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EY QZQ LIBRIS QQ W W X2 rf Dedicatx Gem Iigy Qdool Fac lty t e 19 on one 0 ,Q c Owl ueplcaw L S I of Gem's Gems to t e lg 1 sc ool facultx 'on to Y ., .1 .1 u K Wen Ei SZ' S,.Ai.,' f Cm H C S I1 4 -: JV 511' S 4 .M lssgue . E- Vx? H , 1 AMN K X xvsw' MW! A oi M' W lzkgs Nl 4 My . School Board Roy Flanagin Ern Clerk Custodian 'X-K Q Mr Bond st Ziegelmeier J R Lanning Treasurer Director Cooks pn!! 'wa "' uw Mrs Bond Mrs Davis I I , 1 A , C. e . . o K ' Q ' r ' ' 4 ' Q 2 y N 1 1 fs' - , ', 1 - ' it -it "' X Y' l N X A "v 1141 - J ,KX K H 31+ 9 , 'L Y' 1-:. "L "Li L I FACU LTY as G0- 9"'5 Q Oi 'U 1 as: QS fell X CALVIN CRAWFORD Superintendent Bookkeeping, Typing He received an A B degree from Bethany College Fe took graduate work at Colo rado University at Boulder ROBERT BFERY Fnglish, Algebra, Physical Education He received his A B degree from Fort Hays Kansas State College He took graduate work at Fort Hays Kansas State College GEORFH PATTVRSON Industrial Arts, General Science, American Government, Chemistry, Sociology He received his B S degree at Fort Hays Kansas State Teachers college, and has started work toward a M S degree ROBLRT EVANS Grade and High School Music, Band He received his B M Ed degree at Bethany College H has started work on his M M Ed at Florida State University ROBERT WRST Seventh R Eighth Grades He attended Eldorado Junior College for one year and Ottawa University for three years where he received his A B degree MRS CLARA SO'DhRS Fifth 5 Sixth Grades Wort Hays Kansas State College RVA MORGAN Third R Fourth Grades Two years at Ottawa University HELEN WRIGHT First R Second Grades Wichita University and Hutchinson Junior College - ODOIO ll' . ' O 'I' A O I fr 1 . L - O r: ' ' Q' ,L "N '. -39' fi- 1 uaencoaapouoeno-auooooooo ih:' X -IP A J . ,Huff . . . 1 A - .XR 1 . . . Iv' .4 IOOOUIICIIOIOQCIIOOOOUIIUU I k A . - . . VI ' - sl xx g o o U fi- -2-- I . I - . . . . e ... . . ' V.: asooeoousloos e . a A . , -X I t . . . I ,, - An . J ' , , Q V - . -I Y COlOllllliO . 3 . "5 fir. N.,, A ......... . V . 3 - CONSTITUTION Constitution is the study of our Federal Government From the beginning it relates the changes which have taken place all through our history It enables us to have a bet ter understanding of how our government was organized and how it operates SOCIOLOGY Sociology was taught the second semester in place of constitution This course deals with the study of people ideas, and beliefs This should give us a better understand ing of people who act and think a little different from the way in which we do GENERAL SCIENCE As the name implies, general science is an introductory course into the other fields of science It deals with some of the physical and chemical properties of material things of the earth, climatic conditions in the weather, biology, and other sciences CHEMISTRY Chemistry is the study of the ninety six known elements found on or near the earth All other materials which are found hereon earth are either mixtures or compounds of these ninety six elements Our high standard of living would be impossible without the knowledge of knowing how to use these elements in the production of other materials Without this knowledge our civilization could not have advanced much be yond the stone ages We need more chemistry today than ever before INDUSTRIAL ARTS Industrial arts developes the skill in the use of hand tools It teaches the student the proper use of hand tools, how to sharpen them and how to care for them They learn much about the materials with which they work and the proper construction which will make their projects strong and en- during. The proper sanding, filling of pores, and finishing are all important if the project is to look it's best. You may be sure that the student who fulfills all of these re- quirements can well be proud of his project. ALGEBRA First semester algebra students included seven sophomores and two freshmen. Betty Hopson completed the unit andatart- Icontinuidl Jfigh yahoo Zia Med from all parts 'of the world. It compares their customs: HIGH SCHOOL CLASSES CONT'D rolled in general math the second semester We hope this group will be back to tackle geometry next year ENGLISH I Two students are in this class we spell, write and read We completed our Eng workbook and began literature the 2nd semester An interesting project is a vocabulary list taken from foot notes in the text ENGLISH II English II followed algebra and was followed by physical education, consequently the no minute period passed rather rapidly we read essays, short stories, poetry, and plays ENGLISH III Two boys and two girls made up English III The most interesting short story was Footfalls Claude and Robert would rather read sport stories whilethe girls were primarily interested 1n novels The entire student body enjoyed a list of thirty new library books Favorites among these are A Girl Can Dream , 'The Wag TYPING I The first period after dinner each day found the juniors hard at work in the typing room The first few weeks were spent in learning the keyboard Then came weeks of practice on various speed and accuracy drills During the latter part of theyear several budgets dealing with personal typing problems and various forms of letters were typed TYPING II Two seniors made up the typing II class this year Along with speed and accuracy drills several budgets f letters were typed with the assistance of other students, the NGem Tiger ,school paper, was published every otherweek Much of the work on the annual was done during this period BOOKKEEPING At ll OO each day the sophomores and seniors studied bookkeeping in the study hall During the year various types of bookkeeping methods were taken up in detail Three practice sets were a part of the course Each of these sets consists of the bookkeeping transactions for a business for a certain period of time I1 H. . A n n - on to the Starn, 'Going On Sixteenn and 'By-Line Dennien. , O. N . . ,... I Chemistry -it Typing I Typing II 'fat-wf i " i Bookkeeping Algebra I Ir + F'w7 r Q 5 ..,p-nu Mr Beery Patterson B English III General Science 5, gf-mf 3 Y English I Industrial Arts FA git. 4, tw f 1 5: 4 X , . MP. -af, 9 . I . 4 1 . I 4 I N I 'y Jrgh.h, A g , wse if ? 5 " f 5, ,t ,z kj-A E jk' ' 4 , T2l,L, ,r..: "fl XIII K' xA Iv' , nxzuan " 'ip :I J 4 . Wm' JN ff' 3' N5 I Senior Class HMIL 'UI ,1 Kenneth Poland FRESFMAN English I Latin Algebra Citizenship SOPHOMORE English II Geometry Mechanical Drawing General Science JTNIOR Typing I American History Vngllsb I I Industrial Journalism Chemistry Bookkeening I Tyulng II American Govt Sociology 5 yr Glee Club l 2 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Basketball l Volleyball l Baseball l 2 Annual Staff School Paper Plays k Operettas l Student Council 4 Q 1 Rosalea Durham FRESHMAN English II Sewing I World History General Business SOPFCMORE English I Sewing II General Science Algebra JTNIOR Typing I American History hnzllst III Biology SENIOR Chemistry Bookkeeping I Tynlng II American Govt Soclology 2 yr ee Cllb l 2 1 e ns l 2 Basketball l 2 Volleyball l 2 Softball l 2 3 Annual Staff 4 Sckool Paper 2 Plays 8 Operettas l t x ,r I Q' .K . . . in J X. A L. ' I .J . I ' xc .1 I. SENIOF K A A .A Y . 5 yr - :ia yr- ' ' l . 1 G1 x - -L-4 - - - Y-T e -P-:5 - - - -5-4 -2--'5-4 -I-5-4 -2-5-4 - - 4 . I -4 :5-4 .- A - -c-4 CLASS HISTORY In the fall of l9hO flve eager little students took their places in the first grade witl Marjorie Erwin as instructor They were Alice Drescner, Lela Pavlicek, Darrel Leh, Jimmie Haremza, and Kenneth Poland. We all had a suc cesful year and were proclaimed ready for the second grade w en sum er vacatlon rolled around Tle same five started t e1r second year ln sc ool with Margorie Erwin as teacher avaln Lela Pavllcek left us after t e flrst 6 wks , leaving only four in tte class. These four Alice Drescner, Darrel Le , J1m 1e Haremza, and Kennetn Poland made up the class untll we got to the fifth grade where we picked up Edward Haremza and lest Alic Drescher t e tdird o wks Five boys enrolled in the slxth grade. Trey were Jlmmie H , Edward H , Darrel L , Benny Rand, and Kennetd P., Glenn Bufford, Verly Sewel, and Sa my Dankee jolned us later in the year. Only five returned agaln for the seventr grade Jimmie H , Edward H., Darrel L , Glenn B , and Kenneth P Glenn left us the second six wks leaving only for of us to finish grade scnool in Gem. A new experlence awaited us for our nlnth year of school We would be high school students now. Edward and Jimmie H , left us and went down to Join the St Joseoh Cadets in Ha s Al Schmaderer and Ilea Sporing took t eir places along w th Darrel Len and Kennetd Poland as in Gem H S W being able to do t e Joined us the second The sophomore Ilea Sporing, Da rel Darrel Leh moved of us to start our basketball ga es to initiating tle next year. Nellie Hinson semester year found us Wltl only four students Le , Al Sckmaderer and Kennet Poland to Slelby, Nebraska, leav ng only t ree Junior year me SclVGd at all tle nome ralse money for t e Junlor Senior Ban q et to be glve ln the spr11g Hosalea Durham Joined us the flftn 6 wks The fourth and final year of Hlg School only t o stu dents Rosalea Durham and Kennett Doland enrolled Schmaderer transferred to Atwood and Ilea Snorlng moved to Edson. Kenneth Poland attended all twelve years of sc ool at Gem. 1 . 1 . 1 1 L ' - . . O . . . h . n - . h . . l f e H 1 ' . T. . . Q . A A . A O O I v O . 1 w . . . O I o F A Y o a I 0 1 9 all suffered freshman initiation with pleasant thoughts of . O . Z D - r h A h . 1 1 ' h l . Y 'N 'S xl 1 m . A h . - . - 'xr V' n ' '1r. ' ' . Y ' ,. f'fh . w - - J A - ' '. Al A - . PROPHECY In the fall of 1962 the students of Gem High Scnool of 1952 decided to all get together and talk over what each had accomplished during the last ten years The meeting was to be held in the Gem Auditorium at 8 p m on September Sth When 8 o'clock finally arrived on that evening it was found that a few of the members still hadn't gotten over showing up late, which was their habit during their high so ool days. By nlne everyone was present and the meeting was ready to begin It was decided that each should tell whathad happened to them since '52, startlng with t e fresh men of that Being lene Davis three years rest of the year. a perfect gentleman by now,Bob Saddler told Dar she could be first. Darlene, it seems,had spent of this ten finis ing up Ier high school. The time she ad devoted to answering quizes over the radio, by which she had won quite a few prizes Bob was next and as we said he was by now a perfect gentleman,an of course learnlng that role has taken him ten years. Who knows w at he might accomplis during the next ten. As all eyes turned to t e Sophomores to continue, Carl Mellor w o was so brilliant in high school stood up and re vealed that he had spent most of his time drawlng comics. He now has his own section on the comic page called 'Queer But True n At tfis point Betty Mentlick, w o would never be left out, told how she was still working with her voice and giving several lessons to other pupils eacn week. P K Bug bee was next in line, she hadn't changed very much Marvin Sidesinger was with her They were not married but we1l,he 1sn't going with anyone else. Oh, yes, she has been trying to get in women's professional basketball Rose Mae Burke, who we all thought was so quiet in school, was the biggest surprise of all She has been married seven years to the Jack she used to talk about in sc ool, and has to get kind of loud sometimes while soeakinggto Jack Jr Betty Hopson has turned into a professional ballet dancer. We wonder if abeth Miller, who was so bashful in high school, has been going to a sc ool for bashful people She improved so much that she isnow a teacher herself Vernon Flanagin, the last of t e Soplomores, now stood up to tell his tale He had been in the mar nes until the war was over, and then re ceived a job of bookkeeping The reason for this was be cause he was tired of working The Juniors were next in llne, and P yllis Loseke de cided she would be first After living down the fact that Claude wocrpel came out a ead of er in their Senior class, sle went on to college to get more education After several disappointments sle quit and is now looking for a place to settle down Ella Durham, who was always having a time with her beaus in high sc ool, is now teac ing a class 'How To Get Along with Men By the way Phyllis Loseke is a student there After one of the boys had awakened Claudefwhich was quite a jobj he began After graduating from here he went to K State to play basketball He is now the coach there. The last but not least of the Juniors is Robert Lauritsen. It seems t at he carried on the friends ip that he made with a girl from Herndon, and wit mild coaxing, she persuaded him to marry her They are now living on a farm north of Gems Everyone was getting tired by now and was glad it was the Seniors turn, knowing it wouldn't last long As Kenneth 0 0 I ' .I she could have learned that while playing basketball. Eliz- 'I Y' fi PROPHBCY, CONTINUED Poland stood up, one could tell that he had had a very ex- citing life and that he wasn't going to tell all of it. It seemed that while he was on the senior sneek he had gotten interested in something else, and didn't some home with the others He didn't come home for five years No one knows just what did happen After returning he renewed his ac quaintance around Menlo That is where he left off telling us to guess the rest I We wonder J Last, as we thought then, Rosalea Durham got up to say her speech. She went to Business School for a while, but that failed to interest her much so she tried Teachers College That too, d1dn't satisfy her, so at the present she is still trying to decide on what to do As everyone got up to leave and were saying their good b es, someone noticed four men sitting on the side lines A ter recognizing them as Mr Crawford, Hr. Patterson, Mr Evans, and Mr Beery, they were brought forward to tell us their story Hr Crawford has been for the last ten years and still is superintendent at Gem Hr Patterson after making tired, ing at Beery, and is several important Scientific discoveries is now re enjoying his large income Mr Evans is still teach Gem, but is teaching dancing instead of music H who has been married ten years now, is still coach hoping to take his team to the State this year. With this finished everyone hurried out with the under standing that they would meet again in '72 SENIOR CLASS WILL We the Seniors of Gem High School in the years of 1951 S2 do solemenly swear this to be our last will and testa ment As a whole, we leave to our followers, the Juniors, our place in the study hall Hake good use of it, please Kenneth Poland leaves to Claude Woerpel, his ability to get along with Henle Rosalea Durham leaves her knowledge of how not to get along with teachers to Phyllis Loeske T Betty Hopson, Rosalea leaves her temper Kennet leaves his tiny feet to Darlene Davis Rosalea leaves all h usted study halls to Rose Mae Burke Kenneth leaves all his a s to Carl Mellor To Robert Lauritsen, Rosalea leaves hex Chemistry book To P K Bugbee and Betty Hentlick we leave all the unsettled arguments that concerned the Senior class To Ella Durham and all the other Juniors goes our method of settling difficulties Qdrawing straws! Kenneth leaves t Elizabeth Miller, his quick ways of doing bookkeeping, and to Bob Saddler all his unspoken thoughts To Mr Crawford, Mr Patterson, Mr Beery, and Mr Evans, we leave any pa tience that they might have left Our thanks and apprecia tion for their guidance and friendship, which we found very useful, we also leave to them Take notice all teachers and students These things we have willed to you cannot be exchanged or returned W hope you get as much enjoyment out of them as we did Signed! gms. !,,,,L...w LMA? f,-LJ if . I I C . r. . e 0 Vernon Flanagin, Kenneth leaves his good sportsmanship. To . o O . e www' 4 ,, , fg 3 g fi 7 s E ox , Junlor Class ss , Qs Ns Ella Louise Phyllis L Robert Claude I The junior class assembled September 4, 1951, to begin another school year Members of the class are Ella Louise Durham, Phyllis Loseke, Robert Lauritsen, and Claude Woer pel Evelyn Rysdem and Marseal Spencer left us Claude and Robert are members of band Phyllis is drum majorette Other classes are American Government, English III, industrial arts, typing I, chemistry, glee club and physical education The entire class was issued basketball suits Claude and Robert played guard, Ella played forward and Phyllis played forward and guard Monev making propositions were taken zines, Christmas cards and lunch room basketball games With the gracious help sophomores, we presented the junior play p We sold mage orders at all home of the seniors and 'The Inner Willy In return we will help the seniors with their play in the spring We received our class rings January l, to start the new year right Class officers are Claude president Phyllis secretary treasurer and student council representative Ella reporter lr Patterson sponsor a v r 3 v I "', '- - C gp 6 Q? . -X I af I f SL .?f I D. . L. . e- u ' - ' ' n T9 V, S Sovxmw J + K Sophomore Class il he I. ll 5-6 ,T Q.. 3 P1 Eliiaboth M Phyllis Rose Mae Betty H gg, at! Q' 15' A 49 Betty M Carl M Vernon The Sophomore Class of '52 enrolled on September 3, with seven industrious students Vernon Flanagin president, Rose Mae Burke vice president Betty Mentlick secretary, Carl Mellor treasurer, Phyllis Bugbee student council repre sentative, Betty Hopson class reporter, Elizabeth Miller assistant reporter. Mr Crawford was chosen as our class sponsor we are taklng and being taken by the following sub Jects general science, bookkeeping, algebra, English and music The class has assisted in all school activities Jun ior play, basketball, volleyball, band and ot ers The sophomore members who play in the school band are Phyllis Bugbee baritone Betty Mentlick saxaphone, Rose Burke snare drum, Vernon Flanagin coronet To appropriate class funds we sold magazine subscrip tlons totaling 3107 SO of which our share was SHO 22, rais ing our total fund to 350 66 Our class provides t ree high school creerleadfrs Phyllis Bugbee, Rose Mae Burke, and Betty Mentlick We are all studying hard and looking forward to becom ing juniors next year. 2 ' is ' "3 vu-X ' 1 i'Q 4 v N 5 , xx X' XX N.. 1 J' X Af o B. B. . .lx " Q ' 1 ' -v' .Q. K X In-7' I xX , Y y - I ' r ' ' 'fdlsw ' l ' . . F. xff' X1 W3 Q f 4311 xfjdgw 3 ,Y H xl he ,W , W: 14 V p L if- ' ' N . - f Q' ,, . I lN A KZ, wi S if Q4 .T f'f'5 Freshman Class 'QFJ "' 4-.S Robert Saddler Darlene Davie The freshman class consists of two pupils this year, Darlene Davis and Robert CBobD Saddler industrial arts, and algebra We are both active ln sports, both volleyball and basket ball Bob has been at a partial disadvantage due to a brok en arm Both of ua are members of glee club The girls glee club has performed at the teachers reception and P T A Our class sponsor ia Mr Evans Darlene is president and Bob ia secretary treasure and representative to the stu dent council 'V iQ' C!-1 N ' The subjects we are taking are English, general science, P- 2- --W - Rv as " T nv""S. Q r,lnn., vs 06 as-v 4.4. ir- s,,1 ..H NY 'Y' Gb Q pi k Carl Z David T Evelyn J Juday H Billy G First And Second Grades The primary room began its year with ten students First graders were Juday Haremza, Evelyn Jensen and Billy Graham Second graders were Billy Barnett, David Haremza, Klawa Nepscha, Jimmie Ssddler, Patty Sowers, Dave Trail and Carl Zlegelmeier Klawa passed to the third grade at the end of the first semester Everyone was kept busy with the three R's but we had some goodtlmes sprinkled in Several birthdays were cele brated, and we took time out for a party each time The Christmas and Valentines party were our main parties of the year When the P T A was formed we gave tmo musical selec tions for the first program We were all in the Christmas Operetta, Hln Quest of Santa Claus Our room was enrolled 1001 in Junior Red Cross this year ' 11 m ' ' Af ,v -f ,v ... .. 49 - ' -EL 4 J: .Ny i x. M. 'x ,gs er , lu T' " " Al ' ' gl. h -. ' ff ,........,' ' 1 ' Klawa N. Patty S. David H. Jimmie S. Billy B . , N ff G , ' 1 Q5 " ' . j 5 pl, ta Nly ,UN'x I 1 .K 'x, Ars' A' 5 . 1 aw get 1' I I -- ku-- . 6.7! 3, ""'i .M Mary SUV Ronald Evelyn Seventh and Eighth Grades A,P nb " .Q 15. X Dorreen G Mary Z 1? .- 45 I- p., Fred L Lester H ,g.a- L.-f ff' Carol Marilyn P f"5x C5 No Bill Sherman H gg 5 4pNn 1'-TNI r, 'S-I .-fir Carol H Elta D Ward 6' 3' is JF X! IS' ali' Robert D Ronald H David H ' ' "T, 1 95.11 .D . F I . I' 3 h- x., -1 I 1 I LWA -'x b - I 'Q : ,,q,ef .-A:-'H - "' ,. ,gfs h X Q- .gl 7 X1 - . 9 T ' 3 xx 1 1' .X T. . . M. . ,J I n ' 'y S ' 'l " , A 1 , J 1- I 'W' 1. Q' .1 --I ' '75 ff' -1 ' Ngv ' x: 'YNHY I N H ' A W ' D A, AM . 1- - -W J X MILS.. fa fin my J A B. . . L. 4: S. J 1-v W- .- Q ,J .-, 'L '-L- gg 2, ,X'J . ' D 1 'V , 1' 0 ,Z ft .',p,' 5' f fl v . " -'kr fl L t W. . . M. -. Q N V1 -' , V Q- I ' s in 0 ' S- A ff-Q .4 -4: Q if-. . X d Seventh and Eighth Grades Coontlnuedl The seventh and eighth grades started with the largest room in grade school this year Our eighth grade was comprised of 10 students lary Treat, Dorreen Graham, Mary Ziegelmeier, Carol lullens, Marilyn Poland, Ronald Barnett, Fred Loseke, Lester Haremza, Bill Lanning, and Sherman Hopson Bill and Sherman are both transfer students this year, Bill from Colby and Sherman from Rossville, Kansas We have been carrying loose leaf notebooks in English, The class, as a whole have been carrying a good student load and averaged well above average on the Metropolitan Achievement tests given fairly late during the first half of the year The seventh grade started with seven students this year Evelyn Webb, Carol Hopson, Elta lee Durham, Ward lun kres, Robert Davis, Ronald Higerd, and David Hiller David was a transfer student from Rexford The seventh graders have been doing some good work and are, on the whole, quite consistent in their lesson pre parlng The room was well decorated at Christmas time and that was the only time we really decorated History and Science in addition to regular assignments. as gg an ' 5x AW Connie John F Marvin B Nav' Jerry Larry H Gary Delbert Rosa Lea Nina Toby S qzilpm il. 1 Larry B Fifth and Sixth Grades School began Flannagin, Jerry 3-6 auf, X.. Verl H Hulda H Katherlne Sept 3, 1951 with Gary Sa dler, John Dale Davis, Larry Higerd, Nina Nepscha, Roger Hopson, Connie Skeers, Delbert Graham, Marvin Barnett and Rosa Lea Trail in the fifth grade In the sixth grade we had Katherine Treat, Hulda Harem za, Toby Skeers, Verl Havice and Larry Burke In the American Educational week Assembly Gary, 4arv1n, Larry H and Katherine gave reports on subjects of their own choice we had twenty two visitors that day We took part in the Christmas program We were invited to the Halford School to a cowboy party The theme of ranch life was carried throughout the party. we injoyed it very much. Refreshments were served from a nchuck wagonn. We had a Valentine party and each one has had a birthday party. We shall have finished our regular course of study by the end of the year. Az. ' ' I .' 'V R , P is 'la' fu- ' "--ta, QI ,tf?' 1ggg, J b,Q'h't 4 'D ' .1 ' :,Il:!ef? Xi' s lk"lKi 1 T x T 3 . 1 N 'fri - 'lv T L.44 J I - ,j 4 S. . . D. o IQ 1 1 ZL:T ' ' ' J is Qi .H -L' 4- 4. a 1 49 lei se , ,, 'Q ,. " ' ' ' f " f L A I A- i x 1 Y, S. G. T. N. . f M - ag ' f e -:' NN' iq, "' . ' 'N I . i ' Q O O . To Fix Gary G Deanie Z Duane Jelf N1 i I xx c 'Y'-5 Freddie Gary G Pita Q Earl T Loretta 415' X, gf' XY N K S4 Yvonne R Llnda W Judy Y Patty M bargaret Third and Fourth Grades We began the year with seventeen pu ils At the end of tle first six weeks t e Tyner boys left Gem We had a fare well party for them During the year we had eleven blrthday parties We had t ree parties given by the teac'er as a reward for all of us getting lOO's in spelling at t e same time Halloween, Christmas, Valent nes Day, and the Easter egg hunt were the main events of the year. We made several scenes from cut outs for display for various holidays and studies of different countries. several note books in social studies. e Also Klawa Nepscaa entered our room at th b 1 e eg nning of the second semester making LS have eight in each grade. Johnny W Wai o H E: Q 9, 4- -J A 4QigA' .i.sNk rf ' ' n Q - I" Y 'A ' s 1- s '-I 5 "' . 1 uf '9 G,-' N: ' . X ' ' 3 Q . K. A R. QP' 'dz' l'. N ' - .K - 5, , 4, 0-,, - 'Y ' - 2 ' -f V Ap . xi' X 9 X xl X 'Q . X , P .. s A ' s ' -"1 xy I p '. x XJ Q X l v , 1 L, f M Bo U - L0 X f l a Y 'N A Q 'Mi. XA U , , J 0 A 2. 0 -I 4- fix -- ..- A . gf 5 " .' lx ' A X L7 -' ii Y N -L g as ' ' . X "' X, J . X' - ff,- .. pq, I 7.x , V . w DHA - 7 . " . . '. 1 Z. . is . A. A h . - A A Q th 1, . 4. x W f' w , 'C 5 4 , ' .f M yy Ffgy L .gk -fy W in xy, I - L,, 6' 00 C GV! 46.5 Grade Operetta May 17 1951 T-4 7th at 81: Play April 10 1951 Junior Play Nov 16 1951 BAND This year the band has been concentrating on raising its musicallity We found that we had a good foundation on which to build The band has appeared at P T A meetings, school programs, and is scheduled to give a concert March 21 The band entered in the district music festival at Oberlin The band sponsored a Talent Show and Cakewalk, en Nov 7 We all had fun participating and helping put on the show T1 -v-A 'Pr- Band vs-i ZX gr: Boys' Glee Club Girls' Glee Club O I i fins .,,,, ..f.. 'wi , Q ,M mx V Q' L - 'Nl "Al :J ' E -w, Dt 9 " I " -N ' f I E g,V J N4 Q . , .1 T slr- N x C X Q. .r,, -' . JET ' x G. J I W 4 . -i , .-'?, I tl ' ' I , . d Y 'Al ' 'Li me T l i Qu X.-'x,.',A ,Ali-1' v 1 X ' i...3" -K we t A3 ', J I HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC This year we have a boy's unison chorus of six, and a g1rl's three part chorus of nine We have enjoyed singing a wide variety of songs The girl's chorus appeared before P T A meetings, and school assembly programs, during the year The g1rl's chorus entered in the district festival at Oberlin GRADE SCHOOL MUSI C Grade school music classes were divided up into seven separate groups The first and second grade together, grades three, four, five, and six following In the first and second grade we are singing syllables, playing rhythm band instruments, acting out songs, and lis tenlng to musical stories The tonnette classes are the favorite of the third and fourth grades Although we have them separately, we are working toward the day when it will be possible to all play together Our record chart tells us how we progress each week This year for the first time if the fifth and sixth grades, we have been using music workbooks We have learned about music under the topics of Learning about Musical Inst ruments, Listening to Music of the Masters, Listening to Music of American Composers, The A B C's of Written Music, Melodies We Sing, Reading and Writing Music, and The Lives and Compositions of Great Composers The seventh and eighth grades have music in two classes, boys, and girls The boys sing unison, the g1rl's two part The g1rl's went to the Grade School Music Festival at Norton this year ENSEMBLES GRADE AND HIGH The g1rl's nigh trio members are Betty Mentlick, P K improved progressively since October Marilyn Poland ls our able accompanist The trio will sing 'Beautiful Saviour in the com nt fusic Festival at Oberlin The brass quartet members are Claude Woerpel, Vernon Flanagin, Robert CFrogJ Lauritsen, and Kenneth Poland The quartet has worked mostly on band music The grade trumpet members are Carol Kay Mullens, Mary Beth Zlegelmeier, Ronald Barnett, and Ronald Higerd The quartet will play, nPrelude from L'Arlensienne Suite , for the Grade Festival The clarinet trio Cquartet with Mr Evansl members are Mary Lee Treat, Katherine Treat, and Evelyn Webb The trio is going to play nThree Blind Mice at the Grade Music Fes tival At Christmas time we had lots of fun playing Christ mas carols A Bugbee, and Betty Hopson. The girls enjoy singing and have . V ll L uv . - Girls' Trio Brass Quartet Trumpet Quartet 000 Clarinet Quartet 'TCC 3rd A 4th Grade Tonnette Class if 3' Pi rw A. I ' Q : 5 Y 0 , I ' J 1 . r ,flfi ' .n ' Qu! I I . rw , If n Jumor Semor Banquet '!qgq.,'Al.',, 141 TW I .1 sk-. fy rf 'w "" 1 Tl. A 44 34 3 'Q I' . ' M CA -., wi. Ag- I f t. In , W .i - X 3 Q tsl? , ' If +1 , P ' 2-' a - A ff 4 rrff 1 I ' - - . ,A J, a It WT.. , A . .6 l , Q, ,. . F ' - x " f f 1 ,., ' r 3s , 5. J l ' e I 1 ', 4 7 . A S on e l l - t ' 1 - ' . ' 4 L . 1 'A V - 'A , ,, 1 K I f x- 'L A, up 0-Q P 5 fix, 'N' , " ' -.'11, J ' - x ' -- X . fn, . j"" Ne ,H 3 nl .N sv ' if Fx- Q . -,, 1 jg, J .----X-Q..-- Af? I -'L ' 5 its i Q' 4' X' . - 1" ' l QL 'Q K A .- ,- . in " .N ?, . Av 4 J 4 Q I A 'Q lu V 4, ' I 0 u I N "4 5 X ,H '1,.' "N ,i ' lr-sf.-Iliff Juniors Seniors 'ffl J f "' ferry, ' I 1 I n W 1' ' !J11 V A341195 Q Gypsy Singers Gypsy Dancers The theme of the 1951 Junior Senior banquet was center ed around gypsy life The room was decorated with blue gold, red and white streamers along the sides and a bluesky An old buggy was decorated up and cut outs of a gypsy boy and girl were displayed dancing by a campfire Mrs Crawford and Al Schmaderer both honored us with vocal solos Six of the freshman and sophomore girls sang a selection of gypsy songs A delicious meal was cooked by the jun1or's mothers and served by two boys and two girls from the sophomore class Everyone was invited to the show at Colby after an an joyable evening at the banquet WW W5 -Q 1 -gi M9 i f 'J : JF 9 .- ,,, 1-" I K3 , y Q F' 1 Kenneth Claude Robert Vernon F gn Carl M Robert Beery Bob S Girls k Boy Coach HIGH SCHOOL BOYS SPORTS During the fall the boys played volleyball In the tournaments that they participated in, they won twice from Page City, once from Levant, and lost twice to Menlo ing the rest of the season two games were won from Levant and one lost each to Selden, Rexford and Menlo This left them with a fzfty per cent winning A third place trophy was won in volleyball at the tournament at Page City Immediately after volleyball season, the boys took up basketball The scores are as follows for the games Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Ger :GIF M Herndon heoville Selden Menlo Rexforc Herndon Levant Gem M5 M9 Gem L Gem 3 Gem A Gem M Gem M Gem Q Gem A Clayton Herndon Leoville Selden Menlo Clayton Rexford Edson A consolation trophy was won at the League tournament at Herndon The boys were eliminated the first night at the Distrlct tournament played at Rexford There will be one boy missing from the team next year, Kenneth Poland, who is a Senior, and played guard on the team Kenneth was also captain of the boys basketball team e C- N Q' ,K ,A N m L, r 1 i -. 6 --af. fp . - D .gal ar 7 l P. W. L. N Q-R fN E fx w -V an 5, XI, '- ' 1 "x r x 'y G ,gg .5 A 1 C 'w' 3 ,' . if ' A . Dur- ' . 27 ----- 38 1 ----- no ' nl ----- M7 ' 9 ----- M6 MO-----39 l-----39 Q8 ----- M2 6 ----- 31 ' 0 ----- 50 ' 8 ---.- 70 - Q3 ----- 36 A 5 ----- 66 F + D3 ----- 32 5 ----- 69 rr uv? Na X U' 4-N 5 1 1 'w 'W 52 X F1 Gem Basketball Team 3rd Place Volleyball Trophy Consolation Basketball Trophy 4X E44 F1531- Menlo vs Gem Menlo vs Gem Time out N-QQ. i.,-.- rw, Rexford vs Gem Warm up ,yn l Rosalea D Phyllis L Ella D Phyllis if 5? Jw Betty M Betty H Elizabeth M HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS SPORTS The high school girls participated in five volleyball games this fall The final record was not good, since only one game was won We drew Page City in the tournament both at Page City and Menlo, losing both times One game was won from Levant and two were lost, one each to Rexford and Menlo Now comes up the sport thats a little more excitlng, basketball The girls played eleven basketball games wlnnlng 1 1 four Not a very good record elegible to play The scores listed below Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem no Leoville 50 Selden 35 Menlo 55 Rexford 29 Clayton Gem 31 but an Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Bre we only had s x gir s the towns we played are ster 33 Leoville Menlo Clayton Rexford Selden w last game with Rexford, we played with six girls Our because one of our girls was unable to attend Rosalea Durham was our captain She will graduate this year There will be f1ve g1rls coming into high school next year With them we bone to improve our team I 5 Y nm ' X 0 Q E I gy X xxx . A ' P .' v ' 3 ,X , 1, In X H 1 , I 2 X X f . I -"j J':',"v A " V all Q 5 - .,f .AK , I -PM .- w T? I' 1 1 I f 1. , K . ' 1 be . . d 31 ----- 3h ----- M6 LL9 ----- 23 ----- 51 21 ----- 9 ----- lg 142 ""' , -'--- ll- ls ----- 27 ----- -----22 Oudn X 3 i " E E Gem Girls Baske tball Team qv Menlo vs Gem Menlo vs Gem Rerford vs Gem Free throw I Q'-1f1'. A V 1' -- -. ' ! - " - D V X ll Q ' ,T--F-'f-,f' , ff 5- Y' 7 ' ' 'ty I J .1 ' Sify' '4fi:'tiQ,31. -A ' Q. n-5, . MIDGETS Gem Opponents Rexford Levant Hoxie Menlo Selden Rexford Lev nt Hoxie Hoxie Dresden Hoxie " The midgets have had a good and a bad season Good as far as learning t e fundamentals of basketball, and poor as far as t e comparative scores go The nersonell of the team has been Verl Havice, Gary Saddler,Conn1e Skeers, M8PVlU Barnett, Larry Higerd, Delbert Graham, and a few members of the lower grades RLGULARS Gem Rexford Levant Leoville Menlo Selden Leoville Clayton Rexford Selden Levant Rexford Levant Moxie Park Grinnel Grainfleld Selden The Gem grade basketball tea has had a flne season The statistics show tl t we ave been ahead conslstently in SCOPlHg and b6VlHd 1U COmmltt6d fouls fCOUt1Uu6dJ 13 ------------------ ---- 1 8 12 ---------------------- 8 F' 12 ---------------------- ue 4 19 ---------------------- 26 1 ---------------------- 22 1 ---------------------- l2 9 "--""-""-'-'---'-' 17 L lil. """"""""""" 39 19 ---------------------- 38 lil- """"""""""' '19 21 ---------------------- 17 B" 1 N " H 33 ---------------------- 30 L10 ---------------------- 29 25 ---------------------- 6 A 38 ---------------------- 35 Hoxie us ---------------------- 13 28 ---- - ---------------- 19 L18 ---------------------- 8 28 ----.-.-..-.--...----- 17 30 ---------------------- 35 26 ---------------------- 17 L10 ---------------------- 211 25 ---------------------- 111 35 ---------------------- 21 21 ---------------------- 30 A: 32 ---------------------- 16 31 ---------------------- 30 as ---------------------- su ' 32 --------------- ------ 2 7 ' Grade Sports Continued The team was comprised of these boys and various com binations of them Ronald Barnett, center, Fred Loseke, for ward, Toby Skeers, forward, ward Munkres, forward, Sherman Hopson,fbrward 3 guard, Ronald Higerd, forward R guard Bill Lanning, guard, Dave Miller, guard, Bob Davis, forward We entered two tournaments and place trophy and lst in consolat on field and lst in consolatlon at Gem VOLLEYBALL Lester Haremza, brougkt home a Second place at guard, second Grain Early in the year tke 7th and Sth grade boys entered a volleyball tournament at Rexford and advanced to the finals by winning over Levant and Selden In the finals we lost 2 out of 3 sets to Rexford The Gem grade girls rave had an excellent season W were defeated only once this year in the finals of tneG a1n field volleyball tournament by Gralnfield ln straight sets The girls won volleyball games from Menlo, 2, Rexford, 1, Hoxie, 2, Gove, l, Grainfield HBH 1 and lost to Graln fields 'A' 1 Basketball games were played wlth Menlo, one game, an Selden, two games Gem won all three Coach west . . , ' s O . . i . - I ' O A n 0 . A .. e I . . 0 1 V a Q 1 . ' - , J l . ' .: ' d O O 1 r -1' ,E N Claudcs IDGSSTI MQ. C0067 So me C7255 Good Sh0T 8 :fc N. Wellf "' bv' C'0wboy 2 mffweff fig h0r' IC X N MUS f CH' Half!! ,lr X Dmbay hfE!7!2C7L'4P Wl'1aTn5 TMS? f'7aJef .A .IG 1 1 A ' Aj 7 ':,.z.L,: Q M3 . tb,-ily.. nm, ' : I N -Fx f 5 Q i lf-'-diff xll O , 515 jf? AVL' l g .J gh , ,ix 2 fx gtk 69 xmi 5, YQ., . iffy Q , iw if 2 C' fi Bonded afehomee Stor ereh use Pecelote, Cp n Qtorefe, Bonded And Insured For Your ProtfctLon 500,000 Bushels Capes td Pa 1 foon, Maxafer Telephone 999 Colbx, f dsas 1' W ,I X . 1 - , 1 . I ' ' X 1 1 f ni i i , 1 A ' ' X s A 4 4 K - VX-,.f'N-.1 ' ' ' ' ' , W - . L. axe We Handle Your Grain Any Way You Wish U o .V 'L . G o ,Q or Cash U- I L '. 'fx xi . f Exai COLBY TIRE AND BATTERY Cbub Morltz Mate Uamll BARY'P MOTOR CO You Can Pay More But You Can't Buy Better Ford Cars Trucks Test Drlve The New Ford And Prove To Yourself Colby, Kansas THE FARB Rs ADD MURCHAMHS Sl Member of Federal Deposlt Insurance 64 Years mn Thomas County Colby, Kansas J Qxln Corporatlon . 1 4, . K L- T -4 R .L L4 . . . . .- . . -. L. .- -- .. .- .. -. .. .:'.:'..'L:z:' :'.:L:f.:.: .. .. .:f.: ..-.: L:.:.:'..' . mls 'lxaxlxl 1 1, sl qff " 7 r 'f 'Q f F7 'T11',' ITT' ...J J x .H .L..1 1-1 v . . . T Compliments of HESS LUMBER CQMPANY Phone 240 Colby, Kansas Compllments of SCHROLD R FQRJITDRL CO PATY Everythlng For The Home Colby, Kansas HILLS MOTOR Q IMPLEMENT CO PACIARD AUTOPOBIL S Tractors Comblnes Farm Implements 600 N Franklln Phone 222 Colby, Kansas MACKAY APPLIANCE CO Your Frlgldaire Dealer Plumblng Heatlng Llectrlc SSTVICG Phone 652 Colby, Kansas . -H '- -- 1 -r-1 - -r - I 1. I-4 , -- ...' . 1 .u X J .. .. .. .- .J-.'?. .. -. .- .J-. -. .. -- .- -J.. -I -. .- -- .- .- .J-J.J'.. -. -. -. . 4 M 0 f li ,, L JI ...J . an an 4 7' s 4 . .'LJ'.JL. .. .. .- -. .. -. .. ..-- --L.'.. -. -.. -.'. ..." L . ". N' " X' " " ". as 4. n I ' '-"1 ' " "n"1f'u 'ffis A . . . . -1 . n ll I . J5J'.JLJ.-.... -JL. Z. -- .J.-Li'.J'.l'.,'.."..". "..'L ' " ,'..". ' JC" " 'L " V ls n 4: - 4 . ,. . I ,. ' A 1-.' ,fix 'n'1f "1 MORPISCN GR GG TITC LL GRALD CC Courteous Servlce '1,ht N J Bugbee, Mgr Phone 18 d Tank agon Service Phone 55 L J 1BL u, S THQ SHNIOR CLA Q OF '52 ' x W "' Li 15 HL TT 2. ' ' Honest 2o'3 lr' I U Y 'N I Gem, K'nsas Conoco Service Conoco Products W 'f.J. B1:Fee COKE EVLNT OF iv 33.1 Qs., ' Compllments of Probate emo Lountg Jud Lfoe LJ CWQ1L e 5 J Smltn, Coqntv Clev HOqlS0l TD? LLLR CORP' Complete Household Fu'nLture emo Iloo Coverlng You A16 AloeJs oloone .Lel X. Phone 96 Lklb , Kansas PAThChIfm OUR AFV RTIS rS . ' 'Y , ,. M ,, - Ve I 'w I, 1 L. H. sou I ,. ..J. Q MH , IYW111, ' of 1 x A ,. . , A. . L 1 ,L gh ' 1' 'X' " 1"'fr1T ' - K ' " T, LJ Q A Lu, 1 J A AhY f -n ' -1 ,' -ra ' L J. - .L ' 1. 'W v W. M Free - W iverv U fn --f ' 4 , J , HH .,,HH4H.HU,H H.UVU,U,UwU,w WF' " "" "f"'C' ""C'1""""""' " ""4"."" "x .X 'U,C7C'4-".C'7x - T -0 x -J q -U M -J LJ L KANSAS N ERASKA Natural Gas Company Inc For Dependable GAS Servlce Colby, Kansas S RVICE TIR SHOL Goodyear Tlres Batterles Phone 544 Colby, Kansas JOHN DLLRE COLBY FARI MACP COMPANY Phone 89 Colby, K nsas DCTTGH1: RTY IMPLILMDNT COMPANY Massey Harr1s Dealers Colby, Kan as JC 'S SLAUGHTVP CUHI PQLCnSSlNL PLANT 5 R Lake PILDS 770 Colby, Kansas bflqil LZCAPL Sir body Q Fendel work Palntlng 260 Phone 676 Colby, Kansas G exal Ins rance Veal nstate ani Tarm Loans C lo , Kansas P 'S A Best Steaks Along The Road J F Murphy Colby, arsas T' -v 1 - 1- - xb fs A Q. NG ' A-X -rj: fs fr A . ' I T 0 LJ F N ' L :LN ":'.:L'L.".'L :'.".:'.."..'.:., ..- y 4f',f ' ' n . x A 4 1 '1 '1 'D Cf 'Y' 1-5 "rj-1 r 'fu 'id T-1 S L CL +, tn L l LLVICS ' 1 -1 J '1 F' . gc r . . y rf Tj 4 J 4.1. A , A , 1 ' ' 1 f -f - - -f -' " - N.-':L:a.-L .A:.:--. .- .- .-.-. 3------,fu A A A .17 v-N Q V-1 , -1 V i f-77 d r.l. lJOnPotn an SA 'xl Y T'Vf'4 Y or 1 'w l,' ', . A LQHR -11 lg. 1- 'Q V, .. , x Il A C .X r, 'P' X' T' 1,. U by "1 "1 T'7' 'T ' "YV . . 3 J ' -, A., U. YL 4. .4 la . ,, , a 0 - S 'IT gk' 1 .'L.".3' 'L " J'..'LJ2 -...--,.-.-..-.. n.l1" 'funn COPP R MOTOR CO Lxncoln a Mercuny Phone 677 Colby, Kansas HIGH PLAINS IMPLFMPNT CC Gleaner Combines Reoalrs 150 Franklln Phone l17 Colby, Kansas COLBY SUPER MARKET Modern Grocery R Market Colby, Kansas HORLACUHR'S J WULRY Elgin, Gruen 3 Bulova Watches Diamonds and Jewelry PYRA ID CAFE PlHG Woods Phone 91 Colby, Kansas F VOTORS 1 Pl out al an BPVI e Phone 2o4 Colby, Kansas l The Store That lbrlft Bumlt Colby, Kansas VACIN ll PAHD ARL, TNC Gla s Palnts O11 Farm Qlpplles Gas Q Electrlc Apollances Phone 85 Colby, Kansas f- -s if lb Q 4 Ll - . 4 ' Q J- . , -L 4 G C Vf.T7QTC' N W -J LJ J.-. g ., --.lL,,,....f.u V. , -. ..., . - V.- -.. , - CGly:ldl , am h . . no -' d 0 . Sr. L o LJ .1 . ,V L . U V U .I 1, JL. .:z. 1:'..".:'.:'. ... ...... -. 01: A , U ,X 0 A -, ,..- . 4 X J. C. FLIP CO. rw ' ' 1 , , ' A . . .' - U l , 32, .L,.,-,vsgxf-:, ...... ..,. . ..... 0 ,rm A N 0.1, N 7-'55 'i " 1' - . ., .3 ..L.-J .J AA . . 'A S Q c 1 P' 1 ' . I A . . L .L PONTIAC CADILLAC GMCTnmk Sales and Service Colby, Kans Phone 144 SYMNS E SHAF R M RC CO Dlstributors of Stokely's Finest Foods Colby, Kansas ASSOCIATL QTORE Kelth M Voss Colby, Kansas WARNER BROS Clothlng R Shoes Everytrlng for Hen Colby, Kansas T BLA sL Y FOTFL I D and A3ml6 G valtz Own r R Operators Colby, Kansas Petall Earn Olvlsion Color, Kansas Cut Flowers Floral Deslgns THOMAS CaL T lL COMPAN SMITH'S GRE DLOLQ S Llcensed 8 A FLORAL SHOP Bonded Abstracter Theodore A Smlth, Florist 410 NOFEH F Hfklln Member of F T D Colby, Kansas Colby, Kansas If " .J Q 1 1 W ' l " 1 ' y I JL- ' J ' 'L"J'. ------ ---- ----- U .Cnc 1:'.:w.'.r.. HF -who T 1 44.4 -..J ..I - ,-J T-T 'S' .J .J . , I fx Q 5. 1- - n M 1 ' W x , , l A 9 v r 1 53 S I . JLJQJLJLV JCJL 'L 'LSL ' " " 'L ' " ax A A 411: an u 1, Wx u '.I'4C'4f1u 3575 F' ' ' " R "FEP " NY WLSTERN AUTO FOSl.n Lbhs K CCMPA ..-, C., . r 3 - . K ., A., . o T ' L1 gggggggg -I gl gf. VL :'..' .4 .: :.".:L.'L:'. rx n n in '15 If U75 H H H I' U H . - X ,h -..flmf r-1 '-. ' . J. v li L .4 , I .HJ . 'T Y ' 'T I-T' ' gl 4. ' 5.114 . f ' Ye ' , l .L I I I MMM., -...wwf -..-...:-....:... n is n1f7n7C u n' ' BLRG and GRISSOM DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTICNS School Books and Supplles Franklln Llvestock ShDpll6S Sheaffer Pens Your Cash Goes A Mlle At McDONALD'S Colby, Kans Phone 702 RAv Y DRUG STORV School Supplle Prescrlptlon Headquarters Colby, Kans Phone l5 JOE FAVLKNVR Varnlsh Wall Paper anc Palnt Colby, Kans s LILSON FOOD MKT. Groceries Wears x Vegetables COWOH, Kao COX DmOD'C Flchard Cox Owner 9 Opevator Cc b , har sas BLACK Il DQTIY Glace A D lld fro 0 Leadlng Launderers Dry Cl arers of Western Kansas Colby, R nsas ' l 4 I b I J . . N . , , .L l S 3 S JCJLJ'..'..".2'.J'.J'- JZ.".J'-:'.,'.:'.."... unnnnnnn ,, ,.. ' ' -1 -- "1 J ll . , LL -4 . , 7' l- J- ' . Cx -'lr . l y ' L 'N ' ' T 'L " TT "W," U TE Q - m xA AL ll. u S ,X " ' ' o a'1v D cu,ts , 2 COlpf, Kansas nonwoven '-- -- -- -' -- -- --- 7fZ"AC' " f'.C'm'1C TD 'f""V7' ""T' K "TTU CAl..,,l k.l.L.A .211 l,J.L.J..:.'1Lv--..S v fn u ll: '-V Ufvfvvn LAUNLMAMHS , . ' ' ' S l ' N 9. fr- Ol r.. 1, x x . I ..JL.".J.DL. .J.J.

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