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64 F u t u r a We proudly present this ’64 Futura To Donald E. Gavit Junior-Senior High School 1670 - 175th Street Hammond, Indiana FUTU R fl 1964 I ( Ale proudly present . . . ■ Individuals, activities, athletics and academics of Donald E. Cavit Junior-Senior High School brought accreditation, grad- uation and construction in 1963-64, its fourth year of existence, its first with all six grades. Accreditation came to CHS April 10 after a gruel ling week of inspection by the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges in December. The school also received a first class commission from Indiana state department of education for grades seven-twelve. Graduation of the first seniors was accomplished through baccaluareate June 8, commencement June 10. Construction began in November on three sites: on the west with 15 classrooms; on the east with JH and HS shops; and in the center back with auditorium and special rooms. Additional facilities opened this year were a football field, balcony basketball bleachers and baseball bleachers. Individuals brought laurels to CHS. Activities increased in scope, number and membership. Athletics brought more sports and wins. Academics saw addition of teachers and courses for college prep, business, steno, general areas. Yes, the pioneering and growing of Cavit High truly made 1963-64’s theme, “We proudly present.” It’s individuals who proudly represent Gavit by Certificate of first class school commission from the state of Indiana is displayed by Principal Lewis Witham. Rotarians Paul Kozubal, Jim Sherby, Pete Jasis, Wayne Komas, Doug Jones, Jim Roper, Stevens White attended Rotary Club luncheons. Carol Williams won Betty Crocker award. % National Merit Scholarship Corp. honored George Oprisko, Maria Maruschak, Stevens White, Sandy Leeney, Jim Roper and Judy McCrum. Sandy and Jim were semi-finalists. The others received letters of commendation for their high preliminary scores. rating honors in school, community, state, nation Girls Staters are Andi Beaty, Cheryl Hawkins; State Youth Commission, Marty Newcomb. ■ Through their top qualities, in- dividuals brought honors both to themselves and their school. Two semi-finalists and four letters of commendation recognized seniors in National Merit Tests. Honors fell to seven senior boys invited to Rotary Club luncheons. Juniors had Girls and Boys State, world affairs tour and governor’s youth commission delegates. Laurels in extracurricular work were national Arian Award for mu- sic, won by Sharon Yazumbek; and outstanding journalism senior tro- phy, presented by Quill Scroll. Voted Most Outstanding Athlete at the All-Sports banquet April 16 was three-sporter Bob Haack, senior. Nine school science fair winners entered the regional. There Roland Camp won an Air Force award. DAR award recepient for outstanding citizenship is Louise Bryk. With dreams of Gavit’s first commencement in mind, seniors Sarah Lewis and Logan Koontz get measured for their caps and gowns. It’s activities that pace spirit, set teens in frenzy Dedicated effort is apparent as junior Cynthia Przondo attempts to prepare her music lesson amidst jumble of band equipment. as Gladiators rally, clown in offsetting daily grind Interest intensifies as Gladiators anticipate Even tracksters take time out from practice outcome of a first-season baseball game. to join crowd and team at the sidelines. ■ Social calendar promoted loyalty, fun and work as activities piled up in ' 63- ' 64 to offset schoolwork. Seniors gallivanted out East in October while Lettermen ' s sock hop kept CHS spirit burning back home. Daisy Mae (Eileen Sullivan) chased Lil ' Abner (Paul Kozuball at the juniors’ Sadie Hawkins dance Nov. 9. Throat lozenges and confetti were in vogue during football and basket- ball seasons. Roundball duel between varsity. B-team and freshmen op- ened the B-ball season, bringing pep rallies and " Co Gavit " banners for sectionals, tourney. juniors gave the prom; Senior cords were a newborn custom. Commencement marked final year of leading and growing for seniors receiving first CHS diplomas. Enthusiam outranks a megaphone as cheerleaders Sharon Lohse, Carole Rosinski and Wendy Franey cheer Gladiator gridmen to victory. ■ Pep sessions, beanies, chicken wire, floats and salutes to lettermen identified the first, last and only Loyalty Week, Sept. 30 — Oct. 5. Saturday ' s win over Walkerton saw the marching band, drill team’s premiere and a parade at halftime. “Faces of Gavit” won for juniors a gold trophy in float competition. Senior float had a 1 2-foot gladiator and a theme of “Slay Indians.” Coronation of student-elected queen Gayle Sako ended festivities. Gayle’s court included Zoe Ellen Black, Carol Forsberg, Nancy Pickett and Rose Ann Sapyta. Amid halftime activity at the Loyalty Day Koontz, receives her crown from junior class game, senior Gayle Sako, with escort Logan president Dave Rich. Gladiator spirit slays Indians Junior halfback Marty Newcomb evades the attempted drop of a Walkerton Indian tackle as senior halfback Ted Milobar moves in to assist Marty on the play. Juniors come up with the final idea for their trophy winning float, " Faces of Gavit, " as rivalry stiffens between classes. 8 Punch splashes from fountain to ladle as ski. Dennis Kucer and Nancy Kandalec admire Wayne Kornas pours for date, Carole Rosin- the palm and flower arrayed centerpiece. Seniors dine, dance at prom Trapped in a ma e of skirts, boys watch for ■ Hairdressers, tuxedos, bouton- f lowing gowns in midst of dancing couples. nieres, and corsages preluded the first Junior Prom, May 17, 1963, at Schererville’s Scherwood Club. Under a “Three Coins in the Fountain " theme, 53 couples danced to Johnnie Nowan’s band. Ballroom was garnished in pink and white with gold coins, candles, and carnations. Punch trickled from a miniature table fountain. Midnight dinner preceded grand march led by king and queen, Lester Core and Carol Forsberg. Class of ' 64 took its first honorary member, Mr. Donald E. Cavit, city schools ' business manager. Four a m. breakfast ended events. Stately promenade around the pink and white ballroom covered the terrain of Lester Core and Carol Forsberg ' s kingdom Work stops on east shop addition but keeps up its dig and hammer pace on this west end. Crane and foundations wait patiently for 8 a.m. crew to break into snow-covered site. Wedding rites end in tears and smiles in 65er’s play, “Our Town.’’ Dramatists eye work on Bang and clatter of west addition plagued near-by classes, but 10 Bouquet from Jane Messman honors Linda Venable in " Goodbye, My Fancy.” Mike Hanneld, Vicki Meyers watch rites. Photographer Frank Purcell learns from secretary Andrea Beaty of Congresswoman Reed’s love for him in " Goodbye, My Fancy.” auditorium, wait for future productions, facilities ■ Drama productions said “adieu” to the gym ' s makeshift stage and acoustics in three final plays here. Last May’s “Goodbye, My Fancy " , Drama Club’s first, used props but had no major scene changes. Thespians moved to the cafeter- ia for a December performance of " Our Town”, junior class play. Back to the gym for “Arsenic and Old Lace” went Drama Club in February. Height was added by using the gym balcony as an upstairs. Meanwhile, cranes and drills worked on the auditorium. Shop construction halted in January to add high school shops: metals, wood, printing, drafting, electric and power mechanics. Language labs in the 15-room west addition received the brunt of work for fall ’64 completion. where 17 squads, cheerleaders, new Stepping up his pace, senior Paul Kozubai tries to beat the toss to a Noll Warrior. Claditors yell from new grid bleachers. With their installation, Gavit could claim largest home-side seating capacity in city. 12 equipment, boost pride, stir school spirit, interest ■ Teams from junior high to varsi- ty levels in eight sports gave Gladia- tors, both doers and watchers, a full bill of athletic fare. They could choose from football, basketball, baseball, cross country, wrestling, track, golf and tumbling improvement and expansion were both key words in the year’s picture. Witnessing varsity grid meets for the first time on home soil, home fans had about 3000 seats to choose from, thanks to new permanent stands on the west side and tem- porary bleachers on the east oppo- nent ' s side. The entire athletic field, including last spring ' s new baseball diamond, added a permanent fence. With winter’s sub-zero onslaught, fans moved inside. When they wit- nessed hoopsters, they could sit in new folding bleachers on the west, or boys’, gym balcony. More bleach- ers were to be added to the east side after shops went to the new wing. Football, basketball and track went into their second year of varsity status, joining them were baseball and wrestling, which had been main- ly b-team last year. Cross country and tumbling moved into more in- terscholastic competition. Highlights of the sports year in- cluded three new coaches; junior high city football championship; an- nual gymkhana; new equipment, such as scorers’ tables and more uniforms; freshman, b-team and varsity Gavit holiday tourneys; im- provement of season records; and a New Year’s prediction by the ‘‘Hammond Times’’ that Gavit would dominate local sports. Caged tiger reminds gridman Bob Takacs of Gavit’s 13-7 win over Hammond Tech to end the Gladiator football season at 7-2. 13 Outside happenings, both important and frivolous, ■ Although engrossed by the school whirl, Gladiators were nevertheless affected by outside events, both momentous and frivolous. Sadness gripped Gavit and the en- tire world when President John F. Kennedy died from an assassin’s bullets Nov. 22 in Dallas. Another shock came Nov. 24 when millions watched TV and saw jack Ruby kill Lee Harvey Oswald, accused presi- dential assassin. School was in session long enough for a memorial service Nov. 25. It was then dismissed for televiewing of the Kennedy funeral. Johnson becomes President Thus the nation had a new presi- dent, Lyndon Baines Johnson, from Texas, who ordered a special com- mission to investigate the assassi- nation. In March a Dallas jury de- clared Ruby guilty of murder. President Johnson then saw Con- gressional passage of a tax cut. (Hoosiers got used to a two percent sales tax) and a Senate filibuster over civil rights. He warred on pov- erty and ordered emergency funds for Ohio River Valley floods and earthquake-ravaged Alaska. Report links smoking, cancer Other major national events in- cluded federal health department’s report on smoking and health; race for the ' 64 presidential nod; and death of Gen. Douglas MacArthur. On the international scene, the Soviet-Chinese ideological rift wors- ened; Pope Paul pilgrimaged to the Holy Land; South Viet Nam and Brazil revolted against their rulers; Panama broke off and later resumed relations with the U.S. in a dispute over the Canal; and Douglas Home became British prime minister. For some teens, the Beatle inva- sion dominated internationalism. Clay stuns sports world Sports fans noted Cassius Clay’s world heavyweight boxing upset of Sonny Liston; Lafayette Jeff’s state basketball championship; the U.S.’ one gold medal in the winter Olym- pics in Austria; the Chicago Bears’ National Football League champion- ship; and the Los Angeles Dodgers’ world series crown. Sure to cause wagging tongues were the Profumo- Keeler scandal in Sophomore class hootenanny goers sit on the gym floor listening of the year’s favorite attire: stretch slacks, dickies, bulky sweaters, to some of their favorite folk songs. They also exhibit some tennis shoes, zip-up sweaters and flip hairdos. 14 affect Gaviteers England; Liz Taylor’s marriage to Richard Burton and the Bobby Baker case in Washington, D.C. Local events marked the birth and death of a newspaper. Northwest Indiana Sentinel; and continued ex- position of county crime, politics. Elephants stump jokesters Elephant and nationality jokes caused their share of grins, while folk songs and hootenannies stayed high on the popularity list. Puffy hairdos gave way to smooth styles for girls, who wore A-line skirts, stacked heels, culottes and shifts. Both boys and girls donned stretch pants and dickies. On the Gavit level came one-way stairs, integration, locker partners for seniors, and police at dances. Despite the drizzle of the afternoon of Nov. 22, the CHS flag waves out at half mast in mourning for President Kennedy. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, " says Ron Shinkle, who is getting a lesson in wearing his hair Beatle style. His tutor is Arnie Lewin, complete with Beatle wig and magazine. It’s academics where accredidation aims at highei Solemn library shelves remind Maria Shepherd of study hall, critiques and term papers. standards, 121 classes round out curricula, clubs ■ Accreditation by North Central Association was aimed for as the year’s highest goal. A unified CHS effort was emitted in readying for the 13-man committee which sur- veyed the school Dec. 10-13. Preparation meant a faculty self- evaluation which included all col- lege and graduate courses taken and explanation of teaching techniques. Next, each faculty member served on committees to study CHS phi- losophy. objectives, subject depart- ments, curriculum, community re- lationships. NCA committee visited each class, watched behavior, knew facts such as number of books in the library and desks in the lobby study hall. Academics also hit a new peak by adding senior courses, advanced lan- guages, new electives. High school totaled 121 different courses, junior high 35. Curriculum gave rise to more co-curricular clubs and trips. Both junior and senior classes incorporate panel discussions, as this 7B group of Sharon Lessig, Bob Pease, Dennis Taylor, Pam Wehmen and Patty Shreve discuss a short story. Debate and ideas come from senior magazine critiques as Letty Hicks, Peggy Motes, Sue Ann Peavler, Jim Milobar, Jim Sherby show. ' «vV Vv ' s ' k ' Academic Throughout ’63-’64 Gladiators were certain to race to class, wait in line at the bookstore or consult for answers to the French quiz. Remembering when Sherman marched or interpreting “The Scarlet Letter” taxed minds as tromping through snow to libraries or scaling trees for leaves taxed bodies. 19 Eerie setting from Macbeth is staged in an English literature class. Sarah Lewis, Ceorgia Cole and Paul Kozubal portray the famous hags. New Books, AV ■ All new books and audio-visual aids aroused interest in English classes. Unlined paper and fountain pens readied seniors for college writing, business correspondence. Murderous “Macbeth” vexed seniors as budding authors developed style and philosophy in Creative Writing. Relieved of term papers, Comp V juniors studied mass media and re- search while sophs bridged literature and grammar by reading “Caesar” and drilling sentence structure. Sentence diagrams haunted junior high as frosh read Dickens’ novels, polished grammar, journalism II added advanced lab, career work. Orators practiced persuasive speak- ing and phonetics in Speech I, II. Department moved to its new of- fice in a library conference room. Early birds Andy Beaty, Sue Pasko and Mary Macnack prepare a Creative Writing display. 20 equipment, skits animate typical English courses Reading selections from their textbooks to the class, junior high English students Bonnie Ayres and Don Grunnet promote group interest. 21 Aspects of Spain, its geography, products and literature are studied by Bob Haack, Jim Bialker and Dave Solon, Spanish III students. Receiving individual assistance from lan- guage instructor Herr Martin Hunt, German student Sue Bergman, fr eshman, questions correctness of her verb synposis. Spanish III students Patti Garrett and Don Minnich examine a Peruvian nativity scene. Linguists tangle tongues around baffling phrases ■ Advanced study brought culture along with basic linguistic knowl- edge this year in early bird classes. Fundamentals down pat, third year Latin students learned of Rome as they read Cicero and Virgil. “South of the border " atmosphere prevailed in Spanish classes, as rec- ords, translations, songs and gram- mar broke language barriers. Primary German texts concentrated on grammar, while advanced, early morning study focused attention on conversational ability. French III and IV premiered with a concentration on conversational French, while beginning students conjugated verbs and studied sen- tence structure. Classes toured the French exhibits at Carson Pirie Scott and Co. in Chicago to further cul- tural knowledge of the Parisians. Beneath French I’ birthday chart, frosh Bouton discover that learning French re- Carol Cesare, Marcy Stemp and junior Rich quires more than text memorization. ■ Modern science gadgets greet new lab students Caring for science class pets, such as gold fish and a white mouse, promotes group interest as well as individual attention from Kathy Cosgrove and Carl Aldrich, ■ Test tubes, pulleys and skeletons became familiar sights as CHS sci- entists took to chemistry, biology, physics and general science labs. Jaunts to museums, displays and forest preserves, along with new texts, broadened scientific learning. This knowledge was put to prac- tical use in weekly labs, as third- floor students well knew from lab odors tinging unsuspecting nostrils. Leaf collecting, animal or algae raising and science fair projects in- creased individual interest. Addition of chemistry brought to four, with health and safety, the number of high school sciences of- fered. Three semesters of junior high science rounded the curriculum. Carefully dissecting starfish. Biology I students Molly Dunn and Clenn Swearingen prepare for microscopic observation. Scientists Marc Horn and Richard Meredith note boiling water. 24 Clarifying aspects of a UICSM algebra problem, instructor Mr. Lee Mann confers with sophomores Gerry Nagdeman and Ray Kasenga. Armed with clean test tube and Bunsen burner, Chemistry VII stu- dent Steven White prepares for an oxygen production experiment. Experimenting with force measurement, students in Physics V attempt to understand scientifically the secrets of nature. Aiming toward skill in mathematical operations, Miss Caryle Feddeler presents a math puzzle to her eighth grade class. Mathematicians find 20 courses to perplex them ■ Challenging minds were 20 re- quired and elective math courses. General math offered just that, concentrating on finance problems. Algebra brought graphs, unknown X’s and Y’s to college prep students. " Aristotles " went on to geometry, studying angles and polygons, prov- ing unknowns deductively. Branching to advanced algebra meant logarithms and slide rule, so handy in scientific calculations. Reaching a mathematical peak were senior courses of trigonometry and Geometry 1 1 1 for math majors. UISCM reached a third year for advanced students, but the math pyramid’s base was junior high ' s decimals, problems, basic operations. Opaque projectors and a three- foot slide rule modernized classes Putting theorems to work in problem solv- ing is Debbie Wojciehowski as Sandy Wilson examines a collection of geometric figures. Current events, films, aid social studies students Consumer Report, Dow-Jones ' average and form the basis of Economics VIII, help sen- pamphlets on consumer buying power, which iors understand fluctuations in U.S. economy. ■ Current events, movies, speakers aided all social studies classes as seniors finished three years of such study by entering a world of cam- paign slogans, party platforms and political duties in Government VII. National debt and budget prob- lems faced economics seniors, who made scrapbooks to show findings. Seeing the " before and after " of world events was aided by movies and museum trips. World War II study meant bringing war relics. Junior high history promoted his- toric novels, biographies, while civics classes began a hoped-for tradition of touring local court, city halls and studying voting machines. Geographical points of interest capture Rich Rogala ' s attention as he studies a world map. Documents — from the Declaration of Inde- Sara Solon, to the Test-Ban Treaty — are dis - pendences being studied by Randy Clad and cussed by junior high students in history. 27 ■ Executaries, copiers premiere in business family ■ Calculating on new adding ma- chines, taking dictation from execu- taries headed daily assignments in Clerical Practice I and II, new mem- bers of the business family. Needed for clerical work was also speedy and accurate skill in trans- cription, which heralded a two-hour early bird schedule each day. Preluding transcription were se- mesters of shorthand and typing. Business law, math, management again versed students in economic and legal phrases of business. Nine hours of typing stretched from early bird to eighth hour. Instructing these 26 classes were Misses Florence Crunkemeyer, Judy Baker; Mr. Rich Jonas, Mrs. Eleanor Rainey, and Mr. Homer Meredith, head guidance counselor. Copying examples from the textbook helps proficiency in one of the business depart- junior Ellen Sherby to develop stenographic ment ' s beginning shorthand classes. Animated concentration marks typing ef- forts of juniors Flossie Alb, Sharon Leonard. New business machines, automatic calcula- tors, take over even subtraction and multi- plication, as seniors Sharyn Medley and Carole Rosinski learn in Clerical Practice I. At the dexterous hands of art student Bonnie Kocur, simple materials plus inspiration yield fascinating results. Aspiring artists cultivate creativity with projects Creating is only part of work in art class as sophomore Bob Rozhon and senior Kitty Fansler discover while cleaning up after a session with messy materials. ■ All art students worked on in- dividual projects, each majoring in his own field of interest. With Mr. Reginald Cilbertsen guiding them, Art I, II and III stu- dents mixed and molded, then exper- imented with plaster and ceramics. Piecing together reed and wire sculptures in unique designs, junior highers fought to keep work intact. In place of jackknife, rocking chair and front porch, the amateurs whittled wood into common or weird shapes with art knives in either the third floor art or cooking rooms. Engraving, designing and etching helped those artists going into com- mercial art or advertising. Mrs. Beulah Seckinger, working full- instead of part-time, and Mr. Cilbertsen devoted time to such school projects as making one-way stair signs, directional signs for Col- lege Night and room number guides. 29 CONCERT CHOIR — Front Row: Jim Roper, accompanist; Barb Denham, Ron Conner, Pat Kollar, Art Sevan, Karen Voros, Buddy Phillips, Debbie Wojciehowski, Jim Dunn, Mary Ann Palazzolo, Bill Pederson, Bonnie Kocur, Arnie Lewin, Carolyn Kush, Bill Conner, Mr. Thomas Clark. Second Row: l Gloria Canada, Walter Wozniak, Linda Dacus, Howard Beilby, Barb Kark, Jerry DeBoer, Sue Von Almen, Bob Murfin, Debbie Kovack, Chuck Lee, Pam Jarnecke, Harry Ference, Betty Cavanaugh, Vicki Withrow. Third Row: Jill Fuhrmark, Doug Jones, Sharon Vazumbek, Dick Flood, Gail Bondra, Dave Williams, Bill Weliky, Paul McNamara, Cynthia Przondo. Tom Bainbridge, Dorothy Gray, Andy Yoko- vich, Myretta Ordway. Fourth Row: Bill Fields, Donna Blackmun, Mickey Banks, Doug Klein, Tula Carstensen, Corrine Wiersbe, Sandy Smith, Sharyn Kovalsky, Ron Shinkle, Candy Emig. MIXED CHORUS — Front Row; Cail Bos- singer, Leslie Farmer, Andrea Stevenson Kathy Sax, Pat Green, Kathy Gyure, Paula Kulczyk, Margarite Skalba, Kathy Detterline, Kathy Dutro, Brenda Sentell, Mary Jo Doloszycki, Karen Stringham, Barbara An- drews. Second Row: Judi Block, Wendy Ganser, Bonnie Hollingshead, Pat Matusik, Pat Pease, Pattie Garrett, Sandy Cunning- ham, Barb Carpenter, Sue Ccmer, Cheryl Hawkins, Andrea Serafin, Mary Jo Lindauer. Third Row: Monte Davis, Mike Gadjdik, Terry Green, Ken Sabo, Dennis Werner, Mike Rosenberger, Dave Hammers, Tom Bozikis, Roy Stover, Warren Stevens, Harry Stempf. Fourth Row: Dennis Darmoc, Danny Dulin, Don Gordon, Roger Harasty, Bob Moore, Brad Russell, Tom Boren, Jerry Munson, Mike White, Jim Duncan, Rick Ferguson, Craig Barnhart, Steve Johnson, Dennis Sullivan. GIRLS GLEE CLUB— Front Row: Charlene Sylvester, Kathy Smith, Karen Kostick, Karen Brenman, Diane Balder, Linda Keehn, Pam Brooks, Judy Ferguson, Linda Raykovich, Sue Molnar, Bonnie Bales. Second Row: Shirley Johnk, Nancy Ludington, Dorothy Heifer, Jane Daugherty, Karen Mann, Kathy Mizerik, Cathy Bajusz, Sheila Harris, Linda Schneider, Patty Bogucki, Diane Schmeidel. Third Row: Sharon Yazumbek, Karen Wat- son, Carol Orich, Pat Boren, |ane Prendergast, Judy Davenport, Gail Meltz, Paula Racich. Fourth Row: Paulette Fogarty, Debbie Hurd, Ann Cunningham, Jeanette Wilson, Judi Ywanow, Jane Sanders, Linda Gaiser, Betty Teets, Roseann Moldraski. 30 • - BOYS’ CHORUS — Front Row: Prudi Elliot, accompanist; Allan Miller, Michael Hand, Roy Jarnecke, Kim Chase. Second Row: David Winski, Dick Jones, Manuel Ramirez, Robert Yockey, John Feher. Third Row: Tom Han- na, Ron Brown, Tom Kulcyzk, Steve Cather- man, Bruce Burgess. Fourth Row: Mark Spencer, Jerry Bolonowski, Kerry Koehler, Ted Witham, Phil VanCorp. New studies, robes, choirs tune up choral work Latin Christmas carol confronts music theory student Sharon Yazumbek, who ponders its notation and structure. Music evolution entered into study. ■ Music theory and music history, new courses in the music depart- ment, transformed music students into aspiring Leonard Bernsteins. juggling music notes and par- roting lyrics, theory students exper- imented in composing, arranging and harmonizing. Theory helped those planning to stay in this field prepare for college entrance exams. Approaching music history retro- spectively, students analyzed ancient Creek rhythms. They returned to modernism via 17th century works. One step below .concert choir, mixed glee club wore last year’s choir robes; selective concert choir donned new robes with two-toned collars. Both met daily, often mix- ing scenery work with rehearsals. Also contributing to cultural train- ing were junior high classes of sing- ing and basic theory. Seasonal concerts, exchange con- certs and a May fine arts festival rounded out the year. 31 Selecting choice foods, preparing them and the task for junior high foods students Eying her reflection in the double mirror, planning meals around the Basic Four pose Theresa Pace and Janet Katz. Pat Kohut admires her completed blouse. Nimble fingers, white thumbs spur home ec gals Claudette Cullom puzzles over the intricacies of constructing a blouse in Clothing I. Here girls leam not only technical details but also basics of fashion and grooming. ■ Tight scheduling meant making Basic Four charts, budgets, no cook- ing for 7B home ec. But 7A ' s topped stoves with cereals and eggs. High school cooks fixed similar meals, tried their white thumbs at baking for a pre-Christmas party. Doughnuts from scratch climaxed dessert study, with casseroles fol- lowing. Two days in the making, spring buffet luncheon honored high school clothing classes, teachers. Working without patterns, 8A’s made draw-string aprons, cotton skirts in junior high sewing. High school clothing concentrated on the necessary as Clothing I girls prepared pin cushions, skirts. Skill reached peak in Clothing II where each girl fashioned a blouse, pleated skirt, and dress. Pajama home assignments kindled interest allowed more time for completing class projects. 32 Work-a-day world flourishes in new east wing ■ Working over drafting boards with sharpened pencil, T square and triangle, students in mechanical drawing developed accuracy and learned about vocations which need know-how in mechanical drawing. Even girls enrolled ir this, the newest of industrial arts courses, taught by Mr. Norman Banas. Housed in temporary quarters of the east gym balcony, mechanical drawing, along with shops, later would move to the new east wing. Whether under gym rafters or in freshly painted rooms, junior high boys concentrated on proper tool use by work with wood, metal. Supervised by Mr. Erwin Brauer, they also constructed bird houses, letter holders, spice rack, sugar scoops, and worked with blueprints. Bent over his drafting board, junior Tom complete a drawing of a slotted cam for Mr. Gilliam combines T square with triangle to Norm Banas’ mechanical drawing class. junior high student David Flood masters use of hand drill for later applications. Eagerness, beams on the face of eighth grader Bill Daniels constructing a stool. Stress on fitness permeates atmosphere of gym Push ups are integral part of semi-weekly PE warmup for junior higher Mark Cane. ■ Sounds of “one-two, one-two” and " watch those layups” labeled the year as one stressing physical fitness for both boys and girls. Helping girls build stamina and develop grace and poise were Misses Jackie Bruno and Margaret Kelly. Junior highers tried tumbling, soc- cer, volleyball, softball, square and folk dancing. Older girls emphasized rules for these sports and worked mainly on modern dance. Led by Messrs. George Smith and Wayne Wagner, junior-senior high boys’ energies went to similar sports. Winter meant calistenics, flag football, soccer, wrestling and B- ball, while “soccey " , gymnastics, re- bound tumbling and track and field headed spring enterprises. PE department added a set of parallel bars, two 10-foot tumbling mats, climbing ropes and scorers’ tables to its equipment stock. Looking for l-he initial chance for a wrestling victory are Don Pearson arid Tom Hanna in high school physical education class Student instructor Letty Hicks demonstrates trampoline technique. 34 Pre-class warm-ups in the form of arm circles and other calisthentics play a major part in 7B phys. ed. activities. 35 Highland Shield Photo Athletics Gladiators stepped victorious from arenas to bronze ’63-’64 for their “winningest” seasons. Gridders climaxed a smashing season by pounding Tech’s Tigers and reversing 1962’s record to 7-2. Retaliation came thick and fast for B-ballers, who upset Calumet and broke a state point record — 106-98 against Chesterton. 37 Gridders’ finale adds Tigers to On-the-spot instructions from Coach Smith helps quarterback Bob Haack iron out plays while Coach Brush yells orders to the field. Tackle by Bob Takacs falls Griffith Panther as Dan Goddard and Marty Newcomb assist. ■ Reversing last year’s record, Cavit ended varsity grid campaign with seven wins, two losses. Home games were played Saturday after- noons on the new Cavit gridiron. First win of season came in the opener, a 14-7 job over Calumet Twp. Warriors struck first on a 61- yard reverse, but Cavit countered with two fourth-period touchdowns. Powerful Cary Andrean proved too much for the Gladiators in their second encounter. Andrean beat the C-men 24-6. Ernie Tall tallied for Cavit on a quarterback sneak. Rennsalaer took the field against a hungry Cavit eleven and the G- men ran roughshod over the Bomb- ers 40-6. Six different players hit paydirt as Bob Haack, Bob Swear- ingen, Dave Denham, Ted Mi lobar, Jim Milobar and Jim Williams had one touchdown each. Cavit drive stalled on the five- VARSITY — Front Row: Bob Dockery, Wayne Kornas, Dave Williams, Bob Haack, Jim Roper, Dan Goddard, John Vevurka, Ernie Tall. Second Row: Dennis Botsko, Abby Sie- ker, Doug Klien, Kirk Cooley, Bob Swear- ingen, Bob Takacs, Jim Williams, Joe Juscik. yard line, proving the difference in a 14-7 loss to Griffith’s Panthers. That evened the CHS chart at two wins and two defeats. Offense took shape and combined with an already formidable defense. Team was then armed to start off on a five-game winning streak. Walkerton helped celebrate Loyal- ty Day by succumbing 21-0 in a top defense effort. Tackle Paul Kozubal rambled 25 yards across the goal line with a blocked Indian punt. Cavit then met Dyer Central to hand them a 26-6 setback. River Forest was next to fall to C-men in a 1 3-6 lackluster performance. Hammond Tech provided stiff challenge, but the C-men almost doubled the Tigers in rushing yard- age as they powered their way to a 13-7 season-ending victory. Dave Denham and Bob Haack scored on short blasts up the middle. Third Row: Leslie Flagg, Marty Newcomb, Ted Milobar, Dave Denham, Jim Milobar, Mike McPhillips, Charlie Savickis, mgr., Mr. Marty Jamrose, coach. Fourth Row: Bill Thegze, Dave French, Bob Murfin, Nils season’s spoils SEASON’S TOTALS We They Highland Trojans 14 0 Calumet Warriors 14 7 Andrean 59ers Rennsalaer Bombers 40 6 Griffith Panthers 7 14 Walkerton Indians 21 0 Dyer Indians River Forest Ingots Clark Pioneers 20 6 Tech Tigers Salvesen, Paul Kozubal, Cene Ray, Mr. George Smith, coach. Fifth Row: Mr. Paul Brush, coach; Tim Raykovich, statistics; Paul Savickis, Doug Jones, Ted Walsh, Dan Dec, Mr. Nick Voris, Mr. Tom Chintis, coaches. Jim Milobar and Dave Denham smother a Calumet halfback while Bob Swearingen looks on. (Hamnpond Times Photo) . Testing the Panther line, Ted Milobar gets set to blast a pair of Griffith tacklers. 39 Highland 64 15 Gavit 88 87 Calumet 117 18 Gavit 38 162 Andrean 238 21 Gavit 371 34 Rennsalear 81 43 Gavit 99 15 Griffith 165 26 Gavit 309 38 Walkerton 77 44 Gavit 268 50 Dyer 124 74 Gavit 276 13 River Forest 103 89 Gavit 101 96 Clark 27 18 Gavit 207 18 Tech 114 5 Total rushing Total passing Gavit 1886 Gavit 555 Opponent 1110 Opponent 353 Bob Takacs and Marty Newcomb prepare to team up for a tackle on a Panther ballcarrier. 40 FRESHMEN — Front Row: Tom Guzek, Dan Row: Ron Thompson, Pat Lannin, Borcie Voris, coach; Jack Eissen, Rick Dixon, Joe Royal, Dave Kwolek, Dick Jones, Cliff Al- Smith, Dan Knight, John Williams, Mark Pluta, Mel Pickett, Dave Winski, John Aus- drin, Phil Flagg, Phil Feveroach, Dick Wink- Cowan, Tom Young, Jeff Pouch, Carl Wil- ten, Larry Knoche, Steve Pasko, Noel Jett, ler, Larry Bradburn, Bob Rozhon. Second son, Don Revercomb. Third Row: Mr. Nick Mr. Marty Jamrose, coach. Potent power-packers post 4-2 football records ■ B-team gridmen ended their cam- paign with a four-two record. Cary Edison was the first victim, drop- ping a 1 3-6 decision. In the next encounter G-men lost a 12-7 contest to city rival Morton. Gladiators got back on the win- ning track with a 21 -1 3 victory over River Forest only to lose 7-0 to Hammond Tech in the next game. B-teamers closed the season with successive shutouts over Lowell and Clark by 21 -0 and 1 3-0 scores. Freshman footballers matched b- team’s four-two chart. First two vic- tories came over north side foes Clark and Whiting, 18-6 and 12-0. Morton handed the plebes their first loss in an 18-13 thriller played at Hessville Park. Next game found the Gladiators eking out a 14-13 victory over the Tech Tigers. Last two games were played with the Gladiators splitting identical 19-0 scores by beating Gary Edison and losing to Hammond High. B-TEAM TOTALS We They Gary Edison 13 6 Morton 7 12 River Forest 21 13 Tech 0 7 Lowell 21 0 Clark 13 0 FRESHMAN TOTALS Whiting 18 6 Morton 13 18 Tech 14 13 Hammond High 0 19 Gary Edison 19 0 B-Team — First Row: Mr. Paul Brush, coach; Phil Bohenkamp, Phil Kwolek, Roy Stover, Row: Jerry DeBoer, Monte Davis, Rusty Mickey Banks, Ed Echlin, Steve Scolnik, Jim Joe Juscik, manager. Third Row: Mr. Tom Ferguson, Tom Thomas, Rod Rodovich, Den- Linowski, Dave Solan, Lon Bergstrom. Second Chintis, coach; George Clarke, Al Frazier, nis Brucker, Bob Dockery. Fifth Row: Walt Row: Mr. George Smith, athletic director; Dennis Darmoc, Dennis Sullivan, Glenn Wozniak, Chuck Dixon, Roy Miller, Wayne Phil Law, Mark Lundgren, Jim Newcomb, Swearingen, Chuck Savickis, manager. Fourth Hepp, Mickey Bieszczat, Bill Irk. VARSITY BASKETBALL — Front Row: Bob ager. Second Row: Bruce Natkin, Skip Knut- Dave Rose, Logan Koontz, Jim Williams, Haack, George Clarke, Dave Persic, Bob son, Jack Solon, Dave Williams, Dave Den- Jim Sherby, Mr. Norman Banas, coach. Swearingen, Jack Elmore, Kirk Cooley, man- ham. Third Row: Bill Smutzer, manager; Calumet upset, state records highlight basketball ■ Cavit’s second varsity season ended with a 9-12 record. G-men began on a losing note by bowing, 86-60, to Griffith and 79-63 to Highland. First win of the year was a thumping of Morgan Township, 88-72. Gladiators then suffered a drought of three straight losses, but got back on the winning track 86-68 over Brook on the away court. Gavit hosted its second annual holiday tournament Dec. 28. Calumet took the championship trophy by whipping Gavit and Tech. In the consolation game, Gladiators scorched the nets for a 106-98 victory over Chesterton. For a while this score held state season records. GHS split the next four games, losing to Thornton Fractional North and South and disposing of Chester- ton and Hammond Clark. Three-game win-streak followed with victories over Portage and River Forest and an upset of Calumet. Season closed with a win over East Gary sandwiched between losses to Noll, Whiting and Lowell. Second sectional victory bid fell short in the Civic Center when Caumet got revenge, 79-63. Bob Haack gains control of a tipoff. Bob Swearingen rebounds against Chesterton. Arching a short shot is Bob Swearingen. Dave Williams, Bob Haack and George Clarke get in position for a possible tip in. VARSITY BASKETBALL TOTALS We They Griffith 60 86 Highland 63 78 Morgan Twp. 88 72 Crown Point 48 76 Boone Grove 62 66 Andrean 69 78 Brook 86 68 Calumet 56 74 Chesterton 106 98 T.F. North 74 88 Chesterton 75 69 Clark 72 65 T.F. South 56 74 Calumet 68 63 River Forest 66 62 Portage 80 79 Bishop Noll 62 84 Whiting 74 76 East Gary 78 65 Lowel 1 84 86 Hammond Sectional Gavit 63 Calumet 79 Senior forward and leading rebounder Bob Haack spears a rebound from a tumbling Highland player. Highland Shield Photo 43 ■ Outstretching a Trojan foe, Dave Persic hauls down a defensive rebound. Bob Haack eyes the action. (Highland Shield Photo). Junior Gladiators play full roundball schedule FRESHMAN BASKETBALL — Front Row: Tim Van Corp, Bobby Igarto, Howie Hilbrech, Jim Kumiega, Mark Cowan, Dick Winkley, Ron Thompson, Steve Catherman, Larry Knocke. Second Row: Rick Hochman, Bob Yockey, Norris Cain, Walter Pociask, William Jukich, Rich Merideth, Ralph Krasnichan, Roger Scott, Ted Porter. Third Row: Chris Nickoloff, Tom Hanna, Jim Ference, Jeff Wiggins, Mike Masleid, Cliff Aldrin, Peter Dwars, Ron Krol, Noel Jett. Fourth Row: Tim Yokovich, Tom Young, managers. B-TEAM RECORD FRESHMAN RECORD Opponent We They Opponent We They Griffith 59 (OT) 53 Calumet 47 73 Highland 41 42 E.C. Roosevelt 37 44 Morgan Twp. 58 30 Clark 49 48 Crown Point 53 57 Whiting 42 51 Boone Grove 51 33 Tech 42 47 Andrean 30 35 Andrean 42 45 Brook 56 34 Munster 40 45 T.F. North 31 53 Noll 35 50 Chesterton 44 (OT) 40 Clark (tourney) 37 62 Clark 48 40 Hammond High (tour.) 29 39 T.F. South 63 46 Hammond High 21 58 Calumet 35 53 Morton 37 51 River Forest 50 38 Morton (tourney) 39 61 Tech 42 51 Dyer Central 31 46 Portage 63 48 Noll 41 42 ■ Coach Tom Ch inti s’ B-team closed the season with an 11-7 chart. Gladiators made three in a row their longest winning streak, while never dropping more than one without a follow-up win. Al Fraser was leading scorer, tal- lying 1 85 points for a 1 0.3 average. Fraser also hauled down the most rebounds for the junior G-men. Freshman basketballers ended the season with only one win in four- teen encounters. Steve Catherman led with 193 points, a 13.9 average. Coach Paul Brush’s crew lost four games by five points or less. East Gary Lowell 64 54 47 51 B-TEAM BASKETBALL— Front Row: Len Polczynski, Tom Hickman, Bill Weliky, Dave Knocke, Ernie Tall, Danny Ludington. Sec- ond Row: Al Detterline, Dennis Darmoc, Bob Simpson, Al Fraser, Larry Jones. Third Row: Mr. Tom Chintis, coach; Tom Thom- as, Joe Curnak, Dave Rich, Pat Callahan, Tom Cillim, manager. Between innings, catcher Bob Haack helps to warm up a pitcher. First varsity diamond, Rounding third base, Wayne Weaver runs on his way to a score. GOLF TEAM — Mr. Joe Goodnight, coach; Phil Spitale, Ernie Tall, Bob Simpson, Bob Swearingen, Dick Flood, Jim Bialker, Frank Palazzolo, Pat Callahan. 46 Two-base hit from a Gladiator bat advances infielder Al Detterline to third base. Encouragement comes from Coach Norman Banas during game on Gladiator home field. golf crews join blooming spring sports programs ■ Coif joined the Gavit spring sports calendar this year with Mr. Joseph Goodnight taking over the coaching duties. Gladiators opened their play at the Lake Hills golf course in St. John. Teebreakers used Wicker Park course for all home matches. Vari- ous meets were scheduled at both courses. Meets were played by the five lowest qualifiers. Golf Schedule April 9 Clark April 16 Tech April 24 Clark April 28 Tech May 5 Andrean May 7 Morton May 21 Morton ■ Baseball squad played on a B- team level in ’63 with six games scheduled. Al Detterline, batting seven for nine sparked the team with a .777 average. Ross Smith, ending the season with a 1-0 record, pitched the Gladiators’ single victory. Jack Solon registered the most strike-outs in one game with nine. ’63 Season Record Opponent We They Clark 2 6 H.H.S. 1 6 T.F. South 0 10 Calumet 1 8 7 T.F. South 2 6 Noll 5 8 47 ■ TRACK — Front Row: Bob Long, Bob Mur- fin, Jerry Knoth, Jim Berger, George Manus, Phil Kwolek, Dave Kwolek, Rich Horton. Second Row: Jeff Wiechsel, manager; Phil Bohenkamp, Randy Smith, Dan Goddard, Ron Ciesla, Bill Thegze, Joe Juscik. Third Row: Gene Ray, Jim Orkis, Bob Takacs, Chuck Lee, Dan Spitale, Dave Rose, Don Rever- comb, Bill Tukich, Mr. Earl Thompson, coach. Fourth Row: Mr. Earl Fruehling, coach; Jerry Frye, Steve Sowula, Roy Stover, Bill Swisher, Rusty Furgesen, Mike Rosen- berger, Rich Wojdula, Rich Ray. Fifth Row: Phil Van Gorp, Bob Croft, Marty Newcomb, Kim Davis, Jim Williams, Dave Denham, Mike Molnar, Mike Doerner. Sixth Row: Dennis Werner, George Clark, Dave Wil- liams, Tom Hickman, Bill Weliky, John Locke, Roy Miller, Skip Knutson, Nick Hether. Thinlies progress; harriers debut in x-country ■ Athletes ran for team honors in both track and cross country, both of which debuted in 1963. Varsity track was initiated last spring with a seven-meet schedule. Coach Earl Thompson’s varsity dn- dermen edged Whiting in the Clark relays and outscored the 59ers in the Cary Andrean relays. B-team track finished its first season with six wins and one loss. The lone defeat was a 55-54 cliff hanger with Morton Governors. Coach Earl Fruehling instituted cross country as a varsity sport this fall and became the youngest head coach in Hammond. Drills began Sept. 1 2 — after school had begun — for the 25 boys trying out. Hindered by a late start, the team was composed entirely of un- derclassmen. It finished fourth in the Hammond City Meet and outran eight other schools, including Tech and Morton, in the sectionals. Freshman-sophomore harriers went undefeated in their first season. They toppled Griffith, Andrean and Highland. As did the varsity, they ran most meets in Gleason Park. CROSS-COUNTRY — Front Row: Dave Rose, Dave Rich, Jim Berger, Bill Swisher, Dan Doolin. Second Row: Skip Knutson, George Manus, Mike Molnar, Mike Rosenberger, Phil Van Gorp, Jack Elmore, Mr. Earl Fruehling, coach; Charles Kelleman. LETTERMEN — Front Row: Jim Sherby, Ken Walworth, secretary; John Vevurka, presi- dent; Ted Walsh, vice president; Bob Takacs, sergeant-at-arms; Bob Haack, treasurer; Doug Jones, Larry Ray. Second Row: Mr. Ceorge Smith, sponsor; Bob Swearingen, Wayne Kornas, Nils Salvesen, Jim Roper, Paul Kozubal, Dave French, Danny Dec. Third Row: Marty Newcomb, Dave Rose, Bob Murfin, Pat McPhillips, Bill Smutzer, Kirk Cooley, Richard Horton. Fourth Row: Dave Sorg, Jack Elmore, Dave Williams, Skip Knutson, Ceorge Clarke, Al Frasier, Ernie Tall, Abbie Sieker. Fifth Row: Tim Rayko- vich, Dave Persic, Jim Williams, Ted Milo- bar, Mike McPhillips, Jim Milobar, Jim Berger, Paul Savickis. Trophies laurel lettermen at All Sports Banquet Papa Bear is winning at dice as Paul Kozubal, Nils Salvesen and Jim Milobar ham it up in “The Three Bears,” presented by the Lettermen ' s Club at last spring’s band concert. ■ All-Sports Banquet April 16 at " Hebei ' s- Restaurant feted CHS ath- letes to climax Lettermen’s second year. Ceorge Ireland, Loyola basket- ball coach, was principal speaker. Trophies bought from the profits of the senior-underclass basketball game laureled most valuable players and other outstanding athletes. Number of purple and gold let- termen jackets mushroomed with the addition of varsity track, cross- country, baseball, golf and wrestling letter winners to the club. “Plebe” lettermen saw action dur- ing the halftime of home basketball games when they swept the gym floor for club initiation. Veteran lettermen worked at wrestling, foot- ball and basketball home games. Highlighting the club’s ’63-’64 activities were two lettermen-spon- sored dances — one featuring the Vi- Kings — and a sockhop in the gym after a home basketball game. 49 GIRLS TUMBLING TEAM — Front Row: Rose Connie Sewell, Barbara Housley, Cheryl sponsor; Susan Holder. Holder, Carol Forsberg, Shirley Mulvihill, Andis, Letty Hicks, Carole Rosinski, Sharon Karen Watson, Diane Forsberg. Second Row: Lohse, Sue Blandford, Miss Jackie Bruno, Contortionists polish routines for gymkhana ■ Meeting three nights a week, 17 girls on girls tumbling team worked to perfect their portion of the April 24 Gymkhana. New routines featured work on uneven parallel bars and the side horse. Attired in white blouses and blue denim stretch shorts, masters of equilibrium worked on balance beams and the trampoline. The entire crew worked out contortional tricks and routines. Four seniors and 13 underclassmen comprised the boys tumbling team. John Vevurka and Jim Housley led seniors in apparatus work on parallel bars and the horse, while underclassmen concentrated on fundamental drills. The team performed at the April 15 PTA meeting in addition to their traditional performance at the Gymkhana. John Vevurka assists Norris Cain in head- Smith, coach; Phil Smith, Mike Hand, Roger Provenzano, Kim Premuda, Ralph Krasnichan, stand as the following look on: BOYS Scott, Tom Farris, Ralph Farley, Charles Larry Keith, Judd Pease, Dave Bolinger, Bill TUMBLING TEAM — Front Row: Mr. George Kelleman, Jim Housley. Second Row: Carmen Stordeur. lim Ferenre Rich Wrestling — Demonstrating: Creg Looman, Dave Solon. Front Row: Mr. Earl Thompson, coach; Abby Sieker, Jim Housley, Bob Mur- fin, Roy Stover, Dave French, Jim Roper, Nils Salvesen, Ralph Farley, Jerry Knoth, Larry Steinkraus, Wayne Hepp, Mr. George Smith, coach. Second Row: Dick Jones, Jack Parks, Jim Walker, Ron Brown, Dennis Kiest, Ben Zimmerman, Bob Croft, Dennis Brucker, Frank Swisher, Bill Thegze, Dan Goddard, Bob Lung, Art Beven, Les Core. Third Row: Richard Smutzer, Mike Gajdik, Ron Rodo- vich, Joe Juscik, Rick Dixon, Terry Welch, John Feger, Bruno Bielat, Chuck Savickis, Bob Bialon, Steve Scolnik, Bob Dockery, Phil VanGorp, Larry Bradburn, Laney Jones, Bill Early, Joe Pluta, Mike Hand, Bill Leslie, John Williams, Ron Kropiewnicki, George Van- Slyke, Allen Miller. New mat inspires grapplers in season wrap-up ■ First varsity wrestling team wound up on the winning side of the new twenty-foot purple and gold mat for its final two meets, when River Forest and Marion Catholic varsity and b-teams fell to the C-men. Season began with a meet against the veteran Tech Tigers. The 10-meet schedule gained momentum as the grapplers met foes from strong, long established wrestling schools in the Calumet Region. Experience gained from ’63-’64 set the stage for a notable showing in Morton’s Invitational Tourney February 1, when Cavit placed sec- ond, topping Andrean and Noll. Twelve-strong in state sectional, matmen took fifth, above Noll. “The first varsity men did well,” commented Coach George Smith. “The season was successful, not in terms of team record, but in making the school aware of the program, and interesting boys in wrestling. Competitive spirit has been estab- lished, as indicated by the few routs against respectable foes. " Eighty-nine boys reported for wrestling; more than 100 are ex- pected in ’65. Looking to this man- power increase next year, Mr. Smith hoped for new timers’ equipment, more mat space and uniforms. SEASON RECORD Opponent They We Tech 35 13 Dyer 28 23 Griffith 29 17 Highland 23 26 Tin ley Park 36 14 Hammond High 31 20 Andrean 34 20 Clark 36 17 T.F. North 33 20 T.F. South 29 16 River Forest 8 39 Marion Catholic 21 22 Morton Tourney . 2nd place State Sectional ... 5th place 138-pounder Jim Housley, senior, tries a half nelson on his Griffith opponent. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL — Front Row: Patrick Ferguson, Donald Marlow, Mark Cane, Bob Vevurka, John Bisbee, Ed Turby- fill, manager; Harry Eytcheson, Brian Bruce, Jack Dehman, manager; Wesley Norton, manager; Bob Ringer, Mike Whitaker, Jim Baker. Second Row: Bernard Stoughton, Tom Chudy, Tony Maez, Craig Ellis, Mark Lohse, Bill Purcell, Cary Boersma, Jim Maranto, Ron Rasmussen, Avery Dacus, Ken Knierie- men. Third Row: Jeff Lake, Jim Rumoh, Dennis Coble, Wayne Clad, Randy Grove, EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM— Front Row: Rick Biancardi, Howie Walsh, Harold Eytcheson, Dave Flood, Ted Shultman, Mr. Ernest Hurt, coach. Second Row: Bill Roberts, Jeff Lake, Bob Waite, Randy Grove, Wayne Clad, Leonard Templeton. Third Row: Ron Rasmussen, Ron Farmer, Bob Thegze, Tom White, Dennis Bond, Jim Rumph, Tom Fortenbury, Dan Walsh. James Kiser, Tom Ganser, Ron Farmer, George Sullivan, Ron Williams. Fourth Row: Mike Templeton, Bob McDonald, Dennis Bond, Marc Horn, Jim Federoff, Steve Farm- er, Tom Fortenbury, Embert Doyle. 52 Junior high gridders, trackmen snare city titles ■ Junior high football team won the city championship this year for the third time in four years of competition. Coached by Mr. Wayne Wagner and Mr. Ernest Hurt, the junior Gladiators overwhelmed all opposition by a margin of 131 to 6. A long pass in the fleeting moments of the final game accounted for the only points scored against them. Seventh grade roundballers com- i‘ s - SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL — Front Row: Bob Gilchrist, Jim Shultman, Mike Merrick, Bob Sanders, Pat Welsh, Don Wil- son. Second Row: Al Fortenbury, Dwight Randolph, Jim Rosey, Dennis Goble, William piled a .500 record, winning five and losing five. Coach Wagner’s eighth graders won seven games while losing only three. junior high track team entered the Hammond City Meet last year, and took firsts in Class II and Class 1 1 1 events. They also garnered the overall championship trophy. Kindle, Jim Svetic, Lynne Cowan. Third Row: Mr. Wayne Wagner, coach; Lance Johnson, Ed Turbyvill, Mike Connor, Don DeArmond, Randy Fandrei, Paul Feges. Football Totals Opponent They We Irving 0 35 Edison 0 34 Lafayette 0 24 Clark 0 14 Morton 6 24 Basketball Totals Seventh Grade Opponent They We OL Perpetual Help 45 28 Washington 54 60 Maywood 47 33 Columbia 33 32 Edison 31 39 Lafayette 28 42 Clark 15 39 Maywood 41 30 Harding 39 19 Morton 25 27 Eighth Grade Opponent They We OL Perpetual Help 25 34 Washington 36 45 Columbia 34 40 Edison 36 38 Lafayette 22 29 Clark 21 20 Irving 42 23 Irving 29 30 Harding 28 30 Morton 49 22 53 B-TEAM CHEERLEADERS — Bottom to Top: Jana Oprisko, Diane Forsberg, Terry Pilot. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS — Front Row: Wendy Franey, Na ncy Pickett. Second Row: Sharon Lohse, Carol Forsberg, Carole Rosinski, captain. (Photo by Bruce Aldrin.) Pep clinics put zip into cheers ■ Definite, energetic arm move- ments and jumps moded new cheer- ing style of varsity cheerleaders. November cheering clinic at In- diana U. ; a new sponsor, Miss Jackie Bruno; and regular post-school yell sessions helped all 13 cheerleaders polish their techniques. Work with the pep and marching bands heightened impact as B-team leaders hollered through new per- sonalized megaphones. Varsity girls were guests at Gavit’s second annual sports banquet April 16. JUNIOR HICH CHEERLEADERS — Lett to Right: Sue VanSlyke, Lynn Knutson, Sara Solon, Debbie Clarke, Janet Dibblee. 54 Center Dave Persic racks two more points. Sports roster grows with GHS Face set with grim determination, Bob Swear- ingen sweeps right end in rushing attempt. -■ ■m ■Hi • - First varsity wrestler Creg Looman battles a Griffith Panther in the 133 pound class. Organizations Seven clubs of five natures joined a lengthy ’63-’64 roster, as Business Club worked in-out of school ; JH Student Council pondered government. JH Speech Club presented a play; languages flourished at a Latin banquet and a Pan-American dance. National honor societies recognized scholastic merit. 57 HICH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL- -Front Row: Ceorgee Saboff, Vicki Fielder, Shirley Johnk, Linda Raykovich, Pam Jarnecke, Dick Jones, Sue McDonald, Judy Davenport, Lynne Bergstrom, Gayle Sako, treasurer; Andi Ste- venson, secretary. Second Row: Kathy Moule- song, Van Vater, Kris Hebda, Peggy Motes, Jim Stefnik, Alan Patka, vice president; Mike Kohut, Karen Watson, Sharon Augustine, Gayle Baker, Sue Weeks, Pam Brooks, Paula Clark. Third Row: Wendy Franey, Johnette Mazur, Joe Pluta, Jim Linowski, Don Grae- gen, Jim Sako, Cory Dunn, Jim Williams, Doug Jones, president; Ross Smith, Rich Wojdula, Dorothy Heifer, Mr. Ronnie Whit- comb, sponsor. Legislators divide to form JH Student Council JR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL — Front Row: Janice Miller, secretary; Jim Basick, treasurer;, Pam Law, president; Janice Maloney, vice president; Betty Parker, Debbie Proctor, Linda Zuffa. Second Row: Mr. Donald McLean, sponsor; Gary Boersma, Craig Ellis, Don DeArmond, Jim Rump, Michele Elkins. Third Row: George Klalibo, Sara Solon, Sue Krol, Craig Anderson, Tom White, Jim Federoff. ■ Student Council highlighted its year by dividing into two sections: one for junor high and one for sen- ior high. Representatives from all grades had previously comprised the membership of one council. Junior high group sponsored a dance after school in the lobby for seventh and eighth graders. Al- though the date was originally set for Nov. 22, junior high officers had an emergency meeting to post- pone the event until December. Word of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination caused the change. To implement its work, senior high Student Council formed a stu- dent advisery board and activities and clubs committees. As one of its main projects, the activities commit- tee proposed a petition system for social activities. Hopes were that the system would provides means for confirming dates and details. Council maintained a calendar of events on the bulletin board. Spring elections and a letter to students from Doug Jones stress- ing accreditation’s importance com- pleted the councils ' year. 58 Scholars start NHS traditions, initiate juniors ■ Symbolic green, yellow, blue and red draperies, white pillar and Na- tional Honor Society emblem staged scene for evening induction of 20 charter members of CHS’ first NHS. Morton officers — personifying character, scholarship, leadership, service and idealism — performed the rites before parents and friends April 7. A reception followed. Compiling their own initiation cer- emony, charter seniors then elected officers and later initiated juniors. Approximately 30 were chosen for junior high national honor so- ciety. Qualifications for this honor included 4.0 (B) average for four consecutive grading periods. Prior to officer election, Craig Ellis was chosen temporary society chairman and constitution chairman. Activities committee co-ordinated group through spring. JUNIOR HIGH HONOR SOCIETY— Front Row: Bob Blessing, Steve Weiss, Mike Leonard, Ronald Mote, Dom Mangone, Miss Jo Armintrout, sponsor. Second Row: Roger Baker, Linda Stringham, Jeanne Johnson, Judy Long, Bob Waite, Stuart Benson. Third Row: Dean White, Cloria Rawlings, Carol Sawchuk, Marta Horn, Alana Gleason, Linda Zuffa. Fourth Row: Gene White, Jim Rumph, Limda Qualye, Linda Fyte, Karen Clower, Craig Ellis. SENIOR HIGH HONOR SOCIETY— Front Row: Maria Shepherd, Sharon Augustine, Sue Ann Peavler, Beth Hanneld, Louise Bryk, Judy Loebach, Bonnie Kocur. Second Row: Stevens White, Mary Macnak, Sandy Leeney, Judy McCrum, Lavonne Bebler, Peggy Stringham, Nancy Stanwyck, Miss Betty Zitko, sponsor. Third Row: Sue San- ders, Adeo Nicolai, Linda Dearing, Wayne Kornas, Jim Roper, Elwood Bolinger. Dashing " Hail to the Gladiators” formation by new marching band captures spectator attention with its precision as gridders gain momentum back in the locker room. CONCERT BAND— Front Row: Cynthia Przondo, Barbara Andrews, Rodger Baker, Ruth Carlson, Suzanne Geis, Pat Green, Cheryl Hawkins. Second Row: Barbara West- Marching band drills up a storm Pep Band strikes up a lively tune to join booming megaphones during roundball play. JUNIOR HIGH BAND — Front Row: Sherry Gyure, Margaret Young, Kathy Sluzewski, Roger Baker, Joy Vandersteen, Gail Hart- mann, Barbara Sitton, Jasmyne Florin, Sally Kackley, Ceil Shanta. Second Row: Suzanne Van Slyke, Janice Miller, Linda Raksanyi, Doreen Landis. Elaine Newton. Annette Shea, Harold Eytcheson, Shirley Mulvihill, Alana Lundgren, Sandra Ruttledge, Nancy Smith, Cynthia Parker, Kerry Koehler, Mari- lyn Burns, Susan Wilkerson, Kim Foster. Third Row: Carl Ortega, Ardis Hanna, Greg Dutro, Roger Benson, Cliff Twaddle, Ron- 60 berg, Sherrie Cyure, Randy Roller, Kerry Hochman, Bonnie McCrum, Brenda Jones. Alan Hochman, Bill Thegze, Beth Maruschak, Koehler, Barbara Miller, Dave Flood, Norris Third Row: Mr. Willard Jonas, Mr. Donald Sharon Yazumbek, Greg Clower, Maria Ma- Cain, Marc Horn, Mark Lundgren, Mary Balk, directors; Cheryl Andis, Annette Shea, ruschak, Bob Blaemire, Ed Bialon, Carroll Dycus, Sue Linnemeier, Debbie Stimler, Rick Judy McCrum, Bob Fox, Harold Eytcheson, Dycus. for grid fans as Pep Band keeps spirit bouncing nie Baker, Cary Von Almen, Richard Nicolai- sen, Stuart Benson, Mark Adams, Barbara Miller, Dave Flood, Marc Horn, Steven Farm- er, Carl Lapine, Bobby Dycus, Jeff Czuba, Mike Janiga, Tom Hanna, Mary Milne, Bill Hanson, Bill Kindle, Dennis Coble. Fourth Row: John Bisbee, Jim Hayes, Mike Petro- vich, Bob Thegze, Cary McVicker, John Pederson, Randy Thomas, Mr. Willard Jonas, director; Ed Bialon, student director. ■ Growth keynoted instrumental music program with the addition of orchestra and pep band. To cope with expansion, Mr. Donald Balk joined Mr. Willard Jonas to handle ensemble work. Year also marked outfitting of musicians with their first uniforms, financed through a theater party in October and band bonds. Marching band strutted and toot- ed at home football games. Pep band played at home basket- ball games, stage band at March of Dimes dance and pancake assembly. Junior and senior concert band played in winter, spring concerts and Hammond music festival. Second semester saw orchestra’s debut and the presentation of an Indiana state flag by the American Legion to the marching band. Regional solo and ensemble con- test in January produced 93 medal winners. Nine went to state contest for seven firsts, two seconds. Vivacity keynotes Miss Adrienne Zach’s di- rection of girls’ chorus atwintervocal concert. RHYTHMETTS — Front Row: Barb Carpen- Serafin, Patti Garrett, Kathy Dutro, Kathy ter, Mary Ann Palazzolo, Debbie Wojcie- Sax. Third Row: Cheryl Hawkins, Sharyn howski, Linda Keehn. Second Row: Andrea Kovalsky, Margie Skalba, Roseann Moldraski. MADRIGAL — Front Row: Cynthia Przondo, on Yazumbek. Second Row: Bob Murfin, Karen Voros, Dave Williams, Tula Carsten- Bill Conner, Barb Denham, Art Bevan, Shar- Mickey Banks, Sandy Smith. Third Row: i sen. Bob Moore. 62 Warblers use vocal chords for four ensembles ■ By auditioning in the fall, vocal- ists could join one of four HS en- sembles: RHythmaires, Rhythmettes, mixed ensemble or madrigals. Both composed of 12 singers, Rhythmaires staged all boys, Rhyth- mettes all girls. Each sang music in a lighter vein in several community functions this year. Mixed ensemble debuted at the soph class hootenanny in Novem- ber. At the northern Indiana vocal contest, this new group garnered a first, or superior, rating. Also ranking first in the con- test were the madrigals, garbed in their 1 6th century costumes. Besides appearing in department concerts with the other ensembles, they undertook a madrigal opera with separate parts sung by a chorus. All four rehearsed out of class with director Mr. Thomas Clark. MIXED ENSEMBLE — Front Row: Kathy Sax, Debbie Kovack, Betty Cavanaugh, Candy Emig, Pam Jarnecke, Andi Stevenson. Second Row: Jim Dunn, Sue Comer, Kathy Cyuer, Howard Beilby. Third Row: Mike Rosenberger, Norm Stevens. RHYTHMAIRES — Front Row: Warren Glea- Lee, Rich Ferguson. Second Row: Jerry De- son, Dave Hammer, Bill Pederson, Chuck Boer, Dennis Werner, Monte Davis. 63 JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS CHORUS — Front Row: Linda Jo Sadler, Janet Katz, Elizabeth Benda, Patti Canner, Wanda Wojciehowski, Linda Callahan, Carol Coberg, Alice White, Ellen Emerson, Gail Cowan, Joyce Katz, Miss Flizabeth Click. Second Row: Jeanette Le- roux, Sally Cain, Laurie Lipsig, Bev Kush, Laura Gajdik, Starr Frazie, Bonnie Ayres, Janet Murfin, Janice Yaney, Kris Erikson, Sharon Fritz, Emily Sherfey. Third Row: Carol Painter, Rachel Van Gorp, Kim Foster, Joy Vandersteen, Barb Schwertfeger, Judy Crovich, Pam Wehmer, Brenda Goodpaster, Sally Witulski, Barb Sitton, Sharon Lessig, Pamela Bain. JUNIOR HIGH BOYS CLEE CLUB— Front Row: Mike Blaemire, Eddie Carter, Don Mangone, Bill Weft, Philip Qualb, Ronald Motes, Mike Sanders, Tim Stephen, Charles McCorkle. Second Row: Mark Nagdeman, Wes Norton, Mark Gholson, Bob Noel, Don Hudson, Dale Wendell, Monty Walder, Miss Elizabeth Click. Third Row: Garry Gross, Tom Grubbs, Sam Noojin, Dave Wetnight, Jim Rumph, Dan Zach, Wayne Shinkle, Dave Hudson, Jim Wojciehowski. JUNIOR HICH. GIRLS GLEE CLUB — Front Row: Sue Krol, Linda Zuffa, Becky Brown, Karen Lax, Barbara Callahan, Gerry Churilla, Gay Fielder, Carol Litton, Celeste Gray, Jo- Ellen Canale, Jeanne Johnson, Susan Mc- Phillips. Second Row: Linda Barton, Pam LaCroix, Donna Rominger, Sue Kolacow, Card Sawchuck, Barb Charnekar, Linda - Robson, Joyce Vestal, Darlene Klacik, ' Sally Stenholm, Linda Fyte, Sherry Teets. Third Row: Jan Morariu, Ruth Crom, Eileen Kula, Linda Quayle, Debbie Jones, Barbara Wolfe, Colleen Bocken, Barbara Cooper, Jeanette Oprisko, Janet Oprisko, Paulette Craft. 64 QUILL AND SCROLL — Seated : Miss Judy Richter, sponsor; Sue Ann Peavler, Kathy Farley, Beth Hanneld, Carol Williams, Letty Hicks. Standing: Linda Cuber, Sue Sanders, Phil Bohenkamp, Bob Swearingen, Lavonne Bebler, Sherry Fyte. Honorary taps top journalists ■ Quill and Scroll’s second year saw the initiation of a dozen new members and a first-class rating for the Scro ll by National Scholas- tic Press Association. Journalists went again to the Northern Indiana Journalism Semi- nar at Valpo U. April 4. Sue Sanders and Sherry Fyte were student pan- elists’ and Miss Judy Richter was a workshop speaker that day. Heralded in an NIJS display as one of northern Indiana’s top year- books was last year’s Futura. Year ended with a second annual publications banquet May 19, at which new members were initiated, and awards, including outstanding senior in publications, were given. Piling plates high are journalists and their families at last spring’s Q S banquet. l rjf i 65 w « FORENSICS CLUB — Front Row: Pam Lutz, NFL; Terri Pilot, Linda Dacus, Miss Carolyn Quinn, sponsor. Second Row: Frank Laciak, NFL, parliamentarian; Stevens White, NFL; Marge Skalba, vice president; Marlene Hebda, NFL. Third Row: Linda Venable, president; Sue Sanders, NFL; Roseann Moldraski, NFL; Beth Maruschak. DRAMA CLUB — Front Row: Mrs. Bernice Johnson, sponsor; Kitty Fansler, Linda Dacus, Debbie Hurd, Donna Ringer, Kathy Dutro, Susan Koch, Kathy Sax, Linda Lula, Barbara Pearson, Sharon Leonard. Second Row: Mary “Have some elderberry wine. We made it ourselves,” say Linda Venable and Sandy Smith to Creg Clower in Drama Club’s spring presentation of “Arsenic and Old Lace. Waiting for their servings in the Brewster household are Dennis Frazier and Arnie Lewin. Orators, debators attain NFL; thespians enact drama, comedy Savicz, Diane Graegin, Linda Hartley, Dolores Furlic, Marlene Hebda, Donna Blaemire, Sandy McCance, Sheva Mehr, Patty Litton, Vicki Myers, Susan Hansen, Karen Mann. Third Row: Evelyn Merchant, Sheila Lannin, secretary-treasurer; Lynn Fentress, Geri Lo- bodzinski, Marguerite Mrzlock, Linda Ven- able, Linda Luttringer, Ruth Thrasher, Jana Grabski, Denise Zimny, Nancy Kandalec, Jean Grabski, Jody Queer. ■ Forensics and Debate clubs joined forces to compile two consecutive years’ 1 000 points for entry in National Forensics League. Meets at HHS, Lafayette Jeff, Elkhart, Peru and Purdue accumu- lated individual and club NFL points. In the first full year of varsity action, four debate men earned “De- grees of Merit” for point totals. More seminars and debates at PU, Butler, Howe Military, U. of Illinois and regional high schools preluded CHS sectionals wins over Hobart, Noll; regional loss to HHS. Thespians gave profits from “Our Town” (December) to the junior class. February’s “Arsenic and Old Lace” was the last Drama Club en- deavor to be produced in the gym. Drama Club classes studied the Stanislowsky " method” of acting. DEBATE — Seated: Jim Hall, NFL; Mike Hanneld, NFL; Andrea Beaty. Standing: Mr. John Swanson, sponsor; Dick Flood, NFL; Arnie Lewin, NFL; Stevens White; Frank Laciak, Carl Royal, NFL. 67 Newsmen rush to “beat” grapevine with news PRODUCTION STAFF — Andi Stevenson, Linda Raksanyi, Cindy Brandley, Kathy Moulesong, Steffie Adamko, Larry Sosin. EDITORIAL STAFF — -Kathy Farley, production manager; Loretta Zurawiec, feature editor; Phil Bohenkamp, sports editor; Sherry Fyte, editor-in-chief; Sue Ann Peavler, news editor; Sue Kinsock; Miss Judy Richter, adviser (at desk). page editors organize anniversary issue, stories REPORTERS — Front Row: Peggy Stringham, Luttringer, Jane Messman, Nancy McCaig, Chris Balzer, Linda Lula. Second Row: Linda Barb Kark, Bill Conner. ■ Clue and new headline schedule in hand, Scroll editors readied dum- my sheets for mimeographing and even tried their hand at printing photos in second anniversary edition. Increasing staff efficiency for the 18 issues were definite page editors who dished out assignments and took charge of their own pages. Reporters, many from Journalism I, checked beats to keep tab on or- ganizations and hunted up scoops for advance front page coverage. Rated yearly, Scroll copped a third place in 62-63 Columbia Scholastic Press Association, a second in Na- tional Scholastic Press Assn. To further Scroll quality, editor Sherry Fyte went to Indiana U for a two-week newspaper institute; she won second place for her edi- tor’s brief, was second runner-up for the institute scholarship. STAFF — Judy Luttringer, local papers correspondent; Mary Macnak, cartoonist; Sandy Leeney, columnist; Linda Raykovich, assistant exchange editor; Sue Pasko, exchange editor; Marty Newcomb, Wayne Kornas, Mike Whitaker, sports writers. REPORTERS — Standing: Elwood Bolinger, Ruth Carlson, Jane Daugherty, Corinne Colantonio, Laurvilla Beilby. Seated: Gayl Baker, Anne Hansen, Judi Panian, Cloria Canada. Copy Writers — Peggy Motes, Yvonne Kaczmarczyk, Cheryl Woomer, Bill Conner, Carol Forsberg. Yearbook delves ■ One-third larger, the ' 64 “Fu- tura” hailed its second student edi- tion with 1 68 pages. Addition of 40 pages allowed for senior section, advertising, and spring sports and activities. Business staff was created to sell ads to local businesses and books, totaling 904, to students. Last year’s rating by National Scholastic Press Association garnered a first class grade for Futura’s na- tional competition debut. Improvement on the book began at Indiana U ' s summer yearbook in- stitute, where Sue Sanders, Beth Hanneld and Lavonne Bebler found new angles on design, copy, adver- tising and reader interest. Third in business management class, Sue was second runner-up for institute scholarship; Lavonne placed fourth in copywriting. Editorial Staff — Beth Hanneld, editor-in- chief; Linda Guber, layout; Lavonne Bebler, copy; Miss Judy Richter, adviser; Carol Wil- liams, photography. 70 into ad campaign to preserve ’64 in printer’s ink SECTION EDITORS — -Front Row: Judi Block, Hicks, activities. Back: Bob Swearingen, Rosinski, senior; Kris Hebda, index, faculty; Nancy Kandalec, academics; Letty sports; Ann Rodovich, organizations; Carole BUSINESS — Front Row: Joyce Williams, Jane Back: Larry Sosin, Sarah Lewis, Andi Steven- Sanders, Sue Sanders, business manager, son, Karen Brenman . 71 ENGLISH CLUB — Front Row: Mr. Larry Wray, sponsor; Judy Luttringer, Joan Kunka, Barbara Bruno, Linda Guber, vice president; Louise Bryk, treasurer; Sandra Leeney, pres- ident; Nancy Stanwyck, secretary; Sherry Fyte, Sandy Markola. Second Row: Anne Hansen, Sue Pasko, Anne Rodovich, Mary Macnak, Beth Hanneld, Peggy Stringham, Sue Ann Peavler, Donna Ringer, Judi Block, Judi Martin, Sarah Lewis. Third Row: Carole Rosinski, Nancy Kandalec, Peggy Motes, Jean Ferry, Carol Chorba, Barbara Haywood, Janice Kuhn, Karen Voris, Barb Kark, Sue Cohen. Fourth Row: Kris Hebda, Steve Bot- sko, Bill Conner, Dennis Kucer, Kirk Cooley, Dennis Botsko, Sue Sanders, Linda Dearing. Fifth Row: Wayne Kornas, Dan Dec, Pete Jasis, Vic Szurgot, Bill Tabinsky, Larry Hick- man, Marty Stiglitz, Elwood Bolinger. Sixth Row: Jim Roper, Doug Jones, Doug Klein, Tim Raykovich. Activities reflect English Club’s cultural interest At the English Club Book Fair, seniors Mary Macnak, Sandy Leeney and Adeo Nicolai make their selections from among the world’s great classical and contemporary authors. ■ “Let’s get cultured” headed Eng- lish Club plans for hitting cultural spots in Chicago on a club basis. Operating under its new consti- tution, members of the club spon- sored a fall book fair in a book mo- bile in front of the school. During the second semester, student re- sponse to buying paperbacks decided if a permanent paperback book fair would be in the library. “La Plume,” the club’s literary effort, received its first copyright in the spring. Members, primarily those in creative writing class, fur- nished bulk of “La Plume” material, which exceeded last year’s volume. “Silver Bells” lent holiday atmo- sphere to the lobby for the club’s annual semi-formal dance held Dec. 14. Bill Tabinsky and the Majesties provided the music for the 40 cou- ples who attended the dance. Spanish brigade draws more than 100 members SPANISH CLUB — Front Row: Lillian Woj- dula, Joyce Kolas, Barb Siti, Linda Salczyn- ski, Cayl Baker, Lynda Tobakos, Barb Kol- bucher. Second Row: Pat Bartley, Darlene Lobodzinski, Sharon Lohse, treasurer; Deb- bie Stimler, Maureen Callahan, Kathy Czarny, Debbie Kovack. Third Row: Pam Hlavaty, Geraldine Lobodzinski, Polly Wiersbe, La- vonne Bebler, secretary; Sue Cohen, Linda Lacko. Fourth Row: Bruce Natkin, president; John Lock, Phil Law, Mike Morales, Bob Weimer, Harry Ference, Bruno Bielat. Fifth Row: Mr. Rich Jonas, sponsor; Larry Hick- man, Nick Hether, historian; Larry Baker, Don Baker. ■ Roundup of more than 1 00 mem- bers snowballed Spanish Club to a rousing first year of activities. Constitutional writing and rati- fying founded El Circulo Espanol as the offical club name. First activity, involving about 35 members, was seeing the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico at McCormick Place during the holidays. In February the south of the bor- • der brigade rode again to Chicago to see Senor Jose Greco, the re- nowed Flamenco dancer. Back home El Circulo planned a costume dance complete with som- breros, Mexican refreshments and bright fiesta atmosphere to celebrate Pan-American day in April. Profits frorti dance and sales of Mexican pastries to students and faculty went to a fund for a foreign exchange student. Building this fund was the club’s major goal. SPANISH CLUB — Front Row: Corinne Col- antonio, Virginia Millman, Pat Miller, Lucy Wisniewski, Terri Pilot, Patti Garrett, Mary Ann Palazzolo, Dodie Hanson, Carolyn Kush, Suzanne Geis. Second Row: Vicky Rokosz, Connie Daniels, Peggy Stringham, Maria Shepherd, Sue Ann Peavler, Shirley Augus- tine, Alice Skalba, Wendy Ganser, Jeanne Angelick, Cheryl Andis. Third Row: George Manus, Jim Bialker, Carmen Provenzano, Jim Walker, Bill Noojin, Sandy Wilson, Gail Bondra, Michaelene Conway, Linda Polszyn- ski, Mrs. Marsha Sevald, sponsor. Fourth Row: Rich Zackiewicz, Bill Weyhmueller, Brian Johnson, Alan Lang, Vic Szurgot, Rusty Ferguson, sergeant- at - arms; Tom Thomas, Dave Solan, Phil Spitale, vice president. 73 New French, Latin clubs plan soiree, banquet FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS — Mrs. Eleanor Rainey, sponsor; Sue Sanders, president; Joan Kunka, secretary; Sue Westman, treasurer; Ann Cunningham, vice president. ■ “April in Paris” theme captured the air of the new French Club’s spring time enactment of Paris April 4 in the front lobby. All members of French classes had a part in the soiree, sponsored and organized by the club. They acted as bankers, ran flea markets, guided tours around the city, acted in skits or French classrooms, and served French pastries and lemonade. Latin Club members raided their linen closets for the second semes- ter Roman banquet. Thus attired in traditional togas and tunics, ban- quet-goers lounged Roman style on floor cushions while dining on the “from soup to nuts” meal. Historical reports and Roman plays taken from the Latin textbook headed the new club’s agendas. LATIN CLUB — Front Row: John Adams, Frank Laciak, Ed Zivich, Gene Dutro, Jim Bolanowski, Lon Bergstrom, Don Bachmann. Margarite Skalba, Kathy Courtney, Doug Berger. Third Row: Miss Margaret Fitzgerald, Anderson. Second Row: Barb Westberg, sponsor; Roland Camp, Mike Doerner, Jerry 74 SCIENCE CLUB — Front Row: Roland Camp, risko. Second Row: Steve Grandfield, Tom Spowart, Rich Sluzewski, Ron Cuslan, Arthur Ralph Krasmechan, Bob Moore, vice presi- Kulczyk, James Vaughn, Noel Jett, Don Hayworth. Fourth Row: Mr. Michael Ho- dent; Theresa Linvelle, secretary; Linda Don- Gordon, Dan Vliek. Third Row: John Snek- roda, Mr. Richard Metz, Mr. John Jeffries, ovan, Dennis Werner, president; George Op- ser, Cathy Hotaling, Sue Beeson, Robert sponsors. Albums, experiments fill after-hours of clubsters PHILATELIC CLUB — Front Row: Mr. Del- secretary. Second Row: Bob Weimer, Dale bert Stevens, sponsor; Jim Walker, presi- Pruim, Bob Rabatim, Walt Wozniak, Charles dent; Phil Parsley, vice president; Sam Zach, McCorkle. ■ Affiliation with the National Science Club topped the year ' s ac- complishments for Science Club, with election of officers and adop- tion of a constitution as follow-up achievements for ' 63-’64. Twenty-five members offset reg- ular meetings with visits to the Museum of Science and Industry. Trips to other science displays and museums were also in the offing. Science Club encouraged members to enter projects in the CHS and Lake County science fairs in spring. Collecting and trading stamps for fun and profit was part of the Philatelic Club agenda. At meetings and amongst themselves, members begged, borrowed and traded rare and new stamps. They learned more about the stamps from foreign coun- tries from discussions at meetings. Aids to the stamp enthusiasts were stamp magazines. 75 FUTURE NURSES — Front Row: Sandy Mark- ola. Sue Stooksbury, Mary Ellen Fox, Bonnie Strauser, Barbara Weilgos, Linda Wasiuta, Elizabeth Dean, Debbie Wojciehowski, Ka- ryn Brenman, Bonnie Bales, Fran Fehring. Second Row: Linda Ledbetter, Mary Ellen Prendergast, Kris Hebda, Susan Shutko, Kathy Douglas, treasurer; Pat Kohut, Jane Weimer, Kathy Cantz, Rosemary Ladowicz, Sandy Crook, Sandra Fritz. Third Row: Mrs. Mary Baker, sponsor; Betty Boren, Anne Rodovich, Carol Hansen, vice president; Lin- da Higgins, Sandra Zimny, Debbie Gatz, Sharyn Kovalsky, Linda Guber, Laurvilla Beilby, Meg Grandfield, Leslie Farmer. FNC, Y-Teens rate good Samaritans recognition Y-TEENS — Front Row: Connie Stevenson, Rose Sum, Maureen Callahan, Janice Earl, Eve Forgich, Carol Roper, Maryann Palazzo- lo, Carolyn Kush, Andi Stevenson; Miss Val- erie Goluch, Miss Jan Hepple, sponsors. Sec- ond Row: Susan Lucas, Sue Comer, Kathy Gyure, Pat Green, Kathy Courtney, Debbie Kovack, Lucy Wisniewski, Linda Bailey, Janice Smith, Pam Von Almen. Third Row: Sandy McCance, Donna Blaemire, Susan Pratt, Con- nie Daniels, Sue McDonald, Ellen Swaim, Carol Walker, Myretta Ordway, Dana Keith, Kathy Farley. Fourth Row: Tula Carstensen, Cheryl Woomer, Carol Franklin, Gail Bondra, Sarah Stowers, Karen Stringham, Sheila Lannin, Jana Grabski, Mary Savicz, Evelyn Merchant, 76 ■ Both Y-Teens and Future Nurses Club stressed good will and charity plus careers, social polish in ’64. For Christmas, FNCers concocted cookies and fudge and gave maga- zine gift subscriptions at Beatty Memorial Hospital in Westville. Highlight of the year was the re- ception of a membership charter from the National League of Nurs- ing. It dubbed the Cavit chapter with the name Bibs and Caps. To learn of various fields in nurs- ing, medicine, FNC had as speakers a public health nurse, a doctor, an industrial nurse. Two nurses from Cary Methodist Hospital told of courses and social life for student nurses at their school of nursing. Y-Teens included community service in their second year by solic- iting funds for the March of Dimes. For this they received a letter of rec- ognition from the M-D committee. “Misty,” second annual turnabout, raised money to send an officer to the Y-Teens summer camp. Hall showcase displayed proper attire for this dress-up dance, fea- turing the Kingsmen. FTA — front Row: Kathy Moulesong, Bobbie Bielecki, Penny Hammers, Carolyn Borchardt, Helen Logan, Bonnie McCrum, Vicky Rokosz, Barb Denham, Linda Dacus, vice president; Bonita Kocur. Second Row: Maria Shepherd, Cheryl Banas, Bonnie Hollingshead, Pam Wallace, Jill Fuhrmark, Lorna Potter, Barb Bruno, Karen Hester, Sharon Thompson, president; Karen Voros, Prudi Elliott. Third Row: Mr. Bob Jackson, sponsor; Sharon Lohse, Paula Kulczyk, Barb Kark, secretary; Judy McCrum, Sandy Leeney, Linda Dear- ing, treasurer; Maria Maruschak, Terry Fea, Peggy Stringham, Cathy Bajusz, Barb Klo- buchar, Mrs. Ethyl Dredge, sponsor. FTA assists faculty; chessmen challenge ECR ■ Armed with red pencils, Future Teachers of America played peda- gogue by student teaching and help- ing faculty members grade papers. FTAers also observed classroom procedures at other schools. Throuh a convention at Muncie, roundup at LaPorte and programs, members met education leaders. Back-to-school Night bake sale and hayride rounded social ventures. With a doubled membership, the Chess Club entered its first meet at EC Roosevelt April 4, with hopes of playing the Dyer club in May. Plagued first with no definite meeting room and then with too little time for chess tourneys during club periods, members finally set 7:30 a.m. practice sessions for their inter- and intra-club meets. CHESS CLUB — Front Row: Mr. Robert George, sponsor; Dave Rose, secretary; Ed Zivich, president; Kirk Cooley, vice presi- dent; Jerry White, Carl Royal, Mr. Robert Johns, sponsor Second Row: Claude Stanley, Bill Smutzer, Jack Elmore, Walter Uriadko, Peter Kohut, Rick Hochman, Pat McPhillips. Third Row: Greg Redlarczyk, Dan Gnass, Bob Bialon, Ken Aley, Bill Tokarz, Rich Zackiewicz, Dennis Frazier. Fourth Row: Mike Wilson, Steve Kennedy, Dale Wiersbe, Bill Motes, Richard Smutzer, Rich Ferguson, Paul Knestrict, Tom Vicari. 77 RED CROSS — Front Row: Ardis Hanna, Mike Whitaker, vice president; Charlene Heldt, Diane Balder, Ramona Diehl, Colin Howat, Mike Mansueto. Second Row: John Bisbee, Sherry Cyure, Neena Natkin, Kathy Mizerik, Randy Roller, Linda Kerrick, Suzanne Van Slyke, Linda Donovan. Third Row: Georgia Cole, Nancy McCaig, Richard Bouton, Miss Valerie Goluch, sponsor; Thetna Sutton, Ka ren Knitter, president; Lorna Potter, sec retary-treasurer, Carolyn Borchardt. Groundbreaking, coloring eggs busy career club, Red Cross BUSINESS CLUB — Seated: Diane Qualle, Linda Senters, Chris Balzer, Barbara Bruno, Carol Chorba, Linda Farnelli, Judy Loebach, Pat Matusik. Rose Holder. Standing: Jan Kuhn, Rose Johnk, ■ Crowded Red Cross calendar kept the 34 members busy taking Christ- mas cookies to St. Ann’s Home and dunking and painting Easter eggs to give to needy children. Students pitched in to collect toothbrushes, pencils, ball and jacks for friendship boxes to destitute children of foreign countries. Future fund-raising goals aimed to buy business reference books for the library, support an orphan or initiate a scholarship fund. Admission requirements to Future Business Leaders of America were discussed at the first meeting of the new Business Club. Hoping for FLBA acceptance, the club ratified a constitution, formed in and out committees to plan ac- tivities in and out of CHS. 78 3M Company grant sets AV wheels in motion ■ Vital to stage-lighting for plays, movie-showing for government and science, and amplifying for audi- torium sessions was the 62-man audio-visual department. Milestone for AV workers was Cavit’s $3000 grant of equipment from the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. in December. Perhaps Cavit’s largest Christmas gift, the grant included 1 1 portable overhead projectors, two copying machines, 3000 copying sheets. CHS qualified for the award through submission of faculty let- ters showing how Cavit could make best use of the equipment. AV crew provided movies and overhead projectors for classrooms; spotlights, mikes, and phonographs for programs, assemblies, dances. HICH SCHOOL AUDIO-VISUAL — Front Row: Alan Hochman, Larry Grunnet, Bob Cutow- sky, Ted Witham, John Austgen, Tim Raykovich, Bob Manning. Second Row: Jim Rohlman, Bill Noojin, Steve Sowula, Dave Winski, Dave Sorg, Frank Palazzolo, Roy Daniels. JUNIOR HIGH AUDIO-VISUAL— Front Row: Rich Pernell, Ted Mycka, Steve Farm- er, Wes Norton, Carl Labine, John Bisbee, Ron Mercer, Mark Gholson, Dennis Venti- miglia. Second Row: Bob Gilchrist, Bob Fandrei, Ron Rassmussen, Milk Parker, Barry Merritt, Jim Holsclaw, Craig Kessy, Al Lew- in, Tom Locke, Dave Flood. Third Row: Mike Whitaker, Jim Wojciehowski, Dave .Slacian, Dave Aldrich, Bill Robson, Mark Cane, Terry Graegin, Ronnie Baker, Don Mangone, Mr. Harvey Zaun, sponsor. Fourth Row: Bert Ruble, Tom Norris, Con- nie Dembowski, Pete Janik, Bob Shutko, Charles Puglia, Bob Houser, Tim Peck. Fifth Row: Dennis Chudy, Bob Daniels, Carl Fandrei, Mark Sanders, Jim Federoff, Bruce Hayne, Bob McDonald, Don DeArmond, Rich Kutscher, Jim Lloyd, Scott Siecker. Amateur staffs dig in to lighten faculty load ■ Student interests in mind, nurse, counselor and library aides stood ready to care for cut fingers, find obscure books, or consult schedules. Principal task for Nurse Mary Baker ' s aides was maintenance of the “Daybook,” a record of student trips to the nurse. Name, arrival and departure and treatment were recorded in this journal. According to Indiana law, aides could not ad- minster any medication, could practice only simple first-aid procedures. Manipulating time schedules for schoolwide innoculation also fell in the aide’s line of duty. Increased enrollment swamped counselors with work, created a need for student clerical help. One hour a day aides typed, filed and carried on written correspon- dence with other high schools, col- leges and universities. Armed with glue, labels, cards, library aides repaired books and magazines, checked them out to students and processed new books. Term paper rushers were indebted to pamphlet file, 51 magazine sub- scriptions, reserve book shelves, and 6053 volumes of 4931 books kept orderly by the junior librarians. COUNSELOR ' S AIDES — Letty Hicks, Nancy Stanwyck, Pat Emery, Kathy Korba. A problem swamped counselor receives cleri- cal aid from senior Letty Hicks. NURSE’S AIDES — Front Row: Debbie Gatz, Karen Knitter, Karen Voros. Second Row: Mrs. Mary Baker, sponsor; Sandy Markola, Cynthia Brandley, Bobbi Haywood. ATTENDANCE — Front Row: Ceri LoBodzin- retta Ordway, Sally Kudelka, Linda Dono- ski, Kathy Detterline, )anice Smith, Kathy van, Barbara Pearson, Vicky Rokosz, Judi Smith, Candy Emig, Jane Dibblee, Diane Forsberg, Barb Denham, Barb Carpenter. Second Row: Ron Conner, Carol Orich, My- Block, Sharon Augustine. Third Row: Richard Laughlin, Leone Skalnik, Marguerite Mrz- lock, Donna • Orbranovich, Charlotte Kovacik, Barb Kark, Carol Forsberg, Wendy Franey, Kris Hebda. Fourth Row: Bill Fields, Rose Holder, Louise Bryk, Carol Cesare, Kathy Douglas, Barbara Wielgos, Darlene Lobod- zinski, Janice Kuhn, Carol Chorba. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS- — Front Row: Nancy Nelson, Charlene Sylvester, Lynda Higgins. Second Row: Laurvilla Beilby, Miss Jean Rosenwinkel, librarian; Mrs. Angela Penny, assistant librarian; Donna Ringer. Third Row: Richard Bouton, Maria Maruschak, Ron Conner. CAA — Front Row: Jana Oprisko, Sue Mol- nar, Bonnie Bales, Judy Ferguson, Margaret Burdeau, Sue Stooksbury, Karin Undi, Jean Pearson, Sue Holder, Lynda Woomer. Second Row: Cassie Tarlton, Rhonda Faden, Betty Jo Cooley, Barbara Housley, Cheryl Andis, Carol Smutko, Louise Bryk, Nancy Coddard, Suzanne Panian, Miss Margaret Kelly, spon- sor. Third Row: Georgeanne Tatusko, Mary Doloszycki, Susan Shutko, Wendy Franey, Shirley Augustine, Alice Skalba, Meg Grand- field, Judy Probus, Connie Straugh, Nancy Pickett, secretary. Fourth Row: Carol Orich, Sally Kudelka, Linda Schneider, Sandy Wil- son, Carole Cesare, Marcy Stemp, Jeanne Angelich, Linda Kerrick, Gloria Canada, Letty Hicks, president. GAA begins tradition by mother-daughter feast GAA — Front Row: Rose Holder, vice presi- dent; Kathy Courtney, Debbie Kovack, Lynne Bergstrom, Linda Raykovich, Debbie Hurd, Gail Meltz. Second Row: Gayle Sako, treas- urer; Barbara Westberg, Sue Westman, Kar- en Brenman, Sue Weeks, Nancy Lewis, Sally Bewley, Dorothy Heifer. Third Row: Miss Jackie Bruno, sponsor; Gay Cooley, Jane Daugherty, Wendy Ganser, Sue Sanders, Betty Boren, Janice Kuhn, Carol Chorba, Barbara Weilgos. Fourth Row: Karen Wat- son, Sharon Lohse, Barbara Klobuchar, Kathy Larson, Pat Matusick, Rita Cooper, Chris Balzer, Pam Wallace. Fifth Row: Laurvilla T Beilby, Cathy Bajusz, Cheryl Woomer, Karen Sewell, Jane Sanders, Mary Macey, Susan Pratt, Denise Zimny. ■ Focal point for CAA members was its first mother-daughter ban- quet, a catered dinner May 5. Annual sock hop was again the school’s first dance of the year. Following a constitutional revi- sion, Cavit chapter joined the state Girls Athletic Association. March play-day, planned by frosh members, invited Clark, Morton, Tech and Hammond High CAAs to participate in basketball, volleyball and track. Tumbling, square danc- ing and trampoline antics were in- terrupted by lunch time in cafeteria. Earning points for numerals, mon- ograms or letter awards, members strove to become the outstanding senior honored by a permanent wall plaque in the girls gym office. Miss Jackie Bruno, co-sponsor, announced the winner at the May mother- daughter banquet. 82 Safety Sam cites hazards; drillers incite spirit TRAFFIC SAFETY— Front Row: Cayle Sako, treasurer; Tim Raykovich, vice presi- dent; Dave Persic, president; Dave Den- ham, assistant secretary; Mike Kohut, assistant vice president. Second Row: Tom Cillam, Jim Roper, Bob Haack, Wayne Weav- er, Mike McPhillips, Jane Sanders. Third Row: Ron Kamradt, Terry Hindmarch, Dave Knoche, Skip Knutson, Jim Berger, Joe Pa- luta, Chuck Dixon, Gary Philips, Tim Lloyd, Sue Sanders, Sharon Lohse. ■ Although diverse in nature, both Traffic Club and Drill Team saw their second year of service to the student body. Due to construction, Traffic Club slowed its pace in its parking lot registration of cars driven to school by students, faculty. But safety assemblies with em- phatic movies and student panel dis- cussions helped convey the idea of constant safety for all students. Drill formations and flashes of purple-gold uniforms and white boots meant half-time entertain- ment by 28 Drill Team members at home football and basketball games. To finance uniforms the girls sold football programs, football and bas- ketball schedule pencils. DRILL TEAM — Front Row: Karen Whitaker, drill leader. Second Row: Karen Stringham, Judi Block, Marguerite Skalba, Sarah Stow- ers, Third Row: Diane Forsberg, Lynne Bergstrom, Judi Panian, Shirley Zach. Fourth Row: Karen Kostick, Karen Brenman, Mar- garet Gardner, Sue Westman. Fifth Row: Debbie Kovack, secretary; Barb Carpenter, Sue Von Almen, P at Kollar. Sixth Row: Patti Garrett, Linda Raykovich, Barbara Klobuchar, Barb Denham. 83 PEP CLUB — Front Row: Sheila Lannin, vice president, Evelyn Merchant, treasurer, Jana Oprisko, secretary, Susan Hansen, Carol Smutko, Ruth Carlson, Kathy Hill Second Row: Karen Watson, Pam Brooks, Linda Raykovich, Sharon La France, Lana Mitchell, Sandy Raganyi, Jane Daugherty, Meg Grand- field. Third Row: Sue Weeks, Gail Meltz, Dorothy Heifer, Corky Colantonio, Viriginia Millman, Valerie Stetson, Pat Sloan, Kathy Sorg, Fourth Row: Andi Stevenson, Jana Grabski, Cheryl Woomer, Karin Kostick, Jody Queer, Jean Grabski, Carolyn Shanley, Laura Ahlemier, Jane Prendergast. Yell blocs, mascot spread spirititis to Gladiators PEP CLUB — Front Row: Miss Caryle Fed- dler, sponsor, Pam Jarnecke, Judy Daven- port, Penny Hammers, Karen Hester, Rita Coto. Second Row: Shirley Jones, Kathi Douglas, Shirley Augustine, Alice Skalba, Susan Shutko, Mary Jo Doloszycki, Linda Butler. Third Row: Rosemary Ladowicz, Lin- da Wasiuta, Mary Jo Lindauer, Ch ' eryl Far- ris, Christine Balzer, Maureen Gibbons, Vicki Fielder, Nancy Pickett. Fourth Row: Maureen Callahan, Linda Kerrick, Diane Leeb, Fay Daugherty, Gail Baker, Gail Bon- dra, Brenda Thornsberry. Fifth Row: Ted Witham, Barbara Wielgos, Francine Towas- nicki, Linda Schneider, Carol Forsberg, Car- ole Rosinski, Brian Johnson, Dave Sorg. ■ Epidemic of acute spirititis in- fected junior and senior high Pep Clubs as they spurred Gladiator forces. Junior high membership swelled to one of school’s highest. Members discovered spirititis was contagious when they chartered buses for Rensselear, Lowell, River Forest games, initiated car caravan tradition for GHS-Tech grid game. Club spelled out “loyalty” during Loyalty Week with activities for Lo(low) Day, Ya(yay) Day, LT (lettermen) Day and Y(why) Day. Homeroom pep sign contest, won by Miss Carolyn Quinn’s room, be- gan sectional pep rally. With Drill Team and Lettermen, a sea of white-bloused waves roared “Go, Gavit!” on the sectional shore, as Gladiator mascot, Lenny Templeton, wielded the sword and shield. JUNIOR HICH PEP CLUB JUNIOR HICH PEP CLUB JUNIOR HICH PEP CLUB 86 People People completed ’63-’64. From scholarship winners to junior high’s top ticket sellers, classes sold candy, license plates, pennants. Juniors enacted “Our Town’’ while frosh met homework humdrum. Sophs wrangled a “hoot” as seniors eyed want ads. Faculty tallied NCA reports, chaperoned dances, yelled at Gladiator games. 87 Hammond greets new superintendent Hendrick, HAMMOND SCHOOL BOARD — Sitting: Mrs. Margaret Allen, Mrs. Claire Stern. Standing: Mr. Charles Scott, Dr. Henry Eggers, Mr. Leo Bereolos, Dr. Joseph Hendrick, superintendent. ■ First day of school, Sept. 10, 1963, saw 1673 students enter CHS for its first year as a complete jun- ior-senior high school. Ready to teach them was a faculty of 75. Because of the increased enroll- ment, school day stretched from early bird period at 7 :30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. More early bird classes were initiated the next semester when the enrollment jumped to 1768 with seven new teachers. Cafeteria scheduled six half-hour lunches, and students could petition from study halls. With Mr. R. B. Miller’s retire- ment, school system welcomed Dr. Joseph Hendrick as new superin- tendent of Hammond public schools. In November voters elected a school board consisting of incum- bents Mrs. Claire Stern, Dr. Henry Eggers and Mr. Charles Scott. New electees were Mr. Edward Hudson and Mr. Ralph Potesta. PRINCIPAL — Mr. Lewis F. Witham. Honorary ’64er Mr. Donald E. Cavit receives a school ring from Carol Williams at last year’s prom. Mr. Cavit will retire in June after 30 years of school service. otes for school board members Doris Middleton, Miss Dolores Chase, Mrs. STUDENT SERVICES — Sitting: Miss Jo Ar- mintrout. Miss Betty Lundahl. Standing: Miss Ozzie Bowers. Jean Rosenwinkel, Mr. Edward Ignas, Mr. Homer Meredith, Mr. Allison Johnson. Mr. Richard Andrews — JH mathe- matics; jH Pep Club, JH Speech Club. Miss Jo Armintrout — JH counse- lor; Junior Honor Society. Miss Judy Baker — business educa- tion head; Business Club. Mrs. Mary Baker, R.N. — school nurse; Future Nurses Club. Mr. Donald Balk — instrumental music; orchestra, ensembles. Mr. Norman Banas — mechanical drawing, driver education; Traffic Safety Club, varsity basketball, vars- ity baseball. Mr. Larry Bewley — JH ' history. Mr. Dennis Bond — U.S. history, geography. Mr. Richard Bottorff — JH social studies. Mr. Erwin Brauer — industrial arts. Mrs. Marylou Bringas — business. Miss Jackie Bruno — HS physical education; HS cheerleaders, Girls Athletic Association, HS Pep Club. Mr. Paul Brush — health and safe- ty; Traffic Safety Club, varsity foot- ball, freshman basketball. GENERAL SCIENCE — Mr. Earl Thompson, Mr. Nick Voris, Mr. Marty Jamrose. FINE ARTS — Mr. Tom Clark, Miss Betty SPECIAL SERVICES — Mr. Ernest Hurt, student personnel; Mrs. Mary Baker, nurse; Mr. Harvey Zaun, audio-visual aids. 90 Faculty teams pre-check GHS for accredidation Click, Mr. Donald Balk, Mr. Reginald Gilbertson, Mr. Willard Jonas, Miss Marilyn Stanger, Mrs. Beulah Seckinger. PRACTICAL ARTS — Standing: Mr. Norman Banas, Mr. Edwin Brauer. Sitting: Mrs. Loretta Schneider, Miss Mary Jo McMorrow. Miss Helen Bunker — JH social studies. Mr. Tom Chintis — HS history; b team basketball, varsity football. Mr. Tom Clark — HS vocal music; HS vocal ensembles. Miss Diane Clinton — HS social studies; department head. Mrs. Ethyl Dredge — JH English; Future Teachers of America. Miss Florence Grunkemeyer — gen- eral business, typing, shorthand. Mr. Marshall Del Greco — HS math- ematics, head; class of ’65. Miss Caryle Feddeler — JH math- ematics; HS Pep Club, class of ’66. Miss Margaret Fitzgerald — Latin, HS English; Latin Club. Mr. Earl Fruehling — business ed- ucation; cross country, track. Mr. Robert George — HS social studies; Chess Club. Mr. Reginald Gilbertsen — HS art; athletic financial manager. Miss Elizabeth Click— JH vocal music; JH vocal ensembles. Miss Valerie Goluch — HS English; Y-Teens, Red Cross. Mr. Joseph Goodnight — HS social studies; class of ’67. Mr. Frank Gradisher — JH mathe- matics. Miss Suzanne Griffin — JH English. Miss Jan Hepple — HS English; Y- Teens. Mrs. Carol Hill— JH English. Mr. Michael Horoda — HS mathe- matics, chemistry; Science Club. Mr. Martin Hunt — German; class of ’66. Mr. Ernest Hurt — attendance, stu- dent personnel. Mr. Edward Ignas — HS counselor. Mr. Robert Jackson — HS mathe- matics; Future Teachers of America. Mr. Martin Jamrose — JH, HS sci- ence; JH football. Mr. John Jeffries — physics, HS ma thematics; Science Club. 91 State 1st class commission feathers faculty hats Mr. Robert Johns — HS mathema- tics; Chess Club. Mr. Allison Johnson — counselor. Mr. Leroy Jolly — JH English. Mrs. Bernice Johnson — HS Eng- lish; Drama Club, class of ’65. Mr. Rich Jonas — Spanish, busi- ness; Spanish Club. Mr. Willard Jonas — instrumental music; concert bands. Mr. Cary Kallaus — HS English. Miss Margaret Kelly — JH physical education; JH cheerleaders, Girls Athletic Association, JH Pep Club. Mr. Mike Kobe— JH science. Mrs. Cayle Kohpelian Chesebro — JH vocal music. Miss Betty Lundahl — HS counse- lor; assembly coordinator. Miss Mary Jo McMorrow — foods. Mr. Donald McLean — JH social studies; JH student council. Mr. Lee Mann — HS mathematics; class of ’64. Mr. Breck Marion — JH civics. ENGLISH — Mr. Roland Unkuri, Miss Bernice Johnson, Miss Betty Zitko, Miss Judy Richter. JH ENGLISH — Sitting: Mrs. Angela Penny. Standing: Mr. Leroy Jolly, Mrs. Florence Thorn- ton, Mrs. Ethyl Dredge, Mrs. Carol Hill, Miss Suzanne Griffin. 92 FOREIGN LANGUAGE — Mrs. Marsha Sevald, Mrs. Eleanor Rainey, Miss Margaret Fitzgerald, Mr. Martin Hunt. 93 HICH SCHOOL SCIENCE — Mr. Paul Brush. Miss Judy Pflum, head; Mr. Richard Metz, Mr. John Jeffries, Mr. Michael Horado. HICH SCHOOL MATH — Mr. Marshall DelCreco, head; Mr. Robert Jackson, Mrs. Phyllis Prater, Mr. Lee Mann, Mr. Robert Johns. JUNIOR HICH SOCIAL STUDIES — Mr. Larry Bewley, Mr. Don McLean, Miss Helen Bunker, Mr. Ron Whitcombe, Mr. Breck Marion. Seven newcomers swell 2nd term roster to 82 JH MATH — Mr. Frank Gradisher, Miss Caryle Feddeler, Mr. Delbert Stevens, Mr. Richard Andrews, BUSINESS — Miss Florence Grunkemeyer, Mr. Earl Fruehling, Mr. Richard Jonas, Miss Judy Baker. Mr. Homer Meredith — head guid- ance counselor. Mr. Richard Metz — biology; HS Science Club. Mr. John Molnar — JH mathe- matics. Mrs. Angela Penny — JH English, assistant librarian; class of ' 64 . Miss Judy Pflum — HS science, head; class of ’67, Drill Team. Mrs. Phyllis Prater — HS mathe- matics. Miss Carolyn Quinn — HS English; Forensics Club. Mrs. Eleanor Rainey — French, de- velopmental reading; French Club. Mrs. Nell Reitman — HS English. Miss Judy Richter — HS English, journalism; Scroll, Futura, Quill Scroll, news bureau. Mrs. Leonora Roberts — JH social studies. Miss Jean Rosen winkel — head librarian. Mrs. Loretta Schneider — clothing, foods. Mrs. Beulah Seckinger — JH art. Mrs. Marsha Sevald — Spanish; Spanish Club. Mr. George Smith — HS physical education; athletic director, varsity football, varsity wrestling, Letter- men’s Club. Miss Marilyn Stanger — JH vocal music. Mr. Delbert Stevens — JH mathe- matics; Philatelic Club. Mr. John Swanson — HS social studies; debate. Mr. Earl Thompson — JH science; varsity track. Mrs. Florence Thornton — JH Eng- lish, reading. NEW FACULTY MEMBERS — Sitting: Mrs. Standing: Mr. Mike Kobe. Mr. John Molnar, Lenora Roberts, Mrs. Nell Reitman, Mrs. Mr. Richard Bottoroff, Mr. Cary Kallaus. Marylou Bringas, Mrs. Gayle Chesebro. Daily schedule sees alterations with enrollment Mr. Roland Unkuri — HS English. Mr. Nick Voris — JH science; freshman football, B-baseball. Mr. Wayne Wagner — JH physical education; JH football, basketball, track. Mr. Ronnie Whitcombe — JH his- tory; HS Student Council, Youth Council. Mr. L Wray — HS English, head, English Club. Mr. Harvey Zaun — audio-visual coordinator, JH AV Club. Miss Betty Zitko — HS speech, English; National Honor Society. SOCIAL STUDIES — Standing: Mr. Dennis Bond, Mr. Tom Chintis, Mr. Robert George, Mr. Joseph Goodnight, Mr. John Swanson. Seated: Miss Diane Clinton, head. PHYSICAL EDUCATION — Miss Jackie Bruno, Mr. Wayne Wag- ner, Mr. George Smith, Miss Margaret Kelly. 96 Hard workers = neat halls, well-fed Gladiators CUSTODIANS — Sitting: Mr. Jim Earl, Mrs. Alvina Crunwald, Mrs. Retha Cunningham. Bell, Mr. Nick Kovacick, Mr. Don Miller, Cecelia Quigg, Mrs. Agnes Cearing, Mrs. Second Row: Mr. Orval Taggart, Mr. Charles Mr. Randy Friend. CAFETERIA STAFF — Sitting: Mrs. Helen Johnson, Mrs. Faye Swiontek. Standing: Mrs. Helen Skafish, Mrs. Winiford Bellamy. Ceiger, Mrs. Mildred Carley, Mrs. Bessie Della McNamara, Mrs. Estelle Hort, Mrs. Bundy, Mrs. Romaine Barbera, Mrs. Anne Toni Lukrafka, Mrs. Mildred Cline, Mrs. 97 College boards, job applications haunt seniors, CLASS OFFICERS — Sifting: Mr. Lee Mann, Mrs. Angela Penny sponsors; Wayne Kornas, president; Jim Sherby, representative; Bob Swearingen, sergeant-at-arms; Jim Roper, vice president. Standing: Rose Holder, treasurer; Sarah Lewis, secretary; Betty Boren, Carol Williams, representatives. ■ Cavit’s first graduating class met ’63-’64 in a frantic effort to polish grades, join activities. Sneaking from garage to garage to insure secrecy, seniors used kleenex borrowed from juniors to erect their Loyalty Day float, “Slay the Indians.” Armed with magic markers and crayons, they auto- graphed pale yellow cords at the October senior cord dance and wore these skirts and slacks each Friday. Black coffee sustained them through new electives, their winter dance, games, homework and jobs. Senior pictures, graduation announcements and name cards, college admissions and board tests, club dues, season tickets, prom and Washington Trip forced seniors to eye want ads and drain bank accounts. Following prom was a late May senior banquet. In a last week fling, after four years of leading and mak- ing a name, seniors revelled during senior week. Solemn march of purple and gold caps and gowns June 10 saw class of ’64 leave its pioneering behind. Earl Abshire — baseball 3. Sharon Augustine — Student Council 2,3,4; Business Club 4; Futura 3; English Club 3; CAA 1,2. Bob Bainbridge — Chess Club 3 (vice pres- ident) . Lavonne Marie Bebler — Spanish Club 4 (sec- retary) ; Student Council 2; Forensics Club 2,3; Drama Club 3,4; Scroll 2,3 (editor) ; Futura 4; English Club 2,3,4; V-Teens 3; CAA 1; Safety Club 3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Girls State 3. John Beloshopka — Chess Club 3 (secre- tary) ; football 1,2,3 (mgr.); wrestling 3. Barbara Black — Y-Teens 3,4. Zoe Ellen Black — Student Council 1 ; Drama Club 4; Scroll 3, class officer 2,3 (repre- sentative) . Elwood Bolinger — FTA 4; Scroll 2,3,4; Eng- lish Club 3,4. Steve Bondra. Betty Ann Boren — Future Nurses 2,3,4; CAA 1,2, 3, 4; class officer 4 (represen- tative) . Dennis Botsko — concert band 3; Scroll 3,4;. English Club 2,3,4; boys tumbling 2,3; football 2,3,4. Barbara Ann Bruno — FTA 3,4; Business Club 4; Future Nurses 3; English Club 2,3,4; CAA 1. 98 who polish their grades in aiming for graduation Louise Bryk — Student Council 1,2,3 (secre- tary) ; English Club 2,3,4 (treasurer) ; GAA 1,2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2,3; world affairs student study tour 3 ; DAR award. Jerry Cain. Carol Chorba — Business Club 4; English Club 2,3,4; Y-Teens 3 (vice president) ;• GAA 1,3,4; Pep Club 2. Creg Clower — Drama Club 4; concert band 1,2, 3, 4 (president); pep band; orchestra 2; marching band 4; English Club 2; “Our Town” 4. Sue Cohen — FTA 2,3 (secretary) ; English Club 3,4. Georgia Cole — Y-Teens 4; Red Cross 4. Bill Conner — Student Council 4; Drama Club 3; madrigals 2,3,4; mixed chorus 1,2,3 (business manager) ; concert choir 4; Scroll 4; Futura 4; English Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2; boys tumbling 1, cheerleader 2. Robert Kirk Cooley — Student Council 3; Scroll 2,3 (sports editor) ; Chess Club 3,4 (vice president) ; English Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 1; G-Men 3,4; basketball 1,2, 3, 4 (mgr.) ; football 1,2, 3,4. Lester Core — English Club 2,3; wrestling 3,4; cross country 4; class officer 3 (president) . Kim Davis. Milton Davis — football 1. Linda Helen Dearing — FTA 3,4 (treasurer) ; Business Club 4; Future Nurses 3; English Club 2,3,4; CAA 1. Daniel Dec — English Club 4; Red Cross 3; G-Men 3,4; football 2,3,4. Pat Emery — Student Council 2; mixed chorus 1,2 (secretary) ; GAA 2 (president). Jamesetta Enright. Carole Etnire — mixed chorus 2,3; Y-Teens 3,4; GAA 1 (president). Kitty Fansler — Drama Club 4; Future Nurses 3; Red Cross 3; Pep Club 3. Linda Farnelli — Business Club 4 (president) ; Futura 3; English Club 3; Red Cross 4; GAA 1,2; girls tumbling 1,2,3. Bob Farnsworth — Chess Club 3; Red Cross 1. Jean Ferry — English Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2. 99 Bill Fields — Drama Club 3 ; mixed chorus 1,2,3; concert choir 4. Carol Forsberg — Futura 4; English Club 3; Pep Club 3,4; girls tumbling 1,2,3; cheer- leader 3,4; class officer 2 (co-treasurer). Jill Fuhrmark — mixed chorus 3 ; Girls Glee Club 1,2; concert choir 4. Dolores Furlic — Drama Club 4; Y-Teens 3; Red Cross 1,2; GAA 1,2; Pep Club 2. Sherry Fyte — Forensics 2,3; Drama Club 3; Scroll 2,3,4 (editor) ; English Club 3,4; Y- Teens 3; GAA 1 ; girls tumbling 1,2; cheer- leader 1,2,3; Quill Scroll 3,4. Nancy Goddard — FTA 1,2; Scroll 3; English Club 2,3; Y-Teens 3; GAA 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 1. Linda Cuber — Student Council 1 ; Futura 3,4; Future Nurses 2,3 (president) 4; Eng- lish Club 2,3,4 (vice president) ; Pep Club 2; Quill Scroll 3,4. Robert Haack — Spanish Club 4; Scroll 3; G-Men 3,4; Safety Club 3,4; basketball 1,2, 3, 4; football 1,2, 3, 4; baseball 3,4; “Our Town” 4. Beth Hanneld — FTA 1 ; Girls Glee Club 1 ; Futura 2,3,4 (editor) ; English Club 2,3,4; GAA 1 ; Girls State 3; Quill Scroll 3,4; class officer 2 (co-treasurer). Anne Ellen Hansen — Girls Glee Club 1 ; Scroll 2,3,4; English Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2; Pep Club 1 . Barbara Haywood — Student Council 1 (pres- ident) ; Girls Glee Club 1 ; Future Nurses 3; English Club 2,3,4; GAA 1 ; Pep Club 1. Kristine Hebda — Student Council 2,4; Fu- tura 4 (index editor) ; Future Nurses 2,3 (treasurer) 4; English Club 3,4; Pep Club 3. Chicken wire stuffed with the contents of 1 1 5 boxes of kleenex form sides of senior float. Carol Forsberg and Sherry Fyte put finishing touches on float goalposts. 100 Seniors spend Loyalty Week concocting float Larry Hickman — Spanish Club 4; Student Council 3; Scroll 2; English Club 2,3.4; Fu- tura 4. Aletta Marie Hicks — Futura 3,4; GAA 1, 2,3,4 (president) ; Pep Club 2 (president) 3; girls tumbling 1,2,3 (captain); Quill Scroll 4. Lynda Higgins — Forensics Club 2; Future Nurses 3,4;. Rose Holder — FTA 2; Business Club 4; CAA 1,2, 3, 4; Pep Club 2; girls tumbling 2,3; class officer 4 (treasurer). James Housley — Chess Club 3; wrestling 3,4; baseball 4; cross country 2,3,4. Peter Jasis — Student Council 1,2; Forensics 2; English Club 2,3,4. Rose Johnk — Student Council 1 ; Business Club 4; Y-Teens 3,4; Red Cross 3; CAA 1 ,2. Douglas Jones — Student Council 3,4 (presi- •dent) ; Forensics 2,3; madrigals 3,4; mixed chorus 2,3,4 (business mgr.) ; concert choir 4; English Club 2,3,4; G-Men 3,4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; wrestling 3; “Our Town.” Dwight Judy Nancy Kandalec — Forensics Club 2; Futura 2,3,4; English Club 2,3,4. Barbara Kark — -FTA 3,4; Student Council 1 ; madrigals 2,3,4; mixed chorus 2,3,4; Boys Glee Club 3 (accompanist) ; English Club 3,4; CAA 1,2. ' Charles Kelleman — Drama Club 3; Chess Club 3; boys tumbling 1, 2,3,4; wrestling 3,4; cross country 4. Beverly Kiest — Student Council 3; Business Club 4; Red Cross 1 ; GAA 1,2; Pep Club 4. Doug Klein — mixed chorus 3; boys glee club 3; English Club 2,3,4; basketball 1,2; football 1, 3,4; class officer 2 (president); Science Club 4. Charlene Knapik — -Student Council 2; Eng- lish Club 2,3,4; class officer 3 (secretary) ; girls drill team. Bonita Kocur — -FTA 4; mixed chorus 3; con- cert choir 4. Logan Koontz — G-Men 3,4; Safety Club 4; basketball 1,2,3, 4; cross country 4. Wayne Kornas — Student Council 1 ; Scroll 4; English Club 2,3,4; G-Men 3 (secretary) 4; football 2,3,4; class officer 4 (president). Carol Kowaleski. Paul Kozubal — G-Men 4; wrestling 3; base- ball 3,4; “Our Town.” 01 First graduates test drive through new courses Sharon Kritsch — Future Nurses 4. Dennis Kucer — Scroll 3; Futura 3; English Club 4; Safety Club 3; Football 1,2; ‘‘Our Town”. Janice Kuhn — Student Council 2; Business Club 4; English Club 3,4; Y-Teens 3; CAA 1, 2,3,4. Phil Kumiega — boys tumbling 1. Joan Kunka — Student Council 1 ; English Club 2,3,4; CAA 1,2. Sandra Leeney — FTA 2,3,4; Student Council 1,2; Scroll 2,3,4; English Club 2,3,4 (presi- dent) ; CAA 1 ; Pep Club 2. Sarah Lewis — Student Council 2; Futura 3,4; English Club 2,3,4; CAA 1,2, 3, 4; girls drill team 2,3,4; class officer 4 (treasurer). Tim Lloyd — Safety Club 3,4; football 1 ; wrestling 3. Judy Loebach — Student Council 2; Business Club 4; Y-Teens 3,4. Helen Logan — Spanish Club 4; FTA 2,3,4; Forensics Club 2; English Club 2,3,4. Judy Luttringer — Student Council 1 ; Foren- sics Club 3; Girls Clee Club 3; Scroll 3,4; English Club 2,3,4; CAA 1,2. Jean McCarty — CAA 2,3,4; Pep Club S; cheerleader 3. Judy McCrum — Spanish Club 4; FTA 2,3,4; mixed chorus 2; concert band 1,2, 3, 4; pep band 4; English Club 2,3,4. Mike McPhillips — G-Men 4; Safety Club 4; Pep Club 3; basketball 1,3; football 3,4; baseball 3,4. Mary Macnack — Student Council 2,3 ; For- ensics 2; Girls Clee Club 2 (accompanist) ; orchestra 2; Scroll 4; English Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 1 ; CAA 1 . Sandra Lee Markola — Student Council 1,2; Scroll 3; Future Nurses 2,3,4; English Club 2,3,4; GAA 1; Pep Club 2; class officer 2 (secretary) . Judi Martin — English Club 3,4; Girls State 3. Maria Maruschak — FTA 2,3,4; concert band 1,2, 3,4; orchestra 2; marching band 4; Eng- lish Club 2,3,4. Sharyn Medley — Y-Teens 3,4; CAA 2. Shirley Melton — Y-Teens 3,4; CAA 1. 102 Minutes before class provide last chance for seniors Bobbi Haywood and Dennis Botsko to discuss English Literature assignment. Jim Milobar — G-Men 3,4; basketball 1,2; football 1 ,2,3,4. Ted Milobar — G-Men 3,4; basketball 1,2; football 1.2, 3, 4. Don Minnich — Spanish Club 4; Student Council 1; madrigals 2,3,4; mixed chorus 2,3; concert choir 4 (president); “Our Town”. Peggy Motes — FTA 2,3; Student Council 2,3,4; Futura 4; English Club 2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 2,3,4. Shirley Naftxger — Forensics Club 1 ; mixed chorus 1 ; GAA 1 ,2. Ceorge W. Oprisko — Forensics Club 2; Sci- ence Club 3,4. Sue Pasko — FTA 2,3; Forensics Club 2,3; Scroll 3,4; English Club 3,4. Sue Ann Peavler — Spanish Club 4; FTA 2,3; Scroll 3,4 (news editor) ; English Club 2,3,4; CAA 1.2; Quill Scroll 4. David Persic — G-Men 2,4; Safety Club 3,4; basketball 1,2, 3, 4; football 2; baseball 4; cross country 4. Diana Qualle— English Club 2,3,4; CAA 1,2; girls tumbling 2,3. Larry Ray — G-Men 3,4; basketball 1; foot- ball 1 ,2,3,4; wrestling 3. Tim Raykovich — Scroll 2,3; Science Club 4; audio-visual 3,4; English Club 2,3,4; G-Men 4; Safety Club 4 (vice president) ; track 3; football 2,3, 4 (statistician) ; wrestling 3; class officer 3 (sergeant-at-arms). 03 “John Henrys,” art work embellish senior cords Donald Reinert — Scroll 2; English Club 2; football 1,2. Donna Marie Ringer — Drama Club 3,4; Eng- lish Club 2,3,4; GAA 2; Safety Club 3; Pep Club 2; " Goodbye My Fancy”. Anne Rodovich — Forensics Club 2,3; Drama Club 3 (secretary-treasurer) ; Futura 3,4; Future Nurses 2,3 (vice president), 4; GAA 1,2,3; " Goodbye My Fancy”. Frank Romano — baseball 3. Ronald Rominger — wrestling 3,4. Jim Edward Roper — mixed chorus 2,4; boys glee club 3; Futura 3,4; Science Club 4; English Club 2,3,4; G-Men 3,4 (vice presi- dent) ; Traffic Safety Club 3,4; football 1,2,3, 4 (captain); wrestling 3,4 (captain); baseball 3; Boys State 3; class officer 4 (vice president). Carole Jean Rosinski — FTA 1,2; mixed chor- us 1 ; Girls Glee Club 1 ; Futura 2,3,4; Eng- lish Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; girls tum- bling 1,2, 3,4; cheerleader 3,4 (captain) ; class officer 2 ( representative) . Kenneth Sabo — Forensics Club 2; mixed chorus 4; boys glee club 3; concert choir 4. Cayle Sako — Student Council 2,3,4 (treas- urer) ; English Club 2,3; Red Cross 1 ; GAA 1,2, 3, 4 (treasurer); Pep Club 2,3; Traffic Safety Club 4. Alfred Salvesen — G-Men 3,4; track 3,4; boys tumbling 1,2; football 1,2, 3, 4; wrest- ling 3,4. Susan Maree Sanders — Student Council 1 , 2,3; Forensics Club 2,3,4; Scroll 2,3; Futura 2,3 (editor), 4; English Club 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,4; Safety Club 3 (secretary) 4; Quill and Scroll 3,4. Paul Savickis — G-Men 3,4; basketball 2; football 1,2,3, 4; wrestling 3, baseball 3,4. Darlene Schoettle — FTA 2; Y-Teens 3,4. John Schwertfeger — track 4; basketball 2; football 1. Maria Shepherd — Spanish Club 4; FTA 2, 3,4; Student Council 1,2; Scroll 3; English Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 2; class officer 3 (treasurer) . James Sherby — English Club 2,3,4; G-Men 3,4; basketball 1,2, 3, 4; cross country 4. Ross Smith — Student Council 2,3,4; Chess Club 3; baseball 3,4. Judy Sojka. Larry Sosin — Student Council 3; Scroll 3,4; wrestling 3. Nancy Stanwyck — -FTA 2 (secretary-treas- urer) ; English Club 2,3,4 (secretary) ; GAA 1,2; Pep Club 2. 104 June 10 ceremony ends GHS days for pioneers Connie Stevenson — Future Nurses 2,3; Y- Teens 4. Peggy Stringham — Spanish Club 4; FTA 4; Student Council 2; Scroll 4; English Club 2,3,4; CAA I ; Pep Club 2. Rose Sum — Business Club 4; English Club 2,3; Y-Teens 3,4; Red Cross 1,2,3; GAA 1,2; Pep Club 2. Bob Swearingen — Scroll 3; Futura 3,4; G- Men 3,4; basketball 2,3,4; football 2,3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; class officer 4 (serge- ant-at-arms) . Charlene Sylvester — -Drama Club 3; Girls Glee Club 4. Vie Szurgot — Spanish Club 4; Chess Club 3; English Club 2,3,4. Bill Tabinsky — Spanish Club 4; Forensics 2; English Club 4; football 1. Robert Takacs — G-Men 3,4; track 3,4; bas- ketball 1,2; boys tumbling 1,2; football 1, |ohn Vevurka — Scroll 3; G-Men 3,4; bas- ketball 1 (manager) ; boys tumbling 1,2, 3, 4; football 1,2, 3, 4; wrestling 3,4. Karen Sue Voros — Student Council 2 (sec- retary) ; madrigals 3,4; mixed chorus 2,3; concert choir 4; English Club 2,3,4; Red Cross 4; GAA 1 (vice president). Teddy Walsh — G-Men 3,4; football 1,2, 3, 4; baseball 3; " Our Town’’. Kenneth Walworth — G-Men 3,4; basketball 1,2; boys tumbling 1,2,3; football 1,2,3. Wayne Weaver — Safety Club 3,4; baseball 3,4. Stevens White — Student Council 1,2; For- ensics Club 2,3,4; Debate 3,4. Carol Anne Williams — mixed chorus 1, Girls Glee Club 1; Futura 3,4; Future Nurses 3; English Club 2,3; GAA 1,2 (vice president) ; Betty Crocker Award; girls tumbling 2; class officer 2,3 (vice president) ,4, (represen- tative) . Sharon Ann Yazumbek — FTA 2; madrigals 2,3,4; Girls Glee Club 1 ; concert choir 4; concert band 1,2,3, 4; pep band 4; marching band 4; English Club 2,3,4; GAA 2,3; stage band 3; dance band 4. Marilyn Zackiewicz — Business Club 4; Dra- ma Club 3; Future Nurses 3; English Club 4; CAA 1,2; Pep Club 2. Don Zugel — Chess Club 3; wrestling 3. Loretta Ann Zurawiec — FTA 2; Student Council 2; Scroll 3,4; Future Nurses 3.4; CAA 1. 105 Not pictured: Jim Miller Joe Miller Sharon Monzulla Adeo Nicolai Declaration of Independence brings memories of Washington-New York trip to seniors Zoe Ellen Black and Bob Swearingen. Upperclassmen toured nation’s capital, Times Square, Greenwich Village and Statue of Liberty. First seniors usher in tradition with cords, trip Intent expressions on senior faces reflect their interest in economics ' and government, two required courses inaugurated this year. 106 Etching a message on Creg Clower’s new cords, Judy McCrum whiffs a magic marker. Seniors first donned cords of official egg-shell white and pale yellow in October and had Cords Day every Friday. Pens popped out of purses and pockets at signing dance Oct. 1 1 . 107 Junior by-words entail play, float, prom, badges CLASS OFFICERS — Seated: Sue Kinsock, Standing: Mike Hanneld, vice-president; representative; Cheryl Hawkins, secretary; Ellen Sherby, representative; Kathy Korba, Diane Wilson, representative; Mrs. Bernice treasurer; Mr. Marshal DelCreco, sponsor. Johnson, sponsor; Dave Rich, president. ■ “Hey, Daisy Mae!” “ ‘Our Town’ is great!” “Buy a booster badge!” Sound familiar? No wonder. These were by-words for juniors as they sailed through the year. They began with their float’s win- ning Loyalty Day honors. In turn they honored Paul Kozubal (Li’l Ab- ner) and Eileen Sullivan (Daisy Mae) at their Sadie Hawkins dance. Selling booster badges and pen- nants was their continuous project. “Midnight Mist " honored the first graduating class at the junior-senior prom May 16 in Schererville. Open for auditioning by any high schooler was " Our Town.” Juniors sponsored this thespianic effort Dec. 7 in the cafeteria. In March National Merit tests taxed potential collegians’ brains. Adamko, Steffie Alb, Flossie Anderson, Douglas Anderson, Kenneth Andrews, Barbara Bainbridge, Tom Baker, Larry Ballantine, Janet Banks, Mickey Barragree, James Baugh, David Beaty, Andrea Beilby, Laurvilla Bielby, Howard Bialecki, Mary Bialker, James Bialon, Edward Bieszczat, Mike Black, Tom Blackmun, Donna Blaemire, Donna Block, Judi Bohenkamp, Phil Bondra, Gail Boren, Tom Bossinger, Cail Bouton, Richard Boyan, Jeff Bozikis, Tom Brandley, Cynthia 108 Brucker, Dennis Burress, Pat Callahan, Pat Carstensen, Tula Cole, Ronald Comer, Sue Conner, Ronald Cooper, Gene Craft, Robert Crank, Stephen Dacus, Linda Daniels, Roy Deere, Patricia Delache, Dennis Denham, David Detterline, Alvin Dibblee, Jane Dixon, Charles Dodd, Charles Dunn, Cory Dunn, Jim Dutro, Gene Marie Dycus, Carroll Eddlemon, Dennis Ellis, Cary Elmore, Jack Farley, Kathy Ference, Harry Flagg, Leslie Flood, Dick Forgich, Eve Fox, Robert Franklin, Carol French, Dave Frye, Jerry Gajdik, Mike Gilfillan, Dan Gillam, Tom Grabski, Jana Grabski, Jean Groves, Earl Gray, Dennis Greagin, Don Green, Pat Grunnett, Larry Gurnak, Jim Gurnak, Joe Gyure, Kathy Hajduk, Mark Hall, Jim Halla, Jim Hanneld, Mike Hansen, Carol Harasty, Roger 109 Class of ’65 Harris, Bob Hawkins, Cheryl Heldt, Charlene Hochman, A lan Horton, Richard Jacobson, Tom Jones, Lawrence Jones, Magdeline Kaczmarczyk, Yvonne Kamradt, Ronald Kane, Janet Kessey, Thomas Kinsock, Susan Kish, Patricia Klobuchar, Barbara Knicker, Robert Knitter, Karen Knocke, David Knoth Jerry Knutson, Skip Koch, Sue Kohut, Michael Kohut, Patricia Kolas, Joyce Kollar, Patricia Korba, Katherine Kovacik, Charlotte Kovack, Deborah Kovalsky, Sharyn Kudelka, Sally Kulczyk, Paula Kush, Carolyn Kwolek, Phillip Laciak, Francis Lacko, Linda Lang, Alan Lanman, George Lannin, Sheila Larson, Kathryn Laughlin, Richard Ledbetter, Joe Leslie, James Lewin, Arnold Lindauer, Mary Jo Linnemier, Susan Linowski, Nancy Linville, John Lobodzinski, Darlene Lobodzinski, Geraldine Lobodzinski, Lorraine Loktu, Michael Lucas, Susan Luddington, Danny Luetzelschwab, Carl Lula, Linda Lundgren, Mark Luttringer, Linda Mahler, Sally Manushaw, Marguerite Marinaro, Mike Mauk, Denzil McCance, Sandra McNamara, Paul Mercer, Dick Merchant, Evelyn Messman, Jane Miller, Ann Miller, Joseph Moore, Bob Morales, Mike Moulesong, Kathy Mrzlock, Marguerite Mustoe, Sue Natkin, Bruce Nelson, Nancy Newcomb, Martin Noojin, Rich Obranovich, Donna Overstreet, Nancy Palozzolo, Frank Patchen, Greg Patka, Allan Pearson, Barbara Peschke, Norman Phillips, April Pickett, Nancy Popovich, George Przondo, Cynthia Pummill, Dorothy Purcell, Frank Queer, Jody Ramirez, Mike Ray, Gene Ray, Rick Rich, David Robinson, Larry Rohlman, James Romanowski, Shirley Rose, David Rosenberger, Ron Sako, Jim Salczynski, Linda Sapyta, Rose Ann Savicz, Mary Schatte, Pat Schmidt, Sharon Scolnik, Steve Sherby, Ellen 111 Class of ’65 Siecker, Abby Simpson, Robert Siti, Barbara Siti, Robert Skafish, John Skalnik, Leone Smith, Sandra Smutzer, Bill Snekser, Pat Solon, lack Solon, Susan Sorg, Dave Sov ula, Steve Spencer, Mark Spitale, Phillip Stahl, Chuck Stanley, Judy Stempkowski, Cynthia Stiglitz, Martin Stimler, Debbie Swaim, Ellen Swisher, William Tall, Ernie Taylor, Don Thegze, William Thompson, Sharon Thrasher, Ruth Timmons, Jim Towasnicki, Francine Trebe, Henry Undi, Cary Van Gorp, Phil Vaughn, Jim Venable, Linda Ventimiligia, Joyce Vicari, Tom Watson, Karen Weimer, Jane Werner, Jim White, Jerry Wielgos, Barbara Williams, Dave Williams, Jim Wilson, Diane Witham, Ted Wojciehowski, Dorothy Wojdula, Lillian Woomer, Cheryl Yokovich, Andy Zimny, Sandra Zivich, Ed 112 Sophomores allow singing, dancing as projects SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS — Sitting: Barb Carpenter, treasurer; Karen Whitaker, Joyce Williams, representatives; Pat Kollar, secretary; Dennis Darmoc, president. Standing: Tom Hickman, representative; Dan Goddard, sergeant-at-arms; Mike Bieszczat, vice president; Mr. Martin Hunt, Miss Caryle Feddeler, sponsors. ■ Planning their class dance and a hootenanny kept sophomore officers busy leading more than 300students. In tune with current folk song craze, the class presented its hoot- enanny in November. Four groups from outside the school, plus the newly formed mixed ensemble, pro- vided the lyricing and guitar strum- ming for audience sing along. That girls could wear slacks (be- cause the audience sat on the gym floor) made the event unique Class -sponsored dance, “April Showers” in the cafeteria, alternated popular songs with “oldies but goodies,” requested by dancers. Officers met during club periods, which came Wednesdays the first semester, Tuesdays the second. John Adams Laura Ahlemier Cliff Aldrin Jim Apps John Austgen Don Bachmann Dick Bainbridge Don Baker Gail Baker Christine Balzer Craig Barnhart Pat Bartley Bill Bartnik Ken Bartowski Henry Battering Sue Beesen Jim Berger Susan Bergman Lon Bergstrom Art Bevan Bruno Bielat Linda Bilbrey Joe Bolanowski Carolyn Borchardt Francisco Borruel Laura Braxton Bill Brown Bruce Burgess Maureen Callahan Roland Camp 113 Class of ’66 114 Camperman, Sandra Canada, Cloria Carpenter, Barbara Cavanaugh, Betty Cesare, Carol Chaisson, Bruce Ciesla, Ronald Clark, Paula Clarke, George Clary, Linda Conway, Michaelene Courtney, Kathy Cowan, Mark Creekmore, Ann Cunningham, Sandi Cleland, Harry Cooper, Rita Crook, Rhonda Czamy, Kathy Danaher, Kathy Daniels, Connie Darmoc, Dennis Daugherty, Fay Davenport, Judy Davies, Frank Davis, Monte DeBoer, jerry Dec, Kathy Denham, Barb Detterline, Kathy Dockery, Bob Doerner, Michael Doloszycki, Mary Jo Donovan, Linda Doolittle, James Douglas, Kathleen Dulin, Dan Duncan, Connis Dunn, Molly Dutro, Kathy Dycus, Mary Echlin, Ed Eisen, Jack Elliott, Prudi Emig, Candy Ericksen, Bob Farley, Ralph Farmer, Leslee Farris, Cheryl Feher, John Fehring, Frances Ferguson, John Ferguson, Richard Ferry, John Fogarty, Paulette Forsberg, Diane Franey, Wendy Fox, Mary Ellen Franklin, Linda Fraser, Al Frazier, Dennis Fritz, Sandra Gaisser, Linda Ganser, Wendy Garrett, Patti Gebel, Sue Geis, Suzanne Gibbons, Maureen Goddard, Dan Goldner, |udy Gordon, Don Grandfield, Stephen Gray, Dorothy Green, Terry Griffin, Diane Gutowsky, Robert Haack, Tom Hamnsers, David Hawkin, Eileen Hejmej, Linda Hepp, Wayne Hether, Nick Hickman, Tom Hindmarch, Terry Hinton, Diana Hlavaty, Pam Holcomb, Jim Hollingshead, Bonnie Hotaling, Cathy Hubbard, Charel Hudah, Howard Hunter, Ronald Huntington, Bonnie Huttle, Christine Irk, William Jarnecke, Pamela Johnk, Ronald johnk, Shirley Johnson, Brian Johnson, Stephen jones, Brenda jones, Curtis Juscik, Joseph Kasenga, Raymond Keith, Dana Kerrick, Linda Knestrict, Paul Kostick, Karin 115 Class of ’66 Kohut, Peter Kritsch, Robert Krol, Ronald Kujawa, Patricia Kutscher, Cathyrn Ladowicz, Rosemary Law, Philip Leeb, Diane Leeb, Linda Lee, Lloyd Lind, Irene Linowski, Jim Linville, Theresa Lock, John Lohse, Sharon Looman, Creg Loudermilk, Myrna Lucas, Bob Ludington, Nancy Lung, Robert Lutz, Penny Lytle, Steve Macey, Mary Magdziarz, Linda Manning, Bob Manus, George Marks, John Marlow, Linda Maruschak, Beth Matusik, Pat McCaig, Janet Melton, Markel Merkel, Roger Mestrovich, Cheryl Miller, Pat Miller, Roy Milne, James Moldraski, Roseann Molnar, Michael Monzulla, Bruce Moore, Danny Moore, Terry Moser, Steve Mosora, Rebecca Motes, William Muhr, Jackie Munson, Jerry Murfin, Bob McDonald, Susan McPhillips, Pat McVicker, Jeffrey Naftzger, John Nagdeman, Gerry Narantic, Sandra Newcomb, Jim Ordway, Myretta Orich, Carol Owens, Terry Palazzolo, Mary Ann Panian, Ed Panian, Judy Pataki, Judy Pease, Patricia Pederson, Bill Pendergast, Mary Petersen, Lynn Phillips, Delmar Pickett, Mel Pietrzak, Cheryl Pilot, Terri Pleitner, Buddy Polezynski, Leonard Potter, Lorna Prater, Marsha Pratt, Susan Provenzano, Carmen Racich, Kathy Rakoczy, Brenda Rattay, Ollie Robinson, Charry Rodovich, Rod Rokoczy, Vicki Roper, Carol Rozhon, Bob Rossa, Bob Rotz, Dennis Royala, Rich Rusak, Bob Russell, Brad Russell, Carol Saboff, Georgee Ann Saculla, Julia Sandifer, Nancy Sarkady, Karen Sax, Kathy Scott, Jay Scott, Marge Sentell, Brenda Senters, Linda Serafin, Andrea Sewell, Karen Shanley, Carolyn Shearer, Carol Shinkle, Ron Shutko, Susan Skalba, Margarite Sluzewski, Richard Smith, Janice 117 Class of ’66 Smith, Kathy Smith, Philip Smulski, Patricia Smutzer, Richard Snekser, )ohn Solan, Dave Spitale, Danny Spowart, Robert Stemp, Marcella Stempf, Harry Stevens, Norman Stevenson, Andi Stevenson, Sheila Stivers, Nancy Stover, Roy Stowers, Sarah Strauser, Bonnie Stringham, Karen Sullivan, Dennis Sullivan, Eileen Swearingen, Clenn Swisher, Frank Sylvester, Louis Tatusko, Ceorgean Teets, Betty Thomas, Dennis Thomas, Tom Thompson, Ron Thornton, Linda Tobakos, Lynda Todd, |anice Tokarz, Bill Turner, Ed Van Corp, Tim Van Slyke, George Vliek, Dan Von Almen, Pam Von Almen, Sue Waggoner, Bob Walker, Carol Walker, )im Wargin, Bill Warziniak, Mark Wasiuta, Linda Watson, Linda Watson, Ron Weichsel, Jeff Weimer, Bob Welch, Terry Weliky, Bill Werner, Dennis Westberg, Barb Weyhmueller, Bill Whitaker, Karen 118 White, Kathleen White, Mike White, Sue Wiersbe, Corinne Wiggins, Jeff Williams, John Williams, Joyce Williams, Linda Williams, Phyllis Wilson, Michael Wilson, Sandy Wisniewski, Lucy Withrow, Vickie Wojciehowski, Debbie Wojciechowski, Irene Wojdula, Rich Wozniak, Walt Yanek, Diane Yerga, John Young, Thomas Ywanow, Judith Zach, Shirley Zackiewicz, Rich Zaikis, Dave Zimmerman, Ben 119 Freshmen vend candy to sweeten HS induction FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS — Sitting: Miss Judy Pflum, Mr. Joseph Goodnight, sponsors. Standing: Kathy Detterline, secretary; Sandra Cunningham, representative; Sue Weeks, vice president; Karen Brenman, representative; Bob Dockery, sergeant-at-arms; Margaret Gardner, representative; Linda Raykovich, treasurer; Dick Jones, president. ■ Attending early-bird classes, tak- ing showers for gym classes, writing themes, solving algebra equations, translating foreign languages, burn- ing the midnight oil and selling candy were all part of frosh initia- tion into high school hysteria. Already anticipating the strain of their junior prom on the class piggy bank, the freshmen rang doorbells, haunted shopping areas and be- leagured schoolmates to vend mints, turtles and peanut butter creams. Sales totaled about 3000 boxes. Pen and pencil sets, camera and records were awarded to high sales- men. Debbie Catz sold the most candy to win a wrist watch. Miss Valerie Goluch’s freshman advisery was treated to a pizza party for hav- ing the most sales as a homeroom. 120 Ernest Adams Ken Aley Brenda Allee Dan Allegra Steve Allen Shirley Anderson Cheryl Andis Grace Andrews Jeanne Angelich Shirley Augustine Linda Bailey Cathy Bajusz James Baker jim Baker Bonnie Bales Mike Ballantine Steve Balog Cheryl Banas Sharon Banas Shirley Banks Edward Basick Katrina Bentley Larry Bergman Lynne Bergstrom Maureen Berk Salli Bewley Bob Bialon Rosemary Bieszczat Bob Blaemire Sue Blandford Blank, Sharon Blankenship, Carol Blankenship, Noah Bogucki, Patti Bolanowski, Jerry Bolinger, David Bond, Dennis Boren, Pat Borgman, Barbara Borst, Randy Bossinger, Karen Botsko, Steve Bradburn, Larry Brenman, Karyn Brooks, Pam Brown, Ron Buehler, Carol Burdeau, Margaret Burns, Marilyn Buskov, Elaine Butler, Linda Cain, Norris Callahan, Barbara Carlson, Ruth Castetter, Dale Catherman, Steve Chase, Kim Cheek, Randy Chmielewski, Darlene Chorba, David Churilla, Ceri Colantonio, Corinne Cooley, Cay Coto, Rita Crom, Ruth Crook, Sandra Cross, Donna Cunningham, Ann Daugherty, Jane Dean, Elizabeth DeArmond, Linda Decrescenzo, Mike DeCroot, Patricia Deihl, Tom Demke, Barbara Demke, Jolene Denny, Darrell Dettmer, Pat Dittrich, Diane Dixon, Rich Donaldson, Pam Douville, Jeff Dovey, Barbara Dwars, Pete 121 Class of ’67 Earl, Janice Early, Bill Emerson, Roberta Faden, Rhonda Fandrei, Carl Farmer, Steven Farris, Tom Faust, Dollie Fea, Terri Federoff, James Fentress, Diane Fentress, Lynn Ference, Jim Ferguson, Judy Feuerbach, Phil Fielder, Cay Fielder, Vicki Flagg, Phil Fleisher, Lucinda Fogarty, Marianne Forsythe, Jean Foster, Charlene Frye, Roy Fulkerson, Linda Fulkerson, Robert Fuss, Gail Canz, Kathy Gardner, Margaret Garrett, Betty Gatz, Deborah Gaynor, Dennis Glad, Wayne Gleason, Warren Cnass, Dan Gooley, Betty Grabski, Dan Graegen, Diane Grandfield, Meg Graves, Michael Groesehe, John Grove, Randy Crovich, Susan Gutowsky, Edward Guzek, Tom Haley, Betsy Hall, Robert Hamilton, Bruce Hammers, Penny Hammersley, Barbara Hand, Mike Hanna, Tom Hansen, Susan Hanson, Dora Hayes, Elaine 122 Hayworth, Arthur Heifer, Dorothy Hester, Karen Hilbrich, Howard Hill, Kathleen Hjertquist, Larry Hluska, John Hochman, Richard Hoffman, Dean Holcomb, Martha Holder, Susan Holstrom, Donna Holtz, Randy Housley, Barbara Hudgens, Dianna Hurd, Deborah Igyarto, Robert Jablonski, David jacobs, Ronald laniga, Michael jamecke, Roy jett, Noel jezierski, John Jones, Laney Jones, Richard Jukich, William Kackley, Sarah Kaniuk, Linda Kasenga, Eileen Keehn, Linda Keith, Larry Keller, Linda Kenar, Barbara Kennedy, Steven Kiest, Dennis Kimmons, Cindy Kiser, James Knieriemen, Ken Knight, James Knighten, Dan Knoche, Larry Koch, Larry Koehler, Kerry Kollar, Alice Krasnichan, Ralph Kropiewnicki, Ronald Kula, Eileen Kulczyk, Thomas Kumiega, James Kunka, Pat Kwolek, David LaFrance, Sharon Lammertin, Jack Landfald, Donna 123 Class of ’67 Lannin, Pat Lapine, Carl Ledbetter, Linda Leslie, Bill Levin, Jack Lewis, Nancy Litton, Patricia Litton, Rickey Lloyd, Kathy Mack, Buddy Magdziarz, Sandra Magee, Patricia Malloy, Daniese Mann, Karen Mansueto, Michael Maranto, James Marlowe, Don Martens, Carol Masleid, Michael Mason, Pamela Mazur, Johnette McCance, Cheryl Meeks, Tom Meltz, Cail Mehr, Sheva Merideth, Richard Miller, Allen Miller, Sue Millman, Virginia Mitchell, Lana Miterko, Susan Mizerik, Kathy Molnar, Susan Moor, Kay Mulvihill, Shirley Myers, James Nickoloff, Chris Noojin, William Oprisko, Jana Oprisko, Janet Oprisko, Jeannette Orkis, James Orlando, Sharon Ortega, Carl Paczkowski, Ann Palubin, Anthony Panian, Suzanne Parks, Jack Pasko, Steve Pearson, Donald Pearson, Jean Pease, Judd Peck, Tim Penciak, Karen Perrone, James Peterson, Margaret Petrie, Dale Petrukitas, Barbara Pluta, Joe Pociask, Walter Polczynski, Linda Polk, Juanita Porter, Ted Pouch, Jeff Prahlow, James Pratt, Janet Premuda, Kim Prendergast, Jane Press, Holly Probus, Judy Purcell, Barbara Racich, Paula Raganyi, Sandra Ramirez, Manual Ramirez, Mitchell Raykovich, Linda Redlarczyk, Creg Reitman, Dave Revercomb, Don Rosalies, Jeanne Royal, Carl Royal, Dan Russell, Shirley Ruttledge, Sandy Ryder, Sharon Sanders, Jane Sapyta, Pat Savickis, Chuck Schmiedel, Diane Schneider, Linda Scott, Roger Sentell, Roy Sewell, Connie Shearer, Lavonna Sheve, Judith Sills, Paul Skalba, Alice Sloan, Patricia Sluzewski, Katherine Smith, Borcie Smith, Jack Smith, Randall Smith, Rose Smutko, Carol Solan, Sara Sorg, Kathryn Sparks, Sherri Stahl, David 125 Class of ’67 Stanley, Claude Stefnik, James Steinkraus, Larry Stelter, Roberta Stenholm, Sally Stewart, Phyllis Stiglitz, Mike Stimler, Sandee Stooksbury, Sue Stordeur, William Stoughton, Fred Stover, Judith Straughn, Connie Stricklin, Kim Sutton, Thetna Tarlton, Cassie Teets, Sherry Templeton, Leonard Thegze, Bob Thinnes, Valerie Thornsberry, Brenda Tiffany, Marie Turnpaugh, Timothy Undi, Karin Van Lue, Jeffrey Ventimiglia, Dennis Veray, Larry Wallace, Pamela Walker, Janet Walsh, Danny Wasiutyk, Irene Weeks, Carie Weeks, Susan Wesolowski, Carl Westman, Sue Whatron, Brenda White, Ralph E. White, Tom Wiersbe, Dale Williams, Donald Wilson, Carl Wilson, Jeanette Winkley, Richard Winski, David Woomer, Linda Worley, Linda Yockey, Robert Young, Margaret Zaborski, Roseanne Zimmerman, Robert Zimny, Denise Brandishing the sword and shield, Lenny lempleton added color to basketball games by acting as mascot for the Gladiator arena. Seldom seen deserted stairway looks south over cafeteria roof, parking lot, athletic field and the Tri-State Expressway. School scenes provide common bond for all Junior high shop construction stands halted awaiting approval for expanded plans to include HS shops in this east addition. 127 Eighth graders ready themselves for HS days Adams, Betty Adams, Mark Aldrich, David Allee, Roger Allen, Ralph Allen, Ronald Babic, Andrew Bagwell, Rodney Bain, Pamela Bainbridge, Joseph Baker, Harold Baker, Roger Baran, Terry Barnes, Cene Bartnik, Susan Barton, Linda Basick, James Basile, Fred Battering, Janice Bebler, Floyd Becker, Dawn Bell, Richard Bellamy, Doris Benson, Stuart Berk, Scott Biancardi, Rickey Bielecki, Lillian Bier, Janice Bisbee, John Blankenship, Robert Blessing, Robert Blevins, William Bocek, Frank Bocken, Colleen Boersma, Cary Borchardt, Kathy Borroel, Roger Bowlin, Carlotta Braun, Ron Brower, Pam Busovsky, Michael Call, Georgette Canale, Jo Ellen Cannon, Mike Cantrell, Ralph Cantrell, Sandra Capps, Gale Carbone, Theresa Carroll, Jim Casey, Lorraine Chamness, Tim Charnekar, Barbara Chudy, Dennis Chudy, Leonard Chumbley, Cynthia Clark, Robert Clarke, Debbie Clower, Karen Connors, John Cooper, Barbara Brown, Becky Bruce, Brian Burke, Duane 128 Cosgrove, Kathy Craft, Paulette Creekmore, Roy Crisan, Susan Croft, Keith Crook, Beverly Cullom, Claudette Daniels, Bob Daniels, Don Daniels, William Day, Tim De Armond, Don Deere, Crystal Degnan, Jack Dembowski, Constantine Denny, Sandra Depew, Jennifer Dibblee, Janet Dixon, Bob Dobrowski, Charlene Dockery, Marsha Donaldson, Robert Dorris, Tom Doughty, Gail Doyle, Embert Dycus, Bobby Earl, Creg East, Jeffery Eldridge, Jacqueline Elkins, Michele Ellis, Craig Emerson, Jill Engi, Rebecca Enright, Pat Erickson, Rebecca Evans, Bob Eytcheson, Harold Farnelli, Nanette Farmer, Ronald Fetterhoff, Kathy Flaherty, Sandra Flood, David Florin, Jasmyne Forsythe, Peggy Fortenburg, Thomas Fugua, David Fultman, Cheryl Fultz, James Fuoss, Deborah Fyte, Linda Gaddy, Linda Ganser, Thomas Gay, Bill Gleason, Alanna Graves, Valarie Gray, Celeste Gross, Gary Grubbs, Tom Gyure, Sharon Halal, Frank Hartley, Steve Hayward, Jean Hickman, James Eighth grade Hill, Stephen Hill, Violet Hinds, Robert Hinton, Linda Hobson, Darlene Holsclaw, James Horn, Marc Horn, Marta Housley, Donald Hric, Michael Hudnall, Larry Hudson, David Hudson, Donald Humble, Wayne Igyarto, Amelia Irk, Tim Janik, Peter Jaracz, Nancy Johnson, Jeane johnson, Linda jones, Deborah Jones, Fred Jones, Sandra jones, Sharon junkens, Linda Kaytar, Terry Kish, Richard Klacik, Darlene Klockow, Susan Koch, Kurt Kochopolous, Kenneth Koontz, Sue Krol, Suzanne Kropiewnicki, Richard Kuhn, Sue Kujawa, Jo Ann Kunow, Deborah Kutscher, Rickey La Croix, Pam Ladd, Donald Lake, Jeffery Landis, Doreen Lanman, Betsy Law, Pam Lax, Karen Leonard, Mike Litton, Carol Long, Judith Loudermilk, Pat Louis, Marilee Lucas, John Lucht, Pam Lundgren, Alana Lynch, Dennis Macey, Janet Marz, Ainthony Maloney, Janice Maloney, Robert Mangerson, Robert Mangone, Dominic Maranto, Janet Marinaro, Tony Marrs, Karen 130 McCall, Ralph McCormick, Linda McDonald, Bob McLaughlin, Barry McPhillips, Susan McVicker, Cary Mercer, Ronald Merritt, Barry Miller, Barbara Miller, Janice Mirabelli, Mary Moats, Gayle Monzulla, Peggy Moore, Karen Moore, Sandra Marariu, Janis Moss, Rita Motes, Ronald Moulesong, Cindy Murday, Gerald Myers, John Nagdeman, Mark Neel, Carol Newlin, David Newton, Elaine Nicolaisen, Richard Noel, Robert Nokes, Michael Noojin, Sam Novak, Darlene Novak, David Novak, Jerome Okey, Danny Orange, Donna Ortega, Mike Parker, Betty Parker, Cynthia Parker, Michael Parsley, Phillip Pearson, Milton Pederson, John Peterson, Carol Petree, Bill Petrie, Duane Petro, Janis Petrovich, Mike Phillips, William Pluta, Dan Poulson, Patricia Pruim, Dale Purcell, Bill Quayle, Linda Rabatin, Robert Rae, Robert Raksanyi, Linda Rasmussen, Ronnie Rawlings, Gloria Reed, Anita Ringer, Robert Rippe, John Roberts, Billy Robson, Linda Rominger, Donna 13 Eighth grade Ruble, Bert Rumph, |ames Rusak, Richard Sanders, Kathleen Sanders, Mike Sawchuk, Carol Schlosser, William Schoenborn, Bob Sceiska, Linda Sciortino, Andrew Scott, Cary Seeds, Dennis Shanta, Cecilia Shea, Annette Shelboume, Owen Shinkle, Wayne Shultman, Theodore Siecker, Kathy Silverman, Ronnie Skorupa, Thadine Slacian, David Slipcheck, Darlene Smith, Betsy Smith, Carol Smith, Dianna Smith, Donald Smith, Jim Smith, Kathy Smith, Margaret Smith, Nancy Smith, Timothy Soltesz, John Spillers, Lynda Stepancevich, Stanley Stivers, Robert Stoughton, Bernard Stover, Jacqueline Strauser, Barbara Stringham, Linda Sullivan, George Tabinsky, Donna Taylor, James Taylor, Katherine Teegarden, Sally Thompson, Candy Tiller, Robert Todd, Cathy Turbyfill, Eddie Vance, Linda Van Slyke, Sue Vestal, Joyce Vevurka, Robert Vliek, Deborah Waggoner, Nancy Waite, Robert Walker, George Walker, Monty Walsh, Howard Wantroba, Marilyn Webb, Billy Weiss, Steve Welch, Betty Weliky, Phil 132 Wendell, Dale Wetnight, David Whitaker, Mike White, Dean White, Emory White, Gene Whitesell, Stephen Whitney, Christine Wilson, Mark Wojciehowski, James Wolfe, Barbara Wright, Paula Yauch, Paul Zalkowski, Marilyn Zivich, Frances Zuffa, Linda Zurawiec, Edwina Required for all junior highers is music, with classes meeting in rooms 210 and 119. 133 Introduction to Gavit way confronts 7th graders Abell, Michael Alexanderson, Marcia Amenta, Karen Anderson, Connie Anderson, Craig Ares, Bonnie Artibey, Sharon Babic, Candace Babic, Leon Baker, Diane Baker, Ronald Bales, Cynthia Banks, Don Barnes, Richard Barnhart, Nancy Bauer, Cynthia Barrett, Christine Behymer, Marcia Belford, Stanley Benda, Elizabeth Benson, Craig Benson, Roger Bergstrom, Larry Bewley, Tom Biancardi, Linda Blaemire, Mike Bonnell, Debbie Bosley, Patricia Bowlin, Berty Bowlin, Robert Brower, | udith Burress, Karen Buskov, Kenneth Cain, Sally Caldwell, Keith Callahan, Linda Cane, Mark Canner, Patti Cantrell, Ann Cantrell, John Carter, Eddie Chikos, Christy Chumbley, Michael Clark, Mike Clary, Susan Coberg, Carol Colantonio, Nancy Compton, Richard Core, Janet Cosgrove, Timothy Cowan, Gail Cowan, Lynne Coyle, Linda Craig, Jeff Cross, Debbie Czech, Carl Czuba, Jeff Dack, Bruce Dacus, Avery Danner, Larry Daugherty, Sue Davis, Dan Depew, Clifford 134 Detterline, Ron Diehl, Ramona Dillon, Mary Beth Dittrich, Linda Dobrowolski, Clifford Doerner, Linda Donaldson, Bruce Driscoll, Francis Duncan, Brenda Duncan, Brenda Dutro, Creg Dutz, Dave Dycas, Kay Eldridge, Robert Ellis, Carla Emerson, Jerry Ericksen, Cynthia Erikson, Kris Espinosa, Carla Everley, Sandra Fandrei, Randy Farris, Cynthia Feges, Paul Feher, Alex Ferguson, Judy Ferguson, Pat Ford, Elizabeth Forterbury, Al Foster, Debbie Foster, Earl Foster, Kim Frazier, Starra Fritz, Sharon Fugua, Sheila Fultman, Randy Cable, Dennis Caisser, Karl Gajdik, Laura Cholson, Mark Gilchrist, Bob Cillim, Don Coins, Kenny Coldbaugh, Edmund Gombus, Micky Coodpaster, Brenda Craegin, Terry Crandfield, Anita Craves, Kurt Grovich, Judy Crunnet, Don Hafner, Richard Halla, Pat Hamersley, Jim Hamill, Elizabeth Hamilton, Nancy Hanna, Ardis Hanson, Bill Hanson, Sheryl Harney, Bob Harris, Noel Hartmann, Cail Hayne, Bruce Hayward, Doug 1 35 Seventh grade Heath, Danny Hesser, Dave Hether, Stephen Hluska, Mike Holder, Barbara Homcho, Ray Homner, Andy Howat, Colin Hynes, Cindy Ingram, Dennis lablonski, Scott jamasa, Dianne jamney, Bobby jantz, Debra larnecke, Karen johnson, Lance johnson, Lowell Karlen, Dale Katz, Janet Katz, Joyce Keller, Dale Kenny, Bobby Kessey, Craig Kindle, William Knish, Richard Knoblett, Billy Knutson, Linn Koch, Judy Kochopolous, Beatrice Koepp, Linda Kominiak, Joan Kovack, Adrian Kuhn, Tom Kush, Beverly Lakin, Kevin Leroux, Jeannette Leslie, John Lessig, Sharon Lewin, Al Lewin, Rosemarie Likens, Benita Lipsig, Laurie Littrell, Diana Lloyd, Jim Lock, Tom Locke, Barbara Lohse, Mark Lucas, Jim Lutz, Rita Maloney, Charles Manigrasso, Elaine Marlowe, David Marlowe, Dennis Mart in, Gerry Martinez, Rosita Maser, Joanna Mason, Jerry Matusik, Thomas McCorkle, Charles McCoy, Mark McGaha, Jerry McLaughlin, Kay Means, Sally 136 Mehr, Sandy Merrick, Mike Michaelson, Sharon Micholski, Elizabeth Miller, Rodney Miller, Sherry Milne, Mary Mincheski, Gregory Monzulla, Sam Moore, Douglas Morelli, David Moulesong, George Muhr, Bonnie Muir, Craig Muir, Rosemary Munson, Debra Murday, Pamela Murfin, ]anet Murphy, Patricia Naftzger, Barbara Natkin, Nina Nauta, Andrew Odom, Wayne Oram, Bruce Ordway, Roger Ortega, Tom Otto, Richard Overland, Bobby Pace, Teresa Painter, Carol Palubin, Daniel Pause, Sandra Pendrick, Sally Perry, Janet Peterson, Tom Petree, Roberta Phillips, June Polochak, Anna Marie Posey, James Powers, Jerry Premuda, Cathy Premuda, Mary Jo Probus, Edward Proctor, Deborah Pummil, Robert Purcell, Cora Purnell, Ricky Qualle, Phillip Rak, Michael Randolph, Dwight Redman, Karen Rice, John Rindocks, Roland Revercomb, Alan Robinson, Sandra Robson, William Rubin, Amy Sadler, Linda Saboff, Mark Sanders, Noal Sanders, Robert Sanders, Sandra Schaade, Paul 137 Seventh grade Schlesser, Ronald Schwertfeger, Barbara Scott, James Schott, Marciel Sherfey, Emily Shreve, Patty Sherbit, Brenda Shultman, James Shutko, Robert Siecker, Scott Sitton, Barbara Slayton, Roger Skratsky, Cindy Smith, Cynthia Smith, Ray Smith, Terri Speelman, Danny Spitale, Ronnie Sullivan, Linda Swisher, Sandra Steinboch, Paul Stepanivich, Debbie Stephan, Tim Sutherland, Sandy Svetic, Jimmy Taylor, Dennis Thomas, Randall Thorpe, Bill Thrall, Linda Thrush, Helen Tinsley, Cary Toth, Gregory Tulba, Vicky Twaddle, Clif Vaznonis, Kenneth Vandersteen, Joy Van Gorp, Rachel Vestal, Tom Von Almen, Gary Vrehas, Mary Walley, Thomas Walker, Debbie Walker, Patty Jo Wargin, Brad Warziniak, Joe Webb, Allen Wehmer, Pamela Wells, Wayne Welsh, Pat Westberg, Robert Wharton, Sandra Wheeler, Debbie White, Alice Wielgos, Benny Wiening, Tim Wiersbe, Dean Wilkenson, Sue Wilson, Debbie Wilson, Don Witulski, Sally Wojciechowski, Wanda Wolfe, Bob Wolfe, Tom 138 Wooden, Michael Yandell, Linda Yaney, Janice Yerga, Joellen York, Danny Yoways, Wayne Zack, Sam Zyla, Ted Simulated concert in the park illuminates concert band, directed by Mr. Willard Jonas. JH musicians played regularly in the band. junior high boys take to the field for their physical education class, led by their teacher, Mr. Wayne Wagner. 139 Advertising and Index Looking to local businessmen, Gladiators sought jobs and spent money. Upperclassmen searched for formals and tuxedos, as underclassmen splurged on records and hamburgers. Drug stores supplied needs for spring fever and winter colds. No matter who the shopper, or what he sought, downtown Hammond and Woodmar offered anything and everything. Rack ’em up ■ Joe Hirsch 5252 Hohman Avenue 933-0363 Jim Williams Winner by smile ■ Walinger Studio, Inc. 37 South Wabash Avenue Chicago 3, Illinois Carole Rosinski, Nancy Kandalec, Rich Dickus. A genuine jewel ■ Woodmar Jewelers Gift Shop 7012 Indianapolis Boulevard TI-4561 8 lane Messman, Linda Lula, Mr. Fred Messman. Yards ahead ■ Edward C. Minas 460 State Street WE-21800 Carol Forsberg. 142 Faculty Index Andrews, Richard 95 Armintrout, Miss Joanne 59, 89 Baker, Miss Judy 95 Baker, Mrs. Mary 76, 80, 90 Balk, Donald 61 , 91 Banas, Norman .42, 47, 91 Barbera, Mrs. Romaine J 97 Bell, Charles 97 Bellamy, Mrs. Winifred 97 Bewley, Lawrence _...94 Bond, Dennis 96 Bottorff, Richard 96 Bowers, Mrs. Ozzie 89 Brauer, Erwin - 91 Bringas, Mrs. Marylou 96 Bruno, Miss Jackie 50, 82, 96 Brush, Paul 38, 39, 41, 94 Bundy, Mrs. Bessie 97 Bunker, Miss Helen 94 Carley, Mrs. Mildred 97 Cearing, Mrs. Agnes -. 97 Chase, Miss Dolores 89 Chesebro, Mrs. Gayle 96 Chintis, Tom 39, 41, 45, 96 Clark, Thomas 30, 90 Clinton, Miss Diane 96 Cunningham, Mrs. Retha — 97 Del Greco, Marshal 94, 108 Dredge, Mrs. Ethyl 77, 92 Earl, James — .97 Feddeler, Miss Caryle ....26, 84, 95, 113 Fitzgerald, Miss Margaret ....74, 93 Friend, Randy 97 Fruehling, Earl 48, 95 Geiger, Mrs. Helen ._ 97 George, Robert 77, 96 Gilbertsen, Reginald 91 Glick, Elizabeth 64, 90 Goluch, Miss Valerie 76, 78, 93 Goodnight, Joseph 46, 96, 120 Gradisher, Frank .95 Griffin, Miss Suzanne 92 Gruenwald, Mrs. Alvina _...97 Grunkemeyer, Miss Florence 95 Hart, Mrs. Estelle 97 Hepple, Miss Jan 76, 93 Hill, Mrs. Carol .92 Horado, Michael 75, 94 Hunt, Martin 22, 93, 113 Hurt, Ernest 52, 90 Ignas, Edward 89 Jackson, Robert .77, 94 Jamrose, Martin 38, 41, 90 Jeffries, John .75, 94 Johns, Robert 77, 94 Johnson, Allison 89 Johnson, Mrs. Anne 97 Johnson, Mrs. Bernice 66, 92, 108 Jolly, Leroy .92 Jonas, Richard 73, 95 Jonas, Willard 61, 91, 139 Kallaus, Gary 96 Kelly, Miss Margaret 83, 96 Klein, Mrs. Mildred 97 Kobe, Michael 96 Kovacick, Nick 97 Lukrafka, Mrs. Toni 97 Lundahl, Miss Betty 89 Mann, Lee 25, 94 Marion, Breck 94 McLean, Donald 58, 94 McMorrow, Miss Mary Jo 91 McNamara, Mrs. Della 97 Merideth, Homer 89 Metz, Richard 75, 94 Middleton, Mrs. Doris 89 Minton, Mrs. Laura 89 Molnar, John 96 Penny, Mrs. Angela 81, 92 Pflum, Miss Judy 94, 120 Prater, Mrs. Phyllis 94 Quigg, Mrs. Celia 97 Quinn, Miss Carolyn 66, 93 Rainey, Mrs. Eleanor 74, 93, 95 Reitman, Mrs. Nell 96 Richter, Miss Judy ..65, 68, 70, 92 Roberts, Mrs. Leona ra .96 Rosenwinkel, Miss Jean 81, 89 Schneider, Mrs. Loretta 91 Seckinger, Mrs. Beulah 90 Sevald, Mrs. Marsha 73, 93 Skafish, Mrs. Helen 97 Smith, George .31, 38, 39, 41, 49, 50, 96, 148 Stanger, Miss Marilyn 91 Stevens, Delbert 75, 95 Swanson, John _...67, 96 Swiontek, Mrs. Faye 97 Taggart, Orval 97 Thompson, Earl 31, 90 Thornton, Mrs. Florence 92 Unkuri, Roland 92 Voris, Nick 39, 41, 90 Wagner, Wayne 53, 96, 139 Whitcombe, Ronnie 58, 94 Witham, Lewis 88, 148 Wray, Larry .72, 93 Zaun, Harvey .79, 90 Zitko, Miss Betty 59, 92 143 Student Index Abell, Michael 1 34 Abshire, Earl 98 Adamko, Steffie 68, 1 08 Adams, Betty 128 Adams, Ernest 120 Adams, John 74, 1 13 Adams, Mark 61, 128 Ahlemier, Laura 84, 1 1 3 Alb, Flossie 28, 1 08 Aldrich, David 79, 128 Aldrin, Clifford 24, 41, 45, 113 Alexanderson , Marcia 134 Aley, Ken .77, 1 20 Allee, Brenda 120 Allee, Roger 128 Allegra, Dan 120 Allen, Ralph 128 Allen, Ronald 128 Allen, Steve - 120 Aminto, Karen 134 Anderson, Connie 134 Anderson, Craig 58, 1 34 Anderson, Doug 74, 1 08 Anderson, Kenneth 108 Anderson, Shirley 120 Andis, Cheryl . 50, 61, 73, 82, 120 Andrews, Barbara 30, 60, 1 08 Andrews, Grace 120 Angelich, Jeanne 73, 82, 120 Apps, Jim 1 1 3 Artbey, Sharon 134 Augustine, Sharon .. .58, 59, 81, 98 Augustine, Shirley . 73, 82, 84, 120 Austen, John 41, 79, 113 Ayres, Bonnie 21, 64, 134 B Babic, Andrew 128 Babic, Candace 134 Babic, Leon 134 Bachmann, Donald 71, 113 Bagwell, Rod 128 Bailey, Linda 76, 120 Bain, Pamela 64, 128 Bainbridge, Bob 98 Bainbridge, Joseph 113, 128 Bainbridge, Tom 30, 108 144 Bajusz, Cathleen ... 30. 77, 82, 120 Baker, Diane 134 Baker, Don .60, 73. 113 Baker, Gayle ... 58, 69, 73, 84, 113 Baker, Harold .128 Baker, James 120 Baker, Jim .52, 120 Baker, Larry .73, 108 Baker, Roger .59, 60, 79, 128 Baker, Ronald .134 Balder, Diane ...30 , 78 Bales, Bonnie .30. 76, 82, 120 Bales, Cynthia .134 Ballantine, Mike . .120 Ballantine, Janet ... .108 Balog, Steve .120 Balzer, Christine . .69, 78, 82, 84, 113 Banas, Cheryl .77. 120 Banas, Sharon 170 Banks, Donald .134 Banks, Mickey .30, 41, 62, 108 Banks, Shirley .120 Baran, Terrence ... .128 Barnes, Richard .134 Barnhart, Craig .30, 113 Barnhart, Nancy ... .134 Barragree, James ... .108 Barrett, Christine . .134 Bartley, Patricia .73, 113 Bartnik, Bill .113 Bartnik, Susan 178 Barton, Linda .64, 128 Bartowski, Ken .1 T3 Basick, Edward .120 Basick, James .58, 128 Basile, Fred .128 Battering, Henry ... .113 Battering, Janice . .128 Bauer, Cynthia .134 Baugh, David .108 Beatty, Andrea „5, 11, 20, 67, 108 Bebler, Floyd 128 Bebler, Lavonne 59 , 65 . 70 », 73 , 98 Becker, Dawn .128 Beesen, Sue .75, 113 Behymer, Marcia ... .134 Beilby, Howard .30. 63, 108 Beilby, Lauravilla .. ..69, 76, 81. 82, 108 Belford, Stanley 134 Bell, Richard 1 28 Bellamy, Doris 128 Beloshopka, John 98 Benda, Elizabeth 64, 134 Benson, Craig 134 Benson, Roger 60, 1 34 Benson, Stuart 59, 61, 128 Berger, Jim 48, 49, 74, 83, 113 Bergman, Larry 120 Bergman, Susan 22, 1 1 3 Bergstrom, Larry 134 Bergstrom, Lon 41, 74, 113 Bergstrom, Lynne ..58, 82, 83, 120 Berk, Maureen _ 120 Berk, Scott 128 Bevan, Art 30, 3 1 , 62, 1 1 3 Bewley, Sally 82, 120 Bewley, Tom 134 Bialker, James 22, 46, 73, 108 Bialon, Bob ...31, 77, 120 Bialon, Ed 61, 108 Biancardi, Linda 134 Biancardi, Richard 52, 128 Bielat, Bruno 31 , 73 Bielecki, Lillian 128 Bielecki, Mary Barbara 77, 108 Bier, Janice 128 Bieszczat, Mike 41, 108, 113 Bieszczat, Rosemary 120 Bilbrey, Linda 113 Bisbee, John ....52, 61. 78, 79, 128 Black, Barbara 98 Black, Tom 108 Black, Zoe Ellen 98, 106, 153 Blackmun, Donna 30, 108 Blaemire, Bob „ 61, 120 Blaemire, Donna 67, 76, 108 Blaemire, Micha el 64, 134 Blandford, Sue 50, 120 Blank, Sharon 121 Blankenship, Carol 121 Blankenship, Noah 121 Blankenship, Robert 128 Blessing, Robert 59, 128 Blevins, Bill 128 Block, Judi 30, 71, 72, 81, 83, 108, 147 Bocek, Frank 128 Bocken, Colleen 64, 128 Louise Bryk and Doug Jones, student chairmen, d isplay spirit which won Cavit first place award in city March of Dimes competition. March to Victory ■ Mr. Thomas J. Courtney Lake County Surveyor ■ Dode’s Woodmar Conoco Service 175th Indianapolis Boulevard ■ Fehring Jewelers 7338 Calumet Avenue ■ Fehring Printers 7336 Calumet Avenue ■ Hammond Electronics 1403 173rd Street ■ House of Pizza 7008 Indianapolis Boulevard ■ Jim’s Sinclair Service 7508 Columbia Avenue ■ Serenade Drive-In 6922 Indianapolis Boulevard ■ Tolchinsky Pharmacy 701 Indianapolis Boulevard ■ Ellen Sherby, underclass editor Judi Block, faculty editor Boersma, Cary 52, 58, 1 28 Bogucki, Patti 30, 121 Bohenkamp, Phil ....41, 48, 65, 68, 108 Bolanowski, Jerry 31, 74, 121 Bolanowski, Joe 1 13 Bolinger, Dave 50, 121 Bolinger, Elwood 59, 69, 72, 98 Bond, Dennis 52, 121 Bondra, Gail ....30, 73, 76, 84, 108 Bondra, Steve 98 Bonnell, Deborah 134 Borchardt, Carolyn 77, 78, 113 Borchardt, Kathleen 128 Boren, Betty 76, 82, 98 Boren, Pat 20, 121 Boren, Tom 30, 108 Borgman, Barbara 121 Borroel, Francisco 1 13 Borroel, Roger 128 Borst, Randy 121 Bosley, Patricia 134 Bossinger, Cail 30, 108 Bossinger, Karen 121 Botsko, Dennis 38, 72, 98, 103 Botsko, Steve 72, 121 Bouton, Richard ....23, 78, 81, 108 Bowlin, Berty 134 Bowlin, Car lotta 128 Bowling, Robert 134 Boyan, Jeff 108 Bozikis, Thomas 30, 1 08 Bradburn, Larry 31, 41, 121 Brandley, Cynthia 68, 80, 108 Braun, Ronald 128 Braxton, Laura 1 1 3 Brenman, Karen 30, 71, 76, 82, 83, 120, 121, 165 Brooks, Pam 30, 58, 84, 121 Brower, Judy 134 Brower, Pamela 128 Brown, Becky 64, 1 28 Brown, Bill 113 Brown, Ron 31 , 1 21 Bruce, Brian 52, 1 28 Brucker, Dennis 31, 41, 108 Bruno, Barbara 72, 77, 78, 98, 113 Bryk, Lousie 5, 59, 72, 81, 82, 99, 163 Buehler, Carol 121 Burdeau, Marge 82, 121 Burgess, Bruce 31, 113 Burke, Duane 1 28 Burns, Marilyn 60, 121 146 Burress, Karen 134 Chumbley, M Burress, Pat 108 Churilla, Geri Busavsky, Michael 128 Ciesla, Ron ... Buskov, Elaine 121 Clark, Mike . Buskov, Kenneth 134 Clark, Paula . Butler, Linda 84, 121 Clark, Robert Cain, Gerald 99 Cain, Norris 45, 61, 121 Cain, Sally 64, 1 34 Caldwell, Keith 134 Call, Georgette 128 Callahan, Barbara 64, 121 Callahan, Linda 64, 134 Callahan, Maureen 73, 76, 84, 113 Callahan, Patrick 46, 109 Camp, Roland 74, 75, 113 Camperman, Sandy 1 14 Canada, Gloria 30, 69, 82, 114 Canale, Jo-Ellen 64, 128 Cane, Mark 35, 52, 79, 134 Canner, Patti 134 Cannon, Mike 128 Cantrell, Ann 134 Cantrell, John 134 Cantrell, Ralph 128 Cantrell, Sandra 128 Capps, Gale 128 Carbone, Theresa 128 Carlson, Ruth 60, 69, 84, 121 Carpenter, Barb ....30, 62, 81, 83, 113, 114 Carroll, Tim 128 Carstensen, Tula ....30, 62, 76, 109 Carter, Eddie 64, 1 34 Casey, Lorraine 128 Castetter, Dale 121 Catherman, Steve 31, 45, 121 Cavanaugh, Betty 30, 63, 114 Cesare, Carole 23, 81, 82, 114 Chaisson, Bruce 1 14 Chamness, Timothy 128 Charnekar, Barbara 64, 1 28 Chase, Kim 31 , 1 21 Cheek, Randy 121 Chikos, Christy 134 Chmielewski, Darlene 121 Chorba, Carol ....72, 78, 81. 82, 99 Chorba, David 121 Chudy, Dennis 79, 128 Chudy, Leonard 52, 128 Chumbley, Cynthia 128 Clarke, Deborah 54, 128 Clarke, George 41, 42, 43, 48, 49, 114 Clary, Linda 1 1 4 Clary, Susan 134 Cleland, Harry 1 1 4 Clower, Gregory ....61, 66, 99, 107 Clower, Karen 59, 1 28 Coberg, Carol 64, 1 34 Cohen, Sue 72, 73, 99 Colantonio.Corinne 69, 73, 84, 121 Colantonio, Nancy 134 Cole, Georgia 20, 78, 99 Cole, Ron 109 Comer, Sue 30, 63, 76, 109 Compton, Richard 134 Conner, Bill 30, 62, 69, 70, 72, 99 Conner, Patti 64 Conner, Ronald 30, 81, 109 Connor, John 128 Connor, Mike 53 Conway, Michaelene 73, 114 Cooley, Gay 82, 121 Cooley, Kirk 38, 42, 49, 72, 77, 99 Cooper, Barbara 64, 128 Cooper, Gene 109 Cooper, Rita 82, 1 14 Core, Janet 134 Core, Lester 9, 3 1 , 99, 1 5 1 Cosgrove, Kathy 24, 1 29 Cosgrove, Timothy 1 34 Coto, Rita 84, 121 Courtney, Kathleen 74, 76, 82, 1 14 Cowan, Gail 64, 1 34 Cowan, Lynne 53, 134 Cowan, Mark 41, 45, 114 Coyle, Linda Sue 134 Craft, Paulette 64, 1 29 Craig, Jeffery 134 Crank, Steve 109 Creekmore, Ann 1 1 4 Creekmore, Roy 1 29 Crisan, Susan 129 Croft, Keith 1 29 Croft, Robert 31, 48, 109 Crom, Ruth 64, 1 21 Crook, Beverly 129 Crook, Rhonda 1 14 Safe near home ■ Gladiators know no one is ever too young to develop sound banking habits. Needs vary, but all can de- pend on Mercantile National Bank. ■ Mercantile National Bank 5243 Hohman Avenue 7227 Calumet Avenue 7250 Indianapolis Boulevard Nancy Pickett, Judi Block Mercantile National Bank Real charmers ■ Poise and grace are valuable as- sets to anyone of any age. As with anything, there are certain secrets. Hammond School of Charm is the perfect place to form proper habits. ■ Hammond School of Charm 5244 Hohman Avenue WE- 171 29 Crook, Sandy „.76, 121 Cross, Debbie 134 Cross, Donna 121 Cullom, Claudette 32, 129 Cunningham, Anna 30, 74, 121 Cunningham, Sandi ....30, 114, 120 Czarny, Kathi 73, 114 Czuba, Jeffery 61, 134 D Dack, Eruce 134 Dacus, Avery 52, 134 Dacus, Linda 30, 66, 77, 109 Danaher, Kathy 1 14 Daniels, Connie 73, 76, 114 Daniels, Don 129 U • • IWUVI t ... Daniels, Roy .79, 109 Daniels, Tom ...79 Daniels, William .33, 129 Danner, Larry .134 Darmoc, Dennis . ...30. 41, 45. 113, 114 Daugherty, Fay ... 84, 114 Daugherty, Jane . 30, , 69 , 82, 84, 121 Daugherty, Sue ... .134 Davenport, Judy .. ...30, 58, 84, 114 Davis, Dan .134 Davis, Frank .114 Davis, Kim ...48 , 99 Davis, Milton ...99 Davis, Monte ...30, 41, 63. 114 Day, Tim 129 Dean, Elizabeth 76, 121 Dearing, Linda 59, 72, 77, 99 DeArmond, Donald 53, 58, 79, 129 DeArnold, Linda 121 DeBoer, Jerry 30, 41, 63, 114 Dec, Daniel 39, 49, 72, 99 Dec, Kathy 114 Decrescendo, Mike — 121 Deere, Crystal 129 Deere, Patricia 109 Degnan, Jack 52, 129 DeGroot, Pat 121 Diehl, Tom 121 Delache, Dennis 109 Dembowski, Constantine ....79, 129 Demke, Barbara 121 PTA leads trek to classrooms, breakfast table Doors open wide to parents in October at annual PTA Back-to-school Night. (Right). Lending his assistance at the PTA Pancake Breakfast is Principal Lewis Witham. Back-to-school Night found Mr. George Smith discussing gym curriculum with parents. Members of the younger set rival adults in eating capacity at the Pancake Breakfast. 148 Denham, Barb ..30, 62, 77, 81, 83, 114 Denham, David 38, 39, 42, 48, 83, 109 Denny, Darrell 121 Denny, Sandra 129 Depew, Clifford 134 Depew, Jennifer 129 Detterline, Al 45, 47, 109 Detterline, Kathy 30, 81, 114, 120 Detterline, Ronald 135 Dettmer, Pat 121 Dibblee, Jane 81, 109 Dibblee, Janet 54, 129 Diehl, Ramona 78, 1 35 Dillon, Mary Beth 135 Dittrich, Diane 121 Dittrich, Linda 135 Dixon, Bob 129 Dixon, Chuck 41, 83, 109 Dixon, Rick 31, 41, 121 Dobrowolski, Clifford 135 Dobrowski, Charlene 129 Dockely, Marsha 129 Dockery, Bob 31, 38, 41, 114, 120 Dodd, Charles 109 Doerner, Linda 135 Doerner, Michael 48, 74, 1 1 4 Doloszycki, Mary Jo ....30, 82, 84, 114 Donaldson, Bob 129 Donaldson, Bruce 135 Donaldson, Pam 121 Donovan, Linda 75, 78, 81, 114 Doolittle, James 114 Dorris, Tom 129 Doughty, Gail 129 Douey, Barbara 121 Douglas, Kathye ....76, 81, 84, 114 Douville, Jeff 121 Doyle, Embert 52, 1 29 Driscoll, Francis 135 Dulin, Dan 30, 48, 114 Duncan, Brenda 1 35 Duncan, Connis 1 14 Duncan, Jim 30 Dunn, Cory 58, 1 09 Dunn, James 30, 63, 109 Dunn, Molly 24, 114 Dutro, Gene Marie 74, 109 Dutro, Gregory 60, 135 Dutz, David 135 Dycas, Kay 135 Dycus, Bobby 61 , 1 29 150 Dycus, Carroll 61, 109 Dycus, Mary 61, 1 14 Earl, Gregory 129 Earl, Janice 76, 122 Early, William 31, 122 East, Jeff 129 Echlin, Ed 41, 114 Eddleman, Dennis 109 Eissen, John 41, 114 Eldridge, Jacqueline 129 Eldridge, Robert 135 Elkins, Michele 58, 129 Elliott, Prudi 30, 77, 144 Ellis. Carla 135 Ellis, Cary 109 Ellis, Craig 52, 58, 59, 129 Elmore, Jack ..42, 48, 49, 77, 109, 159 Emerson, Ellen 64 Emerson, Jerry 135 Emerson, Jill 129 Emerson, Roberta 122 Emery, Pat 80, 99 Emig, Candy 30, 63, 81, 114 Engi, Rebecca 129 Enright, Jetta 99 Enright, Pat 129 Ericksen, Cynthia 135 Ericksen, Rebecca 129 Erickson, Bob 1 14 Erikson, Kris 64, 135 Espinosa, Carla 135 Etnire, Carole 99 Evans, Robert 129 Everley, Sandra 135 Eytcheson, Harold .52, 60, 61, 129 Farnsworth, Bob 99 Farris, Cheryl 84, 114 Farris, Cynthia 135 Farris, Thomas 50, 122 Faust, Dollie 122 Fea, Terry 77, 122 Federoff, James 52, 58, 79, 122 Feges, Paul 53, 135 Feher, Alex 135 Feher, John 31, 114 Fehring, Fran 76, 114 Fentress, Lynn 67, 122 Ference, Harry 30, 73, 109 Ference, Jim :..45, 50, 122 Ferguson, John 114 Ferguson, Judy 30, 82, 122 Ferguson, Patrick 52, 135 Ferguson, Rich 30, 63, 77, 114 Ferguson, Rusty 41, 48, 73 Ferry, Jean 72 Ferry, John 1 1 4 Fetterhoff, Kathy 129 Feurerbach, Phil 41, 122 Fielder, Gay 64, 1 22 Fielder, Vicki 58, 84, 122 Fields, Bill 30, 81. 100 Flagg, Leslie 38, 109 Flagg, Phillip 41, 122 Flaherty, Sandra 129 Fliesher, Lucinda 122 Flood, David ....33, 52, 61, 79, 129 Flood, Dick 30, 46, 67, 109 Florin, Jasmyne 60, 129 Fogarty, Mary Ann 122 Fogarty, Paulette 30, 1 15 Ford, Elizabeth 135 Forgich, Eve 76, 109 Forsberg, Carol ..9, 50, 54, 70, 81, 84, 100, 142 Forsberg, Diane 50, 54, 81, 83, 115 Forsythe, Jean 122 Faden, Rhonda 82, 122 Forsythe, Peggy 129 Fandrei, Bob 79 Fortenbury, Al 53, 135 Fandrei, Carl 79, 122 Fortenbury, Thomas 52, 129 Fandrei, Randy 53, 135 Foster, Charlene . .. 122 Fansler, Katherine ...29, 66, 99 Foster, Debbie 135 Farley, Kathy .65, 68, 76, 109 Foster, Earl 135 Farley, Ralph .31, 50, 114 Foster, Kim 60, 64, 135 Farmer, Leslie .30, 76, 114 Fox, Bob 61, 109 Farmer, Ronald .... 52, 129 Fox, Mary Ellen 76, 115 Farmer, Steve .52, 61, 79, 122 Franey, Wendy ..7, 54. 58, 81, 82, Farnelli, Linda 78, 99 115 Farnelli, Nanette . 129 Franklin, Carol 76, 109 Guess how old ■ Lichtsinn Motors 2010 167 th Street 844-2100 Doug Jones, Jim Roper, Doug Klein, Lester Core. fo the Hills ■ Hill’s Hammond Times Agency 6804 Kennedy Avenue Tl -4-7226 Bill Tabinsky, Sarah Lewis, Mr. Hill. Booklovers’ Haven Moving into the library from its book mobile beginning, the paper- back book store expanded to offer titles from Shakespeare to Salinger. English Club invites your browsing. ■ Paperback book store Cavit High School Library Open 6th, 7th 8th hours 151 Franklin, Linda ... .115 Fraser, Al -41, 45. 49, 115 Frazier, Dennis ... .66, 77, 115 Frazier, Starra .64, 135 French, Dave ...31, 38, 49, 109 Fritz, Sandra .76, 116 Fritz, Sharon .64, 135 Frye, Jerry .48, 109 Frye, Roy .122 Fugua, David 129 Fugua, Sheila .135 Fuhrmark, Jill .30, 77, 100 Fulkerson, Bob ... 17? Fulkerson, Linda . .122 Fultman, Cheryl . .129 Fultman, Randy ... .135 Fultz, James .129 Fuoss, Deborah ... .129 Furlic, Dolores .67, 100 Fuss, Gail .122 Fyte, Linda .64, 129 Fyte, Sherry ...65, 68, 72, 100 Caddy, Linda 129 Caisser, Karl 135 Caisser, Linda 30, 115 Gajdik, Laura 64, 135 Cajdik, Mike 30, 31, 109 Canser, Tom 52, 129 Canser, Wendy 30, 73, 82. 115 Canz, Kathy 76, 122 Gardner, Margaret 83, 122 Garrett, Betty 122 Garrett, Patti .22, 30, 62, 73, 83, 115 Gatz, Debbie 76, 80, 122 Gay, Bill 129 Gaynor, Dennis 122 Gebel, Sue 1 1 5 Geis, Suzanne 60, 73, 115 Gholson, Mark 64, 79, 1 35 Gibbons, Maureen 84, 1 1 5 Gilchrist, Bob 79, 135 Gilfillan, Dan 109 Gillim, Don 135 Gilliam, Tom 33, 45, 83, 109 Glad, Randy 27 Glad, Wayne 52, 122 Gleason, Allana 59, 129 Gleason, Warren 63, 122 Gnass, Dan 77, 122 152 Goble, Dennis Robert ..52, 53, 61, 135 Goddard, Dan 31, 38, 48, 113, 115 Goddard, Nancy 82, 1 00 Goins, Kenny 135 Goldbauch, Edmund 135 Goldner, Judy 115 Gombus, Micky 135 Goodpaster, Brenda 64, 135 Gooley, Betty Jo 82, 122 Gordon, Don 30, 75, 1 15 Grabski, Dan 122 Grabski, Jana 67, 76, 84, 109 Grabski, Jean 67, 84, 109 Graegen, Don 58, 1 09 Graegin, Diane 66, 1 22 Graegin, Terry 79, 135 Gra ndfield, Anita 135 Grandfield, Meg ....76, 82, 84, 122 Grandfield, Steve 75, 115 Graves, Earl 109 Graves, Kurt 1 35 Graves, Michael 122 Graves, Valerie 129 Gray, Celeste 64, 1 29 Gray, Dennis 1 09 Gray, Dorothy 30, 1 1 5 Green, Pat 30, 60, 76, 109 Green, Terry 30, 115 Griffin, Diane 1 1 5 Groesche, John 122 Gross, Garry 64, 1 29 Grove, Randy 52, 1 22 Grovich, Judy 64, 135 Grovich, Susan 122 Grubbs, Tom 64, 1 29 Grunnet, Don 21, 135 Grunnet, Larry 79, 1 09 Guber, Linda . 65, 70, 72, 76, 100 Gurnak, Jim 109 Gurnak, Joe 45, 109 Gutowsky, Edward 79 Gutowsky, Robert 115, 122 Guzek, Tom 41, 122 Gyure, Kathie 30, 63, 76, 100 Gyure, Sharon 60, 61, 78, 129 H Haack, Bob 22, 38, 42, 43, 44, 46, 49, 83, 100 Haack, Tom 1 1 5 Hafner, Richard 1 35 Hajduk, Mark 109 Halal, Frank 129 Haley, Betsy 122 Hall, Jim 67, 109 Hall, Robert 122 Halla, Jim 109 Halla, Pat 135 Hamersley, Barbara 122 Hamersley, Jim 135 Hamilton, Bruce 122 Hammers, Dave 30, 63, 1 1 5 Hammers, Penny 77, 84, 122 Hammill, Elizabeth 135 Hamilton, Nancy 135 Hand, Michael 31, 50, 122 Hanna, Ardis 60, 78, 125 Hanna, Thomas 31, 35, 45, 61 Hanneld, Beth 59, 65, 70, 72, 100 Hanneld, Mike ....11, 67, 108, 109 Hansen, Anne Ellen 69, 72, 100 Hansen, Carol 76, 1 09 Hansen, Susan 67, 84, 1 22 Hanson, Bill 61, 135 Hanson, Dodie 73, 122 Hanson, Sheryl 135 Harasty, Roger 30, 109 Harney, Robert 135 Harris, Bob 1 1 0 Harris, Noel 135 Harris, Sheila 30 Hartley, Linda 66 Hartley, Steve 129 Hartmann, Gail 60, 135 Hawkins, Cheryl 4, 30, 60, 62, 108, 110 Hawkins, Eileen 115 Hayes, Elaine 122 Hayes, James 61 Hayne, Bruce 79, 135 Hayward, Doug 135 Hayward, Jean 129 Haywood, Barbara 72, 80, 100, 103 Hayworth, Arthur 75, 1 23 Heath, Danny 136 Hebda, Kris ....58, 71, 72, 76, 81, 100 Hebda, Marlene 66, 67 Hejmej, Linda 115 Heldt, Charlene 78, 1 10 Heifer, Dorothy ....30, 58, 82, 84, 123 Hepp, Wayne 31, 41, 115 Hesser, David 136 Hester, Karen 77, 84, 123 Hether, Nick 48, 73, 115 Really neat ■ Jack Fox Sons, Inc. 5219 Hohman Avenue 933-6400 Jim SHerby, Bob Swearingen, Zoe Ellen Black. So sociable ■ Big Wheel Drive-in Restaurant 7430 Indianapolis Boulevard 845-3700 Sitting: Andi Stevenson. Hether, Steve ,. 136 Hickman, Jim 129 Hickman, Larry 72, 73, 101 Hickman, Tom 48, 113, 115 Hicks, Letty ....17, 35, 50, 65, 71, 80, 82, 101, 156 Higgins, Lynda 76, 81, 101 Hilbrich, Howard 45, 123 Hill, Kathleen 84, 123 Hill, Stephen 130 Hill, Violet 130 Hindmarch, Terry 83, 115 Hinds, Robert 130 Hinton, Diana 115 Hinton, Linda 130 Hjertquist, Larry 123 Hlavaty, Pamela 73, 115 Hluska, John 123 Hobson, Darlene 130 Hochman, Alan 61, 79, 110 Hochman, Richard 45, 61, 77, 123 Holcomb, Jim 115 Holcomb, Martha 123 Holder, Barbara 1 36 Holder, Rosemary ..50, 78, 81, 82, 98, 101 Holder, Susan 50, 82, 1 23 Hollingshead, Bonnie . ..30, 77, 115 Holsclaw, James 79, 130 Holstrum, Donna 123 Ho’tz, Randy 123 Homcho, Ray 136 Homner, Andy 136 Horn, Marc 24, 52, 61, 130 Horn, Marta 59, 1 30 Horton, Richard 48, 49, 1 1 0 Hotaling, Catherine 75, 115 Houser, Robert 79 Housley, Barbara 50, 82, 123 Housley, Donald 130 Housley, James 31, 50, 51, 101 Howat, Colin 78, 136 Hric, Michael 130 Hubbard, Charel 115 Hudak, Howard 115 Hudgens, Diane 123 Hudnall, Larry 130 Hudson, David 64, 1 30 Hudson, Donald 64, 1 30 Humble, Wayne 130 Hunter, Ronald 115 Huntington, Bonnie 115 Hurd, Debbie 30. 66, 82, 123 Huska, Mike 136 Huttle, Christine 115 Hynes, Cynthia 136 I Igyarto, Amelia 130 Igyarto, Robert 45, 123 Ingram, Dennis 135 Irk, Bill 41, 115 Irk, Timothy 130 J Jablongski, Scott 136 Jacobs, Ronald 123 Jacobs, Thomas 110 Jamka, Dianne 136 Janiga, Michael 61, 123 Janik, Peter 79, 130 Janney, Bobby 136 Jantz, Debra 136 Jaracz, Nancy 130 Jarnecke, Karen 136 Jarnecke, Pam 30, 58, 63, 84, 115 Jarnecke, Roy 30, 123 153 Jett, Noel 41, 45. 75. 123 Jezierski, John . 123 Johnk, Ronnie . .115 Johnk, Rose .78, 101 Johnk, Shirley . .30. 58. 115 Johnson, Brian . .73, 84, 115 Johnson, Jeanne .59, 64. 130 Johnson, Lance .53, 136 Johnson, Lee ... .136 Johnson, Linda 130 Johnson, Steve . .30, 115 Jones, Brenda . .61, 115 Jones, Curtis ... .115 Jones, Debbie . .64, 130 Jones, Dick .31, 41, 58. 123 Jones, Doug 4, 30, 39, 49, 58, 72, 101 , 120, 1 151. 163 Jones, Fred .130 Jones, Laney .31, 123 Jones, Larry .45, 110 Jones, Madgelene .. .110 Jones, Sharon ... .130 Jones, Shirley ... ...84 Judy, Dwight ... .101 Jukich, William .45, 123 Junkens, Linda . .130 Juscik, Joe 31. 38, 41, 48. 115 K Kackley, Sarah 60, 1 23 Kaczmarczyk, Yuvonne 70, 1 1 0 Kamradt, Roandl 83, 110 Kandalec, Nancy ....9, 67, 71, 72, 101, 142 Kane, Janet 110 Kaniuk, Linda 123 Kark, Barbara . 30, 69, 72, 77, 81, 101 Karlen, Dale 1 36 Kasenga, Eileen 123 Kasenga, Raymond 25, 1 1 5 Katz, Janet 32, 64, 136 Katz, Joyce 64, 1 36 Kaytar, Terry 130 Keehn, Linda 30, 62, 123 Keith, Dana 76, 115 Keith, Larry 50, 1 23 Keler, Dale 1 36 Kelleman, Charles 50, 101 Keller, Linda 123 Kenan, Barbara 123 Kennedy, Steven 77, 1 23 154 Kenny, Bobby Kerrick, Linda .. Kessey, Craig ..... Kessey, Tom Kiest, Beverly ... Kiest, Dennis Kimmons, Cindy Kindle, William Kinsock, Susan . Kiser, James Kish, Richard Kish, Susan Klacik, Darlene Klaubo, George Klein, Douglas 136 78, 82, 84, 115 79, 136 110 101 31, 123 123 61, 136 68, 108, 110 52, 123 130 1 10 64, 130 58 ....30, 38, 72, 101, 151 Klobuchar, Barbara 73, 77, 82, 83, 110 Klochow, Susan 64, 130 Knapik, Charlene 101 Knestrict, Paul 77, 115 Knicker, Robert 110 Knieriemen, Ken 52, 123 Knighter, Daniel 41, 123 Knight, James 123 Knish, Richard 136 Knitter, Karen 78, 80, 110 Knoblett, Billy 136 Knoche, David 45, 83, 110 Knoche, Larry 41, 45, 123 Knoth, Jerry 21, 48, 110 Knutson, Linn 54, 136 Knutson, Skip 42, 48, 49, 83, 110 Kcch, Judy 136 Koch, Kurtis 130 Koch, Larry 123 Koch, Susan 66, 1 1 0 Kochopolous, Beatrice 1 36 Kochopolous, Kenneth 130 Kocur, Bonita . 29, 30, 59, 77, 101 Koehler, Kerry 31, 60, 61, 123 Koepp, Linda 136 Kohut, Mike 58, 83, 110 Kohut, Pat 32. 76. 110 Kohut, Peter 77, 1 1 6 Kolas, Joyce 73, 110 Kollar, Alice 1 23 Kollar, Charles 48 Kollar, Pat 30, 83, 110, 113 Ko miniak, Joan 136 Koontz, Logan 5, 42, 101 Koontz, Susan 130 Korba, Katherine 80, 1 08, 1 1 0 Kornas, Wayne .. .4, 9, 38, 49, 59, 69, 72, 98, 101, 165 Kostick, Karen 30, 83, 84, 115 Kovacik, Charlotte 81, 110 Kovack, Adrian 136 Kovack, Debbie 30, 63, 73, 76, 82, 83, 110 Kovalsky, Sharyn ... 30, 62, 76, 110 Kozubal, Paul ....4, 12, 20, 39, 49, 101 Krasnichas, Ralph . 45, 50, 75, 123 Kritsch, Sharon 102 Krol, Ronald 45, 1 1 6 Krol, Suzanne 58, 64, 130 Kropiewnicki, Richard 130 Kropiewnicki, Ronald 31, 123 Kucer, Dennis 9, 72, 102 Kudelka, Sally 81, 82, 110 Kuhn, Janice ....72, 78, 81, 82, 102 Kuhn, Susan 130 Kuhn, Tom 1 36 Kujawa, Pat 1 1 6 Kujawa, JoAnn 130 Kula, Eileen 64, 123 Kulczyk, Paula 30, 77, 1 10 Kulczyk, Thomas 31, 75, 123 Kumiega, Jim 45, 123 Kumiega, Phillip 102 Kunka, Joan 72, 74, 102 Kunka, Pat 123 Kunow, Debbie 130 Kush, Beverly 64, 136 Kush, Carolyn 30, 73, 76, 110 Kutscher, Cathi 1 1 6 Kutscher, Rickey 79, 130 Kwolek, David 41, 48, 123 Kwlek, Phillip 41, 48, 110 L Laciak, Frank 66, 67, 74, 110 Lacko, Linda 73, 110 LaCroix, Pamela 64, 1 30 Ladd, Donald 130 Ladowicz, Rosemary 76, 84, 1 1 6 LaFrance, Sharon 84, 1 23 Lake, Jeffery 52, 130 Lakin, Kevin 136 Lammertin, Jack 123 Landfald, Donna 123 Landis, Doreen 60, 1 30 Lang, Alan 73, 110 Lanman, George 110 Lanman, Betsy 130 Lannin, Patrick 41, 124 Lannin, Sheila 67, 76, 84, 110 Lapine, Carl 61 , 79, 1 24 Larson, Kathy 82, 1 1 0 Laughlin, Richard 81, 110 Law, Pamela 58, 130 Law, Phil 41, 73, 116 Lax, Karen 64, 1 30 Ledbetter, Joe 1 1 0 Ledbetter, Linda 76, 1 24 Lee, Chuck 30, 48, 63 Lee, Lloyd 1 1 6 Leeb, Diane 84, 1 1 6 Leeb, Linda 1 1 6 Leeney, Sandra . 4, 59, 69, 72, 77, 102 Leonard, Michael 59, 130 Leonard, Sharon 28, 66 Leroux, Jeannette 64, 136 Leslie, Jim 1 1 0 Leslie, John 136 Leslie, William 31, 124 Lessig, Sharon 17, 64, T36 Levin, Jack 124 Lewin, Alfred 79, 1 36 Lewin, Arnie ..15, 30, 66, 67, 110 Lewin, Rosemarie 136 Lewis, Nancy 82, 1 24 Lewis, Sarah 5, 20, 71, 72, 98, 102, 151 Likens, Benita 136 Lind, Irene 116 Lindauer, Mary Jo 30, 84, 1 10 Linnemeir, Sue 61, 110 Linowski, Jim 41, 58, 116 Linowski, Nancy 110 Linville, Johnnie 110 Linville, Theresa 75, 115 Lipsig, Laurie 64, 1 36 Litton, Carol 64, 130 Litton, Patricia 67, 124 Litton, Richard „ 124 Littrell, Diane 136 Lloyd, Jim .79, 136 Lloyd, Kathy 124 Lloyd, Tim 83, 102 Lobodzinski, Darlene ....73, 81, 110 Lobodzinski, Geraldine ..67, 73, 81, 110 Lobodzinski, Lorraine 110 Lock, John 48, 73, 116 Lock, Thomas 79, 1 36 Locke, Barbara 136 Loebach, Judy 59, 78, 102 Logan, Helen 77, 1 02 Lohse, Mark 52, 1 36 Lohse, Sharon ....7, 50, 54, 73, 77, 82, 83, 116 Loktu, Mike „ 1 1 0 Long, Judith 69, 130 Looman, Greg 31, 55, 116 Loudermilk, Myrna 116 Loudermilk, Patricia 130 Louis, Marilee 1 30 Lucas, Bob 116 Lucas, Jim 136 Lucas, John 130 Lucas, Susan 76, 1 1 0 Lucht, Pamela 130 Ludington, Danny 45, 110 Ludington, Nancy 30, 116 Luetzelschwab, Carl 110 Lula, Linda 66, 69, 111, 142 Lundgren, Allanna 60, 130 Lundgren, Mark 41, 61, 111 Lung, Bob 31 ,116 Luttringer, Judy 69, 72, 102 Luttringer, Linda 67, 69, 1 1 1 Lutz, Pamela 66 Lutz, Penny 1 1 6 Lutz, Rita 136 Lynch, Dennis 130 Lytle, Steve 116 M MacDonald, Robert 52, 131 Macey, Janet 130 Macey, Mary 82, 1 1 6 Mack, Buddy 124 Macnak, Mary 20, 59, 69, 72, 102 Magdziarz, Linda 116 Magdziarz, Sandy 124 Magee, Patricia 124 Mangone, Dominic ..59, 62, 64, 79, 130 Mahler, Sally Ann 1 1 1 Malloy, Daniese 124 Maloney, Charles 136 Maloney, Janice 58, 130 Maloney, Robert 130 Manigrasso, Elaine 1 36 Mangerson, Robert 130 Mann, Karen 30, 67, 1 24 Manning, Bob _...79, 116 Mansueto, Michael _...78, 124 Manus, George 48, 73, 1 1 6 Manushaw, Marguerite 111 Maranto, James -52, 124 Maranto, Janet 130 Marinaro, Mike 111 Marinaro, Tony .130 Markola, Sandra .... 72, 76, 80, 102 Marks, John 116 Marlow, Linda 116 Marlowe, David .136 Marlowe, Dennis .. .136 Marlowe, Don -52, 124 Marrs, Karen .130 Martens, Carol . .124 Martin, Gerald 136 Martin, Judi .72, 102 Martinez, Rosita .. .136 Maruschak, Beth .... .61, 66, 1 16 Maruschak, Maria ., .61, 77, 81. 102 Marz, Anthony .52, 130 Maser, Joanna .136 Masleid, Michael .. .45, 124 Mason, Jerry .136 Mason, Pamela .124 Matusik, Pat .30, 78, 82, 116 Matusik, Thomas .. .136 Mauk, Denzil ....... ........ ........ .111 Mazur, Johnette .... .58, 124 McCaig, Janet .116 McCaig, Nancy ... ...69 78 McCall, Ralph .131 McCance, Cheryl _ .124 McCance, Sandy ... .67, 76, 111 McCarty, Jean .102 McCormick, Linda ....... ........ .131 McCorkle, Charles ..64, 75, 136 McCoy, Mark .136 McCrum, Bonnie . ...61 . 77 McCrum, Judy ..4, 59. 61. 77, 102, 107 McDonald, Robert . ...79 McDonald, Susan . .58, 76, 116 McGaha, Jerry .136 McLaughlin, Berry .131 McLaughlin, Kay . .136 McNamara, Paul ... .30, 111 McPhillips, Michael 38, 49. 83. 102 McPhillips, Pat ..49, 77, 116 McPhillips, Susan . .64. 131 McVickers, Gary ... .61, 131 McVickers, Jeffery .116 Means, Sally .136 Medley, Sharyn .102 Meeks, Thomas .124 Mehr, Sandra .137 155 Letty Hicks, Anne Rodovich, Carol Williams. Futura staff knows the right type ■ Saturday afternoon for a Futura staff member might constitute a visit to DeLaney Printing Co., print- ers of the ’64 yearbook. Over 30 years of service in single and multi- color printing make DeLaney’s the printer who’ll get the job-done. 156 ■ DeLaney Printing Co. 1 1 3 Sibley Street WE 3-0656 Mehr, Sheva 67, 1 24 Melton, Markel 1 1 6 Melton, Shirley 102 Meltz, Gail 30, 82, 124 Mercer, Dick 1 1 1 Mercer, Ronald 79, 131 Merchant, Evelyn . 67, 76, 84, 1 1 1 Merideth, Rick 2. 45. 50, 124 Merkel, Roger 116 Merrick, Michael 137 Merritt, Barry 79, 131 Messman, Jane 11, 69, 142 Mestrovich, Cheryl 116 Michaelson, Sharon 137 Micholski, Elizabeth 137 Miller. Allen _...31, 124 Miller, Ann Ill Miller, Barbara 61 Miller, Janice 58, 60, 131 Miller, Joseph 1 1 1 Miller, Pat 73, 1 1 6 Miller, Rodney 137 Miller, Roy 44, 48, 116 Miller, Sherry 137 Miller, Sue 124 Millman, Virginia 73, 84, 124 Milne, James 1 1 6 Milne, Mary 61, 137 Mincheski, Grey 137 Minnich, Don 22, 103 Mirabelli, Mary 131 Mitchell, Lana 84, 124 Miterko, Susan 124 Milobar, Jim 1 7, 38, 39, 49, 103 Milobar, Ted 38, 39, 49, 103 Mizerik, Kathy 30, 78, 124 Moats, Gayle 131 Moldraski, Roseanne ... 30, 62, 66, 116 Molnar, Michael 48, 116 Molnar, Susan 30, 82, 124 Monzulla, Bruce 116 Monzulla, Peggy 131 Monzulla, Sam 137 Moore, Bob 30. 62, 75, 1 1 1 Moore, Danny 116 Moore, Douglas 137 Moore, Kay —.124 Moore, Karen 131 Moore, Sandra 131 Moore, Terry 1 1 6 Morales, Mike 73, 1 1 1 Morariv, Janis 64, 131 Morelli, David 137 Moser, Steve 1 1 6 Mosora, Rebecca 1 16 Moss, Rita 1 31 Mote, Ronald 59. 64, 131 Motes, Bill 77, 116 Motes, Peggy .17, 58, 70, 72, 103 Moulesong, Cindy 131 Moulesong, George 137 Moulesong, Kathy . 58, 68, 77, 1 1 1 Mrzlock, Marguerite ...67, 81, 111 Muhr, Bonnie 137 Muhr, Jackie 116 Muir, Craig 137 Muir, Rosemary 137 Mulvihill, Shirley 50, 60, 124 Munson, Debra 137 Munson, Jerry —.30, 116 Murfin, Janet 64, 137 Murfin, Robert . 30, 31, 38, 48, 49, 62, 116 Murday, Jerry 131 Murday, Pamela 137 Murphy, Patricia „ 137 Mustoe, Sue 1 1 1 Mycka, Ted _ 79 Myers, James 124 Myers, John 131 Myers, Vicki 1 1 , 67 N Naftzger, Barbara 135 Naftzger, John 1 1 6 Naftzger, Shirley 103 Nagdeman, Gerry 25, 1 1 6 Nagdeman, Mark 64, 131 Narantic, Sandy 116 Natkin, Bruce 21. 42, 73. Ill Natkin, Neena 78, 137 Nauta, Andrew 137 Neel, Carol 131 Nelson, Nancy 81 ,111 Newcomb, Jim 41, 117 Newcomb, Marty 4, 38, 40, 48, 49, 69. Ill Newlin, David 131 Newton, Elaine 60, 131 Nicolai, Adeo 59, 72 Nicolaisen, Richard 61, 131 Nickoloff, Chris 45, 51. 124 Noel, Bob 64, 131 Nokes, Mike 131 Noojin, Richard 1 1 1 Noojin, Sam 64, 131 Noojin, William 73, 79, 124 Norris, Tom 79 Norton, Wesley 52, 64, 79 Novak, Darlene 131 Novak, David 131 Novak, Jerome 1 31 0 Obranovich, Donna 81, 1 1 1 Odom, Wayne 137 Okey, Danny 1 31 Oprisko, George 4, 75, 103 Oprisko, Jana 82, 84, 124 Oprisko, Janet 64, 124 Oprisko, Jeanette 64, 124 Oram, Bruce 137 Orange, Donna 131 Ordway, Myretta ....30, 76, 81, 117 Ordway, Roger 1 37 Orich, Carol 30, 81, 82, 117 Orkis, James 48, 124 Orlando, Sharon „ 124 Ortega, Carl 60, 124 Ortega, Mike 131 Ortega, Thomas 137 Otto, Ric 137 Overland, Bobby 137 Overstreet, Nancy 1 1 1 Owens, Terri 1 1 7 P Pace, Teresa 32, 137 Painter, Carol .64, 137 Palazzolo, Frank .46, 79. 1 1 1 Palazzolo, Mary Ann .. ..30, 62, 73. 76. 1 17 Paleznshi, Len ...45 Palubin, Anthony 124 Panian Ed .117 Panian, Judi 69, 83, 117 Panian, Suzanne .82, 124 Parker, Cynthia .60. 131 Parker, Elizabeth .58, 131 Parker, Michael .79, 131 Parks, Jack .31. 124 Parsley, Phillip .75. 131 Pasko, Steve .41, 124 Pasko, Sue 20, 69. 72. 103 Pataki, Judy .1 17 Patchen, Greg 1 1 1 Patka, Alan .58. 1 1 1 Pause, Sandra 137 157 Pearson, Barbara 66, 81, 111 Pearson, Donald 35, 1 24 Pearson, Jean 82, 124 Pearson, Milton 131 Pease, Judd 50, 124 Pease, Patricia 30, 1 1 7 Pease, Robert 17 Peavler, Sue Ann ....17, 59, 65, 68, 72, 73, 103 Peck, Timothy 79, 124 Pederson, Bill 30, 63, 117 Pederson, John 61, 131 Penciak, Karen 124 Pendrick, ' Sally 137 Pernell, Rich 79 Perrone, James 125 Perry, Janet 137 Persic, Dave ....42, 44, 49, 55, 83, 103 Peschke, Norm 1 1 1 Petersen, Lynn 117 Peterson, Carol 131 Peterson, Margaret 124 Peterson, Tom 137 Petree, Roberta 137 Petree, Will iam 131 Petrie, Dale 125 Petrie, Duane 131 Petro, Janis 131 Petrovich, Michael 61, 131 Petrukitas, Barbara 125 Phillips, April 1 1 1 Phillips, Bill 131 Phillips, Buddy 30 Phillips, Delmar 117 Phillips, Cary 83 Phillips, June 137 Pouch, Jeffrey 41, 125 Poulson, Patricia 131 Powers, Jerry _ 137 Prahlow, James 125 Prater, Marsha 1 17 Pratt, Janet 125 Pratt, Susan 76, 117 Premuda, Cathy 137 Premuda, Kim 50, 125 Premuda, Mary Jo 137 Prendergast, Jane 30, 125 Prendergast, Mary Ellen 76, 84, 117 Press, Holly 125 Probus, Edward 137 Probus, Judy 82, 125 Proctor, Debbie 58, 1 37 Provenzano, Carmen ...50, 73, 117 Pruim, Dale 75, 131 Przondo, Cynthia ... 6, 30, 60, 62, 111 Puglia, Charles 79 Pummill, Dorothy 1 1 1 Purcell, Barbara 125 Purcell, Cora 137 Purcell, Frank 1 1,111 Purcell. Bill 52, 131 Purnell, Rickey 1 37 0 Qualle, Diana 78, 103 Qualle, Phillip 64, 137 Queer, Jody 67, 84, 111 Quayle, Linda 64, 131 R Pickett, Mel .41, 117 Rabatin, Robert .75, 131 Pickett, Nancy ....54, 82, 84, 111, Racich, Kathy .117 147 Rae, Robert .131 Pietrzak, Sherry .117 Raganyi, Sandra .84, 125 Pilot, Terri 66, 73, 117 Rak, Michael .137 Pleitner, Bud .117 Rakoczy, Brenda .1 17 Pluta, Dan .131 Raksanyi, Linda 60, 68, 131 Pluta, Joe 31, 41, 58, 83, 125 Ramirez, Manuel .31. 125 Pociask, Walter .45. 125 Ramirez, Mike .111 Polczynski, Linda .73, 125 Ramirez, Mitchell .125 Polecynski, Leonard .117 Randolph, Dike .137 Polk, Juanita .125 Rasmussen, Ronald ...52, 79, 131 Polochak, Anna Marie .137 Rattay, Ollie 1 17 Popovich, George .111 Rawlings, Gloria .59, 131 Porter, Theodore .45, 125 Ray, Gene ...39, 48, 111 Posey, Jim .137 Ray, Larry .49, 103 Potter, Lorna 77, 78. 117 Ray, Rick 111 Raykovich, Linda ....30, 58, 69, 82, 83, 84. 120, 125 Raykovich, Tim 39, 49, 72, 79, 83, 103 Redlarczyk, Gregory 77, 125 Redman, Karen 137 Reed, Anita 131 Reinert, Don 104 Reitman, Dave 125 Revercomb, Alan 137 Revercomb, Alan 41, 48, 125 Rice, John 137 Rich, Dave 45. 48, 108, 111 Rindoks, Roland 137 Ringer, Donna 66, 72, 81, 104 Ringer, Robert 52, 131 Rippe, John _ 131 Roberts, William 52, 131 Robinson, Sandra 137 Robinson, Charry 117 Robinson, Larry 1 1 1 Robson, Bill 79, 137 Robson, Linda 64, 131 Rodovich, Anne ....71, 72, 76, 104, 156 Rodovich, Rod 31, 41, 117 Rogala, Richard 27, 1 1 7 Rohlman, Jim 79, IT ' 1 Rokosz, Vicky 73, 77, 81, 117 Roller, Randy 61, 78 Romano, Frank 104 Romanowski, Shirley Ill Rominger, Donna 64, 131 Rominger, Ron 104 Roper, Jim ..4, 30, 31, 38, 49, 59, 72, 83, 98, 104, 151 Rosales, Jeanne 125 Rose, Dave 42, 45, 48, 49, 77, 111 Rosenberger, Mike 30, 48, 63 Rosenberger, Ron 1 1 1 Rosey, Jim 53 Rosinski, Carole ....7, 9, 50, 54, 71, 72, 84, 104, 142 Rossa, Bob 117 Rotz, Dennis 117 Royal, Carl 67. 77, 125 Royal, Daniel 41, 125 Rozhon, Bob 29, 41, 117 Rubin, Amy 137 Ruble, Bert 79, 132 Rumph, James 52, 58, 59, 64, 132 Rusak, Bob 1 1 7 Rusak, Richard 1 32 Russell, Brad 30, 117 58 Jack Elmore ■ Backe Insurance Service, Inc. 738 - 173rd Street Phone 931 -6500 Buckle up for safety ■ John’s Certified 7348 Columbia Avenue Phone We 2-1764 ■ Beth Hanneld, editor Carol Williams, photography editor Linda Cuber, layout editor ■ Lavonne Bebler, copy editor Sue Sanders, business manager Letty Hicks, activities editor ■ Anne Rodovich, clubs editor Kris Hebda, index editor Carole Rosinski, senior editor 159 Russell, Carol 1 1 7 Russell, Shirley 125 Ruttledge, Sandra 60, 1 25 Ryder, Sharon 125 s Sabo, Ken 30, 104 Saboff, Ceorgee 58, 1 1 7 Saboff, Mark 137 Saculla, Julia 1 1 7 Sadler, Linda Jo 64, 137 Sako, Gayle 8, 58, 82, 83, 104 Sako, Jim 58, 1 1 1 Salczynski, Linda 73, 1 1 1 Salveson, Al 31, 38, 49, 104 Sanders, Jane ..30, 71, 82, 83, 125 Sanders, Kathleen 132 Sanders, Mark 79 Sanders, Mike 64, 132 Sanders, Noal 137 Sanders, Robert 137 Sanders, Sandra 137 Sanders, Sue ... 59, 65, 66, 71, 72, 74. 82, 83, 104 Sandifer, Nancy 1 17 Sapyta D atri .a 125 Sapyta, jse Ann 1 1 1 Sarkady, Karen 117 Savickis, Charles ....31, 38, 41, 125 Savickis, Paul 39, 49, 104 Savicz, Mary 66, 76, 1 1 1 Sawcheck, Carol 59, 64, 1 32 Sax, Kathy 30, 62, 63, 66, 117 Schaade, Paul 137 Schatte, Pat 1 1 1 Schlesser, Ronald 138 Schlosser, William 132 Schmidt, Sharon 1 1 1 Schmiedel, Diane 30, 125 Schneider, Linda ...30, 82, 84, 125 Schoenborn, Robert 132 Schoettle, Darlene 104 Schwertfeger, Barb 64, 1 38 Schwertfeger, John 104 Scieska, Linda 132 Sciortino, Andy 132 Scolnik, Steve 31, 41, 111 Scott, Cary 132 Scott, Jay 117 Scott, Jim 138 Scott, Marge 117 Scott, Marciel 138 Scott, Roger 45, 50, 125 160 Seeds, Dennis 1 32 Sentell, Brenda 30, 117 Sentell, Roy 125 Senters, Linda 78, 117 Serafin, Andrea 30, 62, 117 Sewell, Connie 50, 125 Sewell, Karen 82, 117 Shanley, Carolyn 84, 1 17 Shanta, Cecilia 60, 132 Shea, Annette 60, 61, 132 Shearer, Carol 117 Shearer, Lavonna 125 Shelbourne, Gwen 132 Shepherd, Maria .. .16, 59, 73, 77, 104 Sherbit, Brenda 138 Sherby, Ellen 28. 108, 111 Sherby, Jim 4, 17, 42, 49. 98, 104, 153 Sherfey, Emily 64, 138 Shinkle, Ron 15, 30, 117 Shinkle, Wayne 64, 132 Shreve, Judy 125 Shreve, Patty 17, 138 Shultman, Jim 138 Shultman, Theodore 52, 1 32 Shutko, Robert 79, 1 38 Shutko, Susan 76, 82, 84, 117 Siecker, Abby 31, 38, 49, 112 Siecker, Kathy 132 Siecker, Scott 79, 1 38 Sills, Paul 125 Silverman, Ronald 132 Simpson, Bob 42, 45, 46, 112 Siti, Barbara 73, 112 Siti, Robert 112 Sitton, Barb 60, 64, 138 Skafish, John 112 Skalba, Alice 73, 82, 84, 125 Skalba, Margarite . ...30, 62, 66, 74, 83. 1 17 Skalnik, Leone 81, 112 Skorupa, Teddy 132 Skratsky, Cindy 138 Slacian, David 79, 1 32 Slayton, Roger 138 S ' ipchick, Darlene 132 Sloan, Pat 84, 125 Sluzewski, Katherine 60, 125 Sluzewski, Richard 77, 117 Smith, Betsy 132 Smith, Borcie 41 , 1 25 Smith, Carol 132 Smith, Cynthia 138 Smith, Dianna 1 32 Smith, Donald 132 Smith, Jack 125 Smith, James 1 32 Smith, Janice 76, 81, 117 Smith, Kathleen 132 Smith, Kathy 30, 81, 118 Smith, Margaret 132 Smith, Nancy 60, 132 Smith, Phil 50, 118 Smith, Randall 48, 125 Smith, Ray 1 38 Smith, Rose 125 Smith, Ross 58, 1 04 Smith, Sandy 30, 62, 66, 1 12 Smith, Terrie 1 38 Smith. Timothy 132 Smulski, Pat 1 1 8 Smutko, Carol 82, 84, 125 Smutzer, Bill 49, 77, 112 Smutzer, Richard 31, 77, 118 Snekser, John 75, 1 18 Snekser, Pat 1 1 2 Sojka, Judy 104 Solan, Dave 22, 31, 41, 73, 118 Solan, Sara 27, 54, 58, 125 Solon, Jack 42, 112 Solon, Susan 1 1 2 Soltesz, John -.132 Sorg, Dave 49, 79, 84, 1 1 2 Sorg, Kathy 84, 125 Sosin, Larry 68, 71, 104 Sowula, Steve 48, 79, 112 Sparks, Sherri 125 Speelman, Danny 138 Spencer, Mark 31, 112 Spillers, Lynda 132 Spitale, Dan 48, 118 Spitale, Phil 46, 55. 73, 112 Spitale, Ronnie 1 38 Spowart, Robert 75, 118 Stahl, Chuck 112 Stahl, David 125 Stanley, Claude 77, 126 Stanley, Judy 1 1 2 Stanwyck, Nancy .59, 72, 80, 104 Stefnik, Jim 58, 126 Steinboch, Pam 138 Steinkraus, Larry 31, 126 Stelter, Roberta 126 Stemp, Marcella 23, 82, 118 Stempf, Harry 30, 1 1 8 Stempkowski, Cynthia 112 Stenholm, Sally 64, 126 Wayne Kornas, senior class president (right). Fit for a president ■ Dunhill Formal Attire 6947 Indianapolis Boulevard Tl -45489 Dick Winkley, Karyn Brenman Music bugs know ■ Lunchene’s Sports Center 6831 Kennedy Avenue T I -46504 Newspapers make a “big” difference in people’s lives Einhorn’s Town Country Women’s Apparel Shop In the Woodmar Shopping Center The Hammond Times “Calumet Region’s Home Newspaper” Fabulous fashions for casual living 161 Stepanovich, Deborah 138 Stepancovich, Stanley 132 Stephan, Timothy 64, 138 Stetson, Valerie 84 Stevens, Norman 63, 1 1 8 Stevens, Warren 30 Stevenson, And i 30, 58, 63, 68, 71, 76, 84, 118, 153 Stevenson, Connie 76, 105 Stevenson, Sheila 118 Stewart, Phyllis 126 Stiglitz, Marty 72, 112 Stiglitz, Mike 126 Stimler, Debbie 61, 73, 112 Stimler, Sandra 126 Stivers, Nancy „ 118 Stivers, Robert 132 Stooksbury, Sue 76, 82, 126 Stoughton, Bernard 52, 1 32 Stoughton, Fred 126 Stover, Jacqueline 132 Stover, Judy 126 Stover, Roy 30, 3 1 , 48, 1 1 8 Stowers, Sarah 76, 83, 1 1 8 Straugh, Connie 82, 1 26 Strauser, Barbara 132 Strauser, Bonnie 76, 118 Stricklin, Kim 126 Stringham, Karen . 30, 76, 83, 118 Stringham, Linda 59, 132 Stringham, Peggy ....59, 69, 72, 73, 77, 105 Sullivan, Dennis 30, 41, 118 Sullivan, Eileen 118 Sullivan, George 52, 132 Sullivan, Linda 138 Sum, Rosemarie 76 Sutherland, Sandra 138 Sutton, Thetna 78, 126 Svetic, Jimmy 53, 138 Swaim, Ellen 76, 112 Swearingen, Bob ....38, 39, 40, 42, 43, 46. 49. 55, 65, 71, 98, 105, 106, 153 Swearingen, Glenn 24, 41, 118 Swisher, Bill 48, 1 1 2 Swisher, Frank 31, 118 Swisher, Sandra 138 Sylvester, Charlene 30, 81, 105 Sylvester, Louis 118 Szurgot, Vic 72, 73, 105 162 T Tabinsky, Bill 72, 105, 151 Tabinsky, Donna 132 Takacs, Bob .13, 38, 40, 49, 105 Tall, Ernie 38, 45, 46, 49, 112 Tarlton, Cassie 82, 126 Tatusko, Georgeane 82, 118 Taylor, Dennis 17, 138 Taylor, Don 112 Taylor, Jim 132 Taylor, Katherine 132 Teegarden, Sally 132 Teets, Betty 30, 1 1 8 Teets, Cheryl 64, 126 Templeton, Leonard ....52, 126, 127 Thegze, Bill ....31, 38, 48, 61, 1 12 Thegze, Robert 52, 61 , 126 Thinnes, Valerie .....126 Thomas, Denny 118 Thomas, Randall 61, 138 Thomas, Tom 41, 45, 73, 118 Thompson, Candace 132 Thompson, Ron 41, 45, 118 Thompson, Sharon 77, 1 1 2 Thornsberry, Brenda 84, 1 26 Thorpe, Bill 138 Throll, Linda, 138 Thrasher, Ruth 67, 112 Thrush, Helen 138 Tiffany, Marie 126 Tiller, Robert 132 Timmons, Jim 1 1 2 Tinsley, Gary 138 Tobakos, Lynda 73, 118 Todd, Cathy 132 Todd, Janice 1 1 8 Tokarz, Bill 77, 118 Toth, Gregory 138 Towasnicki, Francine 84, 112 Trebe, Henry 1 1 2 Tokich, Bill 48 Tulba, Vicky 1 38 Turbyfill, Edward 52, 53, 132 Turner, Ed 118 Turnpaugh, Timothy 126 Twaddle, Clifton 60, 138 u Undi, Gerhard 112 Undi, Karin 82, 126 Uriadko, Walter 77 Vance, Linda 132 Vandersteen, Joy .60, 64, 138 Van Gorp, Philip ....31, 45, 48, 112 Van Gorp, Rachel ■64, 138 Van Gorp, Timothy 118 Van Lue, Jeff 126 Van Slyke, George .31, 118 Van Slyke, Suzanne 54, 60, 78, 132 Vater, Van ...58 Vaughn, Jim .75, 112 Vaznonis, Kenneth .138 Venable, Linda 1 1 , 66, 67, 112 Ventimiglia, Dennis .79, 126 Ventimiglia, Joyce .112 Veray, Larry 126 Vestal, Joyce .64, 132 Vestal, Tom .138 Vevurka, John 38, 49, 50, 105 Vevurka, Robert .52, 132 Vicari, Tom .77, 112 Vliek, Dan .75, 118 Vliek, Deborah .132 Von Almen, Gary 61, 138 Von Almen, Pam .76, 118 Von Almen, Sue .30, 83, 118 Voros, Karen ....30, 62, , 72, , 77, 80, 105 Vrehas, Mary .138 w Waggoner, Bob .118 Waggoner, Nancy .132 Waite, Robert .52, 59, 132 Walker, Carol .76, 118 Walker, Debbie .138 Walker, George .132 Walker, Janet .126 Walker, Jim 31 , 73, 75, 118 Walker, Monty .64, 132 Walker, Patty Jo .138 Wallace, Pamela .77, 82, 126 Walley, Tim .138 Walsh, Danny .52, 126 Walsh, Howard .52, 132 Walsh, Ted 39, 40, 49, 105 Walworth, Kenneth .49, 105 Wantroba, Marilyn .132 Wargin, Bill .118 Wargin, Brad .138 Warziniak, Mark .118 Warzinzak, Joe .138 Wasiuta, Linda 76, 84, 118 Wasiuytyk, Irene 126 Watson, Karen 30, 50, 58, 82, 84, 1 12 Watson, Linda 1 1 8 Watson, Ronnie 118 Weaver, Wayne 46, 83, 105 Webb, Allen 138 Webb, Billy 64, 132 Weeks, Carrie 126 Weeks, Susan 58, 82, 84, 120, 126 Wehmen, Pamela 17, 64, 138 Weichsel, Jeff 48, 118 Weimer, Jane 76, 1 12 Weiner, Bob 73, 75, 1 18 Weiss, Stephen 59, 1 32 Welch, Betty Jean 132 Welch, Terry 31, 118 Weliky, Bill 30, 45, 48, 118 Weliky, Philip 132 Wells, Wayne 138 Welsh, Pat 138 Wendell, Dale 64, 133 Werner, Dennis 30, 48, 63, 75, 118 Werner, Jim 1 1 2 Wesolowski, Carl 126 Westberg, Barbara 60, 74, 82, 1 1 8 Westberg, Robert 138 Westman, Susan ....74, 82, 83, 126 Wetnight, David 64, 133 Weyhmueller, Bill 73, 1 18 Wharton, Brenda 126 Wharton, Sandra 138 Wheeler, Debbie 138 Whitaker, Karen 83, 113, 118 Whitaker, Michael 52, 69, 78, 79. 133 White, Alice 64, 138 White, Dean 59, 133 White, Emery 133 White, Gene 59, 133 White, Jerry Lee „...77, 1 12 White, Kathleen 119 White, Mike 30, 119 White, Ralph 126 White, Stevens ..4, 25, 59, 66, 67, 105 White, Sue 1 1 9 White, Tom 52, 58, 126 Whitesell, Stephen 133 Whitney, Christine 133 Wielgos, Barbara ....76, 81, 82, 84, 112 Wielgos, Benny 138 Wiening, Tim 138 Wiersbe, Corinne 30, 119 Wiersbe, Dale 77, 126 Wiersbe, Dean 138 Wiersbe, Polly 73 Wiggins, Jeffery 45, 119 Wilkenson, Susan 60, 138 Williams, Carol ..4, 65, 70, 88, 98, 105, 156 Williams, Dave 30, 38, 42, 43, 48, 49, 62, 112 Williams, Donald 52, 126 Williams, Jim ..38, 42, 48, 49, 58, 112, 142 Williams, John 31, 41, 119 Williams, Joyce 71, 113, 119 Williams, Linda 119 Williams. Phyllis 119 Wilson, Deborah 138 Wilson, Carl 41, 126 Wilson, Diane 108, 112 Wilson, Don 138 Wilson, Jeanette 30, 126 Wilson, Mark 133 Wilson, Michael 77, 119 Wilson, Sandy 26, 73, 82, 119 Winkley, Richard 41, 45, 126, 165 Winski, David 31, 41, 79, 126 Wisniewski, Lucy ....! 73, 76, 119 Witham, Ted 31, 79, 84, 112 Withrow, Vicki 30, 1 19 Witulski, Sally 64, 138 Wojciehowski, Debbie . 26, 30, 62, 76, 119 Wojciehowski, Dorothy 112 Wojciehowski, Irene 119 Wojciehowski, James .. .64, 79, 133 Wojciehowski, Wanda 64, 138 Wojdula, Lillian „...73, 112 Wojdula, Rich 48, 58, 119 Wolf, Thomas 138 Wolfe, Barbara .....64, 1 33 Wolfe, Bob 138 Wooden, Michael 139 Woomer, Cheryl ....70, 76, 82, 84, 112 Woomer, Linda 82, 1 26 Worley, Linda 126 Wolniak, Walt 30, 41, 75, 119 Wright, Paula 138 Y Yandell, Linda 139 Yanek, Diane 1 19 Yaney, Janice 64, 139 Yauch, Paul 133 Yazumbek, Sharon 30, 31, 61, 62, 105 Yerca, Joellen 139 Yerga, John 119 Yockey, Robert 31, 45, 126 Yokovich, Andrew 30, 1 1 2 Yokovich, Tim 45 York, Danny 139 Young, Margaret 61, 126 Young, Thomas 41, 45, 119 Yoways, Wayne „ 139 Ywanow, Judith 30, 119 z Zaborski, Roseanne 126 Zach, Shirley 83, 119 Zack, Sam 64, 75, 139 Zackiewicz, Marilyn 105 Zackiewicz, Richard ....73, 77, 119 Zalkis, David 1 19 Zalkowski, Marilyn 133 Zimmerman, Ben 31, 119 Zimmerman, Robert 126 Zimny, Denise 67, 82, 126 Zimny, Sandra 76, 1 1 2 Zivich, Edward 74, 77, 112 Zivich, Frances 1 33 Zuffa, Linda 58, 59. 64, 133 Zugel, Don 105 Zurawiec, Loretta 68, 105 Zurowiec, Edwind 133 Zyla, Ted 139 163 Pride has many faces. It reflects in • • • individual achievement, . . . group effort. 164 actions. ' CLds 0 0 ,«t»«llUll T jd jf echoes in all acts. • _ Gladiator spirit is written in faces . . . attitudes . . . 165 Pride includes determination, desire to learn. . o Whether it’s individuals, activities, athletics or academic Presenting the Futura . . . meant losing books, pictures, ID’s, copy, pens and minds . . . chasing cat hairs . . . dodging the track team . . . hiding Beth’s shoe in the typewriter . . . cutting cake with a pica ruler . . . picking on Bob . . . receiving rubber band lessons . . . everyone writing copy when Lavonne was sick . . . going to speech lessons . . . saying “please follow our crop marks” and “dirty old basketball player” . . . using the space behind the blackboard for a dressing room . . . watch- ing the little kiddies . . . having lab in Journalism II . . . Carol losing five pounds in two days . . . scrounging for goody money . . . being impertinent . . . Guber getting everyone in trouble . . . writing a letter to Sant a . . . Miss Richter’s superior strength sticking thumbtacks into the wall . . . taking news quizzes . . . drawing thumbnails and toe nails . . . blaming Sophie . . . driving to the printer . . . making lists . . . tracking up the clean windows . . . remembering Mrs. Cuningham . . . crying at picture-taking time . . . watching Letty’s speedy typing . . . decorating the bulletin board . . . and being early. Editor Beth Hanneld Business manager Sue Sanders Copy editor Lavonne Bebler Layout editor Linda Guber Photography editor Carol Williams Activities editor Letty Hicks Sports editors Bob Swearingen, Jim Roper Senior editor Carole Rosinski Organizations editor Anne Rodovich Academic editor Nancy Kandalec Index editor Kris Hebda Faculty editor Judi Block Underclass editor Ellen Sherby Art Work Andy Beaty Assistants Bill Conner, Phil Bohenkamp, Pete Jasis, Terry Cillim, Andi Stevenson, Linda Lula, Jane Mess- man, Linda Luttringer, Larry Hickman, high ads salesman; Ellen Sherby, high yearbook salesman. Printer DeLaney Printing Co Photography Miss D. Chase; Rich Dickus of Walinger Studio Covers S. K. Smith Co. Adviser Miss Judy Richter All others who took identifications, sold books and ads, rounded up people for pictures and bought books. “Sure it’s all here, but how do we get it together?”

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