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A' A LIBBIS if Q N X kJ X ,,,,. 'Q ..f'i,, X 41:45 -',f-'if' X DEDICATION BUR PARENTS We the 1953 Seniors of Gem High School deeicate this seventh issue of' so willingly put us thru school TO the Gem's Gems to our parents who have X X ,N TR ft 'U VV K " ,, X V sua EA? M OUR SCHOOL North Entrance west Entrance SCHOOL BOARD Ray Flanagin Lon Sowers Ernie Ziegelmeier Clerk Director Treasurer CUSTODIAN COOKS AM Mrs Davis and Mrs Bond Mr John F Bond .Q v-0 1 gy CALVIN CRAWFORD Superintendent Bookkeeping, Typing He received A B degree from Bethany College He took graduate work at Colorado U at Boulder ROBERT BEERY English, Geometry, Physical Ed. He received his A B degree from Fort Hays Kansas State College took graduate work at Fort Hays Kansas State College GEORGE PATTERSON Industrial Arts, Biology, Bus Arithmetic, Citizenship, Phys- iology He received his B S degree at Fort Hays Kansas State College, and has started work toward a M S degree ROBERT EVANS Grade k High School Music,Band He received s B M Ed gree at Bethany College has started work on his M Ed at Florida State U MRS MATTIE PATTERSON Seventh R Eighth Grades Fort Hays Kansas State College MRS CLARA SOUDERS Fifth R Sixth Grades Fort Hays Kansas State College M S EDITH ANDERSON: Third E Fourth Grades Fort Hays Kansas State College MISS MARY RUMMEL First k Second Grades Emporia State Teachers College ,WWA Ulm l mam CITIZENSHIP This first semester course was taught by Mr Patterson to seven Freshmen and three Sophomores It was the study of how Qeople are interdependent upon each other VCONOMICS In place of Physiolgoy the seven Freshmen and three So phomores with Mr Patterson met for a season of Economics This is a study of the science of useful application of the wealth or material resources of a country and its political economy SOCICLOGY In place of Citizenship Mr Patterson and the seven Freshmen and three Sophomores took up the course, Sociology using the text Occupations Today which is a study of the Oc cloations available for people today BUSINESS ARITHMETIC Freshmen and three Soohomores They studied things like how to make deposits, write checks, make out the family budget write up sales tickets, keep records, and all the other use ful things which are needed in the business world today This course is sef l to every one no matter what occupation they choose to enter PHYSIOLOGY Physiology includes studies about the human body and its relationship to health This is important for every one to know in order to have s better understanding of how the organs of our body function and keep us healthy Our Freeh- men and Sophomo e Classes also learned a great deal about hol to promote useful habits and avoid harmful ones ' 0 The Business Arithmetic Class was also made up of seven , I Je. N' letterson extra laoora 'SSG an v c sift- f' V8 lb v 1 :A TV r for r VG Q, PGV Lelho rl rawferd met Ks frlotuce CJ YKL X 'Tlll JVQ 'ive r V1 1 ro 4- roiect Y' male O e lb e CT riitlfb V a ser their re ui e 1 com L3 lW red A v F' -L 1 ll .udulbi 1 .Q 1. TCU 9 uv MS ,inf va Readers Wi est F61 series w 1 X vu a 1 e i Q Q ire enjoy nt es attractive ccv rs l mst ses QQMQQJ- Ls et are e eed olr e lo' 1 tle r lnute rfouew lj 1F our l BO ser' IB r e ce teeo.en ss letters lypirr II Jem' Yv- o take se s tc nely us eo r Weet ml l wnxins Qlxanced selJes. lla vw Q eo table ' ev o Cer e rs neg Knee J a 1 year e owetry, or n wqtnemstlcs This l e l over OO r e c'lQ llnes, t 4 7 DW l W look Neel oerlo' usel t strenptoen 'F 4 te atqze books the everel loiern stor 1 S and uluy 1 e Q .C 0 H . Jeare la a sta.' v tlre l 5I"O'LlDS 0 NOLlC9 trat S a es l teroture for all E1QLLJY ,L fig . ine sexQ,rs and 4'r1'rs not 'ltz Hr. 1 ' 'or fiwl3'f. YurQp1s Lyrics were iisos l 'Mi K l - Ljry wprk Li :xlerigegts eil iisseotlogs was lone F- 'K sv 1lefi gifif r-erpt :,fQ-LQ ,:,s :fl 4'4r Liiil swf we , jftg ,ever 'tllzfff epswllez, fy ii' f Hluss mee ',:5 Hwf. g.j U" .2 ell? gf LQri g'r4. Qt srcseit we wyiiiif a.:1xess letters wxicx is 2 ,TTjETt we think prec- 'QHLT mil 4.rLpnA11e. we ',1 tryinv L ixgrov, our sp fi? A :trol x51 xt Lge sure Life w ton 4 sg lllug and L3VCiKaLl'D. u fsief aversici, perQ t', is 'fs tel-m ' tiLeA-w71Lin', wglcu seeis no so: Us cults f 4 ',.t W '. lfsilrr. LEING ll Qse Lqird Awylii ii Lee fcrninj founx Lge seuic ii to ty,inf r,fr wits Yr. T-ew-l 1 is ou- Comte? F 1 Various sul ell sung as legal igcgneits, bssine ' tg,inj for q.xlr,l :il :sees Nev, usei. Also the l ' .b Class out nut Lge Jem lige ery ftur weogs and the ' s Se:'s, the lbsj axnuel. swiss' HG' Tue soriirs sito Hr. C H , . at : t ' up no kkee inn. ye N301 wo3K'oi's und 5 r ' t r ' g unierstuul tue oookkeeping. lTffTfS,.ll.-QI, C lk, lr 1,1 Qlrsz ,erisi after luner, the s-hio s fe "tY Kr. letlerf X fgn livsioei ihoy. TLuy tl .ll g o" grsjegts DJ .gif ifsi Cf tie sjrk ly ther-, 'V E Ygrhei ip flmlur 2 weliut Verity. Two foiertisti -Md ' os , M., ,f wwlnut elf jiyllis Loseke's g U, . ,l,oi X, p l wr? Q R211 T grits K ire makin: 1 thillipi,e Usfhc Y ' - hol iosk -Q: sport, A,sgeotiv ly. We ples LC hn'e 'is- play ef u Corpletef work L 'F, end cf ine , SZCYiTR. Seven jtnj rs ani V ,Hier enroll 1 in flame Ge . ' tseveuy Ug'et',g Q m n i A ' L ' . course vrmslstef QI lj Qxio S, 1' Acstu it ., an: 2 tgeirfms :ggeeriiig 5are'1eh wri ,e 5 2:1 pllr A' rl- Hi'1es, -irfle,, ,.lyf:ns 7:1 f, eLruic reniors. WWF' HL , Il, l First semester Lnjlisu olass,s S1Mi:6i :re.iQr. L "I ' :sl xisoussifis were 'ivei esol sim r E L s. it Qents of I L 5 we-e . C U' no t st vxcahulhriws eil Giinr C7fQ.-RGASlOT. He f in! ew serie- of l r " -- Q and i 1' 'ratio M .nd - ' F r X - e 1 S :rf . w l,:xe PL3'fE We tl . Q k - A 's "fWq Tlx ' :n gowular i N ,W - HIGH SCHOOL CLASSES qu- My-9 Biology Advanced Shop Bookkeeping 'HQ Q0 Typing I Typing II English I Geometry English III Geometry OX Economics English II WAP' X ENIX X 'Q- O i Robert Vrnest Lalritqen Clee Club Jug and Bottle rand Rand CTrombozeD Basketball Volleyball Baseball Softball Anrual Staff School Paner Plays and Coerettas Vice Presidert Reporter 'X'-Q. Claude Dean Uoerbel Glee Club Jug and Bottle Sand Band CCornetD Band C b Bassl Band CSousaohoneD Basketball Volleyball raseball Softball Annual Staff School Paper CSports Plays and Operettas President Student Council SEFICP FLA lla Louise W lee r le r' Band I wlrlerj V Teens sasketkall Volle ball Anrual wtaff ocl Pe 61 Plads are Coeretta e orter Pres'dent lilu fin. Pryllis loa oeexe rlole rlo ard CWr ettel an IVl tel Basketlall Noll xbzll Softbal Annba ta f Alter Scbool Eager C cite ex w e e Secretary rer Stldent Co neil Ill? flv' 4 I . S as wh! Q S E " llrham G CQQL ...... - Tip T lo ..... wa' .-Q A .... I I I act L-9 I Earn ge. - .... . . . 1-2-5-4 A . . . . . 4 - . 1 .... l-2-3-4 W . . . . . . 1-2-3-4 V . ' .. ..l-E-3-4 , . . . . . . l f . . . . 2-5 JIS.. . .... . . . 4 " - 5 . ....... 4 ' A . . 1-2-3-4 , - . ....... l . . . . . . . 2-4 Glee Clab ....... X s V sages 1: . E d g u , ..... ' f . by 1 l ...... , , . -. .... . . . "1 J f Cie D. ' . 1 5' rl. Pl js anl Cp 1 ttas. . '-Treasn . . ii -gf Z . . . . . . . l-2-5-4 ' J l .... . 4 . . . . . . l-2 E . . . . . . 3 . .. . . . . 4 n , . . . . . l-2-3-4 . . . . 1-2-3-4 V H . . . . . . l M . . . . . . . . . 2-5 . . . . . . . . 4 Emu. . 4 . . 1-2-5-4 . . . . . . . . 2-3 P Q L I tne yeqr of lO'l four len enrt ln e Consolidated Grade oclool U1 :eyf qs Ve cvs frne device, utere a ner, slear, l lf oer cl e seco reie e .fr owe w t only Llree struents or ss W ln tne year of l9U3 e' aces Kennetn, blll, Claude, and Miss rwin dS te c er. The next year as fourtn erale ve ere Jroal U come three new stulents Unvllfs osefe, seal Saercer, and Wobert Lauritser and also a new t ecner, llSS 'elsor In tne fifth grade tno rev fe.ilies ovee nto our munlty ivine us two Wore boys 1n tee plft . ' e1 were Loren ferkins, ard aul ceson ouever, 'e lost w and Kenneth, leaving us wltn e sene number of t lerts The next ye r our SlKtH b ese ye ep W9 7,we lost Loren Perkins,ard gained 4 r e bc le elreier was our neA teace f qui two ws Josele, ene T rseul Qwercer Ani our boys ooert rf ser nleu e Voerpel, Paul fonson, ani Averl ole ocsl . Je are now proroted to anctn r roor nd elne Q new student, Bobby Pentry, srl a ne. teac e Seed er. Tn our eiebth ani ilral yea rqle I6 .ere oroui t ve would soon e o ooor ertrf oeleel, 7 bert Lauritsen snr we tesc er r. Deen Jonnsor. ell A on e en al ' stu er vel n We e s1r Q Sonlo one reall e o n rcs e SC ore r We Presn en. Q r xl Spenc lne 1 A wno ove ford. e 'ere rou ore en s on LG o L velvn W 9 Q ec o ln' o c , T e sen Ts ot 99 e , sele Qooert E trnt en, e F121 oer el oLiSS HIHTWRT n ' ' C -,4 - stuncnts o elled ll the Gem R A I . Ql.ey 1- he .K If: ,, tl. 1 L 3 A U 3 Bill Nei rf. and Claule I Q7 . In th ,nd 5- - Tujen, Iajr: i 'oF away leaiin' is 1 A , g 1' - ,nl Yi-- Qrwin as ou- teacher. ' , we had the sane flgiliar S Lack ' Q' t R E ' A J L . Q D o. rs, J 1: 5 ' L. to wel- - 1 . 2 ll, l L L Her ego- ' : . ' ' ' ee ' W' L - .. ' ' -on QT ri W i i cox- ' g Q A U boy L - -' 1 jraie gh y W . P . H j . I ' ' J Blll - ' l th l, ,- - S ue A . X Q -, - ' vrn , .W A q9n6- I I M . s N- o - n l H, . o Eine d Gel n eski. Kiss 'l 3 A v ler. He non lf. 2 girls: Phylll I 1 - fe f eg , , r,J f 2 R 'ol 1sU-,t H, , i ' E. Et.: -1 G rv' s ci tl' L . . C K L, E 'A d Q. . ' J Q .T 'J gior, Iirs. , , l ln ' JL . 1 lll fr of Q Qu school v w Q ' 'nrt w M ' b in nigh son ol. F "j Gen 5 moved away leaving Phyllis Loseke, Narseal Spencer, Tlatie I 'Lo go ' ., Paul foic,., ani 3 3-2 . A W we ell neoe it it of grsi scACel nies scgefl and sled a neu -e'1 ct, L y, gfsies, to .Jr cl ss. Ike - 4.1 ri 1 S Q fy lik t gicli o.. J- " .:1e:l. As ti ,hor s of liii-El we .ewlly g:.lei it ct Llc + 'Jt- fe lost Ifalsoa -55 Wilt 13' 'H Llla Ing-Len ' 1 0 fro? Yex ' A , jf 1 ti tE'nk that Hu w, junior: ,nl noel? o M ' H of Scnccl. Tut as usunl Je lest 1 stu ent, I lvs'ern H ll we Firilly nsie it to ZQQ tr, url it reflly feels gocl t thfll le k :nl sei Fox lenj srl ni'2 Q'jcb IL vis n .i:,s - l H2-1253 sie jhyllis 'oe Y , Flli Dtrhsm U c .a' , s .nu , ,lie I g . CLASS MILL We, the Senior Class of 1952 53 f the city of Gem County of Thomas, ani State of Farsas, belrg of sodnd mind ani memory hereby make tllS our last will anx testament lrst, t tke Juniors we leave our row 1U t e s ui hall and t e name as Seniors To the sophomores we leave all oar Na ted tuiy halls maybe they could get something done To the rreshmen w leave all our pencil stubs and our To the faculty our appreciation for their helo in our years of school Second, our remalning chattels with wdich we regret fully part Ella Durham wills all her laughs and giggles to Darlene Davis and all ner tygins mistakes to Carl Mellor F c use some of Ellie's height To Bob Saddler, Claude Noerpel gratefully leaves tae big bass how Bob can go omph', too Robert Lauritsen wills a few of his pourds to Fred Loseke and Sherman Hopson To Elizabeth Miller, Phyllis Loseke leaves ner ability to get along w1th people and to Marilyn Poland her graceful ness To Dorreen Graham she wills all her lost ping pong games To Vernon Flanagin, Robert gratefully wills dis ability to get knocked arodnd in ballgames Shirley Morris is now the owner of Phyl1is's stubborn ness and temper Claude wills his mischievous ways to Rose Mae Robert leaves all his missed baskets to Ronald Barnett Ellie wills all her used boy friends to Betty Ruth Hopson The seniors will all t eir ambltions C91 to Mary Lee and Mary Beth Take note None of the inheritances may be exchanged or returned Signed this 17th day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand nineteen hundred and fifty three Signed - , o . 1 ' K I ' A 1 f , 1' ,' , F' O 1 ' ' ' n L 'y a ll R . " ' ' ., ' 1 'fs s "' ' - e , intelligence and.lignlty. . . ' ' ' V . . P. .. an . v n 1 E h L 0 LA 0 I C . V . P X O . ' 0 I I " Q PROPHECY The date on the calendar shows May 14, 1962 and I Ellie Durham trying to make up my mind whether to go to col lege, be a beauty operator or become a house wife, while I am working in the Cozy Cafe in Colby I was trying to con centrate on my work when all of a sudden I looked up and there stood Robert Lauritsen wearing a great long beard I asked him what he was doing, and he told me he had married an Indian woman who does his work while he sits in his easy chair looking and listening to the ball games on television I asked him if he could sit around nd do nothing all day and still make a living He says HA lot of men that do as I do can't make a go of living, but neither do they have a wife who is as good a worker as my wife N We chatted a while longer, and then I told him that I was going to make sure of my career by next month Then I was going to take a trip to Florida, where I could visit some of the colleges ard beauty salons and decide on my l1fe's work Robert and I exchanged fond farewells The next month I found myself on a train to Florida had never ridden on a train before and was getting quite a thrill, when all of a sudden I heard a loud shriek of laugh ter I turned around to see what the commotion was, and to my suprise there in the middle of the train sat Claude sur rounded by girls As soon as I recognized him I went over to find out why so many girls were clustered around him H told me that he had started out by getting away from girls, because they always caused a lot of trouble Finally he had decided to go with a few now and then, and he told me that every where he went he found one he liked better than the last, s he just brought them all along to be sure he wouldn't leave the one he liked best at home I asked him what he was going to do with the jilted after he found out out for themselves I told him that I had seen Robert about a month ago, and he had been married He asked about Phyllis Loseke We hadn't seen her since she graduated When we reached Georgia, I asked Claude where he was getting off He said he was going to go to Florida to visit one of his friends I told him that I was going there too After we had arrived at a small town in Georgia we went to a cafe to get a meal Lo and behold Phyllis Loseke, who had finally become a movie actress, was sitting in a booth She told ua she was on her way to Tallahassee, Florida when we told her we were also bound for Florida, she decided to come with us We were on our way a ain but before we reached Florida we saw a sign that said Lauritsen Barber Shoo just from curiosity we all went in Guess who was the barber yes it was Robert Lauritsen He told us his wife had revel led No longer could he sit around idle He had moved south for his health and started up a barber shop While we were talking two customers came in, and right away we recognized them Mr Crawford and Mr Evans had decided that they would teach in Florida for a few years to see if the kids were any meaner than those at Gem Well there we were all together, the senior class of 1953, their sponsor and superintendent just chattering away until it was time to depart Claude, the girls who were still following him, Phyllis and I had to leave After a couple of months in Florida I decided defin italy that I would become a beauty operator L . I . . e o which one he decided to keep. He told me they could look ' 5 A.. so f IN Q Z 1 ! I i 2 i 15 2. 'E X EJ l:.1g,H'RW Junior Class -v 5 Phyllis Hose Nae ett ett, l 4 i' llzeretl Herron ar or 1, H rclled on Glt6'Tl8I" l, w1t sever sad st darts eer w s c oser for class saons r The follcw inf offices sexe ected Pose ae Furke, oresi ent etty Put? , xice Hrefxirlert, Plglli Kad Hug ee secretary Uettx t1'CP,tI"88SlAI"GI','6I'IlOI'l Vlansglh,stNent clas re-sorter are sud Lrg feometr-5, n lish III Oleg roru env farm he also .marticlyete in Athletics Our monew maklm- cheme hav beer the sellinb of Clristv- mas cards, fem llserfs licerse ,lates at ha ball genes C111 L ul rg lt ear 1 e smfflcient to rodallg er tertelh e or len bemmet be helc' t rim Althoufs We cles 's activities have not beer extensive tkl e , + b J co rl lnea 11' our ccmlng senior' year' 0 L -D -I "' 4 as ' s P. '. - .Z E. 3- 3' TA El " T-L A- - 1 'I an 'f ' ' V .4 ' Y' X . A . X ff X- '- I 3 4 ' 1 ., . Ck l M. lhe Jnnl ' Nl ss ol' limi fl 1 5 g .fr ' h , . 'x . . ..11'. E lf 1 h 1 ' 1 o . ,' ' " 'l cf' f H' - ci Q F- ' .i E?w:1soh ' -'N - ,, . ' N' S " L ,b , - g , - in-n . 1 X - 3 A - s. council r'epr'eser.tfat1ve3 Carl Tlellor and Elizabeth Miller as il ,i 's. 'Je ,' 5' . j 9 . ' Q5 t ' ' , E1 ' Q, i'j,':1lnf' I, QV: S f I' '. j ' - " V' ' s , . s -71 1 . ' 1 1 " ' l l f , and servizig sket- 'f '. fx txt. jz'1f"s t is y,'zr' .A ' X' f ., th Seniors at the Juli '-.E lor' . to . his sp pf. zz. . . ' 1 fs 5' ar' we feel thu. me will e justlv :woe.sf ' . ' sf X EOM PX Zn X L nphnmnre Class Darlene D Shirley I Bo S On September l, the Sophomore Class enrolled with three Morris The new member was Shirley Morris from Colby, Kan sas The subjects we took the first semester were Citizen ship, Business Arithmetic, English II and Physiology The second semester we took Sociology, Business Arith matic, Literature, and Economics We sold magazine subscriptions to raise funds for the class Class officers are Shirley Morris, president, Darlene Davis, secretary treasurer, and Bob Saddler, student council representative Mr Crawford is the class sponsor Shirley Morris is one of the twirlers in the band . at l . M. J, b. . members: Darlene Davis, Robert CBobl Saddler, and Shirley x ERE H5455 1 X gy ,. 1 I 3 f 1 X M f in ' f I X X74 4 Xb. F reshman Class 1 "3 M, 4 Dorreen G Mary Beth 7 Mary Lee T Marilyn P Fred L Ronnie sherman H School opened with seven new faces in study hall lhls was just the new Freshman Class we chose for our class sponsor, Mr Patterson Class officers are Fred Loseke, president, Mary Lee Treat, vice president, Mary Lett legal meier, secretary treasurer, Marilyn Poland, student council representative, and Ronald Barnett, class reporter Our subjects are Citizenship, Physiolop and nglish I the first semester and Economics, Sociology and Literature the second semester with Business Math, Chorus, Band and Athletics we are all active in band, glee cl b and athletics The Freshmen and Juniors were the top classes in mapa zines sales we also suffered thru Freshmen Initiation ard are now full fledged high school students ,-.A ' 'J 1 , - , K' Q . ,, . gig? ' ttf ,f A, . .1 'inf' . ,, 3 . Y g Q B. U . Y . A .. . . - 0 2 2 I - Seventh and Eighth Grades --mr Kathern T Toby S Dorothy C Larry B Verl H Huldi H , N5 Ronald H Pvelyn W Ward M Elta D -D Robert D Carol H David I Fifth and Sixth Grades N-4 5? Yvonne R Patty W Margaret Z '1 Earl T Larry H I I Rosalea T Petty H Jerrx -' L .J -4 Larry H John U' ary S Linda Judy Y 41" Garv G Delbert C Roger U Marvin Connie S V4 Q Q t 4 Tx. 5 ' 31:T": 9 ' - :, ng. K w . Q 9 .fx -' n we . 4: - , 'Ik' ..- .ff li-, 4 .. h' - ,F 5.9, , I , S L E a r '- , x I x - I, W 1. A 'I . w B ix 3, ,1 Qu A 7 v ' 'a 31 f 3 ' f f v . . Q . v' D. To ... fl '47 . V- ' Y ' H 9 Q xl.. ' K a . X .,' ,V N 1 ' - ,' ' X X Q I is , i',e:r ' 'L 'rl A ' . . . S' . B. . Third and Fourth Grades ...v "'f Carol Patty S Jimm David Carl Z David -.1 " 1.6, 3 f Ray C QNX Fred B Duane K Dean Z John W Jeff R Rita S :I li' 4 .,. J -Q -45 -t N. . y S. . , 3 rv I' -1 ' - W X T. . H. -..A 'Q J-A ':b"" 'E 4 X . 'V' Y' f- xX'sPf- s .,ixbSi' J.. ' 'i -- -' MP4 4 ' 1 .,-' Wh NA Q l6t1 Billy B 1PS Qui Qanira avl velyn J ,..-v wOTOtHf Yayw PJ 1 40 BlllJ U .Q-sv! 'F an 'wil 'Px 284. Judy F' L J . Svc R1 E i.J4 Q 1,1 . r' I' ' h 3 I - f ,J g U, B .J ...1 Q' , V ., , S ' - "E uf . if J ,K Y- . - 14 " .U D 'J ,. 4.1 sl - X fanlra T .J TT. -5 7- 331-75-3 Q ' Q., f QF- 1' ' -' h X , V .f N' rggl gl !4i, ?3' XX Q. giff 'B J 'q "1 75- x IJ ' V .x Ai' E 14 L 1 T. I "i E 1 .c.' H Jimmy Ln A, v 1 X 6. " L..V " 6 X .1 U ' --ff . wh an F2 . ,Vex ' V I 51 ' ' Q., - M-1 First and Second Grades The primary room consists of twelve pupils, David Bond having entered January 12 First graders are Sandra Ure memkamp, immy Pattersox, Dorothy Flanagin, Raymond Faremza, Beth Treat, Sandra Neill, Sandra Trail, and David Bond cond graders are Judy Haremza, Billy Graham, velyn Jensen, and Billy Barnett, Maxine Rall, a fir t grader,entered our room hovember 24 but left us January 23 Each child had a birthday party and we observed each holiday fe enjoyed putting on a skit, 'T e Brave Little Indian and winning a prize at the Amateur Hour Contest Third and Fourth Grades There are thirteen pupils in our roon Two new p plls entered the room at the beginning of the year Carol Neill came from Rexford school and Ray Cochran attended school at St Jospeh, Missouri last year There are mostlv oovs 1 our room Patty Sowers, Carol Neill and Rita Saddler are the only girls More girls are welcome at any time vB have a very fine library with enouph good books t satisfy all types of readers Our room has been made more pleasant since we have new lights and new curtains 16 also added new mans and a globe to our room equipment We have done a great deal of art work Most of our work we have had a bus,, happyyear Fifth and Sixth Grades School be,an September 1, with an enrollment of eight een, eight in the fifth vrade and ten in the sixth grade Nrs Breta Treat wa the teacher tne first month durin, the absence of Mrs Souders oth grades took part in the Christmas program and var Lous other programs put on by the school and community The flu epidemic cat the attendance but otherwise the attendance was very regular The room was decorated appropiately for the various holidays Seven and liphth Grades School began September l, lQ52 with velynn Webb, Carol Ropson, Llta Mae Dxrham, ward Vunkres, Robert Davis, Ronald Ulferd, and David Miller in the eighth grade The seventh grade started with six students,Larry Burke Verl Havice, Toby Skeers, Hulda Haremza, Katherine Treat and Dorothy Cochran Dorothy joined us from St Joseph, Missouri We made an aquarium and a vlvarlum for our salamander in science class Our classes have been very interesting, and helpful J I . . . N - "' D . Se- S V . Y. . 1: I h ll , . , 11 V O - A . V ' , n Y' ' . . o . 0 ' A 1 - o v is free hand. There are many fine art students in our room, V . . V Q ' ' A . L, - ' ' . . Q11 ,. - ., . ' 4 . . , - u . . . . -XL! PII Q.,, 'a 'X, HLE ff, TIC 'ww X at , ,I ,US X SM X N 'N X p XJ L X ? 5 5' KJ 3 P W lb lizabeth Qos et Putt H Shirley Vary Lee T orreen ary Wet? Z H J CCPOCL I SPCP1S hen school started, eight girls resorted for volley Lall Our coaches were Mrs Patterson and Nr Feery ola ed most of the lea ue teams In the Wenlo Invitational Volleyball monrnament,E we beat Hern lost to Page City in the second, and third place trophy Next we played out of nine games, meanwhile gaining ship Shirley Morris played with us d on in the first round, beat Rexford to win the basketball winning four teamwork and sportsman- the second semester rn Gem Gem Te.. Gem s we played and the scores are astollows C vs. A Kanoredo 2 Leoville 54 Selden 43 Henle 4 Q ef Gem 47--Rexford Gem Gem Gem Gem Rexford 39 Leoville 55 Selden 56 Menlo 46 Z will lose two seniors,Ella Durham and Phyllis Loseke but have some good replacements comini in from the eight. grade. Jernon F Robert L Sherman H red L During the second place in Menlo tournment The scores follows Gem Gem Gem Gen Gem Gem Gem Gem M5 Tournament Games : Carl M Bob S 'arm Rm' Third Place Trophy Claude W " aww liza- Ronald B HIGH SCHOOL PCYS SPORTS fall the boys plaved vollerball W won the Page City Volleyball iournment. In the we were nosed out of third place by lhnlp for 1952 1953 Basketball season are as Herndon Herndon Levant Leoville Selden Menlo Rexford Page City Monument Kanorado Gem Ierndon Leoville Levant Selden Monument Hexf rd lenlo Rexford ueffl Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem .,l.--A-5 1 it K lg, til L is 1- ,A I 1 . ' 1 IF: e fr 'F S -. 12 ' 41 5 A ' A ' y 1 4 . .' H 1 .1 uv 1' K . I .Q P G tv rw k djxx ,'e' S if S - ' . 4 I 6' , I 0 C : 26 ----- 30 i? 35 ----- 32 S6 ---- -M1 I Gem no ----- 38 LL3'----51 S 65-----36 Gem 61----EM SE ----- 63 - M2 ----- 53 . I D9 ----- 70 Ln ----- ue . A 63 ----- so ' sv----63 Q su ---- -eu w L3 ----- no I A Gem SS ----- M7 , as ----- 66 63 ----- S2 Grade ideets Grade Reg lars Crade Girls GRADE SCWPOL SPCRTS The em Grade School started the year with volleyball The boys olayed some very fine games They showed fine teamwork and wonderful sportsmanshio all through the year L e annual em Grade School bas etball tournament vm held February 4, 5, and 7 League teams Selden, Rexford, Menlo, Levant, and Herndon were invited BOYS Gem 35 Herndon 21 Gen 28 Levant 34 Gem 24 Selden 41 Gem 53 Menlo 52 Gem 36--Rexford 51 Gem 23--Herndon 21 GGU 20--Levant 37 The Nmidgetsn never played enough basketball to show us what they could do. GIRLS The Gem Grade girls started with volleyball. They won over Levant and lost to Selden. They played only one game of basketball which they lost to Selden. J fx -. u 9 TIVI k xx ws gd is 01 Wx Q xx 4,63 1949 ,,.. ! fx 'fwffN ,A '-sf is l J Nfi f X, ,JN f uf ff x XI! XM xx X K! X X f gfzxim gf? I 4' A . 1' 1. N9 5 x 4 X xx , I. 'iffj' I Q D xx I xx Ak ' S , J 521,51 A N I , q 53:21. x, ' X' .l..Q x xxx X' I QA -. N X x x44 ,A V4 X g s -, Y ,-4' f '96 X 31 'N f 5 x N ' " N .,. 1:3 ,X N x N I x 11" ' Y lm 'I ' ' f I Jw, 1 k y af E ff. J ' :e 'TN X f ' X' ff Q A ,QQQOIMU y X xx If . I , x W , K' ' ' 'fy' ,P ,f x , , 1 - ,, xx xx f, W .-1 I ,fly J '-. ,-. ,C - , I v I : Q , I Q If 1, 7' 4 ji V ' I f , . 1 ' ' L X ' f ij Y f I A f xx, . +751 9 X X ., fl I I fl Y 1 if X Vx xx 1 . irq ' I -. . xl vxgsxxxxx X4 4 W 'ju Q - A ' ' f 'f 7 I xvwxxx, Xxx X V, I I I X f xx fg rw f . A J if 1, .f f 1 Xxxxux ,X V, 'xg 7, AV!!! ww , v x 7 f 0 1 1 Aff' 1 V X X xv E ' 'ff , inxinmil J X Y 7 .xi ME A KV? f f ggffamg T L 95 lf z.. and 2nd Br-Q anc 4tfz rades n ard wh 7th arf' Sth frades Studw Y-all Qt db 91 :Lf-JACL IILIZT 1 2- Q53 I Cs l I X lst , 5,I'aNe5 ' ' 1 f' I . Y ' .v . , V . '4 ' Q ""1 , xv 4 X in ki ,A AQ, fIZ'9f?e5t A.. ,. E - Aj .. u ' 1 IG R LS lS our h year for t e em liger to be u T e taff L Phyllis Loseke, editor, Claude Woer oel, sports edl or lla Durham, art editor, Robert Lazrit sen, reoorter, and Cra ford, sponsor Since putting out t e pager every t o veeks took so much time out of class it was decided to out it out every four weeks It has been a lot of fun and we hope the patron oreciated it AMA LR HOUR CO'TUST ovember 21, 1952 mate r o r cntest was so nsored this year by the Tun or and Serior lass r zes were 5 5, and 52 1 three classes, Instrumental, Vocal, and Novelty There was CVWIQ AS PWC Wk be annual Christmas program was held December l7,l952 the band olayed several r mbers, each room had a Christmas it and various ensembles performed KATSAS VNIV RSITY CONCERT SERIES Phe Senior Class sponsored the K U Concert Series this year lhe programs presented were Dog and Pony Pro Lram, C Quigley, sports, Magician and Puppet Show, and a aroist hese sroframs were all well given and well re ce d FTGL K POOL PLxV Instea of two class plays, The Juniors and Seniors de clde to go together and put on one play which will be given in the spring AWD CONCVRT I e band concert ill be hel r the ser ng At t s corcert the band will shov its versatility by play ng marches,overtures, light classics, folk songs and novelties Ik APP? FIATION The annual staff woxld life to thank Mr Evans for bein? ohotographer, 1 Crawford for letting us use school time and to all who wrote articles Nithout you this book co ld mot be possible TIVITIES GTV W E Th' ' the f ' t r l h G . 1 p b- l1s.ed. gh s - . sg '.j ' - A 1 L g E - . . , ' 1 - ' l ' Mr. - wt . . A , . ',. . s af, . 'fwfr 1 u L..4 .1 44 V As f V u C . ,f U 1 - A F a P 1'- 2 S Q 8 A n Q- 0 a larre crowd and was a huge success. vt'-Ax 1- -- ,.,. pin. ..f.A,: Y. w ' L. . A , . sk A . h ' J- ,. E I A 0 l " I - C . A . 2 .' E. . . A ' . ' ' YT 'T' N - H D . -U b 4 M l ive . . .,. . .L .. -.k,.f I+ d I a L ' . 3 'h w -G 11 . 1 . hi ' 1 . 1 f 1 A 'Q Q L '. . . H ' hr. . ' ' . 7 IL T o Gem Band The Gem Bend has made considerable progress tkis year The school purchased a bell lyra and a bell front alto horn kew band members are Delbert Graham, cymbals, Loretta Hi gerd, saxophone, Dorreen Graham,bell lyra and Phyllis Los eke, flute The twirlers were given uniforms, and it ww decided to add gold strives to band trousers A big improve ment in the marching band is the result of the review and na tery of the fundamentals of band marching We devoted a few minutes each day to learn these fundamentals Festivities and it is regrettable that they did not attend It is hoped that the band will po next year The band will play at the District Music Festival this year We are very proud of the I Rating we received last year Some of the selections we played this year are nThe Syncopated Clock" "Blue Tango , "Avalon Nights 'Kawai a War Chant', uCarnival of RosesN,nPrelude in C MinorH,'Frosty the Snowman", Hungry Hobo , "Magic Key and many othe l l : - - The band was invited to parade in the Hays Homecoming I ' A , , n D n , ' 1 n I ' va n n rs . G Pildg Grades l and 2 Thfs music clas has beer a ost enjoyable group They really like music Singing, listening, and rhythm band act ivities have kent this class haopy all year Grades 5 ard 4 The tdird and fourth grades have been working their tonettes, listenirg to clas ical music, and singing On Friday, Mr vans reads 'Condrad's Magic Fl1ght,n a story of a boy wko flies to music land on a record Grades 5 and 6 The fifth and sixth grade music classes have had a five point program Singing, listening to the best available music, rhythm bard, the nCubsu trainer bqnd, and music his tory in story form Friday being story day, Mr Evans reads The 'Cubs will play a the Grade School Festival at Nortor this year Grades 7 and 8 Music in the seventh and eighth grades was organized into two classes, boys and girls Singing and music app reciation ar the main oolnts of interest in these classes Crade c1rl's Chorxs 5 The f1rl's Grade Chorus met once a week This class san, the best rounds, unison and two part songs in New Hori zors Locks five ard six The choru also enjoyed singing pooular music in parts .' . ' s 1 I . ' Y on K A S. , gf 4 I stories from uTales of Olden Days.N I YI t lv A . g . . N - A e M 5 . . , 1 1. -e ' J . . . .- f . . s . ' ' High Bo,s Vocal Th s year we have ei ht boys in a ch ras The group sings cowwoy, U vular, semi lassical, and folk songs PoJs Inst amen al oas 1artet This ensemlle met exery Tuesday They drilled o parts of bend music, and vracticed vublished arrangements and special arrangements written by vr Wvans for it Jug ard Qottle land e u and lottle and o ganized the second sem ester The class has had e lot of fin Dlayinc on toxettes and bottles M D an o D a t P T A meetings and ban concerts This QPOJW is a morale builder for the band flrls Vocal Whores lhe Chorus onsi ted of l2 girls and oiano accomoanist, Aara Lee Treat h grown ha enjoyed si glng show songs, 'egro iolritlals, ard so e C' tte best classical me ooles r le Trio lick, Shirley lorrls, sosrancs, rg Ziebelmeier, P K mug ee, Va J Lee Treat, second c rsnos and etty Uooson, or reer Praham, Phxllis Toseke, altos, with the accomoarist arilvn oland san: xarfc x es of sonts ar have perfor ed at Vario nlaces and vlan to enter the District Lslc Vestlval at Cherlln Trio and ,uartet The trio or,a 1 eo last ear erformec the first se es ter ecomd serester lorreen Graha oined the ,roy 18 in it a dear nartet will sinh at the Distr ct lslc est va ' '1 ' ' i ' .o ' . ' ' ' . , A 3 L -c " . -, T' r".. t B v V1 : . c . f ' . n . Y' I , , M . T . . . n . - . Th J 5 E F was r .- . . 1 1 A v I . We Al t Alfy a . . . d 4 . m 1, ' . . . 3 o, ' : " . fl ' S, , .. : -Y fl . 'Le h , 3 Y An . A T A T .A r '. m ,T A . 1 ' . T ip ' : The Triple Trio consists of Ella Durham, Betty Hent- . V f - tra ' , '- . 1. If - b n rn . sen . 3 E U A D - l tw . .. A' .J . ' ' . . 5 x - , Y H P . We . .h 'e -fus tj: 7 .d rn is ,, . Q . , 'VI 1 ' "n'L ' y f Q U ' l 1 - . The s 1 .- v s L m j . F 2 k 5 s' tet. The g', - N . 1 J' F ' 1 l. GRADE SCHOOL MUSIC CLASSES 5rd and 4th Tonette Class Girls Chorus Clarinet Quartet Clarinet Duet H S Trumpet Duet l " ..- Y L E STS. 'Z fs W - I -L 'H . HIVV SCHOOL M SIC CLASS'S 98.8 Ill Girls Triple Trio Girls Quartet Girls Glee Club I Jug and Bottle Band Boys Glee Club JA. , ,Y U 3 .-,-4 , .:: 4. -- 5: 4 A l .- I . r 'I 1- ' 1 I I ,- v 1 .S - we . b. .hiv senlors Junlors 'af Dutch Nlndmill Bancue uuests JUNIOR SENTOR B LQUET The theme of the 1952 Junlor Senior Banquet was cenuwed in Iolland The main decorations was a wooden rindmill with Dutch boy and birl cutouts The walls of the room in whhh the banquet was held, were covered with paper desibned in rock pattern, and the cellinv was covered with blue crepe paper representing the d1kes and the sea The lar e Dutch windmill, the lovely tulips, and the Dutch boy and irl cut outs really made you feel as if you were in Holland Lovely briQht colors of red, blue, green, white, and yellow, were used in the decorations and made a cheery scene for the de liclous meal The tables were decormted with tulips The oopnonores served as waiters and waitresses dressed as Dutch boys and f1T1S Main speaker was Mrs Breta Treat, and the glP1S trio sang two numbers The delicious meal was headed by fried chlcken and the excellent dinner was topped wltn apple pie ala mode It was prepared by the Junior's mothers After the banquet everyone attended the show in Colby ..,.iV,,,4,.. . I f ' .- 9 1 ., , ' Sf f ll t ' f , ... , 11 ' ' 5 I Qw, I 1 455 g J' :N - f ' , I E , v-HAY' K- I 5 4 . . 4 ,, . A .. ,. ,N - l 1: ' . . 1 E . . 0 ,,. C ' v- LJ . 9 E5 .- ' Y o 0 0 i 0 ' ' L Q, s . A O 1 . . . Q O . 1, I Hiirwk fy E X 7 Q ..--4" 11 Sailor! You Don't Say I W? gf 9 gm 3, 1 W Guess hho999 n f ,,'2V4 W... WF' wk . xii 249, I is X 1 Three of B Kind P The Maris? 'A"4Y MM , V 3' Q fjv. ',.:44+f..' .. f ' A R ..5',,,g. 1 ' TWO in One .41-f I 5 X Ag sf'-1 'Ai Ing , J, k I . ,. l i-EQWW Vl 14 V ' C f' . "'x-'y: f J u t . ' I 1' 4,' J A P lhf r X XJ T o'ne o y e s g ea e Handstands S b d G t B1 h d d 'X IW4 RPN QR 3 The Three Stooges X 35:5 f New Styles f?f.-"-"-f- :fi- 1',QTQ xg X -f F Preppy Bah! ' Q -4 ' ' , ,- 74? if - F is 4 X- 1,4214 f X J I 1 An: -- A -1 xx e N Z 1 2 HV ' , i Q X 'wi 4 ' 3 3 , ell I fe f V 5 "'-....,..'a-fi, I U3 ' if-A-L :X:5jKy A A , fd Zak KN, Rx W ERJSXN Z' I5 o L,! JEiQ4.9 F. l CU P Q GRAIN, INC Bonded v rehouse Storfge we Handle Your Grain any may Yo misn Narehouse Receipts, Open Storage or Cash Telephone 999 Phone 75 Phone 106 p , o ous els Capacity Paul Moon, Manager Colby, Kansas saw k BARKER MOTOR CO You Pan Pay More But You Can't Pay Better Ford Cars Trucks Test Drive the New Ford Ard Prove to Yourself Colby, Kansas wevwww LONIS DRUG STORE Wallgreen Agency Low Prices Every Day Colby, Kansas 'P 3. . S . V5 .1 V , ,. xx., . V . I Bonded and Insured for Your Protection 'O ODP ' U sees ,e: A O J s J f ALL Fkam PLA1 " C 1 Y A 1 o r I bk fl F IWLF JHAJ. 0 rte us ervi Woe .J 'ViP:E'g Iu?i Numb iteuhs '2L5 LUG Ti 3 J. F. Mgrghy fclhy, Ygxbes IHL 'I - 'Ti CC - QPLFA11TE Hiffflii- I Gr li - Lead - T 1fSS9E w.Q'Qi ,CGgi Hiilir 'Hg Ecllixi ard 11.135 P.u1v T16 Colby, Funsd afne.eaeeeasaeae HOKE ani 'PEJG I 1n.ELL hi'TN CC. C-u Q' S ce Vznesi 121 it A ,T . , , Lim. .Le V1-,ffl 'fQL:',, 3-id, LJ, es- Q 81 ' ,LLBVJCTS V41 kansas ts wwf kwcre ZMO olby, Fansas N ldfmf' +45- rf-ef J r L 4 F X9I"v P W mra L fic, L Colby, nansas 'ova lwents to t,P Qef N lass OP fem 5 Qcloo Tum UAQV RS A W enuur cf beieral Jevos up years ir N ST+.4 L lnqurance COPQOTHLIOU ovas unty Colby, Kansas W3 .L."'j. ' :',' 'f fl," '. if f 'Y V , 'J :bfi ge 1,9 ,'11 Miter xc,psiv ly Lugilrg L 1fl4Y6V5 x Jgy TN- ,N' 31 He5Lf:L KZ1n'S Wg" l fzijliici of "TQ: "nfl: '-'J - 113- , u.U- H, ,A,, ,, , U.n,, V - V. A J - Lt ELNQRL - FIIEiTF3jN3 H.Tp1Z LITZYQQLT - D -R'1"Y 2g 1'ur A. :hw M, wife Fe Service Anl Hal: OA Car CA 4 'cz Elf Hai' 414 r:" , Q77 ' ,, Mil., A J C' ..iOA 'f L 1' , H1211 - 1 'H L ..Li .IL NLFCIAXTQ JTI BQYK m .'J ' ' ' , 1' ' . , L R' -' 3 fU A. Q3 JCI D ylby, xmas s OTC TEC M92 J rione 2 cl 5, Kansas Paw U ple e Aseno urn t L 1 or I' n u I' lmajs fel mme ree eliv P ore Co.y, Mars Vo' u P Q e .L 'V K 5 CC NTB N JLNAL DKNY We fl bcmc wncl rc ressiwe -Jerk .M uc asEeer e Jesrfe' .,o'b5 Qrsas Q1 " 1 .5 Qi' .,. Qililyll. Q' ...ul 1.1. Q: NY IH wr' 2 1 - - 11' 1 tk, 1 1' , V -. J .M L, . or -.,r, .1c,. .e 1A . " S ,, . ,. ei-az-a:-e:--::--::-af-r:- EiAgi?.I5'-ra ILL-. CC. Chrysler' - Ply oath F N I tor' 'T frPcr'n 'EN 5, Q HC", ll THCT 'C ?'.'R:.TIiFl VCI-IPANY Cert T ,ic-' L ld F' 1 '4r"- and E' 5 love 1 g Yo A e A ' Y cw F - Lf cry . 96 'A " . es A .1 .ire ful'-'J -js '..',lcwA .at 'EE -'i-Iitlif , ' .KTYA ,JA L '.-L rm ' " ' I ' P 3 ' " . " rx' e . 1 Ai .- -555 " , V T-'f , ,- - .. . iii? AC AVERY STUDIO EI RAVING SERVICE Tr lck as n ser 1 e Portraits Cornercial Photo Finisninc 1 o e Colby, bans s Phone Colby, Kansas .JJ PRINCESS STYLE SHOP JOE'S SLIUGHTER CURING Ladies, Misses, R Juniors PROCESSING PLANT Ready to Wear 3 R Lake Mrs Francis Passell Dhone 770 Colby, Kansas Colby, Kansas .JL..J WOODWORTH ABSTRACT COnPANY BERu L GRISS I DPUU STORE Abstracts of Title Title Insurance Real Estate Colby, Kansas Colby, Kansas a f vaeaw as Every Monday and Thursday HORLACHWR'S JEWELRY F R E E P R E - B U Elgin, Gruen A Official County Paper Bulova Matches Colby, Kansas DIAVONDS and JEWELRY lwfl - CXDILLAC V R A C1 'VCC X JP1o 1 d S V'C L ff "EL n llglg ' a Q88 se-714:-e'-an1-:1--:'- -LHHHHH: .1 .G L, H 1 R . . ws:-see: ,:--3, 2: .:- -Y-Jae-x-er-QHHG V f. n ,, , ,. U X x . er-:HHH-X ' :, ' .: e 1, f S S T R I N E LL L KARD AUVLH lracturs OFL as lewents N FqWYl1U Plowe 222 oloy, Fansas 1 me urtiss foofkee ing ervice olby Kangas BROWNIE BARBVR SHOP r n lny ome ee U olby, Yansas E CloLuin5 R Sroes Lverytxln for bew Olbyf Kansas 1 Glass Paints O11 Farr SUJJllGC ec+ri A 3' CPS ,hone CGlOJ, Yar as CLQY MA W D J N D vixlis V Puone voloy, narsa OX lqkip' ream cmltfx Q SeeiQ Vasc eeq Q 1one 350 Clk Q 1 S Jvel Gas Refrige at. leCEP1C nepri erat r Rai os ro11er Farm Lig t Plants Butane And Prcuane Gas rlantQ Bottled nas LveryLu4np lectrical a Las 2 HI S FL V45 Q IHS. f' JAUIN-Hl'T HAH.W1Fz, -LH PAT 'g,M,HlLLS ' " - T akin ' . jg ' - Farm lm, .' Gas E E1 M c Ql,iQH,, SOO '. M '.. ' ' I A I x E- ' 1 A ls CX . FAR? 'HIJQ Y fC. C 1 C OHS 'EERE 2. Y. :J ' S G. S. L ' Mgr. C , Aug' fu . vf A, 5 -. , , ,,v T .V . , UU C -P 1 .j-Hide- Nha. I lg X --M .--F As 1 f S .icnari fox A Pl T, .y, Kursa- KJ X asses ssaeeseeae CALDf5LL GAL Q :LLTTRIC YQ :gl w A T' ' vs L ' '. ' A g Q L ':.'wJIx4R RCS. ' 1 K i 1 A I v A A v , ,- v KI Q . . 1 g .. H ' 1 J 5 , ni f - J . xp

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