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unIl1n1 n ff- 1-w --www V-BTV:-arA5f,p ff: f -- az W f wr' ' 1 fwwgf-H'f'fr':f" f-wwf: I 1 v. " " ' ' ' '. ' "' , ,.,,p1 . -.,' .V Hx I 1 ' . uIw'ZNIiw.E EE 1: Q 1 f -1'- 5.-:ui ... -1-r ' 3,g,3,3' , g 'fl.i.'.fgfQT'.f i5:fgg "1?Z.'.." X I I rf. ,Z XX LJ F ' 1:13 Y , . , , x, Q tl- 1 . . .-.. ...,,.,. ....-.....,....,...-.4...' 5 7 K 1 i A I' ,Q 5 .. - ,K ' . ' t 2 . X . r r A- Abvl M I A ' b A I if Q ' ' L 'b fl 4 ' ' -Xa W . N 2 X P7 l K 5 X 1 1 1 5 i ' Tin ', a. . rift Q1 I X 5: - .1 5 9 :xi W , - if. 4 T ' ., 4 1 1 ff - fp G ,fi l 5 5' h V V, , X ' 1 ' Q 5,53 -PLM A Q ' I ' J ' ,,,-I nw , ,.. . .. A 'SL .A V ?, ,- E' 11' 1 ,. , ' A fm fi ffl ' . .1 N....,. , . , .,,.w-,......n..J...u . '34 U V I Foreword f HE I935 Jen-O-See is pub- lished wi+h 'rhe hope of reviving 'rhe memorable and cherished incidenfs of 'rhe pasf school year and perpefuafing fhe spirif of 'rhe Washingfon Trip for which we have so earnesfly sfriven. Dedication This Jen-O-See of I935 is lovingly dedicaied To 'rhe parenfs of all ihe pupils in our high school. Their pafienf efforis are noi lauded: +heir many sacrifices are seemingly unrewarded, bul' fheir praises will be eiernally engraved in our hearis. We pay fribuie 'ro you wi'rh +his, our crowning efior+ of +he Senior year. I 1 .. V ' I 5 41 f . 'ff .if-I b I-4-I1 I v' L 4- I" I . x 5. . A- I -. ' I - . u I -- IE W. ' I ' , .Ill . 3 f' . f 1 W I l I I Y I I I I I . A I I I I . I I I I I I I , I I ' AI I I I, I I I . din: 'U'- TSW 'Wm s-e???' ii WW First Row-Dwyer, Grove. Minclrler, Scofr, Moses. Second Row-Hall. Erwin, Wadsworfh, Barnes. Board ol Education The members of fhe Board of Educafion should be commended for rheir accom- plishmenfs +oward ihe provision of excellen+ educa+ional facili+ies. This year fha Board has added fo +he curriculum a Home Economics deparimenf from which a successful cafeferia has evolved. The eniire communiiy owes ihe Board a debf of grafifude for services well done. From us. The class of I935, +he Board has won an esieem which can be described besl' as enduring gra'ri+ude for happy school days. G. M. Minclcler Presidenl B. E. Moses Vice-presideni W. H. Grove Cleric 6 -., V I N.-,., ,, , , N l l l FRANCIS J. e-ORMLEY Principal We who are complefing our years a+ 'rhe Geneseo High School feel graleful for 'rhe words of encouragemeni' and commendafion which we have received from our principal. l-le has been a consfanf friend and companion. and H' is wifh sincere good wishes 1'ha'r we wish him every success in 'rhe fufure. f , dl. X n 1 f 3 '1 ., ' O I I 5 I I ffl-730' FACULTY EDWARD BABCOCK WILLIAM BATCHELLOR Music Arr Oswego Slole Normal School Pralf lnsfifule Fredonia A ,,,,MW, ,, mph. HAROLD DOTY, A.B. MARY FILER. A.B. Science Mallwemafics Cornell Universify Elmira College 8 ELIZABETH FINTER. BA.. MA. Home Economics Miami Universify Columbia Universify 5 1 ,-.' . 1:'f- ' ' 3' fl, e val,-. ' V " ' - WA ,I J 1 " f KENNETH HIGGINS, 8.5. Physical Education Springfield College Q . FACULTY . - ,X r -,Ng 'HQ '.f Y. .14 - U , 9' gp F 'if' , , H+ ' as,-f ' 1,--I ' MAXINE GREEN. B.A. French William Smilh College - G GERTRUDE O'DONNELl.. BA. English Elmira College 9 'IDD MARION OLMSTEAD, B.A. Leiin. Elmira College MARY QUIRK, B.S. Library Genoseo Slate Normal School Albany Siele Teachers College FACULTY REJEAN MILLS Secrelary lo Principal Rochester Business lnsfifule 10 ROBERT PORTER. B.S. Hislory Geneseo Sfale Normal School Hobart College KATHERINE ZORNOW. B.A. Commercial William Smilh College .A x- ,X H. v , a nfl? sf 1. .- fi .1 : e " , L-- ' . ,.1.-w-L ,, Y -Cm , , , X "rnmunl3na-lull:-muy .......J, .4 1 A um M PF:- MUNSON WELLES C. SCONDRAS M. FREW Senior Class The feelings of a Senior are pracfically indescribable. Enlering +he Geneseo High School as mere Freshmen, we fell' somewhal' awk- ward and oul of place. We came fhrough, however, successfully. under fhe leader- ship of Dorofhy ScoH. Jusl' as we became Sophomores. and fell more al' home in high school. we moved in+o our new high school. This year we chose William Dwyer as president ln Seplember I933 we enlered as Juniors and really began +o do Things. The crowning acrivify of The year was The Junior Prom af Long Poinl. Douglas McCaughey was al' This lime our leader. As Seniors-Well if has been lhe greafesi year of all. The Dramafic Club. 'fhe Ari Club. The Aclivily Club, and 'rhe E+ique'H'e Club, were all organized in our Senior year. These social ac+ivi+ies did' nol conslilule all our worlc, however, as we spon- sored six money-making ac+ivi+ies for fhe annual Washinglon frip. We were so suc- cessful in raising our 'fund fhal The maiorify of The class could lalce advanlage of This fine opporlunily. The alluremenls of advenfure, of opporlunily, of romance awail us in fhe "wide, wide, world" buf for one lasf year, we close our eyes lo lheir charms. Our high school life will soon be a "+ale +ha+ is fold." And so we hurry lhrough our Senior year, inl'en'r on living each day lo ils fullesf, slriving fo malce forever a parl of us lhe rraining afforded by lhis our high school. W 'wilrlll' li T sul ,TW 12 , . ball and ihe ladies, ,Cf MICHAEL CHIARA Sfudenf Council 4: Foofball I. 2, 3, 4: Basker- I. 2. 3.4: Baseball I,2, 3.4. Milne divides his spare lime befween afhlefics f y ,U e 50 x- L. ,.!,,Ii'l1Cr- .XIMVL Van iffy fe KENYON CLARK Foofball l. 2. 3, 4: Baslrefball l. 2, 3. 4: Base- T'v - 'ffm 'ibn DOROTHY BURNS Glee Club I. 2. 3. 4: French Club 2. 3: Laiin Club 3: "Cas+aways" 2: "Choni'ra" 4. As a doc+or's wife she did admirably--as her- self she does be'Her. W Q HAROLD BURNS Lafin Club 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 3: Band 3. 4: Orcheslra 4: Inrerclass baskefball 2, 3, 4: lnferschool play 3: Senior Play: Dramalic Club 4: "Riddle of Isis". Harold believes fhaf a good ac+or musf have his head well covered. JZ' 0-'Ml' MCI' l EL.4,,,.vvPL-'O I ball I. 2. 3.4. Ken carries his calm disposifion even info his realm of afhlefics where he is in a class by him- self. A 1 'Q , Wm QM Pj Link 1 4 E W. liaise ? CONSTANCE COLLINS Glee Club I, 2: Lalin Club 2, 3, 4: French Club 3, 4: lnlerclass Baslcelball 2, 3, 4: Volley Ball 3, 4: Baseball 2: Dramafic Club 4: Varsily Baslcelball 2: Senior Play: News Reporler 4. A sure-wealher sign of prosoerily will come when Connie's fingernails are oul of Ihe red. I me, wfffw www 'zf,yizs". wool I W Mfzzfww PVIKASQ '67 I 1' ALBERT ofivis Band 4: Orchesfra 4. Our horn blower doesn'+ blow all his wind info horns. 'xxx 1 NK all hx '-5 WILLIAM DWYER Band I, 2, 3, 4:. Orchesfra I, 2: French Clu 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club 4: Vice-presidenf Freshm X class: Presidenf Sophomore class: Foofball Baslrelball 4. Q Will anyone ever be "one-up" on Bill? L . Ausrm ERWIN ' Band l, 2, 3, 4: "Riddle of lsis": Debale Club 3, 4: Secrelary 4: Senior Play: Boys' Glee Club 3: French Club 3, 4: Secrefary-Ireasurer 4: Lafin Club 2, 3, 4. S "Junior! You can'f call me fha?-l'm a eniorl" ,, y A X, JL I I f I " ' -A 47 ,U Ailg , 0 a c , I 14 JAMES FENNELL Foofball 2. "Red'.' is our cenfer of sophisficafion. ff: 744 ADV. MARY FREW Glee Club l: French Club 2. 3, 4: lnferclass volley ball 3: Basketball 4: Baseball 2: Sfudenl Council 4: Senior Play: Treasurer Senior Class: Ari Club 4: Senior Fashion Show. Our Mary is made of UA ' Laughs and blushes, , nd her mirfh comes M' In greaf gushes. EUGENE HASLER Band I. 2, 3, 4: Orchesfra I, 2. 3, 4. "Gene exer'rs his 'remper on his saxophone." GEORGE HEWITT Orchesfra I. 2, 3, 4: Band 4: Varsi+y Baslce+- ball 4: "Choni+a": Senior Play: Debale Club 3, 4: Presiden+ 4: Drama+ic Club 4: French Club 2I, 3: lnferclass baseball 3: Treasurer Freshman cass. George finally found his "Nunda babe" in Washingfon. PE 4Z?,717ffw'QfZfff ffl y i a fm illi ' ,f ff, 15 f'a .JW fl can FRED KING Fred. wi+h mischief up his sleeve and his home- worlc-home. sleeps from buzzer fo buzzer. -1f6""v 9"""c' E I 1 n li 1040! HELEN KYLE TRN Lafin Club 2. 3. 4: French Club 3. 4: Dramafic TN Club 4: Ar? Club 4: Glee Club I. 2. 3: Senior T :N ,ffm JAMES JACKSON French Club 2. 3. 4: Baseball 2. 3. 4: Liferary Edi+or Jen-O-See. The secref +o success is cons+ancy +o purpose. l MARIAN JACKSON ench Club 4: Lafin Club 2. 3. 4: Praefor 4: e-presidenl' Dramafic Club 4: "Cas+aways" 2: " vhonigau 4: lnferclass volley ball 3. 4: Basker- mll 43, 4: Baseball 2: Acfivify Club 4: News ly R po er 4. i' T early bird cafches 'rhe worm. "Lei him X 'y ha it for all l care," says Marian. l Play: Acfivify Club 4: Varsi+y Baslcelball I. 2: lnferclass baslzeiball 3, 4: Volley ball 3. 4: Tennis 2: Sfudenf Council 4: Assisfanf Edilor Jen-O- See: "Cas+aways": "Chonil'a": Senior Fashion "l will be masfer of wha'r is mine own." f l NP Show. KX K 3-B L xlll'i x X.: X 16 JENNIE MACALUSO Lafin Club 3, 4: French Club 2. 3: Glee Club I, 2: Dramalic Club 4: "Cas+aways" 2: lnferclass baslcefball 4: Valley ball. Modes? and gracious, She does each fask with willing grace. CHARLES MAGEE Foofball 4. Chuck cerfainly does "chuck" his lessons-To his delighl and fhe feachers' woe. ERNEST LaVIGNE Band l, 2, 3. 4: Secrelary Drama La+in Club 2, 3. 4: Deba+e Club. He fakes to red heads- EVANGELINE LINTON French Club I, 2. 3. She en+ers as quieily as a sunbeam. n!l.!9D Al .:' ' .fiii :-35" f, , -'I-GPF: i lic Club 4: 17 41-fl. if 'T' ML 4515 - I l i A 1' 'w of' .Y ll iff? Che 'fx xp 45,55 Us ., N " .: if .Y YW MARGARET McCALLlON Lalin Club 2. 3, 4: French Club 4 Dramahc Club 4: Arl' Club 4: Senior Play. She does a good deal of her fhinlung in quo 'ralion marlcs. ' sw- DALE MUNSON Baseball I, 2, 3. 4: Baskelball l, 2, 3, 4: Fool- ball Manager 3: S+uden+ Council 3: Vice-presu- denf So homore Class: Presidenf Senior Class: French glub 2. 3, 4: Dramalic Club 4: Arl Club 4g Boys' Glee Club 2: Band I, 2, 3, 4: lnferclass baslxelball 3, 4: Baseball. Versalilify and Mary make up Dale's person- alify. BETTY NORTHRUP Secrefary Freshman Class: Glee Club I, 2, 3. 4: "Cas'raways": "Riddle of lsis": "Choni+a": Senior Play: Senior Fashion Show: La+in Club 2. 3, 4: French Club 4: Dramafic Club 4: Ari' Club 4: Debale Club 3, 4. I have loved fhe slars 'loo fondly lo be fearful of lhe lcnighf. 18 ANN MINCKLER Glee Club I, 2. 3, 4: Band 3 4 Dramahc Club 4: Lalin Club 2, 3, 4: Quaesior 4 French Club 3, 4: Acfivily Club 4: Secrelary Junior Class: Secrelary Sludenl Council Riddle f lsis": Varsify baslcefball 2: lnferclass baslcefball 3 4: Volley ball 3, 4: Baseball 2: Tennis 2 Cheer leader 3: Senior Play: Senior Fashion Show Edifor-in-Chief Jen-O-See. A hearf fo resolve, A head +o conlrive Q And a hand +o execufe if EVELYN PHILLIPS 4: lnferclass baslcelball 4. She who is silenf is no+ forgoHen. Glee Club 4: La+in Club 2, 3: Dramalic Club KARL REASER Shy in school buf-7 Jedyiw J2,,f,g,, w..Lt,j.f fpwww MARY LOUISE O'MARA Secrefar sub-Freshman Class: French Club 2, 3: Glee Club 2: Dramalic Club 4. A beaufiful voice which seems fo fif info fhe silence ra+her lhan break if. JEAN PASSAGE Glee Club 2, 3, 4: French Club 2. 3: Lalin Club 3: Senior Play: "Cas+aways": "Choni+a." The aHribu+es of a greai' lady may sfill be found in fhe rule of fha four S's-sincerify, sim- plicify, sympafhy, and sereni+y. -My V! 19 .5 fl -1-137+ il 41 4 Wy I, Wil 6-. ' wk im' "W if-T i,n!'fFfnJyl "l FRANK RICOTTA Track 3: Foolball l, 2. 3, 4: Baskefball l, 2, ' 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: French Club 2, 3: Vice- presidenf Sfudenl' Council 3: Vice-presidenr Junior Class: Dramafic Club 4. Frank cerfainly needed his a+hle+ic abilify and I sfrenglh ro keep his "Chevy" on +he road 'ro Washingfon and back. NICHOLAS RICOTTA Baskelball I: Baseball I: French Club 3, 4: Sfudenf Council 4: Dramafic Club 4: Manager Baskelball 4: Aihlelic Edifor Jen-O-See. If success in life depends on being a good manager, Nick should have no difficulfy. MM qflfvx 576' bd' M . A 1 RUTH RITTER Lafin Club 2. 3: Glee Club I: Presidenl Dra- I ma+ic Club 4: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4. Her knowledge of hisfory revolves aroun g e ,' A. 8: P. sfrike. 'Tkj,Loj: i WV! in v M 3 JAMES RYAN Senior Play: French Club 2, 3: Pholographic Edifor Jen-O-See. Jim oughl' lo invenf a machine fo sfeer awafy If bashfulness. g J... f fi f' l ' A l f ,llfi A i i 1, ,U ,if f X gf 4 ,J K I 1 ' ' 1 I 1 , 4 V R X i 'NX XM-" ii" ., i' l i lvl 20 M WILLIAM SAUNDERS Manager Foolball 4: Dramafic Club 4: Vice- presidenf Arr Club 4: "Choni+a": Sfudenl' Council 4. If Bill confinues wifh no homework fhis year. he will hold fhe school's "No-homework record." Kim! youd g KATHERINE SCONDRAS Lafin Club 2, 3. 4: French Club 4: Arf Club 4: Glee Club 2. 3. 4: Dramafic Club 4: Debafe Club 3, 4: Secrefary Senior Class: "Choni'ra": "Cas+aways": Acfivify Club 4: lnferclass volley- ball 3, 4: Baslce+ball 3, 4: Baseball 2: Tennis: News Repor+er 4. A greaf scholar, a greaf pal. and a qrea+ arfisf. 7-- ' king, -Jef?-"TT THALIA SCONDRAS Lafin Club'2, 3. 4: French Club 3. 4: Dramafic Club 4: Glee Club. I, 2. 3, 4: Acfivify Club 4: Senior Play: Varsif Baslcerball l, 2: Band 4: "Cas'raways": "Riddle of lsis": "Choni+a": Infer- class baskefball 3. 4: Volley ball 3, 4: Baseball 2: Tennis. ls Thalia good a+ fallcing fhrough lceyholes? Yes-and mos+ everyfhing else foo. DOROTHY SCOTT Presidenf Freshman Class: Dramafic Club 4: Acfivify Club 4: Varsily Baslcefball I, 2: Orches- fra I, 2. 3, 4: Band I. 2, 3. 4: French Club 3. 4: Lalin Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 4: Sfudenf Council 4: Ar? Club 4: lnlerclass 'rennis 2: Base- ball 2: Baslcefball 3, 4: Volley ball 3. 4. Music and imagina+ion rule fhe world. 21 pp,-1i7C3-41.4 cJQ...,LLlwd..,- -vlq,mL.J., Law-N. ALM is X 'lmi l EDWARD SERVIS Orches+ra I, 2, 3, 4: Track I. 2, 3. 4: Lafin Club 2, 3, 4: Quaesfor 3: Tribune 4: French Club 3, 4: Vice-presideni 3: Treasurer Dramafic Club 4: "'Choni+a": Debale Club 3, 4. He knows so liHle abou? whaf he knows so fluenlly. T ROBERT sncicw Bob is affer fhe righfs for local broadcasfing. His in'reres+ in science and machines bids woe fo Einslein. DOUGLAS SINCLAIRA ' Track 2, 3. 4: Foolball 4: French Club 2, 3: lnferclass baske+ball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2. 3: Track 2. A liH'le bil' of everylhing makes up Doug's personalily. 1, Y ,4ijf1.g,u4 ,fb , ,,,: T WJ! f 7991.14 PLZ, ' ROISERT WADE Baskefball I. 2. 3, 4: Track I, 2. 3, 4: Foo+ball 2, 3: French Club 2, 3.4: Class Treasurer I, 2. 3: Dramafic Club 4: In+erclass baskefball 3. 4: Base- ball 2. 3. - Rabbiis look slow when our "rabbi'r" ge+s on fha cinder Track. H 2 T . .Jw mf J. WMMM WMM wail 22 al uiiiiililllllulwwlilllllllllilw ff' A 5 Jill f T'1 .J Gil' 4:37:- I EVELYN WATSON Secrefary Sophomore Class: Glee Club 3: Dra- maric Club 4: Aff Club 4: lnferclass volley ball 3, 4: Baslcefball 3: Senior Fashion Show. i Never Trouble irouble 'l'ill frouble froubles you. l JAMES WELLES Baslcefball 4: Vice-presideni Senior Class: French Club 4: Drama+ic Club 4: Lalin Club 4: Debafe Club 4: Tennis 4: Senior Play. He falks like a dic+ionary on i+s be + begfdicpwldf low' p f, 4 L v 'M L MARJORIE WESTER Glee Club I: French Club 3, 4: Ar+ Club 4: Dramafic Club 4: Senior Play: lnferclass volley ball 2. 3: Baseball 2: Senior Fashion Show. An appendix Qirlfihe lcind 'rhaf gels falcen ouf. I, . :ll , , 'V MAURICE WHISKER Maurice is already a high pressure salesman due fo his experience selling fickefs, milk. and Mum 0, UM Kw3.C.l GAJMA -fV"4-L'AJ'A" QM' : W.wRuJm- 9 23 Dil l a 6654 lah' JU r . ll, , ,I l 4' A nun, ,mc ww ,X . ll ,' r ' w , , 4, l ,nl u ,N ,,,' W I! ,nx , F W ly ,l ff l l' l lw fl .l W l ' lv' I lr f ,LN N, Www W 4 I l ffw l ll Ml an V J ll I l ll l V+- ' wr N lv ' ti, 1 J ll l J' t , I :L l JM QW I' v. m l f . l P , , '- V ELIZABETH WILSON French Club 2. 3, 4. Black hair, freckles And dancing eyes- I may be 'reased Bu+ I'm also wise. MD r l R 5 S afiy.-r U 1 Mia Qpfn 24 'Q MN lllllu1llllllllwHmlhllus.l l Srl H ' l' A-nm 4.2 ' ,xgfxfcy --sL--v--- v- . . fu bf Q fu L J . Firsf Row-Posf, Rowerdinlc. Mr. Bafchellor. R. Baffaglianh . Culberison, M ses, Teall, H. Slaighi. Buclnnam. Second Row-Barnes. Aclrer, Valvo, Lennox, J. Andrews. M. Burns, Flansburg, S. Macaluso, McKeown, Barris. Third Row-Nofo. Pafferson, Van Cise, Saunders, Wesf, H. Andrews, B. Andrews, A. Culberlson, W. Frew, R. Baffaglia, Townley. h Fourih Row-Orlando, Ouirlx, Flynn, Crane. Simpson. Sialey, Reynolds. M. Noble, Davis, McKelvy: M. Orlando. Juniors We, fhe class of '36, are on fhe nexf 'fo rhe lasl' rung of 'rhe ladder and s+ill going srrong. Ours is rhe lirsi' class +o go rhrough school from lowly Freshmen lo dislinguished Juniors. Alrhough we were a large class as Freshmen, we have sleadily acquired new members. Thus far we have been quife successful in all our under- fakings. Bur!--Wafch our accelerafed speed nexf year. We are ably represenfed by members of our class in nearly all rhe sporrs and ac+ivi+ies in +he school. For our class officers fhis year we have elecfed Davis Moses, President Rosalie Bariaglia, Vice President Grace Culberfson, Secrefaryg William Rowerdinlr, Treas- urer: and Mr. Barchellor, Class Adviser. Wifh fhe officers we have, our class cannot possibly go wrong. We are almosf fhrough our high school years of which we are iusfly proud. bu'r we canno+ help being envious of The ofhers iusf slarfing fhose hard bu? happy years. 25 ' iifi' -f:!l'?f' . . '01-egg, D0 ml' illll' Firsf Row-Belfiore, Culberfson, Wheeler, Linfon. Mr. Higgins, Scherline. Warner. Palermo. Least Second Row-McGuire, Green, Slaighf, Taft Callahan. Wilcox, Lynn, D. Wafson. Barber. Daley. Third Row-S. Daley. Barkley, E. Windrum. Rhineharf, C. Windrum, Barber. Wilson. E. Wafson. Jackson, Alexander. Fourfh Row-RicoHa. Buchanan, Crane, Vickers, Miller, Smilh, Baflaglia, Aien, Lennox, Kelly. Back Row-Correnfi, Chiara. SODl'iOlT10l'CS This year The Sophomore ranlcs have noi' been so annihilafed, by painful demon- sfrafions called inifiarions. We have pluclcily weafhered lhe sforms of lhe always- hard firsi fwo years. Our presiden+ is fhe esfeemed Nicholas Correnlig vice president George Morris: Treasurer, Norma Lin+on: Secrelary, Edifh Wheeler, and liaculfy adviser, Mr. Kennefh Higgins. As fhis school has some aufonomous privileges, namely, The Sfudenf Council, we, of course, are represenred by an influen+iaI member, Miss Rufh Scherline. Because qualiry is presenf among us, many of our members have parficipafed in numerous school aclivifies. This year, under fhe efficienf adminisfralion of our presidenf, a Sophomore dance was held in our high school gym. This funcfion was an innovafion on rhe social calendar and proved so successful +ha+ we hope lhaf if may become a +radi+ion. So. upon casfing away +he mark of fhe Sophomores and acquiring the honored disrincfion of Juniors, we loolc info fhe fulure, in+en+ upon success. 26 :l:iilWl li 1 ' I 1 Firsf Row-Reynolds, Buffamanli, Erwin, Burke, Lowe, Miss Olmsfead. Gilmore, McCauley, McCauley, Bailey, Simms. Second Row-Popple, McCallion, Webb, Pierce, Liffier, D. Kinney, Densmore, Van Dorn, Coman, Servis, Coman, Townley. Third Row-Merlino, Sickly, Brown, Green, Yakow, Marks, Alexander, Correnfi, Alfonberg, Delaro: Barry, Hanby. Fourfh Row-Townley, Rifchie. C. Green, H. Green, Clapper, While, Holbrook, Hall, Schanh, Buchanan, Curcio. Fiffh Row-McCaughey, Ryan, Affronfi, Eagan, Mr. Babcock, Mclielvey, Swan. Kinney, Thompson, Ferrara, R. Nofo, Gulnac. Freshman Class We, lhe class of '38, were wondering a year ago wherher we should enter high school, buf now +ha+ we are here. we are well iniriafed and full of ideas. Affer fhe firsr weeks of shyness have passed, we have seHled down for four years of hard work and s+udy. Alrhough we have been here a very shor+ lime, we are well represenred in 'rhe band, orchesfra and girls' glee club. We are also very acfive in spor+s. The class officers are: Presidenf, Jean Gilmore: vice-president Boardman Lowe: secrefary, Mary McCauley: freasurer, Howard Erwin: adviser, Miss Olmslead. 7.7 . .dl .gem- 'v F" ' 15 'lm .,,,3rs-'r i inn ii 'will' 1 W il Firsl' Row--Clapper, Alger, Delebarlo, C. Orlando, Everingham, Hoplrins. Second Row-Noble, Jerris, Thompson, Carpenter, Morgan, Corbef, Palermo, Slaighf. Third Row-Slnelly, Rice, Erwin, Bishop, Hendricks, Burlre, Flansburg, Johnson. Fourfh Row-Finley, Briffon, Crane, Simms, Kessler, Barfholemew, Buchanan, Suflon. Sub l:I'CSl'IlTl2l'1 Now fhal our schedule is adiusled and 'rhose firsf few elusive weelcs are in lhe pasr, we, fhe class of '39 are glad 'ro be a par? of fhe high school whirl. Bravo, we shoul' inwardly, for no'r only are we a pan' of you, buf we have come up againsr fhose "dreadfully hard subiec+s" and we find fhem inleresfing, so now we go furfher in saying we will be ready +0 Tackle +he hardesf of wha? is in slore for us. We will endeavor ro lake a credirable perl' in fhe acfivifies and +he scholaslic affainmenfs of fhe school and To mainfain fhe sfandard of preceding classes. 28 wi 1 N.- 'QQ'. ,fa Q u :Q , . if ' ,. s -V' .V 2 L 'QQ ff i f I '- f . J, ? I B' .Q- Lv-W ,HMIWXX XX! X , I XXXXXXMX, W -MX-XXX 14" Q XXIXX my X AX 'XML Nhi X. X, . , H , . f X ' ' 4' X1 , ' ' , N ,Q . 5 -X- . - X ,. , . 'V X, XXX! X , XX H ,,, W ' 1 J Y I I is .,,,.,,ff Iggy! -31 V 5 XX ,mx 1 X 'BE EX XX '1" w "WL X- , , U ' rin nw " ' '-X , ' , XX., X ,M E X,X"wl X !'53w-':"i"w , NXH ,gm vial X X X X XM X ,L X W, X XaMfaX XXX 1 gW , fy. .1Ml,.XX,,, I 1 1 1' M W if """""' f . XX XXXX .X XXX XXX X - 2' ,AUX 4 'X f"XX'w A X ',X "W ' 5"XV'l""'i 'W' 41- Y " " ' ' X,X'X'1'nXXX3f''vnQ'i1Ht'v514w"w1, XX XT" IW ,X -uw " -X ' 'WXXXXMX' .I LX! X' Hi ' , ,X,w9M N -L ' m'NXX!E!XrX,'l- X ' W H1 W ' -f '-,'c""H,,., H . 'XX .f.XX"""?E 1g3',,y3X,ggX'XX' 'ugjfj ,, "1 XXX X ,, U., 12. ,H..wr,X. . ,. , M4 X X I X 1 Xw r-N Wu '- U 'im'--v ' HX , :Sl X' if X ,. ,L 15 ,K qi E MX- . X ig dw , X X: . " :VW Y "N :N WT- ,,'..f. X "TF Z ' ' lf!! 'f 'Q x X i N 'X 'H r"'X' fx! J, MQ: J iri .X ,X XX J. X4 ,A, Wm W K ' S XXX Q EIB ' V ,L - ,1 '. 1 L .J-M unimnm , JF F 5 R Jr J 'f i. uv '. r-um' I' - lr! 'qu 'H-un-'v,.'w' ' Second Row-Ricoiia, Culberison, Burke, Kyle, Sherline. W. Frew. Fronf Row-Barris, Minclcler, Mr. Gormley, M. Frew, Dwyer, Chiara. Absenf-D. ScoH. Student Council The Sfudeni Council was formed so 'rhar fhe s'ruden+s would have an opporfuniry 'fo assisi in affairs ihai' affecr fhem mosf. This year rhe council has been successful in arranging a searing sysfem for assem- bly. I+ also requesfed fhe School Board io buy a false ceiling for 'rhe gymnasium ro prevenf music echoing. The Board kindly agreed lo purchase if. Several dances can be a'r+ribu+ed +o fhe eliioris of rhe members. All in all, ihe Council has had a very successful year. The officers are: President William Dwyer: Vice president Mary Frew: Secre- fary, Ann Minclcler: Facul+y adviser, Mr. Gormley. 32 Gen-O-See Edifor-in-Chief ,...... Assislanl Edifor ......., Business Manager .,...... Adver+ising Manager ...v. Liferary Edifor ,.s,,,,..,,.. Phofographic Edifor ...... Ari Edllor .....v.,.s,,,,...... .,...., Afhlefic Edilor .......s....,..,,.........,..,,.,,.. 4 5' . 'I as L u T Stall ft I .........Ann Minckler .Wal-lelen Kyle ,..,i,,Ausfin Erwin ...,.s..Doro+hy ScoH .......James Jackson ,....,,...W..,,s,James Ryan Carherine Scondras c.,...Nicholas Ricoffa This year 'rhe siaff mer wifh fwo greaf difliculfies, lack of funds and 'rhe insis'ren+ demands of lhe sfudenfs for an annual more like 'rhaf of a larger school. Finally as a solufion fo fhese fwo problems, we decided fo give lifhography a 'rrial fhis year wifh fhe hope fhaf if may prove safisfacrory io ofher classes also. We hope rhaf lhis, fhe sixfh issue of 'rhe Jen-O-See will be as much of a success as former annuals. Because of lhis process, we are able +0 have an addifional fea+ure 'lhis year, namely, +he ar+ work done by Kafherine Scondras. However, fhe en+ire Sfaff has worked hard +0 make 'lhis publicafion lhe besr yer. Firsf Row--Erwin, Scoff, Minckler, Jackson, Kyle. Second Row-Ryan, Mrs. O'Donnell, Scondras, N. Ricofla. 33 .gpg I Firsf Row-Minclxler, Posh Miss Olmsfead, Frew, Townley, Jackson. Second Row-T. Scondras. C. Scondras. W. Dwyer, Erwin, Wesf, McGuire. Third Row-McCallion. Macaluso, Kyle. Moses. Orlando. Culberfson, Scherline, Burns. Fourih Row-J. Dwyer, Reynolds. Collins, Nor+hrup, LeVigne, Simpson, Mclieown, Crane. Latin Club The Lafin club is composed of sfudenfs who are sfudying second and 'rhird year Lafin. The club of fhis year follows Those of preceding years in organizalion and op- erafion. The inilial meefings were devofed +o fhe enrollmenl' of new members and fo +he elecfion of club officers. During +he club meefings, +he members presenfecl programs wifh Lalin backgrounds and also siudied Lafin cusfoms and fradifions asso- ciafed wifh fha? language. The confinuance of fhe La+in club is an indicafion of 'rhe place in our school of +he Lafin language. ' 34 French Club The French Club of l935 was composed of 'lhe members of fhe second and lhird year French classes who helped 'rhe club fo live up +0 i+s pas? lradilions. The club held meelings a+ which varied and in+eres+ing programs were presen+ed and parricipaled in by 'lhe club members. A+ 'rhe meelings 'rhe use of The French language in all con- versafion is compulsory and al 'rhe same lime educalional fo The sfudenls, many of whom learned 'ro speak French wifh grealer ease and increased confidence. The club has been an imporlanl' influence in +he high school since Els organizalion and il shall conlinue lo give 'rhe French language a place in our high school. K I Firs? Row-M. Frew, W. Dwyer. Miss Green, Moses. Erwin. Second Row-Nlinclzler. Reynolds, N. Balfaglia. Barnes. Slaley, Wesf, J, Dwyer, Wilcox, Welles. Third Row-C. Scondras. Valvo, Noble. Kyle, llinfon. Wheeler. Quirlr, Flynn, Paflerson: W. Frew. Fourih Row-A. Culberlson. McCallion, Slaighf. F. Ricoffa. G. Culberfson. R. Baffaglia, Orlando. Macaluso. Davis, R. Jackson. Fiffh Row--T. Scondras, Norfhrup. Collins. Palermo, J. Jackson, Leash N. Ricoffa. Wade: Wesfer: M. Jaclrson. 35 iid .inli- . FirsT Row-Dwyer, Welles, Mr. PorTer, A. Erwin. T. Scondras. Second Row--Servis, HewiTT, Teall, LaVigne. Debate Club The acTiviTies of The debaTing Team were conTinued and greaTly augmenTed This year by The organizaTion of an acTive club. George HewiTT and AusTin Erwin were elecTed presidenT and secreTary, respecTively. wiTh Mr. PorTer as TaculTy adviser. MosT of The meeTings were devoTed To discussions of The currenT naTional Topic: Resolved ThaT The Federal GovernmenT should adopT The policy of equalizing educaTional op- porTuniTy Throiughouf The naTion by means of annual granTs To The several STaTes Tor elemenTary and secondary educaTion. InTerschool debaTes were held in April and May. These were non-decision affairs and were held for The beneTiTs derived by The parTicipanTs, raTher Than Tor The salce of vicTory. The general aims of The club are The improvemenT of public speaking, The creaTion of an inTeresT in currenT problems. and The enlighTenmenT of The members on The affairs of The day Through discussions, forums, and debaTes. IT is hoped ThaT The fine worlc achieved by The club This year will live and conTinue To live in Geneseo High School Tor years To come, Tor This work performs a neces- sary TuncTion in The educaTion of every sTudenT. 36 Alpha Tau Rho Behold! An Arf Club has been organized for The lirsf +ime in high school his- fory. The purpose of fhis club is +0 give lhose in+eres+ed in Ari an opporfunify fo exhibi+ fheir 'ralent The club is especially acfive during 'rhe monfhs of fhe school semesfer, when if is possible +o have oufdoor slcefching praciice. Hs success which is very nofable for a newly organized club, has been enfirely due 'lo fhe greai inferesi shown by fhe members and Hs originafor, Mr. Bafchellor. The officers are: President William Saunders: Vice-President Dale Munson: Secretary, Marjorie Wesfer, and Treasurer, Helen Slaighf. Top Row--Rowerdink, Barnes, Ryan, Chiara, Second Row-Walson, Norlhrup, Warner, W. Frew, Culberlson. Third Row-McCallion. M. Frew. Kyle, Scondros, Slaighf. Sealed-Viclrers. Saunders, Mr. Bafchelor, Munson, Wesler. 37 f-- kia 'T' Firsl' Row-Mrs. O'Donnell. M. Jackson. Hewiif. Rifler, LaVigne. Servis. Miss Quirk. Second Row-D. Burns, Welles, Kyle. Collins. C. Scondras, B. Burke, Wesfer. Third Row-O'Mara. Norihrup. Saunders, J. Jackson, Phillips, Wafson, Passage. Fourfh Row-M. McCallion, M. Frew, T. Scondras. Dramatic Club A Dramafic Club was organized 'rhis year fo give fhe Seniors and Juniors an ouf- lef for 'lheir clramaiic abilify and inleresf. ' This club. under lhe guidance of Mrs. O'Donnell and Miss Quirk, promises fo be a flourishing Senior and Junior ac+ivily. This year fhe meefings were 'laken up wilh making fhe consfifufion, dramaiic readings, discussions of various plays, and speakers. Two assembly programs were by 'lhe club. The officers fhis year are: President Rufh Riffer. Vice-Presidenf, Marion Jackson, Secrefary, Ernesi LaVigne, Treasurer. Edward Servis. 38 5-- .JW od -felli- Senior Play J Auslin Bevans .,...,,..,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,V,,, ,.... . ...,., , l-larolcl Burns David MacKenzie .A, ..,, ,,,,. ,,. A uslin Erwin George Boyd ....,,.,.,, ..Y,,,,,, J ames Welles Jim Simlcins ...,.,. ..,....iAi ..,. J a mes Ryan Homer Johns .V.,... ,.o.,...Y G eorge l-lewill Elise BencloHi ,i,,.., ,,,,,, M ariorie 'Wesler Miss Hays s,,,,, ,,A,,,.,, J ean Passage Miss Curlis ,,ss. ......... B eHy Norfhrup Sally Boyd ..... .,,Cons'rance Collins Muriel .,.,..... ,,,., ,,,.,.sa.. H e len Kyle Elhel , ,.,. ,,.,,.,., T halia Scondras Lillian ,, ,,,,. , s.,. Ann Minclcler Alix ,.....,,,.,.. ,,,,,,,..,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,s,,,,,, . .,,.,,,.s, ..,s, M a ry Frew Madge .,,... ,.,,,....,,s,s,,..,...,,,,,,,.,,.s,, , ,, Marqarel' McCallion "The Charm School", a lhree acl comedy by Alice Duer Miller, was successfully presenfed by fhe Senior Class on December sevenlh. Affer five weeks of preparafion, 'rhe cas+ was well rewarded for lheir efforfs. Every member of 'fhe Senior Class had a duly +o perform, eifher in lhe casl or in fhe management. ln addifion 'ro fhe casf, special recognifion is given +o William Saunders and Leo Parenl, slage managers, and Eugene Smifh, prompler, all of whom were pres- enl' al every rehearsal. 39 Qperretta Under The able direcfion of Mr. Babcoclz, "Choni+a", an opereHa wifh ihemes based upon fhe composi+ions of Franz Liszl, was presenfed very successfully by The music deparlmenf March 8. The enfire company of 80 sfudenfs, including members of lhe orchesfra and glee club, cooperaled wilh fhe direcfor and made an excellent performance. Ofher members of The faculfy who assisfed were: Mrs. O'Donnell, dramaficsg Miss Finfer, cosrumesg Miss Olmsled, accompanist Mr. Higgins. dances land general policemanl. The casf included: Chonifa, a gypsy maid, Belly Norfhrupp Srefan, her gypsy lover, Edward Servisg Daya, Choni'fa's old nurse, Beafrice Burlce: Murdo, Choni+a's fafher, Henry Miller: fhe Baroness, Peggy Mills: fhe Baron, George Hewilfy Konrad, fheir son, Eugene Smifhg Emil, fhe bufler, John Smifh. 40 Qrchestra As members of fhe orchesfra, we are proud of our progress during 'the year, bu+ we hope for siill beHer +hings nexf year. Several new members and fhree new ins+rumen+s were recen+ly added fo fhe group. Besides appearing regularly for assem- bly, 'rhe orchesira has played for several social funclions, borh in school and abouf ihe fown. Several of our members had roles in fhe opereHa, while ihe enfire score was played by the orchesfra. A greaf par? of fhe success of fhe opereffa was due 'rhe orchesrra. In our May concert we are doing fwo 'line sfandard overfures com- mon on concerf programs of The leading orchesfras of The counrry. We wish +o express our appreciafion +o Miss Olmsled, Mr. Dofy. and Mr. Brown helping us. VIOLINS CLARINET TRUMPETS E. .Servis M. Orlando E' Sm'll' D. SCON R. Jacuzzo H' Bums HORN G' Hewif' SAXAPHONE C. Scondras A' H"' E' H"s"' rkomaoue 3Agen. E. Carpenfer H. Miller ' "ws FLUTE Accowmisr C. Simpson Miss Olmsfed 4l '35 l' I I l Lal? fo Rlghl' seated-LaVigne. Palermo, Simpson, Orlando. Jacuzzo. Carpenfer, Scondras. Hasler. Scoff, Smifh, Windrum. Burns, Alera. Sfanding--Miller, Minclrler, Hewilf, Mr, Babcoclr. Band The fiffh chapfer of fhe "Life of fhe Geneseo High School Band" has iusl been successfully complefed. An unforfunale fea+ure is fhe consfanf lessening. by gradua- fion, of fhe seasoned maferial compefenl for parficipafion. However, under 'rhe capable direcfion of ifs leader, Mr. Edward Babcock. fhe band has shown excellenl' progress. There were many pleasing concerls given by +he organizafion lhis fall. Lasf spring lhe musicians wen? fo Canandaigua where fhey played wifh ofher high school bands. This spring we are assured lhaf fhe band will enferfain lhe school and +he fownsfollr in some concerfs. So, wi+h fheir ideals so high. and lhe records and success of +he Genesee High Bands in 'rhe pasf +0 live up fo, we feel sure fhaf fhe bands of lhis school in 'the 'fu'lure, will be crowned wifh much success. 42 Glee Club Under fhe direcfion of Mr. Babcock. fhis year has been one of 'rhe mosl success- ful years of +he Glee Club. Several 'rimes during fhe year The Glee Club sang in assembly and af Chrisfmas fime fhey sang for fhe Parenr-Teacher Associafion. The highlighf of fhe year was ihe opere++a, "Choni'ra" presenied by fhe music deparfmenf. All of fhe principal characrers received Their fraining +hrough The efforfs of fhe Glee Club. On May Sevenfeenfh +he music deparimeni presenfed a musical program. The Glee Club played an impor+an'r parf in +his by singing several selecfions a cappella. This was qui+e an achievement bu+ only one of 'rhe many 'thai' are expecfed from +his organizaiion in 'The fufure. Firsf Row-Warner, Merlino, Hoplcins, Burns, Valve, Mr. Babcock, Nor+hrup. Saunders. Passage. Burns, G. Ricofia. Second Row-S. Macaluso, T. Scondras. Jackson, Wheeler. N. Linfon, Wilcox. Mills, Van Cise. C. Scondras, Kyle. Culbertson. Buchanan. Third Row-K. McCallion. Everingham, Flansburg, Erwin, Ouirk, Phillips. J. Andrews. Patterson. J. Nofo. Johnson. Orlando, Delabarfo, Post Fourfh Row-J. Clapper, Alger, Barkley. S. Daley, Rhineharf. H. Andrews, Marks, Taft, A. Culberfson, Poppls. H. Slaight W. Frew, M. Slaighf, M. Orlando. Fifth Row-R. Bafiaglia, Coman, Webb. Coman, Ri+chie, McCaughey, Flynn. Scoff. Waisonz N. Baffeglia, Eugen, Briffon. McKeown, Noble. 43 I Football Alrhough lhe I934 gridiron 'ream gol' off +o an auspicious sfarl' by defealing Perry I8-6, The feam was laler handicapped by injuries and losf mos? of ils remain- ing games. - Wi+h 'Ihe excepfion of 'Four velerans, Chiara. Clarlr, RicoHa and Rober+s, Mr. Higgins was forced 'Io build a new feam composed largely of recruils who will be assels +o 'Ihe feam nexl year. Alfhough lhe scores are nol impressive. we are proud of fhe splendid sporlsmanship. cooperalion and fair play 'rhal our feam showed Ihroughouf 'Ihe season under The able leadership of Mr. Higgins, our coach. Gradualion will again falce such sfars as RicoHa, Chiara, Clark. and Dwyer. Home Games I . Geneseo ......... .......... 0 Wayland ,....,. ..,,,.., 0 2. Geneseo ......... ....... 6 Oaldield ......... .......... 2 0 3. Geneseo ......... .......... 7 Caledonia ..... ....., I 3 Games Away I. Geneseo ........ .......... O Mf. Morris ..,..... ........., 2 0 2. Geneseo ......... ....... 7 Avon ,,,..,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,, I 3 2. Geneseo ......... ....... I 8 Perry ,..,,,,,. ,,,,.. 6 4. Acquinas ......, ....... I 8 Genesee ....... - ...,,, 0 44 LA..-.p..., ,WWW Basketball The baslnefball season of I934-I935 is over, buf Ihe memory of I+, especially fhe Greigsville vicfory, will remain in fhe minds of many. 'for years Io come. The blue and whife Team accomplished one Teal +ha+ no olher Geneseo Ieam had for eleven years. Thai' was 'Ihe defeaf of The Greigsville Ieam on 'rheir home courl. Alfhough we did noi' win fhe Livingsfon Counly A championship, we believe fhaf Ihe pas? sea- son was a successful one for Ihe blue and while 'Ieam which won I I ou+ of I5 games and scored 350 poinfs +o i+s opponenfs' 320. The scoring honors wen? 'fo capfain Franl: Rico'I'+a and fo James Welles who scored IO3 and 90 poinls respecfively. They bofh were inslrumenlal in fheir Ieam's success. Games a+ Home Games Away Avon I I ..,,,.................,. Geneseo Geneseo Avon 2I Nunda I7 Geneseo Geneseo Oalcfield 30 M+. Morris I7 ,....... ,,....... G eneseo Geneseo Greigsville 26 Dansville 22 ........ .,.,.,... G eneseo Geneseo ......... ........ N unda I6 Wayland 27 Geneseo Geneseo MI. Morris 32 Alumni 23 Geneseo Geneseo ......... ........ W ayland 29 Greigsville 2l ........ ..,...... G eneseo Geneseo Dansville 20 Leices+er I8 ..,..,.. ..,.,.... Geneseo Left Io righf are-N. Ricolla. manaqer:,F. Rico'Ha: R. Wade: M. Chiara: D. Chiara: J. Welles: T. Simms: H. Slaleyg R. Viclrers: Mr. Higgins, coach. "fi -rek- is i ,H .film ' ill? l 'W' 'FUR f A WV U. 'T' o ip? lr. Baci: Row--K. Higgins, Coach, K. Clarlu, l. Aclzer, C. Yalow, T. Simms, B. Lowe. G. Morse Smilh, D. Munson, R. Wade. H. Brewer. Fronl Row-D. Moses, D. Chiara, F. Simms, H. Liller, J. Jaclrson, L. Slrelly, J. McDonald, E. Roloeds. C. Townley, W. Saunders, Manager. Baselbal l A very promising and ambilious group of capdidefes reporled for prac'l'ice 'lhis year. The leam will be complelely rebuilf and almosf all of lhe posilions will be filled wifh younger players who will develop as e unif and produce. in a year or so, a loam which will have pennanf aspira- lions. Many of fha players have had experience in league games so if can be said fhaf the leam 'lhis year will be a credil 'ro lhe school and fo Themselves. Baclr Row-K. Higgins: Coach, T. Simms. E. Mills. B. Hanby, R. Reynolds. F. Miller, R. Vickers C. Townley, W. Saunders. Manager. Second Row-D, Baliaglia. J. Burke. I. Aclzer, C. Simpson, H. Smith. B. Daley: R. Wade. D. Sinclair. Fronl Row-J. Noble, J. McDonald, H. LiHer. R. Cohoon. J. Bishop, A. Delaro. C. Townley, C. Yalzow Track Team This. our second lreck foam. does not expecf lo renlr wifh fhe best. buf if is developing siill as if gains experience. We hope lo conlinue lhis sporl' because il is one of lhe mos? success- ful branches of afhlelic aclivify in the school. Genesee High Shool anlicipafes added honors through 'lhe alhlelic prowess of some of 'lhis feam. 46 will W... . i, l .J. C:l'l2Zl' Leaders Genesee-Geneseo-Geneseo Fighl-Fighf-Fighl' Fighl-Fighl-Fighl Fighl--Fiqh?-Fighl Genesee Fighf 6-E-N-E-S-E-O G--E-N-E-S-E-O G-E-N-E-S-E-O Genesee Team-Team-Team Blue. Rah, Rah Whife, Rah. Rah Blue. Rah. Rah While. Rah. Rah I Blue, While Rah, Rah. Rah Team-Team-Team -l-ennis A+ The lime of lhis wrifing fhe lennis feam is preparing tor a very lull schedule which includes malches wifh Dansville. Lima Seminary. Normal School, Bafavia, and Warsaw. As lhe leam is composed enlirely of veferans, a highly successful season is confemplafed. Welles, Moses, Barris, Teall, and Tom Simms compose lhe presenf ieam which will be aided during fhe season by Rowerdinlc, Barry, A. Erwin, W. Dwyer, and Hewifl. The 'feam has been very eflicienlly coached by Mr. Balchellor. ' 47 Nfl -rg-Em l THE ANNUAL STAFF sincerely appreciafes The help of flue aclverlisers and fheir Coopera+ion and will- ingness in adverlising on our bullefin board. XY W ,,WWQ ' ' Li! m N wi N ul ,,' w!",!m,'1',. N 'u ,Ql'M'iUQf'N1 " W X 's ',,u! "vin ,,,, , x 1. N4 'mm ' """!"w.N.f!"' M11 -,,' H W "'m "W - , , W MNIXNMX1 ' ' H,'Q"N1hW" ' ' ""'u1's' ' ' F' 'N' Y,3W1"2!i' A 7" l""'M W " 'Q wx' ' W MW' ' -V w,,1 ":'1'W ' ' ' !" Wi W M my 1 "' X' "" Wu ' 'M , L., , W' W N , ' vw. 'M' , ' H M "ww ' ' V ' ' '' ' ' "'W ' " ' W M". "N" '- 'N ' W. ' '1'f11'W l"'f',MUN' " 'Y ' " W 'M'

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