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S G nThe golden haze of student days Lingers round us yet,n for, uhhere is the heart that doth not keep, Within its inmost core Some fond remembrance hidden deep, Of days tnat are no more.n S G G Hs QX XX Z M ER W X A 4 S -:f 1 X A - 1 To dedicate is to honor. We, the Class of 1952, dedi- cate this "Mem-wa" to Mrs. B. F. Borcnert for her' untiring and unfailing efforts as a teacher and counselor during the t f u ears of high school To show our appreciation pas o'r y , . - fully is impossible, but we use this dedication as a means of expressing our gratitude. - s Q 7 Q ' ' , 0 I 9 l- 4 I. : x 4 ll 'I e A at I' 1 X mf 1 ' 1 x ,"'x 5-' 5.1 ll If I 'L Q ,- N, N." 1'- - Q: s.!'Zs2 N,-gfn..2 gjx-?s.! QJ s-f' VAN? , 5.1 ,Z gl , 5"x.x N..-xx..-X 8.2 Q.: S.. X.!-Z k"'s.r Xfsvsu-r S4 A-g.. ggfffv XL. ' N' uni X -2- 131 -53,--f-f" - A W nf f, V 151' f ,- Z- l 7? 1 V f - , MR. J. J. SP.I 5ZYv'?ZDE-R Superintendent RA., Carleton ELA., U, of Minnesxote. Social Studies MRS. JOHN RUNDBERG Secretary B.A., U. of Minnesot r w MR. R. SAETDHOLM Principal 'B.A., Macalester I-LA., U. of Minnesota Chemistry General Science ISS MYRTLE ANDERSON B,S. Gustavus Adolohus College Home Economics Physical Education G. A. A. Cheerleaders MR. ELMER ANDERSGN B,A,, Luther College, Decorah, Iowa American History World History Seventh Grade Math MRS. B. F. Borchert B.A., U. of Minnesota Sr. High English Library Dramatics f 4 ..,,w , V L -.,,,M,,,,, MR. FGBBBT NRLSGN B.S., St. Cloud Teachers College General Science General Business Jr, High History Physical Education Athletics f-na VTQ rfifmwv UPTT'F MR. ,J JJXJ-.k4.L4.L- .,.....A.:A:- ?.S., Rivers Falls State Teachers College, U. of Vinnesota, U. of Hiscons Jr, High English Elementary Music Lnristma: Play Wirector DELFZRT INGVALSON B,A., Luther College Sr Sr Jr Jr Jr Decorah, Iowa . Band . Choir . High History . Band , Chfiir MR. NORMAN SIMONDET B.A-. Luther College, Decorah, Iowa Mathematics Assistant Coach Drives Education MR. RICHARD OSTERGAARD B.S., St. Cloud Teachers College Commercial Subjects Salute Advisor MR. HAROLD PADELFORD B,S., Mankato State Teachers College Industrial Arts Seventh Grade Geography N 6 X Zia r X ffm? H 5 2 2511! Z 4 ' 'f . . 'al U i '21, ,X , X IV 0-fuyw .Q .ss Qi , 'W' mf xx ff, 'LX ,J N .x ' N Wig X Q xx Xl ' 1' XX l X SHIRLEY BAUER nHer favorite fruit is dates' Library Club 11, 12 Yearbock 12 Salute 12 Jr. Class Play Homecoming Attendant I CARDL AXHTXSTAD NHow pretty her blushing was and how she blushed againn Ewa 7, S, 9, 10, 11, 12 Choir 10, 11, 1? G. A. A. IU, 11, 12 Declamation 1G, 11, 1? Salute 9, 16, 11, 1? Yearbook 1? Jr. C1ass Play One Act Play 1? Swing Band 1? Class Officer 1? CAROL ASHUS Niuiet and modest a girl friendship is valuedu Choir 9, 10, 11, 12 Choir Accomnanist 12 Band 9, 10, 11, 1? Girls Quwrtet 12 G. A. A. 10, 11, 12 Declamstion 10 Librsry Club 10, 11, 1? Swing Band 12 1 Yearbook 1? Salute 9, 10, 11, 1? Homecoming Atten6snt whose MAHLIS DELGER 'Her heart is like the There's a man in itn Choir 10, 11, 12 Jr. Class Play Yearbook 11, 12 Salute 10, 11, 12 Declametion 10, 11, 12 One Act Play Homecoming Attendant H10 011 ROBERT BGBGHERT 'Greater men are bound to be but I doubt it--just take a look at men Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 Choir 12 Jr, Class Play Yearbook 12 Baseball 9 Salute 12 Homecoming Attendant WILLARD DIETZ 'This daring driver says My mein vocation is women Choir 9, 10, 11, 12 Bend 9, 10, 11, 12 Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 Football 11, 12 Track 11, 12 Jr. Class Play Salute 12 Yearbook 12 Homecoming King x 1 31 S rc - ' . Q' W.,: eedi e ie DENNIS HARRIS Ulf all the wor1d's e stage and all the people players, then Dennis is the c1own.' Track S, 9, 10 Salute 95 10, 11, 12 Yearbook 12 JOAHNE ISEYBFFG W1'm a free woman--come and get me' Band 9, 10, 11, 12 Choir 12 G. A. A. 11, 12 Trumpet Duet 12 Swing Band 12 Salute 11, 12 Yearbook 12 Homecoming Queen GLORIA KOCH H Write me as one who fellow man.' Choir S, 9, 10, 11, Salute 8, 9, 10, 11, Yearbook 11, 12 G. A. A. 10, 11, 12 Declametion 10, 11, Jr. Glass Play One Act Play 12 Homecoming Attendant loves her 12 12 12 MARY NELSGN ,I-,,,,, , 1 SELDA OTTO nThe sparkle of her ring is only surpassed by the sparkle in her eye n Yearbook 12 1 Salute 12 MARVIN FLYER 'His ouiatness t ni 1' Q refrigerator or Yearbook 1? Y ,Y 77 nuzfimm and Vnowleig be thine' Choir 3. 9. 10, 11, 12 Band 11, 1? ' Gir1's Quartet 11, 1? Girlss Sextet 9 Yearbook 11, 12 Salute 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Library Club 10. 11, 12 Declamation 10, 11, 1? Jr. Class Play G. A. A. 10, ll, 1? One Act Play WILLABD PITZNER 'Good natured and sensible, does things in his own quiet way' Football 9, 10, 11, 12 Baseball 9 Basketball 9, 10, 11 Track ll, 12 Yearbook 12 Homecoming Attendant JERONE RECKDAHL nSomet1mes I sit and think and some- times I just sit Cond sleepin Choir 12 Jr. Class Play Yearbook 12 HILDEGARDE REGFER 'Cotton Mather apys, 'Be short' and she was' Band 10, 11, 12 choir 10, 11, 12 Yearbook 12 Salute 12 JANE SAL ZWEDEL 'You look wise- Fray correct that errorn Band 10, 11, 12 Library Club 10, 11, 12 Salute 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Jr. Class Play Yearbook 11, 12 G, A. A. 10, 11, 12 MARLYS SCHULTE 'She is a girl who does her own thinking' Library Club 10, 11, 1? Salute 9, 10, 11, 12 Declamation 9, 10, 11 12 Jr. Class Play Yearbook 1? G. A. A. 10, 11, 12 Q JOHH SIEWERT W "I'd do great things except that it's too much worka Basketball 10, ll, 12 Football 10 Band 9, 10 Choir 12 Yearbook 12 Salute 12 Jr. Class Play Homecoming Attendant ORVILLE SRERIN Wwomen? Oh no! I C8m8 here for an education' choir 11, 12 Yearbook 12 Senicvz Smpa QV!! if Ao- 'bdorkfagg fnzf helps! -'JOM '40 Sonuave . 54- 10+ XNQYSA AMG. Yxfxxvxq War memories start during the seventh- ea? eigote ,pas. during which time several of our pictures were taken. l henerber the hours spent - writing dictionary pages and M i sentences such as this--I will refrain from any excessive vivacity at noon. At the start of our freshman year we numbered 23, and in the course of time we were initiated, being required to dress in funny clothes and provide an hourfs entertainment for the seniors. We were then officially made members of the high school. f s we won our first mark of dis- tinction when we won first prize with our Homecoming float. The slogan was nsalt Away the Mortonsn. In addition to this honor everyone had a wonderful time working on the float. Shortly before Christmas a bridal shower was held for Wise Shields, our class advisor. She was presented with a table- cloth by the class, after which a lunch was served. At the annual Christmas party, we, as freshmen, treated the school to ice-cream bars. During the year we held two parties for the entire school which were very well attended. These were a dance in January and a roller skating party in the spring. We also held a bowling party and a gym party which netted everyone numerous blisters. at the Junior-Senior banquet the freshmen girls wvaslaed dishes and rumors have it that they had a very enjoyable thee. Shortly before Christmas ,, Linl A week before school was out a exhibit was giver, ceftered around Sho Lived in a Shoe. Shen we returned to school to within its walls, we found that twenty. Willard Johnson left to Ralph Gases moved to Brownton, ani School at Bethany. style show and handicraft the themaof the Udld Komen begin our sophomore year our number had lessened to work at home on the farm, arol Jean Leising attended 'Xe continued our winning tradition and won the ,second prize for our float at the Homecoming which mxscenter- d around the theme, Nsash at'Ninthrop.n many of the sophomores journeyed to the University of Minnesota to see WPeter Pann. Everyone enjoyed the play and the numerous Christ- mas decorations we saw. e Willard Dietz was a member of the District Championship basketball team that year. An event of our sophomore year which we shall probably never forgetis the peanut shower whrdiwe ntriedf to have for our history practice teacher. We also had an ice skating party which was well attended. At the Junior-Senior banquet the Home Ee. girls, dressed ln Mother Goose costumes, waited on table. The G. A. A. was also begun and many of the girls joined. be- When our junior year began we soon lost Donna Riemer cause of a lengthy illness which forced her to repeat her sophomore year. We were also joined by John Siewert, who came class president, and JoAnne Isenberg. be- Again we Won first prise for our float which featured the slogan, uDrive the Eagles Back to Their Nestn. Soon our thoughts were occupied with practicing for the class play, MA Little Honeyn. We practiced for what seemed like years and finally Ctired though we werel produced a play which was a success. Jerome Hecxaanlfs yorhreyal of the exterminetor will prob- aoly never be forgouLen. Following the play Mrs. Ecrcnert A 1 fave e wertv for us at mulch we fresented ner wit! 4 V. KJ L v In en endeevor to raise money for the Prom Q square dance was Melo onrinr which ever one Udo-si-doedn like excerts. ,E A IME , A light luncn was served by the nCless of 52.n Crepe paper, nut caps, centerpieces, streamers, Flowers, picket fences, end s lack of moneg sayxoccnpled our thqughts for we were preparing for the oenquet and prom. Cnr theme ess HSQJLM of the ioroeru one we were fortunate in getting ilue 0ordon's orchestra. Marlls Delger kcless artist? conlu uslellg he found Knee-deep in pictures and covered with col- ored chalk. lt use also dlrlng our junior year that an event took place which had never before nsypened during our three gears in Gaylord High School. School was dismissed for a dag on account of snow. At the G Banquet in the spr ng Willard Dietz was elected football captain and noocrt Aoecnert coptvln of the basket- oall team. It was also luring this year that Crville Severin gave dm class 3 sample of nie excellent physics mind my gett ng on A average ln his pngslcs class. t was also this year that ae first noticeu Lust Marvin Meyer was getting himself in solid alum Lls teecners og nis culen manner ang Seldn Ctco cy her stenog and lnnustrloas manner Seward ner work. -Q i 1 1 l 1 l 4 4 1 1 1 2 1 1 3 I 1 4 1 1 x Z I !""""' " I I L r , 1 i r L P Q i i E E 5 E When we returned for our senior year we diawovered that we numbered only 19 for Alice Schroeder had become Ura. Donald Gorr and Iaynard Tildeorandt was workiuf at a fareke. Although we are the smallest class in the school everyone agrees that we are also She nicest. Ie were soon again wrapyed up in miles of crepe paper for we were decorating for the Homecoming. Our Slogan was Wwhy Waste Time With Winmhrop, Win Wite Away.u The dence with Guy De Leo's orchestra was ably reigned over bf this veQr's royalty, JoAnne lsvnberg and Yillari Dietz with Gloria Yeoh, Shirley Bauer, Marlis Golfer, Carol deans, John Siewert, Bob Borchert, Ulllerd'?itzner, and Donnie Harrie ee attemdaute. On Thursday November 20 the girls in the Home Foononlfe class served a delicious supper to the seniors and to txeir advisor Mrs. Borchert. On March 79 the seniors participated in their lest Spring Concert. For the occasion they wore jones which had been pgrcxaeed this year. TLe followinf Fr?day on April 4 they traveled to Morgag where the Music Festival was held. Several of the seniors have participated actively 'n Declamation and Marlis Dolvor, Mary Nelson, floria Koch Marlye Scyulto, and Carol Annexated were the oarklripante this year. Mary Nelson was fort,nate enough to go to the district with her or1gInal'oratorf. -f -61 K was ax 'U , 17 W f wx fy X f N x FIRST ROW: E. Bauer, R. Lawrenz, E. Petzel, C. McGonig1e, N. Muck SECOND ROW: Miss Anderson Chdvisorb, S. Henning, C. B. Mohr, M. Feelum, L. Franke, G. Johnson, J. Berg-gervoet, Mr. Nelson Cmivisors THIRD ROW: M. Pomplun, C. Merkel, L. Eilrich, G. Evers, M. Buntrock, A, Peterson FGURTH BOW: M. Gildemeister, J. Kuhlman, B. Jones, C. McGonig1e, K. Deis FIFTH ROW: F. Asmua, J. Bregel, K. Gebhardt, R. Schulte NOT PICTURED: M. Rowland CLASS OFFICERS B, Mohr Secretary G. Johnson Treasurer J..Kuhlman V, President B. Jones President .IUNIOR SNAPS sh Jug s? MRC HQXSKKWQQAAW .:'1 ' 'E W " , .. 1 -, --.:1:a,:Q f jf ' S1 me '. I, ,L , L w- H, , , ,W , I V fs im. . K, P Q, 7 X X if 3 - 4 " :ff "" H ' W 1' lv , it A lv' W .,,,. sg V W V f if N V A W 5, A W ' 3-jIA --r. : .,. ,gggikfg ,f ' 1 X - - ww .V 5, Lev. 'Russia t"'e'GUl at f K9 CVB VIC. rKs fe 1 He 02769 510004 y770yzlY 'Wt wget wx U -5, l4.v.d2.v 5 'NUC- Wj 'BGSWYMY A..-q.,v.... smaxcg if? W x ZA Q FIRST ROW: R. Frick, B. Jane, M. Tollefson, M. Franke, B. Johnson, M. Bening, J. Monson, S. Peterson, D. Lemberg smcorm now: Mr. Pazmfora Qmvisorb, L. xmm, M. Olson, B. om., J. Goengcn, A. Peterson, G. Glander, A. Lemke, M. Henke, M. Volinkaty, Mr, Ingvalson Ckdvisorl THIRD ROW: J, Haack, S. Xuhlman, D, Krueger, D. Schulte, J. Hyzer, F. Heidmann. R. Hildebrandt, C. Fenske, H. Matthes FGURTH ROW: A, achow, J. Sommers, D. Kloempken, D, Goetsch, M. Grochow,.A. Kuphal NOT PICTURED: L. Rowland Bi iw J. Hyzer President f... ! .7. f g '. if il 'ji k ','.-' 1 V g 'Ao - N ,A W 1 5 W A. Lemke 61749 .W-. ,.. ,.... ' Q. T LT '. X ' . V- President 11 f V . L , Bowl and ..,, , ,... .,.,. , BCTGVEIY ' - ."" ' 5 008016 Zffljffzo 'CC VVS , Qfbcffp 561 Soxvlc Chafifj fylaok 4.144 fl-gefk IXY ij FlY'5 ' ' 4 'IL ,W LC! 6 !7!C?LLfeIdfVc,,,59c1,77jC,'77l.-Q Us ' , Wfagf 1 ,45 4 f , J A X ' ,. , W '?3,, f-fig W : i f ' , Y, K .3 1 H ' . if " h Ol' , ' A , fx . A 8 K W . sv Wt t hr-CC f7afd5 12 J77 fro Cool Lancer aLI:,3 1-H1 x gxssvkw I ,X FIRST ROW: B. Breuer, M. Johnson, G. Petzel, A. Reichenbach, J Hoffman, M Meyer B. Brandt, A. Kranz, J. Schulte SECOND ROW: Hr. Simondet CAdvisorl, B. Sylvester S. Mueller, L. Fredin L. Spiering, J. Wolters, E. Mr. Anderson CAdvisorS L THIRD ROW: M. Bausch, L. Henke, W. Asmus, D. Goe tech, R. Meffert, E Bening, H. Voight, G. Eckberg, W. Reckdahl, B. Grewe, J. Monson FOURTH ROW: J. Dietz, E. Abraham, M. Uecker, L. Bauer, D. Sylvester, G McGonig1e J. Dietz, L. Turbett, D. Marth FIFTH ROW: 3. Riemer, E. Regner, K. Briest, J. Diersen, G. Hoecke, R Ebert Class Offzcers M. Moeller V. President B, Grewe Treasurer E. Johnson Secretary G, Eckburg President , B. Briest M Hildebrandt, Johnson, M Bausch, M Moeller Freshmen Snapshots an x X Sczsf. T .. ,N b E? 53, ,.,,.,,.., .- Mx.. .. ,. , X J ' 'K J. . .,.. if zz 1 fa. Q ,, Y ' gk r T Q W 1 5' S? 4 , ,Z af-1 aw -1 5 w 'z 2 f , 5 3 if tif Q If EV Q- V .... 1 if f .. . -. r' 5, , l .." QL 5 ', M 'E "" ' ' M 3 , , 2 F ' A? ,, I ,.....,, ,, 3,5 K... :-iz-,,,.:, ' ,W "" ' 1 . . ag - if, - "'1 A -1 : gg " Y5 ..,., H ,. . . gf s ' 1 ..., Wi" -lIl' if'.j: , 1, .3 7 :- " S535 mi? - If 'I' , 5 4 '3 ,4 in.: ' 1 4. ' I us . , , . A ' i 1: rv' 5 " gg? 5 A 3' ,, Z I ,.,, ,... .. ..., my 4,45 ,V W Q., . A 9 , ' ' ' ,HWS 32352 """ .3.3Z'Z I5iE:'5'EE?55"'f"5: 'vw my p '- if-:EG WV 4 1 M M ,xiii W, '37 z5zt?,fq?Nf'w?52,SS'p5?Q,iMj?gf ,:4ifi1,3i, " .. - g ff S sf , wif: .4 ,X M fgggi '?5?3f , WA -W v ' ' Nw :W wwf: W ' " , I - ff 5 1 i 'baw ff 1121 'ff-iff Q . f9e':VgSfI4f'fi. 1 ,ar 5,- ,:- , . ,X d s, W 'fa 'iss i sg? ' -f , 'M W W.: - rf 159A ,s W sl ff' . , - AJQN 4, V img sz? MK! :H G 4 M 6 U ' WlM.. -,1.- X X - 'ii f-: R CL.. i ,, f.5l '4'-gh "T - x Q 9 - Q1 1 WWW FIRST ROW: K. Busch, S. Rogstad, M. Lawrenz, M. Briest, S. Rowland SECSHD ROW: J. Regner, M. Brierd, D. Wendland, B. Meyer, K. Schulte, H. Fenake, D. enke THIRD ROW: Miss Heller CAd.visorD, W, Klucking, R. Young, T. Homme, L. Tostenson, L. Bauer, S. Samuelson FGURTH ROW: O. Volinkaty, W. Velinkaty, P. Schue, R. Gloss New PICTURED: D. Hell, P. Olson - Class Offzcers gig? EET fe' R. Young 5 4 , Y. President 3 'eQX , ,7,. ' e K- Busch if 1 Zl' 'L 7 Secretary 2??i5??My',e1wVf 7 eW, f e 2 e' fp?V 'f59 E,. S. Rogstad 'K W3 Q A? 6' Me gg:??35fj3iff27,,5?ilf ' 21, 5 L 5 A , 4 - 'Q ,,., J if Q Trefwurer 5?49w1EWswwf?fwmmfw Wwwawww W N... wmW Q55'FQ e M .4 , A fy.. ' .512 , P. Schue ' ",' . A 5 Z5f,gi'g5g,.,Qgg1Ff,V,i5,,VY ig.. K , .. , . ,,i..VVi.,,?, V e 51 dent V f Q. M.. 5 W5 ggyw' 0 -WW f3fW??w? ,f fwwm wmmmmunwmwmwev wwwwvy, 'iwmgmwwiuywe wmww wm 1 FIRST ffY! D. Clson, D. Bauer, D, Briest, J. Henke, W. Asmus SSCQTD RST: J. Eriest, J. Meyer, B. Pinske, A. Briard, C. Lindholm N Naffert, J. voetsch THIRD RCN: P. Hanson, K. Seemenn, J. Benson, R. Ericson, D. Gustafson R. Salzwedel, L. Yelson, Mr. Ostergaard fAdvisorD FCURTH RCW: J. Luecke, C. Wallin, D. Olson, J. Peterson, W. Franke D Vessner NCT PICWJPBD: L. Rouse:-1 1???i5S1 ' 3 ff' Qigcioi 312655: . V. , wwf. 'Jef A U.wx1'w2.,.w--, vxawf M- K... .Q - A f yy :wiv -, 4-V.: 2 Qwxiifiwfi' V Mg? fi li .21- f o YE- QA, Vo ,,o v .-oW .o ,io , ,-11 1. -V Y- 'fff3:2c'5zY:: lf 5 .WJ fois- fo.fao7Q.., "'-2::'1-.e::e.e:' 11:22.32 W ' . A -- N 11- 2.: " 2f " fhi' .. . , , ..,, ...,., , ,... ..,, +. ' -- - ' w - - 'f f""f s ' nm I - 2 - -, W M U., xl' -ff S: 1"'f:'f5'E4 A , b X N 4 . , . ....:f:2-FfYr:o .,,m L . ..lW. vvsgmis 1- ,..,M..W.. . , V N SYM 3 M 2, Q J 2 'Q 2 R f Q? mio? X N5 Q" Q VCE. 1 ,XJ K A 1 Uv- . Kg'-. , W ,ww MQ: , W, 1 , . - A f , ,,--.zg-5. 4- .g-gl , , -3:15-Q 1 , 1 .,.?5NQ, Gx.l M AL ' 35,1 M Q Qi .MSX .XS px, N , X A M . .. , Q mv gy. 8 im,-f fs W5 v 1 ,Xi Y A-.N S N 2, 3 My x it Q1 . m i My qw K 0 A x . 9 Q Q X 2 113- M R 2a NW? F' 5 W, , H . W + A f " xx: -gc x Awww. my wp , W PM ' f 3 1 "V "'v?73V'f"EQ'ff "WM "f'MM'LW 4' A WTWM'w'W' M976 'D' Q fx-ww-.-fi K. 'Q , V 7 ' . :V - 232 ,- ?g5:q:.1g - ,ghiqiiwxff ffm f 1 .. . Q :wp .:2r1f?i?Qfo li, .- .zo f ' 4 .V mo- mlm of A Y rx Class Officers H. Meffert V. President J. Luecke Secretary D. Messner Treasurer D. Olson President Q9 iv! uv! 'Vi v Q I ligne ffm X , f 5 Q H 0 6 A M N I H HS lin FRONT ROV! B. Jones, D. Schulte, A. Zachow, W. Pitzner, D. Sylvester, F. Heidmenn, D. Goetseh BACK ROW: Mr. Nelson CCoachJ, D. Goetsch, A. Peterson, K. Deis, W. Dietz CCap- taini, D. Kloempkrin, J. Sommers, Mr. Simondet Chsslstant Coach? FOOTBALL SQUAD In its first year of eight-man football the Purple and Gold has found the going rough for they were hampered by inexperience and a smell squad. Numer- ous injuries were also a great factor in many losses. The Golden Gaybees started out by losing their first home game of the see- son to Morgan in a hard fought battle. The squad then traveled to Morton, but there they also were defeated. The Gaybees came home winless but, in the next game before a large homecoming crowd, the Winthrop Warriors went down to defeat before the hard-fighting Gaylord squad. After this win the Gaybees lost to Failfan In their last home game with Franklin they lost a well-fought battle, which nearly ended in victory for the Gaylord squad. They then trav- eled to face the strong Gibbon eight, and at their hands the Gaybees again went down to defeat. This ended the 1951 football season for the Golden Gaye bees. The lettermen for this year ere two seniors, Willard Dietz and Willard Pitsnerg three Juniors, Bruce Jones, Alger Peterson, and Karl Deis: six soph- omores, Allan Zechow, Duane Kloempkin, James Sommers,. Duane Goetsch, Fred Heidmann, and Don Schulte: and two freshmen, Darvin Goetsch and Darvin Snr vester. Morgan L 5-25 Morton L 0-50 Winthrop W 17+-12 Fairfax L 6-M6 Franklin L 22-26 Gibbon L 6-33 7 S If Y Q 3 ' vw- ,.'El,:f.1g25h "?:': Q M .yi , V , . , ' . ,wa ' ,yi 1 - K rg V12 Q? fin- ? , J , .WW . w- We ,kj A ' H ,, ll, I Y me V, Q, 4, ,X , iffy 7 X' Y! 1 V :Q 3 ' '. Q A K I My " M-:QM 1. A fy N" - if , X. fl ' :"FW2grnr1v:gc M F 'I , Q Q'Z,m'l- k - X 5 1 S W- M , f """ 1 , 1, fdzgf LQ , K ' ' 3 52552221 ffl 'Y . Q 5 if , 1 Q " f 1wF,QzW1f'- ag -- ff' 'Q'Vi'?'b'Y' -59' i' if W ' 2 ' pw? , J . , M3 ' :if A H ' "ip V my Q ,MY M, . ,- 45" if, I .L 1, F r 1 b ! Q fi T " ' . . ...... 1 111. -" A if K 'N Q, ji 45'- in-'P' 1, 1 M I x"'F" 5 1. s Y ww L zz m x 'F , 'fx 5 W , -ff , A xv f, A ,, -A M " X vi i if 2' 'fi' fi U , K ,V A 1 , P, 53533 ,biq 6, X2 N., ev - 2 Q - ,, wi f ' ,MM W ,, , 9 Q W. . .wg - H? 1 4 W "E-j 1 if-f Q. , .. we 230 , : - 1 - Y. A K :WX - la. -if 5 , A + ' - :J f -ff' ,w s , .' S 6 .,,.x:',k, - Z f,.:a,:, "NW x, R si W' f. w A Q x Gi ..... ww' i JS. FRCNT PON: D, Kloempken, K. Deie iCo-Caoteinl, B. Jones CCo-Captainl, J. Hyzer, D. Goetsch BACK ROW: Mr. Simondet CAesietent CoachD, P, Schue CMnnagerB, R, Ebert, A. Zachow, J, Somners, D. Goetsch, D. Young, D. Meesner fkanagerl, Mr. Nelson CCoachJ The story of the 1952 basketball season is one of disepoointment for both Coach Bob Nelson and the Gaylord fans. The Golden Geybees found that their inexperience and leck of height were two great factors against them during the season, although they won one game and played a number of other good games. When tournament time came the Geybees lost to Fairfax in the first round of the sub-district. Tnie lose out an end to e year of many ups and downs, but the next yeer looks e bit brighter, for all of the first ten will be returning for another try at the hoop. The following are the basketball lettermen for the 1951-1952 season: B, Jones, K. Deio, J, Hyzer, Du. Goetech, A. Zachow, D. Kloempken, endmiSom- mere. omeeeoe L 27-52 Franklin L he-53 Fairfax 1 39-52 Fairfax L jk-58 Winthrop l M3-62 Morgan L 38-FO Winthrop L Q6-52 Morton L MB-55 Winthrop L U5-Q6 Gibbon L O-53 Arlington L MM-52 Arlington L 38-66 Nicollet W 6-he Gibbon L 59-68 Franklin 1 22-37 2 Wgii H B ST fJAD 2g1. ?2CQfI'EAlL 'TEf.I-Q FRCJIW RCW: 'ETD-art, 7. Goetsfch, A. Kunhrfl, D, Schulte J. Sommefi, 51 Young -N BACK ROW: Z-ir. Simozzdet Clgsmstsnt Coachl, P, Schue Q?-famngerb, U. Sylvester, Regner, J. Dierfen, E-', 'lrochcmg G, Tciderg, R, Hildeh-rndt, T, Homme, D. Xessper iHen:gerD, Mr, Telson fCofchP -. , ,,.., , , .wif ., JUNIOR HIGH BASEETEALL TEA!-Z mom Row: D, Young, W. Klucking, W. Asms, N u G, Eckberg, 3. DiersenQ D, Sylvester, E. Regner, D. Goetsch fCaptainP, T. Homme BACK RCW: P. Schue CManagerD, P, Hanson, L. Tostenson, J. Priest, S, Samuelson, R. Salzwedel, P. Luecke, R. Gloss, D. Henke, J. Goetsch, D. Currier, D. Messner CNanagerD, Mr. Simondet CCoachQ YE SQLUTE AFBOOk 4ZTT CQ I E? QD 98888 QNX Salaam 1858881981913 ses, Q EZGSGSSSSW XSS! siis X If I - -, f X f f n f -X4 f 3' Q 01-UL FIRST JLW: N, Dietz, R, Borchert fSports SditorsE, M. Schulte CEusiness baragerB C, annexstaa Cxdizor-in-chief? G. Koch CAss1stant Editorb, J. Salzweael K ictmze Editorb, H. Delger CArt Editors SECOND ROW: M. Nelson, S. Gtto, C. Hahn, S. Bauer, J. Isenberg, C. Asmus, H. Regner Thiii ECW: Mr. Anderson CAdvisorD, F. Asmus, J. Siewert, D. Harris, M Meyer, M. Feehen, R. Lawrenz, J. Rechdahl, W. Pitzner, O. Severin, G NOT PICTUEED: K. Deis Qarbook We the members of the MEM-WA staff wish to express our sincere thanks to the following: Gaylord Businessmen Guy Studio at St. Cloud Mr. Ingvalson Mrs. Borchert Rosalind Rundberg Mr. Gstergaard Nr. Anderson and everyone else who has helped to make this yearbook a success. Merkel, I FIRST FCE: M, Feehxn, 3. Petrel, M. Schu3te, C. Asmua, S. Peterson SRCQYD RUN: D. Lemberg, 3. Henning, L. Eilrich, E. Bauer, B. Rohr, S. Bauer, S. Kuhlman THERE RCE: H. Eatthes, C, Merkel, B, Jens, M, Buntrock, M. Volinkaty3 M. Olson FQTRTX 50? G. Slander, A. Lanka, J, Splzwedel, M. Henke, M, Nelson KCC PICTUEEE: M, Rowland, C. Fenske, M, Muck Llbrary Club Qfflcerg M, Feehan Chairman of Scrapbook 5cmmittee A. Lamke Treasurer M. Rowland Secretary Mrs. Borchert Advisor S.Bmwr V. President C. Asmus President B. Mohr Chairman of Bulletin Board Committee H U O O O , fl, gr!! l 1 M0116 FIRST ROW: N, Feehan, D. Lemberg, A. lemke, S. Mueller, C. Merkel, S. Henning, M. Meffert, J. Isenberg, C. Hahn SECOND ROW: H. Regner. M. Volinkety, M. Tollefson, E. Bauer, J. Selzwedel, R, Lcwrenz, J. Bergervoet, J. Monson, C. Olson, T. Klucking, S. Peterson, J. Dietz, L. Franke, D. Sa17we6e1 THIRD RCN! T. Homme, J. Aaker, C. Lindnolm, C. Fenske, B. Johnson, W. Dietz, A. Briard, F. Henson, D. Gustafson, F. Aemus, J. Monson, P. Meffert, G. Asmus, ECURTH RCW: E, Benning K3ejoretteJ, J, lawrenz, B, Pinexe, H. Mntthes C. Annexstod, M, Nelson, M, Neyer CXejorettel, Mr, Ingveleon QDirectorJ, M, Lawrenz ikajorettel, C, McGonig1e, S. Kuhlmen iHejoretteP HOT PICTURBD: M. Muck, M. Rowland, G. Glander, J. Heinrich, R, Gloss, N. Sooners ,J. Merkel, R. Seemen, N. PERFORMANCBS Eight School Football Games Basketball Games Spring Concert Music Festival Memorial Day Summer Concerts and Various Peredee FFOL Uniformsl, 'M, Muck CSec.-Treas.l, C, Annexstad Clibrerian and Student Directorl, BACK RON: J. Salzwedel fAssistant Librerienl, W. Dietz C?reeidentD, U, Asmus iVice Preeidentl SPRING CONCERT Emblem of Unity Triad Monterey Perpetual Motion Knightsbridge I SWING BAND FIRST RQW: M. Feehan, D. Lemberg, C. Merkel, S. Mueller, S. Henning, M. Meffert, J. Isenberg, C. Hahn SECOND RCW: M. Tollefson, A. Lemke, E. Bauer, G. Glander, H. Matthes, C. Annexstad, Mr. Ingvalson CDirectorJ, R. Meffert, C. Asmus NOT PICTURED: M. Rowland, M. Muck INSTRUMENTAL G ROUPS ? Q QT s I , FZUTE scLo TRUMPET DUET HORN DUET A. Lemke, S. Henning C, Asmus, J. Ivenberg, C. Hahn R. Lawrenz, M. Muck LTTTTTTT TT TTTT TTTTTTTAA, T -v-.-U- N,-. A xl 131.12 J, , Gogfsch, C. . iueller, 3, qiCffQ WD FST!! E2 , . Feehmn, 2, I . G. Jonnczn, D. ,.'fn - .N .J -pffs 4.4 . Swierin E. 30 U,-im.,-,A -,N,y Q. . Mc3snigle L I SURTH TCW: T. Fir D4 L fm vw u 1.9-7, ..-. Jil, - .. , . helm RLS L O??ICm?S--F?CUT . Lawrenz, Eec ACK: J, Barge Asmas C?iAnistD, E. Grfwe, A, Hranz, G, Evers, L. Franke, Annexstnd, G. Koch, S, Feterson, G. Merkel, E, Lawrenz, C, Fenske, Fylwaster, N. Heyer, W. Johnson, Nr, Ingvalson CDiractorD Jchnson, J. TQrgQrveat, M. Belgwr, E. P9'?6l, C. Hahn, H. Regner, -. elson, H. Otto, 1. Kvanz, A. Lenke, S, Henning, J. Monson, lenbarg soeller, J, Isen?er 2. F ner, L. Ellricg, E, Kohr, G. Fetzel, Eriest, B. JohnsQn, G. Glander, M, Vo1i-xwty, H. Tollefssn, . Huck, M. Hanks, L, Franke ?orchert, J. Sie '-ff, .r+, R. Hilfebranit, F. Aamus, J, Eeckdahl, oamwken, Y. Grochow, C. Severin, A. Vwwkrl, A. Zachow, W. Asmus, D Vfffwrt, -. Goetgch, D. Goetsch,.T. Homme, W. Klucking 3 G, Kock, Pres., .-Tres, rvoet, Lib., . Henning, Ass't. Lib, SCHTTULE Christmas Progrfm December 19 Spring Concert Farch 28 Spring Festival April M CHRISTMAS PRCGFAM WGhristmas Dreams' 'O Holy Nightn gJubilste Amana nAngel Voicesn HAS Lately We Watchedn nBesutifu1 Savior' WMerry Christmas Bells R L7 Vocal Groups VOCAL SOLOISTS GIRL'S QUARTET J. Siewert, B. Mohr, C. Hahn, C. Hahn, M. Nelson, C. Aemue, M. Nelson M, Tollefeon, A, Lemke Clwlstmas Cgmggyf .The annual Christmas Concert, on December 19, was e greet success. The Junior and Senior Choirs and the Gir1's loved Christmas Church songs and carols. senior group numbers. Pupils from Grades 1-S delighted their musical play, The Crceegetch Eetriee, two The concert and clay were directed by Music Department. Quartet presented a group of well- A trumpet duet and a solo were other parents and friends with e Christmas scenes from which appear ebove. Mr. Ingvalson and Miss Heller of the JUNIOR BAND +2 es FPCWT P.f,2's'! N. wallill, S. HHDSOD, A, ReiCl1r5,:1'U3C2,, B, Fygugy, J. Hgifzilv-ich, 1, Aeffert, N. Briifi, D. Jones, D, 261393 mvnuf', :fun . ' 'f ' H . :MWiTT M, . E. Abraham, ,. . iwring, J. Hoffmann, J, wsrcel, R, Gloss, L. Johnsen, Y, Sommers, K, Eewitrer, T, Pinske, V, Areas, N, Hiligbyfffg rg 'W TA-y. -g --1 -Pj an . , I , -MI, ,L,., M. bfemsn, 4, Volznkaty, Rr. Tnavhlgcn, fizrwctorl, C. Volzif tt, Q, wcvberg IUNIOR CHORUS FRCYT ESV: N. Briard, B. layer, K, Eusch, S. Rowland, M. Erieit, M, lawrenz, 3. Rogsfzi, D, Hendland, J, Henke, J, Meyer, B, Tinske, A, Briar6, C, Lindholm, V. Asmus, R, Xeffert, D. Olson IEC YD ECT: P, Hanson, W, Klucking, T, Homme, D. Eriest, D. Bauer, W. Volinkaty, M. Fenske, K. Schulte, L. Yelson, W. Franke, D. Gustafson, K. Seaman, D. Messner, J. Goetsch, J, Eriest, 2121-. Ingvalscfn Ulirectorb THIED HCV: D. Henke, J. Regner, L. Tostenson, L, Bauer, S, Samuelson, R, Gloss, O, Volinkaty, R. Young, P, Schue, R, Erickson, R, Salzwedel, C, Olson, C. Wallin, J. Peterson, J. Benson, J. Luecke 9 0 .-nl 'gem :N 5 452-"4 ,ns , K 'cy ,Y ..V.. I n ,I V f A 15, A2.,.i 'Q"":Y I ' A , ' ' H M wifi i-A ,gh N ' A- ,1 ,, 1 H ' g Y um Qi ff wif 'fu -jf ., L " . f 5 ' 4 .,., 5 . , ,. ,P 4 .-5 r I' A gy i " ,... .,, . ,,4:..,,, fggggggi . W f. l' 5:14.,,.M liz: - 5135 9.- i-Z' 55 'fiiznaffifi . ff ' 1 - 3 .,'. -H. , , ,l l .,,A AA.,, A , . I f ,KM M I :N Mjgn, 4+ M N A, 6 A Hal' ' K jerzzf ,- kiwi -:2-' .. e - ' N-.v C 7.-S 7 A , 'bf 251 -- gl: v ,. I . I Q V I w- W I-.Xx.,7 fzfffifzp L5 :iff f !!!11!5 111119 zlflff I .l,If f I I f!ff I 1,1 fffff 1 fl lcf!! 1 I ff!! 1 f , I! ,ff ff "f f' jffmfffff ff fff fffflf fl f f1f'f lfffiffffff ff f ,ffl ffyf,ffff' , P S 09 Pa rw. nik :I 31 M Y , 'I. .f.:' .r5P"1L,i" 5 ' . . ,' 5 , A f-' E gg . -1- VP . - V , ,. ,, , .. C7 A lg.: .,..,.., jg ,. '5 ffr,.? P is , I S 344' Y' A J' S 0 03 Hp , ,Q f. S x Q J - ' My ' gf- , ' "FM 4ii: - 'gl 1 -- f ig 1,1 mf im Jw 243. . Egg Eff 2591 K LVN?-lf W' Q ,yffmizii K r v 'K PF Sf 1503? wwf. 'YA Q X fi Y f A A, "" f 2'1 3 ,. my W nwlagp Milf-175 Gl'nfSf' Cvl'nfS! 9 " I' "F: 5 3:3 if b WT" ph i z: ' .1 he f 9 1 'Z ' X W , J , 5'qup'5 Onf i5ff'if5?TD 32 1 - . Y X Y 'S 2 ge , 17 S, i 1 E Key, N ,- if mf ms:-we 5.55,-: A J, , ..., , 5 1- Q.. 2 N 1 :gin Q GX X 'sr X, , gf- f V' H if x 1: v 'fl-IE GOOD OLD . 1 Q ki -fi A wiv ' -fi Q SR Y. N -61 I A W' ffvvifils ' 15, - A ,gs .3,.3i.g .. M1 , xr if ' cb Hia K X as L ,S w vm X, 'su Q 4 A ik ww X 1 f Q v. ,A :L X, 2 Q, , . Ja: X A? W F , , 0 V-K b DF? " w ,W QMS? Q swap KSA gig A2153 ,Qu Mya 53. wi mis 4 H Nik 5. W M A D sa N - ' 7 Q55-S2 , ,,:,53q t .,,. 'K "" ' YI a . '..:.H'2z. IA 1 f' 'A" ' ' W N , e P' 'Wan 5: 4 wif 653 M X , "N A-521 ,..1 SNA P5 y 1 6- 'vw ifiyi, wi JL, la, f AhhnA I-'fNl""' X RO N. , , I-low :reef f fi Dish! ' 'sfghd 5 Wq 5' , ' f-D X .,A,A., 2 Lhumyn .ffixji ::: . Y rw .,,u:. ,..... . ,,., . ., ' ' :.1 T3 -.gms A jv ,N EV f Wii . W ' ff 'Q "" . MfW4km5yT5w , - A nr,,i41x -f ..,,' --.- ,. Mfg, fusf Leaning F .,,.. M: -' , . , A1464 I C, y 5 2 Y ., .:..,. A ,, ,,,1,,. ,zil hu ' AVEEV A If-3 W' ' . M x ' Q 3 My Q ai U3 lx I at If -' l"ff:3AX,' ' W -: ,:1-ig' ,. .1,:..,,52 .ff 'f K ifilili g 1 Q mf 1 ' W '4 K ,, A K, if A .v f W gif, ' if I 03 5f"l--f.,..,,, .o,.+, gf' 1, Chl! N QA 7,H,'0 -f-H5 05.51 ffl' Itwghf jfs ,Tu-J-l'7L-50 fefhf faq fabh if , A ML9 v'3' em kv www Z x6 Gy? W QOMM XX QQPQY M Q M JVM mm? by X -cv H X x W, ff X Ur? f , K H, Z 6 l A msajfmplw J is X XX X 9 AU To 1 1 f 3 Q5 Q . ,,, 9 -P G5 55 Ai x awmwinj 1iJ AAP A-I Jd1N'1'3 'Sidi .J vb fXljD FJFJO mf' Ph 242 Re ide e 150 Gaylord Mi nes ta P , Pl fX LX P 0 "1 Q D 'Sim The One Fine Car In Its Field qwxgfd ,x A ffjrf J-fq.-I ...J ,J one Qaylorcf Merchanfile Go. A COMPLETE SHOPPING CENTER FOR THE FAMILY AND HOME AT REAL SAVINGS TO YOU 'SERVICE WITH A SMILE PHONE 70 GAYLORD Kenner Drug Sto re THE REXALL STORE On The Corner Highway 5 and 22 Cosmetics DuBarry, Cara Nome, Max Factor Gift Shop Featuring Fostoria and Imperial Candlewick Glassware PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Gaylord Phone 105 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlI Fountain Service-Sundaes-General Drugs R ON DELGER SURQE SERVICE DAIRY EQUIPMENT STEEL ROCK SILOS FAN PAC GAYLORD Phone 1809 H A KNOBEL Attorney at Law GAYLORD MINN LOTS OF LUCK CLASS OF n52n A F DYSTERHEFT M D Physician and Surgeon Gaylord Phone 88 8 H IMPLEMENT COMPANY 1- y I WNEWN AND USED FARM MACHINERY Phone 505 Gaylord Minnesota Good Luck Class of '52 LEGION THEATER Movies are better than ever Air Conditioned LOUIS VOIGT Proprietor Phone 28 Gaylord BRIARD MOTOR SERVICE 4 , ,, ill- N04 Gaylord Phone 55 BUT C VEVH7 QIHIZIRD EZEZEEZ RADIO 8 APPLIANCE SHOP R C A 8 PHI O RADIO A TELEVISION HOTPOINT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES DO YOUR SHOPPING AT THE FRIENDLa RED OWL STORE Donald Goodell Proprietor Phone 46 Gaylord Minnesota Busch f rotfz ers Phone 99 Shopping Center For e Newest Fashions Sportswear Shoes Food Products Gaylord Minnesota Dr M C Wallin DENTIST Office in Henke Block Second Floor Office Phone 225 Residence Phone 250 Gaylord Minnesota Th . . . LC I' g.a n : '- COMPLIMENTS OF mzens fate- Ba nk GENERAL BANKING WE APPRECIATE INSURANCE YOUR PATRONAGE MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PH ONE 54 GAYLORD, MINNESOTA Good Cleaning Means Smart Appearance LET US CLEAN IT Free Pick up and Delivery R IVERSON, PROP, Phone 5O Dr T M AAKER CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS QQ Earl W Fore O OPTOMETRIST Gaylord Phone 556 59400 sei office in Theater Building qppvvgt Phone 82 Gaylord, Minnesota GOETSCH OIL CO Gaylord Phone 8 CLARENCE DONNER SANITARY MEAT JEWELER MARKET The place to go, Quality Meats For names you know and Jewelry Glassware Watches Bulova Distributor Phone 515 J Good Luck and Best Wishes Class of '52 Oleehcln ELENATOR COMPANY nTop Prices Paid For Grain 'Walt A Phetn Phone 58 Feehan Gaylord If Sausages GEORGE PINSKE Prop Gaylord Phone l86 Best Wishes Class of '52 CULLIGAN SERVICE Bjarne Nielsen Phone PROP 500 I YS? . .n. M. . O I I I DENTIST X::iQj 7 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII QOUR OUJU HHRDUJHREQ GHHLURU HHRDLUHRE COWIPHHU HTC GEUERHL HHRDUJHRE D D G Qlson GAYLORD, MINNESOTA . WA KE Pr-es . . KUEHNER, Sec'y re en Lantern QQ e NA Place Where All Candies, Ice Cream Dinners, Lunches FINE BOWLING ALLEYS Gaylord Phone 24 HGUR SERVICE AT HOWIE 84 FREDDIES CAFE AWD TAVERN Featuring Meals and Lunches Temptingly Served Gaylord Phone 55 HeLdmdnn Drug Photographic Supplies Stationery Magazines Cosmetics Gifts Candy Gaylord Phone 159 Best Wishes To The Senior Class Wmuefte Qhevrolet Cars Trucks Battery Service 24 Hour Towing Service Gaylord Phone 45 Good Friends Meet.n PP950PiPti0U5 86 I IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII lm ternationccl Harvester Won hae

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Gaylord High School - Mem Wa Yearbook (Gaylord, MN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Gaylord High School - Mem Wa Yearbook (Gaylord, MN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 32

1952, pg 32

Gaylord High School - Mem Wa Yearbook (Gaylord, MN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 74

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Gaylord High School - Mem Wa Yearbook (Gaylord, MN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 33

1952, pg 33

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