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f"'Nsxxs-,,f"',TrTNNx f""'NNxXxNA",l'5 gf X-X V, I C ' H I 1 t .' 3 2 A JVX-,fx-1 iff 5 ' Classes you only And friendless follow the lofty quest. Or drive you, like a tempest, Without rest, Yet, toiling upward to the highest altar, A human heart whose courage did not falter C 1 9 cg' 5 Y! ab, Ili lil ul Q l I I X Q Though the drerm lead you to a desert lonely, There, lay before the gods your gifts supreme, Though distant as Arcturus shone the Gleamf' "Dream the Great Dream, though you should dream Seve SENIDRS '48 Dick Clapp - Dwight Moser - Max M - Vice President - - - Treasurer .attax - - - Business Manager Duane Shoemaker - - - President Esther Stucky - - - Secretary Class Colors Class Flower Purple and Gold Talisman Rose Class Motto Can All Your Can'ts SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In September 1947, the Freshmen of 1945, entered Geneva High School as 'tsophisticated seniorsf' Soon after school started we elected class officers. The officers for the year were as follows: president, Duane Shoemaker: vice-president, Dick Cl-app: Secretary, Esther Stuckyg treasurer, Dwight Moser, business manager, Max Mattax. The presentation of the senior class play, "The Whole Truth," the arrival of our gradua- tion pictures, and class parties, are only a few of our activities that made our seni highlight of our high school days. Eight or year the Smile, girls! ! The rock climbers Girls' squad car. The Big Blows. How ya comin' Dave? Funny man Clapp. The Thinkers. The Senior Bullies. Huh'??? Rhoades Buggy. HoW'cl that Junior get ln here??? Won't it start, Tete??'? as A . , zsmraiffg ,M .T.......--.T BILL BAUMAN Geneva High School 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 3, 4, jf' - Glee Club 2, 3, 4 fi! ASQV Chou' 2' 3' 4 l wi A',, A c g - ' A AAl'l:"l' 1 2 MARY LOU HOFSTETTER Geneva High School 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4 Librarian 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 4 MAX MATTAX Geneva High School 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 4 Choir 2, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Track 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Reporter 1 Business Manager 4 BETTY DOHERTY Geneva High School 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Glee Club President 4 Choir 1 NORMAN ZUERCHER Geneva High School 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 4 Glee Club 4 Track 3 PHYLLI ENID SPRUNGER Geneva Hi h g School 1 2 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 4 Choir 1, 2, 3 4 Glee Club Pianist 1 2 3 Mixed Ensemble 3 Girls' Trio 4 Chapel Committee 4 Class Vice Pre - sid Annual Staff 4 BILL KAMMAN G Glee Club 1 Basketball 2. 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Treasurer 3 Class Play 3, 4 City Desk 3, 4 BETTY DAILEY Geneva High Scho 1 o 1 Glee Club 1 2 3 . -, , 4 Choir 1 DUANE SHOEMAKER Geneva High School 1, 2 B asketball 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1. 4 Class Play 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Class President 1, 4 Business Manager 3 Annual Staff 4 City Desk 3 S HOFSTETTER Geneva High School 1, 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Ch ' o1r 1, 2,3 4 Mixed Ensenible 3 Class Play 3, 4 Librarian 3 eneva High Schoo 43' W g , 1 aaa'-E ' i-""lV. 4 ff, ,,..,g K . .I G If- eff? "1 E ,V i 1 '-' ' . -1 5 x I I Q. ,ia M- Y 2, ' 1 ' ' 'M ,, 1 . X X151 V' ., .2-' . A - '-qu X 1 ' , . .... -4 YV Y? . WALTER BAILEY Geneva High School 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Octette 3 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Ensemble 3 Secretary-Treasurer of Boys Glee Club 4 Chapel Committee 4 BARBARA ROBINSON Geneva High Schoo Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 11.2,3,4 Glee Club Secretary 4 Class Play 3, 4 BILL PYLE Geneva High Schoo Baseball 2, 3, 4 11,2,3,4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 4 ESTHER MIESSE Geneva High School 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 3, 4 Class Play 3 Librarian 4 City Desk 4 DAVID SHEPHERD Geneva High School 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2 Track 1, 2 Class Play 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 4 Choir 4 Annual Staff 4 Class Treasurer 2 Class President 3 City Desk 3, 4 PHYLLIS RIGGIN Geneva High School 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Ensemble 3 Girls' Trio 4 Chapel Committee 4 Class Play 3 Annual Staff 4 City Desk 4 Geneva H Glee Club 3, 4 Choir 3, 4 Class Treasurer 4 Stage Manager 3, 4 ESTHER STUCKY Geneva High School 1. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3, 4 Business Manager 2 Class Secretary 4 Librarian 2 Mixed Ensemble 3 STANLEY TEETER DWIGHT MOSER igh School 1, 2, , 2, 3,4 ! Geneva High School 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer 1 Annual Staff 4 JANE VAN EMON Geneva High School Class Vice-President Class President 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Librarian 4 Class Play 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 BOB MILLER Geneva High Schoo , 9 Q 5 7, ,Y V M wtf M"""'3G' . 4 ,771 A ' 'f 12: at 'Ska 1. 2, 3, 4 it 1 ,. K L V' FN- ,,, ln gldf ' 2 M a 1, . Af A, ' 14 - 4 4 ,Q .Qpa X4 1 1, CMarion1z - Geneva Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4 Boys' Quartet 1, 2 Boys' Octette 3 Mixed ensemble 3 Class Vice-President 2 Class Secretary 3 NORMA WRIGHT ' Geneva High Scho Glee Club 1. 2. 3, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 3. 4 ol 1, 2, 3,4 4 Cheer Leader 1. 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Librarian 4 Senior Queen 4 Ag Golden Anniversar Seniors of 1898 Q 4m 1 f-fs . .Q ,Z . . Tl - Q M ,uyls 6: V 1 ff? ff y . i sz, A. -.. ww-'cggf X 1' W-. , 1898 CLASS Front Row-Grace Burke, Prof. J. E. Lung, Alice Addington. Back Row-Maude Wells. Lorene Miller, William C. Meeks, Norma Ward, Nora Congill. '98 REVIEW The time: the evening of Monday, May 9, 1898, The place: the Geneva M. E. Church. The weather, good. The new stage: brilliantly decorated for the occasion. Picture the stage with two American flags and a large banner with the class motto, "Ducimus, qui Sequenturf' fWe lead. motto, will follow?l, stretched between. The letters of nile green were placed on a white background providing the display of the class colors. The program: a huge success. The music: well applauded. Each member of the class delivered an oration. The valedictor- ian honors went to Miss Maude Wells, the class president. Her oration was "A Message to the Twentieth Centuryf Miss Alice Addington, the salutatorian, spoke on the subject, "Life's Boomerang." The following evening at the same place, a large audience once again assembled. The high light of the evening was the class address given by Dr. Joseph Swain, President of Indiana State University. He chose as his subject, "Essential Education." He said, "There is such a thing as misdirected education, but never too thorough or too much. We must build strong char- acters if we are to become a success in life." How well we, of 1948, could also heed these wise words. The presentation of the diplomas by Professor J. E. Lung, superintendent, followed. The Class of '99 climaxed the evening with a reception in honor of the graduates. But what has happened to these first graduates of the Geneva High School? Two of the seven, Mrs. Nora Cougall Myers and Mrs. Norma Ward Phillips, have passed away. Mrs. Phil- Fourteen lips, had three children and two step-children, and lived most of her life in Geneva, Unfortu- nately no information about Mrs. Myers could be found other than that she had no children and spent many years living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Miss Maude Wells taught school for three and one-half years, Not enjoying the work. she returned to college where she completed a business course. Her life as a secretary began with a law firm in Ft. Wayne. She was appointed business secretary of the Y. W. C. A. there. and collected most of the funds for the new building. Moving to Indianapolis she did secretarial work for James Whiteomb Riley. After his death, Miss Wells helped in the compiling of the Biographical Edition of his works. In 1924 she moved to Muncie to be secretary to B. J. Burris, the newly elected president of Ball State Teachers College. She remained secretary to the presidents for twenty-one years, Retiring in 1946. she now lives with her older sister in Muncie. Indiana. Mrs. Alice Addington Wells, wife of the late W. A. Wells. has resided in Geneva since her graduation. Dorothy, their adopted daughter, has found her place in music evangelism. Mrs. Wells has contributed greatly to the good citizenship of her community by losing herself com- pletely to the task of helping and uplifting others. Mrs. Lorene Miller Wallace, former secretary to the late Gene Stratton-Porter for seven years, was married at Limberlost Cabin, North, in 1315. Mrs. Wallace. who is the wife of the state entomologist, Frank N. Wallace, has 3 son, John, in research work in Philadelphia. Since the tragic passing of Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Waliace has written magazine articles, relative to her work with this famous author. She is a member of the Womans Press Club of Indiana and the Na- tional League of American Pen Women. Mr. W. C, "Bing" Meeks has been employed for the last nineteen years with The S. M. Jones Company of Toledo, Ohio, manufacturers of sucker rods for oil well pumping. as a Ufac- tory man," in charge of the state of Kansas. During the first month of work for this company he invented a "snap" or loose handle suckerrod wrench which has been widely distributed and is still on the market. Mr. Meeks was married to Miss Lora Madding. They have three children and nine grandchildren in whom their interests are greatly centered. Mr. Meeks enjoys music and gardening as his hobbies. He has composed a few tunes for the piano and grows lovely roses. Mrs. Grace Burke Titus dreamed of becoming an artist. After graduation she did study art: but later went to Indiana University and received an A. B. degree in comparative philology and A. M. degree in English. She studied English further at Columbia University. Mrs. Titus is now teaching English in Junior College at Mason City, Iowa, where she has lived for many years and where her husband, L. J. Titus, died several years ago. Mrs. Titus is still a Hoosier at heart. First Row-Norma Ward Phil- V lips, deceased. Lorene Miller 2- ki VVallace, 3840 N. Capitol Ave- I nue. Indianapolis, Indiana. Miss ' Maude Wells. 710 N. Martin Ave- nue. Muncie, Indiana, Nora Cougill Myers, deceased. Second Row-Alice Addington Wells, Geneva. Indiana. William C. Meeks. 212 N. Beckley Drive. Wichita. Kansas. Grace Burke Titus, 412 E. State St., Mason 1 City, Iowa. l Fifteen 4. Q nf ' H, .,V ,Eh I, 4: Q " V , w , , , ., , 'K ul, W wk ' A xl -ML If 'I - , 1 ,, ' .Y .' F f, 1, . A JV , S , 1 . . 1 I W V L. 'A' -' .J 1' I V4 I Q' ,a, ' F5 f V , 3. 1 f ' wr , 1- : 4 4 --' .YA 'xr - F .- N.: ' ' sw. 4, ,QF N 1. ,-4, If-l'N-hfv' ' Jr' iw- 's if in rl f I K . Mr, il Q 'I 1 v X .NL 'I 1 A . 0" .' I l I1 ' ' ' I , I . n 1 ' '1 w. ,. '54 lv ' A1 1 ' , ,jr I , J 5 s x 1 1, I' ' P .1 1 1.1 'sei ,q .,'1 A-4 4 1 , .. A ,N ,Lb H 1 1 , 1 5. 4 mf. .' , 1.. 4 .ln ' ' ., fx ,N I A I xr., I Tv' Last Will and Testament We, the Senior Class of 1948, of Geneva High School, being of sound minds, broad- ened by the four years of education in the aforesaid high school, and realizing that the day of departure is near at hand, do declare and publish our last will and testament, which is as follows: I, Walter Bailey, do hereby will my ability to get out of the assembly to anyone who can think of as many excuses as I could. I, Bill Bauman. will my good behavior in Miss Jackson's assembly period, to Ray- mond Mathys. I, Dick Clapp, will my ability to :-:tay up late and still come to school the next day, to Roscoe Purdy. I, Betty Dailey, will by ability not to talk too much to Helen Everhart and my desk to any member of the Junior Class who will promise not to write on it. I, Betty Doherty, being of sound mind a id body. do hereby will my ability to be the first girl in my class to get a diamond to Betty Farlow. I, Mary Lou Hofstetter, being of sound mind and body. do hereby will my beloved health book to Evelyn Snow, on the condition that she will cherish it as much as I have in the past year. I, Phyllis Hofstetter, do hereby will my naturally curly hair to Jeannine Reasoner, also, my ability to cut up and not get caught to Dorothy Farlow. I, William Kamman, do hereby and herewith will my fast and accurate typing abil- ity, which is fifteen words per minute, to Bob Farrar. I, Max Mattax, being of sound body and not so sound mind, will my ability to go with the same girl as many as three times in succession to Ambitous Ambrose, tBob Farrarl. I, Esther Miesse, being of sound mind and body f?l, do hereby will my ability to get into mischief and get out to anyone who can get away with it. I, Bob Miller, will my ability to enjoy classical music to Cap Nevil, and my ability to stay dateless throughout high school to Bob Farrar. I, Dwight Moser, being of sound body but weak mind, hereby will my quiet disposi- tion to whomever can best use it. I, Bill Pyle, being of sound mind f I hopel, will by intelligent actions in my high school days to Tom Robinson and Carrnania Fields, and my ability as a star basketball player to John Reasoner. I, Phyllis Riggin, do hereby will my ability to get along with Miss Jackson to Joe Potter twho needs it badlyl. I, Barbara Robinson, will the extra books in my desk to anyone who does not pass his exams this last semester. I, David Maurice Shepherd, of sound mind, do hereby will by ability to heckle Miss Jackson to Bob Farrar and my position as a bench-warmer in basketball to John Stan- ley and Harold Smith to help Geneva win ball games next year. I, Duane Shoemaker, being of sound mind and body, do hereby and herewith will my ability to stay clear of the girls to Bob Farrar. I, Enid Sprunger, being of sound mind and body C'?l, do hereby bequeath my ability to chew gum in class without getting caught to Carmania Fields. I, Esther Stucky, will my ability to get along with Miss tTressieJ Glendening to Marjorie Affolder. I, Stanley Teeter, of almost sound mind, do hereby will my ability to hold my tem- per to a very bright junior, Sherry Potter. Since my fellow classmates are leaving their priceless possessions, I, Jane Van Emon, leave. I, Norma Wright, do hereby will my chewing gum to the waste paper basket! I, Norma Zurcher, do hereby will my quiet disposition to Vernon Nevil. The foregoing instrument was signed by the said Senior Class as their last will and testament in our presence, and, at their request and in the presence of each other, we subscribe hereunto our names as witnesses, this fourth day of May, 1948. Enid Sprunger Betty Dailey Esther Stucky Betty Doherty Prophecy 110 YEARS LATER? It was a warm August day in 1958 that we decided to see whether Madame Sultana tap pearing at the Geneva World's Fairl could tell us where the members of the 1948 graduating class of Geneva High School were now. When we were settled inside her tent. Sultana gazed into her crystal ball. "Eek!" she cried. "A mouse! Gopher! Eek!" To our surprise it was only Dick Clapp, who. in trying to slip into a side show, had acci- dently entered Sultana's tent. He told us that he was an announcer for radio station WACKY, Geneva and, although he was well paid, he still enjoyed slipping into side shows. After Dick had gone fthe same way he had enteredl Sultana returned to her crystal ball. "I see a basketball game." she said. "The Redheads are playing at Ft. Wayne. The score is 39-38, Ft. Wayne leading. With less than a minute left to play, Barbara Robinson. Redheads' star player, shoots from near the center of the floor. The ball zips through the net as the gun cracks. Robinson has won the game for the Reds. By the way, Barbara had to dye her hair when she joined the team." Next Sultana told us that Betty Doherty had married "one of the Jones boys." Betty and Larry are living in Hartford City and have two "Jones boys" of their own now. Stanley Teeters is the "friendly undertakerw in Geneva and from all appearances is doing quite well. His customers never complain. We were not surprised when Sultana told us that Bill Bauman lived on a one hundred eighty acre farm located near Berne. Bill has the largest Boxer kennels in Indiana. Bauman's Boxers are nationally known. He has given up farming to devote his time to the Boxers. Yes, Bill has gone to the dogs. We were surprised, though, to learn that Mary Lou Hofstetter was now wife of the manager Of G6Y19V3'S 13I'g9St reSOI't hotel, "LirIiberlost Haven." Mary Lou acts as hostess at the hotel's many fashionable parties. Jane Van Emon became a secretary after graduation but she gave the job up when she married her boss. Now she's the boss. Max Mattax is now a math teacher at Porter Memorial High School in Geneva. The school was erected on North Main treet when Wabash, Jefferson. and Hartford 'Townships consolidated their schools. The old high school building is used for a consolidated Junior High. Norma Wright is the owner-manager of a smart dress shop, The Sub-Deb. located in Bluff- t0H- Norma m3keS at least TOUI' bllyiflg tI'iDS H year to the fashion centers of America Her fastest moving fashions are usually those created by Phyllis Riggin. Phyllis. whose creations are shown in all leading fashion magazines, has her office in St. Louis. After gfadllatien Phyllis H0fS'fe'iT6'I' Went to Kansas City where she took six months training for a flight stewardess. She then became a TWA stewardess on the flight between Chicago and W3ShiHSt0Uv D- C- She kept this job until she married the co-pilot. who, says Phyllis. "100kS m0I'e like GUY Madison than HHYOHG I've seen yet." They reside in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago. David Shepherd. according to Sultana. is a successful criminal lawyer in Chicago. He's Won beth Of his Cases. Dave graduated from Indiana University's School of Law in June, 1955. Norman Zurcher, after attending Ft. Wayne Bible Institute, became a missionary to China. There he met and married another missionary. They will soon return to the States on furlough. One of our Cardinal stars, Bill Pyle, now plays for the Zollner Pistons. We understand he made an average of 21 points a game last year. Dwight Moser is busy caring for the aches and pains of many Geneva residents. Dwight has his naprapathic office in the building that Dr. Price formerly occupied. Our classmate, Esther Miesse, is Madame Schumann-Fink of "Met" fame. She has sung leads in several well known operas since making her debut three years ago in New York City. "Professors William Kamman and D. F. Shoemaker have their rocket ship on display here at the Fair," Sultana informed us. "They are now making plans to take Walter Bailey and his wife, the former Esther Stucky, with them on their next good will flight to Mars. Bobby Miller is conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and Enid Sprunger is the featured pianist. When the season closes Enid plans to go on a concert tour. The pro- ceeds will go toward founding the Sprunger Conservatory of Music in Indianapolis. "Your sponsor, Mrs. Van Matre, has settled down on the farm with Chip," we were told. "They have a little 'Chip off the old block' now." "What became of Betty Dailey?" we asked, only to have Sultana reply, "Why, I'm Bettyf' Then she explained that she had taken the job when the real Sultana became ill and that she had found most of her information in the 1958 Legend of the Limberlost. Betty's real job is keeping house for her family. SEBVGIIICEII Senior Poem A is for alphabet, so famous in our day, With C. I. O. and E. R. P., B. O, and A. A. A. So we would like to use it for our also, famous class By naming a letter to describe each lad and each lass B is for Bill Bauman of Geneva High. Down the halls he strolls leisurely by. Nothing excites him, he never hurries, Speeding production is the least of his worries. C is for Clapp who's good at skipping school. And always ready to play a game of pool, Everyone recognizes Dick by his walk, And he s nevei been known to miss a chance to talk D is for Betty Doherty, a very pretty girl, With her ready smile and her soft brown curl, Betty's sky was gray, when along came Larry, And now her heart is as light as a fairy. E is for Esther Stucky, a glamourous gal, Who is said to be a very jolly pal, Blond and pretty, and quite petite, Walter Bailey thinks she's very sweet. F is for fun, that describes Bob Miller. When he starts in he's just a killer, He has a host of friends and very few foes. And we know He'll make music wherever he goes. G stands for a very pretty, dark-eyed girl, Who's a very good citizen, never known to quarrel Just give Phyllis Riggin a friendly smile or two. And she's almost sure to smile right back at you. H is for Hofstctter, a girl of girls. One with a multitude of tiny black curls, To most even' disease Phyllis is immune, But GUESS WHO simply leaves her in a swoon. I is for an ideal Senior Class. Right down to every lad and lass, There're eleven girls and twelve boys, Who've gained their share of knowledge and poise, J is for Jane Van Emon. who laughs a lot, Once she starts. she'll never stop, She's really the fun and frolic of our gang, When she's around things go with a bang! K is for Kamman, a classroom sage, Reads his Caesar quickly page by page, Dark and handsome, slim and tall. Bill really is the leader of us all. L is for a loyal pal of the Class of '48, Her name is Betty Dailey and her ranking is first-rate, She's rather tall and has eyes of blue, She's a real friend both tried and true, M is for Mary Lou Hofstetter with soft blue eyes, Who seems to rate A-1 with all the handsome guys, She generally has an innocent look, But prefers love stories to any text book. N is for our yell leader named Norma, And Wow! you should see her form-ah! Shes very gay and loves to tease, And hardly ever fails to please. Eighteen 0 is for organizer, at which Duane rates high, We won't worry about him, because he'll get by, He's the President of our class and has a friendly grin, Which helps him many a friend to win. P is for Pyle, Bill, our smiling carrot-top, In basketball he'll never falter nor flop, He's the captain of our mighty Cardinal team, And with the rest of them he has a lot of steam. Q is for the quiet one in our class. Yes, Dwight Moser is scared of every lass, In the classroom he is studious but shy, But he could get a girl if he'd try. R is for Robinson, who is rather tall, A right good sport, Barbara, who plays basketball, Not too serious, she takes life with a grin, Even when it gives her a sock on the chin. S stands for Sprunger, who has talent in the musical ine. At playingthe piano Enid really does fine. Besides being slender and pretty, too. She has a personality that helps carry her through. T stands for Teeter, Stanley, the friendlv undertaker, Who smiles at everyone from butcher to baker, Chuckles out loud when he hears a sneeze or cough, Hoping some microbe will cause you to upop off." U is for understanding, of which Esther Miesse has some. But most of the time she's cracking her gum. Over toward Celina. she often wends her way, Though just why, we cannot say. V is for Van Matre-the apple of our eye. The one we'll remember by and by, She tackles things with never a fear, This teacher whom we hold so dear, W is for Walter Bailey, who just staved and stayed, For some unknown reason he was being delayed, Esther just told me the reason right now, He wanted to propose and didn't know how, X is for X-ray. to examine David Shepherd. One dav he's a lamb and the next he's a leopard, Up the ladder of success he should "go with a bound." For F mgre aggressive member in our class cannot be oun . Y is for a youth. who has a lot of knowledge. Max Mattax knows more than some who've been to college, With a lot of common sense within those brains, His world of business should have many gains. Z is for Zurcher-silent and strong. On a farm he just naturally seems to belong' Norman has a roguish grin that he'l1 display, Whenever you chance to smile his way. NowAwf'v42 said our Senior Alphabet from letters o . We hope you'll not forget us wherever we may be: Although we've had our share of frivolity and fun, We hope to show some Msterner stuff" before our lives are done. Name Walter Bailey Bill Bauman Dick Clapp Betty Dailey Betty Doherty Mary Lou Hofstetter Phyllis Hofstetter Bill Kamman Max Mattax Esther Miesse Bob Miller Dwight Moser Bill Pyle Phyllis Riggin Barbara Robinson David Shepherd Duane Shoemaker Enid Sprunger Esther Stucky Stanley Teeter Norma Wright Jane Van Emon Norman Zurcher Mrs. Van Matre Personality Chart Favorite Saying Characteristic "Sock-a-de-bush" Singing Hey! Tressie' Ears Shut Up Shepherd ! Feet Oh! Man! Well! Gee! Whiz! For cows sake! Oh, Heavenly Days! You know very well! Well, I must be shovelin' off! Drop dead! Oh, you silly thing! Huh! Oh! I did not! Oh! Corn! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ye! Gods! Doggone! You Guys! My Cow! Hey! Hey! Kid-O! You dumb cluck! Oh, Yeah! That was the second bell! Bashfulness Diamond Ring Shining Hair Cracking gum Witty Hair Coffee Nerves Handsome His smile Carrot Top Her swing Her giggle Running the class Glamour boy Neatness Pug nose Temper Long Hair Dark eyes Quietness Patience Idol Frank Sinatra Lil Abner Stalin Van Johnson Larry Her Boss Guy Madison Kay Kayser CProfessorl Imagine Them Being an angel Good writer Not telling wild tales Not sleeping in the assembly Being short Not thinking about Bud Not flirting Not Studying G-Man CGirl ManDBeing handsome Dorothy Dix Toscanini The Farmer in the Dell Norma Irene "The Daisies" Phyllis Jackson Fibber McGee All girl orchestra '? '? ? Digger-O-Dell Mae West A secretary My teachers Chip Not getting mad over nothing Not liking music Not being witty Without a big wad of gum A Paris dress- maker Having excessive weight Being a Democrat Being slim Being bowlegged Old maid Not visiting Hunts secretary Not going with a guy from Bluffton Peroxide blond Smoking a cigar Hopping cars Nineteen I ,..-l 3--'- g ss S, V,-.A,..,., - ,M - F- lg ' 1 -f QT" V ,AW . f A ' ' ki "4" fi . gg, 1 5' ,Wa 13, . ,...I,,,. O' ,, 'Q , S W . W ig 1 1 r is v Y S g-we V N Y 'I ,Vg F.. A 1 1, 1 . A ,A s df - 1 . . ,' 'Q 'j. M f arg. .1 fs 1 ., ,,. A. .A M-.Q 1 Q - , . 'f---sv f fa n ... Q Eg, ,, z:2aG ,?' Q Q ,wifi . , 'Q X -22..MAM,-.X 4 2 ar ' Y5:5:.,.. . ..:..,:-rr' C w .ss S-23 ,MA J- , vii Q . 2. Nix cu. , A., wx A -:', ,RSF .. if Q .se CLASS OFFICERS Gene Amstutz - - - - President Paul Bauman ----- Treasurer Carl Hart ---- Vice-President Margie Tester ---- Secretary Class Colors Class Flower Blue and White White Carnation Class Motto "Always B sharp, never B flat" GRADE 11-Dorothy Owens Row I 1. Dorothy Owens, sponsor, 2. Phyl- lis Burk. 3. Gene Amstutz, 4. Bob Call. Row II 1. Jarvis Steiner, 2. Helen Everhart, 3. Harold Smith, 4. Samuel Zuerch- cr. Row ITI 1. Kenneth Teeter, 2. Margie Tester, 3. Paul Bauman, 4. Kenneth Nevil. Row IV 1. Don Kelley, 2. Waneta Moser, 3. Carl Hart, 4. Tom Fennig. Row V 1. Roscoe Purdy, 2. Betty Alice Farlow, 3. Jim Runkel, 4. Sheridan Potter. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY In September, 1945, a group of thirty-four students were enrolled in the' freshmen class of Geneva High School. Our sponsor was Mrs. Owens, and we elected the following officers: president. Mar- gie Testerg vice-president. Harold Smith: secretary, Kenneth Nevilg treasurer, Gene Amstutz. As Sophomores we found that eleven classmates of the preceding year were not among us. Roscoe Purdy came to join us. Twenty- three members were now enrolled. The following officers were elect- ed: president, Carl Hart: secretary, John Stanleyg treasurer, Tom Fen- nig. In September, 1947 We entered Geneva School as "Juniors" with Mrs. Owens still being our sponsor. We became a class of nineteen, hav- ing lost four members. Our offic- ers for the year are: president, Gene Amstutz: vice-president, Carl Hart, secretary, Margie Tester, treasurer, Paul Bauman: business manager, Harold Smith. On October 17, we presented our class play, "A Pair of Country Kids" by Vivian Maya. Some other important events of our junior year were the selection and arrival of our class rings. oper- ating the candy stand, and the Jr.- Sr. Reception. Sophomores CLASS OFFICERS Wesley Miller - - - Treasurer Jerry Rockey ---- President Howard Booher - Vice-President Carmania Fields - - - Secretary Class Colors Class Flower Red and White Red Rose Class Motto "Ever upward, Ever onward" GRADE 1 0-Phyllis Jackson ROW I 1. Phyllis Jackson, sponsor, 2. John Rcasoner. 3. Mary Alice Jones. -1. Howard Booher, 5. Melvena Burry. Row II 1. Kenneth Doherty, 2. Mildred Settle, 3. Joe Potter, -I. Beverly Parr, 5. Max Stucky, Row III 1. Carniania Fields, 2. Bill Arni- strong, 3. Rebecca Hart, 4. Wesley Miller, 5. Connie Craig. Row IV 1. Jerry Rockey, 2. Betty Hend- ricks, 3. Jerry Parr, 4. Nadean Manning, 5. Eugene Schindler. Row V 1. Paul Zuercher, 2, Levina Nevil, 3. Alice Meyers, 4.Tom Robinson, 5. Marjorie Affolder. Row VI , 1. Merlin Bixler, 2. Betty Brew- ste-r, 3. Vernon Nevil, 4. Warren Bailey, 5. Jeannine Reasoner, ROW VII 1. Robert Farrar, 2. Morris Agler, 3. Joe Potter, 4. Carniania Fields. 5. Bill Armstrong. SOPHOMORE ' CLASS HISTORY In September, 1946, a group of thirty-nine students was enrolled in the freshman class of Geneva High School. After we were in school a few days, we found our sponsor would be Miss Phyllis Jackson. We elected officers for the coming year as follows: Presi- dent Beverly Parr: Vice-President, Joe Potter: Secretary. Jeannine Reasoner: Treasurer. 1fVesley Miller, Newsreporter, Vernon Nevil. On August 28, 1947, We entered the Geneva High School as bold Sophoinores. Our group had now decreased to thirty-five nieinbers. New officers were elected as fol- lows: President, Jerry Rockeyi vice-president, Howard Bcoherg secretary. Carniania Fields? treasur- er, 'Wesley Miller: Newsreporter. Bob Farrar. ES'Wy.l:fg,i': X1 P, EN 'W P da M. xv ...Xl ry .b "" 1 ' . . -as M.. L 523 W- X -A f" 13.13, Q . L3 1- ,J M ig A rg ...fs A c fa? gi to 'oi' ' ' ' L...--ia-----,sw 5, ' 4- . . I I Q .V QS 5 ,, 3 A an . 5 J ' A .Q " W' Si -ai , " "' ,- "' fm . 'mr Y W I., X - -.' if 1 ' fm, T' x - 435.-mL . 'f' l I i ' V X i we I -- Q X if .. ai S ww Q, ,F .. S'-if iff. A X' 5' ' I' ,.. . , 19 f .1 fx ,JS M' . A 'Tl M 1 - -a , -. W.. . , A. I Q . V XX xi' ff' - s .1 ' 2 ' 1 ,ga 5535 A A F, .4 Y K an Q 5.5 is , 9 M 4 , Y, ,wg I 1, 1, Qt . Aj ' ,:,' --4. 1 ' 5 . XVA 'JN V 'A A -vp. 'Q ,EQ Q " T 3 ga U .fa N fi" f ki 2 N mt Q- --af .k 1 3 11 , L 'Q qw A A A A -- ff sw. ..-A M., AA, 6? it rr A 'A xiwf? ' 4 I A ,.. I g , 4.24 lift 2 .,.. 3 A Aa '-TT2 ' 5 ' ---- "WW" ' N. V ,A gi -...sf V f A I as s I . Aw 5 V --,sp JK ts raw "' -A p . :gin I A4 Lg, A' ' u gg, W ,,,,gv '- A VI f a 1 x ' t 1' -. in Q ' If' ., i ,- .... i 'S . .V Y ' agfgff 1 A JA A W Q? ., 1 A 5 ' .af A g - . ' A A- ' a 'J-A ' 1:24- '--' , V ' K as mf E14 Q A l A A 525 .- A fy? FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS Geraldine Nevil - - - Treasurer EVG1Yn Snow - - - Secretary Dorothy Farlow - - - President Raymond Mathys Vice-President Class Colors Purple and Silver Class Flower Yellow Carnation Class Motto "Live and Learn" GRADE 9-Margaret Rhoades Row I 1. Margaret Rhoades, sponsor, 2. Gordon Moser, 3. Raymond Mathys, 4. Evelyn Snow, 5. Bob Myers. Row II 1. Laura Billington, 2. Lee Haines, 3. Bernadine Brunner, 4. Roger Coons, 5. Rita Robinson. Row III 1. Allen Zurcher. 2. Geraldine Nevil, 3. Gerald Nevil, 4. Patsy Ralston. 5. Don Call. Row IV 1. Helen Morningstar, 2. Tom Weaver. 3. Dwight Dailey, 4. Jose- phine Nelson, 5. Max Parr. Row V 1. Boyd Nevil, 2. Dorothy 3. Loris Foreman, 4. Gloria Lybarg- er, 5. Darrel Burgess. Fa rlow, 1. Mary Alice Teeter. 2. Farlow, 3. Amos Schwartz, 4. Bar- bara Schwartz, 5. Bernadine Brun- ner. Bruce FRESHIVIAN CLASS HISTORY On September 2, 1947, a group of thirty timid till freshmen enter- ed the assembly. Sliding into the new life was not so difficult as most of us had thought it would be. Mrs. Rhoades was chosen as our class sponsor. We had our first class party on September 26, 1947, at the home of Gloria Lybarger. Everyone join- ed in the fun, and there were no serious casualties. We were enthusiastic and willing to take our share in the school ac- tivities. Several of the boys were ' on the second team, and Evelyn Snow was elected second team cheer leader. Our class was well represented in both the boys, and girls' glee clubs. We have had a pleasant year and are looking forward to three more successful years that will make us the "Seniors of '51." 9 1 " - .- 3 - , 3 1- '- ref G QP 0 9 -7- AC 4' re . , R 'wi' -A , i -1 45:1 , ' r 4-15 Q1 bi "av ,fir 1 . is i -1 xrfqg 1 5 4 -Q ., , 4 QF, Q., .. - if is . .U " . 5 1 ' a- .f , fi' - f -.LS - - sa.. Rr - , A H V -A4 ,YL-.. ..., ' Q. . :,a -f , W ,b " B.. 'A ' a. " ., '. gd, S 1 swif t 5 5 fg., . a , 1 . A r 4 it J 4 f . R A .-.. 1 . S P 3 1 J: -'rf' .2 K ' ' 1 " if 3 5 r M 1 ' f- 3 R N . -A 4 gg K lj. ' -To-9 " ff A y .' f , ""'ii', -' .. - f- in nf ' 4 X I -S' Aon. N ' .L ,A ' ' ' ' A' . J lx 5 A . ' . , ' . . T 9 5- JW. . fi ff arf ' GRADE 8-'Raymond Van Emon ROWI-1, Raymond Van Emon, 2. Elizabeth Ann Burke, 3. Carolyn Sue Schisler. -1. Dean Penrod, 5. Majeska Nevil 6. Dickie Meyer, 7. Mary Ellen Call, S. Richard Hardv, 9. Joan Runkle, 10. Clara Baker. ROW II-1. Freddie Parr, 2. Edna Dailey, 3. Carl Hofstetter. 4. Sharon Bausser, 5. Henry Wagley, 6. Ruby Stucky, 7. Carl Lee Mann. 8. Marie Nevil. 9. Alice Hirschy, 10. Norman Koons. ROW III-1. Jackie Lawrence, 2. Harry John Moser. 3. Norma Ruth Smith, 4. Bobby Fravel, 5 Norma Sue Cook, 6. Laura Neuenschwander, 7. Keith Kelly, 8. Jayne Sprunger, 9. Connie Booher, 10. Harry Smith. ROW IV-1. Carolyn Farlow, 2. Patty Agler. 3. Lee Jay Marsh. 4. Marilyn Brewster, 5. Bill Manning, S. Nancy Drew, 7. Jimmy Zuercher, 8. Vera Foreman, 9, Ronnie Spade, 10. Dolly Uhrick. EIGHTH GRADE CLASS HISTORY In September 1947, 43 boys and girls were enrolled in the eighih grade of Geneva -7'-1Y1i01' High School. MF- RBS'- mond Van Emon is our teacher. Class officers elected for the Year STS NOI'm3 SUS Cook, Presidentz. Norman Koons. Vice-President: Vera Foreman, Sec. and Treasl. Those who have left our class .:,ar:ng the year are Nancy Drew, Joan Runkel. and Lee Jay Marsh. Norma Ruth Smith and Vera Foreman came into our class as new members this year. ,gi . K ' f 'H jk nil, , 5 5.7 F A. A - j w .,, , 19 ff f ' i 1 QMS .J J 'Va wgfxJg' 4 ix 9 , ' , . . O A 1 ,, 1 . ' i " " 1. 1 A , W +ve fs we . 1 . . . 1 I IT. X' JJ -cf as . gs gf 5 .1 fb wk J 4 lv 4 'ir V ig as FU . 'g '1f'wE.i ' f . .Q .. f- ,- , rm. 1? ,S A 7.1-is 'iillilf .4 L. -s GRADE 7-Harold Long ROW I-1. Harold Long, 2. Richard Thompson, 3. Jimmy Pyle, 4. Ray Affolder, 5. Elaine Meyer, 6. Gary Brewster, 7. Jimmy Mosser, 8. Shirley Fenstermaker, 9. Jimmy Bailey 10. Jerry Pace. ROW II-1. Mary Lou Bollenbacher, 2. MacSmith, 3 Richard Dudgeon, 4. Ilene Nevil, 5. David Stucky, 6. Ronnie Coons, 7. June Moser, 8. Joe'Amstutz, 9. Anna Hirshey, 10. Vincel Teeter, ROW III-1. Benjamin Neuenschwander, 2.- Kathleen Augsburger, 3. Billy Blowers, 4. Harvey Hendricks, 5. Paul lgiiward Reichert, 6. Earl Johnson, 7, MarJorie Neuenschwander, 8. Raymond Billington, 9, Roger Haines, 10. Charles ummer. ROW IV-1. Carol Amstutz, 2. Frederick Werst, 3. William Ralston, 4. Robert Penrod, 5. Burley Hough, 6. William Neu- enschwander. SEVENTH GRADE CLASS HISTORY The seventh grade of '47-'48 has 45 pupils, 28 boys and 17 girls. Harold Long is our homeroom instructor. In our first class meeting, three weeks after school started, the following officers were elected: President, David Stucky: gecretgry. Ctarol Amstutz: Treasurer, Shirley Fenstermaker. Two pupils left our class this yaer, Norma Runkel and ary rews er. G ' Wi . 6 ff . 1 . 4' 'S ' vw W' it .TL .Y ' J - 3 , Ji .. ---- 5 il? V it 7 Alai 4' W5-V. A , ' gif, -WJ A ' 2.2, .waz .fa . i +3 ' ai Hi.- 2 ' - 2 ' 4 F 'vat A Q ww, mf, . is P5 .fz is J , ' rl . ., ' r ' W Y Q N W 'J .. I I if 9 -if' -al Q' , - .4 Q Q qt 1 ,N ,ggi wx ga F 4: -ffl I f Q we W V .',-5 K 1 fa lx 'V Y' 'ai IA ll A E , A"" A ' 1 ' , .,"T.:'.1---Q is 11,1 . W 5. , -v X , ,, ff? "5 -1 ' i 4, i ...a-mi d ei ,mm 'em "' "W "'7'-Wg S.- A-ZH wwf? 1 , X- K 5.2 L A -SS I I 1 I . If 59" .AP A - 4. A 4 ,Z . .rf ww .w.1"' I SQL- il xl v 1 i 4 JYXNJA r ., .N af ' - fs . ,, ,aw ff, ,Sb 1 Y Y "M by . . i -M 1, ,QR XXX I N.,, 'AMX 'fi "fi 'fr fr rm.. . X 5 . fax pq, Q ,gms 'g . 'fp ff ,las f ' - '. ' in 4 ,,,., ,,,,,, . E 3 ' ' 1., . .VA 4 6 sf? LX at Mila .R-"ff '"' . - ti 'E ' f .653 I , H 95,51 v ' K V' x , I gl 3 , Q' , if liz . A 3 2-S1a'4:I!vr, J -' 'mf' , .rxrilfnrgiifff gw-g,,,,,4 J GRADE 6-Edith Walter Row I-1. Edith Walter, 2. Josephine Uhrick, 3. Sharon Kelly, 4. Robert Hofstetter, 5. Ruth Annette Amstutz, 6. Helen Baker, 7. Donald Dailey. Row II-1. Ronnie Rhoades, 2. Josephine Burgess, 3. Lloyd Ineichen, 4. Sharlene Flueckiger, 5. Wilbert Neuensch- wander, 6. Iris Cline, 7. David Robin- son. Row III-1. Elaine Hunt, 2. Jerome Ell- enbarger, 3. Carol Heeter, 4. Sharon Neal, 5. Bobby Schisler, 6. Elwin Van Emon, 7. Ruth Moser. Row IV-1. Walter Hirschy, 2. Sue Ly- barger, 3. Larry Bollenbacher, 4. Jean Lehman, 5. Barbara Baumgartner, 6. Roger Call, 7. Alice Norr. Row V-1. Harlene Hart, 2. Larry Hanni. GRADE 5-Esther Augsburger Row I-1. Esther Augsburger, 2. Ronnie Wagley, 3. Rosanna Norr, 4. Donald Bausser, 5. Linnet Sprunger, 6. Larry Kneuss, 7. Janean Moser. Row II--1. Jerry Tester, 2. Allan Farlow, 3. Marilyn Zuercehr, 4. Tom Clapp, 5. Ernest Haviland, 6. Garnet Fravel, 7. Larry Fenstermaker. Row III-l. Tom Craig, 2. Flora Stanley, 3. Roger Von Gunten, 4. Lyle Augs- burger, 5. Joyce Buckingham, 6. Jimmy Long, 7. Bert Affolder. Row IV-1. Roberta Mathys, 2. Robert Mathys, 3. Robert Doherty, 4. Marilyn Baker, 5. Dewayne Nevil, 6. Jay Campbell, 7. Paul Teeter. ' Row V-1. Joseph B. Schwartz, 2. Den- ver Neuenschwander, 3. Russel Thompson, 4. Ralph Haines, 5. Lonnie Hough. GRADE 4-Miss Kraner Row 1-1. Betty Kraner, 2. Charles Hir- shey, 3. Coleen Ellenberger, 4. Robert Amstutz, 5. Annette Gerber, 6. Paul Shimp, 7. Carol Weaver. Row II-1. Gene McCroskey, 2. Mar- jorie Norr, 3. Robert Hirschey, 4. Glenna Thompson, 5. Richard Biber- stein, 6. Ruth Teeter, 7. David Ralston. Row III-1. Marlene Sprowl, 2. Hugh Smith, 3. Maxine Runkel, 4. Harold Call, 5. Carol Franks, 6. Lawrence Farlow, 7. Shirley Morgan. Row IV-1. Kenneth Chrisman, 2. Nolan Koons, 3. Rosalie Jetmore, 4. John Simmons, 5. Carol Everhart, 6. Larry Simon, 7. Mary Ann Neuenschwander. Row V-1. Freddie Burke, 2. Sharilyn Hendricks, 3. Larry Parr, 4. Mark Hylton, 5. Esther Kneuss, 6. David Baumgartner, 7. Maxine Runkel, Row VI-1. James Kirchofer, 2. Bonnie Stucky, 3. Bruce Booher, 4. Allen Dale Sprunger, 5. Garth Sprunger. GRADE 3-Mrs. Shepherd ROW I 1. Blanche Shepherd 2. Glen Am- stutz 3. Sue Affolder 4. Jack Pace 5. Myrna Amstutz 6. Gene Burk- halter 7. Larry Amstutz 8. Geral- dine Flueckiger 9. Arthur Zuerch- er. ROW II 1. Pauline Bixler 2. Richard Fravel 3. Mary Wheeler 4. John Hough 5. Nancy Newcomer 6. Kenneth Von Gunten 7. Joyce Meyers 8. Paul Neal 9. Shirley Nevil. ROW III 1. Steven Bauman 2. Norene Far- low 3, Cecil Teeter 4. Lydia Sch- wartz 5. Jerry Hofstetter 6. Carol Call 7. Steven Sprunger 8. Larry Buckingham 9. Charlotte Fenster- maker. ROW IV 1. Wilber Burgess 2. Jake Sch- wartz 3. Clara Eicher -1. Larry Hunt 5, Dannie Craig 6. Rosella Davis 7. Roger Plummer 8. Allen Baumgartner 9. Lorene Neunsch- wander. ROW V 1. Ivan Nevil 2. Paul Irelan 3. Alice Lehman -4. Warren Yoder 5. Barbara J. Schwartz. GRADE 'I-KATHLEEN SHFCK ROW 1 1. Kathleen Shuck 2 Phyllis Beer 3. Joe Hough -1. Paulfne Zuencher 5. Tommy Dull 6. Tillman Smith 7. Barbara Hirschy ti. Larry Af- folder 9. Carolyn Gerber. ROW II 1. Joe Paul Gerber 2. Neva Von Gunten 3. Arthur Schindler 4. Rebecca Baker 5. Ashley Wheeler 6. Judith Wheeler 7. Ray Norr 8. Viola Eicher 9. Bobby Burk- halter. ROW III 1. Anna Margaret Beeler 2. Lor- enso Gomez 3. Elizabeth Kay Koblick -l. Calvin Franks 5. Evelyn Rose Mann 6. Billy Lehman 7. Ivan Chrisrnan 8. Carol Norr 9. David Augsburger. ROW IV 1. Dianna Kay Sprunger 2. Phillip Kneuss 3. Steven Sprunger -1. Jolena Meyers 5. Jay Bauman 6. David Parr 7. Larry Weaver. GRADE 2-DAIVNA FOSTNIGHT ROW I 1. Dawna Gamez 3. Uhrick 5. 6. Michael wartz 8. Nevil. ROW II 1. Michael er 3. Olen 5. George Shimp 7. Fosnight 2. Gilberto Donald Spade -l. Ethel Paul Neuenschwander Weaver 7. William Sch- Doris Nevil 9. Larry Sprunger 2. Vera Teet- Werst 4. Mickey Parr Runkie 6. Margaret David Steele 8. Carl Springer 9. Connie Striker. ROW III 1. Larry Tinkham 2. Eddie Pace 3. Janice Van Emon 4. Larry New- comer 5. Billy Schindler 6. Billy Tester 7. Mickey Parr 8. Rebecca Neuenschwander. GRADE 1-MISS FRAVEL ROW I 1. Catherine Fravel 2. Marvinx Biery 3. Loretta Minnick 4. Lynn Neuenschwander 5. Sue Bollen- bacher 6. Calvin Morgan 7. Jan- ette Farlow 8. Michael Collier 9. Rosalind Bauman. ROW II 1. Dickie Bene 2. Verena Eicher 3. Lester Affolder 4. Gloria Hendricks 5. Freddie Bixler 6. Judy Mc-Barnes 7. Dale Meyers B. Sharon Farlow 9. J. L. Davis ROW III 1. Jean Gerber 2. Katherine Hir- schy 3. Jerry Manning 4. Carolyn Gerber 5. Phyllis Beberstein 6. Jerry Mosser 7. Frances Eicher 8. MarJorie Gerber 9. Joy Ever- hart. ROWIIV 1. .Richard Hough 2. Marcella Dailey 3. Connie Brewster 4. Bill Lybarger 5. Judy Bailey. Q me W QW' -,.,. f. ff ,QQ in ' ' f 5' G fi Ai f-3' R 1 I . V3 .xr X. l 5- ..fZ.i'xl! 1 .411 sl 'ffl 'f7"5:i ' , G I-vi . .Q .el . - .41 f. fs, U' 2. S Nw L ' 1' 14 ,1 " - 'F e A ff' t I 'fe' P f'1i .- ' 'u" 4-825255 If ' . ,- Q - F we Hp., 2,3 . Ai? f Qian A fp X jf' Q .2, I ' 1 .1 1 ti .mi Y 7. f- A I ef af' -sa --F, -A .R 7 . 1 3 7 1- ' ' . 1 Q - '- X .. ' ' J. J- - 1 wi- l Je ' 'J E M " ,Fi 1 .1 . W..-:Qin I'-'lf' fm 'QA snag., .L . vj, 1 ' 1 j :- LLL hi -. J.-f s .51 ,, ,f life? .Q 6 , .4 -ff 7A X. W ad' Q J . f . 'fi we 'gh .. w , l OI' mp ,I Y'-Kit A .xy .AQCJIQ 7 ig ' .Y ll get . Q ' W x ,, ,- Q 1 1 if !.- - 555-3 , ,A Ig J- " A I 'I' . W- . 53322. E 5 1 117 ' - f 11 A H E-5, Q wi' , ' .V .. if-Q an I Q r - H' ' ' 4' I s F ' . ' 1 nn- AE .1 . J' Aix lin i -- -few-am alma Aa.: 'iff-' az :g "r L 'lem' '4 W Y' rr. . .. QW I - """ 3"aX""'m 1X"'f .gf ffl., -rX.f..s . "'2"' a - 1 'Ki ara ..+' sp, .rv I 'Qing "' .,., Y A I L .I A -.11 5-59: I i 'L' 1. iit ffl.. . L A 'S ff. Q A y Feb are lenlef N: 'riff 'Y' 'rf "' A - ' -',-2' lid' N Q 'fm' yy. ,Af 2 'Y Sit I I af-iifffzi .2 EJ 5.1 ACA. ..i' Gif, if at L' 'dial eq! OA ---' . ,J , K7 A' .f . .41 .M ,a 'att A-et.. .an .33 I L-54' is 'Tv 6' '13 Q-SI, 44-1' 'calf .1-sen, . x . I . I li ., ., filmilihfl 5' r l l . . 1" '. 7. .Lf , Q 36 n :"' 4 ml l 'n '. IA 'Yi Hfrxa. 7' 4 A- " W ' 5 if I 'V K-7,1 .AIS . H Bd. R .- ,."' .1 1 .5 - . r 2 2 ' -L e I - A 7 I 1 - A. il fi 1. .xiii 4 ef. J Y A K " s . fi 5' ti' df I ' Q .U .A e .a L, , :fs-7 Q? . 'il . -..C1i.L if.i...1.Y4 . 4. Q nf ' H, .,V ,Eh I, 4: Q " V , w , , , ., , 'K ul, W wk ' A xl -ML If 'I - , 1 ,, ' .Y .' F f, 1, . A JV , S , 1 . . 1 I W V L. 'A' -' .J 1' I V4 I Q' ,a, ' F5 f V , 3. 1 f ' wr , 1- : 4 4 --' .YA 'xr - F .- N.: ' ' sw. 4, ,QF N 1. ,-4, If-l'N-hfv' ' Jr' iw- 's if in rl f I K . Mr, il Q 'I 1 v X .NL 'I 1 A . 0" .' I l I1 ' ' ' I , I . n 1 ' '1 w. ,. '54 lv ' A1 1 ' , ,jr I , J 5 s x 1 1, I' ' P .1 1 1.1 'sei ,q .,'1 A-4 4 1 , .. A ,N ,Lb H 1 1 , 1 5. 4 mf. .' , 1.. 4 .ln ' ' ., fx ,N I A I xr., I Tv' NB iw. 5 'E a Glamour Boy!! The Wind-up. Mrs. Shepherd and her 'little' y. John's Blitzbuggy . . Ah! Looka there, ain't she pretty? Vernon and the girls . . . Supremacy over 'LRapid" Robert. Freshman Beauties. Our Smiling Sponsor. 51: s Eighth grade debs. Smilin' Margie. fxix -fexyw Nf 1 o w , H K o aj ii n f-x., off' 'a li por s ' 1925, I , ,,- Athletics . . . colorful . . . hectic . . . where f f,' ,Qxxg character is built in the thud of body again- !f A,1fi l 'l f st body, the swish of the ball through the Hp , at ' ' nets, the flash of spikes on the baselines . . . 1'UJ" ' wi QU' that part of the various curricula at which . yi' cl scattered student interest comes to a focus -,fffsfkxw h . . . athletics . . . that is the ingredient that 5 m y X ' puts the "high" into high school. S is z Twenty'-sex n The first team had a very successful year, winning ten and los- ing nine games. The boys played steady ball all even though good year they had very tough go- ing in some of their losses. In the county tour- ney we won our first game and had a very hard-to-take loss in our second game since the score was so close. We lost to Hartford in the sectional, the first game of the tourney, but the boys played a fine game just the same, We say "good luck" to the boys for next yea r. Twenty-eight HG!! Bill Bauman Stanley Teeter John Stanley Tom Fennig Carl Hart Bill Kamman Bill Pyle Bob Farrar David Shepherd Tom Robinson Duane Shoemaker Max Mattay Principal Hunt and Coach Mullin Basketball Scores and Schedule Geneva 21 - Petroleum 36 Geneva 37 - Berne 48 Geneva 45 - Monroe 32 - Decatur 42 Geneva 48 - Geneva 22 Geneva 63 Geneva 27 Geneva 60 Geneva 23 Montpelier 36 Jefferson 30 Kirkland 30 - Bryant 23 Hartford 47 Geneva 37 - Monmouth 59 COUNTY TOURNEY Geneva 48 - Pleasant Mills 33 Geneva 26 - Monmouth 29 Geneva 38 - Pleasant Mills 20 Geneva 32 - Monroe 27 Geneva 68 - Poling 29 Geneva 36 - Pennville 30 Geneva 44 - Decatur Catholic 41 Geneva 12 - Hartford 30 SECTIONAL TOURNEY Geneva 25 - Hartford 32 li. LEADERS "We're the mighty Card- inals. No one any prouderf' This is the most popular yell of the season--and no vvonder' The many new types of yells this year have made Norma Wright, M a r g i e Tester, Jeannine Reasoner, and Evelyn Snow a quartet of cheerleaders we'll never forget. We'll be seeing Margie. Jeannie and Evelyn next year, and to Norma we say, "You did a fine job, thanks a lot." CUACH Last fall, when school began for another tor- turous eight and one half months, the faculty was proud to accept the new coach, Marvin Mullin, as a member. He has done a swell job this year. coaching and managing the baseball and basketball teams. We wish him all the luck in the years to come and thanks a lot Y Y Y STUDENT MANAGER "Hey, Where'd all that hot water go? How about a towel? Get another roll of tape?" That's just a sample of what our student manager must endure. Vernon Nevil has done a swell iob the past years keeping the baseball and basketbgll teams running in shipshape form. Twenty -nine 'QP L 1 .1 I I1 nq., nn :pb H 'Y Ing!! BILL KAMMAN Senior-Center Our steady center, who handled the backboard in fine shape and was also a good long shot. BILL PYLE Senior-Guard Captain of the team and one of the high scorers in every game. CARL HART Junior-Forward A good aggressive man who helped take off many of the rebounds this year and build up many a score. BOB FARRAR Sophomore-Center A fine rebound man who will shape up into a fine regular center next year. TOM ROBINSON Sophomore-Guard A fine aggressive ball player who will improve with experience. STANLEY TEETER Senior-Guard A good shot and fine ball handler. JOHN STANLEY Junior-Forward Our best scorer for the season who will be a valuable cog in the team next year. BILL BAUMAN Senior-Forward A good guard and a fine ball handler. HAROLD SMITH Junior-Guard The fastest player on our team and a fine guard. DUANE SHOEMAKER Senior-Forward A good long shot and a very aggressive defense man. Second Te m TOP ROW-Coach Mullin, Don Kelly, John Reasoner, and Warren Bailey. MIDDLE ROW-Bill Armstrong, Gordon Moser, Paul Bauman, Bob Call. Howard Booher, and Max Stucky. BOTTOM ROW-Darrel Burgess, Bob Meyer, Gerald Nevil, Torn Weaver, Don Call, THE 1941-1948 SEASON We They Petroleum Hartford ........ Berne ......... ...... M onmouth ........ Monroe ...... ..... P leasant Mills Decatur Monroe ........ Montpelier Poling ......... Jefferson ...... ...... P ennville ..o........ Kirkland . Decatur Catholic Bryant ..... Hartford ............ We They 22 42 24 28 27 20 34 35 38 14 20 22 27 36 23 31 Th rfy One Baseball TOP-BACK ROW-Coach Mullen, John Stanley, Roscoe Purdy, Bob Farrar, Max Mattax, Bill Pyle, and Carl Hart. BOTTOM ROW-Bob Call, Tom Robinson, Bill Bauman, Walter Bailey, Don Kelly, Torn Fennig, and Student Manager Vernon Nevil. BOTTOM LEFT-Bill Pyle, our best hitter. BOTTOM CENTER-Bob Call, our catcher. RIGHT-Bill Bauman, our star pitcher. Our baseball team was lacking in experience this year, but with a little more practice they will shape up into a fine team next year. The team will lose four play- ers ,but will gain a fine group of young players for next year. SCHEDULE We They We They Monroe ...... ...... 1 1 6 Monroe ....... .. 9 10 Berne ....... ..... 1 15 Berne ....... .. 3 28 irl Sports The freshmen girls are the only ones participating in girls' sports this year. During the year they have enjoyed softball, basketball, volleyball, and various other activities, with Mrs. Rhoades as their instructor. We hope they will keep up the good Work and, to these girls, We say, "Nice Going." LEFT-Freshman pyramid. UPPER RIGHT-Folk dance. BOTTOM RIGHT-Top row--Rita Robinson, Joe Nelson. Evelyn Snow Geraldine Nevil, Patsy Ralston, Laura Billington, and Mrs. Rhoades. BOTTOM ROW-Gloria Lybarger, Dorthy Farlow, Mary Teeter, Helen Morningstar, and Bernadine Brunner. Tlt --T' th 1. s is A Q is 1 KM'-X fixjw I C I L J' V 'fi Q Z2 ef. N29 ,L , V 3:!:l'5qq j 5 XJ K pfcvcxkby X I ygf?75.kJ I x lwljihlglwlf 1 A WWl,rl11u1W" xf X-X 5 I L bv ' l, 4 ' Zxfgf 74 Acti ities "If you can't be a pine on the top of the hill Be a scrub in the valley, but be The best little scrub by the side of the rill: Be a bush if you can't be a tree. We can't all be captains, some have to be crew. There's something for all of us here, There's work to be done, and we've all got to do Our part in a way that's sincere. If you can't be a highway, then just be a trailg If you can't be a sun, be a star: It isn't by size that you win or failg Be the best of whatever you are? Thirty-f ive Annual Staff .NXT- -dsx s V. , r amlfv- -2 Q" 4:w,.3M -X .X -2.1. PX ,, .D .1 TOP PICTURES-Bill Kamman, editorg Bill Pyle, assistant editorg Duane Shoemaker, pic- ture editor: Stanley Teeter, circulation managerg Jane Van Emon, alumni directoryg Enid Sprunger, literarv editorg Mary Lou Hofstetter, alumni directoryg David Shepherd, sports editorg Phyllis Rid in t d't ' "' ' ' gg , ar e 1 or, Norma Vifiight alumni directory. BOTTOM PICTURES-Bill Pyle, assistant ezlitor, and Bill Kamrnan, editorg Duane Shoe- maker, picture editorg Jane Van Emon and Mary Lou Hofstetter. We had to Watch our timing more closely than ever this year, as our annual was a three-Way project Ft. Wayne Engraving Company made our engravings. The Times- Journal, Redkey, Indiana, did our printing, and The Economy Printing Concern, Berne Indiana d'd b' ' ' ' ' , 1 our indlng. The entire annual staff was under the supervision of Mrs. Van Matre. The annual staff Wishes to thank the rest of the senior class, the other classes, the f . . . . . aculty, and the advertisers aiding them in the production of this annual. ' Thirty-- ' ' SILVER ANNIVERSARY CLASS ' . "- A1 if e , 'L ' 9 1 5' ,tif .V . tw A aes, -i f., at , I .5 ' .3 x , . io. ms . .fi ,-M 'Mix fm' f N I ' y Xxx . g . l 1 . f XX j 1 wr 5 , , , Vi K 3 ,, - 3 , , 22 .if "xr A " , ' . -X If .i f 'ff 4 Y J in t R Q Rss A i ig-3 : ,. "' - Y i' A if' - 4 . 3 , , 1 . 5 ,ts . 3' i . X .... , A I , if , -A, , , s . 1 t -A Q 1 ., S . , R' f it K 'S i V i , -.M ' 1 if ' L. .f ' 1. , 14- s wuz it ni an iv t g - in ' " 'ww FACULTY-Amanda Forkner, Foster Calahan. Don Collogn ilarie Flick. GRADUATES-Emmett Tulley, Florence Stri'-'ext Thurman Dr-5'-' Ruth Drdlc-r Tlfalzeth Greene. John Martin Julia Nelson, Arthur Lybarger. Genevieve Rankin, Virgil Aspy, L. ah Miller, Eugene Snow, Christian Stahly, Jeannette Sprunger, Howard Long. Cathc 'ine Andgrson, Claude lougli, Mildred Wood, Richard Potter. Ti The 1948 "Twelve year" class and their beginning teasher, Miss Fravel, have an additional honor to add to the distinction of being in this picture, for these students not only spent twelve years together. but also spent all of the ir twelve years in the present building. This is the first class to have that honor. The group includes the following members: Miss Fravel, teacher, Enid Sprunger, Barbara Robinson, Mary Lou Hofstetter. Phyllis Hofstetter, Norma Wright, Bill Pvle, Dwight Moser, Walter Bailey, Max Mattax, Bill Kumman, David Shepherd, and Duane Shoemaker. Thirty-seven Cl-IDIR TOP ROW-Sheridan Potter, Don Kelley, Warren Bailey, John Stanley, Jerry Rockey, Dwight Moser, John Reasoner, Max Mattax, Bill Pyle, Walter Bailey, Duane Shoemaker, David Shepherd, Norman Zurcher. 2nd ROW-Joe Potter, Bill Bauman, Esther Stucky, Beverly Parr, Jeannie Reasoner, Esther Miesse, Evelyn Snow, Mary Lou Hofstetter, Jane Van Emon, Norma Wright, Waneta Moser, Kenneth Nevil, Jarvis Steiner. FIRST ROW-Gene Amstutz, Bill Armstrong, Marjorie Affolder, Margie Tester, Dorothy Farlow, Helen Everhart, Enid Sprunger, Phyllis Riggin, Phyllis Hofstetter, Betty Alice Far- low, Levina Nevil, Phyllis Burk, Paul Zurcher, Vernon Nevil. The music department, composed of the girls' glee club, boys' glee club, and choir, has proven to be of general interest in the school. The percentage of the total high school enrollment in glee clubs is the highest for several years. There are fifty-one boys out of a total of fifty-nine, and one hundred per cent enrollment of the girls. The Choir is a select group chosen from the two glee clubs. This group spends much of its time singing sacred numbers, and has participated in various programs. Thiry t-eight ee Club The girls' and boys' glee clubs are open to any member ofthe high school. This year enthusiasm was keen. We Wish our director, Mrs. Owens. luck in years to come with her organizations. Officers for the girls' glee club are as follows: President, Betty Doherty, vice-president, Phyllis Rigging Secretary and Treasurer, Margie Tester, Librarian, Mary Lou l-Iofstetter. For the boys' glee clubg President, Dick Clappg Secretary, Walter Bailevg Librar- 1an, Jarvis Stiner. ' OP GIRLS' GLEE ROW I Margie Tester, E s t h e r Meisse, B e t t y Doherty, .Jeannine Reasoner Bar- bara Robinson, Mary Lou Hofstetter, P h y l l i s Hof- stetter, Mary Alice Jones, Laura Billington. ROVV II Marjorie Affolder. Jane Van Emon. Norma Wright, Beverly Parr, M e I vi n a Burry, M i ld r e d Settle, B e t t y Dailey. Geraldine Nevil. Patsy Ralston. ROW III Connie Craig, Enid Fprung- er, .Io Nelson. Evelyn Snow, Christine Redford. Alice Myer-. Phyllis Rigein, Wan- otn Mo.-er. Betty Hendricl-is, R i 1 a Robinson. I-hyllis Burk. ROW IV Helen Everhart, Dorothy Iffirlow. Nadine Manning. E Fur Stuclsv. Helen Morn- in: tar. Betty Alice Far- lo'.x', Levina Nevil. Gloria l-j.'l'ar2ei'. Mary Alina Teet- rr. Bernadine Brunner. Eztt jf Brewster. BOYS' GLEE ROVV I Norman Zurcher. Dwieihr Morer, Don Kelley, Bill Pyle, Max Mattav, John Reasoner, Carl Hart, Gor- don Moser, Bruce Parlow. Raymond Mathys, Tom Robinson, Jerry Parr, ROVV II Lee Haines. Jarvis Steiner. Paul Bauman, John Stan- iev, Max Parr, Walter Bailey, Tom Fennig. Ken- neth Nevil, Bill Bauman. Sheridan Potter. ROW III Lorie. Foreman, Fugene Schindler, Merlin Bixler. Max Stucky, Joe Potter. Jerry Rockey. W a r r 911 Baileys. Gene Amstutz Ver- non Nevil, Kenneth Doher- tn, Dwieht Dailey. David Shepherd. ROW' IV Gerald Nevil. Alan Zurcher. Howard Booher, Don Call. Eolib5 Meyers. Morris Agler. Bill Armstroni. Paul Zzircher, Darrel Dzirgess, Roger Coons. Tom Weaver. Eogd Ne-Vil, Tlxirty-nine 5 u r. Play A Pair of Count-ry Kids" On October 1 7, class presented th Country Kids." Mrs. Sarah Starr - April Starr - "Sis" Spooner - - Lueindy Appleby Susan Grimes - "Hi" Hawkins - Ambrose Sneggins Philip West - - Arthur Roberts - - Albert Roonier - G 1947 the Junior play, "A Pair of Helen Everhart - Vkfaneta Moser - Margie Tester - Betty Farlow - Phyllis Burk Sheridan Potter - Paul Bauman Gene Amstutz Jarvis Steiner - Don Kelley SYNOPSIS Arthur Roberts tries to buy Sarah Stairs property, but the confussion between Roberts and Albert Roomer niakcs the buying of the property Very difficult. Sr. Play "The Whole Truth" On March 19, the senior class pre- sented the three act farce, "The Vlfhole Truth." Mr. Joseph Martin Duane Shoemaker Mrs. Mildred Martin Jane Van Emon Johnny Martin ---- Bill Kamman Elizabeth Martin - - Norma Wright Helen Martin - - Esther Stucky Rev. Jacob Teasle - - - Max Mattax G. Whitford Mundorf Walter Bailey Aunt Mat Worth - Barbara Robinson Tom de North - - - David Shepherd Lucille Armitage, Mary Lou Hofstetter Johnson ------ Bill Pyle Harriet - ---- Phyllis Hofstetter SYNOPSIS When Mrs. Joseph Martin made her family and servants promise to tell nothing but the truth, she had no idea that the results would be so compli- cated. Mr. Martin suddenly receives word that an impressionable business associate is coming-and Mr. Martin must impress him with many servants. How THE WHOLE TRUTH caused countless complications only to lead to a happy conclusion can be appre- ciated by those who saw the play. "1 ,M YS, V ..,. ..1, ,Q I Jes ix N. X. .X fm, if ...- it , ft ,J 4 .. V4 .1133 ,155 Ay :tags W .Q ' x. "I Y , Q, in ,Y Wi A l y fn ' .fz ,ar ie ff , . 'W ' .f""-F 1: ,jf gf , V4' Q W Q Z me A 'VW' - V 9 W4 L ly. i iii 'S ei a, Highlights of 1948 Around the City Desk at Station WKJG. Scene from Spring Festival, Grades around the Christ- mas Tree, Prevue of Com- mencement "-UZ." The Queen and her Court, Queen, center Norma Wright Freshman Attendants Vorothy Farlow Evelyn Snow Sophomore Attendants Jeannine Reasoner Beverly Parr Junior Attendants Mareie Tester Betty Alice Farlmv Crown Bearer Donald Spade Train Bearers Connie Zoe Striker Rosalind Bauman Another Prevue Jane, best girl magazine salesman, Scenes from Spring Festival. Clown at our Circus. Dave. best boy magazine salesman The High School around the Christmas Tree. Last years concession stand. VVait a minute, John. Take it easy, boys! "Maestro" Miller. The Chief F Cradle snatchers. Geneva Andrew Sisters. Goochie, Goochie, Goo. Wistful VVi11ie. Billy Rose's Kitchen Kuties. Hot '4Boomerrang" News. Q C LE DAR Sept.2-School began. Sept 3-Elected Senior Class officers. Duane Shoe- maker was elected as president. Sept. 9--Elected officers for the Annual Staff. Bill Kamman was elected as Editor. Sept. ll-A representative from Cron-Leone Studios,-of Fort Wayne, interviewed Seniors about their graduation pictures. Sept. 17-Mr. Hunt. of Portland. interviewed the Sen- iors about their graduation pictures. Sept. 22-Started basketball practice. Sept. 26-Rev. Lester conducted chapel service. Sept. 29-30-I-lad vacation for two days. Fixed the furnace. Oct. l-Seniors had their pictures taken at Hunt's studio. Oct. 6-Individual pictures were taken of entire school body. Jan. 12-Another BLUE Monday. Jan 14-1Vlr. Roy Hunt from Portland took some pictures for the annual. Jan. 21-Senior play was cast. Jan. 22-Geneva vs. Monroe. We won. Rev. Oscar Eicher conducted the chapel service. He had an evangelist with him. Jan. 26-Saw full length movie, "Heidi," Jan. 28-Wonder why several of the Senior girls re- turned to the assembly the 4th period today. Jan. 29-The high school voted for the queen and her attendants for Spring Festival. Feb. 3-Geneva vs. Poling basketball game. We won. Feb. 5-Rev. VViederkehr conducted the chapel service. Don Kelley was leader. Feb. 6-Geneva vs. Pennville. We won again. Feb. 11-Geneva vs. Decatur Catholic. We won again. Feb. 12-Rev. Krehbiel was our chapel speaker. Bob Oct. 15-Report cards. Oct. 17-Junior class play. A very successful play. Miller was the leader. Feb. 14-Valentine's day. Many hearts were given away. Feb. 18-Seniors received name cards and announce- ments. Feb. 19-Rev. Schmidt was our chapel speaker. Beverly Parr was the leader. Sectional drawings were announced. We drew Hartford. Feb. 20-Game with Hartford. Rah! Rah! Feb. 23-Today in economics class, Dick Clapp had trouble keeping his chair on all four legs. Feb. 26-Rev. Steele was our chapel speaker. Helen Everhart was the leader. Feb. 26-27-28-Sectional Tournament at Decatur. Hart- ford won. Feb. 29-Geneva boys' choir sang at the U. B. Church for the morning services. Oct. 18-A group of students went to Bloomington to see a football game. Indiana won. Bus had a flat tire in Brown County. Oct. 25-26-Teachers Institute. Another wel!-earned vacation. A vacation for the students, that is. Oct. 29-Mr. Hadley from "Outdoor Indiana" gave con- servation talk and showed pictures about birds. Oct. 31-Juniors received their class rings. Thrill! Thrill! Nov. 1-First basketball game of season. Geneva vs. Petroleum. They won. Nov. 3-What's this we hear about a certain senior boy who was seen with a Soph. girl'??? Nov. 6-Rev. Schmucker was our Chapel Speaker. Nov. 7-Geneva vs. Berne. They won. Nov. 13-First organized chapel service was held. Duane Mar. 1-Today in economics class it seemed that Bill Apri Shoemaker was the leader and Rev. Merrits was the speaker. Nov. 14-Played Monroe. We WON. Our first victory of the Year. Nov. 19-Spar Bros. presented an Indoor Circus in Gym. Seniors sponsored. Nov. 20-Rev. Willard was our Chapel Speaker. Bill Kamman was the leader. No. 21-Geneva vs. Decatur. We lost. Nov. 24-Seniors measured for their caps and gowns. Nov. 25-Geneva vs. Montpelier. We won. Nov. 26-Rev. Steele was our Chapel speaker. Norman Zurcher was leader. NOV- 27-Th311kSgiving Day. Everyone is complaining of stomach ache... They must have had too much turkey. Nov. 28-Geneva vs. Jefferson. We won this one, too. Dec.. 4-Revs Schmid was our chapel speaker. Seniors received their graduation pictures Dec. 5-Geneva vs. Kirkland. We lost this one. Dec. 11-Rev. Smith was our chapel speaker. Max Mattax was the leader. Dec. 12-Geneva, vs. Bryant. We won. Dec. 18-Rev. Krehbiel was our Chapel speaker. Dec. 19-Advanced Math. class had a dinner in Miss Jacksons room. Geneva vs. Hartford game. Dec. ZSTA Senior girl came to school this morning with a sparkler on the third finger of her left hand. COUEYHU-1lai10I1S. Beiiy. All-school Christmas Chapel was held. Walter Bailey was leader. Rev. Maas was the speaker.. Several Senior boys were having a good time today in the last period assembly. mainly sitting on top of their desks. Dec. 24-Last day of school this year. Kamman also had trouble with his chair. the same as Dick. Mar. 2-4-Class tournament. Seniors WON. Mar. 3-Clown basketball game. Mar. 4-Rev. Carter was our chapel speaker. Carl Hart was leader. Mar. 5--Senior class leap year party. ZOWIE! ! ! Mar. 11-Rev. Young was our chapel speaker. Mar. 17-St. l'atrick's Day. The assembly surely looked green. Mar. 18-Rev. Laweor was our chapel speaker. Carmania Fields was Leader. Mar. shou Mar. tain 19-Senior class play. A very humorous, yes, we ld say, funny play. It was a great success. 24-The "dateless" boy in our class asked a cer- senior girl for a date to walk her to the drinking fountain. What about that. BOB? Mar. 25 -Rev. McPheeters was our chapel speaker. Mar. 30-Seniors presented the class play for the second time. April 1-1---- ????? April Fool! April 2-County Music Festival. Apri l 7-Senior health class and chemistry took trip to New Castle. l 8-Rev. Feller was our chapel speaker. Dec. 25-Christmas Day. Jan. 2-Geneva Vs. Monmouth. We lost. Jan. 5-First day of school in '48. Good old '48, Jan. 6-Had first semester exams today. Jan. 8-Rev. Schmucker was our chapel speaker. Fort y-four April 16-Spring Festival. April 22-Rev. Willard was our chapel speaker. April 30-Jr.-Sr. Reception. May 1-It won't be very long till the Seniors will re- ceive a lasting vacation. May 2-Baccalaureate. May 4-Class Night. No other like it before. May 7-Commencement. Farewell, Seniors! Farewell, Classmates! May 14-Alumni Banquet. May 15-Seniors left on tour to Niagara Falls, Philadel- phia, New York, Washington D. C. MORE FUN! Silver Anniversary Virgil Aspy Leah Miller Catherine Anderson Smith Thurman Drew Elizabeth Green Potter Ruth Degler Claude Lough Dr. John Martin Julia Nelson Blessing Genevieve Rankin Reane Richard Potter Eugene Snow Jeannette Sprunger Christian Stahley Florence Striker Hale Emmett Tulley Mildred Wood Cockerell CLASS OF 1923 1201 Spy Run Fort Wayne, Indiana 441 E. Wildwood Ave. Fort Wayne, Indiana Berne, Indiana Decatur, Indiana Geneva, Indiana 516 Anderson Orlando, Florida 3513 Oliver Street Fort Wayne, Indiana Greenville, Ohio Fort Wayne, Indiana Long Beach, California Geneva, Indiana Geneva, Indiana Berne, Indiana Berne, Indaina Geneva, Indiana 1902 Florida Street Fort Wayne, Indiana Hollywood. Illinois Employed at Auto Radiator Service Mathematical Clerk at Lincoln Life Housewife County Auditor Town Clerk Field Manager for Diana Frocks Porter Tire Co, Doctor Housewife Housewife Railway Mail Clerk Farmer School Teacher Farmer Housewife Dentist in Fort Wayne Housewife The class of 1923 is one of the classes we are honoring this year. The officers of the Class of "23" were as follows: President ..........,...................... ......,...,.......... .......,..,..,........ C 1 aude Lough Secretary-Treasurer ...........,...............,.,,.,.....,............. Jeannette Sprunger Among the activities at the end of the year were the Alumni Banquet, Junior-Senior Reception and finally, the happiest day of school history, Commencement! ! I Forty-five Q56 Lgemfll, UK mme Iammwimi H9423 Z' L WW Zdrdnzzx vm 7 five 9 Hi dlwwv-ma' 4,7 QJJAI-40 ' V NX A -543 A 1 1 , W HAM 9 -J I f Aj- QA X' Z' ZKJQMJJZW bf ax W As it hardly seems necessary to print the complete Alumni Directory each year, the Seniors of '48 decided to include only a few remarks concerning some of the graduates who responded to letters requesting information about themselves. It is our sincere wish that some old friendships may be renewed by means of the addresses of these individuals. Guy T. Shoemaker Merle F. Lee Walter J. Fensternaker Francis Eicher Allread Hubert L. Brown Paul Lehman Carrie Ensley Uhrig Charles R. Shepherd C. Robert Shepherd Joheph S. Shepherd Harley C. Pontius Mary Hale Dukeminicr Sara Dunn Godfrey George S. Severance Lenora Lusk Garr Doyle V. Bauserman Aileen Bliss Chapman William H. Egley Charles A. Blum Edna Dean Hardison 5620 Mission Drive Kansas City, Missouri 235 Ingolls Street Powell, Wyoming Delphos, Ohio 41912 E. Main Street Troy, Ohio Rte. 4 Dundee Hills N. Kansas City, Missouri 1222 N. Monroe Street Hartford City, Indiana 2160 Daisy Ave. Long Beach 6, California 4-26 Prospect S. E, Grand Rapids, Michigan 129 Euclid Drive Evansville, Ind. 45-15 Sheridan Road Chicago, Illinois 104 W. Market Wabash. Indiana 2122 Denver Muskogee. Oklahoma 19 Chatham St. Norwalk, Ohio Suite 2115, 1 N. LaSalle St Chicago, Illinois 139 Ringwood Way Anderson, Indiana 2310 Outlook Street Kalamazoo, Michigan 141416 Pearl Street Jacksonville, Florida 600 Joy Road, R. 5 Ann Arbor, Michigan 4022 Reynolds Street Flint, 7, Michigan 1443 Pepper Drive Pasadena, 7, California NOTICE: CMrs. Edna Dean Hardison was the only graduate of Forty-six Vice Pres. of Kansas City Power Sz Light Co. Oil Weller and Driller Store Manager, Berne Kroger House wife and Student Astrologer Assistant Chief Engineer of Kansas City Power 8a Light Co. Insurance Salesman Medical Technologist Magnolia Hospital Railway Mail Clerk Railway Mail Clerk Optometry Student Owner of Theater Drug Store School Teacher School Teacher Associate Gen. Agt., The Ohio Nat'l. Life Insurance Co. Hairdresser Owner 81 Operator of Grain, Coal, and Feed Business Band and Orchestra Leader Associate Professor of English, University of Michigan Plant Protection at Fisher Body, Flint, Michigan Housewife the Class of 18997. Class Poem 1898 This class, the Seniors of '98. Who've so faithfully toiled in the past. Now stand on the threshold of that gate. Which to some-Shall it be the last? The gate is ajar, beyond all is bright. Cherished hopes of our future we see, But our loftly ambitious. our ardor for right Shall remain and a part of us be. Though launched on the uncertain ocean of life, We will think of this class oe'r and oe'r, And the memory of it will be midst it's strife, As Lethe of mythical yore. For tho' we're but seven, the kindred tie. That was formed in our school career, Shall forever dear in our memory lie. And be cherished, tho' we are not near, When we gaze on our colors, nile green and white, And recall the days of our past. In fancy we'll see all the faces so bright- May they ne-'er from our memory be cast. Forever may those loved colors float, As emblems of depth and purity, May each with its classical symbol denote The ambition of our futurity. Our president, Maud, was a model sublime, In classics. all isms and science, And she will be famous and known in time, As a pillar of true reliance. For her keenness, her firmness, her love for right, Was admired-nay praised by us all, Can mortals imagine the dazzling heights She'll attain though not very tall? Logical judgement and manners prudent, We find in Alice, our mathematical student And her fame now spreading with such a start In time may equal the fame of De Carte, Queen rose of the rose-bud garden of girls, Is found in Nora with her auburn curls The pride of the Seniors. our orator dear. Whose brilliancy is noted both far and near. Grace, our artist, with talent so clever Can ne'er be equaled, tho' attempted forever. For her youthful drawings so real, so neat. Command Raphael and others to her very feet. "Bing," our physician, with countenance grave, The Appollo of the class, oe'r whom we all rave, Is perfection itself, to say naught of talent, Nor even mention his being so gallant. To the girls of this class, he indeed was Prince Charming The attention he received was almost alarming: For being protector of six girls in all 'Twas no great wonder he was manly and tall. Deopian Norma, the grace of our class. A winsome, brown-eyed and modest lass, Was ever ready a kindness to do, And dearly beloved by all she knew. But there are two clouds in our rosecolored sky. When we think of our vict'ries galore For Jessie and Harris both from us did die, And as classmates we'll know them no more. Jessie, the steadfast, kind-hearted girl Proved to her classmates a precious pearl, Who ne'er considered the dreaded work "fail" But left us to cope with the much-de-sired mail. Harris. with active and versatile mind. Possessed generosity such as we rarely find. He was the author of our high-school yell: And had many good traits we fain would tell. Lorene, our poetess, bears the relation As another star to this constellation. Though no special talent is yet displayed, Of her brilliant future we're not afraid. And so ends the Seniors of '98. Our work as students let none under-rate: What we make of ourselves, the future will tell. May the world, without hesitance, wish us well. -LORENE Fortb -seven Geneva Alumni Association Constitution and By-Laws H8987 We, the first graduates of the High School of Geneva, of the State of Indiana, with love and respect for each other and all who shall follow after us, in order to keep in touch with the educational progress of our first educational homeg to promote her social welfare: to maintain the unity of all her graduates, and to secure their due recognization as such, and for the general encouragement of culture, do establish the Alumni of the Geneva High School. ARTICLE I Section 1. All persons holding a certificate of graduation from the Geneva High School shall be eligible to membership in this Society. Section 2. No person, not a graduate of the Geneva High School shall be eligible to mem- bership in this Society. ARTICLE II Section 1. All the laws of this Society shall be made and supported by the members thereof. Section 3. These officers shall be chosen by two-thirds majority of all members. Section 4. These officers shall be chosen biannually. Section 5. Monthly dues of five cents 65.055 shall be paid by each member at each regu- lar meeting. Section 6. There shall be a meeting of the Society on the first evening after the full moon of each month, the place of convening to be decided up on at the previous meeting. ARTICLE III Section 1. The President shall be vested with the power to appoint such committees as he or she deems necessary to assist in the duties of his or her office. ARTICLE IV Section 1. It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to assist the president in the duties of his office. Section 2. In case of the removal of the President, the Vice-President shall succeed him. ARTICLE V Section l. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to preserve the records of the Society and to attend to those duties associated with this office. ARTICLE VI Section 1. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to have charge of all financial transactions and report the same. ARTICLE VII Section 1. It shall be the duty of each member to support and abide by the rules and regula- tions of this Society. Section 2. The expense of the Annual Banquet shall be shared equally by the members, the assessment to be made by the treasurer. AMEND MENTS I. The colors and flower of the Alumni shall be Nile-green and white and the white rose, the same to remain the colors and flower of the Society forever. II By a two-thirds majority of all votes cast, the meetings of the Society may be suspended during vacation. III. Each succeeding class that graduates from the Geneva High School shall be received into membership in this Society during the first regular meeting after Graduation Exercises, and any member of the succeeding Graduating classes who is not present at the regular meetings when the classes are received into membership in this Socity, shall be taken into membership at any regular meeting he or she may attend following the night of initiation or a meeting may be called, if convenient. IV. The annual election of officers of this Society shall be held at the regular meeting in the in the ninth month. A V. The annual dues of each member shall be C50cD fifty cents to be paid at the meeting Ninth month. Forthy-eight nl' H 'fffvrl Motor A Emplemsni Service V 'WL Please Patronize Qur Advertisers Class 05 1948 ' .171 B A s L E Y 'S s E i KAISER AND FRAZER MOTOR CARS I W ,Q ' FLHZER FAR1x 1 EQUIPMENT KZ-XISER Phon 15 L H sh st. Ralph Ba11ey G I d ana FRAZER CULLIGAN SOFT WATER SERVICE No Equipment To Bwy No Work For You ERMAL L. OWENS L G I d Ph B 5 54 "We Have a Very Personal Interest in the Class of l948" HARDY 6. HARDY FURNITURE STORE GIFT SHOP FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE Day Phone 109 Night Phone 45 GENEVA, INDIANA Batteries Tires llMBERl0Sl SERVICE SlAll0ll Claude F. Riggin, Owner AUTOMOTIVE MAINTENANCE U. S. Highway 27 Geneva, Indiana Telephone 90 HARRY'S MARKET Home Killed Meats Groceries Phone 54 Geneva, Indiana Fft STUCKY COMPANY Complete Home Furn shings Appliances - - - Hardware ITIONROE, INDIANA PHONE 84 Brewslers Grocery MyrIIe's Beauly Shoppe We Wish To Extend Our I ICE CREAM - CANDY - POP T0 THE CLASS OF 1948 Phone Craigville 23 Phone 74 VERA CRUZ, INDIANA Berne Indiana Slengel 8. Craig Drug Co. The Rexall Store PHONE 28 BERNE, INDIANA THE COTTAGE lUNCH Home Cooked Food Dinners - Sandwiches - Short Orders Open 7 Days a Week 9:30 - 2:00 A. M. I Mile North of Geneva on U. S. 27 GENEVA, INDIANA fl FIELDS LOCKER SERVICE COLD STORAGE LOCKERS - CUSTOM BUTCHERING CURING AND SMOKING WE ARE EQUIPPED TO HANDLE YOUR MEAT RAYMOND E. FIELDS Phone 54 Geneva, Indiana HGESTETIER ROS, J. I. CASE FARM MACHINERY Geneva, Indiana Let Case Modernize Your Farm D!CKERSON'S HOME SUPPLY WALL PAPER - PAINT HOME SUPPLIES Geneva, Indiana COMPLIMENTS T0 The CLASS OF 1948 Drs. Campheli 6. Eampbeil A, E. Briggs A me Geneva, Indiana Hardware SMSSSSWS Chev:-oiet Automobiles SERVEEE SIGRE SHOE REPAIR - DRY CLEANING GENEVA INDIANA Geneva, Indiana Fftl BUCKMASTER D I' U S C 0 . The Rexe l Siore Geneva Indiana Enjoy SEA!.TES'E QE CREAM Drugs - - Sundries Walipaper Time out for Coke COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY, PORTLAND, INDIANA The la Rue Beauly Shspne BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1948 COMPLIMENTS To The CLASS OF 1948 co' Geneva, Indiana Geneva, Indiana ' I Ruperis Electric Slore Firestone 1-im PHILCO and WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES TUBES and BATTERIES Radios Washers HARVQLIND and TEXAC0 OIL Ranges Smks Refrigerators Freezers -In S I ll Radios and Appliances Repaired ' a awe Service what We Sell" Dorsey Bisel Geneva, Indiana Geneva, Indiana Phone 137 PURE 0Il SERVICE SIATION Gas, Oil and Accessories RICHARD SETTLE PHONE 76 Stop Light Corner GENEVA, IND. Fftyf Bani-c of Geneva INDIANA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. F fty FOREWORD jglflxnl .iiili .-X i. x . .1 f V' Clif-f K In-if 1, . H , ,,,,,.- ,ye L gf--H , gwwvzbn . A ' as ta., j"?2-:..'wwf"1-F" .. ,H ., .- ' . ' ,gr -3,9 wwf V ..,..w A- . 1 . - Wi 'EAI f ,LM ge - 1 . Wmgijjaggigf-g , 9-mm . ,a ..., ,uw .W g W Y in V M V---L-ff' ' ' " ' -La2f"'Tf.fQ" m-- . ..,. .......f, .. , . N In . , . We hopc that this representation of the old and new buildings, as well as the other anni- versary material included in this book, may serve as a record of the history and progress of Geneva High School, that it may renew old loyalties, and foster greater appreciation of our Alma Mater. The first building, used from 1894 to 1902, burned and is not pictured here. Top building, 1902-1935. Bottom building, 1936- Two BFPINE PHONE 117 "if !i"s Hardware, We Hove t" BERIQE HARDWARE WMPAM' MENNONHE OG!! CONQERN A Comp ete Line of Schoo! Books cmd Supplies, Bib es and Reiigious Suppiies BERNE INDIANA LI A Neem QIIEEEII Hgwegs , Compliments of SINCE 1910 F1 rs for all oc BERNL INDIANA Meshberger Bsos. Phone 71 Berne, Indiana Serv-Us-Store HARDWARE - WIRING ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES LINV GROVE INDIANA Pr p tors: M. B. Habegge D. D. L hman E L. L hman The om Reliable sim Wlsfha lf Survey fo- Spangler Bros.. Props. RETAIL COAL - CEMENT DEALERS IN GENERAL BUILDING SUPPLIES MERCHANDISE BERNE INDIANA New Corydon Indiana A'We Aim To Please" LEGHN WB KAQLH STONE C0 Phone 75 New Corydon, Indiana CRUSHED STONE :li WASHED CHIPS SCREENINGS AGRICULTURAL LIME :lf CEMENT Estimates given for either public or private improvements requiring above material We are equipped to make prompt deliveries at a reasonable charge "THE STORE WHERE YOUR MONEY BUYS MORE" HABEGGER FURN!'lf!.lRE, Inca COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS AND GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Corner U. S. 27 and High Street Phone 161 BERNE. INDIANA LAWRENCE YAGER L. LUTHER YAGER J. JEROME YAGER Phone 252 Phone 600 Phone 500 Y A 0 E R 'S INC. FURNITURE - FUNERAL HOME Mrs. Jerome Yager. Lady Ass't. MODERN AMBULANCE SERVICE BERNE, INDIANA OFFICE PHONE 224 F ity The Berne Equily Exchange Co. DEALERS IN GRAIN, FEED, COAL, SEED FENCE AND FERTILIZER Phone 77 BERNE LINN GROVE NUSSBAUM and STAUFFER SCHWINN AND SHELBY BICYCLES Complete Stock of Parts, Tires and Accessories NORGE APPLIANCES E. MAIN ST. BERNE, INDIANA I COMPLIMENTS The Fear Store I .IACKS DAIRY GIFTS AND PRACTICAL MERCHANDISE Pasteurized and Homogenized Milk Products NOTIONS - SCHOOL SUPPLIES Superior Quality Alwaysv Berne, Indiana Portland Indiana THE BERNE LUMBER CO. General House Furnishings PHONE 119 BERNE, INDIANA F ftv ght The W. H. Hood Company Slricklers Equity Market WHOLESALE GROCERS IHOME KILLED? MEATS HOME MADE SAUSAGE Hood - Hurrah - Winner Brands Portland, Indiana Groceries and Produce All Brands of Cheeses FULTON GLASS COMPANY Compliments to the Class of "48" GENEVA, INDIANA THE HUB Geneva's Shopping Center READY-T0-WEAR NOVELTIES - DRYGOODS MEN'S WORK CLOTHING SHOES Come Once You'll Come Twice lob Reslauranl TRY OUR Lunches Sandwiches Ice Cream Cold Drinks Intersection 18-27-67 Proprietors ORVAL and IRENE WIGGS F'ffy Dr. E. D. Binder OPTOMETRIST P A l M E R H 0 U 5 E Office Phone 419 I Res. Phone 417 BERNE, INDIANA BERNE INDIANA Coolest Hot Spot In Town LUNCHES - SHORT ORDERS A. MUSC! 8: CQR SANDWICHES - ICE CREAM FORD SOFT DRINKS CARS - TRUCKS Most Of The Best UWe Solicit Your Patronageu Berne, Indiana THE '-IUNT STUD! "PorIraiIs Thai Please" PORTLAND, INDIANA Kodcuks and Home Movie Cameras COMPLIMENTS OF BREWSTER'S JEWELRY STORE Sty Harry W. Neuenschwander, D. D. S. Dentist Phone 78 BERNE. INDIANA FOR County Activities, Sports and News READ DECAIUR DAILY DEMMRM 36.00 Per Year In Adams and Adjoining Counties Springer. Lehman 6. ic. KAHN STYLE MART SUITS FLORSHEIM ENNA JETTIC SHOES Berne. Indiana COMPLIMENTS OF BERNE . 5. A. SIORE With every day low prices T H E H A I I MEN'S FURNISHINGS A Complete FOOD MARKET GROCERIES - MEAT FRUITS and VEGETABLES Phone 15 DRY CLEANING Glen Gifford, Owner 112 Main Street Phone 424 Berne, Indiana BERNE INDIANA S t K S 1 N c E 1 8 7 4 1 DECATUR, INDIANA Linn Grove Hardware COMPLIMENTS Tom FOOD TOWN CLASS OF ff4s,' Linn Grove Indiana FOR Quality Meats Hi-way Cofiee SIIGP and Groceries SANDWICHES - HOME MADE PIE ICE CREAM Berne Indiana Phone 84 Berne Indiana Work refreshed lf, 5 ,,i: , ., N 1 .--, - , . ' I " jg. gwiirfliihli' COCA-COLA EoiiffiofkgnEf5151'I3A1?ifQcCi5bCI27fiZX111D, INDIANA Styt PAUL YODER GARAGE LINN GROVE. INDIANA GENERAL REPAIR and SERVICE ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING BOSCH MAGNETO SALES SHELL OIL and GAS Phone Berne 5343 Congratulations THE GENEVA HERALD PUBLISHED WEEKLY Job Printing Phone 1 Geneva. Ind V. C. GRABER Buyers of Eggs and Poultry Retail and Wholesale Dealer of BUTTER - EGGS - DRESSED POULTRY - FRESH OR FROZFN Berne, Indiana Phone Office 86 - Residence 440 "A PLEASED CUSTOMER IS OUR BEST ADVERTISEMENT" TEEPLE TRUCK llNE FORT WAYNE TO RICHMOND DECATUR, INDIANA S T t liechly tameery a d Cane Mi l Custom Canning of all Kinds tSorghun1 Cookingl Meat Canning Dec. 1 to March 1 Berne, Indiana BULOVA - ELGIN HAMILTON - BOULEVARD W A T C H E S liechly Jewelry Berne, Indiana CENERM DAERY Pasteurized Dairy Products Homogenized Vitamin D. Milk laniz Fire Service GENERAL TIRES GOODYEAR TIRES 227 W. Walnut St. Recapping - Vulcanizing Bluffton, Indiana ACC6SS01'ieS "The Milk Supreme Berne, Indiana STEURY EQIFLEEEG 50. R ED R O C K C 0 L A Hep - Hi-Top Root Beer Heart Club Flavors Bluffton, Indiana ECKRDIES GRGQERE? GROCERIES - MEATS MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM SINCLAIR GAS Perryville Compliments of the First Slate Bank Decatur, Indiana Established 1883 Member of Member of F. D. A. C. Federal Reserve Bank Syf Easlern lndiana Oil 8. Supp y Co. -Distributors- Sinclair Products Goodrich Tires "Eventually We VYill Be Recommended To You" THE GENEVA EQUITY EXCHANGE -Dealers In- Grain - Feed - Hard and Soft Coal Phone 1402 Geneva, Indiana Congratulations Seniors Bill Plennig PFENNIG INSURANCE AGENCY HERMAN BIXLER, Agent GENEVA, INDIANA PHONE 29 I COMPLIMENTS Slandard Gul Company To The Best Fuels and Oils by Test CLASS OF '48 K. A. Davis A. S. Moser Phone 5W Phone 42 I Dr. C. P. Hlnchman Mana S f ED CRTION M To the students of the class of '48, Mrs. Berniece Van Matre has been not only a helpful sponsor, but a true and sincere friend. With her friendly person- ality, Warm smile, and unique sense of humor, she has won her way into the hearts of all. Her conver- sations with students reveal her sincere personal in- terest in their happiness. As a tribute to her devoted service to our class and genuine interest in the Welfare of every student, We dedicate this, the eighth edition of the Legend of the Limberlost, to Mrs. Berniece Van Matre. Three MEET YOUR FRIENDS -at the- DINNER BEll CAFE HOME COOKED MEALS ICE CREAM - SANDWICHES Virginia Van Skyock Geneva, Indiana CONGRATULATIONS To The I I CLASS OF 1948 Halllll plllmblllg Water Systems - Water Softeners Oil Burners and Stokers Jean Huffman Phone 135 Geneva, Ind. Phone 157W Geneva, Ind. SCHINDLER ELECTRIC RCA VICTOR RADIOS, - RECORDS REFRIGERATORS - RANGES - WASHERS ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING SERVICE Phone 136 Berne, Indiana BERNE ICE CREAM C0. Ice Cream, Carbonated Beverages and Ice Phone 106 Berne, Indiana Sty .J L L... g Hl21VRO'I,ET JEFFERSON GARAGE United States Tires and Tubes Auto Accessories, Etc. PHONE 90 BERNE, INDIANA COMPLIMENTS OF KENSON GRILL COMMUNITY AUDITORIUM Berne, Indiana FOUNTAIN SERVICE DINNERS CATERING SERVICE ECONOMY PRINTING CONCERN Printers and Binders BERNE INDIANA C. H. MUSELMAN, Mgr. THE TEMES-.!0URNAl ENS. Printers and Pubi shers . Distinctive Commerciai Printing 4 DC Q 0 r. bn V 4 A Nl Il 0 Qt 7 u REDKEY, INDIANA The engravings for th1S annual were made by the Fort Wayne Engraving Company Sixty-eight Complimenls of GENEVA HAICHERIES FEED MILL DRI-GAS AND ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Pre-Fab Homes and Form Buildings E. C. Stucky Phone 156 lIMBERl.0ST CANNING CO. Branch of the Naas Corp. of Indiana, Portland, Indiana Packers of Fine Flavored Canned Foods Geneva, Indiana Phone 41 COMPLIMENTS OF SKIMMERHORN'S BARBER SHOP Haiiner .Sc Io S1 Siore COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF 1948 Geneva Indiana COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF 1948 Thurman Grocery and Service Slalion Geneva Indiana COMPLIMENTS OF Cily Barber Shop Floyd Vorhees, Prop. The Service Garage SALES AND SERVICE Geneva, Indiana Phone 7 Walter Hofstetter Geneva Welding Service Anthony Koblick WELDING HARD SURFACING Service Calls Phone 22 lincoln House HOME FURNISHINGS Upholstering - Restyling - Repairing Custom Built Furniture Menno Hanni, Prop. Geneva, Ind. NEAl'S HOME STORE Quality Foods at Popular Prices Phone 27 Geneva, Indiana Parr's Grocery and Slandard Service STANDARD GAS and OIL U. S. TIRES and ATLAS TUBES ATLAS BATTERIES Louie Parr, Prop. Geneva, Ind. S ty ROAD SERVICE MAIN STREET EIllING STATION Chrysler - Plymouth Sales and Service FIRESTONE TIRES PHONES 51 d 12 BERNE INDIANA Compliments to the Class of T948 GENEVA MlllING 8. GRAIN C0. MILLERS OF White Lily Flour PHONE 81 GENEVA INDIANA The Senior Class ol 1948 Wishes To Thank UsAVisit When You Come of our Advertisers T0 Geneva FOR THEIR F st Show Starts at 6:30 P. M. HELP IN MAKING THIS ANNUAL POSSIBLE AUTUGRHPI-IS AB' M' 6,1 -'ly,,, Y' J .5 , ,Q I I . u rl- s b Ei JJ.'5,,ili: . .JA 'il 6 1 W' 4 1 V wr, r fl 'r ., I I. rv'-rl J .4'v, .- ,Mg-B. N. '. .19'i" yu. ,., .1 ,U ' , M J . fr V , . 'X' . 4 W, . 1 - 4 I ' Q , -1' . -and ww , I , 1. . +i I ' 11' A , 4' I ' f ' fr,- . 131. - Fl . , , fx I L-5 O V 5 'M . . .,. ,. .l ' .H , y ..., ' '1'v, .. , 'Uv R We, w , Y V . " 'LM-' " 4 .v" I' CULTY R. O. HUNT A. B.. Indiana Central M. S., Indiana University Geneva High School-23 years Science, Biology Principal HBlessed is the leader who knows Where he is going, Why he is going, and how to get there. Blessed is the leader Who. knows how to lead Without being dictatorialg true leaders are humble. Advisory Board Ernest Hanni, J. Durwood Koons, DeWitt Burk, Charles Teeter, Trustee Fu Blessed is the leader who develops leaders while leading." "Rik-'ilj4zpff:f::.4.w:. .44 4.,. , . . ' 'J' IUQI I!! :yfW4.'d.f'35 4,4.I'I',!'.EftQ'4-g"44 4.-Q. . ,, I I. ,4 II,I.xII,,4pIfII4, J, HI,-II!4.IIMI.,I.IIg4II II4I .I.I I. .III II I,.., ' .45 .44414.322-44-f114'11.r4 4 4444...-4-z-'44 1.444 41' .I II III!IJ4,kIIl.,.5I.gI,I,I,IIII4.i2I,:,III-5.1141If.. ,If4:,,l3..III44II..4 I..,I.?.lII,g.Ig. ' ME' ,4-44915,4'f4QfG5L11I:9,.g'gQHi.41-, .-.54 ,' 3.31:-j-'.'Q""'4 :VZ I , ' 4 "f5ti"J'fl5:9'f3rl-ifflyfi''4."'!rfiilf'-4" .1'f'1'5"2':'.. xi' J..'.-VZ ' ,pf-.1 .,,,,w,.I,l4 4..,.4.Q,I4qI,4 4 II-. , 4. .I. 4 4 . 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