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3 , .nq.-Y Y --V -""" .JY I I -ii F 4 ! 15 -ii 5. X v may ,- , ,QA 14 ..L.... '5- 4 w 1 A f . ' ' ,,....--A 1 I 4 1 1 3. 1, .L- L I' W L -4 1 I1 e 1 ., UA. ,,.. Q 1 .. Y nl LI 7 i 4 Pj. ww, k 1 Iggy.. -. , g ,Jn-" , -- hh , , P b- . wx. .mv zu' .Q '. vi'-7 ., . 1 A, X-L I - My , ,.-.f h . ,, l W ,.,, , . - . b v ., ' ,, ' , ' ' - l -.. isllfige, 441. -' ' ' ' A lx 1, fx 1. .,. ff- C 1' " 'H' 11" ' ' 5 , ., . - , IL. ' ' -r H x A x 3 pl , W. .,- ,1 , 1 . I nf PANORAMA I955 Che Gateway Selma! ,New J-faaea, Cfaaaeefieal Q95 We, The Class of 1955, dedicate this Year Book to our principals, Miss Cowling and Miss Gowans. Their guidance and enduring patience throughout our years at The Gateway have served to develop us both spiritually and intellectually. Q Q Mikey fawihg ylkfzzbn jvwans Four SCHOOL SONG All honor to our school, The Gateway on the hill, Our guardian guide, our hope, our pride You have our loving will To flourish through the ,years On corner-stones secure, Of wisdom, truth, service to youth, And our allegiance sure. Praise to our God who with love never swerving Guides our endeavors, enfolds us from harmg Peace and prosperity past our deserving, Showering upon us with bountiful arm. Five THE FACULTY Seated, left to right-Miss Cowling, Mrs. Miller, Mlle. Dukas, Mrs. Stewart Mrs. Smoden, Miss Corso. Standing, left to right-Mrs. Ziolkowski, Mrs. Hoover, Miss Gowans, Mrs. Chapman. Six YEAR BOOK STAFF Co-Editors J UDITH BENHAM LINDA FREEDMAN Literary Editor NANCY 0'CONNOR Literary Board MARIANNE BEAGLE JUDY FLOYD- LANA WARNER Business Manager LYNNE PRocToR Business Board SUE ALDERMAN PAT HANSBROUGH PEGGY AUGUR SUE THALBERG Art Editor JUNE FRANCIS Seven Eight WHAT IS TO COME What is to come we know not. But we know That what has been was good-was good to show, Better to hide, and best of all to bear. We are the masters of the days that were, We have lived, we have loved, we have suf- fered . . . even so. Shall we not take the ebb who had the flow? Life was our friend. Now, if it be our foe- Dear, though it spoil and 'break us!-need we care What is to come? Let the great winds their worst and wildest blow, Or the gold weather round us mellow glow, We have fulfilled ourselves, and we can dare And we can conquer, though we may not share In the rich quiet of the afterglow What is to come? WILLIAM ERNEST HENLEY May Festival III, IV Fencing III, IV Basketball III, IV 3 Walid WM ff Www ffjii Susan Mae Alderman llsuell 161 Hancock Street, Meriden Entered 1953 Business Board IV Prom Committee III Riding III F rankness .... Light and Bright .... Hot Rod .... Good Natured Ten Pony Tail .... V.P.-B.B.G ..... Baby Face. , 2 W I WSW, Wim ,ppm VYWMJ ' we W' SWS, ,QM Mar ref Hope Augur Ilpeggyll 1260 Quinnipiac Avenue Entered 195 1 1 May Festival I, II, III, IV Business Board IV W Fencing I, II, III, IV Prom Committee III Demure .... French .... Birthday Cakes .... U hh, Uhh .... Sin- cerity .... Hello-0-0 .... How many more days Peg? Eleven Marianne Esmay Beagle 255 Sycamore Terrace, Stamford Entered 1949 May Festival I, II, III, IV Morris Team III, IV Fencing I, II, III, IV President I Glee Club II, III, IV Swimming I, III Her heart lies South .... N eatness .... Notes .... Argyles .... Night- ingale .... Droodles .... Ride the Rails. Twelve lmgmi, 1 ml ao w-LLO 4-UU 4, -XfQfoQc,DC Lxb-mfr-V fC0.QQifiTdL , MH' vxif-'sf VWJWMU f E E Judifh A Argyle Benham lIBenill Tashua Road, Stepney Depot Entered 1951 May Festival I, III, IV Vice-President III, IV Fencing I, III, IV Morris Team III, IV Madrigal Group IV Sword Dance IV Glee Club Soloist IV Art I Glee Club I, II, III, IV Riding I, II Music Award III Prom Chairman III Secretary II Co-Editor of the Yearbook IV Ballet, I, III, IV Talons .... Sophistication .... The Nash .... The Mambo . . . T.D.M. III .... 106 pounds .... Verbosity. Thirteen , I 'DSCW 'Dom I b-Q29 Gs OCC RLCL ima tub vxc and bmwcl DCUA ,uc QLQ. Tivwl- - A NM L Mw CU' Wi Y,,,C,1Q'QjooTXivk-Q.SjQLUCU 1 mil' Flood 432 Woodward Avenue, New aven Entered 1951 May Festival I, II, III, IV School Spirit Award II, III Fencing I, II, III, IV Dancing Award II, III Glee Club I, II, III, IV Sword Dance IV Morris Team II, III, IV Student Council III Ballet I, II, III, IV Business Board IV Swimming I, II, III, IV Theology .... "Where is your F rench?" .... Pink and Blue .... Bal- lerina .... Tuesday Nights .... The Gold Ring Test. Fourteen oxacttm. Be wwf Judah :Soya f cj, Tjifdafo, i Q7 cfm 7 if M ejfey, ff fwwjh A-an at . if June V -I Roberts Francis ' ' Amity Road, Woodbridge Entered 1951 l May Fosiivai 1, 11, III, IV l Fonoing I, 11, III, IV Swimming I Art I Prom Committee III Art Editor "Open Door" III Art Editor of the Yearbook IV Silliman .... Art .... Jewelry . . . . The Poet . . . . Ten Gallon Pocket- books .... Raven Locks .... Painted Trays. Fifteen May Festival III, IV Glee Club III, IV Class Secretary IV Basketball III, IV 0- QN W' CRX fa 3 X U --9' L gif Kb QCNYN . 9, 51-in N eb C K K9 , 0-45, I as DNP X05-Lfxx 9 fb' Linda May Freedman "Freed" 95 Bradley Avenue, Meriden Entered 1953 Riding III Fencing III, IV Prom Committee III Morris Team IV Co-Editor of the Yearbook IV Ballet IV Teachers .... Laughs .... Novels .... Blues Eyes .... Oranges .... r-r-r-r .... Diary Key. Sixteen nf ,X I if Qu W gC.Qe A GSS x34"'Qg,X' P gtk' X- P-Adyn K. 7 g,4'wp A DMD fu like l I' tilt ,f U ,, AJ M IJ ,wbwv , I 1 t new I w 'if H. le MMM W' if Pafricia Rae Hansbrough llPaHYll 85 Elihu Street, Hamden Entered 1951 May Festival I, II, III, IV Morris Team II, III, IV Glee Club I, II, III, IV School Spirit Award II, III Class Treasurer II, III, IV Prom Committee III Fencing I, II, III, IV Business Board IV Swimming I Academic Honors I, II, III, IV Ballet I, II, III, IV Giggles .... Red .... Bankbooks .... Party Girl .... Eyelashes .... Bill .... Baby-sitter. Seventeen May Festival I, II, III, IV High Academic Honors I, II, III, IV Editor of the "Open Door" III Literary Editor IV Treasurer I Vice-President II Olav 'x 359 Ox QQ-icioollqvlo We-I 'lf il 3 Moy, L' QA? ,AQ l'J6hbXouSxr Otkom-X USN- X,vX9SLJk Ooh-1V,Cn y VJ:-rub QJQOC5 E ,wird 6? P Sigel' LC' UQWU4 dp .-S- -'bi g , inane?" sc' if . 041' FW , l Cin!! Q a L Katherine O'Connor llNancyll 180 Yale Avenue, New Haven Entered 1949 Ballet III, IV Morris Team II, III, IV Fencing I, II, III, IV Riding I, II, III, IV Sword Dance IV Prom Committee III Pigtails .... Casual .... Equitation .... The Young One .... Blue Blazer .... Diets .... Juliet. Eighteen I V . v- if gp- w'Nmf,l-2 -'ff 1? .1212 G Nba' o ei :jlQa.3WiNQ,,,U I C Lynne Bonnie Proctor "Lynnie" 595 Ellsworth Avenue, New Haven ' Entered 1951 May Festival I, II, III, IV Associate Editor of the "Open Door" III Fencing I, II, III, IV Prom Committee III President II, III Chairman Christmas Dance IV Student Council IV A , Business Manager IV e Academic Honors I, II, III, IV Morris Team II, IV- Peaches and Cream Complexion .... Powder Blue Caddies .... Rab- bit Food .... Uncle Charlie .... Industry .... Originality .... eek! Nineteen May Festival I, II, III, IV Morris Team I, II, III, IV Ballet I, II, III, IV Sword Dance IV Basketball III, IV Oh, I d0n't know .... Auntie .... Sayra Lab .... H202 .... Dreamer. Twenty 0.4:-r SUN'- sodl T guess 4-G-G as 14- Ulm. 50,11 Maui. 5'P"f-1-qylgl, W"-I" ""'- who m4.1f-lf ulu...g OSA Q.,-gf' az fbfe J-o see Jam Sara Opkvg. Ellen Thalberg XVU4, llsuell ! Buckland Street, Plantsville Entered 1951 Riding I Swimming III, IV Dancing Award III Fencing I, II, III, IV Business Board IV . . . Page Boy .... "Chem" T014 -- rl ea,-.f CLCL on 49'-flcuk Cgfmcff cu,-La .EM mLs3 lfxarcws LIU-Q lv- yaae Ax tw. pe- BLMQ., MLM Amo, 5 v-had lu wtstt '15-bv 'HNS' XIQKS1 turd: rw We CI CU-uk, 512 Townsend Avenue, New Haven Thorne Warner Entered 1950 May Festival I, II, III, IV Morris Team II, III, IV Sword Dance IV Ballet I, II, III, IV Class President IV Secretary III Prom Committee III Literary Board IV High Academic Honors I, II, III, IV Fencing I, II, III, IV School Spirit Award III Student Council II Dancing Award III Associate Editor of the "Open Door" III Beauty .... Brains .... Boys! .... "Harryn" .... Peanut Butter and Crackers .... The Ivy League .... Monotone. T Wenly-OMC Susan Alderman Margaret Augur : . e Q91 , I ,, Judith Benham Iudiih Floyd Linda Freedman Patricia Hansbrough Lynne Proctor Sara Thalberg Marianne Beagle June Francis Nancy O'Connor Lana Warner IMPRESSIONS Susan: "She was a Phantom of Delight" -William Wordsworth Margaret: "O World! O Life! O Time!" -Percy Shelley Marianne: "So many worlds, so much to dos' -Alfred Lord Tennyson Judy B.: "Bright is the ring of Words" -Robert Louis Stevenson Judy F.: "Hail to thee blithe spirit" -Percy Shelley June: "For I must sing of all I feel and know" -James Thomson Linda: "Hope evermore and believe" -Arthur Hugh Clough Pat: "Love seeketh not itself to please" -William Blake Nancy: "Eternal Spirit of the chainless mind" -Lord Byron Lynne: "Calm is the morn without a sound" i -Alfred Lord Tennyson Sara: "The world is so full of a number of things" -Robert Louis Stevenson Lana: "Beauty like hers is genius" -Dante Gabriel Rossetti T wenty-three CLASS HISTORY In September, 1949, Marianne and Nancy entered The Gateway as seventh graders. The next year they welcomed Lana and Linda Offenbach to the eighth grade, with Mrs. Adams as their home-room teacher. At the end of October we gave a successful Hallowe'en party with doughnuts and cider, prizes for the best costumes, and games. We elected Lana as President and Linda Olfenbach as Vice President. The Glee Club Concert and the Christmas Concert were opened by a selection of songs presented by our class. In May we participated in the Dance Festival and soon the year was over. We were greatly impressed by the graduation exercises and were all anxiously awaiting the adventures of our new role as Freshmen M.E.B. 8: N.A.O.C. As Freshmen, fortified by thirteen new members, we began our high school careers. We were introduced to many unfamiliar subjects, among which were Algebra, Latin, and Ancient History. After the initial shock we regained our com- posure and took things in our stride. We elected Marianne as President, Linda Olfenbach as Vice-President, Alice Pohlman as Secretary, Nancy as Treasurer, and Linda Lovelock as Student Council Representative. We thoroughly enjoyed the Hallowe'en party and the fun entailed in preparing our skit for the evening which was entitled "Schmo White and the Seven Dwarfs." After our return from a short Thanksgiving vacation we began to prepare for the coming exams which we were able to survive with no casualties. Upon our return from the Christmas recess we settled down to work again. Before we knew it March and exams had arrived. We cheered on six of our class- mates, who as members of the Glee Club, participated in the concert under the direction of Mrs. Stewart. At the end of May came the Dance Festival for which we had practiced diligently throughout the year. Pat, the two Judys, Lana, and Sue Thalberg were members of the Ballet, "Mlle. Angot," and our entire class took part in the folk dancing. After Graduation we said a tearful goodbye to the seniors and were very proud to take our place as Sophomores as we looked forward to the coming year. L.T.W. 84 M.H.A. We returned in September happy to see everyone and to welcome a new classmate, Cathy Sullivan, as well as two new teachers, Miss Corso and Mrs. Penelhum. Soon we elected our class officers: Lynne as President, Judy Benham as Secretary, Pat as Treasurer, and Lana as Student Council Representative. For the Hallowe'en party we gave a skit entitled "Behind the Pages." The first semester ended with the Christmas Canata in which eight of us participated: Lana, the two Judys, Pat, Marianne, Cathy, Lynne, and Sue Lander. Twenry-four After the Christmas vacation we set about making plans for the traditional Barn Dance which was very successful. In March the Glee Club gave an excellent performance in which Pat and the two J udys sang. f After the spring recess preparations for the May Festival began. We eagerly took part in the folk dancing and the Ballet "Pineapple Poll." The Sophomores in the Ballet cast were the two J udys, Pat, Sue Thalberg, and Lana. As we said goodbye to the Seniors on graduation day we looked happily toward the next year and the responsibilities of being Juniors. S.E.T. 84 P.R.H. We ascended the hill in September proud to be Juniors and with hope that we would be able to meet the challenge of being upper-classmen. Our number' was now thirteen having welcomed two girls from Meriden: Sue Alderman and Linda Freedman. Having elected our class officers: Lynne as President, Judy B., as Vice- President, Lana as Secretary, Pat as Treasurer, and Judy F. as Student Council Representative, we began one 'of our class projects: the publication of "The Open Doorf' with Nancy as the editor. Judy B., Judy F., Pat and Linda sang in the Glee Club which presented a Cantata of Christmas music by J. S. Bach. It was a most beautiful and memorable performance. In January we returned with our energy renewed and settled down to find out about "Les Chandliers de l'Eveque, trigonometry, and the refiex act and arc. Soon we were caught up in preparing for the Spring Concert and studying for exams. Before we knew it the exams were over and, after much work on the part of Miss Cowling, Mrs. Stewart, and the Glee Club, we presented a most inspiring program. Later in the year we again sang many of the songs in a joint concert with Hopkins Grammar School. ' - Our spring class project was a buffet dinner and movie party for the entire school. Mr. Benham was kind enough to secure a Hollywood production for us and the affair was very enjoyable and successful. All our efforts were put into perfecting and completing our part in the May Festival. We contributed the two Judys, Pat, Sue T., and Lana to the cast of the colorful Ballet: "Four Centuries." Everyone took part in the folk' dancing and most of us danced with our fathers in the traditional Father-Daughter Dance. Graduation time was upon us all too quickly and our hearts were sad as wc realized that we would soon be doing many things for the final time at The Gate- way. On Graduation Day we took part in the graduation exercises. The afternoon was spent in decorating the gym for the Prom at which the Seniors-were our guests. We said a final farewell to the Class of 1954 and joyfully ascended to our place as Seniors. A.J.F. 84 L.B.P. September came and we looked forward to the opening of school. This was to be our most important year. As Seniors we would have many new responsibili- ties. We elected our Class officers: Lana as President, Judy B., as Vice-President. Linda as Secretary, Pat as Treasurer, and Lynne as Student Council Representative. The Hallowe'en party was a lot of fun with Sue T. and Linda winning the prize for the funniest costume. Our skit was about the future of the members of our class and we had a hilarious time with it. Twenty-five The school gave a bazaar in December at which we sold articles we had made in Arts and Crafts. It was very successful and we were quite proud of our efforts. For the Christmas Concert the Glee Club sang excerpts from "The Messiah" by Handel. Judy B, gave a beautiful performance in her solo part. After the con- cert Miss Cowling and Miss Gowans gave a lovely dinner party for the Seniors and the Alumnae. We returned from the vacation ready to study intensively. We contended with the College Board Exams and emerged only slightly disillusioned. The two Judys, Pat, Linda, and Marianne took part in the Glee Club Concert and we enjoyed the instrumental solos. The end of our last year at The Gateway approaches with the May Festival, final exams, the Junior-Senior Dinner, the Alumnae luncheon, and the Prom. Most important is Graduation, a day in our lives which we will never forget. All these occasions to which we look forward will prove to be the most exciting of our school years. . Although we are anxiously awaiting our new life in college we are also sad at the thought of leaving school. We will always cherish the memories of the years we have spent at The Gateway. We will tearfully say goodbye to our classmates and descend the Gateway hill for the last time as students, knowing that we have been well-prepared to face the future. L.M.F. 8z J.A.B. BEQUESTS We, The Class of 1955, bequeath the following to our friends at The Gateway. the Juniors the Sophomores the Freshmen the Eighth Grade the Seventh Grade Dian Boone Sue Cullen Shirley Devitt Carol Ferriolo Madeline Gabriel Miriam Goebel Linda Haist Holly Lewis Sona Mahakian Mary Jane Moran Betsy Nordmcyer Twenty six Belles On Their Toes Mine The Harvest All My Darlings The Adventurers All Quiet on the Western The Little Princess Educating Our Daughters Quality The Curtain Rises The Little Minister It Can- Be Done The Devil's Laughter The Democratic Spirit The Lively Lady Blue Eyes A World to Win Front Terry Smith Nancy Usui Roseanne Abbadessa Donna Barron Vilma Connolly Lorrie Fleming Dotty Gearing Judy Knudsen Annette Mongillo Corrine Ohslund Judy Pascale Judy Spose Margery Taylor Carol Ward Nancy Wells Evelyn-Lee Zandri Bette Alderman Margot Conte June Fay Cynthia Ganung Gail Miller Carol Mongillo Suzanne Mulcahy Loretta Nagel Pauline Olsen Dorothy Peaker Bonnie Rosen Patty Scranton Nina Schmidt Mlle. Dukas Mrs. Z. Mrs. Miller Miss Corso Mrs. Chapman Mrs. Hoover Mrs. Grasson Mrs. Stewart Jeanne Samoden Pearl Robbie Peter the Dorm - Miss Cowling and Miss Gowans The Gateway .f The World As It Goes The Hurricane A New Lease On Life Woman In White The Seed of Mischief Red Cloak Flying Such Harmony You Gotta Stay Happy Queen Anne's Lace The Golden Fury Great Laughter A Child of the Century Live With Lightning The Pianist Problem The Quiet Man Doll Who Came Alive Mother Knows Best The Age of Innocence Innocents Abroad The Mind Alive Foot Loose and Fancy Free The Little Angel Vast Horizons Good Morning Young Lady The Art of Clear Thinking The Concert Companion Fun Fare The Cruel Sea Mama's Bank Account Fair Stood the Wind for France Pioneers of the Old South Not As A Stranger The Egg and I The Sketchbook Welcome Stranger Woman With A Sword The Leader The Dancing Floor Deep In My Heart Scottie We Lived With Peter No Private-Heaven Love Is Eternal Of Thee I Sing Twenty-seven THE PERFECT SENIOR Hair .....A,... Eyes .... ...,,..., Complexion ..... .... Figure .,.....,. Nails .A Dimples , .. Nose ............s Intelligence ll..... ..,. Neatness ........, Sense of Humor , ,..... Grace , .....,...,. . Comments .. Remember When- Peggy started counting the days? There was music in Algebra Class? Nancy cut her hair? The Boarders did the Bop and the Seniors did the Bunny Hop? Blue roses were in bloom? Lana went Latin? Benj had T's car? Linda became the proud mother of eight baby chicks? T hal's opera glasses were in demand? June had the highest "Voc" mark? Wonder lf- ......Susan .,....,Patty ,s.,.Lynne ..,s.Nancy ,......,Benj s..,...,June s.......Sara .....,.Lana Marianne .,,...Linda .......,Judy ......Peggy June will ever cut her hair? Lynne will become an aunt? We can get along without the closet telephone booth? Marianne will ever stop shouting, "Lunch slips everybody? The man in the window will ever go to class? Chem Lab will' ever run out of H2S? The Judys will ever iind what "X" equals? Hermione will ever haunt the closet again? The Sues will ever get their convertibles? The Gateway gardens will always be so beautiful? Twenty-eight The Seventh Grade First row, left to right-Deborah Waters, Linda Carboni, Cathy D'Amico, Joanne Noll, Marion Quackenbush, Gwen Hutchins. Second row, left to right-Raine Miller, Joan Farrel, Deirdre Marynissen, Phyllis Crossley. Third row, left to right-Tina Totman, Benay Civitello, Mary Jane Cavallaro, Mary Carole Kauffman. President-Tina Totman Vice-President-Suzanne Chace Treasurer-Mary Jane Cavallaro Secretary--Debby Waters In September, fourteen new pupils entered the seventh grade joining Mary Carol Kauffman. We were surprised to find ourselves the largest class in the school. In October plans were in progress for the annual Halloween Party, which turned out to bc a great success. Our class won the prize for the best skit. In December we joined with the eighth grade to do a Christmas Cantata. In March we again joined with them to sing in the annual Spring Concert. Debby Waters did a fine job of accompanying us on the piano. In May we had the May Festival with some of our girls participating in the Maypole. We all had a very enjoyable year. Thirty I i The Eighth Grade Front row, left to right-Anita Mirto, Denise Lawler, Carol Dc Groat, Martha Sullivan. Back row, left to right-Judy Frank, Janet Barnes, Mary Louise Hutchins. President-Martha Sullivan Vice-President-Anita Mirto Treasurer-Mary Louise Hutchins Secretary-Judy Frank The Eighth Graders returned in September to find thrce new classmates. We immediately started planning for the annual Halloween Party, which was enjoyed by all. A few weeks later we started work on the Christmas Cantata. Petit Noel. We joined forces with the seventh grade to sing the three Part songs without the assistance of the Glee Club. ' Denise Lawler joined our class a little after Christmas. Our next musical program was the Spring Concert in which we sang four songs directed by Mrs. Stewart and accompanied by Debby Waters. Three of our classmates participated in the Ballet. We were happy to do a Morris Dance and the Maypole. We look forward to mounting the hill next year as Freshmen. Thirty-one .f ff 'vb Jfgx I Y .V -if J6d',fJ4. D303 ,, r' vvyffxtl-f S K 4 5' JN ff' Sifx sf Q' U'x,,V"a' Jggmrf J f-rf f X Heed 'fe 'G 'X WCC' NB .L K - LC, N 1 '9 SX QQQQNO Aewavx Q09 CPO XX QU' - X 'O The Freshmen 9 ey JN X9 op 19255 Xf0'Li Seated in front-Margot Conte, June Fay. X90 Ogi Seated, l t 1 ight-Pauline Olson, Cynthia Ganung, Suzanne Mulcahy, X M Loretta Nagel. Y V r in r' -Patty Scranton, Gail Miller, Nina Schmidt, Bonnie Rosen, V' ig?-" V Carol Mongillo. President-Carol Mongillo Vice-President-Patty Scranton Secretary-Sue Mulcahy Treasurer-Nina Schmidt Student Council Representative-Gail Miller Carol, Nina, Cynthia, and Patty welcomed nine new classmates, Bette, Gail, Dorothy, Loretta, Bonnie, Pauline, June, Margot, and Sue to their first year as Freshmen. We were very pleased when Carol, Nina, Gail, Sue, Cynthia, Patty, Margot, and Loretta, were in the ballet. We anticipate our Sophomore year, with the hope that it will be as enjoyable, both in work and play, as this year has been. Thirty-two The Sophomores First row, left to right-Judy Knudsen, Vilma Connolly, Judy Spose, Nancy Wells, Donna Barron. Second row, left to right-Judy Pascale, Evelyn-Lee Zandri. Third row, left to right-Lorrie Fleming, Roseanne Abbadessa, Annette Mongillo Corinne Ohslund. Fourth row, left to right-Margery Taylor, Carol Ward, Dorothy Gearing. President-Judith Knudsen Secretary-Evelyn Lee Zandri V ice-President-Nancy Wells Treasurer-Lorraine Fleming Student Council Representative-Annette Mongillo Class Reporters-Rosanne Abbadessa and Carol Ward Our class returned to school full of enthusiasm to welcome two new members to our class, Margery Taylor and Donna Barron. In February we sponsored the traditional Barn Dance which we entitled "Cupids Swing." We are very proud to say that the majority of the class is in the Glee Club. Our special contri- bution to the Glee Club is our outstanding pianist, Judy Spose. Donna Barron and Carol Ward took part in the instrumental quartet in the Spring Concert. Carol Ward, Nancy Wells, and Dorothy Gearing, our sophomore Trio, gave an excellent performance also. We took part in the folk dancing in the May festival and con- tributed a large number of our class to the cast of the ballet. With great anticipation we are looking forward to returning to The Gateway in the fall as Juniors. Thirty-three The Juniors Seated, left to right-Nancy Usui, Miriam Goebel, Betsy Nordmeyer, Terry Smith, Shirley Devitt, Sona Mahakian, Dian Boone. Standing, left to right-Sue Cullen, Carol Ferriolo, Mary Jane Moran, Linda Haist, Holly Lewis, Madeline Gabriel. President-Holly Lewis Vice-President-Sue Cullen Secretary-Shirley Devitt Treasurer-Sona Mahakian Student Council Representative-Miriam Goebel We returned to Gateway as Juniors in September and were happy to welcome one new member, Carol Ferriolo. Nearly everyone participated in the Glee Club Concert. Betsy, Carolti and Miriam as madrigal singers, and Betsy and Carol again as an able violinist and cellist, respectively. Dian, Sue, Betsy, Sona, Linda, Holly, M. J., Nancy, Miriam, Shirley, and Terry represented our class in the ballet. This year we managed "The Gateway News" and the J unior-Senior Prom. We have greatly enjoyed our Junior year under the guidance of our home- room teacher, Mrs. Z., and look forward with eager anticipation to the honor of being Gateway Seniors. Thirty-four l The Glee Club First row, left to right-Shirley Devitt, Miriam Goebel, Dorothy Gearing, Judy Benham, Corinne Ohslund, Judy Spose, Mary Jane Moran, Carol Ward, Betsy Nordmeyer, Judy Knudsen, Carol Ferriolo, Nancy Wells, Judy Floyd, Holly Lewis. Second row, left to right-Patty Scranton, Annette Mongillo, Carol Mongillo, Vilma Connolly, Roseanne Abbadessa, Marianne Beagle, Sue Cullen, Nancy Usui, Sona Mahakian, Gail Miller, Evelyn-Lee Zandri, Donna Barron, Margot Conte. Third row, left to right-Nina Schmidt, Pat Hansbrough, Terry Smith, Linda Haist, Suzanne Mulcahy, Loretta Nagel, Cynthia Ganung, Pauline Olson, Linda Freed- man, Madeline Gabriel, Margery Taylor, Lorrie Fleming. The Gateway Glee Club is the pride of everyone who takes part in it. Miss Cowling organizes it and she and Mrs. Stewart are its able directors. The Glee Club regards its accompanist Judith Spose as unparalled. At Christmas time we sang the "Messiah', by Handel. This presentation gave us a feeling of great satisfaction. We, who are in the Glee Club, feel very priviledged to have had the oppor- tunity of becoming more aware of good music and of learning to recognize it. We know that our experience with the Glee Club will stand us in good stead in future years. Thirty-six GLEE CLUB PROGRAMME Grasshopper Green .,,., ......., T homas Dunhill Ursula Dancing ......,., .,........,. E thel Boyce Charming Chloe ...... .....,,.....,......,..l ....,....4.l.........4. R o y Thompson The Jolly Miller ..,..............,. , ..l,.l ........ ..l..,,.l..,..l........l, a r ranged by Ivor R. Davies Junior Chorus Glory and Worship Are Before Him .......,...,.,..... .,....,,........,..... H enry Purcell I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes ,......,..........,.......,.....r..,.,. ...,.... E rnest Walker Glee Club Andante Sostenuto ............,.......,.,.,i..,r...,......,ii..,.,.......,4............,.. Waldemar Bargiel Donna Barron, violin, Betsy Nordmeyer, violin Carol Ferriolo, 'cello, Carol Ward, piano Three Elizabethan Lute Songs Since First Distain Began to Rise ,.....i,... .....,, R obert Jones Fortune, Love and Time .4.,..,r.........,...,,... ..,,..,. J ohn Bartlet Now the Earth, the Skies, the Air ........,.,,,..., ........ J ohn Danyel Glee Club Canzonet: When Lo! By Break of Morning ...,.,...........,.....,,,......,.,, Thomas Morley Judith Benham and Dorothy Gearing Madrigal: Ay Me! Can Every Rumor? .............,..,.........,......,....,......... John Wilbye Miriam Goebel, Betsy Nordmeyer, and Carol Ferriolo Madrigal: All Creatures Now Are Merry Minded .,,..,......,..,.....,,......... John Bennet Dorothy Gearing, Carol Ward and Nancy Wells Three Traditional Scottish Melodies Loch Lomond Carranged for this choirj Helen of Kirkconnell tarranged for the choir of 19531 . Annie Laurie .,..,.,.,,.........,..,.....,.,,...,.......,.., arranged by Charles Macpherson Berceuse from "J oce1yn" ,, ........................,..,..........,.,........,,......,,......,...,.. B. Godard Carol Ferriolo, cello Carol Ward, piano A Widow Bird Sate Mourning ,, ........ ,.,...,, . ,.... . ., .......,.. ,,...... . .Cecil Sharman Quand Ma Mari Vient De Dehors ......,..,..,..,.., ..,......, R oland de Lassus The Power of Music .................,......,.....,.,....,......,, ..,,...,.. H enry Lawes Glee Club l Concerto in G Minor, First and Third Movements .....,,.,....,..... ..,...,... M endelsson Judith Spose, piano Miss Helen Shafranek, piano Corchestral To Daisies .....................,....,....,...........,........,............,.....,............i..... E. H. Thiman Twilight farranged for the Choir of 19521 ..... .,..,...... J . S. Bach Chorale from "Hymn of Praise" ....,.,.,,.,..,, ..... . ,Mendelsson The School Song The National Anthem T hirly-seven Christmas Oraiorio First row, left to right-Judy Benham, Shirley Devitt, Miriam Goebel, Dorothy Gearing, Judy Knudsen, Judy Spose, Carol Ward, Carol Ferriolo, Judy Floyd, Second row, left to right-Mary Jane Moran, Carol Mongillo, Nancy Usui, Holly Lewis. Marianne Beagle, Sona Mahakian, Pat Hansbrough, Terry Smith, Margery Taylor, Nancy Wells, Patty Scranton. Third row left to right-Betsy Nordmeyer, Corinne Ohslund, Linda Haist, Pauline Olson, Cynthia Ganung, Linda Freedman, Loretta Nagel, Madeline Gabriel, Suzanne Mulcahy. Fourth row, left to right-Donna Barron, Eveyln Zandri, Annette Mongillo, Vilma Connolly, Nina Schmidt, Lorrie Fleming, Gail Miller, Roseanne Abbadessa. The Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. Stewart, presented at the Christmas Concert selections from the "Messiah" Judy Benham, Miriam Goebel, and Dorothy Gearing were the soprano soloists, Carol Ward the second soprano soloist, and Carol Ferriolo the alto soloist. Judith Spose acted as a most able accompanist and did a beautiful job. Thirty-eight The Morris Team Left to right-Patty Scranton, Margot Conte, Judy Spose, Annette Mongillo, Judy Knudsen, Evelyn Zandri, Lorrie Fleming, Vilma Connolly, Cynthia Ganung, Carol Mongillo, Suzanne Mulcahy, Nina Schmidt. Morris dancing is deeply enrooted in the tradition of the Gateway. Every year a Morris team is chosen and trained to exhibit it's skill in the May Festival. Morris Dancing is a uncommon skill in America, and we are very proud to have the priviledge of being able to learn it. Forty The Abram Circle Left to right-Holly Lewis, Sue Cullen, Linda Haist, Mary Jane Moran, Shirley Devitt, Miriam Goebel, Sona Mahakian, Nancy Usui, Betsy Nordmeyer, Terry Smith, Lynne Proctor, Pat Hansbrough, Judy Floyd, Sue Thalberg, Linda Freedman, Nancy O,Connor. The Abram Circle is the traditional final dance of the May Festival, in which the Juniors and Seniors participate. It is one of the most spectacular of the precision dances. F orty-one MAY FESTIVAL PROGRAMME Maypole Dances .....,....,.................,.............,........ Ballet Scenes from "As You Like It" Country Dances 1 C13 The Tempest ,,,.........A. C23 Picking Up Sticks ...... C33 Shrewsbury Lasses ......, Intermediate Songs C13 Spring Wind ,...... C23 Gossip Joan .....,.. Morris Dances C13 Bean Setting .......... C23 Princess Royal ...... C33 Constant Billy ..... Madrigal A11 creatures now are merry-minded ..., ..,. Country Dances C13 The French Ambassador ....... C23 The Withywind i.......,........,.. C33 The Queen of Sheba ..,.. C43 Waltz Country Dance ...... Songs from "As You Like It" C13 It Was a Lover .....,i...4...,.....,...... C23 Under The Greenwood Tree ......... C33 Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind ......... Scottish Dances C 1 3 Petronella ........... C23 Broun's Reel ...,.. C33 Sword Dance ..,... The Abram Circle ....... Forty-two . . . . . . .. . . .Intermediates ..,.....Wm. Shakespeare Intermediates and Freshmen Intermediates and Freshmen ......,...................,...Freshmen H. Thiman ...Warranged by Iver Davies .,.....,..........,.....Intermediates ..,................Se1ected Juniors .Freshmen and Sophomores .........John Bennet .,.....Sophomores ..........,Juniors .........Fathers and Daughters German Sampon J. S. Stevens ............Juniors and Seniors ...,.Sophomores and Juniors ....................Selected Seniors uniors and Seniors Ballei' Casl' Duke Theodore, living in banishment in the Forest of Arden i.,.... Judy Benham Duke Frederick, his brother and usurper of his estates ,.i..V.,.....,.,...,.... Dian Boone Rosalind, daughter of Duke Theodore ...,...........,..... ..s. ,.i,..t.,.. . N ancy Usui Celia, daughter of Duke Frederick .....,. ....,..,., L ana Warner Orlando, in love with Rosalind ..i.,, ,...,..... S ona Mahakian Oliver, his older brother ,..,...,.... l..,......... S ue Thalberg Adam, henchman of Orlando ...,,,. ...,...... B etsy Nordmeyer Phoebe, a shepherdess ..,.....,...... ........l,.....,.... ,..,.. ,....,..,,...... J u d y Floyd Silvius, her lover ...,.....,...ll...................,.....,...l.,l.....l..,,...... ,..,.... P at Hansbrough Touchstone, a jester at the court of Duke Frederick ....,,.l, ,.....,..... T erry Smith Jacques .,..,.........,,..,..........4..,.............,.....,..,.....,..............,....., .........,. H olly Lewis Amiens Lords in exile with the banished Duke Shirley Devitt Louis .......,..,...,......,.................,...........,...............,..,.,...........,... Mary Jane Moran Lady Herimone .,....,...,..................,..,.i,l.,......,,..............l.,.., ....,..... M iriam Goebel Lady Elinor Ladies of Duke Frederickis court Nancy O'Connor Lady Isabella and friends of Celia and Rosalind Linda I-Iaist Lady Katharine .....,,.....,..........,..............,,.....,..i,..............,. ,.l...,l., S ue Cullen Foresters: CU Judy Spose CJohnD C21 Judy Knudsen CJamesJ . C33 Corrine Oshlund CCharlesD C43 Lorraine Fleming CLeonardJ C53 Nancy Wells CNige1J Peasant Girls: C15 Annette Mongillo C21 Roseanne Abbadessa C33 Evelyn Zandri C43 Vilma Connolly C53 Margery Taylor Shepherds: C13 Cynthia Ganung CColinJ C21 Carol Mongillo CClemJ C35 Gail Miller CGilbertJ Q C41 Loretta Nagel CLukeJ Shepherdesses: C ll Nina Schimdt C23 Patty Scranton C 35 Margot Conte C41 Suzanne Mulcahy Pages to Duke Theodore ....,,..,................ .,,.,...Martha Sullivan Anita Mirto Le Beau, Page to Duke Frederick ........ .....,.. M ary Louise Hutchins The Wrestler ........,...........,,..,......... ..,...,.... L inda Freedman F ort y-three BALLET SYNOPSIS Scene I The Court of Duke Frederick ' Rosalind cannot forget her father, Duke Theodore, who has been banished from the court by his brother. Duke Frederick. Her cousin, Celia, the daughter of Duke Frederick, whom she has been allowed to stay at the court to amuse, tries to cheer her. The court ladies suggest attending the games which might make her merry. Rosalind says that her friendship with Celia and their own company are the best entertainment. The Duke's page, Le Beau, enters and bids them to a wrestling match. Scene II The Wrestling Match Orlando and the Wrestler fight, and Orlando is the victor. Scene III The Banishment of Rosalind The court ladies, Rosalind and Celia congratulate Orlando on his victory. Duke Fred- erick discovers that Orlando is the son of Sir Roland de Boys and angrily orders Orlando to leave. He tells Rosalind that she must go too, and departs leaving the ladies in tears. Celia says that if Rosalind goes she will go also. Rosalind and Celia decide to disguise themselves as a peasant boy and girl, and with Touchstone, the court jester, go to the Forest of Arden. Scene IV The Quarrel between Orlando and Oliver Orlando accuses his older brother, Oliver, of depriving him of the education which was provided for in his father's will. They argue, and Oliver orders Orlando to leave the house. Adam, an elderly servant, gives Orlando his life's savings and goes with him to the greenwood. Scene V The Forest of Arden The Foresters. peasant girls, the Duke's pages, Lords, and Duke Theodore are in the Forest of Arden. The Duke says how wonderful the life is in the greenwood, and the Lords agree. Orlando and Adam enter and ask for food. The Duke welcomes them and offers them shelter. Scene VI The Forest of Arden Rosalind, Celia, and Touchstone enter wearily, and are met by the shepherds and shep- herdesses whom they ask for food and shelter. Orlando enters and, with the girls and Touch- stone, watches as Phoebe rejects the pleas of Silvius who loves her. Rosalind interferes, and tells Phoebe that she should appreciate such a devoted suitor, and unites the pair. Scene VII The Forest of Arden The shepherds, shepherdesses, Celia, Touchstone, Phoebe, and Silvious enter with Orlando and Oliver. They ask the brothers to become reconciledg and their wish is granted. Orlando introduces Oliver to Celia, and they fall in love at sight. As they dance, the foresters and peasant girls enter, followed by the banished Duke, his Lords, and the court ladies. The Duke explains to Orlando that his daughter has been living in the forest disguised as a boy. Rosa- lind enters and joyfully greets her father, who presents her to Orlando. The two dance bliss- fully, as the others offer their congratulations. F arty-four Basketball Front row, left to right-Annette Mongillo, Mary Jane Moran, Betsy Nordmeyer, Nancy Usui. Back row, left to right-Sue Thalberg, Sona Mahakian, Shirley Devitt, Mariam Goebel. Our team had a most enjoyable year under the excellent coaching of Miss Gowans. Betsy Nordmeyer was elected captain and Mary Jane Moran was elected manager. We were victorious at Play Day against the Day School, Laurelton Hall and Prospect Hill. Our scheduled games were with Saint Mary's and Laurelton Hall. The first team members were: Betsy Nordmeyer Annette Mongillo f d Nancy Usui ""'4" Ofwaf S Mary Jane Moran Sona Mahakian Sue Thalberg Shirley Devin "'e"4e guards Miriam Goebel F orty-six Fencing Left to right-Roseanne Abbadessa, Vilma Connolly, Dorothy Gearingi Pauline Olson, Dian Boone, Sona Mahakian, Sue Thalberg, Judy Floyd, June Francis, Marianne Beagle, Nancy Usui, Betsy Nordmeyer, Cynthia Ganung, Evelyn Zandri, Annette Mongillo, Gail Miller. Our Fencing this year was sadly interrupted by Papa's sudden illness, which temporarily discontinues his teaching here. We then enjoyed our instruction under Mrs. Maurice Grasson. During the year we had the opportunity to Fence with Yale, Hopkins and- Saint Margarets. F Orty-Seven I 'h. , ...L 5232 58 'fwwia X ,mn I - ns sf gh -E5 FY 5-"J '55 S? Y' gi' fx K u The Seniors Front row, left to right-Peggy Augur, Pat Hansbrough, Lynne Proctor, Judy Floyd. Second row, left to right-Nancy O'Connor, Judy Benham, Sue Alderman, Sue Thalberg. Third row, left to right--Marianne Beagle, June Francis, Linda Freedman, Lana Wamer. We would like to express our appreciation and thanks to everyone who helped make this Yearbook possible. We will always cany with us fond memories of our years at The Gateway. It is our wish that the future Senior Classes have as profitable a year as we have had. Fifty 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I ' 'TT . :E 1 1' I I 1 E COMPLIMENTS OF ' I I JAY STORM STUDIO I ' Oficial Photographer of the Class of '55 I :I 556 CHURCH STREET NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT I 'I I I si QC L....,,,,,, xi fffff: --:fa 4 I I I I 'I I 4 I ' P AY N E 81 LA N E , PRINTERS OF THIS PUBLICATION E . I I I I 'I ll I L.,,,,-,:,- J :::::::: :::::::::::::::.,, 4 Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. BEAGLE Best Wishes from A FRIEND Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. B. T. KOLBIN f:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Best Wishes from Mr. and Mrs. HERMAN FLEISCHNER 7 YOUR CLASS IEWELRY r carefully created by PANIKOFF, Inc. , MANUFACTORY JEWELERS Since 1889 1 SCHOOL AND FRATERNAL JEWELRY P - Class and Club Pins - - Medals - Trophies - Awards 4 96 HOWE STREET NEW HAVEN, CONN. '3 I O H N P A G A N O ' Specializing in Custom Made Living Room Furniture 1, Remodeling and Restyling MAin 4-6287 19 Congress Ave., New Haven ---------AA-A------------- 4 THE COMMONWEALTH SECURITIES CORPORATION MORTGAGES AND MORTGAGE INVESTMENTS , james D. Kauifman, President I 152 TEMPLE STREET NEW -HAVEN, CONNECTICUT 'r 'r 0 J Complimenfs of ROBERT WILLARD DE GROAT ARCHITECT G R I E G E R ' S Hos1ERY AND LINGERIE CH 8-4387 1656 Whitney Avenue HAMDEN, CONNECTICUT ::::7: T : D P : P Goon LUCK Q .5 'r from E, 1' 1: THE son-lomonss 11 ,Q CAROL JUDY L QI I P JAY DONNA ,: ' Compliments of VILMA 7 I NANCY I ti A FRIEND Loluun : 1: ROSEANN '5 MARGERY I 1 DoT'r1E ANNETTE I Q I I CORINNE EVELYN-LEE 1 1: 'v 1 .g If ---A " J xx- I I ----q T,--- 4, I I It EI I Compliments of 1: 1, Compliments of 4, II ' I CLlNTON'S 5' :E EnwAno GRANUFIELD I In I Music sTonE :E 5 I I f I s'rAT1oNERY In O O N ' ' PIAN S and RGA S 1: and I I FOR OVER HALF A CENTURY 'E OFFICE EQUIPMENT 'I I I I if EC I Q 4 I I 4, Ig 180 CROWN STREET 4: 4, 184 CROWN STREET I, Il NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT I II NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT 1 I I In I I: I, II CAWLW own ana! giala! .gzolvlo Wm 78 mifney Jgue. aIclviaI :Iam smif JR. '14 - HYUU1-. Q7 714'7"nnvz4.-- JI I '1 , ,H . 55' '12:.':?,g:,-1'-:ga w L W - N.-3, . ff 51 .,, f L, I RECORDS Jazz - Popular - Classics RADIO TELEVISION HI-FI Juauen, arm. Good Luck! TERRY LINDA , HOLLY CAROL, L A SONA MIRIAM NANCY DIAN MARY JANE BETSY SUE MADELINE SHIRLEY C OMPLI MEN TS OF HOWARD - ARNOLD, Inc. "NEW HAVEN'S OLDEST FRIGIDAIRE DEALER" -fi? 26 CROWN STREET NEW HAVEN COMPLIMENTS OF A. J. MONGILLO, Inc. PLUMBING and HEATING CONTRACTORS NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT Wallace L. Lewis. Inc. Mortgage Bankers Mortgage Representative BRIDGEPORT-PEOPLES SAVINGS BANK -152' 2348 WHITNEY AVE., HAMDEN CH 8-5569 GLEN FOOD SHOPPE 1654 Whitney Ave. Hamden Q FINE DELICATESSEN HOME MADE SALADS S. S. PIERCE CO. FINE FOODS 8: DELICACIES CH 8-2831 FRIEND 'I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I U 'I I I I I I I I if Best Wisbes Mr. and Mrs. PETER KNUDSEN T 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I I lr- A FRIEND ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::J 9, - -, - :::::::::::::::::::::: Compliments from Mr. FRANCIS J. MORAN .Compliments from Mr. and Mrs. J. PARKER TAYLOR VA A A -::::::::::::::::::::::: C OMPLIMEN TS OF Mr. and Mrs. LCUIS ALDERMAN COMPLIMENTS OF THE PROCTORS 4 :: ::::,4, Y:::. I, I it 51 I " I Compliments of 1: I 4, 4, 4 4 ELSIE - ELIZABETH 1 :E 4, 4, , 4 1 543 WHALLEY AVENUE ,f ' 44 4 NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT I: ,I 4 4 4 SP 7-9849 E 'f A FRIEND ' 4 4 1: 453 I 4 4 1 54 Greeting Party ,E ,I Cards Goods , : Yam: 4: 4' , 4 44 '4 :4 I: .I COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. and Mrs. MICHAEL F. 0'CONNOR mi namely BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS FROM THE SOPH SHOP BEST WISHES FROM THE FRESHMEN TO THE SENIORS LOWENTHAL'S MEN'S SHOP Sbop of National Brands 151- 861 CHAPEL ST. LIGGETT BUILDING C ompliments of EDWARD'S BEAUTY SALON 451- 84 COLLEGE STREET NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT LOcust 2-4721 DANCE FOOTWEAR ACCESSORIES by CAPEZIO Folk Dunning - Moderne Ballet - Toe - Tap Shoes Leotards - Costumes Gift Items GI' THE DANCER'S SHOP 149 TEMPLE sT. 2nd noon Phone UN 5-1852 'I 'I 'I 1 1 I J CURRENT BOOKS TEXTBOOKS STATIONERY SUPPLIES TYPEWRITERS L.P. RECORDS iii' WHITLOCK'S, Inc. 15 BROADWAY NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT vv---0---- 1 I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I I I J Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. GORDON C. WARNER Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. .ICDSEPH H. THALBERG The Best Place to Buy Reliable Drugs, Patent Medicines, Cosmetics arid Household Toiletries is Your Drug Store. Fresh Drugs - Large Stocks of Toiletries THE SPRING GLEN PHARMACY ALFRED E. KUEHL, Proprietor 1670 Whitney Ave. C OMPLIMEN TS OF WA anal Wm. John Krone GOOD LUCK TO THE SENIORS mr. am! Wm C4058 yu, ram, ,mf 5el,,-c,zLe ' ig ml, ana, M ,mn f 2 ,W gf 'it X Y- V ,V - , . .- V , 4P.-in .5 .H-,-p . :,. .J 2 , 1 , , f , , ' J, , ,L rr X V ,A M 4- 7 J ' x , . f N 1 H. E v WW 4 1. u 1 ' w ' 14 -. ,L E 1 A l fx 1 X , , 1 'ei .yi J .1 ' f as GQ" if F - O ' B- I L 1 5 I 1 K u 9 .I W we ef' Iw .142 v ff i wi., , .V fi 1 -. - .9 29 F4 . ,hx ,,. A U T OGRAPHS 11 . T 5 ,, 4 1. V Y - .,.- -. ,. l wax-,..4 -1-HL: ..-QQ:-X - .-,JL w,:,,.,1, V V- - - V - . ' V ,. M- Q , ,, 4 in - . , "nr ' f " ' .M f- ' W '

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