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Text from Pages 1 - 98 of the 1949 volume:

We, the class of 1949, wish to show our appreciation, respect, and deep admiration for Mr. Harry Mcl.allen and Mr. John Sherman by dedicating this yearbook to them. We hope that this dedication may repay them in some small way for the ceaseless and tireless work that they did for us as a class and as individuals. Editor-In-Chief ,.......,,..........,, ,,,.,,,.,A,,....,........A L yle Leslie Assistant Editor U uniorj ,,....., ,,..,.......,............ . Richard Eller Senior Editors ....,,,,.,,.,,....,. .....,.. M ary Zito, Beverly Pudder Faculty Editor ,,A,. ..,.,.. J osephine Mazzatenta Class Will ...,..,,.. .....,,,.,.,,,.,,,, C arol Blough Class Phophecy ,,,,,,,,,, ..,A... R obert Lehman Advertising Editor ,,,,., ,,..... D oris Oberg Sports Editor ......,....... ..,.., L eland DePuy Photograph Editor ......,,. ....,,..r, , , David Dean Snapshot Editor A,,.,,,,,, ,.,,,..,r C harles Fieata Classes Editor, ,,,...,s ..,....... J ack Butler Art Editor ....,,,,,... ....., B ruce Starkey Activities Editor ,,,,.., Head Typist ....s... Humor Editor t,.. ,,.. Judy Orkin ---.--,,.,Eleanor Spinelli Jesse Van Over Sales Manager cc,,..,,..,,....... ........, J ames Linhart Business Manager ....,..,.....,.... .,,...... D avid Moeller Assistant Make-up Editor ....... ....,... J oanne Lister Music Editor ,c,,...,.,,............... ......., D ryden Reno Faculty Advisor ,.,....,s,..,,,...,.,.......,,,,.,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,--,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,.............,,,, ,,,Mr. McLaIlen 7064! 64 4 Sa4aaZ7 Qenewz Scion! 7z"4a'wzqmd6z"a ,eeapafeczatalcldva 1!4e7?4?14gn6Za. See here is fine apparatus Textbooks and libraries . . . Coaches and players . . . Adequufe Guys and gals . . classrooms . . . Pupils X' 64 ff A' , ff 4371! "7 J f' f' The 8:30 bell rings, the office door swings open, the teachers lodking bright and cheerful pass in and out to read the bulletins and discuss their victims for the day, then on to their classes. Sitting in his private office, Mr. Delbert Caton grins happily as he passes out little blue and white slips for absences and tardiness. He has B.S. and M.A. degrees and attended Ohio State, Ashland College, Columbia University, and Albion College . . . In two other rooms we find Mrs. May Hubbell and Miss Ruth Holden at their desks preparing the day's history assignments. Mrs. Hubbell has a B.S. degree from Northern State Teachers College. Miss Ruth Holden holds an A.B. degree and attended the University of Chicago and Oberlin College . . . Coach Bruno A. Mallone and Assistant Coach Edgar Darling are in discussion about the season's record, of course always hoping for a little better one next year. Mr. Mallone has a B.S. degree from Ohio Northern University. Mr. Darling received his B.S. degree from Wittenberg College . . . Mr. John Sherman, the art instructor, is busy talking to a group who are sponsoring a dance and want a little help. He's the man with the ideas. Mr. Sherman has a B.S. degree and attended Waynes- burg College, University of Pittsburgh, and Edenboro State Teachers College . . . Thoughts of good food come to us as we see Miss Maude Paxton who runs the Home Ec. department. Miss Paxton has B.S. and M.A. degrees and attended Muskingum College, University of Colorado, and Columbia University . . . Spanish is the pastime and dramatics is the main thought of Miss Dorothy Gross. Miss Gross has a B.S. degree from Ohio State University . . . Next we come upon Mr. Harold Mc- Lallen pouring strange things together in the lab. As we pass by he says "Good Morning" as he ALWAYS does. He has a B.S. degree and ,X I ,- I I I attended Allegheny College . . . Mrs. Alice Ward is seen preparing the lessons for her English classes. She has an A.B. degree and attended Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio University and the University of Colorado . . . Hearing weird noises from the first floor, we investigated and there we found the instigator, Mr. David Hauser, the band director. He re- ceived his B.S. degree from Duquesne University . . . Passing yet an- other door, we see Miss Laura Milnes. fAt first we couldn't tell what she was raving about but upon listening a minute, we discovered that she was only going over Latin assignmentsj. She has an A.B. and M.A. degrees and attended Capital University and the University of Michigan . . . Junior and senor choruses are conducted by Mrs. Margaret Karhan. She has an A.B. degree and attended Youngstown College and Ohio State University . . . Looking in on the algebra and geometry classes, we notice how easy Miss Hysell makes it look. KWe know differentlyj. Miss Hysell at- tended Kent State and Ohio Universities and has a B.S. degree . . . And glancing in the shop, we see "Pop" Ekern giving his lessons to the tune of a buzz-saw. Mr. Ekern has a B.S. degree and attended South Dakota State College, University of Minnesota, and Kent State . . . Also having a tune to give her lessons by is Miss Virginia Forney who uses typewriters for her accompaniment. You can iust hear her soft voice over the din now telling one of her famous iokes. Miss Forney has a B.S. degree from Bowling Green State University . . . And there goes Miss Daugherty, on the run as usual, with a Talon in her hand in one of its stages. Besides keeping the Talon coming and putting on the Christmas Formal, Miss Daugherty even finds time for the girl's gym classes. She has a B.S. degree from Ashland College. 5 l. 'ills 4. li-'L Xifi fl lx! Kiki F N .45 S-all , . i yi iil' ' ' Fl ' -5525 ite F 14 S an ' To the Seniors You are now numbered among the alumni of Geneva High School. Perhaps as you look in retrospect to the years you spent in this institution, you will recall many pleasant associations and profitable hours spent together. As the years go by, those memory scenes will become more and more precious to behold. The passing years will reveal clearly and distinctly for you the importance of having taken full advantage of the many opportunities your school has afforded you, while you were privileged to be counted among her students. I feel that the most of you have sought, with varying degrees of diligence to be sure, to lay a solid foundation upon which to build your future lives. The progress that you make in future life, the successes you obtain, the good that you accomplish for yourself and your fellowmen will depend to a large degree on the habits and attitudes you have thus for formed. If your habits, attitudes, and methods of work point in the wrong direction, now is the time to make an ABOUT FACE. If the road you have been traveling leads upward, then increased per- severance, diligence, and initiative will help to carry you further along the route to success. Will you always remember that, "The heights by great men reached and kept Were not attained by sudden flight, But they while their companions slept Were toiling upward in the night." AS" The exactness, efficiency, and friendliness of Mrs. Cook, the office secretary, enables the school and the students to accomplish their work much quicker and easier. Around the school you can see the signs pointing to the presence of the maintenance men such as the sudden disappearance of a paper from the floor where you'd thrown it iust a while ago and many other little things which cause them a long day's work. In spite of this, they're always ready to help us and we appreciate it. P. Westlake, F. Trapp, E. Bartholomew, H. Conel S 644 gcwwlafi 1 l 1 Standing-Robert Barr, Seated - Virgil Winkler, Paul Gallaher, Alex McColl, Virgil Winkler, President Alex McColl, Vice-President Kenneth Sparr, Clerk Margaret Morrison Robert Barr Paul Gallaher Margaret Morrison Kenneth Sparr I meth 7 . President David Moeller Vice-President Carol Blough Secrefa ry Mary Zifo Treasurer Charles Fieaia CHARLES RAYMOND ATWOOD Blonde 'n' Quiet Program Committee Jr. Ploy7 Prom Com- mittee 3: Senior Carnival 4. JACQUELYN WRAY BARRETT Mrs. New G. A. C. 2, 3, 47 Prom Committee 37 G Teens 4. STELLA MAE BARTLETT Giggles Galore G, A. C. 2, 3, 47 G Teens 2, 3, 4: "After All l1's Spring" 3: Prom 3. 1 .. '-9 7 SUE JACQUELYN BARTLETT Gift of Gob Prom 37 Aquila 47 G Teens 2, 3, 47 "Af1er All lt's Spring" 37 G. A. C. 2, 37 Intro- murals 2, 'I7 Blue Triangle 17 "Meet a Body" usher 3: "Angel Street" staff 47 "Arsenic and Old Lace" prompfer 4: Thespians 47 Chorus 3, 47 Talon 4. MARTHA ELLEN BATES Shorthand Sharpie G. A. C. 2, 3, 47 G Teens 2, 3, 47 "After All It's Spring" Prog. Committee 37 Prom 3: Aquila 47 Carnival Posters 47 Blue Triangle I7 Intramurals 3, 4: Publicity Senior Play 47 Senior Carnival 47 Publicity for Senior Play "Angel Street" 47 Winner of American Legion Essay Contest, 9th grade girl, 3. MARGERY LOUISE BESWICK Toll and Stotely G. A. C. 2, 3, 4, Talon 4, Prom 3, Intro- murols 2, 3, 4, Usher Thespian Play 4. CAROL SPENCER BLOUGH Beautiful Blonde Blue Triangle l, G. A. C. 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals 2, 3, 4, G Teens 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. G Teens 2, 3, 4, Red Cross Council 3, National Honor Society 4, Thespians 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, Chairman Prom Invitation Committee 3, "After All lt's Spring" 3, "Arsenic and Old Lace" production staff 4, "Angel Street" production staff 4, Senior Scholarship Test 4, Senior Social tudies Test 4, Class Vice Pres. 4, Aquila Staff 4, Sr. Carnival 4. KUSSEI. l.EE CUJTTER "Our Dano Andrews" Chorus 4 Hobby Club l, Basketball 1, Football 3, Prom Committee 3, Com- mencement Usher 3. ROLAND CASTElll loseboll Fan Baseball 3, 4, Basketball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Thespion Play 4, Prom Committee 3: Talon Staff 4, Commencement Usher 3. JACK MERLYN IUTIIR Better Buy Buick Class President 2, 3: Football 2, 3, 4: Co-Captain 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 42 Thespions 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, Junior Play 3, "Meet A Body" 3, "Arsenic and Old Lace" 4: Aquila 42 Chorus 3, Hi-Y 2, Commencement Junior Marshall 3, "Angel Street" crew 4, Vor- sity G President 4, Vice president 3, Senior Carnival 4, l..S.l.. Football 2, 3. BERT CoVEl.l. Blue Eyes and Black Hair Prom Committee 35 Senior Carnival 4. EDWARD GEORGE COX Blusltel easily Sennior Carnival 45 Prom Commi Aquila Staff 45 "Angel Street" 4. BETTY MAY DAVIS Pretty Girl Prom 35 G Teens 3, 45 Chorus 4. ttee 3: DAVID CARLTON DEAN Blond Hair Class Vice President 25 Student Council 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 "After All It's Spring" 35 "Arsenic and Old lace" 45 Thespians 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 Aquila Staff 45 Senior Carnival 4. LOUISE ANN DE ANGEIJS Very Artistic G Teens 45 G. A. C. 45 Intramurals 45 "After All It's Spring" 3: Prom Corn- mittee 3. JEANETTE ARlENE DE l.ORlA ladylilu G Teens 2, 3, 4, G. A. C. 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4: Aql-lili 4, Prom 3, "Suddenly It's Spring" Com. 3, lntramurals 2, 3, 4. LELAND DEPUY Sports Enthusiast Student Council 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Aquila 45 Varsity G 3, 45 Athletic Association President 4, Thespian Play, "Arsenic and Old lace" 45 Junior Play, "After All -lt's Spring" 3. CHARLES ANTHONY FIEATA Proprietor of Feet's Inn Aquila 4, Class Treasurer 4, Student Council 2, 4, Football 2, , 4, Chorus 3, 4, "Arsenic and Old lace" 4, Varsity G 4, Prom 3: "Suddenly It's Spring" man- ager 3, 'lhespian Flay 3, "Meet A Body" sta e hand 3: Senior Carnival 4. RUTH MAE EVANS Beautiful Eyes Prom Committee 3, Talon 3. LAVERNE MILLICENT EVANS Dispcnus Cosmetics G Teens 2, 3, 45 G. A. C. 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. ClYDE REED FOBES Prince of Peace Contestant Band 3, 4, Prince of Peace Contestant 45 Prom Committee 37 Chorus 3g Aquilo Staff 4, Senior Scholarship Test 4. ALEXANDER FRASER Excellent Narrator "After All It's Spring" 3: "Meet A Body" 35 Thespions 3, Ay "Arsenic and Old Lace" 4: "Angel Street" 47 Tolon 3, 4, Eclitor 4: Prom Committee 3: Aquila Staff 47 "Daddy Long Legs" 27 Senior Cornivol 4. RICHARD PAUL Gll.l.E'l'TE Modest Character "After All lfs Spring" usher 3, Prom Committee 3: Senior Carnival 4. Lll.A JOY FRY Gutstonding Girl Athlete G Teens 2, 3, 4, G. A. C. 2, 3, 45 Intro- murols 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 37 "Angel Street" 4. DONALD RAYMOND GLEASON Reserved Fellow Band 2, 3, Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3. ANITA El.SlE HAMILTON Smile for Everyone G Teens 2, 37 G. A. C. 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4: Jr. Play Selection Committeep Usher 4 Sr. Ploy 4, Prom 3: Aquila 4. JAMES GEORGE HATTERY Raving Tamper Prom Cqmmittee 35 Talon Staff 4. WILLIAM FRANKLIN HAWES Smallfry Pram Committee 35 Band 2, 3, 45 Senior Carnival 45 "Angel Street" tickets. RUTH JULIANA JEPPE Smiles Galore G Teens 2, 3, 45 "After All lt's Spring" 35 Prom 35 Aquila 45 Chorus 3, 45 G Teens Sec. 35 Commencement Usher 35 Senior Carnival 4. RONAl.D JOE JANSON Always Willing Basketball Mgr. 2, 3. 45 Baseball Mgr. 3, 4: Fbotlmll Mgr. 2, 35 Senior Cami- val 4. WILUAM JOHN HILLIER Dazzling Grin Football 2, 3, 45 Basetball 2, 3, 45 Prom 35 "Angel Street" 45 Varsity G 4. JAMMY JAMES KOCHY Quiet and Bashful Prom Committee 3, Senior Carnival 15. ROBERT All.EN LEHMAN Calmness Aquila 45 Football 2, 3, Basketball 2, 35 Track l, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 37 Athletic Association 4, Varsity G 3, 4, Senior Carnival 47 Senior Scholarship Test 4. W F- GURDON LYI.E LESLIE Redheoded Aquila Editor Talon Staff 2, 3, 45 Associate Editor 4g National Honor Society 3, 4, President 4, Thespians 4, "Daddy Long Legs" Business Manager 37 Basketball l, 2, 3, State Dis- trict Music Auditions l, 2, 3, State Final Music Auditi.-ns l, 25 Track lg Chairman Prom Entertainment Committee 3, Senior Scholarship Test 4, Social Studies Scholar- ship Test 4p Senior Carnival 4, Football lp Commencement Processiunal and Re- cessional 35 Baccalaureate Piracessional and Recessional 4. JAMES CLAIR IJNHART Carefree laughing Chorus 3, 45 "After All It's Spring" poster committee 3: "Arsenic and Old Lacs": Talon 3, 4, Prom Committee 35 Aquila Staff 45 Track 2, Senior Carnival 4, Thespions 4. JOANNE MARGUERlTE LISTER Maiorette Magnificent Pres. Blue Triange lg Red Cross Carnival l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, G Teens 2, 3, G. A. C. 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4: Maiorette 2, 3, 4, Class Sec. 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Vice. Pres. 4, Thesf pians 3, 4, Sec. 45 "After All lt's Spring" 37 "Daddy Long Legs" 2, "Arsenic and Old l.ace"' 4, Angel Street" 4, Senior Scholarship Test 4, D. A. R. Citizenship Test 47 Vice. Pres. lg Aquila 45 Talon Staff 4, Prom Committee 35 District Piano Auditions 2, 3, 4, State Piano Auditions 2. THOMAS ARTHUR MALTBY Smallness Football 2, 42: Basketball 2, 3: Junior Play 3: Thespian Play "Meet A Body" 3: "Arsenir and Old Lace" 4: Chorus 2, 3: Band 2, 3. JOSEPHINE ELVERA MAZZATENTA Flashing Eyes Blue Triangle 'l:,May Attendant lg G Teens 2, 3, 4: G. A. C. 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3: Chorus 4: Aquila Staff 4, Junior Red Cross 'l, 2: "Angel Street" 4: "Arsenic and Old Lace" 4, Talon 3, 4: Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, JACK OAKLEY Towlring Height Talon 3, 4: Basketball I. BERTHA LOUISE NE'U'NIAN Kinda Quiet Blue Triangle I: G Teens 2, 3, 4: G. A. C. 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4: "After All It's Spring" 35 "Arsenic and Old Lace" 4: "Angel Street" 4, Prarr Committee 3. DAVID BRUCE NIOELLER Senior Class President Sr. President 4: Jr. Treasurer 3: Aquila 4: Prom Committee 3: Honor Society 3, 4: Senior Carnival 4. DORIS JEAN OBERG Laughing Eyes G Teens 2, 3, 45 G. A. C. 3, 45 Intro- murols 3, 45 Queen's Court 35 National Honor Society 45 Prom Committee 35 Aquila Satft 45 Sr. Scholarship Test 45 Class Vice President . JUDITH LOUISE ORKIN Our "old lady" actress Prom 35 Aquila 45 "Arsenic and Old Lace" 45 "After All lt's Spring" 35 G Teens 4. NORMA MARE PASQUAl.ONE Tiny Cheerleader Blue Triange 15 G Teens 2, 3, 4! Treas. 45 G. A. C. 2, 3, 45 Sec. 35 Pres. 45 intra- murals 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 Sec. 45 "Daddy Long Legs" 25 "After All lt's Spring" 35 "Arsenic and Old lace" 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Chorus 45 Prom Committee 3. CAROI. JOYCE PATRlCK Little but Mighty G Teens 2, 3, 45 G. A. C. 2, 3, 45 lntro murals 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 3. ANDREW JOHN PENCAK Dancing Student Hobby Club 'l5 "After All lt's Spring usher 35 Prom Committee 3. BEVERLY JANE PUDDER Homecoming Queen Blue Triangle lp G Teens 2, 3, 4, G. A. C. Recording Sec. 4, G. A. C. 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals 2, 3, 45 "After All lt's Spring" 3, MILFORD TAYLOR RAMSEY Marvelous Physique Football l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity G 3, 4, Chorus 3, 45 "Arsenic and Old l.ace" Stage Crew 4, Prom Committee 3: Aquila Staff 4, Track 1, 2, Commencement Usher 2. DONNA LOU SEELEY Bright Hair G. A. C. 2, 3, 4, G Teens 2, 3, 4: Prom 3, Intramurals 3, 4. JOHN ARTHUR SCHUPSKA Never Growing Hair Football 3, Chorus 4, Talon Staff 3, 45 Prom Committee 3. DRYDEN ARCHIBALD RENO Chemist Band l, 2, 3, 4: Music Contest 'l, 2, 3, Football ly "Daddy Long legs" produc- tion staff 2, "Meet A Body" production staff 3: "How To Propose" 3, "After All It's Spring" 3, "Arsenic and Old Lace" Ai Aquila 4p Senior Scholarship Test 4, Thespians 3, 47 National Honor Society 3, 4: Treasurer 4, Senior Carnival 4, Social Studies Scholarship Test 4, Prom Committee 3, "Angel Street" production staff 4. ELEANOR BARBARANNE SPINELLI Green Eyes "Angel Street" makeup 4, "After All It's Spring" Prod. Staff 3, Aquila Staff 4, Prom Committee 3, Talon 3, 4, Jr. Red Cross Council 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, G Teens 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, "Arsenic and Old Lace" makeup 4: G. A. C. 2, 3, 4, Blue Triangle 'li Senior Carnival 4. BRUCE CARLETON STARKEY Comedian Supreme Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity G 4, Chorus 3, 4, Prom Com- mittee 3, Aquila Staff 4, Thespian Play 4. DONALD RAY STEWART Gentle Manners Prom Committee 3. WllMA ELAINE THIEL Pleasing Personality Shelby O. F. H. A. l, 21 G. A. C. l, 2, 3, Speech Club 2, 3: "Variety Show" 2, Prom Committee 3. Geneva G. A. C. 4, G Teens 4, Intra- murals 4, "Arsenic and Old Lace" cos- tume committeep Talon 4, Aquila 4. LYLE WllllS UNSINGER Skating Ability Aquila 4, Prom Committee 3, Senior Carnival 4, "Angel Street" 4. JESSE SUMMERS VAN OVER Winning Ways Band l, 2, 3, "After All lt's Spring" 3, Thespians 3, 4, "Meet A Body" 3, Chorus 3, 4, Football 3, "Angel Street" 4 Talon 3, 4, Senior Scholarship Test 4, Senior Carnival 4. JANET ADAM WATSON Tall Miss Blue Triangle l, G. A. C. 2, 3, Intra- murals 2, 3, G Teens 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3. MARY LOUISE ZITO Super Attendant G. A. C. 2, 3, 4, G. Teens 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Vice Pres. 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, "Sud- denly lt's Spring" 3, Sr. Sec. 4, Talon 3, 4, Aquila 4, Prom 3, Queens Court 4, Blue Triangle 'l, "Angel Street" usher 4, lntramurals 2, 3, 4, Commencement Usher 3, ROBERT FRANKLIN WIDMER Accordion Ability Aquila 4, Prom Committee 3, Senior Carnival 4. PAUL EUGENE WETIIG Throaly Laugh Chorus T, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Talon Staff 4, Prom Committee 3, Aquila Staff 4: Senior Carnival 4, "Angel Street" 4. ,422 a,,4f4.'4Q ' While on vacation in the spring of 1959 I visited Alex Fraser, the Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times. He asked me to go to the Madison Square Gardens with him to see Jim Kochy's Death Dodgers. With us were the Times' star reporters, Jo Mazzatenta and Bud Van Over. At the Gardens I found that Bill Hawes, Paul Wetzig, and Tom Maltby were the best drivers. They always were good at wrecking cars. Bert Covell did some daredevil tricks on his motorcycle. The next morning I went to the airport to continue on my vacation and I met Andy Pancak, the new owner of Kauvars. He said that he was going to the grand opening of "Pee Wee" Fieatta's Huge Oaks Nite Club on route 307 and invited me to go with him. Arriving in Cleveland we met Jim Hattery, manager of the Cleveland Airport, who was also going to "Pee Wee's". We arrived at Huge Oaks just in time for the floor show and were greeted by "Pee Wee" and his wife, Norma, the former Miss Pasqualone. Janet Watson, Sut Bartlett, Judy Orkin and Carol Blough were starred in the floor show. After the show, I attempted to get into the back room and found that Russell Clutter was employed as bouncer. After a few kind words he recognized me and let me in. Jim Linhart and Lee DePuy were cashiers. I met Jacky Barrett and her husband, "Casey", Clyde Fobes, the head announcer for NBC, and Bill Hiller and his wife, the former Betty Davis. Returning to the dining room I heard the "Blue Boys," Don Stewart, Ed Cox, and Lyle Unsinder- sing "Laughing Sonata,' 'the hit tune written by Doris Oberg. They were accom- panied by Lyle Leslie at the piano. Decidng to stay for the nght, I asked "Pee Wee" if he could suggest a place to sleep. He sent me to Bertha Neuman's boarding house. The next day I visited G. H. S. and found that Eleanor Spinelli had replaced Mrs. Cook as school secretary. Stella Bartlett was teaching biology. In the afternoon Lila Fry and her "Mountain Girls," Laverne Evans, Donna Seeley, and Carol Patrick, put on an assembly. They are touring the country giving performances. As I was leaving I met Water Commissioner Don Gleason who was going to test the school water. In the eevning I went to Sheds Theater and saw Wilma Thiel in "Lovers Paradise." In the newsreel were pictures of Beverly PucIder's being crowned "Miss America." Richard Gillette had iust become manager of the theater. The next morning in the paper I read that Dryden Reno and David Moeller, scientists for General Electric at Nela Park, had invented a perpetual motion machine. I decided to visit them so I took a train to Cleveland. I continued to read the paper on the train and saw that Ronald Janson and Bob Wiclmer, fight managers, had announced that "Buster" Starkey and "Big Miff" Ramsey would fight for the world's championship in two weeks. I also read that the Cleveland Indians, now being managed by Dave Dean, were well under way with spring training. Ronnie Castelli would be playing another year as center fielder, and Art Schupska as catcher. When I arrived at Nela Park I was met by Margie Beswick, the telephone operator, and she sent me to Mary Zito, a secretary at the luboratory. She told me where I could find them. They were about to go to a fashion show with their wives. They asked me to go with them so that they wouIdn't be so bored. Many of the designs in the show were by Joanne Lister and Ellen Bates. Ruth Evans and Ruth Jeppe were models. After the show we went to Hamilton Hills, the estate of Anita Hamilton, who had iust written a cook book. Louise DeAngeIis and Jeannette Deloria were getting their copies autographed. They said that they had good use for them. I mentioned that I had I0 catch C1 plone io continue my vacation and Anita called her chouffer to drive me to the airport. You can imagine my surprise when I found that it was Ray Atwood. The car was a Buick and had lust been purchased from Jack Butler, the Cleveland dealer for Buicks. At the airport I boarded my plane and was off again. This has been taken from, "A Week in the Life of Bob Lehman." heb 7044 da ' President ,,,, ,A,,,,,,. Class Class Vice-President ........ Class Class Treasurer .,...,..... Secreta ry ,,,,,...,.. Talon Editor ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,...-. Talon Assistant Editor ..,... Thespian Thespian Vice-President ,,.,,... Thespian Secretary ,,,,,.A....., Thespian Treasurer Y,..s ..,.. President ,,A.,...,.....,- Aquila Editor ,,.,,.....,,,,,,,,,,,, Varsity G President ,..,............ ------,David Moeller ------Carol Blough -----------,cMary Zito ..---- ........ - ............. Charles Fieata ---s--,.Alex Fraser Lyle Leslie - ,,,,.... ,- ,,,. -.Alex Fraser ,---.---Tom Maltby ----..Joanne Lister -------,Davicl Dean ,-.------ Lyle Leslie -------,Jack Butler Honor Society President .....,,...s .............., L yle Leslie Honor Society Vice-President ,,,,,, .............. Y Joanne Lister Honor Society Secretary ,,...,,, ,,...,. . Norma Pasqualone Honor Society Treasurer. ....... ..............V D ryden Reno Homecoming Queen ,.e.,,, -,,.......,...,. B everly Pudder Athletic Association President ..........., ,....,.. - -, Lee DePuy Athletic Association Vice-President ,,,,,,, ...,..,, B everly Pudder Student Council President ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ...c,,,..,,,,,,, D avid Dean G-Teens President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, .......,.,,,,,,,,,,, , Mary Zito Girls Athletic Club President ,,,,,,, ,,....., N orma Pasqualone Football Co-Captain, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,....,,,,,,,,,. , .lack Butler Drum Major . ,......,..... ...,,..,,,,,,,, J oanne Lister Cheerleader ,, e..,... ..,,,,,,,,,,,,...... M ary Zito Cheerleader ,,.,,, ,s,,,,,, N orma Pasqualone Best Character Carol Blough Lyle Leslie Best Athletes Lila Fry Jack Butler Best Personality Betty Davis Charles Fieata Prettiest Handsomest Betty Davis Bill Hillier Cutest Josephine Mazzatenta Bill Hillier Best - -.-.- '57 Dancers Norma Pasqualone Beverly pudder Charles Fieata Andy Pencak B959 Dressed Carol Blough Lyle Leslie Most Likely Mos, To Succeed Fun Joanne Lister Jim I-inhan David Moeller Bruce Starkey I s We, the class of 1949, having so many blessings and attributes, and not wanting to be selfish, are 'going to give some of our prized possessions away. As follows: Ray Atwood leaves his Free Press duties to Dick Pencak. Stella Bartlett wills her geniality to Betty Brown. Sue Bartlett wills her pleasant disposition to Sally Wood- ward. Ellen Bates wills her artistic ability to Shirley Barrett. Margie Beswick leaves her early engagement to Mary Wickert. Carol Blough wills her beautiful blond hair to Elaine Mazzatenta. Jack Butler wills his red-headed athletic ability to Gordon Clark. Ronnie Castelli wills being tall, light and handsome to Jim Merrell. Russell Clutter leaves his studious attitude to Blythe Lister. Bert Covell wills his motorcycle to Francis Brewer. Ed Cox leaves his quiet friendliness to Betty Bates. Betty Davis leaves her well-groomed look to Lois Jeppe. Dave Dean wills being student council president to one of next year's ambitious seniors. Louise De Angelis wills her bus rides to Dolores Shafer. Jeanette De Loria wills her petiteness to Bobby Barrett. Lee De Puy leaves his tackling ability to Fred Frisbie. Laverne Evans wills her basketball ability to Marian Pugliese. Ruth Evans leaves her sedateness to Nancy Peterson. Charles Fieata leaves his "good times" motto to Charlie Helm. Clyde Fobes leaves his speaking ability to Mary Fidel. Alex Fraser wills his popularity to anyone who can do so many things at once. Lila Fry wills her energy to Janet Stineman. Richard Gillette wills his bashfulness to Stan Atwood. Don Gleason leaves Carolyn to next year's senior class. Anita Hamilton wills her out-of-town boyfriends to Ellen Cook. Jim Hattery leaves his motor bike to Jim Boyd. Bill Hillier leaves his good looks to Pete Althen. Ronald Jansen leaves his talk-a-tive- ness to Bob Brown. Ruth Jeppe leaves her cheerfulness to Joan Horvath. Jim Kochy wills his shyness to Jeanette Davis. Bob Lehman leaves his quiet ability to get things done to Eugene Eller. Lyle Leslie wills his Aquila editorship to Dick Eller. Jim Linhart wills his pipe to Foster Striffler. Joanne Lister leaves her pleasing personality to Betty Bates. Tom Maltby leaves Mary Lou to the Freshmen. Josephine Mazzatenta leaves her neat clothes to Rosie Herbat. David Moeller wills his senior class presidency to some ambitious iunior. Bertha Neuman wills her quietness to Margie Paterson. Doris Oberg wills her directness to Joyce Hopes. Judy Orkin leaves her curly locks to Emma Jones. Norma Pasqualone wills her height to Jeanne Koschar. Carol Patrick wills her vim and vigor to Roxanne Sparr. Andy Pencak leaves his job at "Kauvar's" to Ramond Barrier. Beverly Pudder leaves her title of football queen to the lucky girl in next year's senior class. Miff Ramsey leaves his broad shoulders to Albert Pulsifer. Dryden Reno wills his chemistry ability to Dick Pencak. Art Schupska wills his butch to Bob Scoville. Danna Seeley wills her daintiness to Shirley Anderson. Eleanor Spinelli leaves her typing ability to anyone who can keep their finger untangled. Bruce Starkey leaves his ability to keep in one piece during football season to Bob McGuire. Don Stewart wills his feminine ways to Nancy Stiffler. Wilma Thiel leaves her forgetfulness to Pat. Broskey. Lyle Unsinger wills his quiet attitude to Don Drought. Bud Van Over wills THOSE books to anyone with high class reading ability. Janet Watson leaves her long walks to school to Nancy Barnes. Paul Wetzig wills his car to whoever can keep it going. Bob Widmer wills being assistant football manager to Norman Potter. Mary Zito wills cheerleading to Coach Darling. JZ i i EI 3 8. 2 1 3 2 gi. " 0 chem, mea on President James Merrell Vice-President Jeanette Davis Secretary Marilyn Mathieu Treasurer Sally Woodward I The class of '50 takes a backward peek before girding for the final plunge . . . entrance into that exalted state known as Seniordom. Get out of the way you swagger- ing seniors . . . here comes the Class of '5O! We're already crowding you and next year, you'll probably be totaly eclipsed. Four out of five of our gals are pretty and the fifth NAME Beverly Anchor Betty Bates Pete Belding Jim Bonsor Jim Boyd Ellen Cook Winnie Cook Mary Conrad Glenn Covell Jack Curtis Jeanette Davis Elaine DeGeorge Donald Drought Richard Eller Mary Fidel WANTS-TO-BE PROBABLY-WILL-BE Wife Always so small Wife First woman president Sailor Undertaker President Street cleaner Sailor Mathematician Nurse Secretary Wife Miss America Vocalist A "Swoonatris" Manager at the Roxy Usher at the movies Coach Band director Beautician Future Gracie Allen Secretary Pro roller skater A bum A bum Farmer Mechanic Air Hostess Photographers model Back Row: W Dey. P Kelley, R. Tisi, M. Wiclxert. J Koschar, B Warren, L Jeppe, J Davis. 3rd Raw: M. Pugliese, M. Hulbert, M Mathieu, W Cook, E. DeGeorge, M Jones, C Arilson, A Teegarden, R. Bell 2nd Row: E Judd, N. Barnes, E. Spade, M. Conrad, B. Bates, M. Midcllebrook, S. Woodward, L Lockard, E. Cook, M, Fidel. Isl Row: C Walters, B Lister, D. Horner, J. Craig, P Fieata, M, Germack, B. Anchor, J Novak, H Hanson I ll can get a date by setting a wolf trap. The guys in our class have a boycott on brains, looks, and smoothness . . . and we aren't boasting either. So move over, Seniors, we're getting on where you get off and it looks like the old G. H. S. Merry-go-round is in for a real spinning complete with caliope music. NAME Fred Frisbie Mary Lou Germack Glenn Gleason Donna Horner Marilyn Jones Dick Karran Jeanne Koschar Blythe Lister Andy Mellen Bob Scoville Fred Shafer Leon Stokes Carolyn Walter Sally Woodward Back Row: 2nd Row: lst Row: R WANTS-TO-BE PROBABLY-WILL-BE Landscaper Just a civilian Secretary Model wife At nut-house Successful Co-pilot Janitor at the nut-house Costume designer Air Hostess Baker Assistant school custodian Wife Gay divorcee Ranch owner 2nd Dorothea Dix Pharmacist Fireman Sports commentator Employee at Du-All Garbage collector Vocalist with a swingband Teacher Basketball star Richest man in the world Ditch digger Nurse Air hostess Karren, F Frisbie, C Finley, C Helm, J. Merrell, O. Pugliese, D, Marsh, R Brown, P, Belding Riedel, F Shafer, R Scoville, N Potter, R. Hunt, J, Kochy, R. Eller, R. Welker, J. Curtis, E. Gornick, J. Bonsor. G Conrad, T, Jamison, F Striffler, J. Boyd, G Covell, G. Gleason, D McKain, F. Neal, D Drought, G Rhodes, P. Lehman. ...Li-.---A Those Sophomore shavers also have a past . . . and believe it or not, it be- gins to look like they have a future. Hold your breath and lets take a quick look- see at.the antics of the Class of '51. You can always tell a Soph, but you can't tell him much! Upper classmen put in a year "orienting" the Sophs . . . and then put in another year wondering if it was worth the trouble. But there are excep- tions to all rules and maybe the Class of '51 is that exception. It's possible, any- way. It's a sate bet that any class with such shining lights as this one will make it's mark in G. H. S .... Some kind of mark! We are proud of our Sophs. They have caught the spirit that characterizes G. H. S .... They have been cooperative, and they have behaved fmost of the timej as Sophomores should. They show symptoms of developing into upper classmen capable of carrying on in the best G.H.S. tradition. But listen Sophs, here's a parting shot from the Class of '49 for you to take to heart. We've had our day, we'Il soon join the ranks of the 'Exes." It's up to you, use your opportunities, the torch is yours . . . Don't let us down. am aw. 3. rtaeflon, R. amen, a. alqcueage, F. Pelle., E. Mamfenm, K. Pi-eip., A. Penniwiiow, fo . y. 3rd Row: D. Sarvy, M. Vernick, M. Carrigan, J. Horvath, H. Tiller, J. Palinkas, C. Clark, J. Wood, J. Hasenflug. 2nd Row: D. Oakman, B. Belden, l. Unsinger, J. Stineman, R. Sparr, J. Wilcox, M. Hopkins, J. Bell, I. Pokorski. 1sIRow: C. Warner, J. Byrd, D. Childs, R. Herbat, J. Hopes, S. Spencer, P. Brosky, M. Zikovsky, J. 50. John. President Patricia Brc Vice-Presiden 1 Dale Arke Secretary Rosemarie Treasurer Jim Raben A fy .1 L' 4 f A 7 . ., 1 L 1 A 1 A , V, X , N I NAME FAVORITE SAYING FAVORITE SPORT Dick Anchor "Hi Beautiful" Football Raymond Bender "What's that make you" Baseball Ruth Beitel "Oh, Hush your mouth" Skating Jim Cook "Kind of cute, huh!" Basketball Janice Dean "Oh Golly" Basketball Barbara Edy "Oh Crumb" Football Barbara Gleason "Oh Brother" Skating Arthur Miller "Hi Stupid" Baseball Audrey Gornick "Hi Kid" Swimming Mary Hagler "Oh Gee" Football Marilyn Hart "Blast it" Baseball Ray Herbat "l catch 'em while it's early" Baseball fl 1 II .5 :Avril-"'f.v'TJ .4-.1 Back row: M. Tellup, M. Hagler, l. Myers, J. Holmes, D. Shafer, L. Blough, N. Peterson, B. Bender. Third row: N. Lomas, C. Marquette, M. Hart, B. DeAngelis, l. Catana, M. Charmen, E. Westlake, E. Jones, P. Sterritt, G. Gleason. Second row: B. Hall, S. Barrett, J. Dean, M. Patterson, P. Moss, J. Klauson, M. McFarland, M. Jeppe, A. Gornlck. First row: J. Kimmy, R. Myers, R. Dayton, D. Sharp, B. Edy, R, Beitel, A. Rhoades, E. DeGeorge, B. Gillette. I III NAME Joyce Holmes Mary Lou Jeppe Joanne Klasen Marlene McFarland Joanne Kimmy Leila Myers Mike Pasqualone Margaret Patterson Preston Pollack Audrey Rhodes Delores Shafer Nancy Stiffler FAVORITE SAYING "Well it's like this" "No kidding" "Well shut my mouth" "Well ball my weeviI" "Oh yeah" "Holy Cow!" "Oh my gosh manl" "Oh yeah" "Oh yeah" "Man!!!" "How cute" "Holy cow" FAVORITE SPORT Football Football Football Football Basketball Football Basketball Baseball Basketball Baseball Football Basketball Back row: F. Brewer, D. Holmes, J. McSpadden, P. Pollock, O. Powell, O. Zehmar, R. Watson R Ford J Stewart, A. Miller, L. Hattery. Second row: I. Tiller, F. Poling, R. Herbal, M. Pasqualone, R. McGuire, F. Hyde, J. Cook, M. Kroner T Duke A. Crain, R. Hawes, R. Shimek. First row: A. Pulsifer, R. King, R. Curtis, R. Commisso, R. Anchor, G. Crittenden, R. Bender, E. Eller W Regner J. Neal, P. Novak, R. Barrier. I President ,,.,A.... Vice-President ...... Secretory, ,,,, , N Treosurerw-- President Vice-President ,,,,,,,, Secretc: ry-Trecxsurerm.. President , ,,,,, W Vice-Presidentmn , Room 35 Room 36 Room 38 Secretary-Treasurer, ,...,,.. . ...,,,,,,,,A,,,. . -,,,,,Donald Barr -,,,e---.MerIe Gaines William Bezoski ------Merilyn Gaines .,Sl'1irley Landon ,.,--.Richord Hoskins ,,,--.Jocmne Harvey ..Sc:lly Skidmore Eugene Sopczcik ,Barbara Warren Back row: J. Wilcox, N. Whited, E. Perkins,, R. Tengle, R. Rouse, J. Wetzig, R. Sopelck, M. Theilan, J. Tellvp R. Wrig ht. Second row: D. St. John, H. Temlley, M. Knoedler, M. Swenson, M. McKoin, J. Stondridge, L. Thompson, V Stafford, R. Zimmer. First row: G. Strong, R. Starkey, M. Stiffler, S. Skidmore, B. Warren, I.. Starkey, C. Weber, W. Wharrom, M Schroeder, G. Warner, Min Holden. 1, J M if S 'Pgxw-K fern-ms f' ' W 3 'Q 'E H? -1-423 .guy , AW, ,nw ,3 fi 'u my -,. H Q A Hs- . fi, ,QM i A.: ' - -34:-'-H . Ya, 'wg P""Q ' . ' 1 ff' M54 A , 5. :...15 1 sf- A ml W kv wh X, . - fm. ' Q bw IBB? ,, VW ' 455523 W , .1 WWF, 1 1 Q Z it fix, 5 -1 :lf A si M iw -. A ill NAME Dick Arkenburg Diane Aruta Junene Blackledge Gayleen Bannister John Brosky James Cook Barbara Derylak Dick Ferguson Myrna Glazer James Fox Phil Porter Bill Rockhill Judith Saunders Rosemarie Sezon Howard Starkey Jim Teegarden Hallie Wilcox Patty Edney Janet Hart Audrey Hopkins Jimmy Novak Charles Paul Rose Mansfield Shirley Pelton , Y -..V-...,. , HAS nice smile brown eyes dimples nice complexion big nose brown hair blonde hair blue eyes black hair glasses nice eyes dimpled chin blue eyes blonde hair wide smile blonde hair black hair blonde hair blue eyes glasses a sister a brother freckles brains y Lucas football ice cream football roller skating football baseball baseball baseball football football football baseball basketball baseball baseball radio roller skating baseball roller skating roller skating baseball football roller skating football FAVORITE PERSON IS "Doc" Blanchard Alan Ladd Al Jolson Roy Rogers Otto Graham Bob Feller Ken Keltner Larry Doby Al Jolson Bob Lemon Otto Graham Larry Doby Lou Boudreau Bob Lemon Lou Boudreau Abbott and Costello Judy Saunders Lou Boudreau Judy Shea June Allyson Lou Boudreau Otto Graham Jeanne Crain Ingrid Bergman Back row: P. Porter, B. Smith, L. Quickel, F. Snyder, M. Von Besler, H. Wilcox, H. Starkey, D. Warren, J. Teegarden. Third row: D. Rutter, L. Starkey, S. Spinelli, E. Viland, P. Schwartz, R. Sezon, J. Rauckhorst, P. Edney, J. Saunders, P. Tellup. Second row: Miss Daugherty, J. Spode, P. Sarvery, J. Shea, A. Keller, R. Pudder, W. Stafford, R. Wharram, B. Virant, W. Rockhill First row: S. Shimek, J. Stevenson, B. Pevec, B. Stewart, B. Zakraisek, J, Thomas, D. Pierce, J. Polzorski, T. Throop, J. Pakorskl H. sq, W W, 3, MQ., -5. f -e,,M,, x WNY: 1-2 K Q,1,5,.,1,.3.z E mid ie af'4? laakagczcbn, We've learned a little fvery little maybel in our short time in G. H. S. For some of us more learning is ahead and for others, iobs are waiting. For what little that we know, we can thank our teachers. A teacher-pupil relation should be above the "you do it because l said it" plane. Guidance is necessary, but it's effectiveness is in direct pro- portion to the spirits of understanding, co-operation, and real friend- ship existing between instructor and student. An instructor whose efforts have resulted in the building of good citizens as well as good students is well-liked and long-remembered. Their contact with stu- dents through the years leaves a lasting impression. As seniors we began to take on added responsibilties and iust as we are leaving, we begin to appreciate G. H. S. There are three kinds of seniors: Those who date and stay out late, those who loaf and congregate, and those who graduate. The Class of '49, we admit, is the best class ever to graduate from this or any other school. QAren't we glad we're us?J Look at the records: Actors, athletes, musicians, iournalists, an occasional scholar and a fine crop of loafers. We've finished smashing lab equipment, ground out our last theme, cheated on our last exam, played our last game on Memorial Field . . . now we go out into .the cold, cruel world. lt's been along road with many turns and not a few bumps! But as we reach the crest of one of the highest peaks in that road-Graduation-and turn for a last, long look before taking the plunge, here is what we see in retrospect: The day that it suddenly dawned on us that maybe we hadn't learned quite everything . . . that empty feeling when we're notified to "report to the office" . . . the G, H. S. Band, as it marched smartly on the field . . . those report cards we didn't want to take home . . . the Talon fwhy is the paper late?J . . . fun and frolic, excuses for being late, for not having homework . . . the Senior Play, after game dances . . . There will never again be good times like we've had . . . friendships like we've known here . . . there will never again be isays the facultyj another class like us. ll in I I I , I I I National Honor Society Lyle Leslie National Thespian Society Alexander Fraser Student Council, David Dean Talon Alexander Fraser Varsity-G Jack Butler G-Teens Mary Zito Girls Athletic Club Norma Pasqualone Athletic Association Leland DePuy Blue Triangle Janice Dean . Q f Presidenl,-..,, - -fLYle Leslie Vice-President W Y'4-'-- Y-Joanne Lisle' Secretary ,,,,, Norma Pasqualone Treasurer ff f fe---D"Yden Reno Sponsor W W ,,-,...Mr. John Sherman Buck Row: B. Lehman, J. Merrell, 5. Woodward, D. Moeller, A. Teegarden, L Leslie, Mr. Sherman, D. Reno, J. Deloria. Isl Row: D. Oberg, .l. Lister, C. Blough, N. Pasquolone, B. Bates. ..,,,,. f- - 'W' ' I I I Presidenf ...,,,... -.-Alexander Fraser Vice-President ,..... .... T om Malfby Secretary ..... --- ---Joanne Lister Treasurer e.... - ..... - ..e.,. ,.... D avid Deon Sponsorsw-- -,..,Miss Hubbell, Miss Gross Bock Row: D. Deon, J. Van Over, P, Wetzig, S. Alwood, A, Fraser, L. Leslie, J. Burrell, F. Frisbie J. Buller, J. Linhcrl, D. Reno. 2nd Row: J, Lisfer, C. Fieula, I.. Fry, N. Pusquclone. ls! Row: Miss Gross, C. Blough, B. Neuman, 5. Barllefl, D, Oberg, J. Mazzofenia, Mrs, Hubbell Seafed: J. Orkin. 1 ---H - ,,.,., I I I Back row: Mr. Gallaher, L. DePuy, R. Eller, J. Merrell, D. Dean, C. Fiesta. Second row: P. Pollock, D. Moeller, F. Snyder, J. Blackledge, D. Barr. First row: J. Hart, S. Landon, J. Hopes, R. McGuire, E. Eller, P. Brosky, S. Skidmore. President ..... ..,, D avid Deon Vice-President .,,.. ..,.. J ames Merrell Secretary ..,,, ,.... . Pat Brosky Treasurer, .... -, .,,...., ..... R ichard Eller Sponsor ...... ,.... M r. Gallaher A real school knows the spirit of co-operation, of sharing, responsibilities, of working together. That togetherness should be made a tradition with us. Members of this committee gather to plan, promote, improve, or decide on a policy with students voicing their ideas, and putting things across with a "we" feeling that makes them successful. Decisions are made by the Student Council that keep pupil-teacher relations on this "we" level. "Let's do it" not "you do it" is our slogan at G. H. S. Back row: J. Bonsor, S. Woodward, M. Middlisbrdolk, J.l Barrett, S. Bartmzvrr Davis J Llnharf M Beswlcl: M Zito. Third row: M. Fidel, B. Anchor, J. Lister, W. Thiel, J. Orkin, J. Van Over, J. Manatenta N Pasqualone Second row: D. Drought, J. Novak, B. Bates, R. Bell, E. Spinelli, E. Cook. First row: Miss Dougherty, R. Castelli, F. Shafer, A. Fraser, L. Leslie, A. Schupska, J Hattery Editor ....,,.......... Associate Editor .... Sports Editorm-- Music Editor .,,,, Feature Editor ,.,.. Alexander Fraser ,-,--..Lyle Leslie ---James Linhcrt -----,Joanne Lister -----.Mary Zito Business Manager .... ...... S ally Woodward Advertising Editor ,.,,. ..,, . Donald Drought Sports Columnist, .... ..... J eannette Davis Going the Rounds ..... Betty Bates Ill Il ' Buck Row: O Pugliese, Coach Darling, H Morrison, D Marsh, H McLollen, Coach Mallone, B Starkey, J Merrell, F Shafer, M Ramsey, C Finley. 2nd Row: J Rubenstein, D Drought,J Butler, C Fieato, L DePuy, F Frisbie 1stRow: J Curtis, B Lehman, D Gleason, D Maurer, C Helm Back row: E. Wheeler, T. Throop, F. Snyder, R. Hoskins, M. Theilan, P. Heaton, J. Wetzig, D. Nilsen, A. Craine, F. Ashley, R. Rouse, D. Pugliese, C. Paul, R. Tengel, R. Helwig. Third row: R. Curtis, J. Jarvi, A. Grill, J. Korver, W. Hill, T. Love, J. Peluso, D. St. John, R. Wright, C. Pelton, G. Clark, R. Zimmer, L. Quickel, J. Sarvey. Second row: J. Fox, Mr, Caton, C. Pasqualone, M. Cox, D. Burganski, W. Rockhill, R. Wharram, G. Strong, E. Viland, J. Teegarden, D. Brown, A. Ochner, B. Myers, T. Belding, V. Barnum, E. Fuller, G. Smith, J. Marquette, W. Maltby, D. Fry, R. Bender, E. Eller. First raw: Miss Milnes, R. Hunt, J. McGuire, R. Kimmy, E. Herman, J. Johnson, D. Curtis, S. Spinelli, R. Ferguson, R. Ferguson, A. Fulsiter, D. Barr, A. Hocevar, D. Warren, R. Rutter, D. Karmanski, G. ur . 1 rr .i- . r Li. .i A rr- .1 I 1-..., ..,, U. nie-- Q- President. .. . . Mary Zito Vice-President .. . ..Winifred Cook Secretary... ....Sally Woodward Treasurer. ,,,,Y,,7, .Norma Pasqualone Sponsors.. .-Miss Forney, Miss Paxton Back Row: J. Barrett, R. Tisi, M. Wickert, S. Anderson, R. Barrett, B. Blaclcledge, E. Mauatenta, M. Vernick, D. Sarvy, H. Tiller, J. Davis, J. Kaschar, B. Warren, L. Fry, L. Evans, M. Beswick. 4th Row: K. Phelps, J. Orkin, J. Mauatenta, P. Kelly, C. Arilson, N. Pelton, A. Teegarden, H. Honsan, B. Bates, E. DeGeorge, C. Walters, J. Lister, R Bell, W. Thiel,'D. Oberg, W. Cook. 3rd Row: M. Hulbert, B. Neuman, S. Bartlett, M. Conrad, E. Cook, N. Barnes, E. Spade, M. Jones, D. Seeley, J. Stineman, R. Sparr, C. Warner, J, Bell, L. Unsinger, P. Brosky, J. Byrd. 2nd Row: J. Hasenflug, M. Mathieu, S. Spencer, J. Hopes, R. Herbat, D. Childs, J. Deloria, P. Fieata, N. Pasqualone, D. Troy, B. Belden, C. Patrick, B, Lister, M. Fidel, D. Horner, J. Craig, M. Germack, J, Novak, B. Anchor, C. Clark, Miss Forney. lst Row: Miss Paxton, A, Penhollow, M. Pugliese, S. Woodward, M. Middlebrook, M. Zito, R. Jeppe, F, Feltes, I. Pokarski, E. Spinelli, B, Pudder, J. Horvath, M. Corrigan, E. Bates, S. Bartlett, J St. John, M. Zikovsky, M. Hopkins. I V' . , kia: ,YQ ,r , 1512235 1 V " 9 -L. ,nf S mug 3 gy- .Q A f ,M M, J . ,V , L V. .,, M 4 152 A. ,, I wi W .E 6. E r ix xml sk M K ,,,f,,g,- 'ff F visa?-wa M My W. .wiv ,V +5 .,f I -L, up I I , :Hz X ar My B we A , ,,Ag ..... L M 'EQ 7 5 ,, .ff ini J -- , fi! "b- A ,-firm qw A ' W ,I 23' 1 Y Ms' me x Nr A W x as A 51. QQ- 'W x A, P ,hx Q, ff K.- iegfae l I I Back Row: 3rd Row: 2nd Raw: 1 st Raw: Back Row: 31d Row: 2nd Row: lst Row: N. Harper, D. Shafer, L. Slough, N. Peterson, J. Holmes, L. Myers, H. Wilcox, L. Merritt, R. Carcel, B. Throop, A. Gornirk, C, Marquette, M. Hart, N. Lomas, J. Boomhower, J. Coy, J. Boomhower, K. McNamara, J. Rouckhorst, A. Herman, K. McCoy, U. Grouper, M. Myers, M. Reppenhagen, N. Hall, J. Blaclxledge, M. Von Besler, S. Pelton, R. Myers, M. Hagler, R. Dayton, Mrs Ward. J. Wilcox, M. Meacham, M. Tellup, B, Gillette, D. Miller, M. Eller, B. Hall, D. Sharp, S. Barrett, P Schwartz. B, Derylak, D Jeffords, M. Metzler, A. King, D. Aruta, E. Westlake, L. Thompson, J. Palinkas, B. Edy, P. Heaton, W. Spade, M. Glozer, J. Hart. President . . . Janice Dean Vice-President Margie Patterson Secretary , Betty Brown Treasurer . Kathy McNamara A, Barnes, V. Stafford, A Merrill, B Brown, J. Bowers, D. Cannon, M. McFarland, J. Klouson N. Stiffler, B Gleason, D. Orrell, M. Swanson, J P Moss, S. Skidmore, B. R Sezon, M. Phelps. R Branham, L. Starkey, D. Heaton, H Tempky, M, McCain, N. Barrow, S. McCoy, S. london R. Mansfield, J. Brewer, P Edney, B Stewart, M. Patterson, J. Kimmy, J Dean, D Frieson Warham, E Viland. Davis, S, Chadderon, B. Bender, A Beitel, A. Rhodes. Perkins, C, Chadderdon, J. Herman, J, Lyons, J. Niclcols, M. Jeppe Warren, B Virant, J. Saunders, D. Pierce, G. Bannister, K. Behm C. W Mrs, Karhan, P Tellup, J Polcorski, B. Jesset, M Hulbert, N. Manner, B. Zakraisek M Knoedler, J Harvey, E. DeGeorge, C Weber, L Starkey, D Novak, M. Striffler, A Hopkins M. Gaines, N. Carpenter. B. Pevec, 1 1 f de guna! Buck row: C. Janson, Mclallen, J. Boyd, H. Burkhalder, D. Draught, A. Teegarden, R. Helwig, N. Harper Fourth row: T. Jamison, J. Cook, D. Gleason, M. Patterson, J. Wilcox, F. Ashley, J. Mcspadden, D. Pugliese B. Warner. Third row: M. Corrigan, J. Bowers, B. Brown, A. Merrell, M. McCain, D. Pierce, J. Saunders, M. Striffler, C. Warner, J. Hart, H. Hanson, J. Harvey, W. Hawes, M. Myers. Second row: J. Stineman,'C. Fobes, F. Aruta, F. Strilfler, J. Pokorski, B. Warren, M. Pasqualone, J. Lister J. Hopes, R. Sparr, D. Aruta, M. Von Besler, E. Viland, R. Starkey, H. Starkey, Mr. Hauser. First row: W. Cook, M. Mathieu, B. Lister, C. Walters. Bock row: C. Fieata, J. Linhart, D. Gleason, J. Van Over, J. Hattery, R. Lehman, B. Starkey, P. Wetzig, D. Deon, M. Ramsey, R. Atwood, R. Karran, F. Shafer, J. Bonsar, A. Fraser. Third row: J. Stineman, D. Oberg, R. Jeppe, J. Davis, E. DeGeorge, B. Warren, J. Barrett, G. Gleason, S. Atwood R. Hunt, E. Cox, B. Covell, R. Castelli, I.. DePuy, T. Maltby, H. Mclallen. Second row: B. Neuman, J. Watson, A. Hamilton, S. Bartlett, B. Hall, W. Dey, C. Walters, D. Seeley, M Vernick, B. Belden, M. Jones, M. Fidel, J. Novak, J. Craig, H. Tiller, A. Spring, M. Pasqualone. First row: N. Posqualone, J. Deloria, R. Sparr, J. Mazxatenta, D. Horner, B. Anchor, P. Fieata, M. Germack E. Spinelli, J. Lister, N. Conrad, E. Cook, M. Hopkins, D. Oakman, E. Spade, E. Mozzatenta, J. Byrd, J. Bell 1 I 1 win miw +4 S, 3 3 'if sb Q Q ow M' Gil' N .an xi 14,6 ml' S! ,L V4,,.w,, 5,2 X.: 1- 1 ,gy Tr ' ' Zemin... J A.,4.Lf M Z M' Football Co-Captains Jack Bufler James Merrell Basketball Co-Captains Donald Marsh Richard Eller 145 644 ,mia Back ro Third ro R. Scovi Second afzface. ' ' .. Football practice started on the sunny afternoon of August 21. Very sunny, in fact the heat was almost unbearable but practice they did, and hard. Coach Darling worked with the line and Coach Mallone took the backfield and both of them made sure that everyone got a good work-out. For their first game, the Eagles were host to Perry on September 17. Although the team didn't appear to be outstanding, they came out on the long end of a 25-0 score, Butler making two touchdowns, Marsh and Shafer each making one, Patrick scored the point. It was a crest-fallen team that took to the showers after the Bula game September 24. Coxe and Sacchiari stole the show for the Panthers as the Eagles were downed 31-0. However, it was a iubilant coach that walked into the shower room at the Conneaut Stadium on October 1. Although the Troians outweighed Geneva by twenty pounds to each man, it didn't prove to be an advantage as we came out on top 13-7. Shafer and Marsh scored the touchdowns with Eller making the point. On October 8, Geneva iourneyed to Madison and came home victorious by a score of 13-O. It was a rainy night but Patrick and Butler came through with a touchdown, Butler making his by intercepting a pass and returning it 60 yards. Butler also made the point. October 15, Willoughby proved to be too tough for the Eagles and came out of the fray with the score 18-6 in their favor. Arkenburg made the lone Geneva score. The Harbor Mariners came to Geneva on October 22 and stopped the Eagles 21-13. Harbor had a good line and passing attack. Scoville and Shafer came through with two touchdowns and Butler scored the point. ' . It was a foggy Friday night, October 29, that the Eagles downed the Mentor eleven. At halftime the score was 6-6 but coming back strong the Eagles blasted out an 18-6 victory. Shafer, Arkenburg and Patrick made the scores. A confident Painesville team came to town on November 5 and soon returned home minus their confidence, with the score 12-7 against them. The first half was a bitter see- saw battle with neither team scoring. The second half, however, Shafer blasted through for two touchdowns, the last on an 80 yard run. In the Homecoming Game, on November 12, the Eagles finished the season right with a 14-0 score over Warren St. Mary. Arkenburg and Patrick scored the touchdowns. On the first play, Fieata and Ramsey nailed the ball carrier behind the line for a safety and 2 points. Thus ended a successful season. W: J. Noyes, P. Althen, D. Deningtan, N. Potter, D. Maurer, H. Mclallen, R. Beech, D. Wright, R. Hunt. w: Coach Darling, D. Gleason, M. Ramsey, B. Starkey, D. Arkenburg, C. Finley, J. Merrell, D. Marsh, Ile, C. Helm, F. Schafer, Coach Mallone. row: F. Frisbie, A. Mellen, D. Patrick, D. Drought, J. Bonsor, I.. Deuy, T. Maltby, R. Eller, J. Butler, J. Rabenstein. First row: R. Widmer, W. Hillier, J. Ridel, C. Fieata, J. Curtis, H. Morrison. due kwa C I I f SENIORS Jack Butler-End. Jack was a regular from last year and was at the receiving end of many touchdown passes H l ' e aso played smart defensive ball. He was voted unanimously by the team as Co-Captain for the year. This is .lack's second "G". lee DePuy-Halfback. He was Geneva's main defensive threat. lee played "heads up" ball. It was a great loss h tot e team when he broke his arm in the Madison game He will be greatly missed by the team next yar. This is Lee's second "G". Charles Fieata-Guard. "Feets" disregarded his small stature and proved himself an able player. He was a real threat on defense. "Feets" saw a lot of action and was in there fighting all the way. His first "G". Don Gleason-Tackle. Don really showed that he could play football by breaking through the line and stopping the plays with some great tackling, His spirit was a great asset to the team. Don's second "G". Bill Hillier-End. Bill played his second year at end. He was on defense and had plenty of spirit. This is Bill's second "G". Tom Maltby-Halfback. Tom made up for his size with aggressiveness. Tom had a lot of spirit and was in there fighting all the time and was a very shifty runner. Tom's first "G". Milford Ramsey-Tackle. "Big Miff" could really get through the line into the opponents' backfield. When he was there you could hear him hit and it was loud. He will be greatly missed b the te y am next year. This is his second "G". Bruce Starkey-Guard. Buster started out this year as center. He was later moved to guard. "Battling Buster" proved to be a capable lineman, and he could stop any- thing that came his way. His second "G". JUNIORS Jim Bonsor-Guard. He really earned his berth as "All- League" second team guard. He proved himself to be a good tackler and blocker. His second "G". Don Drought-Guard. Don is a fast, low charger, and a good tackle. Don has another year. His second "G." Dick Eiler-End. He played hard, smart football. Dick could catch anything thrown his way. His first "G". Chuck Finley-Tackle. Chuck is a newcomer to Geneva. He has good team spirit and plenty of drive. With this year's experience Chuck should come back strong next year. This is his first "G". Fred Frisbie-Guard. Fred never quit fighting and his line play was tops. This was Fred's first letter and it's well earned. Charles Helm-Tackle. Charlie was one of the bigger boys. He prov'ed to be a typical football player and held down his side of the line. His second "G". Jim Merrell-Center. Mert is the best defensive and of- fensive center in the league. He was chosen "All-League Center" and voted Co-Captain of the team. This is Jim's third "G". John Reidl-Halfback. Johnny is a hard playing ball player. He was used mainly on defense and earned his first "G". He will be back next year and will be one of the leading men. Bob Scoville- Halfback. Bob got his chance towards the middle of the season and proved to be an able ball carrier. Good material for next year's team. His 'first "G". Fred Shafer-Halfback. Fred was in the game all the time. He really is a powerhouse on feet and full of spirit all the time. Fred really showed all this in the Painesville game with that 80 yard run. He will be back next year. This is his third "G". SOPHOMORES Dale Arkenburg-Quarterback. He was a great asset to the team for his passing and punting ability. Dale could really play ball on defense. He has two more years to show what he can really do. His first "G". Harre Mclallen-Tackle. Harre started at end and was moved to the tackle spot and really proved that he wanted to play football. He has two years to prove his ability at that position. His second "G". Hart Morrison-Quarterback. Hart played head's up ball all the time he was in there. He really shined on the defense by making some beautiful tackles. His first "G". Don Patrick-Halfback. Pat played either halfback and held down both positions like the veteran he is. He has two more years to go. This is his second "G". wwf- 'f'?W we may 0 1 W 111: Bock row: H. Hoskins, R. McGuire, P. Pollack, G. Crillenden, M. Kroner, T. Love, R. Woison, R. Bender D. Anchor, D. Pugliese, R. Arkenburg, Second row: M. Theilun, R. Commisso, R. Curtis, D. Curtis, R. Kimmy, J. Johnson, J. McGuire, C. Pcsquulone M. Vilond, D. Barr, C. Paul, Coach Mollone. Firs! row: Couch Darling, P. Porter, D. Brown, A. Pulsifer, M. Gaines, R. Hunt, R. Starkey, T. Brosky, J. Novak M. Pusqucllone. I S. Woodward, P. Brosky, N. Pczsquolone, M. Ziio, E. Mcxzzcnenta, B. Bates. 1 amide Q 1 I I ' 2 Beverly Pudder , ,, Queenp Senior Mory Zito, , A.,,,, Senior Mary Lou Germuck ,,..... ,, 7 ,Junior Winifred Cook, ,.,. ,- ,,.,oJunior Joyce Hopes Sophomore Donna Childs ,,.e, ,. ,,,, ,,,,,,. Y, H Sophomore Agua- ' :kwa malta ffzam Za". The Geneva Eagle's basketball team had a fairly prosperous season during '48 and '49, winning 11 games out of 17 that they played. The Varsity played 12 league games and won 6 of them. They played 5 exhibition games and won all of them. The reserves even made a more impressive record than the varsity, winning 8 league games and losing 4. They played 4 exhibition games, winning all of them. The Eagle cagers initiated the basketball season by easily winning 2 exhibition games, one with Perry and one with Madison. The former being 50 to 25 and the latter being 51-28. The Reserves also tri- umphed over their opponents. In their first league game of the season, Geneva, ousted Harbor, 29-25. Arkenburg paced the Eagles with 10 points. The reserves suffered their first upset of the season, losing, 21-16. The second league game saw Geneva lose to the powerful Conneaut Trojans, 39 to 24. Conneaut's big Jim Hietikko led the scoring with 16 points. The reserves won the preliminary game, 24 to 18. In the third league game, Willoughby played host to Geneva. They defeated Geneva, 42 to 39. Don Marsh led scoring for Geneva with 12 markers and Willoughby's Arter close behind with 11. The reserve team also lost, 43 to 29. In the 4th encounter, Ashtabula entertained Geneva which saw the home team lose to a powerful A.H.S. quintet, 46-31. Marsh led the scoring for Geneva with 8 points. Gephart paced Ashtabula with 10. The The 12 points over-ran Wycliff, 43-28. reserves were also swamped in the preliminary game, 48-21. next game was a man-league exhibition with Wycliff. The G.H.S. squad, sparked by Merrell's The reserves, sparked by Bob Beecl1's 14 points, won an easy victory in the preliminary game. The next game was an exhibition tilt with Edgewood in which the Eagles won an easy victory, 32-25. Don Marsh was top scorer with 11 points. All the proceeds of the game went to the "March of Dimes". The next league tussle found Geneva traveling to Painesville, where they suffered a defeat, 44-28. Painesville's Chiapponon led the scoring with 16 points and Geneva's Eller second with 8. fContinued on next pagel lei' 'O "l9l'1f W- Hllllef, R. Eller, D. Arkenburg, B. Starkey, J. Merrell, D. Marsh, J. Butler, A. Mellen, R. Castelli, and Coach Mallane. Absent: R. Scoville. ll U I '4 tie Wmaptg The Eagle reserves nosed out the Raiders, 29-28. Maurer took honors with 9 points. ln the next league game, Geneva trounced the Mentor invaders, 56-30. Merrell took scoring honor by netting 10 points. The reserves lost to a fast Mentor five, 39-29. Beech was high point maker with 9. In the next game, the Harbor Mariners invaded Geneva where they were repelled after a hard fight, 50-40. Harbor's Scott and Hertt'ya and Geneva's Merrell all tied for scoring honors with 13 markers each. The reserves won the preliminary game, 36-31. Patrick paced the reserves with 11 markers. On January 28, the Eagles gat revenge for the defeat handed to them earlier in the season by Con- neaut, defeating them, 42-34. Jim Merrell's brilliant floor work held giant Kim Hietikko to a mere 6 points while he and Marsh scored 14 markers apiece. The reserves had little trouble in winning their game, 32-25. In the next encounter, Geneva played host to the Willoughby Rangers, handing them a defeat, 39-30. Arkenburg took all scoring honors with 14 points. D. Oxford, Willoughby was close behind with 12 markers. I I I The reserve dumped their opponents, 29-18. The Bula Panthers came to G.H.S. for the next tilt and handed the Eagles a beating which ended up 46-32. Marsh was high point man for G.H.S. with 10. The reserves overran their opponents, 49-37. Maurer and Patrick netted 11 points apiece while Beech gathered 10. The next encounter brought the Painesville Raiders to the Geneva hardwood. The invaders man- aged to overrun the Eagles, 37-33, by a last-minute rally in the fourth quarter. Merrell netted 12 points in the squirmish and Painesville's Lothanen netted 12 also. The Eagle Reserves edged out the Raiders, 32-29, in an exciting game with Maurer pacing the team with 12 points. In the last game of the season the Eagles trounced the Mentor 5, 48 to 34. Marsh and Arkenburg garnered 16 points apiece in the fight to take the scoring honors. The reserves were badly beaten by a tough Mentor squad, 34-21. Standing: J. Bonsor, F. Davis, N, Potter, Coach Darling, J. Noyes, G. Rhodes. -- . . ... .- H tt. ,W ri nent. u n-.,:.,... n n,.i,:,l. , 5, I Q 51 , fi ",5.f,,f "" L 57 "QL 412 an R 2 35 QE fe 5 vi if ?w .," '. 'ae '11 552764 'R Q , 'F ,-1 9 1 4 45 A 5 -. ,, -7 KL- , w , I2.. .Q- -- x Q ' 55 W' V, k,W,iEE 1 X K V 5 L, ' is 1 f LNi M . ,Z 7 W, ,,,, ,,,,,, 4 Ha I H3 L 3? m , 1 MMM yy TK X b N , if ' u X EH 4 Wg, 1 ,,Q.p4- 'ink' M, , Ii W . Q -X W W.,,, A K , me ' "" 'Z 'L,. - fig T M 3 , M' ig 4 l,A '34 N,A , A ' fa ' .3 Kg ' v if ' "' 'L V E M Wai f ln ' v p... A we .9-.fe n Q.,- ,, mm . Q :Av ' -,, Q ,xxx .7-'ex ,h .qv N.. fe LJ: M .N ,X- Q Xx-x fm mf' ff' .Q ,V Lik, w Q x 1.225 Q Q E 2 I W 2, , ii, E 'ff .A fv 'sf V sk H 'Eli Q Q sh A My Ly f Q Q . gi 1 ez W0- W W ESA Aw my A gf.. A i X3 4 Q 1' Q R 2 ff fx J X N 1--:kfH.23!::i'E:, -. K Q V N Q , ' 1 5 N, iz 5 . M, Y, ,,, 1 - , 'av f K , .N , x 1 ia, Q gs .f,. Lixwll . X z 1 -g, "He conquers who conquers himself" Blue White 7600102 White Rose In recognition of their efforts in behalf of their class and their school, Joanne Lister and Jack Butler have been named the outstanding seniors by vote of the seniors. and 117 gTops in ops Whe DU-ALL MFG. Co. GEN EVA ' - OHIO BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF T949 O from ZITO BARBER SHOP Congratulations From KASTEN ELECTRIC Geneva, Ohio Compliments of RECORD SHOP All The Latest Recordings East Main St. Geneva, Ohio BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF T949 BROADWAY INN HOTEL DiaI5651 Geneva, Ohio 32E VILLAGE GRILL asf M St I G Oh KEYBOARD STUDIO 6165 North Broadway East M GOOD LUCK TO THE 49ers YOUR FURNITURE HOUSE Mr. George Spencer Mr. Charl ain Street G Oh STOP-N-SHOP FOOD MART Norfh Broadway GENEVA, OHIO COM PLIMENTS OF aemwimm HARDWARE CHAPMAN'S DINER and DINING ROOM sends ns coNGRATuLATloNs TO THE CLASS OF 'I949 Men's and Boys Clothing-Furnishings Van Heusen Shirtas Interwoven Hose Resistol Hats Euro Shirts Bostonian Shoes Donegal Sportswear J AC K S O N 'S G. B. JACKSON 15 wwwr MAIN s1'1u+:E'1' s. 1. .lAcKsoN BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1949 STANSON MOTORS, INC. Sales - FORD - Service 87 West Main Sf. Geneva, Ohio CORSAGES CUT FLOWERS and PLANTS For All Occasions GI. R. 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A complete store, offering furnishings for the home and clothing for the entire family, brand names have for 56 years assisted us in strengthening our pledge of "service and value" in the things you buy and use daily. Congratulations to the Class of 1949 We salute and congratulate these "Boosters" of Geneva as a school and a community - THE THE THE THE THE To one and all GENEVA ATHLETIC SQUADS CHEERLEADERS BAND FACULTY CLASS OF '49 may we wish Future Success. BOOSTER CLUB Julius Horvath-President Preston Pollock, Sr.-Vice-President Rocco Commisso-Sec.-Treas. GULF TIRES C. I. KOSCHAR EXIDE BATTERIES 303 East Main Street GENEVA, OHIO Telephone 4987 ROAD SERVICE Best Wishes To The Class of '49 O COMPLIMENTS OF MARCY MOTOR SALES DUCK PIN ALLEY CHEVROLETS . 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KOSCHAR 4 NORTH BROADWAY GENEVA, OHIO Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1949 Q4 Q 'M "': 55 95 E: gill Q' " .I 5RQ5ia-x 5' ,..... 4 5' 4Eif5'g:"Zw 55 : ' 'Q 1 I W - if Y 51 103 4 IQHIAMIIFQIIILJNI I Champion Hardware Co Geneva, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS To The CLASS OF 1949 From The COLONY CLEANERS E M S G Oh CUMPLIM ICNTS THE GENEVA TELEPHQNE COMPANY F. R. JERMAN CONGRATULATIONS To The 49ers THE GENEVA TRANSFER CO. For information concerning local or long distance work, either freight or household furniture I Call Geneva 4106 Compliments of ARTHUR COMMISSO BARBER sl-lop East Main St. Geneva, Ohio KISSMAN ELECTRIC Electrical Work, Fixtures Pumps, Motors, and General Repailing 838282828 507 404 S0. BROADWAY gf" W Y' "" ' 7' 'W THE WRIGHT DEPARTMENT STORE Friendly Service - Quality Merchand Plus Good Quality HAZEL WHEELOCK Manager 55 North Broadway Geneva, GENEVA BEST WISHES TO THE WALLPAPER STQRE CLASS or 1949 TAYLOR PONTIAC East Main Street Geneva, Ohio Window Shades Models and Supplies BEST WISHES TO GENEVA'SSENIOR CLASS Ownership of a home, a farm, income property or a business should be among the early ambitions of every young man or woman. The start may be modest, but the rewards of pru- dent investment in the tangible wealth of a community are too well known to require comment. Helping young people on their way to success and happiness is one of the real pleasures of our business. Years of Service and Satisfaction The MILLER REALTY Co. REALTORS - INSURORS MAIN OFFICE . . Miller Building . . Geneva, Ohio BRANCH OFFICES ASHTABULA CONNEAUT JEFFERSON 4626 Main-av. Broad and Main Next to Courthouse M E N T O R Route 84 and Chilicothe Road V 'W r - ' -r" '- YEARBOGKS OF DISTINCTIGN are produced by THE LITHO-PRINT CCD AKRCN, OHIO under fhe direcfion of Wei! gauze pughcafiona

Suggestions in the Geneva High School - Aquila Yearbook (Geneva, OH) collection:

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Geneva High School - Aquila Yearbook (Geneva, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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