Gateway Regional High School - Profile Yearbook (Woodbury Heights, NJ)

 - Class of 1977

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.w...,,, mr ' 1' ,. --4 5, mp.. ,W , ffm' -mmm 3 b A r tPm..,wf 1 u g , .,,,, F if ' M if 3 1 .J ""'f'Ff1.,, - "Q, ,M wa..-5' Theme A Parting Friendship pages 4 - 15. Underclassmen Section pages 74 - 103, gi. Senior Section pages 16 - 55. Sports Section pages 104 - 133. Faculty Section pages 56 - 73 Activities Section pages 134 - 156 S' xx wr ,K JF' X -s 2 ii 8831 1xf.,. W? 'I 1 lik. .W E f Wg, v "'f'H-any FOR AS THE YEARS O'ER TAKE YOUR YOUTH, MAY WISDOM FILL YOUR SOUL .4 nm.. .M .,..Q., . A V5 ',+igm I , X X W . X! Kiss n "H 3 william 75 L, jynfs, Q Qi,-Qgsg wil' fsiw QW rw, afmi I MJ f .,,,-M, ral 1 . M,A,,.M1mmW . W - ' "" f' gf" ,, , , f 9 :fQ:w1f-2:21. W,fmf:wf.fQ::w-Si-.M 11,,,.:m,:ff,.-1.,-mx.15:22,g1,,.5s,.H-QMy-wg' , K M"--1 rd- ,... . ,. .,,..,,..,,. , ..,,, ,,,..,,. . ,.,, ...,,,,x , ,,...,,,, ,..,,,. 1,,.. N,,..N, 1. . . , .... . . , , N- 'wfwi-M:-ff+?2?ff21f:wf1'-:ff1w'Q+I-ffffIffvffsfifww'1211211flHK-1fff2Xf1fw:ff21fm -"" ---" V-YS::Jmf:5:11114-1-wi..Szmsasezwxzxf.e,:12.Q1'v:!emSm'i55:?5z,nfwf1Y11"1'1--iii-1-S3 w f1P2l1fl4f5iiii1fiW'fffi wigflfiffi--H --if-if 21 .. ..,, A N ' ' V ,, ' ,,-- ' --hh X f"' ' ' ' ' M ' F M " 1' S' ' , gl f i A b H Y K' ,...f fff' ., ' m 1 H , I , 'fl K 'f 553 we is a,Sg..,! ,Q A 138 fg A ,ap ffl -ef-'X W .1 ,W-Q-I'-I w -V-'1l,.-'ffm '1..W"'i. V' A-JV. H 'VV ' "KT G. Y 5 - '-'ies s-gg. ,f N , f, Ms. -I Sb.. ,. um Wk SX, Y L ,sm X X ww.XfY'iLwg- X , X f X ,Xf.X,X, X .W X . . X X X G Q X E A X ' " X Q NX ,Nd if X . 1 i X . A, as 4- Xa ,- -A . x ' N-I fl f - f I 1 'Q ' , -fr 1 I ,J 4 'IN' 1 0' If ff- I ,, Q f ni- w 1 XA 1 12 U .fl A wlff An X W 'M' XTX X WW "YW KX X -- 'Xi XX X-W' X' X3 'K' Wil' 5' YWYWXW Xu? QW? X' A ,. A g"g X A v X X' X X X 5 df f H 'XX 2 W? XXX XX nv S ' f gm 2 Q? .X LL,. - 1 'X'X X K f , Y W . X V X X L 'X f ' We , fi """f"' ff: , , n :V-Q-531-,L,,L,,,,gf,5,.,. ,mg 1" f,' . " ,A , ,,., ,N ,1.,Q, , " f Ar 5 Twfiizeeff W , W ,,W,,, , ,,, , V ,. 2 M 1 1, ,. ff W! muwdx 'Pe . x r mmvrl W 1 wwf 51, ' W .asf un -mir -nu-u . ' 00 ' I 1' ' ' .- up FOR THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THAT WE, AS FRIENDS WILL NEVER HAVE TO PART. :W ' , ?5,grsi'?- H "' ff 1 Egg! ii 9 0 ' w I 1 but he would be one say so till he tried. buckled right in with the trace of a grin face. If he worried he hid it. He as he tackled the thing That and he did it. never do thatg done it"g But he and ma'-"" Ui A x QQ- rw 5 9 -.,., -1 M M., ,iffy W u fx, ' ',,,,..M9 Q in PQ ,v ,X X 0.-NH X ,Ne ii' w'lifa,. f 'fm Ar, 1, 'L by I- H ' f'f IORS a i, 33 -W ' 4 4 5 'rg 'QQ 'an- i vs., -r M: -fi I assi 5555 Fi'-I5 .V Jayne Achenbach . , . Ach . Westville . , 1213158 , "I don't know" . . likes friendly people, having long talks with Mr. D, working at Gateway for the summer of 76, Little Charlie, having talks with Mom Nugent dislikes Liver, Beef Stew, getting milk for the men so they can have their coffee break, stuck up people , plans to be a court stenographer but expects to do just that favorite event is softball games when Brownie umpires and Kim- mer plays first base. activities .. . Basketball 1, Home- coming Comm. 1, Softball 1-3, Debbie Anderson . . Milton Berle ,. Westville .. . 5127158 .. . "You Know", "Really?" . . Hobbies are roller skating, tennis, bowling, drawing likes food, weekends, parties, traveling, movies, sleeping in late, reading good books, listen- ing to tapes and records, baking dislikes Rainy days, snobbish peo- ple, Boredom, Monday, liver .. glans to go to college but expects to ecome a nurse . . . favorite event is the Prom ,. If I had one wish I would wish to have money. ' 'saw Sem Christine Anne Adamski . . . Chris, Hook . ,. Woodbury Hts ... 918159 .. "Really" "You spasell' . . Hobbies are watersking, Tennis, bi- keriding likes winning baseball games 8s No. "11", Black dt white milkshakes, my ring, Mr. Squirrel. peanut butter Xt jelly, Moms la- sagne, Tacos St little Millers. Cor- vello's, playing football in the snow, Sunday afternoon, movies, movies, Elton John, Al Green Concerts dislikes never being ready, ridicu- lous arguments, girls fighting, crowded lunches, moody people, Goose Creek, lonely summer nights, telephone bills, working the night ol' Elton John plans to be rich and happy but expects to go to college, be a travel agent, and be happy . . If I had one wish I would wish to win the lottery. . activities Bas- ketball 1, Homecoming Comm. 2-3, Hockey l-4, National Honor Soci- ety 2l,4, Newspaper 4, Prom Comm. 3, Soph Hop Comm. 2, Student Council 1-4, Tennis l-3. Shelly Anderson , . . National Park . . , 12127158 , . . "Laughter is not a bad beginning for a friendship and it is far the best ending." Hobbies are Movies, saving stamps, writing songs, singing songs, Tennis, shop- ping for clothes, learning different dances , . . likes going to the mov- ies, K.C. and the Sunshine Band, Wildwood, History, tennis, friendly people, animals, summertime, Gino's, pizza, traveling in planes, Pro wrestling, Ice Cream, my family . . , dislikes goodbyes, Term papers, two faced people, war, lunch lines, smoking, people putting down oth- ers, being unhappy, being rushed, liars, boring days, Thunder and Lightning, seeing people or animals dead , . plans to become rich and famous but expects to attend col- lege and become a secretary . . . If! had one wish I would wish to be successful in everything I do. Robert Alloway .. . Rob, Bob Westville Nanc Andrews .. . Wonderwoman .,. Valoodbury Hts. ... 5126159 ... "Hey Res", "Take it Li ht," Hobbies are swimmin , riding bicy- cles built for two withTVIarie, party- ing, buying new clothes likes ggople, guys that dress nice, M.H., ing with my friends, the beach, Budweiser, Rughead, Italian and Chinese food, money, eating and sleeping, Zeppelin and Peter Frampton, Camaros and cycles . , . dislikes Ignorant people, hotdogs, Miller, milk, etting up early and working , . , pfans to travel and get marrie but expects to get an apart- ment and live my life to the fullest . . , IfI had one wish I would wish to have wings and fly. Sharon Anderson National Park 12127158 "Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you" Hobbies are music, dancing, volleyball, tennis, meeting people likes the shore, travel- ing, summer, Variety Shows, pic- nics, lndiana University, snow, hav- ing parties at home, typing, Ice Hockey, Weekends. dislikes falling down and breaking my arm, being bored, hurricanes, having to say goodbye, heatwaves. plans to go to college and study business lfI had one wish l would wish to be successful in what ever I do. Raymond Baals Jr. . Ray, Danc- ing Bear . . . likes all sports, Miller, the shore, and boating . . . dislikes some people saying my name, fake Eeople, activities Football 1,2 Bas- etball 1, Baseball 1-4. Thomas Aregood Tom Woodbury Hts. Sharon Ayres . . .Shar . . . West' ville . . . 6f8l59 . . . "cool it. ", "wow" "that's retarded" , . likes parties, nice looking guys, smoking, etting drunk, Beach Boys, Led iepplin, Beach, money, clothes, the country, walking through the woods .. . dislikes Bimbos, B,G., RaRa's, Homework, gym, stuck up people, concieted people, dirty people, pol- lution, Narks . . . plans to travel . . . If I had one wish I would wish to travel to Europe. Michael Anthony Anzaldo , . , Mike, Pedro, Whop, P.R., Wenonah . . . 2110159 . . . "You Know?" . . . Hobbies are cars, acorning, Waterskiing. . . . likes Carol, falling asleep, sports, V.W.'s, wagon wheel, peanut butter and marshmalf low, Mrs. Mill's cooking, Mom and Tony, Gram and Uncle Joe, Bongo, going over Les's, Tree climbing dislikes double sessions, accidents, GETTING VW FIXED, smelly dogs imissyl, stalling in the MG, doing dishes, losing to Tim playing Bernie, TRYLAKES , . , plans to go to college but eapects to go into the police favorite event is fishing on a calm Lake , lf I had one wish l would wish to make a lot of money doing something l really enjoy and to be able to live up in the Mountains and live off the land . . . activities Baseball 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Cross Country 2, Class Officer 2, French Club 2, Football 1,3,4, Key Club 2-4, National Honor Society 3,4 Prom Comm. 3, Soph Hop Comm 2, Student Council 1,2. William Banks . . . Bill, Banksie .,. National Park ,.. 2f1f59 ,.. Hobbies are hunting, fishing, cars . . . likes Radical Cams, 800 Hollers, .. . dislikes locked gates . . . plans to go to the service but expects to retire young favorite event is graduation .. . If I had one wish I would wish to be independently wealthy Joanne Barger . . . Jo . . . National Daniel Barnett . . . Dan . . . West Parks ville. David Bassler . . .Dave , . , Nation- al Park Lisa Billings .. Lis ., Wenonah ,,.10f15f58 , "Ya know it?" ,. l-lobbies are listening to music, gui- tar playing . , likes the big T, gui- tar playing, long talks with a friend, Eastern Soccer games, the movie "Tommy", freaks, wine . , dislikes boredom, beer, not having my own car, people who gossip, living at home . . . plans to go to college for a while hut expects to enjoy life . , favorite event is going to soccer games at Eastern College ., lf I had one wish l would wish to see the Who in concert . , activities Span- ish Club 1-3. Michael D. Barney ., Mike ,. Wenonah . . "Let's party on" 3f10f59 , . Hobbies are skiing, hunting, scuba diving, surfing, fish- ing, motorcycles, underwater pho- tographer . . , likes deep south rock and roll concerts, sleeping, camp,- ing, sailing, pretty girls, michelo , tequilla, parties, gold dislikes work, diseases, govt., bucket seats, small cars, getting lost, Monday mornings . . . plans to live and go to college but expeccts to graduate and die . . . favorite events are Yes Concerts, Allman Bros, Concerts . . , lfl had one wish I would wish to be very successful in life , . . activi- ties Football 1, Ski Club 1-4. Catherine Barrett Cathy . .. Wenonah Edward Berg . . . Ed . , . Wenonah Brian Bilbow . . . Bri . . . National Park 6f7f57 Hobbies are football, girls, . . . likes good look- ing girls, partys, M.L., Being with people, Being down the shore par- tying, being with Maria . . . dislikes false people, favoritism, fighting with M.L .... plans to be an electri- cian but expects to succeed and someday get married favorite event is everything . . activities Baseball 1, Wrestling 1, Football 1- 3, ,fi . .,,, Betty L. Bennett .. Betty, Boop, Beatrice , . bWoodbury Hts. . "Yeh Chick", . . 2!27f59 .. Hoh- bies are painting, sewing, wrecking transmissions, Fri. and Sat. nights, and seeing who can get better pick- ups ,. likes having a good time with my friends, getting good pick ups, talking to people, Mantua par- ties, getting everyone into Kathy's bomb, Beth's signing when she's drunk, BS., the smell of fresh cut grass and my SENIOR YEAR! , . dislikes Deptford Football Coach, my mom's vega after 6f3!76, Col- lette counting Heritage stores, the smell of Bob's car, Anticipation, mom making my bed in the morn- ing, wrecking Jeff's transmission, driving in Wenonah, waiting, saying something off the top of my head, a certain W.D. girl, being carded, when Chuck B.S.'s, and colds plans to travel but expexts to get a job . , favorite event is "1976" lfl had one wish l would wish to be happy , activities Soph Hop Comm 2, Prom Comm Il, Future Nurses Club 4. Jim Bowker . . . Sawhead Bowk Wach Wenonah Sf26f59 Sure Monk That s cool Hobbies are offshore drilling, drink ing, slee in , eating, fishing, . . likes Millizrgvlick, wagon wheel, go ing to the shore, Dee, staying up all night, Monk sayings, ar uments be tween Ward and crap, rank's bets New Yorkers, Mommie, Haddon Park Hill, sittin at m brother-in- laws house drunk dislikes being in bad moods, people getting sick, having no money, no car, Jim going to the store drunk, having to drive on dates, small back seats, playing epper, Helleyers driving, being bored, getting caught lying . . plans to go to college lmaybej . . . favorite event is going to the Wagon Wheel and getting wiped If I had one wish I would wish to marry a nice looking girl and not be poor activities Soph Hop Comm. 2, Baseball 1-4, Basketball 2-4, Foot- ball 3, Prom Comm 3, Soccer 4 Ronald Boguszewski . . . Ron . . . National Park Frank Burger "Mother" Wenonah , . . 1211-U58 . . , "You1n- dian" , . , Hobbies are fishing, huntin , camping likes some girls, cievies, working dislikes chicken pot pies, dumplings, sauer- kraut, casseroles, people in bad moods plans to make it "big" but expects to graduate in 1977 . . . favorite event ia Labor Day and Christmas . .. If I had one wish I would wish to make it "big" . . . ac- tivities Baseball 1, Cross Country 3, Football 1, Wrestling 1,2, Golf 2-4, Debate 4. William Booth Bill West- ville Richard Brophy , .. Rich tional Park Joseph A, Buscher Jr. .,. Joe ... Westville .. . 6f24f59 Hobbies are sports, woodworking, and fish- ing . . . likes the shore, music, camping, parties, vans, pep rallies, summertime, Trodes . . . dislikes lst and 6th period, going to school when it's hot out, Deptford Foot- ball, getting up early, double ses- sions . . . p ans to go to work and night school , favorite event is getting my drivers license . . Ifl had one wish I would wish that ev- ery wish I had came true . , . activi- ties Wrestling 1, Weightlifting 2, 3, Football 2-4. John Bustard Bus Woodbury Hts. 9fl7f59 , "lt's A Damn Shamel" Hobbies are playing roller hockey, messing around with Lap Xi Dil, playing football pools, gambling, swimming likes the Flyers, winning championship, playing hockey with the Sabres, old Beatle songs, going to Mitchell Er Ness, winning Gator cup. Super Steve, messing at the mall, playing at the Coliseum, cut- ting up Tone with Lap Sz Vince, scoring goals, Phils and Hutton, fighting Wilson in Algebra, the list dislikes going to Maryland, working during the summer, losing championships, Addiego, taking SA'l"s, ET., walking to school, J.T., stories, Stratford, Montreal, watching Phil's choke, losing pool, car insurance, getting up early, playing bad plans to play pro hockey and become a superstar but expects to go to college and become successful favorite event is beating the class of '76 in the Gator Cup activities Student Council 2. News Joseph Campbell . , . Westville . . . 6129159 "Dig It" ,. Hobbies are bowling, partying, concerts, pin- balls, eating . . likes the summer, girls, the shore, music, concerts, working dislikes not working, loudrnouth people, parents with a lot of hassles , . . plans to start out working making more money than I am now but expects to work with my dad or brother at the Mobil Oil Plant , . . favorite event is partyin after a hard days work . . . IfI had one wish I would wish to graduate with honors and have a happy life by working, having my own car, maybe my own place f but it all takes time. ,gl ,,.' 4 , wiiiiff at time 2118! I i fliiliie fillvj lriifi' , - - ski." si ' F ygfogl '- ' Terrence Wa e B as . , . Tex, Ter- ry ... Woodbiliry Iita. .,. 9f1Bf58 Hobbies are bicycling, sports ,, likes pizza, bicycling, basket- ball, football, 'Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Cat Stevens, America, Physics Lab . . . dislikes winter, rain, having nothing to do, John Denver, Carpenters . . . plans to go to college but expects to be an ar- chitect . . .IfI had one wish I would wish to be successful Candace Jeanette Chanoux . Candy . . Wenonah , 10f17f59 . . . "Praise the Lord Anyway" , . Hobbies are collecting and showing model horses . . likes horses, HiBA, music, nature, HiBA week- ends, CS. Lewis, J.R.R, Tolkien, Christianity, Wildwood during off- season, PHOENIX, opels, Monty Python, chorus, sunshine, poetry, horseback riding, proverbs, Fanta- sy, Chevy's, American Indians, pho- tography dislikes people who are stuck on themselves, study halls, Ford, crowds, insects Sz spi- ders, Gateway halls between classes, cliques, homework , , , plans to go to college and become a writer but expects to finish college and eventually get married . . , fa- vorite event is HiBA Jr.fSr. Holi- days , . , If I had one wish I would wish for three more wishes. activi- ties ,. Chorus 2-4, German Club I, Latin Club 3, Munchkins 1,2, St 4. Sandra B. Cahill Spunky , Westville l0f20f58 , "VVhat a Victim," "Hey Boogl" Hobbies are oil painting, sketching, bike rid- ing, writing likes camping, meeting people, long walks, fishing, boating, Dancette, beautiful skies, sunsets, the beach, boardwalk, Deptford Tavern, JB., Harv's laugh, parting, motor headed cars, Smitie's class, disco music, my friends, the office dislikes snobs, food shopping, fish, liver, backstabbers, getting up early, be- ing in early, tests, Ricky's sick 'okes, closed parties, sad good-byes, big-headed eople plans to be a hair stylist but expects to be writer and hairdresser , favorite event is senior year . If I had one wish I would wish to travel and meet new people and to o cross country with my friends ans party, activities . Hockey 1, Prom Comm, fl, Soph Hop Comm. 2, Yearbook Staff 2, Office Aide 2-4 , -.H Denise Vernis Chonka . "Chonks" . Woodbury Hts. . 6flIf59 "NoI This ain't happenin!" "Wowl What a Tripl" "Hey, whats happenin?" Hobbies are draw- ing, swimming, music . likes par- tys, music, meeting people, Injuns, concerts, the shore, beaches, C,'I'., I".M., WYSP, WDAS, WCAU, Monty Python, weekends, weed St grog, "Saturday night," Beatles, dancing, horses . . dislikes himbos, plastic people, new jeans, spaghetti, History plans to travel, have fun in life but expects to make something of myself in life ,. . fa- vorite event is partying . , . If I had one wish I would wish to live forever and be with the people and things I love always and the same goes for the people and things I love. activi- ties . . Basketball 1812, Hockey 18t2, Tennis 18t2. , fir 1' ff 2: Ruthann Card Ruthie . , Westville ., 6!l1!58 , "Oh, Reallyl I can't believe itl" . . Hob- bies are sewing, cooking, tennis, bowling , likes long dresses, exot- ic foods, funny people, Hamilton, Joe Frank and Dennison, the moun- tains, swimming, parties, dances, amusement parks . . dislikes wait- ing, pop quizzes, rainy days, reruns on T.V., barking dogs in the middle of the night , ,plans to have a ca- reer in the medical field but expects to become an L.P.N. or a physical therapist... favorite event is the 4th of July , . .IfI had one wish I would wish to be successful in life, be well off and have a lot of money before I get married. activities , . , Secretary of the VICA Club Gerald Com . Jerry Wood- K 1 P bury Hts. 'NK !f!"'f? Jay Cipriani . ,. J.C., Starsky . Woodbury Hts. 5124159 "Hey!", "Well I'll be!" . . . Hobbies are working, landscaping likes education, talking to people, girls tDenisel, drivin , summer, ringing the bell, karate, havin fun, fire and ambulance squads, EYO, tennis, wrestling dislikes locker locks, long lunch lines, blue slips, a lot of homework, getting up early, being too tired to read . . . plans to live in a big beautiful house but expects to be happy If I had one wish I would wish to stay young. activities mecoming 1, Latin Club 1, 2, 8: 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Prom Comm. 3, Student Council 4, Wres- tling 3, Yearbook Staff 4, CYO 1-4. .,,Ho Raymond Clark Ray Wen- onah TWT' Joseph Conboy . , Joe . . Nation- al Park DanielP. Connell Dan . Na- tional Park , IZZQXS9 . "Idon't know!" . Hobbies are tennis, hik- ing, camping, good constructive ar- guing likes to play a good game of tennis, sleeping on the bus, lab days, Saturday night, to learn dislikes term papers, boring classes, zits, not being myself, being one in many plans to conquer the world but expects to conquer my- self , favorite event is a hiking trip in the Rockies in 1975 lfl had one wish I would wish todo my best and accept it. activities De- bate 3,4, Soccer 1-3, Tennis 1-4, Ellen Cipriani . . . Lynn. . , Woodbury Hts. , . , 5X2-U59 . . . "You gotta be kidding me!" . , . Hobbies are tennis, swimming . . . likes Bob, food, meeting people, having a good time, making other people laugh, talking with friends, visiting Donna, getting rides on motorcycles . dislikes humid days, John's moods, getting up for school, shopping for clothes . , . plans to go to college . , . favorite event is Christmas . . . IfI had one wish I would wish to be hapgy. activities . . . Basketball 1, Cheerleading 2, Latin Clu 1-4, Tennis 2-4. James Comuso Moose Na- tional Park . 6f6!59 Hobbies are bowling, driving, girls, being in- volved in J.C.L., joining S.C.L. likes girls, cars, drinking, bowling, people. animals, parties, dis- likes people that are mean or stuck- up . . plans to live happily but ex- pects to die someday favorite event is girls, hockey. football, base- ball . . lfl had one wish I would wish to be rich and also for every- one to be healthy, happy and nice. activities ,. , Latin Club 1-4. Sherwood Cooper Butch Wenonah James Lonnelly . . Jamey , Laura Cook Laura, Cookie . .. Westville Westville Maria Convery . . . Ree , . . Nation- al Park 1f15f59 "Right!" . . . Hobbies are ceramics, painting, bike riding . . . likes dancin , disco clubs, long blonde hairedg boys, sports cars, money, travel, camping, diet iced tea, cheese steaks, motor- cycles . . . dislikes favoritism, brown nosers, fakes, rules at Gate- way, how seniors have no privleges, price of clothes, stuck-up people, getting up in the morning . . . plans to be an IBM Programmer but ex- pects to succeed . . . favorite event is parties If I had one wish I would wish to travel around the world. activities .. Basketball 38:14, Softball 4. Harry Costello Pig Cos Psycho National Park lf28f59 Hey Wow' I Give Up bure Monk Hobbies are hocke X football, barking around, bowling, pool, drinking, playing cards, CB., , , likes getting Wilson in trouble. Avril Rae Crawford Wenonah ,., 4110159 ... "Cut me a breakl", U.S. 81 II, being gay, Mr. Hartman, "Oh, Really?" . . . likes walking to Mr. Hartman's class, Monty the 'ett bike rides walkin on the Python, cutting up arrogant teach- J yy i E beach after 10, 8f30, sunrise over G Crawford . . , Westville . . . 6121758 , . , "Sure" . . . Hobbies are thinking about winning all the wrestling tournaments I enter, go- ing to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor at 1:00 in the morning . . . likes to lis- ten to good music, FRAMPTON, the Beatles, riding down the shore on my cycle, going home at 1:00 my senior year, good parties with nice looking females that like to party, Cherry Hills girls, partying with R.C., R.D., J.F., G.L., J.S., livingifor ever, my good neighbors, Ric 8: Donna, eating all you can after weigh in . . . dislikes riding to school on the bus with the ittle brats, working full time during the summer vacation and not getting the vacation, losing' weight during wrestling season w en it seems to last the whole year, plastic suits, ten pounds over and have s meet the next day, people cutting you up when you don't make wei ht plans to have a good time gmt ex- pects to have even a better time . . . favorite event is wrestling . . .activi- ties , . . Cross Country 2, Class Offi- cer 2, Wrestling 1-4. ers, getting drunk over M.C., driv- ing on Flo's lawn, out doing muscles nuclear in Brass, Awards, break- ing windows dislikes dirtbags, "Flo", Super Bad Bob, fools that crash up cars, tics, bad breath, gay birds, Wonderful Wino, Stalag Gateway, Monday morning lants to be able to out lark Walt H. but expects to out do muscles nucle- ar in Brasstyvards . favorite event is graduation, bombing B.B.B.A,'s house, the fence coming down . lfI had one wish I would wish to reach all my goals I set at the beginning of the year, activities . Football 1. the ocean, playing in the snow, dancing, being myself with .my friends, horse ack riding, eating, watching the rain, E.S.P,, discuss- ing things and arguing, calcavades dislikes clothes s opping, the way I act around peop e, gaining weight, clicks, Mow's mouth, study- ing, being put down, freaks, atheists , . . plans to go into psychiatry and modeling . ,. activities: French Club 3, Keyettes 354, Colorguard 28z3. Annette Diane DeCandia . . . Funi- chelln, Candy, Lefty, Kid . . , Woodbury Hts 415159 ,, "What's New'?", "Decentl", "Real- ly'?" Hobbies are piano, sports. crafts, having fun . .. likes sports, especially baseball, Phillies, Flyers, writing, reading, Italians, South Phila., suntan, Christmas, snow, friendly people, raiding Jack-in- the-hox, reaching goals, talking. parties, meeting people, the Three Stooges, completing things success- fully dislikes being bored. pessi- mists, "Goodhyes", misunderstand- ings, brown-nosers, plans to go to college and major in journalism and broadcasting and expects todo just that and enjoy life . favorite event is senior year , If I had one wish I would wish to reach all my goals in life successfully . activi- ties Hasketball l, Class officer Sl 8: 4 Homecoming lctll. Latin Club I--t, Tribume 2814, National Honor Society KSA, Newspaper Staff 13814, Prom Comm., Student Council 1-4, Yearbook Staff 3814, Rustler Soft- ball Team, Diane Daily . Westville 4fIf58 ., "Oh Man!" likes camping, camaro's, Virginia, ani- mals, snow, Led Zeppelin, Jon, fam- ily and friends dislikes people that are late, getting up early, peo- ple that cut other people up . . plans to get married and be happy but expects to have a great future . . . favorite event is going camping .. , wishes to have a new Camaro. ,. . activities . ,. Hockey 1, Tennis I, Soph. Hop Comm. 2, Office Aide 4. Susan Dandrow , . . Sue, Susie National Park . 5f12!59 , "For Pete's sake", "Shoot" . . . Hobbies are volley hall, tennis, sewing, landscaping, swimming, talking to everyone about everything likes traveling, going out on weeknights, eating sicilian pizza, doing things with my family, getting good grades, shopping, guys with good manners, plants and flowers, Neil Diamond, WMGK dislikes lie- ing sloppy, gross, liieguarding, los- ing, heing depressed and seeing oth- ers depressed, rainy weekends . . plans to travel to Europe and South America but expects to have a health career and settle in New England . . . favorite event is Christmas in the true sense . . . If I had one wish I would wish to have happiness and peace of mind, If I am happy, than I have the ability to make others happ . activities , . . Band 2, Basketball I, Chorus 2, French Club 2-4, National Honor Society 38:41, Tennis 1-4. Kathleen DeMarco . . . Chicken . , . Woodbury Hts. , 9fl0!59 . "Well, I'll be di pedl", "Whats Happening?" . . , Hobbies are par- tying, guitar, singing with the band sometimes, drawing . . likes snow- ball fights, partying, quiet evenings, Beck, the brothers, good sound,FM, Monty Python, Italian food, week- ends, good concerts, ale, faded jeans dislikes rainy days, Mondays, Mac's class, Gateway lunches, showoffs, bimbo's, stiff Levi's, hony guys, red necks, sour Eickles, boring movies . . , plans to ecome famous and roll in the dough but expects to get married and be hap- py . . . favorite event is graduation and killing my brother in tennis . . . lf I had one wish I would wish for all the wishes in the world. activities ,. Promm Comm. John Joseph DeMareo Bi D, Zahn, John Boy . , . Woodburyirlts. ... 6!I4!59 ,.. "Do It!" ... Hob- bies are fishing, biking, ping-pong ,. likes all kinds of food, winning, Richie Allen, Flyers, Lots of money, Phillies, clothes, winning the senior cup, Bowie, Chicago, Cat Stevens, chocolate chip cookies, the shore, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, all s orts, hockey, 315, Miller, WYSE, apple pie, Three Stoo es, Rende's party . . . dislikes wrestgng practice, getting' up in the morning, osing, money s ortages, being sic , waiting, cutting weight, show offs, bubbleheads . . , plans to go to col- lege but expects to get a good job and live life to the fullest, activities . Baseball 2-4, Key Club 2-4, Prom Comm, Soccer 1-4, Wrestling I-4. Joseph John DeGenova III . , Deego Woodbury Hts. 9f24f59 "This sport is ridicu- lous!" ,. , Hobbies are fishing, weightlifting, tropical fish . . , likes Janice, wrestling, winning matches, getting wrestling jackets, Mall, fi- nally getting my license, dancing, M.D,M.T.M.V.V.J.N,C,K., soccer in the rain, soda. pizza twists, cheese steak subs, Had Company, Alice Cooper, getting along with my family. BA., sex ed jokes, nice cars, having fun in life dislikes quit- ters, losing weight, going round to round with Janice, phonies, heing the last to get my license, nothing to do at night, Kirh going to college. bad grades, worrying, not heing able to get a dog, not eating Christ- mas dinner, enemies plans to go to college but expects to be success- ful favorite event is meeting -Ia- nice lfl had one wish I would wish to be a State Champion in wrestling. activities Key Club 354, Latin Club 1812, National Honor Society llli:-1, I'rom Comm., Soccer 38:-1, Tennis l. Wrestling 1- 4 Teresa M. Demiduke . . , Terry, Ter . Woodbury Hts. . , Zlf13f59 ., "Yogi Bear, I mean really, oh my!" ,. Hobbies are cooking, havin fun, animals, sewing, horse- back riding, ice skating, walking, swimming ,. . likes sum- mer, baby Vincent, Moody Blues, Wildwood, JITB, ticki- lish people, good friends, someone special, Christmas, weddings, Jefferson Starship, showers, little sister, music, food, Beach Boys, puppies, cars, Texas, Mrs. Warner, fun . . dislikes no sleep, cigarettes, winter, liver, colds, cold feet, favoritism, lies, doctors, needles, school, toothaches, new shoes, spiders, waiting, soda, confusion . . plans to become a vetenarian but expects to make it . . favorite event is summer and Christmass . . . lf I had one wish I would wish to be totally happy. activities Band 1, Cheerleading 2, German Club 2, Student Council 3, Ten- nis 2. Adele Desiderio . . , Dellies . . Woodbury Hts .... 4f1f59 . . . "You Monser!" , . . Hobbies are ceramics, sleeping, ice skating,seeing Paul . , . likes Paul, idea of goin to college, "the lot", Phillies, partying, cats, Sea Isle gity, Joker, camging, driving big cars . . , dislikes tests, feeling con- fine , being told what to do, being tired . . plans to go to college and have a good time but expects to be an elemen- tary school teacher , . , favorite event is to party up the lot . . . Ifl had one wish I would wish to be happy and rich. activities . , . Basketball 1, Prom Comm., Soph Hop Comm, Spanish Club 152, Tennis 4. Jerry DiLorenzo . . . Reg . . . Wood- bury Hts ,,.. 12f29f53 . . , Hobbies are hockey, soccer . , . likes hockey, Colt 45, soccer, tacos, quarter pounders, scoring winning goal, candy, vanilla milkshakes, Danny Gare, Reggy Leach, Michelob, long weekends , . , dislikes getting up in the morning, walking to school, homework, liver, Mondays ., fa- vorite event is Christmas, activites ,., Soccer 1-4. Michael Devine . . . Mike . . . Na- tional Park. 'less-f Kathy Donahue . , . Donahue . . . National Park 11f8f58 "What's Happening" Hobbies are drinkin , swimming, horseback- in , boatriging, traveling . .. likes SEZ., partying, good looking guys, going to Wildwood, Wildwood peo- ple, my parents, clubing, sleeping, izza, cartoons, Casper, Judy Gar- limd, Gene Kelly, Chinese food, Parvin State Park . . . dislikes peo- ple that think they are something great, getting up early, being sick after a good night, taking tests and failing, party poopers, disco queens of the Dancette scene , . . plans to be rich and famous but expects to just be happy . . . favorite event is summer of 't76" in Wildwood . . . If I had one wish I would wish to meet up with Steve again activities Basketball 1, rom Comm 3, Nurses aide 4. Deena DiGiacomo . . . Dean, Jock, Elbow . . . Woodbury Hts. . . . 9f4f59 . . . "Year, later", "Ya know what I mean?", "I don't get mad, I get even" . . , Hobbies are thinking, creating in Art, kiddin around, be ing dear Abby for my friends likes bein myself, partying, lfrosh. Hockey, Camp, tea, saying "l told you sol", being treated decent, peo- ple who like my jokes, cycles, doing things my way, figuring people out with Genie, my room, Genesis, YES, Frampton, my dream vet, rowdyness, rings, space, getting away, dislikes rumors, Heights tricks, say, hot dogs, pushy people, learning the hard way, flirts, saying good-bye to- a certain dream, rain, waiting, AM radio, feeling un- comfortable in a crowd . . plans to do something with Art but expects to take things as they come and Ifl had one wish I would wish to have a good easy life. activities Class Officer 1, Hockey 1-3, Prom Comm Officer l, Hockey 1-Ii, Prom Comm., Soph Hop Comm., Spanish Club 1, Student Council 18:12. Maureen Donahue . . . Wenonah 1lf15f58... "What a Fox" ... Hobbies are sewing, reading, ma- crame. likes Green, sunshine, animals, guys, partying, dancing, sports, cars, men . . . dislikes being told what to do, rain, school, Gate- way lunches, getting up early, nee- dles, stuck up guys , . . plans to be ha but ex ects to et married PPY , P , , E, . . . favorite event is sitting around' doing nothing . . . Ifl had one wish I would wish to have Doug back, forever. Steve Dixey . . Dix, Capt. Crunch ,. Westville ... Gfl-U58 "Bring me down", "l'm psyched" Hobbies are listening to Elton, Frampton, Bowie, Boz Scaggs, eat- ing nails, sleeping, cars, skiing, dancing, offshore drilling, watching t,v. .. likes Jen, football games, 55 chevelles, Wildwood, wrist bands, long hair, Gatorman, Starsky and Hutch, "Odom", Miller. Wagon Wheel, Pinto's, jamming, 345, E.C.S., BB. games in Ocean City. Three Stooges, "VVow" . dislikes Goose Creek, Gregs jokes, Jens sad faces, losing, getting up earlv, Mr. Moores jokes, report cards, Deptford, . , plans to play college football but expects to be a janitor favorite event is football games, cutting up Greg, coming home from South Carolina, saturdays with Jen , . Ifl had one wish I would wish to play Defensive Back for the Buckeyes and to be with Jen always. activities . Base- ball 1-4, Football 1-4, Weightlifting 3,4. lraurel DuLaney . , Hardy Woodbury Hts. ,. flflflffm "Oh my osh!" . . , likes camping, sleep- ing iate on Saturdays, playing the piano, sewing, animals, little chil- dren, hot dogs, swimming, biking, being alone, fall, snow, my parents, being with friends . . dislikes eat- ing, going on diets, homework, term papers, being teased, long car trips, knotty hair . . plans to go into the medical field , IfI had one wish I would wish we would have peace on earth . . activities Band 1-4, Cho- rus 1-4, Future Nurses Club 1,2, Latin Club 1-4, Tennis 1, office aide I-4. 'V' Joseph Thomas Drach . . , Pud . . . National Park . . . 7f2'7f59 . . . Hob- bies are partying, "Sue", Garden State, Hockey . . . likes cool people, and good times, sleeping late, surfin in seaside, Cruisin, work, alot of bucks, upstairs Disco, pizza, Yes . . . dislikes two faced people, L.M., working overtime, hot beer, being broke, tall people, Gateway Dances, being locked out of the parking lot plans to go into law enforce- ment . . . favorite event is saturday night parties . . , IfI had one wish I would wish to have a million dol- lars, activities . .. Football 1,2, Prom Comm 3, Student Council 1, Weightlifting 1,2, Wrestling 1, Munchkins 1-4. Janis A. Edmunds . . . National Park , . . 1f8f58 . . . Hobbies are croclieting, roller skating likes sleeping, eating , . disli es getting up in the morning . . . plans to go to Real Estate school . , . Ifl had one wish I would wish I had a good job. Mary Ann Dougherty Mary Ann ,. National Park 5f27f59 "I hate school, what's happening?" Hobbies are Tennis, swimming, partying, movies , . likes when all my friends and I get together, meeting new and interesting people . . . dislikes fake people, sitting in hot classrooms, homework at night plans to find a job when I get out of school but expects to move to the shore or Mar land . . . favorite event the weekends, holidays , . Ifl haclione wish I would wish to be successful and happy. Donald J. Draper, Jr. , , Don ,. . Gloucester Hts 7f14f59 "Lets go diving" Hobbies are biking, boating, tishing, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, teaching, Tennis, water skiing . . . likes fast boats, milk, mu- sic, sharks, sitting on the beach at night, things to do with the waters, the sea, loving Holly dislikes boring classes, pollution of the Oceans. - Bob Eaton . . Woodbury Hts. . . 9f18f58 . , . "Stick it in your ear", "Yeahl", "see!" Hobbies are model building, girl watching, fish- ing, hunting likes Tina, swim- ming, long trips, biking, waterski- ing, tennis, canoeing, being with Tina, the shore, street rods, motor- cycles, being free, knowing where I'M going, real people, being a sen- ior . . . dislikes fat chicks, snobs, be- ing broke, being pressured, home- work, alot of make up on girls, term papers, boastful peo le, mush- rooms, asparagus, cabbage, satur- day, nights at Hardees, arguing, 6:30 am, cheesecake . . . plans to go to college hut expects to be an elec- tronics engineer . favorite event is anything that pleases me at the time activities . .. Chorus 1-4, Tennis 1,2. r Thomas Eisenhardt . , . Tom . . . Woodbury Hts. 12f18l59 . . . "I'm sorry to hear that" . , . Hob- bies are eating, sleepin , fooling around, Fire Dept lilres Mach 1's, pizza, beer, summer, football, eagle point people, traveling, hav- ing money, spendin money, CYO, irls, cigarettes, Lab day dis- Ekes homework, alarm clocks, noisy brothers, tough jobs, biology, ex- ams, rain . . . plans to go to college but expects to have fun , . . favorite event is CYO convention. John Gary Flem , . . Westville . , , 1016158 , . . "I get it that's a joke", "Yes right" , . . Hobbies are base- ball, soccer, bowling, pool . , . Likes hunting, leaving school early, just lying around, swimming, skiing . , . Dislikes strict teachers, hard work .. , plans to be an electrician. ac- tivities , . , Baseball 1-4, Soccer 1,2,4, Weightlifting 1. Theodore Elison .. , Ted . . West- ville. Lisa Christine Ewan Lee Wenonah , , . 3120159 "Oh wow!" . . . Hobbies are needlepoint, piano, crafts . . . likes James F, stopping at a traffic light with Jim, moonlite nights on the beach, Indi- an summer, big family gatherin , traveling, water skiing, warm wind, 50's music, dancing, having money, being rowdy, long walks at night, suntans, playing tennis . . . dislikes cold weather, school nights, snobs, phys ed, misunderstandings, uncer- tainity, feeling incapable of solvin world problems, being depressed? Womens Lib, chauvanism, rocras- tination, Stets a Fetches cliauvan- ism . . , plans to go to college, trav- el, make my mark on the world but expects to go to college, "settle down" , . , favorite event is the week of the Senior Trip, Readers Theatre . . , activities , . Chorus 2,4, Nurses Club 3,4, Keyettes 3,4 Latin Club 1,2,3, Student Council 4, Tennis 1,2,3, Yearbook Staff 4, Girls State Delegate 3, Readers Theatre 3,4. Mark Forsman . .. Monk . ,. Wen- onah 6119159 "It's Mark!" Hobbies are wing wong, pool, waterskiing, tennis, boating, weightlifting, offshore drilling likes michelob, Kathy, snaggle- pusses stories, Jim's fingers, truck- ing, B-Ball, mazda, working on wheels, southwood bar, underwood hospital, watching Kathy get drunk, dancin , jello, getting wiped out at Surf Cgity, going to Hauto lake, laps with Hall and Sonny, wop trying to do 90 mph in the bug, driv- ing around, Hellyer's Falcon dislikes being called Monk, Kathy's bad moods, "Ward go in for Fors- man", Boom Boom, having no mon- ey, losing weight, taking headres when Waterskiing, getting to wiped out to remember . . , plans to learn to surf by expects to make some bills, marry favorite event is watchin Ward and Piacarp fight during 5-Ball . . . If I had one wish I would wish to fly commercial lanes activities Baseball 1, Basketball 1-4, Football 1, Home- coming 1,2, Key Club 2-4, Prom Comm 3, Spring Track 2, Student Council 1,2. Sharon Jane Foster , . , Babaloo ., Westville .. 2110159 .. "Oh yea?", "Really?" Hobbies are collecting tapes, cooking, collecting old pennies, collecting nic nacks, taking pictures likes driving, bike hikes, traveling, movies, pizza, hot fudge sundaes, mustaches, air- dales, getting mail, rides in the country, playin music loud, fish- ing, malls, Abiott and Costello movies, sleeping late, people with a ood sense of humor, Beatles, Beach Boys, Bad Company, Neil Young dislikes staying home, nothing to do, getting up early, oral reports, tuna hoagies, diets, buying gas, vegetables, jerse tomatoes, be- ing told what to do, back seat driv- ers, Gateway lunches, bratty kids, crowds, etting older plans to work amfor go to Gloucester Coun- ty College but expects to become rich and famous . , . favorite event is Christmas . , .IfI had one wish I would wish for success and plenty of money. Christine Flowers . Chris . Wenonah , . , 2115159 . . "Really'?" "Fm tired", "Ya know" , . Hob- bies are sewing, cooking, boating, skiing, bicycle riding, reading . . Michael, cam in , New England, Christman, ciiildgen, T.L., food, sleeping, Van Morrison, Mr. Dido's bio class,Jr. Prom, having M.J.C. to myself, snow days, Ma Nugent, Beach Boys, being tall Johnson . . . Dislikes sweet potatoes, orange Luice, snobs, fighting, needles, not eing allowed to drive, over-protec- tive moms, being called "shorty", "weeds" Plans to become medi- cal assistant but expects to live hap- pily ever after , . Favorite event is graduation .. I had one wish l would wish to be successful in col- lege and in my goals in life . acti- vites Band 1-2, Keyettes 4, Prom committee 3, Softball 2, Spanish Club 1, Student Council 1, Youth Citizenship Inst, 3, Office Aide 1-4. lohn Russell I abel Wdby Hts 5f4f59 , Light em up, Hobbies are bicycling, working on cars, reading likes Summer. the Shore cruisin' the "Merc", study halls Porsches The Beatles Friday night, street freaks, Wings, VW's dislikes flat tires homework Peachs Buick being broke, rain traffic, Datsuns , plans to go to college but expects to get a job in Ecology or Biology favorite event is lighting 'em up I ' I be l one wish it would be to inherit a fortune from a rich relative 1 -- tivities Cross Country l. Winte Track, Tennis 2, Latin Club l,!,Il DanielJeffery Freedman . , Toma, Quiz Kid . .. Wenonah .. . 6f23!59 . . , "Tremendous!", "Sure, I know" . ,. Hobbies are canoeing, boating, bike-riding, weight lifting, baseball, football, hockey, volleyball, swim- ming, basketball, ping-pong . . , likes reading and writing, traveling, driving, get togethers, barbecues, going to the shore, listening to good music, talking to people, Eagles tDick Vermill and Bill Bergyi, rum- bles with my brothers, Starsky and Hutch . dislikes Mr. Warner's pop quizzes, failing Mr. Warner's pop quizzes, Gateway lunches, Gateway's halls in between classes, having the electricity go out the night before a test, allergies, being sick . . . glans to go to college tRutgersb ut expects to become a systems analyst favorite event is graduating , . If I had one wish l would wish that everyone be satis- fied. activities .. Football 2, Na- tional Honor Society 3,4 Spring Track 1-4, Student Council 4, Win- ter Track 4, Youth 8: Govt. 4. Kathleen Maria Frizzel . , . K'Leen ... National Park ,. . 613159 . ,. "Sh--man" . . Hobbies are art, gui- tar, parties, teaching retarded chil- dren, going to the Mall likes people, Discovery '76- Jesus, kids, drawing, Jim's sin ing and playing the guitar, Fri. Sa Satfs, Janis Ian, Dylan, a lot of guitars at the same time, Athena, Mrs. Smith , dis- likes not having money, arguments, having nothing to do, Mennin not having anything to party with, Bim- bo's, history classes, bad moods . . . plans to travel and work but ex- pects to get married and travel . . favorite event is concerts at the Academy .. If I had one wish it would be to get married and have kids. Mary Jo Gavin Jo, Mare Wdby., Hts. . 9fl!59 "Are you serious?" Hobbies are talking on the phone, collecting poems, driving, listening to records, bike riding , likes Dennis. being hap- py, sunrises and sunsets, long talks with Beth, Summer of 76. July 24. Janis Ian, my parents and family. being with Dennis, holiest people, good friends, Irish setters, Kelly, Beach Boys, Italian food, cheese- cake. walking barefoot, the shore .. dislikes boring weekends, preju- dice, rainy days, liars, getting up early, crowded halls, people who don't keep promises, say goodbyes. fake people plans to live life to the fullest but expects to be happy favorite event is Summer of '76 , Ifl had one wish it would be to travel around the world activi- ties Prom Committee Ii, Tennis l. Scott Gesner Gez Wdby. Hts. 6f5f59 ,. t'Hil" . Hob- bies are bicycling, automechanics . likes fast cars, girls, food sleep- ing late, Frogs '63, The Merc. Bad Company, playing guitar dis- likes school, stuck up people, slow cars, studying plans to go to work but expects to work favor- ite event is Saturday night Patti Giaccio Crotch Na- tional Park . 9f28f59 "Likely excuse" , . Hobbies are horseback riding, being with friends likes money, fun, friends, Stu, cars traces at Atcoi, going cluhing, dancing, vo- cational school, Vica, trips . dis- likes not having money, ZZ faced peo- ple, snobbish people, people who hold grudges , plans to he a Draftsperson but expects to gra- duate , , favorite event is Summer- time - weekends If I had one wish it would be to travel and have enough money. -for Maryann Gillespie Mare , Westville 2!9!59 "What's happening?" Hobbies are softball, fishing, biking . likes friendly people, orange Corvettes, food. Wildwood, the beach, watching the sunrise, Mat-k's, my car, mini bikes, day's off. waterskiing. sunny days, finally being a senior, Bowi, Red Octopus. pinball. barefeet. quiet places . dislikes backstabbers, fake people. answering these questions, breaking down. fighting, gaining weight, having nothing io do rainy days, tests, being cold plans to get a good job but expects to be happy job, or no job , favorite event graduation If I had one wish it would be to be successful in life activities Basketball 1, French Club 1-4, Keyettes 3, National Honor Society 3l,4, Prom , Committee ll, Softball l-3, Soph Hop Committee 2. Denise Greeley Hogie Westville , 1lJ!21!59 . "Bring me down" Hobbies are boating, horses, collecting pictures of animals, softball likes Chow. taking walks with Shamrock, tennis, funny cars, michelobe, Pete and Lenny's, Florida, Wildwood, Chrisie and Blondie dis- likes clicks, stuck up people, Steno. History, fighting with Mac, not having money plans to marry and have children favorite event is tennis. and hockey If I had one wish I would wish to be a millionaire, so I could buy a beautiful house, G corvettes, a kennel. and a ranch activities Hockey 2, Prom Comm Zi, Soph Hop Comm 2. C nthia J, Gruff , . Cind estville . 2flf59 " ha victim" "Whats up" ., Hobhie are basketball softball like playing sports, driving around with A.B, and J.G., the Three Stooges the shop, partying with the gang dancette, dancing, how T.C. dances "Yes", Neil Young, Frampton, con certs, miller, going down the shore Farrells, being rodwie, V.I,, joking around, cutting up people dis- likes snobby people, boys that think they are "it", being punished, get- ting up early, people who can't take a joke, A.B.'S bad moods, fighting with T.C., caddy girls, getting lost, not having anything to wear, not having my own car, homework, go- ing to school, not having money plans to move over AB's with .IG and become the Three Stooges but expects to go to college and go into business . . favorite event is party- ing over Andy's and going to Dan- cette ,. , activities Basketball 1-4, Homecoming 1, Prom Comm 3, Softball 1-4, Spanish 1-2, Student Council 1-4, Soph Hop Comm 2. Valerie Hankin . . . Val, Freck, Hank Wdby. Hts. 7f7f59 . , . "Oh Wow" "Gees , . , Hobbies are twirling, reading, sleeping late un Saturday morning . . . likes Fri- day, no band practice, Dancette, Cavalcades, friendly people, guys, Ocean City, winning football games, band trips, 2nd half of Junior year, a very special person dislikes cliques, snobs, Monday mornin , band practice till 4:15, homework, Westville Parades, blushing, break- ing up, people who change, TNT . plans to work for a year and then go to college but expects to work then go away to college favorite event is Prom If I had one wish it would be that everyone in the world could get along and be happy activities Band Major- ette 1-4, Spanish Club 1. Dorothy Mae Harvey Harv A Dot . , . National Park . . . 4l21f58 "Cute" "You victim" "really" Hobbies are drawing, sewing, making jewelry . . . likes water ski- ing, boating, the shore, the beach, clubbing, Deptford Tavern, Dan- cette, J.B., long talks with Sandy, the Cahills, Cindy when she's load- ed, Mrs. Smith, Big Brother Bill, meetin people, Rah parties, Disco music, buying clothes, eating, show vans, rools royces, vets, Summer '76 C.M .... dislikes being broke, liver, being tied down, possessive people, saying goodbye, guys who wear san- dals, big headed people, Rick's jokes, freckles, not being able to get a decent tan , , plans to go to col- lege but expects to be an interior decorator andfor a model . . favor- ite event is the 4th of July , . lf l had one wish it would be to grow 4 or 5 more inches . . . activities Hockey 1 Patricia Elane Hagerthet I atti Hag y Hone W esttille U96 m9 oin the 1 lub X a know what I can say Hobbies are people watching listening to music likes driving being down the shore someone special listening to music real camping FM radio Sir Pudley Jones phillies talking Lad die finding ways out of class, being around my friends, being happy, goofing off dislikes some peo- ple Pudley when he wants to play at 2am, funny fingers, getting up for school, Karens corn jokes, simu- lated cam ing,rainy ays, being in a bad mood? Mon-Fri, grumpy peo- ple, obnoxious people . , . plans to marry a millionaire but expects to be a poor airline stewardess . . . ifl had one wish it would be for three more wishes . . . activities Basket- ball 1, National Honor Society 3,4, Newspaper Staff 3, Soph Hop Comm. 2, Yearbook Staff 4, Lib. Aide 3,4. Jose h Frederick Heaney Ill Fredlil. Fred, Weanie Wenonah 9f25f58 "VVhat'?" "I don't know" . Hobbies are carving, lift- ing, drinking, sleeping, eating, campin ,hiking likes .lack Dan- iels, redi bandanas, Schlitz lin bot- tlesj, Bowie, weekends, Wagon Wheel, blocking for the Jet, ln, and Fly pass plays, suspenders, winning bets, Muhammed Ali, bananas, Lead Zep, fights, cowgirl in the Sandy, victims, W.F., free booze, empty doctor houses, B-Ball games in Ocean City ,. dislikes School, practice, gut drill, hard work, good clothes, losing, Sunday morning hangovers, Maskas' sex jokes, Fri- day night meetings, biology, pi- geons, cats, being on time, girls with red hair , . plans to go to college but expects not to get caught and stay out of jail . . favorite event is football games activities Foot- ball 1-4, Weightlifting Club 2-4, Baseball 1, Wrestling 1. -UVX Christine Harmer Tine Westville . . . 11f14f58 .,. "Hmm" . . . Hobbies are cooking, piano, sewing, softball . , . likes Italian food, some people, Simon 8: Gar- funkel, rainy nights, the beach, Er- rol Flynn movies, wrestling, foot- ball, cities, being outside , , dis- likes fried eggs, some people, disco music, dirty dishes, buses, worms, big spiders, dead things, traffic jams, split ends, shoes . . . plans to go to college and get a good job but expects to go to co lege and get mar- ried . . , favorite event is graduation . , . activities Basketball 1, Class of- ficer 3, French Club 1-4, Keyettes 3, National Honor Society 3,4, Prom Comm. 3, Softball 1-3, Soph Hop Comm. 2, Student Council 1, Citi- zenship Inst. 3 Jennifer Louise Helm . . . Jen "S azz" Woodbury Hts 1112158 . , . "No", "Tell me about it . . ." . , . Hobbies are reading great books, driving around, camping, changing tires likes 345, my blue Jeans, Mr. D's baby blues, pan- da bears, O.C., taking Chris to her B.B. games, Jayne's continual cheerfulness, Dago's laugh, E.J. concert, Wildwood boardwalks, Parvin State Park, parties, week- ends, visiting peo le, sleepin in my spare time, little kids, snow, SMD. . . . dislikes having to make impos- sible decisions, Goose Creek, long distance phone calls and the bills, insecure people, egotist, Mono, flat tires, tests, arguing with Greg, gos- sip . . . plans to travel around the U.S. but expects to go to college and get married favorite event is enior year in High School , . , If I had one wish I would wish to live happily ever after . . . activities Latin Club 1-3, Prom Comm. 3, Soph Hop Comm. 2, Student Coun- cil 13 Tennis 1 Marlene Hee . . , Mar . , . Woodbury Hts . ,. 1112159 . . . " Wha-o-o"l, "Your kidding?" . . , hobbies are twirlin , dancing, swimming . . . likes Bob, Dance-ette, Wildwood, Sal's, beating Clearview, vocy gang, getting a tan, Farrells, watching the sun come up, cloudless nights, the kids from Clearview . . . dislikes losing to Clearview, stuck up peo- ple, Bob going away to college, grovers, rainy days, imma- ture guys . . , plans to become a dental hygienest but expects to succeed in life . . . favorite event is playing pool . . . activities Band 2-4, Soph Hop Comm, 2, Student Council 4. son Hellyer Snagglepuss enonah 2126159 Sure Mane Heenan Ree Wood bury Hts. . . . 3112158 . . .Hobbies are plants bike riding . . . likes soft- ball Kenny and his car riding bicy- cles built for two with Nancy, bars the shore, my work, cleaning, mon- ey, weekends , . . dislikes stuck up people, immature guys, guys who think they are God's gift . , . plans to work and settle down in about 8 years but expects to wind up getting married , . . favorite event is Christ- mas . , . lf I had one wish I would wish to marry a rich guy that would give me everything . . . activities Basketball l,2. Monk' Hobbies are sailboat ing hitting oil having fun likes Beach Boys David Bowie Falcon GTO days cut friendly girls l0th grade cutting peo le u the shore the da in Ocean Sity d. driving aroun in the Falcon getting rich dance-ette snow winning soccer games, cutting Monk up is- likes Mike A, big feet, had sum- mers, rainy shore days, rag days, losing soccer games, bad ankles . . . plans to be a pro-soccer player but expects to be a bookkeeper and play soccer , , , favorite event is going to the Lake at ni ht, Christmas, the first half of lltlg grade, hitting oil, winning soccer games, getting the GTO ... Ifl had one wish l would wish to be a pro soccer player . activities Baseball 1, Basketball 1,2, Key Club 1-4, Prom Comm. 3, Soc- cer 1-4, Soph Hop Comm. 2, Spring Track 2-4, Winter Track 4 Lorraine Henio . , Lorrie Woodbury Hts. . 6113159 "Okie dok" . . . Hobbies are playing the clarinet and piano, reading nov- els, sewing, collecting stuffed ani- mals and crystal objects . likes Jack, playing in the Gloucester County College Band, warm and sensitive people, filet mignon at the Pub with Jack, the thought of going to colle e, Christmas with the pople I love, being loved, listening to an orchestra, the ring Jack gave me, snow days, the beach , dislikes fake and jealous people, marching bands, peas, waking up early, an abundance of homework, gym, foot- ball games, havin fights with Jack, being hurt . .. pians to marry my guy and go to college but ex- pects to teach music and raise chil- dren , . , favorite event is the Glass- boro State College Sr. Prom, All State Band, Graduation . activi- ties Band 1-4, Chorus l-4, Latin Club 1-3, National Honor Society 3,4, Yearbook Staff SA, All S..l. Band 1-4, All State Band 3,4. Charles Higgins Chuck Westville Mary Anne Hoban Dotes Mare Woodbury Hts 11117158 Give us a break' I m gonna barf Hobbies are painting drawing bowling biking skating writing, chronic collecting . . .likes Hiba weekends, Rowdies, Bad Company, Eagles, Yes, the shore, Hobiecats, parties. ff l . 5, 3 Debra Lee Hogate Deb . National Park 1!5f59 , "Hey man, what's Happening?" Hobbies are swimming, basketball, motorcycling likes Ken, party- ing, Steak Sandwiches, munchin out at Nick's, Disco mu- sic ,. dislikes hassles, phonies, getting up in the morning, big mouths plans to work and et married but expects to travel . favorite event is the Senior Trip . IfI had one wish I would wish to have a million dollars ,. activi- ties Basketball 1, Prom Comm. 3, Office aide 2-4. Ni Donald Jones Jonesy, Fly ., Westville 2f11f59 , . "It's deep" . . . Hobbies are running, swimming, reading, beating Squyres at air hockey . . , likes Tol- kien, Michelob, mushroom pizzas at Corvellos, the shore in the morning, Risk, winning :he 2 mile, iced tea, Monty Python, WYSP, Mel Brook's 2000 year old man, Widen- er meets,J1laying on the high jump pits .. , islikcs running internals after speed work, getting caught without a beach tag, warm beer, double sessions, had races, getting up in the morning , , , plans to write for Sports Illustrated but expects to write the obituaries in the Glouces- ter County Times . , . favorite event is the cross country parties . . . ac- tivities Cross Country 1-4, Key Club 2-4, National Honor Society 3,4, Spring Track 1-4, Winter Track 2-4. Kellyanne Honabach , . , Kelly . . . Wenonah . .. 11f3f59 ,.. " You got a pencil?" Hobbies are swim- ming, horseback riding, partying with close friends, Disco dancing . , , likes getting out of school early, going out to lunch, Good parties and good friends, funny teachers, daydreaming, good looking cars, working in auto maintenance . . dislikes stuck up people, strict teachers, people who hurt other people, rainy days, nothing to do, being bored , plans to get a good job hut expects to travel alot favorite event is the Senior Trip . . If I had one wish I would wish to have a good life ,. , activities Nurses aide 4, Prom Comm. 3, Of- tice aide 3,4 Jayne Hutchinson ., Hutch Westville .. 4f25f59 .. . "Flip me out" "Bring me down" Hohlbies are talking on the phone, dancing, eating, keeping a scrapbook , . , likes summer, having money, par- ties, Fran's, "bread", softball, Wild- wood, Starlettes, disco-dancin , Sly and Rolling Stone, comaro's, hock- ey chit chats, Hook, Spazze, Dego, Olympic Champs, Colorado, Wen- onah guys, weekends, dusty road sundae, vanilla shakes, McDonalds, Edith Ann, Horshack dislikes diets, choosing a career, SAT's, et- ting up early, going to work, riding the bus, British Lit, idol gimssip, loud mouths, cliches, "come ack", "we're mature", brown nost-rs. flirts, jealousy, Brick township, fa- voritism plans to travel to Colo- rado but expects to go to college and major in business favorite event is summer of 77 . . If I had one wish I would wish to find the one thing in life that would always keep me happy, along with the lot- tery activities Basketball 1-4, French Club 2, Homecoming Comm, 1, Hockey 2-4, National Honor Society 3,4, Prom Comm 3, Softball 2-4, Tennis 1, Soph Hop Comm. 2. Robert Joseph Jordan Hob National Park . 5f6f59 "Do it on a wreck." . Hobbies are scuha diving, water, skiing, snorkeling, boating, blue fishing, sport crab- hing, hiking, water sports . . likes Missy, passing tests, interesting courses, exploring wrecks, ocean, full moons, sunsets, salt air, Bottle nose Dolphins, sharks, catching lob- sters, the beach at night and day dislikes pollution ofthe waters, snohs, school lunches plans to become a marine biologist but ex- pects to be successful , favorite event is diving on a wreck, in a sleepy blue ocean . , If I had one wish I would wish to live a happy and successful life , , activities Baseball 2,3, Prom Comm 3. 'fb- Brian Kenney . . . National Park .,. 11f11f58 ... "Live free or die" , , . likes art, Mrs. Gales English class, partying, graduating, cutting wfDeb, Jan, Ree and Kathy dis- likes school, snobs, immature peo- ple . plans to bum around but expects to get a job , , . IfI had one wish I would wish to live every mine ute of the day to its fullest. Lois V. Kanady ,. Westville l2fZZ9f58 . "XVhi1l'Y" Hobbies are music, plants, placques likes kids, friends, big trees, Mrs. Gales class, money, falling asleep in class, vocational school, chese steak subs . dislikes school in general, Rah-Rahs, Gateway lunches, staying awake in class, sitting in hard chairs, listening to boring teachers, small town politics ., plans to get rich but expects to go to Ancura . lfl had one wish I would wish I could be filthy RICHl activities German Club 12, Hand 4. Denise Ann Keenan , . Denise . . Westville. .2fI7f58 . "'s get going!" . . Hobbies are showing horses, making rugs, showing cattle likes A.S., R.H.H., H.F., Mr. Nelson, Herbie, Bobber, Heritages wlKaren, math . , dislikes hitting barrels, M.C., moving, history, Ger- man, speed bumps, P,H. plans to go to college and raise quarter hourses but expects to be an ac- countant , . . favorite event is west- ern riding . , If I had one wish I would wish to have my horses back ., activities yearbook staff 2,4, Keyettes 4. WilliamKelly , Bill National Park. Michael Kimons . . Mike . Woodbury Hts. David Kish . .. Dave, Kish , Westville . ,. 12f4f58 , "How's it goin" "I know" . , , Hobbies are playing the guitar, Free Form Bum- ming . . likes Lisa, the nova, the guitar, the drums, cavalcades, play- ing it good, money, cheerleaders, Mrs. Ho's Kitchen, weekends . . dislikes waking up early, working, riding the bus, some gateway lunches, not having any money , plans to be a rck star but expects to make lots of money . . favorite event the day I got my license lf I had one wish I would wish to be a musical genius activities Band 1- 4. DeloresKnight . DE,Delores , National Park, Shevon Lynda Larmer Wen- onah 11f24f58 . . likes being content, loving Bill, surprises, hav- ing something to look at in the morning, Christmas parties, at the pit, Spiff, the reunion, letting Don make a fool of himself, Murphy's ideas, the holiday, Spacing on Space . . dislikes waiting, hassles, surprise problems, situations I can't do anything about, P.D., doctors . . plans to be outrageously happy. Benjamin Lewitt . . Ben ., Westville. Kim Koenig Cheese Cake . Westville 8f7f59 "Chuck you Farley!" Hobbies are rug weaving, people watching . , likes snow, long rides in the country, ice cream, Italian pastries, my cat Felix . . . dislikes gym, sports, jocks, be- ing told what to do.,. plans to marry Mario but expects to live happily ever after . . , favorite event is my trip to Italy isummer of '76 ,,. If I had one wish I would wish everyone in the class of 77 Good Luck. Colette Larmer . , Wenonah , 9fBf56 . "'I'hat's Cool" . . Hob- bies are macrame, knitting, crochet- ing, driving likes Bill, driving, working, eating, Bud, first weekend in October, eating out, Fridays . dislikes hananas, potatoes, cookies, cakes, arguing with anyone, school, mondays . plans to be a hair- dresser ,. , activities Class Officer 2,3, Prom Comm, 8, Soph I-Iop Comm 2, Spanish Club 2,3, Student Council I-fl, Margaret Faith Layton Fay, Fayleen, Fe-Fe, Babes . . Wood- bury Hts . 6fl1f59 "Yeah, sure, Right" Hobbies are pin- nochle with Janice, Beth, Mary Jo, cheerleading, riding, around with Mary Jo, Beth, Betty and Kathy Likes Phill, summer in Massa- chusetts, motorcycle riding, Joseph Larwa Duds ,. West- ville 8f13f59 Hobbies are drinking, pinball, sleeping . . . likes swimming, the shore, parties, water skiing, getting on teachers nerves, sleeping late , . . dislikes home- work, work, stuck up people, flat tires, B.K, . . . expects to gn to col- lege . . . favorite event is wrestling . . . III had one wish I would wish to have a giant keg party. 8004,C.S. tryin to waterski, good times with l.f.di, Ocean City with Babe, going barefoot, cheesecake, meeting people, camping, Florida, parties, talks with Mary Jo dis- likes saying goodbye, leaving friends, when people never take me serious, waking up for school, being talked into things, Wa-Wa in Ocean City plans to travel and later est married . . . favorite event is the illiamstown football game in 75 . , . Ifl had one wish I would wish to travel the world and see old friends again activities Basketball 1, Cheerleading l-4 tCoCapt, 41 Homecoming Comm. 4, Student Council 1,3, Tennis 1, Yearbook Staff 4, Wrestling Stats 3-4. Michael LaRoche Mike Westville. Barbara Lilly . . . Barb . . . Wood- bury Hts. 3f1f59 Hobbies are drawing, swimming, sewing, watching t.v., and just having a good time , , . likes Evan, traveling, partying, tennis, summer, the ocean, Yes Concerts dislikes having to get up early, too much homework, arguments, disco music, being bored, vegetables . . plans to go to college in Florida but expects to graduate favorite event is Christmas IfI had one wish I would wish to make the most out of my life activities Tennis 1,4, Yearbook Staff 4, Police Explorers 3,4. Raymond Lex Westville 3f6f59 Hobbies are fishing fire fighting building likes days off summer rain dislikes hot days history running plans to go to work but expects to get rich vorite event is football I had one wish I would wish to become rich and famous activities football stats 1 4 Donald G Ley Ir Woodbury s Gus 1f15f58 Hob bies are skiing fire Company likes Pontlacs CTO s borrowing money but not paying it back out door sports parties sitting with big lrm cheesesteaks I'1re Company activities canoeing with Gock dislikes getting dressed up getting up early Gateway lunches moms chicken dinners paying insurance plans to attend a Z yr college but expects to become a N I State Trooper favorite event is gradu ation IfI had one wish I would wish to become wealthy activi ties Homecoming 1 2 Building Trades 2 4 Laura Lounsberry , . . Laura . National Park . . . 5f28f59 . , . Hob- bies are Softball . . . likes going for walks on nice nights, parties, meet- ing people, working with kids, cut- tin school walkin home . dis Margaret Ann Lucas . . Peggy . Woodbury Hts. ., 11f6f58 .. "stick it in your ear" . ,. Hobbies are dancing, ceramics, collecting tropical fish, Avon . . . likes Steve, food, dancing, Root beer, Hambur- gers, sleeping, Jerry Lewis, animals, Beatles, Beach Boys, shopping, mone nice clothes One Life to , 2 - - - likgs people who say these words, ross, erk, roar . . plans to travel but expects to get married . . , fa- vorite event is graduating from high school . , . IfI had one wish I would wish that all the people in the world would be happy. yi i Live, the color blue dislikes school, getting up early, History, snobs, pigs, cold weather, being sick, fights, blood, peanut butter, liver . . . plans to teach dancing but expects to get married . . .If I had one wish I would wish to have a happy, healthy life. Maria Lipscomb . . . Ree, Rico, AH .,. National Park . , .6l17!59 ,. "I don't care", 'iOh cripe' , , Hobbies are hockey, reading, sewing, eating, swimming, waterskiing, sleeping likes nice looking guys, the shore, parting, eating pizza, Buck- wheat, Knockers, driving in the country, going up to Kates, horse- back riding, nubby, secrets, about Pal's P., a slice and a large pizza, sangria dislikes working, incon- siderate and snobby people, run- ning for Royds, getting yelled at, Hghting with anybody, Kate mov- ing, saying goodbye, backstabbers, smelling Buckwheat after hockey practice, getting hurt . ,. plans to go to technical school but expects to ecome a Dental Assistant . ,. fa- vorite event is partying . . . IfI had one wish I would wish to make something out of my life and always have my 2 best friends . activities Hockey 1-4, Basketball 1,2, Prom Comm 3, Soph Hop Comm 2, Soft- ball 1-3, Student Council 1,2,4. Alexander Donald MacKerell Jr. , . "Lex, Bopper, Sexy Lexy" .Wenonah . 2122159 , Hobbies are surfing, skateboarding, sleeping . , likes going to the shore, Strathmere, Kegs, big waves, hurricanes, rainy days in summer, Moody Blues, Mr. Howards classes, Long Beach Island on a big day, Heritages shapes, sneaking out, spoons, good food, hatteras . , . dislikes V.T.P.F., S.I.C.P,F., flat days, dings, heritages, soft decks, getting caught, Fun City, the paratrooper, Hard soccer practices, long lines in lunch , . plans to win the lottery and live a life of leisure but expects to go to college . favorite event is weekends . . Ifl had one wish I would wish to surf the world . . . activities Track 1, Tennis 2-4, Soccer 1-4, Stu- dent Council 1,2, Spanish Club, 1,2, National Honor Soci- ety 3,4, Prom Comm. 3, Soph Hop Comm 2. Terri Lynn Madden , Ter . Woodbury Hts. 2fI6f59 . "I don't know" UI don't care", "Il's up to you" . likes to be with Jack, koala bears, to laugh and have fun, to see good movies, good times with CS., Mc-Ilonalds food, camaros, M,M.K. . . dislikes people who classify other people into different groups, 5f1fT6, saying goodbye, being woke up, people who put down other people plans to travel but expects to see as much of the world as possible . . if I had one wish I would wish to go to Australia and own a live koala hear. Jack Maloney Wildman . Wenonah 6!lIf59 Hobbies are camping, boating, fishing likes all sports, going to the shore, watching tv, leaving from school on a friday afternoon, girl watching on the beach, sleeping , , dislikes car- rying 3 hooks home every night, having to get up early, hearing the umpire say strike three you're out , plans to go to college but ex- pects to become a meterologist . . . favorite event is going to a different place each year If I had one wish I would wish to win the million dollar lottery . . . activities Baseball 1,3,-4, Basketball l, Latin Club l-3, Soccer 1-4, Stephanie A. Magee . S.A.M. Wenonah ,. 12f-U58 . 'tjust fine" . . Hobbies are Tennis, swim- ming, sewing, reading ,. , likes uniqueness, cool crisp weather, the color rust, looking forward to good things , . dislikes not being given a choice, negative views, hay fever, humidity . , . plans to be an accoun- tant but expects to succeed . , fa- vorite event is Christmas wlsmall children If I had one wish I would wish to be happy and content . . activities Chorus 2-4, Debate 3, Latin Club 1,2,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Tennis 1,2. Barbara Lynn Marks Bonnie . . Wenonah ,.. l0f6f58 ... "Yoaull" Hobbies are playing guitar, cooking, meditating likes summertime, strawberries, nightime, Frampton, Zeppelin, be- ing free, woods, "Babe", the laugh- ter of my pet sewer "rat" . .. dis- likes the memory of the laughter of my pet sewer t'rat", mornings, hall passes, hypocrites, immatureness, math classes, shallow people, fakes, vanilla milkshakes , . . plans to spe- cialize in the medical field but ex- pects to become a nurse . , favorite event is Readers Theater, going to the shore with my pet rat .. . If I had one wish I would wish to make myself and others happy , . activi- ties Band 1,3, Chorus 1,2, Latin Club I-3, Softball 1, Readers The- ater 3,4, Munchkins I-4 Peter Malone , . Buzz, Ceasar Wenonah . lf1Ilf59 Hobbies are war, watersports . . plans to go to college but expects to become a military aircraft designer , favor- ite event is soccer games , . , activi- ties Baseball I, French Club 2,3, National Honor Society 3,4, Soccer 1-4, Tennis 2. Chris Martin , Babbler . Wen- onah 6f27f59 .. "What is he talking about" ,. . Hobbies are model railroading, model building, Waterskiing, swimming, . likes model railroading, model trucks, military equipment, waterskiing, trains, swimming, Maine, Hawaii, fast boats, certain people, certain teachers, dogs, water, being alone , dislikes certain other people, certain other teachers, slow school days, first day of school, cats, peo- ple who dislike snakes, zits, short vacations , plans to continue education and enter Marine sci- ences but expects to make a lot of money . . . favorite event is last day of school . If I had one wish I would wish to become rich and fam- ous activities Latin Club 1-4, Newspaper Staff 3, Winter Track l,2, Golf 2-4. Laura Maltman .. Worm , Westville . . 6!l7f58 "Yea, Really Cute" . . likes taco's, chee- sesteaks, having a good time, get- ting out of school, money, WYSP, MacDonalds, being by myself, Ca- maros, Firebirds, being comfort- able, parties, jeans, sleeping, having long talks with S.C., making friends, Wildwood . . dislikes get- ting u at 6:00am, being woke up, work, being closed in, stuck up peo- ple, not being able to do what I want, being rushed, being hurt by someone you like, going to school, unrealistic people, Gateway lunches, fighting, being treated like a baby, jealously . , . plans to travel but expects to see ever thing and do everything , . ,lfl hacllone wish I would wish to get married and have I0 kids, and live in a mansion . , activities Vica 3,4. Judith E. McCall Jude, Pudes- worth . . . Woodbur Hts. , 12f30f58 ... "Really", t'Can't Wait", "Bummer soup," "Let's go!" , , . Hobbies are playing tennis, par- tying . . . likes Jimmy Connors, GO D friends, meeting new people, cool spring days, going barefoot, making snowmen wfBarb, ,. , dis- likes chocolate, pot pies, messing up announcements, prejudice, hypo- crites, . . plans to become a better photogragher than Frank but ex- pects to ecome a Probation Offi- cer, . . . favorite event. Trooper Youth Week, being at the beach, being with friends . . . activities Basketball 1, Class Officer 2 QV.P.l, Homecoming Comm 1-4, Hockey 1, National Honor Society 3,4, News- paper Staff 3, Prom Comm 3, soph Hop Comm 2, Spanish Club 1-4, fPres. 33, Student Council 1-4 fTres 2, VP 3, Pres 41, Tennis 1-4, Year- book Staff 3,4 tCo-Editor 4l Model U.N. 4, attendance aide 3,4, 22nd Trooper Youth Week Class 3, Po- lice Explorers 3,4. Theresa Martino ,. Terry . Westville , . l0f28f59 . "You can say that again" . . . Hobbies are sewing, needlepoint likes eat- ing, Italian food land not getting fatl, trips to Maine, Wildwood, summer vacation, swimming, ice skating in Central Park ,. dislikes green peppers, liver, being called Tessie, Italian jokes . plans to at- tend a 4 yr. college and major in biology but expects to live a happy enjoyable life . favorite event is the mummers parade . . lfl had one wish l would wish to travel all around the world activities French Club 3,4. John J. McGuarn . ,. Football . Woodbury Hts. , l2f11!58 "Sure Monk" "You're crazy" . . Hobbies are Waterskiing, ping- pong, playing cards likes the shore, winning football games, base- ball, basketball, weekends, winning in cards, Florida, sleeping late, fast boats, going out to lunch ., dis- likes Pennsylvania drivers, losing money in cards, Bowks surprise trips to Westville, homework, final exams, Jim's faces, E.W.'s driving, Deptford football team, sprints, boring teachers . ,. plans to go to college but expects to make a lot of money favorite event is football games . activities Baseball 1-4, Basketball 1,2, Football 1,4, Na- tional Honor Society 3,4, Weight- lifting 3. PUB Luis Mazier , , Lou, Louie , Na- tional Park l2f29!59 . "Bum out", "Hey wow what's up" ., Hobbies are fire fighting, string band, partying, reading, listening to the radio, sleeping, listening to Je- thro Tull . , likes Mets, Knicks, Rangers, Jets, Yankees, cutting, parking lot, leaving early, supernat- ural stories, Mystery hooks, science fiction, baseball, corvettes, Jethro Tull, The Beatles, Geor e Harris, Gino Vielli, WYSP, VVI05, sleeping late, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd . dislikes 5th period, Research and term, lst period, phonies, get- ting up early, Junior High lunch rush, phillies, eagles, flyers, 76'ers, love stories, disco music, Pittsburgh pirates, history, geometry, taking notes, head games, Rah-Rahs, cot- ton mouth . . . plans to teach Span- ish . . . favorite event is graduation . , Ifl had one wish I would wish to make some money ,. activities Soccer 1,2, Soph Hop Comm 2, Spanish Club 1-4, Wrestling 1, Ecology Club 2. James McGugan . Jim Na- tional Park , . 5fl9!59 Hobbies are music, sports, being a mummer , likes music, sports, , dislikes getting up in the morning, learning grammer . . . plans to go to P.M.A. ut expects to become a music teacher favorite event is New Years Day . . activities Band 1,2,4, Golf 1,2. Sterling Arthur Martin lll Ace, Sam tthe pearll , National Park , . 1lfl1f58 ,. 'WVhat is to be will be" . Hobbies are swimming, Waterskiing, lifting weights . likes to win, girls, clothes, all sports, lifting weights. listen- ing to music, dances, relaxing, independence. people with a sense of humor, memories, good times dislikes losing, sloppiness, cigarettes, narrow mindedness, repetition of anything, nosey people, people who spread rumors ., plans to broaden my knowledge in Business Administra- tion but expects to achieve success in my chosen field favorite event is football, coller hockey, going to see the Flyers games . If I had one wish l would wish lo have continual good health activities Baseball 2, Football 1- 4, National Honor Society 1i,4, Prom Comm. Il, Student Council 2-4, Weightlifting 2-4, Wrestling 1, William McCormick Bill . National Park . , 8f12!59 . Hob- bies are basketball, drinking ,. likes girls, money, cars dislikes school, people telling me what to do . , . plans to do nothing but expects to move to Hawaii , favorite event is drinking ,. If I had one wish I would wish to get rich. Mark Mclntire . . . Wenonah Donna Ann Marie McSorle . . . Sorley . . Wdby. Hts. ,. , 7!ll0f59 'tReally'?", "How Come?" .. . Hobbies are Cooking, sewing, swim- ming likes to be hap y, Mrs. Mac's class, Brigantine, difive-ins, Beatles, football games, Fridays, pizza, spending money, Fleetwood Mac, laughing, Murt Mo, the beach, having fun, diamonds, lemons, shrimp, snow, Mr. B's class,Great Adventure, rubies, starry nights, pay checks, scary movies, hot pret- zels, Mom's rasin cake, walking in the rain, yellow, Uncle Fuzzy and Suzie Snouzer . . , dislikes Mr. Nel- son's jokes, Gateway's speed bumps, onions, sad movies, hospi- tals, sa ing good bye, stop signs . . . Ifl hadlone wish it would he for the rest of my life be just as fun as my Senior year at Gateway , . , Favor- ite event is graduation . , plans to go to college . . expects to become a Court Stenographer , . , activities, color guard 2,3,4, Float Comm. 1, National Honor Society 3,4, News- paper Staff 4, Tennis 2, Office Aide 3,4. Thomas R. Miller Tom .. Wdby Hts. 4f11f59 "Huh, what?" . , . Hobbies are music and breathing likes Led Zeppelin, concerts, camping, lumbo, 714 Lancing, going on trips, speeding, good jam, partying, Michelob, peo- ple that melt, harley sportsters, graduating, foxey chicks. dis- ikes cops, being hassled, empty baggies, constipation, being lost and having no papers, waiting, be- ing bummed out, Parker's class, warm beer favorite event is graduation plans to party on . . . expects to get rich and live hap- Py- Mike Mclntire Mac , , Wen- onah ,.. 3f20f59 .. . "Whats up?" .. . Hobbies are sleeping, brewing likes Frampton, sleeping late, W.W., Saturday nights, Doobie Bros., D+D, Schiltz, Yes, Steely Dan, snow, Camaros, Vettes, 76ers, Dr. J., Baltimore Colts, going to the movies dislikes Mr. Warner's quickies, hot dogs, Mr, Wilkinson's pick of the week, school, Pintos, staying home on weekends, Ali, Minnesota Vikings, being broke . . favorite event is soccer games . . If l had one wish it would be to win the lottery , . plans to go to college ... expects to e a hum .,. activi- ties Soccer 1,2,3,4, Tennis 2,3,4, Na- tional Honor Society, Barr Moore Wdby. Hits. ,, 3f16!lir9 Hobbies are dirt bike riding, partying, getting into sounds . . . likes parking lot parties, work- ing on motorcycles, Vo-tect, cruis- ing down the shore . , . dislikes the fence around the parking lot, Satur- day Sessions favorite event is graduation day , . . If I had one wish it would be to have a 750 four Honda . . . plans to become an ar- chitect . . . expects to graduate. Helene Moore . . . Zit . . . Westville . . , 2f26!59 . . . Hob bies are water sking, salt water fishing, sewing , . . likes parties, Miller, Tom's Cove, Va., Steve, Wildwood, Pink Floyd, camping, cycles, Camaros, Dancette, being rowdy, Burger's queer jokes in English . . . dislikes tests, warm beer, wearing shoes, Parker's tests, Jack going in the Air Force, nags, cleaning my room, homework, leaving all my friends, liars . . , favorite event is playing basketball , . . plans to find a good job and travel . . . expects to find a nice guy and glet married . . . activities Basketball 1,2,3,4, Softball 3, Li rary Aide 3,4. Judith E. Miller Judy, Mess, Butch Wenonah 6f24f59 . , . "Cote", "Scritch", "If you only knew" . . . Hobbies are camping, singing, spending money, acting, traveling . . , likes munching out at Mowbray's, snowy mornings, GOOD music, 1940 movies, Mr. Parker's class, visiting alone, sitting in the store with Jim and Bon, talk- ing to Mr. Bartleson, Sal's on a Sat- urday night . . . dislikes Ms. Craw- ford's sick humor, leaky converti- bles, phone calls from Linda at 9 A.M., being broke, tempermental guys, corny jokes, bad acting, preju- dice people. favorite event is graduation . . . Ifl had one wish it would be to get to Rome before I die . . . plans to teach the deaf and see my name in lights expects to help people who are socially unac- cepted, accept themselves ac- tivities Band 1,2,3, Chorus l,2, Fu- ture Nurses Club 1,2,3,4, Keyettes 3,4, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Keyettes 3,4, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Prom Comm. 3, Soph Hop Comm 2, Munchkins 1,2,3,4, Loffing 1,2,3,4. Linda Mowbray , . . Mow , . . Wen- onah 12f24f58 .. "You're so slow" . . . Hobbies are talking, rid- ing, being a pain, having fun likes food, friends, sleeping, parties, Mom and Dad, Clearview dances, music, Jah, conference, driving, Judy's furniture, mountains, pizza, driving Rae nuts . , . dislikes musy mellors, fake people, mud, broke down cars, Judy's sick humor, being embarassed, 14th floors, Donna's slowness favorite event is graduation plans to continue riding . . . expects to work. Randall Moore , . . Randy . , . Wdby. Hts ..., 3f16f59 . . . "Money is the root of all evil" . , Hobbies are geology, reading, metal detect- ing likes dark rainy days, soft rock music, food, lots of magazines . . . dislikes complainers, homework If I had one wish it would be that people would be more content . . . plans to go to college for Busi- ness Administration activities German Club, Treasure Finders Club. Robert A. Moore Andy, Spot . . . Fox Run Rd. Sewell . . 7f8f59 ,. . "uh-huh!" , . . Hobbies are rid- ing horses, hiking, sking, swimming .. . likes Mr.Moore's tests, 2:02 P.M., riding horses, driving, back packing in the mountains, Q-102, WYSP, Queen, Jethro Tull, kittens that don't grow into cats,parties, good bands to dance to, 3-day events, Vetsfcarsj, good friends, funny movies, having fun, cold beer . . . dislikes Mr. Warner's Quickies, Mr. Warner's tests, crummy driv- ers, peo le that bang up my jeep, 3 legged beavers, people that have C.B.'s and don't use , cauli- flower, Tuna Fish, guys with ear- rings, term papers, breaking my leg, Dan's and Pete's babble, crowds, getting up at 5:00 A.M., over sleep- ing favorite event is winning contests If I had one wish it would be to really appreciate what I have plans to become good at what I do . . , expects to Succeed! , . . activities chorus 1,2,3,4, French club 2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Tennis 2, Key Club 4. Susan A. Murphy . . . Sue, Murf . , . Wdby.Hts. ... 3f11f59 ... "I don't know", "oh well" hobbies are reading, needlepoint, collecting old cups . . . likes Harry, John Denver, Linda Ronstadt, good friends, Wednesdays, Sundays, sleeping late, watching the twins, the shore, picnics, ice cream dislikes get- ting up for school, teachers in Lavs, people who make plans and then don't keep to them tC.M.j, rainy days, Friday ni hts, the gate across the parking Iot, time between Thanksgiving and Christmas . . . plans to attend college . . . expects to do well . . . activities Band 1,3. Susan Nerz Sue Wenonah ... 11f10f58 . . . likes Ace, summer, weekends, parties, Camaros, pizza, Peter Frampton . . . dislikes getting up early, waiting, rainy days, Mon- days . . . plans to become a beati- cian , . , expects to live in the coun- try . . . IfI had one wish it would be to win a Million dollars. Amos Munyon Jr ..,. Westville . . . 10f12f58 . . . "Squalor", "Spiritual" . . . hobbies are running-L.S.D. , playing Risk, basketball, backgam- mon, winning cross country meets, losing track meets . . . likes Framp- ton, L.S.D. , winning at Risk, shut- ting out Don in basketball, Mich, Bud, and Mad Dog, playing back- gammon at Widener, winning cross country meets, and hi h 'umping dislikes losing at Risk, being called a jogger by pedestrians, id- iots who confuse cross country with track, getting thrown off the beach at Ocean City, Patty leaving to col- lege favorite event is winning cross country meets plans to live a decent life at college . . . ex- pects to become a wino . . . activi- ties Cross Country 1,2,3,4, Key Club 4, Latin Club 1,2, National Honor Society 3,4, Spring Track 1,2,3,4, Winter Track 1,2,3,4. si X, Tim Nolan . , Westville . . . 7!14f59 , , A' Luck only favors a prepared mind " . . Hobbies are playing base- ball, tabletop games, listening to records . , likes science fiction, going to Phillies games, weekends, staying up late, watchin Flyers, Moody Blues records, talking, the ocean .. . dislikes EE. History, taking the late bus, sleeping late, term papers, homework , . . favorite event is graduation . . , plans to live a happy life . . expects to go into engi- neering . . . IfI had one wish it would be to be Natural . . , activities Newspaper Staff 4, Spanish Club 1,2,3, Youth and Government 4. Jim O'Brien , . , Obie . . . National Park . . . 4f20f59 . . . "Helwo there" . , . Hobbies are fire fighting, playing bass fiddle for Broomall string band, C.Bing, driving fast, eat- ing . , . likes cars, girls, beer,tnot necessarily in that orderb, partying in the Heights, getting down, Mr. Ryan and his air con itioner Annette Donna Debbie Me Jud ' Val , , A I - , , , s- y. - erie, Gena . . dislikes insurance costs, the morning after, short hair and shaving, being unemployed favorite event is going to football games, wrestling matches, drink- ing . , . Ifl had one wish it would be t be financially secure in the future, and to have Froggy get his 63 Chevy hack the Way it was before it was ripped off . . plans to get a job and a decent car , . . expects tojoin the navy , activities Football 1,2,3, Student Council 1,2,3, Weightlifting 1,2,3 Chess Club 1. Debbie Ott . . . Ottio, Deb . , . Na- tional Park , . , 82659 . , . "oh well" , . . Hobbies are playing piano, lis- tening to music, reading, talking, walks . , . likes Fred, Simon Sr Gar- funkel, Jethro Tull, F.M, radio, be- ing in love, the shore, daydreaming, helping people, nature, partying with a few close friends, Italians, astrology . . . dislikes graduating at 17, people with closed minds, heing overweight, getting into big trouble, getting to the phone just as the per- son is hanging up, being late, being embarassed , . . favorite event is dinnertime, July 16, 1974 If I had one wish it would be to be able to make good all my mistakes in the past plans to become a nurse and join the Navy . . . expects to get married - someday activities Future Nurses Club 4, Nurses Aid 4. John O'Leary . .. "O", Leprachaun National Park .,. 11,17,58 .,. t'yeah", "okay", "if you say so" . , . Hobbies are losing to pin ball ma- chines, bowling, drinking, sleeping . , . likes Joan, driving, Friday, Sat- urday nights, Cross Country, the gang dislikes snobby people, Cross country practice, Sunday mornings, a certain study hall teacher, Gateway, the fence . , . Fa- vorite event graduation, parties . . If I had one wish it would he to live my life over . .. 6 inches taller ,. , plans to become a plumber . . . ex- pects to get older and marry J.H. activities Cross Country 2,3,4 Track 1,2 -"9 Linda Jo Parker . . , Lin , . , West- ville 9f23f59 Hobbies are water color painting, art likes Gilbert, sleeping late, 'I',V., F.M., Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Peter Frampton, Yes, weekends, to eat, summer, art Queen . , . dislikes time limits, alarm clocks, getting up early, snotty-pushy people, conceit- ed people, dark places, crowded Eljaces, "suppose to's", carrying oks and omework, running in gym . , . favorite event is any holi- day or special event . , . Ifl had one wish it would be to better my art work and have people notice it, maybe a display some day . , . plans to marry Gilbert , . . expects to con- tinue in art . , . activities basketball 1, hockey 1,2. Rodolpho Ossorio . . Cacho . Wdhy, Hts. ,.. 3f16f58 ,. t'Oh yea'?", "No kiddin' . . , Hobbies are motorcycle racing, swimming, danc- ing, fighting . . . likes to travel, watch T.V., dancing, nice looking and friendly girls , . . dislikes get up early, doing math homework when I don't understand it, dumb people and unfriendly girls , . , favorite event is usually favorable to myself . . , Ifl had one wish it would be to have a lot of money . . plans to go to college and start some business . . . expects to get great knowledge in English and other languages . . , activities Junior achievement, read- ers theatre. Patti M. Parks . ,. Farkle Na- tional Park 11f4f58 "for sure", "oh yeah", "www" . . . likes being outdoors, camping, garden- ing, boating, fishing, Mom, Dad, my brothers and sisters, the M + S, mu- sic, traveling, cold weather, night- time, going barefoot, being alone, sometime, campfires, rain, catching more fish than dad and Steve, cheese cake, chocalate ice cream . . . dislikes being yelled at for some- thing Steve starts, when dad says "knock it off Pat", liver, crowds, ar- guing, G.R.H.S., feeding the dog, lightning in the mountains, certain persons when they sleep , . . plans to see Calif., Colorado, and Canada .,. expects to while driving ,. , ac- tivities basketball 1, French Club 1,2, Prom Comm. 3, Soph Hop Comm. 2. Richard Palmer Rich Wdb . . . " u yHts 9f5f59 N , I don't think so" Hobbies are Fire leav Dept., not working likes ing early, football, bowling, hockey, APBA, Deutsch, Wrestling . . , dislikes people with "big heads", getting up early, Exams, getting sick the morning after . . . favorite event is school without ex- ams . . . plans to go to college , . , expects to become a teacher . . . Ac- tivities football 1, Student Council 1,2 Wrestling 1,2,3,4. Stephen Pizzuto Steve Wd y. Hts. Joan E. Phelps National Park ... 7X24f59 ... "what can we do?" , . . Hobbies are dancin , ceramics likes parties, P.C.lg., football games on T.V., Friday nights, Jan. 4th, swimming, the beach, the zoon, movies, Alice, driving dislikes homework, Sunday nights, rainy days, class dues, Gateway lunches, lectures . .. favorite event is sum- mer vacation . . . Ifl had one wish it would be for Pete to get out of the Navy . . . plans to become a court stenographer . . . ecpects to marry Pete . . . activities Cheerleading 3. Paul Price Peach Wdby. Hts. . . . 8f9X59 . . . "later", "score" . . . Hobbies are basketball, driving, camping . . . likes Malone's dances, watersking, Monty Python, camp! ing, traveling, going to basketball games, giving Playgirl magazines to Brian, WCAU-FM, the Trammps, Tavares, the Beatles, French Club dinners, Saturday Nightwife, John Belush, Wi1son's moods,Samurai's, Law class . . . dislikes Mr. Moore's marking system, Math12, the stench in rm.407, people with spots, uys with earrings, wrecking jeeps, Connely's babble, 3 legged beavers, stuck up people, dalmations, green Cutlasses, driving with Harry C., John's lectures on driving, people who dislike my Buick favorite event is 2:02 p.m. Monday to Friday . . . If I had one wish itwould be to earn a million before 30 and retire plans to go to college .. . ex- pects to fail and go on welfare . . , activities French Club 2,3, Tennis l. late juries, los- ing in group II tennis, great times favorite event is basketball games .. . If I had one wish it would be to be a pro tennis player plans to go into the F.B.I, secret service , . . expects to live a happy, enjoyable life . . . activities basketball 1,2,3,4, football 1, National Honor Society 3,4, Newspaper Staff 3, Prom Comm. 3, Soccer 3,4, Soph. Hop Comm. 2, Spanish Club 2, Tennis 1,2,3,4, Stu- dent Council'1,2,3, lJr. High Pres. IJ. Laura Purs love , . Wenonah 3f3f59 Tikes Dancette, parties, Wildwood, my nephew, Theresa's family, being a brat, popcorn, the freckled do summer art class ggyv 1 , my friends . . . dislikes being bored, leaving Gateway, saying good-byes, rainy days, Mondays, not having a job . . . Ifl had one wish it would be to live happily ever after . . . plans to go to college . . . expects to take it as it comes .. . activities cheer- leading 3,4. Ste hen Payer .. . Wenonah . . . 6f6f59 . .. "later" ., Hogbies are baseball, soccer, sking, shooting pool, going to Hilton Head Island . , . likes Yaz, Puma, playing ball, the lake, haddon park, Al's roadrunner, my Lincoln, jello, two away, South Carolina, soccer parties, gang wars on the baseball field, fat Ed, cruising with Sonny and Al, Bruces, "where you from ref,Triton", Hack in the Crack, Rod Stewart, wildman, Mrs. B., siberian huskys dislikes playing pep er, someone breaking his leg up the lake, wiping out, hiding under the Cortina, "I cruz at 45mph. but it will go 105 mph.", the Briquettor, Ty's driving, getting shot down 4 times this summer, calling Monk- ,Mark, chick keeping his hair dry . . . favorite event watch- ing Monk take a header . . . Ifl had one wish it would be to be lost at sea with N.A .... plans to play first base for the Boston Red Sox . . . expects to go to college . . . activities baseball 1,2,3,4, Key Club 3,4, Prom Comm. 3, Soccer 1,2,3,4, Soph Hop Comm. 2, Student Council 2,3,4. John K. Price . .. Monz .. , Wdby. Hts. 4l8f59 "sure monk" . . . Hobbies are water sking, play- ing piano, beaver shooting, diving, swimming . . . likes people, sports, the water, lifeguarding, summer, lit- tle cars, practices, cruising, getting out of Mr. Warner's class, Sunshine Park , . . dislikes Friday night meetings, Mr. Warner's classes, quicky quizzes, MSLB. coache's poor jokes, rainy jokes, cutting weight, glut drill favorite event is Mr. ende's party plans to go to Annapolis work hard and live lei- surly, find career and retire young .. . expects to fullfil my plans . . . activities Band 1, football 1,2,3,4, Latin Club 1,2, Prom Comm. 3, Tennis 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 1,2,3,4. James L. Ramsay . , , Jim ... Wen- onah .. . 117159 .,. "well this sure ain't no picnic" Hobbies are first aid and firefighting, building things and car interiors likes honest people, electronics, a good stereo system with reel to reel , . . dislikes dishonest politicians, dis- honest government employees, al- cohol tthe next morningj, Chil- dren's band radios - I hate them, Quads . . . favorite event is destroy- ing C.B.'s, listening to a good stereo . , . If I had one wish it would be to own a 2-way radio shop, however this shop would refuse the sales and service of C.B. radios plans to conquer the world expects to conquer the universe , . . activities Parking Lot 1,2,3. Jeffery Reader . . . Jeff . . . Nation- al Park. Paul Reim , . . Wdby. Hts. . . . 1115159 . . . 'Kcertainly" . . . Hobbies are drinking and fishing likes Ocean City, beaches, Wildwood Boardwalk, Bud, Michelob, getting smashed, running early in the morning, Colorado Rockies , . , dis- likes running in heat, running with a hangover, Rolling Rock, running injuries, long busrides after losses, losing meets, final exams, 880's . . . favorite event is PARTIES , . . plans to go to college and be suc- cessfulg live everyday like it is my last . . . activities Cross Country 1,2,3,4, Key Club 2,3,4, Latin Club 2,3, National Honor Society 3,4, Spring Track 1,2,3,4, Winter Track 1,2,3,4. Cathy Riggins . . . Hanna . , . Westville , , . 10127158 . , . "yeh, tell me about it" . . . Hobbies are horseback riding, swimming, tennis .. . likes Rich, partying, going to the shore, long walks, weekends, crazy people, traveling, con- certs, Jefferson Starship . . , dislikes school, Monday mornings, Rah-Rahs, snobby people, rainy days, brown nosers . . , favorite event is tennis , . . Ifl had one wish it would be to travel to Colorado . . . plans to be a secretary . . , expects to travel. Paul Arthur Raney . , . Evil Rider . . . Westville . . . 2115159 . . . "hey, what's happening" . . . Hobbies are C.B., swimming, motorcycling, roll- er skating likes to sleep late, partying, go to the Deptford Rink, custom vans . . . dislikes school, getting up early for school, stuck up people favorite event is roller skating , . . If I had one wish it would be to have a cycle, or car, or a van all customed painted . . , plans to become a lawyer and travel. Judith Anne Riffits . . , Jude, Mush, Riff, Iffies "Cut me a break", "Come on . . ." . . . Hobbies are sleeping, riding around Cooper River on my bike, ice skating, and bein with K.R. , . . likes Rose, 2114775, playing tennis, Sea Isle, City, Cooper River, wearing jeans, James Taylor, Janis Ian, chocalate ice cream, dancin on Biff and Lin- da's furniture, Robert Redford, ten- nis with "Lou Lou", Red Roses, Bowker's mustache, 4th period with Ms. Crenshaw, big dogs, rum and coke dislikes obnoxious guys, T.W. mouth, Luma's History class, Casey's breath, Mrs. Roseboro's vegetable soup, zits, losing a game by double faulting, people who don't use turn signals, losing to Eastern, pop quizzes favorite event is partying If I had one wish it would be to hit the instant lottery , . . plans to go to college for nursing, and eventually get married activities basketball 1, French Club 3,4 fvice presidentl, Hockey 3,4, prom comm. 3, tennis 1,2,3,4, Student Council 4. Carl Reinan Woodbury Heights. Glenn Ross Wdb . Hts Elizabeth Rupert Beth Wenonah . . . 10f8f58 , . . Hobbies are going to the shore likes things not connected with school, Mr. Parker's mustache, most peo- ple, the thought of graduating, small parties, Leslie and Jen dislikes locked parking lots, the drapes girls where in senior por- traits, making tough decisions, proms that I go to anyway , . , I'll never tell my one wish . . . plans to attend college activities Band l,2,3,4, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Drum Majorette 3,4. Denise Romano , . . Dee . . . Wdby. Hts. 9f14f58 Hobbies are 'ewlery making . , . likes Long l3each Island, Salvador Deli, read- ing Dostoevsky, gin and tonic with lime, watching sunrises . , . dislikes not having money to spend , . . fa- vorite event is being at Barnegat Light parties with Nelly . . plans to major in special ed. . . expects to relax next summer. y . , . , 10f23f58 . , . Hobbies are beer can collecting, mug collecting . . . likes Bobbie Johnson, hunting, fishing, outdoors, Voc, school, fast cars, par- ties, good movies, good music, mon- ey . . dislikes snobby people, pay- ing bills, high school, bosses, fixing my car . . . favorite event is pay day . . . Ifl had one wish it would he to become rich . . . plans to get a good paying job. Thomas Sabetta . , . Tom , . . Wen onah. Andrew Schonewisei. , Son, Hutch, Fred ... Wenonab .,. 4f17f59 ... "what'?" . , . Hobbies are sleeping, cutting class, not doing homework, moving likes ringing the bell, study halls, U.S. Histor I, Jessie, N.J.J.C,L. convention, CliY.0. con- vention, C.Y.O., money, Starsky and Hutch, summer, Wildwood, shore trips, getting paid, the cabin, traveling dislikes casts, bleed- ing, lst period, moving for the 13th time, donut sales, hoagie sales, sen- ior dues, bratty kids at the lake, indirect statements, translating, sit- ting in the front of the class, going for pictures at West Deptford, big- foot, Research and Term . . . favor- ite event is graduation . . . plans to move to Houston expects to find oil and become a millionaire . . . activities football l, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, tvice President 3,4l, News- paper Staff 2,3,41editor 43, Prom Comm, 3, Yearbook Staff 3,4, C.Y.O. 2,3,4fpresidentb. Richard D. Shetler Rick Wenonah . , . "let's bolt" . . , likes shore, parties, surfing, Yes, Niel Young, Bowie, crusing, three stooges, skateboarding strathmere, lumbo, schilitz, laying around dislikes school, studying, getting up early, riding the bus, headaches, irls with red hair, making plans, being hit by J.H., rah-rahs .,. fa- vorite event is the shore , . . plans to go to college andbecome an ac- countant . . . expects to go to Cape Dateras activities Latin Club l,2,3,4, Prom Comm.3. Paul Shrader . , . Paul , . , Westville. Karen Shrift Westville . . 5f18f59 , Hobbies are listening to MMR and good music, Kung Fu, guitaring , . , likes The Who, Colorado and the "Caboose", guitar, the Kinks, Godspell, Eastern philosophy, England, the origi- nal Tommy, Townshend's ideas, Dooneshury, Tony Balo- ney, Freedom dislikes the materialistic lower level of consciousness we're at today, screwing up my Karma, he- ing put down for my ideas of freedom, the senselessness of civilization, chemicalized industrial nutritionless poison- ing crap, Teenage Wasteland , favorite event is Who concerts . . If l had one wish it would be to have a long talk with Pete Townshend . , plans to experience college , . expects to live macrohioticly and he healthy and hap- Pye Valerie Anne Silk Silk, Val ,.. Wdby, Hts. 6!l0!59 . . "par- ty", "let's book" .. hobbies are arts and ceramics, working in Dun- kin's kitchen, horseback riding . , likes guys, especially Joe, getting down and really partying, learning things my way, WYSP, Columbo, the finer things in life, the "Mer- cedes Benz", traveling, the "Sun- shine State", smiles . . . dislikes male chauvinists, ego trips, bossy bosses, working overtime, heign fenced out of the parking lot, messy rooms, sitting still, E lunch . . fa- vorite event is to meet new people, the Senior trip . . . plans to work at Disney World . . . expects to be suc- cessful , . , activities hockey 1, Lat- in Club 1, Prom. Comm. 3, Spanish Club 2,3. Stephen G. Singiser . . Hawk Eye . . National Park . . 9f24f59 "petch" HObhies are bumper pool, chess, motor heading . , . likes listen to music . dislikes people .. , favorite event is party , lf I had one wish it would be to save the world plans to be a mechanic . expects to be a mechanic activities Debate Team. Ken Smith . . Ru head . Na- tional Park , . , 211159 , . , Hobbies are sking, sailing,andbillards . likes to party, and have a good time, danceing, last years parties in the parking lot . , . dislikes pencils and notebooks, having to go school, be- ing fenced in . ,. favorite event is dancin If I had one wish it would be to inheriet lots of money ,. , plans to work for a living ,. expects to do 0.K. Ray Simcox . . National Park .. . 1f12f58 . ,. "sure" ,. hobbies are hunting and fishing ,. , likes bowl- ing, camping, going to the movies, wrestling . , . dislikes stuck up peo- ple, hossy people , . , favorite event is getting out of school , . plans to be a landscaper , . . activities foot- lpzglls Li, spring track 2, wrestling Andrew N. Sole III Drew Wenonah . . . 5!14f59 . , . "really'?" hobbies are working on small engines, landscaping . likes going into school late, working on my car, '68 Mustang, fighting fires . . , dis- likes getting up early, math . . . fa- vorite event is football . . plans to go to college . , expects to become a teacher . . . activities Latin Club 1,2, Ecology Club 1,2. Dave Sleminger , . . Slem . . West- ville . 7f8f59 . , . "what's happen- ing " . . , hobbies are hunting, work- ing on trucks, girls, and boating . , . likes sporty looking mopars - mostly chargers, racing boats and cars, engines that run right . , dis- likes engines that don's run right, carberators that flood out, bad fuel pumps . . . favorite event is watch- ing T.V. If I had one wish it would be to have all the money in the world plans to becomes a diesel mechanic . . . expects to be a bum, Tim Squyres . . Timmer, Squeaks ... Wenonah ,.. 3129159 .. "ain't nature wonderful" , . Hobbies are mountaineering, reading science fiction, bicycling . , likes 6:30 A.M. practices, beating Jones at air hock- ey, snow, Bighorn Flats, playing on Porta Pits, trying to high jump, winning debates, Marx Bros., Tol- kein, Ocean City, Boulderfield, Backgammon at Weidner dis- likes getting up for 6:30 A.M, prac- tices, false summits, Warner's quiz- zes, bad knees, Ocean City on Sun- day, beach tags, running on board- walk, 880's, warm beer . . . favorite event is cross country . . . plans to go to college and be famous . . . ex- pects to get older . . . activities band 1, cross country 1,2,3,4, de- bate 3, Key Club 2,3,4, Latin club 1,2,3, National Honor Suceity 3,4, spring track l,2,3,4, winter track 1,3,4, youth XL government 2,3. David P. Sparks . . . Spocks, Dave ... Wenonah ,. . 714159 .. . "two awaay" . . . Hobbies are sports, sail- ing , . . likes soccer, baseball, Phils, soph year, Ed, sailing, pressure, Sixers, Ty's driving, Mr. Pegper, Reds, Soccer parties, Jr.-Sr. ase- ball brawls, Richie Allen, dances, brewing, indoor soccer, MD 20-20, "the Count" when he's 90", . . dis- likes catchers who can't throw the ball back to the pitcher in the gym, breaking Clayball's roof, 3 walks and a grand slam with 2 out in the 7th inning with a 3 run leadtBowkl, brawls in O.V. basketball league, Triton soccer, "striking out", foul tips in the cup, Harv's chopping block, deadlines, choking 3 years in a row, cubs, Links rules, playing pepper, favorite event is WestDept- fort baseball game . . , plans to at- tend college and become successful expects to sign a multi-year contract with the Phils , . . Activi- ties baseball 1,2,3,4, basketball 1, Key Club 2,3,4lV.P.l, Latin Club 1,2, Soccer 1,2,3,-1, N.H.S. 3,4lSec.J Pamela Squ res . .. Pam . .. Wen- onah ... 31829159 ,.. "Umm ,.," . . , Hobbies are climbin , reading, not sleeping likes star Trek, junk food, relays, letters from Ca- if., thunderstorms tsometimesl, ptarmigans, eating at 3:00 A.M., empty halls, marmofs, planetar- iums, snow, Ariharee, A.C, Clarke's short stories, 220 practices in win- ter, white rats, chocalate dis- likes filling out forms, spiders, busy streets, 880's study halls, pop quiz- zes, buying shoes, thunderstorm- stother timesl, outlines, doing math neatly, cigarette smoke, protozoa, gothic novels, morning practices, BEFORE my race, hot days in Sept. . . . favorite event is the lastday ofs- chool . . . plans to be a rich research scientist expects to be a poor research scientist . . , activities band 1,2,8, cross country 4, French Club 1,2,3, National Honor Society 3,4tpres.l, Spring Track 3,4, Winter Track 3,4. Fredrick Clay Sojourner .. . Fred, Moe . ,. Wdby. Hts. .., 9129159 .. , "sure Monk" , "you Mobison" ,. , Hob- bies are ping pong and drinking . . , likes wrestling, the shore, girls, having friends, Mr. and Mrs. Monk, honking at Rags house, Lionelt's jokes, football, tennis, and just- people in general, calling Mark Monk . dislikes the "great" Gateway school board who is still living in the Ii0's, Fat Bob's corny jokes, people who differentiate between freaks and bimbos, not being able to wrestle, cutting weight, swimming in the Heights lake with Greg, and losing . , . favorite event is the senior trip lfl had one wish I would wish for a million more wishes . plans to go to college and have a good time . . . expects to work at a gas station , . . activities football l,2,3, Wrestling l,2,3,-1, tennis 2,4. James J. Stewart . , Jim ,. Wen- 4'-M-v onah . , 4118159 . Hobbies are APBA baseball, baseball trivia likes running, chemistry, Monty Python's Flying Circus, tabletop games, Latin . . . dislikes salad, snobs favorite event is gradu- ation ,. . Ifl had one wish it would be to get into Harvard or Yale . , plans to not let the years at Gate- way get in the way of my education expects to enjoy life and live comfortably , . . activities Latin Club 1,2,3,4, National Honor So- ceity 3,4, Newspaper Staff 3,-4, Yearbook Staff 3, Library Aide Phil Stigale Westville .. 8110158 "What" Hobbies are eating and sleeping ,. likes sunsets, big white clouds, walking and listening to rain, Yes dis- likes mosquitos, poison Ivy, Gateway's ,lunches . , . favorite event is concerts , . . plans to travel expects to live happily ever after . . . lfl had one wish it would be to live in the Garden of Eden. Sharon Marie Francis Stremmel Strem, Hutch . .. Wdby, Hts. ... 122659 . . . "who, me?" . ,. hob- bies are piano, sewing, swimming, painting, twirling and dropping my rifle . . . likes gettin up late, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Dark Shadows, band trips, summerat tte shore, camping in our trailors, fight- ing with my brothers, new clothes, lunchroom discussions, rainy hair, money, beer, wine . . . dislikes first Eeriod Geometry 8: Algebra Il, and eing late for them, crowded halls, the 200 wing, Gateway lunches , hu- mid weather, dirty hair, cliques, stuck-up people, one night stands, falling offthe roof, getting up early . . . favorite event is band cava- cades, track meets,8z proms . , . Ifl had one wish it would be to be rich and famous 8: have a bust like Rac- quel Welch . . . plans to go to nurs- ing school gr get a masters degree in inhalation therapy . . . activities band 1,2,3,4, Latin Club 1, Student Council 1, Winter Track 1,2 2,3,4. Daniel Sturgis . . . Dan, Stur . . . Westville . . . 11f26f58 , . , "Wanna run it?" . . . Hobbies are racing, working on cars . . . likes partying, winning, L.S.'s brown eyes . . , dis- likes losing , . . favorite event is graduation . . . IfI had one wish it would be to be the richest man in the world . . . plans to be a mechan- ic. Lionel Lionel Tarpley , . , . , . Wdby. Hts. .,. 5f9f59 . ,. "no lie" hobbies are football, baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and chevorlet . . , likes to eat, friday night football meetings, getting rowdie, wild cher- ry, D.W. . . . dislikes fags, stuck up girls, saturday sessions, ugly girls , . . If I hadone wish it would be to have a million more wishes , . . plans to get rich . . . expects to trav- el . , . activities football 1,2,3,4, Weightlifting l,2,3, wrestling 1. Meryl Anne Szczepanski . . . Mar- ble .., Wdby. Hts. ... 12f8f58 ... 'KTell me about it" . . . Hobbies are fighting with Chris, art, growing plants, cooking Italian, reading and thinking . . . likes Paul McCartney, yogurt, funny people, 105, TM, Alex and Jenny,Cooper,River, cus- tard, talking to Judy, hockey, tacos, Beach Boys concerts, Cape May, and Ocean City, Janis lan, Tennes- see Grandma, kids, Pinochle, stay- ing in Wildwood with Jan, Miche- lo , watching J.V., mom, cashews, Cat Stephens, being understood, October 4th, and pink champagne . . . dislikes getting fat, being near sighted, being lazy and broke, Eric's shirts, Roy Rogers, being lonely in a crowd, Chris's manners and his cat, greasy hair, not being able to ex- plain myself favorite event is fall . . . IfI had one wish it would be to win a million or lose 10 pounds . . . plans to live in a beautiful house in the woods and try to be happy . . , expects to become a nurse and teach art activities class treasurer 1, hockey l,2,3,4, prom. comm. 3, soph hop comm. 2, Spanish club 2, student council 1,2. Eugenia 'Telerski . . , Genie, Gene- Genie Weby. Hts. lf11f59 . . , Hobbies are sleeping, laughing . . . likes partying, cycle riding, long hair, Peter Frampton, Zeppelin, be- ing creative, figuring things out with Deena, making people laugh, my room, Firebirds, vans, concerts, jeans, black, jewlery, morning drives in the country, freaks, the Park, breaking the rules, sunny Leslie Thoman . ,. Les . ,. Wen- onah . . , 9f30f59 . . . "just leave me alone" . . . Hobbies are swimming, riding, reading . . . likes Rupe, days and getting away . , . dislikes rainy days, waiting, being woke up, A.M. radio, Heights tricks, being told what to du, going to class, phoney two faced people, arguing, Tree, Track . . , dislikes getting up in the morning, lunch period, dull study halls, on the line, being the Affirmative . . . favorite event is graduation, 2mile . . . plans to go to pushy people, people who don't care, being broke, good-byes, for- college . . . expects to go to college . . . activities band 1,2, cross coun- getting, tattle talers, being yelled at, tests, . . . favorite event is going to Calif. for the Calif. jam , . . If I try 4, debate 3,4, Keyettes 4, Latin club 1,2,3,4, National Honor Soci- ety 3,4, springtrack 2,3,4, winter had one wish it would be to be set forthe rest of my life - money, track 2,3,4, health, friends, easy street all the way . . . plans to go to college, trav- el, take life as it comes . , . expects to strike it rich have no more wor- ries and party on . . . activities Cheerleading 1, Parking Lot l,2,3,4. Karen Thomas . .. R.C. .., Wdby. I-Its. . .. 4f15f59 .., unawnt aw - unhhunh' . . . Hobbies are drawing, swim- ming, some sports . , . likes Corey, Joel, tacos, Atco drag way on weekends, 10 of 8:00 in the morning, Sunday 1:00 till 3:00, music, Miss Smith in art, a cool glass uf ice tea on a hot day . . , dislikes D.T.'s teeth in my iced tea, Mennin, Sunday at 1:00, rainy days, still lifes, bimbos, fighting with "Black Bandit", not having any money, C.B.'s . . . plans to take whatever comes at me , . . expects to be what I am right now . . . activities tennis 2,3. S Ed Taylor Heal, Big Ed Westville 7f19f59 "that's cool", "what's happening" . . . Hob- bies are parties, hunting, fishing, leather and wood work, art some- times . . . likes music, seashore, do- ing things that are different from everyday things dislikes stuck up people, working on cars . . . fa- vorite event is Christmas If I had one wish it would be to have enough money to do what I want . . . plans to be a cabinet maker . . . expects to be a cabinet maker later, just work for money for awhile , . . activities making it to school when I can. Karen Lee 'Twoomey . . . Kar, Toom . . . Westville . , . 7f26f59 . , , "Blast", "Bullfeathers", Hob- bies are watching Phillies baseball, and other pro sports, reading, lis- tening to music, bothering people likes my family, friends, Ara- mis, food, working on yearbook, go- ing to Phila. with Judy, working in the library, animls, trying to learn guitar, Phila. teams, Dr. Demento, crazy people, shopping with Kath, talking with Donna , . , dislikes teachers who can't teach, work, homework, riding the bus, crowded lunches, El Cabong, boring classes, arguments, into things, . , , favorite event is ballgames, meeting dead- lines . . . Ifl had one wish it would be for everything to work out okay for everyone . . . plans to do noth- ing, nothing at all . . , expects to do whatever my whimsey tells me . . . activities Latin club 1,2,3,4, Keyettes 4, Newspager Staff 3,4, Prom Comm. 3, Year ook Staff 3,4, lco-editor 41, Citizenship Inst. 3, Who's Who 3, Library Aide 3,-4. Bob Thorson Dai o, Bob ,. Wdby. Hts. ,. . 11f24E8 . ,. Hob- bies are talking to peoplelgirlsl, horse back riding, hunting . . . likes eating spaghetti, bein a fireman, being with close friendzs, the oppo- site sex . , . Gino's, girls that think their great . . . favorite event is dancing If I had one wish it would be to be stranded on a desert- ed island with Farrah Fawcett-Ma- jors, and Olivia Newton - John . . . plans to go to vocational school , . , expects to go into electronics activities football 1,2,4. Marian Tierney .. Mar .. Wdby, Hts. 1O'21f58 "you horse's ", "are you gagoot'?" , . , Hob- bies are working, eating, sleeping, partying, spending money, driving, reading, hanging around, talking se- riously about nothing , . , likes sleeping until 2 in the afternoon, my car, WMMR, rowdy people, par- tying after work, "lsn't nostrils a funny word'?", sleeping in front of my fireplace on cold nights, GTX's, meeting people, feeling free, B.S. repellant . . , dislikes frizzy hair, working until midnight everynight except Sunday, setting my hair, be- ing poor and owing my whole pay to people before I even get it, going out with doctor's sons, wise truck drivers . . . favorite event is gradu- ation and all its parties . . Ifl had one wish it would be to be a million- aire and to live happily ever after . . . plans to become rich and travel around the world . . . expects to go to college to become an accountant . . , activities basketbal 1, class offi- cer 2, hockey 1,2, Latin club 1,2,3, Prom Comm. 3, student council4, tennis 1, class rep. 1, attendence fol- dercollector 4. Kathleen Towles . Kathy, Tolsie 'T lx ., National Park 2f14f59 "no-really?" , . . hobbies are cheer- leading, swimming, riding horses . , . likes Mark, driving, swimming, sleeping late, eating, chocalate ice cream, corn, mashed potatoes . dislikes baked beans, fighting with Mark, homework, being called a "chic" . . . favorite event is cheering tb' at football and basketball games ,. . Ifl had one wish it would be to live my life the way I want to plans to graduate, get married and raise twins . . , expects to go to work after graduation . activities has- ketball 1, cheerleading 2,3,4lco-cap- tainl, Prom Comm. 3, Soph Hop Comm. 2, Jennefer Trechock Tree .. . Wdby. Hts. ... 5f30f59 ... "What'?" . . . likes going to the statewide speedway, basketball sea- son, Les, Rupe, going on day or weekend trips, hikerides, staying over Frankie's . . . dislikes adminis- traters who blow into the intercom, having to go out on rainy or snowy days . . . plans to live each day at a time activities band 1, basket- ball 2,3, chorus 1, Latin club 1,2, National Honor Society 3,4. Bruce Tumolo . . . Tumor, Reds . . . Westville . . . 3f5f59 . . . "you're not serious "' hobbies are hockey, working on my car, eating, bother- ing people . . . likes being with Phyllis, talking to friends, Mr, Moore's U.S.II, bothering, especial- ly Mr. Simek . . . dislikes being woke up by the phone, getting up for school, boring classes, working until midnight plans to go to college . . . expects to become a drafting engineer . . . activities win- ter track 2. Lee Ann Turner , , Wdby. Hts. . 8111159 ., Hobbies are tennis, bikeriding, recipe collecting . , likes the coun- try, flowers, animals, reading horror stories, clothes, eating out, swimming, movies, having short hair, art, Christmas, pizza, getting out early from school . dislikes nosy teachers, rainy days, snobs, history, having to get up early, being worried, written or oral reports . , plans to get a job and be successful at it expects to go to college . activities spanish club 1, tennis 1, Tri Hi Y. Renee Vekkos , . . Ren . . . Wenonah . . 604159 , . "your kidding?", "chow", "guess what'?", "thats what" . . Hobbies are dancing, swimming, singing, collecting leafys, running . ,. likes snowy days, "J.L.", "G.L.", 4224, Greece, the shore, "Mr. W." St Chumley, calvacades, my other house, the custard stand, dancing at the Academy and Lincoln Center, visiting friends, going to visit Car and family in Virginia, my two little mice, eeny and neeny, having good friends like N.W., E,D., C,F ,,., dislikes bees, unhappy people, wrecking Gene's tire, failing to get my license, driving a stick shift, tests, 6 lumped graphs, quiz- zes by Mr. Warner, cleaning my room . , . favorite event is Dupont's Clementon Picnic . . plans to marry a million- aire, be a nurse and be very very happy . , expects to be a nurse, get married and raise 12 kids , activities Band 1,2,3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Homecomingl,2, Keyettes 3,4, Lat- in Club 1,2,3,4, National Honor Soceity 3,4, Prom Comm. 3, Soph Hop Comm.2. Jim Vereneault . . , Phlanges, Jim- my, V, 4, X-ray ... Wdby, Hts. .., 11f27f59 "get a load of him" "sure Monk", "hey Johnw . , . Hob- bies are basketball, sleeping . , . likes the Mets, Ward's blasts, Mike's accidents, Ty's snags, Greg's fins, Frank's monks, Fred's moe noises, john's car, Monk wearing a boot to the Carnival, the Wagon, playing cards, the Pup, Morgan, Jet, the shore Mrs. b., Mrs, Ward, Mr. Kc Mrs. McGuarn, Chris on the corner, mountain climbing , . . dis- likes Bowk's bubbling, raggy girls, a cheters, 'Fed Leitner, Pennsylvania drivers, married people, being alone, getting up in the morning, John's hipness, Christmas Eve 75 , , favorite event is the Mets win- ning the World Championship ifl had one wish it would be to win the instant lottery . . , plans to go to college expects to win big tin Atlantic City , . activities baseball 1,2,3,4, basketball 1, French club 1,2, prom comm. 3, student council 2,3,4. Timothy Worthington Ward . , . Milker 31, Buffalo, Schnorums, Face, Meathead . . . Wenonah . . , 1l29!59 .., "sure Monk", "phfurt", "wheaay" ,... hobbies are HOOPS, water sking, getting down, having fun, photography likes Mom, Donna, oldtimes, honking or "beep- beep", Howie, Elbow, 4, Pedro, 'Mark" tFibit3, Rake, Wack, Whop, Sexy Sue, U.M., K.T., Buzz, money, Stone Harbor, Pete, N8rP, D.J., Hary, Silver Fox, Canada, Ripping, Chrome Dome, Jan Laurie , . . dis- likes argueing, babbling, Omar, "Monker in for Tim", losing, 'Land one", bad knees, bad moods, . fa- vorite event is having fun iFibit3 , , . lfI had one wish it would be to have a happy, successful, fulfilled life, and if I have to be rich to do that, then let it be . , . plans to at- tend school and get smart , , . ex- pects to enjoy life to the fullest . . activities Baseball 1, basketball 1,2,3,4, French Club 2,3, Football 1, Prom Comm. 3, Soccer 4, Soph Hop Comm. 2, Student Council 1,2,3,4, Tennis 2.3.4. Mary Wileczek , . Mar . . . Nation- al Park 5f4f58 t'don't get smart" . , . Hobbies are swimming, biking, fixing cars and vans . . likes cars and vans and motorcy- cles, weekends, parties, pro football . . . dislikes getting dressed up, Mondays, phoney people, losing football pools , . . favorite event is parties . . . plans to be a landscaper. certain gie g1rl's parents, Fred Logic, Beth Nan Wakley . . . TT., Wanda Wdby. hts ... IO!-U58 .,, "I don't care", 'Kgoing down Jo's", "really" . . . Hobbies are diving, tal- ken, riding around, talking on the phone, eating likes full moon, parents, Buff, singing in the shower, being alone, Mom's cooking, play- ing pinochle, mountains, folks with P.F.M., 6 A.M., singing on swings with Fay, barefet, being with close friends, living, C.C. . . . dislikes get- ting up, having broad shoulders, Sundays, splitends, 5f3lf76 in D.C,, Kate's moving, homework, the hos- pital favorite event is Soph Hop, summer of 76, senior year, senior class trip If I had one wish it would be to win the million dollar lottery plans to go into police work . . . expects to sleep the rest of my life . . . activities Band 1, basketball 1, Cheerleading 4 fga- tor3, Chorus 1, Homecoming Comm. 1, Hockey 4, Prom Co., 3, Newspaper Staff 3, Softball 1,3,4, Soph Hop Comm. 2, Spanish Club Pres. 2, Spring Track 4, Yearbook Staff 3, Diving States 3,4. Frank Wilson The Count of Montefusco, Schultz, Bennett, Milker 32 National Park . . llf-U58 "you're had", "i give up", "hey", "let's drop the gloves" ,, Hobbies are fighting, going to Atlantic City Racetrack, gambling, bowling, breaking bad with sween and Cage, getting chased ,. . likes Montefusco, baseball, basketball, Giants, Flyers, Schultz, McLlarghey, Mr. Schaeffer, Curt Bennett, swimming, being around with Tim, Jim, Tommy, Monk, playing "tough guy" in hockey, McHughes, Donna Trammps, Ta- vares, WDAS, flaming blue sweat- ers, giving fish a treat, people get- ting bit by crabs .. . dislikes losing at track, fighting with Donna, J.D., getting bit by crabs, small carstM.G.'s3, tendonities, elbowi- ties, losing 1 to O, not scoring in double figures, school, Jim's lava soap, Ward being tight, Laura's Fudge, sore back, kids with red hair, West Wildwoodi9l Ave.3 favorite event is baseball ,. lf I had one wish it would he to play baseball for the San Francisco Gi- ants . . . plans to go to college . , . expects to become filthy rich and enjoy life activities Baseball 1,2,3,4, basketball 1,2,3,4, football 1, National Honor Soceity 3,4. page 49 Natalie Welsh Nat ,. . West- ville .. , 4fl3f59 ,. . "what7l', "guess what happened" Hob- bies are dancing, swimming, read- ing, eating . . . likes bananas, Knoe- bels, Pa., driving "G.L." crazy learning to drive, being happy, good friends, '76 band banquet, sunsets, snow, Mr. W., candy-striping, shop- ping, watching D.W. bowl, playing cards with D.W. and T.W. at 4:00 A.M., going to R.V.'s custard stand, calvalcades, football games, R.V. saying guess what, Millers, dances, basketball games, my family dislikes snobs, fish, S,R.'s french crullers, having chicken pox in the summer, not getting tan, taking tests, getting lost at the Vet, good- byes, Mr. Warner's quizzes , , , plans to become rich and world famous expects to become a nurse, get married, and live happily ever after . . . activities Band 2,3,4 llt. 43, Basketball 1, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Keyettes 3,4, fsec. 33, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, isec. 43, National Honor So- ciety 3,4, Tennis 1. Frank Winters ,. . Funk .. Westville . . l2f9!58 . ,. "unreal" , . , Hobbies are hunting, fishing, woodworking, boating , . , likes partying, music-Frampton, Doobie Brothers, Zepplin, Stones etc. , hunting, fishing . . dis' likes people who think they know it all, brown nosers . . favorite event is opening day of Duck Season . . If I had one wish it would be to win the million dollar lottery . . plans to be a carpenter, construction worker . . expects to work hard . . . Activites Debate 3, Latin Club 1, Student Councill. Mary Lou Zandlo . , . UI like school very much and the people in itl' . , . Hobbies are watching T,V. . . likes sewing . , , dislikes Phys. Ed. , . If I had one wish it would be to find a good job that I would like very much. Jonathan Mark Zimmer . , Jon . . Wenonah ... 12!15f58 .,. "But on the other hand ,... " . , . Hobbies are tournament chess, music, swim- ming . ., likes Big Band music, Herb Alpert and the T.J.B., reading Herman Melville, watching "Star Trek", New York City, horse rac- ing, the World Series, collecting HI- Fl records , . , If I had one Wish it would be to head up a band and play lead clarinet . . plans to go to college, major in Physics, end up with a PHD, activities Chess Club 1, Latin Club 2, "Munchkins" 2, Concert Band 2,4, THO E WHO RE: Bill Black Mark Brassberger Sandy Carotenoto Janis Federico Nick Gagliardi Terri Gagliardi Francis Hood John Powers Francis Nissenzone T WERE Steve O'Connor Frances Pfister Angela Russo Bruce Sturges JoAnn Villari Sheila Veeny Sharon Servis Cindy Walker AMSKY STUDIO 1007 MARKET STREET PHILADELPHIA 7 PA OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Negatives of portraits appearing in this annual are kept on file. Photographs may be ordered. L IORS? I'm gonna do it, isn't anyone gonna stop me? Moml? fKaren Too- meyJ. 4.-.8 Y A, f o i 41 ,,...-Q But I don't like cheese. Neither do I. fJay Sz Lyn Ciprianij. Wow, did you see that foxy looking chick? CMike Barneyb. 'hw X if ' Q ,,,,,,,..,.. Mother, I'd rather do it myself. fChris Flowersj. Q I . gil , : S F .Q if 4' . I gvki BRN i e liai iff aaya , . Did you hear the one about ...? iJudy McCallJ How many pushups did you say? fTim Squyresl Which one of us are you calling a clown? fChris Adamskil Bet I can run faster than you can! fPam Squyresj if uy y ' ,iii 1 I ,i,, ' h VV M than f 'niin I idyiini 1 I 4? I promise I won't do it again, please don't hit me! fAnnette DeCandiaJ Burt Reynolds, eat your heart out! fDan Freedmenl "POP PULL " "'77" Taking a break to pose for a picture is Pam and Tim Squyres, our Most Likely Inviting you to come along are our pair that everyone would like to be stranded with, Nancy Andrews and John McGuarn. to Succeed. Three's more fun than one for class flirt, Fay Layton, doing it her way. fmissing Rob Thorsonj Too shy to look are our easiest blushers, Beth Rupert and Jon Zammer. is ttttt 5 is xtlf ,gg 3 gs s 3 We had to catch Lyn Cipriani and Randy Moore in the act, they were too busy daydreaming to show up for their picture. Our friendliest seniors showing how well they get along Annette DeCandia and Brian Bilbow. John McGuarn and Jayne Hutchinson showoff their athletic talent. . Ay 'K Frank Burger tries to cover up Maria Lipscomb's legs, as they vie for best legs. Our cutest couple, Kathy Towles and Mark Forsman are caught in the act. , UNAL H2 -... .-A It's Gateway all the way DOWN with Fay Layton, Tom Aregood, Judy McCall, and Jim Verenault our most school spirited. Our best musicians, Lorraine Henion and Dave Kish take a break out from practice. 1 l l ,,rr,y, :ffl f Showing off their fine attire is Sterl Martin and Dot Harvey, Best Dressed. Fighting for the use of the phone is Tim Ward and Beth Wakely, Most Talkative. Class ghosts Val Silk and Steve 0'connor just barely show up for their picture. What's this, Gateway's own Romeo and Juliet? Kathy Donahue and Jaime Connelly clowning around as usual. FACULTY Sz ADMINISTRATION Mr Harry Simon, Board Sec- retary savanna , BOARD OF EDUCATIO Members of the Board are KLEFT TO RIGHTJ, Mr. Natoli, Mr. Shuda, Mr. Bowen, MT John M- Lleko, Superinten- Mr. Simon, Mr. Adams, Mr. Lelko, Mr. Peters, Dr. Freeman, Mr. Heany. Missing from pic- ture: Mr. Kimo, Mr. Perrone. pununq Sir' xii' ll Mr. Donald Adams has served on the Gateway school board for 13 years now. He has served as president for 4 years and vice president for 3 years. This will be Mr. Adams last year on the school board for he is retiring from it in June. Mr. Adams, we the staff of the Profile would like to thank you for your dedication and hard work through the years and we would like to wish you the best of luck in the future. m....,,U ""VD'-www: JR -wax 'XL MR. HAWK - Vice Principal of Senior High Y ili :gg K .. 5 MR, High PRI CIPALS MR. BARTLESON - Principal MANZIONE - Vice Principal of Junior 3 N W. MRS. LOIS ANDREWS - 7th grade Social Studies MRS. KATHY AUSTIN - Spanish g MR. BERNARD BADIALI - English I and III, British Litera- ture, Short Story, Photography MR. BUD BALLINGER - World History, U.S. History II SZ if gy 'vnu 30-bl' R. MQ . M- WN.- -W-------w' MRS, JOANNE BARTOW - Public Speaking, American Lit- erature, Grammar, Creative Writing, Mysteries, Theatre, English II MRS. BRENDA BURRELL - MRS. PENNY CIPOLONE - Latin I IV, Temporary Chairman of the Lan guage Department MRS. LINDA CLEVELAND - 8th grade English English IV, British Literature, Current Problems, Journalism, Layout and Design MISS JOANN COLONE - Title 1 Reading MRS. MARIE CONAWAY 7th grade Social Studies MRS. JOAN CRENSHAW - Special Education MR. JOHN CULBERTSON - Office Machines, Typing II, Chairman of the Business Department Alw- 'W-WF MRS. MARY SUE DAY - 7th grade English MRS. CHARLOTTE DIDIO - Sth grade Social Studies , Aff me , 5 MR. JOSEPH DIDIO - Biology MRS. MAUREEN DIMARTILE 7th and Sth grade Social Studies e i i 'hp- 61 MISS HELEN DONNELLY - Mu- sic and Chorus MISS BARBARA GLENN - Health and Physical Education MISS JANET ELLIS - English I and IV, Current Problems MRS. MARIE EMERY - General Business Training, Typing I MRS. IRMA FEAN - Nurse MR. WALTER FIEGER - Auto Me- chanics ni' gi- MR. JOHN FISHER - U.S. History MR. JOSEPH FOLCARELLI - Bic ogy, Advanced Biology, BSC Chairman of the Science Depal ment Y X fpi F1-,' me MR. JAMES FORST - Special Edu- cation MISS DIANE FORTUNA - 7th grade Math w MRS. TOBY FREEMAN - 8th grade English MRS. ANNA MARIE GALE - British Literature, English III, Supernatural Literature, Reli- gions of the World gk .,. R MRS. DEBRA GREEN - Algebra Geometry MR. JACK GREGORY - Mechani MISS KAROLINE GOEPFRICH - cal Drawing, Chairman of the Indus: Librarian trial and Fine Arts Department MR. JAMES GRANATO - 7th and 8th grade Science 63 MRS. JEANNE HAGGARD - Home Economics - Sewing MR. LEE HARTMAN - U.S. History I, Early and Modern Eu- ropean History V V 'J-Zff. MR. LEE HARVEY - 8th grade Math MR. CHARLES HENSEL - Con- sumer Economics, General Business Training, Business Math :Li MR. DONALD HENSEL - Chemis- try and Advanced Chemistry MISS JAYNE HIGGINS - French MRS. JEAN HOFFMAN - Earth Science, ESCP MR. JOHN HOWARD - Cinema, Poetry through Music, English II and III. Journalism, Layout and De- sign MRS. JANET HUGGAN - Title 1 MR. PHILLIP HUGHES - Sociolo- and Psychology, Economics, U.S. ilistory II, Chairman of the Social Studies Department MR. CARL INNOCENZO - Sth grade Science MRS. PHYLLIS J OSLIN - English I MRS. BARBARA KAPLAN - Alge- bra, Geometry MR. PERRY KLINE - Instrumental Music MR. DANIEL KORTVELESKY General Math, Vocational Math, Business Math MRS. JOY LOVE - Contemporary Science, Earth Science 65 QP MRS. PATRICIA LUTNER - Home Economics MR. ROBERT MASKA - Physical Education, Health MRS. LOUISE MASTER - French, Chairman of the Language Depart ment MISS KATHLEEN MATTSON - English II and III, Crisis in Literal ll. MRS. NATALIE MCFEELEY Secretarial Office Practice, Stenog- raphy MRS. BETTY MCMAHON - Span ish 2 l le 5? 'E I . MRS. LUCY MEGRONIGLE - English I and II, Romance in Literature, Literature of Ado- lescence MR. DANIEL MEGRONI- GLE - Physical Education, Health, Athletic Director kdm ture, Shakespeare ft ,rle 197 C 3 4 . anll"'3awa MR. ROBERT METZGER - 7th grade science MRS. CAROL MISCICHOWSKI - 7th and 8th grade Reading MR. DAVID MOONEY - 7th and 8th grade Science MR. ROBERT MOORE - U.S. His- tory II F Agni' MR. RICHARD NELSON - Book- keeping MR. ARTHUR NORMANDIN - Art X , M?M Y 2 MR. WILLIAM PARKER - U.S. History II MR. RICHARD REEVES - Building Trades, Industrial Arts, Audio Visu- al 67 MR. THOMAS RENDE - Indus- trial Arts MRS. ELAINE ROYDS - Physical Education PETER RYAN - Social Living, ivics MISS ELAINE SASSI - Algebra MR. EDWARD SCCHAEFFER QIEMQQLIIIQIQQLLEN MQQSQQSSQEOU MR. DAVID SHINNICK SCHWARTZ - French and U-S' H'St0'Y I Spanish .S 'iv ,X 'Ciiffflf Y .4 I ,- - . 7 f , X - - - xv: .- Y ed-e 1 X ff: Q WR :AI , ,Nm Q. , , .. , Q' H MR. THOMAS SIMEK - Algebra, 1 Pre-Algebra TMRS. CYNTHIA SMITH - Art MRS! RANDEE SMITH - 7th grade at MR. RUSSELL STETSER - Law, Consumer Economics, Personal Typ- mg m L MR. EVERETT SYKES A Building Trades MISS ANN TARPINE - Physical Education and Health MRS. MARILYN TISOT - Typing, Clerical Office Practice MR. JEFFERY WAGNER - Special Education ff w ,I ,A I ,Q f X 'Br- al, 69 MRS. IRIS WARNER - German I-IV MR. JOHN WARNER - Math 12, Phys- ics, Advanced Placement Math, Chair- man of Math Department 1 me , MR. WILLIAM WATSON - Sth grade Math MRS. NANCY WEBSTER -7th grade English MR. LEWIS WILKINSON AND CHUMLEY English II,III, Science Fiction, American Litera ture, Sports Literature, Debate, Humor in Litera ture, Chairman of English Department MRS. JANE YEAGER - Title I MRS. SANDRA DUNN - 7th and 8th grade Read mg MR. SANKUS - 8th grade ,ff .1 vi W iw if . G MRS. CHAPMAN - Truant Offi- MRS. KRAMER - Secretary to Mr MRS- MEYERS ' Guidance Offlce Cer MRS. WARIGER - Secretary to Simon and Mr. Lelko Secretara MRS. PINE - Bookkeeper Mr. Bartleson and Mr. Hawk MISS SMITH - Secretary to Mr MRS..N GENT-Secretary to Mr. MRS. WILKINS - Secretary to MRS. BAALS - Secretary to Mr. Simon and Mr. Lelko Manzlone Mr. Bartleson and Mr. Hawk Simon and Mr. Lelko MRS. WERNTZ - Library Clerk ECRETARIE J ANITGR LEFT - RIGHT: Mr. Campbell, Mr. Trackmis, Mr. Cope. Missing from pic ture: Mr. Bruce, Mr. Burleigh, Mr. Dou gherty, Mr. Kinsella, Mr. Skabuk, Mr Puzzutella, Mr. Perrone M.. BU DRI ER LEFT - RIGHT: Mrs. Lowry, Mr. Simp- kins, Mrs. Wetzel, Mrs. Applegate, Mr. Falco, Mrs. Badiali, Mr. Russo, Mrs. Roys- don, Mrs. Kelly, Mr. Watson. Missing from picture: Mrs. Bilatta, Mrs. Yarling, Mrs. Nickerson, Mrs. Mower, Mr. McCleer O xxx CAFETERIA LADIE Lynch, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. McCabe ' Mercantini, Missing from picture 4 LEFT - RIGHT: Mrs. Corallucci, Gismondi, Mrs. Slotter, Mrs. Avis, Stanley, Mrs. Capra, Mrs. Rossi, Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Duer, Mrs. Conaway, Mrs. Flippen. If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on youg If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you But make allowance for their doubting toog If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated, donit give way to hating, And yet don't look too good, nor talk to wiseg If you can dream and not make dreams your masterg If you can think and not make thoughts your aimg If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the sameg If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to broken. And stoop and buildiem up with worn out toolsg If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch and toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your lossg If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the will which says to themg "Hold on"g If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with kings-nor lose the common touchg If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt youg If all men count with you, but none too muchg If you can fill the unforgiving minutes With sixty seconds worth of distance run, Yours is the earth and everything that's in it, And which is more you'll be a Man, my son! Rudyard Kipling UNDER- CLASSMEN 76 CLASS OF WIS" . mill: L , , . f ' f s J l ... ' .,, .. i . 'FEW Y! V . V JT 1 's ,ps - - -. ' A A M. Campbell ., fn A iz? , W P. Carr i mi. 1. ....m.-..... , J J. Coleman ,,,A, 5 - D. Cooke V ' V . Fw 5 . f . D- Culver lsrl if B F J is My hgh: , t Ii Q K ' ii: -ip: ,I Vzkk ., Junior Class Officers Corky Choate President, Tina Fromer Vice President Kim Miller Treasurer. C. Anderson C. Aregood M. Billings J. Bast G. Braun J. Brennan K. Brown D. Bruno M. Cerino R. Clark B. Coan N. Davenport K. Dean D. DeBenedictus ff g 'N ox! X Nw f X +- Devine S. DiLorenzo Dipper Doughten Etchman Everwine o 1 95,-23 Eli ' 3. Jglxjs , X ,, 'N 'lt-Q 5' ki Y! 2 A Dobbins Dolbow Dougherty Everwine Farren Farren Federico Finn Finn Fisler Flowers Foster Goetz Green A J " 'sf 35 X sq, X '55 1 , T .K A iii V' u p X i" -A oo K f fl' so I K .',A H l so .s Hoban Holmstrom Hood C. Johnson K Kappra Keene WW E onn M Q, ,ff Ng -- ..s, tif .fx si, , 5 n . 4 wr 5 : - 'f' gin 1 gg. ls"'N' .. nk fs Q- , R fi . . .' QQ, 1- PF , Q Q, . K N ,,,.,, f',, 1 wx ,,,, EF ,, ,Q V 3? or o so ... gil -,WW 1 4 f- r 31.5 Gunther Hampton Hanah Harrington Heenan Helm Henion Hendrickson Idler Idler Jackson Kelleher Kensella Kizitaff Kramer . Kyser . Laigaie Lisk . Malonoski Martin . Xi X " E gig? if 'iff S x E NF o f .x ...f M. Laroche B. Layton C. Lewis R. Matsuk S. Mawson M. McKnight C. Morrison J. Munyan K. Murphy C. Nerz J. O'Brien B. O'Donnell A. Owens ,,, : , Z . ,, , E,, J L W tt. 1 S A f.1, to l s. ff? .lll . "' f .......f f 'L., - . ,M 1 YKW6 gguk Z , 8 IVVII 4,,, -W x, rx: '11211f' ' f it V i t V 4 B. Powers -p K. Riddell B. Royal . Shmn J . Slmcox V ' , J. Sheppard S :ew S 52 I I , 0? , 1 , 1 i 1 EEZ , '2Zf 5 a t 1 'll ,Lugiffy J ss H'f' W, . , ii . L. Park G. Peterson J. Petito B. Phelps M. Phelps H. Philips E. Plotts D. Powell L. Schaum M. Schweigart S. Scott V. Slotter J. Smith L. Smith M. Snyder L. Souder F. Spicer G. Tanner T. Thomas G, Thompson W 1 if I i if , S 2 Q ,ff I Q . -. i t t V 'til ,ur-I a ffm- .YGQ 'ff ' ,,, ..,, .. .f....,j3:, 1 f V x : l 4 f if 1 'Y A .a 2 s sr. Si 9 wil Strumpfer Sutton Szatkowski Tapken Torrico S. Tucker R Villari Wackes Walker Ward Watkins Welsh White Williams Wright Yeager Young 82 .. B .15 -U , .R ,df "u.. . sk , . J. Astorga D. Adamski G. Berry D. Alloway S. Bezdziecki W- Amlsky D. Bicking A. Armstrong 6 C , 7 D, Bitner X Brousseau 5 "' if Q 3 ,F M, B f Y I B A M. Badger Byrne 5 , R.. .. J, B. Barley D. Caldwell ' .. at ' L. Bailey Caldwell l Q ' 1 'Q e ' 1 '::' gases' My D 4 ..,,. , .4 B. Barker C, Camp M A Sophomore Class Officers, Beth Rose President, Kathy Evans X N V.P., Phyliss Huberty Treasurer, Mary Lou Wiler Secretary. in y": J. Barbone C. Carney 4 4 gf W D. Barger H. Carson ' Y 355: .'L' U -' .B H. ...... Y .. L We QE N B CRW- " X ,f'y- A, my E I - 5, ..: H. Bastein F. Cheety ' B . V B. Beck J. Clancy I 4 A1 .. . .. K.. f- 0 ,- , xi' so Q ge ,Q 3 E fi Q W ik 'KW if . T fs F. x .ji if , . in w 'Sp Er M 'LE S h E- T. Convery K. Costello S. Coy T. Creamer M. Cromley 0 B b . ..., ......,,.1. A W R. Clifford C. Coan M. Comuso K. Connors 'Nw - ,..::, 5 X-. D. Dean J. DeBenetictis M. DeGenova H. Dibenedictis K. Dledel Nqt D. DiMice1i B. D1tull1o J. Domico C 2.' , .. 1 . Donahue ft 23 nf W E T. Dorman ii h R. Duffield J. Durning L. Eberly if H. Elton F ilgrer S. Fermento .-2 L. Gagliardi R. Gamley k . - A Y ,Q I Q .5 S 'Er if A bk 'M W at FS? X s iff f Q.. gf xi g. - '-UK' Ia, ' .L " 'aff ,,,,,, . -,Q ' "K:' v 4 ,.m.. ,,.' O ff V K. Gravatt 'E' 'qi . it' ' S J. Green -.av I L . Q Sf ,,- I G. Gruff if N .. , 'fir r' It f x 'V . 19" M. Handt i sith? x , ri: f C. Hansen ,Q q A P ,, .,.. A X f- , i I ., 'x,,,' y I c. G T. H- ' 1 H. Gimbin R. Hiiiiosn A2531 5 L XX K 5 L. Granite H A. Grasso ,J C. Holmstrom L. Honabach R Q' Q J. Hurst L. Hutchison R. Harrington N. Hayward M. Hess P. Kelly S. Hess D. Key P. -:W .ag Hood Hoppe Horseman Huberty Hunter if it , :gz Fi' 81:3 S ,,.: fi, fx E? is N U SE Q5 Qi Qs + iii' ' w W EQ' fi w R. Klnkade X may ig .,, 'b i sis? - L. Kieffer fr?" I ' I gn- ? 4 . 'J X W 'E' L si Wy ' S 1: .-192: ,.., "SS X ,, A 'Y J in .rl W ,. iw Y - A ' N. 5- J 5 QV" . Q ,i ,Q .K KX Q .Exx. xi .uf fi', M. Kreloff B. LaBerdia J. Lapp S. Larson E. Lasauskas E. Konstanty J. Kordeck , .. 2 D. Lastinec . . N. Leahy e e J? 5 Sw. .f'5' X.. X e YW H, IQ Z 5357 l. K. Lee V. Lee 1 in 1, 1. Q ' A . enny . . ,ins L. Lightcap xp A 223' , 'Q fe eL e e w J 'X' X ,. . .L b D. Logan D. Maloney 'J ii 0 f f f- .ff J. McCabe D. McCann D. Mullin M. Mantini G. Margiotta D. Mariano L. Marks M. McBride R, . 'il fy , . v ' ,ir v . N-sfrul ,xl . r X x . "3 X f 'Q f' X nf D. McGugan wi K 'Qi r 4 ilu' .... W fC Qin za , W3 M I -. K E 4 . M. McNally C. Poirer K. McQuade J. Powers C. MCSOre1y xffg N-, 5 E. Ramsay S. Miller H' 'ak P. Reeves .Xl M. Moore B. Morency B. Nebel P. O'Brien if ,api Mg 'K . Q P. O'Connor E C. Ohrenich 1 ,gb i i : ,- L A. Payer H. Pierson D. Pinolini G. Pizzuto X D. M. Romano B. Rose J. Rudder B. Sabetta K. M T. C. fl. L ei 'fl 41' xi V is gui Redington Reeve Reeves Rinear Ritchie ev 4 P ' ' - Z: N., . K , ,, ,., E .Q I v, -. 1 I 9 1 if 35 ft 1, V fi- -1, ,J 2' Z? .,,, I 1 E. Saunders - Qi' S. Schaufler D1 . - V . M' -V 'J J. Schweigart I L. Schweigart ' sa ' f '1 ik? A yf FW. -A V J. Scott A Ir? ' ggi? SY S if v. sims A .,..w N 4 , , ig, ' ,- vs V S. Smlth F X! 5 'en-. .-l ' A .Y V "" W' av V 'Y J L L awww: f fgyy. ' A Y v ' ,1 X fo .,-v .- M. Schweigart F. Sesko M. Shoulders G. Sproates S. Stanley R. Stephens L. Sutton K. Tarpley C. Thomas C. Thomas D. Thomas R. M V. C. J. R. Whyte B. Wozniak L. Woaniak J. Yeager 1? vf . ' 'B' 9 T 's'Ji"' J M Thomas Tighe Uzdavines Wean Wegner if 'X' . .WN .1-4' 0. , 1 N , ,, g 4 'x 'ff' ,. fi? 11 r V r' " ,. ... . L 'lx UP ax N . 44 2 Q gk IX, .. f ,yg I , -:,, V . ,VH .f 4. W my K jg 2 4 I ,I . W wi. 1 'L ,Q A 5 A f ' A . , V,Z.f,',' f ., , ...M- Q, 'da 95 2- 4 Q me? 2 A I K. Busch iii, f ,A ' B. Buscher N ' V xy A. Campana Q A Ni 3. T. Carney Y., C. Carter t ff M. Caswell .,., W W H ' ,,,, S' .QU M ' 4 5 I N sf ff 7' wwf 'l' , Q if 25 gig.. ' j .E 2 r J .J .J S -A'2 + A A. ,-'s f vt 2 gg -5 f Q. F. Amino E. Amorosi E. Allen G. Bailey G. Bakely J. Barbone S. Barney M. Barr G. Bartell S. Bechtal B. Beckett E. Bendidict T. Berry R. Biddle L. Briant W. Chaput W, Chaput R. Charnick S. Chipman J. Cipriani S. Clanton M. Clay S. Clay B. Crawford H. Creel B. Crouthamel G. Cole B. Connelly J. Cooper S. Cortese OF CC O77 E if 4 -w ' ra 2 5 N r . . . an gi --'f1 kik L. Cowles . ii gf' 3 M. Cupaiulo J ' ,. J- Curry 1525? P. Cygachek V J. Daly "1 A ' . 2. . :': " C. Dandrow '55 P. DeCandia P. DeMareo J. Derolf f " ..." P. DiLorenzo K. Dolbow E P. Donahue - .fl D. Duca , -." 1 K " N B. Durham t ,. Q VLQQQ :N .zfffs J. Eisenhardt L. Eisenhardt D. Enright D. Erdley B. Foreman C. Foxworth S. Fried R. Frizell E. Galeria D. Gehring P. Giaccio D. Godshall J. Goslin C. Graham J. Green N. Greene L. Hagmaier P. Hanstein J. Hatchell 35,5 .. gi W' .. 2513, I M. Evans S. Everwine G. Fauls C Federlco D Flnn S Flem 1 . ' . -if ff We if Gif. ' g' ' S 'ik v w X a 'K Qi! 'Y riff 5 Q Y FF - ' .R X .m 54 I WA a gg -- PY' fe yy XA ak ' wv' .1 I '4 nf ab Q' 2? 'vm E Q I I GN . .,. Sw- ..., T ,... . f .QV 3.14 . 'na me ik ,... , ee in ., . . Q"Q J. Haury B. Heany D. Heckt J. Hee D. Hellyer M. Helm D. Herman J. Herman S. Honabach S. Hunter fee emzeee - . enn V x:iLe " L, L. Jones 1 'A . B- Keck , Sr A V ','. jg il R. Kilpatrick J R. Kinsella :" iii iiiz r eel' L a H i 1-' D L .1-'Q :if f -:G' Q K. Kirk atrick h 5 R. Klzltaff 'iii W as D V iii' K- Kling H x f' A .e-.Six N? M. Kravechak ' .Ea ff S. Kreloff NW C. Kyser L I , . ....,,. -r1' '1" , N ,, - . L- KYS91' ' M. Latshaw .E .., b , D- Layton 2 ' 17:55 in X as ...., e . ' A 1 E 2 xii, .i-: D 13' f ' ,.- .,-.-.:Q 5 ..,L I .... , . -.'- - -SEI H H Q M. Lehman G. Lindsay V. Lombardo T. Lovell D. MacGregor C. Maddox P. Malera W. Malkiewicz J. Malone K. Malone S. Mantini D. Marchione M. Margiotta D. Martin D. Martino M. Maska J. McCormick J. McDonald E. McGovern L. McGuarn K. McKew B. McSorely K. Mecholsky B. Mercantini B. Mercantini G. Mills K. Mullin J. Murphy J. Murray S. Murtagh M. Powers K. Quick S. Raffo C. Ramsay J. Ramsay L. Ramsay B. Reim L. Roff T. Russo B. Ryan J. Sankus E. Schaufler M. Schoenwise D. Schaum M. Schultes gif? , " Q .,, "1 E 3 I s .. -K I A I xl f' :I gi V- -.. :H A .-l fl . ' J il f' u 1' I . K. Munsu T. Mowbray S S. Nicotra iv! K. Noddin 5 y fx Q ,hun-A"Q P. Oehrle l, P D. O'Sullivan J J y M. Payer ' A H A f J. Petraski D. Pinto 1, - D. Platt 5 I nf ' ii . K f xg N . ' A 4,1 5 'V w ' f 1, .4 ...A ,,i. 'H - xl l. , W 3 ,A 'Q Q x ., ,- W 4 if DQ ' . , J at E 4' Q ii Q.. W 1 W P A '35 .4 Mix , i Lx J QF' .3 G. li Y ii . N ?' gtfffzz . sr' . W I s P J . sr.. rg!"-" u if 211 3 Y ii! ,. . f V 4 . E H , , "-, , ' 5 1 . My 1: ,V : h U aw- VN , 4-ff, g '. 7'-. Af ' ' in ,W ' WL" + V ' V4 H ,ry I A A 5 1 2 f L 1. K V. Mx . 5 e . haw' ' sk! , 5 if 't t 51 K .. 1 A ' . 4 ,V . 2 gb., 'K fe? ew' ' .A 5, xr. if ,,ll.a f!4Z my W gf l lit .. . 959' ,Q 1. Rv , .I Q SP K. Sutton S. Sweeney M. Szatowski E. Thoman B. Thomas A. Thompson K. Tighe J. Tornatore A. Tropiano W Ei ' '7 7'l,xti 4' :P7 NV V "6 5 'lvl U W V S. Wright K. Yahrling tg' J. Yowler .J W. Zeisloft J Wx, 'f Scott Scott Shetler Shoulders Shryock Sikorski Simmons Slaughter Smalley Smith Smith Sparks Steffans Stevensor Sounders Ward Wayne White Wiegand Wileczek Williams Wizov Woodward Worrall Wren a ...Q M. Burke Q . ,,, - Al R' Alloway B. Buscher - ' . J. Byrne 5 t 1 A ' , ' Q i -. A-5, D. Anderson 4 I S W. Caldwell Vi , ,S . E. Andrews M. Calfin .A ts x . B n nn - 4. A A .- D. Armstrong I 3 1 J, Aruano K. Capelli E REQ ,I 5 f ' B. Al'y6S t UF L hifi, . 4' S. Auerbach tgp" ' A M. Bailey -Q. I E A lf ' J. Barger it 'I 4 L 4, X V R. Barnett I f"'Ar--A--Y X 5 A - I D. Beck ,,, ,g , Q L 47 , Eeckleiy K. W . enga , 'A ' V i, , A R. Beutler C C 7 7 V 1' :aa 3 I .4113 P. Brasberger -wifi' f 2 ' F4 QAJWZ 'ca Q B.-K 1f'i5'vQ. my y. L . - e H. Bricker - ,, --B' I. .. 1 ,. J. , K. Brown - A' 'A 5 5, "'-A A' N A M . X- T. Brown t ' ,' t A ' H ' I C. Brounawell N., 4' ' f X D. Bruce ,ii A ax 1 r X F E. Bryant 1:-mug mm l '- K 2 5 A D. Carlin M. Cesarano C. Chonka H. Caly K. Conway S. Costello T. Crouthamel C. Carroll B. Charnick A. Clanton R. Clayton F. Costello T. Craig B. Davis J. DeBendictus iii K L' - ,a n it. L mi 7 ' . "5 ' B 5.9 'D Q. V' 2 Q5 f ..i. . A 4 ' A Egg fr is f' gan -L 1' Wyffr., .Q , l . V in gk: 4 964 VLL' .C NAI A X '4 s. 1 ll 5 54 0. 4 X x YN A X 1 . A L 1. -Q if' .Q - r' A " :C I X51 K xx gxx ll a , ,V D. DeFay B. Fenton K. Freas X C. Fredrick A ---, fx .4 g N I fy, ,. .5 FC, -' " ' A C. D6SlClel'l0 Gal-1-0119 t T. Dobbins L. Gehring Q 3 'x -f 4- L L E. Dolbow . . . Q , 1 - M. Dolente L- Goetz ,V 3 if V D. Domico J ........ A M ,M N 4 J. Dominy ' . -5 Q K. Donahue ' ' .. , 'A fi, Q M. Donahue . L 'G P. Donahue .'ls K lf A R G B. Dougherty Q mf' - 'li -N, ,W D. Dredel ' - Q Q. X I - W H' C. Dunn G A 1 ' 1. 'J K. Durham X' Ai N I A Vg , 1 M. Durning . . ll ll 'lx A l , P. Durning ,.- 4, Q 4 K. Elton H' f J. Fauls X 4 M " ' X' f ' W. Fauls Q i n "" A l W' F , 5' S. Fawns J S- Fedterman D ..,, .. K T. Grant W. Greatrex J. Haley M. Haney E. Heenan S. Hendrickson, D. Hetzel J. Gray W. Griffith H. Hammel R. Heady B. Hemphill D. Hetrick J. Higgins L. Hilbert Qi 3 A C. ' mil ia? 5. 4' A H ..e. ' H J in H w in XMI ' J K .iee W , aff s . -' - .1 'X 0 4. . V Av- ff -. X .... , f x 1 Y X vi . ,X gr Q -G A Llil 6 ....,.... 'lx A ':X 0. f ' wk J. Laigaie A. Hill J. Langon W. Lasauskas ""'- f R. Holmes B- L8yt0Il ' -A l R. Hughes K- Lee W. Idler J 5 fi V C. Jacob K LBMHHSGY ...R J J. 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'mhhrw l 'dlixxsw ,, xxx X 'l. N gl s' A 93' The Gateway Soccer team start- ed slowly, dropping a 5-1 decision to Highland. But under the guid- ance of Mr. Nelson, we steadily gained momentum by picking up ties with Overbrook, West Dept- ford, and Triton which qualified us for the state tournament. High- lighting the season were the 1-0 victories over Haddonfield and Burlington City which gave us the South Jersey Group II Champion- ship. The team finished with an 8- 4-3 record and was eighth in the South Jersey coaches' poll. Special congratulations to Tyson Hellyer, Greg Piatek, and Steve Payer for being elected to the First Team Olympic Conference National Di- vision. John DeMareo and Dave Sparks were selected to the Second team. Dave Sparks Tri-captain GATE. OPP Highland 1 5 Clearview 5 0 Deptford 0 1 Overbrook 1 1 Williamstown 3 2 Edgewood 5 0 Eastern 0 1 West Deptford 0 0 Washington Twp. 3 1 Glassboro 3 0 Triton 2 2 Haddonfield 3 1 Haddonfield 1 0 Burlington Twp. 1 0 Lawrence 1 3 YOU BETTER BELIE E IT' OUTH JERSEY GROUP II CHAMPIC Dave Sparks Steve Payer Greg Platek Mlke Mclntxre Tlm Ward 4 A Pete Malone Jack Maloney Jerry D1Lorenzo Joe DeGenova Jlm Bowker Lex MacKerrell John DeMareo Ty Hellyer All Conference Flrst Team Greg P1atek All Conference Frrst Team Steve Payer All Conference F1rst Team John DeMareo All Conference Second Team Dave Sparks All Conference Second Team KNEELING QLEFT TO RIGHTJ P Malone D Sparks J DeGenova L MacKerrell T Hellyer J D1Lorenzo M Ammo J Maloney STANDING KL TORJ Coach Nelson S Larsen J Bowker J DeMareo G Platek S Payer C Lewls G Marglotta R Kmssel M Mclntxre T Ward Tyson Hellyer 1"l Wm 1 I Q w 711-wi . , 4,477 . v' - ' A VVJA, .M q 433: . L M, auf, . . . . : . , . , . , . . 7 ' ! ' Y ' 1 ' 1 ' .: , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . ns, .C ' ,F I f- ,y , . m1, KILL AND DETERMINATIO LEAD Maria Lipscomb Jayne Hutchinson 1976 Hockey 111 GATE. OPP. Triton 0 0 Clayton 2 0 Clearview 3 2 Overbrook 0 1 Williamstown 1 O Highland 0 1 W. Deptford 1 2 Edgewood 0 0 Eastern 1 0 Deptford 5 1 Glassboro 1 0 Washington Twp 0 1 Gloucester 0 3 Beth Wakley Kingsway 2 0 Total Record C7-5-21 Chris Adamski Meryl Sczcepanski 108 GIRL TO A W NNING SEASO Gateway's hockey team was a young building team. Maureen Tighe led the scoring with 12 goals. Janice Federico as captain was the team leader and outstanding play- er. Maria Lipscomb totaled eight shutouts for the season plus won the Athlete of the Week Award from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Maureen Tighe and Janice Feder- ico made All-Conference First Team and Lauraine Smith made All-Conference Second Team. The Hockey team ended with a winning season with a total of 16 goals scored. SITTING: B. Wakley, J. Federico. M. Lipscomb. SECOND ROW QL. TO RJ: B. Phelps, D. Malinoski, L. Smith, M. Tighe. STANDING KL. TO RJ: Coach Royds, N. Federico, E. White, C. Adamski, M. Sczcepanski, J. Hutchin- son. Coach Royds and Captain- Ja' nice Federico Iggy? ,Z . ' sf H - -.. " 7'-f f -"ff Afxflf I gf , gg , My ri jiiw ' fb' f 4 if wt if 1, 4. 1. A l . 1 f X gli ..x1 ,:J,'j'fdL V 4 xx iff ',,, rrrrij! - Xxx 'F f X N 1 2 X ms N l .SX-. Y :sallam The 1976 season proved very en- joyable although we had a losing season. Five of our six losses came to teams who finished the season with six or more wins. This shows how tough the competition was this year. We battled with depth, injuries and lack of speed yet, we never seemed to lose that team spirit and unity that will be re- membered for a long time. We did have many highlights during the season. Steve Dixey shined on defense by leading the team in assisted and unassisted tackles. John McGaurn ran for 180 yards against West Deptford and 147 yards and two touchdowns against Highland. John's perfor- mance gained him honor as "Back of the Week" by the Brooks-Irvine Club and the South Jersey Touch- down Club. Sherwood Cooper and Bob Matsuk both made First team All-Conference. John Price and Sterling Martin were both honored as "Unsung Hero's" by the respec- tive touchdown clubs. Our captains John McGaurn, Butch Cooper and Gary Bartlett did an outstanding job of leader- ship throughout the season. To the seniors, I wish you the best in life. Remember when you get knocked down, get up quick and profit from your mistakes. I have enjoyed working with you and hope that you have gained and learned much through this exper- ience. To the underclassmen, the out- come of the future will be deter- mined by how well you prepare yourselves now. Good Luck Respectfully, Robert C. Maska .S TEAM PIRIT AND ITY Mike Anzaldo Fred Heaney Jamie Connelly John Price Steve Dixey Joe Buscher Ed Berg Sterling Martin John McGaurn Butch Cooper SHERWOOD COOPER-ALL CONFERENCE-FIRST TEAM BOB MATSUK-ALL CONFERENCE-FIRST TEAM SITTING CLEFT TO RIGHTJ: J. McGaurn B. Cooper G. Bartlett CTRI-CAPTAINSJ. KNEELING QL. TO RJ: T. Aregood M. Anzaldo J. Connelly F. Heany J. Price Coach Maska S. Dixey J. Buscher S. Martin E. Ber MIDDLE ROW CL. TOR J' C hS h ff B. F ' d J P ' J. B g. . . oac c ae er r1e . etlto rennan B. Powers P. Duca B. Matsuk R. Goetz H. Clay J. McLaughin B. Royal C. Choate J. Leonetti B. O Donnell Coach Fieger J. Seville Coach Moore. TOP ROW KL. TO RJ: G. Gruff J. McCabe J. Tasca R. Kincade H. Bastien P. Walsh B. Simmerman C. Abate C. Hansen J. Yeager M. Kreloff J. DeBenedictis D. Costello P. Brown, C. Murtaugh, D. Adamski, M. Hoppe, J. Powers, R. Toring, H. Elton, P. O Brien, C. Ohrenich. Tom Aregood 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 if it BQ I MAINTAI ED THROUGH TOUGH COMPETITIO - 1 FRESHMEN TOP ROW: CLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Coach Badiali, M. Dixey, R. Slaughter, P. Giaccio, D. Caruthers, R. Durham, D. Finn, D. De- Leo, V. Lombardo, B. Heany, D. Erdley, J. Sankus, D. Hetrick, J. Murphy, W. Keck, Coach Howard. MIDDLE ROW: CL. TO RJ: S. Fried, D. Pasley, P. DeMareo, R. Connelly, D. Layton, J. Petroski, S. Clay, S. Kreloff, J, McDonald, R. Thomas, C. Carter, D. Spellman, G. Saunders, J. Hat- chell, K. Sutton, J, Haury, J. Cipriani. BOTTOM: Captains-S. Murtaugh, G. Lind- say, M. Schultes. .hill S 3 a E mms ,Q ES X xx.. 'll 'I 114 90' GIRLS SWING I T0 ACTIO THE FALL Coach Glenn Varsity Tennis First Singles- Sue Dandrow Second Singles- Judy McCall Third Singles- Linda Farren First Doubles- Judy Riffits Mary Lou Wiler Second Doubles- Kim Miller Lisa Wiegand Varsity Substitute Tracy Dougherty This year's tennis was a re- building season with only one returning player from last year's squad, Judy McCall. Despite the adjustment from Spring to fall tennis and the inexperience of the team, we had a successful season espe- cially with the Doubles' team. Judy Riffits and Mary Lou Wiler finished the season with a 9-1 record in division play and were selected to the All-Conference Champion- ship Team. Our J.V. Squad only lost 2 matches and we are looking to a good team next year with their help l FJ I H v f, K :g?F' V! X , ups if I ll 116 I. Sue Dandrow Judy McCall Linda Farren Judy Riffits Lisa Wiegand Mary Lou Wiler Kim Miller , 2 Tracy Dougherty Adele Desiderio-Manager DUO'-121mm WI TER TRACK TOP ROW: KLEFT TO RIGHTJ T. Squyres, A. Munyan, D. Freedman, P. Reim. BOTTOM ROW: KL. TO RJ P. Squyres, D. Jones, L. Thoman. TOP ROW: LL. TO RJ Coach Ballinger, G. Bartlett, D. Freedman, P. Huberty, P. Reim. SECOND ROW: QL. TO RJ D. Bitner, T. Squyres, A Munyan, J. Lapp, C. Murphy, L. Lightcap. THIRD ROW: CL. TO RJ B. Royal, M. Mantini, D. Jones, L. Thoman, M. Schweigart, R. Tricolli FRONT ROW: QL. TO RJ P. Squyres, B. Layton, R. Kline, P. Heenan. wzvmwzrnz GJ? , LO ELI SS OF E IOR Amos Munyan Paul Reim 1976 Cross-Country Sept. Gate. Opp. 17 Highland 32 27 22 Triton 30 25 22 Overbrook 24 33 Glou. Cath. 24 B. 31 25 Glou. Cath. 24 G. 31 24 27 Clayton 28 29 29 Eastern 48 15 , Oct. 1 Glassboro 25 31 8 W. Deptford 30 29 8 Deptford 33 26 11 Pitman 28 27 11 Woodbury 19 40 15 Williamstown 38 21 15 Washington L8 Twp 21 34 Gloucester 23 34 DOD JOUCS 20 Edgewood 34 22 Clearview 34 I Tim Squyres 1 STANDING- Coach Folcarelli. FRONT ROW- Captains: Amos Munyan, Bev Layton, Don Jones. John O'Leary Leslie Thoman Pam Squyres L0 G DISTA CE RUNNER This year's cross-country team ends running careers for seniors Amos Munyan, Don Jones, Paul Reim and Tim Squyres. These four seniors have participated in x-coun- try since their freshmen year. John O'Leary who transferred in during his junior year will also graduate. A1- though hampered by injuries, most of the season the team was able to recov- er to end with a .500 record. The big- gest reason this came about was through the dedication and effort of our seniors. Mike Mantini, sophomore, will be returning for two more years which makes the future look bright. Mike was out with a knee injury for one half of the season, but returned to finish first in the South Jersey Soph- omore meet and second in the S.J. Group II Sectionals. KNEELING CL. Tb RJ - M. Mantini, J. O'Leary J Sheppard D Jones J Rutter L Jones STANDING QL TORJ J Scott, P. Reim, A. Munyan, T. Hannah, T Squyres J Hogan new ,fi ' ,jelq HOOP TERS SHOW SPIRIT U I Mike Amino Jim Bowker Chuck Murtaugh Mike Anzaldo Tom Aregood Mark Forsman Gary Margiotta Greg Piatek Shawn Rader EW HEAD co cgi Coach Fisher and Team Captain Frank Wilson wail' Y ,. l l 1 Joe Seville Tim Ward Boys' Basketball This year's team showed great enthusiasm, and played competitively against some for- midable opponents. We battled many physically stronger clubs on even terms throughout the season, and a few breaks could have reversed the scores in those games. The South Jersey Basketball Officials cited the team for its exemplary sports- manship, which indicates the maturity of the players in the varsity program. Senior Captain Frank Wilson had an outstanding year, scor- ing 428 points for a 20,1 average per game. He was honored as a first team selection on the All Gloucester County team, and on the Olympic National All Stars. Senior Greg Piatek, our Most Improved Player, was chosen to the second team in the confer- ence. The Gator Adrenalin Award for constant hustle went to Senior Tom Aregood. Round- ing out the Varsity performers were Sophomore Gary Mar- giottag Seniors Mike Anzaldo, Mark Forsman, Tim Ward, and Jim Bowkerg and Junior Shawn Rader. - Coach Fisher Opponents Gateway Opponents 44 43 Woodbury Audubon 52 38 Washington Twp. 49 77 Triton 49 63 Wildwood Catholic 43 52 fOTl Deptford 50 40 Clearview 64 61 Glassboro 62 78 Eastern 61 67 Williamstown 56 63 Highland 58 50 Williamstown 50 52 Triton 68 67 Clearview 53 63 Edgewood 54 65 West Deptford 57 61 Overbrook 78 63 Glassboro 64 89 Washington Twp. 82 84 Eastern 59 60 i0Tl West Deptford 58 76 Pleasantville 74 94 121 TOR GIRLS SHOOT THEIR Co-Captain Jayne Hutchinson, Coach Tarpine, and Co-Captain Maria Convery. Girls' Basketball The girls? varsity team finished third in itheyvconference this year. Overall the record was 11-8, which shows that girls' basketball is definitely improving. Marial Convery was named to the first team All-Conference for the second straight year, while Sophomore KittyReeve was hon- ored on the second team. Jayne Hutchinson lead the team in scoring. -Coach Tarpine Girls' Basketball Opponent Gateway Opponent Woodbury 33 29 Washington Twp. 48 20 Deptford 20 19 Clearview 47 29 Glassboro 65 26 Eastern 35 50 Williamstown 53 29 Highland 38 45 Williamstown 50 52 Triton 58 32 West Deptford 29 34 Clearview 74 44 Edgewood 31 66 West Deptford 31 69 Overbrook 43 31 Glassboro 74 40 Washington Twp. 58 36 Eastern 28 68 Williamstown 34 51 WAY TO W NNING SEASO ll r Cathy Carney Debbie Green " 5- 1' ' ii .J A - iii- ' ww-.1 X Cindy Gruff Donna Kramer Helene Moore Kitty Reeves Lorraine Smith 123 GATOR MATMEN PI DO THII Dave Godshall-101 Mike DeGenova-108 Jim Hurst-115 The 1976-77 Wrestling team continued on its winning ways by capturing the Olympic Conference National Division Championship for the third consecutive year. In this year's Pennsville Christmas Tourna- ment, we had many outstanding efforts. Mike DeGenova 108, Gary Crawford 135 and Joe DeGenova 141 were champions while Dave Costello finished third. Mike DeGenova be- came a two-time champion while Gary won for the third time and captured the Outstand- ing Wrestler Award for the second consecu- tive year. As a team, we finished second in the Dis- trict 29 Tournament with Mike DeGenova, Gary Crawford and Joe DeGenova winning District championships while Jim Hurst and Dave Costello finished second. Freshman Dave Godshall took third place at 101. Joe DeGenova the first Gateway Wrestler to win three consecutive District Championships. In the Region 8 Tournament, Joe DeGen- ova became a Regional Champ while his brother Mike came in second and Bobo Cos- tello came in fourth. Joe also won in the first round of the State Tournament making him one of the top eight 141 lbs. wrestlers in the state. Gatewa Wrestlers also dominated the Olympic Cionference All-Star team with Joe, Gary, Mike, and Jim Hurst being named to the first team and Dave Godshall, Corky Choate, John DeMareo, Paul DeMareo, Tom Hannah and Dave Costello awarded Second - team honors. In closing to the wrestlers who put out the 110'Zi needed to be champions, I thank you for your unselfish dedication. To my three special wrestlers, the Seniors and Captains who have finished their tremen- dous careers with the respect of their coaches and peers-John DeMareo who compiled a 30- 16-2 record, Joe DeGeneova who finished up his career with a 66-7-0 career mark and Gary Crawford, the winningest wrestler in Gate- way's history, who has finished up his bril- liant career at 74-7-5, I sincerely thank you three athletes. Thank you again boys, Coach Rende Team Gateway Audubon 33 Card. Dougherty 50 Glassboro 32 Washington Twp. .24 Highland 27 Williamstown 32 Triton 29 Eastern 51 Deptford 39 Clearview y 1 50 Overbrook 21 Paulsboro I f 3 14 West Deptford 542 Woodbury 3 3 35 Edgewood 40 Absegami 17 Joe DeGenova-141 John DeMareo-148 Paul DeMareo-158 Opp. 18 6 13 29 31 21 18 3 11 6 28 35 17 18 . 12 32 .f.,,.1 ---' . -L. -2-., ,,.. CO FERE CE CHAMPIO HIP P ID -122 C k Ch T,-129 au uca or y oa e Gary Crawford-135 KNEELING-John DeMareo- :Captain, STANDINGJoe De- Genova: Captain, Coach Rende, Gary Crawford: Captain. John Price-170 Tom Hannah-188 Bobo Costello-Hwt. 2 3 Z V -wuf::,:gmm9a ef. , 1g x 257.,az::w,ffs:gfff,s:,,.,f:fsJ,:,,:,,gWu,-,f1J.: ,,,,,, - . fffi.-,,f f , , , , TTT ,,,, 126 IOR AR ITY OCCER STANDING KL. TO RJ: M. Margiotta, J. Connors, S. Rader, S. Bowen, K. Costello, R. Knissel, S. Miller, R. Kizitaff, K. Malone, B Bengal, F. Spicer, B. Martin, R. McCoy, E. Lasauskus, Coach Forst. KNEELING: S. Dick, D. Lastinec, K. Budry, M. DeGenova, P DiLorenzo, G. Shetler, K. Mullin, D. Sparks, H. DeBenedictis, D. Benedict. JU ICR VARSITY TENN STANDING CL. TORJ: K. McHugh, C. Dandrow, B. Brery, H. Phillips, N, Davenport, Coach Maltman. KNEELING: P. Huberty, B. Lilly, A. Grasso, G. Tanner, T. Williams, K. Reeves, L. Cipriani. JU IOR VARSITY HOCKEY J.V. TOP ROW KL. TO RJ: Coach Smith, S. Lightcap, D. Culver, D. Torrico, K. Murphy, B. Midgett, M. Cromley, D. Moran. MIDDLE ROW: R. Villari, B. Miller, D. Maloney, L. LaRoche, P. Culbertson, D. Mariano. KNEELING: C. Carney, S FRO H HOCKEY FROSH: TOP QL. TO RJ: D. Herman, R. Frizell, D. Schaum, S. Rieggs, D. Domico, S. Mantini, M. Cupaiuolo. MIDDLE ROW: D. Duca, L. Wiegand, E. Thoman, K. Melchosky, S. Sweeney, D. Wineberg, Coach Tarpine. KNEELING: K. Steffans, G. Bakely, L. Mcguarn, C. Federico, T. Mowbrey. Gladsky, L. Lightcap, . -si 3. ,Luv .. P-1. , ., JU IDR VARSITY CI-IEERLEADER . . L A... l . - 3 La-4 LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Astorga, K. Gravatt, B. Bailey, C. Ley, T. Higgins, L. Bailey Qcaptainl, S. Sesco lcaptainl, A. Kordek, M. McGovern, B. DiTullio, A. Brousseau. FRO H CHEERLEADER FROSH CHEERLEADERS-TOP QL. TO RJ: B. Crouthamel, T. Russo, L. Kyser, D. Enright. MIDDLE QL. TO RJ: D. Worrel, M. Maska, D. Scott, T. Brown. BOTTOM KL. TO RJ: J. Ramsey, C. Smith, M. Clay, L. Ramsey. . DLA . .. An.: " BOYS' . .BASKETBALL KNEELING: KLEFT TO RIGHT! T. Carbrey, K. Mullin, J. Seville, J. DeBenedictis. BACK ROW: CL. TO RJ G. Berry, M Amino, M. Kreloff, S. Dick, C. Murtaugh, R. Kinkade, G. Gruff. Missing: P. Brown. BOYS' FRC H BASKETBALL KNEELING QL. TO RJ C. Kyser, G. Saunders, G. Lindsay, B. Yowler, M. Schultes. STANDING: KL. TO RJ M. Payer, K. Mullin, J. Hee, V. Lombardo, B. Monahan, A. P B. McSorely, Coach Granato. GIRLS J. . ASKETBALL f iv 'ffl '1 M ,S .gc 1 1. " ,J 417 f-+3f1"Nf4x,-1 -Z- 4 A ' .A i 'J l KNEELING: CLEFT TO RIGHTJ M. Tighe, L. LaRoche, S. DiLorenzo. STANDING: KL. TO RJ Coach Royds, D. Maloney, M. Cromley, K. Connors, K. Evans, L. Hutchinson, J. Tripodi, K. Kappra. FRO H BA KETBALL KNEELING QL. TO RJ T. Mowbray, S. Mantini, S. Kirk, L. Kyser. STANDING: KL. TO RJK. Steffans, D. Herman, D. Wineberg, D. Domico, T. Berry, M. Williams, S. Rieggs, N. Wizov, D. Wayne, C. Dandrow, L. Wiegand, Coach Glenn. JU IOR ARSITY WRE. TLI FRONT ROW QBOTTOM-LEFT TO RIGHTJ J. Hogan, S. Bowen, J. Storms, B. Nebel. SECOND ROW: CL. TO RJ M. McBride, J. Brennan, J. Scott, J. Petito, R. Turning. THIRD ROW: QL. TO RJ H. DeBenedictus, C. Gill, M. Wileczek. TOP ROW: QL. TO RJ Coach Howard, J. Yeager, R. Knissell, T. Hannah, J. Wegner. Missing: S. Shinn. BOTTOM ROW: KL. TO RJ M. Margiotta, B. Biddle, R. Wileczek, G. Scott, J. McDonald. SECOND ROW: QL. TO RJ D. O'Sullivan, K. Malone, M. Evans, J. Petroski, L. Hagmaier. THIRD ROW: KL. TO RJ J. Foxworth, L. Jones, J. Hatchell, B. Durham, F. Jarvis. TOP ROW: QL. TO RJ Coach Ryan, M. Caswell, T. Smith, S. Clay, S. Barney, G. Cole. Missing: R. Kinsella, Z. Biernacki, D. Burke. WV R WRESTLING HIGHLIGHTS PICTURE 1 - Gary Crawford iTri- Captainl High School Record 74-7-5 Pennsville Christmas Champ '74, '75, Outstanding Wrestler '75, '76 District Champ '74, '77 Runnerup Regional Champ '74 Best Record in Gateway History PICTURE 2 - Joe DeGenova iTri- Captainj High School Record 66-7-0 Pennsville Christmas Champ '76 District Champ '75, '76, '77 Regional Champ '77 141 lbs. PICTURE 3 - Mike DeGenova District 29 Champ - 108 lbs. Pennsville Christmas Champ 108 lbs. Finalist Region 8 Tournament PICTURE 4 - John DeMareo CTri- captainl High School Record 30-16-2 Second Team All-Conference 148 lbs. '7 PORTS CANDID f-Aw milf' A . .K Q , -L , V V I X - -. gk ,l N. A M , ,K . g . A . .' oe 3' yr 'wc A fa - 'M- jfof' k g'Q'sX' ff: ini f a 2 3 2 2 E E 5 H S ? 5 fi wmxfiif ,..,,,.,4, ,,,, ,,,,,,M-in-my-fmzfaiunawmu qgm., -,f- NWN.-.-m fbxA 7 f fm-. ,,,,- X.,. . nk x,,. ...,.,..k . . - i--- - - -1-- mf-....g.. 5 Z ,N Qs -I I 2 12 My , 'Q I A--Sv ACTIVITIES 'ZW' HO ECCMING 1976 Homecoming Queen, Nancy An- drews and escort Ken Smith. Senior Court member Chris Adamski escorted by Greg Piatek. 1975 Homecoming Queen Joanne Dally and escort Mr. Lelko. Senior Court member Kathy Towles and her escort Mark Foresman. 1976 Homecoming Court QLEFT TO RIGHTD Maria Braaksma, Lisa Lenny, 10th, Janice Federico, 12th, Kathy Towles, 12th, Joanne Daily Clast year's Queenl Nancy Andrews Q76 Queenl, Maria Lipscomb, 12th, Chris Adamski, 12th, Laurie Schaum, 11th, Terry Russo, 9th, Dottie Phelps, 8th. Senior Court members, Janice Federico and her escort, Joe DeGenova. Maria Lipscomb and her escort John DeMareo Gateway's last home foot- ball game was on a day filled with more events than just a football game. The Gators defeated Williamstown 15-6. Before the game the parents of the football players were honored, and also Saturday was Gateway's Homecoming. The court proceeded around the track during half- time. At this time the new Queen was crowned. The 1976-77 court was made up of one girl and her escort from grades 7-11, and 5 senior court members. Out of the 5 senior girls one was crowned as Homecoming Queen. This year's court wasp from seventh grade- Maria Braaksma and her escort Bobby Parks, eighth grade- Dottie Phelps escorted by Ray Kinsella, ninth grade- Terry Russo escorted by Greg Shelter, tenth grade Lisa Lenny escorted by Bill Woz- niak, and from eleventh grade Laurie Schaum escort- ed by Charlie Lewis. The Seniors wereg Chris Adamski escorted by Greg Piatek, Janice Federico es- corted by Joe DeGenova, Ma- ria Lipscomb escorted by John DeMareo, and Kathy Towles escorted by Mark Foresmen. Escorted by Ken Smith, Nancy Andrews was crowned Homecoming Queen, by last year's Queen, Joanne Dalley who was es- corted by Mr. Lelko. Gateway's Junior Miss, Re- nee Vekkos and her escort Frank Wilson were present as part of the Homecoming fes- tivities. Nancy Andrews will pre- side as Homecoming Queen until next year when she will be invited back to Gateway to crown next year's Homecom- ing Queen. 76 Jr. Miss for Gateway, Renee Vekkos, and her escort, Frank Wilson. 75 Homecoming Queen, Joann Daly crowning 76 Queen Nancy Andrews. MARCHIN G GATOR BAND The very active 1976-77 "Marching Gators" continued to lead the way in school spirit at Gateway this yearg providing a musical boost at pep rallies and adding color, life, and excitement to Gateway football games. The marching unit also represented Gateway at several civic functions, including a number of parades in our sending districts. Highlights of our season included participation in field competitions in West Deptford and Clayton. The band and band front also went to Wildwood to march in the Firemen's Convention in September. An important factor in this year's Band was the addition of all our Junior High students to our complete program. This is the first time in several years that the Marching Unit has had so many members. Many of our members were students who had never marched before. In light of this, the progess that the group made throughtout the season was fantastic. We will miss the Seniors fespecially Beth and Valerie-our drum majorettesl that have provided us with leadership, enthusiam, and support during their years in Gateway Band. l 139 , R. HIGH CHORUS L. Dulaney, S. Schaufler, S. Everwine, A. Budry, B. Eaton, M. Haney, G. Mills, M. Hoban, S. Chipman, L. R. Vekkos, H. Parker, Byas, D. Volpe, K. Peterson, T. Stevenson, P. Reeves, Miss Donnely, L. Kiefer, S. Magee, L. Ewan, R. Kline, A. Owens, S. Schaufler, N. Welsh, J. Edmunds, L. Henion, K. Tighe, K. Keegan, N. Grahmn, A. Freeman, A. Moore, M. McQuaide, C. Middleton, T. Henion, D. Key, J. Johnson, H. Campo, K. Monsu, C. Chanoux, J. Curry. JR. HIGH CHGRU MADRIGALS M. Contarino, K. Throsher, S. Hornbach, J. Sankus, L. O'Brien, E. T. Stevenson, A. Moore, B. Eaton, E. Schaufler, L. Byas, T. Henion, K. O'Donnell, S. Poirier, R. Parker, K. Watson, S. Eaton, S. Johnson, Peterson, R. Vekkos, N. Welsh, Miss Donnely, L. Henion, H. Campo, missing from picture, J. Langon, D. Swanson, A. Curry, J. Sparks, M. C. Chanoux. Rossiter. 140 Co HCERTCSBAND E. Benedikt, K. Brousseau, H. Campo, T. Henion, L. Kiefer, J. Langon, M. McNally, K. McQuaide, J. Pallante, M. Teti, S. Vettese, K. Yager, H. Zrinscak, S. Chipman, J, Curry, L. Henion, S. Johnson, R. Kline, E. Konstanty, B. Lightcap, L. O'Brien, R. Parker, C. Quick, M. Rodditer, E. Schaufler, P. Simon, D. Volpe, C. Chanoux, B. McLaughlin, D Anderson, M. Dolente, B, Foreman, J. Gillespie, J. McGugan, M. McQuaide, G. Mills, D. Moore, M. Phelps, C. Poirier, E. Bakely, A Clanton, K. Dean, B. Hampton, M. Kreloff, C. Kyser, L. Lutz, J. Malia R. Martin, R. Thomas, D. Walker, D. Wegner, T. Welsh, B. McFeeley A. Green, B. Rupert, D. Swanson, G. Goodenbour, H. Parker, M Rupert, L. Gall, H. Hammel, C. Thomas, D. Kish, M. Lehman, K Mills, B. Phillips, B. Ryan. JAZZ BAND D. Difavio, T. Stevenson, D. Kish, B. Ryan, A Green, H. Campo, J. McGugan, G. Mills, H Hammil, L. Gall, T. Henion, M. McQuaide, B Foreman, missing from picture, D. Moore, B Hampton, K. Dean, R. Thomas, T. Welsh, M Lehman. v y E IOR HIGHS DE TCOU CIL va KY ' SITTING A. DeCandia, M. Lipscomb, D. Sam- uels, C. Lisk, J. Caztanzo, K. Evans, B. Rose, K. Gillespie, L. Finn, F. Layton, M. Wyler, STANDING S. Schaffler, D. Kramer, J. Petito, S. Roder, B. Bailey, C. Abate, J. Tasca, G. Braun, J. Cipriani, S. Payer, G. Piatek, J. McCall, J. Villari Judy McCall - President Joann Villari - Vice President Betty Miller - Treasurer Mary schrull - Secretary Il. K ., 3 'Q JU ICR HIGH STUDE TCCU CIL This years Senior High Student Council held their annual Home- coming dance on November 26th, also this is the first year the Stu- dent Council held a semi-formal Christmas dance on December 23. Several members of Student Coun- cil participated in the C.P.0.P. walk for hunger walkathon on a rainy day in October. We are in the process of setting up an exchange program for ideas with Washing- ton Township and a volleyball game against Woodbury, West Deptford, and Clearview, Student Councils. We hope future Student Councils will be active with Stu- dent Councils from other schools. SITTING A. Hill, A. Johnson, K. Steffens. M. Maska, E. Bendidict, T. White, A. Oh- renich, K. Kravchak, M. Pallante, F. Janis, A. Freemen. STANDING M. Caswell, J. Stevenson, Ml. Margiotta, B. Sutter, B. Taska, B. Heany FRE CH CLUB L Miss Higgins - sponsor, K. Miller -Treasurer, J. Riffits - President, S. Dandrow - Secretary, missing from picture P. Sqyres - V. Pres. S A Ill CL KNEELING L. Cowles, C. Gunther, L. Byas, N. Hayward, D. Key, M. Rumaker, SEATED F. Hood, L. Mazier, J. McCall, J. DeLuzio, J. Federico, STANDING C. Poirier, KNEELING E. McGovern, K. Kelleher, C. Foxworth, J. Ed- munds, STANDING C. Federico, M. Schwei- gart, S. Cortese, Mrs. Austin, Mrs. McMahon, M. Hoban, G. Sproates. . Jeanne Edmunds - President, Chris Fox- i worth,- Treasurer, Karen Kelleher - Secretary, l Dora Key V Vice President, Sponsers - Mrs. McMahon, Mrs. Austin. L. Parks, L. Schaum, S. Tucker, E. Durney, S. Dandrow, T. Martino, E. Benedict, Miss Higgins, J. Riffits, K. Miller. Sue Bezdziecki, Donna Maloney, Karen McQuaide, Mark Hoppe. ..wl3i9Pf5 Ginger Tanner, Natalie Welsh, Andy Schonewise, Leslie Thoman, Lauren Ward, Mrs. Cipolone, Renee Vekkos. if 1 K x GERMA CLUB C. Wean, D. Maloney, D. Erdley, D. Battner, B. Ryan, S. Bezdziecki, D. Martin, N. Grahmn, K Kegan, M. Hoppe, J. Cyganek, P. Huberty, D Wayne, D. Martino, L. Eberly, S. Barney, K McQuaide, T. Henion. ' "nf K, ,.. un... I -- T. Welsh, M. Williams, L. Ward, E. Thoman, M. Lehman, B. Rose, M. Wiler, R. Tricolli, D. Sparks, A. DeCandia, L. Wiegand, J. Cipriani, K. Malone, B. Connely, D. Helleyer, H. Kyser, S. Raffo, J Spence, S. Schauffler, A. Budry, M. DeGenova,L Thoman, L. DuLaney, M. LaRoche, K. Toomey, E. Mitchell, T. Russo, B. Croutland, S. Mantini K. McHugh, K. Quick, S. Wright, J. Harris, J Kordeck, G. Shetler, S. Fried, K. Callaghan, D Platt, S. Magee, N. Welsh, K. Peterson, R. Vek kos, T. Williamms, G. Tanner, L. Flowers, E. Ci priani, K. Mullin, J. Stewart, A. Green, J. Comp A. Schonewise, L. Wozniak, C. Kyser, L. Kyser, B Woodward, E. Schauffler, B. Martin, S. Larson, J Wegner, P. DeCandia, S. Clay, S. Kreloff, F. Ai mino, B. Allen, P. Cyganek, S. Moran, T. Carney M. Dixey, M. Evans, B. Slaughter, M. Hood, Pi Grant, L. LaRoche, S. Dunn. LATI NCL KEY CL B TOP ROW D. Soul, M. Amino, R. Knissel, S. Payer, Mr. Dawson. MIDDLE ROW P. Price, J. Brennan, A. Moore, J. DeMareo, P. Riem, M. Anzaldo, G. Bartelet. BOTTOM ROW J. Seville, D. l Jones, T. Sqyres. KEYETTES Leslie Thornan - secretary, Renee Vekkos - President, Natalie Welsh - Vlce President, missing from picture Rae Crawford Treasurer Don Jones -Treasurer, Tim Sqyres - President Mike Amino - Secretary, missing from picture Dave Sparks - Vice-President. TOP ROW S. Schaffler, C. Flowers, A. Owens, P. Hagerthey, D. Keenan, K. Toomey, N. Welsh, L. Byas. MIDDLE ROW D. Volpe, M. Wright, L. Tho- man, T. Harmer, M. Gillespe, T. Demiduke, M. Cerino.BOTTOM ROW T. Welsh, L. Wiegand, D. Wayne, P. Sqyres, R. Vekkos, L. Etchman. NATIONAL HO OR OCIETY 1. 5 517. FIRST ROW R. Vekkos, N. Welsh, M. Gillespie, L. Thoman, B. Rupert, J. Trechock. SECOND ROW S. Magee, J. McCall, A. DeCandia, D. McSorely, P. Sqyres, C. Adamski, D. Sparks. THIRD ROW S. Dandrow, L. Henion, D. Jones, T. Sqyres, T. Harmer, J. Hutchinson, P. Malone. FOURTH ROW A. Moore, J. Stewart, C. Martin, D. Freedman, J. DeGenova, J. McGuarn, S. Martin, M. Anzaldo. FIFTH ROW P. Reim, D. Samuels, A. Munyan, T. Ward, F. Wilson, G. Piatek, M. Mclntire, Miss Maltman. Dave Sparks - Secretary, Pam Sqyres - President, Frank Wilson - Vice President, Don Jones - Grand Poo Bah Paul Reim - Treasurer 48 DEBATE SITTING F. Burger, S. Barney, L. Thoman, F. Zimmer, M. Benidikt. STANDING B. Davis, D. Anderson, D. Connely, Mr. Wilkinson, K. Brown, C. Frederick. MODEL UNITED ATIO 1' QQ, KNEELING J. McCall, D. Freedman, STANDING K. Peterson, C. KNEELING P. Reim, T. Sqyres, STANDING P. Price, D. Jones Martin, A. Munyan Paraguay Miller Yemen Mr. Parker - advisor. C, HPOL RI U STAFF Qfif Q Annette DeCandia, assistant editor, Mr. Howard, advisor, Andy Schonewise, editor in chief. T. Nolan. R. Kean, J. Stewart, A Schonewise, A. DeCandia, K. Toomey, D Keenan, T. Craig, D. Pessano, H. DeBene dictus. AIDE li QQ Mfr' -21-'-5 q ag' 4 'X A 150 L XS AUDIO VISUAL AIDES KNEEL- ING KL. TO RJ, K. Lee, M. Szatkowski. STANDING KL. TO RJ, Mr. Reeves, J. Sankus. BAND AIDES SIT- TING KL. TO RJ, K. McQuaide, T. Henion, V. Hankin, S. Schaufler. STANDING CL. TO RJ, L. Henion, S. Raffo, T. Welsh, L. Hilbert McGugan. N U R S E S AIDES CL. TO RJ, B. Bennet, D. Culver, K. Donahue, L. Ewan, D. Ott, R. Abrams. LIBRIARY AID E S KNEELING,H. Moore, STAND- ING, K. Too- mey, J. Stewart. A T T E N D A N C E AIDESg SITTINGKL. TO RJ: J. McCall, F. Layton, N. Andrews. STANDING, L. Du- laney, J. Connelly, M. Convery, C. Flowers, M. Brassberger. GUIDANCE AIDESg KNEELING CL. TO RJ, J. Astorga, P. Hu- MAIN OFFICE AIDES SITTINGQ K. Miller. STANDING CL. TO RJ, berty- SITTING QL. TO RJ, L. parks, J. Costanzoy L. Schaum. L' Balley, L- Dulaney- STANDING, C. Poirer, M. Raspa, J. Smith, C. Adamski. Q . ...,l I PROFILE '7 7 eS5 biigisew' X fi i ff' ,.,..,- -ll" .. W V Wm . i J' i it--1-:xx ' , ii? A '-4-.N , .lg 4.,.'L:.i C our fearless advisor Mr ..M0e,, Howard "Now Karen, we've got 2 days to do 40 pages" Our unscrupulous editors in chief Karen Toomey 8: i ' ' Judy McCall. my ' '--.2 "Are you kidding? I have how many pages due tomorrow?" "Oh fudge! I'm never going to get this done." 152 . F .2 ---...I 1,41 FRONT ROW KNEELING C. Flowers, A. De- Candia, A. Schonewise, D. Keenan BACK ROW J. McCall 1EditorJ T. Eisenhardt, L. Henion, L. Ewan, K. Toomey fEditorJ Editors pondering over layouts are Lorraine Henion Senior Editor, Judy McCall Editor in chief, Karen ToomeyEditor in chief, Annette DeCandia Sports Editor. A Typical Conservation in room 408 Shut up Moe, we know what we're doing!! Whose using the typewriter? When's the newspaper coming out?'? 40 pages are due tomorow, Kar'?? WHAT!!!!!!!! Andy, do you have your car today'?? It's time to go to Zamskys'. When's Ivan coming'??? Jude, you better call Top Cat! Annette, did you hear that ...,. ,... ? ?'? THI This year the yearbook staff would like to make a tribute to things forgotten in the school. We are sorry that they have been forgotten in the past years. So, we thank you, Mr. Sykes and the Building Trade guys for your hard work in the past and this year also. We hope by putting a picture of this years house, and a previous year's in the yearbook, will make up for them being excluded in the past. is ' ' . 41 ,,A f ' .. ' , " K ., - ' G- x -, my 5 .Ml NrQ,a"f' Q-.. 1 ,L NM A ,I J L, J. D X I , lg, T ff- I V dx. V- A N q .A . 'X , VVAW ' K , Q., ir .,:"' - xi. H - ' H gr ,Q A f-I 1 il f 9' r -i' -f'i"' ff? 2 5756 1' A 1 ' r -Ah 'fl - A f 9 Q -If 'W ti , ,D Q r - 1' A me b f . -f- 'ge 0, - , 4 7 K N , , - 'N V, fi. 1 -75, -gf. f- 4. ' " ' ,t 1 f , f . f 1 FGRGOTTE f" rf f' pf If 1 z Xf ,ff M 'Nitin ,.....r,, , ,1 ,rn Ni X The planting of the Liberty Tree by National Honor Society members last year. Q E i E E Q E 9 i 5 c 6 3 E Z 3 2 5 5 3 2 5 v 5 3 5 1 R 3 1 v l Q Q FWW mywf H WW WW W , M X y 1 n , xJ w r w JNBWX' f T N , YM fxlxpgy Vi! mmf NV My ? W vb N JSR if Q0 GSK L. E . L . I -, . Wfi , ff bf 'Wfg fy? wi X E I E E Cimflff 5 wfhfy l fb ff Q Q9 M I F Y w r :Q ?f X Nw MHQQFQE M wiwwffp W Qjnfjp psi JwfgifQkf2wig QW? WWXMMQQ Q? WNVMQQMXNZWNWWNW ff L.Q.T.-.....,..,,, ,.,A,-.-,..,,- , , . , JQWQXQ LN 4f'gfNWgQ1ff55ffMf 335255 is W gf gi , iiiwiiw 5523 Awxwiw k Q mQ I fgsi ?Q5f5sf5555g5Q5 A gS?ZiE3j Qj55 bifhjiijjj reKf Wmwdmiwmkawvghwxgdg R f f2-'NN N Qiieyifx, xx W5 gqwy' wx x W 01 ,gn Q .N , - X N wg , I WDM av P G W w ff iU NvwDf mf M N yygw W X Vw 55 yy bf XX, SV9f Q? QQQ5Dx N fx , K xv , ,J Mfg YSNX5Qy5 AT xf5Q3wxw gf! W XV 5 559 VX WX Q4 NN Fw X 5 N fx ' WW WG QW Q' xf?QJ xx 1gyN, xv Vx W Of X ii? Q w?155Ei?jlfii5f3 ' wary? DSL F? w 333535 w5QQWwpJ,, W, ,r f"Mr'1 .S fu 6" ,ff fivmlw 9,"w" W .9 V DOW' 020 wg WJ? ? 400 V 550' '56 K . , A M QW A405135 Nwiww 3 OXXJ , Sy' aj? Kg' W, W ff ff? W -xsffg' Win! CV 0, A X,,,, vU YWMZ' A ,ffww ,JU gf , W Jw m WM If Www 3iUZ5fi5VW'4ff 1fQ OL M nf QQWMW 'ffw W My W gggf of Lodge 'QFXUPY' be 0 fda , bu ' on cb 9 9, Un . we ' s "" ' .... N, 1 f .. ' , , V ., , . ,,m.+ ,,,,,, . , - . .A , 1 4 , . , . - M""5fLM YT , . - e.,., 4 - 'W V t . ., . ' .. ., --- , Arm.:-f - X ,Adm A . , 1, ,.15.,,, '-Q- V M . ...,,, . ...-,MM,.W..,,s , ,V Wm, - Nm, 1 . N N' ' .L ' 'rf "1 , ff , . ,W M' '-1, Mn-iw, 'M W' -.1 A 5 --.. ' . ' W - '- ---' , . , . ' .., -. - -' f , -an - ' ,. V . ,. f A,:,V , .V V V 0 ' W, xwm - ,I AW fe, , 14 .M -f' M -' . '1 ,. -' t .. ""' 'W""1 "isa-.M V ..,: ,..,. ..., -W' "'i2"w M. V . 'sn 1 4- ' .. 4 ' ' v 'Tum " ' . V' . , , Q x 4 ,4S.o -H ,,. , 1 , Y- M Q ."W'A- ""M""J'!',, M, -, Inf 4 ' .v--F .' ' ' .M W 'R 'f' X-. A 1- - ' "5 'W' ""' ' W. . -.. 5 4. ,MX ml ' J, V-H Wmww, , M W, ' ,ifvmhv M N Wm, ,,..f......- 4 M M, .incur-M

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