind and weak body, will my ability to cut up in school and get by with it to "Kathy" Augsburger, who needs it, because she blushes too much. I, Jo Nelson, will my ability to get into mischief and not get caught to Lowell Landers. I, Rita Robinson, do hereby will my ability to get out of the assembly to anyone who can think of as many excuses as I could. I, Darlene Moser, in doubtful condition of body and mind will my ability to be the first girl in the class to get a diamond to either Clara Baker or "Suzi" Schisler, whichever has the first chance to use it. I, Evelyn Snow, do hereby will my position as cheerleader to Helen Baker, also my naturally curly hair to Josephine Burgess, provided she keeps it combed as I have. I, Kathleen Veach, hereby will my ability to behave in the Assembly Activities Period to Carl Macklin. I, Tom Weaver, being of sound mind and body f?J hereby will my seat in the Senior section to any Junior who wants it. I, Allen Zurcher, being of sound mind and body do hereby will my ability to hold my temper to Keith Kelly. Finally, we, the seniors, will our section in the assembly to the class of '52, provided that they use it carefully and pass it on to posterity. Page 15 r Sze" A ,- W, . -'Rafi--.5 Y Q- -'A v-. gz- .wi S 5 . Q'-L' t . " s - ,S-i , nr. -A 'lv' "V J-i. 4'-5 '-4 we ,af , -9121 3' . -ii I x-- s, J. ' v - , z gf' '-."' Q utr' ..,' 4-.. fy-v r 9- - UQ- f . '4 bm , '.' k 3, gm rv, 's Y xefav .1 u. ' 'Q 7 "Sim ,"-. -'Kai' : 4' is A , di 1 s in Q ' I . b Hunlti - I 'Q , . 'A 91,414-A -fi - ,nh W S-J,:LN,A11' ,. - if -, -'L v ' I - 24.511 ' " k 't "rn H' ' , t "k ,K ' 46,116 ' V ' :V H, ..' ig, :Arif , RJLKQ 4 I 4. fl in 'C ' r pq 1 , I I'- ff-.' 'I 1, ua- W. uf, 1 h ' A 'J . ls. ' 5? ,gr ' ' '- '- 1, -v- Ji Le I -' I 1 7 Page 16 CL SS PRUPHECY As I walk down the beautiful streets of Geneva, whose population has grown to 20 million in the last 10 years, whom should I see but Darrell Burgess, the famous movie star. "Hi Darrell, where are all the girls who pursue you so intently?" "Oh! I finally gave them the slip when I came out of Nevil's Blue Room. Did you know that it was owned by Gerald and Geraldine Nevil, our old school chums'?" "Yes, and did you hear Helen Morningstar, their beautiful, exotic entertainer, and Laura Billington, that glamorous song bird. Let's go over to Bernadine's Emporium and have a piece of Dwight Dailey's special triple crab apple pie. He has become famous all over the world for itg Bernadine Brunner bought the patent on the recipe. She's made millions on her chain of drugstoresf' "Say, Herb, there's Kate Veach. Hasn't her figure brought her fame? She's just been voted Miss America of l95l." HLook, Darrell, there's Mrs. Roscoe Purdy, the former Evelyn Snow, buying her six little redheads tickets for the Mathys' circus that is coming to town next week. Raymon Mathys has just returned from doing a command performance for the Queen of England. He has just signed Jo Nelson as fat lady. Jo outweighed her opponent by 31!4 ounces. Another act signed lately is a troupe of trapeze artists, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Farlow and their famous four-year old son Bruce, Jr. Mrs. Farlow is the former Gloria Lybargerf' t'Hello boys. Remember me?" "Well, If it isn't Dorothy tFarlowJ Amstutz. I heard you play at Carnegie Hall. That new symphony you wrote is enchanting." "Thank you boys. Next week, Bob Meyer, King of the Limberlost, is going to play some orchestral numbers from a composition written by Allen Zurcher, the famous composer. Bye, Bye boys." t'Bye Dorothy." "'Whadda ya know Herb? I took Darrell Jr. to school the other day and as I walked up the steps I met Roger Coon, the Dean of Geneva Judge Haines High School. The school was named for Lee because he financed the three billion dollar project. Those boys sure have become wealthy, haven't they?" "I should say so, Darrell, but that poor Tom Weaver never gets a break. He invested all his money in Texas oil wells and thought it would pay off. They thought they had struck a rich vein, and they did-a rich Vein of water." 'tMy that is too bad, Herb, but Tom's a go-getter. He won't stay down long. Say, how's your wife, Herb?" 'tOh! she's okay. She went down to Rita's Cciffure Salon to get her hair dressed. I surely wished Rita had never opened the place, cause Harlene goes down every week to get the latest gossip and awful hair do's. She came home last week with a tale about Darlene Moser's husband being commissioned a five star General in the Air Force. Some say they will soon be living in the White House, but I don't know cause Secretary of State, Don Call, has his eye on that position, too. Well, I had better go now and pick up the boss at Ritz-1's. So long, Darrell, and keep away from those husband hunting glamour gals." O, K, Herb, l'll see you in the funny papers. I always read 'Herb's Family'." 3 5 3 N ' f VJ .f 2 Q 'X W QM ' 'QQ 3 .Z P -3 X 'Cb-rn9QMHAf b ,0fvM+7'M"" SX yx Q i E WA? ,jf iw R 5 5 7 1: J. A G 1 fax. w w N E 2 3 XS X ' 2 k .24 X L 2 NV wg 'Q5 ' x Y f ff Q V NY XEE? ci J kt, 1+ I These are the people Who make up our class: Now I'll give you a peek ' At each lad and lass First comes Allen Zurcher, they call him "ears," We wonder if he remembers all that he hears. Around all the girls he is never shy 'Cause each one he meets he just can't pass by. Oh! Tom Weaver can he run! Everyone knows he's lots of fun. He has blue eyes and light brown curls, And is pursued by lots of girls. Gerald Nevil has light hairg He's a fellow who always plays fair. He's very healthy and energetic toot He has a personality that helps carry him thru. Rita Robinson has short curls of brown: Everyone knows she's the sweetest in town. She is always running down the hall As after her, the teachers loudly call. Laura Billington, our friend indeed, Everyone's certain she's bound to succeed. Driving a car is her ambition, But she'll do better cookin' in the kitchen, Geraldine Nevil is awfully niceg Her smile can melt a cake of ice. We all think she's so sunny and bright? lt's impossible for her and Cap to fight. Roger Coon, sly as a fox, Can't argue his way out of We all agree he has light Along with this title "No a box. hair Brains to Spare." Here comes Boy Meyers, Hip, Hip, Hurrah! No time for work but lots for play. His life as a millionaire is just mediocre, He sits and clips coupons and calls up his broker. Page IS CLASS PUEM Raymon Mathys, "Heavy" for short, The things he says will make you snort. A Ford's the best, he always declares, And all the time stuffing with eclairs. Jo Nelson lives on a farm: Look!! at the muscles in her arm. Don't fight with her or you'll get hurt, 'Cause she'll rub your nose right in the dirt. There's romance in the air as we walk down the street. It's Herb and Harlene exercising their feet: Headed for the preacher they seem to be. The reason why C'?l just wait and see. Dorothy Farlow, so sweet and shy, Always gets mail from that Amstutz guy- We predict a future of great successg On the wave of fame, she'll ride the crest. Darlene Moser is known by all: Not hard to be seen, although she's small. She seems to be awfully nice, When she got married we all threw rice. My, My, My, here's Kate Veachg We all think she is a peach. A telephone operator she longs to be, And to live on an estate in Tennessee. Gloria Lybarger, our artist friend. Always paints so the colors blend. A long way in life we predict she'll go, And never end up in a vaudeville show. Here's Lee S. Haines, so muscular and strong, On a farm he seems to belong. He hangs onto a basketball, we are told, But we're sure it's Susie heid rather hold. Bernadine Brunner, this sweet little lass Is almost the shortest in our class. She's been voted "Miss Giggles" of the year, So come all of you, let's give her a cheer. Here's Evelyn Snow, we call her "Red," She steps in where angels fear to tread. Always dressed neatly, fit to kill, lt'll keep Purdy busy paying the bill. Bruce Farlow, with his shirt of cord Attracts more attention than a '51 Ford. Hear! Hear! What's that noise on the street? It's just the poor guy tryin' to pick up his feet. Helen Morningstar is lots of fun. No wonder! She's a senior of l51. Look at that girl sitting on the table Has a Winsome smile, carried over from the cradle. Dwight Dailey started to choke And swallowed the straw while drinkin' a coke 0. K. now, feelin' fine! He took HADACOL to make this rhyme. lt's Darrell Burgess, he's so shy. If a girl winked at him, you know he'd die. He always does his lessons C'?J exactly right 'Cause he's afraid the teachers may bite. Don Call, when the school bells chime, Always is late, never on time. To him his sideburns are an omen, Always out late he is a roamin'. We hope you like this poem, Although it's not in prose. But Gee! I'm awfully tiredg Ho, Hum! I guess I'll close. lf 'QUWN' ffm ' W 9 I A 'S I gy- f 4 'Vim 5 fuy ,, .,.- 1'.nfSl - First Row: Going on your honeymoon?-Senior TwinsMTcacher's pet. Second Row: Don't look guilty, girl3!-What you got there, Rayniiel- I'm the law, Bub! Third Row: Bottoms up4Robbing thc cradle!-Be careful, boys! Fourtli How: Senior debsf-els Pegs rar a leaning post? Hey girls, where are you going? Pagv 117 Y J UNIORS fl CS? ,Q if ' A , 1 4- -9+ , J :Q - 3, 'Q' .I:11111-s Amstutz, Plain Ilzlkf,-1', Uunnle "L"' 9 LM:-flw1', I-Ilizuln-th Burk.,- u Q NN . .. , V' 1 . ufrfv 'Q '1'i'lf-.-H W -ff . - 'JI' -w vc: b Q :wb wh """ L 21' ' IW! . I llnnwuzl 4t2lI'llXV1lj'. Nurmu Sm- wmli : A i NK 7 V Y Edin: Imilf-y, Num-y lm-xx' -'L . ' J , ,N 1 Q, ?N4C ., :- J If 1" . '4 'M ? my Haj I .i ... .55 in ,. x 59' M rm 'Q l'z1"wly11 l"ill':lYXY, In-lv If'1'uv1-I, Ilivk 112lI'IlY ' -as Vurl Illlfslz-lhfl' XX M A ' X f V .5 V . f- 'V . ' q "" , -s 1 , , ,X .5 , .A v nf " A,-40 K1- tlm K--Ily, Nnrmaum Kmms, limb 13s .f-5 -- Mu--klin, 4':u'l LM- Alnun . v X Q v I :I ' ' x P1 , VY. - rl ",'!f- "' 'A-xr . X 1: :fi-H I I If Q 1 1' 'g f - Y - r Q W: Z' si - X .Q ' ,, ,. - - ' .3 .-., ,ffl ,A if ,-,,, Ilill Alilllllillg, Hzuwy .lwhn Blnsss,-1' Nw Y ' ' p. ---. -Z . 1,0 " Iflw-11 rm-V, .my-14 laipnky ri v ,, 'lg - , ,JXM J ' ' 5 5 .5 I ' f., ,' Nfj rfif. fy v jg ! . Q 1 If iff' . ' ,f'1".1'- il, 9' 55-5 y'f yf ,-,1 , 1 at ' .4 . , ' 4 A .Sq '- K-gh N, 'L 5 Susiv S1-hislm', llwlnlxig Slmalv, lluby x..., Sulvky, A11 X'm'lw4-5 X . 1 , , M . 1 ,.f-f- Q 'Q' ' ' 1- 4 ,f I, TT. Q , jf' , 1 . 'E , 'fl ,N Page 20 IU IUR OFFICERS Class colors: Purple and Gold Class flower: l.:ivr-ntlai' 1'arnation Class motto: "llon't itch for Sunnis S4'l'2lll'l1 for it." Class officers are as follows, If-fl to right: I'residr-nt, Norman Koons: Secretary, lilizallseth Burke: SINPIISUIS, Mrs. Muth: 'l're-asurer, Nancy lin-wg Vice President. Lllvk I'Iill'llX JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY The fall of t'195O" ushered into the assembly of Geneva High School twenty-five wide awake juniors fresh from summer vacation, and ready for anything the new school year might bring. Glancing at the group, little would one think that just two years before these same students, now poised and well seasoned class mates, were once a group of shy unsure fresh- men. Of course there had been some changs brought by the years-class officers had changed on successive years, several had departed from our midst, and others came to join us. Mrs. Muth was still cur sponsor and Norman Koons, our freshman, president was elected to lead us in this our third year. Under his capable leader- ship and with the help of the other three class officers, Dick Hardy, "Toots" Burke, and Nancy Drew, and the co-operation of all class members, we've had a big year under the banner of the purple and the gold. Our fall class party began the school year's activities for us. We drove to the state park at Bluffton for a picnic supper and after lots of food and a few games, we disbanded. Such a beginning was just the start needed to help us push through page after page of our text books and day after day of class room routine. One of the last big things remaining in our junior year was our class play, THE CAMP- BELLS ARE COMING. Such a productiong "though lots of fun" called for much work and co-operation from everyone in our class. Now we feel that after three successful years of working and being together, we are ready to face, as a class. a very successful year as the seniors of '52. Look for us, for we'll be here! JUST SUPPOSE Jim Amstutz ,,,,.... missed spending a noon with Ruth Elaine. Clara Baker .l.l.,.. liked school better than Larry. Connie Booher ,,......,,,, took up tobacco chewing. Elizabeth Burke ...... ....... w as seen with a girl! Norma Cook .............,..l.,.,......l,,,,..,. lost her brain. Edna Dailey's .,,.l,., big love affair come into the light. Nancy Drew ..,l..,,,,,. didn't express her opinion. Carolyn Farlow forgot how to jump. Bob Fravel .,.. knew all the answers in History. Dick Hard ,,,,, ,,.... Carl Hofstetter ........ wa made the Indiana All-Stars. s anything but a farmer. Keith Kelly .,,..,. . .,,,,,.,. didn't have a pencil. Norman Koons ........ sta ring again. Robert Macklin Carl Mann ....,.. rted wearing his signate knew what to do next. SLI ddenly became girl shy. Bill Manning ...... ,.,, . ,...,.. .,.,. f i nally grew up. Harry Moser ..,... ,,,. a sked a girl for a date. Fred Parr .,.,, .,,.,.,., 1 but a muffler on his car. Jack Ripley ,,,,,,,. stayed out of trouble at school. Susie Schisler kept her head when Lee's around. Harry Smith .,,,,,....l....,.,..,.,.,,,,,,, ,,,, l ost his giggle. Margie Smitley ..........,, came to school without makeup. Ronnie Spade .... Ruby Stufcky ...... .... got mad and cussed. fell for an "older man". Art Vorhees .................... ran out of paper wads. Mrs. Muth forgot to consult "W, J." on all prob- lems. Page Ill ! H E 1 xr 'X :gall f-1:11 ...A mmm. Pflgi' 23 First Row: Fiiturc FZl1'lNC1'S of America-I didift know you carecl!-Junior debs! Sc-confl Row: SUIJQ'l'X'1SLJI'+MLltt and Jeff-Smiling Cod Third Row: Tliiu-'s zi c-imwd-Do1i't be shy, buys!-fThQ pucping Tom!-Loncsomo Ronnie! ff!! I K I! 1118 fi ' Y W' -12 f ta ,.ff- - v Jug. ' "L ,P ill ' ll all Y ww: First Row: Promising Seniors!-Art and Annie-Smile girls-Sophomores and Sponsor Second Row: Beauties and the b0astfTliis way, Ruth EIainQ!-Pretzcl- Hand- some Sopliomorcsl Third Row: Are your teeth chatty-ring?-Watch that stuff-Our gal, Shirley! PHQC P Q4 ...W -1'- Q gn XA QQ 'lxqf .Wg ,I ,v Vs ,fNou fv-..,. f -.. ., H 1 'vl l yes, .Y X" 6 ll 1 K SOPHOMORES Hay Affulm-1-, Varul ,-Xmstutz, Joe . Amsrulz, l'liuh:u'd Amstutz, Kathleen , .X ugshurger 5, ,A ,. ,Y- I , ... 6? 'FM Ngsrnr ia ,,,, 5 1:4 Q .Inn hzulvy, Rilhllllllld lJllllI'lL1lUll, Blllllrl U ,1 '--' V- lwx ' X, 'O' We Ilurzn-nic-ks, Hill l-Blowers, lwlury Luu '35 ' ' fl ff "' fb liullcllbexcllel' Q M ,. I My Fx in ' l . A 1. '--H5 fr Q -. Q i f N ll, , ll 4 'Qi 53 " . lf 11 A '55 IirIm1.e- Cmwn, ltivllzlnl llLlQlfJ,l'llYl, Rugvr 'A' Il.,,,,,-, ' , Hnimls, Annu Ilirshey, Kay Mzu-XYl1ium-y , '16 , .f y ' ' lluth lilninl- Al+Aj'x'I', Jum- Alum-1' " 'W' , 1Sl1:1xx'w-VJ, .lxm M4l:+svr, Benny . Q -ui NPUPllSI'llXY1lIltll"', Mnrjuriv Nl'L1t'llSkIll- Q' 1 k """'V' wzlmle-V Y' . .3 H1--, f A .Q 7 Q I-3 Q, 1' X. . rn 6 , J ,J -f 1, - ' Pi-4 - r, "J , '49 I l ' 1 3 N, + Q Ile-nv Na-vil, ,le-rry I'zu'v, limb I'en1'od, l 4 ' - , . .,, f . ,, gg 1'lm1'l1-s l'llllIllll!'l' Jim l'Vle . , fx fgxsm , . -f-w , Nu N, - b. ' ' 1. A p.. A4 . K XV 1 I r 'X V' ' Juunitzm lilunlm-s, Imw- Slucky. Vincel X-1 J Q" 'IR-vie-1' rlgr- 24 ,S Outstanding events of our freshmen year UPHUMURE. 0 F F I C E R S "lass .wilorsz lllue and xvllllv . T-"' 6 . A , -.A f W Ulass tlt-wer' lYliitc l'Sll'll.tlli:ll Class lnotrog "lPoll't lw ai 1-rzniilil ln- ai si-ll' ,, -K 3 Sl2ll'lt'l'H. f Class S1-oust-rg Mrs. Yan Mantra- l dis 1 1 I 4 X Y Viziss offit---rs art- as follows, left to riulit ,hx N Vive I'rQ-si-likiil, llixiii Stinky: l'resiili-nt -RQ, B ltill lil-iw-4"sL Sponsor, Mrs. Yan Matrv-I Sei-iwtai'y, liutli lilaiiuf Moy-trsg 'l'reasiiri-r, Vai'-il .Xmstulz SOPHOMORE CLASS IHSTORY On September 6, 1949, a timid but lively group of freshmen entered into a new and mysterious adventure called high school. Early in the year, we chose Mrs. Berniece Van Matre as our sponsor and the following class officers: president, David Stuckyg vice-president, Jim Pyle: secretary. Kay Mat-Whinneyi and treasurer Carol Amstutz. were a hayride and weiner roast in the fall at the home of Carol Amstutz, a party at the Bluffton CCC Camp in the spring, and a market on April 22, as our financial project for the year. On .'Xu:ust 31. 1950, we met again in GHS to enroll the "Mighty Sophomoresf' Class officers for this year are: president, Billy Blowers: vice-president, David Stucky: secretary, Ruth Elaine Meyer: treasurer, Carol Amstutz. We noticed that some of our members- Samuel Girod. Salome, Melvin, Josephine. and Emily Eieher. Anna Elizabeth, Leah. Joseph- ine. and Christian Schwartz, Barbara Smith. and Shirley Fenstermaker-were not with us this year. We were sorry to learn that Shirley was ill, and we all hope she will soon be back among us. We saw one new face and were happy to welcome Richard Anistutz into our ranks. During the year we lost Kay Mac- Whinney and Benny Neuensehwander. On October 13th, sophomores and guests enjoyed a hayride out to Marjorie Neuensch- wanders where we had a Halloween party in the barn. We plan to have a spring party and a Chicken and Noodle Sale yet this year. We feel that we have had a happy and sue- cessful start and are looking forward to two more wonderful years in our dear old GHS. JUST SUPPOSE Ray Atfolder never thought of Darlene Rich. Carol Amstutz . ..... . Joe Amstutz ,..,.. Richard Amstutz ,..... Kathleen Augsburger wood. Jim Bailey .... .. didn Raymond Billington Bill Blowers . .. ,, . . didn't play in the band. never went with Bonnie. always talked in class. never dreamed of Glen- 't Work on his motor bike. never went huntin,g. . kept quiet in class. Biruta Birznieks ..... .,,.. . cut up in Class. Mary Bollenbacker . .... had a boyfriend. Ronnie Coon . never upset his chair in class. Richard Dudgeon never went with a girl from Jefferson. Roger Haines .. , never played basketball, Anna Hirshey ..... ., . .... never thought of Art. June Moser,tShawverJ never skipped school. Jim Mosser .... never talked about Florence. Marjorie Neuenschwander could keep Calm at a ball game. Ruthie Meyer .. ..... was never with Jim Amstutz. Ilene Nevil .. never thought of the Jefferson boys. Jerry Pace . . . .. had straight blonde hair. Charles Plummer .. Jim Pyle , Bob Penrod Jaunita Rhodes .... Mac Smith ...,... Dave Stueky Vincel Teeter .. Mrs. Van Mater , . .. ..... drove carefully, .. . made straight As. never wore red flannels. .. was never with Rinx. never looked at Ilene. . was angry at Helen. was 6 ft. tall. . never smiled. Page L' 'fn' afef .Rl AQ, K Q' jg -fn 1 lm fm Q I! K .JAX ggi. F NL: - Vfggp Qi, I . r fin" . , ,' I gag: '-- la 'S 11 F gi . .-ff 'A'-i if , P im.. Qf 1 - " " ' .- M 1 1, 1 3 14" we in Gigi' . , i A . rv- ' vw, 4 -W Y' va, ., , '-' 635 I""" , . r lil gil' - '1 - 1" I N, -ff -1' fi' ,- ,:: 5 -' -' 1 -' f xg f, I Lg 1 2 flf ! Ji- X K-Q' 5' 'Q' v - is 'L-:L X sv-J, I 11? x xg- ffm , '13 '-,, U I N YEA V ,F , fu HA . , Q . ' X, x :S k ' Q4 '14 y :N '41 - ff pf .- Q A ' . T 5 if J ' , uv, If 1. 'S fag 'ws fl iflfgl if - if . I. :ly ""1'i3. 'il , l 'WWI , Sill- I -iiff' 'Z if ' "5 51" f-' l"l..:la' is-d - - '- A s..- K 'N V 'f ,"'- , 1 lffif- ' .f-.aff-Ql lm lf., 1 f 'Qt , l vi HQ: 1 1 f , 1 Q 'l A -' - l -,.l Page 26 lmlb FRESHMEN lilllll Anlu-tie Amstutz, Helen Baker llzn'h:1rz1 B:Lumgu"tner', Sharrm Bilmerstein Durotlmy lioice l.21I'l'j' lhlllerllwzll-l1w1'. Jw Burgess, Roger Vzlll, I1'iS l'llllk', IlOI12illil llniley lizwiel lvlmrzlll, Sznlnnw Eiclmr-l', .lvrnunle l':lll'lllH'l'Q.ll'I', Sll2ll'll'lll' Fluelckigzer, l.ux'l'y Hzmni Vurmvl llf-m-tug ll-fl: H-vfstvttvr, lilzline lluut, Lluyll Im-in-l1vn, Slmlwvlm Kelley I,amll-rs, .Ivan l.L'lHllilll, Sue- ,.,0. -. - l,5h.u51:1. lilll Alill'lillIl,lilllll Mosvr Slum--111 Nt-ul, XYillwrl Nun-nsvllwzlnder. .Xlil-.V N1-rr. limmie 1-ilw1ulsS, have ltr,-luillsfm Se-llisl--r, Elwin Van limun, Bonnie Vurlxees FRE HM N 0 F F I C E R S Vlass ci-l--is: Red and XVhite Class flower: lied Rose Vlziss inotlo: "lron'! try dying die trying." Ulass sponsor: Mrs. nwens Piass officers are as follows. left In riglit: l:lu-:uit-sg Vice President, Varl Macklin: T"P2lSlll'8l', Larry Hannig St-ure-tary, Ronnie Sealed, l're-sirlent, limb Suhislerl Sponsoi Mrs, Owens FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY We entered GHS on September 5, 1950, as green freshmen. We had all worked very hard 475 the past eight years and looked forward to being in high school but realized our work had just begun. Later that month we elected class officers. Mrs. Owens was chosen as our sponsor. A hayride on October 25 was our first class party. We played games and served refresh- ments at the home of Sue Lybarger. Everyone had an enjoyable time in spite of the flat tire. All members of the class are looking for- ward to three more happy years together. JUST SUPPOSE Ruth Amstutz .,...,,,.........,.....,.... was tall and slim. Helen Baker ....,...,........... not thinking of Dave. Barbara Baumgartner ..,,.,,, became a platinum blonde. Sharon Biberstein didn't have a different nick- name every day. , , Dorothy Boice .,.......... was a Paris dress model. Larry Bollenbacher ,....,.. not telling wild tales. Josephine Burgess ........ wore a French bathing suit. Roger Call .i,..... did not have two imaginations. Iris Cline .,,.....,....... got home before the curfew. Donald Dailey ..,........, had a high soprano voice. Jerome Ellenberger .... pitched for the Dodgers. Eddie Flueckiger ............ did not rob the cradle. Sharlene Flueckiger ........ made love on a park bench, Larry Hanni "warmed" the bench during a bas- ketball game, Harlene Hart ......,..... did not write love letters. Carol Heeter .................... did not wear glasses. Robert Hofstetter did not have his mind in the air. Elaine Hunt ...,,............... never said t'Oh Cow." Lloyd Ineichen . ........ ,........,. c oniposed an opera. Sharon Kelley ............ was not the master of the dictionary. Lowell Landers ...... ..... n ever teased Elwin. Jean Lehman ............................ flunked Home Ec. Sue Lybarger .................... became an old maid. Carl Macklin did not have a lot of secret ad- mirers. Ruth Moser ..... ............... w as not a good athlete. Sharon Neal ............................ was a book worm. Wilbert Neuenschwander drove a 1951 Cadilac. Alice Norr became an African dress designer. Ronnie Rhoades ..........,..................... was bashful. David Robinson ......,. was a "Whiz" in Algebra. Bob Schisler .................... never thought of Sue. Elwin Van Emon .... ....,............ w ore knickers. Bonnie Vorhees ............ never did baby sitting. Lois Wallace ................ without lots of friends. Mrs. Owens not being the best class sponsor a class could have. Page 27 -Qu- --., I -ii V ii N Q :gli v""""' PGQU 28 il? First Row: Watch your waistline-Lonesome Ruth Annette-Play day Second Row: Pickle and his f1'iendsgSIeepy time boys-wT1'avC1ing or going visit ing? Third Row: Sun-bathing beauty-This way Carl-Greori Freshman-Baby, its cold outside! EIGHTH GRADE I 41111 Nl! Mm Iyllwln, I-f-rt .XIIIIIIII-1, I Iv xl XIIINII AI.Ir'1Ix1I IT.IIg.'l' II: I x I-Il :mm Ulm lirly-unlxs .lwxw-f In I In Imm .Im 4 Imlrl-III IHIII IIIIHIH I :II IIKII l..II..1l IMII-115. 1.II'f'I ,H I If I XI I I.+xII,u, Lqnrry I'-Inst.-11 I Inf I41.Ix.I, IMI'-II II.nm.-sl annum II I II lvl II.ux1I.I1I-I, I,1Imu1.- II-Iuuil xmvvl--, .lmm-x I,-mu, ll--I--'-1'l XIIvIIx I I um Xlmllxx, Iwxxv AIIIII I. .I,. III NIIIIII., ,I.Iz:'.Iz. AIHNII. If-un-1' X II II Im mll Ivwx mm- X'--XII, I . I.Hr:I1I1I,4 Xlwx NI x I .111-II I1.II1:I .III ph- 1-I, Inmwl Num 1, I-I-Im rI.IlII-5, IYIIII 'IW'-Iv-1'. I lu I I I Iwuwl X-In 4rlIlIv'I1. AIIIHIXII pg- 0 f F W -144 I ,. . "p , D' f-fEf"'L.' ff ' 5 '1' . f:I,1fiSXp-fx -I ,vu-T X Q ' V Y, -21 + I ,NGN g I I II . JI ' "' --?- if V? 1-1 I ,I Ai Q5 ' ' -3 'gg Ig V - -N ' M .. x. M, 4'-J., iw I-':II I -,nga -i "P 'ai :gas ' -Ji: "if ,LL :El 'If 'I' I-WN , ' I 'd 7 ' A A 5 fl-- IL. .E I Q., - - . I: wf'-if J .X L I .,, Q -, I 2' ,gg 2. xi: 13 ET? f'5 i'v 52 v-9, X317 is-0115. 5" 'ff M W 1 Y . M Q J ' ax uf? U ,-,, , ., ff: ----""""' ,,, v , :A K X ., We - 5,1 - Q .. Q H Q 5 fs..ii-Q Su as I :"" "Q 1 2 ' :gl V . Ng, :J trxswy A x LRE 1 A: ,il , -f-' 'Vx . fi J .QJXA Wx!-Lpfj l .lf T. if 1 in was Q ' i' 1 'I 1 'fra " "' A c 'np ' mn, Ii gg Q9 .3' f. 1 X 'r' ' ,, -' if- 'J ' "' Jr 7 ' W U Q Q e QQ i ,we Qi L f H71 X km V giwm 'S' '1 -' ff eiQi"F t'ilA...W4 ,QL V- gg. ' Q ' Q - Vg xy,-I. Km! A ' my ,114 'W' Es. X X 'I Vi, ,A,A . Iijigfi "'f' K ' Q I li it A L ,. f r 63' 2 ' ' 'E' 'Nb C 1 gf. F V' ix gf. 1' lf fe, ' K-- UP ,1fl""7' . X l 'Q 'V "s'J?'I .A 7 145 , V' k , af i f mn if ai' ' f N ff' ' 9 fl eg xv it I V K I 'J fe L ,e lv n if 9' I. Q 'if '-rhrif?'2f!" if 'Q 'El' il I .fr 2 V- A, '.. . 'A .' !"X aa 1253- i' ' 'El . f e . .Q Q. V' 'Jw F- ,I 76 4, M . ' f- ' , -- , '. Y f kv - .vw ','f-- N. Q A-1 X1 I' Q I 44 ' 5 g' c hkgi li Q 1 Q A , , i , A .9 ag- ,nv AC Viv Y- 4- 7? , ' ,-.e I ' QA Q . , X Q. if-v 5 '-.N "' -5 7, sv , v ' I . 3 ,, uv., - Y , . ' f' x xv - Q 3 E " X 1 ' ix- 4 f if I A f, , I A- L ' ...,. .. .fi gg Page 3 0 SEVENTH GRADE 'Feacliei-, Mr. Long, Robert Amstutz, David Iiuuingartneiy Rin-lmrd Biherstein, Bruce Bofrher 1 Fred Burke. Kenneth Clirismzin, Colleen l':llt'lll'lQfl'g't'l', Cai-nl live-rlmi't, Lawrence Fei rlow .Ivrry lfluei-kiger, Carol 1"i'unks, Annelte Herl'-er, Sharlyn Hendricks, 4'h11l'leS Hirshey Malik llylt-ni, llzirry Heniser, Jimmy Kir4-lififi-1', lfjsther Kneuss, Nolan Koons llkllllh llziwrenm-, ln,-lzlne Mau-liliii, th-urge M4-Vluin, tiene Bly-i'imsky, Mary Ann Neileiisuliwunder Alairinril- Noir, l.:u'i'y l'u1'r, Ivaviml llzile stun, Sliirley llzluch, Paul Shiinp .luhn Siinnnins, llugli Smith, Allen Sl1l'llllgt'l', Garth Sprunfxer, Bunnie- Slucky liulh Teeter, Czarnl XVeax'e1', Don lXluCXVl1inney, .liininr lieiginznn, Rosa- mnnrl Curznvay FIFTH and SIXTH GRADES 1 xw .f - Y, . HM. flier . l-'ifth Hrzuli--'I'v:u-lu-r, Mr, I1l'1lIll:'l'l'l12ill, T - A- 3. ' I.4u'i'y .Xt'x'uIilcr, Dain- .Kllgslmiilmff-i', .Tay .mx -qu 15 ig., ' I llauimzin, Phyllis llwgr, 1l:1i'g1'i-I Ik-wh-r, S4 . ' fc! Q Cmiiiie Iilqwk ' ' W " . X K -H!-9 -.f ' 5 ' lx jr , i Ivan l'lll'lSI1l1lI1, 'I'-rmmy llull, Linda A . K' limwrkiii, I.zu'i'i' 1 5:1111 muy, Vziiwlyii "' 'gif M' , llzAl'l1Hl', Jn-A l':uul l2vi'be-r, 131-ix-rly 'Q' Lf I-'Q-lislv1'1iiz1ki-1' , 0 K 'J . QL - nal. w 6 , 4- w f , , A , v , llilly I,f-liniuii, l'hil Km-uss, livtly Kim- ., M " Q , li--li, lixw-lyii Bldiiii, Phyllis Milli-r, .Iwluin , I .4 as Myf-rs, l'2lI'nil Nui-p Q ' f Q. ll' -i Q A i i - X, A, fpgqlll . H I A i-will--'ff 4 il .fi 1 iiwf fi , I-wh-L.'L'fl. Liz. , -fr - , ' X Nuriy Vxliw-l Ihiu--li, Ilan' Parr, 3' V' ' Q ' , 'Filliiisiii Smvh, Art Si-liimllvr. St:-Yun ' , -lu.. Q -' ,V S1li'v1ii:wi', Ilizuizi SIIl'llIU.!t'I' 6 ew 1 A V , ' V "' , f ,A -ff hh 5' K .V v , A A.. . .. if u. I " l I ' 1 xi T :ff . Xvxzi Yun diiiilvii. I.uri'5 XV:-zum-i', iw, - 'Q - Xxlilfy XYli'-wlvi-, l'zi11linv ZL1rvli+-1: Ida 'Q -A fa limi lviiiivqiii, .Ihr Huugh Sixth 4?1':idwA G K ' f"f7L 'l'+-ai--lin, Mrs. XV:iltvrs A , ' A ,fi 1 f- ' vc L4 ' 1 ,A ,," ,J ' V 1 , 5 . I , .MV ' lil 555 ' ,Zi -' N , ' A . , vs -X , 4 Suv .kftlvlilvix fllvllll Amrtiitz, I.1u'i'y Q, ."' "Nl .Nm ' " N 5 'Q F' G AIIISIIIIZ, Myrnzi Anislutz, Stmwfii Haul- E 1 V "" 5 Q? ' j ...Q mam, .Khin I!qii1iiig:u't1iwi1 Vziuliiw Iflixh-1' ' f " ' 1 I , ff" l "L" . Q , j, P A X. , . , Q -'3 Qs A 3 f , 'vw SJ. . ig ' j H Y i N Mm., , i .s 1 - . if R ,, 5 af ml! ' 1 4 . .lfiyw I:..iu1, I,nrry I!i'z1rist+Au-1'. Larry .. - :E W , , Q. ' , W I , , Ilvivkiiisrlizuii, Xvlllllll' Iflilrgfss, Varlvl " - 1 ' - ' M . id - w . - -- . Q ,- 1-v - ' . , 1 f 1 alll, lnuiiiy 4 img, XX iley luiiterkiri iv., '- X X'-" - 3- lv x,.. Q s- fi 3 My K - . QR ,ik - QXA, X 1,-N - X41 lxi. --1 ,7 x -, . , -MA ' 'l aflxfl lv- ' V .W . '5- , I ,ia w f 4 - J Nuwiip I"ziv'li-uv, l'li:n'l.llt,- I"'e'IlSIeI'lllktkt'T', Q- I "ZW V, F is Iiwruldiiiw Ifluwliig:-i'. Iiivhzird Fravel, 1 lv' ' -I , 1 .Ivrry Hwfstwtti-r, Jwhn H1-ugh, Alice " ' J : ' Imliman , . " Df ' ' f V A , K ,Q P" . , Q- x up u L',.Z'1. 55: , W V A-1. 3-.3 '- J ,'--1:1 ,....:: .N , ,QM I , 53.4 .. - ...... H h I . ,L Liuvezz -:,a::::::::::5 14 V ' .Ili-y-,-r My--rs, Paul Neal, Iniviwiivl ' Xmiviis-'lixvuiiilvig Ivan Nevil. Shirley Avvil, Num-3' Xvwnmviiif-r, .lark I'klCe, liugwi' Pluiiimer Iluby Slirplirvwl, Ruth Slwplie-nl, Stf-Ven 5l'I'UI'xuwi'. 134-'il Tm-ters, Kc-nnvlli Vim Hunt:-ri, Mary Martha XX'ln-eh-r, XVarren Yi-der, Arthur Zuerchm' Pc , Q lbs, Page f31 Nun A .- . 8 -a ' "' N- '?"'lQf4 ' r B: - fps. ljflt fs. Q , :V-lj" F ' 'N' V17 W' fd' ff x.,.'m ' -fy A ' ' v .Q -W., "iz I1 N 3 vs A , ry -,Q 'sf f A fYfi:i1H 5233 -My fu n.: 'Q rf '4 L ,, 'V Z" mv -4, , -A 'z- Qr : . 8 xg Q... 'E' Q Rfk' -fv 'wa-N h 'X Q Q , v' , ..-, 1 F' , ., wk. .W -- ff Aug, Q X i +8 332- A Yi' 4 , U g"?"l 'ff ' jf' ,K , ' 41- A-.1-3 .-',fQ:', ' I , ' ' '. ' -xg Q sf: - .4 PQ if - 1 V I , .6 3 'Z' 'ig' jlwwf, -615. ' .2 MJ: L -cg, ' , , , 2 we ,J -M' ff- , A+ f- fd J Q 4 If F' ,I I A' Y if X X J A f W Y Y Hn. HA ' UNL .La .X 1 5 Q. z A , A .QE K f wi- 4: ...P f,, ' N. .5 l . ' 43 -I' ig. "f AL kglffk W Q 4 x , Q , N, QQ, d ww ,.+f k- H i 1 , 'M' "Q - 7g "1 N -9 ' 1 ' , 1 "fp --lirxmlea g L ,J - ij k 34 , 4'f3 ff -W we J " G1 .. 6 '.g""? - , ' Q-1. " N, wiff N49 Q ' f N' W . ' -., ' R 1- Z by 's - 3' H 4 37 .- f , 1' x ff 1 1 f - V L + A 'l i.., fl Qi ,- G . A , .. ,, .. , , ,W W -4, :Liv 17" fr' I If wg, 'd it aa A vi fi '21 Pago 32 FOURTH GRADE 'l'+f2lL'l1H1'. Mrs I-iwuser, Judy Ml,-Hurnes I-it-Idea-ual Neuelmchwamh-1', Larry Nevil Inn-is Nt-vil, Larry Nt'XVCOIllt'l' Aliclv-5' I'zu'r, Iiddil- I':u-e, II lly Sullincllel' 1I2il'Qill'l-'t Shimp, Miulnwl Splwllxgel' lmnuld Spa-lv Ilzivxll Hlewle, Vnnnirf Strike-V, Vern 'IH-r-tm' Billy 'I'vste1', Jxnuicv Van limun, Miulmu-fl NYQQWQ-1' Hlvn XY.-rst, 'l'v:u'l1+1r: Miss. I-'uslniglu l.r-stu' .Xtfrrldmy Ile-vky lhxlir-V, Judy Iiniley, linsnlind Hilllllillll Ilivkief lh-nv, Phyllis Hilu-rstein, Marvin Iiivry, I"l'vddi1- Ilixlar, Putty Ulm-li, Suv 110111,-lllmau-lmvl' Alun-g-.lzn lvalle-y, slmram lillfvllilll. J'-5' l'2X'e1'l11l1'l, Slmrmm Fzlrlnw, .le-ull 1lvl'ln,-l', Mzu'jm'i.- 4h-rln-y 'Florin Hvnr11'i1-ks, liivh:urfl Hu11g'h, Hail I12lIldl'l'S, Ilill I.j'h2lI'fJ,r'I', Vzuwmlylm Mau-klin, Calvin B1Ul'l-Yilll Jerry M1 'ssc-r, I Pulv M ysrs. Paul New-llsvllwumh-1', Lynn Nvuwus:-l1xx'u11ckA1' v THIRD and SECOND GRADES l'1-an--In-x', Mrs. Sh.-11111-rd, .lnhn ,Xffnlnh-l'. l,.-is Arnstulz. Mary I-him-, Judy liilwr- sl-Ain, I.:u'1'y Ihxlluxxlxzlvlxa-1' li--luv Vxnlnlvln-ll. 1'.nl'--I l-'ure-nxzm, Mary ll.-K-twxy .Iwlm II:-l'stwltv1" 1':ll'ulim' Hnuuh, .Izm--I Hwugh ilnaxrwn ll:-xv.-, Il'-hwrt l.n114l1-Vs, I4llI'I'j' Lznux, llvlly I,wlm1.m, Imyh- l,um:, Palsy Mxlthys Vglul Mull'-V. I-lu:--mA N1-xv--num-1: Slwldnn X1-111415--lxw muh-r, Kun-n llulh, .limmy Sr-ltln-, 1'llll Stu-le I.:-1:11:11 Spruu:--r, l'1xt 'Iv1lj'l4'l. lmvv BI:u'XX'l1i111n-y. 'I'vuc11+Ar, Mrs, Shuuk, 4'-rnniv I1HI'stvItr-v', l'am1:Alu IIllI'flUl4ll lin-lyn Iilrvln-r'I'+A1', .hmm-I Luux. Ituunil- I,'-Immun, 111+-lm I..-Imaam, I,:u'ry I,uwrv-ucv, Il--hr-VL Blnvlilwll ll'r'l2l Blznmx, .lwlmny Alimn. Vhyliss llgmuinfz. Amin I,.w-lvlmty, I,z11'r5' Mwser, Kay 3Iv1'ul,n- lilsif- Nun:-rxw'hwuxlfh-1', ll:-xnnrd Neuwn' S.-lnvumlf-r, Jimmy Nwlxgrw-'11wsunlvr, Paul Xurr, I'-mftlmy Svlle-Izvll, lmrus SL,-l1ix1dlv1' Alf,-xwlinlw Sprung.-r, GI--rin Stanley, Huruhl V1u'l1+-vs. .IQ-rry xxYHl'killfl,"l', l,'lil'01 Ymh-r, .lzumivv Ywrlrr, 11.1 Alzu-XV11il1I1e-3' Miss I.ilIiun SUINII11-r vzunf- lu rg-plzlgv Mrr, Shuvk ul mid-tv'l'm. D 4-if N I ' m if ik.: V 0 8 ' -P '."" rv 1 5- A ! ' ll tg r .. X . f. " ' , A 7 W. J X 1 rl :E H, , -I r . l l x -F n L , '9 -T ' 4' m 'Va , 5 x vs? , ', A N .A . .Y IL J, A 1,1 , m Aw ,,1'Y' " ,QQ ' " - 'I If " ' 5519-' A . K ' ' . . -Q. lf, r D V ' 'M we ' ' ' " ,ffi " 4- ' '-3, . 'fy f-va X f k-W Q, --D, ' ff! , , 5ffgs'AQ4E1! -TQ, FE 5 'S I-ff 1 We . . e, ri . N , - J. iff? if 1 111:11-7h ' ' 'lf"'i M 19 .4-2 -Q! 'f' QA- 'Rf-:S vi' X xl Q D 'J L f., I K 5 V ' 55 '1-H", D, 5. k ff N A3 ff JL. f D L SEQ. -1?,-wk. . A, A- ' ng-I ,4 A .jk H 9 Q 1-f :ff 1-QT.,-m 1-I , Q Q: ,f' Y' 3 Nw f ff -5 D'4 'x ,451 1 x " , ' - - ,Q f ,Ji : 1 D51 F FN. i 'T 4 4. 1 64 H54 , ,, . 1. M A egg-I .' -:I M ' ' D. V V L, , Janw X, - . A, I VX, . , 4 , 1 h c - . K 15 , , M K. A+ m' ' f "Q"'47' -4,1 2 Q fi was luvuv D 'D '94 I-11- . '4' " -- r ,jg 2 5 -v iv . - N gil! ' 1 , Q 4-19 WA ' 1 L ' 'X li - , ab 0 xyl, 1" " v O 9 9' ' x ave? N' "N vw ' A ' ' . Y wifi. .1155-: I Q-,Ai 'fx f y' ' . f Y " X If-Xf 'Q ' . i . V ' g 9 AL I ' Y .1 ' If TY. I fx . 75'- D ' ' si. "VHS-If' . 1 4:-A. W Q n 4.3. ' ' ,' -. , K ...Jann-N Q 1' 'rye 1 il . 1 1 7 x ,Qgyqt ' Eu ff 4 f-4 3 P-A Page 33 ,11- I 1 ' Q , V , lf- 'wx ivv A Q , Q 1:. ., , . " 'X A- , n5:..,A:1' - 1 x- ix ' ,fffzixf f ..Q-, I Q'-A f A, V, ii, an . f, - --f' V- V ' A x 1 :il ,,., 1,690 V 'H-gf' ff' S cg. , i .- -- , ' "' W' gif" eg S", , . '44, 7? 5,555.- , R55 q ,V V Y, SLE 5 X4 - Mi A If , f -0 .- :Qi , 1 ,Li I V I ' ' , "' K' lx -I FIRST and SECOND GRADES heila Augsburger, 'I'eacln-r, Miss Fravel, S 1 . Cheryl Bauman, lleryl Bauman, Carolyn Biberstein, David Biery Urval Bisel, Hoy Bise-l, Brad Vucly Bouher, l'Dunna Jean Buckingham, Hill Burke, lbarre-ll Byrum Larry Chrisman, Hubby llvlierfy, Sanrlra Llolierty, Elizabeth I-lichcr, Hnsirla Eicher, .Iwhn Ehtcrkin Hobby l"enster1naker, Judih 'Fnsnauf:h, David llardy, Patricia He-ndcricks, Varnlinc Hfbllgiil, Betty Jones ESQ ' , , Q ., F 'V - 4 '. f V' ' Vt I ' . E 1. . . ' was fi . ff f . X f Q w V' 4- - 'ng -,I -Q Betty Kirclilmfqfr, Marslia Kramer, Kay "' " :N V, . Q ' f Maclilin, llavifl Mathys, .lane-t Mesh- sgi-, 4--9 -"' A' bcfgcr, Tommy Miller "4 ' , 1 K l' vw f' V f -'91 'ri ' 1.3 x' 5 lf .him I K Q " R i l 4, A ' , 4 t i i it K V, U Jimmy Morningstar, Beverly Mpsscr, ,. V - :Vi 'A x l'aul Nlnscr, Stan cv Musser, Michael lg fb .A Z' VV - V i Q, L3-A Mr-tluugh auf "' Q . ,Y 'Q ., 'L ' N' , M iff 4 . ,L, fits, , fi' A .- Q' A iv X :M 1 ' . M V 4 v 1 ' V' if A in-'1 l la . .fi 5 . ' Rita N.-ucnsc-hwanfler, Jackie Nnrr, A 4 - -a I . Sandy llunywn, Secund Liraflc, Teaclicr, 45 -A ,V 13 -a A. Miss Ia-hman, 'lhlwni Rupert, Patty Schis- 47- 3 V'. ' - " hir, Uhrlstian Schwartz ' ' a , 5 5 ' , , ' -Wig-z'.., - A vw-4 , g.. 3' -,A ,- '4 ' -2' i - 5 Q, ?.i'U" "f .Q .1 , A . 5, S x. 3. , . . ... W . ,V ' lilzalmctli Schwartz, lflinma Schwartz, ,, 'fl A: QA t .lacwb XV. Schwartz, Jacnb K. Schwartz, ,gf L -4 134, Marguf-ritte Schwartz, Samncl Schwartz .- V ,V 3 I Q . mx 5 ' .4 k ' Lu ,M . -. V' 4 Alice- Hlll'llllLlt'I', .In-ff Strike-r, John lValke-r, A 'V-Q' ' iq- , ,jp ' Joanna XVhcclcr, Adele KVM-lcey, Sharon ' 'gf 5,43 4 -, . n ,V Yoder - ,, if " I A ,132 x A V A - ' Keith Affnlcler. Michacl Affuhler, Ann 'iqd ' 4, ' Q " V Beer, llanny llceler, Philip Baumgart- ' 4:-W V J' Qi 1' " " 4 mar, Margaret Bixler, Deanna Cult -1 . 5 rv, i 1 ' x - ,, S' , 64' . . ' c I I Q. K ,V Q T' , V Mcrrll Dull, lfeamia Furlnw, lbal John ll.-3 ,. ' . , , If M3 - r Fvusnaugli, XValtL-r Fox, linsse-ll flallaway, X54-, 'L' . N 4' . A 3 Janis Haines, Marilyn Hartnagle E 'Q' , , ' . E X .3 . kv - A 7 ,. A, , If ,VM Y xx , Ag D If Lil' '-I La A- k. . 34 Pagc lllll Qllll Uv'-o..l,. W.. , -nf' 5 in R rf? 'ii School days. school days. dear old golden rule days. Readin' and ritin' and 'ritlxmclic taught to the tune ul aa hlclilry stick. Page 35 EF: , ' if ing D+". if ff? P rf xv mail- ki, 2 I 4 5 uvf 'Q fy ri fl 9 . 1 .Nw Wi? il ip.. .T W u swf S fl VMIEEQQQ5 lg 5 X "milf KJ, AK' Page 36 You were my queen in calicog I was your bashful barefoot beau, ff f -Xml ymx wrwme un my slate. "I luxe ywu, Jvc, When we woro a L-mlple 111 kids. y"k'9?u 4.1 Page ..-.--unuliii lllll ll? ZW NW ff' ' ll mill' 1 Pugv 4- 'if is First How: Oli, C'liui'liQ my boy!YSC1iioi' gals ol' '51-Our Bziskctball stars Second Row: U. N. Coni'i-1'c1iCc-''Tho Dodge full of girls" history tczicliei'-Senior fOu1' chief! 9 t -Well, isr1't that cute-- Tliird Row: ls that thu Atomic Blonde. Sgt. Pres on Coach Mullin - 1 . ,L ,.,, .1 ., - 'A W .-- A , ad., ,V , , 'fs' I fo- , v.. ,iwmgdyxxjy Q -sm ,' 1 ' Q ' - ,- P-5-kSn'.'hw' 25 , , , ., . :iff ,, af jf fa. L 4 N f""" 3522 5 rg H55 5 wx gap , ff.m W . 3525 Q 9 .fr Q Ivy, g V 1 3 555' I 5' -", lf' '. H I 9- " " ' FFF 'F' A ' t U M A . 5 f f Y K" Y ' -sw . A Q, an 5 ' Q , an 5 , 'L fx v X 'I Vx. K. Xu- 4 K int? lliunl Awsuisfg Ubifliur , '-71-10 rg, H x. , Q- , ,, 1, is t , J' f 1 'jaw fi A ff Jw 'ff MM 1-www - . . L W4 , f-Q C!! W, xl ,.a ijsgg M6432 I 'WW 1 V. .1 I , T353 :,Z55v"Q'Q, .- uff? v 1 VK .ASX Q 'w f 5'f U YQ ' .A 'rx ww 'HIT wwf - J fi- ull 6 gi' X - n X xx E ' K A . yi 2 gf .J , 4 v4Hfu 'f ' ff 'ln' 3 I vw ' q,N 5155, C -'c RS, Q 2: wt ,bf EA n 'ilvfg' ravi- Basketball Roger Call STUDENT MANAGER Roger, a freshman, has served very efficiently as student manager. He should have no trouble keeping the job for three more years if he gives as good service as he has this year. Good Luck, 'tP'ickle"l Coach Mullin Mr. Mullin has just completed his fourth season with the Cardinals. He has done a swell job coaching and managing the baseball and basketball teams. Keith Kelly Junior-Guard Herb Bergman Senior-Forward Gerald Nevil Senior-Guard Larry Hanni Freshmen-Center-Guard Jim Pyle Sophomore-Guard Carl Mann Junior-Guard Bob Meyers Senior-Guard, Bob Penrod Sophomore-Center Lee Haines Senior-Center Tom Weaver Senior-Forward Fred Parr Junior-Forward Roger Haines Sophomore-Guard BASKETBALL SCORES We They Berne .........,.....,., 41 40 Adams Central .... .,,. 3 5 36 Petroleum ....,.,.. .... 3 9 48 Montpelier ...... .... 2 5 29 i Decatur ....,,, ..,, 3 4 65 ' Jefferson ,..,.. ..... 4 4 58 Bryant ,.,,,,. ,,.,. 4 4 43 I Hartford ......,l,. .,... 3 4 62 ' Monmouth ,,,.,,,,, ..., 4 0 50 Pleasant Mills .... .,... 4 3 35 Adams Central .,.i,, ..... 4 3 41 Poling ..ii,.,....r......,. ,..,. 3 8 36 1 Pennville .....,,.l...... .... 4 7 33 Decatur Catholic ..,.......,,,,i,,,.. 39 52 Hartford ..........,..,,,,,i.,,,,,,,,........ 54 56 ' COUNTY TOURNEY Geneva 36 ..i.i..,r........... Monmouth 47 SECTIONAL TOURNEY W Geneva 44 ...............,..,,,,,, Hartford 51 Puyw -12 lflqq rNT ll' PXY: liner-r lla in-s, Toni XYv'ZlYe,'l', linger Call, Student Mzinagx-1', llerliert IIt11'e1n:111, llnli Ale-yt-V. Sl4Il'1lXlx lu IXY- Vozwll Alzurvin Mullin, 4 url hee Mann, twrzllrl Ne-Yll, llrell I urr, l,zirry Hzlint-s, .lun l'ylr-, li--itll li.-llny, Huyinuml Hunt, l'riI1cipal. The first Team had a fairly good season, winning six and losing eleven. The boys played good ball all season, but they did not have very much height. If they would have had one or two more big men, it would have been hard for any one to beat them. In the county tourney we lost our first game to Monmouth, but they went on and won the tourney so we didn't do so bad. In the sectional we lost lu Hartford, but the boys played a fine game. We should have a good team next year, and the Senior's say "the 'best of luck" to the boys next year. CHEERLEADERS l-Iv-'Yun SHUXX, Al:lrjo1'it- NeJens4-liwzimler, l'a1'Hlyn I4'a1'l11w, and Helen llulu-1' v f x ' SI A gf V I, , "' Qi I Q N X GEXAQSEX' J . ' 4 4 F 1 I '44 If 'X 5 51 , QA 34 ' -ff I - .Qu - - 4 , ,V I-lI.,I IJPXX l.IlI BI.: Ixllll. I I llsmfs, I':Ix-- slllvliv, lin-I1:Ir'rI Iulvlg--mx, ITIII Illmy.-y-Q AHQI ' . Z1-IH' :s. Fld 'PXII IJIXX Im-I1 II.1lxIx I I In r, Mm FIIIIIII, I Imrlls I'I11lnm4'l. Berne , Aclams Centml , Petroleum :X10I11DOI1IQ'1' , , Dc-Czltux' , . .IQf1'Q1's1m Bryant Ha1'tlm'cl , , The 5y,fI1'ls1:u111sI11y1 We 21 27 26 21 35 29 -I6 ,29 'IXX' CIILIITII, Wm :wen In GL-Ixulfl THE 1950- 1951 SEASON Tlwy 13 229 17 -I3 4-I 0 'I ld 18 We Moumwutlm ,,,,, ,, , 19 Plvusuul Mills . 25 Adams Ccnt1'z1I . ,. 17 Pcmling ., , 28 Pffnnvillc 28 DC'Q'LI1ll1' Cutlwliv 31 I1L11'1I'1YI'CI .,., . . 36 ard. X'.'ITIL'I'Il mud Nwqll. I,a1'1'y Ilzmni 1'ccL-Ix'ccI the Imll sIwntin,u trophy Im' huvillg IIN- Iiiwiu-sl .I.f-Inge IIIIWIULIIII wmpetitiun. 's 1 'z ' ed zumuully by the Mctlmclxst mi Ihc 5941541111 His ilX'L'I'llQC was .632 I Thvy 33 28 38 26 19 34 '79 4..- l4'llHX'l' llHXYt llarwltl Valli Illllltll llaim-s: liairry l'arrg llave Slit-plxwwlg ,Xl l-'a1'lmv. SI-1t'lrNlr 1-UIXY' twravli Ili-rlwrt l.e-zttlniriiumg Tum l'rul:'g .lim lmngg ,Itfr"v '1't-sit-rg 12-ll, Mnthysg lun' ixligslmrprt-rg tl.-ure. Mt-4'Iaing .lay Vzmiplwll. also won the Junior High Tourney at Decatur and received a t' have a swell team and we wish them the best ot luck next year. BASE BALL SCORES Runs Hits Errors Runs Roll 3 'T 8 Geneva 12 Albany 3 5 8 Geneva 26 Mnntpelier 5 6 2 Geneva ltr Reclkey 7 9 2 Geneva 5 Dnnkirli 1 ti 1 Geneva U lierne 6 5 2 Geneva 2 l"l1lIN'l' IIHXY Xvfrmzulu lim-ng 1241-2 Mm-liling limb .XI--yi-i'1 llt-rl: lim-riginal Sl-I1'HNIv ILHXX' Inn-ny Ilzlxmz, 421-rztltl N1-xil, Vail lim- Manning .lim Hallie-S, 'lhln Nwnxtr, K1-itll lit-llq. l'5l. Had a very gmgcl season this year winning 16 games and losing none. They ine trophy. They Hits Errors 9 1 16 3 12 1 8 4 2 1 1 1 I. I -5 Im-Ii llavwlyg Inw- Payc' -I4 Q1 QW., if. I' 718' K N ' x 59,-I. .Ag J if :ing ,5 , 'glxfcif 'tx' ,wi . Q ,J2:"'. fb' LL n- Ef-5'5 ' : -2 7fze .fegemf af ffm .fimieafadll I 9 5 I l lf'1u'1'u High SFIIOUI VQLUAIE XI Ptlflw I BOYS GLEE CLUB iS'1' IIHXY' 1i11:41-1' l'1111, 1,I11y11 1111-i1-111111, 1411111111 F1111-1-1iig.1'+J1', 111-1,1 11211111-s, 1!1'111-11 1":11'111w, .11-1'11111.1 1-1111-11111-rg--1', 1'a11'l A1'11'k1111, .1111- .'X111S1ll1Z, 1.ll1'l'X 1211111-1111111-11v1', 1,z11'1'y Hzmni, 121-11 1l'1-1's11-1111, 11111111111 1111111-y, 111111111 1l111111r111s, 1':lXY111 Xvllll l+I111u11s 111111 1111111 1i11bi11so11 SICVHNI1 IIHW' .1111111 1l:1111-y, 121111 S1-11is111', 1111v1- S111-'kl-y, l'l1z11'111y 1'1ll1111'l11"', N111'111z111 Kmms, .X1'l11l1I' Y111111111:4, K1-1111 K1-1131 l'111'1 llufslr-111113 Huy .Xff111r11-1', Mau- S1111111, 1i11,u1J1' Haines. 11:11'1'1- S1111111, 1111-11:11'11 111111g111111, 1:11-11:11'11 ,X111S1L11Z, Vim-1-1 'I'1-1-ters z111d 1la1y111111111 1ii11i11g:t1111 '1'1111l11 ILHNY: 1lI11 31Ll1ll111ILL, 121111 B11-11113 111111 1'1-111'11fl, 11111'1'1'11 1:l1l'g'k'SS, T11111 XY1-z1x'1A1', .1i111 M1151-1', 111-1'11 121-1':1111111, Ifwlulll 11:111+13', .11111 1'y'11-, 1'r1"l 1,1111 A1'l11I1, 111111 1+'1'z1Y1'1, 111111 111111, 14'1w111 1':11'1' 111111 12111 12111111-rs GIRLS GLEE CLUB I'1I'lS'1' IIHXX' 1Q:1l111----11 ,Xl1L1'N1111I'L14'1', N1-11111111 Slll' l'41f111, S1111"11-111,- 191111-1-Rig--1', 1lll111 3111141-1', lllllll I-I1:11111- A11-1'-11, .11-:111 1,1-11111.111, S11:11'1111 K1-11111, .111:111itz1 111111111-s, 1"11'111y11 '1':11'111W. 8111- S1'l11s1.11g 11z11'111111- A111s1-1-, 111111-1111' l4'z11'I1111', .xllllil 111I'Fk'11j', 312l1'j' 141111 1211111-1111:11'111-1' 111111 111-11111 A1--1'11111::41:11' SIIVHXI1 IIHW 111111111 11111--1'. S111- 1,X'1l'11'Lf1'I', 1C'iz111111111 1i111'k11, 4211-111 ,X111st111z, S1Hl1'll11 N1-111, 11I111111.- 1111111, 51111111111 11111--1's11-111, A111Q1v11'i11 N1-111-11s1'1111"111111--1', 1111111l11i111- X1-x'11, N:1111-5' Ilww, 111111 1:f111111sf111, 1:11111 S1111-1113 11:11'1f11111 11z11'1, ll1111'i:1 I.y11:11'g41-1' 111111 13e-1'111111i111- 1':1'l1l1l1L'1' '1'1111Z11 1l11XX' 12-11111111 Y111'11---s, 1'111.1 111-1-111, 1N11'11111y' 1!1111'1-, 11'1H 4'1i111-, .111111- 15111s1-1'1 :411:111x11. 1..1111':1 1111111:11111, 141111111 1111111152 A11I1',211' SlI11111'j', .1:111i1-1- 11l11'1.1I1A1'1', 1'1:1":1 1f1l1it'1'. 111-1111 S111111, 1Z11'111:1 11--VZ--11i1'1:s, 1111111 N1-111, .111 1211111-ss, A1111 N-11'1', IIil1'11Ll1'1l 1I1111111:4:11'111--1', 1,1114 XX':1111111- :11111 IQ11111 .X11111-Ile 1X111s1111Z 1 11 ig.. 7 -'1' 1 'O na, - 110261 Q1 , V .. 1 , K 1 J 1 xx ' -A ! 0 ' '11 ' f 1' 1 11 11 413, , . T. -fl A' I L4' 1 N. , .1 .4-, 'Y 'h Y-. I Q ' 1 pin wi Adfm ,. D. , 1 , 'gif 'if' 1 121 ii 1 111 ,mMaMnw.q.1:L+ FMQJWW' Page 46 , 1 1 v BAND Clarinetsi Carol Anistutz, Norene Farliiw, Sharon Neal, Elaine Hunt, Jean Lehman, Connie Booher, Ruth Annette Amstutz, Neva Von Gunten, Sharlene Fluekigex, Shirley Morgan, Ruth Mosser. fAliee Nerr and Charlotte Fenstermaker, nut pictured! Horns: Alice Lehman, Geraldine Fluekiger, Pauline Bixler Piccolo: Rosanna Norr Saxophnnes: Alan Baumgartner, Nulan Koons, Norman Kmins Flute: Jim Long Trombones: Kenneth Vun Gunten, Cllugh Smith, IVIarx'in Biery, Alan Sprunger, Joe Gerber and Danny Craig, not pieturecll Baritune: Jerry Fluckiger Cornetsz Mark Hylton, Larry Heniser, Paul Teeter, Freddie Burke, Jim Bailey, Steve Bauman, Bruce Booher, Bob Doherty, Larry Amstutz, Dave Stueky, Sharon Biberstein, Steve SJ' ff" R Susaphone: Dave Shepherd S iiunbci, uth Teeter, Jimmy Kirehofler, Larry Hunt nare Drumst Myrna Amstutz, Ruth Elaine Me' 1 QD l Q yei e ane Macklin, not picturetlh Bass Drum: Drmrfithy Farluw Cymbals: Elizabeth Burke Direetnr-Del Elliott LATIN CLUB l"IllS'I' IIUXY, I,l'Il"'l' 'VH lLl12H'I" Juni- 43lusiiJ Sliiiwr'-i, l-Iliznlt--Ili liurki-, Nfwniziii Kim 'lvllr ll'lrl Suriv Svliirlt 1. l'iii'l1-iw MHS-1I', . , . .4'I",'ii' f:1""!ffi"il. Imfv. Niilirky.. . I,.-iitleig Vliirzi lllliiw' and l'iilly Nluriilix FI". UNI.-' bmw' 'Anil' ,IH i,'I"i,H, MM In ' iiri-iw -.ill Alalv, Iiiwtiiiwtiq, 1.11.11 ixlllrlll 1 lliiutzi IZ'-rzi-iii:-ks, lviwk Huiily and Huiinif Simult- QW Page 48 THE ATOMIC BLONDE The Atomic Blonde, a farce comedy, by Jay Tobias, was presented by the Senior Class and enjoyed by a large audience. Bob Nickerson and Skid Werling who own- ed the run down Healthitarium were running short of money and had no guests until The Atomic Blonde alias Doogie Deane arrived. Her arrival caused a riot among the guests. Finally the Headless Ha'nt is exposed, and a small fortune is found hidden in-of all places-a human skull. CAST OF CHARACTERS Bob Nickerson-Co-owner ol' the Healthitarium ,r,..,,,,.. Oriole Byrd-the Negro Maid ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ....., Katinka Katzenpheifers the Dutch Cook .,.......,,. Skid Werling- Bob's pal and partner ,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,, ...... Parsimonius Jackson "Parsy"-the Negro Porter ..... ..... . Docgie Deane-a fugitive from the "Constibule" .... Sylvester Buttertish-the 'tConstibule" .rr.,.....,.r....,.,.. Mrs. Philo Pratt-the nosey next door neighbor ..,... Miss Wilella Wylie-Doogie's rich spinster aunt ..,..,i,,.,..,... .. Finchley St. John Ill-flooking for a wealthy wife r..r,,,,.....i.i. Gurney Maddox-the town Croesus and Sliids rival in love ..,iii, Mrs. Adelaide Burkeleigh-Banks-an ardent club woman ,.,,., ........... Doreen BurkeleighfBanksfAdelaide's attractive daughtei ..,.,..., Betty Hartford-Adelaide's niece-a poor relation ,,.,,,,,,,,,, The Headless Ha'nt ,,,.,, ,A ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,iii Gerald Nevil Gloria Lybarger Rita Robinson Lee Haines Raymond Mathys Tom Weaver Herbert Bergman Helen Morningstar Darlene Rupert Roger Coon Donald Call Evelyn Snow Geraldine Nevil Bernadine Brunner 9999 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY THE CAMPBELLS ARE COMING The Brannigans learn, "The Campbells Are Coming" tra visit them so that Lady Augusta czin find out the truth about Kziye's back- grotind in hopes of preventing her son from marrying Kaye. Since Mrs. Campbell believes the Erzinnigtins to be hillbillies, they disguise! tliemselvt-s as such and the fun starts. VAST OF CHARACTERS film Bnqiiiiiigaiiiiwlio lives tor her granclchilclren Czttgilpti Tapp-the hillbilly servant ..,,,r,. ..,..... , Betty Ertinnigan--1Ia's younger granclclaughter ,,,, Dirk Bimiiiixuii-ixla's grandson ,.., ....,.... , Ililclzicl Tlilillf-CillillDZlvS liither . ,. ,..,,.,. Cyrus Svtinliileie-'.x'lio xvtiiits to marry ma . , ,lellrey 14i,ucii1lci' 1.10111-his nephew , ,, Kaye liixiiiiiiganii -llzfs elclt'-r L1l'2lllClCl3LlQlllCl' , liinestoii Campbell --Hayek fiance . ,, . llrs. Augusta Lkiiiiplnell-A-liis aristocratic' mother ., ,, Norma Co-uk Carolyn Farlow Elizabeth Burke ,, , Dick Ilartly Carl Hofstetter , Harry Smifii Keith Kelly Clara Bziktr Norman Kwon: ,. Nancy Drevr Page 49 FEL Tl Winding the Maypole The Tum Thumb Wedd- ing , Cwunty CQTIUYLIS XrLlI'llC1' Chance-Guest Di1'QL'tn1' Ruby-1't ShC1lfC1'f:XCC'lJIH- 1111111151 The Christmas Tree Page 50 nd fs' " 'L' 1 C 54044. " P460 . as f 1, ,514 E FA 5' Jn' Rm I ' 'QT 'E l.lCF'I' Tu l4lI4FH'I': .XIIYIII lllrswhr, IIQ-I-in lhnli-b1'. Vlairi Ihiker, llwzllmliiu- N1-vil, Tom XVwu'e1' Sue I,yluvg--r. Marry Iiollexil-:xvln'1', :mel l'lllZ1llH'lll llurknf. LL UHUUL FEA TWA R On the evenings of f'.1J1'll l7 and 20, 375 pupils ol' the Geneva School partici- pated in the annual all school festival, The theme of the festival was built around the four seasons of the year. The Characters portraying the vazious sea- sons of the year Were: FALL "John and Priscilla" WINTER "Santa and Mrs. Santa, brownies, dolls, and toy soldiers." SPRING "Fairy Queen, flowers. bees. butterflies, and bluebirdsf' SUMMER "Goddess of Liberty and Uncle Sam." Page 51 C LENDAR August 31-Enrollment. September 5-Classes began. September 8-Today is a big day for the juniors. They order their class rings. First baseball game. September 15-The seniors decided to sell subscriptions for magazines. September 18-Raymond Mathys enrolled in school. September 19-The school pictures were taken. September 21-The juniors went to Port- land. September 22-Junior Class party. September 26-Freshmen Biology hike. September 28-Seniors went to Portland 'and had their graduation pictures taken. Last baseball game of season. October 2-First day of 'basketball practice. October 4-Raymon Mathys received a 'Parker "21" pen and pencil set for collecting the most money for maga- zine subscriptions. October 9-E. A. Richardson, "Big Rich," Indiana's poet laureate was here and read poems and told jokes. He acted out the poem 'tWhen the Frost is on The Pumkinf' October 10-Senior play practice. Went to Lybarger's for refreshments after practice. P. T. 'A. Meeting. Mrs. Rhoades, Mrs. Owens, and Mr. Elliot all had the air let out of their tires. October 13-Freshmen and Sophomore girls went to Decatur for field day. Sophomore class party. October 14-The Juniors and Seniors went to the football game at Purdue. October 16-A missionary from Bolivia November 27-No schoolg everyone was snowbound. December 1-Jefferson-Geneva game post- poned due to heavy snow. December 7-Senior Pictures Came. December 14-Rev. Schmucker of Berne was the speaker for Chapel. December 21-Christmas Chapel. Rev. Kriehibiel was speaker. December 22-School dismissed for Christ- mas Vacation. January 2-Back to school again. January 4-Exams start. January 5 Finished exams. The starting of the second semester. January 6-Geneva drew Monmouth for CHITIC and talked to the high school students. October 18-Senior play dress rehearsal. Our school pictures came. October 19-Pictures taken of Senior Class Play. October 20 -Senior Class Play. October 25-We got out at 2:30 today. October 27 -Still no school today. Hallo- ween Festival put on by P. T. A. October 30-Back to school again. Vaca- tion over. October 3l-Halloween. The grades paraded through the assembly. November 1-Rev. Shepherd was speaker for chapel. November 4-The first basketball game of the season. Geneva 41-Berne 40. Helen Baker is our new Cheerleader. November 7-Mock election in high school. November 8-Senior class went on a hay- ride then back to school for refresh- ments and games. Rita, what happened to your shoes? November 10-Geneva 35-Adams Central 36. November 14, 15, 16-Freshmen take tests. November 16-Rev. Gillander was speaker for chapel. November 22-School dismissed at 2:30 for Thanksgiving Vacation. Rev. Steele was speaker tor Chapel. the tourney. January ll-The county tourney starts tonight. January 16-Mrs. Van Matre has the flu. January 18-Rev. Shadowens and Rev. Bassinger were speakers for chapel. January 19-Five of the freshmen boys had to stay in for acting up in the assembly. January 21-Darlene Rupert became Mrs. Lee Moser. January 23-John Stanley benefit game. Proceeds were S4l7.l7. All to be given to John. January 30-Group pictures taken for the Annual. February 6-Starting a Driver's Training Course. Twelve Seniors are taking it. February 10-Four of the senior girls went to a tea at Decatur given in the inter- est of nursing. February 13-Finished taking group pic- tures. February 14-Valentine Day. Some of the senior boys went to Decatur to sell ads. February 22-Decatur Catholic 47-Yellow Jackets 67. Pleasant Mills 55- Jeff- erson 58. Adams Central 33-Berne 45. February 26-Class Tourney. Seniors 59 Freshmen 38. Sophomores 33-Juniors 23. February 27-Seniors 50-Sophomores 24. The Methodist Church awarded prizes. The sportsmanship award was won 'by Gerald "Cap', Nevil and Free Throw award was won by Larry Hanni. March 15-Rev. Shepherd was the guest speaker for Chapel Service. March 19-The driver training car arrived. March 25-4P'eggye went to Kentucky. March 27-County Music Festival. April 3-Saw the movie "Huckleberry Finn". April ll-Saw the movie "The Enchanted Forest." April 17, 20-All school Music Festival. April 29-Baccalaureate May 1-Commencement. May 4- May 6- May 9- Alumni Banquet Seniors leave on School dismissed. class trip. Bank of Geneva GENEVA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. INDIANA Pug CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Pfennig Insurance Agency HERMAN BIXLER Agent Phone 29 GENEVA. INDIANA Compliments of DOC'S PLACE GENEVA, INDIANA RECREATION HALL CANDY POP ICE CREAM LUNCHES For BUILDING MATERIAL Lumber - Paint Fence and Coal See Geneva Lumber and Supply Co. T. A. Howe, Mgr. A. G. BRIGGS 8 SON I HARDWARE I Chevrolet Automobiles GENEVA, INDIANA il T1 Page 54 COLUMBIA BICYCLES Dorsey Bisel TEXACO SERVICE STATION THE HUB GQVlL'UG'S Shopping Center Ready-To-Wear Novelties Drygoods Phone 33 Men's Work Clothing GENEVA, INDIANA SHOES PURE OIL SERVICE STATION GAS, OIL AND ACCESSORIES Richard Settle Phone 76 Stop Light Corner Geneva, Ind. Store Phone 7702 Residence Phone 7703 HANNI FURNITURE HOME FURNISHINGS RUGS - CARPETING CUSTOM BUILT FURNITURE Menno Hanni, Prop. Geneva, Indiana Compliments of MESHBERGER BROS. STONE CORP. LINN GROVE, INDIANA Compliments of THE LARUE SHOPPE Phone 154-M GENEVA. INDIANA Pug DEDICATIO TU OUR P RE T Many times in the rush of our daily activities, we fail to pause and thank our parents for the privileges and opportunities which are ours. Through these past twelve years, we have looked to them for guidance. As a token ot' our appreciation for their loyalty, we, the Seniors, wish to dedicate the 1951 Legend of the Lim- berlost to the most wonderful people in the world, OUR PARENTS. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Coon Mr, and Mrs. Lee Lybarger Mr. and Mrs. William Brunner Mr. and Mrs. Omer Nevil Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd Nelson Mr. and Mrs. William Billington Mr, and Mrs. Sam Farlow Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Farlow Mrs. Esther Call Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Snow Mr. and Mrs. Russell Veach Mr. John Zurcher Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Rupert Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Dailey Mr. Elmer Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Clint Mathys Mr, and Mrs. Lester Robinson Mr. William Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Haines lVlr. and Mrs. Wilford Burgess Mrs. Ruth Callihan Mrs. Laura Morningstar Mrs. Minnie Bergman Page 9 Compliments of EASTERN INDIANA OIL 81 SUPPLY CO. -Distributors- SINCLAIR PRODUCTS GOODRICH TIRES "Eventually We Will Be Recommended To You" THE FOOD BANK "IGA - - Low Prices Everyday" HOME KILLED MEATS GROCERIES, FRUITS and VEGETABLES Custom Slaughtering and Curing Complete Locker System Phone 54 Geneva, Ind. MOOREIS HOME STORE FANCY GROCERIES and MEATS LITTLE ELF Foons Geneva, Indiana Phone 27 THE GENEVA EQUITY EXCHANGE Dealers In GRAIN - FEED - FERTILIZER - FENCE HARD and SOFT COAL Phone 1402 Geneva, Ind. Meet Your Friends At The DINNER BELL CAFE Breakfast - Dinners - Short Orders Frosty Malts Soups Frozen Custard Sandwiches Virginia Van Skyock HARDY 8 HARDY Furniture and Undertaking Electrical Equipment Rugs, Carpets, Floor Covering Phones: Day 109 - Night 45 Box 206 Complete Line Of Gifts GENEVA, INDIANA Geneva Livestock Sales Co. A Fine Market For All Live Stock Phone 107 H. D. Snyder Mgr. Stengel K Craig Drug Co. The Rexall Store PHONE 2-2609 BERNE, INDIANA Page 57 UU Compliments of the CITY BARBER SHOP Floyd Vorhees, Prop. Congratulations to Class "5l" JUDY'S BEAUTY SHOP Permanents, Shampoos And All Beauty Services Call 119 M. Compliments of J. O. R. CAMPBELL GENEVA, INDIANA Phone 55496 LINN GROVE HARDWARE Hardware Dupont Paint and Varnish Duco - Deluxe - Refrigerators Electrical Appliances, Radios Gas, Oil And Tires LINN GROVE, INDIANA Compliments To The Class Of '51 PARR'S STANDARD SERVICE GENEVA, INDIANA Compliments To The Class Of '51 PUNK'S BARBER SHOP Harald Pontius, Prop. GENEVA, INDIANA THE SERVICE GARAGE Walter Hofstetter - Studebaker Automobiles 8a Trucks Sales 8z Service 'Phone 7 On State Highway 27 South GENEVA, INDIANA SCHWINN and SHELLY BICYCLES Parts and Accessories Domestic Sewing Machines Sales and Service CLIFF NUSSBAUM BERNE, INDIANA FIRST BANK OF BERNE 1391 - 1951 MEMBER OF Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve System Resources over 57,500,000 P LIMBERLOST and MASTER MIX FEEDS WHITE LILY FLOUR SEEDS - COAL - CEMENT - GRAIN GENEVA ELEVATOR CO. GENEVA MILLING CO. h 40J Ph 81 Time out for Coke COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Portland, Indiana Felher Machine K Welding Shop MASSEY - HARRIS IMPLEMENTS Sales - Service - Parts E Ytll i-immr. W, ' - ' X ' -"jg Lt 4. X , ,'A' ig i f 1 - l l' Wai! Phone 2-2201 BERNE, INDIANA Dierkes Implement Sales FERGUSON TRACTOR Dempster Drills Bell City Corn Pickers Magic Lift All Purpose Farm Elevator State Highways 27 and 224 341 N. 13th St. Phone 1891 DECATUR, INDIANA Geneva Welding Service Hard Surfacing "Tony" Koblick Proprietor Phone 21 GENEVA, INDIANA Page 60 Compliments of SPRUNGER, LEHMAN 8.1 CO. Berne, Indiana GOTTSCHALK SUPPLY CO. RETAIL COAL AND CEMENT BUILDING SUPPLIES BERNE, INDIANA "We Aim To Please MOORES "Busy Store Everywhere" 152 W, Main Street BERNE, INDIANA Phone: Dial 2-2212 Berne, Indiana SEE SERV-US-STORE LOWER PRICES Hardware - Wiring Electrical Appliances M. B. HABEGGER D. D. LEHMAN E. L. LEHIVIAN Proprietors: CHEVROLET Sales Sz Service JEFFERSON GARAGE BERNE, INDIANA SCHINDLER ELECTRIC Appliances, Wiring, Service 113 E. Main Phone 2-2813 BERNE, INDIANA Coveralls - Mens Dungarees Berne Overall Company, Inc Ibdayi best washer buy W -0 X9 I K lsfffaqw H W. M. Lehman Appl ances 109 Sprunger St. Berne. Ind. Page 61 Page 62 Compliments of T WEMHOFF MONUMEN Edwin Bixler, Local Representative DECATUR, INDIANA HANNI PLUMBING SHOP WATER SYSTEMS Water Softeners CO. Oil Burners and Stokers Phone 135 or 104.1 GENEVA, INDIANA Refresh. . . Add Zest To The Hour Compliments of PETERSON AND HELLER CLOTHING DECATUR, INDIANA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Portland, Indiana RIVERSIDE GARAGE Com hmems DECATUR, INDIANA pof Paul W. Conrad-Phone 3-3462 DR. EDWIN NYFFELER Norman E. Geiger-Phone 3-2633 CHIROPRACTOR WRECKER SERVICE GENERAL REPAIR 105 Fulton St. BERNE, INDIANA FRONT-END ALIGNMENT Berne Phone 2-2 19 1 "If It's Hardware, We Have It" BERNE HARDWARE COMPANY JOHN DEERE Sales 85 Service BERNE The Ideal Beauty Shop -..- I I Jean Hklffman 51.15 -'.2:i5f22EQ iiEf"12111g.,,f '-e'e ' 1 -' 1 ' '- si LOW PRICES EVERY DAY! OWUQY - OP91'3t01' GROCERIES MEATS FRUITS Congratulations to Class of '51 VEGETABLES Phone 157W Phone GLEN GENEVA, INDIANA 2-2134 GIFFORD THE BUCKMASTER DRUG CO. offers Compliments to the Class of '51 Phone 66 Geneva, Indiana Page 63 GOOD FOOD PROMPT SERVICE MODERATE CHECK SODA FOUNTAIN TREAT At KOZY KORNER Restaurant Special Sunday Dinners Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Gould Compliments of AL SCHMITT DECATUR, INDIANA DODGE and PLYMOUTH B:-1iley's K-F Motors Illlplelllellt Service Kaiser and Frazer Motor Cars Blue Flame Bottled Gas Norge Appliances Phone 15 Ralph Bailey Line and High Sts. GENEVA, INDIANA COMPLIMENTS of N. E. BEAVER, M. D BERNE, INDIANA Page U4 EQUITY MEAT MARKET HOME KILLED MEATS Groceries Fresh Vegetables Free Delivery S. NEUENSCHWANDER BERNE, INDIANA "MEET and EAT" at the PALMER HOUSE HEART OF BERNE BERNE, INDIANA Compliments MENNONITE BOOK of CONCERN BEN SPRUNGER A complete line of school books, supplies, Bibles, and Religious "SHOES, BERNE. INDIANA Supplies BERNE, INDIANA Phone No. 2-2606 FERN'S DRESS SHOPPE Ladies Ready - To - Wear Mrs. Fern QNeusbaumJ Inniger, Prop. THE FAIR STORE Gifts and Practical Merchandise YOU need it ----- WE have it Candies - School Supplies BERNE, INDIANA THE CLOTHES SHOP Dry Cleaning and Pressing TAILOR MADE SUITS E. L. SCHINDLER, Mgr. BERNE, INDIANA Compliments of THE HABIT MEN'S FURNISHINGS DRY CLEANING 112 Main St. BERNE, INDIANA Phone 2-2305 Page 65 Legend Uf The limherlnst Q Q Q . 'H-.EAW M .ll ll X -H mi ,. . ' ' 1 Twelve Year Class 'I 5. gg H, - -. F X . eu W . Mlsf. 1'1rIn,x'ln. lf! my 1. 'IU.1.ll--1' ' i - G ' -. " ' H- lim llwlmlfl-ru, lix-'I511 Slum, 1v.llr.ll k Q ,FRJZS 5 luru---S. 'i'Hm M1-.lxwxl llwux Wwe.. xl . I " -"' 'f V. P, 1 4111.1 N-xl. liwl- xl.5.1. lluymm g . fl--. 11, ,l -, fe Nlllluyw, llrl-.1 .Xl-1'ui!1:Ie.u. llvrzelflm- A t M-Jya, " -5? 3 U., 1... x -xll. .l-- X-l-1-11, l..n11r.n lillmztl-1 - X Q S' fx A lllwrlqn I.xlI.n:'1' :xml l,-V ll vm--5 A. Q 'M ' A A- .Xll-Au Zullwl, llHl lu.rmf.I A f, "K, ' 'U Ai-' 3' -9. . .." ":f'f'3-. -W' " Q .wifa I: r-c3l,,"- ' Co-Editors ln..-mlwj. Ifnllf-,-. Allyn Zruw-ll-V Annual Staff lllrl llwv, lw-1, 12-E. XX":lx.r llfil llwl-ltxswn, Iw"'n.' Alle-r' l,.m1l'.v Illliuzrv-rn. ll- lr-11 Nlwwmnzfv ln 1 'l'll4l3llv' Xwxtl, lignlH,1l X--ull 1 l1vl'i.l l,3lf,1':'1'.m-l I1-111.4-l -.- llxvlmw 1 'N1'Hl1nl llwix lbw Ally- lieu-V, l.l1lwx, mel- lIf1':r-Wm I-lx-Ina S' .lw X' .f-ln I -"alll Null. I-null' 1' rl-x l I ll.nI.'-r Sl r-v-sn.-earn-.4-fer. Q- --:fun .-,V -FZ QIHII ' Q. . X A F, 'Hz B 'JI que V' '4 K PC rw , Page GU MINNEAPOLIS - MOLINE I-IOFSTETTER BROTHERS SALES and SERVICE COMPLIMENTS to the CLASS OF 1951 DR. C. P. HINCHMAN Pl'10I1Q 114.I GBHQVEI, Indiana GENEVA, INDIANA SHOP AT PERRYVILLE GROCERY BERNE ICE CREAM CO. Meats Tobacco Vegetables Drugs ICE and ICE CREAM Groceries School Supplies Stationery BERNE, INDIAN'A Proprietors ORVAL 8: IRENE WIGGS NAGEL'S QUALITY FLOWERS Since 1910 Flowers for All Occasions Phone 2-2472 BERNE, INDIANA Compliments of Yager Furniture Co., Inc. QDoWn Town? FURNITURE-FUNERAL HOME Modern Ambulance Service Phones: 2-2158 2-2196 2-2087 BERNE, INDIANA BERNE LOCKER STORAGE CUSTOM BUTCHERING AND CURING Complete Locker Service Phone 2-2806 BERNE, INDIANA BERNE ELECTRIC HOT POINT APPLIANCES Electrical Contracting Service and Rebuild Miotors Phone 2-2819 BERNE, INDIANA BERNE OIL CO. GAS Foa LEss None Better Few as Good You tried the Rest NOW try the BEST MIZ BILL PARKWAY RESTAURANT MEALS and SANDWICHES SUNDAY DINNERS Private Dining Room for Parties Phone 2-2316 Berne, Indiana BERNE EQUITY EXCHANGE CO. Dealers in GRAIN, FEED, COAL, SEED, FENCE and FERTILIZER Phone 2-2802 Berne Linn Grove Indiana Berne Indiana FORD SALES and SERVICE GOODYEAR TIRES and TUBES Auto and Truck Repairing Body Repairing and Painting A. J. MOSER K CO. V. C. GRABER Buyers Of EGGS and POULTRY Retail and Wholesale Dealer of BUTTER - EGGS - DRESSED POULTRY Fresh or Frozen Phone Office 2-2822 Residence 2-2393 Berne, Ind. A customer pleased is our best advertisement. "ROAD SERVICE" MAIN STREET FILLING STATION CHRYSLER - - PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Atlas and Firestone Tires Berne, Indiana Phone 2-2615 BERNE LUMBER, INC. GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHINGS Berne, Indiana Phone 2-2268 LIMBERLOST CANNING CO. Branch of the Naas Corp of Indiana, Portland, Indiana, Packers of FINE FLAVORED CANNED FOODS Geneva, Ind Phone 41 Compliments FIRST NATIONAL BANK PORTLAND, INDIANA Only National Bank in Jay County Member F. D. I. C. COMPLIMENTS OF THE CITIZENS BANK PORTLAND, INDIANA Member F. D. I. C, VIM SPORTING GOODS Equipment For All Sports 1027 Calhoun Ft. Wayne, Indiana SHEFFER IMPLEMENT CO. MCCORMICK - DEERING Tractors and Machines INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Phono 76 277 west Water st. PORTLAND, INDIANA LIMBERLOST SERVICE STATION Your SUNOCO Dealer GENEVA, INDIANA U. S. Highway 27 Phone 90 COMPLIMENTS OF THE PEOPLES BANK PORTLAND, INDIANA THE HUNT STUDIO PORTRAITS THAT PLEASE" Portland, Indiana Page 69 Read it in the. DECATUR DAILY DEMOCRAT Complete coverage of Sports, News, Society By Mail, 36.00 A Year in Geneva CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1951 The Geneva Herald Published Weekly JOB PRINTING Phone 13 GENEVA, INDIANA Be Protected From the Unexpected" INSURE Geneva Realty Service "First in Geneva" Real Estate, Insurance Farm Loans E. E. DAWALD GENEVA, INDIANA STUCIQY 8 COMPANY FURNITURE, HARDWARE and ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Bottle Gas Service Monroe, Indiana Phone 6-6866 Where Your S Buys More COMPLIMENTS STUCKY'S To The Dri-Gas Service Cooking CLASS OF 1951 Waterheating Refrigeration DR. JOS. V. SCHETGEN Heating - Homes and Industrial Geneva, Indiana Phone 156 E C. Stucky CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE LINN GRovE, INDI ANA PHONE 55478 Compliments of LYBARGER GRAVEL COMPANY GENEVA, INDIANA PHONE 139F04 LE E "CHICK" LYBARGER HERFF - JONES CO. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS and STATIONERS 1407-1419 North Capitol Ave. INDIANAPOLIS 7, INDIANA P Cl Page PRINTING BY- THE ROCKFORD PRESS Rockford, Ohio ENGRAVINGS BY- FT. WAYNE ENGRAVING COMPANY Ft. Wayne, Indiana BINDING BY- ECONOMY PRINTING CONCERN Berne, Indiana J OH N W. KARCH STONE CO. Phone 75 New Corydon, Indiana CRUSHED STONE WASHED CHIPS I SCREENINGS AGRICULTURAL LIME CEMENT Estimates given for either public or private improvements requiring above materials We are equipped to make prompt deliveries at a reasonable charge THE COTTAGE LUNCH HOME COOKED FOOD Dinners - Sandwiches - Short Orders Open 7 Days a Week 9:30-2:00 A. M. l Mile North of Geneva on U. S. 27 GENEVA, INDIANA "Say it with Flowers" Highest Quality for all Occasions W. FRANK 8z SONS Phone 492 Portland, Indiana COMIPLIMENTS J ACK'S DAIRY Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk Products PO1'tIal1d Indiana "Superior Quality Always" THE LOB SANDWICHES, SHORT ORDERS, COLD DRINKS Intersection 67-18-27 PHONE 26492 AUTOGRAPHS gi xg fly ' '55 S? ","?m SA! x xxx ,X-, 1 J- .R .,. ,, y. 5 if wen' I' 'f Q . lfgxv " fm 3' Q , . xl gi iw' WH4fE ' nv C.. ' , 'Q s 4"4..' ' Q-', 'mc xx . gg A . - 'f ' ef 'Q gn" - "' ' i ' W' 4' A s X ,- ur- 1 v ' .La , ' I 2 5 wg t "5 21:1 sc? 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