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s NAME Futures 19 6 7 D. E. Gavit Jr. -Sr. High School 1670 175th Street Hammond, Indiana Vol. V; 1967 TABLE OF CONTENTS Opening 1 Academics 22 Sports 56 Organizations 82 People 110 Middle School 164 Advertisements 190 TODAY we pass through traditions marked with sentiment, fellowship, and qualities of leadership. During high school WE govern our selves and FOLLOW chosen leaders . . . old and young . . . pointing us toward the future. TOMORROW our presenc e will fade . . . traditions WE set will remain for those who follow. Others will take up the LEAD . . . as we move onward. School life at Gavit . . . the first day . . . decisions . . . classes . . . what to wear . . . studies . . . research papers . . . essays . . . term projects . . . service . . . office aids . . . monitors . . . Student Court . . . dating . . . mem- orable evenings . . . big events . . . goals . . . Student Lounge . . . graduation. . . . School spirit . . . apprehensive moments . . . jubilant cheers . . . well earned rewards . . . relaxed, reflective moments . . . enthusiasm . . . team support . . . forward to victory. tHomecomincf Spcirk i gladiator € ntkudiaAnx TRADITIONAL HANDSHAKE between team captains starts G.H.S. fourth annual Homecoming game as Band and Drill Team greet Clark High School fans A blazing bonfire and enthusiastic cheers of fans premiered Gavit’s fourth annual homecoming cele- bration on October 7 and 8. Parade entries in four divisions assembled on Sat- urday morning and proceeded through Gavit district midst noise of horns and cheers. Sporting new powder blue cords, Seniors proudly accepted the award for best class float, themed “We Wanna Bar Clark”. Winners in club divisions were GAA and B-Team Cheerleaders. Bob Dixon took honors for best in- dividual entry. Halftime festivities were highlighted by crowning of Jean Pearson, escorted by Bob Blaemire, as Home- coming Queen. Completing the court were candidates and escorts Sue Molnar and Dick Jones, Peggy Mon- zulla and Dave Flood, Betsy Haley and Mel Pickett, and Barb Housley and Buddy Marks. Winding up Homecoming Celebration was Student Council dance, attended by alumni and students alike. Music provided by two bands, The New Mys- tics and The Vandels, added continuous entertain- ment. FINAL TOUCHES by G.A.A. mem- bers brought first place win for homecoming float in club Division. 8 SENIORS PROUDLY accept trophy for class float, “We Wanna Bar Clark " . JEANIE PEARSON exhuberantly looks to escort Bob Blaemier as she is named Homecoming Queen. Steve Kennedy memoir gift to COUNCIL PRESIDENT presents homecoming Jeanie Pearson. 9 “ zDown Yf e.n ory ne” Aeme Spring DISPLAYING CHIVALRY of gay nineties, Ron Brown tries to capture RELAXING IN PARK of gay nineties, Choraleers entertain with music of era. attention of Sue Westman. SURROUNDING COUNCIL fire Girls ' Chorus chants melodies picturing life in Colonial America. 4 . 10 Concert; Uoir t ' ndemble ' Entertain Choral Department, under the direction of Mr. Thomas Clark, presented concerts for fall and holi- day season and a light program for spring. Religious and secular compositions, ranging from classical sounds to modern harmony themed fall concert. Mixed Chorus, Girls’ and Boys’ Choirs and Concert Choir composed program. Making their first concert appearance, the Choraleers, a mixed ensembled select- ed from Concert Choir sang popular music. Rhyth- mettes and Rhythmaires added to entertainment. Winter Concert of seasonal music was presented to celebrate holiday season. Choruses and choirs sang a variety of carols and traditional holiday music, with the combined choirs performing “And The Glory of The Lord” and ‘‘‘The Hallelujah Chorus” by Handel, accompanied by the Concert Orchestra. Highlighting the spring season was program en- titled Down Memory Lane, a musical history depict- ing eras of the American heritage. Girls’ Chorus chanted melodies of the American Indian. Girls’ and Beys’ Choirs and Rhythmaires portrayed soldiers, nurses and belles in presentation of war times, while Choraleers took a stroll through a park in the Gay Nineties. Concert Choir and the Dixieland Band turned the clock back to the New Orleans of the Roaring Twenties. FOLLOWING DRILL master, Rhythmaires practice steps as they entertain with songs of warfront and home. SONGS OF World War II highlighted performance of the Rhythmaires. IV “THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST " — L to R. : D. Hulpa, B. Blaemire, N. Lewis, K. Sax, S. Botsko, R. Diehl, J. Bisbee, M. Bonneau, D. Karlen. productions C cvclopc Student (Creativity “THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST” Cast John Worthing (Earnest) Bob Blaemire Algernon Moncrieff John Bisbee Reverend Cenon Chasuble Steve Botsko Merriman Diane Hulpa Lane Dale Karlen Lady Bracknell Kathy Sax Honorable Gwendoline Fairfax .. Nancy Lewis Cecily Cardew Michele Bonneau Miss Prism Ramona Diehl p « -m, ATTEMPTING TO WIN the affections of Cecily Cardew (Michell Bonneau), Algernon Monceif (John Bisbee) feverishly explains his complementary aspects. VELMA (Karen Farmer) looks dismally at prospective employer Miss EXEC UTIONIST (Roger Merkel) explains his position to warden (Al Lewin). Tracy (Ann Royal) in one-act, ’ Beat It Beatnik. " DOROTHY (Bonnie Bales) FREES Tin Woodsman (Sam Zack) from his immobile position while brainless Scarecrow (John Connors) expresses his astonishment. “1984” Cast Loudspeaker Voice Rick Demkovich Syme Gail Hartmann Parsons Kathy Sax Winston Smith Roger Merkel Messenger .. Linda Raykovich Coffee Vender Neena Natkin First Guard Mark Kunnemann Second Guard Andy Sciortino O’Brien Ron Brown Julia Janet Murfin Gladys Jill Stephens Landlady .... Alana Lundgren Martin Dick Jones Waitress Pat Goldner Goldstein’s Voice Chip Howatt Big Brother’s Voice Chip Howatt WINSTON (Roger Merkel) pleads to Julia (Janet Murfin) to have faith and declares, “We are not the dead; we are the living. " REHABILITATING Winston (Roger Merkel), O ' Brian (Ron Brown utilizes Room 101 as the symbol of truth to entrench facets o recognition, belief, and acceptance. LOar Ia ‘‘ ecice Sepre« eKt«5 SrotU r BETRAYED BY HER own daughter, a child spy, Pprsons (Kathy Sax) grimaces in pain. REBELLING BROTHERHOOD, Winton (Roger Merkel) resists guards because of belief in Goldstein philosophy. Jcleal in “ 1984 ” OLD AND LAME, Winston (Roger Merkel) unemotionally recalls his betrayal of Julia ' s (Janet Murfin) love. Southern Splendor TBrincj 6 Enchantment Reminiscent of the antebellum South, the Gavit gymnasium was transformed into “Southern Splen- dor”, for the Junior-Senior Prom, Friday, May 13. Upon entering, guests were received by officers in a magnolia lane with a picket fence and floral entwined arches. In addition, a plantation mansion, white wrought iron lawn furniture, gardens, and a waterfall fountain, twinkling with colored lights, graced the surroundings. The decorations were all part of the effort of the Junior class during free modules, lunch hours, and after school. After coronation by Cliff Aldrin, Junior class president, Betsy Haley and escort, Greg Looman, lead the Grand March of belles and beaus. Under a ceiling of blue angel hair, one hundred and fifty couples danced to the music of Buddy Mars. A puppet and balloon sculptering act, along with the Gents provided additional music and entertainment. A midnight supper of prime rib of beef was served. And a 3:30 breakfast in the cafeteria con- cluded prom festivities. BETSY HALEY, reigning Prom Queen of " bd”, bestows a grateful smile upon her domain as they present her with a dozen roses. 16 ncl YYlemorieo to unioro and sSenioro .fa » y $ j f- » , ' v A’i ■ ALKING THROUGH a rose covered trellis, Sally Bewley and Tom Haack in other couples on the dance floor. ENRAPTURED by the scenic beauty, Dick Jones and Linda Raykovich view Southern Splendor with admiration. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS and representatives head the recep- tion line as they greet Dan Gnass and Thetno Sutton entering the ballroom to take part in the festivities. 0u totuncl ing Studento tc ckieve ‘ " Recognition FALL DAR and ARION AWARD winner — Kathy Sax. GIRLS STATERS — Debbie Jones, Debbie Vance, Frances Zivich. SPRING DAR AWARD WINNER— Roger Merkel. BOYS STATERS— Stuart Benson, Roger Baker. OUTSTANDING SENIORS— Kathy Sax, Steven Kennedy. OUTSTANDING MUSICIANS— ARION AWARD— Dave Winski; SOUSA AWARD— Kerry Koehler; NATIONAL ORCHESTRA AWARD— Sara Solan. zA. : TI lixe4$ in cfall and S princf Gavit’s seventh annual Pancake Breakfast was marked by crowds of hungry ticket-holders waiting to be served Aunt Jemima pancakes from four rotating grills. Students and faculty gave their services to assure smooth running. Headed by Mr. Lawrence Bewley and Mr. Joseph Goodnight, ticket sales raised needed money for up and coming activities. During Back-to-School Night, parents were re- minded of past experiences as they followed sched- ules of their students and proceeded through mock school day. Taking the chance for discussion with teachers, parents learned of problems and progress. PANCAKES POSE no problem as a pre-schooler prepares to enjoy breakfast. LADEN WITH food a typical table of hungry patrons eat heartily. PANCAKE WORKER, Mr. Jose Cruz-Alvarez, stacks dishes in lieu of rush. 20 BACK-TO-SCHOOL night finds parents checking programs, following schedules, and attending classes and lectures. LECTURER, Mr. Tom Chintis, outlines and explains Geography course for onlooking parents on Back-toSchool night. 21 c4ccw(em ic 4 Studies . . . preparation . . . presentation . . . review . . . toward achievement. Students (§ain 3£nowledcfe rcucflt sSummer WATCHING INTENTLY as Mr. Harvey Zaun explains mechanical operation of the automobile are Sally Foster, Sue Bergman and Marsha Dockery. DURING EARLY MORNING driving ses- sion, student wisely uses his spare time to study outside on school benches. 24 cUool Curriculum Summer school began June 6 yith two-hundred sixty-four students enrolled in Driver’s Education and five-hundred and seven starting academic classes for the eight week period. Nine instructors taught techniques of defensive driving. Students drove an average of one hour per week and were exposed to all types of driving situa- tions involving various kinds of traffic conditions. When students were not driving, they viewed movies, listened to lectures by guest speakers, and partici- pated in textbook discussion. Two-hour class periods enabled students to ac- quire knowledge of a whole semester’s work in the fields of science, developmental reading, English, history, math, and business. Developmental reading students completed a series of speed reading films and power building exercises which increased reading speeds to more than four hundred words a minute. A new highlight enjoyed by history classes was a sight-seeing tour of Hammond at which time students learned of the facts, people, and legends behind the founding of the city and surrounding area. Sixty-four members of the band and Drill Team at- tended Summer Band Camp at Tippicanoe State Park, where they acquired knowledge of instrumental tech- niques and developed pre-game and half-time shows. WITH CONCENTRATED expression, Goil Meltz studies library material. DEMONSTRATING proper typing techniques and home row keys, Mrs. Olga O ' Toole stresses to students the need for skill and accuracy. 25 MR. JOSE ALVAREZ speaks in dialog with Spanish I students who try grasping the language. U Uencje intellect Spanish, along with French, German and Latin, offered a four year curriculum, though only two years were required for college preparation. Lan- guages stressed speaking as students acquired struc- tural skills, and demonstrated aptitude through quizzes and tests. Language Department expanded boundries to in- clude Russian, the second Slavic language offered in the curriculum. Students became familiar with the language and obtained information about the country and customs. Memorization of exercises with grammar reading demonstrated learning techniques. Dialogue and dialect implanted elocution structure with continuation of previous programs in German classes. Latin instruction presented fundamentals in first and second years through context, and transla- tion in third year Latin. French films stressed the importance of expression and pronunciation while holding attention through visual aid. The movie Je Parle employed use of language study. Applicants of the Indiana honors test, Mike Wilson and Roger Merkel, were two of the thirty highest scorers, making them eligible to become exchange students to Germany. STUDENT PONDER alphabet as Roger Merkel explains the difference in “znaks”. Miss Maryann Sabol finds students learn faster through participation in class activities. 26 DEMONSTRATING different tense forms Gale Hartman conjugates a troublesome Latin verb while Bob Blamire explains its function in sentence form MR. MARTIN HUNT collects written homework after answering ques- tions for pupils. STUDENTS make use of recorded lessons by listening to tapes. t department CxtcnclA Curriculum English Department featured a variety of required and elective courses to interest and aid GHS stu- dents. To meet requirements for graduation, students were offered choices of College Prep, Practical, or General English. Future collegiates enrolled in Col- lege Prep classes, and excellerated to advanced ma- terial in grammar and literature. Grads seeking posi- tions in the business world polished practical skills in Practical English. General English combined grammar and literature in course of study. Electives afforded opportunity for students to broaden interests in certain areas. World Literature probed history and influences of great literature as related to the society and culture of the period. Budding authors developed skills in composition of various types, and contributed to “The Voice of Youth”, a column appearing in the Chicago Tribune featuring articles of area youth. Several entered the essay contest sponsored by Indiana University in hopes of winning scholarship rewards. Amateur jour- nalists studied mass media in revised Journalism course. Developing techniques of journalistic writing, students had opportunity to elect newspaper or yearbook for their second semester. WORLD LITERATURE EXTENDS into the oriental land of China, as Mr. Larry Wray discusses Chinese literature with attentive listeners en- gaged in note-taking. 28 PREPARING ROUGH draft for a theme in English, Joanna Moser gains experience in expressing her ideas and thoughts. SCANNING CARD catalogue Mike Wilson hunts reference material for research paper. Class listens to Mr. Gary Kallaus expounding on introduction to poetry. : 0ecider6 f Speaker , Reamed sSkilt Stagecraft, a new addition to the Drama depart- ment, dealt mainly with the technical aspects of the stage. Class projects included designing and con- structing flats, experimenting with painting effects, and reupholstering furniture. Senior High classes further investigated the intri- cacies of the theater. Through class performances they exemplified their knowledge of acting and gained ex- perience in make-up application and play production. Speech orators demonstrated capability to deliver clear and articulate recitations through impromptu speeches. Utilizing theories on public speaking, speech classes emphasized the value of well prepared oratory work. Techniques and mechanics were stressed. Stu- dent applied oratory ability in the specialized fields of debate, legislative speaking, and radio announcing. A major aspect of Developmental Reading was individualized instruction for each student’s appti- tude. Reading rates were advanced at the student’s own level, speed, and, interest. Speed reading films and classroom drills utilized note taking and vocabu- lary building. Science Research Associates presented advanced reading and comprehension material. INTRIGUING SPEECH I CLASS, Marsha Alexanderson persuades classmates to understand her point of view while Mr. Roland Unkuri appraises and grades her presentation. UTILIZING READING accelerator, Tim Irk strives for reading speed a: Becky Brown and Jim Federoff review material. ■Ml 4 - JUNIOR JOURNALISTS Margaret Burdeau, Becky Ericksen, and Kathy Ganz entertain classmates with commercial presentation in study af mass communication via television skits. SPEECH STUDENTS Rick Biancardi and Coleen DuPree sample cotton candy as part of a required demonstration speech. sS ociciocf f codded to sSociaL vSc ienceo LECTURE ON BEHAVIOR PATTERNS of middle class high school from Kinsey report is given to Psychology class by Mr. Gene Connors. Psychology course widened in scope as more stu- dents probed the theories of Freud, and pseudo-sci- ences. In addition to studying personality, abnormal behavior, and the learning processes, text was supple- mented by classroom discussion and experiments. Highlights of course were programs by guest speakers and a field trip to Beatty Memorial Hospital. Analyzing major problems of society, students of new Socia l Problems course attempted to relate the individual to society. Problems of juvenile delin- quency, population explosion, family breakdown, and the aged in society were probed to find roots. SOCIOLOGY STUDENTS Larry Bradburn, John Austgen, Ted Porter, and Charles Savickis break up into unit groups for general panel discussions on the social family structure and the environment problems it encompasses. DISECTING A LOBSTER, Mary Janek and James McGaha listen to comments from instructor Miss Francis Kasperek. READING INSTRUCTIONS from book, Paul Shaddy guides Mike Shutko and Diane Bartowski through experiment. 33 B.S.C.S. students, Cathie Whitney and Sandy Sanders test reflex action of a frog ' s heart. BIOLOGY students examine systems of a muskrat emphasizing the location of the mammals kidney, liver, and other vital organs. 34 sSc ience ' xpcMcl l ru xper intent Science Department introduced Economic Biology, a new course dealing with economic importance of plants and animals to man. Studies involved food pro- duction and types of food produced as rubber, cotton, and flax. Explored were processing techniques and product obtainment. Undertaken were projects of tree and shrub planting, displaying landscaping techniques through beautification of school grounds. Action in doing was the . key to applied biology, shown by field trips to a water purification plant, a butcher shop, and a ’journey to a greenhouse. Facts of purification, local wild animals, the best cuts of meat off a steer, and plant studies were accomplished as a result of the visits. Dissections of field mice, sheep’s heart, muskrat and opposum were added to lab work in B.S.C.S., with regular biology classes dissecting plants and animals. Formulas tested the mental stamina and alertness of Physics students, as they pondered basic facts with theorems and vectors. Sound, lights, and heat were ideas test-tubed and tried in class discussions. Chemistry classes studied electron configuration of atoms, electron dot symbols, gas laws, stoichmestoi chemistry, hydrated atoms, atomic weight and atomic numbers. TESTING the force of a crone boom, Kathi Taylor and Mary Rodivich collect data for their laboratory write up. PREPARING EXPERIMENT, Jim Kasprzycki and Pat Vance study report. 35 ANALYZING DIAGRAM, Dan Foster and Mr. Delbert Stevens attempt to solve vicious geometry problem. GENERAL MATH class listens attentively as Mr. Robert Jack- son reviews the classes’ home- work and illustrates problems on the blackboard. 36 £-AlACll j6i6 Gfh r Ualloncfe to Senior General mathmen canvassed basic arithmetic. Stu- dents juggled income tax forms and struggled for black ink budgets. Preview of algebra and geometry rounded out the year-long term. Algebra classes deciphered equations, ratios and formulas. Notebooks of homework and tests stored reference and review material. Handed in at nine week intervals, folders determined the period’s effort grade. Setting personal speed rate, U.I.C.S.M. mathema- ticans tackled geometrial theories with self proofs. Students pondered over a “thinking process” vital to solvement of problems. Angles of triangles, octagons and squares taxed gray matter of geometry students. Solving triangular bisection problems were the type of problems to be solved during the course. ANALYTICAL THEOREMS, basic to the understanding of solutions, are tackled by Sue Bergman with help of Mr. Marshell Del Greco. LEAST COMMON multiplier and greatest common factor stump student Nancy Lewis who takes notes in preparation for future test. iSocial sStudied Outline ‘people, ‘ ' ' Piet ce Social Studies Department offered a series of courses from World Geography to Economics as well as elective courses. Freshmen began with World Geography, where they learned important factors of the world’s physical features. Sophomores traced world developments from prehistoric times through the World Wars in World History I and II. United States History classes traced important events in the growth of the United States. Students took pride in the American Heritage as they found under- lying structures of democratic government. Seniors developed an interest in current affairs as they found practical applications for principles of democratic government and capitalistic economy. Writing term papers and collecting pertinint news- clippings were added to classroom lectures and discussions. Far Eastern History provided opportunity for inter- ested students to probe problems of Asian countries. Current History offered a means of analysis of contemporary ideas in government and history of modern times. DEFENDING his answers. Bob Zimmerman, confers with Miss Diane Clinton on his latest Government exam. PUPILS FOCUS attention on Bob Dockery as he elaborates on articles found for Contemporary History. In a special report Bob proved the old theory that history repeats itself. REVIEWING PAST chapters, Joyce Fornari and Jim Shultman review im- portant events and countries in preparation for a test in World History. LOCATING EUROPE ' S major rivers, John Myers emphasizes their im- PROS AND CONS of feudal government are stressed by Mr. John portance to economy in Mr. lorry Bewley ' s geography class. Swanson in his Far Eastern History class. r PupiL» cAcc uire sSkill Otru performance CREDIT ENTERIES ore explained by Mr. Donald lucchi to Bob Bialon and Bev Crook in Bookkeeping Class. PARTAKING IN rotation schedule, pupils work with rotary calculator and full key adding machine. 40 A new elective, Business English, was offered to students who wished to grasp concepts of English in relation to Business. Stenography was offered to those interested in professional secretarial work as a career. Speed and accuracy were stressed in Typing and Shorthand, while general business gave an overall view of the business world. Bookkeeping utilized numerical side of Math-minded. Four semester courses were offered in Bookkeeping and Typing, where students delved into problems pertaining to office work. Shorthand classes encom- passed two semesters. A work plan resume was fol- lowed in Office Machines, which gave practical ap- plications in use of calculators, adding machines, duplicators, and minographs. Consumer Economics applied procedures of Busi- ness world related to family income. Juniors and Seniors who planned a single semester of typing were presented with Personal Typing. This included stu- dents who had taken Midde School typing and wished to continue in an accelerated manner of Typing. DISTINGUISHING LABLES are pointed out on Betsy Haley ' s coat by MAKING UP a shorthand lesson, Kothy Mitchell translates to Mrs. Debbie Hurd in consumer economics. Gerry Mullin. CONCENTRATING on perfect transcription in timed drills, stenography students race for speed as Mrs. Essie Mott oversees progress. Economy cd-ccentecl in iomemalziny Foods I and II classes prepared breakfasts and lunch dishes and advanced to preparation of dinners with meat, with supplementary review of table arrangement and ettiquette. Advanced Foods III concentrated on planning meals to suit different budgets as they learned art of making yeast breads and other difficult dishes. Home Nursing course stressed care of the sick in the home, mastering bed-making and thermom- eter reading. Safety measures and accident preven- tion were observed. Future homemakers chose fabrics and furniture for homes in Home Management. After house plans were drawn to scale, rooms were decorated. Clothing students chose patterns for skirt, jumper, and blouse and selected fabric for each. In addition, good grooming was reviewed during first semester. Second semester work was devoted to completion of a dress, blouse, and pleated skirt. Clothing III class made suits and coats as they used advanced skills and learned to economize on clothing. Required for new Clothing IV were a dressy dress, child’s gar- ment, and a restyled garment. MASTERING THE ART of muffin making, students observe Miss Mary Jo Me Morrow’s baking techniques. DICTATING DIRECTIONS, Janice Earl guides Alice Skalbo as she adds finishing touches to her winter suit made of wide wale corduroy. 42 FUNDAMENTALS of interior decorating are demonstrated by Mrs. Geraldine Weiland, with students diagrams of home furnishings. A MULTICOLOR SPRING fabric was the choice of Kathy Janick for her clothing 1 class project. EXPERIMENTS IN CREATIVITY are encouraged as chalk drawings of Mike Martin, David Lain, Kerry McCutchin and Bob Petree take on form and shape of their own ideas portrayed in abstract in Art Projects. DESIGNING A MODEL HOME, molding clay, and using glass in silk screening are some of the many opportunities to expand in Art Projects, as shown by Paul Lashbrook, Gene White and John Rippe. (cArtiete Expand cAbility ‘ ' Practice Beginning art students worked on projects cen- tering around principles of variety, harmony, sym- metry, and asymmetry. Printing and drawing were done, thus giving example to the tools of texture, line, color, form and space. Second semester artists became sculptors as they represented figures with wire, plaster, and paper mache, molded and shaped pottery and chipped and chiseled wood into forms. Illustrated by their constructions were the qualities of tri-dimension and spacial perception. Art projects, third semester, gave students freedom to pursue and cultivate varying interests from oil painting to lettering. In addition, the art department made decorations for fall and winter choral concerts and highlighted showcases with holiday design. Using a college textbook Art History students undertook the study of art from past to present. Viewing slides of sculpture and architectural paint- ings helped students to compare the development of styles and techniques. Included in class activities were research papers on topics of individual interest and field trips to the Art Institute. Art History involves students in all phases and periods of prehistoric and historic art. Comparison, contrast, and similarity are examined in group discussion led by Miss Beulah Seckinger. 45 INTRODUCING GRAPHIC ARTS, Mr. Richard Clausen illustrates operating parts of offset press to Rita Moss, Valerie Thinnes and Dan Grabski. USING DRAFTING EQUIPMENT Mrs. Dougherty helps George Van Slyke scale his house plan. BENDING AND SHAPING metal rods with di-acro machine, Bob Igyarto and Rick Dixon are aided in Metal Shop by Mr. Norm Banas. 46 J$kopo (OH er or draining in : YI Jficltineo Learning to operate the photo offset camera and letter press were the beginnings of fundamental com- position taught in Graphic Arts I. Progressing on to the second semester, students applied new knowl- edge to solving problems such as designing, preparing, and binding to specifications. Advanced classes con- tinued their studies in more detail while assisting on Scroll and general school publication productions. A pew method in plastic casting along with foun- dary and welding work were main projects in metal shop class. Mechanical drawing enthusiasts continued the ex- amination of the arch and machine, besides exploring the devolopment of drawing, students mastered use of the drawing board, angle and T-square. In wood shop class amateur craftsmen learned both sides of the wood working art by employing hand and machine driven tools in their constructions. Handiwork ranged from candle sticks and salad bowls to chests and card tables. Fundamentals of electricity was the first topic to be taken up by the electric shop students. Once mastered, the next step involved electricians working with formulas, applying tests and experiments, and finally evaluat ing results. In addition apprentice electricians probed prob- lems involving household wiring and the making of simple machines. Power mechanics course was initiated in fall semes- ter. The new shop introduced students to several types of power mechanics and the function of ma- chines in relation to internal combustion engines. UNDER SUPERVISION of Mr. Erwin Brouer, Woodshop students Don Marlow, Tom Guzek and Dave Chorba lower roof to scale model house for completion of construction project. 47 SPOTTED BY CLASSMATES, tumblers prove their skill on gymnastic equip- ment as classmates watch with interest and await turns to perform. CONCENTRATING ON STEPS, square dancers practice and master grand right and left of traditional dance. I ' EtovjA 5 eep J-it with m sSportA The girl’s physical education department began the ’66 school year by procuring new sports equipment. After using the oys’ apparatus for several years, hockey sticks, shin guards, assorted square dance records, a vaulting horse and parallel bars were ob- tained. The fall season started with the fast moving game of field hockey and then swung into square dancing. Acquiring the skills of serving and dribbling, the girls moved through volley ball and basketball. Techniques for bowling were stressed via films, but for actual bowling, the girls joined G.A.A. for a vari- ety of extra curricular activities. Experience in team sports rounded out the cur- riculum for boys’ phys. ed. classes. Weight training, a new activity, was added to the agenda to teach boys the proper use of weightsets. Isometric and iso- tonic exercises were used as body building imple- ments. Work units were set up for students to learn the rules and basic techniques of various pinning combinations. The phys. ed. program also included soccer, fly football, basketball, volleyball, tumbling, gymnastics soccey, track and field events, and softball. SISTED BY upperclassmen young grappfers learn techniques of wrestling. EYEING BALL AS it soars over net, volleyball enthusiasts strive to win as teams vie in interclass competition. cn eu? (gold ' " Blazers rcUe6tr Orchestra was given a boost with new gold blazers and their first student teacher in the first half of fall semester. In April, the Orchestra acquired the highest rating for bands of its size in Northern Indiana. Band divisions were many and varied. Marching band, Pep band, Dance band, and Orchestra divisions of String and the new Woodwind sections combined to make a wide curriculum. Student goals were reached through the oppor- tunity to explore all types and levels of music as well as becoming better acquainted with their in- strument. Efforts were made to expose pupils to good music and concepts of music theory were dis- played and discussed. Variety provided both cultural aspects to in- spire and spirited selections at school activities which gave unity and sparked enthusism. Band executed a special service to Gavit and the com- munity by its performances. INVOLVED IN the rythemic movement of the music, Mr. Donald Balk conducts Orchestra with a masterful hand. BRASS SECTION of band consisting of Dale Keller, Paul Shode, Jim Pose, Robert Schneider, and Steve Farmer practice in harmony with help of Mr. Donald Balk. 50 CONCERT BAND — Front row ; A. Royal, L. Ghadik, K. Koehler, S. Gyure, M. Young, C. Shanta, R. Carlson, M. Permuda. Second row: M. Horn, S. Farmer, R. Lynch, D. Keller, P. Shuddy, R. Schneider, L. Raksannyi, S. Mulvihill, N. Appleman, M. Burns, S. Levin, S. Wilkenson, R. Lewin, A. Hanna, K. Permuda, B. Kucharski, J. Vandersteen, G. Hartman. Third row: CONCERT ORCHESTRA — Front row : S. Solon, S. Klockow, K. Vasnosess, J. Murfield, B. Blessing, D. Hudson, A. Stevens, J. Douthette, S. Mulvihill, K. Koehler. Second row: R. Barnes, L. Kanzawa, R. Lanfald, M. Milo- saylrek, J. Rakannyi, S. Pendrick, S. Sutherland, R. Mitchell, P. Papas, S. Stenholm, G. Hartman, C. Shanta, R. Carlson, M. Permuda, H. Kulik, M. Shutko, A. Shea. Third row: T. Stevens, B. Webb, D. Morelli, N. Isacs, D. Goble, B. Kindle, M. Milne, K. Clower, R. Wilson, J. Zuba, T. Hanna, D. Vance, K. Sluzewski, R. Bibzak, D. Ross, T. Zyla, J. Bisbee, C. Andis, A. Shea. Back Row ; G. VanAlmen, J. Pederson, S. Allen, B. Blaemire, D. Flood, M. Petrovich, Directors, Mr. D. Balk, and Mr. D. Debes. T. Ortega, J. Zubak, C. Gaiser, D. Cross, J. Reskin, E. Reiter, S. Wilken- son, M. Burns, L. Rakannyi, R. Bibzak, A. Royal, L. Ghadik, K. Sluzewski, N. Appleman, M. Young, $. Gyure. Fourth row: K. Clower, M. Milne, B. Kindle, D. Goble, M. Horn, S. Farmer, R. Lynch, D. Keller. Back row: J. Bisbee, G. VanAlman, J. Pederson, B. Blaemire, D. Flood, Directors, Mr. D. Debes, and Mr. D. Balk. 51 GIRLS ' CHOIR — Front row: D. Bonner, S. Frysztak, B. Crook, P. Monzulla, P. Lucht, K. Brenman (secretary), P. Vance (president), D. Hulpa, J. Ko- miniak, B. Kush, G. Churilla, K. Borchardt, C. Neel, K. Lax, D. Lottiel, B. Naftzer. Second row: S. Underwood, F. Zivich, A. Kollar, B. Callahan, L. Lipsig, S. Schlef, J. Oprisko, J. Yaney, C. Leicht, L. Yandel, J. Bodnar, L. Zuffa, L. Benda, L. Barton, B. Basanda, C. Litton. Third row : S. Klockow, BOY ' S CHOIR — Front row : F. Gomez, M. Blamire, T. Harris, B. McGlauglin, F. Etnire, G. Robbins, B. Miller, J. Wendell, R. Stookey, G. Kicera, B. Michaels, J. Tcholkas. Second row: T. Shandley, J. Snider, C. Curtis, P. Perry, D. Carlin, B. Overland, R. Ordway, J. Dearmond, T. Hannah, B. P. Bain, C. Gray, L. Johnson, L. Gadjik, K. Sluzewski, B. Brown, K. Demkovich, C. Litton, B. Teets, S. Lessig, D. Heifer (vice president), S. Miller, S. Witulski, L. Junkens, W. Wojciehowski, D. Hester. Back row: A. Royal, B. Welch, S. Jones, R. Diehl, J. Grovich, C. Bauer, S. Daugh- erty, S. Grovich, P. Bugochi, D. Skafish, T. Baltes, J. Oprisko, B. Dycus, A. Cantrell, R. Van Gorp, N. Barnhart, T. Smith. Oram, J. Magala, T. Pearson, Mr. T. Clark. Back row: D. Allegro, R. Braun, T. Linhimier, M. Haughec, K. Gaisser, B. Dixon, J. Bisbee, J. Deboer, B. White, R. Fandrei, D. Honeyacre, R. Allen, T. Ferrence. 52 Student i6cover alenta in c m UAlG CONDUCTING REHEARSAL, Mr. Thomos Clark directs group in prep- aration for concert. CONCERT CHOIR — First row : S. Molnar (secretary), J. Canale, J. Ferguson, D. Hurd, D. Wendall, D. Jones (secretary), D. Williams, M. Sanders, M. Walker, D. Winski, K. Sax (business manager), S. Stenholm, S. Ruttledge, A. Miller. Second row: B. Adams, L. Farmer, D. Cross, K. Detterline, J. Vandersten, L. Gaisser, L. Fyte, R. Krasnican, B. Yockey, A. Lewin, D. Hudson, S. Zack, M. Hebda (vice president, accompanist), P. Elliott (ac- Choral Department students were offered a wide choice of classes where they could display their musical talents. Music Theory helped to prepare students for future at the college or professional level. Studying the complexities of music and composing original tunes helped to fulfill this task. Glee Club, a non-selective beginning group, acted as a training choir. Fundamentals of music theory were taught along with proper singing methods and techniques. Boy’s and Girl’s Choir made up the intermediate groups which studied advanced musical literature. From these groups students were auditioned and selected for Concert Choir. Concert Choir acted as the ultimate choir in the Choral Department. As advanced music was studied, the class demanded much preparation and study. Concert Choir served as a performing group, averag- ing ten appearances in and out of school. Concert Choir entertained shoppers in the mall of the Woodmar Shopping Center singing familiar and traditional carols. Members sangs songs for an eve- ning concert in Hyde Park Methodis.t Church. companist), W. Ganser, A. Cunningham. Third row: S. Solan, P. Pease, G. Meltz, E. Kula, L. Robson, R. Mercer, R. Jarnecke, N. Jett, R. Brown (president), E. Doyle, S. Foster, D. Zimny, K. Bossinger, K. Bajusz. Back row: B. Bales, B. Leeny, D. Vance, S. Bewley, S. Hansen, S. Westman, L. Raykovich, K. Chase, B. Roberts, C. Barnhart, C. Fandrei, R. Borst, M. Peterson, L. Schneider, D. Jones, R. Crom (accompanist). 53 ©» oraleero introduced to Community Soloists and ensembles ventured to Butler Uni- versity in February to participate in Indiana vocal contest. Fort Wayne found Girls’ Choir and Con- cert Choir competing for honors in Indiana State Choir Contest. Activities of choirs also included preparing music for city wide music festival, Fine Arts Festival and Baccalaureate. Rhythmaires, dressed as soldiers and sailors, made their first appearance in Spring Concert, singing war songs popular in the 1940’s. Rhythmettes clad in loden green jumpers and white blouses entertained at Fall Concert and Christmas concert and assem- bly. Choraleers, newly formed choral ensemble, se- lected from Concert Choir, performed for many out- side appearances with boys dressed in white dinner jackets and girls in wool dresses. Their repertoire was mostly popular music. CHORALEERS Front row, J, Ferguson, M. Peterson, P. Elliot, K. Sax, L. Mr. Thomas Clark, sponsor; D. Winski, R. Jarnecke, C. Barnhart, C. Farmer. Back row: M. Hebda, S. Westmon, S. Foster, L. Fyte, S. Hansen, Fondrei, R. Krasnichan, R. Brown, R. Yockey. 34 34 31 KS4 31 31 ■ MUSIC THEORY STUDENTS Beth Basanda, Frances Zivich, Mike Stiglitz, and Sara Solan listen as Mr. Thomas Clark coaches Kathy Sax in the basics of music composition and musical harmony. RHYTHMETTES — Front row: A. Miller, J. Canale, S. Frysztak. Second row: B. Bales, B. Callahan. Third row: D. Cross, K. Detterline, $. Bewley. Fourth row; P. Elliott, F. Zivich. Fifth row: K. Bossinger, C. Gray, D. Jones. Sixth row : L. Gaisser, D. Zimney. Seventh row : P. Vance, M. Hebda, P. Bogucki. RHYTHMAIRES — Front row: M. Blaemire, L. Hill. Second row: M. Walker, F. Etnire, R. Stool ' ey. Third row: D. Hudson,. J. Kucsere. Fourth row: D. Karlen, C. Curtis, G. Rabbins. Fifth row: J. DeArmond, R. Braun. Sixth row: K. Gaisser, M. Haugher, S. Zack. Seventh row ; J. Bisbee, T. Linne- meir. Eighth row : R. Fandrei, Mr. T. Clark, D. White. 55 Y . C 10. 0o«JereMce Varsity gridmen finished first year of Northwest Conference play against state-rated teams of Morton, E.C. Washington and E.C. Roosevelt. Defeated in primary N.W. conference play with Morton, Gladiaters bounced back with a whopping 7-1 per-point tally against the River Forest Ingots. It was an uphill struggle as a spirited eleven suc- cumbed in remaining conference games. Versatile junior linebacker, Dennis Bond and senior tackle John Austgen gained Tri-City All Star Team recognition. Honorable mention on Tri-City team went to Tom Guzek, Gene Sojka and John Williams. OPP. VARSITY GHS 0 F ootball-O-Rama Bishop Noll 0 14 Morton 0 7 River Forest 39 32 EC Roosevelt 6 31 Whiting 7 41 Clark 6 27 EC Washington 2 36 Morton 7 27 Hammond High 14 25 Hammond Tech 13 CATCHING BREATH as game closes, Tri-City Allstar, John Williams typifies team morale as he watches progress of second string teammates. VARSITY — Front row : D. Winski, J. Van Lue, D. Wendell, B. Yockey, M. Martin, T. Welch, C. Aldrin, M. Janiga, T. White, C. Ortega, I. Bradburn, T. McKay, M. Sanders. Second row : W. Humble, S. Benson, J. Hines, J. Parks, D. Bond, D. Rietman, R. Mercer, B. Bartnik, J. Austgen, R. Thompson, T. Guzek, K. Knierieman. Back row: Coach Paul Brush, Mr. G. Smith, T. Fortenbury, T. Ganser, S. Pasko, J. Williams, S. Farmer, J. Kiser, J. Eisen, G. Sojka, L. Templeton, B. Roberts, Coach Tom Chintis. rium pliant IB-team iSUowa avit sSpirit Gavit’s B-Team gridiron upheld Gladiator tradi- tion as they posted a 4-1 season for 1966. Rushed by such rivals as Hammond High, E.C. Roosevelt, and E.C. Washington, Gavit racked up continuous victories, with only a close game against Morton marring their season. B-Team members gained valuable knowledge for next fall from experience obtained by playing along side varsity teammates. The fine potential that will be needed to fight in the tough Northwest Confer- ence was shown throughout the season. OPP. JUNIOR VARSITY GHS 7 Lake Central 13 7 EC Roosevelt 13 3 EC Washington 9 6 Morton 6 7 Hammond High 24 SIMULTANEOUSLY catching opponent and " pigskin”, sophomore pass re- ceiver Ray Smith tallys another complete pass for Gavit B-team gridmen. B-TEAM — Front row: J. McKay, E. Turbyfill, D. Wilson, S. Weiss, M. Farrenkoff, D. Davis, G. Anderson, S. Howerton. Second row: B. Demsey, A. Fortenbury, Silalius, R. Smith, R. Miotke, J. Novotney, R. Shutko, D. Foster, B. Gay, C. Bens8n. Back row: Coach Paul Brush, D. Catterton, T. Myzak, M. Morales, B. Phillips, P. Ferguson, M. Merrick, L. Bergstrom, Mr. G. Smith, Coach Tom Chintis. MBHf BBaiJty | 9HHHEnhfKaAMmi ■ FRESHMAN — Front row, C. Depew, B. Hansen, F. Etnire, B. Dock, A. D. Hoffman. D. Budreau, J. Cargal. D. Doss, S. Kavois, C. Muir. Back Flores, D. Swanson, W. Werth, S. Sieker. Second row: K. Trotmon, J, row: Mr. J. Shilling, R. Wotkin, D. Cummings, B. Emig, D. White, T. Snyder, J. Fezi, J. Winkley, J. Tsolokos, J. Wendel, M. Haughee, T. Angelich, Coach Don Poland. Cosgrove, S. Daniels. Third row: B. Quayle, J. Seward, D. Salczumski, J-realxman footballers Z{pkold tradition Freshmen gricliers exhibited forceful courage as they experienced their first season of high school competion. Coach James Shilling stated that the boys were potentially fine football players and overcame major disadvantages. The first year gridmen faced a tough schedule meeting foes Hammond High, Morton and East Chicago Roosevelt. Injuries to key men hurt the frosh team’s possibilities, but not their fighting spirit agreed coaches Donald Poland and David Theis. Hopefully, these fighting freshmen will fill the gaps in the 1968 junior varsity team. The frosh gridmen were captained by Craig Muir and John Cargal. OPP. FRESHMAN GHS 25 Roosevelt 0 14 Whiting 26 25 Clark 0 20 E.C. Washington 12 28 Morton 13 20 Hammond H.S. 0 CHARING OPPOSING Whiting defenders, sophomore fullback Bill Gay trudges into " Oiler " territory to tally up points while gaining yardage. 61 VARSITY — Front row: B. Igyarto, P. Sills, T. Sartoris, J. Juscik. Back row: Coach Earl Freuling, B. Jukich, R. Allen, D. Winkley, R. Fandrei, J. Shultman. AS HE PASSES TIMER, returning letterman Allen Miller grinds out last grueling stretch of two mile run. STRETCHING OUT his pace, freshman John Ladowicz pulls out in front of E.C. Washington harrier, and takes lead for Gavit hill and daler B-Team. 62 %iill and iDalerd t)mprove ' Record Gavit’s road runners, competing in the tough North- west Conference, finished with a 7-8 record. Overall, the Glads finished with a 9-9 dual meet record. The team’s best showings were their wins over E.C. Roosevelt, Clark, Horace Mann and Tech. The mighty Gladiators won over Munster 24-32 as Paul Sills finished first, Allen Miller fourth, and a string of Glads following immediately behind. The City Track Meet in October left sprinters in third place losing second place by one point. VARSITY TRACK OPP. WON LOST Munster 1 0 Hammond Tech, Michigan City 1 1 City Meet 3 2 Emerson, Valpo, Tolleston 0 3 Morton, Hobart, Froebel 1 2 Andrean Invitational 9 10 E.C. Washington, Hammond High, Wallace 1 2 Hammond Tech, E.C. Roosevelt, Whiting 2 1 E.C. Roosevelt, Clarke, Mann 3 0 Hobart Invitational 9 15 Sectional 11 8 CATCHING BREATH, outstanding senior track star, Paul Sills, watches progress of meet as teammates cross finish line. B-TEAM — Front row: J. Stevens, D. Mansueto, R. Kohut, J. DeArmond, S. Smith. Back row: R. Otto, T. Shultman, K. Black, E. Hanning, D. DeArmond. 4 Ua r ity 0ictorie6 J-iU sSccrebcarcl VARSITY OPP. GHS 82 Griffith 61 82 Highland 66 73 Gary Roosevelt 62 70 Wallace 76 61 Valparaiso 62 82 Emerson 64 68 Tech 66 68 Clark 75 63 T.F. North 91 79 Morton 77 82 E.C. Washington 75 74 Noll 71 84 Tech 96 76 E.C. Roosevelt 68 79 HHS 57 83 Clark 78 62 Whiting 73 93 Andrean 83 75 Munster 62 78 Crown Point 71 64 Clark Invitational 87 98 Tech (Sectional) 84 DESPITE SHIN splints, forward, Rick Hochman, goes for two point lay-in. Gavit’s varsity basketball five embarked on its first season in the rugged Northwest Conference. The well-respected Glads gave teams a rough time, even though their 5-6 conference record and 7-15 season do not look very impressive. Valparaiso was one of the mighty Gladiators unsuspecting victims as it was a nip and tuck battle with the lead changing hands. With Valpo leading 61-60 in the final seconds, Bob Igyarto fired a 25 foot jump shot that went in at the buzzer, making the final score 62-61: Gavit. The always tops E.C. Washington and Gary Roosevelt squads were not sure of victories over Gavit B -bailers until the last minutes. In Sectional competition the G-men beat Clark 87-64 and then had to face the Tech Tigers in the semi-finals. The lead went back and forth between the Tigers and the Glads until the 3rd quarter when Tech finally pulled away from Gavit round bailers to win 98-84 and go on to win the Hammond Sectionals. Senior Bob Igyarto was high point man for the team with 399 points followed closely by senior Dick Winkley’s 378 points. This was a 18.2 point game average for Igyarto and 17.2 point average for Wink- ley. Highest field goal percentage went to Dick with 508. Bob had the highest free throw percentage of 781. Next year’s team will be strengthed by the re- turn of starting junior Rick Biancardi and junior letter winner Len Templeton. LOOKING TO FREE himself for o shot, big 6 ' 4 " Dick Winkley, puls body fake on T.F. North opponent. GUARD Bob " Igy” Igyarto, attempts drive around T.F. North defender. VARSITY — Front row: Coach N. Banas, C. Balzer. Back row: R. Biancardi, T. Kmac, T. Guzek, L. Templeton, D. Winkley, J. Kasperczyski, R. Hoch- man, G. Sojka, T. Porter, B. Igyarto, T. McKay. LEAPING TOWARD basket, senior guard, Tom Guzek, snares another rebound to the delight of spectating Gaviteers. J-redUmen sSltoot toward Oictory Gavit B-Team basket bailers produced a winning season of 9-8 in their first season of Northwest Con- ference competition. Coach Tom Chintis’ team ex- hibited great promise for next year as they ended the season with decisive victories over Crown Point, Andrean, and Clark. Those who will fill the shoes of their varsity counterparts next year are Bill Roberts, Bob Thegze, Jim Hines, Don Wilson, and OPP. B-TEAM GHS 38 Griffith 38 43 Highland 48 38 Wallace 46 59 Valparaiso 60 48 HHS (tourney) 38 38 T.F. North 50 57 Morton 39 62 E.C. Washington 46 61 Noll 55 35 Tech 33 41 E.C. Roosevelt 23 59 HHS 44 45 Clark 47 37 Whiting 65 41 Andrean 50 57 Munster 55 53 Crown Point 56 Don DeArmond. Gavit’s freshman roundballers compiled a fine record of 6-7, as they competed on the high school level for the first time. Coach John Shields’ boys remped over such foes as Whiting, Tech and Clark. Dan Salzynski, Jack Winkley, Jeff DeArmond, Dan Thorton, and Dave Huneryager were the starting five for the Gladiator team. FRESHMEN OPP. GHS 28 Schererville 31 34 Whiting 40 36 HHS 24 36 Whiting 50 47 Morton 28 49 Munster 38 34 Clark 40 43 Lake Central 36 25 Tech 27 60 E.C. Roosevelt 33 51 Calumet 40 45 Whiting 61 47 Tech 36 B-TEAM — Front row: D. Wilson, J. Hines, T. Mysyak, J. Sanders, D. Byrd, F. Etnire. Second row: J. Shultman, D. DeArmond, R. Yanch, R. Fandrei, T. Linnemeier, B. Roberts, T. Shultman. FRESHMEN — Front row : B. Griffin, J. Stevens, P. Sweeny, S. Smith, D. Monsueto, J. Ladowitz, J. Deffalo. Second row : B. Hansen, D. Bodroo, J. DeArmond, D. Thorton, D. White, D. Nelson, B. Klobuchar, L. Hill. Back row: D. Sulzynsky, D. Huneryager, B. Eldridge, M. Horvath, J, DeBoer, J. Winkley, E. Hanning, Coach J. Shields. SPRINGING FROM opponent ' s reach, sophomore letterman Jim Hines, attempts two point gain. BREAKING AWAY from opponent, sophmore guard Don Wilson, drives in for an advantageous point. 67 ‘ O rAitvj r pplerd sSA arc ■ c YL c 0 S. ‘Citu VARSITY OPP. GHS 18 Lake Central 37 22 Morton 20 19 Highland 27 25 Griffith 17 20 Noll 22 8 Clark 34 9 River Forest 35 14 Calumet 28 14 Tech 30 14 E.C. Washington 26 11 Emerson 39 16 HHS 36 15 E.C. Roosevelt 25 The beginning of the season was rough for the Gladiator Varsity Grapplers, but they came back courageously to testify that Gavit High School is still the wrestling capital. The teams only loses were two close, hair-raisers as the mighty Glads compiled an 11-2 dual meet record. After being nipped by Mor- ton, it was assumed the G-men had lost the oppor- tunity for a second Northwest Conference Title. In the last meet of the season, however, the Glads conquered the Roosevelt Rough Riders to retain the Conference Title. Six of the purple and gold matmen had undefeated dual meet records. Don Housley (12-0) at 95 lbs., Tim Smith (13-0) at 103 lbs., Jim Baker (6-0) at 120 lbs., Jack Degnan (2-0-1) at 120 lbs., Larry Steinkraus (10-0) at 127 lbs., and Dennis Bond (11-0) at 180 lbs. Dennis Bond was the only sec- tional winner, while Dennis Kiest took second. Com- peting against 220 boys from Indiana in his weight class, Bond went all the way to the State Finals where he took second place. Gavit’s B-team scored their second consecutive un- defeated season. Pat Lain, Dwayne Petrie, Dan Fos- ter and Rick Merrick were the only undefeated B- team grapplers. Bob Dack garnered a second in the rugged Beckman Freshman Invitational. VARSITY — Front row: Coach J. Flores, Coach G. Smith. Back row: D. Housley, T. Smith, N. Cain, B. Bortnik, D. Bond, D. Marlowe, l. Steinkraus, K. Koch, J. Baker, G. VanSlyke, D. Wendell. 68 CONGRATULATED by Gavit grapplers, junior Dennis Bond walks off mat after adding five points to team score. SITTING OUT, Larry Steinkrous prys against Griffith foe os he prepares a counter move. BREAKING OPPONENTS TRIPOD, Bill Bortnik pulls foe into saddle. 69 OjDreotler C P in kallencfincf (Opponent RIDING GRIFFITH MATMAN, sophomore, Dan Foster, attempts to roll Griffith foe into pinning combination. B-TEAM — Front row: B. Dempsey, C. Anderson, l. Bergstrom, B. Petrie, J. McKay, J. Degan, B. C larke, D. Foster, G. Borsmo, M. Merrick, R. Allan, T. Fortenbury, B. Haine, B. Gillian, Q. Fortenbury, E. Turbyfill, A. McDonald, M. Walker, P. Lane, J. Myslevi. Back row: Coach J. Florez, W. Humble, R. Kohut, T. Housley, A. Haine, M. Gorman, I. lewis, T. B-TEAM OPP. GHS 18 Lake Central 37 5 Morton 45 10 Highland 40 13 Griffith 43 3 Noll 53 10 Clark 47 11 River Forest 39 11 Calumet 37 6 Tech 47 0 E.C. Washington 56 5 Emerson 48 11 Fr.-Soph. Invitational 39 OPP. FRESHMAN GHS lost Morton won lost Highland won lost Munster won 25 Beckman Freshman Invitational 10 8 Gavit Frosh.-Soph. Invitational 2 Daniels, K. Voznosis, D. Bell, B. Oualye, B. Ferguson, J. Hochman, C. Muir, C. Kessey, W. Werth, J. Williams, C. Depew, R. Homrich, G. Sexton, S. Seicker, G. Howat, J. Wendell, M. Blaemire, J. Ortega, J. Lukich, B. Dock, A. Webb, D. Bell, Coach G. Smith. COACH JOE FLORES and freshman Ron Kohut watch anxiously as wrestlers begins match . . . Loyal boosters applaud well deserved victory. 71 Itinclad on G.H.S. HIGH jump-pole vaulting ace, junior Tom Fortenbury, releases pole as he easily clears cross bar. Gavit High cindermen were admired by others for they had the advantage for owning the best all-weather track in the state. With the newly in- stalled rubbarized-asphalt track, runners beat old records completed on cinders. Finishing fifth in the Northwest Conference, Gavit’s best track team compiled a 10-5 record in their second year of conference competitions. The thinclads finished their Conference season with a sound 80 point win, with E.C. Roosevelt 22 points back followed by Clark and Gary Mann. In dual meet competition the Gladiators defeated Bishop Noll by 22 points and buried Munster easily. Strong point scorers for the Glad cindermen were pole vaulter Tom Fortenbury, 2-miler Paul Sills, miler Ron Allen, high jumper Don DeArmond, hurd- ler Randy Smith, sprinter Tom McKay, 1 2-miler Tom Grubbs and shot putter Len Templeton. Others that consistently scored were sprinter Lar- ry Bradburn, 1 4-miler Jim Novotney, 2-miler A1 Miller, miler Bill Jukich, and shot putter Jack Eisen. TRACK T. McKay, M. Himrick, E. Carter, D. Hudson, E. Turbyfill, R. Barnes, D. Huson, S. Smith, C. Anderson, J. McKay, M. Defor. Second row: D. Salcynski, F. Basil, J. Revodi, B. Jukich, P. Sills, L. Bradburn, D. Swanson, A. Miller, J. Schneider, Coach J. Flores. Third row: F. Triscoll, R. Fandire, L. Bergstrom, A. Miller, E. Foster, S. Kavois, J. Groesche, G. Grubbs, R. Smith, R. Mercer, V. Rosenall. Fourth row: J. Emerson, H. Pietraeck, R. Allen, T. Fortenbury, B. Phillips, J. Eisen, L. Templeton, J. Irk, G. Sojka, R. Ordway. Back row : W. Sills, B. Hansen, D. Budrow, J. Sanders, D. DeArmond, B. Wilicky, P. Yock, L. Kosiba, M. Bukowski, W. Werth, S. Siecker, T. Vestal. 72 SHOWING FORM, sophomore high jumper Randy Fandrei rolls over cross bar. GHS TWO-MILER Paul Sills rounds bend in lead to take another first place. EYEING TAPE, sprint star Craig Anderson finishes 100 yard dash in first place. STRAINING MUSCLES, senior Randy Smith rises over hurdle in the 60 yard highs. 75 ' iBa.5efcaUer«J, o(Jer » ‘ Qecorcld Rated as top contenders for Northwest Conference championship the Gavit nine lived up to their rating. With the pitching of seniors Tom Guzek, Howie Hill- brich and Dick Winkley, the Glads downed Clark 3-2, E.C. Washington 1-0 and tied Whiting 0-0 in 9 innings of play. Coach Norm Banas’ team was aided by the strong batting power of senior Tom Meeks and sophomore Jim Hines. Glad Golfers started the season with decisive vic- tories over Morton, Hammond High, Gary Mann, and Clark. Gavit turfmen will be strong contenders for the Northwest conference title. Coach Joe Good- night’s starting six were seniors George VanSlyke, Cliff Aldrin, and juniors Mark Nagdeman, Jim Hick- man, Bill Gay, and sophomore Mike Connor. SENIOR PITCHER Dick Winkley, warms up during pre-season prac- tice session. BASEBALL Front row: B. Marks, R. Grove, B. Igyarto, H. Hilbrick, Ted R Roberts, C. Savickis, B. Early, D. Winkley, C. Nickoloff, R. Hochman, Porter C. Ellis, T. White, J. Degan, W. Humble. Back row : Mr. P. Brush, J. Federoff, J. Parks, B. Thegze, Coach N. Banas. VARSITY — C. Aldrin, J. Hickman, Coach J. O. Goodnight, M. Cannon, M. Nagdeman, G. VanSlyke. B-TEAM — Front row: S. Weiss, S. Benson, C. Howat. Back row : B. Evans, B. Gay, B. Waite, D. Karlen. TRI-CITY ALL-STARS — Front row : Dennis Bond (line-backer). Second row: Tom Guzek (honorable mention), John Austgen (tackle). Back row : John Williams (honorable mention). Gene Sojka. STATE RANKED cross country and track star, Paul Sills, lead Gavit running activities in two mile competition. FULLBACK TURNED quarterback, Dennis Bond, displays second place medal he earned in State Westling tournament. ut6tanclincf ain Qecocfnition Outstanding Athlete Award was presented to Tom Guzek at the All-Sports banquet, April 24. Guzek lettered for achievement as best pass receiver in football. Shooting toward success, he boosted the team’s victories for a climatic basketball season, and compiled an exceptional record as Glad’s out- standing baseball pitcher. Senior distance runner Paul Sills, gained recog- nition in track competition by placing second in Cross Country Sectional and scoring in Region als. By running the two-mile under ten minutes, Sills set a new track record. Winning Sectional and Regional wrestling meets, junior Dennis Bond became first Gladiator to com- pete in state finals and win a second place honor. Representing Gavit on Tri-City All Star football team were senior tackle John Austgen and line- backer Dennis Bond. Honorable mention on Tri-City grid team went to end Tom Guzek, center John Williams and tackle Gene Soyka. THREE SPORT LETTERMAN, Tom Guzek, earned Outstanding Athelete Award for participating four years in football, basketball, and baseball. LETTERMEN — FrPnt row: R. Smith, J. Degnan, T. McKay, C. Aldrin, R. Biancardi, J. Juscik, J. Williams. Second row: D. Wendell, J. Hines, S. Pasko, B. Bartnik, J. Austgen, J. Eisen, T. Welch. Third row : R. Bell, S. Farmer, G. Sojka, W. Humble, T. Fortenbury, B. Yockey. Fourth row: T. Grubbs, T. Ganer, W. Glad, T. White, J. Fedderoff, L. Templeton. Fifth row: B. Igyarto, L. Steinkraus, D. Jones, B. Jukich, P. Sills, G. Van Slyke, C. Savickis. Back row: D. Winkley, T. Porter, R. Hochman, N. Cain, D. Kiest, J. Baker, A. Miller, T. Smith. U- C Yleck (.Sweater Situ} orvn Pep ( 2 lub White V-neck sweaters and pom-poms of purple and gold manifested Pep Club at football and basketball games. Megaphones also induced clamor of spirited students as they urged team onward to victory. Pep Club, sponsored by Miss Jackie McFall and Mr. Donald Kopenec, grew rapidly. Pprple and gold crepe paper pom-poms were made by members. Club coordinated lively pep assemblies, including humor- ous and original skits. Johnette Mazur, club presi- dent, and officers planned routines and practiced cheers together with the cheerleaders. Cheering block added color and effective emphasis for general e nthu- siasm. Gavit school spirit was aroused through the example of bouyant club members. Out-of-town game attendance was boosted through efforts of the club by supplying student bus service to games. B-TEAM CHEERLEADERS— S. Bortnik, l. Zuffo, D. Hulpa, S. McPhillips, VARSITY CHEERLEADERS— D. Heifer, B. Housley, J. Oprisko, J. Ferguson. wirier 6 Di play c cfile talent Twirlers linked style and agility to Marching band, proven by trophy depicting an outstanding perform- ance in the East Chicago parade. New uniforms spiced routines as batons sparkled in city parades, football fields, Riverview anti Indianapolis shows. Twirlers went to camp with Band and Drill Team for special instruction, enabling them to perform with poise as well as their natural talent. Girls Athletic Association engaged in folk danc- ing, badminton, soccer, and table tennis- in first semester, and competed in field hockey and volley- ball. Girls practiced gymnastics and track and field in spring semester and participated in state meets as well as district meets. Five highest scorers in bowling were sent into district heads to determine placement with other schools. G.A.A. OFFICERS — C. Colontonio, N. Jaracz, I. Wasiutyk, L. Franklin. TWIRLERS — Front row: C. Andis, L. Keller, S. Mulvi- hill. Back row: N. Lewis, N. Apple- man, R. Carlson. 80 GAVIT DRILL TEAM goes into action during halftime performance. DRILL TEAM — Front row: L. Bergstrom. Second row : K. Undi, L. Rayko- vich. Third row: B. Bales, S. Westman, M. Gardner. Fourth row : L. Gajdik, J. Prenderghast, S. Panian, J. Kujawa. Fifth row: L. Knutson, C. Hines, J. Perry, D. Baker, S. Daughtery. Back row: J. Petro, K. Moore, D. Rominger, C. Whitney, S. Courtney, K. Amenta, J. Rokosz. rcj nizcition6 Meetings . . . projects fun . . . dedication . . toward leadership. (E ourt, jouncje ' Evolve Uru Council GHS Student Council made significant advances in student government in 1966-67. Organization of Student Court gave students a voice in enforcing school rules and discipline. Led by Chief Justice Roger Merkel, justices of each class met each Tuesday and Thursday to try cases of student offenders, summoned to court by hall moni- tors. Penalties ranged from small fines to work duty in the cafeteria. Student Lounge drive was begun in November with goal of one thousand dollars being realized with donations from student body. Plaque was engraved with names of students giving at least one dollar to be hung in lounge. With contribution from PTA and funds from treasury, work was begun on furnishing former student activities room, trans- forming it into new Student Lounge. Reception for school officials marked formal opening. Monitored by Student Council members, students relaxed dur- ing free modules and after school, with seniors having exclusive lunch hour privileges. First dance sponsored by Student Council was soc-hop for inauguration of officers, the “Hat Dance.” Awards were given for hats worn to dance. Climax- ing weekend of Homecoming activities was Student Council sponsored dance. Transforming lobby into winter wonderland for semi-formal dance, members provided opportunity for students to enjoy atmo- sphere of decorated surroundings. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS — Front row: S. Kennedy (president), K. Sax (vice-president), Mrs. A. Penny (advisor). Back row : B. Bales (secretary), J. Mazur (treasurer). STUDENT COURT OFFICIALS — Front row: R. Lewin, freshman judge; R. Merkel, chief justice; J. Prer.derghast, recorder; R. Baker, junior judge. Back row: C. Howat, sophomore judge; D. Jones, bailiff; M. Wilson, senior judge; R. Farley, bailiff. MONITORS — Front row: R. Jarnecke, R. Merideth, B. Burgess, B. Noojin, D. Bond, T. Grubbs. Second row : J. Cargal, J. Balder, J. Swanson, T. Farris, S. Van Slyke, K. Sanders, R. Zaborski. Third row : T. Coyle, C. Nickloff, J. Novotany, B. Wargin, C. Jurgens, B. Charnaker, D. Landis, S. Westman. Fourth row : R. Crom, S. Grovich, C. Colontonio, S. Weeks, L. Barton, D. Klobachar, K. Farmer, E. Probus, R. Emerson, D. Habben. Fifth row: S. Mulvihill, B. Haley, B. Bunde, S. Kingery, R. Hill, J. Flippo, M. DeGroot, T. Geis, B. Stigell. Sixth row: B. Miller, K. Borchardt, C. Bauer, N. Natkin, J. Perry, E. Buskov, L. Bailey, K. Sax. Seventh row: J. Daugherty, S. Orlando, J. Rokoiz, J. Oprisko, A. Kollar, B. Borgman, P. DeGroot, C. Kimmons, J. Eldridge, K. Brenmon. Bock row: S. Whitesell, A. McDonald, S. Hill, T. Ganser, S. Miturko, K. Lloyd, L. Johnson, M. Glenn, V. Hill. PREPARING PUNCH for grand opening of Student Lounge, Mrs. Angela Penny, Sally Marks and Sue Klockow oversee final check on preparations. TAKING A BREAK after classes in the refreshing atmosphere of the stu- dent lounge, groups conversationalize and relax after a hard day ' s work. PRIVILEDGED SENIORS enjoy the priority of their class rank as they lounge in comfort during free time at lunch hours. 86 7 utdtctnclincf lad 6 National Honor Society served the school and raised money by sponsoring Book-mobile for a week. Helping during study-halls and free time, members became adept at aiding customers and operating the cash register. Faculty enjoyed punch and cookies at N.H.S. faculty tea in the library. Culminating years of hard work, juniors and seniors were inducted into Na- tional Honor Society in an April ceremony in the new Student Activities Room. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: (Initiates) Front row: S. Gyure, B. Basanda, J. Long, S. Klockow, L. Gerdich, C. Banos, S. Miturko, D. Holstrom, S. Molnar, J. Ferguson, J. Pearson, F. Wisniewski. Second row : K. Dempsey, L. Quayle, C. Shanta, B. McCrum, M. Gardner, M. Maslied, D. Jones, C. Sawchuck, V. Millman, M. Horn, S. Stenholm, C. Kimmons, S. Manka. Back row: B. Blaemire, G. White, R. Kropiewnicki, A. Miller, J. Parks, C. Ellis, M. Hric, D. Winkley, T. Sartoris, T. Shultman, S. Benson, T. McKay, R. Baker, M. Busovski, D. White. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: (Old members) Front row : L. Raykovich, G. Churilla, R. Crom, A. Skalba, R. Merkel (president), B. Housely (treasurer), M. Stemp, W. Ganser, P. Elliott, S. Hansen. Second row: J. Oprisko, B. Kenar, M. Hebda, S. Augustine, R. Carlson, (secretary), R. Farley (vice president), L. Franklin, L. Schneider, K. Hester. Back row: S. Mulvihill, S. Solan, D. Jones, W. Glad, K. Kenieriman, M. Wilson, J. Levin, C. Bojusz, B. Thornsberry. SPEECH CLUB — First row: S. Hansen, K. Bajusz, L. Schneider, K. Dempsey, M. Masleid, K. Taylor. Second row: M. Hebda, A. Lewin, D. White, S. ROTARIANS — Front row : M. Masleid, C. Royal, R. Merideth. Back row: G. VanSlyke, R. Brown, D. Jones, S. Kennedy. Berrson, G. White, C. Ellis. Back row : J. Levin, M. Wilson, S. Kennedy, C. Royal, A. Hayworth, R. Baker, D. Mangone. PHILATELIC CLUB — Front row: K. Gorman, R. Schneider, T. Gillan, Mr. D. Stevens (sponsor). Bock row: D. Sims, C. Madison, G. Robbin, J. Daird. : VOorlcl Collections )ntric ue CntUusiasts CHESS CLUB OFFICERS — P. Pierce (president), A. Saltonvitz (vice-presi- dent), D. Beloshopka (sgt.-at-arms). Building and improving collections was main pur- pose of Philatelic Club as members carried their al- bums to and fro trying to increase their collections. Enjoyment prevailed as officerless meetings were held. Club time was spent discussing new releases, com- memerotives, and special displays. Many stamps were received through bargaining with other members, and also, through foreign correspondence. Instruction and games were prevalent at meetings of Chess Club. Strategy was learned through reading and playing. Highlighting, the year was film presenta- tion “At War With the Army,” their money-making project. An onyx chess set was awarded to winner of raffle. Money earned replenished club’s dwindling sup- ply of chess sets and provided trophies for private tournaments. 89 future e«c UerA and c 77ur«je« t lan Career FUTURE TEACHERS: K. Hester (president), B. Teets (vice-president), P. Elliott (secretary), P. Pease (treasurer), Mr. N. Young (sponsor). Future Teachers of America, Merle Grey Chapter, opened year with bake sale at PTA sponsored “Back To School Night.” In March FTA candlelight initia- tion, performed in new student lounge, inducted new members and officers. For annual convention, in April, Future Teachers migrated to Indianapolis. April, Teaching Career Month, sparked Gavit init- iated Teacher of the Year Award and also a special showcase display. Future Nurses Association continued support of adopted Vietnamese orphan, Kieu Quang Dinh, with proceeds from PTA bake sale contributing to pledge. Members traveled to Chicago to tour Shwab Rehibil- itation Hospital and learn of its function. Meetings featured films and guest speakers to inform members about nursing and related health careers. FUTURE NURSES — Front row ; K. Sanders (sergeant-at-arms), K. Gantz (treasurer), P. Litton (secretary), M. Skafish (vice-president), M. Granfield (president), Mrs. Spencer (sponsor). Second row : S. Lessig, D. Lukas, L. Elliott, P. Waite, J. Baronowski, H. Press, R. Petree. Back row : G. Thomas, P. Press, E. Benda C. Martens, B. Miller, S. Miterko, A. Bielat, M. Laciak, A. Granfield. ore MlCd ENGLISH CLUB — Front row: D. Skofish (historian), V. Thinnes (vice-presi- dent), C. Whitney (secretary), V. Palazzolo, D. Holstrom (president), N. Wilson, L. Schneider, A. Lundgren, C. Williams, S. Banks. Second row: Junior Great Books Club is a voluntary organi- zation which met twelve times through the year for discussion and debate of classical selections. Organized on grade levels, seventh through tenth graders participated in the program. Provided with paperback editions of classical litera- ture, students read selections and prepared for dis- cussion with two adult co-leaders. Upon completion of series, certificates of achievement were awarded to participants. Meeting in the Pub and library, English Club mem- bers planned projects that included a bake sale dur- ing the Kiwanis Travelogue, and two middle school dances featuring the Images of Time, the winning group in a battle of the bands. Former club sponsor Mr. John Muri donated five silent films and his piano playing talents for a Fractured Flickers Show. The evening had an air of the “Gay 20’s” accented by two flapper girls who announced each film. Out- ings scheduled were visits to local colleges and to Chicago for a show and dinner. S. Underwood, P. Elliott, S. Courtney, S. Grovich, R. Carlson, S. Foster. Back row: B. Callahan, D. Cross (treasurer), J. Long, K. Bryk, S. Minka, D. Bartowski. I " | ■i I A ■ 91 theatre aM-rtd Exemplified by ‘ Dramatiatt Through improvisation and individual skits, Drama Club participants obtained experienced background in basics of producing full stage productions. Broad- ening their dramatical interests, members investi- gated stagecraft skills of flat construction, lighting, and make-up. An honorary service organization, National Thes- pians, encompassed students who had earned 15 points based on dramatic services and abilities. Gavit’s Thespians were required to participate in two drama productions. NATIONAL THESPIANS — Front row: R. Bloemire (vice-president). K. Sax R. Meredith, J. Bisbee, C. Ellis, K. Premuda, J. Connors, M. Ortega, (president), V. Fielder (secretary). Second row: Mr. H. Morris (sponsor), l. R. Luttringer. Fyte, J. Murfin, G. Moats, G. Eisenstein, C. Smutko. Back row: D. Daniels, c ctivitieA Mabli U lub sStatud Featured activity of the French Club was “Paris A Ye- Ye,” a dance featuring “The Red Coats.” Mem- bers contributed baked goods for bake sale on Jan- uary 10. Programs were highlighted by slides shown by Karen Hester of her recent summer voyage to France. Several members attended the annual French Dinner at Bishop Noll, toured language labs and obtained ideas for future use. In spring, members traveled to Chicago for a dinner party. Tacos, enchiladas and Mexican wedding cakes headed the list of colorful Spanish foods at the Spanish Club’s dinner on January 6. A Pinata, a candy filled decoration made by the members, added festivity and color to the cafeteria. Spanish Club participated with other language clubs in organizing the Mardi Gras festival. To en- courage the utilization of the Spanish language and culture, the club selected and sponsored a Spanish student as an exchange student to South America. FRENCH CLUB — Front row : S. Underwood, R. Dixon (vice-president), K. Hester (president), M. Gardner (treasurer), D. Hester (secretary), G. Pinkerton. Second row: A. Bielot, A. Rubin, M. Burns, R. McCaw, C. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS — Romona Deihl (treasurer), Kathy Bryk (secre- tary), Sue Daughtery (vice-president), Gary Von Almon (sgt.-at-arms, not shown), Sue Courtney (president). Bajusz, H. Thrush, M. Laciak. Back row: E. Kasenga, M. Burdeau, M. Kimmons, L. Gerdich, S. Burdeau, G. Meltz, G. Eisenstein. 94 GERMAN CLUB — Front row ; Miss M. Sobol (sponsor), Mr. M. Hunt (spon- Ballard, K. Farmer, K. Undi, B. Michel, M. Horn, L. Hansen, J. Levin, sor), Mrs. M. White (sponsor), M. Wilson, (president), R. Merkel (vice- M. Hebda. president), H. Press, (secretary), D. Mangone (treasurer). Back row: M. german ' Qnlicinc A (£ lub rocfrcim German Club incorporated culture and customs through a program of festive activities. Roger Merkel returned from Germany with slides of scenic views and points of interest for the members to see. Mike Wilson brought back entertaining records of German vocal groups. Gay atmosphere of Germany was shown at the Christmas party, where the club listened to popular records in German, such as “Wild Thing” and enjoyed pferrernusse, lebkuchen and other German pastries. PLANNING NEXT MEETING, French club officers, M. Gardner, K. Hester, and D. Hester review program. Qon ervuticni t naucfurat d j ncl capincj j vatidn club ■ t» BOATING CAMP BP H )N TINE Active describes Conservation Club this year as members attended a variety of events. Members en- joyed sports and boat shows, ice fishing on Wolf Lake, and smelt fishing. Mink, muskrat, raccoon, and beaver were trapped by Conservation Club. Shoot- ing carp with bow and arrow, along with camping and fishing trips rounded out club’s activities. Mem- bers are still carrying out landscaping program for Gavit. Club time was spent listening to conserva- tion officers, authorities on Conservation, and other interesting speakers. FEATURED ACTIVITIES were assembled and illustrated by Conservation Club in colorful hall display. CONSERVATION CLUB — Front row: Mr. F. Gradisher (sponsor), H. Hudak Back row: L. Bergman, T. Coyle, R. Demkovich, S. Benson. Back row: president), T. Ganser (vice-president), F. Bebler (secretary-treasurer). L. Hohnson, B. Manerson, S. Caroll, M. Bus ovsky. 96 AUDIO VISUAL — Bottom row: T. Stephens, C. Madison, J. Slavo, D. Hud- son, T. Merritt, M. Wilson, M. Jagger, J. Daniels, D. Terry. Second row: Mr. H. Zaun, M. Ortega, S. Stepancevich, D. Daniels, B. Webb, K. Per- muda, D. Hudson, B. Waite, D. Gillim, M. Kunnemann. Back row: C. Depew, S. Noojin, W. Shinkle, M. Driscoll, E. Carter, M. Ghalson, C. Stanley, B. Baniels, B. Hamilton, B. Stoudeur. and YlfacltineA at er to sS Films reeling through the halls, projectors clatter- ing from room to room, and behind it all, doing the “leg work” were Gavit’s AV boys. It was their func- tion to cater audio-visual aids to classes throughout the day. Mr. Harvey Zaun supervised forty boys assigning divers tasks from film delivery to film editing. In April, the Audio-Visual center of Hammond Public Schools presented its fourth annual award to Mr. Zaun for promoting the use of equipment and pio- neering instruction in the school system. Graphic Arts Club, under sponsorship of Mr. Richard Clausen, met every week during A and B club periods. Major project was printing of memo pads for teachers and classes. Fundamentals of print- ing were learned and applied in project. GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB — Front row: Mr. R. Clausen (sponsor), P. Berry, M. Parker, B. Mack, D. Gray, T. Housely. Back row: S. Foster,. M. Gombus, P. Steinbach, A. Sewell, J. Bellamy. “ oday c TOe follow; tomorrow ciOegecd Led by Editor-in-Chief Margaret Gardner, 1967 FUTURA staff planned yearbook on theme, “Today we fellow; tomorrow we lead.” Adding pages to award winning 1966 Futura pushed total number of pages to two hundred twenty. Revision of basic plan for layout used seven sections rather than the previously used eight. Style changes included adoption of new headline style and new pattern arrangement of photographs. Faculty credits given included degree and college. For third year running, the 1966 FUTURA was honored with All-American Rating, from National Scholastic Press Association of University of Min- nesota, and a first place from Columbia Scholastic Press Association. GROUND WORK completed for the 1967 Futura , editor Margaret Gardner confers with advisor Miss Carol Ann Socks. EDITORS — C. Todd, B. Welch, circulation l. Raksanyi, business; C. Whit- ney, photography; M. Gardner, editor-in-chief; P. Elliott, literary. Itemed 1967 9 " uturci SECTION EDITORS — Front row: L. Barton, J. Long, L. Bergstrom. Back row: A. Miller, L. Raykovich, D. Jones, M. Young, S. Molnar. COPYWRITERS — Front row : C. Whitney, D. Cross, S. Manka, G. Pinkerton. Back row; S. Courtney, R. Crom, R. McCaw, D. Holstom, B. Callahan. SCROLL REPORTERS — Front row: E. Hanning, S. Penciak, B. Welch, C. Williams. Second row: B. Dixon, B. Callahan, M. Young, L. Kanzawa, R. Carlson, R. Baker. Back row : K. Dempsey, R. McCaw, C. Smith, L. Hansen, C. Todd, R. Kish, P. Weliky. SCROLL PRODUCTION STAFF — Front row ; L. Veray, Mr. R. Clausen, R. Rasmussen, B. Daniels, B. Marks, D. Hoffman, V. Voter, D. Davis. Back row: B. Phillips, B. Ruble, J. Murday, R. Allen, D. Roberts, B. Yoch, M. Parker, J. Kumiga, T. Turnpaugh. CHECKING the finished product, John Groesche, Buddy Mock, and Sue Hansen scan the sports page. AIDING and assisting Fufura staff, P. Weliky, R. Kish, S. Penciak, J Rokosz, P. Lucht, K. Lax helps in producing yearbook. SCROLL STAFF — L. Raksannyi (typist), M. Flippo (production manager), R. Jarnecke (feature editor), J. Groesche (sports editor), K. Taylor (cartoon- ist), D. Holstrom (page one editor), S. Hansen (editor-in-chief). initiations, Excursions ‘Cypifo (Elubs Quill and Scroll, national journalistic honorary so- ciety, inducted twenty-nine members at their April banquet. Meeting requirements of scholarship and journalistic achievement, selected juniors and seniors of FUTURA and SCROLL staff were honored. Steno Club conducted their meetings by Parli- mentary procedure, and collected dues. The co-presi- dency of Sandy Moore and Linda Raksanyi managed the club during changing sponsorships. “Dance into the New Year” featuring “The Poor Boys” started Steno club activities rolling. Pre-schoolers enjoyed a Halloween party presented by the club in expound- ing cooperative relationships with children. Christmas bowling party was held for the girls, and on April 22 a special field trip was made to Chicago to see “The Sound of Music.” To interest members in business hygeine, a speaker from Merle Norman Cosmetics demonstrated the ac- cepted ways that secretaries should dress and ap- ply make-up. STENO CLUB — Front row: P. Stuart, L. Gaddy, K. Cosgrove, A. Igyarto, (co-president), P. Hill (treasurer), L. Raksanyi (co-president), A. Janiga, L. Quail. Second row : S. Grcsavich, M. Dockery, B. Pettit, L. Sceassco, P. Sudac (secretary), S. Guyre. C. Sawchuk, B. Cooper. Back row : Mrs. M. Mullin (sponsor), S. Moore QUILL AND SCROLL — Front row: L. Bergstrom, M. Gardner (president), S. Hansen, K. Taylor, C. Whitney, L. Raykovich (vice-president), L. Rak- sanyi, Miss C. A. Socks (sponsor). Second row: P. Elliott, S. Manka, J. Long, L. Barton, S. Molnar, M. Young, S. Courtney, D. Holstrom, K. Dempsey. Back row: R. Baker, R. Jarnecke, J. Groesche, T. Turnpaugh, R. McCaw, M. Flippo, A. Miller, D. Jones. (2«mpu » c Pofice atrol ground Summons were delivered as Campus Police at- tempted to regulate student parking. Monitors checked that all cars followed regulations set by school concerning flow of traffic and leaving dur- ing school hours. Each car parked in lot was registered with school authorities. During free periods, Campus Police surveyed cars to make certain all were registered and parked in space corresponding to registration number. Violators were tried in Student Court. With aid of Mr. Lawrence Bewley and student director John Surufka, Campus Police helped to provide for a more efficient and organized parking area. CAMPUS POLICE — Back rcw: J. Apps, J. Scott, B. Marks, J. Surufka, M. Pickett, Mr. L. Bewley. Front row : B. Szaller, R. Scott. HALL SENTINALS — D. Haywood, D. Allegro, E. Hamilton, P. Posey, D. Oswald, S. Raganyi, S. LaFrance. B. Adams. I wjL A 3 " ANNUM AUTO ROAD 1 lif • -wR MT. ANH 2X 1 — 4P -v MATH CLUB — Front row: D. Mangone, Mr. Lee Mann (sponsor), Karin Undi. Second row: B. Michel, D. Saltanovitz, J. Rogala (secretary-treasurer). Third row: B. Thornsberry, V. Millman, V. Roseanlau. Fourth row: T. Palubin, G. Capps, F. Halalf Back row: C. Stanly (vice president), M. Hric, (president), B. Schlossar. 104 SCIENCE CLUB MEMBERS — Front row : T. tabus, J. Shorupa, B. Holtz, T. Palubin. Back row : E. Basick, M. Masleid, C. Stanley (president), M. Reschke, G. Capps, C. Madison. sScientidtA cirtcike in S enunar - t-cur 5NSIDERING PROBLEM of ballistics, Claude Stanley and Jack Levin ek aid of computor. Science Club members journeyed to University of Chicago for Science Open House where they heard lectures and witnessed demonstrations on topics ranging from glass blowing to nuclear reactions to cybernetics. With money earned from April Fools Day Dance, a trip was taken to Argonne National Laboritories in Argonne, Illinois. Meetings were con- ducted in a seminar fashion with members presenting information on various topics and offering opportun- ity for others to question. Several members embarked on a project to build a telescope. Math Clubs studied and discussed aspects of mathematics at meetings. Members anticipated union with Science Club. 105 nnce Projectd c id Community The Red Cross was compromised of representatives from each homeroom. These students took charge of all funds and charities within the school. Activities included the collecting of warm clothing for children and the packing of a gift chest sent to India. The group visited St. Ann’s Nursing home in Hammond. In December members presented “The Christmas Carol” as profit making project. Through their affiliation with a statevand nation wide organization, Y-Teens members took part in two important functions attended by other Y-Teens and Y.W.C.A. groups of the area. To help thdm in attaining their goal as a club, Y-Teens were host to various guest speakers at their meetings. A candlelight initiation for new members and the sponsoring of a soc-hop highlighted activities. RED CROSS OFFICERS — Front row: M. Horn (president), J. Donoghey (vice-president). Second row: Mrs. L. Roberts (sponsor). Bock row; T. Scott (city council president), K. Johnston (executive board). Y-TEEN OFFICERS — Front row: B. Borgman (president), C. Kimmons (social Back row: S. Frysztak (treasurer), J. Earl (corresponding secretory), S. Van vice president), G. Churilla (service vice-president), D. Malloy (secretory). Slyke (representative), P. DeGroot (historian) D. Jones (representative). 106 107 z-AtAiAtant t icfUten 0$ice Assisting Mrs. Doris Middleton, guidance office aids performed tasks for smooth running of coun- selors’ office. In addition to alphabetizing and filing, girls typed and took dictation. Learning to operate addressograph and mimeograph machines, aids ad- vanced to more difficult jobs. Attendance office aids collected and organized green sheets from homerooms, and assisted in com- pilation of daily absentee list. Each module, class attendance slips were checked and absentees and tardies were recorded. At close of day, green sheets were returned to teachers to complete day. ATTENDANC E AIDS — Front row: Phyllis Stewart, Linda Junkens, Gail Eisenstein, Rita Lutz. Back row: Linda Johnson, Betty Welch, Cindy Skratsky, Gail Moats. GUIDANCE AIDS— Front row: Connie Grace, Cindy Hynes, Jeanette Oprisko, Dodoe Hansen, Phyllis Stewart, Rita Lutz, Gerry Churilla, Amy Igyarto, Linda Kansawa. Back row: Cathy Bajusz, Wendy Ganser, Marlene Hebda, Dorothy Heifer, Betsy Haley, Karen Hester, Rhonda Faden, Kathy Cosgrove. NURSES AID — Front row ; J. Marlow, A. Cantrell, J. Oprisko, L. Yandell. Back row: T. Smith, H. Press, A. Skalba, P. Wehmer, S. Pennington. ART HELPER’S — Front row: Mrs. Beluah Seckinger (sponsor), Eileen Kas- enga, Chris Grillion, Sharon Blank. Back row: Betty Gooley, Roger Baker, Dennis Saeds, Ron Allen. 108 BOOKSTORE HELPERS- -First semester: J. Maranto, C. Neel, K. Middleton. G. Churilla, C. Andes, N. Appleman, P. Hill, B. Gooley, M. DeGroot, J. Eldridge, S. Camp. Second semester: S. Raganyi, K. Lloyd, S. Blond- ford, P. Hammers, L. Butler, D. Maloy, K. Miserik, G. Meltz, D. Heifer, S. Kingery, L. Zilai, I. Charters, C. Skatsky. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS — Front row: C. Burke, M. Ballard, S. Dunn, D. Grace, B. Parsley. Back row: P . Elliott, S. Cantrell, A. Hodge, C. Bennett, G. Moats, B. Nabors. 109 IcUM cl ' 67 filled reacury with The Senior Class completed the last of their school days with a wide range of activities, including the memorable Senior Trip spent in the nation’s Capital and New York City. Class spirit soared at October Homecoming as the seniors created the prize-winning first place float “We Wanna Bar Clark.” A second place award was given for the Christmas float in the annual Chamber of Commerce parade. Loyal members of the class wore blue cords to display the names of friends and activities they had contact with during the past four years. Prom theme, “A Knight to Remember,” highlighted the spring activities. A 100 ' donation of money priveleged the seniors to initiate use of the student lounge during lunch hours. The class presented the school with a complete silver tea service and painting by Roger Merkel for the lounge. Traditional Senior Banquet, where the class wills and prophecies were read, was followed by Baccalaureate and final commencement on June 7. ALDRIN, CLIFFORD ALAN — Letterman 4; Basketball 1,2; Class Officer 3 (president); Football 1, 2,3,4; Golf 1,2, 3,4; Futura 4. ALLEN, STEPHEN JOHN — Marching Band 2,3,4; Concert Band 2,3,4; Dance Band 3; Pep Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 2,3; Band Club 3. ANDERSON, SHIRLEY MAE— Art Club 3; GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 2. ANDIS, CHERYL LYNN— GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1; Spanish Club 1,2; Speech Club 2, Marching Band 1, 2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3 ,4 (president); Dance Band 1,2; Pep Band 1, 2,3,4; Orchestra 4; Girls Tumbling 1,2; Student Council 3; Ma- jorette 1, 2,3,4. APPLEMAN, NANCY ELIZABETH — Red Cross 2; Y-Teens 3; Marching Band 2,3,4; Concert Band 2,3,4; Dance Band 2,3; Pep Band 2,3,4; Orchestra 3,4; Band Club 3. AUGUSTINE, SHIRLEY ANN— GAA 1,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3 ,4; Spanish Club 1,2; Girls State 3. AUSTGEN, JR., JOHN ROBERT — Letterman 3,4; Audio-Visual 1,2,3, 4; Football 1,2,3, 4; Student Council 1. BAILEY, LINDA LEE — Future Nurses 1,2; Pep Club 1; Spanish Club 2; Y-Teens 1,2; Majorette 1. BAJUSZ, CATHLEEN ANN — Forensics 2,3,4; French Club 1, 2,3,4; Future Teachers 1; GAA 1; National Forensics 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Speech Club 3,4; Mixed Chorus 2; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 4; Girls Choir 2,3; Girls State 3 (alternate). SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Top Row: Barbara Callahan (representative), Lynne Bergstrom (representative) Debbie Hurd (representative). Corky Colantonio (treasurer) Dorothy Heifer (sergeant-at-arms). Bottom Row: Mr. Joseph Goodnight (sponsor) Bob Blaemire (president), Jim Stefnik (vice president), Linda Raykovich (secretary). Miss Judy Pflum (sponsor). 112 Profit j? rent re tmew Acutely iS lee BAKER, JAMES RAY— Chess Club 2. BALES, BONNIE BLAIR — French Club 2,3 (secretory); Pep Club 1,3; GAA 1; Future Nurses 1; Drama Club 3,4; Y-Teens 1,2; Girls Chorus 1; Rhythmettes 4; Concert Choir 4; Girls Choir 3; Drill Team 4; Student Council 4 (secretary); “The Wizard of Oz " (business manager). BALOG, STEPHEN FRANCIS— Chess Club 1,2; Wrestling 1. BANAS, CHERYL LYNN — Future Teachers 1,2; Latin Club 2,3; Y-Teens 4; National Honor Society 4. BANAS, SHARON LOUISE — Future Teachers 2; Latin - Club 2,3; Y-Teens 4. BANKS, SHIRLEY MAE— English Club 4; GAA 1; Drama Club 3. • BARNHART, CRAIG MICHAEL— Mixed Chorus 2; Boys Chor- us 1; Rhythmaires 3; Concert Choir 3,4; Boys Choir 3; Choraleers 4. BARTNIK, WILLIAM RAY — Chess Club 2; Letterman 3,4; Football 2,3,4; Wrestling 4. BASICK, EDWARD JOHN— Latin Club 3; Science Club 4. BENTLEY, KATRINA LOY— Future Nurses 1,2,3; GAA 1. BERGMAN, SUSAN LYNN— GAA 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2. BERGSTROM, LYNNE DEE — Future 4 (senior section editor); GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1; Class Officer 2 (secretary), 3 (representative), 4 (representative); Drill Team 1,2,3 (asst, drill master), 4 (captain); Student Council 1,2; Quill Scroll 4. BERK, MAUREEN SONJA— Pep Club 1, Drama Club 3,4; Girls Choir 1; “The Man Who Came to Dinner " ; “Diary of Anne Frank " ; “The Importance of Being Earnest " ; “The Other Side”. BEWLEY, SALLI JO— GAA 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1; Mixed Chorus 2; Girls Chorus 2; Rhythmettes 4; Concert Choir 4; Girls Choir 4. BIALON, ROBERT STANLEY— Chess Club 1,2; Football 2; Wrestling 1. 113 ‘ rocjreddincj ad s opUomored, Social graced BIFSCZAT, ROSEMARY ANN BLAEMIRE, ROBERT AARON — Drama Club 3,4; Spanish Club 2; Marching Band 1, 2,3,4; Dance Band 2; Pep Band 1,2, 3 ,4; Orchestra 3,4; Class Officer 4 (president); " Our Town " ; " The Mouse That Roared " ; " The Man Who Came to Din- ner " ; " Diary of Anne Frank " ; " The Importance of Being Earnest " ; " Happy Journey to Camden and Trenton " ; Thes- pians 3,4; " 1984 " ; National Honor Society 4. BLANDFORD, SUE ANN— Spani sh Club 2,3 (treasurer); Y- Teens 1,2,3 (secretary); Girls Tumbling 1,2; GAA 1. BLANK, SHARON KAY— Pep Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1. BOGUCKI, PATRICIA MARIE— Future Teachers 1,2; Red Cross 1,2; Spanish Club; Mixed Chorus 2; Girls Chorus 1; Girls Choir 3,4; " The Mouse That Roared " . BOLANOWSKI, JEROME STEPHEN BOREN, PATSY SUE — Pep Club 1; Mixed Chorus 2; Girls Chorus 1; Girls Choir 3; Student Council 1. BORGMAN, BARBARA ROLENE — Future Nurses 1; Latin Club 3; Pep Club 1; Y-Teens 2,3,4 (president). BOTSKO, STEPHEN KARL — English Club 1; Drama Club 4; Marching Band 1,2,3; Golf 2; Track 4; Student Council 4; " The Importance of Being Earnest " . BRADBURN, LAWRENCE BECKHAM— Red Cross 2; Football 1,2, 3,4; Track 1, 2,3,4; Wrestling 1,3,4. BRENMAN, KAREN ELISABETH — English Club 2,3; French Club 1,2 (vice president), 3,4; GAA 1; Pep Club 1,2,3; Drama Club 4; Red Cross 2; Y-Teens 1,2; Girls Chorus 1 (president), 3 (vice president); Rhythmettes 2; Girls Choir 2 (president), 3 (vice president), 4 (secretary); Orchestra 1,2; Class Officer 1 (representative); Drill Team 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2,4; " The Importance of Being Earnest " ; Futura 1.2.4. BROOKS, PAMELA LEE— French Club 2,3; GAA 1,2; Pep Club (secretary-treasurer) 1,2, 3, 4; Girls Choir 2 (vice presi- dent), 3,4; Girls Chorus 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Student Council 2.3.4. BROWN, RONALD LEE — French Club 2; Boys Chorus 1 (president); Concert Choir 3,4 (president); Boys Choir 2; Choraleers 4; Audio-Visual 1; Football 2,3; Wrestling 1,2; Rotarian 4; " 1984 " . BURDEAU, MARGARET ANN— French Club 1, 2,3,4; GAA 1,2, 3,4; Y-Teens 3. BURGESS, BRUCE OLIVER— Pep Club 2; Drama Club 2; " Hillbilly Weddinl " . Z panclecl witlt “eJ-leartA and Soled” EZ!)cmce BURNS, MARILYN ANN— French Club 1,2,3, 4; Drama Club 4; Marching Band 1,2, 3,4; Dance Band 4; Concert Band 1,2, 3,4; Pep Band 1,2, 3,4. BURTON, ROBERT DESMOND— Pep Club 3. 6USKOV, ELAINE RAE— Library Club 3; Y-Teens 3; Girls Chorus 3. BUTLER, LINDA GAIL— French Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,4. CAIN, NORRIS THOMAS— Pep Club 3; Spanish Club 1,2; Basketball 1; Class Officer 1 (representative); Boys Tumbling 1,2; Wrestling 2,3,4. CALLAHAN, BARBARA ANN— English Club 4; GAA 1,2, 3, 4; Futura 4; Scroll 4; Mixed Chorus 1; Girls Chorus 2; Rhyth- mettes 4; Girls Choir 3,4; Class Officer 4 (representative). CARLSON, RUTH ELAINE — English Club 4; Future Teachers 2; Latin Club 3,4; National Honor Society 4 (secretary); Pep Club 1; Scroll 4; Speech Club 3,4; Y-Teens 1; Marching Band 1,2, 3,4; Concert Band 1,2, 3, 4; Pep Band 3,4; Majorette 1.2,3, 4. CHAISSON, BRUCE JOHN CHASE, KIM THOMAS — Red Cross 2; Boys Chorus 2; Rhyth- maires 2; Concert Choir 3,4; Boys Choir 3 (vice president); Boys State 3; Rotarian 4; " Our Town " . CHEEK, JERRY RANDALL CHORBA, DAVID JOSEPH CHUDY, LEONARD THOMAS CHURILLA, GERI LOU — National Honor Society 3,4; Science Club 1,2; Spanish Club 2,3; Y-Teens 3,4 (vice president); Mixed Chorus 2; Girls Chorus 1; Girls Choir 3,4. COLANTONIO, CORINNE BARBARA— GAA 1,2 (treasurer), 3 (vice president), 4 (president); Pep Club 1,2; Girls Chorus 2; Girls Choir 3; Class Officer 3 (treasurer), 4 (treasurer), COOLEY, GAY RUTH— English Club 2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1; Spanish Club 2,3; Mixed Chorus 2; Girls Chorus 1; Girls Choir 3. 115 rom f lanA formulated in fall, evelopec warn COTO, RITA ANNE— Pep Club 1,2; Girls Chorus 1. COWAN, MARK EDWARD COYLE, TIMOTHY RICHARD— Conservation Club 2,3,4; Sci- ence Club 1,2,3: CREEKMORE, PEGGY ANN CROM, RUTH ALLEN — Futura 4; Future Nurses 1,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Mixed Chorus 2; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 4 ; Girls Choir 3. CROOK BEVERLY RAE CROOK, CASANDRA FAYE — Future Nurses 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Mixed Chorus 3 (secretary); Girls Chorus 2; Concert Choir 4; Girls Choir 3; Student Council 2,3; Campus Police 4. CROSS, DONNA CHRISTINE — English Club 4 (treasurer); Frencr Club 1,2; Library Club 2 (vice president); Girls Chorus 2; Rhythmettes 2,4; Concert Choir 4; Girls Choir 3. CUNNINGHAM, ANNA DEANE— French Club 1,2 (vice president); Mixed Chorus 2; Girls Chorus 2; Concert Choir 4; Girls Choir 3. CUNNINGHAM, SANDRA— Pep Club 1, Spanish Club 2,3; Y-Teens 1,2; Mixed Chorus 2; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 3,4; Class Officer 1 (representative). DANIEL, PATRICIA ANN— Art Club 1; English Club 2; Pep Club 3. DAUGHERTY, JANE ANN— Futura 4; GAA 1,2,3, 4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Scroll 1; Spanish Club 2,3; Y-Teens 1; Girls Chorus 1; Campus Police 4. DeARMOND, LINDA SUSAN— GAA 1,2; Pep Club 1; Y-Teens 2,3 (treasurer); Drill Team 2,3; Student Council 2,3 (sec- retary). DeGROOT, PATRICIA LEE— GAA 1; Red Cross 2; Y-Teens 2,3 (historian). DETTERLINE, KATHRYN MARIE— GAA 1,2; Pep Club 2; Spanish Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1; Mixed Chorus 1; Girls Chorus 1; Rhythmettes 4; Concert Choir 3,4; Girls Choir 3; Class Officer 1 (secretary). 1 16 z)n c lOinter , (fulminated in Spring, DIXON, ROBERT WILLIAM— French Club 3,4; Library Club 3; Scroll 4; Boys Chorus 1; Boys Choir 2,3,4; Track 2; Student Council 2,3. DOCKERY, ROBERT MICHAEL— Letterman 1,2, 3,4; Pep Club 2; Red Cross 1,2; Class Officer 1 (sergeant-at-arms); Golf 1; Wrestling 1,2; Student Council 1; Campus Police 4. DWARS, PETER ROY— French Club 3; Audio-Visual 1,2; Basketball 1; Boys Tumbling 1. DYCUS, MARY ANN— GAA 2,3,4; Pep Club 1; Y-Teens 2; Marching Band 1,2,3; Concert Band 1,2,3. EARL, JANICE SUE— Spanish Club 2; Y-Teens 1, 2,3,4 (Cor- responding secretary). EARLY, WILLIAM ROBERT— Baseball 1,2,4; Wrestling 1,2,4. EISEN, JOHN HOWARD— Football 1, 2,3,4; Track 3,4; Wrest- ling 3. EISENSTEIN, GAIL DEE — French Club 2,4; GAA 1,2,3; Drama Club 2,3,4; Speech Club 2; Thespians 4; " Time Out For Ginger " ; " The Mouse That Roared " ; " The Man Who Came to Dinner! " ; " Diary of Anne Frank " ; " The Impor- tance of Being Earnest " . ELLIOTT, PRUDENCE LYNN— English Club 4; Future 3,4 (literary editor); Future Teachers 1,2,3, 4 (secretary); Latin Club 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Red Cross 1; Y-Teens 1; Mixed Chorus 1 (accompanyist); Boys Chorus 1 (accom- pany ist) ; Girls Chorus 1; Rhythmettes 4 (accompanyist); Concert Choir 2,3 (accompanyist); Girls Choir 2 (accom- panyist); Choraleers 4; Girls State 3 (alternate); Student Council 3,4; Quill Scroll 4. ERICKSEN, ROBERT CHARLES — Baseball 2,3; Boys Tumb- ling 1. ESGATE, THOMAS WAGNER — Conservation Club 2; Stu- dent Council 2. FADEN, RHONDA LEE— French Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2; Pep Club 1; Drama Club 2,3; Speech Club 4. FANDREI, CARL WALTER — Boys Chorus 1; Rhythmaires 3; Concert Choir 3,4; Boys Choir 2; Choraleers 4; Audio-Visual 1,2, 3,4; Golf 1,2. FARLEY, JR., RALPH WALTER— Letterman 1, 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4 (vice president); Red Cross 1; Boys Tumb- ling 1,2; Track 2; Wrestling 1,2,3; German Club 4. FARMER, LESLIE GAYLE — Future Nurses 2,3; Library Club 1,2; Pep Club 1; Red Cross 4; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Mixed Chorus 1,2; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choi r 3,4; Girls Choir 3; Choraleers 4; Girls Tumbling 1. 117 uniorA ranolormed ynt into Souther FLAGG, PHILIP EUGENE— Football 1. FLIESHER, LUCINDA MARY— Drama Club 3. FOGARTY, MARIANNE — Future Nurses 3; Girls Chorus 1; Girls Choir 2,3,4. FORSYTHE, ALVINA JEAN— Future Nurses 1. FOSTER, CHARLENE HAZEL FOSTER, SARAH ELLEN— English Club 4 ; GAA 3,4; Drama Club 3; Mixed Chorus 3; Concert Choir 4; Girls Choir 3; Marching Band 2; Choraleers 4; Concert Band 2; Student Council 2; Graphic Arts Club 4. FRANCUS, BARBARA JO— GAA 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2; Girls Chorus 1,2; Girls Choir 3,4. FRANKLIN, LINDA KAY— GAA 1,2, 3, 4; National Honor So- ciety 3,4; Pep Club 1; Drama Club 1; Spanish Club 1,2; Y-Teens 3; " Goodbye My Fancy " ; " Our Town " ; " Arsenic And Old Lace " . FRAYER, JUDITH ELAINE— Red Cross 2. FARRIS, THOMAS ALLEN — Conservation Club 3; Spanish Club 2; Boys Tumbling 1. FEA, TERRY LYNN — Business Club 2 (treasurer), Future Teachers 1; Pep Club 1, Y-Teens 1 (Representative to YWCA). FERENCE, JAMES MICHAEL— Spanish Club 1; Mixed Chorus 3; Boys Chorus 3; Basketball 1; Boys Tumbling 1,2. FERGUSON, JUDITH ELAINE— French Club 1,2; GAA 1, 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 3,4; Girls Choir 2; Choraleers 4; Cheerleader 2,3,4 (captain); Student Council 3,4; National Honor Society 4. FEUERBACH, PHILIP KIETH— Football 1. FIELDER, VIVIAN LOUISE — GAA 1; Drama Club 2,3,4; Span- ish Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1; Audio-Visual 2; " Time Out for Ginger " ; " The Mouse That Roared " ; " The Man Who Came to Dinner " ; " Diary of Anne Frank " ; " The Importance of Being Earnest " ; " Trifles " ; " Beat it Beatnik " ; Thespians 3 (clerk), 4 (secretary). piendor " SplenMloroiu ear = B roucfkt FRAYER, SANDRA LEA— Red Cross 2. GAISSER, LINDA BETH— Library Club 3; Pep Club 1; Y- Teens 1,2; Girls Chorus 1; Rhythmettes 1,2, 3, 4, Concert Choir 3,4; Girls Choir 2. GANSER, WENDY ANN— GAA 1,2,3, 4; Notional Honor So- ciety 3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2; Mixed Chorus 1,2; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 4; Girls Choir 2,3,4. GANZ, KATHLEEN ANN — Future Nurses 1,2,3 (treasurer), 4 (treasurer); GAA 1,2,3, 4; Pep Club 3; Drama Club 3; Speech Club 4. GARDNER, MARGARET CAMPBELL— French Club 1,2 (vice president), 3,4 (treasurer); Futura 2,3 (underclass section editor), 4 (editor-in-chief); GAA 1; Pep Club 1,2,3, 4; Drama Club 3; Quill Scroll 3,4; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Class Officer 1 (representative); Drill Team 1 ,2,3,4 (secretary); Student Council 1,2; National Honor Society 4. GATZ, DEBORAH LYNN — English Club 2; Futura 3; Future Nurses 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1,2; Girls Chorus 1,2; Rhythmettes 3; Concert Choir 4; Girls Choir 3; Girls Tumbling 1. GROVICH, SUSAN — English Club 4; Future Nurses 3; GAA 1; Pep Club 1,2,3; Red Cross 1,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Girls Chorus 1,2; Girls Choir 3,4; Student Council 1,3. GUZEK, THOMAS — Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Baseball 1, 2,3,4; Football 1,2, 3,4. HAACK, THOMAS GEORGE — Letterman 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; Basketball 2,3; Football 2; Golf 2,3. GLENN, MARTHA SUE GNASS, DANIEL ROBERT— Chess Club 1,2; Golf 3; Wrest- ling 1. GOOLEY, BETTY JO— GAA 1,2. GRABSKI, DAN HUBERT GRANDFIELD, MEG ELLEN— Future Nurses 1,2,3, 4, GAA 1,2,3; Latin Club 1; Red Cross 1 ; Y-Teens 1; Drill Team 3,4; " The Mouse That Roared " . GROESCHE, JOHN FREDERICK— Library Club 1,2; Cross- Country 2; Track 3,4; Scroll 4 (sports editor); Quill Scroll 4. cJkvcircl lor f-loat Uemecl ‘ c TOe ‘ ' T Oanna HELFER, DOROTHY CATHERINE — GAA 1, 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3 (vice president), 4; Red Cross 1,2; Y-Teens 1; Mixed Chorus 2; Girls Chorus 1; Girls Choir 3,4 (vice president); Cheerleader 3,4; Class Officer 4 (sergeant-at-arms); Stu- dent Council 1 ,2. HESTER, KAREN ALVA — Forensics 2,3; French Club 1,2,3 (president), 4 (president); National Forensics 2,3,4; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 1; Drama Club 3; " The Gallery " . HILBRICH, HOWARD JOEL — Basketball 1; Baseball 1,2,3, 4. HILL, KATHLEEN ANN — Pep Club 2; Spanish Club 2; Y- Teens 1; Student Council 1. HJERTQUIST, LARRY FREDERICK — Library Club 1,2; Boys Tumbling 3,4. HLUSKA, JOHN MICHAEL — Spanish Club 1; Audio-Visual 1,2, 3,4; Track 1. 120 HARRIS, SHIELA JAN — Business Club 2; Girls Chorus 1; Girls Choir 2,3. HAYWORTH, ARTHUR CLOUGH— Debate 2,3,4; Math Club 2; National Forensics 2,3,4; Science Club 2,3. HEBDA, MARLENE — English Club 3; Forensics 1 ,2,3,4; Fu- ture Nurses 3; National Forensics 1,2 (secretary), 3,4; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; Drama Club 1; Spanish Club 1 ; Mixed Chorus 2 (accompanyist); Boys Chorus 2 (accom- panyist); Rhythmettes 4; Concert Choir 4 (vice president, accompanyist); Girls Choir 3 (accompanyist); Choraleers 4; German Club 4; Girls State 3. HALEY, ELIZABETH ANNE— Pep Club 1; Red Cross 2; Y- Teens 1,2,3; Drill Team 2,3; " Time Out for Ginger " . HAMILTON, BRUCE WILLIAM — Spanish Club 2,3,4; Audio- Visual 1,2, 3,4; Football 1,2; Golf 3,4; Campus Police 4. HAMMERS, PENNY LYNN — French Club 1,2,3; Future Teach- ers 1,2, 3,4; Pep Club 1,2. HANNA, THOMAS CHARLES — Mixed Chorus 1; Boys Choir 2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3 ,4; Concert Band 1, 2,3,4; Pep Band 1 ,2,3,4; Audio-Visual 2,3; Basketball 1; Wrestling 3; " The Importance of Being Earnest " . HANSEN, SUSAN ELAINE — Forensics 3,4; Future Teachers 2,3 (vice president); Latin Club 2,3; National Forensics 3,4 (secretary); National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 1; Drama Club 1; Quill Scroll 4; Scroll 3,4 (editor-in-chief); Speech Club 4 (secretary); Girls Chorus 1; Rhythmettes ' 2,3; Con- cert Choir 4; Girls Choir 2,3; Choraleers 4; Quill Scroll 4. HANSON, DORA MAE — Art Club 2,3; Future Nurses 1,2,3; Drama Club 4; Scroll 1; Spanish Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2,3; " Diary of Anne Frank " . “Bar (E lark ” in tomecomincf -edtivitied HOCHMAN, RICHARD PHILIP— Chess Club 2; Letterman 3,4; Spanish Club 2; Marching Band 1,2; Concert Band 1,2; Pep Band 1; Basketball 1, 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3 ,4; Cross- Country 2. HOFFMAN, DEAN EUGENE— Library Club 2; Metal Shop Club 2,3. HOLDER, SUSAN WILMA— Business Club 2; GAA 1, 2,3,4; Red Cross 1. HOLSTROM, DONNA RUTH — English Club 4 (president); Futura 3 (organizations editor), 4 (co-editor faculty section); GAA 1, 2,3,4; Drama Club 4; Red Cross 1; Scroll 2,3,4; Quill Scroll 4; Y-Teens 2; National Honor Society 4. HOUSLEY, BARBARA SUE — GAA 1,2; National Honor So- ciety 3,4 (treasurer); Pep Club 1, 2,3,4; Y-Teens 1,2; Cheer- leader 3,4; Girls Tumbling 1, 2,3,4; Student Council 3,4. HUDAK, HOWARD GREGORY— Conservation Club 2,3,4. HURD, DEBORAH DIANE— GAA 1,2; Library Club 2; Pep Club 1,2, 3 ,4; Drama Club 1,2,3; Girls Chorus 1,2; Concert Choir 4; Girls Choir 3; Class Officer 4 (representative); Girls Tumbling 1,2; Student Council 1. IGYARTO, JR., ROBERT Z.— Letterman 2,3,4; Red Cross 1; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4; Boys Tumbling 1,2. IMER, GLENDA PAULETTE JABLONSKI, DAVID MICHAEL JACOBS, RONALD DEAN JACOBS, JR., WILLIAM HOMER JARNECKE, ROY WILLIAM— Chess Club 1; Debate 1,2; Eng- lish Club 4; Futura 4; Library Club 2; National Forensics 1,2, 3,4; Scroll 3 (feature editor), 4; Boys Chorus 1; Rhyth- maires 2; Concert Choir 3,4; Boys Choir 2; Choraleers 4; Student Council 2,3,4 (sergeant-at-arms); Quill Scroll 4. JETT, NOEL ANTHONY— Debate 1; Latin Club 1; Science Club 1,2,3 (treasurer); Boys Chorus 1; Rhythmaires 2,3; Concert Choir 4; Boys Choir 2,3; Audio-Visual 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1; Football 1,2; Track 1,2; Wrestling 2. JEZIERSKI, JOHN MICHAEL 121 nicr 6 JOHNK, RONALD ALLAN JONES, CURTIS RAY — Mixed Chorus 2; Boys Chorus 1; Boys Choir 3,4; Track 1. JONES, LANEY JUNIOR— Football 1,2; Wrestling 1. JONES, RICHARD ERNEST— Future 2,3,4 (sports editor); Letterman 2,3,4; Boys Chorus 1 (secretary); Concert Choir 4 (secretary); Boys Choir 3; Drill Team 4; Class Officer 1 (president); 2 (president), 3 (sergeant-at-arms); Football 1; Wrestling 1,2; Track 3; Student Council 1,2; Rotarian 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 1,2; " Wizard of Oz " ; " 1984 " ; Student Court (ba I iff); Quill Scroll 4. JONES, SANDRA LEE— Y-Teens 3; Girls Chorus 1,2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1,2. JUKICH, WILLIAM— Letterman 3,4; Track 1,2,4; Wrestling 2. followed eir i Reader JUSICK, JOSEPH THOMAS— Letterman 1, 2,3,4; Scroll 2,3 (sports editor), 4; Basketball 2; Cross-Country 2,3,4; Foot- ball 1; Track 2,3; Wrestling 1. KANIUK, LINDA JOANN KASENGA, EILEEN MARIE— French Club 2,3,4; GAA 2,4; National Honor Society 2,3. KASPRZYCKI, JAMES JOSEPH— Letterman 4 ; Basketball 2,3,4; Baseball 3; Track 4. KEEHN, LYNDA MARIE — Future Nurses 2; Girls Chorus 1; Rhythmettes 1,3; Concert Choir 3,4; Girls Choir 2. KEENE, RICHARD MACK KELLER, LINDA MARIE— GAA 1,2,3; Marching Band 3,4; Concert Band 3,4; Pep Band 3,4. KENAR, BARBARA — GAA 1,2, 3, 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Club 2. KENNEDY, STEVEN PATRICK— Chess Club 1,2; Debate 2,3,4; Forensics 2,3,4; National Forensics 2,3 (vice president), 4; Speech Club 3,4 (president); Student Council 4 (president); Rotarian 4. f 122 cipci and J-la min mie on KIEST, DENNIS RAY — Letterman 3,4; Cross-Country 2,3; Track 2; Wrestling 1,2, 3,4. KIMMONS, CINDY LOU— Latin Club 2,3; Science Club 1; Y-Teens 2,3,4 (vice president); Student Council 1; National Honor Society 4. KNESTRICT, PAUL RAY KNOCHE, LARRY RAY— Basketball 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3. KOEHLER, KERRY ROBERT— Science Club 1, Mixed Chorus 2; Boys Chorus 1; Concert Choir 4; Marching Band 1, 2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2, 3, 4; Dance Bond 1, 2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3 (vice president), 4 (representative). Chamber Band 3. KRASNICHAN, RALPH EDMUND— Science Club 1; Rhylh- moires 3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; Boys Choir 1,2; Choraleers 4; Boys Tumbling 2. EXCITED SENIORS prepare for ribbon cutting ceremony which opened donating for the lounge, the seniors gained the priviledge of using the the student lounge in March. With one-hundred percent cooperation in lounge during lunch hours. 123 rek UroucfU Capitol and ‘ ' View .ork ity KRIES, PATRICIA MAE— Pep Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2; Girls Chorus 1,2; Girls Choir 3. KROPIEWNICKI, RONALD JOSEPH— Wrestling 1,2; Notional Honor Society 4. KULA, EILEEN KAY— Red Cross 2; Typing Club 2; Mixed Chorus 2; Girls Chorus 1; Rhythmettes 3; Concert Choir 4; Girls Choir 2; Student Council 2,3. KULCZYK, THOMAS GEORGE — Red Cross 1,2,3; Science Club 1; Mixed Chorus 2; Boys Chorus 1; Boys Choir 3,4. KUMIEGA, JAMES FRANCIS— Basketball 1. KUNKA, PATRICIA ANN CATHERINE LaFRANCE, SHARON LEE— Pep Club 2. LAMMERTIN, JACK MICHAEL LANDFALD, DONNA LEE — GAA 1; Pep Club 1,2; Y-Teens 2,3. LANNIN, PATRICK JOHN— Basketball 1; Football 1,2; Campus Police 4. LASHBROOK, PAUL HERSCHEL LEDBETTER, LYNDA MAE — Future Nurses 1; Red Cross 2. LESLIE, WILLIAM JOHN— Wrestling 1,2. LEWIS, NANCY WILLA MAI— Futura 1; GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4; Drama Club 4; Y-Teens 2; Cheerleader 1; Class Officer 3 (representative); Drill Team 1; Girls Tumb- ling 1; Majorette 1,2, 3, 4; “The Importance of Being Earn- estl " ; ' “The Wizard of Oz“. LITTON, PATRICIA ELLEN — Future Nurses 2,3,4 (secretary); GAA 1,2,3, 4; Y-Teens 1; Girls Chorus 3,4; Student Coun- cil 4. 124 w 6 : Q wcirclecl riority in ew m LLOYD, KATHLEEN — Future Nurses 2,3; Pep Club 1 ; Drama Club 1; Y-Teens 2. LUBOTINA, LARRY JAMES MALLOY, DANIESE MARIE— Y-Teens 3,4 (secretary). MANN, KAREN LYNN— Pep Club 1; Drama Club 1; Speech Club 3; Y-Teens 2; Girls Chorus 1. MANSUETO, MICHAEL JOSEPH— Drama Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 1; " The Mouse That Roared " ; " The Man Who Came to Dinner " . MARANTO, JAMES THOMAS— Football 1; Track 1. MARLOW, JACQULYN MARIE— GAA 2; Girls Chorus 2. MARTENS, CAROL ANN — Future Nurses 4; Red Cross 2; Y-Teens 4; Student Council 2,3. MASLEID, MICHAEL ANDREW — Chess Club 4; Conservation Club 3; Debate 3,4; Science Club 2,3,4; Basketball 1; Rotarian 4. MASON, PAMELA LOUISE— Y-Teens 1. MAZUR, JOHNETTE ANN— Pep Club 1,2,3 (junior repre- sentative), 4 (president); Red Cross 2; Student Council 1,3,4 (treasurer). McCANCE, CHERYL LYNN— Future Nurses 1,2,3; GAA 1; Pep Club 2; Y-Teens 1,2. McCRUM, BONNEY MARIE — Future Teachers 1; Drama Club 2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,4; Concert Band l, 2,3 ,4; Pep Band 1,2,4; National Honor Society 4. MEEKS, THOMAS KIETH— Letterman 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Student Council 1. MELTZ, GAIL RAE— French Club 1,2,3; GAA 1; Pep Club 1; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 1, 2,3,4; Girls Choir 2. 125 sStuclent cunge during colour jo MERIDETH, RICHARD ALLEN— Drama Club 1,2, 3,4; Red Cross 3; Basketball 1 ; Boys Tumbling 1,2; Student Council 4; Campus Police 4; " Arsenic and Old Lace " ; " The Mouse That Roared " ; " The Man Who Came to Dinner " ; Thespians. MERKEL, ROGER LEE — National Honor Society 3,4 (presi- dent); Wrestling 3; German Club 4 (vice president); Stu- dent Court (chief justice); " The Other Side " ; I.U. Foreign Language Honors Program 4; " 1984 " . MILLER, ALLEN LEROY — Chess Club 1,2; Futura 4; Letter- man 2,3,4; Math Club 1,2; Science Club 1; Scroll 3; Boys Chorus 1; Cross-Country 3,4; Football 2; Boys Tumbling 1; Track 2,3,4; Wrestling 1,3,4; Student Council 4; National Honor Society 4. MILLER, MARY SUSAN— GAA 1, 2,3,4; Pep Club 2; Drama Club 3. MILLMAN, VIRGINIA LEE— Math Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,4; Spanish Club 1,2; National Honor Society 4. MITCHELL, LANA JEAN— Business Club 2; Pep Club 1. MITERKO, SUSAN ANN— Future Nurses 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; National Honor Society 4. MIZERIK, KATHLEEN— French Club 3; Pep Club 1; Red Cross 1; Y-Teens 3; Girls Chorus 1; Student Council 4. MOLNAR, SUSAN DRENNE — French Club 1,2,3 (vice presi- dent); Futura 4 (faculty editor); GAA 1,2, 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Drama 2; Y-Teens 1,2; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 4 (secretary); Girls Choir 2,3 (secretary); Cheerleader 2; Class Officer 2 (treasurer); Girls Tumbling 3,4; National Honor Society 4; Quill Scroll 4. MOORE, ARLYNDA KAY— Pep Club 1; Drama Club 2,3; Y- Teens 1; Red Cross 2; Drill Team 4; " The Mouse That Roared " . MOORE, TERRY EVANS MORSE, DARLENE MUIR, TERRY DOC — Philatelic Club 2; Cross-Country 3; Track 3; Student Council 1,2. NICKOLOFF, CHRIS ALLEN — Science Club 2; Audio-Visual 1; Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1, 2,3,4; Cross-Country 1; Fobt- ball 1. NOOJIN, WILLIAM CHARLES— Spanish Club 1,2; Audio- Visual 1,2,3; Wrestling 1,2,3. 126 Ueir 100 % Participation in Contributions NORMAN, RONALD EUGENE— Chess Club 1, Science Club 1,2; Football 1. OPRISKO, JANA MARIE— GAA 1,2; Pep Club 1, 2,3,4; Y- Teens 1; Cheerleader 1,2, 3,4; Drama Club 2. OPRISKO, JANET MARIA — Future Nurses 1,2; GAA 3; Li- brary Club 3,4; Girls Chorus 1; Girls Choir 2,3,4; Red Cross 2; Student Council 3. OPRISKO, JEANETTE MARIE— GAA 1,2; Library Club 1,3; Pep Club 1,2; Red Cross 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3 (representa- tive); Mixed Chorus 2; Girls Chorus 1; Girls Choir 3,4. ORKIS, JAMES JOHN— Library Club 2; Pep Club 1,2; Track 1 , 2 . ORLAND, SHARON LEE — Future Nurses 2,3; GAA 1; Pep Club 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Girls Choir 1. PACZKOWSKI, ANNE CATHERINE— English Club 3; Drill Team 2,3,4. PALUBIN. ANTHONY JONATHAN— Conservation Club 3; Math Club 3,4; Science Club 3,4. PANIAN, SUZANNE CHERYL— English Club 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Drill Team 3,4. PARKS, JACK ELDON— Audio-Visual 1,2; Baseball 1, 2,3,4; Cross-Country 3; Football 4; Wrestling 1,3,4; National Hon- or Society 4. PASKO, STEVE JOHN — Letterman 2,3,4; Football 1, 2,3,4; Track 1,2; Wrestling 2. PEARSON, JEAN MARIE— GAA 1; Pep Club 2,3 (junior rep- resentative), 4 (vice president); Red Cross 2,3; Class Of- ficer 1 (representative); Student Council 2,3,4; National Honor Society 4. PEASE, PATRICIA ANN — Futura 4; Future Nurses 3; Future Teachers 3,4 (treasurer); Red Cross 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2; Mixed Chorus 1; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Student Council 1, 2,3,4. PENCIAK, KAREN JO PERRONE, JAMES PETER— Red Cross 1; Pep Club 1. 127 c cAieuemeat and Career PRENDERGAST, JANE EILEEN— Pep Club 1,2,3; Spanish Club 3 (secretary); Girls Chorus 1; Rhythmettes 1; Drill Team 4; Student Court (recorder). PRESS, HOLLY SUE — Future Nurses 2,3,4; Pep Club 1 ,2,3; German Club 4 (secretary). PROBUS, JUDITH DIANE RACICH, PAULA RAGANYI, SANDRA SUE— Pep Club 2; Campus Police 4. RAYKOVICH, LINDA LOUISE— English Club 2,3; Future 3 (index editor), 4 (middle school editor); GAA 1,2; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Drama Club 1,2; Quill Scroll 3,4; Scroll 1,2 (exchange editor); Girls Chorus 1 (secretary); Concert Choir 3,4; Girls Choir 2 (secretary); Class Officer 1 (treasurer), 3 (secretary), 4 (secretary); Drill Team 1,2,3 (vice president), 4 (president); Student Council 1,2,3; News Bureau Editor 3,4; “Beat it Beatnik " ; " 1984 " . REDLARCZYK, GREGORY RICHARD— Chess Club 1; Red Cross 2; Student Council 4; " The Wizard of Oz " . RENWANZ, LINDA JANE REITMAN, DAVID WILLIAMS — Letterman 4; Scroll 1; Foot ball 2,3,4. 128 PETTIT, BETTY JEAN— Steno Club 4. PETRUKITAS, BARBARA ANN— French Club 1,3; Drama Club 3. PICKETT, MELVILLE CLIFFORD — Business Club 2; Letterman 3,4; Red Cross 1; Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 2,3; Campus Police 4. PORTER, THEODORE CLYDE— Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,2, 3 ,4; Cross-Country 2. POUCH, JEFFREY MICHAEL— Pep Club 1,2, 3,4; Football 1. PREMUDA, KIM WILLIAM Applications Completed, €ncl 2Veu? ar ROSALES, JEANNE CAROL ROYAL, CARL ANDREW— Chess Club 1; Debate 1 ,2,3,4; Forensics 2,3,4; National Forensics 1,2, 3,4 (president); Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; Speech Club 3,4; Rotarian 4. ROYAL, DANIEL McADOO— Footboll 1,2. RUSAK, ROBERT PAUL RUTTLEDGE, SANDRA SUE— Future Teachers 1,2,4; Pep Club 1; Mixed Chorus 3; Concert Choir 4; Marching Band 1; Concert Bond 1,2; Orchestra 1; Student Council 4. SANDERS, JANE MAREE— English Club 2; French Club 3,4; GAA 1,2,3; Latin Club 1; Pep Club 1,2; Traffic Safety Club 1; Y-Teens 3,4; Mixed Chorus 2; Girls Chorus 1; Girls Choir 3; Drill Team 2; Student Council 1,2 (treasurer). SARKADY, KAREN LEA— GAA 2,3,4; Y-Teens 1. SAVICKIS, CHARLES ANTHONY— Lettermon 1,2,3, 4; Base- ball 1,2,3, 4; Football 1; Wrestling 1,2. SAX, KATHY LYNN — French Club 3 (treasurer); Drama Club 1. 2.3.4 (vice president); Mixed Chorus 2; Concert Choir 2.3.4 (business manager); Choraleers 4; Student Council 4 (vice president); " Our Town " ; " The Importance of Being Earnest " ; " Hillbilly Weddin ' " ; " Trifles " ; " Thunderhead " ; Thespions 4 (president). SCHNEIDER, LINDA LOUISE— English Club 4; Future Teach- ers 2; GAA 1, 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 1; Speech Club 3,4; Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 3,4; Girls Choir 2. SCOTT, JAY WILLIAM — Mixed Chorus 2; Boys Chorus 1; Boys Choir 3,4; Campus Police 4. SENTEll, ROY LEE— Red Cross 1; Metal Shop Club 1. SEWELL, CONNIE RUTH — GAA 1, 2,3,4; Girls Tumbling 1. 2,3,4. SHEARER, LAVONNA MARIE— Spanish Club 3; Y-Teens 3. SILLS, PAUL DENNIS — Lettermon 2,3 (sergeant-at-arms), 4; Cross-Country 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4. 129 witU prom, Senior ‘ ' Banquet, Stoner a J a SKAIBA, ALICE NNE — Art Club 2; GAA 1,2; Notional Honor Society 3,4; Drama Club 3; Spanish Club 1,2; Drill Team 2,3 (vice president); Student Council 4; " The Mouse That Roared”; " The Man Who Came to Dinner " ; Thespians 2,3 (secretary). SMITH, JR. JACK LEE — Conservation Club 3; Library Club 2; Track 1,2,3. SMITH, RANDALL WAYNE — Conservation Club 3; Letterman 2,3,4; Track 1,2, 3,4; Student Council 3. SMUTKO, CAROLE MARIE— Art Club 2 (secretary); French Club 1,2; GAA 1; Drama Club 3,4; “The Mouse That Roared " ; “The Man Who Came to Dinner " ; " Diary of Anne Frank " ; " The Importance of Being Earnest " ; One Acts 3,4; Thespians 4. SMUTZER, RICHARD KARL — Chess Club 1,2; Letterman 1,2. SOLAN, SARA KATHARINE— GAA 1, 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 1 ,2,3,4; Mixed Chorus 2 (vice presi- dent, accompanyist); Girls Chorus 1; Concert Choir 4; Girls Choir 3; Orchestra 1,2,3 (president), 4 (president); Cheer- leader .1,2; Student Council 1,2. SPANOS, TERI LEE — Futura 2; Y-Teens 2; Pep Club 3. STANLEY, JR., CLAUDE EDWARD — Math Club 1,2, 3,4; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; Science Club 1,2, 3 ,4 (president); Audio-Visual 1,2, 3, 4. STEFNIK, JAMES STEPHEN — French Club 1,2; Red Cross 1; Class Officer 4 (vice president); Student Council 2,4. STEINKRAUS, LARRY DEAN — Letterman 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1,3,4; Class Officer 2 (sergeant-at-arms); 3 (representative); Cross-Country 2,3; Wrestling 1 ,2,3,4. STEMP, MARCELLA MARY— GAA 1,2,3 (president), 4; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 1. STEWART, PHYLLIS ROBERTA — Secretarial Club 4; Typing Club 4. STIGLITZ, MICHAEL DAVID — Chess Club 1, Student Coun- cil 2. STORDEUR, WILLIAM CHARLES — Audio-Visual 1,2, 3, 4; Boys Tumbling 1; Track 1. STRAUGHN CONNIE ANN — Business Club 2; Future Nurses 1; GAA 1,2; Library Club 2; Drama Club 3. 130 s 6Aembl j, eco mtion ea, Senior l Ckek SURUFKA, JOHN JOSEPH— Metol Shop Club 3,4. SUTTON, THETNA SUE— Pep Club 2,3; Red Cross 1,2; Y- Teens 3. SWANSON, JAMES THOMAS TARLTON, CASSIE DEAN— Business Club 1, GAA 1,2; Li- brary Club 2,3 (secretory), 4; Secretarial Club 3. TEETS, BETTY LOUANNE — Future Teachers 3,4 (vice presi- dent); GAA 2,3,4; Pep Club 1; Y-Teens 1; Mixed Chorus 2; Girls Chorus 1; Girls Choir 3,4. THINNES, VALERIE ANN — English Club 4 (vice president); GAA 1,2, 3,4; Y-Teens 2; Pep Band 2; Graphic Arts Club 4; Drama Club 3. THORNSBERRY, BRENDA JEAN— GAA 1,2 (secretary), 3 (secretary); Latin Club 2; Math Club 4; National Honor So- ciety 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Drill Team 1 ; Majorette 1,2. TUCKER, LARRY DEE — Cross Country 2,3; Track 2,3; Audio- Visual 1. TURNPAUGH, TIMOTHY EDWARD— Metal Shop Club 2. UNDERWOOD, SUSAN GAIL— English Club 4, French Club 3,4; Future Teachers 4; Girls Choir 4; Concert Band 3,4; Orchestra 3. UNDI, KAREN MARIA— English Club 3; GAA 1; Math Club 3,4 (secretary); Drill Team 3,4 (co-captain); German Club 4. VANCE, PATRICIA JANE— Pep Club 3; Drama Club 3,4 (president); Girls Choir 3,4 (president); Student Council 4; " The Man Who Came to Dinner " ; " Diary of Anne Frank " ; " The Importance of Being Earnest " ; " Beat it Beatnik " . VAN GORP, TIMOTHY LEE— Chess Club 1; Red Cross 1; Audio-Visual 1; Basketball 1,2. VANSLYKE, GEORGE AUGUSTUS — Future 3,4; Letterman 2,3,4; Orchestra 1 ; Audio-Visual 1,2; Golf 1,2, 3,4; Wrest- ling 1,3, 4, 5; Student Council 1,2; Rotarian 4. VATER, VAN CLAIR — Library Club 1; Red Cross 2; Student Council 1. 131 J-inalo and Commencement, J-inioltincf J-ou VERAY, LARRY STEVEN — Mixed Chorus 2; Boys Chorus 1; Rhythmaires 1 ,2,3,4; Concert Choir 4; Boys Choir 3; Boys Tumbling 1. WASIUTYK, IRENE— GAA 1, 2,3,4 (secretary). WATSON, LINDA GAIL WEEKS, SUSAN DESE — English Club 1; French Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2, 3,4; Pep Club 1, 2,3,4; Y-Teens 1; Girls Chorus 2; Girls Choir 2,3 (secretary), 4; Class Officer 1 (vice presi- dent), 3 (vice president); Student Council 1,2,3. WEHLER, RICHARD FREDERICK WELCH, TERRY DEAN — Chess Club 2; Letterman 4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1,2,3; Campus Police 4. WESTMAN, SUSAN ALICE— English Club 3; French Club 1,2; GAA 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1; Girls Chorus 1,2,3; Concert Choir 4; Choraleers 4; Drill Team 1,2,3 ,4 (vice president); Student Council 3. WHARTON, BRENDA LYNN WIERSBE, DALE EDWARD— Chess Club 1, Science Club 1. WIGGINS, JEFFRY LYNN— Basketball 1. WILLIAMS, CARYL STEWART— English Club 4; Pep Club 3,4; Scroll 3,4; Quill Scroll 4. WILLIAMS, JOHN EBER — Letterman 3,4; Baseball 1 ,2,3,4; Football 1,2, 3,4 ; Wrestling 1, 2,3,4. WILSON, JEANETTE MARIE— GAA 1,2,3 (treasurer), 4; Pep Club 2,3; Drama Club 1,2; Secretarial Club 4; Spanish Club 1,2; Girls Chorus 1; National Honor Society 4. WILSON, MICHAEL EARL— Debate 1,2, 3,4; Forensics 3,4; National Forensics 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Speech Club 3 (president); German Club 4 (president); Student Court (judge); I.U. Foreign Language Honors Pro- gram 4. WINKLEY, RICHARD LEE— Letterman 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Science Club 1,2; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 1, 2,3,4; Cross-Country 4; Class Officer 2 (vice president); Student Council 1,2; National Honor Society 4. 132 earo c l ‘ ' Preparation lor future eaclerohip WINSKI, DAVID ALLEN WOOMER, LINDA RAE — French Club 1,2 (treasurer); GAA 1; Pep Club 2; Red Cross 1; Y-Teens 1. YOCKEY, ROBERT LYN — Letterman 4; Boys Chorus 1; Rhythmaires 3; Concert Choir 4 ; Boys Choir 2 (secretary), 3; Choraleers 4; Basketball 1; Football 2,3,4. YOUNG, MARGARET MARY — Futura 3 (faculty editor), 4 (academic section editor); Scroll 3; Mixed Chorus 2; Girls Chorus 1; Girls Choir 3; Marching Band 1, 2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3 ,4; Pep Band 1, 2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2, 3,4; Band Club 3; Drama Club 3; Quill Scroll 4. YOUNG, THOMAS EDWARD— Chess Club 1; Letterman 1,2,3, 4 ; Baseball 1,2,3; Football 1,2. ZIMMERMAN, ROBERT ALLEN ZIMNEY, DENISE CAROL — Future Nurses 2,3; GAA 1; Drama Club 1; Girls Chorus 1; Rhythmettes 3,4; Concert Choir 4; Girls Choir 2,3,4. ZUROWSKI, DONALD PAUL Seniors Not Pictured ALEY, KEN PAUL ANDRES, JUDITH ANN DeLACHE, DENNIS FRANK DIMOS, THOMAS JOHN FRAIN, MICHAEL FRED GALL, WILLIAM JOSEPH HAHNEY, MARSHA BETH HOUSLEY, WILLIAM MICHAEL KONTOR, STEPHEN MICHAEL LUBARSKI, MICHAEL STEVE POCIASK, WALTER JERRY SCOTT, ROGER ALLEN WARZINIAK, MARK MICHAEL 133 uniora Prize QlciAA Members of the class of 1968 sponsored a prize winning float titled “Packed With Go-Power” at Homecoming festivities. On October 11, eligible jun- iors received their class rings. At a Halloween party exclusively for juniors, cash prizes were awarded for the best costumes. In De- cember juniors migrated to the athletic field to sell Christmas trees, stands, and fruit cakes. “A Knight To Remember,” the 68’er’s prom with idea centering on Camelot, was presented on May 19 in the Gavit gymnasium. The class was led by sponsors Miss Diane Clinton and Mr. Lawrence Bewley; president, Dave Flood; vice-president, Jim Federoff; treasurer, Peggy Mon- zulla; secretary, Debbie Vance; co-sergeants-at-arms, Tom Sartoris and Jim Hickman; and representatives, Karen Lax, Jo Ellen Canale, and Shirley Mulvihill. ncjd a ncl ‘ " P rent JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS— Front row: Miss D. Clinton (sponsor), D. Flood (president), J. Federoff (vice president), Mr. L. Bewley (sponsor). Second row: K. Lax (representative), P. Monzulla (treasurer), J. Canale (representative). Back row: T. Sartoris (sergeant-at-arms), D. Vance (secre- tary), S. Mulvihill (representative), J. Hickman (sergeant-at-orms). Adams, Betty Adams, Mark Allegro, Daniel Allen, Ralph Allen, Ron Bain, Pamela Baker, Harold Baker, James Baker, Roger Balzer, Randy Baran, Terry Barton, Linda Basanda, Beth Basick, James Basile, Fred Bebler, Floyd Bell, Richard Benson, Stuart Bergman, Larry Biancardi, Rick Bielecki, Lillian Bisbee, John Bissonette, Mike Blessing, Bob Boersma, Gary Bond, Dennis Borcardt, Kathy Borst, Randy Bossinger, Karen Boyer, Chris Braun, Ron Bower, Pamela Brown, Becky Brown, David Busovsky, MilCe 134 Butkovich, Mary Lou Byrd, Dan Campbell, Diana Canale, Jo Ellen Cannon, Mike Cantrell, Ralph Capps, Gale Carroll, Jim Casey, Lorraine Cha nness, Tim Charnekar, Barbara Charters, Iris Clark, Robert Clower, Karen Connors, John Cooper, Barb Cosgrove, Kathy Courtney, Susan Creekmore, Roy Crisan, Susan Croft, Keith Curtis, Craig Daniels, Don Daniels, Bob Daniels, Bill DeArmond, Don Degnan, Jack Dembowski, Connie Demkovich, Richard Dempsey, Kathy Denny, Sandra L»epew, Jenny Dockery, Marsha Dorris, Tom Dorsey, Dave Doughty, Gail Doyle, Embert Dycus, Bobby Earl, Greg East, Jeff Eldridge, Jackie Ellis, Craig Emerson, Jill Engi, Rebecca Erickson, Rebecca Evans, Robert Farmer, Steve Farnelli, Nanette Federoff, Jim Fielder, Gay Fisher, Anne Maye Flippo, Mike Flood, David Forsyth, Peggy Fortenbury, Tom Fredick, Brenda Fryszak, Sandra Fultz, James Fuoss, Debbie Fyte, Linda Gaddy, Linda Ganser, Tom Gay, Bill Gerich, Linda Glad, Wayne Graves, Michael Gray, Celeste Grcevich, Sandra Grove, Randy Grubbs, Tom Gutowski, Edward Gyure, Sharon Halal, Frank Hansen, Linda Hayward, Jean Hayward, Debbie Hickman, James Hill, Patricia Hill, Steven Hill, Violet Hobson, Darlene Holsclaw, James Holtz, Randy Horn, Marc Horn, Marta Housley, Donald Housley, Bill Hric, Michael Hudnell, Larry Hudson, Dave Hudson, Don Humble, Wayne Igyarto, Amelia Irk, Tim Janiga, Mike Janik, Mary Jaracz, Nancy Jasis, Lynette Johnson, Linda Jones, Debbie Junkens, Linda Kaytar, Kathy Kingery, Scott Kinsock, Pat Kiser, Jim Kish, Richard Kitchens, Mary Klapowski, Edward Klockow, Susan Kmak, Thomas Knieriemen, Ken Koch, Kurtis Kolar, Alice Konuk, Christine Konuk, Irene Koontz, Susan Kovacik, Richard Kropieruiki, Richard Kujawa, Jackie Kujawa, Jo Ann Kunneman, Mark LaCroix, Pamela Ladd, Donald Lake, Jeffery Landis, Doreen Lapine, Carl Lax, Karen Levin, Jack Litton, Richard Loman, Scott Loudermilk, Patricia Louis, Marilee Lucht, Pamela Lukish, Terry Lula, Susan Lungren, Alana Luttringer, Rick Lynch, Dennis Macey, Janet Machalk, Richard 1 36 WRAPPED IN FIR, juniors Steve Hill, Karen Lax and Pam Lucht sell Christmas trees as a class project to raise funds for prom, " A Knight to Remember. " a Tf 1 a i m 4i D o ? h m m Mi .■ n iSmMm Maloney, Robert Mangerson, Robert Mangone, Dominic Manka, Sharon Manus, James Maranto, Janet Marks, Buddy Marlowe, Donald Marrs, Karen Martin, Mike Masleid, Mary Ellen McCaw, Ralph McCormick, Linda McDonald, Andy McDonald, Robert McGaha, James McKay, Thomas McLaughlin, Barry McPhillips, Susan Mercer, Ron Merritt, Barry Michalowski, Richard Michel, Lorelei Miller, Arlene Miller, Barbara Miller, Ed Mitchell, Kathleen Moats, Gayle Monzulla, Peggy Moore, Karen Moore, Sandra Mote, Ronald Motes, Rebecca Moulesong, Cindy Mulvihill, Shirley 137 -uniorA Myers, John Nabors, Betty Nagdeman, Mark Neel, Carol Newlin, David Newton, Elaine Nicolaisen, Rich Noel, Robert Noojin, Sam Orange, Donna Ortega, Carl Pajak, Jerry Parker, Liz Parker, Michael Pawlowski, Richard Pearson, Tom Peterson, Margaret Petrie, Duane Piorowski, Bill Poulson, Pat Pralow, Jim Quayle, Linda Raksanyi, Linda Rasmussen, Ronald Rich, Jerry Rippe,. John Roberts, Bill Robson, Linda Rodovich, Mary Rokosz, Jane Ruble, Bert Rusak, Richard Saczawa, Don Sanders, Kathy Sanders, Mike Sapyta, Patricia Sartoris, Tom Sawchuk, Carol Schlosser, William Schoenborn, Robert Scieska, Linda Sciortino, Andrew Seeds, Dennis Shanta, Cecilia Shea, Annette Shelborne, Gwen Shepherd, Joseph Shinkle, Wayne Shultman, Ted Skafish, Marianne Sluzewski, Kathy Smith, Tim Sojka, Gene Soltesz, John Sowula, Karen Sudac, Pamela Stahl, David Stenholm, Sally Stimler, Sandra Stricklin, Kim Stringham, Linda Swaim, Terry Taylor. Kathy Teets, Sheryi Templeton, Len Thegze, Robert Tiller, Bob Todd, Cathy Vance, Debbie Van Lue, Jeff 138 Van Slyke, Suzanne Vliek, Deborah Waite, Robert Walker, Monty Walsh, Howard Wantriba, Marilyn Waywood, Mark Welch, Betty Wendall, Dale Wertheimer, Stephen Wetnight David White, Dean White, Gene White, Thomas Whitsell, Steve Whitney, Christine Williams, Donald Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Mark Wisniewski, Francis Zaboroski, Rose Ann Zivich, Francis Zurawski, Donald MEMORIAM DAVID LEE ALDRICH September 4, 1950 September 15, 1966 While attending Gavit, Dave participated in vari- ous athletics and organizations. He was on the baseball and wrestling teams, served the Scroll as a sports reporter, was past vice president of the Latin Club, and took part in the Audio-Visual Club. He was also a past president of the Metho- dist Youth Federation. 139 iSopUcmore rea ury ' Expand $ 3000 Theme for Sophomore homecoming float was “Catch Us if You Can.” The float was constructed with two football players in a forward position on a field of green. Purple and white goal posts set off the effect, and a hidden phonograph played “Catch Us if You Can.” Enthusiastic Sophomores invaded the cafeteria to push the second major candy drive of the year. Stu- dents pursued an all-out effort to raise money for class projects. As a result, three thousand dollars was collected for use in future prom plans. Officers for the ’69 class were president, Cindy Hines; vice-president, Neena Natkin; treasurer, Judy Grovich; secretary, Janet Murfin; sergeant-at-arms, Cindy Bauer; and representatives, Diane Baker, Jan- et Perry and Linda Callahan. Novel ideas initiated “Bermuda Fling” a dance at which students were allowed to wear bermuda shorts. Sponsors, Mr. Frank Gradisher and Miss Mary Sabol checked credit for students who ordered class rings. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS — Front row: Mr. F. Gradisher (sponsor), C. Hines (president), N. Natkin (vice president). Miss M. Sabol (sponsor). Second row : L. Callahan (representative), J. Perry (representative), J. Murfin (secretary). Back row: D. Baker (representative), J. Grovich (treas- Alexanderson, Marcia Amenta, Karen Anderson, Connie Anderson, Craig Babic, Candy Baccino, Laura Bacon, Earl Bacon, Virginia Baker, Diane Baker, Ron Balzer, Chester Balzer, Richard Banks, Don Barnes, Richard Barnhart, Nancy Barrett, Chris Bartowski, Diane Bauer, Cindy Belford, Stanley Bellamy, Doris Benda, Elizabeth Bennette, Janice Benson, Rogger Bergstrom, Larry Berk, llene Berk, Jay Bewley, Tom Biancardi, Linda Blaemire, Mike Bodnar, Julie Bodnar, Mary Boettcher, Peggy Bonnell, Deborah Brower, Judy Brown, Kathy 140 urer), C. Bauer (sgt.-at-arms). Bryke, Kathy Burnette, Hal Burress, Karen Byrd, Marilyn Cain, Sally Callahan, Lynda Camp, Susette Cantrell, Ann Carter, Eddie Catterton, Diler Chikos, Christine Clark, Mike Clary, Susan Caudill, Galania Coberg, Carol Colantonio, Nancy Core, Janet Cosgrove, Timothy Cowan, Lynne Coyle, Linda Craig, Jeffrey Cross, Debbie Cubit, Michelle Czuba, Jeff Dock, Leonard Dacus, Avery Danner, Charles Daughtery, Sue Davis, Dan Dawson, Romana Debok, Robery Demkovich, Kathy Detterline, Ron Dezamko, Debra Diehl, Ramona Dillon, Mary Beth Dittrich, Linda Doerner, Linda Dolatowski, Janice Driscoll, Francis Duncan, Brenda Dutz, David Dycus, Kay Early, Kathleen Eder, Jim Eldrige, Bob Ellis, Carla Ericksen, Cynthia Esgate, Patricia Fandrie, Randy Farrenkopf, Mike Farris, Cindy Feher, Alex Fentress, Diane Ference, Tom Ferguson, David Ferguson, Judy Ferguson, Patrick Fletcher, Tim Fogarty, Robert Ford, Elizabeth Fornari, Joyce Fortenbury, Al Foster, Dan Foster, Debbie Foster, Earl Foster, Kim Frazier, Starra s Oplf omoreA Friedrich, Diana Fritz, Sharon Frye, Kenneth Fuqua, Sheila Gaffney, Mike Gaisser, Karl Gajdik, Laura Gall, Frances Gholson, Mark Gibson, James Gilchrist, Robert Gillian, Anthony Gillim, Don Goble, Dennis Goins, Ken Gombus, Micky Goodpaster, Brenda Grace, Connie Graegan, Terry Grandfield, Anita Griffin, Bob Grovich, Judy Grunnet, Don Hafner, Rick Hamill, Liz Hamilton, Nancy Hanna, Ardis Hanson, Bill Harris, Carolyn Hartman, Gail Hayne, Bruce Hayward, Doug Hester, Debbie Hester, May Jo Hines, Jim Hodges, Kon Hoffman, Dale Hoffman, Sally Holder, Barbara Homcho, Ray Homrich, Mark Howat, Chip Hulpa, Diane Hynes, Cindy Jacobs, Linda Janik, Kathryn Jantz, Debra Jarnecke, Karen Johnson, Lance Karlen, Dale Keehn, Donna Kenar, Patricia Kenny, Bob Kessey, Craig Kindle, William Kinsella, Susan Kirkland, Sally Kish, Susan Klacik, Darlene Knestrict, Rose Knish, Richard Knutson, Linn Kochopolis, Beatrice Koepp, Linda Kominiak, Joan Kopaz, Debra Kries, James Kuhn, Tom Kush, Beverly Labus, Steven 142 A TYPICAL SOPHOMORE Glad gulps an average of 4 cartons of milk, 3 sandwiches and at least 2 ice cream bars in 45 minutes. Lageneau, Cathy tail, David Laws, Steven Leeney, Barbara Leight, Cheryle Leslie, John Lessig, Sharon Levin, Susan Lewin, Alfred Lindauer, Tom Likens, Benita Linneuer, Tom Lipsig, Laurie Litton, Carol Littrell, Diane Locke, Barbara Lohse, Mark Loktu, Christine Lubotina, Gary Lucas, Jim Lutz, Rita Manigrasso, Elaine Marinero, Tony Marlowe, David Maslied, Kathryn Mason, Terry McCorkle, Chuck McCrum, Howard McCutcheon, Keary McGaha, Jerry McKay, James McLaughlin, Kay McVicker, Gary Merrick, Michael Milan, Millana 143 sSopUomoreA Miller, Sara Miller, Sherry Milne, Mary Milo, Marcia Mincheske, Greg Miotke, Chris Miotke, Richard Mirabelli, Mary Monzulla, Sam Moore, Douglas Morales, Martin Morariu, Janis Moser, Joanna Moss, Rita Muir, Rosemary Murfin, Janet Murphy, Pat Mysling, Ronald Myszak, Charles Naftzger, Barbara Natkin, Neena Nauta, Andrew Norris, Ronald Novotney, James Obrunovich, Joseph Odom, Arnold Ortega, Michael Ortega, Thomas Ovaret, Eugene Pace, Teresa Painter, Carol Palazzolo, Virginia Parker, Cynthia Pause, Sandy Pearson, Margaret Pederson, John Perry, Janet Peterson, Cheryl Peterson, Tom Petro, Janis Petrovich, Michael Phillips, Bill Pierce, Paul Posey, Jim Powers, Jerry Prasco, Cynthia Probus, Edward Proctor, Deborah Putscher, Nancy Racich, Gregory Reed, Anita Rindoks, Roland Robinson, Sandra Rolfe, James Rominger, Donna Ronjak, Gary Rubin, Amy Sadler, Linda Sanders, John Satanovitz, Al Schwertfeger, Barb Scott, Gary Scott, Marcil Shanley, Pat Shreve, Pat Shultman, Jim Shutko, Bob Shutko, Mike Siecker, Cathy Siti, Joe 144 Skafish, Donna Slacian, David Smith, Elizabeth Smith, James Smith, Lee Smith, Nancy Smith, Ray Smith, Terri Speelman, Dan Steinbach, Paul Spiders, Lynda Stephan, Tim Stepancevich, Stanley Stivers, Robert Stojkovich, Mike Stoughton, Bernard Sudicky, Pat Sullivan, George Tabinske, Donna Thomas, Jim Thompson, Candace Thompson, Carol Thorpe, Bill Thrall, Linda Thrush, Helen Toomey, Patti Toth, Gregory Treece, Deborah Turbyfill, Ed Twaddle, Clifton Vance, Linda Vandersteen, Joy Van Gorp, Rachel Von Almen, Gary Vrebas, Mary Webb, Allen Webb, Bill Wehmer, Pamela Weiss, Steve Welbes, Williams Weliky, Philip Werth, Cheryl White, Michael Wiening, Timothy Wiersbe, Dean Wilkenson, Susan Williams, Barbara Wilson, Deborah Wilson, Donald Wituski, Sally Wojciechowske, Wanda Wolf, Charles Wotkun, Catherine Yandell, Linda Yaney, Janice Yauch, Paul Zack, Samuel Zuffa, Linda 145 ( ancly died " C ytablidked redlwnen und Allegro, Geraldine Allred, Merri Angelich, Michael Antolski, Helen Arthur, Barbara Bain, John Balder, Jerry Ballard, Mark Banks, Robert Banner, Deborah Baranowski, Jane Baut, Jackie Beck, Charles Bell, Brain Bell, Jenette Beno, Deborah Benson, Keith Berger, William Berry, Randall Bibsak, Raymond Bielat, Ann Black, Kevin Blosky, Gayle Bonneau, Michelle Borchardt, Robert Bossinger, Barbara Bradley, Donna Braun, Garry Brehmer, Robert Britt, James Brown, Candace Brown, Dale Brown, David Brown, Eugene Buckler, Diane 146 Selling candy bars in the fall and sweat shirts in the spring kept Freshmen on the go. A television set was the prize for a raffle participated in by candy salesmen. Gift certificates were given to other high salesmen. The Freshmen piggy bank rapidly filled. The Class of ’70 grew to 3,000 dollars in the bank, which is more than any other Freshmen class has ever had. Freshmen gained voting know-how by using voting machines in class elections. Dee Oswalt was elected president; vice president, Lenore Kaminski; secretary, Lynn Sandor; treasurer, Linda Gluth; and Sergent-at- Arms, Ron Kohut. The three representatives were Cathy Whitney, Sid Smith, and Barb Bosinger. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS — Seated: D. Oswalt (president),. L, Kaminski (vice president), L. Sandor (secretary), L. Gluth (treasurer). Standing; R. Kohut (sergent-at-arms), S. Smith, Cathy Whitney, B. Bossinger (representatives). Budreau, David Bunde, Elizabeth Burdeau, Shirley Burfield, Jim Camped, Diane Campbell, Gail Cargal, John Carrone, JoAnn Carrara, Linda Casper, Deborah Charters, Crystal Chervan, Denise Chervan, Janise Collen, Clark Clement, Gail Cowan, Susan Craft, Debroah Cunnings, Doug Daniels, James Daniels, Steve Davey, Nancy Davis, Jeffery DeArmond, Jeff DeBoer, Jack DeChon, Pat De Groot, Marilyn Dettmer, Carol DeVore, Mike Doss, Don Douville, Maureen Duffala, Jim Dunn, Randy Dupree, Colleen Dutro, Rhonda Dwars, Sue Eagan, Steve Earl, Jim Eberle, Linda Eddlemon, Tony Elliot, Linda Elliot, Lisa Emerson, Richard Emig, Brett Erb, Debbie Etnire, Fred Evans, Joyce Fannin, Debra Farmer, Karen Farn, Mike Farris, Larry Federoff, John Fezi, Jerry Fields, Doug Fletcher, Cindy Flippo, Janis Foor, Greg Foster, Rosemary Frankovich, Terry Fraver, Don Frye, Debbie Gamez, Frank Gargano, Mike Geis, Teresa Gerdich, Vaune Gillian, Carrie Glenn, Geraldine Glenn, Mary Gluth, Linda Goldner, Pat Gorden, Denise 147 Gorman, Mike Graves, Jennifer Grcevich, Claudia Grillion, Chris Habben, Dave Hajducko, Joe Haley, Bonnie Hammersley, Cindy Hanlin, Becky Hanning, Ed Hansen, Robert Harrison, Randy Haugnee, Mike Hayne, Reed Hedrick, Kathleen Hertz4eldt, Cheryl Hilbrick, Ron Hill, Larry Hill, Randi Hluska, Kathy Hochman, Joel Hoolehan, Tom Horvath, Mark Houck, Judy Housley, Tom Huneryager, David Isaacs, Nora Jack, Shirley Jencopale, Colette Johnson, Lowell Jones, Alice Jones, Jesse Juergens, Connie Kaminski, Lenore Kanzawa, Linda Kavois, Steve Keller, Dale King, Melinda Kingery, Sandra Klapkowski, Julie Klen, Phil Klobuchar, Bill Klobuchar, Diane Knoblett, Billy Knoerzer, David Kohut, Ron Korba, Pauline Kosiba, Larry Koslowski, Sharon Kruta, Rebecca Kucharski, Becky Kucsera, Gerald Kucsera, Mike Labus, Tom Laciak, Mary Beth Lacko, Raymond Ladowicz, John Lain, Pat Lakin, Kevin Landfold, Robin Laws, Gloria Lax, Nancy Lecyk, Mike Lewin, Rosemarie Lewis, Ivan Long, Garry Lucas, Debbie Lynch, Richard Madison, Chris Maicher, Denise 148 Malloy, Edward Mann, Douglas Mansuetto, Dan Manus, Richard Marinaro, Peggy Marks, Sally Marshall, Larry Matusik, Tof McCahon, Tom McCutchen, Douglas McGhee, Debbie McLaughlin, Barbara McNab, Janet Means, Sally Medwetz, Debbie Merritt, Thomas Michailson, Sharon Miller, Bruce Miller, Diane Minton, Sam Mizerik, Patricia Moland, Gary Morelli, David Morrow, Jan Muhr, Bonnie Muir, Craig Mullins, Michael Muntiu, Donna Nallinger, Michael Nelson, Dave Nelson, Karen Nickoloff, Nancy Nightingale, Everett Noojin, Brenda Oram, Bruce SUPPORTING FRESHMAN CLASS financial project, Principal Lewis F. Witham and spouse purchase a chocolate-almond bar from class president. Dee Oswalt. 149 J-re Umen Orlando, Sue Ortman, Ron Oswalt, Dee Otto, Richard Ordway, Roger Ovaert, Albert Overland, Bob Palkovich, Debbie Palubin, Dan Parker, James Parken Judy Pasko, Margo Pause, Linda Pearson, Shirley Penciak, Steve Pendrick, Sally Pennington, Sharon Perry, Phil Petree, Roberta Petro, Donna Petrukitas, Sue Pettit, Chuck Phillips, Cathy Phillips, June Pietrzak, Henry Pi-nkerton, Gaylan Plunkett, Joanne Posey, Pat Powell, Jean Premuda, Cathy Premuda, Mary Jo Press, Patti Price, Margie Pollard, John Qualye, Robert Quillin, Crystal Raksanyi, Christine Redlarezyk, Paul Redman, Karen Reed, Barbara Robbins, Gerald Rogala, Judith Rominger, Mike Rosales, Scott Rosenau, Van Allen Royal, Ann Ruble, Joe Ryan, Peggy Ryder, Sharon Saboff, Mark Salczynski, Donald Saltonvitz, Diana Sanders, Judith Sanders, Sandra Sandors, Lynn Schaade, Paul Schleefe, Susan Schneider, Robert Scott, Andrew Server, Janice Seward, James Sexton, Gary Shabley, Thomas Sherbit, Brenda Shike, David Siecker, Scott Sills, Keith Skinner, JoAnn Skratsky, Cindy Slayton, Roger 150 Smith, Carole Smith, Lee Smith, Sidney Snyder, James Snyder, Randy Speelman, Billie Spitale, Ron Spowart, Richard Squarcy, Carol Stephens, David Stephens, Jill Stephens, Joseph Stetson, Dan Stevenson, Steven Stigall, Rebecca Stookey, Robert Stordeur, Sue Ann Stover, Steven Stringham Laura Sudac, Jo-Ellen Sullivan, Sandra Sutherland, Sandra Swanson, David Sweeny, Patrick Sweet, Ellen Szaller, William Taylor, Carol Terry, Dennis Thomas, Gary Thomas, Gayle Thomas, Marilyn Thompson, Penny Thorton, Dan Thrasher, Jimmy Tierney, Marlene Tolin, Michele Towns, Jim Trotman, Keith Tsoiakos, John Uriadko, Marie Vaughn, Janee Vauter, George Vaznonis, Ken Venable, Eugene Vestal, Thomas Waite, Pat Walker, Brenda Walker, Debbie Walker, Patty Jo Walsh, Mike Wantroba, Janine Warziniak, Joe Wells, Steve Wendell, Jim Wendlinger, MaryanH Werth, Wade Westberg, Robert Wharton, Sandra Whitney, Cathie White, Doug Williams, Susan Wilson, Jim Wilson, Ron Winkler, Dan Winkley, Jack Wotkun, Richard Wright, Linda Zaikas, Merry Zajicek, Kerry Zilai, Linda 151 Z)n6ervice draining rocjrcim6 initiated The 1966-1967 school yea r opened with a total of 2,157 students and a teaching staff of 114. The first all school projects of the year were Home- coming and Back-to-school Night. In March teachers, parents, and students participated in the seventh annual pancake breakfast. Five times throughout the year faculty members met with other teachers in the city for inservice training programs. Improvement of instruction was topic for departmental discussions. Gavit’s curriculum was expanded with the addition of five new courses, Expository Composition, Stage- craft, Social Problems, Russian and Art History. Dr. Oliver P. Rapp — Superintendent of Hammond public schools. SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS — Sitting: Mrs. Claire Stern, Mr. Charles Scott, Dr. Henry Eggers. Standing: Mr. Ralph Potesta and Mr. Edward Hudson. 152 ADMINISTRATORS, Lewis F. Witham (Principal) and William Sipple (Assistant Principal) discuss curricular activities. MISS BEVERLY ANDERSON— Mathematics; B.A.-Cor- nell College. MISS JUDY BAKER — Business,- Chairman of Business Department; B.S. -Indiana State University; M.S. -Indi- ana State University. MR. DONALD BALK — Instrumental Music; B.M.E.- Bemidji State College. MR. NORMAN BANAS — Industrial Arts; Varsity Bas- ketball and Baseball Coach; B.A. -Purdue University; M. A. -Indiana State University. MR. LAWRENCE BEWLEY— Social Studies,- Sponsor of Campus Police; Co-sponsor of Class of ' 68. MISS CHERYL BOTHWELL — Language Arts,- B.S. -Indi- ana University. MR. RICHARD BOTTORFF— Social Studies,- B.S. -Ball State University. MR. ERWIN BRAUER — Industrial Arts,- Sponsor of Wood Club; B.S. -Illinois State University; M.S. -Brad ley University. MISS LOIS BRONNERT — Speech and Hearing Thera- py; B.S. -Indiana State University; M.S. -Indiana State University. COUNSELORS include Miss Betty lundahl, Mr. Donald McLean, Miss Judy Pflum, Mr. Homer Merideth (Head Counselor), Mr. John Guiden, and Miss Joanne Armintrout. MISS JACQUELENE BRUNO — Physical Education; Sponsor of High School Cheerleaders; Co-sponsor of G.A.A. MR. PAUL BRUSH — Science; Varsity Football Line Coach; Reserve Baseball Coach; B.S. -Illinois State University; M.S. -Indiana University. MISS HELEN BUNKER — Social Studies; B.S. -Drake University. MR. THOMAS CHINTIS — Social Studies; Football and Basketball Assistant Coach; B.S. -University of San Francisco. MR. THOMAS CLARK — Vocal Music and Theory; Sponsor of Rhythmettes, Rhythmaires, and Choraleers; Chairman of Fine Arts Department; B.A.-St. Procopius College; B.MUS. -American Conservatory of Music; M. A. -Indiana University. MR. RICHARD CLAUSEN — Industrial Arts; Sponsor of Graphic Arts Club; Chairman of Industrial Arts De- partment; B.S. -Indiana State University; M.S. -Indiana State University. MISS DIANE CLINTON — Social Studies,- Co-sponsor of Class of 68; Chairman of Social Studies De- partment; B. A. -Houghton College; M. Ed. -University of Buffalo. MRS. MARY CONCIALDI — Language Arts; B.S.-South- east Missouri State College; M.S. -Indiana University. MR. EUGENE CONNOR — Social Studies; B.A.-Purdue University. 154 MRS. IRENE DAUGHERTY — Industrial Arts; A.B.E.-Art Institute of Chicago; A. B.E. -University of Chicago; M. A. -Illinois Institute School of Design. MRS. ETHYL DREDGE — English; B.S.-DePaul Univer- sity; M.A.-DePaul University. MR. CARY ECKART — English; Co-ordinator of Public Information for Hammond Schools; B.S. -Indiana University. MR. JOHN FAN — Mathematics; B.S. -University of Il- linois; Ed.M. -University of Illinois. MISS CARYLE FEDDELER — Social Studies; Physical Education; B.S. -Northern Illinois University; M.S.- Northern Illinois University. MRS. SHARON FE ENEY— English; B.A.-University of Michigan. MR. JOSEPH FLORES — Spanish; Junior High Football Coach; Freshman, Reserves Wrestling Coach; Co- Sponsor of Junior High Spanish Club; A. B. -Indiana State University. MRS. SHIRLEY FRANEY — Language Arts; B. A. -State University of Iowa. MR. EARL FREUHLING — Business; Varsity Cross-Coun- try Coach; B.S. -Valparaiso University. MISS MARIA CRACIUM— English; B.A.-St. Joseph ' s College. MR. JOHN CRIPE — Individualized Instruction; B.S.- Indiana State University; M.S. -Indiana State Univer- sity. MR. JOSE CRUZ-ALVAREZ — Spanish; Co-sponsor of High School Spanish Club; B. A. -Indiana State Uni- versity; M.S. -Indiana State University; L.L.D. -Havana University. MR. RONALD DAVIS — Mathematics; Sponsor of Jun- ior High Student Council; B.S. -Illinois Wesleyan University. MR. DAVID DEBES — Instrumental Music; Sponsor of Band Club; B.M. Ed. -Indiana University. MR. MARSHALL DEL GRECO— Mathematics; Co-spon- sor of Math Club; Chairman of Mathematics De- partment; B.S. -Indiana University of Pennsylvania; M. A. -Purdue University. 155 MISS LOUISE GERICHS— Visual Handicapped; B.S.- Columbia University; M.S. -Indiana University. MR. JAMES GIBSON — Mathematics; Co-sponsor of Conservation Club; B.S. -Southern Illinois University; M.S. -Southern Illinois University. MR. REGINALD GILBERTSEN— Art; B.S.-University of Minnesota; M. Ed. -University of Minnesota. MISS ELIZABETH % GLICK— Vocal Music; Junior High Girls’ Glee Club; B. A. -Goshen College; B.S. -Goshen College; M.A.T.-Indiana University. MISS VALERIE GOLUCH— English; Sponsor of Y- Teens; Co-sponsor of Class of ’70; B. A. -Purdue Uni- versity. MR. GERARDO GONZALEZ — Spanish; Co-sponsor of Junior High Spanish Club; B. A. -Indiana State Uni- versity; M.S. -Indiana State University; L.L.D. -Havana University. MR. JOSEPH GOODNIGHT— Social Studies; Varsity Golf Coach; Basketball Score-keeper; Co-sponsor of Class of ‘67; B.S. -Indiana State University. MR. FRANK GRADISHER — Mathematics; Co-sponsor of Junior Honor Society; Co-sponsor of Conservation Club; Co-sponsor of Class of ' 69; B.S. -Illinois State University. MR. TOM GREGOR — Industrial Arts; B.S. -Purdue University. MR. JACK HAJDU — English; B. A. -Indiana University. MRS. PATTY HARRIS — Language Arts; Co-sponsor of Junior High Nationgl Honor Society; B.S. -Indiana University. MISS KATHERINE HARROLD— Social Studies; B.A.- College of St. Ter,esa ; M. A. -Catholic University of America. MR. DOUGLAS HENDRICKSON— Science; B.P.E.-Pur- due University. MRS. MARY LOU HOYT — German; Sponsor of Drill Team; Co-sponsor of German Club; A. B. -Indiana State University. MR. MARTIN HUNT — German; Co-sponsor of Ger- man Club; Chairman of Foreign Language Depart- ment; A. B. -Evansville College; M.S. -Indiana Uni- versity. 156 157 MR. ROBERT JACKSON — Matl ematics; Junior High Basketball Coach; High School Track Coach; B.S.- Ball State University. MR. MARTIN JAMROSE — Science; B.S. -Indiana State University; M.S. -Indiana State University. MR. JOHN JEFFERIES — Science; B.S. -Indiana Uni- versity. MR. ROBERT JOHNS — Mathematics; B.S. -Upper Iowa University. MR. GARY KALLAUS — English; Co-sponsor of Senior National Honor Society; B. A. -Purdue University. MISS FRANCES KASPEREK — Science; Sponsor of Chess Club; Co-sponsor of Spanish Club; B.S. -Indiana University; M. A. -University of Michigan. ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF includes Mr. Gene Swaim, Dean of Students, and Miss Betty Lundahl, Dean of Girls and Director of Student Activities. They oversee the activities of the student body. MISS DANETTE KELEMAN— French; Co-sponsor of French Club; B. A. -Indiana University. MISS MARGARET KELLY — Physical Education; Spon- sor of Junior High Cheerleaders; Co-sponsor of G.A.A.; B.S. -Purdue University; M.$. -Purdue Uni- versity. MR. MICHAEL KOBE — Science; Co-sponsor of Con- servation Club; Co-sponsor of Class of 70; Chairman of Science Department; B.S. -Purdue University; M.S.- Ball State University. MR. DONALD KOPENEC — Language Arts; Sponsor of Pep Club; B. A. -Quincy College. MISS JUDY LAMBERT — English; B. A. -Mundelein Col- lege. MRS. HELEN LOSH — Home Economics; B.A.-Ohio State University; B.S. -Ohio State University. MR. DONALD LUCCHI — Business; B.S. -Indiana State University. MR. KELLY MAHMET — English; Science; B.S. -Indiana University. MR. LEE MANN — Mathematics; Co-sponsor of Math Club; B.S. -Purdue University; M. A. T. -Purdue Uni- versity. MR. CLAYTON MARQUART — Social Studies; B.S.- Wisconsin State University. MR. WALTER McCOY — Business; Sponsor of Typing Club; B.S. -Indiana State University; M.S. -Indiana University. MISS JACQUELINE McFALL — English; Sponsor of Pep Club; B.A.-St. Joseph ' s College. MISS MARY JO McMORROW — Home Economics; Chairman of Home Economics Department; B.S.- Marshall University; M.S. -Indiana State University. MRS. BELVA MEIRING — Assistant Librarian; A. B. -In- diana University; M. A. -Indiana University. MR. STEVEN MEIRING — Science; Co-sponsor of Sci- ence Club; B.S. -Indiana University; M.A.T. -Indiana University. 158 SECRETARIAL STAFF Includes Miss Dolores Chase (Head Secretary), Mrs. Doris Middleton (Guidance), Mrs. Ozell Bowers (Bookkeeper), Mrs. Ruth Eichelburger (Attendance). MISS BARBARA MILLER — Vocal Music; Boys ' Glee Club; B.S. -Indiana State University; M.S. -Indiana State Univeisity. MR. KENNETH MILLER — Latin; Sponsor of Latin Club; B.S. -Illinois State University; M. A. -State Uni- versity of Iowa. MRS. JEANNE MOLL — English; A. B. -Indiana Uni- versity. MR. JOHN MOLNAR — Industrial Arts; Mathematics; B.S. -Purdue University; M.S. -Indiana State University. MR. HAROLD MORRIS — Drama; Sponsor of Junior High Drama Club; Sponsor of Senior High Drama Club; Sponsor of Thespians,- B. A. -Elmhurst College. MISS ESSIE MOTT — Business,- B. A. -Tennessee A. I. University; A. M. -Columbia University. MRS. GERALDINE MULLINS— Business; Sponsor of Steno Club; B.S. -Northern Illinois University. MR. JOHN MURI — English; Chairman of English De- partment; Ph.B. -University of Chicago; M.S. -Indiana University. MRS. OLGA O ' TOOLE — Business,- Manager of Book- store; B.S. -St. Joseph ' s College. 159 MRS. ANGELA PENNY — English; Sponsor of Student Council, Student Court and Monitors; B. A. -Indiana University; M.S. -Indiana University. MR. DONALD POLAND — Science; Co-sponsor of Science Club; Freshman Football Coach; Junior High Track Coach; B.S. -Indiana University. MRS. PHYLLIS PRATER — Mathematics; Sponsor of Red Cross; B. A. -University of Kentucky. MRS. BARBARA PRESLIN — Language Arts; B.A.-St. Joseph’s College. MRS. ELEANOR RAINEY — French; English; Mathe- matics; Co-sponsor of French Club; B. A. -Indiana University; Degre Superieur-Sorbonne (University of Paris, France). MR. IUCIAN REED — Language Arts; English; B.A.- Florida Southern College; M.S.W.-Ohio State Uni- versity. MRS. LENORA ROBERTS — Mathematics; Sponsor of Junior Red Cross; Co-sponsor of Junior Great Books; B.S. -Butler University. MISS JEAN ROSENWINKEL— Head Librarian; B.S.- Indiana University; M.S. -Indiana University. MR. GERALD ROUSE — Social Studies; B.S. -Indiana University. MISS MARY ANN SABOL — Russian; German; Sponsor of German Club; Co-sponsor of Class of ' 69; B.A.- Purdue University. MRS. LORETTA SCHNEIDER— Home Economics; B.S.- Southern Illinois University; M.S.-Indiana University. MRS. BEULAH SECKINGER— Art and Art History; B.A.-Art Institute of Chicago; M.A.E.-Art Institute of Chicago. MRS. MARSHA SEVALD — Spanish; Co-sponsor of Spanish Club; B. A. -Indiana University. MR. JOHN SHIELDS — Business; Physical Education; Freshman Basketball Coach; B.S. -Ball State Univer- sity; M. A. -Ball State University. MR. JAMES SHILLING — Social Studies; Freshman Football Coach; B. A. -Wisconsin State University. 160 MR. GEORGE SMITH — Science; Physical Education; Varsity Wrestling Coach; B.S. -Ball State University; M. A. -Ball State University. MISS CAROL ANN SOCKS — Journalism; Advisor of FUTURA, SCROLL, GERM, News Bureau; Sponsor of Quill Scroll; Sponsor of English Club; B.S. -Indiana State University. MRS. MARILYN SPENCER — Nurse; Sponsor of Future Nurses Club; B.S. -Evansville College. MR. JORDAN STANCIL — Art; B.F.A.-Art Institute of Chicago. MR. DELBERT STEVENS — Mathematics; Sponsor of Philatelic Club; B. A. -Valparaiso University; B.S. -Pur- due University; M. A. -Purdue University. MR. JOHN SWANSON — Social Studies; B.S. -Colorado State University; M.A.-Stanford University. DISCUSSING the problems of Gavit homebound students are Mr. Frank Gradisher and Mr. Charles Daun, a special education adviser. 161 CAFETERIA STAFF includes E. Harris, H. Apps, L. Alexanderson, M. Hoff- man, W. Bellamy, F. Swiontek, D. Wendell, M. Farmer, M. Klein, M. Carter, L. Koerner, B. Bundy, E. Easton, A. Johnston, and L. Weldon. MR. DAVID THEIS — Science; Freshman Assistant Football Coach; B-S. -Indiana University. MR. EARL THOMPSON — Science; Sponsor of Letter- men ' s Club; Track Coach; Athletics Director; B.S.- University of Illinois. MR. ROLAND UNKURI — English; Sponsor of Speech Club; Sponsor of Forensics Club; B.S. -Indiana Uni- versity; M.S. -Indiana University. MISS BARBARA URBANSKI — Visual Handicapped; B.S. -Illinois State University. MR. WAYNE WAGNER — Physical Education; Foot- ball, Basketball, Track Coach; B.S. -Ball State Uni- versity,- M. A. -Ball State University. MRS. GERLDINE WEILAND — Home Economics; B.S.- Purdue University. MR. RONNIE WHITCOMBE — Social Studies; B.A.-ln- diana State University; M.A. -Indiana State Uni- versity. MR. FRANK WHITESIDE— English; Debate Coach; B.A. -Lombard College; M.A. -University of Arizona. MISS LOUISE WILLIAMS — Social Studies; B.S. -South- east Missouri State College. 162 MR. RICHARD WILLIS — Mathematics; Sponsor of Jun- ior High Drama Club; B.S.-St. Joseph ' s College. MR. LARRY WRAY — English; Co-sponsor of Senior National Honor Society; B. A. -Ball State University. MR. KENNETH WYSOCKI— Mathematics; Co-sponsor of Junior High Student Council; B.S. -Purdue Uni- versity. MR. NORMAN YOUNG — Individualized Instruction; Sponsor of Future Teachers ' Association; B.S. -Indiana State University. MR. HARVEY ZAUN — Social Studies; Audio Visual Communications; Junior High Audio Visual Club; B.S. -Wisconsin State University; M.S. -Indiana Uni- versity. AMID PANDEMONIUM Mr. Donald Poland and Mr. Davis Debes flip flap- jacks during annual Pancake Breakfast. 163 :r fT[iclclle iSckooL Bewilderment . . . newness . . . learning . . . toward assurance. DURING EIGHTH grade awards ceremony, Joan Gillian receives certif- LINING UP for graduation ceremonies, Tony Eddleman, Steve Eagan icate f.rom Denise Chervin. and Sue Dwars quietly await entrance. JUNIOR HIGH Red Cross performs Dickens’ “Christmas Carol " for pro- gram at all city council meeting. 166 4 TI liclclle sScUoolerA ‘ emonAtrate j acler ltip STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS — Front row : Divetta Holston, Joan Hender- shot. Back row; Ike Monzulla, Dean Steinkraus. Newly oriented middle schoolers took a giant step forward while attending Gavit. Often bewildered, seventh graders found new class schedules and activi- ties confusing and unfamiliar. As the year progressed they found opportunity to expand their interests through academically aimed courses and clubs. Middle school student council, under the sponsor- ship of Mr. Donald McLean, worked jointly with high school student council in governing the student body. Rounding out the year’s activities were the Hon- ors Assembly and graduation. Outstanding seventh and eighth graders received recognition from both peer group and faculty. MESSY LOCKER poses housekeeping chore for able bodied seventh grader Dennis Brightwell. 167 € tra c ctivitieo ncouracfe participation National Junior Honor Society’s Awards Assembly was on May 20, 1966. Members of the NJHS pre- sented certificates to outstanding students. Scott Howatt received the Perserverance Award. Outstand- ing seventh and eighth grade students were Chris Doloszyicke and Lynn Sandor. Mr. Lewis F. Witham and Mr. William Sipple presented diplomas to graduates at Commencement. Valedictorian was Anne Royal and Jan Morrow was Salutatorian. American Legion Awards were pre- sented to Anne Royal and Ronnie Kohut. Middle school journalists, under the advisorship of Miss Carol Ann Socks, improved the Germ, using photographs and new type. The special spring issue contained eight pages. Editor Marilee Benson wrote noteworthy editorials to complete the issues. Latin and Spanish Clubs sought to increase in- terests in the two languages by various activities. Included in Latin Club activities were Latin bingo, crossword puzzles, and a spring picnic. Spanish Club studied the culture of Spain and had a Spanish party in November. JUNIOR SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS — Front row; R. Karonovich, J. Wargo. Back row: J. Bartnik, B. Onia. GERM STAFF — Front row: K. Pursel, page three editor; V. Wolters, car- toonist; M. Benson, editor-in-chief; B. Sutton, assistent editor; D. Lax, columnist. Back row: D. Popa, page four editor; T. Murday, assistent sports editor; A. Huff, page two editor; D. Pratt, columnist; D. Ginalski, exchange editor. JUNIOR LATIN CLUB — Front row: M. Shafer, D. Colbert, Mr. K. Miller, N. Newcomb. Back row: M. Venturini, L. Borgman, J. Killian, R. Mitchell. JUNIOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY— Front row : Mr. F. Gradisher, C. Taslokos, J. Raksanyi, L. Borgman, D. Steinkraus, J. Skorupa, M. Ven- turni, W. Kucharski, K. Gorman. Second row : L. Walsh, D. Houldson, H. Kolik, R. Levin, C. Kanuik, B. Brown, J. Killian, R. Henry. Back row : R Mitchell, D. Fadden, M. Lannin, C. Kolosszcki, P. Pappos, L. Taylor, R. Kondall, M. Benson, B. Lach. 169 WITH SWITCH ond smiting words. Aunt Polly (Pat Pappas) scolds Tom (Ike Monzulla) for carelessly breaking her sugar bowl. SHINING SUNFLOWERS Gail Marcher, Debbie Bradley and Beth Potter, blos- som into colorful dance in choral department operatta " Tom Sawyer " . WITH A HEARTY PUFF, Mark Kapusta enjoys a round of the Polish polka. rTluaical ez bilitiee and Valenti Dia played March 17 the Middle school presented the operetta, Tom Sawyer. Miss Barbara Miller and Miss Elizabeth Glick, aided by student director Michele Koval, pro- duced the play. Mr. Harrold Morris directed the lighting, make-up and stage crew. The title role was portrayed by Ike Monzulla with Verniece Kearschner as Becky Thatcher, Tom’s child- hood love interest. Richard Cantrell co-stared as Huck Finn, a fellow sufferer. Costumes were provided by Cathy Stahl. Sue Stanton coached the dancing. Middle school band joined the high school to present concerts. The Cadet Band along with the High School Concert Band presented a Christmas program complete with costumes. Cadet Band competed in the District Contest at Highland H.S. in February and in another competition in Crown Point in March. In both, the Cadet Band and Cadet Orchestra received a second place rating. Kucharski. Third row: J. Pollard, T. Rokosz, D. Shoop, J. Gyure, L. Gadjik, A. Pappas, D. Kucharski, R. Cook, D. Terry, D. Beloshapka, S. Decresendo, B. Schultz, D, Shike, D. Foster. Back row: Directors Mr. D. Balk, Mr. D. Debes; R. Berry, K. Hayes, B. Borchardt, B. Holtz, R. Moss, M. Kapusta. WILLING TO TRADE their prized possessions, Tom ' s buddies submit to his scheming methods, and are persuaded to whitewash the fence. CADET BAND — Front row: J. Huneagar, J. Barton, K. Gorman, L. Rak- sanyi, M. Simon, C. Farmer, R. Henry, P. McDonald, M. Darkavich, R. Levin. Second row: P. Winski, K. Orze, M. Twaddle, S. Czech, M. Bectel, B. Dyeus, D. Kalman, R. Natcher, K. Orze, D. Faden, R. Kindle, W. JUNIOR HIGH individualized instruction class takes ad vantage of study-period to prepare assignment. MAKING USE of drill-press, eighth grade metal shop student, Roy Moss drills hole in metal. ART STUDENT, Stan Littrel, intently listens as Mr. Gordon Stancil instructs him on better paint methods. sScitnpU SOCIAL STUDIES teacher, Mr. Ronnie Whit- combe, lectures on colonial life in the United States. 1 Variety cfy LCicfU School Accelorated Science was offered for the first time this year as students deftly disected earthworms and crayfish. French, German, Latin and Spanish were offered to extend middle schoolers knowledge of the world. Boys learned to work with wood, metal, drawing, and electricity in Practical Arts. Girls gained knowl- edge of food, clothing and manners in Home Eco- nomics. Boys and girls were separated for art one day a week and music two days a week. Physical education finished the week for both boys and girls. Middle school students had the same electives as high school students but geared to their age group. Eighth grade students were the only Middle school students permitted to participate in typing. Speech, drama, journalism met two days a week, while band, orchestra and typing met five days a week. USING FLASH cards to demonstrate, Miss Donnette Kelemen helps students to build a French vocabulary. 173 (§ laclicitcr Spirit xempliliecl in Sport6 CHEERLEADERS — J. Wargo, J. Gooch, P. Smith, D. Houldsen. Scoreboard Football Clark 19 6 Lafayette 33 20 Morton l 7 12 Irving 0 26 Edison 0 42 Basketball 7th 8th Opp. GHS Opp. GHS Highland 23 20 Bosco 30 46 O.L.P.H. 44 38 Irving 25 42 16 40 Harding 28 11 40 29 Morton 22 35 13 22 Washington 20 26 26 35 Edison 28 27 28 42 Maywood 19 32 46 27 Columbia 16 35 22 33 MIDDLE SCHOOL FOOTBALL — Front row: Coach Wayne Wagner, Coach Joseph Flores, T. Morales, M. Venturi, R. Lamerton, I. Monzulla, B. Calla- han, J. Pettit, B. Maranto, C. Wilson. Second row : D. Thrall, P. Bergstrom, B. Heine, T. Cannon, M. Hadu, A. Stevens, J. Lansford, L. Gillan. Third row: J. Barton, T. Irk, T. Cameron, E. Harris, D. Muir, L. Lawrence, J. Earl, J. Watson. Back row : W. Schneider, T. Lavody, R. Hatcher, S. Smutko, R. Moss, R. Cook, R. Persic, B. Mitchell, B. Shantz. 174 EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL — Fronl row: L. Lawrence, K. Karlen, B. Heine, Forfenbury, C. Hammers, R. Kindle, S. Smutko, B. Persic, Mr. Wagner. A. Kotso, G. Garrelt, R. Perry. Back row: M. Beck, R. Cook, T. Irk, J. Not pictured: B. Durham, D. Steinkrous, W. Gleason, D. Puglia. SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL — Front row: L. Takas, D. Ford, J. Parsley, Robert Jackson, D. Kalman, C. Barnes, A. Stepnens, L. Kula, D. Johnson, E. Hurd, J. Carpenter, D. O ' Boyle, M. levin, J. Cubit. Back row, Cooch R. lammertin, R. Jencopali, J. Stephens, P. Bergstrom. 175 FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS, a group of eighth grade girls makes Christmas decorations as art teacher Mrs. Beulah Seckinger explains. Adams, Sue Adams, Tim Allen, Shirley Angelo, Gwen Apps, David Archie, Larry Askew, Joyce Baccino, Linda Baker, Bob Baran, Lee Barrett, Jim Bartnik, Judy Barton, Jim Barzycki, John Basile, Bob Beck, Mike Bednar, Debbie Ballantine, Jean Ballard, Mela Beltord, Garry Bell, Wanda Beloshapka, Dave Bennet, Christine Benson, Merilee Bently, Beverly Berndt, Joe Biedeestadt, Mark Blosky, Robin Bolinger, Connie Borgman, Laura Boyer, D ' ebbie Braun, Carol Brown, Bethany 176 Burke, Candice Cameron, Jerry Campbell, Mary Lynn Canada, Chris Canale, Jerri Cantrell, Richard Cantrell, Sharon Carter, Donna Castleberry, Dennis Chandler, Leslie Cheek, Sue Chenault, Debra Colbert, David Collins, David Cook, Rodney Craig, Susan Cummings, Janet Dock, Diana Davis, Janette Decrescenzo, Sam Dickey, James Doleszycki, Chris Doleyns, Tim Dodd, Robert Donaghey, Josephine Dorris, Beverly Drabenstof, Clifford Dragoin, Dan Driscoll, Kathy Dunbar, Debbie Duncan, Ronald Duncan, Sharon Dunn, Sharon Durham, Bruce Earle, Phyllis Edmond, Brinda Edmond, Gary Elkins, James Elliott, Peggy Emerson, Joy Estep, Alice Estep, Carolyn Evans, Lloyd Faden, Daniel Fought, Belinda Ferguson, Richard Fetterhoff, Carol Fielder, George Fisher, Rosie Flores, Alan Ford, Tim Fortenburdy, James Foster, Charlotte Foster, David Frazier, David Fultman, Linda Fuoss, Pamela Fultz, Gregory Gaddy, David Gajda, Patty Gall, James David Garrett, Jay Geheb, Madonna Gelser, Cheryl Genovesi, James Gibbons, Mark Gilliam, Laurence Ginalski, Darlene Gleason, Wendell Gooch, Jerri 177 igUtlx grader Goodpastuer, Donna Gorman, Kevin Grace, Donna Granack, James Hall, Beverly Hammers, Dennis Hammersly, Sharon Hanson, Cheryl Hardin, Carol Harris, Ed Harris, Ray Hatcher, Ronald Haughee, Jon Hayes, Kevin Hays, Bob Heine, Bob Henderson, Joan Henderson, Gary Henry, Bob Hill, Caroleen Hill, Kathleen Hippie, Deborah Hlauaty, Terry Hodge, Anita Hoffman, John Hoffman, Sheryl Holstrom, Mark Holtz, Bill Horton, Denise Hosey, Mike Houk, Pat Houldson, Devida Houser, Kathy Howat, Scott Hudnall, Dorothy Hudall, Ed Huff, Andrea Huneryager, Jo Ellen Hurd, Sharon Johnson, Ike Ingram, Dennis Irks, Terry Janik, Phil Janik, Tom Jarnecke, Craig Jones, Glen Jones, Mike Jones, Roger Kaniuk, Cindy Kapusta, Mark Karlen, Kim Kessey, Candy Killian, Joan Kindle, Roy Kiser, Linda Kitchens, Ruth Kitchens, Terry Knott, Kathy Kochopolas, John Koontz, Karen Kotso, Allen Krukowski, Pete Kucharski, Walter Kulik, Halina Kutscher, Ted Lach, Beth Ladd, Steve Landfald, Jim Lannin, Marsha Laskowski, Marty 178 Lawrence, Lee Lax, David Lax, Debbie Lecyk, Mark Ledbetter, Terry Leicht, Thomas Lessard, Randy Levin, Ruth Lecciardone, Lewis Liming, Diana Litton, Bruce Littreil, Stanley Lo, King Lwing Logsdon, William Long, Robert Lorrors, Sherry Loudermilk, Gary Louis, Benjie Lozono, Edward Lucheni, Gloria Lundmark, Paul Luttrell, Larry Maranto, William Marlow, Pamela Mangerson, Bonnie Martin, Hobart Martin, Howard Mayo, Jerry Mazany, Brian Mazur, Deane McCance, Albert McDonald, Pamela McGaha, Glen McLean, Patty Meeks, Dennis Meeks, Ronnie Merrick, Maureen Meyers, Sherry Micrnko, Jane Middleton, Kristine Miller, Larry Miller, Vester Mincheski, Bradley Mitchell, Bill Mitchell, Riley Mock, Deborah Mock, John Moland, Larry Monzulla, Ike Moore, Deborah Morales, Tom Morris, Danny Moss, Roy Muir, David Muller, Chris Murday, Timothy Nauta, Steve Nelson, Conley Newcomb, Nancy Newlin, Stephen Nicolaisen, Lorette Nightingale, Pamela Novalich, John Novak, Clifford Odom, Patricia Perry, Ray Parsley, Belinda Parkovich, Mary Jo Parker, Duane Douglas Pappas, Pat 179 € icflttU raclerd Paczkowski, Richard Orze, Kevin Orze, Kenneth Orlando, Vicki Onia, Beckey Paglia, David Persic, Robert Peshke, Mark Pickett, Tim Pittman, James Pitts, Kenneth Popa, Danny Powell, Kathy Pratt, David Premuda, Douglas Probus, Rita Proctor, Randy Pursell, Karen Quinn, Debbie Quisenberry, Lorraine Radke, Joe Raines, Vickey Raksanyi, Joanne Ramsey, Michael Rangel, Jane Rippe, Richard Ritz, Peggy Rogers, John Rokosz, Tom Royal, Nancy Sabo, Linda Saboff, Neal Sarkisian, Cynthia Sarkisian, Laura Sawchuck, Alan Sefton, Terry Senters, Harry Sewell, Alan Sexton, Gerald Schroeter, Debbie Shafer, Mike Shantz, Bill Shelbourne, Allison Shepp, Ed Shreve, Christy Shultman, Richard Simon, Mike Siti, Rosemary Skorupa, Charles Skorupa, Joe Slavo, Jim Slavo, Ted Smith, Bruce Smith, Carol Smulski, Peggy Smutko, Scott Snider, Clyde Wayne Spiders, Roger Staul, Shirley Standerfur, Eddie Stanton, Sue Steinkraus, Dean Stephen, Jeff Stevens, Edward Stivers, Jimmy Sullivan, Sarah Sutton, Bonnie Swanson, Phyllis Swickard, Darrell Tarne, Mary Beth 180 Tatusko, Jo Ann Taylor, Darryl Taylor, Linda Thomas, Beverly Threll, David Towasniki, Patty Tsolakos, Christy Turner, Mary Jo Turnpaugh, George Twaddle, Margret Vanes, Ronnie Van Lue, Charlotte Ventimiglia, Marie Venturini, Michael Veray, Rose Vestal, Jacqueline Vliek, Scott Walsh, Donna Walsh, Leslee Walsh, Linda Wargo, Janice Watson, James Watson, Rhonda Weaver, Dorothy Webb, Sheila Weigley, Les Wells, Patricia Wetnight, Marie White, Dennis Whitesell, John Wilson, David Wilson, James Wiman, Dennis Wingard, Debbie Winski, Patricia Wojciehowski, Barb Wolf, Robert Wolters, Virginia Yazumbek, Shirley Zaborski, Timothy Zakis, Ervin Zalkowski, Debra Zalkowski, Diana Zerkel, Debbie Zubak, Janet 181 ENTHUSIASTIC seventh graders learn to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings and new methods of study and learning Adams, John Adams, Peter Alb, Thomas Aldrich, Patricia Ales, Donna Alexanderson, David Allen, Meredith Allred, Raymond Anderson, Susan Archie, Susan Austgen, Mark Baker, Larry Ballantine, Paula Ballard, Jolence Ballard, Richard Ballou, Richard Banks, Brenda Barnes, Chuck Bortnik, Patty Basile, Tony Batchelor, Regina Bechtel, Mark Beck, Rick Bell, David Bellamu, Joe Benko, Carolyn Benson, Jean Bergstrom, Paul Bielat, Nancy Billen, Karen Bisbee, Judy Bland, Chris Blankenship, Roger Blevins, Kathy Bogucki, Barry 182 Boren, Tony Born, Bill Borsits, David Bortz, Pam Bowlin, Dora Boyer, Robert Bradley, Debra Braxton, Tom Brehmer, Debbie Brightwell, Dennis Brotherton, Jean Brower, Dennis Brown, Cathy Brown, Susan Bruce, Kevin Buckman, Guy Busovsky, Pam Call, Janet Call, Janice Callahan, Bruce Cannon, Tom Carlson, Mike Carpenter, John Carter, Debra Chase, Bruce Chenault, George Chumbley, Garry Clapp, Theresa Clark, Richard Cofer, Mike Coff, Dan Collins, Linda Compton, Nancy Conard, Bill Connell, Larry Cooley, Donna Copple, Janis Coto, Kathleen Cox, Valorie Cozad, Cynthia Craft, Steve Craig, John Cross, Diana Cubit, Joe Czech, Stanley Czuba, Mark Daly, Brenda Danaghey, Tom Daniels, Gerald Daniels, Russel Darge, Irma Davenport, Diana David, Jeffrey Davis, Barry Davis, Bill Davis, Tom Debok, Debbie Dechon, Cathy Dechon, Margaret Degernatte, Lin da Degnan, Mark Dennis, Jim Dickil, Dan Diehl, Randy Dillon, Susan Dimickle, Sandra Dockery, Karen Douthett, Joanne Downy, Sandra Duszyeski, Debbie 183 v5et yentU raderd Duct, Darlene Dwars, Tom Dycus, Bill Earl, Jerry Elkins, Robin Evac, Dave Farmer, Caryn Fentrance, Kathy Ferguson, Grover Ferguson, Mike Ford, Dan Forsythe, Bill Forsythe, Cynthia Forsythe, William Frayer, Don Freels, Catherine Fritz, James Frye, Joe Fullgraf, Tom Gadberry, Eugene Gamez, Diana Gargano, Tony Geheb, Dale Geurts, Jane Ann Gilfillan, Larry Gilson, Roberta Gombus, Laurie Goran, Karl Goran, Richard Granack, Cheryl Gray, Don Gulasy, Pamela Gutowsky, Vic Gyure, Judy Hadu, artin Haire, Daniel Hamersley, Debbie Hamilton, Gary Hanas, Steve Hansen, Brad Hayne, Webb Hanson, Ed Harrigan, Mike Harris, Betty Harris, Virginia Havill, George Hays, Jan Hill, Kent Hill, Pat Hinton, Cindy Lou Hippel, John Hoffman, Barbara Hoffman, Jim Hoffman, Karl Holder, Charles Houston, Sherrill Howe, Mike Hrapek, Elizabeth Huneryager, Russell Hurd, Earl Jablonski, Jeff Jencople, Ron Jezierski, Ken Jiminez, Guadalupe Johnson, Connie Johnson, Dale Johnson, Jay Johnson, Pattie Johnston, Ken Jones, Cindy 184 Jones, Ronald Kalman, Dave Karanovich, Ruth Ann Kearscher, Vernice Kelleher, Shelly Kessler, Pamala Kimmons, Kathy Kish, John Kitchens, Tommy Klein, Cathy Kmiec, Andrew Knoblett, Karen Knoblett, Randy Kovach, Marcia Koval, Michelle Krakowiak, John Kratochivil, Greg Kucharski, Deborah Kucsera, MaryAnn Kucsera, Richard Kula, Larry Labus, Joe Lain, Liz Lammertin, Randy Landis, Diane Lawley, Randy Lawrence, Margaret Laws, Deborah Lax, Rebecca Lecyk, David Leicht, Linda Leith, Peggy Leland, Cheryl Levin, Mark Lewin, Susan Lewis, Gayla Lipscomb, Shirley Litt on, Bruce Litton, Cindy Livers, Linda Loudermilk, Doug Lozano, Mike Lucas, Janet Luchene, Dave LuLoch, Martha Lynch, Beth Lynch, Bill Mace, Buddy Macey, Susan Mahns, Dave Maicher, Gail Mamala, Anna Mangerson, Doris Marinaro, Penny Marrs, Bill Marsh, Arlie Martin, Mark Martine, Connie Matasar, Howard Mauldin, Linda McAdoo, Bill McCahon, Wilma McLaughler, Kathy Micenko, Susan Michel, Gene Millsans, Joyce Milosavlievk, Mary Lou Mincheski, Doug Minton, Jack Molnar, Patty 185 Seventh Oracle rd Molnar, Peggy Moore, Brenda Moore, Janet Morariu, Sharon Mores, Francene Morris, Gwen Morris, Trelyon Morrison, Richard Muehrer, Patrica Musser, Marilyn Mysliwy, Aileen Naftzer, Debra Nelson, Christina Newton, John Nightengale, Cindy Nightlinger, Sherry Noojin, Mike Norman, William Novak, Larry O ' Boyle, Dan Oesterle, Jeff Onia, Cynthia Oprisko, James Orcutt, Danny Orlando, Don Pace, Karen Pace, Kathy Pappas, Athene Parker, Paul Parker, Ron Parsley, Jerry Pasternak, Rosemary Pettit, Jim Pettit, Robert Phillips, John Phillips, Rodney Pittman, Don Plaskota, Barbara Pollard, Keith Pollard, Kevin Popa, Kim Potter, Beth Presnale, Rita Press, Rickey Pucalik, Michael Pucalik, Shirley Rak, Joel Ransey, Steven Rastousky, Jeff Reinholt, AlJsert Reiter, Edgar Renwaz, Robert Rippe, Carl Riskin, Janet Rokosz, Laura Ronjak, Cande Rosinski, Rhonda Roth, Stewart Rubin, Benjamin Ruble, Tommy Rubottom, Patricia Ryan, Vickie Sanchez, Odessa Sarkisian, Susan Schoenborn, Sharon Scott, Terri Sentell, Wanda Seward, Pamela Shabi, Richard Shehigian, Lisa 186 Sheliga, Theodore Sherbit, Linda Shevchenko, Jerry Shropshire, Paula Shopp, Diana Shutko, Cheryl Siecker, Laurie Sills, Barbara Simms, Rory Sims, Debra Sisco, Kenneth Sisco, Leyman Skalba, Marilyn Skoczlas, Chester Skratsky, Carol Smith, Connie Smith, Kerri Smith, Pamela Soltesz, JoAnne Spoener, Katheleen Stahl, Katherine Stigall, Peggy Stephens, Alan Stephens, Tim Sowula, Sheryl Stivers, Patricia Sweet, Judy Taylor, Joyce Thomas, Gail Thompson, Brenda Thrall, Terri Tucker, Sheree Turner, Patricia Snyder, Stephen Stanimirov, Keith Stanley, Alan Stark, Philip Stefnik, Raymond Summers, Jethro Swafford, James Taylor, Mark Takacs, Larry Takacs, Mark Thorley, William Thrope, Frank Todd, Tony Trachtenberg, Barry Tuskun, Patty Underwood, Kathy Vandersteen, Alfred Van Slyke, Debbie Vaughn, Jody Veray, Kathy Wallace, Barry Wallace, Sherrie Walworth, Barbara Ward, Robert Weaver, Judy Wells, Carol Wheeler, Terry White, Donna Whitfield, Dennis Wiening, Cathy Wiley, Lewis Williams, Jim Wojciehowskj, Martha Wojtena, Cindy Woiters, John Wooley, Gwen Wright, Jack 187 Ywanow, Nancy Zaja, David Zila, Sherry Zolowicz, Monica Zyla, Christopher VOLUNTEER seventh grade waiter converses with Mr. Joseph Goodnight and a PTA mother during pause from pancake breakfast duties. 188 HOLDING BLACK CAT by the tail. Huckleberry Finn (Richard Cantrell) explains the proper method of removing warts to his close friend, Tom Sawyer Ike Monzulla) in a scene from the middle school. 189 QclvertiaementA Support . . . sales . . . community . . . interest . . . toward success. can open doors In our recruiting we ask that applicants have completed their High School education. That ' s because we try always ,to fill higher, more responsible jobs from the ranks of our employees. And the records show — the better the em- ployee ' s education, the better he is at his job — and the better he does for himself. Inland employees continue to gain knowledge and ex- perience in special trades through formal apprenticeship programs offered in the following trades — Machinist, Patternmaking, Boilermaking. Welding, Shop Electrician, Wireman, Mason and Pipefitter. Many concentrate on certain phases of steelmaking by working in production while others work in laboratories helping to assure quality or developing new and better products for our customers. How about you? Inland Steel is steadily expanding. More and more opportunities will be open to you as our growth continues. Are you ready? An Equal Opportunity Employer in the Plans for Progress Program INLAND STEEL COMPANY Indiana Harbor Works Personnel Department 3210 Watling Street East Chicago, Indiana FRIENDSHIP PHOTOS Wallet Size Photos WATLANDS Made from one negative or one photo jp to 8x10. WOODMAR SHOPPING CENTER CAMERA SHOPS SOLAN S GREENHOUSE 6804 Columbia WE. 2-8257 BASKIN 1 25 River Oaks 868-0700 DRESSLER STUDIO 6944 Indianapolis 845-1700 VIERK’S FURNITURE 6727 Kennedy 844-8320 BACKE INSURANCE, INC. 738-173rd Street 93 1 -6500 STARDUST BOWL 167th Columbia WE. 2-5010 193 Smart Guys Turn to Dunhill for the Best in Formal Attire D. Flood, B. Kindle, R. Lynch, Mr. D. Oebes P. Monzulla, S. Wertheimer Treat the Gang at McDonalds Dunhill Formal 7443 Indianapolis Blvd. 6947 Indianapolis Blvd. Hammond, Indiana Hammond, Indiana 844-2370 844-5489 LEWIN’S The Store for Guys and Gals on the Go-Go ! ! 704 W. Chicago Ave. East Chicago, Ind. EX 8-0129 A. Lewin, D. Vance, J. Bisbee, K. Brenman, P. Vance, S. Westman 194 Only Quality Goods are Bagged at Certified Grocerymart 7348 Col. Ave. Hammond, Ind. WE 2-1764 C. Whitney, B. Yockey Contemplate the Big Step at Woodmar Jewelers 7012 Indianapolis Blvd. Hammond, Indiana 844-5618 C. Whitney, J. Oprisko, P. Steinbach, J. Rokosz A Toast to the Finest Rootbeer in town ACrW Drive-O-Matic 7206 Calumet Ave. Hammond, Indiana Fish of Every Kind can be found at TERRY’S AQUARIUM 733- 173rd Street Hammond, Indiana 93 1 -6724 WE 3-6820 G. VonAlmon, T. Geis, A. Hanna 19 5 ree erprize cd-dvcincea GLOBAL TRAVEL AGENCY 7133 Indianapolis J. W. MILLIKAN 449 State Street MIDAS MUFFLER 7249 Indianapolis BARNEY’S FOOD’S 1510- 173rd Street NORMAN’S TASTEE-FREEZE 7316 Indianapolis WOODMAR ANIMAL HOSPITAL 7400 Indianapolis LEE’S HONDA 5634 Hohman Ave. FIFIELD PHARMACY 6729 Kennedy Ave. FEHRING PRINTERS 7336 Calumet Ave. J. j. COINS 7019 Calumet Ave. 196 S. Manka, B. Rusak, J. Juscik, R. Jornecke FAST, FRIENDLY, and EFFICIENT Service awaits you at VAN TIL ' S 7030 Indianapolis Blvd. Hammond, Indiana Tl 4-5415 L. Sandor, B. Bossinger HILL’S meets the needs of Everyone HILL’S HAMMOND TIMES AGENCY 6804 Kennedy Avenue Hammond, Indiana 844-7226 Fine Carpets of Strength and Durability CARPETLAND 8209 Calumet Avenue Munster, Indiana 836-5555 D. Wendell, R. Mercer 197 Charles Gluth Son Roofing Experts 7232 Northcote Ave. Hammond, Indiana 2550 Colfax Ave. Cary, Indiana N. Jett, D. Jablonski 198 Sporting Goods for ALL Needs A. P. Davis Sports 4532 Indianapolis Blvd. East Chicago, Ind. EX 7-0274 M. Mansueto, D. Bond For the Finest in Quality and Latest Fashion K. Farmer, L. Kaminski Show you Really Care, give her Flowers from R. McCaw, K. Hester Carson Pirie Scott Co. 6600 Indianapolis Blvd. Hammond, Indiana Gladish Florists 7034 Kennedy Avenue Hammond, Indiana Tl 4-3031 Tl 4-2525 PULLMAN - STANDARD A Division of PULLMAN INC. “World’s Greatest Car builder” QjUJv drivein PARKING F HAMBURGERS , CHICKEN SHRIMP FISH I Thick Creamy MALTS SODAS I SUNDAES Fine Food at Low Cost Art ' s Drive - In 5610 Calumet Ave. Hammond, Indiana WE 3-9825 199 BURGERS makes the difference in Quality Courtesy Value 165th Columbia Ave. - Hammond State Line Ridge Road - Munster 932-4958 For an afternoon of Fun and Pleasure S. Foster, P. Sills, R. Crom V. Voter, T. Pouison, J. Orkis, M. Rodovich MUNSTER LANES 8000 Calumet Ave. Hammond, Indiana 836-9161 THE GOLDEN HANGER meets the needs of Every young man 7009 Indianapolis Blvd. Hammond, Indiana 844-0565 200 C. Whitney, T. Farris, N. Cain, B. Crook l cliatorA eer cr £pyal Boodterd Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Goodman 7141 Indianapolis Paul T. Duncanson Counci Iman-at-Large King Car Wash 7405 Indianapolis Best Pizza in town and Lots of it!! L. Raksanyi, M. Burns, l. Knutson House of Pizza 7008 Indianapolis Hammond, Indiana 844-6065 Good Luck Class of ’67 201 THOSE WHO THINK YOUNG CHOOSE PEPSI-COLA PEPSI-COLA BOTTLERS, INC. 1112 WEST CHICAGO AVENUE EAST CHICAGO, INDIANA EX. 8-1080 202 C. Kessey, L. Cowan Fine Jewelery with Superb Quality N. Farnelli, L. Parker Comay ' s Jewelers Woodmar Shopping Center Hammond, Indiana Pictures seem to Come Alive with paints from Miles J. Long, C. Whitney, M. Pickett Miles Paints Woodmar Shopping Center Hammond, Indiana L. Tucker, l. Shearer, L. DeArmond, B. Bartnik There’s something Special about a cup of coffee from Big Wheel Restaurant 7430 Indianapolis Blvd. Hammond, Indiana 845-3700 Televisions of every Make Model Size R. Demkovich, M. Kunnemon, M. Ortega, B. Waite Brilliant T.V. 1941 -169th Street Hammond, Indiana 203 YOUR FUTURE’S BRIGHT IN NIPSCOLAND We will be happy to discuss your career opportunities at ; 7 ’.SCO . . . drop in and see us! If your eyes are on far horizons following graduation, here’s a suggestion from Peppy Flame and Reddy Kilowatt: Look around you right here in NIPSCOLAND! There are vast and challenging opportunities in northern Indiana for trained young men and women in industry, commerce and agriculture. Some of the greatest challenges await the talent and imagination of young people in the investor-owned utility business. NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY serving today . . . building for ths future Fun People DO go Kawasaki R. Nicholiasen R. Kish Future Homeowners choose Loomis Cycle Sales 6633 Kennedy Ave. Hammond, Indiana 844-4400 Kaye Roach Realtors 7027 Calumet Avenue Hammond, Indiana WE 3-6950 204 The Walinger Studios, Inc. Champlain Building 37 South Wabash Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60603 205 gladiator A ‘participation in Spirit TOLCHINSKY PHARMACY 701 1 Indianapolis FEHRINC JEWELERS 7338 Calumet COLUMBIA SINCLAIR 7508 Columbia HANSEN BROTHERS 5320 Hohman MAX’S BARBERSHOP 7348 Columbia 206 STATE FARM INSURANCE 7006 Indianapolis HAMMOND ELECTRIC CO. 6036 Calumet RALPH J. POTESTA HESSVILLE SOFSPRA 6125 Kennedy STERN’S HARDWARE 7025 Indianapolis You Can NEVER Outgrow Your Need for Milk P. Weliky, P. Ballantine THE RED SHIELD SHOP Dedicated Followers of Fashions choose SHORELINE BUS CO. for Courteous, Dependable Service D. Jones, T. McCoy, B. Dockery JACK FOX SONS 5219 Hohman Avenue Hammond, Indiana 933-6400 4923 Columbia Avenue Hammond, Indiana 93 1 -4580 207 EAST CHICAGO PATTERN WORKS 410 East Chicago Avenue East Chicago, Indiana EX. 8-2386 L. Bergstrom WHEN THE GANG COMES OVER CALL CHICKEN DELIGHT 738A-I73rd Street Hammond, Indiana 931-0725 L. Templeton, J. Federoff Begin with T E I B E L S for Delightful Surroundings and an Equisite Dinner Route 41-30 Schereville, Ind. 865-2000 208 L. Knutson Begin your Vacation with Traveler’s Insurance Fashions for Every Young Miss J. Roksanyi, R. Mitchell Woodmar Agency Edward C. Minas Company 7232 Indianapolis Blvd. Hammond, Indiana Tl 4-5200 460 State Street Downtown Hammond River Oaks Shopping Center Backed with Experience in Building Construction CALUMET CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 1247- 169th Street Hammond, Indiana 844-9420 209 z-AcU ievement gained Zhroucflt initiative Bindas-Poracky Standard Service 6906 Columbia Ave 932-7935 Hammond Beauty College 5322 Hohman Ave. 931-3860 Compliments of Maka’s 7150 Columbia Ave. 210 CONGRATULATIONS; to the Graduates Del aney Printing «fc JLitiio faculty Z)ndex Anderson, Miss Beverly 153 Armintrout, Miss Joanne 154 Baker, Miss Judy 153 Balk, Mr. Donald 50, 51, 153, 171 Banas, Mr. Norm 46, 67, 153 Bewley, Mr. Lawrence 153 Bothwell, Miss Cheryl 153 Bottorff, Mr. Richard 153 Bowers, Mrs. Ozell 159 Brauer, Mr. Erwin 47, 153 Bronnert, Miss Lois 153 Bruno, Miss Jackie 154 Brush, Mr. Paul 154 Bunker, Miss Helen 154 Chase, Miss Dolores 159 Chintis, Mr. Tom 154 Clark, Mr. Thomas 154 Clausen, Mr. Richard 46, 154 Clinton, Miss Diane 38, 154 Concialdi, Mrs. Mary 154 Connor, Mr. Eugene 62, 154 Cracium, Miss Maria 155 Cripe, Mr. John 155 Cruz-Alvarez, Mr. Jose 26, 155 Davis, Mr. Ronald 155 Debes, Mr. David 155, 194 DelGreco, Mr. Marshall 37, 155 Doughtery Mrs. Irene 155 Dredge, Mrs. Ethyl 155 Edkart, Mr. Gary 155 Eichelberger, Mrs. Ruth 159 Fan, Mr. John 155 Feddler, Miss Caryle 155 Feeney, Mrs. Sharon 155 Flores, Mr. Joseph 68, 70, 155 Franey, Mrs Shirley 155 Fruehling, Mr. Earl 63, 155 Gericks, Miss Louise 156 Gibson, Mr. James 156 Gilbertsen, Mr. Reginald 156 Glick, Miss Elizabeth 156 Glouch, Miss Valerie 156 Goodnight, Mr. Joseph 75, 156 A.P. Davis 198 Arts ' s Drive-In 199 A W Drive-In 195 Backe Insurance 193 Barney’s Foods Donuts 196 Baskin-Robbins 193 Big Wheel 203 Bindas-Poracky Standard Service 210 Borden’s 207 Brilliant T. V. 203 Burger ' s 200 Calumet Construction Co. 209 Carpetland 197 Carsons 199 Certified Grocers 195 Chicago, Calumet Transit Co. 207 Chicken Delight 208 Columbia Sinclair 206 Comay ' s 203 DeLaney ' s 211 Dressier Studios 193 Paul T. Duncanson 201 Dunhill Formal 194 East Chicago Patterns Works 208 Edward C. Minas 209 Gonzalez, Mr. Gerrado 156 Gradisher, Mr. Frank 96, 140, 156, 163, 169 Gregor, Mr. Tom 156 Guiden, Mr. John 154 Hajdu, Mr. Jack 156 Harris, Mrs. Patty 156 Harrold, Miss Katherine 156 Hendrickson, Mr. Douglas 156 Hoyt, Mrs. Mary Lou 95, 156 Hunt, Mr. Martin 27 Hunt, Mr. Richard 95, 156 Jackson, Mr. Robert 156 Jamrose, Mr. Martin 157 Jeffries, Mr. John 157 Johns, Mr. Robert 157 Kallaus, Mr. Gary 157 Kasperek, Miss Frances 157 Kelemen, Miss Danette 157, 173 Kelly, Miss Margaret 157 Kobe, Mr. Michael 157 Kopenec, Mr. Donald 78, 157 Lanbert, Miss Judy 158 Losh, Mrs. Helen 158 Lucci, Mr. Donald 40, 41, 158 Lundahl, Miss Betty 154, 157 Mahmet, Mr. Kelly 158 Mann, Mr. Lee 158 Marquardt, Mr. Clayton 158 McCoy, Mr. Walter 158 McFall, Miss Jacqueline 78, 158 McLean, Mr. Don 154 McMorrow, Miss MaryJo 158 Meriedith, Mr. Homer 154 Meriring, Mrs. Belva 159 Meriring, Mr. Steven 159 Middleton, Mrs. Doris 159 Miller, Mrs. Barbara 159 Miller, Mr. Kenneth 159 Moll, Mrs. Jeanne 159 Molnar, Mr. John 159 Morris, Mr. Harold 92, 159 Mott, Mrs. Essie 159 Mullin, Mrs. Geraldine 159 E)nd x Fehring Jewelers 206 Fehring Printers 196 Fifield Pharmacy 196 Jack Fox Sons 207 Gladish Florists 199 Global Travel Agency 196 Charles Gluth 198 Golden Hanger 200 Dr. Phil Goodman 201 Hammond Beauty College 210 Hammond Electric Co. 206 Hansen Bros. Florists 206 Hessville Sofspra 206 Hill ' s Hammond Times Agency 197 House of Pizza 201 Inland Steel 192 J J Coins 196 Kaye Roach Realtors 204 King Car Wash 201 Lee’s Honda 196 Lewin ' s 194 Loomis Cycle Sales 204 Maka’s 210 Max’s Barbershop 206 McDonald ' s 194 Muri, Mr. John 160 O ' Toole, Mrs. Olga 25, 160 Penny, Mrs. Angela 160 Pflum, Miss Judy 156 Poland, Mr. Donald 61, 160 Prater, Mrs. Phyllis 160 Preslin, Mrs. Barbara 160 Rainey, Mrs. Eleanor 160 Reed, Mr. Lucian 160 Roberts, Mrs. Lenora 160 Rosenwinkel, Miss Jean 161 Rouse, Mr. Gerald 161 Sabol, Miss Mary Ann 26, 95, 140, 161 Schneider, Mrs. Loretta 161 Seckinger, Mrs. Beulah 45, 161 Sevald, Mrs. Marsha 161 Shields, Mr. John 67, 161 Shilling, Mr. John 161 Sippel, Mr. William 153, 161 Smith, Mr. George 68, 70, 161 Socks, Miss Carol Ann 98, 102, 161 Spencer, Mrs. Marilyn 90, 161 Stancill, Mr. Jordon 161, 172 Stevens, Mr. Delbert 161 Swaim, Mr. Gene 157 Swanson, Mr. John 39, 161 Theis, Mr. David 162 Thompson, Mr. Earl 162 Unkuri, Mr. Roland 30, 162 Urbanski, Miss Barbara 162 Wagner, Mr. Wayne 162 Weiland, Mrs. Geraldine 162 Whitcombe, Mr. Ronnie 162, 173 Whiteside, Mr. Frank 162 Williams, Mrs. Louise 162 Wysocki, Mr. Kenneth 163 Willis, Mr. Richard 163 Witham, Mr. Lewis 153 Wray, Mr. Larry 28, 163 Young, Mr. Norman 90, 163 Zaun, Mr. Harvey 25, 163 Midas Muffler 196 Miles Paint Co. 203 Millikan 196 Munster Lanes 200 N.I.P.S.C.O. 204 Norman ' s Tasty-Freeze 196 Pepsi Cola 202 Ralph Potesta 206 Pullman-Standard 199 Solan ' s Greenhouse 193 Stardust Bowl 193 State Farm Insurance 206 Stern ' s Hardware 206 Teibels 208 Terry ' s Aquarium 195 Tolchinsky Pharmacy 206 VanTil’s 197 Vierk’s 193 Walinger ' s 205 Wetlands 193 Woodmar Animal Hospital 196 Woodmar Insurance Agency 209 Woodmar Jewelers 195 212 Student nd ex A Adams, Betty Adams, John Adams, Mark Adams, Peter Adams, Sue Adams, Tim Alb, Thomas Aldrich, Patricia Aldrin, Cliff Ales, Donna Alexanderson, Dave Alexanderson, Marcia Allegro, Carmen Allegro, Dan Allegro, Geraldine Allen, Meridith Allen, Ralph Allen, Ron Allen, Shirley Allred, Merri Allen, Steve Allred, Raymond Amenta, Karen Anderson, Connie Anderson, Craig Anderson, Shirley Anderson, Susan Andis, Cheryl Angelich, Michael Angelo, Gwen Antolski, Helen Appleman, Nancy Apps, David Arthur, Barbara Archie, Larry Archie, Susan Askew, Joyce Augustine, Shirley Austgen, John Austgren, Mark Babic, Cindy Baccino, Laura Baccino, Linda Bacon, Earl Bacon, Virginia Bailey, Linda Bain, John Bain, Pamela Bajusz, Cathy Baker, Bob Baker, Diane Baker, Harold Baker, James Baker, Larry Baker, Roger Baker, Ron Balder, Diane Balder, Jerry Bales, Bonnie Ballantine, Jean Bailantine, Paul Ballard, Jolence Ballard, Mark Ballard, Mela Ballard, Richard Ballou, Richard Balog, Steve Balzer, Chester 134 182 134 182 176 176 91, 182 182 58, 59, 75, 77, 112 182 182 30, 140 178 134 146 182 63, 70, 74, 134 100, 134 176 146 140 182 81, 140 140 60, 70, 74, 140 147 182 80 61, 146 176 146 80 176 146 176 182 176 87 32, 59, 76, 77, 112 182 B 140 140 176 140 140 113 146 134 87, 92, 94, 113 176 81, 140 134 67, 68, 77, 113, 134 182 85, 87, 100, 102, 134 140 113 146 55, 113 176 182 182 109, 146 176 182 182 113 140 Balzer, Randolph 134 Bewley, Salli 17, 55, 113 Balzer, Richard 140 Bewley, Tom 140 Banas, Cheryl 87 Bialon, Bob 40, 41, 113 Banas, Sharon 87, 113 Biancardi, Linda 140 Banks, Brenda 182 Biancardi, Richard 31, 77, 134 Banks, Don 140 Bibzak, Raymond 146 Banks, Robert 146 Biedeestadt, Mark 176 Banks, Shirley 113 Bielat, Ann 90, 92, 94, 146 Banner, Deborah 146 Bielat, Nancy 182 Baran, Lee 176 Bielecki, Lillian 134 Baran, Terry 134 Biesczcat, Rosemary 114 Baranowski, Jane 90, 146 Billen, Karen 182 Barnes, Joyce f78 Bisbee, John 12, 55, 134, 194 Barnes, Chuck 182 Bisbee, Judy 182 Barnes, Richard 74, 140 Bissonette, Mike 134 Barnhart, Craig 114 Black, Kevin 73, 146 Barnhart, Nancy 140 Blaemire, Bob 9, 12, 27, 87, 114 Barrett, Chris 140 Blaemire, Mike 55, 70, 140 Barrett, ' ' Jim 176 Bland, Chris 182 Bortnik, Bill 59, 67, 68, 69, 77, 113, 203 Blankenship, Roger 182 Bortnik, Judy 168, 176 Blandford, Sue 114 Bortnik, Patty 182 Blank, Sharon 1 14 Bartnik, Sue 79, 140 Blessing, Bob 134 Barton, Jim 176 Blevens, Kathy 182 Barton, Linda 99, 102, 134 Blosky, Gayle 146 Bartowski, Diana 140 Blosky, Robin 176 Barzycki, John 176 Bodnar, Julie 140 Basanda, Beth 87, 134 Bodnar, Mary 140 Basick, Edward 182 Boersma, Gary 70, 134 Basick, James 134 Boettcher, Peggy 55, 140 Basile, Bob 176 Bogucki, Barry 182 Basile, Fred 74, 134 Bolinger, Connie 176 Basile, Tony 182 Bond, Dennis 58, 59, 67, 68, 69, 76, Bauer, Cindy 140 134, 198 Baut, Jackie 146 Bonneau, Michelle 12, 146 Bebler, Floyd 96, 134 Bonnell, Deborah 140 Bechtel, Mark 182 Borchardt, Kathy 134 Beck, Charles 146 Borgman, Barb 114 Beck, Mike 176 Borgman, Laura 91, 169, 176 Besk, Rick 182 Bogocki, Barry 182 Bednar, Debbie 176 Bogucki, Patricia 114 Belford, Garry 176 Bolanowski, Jerome 114 Belford, Stanley 140 Borchardt, Robert 146 Bell, Brian 146 Bren, Patsy 114 Bell, Dave 70, 182 Boren, Tony 183 Bell, Jenette 146 Born, Bill 183 Bell, Richard 77, 134 Borsits, David 183 Bell, Wanda 176 Borst, Randy 134 Bellamy, Doris 140 Bortz, Pam 183 Bellamy, Joe 182 Bossinger, Barb 146, 197 Beloshapka, Dave 176 Bossinger, Karen 55, 134 Benda, Elizabeth 90, 140 Botsko, Steve 12, 114 Benko, Carolyn 109, 182 Bowlin, Dora 183 Bennett, Christine 176 Boyer, Chris 134 Bennette, Janice 140 Boyer, Debbie 176 Beno, Deborah 146 Boyer, Robert 183 Benson, Craig 59, 60, 140 Bradburn, Larry 32, 58, 59, 74, 114 Benson, Jean 182 Bradley, Debra 183 Benson, Kieth 146 Bradley, Donna 146 Benson, Marilee 176 Braun, Carol 176 Benson, Roger 91, 140 Braun, Garry 146 Benson, Stuart 75, 87, 96, 134 Braun, Ron 55, 134 Bently, Bev 176 Braxton, Tom 183 Bentley, Katrina 113 Brehmer, Debbie 183 Berger, Bill 146 Brehmer, Robert 146 Bergman, Larry 96, 134 Brenman, Karen 114, 194 Bergman, Sue 9, 25, 37, 113 Brightwell, Dennis 183 Bergstrom, Larry 60, 70, 74, 140 Britt, James 146 Bergstrom, lynne 9, 81, 99, 102, 113 Brooks, Pam 78, 114 Bergstrom, Paul 182 Brotherton, Jean 183 Berk, llene 140 Brower, Dennis 183 Berk, Jay 140 Brower, Judy 140 Berk, Maureen 114 Brower, Pamela 134 Berndt, Joe 176 Brown, Becky 30, 134 Berry, Randall 146, 148 Brown, Bethany 176 213 Brown, Candance 146 Cheek, Jerry Brown, Cathy 183 Cheek, Sue Brov n, Dale 146 Chenault, Debra Brown, David 134 Chenault, George Brown, Dave 146 Chervan, Denise Brown, Eugene 146 Chervan, Janise Brown, Kathy 140 Chikos, Christine Brown, Ronald 114 Chintis, Mr. Tom Brown, Susan 183 Chorba, Dave Bruce, Kevin 183 Chudy, Leonard Bryk, Kathy 92, 96, 141 Chumbley, Garry Buckler, Diane 146 Churilla, Geri Buckman, Guy 183 Clapp, Theresa Bunde, Elizabeth 147 Clark, Colleen Budreau, Dave 61, 147 Clark, Mike Burdeau, Margaret 92, 94, 114 Clark, Richard Burdeau, Shirley 92, 94, 147 Clark, Robert Burfield, Jim 147 Clary, Susan Burke, Candice 109 Clement, Gail Burgess, Bruce 114 Clower, Karen Burnette, Hal 141 Coberg, Carol Burns, Marlyn 92, 94, 115 Cofer, Mike Burress, Karen 141 Coff, Dan Burton, Robert 115 Colantonio, Corinne Buskof, Elaine 115 Colantonio, Nancy Busovky, Mike 87, 134 Colbert, Dabic Busovsky, Pam 183 Collins, Dabid Butkovich, Mary Lou 135 Collins, inda Butler, Linda 115 Compton, Nancy Byrd, Dan 135 Conard, Bill Byrd, Marilyn c 141 Connell, Larry Connors, John Cook, Rodney Cooley, Donna Cooley, Gay Cain, Norris 67, 68, 69, 77, 115, 200 Cooper, Barb Cain, Sally 141 Copple, Janis Call, Janet 183 Core, Janet Call, Janice 183 Cosgrove, Kathy Callahan, Barbara 55, 99, 100, 115 Cosgrove, Timothy Callahan, Bruce 100, 174, 183 Coto, Kathleen Callahan, Lynda 140, 141 Coto, Rita Cameron, Jerry 174, 177 Courtney, Susan Camp, Susette 141 Cowan, Lynne Campbell, Diane 135, 147 Cowan, Susan Campbell, Gail 147 Cox, Valorie Campbell, Mary Lynn 177 Coyle, Linda Canada, Chris 177 Coyle, Tim Canale, Jerri 177 Cozad, Cynthia Canale, Jo Ellen 55, 134, 135 Craft, Deborah Cannon, Mike 75, 135 Craft, Steve Cannon, Tom 174, 183 Craig, Jeffrey Cantrell, Ann 141 Craig, John Cantrell, Ralph 135 Craig, Susan Cantrell, Richard 177, 189 Creekmore, Roy Cantrell, Sharon 109, 177 Crisan, Susan Capps, Gale 135 Croft, Kieth Cargol, ohn 147 Crom, Ruth Carlson, Mike 183 Crook, Bev Carlson, Ruth 80, 87, 100, 1 15 Crook, Bonnie Carpenter, John 175, 183 Crook, Casancra Carrara, Linda 147, 149 Cross, Debbie Carroll, Jim 135 Cross, Diana Carrone, oAnn 147, 149 Cross, Donna Carter, Debra 183 Cubit, Joe Carter, Donna 177 Cubit, Michelle Cater, Eddie 74, 97, 141 Cummings, Doug Casper, Deborah 147 Cummings, Janet Castleberry, Dennis 177 Cunningham, Anna Catterton, Diler 60, 141 Cunningham, Sandra Cawdill, Galonia 141 Curtis, Craig Chaisson, Bruce 115 Czech, Stanley Chamness, Tim 135 Czuba, Jeff Chandler, Leslie 77 Czuba, Mark Charnekar, Barbara 135 Charters, Crystal 147 Charters, Iris 135 Chase, Bruce 183 Chase, Kim 115 Dock, Bruce 214 115 Dock, Diane 177 177 Dock, Leonard 141 177 Dacus, Avery 141 183 Daly, Brenda 183 147 Danaghey, Tom 183 147 Daniel, Patricia 116 141 Daniels, Don 97, 135 59, 60 Daniels, Gerald 183 47 Daniels, James 147, 149 115 Daniels, Robert 97, 100, 135 183 Daniels, Russel 183 107, 115 Daniels, Steve 61, 147 183 Daniels, Tom 70 147 Daniels, William 135 141 Danner, Charles 141 183 Darge, Irma 183 70, 135 Daugherty, Jane 116 141 Daugherty, Sue 92, 94, 141 147 Davenport, Diana 183 135 Davey, Nancy 147 141 David, Jeffery 183 183 Davis, Barry 183 183 Davis, Bill 183 80, 115 Davis, Dan 60, 141 141 Davis, Janette 177 169, 177 Davis, Jeffery 147 177 Davis, Tom 183 183 Dawson, Romona 141 183 DeArmond, Don 66, 73, 135 183 DeArmond, Jeff 55, 73, 147 183 DeArmond, Linda 116, 203 135 DeBoer, Jack 147 174, 175, 177 Debok, Debbie 183 183 Debok, Robert 141 115 Dechon, Cathy 183 135 Dechon, Margaret 183 183 DeChon, Pat 147 141 Decrescenzo, Sam 177 135 Degernette, Linda 183 61, 141 Degan, Jack 70, 77, 135 183 Degan, Mark 183 116 DeGroot, Marilyn 147 81, 94, 99, 135 DeGroot, Pat 116 141 Dembowski, Connie 135 147 Demkovich, Kathy 141 183 Demkovich, Rich 96, 135, 203 141 Dempsey, Kathy 100, 102, 135 96, 116 Dempsey, William 60, 70, 141 183 Dennis, Jim 183 147 Denny, Sandra 135 183 Depew, Clifford 61, 70, 97, 141 141 Depew, Jenny 135 183 Detterline, Kathrine 55, 116 177 Detterline, Ronald 141 135 Dettmer, Carol 147 135 DeVore, Mike 74, 147 135 Dezamko, Debra 141 87, 99, 116, 200 Dickey, James 177 40, 41, 116 Dickil, Dan 183 200 Diehl, Ramona 12, 92 116 Dillon, Mary Beth 141 99, 141 Dillon, Susan 183 183 Dimickle, Sandra 183 99, 116 Dittrich, Linda 141 175, 183 Dixon, Bob 92, 94, 100, 117 141 Dixon, Rich 46 61, 147 Dockery, Bob 117 177 Dockery, Karen 183 116 Dockery, Marsha 9, 25, 102, 135 116 Dodd, Robert 177 55, 135 Doerner, Linda 141 183 Dolatowski, Janice 141 141 Doleszycki, Chris 177 183 Doleyns, Tim 177 Donaghey, Josephine 177 Dorris, Beverly 177 Dorris, Tom 135 Dorsey, David 135 61, 70 Doss, Don 61, 147 Doughty, Gail 135 Douthett, Joanne 183 Douville, Maureen 147 Downy, Sandra 183 Doyle, Embert 135 Drabenstof, Clifford 177 Dragoin, Dan 177 Driscoll, Francis 141 Driscoll, Kathy 177 Duffala, Jim 147 Dunbar, Debbie 177 Duncan, Brenda 141 Duncan, Ronald 177 Duncan, Sharon 177 Dunn, Randy 147 Dunn, Sharon 109, 177 Dupree, Colleen 31, 147 Durham, Bruce 177 Duszyeski, Debbie 183 Dute, Darlene 184 Dutro, Rhonda 147 Dutz, David 141 Dwars, Peter 117 Dwars, Sue 147 Dwars, Tom 184 Dycus, Bill 184 Dycus, Bobby 135 Dycus, Kay 141 Dycus, Mary 117 E Eagen, Steve 147 Earl, Greg 135 Earl, Janice 117 Earl, Jerry 174, 184 Earl, Jim 147 Earl, Phyllis 177 Early, Bill 117 Early, Kathleen 141 East, Jeffery 135 Eberle, Linda 147 Eddlemon, Tony 147 Eder, Jim 141 Edmond, Brinda 177 Edmond, Gary 177 Eisen, Jack 59, 74, 77, 117 Eisenstein, Gail 92, 94, 117 Eldrige, Bob 141 Eldrige, Jackie 135 Elkins, James 177 Elkins, Robin 184 Elliott, Linda 90, 147 Elliott, Lisa 147 Elliott, Peggy 109, 177 Elliott, Prudi 55, 87, 90, 98, 102, 117 Ellis, Carla 141 Ellis, Craig 135 Emerson, Jill 135 Emerson, Joy 177 Emerson, Richard 74, 147 Emig, Bret 61, 149 Engi, Rebecca 135 Erb, Debbie 147 Ericksen, Bob 117 Ericksen, Cynthia 141 Ericksen, Rebecca 135 Esgate, Patricia 141 Esgate, Tom 117 Estep, Alice 117 Estep, Carolin 177 Etnire, Fred 55, 61, 66, 147 Evac, Dave 184 Evans, Joyce 147 Evans, Lloyd 177 Evans, Robert 75, 135 F Faden, Daniel 177 Faden, Rhonda 107, 117 Fandrei, Carl 117 Fandrei, Randy 55, 63, 66, 74, 141 Fannin, Debra 147 Farley, Ralph 85, 87, 117 Farmer, Cayrn 184 Farmer, Karen 13, 95, 147, 199 Farmer, Leslie 117 Farmer, Steve 50, 51, 59, 77, 135 Farn, Mike 147 Farnelli, Nanette 135, 203 Farrenkoff, Mike 60, 141 Farris, Cindy 141 Farris, Larry 147 Parris, Tom 118, 200 Faught, Belinda 177 Fea, Terry 118 Federoff, James 30, 77, 134, 135 Federoff, John 147 Feher, Alex 141 Feilder, George 177 Fentrance, Kathy 184 Fentress, Diane 141 Ference, Jim 118 Ference, Tom 141 Ferguson, Alfie 70 Ferguson, David 141 Ferguson, Grover 184 Ferguson, Judy 79, 87, 118, 141 Ferguson, Mike 184 Ferguson, Pat 60 Ferguson, Patrick 141 Ferguson, Richard 177 Fetterhoff, Carol 177 Feuerbach, Phil 118 Fezi, Jerry 67, 147 Fielder, Gay 135 Fielder, Vivan 92, 118 Fields, Doug 147 Fisher, Anne Maye 135 Fisher, Rosie 177 Flagg, Phil 118 Fletcher, Cindy 147 Fletcher, Tim 141 Flippo, Janis 147 Flippo, Mike 102, 135 Flood, Dave 134, 135, 194 Flores, Alan 61, 177 Fogarty, Marianne 118 Fogarty, Robert 141 Foor, Greg 147 Ford, Dan 175, 184 Ford, Elizabeth 141 Ford, Tim 177 Fornari, Joyce 39, 141 Forsyth, Peggy 135 Forsythe, Alvina 118 Forsythe, Bill 184 Forsythe, Cynthia 184 Forsythe, William 184 Fortenbury, Al 60, 141 Fortenbury, James 175, 177 Fortenbury, Tom 59, 70, 74, 77, 135 Foster, Charlene 118 Foster, Charlotte 177 Foster, Dan 60, 70, 141 Foster, David 70, 177 Foster, Debbie 141 Foster, Earl 74, 141 Foster, Kim 141 Foster, Rosemary 147 Foster, Sally 9, 25, 200 Foster, Sarah 118 Frain, Michal 118 Francus, Barbara 118 Franklin, Linda Frankovich, Terry Fraver, Don Frayer, Judith Frayer, Sandra Frazier, David Frazier, Starra Fredrick, Brenda Freeis, Catherine Freuling, Mr. Earl Friedrich, Diana Fritz, James Fritz, Sharon Frye, Debbie Frye, Joe Frye, Kenneth Fryszak, Sandra Fullgraf, Tom Fultman, Linda Fultz, Gregory Fultz, James Fuoss, Debbie Fuoss, Pamela Fuqua, Sheila Fyte, Linda 80, 87, 118 147 147, 184 118 119 177 141 135 184 73 142 184 142 147 184 142 55, 135 184 177 177 135 135 177 142 135 G Gadberry, Eugene Gaddy, David Gaddy, Linda Gaffney, Mike Gaisser, Karl Gaisser, Linda Gajda, Patfy Gajdik, Laura Gall, Frances Gall, James Gamez, Diana Gamez, Frank Gonser, Tom Ganser, Wendy Gantz, Kathy Gardner, Margaret Gargano, Mike Gargano, Tony Garrett, Joy Gay, Bill Geheb, Dole Geheb, Madonna Geis, Teresa Gelser, Cheryl Genovisi, James Gerdich, Linda Gerdich, Vanne Gersavich, Sandy Geurts, Jane Ann Gholson, Mark Gibbons, Mark Gibson, James Kenneth Gilchrist, Robert Gilffillan, Larry Gilliam, Anthony Gilliam, Laurence Gillian, Carrie Gillim, Don Gilson, Roberta Ginalski, Darlene Glad, Wayne Gleason, Wendell Glenn, Geraldine Glenn, Martha Glenn, Mary Gluth, Linda Gnass, Dan Goble, Dennis Goins, Ken 184 177 102, 135 142 55, 142 55, 119 117 81, 142 142 177 184 147 59, 77, 96, 135 107, 119 90, 119 85, 87, 91, 92, 94, 95, 98, 102, 119 147 184 175, 177 60, 61, 75, 135 184 177 147, 195 177 177 87, 92, 94, 135 147 102 184 97, 142 177 142 142 184 142 174, 177 147 97, 142 184 177 77, 87, 135 177 147 1 19 147 146, 147 16, 17, 119 142 142 215 Goldner, Pat Gombus, Laurie Gombus, Micky Gooch, Jerri Goodpaster, Brenda Goodpastuer, Donna Gooley, Betty Goran, Karl Goran, Richard Gordon, Denise Gorman, Kevin Gorman, Mike Grabski, Dan Grace, Connie Grace, Donna Graegin, Terry Granack, Cheryl Granack, James Granfield, Anita Granfield, Meg Graves, Jennifer Graves, Michael Gray, Celeste Gray, Don Grcevich, Claudia Grcevich, Sandra Griffin, Bob Grillion, Chris Groesche, John Grove, Randy Grovich, Judy Grovich, Susan Grubbs, Tom Grunnet, Don Gulasy, Pamela Gutowsky, Edward Gutowsky, Vic Guzek, Tom Gyre, July Guire, Sharon Haack, Tom Habben, Dave Hadu, Martin Hafner, Rick Hahney, Marsha Haire, Daniel Hajuducko, Joe Halal, Frank Haley, Betsy Haley, Bonnie Hall, Beverly Hamersley, Debbie Hamill, Liz Hamilton, Bruce Hamilton, Gary Hamilton, Nancy Hammers, Dennis Hammers, Penny Hammersley, Cindy Hammersly, Sharon Hanas, Steve Hanlin, Becky Hanna, Ardis Hanna, Tom Hanning, Ed Hansen, Brad Hansen, Linda Hansen, Robert Hansen, Sue Hanson, Bill Hanson, Cheryl Hanson, Dora Hanson, Ed Hardin, Carol Harrigan, Mike 216 147 Harris, Betty 184 Hoolehan, Tom 148 184 Harris, Carolyn 142 Horn, Marc 136 142 Harris, Ed 174, 178 Horn, Marta 87, 95, 136 174, 177 Harris, Ray 178 Horton, Denise 17, 87, 91 142 Harris, Sheila 120 Horvath, Mark 148 178 Harris, Virginia 184 Hosey, Mike 178 119 Harrison, Randy 148 Houck, Judy 148 184 Hartmann, Gail 27, 142 Houk, Pat 178 184 Hatcher, Ronald 174, 178 Houldson, Devida 174, 178 147 Haughee, Jon 178 Houser, Kathy 178 178 Haughee, Michael 55, 61, 148 Housley, Barbar 79, 121 70, 148 Havill, George 184 Housley, Bill 87, 121, 136 46, 91, 119 Hayes, Kevin 178 Housley, Donald 67, 68, 136 17, 142 Hayne, Bruce 142 Housley, Tom 148 109, 178 Hayne, Reed 148 Houston, Sherrill 184 142 Hayne, Webb 184 Howat, Colin 60, 70, 75, 85, 142 184 Hays, Bob 178 Howat, Scott 178 178 Hays, Jan 184 Hric, Michael 87, 136 90, 142 Hayward, Debbie 136 Howe, Mike 184 119 Hayward, Doug 142 Hrapek, Elizabeth 184 148 Hayward, Jean 136 Humble, Wayne 59, 70, 77, 136 135 Hayworth, Arthur 120 Hudak, Howard 96, 121 55, 135 Hebda, Marlene 55, 87, 95, 120 Hudnall, Dorothy 178 184 Hedrick, Kathleen 148 Hudnall, Ed 178 148 Heine, Bob 175, 178 Hudnell, Larry 136 135 Heifer, Dorothy 79, 120 Hudson, Dave 55, 74, 97, 136 67, 142 Hendershot, Joan 167, 178 Hudson, Don 74, 97, 136 148 Henderson, Gary 178 Huff, Andrea 178 74, 102, 119 Henry, Bob 178 Hulpa, Diana 12, 79, 142 135 Hertzfeldt, Cheryl 148 Huneryager, David 148 140, 142 Hester, Debbie 91, 92, 94, 95, 142 Huneryager, Jo Ellen 178 119 Hester, Karen 87, 90, 91, 92, 94, 95, 107, Huneryager, Russell 184 74, 77, 135 120, 199 Hurd, Debbie 9, 40, 121 142 Hester, Mary Jo 142 Hurd, Earl 175, 184 184 Hickman, James 75, 134, 136 Hurd, Sharon 178 136 Hilbrich, Howard 120 Hynes, Cindy 107, 142 184 Hilbrick, Ron 148 65, 76, 77, 119 Hill Caroleen 178 184 Hill, Kathleen 120, 178 | 87, 102, 136 Hill, Kent 184 i H 17, 119 148 174, 184 142 120 184 148 136 16, 40, 41, 107, 120 148 178 184 142 120 184 142 175, 178 120 148 178 184 148 142, 195 120 73, 100, 148 67, 184 95, 100, 136 61, 148 87, 102, 120 74, 142 178 107, 120 184 178 184 Hill, Larry Hill, Randi Hill, Patricia Hill, Steven Hill, Pat Hill, Violet Himrick, M. Hines, Cindy Hines, Jim Hinton, Cindy Lou Hippie, Deborah Hippie, John Hjertquist, Larry Hlauaty, Terry Hluska, Kathy Hluska, John Hobson, Darlene Hochman, Joel Hochman, Richard Hodge, Anita Hodges, Ron Hoffman, Barbara Hoffman, Dale Hoffman, Dean Hoffman, Jim Hoffman, Karl Hoffman, John Hoffman, Sally Hoffman, Sheryl Holder, Barbara Holder, Charles Holder, Susan Holsclaw, James Holstrom, Donna Holstrom, Mark Holtz, Bill Holtz, Randy Homcho, Ray Homrich, AAark 55, 148 91, 148, 151 102, 136 136, 137 184 136 74 81, 140 59, 66, 67, 77, 142 184 178 184 120 178 148 120 136 70, 148 64, 77, 121 109, 178 142 184 61, 100, 142 121 184 184 178 142 178 142 184 121 136 87, 99, 102, 121 178 178 136 142 70, 142 Igyarto, Amelia Igyarto, Bob Imer , Glenda Ingram, Dennis Irk, Terry Irk, Tim Isaacs, Nora Jablonski, Dave Jablonski, Jeff Jack, Shirley Jacobs, Bill Jacobs, Linda Jacobs, Ron Janiga, Amy Janiga, Mike Janik, Kathryn Janik, Mary Janik, Phil Janik, Tom Jantz, Debra Jaracz, Nancy Jarnecke, Craig Jarnecke, Karen Jarnecke, Roy Jasis, Lynetta Jencopale, Collette Jencopale, Ron Jett, Noel Jezierski, Ken Jiminez, Guadalupe Johnk, Ron Johnson, Connie Johnson, Dale Johnson, Ike J 102, 134 46, 63, 65, 121 121 178 74, 175, 178 30, 136, 174 148 121, 198 184 148 121 142 121 102 59, 136 142 136 178 178 142 80, 136 178 142 102, 121, 197 136 148 125, 184 121, 198 121, 184 184 122 184 175, 184 178 Johnson, Jay 184 Klobuchor, Bill 148 Lain, Liz 185 Johnson, Lance 142 Klobuchar, Diane 148 Lain, Pat 148 Johnson, Linda 136 Klockow, Susan 86, 87, 136 Lail, David 143 Johnson, Lowell 148 Kmak, Thomos 136 Lake, Jeffery 136 Johnson, Pattie 184 Kmiec, Andrew 185 Lakin, Kevin 148 Johnston, Ken 184 Knestrict, Rose 142 Lammertin, Jack 124 Jones, Alice 148 Knestrict, Paul 123 Lammertin, Randy 174, 175, 185 Jones, Cindy 184 Knieriemen, Ken 59, 136 Landfald, Donna 124 Jones, Curtis 122 Knich, Richard 142 Landfald, Jim 174, 178 Jones, Debbie 55, 85, 87, 136 Knoblett, Billy 148 Landfald, Robin 148 Jones, Dick 17, 77, 87, 99, 102, 122 Knoblett, Karen 185 Landis, Diane 185 Jones, Glen 178 Knoblett, Randy 185 Landis, Doreen 136 Jones, Jesse 148 Knocke, Larry 123 Lane, Patrick 70 Jones, Laney 122 Koehler, Kerry 123 Lannin, Marsha 178 Jones, Mike 178 Knoerzer, David 148 Lannin, Pat 124 Jones, Roger 178 Knott, Kathy 178 Lapine, Carl 136 Jones, Ronald 185 Knutson, Linn 81, 142 Lashbrook, Paul 124 Juergens, Connie 148 Koch, Kurtis 67, 68, 136 Laskowski, Marty 178 Jukich, Bill 63, 74, 77, 122 Kochopolous, Beatrice 142 Lavody, Tom 174 Junkens, Linda 136 Kochopolus, John 178 Lawley, Randy 185 Juscik, Joe 63, 77, 122, 197 Koepp, Linda 142 Lawrence, Lee 174, 179 Kohut, Ron 70, 73, 146, 148 Lawrence, Margaret 185 1 Kolar, Alice 136 Laws, Deborah 185 l Kominiak, Joan 142 Laws, Gloria 148 Konuk, Christine 136 Laws, Steven 143 Kalman, Dave 175, 185 Konuk, Irene 136 Lax, Dave 179 Kaminski, Lenore 146, 148 Koontz, Karen 178 Lax, Debbie 179 Kaniuk, Cindy 178 Koontz, Susan 136 Lax, Karen 136, 137, 196 Kaniuk, Linda 122 Kopaz, Debra 81, 142 Lax, Nancy 148 Kanzawa, Linda 100, 148 Korba, Pauline 148 Lax, Rebecca 185 Kapusta, Mark 170, 178 Kosiba, Larry 148 Lecyk, David 185 Karlen, Dale 12, 55, 75 Koslowski, Sharon 148 Lecyk, Mark 179 Karanovich, Ruth Ann 168, 185 Kotso, Alan 175, 178 Lecyk, Mike 148 Karlen, Kim 178 Kovach, Marcia 185 Ledbetter, Linda 124 Kasenga, Eileen 92, 94, 122 Kovacik, Richard 136 Ledbetter, Terry 179 Kasprzycki, Jim 34, 122 Koval, Michelle 185 Leeney, Barbara 143 Kavois, Steve 61, 74, 148, 151 Krakowiak, John 185 Leight, Cheryle 143 Kaytar, Kathy 136 Krasnichan, Ralph 123 Leicht, Linda 185 Kearscher, Vernic 185 Kratochival, Greg 185 Leicht, Thomas 179 Keehn, Donna 142 Kries, James 142 Leith, Peggy 185 Keehn, Lynda 122 Kries, Pat 124 Leland, Cheryl 185 Kelleher, Shelly 122 Kropieruiki, Richard 87, 136 Leslie, Bill 124 Kclleher, Shelly 185 Kropiewnicki, Ronald 124 Leslie, John 143 Keller, Dale 50, 51, 148 Krukowski, Pete 178 Lessard, Randy 179 Keller, Linda 122 Kruta, Rebecca 148 Lessig, Sharon 90, 143 Kenar, Barbara 122 Kucharski, Deborah 185 Levin, Jack 87, 95, 107, 136 Kenar, Patricia 142 Kucharski, Rebecca 148 Levin, Mark 175, 185 Kenar, B. 122 Kucharski, Walter 178 Levin, Ruth 179 Kennedy, Steve 9, 84, 122 Kucsera, Gerald 55, 148 Levin, Susan 143 Kenny, Bob 142 Kucsera, Mary Ann 185 Lewin, Al 143, 194 Kessey, Candy 178 Kucsera, Mike 148 lewin, Rosemarie 85, 148 Kessey, Craig 70, 142 Kucsera, Richard 185 Lewin, Sue 185 Kessler, Pamala 185 Kuhn, Tom 142 Lewis, Gayla 185 Kiest, Dennis 74, 77, 123 Kujawa, Jackie 81, 136 Lewis, Ivan 70, 148 Killian, Joan 91, 178 Kujawa, Jo Ann 136 Lewis, Nancy 12, 37, 80, 124 Kimmons, Cindy 94, 123 Kula, Larry 175, 185 Licciardone, Louis 179 Kimmons, Kathy 87, 92, 185 Kula, Eileen 124 Likens, Benita 143 Kindle, Bill 142, 194 Kulczyk, Tom 124 Liming, Diana 179 Kindle, Roy 175, 180 Kulik, Halina 178 Lindauer, Tom 143 King, Melinda 148 Kumiega, Jim 124 Linnemuer, Tom 55, 66, 143 Kingery, Sandra 148 Kunka, Pat 124 Lipscomb, Shirley 185 Kingery, Scott 136 Kunneman, Mark 97, 136, 203 Lipsig, Laurie 143 Kinsella, Susan 142 Kush, Beverly 142 Litton, Bruce 179 Kinsock, Pat 136 Kutscher, Ted 178 Litton, Carol 143 Kirkland, Sally 142 Litton, Cindy 185 Kiser, Jim 59, 136 i Litton, Pat 90, 124 Kise, Linda 178 L Litton, Richard 136 Kish, John 185 Littrell, Diane 143 Kish, Rick 100, 136, 204 Labus, Joe 185 Littrell, Stanley 172, 173, 179 Kish, Susan 142 Labus, Steven 142 Livers, Linda 185 Kitchens, Mary 136 Labus, Tom 148 Lloyd, Kathy 125 Kitchens, Ruth 178 Lach, Beth 178 Lo, King Lwing 179 Kitchens, Terry 178 Laciak, Mary Beth 92, 148 Locke, Barbara 143 Kitchens, Tommy 185 Lacko, Raymond 148 Logsdon, William 179 Klacik, Darlene 142 LaCroix, Pamela 136 Lohse, Mark 143 Klapowski, Edward 136 Ladd, Donald 136 Loktu, Christine 143 Klapkowski, Julie 148 Ladd, Steve 178 Loman, Scott 136 Klein, Cathy 185 Ladowicz, John 62, 67, 148 long, Garry 148 Klen, Phil 148 Lageneau, Cathy 143 Long, Judy 102, 203 217 Long, Bob 179 Mangone, Dominic 95, 97, 137 Milosaylievk, MaryLou 185 Lorraine, Casey 135 Manigrasso, Elaine 143 Mincheski, Bradley 179 Lorrorn, Sherry 179 Manka, Sharon 79, 137, 197 Mincheski, Doug 185 Loudermilk, Doug 185 Mann, Douglas 149 Mincheski, Greg 144 Loudermilk, Gary 179 Mann, Karen 125 Minton, Jack 185 Loudermilk, Pat 136 Mansuette, Dan 67, 73, 149 Minton, Sam 149 Louis, Benjie 179 Mansueto, Mike 125, 198 Miotke, Chris 144 Louis, Marilee 136 Manus, James 185 Miotke, Richard 144 Lozano, Edward 179 Manus, Richard 149 Mirabeelli, Mary 144 Lozano, Mike 185 Maranto, Janet 185 Mitchell, Bill 174, 179 Lubarski, Mike 125 Maranto, Bill 174, 179 Mitchell, Kathleen 41, 141 Lubotina, Gary 143 Marinaro, Peggy 149 Mitchell, Lana 126 Lubotina, Larry 125 Marinaro, Penny 185 Mitchell, Riley 169, 179 Lucas, Debbie 90, 148 Marinaro, Tony 143 Miterko, Susan 90, 126 Lucas, Janet 185 Marks, Sally 86, 149 Mizerik, Kathleen 126 Lucas, Jim 143 Marks, Salvo 100 Mizerik, Pat 149 Luchene, Dave 185 Marlow, Don 47, 67, 137 Moats, Gayle 109, 137, 138 Lucheni, Gloria 179 Marlow, Jacky 125 Mock, Deborah 179 Lucht, Pam 101, 136, 137, 196 Marlow, Pamela 179 Mock, John 179 Lukish, Terry 70, 136 Marlowe, David 68, 143 Moitke, Richard 138 Lula, Sue 136 Marrs, Bill 185 Moland, Gary 149 LuLoch, Martha 185 Marrs, Karen 137 Moland, Larry 179 Lundmark, Paul 179 Marsh, Alie 185 Molnar, Patty 185 Lungren, Alana 136 Marshall, Larry 149 Moln ar, Peggy 185 Luttrell, Larry 179 Martin, Hobart 179 Molnar, Sue 40, 87, 99, 126 Luttringer, Rick 136 Martin, Mark 185 Monzulla, Ike 167, 170, 174, 179, 189 Lutz, Rita 143 Martin, Mike 59, 137 Monzulla, Peggy 134, 194 Lynch, Beth 185 Martinez, Connie 185 Monzulla, Sam 144 Lynch, Bill 185 Maslied, Kathrine 143 Moore, Brenda 186 Lynch, Dennis 136 Masleid, Mary Ellen 87, 137 Moore, Deborah 179 Lynch, Richard 51, 148, 194 Masleid, Mike 104, 125 Moore, Doug 144 Mason, Pam 125 Moore, Janet 186 M Mason, Terry 143 Moore, Karen 81 Matasar, Howard 185 Moore, Sandra 102, 138 Mattens, Carol 125 Moore, Terry 126 McAdoo, Bill 185 Matusik, Tom 149 Morales, Martin 60, 144 McCahon, Tom 149 Mauldin, Linda 185 Morales, Tom 175, 179 MsCahon, Wilma 185 Mayo, Jerry 179 Morariu, Janis 144 179 Mazany, Brian 179 Morariu, Sharon 186 137, 166 Mazur, Deane 179 Morelli, David 149 McCaw, Ralph 92, 94, 99, 100, 102, 199 Mazur, Johnette 78, 125 Mores, Francene 186 143 Means, Sally 149 Morris, Danny 179 143 Medwitz, Debbie 149 Morris, Gnen 186 McCormick, Linda 41, 189 Meeks, Dennis 179 Morris, Trelyon 186 87. 125 Meeks, Ronnie 179 Morrison, Richard 186 149 Meeks, Tom 125 Morrow, Jan 148, 150 44, 143 Meltz, Gail 8, 24, 92, 94, 125 Morse, Darlene 126 179 Mercer, Ron 59, 74, 137, 197 Moser, Joanna 29, 144 McGaha, Billy 125 Meridith, Richard 92, 126 Moss, Rita 40, 46. 144 143 Merkel, Roger 26, 85, 87, 95, 126 Moss, Roy 172, 173, 174, 179 179 Merrick, Maureen 179 Mote, Ronald 139 McGhee, Debbie 149 Merrick, Mike 60, 70, 143 Motes, Rebecca 139 McDonald, Andy 70 Merritt, Barry 137 Moulesong, Cindy 138 McDonald, Robert 178 Merritt, Thomas 149 Muehrer, Pat 186 189 Meyers, Sherry 179 Muhr, Bonnie 149 McKay, James 60. 70. 74. 77. 143 Michaelson, Sharon 149 Muir, Craig 61, 70, 149 McKay, Tom 58. 59. 74. 87 Micenko, Susan 185 Muir, Dave 174, 179 McLaughlin, Barry 169 Michel, Gene 185 Muir, Terry 126 185 Michel, Lorelei 137 Muller, Chris 179 McLaughlin, Kay 143 Michalowski, Richard 141 Mullins, Mike 149 McLean, Patty 179 Micrnko, Jane 179 Murday, Tim 179 149 Middleton, Kristine 179 Mulvihill, Shirley 80, 87, 134 79 Milan, Millana 143 Muntiu, Donna 149 McVicker, Gary 143 Miller. Allen 62, 74, 77, 87, 99, 102, 125 Murfin, Janet 140, 144 Mace, Buddy 185 Miller, Arlene 55, 143 Murphy, Pat 144 Macey, Janet 136 Miller, Barbara 143 Musser, Marilyn 186 Macey, Susan 185 Michel, Bill 95, 149 Myers, John 39, 138 Machalk, Richard 136 Miller, Bruce 90, 149 Mysling, Ronald 144 Madison, Chris 148 Miller, Diane 149 Myslevi, Jay 70 Mahns, Dave 185 Miller, Ed 143 Mysliwy, Aileen 186 Maicher, Denise 148 Miller, Larry 179 Myszak, Charles 144 Maicher, Gail 185 Miller, Mary 126 Myzak, Tony 60 Malloy, Deniese 125 Miller, Sara 144 Mysyakt, Tom 66 Malloy, Edward 149 Miller, Sherry 144 Maloney, Bob 137 Miller, Vester 179 Nl Mamala, Anna 185 Millman, Virginia 87, 126 IN Mangerson, Doris 185 Millsaps, Joyce 185 Mangerson, Bonnie 179 Milne, Mary 144 Nabors, Betty 109, 138 Mangerson, Bob 96 Milo, Marcia 144 Naftzger, Barbara 144 218 Naftzer, Debra 186 Nagdeman, Mark 75, 138 Nallinger, Michael 149 Natkin, Neena 140 Nauta, Andrew 144 Nauta, Steve 179 Neel, Carol 138 Nelson, Christina 186 Nelson, Conley 179 Nelson, Dave 149 Nelson, Karen 149 Newcomb, Nancy 169, 179 Newlin, David 138 Newlin, Stephen 179 Newton, Elaine 138 Newton, John 186 Nicolaisen, Lorette 179 Nichaliasen, Rich 138, 204 Nickoloff, Chris 126 Nickoloff, Nancy 149 Nightingale, Cindy 186 Nightingale, Everett 149 Nightingale, Bam 179 Nightlinger, Sherry 186 Noel, Robert 138 Noojin, Bill 126 Noojin, Brenda 149 Noojin, Mike 186 Noojin, Sam 97, 138 Norman, Ronald 127 Norman, William 186 Norris, Ronald 144 Novak, Clifford 179 Novak, Larry 186 Novalich, John 179 Novotney, James 60, 144 o O ' Boyle, Dan 186 Obranovich, Joseph 144 Odom, Arnold 144 Odom, Patricia 179 Oesterle, Jeff 186 Onia, Becky 168, 180 Onia, Cynthia 186 Oprisko, James 186 Oprisko, Jana 79, 87, 127, 195 Oprisko, Janet 127 Oprisko, Jeanette 127, 107 Oram, Bruce 149 Orange, Donna 138 Orcutt, Danny 186 Ordway, Roger 74, 150 Orkis, James 127, 200 Orlanda, Don 186 Orlando, Sharon 127 Orlando, Sue 150 Orlando, Vicki 180 Ortega, Carl 59, 138 Ortega, Carl 70 Ortega, Michael 97, 144, 203 Ortega, Thomas 144 Ortman, Ron 150 Orze, Kenneth 180 Orze, Kevin 180 Oswalt, Dee 146, 149, 150 Otto, Richard 73, 150 Ovaret, Eugene 144 Overland, Bob 150 p Pace, Karen 186 Pace, Kathy 186 Pace, Teresa 144 Paczkowski, Anne 127 Paczkowski, Richard 180 Paglia, David 180 Painter, Carol 144 Pajak, Gerald 138 Pallazzolo, Virginia 144 Palkovich, Virginia 144 Palkovich, Debbie 150 Palubin, Daniel 150 Palubin, Tony 127 Panian, Suzanne 81 , 127 Pappas, Athene 186 Pappas, Pat 179 Parke Cynthia 144 Parker, Duane 179 Parker, James 150 Parker, Judy 150 Parker, Liz 203 Parker, Michael 138 Parker, Paul 186 Parker, Ron 186 Parkovich, Mary Jo 179 Parks, Jack 59, 87, 127 Parsley, Belinda 179 Parsley, Jerry 186 Pasko, Margo 150 Pasko, Steve 59, 77, 127 Pasternak, Rosemary 186 Pause, Linda 150 Pause, Sandy 144 Pawlosski, Richard 138 Pearson, Jean 8, 9, 78, 87, 127 Pearson, Margaret 144 Pearson, Shirley 150 Pearson, Tom 138, 195 Pease, Pat 90, 127 Pederson, John 144 Penciak, Karen 127 Penciak, Steve 100, 101, 150 Penderick, Sally 150 Pennington, Sharon 150 Perrone, James 127 Perry, Janet 81, 140, 144 Perry, Phil 150 Perry, Ray 179 Persic, Robert 180 Peshke, Mark 180 Peterson, Cheryl 144 Peterson, Margaret 138 Peterson, Tom 144 Petrie, Bob 70 Petrie, Duane 138 Petree, Robert 90, 150 Petro, Donna 150 Petro, Janis 81, 144 Petrovich, Michael 144 Petrukitas, Barbara 128 Petrukitas, Sue 150 Pettit, Betty 102, 128 Pettit, Chuck 150 Pettit, Jim 186 Pettit, Robert 186 Phillips, Bill 60, 100, 144 Phillips, Cathy 150 Phillips, John 74, 186 Phillips, June 150 Phillips, Rodney 186 Pickett, Mel 128, 203 Pickett, Tim 180 Pierce, Paul 144 Pietrazak, Henry 74, 150 Pinkerton, Gaylan 92, 94, 99, 138 Piorowski, William 138 Pittman, Don 186 Pittman, James 180 Pitts, Kenneth 180 Plaskota, Barbara 186 Plunkett, Joanne 150 Pociask, Walter 128 Pollard, Keith 186 Pollard, Kevin 186 Pollard, John 150 Popa, Danny 180 Popa, Kim 186 Porter, Ted 32, 77, 128 Posey, Jim 50, 144 Posey, Pat 150 Potter, Beth 186 Pouch, Jeffery 128 Poulson, Pat 138 Poulson, Tom 200 Powell, Jean 150 Powell, Kathy 180 Powers, Jerry 144 Pralow, James 138 Prasco, Cynthia 144 Pratt, David 180 Premuda, Cathy 150 Premuda, Douglas 180 Premuda, Kim 97, 128 Premuda, Mary Jo 150 Prendergast, Jane 81, 85, 128 Presnale, Rita 186 Press, Holly 90, 128 Press, Patti 90, 150 Press, Ricky 186 Price, Margie 150 Probus, Edward 144 Probus, Judith 128 Probus, Rita 180 Proctor, Deborah 144 Proctor, Randy 180 Pucalik, Michael 186 Pucalik, Shirley 186 Pursell, Karen 180 Putscher, Nancy 144 Q Quayle, Linda 87, 138 Quayle, Robert 61, 70, 150 Quillin, Crystal 150 Quinn, Debbie 180 Quisenberry, Lorraine 180 R Racich, Gregory 144 Racich, Paula 128 Radke, Joe 180 Raganyi, Sandra 128 Raines, Vicky 180 Rak, Joel 186 Raksanyi, Christine 150 Raksanyi, Linda 102, 138 Raksanyi, Joanne 180 Ramsey, Michael 180 Rangel, Jane 180 Ransey, Steven 186 Rasmussen, Ronald 138 Rastousky, Jeff 186 Raykovich, Linda 17, 81, 87, 99, 129, 102 Redlarczyk, Greg 128 Redlarczyk, Paul 150 Redman, Karen 150 Reed, Anita 144 Reed, Barbara 150 Reinhart, Albert 186 Reiter, Edgar 186 Renwanz, Linda 128 Renwaz, Robert 186 Revod, James 74 Rich, Jerry 138 Rietman, David 59, 128 Rindoks, Roland 144 219 Rippe, Carl 44, 186 Scieska, Linda 138 Smith, Carol 180 Rippe, John 138 Sciortino, Andrew 138 Smith, Carole 151 Rippe, Richard 180 Scott, Andrew 150 Smith, Cindy 100 Riskin, Janet 186 Scott, Gary 144 Smith, Connie 187 Ritz, Peggy 180 Scott, Jay 129 Smith, Elizabeth 145 Robbins, Gerald 150 Scott, Marcil 144 Smith, Jack 130 Robberts, Bill 59, 66, 138 Scott, Roger 129 Smith, James 145 Robinson, Sandra 144 Scott, Terri 186 Smith, Kerri 187 Robson, Linda 138 Seeds, Dennis 138 Smith, Lee 145, 151 Rodovich, Mary 35, 138, 200 Sefton, Terry 180 Smith, Nancy 145 Rogala, Judith 150 Seicker, Scott 70 Smith, Pam 61, 174, 187 Rogers, John 180 Sentell, Roy 129 Smith, Randall 74, 77, 130 Rokosz, Jane 81, 138, 195 Sentell, Wanda 186 Smith, Ray 61, 145 Rokosz, Laura 186 Senters, Harry 180 Smith, Sid 73, 146, 151 Rokosz, Tom 180 Server, Janice 150 Smith, Terri 145 Rolme, James 144 Seward, James 61, 150 Smith, Timothy 67, 68, 77, 138 Rominger, Donna 81, 144 Seward, Pam 186 Smulski, Peggy 180 Rominger, Mike 150 Sewell, Connie 129 Smutko, Carole 130 Ronjak, Cande 186 Sexton, Gary 70, 150 Smutko, Scott 180 Ronjak, Gary 144 Sexton, Gerald 180 Smutzer, Richard 130 Rosales, Jeanne 129 Shahi, Richard 186 Snider, Wayne 180 Rosales, Scott 150 Shafer, Mike 168, 180 Snyder, Jim 61, 151 Rosenau, Van Alle n 74, 150 Shandok, Lin 152, 197 Snyder, Randy 151 Rosinski, Rhonda 186 Shanta, Cecilia 138 Snyder, Stephen 187 Roth, Stewart 186 Shantz, Bill 180 Sojka, Gene 59, 74, 76, 77, 138 Royal, Ann 13, 150 Shanley, Pat 144 Soltesz, Joanne 187 Royal, Carl 129 Shanley, Thomas 150 Soltesz, John 138 Royal, Dan 129 Shea, Annette 138 Solan, Sara 87, 130 Royal, Nancy 180 Shearer, Lavonna 129, 203 Sowula, Karen 138 Rubin, Amy 92, 94, 144 Shehigan, Lisa 186 Sowula, Sheryl 187 Rubin, Benjamin 186 Shelbourne, Allison 180 Spanos, Terrie 130 Ruble, Bert 100, 138 Shelborne, Gwen 136 Speelman, Billie 151 Ruble, Joe 150 Sheliga, Theodore 187 Speelman, Dan 145 Ruble, Tommy 186 Shepherd, Joe 136 Spillers, Lynda 145 Rubottom, Patricia 186 Shepp, Ed 180 Spitale, Ron 151 Rusak, Rich 138 Sherbit, Brenda 150 Spoener, Kathleen 187 Rusak, Robert 129, 197 Sherbit, Linda 187 Spowart, Richard 151 Ruttledge, Sandra 129 Shevchenko, Jerry 187 Squarcy, Carol 151 Ryan, Peg 150 Shike, David 150 Spillers, Roger 180 Ryan, Vickie 186 Shinkle, Wayne 97, 138 Stahl, David 138 Ryder, Sharon 150 Shreve, Christy 180 Stahl, Katherine 187 Shreve, Pat 144 Stahl, Shirley 180 c Shropshire, Paula 187 Standefur, Eddie 180 o Shoop, Diane 187 Stanimiron, Keith 187 Shultman, Jim 63, 66, 73, 144 Stanley, Alan 187 Sabo, Linda 180 Shultman, Richard 180 Stanley, Claude 97, 107, 130 Saboff, Mark 150 Shultman, Theodore 66, 87, 138 Stanton, Sue 180 Saboff, Neal 180 Shutko, Cheryl 187 Stark, Philip 187 Saczawa, Don 138 Shutko, Michael 144 Stefnik, James 130 Sadler, Linda 144 Shutko, Robert 60, 144 Stefnik, Raymond 187 Salczynski, Donald 61, 74, 150 Siecker, Cathy 144 Steinbach, Paul 145, 195 Saltonivitz, Diana 150 Siecker, Laurie 187 Steinkraus, Dean 167, 180 Sanchez, Odessa 186 Siecker, Scott 61, 150 Steinkraus, Larry 67, 68, 69, 77, 130 Sanders, John 66, 144 Sills, Barbara 187 Stemp, Marcella 87, 130 Sanders, Jane 129 Sills, Keith 150 Stenholm, Sally 87, 138 Sanders, Judy 150 Sills, Paul 63, 76, 77, 129, 200 Stepancevich, Stanley 97, 145 Sanders, Kathy 90, 138 Simms, Rory 185 Stephens, Alan 187 Sanders, Make 59, 138 Simon, Mike 180 Stephens, David 151 Sanders, Sandy 34, 150, 152 Sims, Debbra 187 Stephen, Jeff 180 Sapyta, Patricia 138 Sisco, Kenneth 187 Stephens, Jill 151 Sarkady, Karen 129 Sisco, Leyman 187 Stephens, Joseph 151 Sarkisian, Cindy 180 Siti, Joe 144 Stephen, Tim 145, 153, 187 Sarkisian, Laura 180 Siti, Rosemary 180 Stetson, Dan 151 Sarkisian, Susan 186 Skafish, Donna 145 Stevens, Edward 180 Sartoris, Tom 63, 87, 134, 138 Skafish, Marianne 90, 138 Stevens, Joe 73 Satanovitz, Al 144 Skalba, Alice 87, 130 Stevenson, Steven 151 Savickis, Charles 33, 77, 129 Skalba, Marilyn 187 Stewart, Phyllis 130 Sawchuck, Alan 180 Skinner, JoAnn 150 Stigall, Rebecca 151 Sawchuck, Carol 87, 102, 138 Skoczlas, Cheseer 187 Sligoll, Peggy 187 Sax, Kathy 12, 92, 129 Skorupa, Charles 180 Stiglitz, Micheal 130 Schaade, Paul 50, 150 Skorupa, Joe 180 Stimler, Sandra 138 Schleefe, Susan 150 Skratsky, Carol 187 Stivers, Jimmy 180 Scholosser, Bill 138 Skratsky, Cinda 150 Stivers, Patricia 187 Schoenborn, Sharon 186 Slacian, David 145 Stivers, Robert 145 Schneider, Linda 87, 129 Slavo, Jim 180 Stojkovich, Mike 145 Schneider, Robert 50, 74, 150 Slavo, Ted 180 Stooky, Robert 55, 151 Schoenborn, Bob 138 Slayton, Roger 150 Stordeur, Sue Ann 151 Schroter, Debbie 180 Sluzewski, Katherine 135 Stordeur, William 97, 130 Schwerfeger, Barb 144 Smith, Bruce 180 Stoughton, Bernard 145 220 Stover, Steve 151 Trachenberg, Barry 187 Wantroba, Marilyn 41, 139 Straughn, John 130 Treece, Debbie 145 Ward, Robert 187 Stricklin, Kim 138 Triscoll, Fred 74 Wargo, Janice 168, 174, 181 Stringham, Laura 151 Trotman, Kieth 61, 151 Warziniak, Joe 151 Stringham, Linda 138 Tsolakos, Christy 181 Wasiutyk, Irene 80, 132 Sudac, Jo-Ellen 151 Tsolakos, John 61, 151 Watson, James 181 Sudac, Pam 138 Tucker, Larry 131, 203 Watson, Linda 132 Sudicky, Pat 145 Tucker, Sheree 187 Watson, Rhonda 181 Sullivan, George 145 Turbyfill, Ed 60, 70, 74, 145 Waywood, Mark 139 Sullivan, Sandra 151 Turner, Mary Jo 181 Weaver, Dorothy 181 Sullivan, Sarah 180 Turner, Patricia 187 Webb, Allen 70, 145 Summers, Jethro 187 Turnpaugh, George 181 Webb, Bill 97, 145 Sutherland, Sandra 151 Turnpaugh, Timothy 100, 102, 131 Webb, Sheila 181 Surufka, John 131 Tuskin, Patty 187 Weeks, Susan 132 Sutton, Bonnie 180 Twaddle, Clifton 145 Wehler, Richard 132 Sutton, Thentna 17, 131 Twaddle, Margaret 181 Wehmer, Pamela 145 Swafford, James 187 Weigley, Les 181 Swaim, Terrence 138 Weiss, Steve 60, 75, 145 Swanson, David 151 U Welbes, Williams 145 Swanson, Don 61 Welch, Betty 98, 100, 139 Swanson, James 131 Underwood, Kathy 187 Welch, Terry 59, 77, 132 Swanson, Phyllis 180 Underwood, Susan 92, 94, 131 Weliky, Philip 74, 100, 145 Sweeney, Patrick 151 Undri, Karin 65, 81, 131 Wells, Patricia 181 Sweet, Ellen 151 Uriadko, Marie 151 Wells, Steve 151 Sweet, Judy 187 Wendell, Dale 59, 68, 77, 139, 197 Swickard, Darrell 180 Wendell, Jim 61, 70, 151 Szaller, William 151 V Wendlinger, Maryann 151 Werth, Cheryl 145 T Wertheimer, Stephen 139, 194 1 Vance, Debbie 55, 134, 138, 194 Westberg, Robert 151 Vance, Linda 145 Westman, Susan 81. 132, 194 Tabinski, Donna 145 Vance, Pat 34, 131, 194 Wetnight, David 139 Takacs, Larry 187 Vandersteen, Alfred 187 Wetnight, Marie 181 Takacs, Mark 187 Vandersteen, Joy 145 Welrh, Wade 61, 151 Tarlton, Cassie 131 Vanes, Ronnie 181 Wharton, Brenda 132 Tarne, Mary Beth 181 Van Gorp, Rachel 145 Wharton, Sandra 151 Tatusko, JoAnn 181 Van Gorp, Timothy 131 87, 139 Taylor, Carol 151 Van Lue, Charlotte 181 White, Dennis 181 Taylor, Darryl 181 Van Lue, Jeff 59, 138 White, Doug 55, 61. 151 Taylor, Joyce 187 Van Slyke, Debbie 187 White, Gene 87, 139 Taylor, Kathi 35, 102, 138 Van Slyke, George 46, 68 , 75, 77, 131 White, Michael 145 Taylor, Linda 181 Van Slyke, Suzanne 139 White, Thomas 59, 77, 139 Taylor, Mark 187 Voter, Van 100, 132, 200 Whitesell, John 181 Teets, Betty 90, 131 Vaughn, Janee 151 Whitesell, Steve 139 Teets, Sherry 138 Vaughn, Jody 187 Whitney, Cathie 6, 34, 91, 99, 146, 151, Templeton, Len 59, 74, 77, 138 Vauter, George 151 195. 200 Terry, Dennis 151 Vaznonis, Ken 70, 151 Whitney, Chris 6, 81, 98, 102, 139, 195, 203 Thegze, Robert 138 Venable, Eugenea 151 Wiening, Timothy 145 Thinnes, Valerie 46, 131 Vantimiglia, Marie 181 Wiersbe, Dale 132 Thomas, Beverly 181 Venturini, Michael 169, 181 Wiersbe, Dean 145 Thomas, Gail 187 Veray, Kathy 187 Wiggins, Jeff 132 Thomas, Gary 151 Veray, Larry 100, 132 Wilkenson, Susan 145 Thomas, Gayle 151 Veray, Rose 181 145 Thomas, Jim 145 Vestal, Jaqueline 181 Williams, Caryl 100, 132 Thomas, Marilyn 151 Vestal, Thomas 151 Williams, Donald 139 Thompson, Brenda 187 Vliek, Deborah 139 Williams, John 59, 70, 76, 77, 132 Thompson, Candace 145 Vliek, Scott 181 151 Thompson, Carol 145 Von Almen, Gary 92, 94, 145 Wilson, David 181 Thompson, Penny 151 Vrebae, Mary 145 Wilson, Deborah 145 Thompson, Penny 59 Wilson, Donald 60, 66, 67, 145 Thorley, William 187 A Wilson, James 181 Thorpe, Bill 145 VV Wilson, Jeanette 132 Thorpe, Frank 187 Wilson, Jim 151 Thornsberry, Brenda 87 Wade, Werth 70, 74, 153 Wilson, Mark 139 Thorton, Dan 151 Waite, Robert 75, 97, 139, 203 Wilson, Michael 45, 85, 87, 95, 132 Thrall, Linda 145 Waite, Pat 90, 151 Wilson, Nancy 139 Thrall, Terri 187 Walker, Brenda 151 Wilson, Ronnie V Thrasher, Jimmy 151 Walker, Debbie 151 Wiman, Dennis 181 Threll, David 181 Walker, Monty 55, 70, 139 Wingard, Debbie 181 Thrush, Helen 92, 94, 145 Walker, Patty Jo 151 Winkler, Dan 151 Tierney, Marlene 151 Wallace, Barry 187 Windley, Jack 61, 151 Tiller, Robert 138 Wallace, Sherri 187 Winkley, Richard 64, 77, 87, 132 Todd, Cathy 98, 138 Walsh, Donna 181 Winske, David 59, 133 Todd, Tony 187 Walsh, Leslee 181 Winski, Patricia 181 Tolin, Michele 151 Walsh, Linda 181 Wisniewski, Heather 87, 139 Toomey, Patti 145 Walsh, Mike 151 Wituski, Solly 145 Toth, Gregory 145 Walsh, Howard 139 Wojciehowski, Barb 181 Towasnicki, Patti 181 Walworth, Barbara 187 Wojciechowski, Wanda 145 Towns, Jim 151 Wantroba, Janine 151 Wolf, Charles 145 221 Wolf, Robert 181 Yazumbek, Shirley 181 Zaja, David 188 Wolters, Virginia 181 Yockey, Bob 59, 77, 133, 195 Zajicek, Kerry 151 Woomer, Linda 133 Young, Margaret 99, 100, 102, 133 Zalkowlski, Debra 181 Wotkun, Catherine 145 Young, Thomas 133 Zalkowaski, Diana 181 Wotkins, Richard 61, 151 Ywancw, Nancy 188 Zerkel, Debbie 181 Wright, Linda 151 Zilai, Linda 151 Zile, Sherny 188 Y z Zimmerman, Robert 133 Zimny, Denise 55, 133 Zivich, Francis 55, 139 Zaborski, RoseAnn 139 Zolowicz, Monica 188 Yanch, R. 66, 73 Zaborski, Timothy 181 Zubak, Janet 181 Yandell, Linda 145 Zack, Samuel 55, 145 Zuffa, Linda 79, 145 Yaney, Janice 145 Zakis, Ervin 181 Zyla, Christopher 188 Yanch, Paul 145 Zaikas, Merry 151 Zurawski, Donald 133 222 Today we follow . . . studies . . . spirit reminiscence . . . dedication . . . tomorrow we lead. . . . Dont ( ome C o School Oitkout ' €mr The hard work that goes into a yearbook is, many times, overshadowed by lighter moments filled with . . . flying erasers . . . hairy flower music . . . “the pigs ate it” . . . how’s the photographer doing? . . . WHERE’S Chris!! . . . Rayco’s mysterious letters to the Editor . . . Cliff Sharon . . . Red Garter, “Now come on you guys, I mean IT! . . . “If we don’t get this done” . . . nights after school . . . 4,000 index cards . . . layout paper?? . . . broken typewriters . . . notes scrawled on the board . . . add 8 . . . missing copy . . . “It wasn’t on MY desk” . . . Cliff’s window signs . . . “TIGER” . . . John Babie . . . unstuffed pink cat . . . locked drawers . . . tug boat Annie ... “I hate you” . . . “who are you, King?” ... “I quit!” . . . that doesn’T follow the style . . . Courtney’s boyfriend . . . April 17 ... “I hate you!” . . . draw it “Sports” . . . qualified staff, double pages . . . W e Lead . . . colored pictures. 1967 Futura Staff Editor-in-chief Margaret Gardner Business Manager Linda Raksanyi Middle School Editor Linda Raykovich Photography Editor Chris Whitney Literary Editor Prudi Elliott Academics Editor Margaret Young Sports Editor Dick Jones Sports Assistants Cliff Aldrin, Allen Miller Organizations Editor Judy Long Faculty Sue Molnar, Donna Holstrom Senior Editor Lynne Bergstrom Underclass Editor Linda Barton Index Cathy Whitney Copy Writers Sue Courtney, Sharon Manka, Donna Cross, Barb Callahan, Ruth Crom, Nancy Wilson, Judy Long, Donna Holstrom, Gaylan Pinkerton, Ralph McCaw, Roger Baker Circulation Manager Betty Welch Clerical Staff Karen Lax, Cathy Todd, Pam Lucht, Marcia Milo, Jane Rokosz, Steve Penciak Cover Design George VanSlyke Printer DeLaney Printing Company, Hammond Photography Walinger Studio, Mr. Cary Eckard, Miss Carly Feddeler, HAMMOND TIMES, Mr. Harold Morris, Mr. C. M. Seddlemeyer Covers Deluxe Craft Corp., Chicago Advisor Miss Carol Ann Socks

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