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'IIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIII V ' ' - - V 'J' iff 'W X N c 92' .fk 4 K f" ' 1 lk 1' N R V 'K 5 ' X' -A I Xxx Eqf X xj W T lV'S P And nov for all 'ou readers klnd lfve a blt of lHfOFV3tlOD T115 ook th t 1 'x een reedln thru IS 1 OHd61fUl Luv 1tlOH It' made of p otu ee large and mall, O V1 Q or k amd one names, The pr1r+ere et tke nonev And twe Stdlf vets all tue blame And 'tho vou'll never t11 k ts true, e wouldn't 1Tl+E another book For Uncle Qan's whole mlnt If Vou could kno' now we have orked, You would for ve, I know The plcturce or the UDh1Hd words hlch may haxe brought you woe So lf fe've drobed a naxe or not, lell, whet lo that to vou7 You've urelv got your moneV's Worth And Vou shodld not be blue fe've forked and forked for hours and hours, To make tW1S one Snell hook And lf lt 'oeSn't nlease you vell You need not even lool The Senlors of l9:l Inn U . 1 ' . A U . U ,, ' ' , , 1 ' , . b ,Q yfu TQ Q, ,T o , ' . w .' , 41 G1 ' . S 1 , re- T S. f 1 SJ . ac S 1 S U . ' Au D 1 A. Gd 1 " ' 1. - Q L .. . 1 '. . ,- . . L . 1.n 1 4 Q ' I'll drop a gentle n1nt-- F - ':', f VY . . m 4 -A A I .- . it u ' U- A , v rf gfji . H , , I - . , . ll l ' A. . ,. ' v vm H . . i I 4, 0 L, a S . , N t 1 .v J' . C I o f" wa A -r 13 ,, 1 H . 1 .1 ' L 1 , , tl . . I , A A A A , --, -- I bl , A i X Facul x, Y I' HA I A I E RUTSCHIAR Superintendent Geometry, Industrial Arts He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Arts at Port Hays Kansas State College He attended of Colorado at Boulder and Education at Greeley H lasters degree in Education Fort Hays ROBERT BEER! lzglish, Journalism, Social He received his A B degree Kansas State College CALVIN CRAIFORD the University the College of will receive a this sum er at Science from Fort Hays Commerce, American H1story3Business Arith netic, Coaching He received an A B degree from Bethany College He took graduate work at Colo rado University at Boulder DELLA CRAIFORD Grade and High School lusic, Band She received a B I degree from Bethany College and took additional work at Colo rado University at Boulder ROB RT IEST Seventh and Bight Grades Be attended Eldorado Junior College for one year and Ottava University for three years where he received his A B degree IRS CLARA SOUDERS Fifth and Sixth Grades Fort Hays Kansas State College IA!! CRISSIAI Ihird and Fourth Grades Hutehinson Junior College HIL!! IRIGBT First and Second Grades Hutchinson Junior College y . . ........... .. A V. , li I ' eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee ! I x 0 .0 ,fe A, Q' . ' 2 .f l . . ' n 1 0 0 l NX J J, Q .... I F. S' ' . .3 . . f OUR SCHOOL School Board Si 3'- Sr J H Lann g C Ea C k Custodian Cooks Mr B l '51 F 4? o ct" Co ' A o , Vw, ,Y , . ' ' -.!,' I - .. , . 'ff N1 Q- ' , 'ix " , WC. ' CFDFH ,' vi , 1.-IX - Q 'v,4l'-'Q 1 . 3 5- I x , P ' D m- A V Qu ' L H . ' , A -'e . :U G55 1' N l . . in Hay Flanagin . rnest Ziegeln Director 1 Treasurer I , I.. ' .W , g I 9 ' , 1 V I K- J , Jo.H Q Q ' K 44,11 X lv" I r -6 . ond Mrs. Bond Mrs. Davi T I I I I LVEHA SPENCER Vice President Speech Glee Club 8 lixed Chorus 123k Plays 12 Operettas 12 Paper Staff CClass Hers Editor? Annual Staff Basketball Volleyball Softball 123 123 L PEGGY LABHIHG Treasurer Speech Glee Club k lixsd Chorus Band Plays 123k 12 Operettas 12 Paper Staff Q60 Editor! Annual Staff Basketball Volleyball Softball 123k 12314. l2 CARROL BURKE President Speech Glee Club h lixed Chorus l23L Band Plays 12 Operettas 12 Paper Staff Annual Staff Basketball Volleyball Softball CFeature Editor! 123k 123k Speech Glee Club 8 Mixed Chorus l23h Band Plays 12 Operettas 12 Paper Staff C0en News Editorl Annual Staff Basketball 123 Volleyball 123 Softball Z A: .................. :::::...2 L 'IIIIIIIZIIIIIIIIIIIIZZIIZJQ ..................... E ....................h ..ff" u::..l2 3' ............................2 ly 1 eoeeeeeeeeeeeeeesseeaesh ...IL ,bv .JIIIIZIZIIIIIIZIZII"'l+ F .... .... L .... .....l2 i DARLEHE BOND... ...Secretary y .......................... 2 L, ......................... 33 4: auaa... I ....-..-..q.u ..'+ X- .................... A ................... M ' .... .... A .... ....l2 ............................2 JN 'ZIZIIZZIIZIZZIIZZIIZ' 22135 Q-'55 History Four years ago in the fall of ' 7 four girls started on their high school careers Their names were Darlene Bond, Carrol Burke, LVena Spencer, and Peggy Lanning These four girls remained classmates all through high school with no one joining or leaving their group During our Freshman year we presented a play, had parts in a one act operetta and an Easter Cantata We played re gularly on the volleyball and basketball teams Mrs McArthur was our sponsor As Sophomores we again chose Mrs lcArthur as sponsor This year we all took part in a gypsy operetta, nChon1ta and we each earned a letter in basketball with Darlene play ing forward, LVena and Peggy playing guard and Carrol play ing both positions regularly We chose Hrs Crawford as sponsor We all took part in music and athletics and all but LVena joined the band, which was organized this year Class rings were ordered and we entertained the Seniors at a banquet, the theme of which was 'Ireland Along with all this play we studied very hard and man aged to struggle through to our Senior year We chose our class colors, motto and flower During this year we have been responsible for publish ing this annual and the school paper In lay of 1951 will come our really BIG day COM ENCEMENTIII Four years we've waited for it and yet we're almost sorry that it will be here so soon With an odd mixture of regret, sorrow, and joy we Seniors prepare to take our leave Class Colors Red and White Class Flower Gardenia Class lotto Forward ever, Backward never I 1+ ' R The nBig Fourn were back again for their Junior year. nf Sensor Prophecy Scene Gem Alum i Banquet Characters LVena, Carrol, Darlene, and Peggy Time June 2, 1961 Peggy 'Why, hello there, Darlene! How are you? ly 1t's been a long time since I've seen you Let's see just how long has it been? Going on ten years, I believe Oh, there's Carrol over there see her? Over there by the door Let's go over and talk to her for a while Hello, Carrol It's good to see you again Have you seen LVena? She wrote me I tell you what, those four empty about what we've out, Carrol ' she would be here There she comes now let's all go over in the corner there where chairs are sitting and have a real gab fest been doing these past ten years You start Carrol 'Well, I don't hardly know where to start But here goes After graduation in 'Sl I worked in Colby for 2 years Then Kenneth and I were married and we built a new home here in Gem and we've lived here ever since I have one child, Marilyn Kenneth started farming when we were married but in Gem and he's doing quite well at it now I guess that's about all I have to tell Let's hear your story, Darlene?' Darlene 'I went into from high school pital in Colorado Then I studied at of Science degree nurse's training as soon as I graduated My first three years I trained at a hos Springs, Colorado, where I received my RN Denver University to acquire my Bachelor I met a very nice boy there named John We were married as soon as I received my degree and as soon as John became an H D the next year we moved to Canyon City where he set up his own private practice That's the end of my story so it's your turn, LVena LVena 'After I graduated from High School I got a job in Kansas City in a cafe When I became 21 I decided to join the WACS I spent three years in the service and then re turned home I bought a ranch in Montana where I have my own cattle and race horses I am still single because I haven't found a man yet who will do my housework for me ' Peggy "I guess I'm the only one left that hasn't told my story. After graduation I took a course in Fine Arts College Three months after I graduated, Duane charge from the Navy and we were married on Duane had become an engineer in the Navy so he his career after he returned We than moved to at Fort Hays got his dis my birthday went on with Salina, where he could have a better business We only have one child, Teddy We are now living in Wyoming and are getting along quite nicely We never stay in one place too long because Duane's job calls for transfers from one place to another Well, that pretty well covers what we have been doing since ll 1951 I now he has turned to banking. He started the new bank here in . Senior Class Wil I We, the Senior Class of 1951, being sound of mind, strong of body, and of great character, do bequeath these following things to the faculty and students of Gem High School: First, to the faculty, our gratitude in their sincere efforts to teach us. Second to the Green Freshman, we leave our intelligence and dignity. Third to the Sophomores, our undebated ability to cause the teachers trouble. Fourth,to the Juniors, our place and widely known repu- tation as Seniors of GCHS. To anyone who wants them we leave any scraps of paper, ink bottles, used gum, and pencils we may leave behind. Darlene Bond wills her singing ability tc Phyllis Los- eke, a few inches of height to P K Bugbee, and her curly hair to Kenneth Poland Carrol wills her ability for drawing to Al Schmaderer and her gracefulness to Ilea Sporing LVena Spencer leaves her advice on 'How no Keep The Wolves Away From Your Door to Evelyn Rysdam and her rug cutting she gives to Betty Mentlick Peggy Lanning leaves to Carl lellor her mechanical in olinations To Claude Woerpel, she leaves her desk in study hall fClaude's always using it anyhow I To Robert Lauritsen, Darlene gratefully leaves the old Chevvy To the 1952 Seniors we leave our first row seats in the study hall Carrol, Peggy, and Darlene leave the hour study hall right after dinner to Al and Kenneth P All her telephone calls LVena leaves to Ilea Sporing To Vernon Flanagin, Peggy leaves her high soprano voice. Beverly Sheets is the proud new owner of Carrol's quietf ness Harseal receives from Darlene her ability to get up early in the morning LVena leaves her little sister to Kenneth Havice In witness whereof we the under signed do hereby affix our signature this 17th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty one Ksigned t AD 1'.4.. I O O . n -. O O C O I! Il . . D Q Q I 0 - - , Q ' - .-A., 1314. 44-4-4 I 1 I C f 4 I' Q Q F4-..4.- 0 4441.0 ' I P ...f ' A .4 Jsfx I A I I llIlllllH" Junlor Class .J Al S Kenneth P Ilea S For the third consecutive year, the Gem High School was filled with the jovial countenances of three Juniors, Ken neth Poland, Al Sohmaderer, and Ilea Sporing They had re turned for another year of 'book lar'nfLn"' Although Darrell Leh moved to new 'stomping grounds' at Shelby, Nebraska, we courageously began our studies of English, Industrial Arts, Journalism, Typing I, American History, and Business Arith etic In Band Kenneth playes the 'susie phone' and Al plays a saxaphone Though Ilea does not play a horn, she is one of the twirlers We have all taken an active part in Glee Club All three Juniors have played with the Gem Tigersh their many games of volleyball and basketball Kenneth plays guard, Al and Ilea play forward For our class fund we sold Christmas cards, served lunches at our home ball games, and presented a play, "Betty, the Girl O' My Heart' Our class administration oonsists of Kenneth as Presi dent, Ilea as Vice presidnnt, and Al as Secretary Treasurer We selected lr Beery as our class sponsor All in all we think this has been a very successful year O 1 .Q 45' . ' 2 fl Qc ,I vi ' , - C O O I U I O O - - , D O l AV nlIl'lIllIl lllilw ws? Sophomore Class Phyllis L Evelyn R Robert L Claude W Three faces appeared again in the high school study hall and rooms They were Robert Lauritsen, Claude Woerpel, and Phyllis Loseke Evelyn Rysdam joined us the second week of school and larseal Spencer came in October We chose as our class sponsor, lr Crawford We are all busy with our classes which are Business Arithmetic, English II, American History, Typing I, and lorld History Robert and Claude play in the band Phyllis is the drum majorette when we march and larseal is one of the twirl ers Evelyn is taking lessons on the trombone and will pro bably be a member of the band soon All of our class are in Glee Club and have sung at the Christmas program and in the Box Supper entertainment. The entire class was issued basketball suits. Robert plays guard, Claude plays guard or center, larseal plays forward,and Phyllis and Evelyn play guard. Evelyn has miss- ed out on quite a bit of Physical Education because of an appendix operation. The class sponsored a class party and probably will have another one sometime in the spring. I, fl We for , . . s. . fa - 4 . 1 X . W' Hit IHIIIHI Freshman Class Beverly S Rose B Betty M I Vernon F Carl M Kenneth H Sheets, Rose Burke, Betty Mentlick, P K Bugbee, Vernon Flanagin, Carl Mellor, and Kenneth Havice The classes we attend are Business Arithmetic, Indus trial Arts, English, and World History We are all active in sports, both volleyball and basket ball Vernon is a forward in basketball Carl and Kenneth play guard Betty and Beverly are guards P K is a r ward and Rose plays both forward and guard Five of us are members of the band Beverly plays an Eb bass, Vernon plays a cornet, Rose is our snare drummer P K plays a baritone and Betty plays a tenor saxophone are proud of our new band uniforms which we helped pay for The Freshmen class has enjoyed taking part in the Christmas program, the Amateur Hour and an operetta called " The Dizzy Baton" Our class sponsor is Mr Rutschman and our officers are Vernon Presidnnt, Betty Vice president, P K Secretary, and Rose Treasurer We sponsored a square dance party on January 23, and had cocoa and cup cakes for refreshments That takes care of the seven Freshmen who will be Soph omores next year KWe hopell 8 . . P.K. B. ,ga rj' , A' I , 4 - 0 X X I ui -. X i The Freshmen class consists of seven students: Beverly A 0 . .. . . fo - e e e We Hugh School Classes BUSINESS ARITHMETIC Numbers and figures abound in this second period class During the year some of the topics have been selling, travel and transportation, public utilities, taxes, finance, busi ness ownership and problems connected with personal finance and record keeping Along with all of this the fundamentals of arithmetic were covered thoroughly This is a very prac tical course for the average individual TYPING II Every morning at ten o'olock three Senior girls could be found in the typing room All types of letters were typ ed along with manuscripts, legal documents, and business pap- ers Every other week the Gem Tiger , school paper, was published in conjunction with the Journalism class TYPING I progress has been made Our typing speed runs from 35 to 55 words per minute During the year all types of letters and personal typing was studied in detail AMERICAN HISTORY Just before noon at ll OO each day the Sophomores Juni ors, and Seniors studied American History The history of our nation from its discovery to the present was covered Each day we took a few minutes to talk over current events INDUSTRIAL ARTS What was originally known as the old nstore roomn was converted into an Industrial Arts shop during the summer of 1950 Our custodian, Mr Bond, worked throughout the sum er cleaning and painting the room for a shop During the first week in September florescent lights were added to the shop Used power equipment including circular saws, lathe, shaper, hand saw, jig saw and grinder was purchased at bargain rates The beginning of the 1950 school term found 12 junior high students as well as ten high school students showing a de cided interest in this field of education During the first semester projects varying from wall shelves to magazine racks, end tables, bookcases and cedar chests were mastered The second semester may find some of the students delving into other fields of the arts such as art metal and jewelry O . ' n n A ' ' Six students enrolled for Typing I during 1950-51. Much JOURNALISM The Journalism class alternated a week of text book study with the publication of the Gem Tiger Eighteen pub lioations were printed through the school term WORLD HISTORY World History text assignments were supplemented by special reports, workbook exercises, and nWor1d lap of the Weekn studies ENGLISH I, II, III After having completed a semester of grammar, the Eng lish classes read short stories, plays, poems, and essays Favorite fictional books chosen from the student book guild are 'Meet Corliss Arohern, 'The Light That Failed', Kin Soloman's Hines , nChamps on Ice , and 'Autumn Mad Eighteen new novels have been ordered for our school library They consist of western stories, sport stories and human interest comedies, and should appeal to the interest of all the students New editions of Tress1er's 'English In Action grammar and workbooks have been approved for 1951 S2 The average score of the Emporia spelling tests was 90 Literature, grammar, and vocabulary tests will be given late in the second semester GEOHETRY The high school Geometry class composed of all senior girls have very capably met the challenge that Geometry offers to students They have literally torn the triangle apart, bisected everything from an angle to an examination grade, pushed rectangles into parallelograms, disentegrated degrees into seconds, as well as mastering some four hundred propositions covering closed figures These young ladies have kept an outline of all mater ials covered throughout the term and current plans are to have these outlines bound into books to be kept as souven irsu of those GEOMETRY classes , - O . 5 ' n n - ness . . O n " o . . . n - . 1 Margaret B Bob S Darlene D Mary Beth Z Mar1lyn P Mary Lee Dorreen G Carol M Ronnie B Rred L Lester H J I' R SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES The seventh and eighth grades started this year with twelve members largaret Bradshaw, Bob Saddler, and Darlene Davis in the eighth grade and lary Beth Zlegelmeier, larilyn Poland, lary Lee Treat, Dorreen Graham, Carol Kay lullens, Ronnie Barnett, Fred Loseke, Lester Haremzq and J W Royston in the seventh grade Margaret Bradshaw moved to Sabetha, Kansas, after the first semester and J W Royston left the first of February, leaving us with only ten members We organized and cataloged our library and appointed a librarian Also we have formed a Class Room Club and elect ed larilyn as President, lary Lee as Vice President and lary Beth as Secretary Treasurer A number of fine woodworking projects have been complet- ed by the members of our room in the Industrial Arts class, lary Lee, Dorreen, and lary Beth were elected by the class as cheer leaders Our boys have played some fine basketball games this year Our tournament was a great success and we received second trophy by playing Rexford in the finals and being de feated 25 28 The little shelf in our room has become quite crowded with trophies and we will have to find a trophy case some where to hold them all Academically, lr lest, our teacher, says we are a good group but we need stirring once each day. Y 4? 1'Q 'ul x- cf' . , 'f .,, , K I I . ' . T. . 4 24 U, 8 Lf! I , ' ' X - In A 'wa 4 5 'lonald Ward M Robert D ad " dal erlne T Hulda H Betty H 11 fffx M 'f A-c Larry Verl H Toby S FIFTH BND SIXTH GRADES On September M, 1950, we began the school year with ten pupils in our room Evelyn Webb, Ronald Higerd, Ward lun kres, and Robert Davis in the sixth grade, Katherine Treat, Hulda and Betty Haremza, Larry Burke, Verl Havice, and Toby Skeers in the fifth grade The boys played on the midget basketball team We entertained the Halford School at a Halloween Party Ronald took part in the band concert Evelyn, Robert, and Katherine took part in the Christmas program Ronald spent his Christmas vacation in California and gave a very interesting report on his trip f , J," - ",A v 5 'QI - fi I K 4 44h 9 , gfl K ' N AJ' 14 ve . .n H. . . 2 If + 4 A . 'tim lg ,f 0" 'fn . , 1 Q B. i I '. A. . 15 1 '9 'C I'YY1 -f'w,A ra vun B Delbert Larry John F Ga y 5 lf! Jerry D Connie S Patty W Gary Earl T Lv-X nl W A.-ff AA. in 1 Linda W Margaret Z Sharon H Loretta H Judy Y ,I K Jhmw T Yvmuw R THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES The third and fourth grades began school with fifteen pupils larvin Barnett, Delbert Graham, Larry Higerd, John Flanigan, Gary Saddler, Jerry Davis, Connie Skeers, Patty Wolfe, Gary Graham, Earl Treat, Linda Warner, Margaret Zieg elmeier, Sharon Hoppas, Loretta Higerd and Judy Young On the following day Jimmy Tyner joined us from Seattlq W aehington The last of November Yvonne Regnier came to us from Boise, Idaho Irs. lilt Warner helped us with our Halloween a t P P 7 and we had our Christmas party with the rest of the school in the gym. Decorating our room for the different months has been lots of fun for the children. The third graders made a zoo to go with their stories in reading about zoo im 1 , an a s. The fourth graders have made a house resembling the ones they have in ioeland. 1 5 14, J' 2 .1 ' , if ""' A. h L. .. I f K A J -. I -- 1 u xt A x . 'l X A' X U 'Q F 'tix 'Q , - I f "I l . G. H, , . ' 2 23, I 'I 4 i - T' "". "" 5. - sa.. ---' 'Y' . X . f 1 Y A 5, I '- 1 ai . . . G. . f , G 1 z 4 ,, 4 ,- ,3,- Y ' A 1 U h ' l sllh. YH ft In-nl NX lxillll Pattm S B1l1y B Jlmmy Larl L And' Lyle H Dav1d Nina N Klgwa L 49, Johnny W Fredd1e B Duane K Rita S X F ,ax Deanle Z Jeff R Johnny T FIRST AND SECOND GRADES The primary grades started the year with twelve pupils six first graders Patricia Sowers, Billy Barnett, Jim y Saddler, Carl Ziegelmeier, Lyle Hoppas, and David Heremza and six second graders Johnny Ieishaar, Freddie Bourquin, Duane Knudson, Rita Saddler, Deanie Ziegelmeier, and Jeff Reed On the second day of school Johnny Tyner from Seattle, Washington, entered the second grade The first graders spent most of their time on reading readiness and learning to read and the second graders began brushing up and expanding on the things they had learned the year before Everyone enjoyed the birthday and holiday parties and all the gay activities and special days. On January M, 1951, Nina and Klewa Nepsoha from Hanoven Germany, entered our first grade bringing the total enroll- ment of the primary class to fifteen. Having them in our class has enriched our school lives and we are glad to have them with us. .. 'D h P, ' , J vt , 1 114 ' . yd, , ' n , ra -, if sf ' a 9 ir, Q v x e ' NH 41151. A xl 0' , . ' H. , ', I . -'- l A - fi, 1 4 ,j V an 5,1 fd IAQ , D t .nxvv-2,5 .fel Q 'T 4 an ,, v . K l JE X X se ', O ENROLLMENT 1950 51 Hlgh SCF Xu i 1 W 7th A 8th Grades Dth H 6th Grades ,f' Q 3rd Q hth urades lst Q 2nd Grades . . s ' x ' 1 fb A 5 x -1 ' f-fn ,- 1 4 :: ' 'ing .3 'dir 5 ' Q .gxnx 'V Y 4 N A K 'X XX 1 .,.,f.v ll wx 24. ' X. rzznxll-Atl-JN. P , 4' :A .4-- s, . 1 if HIHH IIIH HIGH SCHOOL BOYS ATHLETICS During the fall the boys played volleyball We lacked height and experience and consequently failed to win a com plete set In the volleyball tournament at Menlo we played Page City the first game and were defeated At the tourna ment at Page City we played a strong team, and were defeated. We are looking forward to the Monument Tournament this spring After volleyball season we immediately began to prac tice basketball Here again we lacked height and experience. Our first game was with Herndon, December lst at Gem The scores of our games are as follows Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem M3 Herndon 3 Leoville 2 Selden 5 Edson Menlo Rexford Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Herndon Leoville 6 Selden 58 Edson 9 Menlo S canceled Rexford the league tournament at Rexford Gem defeated Levant 31, thereby winning the consolation trophy In the district tournament at Rexford, Gem was defeated by Menlo SS 37 There were no Seniors on the squad and the Gem team should be much improved next year HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS ATHLETICS At the beginning ofthe year the girls played volley ball We defeated Levant twice and Selden once We lost to Menlo, Rexford and once to Selden by close scores At the league tournament at Menlo, Gem was defeated by Page City girls who won the tournament Later at the Page City tournament we were defeated by Monu ent Twelve girls reported for basketball after the close of volleyball season Our first game was with Leoville on Dec ember 6th Fine teamwork and sportsmanship was displayed throughout the year Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Following is our season record Leoville S9 Selden Rexford 9 Menlo 29 Ctieb not scheduled Edson Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Leoville S0 Selden Rexford gk Menlo Edson Next year four Senior girls will be missing from the lineup These are Darlene Bond forward, Carrol Burke far ward, LVena Spencer guard, and Peggy Lanning guard These girls will be missed greatly but we will have some very fine replacements 22 4 23 13 22 31 3 us 28 Z0 3 Z 25 5 2 26 A --- -- Gem 22 Levant 3 Gem 36 Levant M6 At 2 ll-3 5 no 1 33 21 1,1 30 2 8 Si - ' 3 Al Schmaderer Kenneth Poland Claude Woerpel Vernon Flanagln Robert Laurltsen ord CG1rls gl Boys, Carl Mellor Kenneth Havlce LVena Spencer Peggy I-3-nnlng Darlene Bond Carrol Burke Ilea Spormg Evelyn Rysdam Marseal Spencer Phyllls Loseke Betty Mentlick Rosie Burke P.K. Bugbee Beverly Sheets eww Y H1558 MBA. J, Conso1at1on Trophy i ur ""- HeC61V1DP Trophy I n Rexford vs Gem , ""4 Lenlo vs Gem E L A 9 1211113 ,,,,,,gmf-n--I1 Gem Rexford III! G Js len o Gem vs Menlo Gem vs, Levant Gem vs. Levant B.. ' f -31'-f ', Q 5 va V53 S 1 L 1 l .L ., VS. 4- ,,.m.V . .fy W9 U . ' W I V . T "G -631' . Y 1 , I0 g - 5 o I " Y . ,- GRADE SCHOOL ATHLETICS Volleyball The Gem grade boys and girls have been active in volleyb ball throughout the year They participated in a number of games with several schools and the girls were invited to an all girl tournament at Grainfield where they received the second consolation trophy Basketball Midgets We had 15 boys on the midget ball team this year They came from the lst and 2nd grades on up through the 6th Ron nie and Larry Higerd, Connie and Toby Skeers, Bob and Jerry Davis, Marvin Tyner, We had of these boys have ever played basketball Ward Munkres, Verl Havice, Larry Burke, Gary Saddler, Barnett, Delbert Graham, Dean Ziegelmeier, Jhmny and Johnny Weishaar all played on the midgets team a 6 lost, l won record This is the first year many Unlimited The unlimited team started the season by a 26 to 18 vio- tory over Herndon In all, we played 17 games and lost S for a good 70 61 games won record Ronald Barnett center, Fred Loseke forward, Bob Saddler- forward, Lester Haremza guard, and J W Royston guard, com posed the first team Barnett scored 27 field goals and got 32 out of 76 at the free throw lane, which made him a total of 86 points Loseke scored 56 field goals and got 2 out of 6 at the free throw lane making him a total of 136 points Saddler scored 56 field goals and made 10 out of 23 free throws, making him a total of 122 points Haremza scored 13 field goals and made out of 16 free shots, making him a total of 30 points J W Royston scored 23 field goals and made S out of 8 free throws, making him a total of 51 points The Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem an Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem scores for the unlimited team are as follows has scored 39 oints against Herndon Levant Rexford Selden Herndon Grinnell Brewster Herndon Rexford Levant Rexford Selden Hill City Grainfield Grinnell their opponents 8 We fouled our opponents 159 times and were fouled 160 times 1+ lv e . LL 26 18 38 21 Gem 27 Edson 22 19 27 37 2 28 2 32 23 31 21 G 28 15 25 28 35 2 20 6 3 31 2 22 114- 26 11+ 18 1+ 142 Y Coach West 5255 I ldvet Team fl Q Ga i f A ng!- XX Unllmlted Team k Basketball J S mexford Gem Grade Tourname eam 2nd Place Troohy Vollevball Team 2nd Consolatlon Troohv Troohy nt A IFJ . W2 331 T u 1' T ragga was - ef. 1 - if J ' .X an 0.00 -n 5 3 'F 3 G I G M 33 24 1 25 -, -4 I , 7 4" ' is? TA V V 'Q p 'T 3,3 Q 4f-- 1- ' f I ,, ' I ' " are ' '. N -, ' -t V as was , J ' ' 1 , g Q vu T 1 1 I 1 I L T nd -' .1 U 39 ,va M i ,W A .T I " I I L . ,, a n6XT'.il . li '20-JW ...L HI IIVIIHH Hugh School Music Although there are not many in either Glee Club, we have test ed, helped a short per. We done quite a few things this year At the Amateur Con the fall we presented a little musical skit, entitl Love Little Willie , and received second prize the grade school with their Christmas play, and gave comedy operetta, 'The Dizzy Baton at the Box Sup didn't know Al and Vernon were such famous Musicians When we haven't been practicing for a program, we have been singing classical and folk music The boys have been slightly handicapped by lack of number but make up for it in about composers and other phases of music Gr ode Music Besides the regular vocal music classes, the grades have had several other interests The primary grades have enjoyed rhythm band classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays They performed at the Band Concert Tonettes and baton twirllng have kept the third and fourth grades busy Also some of the primary students are taking twirling lessons Ilea Sporing and Phyllis Loseke have worked patiently with them and hope to present them with the band at the Tractor Show They have appeared with the band at Concerts Folk dancing, syllables, and part singing were all learned in the fifth and sixth grade music classes The seventh and eighth grade students have enjoyed their new workbooks, Music Americans Sin , which not only contains songs, but many interest g associated pictures, dances and facts Each child Amateur Contest play, while the tomime and songs ha The lower The the last day of school J a part in his room's number for the upper grades were in the Christmas grades presented a Christmas toy pan grades will help present a program on 0 e in . - "I " . We n - volume. Some days we have listened' to records and studied O P d BAND ,ff ,ff cy if 3 f ,,....... K+' fa www 'Vs 5' 'gf s ,257 fm I 'E z The big news was the arrival of our uniforms They are black capes with gold satin linings Our caps are black with gold trim Each player furnishes his own white shirt and black trousers We marched at Brewster's Homecoming and received a third place trophy We will also march at the Tractor Show in Colby We have added several new members this year there are twenty nine of us altogether Our new Sousaphone horn helps out a lot in our band We gave a Band Concert in the fall, played at the Christmas program, Box Supper, and District Music Festival We feel we are progressing and hope to keep growing as we go along his Q +1 3 2 , rv V - Xb n . 5 . ' 5 s 5 , Tx P , ., 1 Q' ' g ' ' --4 f T4 ' 1- i F .V .1 11"-" Q ,. 2 , 13 fi LQ' da' rl 1. , 9 H 0,51 rv 15,1 .', . A ,. A7 " ' Y ' is if , ll- I " V ' 3, hh ' , e ' 5 , ,i I S , .A I .A C ' ' - ' . L ' ., JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET The theme of thc Junior-Senior banquet of 1950 was 'Ireland'. This theme was carried out by the Juniors in the room and table decorations A program of appropriate music and sketches was presented with lr Crawford's after dinner speech as the highlight of the evening After the banquet and program everybody attended the movie at the Colby Theater AIATEUR HOUR CONTEST AND CAKEWALK Held October 9, 1950 There were three divisions of the contest in which to enter Instrumental, Vocal, and Novelty Three prizes of S3 SZ, and S1 were given in each division We had a very large number of contestants and the event was a great suc cess After the contest there was a cakewalk in one side of the auditoriu where many delicious cakes were practically iven away for the small su of a dime a walk if you were The money taken in was used to buy uniforms for the band CHRISTIAS PROGRAI Every year the Gem School presents a Chris mas program an every year it seems as though the program gets better an better This year the band played several numbers, the lst and 2nd grades presented a little skit entitled, Christ mas Toys Come to Life, the 3rd and Lth grades sang some very nice Christmas songs, and a short play without words was given by the 7th and 8th grades, the high school, and young er children A cornet solo by Claude Ioerpel, a Saxophone duet by Al Schmaderer and Betty lentlick, and a piano solo by Katherine Treat were also highlights of the evening THE GEI TIGER The Gem Tiger reappeared for its second year of pub lication This year the Journalism and Typing II classes combined to help publish the paper and under the supervision of lr Crawford and Mr Beery we feel that it has been Schmaderer and Peggy Lanning Co Editorsg Carrol Burke Fea ture Editor, Kenneth Poland Sports Editor, larlene Bonl General News Reporter, LVenn Spencer Class News Reporter, Hr Beery and lr Crawford sponsors Al Sc maderer was also our cover artist and he is to be com ended on his line and original drawings It has been lots of fu publishing a paper and we hope that our patrons have enjoyed our efforts BAND CONCER November 21, 1950 was the date The place was the Aud itorium of the Gem High School The event was the second Band Concert ever presented by the Gem Band lith the help of the Rhythm Band and the Tonntte Ensemble the evening was a howling success The young beginning twirlers performed during one of the band's numbers and following the program refreshments were served in the lunch roam , U lucky. d , d . a fair'success. Our staff positions were as follows: A1 NATIONAL SCHOOL ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS The National School Assembly Programs of Los Angeles have brought many fine entertainments to our school for the second successive year Among these novel programs were the lississippians, Natalie Carr, James Pitton's Science Wonders and Mysterious Brown These were very successfully present ed to large and appreciative audiences JUNIOR CLASS PLAY The Junior Class play, 'Betty, The Girl 0' ly Heart', was successfully presented on October 13, 1950 It was a three act play given with the help of the Senior girls and Claude Woerpel,who is a Sophomore The cast was as follows Marie, Darlene Bond, Mrs Jenkins, Carrol Burke, Martin, Claude Woerpel, Hrs Graves, Peggy Lanning, Elizabeth, LVena er, Peter Graves, Kenneth Poland In return the Juniors will assist'hm Seniors with their class play, which will be presented in the spring HIGH SCHOOL PARTIES During the year several parties were given by the dif ferent classes in high school At these different parties we have square danced and played games and have been served refresh enta Of coursq the most important part of all these parties have been the refreshments We enjoyed these even ings very much and are glad that we were able to have had them BOX SUPPER program consisting of numbers by the band folk dances by the high school girls, and a comedy operetta by the high school students was well received by a large number of peo ple on the evening of January 30, 1951 lany beautifully decorated boxes were brought by the ladies and were sold by the auctioneers, Mr Mellor and Hr Bugbee, The money received from the admission and the boxes was used to help pay for the band's uniforms It is hoped that box suppers' in future years will be as well attended COIMUNITY PLAY Under the direction of Breta Treat, ten members of this community presented a play, the name of which was 'Simple Simon Slmplen The proceeds of this play were graciously donated to the Gem Band to help pay for its new uniforms Spencer, Betty, Ilea Sporingg Jerry Carmichael, Al Schmader- A C 00 C CV! 06.5 Folk Dance fBox Supperl In W wfmf 'fi 554,515 P... of Wfmo,-if-Q, V4 LUKE' ibm Dizzy Baton CBox Supperj Hr Dizzy Baton QBox Supperj 31' Q High School Party High School Party X K ,Q So fo I O A .. -T X , K 1 " n J.: gg "'V, ' .k I 7 V A 0 . , - M , mr Q 'X 7- ' .. "Vi: P1 h ! wi' , I Ao'h 5 ,,-A if 2, o A ' cc -o o Q ol . if t ' F 7-1 S I LU ournament Second Trophy Sprung of 1950 ,du Plgh School Graduates E1ghtk rade Graduates l PX XS un -I lu nu Congratulatlng the Graduates t uay of School Program H 1h-r 1 Bali? A v Q 5' Band Practlce Band Practlce 1 063, 9' I G J' W X-1011 nryht . 3 is a , 3 K I 5 S fx 'x I 45 U V , iq , x A I, '- . V L 'Am' fx ,.,f'.'oD . Nair f 'Z' ' 1 N 11-' I I l!, i :I ' . 1 ll ' Las ' 1 4 f' .. 5 f 5 - Q' -.' W fi ' ' fi XX. '1 wt. 'fin' I . , J - :Ili g 4. I . I 195 0 195 I Actlvltles IL.. O J -S 1 Ban S Miiippmn 1 lsn 1A mb M' H Ji Pm 4 i jfs 195 unior en or quot , I Nl nk . I A sv Z X 1 la i m sssa s CNet ona c oo ase lyl M1 X. "5 ' -, ,-, w A OX ,J-1 -mm A unor N Snapshots E 4 Ev N DUH wow' I vm Beau E ir!! 7oFF'FlV ll bl XdP'6HM'V .Nm-' in QY51Y i CHG,l'1ey-3 IA! 1147 071 ap, 4 El 807' ee N IQQ 5121690 H A I rfv Grp 'I Peddu S' 1-,v1T1AT1oA! A-'r Wal Qhltxp-B Md Bevf p Yi WUSCLE. MDN' MVN? ,Y-H' r XJ 'F E gnu. 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