General Motors Institute - Reflector Yearbook (Flint, MI)

 - Class of 1948

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General Motors Institute - Reflector Yearbook (Flint, MI) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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wv..,jBg. f3Q1,,'.f ---4 .. Q gg, 2:-...... .::rr:f:.1"::v:-: Ti'i3Qm.-.. .r4r,,-.1 - Y - 4 ,.,a..g:.-mQg:,::'.:::::: situ.-i 21?-'-'-i:-ref 11 T..-.E-:T.4T-4134 f?C-2-iii' 19? 9. , . , . 3' ' al ---.- :L , --. an v. ,..,. ,ni f4u.v 4 ,,.. , . Q.: Q. .JJ ... 1 J .. 1 ... '-... I 'f ': -Ei 'Z " an 1: .2 .EE- ,. .1 "'... v3-I .-4 'TT :ZS J. . 4-1:1 Q' 'Q -'--I ' - ... 3 " 1.54 -5? 'F 'Tit -211 ...4 -1 -- - .- Q -- .. 1. '- Q.-I '- ..- - 1521 -.. -.- 'E '22 M -N. Q QT ..... 13553111.1234 'Lg ..1..z..' ,. ... L -4 ,-F4 5--'-P fl - 14 - if- W gf: 43.112312 'L Q -'- 1: 1 - ::.z1::5:1f.?ge--11 f 1- Y , J, ,. ia-H 1-' - f 5, , , , Y Y - ......---,..fH,, -. ..,........ --, M. ,M - ....... ........,..,...,.-.-..x.-.-.. ,..:::f:- 1,-N. .- ,.....,... .a....:4..,...::'.:.:-:e-rg-2 :fy-3-.1--... .....,.-...rr::::.Y......--,-.... r' f"""-5 J' -Q.. 1. -.1 ..., ...... -., -,....., 121 -'15 -51 1:5 ..'-'Q .Ja 1 .Te .-SE - .: ns".J 'E PE 12? -:E ' .1 , .Q E5 - II . J! -25 '11 ...: Z5 ...e - ir? -J ,. ... . 'EE J? 3- II 'ax " , - .. .. -i3i-L?Zi-'.E-E- '34-F lil-F-1Jl.'72'L:i."..",.'2:."...." -......1'-.'-C25-'.:z::iJi22g 2,.f:.:: r.: :..:.::.::L:l1'1.'7 :rl -' --bde-5. -az gig er: '31-zrrrrgf -:-ref---.. a. ...5,::::::::::'.:: 21: '-'-N - --f---- GC UL f i' --s Z",-'-11-N F ,D Ifzf, Z2 39? Publlcohons Councll of General Motors Inshtute Fllni Much gan Edt Sph KK Ofld CILS Y w X -. K Z", 4? Tl 7 x l . , Z - A f 5'i 5 j Published by . I . i iors fe an . e . ' N A,-if' , I Z.. Ax , id, ,g A511 ' ' ff' Hy! 4 3' 5556 233.1 6 A K ,Y L+., Nz- K-Qaex Q-Q' Q 1 4 -4 'Q wa Y ,xgxxifg Q Hi, ,L -Q 4 gg lr 'N K U gsfm wfw t 'fp?1f'K"' ' lf , . l.,,.4Bh ,K A 54 ,, . ,K fr V X . Y df W' -vfkis I4 fa - 'vi :2 Q 2 "W s' 2 ' .,?i" ' G -N ,f ww. ,. . , N M. lm 5 ,M N Sf, 3 M:w?.w Y.. E5'1rQ.'M 5 A M R' iw k . 5 ik g 'Q 1, 1 P, D was N Q-fs gw lr. . 'S ' n VV 1 - -Q Aa. 4 44 'wk W SA Q Q1 YF N Ki t Q- qw. ' ' ' 'QQNQ'-ai, ,K naw' we t. YA 'I ns, 'Q x W f ,WA i I , Q K ,A '?b.:.x'K .W ' -, P. 3' 'Y f'.M,v.AM, Q X ' 3 ,fix ff f ,Q 4 1 N, iff! ax . fa X ', ff . .J aw, , x X7 . . , - fag ' . W 1 1, , , N .n . ' '- "K ,I ' 3.1 ' - v- , N 7' 'T v Q - 5, f If-' ff I 1 I Q Q Q ,' . X J-'H s af 1, 1 5. '-rj V-. Sw 'y,,ob ., .y an ' ,QV f '1,,.' v ' 1 Kqf . 4 4 " .J a .M x 5 1-7 f 1 "L Ku' ...Q K mf .Y , . Wx sv R 1 4 fl ...-.-.'.-M. ' 2 3 ln memory, life has faded away into infinity. We remember . . . Thus, we strive . . . for- ward . . . Creating in our minds the image of success . . . Carving from the immovable rock of time the statue of peace, the portrayal of the future. Leaving behind in the rubble of our sculpture, the joys, the sorrows . . . the past. Admlnlsfroflon Llcasses Orocmlzcaflons Sports Achvlhes Frcafernities- - Officially, Mr. Stanley is the Assistant to the Cooperative Program Chairman in charge of Scheduling and Advisory Service. Unofficially, he is the friend in need, the pat on the back, the helping hand extended to the students by the administration. Thus it is, with mingled feelings of pride and humility, that the staff of the 1948 Reflector dedicates this book to a man who devotes his time to aid- ing the student. As the years roll on, and memories of GMI fade, one thing will be remembered, each and every one of our educations has been aided by a man of noble character and generous heart, Mr. Robert Stanley. d dication Business to be handled thsngs to be done All working toward the bet terment of the Institute, may lea: n and benefit Our Admrnsstratlon our Faculty the backbone of our education so that we, the students, board of regent ....,. Executive Committee of the Board of Regents HARRY J. KLINGLER Chairman L. F. GOAD Vice-Chairman HARRY B. COEN GEORGE MANN, JR. C. R. OSBORN 5. E. SKINNER ALBERT SOBEY GUY R. COWING Secretary Asf's""" D"e"". HARRY J. KLINGLER L. c. GoAo General Mtrs. Institute fchairman, lyke Chairman, General Manager General Manager Pontiac Motor Division Fisher Body Division Pontiac H, Michigan Detroit 2, Michigan A. F. POWER M. L. PRENTIS fSecretaryJ lTreasurerl Assistant General Counsel General Motors Corpor General Motors Corpor- ation ation Detroit 2, Michigan Detroit 2, Michigan H. W. ANDERSON, Vice President General Motors Corporation Detroit 2, Michigan T. P. ARCHER, Vice President General Motors Corporation Detroit 2, Michigan 0. V. BADGLEY, General Manager Delco-Remy Division Anderson, Indiana HARRY B. COEN, Vice President General Motors Corporation Detroit 2, Michigan JAMES M. CRAWFORD, Vice President General Motors Corporation Detroit 2, Michigan J. J. CRONIN, General Mfg. Manager Fisher Body Division Detroit 2, Michigan HARLOW H. CURTICE, General Manager Buick Motor Division Flint 2, Michigan HUGH DEAN, General Mfg. Manager Chevrolet Motor Division Detroit 2, Michigan W. H. DOERFNER, General Manager Saginaw Steering Gear Division Saginaw, Michigan MORGAN D. DOUGLAS, General Manager GMC Truck 8. Coach Division Pontiac tl, Michigan N. DREYSTADT, General Manager Chevrolet Motor Division Detroit 2, Michigan MILTON I.. GEARING, General Manager New Departure Division Bristol, Connecticut E R GODFREY Vrce Presldent General Motors Corporation Detroit 2 Mxchlgan JOHN F GORDON General Manager Cadillac Motor Car Davlslon Detrort 32 Michigan E A HALBLEIB General Manager Delco Appliance Drvrsfon Rochester New York ARNOLD LENZ Executive Assistant to the Gen Manager Pontrac Motor Dlvrslon Pontiac ll Mrchfgan W G LEWELLEN Vlce President General Motors Corporation Detroit 2 Mrchlgan GEORGE MANN JR General Manager AC Spark Plug Dwrsron Flmt 2 Mlchrgan B N MacGREGOR General Manager Packard Electric Dnvlslon Warren Ohlo C L MQCUEN General Manager Research Laboratones Dwrslon Detroit 2 Michigan H O K MEISTER General Manager Hyatt Bearmgs Dlvrslon Harrison New Jersey Allison DIVISION Indianapolis lndlana VICTOR A OLSEN General Manager Detroit Transmission Dwlslon Detrort Michigan C R OSBORN General Manager Electro Motive Drvrslon LaGrange lllmors E C RILEY General Manager G M Overseas Operatnons Drvrslon New York I9 New York S E SKINNER General Manager Oldsmobrle Dtvrsron Lansing 21 Michigan J H SMITH General Manager Central Foundry Dlvlsron Sagmaw Michigan ALBERT SOBEY Presrdent General Motors lnstrtute Flmt 2 Mrchrgan W A WECKER President and General Manager General Motors of Canada Ltd Oshawa Ontario Canada O W YOUNG General Manufacturing Mgr Buick Motor Drwsron Flmt 2 Mrchrgan . . , , - , , . . , f , . , . . , , , -, f . . , , . . , , . . . , I E. B. NEWILL, General Manager , - , , . . , , . . , , . . , I . . , I , , . . , , . I 1 . . , . I Maior Albert Sobey For twenty-six years, Mr. Cowing, as Assistant Director of GMI, has played an ever important lead in the devel- opment and growth of the Institute. At all times, he has directed his wisdom and specific knowledge toward obtaining better education for the men and women of General Motors. The Institute graduates will ever remember him for his gentle manner and reassuring smile. 10 The recent appointment of Maior Sobey as the first president of GMI and a mem- ber of its board of regents adds yet another highlight to the career of the man whose integrity and farsighted wis- dom have made the Institute what it is today. Through his direction, the Institute has grown from a small school into a unique, industry-oper- ated educational institution which has provided technical training for more than 150,000 General Motors men and women. Mr. Guy R. Cowing 5 U TWT? '21 - 1 I we Mum., I vvliiwi -v- admlnl tratlve offlcers ROBERT H SPAHR Co operatrve Programs MARTIN S FIRTH Program Research and Development HAROLD T KINLEY Student and Orgaruzatronal Relatrorlshrps HAROLD B BAKER Busmess Admrnrstratron Programs CHARLES L TUTT JR Frfth Year and Graduate Degree Programs CHARLES W HESS Drstrrbutron Programs WILLIAM T MAWHINNEY Regrstratron and Rezords CLYDE W OUTLAND Accountmg CLIFFORD .I CLARKSON Budget and Order Control . , . Drawing and Design Economics and Business Standrng E Hurst E Halvarson E Black V Irwin Standmg H Redmond G Cummings l Chapman G loode W Unterberg C Delate H Briggs Knutson K Schultz A Winters W Fierce Slttmg Chairman E Harns Eckles Slttmg P Fowler K Mitchell M Hornet Chairman Benson B Brumback M Schalk L Swanson Product Service Science and Electrical i A ,,..-'Iv Standmg D Curvell R Snyders E Hougen R Sar Standlng I. Wocholslu F Elfler M Thomas F Has gent C Kelly G Gregg H Most P Simpson kms B Ruddock A Holt H Anderson W H Ruehle H Moore M Chrlstlanson Duddles S1tt1ng l Davis R Volp W Shanks M Gilbert C Slttmg P Banfield W Beck T Banfield P Stone Fllllon C Burtneu Chairman C Tobias J Proper J Koehner W Hosluns J Shandloy 12 u 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - - 1 - 1 1 1 . , . , . , . R. , . , . , . , - - 1 - 1 - 1 H. , . , . , . o 0 o , ' -- .- A '1 1 V 1 A 1 Q 1, - . , . , . , . - - . , . , . , . - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - . , . , . ' - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 . - - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 , . . , . , . , . , . Industrial Engineering Standing-E. Allan, W. Davey, R. Sharpe, G. Webster, E. Reed, R. Bund, G. Johnson, W. McGlothlin, R. Freeman Sitting-J. McGinnis, R. Stearns, F. Crall, N. Snyder, Chairman L. lander, H. Dent, O. Whipple, A. Wright Machine Shop English and Coordination Standing R wOOdlWISS H Adams A Cherry H Standing C Sheridan W Edmgton l Whlsler G Plum P Clark C Fanning G Burchfield E Stubbs C Harwood V Zmk H Haskltt Me"e"eY H Abel C F"'leY Slttmg A Fear Chairman C Brown R Tuttle Slttmg Chairman F Mackln R Parish Clark Mathematics Organization and Management Standing M Walker C Davis G Grotts H Bailey Standing C Fntsghle R Bechtold R Yoke M Demon l' Schaefer Srttmg H Amos Chairman H Baker D Kilmer Slttmg W Trathen Chairman C Stout P Raker J Straw from the caps and gowns to the freshman leens Wheels to spokes school Bus Ads Engl neers Dealers Overseas students Representa tives from all countries a'l states The classes of GMI Future leaders of the Corporation. II' ll ll Il ll ll . . . The nucleus of the - 0 . , .' I I I w ,J ,fu ,gm eif,,.fK 0 is gil' ,A-H" I If-5 Six f ' ,V+ 5 ' 5 132 F' , is Qi A we-': 54-5 ., ..5":f, 1 4' AM , ,. , , fix ag, ii X, ,sw 'X M74 vox f ,E 'H .' ,,..,j .ga- M -- ,f sua V- 9-, ,, , A Muff' kf'L M Qld' Q '-4 I1I0l'S ""-'Z' 3 gg.: A--t if FA James Allardyce Bart Arcontl Frank M Asplund John R Avery James M Ayers Jack U Bach Joseph P Bahonch Fred M Baker Robert L Barrmger Marvm D Bayles John Baytala Davld W Beardsley Robert C Beauchamp Robert G Beecroft Fred V Beeler Wllllam E Be Thomas Bluso Robert J Black Frank Blalr Wnllnam G Boelter Lester J Bosscher Robert l Bowden James E Boyce RobertJ Brandle Mark A Brewer Robert J Broadbrldge Karl H Brong James T Brown Gene M Bruno Russell D Bryant Robert T Burnham Donald M Burrell George A Buszka Robert J Byrnes Q Q Thomas H Cahape Bernard Came Stanley W Carpenter Gmo E Cassermn Sldney A Centllln Richard D Chaclbourne Joseph H Choate Donald J Christensen Barron H Clemons Frank L Cloughley Wllluam Coatney Leo G Cole ang, John V Connell Douglas R Cowdrey Richard Craig Alfred E Creek Q at Harold F. Curry Leonard W. Czarnecki - . , .,-7....,.-- ,-- -,. .-AY. ii' ng.-r we 'Qu-4 1-vt 1 it-v Uf' an-er xx fig MX UCSB 2 fs... 'Gs X 'C N 1 ap, -3 'G 'B-G SSHIOFS S -8' nhl' 11311 WC elf '7 4331 VK' al ld' Q.-f Leonard Dankowslu Martm A Deane Thomas L Deger Edward W DeHaven Morton R Dmkleman Frank A DnPnetro G Clyde Dodder Kenneth C Dreyer Keith L Dunham Robert F Dunham Harold R Dutton Stanley W Edwards Eldon G Engstrom Maxell Erickson Leonard J Evans Rlchard W Evans Ivan F Flsher George L Fitch Robert C Flanders Wllllam Ford Kenneth J Fox Malcolm Fox Leland E Furse Arnold Gallaher Thomas Gunn Allan J Gavern H Rlchard Gebers Carl George Jack C Gerwm Walter R Geyer Vlctor Glacalone James E Godfrey RobertJ Grant Dean L Grundy Jr George F Grusler Andrew Gulacslk James M Halllclay Vernon D Halliday Donald Hamllton James R Harry Wrllram E Hartley Robert Hartman AlmoJ Hautala Joseph F Hem Mortonl Henlck Kenneth H Higgins Robert J Hllburt ,-5, Robert C Hlavin Norman R Holen Donald Holthofer Glen H Holzhausen Alan R Hopkins ,sd 1'-ff 'Q-Y QU "1" gil ff i 'if if ul 'fus- 'QC' seniors 'Q mit Wllluam H Jackson Raymond F Jacus Gerald P Janas Carl H Jarema Bert Johnson Henry E Johnson James E Johnson Charles J Karrer Henry E Kelly Davld H Kemman Richard E Kephart Joseph Kepllnger Gilbert E Kerr E Robert E Kulllan Frank V Klco Robert J Kolkmeyer Lester D Krapf 32.56" ---iv? John F Kroeger Roman L Kuzma Earl Lampman Russell L Lasho Ford A Lawrence Henry C Lawrence Jack Lenser Emery L Lelsl Joseph L Lelln Benlamln L Lemmer Barend Lmdeque Lewis F Little Thomas Longe Carl L Longworth Bruce Lowe Rlchard S Luce Earl Ludwig Chester J Mallnowskn Rlchard C Malott Harvey L Manley George W Marohnlc Wllllam G Marhn wlllldm G Martm Ralph E McFall Donald C McMlllan Wllllam McRorne Cllffon E Meigs Ralph H Merkle Wllllam J Metzger Ralph A Meyenng Peter J Moll Loulsl Mont: Thomas J Moran Paul W Morrow Bruce C Mofhorpe if yi v-' ir -33, Nw 4'-'Q io' 'O' '49 ml t ' , - la: 6 3 " . . . 6 Q ,ciyi . 2 R R' X, + ' E J -K ' Q In N . .3 A . . K so '- ' 4 'rs JW .,,y. V . l . - J sd 'L ' ' . ' ,Jr. 1 Q, . D has . 5 . 9 1+ 1 .J t eg ,L I b I . . ' I .. V At . I? 4 J A , SJ lv A Q L3 Q seniors as-, ig Et' John V Motto Joseph P Myszkowskl , Leon Nadler Kenneth Nattrass 'MY Thomas A Nelles i if '4- 4, Edwln L Nelson Donald F Neubauer Walter J Neumeyer Q4 iw' Kenneth D Nlchols John A Noreen Robert E Novak Danlel E O Leary Wllllam G Pearce Wllllam H Personke Ralph C Peterson Thomas Peterson John C Pety Alfred F Platt Edward J Polk Cecll Potter Aloyslus N Powolskl Raafat A Rahman Harold L Raymond 0 X 93 6 Q A A . ' Q ..,.. it N . xx- Ty. uc ' . ,Q ' . 9 L9 X , Q L ""' - A 'is' - fre - A l me S . 'K' J x 9 m R . ff Q so J ' .. l Howard A. Peterson ti, if so le Q 0 . L Q . , . . Norman Relghard Wnllnam L Reuter Wesley R Rhodehamel Verlln A Rhodes Robert Rlchards John B Richardson Charles G Rldler Wnllnam J Rmgwald Robert H Rlssman Harold E Rodarmer Keith S Rosewall Donald D Roy Wnlluam W Roy Wllmer G Sable Darrell R Sand Francis A Sanders Donald H Schlegel Wllllam E Schlehahn Fred Schroder Mark A Schwartz Ernest Selter Robert L Shong wlllldm P Shong Harold C Sllls James W Smlth Robert N Smith Wllllaml Snover it .-an 23 if ...Ash inf ,-an ,Q E :-F57 -4" hr 'R 4 tell all oi? j' ,QK lg .UD . 5 " 'z f 3. A tal ll if . ' H 4. . ' v l I -sz ff? A ' 'al 1 A we W 1 ' af r John Roy X 'J R A' Q X - . t.. we --A iz J' i ' . S . I x -f . I Q ' , 3 .s M ' .4 f ' .9 . 1' 'T 5 17 P-"" :- .Qx l . ' , Qv QQ 91' N,,.gO" I1lOl'S Robert H Spahr Eugene V Spanskl John T Sperla Wllbur J Stebbins John J Stefanowskn Robert J Steward Jerry D Stoll Alan L Stonhouse Harry S Strand Robert E Taylor George A Tnller Robert F Tllley Frank A Tomchak John M Topp Kenneth E Trubell Merle D. Ulberg Howard Vange Daniel R. Veazey Paul L. Vermaire Karl F. Wacker Robert A. Vogelei Joseph Walsh Huston G Welch Phlllp West Jack E Welch Wilson E. Voyles Charles E. Weed Melvm E Wenzel Robert J Westenberg John C Wetzen Rnchard G Whute Robert F Whnte Rlchard H Wulluams John H Wllklnson Carlton Wlllrlch Raymond Wulson John Yowpa Morrns H Wnlson Donald Zllnox H+ . N 'V 1' -- 3 uu- 'TJ' 'Sf , if iqgffk X I 2 I ill! - ,Y hh Oo K! l dak NON L-.-. juniors Back row J Shclughnessy R Wood l Muscarella R Tower W Karns F lundy D LaFave A Boos H Fox Fourfh row T Blackmore A Carr W Gluesenkamp P Johnson E Moorman J llszak J Valenflne R Ricketts V Prckermg Third row I Nlemu S Kreufzfeld F Davis L Dubols S Walters J Fox B Eberweln W Klllan P Pombo F Foga Second row D Walsh F Fleck G Freeman R Selberf C Mlshakls R Campbell J Smoley T Clark J Plter A Oumed an Front row J Howell J Klrsch E leafhley J Burrell J Kerrlgan D Groom L Gmlrkrn C Weslfall R lesner C Susk as X 3 -vs gm, c an-3 .. C25 ,V - Q 95... 41 J fx fi fkf' Q 1 A 'N f- Aung:- Back row A Holm l Wood S Wenban C Kmcard W Luebben l Sullivan Third row C Flaws G Tehk J l.oFontalne T Glbson G Sayers R ox Second row W Cox T Belanger E Wurl C Wllllams E Mller M Rrchards Fronl row D Camp R Appllng A Paradise J Runkari J Cowen C Feeser lass of '49 Back row-D. Powell, J. Roorda, C. Velett, E. Schultheiss, M. Hanley, F. Pagano, F. Hall, C. Lutterbie, J. Conley, H. McKee, P- Kline, D. Adcock Fourth row-R. Smith, W. Newton, C. Ruf, R. Fahrenholz, L. Bathuril, K- Knight, W- THOMPSON, J- Bell, S. Cols, M- TUYNCYOH Third row-W, Gregory, L, Pugh, R, Arbqngg, R, Fqulhqber, G, Olinger, D. Farley, A. Ellis, R. Boyle, P. Barnum, R. Weaver, J. Smith, E. Solaieralski Second row-H, Hensley, F, Pqldol, J Ard, T, Peer-ey, R, Shenefly, A. Lishlca, E. Nickel, F. Burder, B. Sweeney, P. Rose, R. Vagels- berg, R. Eifler Front row-N. Luther, T. Leonard, W. Stewart, W. Conder, G. GIUSIO, D. Bain, J. Dalton, L. Foss, G. Hanna, A. Fahmy, R. Hand- werker, C. Hoffman -are ,-we K 2' ,f Back row J Lofland N Brlnlcmann M Shew G Kelloff K Gunther C Scornla Third row W Round J P I9 J Kwant F Stenbuck C Oxenrlder R Mason J Wetherholt W Jollltz L Franks Second row W Graham L Moriority J Wilson R Stout F Newmann H Mansfield J Coryszewslu R Kuntz S Hoostal Front row W Polk R Jansen S Luclw G Beadle G Smith C Pmckernell A Schmidt C Divan, A Bower sophomores ui 'P Back row W Frencll G Zummer C Snyder R Noble R Franks R McSllerry G Taylor A Kelly N Arherlon Third row J Sauer C Parral! J Young W Berger K Croner J Balmer H Kraegel W Craig Cllarrey D Mllls Second row D Fox D Snyder M Harrel S Griffin l. Wnlhams D Chapm D DeBraal E Mueller From Row N Seay l Shuell C Grobe H lohr W Magee R Groenmg R lmlefleld D Terry C loner lass of 50 Back row L MedlCUS R lasller H Reldel J Ryker T Thompson D Betcller J Hood A Patzer F Workman E Clarkson M Quinn F Burkett Mrddle row H Knapp C Schublger R Whitmore N McNutt W Eclgeman M Kllmer R Vetter H Wratherly D Precup Front row M Humes J Wilson N Uhllr D Carter R ONell W Huggins J Kostka J Bledron R Baber W Elmore R Adams pn- tin. J C9 ua Be ff! M J flfiy Back raw D Mlhellch R Foley A Fellksa G Schrelner H Mueller W Dayrmger Mrddle row J Thoms G Stovlcek L Charles T Falter A Mauck H Berk Front row R Dunnlng H Jackson E Vogt J York F Snoy E Croft: 9 - 1 A 1 - 1 - A 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 . L 4 I ' ' I ' . I - 1 Y ' . V ' I ' I ' - . , . I , . ' , . , . ' ' , . . ' , . , . l , . , . , . 1 1 T V ' 82 '-:xii M Q - '55 52 5 . -J ' 2 f , w, N ,, ,. F . 1 I Q , , ,W . g I . A X. 4 ' C? T s V V l , X-41,7 - ' it , K Q T M, Y . A S .. ', ,, , 4 . " ,V E In gg J ' ' 12, fx. ' X I Q ff A J f ' H . 5 F if' 9 -4 - ,Q A 751ffl,,v 14. . ,f A ' 1 11 I A A , ,- A K sf,,. ln like F 1 , 'J freshm Back row R Cook l Dean R Duquetle E Karrer C Combs J Gnlbert Thrrd row W Smith G Plhenger R Muller G Richards T Hufuger l Hartman D Massman R Fufusye Second row M Golvm E Grabovac A Barber D Hall T Dodd P Rymers J Johnsfon R Hall T Luboyeslu Front row W Kung F Urban B Smley R Garner R Terry H Morrow E Gullueler J Klme class of 51 H ,Q ,Q .f-. . A -f N .N . , 'Nw 5 'YN W K fn. 15's F 9 ' rem... Il'1m--..---. va-1 ' 'rtnlllslar - H ,,.,, .. ,, lr, v :ww 1-W, finiaarf f- - I, '. 1 fm, - vxxs Qfla .- If gd V V .vzvw s 3 AVR xi fi.: ...Q-anew-.a-1--A 3, 4, fx, ' 1 If v W we,-nm W ua-dana-santa.--an Q- 0 11 is p5 Www 9 lk if! -9' N 7 6 X W 'D-nba maui ,cf ,A- EL rl dal agp? .rsh 'sl wwf --qv' DQ 'Whe- ui. is Qin af' A il... ,..,-1 'QQ S Herberf Allen Jerry Anderson Robert Andrus William Ardiel Harold Arringfon Norns Bacon Charles Bailey Rolaeri Baltke Roberf Barnes Sianley Barqulsf Edward Beans Carmine Bellofaffo Harry Bendlzluska James Benner John R Black John Balch Erik Bralsberg louls Brennan Ballard Brldgmnn Marsden Brlmhall Charles Brown Roy Buchoklan Maurice Bufano Thomas Burley David Charlton Bernhard! Chnsienseon Ruzhard Cole Erwm Craig Clmion Crandell James Creem Peyton Cromer Wllllam Curhs Wllllam Czerney Anthony Drees Dudley Ehlers Fred Eldrlch Roberf Eldridge Robert Feligen Henry Ferrler 9 A A - ' A 4 I :. A 'A ' E- f P' H 1 A i l , - .W ,V J Q, M5 k,'k X Stax . an . V, ii V . . , I-R T at Ai ' f J 4,0 . . J ,T on W 41' f 4. C' . -7- J 'T "' . , 1 37 Q lx xx , , Q 'c l I J rf D " 1 - - X W I fa' , A M. . l .. e" A S E f ' 2 1 vl , ' Waller Conen -:fe 5, f J -sf - bg I. J Vi ' ,. , , . 5 L X A nu 'A ' "" ni I f E ' 5 l 'l' ? J .J l K 34 4' . A .1 Ji. A- Q 'Y f' V Zh all . . . M , . I A t ' V fi -it . . K K v 11 6 , Y e A . 5, , N' an f ds- El f E 2 gg 1' - Wllllam Ford Charles Forsgard Phllllp Froellch Q Benlamln Fukunaga Peter Funk Alfred Funnemark Henry Gallfeey D? Davld A Gardner John Gates Ilram Gleason George Gomez Davld Goodspeed Irwun Graham Robert Greer Earl Gusweller John Hamilton Richard Hammond Carl Harned John Harrlg Walter Haskell John Heckman Daniel Herbst lester Hicks Thomas Hoetger Francls Holms Kolbe Hooper Holaway Hubbard Gordon Hucklns Howard Isaak Joseph Jennmgs Robert Jennings Russell Jewell Paul Johnson Walter Johnson Elton Jones Edward Kane Wllllam Kay louis Kelth Frank Kuff John Klrflss Russell Krecker Clyde lame Charles landls Walter layton W A 4- as vu- 'P- ,Q us -...n ,qv-S61 4' :QQ -u ,....... fl ids an in--Q I-6- fm as, Ss.. ' ,W Q7 X.. 'T Q,-awp ummm -1-xr 'TS' GFA' xx, .af 1-- 'L 151 LA 4 a y .. 5 . . . X F.- , W' fi Al ' . R' a Q. l ' l 13 Q H 5, I l E. - M "' lv' , .. Ag f ' 1. 0' Y Q X i V fam l I . ll Q . ' 'A' at -5- "fi: J I y sl ,fs 4 35' . as ,..., " ls l ' 5 ,zz -f . Y j . N, 15 if , 4 F y A' -sr -' G . Robert Hoffman " . I A' , . ' of Y .gig Q , F it S V'-.,,. A .. H 5 .4 J :.. :QT - J V pq J s.,," . N J ' N ' f r. wg- X A ska X' ' 1 . l 4 x ' G' af 0 I E as Q up Q , K. 3:,, 5 4- Q ss. 'T 'Y -f Q 5 R 4 - f 5: 1 all YE' 'Q . ef ' J lee: R H J ' . . W J -an C 'B ". , 3 , , ' qv 'Z I 9' 5 1 K L lam '39 'if I. " ll? ,E is - X, A- Q , xi . V 'F v ,a W "' s L- - 1 '3 3 - Q X rl ff, A A t , A :gs ',:'.,. Q 5 gs. f 72 G F.. ? or .4 lass of 48 In gig' ,Q bi 0? ,FV Robert loo Anthony ludlvrcr John ludrvrcl Wlllram Maqurre Waller Mahnlien Wrlbur Mahoney Thomas Malerrck Burl Marsch John Martorana Eugene Matelrch Joseph Matusxalm Edward McAllen James McDermott Thomas McDermott Alvm Meckley Charles Mrllan Arthur Millard Glenn Muller Robert Muller Emerson Mrtchell Donald Mooers Ralph Moon John Morrrs Kenneth Mueller John Mullet! Andrew Murray 'X if Gerald Murray C86- Paul Naylor Rrchnrd Nell Jaclc Nlchols Albert Norman 'Q I' Robert Orme K l' Rrchurd Parker Paul Parsons Donald Patterson Robert Pharls U 'Q' Joseph Poclnar 9 1 . F ,,, Q lv kr L1 S 1 1 1 l lyle Porter David Rader Davrd Randlnelll Victor Restrepo Wllllam Rickman Donald Rlsse ,ls 5, Fred Po rea se I Aim wir :Em 1 I rra ' D . : '- ' v ,P J 53 . Z, L, I ,.., . E ' zul A Lester McManus 0 V N , J Q N ' 9 ..-' I , 1 , J - - Q 'F 9' 1-11-R A so we f-A - 4, V bqitu N XEII I ., A it V 4 I t , f M U, 3 ' -9 ll! M J D v 'I 5- fgt Q k '5- '.. f Q- J' ' I 1. J b , ', 4 ' i' A 'S J A 6. ' ini M . ' Q 5 , Q Y, . 53 lffj?'gF.Z P J R r 'll . ff" x nhl - ' Q 3 or xy' Q' 1 i , A Q f A pl 1 lf J v - L Clarence Rolla Domlmc Roncagllone Clmton Sands .lack Sandstrom Davld Scott Edward Sletzka Ernest Singleton Irvlng Schaumberg George Smlth Wnlllam Smith Wilfred Smyly Robert Smith Edwm Southerland Joseph Southwell Robert Spldell Wnllnam Spoo Rahe Speckmun Herbert Stansbury George Steclcert Raymond Stlckney Jesse Stone Francis Swltzler Donald Steve George Turner Lloyd Vanl Edward Vanbrzesse Fred Utley Conrad Veenstra Wnlluam Vernal louis Volbrucht Gene Vollrath Wayne Wagner Richard Vetter l.yle Wall Wllllam Whipple Paul Whlte Wllllam Wilkes Phllllp Walter Howard Wllllams Gordon Wang lawrence Wlttstruck Charles Wolfe Oscar Wllllamson Grant Wood Joseph Wright Drozeg Zembower Claud Woodrmg L... 34. sf W -.oi 'Sly 5 fans. ,nn .fb 09' 4'5" 'nt- Di -35- LA la fa-9' Q eil E . . . ,. A 6 S. K ' 4 I K ' 6. ffl . 5 . EIII: '1 ' Q X Q, 4 J ...' S N ., ' f x , . A :nl ,K .Q . l xx . . N P" 1 Ex it ,il . 4 15-E E heh 3- -ex -' , ,,.. , , 39 R t.., we l is l y e lea G y 5' . . 4 1 IQ N b x J N? ,tn -lgmjr LH! 1 ' 5 t,A., , Bm el s, lf also E ' L, G 5 75+ Je ' I I1 .fl 1 . . . f N . A -g 5 I 4 M 3 as -' . . . V ag it A 3 'Q A. 4' - . 4 ' s ' , ' . . 4 M I 4 C 0 -2 1-are he R f ' .4 , . if , 5 J E ' l K., ,J M I Cel' A Back row D Smlth M Brelcha E Parish J Hlgglnbotham C Pellhman E Korte J Inman W Borland Middle row B Kiefer P Ulrich H Jacobs A Jacobs D Swanson I. Colwell H longmcker Front row R Hogan l Frank W McDermoM C Sprmger R Zwolewklewlez E Kavenach ass of 49 Sack row R Davns R Beard G Guild O Johnson H Plulllps L Younglmg R Yunt J Lowen R Bartz R Meler W Alllson R Stelnfurth T Martindale G Faure A LeBlanc Thurd row R Carpenter R Demarest H Quellard D Clarke H Harverson J Dlbbles R Bronson N Edwards R MacGlllns Matelsky B Perry R Thoner C Peterson Second row E Pylun R Melel W Cox C Cornello J Merry P Relyea E Kelly J Knorpp A Taylor J Durlnger J Ruhalu Brlster B Murlck Front row J Weatherford J Martm G Llewellyn H Coy R Bancroft C Roberts C Blank B Devere V Korst W Konerkay W Lambert R LaFrenlere G Sulxzman J Guenther 1' :EE Back row P Klme, R Davus, T Tschlrhart, C Durrlam, G Hutchins, D Morse Third row J Hener, S Day, A Llberda, G Duncan, L Robertson, D Campbell, D Johnson, H Hosteller Second row J Chaskel, J Fonlrelle, M Chomberlm, T Mulcahy, C Cummms,J Humphreys, M Thomp son, R Newqulst Front row A lrwm, E Hlggms, L Core, D Nehl, J Valosko, T Huggins, R Janetts, C Jones 37 i ' ' I ' I ' . I ' I ' . . I ' I I ' I ' I ' I ' . I ' l I I T ' I ' I ' I ' I ' I ' I I ' I ' I ' Q . I R. , . , . , . L ' V ' . I ' I ' I I ' I ' I ' V ' I ' I ' I I ' V T. , . -I ' I ' . Y ' I ' I ' I ' I ' I ' I ' V ' I " ,. AE Q w 1 'fx 4' I it VL A V I . Xia' , 5 l' f I a Q' M? N vw , . fy - . I f 1 "Y, I . ,. 1 '- I . 'A ,pf T ,ss -, . e l, ,sa ,-f . 5 Qt-A ' s , A 1 X I- We ' 7 mln Promofevs of the a be socmlllfe hobbres thu'-fire The Councsls ive fzuhs Tech organ: foqrefher io oresenf the vuclcnf body wnh fhmgs To d Knights of the Found Table Wheels we fund fire bclfool unc Hans fi 'e Y, ' ' , ' , F , . . , . zmions . . . Men bonded -. : V I CA A . . . F1 . . . ' . L . 1 i l l '- 2. ' " , ' . f - tl . n v Q x ,W MMWFM NW, 1 Wm. fm., Nfx....., WN .Na-,ww M, H., ,, YUM? XR wh ,-""',A .,f. Q-...,,,fN -.N x 'Wu' Q 2 gmte council ' -9- on an .' 1,32 1 fa in Standing- lxfgts. ai R. Handwerker m, j W. Yacus W. Reuter f W. Elmore l Sitting- R. Haefner Ky, N W. Jackson Y? .nge E? M. Henick Standing- A. Paradise B. Odell J. Rankart J. Brown R. Keller F. Tomchuk Sitting- Yoke Edington Mobley Mr. Tuttle From the administration end of GMTE, this year has been a successful one. The budget was estimated soundly and approved without delay. The Dealers were given a distinct graduation ring of their own. A project was successfully concluded to use sur- plus funds to replenish the war-scarce supply of capital equipment. The work of the Executive Council has been simplified by the excellent work done by the various chairmen and their staffs. The fellowship derived from membership in the GMTE Council is an experience that will outlive associations with Calculus and Metal- lurgy. publications council Standing- D. Hamilton W. Elmore Sitting- C. Scornia W. Yacus S. Hoostal Standing- F. Tomchak S. Kreutzfeld Sitting- R. Franks V, Mr. Tuttle " K' X If L. Onken '-v f 5 The Publication Council is the student executive group responsible for the editing and distribution of all GMTE publicity and publications, including the Reflector, Tech- nician, and Handbook. A new publicity policy was established over the past year for the purpose of giving recognition to outstanding members ofthe student body. This years publications chairmen were William Yacus and Frank Tomchak. Assisting the chairmen were Stephen Kreutzfeld and Carl Scornia, Reflector Editors, Leon Onken, Don Hamilton, and James Shaughnessy, Technician Editors, and Don Ziliox and Bill Elmore as Handbook-Publicity Editors. The faculty advisor was Mr. Robert Tuttle. QQ soclal councll Back row E Hooper H Klssell M Quinn R Bugenhagen l Jones D Rlckers Middle row R Cantwell E Reuter H Cavano W Jollltz J Atwell l Pugh H Braumlller Front row R Crusler R Breton l Dettlmg R Handwerker D Precup R Earnhart A Back Row R Franks M Enos A Lees A Hanle Thrrd row C Slsk G Rymer Mr Edlngton R Snyder J Smoley R Terry E McCandless Second row C Parratt R Grant G Taylor F Flesselmann J Rankart R White .l Corral Front Rrow M Galvm L Shuell C Gates C Feeser G Phllllps .I Hohnston D Terry F Truck Thus year saw the Soclal Council return to :ts pre war level of actnvltles A large part of the council s work was spent on the bl weekly mlxer dances These varied from very casual affalrs to more elaborate dances, typified by the Plantation Party In July and August a stag PICHIC was substituted for these dances The J Prom was particularly outstanding because of the 49ers motuf used m tribute to the Jumor class Chalrmen for thus year were Duck Handwerker and John Rankart t hnician Our student sem: weekly the Techmclan, has undergone some radical changes In the past year The large, single sheet, four page, wartlme, monthly Techmclan gave way to a smaller edltnon published sem: weekly A more recent development has been to publlsh a two page Hall Sheet the tlrst two weeks of each sectnon and a sux page paper the final week The edntors ofthe Techmcaan this year were Don Hamllton, Jnm Shaughnessy and Leon Onken These men, together wnth thenr staffs, are to be congratulated for a 'ob well done Standing M Shew N Vale E Muchaud l Detlmg C Archer W Gregory E Hoews D Mnhellch George M Quinn Slmng J Atwell A Rollins D Hamilton W Elmore H Cavano 9 .. Standing F Tomchak S Kreutzfeld A Hartman .I Smoley M Galvm Smmg I. Onken R Franks J Shaughnessy athl tic council E. Hooper G. Glasco E. Vertigan R. Sobieralski S. Hoostal W. Reuter .55-Wy Nix- The Athletic Council for this year has provided a full year-round schedule of sports. The ever popular swimming and track meets were revived and carried out with great success and participation. A new double elimination tournament was adopted by the Council in all team sports to assure the best team of coming out on top. A new point system was also adopted with regard to points toward the Interfraternity plaque. Chairmen for this year were Bill Reuter and Bruce Odell. 44 E. Leathley C. Sisk J. Sauer R. Miller D. Spurlin D. Livingston E. Grabovac N. Atherton D. Hickey D. Massman M. Galvin I. Niemi V. Howdieshell E. Karrer B. Odell C. Scornia F. J. J. R. R. Uhlir Runge Ryker Atwell Breton Bacheldor M. Shew W. Higgins Q 51-, ,p Q .,,.- ,,,,-- X 1' N. ff' ,M Hectic nights of work dominated the t' ' ' reflector G. Taylor R. Franks S. Kreutzfeld T. Belanger C. Feeser .l. Fox F. Davis G. Janos C. Sisk M. Galvin ac lvltles of the organization known as the Reflector Stalf, in trying to provide a living memory of a year at Tech. Darkroom work, layout copywritin a d , g, n rewriting, all a vital part of the production of an annual. The men working under Carl Scornia and Stephen Kreutzfeld are proud to present this hook, and are glad that it is finished. 45 conferenc committee Mr. Tobias, Mr. Kinley, H. Johnson, R. Luce, Mr. Spahr L X 1 Q Cul QTY N-to D Grundy D Zlllox R Klllan The mann purpose of the Conference Commlttee IS to act In the capaclty of policy advisors on all matters pertammg to the GMTE Thus year s committee after much debate approved the estrmated budget and dlstrlbuted surplus sums to the dnfferent councnls where ut was thought It could be put to the best use The committee thus year was composed of D Grundy D Zlllox R Knlllan R Luce and H Johnson The faculty members were Mr Kmley Mr Spahr and Mr Tobias is an R ' ' 2' I , ir af , 'A .. , ' I I I . .. ,. , . D. gmia council W. luebben, W. Wrons, J. Dinda, R. Dinda W Spoo J lellu R Kuzma M Shew F Workman E Lampman The Independents represented by the General Motors Independent Association with William Spoo as President and Earl Lampman and Robert Dmda as alternating are designed to Interest the Individual Independent student In participating with his friends In school activities The Independents have turned out In ever Increasing num bers for every sport offered by the Athletic Council of the GMTE Top honors were won In basketball swimming bowling and ping pong i l section Vice-Presidents, have had a very profitable school year. All activities of GMIA gml glee club The International language muslc has found a staunch supporter In the GMI Glee Club Not only have the men who partnclpated nn the Glee Club thus year furthered the cause of more dlv rse actlvltles at the Instltute they have gamed full enloyment In dolng so Under the student drrectlon of Robert Gatske and Robert Ludwig they mastered some difficult composutlons Accom panylng them on the baby grand piano were Charles Snyder and Norman Uhllr The clrmatlc hughlrght of the year was the Muslc Week Assembly un whlch he Glee Club presented a variety of vocal composltlons gf' NK? band The GMI Band was reorganized In October I947 with the rehearsals begmnmg January 1948 Durlng thus school year the band has made numerous publlc appearances highlighted by the assembly program durmg muslc week The GMI Band was organized through the efforts of James Merry and Tom Martmclale Mr Earl Black, music coordmator, rendered valuable assis tance to the organization Mr Walter Unterberg, of the Drawmg Department, IS the conductor of the band o i I I E , I 4 ,, X ' ' xc I- Y "-E:1 l '-7 43- Q - . 4, ' 4 e X I - 1 'X X lk. A am ra club The Camera Club is right in step with the many activities open to all students at GMI, and affords everyone the opportunity to enioy this fascinating hobby in their spare time. Under the presidency of Max Shew and Hugh Sample, the club had an eventful year. Early in the year open house lured many a prospective member to the darkroom. The annual Camera Club con- test was open to all entries for three months, resulting in a variety of excellent photos submitted. The Camera Club presents proof that a picture is worth a thousand words. The farsightedness of many in the student body brought about a solid response in the Rifle Club this last year. Informal meetings and practice firing took place throughout the season and led up to the traditional competitive tournament. rlfl c ub Sharpshooter medals were dusted off and the younger set put ln their buds for Pfc as the Eagle Eye Taylor emerged from the competition as champion ' I sportsmanship and ego of all were upheld for another successful shooting year to come. Cordon The fire and warmth of traternallsm bulnmq deep into the hearts of men Pledgeshlp re sounded with each crack of the paddle Snlrlt pitched hugh by the vow of brotherhood Love ot lnfe shown heartily by songs rmgrng ln the dm mg halls Once frlends now brothers - .-. ' .- ..- I . . ..- . . ... , x Q Jw 'WW , fa i" ll , , 2- Q"" 1 :1 ig , 4 :iff Qf' X 4 ...gv:g'-:- f . 5 Y ffg' ,Q ,. Nix .5 if f". K ' 11. " , .Q C K M A . int rfrclternity council Back row C Rembold H Braumvller Mrddle row H Cavano W Hlggms R Mason A lochner Front row J Myszlxowslu A Bower J Gorys E Muchaud D Precup fl- QF Back row E Tull D Hickey D LIVIIISSTOII R Rader R Butler K Graham N Atherton Middle row R Hanen J Sauer C Sul: G Freeman T Karwoslu W Crang Front row D Walsh H Lambert Mr Kung J Myers J Burrell The 1947 1948 elechons, the Inter Fraternnty dnnner, and the annual Sweetheart Ball were the three mam events on the Inter Fratermty Councul calendar The omcers for 1947 1948 were George Freeman Presudent John Burrell and Joe Myskowsku, Vnce presudents Howard Smuth and Don Walsh Secretanes, Robert Rader and John Goryszewskl, Treasurers Two hundred and twenty five men from each sectuon attended the Inter fraternlty Dlnner, which was held at the Masomc Temple Actuvutles of the council were clnmaxed by the Sweetheart Ball held In the gymnasuum on February 21 Two orchestras, Freddne Warren and Bull Gaul, rendered very fine muslc This years Sweetheart was M-ss Dolores Koch escorted by Eugene Graeber of Phu Sugma Phu Fratermty robots The Robot Socuety ns the honorary fraternity for outstanding achleve ment In extra curricular actlvltles Both the Robot Soclety and nts prede cessor the Madhatters represent the ultumate award for leaclershnp at Tech Membershlp ns lnmlted to one three hundredth of the Junlor Class Class each year By this fact the men who are selected to become Robots represent a select group of students who expend their tlme and energy to guve the student body the extra cur rlcular actlvltles so necessary to a college education Fourteen men were admlttecl to the ranks during the past year They are the men In these pictures alpha tau Iota Alpha Tau Iota IS the honorary fraternity for scholastuc achlevement at Tech Among :ts mem bers wlll be found dlllgent students ln a relentless search for knowledge This IS also a select group of men Ten percent of the Junuor Class and two percent of the Sensor Class are all that are able to covet the honor which every student at Tech envles During the past year I4 men were pledged and made members A hnghlught of the year ns the ATI Dlnner Meetmg at whnch President Sobey gave the address I ll II, and one one-hundredth of the Senior I among the Alpha Delta Alpha Gamma Upsilon Gamma Mu Tau Gil Gal 'NJ' g r e e k s Phi Kappa Epsilon Phi Sigma Phi ' 1 Phi Tau Alpha White Elephant alpha delta Back row Beveridge N Brinkman A Gerlng J Koteles W Wodtke R Mauer R Mason Middle row N Waltman H Zimmerman T Adams A Marcy H Cavano D Adcock T Mulligan J Choate Front row R Bacheldor L Aversano P Hutchinson G Glasco W Zeeb C Frey G Pap 1 Back row T Grimaldi R Hanen M Morlset J French: T Ewing S Savel Middle row D Sllker R Marsh H Lambert H Robinson C Cutting R Hammond R Weldmann A Ferstle Front row A DeGeorge E Corrigan A Millard E Scheutzow J Buckett R lewis C laundy Going along with the house buying fever, Alpha Delta has taken a different lease on fraternity life and now resides in their new home at 515 Liberty Street The membership have no qualms as to a successful future in their new surroundings and much of that confidence is due to the fine leadership displayed by the fraternity president Fred laundy There are many social events throughout the year but it is not until the end of the year that the highlight of the social calendar becomes a reality. The Termination Party , as it is known s held in coniunctlon with the Graduation Ball. The graduates of Alpha Delta leave behind many a fond memory as they participate in this final fraternity function of the year. alpha gamma up Ilan Back row A Rollins H Rltler H Klssell Thrrd row P Barnum G Schrrener J Thoms N Vale C Denlunger R Gordon C Archer R Rahman Second row R Earnhart H Braumlller D Games W Farr A Haulena F Runge E Poll: A Fredencks l Rose Front row W Polk J McLeod R Adams H Stlckley J Gorys E Van Drlesche D Pecup R Lucas M Fordyce R Handwerker Back row L Anaman E Underwood J Johnston C Gates E McCandless J Baker R Terry H Weeks H Morrow R Borchert J Carroll Third row F Trick L Shuell R Lesner H Oglevre J Young D Spurlm D Hartley S Hurite P Wlenbrauck D Terry Second row F Fleck F Fiesselmann K Knapp D Croom O King J Kerrrgan D Cline D Erickson J Myers Front row W Cox W Hartley E leathley R .lorgenson W Karns E Nash L Gmlrlun J Brown J Burrell B Smiley The Delta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Upsllon is the youngest frater mty on the campus, having received its charter In 1932 It has grown from its eleven charter members to an active membership of more than x a hundred The Delta Chapter is one of nme chapters which comprise 0233 the Alpha Gamma Upsllon National Fraternity Two new chapters at the m ml University of Toledo and Michigan State were added this year Among the social activities of the chapter are the National Convention, Foun der's Day Dinner, the annual Christmas Party for the underprivileged children of Flint, and the regularly scheduled house parties and picnics. gamma mu tau Back row J Greco W Jackson C Weed F Snoy J Wetherholt L Neese J York Third row K Evans H McKee H Smlth R Bugenhagen R Bishop R Cantwell W Kuhns Second row F Schroder W Marvln W Bell W Edgeman A Cervonl J Harry F Hardlng E DeHaven Front row E Crofts K Brong B Knox R Dunning R Stuart R Stage R Roddlng Back row l Wnllloms R Krlhan K Shlnn J Glynn l Onken F Herron Third row K Alman J Meeks R Ansteth W Lawless E Wright G Fitch W Bmrd R Anderson J Roche Second row W Ester P Feles l Shmn K Pope R Hartman A Brick C Painter A Henman J Harless R Hllburt Front row J Alllson W Kung W Crump W Stevens P Apperson C Brelolf F Tomchak D Hartman O Purtee At the first of thus year, Gamma Mu Tau took a bug step and bought a new home at 2454 Nolan Drnve Under the leadershlp of Edward De Haven the fraternity has com pleted a very successful year Listed among thenr years soclal events was the annual Gamma Mu Alumnn Day Party which was held at the end of the school year ln the Durant Hotel Ballroom The fraternity also ranked hugh un scholastlcs and athletncs ASS! gg Acting as a balance on Gamma Mu s actnvntles are faculty members Messrs H Briggs L Wocholskl N Snyder, E Black, R Smlth R Yoke, H Dent, R Tuttle, F Kelly, F Madden -. , . ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. '. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. , . -- , . , . , . , . ,. ,. ,. -. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. fifiiu-fl vi' Y . QA 1 f N ev T 4 If . A Q K X- ' 3 'BW 4 1 1 x' 1 f f c' l - , L f 3 B x . F F f 'J , 1, I . 1 . -. ,. ,. ,. ,. . -. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. , . ,. ,. -. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. -. , . , . , . ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . . . . . A .lf . . 1 . , ... ig Q . . ,. , . . . , . Q . . . . . Back row P Klme R Luce R Haefner Middle row F Pagano C Rembold M Tamarolf S Carpenter H Markovach J Jacobs Front row J Maleruck K Sigmund W Tomko T Buuso D Cluft li' C Z man D Llvlngston V Irwm J McGmnns D Snyder R DeFuore Back row lmmer E C wan T Karwoskl C VanDell D Garllng Middle row W Persaule G Freeman W Waterhouse o Front row D Camp W Colello B Mothorpe R Ruokololnen H Welch F Faga Thus past year, the men of Gul Gal have seen numerous Improve ments The house as a whole took on a new look, wuth the redecoratlon ofthe first floor, the rewurmg of the entire house and a general face luft mg to the exterlor This was accomplished through the effort of the entnre membershlp The house was ably guided thus year by Ray Haefner, Pres: dent He was asslsted by Duck Luce and George Freeman, Vlce presidents Raymond DeFnore and Bob Gatzke shared the paper work, and the handling of the house funds was done by Frank Pagano and Bruce Ruokalamen 1' v . -. . ,. ,. I -. , . , . ,. , . ,. -' ..' .. I ' I.. I h . , - k.' l ' ,Nr . . ' 3' A 4' 3 X' me 3 A , s g v A ,X 2 "'J. , I., I a 'I' .-V' V' . ' -. ', . , . ,- 1- 1- 1- -. , . , . , . , - 1- - . . ' Y f . . . . ' W . ' I . - , I . phi kappa psilan Back row H Strand R Craig R Vogelet J Noreen W Reuter R Jansen D Rlckers Mrddle row A Lockman D Topp B Clemons H Hensley E Reuter G Slezak N McNutt L Bosscher Front row J Myszkowskl E Mlchaud W Personke L Detthng R Boyle W Elmore D Collms C? T Back row V Howdueshell G Aymer J Houlden E Karrer A Hanle A Hartman D Conlng A Lees R Butler R Clark Middle row R Stout E Schneuder R Ricketts D Massman E Tull R Wilkerson G Phllllps J Stenstrom J Telber C Moreflelcl Front row G Heller G Buszka R Whlte T Cahape E Nelson D Grundy W Cane C Hogan D Love Nu 'I 'I After eleven years In the whlte house on Begale Street hall the Phu Kappa Epsllon Fraternity passed another mllestone of progress and purchased the huge brlck dwelling at 715 East Street The prolect represents many hours of work recondltlonlng the new home with soap water plaster pamt varmsh and elbow grease New furnlture was an added feature of improvement and the boys are deflnltely proud of theur achievement During the past school year the fraternity has been under the capable leadership of Edwm Nelson as presadent and Davld Topp as vuce presldent In addltuon the orgamxatlon has enloyed the assoclatlon and counsel of the faculty advlsors which Include Messrs Baker Benson Crockett Gilbert Harris MaWhlnney Most and Thomas The fraternity reluctantly buds farewell to twenty four graduatmg sensors who represent a good share of the strength that always makes Phu Kap a leadmg contender for the scholastlc and athletic plaques - .W ---C y tk - 1 413' 4 y ill b 5 ' A 'ggi x Nz' X . X X ' s. f . Q ,. 1, T ' at M Yi , H, s . .H V N V - T X ., '5 y' T I . xl K , X 'S K ,L Si A A - '1 ,, ln.. i .ur ' phl slgma phl Back row D Karns W Schumm A Ellis Middle row E Vogt C Rldler E Howes M Carlson .I Hendricks R Dernberger Front row R Kolkmeyer R Bland H Johnson G lamoreuux W Palm ter CO Back row N Atherton R Metzger W Karauewlcz l Muscarella P Rymers Middle row R Keller A Barber J Klrsch G Porter W Cralg C Clum Front row R Nelson W Magee J Nelson J Gilbert W Bryant The year 1947 48 finds the members of Ph: Slgma Phu celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the founding of their organization which was punctuated by the purchase of a new house Actlvltles of the year were under the dlrectlon of Bob Kolkmeyer President, John Hendricks and larry Muscarella, Vlce Presidents, Bob Bland and Bob Keller, Secre tarles, and Charles Rldler and .lake Klrsch Treasurers The soclal hugh light of the year was the Inter fraternity Sweetheart Ball, at which the representative of Phi Sigma Phu was chosen the Sweetheart Frequent house parties throughout the year rounded out the social calendar -. , . ,. -. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. -. ,. ,. ,, ,. 1 1 1 1. f .,' vs ,-.f Y , 7 , . LW ' 1 .1 Xl 'I- .fi , Y' 1A x - .Q . - "- 1- r -. ,. ,. -. I , I .. . . . . . . . . . I ..- . . . . I . . . . . - . ' - , . . . . phi tau alpha Back row-W. Yacus, R. Carter, M. Quinn, K. Gunther, J. Biedron, R. Arbanus, C. Veenstra Middle row-A. Crowell, R. Kuntz, D. Mihelich, W. Higgins, M. Wilson, W. Jollitz, N. Uhlir, J. Atwell Front row W Jersey C Scornia W Gregory S Hoostal R Baber R Cashman C Diven 4-, Q0 Back row T Belanger P Cromer J Shaughnessy R McSherry R Franks C Snyder T Dowd R Rader G Taylor C Parratt Third row J Hudson W Fox R Powell R Miller R Snyder J Smoley T Pilkington C Mnshakis A Holm Second row P West B lyons J Sauer C Mlllhouse J Fox R Beecroft G Janas F Davis C Feeser J Cowen Front row R Appllng E Grabovac P Mall S Kreutzfelcl J Rankart C Slsk T Deger A Paradise M Galvin Progress, Improvement, development, achievement and true fra ternal brotherhood have marked the 1947 48 school year for Phu Tau Alpha Fraternity The house of potential leaders and outstanding sports men, Phu Tau has established an envlable record in nts nineteen years us. since incorporation Their beautiful home on Neome Drive symbolizes the security and growth of this saplent fraternity This past year has seen a variety of house parties at Phu Tau Skuts, novelties, picnics, hayrldes and dances were planned to provide whole some recreation on the weekends Under the able presidency of Lee Franks, with splendid cooperation of brother officers and members, and wholehearted support of the faculty members, Ph: Tau rose to new heights Phu Tau looks upon the past year with pride ' VOVQ, V Wad" T ' I ' I ' Y ' I ' I ' I ' ' .Q ,. F . il? 'V' . T -M--f ,-. tg . . . , N X 4 , . G X :L ' 6, I ,y X - X , I l 1 , K f 4 3 .4 7 1 3 1' l. 4 4' F I' , Q 6 . . i ' X Q , . X ' 1 ' Q ' v ' H -.H N X i X. 1 1 -A - , 1 -. , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . ' 7 1 7 Q I u , 1 l ' Q , . , . . . I . O . , v - - 1 - r - r - . I - I - r ' r - if - I - - . . , . , . , , , . , . ' , . , . ' , . ' . . . . . . . . - . i . . . 0 V whlte elephant Back row J Murray W Round D Kemmun Middle row R Buch E Vertlgan A Cvetanovlch W Bader G Murray G Sood Front row R Byrnes A Flsher R Crlsler C George R Brenton D Hamilton J Chnst Back row A Carr G Yaskanm K Graham J Pohl R Noble W Berger A Bechtel P Mollman D Heckey C Hammer Ni Middle row l Nlemr T luboyeskl R Cleoton T Blackmore J Askren J Knapp C German R Denzer J Kenworthy D Reaume Front row J Gumley D Zll ox R Schuon B Odell P Prudhomma J Emrlck J Motto D Darnell D Walsh Founded nn 1926, merged with Beta Tau Slgma In 1932 Whlte Elephant Fraternity has completed 22 years of fraternal GCTIVITIBS Monthly socnal actuvntles mclude parties, dances, smokers and plcnlcs The outstanding event of thus year IS an anniversary reunuon of all active brothers and alumm during graduation week Membership con tmues to grow wlth the return of veterans and the pledging of new men The dreams of the war years have materuallzed unto realltles through the house Improvements, whlch nnclucled completely reluvenated study rooms and a tlnlshed dorm, and pleasurable extra curricular actuvztles, supplementing the scholastic wlth many socual and athletic events OCX! AL B o 1 . , . ' , . . , . , - , n . I . - fi S. ,Q . x 5,1125 N, I i l V B yy N .' s - X ,Ni I Q - , l g.. ,. . I .-.. 3 , . 1 . i 1 V ' , ' f " .f . Q Af e 3 K I f. X X f VI , 3 . ' 4 ' 5 x A . I . . . . . 'I ' ' N out ' ' I ' v Q u 1 u Q 'A Unlfornfs donned spirits exalted The battle on Basketball volleyball track tennis swlmmsng softball Breathtaking games Heroes made champion ships won All rn sports . All ln the heart of the American man ' I . . . , I I ' I ' . , . . . Victory . . . Defeat . . . , - Sf! Aiffiawh '-dmv f t -, Wim 94 x' ,, 5,1--. , 5.1-gf , , ,ga :iff .' - Q "S ,MN iv WE: Q -W, V ,H -x I ,S fig, A . 9 M it awful, ' "A . f' ' "v.:x,f:,w fi , K im' V 5' .. 'N f ,, W, V , ,EW volleyball Set em up' Set em up' The tradntnonal yell echoed through the gym and Volleyball was offlclally In full swung The competltlon was so keen and the games so close that the cheermg sectlon often vled with each other In cheerung the wmner as first one sude and then the other galned the lead Sectlon AC produced some hot teams with Phu Kap emerging the vlctor followed by Gamma Mu and Phu Tau luke a contaglous disease the spmt was caught by Section BD and more than once the game went Into extra ponnts Ph: Tau showed Its heels to the pack and was closely pursued by Gul Gal and Phu Kap Both Phu Tau and Phu Kap scored one first and one thlrd and tled for the plaque ll 1 I ll ' ' be . . . . . . . . ., . . . . . . . . I . . . . . . . . . I . . . . . . . . . table tennis Table tennis enloyed its season of centered activity as both the Individual and team tourna ments were played The independents amassed a group of talent which proved unbeatable In Section AD It was the Rangers and In Section BC the Ramblers that took the title Alpha Delta took the fraternity plaque for both sections ln the individual tournament Robert Couchot of one position for the two sections badminton Chasing the little white bird proved quite the fad around GM Tech The gym saw daily action as a couple P' big husky brutes tried to slap the poor bird down the other fellows throat Jerry York showed the fine net form necessary to win the championship n AC It was strictly a Gamma Mu finish as Frank Herron took the top place in BD l I Phi Tau and Donald Mooers finished in number 0 . . . i ' Playoff game between Ph: Kappa and the Ramblers Wff' been ' Qual Q , -f" . 'wigs N ,, 3924? ' i . ,Q . nw -7, M" " ' y fig, , . 1 ,- i bak 1947 was a banner year for Basketball were played and an extra month had to be Most of the games were close with the wmne Gamma Mu and Phu Tau tled for flrst with Al Mu the Ramblers Phu Kap and the Tramps Ramblers Phu Kap the Tramps and Phl Tau Mountameers Phl Tau Whlte Elephant and game between the Mountameers and Gam Mountameers walking away wlth the honor Basketball IS one of the hardest games good alert eye us ever present The referees of on the back ba I Some of the hottest games of many a year ed to playlng off the tue among the top teams certaln ln the last mmutes of play In AD lt was elta and Phu Sng hed for thlrd BC saw Gamma t order emerge the vuctors For AC ut was the ruggled for and gained top honors BD had the rowns as the teams with the laurels The flnal u was played before the student body wuth the feree The action us fast and the demand for a dld a bang up 'ob and deserve a hearty pat The "Cardinals," an out- standing independent team. The Ph: Tau Alpha Team e fraternity champions swimming The Phi Tau nators outsplashed all competition to gain possession of the swimming plaque this year. Trailing close behind were Phi Kap and White Elephant. Independ- ents and fraternity men alike turned out in large numbers for the events and competi- tion was keen. Outstanding performances were turned in by S. Kreutzfeld and B. Clemens in the free-style dashes. J. Walker turned on his hidden power unit and swam to easy victories in the 25 and 50 yard backstroke events. All told there were six events, each filled with talent. bowling Body English was standard procedure Look out youll kull the pm boy was an oft heard expression Wlth such antics the team bowlmg tournament crashed Into the limelight Section AD saw Phu Tau walk away with the league leading position Sectlon BC saw some of the most closely contested games of the season Independent team Number Five played Phu Tau again the fraternity plaque wlnners for the champion ship and with a hugh series score of 2506 took the top honors ' ll I ' ' ll ' I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I I ' . . . . , . '51 .d Y-v 5' A ry Y , ,,,, 4--., 1aw15w"'f:Qj fra, f . 7-Rv f'.s'2f-Q 'x ' "2 21 tourney Two points for a long, one for a short was the point system for this tournament. In AD it was Dick Carter of Phi Tau who clinched the top spot. Section BC saw Charlie Cummins top the field of shooting stars with that needed dead-eye accuracy. This year saw a good turnout for the 21 tourna- ment and the winners are to be con- gratulated for their accurate shooting and splendid spirit. handbaH The old man's game, handball, got off to a bouncing start in Section AC with Earl Jank showing fine form. He played a consistently good game which won him the championship. Ray Jansen, by his skillful handling of the small black ball took the runner-up position. Section BD also saw some rare competition with Ford lawrence emerging victorious over a large field. tennis Both individual and team competi- tion were organized this year. With the individual crown hanging in the balance, the Tech players turned out strong at the Ballenger Park courts to do battle. From approximately 80 entries, the field was narrowed to two players. The finalists were F. Herron and E. Grabovac. At press time, the cham- pion has not been crowned. Also, the team champion has not been crowned at this time. Both individual and team competition took place in golf also. X it 5 i 'Ulv -1, 5,458 H it "if Fraternity and Independent golf teams heeded the "call of the greens" this season and swarmed over the Mott and Schwartz Creek courses almost nightly. Although the creeks and roughs accounted for many of the rounded white genus, enthusiasm and par scores were prevalent during the entire season. The independent "Ramblers" were not conquered in a single match, hence the golf crown belongs to them. Phi Tau and White Elephant led the fraternities in the team competition. The individual tourney has not been completed as yet. 399' SO Amenca s natlonal game gets Into full swung at Tech rn May and extends through to September Fraternity men and Independents allke get two school months to demonstrate their lndlvldual and team ablllty 1948 was no exception The two diamonds behind school more than ever before were scenes of vlolent arguments fancy base running and spectacular plays Sportsmanship reigns -.5 "" AN Q I o e Q o . 0 . . 0 0 . Q 0 . Q a Q - ' I I 0 . Q . I I ' b 'W-xt I y --we I .. . J I ,M --p-+4.,,..r -f-1 ' t I . . . A e K Q ' i I I as W.-.ffl , Y I 1 W A . ," 1 ' U ' Y if . ff x ,. X A ' f. ,Q f g A . tu, R., ., .W X J.-an Q K- v MVN s -u 'Q A X ' supreme on the field and after each game the players returned to the Irfe of a student mne men happy and mne a llttle sad A season champron has not been determlned as yet but the frrst month crown went to Phu Tau Alpha Fraternuty and the second month saw the Independent Padres on top when the battles had ceased i, ,rN 1' . I r 0 I . . I . ' ' ' ll ll I , f K r Av Q N , , l t . ! . ' g M 'S lk 1 Q N fu- r "A x 2 ww wa., , N , Come ruaay night the doors swing wide Mus -. rlngmg through the dances Fun for every one when Tech goe so ual Entertainment for all School life rounded out hy activities gym . . . The parties, the e .r '-ww'-0-n ajfsfve J? R+ J f' : F . Q : b P ig ' .. li X I . 5 5 1 .. . ,tg A . N W . ., t 3 ' ,W yr, , U1 uf 1 4 5 xg,-Q11 iv xfbh fffag law Q 4' f 'Ln Q 73 1 5 s M If x , l! f .3 'C it 1 K -2 fi' -' 5 1 lk W r , V1 . QT 5. , A Liz,-:'.' . .K iii' sr sig' X Q. iy Q 1 1 gli ,P 1 .5 , I il E Y , X f , D' - .3 1 W I by NK fag 1 ' 'F ' -f4e"f"faw, EQ , V ' f + ' '. ggi" ' 'ici Q.,-, . ' P, N 9 i' -V ,,. , , ,L 1 , is vw ga at f 2 Q , Ru ,Ya on th Before the Christmas vacation, parties were the order of the day. One This is election year and we also had our elections at GMI, of the most outstanding was the party given for the needy children complete with placards, bands and campaigning. of Flint by Alpha Gamma Upsilon Fraternity. ...... ............X w. ,WL ' 4 Q L 7 Q 3 , , , X :- f Q . as 'L ' .. my Q '51 ,L if Mm ' y 1 ,U If n , X J I, ' -1 gli .gr f 1 x . -utr I ,gg ag YJ X 1, uf ,5 v im 'A' 5 Z , H59 ORCHESTRA ,gfff Q ,, .jk N, fm, . , K , i 1? A fi Ng ,, 45: wg'- ., ,wif A . 'v .ff 'I--, . -A .1 Y'- s M fb' fr -Q U x fx 5: M N 4, -W, W ,gif guar- 'Q , , v . . 3-. P y L 5 Pt fx ' 1 1 'U H X4 A Q vs xl I wg ,fy .I ,N A , It . ' s Y , rr H Q N A 1 ! fl iwrihw' ...F-T". - a,-.,w:V4Q,..5l': l,.,- , . L R .A , , frjfgawv - ' .M V . Corporation compelition on the :ampus ampu ctivities Good spol for a "Higher Math" man Unified assertion regarding indoor summer classes From cokes and milk? Spedaculor evenings become monotonous JAMES ALLARDYCE IE 3 Sagunaw Mlchlgan Sagunaw Steermg Gear Whlte Elephant FRANK M ASPLUND IE l Ashland Wusconsln Allison SAE JOHN R AVERY IE6 Rochester New York Rochester Products Gamma Mu Tau Interlraternlty Cauncll Tech Club JAMES M AYERS IEI Towanda Pennsylvanua Electra Motlve Alpha Delta Tech Club JACK U BACH IET Dayton Ohuo Frlgldalre SAE Detroit Muchlgan Detroit Transmusslon Phu Tau Alpha GMTE Council Publications Chairman Technxcaan Edltor Robot SAE FRED M BAKER MET Detroit Mochlgan Detroit Dlesel Phu Tau Alpha GMTE Council Publucatuons Chanrmon Technlclan Edltor Reflector Robot Tech Club ROBERT L ARRINGER lE3 West Carrollton Ohlo Frlgldalre SAE Tech Club MARVIN D BAYLES IET Detroat Mlchlgan Detrott Diesel SAE OR TO JOHN BAYTALA IE5 Flint Mlchlgan Fusher Body Phu Tau Alpha DAVID W BEARDSLEY lEl Detrolt Muchlgan Cadillac ROBERT C BEAUCHAMP lE3 Detroit Mlchlgan Chevrolet Gear and Axle SAE FRANCIS L BEDARD Blrmmgham Mlchlgan GM Truck and Coach Alpha Gamma Upsllon SAE ROBERT G BEECROFT BA 5 Dayton Ohio Fngudalre Phu Tau Alpha Soclal Councul Interfraternlty Council FREDERICK V BEELER IE6 Anderson Indiana Delco Remy Gamma Mu au House Manager WILLIAM E BELL IE6 Anderson Indiana Delco Remy Gamma Mu au Secretary THOMAS BIUSO BA I Tarrytown New York Fisher Body Gul Gal ROBERTJ BLACK LEI Trenton New Jersey Pusher Ternstedt Bond FRANK BLAIR ME I lndlanapolls Indiana Allison WILLIAM G BOELTER lE3 Sagunaw Muchlgan Saginaw Steering Gear LESTER J BOSSCHER IE6 Grand Rapuds Mlchugan Flsher Body Phu Kappa Epsllon ROBERT L BOWDEN ME5 Detrolt Mlchlgan Fisher Central Englneermg JAMES E BOYCE ME3 Nashville Indiana Chevrolet Alpha Tau Iota Tech Club Glee Club ROBERT J BRANDLE IET Saginaw Mlchlgan Saginaw Steering Gear MARK A BREWER IEI Fairmont Indnana Delco Remy Gamma Mu Tau House Manager Athletic Council SAE ROBERTJ BROADBRIDGE Detroit Mlchlgan Fnsher Body RAYMOND G BROCKMAN lEl Delco Remy Gamma Mu Tau KARL H BRONG ME4 Lockport New York Harrison Radiator Gamma Mu Tau Secretary House Manager JAMES T BROWN ME 6 Beatrice Nebraska GMC Truck and Coach Alpha Gamma Upsllon Presudent Treasurer GMTE Vnce presudent Social Council GENE M BRUNO lE'I Fhnt Mlchlgan Chevrolet RUSSELL D BRYANT ME2 Fllnt Mtchlgan Buick JAMES T BUCKETT ME4 Flmt Mlchlgan Buick Alpha Delta House Manager , 'D . . , IE-3 JosEPH P. BAHomcH, IE-3 Andefsont "'di""" ' T r ROBERTT BURNHAM IE4 Flmt Mlchlgan Bulck DONALD M BURRELL 6 Detrolt Mlchlgan Detroit Diesel GEORGE A BUSZKA ME 2 Detrout Mlchlgan Cadillac Phu Kappa Epsllon SAE ROBERTJ BYRNES IEI lonla Mnchngan Flsher Body Whlte Elephant President Vnce presudent Socnal Councll lnterfraternuty Councnl Tech Club THOMAS H CAHAPE IE4 LaCrosse Wlsconsm Pontlac BERNARD CAINE Buuck STANLEY W CARPENTER Yonkers New York Flsher Body Gul Gal Treasurer Tech Club STEVE CENKO ME I Detroit Mlchlgan Detroit Transmlsslon Alpha Delta GMTE President Athletic Chalrman Robot SAE SIDNEYY A CENTILLI Flmt Mlchagan Pusher Body RICHARD D CHADBOURNE Brlstol Pennsylvanla Fisher Ternstedt Alpha Delta Intertraternnty Council JOSEPH l'l CHOATE lE5 Cleveland Ohlo Fnsher Alpha Delta DONALDJ CHRISTENSEN IE4 Flmt Mlchlgan Buick Phu Kappa Epsnlon Alpha Tau Iota BARRON l'l CLEMONS lEl Jackson Mlchlgan Alllson Phe Kappa Epsllon House Manager Athletic Council WILLIAM COATNEY ME 5 Flmt Muchugan Chevrolet RICHARD L COFFEY ME3 Indianapolis lndlana Allnson Alpha Tau Iota LEO G COLE BA 5 Swartz Creek Michigan Chevrolet AMA JOHN V CONNELL IET Trenton New Jersey Flsher Ternstedt Vlce presldent Secretary GMTE Council DOUGLAS R COWDREY Owosso Mlchlgan AC Spark Plug SAE Tech Club RICHARD CRAIG MEI Flmt Mlchlgan Buick ALFFRED E CREEK MEI Newcastle lndnana Allison HAROLD F CURRY IES Kansas Cnty Mossourl Flsher Body Gamma Mu Tau Vuce presndent LEONARD W CZARNECKI 4 Detroit Mlchlgan Cadillac Whnte Elephant SA LEONARD DANKOWSKI ME 6 Detrolt Machugan GM Truck and Coach MARTIN A DEANE ME5 Flmt Mlchlgan Chevrolet THOMAS L DEGER Dayton Ohio Inland Phu Tau Alpha Vlce presudent EDWARD W DEHAVEN M Cleveland Ohio Cleveland Dlesel Gamma Mu Tau Presldent Treasurer Secretary Tech Club MORTON R DINKLEMAN Detroit Mlchlgan Fisher Ternstedt AMA FRANK A DIPIETRO lE3 Newark New Jersey BOP Assembly G CLYDE DODDER IE6 Flmt Mlchrgan Chevrolet KENNETH C DREYER IET lndlanapolls Indiana Allison Gamma Mu Tau KEITH L DUNHAM lEl Trenton New Jersey Fisher Ternstedt Alpha Delta ROBERT F DUNHAM Dayton Ohlo Delco Products Phu Tau Alpha House Manager Publlcatlons Councnl Social Councll Interfraternlty Councll HAROLD R DUTTON IE6 Dayton Ohio Delco Products Gamma Mu Tau Social Chanrman El BA4 STANLEY W EDWARDS ME3 Flmt Mlchlgan AC Spark Plug ELDON G ENGSTROM ME3 Bay Cnty Mnchlgan Chevrolet Technlcnan Reflector Tech Club Camera Club - l IE, . , IE-I H' 1, M' rv ' ' r f - ln lc lgan Alpha Delta ' ' I ' . , IE-5 . . , IE-1 ' 1 ' ' , , If-1 . , IE-I '- . ' '- . , IE-3 ' I - 3 ' I . , IE- E MAXELL ERICKSON IE 3 Fllnt Mlchlgan Bunck LEONARD J EVANS ME6 Westfleld New Jersey BOP Assembly Gamma Mu Tau Social Councul Athletrc Councal Robot SAE Tech Club Glee Club RICHARD W EVANS IEI Stockton Callfornla GMC Truck and Coach PAUL FINLEY ME 3 Flmt Mlchlgan Buick IVAN F FISHER IE I Knlghtstown Indlana Delco Remy Gamma Mu Tau EORGE L FITCH MEI Marlette Mlchlgan Gamma Mu Tau ROBERT C FLANDERS MEI Lansing Michigan Oldsmoblle Phu Tau Alpha WILLIAM FORD ME 2 Detroit Michigan Fisher Central Engrneerlng KENNETHJ FOX 4 Flmt Mnchlgan Buick Gamma Mu Tau MALCOLM FOX IE6 Westtown Pennsylvania Alllson LELAND E FURSE MEI Flmt Mrchlgan Buick SA Tech Club ARNOLD GALLAHER IE I Flmt Mlchngon Chevrolet THOMAS GARIN ME I Janesvllle WISCONSIN Fisher ALLAN J GAVERN ME4 Detrout Muchugan Detrolt Diesel Technlclan Alpha Tau Iota Tech Club H RICHARD GEBERS ME6 Oshkosh Wlsconsln Chevrolet Phu Kappa Epsilon Socnal Councnl Camera Club Rifle Club CARL GEORGE IE I Detroit Mlchlgan Detroit Transmission Whlte Elephant JACK C GERWIN IEI Oak Park Illlnols Electro Motive WALTER R GEYER BA 2 Saginaw Muchugan Chevrolet Alpha Gamma Upsulon AMA VICTOR GIACALONE ME 4 Fllnt Mlchlgan Burck JAMES E GODFREY IE3 Tonawanda New York GMC Truck and Coach Phu Tau Alpha Alpha Tau Iota SAE EUGENE W GRAEBER MEA Tonawanda New York Chevrolet Phu Sigma Phu Secretary Tech Club CARLO GRAY IEI Indlanapolrs Indiana Allnson DEAN L GRUNDY JR IEI Flmt Mlchlgan Fnsher Body Phu Kappa Epsilon House Manager Conference Commuttee Athletec Council Tech Club GEORGE F GRUSLER IEI Trenton New Jersey Fisher Ternstdet ANDREW GULACSIK ME 2 Flmt Mlchlgan Fnsher Body Camera Club JAMES M HALLIDAY ME6 F mt Michigan Buick Alpha Tau Iota VERNON D HALLIDAY IEI Flmt Michigan Buick Alpha Tau Iota DONALD HAMILTON IEI Dayton Ohio Delco Products White Elephant Secretary Techmclan EDSELJ HARPER I Fllnt Mlchlgan Buuck JAMES R HARRY IEI Anderson Indiana Delco Remy Gamma Mu Tau WILLIAM E HARTLEY ME 3 Clayton Ohuo Frngldalre Alpha Gamma Upsllon Treasurer House Manager ROBERT HARTMAN ME 3 Anderson Induana Delco Remy Gamma Mu Tau SAE Tech Club AIMOJ HAUTALA Flmt Mlchlgan Chevrolet JOSEPH F HEIN ME3 Stevens Point WISCONSIN Chevrolet Alpha Delta MORTON I HENICK Flmt Mlchlgan Fisher Body Alpha Delta Secretary GMTE Council Conference Committee Interfraternlty Council AMA Tech Club - 1 ' 1 ' 1 , l . , . , - - 1 ' f l ' . , - ' , , . ' ' . l , ' I . ' . . I - I - , , , . 1 I . . . I - , I ' I I . . ' . ' . , E-I , . f U I . ' , . . . 1 . , - n I I G - I ' , . I - Oldsmobile - - - , . , - - . . I - . I . . . I h . , I . I F I ' f . , - . ,IE- f , . ,IE-I , I . I . - 1 . . . I - ' . , ., - ' 1 E ' I . .' . . . 1 I I . I . . I - ' I - . I I Tl-.OMAS P HENRY BAI Grand Blanc Mlchlgan Fusher MATHIAS L HEPPLER IEA Sagmaw Mlchlgan Central Foundry Tech Club KENNETH H HIGGINS ME2 Cass Cnty Michigan Fisher Body Alpha Gamma Upsulon Vnce president House Manager Conference Commnttee ROBERTJ HILBURT IEI Marklevulle Indiana Guide Lamp Gamma Mu Tau Soclal Councll SAE ROBERT C HLAVIN Cleveland Ohlo Flsher Body Alpha Tau ota Tech Club NORMAN R HOLEN MEI Fllnt Mlchagan Buick Alpha Tau Iota SA Camera Club GLEN H HOLZHAUSEN I Detrolt Mlchlgan Detrolt Dnesel White Elephant Alpha Tau Iota ALAN R HOPKINS IEI Blrmlngham Mlchlgan GMC Truck and Coach WILLIAM H JACKSON ME3 Lockport New York Harruson Radlator Gamma Mu Tau GMTE Council Presndent Athletic Chairman Robot RAYMOND F JACUS IEI Chncago Illanols Buick Phu Tau Alpha GERALD P JANAS BA5 Detrolt Mlchlgan Detrolt Transmission Phl Tau Alpha Soclal Councul Reflector AMA Camera Club CARL H JAREMA IEI Saginaw Mnchlgan Chevrolet SAE Tech Club Rifle Club BERT JOHNSON ME 3 Anderson Indlana Delco Remy Gamma Mu Tau HENRY E JOHNSON Buffalo New York Chevrolet Phu Sigma Phu Presudent Interfratermty Councul JAMES E JOHNSON IE6 Fllnt Mlchlgan Chevrolet CHARLESJ KARRER Detroit Mlchlgan Detroit Diesel Phu Kappa Epsllon Presudent Athletic Council lnterfraternlty Councll DAVID H KEMMAN ME3 LaGrange Illmoas Electro Motlve White Elephant RICHARD E KEPHART 4 Bedford Indiana Allnson Gamma Mu Tau SAE Tech Club Glee Club JOSEPH KEPLINGER Dayton Ohuo Moraine Products GILBERT E KERR IEI Flmt Mlchlgan Fisher JOHN KIDLE IE3 Grand Raplds Mvchngan Flsher ROBERT KILLIAN IE I Anderson Indiana Gamma Mu Tau Secretary GMTE Council Saclal Chaurman Technlclan Robot Glee Club HAROLD W KING E Fllnt Muchlgan Fisher Alpha Gamma Upsulon Secretary FRANK V KLCO MEI Corunna Mnchlgan Oldsmobile Tech Club ROBERT J KOLKMEYER Buffalo New York Chevrolet Phu Sigma Phu President HENRY KOWALESKI ME 4 Detroit Mlchlgan Cadillac Gulgal House Manager Socnal Councnl Interfraternlty Councul Technician Reflector Camera Club LESTER D KRAPF IEI Trenton New Jersey Fisher JOHN F KROEGER ME 4 Indlanapolus Indiana Alllson Publlcatlons Councul Social Council Robot SAE ROMAN L KUZMA MEI Detrolt Mlchugan Detrout Duesel Robot EARL LAMPMAN MEI Indlanapolls Michigan Allison Camera Club Glee Club - I ' - r ' I ' . , ' - . . I ' , I . ,IA5 , , I ' . , - , . ,IE-3 . ,IE-3 , . ,IE-5 ' ' , I .I .. I . ,IE-3 . .l. I - I' I f , E . . . ,Me - I - . . . ' r . ,lE- n , ' I ' 1 , , ' ' ,IE'3 1 ' 1 ' , , . , - ' , RUSSELL L LASHO ME 2 Pontiac Mlchlgan GMC Truck and Coach Alpha Gamma Upsllon SAE FORD A LAWRENCE IEI Detrout Mlchlgan Detrolt Transmlsslon Alpha Delta Interfratermty Councnl HENRY C LAWRENCE IEI Detrolt Mlchugan Detrolt Transmusslon Alpha Delta lnterfraternnty Council JACK LEISER ME4 Kenmore New York Chevrolet Phu Sigma Phu EMERY L LEIST lE5 Kansas Cnty Mlssourl Fusher SAE Tech Club Detroit Mlchugan Flsher Body Alpha Tau Iota SAE Tech Club BENJAMINL LEMMER IE'I Saginaw Mlchlgan Chevrolet Whnte Elephant Secretary Tech Club LEWIS F LITTLE IE'l Stratford Connectlcut Flsher CARL L LONGWORTH IE6 Holt Mlchlgan Oldsmobrle Alpha Gamma Upsllon Secretary Interfraternl Council Technlclan Reflector SAE Tech Club Glee Club BRUCE LOWE BA 4 Flmt Michigan Buick RICHARD S LUCE lE5 East Lanslng Mlchlgan Fssher Gllgal Vlce president Publlcatlons Chairman Reflector Robot EARL LUDWIG IE I Flmt Mlchlgan Buick RALPH E MCFALL IE3 Indianapolis lndlana Chevrolet Phu Kappa Epsilon House Manager DONALD C McMlLLAN BA2 Detront Mlchugan Detrolt Diesel Phu Tau Alpha WILLIAM McCRORIE BA 4 Flmt Mlchlgan Buvck CHESTERJ MALINOWSKI ME2 Hamtramck Mlchlgan Flsher Alpha Delta RICHARD C MALLOTT ME3 lndnanapolns lndlana Alllson THOMAS B MANNIX ME6 Detrout Mlchlgan GM Truck and Coach HARVEY L MANTEY ME I Detrout Mnchlgan Cadlllac SAE GEORGE W MAROHNIC Lyons Illlnols Electro Motive Phu Sigma Phu WILLIAM G MARTIN ME2 Flmt Mlchlgan Buuck CLIFTON E MEIGS IEI Warren Ohio Packard Electric RALPH H MERKLE MEI Kenmore New York Chevrolet RALPH A MEYERING MEA St Clalr Shores Mschegan Chevrolet PETER .I MOLL IEI lndlanapolls Indiana Allnson Phu Tau Alpha LOUIS I MONTI MEI Detroit Mnchagan Cadillac SA THOMASJ MORAN BA2 Detroit Michigan Cadillac SAE Tech Club PAUL W MORROW 6 Flmt Mlchngan Chevrolet Phu Kappa Epsilon Vlce presldent House Manager BRUCE C MOTHORPE lE5 Brown Lupe Chapm Gnlgal JOHN V MOTTO ME2 Utica New York Fasher Central Engmeermg Whlte Elephant Vlce presudent Technnclan HUGH A MURRAY Mackinaw Cnty Mlchlgan Fnsher JOSEPH P MYSZKOWSKI IET Detroit Muchlgon Detroit Dlesel Phu Kappa Epsilon Interfraternlty Council Camera Club LEON NADLER BA 2 Detront Muchngan Detront Duesel AMA THOMASA NELLES BA3 Pontiac Mlchlgan Pontiac AMA - 1 ' . , - A ' . , , ,. . , , , E , , , , . , . . ,IE- , ' I ' - . JosEPH L. LELLI, Mez ' 5y,.,C.,,e, New ywk ' . , ' I ' . , , , , . ,IE-1 -, " , . ' . . .W . I , , 1 ' - 1 ' ' I ' I ' EDWIN L NELSON MEA Rahway New Jersey Hyatt Bearing Phu Kappa Epsilon Presldent Tech Club WALTER J NEUMEYER ME5 Detrant Mlchlgan Flsher Body Gllgal KENNETH D NICHOLS BAT Flmt Mlchlgan Bunck AMA JOHN A NOREEN BAI Amntyvnlle New York Buuck Phu Kappa Epsulon Soclal Council AMA ROBERT E NOVAK MEI Detroit Mlchlgan Alpha Gamma Upsllon Treasurer DANIEL E O LEARY ME6 Warren Ohio Chevrolet Phu Tau Alpha Soclal Councll Athletuc Councul Interfraternlty Council WILLIAM G PEARCE ME6 Dearborn Mlchlgan Cadnllac SAE Camera Club Rifle Club WILLIAM H PERSONKE Royal Oak Michigan Ph: Kappa Epsnlon House Manager HOWARD A PETERSON Indlanapolls Indlana Alllson RALPH C PETERSON Elgnn Illlnoas Fisher THOMAS PETERSON ME 6 Pantlac Mlchlgan GM Truck and Coach JOHN C PETY IEI Flmt Mlchlgan Flsher Tech Club ALFRED F PLATT IE3 Atlanta Georgua Fisher Gamma Mu Tau Presudent House Manager EDWARDJ POLK IEI Cleveland Ohio Flsher Body Alpha Gamma Upsllon CECIL POTTER IE I Flmt Mlchlgan Fisher ALOYSIUS N POWOJSKI Detroit Michigan Chevrolet HAROLDL RAYMOND ME6 Flmt Mlchlgan Chevrolet NORMAN REIGHARD ME l Delta Ohlo Detroit Transmission WILLIAML REUTER IEI Indlanapolls Indiana Allison Phu Kappa Epsilon Athletic Chairman WESLEY R RHODEHAMEL ME3 Indlanapolns Indiana Allison VERLIN A RHODES IE3 Indianapolis Induana Allison Phu Tau Alpha Vlce presldent ROBERT RICHARDS Flmt Mlchlgan AC Spark Plug JOHN B RICHARDSON MEI Huntmgton Woods Mlchlgan Cadillac CHARLES G RIDLER LE3 Bultalo New York Harrison Radiator Phu Sag ma Phu Treasurer WILLIAMJ RINGWALD IEI Plymouth Mlchagan Chevrolet Gllgal ROBERT H RISSMAN IEI Trenton New Jersey Flsher Ternstedt Alpha Delta lnterfraternlty Council Techmclan HAROLD E RODARMER IEI Grand Rapids Mlchlgan Fusher Body Phu Kappa Epsnlon KEITH S ROSEWALL IE3 Keego Harbor Mlchlgan Pontlac DONALD D ROY BA6 Flmt Mlchagan Chevrolet Techmclan SA AMA WILLIAM W ROY IEI St Louus Mnssouru Fisher SA Tech Club Flmt Mlchlgan GMC Truck and Coach Whlte Elephant SAE DARREL R SAND ME 3 Detrout Muchlgan Detrant Transmlsslon Whnte Elephant FRANCIS A SANDERS ME4 Flmt Mlchngan Chevrolet DONALD H SCHLEGEL IEI Llma Ohio Detroit Dnesel WILLIAM E SCHLEHAHN IEI Vllla Park llllnols Electra Motive SA Tech Club MARKA SCHWARTZ I Detront Muchlgan Fusher Tech Club 'g ' ' . , IE-3 , , . , , - , I . E , ' . . . E vice-presidenf . ' . .' ' WILMER o. SABLE, me-2 . , IE-3 . ' , IE-I ' , ' . , 15.1 . , IE-I ' E , ' ' , , E-3 ERNEST SELTER IE 5 Trenton New Jersey Flsher Ternstedt ROBERT L SHONG IEI Riverdale Mlchlgan Oldsmobile WILLIAM P SHONG ME6 Riverdale Mlchlgan Oldsmobrle HAROLD C SILLS ME2 Detrolt Mlchugan Fnsher Body Phu Kappa Epsilon SAE JAMES W SMITH IEI Beatruce Nebraska Buick Phu Slgma Phu ROBERT N SMITH IEI La Crosse Wrsconsun Detrout Transmusslon Phu Kappa Epsllon SAE WILLIAM l SNOVER IEI Syracuse New York Brown Lupe Chapman DONALD V SOMERS lE3 Kenmore New York Chevrolet Gllgal ROBERT H SPAHR ME3 Fllnt Mnchlgan AC Spark Plug Alpha Tau lata SAE Camera Club EUGENE V SPANSKI IEI Wyandotte Mlchlgan Detrout Diesel JOHN W SPENCE IE'I Lanslng Mlchlgan Fisher Alpha Gamma Upsllon President House Manager Reflector Camera Club JOHN T SPERLA IEI Fllnt Mlchlgan Fisher Gamma Mu Tau WILBURJ STEBBINS IEI Detroit Mrchlgan Detroit Transmlsslon SAE .IOHNJ STEFANOWSKI IEI Linden New Jersey BOP Assembly Technician SAE Camera Club ROBERTJ STEWARD LaGrange Illlnols Electro Motlve Phu Sigma Phu HAROLD STICKLEY ME 5 Pontnac Mlchlgan Pontiac Alpha Gamma Upsllon JERRY D STOLL MET Pontiac Muchlgan GMC Truck and Coach Alpha Tau Iota ALAN L STONHOUSE ME5 Fllnt Mlchlgan Fisher Alpha Tau Iota ROBERT E TAYLOR IE 3 Buffalo New York Chevrolet Phu Slgma Phu Vuce presudent Treasurer Social Council Publlcatuons Councel lnterfraternuty Councrl Technlclan Robot Tech Club GEORGE A TILLER Sioux Cnty Iowa Electro Motive Phu Tau Alpha President Secretary Socnal Council lnterfraternlty Councll ROBERT F TILLEY IEI Norwood Ohlo Chevrolet Whlte Elephant Social Councll FRANK A TOMCHAK IET Garwood New Jersey BOP Assembly Gamma Mu Tau Publications Chairman Robot JOHN M TOPP ME4 Dayton Ohio Frlgldalre Phl Kappa Epsulon KENNETH E TRIBELL Fllnt Michigan AC Spark Plug MERLE D ULBERG IE4 Grandvllle Michigan Diesel Equipment Phu Tau Alpha Treasurer Secretary Technlclan Reflector Edntor Robot Glee Club ROBERT URICH IE 3 Dayton Ohlo Delco Products Phu Tau Alpha HOWARD VANGE IE 3 GMC Process Development DANIEL R VEAZEY MEI Pontiac Mlchugan GMC Truck and Coach Alpha Gamma Upsllon Vuce president Secretary Reflector Alpha Tau Iota SAE PAUL L VERMAIRE MEI Grand Rapids Mlchlgan Diesel Equipment Alpha Tau Iota SAE ROBERT A VOGELEI ME 2 Detroit Michigan Cadnllac ROBERTJ VOTRUBA ME3 Chicago llllnols Electro Motive WILSON E VOYLES IEA Anderson Indiana Delco Remy KARL F WACKER IEI lndlanapolls Indnano Allason Alpha Delta 1 ' . , - I I . 1 , l ' . , - . I . . t I 1 ' , . ,IE-1 , . , - , 1 ' I - . I . . . ,IE-1 - - . , - , . I h . I , . 1 1 1 ' f . , A , 1 1 . ' I - I E . I . . I . , - ' , O l 1 1 1 I , 4 ' Anaconda, Montana . , - , A f ' - 1 ' , I , , . , - , . A , , . ,IEVI , V I ' ' - 1 ' , , , , V I I , I h .I , . , . . 1 I , . . . , - 1 . , - , . , - A I ' . I . . I CHARLES E WEED IE6 Alexandrua IndIana Delco Remy Gamma Mu au House Manager Athletuc Councnl Robot USTON G WELCH ME3 BYGIII IndIana Alllson Gllgal JACK E WELCH IEI Fllnt MIchIgan Bulclx SAE MELVIN E WENZEL IE1 Sagmaw Muchngan Chevrolet Alpha Gamma Upsllon PHILIP WEST IE I Sprlngfleld Ohno AC Spark Plug Phu Tau Alpha Treasurer Alpha Tau Iota ROBERTJ WESTENBERG IE 4 Dearborn Mtchngan Cacllllac Gllgal JOHN C WETZEN IE6 Buflalo New York Chevrolet PhI Tau Alpha Vuce presudent House Manager SocIal Chalrman Robot RICHARDG WHITE ME5 lnduanapolus lnduana Chevrolet Phl Kappa EpsIIon Secretary House Manager Social Councll ROBERT F WHITE IEI lnduanapolus Indlana Allnson Alpha Delta 3 Secretary lnterfraternlty Councll MORRIS H WILSON IEI lndIanapoIIs lnduana Allison Phl Tau Alpha SocIal Councll TechnIcIan SAE Camera Club Rlfle Club RAYMOND WILSON ME 4 PontIac MIchIgan GMC Truck and Coach Camera Club JOHN YOWPA IE I Hullssde New Jersey BOP Assembly Treasurer Secretary Tech Club Glee Club WILLIAM R ZEEB MEI SturgIs MIchIgan Buxclc It D I JOHN I-I WILKINSON Mes AIP 0 em DEYYOIT MIchIgan House Manager Dena., D.E,,eI DONALD zILIOx IE I RICHARD H WILLIAMS IE4 Indaanapolus Indlana Alllson CARLTON WILLRICH MEI Allen Park Mlchtgan Detront Duesel Warren Ohuo Packard Electrnc Whute Elephant Secretary House Manager Conference Commntee Publucatlons Councul Robot Alpha Tau Iota SAE T ' ' H . . ' l Phi Tau Alpha Speclal Certlhcates Third and Fourth Years Cooperative Engineering GENERAL MOTORS OVERSEAS SCHOLARSHIP Ambekar Madhusudan D Bracq Guy E COSSSTIDI Gino E Cloughley Francis Craig Frederick D Impey Allan Lundeque, Barend At Flsher Body Dlvlslon Fllnt Plant No l From General Motors Indra Llmated llndtoj At Frigidaire Dlvlslon From General Motors Continental S A lllelgluml At Oldsmobile Dlvlslon Detroit Diesel Engine Dlvlslon From General Motors Suisse S A KSw:tzerlandJ At Frigidaire Dlvlslon From General Motors New Zealand Limited KNew Zealand! At Allison DIVISION From General Motors South African Limited fSouth Africa! At Buick Motor Division From Vauxhall Motors Ltd Ifnglandl At GMC Truck 8- Coach Division From General Motors South African Limited fSouth Africa! Longe Thgmqg At Frigidaire Division Olhagen Sture Rahman, Raafat A Ribeiro Fernando From General Motors South African Limited ISouth Afncaj From General Motors Nordrska A B KSwedenJ Chevrolet Fllnt Manufacturing Division Chevrolet Central Ol'lice Service Dept Chevrolet Central Office Parts B. Accessorne Dept From General Motors East S A IEgypt2 t Saginaw Malleable Iron DIVISION Buick Motor DIVISION Delco Battery Operations Muncie From General Motors do Brazil S A fBraz1l2 At Buick Motor Dlvlsron Rugby Chris From Vauxhall Motors Ltd ffnglancll Snymqn, Chris At Delco Battery Operations Muncie From General Motors South African Llmrted ISouth Africa! At Fisher Body Ternstedt DIVISION Detroit Srinivasan, B Fisher Body Dlvlslon Pontiac From General Motors Indra Limited flndtal At Detroit Diesel Engine Division Stockbridge J Michael From General Motors Limited Ifnglandl Sll'C1f1Cl, HClI"I"y S At Pontiac Motor DIVISION From General Motors Nordtska A B 1Swedenj At Electro Motive DIVISION Zak: Ahmed S From General Motors Near East S A ffgyptj o 0 o I . L. Z . . . . .. I E. : . . . . I F. 1 . . . . . . I At: Cadillac Motor Car Division . Ah V . . . . . - ' s . - - I A: . . . . I . : . . . . . . ALEX ALEXANDER B I E Oldsmobile FRANK M ALLEN B M E Cleveland Dresel HAROLD J ANDERSON B I E Burck PAUL G ANDERSON B I E Buick DONALD J BEAUCHAMP B I E GMC Truck and Coach CONRAD F BENNETT BM E Defroni Diesel DAVID E BERNHARDT B M E Allison CARL A BIERLEIN B M E Cleveland Diesel CHARLES E BIERWIRTH B M E Buick IRVING N BISHOP BM E Defrorl Dresel WALTER D BODARY B I E Frsher Homalfon PAUL B BONHAM JR BME Allison WARREN G BOWER B M E Frsher Hamllfon JAMES W BOWLER B M E Harrison Radlafor WILLIAM P BOWMAN JR BME Delco Remy OTTO J BRECHTELSBAUER B I E Ch vrolel Saginaw Grey Iron Foundry ROBERT K BURNS B I E Delco Produ fs HOWARD E BUTLER BI Inland Manufaclurfng ARTHUR V CARLSON B I E Bu ck ROBERT E CARPENTER B I E Frigidaire REX M CARTER B I E Oldsmobile ROBERT W CHASE B I E AC Spark Plug DONALD W CLARK B I E Harrison Radlafor JACK D COLLINS BME Buick EUGENE K COOK BM E D9lf0Il Diesel JOHN P CORNET BME Allison JAMES R CRONLEY B I E Frsher SI Louis Degrees DENNIS S CROWTHER B I E Elecfro Mohve RAYFORD T CUNNINGHAM B I E Fisher Ternsfedf Defrolf ROBERT H CUTTER B I E Board of Education Kenmore DENZILA DAVIS BME Fisher Flmi No I ROBERT L DEGA B M E Research Laborafones RICHARD O EHLE B I E Delco Remy FRANKC EIFLER JR I AC Spark Plug FRED M EMERSON B I E Harrison Radlafor JACK A ERICKSON B I E Elecfro Mohve Dlvls on LEO R ERICKSON B M E Ponhac Molor WILLIAM F ERICKSON B I E Moraine Produ fs ARTHUR J FINLEY B I E Harrison Radlaior JOSIAH M FORREST I Delco Appliance NORMAN J FRANKOWSKI B I E Chevrolef Flin? Mfg RICHARD R GALUHN B I E Elecfro Moflve JOHN H GATES B I E Inland Manufacfurmg JOHN E GETHOEFER B I E Chevrolef Tonawanda VINCENT W GOLDSWORTHY M Klnnon lndusfrles CHRISTIAN G GOOHS BM E Cleveland Die el WILLIAMJ GORMAN JR B I E Bendix Avlahon RICHARD E GOTTLEBER B I E Chevrolei Saginaw Service M g ELMER K GREEN B I E Buick ALBERT V GRESS B M E Moraine Producis CLARENCE C GRIFFITH B I E B O P Assembly Kansas Cafy JOHN M HALDEMAN BM E E GM Corporahon Process Develop Sechon WILLIAM R HARDING B M E Allison DALE A HASLER BM E Alhson . I--' ' I"- ' , ,N. . f--- ' r"- , . ,.,B..E. . . ,B..E. Q f I ' . ,..E. . ,B.I. . f, . ' -' ' f. , BENJAMIN R HAWKINS B M E Buick GLEN W HAYS JR BM E Frrglclalre ELWYN J HILLIKER B I E Buick HENRY C HOFFMAN B I E Oldsmobile PETER IAFFALDANO B I E Brown Llpe Chapin HARRY E JACKSON B M E Harrison Radiator OSCAR K JOHNSON JR B I E Rochester Products CHARLES KATKO B I E B O P Assembly Linden GEORGE V KELLER B I E GMC Truclc and Coach GEORGE A KENDRO B M E Detroit Transmrssron WILLIAM C KILLEN BI Pontiac Motor DONALD E KING B I E Delco Remy MAX F KING B M E Pontiac Motor WILLIAM H KITTS B I E Fisher St Lows JAMESJ KLOCHKOV BM Chevrolet Tarrytown JACK T LaBLONDE B I E Chevrolet Flrnt Mfg GILBERT M LAHR B I E Detrort Dresel WALTER C LAMBERT B I E Chevrolet Gear and Axle ERIC WM A LANGE BM E Fvsher Engrneermg Dwusron EDGAR K LINDSTROM B M E B O P Assembly Kansas Crty HARRY J MAGNI JR B I E Brown Lupe Chapin NORBERT A MAZUREK B I E Frsher Process Development Plant LYLE E McGAUGHEY B I E Allison JAMES B MCGREGOR B M E Detroit Diesel DONALD G MCLEOD B M E Research Laboratories HOWARD J MILLARD B M E Delco Radio ANDREW J MILLER B I E Inland Manufacturing RICHARDJ MILLIMAN BM E Codlllac ELBERT F MINYARD JR B I E Buick ROBERT A MOONEY JR BM E Oldsmobile CARL D MOORE B M E Delco Remy C MARSHALL MOOREFIELD B I E Harrlson Radlator FRANK V MUCHY BM E Fisher Production Engmeermg Section JOHN F MURPHY BM E Bendix Avratlon THOMAS J MURPHY B I E Rochester Products PETER R MUSCIO 8 I E B O P Assembly Lrnden VASIL P NASTEFF B I E Brown llpe Chapin JAMES D OLSEN B I E AC Spark Plug ARTHUR F PASCHKE JR BM E Detrort Transmnssron CARL S PATTERSON B M E GMC Truck and Coach WILLIAM F PATTERSON B M E Allison ROBERT F PERRY B I E Detroit Transmrssron FRANK PRITCHARD B M E AC Spark Plug HOWARD REDDINGTON JR Guide Lamp ROBERT F REIPE B I E Chevrolet Tonowanda EARL REUTER JR B I E Chevrolet Detroit Forge ELWOOD C RIGGS B M E Packard Electric GEORGE A ROBB B I E B O P Assembly Kansas Crty HARRY R ROSE B I E Burclr WILLIAM D ROUTE B M E Cadillac WILLIAM F SALBENBLATT B I E Chevrolet Sagmaw Service FRED F SARGENT B M E Pontiac Motor MILTON H SCHEITER BM E Detrort Transmrssron PAUL G SCULLY B I E Fisher Norwood NELSON R SECH B I E Bendrx Aviation JOSEPH E SIRHAL B I E Oldsmobile WALTER V SKUPNY JR BM E Fisher Engineering DIVISION ROBERT P SLIVENSKY B I E Fisher Pontiac .' .. ..' 'III' .. ,..E. . ,.,. . ,..s. Q ,.,B.l.E .' "" . '. .' '.'.1" DONALD W. SNETHKAMP, B.l.E Pcrclcorcl Elecfrlf ROBERT I, TRAVER, B M.E ElecfrofMoHvQ ARVID B. TRONNES, B,M E Cc1dIlloc CLAYTON L TURNER, B.I E Flsluer Flml No. I EWALD T, VAN WIEREN, B,M,E Flslwr Grnn:lRc1pIrl5 ALLEN B VERMILYA, JR., B.I,E AC Spark Plug PAUL T VICKERS, B M,E ReSQf1rfl1Loborolorie5 OSCAR D WACKER, JR., B M E Allison MARVIN A, WEINBERGER, B IE Oldsmobile DONOVAN D WHARFF, B ME Ponlroc Morof ORMOND F, WHIPPLE, B,l GMI ROBERT G WHITE, B l,E Fisher' Flin! No. I JOHN WILLETT, B.I,E, Fishs-r Ternsfecll-Defroiv WILLIAM E WILLIAMS, B Burclc WILLIAM G. WILLIAMS, B Pnckclrcl Electric JOHN R. WILSON, B.ME DwlcO'Rs-my WILLIAM D WOLFE, BM E AC Spark Plug CARL F WOOD, B IE , E E LE Clu-fmlof Scrqmcrw Gr'-y lion Foumlfy MILES W. YORK, B I E Snqmnw Sleermg Cro! HERBERT W ZAISER, B I E AC Spzwlc Ply, acknowledgements Engraving BROPHY ENoRAvnNo COMPANY Prlnfmg WM A BURRILL Covers THE s K SMITH co Cover and Dlvlslon Pages ALLENJ NORMAN JR Phofogrophy FRANK FULKERSIN nmscron STAFF H 1,-1 v ,, - 4 .-.- .saw-rw 4.6 - . ,-,,. , - ',.g',,:-11,4-:,:1 - .-- Yr - -.f- Y-..-..-. ! a,., - - - ff --' W 'ff W"-' 4' -Y ., ..... -A- ,-.. - 2,1 , A , - -.. -.fl-P -.. -YY - .... , -xp.-::,,: 'L'-'-' ' -ff' ' -1-5-1'7" img-5' H. -.- 'H +'-gh, ..... -.-.. ., " . ., q --- f-f,? 0. -..-Q .... . ff v ?-: v- --4 --Y - - 'I:"'N' " bww .M-!A,,,,H' 4 Nnwt , ,,, MYAn,.,,,,,--'Q-Wh.:-.,,,. ,mn-A QjiAHAJ3Z1 W A-4 -Eg, L .-.. LL- - . -:..- :er-:.--... Wryfv- an A, -4- 4, .......'?""' -4- .-,4 Q 0 -1 -1 -v . t." v 7 - 51' .p -. Z Q if -1 -. .- L.,- .... .- ..- .,-. 'fl :- EI . :-.. a:' 'L if ,.. V1 ' ' f f V 2.E-iiji-'L""---"":L'....' ":::::-3: '--ff ' QQ 1 L'--T' ' 'Q IE-E5 ---' ' " '!7"T2:'::...' -2-.1-L' -3-22,-4"-' 52: :"fiEE'.'?-2 Ei-0152555121:-.".4:rLi..' 'z' Lf-5.5-L-' 12-'33'Q3L " 'Sf

Suggestions in the General Motors Institute - Reflector Yearbook (Flint, MI) collection:

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