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JEN 0 SEE PRESENTED EY 'ENE EENSS EF 1955 SENENL GENESEE NEW YEEK IE55 ummsmo EENTEAL FOREWORD As Greek mythology played a tremen- dous part in the lives of ancient Greeks, from whom we have taken many of our traditions, so GCS has exertecladominant Force on our lives for the past Four years. Here we record a portion of our ac- tions, our memories, and our enioyments at our own Mt. Olympus. X :fl 5.4, 'H -. .i it s 7 91 ? JJ-is 1 Z . su' , 'S -Us D ', .1 1" NA 1 'a 41" 1' Q G r I v s twirl in .f , 1 fu 9 , . U C V q f gf 'W ,l 'gl' ,i J' I 7 Q . ,, , A .1 'N is Qpm 2 Y 1 v 4 fi 1 9 fa f Of. x x ,f 5 A J! ,lk K 'ins , X f 4, 3 ,9 lat 'C ' f X Y' ' w 2 1 : I I s lllllllllA'l'lll ka X 1!"""' will Coach at work Coach ROGER CLOUSER For the past elghl' years Coach Roger Clouser has been the symbol of Gen eseo s sport life and has led our teams fo many vncforles and successes Coach s friendly manner and suncere desire to help have made hum known and luked by all Coach and his cheerful smile wall always form a vlvud plcfure when we recall our days at G C S Therefore we the class of l955 dedicate our Jen O See to hum 4 AllMlNlSTIiATl0N W l STANDING Douglas S1nc1a1r W1111amR1chmor1d Robert McDonald SEATED Clayton Young Paul Eshbaugh Albert Hodges Ward McCauley lllllllll 0F IIUUATIO The Board of Education, as directors of our school program, have an excellent approach to the problems of education Each year our learning environment is um proved and we have the best Instruction possible This year the Board made a safety survey and gave additional protection for our school, such as fire extinguishers. Most important of all on the program was a study of the curricula in the school. The Board and the faculty meet occasionally todiscuss the program and school problems so as to better the school. Paul Eshbaugh served as President this year. 6 Alllll I 'l'llA'l'I0 ak AMX, P I Mr Jenkms Zeus chref and leader Mr Rost Hermes messenger of the of all gods performs hrsdutreswrthdexter In Mr Jenklns the sensors have always found a patrent lrstener wrth a kmd word and a frnendly smlle No matter what the problem, he was ever ready to grve advice ln the absence of Mr Jenkins, the vlce prrncrpal, Mr Rost, takes over To Mass Malls go many thanks She has always been ready to help rn any srtuatron Wrltnng checks mrmeographrng maternal, count mg money all she has done wrth smooth effrcrency. fl A Mlss M111s, Hera, helper of Zeus and of all those m Olympus 7 r ff' fs X .1 X l M 'A t ,fr X , 5, A J l Q ,ef Q s x WN 7, . ity. y I 0 ,J 1 . - . . D I W - , I l Q 0 3 . . . . . gl ' 0 l . I , A MRS. BAGG Psyche, goddess of the mind of the languages. , makes light ni ll 4415 no MRS. BRICKLEMYER Hestia, goddess of the home, instructs her pupils in domestic science. VICIOI' MR BONDI 1 ds his fighters to Ares g of combat ea FACULTY Persephone g ddes teaches MRS DAWSON s of the underworld in her underground chamber where sulfur and brimstoue abound 'Tw MR COONEY Apollo god of music wi orchestra and band elds his baton I .,...-1 MR FANCHER Chiron the wise and kindly centaur teaches the arts MISS FRENCH l-ebe goddess of youth preser es our health and vrgor IKK7 MRS HA LLY Aphrodlte goddess of love and beauty IS stately and a pleasure to all '-fs'--N MISS HA LE h lson leads our ll Terpsrchore muse ofc ora g choruses rn unmatched harmony i FACULTY 'V' x MR HERRICK MISS IIMERSON Athena boddess ofwlsdom whosesagaclty gu1des us through all our undertakrngs C7 i qi MR KELSEY Theseus, sla er ofthe mrnot Hephaestus, god of the any 11, fo rges the I bulls of the streets chams of our destmy. aur, bra ves the I 1 1 'I ' s 1 ' P?-"' , , : I ffkig: ' .N , 4 K - 'f ' 4 5, iff Qi, 1 ' f , ' t il , ' rr S I I 'f I-A 1 - Q i- J I X 4 . I . 7 I I I7 . . I I ,f . 44 ," wr ,f ' KY , . A E of-'S I . , W' I .Y 175 t , 2 MR. MCMILLAN Prometheus, savior of mankind, leads us in- to the business aspects of the cold, cruel world. 4-"5 'Q MR OUTHOUSE DIOIIESUS god of the Vllle IS the agrxcultural leader of our Olympus FACULTY MR PERRY MISS QUIRK Mnemosyne goddess of memory fxnds all knowledge 111 her domam for the gr op mg students Poserdon god of the sea curbs the storms of our 11 es and keeps the brlne out of our V6 IHS MISS PARNELL Artemis, goddess of the hunt, athletics and sports. ya. I 5'fQl,YJk!vk instructs MR SHEPPARD Atlas bearer of the world rules the Sophs wrth a hand of rron I- ', F A, aw Q A t V or , I1 I 5 f I, . ,ar . k A V 1 I ,I . , AA 9 U . ' t J' ilk l x 9 Q'-' ' 'A .J I I. . I4 , . I 1 I I I ' 4 li ' I . f J MR STALEY Hades god of the underworld IS stern but Just 1n hrs math classes MRS VIENNA Selene goddess of the moon IS ever cool calm and collected IH the Jr Hlgh 193' ,Fw 'E-"J W MR TOWNE Helros god of the sun brrngs hght and beauty to the school wxth h1s art1st1c m1nd CAFETERIA TAFF MRS WOOLSTON Themls goddess of Jusuce k1nd and sym D Lxttle Mrs Lang Mrs Brown Mrs Snrder atheuc, helps us understand the comph cated math. 11 7 7 l J - ' , 1 . D . J' g aff ' ,X S ,, V 'X .M x ' ,,,t,z 774 I I Y l l V 'A - ' 5 . , . . , . - D ' ' . , . ' , l P l 1' BU DRIVER um! The transportation system of the gods cant be compared wrth ours BACK T Bxshop V D111berto W Lmsner W Youngs FRONT I Bellanca C IIIA If Olympus had clean ers and ground keepers they couldn t have been better than ours V. Dxllberto, 1. Morello, C. Pecora, A Walde 12 girls- - , if t X 1 . X ' Q e , , A ph, t V' ' .S 2 4 I .A ,M H til f 1 I i rf, tprp , s fri? w ztfty ' s W : . ' , . ' ' , . ' , . . Z ' 151 2 , in '3 Y wr! A r - I y I - f .. J t s 'Yrs l 1,11 7 'f X Q V . ,I . H ' ' at ,W V miie: , K f,t, 2 , any , e 3 1 , 5 Q7 law CLASSES ADAMSON, JERRY BARK, RICHARD "Cupid, mischievous enough in his own "Adventure is the soldier's pleasure. " nature. " Football I,2, 3,45 Jen-o-see 45 Baseball 25 T6f1DiS 2,3.4: TIHCR 1,29 Volleyball 2,3, Basketball I5 Sr. Play Comm. 5 Wrestling lg 45 Sr. Play 45 Band 3,45 Proj. Club I,2, F.F.A. Basketball LZ. 3,45 Intramurals I,2,3,45 Library Club 45 Jr. Red Cross 3,4. CARLILE, PATRICIA "A mighty joy to gods and mortal men." G.A.A. 3,45 Bowling 3,45 Oratorical Contest 45 C Y O I,2, Scap 1,23 Sr. Play 45 Intramurals I,2,3,45 Jen-o-see 45 Dramatic Club I,2g Class Vice-Pres. 2. xi CHIARA, ALEX "He said, 'She has a lovely face. Football I,2,3g Baseball I,2,3g Basketball 25 Band 1,2,3,4g Bowling 1,2,3,45 Sr. Play 45 Rifle Club 2,35 Jen-o-see 45 A ll County Band 2,3,4. 0F 1955 COFFEY, PATRICIA COTTOM, HENRY "Goddess of wit. " "There is nothing like laughter to defend the heart against fate. " All County I,2,3,4g Band I,2,3,4g Band Officer 24 Chorus rg Orch. Ig Sr. Play 45 Basketball I,2,3,4g Football 4g Baseball 2, Dramatics Club 34 Class Sec. 2g G.A.A. 3,45 Band I,2,3,4g All County 2,3g Bowl- I,2,3,45 Chairman of lr. Prom 35 Chair- ing 2,3,4g F.F.A. Ig Chorus 25 Orchestra man of Sr. Ball 4. 2. sy' ,grimy Lrlqll -1? CULBERTSON, SHIRLEY DAVIS, RICHARD "Nought but the lovely sighing ofthe wind. " "When l'm gone, forget me not. " National Honor Society 3,4g Cheerleading Football 2, 3,4g Jr, Historical rg Basketball 2.35 G.A.A. Treas. l, Sec. 2, Vice-Pres. Mgr, 45 Track Ig Intramurals 3,45 Sr. Play 3, Pres. 4g Sr. Play 4g Student Council 2, Comm, 4g Mixed Volleyball 4. SEC. 15 iff o DEL BARTO, SUSAN DILIBERTO, ROSE MARY "Along the deep, with beauteous ankles, "Ohl How sweet the life I lead." Aphrodite glides. " Chairman of Sr. Play Tickets 4g F.H.A. 3g Sr. Play 4g Bowling l,2,3,4, Capt. 34 Chorus Ig Sr. Play Usher 4g Jen-o-see 4g Jen-o-see 4g G.A.A. I,2,3,4g Band I,2, Bowling 2,3,4. 3,45 Chm. Bake Sales 1,25 Sr. Ball At- tendant 4g G.A.A. Basketball 4. EDDY, JEAN "I know that still I can weave a spell to catch a man." G.A.A. I,2,3,4g Valley Echoes 3g Jen-o- see 4g Bowling I,2,3,4g Sr. Ball Comm.. 45 Intramurals I,2,3,4. 16 HANSON, JEAN "Fifty haughty heroes at her darkened row- locks be. " Jen-o-see 43 G.A.A. 4g Basketball 1,25 Bowling 4. 0F I955 , HURLBURT, RONALD IRWIN, ROBERT "I used to be light-footed in my youth, but "It is a game of chance and skill, the d1ce I find my feet grow heavier toward night- are loaded." fall. " Football I,2,3,4g Sr. Play 4, F.F.A. 2 Tennis 2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4, Volleyball 2, 4, All County Chorus 3,45 Intramurals 1 3,45 Intramurals I,2,3g Badminton 2,39 2,3,4g Track Ig Chorus gs Operettas 3 4 Red Cross 2,3, Tumbling 2,3. rm., pf 3 fi N if P I 1 JAMISON, HAROLD "A little will I speak." Chorus Ig Assembly Comm. 3g Sr. Play Tickets 4, Intramurals 35 Operetta I. KLESS , RONALD "The breath of being o'er drew more brave, more pious, or more true. " Student Council 3, Pres. 4: Class Pres. lg Track I,2,4g Football 2,3g Red Cross I,2, 3, Vice-Pres.4g Intramurals I,2,3,4. Q, CW, E NIR LINTON, DAVID LITTLE, ALLAN "Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we go "Although I am but little, I am highly gift- to school. " ed. " Basketball 1,2,3,4g Football 2,3,4g F.F.A. Treas. Student Council 35 Projection Club I,2,3,4g Bowling 3,4g Band I,3,4g Sr. 2,35 Rifle Club 2,3g Orchestra Ig Team Play 4g Rifle Club 2,35 Valley Echoes 4. Capt. Magazine Sales 43 Jr. Red Cross l,2, 3,4 - Sec. 4. .1 5, LOVE, DAVID LUCKENBACH, REVA "Who guides the Lunar carp Sped through the "What look is more d e lightful than the silent space from star to star. " smile. " Basketball I,2,3,4g Baseball I,2,3g Stu- Chorus Ig F.1-I.A. 35 Sr. Play Usher 4. dent Council I,2,3.4 ' Vice-Pres. 3. 18 1 .9 0F 1955 'T' 1 41 MAGEE, CHARLES MARKS, LORRAINE "And mark thy wild, enduring smile." "More lovely than Pandora, whom endowed with all their gifts. " Track Ig Tennis Ig Football 3g Bowling I, 2,3. Cheerleading 3,4g G.A.A. I,2,3 ketball Team I,2,3g Class Sec. Play 4g Intramurals I,2,3,4. vi '1 s OX' MCCAULEY, THEODORE NEIS, MARY "l-low blest forever thus to roam. " "Kill me with one fierce divine embrace." F.F.A. I,2,3,4g F.F.A. Reporter 2,3g Intramurals I,2,3,4g Valley Echoes 3: F.F.A. Co. Reporter 3g F.F.A. Basketball Bowling 3,4g Jen-o-see 4g Sr. Ball Comm. I.2,3g Proj. Club I,2,3,4L Gun Club 2, 4g Vice-Pres. 25 Chorus Ig Jr. Prom Comm. 3.4- 3g Soph. Hop Comm. 2. 19 lbw 9""' NEUREITER ELIZABETH PERAINO GERALDINE A lrttle learnrng IS a dangerous thrng Upon the ground she plants her tread her Drrnk deep or taste not the Pterran sprrng forehead In the sky Valley Echoes 3 Jen o see Ed 4 Class A g Treasurer 3 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 4 Chorus I Intramurals I D A R Award 4 Chorus I 3 4 l9T'hs PERI ROBERT Wrth hrs broad heart to wrn hrs way to heaven Football I Intramurals I 2 3 4 Rrfle Club 4 FFA I234 Sr PlayCom 4 Chorus 3 Boy s State 3 20 ...nun-"ir 1 REBBA N SHIRLEY Ifyou can catch and overcome hrm tt IS the surest way to w1n hrs love A 234 Bowlrnglz Vae Echoes 3 Jen o see 4 Intramurals 4 Sr Play Usher 4 -If 4 , Q2 E l0ll usy.,!L f 9 9 ' ' . 9 G.A. . l,2g Bowlin 1,23 F.H.A. 3,45 3 ' V :I -Ei I 1' Q I : .,.s' G-A--I...: ' .s lly 2,3,g . . . , , ,Q . 111. 3 - ' g I,2,3, 11 0F 1955 ROSEBRUGH, MARY ANN SAWDEY, JAMES "Did I lack lovers?" "Deep in a cavern dwells the drowsy Cheerleading 2,3,4, Co-Capt. 4g Sr. Play Sr. Play Comm. 4g Intramurals 3 4 49 G.A.A. I,2,3,4g Basketball Team I,2, jection Club 2g Wrestling I2 I 3,49 Student Council 3,45 Bowling I,2,3, Volleyball 1,2,3,4. 4g Capt. 3g Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Jen-o- see Bus. Mgr. 4: Class Sec. I. SMITH, DONNA "Pleased as he grasps her in his iron armsg Fights with soft sighs, with tender words alarms. " Cheerleading J. V. Capt. 2, Vars. Capt. 3, Co-Capt. 4g Sr. Ball Queen 4g Jr. Prom Att. 3, Sr. Play 4, G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Bas- ketball 2, 3,4. :hwy ,- ff? SMITH, KATHLEEN "The goddess with a blush, her love be- trays. " Sr. Play 4g Sr. Ball Comm. 45 Jr. PIOIH Comm. 3, Intramurals I,2,3,4: Bowling 1,2,3,4, Capt. 3gJCl'1'O'SE64Q G.A.A. I, 2,3,4g Basketball Team 3,44 Library Club l,2. lm any QAFNNM fy 4 I r ss' A We-' ggi? 439 q J New-.. CN 69 gf. o SE Hill aff J, X ik in' ff I n : Fm " 5 X1 QQ. 0 ss QS , I X ' ,, . Q l- 'BX A STEGNER, SANDRA me FQ USN TURNER, WAYNE "Provoklng all the gods to laughter. " C' "A goodly youth of amiable grace. " Orch. 2,3,4g Band 2,3,4g Chorus 2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 25 Tennis 3, Jen-o-see 45 Sr. Play 4g Bowling 3,4. 4g Football 2,3,4g Track rg Sr. Ball Comm. 43 Bowling I,2,3,4g Jen-o-see 4g Intramurals 4. ULMER, JERRY "As she wills, I live and move." Baseball 2,33 Basketball 2,3,4g Football I,2,3,4g Tennis Ig Bowling I,2,3 - Capt. 3g Sr. Play Comm. 22 VIENNA, PAUL "Lol This is he that is the world 's might- iest. " Football 1,2,3,4g Capt. 43 Basketball 1, 2,3,4g Baseball 2,35 Class Pres. 3,49 Sr. Play 45 Bowling I,2,3,4' Capt. 2,3 Jen-o-see 4g Boy 's State 3. 0F 1955 '52-3' WELCH, CLARENCE "Who roam'd the hills to watch the birds. " F.F.A. I,2,3,4, Chorus 3,4, Operettag Sr. Play 4g Intramurals 3,4g Jen-o-see 4 F.F.A. Basketball 3,4. WELCH H OWARD "Of shrewd device and action wisely plan- ned. " F.F.A. I,2,3,4g Intramurals 1,2 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Rifle Club 2,3,4g Sr Play Comm.g Boys Chorus 3,45 Operetta 3,4, F.F.A. Basketball 2,3,4 "'5!!.".." WILSON, RONALD WITTER, SYLVIA "All the world shall hear thy fame. " "The spice was never so sweet." Football 2, 3,4g Basketball 2, 3,4g F. F.A. Chorus lg F. H.A. 3.4. 1,2,3,4g Volleyball lg Rifle Club 2,3,4, Sr. Play Comm. 4, Chorus 35 All County Chorus 3g Operetta 3.4. 23 05- MISS IIMERSON MR MCMILLAN 'HIE CLASS 0F 1955 We the Sensor Class, would like to thank Mass Jlmerson and Mr McMillan for their patlence and mvaluable and an helpnng us with our many prolects Their competent leadershup and enthu snasm have made our sensor year a successful and pleasant one Our officers this year were Paul Vienna, Pres Dave Linton, Vace Pres Lorrome Marks, Sec , and Luz Neureuter, Treas Hlghllghts of the year were our Sensor Play the magozme campaugn the Jen o see and mltuatlon for the Fresh men Theme of our Sensor Ball was New Year s Party and clumax of the year was the New York trlp Most eventful of course was gradua hon STANDING: E. Neureiter P Vienna D. Linton SITTING: L Marks. 24 t CLASS WILL We of the Class of 1955 berng of sound mrnd and body do make thrs ou last wrll and testament JERRY ADAMSON wrlls the Drrver Ed class to the future hot rodders DICK BARK leaves the art room to future art students PATTI CARLILE leaves the Chemrstry lab to the Brology students ALEX CHIARA leaves hrs drrver s lrcense to Jack Badamre PATTI COFFEY leaves her grubby whrte bucks to Suzy Staley BUDDY COTTOM leaves hrs comrc books to Ronnre Warde SHIRLEY CUIBERTSON leaves her Frltered crgarettes to Martha Welch DICK DAVIS leaves hrs nrck name Sprder to hrs brother Bernre SUSAN DelBARTO wrlls Madelrne Welch her abrlrty to play the trumpet ROSE MARY DILIBERTO wrlls the dark room to future lovers JEAN EDDY wrlls all her nrck names except Mrke to any krd wrth that old Go Go Go RONNIE HURLBURT leaves hrs sessrons wrth Chref to Paul Least JEAN HANSON leaves her problems rn famrly lrvrng class ROBERT IRWIN wrlls hrs red harr and a bottle of glue to Mr Perry HAROLD JAMISON leaves hrs rnk bottle to hrs brother Drck RONNIE KLESS wrlls hrs Freshman grrls to the Freshman boys DAVID LINTON leaves hrs herght to Butch D1Franco DAVID LOVE leaves hrs Chug a lug crown to B111 McGraw REVA LUCKENBACH leaves the drrver trarnrng car rn one prece she hopes CHARLES MAGEE wrlls an 88 Olds to be used as a noon hour school bus LORRAINE MARKS leaves the Vrenna car to Mr and Mrs Vrenna TED MCCAULEY leaves hrs tractor to the future Ag boys MARY NEIS wrlls her books to anyone who can frnd them LIZ NEUREITERwrl1s her job as treasrrrer to next year s senrors BOB PERI leaves the Lrma Road to who ever can get there frrst GERRY PERAINO leaves the famrly car to her brother Drck SHIRIEY REBBAN wrlls her absent excuses to Betty Jameson MARY ANN ROSEBRUGI-I wrlls her beat up locker to the Junk prle JIM SAWDEY wrlls hrs quotatron It s a drab mrserable dayl to Mrss Jrmerson DONNA SMITH wrlls her posrtron as cheerleader to Joanne Morrrs KATHLEEN SMITH leaves the seat rn Study Hall next to John Roffe empty SANDY STEGNER wrlls her arguments wrth Mrs Dawson to Delyra Strckney WAYNE TURNER leaves the College grrls to Brlly Lrwrn JERRY ULMER leaves hrs prnk sweaters to John Lrnfoot PAUL VIENNA leaves hrs football unrform to hrs fans CLARENCE WELCH wrlls hrs part rn the Senror play to anyone wrth a butterfly net HOWARD WELCH leaves hrs gum rn the basket RONNIE WILSON leaves hrs crazy laugh to Ronnre Warde SYLVIA WITTER leaves her quret manner to Carl Benware wrth hopes rt wrll do hrm some good " i Y 'f Y nr Y , O I r . . . . . , . . .. . . .. . . ,, . ,, . . . . ., . ,, , . - . - .. . .. N .. . . - . . . . . .. . ., . . H - - 1. . I , . . .. .. . . . , . . . . . . .. . . ,, . . , . . . . - .. . H - . . . . The guardlan nymph of the class of 55 decided an 1965 to take a trap to see what celebrutues has sensors had become As he boardeda plane he learned from hus stewardess that her predecessor Jean Eddy had marrled the world s richest man At La Guardua has plane crashed and all were taken to G New YOI'l4 hospital where the nymph saw nurses Mary Ann Rosebrugh Pat Coffey and Pattu Carlale hard at work Then he break fasted at the famous Wltter and Peramo res taurant ln the Tlmes a two page ad for Jerry Best Buy Adamson s used cars caught hrs attentuon The society page carned a pacture of Luz Neurelter entertaining her hus band s business associates On the sport page he found the names of Paul Elmer Vienna and David Lover Love These two were reported In tralnmg for the New York Grants after helplng them wln their 3rd straight world series That evening the nymph went to the Stork Club where Al Chlara and hus golden trumpet had permanent blllmg At the Flamingo Club he heard Shlrley Culbertson sung the Blues He also saw fashion desugner Susan DelBarto at the shownng of her latest creataon At the door he saw Ronnie Wilson s pucture on a square dance poster The next mormng the nymph met traffic officer Chuck Magee who was suffering from a headache the speeders were glvung hum Later he notlced two posters One read Come to Dave Lmton s heught uncreasung school The other stated that Donna and Kathleen Smith had loaned thelr talents with the Smuth Brothers to produce a streamlined cough drop unlss vnovnm Sym? Tnrung of the clty the nymph called Howard and Jake Vlelch s Snappy Taxa Service On his way out he passed the Jamison Ink Factory the largest ln the world He also saw Jam Sawdy s GO GO GO Station By the raver he went by the farm of McCauley and Davls bearung the slgn Our cows are the most contented un the state He even sawthe estate where Bob Peru was ralslng crabs In Albany much to hus surpruse he found Wayne Turner Dean of Women at the college He saw Shurley Rebban unstructmg a chemistry class on safety In the lab and Jean Hanson rn a luvely dns cusslon wnth her famnly llvmg class Ronnie Hurlburt was glvung clarinet lessons The nymph then went to the Super Market to vlsltwath Manager Al Luttle Decudmg he neededa rest the n mph went to Mary Nels and Reva Luckenbach s rest home where Sandy Stegner was offucual pull roller There he saw Ronnie Kless restlng from a strenuous naval battle In the Near East and Duck Bark from a trlp to Pans to attend the unveulmg of has latest pucture Lorrame Marks was there after starring nn the two year Broadway hut The Cow Jumped Over the Moon Bob Irwln was guvlng two blonde nurses quute a flung Bud Cottom and Jerry Ulmer were exhausted aftera long season wrth the New York Knuckabockers And last he saw Rose Mary Dlllberto who had lust completed an Inspection tout of of the U S male servnce The nymph hnmself then lay down to rest well satnsfued wuth hus sensors of 1955 Ty 9 1 1 1 . I I U I 1 . I I I II U ll ll. ll I I 1 1 - ll II 0 0 H U . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Il Il 1 I 1 1 1 1 o . ll 1 I 1 1 1 gl . . 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 . I 1 1 1 1 o o s Il . , : 1 ll 1 1 1 I T . I ' I -1 1 1 I 7 1 I I 1 1 . 1 lg I H 1 1 1 N II ' ll ll ll ' ' I l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l l 26 J. REMEMBRANUES wir 1' 'ix an-bg D Mc V O f Q AC w.T MK 5 D In ,f , A . 1 wi 5 1 5 ' 1 , 5 ' 5' f A g F- 5 , W iz' A Vg' 4 U x F aj x I tax 7 3 A ni l I I K ,W 'q Y A J. VV I A s. C. B. I. P. C. I X K 4119 W in X , . L. T. ., P. . A 5' h D. B., T. B.: --A. f f ff" , -1 V ,mm 'I s. ' .xlx L 4 ig, ' . Jlllllllll 4 Wu' 5 111 5 H 37133: ., 'fam "K A Badam1 P Johnson Paul Johnson I McKay R Spezzano P Least K Wltter M Battagha I Battagha BACK Mr Kelsey D Clarke F Sands FRONT D Adamson D Hall 1 XXRX x in sn r re.: W. McGraw, L. Johnson, T. Kmgston, M Welch, M Chlara, 1 D'Agost1no, T Dehn, B Baxze, Martha Welch N Mlllecan The Juniors started the year off by selling Christmas cards, earning much money in this manner. The highlight of the year was the annual Junior Prom. Student Council representatives for the year were Betty Lou Richardson and Donald Barber. 28 f M 1 srr, 5 D14 ta r ig P 5 S Q T ,- 43. gri ,Z W , . Q I .- Q l l L Q ll l ll llil li s o 'W W 3 E -sf 5 W I 1 I V x M' '1 1 if gi ' ' to 1. sttt l L I sl Y Gy W d l W V . I XX D AX I R 5 T x Kyk! V 5 xi 'alia 'is . I - l ' 1 v x A 1 ' .1 5,33 Q 4 . ,- L. .I X : " ' J Q i , J gy- I I fri ' An ' J. ', . , , . ' . . , . , . ' , . ' , I , ,ggi . I K 2, ' ? . Q Z Ig JU lllll if Rxsley B A Kless B Llttle I Morrxs Mart1n M Tones L Orman L Pecora D Stlckney Staley Q R, Campfleld R Dantz I Mastm J Roffe G Tuttle f A BACK J Hally D Taft D Barber FRONT BACK D Schaap F McCauley FRONT B L Rlchardson P Ward R Waxde E Hally S Dxllberto Thus year the Junlor Class selected Mr Kelsey and Mrs Woolston as their class advnsors The following officers were chosen Presldent, Davld Adamson, Vlce President, Donald Hall Secretary, Fanny Sands and Treasurer, Denise Clarke 29 , 4 ' T ' Ak uw .,. 'li' I . . ' If 1 A i it Q 7 T 5 " 3 l T T i f U if' 'X . R. ' , . . , . ' , . ' , B. ' , . , . , . , . ' . S. . Q 1 Q 1, I ' A A , X f N U X A . .V 1 ryyy . A ' r .. 43 ' .K - rl f lf. 3 .f .,,, , V K L r,' . X .cg 3T.'."v4",'1, . -S x A ' W o 2 ' . 0l'll0M0liE my www N'-A LQ. vu! BACK J Culbertson I Rector ICham berlaln FRONT R Nredermaler G R1 der J oot B L Jamleson D beast D Jam1son D Jamrson R DIIIDCIIO G Gerace BACK C Johnston MISS Hale Mr Perry M Herron FRONT F D1Franco W Cash BACK V Claud E Cowley J Yendell FRONT G Carney D Brown J DeCamp 0Pll0M0llll This year the Sophomores elected as their class aclvlsors, Mr Perry and Muss Hale As class officers the Follow :ng were chosen Mike Herron, Pres rdent, Butch DlFranco, Vice Presldent, Carol Johnston, Secretary, and Bull Cash Treasurer The Sophomores mann prolects were the selling of statnonery and the pur chasing of their class rangs Hlghlught of the year was the Soph Hop Student Councal representatives were Butch DlFranco and Jennie Rector R Adamsor1,C Brarrton, W Boothby, G. Alger, I. Barzmg lil! K Marschke W McCaughey M Meg athlm S Morello L Mxlhman N Marks BACK A Thomas MIDDLE B Schuster D Snyder J Thomas FRONT O Wmer FRE IIME "0-fl BACK G Smrth F Staley D Scovllle Garry BACK ROW T Alger R1chardApr11e Robert Apr11e BACK ROW C Moore S Hamsworth FRONT M Sheppard Mrs Dawson G Faulkner I Ward I C Benware, Janet Brown, Joanne Brown, A Hartson, J. Faulds, A. Dunn, B. Clarke, T. Carmen, P, J. Bordel Eshbaugh, D. De1Barto. 32 . R V A QM A ,V , L TQ, :swan ,B 7 R, F ' BB' 1 J, Smith- FRONT: L- Steele, H- SCUGYY- FRONT: Ronald Aprile, w. Bailey, R. Baize. : . , . ' . : r. :Mic KD' , llllll llllll fl ,uv C Johnson I Llnfoot E Lavery, J. Kerr, J. Johns, I. Thomas, D. Tewksbury W Welch B Tones B Jenklns I. Turner. The Freshmen were led thus year by Gert Faulkner, President Colleen Moore, Vlce President, Janet Ward, Treasurer, and Sandra Halnsworth, Secretary Mr Sheppard and Mrs Dawson were class advnsors The Freshmen bowed as angels and Revolutionary War veterans to the Senlors during Freshman Week Mlss Parnell gave them dancing lessons during the year, and thenr mam fund rcnsung prolectwas a very successful bake sale Hughlnght of thenr socral actrvltles was the dance after Freshman Week M Grlffo HRONT D Holmes I Pecora G Penders 33 F . - . i BACK E Hall A Gerace S. Hodges, E. Greenberg, R. Orman, D. Sanders H Rlder S Mllhman IIIIITII GRADE MCGYaw D1 1 Nwderhauser BQ-awdey Eshbaug eff: ree H lnswol-th Fu V Rovney A I Mofello I Pmmulie' xg- Pres of8 A R Sawdey Mrs Vlenna d Pres of8 B L Scouxlle Mr Bon 1 wd6Y D C Strassnef N Gree b n erg I F1 G Schuster Rsiiey M D1 Hbeffo I Hasler P WarS0naS0ne I I SZKWYSI 34 Barthdom BW EIGIITII GRADE Q-J ix le H Wwe: BACK F Bauer 5 S169 I Bradl BACK 1 Wakxey L Scovllle B DHVIS D Barber FRONZY A Catlin B scum FRONT S Costello BACK L Ierles M Rlchardson M Mc Keown FRONT E McDonald may fix-J ,pr-' B K A ale: D Y S H Jackso es 3 H fl K C B01 B w1U6 Ken ollenbeck FRONT R CACPSK M Boxes FRONT K o oo R Llttle B Ha 6 Cash T Buckley 35 ,A :a . ' fy' I Z? T' ' 1 ' , ' 11,1 ,,zw v' ' Q , ' .' '. I B x , Y sf ff I 1 f A B . K I KLVVAV 'r I V A W 1 .l'-l1 .,. "WI , Y A ' A . H 'I B 1 D . b 1 l "N - 1 , i X . ,1 f . ' AC : l . D B ' H S n . ' ' I . v B 2 - ' ' ' y .. . V. Y. ' : , ' , ' - ' EVE 'PII GRADE 6 E E CamPf1e1 Thomas N ACK ROW G Costanzoders F CQHLHS R Vamusklrk Alhson R A Beuanca B L A San W L Warner E R Mcwnch NT 3 Bugbee elch Brown G FRO L, Bal1eY nf' I BACK Mr Staley FRONT Pres of 7B G Least Mr Fancher Pres of 7A D Myers if 'nj K A B D Re Comer Davls an I Sewell M I Tabakls D calaweu FRONT L Dale 36 B RY Tusworth B Palmer Acxnow B Cole M gone E , 9 ye F1 W ' Y 'Z' ' fs kffwf' B I r IQ I . , . 1 ' - U o ' 1 o . V , . I . . 0 ' I , 9 ' ' . I l . . , I I . I . . ' I u ef B I ' , ll -- : . . : . - . , u , 1 ' n - A, I A B T N ab P K Q- F " 41 Z , ' ' 5 - Qs A K ,Q I 5 ,, " ' -v Y - I N J Qx q .F I . N . X . l . , . - ' ' 1 o , S. ' , U ' O , 0 ' ' O Q : . . ' . . . , EEE 'EE EEAEE Q-01' O Rank E Sherman R b r K Se Parry R J McDowell S 3 TewkS U Y Mabe F TaY1or D Woods G Da e RONT B I Iworr On well D Jenklns K Least M Haynes R Cohawk G least M L Hollenbeck I Gnffo i D. Ilwln, U, Faulkner R ox, G 1. Lenn ' son, R. Ha 1 Q Frew, G. Joh W: D. Marks. ynes, A, Han. n BAC? 20 Lathrop' C. Moreno. FRONT 37 Leer 1 ' V. DaVlS. E 1- W . -' 0 lf' We E Y . Watson W. Saunders' P' BACK ROW: , 0 1 . . Vis, . I . 0 T , 1 ef KA - , , n , - , . , Q , . . , A. . ' . Q A ., I " U ' 1 'ff If 1, . ,U .. Fi' H ACTIVITIES 'lllllll Tllllll UIL After the exciting campaign of last sprung for the offsces of the Student Council the Echo Party by popular vote was elected and the officers chosen were Ronme Kless, Pres , Luculle Johnson, Vace Pres Shirley Culbertson, Sec and Frances McCauley Treas The Councll has been actlve un selling pen nants, pens and candy In school and at games lt gave movies durlng the noon hour for the entertaln ment of the student body Under the flne leadershupof Ronme Kless the Council has been actlve In Councnl dlstruct and wpfry if 0552, Ol6CfS and actlvn re NWA' Ll! sg Jr I r' -Q, P BACK ROW S Culbertson M A Rosebrugh B Cash S Hodges M1ssQu1rk MIDDLE ROW D Love L Johnson D Sanders D Barber F McCauley J Sawdey FRONT ROW D Irwxn B L Rrchard son F D1Franco R Kless A Hall J Rector 40 ? , 2 -- ' L . -Q -2 C' ' 1 ,T Ng-Uggjggff , - 3 Jfifxza ' ' ,IN Zlggaeiizv . . M SEAL? . . . 3Y'J'Ly rl r' dh. .t'btd- f , - ITIS S Cl CIS CO 6 C S Of R. mess, F. McCauley, L. Jo,h,syP,.Qb son. lin Y e mg . llt. S n " U m 'W ' ev R v if ' " U, iq K ' n J' ,I L Q X21 l I C , K Y was X ,. - , 71 I X V4 J nv. . , 7 Q , ' to '4 f-1 V1 5 ,Q , ' 1 . , . , . , . , . . : . ', . . ' '- JUl0R REDURDSS The Junlor Red Cross, under the supervnsron of Mass Quark, assisted by Presndent, S Staley, Vlce Presadent R Kless, and Secretary, A Luttle, collected money which they used to send gifts to Crarg Colony They also made tray favors for the Veterans Hosputal They held meetmgs once each month during the year Each class had one repre sentatuve J Battagha I Pecora P least G Carney I Adamson M J Tabak1s I Thomas A J Grxffo M Battagha FRONT Mlss Quuk S Staley R Kless A Llttle ATIO AL H0 0k 0UlETY The annual lnltnatlon cere mony ofthe Nataonal Honor So cuety was held an January this year At that time sux lumors were brought into the organuzatuon Further, the Society was rather lnactlve BACK ROW L Johnson D Hall D Adamson M Welch FRONT ROW F Sands S Culbertson B L R1Ch3.I'dSOll E Neurelter 41 . . . . . . 1 I U I U I n o O . .. l . . , . , s , . , . , . . ', . , 1 Q , . ' . : ' ' , . , . . a o ll . 7: 'Z' my AmV,, ,Tx . . . . - T - l 33 W - . . . ear 0 . Y? . I : . , . , . , . . : . , . , . . ' , . . Ji , il IW IIKU ll ,I ll ll ll e u 1 x . 1 , N Y W1 Mark and Laurie Women who came to tea On November I8 and 19, the class of 1955 presented its annual senior play. This year's production, entitled "The Little Dog Laughed," was a three act comedy in which a sophomore just home from college psychoanalyzes her family with hilarious results. 42 Joansie and Wally 3 i 9 Y I i PLAY , W ' 1 , K: , x r. I-A ,. I3 if ' Stage Crew The Woods call on the Humingrons 1. i 'f Gus, Horatio Honeywell and the Melipius Umbellus Umbellus The play, directed by Miss Jimerson, was reported to be a success. There were rumors that it was the best play that had ever been presented by a senior class in Geneseo. If is true, at least, that the cast enioyed working on it. "ll1lLLllY llllllllll " The Valley Echoes has agann establnshed utselfas one of the popularactlvntles of our school The dlffncult first edltuon came out very well, conslderung that the staff consisted ofbrand new members Becoming more efflclent, the staff pub llshed elght edntlons The group as sfrlvmg to wan furstprlze In the mumeograph ecluton contest slnce last year the Valley Echoes took second prize In "W the printed edmon contest The staff sncluded Martha Welch and Don Hall as Co edutors, Glorra Toland as Treasurer, and Mr Sheppard as faculty advisor I STANDING J Sawyer W McGraw G Toland D Llnton D Clarke M Ch1ara E Brown SITTING M Welch Mr Sheppard D Hall 44 ll Il - - . . . . l . . . . . . . . 0 . . . . . . . . . . . . i , , .. . . . . . . 1 Il ll . . -Z ft-' . . . . . . . . . . 4, , I -K , ' Y R - 'Z' . V' f ' T " "ii -, , - 7 f , . -: J lf 'J S N' T - A ,. I e, gl A A 'Q I fi ' If e A I . H 'K , ' . n, . A W1 T ,f Q' " v , .f "- J i , X r I s . , xx, Q I X " ixw.,-' 1 ' , .I-' X A W .l"" ' F ' 1 T I ' X : . , . , . , . l , . , . ' , . . I 0 u 1 I ' ' 0 EE Edltor Lrz Neurener Bus1ness Manager Mary Ann Rosebrugh Art Edrtor Drck Bark Llterary Edltor Pat Car111e Advernsmg Manager Paul Vxenna Photography Edrtor Alex Chrara Act1v1t1es Edltors Lorrame Marks Wayne Turner Class Ednor Pat Coffey Advrsor Mr Perry -X.,,,f The Jen o see staff began work with enthusiasm and optlmusm But toward the new year the en thuslasm waned somewhat In the face of seemrngly insurmountable drffucultses and nnexpernence Fortunately, through Mr Perry s urging and and we were able to produce our yearbook Even though we faced many disappointments and resulting dlscouragements, we truly enloyed working to gether and we felt great satusfactuon at the com plehon ofa challenglng prolect BACK ROW D Sm1th S Culbertson K Sm1th S Rebban E Neurerter P Coffey P Carlrle S Sregner MIDDLE ROW S De1Barto M Ne1s L Marks R Drlxberto J Hanson M A Rosebrugh J Eddy FRONT ROW A Chlara W Turner P Vlenna C Welch R Bark 45 RJE "STAFF 5 W u A r LIBRARY CL ll During the year the Lrbrary Club met once a month The group took several trrps to other llbrarres Their dutres Include Process Ing new books, workrng at the desk helping wrth rnventory, chargrng books, mendrng books, and arrangrng bulletrn boards The offrcers were Pres , Ruth Camp Freld V Pres, Jerry Adamson Sec and Treas Peggy Megathlrn, and Lrbrarnans, Mary and Josephnne Battaglra Mrss Quark was ad VISOI' BACK M Battagha M McGraw V Claude J Thomas J Rector B Schuster J B a tt a g 11 a JR FRONT B Clarke .T Smtth MISSQUUK M Megathlm The followmg were elected offrcers ofthe Jr Hrstorrcal Socrety thus year Pres Davnd Snyder lst V Pres Barbara Jenkins 2nd V Pres Peggy Taylor, Sec Ann Hall Corr Sec , Martan McGraw, and Treas John Staley The group was qurte acttve durrng the year At the begtnnrng they went on a trap to Geneva, Mormon Hull and Canandargua They also vrsrted the County Hrstorran s Offrce and took part rn the celebratron of the centennral of the Genesee Valley Ratlroad They organrzed a new chapter of the socrety rn Honeoye Falls The bug prolectof the year was the making ofa tape recordlng ofthe Sullrvan Clmton Expedrtron Several members are correspondrng wrth pen pals throughout the state Hrghlrght of the year was the attendrng of the State Convention BACK ROW Mrs Vtenna B Cooper M Hollenbeck D Jenkrns M Magraw S Steele R Eddy B Norton P Taylor B Saunders N Allrson R Bellanca L Eshbaugh SECOND ROW K Boull D lrwrn J Staley B Jenkms D Snyder A Hall S Perry I Wakely FIRST ROW C Boyer C Least D Barber L Balley R Mabee S Davrs L Sanders F8 fx . ' . 3 . ' K . i . . . ' . - 1 X' 9 I . . I jg x . I . . . . azz. is g Q. ' , , . , . I . : . , . ' , ' ' , . I . . . . . . . . : . I . 2 - - , ' 2 - - , ' - 1 2 - o I o 1 Q . . . 0 . . . . l . . . Q T A -4 V ,, AY 'li " e ,. p K., at ,,, J .f Q Q 1 2 - J to g 5 Q - A B 'X xr 'J 1 f ' B : ' I f ' I ' I ' l I ' I ' I- ' I ' , . , . , . ' , . , . . I z " , . I 1 ' 1 ' I 1 ' 9 ' I ' 1 ' ' : ' r ' r . , . , 1 , . 1 , - Q STANDING Mr Cooney D Tewksbury R WIISOH H Welch H Schery H Shepard P Johnson R Pen J Roffe R Ba1ze R Orman KNEELING M Rlchardson P Eshbaugh T McCauley D Brown J Faulds W Booth by G Faulkner PROJECTl0 CLUB The Prolectlon Club assists the visual and system by showing movlesdurung the n on hour For the students They also help the teachers RIFLE CL B The Rifle Club is a national organization of boys under I9 years, sup ervlsed by an adult n structor Its members, under the instructor sguid ance, receive instruction in the safe and proper manne r of handling fire arms They are taught to shoot accurately, to fire forqualificahon ratings of nahonalsignificance, and to participate in team and If'1dlVlClUCllCOfT1pel'IflOf'1 other shooters nn our area This year the Rifle Club was supervised by Mr Cooney, with the help of Bob Peru as President 5 inthe use of movies For classes L1-1 ..--q BACK ROW R Eddy T Buckley T McCauley TomMcCau1ey J Hally D Barber D Adamson R Dantz MIDDLE ROW R Sawdey D Brown R Adamson W Saunders D Irwm P Dantz J Adamson FRONT ROW J Batzmg J McKay P Ward F McCauley 47 . i I 6 ,,,. . S ' A' -. F T ip? 'C . . , g f- n o I. Q' .,., F.F.A. The elected officers were: res , P Johnsonp Sec Ormanp Treas , Dave Lrntonp Reporter, H Welch' Sen tune , D Barber, County Treas Bob lrwrn e F F A thus ye planted the field In back of the school with corn, whrch they sold for a nrce prof: t Besrdesgrowrng corn, they had a small fueld of wheat, whlch as of this prlntrng, was not ready to be harvested Otheractnvltnes Included Annual Father and Son Supper, and their basketball games BACK ROW D Brown T McCauley B Perl B Irwm B Clarke C Welch B Dantz H Schery D Adamson T McCauley J Turner T Carmen R Wllson MIDDLE ROW Mr Outhouse D L1nton D Barber L Orman P Johnson H Welch R Adamson R Orman J Smrth FRONT ROW E Lav ery D Holmes R Warde T L1nton G Smrth Wm Barley G Penders A Hartson .,,...-wr BACK ROW M Battaglla D Least G Tuttle G Peramo B Schuster J Thomas I Mastm K Marschke S Wrtter J Rector J Battaglra FRONT ROW I McKay P Ward S Morello M Tones M A Costanzo D Taft Mrs Bncklemyer Thus yearthe F H A was sugned as an offrcral member oftheF H A chapter Pres e, P M A stanzo, Sec P Ward Treas S Morello Correspondrng Sec M Tones led thegroup The organlzatlon held a F H A Banquet and made STOO They also attended a F H A rally at Caledonua where new Ideas for progects were learned P . . ., L. o 1 - I l . . al . u Y '.. A V, R A Th . . . ' ar - 'li . . v 1 1'L 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' ir ' . I ' I ' ' , ' 1 ' 1 ' r ' 1 ' 1 ' O ' , . , . , . , . ' . : . - 1 ' r ' . I ' f 1 ' A 1 ' I 3 ' p ' M I 1 Q FIIA 0 0 0 ' - -, ' : -,, 4 T rt' N ' ' ' , WX, X . l U l U l S .V Bo I Vo 0 0 c " x 'll S. C ' . . p . X, . .2 tl, ' A ' ' ' ,V R . Y L ,Q V sk -, ' , , .4 XTR, . , f : . ' , . , . , . ' , . , , , . f , - , . I , . , . . . : . , . , . , . , . . , . , 48 ll lllllllllllll A 9685 BACK ROW S Mxllunan M Chlara J Yendell J Brown J Ward N Marks J Thomas B L Barze J McKay J Mastln F Sands S Morello G Tuttle D Taft L Marks P Ward J Thomas P Johnson C Benware P Least R Spezzano R D1l1berto R Rlsley W McGraw R Pen G Rlder G Carney L M11l1man H Welch W Cash J Culbertson T McCauley R Sawdey H Rrder D Least B A Kless J Pecora C Moore R Nredermaxer FRONT ROW D Clarke E Neurexter P Megathlm S Llttle C Johnson J Bortle D Smlth J Moms J Batzmg L Pecora D Suckney J Love J DeCamp M Welch J DAgost1no The officers of the Semor Chorus during this year were President, Roger Spezzano, Secretary, Danise Clarke, and Librarians, Bob Rlsley .lim Culbertson, and Madllene Welch At Christmas time with the and of the Jr Chorus, the Senior Chorus presented the operetta The Gift of the Magi which was very successful Earlier un the fall several people took part rn the All State Sectional Chorus which was held an PennYan Many members of the Chorus sang In the All County Festival unGeneseo un January This year the Chorus was under the competent leadership of Miss Hale who has gust completed her first year rn Geneseo. She provided the Chorus with an abundance of music which inspired and interested the group. 49 . fy T ' P , Q , r' ' N. Millecan, K. Marschke, B. L. Jamieson, S. Stegner. MIDDLE ROW: Miss Hale, A. Gerace, M. Griffo, . . . , . , . , . ' ' . : . . . ' , . lg o 1 H o . 1 0 I O BACK ROW FROM FRONT AND AROUND I Adamson I Lennox Mr Cooney B L Rrchardson S Staley L Mrlhman I Culbertson R Nredermarer J Batzmg G Rrder W Cash P Car111e D Smlth R. Wes ter R. Warde SECOND ROW R Hurlburt P Ward L Johnson D Clarke P Coffey F Staley R D111 R Campfreld S Mrllrman I Love D Stxckney R Rrsley R Spezzano During thas year the Band has been actlve ln school functlons and has represented Geneseo Central Well In the fall they played for anumber of football games and marched several tlmes for different occasuons Also ln the fall several members played In the All State Sectional at PennYan and a large group took part In the All County Festival ln Geneseo un January It was an honor for Geneseo to have Lmk Mrllrman chosen to par tlcupate In the All State Band In Rochester In December The band elected the follownng as leaders thus year President, Alex Chuara, Voce President, Denise Clarke Secretary Maclelene Welch, and Treasurer, Lmk Mnlllman The group was under the dlrectlon of Mr Cooney 50 I A 4-.1 - e , : . , . , . , . . ' , . , , ' . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . ' '- berto, L. Scoville, S. Stegner, S. De1Barto, M. Welch, A. Chiara. FRONT ROW: J. Rector, N. Greenberg, . . F I . . . . . l STANDING Mr Cooney T Buckley M McKeown G Morrrs H Shep herd E Brown MIDDLE ROW M J Tabakrs E Campfreld M J Kerr S Costello S Tewksbury G Johnson J Sewell V Morrrs B Davrs R Sawdew FRONT ROW P Lathrop B Cooper J Pecora S Hodges U Faulkner M McGraw Jlllllllll llll0llllS The Junnor Hugh Chorus rs made up of Junior Hugh students underthednrec tlon of Mass Hale This year many sang In the All County Junuor Chorus at the festrval un Geneseo At Chrustmas time they presented an oper etta In collaboration wrth the Sensor Chorus TRAINING The Tralnlng Band, a group under the durectron of Mr Cooney, prepares under classmen for playing rn the Sensor Band lt provides an opportunuty for each young mstrumentallst to develop hrs own specual talentalong musical lunes Students rn the seventh and erghth grades P l .. .. 4 . ' .. . . I ' . . . U :. ,. ,. ,. - ,.. :.. ,. ,.. ,. ,. ,q. ,. ,. ,,. ',. :.',. ,. ,. 1' 1' ' . . . . O . . . . I . - ' I0 . I l l lfl f 1 - ff. l r STANDING D Clarke S Staley M Welch SEATED E Greenberg 0llCllllS'l'llA The orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Cooney, has participated in many activities this year. Several members played in the All State Sectional Orchestra in Penn Yan, and there was also a large group who took part in the All County Music Festival at Geneseoin January. In the spring they performed in the annual concert for the en tertalnment ofthe public They played For June graduation as they have done in past years Although the orchestra was rather small this year, the group was able to handle music arranged for larger orchestras It is hoped that next year new string players will be added from the Junior High This will greatly augment the power of the orchestra STANDING C Johnson J Love R Barze L Johnson F Staley G Rider B L Rrchardson B Jenkrns R Wa1de Mr Cooney MIDDLE ROW S Lrttle S Mrllxman D Suckney J Rector N Greenberg I Brown B L Ba1ze FRONT ROW E Neurerter P Johnson S Stegner O I . . O R A ,,x I f. N Q , 0 ' . ' xv-43 0 . . . I : . , . ', . Sl' . . V .X V l". " ' M 3 S 1 V G . IV! N1 'r A '5 . 1 ri . ' ' ' ' tl I . rf, ,f , , , ' , ' ' 1 Q 1 O : . , . , . ' , . , . , . ' , . . ' , . ' , . ' , . . : . ' , . , . ' , . , . , . , . . ' . : . ' , . , . . SPURTS af gg Paul Vlenna Davld Love Jerry Ulmer GU BLUE IL -L4 Henry Cottorn David Linton Mr. Bondi 54 '44 Bill McGraw Ronnie Wilson Larry Orman The 1954-55 edition of the Blue Devils court squad played in the tradition of Geneseo Central's sportsmanship and spirit. Though sadly handicapped by the loss of Jerry Ulmerthrough iniuries, the team won its share of contests. Several ofthe games were thrillers to the very end, in- cluding one point affairs with Caledonia and LeRoy. 3. i ,sr 70 v 4 1 ,w 4 Tx If K r Roger SPCZZUIO Dick Davis Paul Johnson 55 'X Gr" FO0TllALL X -gn--C L ,- K 'U irvf 'U' xk iv' mx2g,5' 41 X fp if ' gf TOP ROW I Roffe D Scovllle R Dantz R Irwm SECOND ROW J Ulmer P Johnson D Lrnton P Vxenna M Herron Mr MCMIIIIHH THIRD ROW Coach Clouser R Wxlson L man W Cash H Cottom D Barber FOURTH ROW G Alger R Dav1s W Boothby G Stuart T Carmen KNEELING I Bowens R Spezzano R Aprrl R Sawdy D Tewksbury u-QQQU3 '95 'Y'-lisa +2-.Y.'f. W1 56 SCORES Towns Llvomo Avon Coledomo York Mt Morrus Lefchworf Donsvn Ile Non league game .L 'xg' , t ' lfv' A '- Inf- -aa "' ' is ,Kr 1, 2. av ll gy A4 . .5-' 11 '77 ff.. 'X WT' TT 3,7 W H . 1 f. R' X fx C v We fVx,.i.i 8 A Q' '.,y,f xx ' rx n lx' u "w.Q- X'-:, ' 'J '24 f 1 ' K ' ' 4-'E J is JV' E7 ' 'TWA h Q -Qi' .La miata' -Q-' ' Q0 filly? LL .f f L 5 I " 4 - X' A V ,X if 4 , , F E I lx i - 'X' ' Q , k I ' ' Yr xx P - H . 4 . Ns 'A N 'is , M. n - " , 1-f 'N ,R , C V - , ' 'X' .25 9 If a ' 1 -4' , ' , yu' ,AA 1 . 5 K if W . 5. ,wr -f Q .sv ? -v ' 6 v . , , E -f .1 r ig.. A 5 h As- : lk- -- Y 2:6 Q r U. QL! .-?. . " 34 f. . ,, ' A if ze, -' M 1 xg D . X W S, f - ' A gi 'r I ,. ' K- , Q Lil S' . S . e N rv Ma if X R J j ,., ,, 4 I- r I 1 lc W : . , . ' , . , . ' . : . , . , ' , . ' , . , . ' ' . : , . ' , . Or , . , . , . . : . , . ' , . , C G . O p. ' X . . Q 4, 0 7 Q W ' 5 fi :gg 19 20 , 5' 4- H ' ' ' 7 26 .V a,:,.,A, lu 21 O W, q .3 'se ,5 , A " '.' . A "f'f-mp. - 8 19 gfrifx., W , eggs wr 19 13 t.,, JV, . . X, I' I -'lui .ua , 2 , , ,QP 544--.sf"f M' -STRIP' W- 5 - 1 IO :cw K'-KMUFEWAX ..-. . 'FH-f' ""'- i n Fllll'l'llALL 1954 Lack of man power and adequate reserves greatly handucapped the Blue Devlls all season Actually they were a much better team than the record ID dlcates ln several games they took an early lead only to have the opponent s man power wear them down late an the game Paul Vienna, playing has fourth year for the Blue and Whrte, was elected honorary captam at the end of the were Ronald Wilson, Gerry Ulmer, Henry Cottom David Lmton and Robert lrwln Fourteen freshmen reported For football ths fall If thus continues, Geneseo wrll soon be able to fleld larger squads 9 0 I season. Others playing their last season I . . i . . . U BACK Marks Sm1th xx L Johnson T Klngston MIDDLE N L Marks FRONT M A Rosebrugh D 5 lllllllllllrllf-lllllll Ten gurls were prcked by the student body to lead cheers at Geneseo Central thus four on Jr Varsrty Donna Smrth and Mary Ann Rosebrugh were elected co captauns for the Varsity whale Carol Johnston led the J V s Thus year the squads sold programs at the basketball games to make money for new uniforms Theyalso had the pleasure of work ang out new cheers At the end ofthe year the group held a banquet The cheerleaders, who always have plenty of pep have greatly contributed to School sprrrt They have supported the teams farthfully to defeat or vrctory J. Morns, C. Johnston, J. Pecora, S. Halnsworth. 58 ,,J,l 'JL 4,5 V, ,D sers t it if 'A 'Qi J s"" j D H g i gy year. Six girls were on the Varsiuty squad and , UMW . ,H S ' 0 .X - . K' 1' V . , L A Q l 3: 'K I - ,gf T .K A . s J I , Yi L . : . , . ' . 5 . , . . : . . , . JV BA KETBALL BACK ROW G Alger D Barber W Cash W Boothby MIDDLE ROW J Turner L Franco R Sawdey W Morrrs The Jumor Varslty court team posted wms over their arch rrvals Luvoma and York, and lost to Avon, Mt Morris and Dansvrlle Other wms durlng the season were over Nunda Attica and LeRoy Coach McMillan put a smooth functioning team together from a group of nn experuenced freshman and sophomore players, and his patient coaching and the boys conscuentnous effort made the season a success 59 I O Scoville, G. Carney. J. Roffe, G. Smith. FRONT ROW: Mr. McMillan, E. Cowley, F. Di . . I . ' , . . TENNIS The 1954 tennis team ended its season with a 6won, 3 lost, and l tie record. Thirteen boys comprised the largest squad in the history ofthe sport at Geneseo. Ron- nie Hurlburt was number one singles player. Bl EBALL Winning 8 and los- ing 3, Coach MacNeil's boys had a good season. Dick Woolston was chosen cap- tain. Don Hall had the best batting average. .f , i . 'Q . 'f f'f"f'W-'i"'L,"'i +A -1. -...-r-.- A .... .-- '-Q' 3:4 4.1.7 ' ar: .. 'V' -- is ' 'r-if-' 'i 11, A 2 ,. f- 'f'-M Ml, 9 this-2. .. 195- tis. -r',, yi - 'T fxggg'-' vr' v:-. 1 AH. - ns' ' 'ti s 2 5 0 . ,V P13 In .D ti, , ., q'. 9,1 .D A A a Q- ?T ' if-I .W 1 nr tig wfdy ,i,f'svqi.,. 1? ' .1 'ii Q4 in A - 4 i L -zxgx ji 1.54, X s i 1 nv! i 'Q a iff- i .1 . if ... ,, -A , N '.1L ani. ' wWM4ai9l..f?i5 TOP ROW: Mr. Jenkins, W. Westland, W. Turner, G. Carney, G. Rider, L Milliman, J. Adamson. FRONT ROW: G. Devlin, V. Britton, I. Hatling, R Risley, R. Hurlburt. BACK ROW: L. Orman, J. Roffe, D. Hall, Mr. McNeil, R. Woolston, J. Ulmer, W. San- ders. FIRST ROW: R. Spezzano, D. Love, H. Cottom, C. Aprile, A. Chiara. FRONT: R. Kelley, mascot. 7 L. .iff I l 5 3 l , 1 IQ - . ?-1 EE! C i 3. I - J XXES I , QgfNl:,9 .4 X S I V . M5 2 tiff, 4 '1lI5 XKE5 555K , 0 U' , Us f X 1 Q 'is 0 'Q 'Q 0"-fl, 4 N? , ll.A.A. nikki L. 41'-ns-ui BACK ROW B A Kless N Mrllecan J DAgost1no T Krngston M Welch L Johnson R Campfleld B L Barze MIDDLE ROW D Clarke M Chrara M Welch G Toland J Morrrs F McCauley P Ward S Staley P John son E Hally B L Rlchardson FRONT ROW P Carlrle K Smrth L Marks D Smlth J Eddy F Sands S Culbertson S DelBa.rto J Hanson S Rebban M A Rosebrugh P Coffey N 5311 "'l""".-'L...ln wr' 'r 1- BACK ROW M Grrffo J Brown S L1tt1e J Thomas A Gerace C Moore J Ward J Pecora S Hodges B Jenklns FRONT ROW C Johnston K Marschke J Yendell C Brarrton S Morello B L Jamreson C Johnson J Batzrng R Nreder marer J Thomas J Barthlomew N Marks ll A A BASKETBALL BACK ROW D Smrth S Culbertson K Smrth M A Rosebrugh MIDDLE ROW Mrss Parnell N Marks D Clarke J DeCamp T Krngston J Eddy FRONT ROW B A Kless R Carnpfleld L Marks P Ward S Del.Barto The offlcers of the G A A durung the 54 55 season were Pres , Shnrley Cul berrson, Vlce Pres , Fanny Sands Sec , Berry Lou Jamieson and Treas Chrlshne Johnson The advisor was Mlss Parnell During the year the g roup sponsored the d a n c e s after the games Theyalso had a Sock Hop ln June the annual G A A Jamboree was held At the end of the year they gave awards to those gurls who had e a r n e d a suffuclenf number of points V' ' I I a . f I -I . x ' ' x "' J , ' ' A v ' . . ,ZA Q , fr A i of Q. ' X 4 Q I : . . , . ' , . ' ' , . ' , . , . , . ' , . . ' . : . , . ' , O I U , I . Q I . I 1 I j I - , . , . . ' . : . I , . ' , . , . . , . . A U 0 . WC . ' 1. I 6 s g A. . A - A ,L L. ' L. 3 A 'A - A ' f ' A Qu A . . ' 5 I A . ' lu A ' ' . , , . .ff L4 , 1 ' Z 0 I 9 0 1 ' ' 1 ' . , s a 1 1 0 1 0 1 q ' A I A . '- . . ' , . . . ' , . ' - ' I"' I I 1 O 1 I I I '- ' U O I : . ' , . , . ' , . . . : ' , . ' ' . : . . , . l , . 'Y' A A M 'Ig i'.' 61 ' ' ' ' ' ' is Al ,L Glrls bowlrng was well attended thrs year wrth the grrls at the alleys each Monday and Tuesday after school durrng the wrnter months IN TOP ROW ARE D Dabov M Nels L Marks J Hanson D Taft S Llttle J Eddy M Rosebrugh P Coffey SEATED ARE S Staley R Dlllberto M Costanzo B Rrchardson S DelBarto J Brown andD Smrth WUI 5 lhyl Boys bowllng was very popular th1s year Mr Bond1 supervrsed each wmter Saturday s acuvrty at the alleys and some fme game were rolled IN TOP ROW FROM LEFT ARE H Cottom C Magee B Boothby G Smrth A Dunn R Kless andR Spez zano IN SECOND ROW ARE B Clark D Sanders L Scovrlle T Shelley P V1enna S B McC-raw andD Snyder IN FRONT ROW ARE F D1Franco B McCaughey R Aprrle A Chlara andR Apnle on 15 all Every Monday afternoon the PIDS fell at the alleys uptown when these glrls bowled STANDING ARE J Ward M Chlara D Clark L Neurelter J DAgost1no J Mc Kay N Marks B Kless and Mrs Buckle myer SEATED ARE S Stegner J Brown B Jamlson P Ward S Hodges M Grrffo A Jerace PATRONS OF THE T955 Dr Samuel Culbertson Mr George Teall Mrs Loren Woolston Dr Alfred Hall Jean s Beauty Shoppe Dr Julla Delehanty Dr Gerald B Manley Paul Ruder s Smclanr Statlon Mr and Mrs J Donald Root JEN O SEE Mr Mark Welch Thompson s Style Shop George Smuth s Garage Dr Kenneth Furman Mr George Newton Dr E A Mul u an H S Ryder sGrocerues Genesee Valley Garage Mr Joseph Qunrk Mr Angelo Spezzano Richmond s Hardware and Grocery Dr John Mould Compluments of Compliments of 'he SMITH s sHoE Avon INN STORE Avon New Yom Geneseo N Y Compliments of e Compliments of AVON LIOUOR e STORE RIVIERA THEATER Mrs A Jamieson Geneseo N Y Avon N Y Compliments of LONG POINT PARK Conesus Lake Complrments of PAVILION NATURAL GAS COMPANY Geneseo, N. Y I I . ' . . . l'g ' th ' I l'h I I 1 s u n Q I ' . 129 Mann Street Compliments of KLESS MARKET Geneseo N Y Compluments of LEO M ALLEN Real Estate an Insurance Phone 326 or 51 73 Mann Street Geneseo N Y GROVELANDG L F Feed Seed Fertu Inzer and Farm Supphes Buyers of Beans Grams Hay and Straw Dansvulle 617 M or Geneseo 816 I 14 'wax .Sw- Compllments of X Compllments of MINCKLER DRUG COMPANY H M and E B Stnc ney Geneseo New York FINDLAY FUNERAL HOME Compllments of 27TH RECON NAI SSANCE COMPANY NYNG Geneseo, New York Geneseo, N . Y 24 Hour Ambulance Service Phone 446 BEN FRANKLIN STORE Geneseo, N . Y . . u I . 'P ff: , V 3 -' I d , if ' 4- hh ,M , ,v 6' rg K If fx I v - -f - 1 ' fl ? IL, , XJ.-x ,. -! I v 1 I X . X ' Q. Y. .wv.r,.uw' A . . . A-cw . . " ,M 1 1 . I 1 I I M' Q , . . 1 "- rm" I I if I - -F-5 V- A . . . . . ' k . 5 ' ' 1: . , A I Compliments of GENESEO HOTEL Complnments of WINDRUM AND Radesl Brothers CLARKE Prop GENE RAL FOOD STORE All Knncls of Grocerles Cold cuts Fruits Vegetables Etc Best Washes to e Class of 55 PALACE BOWLING ALLEY eneseo New York Geneseo New York Genesee N Y Alex Chlara Prop Compliments ot BRION AND O'BRIEN Radio and Televnsnon Appliances Geneseo N Y NORMAN WAKE LY Dodge and Plymouth Sales and Service I24 Mann Street Oeneseo N Y Phone T68 or 436 Compluments of Compliments of Compliments of JACK CARR S WESTERN AUTO PERRY S DINER ASSOCIATE STORE PHOTO SERVICE Geneseo N Y Geneseo N Y Geneseo N Y , Q . I Q Q Q I I Q Il Q lo I ,., . G 1 ls Q Q ,Qc Q , . I I Q . ICO loo I" IQ. Compliments of Best wishes to BILL BROWN e Class of 55 YOU' MOb"9C'5 Deals' GGLDTHWAIT OIL COMPANY Main and Park Sts Mml Geneseo N Y Geneseo N Y Oulasggk Phone 375 Phone 478 Moblloll Compliments of Mt MOIIIS Furmture CO Mt Morris N Y STORE WITH SKY HIGH VALUES Best Wishes to the Class of '55 THE LIVINGSTON REPUBLICAN Geneseo, N . Y. Congratulations to Mr. James Morello and Custodian Staff for the excellent job of building maintainance BALDING PRODUCTS, INC Geneseo, N. Y. ,L BOOSTERS Mr and Mrs NlIIaamH Smuth Mr and Mrs Nlcholas Peru Ryan Electnc Mr and Mrs Clanton Stegner Mr and Mrs Paul Neurelter ,L Magazine Campaign Compliments of INTERNATIONAL SALT COMPANY INC Retsof New York Compluments of W S RECTOR 8. SONS Funeral Directors an Furnlture Geneseo N Y NANA S VENETIAN GARDEN Maple Beach HIII Road We cater to partnes and banquets Plzza Nughtly m to I a Phone Geneseo 8I7F6 GENESEO HARDWARE CO NC Best wushes the Class of 55 FRANETTE CLEANERS Everythung In Hardware We make keys Phone I6 Geneseo N Y p Geneseo N Y YOU LL ALWAYS FIND GENESEO CENTRAL STUDENTS AT The Campus Dalry Bar G D I 108 M S Ph H0 G N Y Compliments of Genesee Valley National Bank 81 Trust Company Geneseo New York LUCKENBACH REST HOME Agnes Luckenbclch Proprietor Phone 836 F I3 Luvonla New York Compluments PERRY S PHOTO SERVICE Geneseo N Y Complrments of WRIGHT S FLORIST on GENESEO GALLERIES Compliments of RICHARD S FOLT G reetl ng ca rds Jewelry G nfts Establnshed I85I Geneseo N Y Compliments of DIETSCHE FLORAL SHOPPE Sunce I92I Geneseo New York Thomas W Bnshop INSURANCE an REAL ESTATE Phone Geneseo I 36 Compliments of MAGEE MOTORS IO Bank St Geneseo N Y Compluments of MANN S JEWE LERS Geneseo N Y Congratulations G AII Electrlc Rochester Gas Electric . ' of cl ' , Geneseo, N. Y. Since I904 d . ' u O - n 81 Compliments ULMER S DRUG STORE Service With A Smnle Geneseo N Y Phone 305 Compliments ofthe BIG TREE INN Sunce l833 A Landmark of the Valley Geneseo N Y H SEYMOUR LINTON SCHERLINE S DEPT STORE General Socony Products Sporting Goods East Groveland Phone 921 F I2 McDONALD S CLOTHING STORE Compliments of Geneseo N Y Phone 260 Compllments of Geneseo N Y LOWERY S CIGAR Clothes for the entire famuly STORE We Feature Brand Names Phone 37 Geneseo N Y Geneseo N Y In Men s Wear Best Washes to the Complnments of Class of 55 TAYLOR BUICK YOUNGS AND LINFOOT General Insurance and Real Estate 84 Avon Road Geneseo, N Y Geneseo, N . Y. ro., ' of ' Merchandise W I K A A - M 8' B GRILL 1 'i Compluments of Complrments of Comphments of Compliments BURKE 9 S OLMSTED CHEVROLET CLASS or 56 'NSURANCE cmss or Geneseo Central Geneseo N Y Geneseo N Y Geneseo N Y WHEN WE WERE VERY YOUNG Compliments of GENESEO STUDENT COUNCIL Geneseo Central l t Compluments of Comp 'men S GENESEO DINER e Complnments of Helena Youtz VALLEY ECHOES 7 A FRIEND Route 20 A Student lglfewspaper Geneseo N Y Geneseo Central PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION BY .f lair tudios NEWARK NEW YORK YOUR OFFICIAL SENIOR CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER J 1 0

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