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L-W -' - X551 - f'? - ,?f'4t!3" Th-1 ?? JJPQ-X"'c'- 'gk ? 'J 'xr :Mfg we-9 ' ,kj fjxwfxx X I. ,L VVJ QM-Q1 QR K fgw A K - j .1, a ku .4 N ' Claw- - 'T X 4 J '!77N1J Z4 3 f fiyxi .f ff v J 'Q A H fi fx I X' - Jr- N, U vig X xv I I A F9 MA, fx-.ffgjfx .Qff X f N , ' fx f f q'7EfX'5Vf'lif'4f' ' DIC ll lxlr I R Lblnnlnp N r R15 I' dfllglll ard rnvrrxbers of the fbrhool Board we the benlor Clabf, gratefully dedl cate tlub Second lbbue of GEM S GEIVKS ln true apprfclatlon of the servlces they hdxe rendered our School The benlor Class DE 'UN lo ll , L ' ll 1 I , MY. C. Ernest zlivgc-lnuf,-ic'r, f 1 fi? 1 X FACULT Y NNEE'fx NG O NOT D KSTURB FACULT Y HIGH SCHOOL ,...l Bill E Mr Ethel Mrs Bret Irene M Arthur M Arth Treat Thornburg ELEMENTARY H' fa X Mrs Ila Dorothy Mrs Olive Roma S ddle Zieg 1 eier Edie R y is ,Q John Bona Mrs Bond Mrs D is CUSTODIAN LUNCH ROOM SUPERVISORS ADMINISTRATION Gem Consolldated School began on September 1 194-7 The teachmg staff mcludes B111 E McArthur Superintendent and commerce and mathematlcs teacher Mlss lrene Thornburg soclal sclence and Spanlsh teacher Mrs Breta Treat Engllsh and science teacher Mrs lla Saddler elementary prm clpal and seventh and exghth grades Mlss Dorothy Zlegelmemr fgfth and slxth grades Mrs Olive Edle thlrd and fourth grades Miss Roma Ramey first and second grades and Mrs Ethel McArthur muslc m grade and high school School board members are Mr .I R Lannmg dlrector Mr Ray Flanagm clerk and Mr C Ernest Zxegelmexer treasurer Mr john Bond IS our custodlan now roundmg out 18 years of excellent servlce Our bus drivers are Charles Hopson and Bernard Poland Hot lunches began the second day wxth Mrs Bond and Mrs Agnes Davls cookmg and serving the meals Mr McArthur graduated from Brewster l-hgh School He has a B S E Degree from Fort Hays Kansas State College and graduate work from Kansas Unlversxty Thxs IS h1s seventeenth year of teaching Mrs Treat has an A B Degree from Ottawa Umverslty wxth a major ln Englxsh and mmors 1n hlstory and blologlcal sclence Thls IS her second session wlth the Gem schools having taught here before she was married and has now come back for a second sh1ft Mxss Thornburg has an A B Degree from Fort Hays Kansas State College Her work was ln Spanish English and hlstory Thxs IS her second year of teachxng at Gem Mrs McArthur graduated from the Goodland Hlgh School and has had further trammg at Fort Hays Kansas State College Emporxa State Teachers College and Cotner College She has had the usual run of experlence lncludmg s1x months as County Supermtendent when she completed the term of Mr McArthur Mrs Saddler graduated from the Hill Clty Hagh School She taught ln rural schools of Graham County before she marrled She has been helpmg out durmg the teacher shortage and thls has been her thlrd year xn the Gem Schools Miss Z1egelme1er IS a graduate of our own hxgh school She has been trammg ln Texas State College for Women and Fort Hays Kansas State College Thxs IS her second year of teachmg and both years have been ln the Gem Schools Mrs Edle graduated from the Mankato l-hgh School She hashad trammg m Kansas State College Fort Hays Kansas State College and Kansas Unlverslty She has had the usual rural school experience taught IH Mankato and some years ago ln Gem This IS her second year an her second shift at Gem Miss Roma Ramey was born near Colby Kansas She grew up ln that com mumty attendmg part of her hzgh school at Colby and graduatmg from Levant She then attended one year at Fort Hays Kansas State College She has taught four years m rural schools For some time she worked at Stockton Kansas and then attended summer school at Boulder Colorado In the fall of 194-7 she came to Gem to teach m the prlmary grades In the sprmg she plans to leave to be marrled. L , , ' I . . . . , . 1 1 1 . 1 1 - 1 - Y I ' . . . ' . . 1 - 1 1 1 1 - , . . . . . . . . . 1 1 - 1 1 . . , . - 1 . . . . . I . . . , ' 1 , . Y I . . . . 1 1 - 1 . . . . . . 1 , . . - 1 1 1 - 1 Nilwrgxx ' 4L:f,g. 'X xg: X2 I N- ,.,-1 I! X.. V 33 Bernard Poland B-1::::,. .::2f2:1 I llry Bolle Wilma Jean Hopson Hopson lf' . GZ: ! w'! 7 v of N F , W SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In the year 1936 ten students enrolled ln the flrst grade of the Gem Con solldated School They were the followmg s1x year olds D j Bugbee Ber nard Poland Bob Havlce Donnle Wexshaar Bobby Gene Haremza Mary Belle Mlller Mxrxam Morrxs Vesta Lee Schulte Esther Larsen and Wllma Purcell Our teacher was Rena Eversoll In the second grade because Mxrlam Morris Esther Larsen and Wilma Purcell moved away and john Dean entered our number was down to elght Our teacher was Frances Dechert We felt qulte grown up because we could read and there were flrst graders who couldn t The next year 1939 we had Lols Saddler for our teacher We were thlrd graders now and we picked up George Drescher whxch gave us nlne students By the next fall when we were fourth graders we were back to an enroll ment of seven havmg lost Vesta Lee Schulte and john Dean Our teacher was Mylclred Hays In 1941 as flfth graders we entered school wlth the same number of puplls havmg lost George Drescher and gamed Wayne Woerpel who moved to town l-Ie had attended a country school before transferrmg here Esther Pryor was our teacher In the sxxth grade seven students were enrolled D j Bugbee Bernard Poland Bob HBVICS Bobby Gene Haremza Wayne Woerpel Donme Welshaar The same seven enrolled ln the seventh grade ln 1943 wlth Frances Dechert as our teacher We lost Bob Havxce 1n the next year when sxx students graduated from the elghth grade wxth Twxla Saddler as teacher The next fall seven Freshmen enrolled nn hlgh school They were Bernard Poland D j Bugbee Wayne Woerpel Mary Belle Mlller Bob Ryan Patty Ryan and jlm Knudson ln 1946 jxm had an accident w1th a tractor and spent several months mn the hospxtal so was unable to be with us and Bob and Patty Ryan entered other schools so there were fnve of us Wilma Hopson havmg enrolled as a transfer from Eagle town Oklahoma At the beglnmng of the jumor year five students enrolled They were Wayne Woerpel Bernard Poland Wilma Hopson Mary Belle Miller and jlm Knudson was wnth us agaxn This year we were hosts to the Semors at the jumor Senior Banquet We used the circus as the theme for the banquet Q ' ' . 1 I P . Y I I U . i and Mary Belle Miller. Esther Pryor was again our teacher. .4 . : . . K A - ' ' ' .Q . .. ' H1 story concluded The Senior year mcluded f1ve students agam However Mary Belle and Charles Hopson were married durmg the summer and after the first semester she left school for housekeeplng Since Mary Belle IS completmg her work by appomtment we plan to fmlsh w1th the flve as graduates Bernard has gone to Gem School the entire twelve years PROPI-IECY As I Wllma I-Iopson folded the wxngs of my sky flwver to travel the hlghway for a whxle I almost bumped mto a large cattle truck as my wheels touched the ground I was travelmg along at the rate of 60 mxles per hour when all of a sudden the truck stops wlthout sxgnal I press the button to stop my vehlcle but I have al ready hxt the truck but nothmg IS damaged except that the cows ln the truck are stormlng mad and as I examine my flxvver I flnd that the grill IS smashed badly Out of the truck jumps a large bearded fellow spouting eplthets at me Well of all people but thxs 1s B111 Hedgpeth He doesn t recognlze me so I say nothmg untzl he IS through then I say I m sorry Mr Hedgpeth but I thmk xt was your fault He recognlzes me then and W declde to take the case mto court ln the nearby town Salma As I know nothing of the town of Salma I search desperately for a lawyer and fmally I see a sign on a street door Duane Saddler Attorney at Law I knock on the door and Duane htmself lets me m I tell hlm that I would Ilke to me to have dmner at hls home and upon arrwmg there I was not surprxsed to fmd Peggy a damty llttle woman who st11l has her beautlful volce but now she wrxtes music and smgs songs to the chzldren After spendlng the evening at the home of the Saddlers I went to a hotel and found Shorty as Chef ln the hotel He got h1s start as a cook frying hamburgers m Gem Hugh School Shorty told me that Bob and I.. Vena were marrxed and were successful turkey ralsers near Topeka They furmsh turkeys for the Whlte House banquets ' I left the sky flxvver ln Kansas Clty to be repalred and went to Unlon Statton to board a tram for Chlcago When a familxar vo1ce began the tram caller's chant I craned my neck to catch sight of my old schoolmate Wayne Laurltsen who with that charming voxce was mtomng On track 10 tram number 6 leavmg for I-Ian nlbal Dubuque Chlcago and pomts east' I rushed to hmm wlth a beaming face for here was another member of the old school group He xnsxsted that I stay ox er and VlS1t that evening m hls home jean wxll never forgive me rf I let you go with out seelng her he saxd What else could I do? ' I I . . I IO I I I . ' I collect for damages on my flivver and he accepts the case immediately. He asked Prophecy concluded After an enjoyable evening spent ln the Laurxtsen s home I got on the next traln for Chlcago Here to my utter astonxshment collectmg tlckets with ma jestlc calmness I found Conductor Shurl Decker Upon arrxvmg ln Chlcago as I made my way through the crowd I ran smack lnto a tall woman carrymg a black busmess case I recognlzed her as Ilene She sald she was going back to Topeka She had been shopping ln Chicago for thxngs for her Dress Shoppe which IS 1n a small town near Topeka I leave Ilene and get a tax1 Passing a theater on Main Street I notice the names are Moon and Stars wxth Beverly Menthck and Mlckey Rooney jr Ive just gotta see the movie so as soon as I get a room I leave for that theater on Maln Street As I enter the lobby who do I see standing ln the door but Carrol Burke She IS an usherette ln the theater She tells me that Estelle and jerry are reporters on the New York World Herald The next morning brlght and early I leave Chicago by tram On reaching Kansas Clty I p1ck up my sky fllvver and fly to Alaska Whlle flylng over the Al Can Highway I dlscover a great whzte freight truck It pulls up to a small servxce station Gee Whlz' My gasollne IS running low so I swoop down and pull up beslde the truck The drwer IS ,hm Knudson I-le tells me that Darlene has jomed a women s professxonal basketball team She has lost only one game out of 200 I leave jlm and fly back to Wyommg There I fmd Kenneth and joyce They are married and own the Square M Ranch They tell me that Wayne W IS a bache lor sheep herder He lwes just f1ve mxles from them and owns a large sheep herd and four thousand acres of grazmg land Now I m gomg to see Charles and Mary Belle Charles took over farmmg for Mr Cox He now owns all of Thomas County except Colby He sald he would leave Colby because he wants Thomas County to have a seat Charles tells me that Ber nard and hls wlfe live near Oberlm on a farm Bernard IS a Natlonally known basketball referee and he coaches h1s fzve boys 1n basketball beszdes keeping up hxs farm Now that I ve seen everyone I ll go back to my ch1cken farm and see what the clnckens are domg . . . . 0 l ' I r , . I 1 - 1 AA It . . . , . I . . 7 ' ! ll , . p . - . . . . , . . . . . . . ---- . . 0 . . I 1 . fu . - - Q . 1 1 I I n 9 0 'X CDNO-ZCCA I Bo Clarence Ilene wayne Hevice Havice Poland Lauritsen is F: 7, ,g ,J-I Kenneth Munkres 1' gi 13 gon e' - , V N A -., .- N A , , 1 ,1 h P' Q' ? el 'Ndf . .J X vgifif- D -1 '23 "VN-' A, Yk..f..,.,9 5: 'rd !a 3, -V 1 4' , ' ,Q I ' .A A 'i, --. , '4i4f 4 Q xiilr' ifg- w ' 5 . r ,V - .. 4 I F." n ,A I, 'v fx "" fvs n h ,, A 'I I .Q ,rs il WHY 'f3Y 'J , fe 1 Y I w lv i L ' J ', 1 1 - -'Q 1 V2 I ZNIIWMNW Shurl Billy Charles Jerry De ,,,f A I J Duane cker Hedgpeth Hopson Knudso Saddler Gqr -nh-n Joyce Beverley Estelle J een Lauritsen Hentlick Treat loerpel Darlene Carrol P0881 L Vena Bond Burke Llnning Spencer JUN1oRs The junior Class of 1948 enrolled on September 1 wlth flve sad students M155 Thornburg was chosen for class sponsor The followmg offlcers were elected Clarence Havlce president Bob I-Iavlce vxce presldent Ilene Po land secretary treasurer The other class members are Kenneth Munkres and Wayne Laurltsen We are studying the subjects of Dlmerlcan Hxstory Eng hsh III Spanlsh I Amerlcan Government Typmg I and Chorus We also par tlcxpate ln the athletic f1eld Our money makmg schemes have been the selllng of Chrlstmas cards a turkey raffle and at basketball games the sellmg of candy bars coffee hot dogs and doughnuts Our total profits thls year are sufflclent to royally enter taln the Senlors at the junior Senlor banquet to be held thls sprlng Although the class s act1v1t1es have not been extenslve thls year we feel 1014115-19115191 SOPHOMORES Everyone was greatly surprlsed to see the sudden dlgmty acquired by the Sophomores as they returned to school on September 1 Thls year s Sopho mores were Shurl Decker Billy Hedgpeth Charles Hopson jerry Knudson Joyce Laurxtsen Beverley Mentllck Duane Saddler Estelle Treat and jean Woerpel The first week of school we chose Mr McArthur as our sponsor and elected jerry Knudson as presldent wxth Estelle Treat as secretary treasurer The thlrd week was enthuslastxcally spent lnltlatmg the Freshmen ,vho were all glrls thls year whlch made mltxatlon even more lnterestmg for the boys At the end of the week we treated the Freshmen and the rest of the high school to a party ln culmlnatlon of the week s act1v1t1es At the carn1val held on October 31 we presented the play Paul Splxts the Atom a one act play about a high school boy and the havoc he caused by his chermcal set Durmg mldfall we sold over S150 worth of rnagazmes whlch made us the wealthlest class ln hlgh school Bemg the largest class the Sophomores have contrlbuted much to athletxcs musxc, and other actxvxtles , . I . , . : . , . - . 5 - , Q o . . . . A , . , - l 1 a 1 ' 1 . ' 7 I I I . . Q - . I that we will be justly compensated in our coming Senior year. n I I . I I Y - Y . I I I ' 1 - - I 1 1 u . ll . I Il - ' I . 9 . . n FRESHMFN At the flrst of the school year four scared Freshmen glrls meekly took tl'e1r seats IH study hall Darlene Bond Carrol Burke l Vena Spencer and Peggy Lannlng were the twenty slwcth class of Freshmen for the Gem I-hgh School Durlnp Natlonal lducatlon Week we gave the play X rung xmerlca vvhlch was about a younu boy and hxs pal who were trled for stealmg chxckens We also had parts 1n the one act operetta Mounta1n Ixlelodles At Chrlst Cantata whxch we w1ll guve 1n lx4arch vnll be as creat a success as we feel our other actu 1t1es have bcen Uur class members have played regularly on the guls volleybill and basketb ll teams Along wlth all th1s actlvlty we have been hard at studying our algebra general sclence Cltlzenshlp and hngllsh l We have also erqoyed belng under Ixlrs Mc Xrthur s dlrectlon ln muslc and Ivlrs Treat and Ivlrs Baddler ln physlcal educatlon lX4rs IXlcArthur IS our sponsor thls year A . ' V - . , , -1. ' - , . . t . .. , . . .- 7 ' l f D ' ' Q Y K. V . -b .. , I . Q., . - mas, we four girls sang inthe high school chorus. We hope that the Easter 7 K v 5 D F . I V , ,Y 4 Y ' 5 z 'W a . ' , ,I . . k. A 5 .ddf ffl N GRADEU a I L-fa X-I .4-ff' X455 4.-.UI ix 17 4,4 GRADE IZ 'S' ,QF 9 J GRADE YI N9 J GRADE III GRADE Ylll .J 11 P lRST AND SECOND GRADES School opened September l 1947 with 15 enrolled in the first and second grade Seven boys came to begin their Journey of education Those included jerry Davis john Dale Flannigan Roger Hopson Gary Saddler Larry Hxgerd Marvin Lee Barnett and Connie Skeers The second graders three boys and five girls are Toby Skeers Verl Havice Larry Lee Burke Sharen Hughes Betty Haremz.a Hulda Haremza Katherine Treat and Rebecca McArthur M155 Ramey is the teacher Gerry Melkus entered October 13 in the first grade She left us january 30 We were sorry to see her go Earl Spencer a second grader and Onnie Spencer a first grader came january 9 leaving again February 13 We are right back where we started Many important occasions have occurred this year leaving happy memories In the fall two important characters Oscar and Minnie came to our room digestion they both left us All birthdays are being celebrated by having a party For our part in National Education Week we dramatized Wedding of the Chocolate Soldier and the Coffee Colored Doll and the Rhythm Band played We took part in the Christmas program Peter Rabbitt Operetta We are having a busy time learning to read and wr1te Music and Art We hope the remainder of the year will prove to be as successful and worthwhxle THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES Seven boys and eight g1rls are enrolled in our two grades The third graders are Robert Davis Evelynn Webb julia Ann Gentry Ward Munkrea Vera Weese Ronnie Higerd Carol Hopson The fourth graders are Carol Kay Mullens Mary L-ee Treat Marilyn Poland Mary Beth Ziegelmeier Sherman I-lopson Fred Loseke Ronnald Barnett Lester Haremza It is our aim to complete every lesson and to understand thoroughly all work presented thus laying a good foundation for future school work Our work in Social Studies has been partxcularly interesting covering some of the geography and history of our own country and several foreign lands We enjoy using our maps and globe, and locate on them every place that is brought to our attention Our I 0 . I 7 - P ! I ' D l 1 Taking care of these two little fish proved to be added activity, until, due to in' , . . . . on . . li I I l . I I Y . . , u I Q I l ' D I I D , . , . , , . . . D . Thxrd and Fourth Grades fcontmued slogan IS Know Your World The art and craft work IS enjoyable nd some very commendable work has been done ln these classes FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADLS Gem Kansas 5th and oth Grades School Year 1947 48 Dear Folks There are thlrteen 1n our room There are four pupxls m the flfth grade Margaret Bradshaw Darlene Davls Davxd McArthur and Bob Saddler There are elght pupxls mn the slxth grade Phyllls Bugbee Rose Mae Burke Vernon Flanagm Kenneth HQVICE Betty Hopson Lenna Hughes Carl Mellor and B111 Wexshaar Our teacher lS Mxss Dorothy L1ege1me1er Our favorxte subject IS soc1al studles We llke our other subjects too We hope we are all A or B students by the end of the year We are trymg to brlng our grades up as hlgh as we can Other plays that we have gwen were When Worms Turn and The Fortune Teller These were for the basketball su1ts for the grade boys Our room has a class club The presldent IS Lenna Hughes vlce presldent Phyllls Bugbee secretary and treasurer Betty Hopson sargeant at arms Darlene Davxs room mspector Rose Burke llbrarxan Margaret Bradshaw bulletxn board commlttee B111 Welshaar and Davld McArthur work book com mxttee Vernon Flanagm and Bob Saddler game commlttee Kenneth Havxce and Carl Mellor Our classes have declded that we lme up for lunch In alphabetlcal order and rotate each day We have a blrthday party every month for the ones that have a bzrthday m that month The seventh and eighth grades mvlted us to thelr Chnstmas party Also we had a Valentme party m our room We are lookmg forward to the last day of school plcnxc We are savlng our money for It Slncerely yours The Happy Thxrteen . ll IV' F . . , 6 During National Education Week we gave a play about "Weather and Climate . Cl Il ll ' . . 5 . - . , ' 9 , s . ' : ' , 9 ' ' , : . ' f . Q . , . ' l SEVLNTI-l AND EIGHTH GRADES The fall of N941 came along and hand only i0 enrolled in these grades Again we are the smallest group in the grade chool However we have made a place for ourselves in school activities We have taken part in t e prooram for Education Week the evening entertainment for the basketbal boys will take part in the high school boys operetta hlembers of grade seven are l aul Hopson Robert Lauritsen Bobby Gentry Claud Noerpel and two girls lN4arseal 'Spencer and Phyllis Loseke Members of grade eight are Kenneth Poland Darrell Leh Jimmie Haremea and Edward Haremza This grade is proud ofthe fact that they are all boys and look forward to being Freshmen next year ' '7 X V ' . V . ' A s . A , , D 5 . I . , 4 A1 1 suits for the grade boys, Christmas operetta, athletics, and the eighth grade . K . , . X J 1 V I 1 X 3 g qv' m" R ' lv I- 1 M lihfg , s Q55 W is I 1. Scene of Activities 5. School Play 2. Girls' Chorus 6. Dismissal 3. Bo s' Chorus 7 Going Home y . 4. Formal Affair 8. Playground lxlllolt x 1 ll choru t xt had xc txt t 1 nxt an opere a 1 ount illl lxlt lt 1 ll x abo 1 rnount 11n Jo s l"UIlliU We are polnv ht tss u IH PINIUF Tl ts year exec pt durlnv prartlces for sptc tal proprarns the entlre 5 roup ct vn y tx c weekly lhf remalnmp 111vs were gnen oxtr to tndlxtdua and cnsentblt lnstructlon Vvhlle we haxe done sornt unison stnplng much prom 1 ss has be en made 1n learmng to sxnu p1r1s Sevt ral xotces ln the group now slttwxx nmuch prornxse of helplng the1r ow nc rs become true yocallsts Whxle urns of the btys would be content to be a Roy Roger or Gene Xutry ty pc OfSll1gCI' the dtrector IDSISYS they should ralse the slghts of thelr arn bltlon and tastes to such as Laurence lxlelchxor or the Qjohn McCorm1ck type who not only haxe made the1r xo1res thelr fortunes but haxe contrtbuted greatly to really gtod rnuslc Gxrls Chorus The glrls chorus has achlex ed qulte a great deal thls year and we are xery proud of the work we haxe done We also expect to do more oefore school IS out There are three outstandlng thlngs ln our work They are flrst the comedy IX4ounta1n lyielodtes and second the Chr1stmas musxc I Moun tam h49lOdlPS we helped out ln the group songs and sex eral of us had solo duet and quariette parts Our greatest achlexfernent was the I-laleujah Chorus This was glx en as part of the Chrlstrnas program We worked xery falthfully on thls for some weeks because we wanted to make sure It was good and xt was The girls all wore orxght colored formals We stood behind a cheese Cloth curtaln ln a booth that was made for us at the back of the stage On our Important numbers a floodllght was turned on us Our thlrd achtexement wlll be our Easter Cantata whtrh wlll oe presented to the publlc on Good Frtday We are enjoylng the work on lt very much Duets clarmet obllgatos solos and cholr parts all make up thls cantata Our muslc teacher, Mrs B111 E l'v1cArthur, has worked w1th us untll now well, we smg pretty well ex en lf Ido say so as I shouldr1't l'm sure the gtrls' chorus jom m saymg she's a swell muslc teacher U45 :,' Cln-x'11:, All ulll1'llly1lt fzclwoll1y':.t11kt-part in lmoym' ' fa, W - ha 1 ' 11 '-ry int ' ' 'stlngyt-.1r, l'l1-ht1y1s't111l glrlsl C'l11wI'l1sc'lt1:ss1f:s QQ 1 ' - ' It cw lled Ulxl' t - yi' -s," lt x.1:-1 ut 1 1' l ylg L ce, Q ' L to gix 1' .1 C1-wlmyt wperelta and xx 0 mpe lu he ::11c'r"..'f l ' 3' " g it, 1 Q 'a ', .' X g ' S , A" Q ', ' 1 rn' 1 lQ' xi e 'x ', ' f ' ' ' 7 'tQ.' f " " ' 'l , Q, 1 Q. Q , , Q. , Q. Q Q U! 1 ik b- TA T lv A7 A -Q' L ' h I T 7 V . ll ll lt 5 . Il s - ' ' 1 ' 1 .' ' ' .'. . , . '. E .' , ' V - . , . . , , . . Q Q Q .1 , .. . .. . Q Q V , -' . I Q Q . Q Q Q Q . Q . . Q Q , T U I ' l . ' I . , ti V - Q!! Q . Q -. 10 - I 1 1 - n . . 1. . Q Q Q .Q , Q Q . Q Q . Q Q 1. . Q , -. . Q AQ .- v - Q- . Q Q . Q Q , . . QQ Q Q . . , . . 0 l V I P , . . ' I I , V' ' . , 1 . 5 Q Orchestra We have slx pleces ln our orchestra Estelle Treat plays the V1011n jean Woerpel clarmet Ilene Poland plano Duane Saddler cornet Chuck Hopson and Wayne Woerpel gu1tars We have worked up some numbers but we re doing lt for fun mostly We are plannmg on maklng one appearance Mary Belle and Wllma Hopson played with us the flrst semester Grade Muslc The grade muszc department has had a busy year We have sung and sung some more We have played games to lmprove our ear trammg played Maestro and spell1ng matches to help us learn our notes and played authors and base ball 1n studymg our composers Some classes have covered more materlal than others but all have made qulte a gaxn m the qualxty of the1r smgmg The fxrst grade boys are proud of the fact that at last they all smg on pltch As john Dale says It s lots more fun to slng rlght It has taken a lot of hard work and close llstenlng on the part of these seven boys to make the1r second record one hundred percent The f1rst second and thlrd grades have thelr rhythm band At Chrlstmas they presented the operetta Peter Rabblt They are workmg on the1r numbers for the program 1n Aprll The second and thzrd graders learned the kmds of notes durmg the flrst se mester and are now learmng the names of the treble clef notes Beglnnmg in the fourth grade the students study the tonette The fourth to elghth grades compose the tonette orchestra All must know thelr notes under stand txme and be able to play as a group Several have become qulte skllled tonette players Wxth the help of the Glrls Chorus the grade muslc department presented the Chrlstmas program The grade chorus showed some lovely talent Our qulntette composed of P K Lenna Betty B111 and Davld d1d a fme Job sxngmg two parts wlth our fourth grade gxrls Mary Lee Marxlyn Mary Beth and Carol smgmg the obllgato We were justly proud of our Shepherd Boys Sherman Claude and Paul for the fxne way they played themr parts LaVena made a very beautzful Madonna We have found that if we each play our part no matter how small the total result w1ll be effectxve The music department IS now workmg on numbers for our assembly program to be in April and last but not least our operetta for the program the last day of school. - 7 ' . ' . Q 3 I 1 1 1 r , . i . . ' 1 I - - ll l ' 7 . . ll . . . I I ' ll . UI . . Q , - , . u a I 1 . Q 0 'l 1 i I 1 i 1 I i 4 1 I 9 , . Q 7 I . . I I CLASSES Soc 1al Sc xence The soclal scxence d1v1s1on of the school mcludes Amerlcan I'-llstory World I-hstory Amerxcan Government and one semester each of C1t1zensh1p and Voca tlons In Amerxcan I-Ilstory the jumors and Senlors have stud1ed the ex ents wh1ch haxe taken place ln the Umted States smce Plymouth Rock whlle ln World Hlstory they haxe been flndlng out what was happenlng ln Europe In the mean tlme The Government class has been studying the structure and actu ltl9S of our government In Cltlzenshlp and Vocatxons the Freshmen have been learnlng how to l1ve successfully w1th the1r fellowmen and how to make then' own llves as satxsfymg as posslble by flrst acqulrmg deslrable character and personallty tralts then by flndlng a sultable vocatxon Spanish The Spanxsh class IS one of the largest classes ln school Besldes learn 1ng Spanlsh nouns and verbs the students have learned several songs ln Span lsh and have learned the numbers by playmg Spanlsh Blngo They have also translated many llttle storxes about gente y casas de Mexlco from the text grammar lnto use by usmg It ID practlcal conversatlon Commerce The commerclal subjects taught thls year have been Typlng I Typlng II and Bookkeepxng The Typmg I class fmds It needs to spend much txme ln just plam drxll to acqulre easy fmger movement and to make the mmd and eye mas ter of the muscles They have also found out the penalty of not keeplng up each asslgnment as It IS very dlfflcult to fmd t1me to make up back work and yet meet each week s budget There have been flV6 members m Typing I as there are only flve typewrlters The two Senlor glrls comprlse the Typlng II class Thxs year of typing em phaslzes busxness forms tabulatlons and the more technlcal slde of busmess letters and other legal documents Both gxrls have mcreased thelr speed con slderable The projects for the second semester wxll be the typmg of the cards for the recataloglng of the llbrary Mathe mat xc s Algebra and geometry have been the mathematlcs courses taught this year The Freshmen girls and our G I Charles Hopson have been delvmg mto the mystenes of x and y They have found they can do anythlng wlth letters that can be done wlth numbers and more often than not the advantage IS greater wlth the letters Attention has been given to a revlew of formula and the practlc ab1l1ty of the use of algebra ln everyday llfe The geometry class is composed of jerry Knudson Duane Saddler Wxlma I-Iopson and Mary Belle Hopson The group has enjoyed the constructlon part the most The theorems and corollarles have not been dlfflcult when the re latxonshlps between them and preceeding lessons are seen and understood El Camino Real. During the year they have tried to put their knowledge of I . . . . ll I1 li li I ., , - . ls 1 l'n h rlxsszs ire enjoying the new litf rature serit The books ron un a nice xssortnu nt 4 f tht olds r claw ics as well as the better examples o niodern writing 'lhm first and seeond year books have writings by both l npli-,li and Xmt rican author-H while the third year book entitled Heritage of Amt rican Liu rature gixes both examples of and history of American literature We have library which preatly aids us in our reading program The Freshmen presented as part ofthe Education Week assembly a one act play frorn their literature books They enjoyed the preparation very murh The Sophomores liked best a modern one act play by Booth Tarkington and the reading of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare The parts they liked best were the assassination of Caesar and Antony s funeral oration We have used workbooks n our composition work emphaslzing the mechanics of English grammar and have benefited greatly from it The Freshmen and Sophomores will have completed two wo kbooks in addition to their other com position work by the end of school General Science The course in general science has been made more profitable as well as enjoyable by the new textbook Everyday Problems ln Science We have done several simple experiments which the students are eager to do We particularly enjoyed the unit about the unlverse and the comparative size of the earth When we learned that the sun was a small star and a large star Betelgeuse could hold about Z7 million suns and Z7 trillion earths we were in deed impressed llnvlish fhi Q gig Km., k , ' u . , he , . - It . - . s - 5 5 5 - . f purchased nearly thirty new books for the library, and secured the traveling . C . . J . Q Q . . ' , li ' . 1 . ll - 9 9 ,rf i. 2-mkx A ILM . P Q N 1' 9 . .1 I 5, I ,, 3' ' ,,. ' ' 'Q' Y,,, ,f-1 I' Q4 -me i! .. v A ' Z5 . 'Tailli- I ",, I . I V ram 1 f-. , M, . , W I K 1 ffl ': N..?ib . - L. 43 Q V . .4 ' v' x. I . 5 0, :Mi k ' . 5 - - NM S- in 5 5 69 fi. F 1 X -3 , ,Q 6 5 'f y' wp A' h fl j 4 i ...N VJ V? , 7 ' x' I X , Af- I 5' img. ty elwrlwc swmonwl f r JK f rn! xnaped to ralst our lthletlr tandlnp r n lr bl tartlng thc year lXltlC llll vt 4 71 v. rm ne l ewant Menlo Rexford md St lden K I l l 1 r l f 1 on to take fourth place n the tournxrnc nt ht ld tfrlnnf ll on Uctt lf r A by defeatmg Rexford again and losing to Grlnncll and N11 nlo l teams parttclpatmg A week lxter tn Nou mber l wc pl lycd nf the r llr-jf ball tournament at Wlnona 1nd again took fr urth among the elg ht tr 1 n par tlcxpatlng This tlme we defeated Russell Sprlnps and lost to Nm: na lnd Monument Next came basketball whtch everyone was anxxously waltlng for Ne played two games each wlth the members ofthe Northwest Kansas Ir1 County league Grlnnell l exant Menlo Rexford and Selden We also had two games wlth Clayton Of these we beat Clayton twice l evant twxce and Rexfc rd once nt the League Tournament held at Rexford on january Z2 Z4 we took second ln the consolation bracket by loslng to Grlnnell wmnlng from Lewant and loslng to Herndon We are regxstered ln the Class B Ellmmatxon Tournament to be held at Rexford the 4th Sth and 6th of March Thxs spring we plan to take up volleyball agam so we may enter the tourna ment at Monument FOll0Wlng this we shall probably have track or baseball So closes thls school year s boys athletxcs Regardless ofthe v1ctor1es and defeats we have proflted greatly by the good sportsmanshlp and frtends acquired and have really had fun m general' Extra ' Extra ' Gem knocks out the much touted Selden team 37 32 Such was the sports ltem broadcast over Radio Station KXXX followmg the ftrst round of the State Class B Elxmmatton Tournament at Rexford Bravmg the season s worst bllz zard seven boys made lt to Rexford the afternoon of March 4 to play our season s best game Selden had been spotted to take the tournament so the team was justly proud to take tt out The next evemng the boys agaln played a good game but were defeated by Menlo 32 Z6 Menlo won the tournament and at present 15 gomg strong ln the Regionals at Colby Gem played Rexford for tlurd place but lost out 50 Z1 So ended the basketball season Gzrls Durmg the flrst part of the school year we played volleyball Our fxrst game was wxth Rexford, here We beat them We also played two more volleyball games wlth them durmg basketball season Of these we lost one. Ne were de feated by Menlo and also by Grinnell We beat Levant We took part ln the Tournament at Grmnell We won our first game, then played a hot game wtth f+.'llll.l-l'l'lClF3 lt: 'fl Th '- '-boyf 'l 1 k ' up ou l 'yn' atlxlf-tif f, lvpnrt 'nt ll.l', year mt 7 3 1 ' s I 'fl sir -ra rr over that uf last yfar, 5 A ' 's act' V ' sg w' wll ' lt ll we lla' ed a varnr- 1-ar-lu ltlt Cl ' Y J' l, l,L ' , , ,l .' - , 2 twse we bet I R -:-slr. rl 1 nl v. -nl ' . , 1 ' ' 11 I I f rl ' :7, ' A ' ' f . - , 'Chr-rv NNffl'f'1'lHlll V V V h . . 1. P ' ' ' , ' 4 ' u. i ' VU l ' ' ' 4 A 1 j 7-1 -. 1 1, ' ' 'A 'Y 'gp 'G - A 2 " 1 r' ' 1 1 n - I ,V V ' . ' , J ' , ' 1 . A 4 ' , , I ' 1 - D I ' ' Q I I e . . ll - ll . - 1 - U . A l l - ' I ' I I" Kllllllllll 1 t 1ttendtdtheW1non1 lonrnxrne t We played thc flrst parne tm nonx ind xx re deft itcd bu Now we come to bxsketbxll season Our fxrst pame was here wlth Clayton lwbruary lb We bt it them by three points On anuary IO we played Menlo here ind vue thlnk we made them work for thelr wlctory anuary 13 we w nt to Clayton thls time to be beaten 10 points On F ebruary r wt played Menlo at lvlenlo Thxs txme we dxdn t do so well February Z0 took us to Levant We beaten 51 Z9 We have played Brewster once on February Z6 here We beat them 59 Z1 We had planned to play Brewster agaln but we may not be able to go because of bad roads All ln all we thmk we have had good coachlng IH both volleyball and basket ball Mrs Treat IS our volleyball coach Whlle practlcxng volleyball she seldom fa1lS to run us through our dally bends before we start practlclng We thlnk lla Saddler IS a swell basketball coach Grades Athletlcs have played a btg part m the actxvltles of the 5th oth th and 8th grades thls year We have played volleyball wxth Rexford The boys won both of the1r sets our mlxed glrls and boys lost both sets but managed to wm one game by the score of 15 0 It was great fun whlle tt lasted and we are lookmg forward to some more games ln the sprlng along w1th some baseball games Our basketball season opened full force on December Z We conslder our season as bemg quite successful ln splte of the fact that we had mststed on an undefeated season To date our regulars have won only five out of stx games and our mldgets have lost both thelr games We have learned what It means to be good sports to have team work and to play for our school Nhether we wm or lose rt IS sportsmanshlp that counts We have two games wlth Brewster yet to play Besldes the boys who have played regularly the other boys and glrls who have faithfully practiced wxth us deserve credlt for the records the teams have made One of the hxghhghts of the season was the presentmg of an evenmg program after wh1ch a free will offermg was taken up to buy new su1ts for the teams Enough was contrtbuted to pay the entlre cost of the suxts We want to thank thc frlends of this commumty agam for these suits We have enjoyed them so much Also we want to thank the hlgh school and the gtrls of the upper grades for help mg us to put on that even1ng's entertamment Agam we say 'Thanks to every' one Gl ls ' Cdl lhigt' XVO t ls 1 . 1 ' , ll L n . 1 ' j N xxl l Ni t t 'Q N H -A f K ily, ' ' '. ft - ' '. , 4 - ' V X I ' .' l J- v Q, ' A 4 ' . l 1, 1 beat them 53-Z9. The next Monday night on the Z3rd, Levant came here to be 1 . Cl Y 1 ID ' . , 4 Q ,Q ff ?A:N Q QA P , as XX A 9 'Q' ,n . fi 'M 2 5 E nd! ,M 'ii 1 1 raw: -2 V5 awk f he JH-Q63'.R?3s"fx!"1"4""" uuuuum-ISN K . .V L.. ' F: 1 ' ' - 'v ' , - A . ww- I - - . 9 f . 5? Ia- A A A . V 1 fx 'Q: ' ' ' i Z 'I ff , T? I V ' gl ,V " "v '- 1 'b ' Na j, if , .VU W In Ap -Q x 1,5 , ,, k L at I il. J 1.1 I .1 1 A H" a . ,Q 1 f " J X I x - 5 'R X - . K , A r- 'M ' ' A .I I 0 I nn I ' 2 ' L Qi i ' 3 , -,jrhl V 'T-it Lg 3 Q Q 1 IA' I '-: 4-I t ., 5 wb f" W ' fn A uv I Q " j L, VV . . . Q' "" I 3 -- Y-V , l A ' - 1 ' f - T .f 1 , ' lf' 4- 531. D ' 6 ' f ' fl' kiwi It ,,, A in A ,nr W :N HQ '- , A Sai, W 1 - - Q. I 3 .n ' Q Y. - K 4 A " ,,,,f 2-' ! 'F ' -, ,' ,Q 2' - Y. Ft ' A "fb': f P -- ' . . ' 4 L X 4740- U-mid L1 , ff' 'Q Q A Q tj Q . '.f:Q.f f fp' ,,. ' 'A . 1' ' X . xH ' , 5 ' H Q A 1 .y -. , ,... 4 W 3 ' - ' JUST Fon FUN Mr McArthur m Algebra classl Now watch the board while I run through tt once more Darlene I thought I heard you talkmg m sclence class joyce Don t be s1lly I never talk ln my sleep Wayne W Why don t women wear mustaches 7 jlm Say dzd you ever hear of grass growmg on a race trac Short Sonnet jerry Knudson I wrote a lxttle sonnet To your new Easter Bonnet I loved to see you don lt But a goat he pounced upon xt And ate the lace from on xt And the sonnet too doggone lt' Munkres Can you dlg me up a g1rl for tonxght? Launtsen Sure but why don t you want a lzve one? The Freshmen' stood on the burning deck And as far as they could learn They stood m perfect safety For they were too green to burn Beverly W1ll that watch tell tune? ean No you have to look at It TRIBUTE Mrs Treat IS our shepherd we shall not want for Engllsh both composltlon and llterature She makes us to lmblbe the rules for commas and the latest method of letter wrxtmg She leacleth us through dry textbooks She restoreth our perspectlve of nouns and verbs and preposltxons she leadeth us through the paths of Enghsh one two and three for educatxon s sake Yes though we walk through the valley of the shadow of the Fmal Exammatzons we shall fear no evxl for she IS w1th us her word and her gradebook doth goad us She preparest a test before us m the presence of our classmates she anomtest our mmds wzth knowledge our mtellect 17, runneth over Surely the supermtendent and the board of educatlon shall follow us all the days of our lxfe and our memorles w11l dwell 1n the Enghsh and general scxence classes forever I : ' . . . : . . ' k? '0'All Freshwomen in Gem. j : , ' . . . 1 c . . . . . K 1 1 on. V 1 IL Jr 1 in U 1 I wx L :nl whe If M rk Ann tc s 11 1 x rxsoner c lcrd hu, Jclncd let no man pu! asunder Laurltsen wakmp by after the wreck Anyway It cured my hlccups Daddy what IS 1 bachelor? A bachelor my boy IS a man w o h dldn t have a car when he was oun Wayne aurusen was a bxt shy and after jean had thrown her arms around hxm and kxssed hxm for brmgxng her a bouquet of flowers he arose and started to leave Qh lm sorry I offended yf she saxd Oh lm not cffended he repl1ed Im just gomg after more flowers Mrs Decker Shurl why are you cry1ng" Shurl lkhss Thornburg told me to s1t 1n the front row for and sat and she d1dn t FIVE me any present the present and l sat Carrol 1n Sczence Classl Alcohol gxves you a red nose black eye wh1te lu er brown taste and a blue outlook Father Beverley that young man of yours stays too late when he calls Hasn your mother Sdld anythlng to you about it 7 Beverley 'Y es Daddy Mother says men haven t changed a b1t Duane There s not use trymg to sell me that cheap dog for a watch dog Shorty Why not? Duane Because a bargaln dog never bltes Mr McArthur And where do you mllk the cows 9 Bernard A l1ttle just past the center S1I'9 EVLN A FISH CAN'T GET CAUGHT IF HE KEEPS HIS MOUTH SHUT Slgn on the back of Kenneth Nlunkres'-1alopy "Safe Car Have already had my quota of accldents for '48 " The young duckhng was terrlble embarrassed when he found that hls flrst pau' of trousers were down WALSWORTH Lnrhnqughod In Bound by WAKSWORTH BROTHERS Mueul nc Ho ll S I .Iuul l..1' l".r1lr1-:.I1r11111ll lluln-l Cl:-rk ll,1vr'L4.111 rf-..1'rx11llf11'7 lxl f.. l111,1'nl lftiz' llv4fllW1:1flll ,ur ulep y fungi ml , IIIFI Nfl '1 Y-'J '13- Nl ':-.. Allrlnrl. lllllxl fvllllnmcll l1y 1:1 pr 'val' ' 'rl ll'lCl HTIIADH lent Tlx!-lr' fl- rt to nl ' A my. Wardcn Ctr, prxssonerj: What! lt's ugfnnst your religion lfpl rrckfff 'J : YPD, What th- ,, lt ,J A . . . 1: .' I .. lt . Dv 1 ' ', , ' rl 4. A 1 an I - - V I , I V , - I' Y H- . - V 'I A I I I I Alf I 'V ' y ' ', ' JLI, . 1.. 1 n . .4 v . . I I 1 I 1 ' ' ' : V ' ' ' , Y 1 I . , , , . , Y I ' I , I - -I I 1 .. I . f I 1 . . , , , . y A ............ . : ' ' , ' . X..1X N ' cv? Vegas: YOU MF CR ' JA- X COMP LIMENTS OF Gem Cash Stare Ewel and Wanda Hickrrxan GQOCERIES MEATS FRUITS VEGETABLES GENERAL MERCHANDISE NOTIONS Phone 8 Gem, Kansas G per Gram SHILEP CATTLE. GP 'UN BRING US YOUR GRAIN FOR THE BEST TELFPHONIF' 205 COLBY KANSAS . J f Q PRICE - SERVICE - 'WEIGHTS C ompliments Of I-Ioruachers Jeweir ELC-IN, GRUEN AND BULOVA WATCHES DIAMONDS AND JEWELRY Compllments Borung 5 Cleaners C ornphments Of Colb Cash Store COLBH SUPER MARKET 'W 1111a.m and John Donelan Thompson Furniture Co COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD FURNISHING AND FLOOR COVERING YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME FREE' DELIVERY Phone 96 Colby Kansas Phone 2.14 Colby, Kansas Phone 404 O O Jackson Constructian Compan Inc. GENERAL CONSTRUCTION AND METAL BUILDINGS Phone 430 Colby Kansas Comphments Of Gam Garage GENERAL REPAIRING Phone 5 Gem Kansas Glenn Fields l I COMPLIMENTS OV' Consumers Co opQrf1tlv-Q Supply Co GASOLINIE. AND OILS Phone 7 Gem Kanba P ramad CII C , NIARKEZTERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF THE TEXAS COMPANY PRODUCTS Phonp 1 18 Colby , Kansa 4 U ' A' 2 I ' Q..-fi 0 I , ' 3 . l Delco L1ght Electmc Apph nces Buford Electrrc C ALLIS CHALMERS FARM MACHINERY We Serv1ce What We Sell Wholesalers and Reta11ers Delco and Sheppard D1ese1IIO 220 Volt AC and 32 IIO V Dc Resxdence Phone Ofhce Phone 2 7 Colby Kansas Comphments Of The Prrncess Style Shop LADIES .TUNIORS AND IVIISSES READY TO WEAR JEWELRY AND ACCESSORIES Mrs Frances L Passell Telephone 47 Colby, Kansas O ' o ' L J Farm Light and Power Plants and Appliances 9 , 37 O Tiw Cmpe: Hotel 84 LQHQQ Si Q YOU WILL. T IK OUP V Kansa C orrplnments Of Lolbv Oiar C VN F Hlett Owner BUICK CHEVROLET Sales Serv1ce Phone 50 Co'by, 'ia-:sas . J L .. 1 rj up "" - BANQUET ANU PARTY ROOIXAS Colby, ' . 'x I I J e Voss Wholesale Lo AUTHORI ZED DEALER OF WAR DS RIVERSIDE TIRES ARTHUR LEAK Manager Phone 72 Colby Kansas For Anythmg To Eat Or Wear MAKE OUR STORE YOUR STORE Phone 120 Colby Kansas C ornphments Of Servloe Shoe Shop Phone 449 Colby Kansas Smiths Cash Store t f beheeder Furmture Co EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME C lby t f COLBY KANSAS U Careful Dry Cleaners 84 Launderers LEADING LAUNDERERS AND DRY CLEANERS OF WESTERN KANSAS I Coy K 1- lil Complimen s O K C mplimen s O Kansas-lxlelaraska Natural Gas Co., lne Phone 93 We se Soft Water Exclusively 1b COIJPLIMEN VS XHob REAL EST ATE INSURANCE Phone T42 or 235 Chas A Schlefen ALI.. FORIv1S OF INSURANCE PHONE 313 COLBY KANQAS C orrmphrnents Of Western uto Assoclate Store Keith M. Voss, Owner Colby, Kansas .- L A A 0 H -. .L I .L A 0 a o H , C 4 ' 0 . C omphments Of Uetatort Traotor 84 Equipment Cot Caterp1l1ar CASE Parts Sales Serv1ce Colby Phone 103 Lalvlode Toggery Colby Kansas Compllments Of The Thomas County National Bank Founded 1886 Member Of Federal Depos1t xnsurance Corpo at1on Colby Kans fs . C ' EVERYTHING IN LADIES READY-TO-WEAR . - 1, . , a. Metzler 84 0 eel SINCLAIR PRODUCTS TIRES BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES Phone 200 Colby Kansas C L Lee Motor Co STUDEBAKER Sales Serv1ce TIMPTE AND TPVIBERLOCK GRAIN BOXES Phone 8 Colby Kansas Shlrley Motor Co YOUR HUDSON DEALER Most Complete L1ne Of Hudson Parts In Northwest Kansas Phone 676 Colby Kansas 9 HILL CONVERSION HOISTS . 9 , ' Phone 179 C ompliments Of R. R. Freeman ATTORNEY AT LAW General Practice Colby, Kansas C ONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS C OMP LIMENT S OF A FRIEND C omplxments Gf Mossman s I G LOW PRICES EVERYDAY C O Mossman P Mossman Phone 209 Colby Kansas CREAM POULTRY HIDES SEEDS EGGS FEEDS Phone 350 Colby Kansas JOHN DEERE Quahty Farm Equlpment Parts Serv1ce Colby Farm Machinery Co Phone 89 Colby Kansas . . .S. Leon's Produce Compliments Of Dougherty Auto Electric Service 450 North Lake Colby, Kansas Sooby's Jewelry EILGIN AND HAMILTON WATCHES KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Fxne Watch Repaxrmg Phone 254 Colby Kansas COMPLIMENTS CO BY KANSAS J. I.. Jenson M. D.

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