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0 1. XFX D LIBRI ,F-F' .,,.F"' ' 197, 3 if X Mk himfin on We the 195k se-mio:-S or Gem High School dedicate this eighth issue of the Gemfs Gems to our parents who have so willingly put us thru school. ADMINISTRATIU OUR SCHOOL SCHOOL BOARD West Entrance Ray Flanagin Clerk Ernie Ziegelmeier Treasurer Lon Sowers Director North Entrance South Bus Route ualodidn f oo A 5 SF M MP- B0115- Mrs. Bond Mrs. Davis .fgfgg A ixk -A .-.. ,ry 4, N . 3 1 uf: xl XX X S4 .. A S ..,, L -- guna I ly 1.1, .:- -xx.-1 S f K , .,' 1 fyayeswlfeoe A www? . ,. Ye ba ia F. 2, E S A is he A Est. A kk F f f in . 1fH'SPAiFw.t. g fngsgfaaga mm: , wr . ws, - . if .WHY K-1 1511: rmwmws-hawks . CALVIN CRAWFORD: Superintendent Typingg World History He received an A. B. degree from Bethany College. He took graduate work at Colo- rado U. at Boulder. ROBERT BEERY Englishg Algebrag He received his A. B. Ha s Kansas State Physical Ed. degree from Fort College. He took grad- Y uate work at Fort Hays Kansas State College. GEORGE PATTERSON Industrial Artsg Chemistryg American Hist. American Governmentg He received his B.S. General Science. degree at Fort Hays State College, and has started work toward a M.S. degree. MISS BARBARA ANN HAYGOOD Grade k High School Music: Band She received her B. S. degree at Texas State College for Women, Denton Texas. MRS. BRETA TREAT Seventh k Eighth Grades. She received her A. B. University. MRS. CLARA SOUDERS Fifth R Sixth Grades. Fort Hays Kansas Stat MRS. EDITH ANDERSON Third H Fourth Grades Fort Hays Kansas Stat M SS MARY RUMM L First a Second Grades Emporia State Teacher degree from Ottawa e College e College s College High School Classes CHEMISTRY This full year course was taught by Mr. Patterson to the Senior class which consisted of only six pupilsn Chem- istry is the study of the ninety-six elemehs. All mater- ials are made up of mixtures and compounds of the ninety-six elements. We need more Chemistry today than ever before. TYPING I The first period after dinner found the Juniors hard at work in the typing room. The first few weeks were spent in learning the key board. Then came weeks of speed and accur- acy drills. During the latter part of the year several bud- gets of letters and personal typing problems and various forms of letters were typed. Mr. Crawford was the teacher. TYPING Il Six Seniors made up the Typing II class this year With speed and accuracy drillsi several budgets of telegrams and letters were typed. The Gem Tiger' school paper was put out by this class monthly. Mr. Crawford was the teacher AMERICAN HISTORY As the name applies, this is the history of America from the time it came in to being up to the present time. This class consisted of six Seniors and two Juniors, with Mr. Patterson as the teacher. WORLD HISTBRY World history is the story of man and his way of live ing from the beginning up to the present time. The Freshman and Sophomores took this course, with Mr. Crawford as the teacher. AM RICAN HISTORY The second period after dinner found the Juniors and Seniors hard at work learning more about government and its fundtions. American Government-is the study of our instut- ions and functions of government. Beginning the second sem- ester we took Psychology. Psychology is the study of human behavior. It was a very interesting subject. High School Classes Gont'd. GENERAL SCIENCE As the nmnw applies it is a science in general. It is an introductory course to all other sciences. Some work in the sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, is in- cluded in this course. The Freshmen and Sophomores took this course with Mr. Patterson as teacher. AUEEBRA The Algebra class of 53-Su consisted of twelve Sophomores and Freshmen,six boys and six girls. We used two texts supp lemented with tests and drills. Algebra is a mathmatical science which bolsters our arithmetioal process and prepares us for Higher courses in the field of math, such as Geometry and Trigonometry. ENGLISH 1,11,I11 English classes studied grammar, read literature, made book reports, and wrote paragraphs, essays and short reports We alternated each six weeks the study of grammar and litera ture. English 1 class supplemented the English in Action text book with work books. INDUSTRIAL ARTS There were just four studious pupils in Industrial art class this year, two boys and two girls with Mr. Patterson as the teacher. P.K's project was a mahogony chest and a lawn chair while Vernon worked on a desk. Carl made a boat while Rose worked on a maple book case. Mr. Crawford Mr. Patterson English III N English I General Science American History World History Algebra Psychology English II Typing II Chemistry Geometry Typing I Industrial Arts Girls Glee Club Boys Glee Club SENIOR CLASS Phyllis Kay Bugbee Glee clubaanuouonooooool' Triple Trio............ . Band CBaritoneJ........l- Basketballooscooo annul' Volleyballosnooo annul' Softballucosos coencocel' Annual Staffoooeouuvaoouo School Paper............. Plays and Operettas....l- Vice President........... Secretary........... ... 2 5 'P' UN U3 0 I 4:-wr 'P'P'P xoxoxo 0 0 lo : PIVKMO ' Betty Lou Mentlick Glee Club.............. Triple Trio............ Band iTenor Saxophoney Basketballoooosooooooon Volleyball...... cocoa:-n Annual Staff........ School Pap6r....... Plays and Operettas.... Student Counci1.... Vice President......... Secretary-Treasurer.... Treasurer............ Rose Mae Burke Glee Club. Band Csnar Basketball Volleyball Softball.. Annual Sta School Pap Plays and President. Treasurer. Secretary. s'5LaA5IZ .I2II.." EEZIZZ... er....... Operettas 000000000 1-2-3-M ......S .1-2-3-M conceal consent ililglt ......M :cancel 0092 0:93 1-2-3-M 1-2-3-M .....5-3-E 2122-3-u . ....... 3 oeooi:5:5:u eeonooonuo3 a so novel ....M Vernon Lee Flanagin Glee C1ub.......... Band icornetj... Basketbal1.... Vo11eyba11.... Baseball........ Annual Staff........ . School Paper....... Plays and Operettas..... Student Counc1l......... Presidentsuaoolooonv s -LL -a -LL -ar 11+ -1+ -3 -2 v I Elizabeth Lauretta Miller Glee Clubslhoocnocueonal' Y-Teens ....... ..... Basketba11.... ...l- Volleyballo 0 c 0 0 051' Softball....... .... Annual Staff........ .. School Paper......... n Plays and Operettas.... Carl Edward Mellor Glee Cluboooaosuoou asq1'2 Basketballoauo oso1'2 Vol1eyba1l.... ...l-2 Baseballsonnno also Annual Staffoaanosuo one School Paperonooonouoseon 1 Plays and Operettas.... -5 President................ O 0 SENIOR CLASS We the Seniors of 1953-Sh enrolled in Gem Consoldated High-School in the year of l95O. We were then as follows: Betty Lou Mentlick, Phyllis Kay Bugbee, Rose Mae Burke, Betty Ruth Hopson, Vernon Lee Flanigin, Kenneth Dean Havice, and Carl Edward Mellor. Our Sophomore year, we were the same except we lost Kenneth Havice, and gained Elizabeth Miller. The Freshman Glass was small that year, so we let them off with a light initiation, with the agreement that we would help them initiate the Freshman Class the next year. This worked well since they were a large class and the Sophomores needed our assistance. Our Junior year we were composed of the same group as we were the preceeding year. We took out our wrath on the Freshman Class, that was seething for two years, according to the agreement we made with the Sophomore Class. Our Senior year, we were sorry to lose Betty Hopson. This year we are busy with the annual and school paper. We also are heavily engaged in serving at games. We are actively participating in the Junior-Senior Play. All of us are looking forward to our Senior Sneak, we have invited Robert Lee Sadler of the Junior Class to go along with us. Vernon and Phyllis are the only students of our class that have gone through school at Gem all the way from the first grade. Looking back on the years we have gone through school together it has not been as difficult as it has seemed at times. We have accomplished what we set out to do and much hard work is now behind us. CLASS WILL we, the Senior Class of 1953-SH, Of the CitY Of Gem County of Thomas, and State of Kansas, being of sound mind amd memory hereby make this our last will and testament. First, to the Juniors we leave our row in the study hall and the name as Seniors. To the Sophomores we leave all our wasted study halls maybe they could get something done. To the Freshmen we leave all our pencil stubs and our years of school. To the faculty we leave our appreciation for their help in our years in school. Second, our remaining chattels with which we regret fully part. I Betty, will all my old dates to Elta Mae, and may she have more fun with them than I did. I P.Kay, will my ability to silliness to Mary Beth because she has such a good start. I Elizabeth, will all the dates I didn't get to Darlene. I Carl, will all my height to Fred Loseke. I Rose Mae, will my good advice on boys to Evelyn W. she needs it! Vernon and Carl cheerfully will all the missed baskets to the underclassmen. I Betty, will my atheletic ability to Ronnie B. in hope that he will be a great professional star. I P.Kay, will my temper to Bob since he never gets mad. I Elizabeth, will my ability to woo men at carnivals to Doreen. I P.Kay, will my ability to Mary Lee on how to get to know boys. I Carl, will my typing errors to the next class with the hope that they can conquer them better than I did. Vernon wills a few of his extra pounds to David who is in need of them. I Betty, will my ability to get along with the teachers to anyone who needs it. I Carl, will my ability to work experiments that don't backfire to Mr. Patterson. To anyone who wants them Vernon leaves all of his old test papers and scratch pa er that may be left behind. I Elizabeth, will my shoes to Bob Davis. To Ward and Ronald H., Vernon leaves all the basketball plays which didn't work in hopes they will make them nclickn we the Seniors of l95Ll will all the old articles left in our desks to the oncoming classmen. Signed this 13th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand nineteen hundred and fifty-four. Signedf a O .iaaikzaflzef f CLASS PROPHECY While I was aboard the Great Queen Mary on my way to Great Britian for the Coronation of l96h, there was a great commotion on deck and people were pulling someone aboard. There was frantic yelling. I dashed out of my cabin to see what was going on and lo-and-behold who should I see flounc- ing around on deck but Carl Mellor. Yes, he was swim ing the Atlantic. I rushed over to him and I proudly said, "'I do." as people were asking if anyone knew him. After all, not everyone can swim the Atlantic in four and a half days. After Carl had gotten some warm clothescn and a bite to eat he came to my cabin and we had a most joyous visit. He told me he was swimming the Atlantic to prove to his beloved little wife, which by the way was the former Rita Smith,that he was good for someth ng besides splitting atoms and going to Mars every five years. I told him I was sure she would be proud of him. Carl and Rita are living 16 miles north of Wichita and have three adorable children. As time passed on I asked Carl to join me for the Coronation. He said he'd be delighted. After two more days of sailing we reached the coast of England where Carl and I were taken to the most fabulous hotel in London. It was the largest either of us had ever seen, but when we saw the huge neon light flashing off and on telling the name, Carl and I were both amazed. The sign read, 'Flanagin Hotel ' 1000 rooms, a bath in each room for only S20 a night and 515 for single rooms. This was very reasonable we thought, so off we went to seek the manager. When we asked to see the manager, we were sent to aluxurious room with carpets approximately six inches deep and velvet drapes hanging from ceiling to floor. As we were gazing around, a tall, dark man came in and in his fully developed masculine voice said, 'Yes, what may I do for you?n As Carl and I turned we found him to be no one but the one and only architect, Vernon Flanagin who designed his own hotel and he gets a fabulous sum yearly for his work. We were all three very elated over our long lost acquanitancesnd visited and discussed for over two hours. Carl and I both were sur- prised to hear that Vernon wasn't married yet. He said, WOh it's not that I haven't had plenty of chances and even pro- posals, but I've never really had much time. 'However, when Dianna Lynn was over here making her new picture, 'Love Is Where You Find It', we had a most lovely time together. As Vernon kept on talking we found out he and Dianna were to be married in the fall of 1968 which was his turn to go to the states. He always made the trip every two years. As I glanced at my watch, I noticed it was only two and a half hours before the Coronation and I told the boys I really must be leaving. Carl asked if I would please excuse him if he didn't go but thought he would stay and go with Vernon. I said that would be fine. Finally, two and half hours later as I seated myself on a ring side seat for the Coronation and awaited the big moment, who should I see seated in front of me two rows but Mrs. Charles Rudolph Chamberland Jr. fthe former Rose Mae Burkel waving frantically to draw my attention. Immediately I was saying excuse me a dozen times clambering over people to reach Rosie. It was so good to see her again after nine long years. I asked her what in the world she was doing here and she an- swered me assuredly, m0h, Charles is leading the queen in and I have to be here to throw him a kiss.' S e told had been married to Charles for four years andhad two boys that were just adorable. They played with the little boys all the time. She seemed very happy and saw her husband I could easily see whyg me she little queens when I Trumpets ahounded now announcing the approaching of the queen who was dressed in a most exquisite white satin gown covered with diamonds and pearls. As Rosie and I sat visit- ing, they were describing the ceremony and the costumes she and her royal highness wore. When they announcedthe designer of the queens dress, Rosie and I were both surprised and ask each other if we had heard right, for they had announced that the great Madame Fi Fi Lou Mentlick had designed it. As the designer took a bow we could see her red hair glistening in the bright London sunlight and we knew immediately it was out long lost classmate, Betty fRedJ Mentliok. Rosie and I could hardly wait untill the receptionto talk with her. Finally, after two or three hours of weary setting the Coro- nation was over and the reception was getting under way. Betty came up, stood in front of us and was looking all around. I gently tapped her on the shoulder and she quickly turned around. Rosie and I both said, "Hi, Red!" Betty was speechless as she began excitedly tellingms what hadhappened to her within the last ten years. She told us she ran the most exclusive dress shop in London and alsohad one in Paris. She said she did all of her own modeling which Rosie and I noticed she hadn't lost any of her graceful curves but had put on a little wieght around her hips. We each told her our happenings during our last ten years of absence. Well enough of that, Alas, the receptionprogram is unde way and the velvet curtains slowly draw apart and there be- fore our eyes was none but Elizabeth Miller. Oh 'Lizzie ' was most enchanting. She had lost approximately 35 pounds and she was a most graceful ballet dancer, so light on her feet. We watched for onlya short time it seemed when it was intermission. We went backstage to congratulate her. She was glad to see us and we were glad to find out she was mar- ried to a wealthy millionaire. She's very happy both with her ballet dancing and her marriage. She said she was going on tour of the United States within another month and had intended to look us up, that is those who she still kept in touch. A man came in and announced tea was served so we all went out to tea. After tea, it was getting late so I told the girls I must be going because I had a dinner appointment. I was so glad I had seen all of them and now had their addresses, was sure we could all keep better contact with each other during the next ten years. As I walked out in the cool of the evening, I had mem- ories renewed and new ones acquired which I shall never for- get of the years with my six wonderful classmates. 1 .Q.!".Ex JUNIUR Iveffif Q1 Junior Class Bobby S. Darlene D. We had two Juniors this year. They were Darlene Davis and Robert CBobl Saddler. Darlene sang second soprano in Girls Glee Club. Bob bass in Boys Glee Club. He took lessons on the bass the second semester and was in Band. sang horn Bob went with the Seniors to Hays in December on a phys ical education field trip. The Juniors and Seniors were a joint class this year. Seniors helped the Juniors in the lunch room and sold Christmas cards. Then the Juniors split the funds and Bob went on the Senior sneak. The Sophomores helped the Juniors with the Senior Banquet. The We took part in the Junior--Senior play, Amateur Hour and other activities. Also we enjoyed our school parties each month. In sports, Bob took active part in baseball, volleyball, and basketball. To add to our funds we sold magazines and Bob was the leading salesman in the school having sold 573.00 worth of magazines. The complete class sold 8101.00 of which Shh.90 was our share. Class officers: Bob---President, Student Council Member Darlene-Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and Reporter .4 ,-7 -- Sophomore Class Mary Beth Z. Mary Lee T. Marilyn P. Doreen G. Fred L. Beverley T. Ronnie B. The Sophomore Class of l95h enrolled on August 31 with six industrious and ambitious students. The class officers were: Marilyn Poland, President, Fred Loseke, Vice President Dorreen Graham, Secretary-Treasurer, Ronald Barnett, Student Council Member, Mary Lee Treat and Mary Beth Class Reporter. Later in the year Beverley Turner joined us. We choose Miss Haygood as our class sponsor. Our subjects were: World History, General Science, English II, and Algebra. The second semester we decided to take Psychology with the Juniors and Seniors. The first semester we were all members of Band, Mary Lee, Clarinet, Doreen, Bell Lyre, Marilyn, Flute, Mary Beth and Ronnie, Coronet, Fred Bass Drum. We are all members of Glee Club as follows, Marilyn, pianist, Dorreen, alto Mary Lee, I Soprano, and Mary Beth, II Soprano. The second semester Ronnie dropped out of band and only Fred enrolled in Glee Club. We took part in: baseball, softball, volleyball, and basketball. Some other activities were: Band Concerts, Am- atuer Hour, District Music Festival and others. We have en- joyed the school parties each month. Mary Lee, Mary Beth and Dorreen were the cheerleaders in high school. We helped sell magazines this year. We sold 3220.50 of which 377.55 was our profit. We sold the most magazines of the four classes in high school. The first semester Mary Beth and Dorreen were librarians of the high school library and the second semester Mary Lee and Marilyn. mmm 1-1-'1f3 FRE HME Freshmen Class ward M. Ronald H. David M. Bobby D. Evelyn W. Elta Mae D The Freshman class was assembled August 31 to begin four years of high school. Members of the class were:Evelyn Webbg Elta Mae Durhamg ward Munkresg Robert Davisg Ronald Higerdg and David Miller. The first semester Ronald H igerd played the bass horn in band and the second semester he played the coronet. Elta Mae and Evelyn were members of the glee club, and both sang first soprano. They took .very active part in the school programs. Ronald Higerd and Robert Davis were members of boys glee club. Both girls and boys took active part in the following sportsg baseballg softball: volleyballg and basketball. Some activities in which they participated were: Band Concert, Amateur Hour, and District Music Festival. We have enjoyed the monthly school parties. We survived the initiation and are looking forward to next year when we can initiate the Freshman and get back some of the things on them Class officers were: Ronnie ------ President David ------- Vice President Elta Mae ---- Secretary Treasurer Evelyn ------ Student Council Representative SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES 1 Marvin B. Gary S. Larry H. John F. Delbert G Jerry D. Hulda H. Rosa Lea T. Connie S. Larry B. Vefl Ho Katherine T. Betty H. Dorothy C, Toby so 5.13. .f , - ,Q FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES '1: . W 1 si S I Q K Xie. X 1 f - . . .... - ..A...., Rita S. Mary Lou C. Ray C. Colin C. Freddie B ive ' 2 Duane K. James R. Johnnie W. Dean Z. ' --- f 55, si , X v 57 . ' ' ' W x MN x if + 1 A 5 A 1Q,2x 1 we Mm Eg 2 ,K M E 2' -, 4 ' Colleen C. Gary G. Loretta H. Yvonne R. W m y g eri. L M E ia E ::, xiii' :ql m. e W .3-wfqgq Y-X, Sara Earl T Linda W Patty W Margaret Z ,Wi ,- :Meir s..,g ,1 THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES Juday H. Evelyn J. Caroll C. Eugene H. Larry C. Billy G. Billy B. i3aEi7f?5W L N5 s. QQ f fl x is Q X Q wwf N K iv SRG f K hx 5 1 fx wa 1 Si wiv, Sf lgw sn ., xi s,ff,,,i y X sl' X gif, Carol N. Patty S. Carol Marie S. Oarl Z. KK-Kkk" FPT"wiFM . yyyyy ,sl --'y--. A 1. wi. A if K k'-- LF?:lfv- f '--' M .3 I S David H. Jimmy S. Dave T. FIRST AFD SECOND GRADES r Gary A. Ivy R. Raymond H. Judy J. Connie W. Carlos S. Dorothy F. Sandra B. Beth T. Donnie C. David B. Sandra N. Christine B. Sandra T. Jzkmmy P. .awww FIRST AND SECOND GRADES There were fifteen children in our room the past year. The five pupils in the first grade were: Gary Adriang Judy Jenseng Ivy Reedg Connie Willcoxg and Raymond Haremza The ten children in the second grade wereg Dorothy Flanaging Beth Treaty Jimmy Pattersong Sandra Trailg Sandra Bremenkamp Sandra Neilg Carlos Saddlerg Christine Bendag David Bond and Donald Crane. Christine Benda and Carlos Saddler started with us at the first of the term, they came from Halford. David Bond moved here from Rexford and entered school January 18. Donnie Crane moved here from Colby and entered school Jan- uary 28. Our attendance was very regular except for a few days of flu and Christmas vacation outside of the state. We have enjoyed reading many books from our good library. We also had lots of fun celebrating holidays and birthdays during the year. THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES Last fall thirteen children enrolled in the third and fourth grades. There were six third graders and seven in the fourth grade. We were glad to welcome Caroll Case, Eugene Houstong and Carol Saddler into our group. They had been attending school at Halford. At the end of January, Larry Crane en- rolled in the third grade. He had been going to Colby to school. He was a welcome addition to our room. We had a Hal1owe'en Party and a Valentine Party which we greatly enjoyed. Patty Sowers joined the band the second semester. All of the children were very regular in attend- ance throughout the entire year. Each birthday was cele- brated with a small party. We spent many enjoyable hours together. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES School opened Aug. 31, 1953 with an enrollment of seven- teen. Eight pupils in the fifth grade were: Johnnie Weishaarg Duane Knudsong Ray Cochrang Freddie Bourquing Dean Ziegel- meierg Colin Casey Rita Saddlery and Jeff Reed. Ray came to us from St. Joseph Mo. and Colin from Halford. In the sixth grade there were: Patty Wolfeg Loretta Higerdg Gary Grahamg Yvonne Regnierg and Judy Young. Colleen came to us from Halford and Judy left us to go to Nebraska with her parents. Mrs. Souders was the teacher. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES On August 31, 1953, school opened with fifteen pupils enrolled in our room. The eighth grade had six of the pupils: Larry Burkeg Hulda Haremzag Verl Haviceg Toby Skeersg Dorothy Cochrang and Kathrine Treat. Our Seventh grade had only two girls, Rosa Lea Trail and Betty Haremza, while the boys numbered seven: Marvin Barnett, Gary Saddlery Jerry Davisg John Flanaging Larry Higerdg Delbert Graham and Connie Skeers. We were very sorry to lose the Skeers boys in November, when they moved to Colorado. We participated in the programs for Education Week and Christmas, as well as furnished 9 band members who took part in the band concerts. Our girls are in the grade girls chorous. We have been active in Grade sports, although we failed to capture a trophy at the tourament held at Gem in January. We have not been a npush overn in either boys or girls games during the regular season. In our academic work, we have done serious work, realiz- ing how much we had to cover and how short our time really was. Both grades have covered both the seventh and eighth grade books, nAdventures in Reading,n trying to gain reading ease and fluency in speech. We used work books in English, emphasing sentence structure and parts of speech, and work books also in mathematics,to help us with the fundamentals. Grade seven has covered both Kansas Geography and Kansas History, while Grade Eight has concretated on American History with our good text, nThis is America's St0ry.n Altogether we feel we had a profitable and pleasant year, one to live long in memory. Mrs. Treat was our teacher F Qxf mx wi 4 P l Rose Mae Burke Mary Ziegelmeier Phyllis Bugbee Elizabeth Miller , l 7 Doreen Graham Mary Lee Treat Evelyn webb Marilyn Poland I Beverly Turner Elta Mae Durham The girls started volleyball this year and went to the tournament at Menlo. There were ten girls participating in sports this year. We started basketball in November. Our basketball games were as follows: NGem 59 ----- 33 Kanarado NGem 52 ----- Sh Menlo NGem hh ----- 33 Rexford WGem 61 ----- hh Leoville NGem 36 -----M8 Selden N Games played at home. Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem 50 no 55 M2 -----M9 Selden 3h Brewster 35 Menlo 3EIeoville 3 Rexford 5 Gem Hi Cheerleaders Selden vs. Gem Brewster vs. Gem Brewster vs. Gem Menlo vs. Gem Mnnument vs. Gem Selden vs. Gem Selden vs. Gem fix ' K K x sg if H. H, Ward M. Robert D. David M HIGH SCHOOL BOYS SPORTS S ys? J 3956 2 if g if 5: f if: S, During the fall the boys started by playing vollleyball We won a third place trophy in the tournament at Menlo. After this w t t d b e s ar e asketball. We won a third place trophy at Herndon during the League Tournament. Gem 61+ Kanorado e:Gem 65 ----- SO Menlo Gem 52 Herndon Gem 63 ----- SO Leoville Gem Sh. Monument Gem 614. ----- 62 Herndon Gem 72 Jennings Gem 52 ----- 60 Brewster Gem 53 ----- Selden Gem 63 ----- 58 Selden Gem no ----- Menlo Gem 73--- 14.9 Monument Gem 143 ----- Rexford Gem 68 ----- 59 Menlo -x+Gem 6LL ----- Herndon Gem 53 ----- 70 Leoville 4lGem S7 ----- Rexford Gem 57 ----- 78 Rexfora Gem 70- ---- 73 Page City 'WDenotes tournament games G Herndon vs. Gem Leoville vs. Gem Herndon vs. Gem Leoville vs. Gem H9I"1'1dOU VS- Gem Leoville vs. Gem Grade Regulars Grade Midgets Grade Girls Mrs. Treat, Grade Girls Coach The Gem Grades started the year with volleyball. The boys showed very fine teamwork and wonderful sportsw manship all through the year. The League teams: Rexfordg Selden, Menlog Herndon, and Leoville attended the annual basketball tournament which was held January 27, 28, and 30 at Gem. In the boys basketball tourney Selden took first, Herndon took second, and Leoville took third. In the girls volleyball tourney Menlo placed first and Rexford placed second. Gem 20 ----- 35 Herndon -K-Gem 21 ----- 33 Selden Gem 15 ----- 21 Menlo Gem 27 ----- 28 Rexford B OYS -:+Gem 26 ----- 28 -11-Games played at home -1fGem as-Gem 20 ----- 35 Herndon 22 ----- 30 Menlo -22Gem 27 ----- 29 Rexford ----- Selden Gem Leoville Selden vs. Gem Herndon vs. Gem Leoville vs. Gem Rexford vs. Gem First Place Trophy Grade Cheer Leaders E ll ACTIVITI S ENROLLMENT 1953-SM Study Hall lst and 2nd Grades 3rd and lpth Grades ,xxx Sth and 6th Grades 7th and 8th Grades Activities This is the fifth year for the Gem Tiger which was pub- lished once a month by the following staff: Editor, Vernon Flanaging Associate Editor, Rose Mae Burkeg Sports Editor, Carl Mellor, Class News, P.K. Bugbeeg Feature Articles, Betty Mentlickg Joke Page, Elizabeth Miller and our sponsor was Mr. Crawford. We have enjoyed putting out the paper and hope the patrons have enjoyed reading it. JUNIOR AND SENIOR BANQDET The Juniors of last year decorated the music room for the Jr. and Sr. banquet. Our theme was NFantasy of the Deepn and chicken of the sea was our main food with all the trim- mings. We made most of our decorations which were mainly fish of the sea and one big mermaid. After the banquet, we all went to Colby to the show which was nPony Express.' It was enjoyed by all. ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS There were four assembly programs sent out by the Univer sity of Kansas and sponsored by the Senior Class. The first program was the Magician, September 22. The second program was the Fire Arm Lecture, October lk. The third program was the Bell Ringer, November 13. Our last program was the Archer March 18. The programs this year were exceptionally good and everyone turned out to see and enjoy them. HIGH SCHOOL PLAY Our play last year was nHill Billy Weddin'n in which we all participated in and had a lot of fun putting it on. The cast consisted of about the whole high school. SENIOR SNEAK This year there were only two Juniors and they joined with the Seniors and Bob went on the Annual Senior sneak. The Seniors helped the Juniors serve in the lunch room at basketball games. Q BAND This made the fifth year for our band and all years but the first we have had a concert. We wish to thank Mrs Crawford who started up our band. There were four Seniors in band: Betty Mentlickg Vernon Flanaging Rose Burkeg and P.Kay Bugbee. We gave two concerts this year, one one December lk, and another one in the spring. The band is going to Spring Festival again this year at Oberlin. The band consisted of 26 members. Miss Barbara Haygood was our new leader this year. Music Activities Band Dorreen, Drum Major Music Teacher First and Second Grade Music Third and Fourth Grade Music Fifth and Sixth Grade Music Grade Girls Music Band Twirlers Band Concert vhool Activities First and Second Grades First and Second Grades in Christmas Program in Christmas Program Third and Fourth Grades Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and in Christmas Program Eighth Grades in Christmas Program High School Glee Club Band Concert Whats Funny ? Snakes I Basketball Star Xx I ff! Q X 2255 Y ff .-:- ff.-rw? adm' Talking it over L u n c h T 1 U1 8 Need A Drink ? Rough Crew ,X iff Nj fb 22 A Xxgww Sinking ??? Freshman? Stuck I Wanta Ride? Traveling School Activities -N, , . -fx Gem's Star Guard Hitch-hikers 1 Teachers Pests . -Xfdh, 1 IN E R 'I' Q gf . gi ,N X Riffs" x ,Nui A -XX ln., .,!X,X, . X l1"lw,.E Y W . I X , I , wi f X X ,352 ,fyz 1 1 - .yu-'1 1 12 'X X . X 4, 11 K F -X X 5.3: , -.X . V ., X, X Q N - X , , -.':4q'fJ.2'-FCE? ' Q -1'2c".,'yw.'13'w'f' - ' ma mf,-4:3 W -'mel . X 1 ,haw-G . 3 543,-X, ' X -- f fvzf ,' Xi-f' 1 x 1- . f-2.-X-Lf'-X X - 5. ' f f- 'Q' F X -fX . -. Xfgnm, , X,,.,, .,w. -:ag X . - X, X' ilfgh-'A .A W -, FG. V '1- .X 1 11 5 yifffih, -X., 'Q' if X 5 X ,A.,F5:',-X:Xg.- 5,7 ,, 3, VW? f1 :X'3?31.3!?x- ' , . V- .K X 0 .X H .g .' - 'X S54 r .WX yi-fx gg' y 431 ' 3.-T ,A.. ,J -X COOPER GRAIN INC. Bonded Warehouse Storage We Handle Your Grain Any Way You Wish Warehouse Receipts, Open Storage, or Cash Bonded and Insured for Your Protection 560,000 Bushels Capacity Paul Noon,Manager Telephone 999 Colby, Kansas .. 44444 HARDMAN Lumber R Coal Company 285 North Franklin Avenue Phone 237 Colby, Kansas 44446?95K444S44X+i46 AVERY STUDIO R ENGRAVING SERVICE We Solicit and Appreciate Your Business Phone L88 Colby, Kansas 444Qnw4w+4+4as44s+snan44 Member FDIC Phone 75 Colby, Congradulations to the class of 'Sh THOMAS COUNTY NATIONAL BANK Where Sound And Progressive Bank Service Has Been The Rule Since 1886 Colby, Kansas if--IH?SHG-If-25-!.'-6i--35-!!-9f-Z1'w'H9'II--X--!I-!1-iiHHi-'DP-I? BARKER MOTOR CO. You Can Pay More But You Can't Pay Better Ford Cars - Trucks Test Drive une New Ford And Prove to Yourself Colby, Kansas -IH?-I1--If--21-If-if-!2-!I--ZI'-2?-I!-X-'!2-I!-1!-i?-2X-i5-I!-Z1-9?-li-55-!5 Compliments to the Senior Class of Gem High School THE FARMERS AND MERCHANTS STATE BANK Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corvoration 66 years in Thomas County iii5956Pi?65666546654?6?i54i4Si56?6?iiiiiiiiiiif Kansas -Compliments of- HESS LUMBER COMPANY Phone 214.0 Colby, Kansas wnewnwaawuawsu Morrison-Gregg-Mitchell Grain Co. Courteous Service Honest Weight W. J. Bugbee, Manager Phone 6-2221 Gem, Kansas nanwawseaannaa ' PHILS FOOD MARKET IGA FOODS West Colby on Highway 214. Colby -rs-:.f-zz-re-me-zz--ze-:c--rs- THOMPSON FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Household Furniture and Flo You Are Always Welcome Free - Delivery Phone 96 -35-I?'!I- -IZ-li-4h'2-6?-N-I--1'c Kansas or Coverings Colby, Kansas CONSUMERS CO-OP SUPPLY CO. Tank Wagon Service - Tires-Batteries-Paints R Supplies Give Us a Try W.J. Bugbee - Manager Phone 6-2561 Gem, Kansas VETTY APPLIANCE CO. Your Crosley Dealer Plumbing - Heating - Electric Service Phone 652 Colby, Kansas wsswsnaauwaeea Compliments Of SCHROEDER FURNITURE COMPANY Everything for the Home Colby Kansas w44+a+444+w444 Compliments Of Your FIRESTONE STORE Hardware - Sports Equipment - Household Supplies Come in and See Us Phone M77 Colby, Kansas sssasnnsssusaa M E H STANDARD SERVICE Standard Products Gaso11no-Grease- O11-Tire-Wash Battery Service Phone 325 Colby Kansas 4 4 4 4-4 Ralph A. Johnson Accountant Phone 732 Colby Kansas 4 4 4 4 4 HAGLER PRATT MOTORS INC. Authorized Willys Dealers Dynamometer Tu e up General Repairing Gale Wade Don,Jim Marty mechanics 4 4 4 4 4 WOODWORTH ABSTRACT CO. Colby Kansas 4 4 4 4 4 LOWIS DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency Phone 106 Colby Kansas 4 4 4 4 4 BIEKER'S K-T SERVICE Phone 302 Colby, Kansas 'll--H--K-'H'-if SCHROEDER'S CLEANERS 175 West 3rd. Phone 158 Ferd Schroeder - Owner -l--H--li-'H--5 J. M. MCDONALD CO. 'Your money goes a mile at McDonaldsn Colby Kan. Phone 702 it--ZZ-it--li-if McINTYRES STORE H G F Foods Rexford Kansas 444444444 HOWARDS GLASS SHOP Howard Andrews, Owner Storm Windows - Screens Complete Glass Service Phone 37 Colby, Kansas CLINE CURTISS Licensed Municipal Public Acct 165 West Third St. Colby Kansas 4444444444 THE JEWELL COMPANY wholesale Candies k Tobacco Phone lh6 Colby Kansas 'li' -If-MHS EHR!-91-If Compliments of THOMAS COUNTY GRAIN CO. Colby Kansas 4444444444 COZY CAFE Good Food Service With a Smile 285 East Fourth Telephone 1992 Colby, Kansas i4 BERG k GRISSOM DRUG STORE The Rexall Store Precriptions School Books R Supplies Franklin Livestock Supplies Scheaffer Pens -2!-H-N--N-!1'-32-N-ll--l3-H- OVERMANS SHOES Smartest Footwear For the Entire Family Phone 72 Colby Kansas EMNQNMQNNM SERVICE SHOE SHOP R.L. Bremser 510 N. Franklin Phone ML9 Colby, Kansas 4444444444 PATTERSON SERVICE Bulk Deliveries - Lubrication - Wheel Balancing - Skelly Gasoline-Hudson Cars Colby Kansas Congradulations - CHIEF OIL COMPANY Derby Products Phone 163 Colby Kansas 'K-'K-N-'li-l"lS"l-4!'l-ll' SH THS GREENHOUSE k FLORAL SHOP Cut Flowers Floral Ibsigns Theodore A. Smith, Florist Member of F.T.D. Colby Kansas THOMPSON INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance Real Estate 3 Farm Loans Colby Kansas 4444444445 SYMNS-SHAFER HERO. CO. Distributors Of Stokely's Finest Foods Colby Kansas 4444444444 Every Monday R Thursday Free - Press - Tribune Official County Paper Colby Kansas 4444444444 BLACK R WHITE DAIRY Dairy Products At Their Finest Phone 990 Colby Kansas VANS CONOCO SERVICE Phone - 688 Service That Pleases Colby Kansas 4444444444 COLBY CLASSIC Ladies A Childrens Appearal Ready to Wear M56 N. Franklin Phone 15.6 Colby, Kansas 'H-I-I1--S!-R'-31-I-I-'l"l' HORLACHER'S JEWELRY Elgin, Gruen k Bulova Hatches Diamonds k Jewelry Colby Kansas -lf!!-H'-I-1Hf-H-11'-ll-N' VACIN HARDWARE Glass - Paints - Oil Farm Supplies Gas R Electric Appliances Phone 83 Colby, Kansas 4444444444 HIGH PLAINS IMTLEMENT CO. Gleaner Combines - Repairs 150 Franklin Phone 117 Colby, Kansas 4444444444 MURPHY'S CAFE Best Steaks Along the Road I.F. Murphy Colby 4444944444 DOUGHERTY IMTLEMENT COMPANY Massey-Harris Dealers Colby 4444444444 Western Auto Store Home Owned Keith M. Voss Colby 4444444444 Kansas Kansas Kansas SERVICE OIL COMPANY Conoco Gasoline - Kerosene Heating Fuels - Oil R Greases 280 West hth Phone Soo Colby, Kansas 'H"K-91-N'-X-'N'-H-QHFI' COX PRODUCE Cream - Poultry - Hides Seeds - Eggs - Feeds Richard Cox Phone 350 Colby, Kansas 4444444444 GRAHAM BARBER SHOP Haircuts - Shaves Shampoo k Shoe Shines Cy Graham Colby Kansas 4444444444 GUNNELS TRACTOR COMPANY Oliver Farm Machinery 135 North Franklin Phone 393 Colby, Kansas 'N-E-X-'31-285-3881-'li' RANEY DRUG STORE School Supplies Prescription Headquarters Phone 215 Colby, Kansas 4444444444 WARNER BROS. Clothing k Shoes Everything for Men Colby Kansas 4445444444 HON ON THE RANGE COURT 1275 West hth St. John Dean, Manager Phone 6h1 Colby, Kansas 4444444444 BUICK - CHEVROLET Sales M Services Hiett Motors, Inc. Phone 30 Colby, Kansas 4454444444 CAREFUL DRY CLEANERS E LAUNDERERS We Use Soft Water Exclusively Leading Launderers k Dry Cleaners Of Western Kansas Colby Kansas 4444444444 Congratulations COLBY TIRE R BATTERY SERVICE B.F. Goodrich Distributor Tires k Batteries Steve, Chub, Matt Phone 17 Colby, Kansas 'H-I-H-41-H--H-li-'K-il-li PRINCESS STYLE SHOP Ladies, Misses, E Juniors Ready to Wear Mrs. Francis Passell Colby Kansas 4444444445 W R W SERVICE Sinclair HC Gasoline Tank Wagon Service Rexford Khnsas 4444444444 HOME ON THE RANGE COURT 1275 w mn John Dean, Manager Phone Shl Colby, Khnsas QMRWNQNQN4 J C Penney Co. Inc. 'The Family Store' Shoes - Clothing - Accessories MAS N. Franklin Colby Kansas 4444444444 STEPPER IMPLEMENT R HARDWARE Hardware that Stands Hard Wear Propane - Butane Rexford Kansas -H-lHi-N-'Null-N--!H!-li' MILTS PRODUCE We Appreciate Your Business Groceries - Eggs - Produce Gem Kausas 4444444444 ki f Qjjzygyy ikfifffww f1 f f wmv Rgyb 532 X is I Q E ifjwwwf I SQ? SS KW E i B Ei? if 5 disk ? izfiji ' Mi? A sfigksfgfgggigas QQ j f-' ' Q kgiQf4if3Q

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