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xv-fi-4-XTX,- X A 'War ,, Y , --Q V '-R X T s...x 5 A ,- fx 1 f 9 Q , xii i V , Dedzcatmn NAWHQ snug,-K. mils an Th1s, the fourth lssue of Gem s Gems, dedlcated to our school to the prlnclples and ldeals for wh1ch lt stands Th1s 1S n dlrectly a salute to 1tS teachers, students and members of the communlty who have made our school what it 1s Z 9 - A ,W ' h. E T If M ""vs. U ' - 'Fla , Z' F X -A K . "' 4' . K i T g ,af , x . , ' X " 5 ' i'H' r ,Vi H m A .,? wiht, I . V A y ' ' ' is . . . . . . - FACULTY QQ www J i HQ LL - 1 ' A J J ' 3 T' 4 . E ll High School Faculty MARION E. RUTSCHKAN ROBERT E. BEERY CALVIN CRAWFORD DELLA CRAWFORD This is larion E Rutschman's first year at Gem He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Arts at Fort Hays Kansas State College in 1946 H also has had college work at the University of Colorado at Boulder and plans to attend the College of Education at Greeley this summer Before coming here he had previously taught two years at Ransome, Kansas It has been for the better ment of the school to have him as our principal this year he also teaches Hath lechanical Drawing, and General Science Robert E Beery is now completing his second year as teacher in our high school He hails from the neighboring town of Selden and received his A B from Fort Hays Kansas State College Previously he had taught at Alexander, Almena, Ness City, and Selden As both boys' and girls' coach and teacher of English and Physiology he is well liked by many students The Gem High School was also very fortunate to secure lr and Hrs Crawford this year Calvin Crawford received his A B from Bethany College in 1949 H is our Social Science and Commerce teacher Della Crawford received her Bachelor of Music degree from Bethany college in 1948 Before coming here she taught one year in Galva, Kansas She teaches mus in both the grade and the high school and this year she organized a beginners' band which was very well received School Board Ziegelmeier, Treasurer, and Ray Flanagin, Clerk, as members of our school board have always worked with the good of the school foremost in their minds The time and ef fort they give our school is vastly apprec lated Bus drivers for the school year of '49 50 were Ralph Barnett who had the north route aw Irvin Bradshaw who drove the south route N N . . . e : 1 , ' s . . . . . . e . I . ic wish, 4- ffls lr. J. R. Lanning, Director, C. Ernest 4 2 Grade School F acultv f' A . -Q : " :l' ' 'Q C 'N l " xp ' ' 5 f " 'TQ Q . , EL. 5-. B DEAN JOHNSON CLARA SOUDLRS OLIVE EDIE GLADYS RUTSCHMAN Th1s 1S Dean Johnson's second year at Gem as the seventh and eighth grade teacher and grade coach He 1S a graduate of the Rexford High School and has taken h1s college work at Kansas Wesleyan College 1n Sal1na Mrs Clara Souders,the f1fth and slxth grade teacher 1S also complet1ng her second year at Gem She 1S or1g1nally from Selden and has taken her college work at Fort Hays Kansas State College Mrs Ol1ve Edle 1S a graduate of the Mankato High School and has had college work at Kansas State College, Fort Hays Kansas State College, and Kansas Un1vers1ty Th1s is her fourth year as our th1rd and fourth grade teacher, lt 1S also her second round of teaching at Gem Mrs Rutschman 15 a graduate of the Newton High School She has had college work at Bethel College and Fort Hays Kansas State College and has had prevlous teaching exper1ence 1D Harvey county Custodum and Cooks 7" "' A 1. 'F' 4' ITN. JOHN BOND uns DAVIS Nas BOND Credit for the excellent malntenance of our school build1ng and grounds 1S Justly deserved by Mr John Bond, now complet1ng h1S 20th year as our CUStOd1aD For the fourth year Mrs Bond and Mrs Davis are our lunchroom supervlsors They are appreciated by everyone for the hot, nutr1t1onal lunches wh1ch are promptly and pleasantly served every H003 5 8 ' f X A f 2 1 . x ' H ,I r 1 s s 7 Sv' ' .'1i'J- L ' i ,' lvlfvi 1 V' .. Hzgh School Classes 3 Mechan1cal Drawlng Tvp1ng I Engllsh The f1rSt semester of Engllsh 1 ll, and 111 classes were spent w1th grammar Asslgnments 1n Engllsh and Amerlcan llterature were glven durlng the second semester Part1c1pat1on 1D the Teen Age Book Club and Student Mathematlcs The Freshman Algebra class delved 1Ut0 the unknown and have found that algebra has many practical appllcatlons 1n everyday llfe The Sophomores have learned to thlnk clearer 1n Geometry as well as provlng many theorems, postulates, proposltlons and corollar1es Commerce The bookkeeplng class d1d practlcal work by means of a bookkeeplng practice set, 1D whlch each student acted as bookkeeper for a bus1ness Typ1ng 1 learned the keyboard and then worked for the lmprovement of typlng power Typlng ll worked on Off1Ce typlng problems such as letter wrlting and 1HVO1CeS They also pub11shed the school paper and worked on varlous projects for the school and churches Soc1a1 SC19nCe The meanlng of c1t1zensh1p and how lt applles today was the basls of-the C1t1zensh1p class Dur1ng the second semester th1S class took up the study of Vocat1ons Constltutlon class was a detalled study of our government and Const1tut1on, durlng the second semester th1s class studled Ec onomlcs, the bus1ness of maklng a l1v1ng Mechanlcal Drawing The four boys and four g1r1s 1n th1s class drew and 1nked many-plates of draftlng problems Wlth thelr speclal equlpment They were very enthus1ast1c over thelr work SCIGDCB The Freshmen and Sophomores 1D General Sc1ence learned the answers to many'Wwhy?' and how? qU6St1ODS 1n the f1eld of sclence The Jun1ors and Sen1ors 1n Phys1ology learned that the human be1ng IS a very complex iand often strange! creature It should be m6Dt10H9d here that every other year such courses as Amerlcan History and B1o1ogy are taught Mechan1ca1 draw1ng was f1FSt lntroduced th1s year Mr Rutschman has announced that Woodworkmng w1ll be taught next year In the future he hopes to lntroduce such classes as Engllsh IV QJOUPDHIISMD and Home Econom1cs 6 . W B w x 1 x x x . xi 1 , - S 11: 1' iff ',f - ' 5 4"V I . V . , s I rl 1 H s,A I ap, ' , l-. raw' VI 9 . F 1 "Z ' , Qw . - . . , Book Gild provided many interesting books for student reading. ---F- - --- T . . . . ' vv ' ' ' ' ll -""" v u u ' ' ' ' ' 916 Qfgvlg 1 K wr QW ffgcgf NMR SQN if C6720 1 UFO I CC Ky by y 7 556 K disk 1 kglccu ffl 6 kkgukqigf RWM Q N M M aff .. ' ,r "CC A , Z2 Q C X 2353 LQCC 4 XIX C HB1 K Qi Q vf fb fi CEL yx6'xQl2g Senzor Class of 1950 Boy S Glee Club Band Paper Staff Khdxtorl Annual btaff Basketball Volleyball Bageball Negro Mlnbtrels Operettas Paul Splltx the Atom The Roundup of MIHHIL The Mhxte Lawn Rootln Tootln Ranch Moon Shy Why the Lhlmcs Rang Llght 1n the Wlndow Presldent Seuretary Treasurer JOYCE LAURITSEN Girl s Glee Club Paper Staff CReporterJ Annual Staff Basketball Volleyball Softball Negro Minstrels Operettas Paul Splits the Atom Roundup of Mxnnle Rootln Tootln Ranch Girl With Two Faces Moon Shy Secretary Treasurer Gxrl 5 Glee Club Band Paper Staff QRepOrterJ Annual Staff Basketball Volleyball Softball Negro Mlnstrels Operettas Glrl Wlth Two Faces Vice Presxdent 8 JERRY KNUDbON BEVERLEY IENTLICK DUANE SADDLER Girl s Glee Club Band Paper Staff QASSOCIBCS Annual Staff Basketball Volleyball Softball Negro Mxnstrels Operettas Paul Splits the Atom The Roundup f M1nn1e The White Lawn loon Shy Light in the Window Girl Wxth Two Faces Presldent Secretary Treasurer 5, 4. 014 1'4f..r..J JEAN IOERPEL Stars V Seniors Boy's Glee Club . . . Band ...... . . . . . ...., 1,2 3, Paper Staff CSports Editorl. , ......,. Annual Staff .... Basketball . . . Volleyball . . . Baseball ....... Negro Mlnstrels . . Operettas ...... VPaul Splits the Atomu HThe Roundup of Minnieu VThe White Lawnn . . nkootln' Tootin' Ranchu VLight in the Windowu Editorl Girl s Glee Club Band Paper Staff iReporterJ Annual Staff Volleyball Negro Iinstrels Paul Splits the Atom 'Roundup of linnxe Rootxn Tootxn' Ranch Girl With Two Faces' Operettas Presldent Vice President CLASS FLOWER CLASS COLORS . . . . . . . .1,2,3 ESTELLE TREAT 2 2 Wh1te Rose Blue and Whlte ' ..........,,.. lJ,L4 . . . .....,.......... . 2,4 A ......... 4 . . . .......,. . . . 4 . . , . . , . . ..... . 1,2,3,4 ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . .l,2,3,4 . . . . , . . . . . . . . . t . . . . 3 ' - ..... .....,... 2,3 . . .......... . . . l,2,3,4 " - " ............ . 2 " o ' ' H .,,...,..... . l H H ,....... ....... 23 " " ......,..,....... . . 3 H " ..,...,..b... a ' .........,..... 1 ' ..,................ 1,4 - ............ . . 2 A ' ............. 1,, Basketball ..............., 1.2, '7 . . ,........... . .. ..L2 CLASS MOTTO - HThe Darkest Night the World Has Ever Known Did Not Put Out The . 9 H1story of the 1950 Semors On September 5, 1938, three llttle g1rls and three little boys enrolled in the flrst grade of the Gem Consol1dated School They were J C Dean, Donald Mullens, Duane Saddler, Jackle Sm1th, Estelle Treat, and Jean Woerpel The teacher of these brlght eyed s1x year olds, who were wondering what lt was all about, was Frances Dechert The next year the very much grown up second graders agaln had Frances Dechert for their teacher Murry Pavllcek Jolned the group to make lt seven In the th1rd grade Mlldred Hays was our teacher Murry Pavllcek had left 1eav1ng the or1ginal s1x In 1941 our teacher was Lucllle Koons who had the Job of hold1ng down the same group of students Our flfth grade teacher was Eula Pryor who 1n 1943 gratefully turned the Job over to the slxth grade teacher, Maxlne Nelson In the seventh grade Jerry Knudson and Joyce Laurltsen from the Tully country school 1D RHWLIHS county, Howard Buford from Llncoln Kansas, and George Dresher were added, and we lost J C Dean to Colby whlch made a total of nlne students Tw11a Saddler was our teacher Under the guldance of Ila Saddler 1n our elghth grade, our class agaln was nine, havlng acqulred Bernard Haremza but loslng Howard Buford S'1ll eager to ga1n more knowledge the fol1ow1ng year, the elghth graders entered the Freshman class of the Gem Hlgh School w1th the except1on of Bernard Haremza who went to Hays, George Dresher who moved to Topeka, and Jackle Smith who moved to Brewster Although we lost three, we also galned three Beverley from Colby So w1th Mrs Treat as our Jerry as our Secretary Treasurer, our We returned to school on September Hopson who returned from the army and the place of Donald Mullens and Betty sponsor, Estelle as our Presldent, and Freshman calss numbered n1ne l 1947, w1th n1ne Sophomores Charles B1lly Hedgpeth who came from W1ch1ta took GO1embOSk1 who moved to Colby We chose Mr McArthur as our class Sponsor, Jerry was elected Presldent and Estelle was Secretary Treasurer The h1ghl1ght of our Sophomore year was lnitlating the Freshmen who were all glrls Last year was an eventful one for the same group w1th the except1on of Charles Hopson who became a Sen1or after the f1rst semester Agaln we Mac' as Sponsor, Jean was elected presldent, and Beverley was chosen Treasurer Wlth the except1on of th1s year, last year was our bus1est standlng event of last year was, of course the Jun1or Senlor banquet presented 1n the sprlng chose Secretary The out whlch we And so 1D our twelfth year of schoolln we have s1x students in our class Th1s 1S of hlgh Estelle through the same number we began w1th Shurl Decker who was wlth us three years school transferred to Atwood the last year Wlth Mr Beery as our Sponsor as our Pres1dent, and Jerry as Secretary Treasurer, we hope to come w1th flylng colors th1s sprlng and rece1ve our dlplomas 10 . . . - , . ,. . 9 Mentlick and Shurl Decker came from Tully and Betty Golemboski joined our group , . . . Il I ' . - ' II ' I V0 ' Class Will We sophisticated Seniors of 1949-50 have solemnly declared this to be our last wiIl and testament. We hope that these people will take these things we've treasured so long and use them to the best advantage. Look where it got us Therefore with great glee and malice aforethought, we hereby bequeath the following Absolutely no inheritances can be returned or exchanged Duane's extra hundred pounds goes to Frog, he needs it Beverley leaves one of her bobbypins to Darrell Jerry's ability to get knocked around 1D a ball game is gratefully given to Al Treat leaves the credit for all the baskets she missed to Bond Joyce proudly presents all of her ink splotches in Mechanical Drawing to Kenneth Jean can hardly part with all of her wasted study halls, but she finally decided that Carrol should be the lucky owner Joyce leaves those lovely squeaks and squawks on her clarinet to Peggy, they mlght sound better on a sax The beaut1ful small feet of Duane are herewith the property of Marseal Bev's way of lous1ng up a checker game now belongs to Claud Jean's smooth, graceful movements go to L Vena Estelle's quirk for saying the wrong thing at the right time or the right thing at the wrong time 1S bequested to Phyllis It about broke Jerry' heart to have to give up his boots but he felt he had to leave something tangible so they go to Ilea He had wanted to die with them on, to So rejoice, all you fortunate people, you Now you can really engoy next years school work iha'D Signed this first day of March in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and fifty CThe Seniors! C lass Prophecy We had clear flying weather but the magnificent scenery of the Rockies the pert, good looking blonde stewardess It wasn t until we were over Denver that I reallzed I knew her, but then I wasn't certain No lt couldn t be yes, it was or was it? Since the stewardess' seat was behind me, I turned and said, 'Miss Woerpel? She snapped to attention and slightly wlthered me with her reply I beg your pardon, sir, but my name 1S Mrs Anthony Hewitt and that happens to be my husband piloting this plane and passengers aren't sup why Jerry Knudson, you ol' sonovagun, you, what drug you 1H?n And so the gab fest was on We talked all the way from Denver to Chicago where I transferred to a plane to New York She was surprlsed to learn that I owned a small ranch Hide Away Ho, in Idaho, about 75 miles from the nearest neighbors There I live with my wife, raise dogs and horses, and write mystery novels We both agreed that we had found in life what we had wanted As a matter of fact, I told her, I'm on my way to New York now to attend to the publishlng of my latest mystery MURDER IN THE BIOLOGY 11 ' v . . . . S L . , . . ' d. D 7 didn't particularly interest me, though. I was paying more attention to . . . , . , - . -- . . ' ' V1 ' , . " r . H . H H E . . , ROOM or WE THOUGHT WE WERE DISECTING THE JANITOR'S DOG AND ALL THE TIME IT WAS PROFESSOR COSGROVE Neither of us knew anything about the rest of the Sen1ors of 1950 although Jean had kept in touch with Duane It seems he has one of the finest farms 1n Western Kansas His purebred herefords are famous all over the nat1on He's marr1ed lguess who?J and they have children He has hundreds Kcattle, that isl that have won top honors in many livestock expos1t1ons Jean said that he played basketball on the Gem town team Wh1Ch took f1rst 1D a state town team tournament last year Sounded as if the old boy was doing all r1ght for himself I grabbed a copy of the Chicago World Herald at the Chicago a1rport to read on the last leg of my trip Kit still doesn t seem possible that 1n 1963 one can travel from Boise to New York 1n less than four hoursl O opening the newspaper up I was astonished to see a plcture of my old schoolmate, Joyce Lauritsen, splattered all over the front page With her was a man w1th a great beard The headline read, SCIENTIST AND ASSISTANT ISOLATE NEW GERM The story told that after years of lntensive research this famous pathologist, Dr Schwe1tzburger, and his ass1stant, Joyce Laurltsen, had finally found this new germ, newremocopyanochlora sulfanllomlde Cbetter known as Germtl only to f1nd that the darn thlng was useless It created no disease nor combatted any Now all that they had to do was f1nd a use for their new germ and they would really be famous After three days in New York I was rarin to get back to Hlde Away Ho On the f1rst day I saw my publishers, they were w1lling to meet all of my demands except that they insisted on changing the title to GRANDMA S GOT OF AUNT SUSAN That n1ght I looked for a good play to see and dec1ded on THE FIFTH ROAD which starred that rising young character actress, Marie Kather1ne I was practically bowled over to learn that Marie Katherine was none other than Estelle Treat Her beautiful singing vo1ce has made lt posslble for her to play a much greater variety of parts, I could see that th1s young lady was going to go places 1n show business On the last day I had a disagreeable task to do, my wife had insisted that I bring her an exclusive gown from PIERRE S, swank Park Avenue fashion salon What in the world she wanted with an exclusive creat1on on H1de Away Ho was beyond me, furthermore, I knew as little about buying gowns as I did about most everything else The sales clerk was very friendly, though, and had her models show me the latest things I practical ly knocked myself out laughing when a fuzzy black evening dress was shown it looked like a Gooch s flour sack turned inside out and dyed black Only an idiot could deslgn a dress like that, I told the clerk I des1gned that dress, sir,H came a voice from behind me I turned around and stared face to face with Beverley Mentlick We both had a good laugh and then as I had to catch my plane I had to run I learned, though, that she was married to Pierre, himself, and was very successful as a dress designer Her goons er, I mean gowns were noted everywhere And so finally I was on my way back to the ranch Incidentally, that book was published under the name of N0 WONDER THE CHURCH BELL WOULDN T RING THE PARSON WAS HUNG T0 THE CLAPPER IZ ' l ' . n T0 BE MORE CAREFUL WITH HER SEWING SCISSORS-QSHE SNIPPED THE JUGLAR VEIN UNDERGRADS xii S 'mf :Wt ,lf G0 ,,. -qs 9 .5 vw? 3- - lf Junzors Gil 1? 9 'Uh 'Q in-... I 3 Z"7 N-1 DARLLNL BOND As 1' nd 'V II Hnlfl PEGGY LANVING L VENA SPENCLR The blg four of 1949 50 Bond Spencer Lann1ng and Burke, enrolled on September 5 at the Gem Hlgh School We chose Mrs Crawford as our class sponsor We then elected the followlng Off1C9rS LVena, Presldent Darlene, V1ce Dres ldent Peggy Secretary and Carol Treasurer We all take part 1D mUS1C and athletlcs, and all but L Vena are 1n the band We all sang 1n Mlxed Chorus, G1rls' Glee Club and 1D the Chrlstmas program We plan to g1Ve a JUDIOF play sometlme th1s year We have sold magazlnes, cards, and we have served at all basketball games at home to P3159 money for our class fund We have been plann1ng our Jun1or Sen1or Banquet and our future Sen1or act1v1t1es We have ordered our class rlngs, and we hope to rece1ve them thls sprlng Along w1th other act1v1t1es we have been studylng our Government Economlcs, Physlology Engl1sh lll and all but L Vena are 1n the Typlng 1 class L Vena, Peggy, and Darlene are tak1ng Bookkeeplng 14 4-9 l , rx L 4: W 'A' l Q . Q r Z ' Q ' df Egg - N -1 Y I 4? , fran- -MV . f -,f VX 75.3 CARROL BURKE . ' ' + n . x A ' n ' n - ' ' 7 l 7 . . z . S . JA - S , S , - . . . - Y . . 7 . , . , . . . Sophomores C21 Qlx WE' l IDU! DARRELL LLH KLNNLTH POLAND AL SCHMADERBR ILEA SPORING Again in the classrooms of the Gem Consolidated High School appeared the familiar faces of four Sophomores, who had returned for another session of school We 1nitiated the four unexpecting Froshies, by running them through an assort ment of eggs, setting them in an electric chair and feeding them a variety of food Then we settled down to our regular classes of English ll Bookkeeping, General Science, Mechanical Drawing and Geometry We selected Mr Rutschman as our sponsor at our class meeting Al was chosen president, Kenneth, Vice President, Ilea, Secretary To raise money for our class we sold magazines, caps, pennants, emblems and pins We all took part in the Christmas program In music we all are taking Glee Club Kenneth Poland and Al Schmaderer are playing the drums in band Kenneth plays the bass and Al, the snare 15 r"- , w. I -1 is N C ,V .. "' 1 m K - ' .. - gp ' I li A N- 3 - fn. ' 1 . . . . - . . . . . . . Freshmen Sip. T' Wh- HUD ROBERT LAURITSEN iii MARSE SPENCER CLAUD IOERPEL School opened September 5 1949, w1th four new faces popping around the study hall We chose Mr Crawford as our class sponsor At our e1ect1ons Marseal Spencer was chosen Bres1dent, Claud Woerpel, Vice President, Phyllis Loseke Secretary and Robert Laurltsen, Treasurer Ways for maklng money were selllng magazlnes and T Shirts All of the Freshman class were 1SSU9d basketball suits Marseal plays forward, Phyll1s plays guard Claud and Robert play guard All of the Freshmen have the same subgects Engllsh I, Algebra, General Science, and Vocat1ons We took C1tizensh1p the first semester ln place of Vocat1ons All of us are taklng Glee Club Robert and Claud play 1U the band 16 Q", .4 G' ,Mv- A, N fs xl, 'P Q f x Vx Y - i , t 0. H r " An V en ' f PHYLLIS 1.os1-:xx H,-, ,gi - '- .tl '. A , I 1 - . M V ' X , 15, NAL , W- X5 4 , . w ' 0 1 u , Q D - Seventh and Ezghth Grades as O .5 sf 'i 1 -'x and 15, 'u-7 -N. Nr Tits 1: 01. .bo rfv enth graders n 1 xv to rx Xiaxgaxct Bradshaw Darlene Da IS and Bob Saddler The exghtl gr d e onu and tn1rd J ro s P K B gbee Rose e Burke Vernon Flanazxn K n th H C rl M I r d F3111 Wexshaax 1 X1 1 ur teacher have two new books we 11ke espec1a11y th1s year wh1ch are our read1nG book Ad ventures 1n Read1ng and our hlstory book Th1s 15 AMGPICZ s btory have a club 1n our 91' C'0m9S we re golng on h1k8S and then we W111 call lt Th S e C16nCe Club Vernon F1anag1n 1S pres1dent and P K Bugbee 1S Secretary Treasurer room called The Hobby Club When n1ce weath agaln Th 1n e grade school Chr1stmas operetta, Where Was Santa? As you all remember Santa lCar1J was UPSet 1n a snow bank by the w1cked w1tch, WIXWHX iPhy111sJ Vernon F1anag1n Played the part of the Crooked Man w1th the a1d of a hanger under h1s coat Santa, of course, 15 f1na11y rescued and returns to the North Pole 1n t1me for Chr1StmaS e Seventh and Elghth grades had prom1nent parts th 17 . f g v 1 ' .. , , ., f. - r- 4. .' VM I - 'Q ' ' . I V. Q. ,. .,- L -- ' tf- , 1 5-.,. .X ' L " A, .U 1 ,Jar xx Y' "S CS " A. Q. ' gn-N 1 1 L ' Q 5 4. ' V - X - r ,f -x ,. x 4 Q - W as V , . . i .V w----v ia XV' l ik Q., " I Q . ' I In I . The sm-v rm- flop 'o . lc-ft ghtlz . '- , v' . . ' 1 .1 ers are is C ' ' ' w 1 . . u . Ma , ' , e ne avi-he a ,e lo . an ' '. ' De.u Jayson 's U ,. v we .... . 5 u - ' H ' vv ' ' ' - 7 Y Y we ' ll YI ' ' V ' ' ' ' 'V ' YV ' rv " , ' 1 Fzfth and S'1xth Grades in .1-W PM nr Q- X -.-' Q, N- xflfsms ""' 1 Quit S4- S-- Q. v ,X T' 'U m lf A Q! 9 di! -ii 'E if x'wuv 4? Alb. The fxfth graders itop row left to rxghtl are Bobby Da IS Ronald Higerd Ward M kres Lvelynn Webb The slxth graders Csecond and thxrd rowsl are Ronald Barnett Dorreen Graham Lester Haremza Fred Loseke Carol Kay Ilullens Marxlyn Poland lary Lee Treat Mary Beth Lxegelmexer Mrs bouders xs the fxfth and sxxth grade teacher We took part 1D the Chr1StmaS program and engoyed the Chrlstmas tree and exchange of glfts On V1S1t0rS Day we had flfteen guests S1x members of the S1Xth grade and two members of the flfth grade play 1n the band We have had a Slege of both mumps and Ch1CkEH pox 1n school which lowered ow average attendance The slxth grade took a course 1n Junlor Red Cross Flrst A1d this year The Thomas County Chapter furn1shed our text books 18 A . -T -- 1- 4 l , l h to l S Q: ' in I F' S' Q J-, . If Q " .- . .- 1 - ia' . I. Q ' 51 . ' , M . K, Q' Ii ,A xi 'ui - :A' ' 'il s h f' . 1 7 a"' ki7f '45 X ". - 55 . ' ' V 5 'N " ,- L ., Rx J iv' x N . 4 1 3 Y ' ,. ff. on Q V..- x Q I ' . ,, - 1' N if, .' Y' '7 x 'Q x, 1. 3 , . 5.,,:T' xdfgf r - ' ', ' 2 v' , , un , ' 'Q . I' ' I: , Third and Fourth Grades its 'S l tru Q, 'Q' 'l "' Al " 1 ...ia is ir-v ,lllll dp gh' Singh ,x tri sill, Alb. The third graders are ifirst and second rows left to rxghtj Marvxn Barnett Ierry Davis John Dale Flanagxn Larry Hxgerd Delbert Graham Gary baddler Connle Skeers The fourth graders are lsecond and th1rd rows left to r1ghtJ Larry Burke Betty Harem a Hulda Harenza Bucky Havxce Toby Skeers Katherxne Treat School opened w1th an enrollment of fourteen Donald Merrltt moved to MISSOUP1, so now we number thlrteen Everyone 1D the room had a part 1n the Chr1StmaS play The all school Chrlstmas party and glft exchange were a source of much fun and enjoyment for all On St Valent1ne's Day we had a pretty valent1ne box and valentlnes for all Several valentlnes were 1n the form of heart shaped COOKIES and candy hearts Those havlng blrthdays durlng the school year have had blrthday partles Each boy and g1rl made a pretty whatnot to g1ve to h1s or her mother and father as a Chrlstmas glft They made d9S1gHS and decorated wrapplng paper w1th Watercolors to use to wrap them To supplement our art work, the Art by Rad1O lessons have been used agaln th1S year The fourth grade has m1SS6d Rebecca McArthur th1s year She lS attendxng School 1n Hays, Kansas 19 C '5 1 2 ll. 4: , 3 i .N f,, es' , .. -5. m I gl ' A I YILN. sgx E -5 .,- Q K. . 4 I X -1:-- vu., KX LTL' k QQ, ' '15 -I" L f V f A' . 'fl ' Ap I A . -x l . V Vg, 1 .9 .K . 1 L. V 12' xx: i' ' ? ' . X :I y O ' ., n y fb ' w Ln 5 x 1 . .- . ,s -. U M ,twirl I T 1' L'aR br 'A h " 5 U? - e L- T " Q- . Q ,,,- 5- ' , . s , X 'A . I V . ' , v Q , Z ' .v F zrst and Second Grades on 4-' T- W 'fir' Q X Dfw: 'Un " 1h 1' 57'-7 fo' '9wS ...Q A 'W if L 4... 4- QF' 1- ,233 av Those 1n the first grade Kfirst and second rows left to rlght are Freddle Bourquxn David Haremza Duane Knudson James Reed Rita Saddler Johnnie Wexshaar and Deanxe Ziegelmexer Those ln the second gradefsecond and third rows left to right! are Gary Graham Loretta Higexd Sharon Hoppas Earl Treat Linda Warner Patty Wolfe Judy Young and Margaret Zxegelmeier Irs Rutschman IS the fxrst and second grade teacher At the end of the flrst month of school we gave a Mother Goose program for the room mothers We sang several songs and gave choral readlngs of Mother Goose rhymes The readlngs were 111ustrated by P1CtUreS the chlldren had made In October we had a Slege of the mumps Earl, Gary, Llnda, Freddle, R1ta and Mrs Rutschman were the v1ct1ms After Chrlstmas ch1cken pox struck our room A11 of the chlldren had them except Gary who had had them before The children from our room were Buga boos Santa Clauses, and Northern Spr1tes 1n the grade school Chrlstmas Operetta Where Was Santa?' The second semester the first grade studled two new subgects SCIGHCG and spelllng In February we had a Va1ent1ne party Z0 U X , w I K K ' -. V4 Z ' x . L I- X ! X f 5 ' ' X1 L F65 V3 .K ' I , ' N K -. . D is ' ' ' I .ii N-A ff- - ' -5 +V 'I 'S . . f -. ., K if ., A X a xx ,fm M' 4 Z c . , of h Lx Arr ex if 5,2 W x ' Q' x. ' 5. wx . ,mg I " mg W 7' q 1 I X fflq..N ' 5' " 1 .5 M. Q. s. " " 's--K .- - A N' .Iv , 'A f gg, ff . 5 fl, ' ti . , , ,A .V I 1 W 1 ,, -A rr: I HN- f in , I I A - .il A I 5 4 :vt!f""m1 4 . ki, 5' V K x ' fs, ,f A, t l N I i , Q mn . 3 I' fs. , t 3 ' , x Q . Q 'bv A KS env' in J A 1 ' 1 1' A . .X K. I . 4, I -L Q! A Nxnm V 3 4 ' ' r f , f ' 'Wa '18 4 In n I " Y 9 . B S Q fb, L. -f Q5 w Dof 12 7 Y sg E High Sch 001 Music Boys Chorus Glrls Chorus Th1s year there are eleven g1rls and seven boys 1n the muslc classes We have both Boys Chorus Glrls Chorus and M1xed Chorus The f1rSt appearance was 1n the Chr1stmas program when these groups under the d1rect1on of Mrs Crawford presented several numbers We were accompanled on the plano by Mrs Margaret Saddler Mrs Crawford 1S plannlng to enter several solos, ensembles, and lnstrumental numbers ln the D1StF1Ct Muslc Festlval at Oberlln March 31 and Apr1l l We w1ll recelve Pat1HgS and helpful Cr1tlC1Sm from Judges We have also had great fun compos1ng new school songs and yells to use at our basketball games We were surprlsed to flnd that some 1n our mldst have qulte a b1t of talent along that llne We also learned some of the bas1c rules for wrltlng muslc, but Mrs Crawford gave up 1n despalr when all of our songs sounded like funeral marches All of our Hlgh School muslcal groups w111 be presented 1n our program ln the sprlng Bn nd Th1s year for the flrst t1me Gem has a band Mrs Crawford has organ1zed twenty f1ve members ranglng from the f1fth to the twelfth grade, 1nto a very DICE group The school purchased two a bass and a snare, for our the rest of the lnstruments students or are borrowed by The first performance of new drums use However belong to the them the DSW band was at Chr1stmas We belleve we were pretty successful because we had an encore Our next appearance w1ll be March 17 when our flrst Band Concert w11l be presented ZZ Band at Work hubby- Grade M uszc a+-04 E .ffig ff's SCENES FROM THE GRADE SCHOOL OPERETTA We have enjoyed our muslc perlods th1s year, and belleve we have learned a lot Each grade from the f1rSt to the slxth had separate muslc classes and books The seventh and elghth grades comblned 1nto one class Our flrst per formance was ln the Chrlstmas operetta, Where Was Santa? by Paynter and Shaeffer All of the grade students took part and d1d very well We plan to help w1th the program to be g1ven 1n the Sprlng Thlrteen of us grade students play 1D the band, and w1ll help w1th the band concert 1n March The f1rSt grade have spent a great deal of t1me learnlng to slng on pltch We 1n the second grade learned the k1nds of notes and the1r value The th1rd and fourth grades have had tonette study every Frlday As the th1rd grade 1S a class of boys, we enjoy playlng the drums and marchlng to mUS1C Syllables and key slgnatures have kept the fourth and f1fth grades busy Indlan muslc rad1o programs, and study of 1nstruments have helped to keep the slxth grade busy They have learned to Slng two and three part songs The seventh and elghth grades had a short course ln harmony and learned how to compose muslc The boys have learned to Slng the bass parts, and are look1ng forward to slnglng 1n the Glee Clubs 1n Hlgh School The Gem TIQQI The school year of 1949 50 wltnessed the return of a school paper after an absence enjoyed sary on born on On the cover and gold covers and backs have been the permanent end of the school year we w1ll have publ1shed approxlmately 20 Includes two speclal ed1t1ons one for Natlonal Educatlon Week Ed1t1on Look1ng back at that flrst 1ssue, we belleve we have of many years All of the Typlng ll Class under Mr Crawford really pub11sh1ng the GEM TIGER every other week Often outslde worn was neces th1s progect, but we felt lt was well worth our t1me The GEM TIGER was A charglng tlgex format By the 1SSU9S thls and an Alumnl made much progres September 23 1949, we hope lt l1ves to a r1pe old age In other words, the GEM TIGER 1S growlng up A school paper plays an lmportant Part 1n the aCt1V1tieS of a school, we hope that we have successfully fllled that role th1s year Z3 0 is y V ., A ,Q if iii? ' 2 1 " ' , re. I Q , . s . f ' - I . ' ' If V' . 1 U , . , . . . . V ' Y , , C ' 1 4 7 W . V 3 . National School Assembly Programs This year for the first time Gem School students and members of the community were privileged to have the opportunity to see such fine entertainment programs as the National School Assemblies of Los Angeles brought to our school. During the school year such novel programs as the Melodeers, Toni Gauer, the Donas, the Marimbas, Lewis Magic, Deep Sea Diver, and Mr. America were presented to large and appreciative audiences. Junior-Senior Banquet The theme of the Junior-Senior banquet of the spring of 1949 was HC1ouds.H The Juniors carried out this theme pretty well by having gymnasium amid many stars, rainbows, and cotton clouds. On the stage they had erected a miniature farm, airport, lake with a light- house, resort, rivers, mountains, and trees. A colored a vivid effect to those in the balcony of being far acceptance speeches, a delicious banquet, enter- tainment by the Juniors, and an after-dinner speech by everybody the banquet in the balcony of the spotlight playing on this scene gave above the earth. After welcoming and the Senior's sponsor, Mr! Berry, attended a line party in Colby. District Speech-Drama Festival--March 26, 1949 Last spring the Gem speech class under the direction of Mr. McArthur took 8. One-aC t play to the District speech and Drama Festival at Fort Hays Kansas State College. The play selected was HThe White Lawnn by Roger M, Buschfield, Jr., which had been previously presented in this community by almost the same cast. Peggy, Estelle, Jerry, and Duane composed the cast and Darlene and Carrol handled the lighting effects. We received a ll, or excellent, rating which was only one step below that which qualifies students to enter in the State Festival at Kansas University. Although we were disappointed that we didn't quite make the grade, nevertheless we felt it was something to outrate Atwood, Oberlin, Oakley, Ellis, Hays, La Crosse, and St. Joseph's. Kanapolis, Smith Center, and Wakeeney also received ll ratings. Only Russel rated l, or superior. Credit staff who thank Mr. class for take this articles, In Appreciation should here be given to Beverley Mentlick and Estelle Treat of the have drawn the fine division pages found in this annual. We wish to Rutschman and Mr. Crawford for giving us permission to use Typing ll some of our annual work. Also the annual staff and Mr. Beery wish to opportunity to thank everyone who has submitted pictures, written or in any way helped to make this year's annual a success. Without you GEM'S GEMS would not be possible Let's work for an improvement in our yearbook every year: .24 'wif , Z WEN X fkxaz-N .5 -N X Q x Sax 01 v"v U lf' I f K Q ' Q5 5 Q nf' 3 X QQ 'f ' X Ima 'W 3. 1. W- 41. 'nu-Q W fb sg if 1 f I X eq 4 xf 1 S far' .I 'K --u-. ' '31 ff? N 'Za 'JV 26 1- L a u r i t gl. Boys Ath letzcs VOLLEYBALL Seven boys started practicing volleyball as soon as school began We thought we were ver, successful in volleyball this year We played every team in the league in our volleyball season and were only defeated by one team That was lenlo We played Winona the first game in the volleyball tournament at Menlo, October 29, and beat them making us still undefeated with the exception of Menlo The second game we played Rexford We won this game putting us into the finals We played Menlo in the finals, they beat us two straight games This gave us the second place trophey in the volleyball tournament We were also second in the league BASKETBALL Seven energetic boys came out for basketball this year We started practi cing basketball as soon as the volleyball tournament was over and practiced unt1l November 29th On November 29th we played our first game of the year which was a pre season game with Grinnell's second team Our first season game was played December 2nd with Selden here We played everyone twice that we scheduled a game with except Grinnel1's second team The outcome of the games are as follows Gem Opponent Gem Opponent lst Time 2nd Time Selden Rexford Menlo 101 Edson Levant Grlnnell lst Grinnell 2nd We were unable to play more than one game in the League Tournament at Rexford, January 19 20, 21, because of sickness We played Grinnell in the first game of the tournament The game went into an overtime and the final score was Grinnell 47 Gem 45 We are going to the District Tournament at Rexford, larch 1, 2, and 3 We are planning to beat Jennings the first game and go ahead and win If we get lst or 2nd we will get to go to the Regional Tournament at Colby the following week Z7 41 - 28 37 - 38 32 - 37 27 - 41 31 - 68 27 - Leoville 29 - 41 35 - 44 39 - 57 37 - 47 31 - 42 26 - 33 ' 26 - 32 33 - 28 36 - 34 , . , . Girls' Basketball Squad l br'l1s Lwseke Jena Spencer JOJL sf 1188 090 Lannxm 0 Q nd Z8 'K Girls' Athletics There were eleven girls to take part in athletics during the school year of '49-50. In the fall we began by playing volleyball. Perhaps our most interesting game of the sea- son was the one we played with Grinnell. We were very proud to think that we won that game and thus we set a high goal for the tourn- ament held at Menlo which followed We were very disappointed when we lost to Page City which eliminated us from the tournament Dur ing our volleyball season we beat Levant, Sel- den, and Grinnell and lost to Rexford and len- Our basketball season began early in December We started off with a Hbang' by defeating Selden and followed through by win- ning from Rexford and Edson We were taken down from our high horses when Leoville de feated us 61 to 52 After that game we seemed to go into a slump because we won only one game since then But as a whole we had excellent teamwork and good sportsmanship This year we will lose the four Senior girls which will be quite a loss Treat was our highest scoring girl in basketball and we hate to see her leave The following are the scores of our basket ball games Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Gem Selden Edson Rexford Leoville Leoville Selden Rexford Menlo Edson lenlo Gem Vs Edson Service Spike' Grade Athletics This fall found the Tiger Cubs sweating it out on the gridiron. It 15 the first time that the Gem Grades have participated in competitive football. They only got to play two games, both of them with Rexford. The boys believe that it would be a good idea to add touch football to permanent athletic standing. The Gem team operated from a T-formation and depended on speed and trick plays to complete an undefeated season. Gem defeated Rexford 30-0 and 43-0. The basketball season got underway with eleven boys from the two grade rooms. They were Bob Davis, Ronnie Higerd, Ward Munkres, Lester Haremza, Fred Loseke, Ronnie Barnett, Bob Saddler, Kenny Havice, Carl Mellor, Vernon Flanagin, and Bill Weishaar Fred, Ronnie, Vernon, and Bill lettered last year We were very fortunate in being able to purchase new suits this year We playw host to Rexford, Grinnell, Edson, Selden, Dresden, Leoville, and Levant in a double elimination Tournament February 10 and 11 Edson took first, Gem second Rexford third, and Selden Consolation The Cubs played a press1ng man for man defense which changed to a full court zone once their opponents reached midcourt and again changed to a tight zone if penetrated any deeper into the defense They made the constant threat of a fast break for offense but also had set plays to use on zone defenses The season's record Gem Grinnell Selden Edson Rexford Leoville Leoville R 32 xl semen l Rexford A 1 Levant 5 dy Tournament 1 Levant 0 Grinnell Edson Edson Levant Tigers Cubs O I lg ma. rw Touchdown coming up' www Q mme 1 'Slew H """"i Q 'I QFQKQYJE 30 ' I ' 11 ----------- 13 M A 27 ----------- 11 2 11 ----------- 29 1 14 "-"""" V: 4 -., 31 ----------- 13 ng- 4 H . 'P 29 """"'-' 2 ' lv -P 9 A F ll ' '- 33 ----------- 14 421 - am .Q 3221122212121 Z2 QV 2 ' 2 L 2 ' . ' I LC L ' R -5- ' 1 27 ----------- 14 f ,-,E -4 I ,ew 42 ----------- 36 . ' 4 A 14 ----------- 40 19 ----------- 30 41 ----------- 18 3535 3-0-5 'Ex i' Q 4- f-an-45 .1 ff' , gk -. 1 4,59 2 -, M W, . 'fy' ' Y "if we I 3 , -f gf wQq A f f,-5' 5 . I V ,Wk , va. " - y . 32' " 44' 4, 1, , ,,. ' N ' ? Q ' , Ii, '5'1f"T ' 45"- .2 .4 V . ,., ,L 5,5 xx- , -.Jil S ' :Avian A Y---4, JUMP iff CIZMICJKZZEJ - as-24,00 I 13311 If 431 j' I 1 Q, A 35' H Xf 4? annum iw -52 'I- I we To if u.. al' 32 of ilk' F "QTY Love that man: 1: F oo000o thief' Tim N 1 7504" ' ' ,aS.1? V U r L, rrvrrm L L1 a,e .LSU Qf x 33 Hzgh School Babes 1"3 S 'S-. FJ.. Vim -I 2 51.45 Llit 3 fi Q31 34 'SX-1 'L' . iibdvilbavax. 62' 4-N' , Tmwffff 15? . . 5 AUTOGRAPHS XL' 425 Sb MUSY5, ' 5 f 7lLLfU..!,' ugflfw 4 WALSWOITH .., , .4 4 n...4 . Iluxvorvw iyrnnu lugs lu. 11 I A 36 K' .,Q, .9 4 :Xiu l -,I -ij ,ANR COOPER GRAIN CO SHEEP CATTLE GRAIN BRING US YOUR GRAIN FOR THE BEST PRICF SERVICE WEIGH'IS PHONE 209 TERMINAL 099 COI BY KAINSAS 4 4 4 'k i' 'A' i' 'k 'A' r- I T CCDGPER MOTOR C0 IJNCOLN QMERCLRX SALES8.SERVKII PHGNEO71 COLBY KANSXb i' i' 'A' v Y--- 1Y7 'K i i' v 'P' vw w 4- 1 u- ln- -in 5 MORRISON GREGG MITCHELL GRAIN CO PHONE IE GEM KANSAS COL RTEOUS SERVICE HONEST VVEIGHT W J BUGBEE Mgr CONOCO SERVICE COINOCO PRODUCTS TANK WAGON SERVICE PHONE 30 W .I BUGBEF 7 Y 1 ' . . Y Y COMPLIMENTS OF Gem Goroge GENERAL REPAIRING GLENN FIELDS PHONE 5 GEM KANSAS COMPLIMENTS OF Colby Motor W F HIETT OWNER BUICK CHEVROLET SALES 8z SERVICE PHONE 30 COLBY KANSAS Milfs Produce 84 Grocery LUYERS O14 LREANI POLLIILY ILC GS HIGHILEII NI XRKEYI PRILFS AI VN AYS PAID XXL SPILCIALILE IN IH IIS EL XLCJLI XBI Ib IHANKINC1 YOU POR PXSI I KIRONAC I1 MINLERIJLX MII I QMYIH S GREENHOL SE 8. FLORAL SHOP Flowers and Potted PI mts Phone Colbw Kansas GUNNELS TRACTOR C0 Sz COLBY GRAINI Farm Machmery and Gram Phone 393 Colby Kansas O 3 1 1 N r rw 9 1 1 1 A ' ' I 1 'fr 1 1 '1 W 7 Y 4' I 1. J J A 7 1 'Y F ' ' I V ' f 1 V 117 'V T 1 ' - - ,I LJ ' A J . YOU MUST BE SA'l'ISI"IICD V Y X R1 1 LV if' JA, Y 1 1' I 1: 4J 1 ' N1 Y? 'Y I Y T .J K y 9: TS Y S . .I 2 .1 168 .- . L 5 . ic . Comphments of J L Jenson, M D Colby Kansas Jlms Snooker Porlor Colby Kansas Compllments of Mossmon'sI G A Low Pr1ces Everyday C 0 Mossman H S Mossman Phone 209 Colby Kansas Compliments of Compliments of Mackay Appliance Co Your Frigidaire Store Phone 652 Colby Kansas The Farmers 84 Merchants Stale Bank Colby Kansas 63 Years in Thomas County Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation John E Donelan Wm A Donelan Jr Colby Super Marker Modern Grocery and Market Colby Kansas Compliments to the Senior Class of Gem High School K Triple X U00 Watts 190 RL Your Hlgh Plams Stfltlon Colbx Kaus xs Comphments of Colby Classic L'1d1es and Ch11dren s Readv to Wear Colby Kansls Donelon Jewelry Elgm and Hamxlton Watches Fme Watch Repalrmg Keepsake D1dmOHd9 Phone 2:34 Colby Kansas I - - F ,. 1 "' 7' I - Q . C 1 C '. ' 'z. I C L s U' ' .z. " . 7 Lee Motor Co Sslcs STUDEBAKER Serx xcc Tlmpte and T1mberlock Gram Boxes Hell COHVGFSIOII Holsts Wrecker SGFVICG Phone 98 Nrte 826 Colby Kansas Dougherty Auto Electric Service Colbx Kansas Compllments of Lutgen, Phones Gffmh 100-1 Rcsldcncc 1007 Colby Kansas -150 North Lake Phone 204 Cehlert Tractor 84 Equipment Co C'1terp1Ha1 D esel T dcto Case Tractors ind Farm NI uhm ary Pirts Sales Sux uc Inon 100 Curbx Kdnbae Murphy s Cafe Qolbv Kanbxe Ti cg bw P1 LL tg Eat B tu '11 Uonv 1 .amd K us s C Chan Caurteous Qc vue Gacd Iaad F1 mn X Luplw O x 11 uk I We Lsc Soit Warm Exdus xe'x Careful Dry Cleaners 8g Launderers Ieadmg L,1LlHd9I'C1S 8 Dry Cla me Q of Mutun Kansas Colby Kaneas I O L 1 1 ' fn I' ' . C in av Q' 3' C -.v 1 , . .. . U7 1 wrm .fv C - 5 -4 . . T, v - . , -. 4 '4-v lx KL d'x 5 4' C C2 1. C fl AJ..d. UM v 1 vu l m 1 ,A - , Uh - I 4 .. 'r T . f . v. . ." v 70 ., ,. . -VA nv, r 1 9 Col -airmail, V' ' Yf-4 - Iv Y , 1 X . " .1' lr ' . 1. . v . . . J., g f . . Sl .7 FZ F., 'K N c c. , . Y 1" -C41 V Dumoncls Guaranteed Watches U XC s ot S1 me En lmles Dst0Gu.1r.1xte ur Nlerehqlldxse and Reptur HOPLIXCIII R JFVS ELPH? Colm Ktmedb Phom 216 WIAWIIN WIODES Colbx lx.ms15 Phom 106 LOWIB DPLG STORL X dll re n A emu ovt T mms Ex erx Du Colhx K 1 TQ as Compllmen Q DL CK WALLS Complete Counter and Lunch Colby Kanbaq Service 1 - . X5 - h LZ' ' Kar: ' 'X .ui 3 T: ' ' 1 e O' , , 1 ' 1 I ' l , lf 4 41 41 I 4 14 n, . .17 1 1 Y '1 A All 1 .l lr -. rx I' vw , 1' ' 1 Smut Apparel 101 Vfemen .md Teens f- Y r ,H N 3 . ' .., , . , N , 4. ' L A E7. Q A .Uv L v If ' t v 1 y E ' 1 4 it 21-25 - t. of Y A X 5 . I r, . 1 5 TIII' COLBX BAKFRX Hcuold Foss, 330 N Fmnklm Phone 101 THOMAS COUN l'Y NA FIOINAL BAINK Colby Kansis Slnce 1886 SERVICE SHO! SHOP Colbx Kansas R L Bremser Phone 440 RAWEY DRUC STORF Your Prcscrlptmn Hodoqu lrters Phone 210 Colby Kans IS g 1 7 Y A 4 .1 ,. .. i . X .-. 1 . ,' Y Y V Y A .n .' c ! l I 1 1 pw n Jn I V1 1 1 In 4 3. ' ' 1' X.. C '. ' r--ln 1:1 1 Compllments of WARNER BROS CLOTHING Colby Kansas J 'VI McDONALD Colbx s Largest Department Store Phone 70.2 Colbv Kansas VACIN WITT HARDWARE Inc Glass Pa1nts O11 Gas and Electncal Applxances Phone 83 Colbx Kansas JOE FAULKNER Wallpaper and Pa1nts Colby Kansas l ur . v I . .A. Q 7 1 , . . . 1 V. . 3 - - C H XRRISON NIOTORS Saks CTWIXKILI Pix momh X Comphments of FHF NFW COLBY STLDIO Colo Kgnbas Row C11 fx pew mters Stand rd kort1L1e NORTHXN ESIERN TX PEWRITER CO Phone 183 Colbw Kansu THE COOPER HOTEL 84 COFFEE SHOP You VV111 Lxke Our Banquet and Partx Rooms Colbv. Kansas cg: 1: ki A' A E LY' .' 1' f .113 H' -1- Q' A' Ser flee 335 N. Franklin :Xvenue Colby. K2n:s1:s , v , , . . A L A f k Y 1 yi 1, .. K. -,.'k, .'L.l.-'. 3 w ax, Y j 1 fr w Q ,Y 7 K l 1 u T v 1. '1 1 l . LC. Compllmvnw of IH Il Nl HOOBI I K UI K Comphrrcnts of P obztc Judu THOMPQON FURNITURE C0 Hou Lhold FUITII hmgs P1001 Cowumgs Frog Ddlwerx Colbx Ymsas BP LI XNIXS IJX XLL DRL? Phonn 51 Colbx K ma C E 1' C lk . 14: Cu wtf: SL.lIJL?!'iI11CI1d X111 . N I' 1 N jg Il. H. GUICTSCII L Al w Y n fsw ' ' ff - ' ' Q 1 X . Y 7 xi Q Im. 'f'L'i '1 1 C-P. -7. 3 ' All Kxnds of Insurance and Real Estate F P THOMPSON AND SON Comphments of A J SMITH Countv Clerk LEAK AUTO 8a HOME SUPPLY Complete Auto Accessomes Comphmems of G11lette TIFGS and Battemes A FRIEND Phone 72 Colby WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE Phone 42 Colby. Kansas

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