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H44 'A L, . 4' .A ' , M, . ,I 4" M-H ' -7 , , 4 ' ' I 1 1 4 4 4 1 1 4 4 1 W 4 4 , MM, , haf" if. Y '- yy, ,.,., , I W I1 in 71.4, 4 n , ,Jig f skins mfg f43",,,f f 1 34' Z L," 9942? V ff 4 ' af. lf ,, , f MW' I A . I ,Mkr,,,f0"" , , W.- ,,,f, gg' - ,f f 45 WL A' il' 4 ,,, 4 4 4 . L..... .,....,,.-....., ,,.,,+,,, ,,,, 4 f' , . , .. A X: 4 40- ..., - -7:',,4:,g . -fr 'H-X "' .df IA"- ., .w- 11 , ...A- fi,--V" 1 'Amis ..- fm. 11 ' 4 s J f , f 'ww-, 5 4 , . - Ma- , ,, ff' 3295" I , ., . -.4,-, -W ,.'- 2 V. ,,,. 1, 4, f, Af " L'3?i'1W'- f- 'wwf W ..-7,1 xwgqf.-N W ,,,,,,, 2, v 4 1-,,,,.,4 1 2 , 1 , f -3.f,,Qz,1-.,,J5,ggg I 4 1. f- -2' 22.44 , I f' I' LQLNLAIY. fin: 'JA A .4g..5,.'1 M, .,:,f, v, ,L-3535 1-:im -mr-we rig K REFLECTOR Editor-in-Chief Robert E. Walker Assistant Editor Iohn Kinnaird Assistant Editor George Magowan Faculty Advisor Marvin H. Swift Flint Michigan l Published by the Publications Council of GMTE printed in U. S. A. QKXA I f - 4. J Qlvreword You have in your hands now a book which, you may feel, has little value to you today. Now, it is something new-just another book to leaf through and toss in the attic or on a stack of old magazines in the back of the hall closet. But careful, let's not dispose of it so quickly or so lightly. Perhaps it has a value that you don't readily recognize yet. Have you ever seen one of your friends or relatives glance through his high school or college annual? Have you seen the enjoyment he gained from recalling persons or places or happenings forgotten for fifteen or twenty years?-"Why, there's Eddie Thompson! I remember the time he and I got tossed in the calaboose for tipping over old Iackson's . . . "-or-"See this girl here. Man, did I have a case on that! Last time I saw her she was married to a plumber and had twelve kids. After seeing her that time I wasn't the least bit sorry I never managed to get a date with her . . . "-Remember the memories recalled that suddenly made a balding, portly friend a carefree twenty again? Memories are wonderful things. They have a value that increases with the years. So think twice before you relegate this book to that attic or to that hall closet. In years to come it will bring back the early 1950's as you lived them. Ta6le of Con ten M Engineering Graduates 11 Business Administration Graduates 23 Dealer Graduates 27 Undergraduates 39 Organizations 51 Fraternities 73 Athletics 91 Activities 103 bedication ln the past years it has been the policy of the Reflector stall to dedicate the yearbook to some outstanding member of the faculty or staff of the Insti- tute. This year's Reflector staff decided to depart from that practice and dedi- cate it to the graduates ot the class of l928, the pioneers of the Cooperative Program. Twenty-tive years ago they started their careers with the Corpo- ration, just as this year's graduates are about to do. Many of them are now in highly responsible positions with the Corporation. To these, then, the pioneers oi General Motors Institute, we dedicate the 1953 Reflector. Stephen A. Bendure Carlton A. Borges Gerald Chase Arthur W. Close Milo H. Dockham Harry B. Evans Theodore G. Ford Clyde H. Fruchey Emil I. luntenen Roger B. Lucke Robert L. Neely Clayton L. Nelson Linus I. Rausch Paul W. Studebaker Robert H. Thomson George Truran Elmer R. Wilson MR. ALBERT SOBEY President Emeritus X MR. GUY Rr COWING President and Director Kean! of Re entA Ii ' GORDON "'T. H. KEATING A. F. POWER Chairman Vice-Chairman Secretary Vice Pres. GM Vice Pres. GM Asst. Gen, Body and Asbly. Gen. Mgr. Chev. Coun. GM Gp. :ff , f, f i - W I V ,,l3,',, ,Wh 21" f-4? 4 '- Q94 ' .-4 21 I sv I 1 07 , H --.4 .. 4 G. RUSSELL Treasurer Treasurer GM D. Ii. AHRENS H. ANDERSON C. A. CHAYNE I. L. CONLON "G. H. COWING R. H. CRAMER R. CRITCHFIELD Vice Pres. GM Vice Pres. GM Vice Pres. GM Gen. Mgr. BOP Pres. GMI Gen, Mgr. Hyatt Vice Pres. GM Gen. Mgr. Personnel Staff Engineering Gen, Mgr. Cadillac pomigc I. I. CRONIN W. T. CROWE H. D. DAWSON "W, DOERFNER I. E. GOODMAN W. HUFSTADER Vice Pres. GM Gen. Mgr. Gen. Mgr. Gen. Mgr. Vice Pres. GM Vice Pres. GM Manufacturing Delco Remy Saginaw Gen. Mgr. Distribution Steering Gear Fisher Body E. A. KAEGI "G. MANN, IR. B. MAC GREOR C. I.. MCCUEN P. MONAGHAN E. B. NEWILL Gen. Mgr. Detroit Gen. Mgr Gen. Mgr. Vice Pres. GM Vice Pres. GM Vice Pres. GM Transmission AC Spark Plug Packard Electric Gen. Mgr. Gen. Mgr. GMC Gen. Mgr. Research Truck and Coach Allison Div. F. H. IRELAN Gen. Mgr. Delco Products C. R. OSBORN Gen. Mgr. Engine Group Vice Pres. GM 5 EDWARD RILEY M. M. ROBERTS P. RUTHERFORD I.. G. SEATON I. H. SMITH W. A. WECKER Vice Pres. GM Vice Pres. GM Gen. Mgr. Director GM Gen. Mgr. Pres. and Gen. Gen. Mgr, Gen. Mgr. Delco Appliance Labor Relations Central Foundry Mgr. GM Overseas Frigidaire Detroit Diesel Canada Ltd Operations Vice Pres. GM Vice Pres. GM Asst. Sec. 'As oi May 15, 1953 Gen. Mgr. Buick Gen. Mgr. Ex-Officio "Members of Executive Committee Oldsmobile Asst. Sec. GM g X-. -, .- .... .-.M - . D. B. WHITNEY Gen. Mgr. Harrison Radiator xx'-I-A , -. -,.-......,..,.,,, j 1 17 ,if PERICLES N. ASKOUNLS HAROLD B. BAKER RAY H. BECHTOLD HAROLD M. BENSON -C. A. BROWN Administrative Chrm., Chairman, Business Re istrar and Chairman Chairman, Economics and Chairman, English and Dealer Cooperative Administration Program of Admissions Committee Business Department Psychology Department Training Program and Organization and Management Departments P. CLIFFORD I. CLARKSON ORLO L. CRISSEY HAROLD M. DENT H. O. DEXTER M. L. GILBERT Assistant Comptroller Chairman, Personnel Administrative Chrm., Administrative Chrm., Chairman Product Evaluation Services Caoperagve Engineering Spare Time Program Service Department rogram 14dminiA tratizie 14da7iAvnf Cvmmittee E. K. HARRIS C. W. HESS H. T. KINLEY L. C. LANDER. IR. F. L. MACKIN Chairman Mechanical Administrative Chrm. Administrative Asst. Chairman Industrial Chairman Machine and Engineering, Drawing Distribution Training in charge of Student and Engineering Department Wood Shop Department and Design Department Personnel Relations CHARLES I. SAHRBECK CLAUDE E. STOUT C. A. TOBIAS CHARLES I.. TUTT. IR. Plant Management Tr'ng Chairman Mathematics Chairman Science Administrative Chrm. Administrative Chrm. and Engineering Department Fifth-Year cmd Thesis Chairman Program Res'h Mechanics Department Programs and Development 6 L- R. ?acalty i 51 ,A 1 2 1 E I ? l 1 0 i L . Wh---' -IC" . . R 45 effigy ? h Q Y XM. flll! C'ontim1eA tv grow . . . Some of the best news yet was the announcement on February 15 by Iohn F. Gordon, Chairman of the Board of Regents, of the largest expansion program in the history of General Motors Institute. When the program is completed in l954, the Institute will be 40 percent larger than it now is and existing facilities will be completely modernized. An increasing need for men trained in management and engineering is responsible for the step. The expansion will add 83,500 square feet of floor space and bring the total building area to 292,000 square feet. Laboratory space devoted to engineering instruction Will be enlarged by 44 percent to l03,- 550 square feet. Classroom space will be enlarged by 55 percent to 60,500 square feet, The rest of the space will be used primarily for the expansion of the library and faculty offices. All areas will be pro- vided with the most recent and effective educational facilities. As a result of this expansion, enrollment in the cooperative programs can be increased to 2500 in 1954. This increase in turn will result in graduating classes of 400, which compares to an average of 293 gradu- ates a year since 1948. The program represents another way in which General Motors is providing for the continuation of its long-term program of technological advancement. This development on the human side parallels the de- velopment on the material side as exemplified by the new Technical Center near Detroit. .f,. . ' ' XY ' s ' P ina I' t 'V Q r .V - . h P 3 H2 i ' ' ff-S fngineel-ing graduatm EDMUND W. ABEL, IR. FRANK ALLEN, IR. ARNOLD I. ANDRES EMIL B. BAIR IACK W. BAKER WALTER I. BANACKI, IR. JOHN I. BANN DONALD K. BENBOW ROBERT H. BENDARZEWSKI RONALD W. BENNETT WILLIAM BENNETT MITCHELL BEREZNOFF MICHAEL BERKEY IAMES W. BISSETT ROBERT L. BLOCZYNSKI RICHARD C. BOHLEN IOE I. BORDMAN GORDON G. BRIGGS DAVID L, BRODIE DAVID I. BURKHARDT WILLIAM G. BUTLER BLAIR E. CAPLINGER THOMAS P. CASEY ROBERT E. CHENOWETH L X NICHOLAS CHOMUK VINCENT L. CI-IRISTENSON DONALD CLEMENS IAMES R. CLEMENTS WALTER l. COLLINS DAN G. COLWELL DANIEL L. COLEWELL II RICHARD L. CORL LLOYD F, CURBY IAMES E. DAMMINGA DENNIS A. DAVIS DOMINICK I. DEFAZIO IOHN W. DODSON WILLIAM E. DOWNARD ROBERT G. DUTRO IAMES L. EAKES KENNETH R. ENGELMANN DON PARIS C. IACK FEI-ILBERG ROBERT S. FERRELL CARL D. PIPIELD IOHN C. FINK ROBERT H. PINNEY IOI-IN E. FLEISCHMANN f- -M 1 ROBERT P. FORELLA RONALD M. FOURNIER F, ROBERT FOWLER, IR. ROBERT L. FRANKLIN LEE GAINES PAUL E, GARROD, IR. STANTON P. GETZ, IR. GEORGE W. GIBSON LEON I. GLOSHINSKI WAYNE W. GRAUNKE IAMES H. GRIERSON, IR RICHARD L. GRIEVE WILLIAM A. GUDRITZ ALFRED I. GULL, IR. HERBERT HACKBARTH CHARLES G. HAGYARD GEORGE R. HALL MELVIN R. HALL RICHARD R. HAREMSKI RICHARD I. HEIDTMAN DUANE I. HEINLEN HOWARD W. HELKE RICHARD L. HENNING SAMUEL P. HENRY Dx LLOYD D. HEWITT DAVID I. HLUBEK LAWRENCE C. HOAGLAND WILLIAM P. HODGES ROBERT L. HOLDEN D'ARCY M. HOOPS DALE E. HOOVER WALTER A. HUBBARD ROSS G. HUMPHRIES HERMAN L. IZOR CARL R, IACOBSON LARRY L. IOHNS ROLAND C. IOHNSON THEODORE E. IOSLIN EDWARD W. KECK GILBERT U. KELLEY, IR. RICHARD M. KERSTEIN PRED D. KOSELKA VERNE E. KREGER IOHN W. KROHN T, L. KUBANI IAMES D. LANDRUS CLEMENT I. LANGEWAY DAVID P. LITZENBERGER 'il W ,, ww DAVID N. LYTLE DONALD C. MACKENZIE GERALD W. MCARTHUR IAMES M. MCCLURE IOHN MCDONALD PAUL M. MCCLEAR EUGENE M. MEALEY GEORGE C. MEKKER ROBERT E. MESHEW ALBERT W. MILLER NORMAN V. MOBLEY BEN MORAN ROGER R. MOSSER IOHN L. MOYER WILLIAM I. MUHLBACHER MICHAEL C. MYAL LAWRENCE NOLTA CHARLES E. OLT, IR. IAMES D. OSWALT LOUIS R. PAPALE RALPH L. PARKER IAMES A. PATTERSON IACK L. PAUL HAMILTON P. PELTIERJR. L x X , KURT E. PFEFFER PHILIP I, PIERCE WILLIAM C. POLKOW IOHN G. POTRUBACZ IOE C. PROSSER IOSEPH M. RABY PAUL B. READETT IR. BRUNO RETTIG WILLIAM ROCKWELL WILLIAM H. SARGEANT WALTER I. SATTLER HARRY R. SCHAAL IOHN A. SILEZIN NICHOLAS P. SMICIKLAS, IR LYLE B, SMITH EARL W. SODEBERG, IR. RICHARD B, SOWATSKY DONALD K. SPENCER IOHN S. SPRING LAWRENCE I. STAUB BUDDIE L. STEVES ROBERT M. STONE RICHARD L. STOOTHOFF EDWARD L. SUCH CONRAD TEICHERT, IR- IOHN F. TOMACALA IOI-IN I-I. TRECHA PETER F. VANDYKE IAMES K, WALLER A. GRANT WARNER ROBERT S. WELTI-IER DONALD N. WENDEL RICHARD WESTON IAMES E. WHEELER IAMES T. WHITEHEAD CARRELL D. VJHITESCARVER C. K. WILLIS WILLIAM E. WILLSON IAMES M. WOOLEY EUGENE R. YOUNG ROBERT F. ZALOKAR THOMAS R. ZIMMER ALEXANDER GHERLAN WAYNARD I. HINKLEY I THOMAS A. KORDES DONALD L. MASSY WALLACE L. ROBINSON WILLIAM F. SCHWEIGERT L !. General Motors Overseas Students RENE BERNESCUT RUBENS G. DA SILVA GERALD D. DOBELL MATTHAEUS I. GENSERT VICTOR M. V. GOSNEY IOAO A. GURGEL FRIEDRICH G. HECKERT INGMAR IONKERS DAVID H, LORD HERBERT MARTIN TONY B. PALMER LYSES DE ALMEDIA PUPO LEONARD SEAR BRIAN L, STANTON RUDOLPH STURM ALBERT I. M. TOLLENAERE DONALD K. WYLIE RENE L. BERNESCUT Frigidaire-Paris, France Ski Club, Camera Club, Over- seas Club RUBENS G. DA SILVA Chevrolet-Flint Assembly-Brazil Chess Club :lem eau raduaferf GERALD D. W. DOBELL G. M. l'Iolden's Ltd. Melbourne, Australia Rifle Club, Ski Club, Cam. Club MATTHAEUS I. GFZNSERT Adam Opel AG.-Germany Ruesselsheim German . Y Chess Club, Newman Club VICTOR M. V. GOSNEY Fisher Central Eng. Linslade, England IOAO AUGUSTO GURGEL Buick Motor-San Paulo, Brazil Ski Club, Rocket Club, ASTE FRIEDRICH G. HECKEHT Detroit Transmission Bischotsheim, Germany Chess Club, SAE, Morning Watch Club INGMAR IONKERS General Motors Contin. The Hague, Netherlands DAVID H. LORD General Motors, S.4. Ltd. South Africa HERBERT R. MARTIN Delco-Remy Melbourne, Australia Indep. Assoc., Ski Club, Cam era Club, Motor Sports, SAE TONY B. PALMER AC Spark Plug-Linslade, England LYSEES DE ALMEIDA PUPO Fisher Body-San Paulo, Brazil WE, Ski Club, SAE, AWS LEONARD SEAR OldsmobilegLuton, England BRIAN L. STANTON G.M. - Ho1den's Adelaide, Australia Independents, Rifle Club RUDOLF N. STURM Frigidaire-Dayton Bingen, Germany ALBERT I- TOLLENAERE Chevrolet-Flint-Ghent, Belgium Newman Club DONALD K. WYLIE Cadillac-Adelaide, Australia AWS EDMUND W. ABEL. IR. Chevrolet-Indianapolis Indianapolis, Indiana PKE, Social Council, IF Council, Tech Club, Chess Club Vice Pres., SAE, AWS, Newman Club FRANK ALLEN, IR. Fisher Central-Detroit, Michigan Social Council, Morning Watch Club IERRY E. ANDERSON" Delco Radio ARNOLD I. ANDRES Detroit Transmission Detroit, Michigan Indep. Assoc. Pres, Sec., Publi- cations Council, Robots. Tech Club, Camera Club, SAE, AMA Pres., Newman Club, ASTE EMIL B. BAIH GMC Truck G Coach Ypsilanti, Michigan PTA, Athletic Council, Publica- tions Council, Robots IACK W. BAKER Rochester Products Rochester, New York PSP Athletic Manager, Athletic Council Chairman, IF Council, Exec. Council Vice Pres., Tech Club, Ski Club, SAE WALTER I. BANACKI, IR. Buick Motor-Flint, Michigan Tech Club IOHN I. BANN Fisher-Cleveland DONALD KENT BENBOW Frigidaire-Dayton, Ohio AGU, Social Council Manager, Tech Club ROBERT H. BENDARZEWSKI Buick Motor-Flint, Michigan Indep. Assoc. RONALD W. BENNETT Delco Products Indep. Assoc., Ski Club, Weight Lifting, SAE WILLIAM BENNETT Chevrolet-Flint Mfg. Flint, Michigan MITCHELL BEREZNOFF Buick Motor-Flint, Michigan SAE MICHAEL BERKEY Detroit Transmission Detroit, Michigan Indep. Assoc., Rifle Club, Chess Club, Rocket Club, SAE, AMA IAMES W. BISSETT Delco Products-Dayton, Ohio WE Sgt at Arms ROBERT L. BLOCZYNSKI Buick Motor-Flint, Michigan PKE, Electronics Club RICHARD C. BOHLEN Fisher Body-Tarrytown North Tarrytown, New York PSP Sec., Athletic Council Sec., IF Council, AWS IOE I. BORDMAN Central Foundry Saginaw, Michigan ATI GORDON G. BRIGGS Fisher-Flint-Flint, Michigan DAVID L. BRODIE Chevrolet-Flint Mfg. Davison, Michigan Indep. Assoc., Ski Club, Chess Club, Band DAVID I. BURKHARDT GMC Truck 51 Coach Birmingham, Michigan Indep. Assoc., Tech Club, SAE Sec.-Treas., Band WILLIAM G. BUTLER Fisher Body Central Detroit, Michigan IF Council Sec. Pres., Newman Club Sec. BLAIR E. CAPLINGER Delco Products-Dayton, Ohio THOMAS P. CASEY Chevrolet-Detroit Detroit, Michigan Indep. Assoc., Tech Club Pres. Chairman ROBERT E. CHENOWETH Aeroproducts-Dayton, Ohio AMA NICHOLAS CHOMUK BOP Assembly Elizabeth, New Iersey Indep. Assoc., Tech Club, Rifle Club, Camera Club, Motor Sports, SAE VINCENT L. CI-IRISTENSON Fisher-Pontiac DONALD CLEMENS New Departure-Sandusky Sandusky, Ohio Indep. Assoc., Tech Club, Rifle Club, SAE IAMES R. CLEMENTS Fisher Central-Ferndale, Michigan Indep. Assoc., Camera Club, SAE WALTER I. COLLINS Delco Appliance Rochester, New York Publications Council, Ass't Edi- tor Retlector, Newman Club DAN G. COLWELL Saginaw Grey Iron Flint, Michigan ATI, Tech Club, AFA, Morning Watch Club Co-Chairman DANIEL L. COLWELL II Detroit Transmission Birmingham, Michigan Indep. Assoc., Tech Club, SAE, AMA RICHARD L. CORL G-MC Truck 5 Coach Elwell, Michigan PTA, Publications Council, Tech Club LLOYD F. CURBY Detroit Diesel-Whitman, Mass. Indep. Assoc., Tech Club Mo- tor Sports, SAE IAMES E. DAMMINGA Detroit Diesel DENNIS A. DAVIS Chevrolet Engineering Dearborn, Michigan Indep. Assoc., Tech Club, SAE DOMINICK I. DE FAZIO Chevrolet-Flint Mfg. Utica, New York Gilgal, SAE IOHN W. DODSON Packard Electric-Warren, Ohio PTA, Publications Council, Tech Club, Ski Club WILLIAM E. DOWNARD Frigidaire--Dayton, Ohio AMA 1 ROBERT G. DUTRO AC Spark Plug-Flint, Michigan PKE, ATI, Tech Club, AssemblY Committee IAMES L. EAKES BOP-Atlanta-Flint, Michigan Gilgal Treas., Athletic Council, IF Council, Tech Club KENNETH R. ENGELMANN Chevrolet-Flint Mfg. Flint, Michigan Tech Club DON FARIS Fabricast-Bedford, Indiana Indep. Assoc. Tech Club SAE, AMA, AFA, Re Kappa Tire C. IACK FEHLBERG Chevrolet Central Detroit, Michigan PKE ROBERT S. FERRELL Cleveland Diesel-Barberton, Ohio PTA House Manager, Social Council, Tech Club, SAE CARL D. FIFIELD Pontiac Motor IOHN C. PINK Fisher Central-Detroit, Michigan ATI, Chess Club, Weight Lift- ing, Morning Watch Club ROBERT H. PINNEY Moraine Products-Dayton, Ohio Indep. Assoc., T e c h C l u b, Weight Lifting Pres., SAE, AMA, Re Kappa Tire IOHN E. FLEISCHIVIANN Chevrolet-Flint Mfg. ROBERT P. FORELLA Chevrolet-Flint Mfg. Bronx, New York SAE RONALD M. FOURNIER Fisher Engineering Detroit, Michigan PICE Vice Pres., Athletic Coun- cil, IF Council, Tech Club F. ROBERT FOWLER. IR. AC Spark Plug-Flint. Michigan Tech Club, Ski Club ROBERT L. FRANKLIN Rochester Products LEE GAINES Fisher Body-Flint-Flint, Michigan Tech Club PAUL E. GARROD, IR. Frigidaire Div.-Dayton, Ohio AD STANTON C. GETZ, IR. B.O.P. - Linden-Wayland, Mass. Indep. Assoc., Tech Club Sec.- Treas. ALEXANDER GHERLAN. IR." G.M. General Office Detroit, Michigan Indep. Assoc., Tech Club GEORGE W. GIBSON Delco-Remy-Anderson. Indiana GMT Sec., Tech Club LEON I. GLOSHINSKI Hyatt Bearings Orange, New Iersey AD, Athletic Council, Tech Club, Newman Club Vice Pres. Pres. WAYNE W. GRAUNKE Electro-Motive-Lyons, Illinois Indep. Assoc., Tech Club 'Will complete graduation requirements. "Not pictured ,,a.......-, .. 1- .sn i W 4-if n s+, 1 I -4 '. IAMES H. GRIERSON. IR. Chevrolet - 'Tarrytown North Tarrytown, New York Gilgal Pres., Athletic Council Chairman, Executive Council, Tech Club RICHARD I. GRIEVE Buick-Flint, Michigan SAE WILLIAM A. GUDRITZ Saginaw Grey Iron Saginaw, Michigan Tech Club A. I. GULL. IR. Chevrolet-Kansas City Kansas City, Missouri Indep. Assoc., Tech Club Sec.- Treas., Assembly Committee HERBERT HACKBARTH New Departure-Meriden CHARLES G. HAGYARD Pontiac Motor, Pontiac, Michigan WE Sec., IF Council, Tech Club GEORGE R. HALL Chevrolet-Flint Mfg. MELVIN R. HALL Detroit Diesel-Detroit, Michigan RICHARD R. HAREMSEI Research Laboratories Saginaw, Michigan WE, SAE, Newman Club RICHARD I. HEIDTMAN AC Spark Plug-Flint, Michigan lndep. Assoc., Tech Club, Rifle Club, Ski Club, Chess Club, ASTE DUANE I. I-IEINLEN Ternstedt-Detroit-Detroit, Michigan PTA, Ski Club, Newman Club HOWARD W. HELE Delco Products-Dayton, Ohio WE Sec. Athletic Mgr., Athletic Council, Tech Club, Band, ASTE RICHARD L. HENNING Fisher-Hamilton-I-Iarnilton, Ohio PSP Vice Pres. Sec., IF Council, Tech Club SAMUEL PATRICK HENRY Buick Motor-Flint, Michigan Tech Club IOI-IN N. HERBLET"" Fisher - Lansing Laingsburg, Michigan LLOYD D. HEWITT Saginaw Steering Gear Saginaw, Michigan Tech Club DAVID I. HLUBEK Fisher-Detroit-Charlotte, Iowa Inclep. Assoc., Tech Club, Chess Club, Rocket Club, SAE, AMA, Newman Club W. I. HINKLEY' LAWRENCE C. HOAGLAND Research Laboratories Toledo, Ohio WE Pres. House Mgr., ATI Sec. Treas., IF Council, Tech Club, SAE WILLIAM P. HODGES Frigidaire-Nelson, Ohio Indep. Assoc., Tech Club, SAE ROBERT L. HOLDEN Allison-Greenfield, Ohio D'ARCY M. HOOPS Fisher-Flint-Flint, Michigan AGU, Tech Club, SAE DALE E. HOOVER Central Foundry-Danville, Illinois GMT, Athletic Council, Tech Club WALTER A. HUBBARD Harrison Radiator Lockport, New York GMT, GMTE Sec. Treas. Pres., Robots, Executive Council, Tech Club, SAE ROSS G. HUMPHRIES Fisher Central-Pinckney, Michigan AGU Treas. Pres., Social Coun- cil, Athletic Council, IF Council HERMAN L. IZOR Inland-DaytonANeW Lebanon, Ohio Indep. Assoc., Tech Club, Rille Club Pres. V. Pres. Sec., Cam- era Club Pres. V. Pres., SAE CARL R. IACOBSON Fisher Central-Lansing, Michigan Indep. Assoc., Chess Club Sec.- Treas., Rocket Club, SAE LARRY LEE IOHNS Buick Motor-Flint, Michigan Tech Club, ASM, Morning Watch Club ROLAND C. IOHNSON Chevrolet-Flint Mig. Flint, Michigan THEODORE E. IOSLIN Chevrolet-Saginaw Trans. Alma, Michigan AGU EDWARD W. KECK Rochester Products GILBERT U. KELLEY, IR. Wilmington-B.O.P. Newport, Delaware Social Council, Tech Club, SAE Sec.-Treas. RICHARD M. KERSTEIN Ternstedt-Detroit-Detroit, Michigan PKE House Manager, Chess Club THOMAS KORDES' Packard Electric-Warren, Ohio FRED D. KOSELKA Chevrolet-Cleveland Cleveland, Ohio lndep. Assoc., Tech Club, New- man Club VERNE E. KREGER Ternstedt-Detroit-Detroit, Michigan AD, Publications Council, Tech Club IOHN W. KROHN Fisher-Kansas City Kansas City, Missouri lndep. Assoc., Tech Club, Ski Club, Camera Club, AWS T. L. KUBANI Fisher Body-Detroit, Michigan WE, Tech Club, SAE, Newman Club IAMES D. LANDRUS Allison-Indianapolis, Indiana PTA House Manager, Tech Club, Camera Club, SAE CLEMENT I. LANGEWAY New Departure Bristol, Connecticut AD, Athletic Council, Tech Club, Newman Club DAVID P. LITZENBERGER Buick Motor Coeur d' Alene, Idaho DAVID N. LYTLE Electro-Motive-Honolulu, Hawaii PTA, Publications Council, Technician Editor, Robots Chairman, Conference Commit- tee, Tech Club, SAE DONALD C. IVIACKENZIE McKinnon Indus. Lt'd. St. Catherines, Ontario PKE, Publications Council, Tech Club, SAE DONALD L. MASSY' Chevrolet Mig.-Phoenix, Arizona Tech Club, Motor Sports, SAE Chairman, Band GERALD W. IVICARTHUR AC Spark Plug-Flint, Michigan SAE, AWS IAMES M. MCCLURE Buick Motor-Flint, Michigan SAE IOHN McDONALD Allison PAUL M. McLEAR Allison-Indianapolis, Indiana PTA Treas., Social Council Mgr. Secretary, Robots, Tech Club, SAE LEO R. MARTIN" Fisher-Pontiac EUGENE M. MEALEY B.O.P. Assembly Wilmington, Delaware lnclep. Assoc., Tech Club, SAE GEORGE C. MEKKER Brown-Lipe-Chapin-Elyria, Ohio Gilgal Sec., Social Council, Tech Club, Newman Club ROBERT E. MESHEW Rochester Products-Maumee, Ohio AGU, Athletic Council ALBERT W. MILLER Harrison Radiator Lockport, New York GMT, House Mgr., Ass't. House Mgr. Social Council, IF Coun- cil, Conference Committee, SAE Sec.-treas., AMA, ASTE NORMAN V. MOBLEY Packard Electric-Marietta, Ohio WE Athletic Chairman, Athletic Council, Publications Council BEN MORAN Fisher-Detroit-Metropolis, Indiana Indep. Assoc., Social Council, Tech Club, Ski Club, Chess Club, Camera Club, SAE, AMA, AWS, Speech Club, ASTE ROGER R. MOSSER Allison-Reading, Penna. AGU Sec. V. Pres., Publications Council, Technician Editor, IF Council IOI-IIN L. MOYER Pontiac Motor-Williamstown, Pa. SAE WILLIAM I. MUHLBACHER Hyatt Bearings-Newark, N. I. AD, AMA THOMAS P. MURRAY Detroit Transmission Detroit, Michigan Indep. Assoc. MICHAEL C. MYAL Fisher-Pontiac-Omer, Michigan 'Will complete graduation requirements. PTA, Athletic Council Tech Club "NUI Pictured 4.4-f.,-.-.QL M-.- M... .-.T LAWRENCE NOLTA Detroit Transmission Birmingham, Michigan PKE, Newman Club CHARLES E. OLT. IR. Aeroproducts-Dayton, Ohio Indep. Assoc. Senior Rep., Tech Club IAMES D. OSWALT Chevrolet Transmission Saginaw, Michigan Tech Club, SAE, AMA LOUIS R. PAPALE Brown-Lipe-Chapin Utica, New York - Gilgal Vice Pres., Treas., ATI, lF Council, Tech Club, Newman Club, Assembly Committee RALPH L. PARKER Guide Lamp-Rising Sun, Indiana GMT, ATI Sec. Treas., Athletic Council Mgr., Robots, Tech Club, SAE JAMES A. PATTERSON Fisher - Pontiac Birmingham, Michigan Indep. Assoc., ATI Pres., Publi- cations Council, Tech Club, AMA IACK L. PAUL Fisher-Ianesville Ianesville, Wisconsin AD Athletic Mgr., Athletic Council, Conference Committee, Tech Club HAMILTON P. PELTIER. IR. Cadillac Tank KURT E. PFEFFER Brown-Lipe-Chapin Syracuse, New York Gilgal Vice Pres., Sec., Ass't. Treas., IF Council, Tech Club, Ski Club PHILIP I. PIERCE Chevrolet-Flint Mfg. Clio, Michigan WILLIAM C. POLKOW AC Spark Plug-Flint, Michigan Indep. Assoc., Speech Club Vice Pres. IOHN G. POTRUBACZ Harrison Radiator-Medina, N.Y. GMT, Athletic Council, Tech Club, SAE IOE C. PROSSER Allison-LaDoga, Indiana PTA House Manager, Athletic Council, Tech Club, Camera Club IOSEPH M. RABY Moraine Products PAUL B. READETT, IR. Fisher-Euclid-Kenmore, New York Indep. Assoc. Ir, Rep., Tech Club, SAE BRUNO RETTIG Detroit Transmission WALLACE L. ROBINSON' WILLIAM H. ROCKWELL Buick MotorhFlint, Michigan WILLIAM H. SARGEANT ROP-Framingham Attleboro, Vermont Indep, Assoc., Tech Club, Rifle Club, Camera Club, Motor Sports, SAE WALTER I. SATTLER Chevrolet-Gear 6. Axle Grosse Pointe, Michigan AD Sec., IF Council, Tech Club, Rifle Club, Newman Club Treas., Electronics Club Sec. Treas. HARRY R. SCHAAL Chevrolet-Flint Mfg. Flint, Michigan Indep. Assoc., Athletic Council, SAE, AMA WILLIAM F. SCHWEIGERT' Fisher-Flint-VanDyke, Michigan Tech Club, Band, SAE IOHN A. SILEZIN Fisher - Hamilton Martins Ferry, Ohio PSP Pres., IF Council, Tech Club, Rifle Club, Newman Club NICHOLAS P. SMICKLAS. IR. Fisher-Cleveland-Cleveland, Ohio GMT, Publications, Tech Club, Glee Club, Speech Club, New- man Club Pres. Sec. LYLE B. SMITH Detroit Transmissicn Ferndale, Michigan Indep, Assoc., Tech Club, Rifle Club, SAE, AMA EARL W. SODEBERG. IR. Electro-Motive-LaGrange, Illinois AGU, Social Council Chairman, IF Council, Executive Council, Tech Club, Rifle Club, SAE, AWS RICHARD B. SOWATSKY Chevrolet - Saginaw Service Saginaw, Michigan Tech Club, ASTE DONALD K. SPENCER Rochester Products Rochester, New York PSP IOHN S. SPRING Fisher - Central NEIL I. STALKER Chevrolet Transmission Flint, Michigan Tech Club, Rifle Club, ASTE LAWRENCE I. STAUB Delco-Products-Dayton, Ohio PKE, GMTE Vice Pres., Athletic Council, Executive Council Sen. Rep., Tech Club, SAE BUDDIE L. STEVES Chevrolet-Cleveland St. Iohns, Michigan Indep. Assoc., SAE ROBERT M. STONE BOP-Kansas RICHARD L. STOOTHOFF Fisher - Hamilton Battle Creek, Michigan PSP Treas., Athletic Council Mgr., Tech Club EDWARD L. SUCH Allison-Indianapolis, Indiana Indep. Assoc. Class Rep. CONRAD TEICHERT, IR. Diesel Equipment Grand Rapids, Michigan Social Council, Tech Club, Rifle Club Pres., SAE IOHN F. TOMCALA Buick Motor-Durand, Michigan IOIHXI H. TRECHA Chevrolet-Flint Mfg. Swartz Creek, Michigan Indep. Assoc., Weight Lifting Pres, IOHN T. TUREK Fleetwood-Cleveland, Ohio PTA PETER VANDYKE Fisher Central Engineering Chicago, Illinois Indep. Assoc., Social Council, Publications Council, Chess Club, SAE, AMA IAMES K. WALLER ' Fisher Body - Grand Rapids Grand Rapids, Michigan ATI, Tech Club, AWS A. GRANT WARNER GM of Canada Ltd. Ottawa, Ontario PKE Treas,, Tech Club, SAE ROBERT S. WELTHER Fisher Central Engineering Detroit, Michigan Indep. Assoc., ATI, Tech Club, Ski Club, Weight Lifting, SAE, AWS DONALD N. WENDEL Electro-Motive-Hinsdale, Illinois AGU, Social Council, Tech Club, Rifle Club, SAE, AMA Vice Pres., Morning Watch Club RICHARD WESTON GMC Truck ci Coach Lalolla, Calif. AGU Sec. Pres., Social Council, IF Council, Tech Club, Rifle Club, SAE, AMA IAMES E. WHEELER Central Foundry-D-nville, Illinois Athletic Council, Tech Club, Re Kappa Tire IAMES T. WHITEHEAD Chevrolet-Flint Mfg. Grosse Pointe, Michigan Independents Vice Pres. CARRELL D. WHITESCARVER Delco Products-Dayton, Ohio WE House Manager, Tech Club IOHN M. WHRITENOR Hyatt Bearings West Orange, New Iersey AD, Athletic Council, IF Coun- cil, Rifle Club, Ski Club Pres. C. K. WILLIS Delco Products-Dayten, Ohio PSP House Manager WILLIAM E. WILLSON Detroit Diesel Drayton Plains, Michigan IAMES M. WOOLEY Frigidaire-Dayton, Ohio AD Social Chairman, Social Council Chairman, IF Council, Tech Club, Camera Club, Sec. EUGENE R. YOUNG Allison-Swayzee, Indiana Indep. Assoc., Tech Club ROBERT F. ZALOKAR Cleveland Diesel-Cleveland. Ohio PTA Sec., Athletic Council, SAE, Newman Club THOMAS R. ZIIVIMER Detroit Trans-Detroit, Michigan 'Will complete graduation requirements. "Not pictured ,,.s........,.. Q R ia 'V ily! X K ,A 'W'- mil N 'W 1 If KuAineAA 14dminiA tration graduateA KENNETH H. AHSMUHS IAMES E. ALEXANDER DONALD L. BARDEL RICHARD L. BARTLETT ROBERT A. BOLDA WILLIAM I. BRENNAN C. F. BROCKMAN BRUCE C. BURDICK IOHN D. CONRAD ERNEST G. CUMMINGS FRED C. CURTISS IAMES M. DIXON WILLIAM M. DONOHOE KENNETH D. HALTER RAY KOSTRZEWA WAYNE D. KUNI LEONARD B. LAMPMAN IOHN STEPHEN LATTA RUSSELL H. LOOMIS DONALD H. LYON RICHARD I. MANSBACK WILLIAM I. MANSPEAKER ROBERT C. MCNALLY ALLEN R. METZGER DONALD I MEYERS IOHN IAY PALMER GEORGE R PARSONS HOWARD PEDERSON ROBERT DEAN PETERSON IAMES E PREDMORE WILLIAM REVORD DONALD C SCHOSTEK THOMAS ROSS, IR, ROGER P SCOTT RAYMOND M. TEACHOUT IOHN H ZULAUF 2? l A.. t 1 U Robert C Amspaugh a ireshmcm student whose home was in Payne Ohio Bob was enrolled in the En gineering program and cooperated with the Central Foundry Division in Defiance, Ohio. He lost his lite in an auto accident near his home on Easter. Andrew I. Sauter a sophomore Business Administration student. A member of Alpha Gamma Upsilon Fraternity Andy lived in Centerline Michigan cooperating with the GMAC Truck and Coach Division in Pontiac. He died in an auto accident near Vassar on Memorial Day. In Memoriam KENNETH H. AHSMUI-IS Buick Motor Division Hobart, Oklahoma SBT Treasurer, Tech Club IAMES E. ALEXANDER Delco-Remy Anderson, Indiana l GMT Sec. ci Pres., Publications Council, IF Council Vice-Presi- dent, Tech Club, AMA SOPl'1 Rep. DONALD L. BARDEL Cadillac Motor Division Detroit, Michigan SAE, AMA RICHARD L. BARTLETT Chevrolet Assembly Flint, Michigan ROBERT A. BOLDA Cadillac Motor Division Detroit, Michigan PTA, GMTE Publications Chmn. Reflector Bus. Mgr., IF COur1Cil, Robots, Conference Committee, Tech Club, AMA Soph. Rep -Si Activities Chmn. WILLIAM I. BRENNAN Cadillac Motor Division St. Clair Shores, Michigan PTA President ci Vice-President, Social Council, Athletic Coun- cil, IF Council, Tech Club Chair- man, Ski Club, Speech Club. C. F. BROCKMAN Allison Division Indianapolis, Indiana Tech Club, SAE, AMA BRUCE C. BURDICK Electro-Motive Division LaGrange, Illinois PTA House Manager, Athletic Council, Tech Club, AMA Vice- President. IOHN D. CONRAD Pontiac Motor Div. Holly, Michigan ERNEST G. CUMMINGS Oldsmobile Division Lansing, Michigan Tech Club, AMA FRED C. CURTISS Fisher Body gil Flint, Michigan Tech Club, AMA President IAMES M. DIXON Delco-Remy Division Anderson, Indiana GMT Vice-President, IF Coun- cil, Tech Club WILLIAM M. DONOHOE Pontiac Motor Division Orlando, Florida Tech Club, AMA KENNETH D. HALTER Buick Motor Division Eaton Rapids, Michigan PSP, Social Council Budget Di- rector, Publications Council Budget Director, Tech Club, Rifle Club, Ski Club, AMA Sec. Treas., Speech Club RAY KOSTRZEWA Saginaw Steering Gear Division Saginaw, Michigan PTA, Publications Council, Tech Club, Rifle Club, Camera Club, AMA WAYNE D. KUNI Chevrolet Central Office Detroit, Michigan AGU, Social Council, Tech Club, SAE LEONARD B. LAMPMAN Harrison Radiator Lockport, New York Tech Club Treasurer, AMA Vice-President IOHN STEPHEN LATTA Buick Motor Division Cedar Falls, Iowa Tech Club, SAE, AMA, Glee Club RUSSELL H. LOOMIS Chevrolet Flint Manufacturing Flint, Michigan Tech Band, AMA Council Chmn GMI Band DONALD H. LYON United Motors Service Detroit, Michigan Tech Club, Rifle Club Treasur- er, AMA RICHARD I. MANSBACK Cadillac-Cleveland Tank Easton, Pennsylvania WILLIAM I. MANSPEAKER United Motors Service Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Tech Club ROBERT C. MCNALLY Buick Motor Division Flint, Michigan Social Council, AMA President ALLEN R. METZGER Electro-Motive Division Lisle, Illinois PSP Sgt.-at-Arms, Publications Council Chairman, IF Council, Robots Sec. G Treas., Executive Council, Tech Club, AMA, Re- flector Section Editor, Student Handbook Editor, Technician Feature Editor DONALD I. MEYERS Fisher-Lansing Lansing, Michigan IOHN IAY PALMER Pontiac Motor Division Pontiac, Michigan AMA GEORGE R. PARSONS Harrison Radiator Lockport, New York GMT President, IF Council Vice- President, Tech Club, AMA Vice-President HOWARD PEDERSEN Ternstedt Division Royal Oak, Michigan PKE, Social df Pub. Council Bud- get Director, Tech Club, Ski Club, AMA Social Chmn. ROBERT DEAN PETERSON Central Foundry Division Owosso, Michigan Tech Club, AMA Ir, df Sr. Rep. IAMES E. PREDMORE Delco Appliance Division Rochester, New York GMT House Manager, GMTE Publications Chmn. df Iun. Rep., Robots Chairman, Executive Council, Conference Committee, Tech Club, AMA, Glee Club, Newman Club President. WILLIAM REVORD Buick Motor Division Flint, Michigan Tech Club THOMAS ROSS, IR. Chevrolet-Bloomfield Avenel, New Iersey DONALD C. SCHOSTEK Fisher Body, Cleveland Cleveland Heights, Ohio Indep. Assoc. Ir. Rep. ci V-Pres. SBT President, Athletic Coun- cil, Publications Council Sec., Technician Editor, Robots Sec., Conference Committee, Tech Club, AMA Sec.-Treas., Glee Club, Speech Club, Newman Club Treas. ci President, Re Kappa Tire. ROGER P. SCOTT Harrison Radiator Lockport, New York Rifle Club, AMA RAYMOND M. TEACHOUT Ternstedt, Detroit Flint, Michigan AMA IOHN H. ZULAUF Frigidaire Dayton, Ohio Tech Club, AMA ,......,.....,,,.,.a....-. M if-'af FQ gigs X X .ees W mm, Q9 an Q I ai Q Q QQ Q Q QA beafei' grafduaffeff 1 I v THOMAS I. ALGER THOMAS H. ANDERSON CHESTER E. BAKER ROBERT E. BITNER IR. FRED D. BOSCHERT L. ALLEN BRENTON ROBERT E. BROOKS GILES R. BROWN GEORGE D. BRUMMITT ROBERT C. BUDINICH WILLIAM C. BURTON FRED I. BURY ROBERT I. BUTTLES DAVID M. CALLANDER DOMINIC S. CIMINO DONALD P, CLARKE IAMES L. CLAYTON IOSEPI-I CLOSE ROBERT I. COMPTON NORBERT D. CORDES DONALD F. CRAWFORD PETER P. CURRERI EARL G. DAVIS IR. NORMAN H. DAVIS III L x X CHARLES W. DEAN FREDERICK C. DENURE LARRY DREWYOR ANDRE DUTKO DONALD D. EARLE ROBERT C. ECK DONALD H. EICHSTAEDT IOHN B. ELDRIDGE WENDELL S. ELLIOTT WILLIAM I. EMBLER CHARLES N. EMMETT WILLIAM E. FAGAN DONALD E. FEATHER GEORGE M. FISKE GEORGE C. FLEMING WILLIAM I. FLYNN IR. GEORGE L. EOWLER ROBERT F. FOYE LEWIS W. GAETH IIM L. GEORGE THOMAS V. GLOVER WILLIAM R. GOULD WILLIAM C. GOURLEY IR. P. G. GRAVES K I I IAMES EARL GREEN IAMES EDSON GREEN PAUL I. GROSSHANS H. FRED HAGSTROM IAMES H. HALEY III HERBERT N. HARDY IOSEPH A. HARTMAN AMORY L. HASKELL IR. JOSEPH H. HATHAWAY WILLIAM R. HILL LLOYD R. HOCOTT STANLEY R. HOLLINGER CARL O. HOLTMAN HAROLD P. HOLZHAUSER EDWARD I. HUMBERT IR. I. GORDON INGLIS IR. IOI-IN K. IAKES IAMES E. IOHNSON RUSSELL R. IOHNSON THOMAS M. IONES IV WILLIAM C. KAPHENGST GEORGE KEELEAN IOI-IN F. KENIRY DEVY KERN 4. I ROBERT B. KERR MOHAMMED KI-IAN GREGOR W. KING WILLIAM M. KING III IERE R. KITZMILLER RICHARD E. KOESKE IOHN C. KUHN IR. ROBERT L. KYLE RICHARD E. LANDFIELD EARL L. LANE GEORGE W. LASH DONALD T. LATTA IOHN E. LAW ROSS E. LEEDHAM RICHARD P. LEONARD FIORE A. LEONE DANIEL E. LIPSKY GEORGE W. LOTT A. KENNETH C. LYON IOSEPI-I R. MACK NORMAN H. MAPHET IOHN W. MARCUS IACK P. MARSHALL WILLIAM L. MATTHEWS 2Q.1f1.a21w 1 as-.X J, F 'L K, , 1 ' 1 NK ' 'ff ? 2 nf, . 3 R A ff - . , . my ' ix- . Wh, 1- Lf" if- , ' ' , QQ , 1.5, if Vg . 41 Mc 2.3" .' " 1 " WM-1 nz! ,E-2 . ' . 4. . 1575155 If ' .rl 4 w '11, .--.. . lf " 1 . , cdjl. ' '-Hr C' 1 T ' " 7794, 2 f 7' 46 , ' . ww--.' f", 1' 1 L Q W ffff F9 F ff ' :fp : . ' fc An UMW! ,f',,' .A 1 I-' 4.,-93 ,lf Z, ,fu x . , ., W THOMAS P. MCDONOUGH LAWRENCE B. MCLAUGHLIN ROGER O. MCNAMARA ROBERT E, MIKAN KAYE D. MILLS WARREN E. MILTENBERGER CLAUDE R. MISCH DONALD E. MURPHY THOMAS E. MURPHY WILLIAM I. MURPHY ROGER I, NELSON IOSEPH A. PERRY SANFORD M. PESSELL WARREN E. PITCHER ROBERT C. RENBARGER FRANK D. ROBERTS IAMES F. ROCHE NORMAN E. RODGERS RAYMOND S. RUHMANN THOMAS B. RYAN REX N. SAVAGE IOHN A. SCHADE DOUGLAS R. SCHLICTER ROBERT F. SCHMACKERS X. X DONALD SCHOENHEIDER WM. I. SCHREFPLER RONALD A. SEIDLE IAMES D, SHEARER KENNETH L. SHERMAN ROBERT W. SCHULTZ RICHARD W. SIGMON ROBERT SLOTTERBACK VIC C, SLYE PAUL A. SMITH EARL O. SNIDER IR. RONALD C. SNIDER DANIEL K, SOWERS GEORGE B. SPIECE ROBERT C. STANLEY HERBERT R. STEIN W. PRENTICE SUTTON IR WILLIAM A. TAYLOR ROBERT E. THORESON NORMAN E. THRASHER THOMAS TOOMAIAN GERALD TREAT IOHN R. TRUESDELL PAUL USAVAGE I IENE R. VAN ARNAM RAYMOND I. VREATT GEORGE E. WALKER ROBERT L. WARE ROY I. WASIELEWSKI I-IAORLD B. WELLS ROBERT W. WEST RUSSELL A. WHITNEY GORDON R. WILSON ALAN L, WITT ROGER M. WOOD ROBERT A. YODER FRED S. ZEENKOV General Moiors Overseas Siudents IENS AGERTOFT CARLOS ALONSO IR. RAUL G. MUNOZ TIMOTHY I. NICHOLS IOHN D. RUGGE IR. ANFION L. VARELA o -'-' p ' :g:,,i'3 'Q .5 I - ,J -f,4r'- H, 352 ' ! 5 '-'v ' I, 'Z THOMAS I. ALGER Meacham Pontiac Co. Inc Hamlin, New York THOMAS H. ANDERSON Bay Truck Sales Co. Bay City, Michigan CHESTER E. BAKER Phillips 5. Baker Oldsmobile Bellerville, Michigan GMT, Athletic Council ROBERT E. BITNER, IR. Bendall Motor Sales Arlington, Virginia Tech Club FRED D. BOSCHERT Travis Service Co. St. Charles, Mo. ALLEN BRENTON Redford Motors El Monte, California ROBERT E. BROOKS Buick Retail Flint, Michigan G. RUSSELL BROWN Brown Bros. Chev. G Olds, Inc. Herkimer, New York Ski Club GEORGE D. BRUMMITT Sahli Motors, Inc. Monaca, Pa. Social Council, Rifle Club, Club, Motor Sports Club ROBERT C. BUDINICH Bob Edwards Pontiac, Inc. Bagota, New Iersey Independent Assoc, Sec. Dealers Rep. WILLIAM C. BURTON Burton G Loomis, Inc. Fulton, New York FRED BURY Krause Motors Milwaukee, Wisconsin Ski Club ROBERT I. BUTTLES Corinth Motor Company Corinth, New York Tech Club, SAE DAVID M. CALLANDER Lincher Motors Inc. Miami, Florida DOMINIC S. CIMINO, IR. The McMullen Co. Alarnasa, Colo. Ski Club, Speech Club DONALD P. CLARKE Donald's Chev.-Oldsmobile, Ltd. Whitsy, Ontario, Canada Motor Sports Club IAMES L. CLAYTON Gilbert H. Large G Co. Blue Mound, Ill. Speech Club Ski and IOSEPH C. CLOSE Hanson Chev. Co. Detroit, Mich. Motor Sports Club ROBERT I. COMPTON Karl E. Robinson Chev. Marle Shade, N.I. Rifle Club, Motor Sports Club, GMI Band ROBERT W. CONNELL NORBERT D. CORDES Smith Chevrolet Sales Farmersville, Ohio DONALD CRAWFORD Bushong Pontiac Co. Media, Pennsylvania PETER CURRERI Royal Buick Co. Hollis Long Island, N.Y. EARL G. DAVIS Buick Retail Store-Flint Athena, Ohio NORMAN H. DAVIS, III Thos. T. Hoskins Chev. Co. Lake Forest, Ill. GMI Band CHARLES W. DEAN Twin Cities Chev. Benton Harbor, Michigan Tech Club FRED C. DE NURE Cliff Mills Motors Ltd. Oshawa, Ontario, Canada Motor Sports Club EUGENE C. DERENGOWSKI Bartell Pontia Flint, Michigan LARRY DREWYOR G. H. Fisher Pontiac Motors, Inc. Tecumseh, Michigan Publications Council, Tech Club, Ski Club, SAE, AMA. Speech Club ANDRE DUTKO Hoselton Chevrolet, Inc. East Rochester, New York DONALD D. EARLE I. K. Hughes Peterborough, Ontario ROBERT C. ECK Iorck Dankel Chevrolet Phillipsburg, N.I. Tech Club DON EICHSTAEDT Eichstaedt Chevrolet Co. Knox, Indiana Tech Club, Motor Sports Club IOHN B. ELDRIDGE WENDELL S. ELLIOTT Prather Motors Sioux Falls, S. Dakota WILLIAM I. EMBLER, IR. Yager Pontiac, Inc. Albany, N.Y. Tech Club CHARLES N. EMMETT Von Lengerke Buick Co. Wyckoll, NI. Tech Club, SAE WILLIAM EDWARD FAGAN Capital Buick Company, Inc. Albany, New York SAE DONALD E. FEATHER McKean Oldsmobile Co. Pittsburgh, Pa. Tech Club GEORGE C. FLEMING Cliff Mills Motors Ltd. Oshawa, Ontario, Canada Motor Sports Club WILLIAM I. FLYNN, IR. Clark Auto Sales Detroit, Michigan GEORGE C. FOWLER Boyer Motors Webster, Mass. ROBERT P. FOYE Colonial Motors ot Arlington, Arlington, Mass. LEWIS W, GAETH Oliver Motor Sales, Inc. Rochester, Michigan IIM. L. GEORGE Butler Chev., Inc. Edwardsville, Michigan THOMAS V. GLOVER Harley Buick Inc. Detroit, Michigan Motor Sports Club WILLIAM R. GOULD Currie Pontiac Company Highland Park, Michigan Inc. WILLIAM C. GOURLEY, IR. Gourley Chevrolet Sewickley, Pa. P. G. GRAVES Big Four Chevrolet Co. Scottsville, Ky. IAMES E. GREEN Dick Daniels Buick Canton, Ohio IAMES EDSON GREEN Klett Cadillac Co. Detroit, Michigan PAUL G. GROSSHANS Grosshans Sales and Service Central City, Nebraska H. FRED HAGSTROM A W. Golden, Inc. West Lawn, Pa. Motor Sports Club IAMES H. HALEY, III GMT, Athletic Council, Club, Speech Club HERBERT N. HARDY Columbia Pontiac Co. Inc. Newtonville, Mass. Motor Sports Club Tech 1osEPH A. HARTMAN Spiwak Motor Company Ottumwa, Iowa AMORY L. HASKELL, IR. H. B. Iones Motor Co. Red Bank, N.I. Motor Sports Club, Speech Club President, IOSEPI-I HATHAWAY Studlers Sales ci Service Scotia, New York WILLIAM R. HILL Haney Buick Co. Detroit, Michigan LLOYD R. HOCOTT Langston McWaters Buick Co. Blytheville, Arkansas Ski Club, Motor Sports Club RAY S. HOLLINGER The W. H. Davis Co. Westminster, Md. GMT CARL O. I-IOLTMAN City Chevrolet Co. Inc. Evansville, Indiana Social Council, Motor Sports Club, SAE HAROLD P. HOLZHAUSER Kyle G Son Vennilion, Ohio Speech Club EDWARD I. HUMBERT Hollingshead Motors Co. Maywood, Illinois Tech Club I. GORDON IN GLIS Anderson Buick Pontiac Ltd. Toronto, Canada GMI Band IOHN IAKES Free t M por otors Merrick, New York IAMES E. IOHNSON North Side Chevrolet, Inc. Speedway City, Indiana Speech Club RUSSELL R. IOHNSON Park Motors Austin, Minn. THOMAS M. IONES, IV Sloate Chevrolet Co. Inc. Pittsburgh, Pa. Ski Club, SAE, AMA WILLIAM A. IONES Village Chevrolet Co. Wilmette, Illinois WILLIAM C. KAPHENGST Iack Hobel Chevrolet Co. Lapper, Michigan GEORGE S. KEELEAN Harley Buick Inc, Clarkston, Michigan IOHN F. KENIRY Clements Motor Sales Mechanicsville, New York Motor Sports Club, GMI Band DEVY KERN Hamilton Motor Products Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Tech Club ROBERT B. KERR Collier's Limited Vancouver, British Columbia Ski Club MOHAMMED KAHN Ierry Robertson Co. El Centro, Calif, GREGOR W. KING Community Buick, Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana Motor Sports Club WILLIAM M. KING Currie Pontiac Co. Detroit, Michigan IERE R. KITZMILLER A. W. Golden, Inc. Reading, Pa, Motor Sports Club RICHARD KOESKE Iaeger Olds Milwaukee, Wisconsin IOHN C. KUI-IN, IR. Easton Buick Co. Easton, Pa. SAE, AMA, Speech Club ROBERT L. KYLE Kyle 61 Son Vermilion, Ohio Ski Club, Motor Sports GMI Band Sec.-Treas, RICHARD E. LANDFIELD Courtesy Chevrolet Co. Los Angeles, Calif. EARL L. LANE H. V, Overhult Motors Co. Scottdale, Pa. GEORGE W. LASH Lou Meliska Pontiac, Inc. Cleveland, Ohio Ski Club DONALD LATTA Hamilton Motor Products Hamilton, Ontario, Canada IOHN E. LAW Valley Motor Co. Rocky Ford, Colo Ski Club, SAE ROSS E. LEEDHAM Ludington Auto Sales Ludington, Michigan GMI Band WILLIAM E. LENT Art Nins Chevrolet Inc. Canton, Ohio RICHARD P. LEONARD FIORE LEONE Roth Motors Inc. Erie, Pa. DANIEL E. LIPSKY Ferry Street Motor Sales, Inc. Stoughton, Mass. Speech Club Club, " l, Iidfk. .V ROLLAND F. LORENZ Lorenz Brothers Inc. Lansing, Michigan GEORGE W. LOTT Iones Motor Co. Corning, New York A. KENNETH LYON Lyon's Garage Portage La Prairie, Manitoba K. B. MAC DOUGALL Roy Stauiter Chevrolet Sales, Inc. Wyoming, Pa. IOE R. MACK Hendrickson Pontiac, Inc. Oak Park, Illinois NORMAN H. MAPI-IET Avondale Motor Car Co, Cincinnati, Ohio IOHN W. MARCUS Buick Retail Store Grosse Pointe, Michigan Motor Sports Club, GMI Band I. PURVIS MARSHALL lack Marshall Motors New Westminster, Canada SAE, AMA, Speech Club WILLIAM L. MATTHEWS Fellows Motor Co. Brilliant, Ohio WILLIAM MCCLINTOCK Cadillac Motor Car Div. Lansing, Michigan THOMAS P. MCDONOUGH Columbia Buick Corp. Flushing, New York L. B. MCLAUGHLIN, IR. McLaughlin Motors, Inc. Whitman, Mass. Tech Club ROGER MCNAMARA Mack Buick Inc. Woonsocket, R.I. THOMAS MCNAMARA Purcell Motor Co., Inc. Corning, New York ROBERT E. MIKAN Mikan Motor Co. Trafford, Pa. Speech Club KAYE DON MILLS Turner Motors Ltd. Codette, Saskatchewan, Canada Tech Club, SAE, Speech Club WARREN MILTENBERGER Smith Chevrolet Sales Germantown, Ohio Tech Club CLAUDE MISCH Loomis G Gordon Oldsmobile Fulton, New York Newman Club THOMAS E. MURPHY WILLIAM I. MURPHY Williams Buick Sales Co. Pittsburgh, Pa. .,vs,,i' , ...,. 1, . Q vs 'lull ROGER I. NELSON Overvoid Motors Inc. Fargo, North Dakota IOSEPH A. PERRY Lorenz Bros. Buick Co. Lansing, Michigan SANFORD PESSELL Buick Retail Store Cleveland Heights, Ohio WARREN E. PITCHER Genesee Motors Inc. Fenton, Michigan Rifle Club, Ski Club ROBERT C. RENBARGER Niles Motor Sales Inc. Niles, Michigan IAMES F. ROCHE Roche's Garage Callicoon, New York Rifle Club, Newman Club NORMAN E. RODGERS Streater Buick Inc. Lakeland, Florida Tech Club, Motor Sports Club RAYMOND S. RUHMANN Mclnerney Chev. Oak Park, Ill. Social Council, Rifle Club, Ski Club, Newman Club, Camera Club Vice-Pres. THOMAS BRUCE RYAN Paul Brothers Oldsmobile Inc. Silver Spring, Md. Speech Club, Newman Club REX N. SAVAGE Beasley-Cross Chevrolet Kannapolis, North Carolina IOHN A. SCI-IADE Schade Bros. Irwin, Pa. Tech Club DOUGLAS R. SCHLICHTER Ors Automobiles Ltd. Kitchener, Ontario Ski Club ROBERT F. SCHMACKERS Lang Chevrolet Sales. Inc. Fairborn, Ohio DONALD A. SCHOENHEIDER W. D, Coen Pontiac Co. Owosso, Michigan WILLIAM I. SCHREPFLER Schreffler Pontiac Sunbury, Pa. GMT, Athletic Council, Rifle Club JOSEPH G. SCHUMAKER RONALD A. SEIDLE 'Seidle Motors Co. Transfer, Pa. IAMES SHEARER Iook Habel Chevrolet Co. Pontiac, Michigan fum-fu....... DANIEL I. SHELDON Ed Cregue Motor Sales Flint, Michigan KENNETH SHERMAN Otis H. Boylan Buick Kalamazoo, Michigan ROBERT W. SCHULTZ Gould Motor Sales Westerville, Ohio Glee Club RICHARD WENDELL SIGMON Community Buick Indianapolis, Indiana ROBERT W. SLOTTERBACK G. H. Schlotterback Chevrolet Lavelle, Pennsylvania VIC C. SLYE PAUL A. SMITH Mid West Motors Ltd. Regina, Sask, Rocket Club, Motor Sports Club, AMA EARL SNIDER Quality Pontiac Beckley, West Virginia RONALD C. SNIDER Nortown Motors Ltd. Toronto, Ontario DANIEL K. SOWERS S. W. Miner Motor Corp. Snyder, New York Speech Club GEORGE B. SPIECE Bendall Motor Sales Inc. Alexandria, Virginia ROBERT C. STANLEY Worcester Buick Co. Worcester, Mass. HERBERT R. STEIN Cross-Town Motor Toronto, Ontario W. PRENTICE SUTTON IR. W. A. TAYLOR Halwig Motors, Ltd. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada ROBERT E. THORESON Numcey Chevrolet Inc. Birmingham, Michigan Motor Sports Club NORMAN THRASHER Buick Retail Stores Flint, Michigan THOMAS TOOMAIAN Union County Buick Co. Roselle Park, New Iersey Tech Club, Rifle Club, Speech Club GERALD TREAT McDaniel Motor Sales Fenton, Michigan IOHN R. TRUESDELL Schuab Bros. Auto Center, Inc. Warsaw, New York Ski Club, Rocket Club, Motor Sports Club, AMA FRANK P. ULATOWSKI Roscoe S. Miller Cadillac Wilkes-Barre, Pa. PAUL USAVAGE Cal's Pontiac Shenandoah, Pa. IENE VAN ARNAM Midtown Motors Inc. South Haven, Michigan FREDERICK VAN WALDICK Dashley and Van Waldicl: Adams Center, New York RAYMOND I. VREATT Superior Buick Inc. Elmira, New York Speech Club GEORGE WALKER Doylestown Agricultural Co. Doylestown, Pa. Rifle Club, Ski Club, Motor Sports Club ROBERT L. WARE C. H. Ienkins and Co. Arlington, Virginia RAYMOND I. WASIELEWSKI Roth Motors Erie, Pa. HAROLD B. WELLS Cavenaugh Chevrolet Co., Inc. Rose Hill, North Carolina AMA ROBERT W. WEST Hoskins Oldsmobile Inc. Ligonier, Pa. RUSSELL A. WHITNEY Arlington Buick Co. Watertown, Mass. Tech Club, Ski Club GORDON R, WILSON Trumbull Chevrolet Detroit, Michigan AD, Speech Club, Newman Club IACK M. WILT C. I. Harmon, Inc. Bedford, Ohio Social Council, Tech Club, SAE, Speech Club ALAN L. WITT Ajax Auto Co. Whiting, Indiana IAMES I-I. WOOD ROGER M. WOOD Demarest Motors Inc. Ridgewood, NJ. ROBERT A. YODER Bay A. Yoder Super Service Steubenvilfle, Ohio FRED ZEENKOV Duff Brown Chevrolet Co. Philadelphia, Pa. SAE Reflector Staff EDITOR-IN -CHIEF Robert Walker ASSISTANT EDITORS Iohn Kinniarcl George Magowan BUSINESS MANAGERS Dick Larkin Lincoln Miller Bob Bons Bill Luscombe, Larry Drewyor Ken Wheeler Bob Maples Mike Balsom Harold Bacsu Bob Retsema LAYOUT STAFF Bob Seybolol Vlfenolell Leecly Carl Olbrich Ross Smith lim Young Hugh Brown Iohn Haynes lim Cook Walt Kaskel Paul Gill PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Bob Iohnson Rod Appold Gene Anderson Dave McCandless Torn Dixon Paul Iankovsky Dale Mueller lerry Zimmer lim Greenlee Barney Lucas lerry Haley Gary Pruder WRITE-UP STAFF Verne Dodson George Svihla Rod Lange Dick Hamilin Mark Minckler Ierry Gray Frank Feher Ierry Dunn Ioe Cowgill lim Tunney Bob Butterfield Maury O'Daniels STAFF ARTIST lim Young .,,,........... xv . 3 ' , ,...i-............-.... .K Y 'i??'j L' .,Zi, -,-F-, fi ,- 'fffid-J -f 'Q 4 I f r l ,J N , W, Y, X4 f :ef I f x '5 F 'og' Ylndergraduatw 4 rv X ngineering Janiom I TOP PICTURE Bottom Row. l. to r.: H. Wright, I. Manlredo, T. Lonegan, C. Holimire H. Friend, W. Cerveny, T. Alles, A. Koster, H. Courtney. Second Row: R Lorenich, G. Gaud, N. Folley, T. Thomas, I. Bush, I. Anion, G, Addley, W. Oram, R. Whitney, R Chapman, I. Seaion. Third Row: D. Szamier, R Koldinski, D. Dershaw, R. Wrigen, R. Matelsky, H. Glaze, W. Olds, S King, L. Gare, H. Fuss. Fourth Row: R. Boyer, I. Harber, R. Flarine, I Shaekel, K. Wilson, B. Scheerer, L. Kaulfmann, I. Taylor, R. Waghorne C. Straight. BOTTOM PICTURE Boilom Row. 1. to r.: T. Gorbatoll, D. Campbell, G. Grogger, R. Sussex I. Moon, C. Tripp, D. Bradfield, M. Blades, C. Olbrich. Second Row: W I T Steinbruner, I. Schmidt, I. Schmitt-Matzen, G. Dallas, E. Dahringer, Zajaros, G, White, VV. Macciomei, O. Lamb, P. Murphy. Third Row: Slack, H. Farrand, D. Hamaker, K. Wheeler, B. Kitko, R. Klemm, D Mel..ampy, H. Guelieri, R. Weidenhamer. Fourth Row: I. Sweeney, I Pcmdak, R. Sprague, R, Schons, G. Anderson, I. Daniel G. Wright, I Weichel, D. Wujciak, R. Miskin, A. Probert. N K X P I ngineering univm TOP PICTURE B tt Row. l. to r.: C. Fe-llencer, D. Blystone, I. Ariztegui, R. Pavlak, o om E. Friemood, H. Iordan, I. Ray, I. Fisher, B. Butts, R. Warne, R. Boling- Second Rcw' B Wilson I. Schnelker, I. Calkins, G. Ross, G. Griswola, er. - . . H. Hornalek, I. DeWitt, I. Young, M. Walker, F. Halbo, T. Lane, F. Walker, Third How: A. Bouquet, W. Simon, H. Kleinkorte, I. Walsh, B. Carpenter, R. Smith, R. Wydra, I. Wertz, I. Smart, I. Kindermann, E. Apple, Fourth Row: W. Seaton, R. Taggert, W. Neall, I. Lorang, A. Szuch, C. Mac- Connell, I. Kinniard, B. Hungerman, W. Murrell, C, Pilate. Fifth Row: D. Mathias, H. Luecl-ze, F. Williams, R. York, R. Burley, H. Barkley, D. Gates R. Block, R. Bradley, W. Pihan, I. Schaub. Sixth Row: L. He-eb, G. Iefiere, W. McCarthy, I. Combert, W. House, B. Scherer, G. Gallanis, C. Hancock, L. Wood, V. Malinasky, N. Gross. BOTTOM PICTURE Bottom How. l. to r.: L. Nolzley, B. l'laun, W. Rachilla, D. Bipperda, B. Annis, I. Sz-lhnger, B. Hutchins, S. Thorson, W. Hinlcle, R. Suchowesky, Second Row: I. Williams, A. Dorzdiak, L. Hadionoil, T. Plummer, T. Hook I. Parks, I. Darling, M. Wright, D. Sl. Iohn, C. Allen. Third How: L Stamper, A. Henry, S. McEwen, W. Seelye, W. Hart, I. Tunnfell, I. Green- ough, G. Gilmore, B. Goltschall, C. Leedy, G. Labrake, A. Waller, D Green, W. Hays. Fourth How: Ft. Hirons, K. Divers, I. Huclak, B, Ard inovich, R. Koch, R, Lange, D. Enderby, P, Garlield, H. Oetingeir, C Luerssen, P. Green, C. Good. ji fngineering Soplwmvru Top Picture. Bottom Row, l. to r.: D, Depew, A. Kugler, R. Foul. I. Eich- merer, I. Lass, E. Shipley, I, Russell, I. MacLean, C. Rauschert, I. FUI- lette, G, Slater, R. Bernyk, 2nd Row: R. Meshew, E. Gruber, R. Brown- ing, H. Papciak, I. Connolly, G. Hale, L. Story, I. Fels, I. Haines, D. West, D. Hange, C. Mayer, H. Searles, W. Dando. 3rd Row: R. Hackler, R. Krelt, D. Lake, E. Faxlanger, F, McCann, R, Dively, K. Lee, B. Richards, R. Snyder, L. Parker, G. Hufstader, W. Weimer, W. Tauck, B. Powler, S. Baloy, R. Vrbensky. 4th Row: H. Annis, T. Ostapchulc, D Kurper, I. Hanes, K. Hall, D. Robinson, D. May, D. Mishler, I. Gray, M Lathers, R. Schaefer, C. Iohnson, I. Greenlee, I. Cowgill, I. Moore, B Lucas. l' .. - A Bottom Picture, Bottom Row. l. to r.: K. Beardslee, K. Lauck, D. Turner C, Ellsworth, C. Cantwell, E. Cottingham, G. Pruder, D. Carow, M Norris, R. Retsema, R. Bozzell, R, Moberly, C. NYb09f, ll SieTlki6WiCZ R. Larkin. 2nd Row: D Foran, C, Novy, I. Szynczyk, H. Bunke, C. Down- ing, R. Roden, R. Iohnson, H. Searles, D. Hartley, I. Cornell, R. Reed R, Lehman, B. Thiede, I. Conway, C. Ballard, R. Mau. 3rd Row: E Seeber, D. Coon, G. Holle, G, Hodson, R, Gaenzler, P. Ersvogel, R Green, A. Giardina, R. Anderson, W. Bright, I. Cizeski, R. Ioesten, R Sloan, I. Arvin, D. Blight, I. Cook. 4th Row: R. Reynolds, R. Weatherly R. Zieg, V, Dodson, R, Kelkenberg, D. Roskopt, R Kinzly, P. Braun, I Eichler, D. Lovell, C Skarvan, C, Dasbach, T. Lincoln, P. Grenevitch, P Lorton, V. Kasner, I. Duyek. l lt 42 l I ' ngineef-ing Soplwmvrw Top Picture, lst Row. l. to r.: R Metric, D. Ahern, I. Federhart, W. Geb- hart, F. Skodzinsky, W. Iesmare, R. Braman, I. Magryta, E. Diggs, D. Wright, W. Lisby, R. Collyer, R. Maiers, P. Zysk, T. D'Alessio. 2nd Row: D. Woodard, W. Towne, T. DeAgastino, R. Elsea, F. Tietge, H. Winlield, W. Reynolds, W. Garlield, H. Re-Cher, L. Ritter, I. Delvloss, M. Reynolds I, Wright, W. Miklas, R. Spears, D. Diedrich, D. Burrows, M. Carson 3rd Row: I. Bradshaw, B. Arbuckle, K. Dailey, G. Garske, A. Connell L, Spangler, G. Magowan, R. Seidel, I. Ryon, I. Dunn, K. Fields, W Vogel, A. Horner, I. Hullman, D. Canham, R, Rogers, R. Steinmater, E MacPherson. 4th Row: B. Phelps, V. Abla, R. Gettel, N. Bartley, W Brown, W. Iacobson, I. Reed, G. Roy, E. Haynes, T. Soblesky, D. Iones I. Haslup, N. Heverly, P. Battjes, A. Tucholski, C. Peck, L. Parker, B Kuhn, R. Shiner, N. Raedelce. ,,. :' g. Bottom Picture, lst How. l. to r.: R. Gorclon, E. Meier, R. Delrlowen, R Seybold, A. Mocciomei, I. Mitchner, D. Wing, K, Myers, W, K. McDowell, I. Vicik, I Iacobs. 2nd Row: D. Hasler, G, Gasior, F. Davis I. Palmer, D. Kane, L. Lagasse, R. Midgley, R. Martin, C. Island, E. Roy R. Iohnson, P. Iaquish. 3rd Row: R. Suncleck, I. Zehnder, E. McGuire I. Finlay, D. Robertson, A. Dickson, R. Iohnson, W. Trampus, D. Trojan K. Rhea, I. Iohnson, L. Lanlfston, I. Trclca, G. Daller. 4th Row: W. Law- ther, R. Kapp, W. Grillith, R. Westra, L. Marshick, R. Treloar, R. Work- man, G. Harter, D. Gill, P. Momcilovich, I. Fenech, R. Green, T. Sher- wood, W. Winchell, H. Wayrnire. '- nn.. ,X Qf' ' ff 1 vfff ,,,, , , f fa eff fo Qyj , .,4,,,.,,,n,uy..Q,,,gf4,Q , ,, ,A 1' 'ici .v,'.cZ 7 2 .3 ' I' I l . 43N J ngineering Yredcmen ' I Top Picture, Bottom How, l. to. r.: H. Keough, E. Snyder, H. Perkins, R. Pribramsky, l. Zimmer, W. Brockman, I. Cook, P. Sexton, C. Vaughan. Znd Row: R. Kimzuell, N. Denil, R. VanDeVelde, H. Compton, E. Haw- kins, R. Wight, G. Mayo, G. Griflith, I. Morehouse, E. Vernoy. 3rd Row R. Mick, C. Hout, I. Hadley, T. Chivoloni, A. Muir, D. Brincile, R. Mc- Lain, W. Holloway, H. Howey. 4th Row: R. Wylie, W. Wendt, W. Kring I. Moore, W. Hamilton, W. Hazard, I. McClellan, R. Stevenson. 5th How R. Angell, R. Chamberlain, K. Schmidtke, M. DonDeVoto, C. Nagel, R Tansey, I. Hice, I. Pollick, R. Grubau. Bottom Picture, Bottom How, l. to r.: M. Engelhrecht, C. Peterson, R, Nodine, R. Reynolds, D. Padlo, A. Gilbert, D. Liddiard, D. Harbold, I. Perang. Znd How: R. Branley, I. Gresoclr, D. Castle, N. Claypool, R. Kellett, W. Iohnston, R. Kupisch, H. Ienkins, D. Kennedy, T. Lukey, I, Anthuis, 3rd Row: W. Heuser, I. Bogie, A. Wood, C. Carlisle, R. Ma- honey, R. Erb, D. Donna, A. Martinich, I. Gibson, K. Avann, I. Kress. 4th Row: I. Bieberitz, R. Ioynt, K. Donelson, W. Wrobei, H. Sanders, I. Boyle, C. Viola, I. Keller, R. Dolezal, R. Bentley. Sth Row: W. Moroney, S. Taylor, I. Maxwell, K. Miller, P. Knisley, I. Williams, R. DuBois, T. Chase, B. Mazurek, H. Gebhart, D. Cassel, M. Hayden, I. Kirby. Sth Row: K. Rodarmer, G. Konkel, T. Kausmann, T, Rogers, H. Bobo, I. Edge, C. Florence, L. Mansfield, H. Critchiield, I, Davis, A. Coulson. 7th How: F. Droesch, K. O'Donne1l, G. Geran, W. Everingham, H. Cutshall, F. Brinson, R. Bons, I. Whiteman, E. Heiby, I. Mann, H. Pohlman, S. Lotran, I. Corsaut, G. Yauch. 44 xx fngineering fredamen Top Picture. Bottom Row. l. to r.: I. Waterous, R. Zimmr-rman, E. Holly C. McCall, I. Danich, D. Friend, R, Vickers, H. Finegolcl, H. Clopp, I Burley. 2nd Row: C. Springer, H. Shaller, R. Shelton, P. Gill, W. Saupo T. Stueve, R. Rumel, I. Goulish, A. Crickrnore.3rd How: I. Taylor, G Miller, R. Stockton, W. Naples, L. DiSanto, P. Pribek, E. Hahn, P Hawkes, K. Campbell. 4th Row: D. Thomas, BNe-bil, I. Pettigrew, B Chase, I. Payne, I. Kinsky, D. Hill, H. Kerbyson, E. Mitoraj. Sth How W. Rondo, R. Zimmerman, W. Iaycox, M. Pohlkotte, D. Saunders, W Bradford, E. Ensinger, D. Burns. Sth Row: K. Pol, T. Scarll, F. Vasicel: I. Smith, R. Parks, R. Salmer, H. Wagner, D. Wilson. Da D , J fngzneering ?f-eishmen , - Top Picture, Bottom How, l. to r.: V. Lovse, I. Dodge, L. Faix, T. Tapent, G. Chambers, W. Creekbaum, A. Karnowski, I. We-ybright, R. Lougher, L. Sayre. 2nd Row: C. Brandt, A. McDade, A. Szedlus, R. Mentley, F Lents, R. Flanagin, R. Ryder, R. Leighton, D. Mlelenz. 3rd Row: B Swingley, L. Schwartz, I. Atkinson, W. Walsor, I. Todd, G. Rawlins, D Steinke, W. Suminski. 4th Row: G. Connolly, L. O'Rourke, E. Kemp, D Beach, D. Griffin, L. Woodbeck, G. Andersen, D. Wilson, R. Schorling 5th Row: I. Burns, W. Stuebe, R. Haclerey, W. Hadley, H. Grim, R Kelley, L. Adams, R. Ste-il, R. Smith. Bottom Picture, Bottom Row, 1. to x.: A. Strettien, D. Alling, P. Carlson A. Schwartz, D. Mueller, A. Parrottino, T. Dixon, G. Hefellinger, I Saronz, L. Weinand, C. Gorski. Znd How: C. Kroell, R. Deslierres, R Blumenstock, W. Luscombe, M. Roman, R. Hanson, G, Gecling, I. Cutler W. Mayer, R. Sturnph. 3rd How: I. Holland, B. Sharp, R. Slack, H. Hiser R. Conway, P. Schnoes, I. Hennessy, G, Miller, L. Grubaugh. 4th Row I. Kolder, G. Bergin, W. Mitchell, I. Robertson, D. Salzer, G. Geran, I Gessner, P. Haines, D. Parker, R. Strother. 5th Row: I. Haynes, I. Wil- liams, R. Iune, C. Treppa, D. Tyrrell, R. Spraker, C. Wiese, R. Bemus VV. Bessinger. Sth Row: D. Robinson, M. Stanley, R. LaFave, T. Catton I. Burt, I. Wellach, F. Kreiss, A. Klemert, R. Hill, R. Lewis, W. McKee1 E. Iones, I- Kuszewski. 46 i 0zIerAeaA ZfndergraduateA - - 1' r mf- ,, , ,- , V, , ,,-- w,,. V, 5 ' -424' ,, . - ,f KKAV ff -' I V -' ffyfi . .' 1+ 'Wiz 557.7 4 3+j.rgff7'.f',f J' f' ,Cf N, I f l , f, ,- V V " wgff' X J A , 3. .h V' ,glMyv:.f2gLLVZ.Z,532Z4 " 3 .UV V ' .- i 9 cz 1 F uni A '72, - MV , - J, , ,. 1 1, i 'f ' 1, f f 1' 3 Top Picture, ls! Row, 1. to r.: R. Block, R. Bradley, W. Dutm, Znd Row: Bottom Picture, l. to r.: K. Seymour, I. Schildwuchter, W. Blervccq, P I. Ariztegul, R. Springhom, W. Pihan, R. Monoz, I, Schaub, T. Roland. Green, B. Corbel, 47 f........... I x X... .. KuAineAA 14dminiAt1-ation union! Top Picture, lst Row, 1. to r.: D. Hamlin, T. Marshall, C. O'Connell, R. Bottom Picture, lst How. l. to r.: I. Whitney, F. Griilles, VJ. Towill, E Bamlorcl, 2nd Row: I. Leepprcmdt, L. Sillesky, L. Portis, W. Weeks, W. McDonald, L. Bmwner, E. Bego, G, Getcher, G. NVc1mbcxugh, 2nd Row Montriel, R. Hamilton. l, Roberts, D, lllicn, R. Chojnocki, G. Young, M. Honey, R. Krenz, G Hcxusser, D. Forbes, R. Pnrshcxll, M. O'Dcmie1. 48 L IWW 6"uAineAA 44dminiA tration Soplwmvrea Top Picture. lsi How. l. to r.: B. Wiebrecht, I. Boch, R. McClellan, I. Bottom Picture. lsl How, I. to r.: I. Prsslcr, P. Icnkovsky, A. Sauter, L Sievenson, R. Pcmdori, VJ, Martin. 2nd How: H. Hinize, R. Shellhouse, T Corsighu, I, Helvem, M Tohy, D. Dnzon, D, Schuyler. 2nd Row: H Williamson, R, Appold, F, Feher, D, Brumlcge, Chnslenson, C. McDonald, W. Houugon, I. McCmms, C. Snyder, K Ilges, I Cook, R Geiger, B. Chcbolo. 49 bealem ffndergmduateri Top Picture, Bottom Row, I. to r.: T. Meavy, D. Boyd, D. Flynn, H. Wil liams, H. Shoe, M. Lezalc, I. Longwell, F, Morrison. Znd How: I, Deircli, R. Archibald, I. Mahler, D. Clapper, I. Thomas, S. Shane, W. Kinsey, E Shults, R. Vlfoodstock, I. Bertrond. 3rd Row: R. Magno, I. Dillon, F Dardin, I. Gast, B. Dodge, C. Delahey, P. Keich, L. Soulhan, W. Bigelow B. Munoz. 4th Row: E, Iones, D. Rice, D. Hodgson, C. Pyne, B. Scholl L. Osmanson, W. Thompson, C, Kronpa, I. Deerhoke, I. Sorter, A Stowell, 5th Row: G. Parker, A. Nicklas, I. Tuma, B. Marris, B. Londo M. Petitti, W. Wilkinson, M. Lurco, T. Abrams, A. Varelal, VV. McClintock Sth Row: B, Martin, E. Iones, R. Gardner, W. Rice, B. Siler, I. Richards D. Schirund, D. Glenn, R. Fiehrer, T. Eagleson, L. Maflei, T, McCulloch 7th Row: M. Harbin, I. LaCombe, R. Rhea, G. Gilbert, I. Rugge, I. Nalls I. Agertofl, H. Coleman, B, DeBuhr, D, Dolan, L. Federhen, I. Brown. Bottom Picture, lst How, l. to r.: G. Long, W. Began, D. Lorer, T. Koester, 50 D. Kasik, I. Patterson, F. Keelean, L. Kaskiner, B. Nickel. 2nd How: L Kaplan, H. Ladenheim, B. Wetzel, V Flowers, B. Milstead, B, Mackey I. Binancio, S. Wilson, W. Carley, G. Wojahn, D. Barnhart, 3rd Row: L. Hershey, K. Iones, G. Fairclough, L. Iaclcson, D. Baker, R. Warroms W. Clank, C. Targett, R. Stocking, B. Soylhouwer, N. Furbush. 4th How: W. Benjamin, I. Beckers, B. Atkinson, P. Gribbins, C. Babcock, D. Mc Kernan, C. Valuski, H. Kirk, S. Shoppeel, I. Carter. 5th How: I. Turn bull, B. Bowdish, G. Carlson, I. Carver, B. Davison, I. Somers, W. Ed wards, M. Coulson, I. Hettick, R. Ritter, T. Redd, M. Davis. Sth How: I Agertott, I. Rollth, B. Deaton, D. Apple, E. Shoemaker, F. Northrup, P McCalirey, R. Dick, B. Greene, I. Schiff, K. Shield, 'ith How: R. Hulse R. Dinelstedt, I. Bugge, W. Nothduntt, R. Sargent, W. Hartrantt, I. Eberly E. Kelley, C. Steiner, D, Clouse, D. Thomson, C. Ferron, B. Springer E, Stout. Killif 7 9 - F-M i A , ., Q2 CUE V 1 9 Organgatiom I r I Conference Committee The Conference Committee serves in the capacity of advisor and approver of the actions, functions, and expenditures of the GMTE Executive Council as they affect the members of the stu- dent body. ln all matters of policy, the Conference Committee is the court of final appeal. ln its organization, it resembles the Supreme Court of the federal judicial system, and it functions in somewhat the same manner. Meetings are called only When there exists a question as to the application of a GMTE policy to a student or group of students, or when the final GMTE budget for a school year has been submitted to and approved by the GMTE Executive Council. In matters concerning the budget, the CO1'1fS1'6I1C6 Committee must render the final approval, Membership of the Conference Committee consists of six stu- dents who are elected at the beginning of the school year by the GMTE members. Three faculty advisors are appointed im- mediately after the elections. As a branch of the GMTE organization, the Conference Com- mittee is seldom heard from, since it functions only in the extra- ordinary circumstances. Decisions rendered by the Committee are, nevertheless, the final authority of the GMTE. Top Picture, 1. to r.: D. Schostek, R. Bolda, I. Predmore. 52 Bottom Picture. 1. lo I.: C. Tobias, I. Paul, H. Dent, A, Maccinmei, H. Kmley. D. Lytle. le XX r fxecutiale Council The Executive Council, as the name implies, is the executive governing body ot the GMTE. Composed of the chairmen ol the Publications, Social, and Athletic Councils, and the class ntatives, it is the responsibility oi this group to coordi- nate the entire extracurricular program ot General Motors represe lnstitute. In addition to its regular functions, the council has sought during the past year to improve the overall activities program along the lines suggested by the GMTE survey, completed last tall. The results ol this survey have given the council a much sounder guide lor preparing the annual GMTE budget, Further, these results aided greatly in the initiation ol several new activities and the expansion and improvement ol present ones. The eilect of the expansion ol the Institute itsell is also being considered by the Executive Council, To satisly the needs ot the increasing number ol students, the council has already begun plans lor a more comprehensive extracurricular program. l 4 1 I Baker W Hubbard Mr R E Tuttle BOND!!! HCTUVB .. Bottom Row. 1. to r.: R. Larkin, Mr. C. Mobley, L, Staub ' , R , . t .: , r - , V - - f Top Picture Bouom ow 0 r l R. S bold Znd Row: I. Woolley, B. Caplinger, I. Manlredo, L. Gore. T. Kordes. 2nd Row: E. Dahringer, A, Metzger, T, P ummer, ey l I l m Ntlcletic Council Participation in the tournaments sponsored by the Athletic Council during the past year was greatly increased over any previous year. ln order to take care of a record number of en- trants in the badminton tournament, a doubles tournament was initiated to supplement the singles tournament. To accommodate the increased participation in the basketball tournament, a round-robin playoff was used. This allowed greater diversified participation without having to increase the available facilities. Because of its showing, this type of tourna- ment will rate future consideration. Top Picture, Bottom Row, 1. to r.: G. Gallanis, C. Cantwell, E. Apple, L. Gore, T. Lonegan, I. Williamson. Znd Row: D. Haremski, T. Zimcola, R. Pribramsky, H. Perkins, R. Pavlak, I. Haley, D. Mathias. 3rd Row: E. Hawkins, E. Cottingham, F. Feher, G. Mayo, B. Massie, B. Holden. A new and more thorough system of keeping records was de- vised to give proper credit to participating council members so that proper awards may be given. Additional equipment has been purchased and is available in the athletic crib. The council sponsored three "golf clinics" during the year. A professional instructor was hired to give individual instruc- tion, demonstrations, and movies. Bottom Picture. Bottom Row. l. to r.: I. Zajaros, I, Phillips, I. Williams, T. Plummer, G. Boyatzies, E. Dahringer. Znd Row: H. Winfield, T. Gorba- toff, U. Snyder, I. Schmidt, K. Myers, L. Gloshinski, H. Helke, I. Mitchner, E. Haynes. 54 f : 4.1: 2 'cs ' x .X R N 3 2 Q-,A 'ffcgp I' In it 'sax , ,A,, Social Council Chairman Iames Wooley and Tom Kordes led the council in the organization ol the two major dances of the year. The I- Prorn on Iune 13, ieaturing the music of Ralph Marterie, in- itiated the summer activities, The Grad Ball ushered out in joyous fashion our seniors. The Social Council planned and carried out nineteen bi- monthly mixer dances this season. Many oi the mixer dance decorations have been original Top Picture, lst Row, l. to r.: I. Zajaros, A, Schartz, B. Luscombe, I. Crowe, T. Kordes, P. McLear, I. Helvem, R. Steinmier. 2nd Row: I. Wilt, T. Hoover, I, Leifer, T. Tapert, R. Martin, B. McKeel, C. McDonald, A. Gilbert, E. Meier, G. Kelley. Grd How: K. Rhea, D. Steinke, I. Iacobs, T. Parrottino, W. Hadley, W. Wrobel, H. Pedersen, D. Castle, H. Island, D. Mueller. ideas oi the council members. New tools and equipment pur- chased by the council have been used for constructing many of the decorations this year. The age-old rivalry between the faculty and student softball teams stirred again in the school's annual picnic. Last year's game was Won by none other than the students. This game creates some huge appetites lor the big spread laid out by the Social Council members. Bottom Picture, lst How. l. to r.: C. Garman, D. Turner, I. Sienkiewiez, C. Barber, K. Benbow, I. Roberts. Znd Row: Ft. Bartos, B. Moberly, W. Saupe, D. Carow, C. Skarvan, K. Halter, E. Hawkins, M, Humel. 3rd How: I. Miller, D. Roden, C, Strozik, H. Perkins, K. Wilson, G. Mayo, D. Bramlage, M. O'Daniel, D. Koblinski. .. -A J. ...,...4....... 55 1-.-,.,,4, 1 l . 1 ii' A ' i A Q ..i-,g1,q5g,jf1 , -3-'f, ., .A A M , . A 'f5, JGl6lix.-,- ,rwyj loablicatiorw Council Publications at the Institute have enjoyed a prosperous year. Through the astute direction of the chairmen, many things were accomplished. The council, which directs the operations ot all things in black and white, successiully published the Techni- cian, Handbook, Reflector and Constitution. The biggest step forward came within the Technician. This journalistic gem, which was formerly published monthly, is now bringing the news to the students every two weeks. This has been accomplished through the fine work of all the men in- volved. Top Picture, Bottom Row, l. to I.: K. Halter, W. Kaskel, B. Caplinger, R. Walker, D. Grimes. 2nd Row: Mr. M, Swilt, Mr. R. Tuttle, R. Eolda, D. Schostek. The Handbook and Constitution which are distributed to all students at the beginning of the tall semester were handled in a very professional-like manner. This fine edition of the '53 Reflector is proof enough of the wonderful job done by the Publications Council. This council, which has more to offer its members than either oi its two counterparts, the Social and Athletic Councils, re- quires hard work and plenty of ability to succeed. lts activities during the past year can certainly be termed successful and its members can point with pride to a job "well done." Bottom Picture. Bottom Row, l. to r.: I. Tunney, 1. Finlay, H. Pedersen, A. Metzger, l. Stenner, G. Magowan, C. Leedy. Znd How: M. Mincklet, A. Macciomei, R. lohnson, E. Iones, G. Svihla, I. Haynes, H. Hamlin, L. Drewyor. 56 T ' f. pu' mu ST? Technician After the publication of two Technicians per month had be- rounded and likable paper each month. come an accepted practice, Room 147 became a bee-hive of ac- An ever occuring sight was that of the entire staff searching tivity. Under the editorship of Roger Mosser and Walt Kaskel, laboriously through a pile of joke books looking for filler mat- the staff of t-he Technician constantly sought to produce a well erial with which to hold each issue together. Top Picture. Bottom Row, l. to r.: R. Retsema, G. Hale, W. Kaskel, C. Dowing, R. Appold. Second Row: A, Miller, I. Manlredo, G. Prucler, F. Feher, D. Foran, D. West. 57 of L 5 IOHN KINNIARD Assistant Editor I ,lf I Z. ROBERT E, WALKER Editor-in-Chief GEORGE MAGOWAN Assistant Editor fs ,Gu "Z?ffL'i-F Q. fs 3 i Q Y :Q A C' 5 Q I eeflector E i 1 2 I 2 1 i 5 x 5 5 1 5 4 Z ? 2 4 2 9 9 , E f, 3 5 5 2 7 E 2 5 A. ANDRES E. BAIR R. WHITESCARVER R. BOLDA W. HUBBARD I. KINNIARD D. LYTLE I. MANFREDO The Rohm The Robots, an honorary Institute society, con- sists of those men who have shown proficiency in maintaining average grades While participating in various extra-curricular activities. This year, ten men were welcomed to the ranks of the Robots aiter fulfilling a Week of pledgeship. The pledges Were bedecked in tuxedos and plac- ards showing the various activities of GMTE When they gathered in the lower hall to follow the whims and fancies of the senior members. All these men are now qualified to Wear the Robot Key Which will be presented to them at the end of the school year. At the annual dinners, E. Bair, P. McLear, R, Parker, T. Plummer, and I. Williams were accepted from section AD While section BC was represented by D. Benbow, I. Kinniard, I. Manfredo, L .Staub, and R. Wright. P. MCLEAR A. METZGER R. PARKER T. PLUMMER I. PREDMORE D. SCHOSTEK Editor's Note: No picture of Iames Williams was available in tim L. STAUB R. WRIGHT e to meet production deadlines. ,,e.--......,..... ' IOE BORDMAN BOB DUTRO IOHN PINK L. I-IOAGLAND PAUL IOHNSON Sec. - Tre-as, Alpha Tau Iota is an honorary engineering society tor the Selection for membership is based on the student fulfilling purpose of recognizing scholarship, character, leadership, and the established requirements ot the society. Members are engineering ability among the Cooperative Engineering stu- chosen from the Iunior and Senior classes. dents at General Motors Institute. WILLIAM ORAM LOU PAPALE RALPH PARKER IIM PATTERSON FRANK WALKER Sec - Treas. President IIM WALLER BOB WELTHER BOB WRIGHT 61 e. -...,...-.........-., R '- KENNETH AHSMUHS Sigma Zeta Tau Upon fulfilling the requirements of the society, a business administration student may be selected as a member oi Sigma Beta Tau, an honorary business administration fraternity. The purpose of the organization is to encourage and re- cognize scholarship and accomplishment in the field of business studies, and to promote character and leadership among the business administration students of General Motors Institute. New Members: GORDON R. BETCHER WALTER B, KENDALL WILLIAM M. DONOHOE IOHN S. LATTA IAMES B. WITNEY DONALD C. SCHOSTEK ,,..-...-...Q -I Bottom Row. l. to r.: R. Choinacki, H. Peltier, H. Wright, B. Browning W. Seaton, I. Manlredo, R. Larkin, I. Connolly, T. Lonegan, B. Chapman E. Cummings, L. Lampman. 2nd Row: A. Andres, B. Fournier, E. Bego, F. Brockman, D. Wendel, H. Luecke, T. Casey, N. Chomuk, W. Sargeant, L. Curby, A. Koster, W. House, L. Iohns, I. Hartman. 3rd Row: H. Fuss, A. Gherlan, E. Abel, D. Grimes, L. Staub, I. Larmond, I. Woolley, C. Tech 61116 Olt, N. Smickilas, B. Kostrzewa, I, Waller, C. Gorman, K, Benbow, D. Mossy, H, Searles, W. Gudritz, R. Bartlett. 4th Row: D. Mackenzie, C. Dean, G. Boss, R. Matelslry, L. Hoagland, B. Moran, I. Kinnaird, K. Halter, G. Good, R. Betner, I. Predmore, D. Kerix, I. Haley, T. Anderson, D. Burkhardt, L. Gore, E. Heimbert. The GM Tech Club was originated in l939 and reorganized in 1947. The club is composed oi outstanding upperclassmen and student leaders appointed by the various plants and deal- erships of the Corporation. It now numbers llU members. Guest speakers addressed the group at a number of informal dinners this year. Speakers included outstanding leaders of the Corporation: Messrs. Iames L. Conlon, Edward V. Rippingille, Harry I. Klingler, Robert M. Critchfield, Don E. Ahrens, and Iohn F. Gordon. Of special interest this year were talks by our own President, Mr. Cowing, and President Emeritus, Major Sobey. Officers: Chairmen-W. I. Brennan and T. Casey Sec.-Treas.-L, B. Larnpman and S. Getz mmr -, - ,wrfwrmanuzm-'f'4,.--Q,-ffpuav , .- . K , ,I Hmerican mana ement 14AAvciativn The General Motors Institute Management Association is an organization for all students interested in professional manage- ment. Now in its sixth year of organization, the Management Association has served as a means whereby Engineering, Busi- ness Administration, and Dealer students may obtain a better Working knowledge of their chosen fields. The members are kept abreast of new developments through business letters and reports from corporations and companies throughout the nation. In addition, they attend dinner meetings which feature speakers who are prominent in industry. and tour divisions of the Corporation. This year, the Association toured Pontiac Motor Division, the Technical Center, and Fisher Body. Top Picture, Bottom Row, l. to r.: R. Retsema, G. Ross, D. Wendel, R. Appold, R. Kostrzewa, D. Bramlage. 2nd Row: L. Lampman, C. Brock- man, R. Illicn, D. Kuiper, G. Hall, H. Wells, M. O'Daniel, R. Wright. 3rd How: I. Alexander, C. Nagel, H. Krenz, H. Cardno, K. Halter, G. Betcher, A. Nicklas, E. Cummings, H. Shellhause. On the social side, members are in no way neglected, for G11 outing is planned each spring. This year a picnic was held at Flushing Park. Of particular significance this year was the decision to dis- affiliate from the National Chapter-the American Manflgemem Association. Officers: President-R. Wright and R. McNally Vice Pres.-L. Lampman and G. Parsons Sec.-Treas.-K. Halter and R. Kapp Activities Chmn.-G. Betcher and H. Pedersen Bottom Picture, Bottom Row, 1. to r.: A. Dickson, R. Sussex, T, lories, I. Marshall, C, O'Connel1. 2nd How: D. Lyon, R. Peterson, R. McNc1ly, H. Pedersen, F, Curtiss, R. Bamiord. Grd How: V. Abla, P. line, D Erad- field, C. McDonald, D. Hluleek, P. Van Dyke, M, Blades. 4th Row: L. Drewyor, R. Johnson, L. Portis, W. Donohoe, R. Schons, I. Tunney. 64 gh Svrlieflf vf Nutomvtive fngineem The General Motors Institute branch of the Society ot Auto- motive Engineers this year had an all time enrollment high ot 230 members, twice the amount ot any previous membership. This establishes the G.M.l. student branch as the largest in the Country. Monthly meetings consisted ot tours, talks, dinner meetings and membership meetings. Members received the SAE Iournal and other technical literature provided by the SAE. Activities included tours ot Fisher Body, Flint, Saginaw Malle- able Iron, and the General Motors Technical Center. An out- standing talk was given by Mr. V. P. Mathews, Chiel Engineer of Buick, the topic of which was the newly announced Buick V-8 engine. Top Picture. Bottom Row. l. to r.: Ft. Bradley, A. Andres, I. Cizesky, W. Bright, G. Hutstader, I. Connolly, R. LaFever, R. Marcey, R. Chcpman, R. Sloan, I. Sienkiewicz. 2nd Row: R. Courtney, H, Wright, E. Be-go, C. Brockman, D. Wendel, F. Walker, D. Burkhardt, N. Chomuk, W. Sargeant, L. Curby, A. Koster, XV. House. 3rd Row: C. Holtman, H. Schaal, R. Retsema, F. Heckert, D. Macl:en:ie, E. Abel, C. Wallace, D. Massy, R. Ioesten, W. Orarn, H. Searles, R. Grieve, R. Wright, W. Kaskel. 4th Row: S. King, VV. LaFayette, G. Hall, L. Hoagland, I. Kinnaird, G. Ross, D. Blight, VV. Seaton, H. Papciak, I. Eels, T. Lonegan. , 1 L l ' - An SAE student paper contest, sponsored by the Mid-Michi- gan Section, was held lor the best student technical paper. The lirst prize lor the winning paper was 575.00 The group was host to the Mid-Michigan Section on Ianuary 26. Student members conducted a tour ot the school building. Highlight ol the event was a dinner meeting, consisting ot talks by Mr. E. T. litagsdale, Chiel Manufacturing Manager of Buick and Mr. C. W. Frederic, Assistant Chief Engineer of Chevrolet Division. Officers: Chairmen-Iohn Sellenger and Frank Walker Vice Chm.-Dick Bradlielcl Sec.-Treas.-Dave Burkhardt and Thurman Slack Bottom Picture. Bottom Row, l. to r.: D. Davis, I. Kuhn, V. Abla, I. Magryta, T, Iones, I. Marshall, R. Sussex, A. Henry, F. Davis, D. Hosler, W. Iacobson. 2nd How: B. Arbuckle, A. Tucholski, I. Williams, G. Kelley, T. Slack, I, Sellinger, R. Bradtield, C. Iacobson, D. Hlubelt, S. Mick, G. McArthur, W. Lawther. 3rd Row: T. Mackie, D. Ripperda, R. Seidel, I. Clements, W. Gartield, Ft. Welther, C. Grogger, C. Leedy, P. VanDyke, R. Forella, S. McEwen, R. Schons, I. McClure, H. Elsen. 4th ROW: D. Tuttle, V. Christensen, K. Mills, L. Drewyor, D. Schneider, P. laquish, R. Iohnson, L. Marshick, M. Bereznotl, S. Thorson, P. Battjes, L. Parker, D. DeFazio. I -.- . 65 1 independent 14AAvciativn The General Motors Independent Association numbered among its achievements during the past year an increase ot titty percent in membership. This brought the total membership to about 450 members. The increase in membership showed itself during the school elections when fifty-tive percent of the lndependent men voted. These results show a growing interest in student affairs as Well as in the Independent Association. Several social events were sponsored by the lndependent Association during the year. Notable among these were the variety shows and the lull-length tilms. Two variety shows Were presented during the spring months and proved highly Top Picture, Bottom Row. l. to r.: R. Cardno, A. Nickles, H. Wells, R. Budinich, D. Schostek, E. Bego. Second Row: G. Betcher, D. Curby, D. Wendel, H. Searles, H. lllian, N. Chomuk, D. Hill, W. Polkow. Third Row: K. MacRae, T. Scarft, W. Thompson, G. Ross, W. Bright, I. Cizeski, D. Kuiper, I. Cornell, G. Young. Fourth How: W. Fanson, R. Glaze, C, Olt, I. Keniry, D. Clarke, G. Fleming, F. DeNure, R. Shellhause. Bottom Picture, Bottom Row, 1. to r.: F. Curtiss, D. Lyon, R. Peterson, R. McNally, L. Drewyor, I. Schmidt, I. Williams, I. Tunney, K. Mills, R. successful. They featured both local and outside talent Cmd Were Well attended by both independent and fraternitY men- Movies shown included "Captain Kidd," "DannY Lesterfn USG' hara," and "The Dude Goes West." These films were Well re- ceived by the entire student body. ln athletics, the Independent Association sponsored both a basketball and a bowling tournament. Both provided fine competition. Buick Dynatlow and Forge Plants, Chevrolet Engine Plant, Baldwin Rubber Company, and General Motors Proving Grounds in Milford provided members with interesting tours after school hours. Welther. Second Row: A. Probert, T. Zilch, A, Henry, C. Iacobson, D. Hlubek, P. Van Dyke, L. Portis, I. Hugge, R. Bradfield. Third Row: L. Corsiglia, B. Wetzel, W. Lowers, R. Mentley, W. Mayer, I. Clayton, T. Toomajan, R. Mikan, T. Iones, I. Marshall. Fourth Row: C. McDonald, D. Kane, W. Hourigan, L. Faix, K. Iones, R. Schons, W. Donohooe, R. Guelieri, G, Svihla. Row: F. Davis, I. Palmer, K. llges, B. Hutchins, K. Wheeler, D. Cimino, R. McMullen, R. Iohnson, I. Roshe, H. Vreatt, R. Ware. iv" 'ff ifx,. si fl i Y ,Sf 42 e 1 1 I 1 ff ,, , , ff X' f 1 f I 'U Q, U ,f ,fn ,J V if X f P 0.142 ff p if ff 'V ' , f ,, s .. gn , 'f 11- ,f ,f 19", fv 1 s 0 29 ,aj I ,f gv' fn . ll:, .., ' E: . .:. -..- vb, 'm -X ' 4' v QW? l , to X Q .ffl Motor Sport! Club rv-62"7f2f,',,.,.i1f I it ' ' ' QQgz':w2 . V W "Vidal:-I Z i' " -. L . . . .,,., . ,, . , , ., ,,. ,, . -Vg Bottom How. I. to r.: R. Kyle, F. DeNure, L. Curby, W. Dando, T. Abiams, K. Keniry, R. Whitney. Znd Row: T. Lane, R. Courtney, D. Thomas, R. Parshall, I. Camden, G. Hufstader, E. Bego, N. Chomuk, H. Hardy, B. Powley. 3rd Row: I. Ray, B. Chase, I. Payne, B. Rossiter, H. Since its formation in Iune of l952, the Motor Sports Club has expanded so that it now includes 150 student members, mak- ing it the largest and most active of the GMTE sponsored clubs. lts popularity has come about through its efforts to promote in- terest among students for a better understanding of the modern automobile and its operation. With support from the GMTE, the club hopes to provide special equipment for its members, such as a portable electric tachometer, a fifth Wheel, and a special set ot tuning equip- ment. The dream oi every member is that the club Will ulti- mately have a completely equipped garage. A great variety of events was staged for the members. These included rallies, obstacle runs, demonstrations, and trips. Mem- bers also attended and participated in such events as the Even- I' A . "sim Searles, B. Richards, F. Norrison, I. Moore, I. Fels, L. Federhen, T. Lloyd. 4th Row: I. Marcus, H. Baxley, R. Borden, R. Redmond, R. Puerner, L. Hocott, G. Fleming, D. Clarke, F. Walker, D, Wright. lvl t . t dale Road Races, auto shows, and the National Road Races. Considerable interest has been shown by outside organiza- tions. The club has worked with the Flint Police and the Gen- esee Gear Grinders in trying to make the road a safer place to drive. With the continued support of the GMTE and the faculty, the club hopes to provide its members with an outside activity which will prove both entertaining and educational, Officers: President-I. Camden Vice Pres.-I. Greenough Secretary-D. Thomas Treasurer-D. Courtney Activities Chmn.-G. Hufstader W If ai azzzaf.-rr W iw' ,f""'T""'t 68 .VA - ,N L 1 Ski Club Members of the ski club again took advantage of the many skiing resorts of Michigan. Nearly every weekend during this year's skiing season, a group was bound for Caberfae, Snow Valley, and other popular spots in Michigan. Activities began the month before the skiing season started. Meetings at school featured skiing movies, instruction, and dis- cussion of care and maintenance of equipment. The membership, which was even larger than last year, in- Top Picture. Bottom Row, l. to r.: A. Drozdiak, B. Delslaven, R. Gordon, R. Whitney, D. Wuiciak, B, Walker, B. Welther. 2nd Row: V. Abla, H Pedersen, B. Morgan, R. Bradfield, B. Arbuckle, I. Federhart, I. Sylvain, I. Darling, I. Pfrang, 3rd Row: R. Green, I. Pickup, D, Ahern, I. Willson, D. Gill, W. Lowther, W. Montriel, K. Lockhart, I. Moon. cludes many who have had little or no previous experience. With instruction from the experienced skiiers, and with the equipment furnished by the athletic crib, the ski club offered an excellent opportunity for beginners in the sport, Officers: President-I. Whritenor Secretary-Treasurer-A. Miller Pub. Chairman-D. Heinlen and B. Whitney Bottom Picture. Bottom How, l. to r.: F. l-lalbo, W. Steers, I, Whritenor, L. Miller, B. Thiede. 2nd How: W. Frxtzen, B. Chase, B. Courtney, W. Bradford, I. Barovich, G. Hodson. 3rd Row: R. Chamberlain, I. Fels, C. Dasbach, B. Angell, T. Abrams, K. Schmidtke. l '32 'Q A 1 rf -r,r,,v. . GJ 1' 4 I , :4 . 75 5' Y.,- 69 4 s 5 Camera Club The Camera Club, under the spon- sorship of the GMTE, brings togeth- er the photography fans of General Motors Institute. Under the able assistance ot Mr. Elmer Menery, it holds two meetings each month, a business meeting and a studio meeting, at which members see de- monstrations on the correct usage of lights, retouching, and hand paint- ing. The club has maintained the darkroom for use by GMTE mem- bers, and club members have de- veloped, enlarged, and printed pic- tures for the Technician and Reflec- ' tor, as Well as personal shots. Officers: President-Herman Izor and Andre Bouquet Vice Pres.-George Svihla and Ray Ruhmann Dark Room Supv.-Bill Stein- burger and Tom Altes Secretary-Don Carow Top Picture. Bottom Row. l. to r.: E. Hahn, G. Hale, T. Alfes, N. Chomuk. 2nd How: I. Fels, I. Haines, D. Ca-row, H. Searles. Bottom Picture. Bottom Row. I. to r.: W. Steinbruner, H. Izor, Mr. E. Menerey, G. Svihla. Znd Row: D. Castle, I. Clements, L. Portes, R. Johnson. Rocket C1116 Formed in the interests of those students desiring to study the principles and construction of rockets and jets, the Rocket Club is open to all GMTE members. Weekly meetings are devoted to business, experi- mentation, and demonstration of the processes in- volved in the operation ot the pulse jet, turbojet, rcrm jet, and rocket. The primary objective in studying engines of this type is to apply the principles of engineering research and analysis to the construction, operation, and test- ing ot working models. The club members are now constructing a wind tunnel in which tests can be made on all types of jets. After completing the Wind tunnel, they will construct a ram jet, suitable for testing, which requires cr wind tunnel lor stationary operation. Officers: Chairman-S. McEwen Vice Chair.-I. Darling Sec.-Treas.-K. Larothe Metallurgist- A. Drozdiak , and T. Mackie Top Picture. Bottom How. 1- lo r.: D. Wright, N. chomuk. F- Walker. 2nd Row: H. Sec1rl9Sr G. Hutstader. Bottom Picture. Bottom Row. 1- to r.: D. Ripperda, I. Darling' S. McEwen, W. Lowther- R- Gordon, R, Dehaven. 2nd How: diak, B. Iohnson, C. IdC0b50n' Lockhart. I- V. Abla, T. Mackie, A- Dfoz' Activities ol the Rifle Club include practice sessions in the downstairs lounge as well as the annual tournament. Mr. Robert LaNier is club advisor. Ammunition, targets and rifles are furnished by the GMTE. ln the annual tournament Ed Snyder and Iohn Hinkley tied for honors in section BC, with lohn Anthuis winning in section AD. e C1116 Top Picture, Bottom How. l. to r.: E. Chafiin, G. Ross, I. Hinkley, l. Fels, N. Chomuk. 2nd How: R. Tmavsky, H. Searles, l. Barovich, T. Alles, A. Fiedler, R. Shelton, T. Scartf, N. Brewer. i f i 1 ff ,f, 'FFP'- bw ' nymvfmfmzmszomaa ,avumnmmxwfaaxazfs ,wmv ww may wwmfv A 4 fa :eff-'awmu qw land Under the baton of Paul Simpson, and managed by Don Hange and Gil Fairclough, the band has had another very suc- cessful year. With increased membership over last year, the band is gain- ing enthusiasm and popularity throughout General Motors ln- stitute. ln addition to playing tor the annual G.M.T,E. freshman meeting and the championship basketball finals, the band pro- vided tine programs tor the annual Christmas and Easter serv- ices, and presented an outstanding performance at the annual music Week assembly. Anyone in the halls of G.M.l. on Monday night can hear the sweet strains of the band coming forth from the Auditorium. Practice is held each Week at 6:30. With the addition ot a baritone saxophone and anticipation ot a bass trombone, the G.M,l. band is growing each year in instrumentation as Well as membership, and proving to be one ot our outstanding organizations. Oiiicersz Manager-D. Hange and G. Flairclough Librarian-R. Kyle and T. Chase Top Picture, Bottom Row. l. to r.: W. Polkow, B. Moberly, C. Nyboer, R. Lehman, I. Haley, D. Turner. Znd Row: R. Trnavsky, I. Cizeski, N. Brewer, E. Cottingham, I. Barovich, G. Pruder, I. Sienkiewicz, C. Novy. Speech C7410 The Speech Club, reorganized in October, l952, with Mr. Roger Hamlin as faculty advisor, now numbers 30 members. The club offers experience in debating, group discussions, plat- form speaking, and radio Work to those students Who are in- terested in these activities. The club members have held debates, recorded interviews, and outside discussion meetings during the last year. The group recently conducted a student meeting with a panel discussion to consider the question of "What Can Be Done to Prevent Conflict Between Club Activities and the Ath- letic Program." The matter was very successfully resolved as a result of this meeting. Officers: President-C. Nyboer and D. Trojan Vice Pres.-L. Parker Secretary-E. Cottingham and R. Hamlin Bottom Picture, Bottom Row, l. to r.: T. Toomajan, D. Cimino, A. Haskell, W. Walker, S. Wilson. Znd Row: D. Lipsky, F. Davis, K. Mills, I. Eld- ridge, L. Drewyor, I. Iohnson, I. Clayton, D. Trojan. 3rd Row: K. Rhea, I. Marshall, R. Hamlin, R. Vreatt, G. Wilson, I. Kuhn, I. Wilt. 'ft O W 'iw I ' B Q7 P sig J 'fy S41 V55-FE' ?raternitieA Q 4 4 2 fa 1402114 belta Vvw- new l 7 X --,. wp, f ' ff. ff v4.Kwma!w,4W,w74..a2'1zz1w .Mm W.4,y1ff1W4hcfdl all . - - my i' L if -fre. 59115 . Y .5-I I .:.- -1-1--WF. 11. 1 . I I . -.FII , X . - , 1 ,-1,1 1 ,Q . 1 1 1 1 1 , . , ,K .A V , , ,,,A . M, 1 I: ' 1. 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Mackin-all of whom occasion, which was also Termination weekend, The the five original founders original faculty advisor, Mr. were invited to be the guests ot honor at the various affairs of the Termination Weekend. Making the "Horne of Alpha Delta" an increasingly more comfortable and attractive place in which to live and study is a continuous project for the men of the house. Progress this year included four complete- ly remodeled and reappointed study rooms. Other improvements over the past year include a new root and an attractively illuminated plaque which identi- lies Alpha Delta by day as well as by night. ,ft Officers: President-H. Gritfies Vice Pres.-L. Miller, W. Hinkle Sec'y.-D. Sattler, F. Halbc House Mgrs.-D. Coon, R. Spears Treas.-I. Heim, C. Tripp ,rw ' gl VY., ez mein uname E CK ERMDOD f .ff l f5?if' I-1. - '- ' ""' ' """ ""I'T"' , 1 isa.-.f.1Lfs.-I-11 1 1 ' ,. 1 1 ,, . ,, 1 . 1 1 " 1 X- - -I - aj-1 ' 1 1 .1 - 3 1 5. ,,... ' l ,VI ' I ' 1 1. ' -5,1 gs ,. , A . 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A. c snsw.x..n- ' Z ' fl s f at mam- .N Q c c gy ,.,ge.1s.t '5 it 511' if ' 1 ' ' - A LQ Rm ' D Wi A k ' J R' QU sc . 4 G 1 - --x 1 'ni' ,. , f '.f.1-- g I T1 3, el -gl 1W l W 71111 '11UIllEl1ll7LE1 1 1l"21'1gllL anus guru c s Na L s 5 N s s s v w 5 5 - . - . - . A-- w l - '-- . . - V . w A.:-.1 - ','i5"2:zW7 ' , 5 .r X . 1 V tl. dia Lllw ptizi' f 3 B-1 fy - W f 1v - 4, ,H ng? - ,l'l'-, - , ' 1 E .55 if . fs .-, .. DNKE1 BE E-Ch 1L r-uBC1Eil D HODPE k I ' OZ M7 . 2 , 7 - 4.1 Q, is ,- 5 , a 1- Q' af .1 ff, . 3 - 2' 'Qi . .' " 2' 1 5 X .M uf 1 5 .:aD1.1N:Ew. I sm pea .J svwtu-tc, A -:c1o1- e1 sz o sou e ec u 1 coats:-1ror1 c L,-:Hman o cnwtow Q vzuaea w v.s:-Ks . .1 7 ,Z . y .v , R Q Q X L 131 L4 lf' 1 use ': ,Q -' V , . C up . . X , .- N , R I -. -:I g ey iv S s . r e-cow-rms.-sm c merge Q Knaov R fsasents n caan N 11 Mlm111.1 Lees D -N111-2. 1-11 1.-4n1r.+1w R anzzea. A saewewt 5 -1,1 1 - I I - ' l -1 Q , o, i 0 -- x A 5 rw 11 .. 1 , 1 J 1 1, .,,-. I , u ' - A' - vi -' 1 N REDMRN wk IAYERS O CAMPBELL D TLIRNEY-C G NM-ARF ,A N.1YA,NNEW- -I RN EN K EEP4lC:l.Et E KZAV fi KET:EMF- HNMRICHT This year, Delta Chapter oi Alpha Gamma Upsilon played host to a very successful AGU National Con- vention. The event was attended by men from the l2 active chapters of the fraternity and alumni chapters. The annual Christmas party was held at the chap- ter house and was attended by 25 underprivileged children from the Flint area. The youngsters played games, received gifts from a jolly Santa, and were served lunch. At the Easter party 20 children were on hand to hunt out the hidden eggs and receive baskets from the Easter Bunny. The Chapter House, located on the comer of Welch Boulevard and Detroit Street, has seen many improve- ments in the past year. The approach to both ends ot the driveway was cemented, curbing was erected all around the driveway, and approximately 15 yards of crushed rock were spread on the driveway. The game room received a complete redecoration, and the house itself was also painted during the past year. Officers: President-R. Humphries Vice Pres.-R. Mosser and L. Heeb Comptroller-I. Taylor Secretaries-T. Plummer and R. Swick House Mgrs.-L. Kauttmann and P. Murphy Treasurers-D. St.Iohn and I. Stevenson . ,1,-.1.. Q- gms' 3.-.155--1 .1 5 ..-. 1. I pix x , ,. .A4 Q' I mm .QW tv' ,v sf ..gW" 4 K.: 1 1,1 wif" 1'3" . "1: KK xf-9?n"l-y , . 129 , ,,:1.axq3xwl"' ggi 'NE' , vm .mx ' 'Q law la fr :qs ' -rf 0 1 X A V. f 4 if ? f x 4 2 4 QA V' A , f 1 , ff . '. ' H1-g" ?5Z.1wf57f,-Qvnm?-' "!:3'?1E -, ' ' g?'f.:T2 r. The capacity of , u 1 1 .,,,, , K . , , W ---e .- 1' ' E - ' 5 fffffe . . - . ,. .- l Y y .5 ,f Q l 'il' li, F " I - no Q- 2 .qv . , 'r 4 l xy ' R r ,g "V ' f . I' . " ,I 4 .. - l V ' mv: A ' f 3 ., T .. WT! ,' K P A 4 it it 2 ,:-- ,. , ,, 1, Q., A ,er ,,,.,. 1 , V 'END UWUJCMK J ,,,,A,qe-agua .r qmeg-son' rg. vceveele-ws f lf FEDAERHDRT W CEKVENY -.T g',vLvL-:N V iibulckznaigfs ,i-if,-3 ef:-:1.v.:. ffzrz.z.y.':' Qfe.:z'c:'.1zeJL q j.'f':':.v.'a'.'1:f .' .1.'-E".".'.v:.,uc11z- v-i.S.r:'.k5c:.1:'c6zr5L -f,Tz'.f.1.razzx:z' riff: rf, Z':a.Jun 1' .1 f L, ' ' V , , , "Wi W X l ' xr f f 1 ff , , 1 1 1 1 4 R' 1 ,I u l 1 '1 I I 6 r 1w,:5pR ' s Q s xv s L, s f-.ev , V 1. 5 s ,S fs w- - , ---ist . - l me 6' 1 .. .,, - ,, ,gf - 7 ' S' N .lt 4:-vu X - f if , f "4 X., con? 44 J A .1,-Duma T4 LONEGAN X Q4 ' 4 V' , f C afufjiw F BR'NE'O" s ., - -:. :r ' f ' 5' 'T-'3?1"'7ff'-ifff ' . . Q Q ,R ' I .1 Q 1 i Y .f 5., an , ' - Ljcjf' 443 74 if X ii' '51 .'l 'l f A 'Q 'I -' ,lf ' T 'i-122 , ' list lk 'I B' ' N N- ' ' QA- M Horemnze E Fmrzem ' f 25 ' ' ' ' I 59i5f?7f" - ki-1 Q Q X 1 -""'i.Li..i'.7 ' ' "5' ' " ' I ,lr " V ' I ' . s w: Z. "Ti I 1 -2111 c, .J.wEvemc,vo A Ng?gy:,,- l ' - m,j'j'5'1R CUE :DRE ,lg-'1?.f22?TfiFs2'N 'life .-121253 is ' 'f ' , .-w .X , . ' 1 2 , V -, - . V' , .f 6. '- ex "- " - ' . l - -. K, Z 'fi . ,. X , .x ,, , , , ,, ,. 1' . 1 1 l -Mega u 444. K, - uae :Zu A ,l,,.4- .r w-Sci-men:-ER v. uzwnsn J Mscmms E ALLAN w. peruse X, f A 'f'17-f'53'i'- f- - r A 4'a'.:f:lfaP 1-7"a':l'.r0P -L'.:'.y'1Lr0z' f'-zfarlfo P 'Q-faf: Jlfor' " ' ' Azlmcm-A J EBERLY t L L L q memaevz e Mac vuewaov-4 , 3.,,-'lk - tfsgxjk-3 .f .- T' x ' " ' f ' ' k-154 .W alkyl. , , ,535 , -fi . ft " 'Z , V F P 'H :ZW -we it Q . 'l sz' - if '. '- 'L .1 9 0 4- - .af-31:2 ' v' ' . ' N. ' . 1 " ' ws. . r y. w, t I' . , . wg J 1 V Q3 95 I A ' I rv ,393 AZ: ,:',.f.Wn ' V 1 I, . ., if' ' V 'I V!" ' ' t. 2 Q ,u I ' f, 19 451:31 1 ff T ALFES D THONXFK5 C STRQZWX E. LQTVATALCJ T 'EIEQRY d. EAKE5 U DE FAIIO , L PAPALE J-LAURYCELLF - , , V , fry-fs.-I, 3 55--7 V jd S li 4 A ed 'S . '- . W if-' " 4 Q ' C. -22 1' T 4 5 1' F- ' , . . ,F . yu , - ' N. - N 5 ' -,: j , I a 1, I y Qs g t . 5 'xx ' , - Iii? , -, Et '-. . . , A ' ' v A - A Q-gi I V , . x at .1 .l , 0 -Q24 p T. 1 L- QORE RSTROTHEK H- CUTEHDMLL B MA5SlE C. DOWNKNC, D WEST A-VECELLKO C. BARBER Y E. YNUHNEL C, FOLEY - , ' ,f?LlaQb,c-f cjivrtrff - R W i i- Expansion and improvement lines at Gilgal during the past yea have been the head- the house has been enlarged by the efficient rear- rangement ot study space and the creation ot a new basement study room. Construction ot new dining tables, installation of ceiling accoustical boards in many rooms, and the building ot a circular drive around the house were a few of the many improve- ments. The improvement with the biggest honors was the restyling of the house plaque. Traditional breakfasts were once again enjoyed after the Sweetheart Ball, the I-Prom, and the Grad- Ball. There were many successful parties during the year, including a farewell get-together for Bill Thomp- son, who was called into the armed services. There is now an established tradition on Begole Street between Gilgal and White Elephant, This was iormally introduced by the purchase of a supremacy trophy to be awarded the winner atter playing ot specific athletic contests between the two houses. Officers: President-I, Grierson Vice-Pres.-K. Pfetfer Treasurer-W. Cerveny Secretary-I .Mantredo House Mgr.-H. Friend Ass't Treas.-C. DeFiore Ass't Sec.-T. Federhart Ass't HM,-D. Wujciak .,. f - A , 2, 'ifflziil 3 ? 745371 .5 ,V f ,fff W 1,1 ff? i f 1 wwf ,ww - 1 ,X f .51- ,P x .,,,jf1f 'N-' f,.i! ' "x Q77l?.fEQgh,i il- ,Uf i ff 1 Us 3 e s iw' W ,V V H ,,,4,ffw-'wg 61" '1 7 5-,H W N -'ev ,M ,.,., M . 11? wi l 1953.1 l , i,.. , .1-1 ' L .Q 3 , . . - 3:1 Y-'rl Q., ,,,. S 5 tk gg -.1 v 11 .,:: .Ji 'wr . af- . -' 1- ml? JY .F 1 it tm.. 11n11 X-11 N 4 .vc "'1 """ x 1 .:111.,1t1 1.,.,, .- . A P- ' Q I, fun l'lI'fl U X E 1 vi me 35 .'g. . ' Q52 ' . i s.. N l ui 1' Luncua Six? .I .,.X:.- 1, .t - fx T .1952 5' 15153 ta? G-x . , ' .sa LES l I LlALUAnl rc -,-ul I 'wxl ' -w:1"i:-1 -N-r-:ge SM. .Aim . C , fb . G if ' Q ' Rx A 7 A l , ,, as is l Q l it + . X 3 'N AN G C1 X 0 ok L ,son i 1 . 'Run Le Joi-- ? ' fi - 1' 1. -mu-1 r-Lsir sf . ,we . I , QM l .. A A L L.. 1 . 5 1 5' . + 1' 1:5 -. M- ook-.gnc - smiem. N -,wb-.m. D i.x1n11-...U . . , . G4 . - , 3 : 1 4.1: - sn., . Q ,X . 1" L -A' ! ' -7 vt g. .- .5 NGK .US . J l l Quail' E umm w e.c..tea .J .uw-nuuef F. 0-.V .- 4 ' 1' xl j F' . fs' 1' .s I LLINS - S -21 .ni Avvoon. A ocuxvvcq -vu ..g v i - A . ' o an-em: 111. r-11... iz c-Annan ' .1 '1. - Presently located at 713 Stevens Street, Gamma Mu Tau Fraternity was organized in l92B, although the charter was not obtained until l932. The past school year saw many improvements in the House of Gamma Mu. The new basement was Completed, and other interior improvements included the installation off new closets and built-in shelves in all the study rooms and the redecoration of the entire first floor and stairway. Exterior improvements in- cluded a new sign for the front lawn, made by one of the pledge classes. The social highlight of the year was the election of Gamma Mu's candidate, Mrs. Ray Hollinger, as Queen of the Inter-Fraternity "Sweetheart Ball." The cooperation between sections and the guidance of the faculty members has been instrumental in up- holding the high standards of Gamma Mu Tau during this eventful year. Officers: President-I. Alexander Vice-Pres.-I. Dixon House Mgr.-I. Predmore, D. Schuyler Secretaries-P. Iohnson, N. Feles Ass't House Mgr.-G. Daskavitz, D. Dennis "J ,f k A t J G 1 .1 1 1 m viva w. Q WQALL L 1.411114 a r r Q - -. it ,-M11n f aii x . 1 ,, . . S .1 1tt111.-.. .,1.......f.,11, , 3, r 'nf .4 g,',,,4,1 dtuu 6 Qt. R. . any X inf 5. .ef , .. 6-,' 5. f f A. .r , 11 w11411v,rn ,, -..5,1:,z' I V., ,.. ,. ., . 1.3 gy' 11,1 iyz, , ,I ,,-L4 E 1 I- . A ' 1. 4,4 1 1 .f rg, "' Ls U1 '1 'f R f t, 1. 111-111 t. 1 1 ff fr f M' X L TI' 5 A W l . ii' J THQNNAS Q Ll-lOf,C.l.V E253 ' V 'yfvff . A ,VV 1 . -,,,, . .121 . , ,V 1,5 - - . .., 7 7 .nun in Auf-outs: - ,J' nl Q.. 'P iw:-7.7. A ' e1.5e,m, u zimmum-N 6, . yy 1, 1 -lx 1. . ,L V i - ge- . V T' .5, N- 'fc sa ' If A f f A,...rm mmm it JOM, mmm. W nw- 1 Q ,mm .1.,. Q .L WON . ,1-fist, pf Jwfli- 3f,,1' Tm? iii? , if ff fi if f f , 3' 11,141 1..- W Q. V- 1 i 0 ' , 1 ,ff jf . 4 oil.-Q., vo .- Q ER T .l 1, ..f..,a A E .11 Y I 4 V1 1 1 fd"-,' it uf.-u1.4111. .tt .D-fi 9,1 1. cout.: I nwnoqu n oniou cl- ,- .fn vox 1 I ,L L Z ,Q ' I J z sa , L Q, c,A-.una ,1 an pa- .1 in P csRAu1-4 Q. 5 . Z: 7 2 , ' iif',4,,,,f' 1 .-I." 1 f wgj-y 'Q ggi "I , A- 1 ix.-.L - 51. 1 1.1 1. 11.5, . A .1 EE 'Fi I tiff? gl 52' ,S iff- - . 1 , t . 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I 4 X ' A 2' 1 -J ," 5' -' F 5 b' C . 1. 1' 1 'ja, -'54 W Z-' I 5 E-7 , -' i I A -h Apu. r . .,,. ,. 1.Lu..K.. . . MM. . ..... Senior-aonas 5 - 'mmi FW pf? 1'-v-vwypa T ' ""' "Zi l Q 3 Q A V 4 4 - . 1 2-i 1 : -Z 1 .. . 1 - Q 1 Q - ,f .... e - -Q-Q. Q , l 1 . V , V 5 Z L . vii E I V- V' I " 9 1 A , i 11 -Atl .s dd' L r. K ' in . .,.-use .. 55.11. .1 . ...rm wc. r i...,.1.- .,. W-.. it -..N H M ' .f f"'rWrw1 1 A rf QQ 'I' - ' Q, ' T. 31' -3 v: ' 1 y - 1, g ' 'fear 1 ' 1' 1 l ' -1 L ' 'izitv f . iii- ' 'tx' A f ll' 'L Q f , .....,. . me M... .. .. .. ..i.1w . . tr .WL QW ,mp 1 K Psmocns 1 1 I-mv' ff' ' ' if-'X' fi. ' ' ta tri Lg C 1 9, 'Y -1' 1 1 1 J .. ,. '21 1 ir 5- Q 1' y 71 11 . At! 1 iii wr- rl 3L-1g'7-X 12 1 -Q .C M... .4 ww g. ct... .A ,M .M MW. 1. .,..,,,..,. Ti ' J' K" ""':"i' I ' ' '77 ' 1.1 ,fag 1 1 l .1 c.. ' .21 ' 1 ' , I 1- Q: 1 ' 1 1 Q1 1 .1 1 1 11 1 1 1 - , , , - . - L-1 1 ' N 11 ! V lf' ' ' ' V ' '1' l ' . QL tina I h 1. f Q. QE . ...E-. r .:..,.:.. , 1. sw... r 1 .nm E1 .. U. rm.: W ..1,,,..r,, 7-fi-ie.,-. 1 1-f-73 FT- - ETH . ..,. , -.3 ',--. 1 sf 2- r 1 -1 I fs: sie 37 2 Q enqji Z' Q- we 5 v .- 2' 1 1- wi' 55- .-'-'-f . , 1 V- 5 3-'ff so 1 1' . A 1155 1 f 5 ' ' - +1535 -- - g , 1 1 , 1 I 1 v ,Q 'I .rr ' 'X' LZ,L,.f. 1l,.l' ff. Q. lb f P ..... ., um . Q h.....Q.. .L ..,1..m.. .C .W .. 1.....n W. ...W . , cm.. .. Wm., y Fncut.-rv. Aavlscms V ' ' aff f """M'7'f7E - .1 il: y ' : 332g 1, 1 1 ' 1 Q . ' 5 ffl! 1' if "' , -' . 7 U 1' ' 571' fifljl -. 1 '-: 14 ' W Q, X A . qw V 1 .xl ' h 132 ' H 1 :I - 1 1' mf 'i' 11. .,.. .....1, .. rw. Q .mr .,1.r..., ,N M .m0,.,.., mr... Q U-.un -. v.u-.sw -r -1 uae-.err M .enum The rewards of fraternity life are still bursting forth from the residence of the Phi Kapper's at 715 East St. Though with each incoming group, the average age is younger, still the maturity of thought prevails as it did when the group was led by the older and wiser members who displayed manhood qualities when the fraternity was organized in 1928. With the coming expansion of GMI, our group is casting looks toward the future with hopes of expand- ing our facilities. Thoroughly proud oi our house which was purchased in 1948, and yet feeling in- debted to our predecessors who passed it on to us, we envision the future as holding a new house which will be our expression of gratitude to the fraternity spirit. Major projects this past year have been concerned with beautitying the interior and exterior portions of the house. Officers: President-W, I. Rachilla Vice-President-R. Fournier Secretaries-I. Young, G. White Treasurers-I. Larmond, R. Haun Senior Advisors-I. Anderson, W. Chapman T1-. - ..- W-. ---,... .--..-, r u H- Xxmw , ,xi M ww , , Q -rss" S X. 5-g.f:E..1"fQ A- '- ' 2: V' xm NXN5. ' AN. X u Y of A . . , f W Q , , faq .-'11 4 f, 1, ,Q Mlm IC, f I I ! f'ff f f' jfhw f 1,1 W 4,4a,,,0, ,,,.7,,A,,f51zj 12. F ?3i'f'W Z' jr ff '4' 411215056 1' JY Ja Bfiiiifi 'Q 149- 222722 4 .. ,I-f-L ...f W w,yy,wwf,mmu 3 HT Tj", -r "" -A" r 1 ""- , - -,------ - ..- .... ...X ,. ' il- ' . . ' of . f' . "fi ' ' "',- l " K .1 3 l s- Q-mi 2 'V - . f ' 5' 'l f , .gi ' . 3 X . 152: ..5,,, 4 I V K ' ' .:,t""4 E '- Ll fx .. '- ' t 'f RQWIIENBKH gsmmiaiu i emu an ' , " -. N 1 i . C92-:ffm-'lgc 11-24 -'-E'f'm'-2l'.1f Br.-.nffmf 12,-'f3ffY',5:T',2,,i " f"i""A' . , .2 f-'SHN vi eewnm' " '-'Ql?Q.S,L2I'gQQ"' - - - c:r,f!.z1i .1rc.1.r1zz':r' -Jug., h,ya,Mj,,,. .2,bJPJ,4n,pp i- , W , L 4 ' - . 27 x4 , Q s. J. gf N , 3' 9 - . I . 1 f,, WZ - - 4. vs if' fill. C l lilulicl. 4' l il . 2254 55 W -f V ' -Q v- . -V . V, 1 1 ,f , -.V ' L " ' . 1' 1 . I in u.sii.aziN R Bom-EN mga 5 I la 1' ' ' " 7 - e 5' 5' L H rl I l ei '1 'I A' , N s s gi IW, fs N A? 5 Q I . ZW , ' 4' 17 1 . .- 5 ' fffw - mf . . , ,,, ,,. A A M, ,gm Q 193223 7 Ib U4 MATMIBG Ryigmgu 1 1 W 1 6' l 5 4 '71 L' . .. 151- , . Jw A fl if 11 'f IL .1 f. rw .V .mf , - .21 - x 1:1 f fu., ' 4 I xi ., P . ' V '59 K. . 72.4, , I I-1, -' A N , is . .i Q N! A3 f . fm D ' . D"F'LE't Q9"1"'F'?6 DANUERSON :www Mgew i.aA..... " ' :MM , -Q i-96, , -.vk x ,N my , L.: ..,. . . ., :X T, ,mm .. . ,,,,,.,.,.., , M i. nevancaw. D aoeevwson ' ' 5:21 ' ,i 5 -Tri ' ' -41: L.. Hia- ' :N ' 1 - G 1 . : V . . QQ .1 V, 5.5 an 1 c,-45 ' .. h . D v . - , u fi 23.5. 02:42 ' - ' ' ' V f V5 V ' fra if ' 643 - Y 1 gt .. ' . .J " V ' W -- ie - if-'-0 T' ft" -1 ' f 1 K Hnuren b Aqinnonin - 5 Kniuw . e me oomxip c Maven ' i..M:mNC,. ' ,,, GAMERDN dlwu-Us W-MDYER A-mgzqin -:. ,-ei. ' ' ,Q 'g ' . 3234" ., , "'-:::g:,j. "Way ' 'y' . H " i A 241 UQ 1 .ei ra. f . .. . k 'H-:.-if -- ,--1:- :L ,:Z'1,' - 1 ,253 3 if - 5- ix. E2 ' . 4 'airs-.I .S W tv 'A V. 'Z' it ' ' Y Alf: - . H ' 1. " f' 'r if I t AU, r .3 . ,, .gg-I . 1.1! N K-ivkowuiuepl :mai-teen W E wizxiasa-raw. ' .1 Knees cqenumc, naar-5 g,qAEN1i,gp, . V, I, of-?.5 . .,::.gM I .1 ., . . .,., 7. V . : f.. . 4.-3' , + My gags -' ag- ' . 1 -1 i fir, l ,-:fi .5 1 Q 51. Q- :gy I X ,Q in sw E F Q 6, E A A 3 4' V. z'?'fff' . Z' I tl V A 'lg ' if . ' " " T 1 " i . . .sa ' 1 gc-553, 4 '11 , .1 4514. I ' .f Q I Ili' ' l l' 4 51:1 5134 f "Yu d,gNms'roPHE.L. Q mick A c,.'nNDeR'5oN R Ronan - if Prawns .J Kmsvw ' 'M min-cwpeia slwsvoqai. ' . ' ' V ' - A r - - ' , mf'x:fffffw:w e v 1 1- . ,f t 4- , . :iz-M , ' ' 4 - ' V ' - 'f:'9, - , s f " -it '4"'ff75 . ' , . ' ' .2 1 U 1 . ' ' D' ' - - -f F". 2 -1' Q -' . Qi' i 'i ' , A i 7 5331 sg - ' 1 55' Z3 ,mm M . , . n V gi, -. 1- fr, 0- 1. wiigg ., -' "1 Qfmv4.zr,s5fM,.5a. ' ai if Yi- . . xy: 14, ' i f I-ll ff ' fill:-1 ' iii: V. 41 ' Gigli. it ' b f ff 5 ' . c.a.s1-our - .J.e.vnovsn . - cA.znowN wacznwroizo g2i..c'nm.iNc.ERJ w...i1fw,m'uEN ' . Es.: Ruuoous . co..-tgeiqng H.q.pE,q-Eg The past year at Phi Sigma Phi has been a success- ful one. The house has been primarily concerned with promoting plans for a new home. These plans are still incomplete. Social highlights during the year included monthly parties and picnics, which were held at the Chicken Coop, Cooper's, and Potter Lake. Emphasis was placed on the breakfast at the house following the Interfraternity Ball. Phi Sigma Phi also won fame in athletic activities, participating in softball, basketball, volleyball, bowl- ing, ping pong, golf, tennis, badminton, swimming, and track. Two athletic plaques were earned, repre- senting championships in basketball and volleyball. The scholastic standing has also been improved by the men of Garland Street. The school year began with Phi Sig ranking seventh place, and the peak was reached during AD-4, when the fraternity ranked third place among the various houses on the campus. Officers: President-l. Stenner Vice-Pres.-R. Franklin, R. Henning Secretaries-Fl. Kaizenbach, I. Finlay Treasurers-R. Stoothoff, D. Ahern House Mgrs.-L. Gomez, R. DeWitte K. Hofsas Pledgernasters-W. Antrim, fs fav I 'iff 7'7" ' , 1-4,zf:1f, . V, f 1, 21:24 W 071- W Z A .Y..,r, , I ., ,. :+I 1 .V 2 7 ,, f V ' f ,f jf , '1 'f' w52"ffev,. , -,f ..,,, - , f ,. x, V, .HI ' x 'fu-V "9 'V 9 GZZIX '-iff, -f'-ff L2 lf ' I 41.-Ms L ,.......,.....--' '11 . Fig' O , 5 x ,5,,,,? M141-Q, ff 7 , ff W j . ff Affz-f fs? aw . XWC65' 1:4 f --4, ,v., ,-HCQQJ1 fwffhf f .51 ' 45:11,-M' fy -,yup , f ,mf , ,-.A , fn, ' ?7:f L yA.z.', ' K , C QW -:'f,,,,,Y,, z' if ., sf xwz f I -ww-xx -' . -ff-, Und' I y Q . W G I i f,- , , 5243 . .,., ,mv ., ., .y,,. . yas.. L K--' ... , A fi! f' pail fe 1. my QL 554,11-.g11f!gfA, 55211 3 qw if' " . bf 2 2 , 3 . an Va' 1 i ' -'f I, ,g,,, In Hgg 1 'ff-.5 ' x '13 iff?-f 'N a "' ....,- . 1. 1" . b -xi?" Q mf'- ite . iz , .ill 1 I k , A. !, is Q93 , f., 1,0 , 12 71774 gf. I E E ,L T44 sc. ...... Li M ' qw fa- ,Z5 .1 w ff N :six . KYKW, . .. T , Q' QQWQRMV ag ff in-A t ,X .. .,.,. .. If ., V ' V I- F, N ll. f :i .. f'f'E,-GI. 'A , f V Q A V xi 'ta -:1.QVi:.3i3 .--'-' 1515. A A s '12 itri P 'eau F" N ., A x -3 we rin v-us 3 D ?5 , ,. . l l 3 y av e N it : ' 3 p .sg . k 1 2 , ., 'a IJN -J -f-1 .X W, :-mg.. e -.eats N f-up -1 tt ..,,. ' 'Y - If-MET? tern! . . . t -,mst 't . .-.-.15 --ef -.Q -.-sms, . -49, , 5 . . ... .- . Q.. N .- .X .W f. :xii K 1 c ' We , Q-' ' . vs.. -I , Jie-..N. Wx' f i N X x VS N X. i ., RX. fi . v- s is fs - - -if . , 3 . 't if - 2 , . - .V . r iz vxx- n 'sys ks-Vx 4 "fi ' 4 . is E ., , .mm , ....., 'QQ ' it - R E ' s' .1 N-'C+ 5- , A K th. ,N , . K ' . A N iii: A . . ' psig I .M . ff I if X , to XY.: , ' I A X X I - .. -3- Q. ' . 1 - . of-Q. Q . is ' 'X gt , , .1 .. l , . .... ,,:, . . ,,.., V Ni,'. .. . i .. Sim- - -.. . git:-Q. , is X Ni Q-VA l 5, fx I Q X ix X Y X X Q X X Q J X SA xx Xxx..-.vb X,,N . . Vg . . :y i - 'T M e , ,V :rg .. fs- ,. 5a:g:-' I .V ' - , .V .W 1, 1 ViV.Q-V-- . x is - ws - - 4, Q' .1 Q .t- .tV s-.e,..f .rv s V if a. . 5... if Jig x Q is R. t . X. . '3 'X Q5 -1- K' . . . f.....wr D .sans D ...W f. .,..,Vi.W '- f: - . ' 2.1"1 ' , P' it , f -.V " F i ' " - - V ..w:fE?t'57 '0':zme,:3:2:,- - .ag-Q M ' ' - ff i..g,,.. V" ' - vw- t .- x , N M E l 3 rm.. ...Y V I . llix 5 ,mv .... ,..,:,, N, Xk.. .... .-5, I V ' - ' .- 5.11 5-. I " f I , g EE-ggi. 9 1 4 . v f- 'r I 1. 5555153 - ' i 'Yr' L"5""5 D 'ff ,e ,. P N M7 V 51 I Q , J.QVfe...,. 3, te if-VL N ki Vi ff ' mme . .-M . .. 'G .-e......., ' s - Wiifij - , ,ff .. l , ' WW--i,.,., .. .. viii' ' , , 61,72 r' PV--. X f W- rf 1 'V - t'ff'Vf:V ' Va, f. ' - V fe .. X V A -ul. 1 .4 1, . ., A-4, if v V T 'Q ' ' ' LpSS',"EiZ5,., ,.5"'TIf.'f.,- 'llbdlsl -a Cbrvqgn. s. :l4hs-Ov Q nnmrlunma 1 x--..:4- 1 - 42' I -,Alf ',,f 55 1' ,E f , ff.. mf. , , ' A 9 , 1,-3:3,,., t 1 .5 -X 1 . H-fe' .4-....,.. ,nw ,..,.v,..1 ,n,,,..., ,, ,. M, . Q 4 , .,,VV,. . 4-5-I' 4 K , , .,,...... MQ.. by . .4 ,MY 'X W5 , ,frm 2 fy ' W .V 'f,,,fV. Again this year, Phi Tau Alpha put emphasis on athletics around the school. Phi Tau made a continual bid tor the cov- eted interfratemity plaque in finishing high in all sporting events. Special showing was made in the Section AC track meet when Phi Tau took halt of the total points. On the social calendar, Phi Tau held twelve parties during the past year, the majority of which were held outside of the House. Parties were held after the I-Prom and the Grad Ball. Stress was maintained throughout the year in rebuilding and remodeling "The Home on Neome Drive". Biggest project of the year was the addition of a new dining room and kitchen to increase the house capacity. Among other improvements, the members room was completely remodeled and many walls were brightened with new coats of paint. Phi Tau's hat is oft to three members, Emil Bair, Paul McLe-ar and lohn Kinniard, who made the Robots this past year. A big welcome is extended to Ed Bevin, President in l95l, Who is returning from the service. Other members who are re- turning include Ted Baxter, Dick Campbell, Howard Crick and Don Mueclce. Officers: President-Bill Brennan Vice Presidents-Don Grimes and Ken Woodrich Secretaries-Bill Lafayette and Don Melampy House Managers-Ioe Prosser and Bruce Burdick Treasurers-Dave Dershaw and Iohn Parks 195 . 9 H 56 2: , 4, 1. 'C' 'f ' Z ,fa fizfii ' f 'j:f f f 4 ' K.. -yr inf? g .1 ' if ,if 3 ..... M a .-....,...v wig' 'gf -f , .wt ,.., . ,.,. ,.L,,..,c.,, - Q f J , ..,. . .,.. -' F 7 ,7 L 'Z 4, , lf V? ' , Au. I. C N "Q Q 4' if ,Z 'r C Z Z J, -1i'-s X , . 5 X ,.i,.... 5'-'rm ,fr -1 J 4 Z I X h ,, 1 ? mg r I s. 9 I 247 f -4 fm-4.-dl 1311"- , iff - . , ., :. ssx A xxx ,X vk., ,N , V VVVV f - v i ' - ' v ' t it I ' .1 fffkdt ,f212fQ1'ff1 i ts X + 1 ' A ti 1 f i W K 'l t. 1 Wifi 1 '- f I my I . , . -TM-N f .an ' L M- f 5' I g l Q X 5-1-'UNGEHMAN fr' f :A ' . . E it ,. l ,9 me-.'?rem:!m1f' zvrermfanf' ZNIEK Kbgi ayarl m e ' 1 7 1 i 0 '1 1 H 1 . , ,V ,, ' , f , U x Wil 1 I5 ,ilfgllll VW ifllllllllit an-. . ' A 'sl S 1 5 Ns' ' ' V 5 5 5" Lf if 'V' S "Wy S fu H- 's 'W wi sw -. ' ' i'k Q 4 -1--s, -,-,--,W.c. -,---,ec..-.--. s , fs? 5 1 F W 1 1 t W , . .X . I ., . ., , , ...W , H. t it r , , 'f V I t. ff 1 l ' ' l i ' ll? -x 5 ' -' A31 'i ,- Wk 'Q l ' ' M Q nw ' "AAC5QgR,iQA' cy' ggoormr - re- He- -r - I L 1 , ry Cie cwoems u. fwucmsow c LINSKY ra REED ' .4 K- I' W- , 'Q Ze , 'tqnr C. WIESE . o Hpmtt--1 .1 .1 1 fi, I--1 .ly 1' , fi f ,J E-.iss-err 1 XX X . 1 gg, N: df. c 2 U fn n 7 1 if Q 3,7 - v k.. P-lANCOC,Vs ' .flf . -. ' "LL , , ' . r Net 'f fi s X , . r - , Y H' l r- , , fr f . Q. . , , Q 5. -1 .f 5 3 ff .... , 3. , piggy Q -'I , ' M, "1 'fer 4 Q . - -1-L gi Q -. -.-Q -- Q., ..., H.. .. . ff " 'fix 5. I ZZ, N, . , , f 1 , -:ar:g,,g,:.A-1 1413 ACER q""Ac'W'RD Q'i"' T"' H Pt. BOLINQER , nz. eu fre L 'steam R, 1 a-lx.. . ,118 .r , A. . f' Z? V " - 1- jfs-f ' '5"fQfif.i ta'-v' , "iz, ' .,,, .., . , H . ,vv , Z, V 5'-LAWS jWN'TE5CARVER RNQD-vi M .Ti MOON N Moetbev ' .1 zemqoex 'r rt-names, B auecqsee i. was-o G1 . 9 1 ' Q ,- N- f, ,fp ' 'fr 671 ,. V gt , 4 f gr, V ff ai S' ,iff X . K. f V ' A f 1 Gp- . , t. . Gr 'rig xg, - A ' , 1 ,V., r ' Q 5121- ,. ' I' Lzlll gli' X 5' I ,X Ffa. x1:15,z-2-'.-., 1 ' ,, I ' V' " ' 1 vf f 9' I! I ,. - WTON' R-MEYER u 5MlTH q. Bu.u5 'CVGERRN R HAREMSK1 C TKEPPA ti s-terms H, HELKEE d.LOB'5lC,t':FQ As the oldest fraternity on the campus, White Ele- phant continues to stay well above the average in scholarship, athletics, and other school activities. Social doings at White Elephant included parties practically every month. These parties Were usually held at Bund Hall or the well known Chicken Coop. At these parties, dancing and fun making served to sooth over the month's troubles. After the IF Ball and the I-Prom, the social chairman made arrangements for breakfast at the house. The Grad Ball served to bring alumni back to the house to meet the brothers and talk over old and new times. Athletics have picked up considerably during the past year. In volleyball, basketball and baseball, t-he White Elephants have achieved considerable recogni- tion. In baseball the Elephants won the runner-up plaque in the spring invitational tournament, In swim- ming and tennis the Elephants have not had to take CI back seat, showing skill in both sports. The membership of the fraternity was increased, in the past year, by ten newly initiated members. Officers: President-L. Hoagland Vice-Pres.-R. Hungerman, E. Dahringer Secretaries--R. Warne, T. Kubani Houge Egfr- . Bl1Sl'L, D. MObleY . ' ,ffuaifo of qfnzfi-Jrzlflvman 5 Q - -- tw-.--1. -r . :ur -rs ...f..- x i l f it 5 f Q 15 if E 9 2 2' In ter- fraternity Council The function ot the lnteriraternity Council is to develop friendly relations and cooperation among the iraternities on the campus, The rnain activities of the Council include spon- sorship of the two annual Intertraternity banquets and the IF Ball. ln the past year, the two dinners Were held at the First Pres- byterian Church With Bob Reynolds, noted sportscaster from station WIR in Detroit, as guest speaker on both occasions. A very successful and beautifully decorated IF Ball Was held this year in the school gymnasium. Decorations, which were Top Picture. Bottom Row. l. to r.: W. Macciomei, E. Reed, G. Parsons, P. Iohnson, M. Wright, A. Metzger. 2nd Row: E. Dahringer, C. DiPiore, I. Federhart, L. Netzley, W. Rachilla, G. Magowan, W. Brennan. 3rd Row: A. Miller, I. Dixon, l. Pandak, I. Stenner, D. St.lohn, l. Finlay. obtained from Buick Division, were handled by Alpha Delta and White Elephant while refreshments and maintenance were taken care of by Phi Tau and Gilgal. Alpha Gam and Gamma Mu Tau took care oi the programs and favors. Selection of the IF Ball Queen was handled by Phi Sig and Phi Kap. Music was supplied by Brahm Ward and his orchestra. Among other activities, the Council sponsored its annual Bridge Tournament and handed out the Athletic and Scholastic plaques to the houses that eamed them. L Bottom Picture, Bottom Row, l. to r.: L, Kauiimann, S. King, E. Heed, W, Butler, I. Alexander, F. Halbo. Znd How: C. Rauschert, D. May, L. Hogg. land, W. Cerveny, C. Bauder, H. Mau, P. Braun, R. Humphries. 3rd Row: D. Grimes, R. Larkin, R. Fournier, L. Papale, L. Miller, H. Friend, I. Manfredo. 1 .mf Wfffbfffmhg i,,...,, ff no an f 0,0 X WWQL OQQWQQ2 AWMSV WM - ' ' , 64 v ,X ' ww? .- N .Q V 'Q O 9 ' QW mg , 14tleleticA -.- , H+, 1. 9 'P Q, P- '1 fi -vm- " ' M? fa 0 4 :wg -'-,Q, ,4 if 13 ' " 52 f Q f"2'Z? ,.v., 7 I V 4 14 'uv f W 2: 1 I K ,40 4 5'f2.37f. s f 7 ,Q ,, 0 f "ii EQEITEZ' fix. T' 22121 , f ,Z 3' ',,,,f1 2 E' , wi E ' , ua ,,-, X .x ,M J www! ,P .. gif' ,. I I ' H P, ,P 'aj PE Q 2 'ff ,1- .X ' -sN,A f, "-.. 3 . fx .- ! , f gd? ,U .g. W! :gg ,5 ,gy "5 'IM' 555 1 4 ., 5211 VZ 4? E, iregg 3 f ' ag- ' : ' 9- 2 W f x9 g 4 'Q K ws ,AXZM ,, I, ,V 1 :gh M p Z N V I ,,,, , ,, ...., ,. ,, gif jx L V -. 33,2 ' .iff ? It Xi., 4 f 4 - -4, wh , , if f - Q 3 'Q 4 , , 3 .gf,:,. 1, -an Q I , x rg, ,f X , yi X ff ff' ' .:' ' . ZH , .,,. , ., . , ' l .Y ,, n .:. w, f V f ,V H , .. 3. -1 z gi" .JJ 1 -J' fn.. fffnrrtsw-"YA " K X4 ' H Si g Yu,-.. V84 x f i 1- 3 " gffi- 145 51515: ,gat-2' z'.41.i?y ,. . 'SF .cfm ,, X av, 2 ff is-M--"'1'5G""ff, in WK fx? ,uv .- x 7 3 bw. K . M' X2 u.'Q..M ...f, , all JM X7 I The basketball season this year saw Re Kappa Tire capture top honors two straight months, Phi Sigma Phi came out on top one month, and Gamma Mu Tau was the top club for the last month of basketball. Re Kappa Tire led by their sensational lim Wheeler, Basketball Results: AD-2 l. Phi Sigma Phi 2. Alpha Gamma Upsilon 3, Gamma Mu House Guests BC-2 l. Re Kappa Tire 2. Phi Tau Alpha 3. Alpha Gamma Upsilon KaAket6all who saw the last of his basketball days here at GM this year, edged out Phi Tau Alpha for their first championship and the following month Re Kappa Tire beat out Gilgal lor its second straight champion ship. AC-3 Re Kappa Tire Gilgal Phi Tau Alpha BD-3 Gamma Mu Tau Phi Sigma Phi Chev Tech -.V Wx- aw x ,A iff 10 A v'ff I S ., Z I 5-Lf . M , sa 4 P C , I! ,f 4, 4 f yy ,, 19, ff f I Z7 ' ' fQQ g , Q6 If 4 Z f , flifff 1. zz , ,, f , 5539! f9"2?', 40 f ,gf 5114211 l A Z 1 ,5 1. H ,f Z ' 1 A 1 V .4 Qhlhge -4 . E . 4 e cy 5 he ET' Jx X. -,- 4, ,QQ 1 Y 1 S I I Q WMM 1 .Q H S N wg I X Q ', x " fn ' ' . Q 'V Q SQ 2 A ' . . I J , . , . . - .. Q., . g , , f , 1 , 4 1 1 . 1 , H' . 5 4 ., A, I , 3 X I ' . O , A Rfk? 2 L ' ,ff ,fo A . nz- I X FL? nzxm mf , as if-as ff V vm. f -- fr 1:4 V 4 U A gf, 4, ge gif we vff. 4 uw w i?3a ' Q f , . rf 4 Q A 5i?2 if Nff , N, 55 , mf Q Qjiiif " f, ' ' N x' 5. , 1 g '4 . . A. 1 U 4 - M , ":'w.,,,w ,. X H , xo- Q 9 s9' Qs s - Xxx gvgwdzz This year, GMI students welcomed the con- struction of three new softball diamonds which were built on leased land a short dis- tance from the school. The ground was level- ed, the backstops were put up, and the bases and foul lines were laid off in time for the BD-5 section softball tournament. These new diamonds will replace the two old ones, which were removed because of the school expansion program. With three diamonds instead of two, it is felt that more teams will be entered in the future softball tournaments and the time to complete the tournament will be reduced. Usually, during the BC-4 section, the ln- dependent Invitational Basketball tournament is held, but this year, because of the warm Weather, a softball tournament took place instead. The tournament was won by the White Elephant Fraternity, which swept through the tourney undefeated. Section AC-5 held a tournament which ended in a tie between Re Kappa Tire No. l and Phi Sigma Phi, both teams losing one game. The play-off game between the two teams could not be held because of the rainy weather and the close of section. Section BD-5, with twenty teams entered in a double loss elimination tournament, saw pitcher Iohn Spring lead the Alpha Gamma Upsilon squad through the tournament unde- feated. Phi Tau and White Elephant were runner-ups to the champions, Results: Section BC-4 l. White Elephant Section AC-5 l. Phi Sig Re Kap Section BD-5 l. Alpha Gam ults: 120 yard hurdles - time 13.9 seconds l. Le Roy Gore-Gilgal 2. Ed Hawkins-Phi Tau 3. Dave Hamel--Re Kap 880 yard run - time 2.09.3 minutes l. Bob Vickers-Gamma Mu Z. Lee Roy Gore-Gilgal 3. Charlie Cantwell-Alpha Gam 100 yard dash - time 10.7 seconds 1. lim Greenlee-Phi Tau 2. Emil Bair-Phi Tau 3. Dave Hamel-Re Kap High jump - height 5 feet 592. inches Three way tie- l. Dave Mischler-Phi Tau Ierry Andersen-Independent Lee Roy Gore-Gilgal Broad lump - distance - 20 feet 2 inches l. Iim Greenlee-Phi Tau Z. Emil Bair-Phi Tau 3. Bob Wydra-Independent Shot put - distance - 35 feet 4 inches 1. Iohn Corsaut-Beta Alpha 2. Emil Bair-Rhi Tau 3, Paul Ianlcovsky-Phi Tau Discus throw - distance - 107 feet l0 inches l. Paul Ianlcovsky-Phi Tau Z. Eric Kuhnel-Gilgal 3. Ernst Vahala-Independent 880 yard relay - time - 1:41 minutes l. Phi Tau fGeorge Mayo, Ed Hawkins lim Greenlee and Emil Bairl 2. Gilgal 3. Phi Kap Gamma Mu ' 3 fix J if .W V , -5 A 1 ,. . v, fm M . rw 5 V it - X XX ' N . . V , J if :xt . YQ w Ky W . . awk? Z Lt Y I . ,,,4,, - " MLW! fff':"' . ' ylK4Q2ffZ-lv-15: ,' VV? 4 MW! f m4:wza..:1., Val .1-1LfW45',xf,' awf- Vw X .. aff.-1.-W 74 ,mm ,fn V. ,, . .JA VHP' s 6 ...f V. .M g- V, -.f. ., 2 3 , 1 M 457 Z - fm f 4 L f ,Z W. V,-.Zw . 5.4, . , W I V , , V,.V,fV,':,1, f f , ' 1 - . . V, f f Q .1 --f- -Q , 141' X Vi' ' V 1 2 f V 'V ,z-'fff .", -V V ,. V' Vr 4174- f + ' L' ' ' " - 11122-if ,,,' V , JV' .vxR""f , ff., . gQa5g,?v,, W ' A V MMM 'gf"jgjvifV1:gfif'exif:,,,5gg27Lf5f,2'4',WeVN'.,:5zv'f',223fy'ff'511,. .V ' ' -.x . - ff fw xi 'f 154 W1 . 'V , , V 'f f'-' V fzr1fVr1V -V:2.V:- .1. fa. 1 f--M1 f ff" - wwf' '- J. f 1- 'rf .. 3 V . W- V - ff ,VD 5 - 4.1 -.., , , A gg we ' gym I J 5 J., ' f " LW .',' :f . fl, "V ' ' W 254' 42?S,"' ' w.-27? ' ff ,7 V 01 "'5ff11gf ,, A .. 2 QQ "ww 1 .V 74'-M . wx ., .av . Ivr, , 4 .V ,,.,g.:g... - 4' ' V - . 1' . V ,, V, ,m,V,f . . fp: 4' " Hi Egfif, 024 A s rf' ' ig- -'415 1 ky! ,Z n. . -WH V ff If 1 V ' 1 ' Wi. .f' ,.,.' 2 ' MF . M yi L, , . , 4 " Asyvif , ', 5 f iz 7' ' M-'fm . . ' , ,i ,-3 , .. ., w, . 42? V " . 5 F1 " V ' V ' f, . "-ftp zifffgff' ,- ff44WfV f' 4 - ' 1 ' . - 2 .ff zffffifw 5 .V f ' if V ' V ' ,rf mf Wi1pYfryL?f 4 'V we .. 7 . e,. Z3 A V. ,. I , H. , 7 '7,'i.r'3? "3 If f . . z.'i'f1f-ay, 1 Q71 7. zy"'a. - 'L ' .. V 1. P9-'V' ' Q, ' V Qfmf.. f ,. .'j,1.4,,,, ,f -, . , ' 1 ' .--Vf V. V V. ' V fl V,.,,g':-9251? -'iff . . 2. jj ,,,.,,.,l.,,,.,,.,kJ:g, V '?2a,.,,,,, ' . 1 -V aff. 1fU'mQCf.WEZCfj5:f:F-E31. 1:"5"'f44- ' , K QV aV f. V! 40 A., - sw..-ff .fzwwif-f'wf-4j,4..ff... V -v 'wal-1431-dxf V. 4.1 V.. . .f'2a+xf si." '4?"e:.m:f'f2'-M' - 5-1 .1 4-ff 'f'-f.f.- 'f ...f ' ., ' ,, .p 1 A -, - -f,.,.5,..-.,.,,-17 fV 4 f'1.':'k 2:1-ff-f .,,.V ,- Qffwwfw-,f 2113.151'VZz1fZaz:p.,4,zV::V: 1, . ' "-"""""'-'- 'QQ , 2, , " . 4rV " ' fm fV5f"'1 f' 5: 1 . Z:2".yZif if ' z -24' f' 'I 'f 71 ' Z Q, .V.5,-,-fwV.VV'f,g4:1--','-m-1:g':.7-- fp-21" Q " W5,g'n,,,A,, :' .. ,. zfgp. X7 " v -,:.:....Q.'.-,.f4M3ms:1':235-:v-.ifffw"Q: 3 Q ,,,,,.,,,. . ,.V,,,yy,,. . .WA , .,. , . . X ,4 .., V, .,,, ,. A, ,.,,f,,,,,,.,, l. ., . . . ff....zv' ., QW- f-, - , f-..V,,.,,,M' f . gf-V7 -.Z-. mf-, ':,V a 1 V .145 , f .V 0514... ' '- '+f.. "f 1'-11-V,,, V V. ffl' 135' 735: , pg:-' 'V : iwzr':f,:41.'.::::::2,:'g5, -f - j,',V.,1 ,241 'J-1:14f31.",:?2f'V,'.:-.VE 1 "f , , , f " -' - ' .. .- ' - . ,- I ':2f'wfw?Wf'i. 1 3. 'V fi"-',4f?6..,' '. ffy..,,V 'H-.,f . 11.. NV. -ffl - -If 1 f-9346! Z:-V.5:-.sf-sm --::g:5a1:1:23.- f.'3-,:je,:f:,?j:1:- 1fff.V3V. ,Q '-4 Swimming The GMTE swimming meets were again held during sections AD and BC at the Haskell Community Center. Six events were on the roster, with Gary Konkel and lohn Halland splitting in- dividual honors in the AD swimming meet. Konkel Won the 100-yard tree style, the 25-yard free style, and the 50-yard free style. Halland swam away with the honors in the other three events: the 25-yard backstroke, the 25-yard breastroke, cmd the 50-yard backstroke. Event Winners I 100-yard Free Style Section AD Section BC 50-yard Free Style Konkel Whaley 25-yard Free Style Konkel Halleway 50-yard Backstroke Konkel Whaley 25-yard Backstroke Halland Stoothoii Halland Stoothoff 50-yard Breastroke Smith 25-yard Breastroke Halland Smith lrecord l4:l seal 7,, ,Zh ' an E ,,,,,,,,.,M 1' V W , , . ,Au 4 , rj-s,Wf"J I vi ff. ,- inf!! , . v j'Zf.LM " W gfffkm- 1 ffffff 1 0, ..-fx , uv rf: "' f 4"c' 'G 20516 1 ' Muze v ,f hfkfv 0 jg, , . Q 372215 ' A,-ddQQp:4 iff-1 .li , , 0 ,. , 1 , f 3 lr I 1 , 1 TZ., f , of , , ,ff , , ,, :rfb ' 'rd . ang ' ,-.. L. auf. Q- -f ii. Q1 . - ., " 127 , I '.'?s4"1:.1???3. 'J , Q, P' , ff, -1- 1 'W' 'v , z"'f':W?1,zf. 'ziggy - :ff 5 gzizznzzzu "I ' fr ' f'5"' TT.-.. fl Mtffw... .--1 ,,,, K., I f iff: .' izszzs,zafsaiz , 1 if f2f', 'EEii51':fZ?f5: f ,I 1 ,f i:::,1'.:J:::: f f :rf V ?:f:1,:2:::1:14 4 6, I 5 5:1112--gg,,,."' , -f' .Iv 'Fifi l"'5Zf2' f' . ' H4347 ' :t::::1:',7:g5 5 1 ' ,..., f 4 f ,N 1 M . 1, I J' P' -.1-:,- . , Q 4.-, v,. , 64:2 Z7 5 f 'Z , rx 4 ffl 7 gas E H! QK go! This year's golf tournament attracted one of the largest turn- outs in the tourney's history. Ierry Gray CPhi Tau I-Xlphal headed the list of golfers in the AC section tournament via his 37 - 39 Win over Larry Mason CAlpha Gamma Upsilonj Gray also ran into trouble when he met Earl Davis, an Independent, from Ohio University. ln the semi-finals match, Gray edged out a 38 - 39 victory over Davis. This year's golf tournament was played on a "medal play" type of tournament instead of the usual "match" tournament. This meant that the golfers had to make every stroke count throughout the tournament instead of just matching the strokes for each hole. 7'enniA During Section AC-5, a single elimination tournament was held with nine teams competing. As was the case last year, an independent team called "The Boys" walked off With the laurels. ln capturing top honors, they defeated another ln- dependent foursome called the "Racqueteers", Alpha Gam, and then in the finals the spunky crew downed the White Elephant squad. ...saf- r,,...,q-. ,. xx W f . X ' ,W Xu' I Qi 4-5 s 1 Si 14c'ti17ifieA 4.. 52 f j4v144fq,.44,1'a3J'i X 'i . I I' "'1LIIi,'-' Zi 4 5 g Q. " Q ' in, ' Q 1 W ., 1 f" .A 1 1 mmm.. -xx ,ii 1 .., 2.1, ,NF 4 ., u R A 1 In X gf .- ,f ii' ,,-.A.m:ug,q,4,w,w,,4w, , V , . , 'QUE i"VW,fk'W4 .-I3-f'l.,1u!-224 " N,- 'fhff :xii :'Q11f'1fia,,w v , -. - 3 ew1.4,151,Niy,215AL,,:',f'a4z:fwe:,21 '. . 15055,wekjf-,f'-umwww,,,0f,f,4if5.,,yff. -,f" no , E-...'2Zh4r-?f2.'.:'1:' , MJ 114 .Q -V " ' ,F L , U :, 44 . 271, ,, 1? ' 1- J- - , 7 wa' '15 .Q '19 8 fw- .. . We ,5 ,W - ' zf 1Sf3QS,:IE ' -f f 7 K ,+:f,.1'e:g,:',f . x .A - ,. W, .v..-.- , M V, mf -Q.1.g.'::, fc - ff ,..,w.,.g f-.-A V. x Y. ,: X, x ,X ,W v, -: :f.1::,:v.,:,::.::-::"'41 N 4 -If-22 efrfaw 'MMI-:1.Q-1:-gs,-: 1 A ,4 , 2' ,,.- . , x , 5434.5--.., ' 'rfifff' 55 Q. ' -P-f:':1"" 15 '33""fo. 'ta I -Q.:-x',i1" , , ' --xx 'lg wg: - fawwgfq- W1 Q. P A in 3, 5 f., vs,.v!,?w .N -I .A '1- N pw: mf' Va .1 ' ,if-E555 .. zfs3'4if ,','v4 F xg., ,TLA .Q 4 ' ' Li. b"-453 E455 ,i":I,c kL.y x J' . ,f"',.g:.5?1f .ya-9' ' -' bffgifkfu 5356 1- . V1 ffm: V7 2355 QW - ' svww ex L 4, H p,Qgg,,.w:-I ii ' B K ' eff 'fm-ilk, Q ' A .. iii ,w:3:,7,l Ng ,JA Vx' . 9. K 1, x - 1 1 1 1' , P x WF, 'X'-?-'-141.235 Z3 , . il ,V XENA .1 ' ,.-. wif Vg -fs:--mY - "w-,:.,. 4. LN - -' ' 0 'RQ ' :-x ylyxx I ,, - A . UZ? . ld 4+ sf I ' S52- le - - ' 44-""', .- ,--f Ali.. 5 I . ' I I f G ,. 5U": --...J l , ,N Q "' 2 . - 'D , ,. - . l 1. gpg- ' rv? ' ' "' V .U-,-v, lr K.,f.v,- , ! 0 1 1 , . :ff 5 ugh -A is if 1 f gif? , 1? . f x . 1 ' jfff ,, WSX' f - zf ' Znwfffi-.f1z1f:.x:"1f: ' 99"f:?'fL - ' fff f , f' I y , I ' 7 W., 1' . 1' fi ' ff fl ' f , I I I , 9 4 Liifl , V vff ,.'.,,w.' Q' ,V-" vzfiuw MX x. , we X, 4 f ,KZ A 3 5? Q , YZ g K4 af aff-fm . a .' , 625 I - 'Z ' K i 0 ff ' Y few' ,2 :Ing ug' 1,4 .:- ,' 2, :Jn igg. ifxifyif ' wg: 2122 view? ' , .. an r V, 14, f- ,f ww, H' Im! ' .fa , V IZIAYWQYQQQ '51 '54 323' I '11 ,-'MFG H . 5. W3,6a'Q5,AA9,N 1' 4 , ay 1 ' . ,r '-a i 'I 'E fn ter- ?raternity Kal! Higla1iglutA the mid- Tfear 14cti1JitieA , uanmam 5 I L 4 4 'Q Ks 1 .I -J .h. 3 -I J, Y. ' ! 'vff-f.S':m,4rm I ,z 5 ,.,. J L. -3.45. . '!Z?m.:.1g-.1-' wwf: x-.g-':4,.. " '-11:3 ' 4 ? A- - f. ' Sex wi 'ra Q. -1 : + - v 'aff 'X 5 '-1 I' fi' ff. I 1 .ir -Q .a 1 P Um 17' 5 ff: ff- -f 3..,..- V-A, rw f 1, ,ff 1' K" A.. If f" . 4 f I 'f4f2f544!n6 eff' V "" v , -1 f 7 .54 if , fig: " f f , LZ,-1 ,W ' wifi? me 515:67 fix ,, . W , I " Q QV,.,,y 1 ' 2 I , ff , M. 1 in, fm wg, jg? fi W W . , .Ag ' 4' r ' V fm . , V. ,.,f , f 4.4, H av- , I f ff I f V Li 4,7 ' ffl' ' N! I ' wif ' 57 , ,V V7 ., Q , , Kr, I 1 My Q 1 Z V .4 . xv N - - . .. 4, 4 ' x .57 4 - uf ' 4' 'jgl zg-X? 5 . F ' . 77, - :gi ' ' 51. . - .'f 1 5-' E : .-'rs V-1: , ,fifl 'i fii 'f Ji . L' "V: Ps I - Sl' Jelfl f -E .- - 123 -I t 9 4' W, f. .ffkfwzfj ,bwfrlf wh, Q f.. 11's X9 QM - 'wfiij A4 Y ,,,, VERSE.. ' . .Ja-f YZ' . gf , 1 f ,424 , 5 . X 9 fi ' if in af vw 4 L -I4 ' ,. ,W Wea. -g:f?fZ45' I In .g..z3ff 4 - -Q 3- f , J, n fi I fr ., p4 W i ag, ' X wr' wi A L ,X gqgm ff ,W , I E z 54 If zzfww - f L, 4,g"57!.L, z .1 1 My , V A,- f-SQ +- Qg ' , -. '- Q. .li ' N 1'?ewrg4 . Kb. V4:"5f-'S gif we f X .sift x 1' '51 in ' f rw 63 24 A , gg. ,.: 43:45--, ' aff: fm ' - 3 ay f " ' r'9f53:,"'l5 X .1 V 4' J ie. 'J ' F rz nigga Ag 1 . , 4,141 ,V F ,, ,,,! W. 5 ,I A . ,,..,XV7 ,., .,,,-, , ., ff: ,, " ' ' t .,: . " 3 "'7Lz5ga-LN -15-lm.-1 ' I 7 . V-M ' .. 1 . f ' iii? 'riyflhfzggw'312215 f-, -fw1':i-EifffffflwfiQg,?,f5.1'?i 1:1 ,, , f-WM. ' 4 ' ll -, fW'+' - - ' wff1f'Y"Z""'fz2'n,.x rn-N ffff-5.434-1, '-we-".-1 mix.-bg-1.41 Ni-9? .Al-1 Q12 , 143,-'15, , 1 . f 4, 7 j:"'-f-'f':L-, ' ' V -fy -421, MW", ' ,' GWym'Z5.4.h4.,, 'fw-f'g'::?fyc:-,,, K. ,QQ ,,..v-f.,'f,11Luv,,i'.-'I f'....,,LI. wp -, .-...T "J 1-11 -- - wwf-4,1 'M'ff2"-' V+,-1 m4zfg4'fff+.,,,. ' ' V "W'-'Qf'-:vwy"'..N.N-- X 44215 fn-:V 4 'A --X142 ' w,,y,,.-waWf'4,.' ',f"'fMia'g,2:'f'4z - ' , " , 'A "1"5i"3'9'rf 'Mruf .' 'v1Z+2r-fm:-. -sg Mesa. 152:-f W 1--v-22.- I f nm-5' -- , . ,K '- V' ' '-5: wffm "l:3'!'i. nf,-V, 5.1: .Z, , f- Ulf. , - ' I. Azgy, ' ,N sg. ,,, f ,'-- 4 ' ':'w:pf"j' 'G , -' - ' -,I-?,.3.,J:1-qw , 1,mfH"'ffif:"T"' J f V- ., 1 "PN wwf 141 -I -'ff' w 'Z Lfw:frf,g-as-,,,, -2 lf.,-,iw -f '. ' 4-ffweiffz, fl ': :naw wzfxff.ff4nv7f,6ww,'f7eI,.1fe'v'ewwZfI4ffff4Q,,- . ,V '- ,. r V , ' - TS-bg.:-3" in - Z'fo,.jf.f,'f-Lyfwzv' 'yifffpfbf' rg.RHS,f-v21'+mf"4-4-if-fffzfgzrw,-,,Z.f,4," Wm: vEff43,:' ,,' " ' ff' 'ax -.,..,fm- .r,"' :---,,,1.1g- - '--'ff..55: ""' A fw'f'i5fP4-'f'4',ff.. -'fvffww-f-iff' fww, ' 21'wa-Jhzff-'ff'f,,,fini,M""w."":fff"--'ff 'f--::1 4'v- N .,-N W., .-F? -w.L.,- - H ' 1fwifv":J.w?wg!'ffffx , . 'v . ,f 23.21lwmfsx',:-ww,.w?fr2:f.-f'1 g , .f .'-Nw?-..:g.elm'4' .M - A2555 f--if-Ng: 'z 3 I -. V . FS 9 1 if 'A "f 4 . 'J . , .. , Ig.: :i,1::,.z,L x ff' .3 ,3 5, L I I ' 1 t Mg, ,I w 3 Q I X '- A K " --fi ,- 9 ff, L V 7 1 ffzzizfg-. 7,11 ,, ,U '..,'.g ., , .4 4L:g,f l X i X .F if x get 6 5 1 Q 494- 1 ,.. I , --Mu li. n , , ,ar aff gf av 'Q V 4 QC- Jp' . , . .3 55 J? V YA A in , .. . 'wig' - 45: If 5-1 .. . A AVI, . ,,. 4 , '1 Y ,N- ia , L: ww IEW!! gi L15-H33 Q Z- 2.2 1 'E -S2213 1 0 I-I1 vi :J - Z -1:1 :I tg I.: Z. -I 15,2 .is , NZ- I ' 2.22 V .1' l Student felatiom Highlights of the year in the Student Relations Department were the completion of plans for the relocation of the depart- ment's facilities and the addition of a secretary, Mrs. Coyne, to the staff. This year, as in the past, the Student Relations De- partment, headed by Mr. Mobley, has fought its day to day battle with the tide of news, activities, and problems of the Tech men. The task of keeping the announcements, peg board, and mail lists up to date was divided between Miss Nancy Simons and Mrs. Coyne. Mr. Robert Fous, First Aid attendant for the school, maintained the health of the students with his pills and advice from the First Aid Office. Problems arising in connection with veterans affairs and loans were taken care of by Mr. Stanley with the aid of his secretary, Mrs. Rozyla. Claude Greeno supervised the oper- ation of the GMTE Store and the Athletic crib, supplying the Tech men with pins, clothing, and decals, and dispensing equipment to the school athletes. Coordination and 01911 Coordination of Plant Training and Academic Instruction is handled by the Coordination section which is part of the En- glish and Psychology Department. The Section Grades all co- ordination reports which are submitted by students and is also responsible instructing students in the standard report practice. The Student Records Department maintains a complete file record on all students who are attending the Institute. The de- partment also issues monthly Progress Charts to all students, giving their class rating and record for each school section. ,- ,- I X f .A 2 ' L Ca eteria Since February 23, the Cafeteria has been under new super- vision. The new General Cafeteria Supervisor is Mr, Harold F. Koeplin. To help eliminate the crowded area in front of the cafeteria counters, Mr. Koeplin has rearranged the tables in the Cafe- teria and also moved the relish trays into the main room for the convenience of all concerned. A self-service counter supplies coffee and doughnuts at break periods. Future plans of the cafeteria include expansion and the in- stallation of stainless steel counters which will serve the needs of the school in true cafeteria style. Li A Aim? K LII' 1 . -- 1:wv.. f.zu.4..4....4f0'- '41-1 m , un. ,ln x x1 gl Q! term u V sk-.- J -1 1 i ll it ,gill library The GMI library is associated with the library of the Gen- eral Motors Research Laboraories and Ieatures up-to-date tech- nical material, The library has tiles ccntaining more than 20,000 catalogs, training materials, and technical reprints, Also, about 650 books are added each year. The loan ol material from the lib:ary totalled 26,318 items at midyear. ln addition to undergraduates, Fifth-Year students and Corporation employes drew heavily upcn its resources. Besides the reference materials offered, more and more stu- advantage of the conducive atmosphere that lor individual and group study. dents are taking the library otlers The stall includes the librarians, Marion White and Betty Buckley, and the clerks, Virginia Bowen and Phyllis Stewart. 1 ?irAt Mid and Koala tore The First Aid Department at General Motors Institute serves an important function. That function is the patching up and reconstruction of any injured student. This includes anything from scratches and bruises to aches and pains. The depart- ment maintains a complete supply of medicines, remedies, . -... Ilml els.-I , 5 E' 'gif fb 75 band-aids, and other equipment necessary for mending the students. Bob Fous, the surgeon-in-chief, does most of the repair work on students except when the attention of a physician is re- quired. Under this condition, the patient is sent to the Chevro- let plant hospital. The bookstore at General Motors Institute is the outstanding supplier of equipment lor the students' curricular life. The books, manuals, and accessories for any of the Institute classes may be purchased at wholesale prices by the student body, During the morning and afternoon breaks, a line of students Will be found at the store Window, patiently awaiting their opportunity to purchase books and miscellaneous items. The bookstore is operated by Bob Gorman, who acts as store- keeper and advisor to all students who are a little bewildered about what to buy. - ,- f f .,,, , ,,, . ,, ,, ,, , 1 ,f ,Hffm f.,fi.rwm7MmwmwffffwhAvfffffwwwff I 'u 15-Jada Keeping the lnstitute in good shape is the responsibility of the Building and Maintenance Department. Performing the greatest share of the jobs are students who work after their daily classes are over. Under the direction ot R. K. Gebstadt, the various duties necessary to keep the school neat and orderly are carried out by the student workers. These duties consist mainly of cleaning classrooms and corridors. The jobs are set up so that the student may work as long as he desires each night. This affords him an opportunity to earn some extra money While attending school. Other jobs which are regularly done are polishing the floors and woodwork, washing and cleaning the equipment in the athletic crib, and taking care of the grounds around the building. ,N . i JW gig? " Regigf tm tion f fa 5 V' I W I ' , N -f f-fa s - 'J- Q. s 'QI :- E llll A"ll 4-5 4- 4- -fa. wg... .gi 0.29, iyf 'ip -'35, ,. X I if 5 '.,-v 'pun XL 1:97.94 ' ' ' gf 51 4 u , fog fa, 5 fx, ,V f I ff iq p 1 fN.g,i, ' of " ,, J, , 1 ..f n v' v ,-,, -,qv nh 1? gf ff A ,V-,fu J., 1. f gf ,,A,,4ff . W 6, ,. Q , ,. - 2 6 .,,,, X Zi W! ,I ,Q I " , - wel, w, -, -0 :wif 4' ' ,,: "G, fia- .H ,. 'Iii-K2 ,,, . f ,lf-ax. 4,52f,+4fWm: .-ww ' 1 '-'-+21Jx:?f' , f,W4Zf4ff1fr1,1- 4. ' 4.4747 f.,-11'7'!' . 571-if 1 ' -"W ' ,ff C ' Ag' f Q A ,.:!,f,i5,--fg,..,,,.,.W1. , Y a V:-.Tr '1 :mf W -' 5 ' 'Q -,"ff'f, I . f JI" w-C" ff, 'ff' , " 4 . I ff f H -Ag' ef 4,5 ' , 1,2 ,ff x ' -1, . J 3- 'gay' viii f' ' - ffwaizbfff , ,,,..ff'-' ' af, ' 'L' mf x., 1 fa .1 2 ' wif'-27'Z 'Ma - f ,. ,Mg , 4 -1-fi V, , slzcgfgfyfy- v W gif! .151--7 ,,,4v:-,-.Hljvv A 1wf,:':f::fff ' ' f-,W ne: we ,9',p-ogy, 1 , ".ff'.wff ,,- , f 4-A ' . X if ff jk If 175 Ee ,E 0 'f " . e,f..'1,.4, -I 4 Q-vb I A. e 2,1 I ,gy X1 ,VAV ,, 5 ' ' Q W' fa f L -Q,-1 '-, ,I N .ry - -, ,444 , .wg 5 ' f xg 7 3'i V' . Wff M4 1 225 few . , .- -rims.. 615' " X42 5 I 1 V As- 7 1 ,... . Q - f' if 1: A. ' ' 7 , f 1- f I Z- V171 w X X ,.,. Q.. .X Pr. . Q 1 , Q. fg -- . iff? 14 'Z , ' 'MW' f , meff' V ' - .2 ,.,,. , V . , VWZQCZM. '. W ,AWS Z, V yy, ' f' ' " .,,z,.ff4" ,zfhfv ff f ff, . 1 ,,, ' ' f .f 'A ff fl J I I Q, , X i f f? ffffy iff! 9 717 Q!!! f Z " , ,f 4111 XZ fa A W2 2 ,m ,, . ...l, imp, mar , ..r 31 f 'Vm""" ,, .f W K1 M .A 'ju i .M f", 77 ,H uf - W. . . ,fwfr aff, if , .,,.h,,, , 3 ,- ,, 5 -x 4 nh, 1 ' - ,. -4 " I: .5 , . iii l 1 H 0- 'SA 1 , - '5 X '71 , . ,fb J if ' 1 3 as SI" . ,- 94, .5 . AT' "ffm . , f--1-N 2f1a'f1.s:'W xii ' Q ' V-' .fiqicx Pi , 1 ., ,I . .5 . .2i-L3-115 k -, . ftwzrtvkagwdxf.-111t3z:.,zs'fm-i-mi: f ' ' ' iE?2'g:gjf5-,gsgjfgz "WL 1z':-51'-1?-Z5 ,gg - 1, , . . -3Jx?4g55fq2xe9W3?2fbi2g?7'? 3:i?5S'i3T'Q?:52?f'Q-Q?mx!--1f ,. -45, .A-',fQf:s,i2fL.: ?7.:'r.w,-" 1 m ia'-.Q- ' fxbiffxzzfxaii-Qi. 'Zr??-sejjyxgyfff' 1 "5 ig? ,-,.,4f5.3f .. ' ':QQjgS'v:.':'i-'13 fa-.2s.Q',w.'eL 'fr-..3fQf.fi2XE -'l ft ' . ,gc x-mfjfjzh g,3..g5:5f:::,:5'?,-' gl j q:,y2,12'43.fyf -f' " J -A 1 ' A 1525 ' 5 fx. 5 .Y ' .f df 4 fr! , vs -P3 .J-' -.f" : ,'. ? 5 ggi? rg., .. 7 be- 4 , i ,3'r-IZ., ,A Ke -5.4, Q 5 Z7 1, , ,. .l,'gQ,'.,. """Q,z:7,,5fl. bi' --an wh. dv, Y-- X Q . ff if qw 7, UWZQQ, f'gn:cyQ W:-2 f 173.5 pg: ff ZIJZQV , V ,,,,G M C'reditA The staff of the 1953 REFLECTOR is particularly indebted to the organizations and individuals listed below for the help given in preparing this book. Engraving: lahn QS- Ollier Engraving Cornpan Chicago, Illinois Mr. Iarnes V. Oldham Printing: Keystone Printing Service Libertyville, Illinois Mr. loseph Hancox Photography: Wheeland Studios Flint, Michigan Miss lo Chep Covers: Delsuxe Craft Manufacturing Co. 'Chicago, Illinois Y We would also like to express our appreciation to the many members of the faculty and staff of the Institute who have devoted time and effort toward the successful corn- pletion of this book, Outstanding among these individuals was Mr. Marvin H. Swift, faculty advisor to the l953 REFLECTOR. THE REFLECTOR STAFF ff h iw, We I L A Q 'n ,N J. '. ,J ,Ji I 1 t ,g ffqgfx 1 f ' V-Q1 ' . 1 . L - , 5 5 M i I n I f I I I H 4 gm 132

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