Gaylord High School - Northern Echo Yearbook (Gaylord, MI)

 - Class of 1955

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, , -1 ,3g.,,,, LVf,:: - f 94? 1 :: 3. v- ' P-, 1 f ' 3' Q ' " 1, - ,,-Y V T -.H 1 '51-V-1 -. 'zz 5 b - 4 f , ' I f Ju 5 ' ' ig f n ff. - ' Q s ff V 'F' 1' At . 35, -, --TL A Q 4 55. " . vfw I, 'ff' 1 V-:L ,,-mf: If 55 1, -V 1 J . . 1 ' E DI' 9 J" . u V .rr -, in : w "iv . 3 .ig X U' H 1 if A . Q. 1 4 .4 +1 1 ,v ll ul' -f -. m M f -K '4 if - 1 .fy I Ai". '7 rs is 'i zvnw- . rpm 1. X x xr 1 . . g 1 V Q 1 xx Q. 1 If . 1 A Y A' B . fl ll! "En ,W .r -- ,y V" - I rn 5 1 v JH . J I fs., . I 1 X' w 1 s 'I A9 - nf' f I s ! 1 1 X X X 5 I iff 11' Wfvigfnmz L aww W 7755 ,rfb uf' r ,.-J. 6' ,.-1 x g..!, S' 111 Van D A V f 1 n ' n XA ai, l Z-3. ,X ,y nl! .w.' IV N. A A-: 5.3j, , f I Y Z' I It nf nv! Swim ge NW' Qpfs Mrs. Charlotte Butts Miss Yvonne Hutchins swag S sofma wwf - WWW 11 G13 55 Mr . Archie Campbell 1-,R ay McMullen Q '7 M,- Ed , 9,9617 ew S WU' De M' T r acxl tel-S en 1 . 2 X.- Q f N, ' x, Q1 if x I I" ia., 'Q Fl , " W? Dix arglake Mrs. Luc111e Karslake Mr. Jo 013 K hh K- Mr. Gord oschara 74w!fe Mr. Paul Skitka Mrs. Helen Madsen 1 5 :H . . W ,U , . W M' . .T - w . .. , , , . 1, , A. , -4 X 1 Mrs. Elayne Skitka Mr. Hugh Raab Miss Mary Fleming D 5 Mr. George Acker 1' 9 Nofrene - Phillip L MY ' 011 Wwlfe 8 . I X1 Mr. Robert Wallis Mr. William Knight Mr. William Granlund Mr. Lawrence Givens Mrs. Ruth Meade Sie 7 r V 1 1 N 1 Mrs. Florence Anderson Mrs. Gladys Mygrants Mrs. Sylvia Koschara f- ' 'J o ' ' v Mrs. Dorothy Menzies Mr. Robert Aurniller Mrs. Rowena Trowbridge Mr-s. Donna Berry Mrs. Kathleen Hale Mr.. Ronald Snell Mrs. Mae Waldie Mrs. Kathryn Carlson 6 Miss Mary Jane Bradfield ll F ., U-5 .Vw 7 V'4E:,ff A W 9'-.::.J'-W4-f ,af I REDFORD SANDERS :Reds "Red crowns all, " Pastime--huntingg Noted for--wavy hairg Ambition--own a farmg Organizations- -Football-l,2, 3, 4--Varsity--3,45 Track- Varsity 1, 2g Varsity Club--45 Student Council-2g F. F. A, 1, 2, 3, 4. BEVERLY ROBERTS ..Rev.. "Likeable, laughable 8: lively." Pastime--sewingg Noted for--helpful waysg Ambition-- marriageg Organizations--Pep Club-1, 2, 3,4g Pep Club- treasurer-25 Pep Club-Vice-President--4g Student Council 1,3g Glee Club-lg Library Staff--3,4g Library President-3,4g Class Secretary-23 Basketball-lg Junior Play-4, ANNE WOODHAMS "Annie" "She likes them short, she likes them tally you and I know she likes them all, " Pastime--writing lettersg Noted for--collection of boys: Ambition--undecidedg Organizations--Glee Club 1,2g Majorette 1,25 Basketball lg Outlook Staff 3,4g Outlook JOAN BRADLEY NIO.. "Speech is silverg Silence is golden, " Pastime--taking picturesg Noted for--quietnessg Ambition-- undecidedg Organizations--Band 1,2,3,4g Band Sec. 8: Treas, 33 Glee Club 35 Pep Band 1,2, 3,4g Student Council 35 Outlook Staff 35 F,l-LA, 2,3,4, -Vice President 2, JOHN KELSO "Johnny" "In at eight and up at five." Pastime--collecting matchfolders 8: riding horse backg Noted for--teasing girlsg Ambition--farmingg Organizations-- F.F:A. 2,3,4g President 4. HENRY WASHBURN "Hank" "A musical soul to say the least. " Pastime--electronicsg Noted for--band workg Future--armed forcesg Organizations-band 1,2, 3,4, SHELBY CAMPBELL why.. 'I've tried to be a modest girl 8: true. How well I've played the part, I'll leave to you." Pastime--guitar playingg Noted for--roller skatingg Ambition- To obtain a masters degree in nursingg Organizations- Library Staff 2: F.H, A. 2g Pep Club 2: Senior Play 3, Editor 4g Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Junior Play 3,4g Senior Play 4, 'an-iq T19- JANET MCNETT "Nettee" "A lot of pep, a lot of gog The kind of girl you like to know," Pastime--Buying men's shirts, Noted for--shortness, Ambition-- to be a doctorg Organizations--Basketball 1, 2, 3,4g Cheerleader 1,44 F.H.A. 2,3,4g F.H,A, Sec. lg Library 4: Frederic High School 1, LARRY LINDSLEY "Marty" "Friends, Romans, Countrymen---lend me your girls," Pastime--reading about important people, Noted for-- flirting, Ambition--collegeg Organizations--Student Council lg Football, varsity 2,3g Basketball, reserve 1,2g Junior play 3g Litchfield High School 1,2, 3, MAXINE KREGER "Max" "Al1 work and no play isn't the life for me," Pastime--drivingg Noted for--sweet smile, Ambition--to become a beauty operatorg Organizations--Pep Club 35 Junior Play 3g Johannesburg High School 1, JOYCE BROWN ..Joy.. "Let all thy converse be sincere," Pastime-Sewing and cooking, Noted for--her shy ways: Ambition--to become a secretary: Organization--Chrisv mas Play 4, RICHARD WIDGER "Dick" "Blessed by Agriculture." Pastime--hunting, Noted for--F.F.A, workg Ambition-- collegeg Organizations--F.F.A. 2,3,4g Band 1,2g Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1,2, JOSEPH VANGILDER aloe.. "You can't beat a good worker with a willing heart." Pastime--collecting sport car magazinesg Noted for--dry sense of humorg--Ambition--Navy, Organizations--Glee Club 1. FRIEDA SUTHERLAND "Smiley" "The girl with a smile is the girl worth while." Pastime--writing letters, Noted for--Her quiet manners: Ambition--to become a beauty operator. Organizations-- Pep Club 3, F. H. A, 1, ...J 4 ' 'ZX' lm 1 1, 'a ti ll V GEORGE MIDDLEDITCH "Chief" "I'll pay my class dues someday and knock 'em deadl " Pastime--shooting pool: Noted for--Sports abilityg Ambition collegeg Organizations--varsity football 1,2,3,4g varsity basketball 2,3,4, reserve lg varsity baseball 1, varsity track 2,3,4g Junior play 3, Outlook Staff 3, DONNA COUCH "Bang bang" "A good friend to all." Pastime--traveling: Noted for--Drug store ability: Ambition--to travel, Organizations--Student Council lg Pep Club l,2, 3, 4g Pep Club Sec. 4g Glee Club 2, 3g Band lg Cheerleader-reserve 3, varsity 2, BETTIE WILSON ..B J .. 0 . . emu "I'll have to ask Wayne first." Pastime--building plastic cars and painting: Noted for--P.J, partiesg Ambition--undecided: Organizations--Cheerleader-- reserve 1, varsity 2, 3,4g Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Glee Club lg Annual Staff 4, Outlook Staff 4, co-editor: Northem Echo Staff 4. WILLIAM COON "Coonie" "If there's nothing doing, he'1l start something." Pastime--Sportsg Noted for--sense of humorg Ambition-- collegeg Organizations--Glee Club 1,4g Football reserve 2, varsity 1,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Basketball reserve 1,2, varsity 3,4g Class treasurer lg Golf Team 3,45 Vice President 43 Varsity Club 45 Senior Play 4, SHARON WRIGHT "Shary" "Ambition has no crest. " Pastime--taking pictures: Noted for--Music abilityg Ambition-- nurse: Organizations--Band 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 35 Photo Club 3, Airport Community High School 1, 2: Future Nurse's Club 4, NORMA WOODMAN "Normie" "Have you heard the latest?" Pastlme--traveling, Noted for--wanderingg Ambition-- collegeg Organizations--Basketball lg Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 1,3g Class Treasurer 3,45 Senior Play 4, HUGH WOODHAMS "Hugh" 'A modem Romeo, " Pastlme--hunting: Noted for--hair in perfect orderg Ambition-- Navy or college: Organizations--Band 1g Football 2,3,4g Basket- ball 1,2g Track 1,2,3,4g Ski Team 2,3,4g Varsity Club 45 Senior Play 3,44 Junior Play 3, uf JOAN WOHLFEIL "Joni" "An ingenious gal who will always be a pal." Pastlme--teaching and playing piano5 Noted for--ambition5 Ambition--college Qresearch lab tech.J5 Organizations-- Glee Club 1, 35 Pep Club 45 Outlook Staff 45 Northem Echo Editor 45 Class Secretary 35 Student Council, secretary5 Basketball 25 Cooley High School 1, GERALD GLASSER ' "Stroker" "My father's hair would turn quite gray, to see me drive his Chevrolet." Pastlme--hot rods5 Noted for--building hot rods5 Ambition-- college5 Organizations--Ski Team 2,3,45 Basketball B-team 15 Vice President 35 Track 15 Football reserve 1, IACQUELINE CHARNES tl u "l-lere's a gal with a sense of humor." Pastlme--collecting movie stars 8: sewlng5 Noted for--her laugh5 Ambition--public accountant5 Organizations--Pep Club 45 Glee Club 1, 35 Latin Club 1,25 Outlook Staff 4, circulation5 Student Council 25 Photo Club 35 Northem Echo Staff 4, circulatiom Elk Rapids High School 1,2. GERALD WARNER "Jerry" "An innocent face, but you never can telll" Partime--archery and hunting5 Noted for--entertainment5 Ambition--college5 Organizations--Football 1,2,35 Track 1,25 Student Council 1,35 Skiing 3,4, JOYCE SHIELS "Turkey Legs" "T.N.Tl ftall 'n' terrificy' Pastime--coin collectlon5 Noted for--flirting and talklng5 Ambition--nurse: Organizations--Glee Club 1,35 Pep Club 3, 45 Treasurerg Senior Play 35 Junior Play 35 Christmas Play 35 Future Nurse's Club president 45 Johannesburg 1, MAIUORIE HOUSE "Margie" "A friend with a warm heart. " Pastime--playing piano and accordiam Noted for--dlmples5 Ambition--undecided5 Organizations--Pep Club 2, 35 Glee Club 1,35 Johannesburg 1, MICHAEL FREEL "Mighty Mike" 'The class will now come to order. " Pastime--huntlng5 Noted for--president of class of "55"5 Ambition--college5 Organizations--Class secretary 15 Class President 3,45 Glee Club 15 'Band 1,2,3,45 Baseball 15 Football reserve 1,25 Varsity 3,45 Basketball B-team 15 reserve 25 varsity 35 Ski Team 1, 3,45 Outlook Staff 35 North ern Echo Staff 35 Student Council 3, 45 Golf Team 2, 3. WAYNE BROWN "Brownie" "Life is just the funniest thing ---- so why not take it as a joke? Pastime--driving cars: Noted for- -Jokes: Ambition--to work: Organizations--Football reserve 1, varsity 2, 3: Basketball B- team 1: Ski Team 1,2,3,4: Track 1, ' 115- ii Fai PRISCILLA WILLARD "Perci" "I'm here on time. I must have forgotten something." Pastime--drawing: Noted for--being late: Ambition--Art Work: Organizations--Pep Club 1, 2, 3,4: Cheerleading 1, 2: Basketball 1: Majorette 1: Pep Club vice president 2, 3, PHYLLIS PETRASKA "Phyll" "Sweet and sedate: always on time: never late. " Pastime--sewing: Noted for--cheerleading: Ambition-- college: Organizations--Pep Club 1,2, 3,4, secretary 3, president 4: Basketball 1,4: Library Club 2,3, president 2: Student Council 2, 3, vice president 3: Cheerleading reserve 1, varsity 2, 3, 4: Outlook Staff 4, treasurer: Senior Play 4: A Queen's Court 2: Northern Echo staff 4, treasurer, f V, If X. ROBERT YUILL ..Bob.. "Why look it up? Ask Bob." Pastime--swimming or golf: Noted for--scholastic ability: Ambition--college: Organizations--Golf Team 3,4: Student Council 3,4, president 4: Photo Club 3: Slide Rule Club 3: Varsity Club 4: Class president 2: Band 4: Glee Club 3: Junior Play 2: Vanderbilt 1,2, JANE PETERSEN ..Tex.. V "Her fabulous smile is always in style. " Sh? Pastime--driving and swimming: Noted for--her smile: Q, , ,-. ,..: Ambition--Secretary or stewardess: Organizations--Student Council 3: Pep Club 3,4: Senior Play 1,3,4: Junior Play .sf 1, 3: Basketball 1: Cheerleading 1: Glee Club l,2: Christmas Play 3,4: Cinderella 3: Alba High School 1, IVY ELDRIDGE "Ellie" "A thing seriously pursued, affords true enjoyment." Pastime--singing and playing piano: Noted for--her early engagement: Ambition--housewife: Organizations--Glee Club 1. GEORGE MAGSIG "Maggie" "See me? Then see my grin! To be happy ls no sin," Pastime--collect stamps and match covers: Noted for-- bashfulness: Ambition--farming: Organizations--F. F. A.: Outlook Staff: Elmore, Ohio 1,2, SYVILLA SODERQUIST "Susie" "Soft spoken plus sparkling blue eyes." Pastime--playing the piano, Noted for--her long nameg Ambition--medical missionary, Organizations--Glee Club lg F. H, A, 1, Junior Play lg Mesick High--1,2,3, RICHARD SKLARK "Team" "Quiet and shy, a wonderful guy, " Pastime--huntingg Noted for--sports abilityg Ambition-- college or Navy schoolg Organizations--F, F. A. 2, 3g Varsity Club 4, Football reserve lg varsity 3,43 Basketball reserves 3, Track, varsity 2, 3, crosscountry 2, varsity: Senior class sec. 4, LORELEI WEBER "Lorie" "As blushing as a rose, " Pastime--sewing, Noted for--blushing smile, Ambition--to become a secretary, Organizations--Glee Club 1, Dramatics- Junior play 3, Christmas play 3, One Act play 3, eniau CASH SUTHERLAND "Dough" "Small men have conquered the world, Look at Napoleon! Pastime--collecting match book covers: Noted for--age Qclass babyyg Ambition--carpenter, Organizations--F.F. A, 2,3, 4. ERMA PETTIFOR "Ermie" "A maiden shy I am you see, my middle name is modesty, Pastime--collecting stamps, Noted for--her quiet ways: Ambition--college to study teaching, Organizations--Glee Club--1,3,4. DOROTHY COULTES "Deny" "A quiet modest maid, is she." Pastime--drawingg Noted for--modesty, Ambition-- undecidedg Organizations--Glee Club 1. RICHARD BLASHILL "Dick" "He who is tall, sees all, " Pastime--hunting and golfg Noted for--height, Ambition-- collegeg Organizations--Band 1,2, 3,4g Football reserves lg Basketball B team 1,2, varsity 3,4g Outlook Staff 3g Golf team 2, 3, 4: Baseball 4g Varsity Club 4, Student Council 4, RAY WOHLFEIL Where there s a will there s 3 Way Pastime Collecting Match , . Book Covers: Noted for-- Slick Dressing: Ambition-- Navy: Organizations--Foov I , ball I,4: Basketball I,2: . Cross Country 2, 3: Track A I. 2, 3, 4: S eech Contest 2, 3.4: Stu ent Council 2, 9 Spanish Club 3: Vice-Presi- dent: Senior Pla 4: Y-Teens 1 i 131 High r, 3. if ni Waledietofzicw Bob Yuiu oh ' 3: Orchestra I: ayne Memor- DOROTHY FIGIEL "Dot" "For things are less dreadful than they seem. " Pastime--dancing: Noted for--lunch room work: Ambi- tion--housewife and secretary: Organiza- tions--Senior Play 3. PAUL ZEIGLER "Ziggy" A "The Seniors gift to any girl. " Pastime--playing sports: Noted for-- being short: Ambi- tion--Coach: Organi- Zations--Roscommon High l,2: Basketball Reserves I: Varsity 2, 3, 4: Football Reserves 2, 3: Baseball 2,3: Var- sity Club 4. WILLIAM CRANK "Bill" "God bless the man who invented sleep. Pastime--outdoor: Noted for--sleeping in Gov't.: Ambition- n Navy: Organization-- Class President 2: . Basketball Reserve Team I: Junior Varsi- ty 2: Student Council I,2: Outlook Staff 3: Senior Plzzy 3, 4: Junior 4: olf Team 3: Track I. WANETA CURTIS ..Nita f. "A quiet girl but well worth knowin . " Pastime--loaging: Noted for--quiet wa s- Ambition--a'r . Y - 1- line stewardess: Organi- zations--Band I, 2: 'DSI' Q- .,,-0 1 Superior High I: Ona- way High 2. ,FV V . ii, X, diff! if 1. Salrdatofzdcw fbi Sharon Wright an ROW 1: Bill Crank. Mike Freel. Bob Yuill. Ray Wohl- Row 1: Joe VanGi1der, Dick widger, Dick slas- feil, Dick Sklark, ROW 2: PhylliS PCIIBSRB. Jackie hill, Jerry Warner, John Kelso, ROW 3: Shelby Charnes, Susie Soderquist, Ioan Wohlfeil. Beverly R0b' Campbell, Anne Woodhams, Bettie Wilson, erts. ROW 3: Irma Pettifor, Norma Woodman. Sharon jgng pew:-gen, Ma:-gig Hguge, Doromy Figiel' Wright. Donna Couch. Toni Audrain Delores Bolin Sharon Bottomley Johnny Bresnahan James Buckler Charles Buell Roger Burd Barbara Butcher Buddy Byars Jo Ann Cassidy Sandra Charnes Joan Chrisman Joyce Clark Jon Coultes Gary Coveyou Isabell Croff Carolyn Darrow Harold Elliott Marylu Elliott Edwin Estelle Lawrence Fahler Kay Ferris Arthur Finston Ida Fleming Jack Fraser James Glasser Terry Gocha Patricia Harrison Arlene Hart Robert Howe Karen Johnson ,iff 5? b L rf 4-uv, Yami' W 9 xl . , ffl' 1 E 'rr 'r l NZ Q 1' 2 mf K f l, U, A i 8 tw Quan' is J v 4 ,, 'Wm Q , , gf . rf- . -,, qv Y, ' X , 'vu '29 .Q V Q l Jxkyl' 'K 'N . if N 37: Q, 'Q 4 1 1 . is X X MR' H v ,M 5' 'ES In C99 Q" i Q' 6 ::- is Y 1 Q '- ,1 V -K . 1 X 4 A .... 'L- 1 , -. , ..-' . 'i...,:: W as I 1? E. . Q lf-sv C ' 6 - iw!! I L- . . .X ,YQ -., 5 if ' .Q , F ,I I N i tv A. f ,W .Q , y it All L qf 'N' was f' 17 Barbara Kelso Andrew Kurth Robert Lindsley Jeanne Magsig Rita McCauley Lyle Metzger Dale Middleditch Gilbert Middleditch Beverly Noirot Raymond Payton Elizabeth Porta Jessena Reed Louis Skeleton Donald Spore Penny Steele Sharon Tebo Dale Tolman Herbert Van Gilder Robert Wakefield Janet Waldie Robert Warner Gail White Joyce Whitney Anna Widrig Donna Wilkie Donald Wilson Barbara Wohlfeil Darlene Wolf Ethel Wolf Donald Wolf Jane Woodharns Shirley Zang , , ' . . K J ' ia s 1'- if at J' 'ee ay M f i, 1 L 3 ,, ,,- 1 P N EM s aft' ' 7 gf 5 - Richard Hall Margaret l-lallenius Shirley Hart Ruth lrish James Jenkins Dale Kreger Elizabeth Kurth Lucy Ann Laur Charlene Lendzion James Marble Gordon McKil1op Lynn Meade Ruth Ann Mumich Lawrence Ostrander James Patterson Lawrence Polus James Powers Carl Pruitt Tk L., 5. Na. Z. 4 , ig N .Q l 5 D kg v i X r Barbara Barber Ronald Barber Phyllis Book Gary Brandenburg Robert Brooks George Butcher Lonnie Campbell Richard Charnes Ferdinand Choss Aaron Curtis Berry Czykoski John Dixon Shirley Drake Romona Evans Kenneth Fitzek Patrice Freel Charles Freeman Vivian Fults in 1' is L i if T ,Al JZ' 'B 'Q ' 5 .ax ,r mx 4 . K 'X S 4 1 2- Jane Shepherd Patricia Schoruack Dolores Sklark Rosetta Storing Gregg Styles Beverly Sutter Theodore Vinecki Christina Whitney RAY Wilkie Eric Anderson Douglas Bottomley Susan Bradley Sharon Burd Mike Charboneau Eleanor Clark Eileen Cunningham Amy Davis Judy Doyen . 458, I-X C Cu' "Q . ' S 5. ' bl Q. M, f 'agv " ' l - " V 1 A ... C -w ' l af Q ' Q- : ' 4' Q ' y S fl 1 vw. f ,M V I My Q R - 5 ' - .f"' Q av ru? iq.. fy 'J y M 45 9 f ix' , QI , 'ry ony, K 'SQ My I it , 'F X 5 ,L , 6 I I T tttt fe, N- - L -. rw- - V: x ,at IX 4:- l I in wig ' ' , l -1 Dale Slagle Kay Smith Carroll Lee Soderquist Duane Thompson Richard Tibbitts Barbara Trowbridge Edward Woh lfe il Jim Wolf Richard Bresser beota Brown Mary Jane Brown Terry Couch Russell Coulter Erma Croff Blanche Duff Martin Duff Donna Fox Eileen Linsteadt Joan Marble Darwin Mason Jeanne McBride William Morey Ronald Mosher Sue Fox IN . 3, A Ralph Gunther H 3, N" . Q an Sharon Hale 1-s.,tw ,, cp Mary Jane Hammond V ' J Y ' .4 ,,..' i ' rs, t Q -1' if . Pearl Hammond 'Q Richard Huggett "I, G-' l -4' V' ry Q it V58 Q Harry Iler kv- ,qv Q... - y,-, John Kammeyer 1 "7 KE 'L' Q.: A " 5 Robert Lee H - , - ' M pr f 5' 1.-.1 3-- N, -:QA gn, I XX K 'FX 3 Q "' J 1 JJ S t J Q Q0 "' v '-to y sf . J w J G- J ' w ' 3 --gr-5 ' -fer' p Q, Q .915 Q", ,- 'F' st ,Q i J V H- - J ii' .wx ,J X x A wr- ,. 1 Ax I ' Jerry Sutherland 'U N' Q -E Genevieve Mumich Qi. X Y ' S "7 J K s I 7 ' ' H1 - ., 5' '1 'l S L , J J A 4 - sh 'vu K 2' E A 592 ti 5 E 5 Q as tn - i V in Jon Strolle Patricia Vinecki Larry Warner Jean Watkins fn. 1? ,L Carrie Whitney Ernest Wolf Harry Wolf Judy Wolf Ruth Weber T' Keith Riddle Mary Ryan Estelle Shepherd Judy Norton Jerry Petraska Thomas Nelson Ronald Powers Judy Prebble Nancy Pruitt Sherril Reed Marlene Shepherd Paulette Smith Sharon Stockline I 1 .L s iwxfffiwv fr, Sv 1 -aa fran .Q J 1' ,-if if ... fa? S .l,,5,fr .fgnfJ" ' I 5 3 Til? iw: 7. 1 7 'ln n u q. 05,2 ? .5 WW. , xi, Q f. K Nl mmwuz-vamsmanzaumw J-wmv A A 9. , cn, Y 'CTPI 4 - X -Q-5 ""' :N Z .Ji V John Berry Virginia Byars '53 K Richard Brown Sally Crank ,s. LA '- ", Diana Bush ,.. A s- 1. David Evans Betty Hart Robert Heller Georgia Hoskins Eugene House Judy lrland Betty Kreger Loren Larrabee Edward Lash Karen Lindke Patricia Lockwood Betty Kay Lyon Brooks Madsen Patricia McCauley Peggy McMullen Tim Morey Katie Norris Maxine Ostrander Elizabeth Peckham Ernest J. Petersen Carol Porta Cythnia Schroeder Sally Sisson Elaine Soper Barbara Taskey Judith Tebo Rosemary Thomas Frances Tomaski Larry Trowbridge Wilma Van Gilder Bruce Walker Nancy Warner Wendell Wilkie Janice Wohlfeil Roy Wolf Will Wright Sue Arm Engmark George Fraser Peggy Galbraith William Hallenius " s, Kenneth Hammond ggi- if Carol Lee Hamer J ...V M W -no 'K A an ' .f -Q-. -7 - F i QD' gt' Nw.. G' L.- , Q. lr- NOT PICTURED Kenneth Boughner Ralph Fahler ,E .Q -21 N -f AW . K A 1 t Q. 7 2' - fx. :Q Ps. 3 J if 8 ' N P R'-'T' S13- .AN . an A YL ' Y 1 . , - I . - L' ittt - A IX , 'vv' V' I V : all A 3 f W' K Q v ,A .,x x -S Q S ei -'25 'li f 4 1' I v ' 1 ,. 1 Dorothy Atkins Frank Beebe Donald Benoit Jane Benoit Earldine Brock Lawrence Brown Loretta Brown Lois Burd Lulabelle Byars Ruth Butcher Hugh Campbell Karen Carlson Sue Charnes John Chrisman Leo Couch Ross Dodge Connie Evans Diane Fairgrieve Patty Gilmore Sharon Glasser Bill Gray Shirley Hysell Carolyn Janik Alvin Jozwiak William Karbowsky Beverly Kassuba Robert Koronka Norman Lendzion Cleveann McCourt Roy Middleditch Steven Moore Robert Noirot Gwendolyn Ostrander Bonnie Pidgeon Grant Powers David Raab Loral Sawyer William Sides Janet Slivinski Bonnie Snepp Michael Soderquist Patricia Soderquist Marilyn Soper Robert Soper Judith Szymanski Fred Storing Hugh Taylor Tony Tripp ' Ferne Vaern Roger Walker Roberta Warner Carl Witkins Vern Whitney Karen Wohlfeil Cecilia Wright David Yurack Chester Zang NOT PICTURED Melvyn Bankov Donald Respecki Marilyn Sowle Betty Jane Gregorski N . -3. If . 1 It 121' K. 45 'Wave K ' fl 'vs Q., 3-1' f Q new Wh- ' ,xy "" x ,... .1 . kg' " G' 'x 'A A .,,. sw- 'il gfs . Y D - ' Q .9 9 r ' l 'A Q. - - v E, V , 'N 4 Q T 0 . 5 L 5 X I "" .5 ' Y' ' , A 1 Z f 1 -GN gi . 3- "', 1- L- T 'L A-x . .3 ' T ' I S-22 I , V " ' ' x l V ' fx l .X L 'N ..- . T 1 'Q 1 ,- . - 1. w , W 4 " QA PM "f - N . rm ' ff- -ll wg, , ' V 5 ' :OX x l ' ns' sr et- 3 I wx fe- ,r v. fr -1-i f l 0 A- . A l . T y . G 2 , iq' . Y'-'sv ii , Q' Y ,B if 2 , ' 'U I A x, ' , 'W ' - 2a . . .. .x ' ' V fi, l .. Q lx 8 i V 5 f .gif Q ff T . -- - L vw- if up l - 'U-1 . T .- ' I X 's .A - , 6 A i V ,. ""'v ' T ' Q T is ,N W- In I5 2, tp' so 6 B V nl 'T' H ' hy. . 'Q' bb: uri' i Tn... X ' li A ' f ' ao. " HJ A 0 it T4 ' , g 5-.I P-' ,, 4. iv-at S' 4357 G Siu 1- T L lyk, 'I D .. . T s 'x 4 - 9' Q 1:-57 . 2.1 BQ K 4 0 A 15' ll my f I '-F -1 L. -ffl be A wg. aiu Knight Biff Audrain C1rol Benoit ersten n erson K A d i 3 M A: w ff? . sr, Shirley Bergy Nolla Brown Peter Burd Donna Butcher Grove Crank Larry Doyen David Dresback 12 r , rv Q an sr . ,fo a Charlotte Edwards A., E, 4 ' 'Q' 1 SNES 'Nb Kay Bottomley t iii James Boughner g-7 Q 5 I Irene Brock it M, ' . it 'A K - .KA 5 B ?.T+? Trudy C ampbell Jan Coveyou Russel Hart Augustus House James Ireland Martha Irish Virgil Koronka Camille La Fane Larry Lindke Sharon Marble Fred Moore Marianna Myers Chester Norris Wayne Powers Mike Pray Pat Proctor Donna Ralston Wilton Sides Sylvia Smith Gary Somerville Carol Stockline Helen Weber Vera Whitney Dorothey wolf Illah Wolf 0 iv -. , Rose Jean Eldridge V' Q iiir N B 5 Linda Giffin Larry Engmark ' V lj' ri,L we D Harry Glidden Wilma Evans , as X t . rr 'H xx ,M .faffi A ,ffx 'L I Margaret Guggisburg 1 dugg ' , , " ' gf Sharon Hale .. i , :V my ' Y N 1 Y' Dan Hanlon L , L ,Q Am as b v - 1 A 4 , B ,W a A a a p o nson X 1 ' P Lt V Vi Q L, Zylvia' Jolhnsonb Min. . V4 X , eor ia assu a -- , rr - ' , f i 3 i 2 syyi me is by R., , for Karen Madsen , - I X ' , 'A - V Linda M8dSCI'l Eb V . hee Magsig I 9 Eff' 'iii' ' ' ' B Elsie Palmer 0 B A . 5 Harold Partello Y 4 I, A . i ' I 7 .If - Ruth Petersen v H W ,if " wr. , I L KQAV V , ,, . LJ, 1 r N ' L' A 'ha' x , y W- K - k K S . Robert Sanders V I d S h d ,I ' A . A I ,, " Y B Q' B 2 aim 1 'B-if W .V 1 ' fs' M '.g,.fu,r4: 'if Mitchell Thompson V it ' ' Billy Trowbridge ' " Sandra Warren ' M , i. -f .1 ' .:"iiff'-- ' V A .2 f f- 1552-fy wtf.. -w--o , Tommy Brock Charles Bradley Brenda Burd Bernie Boughner Charlotte Baker Sandra Cott Beverly Cazel Edward Chrisman Jean Ann Dixon Tom Eldridge Earl Evans Richard Farrand Barbara Gunther Shirley Harlukowicz Mary Lee Hillman Sandra Hodgins Bunny Knight Virginia Kucharek Don La Fale Camilla Lash Richard McVannel Patricia Mosher Irene Smolarz Rheta Smith Larry Simpson Ronnie Shepherd Barry Seymour Tom Schreur James Ralston Mary Proctor Rebecca Porta Carol Perraska Sandra Myers Francis Soderquist Susan Somerville Larry Stockline Beverly Thompson Tom Tapio John Traylor Russell Van Gilder Frances Welling James Wilkie Douglas Wiswary David Wohlfeil Terry Andrus Bernard Atkins Joanne Brown R Via., - . o -6' 5, 0 L 4s', A ri S . - B .lt 1 . , Q -v I X ' Sli P I is lk . . Lx 3 iw- ll-Sf B et -1'-f I P . by " I K ' Q 'P 1 .. ' ,, ' Q . :L ' -v - -f"'. 67 .31 s. 'L 'fs K rs F l ff-1' in ' L el x..-I -1, , A B H K Q . 14 " F Y - I ' 4 use ' -- , q, 5, C? :icy si-Q Q ,gg " 1, ' 1 ' 'K ,144 I 3 ,, t "Y" is Q 'A ik" xfvxl ' its n ' ,Univ 4 'l t 'fi' ..-X A , ' ,G A-w , K.: f..l'fl!' - S-'P' ,. B-' - . .1 -. 'M N F . t s f I -'XX A V 'Y I ,. , 5, Qi kN..,f png. ' h U . I ya - - , L .y B - -f F - F e-matt -2 - G i , if 4, ' .rf Q s'll if .i l " ie' ' F Q . P ' A K. V K 5 uf , V, Q r .xx A ., .'J., '-9' ., , -s.. . , ga y P L : M Ag .I . ky l W - ,gk . Eu ,G N 1 ' sf? " Xi get P 4 2 W.. ii' ,ul - f y . . A f . V Y-wwf, gusty' M s s l t t L S if-B W i ' of 'f-it f Lawrence Bergey Robert Bebb Darlene Barber Sandra Crank Patsy Dawson John Denholm Jack Fults Martin Gilmore Betsy Gocha Beverly l-lysell Richard lrland Dorothy Koronka Melanie Martin Diane McBride Sharon McVannel Mickey Slagle Leonard Sitkiewicz Sara Sisson Ruth Ryan Felix Renkiewicz Keith Reid Tommy Payton John Ostrander ' Donna Nickerson Frank Sullivan Douglas Styles Ronald Taylor james Vinecki Janet Watkins Diana Washburn Bonnie Wolf Ruth Wolf Patricia Yetter v "s 6 ,G A . ,. "Pnl lv 4 """ ,T ,l J .W sr" . in kts ,f u , N ' 1 mid kv. Ronnie Andrus Nancy Annison Jimmie Arnold Mary Ellen Baker Richard Bottomley Mary Ann Bresser Eileen Brittain Kenneth Brown Holly Campbell Charles Carlyle Billy Cunningham Carol Daugherty Dee Mee Dixon Mary Louise Edwards Dennis Flewelling Merry Lu Fritz Larry Girardin Jamie Guggisberg Mary Jane Guggisberg Loren Harper Alice Hart Eunice Harvey Nancy Heiler Charles Howe Rosalie Janik Bernard Jozwiak Betty Kauffman Henry Krasiejko Ray Kucharek Gaye La Fave Ngaire Lee Scott Lewis Mike Morey Kenneth Norris Shirley Portello Thomas Patterson Dale Powers Charles Raab Felicia Renkiewicz Gloria Respecki Mike Sammet Faye Shepard Richard Sitkiewicz Marcia Slagel Albert Smolarz Lorne Soper Art Tebo John Traylor Robert Traylor Linda Vaern James Vinecki Linda Weaver Ralph Wilkie Bonnie Wing Robert Zook Civ iff A .fi l"'s ' N xx as v iv ' t R.: in N iv J -Q L v- fs-5 gy. . sl .M 1 ' W x " .4 . ,V f ' 1 .L 'ttf an v A"'.,'-vs I 'nv ' R if J ass, ' A if, -, if .3 11' -- - - s ... u YQ I 1: ,rf ' te .. I W A 'n ' Elaine Anderson -.. - 4 X ly ' a Robert Bankov V V , is ' x W AQ. Edwardine Bebb x D 'L S ' N. J 49 '7. James Beebe fx h Thomas Beebe " V' V 2 Carol Ann Bentz L Writ - ' -N l .- . 2. Jane Bergey V ' Q' V J Russell Bresser L ' 'XV ., , Phillip Brown ' 7 U il kk A A Richard Carlson . 'i Q ' , E ' " A Lane Charnes 'L , ' .V ' V Lynn Charnes ...P if Margerite Chrisman at ' 1, Charles Durr - "l . :J , Sharon Edwards Judith Ellis Q ' ' ' Ronnalee Engle 1 Niona Evans W . ,W qv' 9 ,,. 1 ' M "5 '45 , James Fairgrieve N '. Craig Galvin " w I ' l I , william Glasser 6 , V ,N Donald Hanton , will - Linnell Hayes R ., , Pamela Hayes E 'ff C f ' ' ' 'Nl W3 ef 3 -- V 5 l 4 1 'S e ' n. Elizabeth Hitchcock ff - Bonnie House ln' 'Us 3 John Jenkins Ronald Jenkins Patricia Jurek Kathleen Knott Wayne Kreger Sandra Kriener Leslie Libke Clifton Lyon Charles Martin Hugh Mason Thomas Measell Thomas Merry Sally Myers Robert Nipper Halene Ostrander Martha Pray Eileen Ralston Hubert Ryan Hugh Ryan Patrick Sammet Jerry Sanders Marylu Sehl Linda Sewell Lawrence Iler ' Raymond Irland , , J- 1 1, 45 5' R s.. ..' - P. ' M 5 V J PJ 4 Wh I fn 2 . - y , uf A T ' VF f A W - C " 'n M' 'J las,-,. 'J ,. 'N - V4.0 -. W .5 'U , - if f li'l ii ,i" - ll ' "'. TNF: 1 "Kim '-,' ' D Duane Seymour Sandra Slagle Ronald Snell James Stone Susan Tapio Betty Lou Taskey Susan Traylor Janet Tripp Kenneth Warner Judy Watkins Glen Weber Jean Welling Carol Yetter Marjorie Ames Nancy Anderson Wendell Atkins Clyde Bolin Gail Brandenburg Susan Brown Glenn Catt Sue Coultes Dale Crank Athol Evans Catherine Evans Danny Fahler Jannette Fox Bobby Fritz Lynn Fritz 'A . ,4 - -X' is '-U ri: fl VV in L qt: 1 i' Ig t V .. -J' ' K., 0 - I ,, it S , . 4 , ...JH 4 C' . S I - I-1 ' 1- Jug 'N X '-' b ' Q: jf! r . 1 V. sy H. vb' nr- ,r P .rl ' V -rlfifltlhs-554 I X . M hm ' ' ' X' 'x - yn ' 4 1 W l V 6 A - - si' 9 L , , M A I f qvrlxfik "1 ,. . at ' 1 HV., ' "- f I is .- 1 it , f iff :fly ,J A 1 , A , . .K-J' ' 'X C 'T .rf "' D-, -25 A ' 'Q , 1 5, 'Q' W Wy Q TY!! fi X W, my , h .iv ' V-rv' , W , . , " V-J' ' - if 11145: 'W ah, , .4-f - N N u.. lar., s. Michael Smith Roger Smith Betty Traylor Helen Traylor David Washburn Larry Washburn Linda Widrig Sandra Wohlfeil Robert Aumiller Bemadine Bocook Charles Butcher 'Judy Calkins Wayne Dodge Joyce Eldridge Linda Flewelling Robert Fountain Mary Jane Galbraith Patty Gann ,bww .. J 1 JE .X a . L :N , . .51 . N'-,f 'i ' 4-rg.-gy .- mf lm-of '- Q .i. l K . ftasfg uv" X .3 - . K . 'of the lla ' 1 PM - r '. 1, ' '51?g:'? ve ,' A Tommy Giffin Paul Girardin Norman Glasser Philip Gunther Dorothy Hale Penny Hoogerhyde Phyllis House Beth Jehle Thomas Johnston Susan Jurek Harry Lyon Elizabeth Mason Billy McBride Marilyn McMullen Billy Merry Evelyn Montgomery Jimmy Moorhead Betty Lou Myers Linda Myers Robert Nickerson John Owens Pat Patterson Ioan Peckham Patti Pomarzynski David Porta Bobby Putman Delores Ralston Mary Ralston Dennis Roberts Carolyn Rowley Carolyn Scheffler Jimmy Schlang Roberta Sewell Pamela Seymoure Gail Shepherd Charles Simpson Karen Slagle l Jean Slivinski Judy Snell Janet Storing Edward Taylor Joe Tebo B Bruce Werts Jack .Wheeler Ro Widget College Wolf Thomas Yuill um 1 uz -we ,, fl '1':,, dSli'- 1' 45" ' " sw" 4 'N'- 4 W J -el, P I , s' J' 'Y , NJ 'lf .1 "f x P W y - ' 4 ., ,,, , ..,,. ,I . f. . , ,. " U 'Ui,..l - S H '. mr I wasn- ., -vel' NL xt . 4 l ,lull . N V1 'MQ . '4 l - . 4 rr ffl K " I 'lT7Y11l5' Q- ' 5 ' P ' ,,, P 'M 1 f '-, , ' V , ' . E W W ' v iw ill' L ' f lk.. .am XJ A-4 X. I v :tgp , 4 ins s NOT PICTURED: Linda Farrand 6141! 6 ...J 1' 5 John Allen Elsa Andrews Sandra Andrews Joyce Atkins Ronald Aumiller Joan Barstow Richard Bergey Jean Boughner Iris Boughner Linda Bresser Linda Brown Sharon Brown Arthur Burger Maxine Bush Larry Campbell Mary Carlyle Virginia Charnes Richard Chrisman Michele Coultes Nancy Denholm Pamela Dougherty Thad Edwards Jerry Fairgrieve Carol Fisher Raymond Gilmore Ronald Gilmore Dennis Grunewald Gloria Kauffman Charles Kreiner Judy Lamb Carol Sue Lancaster Barbara Jane Lindke ' ,brit '4""24Qp1 V41 Lf we . l 0- L J I r K' , illl te, A N E "!' 4 6- .vw an I xii- ,X A Y gf i I ' n I lr , s-QI A . V W E J G , -E' 1 " sm-:-.--,ss:sss?'f'tl ' Lx A-:D . P ga. sr, . . ' 'fa 1 ' fs 1 , ,t N I. 'Qs' I J 1 Q is lu ? . H- .L , I Z' sg,- N. a if as 'J . ' M , 1 1 J .fl J Ja" 'M' Y in B ' , , - s A - , A P-x six dh x 6 R! I - . ' 4' 0- I ,, "dx L. 4... V ..,'4f v- f' , .. X 'E 0 Y-r . . 6. 'cn ' Q A 'e'..!!" '5-' Y' rv ,V ukkkr H L ski 4 V . H. ' WS 4. t' C- 'N' was Q N. Al at Charles Lindsley Carlene McCourt Robert Moorhead Elmore Parmer Ruth Porta Kandise Merry James Miles Wesley Olds Elizabeth Pray Kenneth Measell Keith McVanne1 Susan Noirot Donna Payton Sandra Powers Jeffery McCarthy Francis Montgomery Bobby Olund Diane Prusakiewicz if an 's ',,,f 'HKS ,,,f-0' G J vp Ar , sf ""' ri . . i , ,.l'1. Donald Putman Craig Roberts Gene Sanders Mary Schreur if - ,Qp S ' V. A " craig Seidell X -75' 1' X kv? Russel Sewell , A . A - Connie Sides AK Steena Sisson 6 is A, y if ' I ff vaiarie sneu A 'J an -eq Jean Taskey J s I ' J ., A Richard Thaler ' , . 07:32 Janet Tra 1 Qfwwle sg. -. ,- 'A Phyllis Traylor -kv .9 ' -b ?' " Rachael Tripp " X I , Sandra Waldie 3 L i Dianne Warner .... 4 1- Marva Warren 'V .1 C- Janet Washburn , p Elizabeth Wilkie 'At ' ' James Williams , . Hs! 'AA ' "' ' -4 S - - 4' ' 'dj ., ,, I ,,, ' . tx Y A ,vs Xq Vg . K Xsuk v V. ,- A 2 " ' J v' K 'NL George Acker James Allen Stephen Andrews Maureen Baur Jack Alexander Stephen Ames Daphne Barstow Dorrs Bocook Catherine Bolen Diana Brown Joan Bruder Beverly Coultes Jimmy Bond Pamela Brown Donna Burger Kenneth Czarkowskr '-6 -dv X . . ui X 'C' in . wr' .Q fn.. .f, 1 . Q: 154 'il "" I1 t In -. Q Y V 5 L. L. qs " -0 'ffl than Q' L A, Q " 'C-" A x ,, " J 1' A " A , n ' " ....- L- . , . ,,.- ...Q 6- .I ' -,N il ,L Q 'C' 1 ' v - 4. O QP L . ' 'Le x., J - -f il '. 1 J' - ?" . 1. M41 . if . 1-,J gat. Y Il '9- ,,. aw v so , fx' Q ig 0 Y Pamela Davis Dennis Dickerson Tommy Dixon Susan Edwards Tommy Enders Diane Engmark Joy Fisher Carrie Flynn Valerie Fox Norman Fullmer Helen Gapinski Michael Grein NOT PICTURED: Annie Brooks Judy Damer Julie Dreffs Cynthia Grusczynski Cynthia Hercules Janet Myers Eugene Hart Helen Pr t Carla Hird oc gr I X ,L uv os Barbara Hitchock Janet Prusakiewicz if HCL: Scott Huffman Mall' Svoke ,A I ' Y , - ' Wi 1 sb N I .. LR Fred Jehle 1 ' Michael Kowaleski A' . Carolyn Sue Kozlowski ff 1- F' 5 Karen Kucharek "sixth: "- Judy Latuszek m J James Martin , ' 44 Sarah Mason -Q 'B 1 Judy Montgomery I 5 J F iiil Lois Montgomery X-ff' 'sl , Loretta Morris . .wx A. Q ,a , 'Lin . ' ' ' -1i Linda Moyes Jack Noirot Virgil Norris Gregory Nowak L J Diane Owen 'V J, 'kim V 'Q Michael Pomarzywski Richard Putman '1 Carol Ann Ralston f Freddy Schreur , Teddy Schroeder Lynne Seidell Charles Sewell J - m Diane Shepard Judy Simpson ' H Robert Smilowski John Swantek Robert Taskey Joan Traylor Joseph Traylor Susan waldie Russel Watkins X Deborah Wheller Kim Widrig 2 M Rebecca Wilber T 1 " Thomas Zamoyski I in .sf 0 H ag 9 J 2 ' F- " J J wr' 5 Q1 ' A X Q ma Woodman' - N01 W: h Raab, Sponsot or SECOND Xvigck . NU- Hug dsen, SVODS .President ROW- M8 A i. FWST met. Mrs. Hsxesiidentp Mike Hee 'peas . vice, re Bm Coon' LaYY' Sade Skyalk. X .,f .1 . - Ferdinand Choss, Presi- Lendzion, Treasurer. Thom Son FIRST ROW: Charlene SECOND Row: Duane p . dent? Mrs. Ruth Meadihifjogflzson John Dixon, Vice-President. secretary: MF- Bob W FIRST ROW: Sharon Stockline, Treasurerg Mr, John Kos- chara, Sponsori Jeanne McBride, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Mosher, Vice-Presidentg Mr, George Acker, Sponsorg Larry Warner, President, Haw Uffdaew and S awww vi FIRST ROW- M . Son' secretgrylarygggglillgtt, Treasurer: Mrs. Karslake Spons rence Givens, Sponsor' J hROW: Jim Glasser, Vice-PresidCnt?fIL:atLHarri ' . I , aw- o n Bresananan Presrdem Q, 5-v xc' ag , 1 "fp li 1 fad den de Shclfefz Wicked Fi J w " ws' 3-.15 A- ' si r Wf . .-.. -fv AG? XE' -X I v A . , I+. '.i ,v if X D 'I X , 4 .- 'x f ,1 ' .lf , - 3' 5, 8 x an 3 .XX M ki w,.,,o " v'.f 1' :"i"v ,. 4 , 'f.'5fIF"' . - 'SW K ' :J ' L un' i f QSMEEE. 4 A N 1 424,-1 4 www iq-N A ' Lv ' 'f xi V W Y 4 W., ff fi ' V r I f , Q o ' CL o p 62 00 .a f' , LsT'j N0 0 E QI 0 . ' ' iv O . FIX ", ,900 C,Lm55 Nur 3 ' f QQ ' fr 282 ' .' - G21 8687 Dr4-35,01 Y .h t. .Q Q X' 'la . - . ' Q X E I Q? '- ' - S - ' -71 '. X '19 J A' Xx W LP W N XF 5 f M051 BASHFUL L ,, " V! I Q ' f , E, W-HM M U+ ' M' 'W -. ' x 1 AAL 0 0 ?f9,!?,1 K . . gi . 0 aa. N: MRM H OI o X SJ? pt r ALL .-0 K :O JN' ii K . " . X' N l X g DLX Q 1 X ff MW 1 vmmwenmyzf X W ' Hug' X 5 X ::3:Wi.2:., M Ferl 'W 2 ' ' M039 Lilrcly I l re- ,V :' fo Ssvcqggd WM , D ' MW N F3151 Wohth Hnwiay, 5 ,L ! J K' E. 'QTL as-L T R 1' '- 'rs xc? E' Wx ' K' f X Amgxw x I f 'x X ' B 1 L WW I n 31 Q 'fr Q .aa ' JOLLIEST 1 'W 776446 , ...- APPL5 POU.She, . I X X mosr Mwsmc, Ben Dangers Jessie Reed Shirley Hart Sharon Bottomley Dum M4732 George Butcher I BAND MEMBERS, NOT AS PICTURED: John Kammeyer, William Hallenius, Henry Washburn, Sharon Tebo, Anna Widrig, George Fraser, Jack Fraser, Beverly Noirot, Amy Davis, Jean McBride, John Dixon, Karen Johnson, Mary Ryan, Judy Norton, Sue Fox, Sharon Wright, Eleanor Clark, Donna Fox, Marilyn Sowle, Katie Norris, Don Respecki, Bonnie Snepp, Bob Yuill, Joan Bradley, Tom Nelson, Dick Blashill, Beverly Sutter, Rose Mary Thomas, Lucy Ann Laur, Mike Freel, Richard Bresser, David Raab, Steve Moore, Nancy Warner, and Roberta Warner, Drum Major, George Butcherg.Majorettes, Shirley Hart, Jessie Reed, and Sharon Bottomley. We FIRST ROW: Ferdinand Choss, Eileen Lindsteadt, Sharon Hale, Phyllis Book, Judy Prebble, Shirley Zang, Anna Widrig, Diane Lockwood, Mary Jane Hammond, SECOND ROW: Susie Nipper, Pat Vinecki, Sue Fox, John Kammeyer, Ion Strolle, Dorothy Coultes, Geniveve Mumich, Philip Long, Director. THIRD ROW: Jean Watkins, Janet Waldie, Arlene Hart, Joan Marble, Penny Steele, Erma Pettifor, Judith Doyan, Ruth Zang, I FIRST ROW.: Trudy Campbell, Marilyn Soper, Bill Gray, Bonnie Pidgeon, Irland, Katherine Norris, Margaret Hallenius, Susie Wright, Ruth Butcher, ROW: Eugene House, Rosemary Thomas, Judy Szymansk, Sandra Warren, Larry'Engmark, Hugh Campbell, Fred Moore, Linda Giffin, THIRD ROW Glidden, Gary Somerville, Philip Long, Director. 38 Ferne Vaern, Judith Ann Alvin Joswiak. SECOND Ross Dodge, Bill Knight, Hugh Taylor, Harry Af we " wk, ,. v IJ-'V' H1 ' J-Q ,411 FIRST ROW: Mrs, Norrene Dreffs, Sponsor, Jeanne Magsig, Ida Fleming, Vice-President: Beverly Roberts President: Barbara Butcher, Secretary and Treasurer: Penny Steele, SECOND ROW: Maureen McMullen, Shirley Drake, Peggy Hallenius, Jessie Reed, Ruth Irish, Jeanne McBride, Janet McNett. THIRD ROW: Vivian Fulrs, Carrie Whitney, Barbara Kelso, Beverly Sutter, Romona Evans, Charlene Lendzion, eh V 'fi v 'L FIRST ROW: Mrs, Elayne Skitka, Sponsor: Eileen Cunningham, Jackie Charnes, Barbara Wohlfeil, Beverly Sutter, Anna Widrig, Charlene Lendzion, Judy Norton, Barbara Barber, Beverly Noirot, Janet McNett, SECOND ROW: Sue Fox, Gail White, Jane Petersen, Kay Ferris, Jessie Reed, Joyce Shiels, Treasurer: Norma Woodman, Toni Audrain, Peggy Hallenius, Donna Fox, Bettie Wilson, THIRD ROW: Anne Wood- hams, Delores Bolin, Barbara Butcher, Rita McCauley, Sharon Stockline, Pat Freel, Barbara Trowbridge, Jeanne McBride, Penny Steele, Jane Woodhams, Sharon Tebo, Maureen McMullen, FOURTH ROW: Perci Willard, Joan Wohlfeil, Donna Couch, Secretary: Beverly Roberts, Vice-President: Janet Waldie, Sandy Chames, Margie House, Amy Davis, Phyllis Pecraska, President: Pat Harrison, Sharon Bottomley, Marylu Elliott, 40 B FIRST ROW: Jeanne Magsig, Janice Wohlfeil, Joan Wohlfeil, Secretary, Ferdinand Choss, Anna Widrig Charlene Lendzion, Vivian Fults, SECOND ROW: Mr, Henry Smith, Sponsor, Duane Thompson, Bob Yuill, President, Jon Strolle, John Bresnahan, Mike Freel, David Raab, THIRD ROW: Delores Bolin, George Butcher, Lyle Metzer, Larry Warner, Herb VanGi1der, Vice-President, Joan Marble, Sharon Bottomley, Treasurerg Brooks Madsen, Karen Wohlfeil, Sewdoe palm! FIRST ROW: Peter Burd, Larry Sehl, Lee Magsig, Harold Partello, Bill Knight, Augustus House. SECOND ROW: Mike Ray, Larry Doyen, John Johnston, Fred Moore, David Dresback, THIRD ROW: Larry Lindke, James Boughner, Gary Somerville, Biff Audrain, Mitchell Thompson, Dan Hanton, Harry Glidden, Sponsor, Mr, Snell. 41 SEPTEMBER 7754 - 7755 13 20 24 R I if j 30 33,4 ocToB1-3 k , rw 1 JA 'H 6 8 - 9 -.f zo 'Q 4 15 N zz 29 NOVEMBER 5 12 16 l9 20 24 25 30 DECEMBER 7 10 13 14 17 23 28 JANUARY 3 7 14 15 18 19 21 28 29 School Starts FIRST FOOTBALL GAME Grayling at Gaylord. Won 6-0. Dental Assembly Pellston at Gaylord. Lost 12-20. This game was later forfeited. Teacher's Institute Teacher's Institute Gaylord at Charlevoix. Lost 12-19. Puppet Assembly Gaylord at Cheboygan. Won 31-19. Michigan Band Day at Ann Arbor. Gaylord at Boyne City. Lost 6-18. Journalism Day at Michigan State College. East Jordan at Gaylord. Lost 6-18. Mancelona at Gaylord. Won 20-6. Gaylord at Harbor Springs. Won 25-19. Football Frolic in the Activity Room in honor of the Football team. Bear Archery Assembly Senior Play - The Perfect Idiot Senior Play - The Perfect Idiot Thanksgiving Assembly School out for Thanksgiving vacation. FIRST BASKETBALL GAME Gaylord at Cheboygan. Won 46-44. Wimpy Assembly Pellston at Gaylord. Lost 41-49. Student Council Day at Charlevoix Gaylord at Boyne City. Lost 43-48. Christmas Band Concert Gaylord at Grayling. Won 62-59. Mancelona at Gaylord. Won 63-56. School Christmas Party, Christmas Vacation Senior Prom-"White Christmas," in the gym. Christmas vacation over. Gaylord at East Jordan. Lost 54-72. Charlevoix at Gaylord. Lost 55-61. Skating party at the Roller Rink sponsored by the Eighth Grade. Gaylord at Harbor Springs. Won 59-56. Freshman-Sophomore basketball game. Freshmen won 36-34. Gaylord at Pellston. Lost 54-48. Boyne City at Gaylord. Lost 64-57. Freshman skating party at the Roller Rink. J .... . FEBRUARY 8 Grayling at Gaylord. We lost 41-57. ll East Jordan at Gaylord. We lost 52-61. 15 Cheboygan at Gaylord. We won 64-56. 16 Junior High Tourney at Harbor Springs. 18 Gaylord at Charlevoix. We lost 54-67. 19 Cupid's Ball in the Activity Room sponsored by the Freshman. 25 Harbor Springs at Gaylord. We won 63-62. 26 Basketball Bounce in the Activity Room. MARCH 1 District Tournament at Gaylord. We won 62-36. 2 District Tournament at Gaylord. 3 District Tournament at Gaylord. 4 District Tournament at Gaylord. 5 District Tournament at Gaylord. 24 Bell Ringer Assembly. 25 Junior Play---Finders Creepers. 26 Junior Play---Finders Creepers. 29 Seniors visit the State Legislature. APRIL 1 PTA Square Dance for the students. Cavelerei Assembly. 6 Sophomore Ring Show 7 Easter Vacation .... No school. 8 Easter Vacation gg... 11 Easter Vacation 14 Donkey basketball game sponsored bythe Varsity - A Club. 22 Vocal solo and ensemble at Gaylord. MAY 12 :Z Senior Trip to Washington. 15 30 Memorial Day. . . School's out. 31 Senior Banquet. JUNE l Class Night - 3 School Picnic and SCHOOL'S OUT FOR .7 ' SUMMER VACATION. , 'bv 1- ""f" - 5 Baccalaureate ' 6 Commencement 5 ' if . g -M -."- 4 "Wg 1 ix " , l Q 4 f af f V" 'y X , r 2 . pm 2 f wi .1 5 7. , X5 I E 44? I - -za 4 - H' ' ' '- r76J3'.f f G7 Y? 4 X, ,Eg f.- , . gg i V f ll' " i i X , I . . m Al 4- ',-u.4.-nu 7. WA 4 FIRST ROW: Mary Hammond, Janet McNett, Q Sklark, Jane Shepherd, Beverly Noirot, Pearl Hammond, SECOND ROW: Mrs, Mad- sen, Sponsor, Janet Waldie, Penny Steele, JoAnn Cassidy, Vice-Presidentg Donna Wilkie, Shirley Hart, Rita McCauley, Pat Vinecki, THIRD ROW: Sharon Burd, Barbara Kelso, Treasurerg Ida Fleming, Presidentg Delores Bolin, Sharon Tebo, Arlene Hart, Secretary, Sandy Chames, Karen Johnson, Beth Porta, Judy Wolf, Carolyn Darrow, Delores Y' 7.14 'uv' X FIRST ROW: Gary Brandenburg, Treasurerg Cash Sutherland, Redford Sanders, George s Magsig, Secretaryg Eddie Estelle, Reporter, Bob Brooks, Ted Vinecki, Chuck Freeman, SECOND ROW: Mr, Knight, Sponsor, Larry Ostrander, James Wolf, Bill Morey, Ray Wilkie, Jim Powers, Ronald Powers, Dick Widger, Vice-President. THIRD ROW: Larry Polus, John Kelso, President, Donald Wolf, Ron Barber, Benny Buckler, Roger Burd, Duane Thompson, Sentinentalg Louis Skelton, 44 E me 7' lu il! Tv ROW 11 Mr, Karslake, Sponsor, Janet McNett, Barbara Kelso, Joyce Brown, Sandy Charnes, Margie House, Dorothy Figiel, Beverly Roberts, Phyllis Petraska. ROW 2: Joyce Shiels, Hugh Woodhams, Larry Fahler, Gilbert Middleditch, Bob Howe, Ray Wohlfeil, Bill Coon. ROW 3: Jane Woodhams, Jane Petersen, Lyle Metzger, Bill Crank, Norma Woodman, John Kelso, Eddie Estelle, Herb VanGilder, Anne Woodhams, Ivy Eldridge. JF' an , l J 1 A Q, y -Q- R tsl jf! 'lm 'eff -. ' , .Lf J4- lun li? 2 -,Z , f4 , O ' Q f-RL 11 ? if u. S if rf l I' WW llniirlllm xg if J ' i ,J -. B .J I, f 4 tl ' ,.,, ' ,q,-..,,,,,,J is 1 I y N - V 45 14: we -- 'SHE Wafwitq Pat Harrison Phyllis Petraska Barbara Butcher Bettie Wilson :daze eczciew FIRST ROW: Sponsor, Miss Mary Flemingg Sandra Charnesg Vice -President, Barbara Butcher, Secretary, Sue Foxg Sue Nipper, Mrs, Mygrants, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Vivian Fults, Pat Harrison, Presidentg Barbara Kelso, Sharon Burd, Jane Shephard. alone Zuma FIRST ROW: Charlene Lendzion, Janet Waldie, Vice-Presidentg Sharon Wright, Jane Woodhams, Maureen McMullen, Sharon Bottomley, Secre- tary. SECOND ROW: Barbara Trowbridge, Ruth Irish, Joyce Shiels, Pres- ident: Shirley Drake, Pat Vinecki. THIRD ROW: Pearl Hammond, Chris tina Whimey, Carrie Whitney, Mary Jane Brown, Mary Jane Hammond, Not Pictured: Beth Porta, 2944121 65416 S 51' -.I STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr, Karslake, Sponsorg Bertie Wilson, Ron Barber, Vice- Prcsidentg Sharon Wright, Secretaryg Jack Fraser, Bill Elliott, Bob Yuill, Presidentg Jackie Cliarnes, Joan Wohlfeil, 'B FIRST ROW: Lynn Meade, Jim Glasser, Vice-President, Ray Wohlfeil, Herb VanGilder, John Bres- nahan, Dick Sklark, Secretary and Treasurerg Lonnie Campbell, SECOND ROW: Mr, Wallis, Spon sorg Bill Coon, Bob Yuill, Mike Freel, Presidentg Dick Blashill, Mike McKil1op, Terry Gocha, Mr, Skitka, Sponsor, 4 8 mi ill R SCHEDULE 1954 Gaylord 6 Grayling 0 'l'Ga.y1ord 9 Pellston 0 Gaylord 13 Charlevoix 19 'H'Gay1ord 31 Cheboygan 19 y Gaylord 6 Boyne City 18 Gaylord 6 East Jordan 18 Gaylord 18 Mancelona 6 Gilbert 6 Gaylord 25 Harbor Springs 19 Middleditch .Ge01'Se Total 114 55 LE Middleditch RE '9""Non-Conference game Five Wins '9'Won by forfeit Three losses Member Northern Michigan CLASS "C" CONFERENCE Dick Jon Widger Coultes RT LT 7-'rd Nrf nfl Herb Hugh . f VanGi1der Woodhams RG LG lf' z A I' ml' Ray i- A' Wohlfeil CENTER Larry Dick Mike Fahler Tibbitts McKil1op LT LT LE I X ' 4"-7. . 3 ' Aff: gs . 4 Dale Tolman Redford Sanders SA FE TY RH M ike Freel QB STANDING: L. Meade, Coach Skitka, I. Jenkins, E. Wohlfeil, R. Wohlfiel, D. Widget, B. Howe, D. Tibbits, J. Coultes, G. Middleditch, L. Fahler, T. Gocha, G. Styles, R. Burd, H. Woodhams, Coach Wallis. SEATED: H. VanGilder, J. Bresnahan, J. Glasser, D. Tolman, M. McKi1lop, D. Sklark, G. Middleditch, M. Freel, B. Coon, R. Sanders, D. Middleditch, B. Warner. ., I -- l l r J 1 i Jim Glasser 1 Bill C0011 LH Dick Sklark RH FB . , , xv-...-,. Yfafwctq x- 5 , W Ass't Coach Bob Wallis, Bill Coon, ner, Head Coach Paul Skitka,' Mike McKillop, Dick Blashill, John Bresnahan, Terry Gocha, Bob War- Dale Middleditch, Herb VanG1lder Dale Tolman, Dick Sklark, Bob W Middleditch. field, Paul Zeigler, Student Manager, Art Finston. NOT PICTURED: George ,y - ake 5 Q Q , - 4 4 1 V 0, - fl afwdcy 'fr'- ROW 1: Ronald Mosher, Dick Bresser, Dick Charnes, Lonnie Campbell, Jim Jenkins, Terry Couch, Tom Nelson, Bob Le e, Duane Jenkins, Russel Coulter. ROW 2: Coach Bob Wallis, Duane Thompson, Gregg Styles, Harry Wolf, Darwin Mason, Larry Ostrander, Keith Riddle, Jerry Peuaskag Student Manager, Art Finston, Coach Paul Skitka. Mike McK11lop Drck Blashill Terry Gocha Paul Ziegler G Dale Gaylord Gaylord Cheboygan Gaylord PBIISIOII Gaylord Boyne City Gaylord Grayling Gaylord Schedule Mancelona Gaylord 1954-1955 East Jordan Gaylord Charlevoix Gaylord Harbor Springs Gaylord Pellston Gaylord Boyne City Gaylord Mancelona Gaylord Grayling Gaylord East Jordan Gaylord Cheboygan John Gaylord Charlevoix Bresnahan Harbor Springs F CLASS "C" Tournaments Gaylord 62 Kalkaska Gaylord 44 Grayling Middleditch Herb VanGi1der Gaylord Season Total Opponents- - - Season Total 1011 Won 7---Lost 11 Dale Member of Norlhem Tolman Michigan Class "C" G Conference Bin C0011 if,..f5f'5 we? ,-V Q,-0-Q.: FIRST ROW: Darwin Mason, Jim Marble, Keith Riddle, Larry Warner, Ernie Wolf, Jerry Petraska, llnrry Wolf, SECOND ROW: Coach Raab, Ralph Gunther, Doug Bottomley, Bob Brooks, Jim Powers, Jon Strole, Terry Gouch, Bob Lee, and Duane Jenkins, 'mm FIRST ROW: George Magsig, Perci Willard, Mrs. Meade, Sponsorg Pat Freel, Eddie Estelle, SECOND ROW: Jim Glasser, Lynn Meade, Mike Freel, Hugh Woodhams, and Larry Warner, NOT PICTURED: Jerry Glasser. 54 64441 96 Wcmafizfq Y' FIRST ROW: Bob Yuill, Dick Blashill, Mike Freel, Terry Gocha, SECOND ROW: Bill Coon, Mr. Smith, Sponsor, Bill Crank. +A Y-PF" FIRST ROW: Mrs, Elayne Skitka, Coachg Marlene Shephard, Judy Norton, Mary Ryan, Pat Harrison, Marylu Elliott, Charlene Lendzion, Janet McNett, Pearl Hammond, SECOND ROW: Barbara But- cher, Phyllis Petraska, Joan Marble, Rita McCauley, Janet McNett, Sharon Bottomley, Sharon Tebo Manager. THIRD ROW: Jeanne McBride, Sharon Stockline, Pat Freel, Toni Audrain, Jessie Reed, Sue Fox, Donna Fox, Jane Woodhams, 55 'Q FIRST ROW: George Middleditch, Jim Glasser, Louis Skeleton, Ray Wohlfell Gilbert Middleditch. SECOND ROW: Jim Marble, Bob Warner, Doug Bottomley Bob Lee John Kelso, Harry Wolf, THIRD ROW: Ted Vinecki, Dale Middleditch Larry Fahler Don Spore, Dick Tibbitts, Terry Couch, and B0h,Howe, 4 I I E'l 4 FIRST ROW: Jim Glasser, Louis Skelton, Mike McKillop, Lonnie Campbell, Bill Crank, Charles Buell, Paul Zeigler, SECOND ROW: Ralph Gunther, Duane Jenkins, Darwin Mason, Roy Wolf, Herb VanGilder, Ron Mosher, THIRD ROW: Larry Wamer, Keith Riddle, Bill Coon, Dick Blashill, Hugh Woodhams, Lynn Meade, Dick Sklark, Sponsor, Mr. John Laskarides, not pictured, Q? f i 1 N l AW Compliments of KREINER'S STANDARD SERVICE Gasoline - Oil Lubrication Accessories Tires CAROL'S MODERN MOTELS Phone 4971 721 Otsego Ave. Gaylord, Michigan Cabins Mobilgas and Oils SCHLANG'S RESTAURANT Mr. and Mrs. Leo Schlang U. S. Highway Z7 Phone Gaylord 12081 Gaylord, Michigan 4 JOHN B. Yulu. gl Hurcums SAND AND GRAVEL ' is ' Co. Insurance Gayiord, Michigan Gaylord Michigan KARL STEARNS Speedway "79" Gasoline and Oils Lubrication Radiator Repair 403 S. Otsego Avenue THE DAIRY QUEEN Gaylord Michigan Gaylord Michigan Good Luck Best Wishes To Class of '55 BOB 81 STAN'S GULF SERVICE Phone 6771 JOHNSTON COOKIES 8' CRACKERS "The taste that thrills" 319 E. Huron Gaylord, Mich. JOHNSON OIL COMPANY Leonard Gasoline 8: Fuel oil POP 81 MOM'S STAR RESTAURANT AND SANDWICH SHOP North's Best ,M . .N . Phone 5901 Try Our Special Sandwiches Gaylord Michigan 502 South Otsego Compliments of the McCREADY 8- SONS DUNKJNN General Contractors where Quality and Quanity Phone 2541 meet Gaylord lu, Stop in and get Acquainted A 3 Home Baked Goods Michigan f.,,l'w0.f5 Gaylord Michigan Congratulations The tandard Product Company ,1 H. Nyglvwr-Mn Gaylord Michigan MERRY'S CIGAR STORE 81 RECREATION 320 West Main Gaylord, Michigan H. C. 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Main Gaylord Phone 3921 N for r 0 u AL'S DRUG STO Fountain Service Prescriptions Phone 2201 Gaylord, Michiga 3 I nm RE I1 .,w wx 9, X ' is ,LAY-Q.. ,, - """""?' .K G n, Qs Muff- 11+ ,. ARE' TR AC Y 'S 3525 Standard Senvice 2'5g3"' To each of you from each of us Best Wishes for Your Future 9 Glen Market 7-"4-4,,,, 0 .1 .fr I jf 1 Gaylord Michigan NORTHERN AUTO COMPANY '0 gwdwmn or GAYLORD 402 NIC C. ENDERS Home of Otsego County Abstract Co. WILSON'S LOG-O-TEL Gaylord, Michigan Mercury Ford Lincoln M1-:L-BROOK RESTAURANT Gaylord, Michigan A-1 LAKE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Gaylord, Michigan Used Cars Used Trucks WESTERN AUTO STORE Gaylord, Michigan GOCHA'S MODERN MOTEL Gaylord, Michigan ALEXANDER LUMBER COMPANY Gaylord, Michigan NOA'S MARKET Gaylord, Michigan SHOEMAKER J 8: J STORE Gaylord, Michigan GAY'S MARKET Gaylord, Michigan GAYLORD FLOWER SHOP Gaylord, Michigan LEO WOODHAMS Ferguson Tractors RAUTIO'S STANDARD SERVICE Gaylord, Michigan HARRISON ANGUS Otsego Lake COON 8: HIGGINS Gaylord, Michigan ...Z!?6a.., The last page, or so it seems, but I'll be seeing copy and layout, pictures and proof, for another month or so as I can't believe it's nearly finished, however, I will be richly rewarded in the years to come by the valuable experience I've gained. Just what does a yearbook mean to you--the students, my customer, and me, the Ed- itor? Probably two different things although they may overlap tremendously. To the stu- dent the yearbook covers in brief detail a story of the school year, as you lived it, with pictures capturing the feelings you had and expressed at the particular second the shutter clicked. All your friends, and the faculty, everyone with whom you came in contact during the year is recorded in this book, in black and white to help you recapture the wonderful days of your youth. To the Senior this will be the last publication they will ever possess to contain such a complete record of all your friends, the buddies you grew up with, altogether in one pub- lication. Never again will you have the chance to spend your time with the friends you've known since youth to share their anxieties, fears, loves, laughs, happiness, and tears to- gether. To the Junior, the year thus recorded passes through a very important period of your life when you are hopes and dreams and in the midst of laughter and gayiety. The Sophomores are just beginning to realize how important high school is and just what it means to you, and the beginning of your future hopes develop during this period thus recorded. The Freshmen have just crossed that threshold to all the treasures the years to come hold and the care-free fun they have had, enjoying every minute of their life. To all the underclassmen, the days recorded are happy days, which were shared with everyone in your school and even though there was homework you enjoyed doing it, dis- cussing it with your classmates and laughing over a common matter that you and your friends only understood. Last but not least, the Faculty. Seldom is it in our days at school do we realize just how much you mean to us. You have taken us at a tender age and helped us to be good citizens to love our country and to learn. The tolerance you have is unbelievable and your patience is over-whelming. No one, outside of our parents will ever treat us as kindly but firmly as you, or worry about our progress so much. Certainly, without you we would never have the hopes, plans and ideals we do now. My staff and I hope we have recorded a few of the many incidents that make you "so dear to our heart. " Now, to get to the lighter side. Fortunately I've been given this last page to do with as I've pleased but I still must give credit where it is due, and it certainly is. Much gratitude and thanks must be given to the ones who have helped and encouraged yours truly. Without the help of them I dread to think of the results. Jessie Reed my as- sistant and right leg more or less, created most of the layouts and she did a grand job. Perci Willard, contributed her skill so kindly and designed our different cover and the Mock Election page. Jackie Charnes was always near when I needed her and also did a lot of work. Bettie Wilson, the girl with the camera, did a great deal of the picture taking and certainly did manage that camera. Joe VanGilder and Dale Tolman sold the ads and really were helpful to me. Phyllis Petraska, the girl with all the money of this annual, kept the accounts straight and I certainly am grateful for her unfailing, dependable work. All the members of the Journalism class helped me in one way or the other, running down leads, trying to identify pictures and numerous other things. Surely without their aid, this would still be a mere dream. Last but not least, Mr. Smith my faithful friend, and the one who kept me going, I'll never be able to thank you enough for all your help and encouragement. The staff and yours truly hope you feel you have received your money's worth and really like our book, It is very original and different but we have done our best. ff' Sincerely, I ' Joan Wohlfeil Your Editor 5. HY' A EM ' 4 Q 1 v 1 4 - 4 y -rt lf', V 1 1 1 44 ,f xl s yx ,H 5 -ua: - , 4 rx '?f'-"I" v V I ,f., ,mil W CN ,,x, 1' X ."'.1+ - " 4. 1-,-'ni I . w 50 ',':s.gwmm, - 'L , L i I 1 mucous ' ,. 3. as T? - , .., F-fifhil , , ,Lu , Q cg- .,:. ' -Y.-,.., , ' ' .1 , V , W -. , , ., ,.-:: -,- H -gg :Q 0 1 . 1 AI -0 A6 nab' - AL... --I ' 1- . " " "' ' - "' "" " , - " ' 4 -5 H---W.-1 4 -..--n-- 'M n r , . , ,v- - . - .. . -. . ,. .. ,T . - --..r-: f ,- 'W .1 -- .H -.-:"..L" '."'-i,.. ' -" -.4i" ff' F U. V, fm.,-,, ,, , - -,.. 4 ,,.,, . . .V , .Q -mf ,, -.... 1- X A 1 '. .. , 1 . , Mia, '---f aff,-w ' - ' ' ' : . p - ,V -.-31:5 'H -. z -445 2-- ' f.'.:1- ', f It U Y.,-,,i, A. N . V YV. -,5,,q,. : :yy ,, , - Y - - M,-' -fm' -. ,pity v ,.,,t ,., ,H V, 'L' mai: r .n I w:: - 4 A v . ,- -, , - 4 , . -, M, - -, ,, A ,,, ,g--, - - Q 4 , L' ' -.' V, -21,-1. -..- if-V, -' 1

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