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. K MW fy D9 Riflkiiil J, ,WW W umm J.f9Mff W Off 52.35235 4 , ,. Qmmvyyyryy fi I Qi 55355 iw? 555255 V' jwifow x qgiii wWQjXO'QON', EX Slgvsijl iwfff X!Mm g ,vmfffdch A 2 I ,ff 435 W MQW if 9252 Gateway Regional High School Woodbury Heights, New jersey SECTION Dedication Seniors Facuhy Underclassmen Sporm Activities PAGE 2 17 59 79 111 139 ',.!' ws. Q ,, A WH, ,i:, .W 1 "Dedication" - AD., A... ...ll gp "Mr, David Shinnick" We, the senior class of 1976, dedicate our yearbook to Mr. David Shinnick talias "Super Lefty"l. Mr. Shinnick was born on March 2, 1945 in Wash- ington D.C. He attended Clyde Jennings Elementary School, Haddon lunior High School and Collings- wood High School. After his graduation he worked full time for two years and then attended Southern Illinois University - studying History and English. Mr. Shinnick came to Gateway in 1969 and taught English until 1973. He then transfered to the History Depart- ment, where he currently teaches United States His- tory I and II. Asa child, Mr. Shinnick played Little League base- ball for the Legionaires along with Mr. Benke. He studied the piano and is quite a good pianist. He enjoys gardening, traveling the has been throughout the U.S. and in the summers of 1971 and 1974 he took trips with Mr. Fisher to Scandanavia, Germany, and Switzerlandlp also likes deep sea fishing, watching the Philadelphia Eagles, tennis and basketball. Mr. Shinnick develops future Varsity basketball players as the Freshman basketball coach. In the spring months he can often be seen teaming up with a student or two for an exciting tennis match. In our dedication to you, Mr. Shinnick, there is one last thing that we can say to sum up our feelings - thank you so much for being you! 3 fi i 1 -J l xx i q -., .- E Q . t i ' N K: at K vwfv . .su .43 W Q' 4'-L. ff,bb:'::Q.-vf gtg? 51 :NUFViZ' , if M::iE1Mff"Tf gui!-ll E if Q?Qf lnvl ,M LQ I3-UF ,M ,Six i-3 f lf! g.,.f' , I 6 Q if 4uuH.m..... ,L Q 'Q .3 V ? .7 5 fx K Q "W ,gel 9 . 5 f s .vw x 5555. v."S:"fl 'P qw, 5.9. ngwg Wg 5 we 5 'F 1 .Q 1 lf k sg gi EM in 5 XP- 04108 In Honor Of Gm America - Dream: Gur Burdens Our Hopes Bicentennial . . . 'ou've'Made Our Reality, Lighter And - Iruth. You've Given And Even With Drudgery And Us Free Will, Broken Dreams, The Shame, 1'!l5i3i3N2f25E?323'3Ei" ' mi c 1' . m 1- 'E "7 ' ' -' "' ww-ummm M. , A N, x ' ' V --V. ,'., w.kfw,M.u....a..,,, , 'i 3.3511 2?'1::H'1'?'Ei" 3 N ' fin 3.34--sf , ' 'ff:1jf"' N 5 ,ff1dl,Lf' , Y ,Aff Ziggf' .f 3 ,19,,ff" , " MM ,wm- , n- ,H 1 ,f . 3 ,M fx 4 V Y . n c. H-... ' -. ,f , AA I J w , ,W -' ,,,, ,5 .xx I 1 ' L55 iE'5i,E'1,', '1 -N1 uw H11 2555 Ml f 'Q ' lx ff? . N 1 .f xy," 375, V , f, A -, Ffa 1-. W .4 'F ' -H V ? .. , , N , 5 A - - lf w- 5.4. j4 Q YE V M , 1 ,,1 ,,,.., 7 1 M!-, s ,QM-Q, in , - V .. 1 ,,!A fewi 1 ' XA' .n ' M f , Um, -, V in v fri! J", "rr 5 .-P51 av FE, x ip. ly. l M, A., ., W wen 'Z' " , .N Q M, 1, D iii I 4 f F-1 - 7gfKA 'Wm Q, ,MLS gf, Y f, , ' , F r?+XL..Q. 751:37 I . .M 42 ,Y- R I! V9 1 ,, Q ,-'Exff E"5ff5'fw1 ""'?X, hi I X I K .f i ,, yi ' W 6 :T V Q i' ' i ll at is, M V i gig L S1 A ?9A'10R:L"'k 'N kf' 3' MRS gf . A f - 39 3 1 Eg' A -. Gwroks ' , Irv- 3 ' 'EL 9 B2 ! 1 hm W? Ns., 'Ka 2' 5 sw Q, N ,, A J fa 63 QR 0 3 W ? z 5 5 'Ss S 2, A 11 You're Still 14 But Mucl All Oz You've Giver Beautiful Country Vlore Than These, JS A Future. ff fs, 'W vm an A v X QRS ill X X513 1- ' ' r-'fiiw-ada! 'IZXEQGE " iz, , E "':5j'f'- 5 A m r QQ, T 4.-.. ' vi!! lm K' k l -x A , 7-Q. fm fx: Qzffvg Y N.-.W ,Q-,..,... .,,.xf M.. ' we Qx , ' - Get The Strive The Future Behind. -Neat Goals Ze db QQ, QQ Q45 Q2 Mr. Peter Ryan, Senior Class Adviser -a..,,g Class Officers of "76" M loanne Dalley, Vice-Pres. Chris Smith, Treasure. Karen Handt, Pres Kim Mulholland, Sec. . ' v Q HELEN R. AHERN . , , Eggie . .. Na- tional Park , , 2f1f58 ,, likes the "Stardust," Dennis, parties, Gibb- stown, Camaros, Mr. Bartleson, Pink Floyd, Led Zep lin, S ring- time, spare ribs, Wilclwoodl red roses, surprises, English, green ... dislikes curly hair, two faced peo- ple, first period, not having money, Gibbstown girls, Gateway speed traps, History, Nonday tests, Gate- way lunches ... "Ya know?" "Really" . . . plans to marry Dennis, settle down and in the future travel with my family. IOHN ACTON PAMELA IO ADAMS ... Bean ... Wenonah 8f16f58 likes coming in first, bike riding, tennis, Italian food, good music, playing the piano dislikes big dogs, time trials, long car trips, Chinese food, snobs, quickie quizzes "Funny thing about that." . , . plans to attend college and become a Chemical Engineer ... activities Hockey 1, Basketball 1, Spring Track 1,2,3, Cross-Country 2, Win- ter Track 2,3, French Club 2,3,4, Polaris Staff 4, National Honor So- ciety. MARYANN R, ANDREWS Woodbury Heights 8!Z0f57 .. likes tol party, Led Zeppelin, sleep late, friendly people, animals, sur rises, omg aces, music - FMl?down go earth, people, Florida, parking lots, seafood, Comet and Peter Rabbit, vets, the WOODS, Ceve and George , .. dislikes row- die people, some bimbos, trouble- makers, big mouth people, two- faced pqeople, fakesh AMhstations "S ut u " "W at's appen- ing?" plsns to get an apart- ment, go to college, and GET RICH. 18 g. CYNTHIA L. ANUSKY ... National Park ,.. 7f15f5B ... likes yellow- blue, going to concerts, dancing, parties, motorcycles, summertime, doing nothing at all ,,. dislikes be- ing told what to do, stupid people, liars, getting pictures taken "I don't have a favorite saying," plans to live 'til I'm 100 years old, ROBERT LOUIS ALBRIGHT IR National Park 11f28 likes parties, drinking, pla in scrub football, wrestling . . . clisliies rahs, stuck-up girls, getting up early, boring teachers, Hat, and hearing about Rieg 's cat Lewie "Hey man" ... pins to graduate and get a job activities Building Trades 3,4, Yau LUANN KATHRYN AUGATIS Lucy ... Westville ... 3f30f58 ... likes people, dancette, "Cool Breeze," Paulsboro on Friday ni hts, Kool and the Gang, "Mir- ac?es," lack's, Rick's classy van, sur- prises, Denise's secret, a certain Gator gu , lolli ops, and long phone callls . . . dislikes mornings, working on Saturday nights, guys with one track minds, gossipers, debts, falling in love, no money, wasting time, and T. B's Mustang ,.. "Leave me along!" ... plans to go to college to become a legal secretary, and be a bachlorette all my life. WILLIAM AREGOOD ... Arm- good . .. Woodbury Heights .. . 1f19!58 ... likes girls, parties, dances, basketball games, listening to tapes, any kind of people, cut- ting class, the shore . . . dislikes go- ing to school, football practice, gride drills, getting up early, foot- all games, B.A. . . "Fiddle de-de" . . . plans to go to college and start my own business ,.. activities ,.. Football, Wrestling, Key Club. NANCI AYRES Westville 1f2f57 .. . likes spendin money, weekends, friendly people, R.B.'s, brown eyes, diamonds, Wildwood, Bruce S ringsten, WYSP, vans .. . dislikes Emud people, rah-rahs, cold weather, Monday, moody people, cold pizza, B.G., running out of gas ... "Sure", "Yea", "We'll see." .., plans to travel, get married, work in a nursery or a lorist shop, live to be a hundred. IERRY THOMAS ASHER KATHLEEN ANGELA BADGER Kathy Woodbury Heights .. . 3f15 ... likes Mike, succhini, May 7, Iackson Browne, The Beach, Looch's cooking, 1:09 Monday - Friday, turouoise, sitting over Car- ol's onion rings, Monty Python, Dr. Dimento dislikes musical chairs, waiting, 8:00 Monday - Friday, fakes, "Wonder Woman," Spam plans to be an occupa- tional therapist activities National Honor Society, Basketball 1, Basketball Scorekeeper, Student Council, French Club, Soph Hop, Prom Committee, Attendance Of- fice Aide. SUSAN G. AVIS Nicky: lack, Cury Woodbury Heig ts 4X6 58 likes sports, rinking, 7-11, eating, the s ore with a six pack, partying with V.B. and P.l.., izza and tacos, dancing, baking, Being with Mike ... dis ikes diet- ing, califlower, shoes, rain at the shore, getting up early, "Five Oreo cookies" "l'm sure" plans to be a hairdresser . ,, activities . .. Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, Soft- ball 2, 3, 4, Track 1, Prom Commit- tee, Ski Club 3. LEWIS BAKER THERESA ANN BAXTER Terry ... Woodbury Heights ... 6118158 .., likes TED, September 28, koala bears, tacos, pizza, spring and fall, "Flick and Flack," calling and waking V.B. up at 3:00 am, the shore, Beach Boys, Four Seasons ... dislikes working, stuck-up people, getting up Monday morn- ings, waiting, real cold weather ... plans to get married to Ted .,. ac- tivities . .. Varsity Cheerleading 3,4 - co-captain, LV. Cheerleading 2, Winter Track 1, Student Council 1,2,3,4, National Honor Society, Soph Hop Committee, Prom Com- mittee, French Club 2,3,4, Guid- ance Aid 4, Float Committee 2,4. MICHAEL BAILEY JOHN LAKE BARTLETT IV ... Woodbury Heights ... 7!25fS7 . . . likes fast cars, racing, girls, blue, going on vacation and traveling out of state .., dislikes homework, mean teachers, getting busted and having no money ,. . "Relax", "No problem" plans to become a construction electrician activi- ties . . . Track, Work, Loafing, KENNETH W. BAILEY IUDITH A. BECK ludy Na- tional Park 'l2f6f57 likes helping others all I can, people, travel, talking, working with my hands with crafts of al kinds dislikes stuck-up, greedy or cranky people, peope su fering . . . "See ya ater and take it easy." plans to work and make the best of everything, CATHY BECKETT CKRIPSI Westville 1f31f58 likes horse back riding, drinking, driv- ing, certain people, sunny days, being married, parties dislikes boring days, shoes, getting ug in the morning, rainy days, tests, or- ing classes . . . "Idon't know." . , . plans to move to an appartment and get a job, KATHLEEN A. BEZDZIECKI "Buzz," "KB," "Bez-poIlack" Woodbury Heights ... 5f5f58 .,. likes GP-F1 race cars, GP-F1 race car drivers, "WiIk" and "Mom," Y and G, honesty, smiles, tennis, "Tabbat," Bowie, no homework, Fred and Baretta, disco, spy novels, o timism, G, j, j, 811 dislikes cliquish snobs, non-acceptance, frowns, stock cars, bad tennis part- ners, "adjektirendugeu," being alone, cloudy days, pessimism, apa- thy, work, cheap blouses "Blast!" "Botherl ' "You FooIl" "That's cutel" . . . plans to become either a trustworthy olitician or win the Driver's WorlcI,Champion- ship activities Youth and Government 2 - representative, 3 - Assembly Speaker, Model U.N. 3 - Political Advisor, 4 - Ambas- sador, Polaris - Editor-in-Chief 3, 4, Yearbook Staff 3, 4 German Club 2, 3, Woodbury Heights Bi- centennial Committee 4J National Honor Society 3,45 Student Coun- cil 4, National Affairs Conference 3, Blair journalism Scholarship Semi-finalist 3, National Merit Commendation Award 4, GMSC member 3, 4, Ecology Club 12 D9- bate 3, 4, IOSEPH P. BENKERT jR. Wen- onah ,.. 4f16f58 likes reading Steinbeck, L.B., Olivia Newton john, john Denver, Elton john, street hocke , backyard football, camping, landing, swimming, pho- tography, Maine, sharks, t e L.A. Rams, cruises, beautiful girls, hu- mor, Thurber, Valerie Perrine, driving, writing, messin' around, movies, bikini c ad beach beauties, English, Mark Twain, happiness, dressing good, Marx Brothers, es- pecially Harpo . .. dislikes groggy mornings, women drivers, serious people, commies, rapists, cop' kill- ers, simple minded game s ows, Miami Dolphins, show offs, con- ceited people, super brains, dumb commercials, Howard Cosell, Ali, Math, put ons, extremes, B.S., comglainers, dullness - i.e. Mr. Hug e's class, funerals, little brats . . . "What's the story here, Folks?" "No problem" plans to goto colle e, major in English, 'get a goodsjob, and write on the si e . ,. activities Football 1, Track 3, Weightliftin 1, Rocket Club 1, 2, Ecology Club 2, German Club 2. REGINA BENNETT ... jeannie ... Wenonah, SX1-V58 . , . likes boys, biking, The Beach Boys, the Pits, Wildwood, summer, sleeping late, football games, ice cream, sundies, the ocean, parties, beer, swim- ming, crabbing, dances, concerts .. . dislikes sun poison, getting up early, losing a football game, get- ting fat "ReaIly?" "Huh" plans to be a secretary. e 'WWW WILLIAM H BECKETT West- ville ... 8f5f57 ... likes bike rid- ing, hikin and camping, fighting fires dislikes getting up early, and school ... "Nuts" .,. plans to become a plumber. BARBARA LEE BLASCHKE Westville 9f23!57 likes Wildwood, boating, South Philly, Italians, hockey, jimmy Watson, The Eagles, Rome, mountains, soc- cer, people, sunrises, manicotta ... dislikes lima beans, dusting fur- niture .,. l'Ah c'mon" . . . plans to become a nurse anethesist, marry a doctor, and go back to Italy activities Tennis 1, Hockey 1, Latin Club 3,4. RICHARD KIRBY BOWEN . Kirby, Bo . Woodbury Heights .., 5f'l9f58 .,, likes going tothe shore, sports, chocolate milk shakes, socializing, winning, music, trying to recruit tennis match spectators, B.O.'s parties, and the Browns , dislikes bordom, Mr. Warner's quickies, getting up ear- ly, losing, l.C.'s futile attempts at humor, and playing tennis matches before a maximum of nine specta- tors . . , "I don't believe it." "I have no idea." . . plans to go to colle e and succeed in whatever I decide to do ... activities .., Tennis 'I,23,4, Prom Committee. EDWARD BRYSZEWSKI, IR. . National Park IOXZXS7 , , likes bi parties, heads, Columbo, park- ing lot parties, fourtlii and fifth periods, going to the Bars .., dislikes some Bimbos, rah rah's, bad parties, closed parties, LORI BUSCH . , Woodbury Heights BfT9f58 likes 1973-1974, T974-T975 Stanley Cup Champion Philadelphia Flyers, rab- bits, sewing, music, sEorts, readin , chocolate, money, t e boardwali, sleeping late, Spectrum ice cream cones, getting tan, clothes, Don Henderson's sportstalk, The Spec- trum, going to see the Flyers dislikes getting up early, thou ht of being a nine-to-fiver, snois, term papers, Algebra, bratty kids, prejudice, narrow mindedness, going to the doctor's, and dentist, inconsiderate people . . . "The Fly' ers are number one!" . plans to help people, be rich, successful, happy, become a better sewer, re- main thin activities .. French Club 1. DENNIS P. BURKE ,, National Park , .3f9. likes driving, skatin , "Anne Marie," bowling, parties, life ., dislikes figlitin ,going to church .."I wish. " .,, plans to join Ste Marine Corps. VICKI LYNN BRAUN RB., Christy, Moe, Larry . . Wenonah, 4fI3f58 . . likes the shore with the six pack, Bud, parties, partying with P.L. and S.A., Flick and Flack, the Three Stooges, the Little Ras- cals, Beatles, Beach Bo s, walkin in the rain, storms, andtalks witg BB ..., dislikes fightin with Rene, Ierry's smart remagiis, hitting parked trees, Pat's s.o.s. dinner, Mr, Fox, Sue's and Doreen's fights over Oreo cookies, phone calls from T.B. at 3:00 am, trucks, snotty people,and good-byes . "Terrif- ic" ., plans to go to college and go into law ... activities ,.. Soph Hop Committee 2, Float Commit- tee 45 Office Aid 4, Ski Club 2,3,4j Prom Committee 3, National Hon- or Society 3,45 Student Council 1,2,3,4 - President, French Club 2,3, 4 - Vice-Presidentj Winter Track 1,2,3, Spring Track 'l,2,3, Cross Country Z, Varsity Cheer- leading 3,4 - Co-captain. IASON COLEMAN BURNS Woodbury Heights ,6f3f58 . likes writing, being with friends, sum- mer, lames Taylor, having someone who cares, au- tumn eventngs, M'A'S'H, Linda Ronstat, Harry Chapin, Acoustic six and twelve string guitars, starry nights dislikes AM stations, hood people, rain, nothing to do, cloudy nights, filling out question- aires, Led Zepplin, brown nosers, stuck-up people, C lunch, Algebra, Irish jokes . "Yeah!" plans to go to college, maybe PCB, but expects to be a failure. STEVEN A. CAGE PATRICIA VERONICA CAMPBELL . . Tricia ,, Woodbury Heights . 4f5f58 likes friendxl1yApze!o- le, sho ing, parties, " ", aildwodizl? Gardield Ave., Fair- view, Culby, spending money, Oc- tober, March, lanis lan, Bernie Herman's Movie ,. dislikes on- ions, B.G., waitin for people, be- ing told what to jo, not being able to save "Huh", "What?" ,. plans to go into the career of fash- ion and settle down in the future , activities . , Soph Hop 2, Homecoming 31 Office Aide 1, Nurses Aide 'lg Basketball 1, Hock- ey 1. IOSEPH 5. CAMPANA Wood- bur Heights ., lf7f59 likes hoclcey, music, cars, T.V., football, movies, money, baseball .. dis- likes little brats, hunting "I don't believe it" . plans to be an architect and an actor .. activities , Track, Weightlifting Club, Band. IOSEPH DOUGLAS CARBREY Doug Wenonah 9f21!5B ... likes girls, dances, driving, beer, bars, O.l.'s, Sat, nights, Sun- days at Gravatt's, Miller, Key Club, Wildwood, good movies, arties at B,O.'s, wrestlin , C.ino's aller foot- ball games, SchEtz, Parkway, party- ing with Bear, Alan's car in the parking lot, Westville girls, Gui- dence Office ,.. dislikes l.C.'s cor- ney jokes, Paul Vi, standing around at 7-11, Friday night football meet- ings, cold and rainy days, Bud, turning Beer and pizza into vomit, what beer does to your face, loos- ing weight for wrestling, freaks, parents who yell, pictures, prac- tice, getting shot down ,. "We'll see", "Great", "That's Cool!" activities .. Football 1,2,4, Wres- tling 1,2,3,4g tennis 1,25 Weight Lifting 3,-5, Key Club 3, iLt. Gover- nor 3,4J5 Soph Hop Comm., Prom Comm., Spanish Club 2, Home- coming Float 2. ALBERT CAMPBELL WILLIAM I. CAREL ., Willie . Woodbury Hei hts .. 3f19f58 . likes traveEng . "Take it easy" plans to go to trade school. THOMAS JAMES CAPASSO ., Tom, Covey , . National Park 4f6f58 ., likes baseball, hockey, Mr. Shaffer, cheerleaders, three stooges, hunting, Wolf Man lack, Maureen, lifting, to win, Dick Al- len, Rose .,, dislikes striking out, parking, to be scored on, raged off girls, being quite, takingm notes, Bob . , "No charge", "T at's cool", "Hay pussy!" . ,. plans to Become a Computer Programer ... acticities Baseball 1,2,3,4g M.F,L. 1,2,3,4, weight-Lifting 1,z,3,4. CLAY LOUIS CARY Clay-ball ... Woodbury Heights ... 8f22f58 likes sports, friendly people, Miller, dancing, being lazy, Wildwood, school, Dancette dislikes stuck-up people, being a sho ping cart, shanking a field goal? being told I choaked "Hey, wow!", "Sure!" . .. plans to goto college, play sports, and ma- jor in Business activities Football 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 1,2,3,4. IOSEPH ANDREW CARNEY IR. .., loe Art-. . , Woodbury Heights . .. 12f23f57 .., likes winning, Al Pa- cino, Gatewa lunches, relaxing, sports, Twitch lr., 419, sta ing healthy, Cat, B.O.'s parties, ham and cheese ... dislikes losing, get- ting hurt, phony girls, errors, Deptford, sprints, rain, Kirby's ioll:es,p'orino's ... "Go ahead , gee w at a ens" pans to ay college tlolotball, be successfulgnd coach activities Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Key Club 2,3,4, N.H,S. 3,45 Soph Hop Com- mittee, Prom Committee. IOSEPH ANTHONY CAR FAGNO CLI-N O e 0, 0' l . ' Cljijj CLOWN DEBRA ANN CARLIN Debbie .., Woodbury Heights .,. 3f1f57 ... likes O.C,, Bamm-Bamm, fish- ing, Winnie the Pooh, koala bear, jacksonville, the class of '75, doing what I want, blue mustan s ,.. dis- likes two faced people, sharing my bedroom with my sister, when Mr. Moore starts, getting up early ... plans to teach elementary school ... activities Tennis 1, Float Committee 2,45 Cheerleading 2,3,4, Prom Committee 3, Student Council 4, National Honor Society 3,4. 24 JAMES JOHN CARTER lim, Vince, Diamond lim, Easter Pi ,,. Westville 3f25f5B qikes "Baseball Cham s 75", "Gator Cup", street hockey, water skin , stone harbor, snow sking, basebaa, Killington Vt., "Bud", B.O.'s par- ties, snow, Flyers, hunting, Clayball acting un-normal, 7-11, Coliesum, Mr. Hughes lectures with "ani- mals", walking the hills ... dislikes being cut from basketball, dunks in river, sprints, ski mnt., yellow snow, crooked noses, sore arms, sitting the bench, Gateway tuna fish, ockers that don't lock "Don't talk to me!" .., plans to ski every mountain in U,S, on my nose, but expects to enter state police activities Baseball 1,2,3,4, Football 1, Wrestling 1, Ski Club 3,4, C.Y,O. Basketball 3,4. ROSEMARY IOHNA CHAPMAN Rose, Peach Woodbury Heights 8f2f58 likes gab- bing with Kate, hockey, pizza fights, cheese steak subs, "84", 7 seas, the shore, Miller Time, Pudge, Twanette, Flubby and Smell at ockey practice, ag rivating Brown, cold days, footbalT games, sledding at tall pines, being "75 Softball Champs" dislikes snobs, snakes, rakes, last time and the time before, being broke, "bad" moods, "R.I,", BricklTown- ship, being losers, rainy Mondays ... "Really?", "Huh?" ... plans to become a hairdresser . . . activities . . . Hockey 1,2,3,47 Softball 1,2,3,4, Float Committee 2, Prom Commit- tee 35 Soph Hop Committee 2. LINDA MARIE COLTON Na- tional Park 6f17f58 likes free Periods, to spend money, hav- ing un, to travel, weekends dislikes stuck up people, home- work, being bored "Sure.", "That's Nicel" plans to be a dental assistant . .. activities vocational school. 'Ugg-:W OANNE CLANCY ... Clance ... lational Park .. . 6f2f58 .. . likes eading, Crocheting, drawing, and 'aveling . . . dislikes any forms of hysica or mental exertion . . . Wait a minutel!l" ... plans to be- ome a police secretary. MICHAEL COLEMAN .., S ike, Casman, "the Kid" Woodbury Heights ... 4!15!57 ... likes the Beatles, girls, Groucho Marx, iports, Eag es, bookkeeping, Kate, hree Stooges, lournalism with Mom, El Camino, winning, Happy Days, Church . .. dislikes being small, losing, Daily Times, working on weekends, putting out trash, Gateway lunches, chocolate milk shakes .. , "My name isn't Camp- bell, it's Coleman." , . . plans to go to Colle e and make something out of my lige . , . activities ... Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 3, Wrestling 1. 25 CYNTHIA ANN CHOATE ... Cin- dy Woodbury Heights 12!10f57, .. likes sewing, camp- ing, driving, weekends, football games, wrestling, the shore. boys . . . dislikes school, trouble makers ... "Really?", "Your kidding?" . plans to be a secretary or a hair dresser. PATRICIA IOAN CONDELL ... Pat ...Wenonah . . . 4f16f58 . .. likes being happy, camping, nature and the outdoors, ice skating, being1on the road, my friends and t eir friendship, being myself and no- body else, Laura Nyre, the Swing Era, traveling, Early American His- tory, reading, Thoreau and Emer- son, and peace and tranquility .,. dislikes stereotyping people, peo- ple without a sense of humor, prej- udice, sadness, geople who are down who I can't ring ug, war and violence plans to e happy however I can in fulfilling my dreams activities Hockey 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Softbal 1,2,3, Student Council 1, Latin Club 1,2,3,4 - 2,3 Vice-President, 4, President, National Honor Society. STEPHEN CONOVER EDWARD H. CONLEY Bernie, Ed .. Woodbury Heights .. 7f16!SB . .. likes winning the Del- wood Senior Division Ro ler Hock- ey Championship, 9:50, Flyers, Roller Hockey, snow, skating, lis- tening to WIFI, my car, girls, La- Bomba, Burger King, The Parkway, B.D.T, Hockey in the gym, winning the Gator Cup Iespecially junior yearl, Flyers Parades, talking to the refs in French, Ice Hockey at the Coliseum, N.Y. Islanders, Chico Resch, Bernie Parent, "Moses," being with the gang ., dislikes Bud, Cowboys, Freaks, Capone, Nashville, the Golden Thread, La- Pacio's car, Labs, waiting for our jackets, giving up cheap goals, RMK Rats, Sweeney's stories, Doug Man, Phil Esposito, Tom Bla- don, Steve Vickers .. "You vic- tim!" "We're number one!" . . plans to go to college and be an BCCOUFIIHFII. PATRICA ANN CONNELLY DELORES ANN MARIE CONWAY . Dee . . . Woodbury Heights . 2f26!58 . . . likes concerts, movies, going to Philly on weekends, WYSP, Led Zepplin, Bad Company, food, weekends, Tom, Patches, FM - radio, money ,.. dislikes sports, big mouth people, lunch lines, steno homework, coming in first period, 7-11, Am - radio ... "Y0u're sick!" "You're crazy!" ., plans to marry Tom and find a good lile .. activities .. Latin Club 1,2, Prom Committee, 26 BARBARA ANNE COOK Barb . Wenonah ., 1f7!58 ., likes hockey, football games, driving to school, being alone with someone, music, H.R,, easy courses, every- one, movies , dislikes buses, school, food, fat, skinny people, work, sitting still, chemistry , "I don't know." "What's new?" . . plans to go to college and help people activities Hockey 1,2,3, Munchkins 1,2,3, Track 1, Float Committee 1,4. DOROTHY ANN CONTARINO .. Dottie . Woodbury Heights . , 7f29f58 likes T.W., tacos, mountains and skiing, the shore . dislikes stuck-up people, get- ting up at 7 a.m,, lima beans plans to go to college and get mar- ried . . activities Winter Track 1, Ski Club 1,2,3, fVlU5ICIFllU BI Ll.. fin his 502.9 42 3 , WlLLlAM CHARLES COOPER THOMAS COYNE Tom Wenonah. CATHERINE THERESA CREAMER Cathy Westville 9f14 likes Eagles, jackson Browne, tennis, volleyball, Friday night because you don't have to get ucp the next day, walking, bike hikes, camping islikes people putting down others. rainy Mondays, the beginning of school, homework "Now what did I do?" lans to become a dietltion or go into some field ol9Biology . activi- ties Tennis 1,35 German Club 1,2,3. ILANNE STARR CROWELL Na- tional Park 5!16!58 likes being real, people, snow, sunny days, horse back riding, spaghetti, Uncle Lee, Herb, Mr. O, music, eating, the Cseritol gan', the SO- DAT crew, good times, being row- dy, laughing, living, shopping, mo- torcytling, Ieeling tree, writing, the Fat Rat with whiskers, and his brother, the outdoors, Luke dislikes snobby and ignorant peo- ple, cliches, lake people, rainy days, Mondays, being unha py, being uptight, being sick, taking tests, and being confined "Au Man"' lans to do what ever - f P happens and seems right tor me activities Hockey, Basket- ball 1, Prom Decorating Commit- tee 3. IAMES CUPAIUOLO Westville -U8 likes girls, dances, mu- sit , Bowie, the shore, parties, mon- ey, summer, Stones live dislikes work, T.V., P.K. "Later my man" plans to be lawyer. 27 IOANNE DALLEY ... Wenonah ... 11f19!57 ... likes Eric, Mom's spagetti sauce, Culby, Franklin, parties, the shore, buying clothes, eating, Mrs. Yahrling's je y, Beach Boys, Frosh year . , . dislikes Snakes, Monday mornin s, Gino's, onions in food, being toFd what to do, getting up early "Sure1" "You'll get over it!" plans to work and settle down in the future . . . activities ... Vice President - Senior Class, Softball 3, Office Aid, Prorn Committee 3, Soph Hop Committee 2, Homecoming Com- mittee Z, Float Committee 3. DEBRA DIEDEL Debbie, Dee- dle National Park 101-V57 likes hockey, Bobby Clarke, cooking, dancin , being friendly, having a friend Eke Clay dis- likes phony people, History, bein hassled "You know?" "ReaE ly?" .. . plans to get married some ay.. .. activities Prom Com- mittee. ROBERT RAYMOND DECECCO, IR. ... Bob ... Woodbury Heights ... 11f24 .. likes lgirls, food, sports, bleeping, Alas a, Pontiac Grand Am dislikes wakinlg up to o to school, being hassle ... "Oi, wow!" "What a bummer!", "Not again!" ...glans to be a cop, and see the worl . . . activities ... Football 1,2,3,Wrestling 1, Track 1. 28 ERIC DELGRANDE Hityaygogo ... Westville 11f28 56 ... likes people, new adventure, to travel, to sit by myself, stereo, to communicate wit my brother, play football dislikes football practice, Gateway lunches, pride drill, Mr. Moore's history class . .. "Smile!", "Whatfs happening?" . .. plans to own my own business or play semi-pro football . . . activities Student Council 4, Football, Baseball, Ski Club. . ELIZABETH ANN DANDROW Betsy National Park 2f26f58 likes weekends and holidays, sports, Senior Lake, iced tea, pinochle, friends, snow, swim- ming: reading, drawing, writing, suns ine, peace of mind dis- likes staying after school, home- work, getting up for school, run- ning'after the bus, tuna fish, lunch in t e cafeteria, feeling guilty "That makes sense!" plans to attend college and major in bio- chemistry ... activities ... Basket- ball 1, Tennis 1,2,3,4, German Club 2,3, Student Council 3, National Honor Society, Yearbook Staff 4. NICHOLAS THOMAS DIFABIO ... Nick . . . Wenonah . . . 3719157 ... likes fishing, relaxing, moms apple pie . . . dis ikes school, work- ing "Cool." plans to be- come an electrician activitie Carpentry, Building Trades. THERESA MARY DIGRAZIO Terry, Ter ... Westville . . . 7f7f58 .,. likes Nick, summer, Wildwood, swimming, leaving early, cheering, away games, long rides, tap, ballet, and toe dancing, little kids, "Fatty", "Kong", scary movies, spending money, new clothes, Christmas, jap flaps, drawing, waffles with ice cream, diamonds, sapphires, Sept. 25th, long fingernails, pink, sur- prises dislikes cold weather, etting up early, rainy days, being Eored, oingi from work to prac- tice ancfbac to work again, term papers, mashed potatoes, waiting, crowds, being rushed, cheering in the rain, French, being teased . .. "ReaIIy?!!", "You fool!" plans to become a Dental Hygienist, to get married, and to someday open l a dancin school . . . activities . . . Basketbai 1, Homecoming Float Committee 2, Soph Hop Commit- tee 2, l.V. Cheer eading 2, French ,Club 2,3, Prom Decorating and Program Committee 3, Munchkins 3, Varsity Cheerleadirgjg 3,4, N.H.S., Yearbook Staff 4, Gui ance Aide 4, is ..,, URSULA HEDWIG EDER .., Woodbury Heights 6f21f58 . . . likes loving Greg, golf courses, food, March 2nd, animals, sleep- ing, Herbie dislikes getting up early,.Ieaving P.S.U., losing races, cruelty to animals . ., "What?" .. , plans to go to college ... activities . .. Cross Country 2, Winter Track 1,2,3, Outdoor Track 1,2,3, School Newspaper 3, Yearbook 3. EDWARD IOSEPH DOBKOWSKI .,. Ed, Dobbs ... Westville ... 7!28!5B likes music, The lim- my Dugan Story, Highway Star, s orts, cars . . . dislikes closed min- dedness, poor taste "Skip the gutter" .. plans to be a musician, SHAWN PATRICK DONAHUE ... Mug l Wenonah 8f4!57 . . . Tikes beer, football games, IoAnn, driving like a nut, arties, fast cars, holding up the wallobiy the water fountain, feeling goo dislikes football practice, being pulled over, working, grouchy gar- ents, people that don t keep t eir word, being broke ,,.Jalans to be- come a steemfitter, an get a home with a bar activities Float Committee 2,4, Soph Hop Com- mittee 2, Prom Committee 3, Foot- ball 1,2,3,4, Weightlifting 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1. 'Sw 'STIW9 29 VINCENT DITULLIO Dit Woodbury Heights .. . V1-V59 .. likes Roller Hockey, winning championship, pizza, Fridays, Elton lohn, Bobby Clarke, Flyers, Cold Weather, hockey in gym, being the youngest in the senior class, soc- cer, watching girl's hockey games, 9-6, goin to MacDonald's during study hass, being with the gang, A.R., goin to Flyer's parades, Wlfl - 92 . . . dislikes being the last one to get my drivier's license, pep ral- ly's, asparagus, hard tests, quick weekends, Monday's, Brad Park, friends moving away, overtime, Pittsburgh Pirates, Snobs, missing breakaway's, growing old, my hair Dallas Cowboys . . . plans to o to, university of Pennsylvania ancfplay ice hockey in the class of '23 rink, but expects to be an artist and make money ... activities .. , Soc- cer 4, Prom Committee 4. DAVID SCOTT ENGLISH ... Dave, D.S. Woodbur Heights - the home of the worlcl-famous Grant's Plaza 6!10f58 likes God, '70 Nova, broads, food, Howard's Seafood Restaurant, cruising on Route 9, surfing, skateboarding, Long Beach Island, Chuck Berry, Beach Boys, Doobie Bros., Monty Python, Marx Brothers, Three Stooges, Michelob . . . dislikes zits, the Oakland Raiders, imperialistic capitalist pigs, Bowie, state cops on Route 9, rip-offs, speed bumps, la- net Carley, toll ca ls, postage due, Gator lunches . .. "When in doubt, check it out." "Oh ... well uh" ... plans to enter a career in Law after spending time in the ser- vice activities Model U.N. 2,3,4, Youth and Government 2,3,4, Key Club 2,3,4, Polaris Staff 3,4, Ecological Action 2,3 - Presi- dent, National Honor Society 1,4 - President. LFNORl VALERIE FARRENI fXClll'NBf'kCll VVt'sIVtlle ZHSXSB likes Mike, koala hears, jeans, sheep clogs dis- likes liver, people who try tn im- press other people, history plans to continue to he happily married and raise a family. KAREN DENJISE EVANS VVest- ville , 11fl8f57 . likes Tom, life, rapping, people, discovering my feelings, wolves, thriller mov- ies, grave yards . ,. dislikes teasing, nagging, guilty feelings, bumbed out moods, lonliness, when presi- dent Ford interrupts my T.V. pro- grams ,. "That was really cool" , plans to get married and learn more about myself and others. IOSEPH FARREN, IR . IOC Westville . 5f2'lf58 likes parties, sports, sleeping, Bernie Parent, Sly Stone, Wildwood, sharks, being nuts, the cellar . dislikes waking up, Gator losses, boring classes, Math, snobby peo- ple "What's happening!" "lley!" plans to be a success in whatever attempted activities . Golf 1,25 Baseball 3,4, Soccor 3,4. INGRID HELEN FINKBEINER Ing , Westville 7f2f57 likes people, Paulsboro, "Eric Yarl- ing", Led Zepplin, Elton lohn, weekends, partying, Vans, Flyers, partying, 879, Pink Floyd, "G.L.", Senior Class, football games, danc- ing, Mr. Nelson's Class, night, sum- mer of 738175 , dislikes history, guys that think they're God's ift, daytime, Monday, arguing, snaEes, flirts, stuck-up people, sleeping, moody peop e, clicks "Hey Babe", "What's happening" plans to goto college, be a nurse, get married activities ,., Nurses Aide 1,2,3, Future Nurses Club 'l,2,3. 30 IODY LEIGH FORSMAN Iode Wenonah 12f4f57 likes Kermit, skiing, boating, summer vacations, "The Van", Fleetwood Mac, AI Stewart, Mott the Hoople, picnics, lack-in-the-Box, roses, Englishclass,butterscotch sundaes, barhecued potatoe chips, cruisin', WYSP, Great Adventure, Mrs. Gale, all m friends at Gateway dislikes fighting couples, havin to leave Kermit, vegetables, seging the Monte, these questionaires, leaving all my friends at Gateway "Kermit and lody - Forever" plans to become a playboy bunny but will definitely marry Kermit and become a secretary activities , Basketball 1, Soph. Float Committee, Office Aid 4, Football and Wrestling program produter 3,4. VINCE FEDERICO Woodbury Heights ... 5f13f58 ... likes hav- ing good times on the weekends, Beer on tap, The Double "A", lis- tening to music, Banzorotties, Coke, graduating, my sister when she has money, irls, winning soc- cer games, seeing Rene's car on fire and going down the shore ,., dislikes ang-overs, losing soccer games, big mouth people, forceful teachers, getting u in the morn- ing, rainy days, nothing to do and not having a car ... plans to go to Vocationa School or Masonary activities Soccer 1,2,3,4, Prom Committee. SUSAN GAYDELL GOLDING ... George . . . Woodbury Heights . . . 5f9f58 . .. likes Ocean City, Penn- sylvania, SMW, weekends, football games, driving, walking in the rain, water hikes ,. , dislikes stuck-u Eeople, getting up for school? omewor ... "What!?!?" ... plans to be a typesetter . . . activi- ties . ,. Basketball 1, Tennis 1, Latin Club 1,2, Vocational School 3,4. 4-ft 0 Mm ,yijfwfifpl J flsdkc WMMW M7 'if at WDM Woodbur Hei hts THERESA GAVIN Dave, G ,W . . . y g . , . 11121157 . .. likes loe, Wildwood beach at night, freedom, Dr. Pep- per, soft pretzels from Phila., tal - ing to Face, leaving early, sleeping late, snow days, colors of fall, hot fudge sundaes at Grant's, "Wilk" and "Chumley" . .. dislikes getting up in the morning, school, senior questionaires, popularity polls, oral reports, getting out of work late, rainy Saturdays, people afraid to be themselves, being told what to do .,. "I don't know!" ... plans to be happy. KENNETH W. GRAVATT Ken ,..Wenonah ... 4f10f5B . .. likes all nighters, girls, beer, sundays, the shore, food, free periods, mov- ies, parties, Hidden Acres ,. . dis- likes pride drill, going on the Dela- ware in the swamp pasrt, Friday night meetings .., "Merry Christ- mas!" . . plans to atten college . activities .. Football 1,2,3,4, Weightlifting 1,2,3,4, Student Council 1,2,3. Westville 7!12f58 likes Mustangs, beer, days off, sleep, three stooges, pizza, the shore, Fonzie disli es casts, kidneg stones, speed bumps, first perio , Capasso's sick jokes 'I give up!", "Hey Toots!", "Later!" p ans to be a carpenter ... activi- ties Soccer 2,3,4, Building trades 2,3,4. ,W IOHN IOSEPH GENTH KATHLEEN MARlE GRANT Kassy Wenonah 7f21f57 ikes Guy, North of the pier, Club Crocos, turkey, SJ., Wild- wood, Borkee sandwiches, D's, m family, Guy's family, trips with Thomgsons, Toots and lerry, Gin- nz an Ruth Ann, sleepin ... dis- li es julie asking, "ls that your mother's bra?", Sankus, L.M., get- ting ur early , . . "I was deliorious!" p ans to go to college ... ac- tivities Student Council, Vice- President 1,Z,3, Float Committee, Soph Hop Committee, Prom Com- mittee, Hockey 1. g 'T 1 C .IIS . 31 IOHNATHAN C. GRAY KATHLEEN MARY HARPER Harp ... National Park ... 3fSf57 likes going to Wildwood for the summer, surfin , October 30, "nose," talking on Sie phone, go- ing over "C" house, dancing, sew- ing, sports, riding around, Pauls- boro and Gibbstown, listening to lerry Vale, when Debbie runs in to trees goingto North Phila .., dis- likes sittinghome with nothing to do, being called Pork, sweet talk- ers, running over white things in parking lots, rain, gainin wei ht, what some one does to Eer, dgoc- tors, the mouth on M,S. "Right" "oh sure" .. . plans to travel and become an airline stew- ardess activities Hocke 1, Basketball 1,25 Softball 1,25 Student Council 1,25 Prom Committee 3. MARY E. HANNAH KAREN HANDT . .. Poppin,Pudge ,,, Woodbury Heights ... 6f14!58 ... likes M.P., playing s orts, cheese steak hogies, tacos, shore, blabing with Flo, Kate, being Olympic Comference Softba Champs '75, Flubby, Anntwar, Peach, Smell, Bud, beer . . . dislikes M.P.'s bad moods, snotty people, throwin up, Brick Twp., making ham ang cheese sandwiches, rain, crying drunks, Peache's bad moods, not being allowed to go out with my friends "What?" . . , plans to go to college become a CPA, and et married ... activi- ties . . . Hociey 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,4, Softbal 1,2,3,4, Student Council 1,2,3,4, Soph Hop Com- mittee, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Float Committee 1,25 Senior Class Presi- dent, National Honor Society. O ZW ELIZABETH ANN CREENWOOD ... Woodbury Hieghts ... 11f17!56 . , likes funny people, high school football games, to sew, to sing, little children, snow, talk- ing to people, animals, swimming, sleeping dislikes getting up at 6:30 in the morning, smart eople who think they know it all? rainy days "l'm sorry!" plans to go to work or go to Gloucester County Vocational School ac- tivities ... Tennis, Chorus. QQ? KAREN LYNN HARPER ,.. Nation- al Park ... 2f19f5B ,., likes Beach Boys, Snoopy, johnny Tench, sew- ing, driving, Sloe Gin and 7 Up, Earties, listening to music and 'ust aving a good time ... dislikes be- ing to d what to do, getting up in the morning, rainy days . ., "Real- ly?" "You're kidding" .,. plans to get a job buy a new car and take ife as it comes. .X IOETTA HEISER .,. lo ...Westville 4 ., 12f8f57 . .. likes KCB, to sleep, to watch and participate in all Torts, traveling, orange, volkswagens, having an un- efeated softball team, snowy weather, living, the out-of-doors, animals, Beach Boys, guitar, good movies, pinochle, camping, oofey people, motor- fc cles, collecting hats, Lincg Ronstadt, doodling, shore, partying, jeans, tootsie pops, green eyes, bub- ble gum . . . dislikes golf, cheerleaders, Mr. Warner's guickie quizzes, Mr. Nelson's jokes, lockers that on't work, Gateway lunches, being told what to do, people who think they know everything, rainy wee ends, history, term papers, Fords, college boards, study halls, riding a school bus, chocolate, wearing dresses, being sad or sick, prejudice, driv- ing, havine pictures ta en, nubs, crowds, the city . .. "Aw, c'monl" "Ain't that a bite . .. " ... plans to go to college, travel activities Hockey 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,35 Softball 2,3,4, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Na- tional Honor Society 3,4, Football Statistician 2,3,4, GEORGE W. HELLYER Wenonah . .. 10f24f57 likes B.O,'s Dancette, clubbing, soccer, David Bowie, Falcoon, shore, concerts, short practices, Banzarottis, snowed out school days, tennis, driving around dislikes losing soccer games, Gateway lunches, first eriod, homework, 7-11, getting up early on weeklends, pop quizzes, last minute re- search papers, Paul VI . . . plans to attend collegze , . . activities . . . Soccer 1,2,3,4, Tennis 1,25 Basket all 1, Key Club 3,45 National Honor Society 3,4. DEBORAH JOAN HARTSELL ,,. Debby Wenonah 7f7f58 . . . likes Herb, Cat Stevens, jethro Tull, Beatles, Neil Young, listenin to music in Mr. Howard's class, ang Mr. Howard, going over to How- ard and Kitche's, and watching ev- eryone get drunk, goin down the shore to fishin - if it dBoesn't rain, horseback ridqng, drawing, small arties, being with Herb, making lfiends, having Art with Arty dislikes large parties, lohn Lennon, Led Zepplin, liars, people who try to get over on other people, peo- ple who play games with your mind, Gateway lunches, crowds of Eeople, arguing with herb, and not eing able to fine a job , . . plans to ERIC M. HINKSON Rick National Park .., 2f24 ... likes Debbie, auto shop, working on my car, boats, summer, winter, snow, snowmobiling, the shore, New Hampshire . ., dislikes snobs, rain, know-it-alls, nosey people . , A "Catch ya later." "No, l don't have a blue note." .. . plans to go into business on my own. 33 and travel, SHAFER HENRY Bear Wenonah 9f1f57 . .. likes David Bowie, O.l.'3, eating, B.O.'s parties, S.F., egging Bob, Nationals, traveling, the Quarry, shore, concerts, music . . . dislikes warm beer, Gate- way lunches, losing, standing around 7-11, hearing about Dancette and Paul VI rom G.H., Camby P.P., being sick, 6!5f75 plans to beat A.H. etc activities . ,. Key Club 2, 3 81 4 - treasurer, National Honor Society 3,45 Prom Decorating Committee, Varsity Club, Homecoming Committee, Swimming 'l,2,3,4. marry Herb, get rich, move away RAYMOND EUGENE HOOD ... Gene, Carrot, Houchyman, Geneo, Hoood ... Wenonah .,, 1f14f58 . . , likes jackson Browne, America, campin , concerts, playing the gui- tar, walkin in the warm summer rain, volleyiall, PARTIES, being in the mountains, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, K.M., lames Taylor, FM radio, the Beauty Babe, classical music, ood friends, having a long talk with Vickie, Bruce Springstein, Dan Fogleburg, crusing, waterski- ing dislikes Elton lohn, David Bowie, FAKE PEOPLE, with Fake Personalities, unpredictable girls, people who don't saggy what they mean, rainy bla Mon ays, AM ra- dio ... ' Ivory head", "SURE", "Beauty Babe," "Pretty Nice," "Al- ri ht" ... plans to have a beautiful Iii and live it to it's fullest extent, go to college and workl . . . activi- ties . .. Spanish Club. YVONNE MARIE HUMMEL ,.. Bonnie ... National Park .,, 12!22!57 ... likes sixth period Law in 200, typing, working in the of- fices at Gateway, singing in chorus, having, a good time, dancing, horse ack riding, swimming, cook- ing, takin care of children ... dis- likes snoiby and nosey people, people that take things the wrong way, people that talk viciously about other people, arguing, peo- ple that think they are always right . . . "No it isn't." "You're horrible." "That's not fair!" "I am notl" plans to work during the day as a secretary and go to college at night activities All South Jersey Chorus 1,2,3, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Mad- rigals 4, Band 1,2,3, Office Aid 1,2,3,4, Guidance Aid 1,2,3, The- atre - Business Manager 1,2,3,4. BARBARA HOPPE Barb, Hop Westville 7f8f58 likes Philadelphia Eagles, Roman Gabri- el, Iohn Reaves, LA. Rams, Oak- land Raiders, Pitts. Pen uins, foot- ball, hockey, music, Eagles, jackson Browne, Don Fogel erg, Linda Ronstadt, cats, rabbits, snow, win- ter, Christmas, Toyotas, Volkswa- gons, babies, California .,, dislikes Mike Boryla, Wash. Redskins, Dal- las Cowboys, Elton John, AM radio, Boston Bruins, Roger Staubach, George Allen, Tom Landry, term papers, cigerettes, Tom Brookshier "The Eagles will take the divi- sion!" p ans to be a secretary and one day own the Eagles activities ... French Club 3,4, Stu- dent Council 4. RICHARD L. HULMES, lR Na- tional Park ... 4130 ... likes hunt- ing., trappinlg, girls . . . dislikes sc ool .., p ans to be a mechanic or a draftsman. RONALD EDWARD HUNSINGER ... Ronnie .,. Wenonah .., 7f19!5B likes fast cars, sprot fishing, hocke , speed boats, Wild- wood, waterskliing, working, fool- ing with cars, parties, girls, movies, LP's dislikes homework, being broke, winter, getting up early, hassles . . . "What about it?" "What's happening?" ,.. plans to get a job, travel activities . .. Baseball 1,2, EDMUND F. IDLER, IR. PATRICIA HUNSBERGER ... Little Patty, Shrimp .,. National Park . .. 4!25!57 likes Freshman year, talking on the phone, sleeping, A.L., sheepdogs, Beach Bo s, Fly- ers, parties, "Summer ol, '74," "Neet Nort," j.D.'s house, football games, franklin . . , dislikes 'Snakes," stuck-up peo le, flirts, Mondays, fighting, moodly people, being told what to do, being short, July 8, 1975, boys that think they're God's gift "Oh, wow, did they", ' Ya know" plans to go to college and work with airlines . . . activities . . . Majorettes 1,2,3, Homecoming Float 2, Prom Com- mittee, Office Aid 4. RENE NEAL IRELAND Kip Woodbury Heights .. , 7f19f5B likes Rende's wrestling party, egg fights in cars, the Beatles, mak- ing bombs with Chuck, bugging Vicky Braun, Orenich's parties, old cars, Heineken beer, Banzerotys, the mountains, wrestling, sitting up 7-11, small towns, Russians ... dis- likes society, favortism, brown nosers, Carmel Marino, running out of gas, running out of toilet paper, Budwiser, new homes, the Rock, warm beer, work, fake peo- ple, N. Korea, whoever is reading this's attitude towards me, cats .. . "hey Wow" plans to move to Pennsylvania, become cool, be- COIN f-- 94x 1 an Q I-o f tml, IVY 4 Q I' 'xg' Z. e fat, die in sleep ... activities . . Wrestling, Football. I s, lb 5 A4 ' z 7 x . 1 J lfo 9 gl!!-all ldv' 3, 4' . 5. ' " Q .1 YO? ' . ,, I an 'Kp fins.--f ANITA MARIE KALABUS ... Neat, Nose, -AMK, A-Neat Ka-la-bus, Spike ...Wenonah ... 5f26f58 .. . likes yellow, emeralds and dia- monds, lemons, Baretta and Fred, Wildwood, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, Katherine Hepburn, Four-Way Street, Bob Dylan, ten- nis, bike riding, spring and sum- mer, loey, "Gone With The Wind," flying kites, yellow roses, Hallow- een, onghhair, visiting Dummy and Alpo, "T e Wizard of Oz," Rhett Butler, ludy Garland, Scarlett O'Hara, harmonicas, dill pickles, mom's apple pie, thirteen, bare feet, Wilk, Shin, Fish and Mom ... dislikes winter and fall, cold pizza broken nails, red hair, glasses, cold rain, spiders, catapillars, kite strings that break , "Bumper," "The yearbook is going to be fine, Bon." , plans to grow up and go into journalism, the Theatre tor some- thing excitingl, and have lots of money .. activities ... Munch- kins 1,2,3,4g Yearbook 3,4 - Edi- tor, Polaris staff 3- Assistant editor, 4, Latin Club 2, U.M.Y.F. 3,4-secre- tary, Prom Decorating and Pro- gram Committees, Reader's The- atre 4, Wenonah's Delegate to Douglas College 3, Student Coun- cil 4, JOAN IACKSON , . . National Park ... 4f7f58 ... likes guys, partying, butter pecan ice cream, long hair, sunny days, concerts, good music, motorcycles, dungarees, long walks, and being myself . . . dislikes plastic people, rain, waking up ear- y, being used, snow, tests, and people who try to change me . .. 'Where's lenny?" ... plans to get a job, travel around, and meet as many people as possible. KEVIN IOSEPH KAPPRA Kind . .. Woodbury Heights ... 7f2f58 likes tennis, going to football games, pizza, Elton lohn records, chemistry class dislikes stuck- up girls, zits, apple polishers, giving speeches, writing research papers . . . plans to go to college and ma- jor in Buisness Administration. 35 IENNIE IAWOR National Park Bf17f58 likes concerts, guys, partying, lolly pops, surfing, good music, motorcycles, beach, dungerees, sunny days, snow, being me dislikes phoney people, rain, tests, etting up early, chocolate cake, qaoring days . , "What can I say" ,. plans to get a job, and take each day as it comes. BONNIE ELIZABETH KEAN Bon, Bean Pole, Hardware ueen, Butch Wenonah 8?1'If58 likes She-She, tennis, pickles, salad, koala bears, cats, Sylvia, "Mom," Art with Art, ellowbird, traveling, camping, ridling bikes, watching sports, ripe olives, lob- ster, playing tennis with Fish and Shin, terrific summers at Wala- Wala, watching Neat and Tina kill themselves, "stale pretzels", sour sops, and Clint Eastwood dis- likes history, lockers that won't open, colds, poison ivy, heated pools that aren't, being stranded on sanddunes, fish, green peppers, coffee, varicose veins, liver, swal- lowing pills, thunder and lightning, and Oak Valley "Pairdahn?" "The yearbook is going to be fine, Neat." plans to go in to the field of airlines or go to Art school, travel and be happy .. activities Tennis 2,3,4, Basketball 1, Na- tional Honor Society, Prom invita- tion and Decoratin Committee 2, Yearbook 3,4 - Editor, Main Of- fice Aide 4. IOSEPH THOMAS KINSELLA BETTINA MARIE KRUSCH , . . Tina Wenonah 10f15!57 ,.. likes seven, to be alone and totally and absolutely free, Young Life!! and Zensen, real people, fall weather, cold, windy, winter days, Life, Mr. Blair, patience, peace, en- durance, wisdom, knowledge, love, righteousness, truth, and the Lion of ludah, Baby Bear, and Bob a whole lot ... dislikes being bogged up with dumb problems, con icts, pessimistic people, ag- nostics, SAT's, microwave ovens, being disliked, summer heat, Evil "10-4" plans to attend a four yr. college or Art and Music tvocai .,. activities .,. Tennis 1, All-State Chorus 4. IOYCE ARLENE KLINGENBERG . . lo ce Wen- onah 2f9f58 likes lim, California, cherry cheesecake, Rogers-Astaire movies, Springsteen, Denver, the theatre, fruit salads, Neil Simon plays, Van Gogh, being an airline brat, a good laugh, sincer- ity, last minute vacations, eople who know what they're talking about ... rlfslikes Chemistry, buses, first eriod, leeches, cheap productions, Gino's, cli- entelle, apathy, lazy people, being broke, working Saturday nights, pub ic bathrooms . . . "Oh yeah? ' "Really?" ... plans to go to college, mayor in the- atre, get married, become a successful actress .. activities French Club 2, Munchkins 2,3,4, Na- tional Honor Society, Yearbook 4. Arts Festival 1,2,3,4. HARRY WILSON KNISELL .., Fonzj Funk .,. Wen- onah ... 5f19f58 .,. likes the 55, snow days, Ken- ny's parties, spacing things, Gara e Gan , Wenonah Yacht Club, 7-11, Heights, the Laie, jacE in the Box ,., dislikes Heights cops, two time girls, tacos when the 55 breaks, dead Saturday nights "Big deal little profit", "Lory", "Lordy, will wonders ever cease?" ... plans to be an accountant, businessman, or pro bum ... activities ... Wenonah Yacht Club, Piiogi2Committee, Soph Hop Committee, German C u ,3. was 5 36 Q IANA LEE KING .., lana . Wen onah ,,. 10!26!57 ... likes camp ing, biking, fall, jade, Chlnco league, The Who, "Gone With the Wind," books, Maine, driving old houses, Colorado, mountains snow dislikes term papers school, Math, getting up early Gateway lunches, rainy weekends stuck up people, bus . , What' "Shut up!" ,, plans to go to col lege .. activities . , National Honor Society, Color Guard 1 U.M.Y.F. 2 - vice-president 4 treasurer, Office Aid 1g Industrial IOHN THOMAS LAKE Wen- onah .,. 3f1f58 ,.. likes hunting, fishing, camping, swimming, can- oeing, Miller, Toyotas, ducks dislikes Carney's laugh, Kinkle's corny iokes, overpopulation, New Iersey "This is nuts" plans to o to college and live in the wilg. IOHN RODRIGUEZ LARSON Woodbury Heights 12!29f58 likes all day pep rallies, bru- nettes, Conan stories, bare feet, mountains, Porsches, pastries, Pink Panther, bikinis, sleep, falling snow, steaks . .. dislikes Gateway soccer uniforms, good quiz days, Iames Joyce, Gateway lunches, Cu- pid and Psyche, Bubonic plague "Tennis is for swingers" plans to attend college activi- ties Tennis 1,2,3,4, Soccer 1,2,3,4, Latin Club 2,3,4: Model UN 3,4. ANTOINETTE MARIE BERNA- DETTE LAPANN ,.. Twa, Twonnit, Toni Woodbury Heights 12f31f57INew Year s Evel . .. likes T.E.D.C. iTimi, catching up on the gossip with Kate, woo poo's yel- owbird, loan and Peg coming to watch me tplaymtennis and hoc ey, goofing of at ockey1practice, Sy - via, Brown's stomac , clothes, y- ing in the sun and getting a tan, any kind of chocolate, Peach, Flubby, Smell, Pud e, Vanhoran dis- likes my hair, girls, with large breasts, certain stuck up girls, feel- ing inferior, not being a million- aire, male chauvinists, zits ... "O- Kay" ... plans to o to Rosemont and become the imest 3rd grade teacher ever! activities Hockey 1,2,3,4, Ico-capt 4l, Basket- ball 1, Tennis 1,2,3,4, National Honor Society, Student Council 1,2,3,-1, Frenc Club, Soph Hop Committee, Prom Invitations and Decorating Committee. EUGENE COOPER LAMBERT ll ... Lamb chop . .. Westville, Land of Liberty 6f25f58 likes the shore, Miller, dusting my room, jump in a pile at Sea Isle, friends, lulie, Lorraine, Dancette, PP VI, burn outs, the Three Stooges, football, Esplanade Hotel dis- likes freaks, "on the line", pride drills, hassles, Monday mornings, hitting the sled, Math, bad sounds .,,"l d like to but" . .. plans to be a journalist or broadcaster - col- lege activities Football Z,3,4, Track 3,4, Student Counsil 1,3, Winter Track 4, Senior Float Committee, Prom Committee. .- 'J NEIL E. LARSON ,. Woodbury Heighas 5f5f5B likes play- ing t e trumpet, playing pin pong, short band rehersals, a good golf gi1mehBethh. ., disliklgs Gate- way unc es, omewor every niglht, too many people in this sc ool, 5 golf Fame 'lA:1, comeoi pans ogo mo electronics and get rich .. . activi- ties , ,. Wrestling 1,2, Band 1,2,3,4. FLir'+ Pai-tml ,ai-a+ again! STEVEN RICHARD LEAHY ... Steve ... Westville ,.. 8f5f58 ... likes "Mopar", some Chevys, "Peggy", sleeping, driving, "Fon- zie", plain cheese steak , . . dislikes frogs, Fords, heads, tools, speed bumps, waking up in the morning, Chuck, C.B. .., "Hey!", "Yoo Skip!", "l give up", "Some people work", "Later" plans to work, maybe activities Building Trades 2,3,4. CAROL LEX ... Westville ... 9f28f56 likes the laughing Clown game at Clementon Lake Park, snowdays, assemblies, Italy, people to talk to,color red . .. dis- ikes the Kat game at Clementon Lake Park, room 403, History, grasshoppers, surprise quizes "Oh my stars" plans to go to college and major in C hristian Education . . . activities . .. Hockey 'lj Latin Club 3,4. PATRICIA LICHTCAP .., Bobby, Manny, Moe, Monk ... Wenonah ... 'l0f10f57 ... likes lim, the Three Stooges, the shore with the six pack, S.W.I., Bud, watching the "R.B." get sick and pass out, Woodbury Hei hts, walkin barefoot, cornfields, Vicki's version oT"Help me RT1onda" . . . dislikes "on the line", not having a car, snobby people, Mr. Fox, V.B.'s bad moods, F.F.F., listening to Sue scream at 2 A,M,, "five lousy oreo cookies' . .. "I don'K care" plans to go to college and become an Interior Decorator ,.. activities . .. Student Council 3,45 Na- tional Honor Society 3,4, Spanish Club 1,2,3g Cross Country 2,3,4, Winter Track 1,2,3,4, Spring Track 1,Z,3,4, Soph Hop Committee 2, Prom Committee 3, Float Committee 2, Ski Club 1,2,3,4. PATRICK STEPHEN LISK .., West- ville ,.. 6f8f58 ... likes ice hock- ey, street hockey, box lacrosse, watching any sport dislikes school, omework ... plans to at- tend Canadian college, then play professional ice hockey. KCQVC of DAVID 7!2!57 , . . mountains, sun- days, New York ho stick up for in a ri- can, college, tivities . . . QV' D015 N35-1 QQ M 290W dw E' XS' X ,f Q Q 1 CAROQ 5 THE FLFlKIE5Tf k..! L2 ' UHSE9 Q55 -if? EVE MADIAS . Woodbury Heights 1f3f58 . likes to draw, travel, party, meet people, Arty's, 1st period class, for four years, Yes, CSNLY, Virginia Beach, freaks, long hair, parties, B.B., vans, the woods, Maryann and George dislikes certain W, slang, plastic minds, A. Mradio ., "Too beauti- ful" .,, plans to go to colle e, go to California and get rich, angwhat ever comes along, KAREN HELEN MACDONALD Rong Mac ,.. National Park ,.. 12f18!57 likes Mom: Dad, Po- peye, O,C,, Friday the 13th, Class of 75, "THE ORANGE PlNTO", Sat- urday ni hts, C.P,, Gateways foot- ball coacqtes, 5f24!75, june 22nd, 9!20!75, 12th, Dagos dislikes two-faced people, waiting for Debbie, when Mr. Moore starts on me, losing to WD. ... "l'm sure!", "Where's the bathroom?" ,,. plans to live each day as it comes .., activities ,. Basketball 1, Spanish Club 2, National Honor So- ciety 3,4, Float Committee 2,4, Prom Committee 3, Yearbook Staff 4. KEITH I. MADDOX Wenonah 3f7f5B .. likes gymnastics, bod building, girls, cyc es, cheese steak hoagies, summer, hunting, water sking, Datson 2802 .. dis- likes winter, school, working, get- ting u in the morning . .. p ans to attencll college activities . , Gymnastics, IEROLD MARCONE .. Stallion Woodbury Hei hts . . 4f4f58 likes parties, scEtool dances, 7- 11, weekends, B.O. parties, Satur- day football games, cutting Vicki, Pat and joe, 883 . dislikes boring weekends, classes, B.A. .. "That's not bad" plans to live life to the fullest activities Football 2,3,4, Basketball 1. TERRYLYNN MARPLE West- ville .. 8f8f57 ., likes swim- ming, motorcycles, nature, danc- ing . dislikes people who throw their trash on the ground ilitter- bugsl, people who think they're better than others ,.. plans to be a model thigh fashionl. 39 ERNEST L. MARTINO IR. Ernie . Westville 3f'l657 likes Burrell's class, Gateway, gym, ob- stical course .. dislikes Poetry through Music, rainy Mondays, waking up plans to graduate from GCC. HAZEL A. MATTHEWS ,.. Nation- al Park .., 9f25f57 ... likes lim, weekdays, parties, izza, Cor- vettes, babies ,.. dislilges slow dri- vers, cold mornings, unfriendly people "Wow" "Oh yea" plans to become a secretary and be appy in life. AILEEN KATHERINE MCCAFFERY National Park ... 12f'lf57 ... likes lim, talking with Mr, Blair, the guys in the office, getting involved, Mrs. Burrell's class, snow, waterskiing, swimming, the shore, dances, parties, sloe gin and 7 up .., dislikes Mon- days, rainy days, stuc -up people, losing in a snow- ba l fight, being put down, people that can't make it "Who? W at? Huh?" plans to get married, work, attend G.C.C., start a family -later , activi- ties . , Color Guard 1, Soph Hop Committee, Float Committee 2,4, Prom Committee 3, Refreshment Committee 4. DENISE MECHOLSKY Chow, Polock ,.. Wenonah .,. 3!15!58 likes GRHS football team and their coaches, Barney, 389, going to GCVS for D,A., Chopper's class, "Gables of Margate", Washington Ave,, "Margate", lefferson and Amherst, "S.H.", Uncle Dicks, The Spinners, Marionette, My main manl, Vettes, burgandy lags, Gene London's Golden Fleece, Ca- maros, workin at "lack", parties, VICA dislikes two-faced peo- le, "personal or private jo es", liomework, jealous people, being used and taken for granted, having to leave places early .. "Hey man", "I don't know", "Oh my goodness" plans to attend a two year college and be a licensed Dental Hygienist ... activities ... Football Stats 1,2,3,4, Baseball Stats 1,2,3,4, Hockey 1, Basketball 1, Float Committee 1,2,4, Prom Com- mittee 3, GCVS - Vica, Latin Club 1,2. ED MEASE LXLLJ5 THOMAS MCCABE Tuck ... Woodbury Heights ,.. 4!2!57 ... likes havindg a job to pay bills, L.A. Rams ... islikes McDonalds, l.W. ... plans to go to night school for l bric work activities ., Foot- ball 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1, Weight Lift- ing 1,2,3. gjlwwov bfi ANTHONY FREDRICK MEDURI . Westville . .. 6!12f57 . ,. likes sleeping, watching a hockey game on T.V,, runnin my dog, good cold beer ,,. disEkes warm in win- ter, cold in Summer, a hot beer , ,. plans to go to college. DONNA MEEKS .,. Don ,.. Wenonah likes God, sunsets, clouds, 84 friends, Chuck Girard, Young Life, cheese, Coffee House, 12!27!73, Perk, kindred hearts, Ming, elevators, Washington D.C., flakes, Mister Goober, Lucies, cam- el crossings, "Don't let it go on your arm, Toni" dislikes Mt. Misery, sewer rats, "everyone else has long dresses on" "How nice for you" .,. plans to yes ,., activities . . . Youth in Government 2,3,4, Model U.N. 2,3,4, Debate 3,45 French Club 2,3,4, Hockey 1,2,35 National Honor Society 3,41 Girls State 3, lunior Miss 4, Year- book 4, MYF, Campaigners, Young Life, Campus Life. RONALD STEVEN MILLS ... Woodbury Heights ... 12f15!57 . . . likes Kathe, classy motorcycles, music, a good conversation lshar- ing thoughtsl, clean socks in the morning, Harvey-wallbangers dislikes oppression, peope with- out opinions or values, running out of gas, underwear that doesn't fit . . . "Hold your buns on!" . . , plans to become a thoracic surgeon, get married and keep my wife barefoot and pregnant . . . activities , . . Band, Choir, Tennis, Munchkins. CAROL ANN MILLER Wen- onah 11f22!57 likes Sun- day, lohn Denver, real camping, good food, loving people, Captain Lou and American Lit Class, tennis on hot days, Surf City, Hockey Camp '74, the "ma bung tan,' Wandy, Uncle Ioe, Langston's Lake, Colorado and her mountains, sleeping out and sneaking out, MAA, Eagles . , . dislikes Auntie Em - intensely, cliques, playing tennis with Michael, fakes, Patty's bad aims, makin big decisions, wait- ing, MichaeFs moods, obnoxious- ness, Sundays ending, football meetings plans to go to col- lege, then enjoy life ,. activities , Hockey 1,2,3,4, Tennis 1,2,3,4g S anish Club 'l,2,4 tPres. Zi, Nation- al, Honor Societ 3,4, Student Council 1,2,3,4 - ?Sec. 4l: Youth in Government 2,3,4, Office Aid 3, Soph Hop Committee, Prom Com- mittee. 7 x off' ll , li fix , BESTUW sizuz iv g j , C C v C DOMM Meek Q! NANCY G. MILLER Woodbury Heights .,. 10f25!56 ,, likes Mrs. Bfs class, bike riding, Hubert, Fat Rats, Spinners, Stevie Wonder, Frank Corsey, Sept. 4, 1973, the hut ,.. dislikes games that people play!, Hey man, solid prejudice people "Well, that's life" .. plans to go to college and to be able to help joe to ta k, marry F.C, .. activities Hockey 1,2,3. lOANN MARGRET MORENCY .. National Park ,.. 12f7f57 . ., likes Shawn, art, parties, Barney, sleep- ing, footbal games, pay checks, swimmin , Dec. 7, food, week- ends, basketball games ,. dislikes waking up in the morning, work, tests, "driving Shawn nutty", stuck up people .. "l don't know" , pans to go to work, have fun, marry Shawn .. activities . Float Committee 2: Soph Hop Commit- tee 2, Prom Committee. GERALD E. MOUGHAN .lay .. Westville 11f20f57 ,. likes going on trips , dislikes school, people who are phoney ... plans to go to Washington State or just travel around, then settle down. LYNN MOROCCO Woodbury Heights .. 9f22f58 ,. likes B.B.'s, Florida, sleeping, work, par- ties, shopping, Bernie Herman's movies, Camaros, Ca ney, Bogart dislikes being iored, cold weather, Wenonah slang, flying on a plane, being rushed, coming in first period, iars, bim heads "We can be late" . . . plans to go to college and become a C,P.A, CAROL MOUNT , National Park -V1-V58 . . likes real people, Mr. Bartleson, feelin good, listen- ing to glood music, gancing, going to foot all games, horses dis- likes phony people, S.H., a lot of homework "So much for that" plans to work for a year then probably go to college activi- ties Prom Committee. 42 CINDY LU MOSSOP Mot-Pul Wenonah ., 10f13f58 ... likes George, joking with Mr. "S", parties, Saturday ni hts, taking ong walks with Pug, spending money, watching movies, spend- ing time in the Band Room instead of class, football games, springtime, April 14, Ed's place, Wildwood, Proms , dislikes grou ies, et- ting up on Saturdays ancfguntix s, snobbytfzeople, Rags, mean looks, rainy ays, waiting, hospitals, Chevy Vans, knee operations, Westville parades, ace bandages, getting stopped for a hall pass , "Come on", "Gee Whiz", "But "Whow!" ., plans to get married to George and go to col- lege for Dental Hygiene ... activi- ties .. Band 1,2,3,4 L3 feature riflei l4sgt. of armslj Student Council 2,3 i3 secretaryl, Latin Club 1,2 L1 His- torianl, Colorgaurd President 4, Munchkins 1,2,3,4, Reader's The- ater 4. of b KIM MARIE MULHOLLAND . . Westville 9f2f58 , . likes Vic- tor, football games, Bus. Math Class, Mrs, Mac, parties, summers, being a senior, mini millers, deco- rating football players houses at 4:00A.M., weekends, going out with thelgirls, teasing "lack", mon- ey, frien s, and lots of good times, Mrs. Chap, tacos, driving, Beach Boys, snow, seeing old friends, D-unkin Donuts, Mr. Stester dislikes two faced people, leaving sc hool, saying goodbye to friends, being alone, bum knee's, school bathrooms, stop signs, rainy da s, Mondays, suspension, riding the bus, freckles . ,. "Ya know", "Real- ly!" , plans to raduate, get a good gob, travel, be happy, pass drivers test, and someday get mar- ried . activities , Basketball 1, Office Aid, Cheerleading 3, Class Officer, secretary 3,45 Soph Hop Committee, Prom Committee: Float Committee 3,4. MARK EDWARD MULLIN KIM VIVIAN NASS Kirrtmer Westville 2f21f5B likes Ed, Fridays, Ocean City, snowy weath- er, Mr. Shinnick's Class, Tango, working tn the office . dislikes Mr. Warner's Quickie Quizes, crowded Iavatortes, stuck-up peo- ple, rainy weekends, getting up "What a flip out", "I don't know" plans to go to college for chemical technology activities Basketball 1,2,3,4, Softball 2,3,4g Soph Hop Committee, Prom Committee, National Honor Soci- ety 3,45 N.H.S. Treasurer 4. if Q. o Mlm ,x 7 KIM NEILD f't05T IruDlvIDUAtl5t1Q RUTH ANN NODDIN Wen- onah 8f4f58 .. Itkes B.B., be- ing the best fish attractor on Stes- ter's boat, mone , boys, Hawaiian Punch, french fiies, being with friends, lazy days, sleeping, Bogart and Fabian movies, Eonzte, no school, Culby's class, Nat's class . dislikes Alan's jokes, snobs, Qtnny waking me up, Kassy's luck, RHSP, Mrs. Bowker's sarcasm, Chest jokes, riding bus, school lunches, Monday mornings, summer ro- mantes,G.B. "Knock it off" plans to go to buisness school, marry somebody . activities ., Soph Hop Committee, Float Com- mittee 27 Prom Committee, Office Aid 3. P,-XULITTI IOAN NISSLER ltestxtlle J 18 Stl likes Billy, weekends, spagahetti, bowling, being able to be alone when I want to dislikes getting up early, waiting, people who have to talk behind your bark "I don't feel like it" plans to marry Bill and raise a family, be happy attivtties Basketball 15 Float Committee 21PtOtn Committee 35 Secretary to Mr. Sankus 'l,2,3,4. DONNA MARIE NORDABY . Westville 8f2fS8 likes hockey, Lattn tto some extentl, puppies, working in the library, pina with green peppers ., dis- ikes etting up at 6A.M. on cold Mondnlay mornings, Latin tsome- ttmesl lans to study s etial education is college actlinvittes wwf . Latin Club 4, Library Aide 3,4. .f-.J 43 l BRUCE OHRENICH The Russian, Communist ... Wood- bury Heights ... 10f22f58 ... likes Saturday nights, girls, "Best of Bread," doing nothing, Coors, Miller, Ioan and losie, "the vic- tim," the shore .,, dislikes Friday night, meetings, Chemistry Labs, work, M.D. 20-20, Bud, Rkans, Wops, Wasps, Kikes, Bigots plans to go to college ,.. activities ... Key Club 2,3,4, Student Coun- cil 1,2,3,4, National Honor Society, Basketball 1, Football 1,2,3,4. GRISELDA OLAVARRIA . .. Wenonah ... 7!22!57 likes T.V., reading, listening to music, laying cards dislikes weat er ans to . . . , . . p liearn English and go to college. 254. .-gr -5 DARLENE ELLA OTT ... Billy ... National Park 1!15f likes Mark Schukert, pizza, Simon and Garfun- kle, runnin , Spring, Fall, first snow, interesting peo- le, .. . disikes a lot of hard homework, being sick, Being told what to do, phoney people ,., "No homework?" plans to attend college and be- come a veterinarian ,,. activities .., Track. THOMAS PANEPINTO ... 9f4f57 .., likes parties, camping, all sports,trave in . , dislikes ettin 8 - 8 caught cutting "Let's Partylg .. . plans -to travel, explore, settle ,., activities . ,. Basketball, beinga good student. 3 . 44 Y Y Y 3-ual il cl LLLCU? DEBRA PALLANTE ... Westville .., 'l'lf27f57 .,. likes parties, concerts, movies, WYSP, cats, week- ends dislikes sports, big mouth people, show- offs, homework, lunch lines, rainy days "Shut- up" . . . plans to be a secretary, travel around activities Prom Committee 3, Guidance Aid 4. LILIANA PAREDES ... National Park 3f23f57 likes T.V., reading, dancing, playing cards ,.. dislikes weather , . . lans to learn English and go to college. l fllillllgy LINDA MARIE PARKS L5 s 59 S95 xx ,lllli Q 'K D0 Il, T5 QQ 4- 'CT gf CORNIE ,9 Fwllfgg BONNIE PETTOLINA . Westville , , 8f8f58 likes parties, Mrs. Mac's class, weekends, Ravioli, dunkin-donuts 1st period, Sep- tember 1, Chuck dislikes get- ting up early, nosey people, peo- ple who are always late, cold days "Your kidding" plans to becornea scretary . . , activities . ., Student Council5 Soph Hop Com- mittee, Prom Committee. Ct' CDF'-A CHARLES ALAN PETERS IR. Wenonah 10f21f57 likes sports, hunting, fishing, water skiing, parties, bt-ds, felling good, people, traveling, Miller, Kents, cutting grass dislikes pride drills, school, B.A., burning out, Friday night meetings, Bo- gart, discipline, sleeping under tab es "Hey" , plans to go cross country and expects to get high in socicty activities , Football 1,2,3,45 Basebal 1,25 Lunch 1,2,3,4, CAROL ANN PASLEY . Wood- bury Heights , 9f2fSB . likes parties, friendly people, sunny days, Wildwood, summertime, lit- tle kids, driving, music, mustaches, chocolate . dislikes tests, being put on the Spot, Mondays "Oh, Yeah!", "ReaIly!" ,. plans to goto New York City and become a mo- del .. activities .. Color Guard 1,25 V. Cheerleading 3,45 Prom Committee 35 National Honor So- ciety 3,4. DENISE PETERS .. Dee . . National Park ., 4f1f58 likes Wildwood, walkng in the rain, bab sit- ting, with C.C., parties, milk shakes ... diskkes crowded halls, stuck-up people, boring weekends, cliques plans to get a job, go to G.C.C. and be happy activities Basketball 15 German Club 2 ttreasurerJ5 Prom Committee5 Float Committee. 45 PATRICIA ANN PHELPS Pat, Flubsy, Phelpsy , National Park . 3f2!58 . likes 319, tacos. pizza, smell, Twa, Pudge, Peech, Vanhora, pizza fights, sports, school, winning, decorating foot- ball player homes, shore, Miler, parties, Nat, Colby in Mrs, Gale's class, rippin off clothes at hockey, Italion fooci talks with Kate, "a piece of the rock", driving around, friends, Beach Boys, 4-seasons, sad songs, sunny days, snowball fights, Karen's imitations, B.H., being champs .. dislikes dirty bath- rooms, losing, rain, Brick Twp, staying in, bad moods, getting fat, Peech's bad moods, not playing ball with Turk, dislocated elbows, leaving Gateway, being seen in the locker room by certain male teach- er iD.M.l . . "Give it up!" plans to go to college, be happy, eventually get married activi- tics . Hockey 'l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Softball 1,2,3,45 Student Coun- mittee 1,25 Office Aide 3,-1. cil 1,2,45 Soph Hop Committee, Class Officer Sec. 1,25 Float Com- i . C CATHERINE ANN POWERS , Cathy Woodbury Heights SXVSB , likes summer, the shore, parties, Cat Stevens, good frtends,huyingr'lothes,havin fun, watching football games, ieer, clubbing with Lyn dislikes get- ting u in the morning, being huggc-ill HYI11, unfriendly people, D.M. buggin me about my driving "Have Fun" "Be good" plans to go to college, live in Cali- fornia activittes , Tennis 15 Munchktns 2,3,45 Float Committee 2,45 Prom Committee lband and decoratinglj Yearbook Staff 45 Track 3,4. LINDA IUNE PIERCE . . Westville Z!-V58 likes Gary, Con- certs, Pink Floyd, talking, F.M, ra- dio . dislikes Phoney people, rainy days, show-offs, A,M. music , plans to marry Cary and always be happy. IAMES DUFFY POOLE ,. Wood- bury Heights ... 6f25f58 ... likes music, travel, days off, parks, bicy- cling, quick decisions, having mon- ey, shananagans dislikes sur- Erise problems, undecidedness, assles, scratched records, bad equipment, being poor .,. "Ain't nothin happenin" ,., plans to fur- ther education and try to succeed in music. SHERRYL LYNN REEVE . . Nation- al Park ,, 1'lf7f57 ,. likes Mike, beautiful days, fun, dancing, James Cagney, music twirling, oing Elaces, animals, the funny iings ids do, soda, friendly people, chocolate milkshakes, fantastic pa- rades, walks, Wildwood, swimming ,. dislikes workin on Saturday nights, Mike's hats, gghts with par- ents, pressures, homework, dull parties .. "Do it yourself, I'm not your maid," "But ah ..." .. plans to attend College for Elementary Teaching, and someday get mar- ried activities Majorettes 1,2 - Captain 35 Prom Committee 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Ele- mentary Teachcr's Aide 4. SALLY A. REIM 46 BRENDA ANN PRYZWARA ... Woodbury Heights 'l0f28f , likes the shore, traveling, ani- mals, Cat Stevens, guitars, camp- ing, reading, Chemistry, my par- ents ... dislikes Catty people, phonies, smoke, goodbyes, degen- eratcs plans to live a happy, fulfilled, educated life , , , activities Play 25 French Club 2,3,45 Float Committee 35 Prom Committee 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Color- guard 1,2,3,4 - Captain. IOYCE ELLEN ROBERT West- ville 3f'l4f58 ,. likes England, l.l., cats Pizza, and johnny , dis- likes meanness, car accidents, squash , "Let's slab," . , plans to get married. CHARLES RIEGC ., Riegsy .. National Park . 12f2'l 57 .. likes beer, Ohrenich's parties, B.T.O., driving Lars, getting bad Bob sick, Perrone's parties, drink- ing with Tom, Bill, Fred, Ed, Bob, Brian, and Tom C. . dislikes Gateway dances, hangovers, bor- ing parties, hearing Rene begging for money, crowded halls "Let's get some beer tonight." plans to get a good aying job activities Studifnt Council, Prom Committee, Baseball 1, Wrestling 1,25 Vocational School. ROBINETTE M. RIPPEY Robin Westville 7f10 likes people of all kinds, animals tesp. girafesl, food, Ray, my parents, making people smile, being happy, and the countr . dislikessnakes, lima beans, polfution, doing dishes, and tests "Oh darn it!" . plans to be a professional ventrilo- quist activities Working, going to the movies, National Hon- or Society, swimming at the YMCA. KATHRYN IESSlE ROTHSCHILD Kathie, Face, Dr. Foote , Woodbury Heights 2f25f58 likes The Banana Boat, feet, Great Adventure, sleeping late, PCPM, cruising around, spending money, Moody Blues, Sun, Hi- Speed Line, air lanes, McDonald's, my dogs dislikes fake people, getting up earlty, rush hour traffic, running out o gas, parallel park- ing, rainy days plans to become an assistant foot lpodiatric assis- tantl, get a good job, travel, and be happy , activities Basketball 1, Boy's Basketball Score-keeper 2, Soph Hop Decoratin Committee, Soph Homecoming Float Commit- tee, French Club 2,35 Chorus 3, Munchkins 3, Prom Committee - Chairman of Favors Committee. iiitfly STEPHEN RUMAKER IOSEPH RYAN 47 MICHAEL R. SCHIAVO .,. Hoafgie ., Woodbury Heights . , 9f9 58 ,,. likes music, going to concerts, camping, parties, and cool teachers dislikes rats, uncool teachers, and being told what to do .., "What's happening?" plans to be a plumber, MARK A. SCHUCKERT Woobury Heights 1'lf-V57 likes cool people, teachers, parties, un- derstandable homework, 455 S.D. Trans Am Fire- birds dislikes uncool people, teachers, Calculus "What's happening?" .. plans to obtain a dc- gree in Electrical Engineering ., activities ., Golf. ROBERT IOHN SEVILLE Bob , Wanonah .. 2!24!58, ,likes Chrysler Productions, working, Three Stooges, camping, parties, "When Things Were Rotten", dancing, soccer, golf, Flyers, savin money, Pittsburg Steelers, ans Terry Bradshaw .. dislikes Gate- way lunches, spendin money, getting up for first period, Gateway uses, homework, school days . "Hay, Wow!", "Who knows?", "I'm starving!" plans to be- come an Electrician activities .. Soccer 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 1, Golf 2, Class Treasurer 2,3, Float Committee 1,2, Soph Hop Com- gnitttee, Key Club 1,2,3,4 Secretary MARTIN THO MAS SCOTT III Marty ... Wen- onah . ., 9f9f58 ... likes playing guitar, Mr. Wilkin- son and debate, beards, Monty P thon, Cat Stevens, lim Croce, lohn Denver, the Lord, Mrs. Burrell, Tina Krusch's hands, peace, reading dislikes home- room, Calculus, Math 12, and any of Mr. Warner's other classes, stupid announcements, Dave's short hair, hunger and poverty and hate ... plans to be- come a Minister ... activities ... Youth in Govern- ment, Key Club, National Honor Society - Vice- President, Debate Club, Model U.N., Bible Study. IOHN E. SCHRULL Skull Westville , . . 6f20f58 . .. likes Da- vid Bowie, lim Hendrix, dancing, Bruce Springstein concerts, meet- ing people, driving, freedom, watching T.V., weekends, gettin down, music, lulie H., Karyn Q., shore, nice girls . ., dislikes punks, gherkin it, being ordered, Algebra ... "Can you re ate?" "What's in it for you?" ,. . plans to give success a try and be a stud . . , activities . .. Key Club, School Newspaper, Baseball, Golf, Basketball, Football manager, Prom Committee. l t N 1 fb GN is 11" MOST INDI VIDUALI STIC.. 48 JANET M. SHAW ... Westville ... 1011 , . , likes friendly people, par- ties, football games, getting up late, having fun, sunny days, and laughing , . . dislikes pushy people, studying, History, getting up for 1st pd., taking tests, rainy days, and goodbyes plans to be happy and enjoy life activities German Club 1,2. THOMAS SHOLDERS CHRISTINE MARIE SMITH . Chris , National Park 12f'l5fS7 .. likes joe, Little Rocky, Mrs. Villari's Italian food, winning Hockey games, aggravat- ing Brownie at hockey practice, getting piz7a after winning, getting donuts for Nat, Culby, Stets, Mr, Didio, football games, wrestling, decorating football players houses at S AM, Flubby, Pudge Clapton, Twonnette, "No. 61" . dislikes losing against Glassboro, Nat's homework . "Really, that's real!" , plans to go to college, Ee happy and someday get married . activities . Student Council 'l,2,3,4p Prom Committee, Class of- fices, Office Aide, Softball 1,2,3,4g Hockey 1,2,3,47 Chairman of Ac- tivities Committeeg Liason Com- mittee, Float Committee 3,45 Na- tional Honor Society. ROBERTA I. SINCAVAGE FRANCES PEARL SMELSER ... Fran National Park ., 8f9f57 .. likes camping, horseback rid- ing, bike riding, traveling, being around people who enjo life for what it is, being able to help some- one out who's in trouble and find a new life for them .. dislikes plas- tic people, clicks, rainy days, peo- ple who use guns or other danger- ous weapons to get back at people, or a group that hurt them at one time ,.. "You only learn by exper- ience!" ... plans to o to college, become a Social worker and travel .. activities ,. Guidance Aide, Prom Committee. 49 FRANK SIMS ., Simsz, Funk . Westville , 11f28f57 . likes parties, friendly people, key bords, sleeping, patched dungeries, long hair, beer, good rock concerts, big cities, getting rowdy, rowdy peo- ple, nice vans, gettingq into and playing music disli es waking up after sleeping, cold weath er, hard work, short hair, getting dressed up, people who don't say "Hi", Mr. Parkers History Class, and dressy pants , . NAAAAAA !!!" . . plans to work in an auto bod shop, until I get good enough to play in a hard rock and roll band. .,...-..s-tv GAIL MARIE ANN SMITH Na- tional Park .. 4f10f58 likes sleeping, Florida, having a good time, candy, v+o, tookie, choco- late chip mint ice cream, going to parties, and Fridays , . dislikes people who think they are rich, stuc up people, Rah Rah's, hang- ing on the corner, driving around on Saturday nites and Monday mornings "lt's on you." .. plans to go to hairdressing school, PENNY SNYDER Westville 10!7!57 likes is likes Monday sc ool football and driving plans MARY JANE SMITH DONNA SNYDER DENISE LYNN SPARKS National Park 92857 - likes Del, being a Senior, Corvettes, parties, weekends, Gibbstown, vanilla cakes, meeting new eople, and concerts dislikes History, being Bored, two-faced people, rainy days and Monday mornings "Reall Z' lans to o to college, find a good job, anclsettle dpown in Sie future activities Cheerleading, Class Treasurer, Prom Committee, Band. iagte L S s 0 , 2 Vu 'X 4 Gi dv ei X A in 5 ' 5 T x l I - , -. p ANITA L, SPENCE Woodbury Heights 7f7f57 likes B- Boys, I. Collin 4, Brucey, Pure Pruie, E10, Tac and being with him, 280-Z's, Bertie, pumpkins, G,C.V.S,, art with Vail, 'lBth and As- bury, and gang, who's in the cornfield with Patty, Vick's version of Help Me Ronda, and a certian little red headed boy dislikes Working at J 81 B on weekends, people who s end their whole life unhappy, annla people that aren't busy iving ... "I don't know." .,. plans to illustrate and write chil- drens books and become a Com- mercial Artist activities Hockey 1, Basketball 1,25 Student Council 4, Vice of VICA Gloucster County, Float Committee 2,3. IOHN R. STANG ,.. National Park .,. 9f23f57 ... likes cameras, good food, herbs, and my' mother ... dislikes almost not ing ... "Really?" plans to become a Photographer, 50 wit ' chief? NANCY LEE STORMS .. Westville , , 4f3f58 ., likes Florida, par- ties, WMMR, Reds, Led Zeppelin, the Sting, being free, some guy from the Park, sleepin late, 650 Triumph, concerts ., dislikes be- ing told what to do, getting up eara ly, no job, nothing to do, rain, run- ning out of gas,and hitchhiking. . plans to travel, and become a Re- ceptionist. CINDY STEEFENS , . Westville .. 12f5f57 .. likes Chris, parties, Mrs, Mac's 1st and 2nd pd, classes, week-ends, sleeping late, Dunkin Donuts, 1st pd., lanuary 1st, l.M,, and 7-11 , dislikes the Army, stuck-up people, waiting, being without someone, rainy days, Steno tests "Hey Buddy!" , plans to work as a Secretary, get married and live life to it's fullest , activities .. Student Council 3, Prom Decorating Committee, Attendance Office Aideg Float Committee, MlCl'lAEL THOMAS SWEENEY .,. Mike, Pondrock . . National Park .. likes Football, hockey, moon- ing, stewing with Ace and Muscles, dances, car chases, playing Hit Men with Shultz and Nuclear, Eg- ging, Palm Reading, beaver hunt- ing . dislikes cracked wind- shields, redlights, flyin bricks, vandalism, Beware of FalEng Rock signs, and watchin submarine races . "Sure Monif' .. plans to be a Lawyer, become filthy rich and marry the right girl, S.S. FREDERICK HENRY STICALE IV . Woodbury Heights 5f13!57 , likes Debbie, cars, sports, eating good food, sleeping in class, going or long drives, see- ing different places, and meeting new people ., dislikes getting up early to go to school, girls that won't give a guy a chance, rainy days, and work ., "What can I say?" . . plans to be a Professional Bum and see the Country ac- tivities Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Soc- cer 1, Track 1, German Club. PAMELA SUE SZUREK Sniffles . Westville . 9f22 .,. likes Camelot, kids at Woodbury Heights Elementary School, stock- ing caps, rainy days, snowy winters, Wilson, Ozymandias, Keats, Chau- cer, Latin Ill, people watchers, ref- uge in the library, listening, "Heyesy Daze" .., dislikes 1st pe- riod sex education, charging bulls, large classes, buses, being in a hurry, scented notepaper ... "Quid?", "Neat!" plans to go to Wilson College, teach Latin or Elementary School activities . . Band 1,25 Chorus 1,45 Drama 1, Newspaper 1,2,3, Yearbook 1,2,3, Ecolo y Club 2,3 - Secretary, Lat- in Clui 1,2,3,4p Main Office Aide 2, Attendance Aide 1, Library Aide 3,45 Teacher Aide at Elementary School 4. 51 CAROL LEE SUTTON ... National Park . . 5f19f57 , , likes happy people, people who will help oth- ers, honest peo le, winning foot- ball games ancla tennis matches, sewing, helping people, and cook- ing cass disli es dishonest people, getting up at 6:30 to catch 7:30 bus, C lunch, messed up schedules, and noisy classes plans to become a model i?J, marry, have kids, and live out of NJ. .. activities , . Tennis 1,2,3, Teachers Aide 4. KIM BEKLY TAPKEN ... Wenonah .., 12f14 ,.. likes leff, weekends, sunshine, pizza, money, and being with friends ,. dislikes Mondays, snobs, bad days, History, and plas- tic people ... "Oh, No!" .., plans to be a success, settle down and be happy .., activities . . . Softball 1,2, Prom Committee, Float Commit- tee 4, Office Aide 3,4. THOMAS ALAN TELARR ,.,, Ia, T, teeelarrr, Bowzer, Captain Chaos, Bob Rigby ... Westville .,. 2f2f58 . . . likes Bosco, California Angels, Hol Mo- tel Rounders, getting dramatic, lim Croce, Sha Na Na, Mel Brooks, Monty Python, Prof. Tom Lehrer, Dr. Demento, Dave's hair, popping zits so they splat- ter on the mirror, Pus, the First Fret, Marty Feldman, Carole King, Cashman and West, playing guitar, beatirlg super "pol" in chess ... dislikes not being name "Bisbane", Wenonahism, failure, Elton, being benched, Gateway soccer uniforms, post nasal drip, Dave stealing my lines, Uncle Iack's quickies, pi- geons, being rejected, Capitolism, WFIL teenybob- ers, people believing David Bowie is a musician, that "scraggly stuff" on M. Scott's face . ,. "Two all beef patties with a little special sauce and freedom of choice!" ... plans to do everything except die and pay taxes, get a masters degree so I can come back and teach Mr. Warner a few things , ., activities ,.. Soccer 1,2,3,4, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Track 3,4, Gateway Bible Study 3, Gator Cup Team 3,4, Hallway Actors Guild 3,4, Gatorland Society of Dimentia 3,4, GLENN WILLIAM TODD Tusker Westville 1128157 . . . likes running, swimming, bowl- ing, "leanne", "Last one", Glass- boro's Cross Country course dislikes "On the line' , 8B0's, Gate- way's lunches, Eastern's Cross Country course . .. "Where's the fire?" plans to go to College activities Cross Country 2,3,4, Track 1,2,3,4, Key Club 3,4, National Honor Society, Basketball 1, Winter Track 2,3,4. VIRGINIA LEE THOMPSON , . , Ginny .,. Wenonah 11f21f57 likes being with my sisters, my parents, Kassy's family, North of the Pier, Club Cro- cus, the shore, Burkie sandwich, Dee's teasing, Alan 81 Ruth, talkin to Kaas, Diamond Beach, the race, my two friends, Mr. Stetser being S.A, ... Mrs. Grant's mashed otatoes, the ride tothe shore, sum- mer ending, colrcl days, going fishing with Ruthann, H.R., argueing . , "I don't care?" ,.. plans to go to college and travel ,,. activities ,.. Soph Hop Com- mittee 2, Prom Committee 3, Student Council 1,2,3,4, Hockey 1, Homecoming 3, Float committee 2, l 52 DENISE TARPLEY ,.. Tarp ... Woodbury Heights 5f20f58 likes meeting people, making friends, football games, being wit a friend, Virginia, and Danny dislikes Muhammad Ali, the clicks in this school, stucky up people, and boss people ... "Mud, sit down and tell me about it.", "Will you stop!" ... plans to go to a two year College and to get married ... activities ,.. Hockey, Student Council, Office Aide. MICHAELA TICHE fRlEGERl Michelle National Park ... 12f12f57 ... likes Rick, little Rick, best friend, Denise, Cat Stevens, beer, new clothes, happy go lucky people, sad movies, dancing, music ... dislikes snobs, jealous Eeople, two faced eople, fighting, waiting, dirty ouses, conceiteda guys, chocolate, funny people ... "Really?", "Ah, WoW!" Asians to raise a good family activities gan 11,2,3, Chorus 1,2,3, Cheerleading - IV, Basket- a . LLA55 down J J, L M MICHELLE ED A. UZDAVINES JR. Wood- bury Heights ... 6f20f58 .,. likes cars, competition, Science, Sci- ence Fiction, and eating political shows ... dislikes cold hunger ... "If it's true, l'll garantee it." plans to go into a Chemical Field or Merchant Marines .. activities . .. Motorcycling. CYNTHIA ANNE MARIE VENTURA .. Wenonah .., 11f15!57 ... likes 622, hockey, tennis, Brown's coffee, Wala-Wala, swimming, Peach, Smell, Twa, Pudge, Flubby, chatting with Kate, pizza fights, talk- ing with Pat at hockey practice, coming home from the shore after the Prom, winning, basketball games, Nov. 2, parties, Youth and Government trips, and fooling around with Nancy in homeroom ,. , dislikes my walk, lonely Sunday afternoons, losing, raking leaves, feeling Brown's stomach, staying home, R.l., not having money, earl morning swim practice, be- ing depressed . .. Ukeah . ,. ?", "Are you serious?" .. plans to jo to Colhge to become a Medical Secretary, an eventually get married ,. , activities . . , Hockey 1,2,3,4, Tennis 1,2,3,-4, Basketball 1, Youth and Government 2,3, Spanish Club, Soph Hop Committee, Prom Committee, Float Committee, Student Council. CYNTHIA DOROTHY VANCE Cindy, Squaw Woodbury Heig ts 1f29f57 likes friendly and helpful people, Mr. Hartman's banquets, Mr. Hughes's class, spending days talking to Mr. Blair, easy classes and tests, sex education, and Mr. Didio's lab per- iods ... dislikes Mr. Warner's pap quizes, Fridays 6th period, stu y halls and lunches, rainy days, and disrespectable people . ,. "Oh, reaIlyZ", "You don't say!" ,.. plans to go to College to become a nurse, get married and buy a lot of land to live on activities German Club 2,3, lunior Achieve- ment, Basketball. 'W"""'Y JOSEPH PETER VILLARI ,.. loe ... Wenonah . . 4f26f57 ,.. likes Chris, meeting challenges with success, winning football games, team effort, win- ning wrestling matches, honest people, Pizza, sports cars, Millers, Friday night football meetin s, dances, Graduation parties, and Italian Food . . . cislikes los- ing in sports, people that act like losers, colds, showoffs, Bud, oot all films, and bossy eople "Let's go!" , . , plans to go to College and be success- ful in Business . . . activities . . . Class Officer 1,2, Key Club 3,4, Student Council, Football 1,2,3,4, Wrestling 1,2,3,4, Track 2, Prom Committee, Float Committee. IOANN VOLPE IROBERTSD lo . . Westville 5f15!56 ... likes loving Spiro, bein married, swim- ming, sewing, kids, dancing: new cTothes, spending money, spagetti, pizza, coo ing for people who en- joy it, Sept. 14, 1974, luly 27, 1975, painting, 76ers games ,,. "All right!", "You know" ... activities .,. Basketball 1, Homecoming Float Comittee 2, Soph Hop Committee, Fashion Show, Main Office Aid 4, Guidance Office Aid 4. NANCY RUTH WALTERS Westville 1f27f58 , likesthe beach in the"winter, friends, chal- lenges that are almost impossible to conquer, and people that are crazy . . dislikes getting out of a nice warm bed to go to school ear- ly in the morning, and people that on't want to have a great time when they can plans to be- come a Broadcasting Engineer, and have fun ,. activities .. German Club 1,2,3, Student Council 1, Nurses Aide 4. S3 CARY ROBERT WARD ... W00d- bury Heights 1f9f57. STEPHANIE WEIDNER WARD Steph ,.. Wenonah .. 'lf2f58 . .. likes Hugh, Beach Boys, the shore, breezy autumn days, hot fudge sundaes, big parties, Mom, softball, good food, Triumph TR-6's, going or long walks, picnics, Bud ... dis- likes having no free time, stuck up people, slow school weeks, a lot of omework, being bothered, fights, having no parties on weekends ... "You lerk!", plans to go to College ... activities ... Cheerleading - IV 3, Varsity 4, French Club 2,3 - Secretary, 4 - President, Hockey 1,25 Soph Hop Committee, Prom Decorating Committee, Student Council 1, National Honor Society. IOHN C. WATSON IEANNE WEEKS . ,. Wenonah 10f29f57 ... likes Mexico, gullible people, Y:MX+b, ICL, night bas- ketball games, Seals 81 Crofts, Washington trips, red convertibles ., , dislikes people who take advantage of gullible people, Sr. pictures, belly dancing, and big Latin classes "How rude!", "So listen ,..!" ... plans to marr a Count .,. activities ... Hockey 'l,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, Tennis 1,2, Golf 3,4, Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Spanish Club 2, Modle U.N. 3,4, jr. Classical League State Officer 3,4, Soph Hop Com- mittee, Prom Committee. NELSON D. WERNTZ Woodbury Heights 11f1B ... likes hunting, camping, beer, old chevro- lets, living it up dislikes being negative toward people, Ken's Corvair, polution, puttin gas into the car ,, "It ain't going to work!" ... plans to travel the country, and maybe go to College . ., activities . .. Footbal 1,2,3,4. MICHAEL WHITELY NANCY LYNNE WILKINS Nance Wenonah 10f1f57 likes tennis, summer, Wala- Wala, talking to Twon, laughing, riding bikes, Chicago, Bean, look- ing at cards and sunny days at E- town, and playing tennis with Fish and Shin dislikes Math, nail files, losing, Eastern, traffic jams, and Gateway's Speed Bumps "Real nice!" ... plans to go to Col- lege and major in Recreation Edu- cation activities Tennis 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,3,4, French Club, National Honor Society - Secretary, Prom Committee. 54 L.,... .-.ibii " ,J- least 65+ BLUSHER l Nelson LOREEN MARIE WREN ... National Park ... 1!22f58 .. . likes dungarees, Wildwood, weekends, loe, horseback riding, Corvettes, motorcycles, McDonald's Big Mac's, skatingg long walks, parties, high balls, nice clothes , . . disli es two faced people, categories, tests, showoffs, an empty wallet, fee ing de ressed, being bored, rain, nothing to do, an follxowers . . . "You nut!", "Oh, come on!", "Don't worry!" plans to go into a Nursing Career and marry joe . . . activities . ,. Majorette 1, Prom Com- mittee. 1007 MARKET STREET KAREN WILSON .., Wenonah .,. 5f13f58 likes the summer, camping, Fridays, good movies, friendly people and money , . . dis- likes cold weather, getting up ear' ly, Mondays, History, crowded halls, working, rainy days, filling out applications . . . plans to go to school for Hairdressing. ERIC L. YAHRLINC National Park 12f6f57 likes IoAnne, beach at night, Led Zepplin,JJar- ties, Sundays, Mad Dog, "Ingrid", hot fudge sun aes, snowflakes, and being with a certain person ... dis- likes Tuna fish, losing football games, pride drill, Beach Boys, pollution, Monday mornings . , . "Stick it in your ear!" ... plans to live life to its fullest ... activities Football 1,2,3,4, Baseball 15 Basketball. ZAMSKY STUDIOS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS EVAN WOODWARD ANDREW SCOTT ZRINSCAK Paco Wood- bury Heights . .. 8f2!58 ... likes quick school days, snow, warm weather, the beach, canoeing, camping, Stoolge's, sports, sleeping in, Bill Cosby, Bug's Bunny, ice s ating, homemade aked g1oods, Pro Wrestling, snow days, winning in cards, aving some money, Farren's jokes, listening to Bowen brag, watching big D lose weight, Schultz ... dislikes homework, s op- ping, shiney metal, spelling, filling out applications, squeaky sounds, glass dried in a dishwasher, Gator lunches, doctors, hospitals, being stuck inside, woodheads, Carney's complaints . . . "I don't know", "huh" plans to go into school and make some money . . . activities . . . Basketball 1, Soccer 1,2,3,4, Golf 1, Key Club 4. PHILADELPHIA 7, PA Negatives of portraits appearing in this annual are kept on file. Photographs may be ordered. 55 Popularity Polls S i 1 2 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: But at what?!? Kathleen Bezdziecki English. MOST ATHLETIC, joe Carney gets ready to receive Karen Handt's "hike." i I I CUTEST COUPLE, loAnne Dalley and Eric Yahrling frolic in the woods of Good 'Ole Gateway High and David BEST DRESSED, Tricia Campbell and john Schrull model their fine attire. ,f ,f , 1- ' . an AA I , ., A , Q ,f--. f' if . if , ,QM MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED: Rahl? Rahl? Rahl? Vicki Braun and Gene Lam bert. FRIENDLIEST, Tom McCabe and Vicki Braun pout. S 6036 fv QQ Q9 45 453 9 Q9 Q, a 3 H K ' who am I to teach the jw' , J 1 ,ff Lf 'Tec i Zi the children day hy day, So lprone myself to go astray? l teach them Knowledge, bufj know How faint they flicker and h6w'l0w The candles of my knowledge glowf I teach them Love for all mankind And all God's creatures, but l find My love comes lagging far behind. Lord, if theirrguide I still must be, Oh, let the children see is The teacher leaning hard on Thee. ' - ,Leslie Pinckney Hill a '2 f' of'-iw.. f V r .1 , M . L Nr r 1 QL BOARD OF EDUCATION! fCLOCKWlSE FROM LEFT2: 1. Bowen, I. Kimo, H. Simon, E. Shuda, A, Perrone, D. Adams, T. Pallante, F. Heaney, C. Peters, I. Lelko, M. Freeman MR. IOHN M. LELKO Superintendent Of School MR. HARRY SIMON Secretary Of The Board Of Education Board Cf Education 60 MR. WILLIAM A. BARTLESON Principal MR. RUSSELL HAWK Vice-Principal of the Senior High Principals MR. IOSEPH MANZIONE Vice-Principal of the junior High 61 QW Tr Zfx"X" 3: -N' 'T-93 X x MR. BLAIR - Director of Guidance, 12th - College Prep MISS MALTMAN - 11th grade MR. DAWSON - 8th grade Mrs. Wariger, secretary to Mr. Bartleson and Mr. Hawk Mrs. Wilkins, secretary to Mr. Bartleson and Mr. Miss Firullo, Hawk Mrs. Myers, secretary to Mr. Lelko secretary to the Guidance Department Mrs. Kramer, secretary to Mr. Simon Mrs. Baals, part- time bookkeeper Mrs. Nugent, secretary to Mr Manzione Mrs. Pine, bookkeeper Mrs. Werntz, Secretaries library clerk MRS. LOIS ANDREWS - 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies MR. BERNARD BA- DIALI - English I and Ill, Short Story, Pho- tography MRS. IOANNE BAR- TOW - Grammar, Theatre, American Lit- erature, English Il, Public Speaking MR. BUD BALLINGER - U.S. History land ll MRS. BRENDA BUR- RELL - English IV, British Literature, Cur- rent Problems, jour- nalism, Layout and De- sign WQTSW- MISS KATHY CAUS TON - Spanish MRS. LINDA CLEVE- LAND - 8th Grade English MR. IOHN CULBERT- SON - Office Ma- chines, Typing ll, Chairman of Business Department T MRS. MAUREEN DI- MARTlLE - 7th and 8th Grade Social Stud- ies MISS IANET ELLIS - 7th Grade English MRS. MARIE EMERY - Typing I and Gener- al Business Training MRS. IRMA FEAN - Nurse MR. WALTER FIECER - Auto Mechanics MR. IOSEPH FOLCAR- ELLl - Biology, Ad- vanced Biol08Y, BSCS, Chairman of Science Department MR. JOHN FISHER f U.S. History I and World History MR. JAMES .FORST - Special Education MRS. TOBY FREEMAN - 8th Grade English 3 'N Q X . ,D gg Q if 'lv MRS. ANNA MARIE GALE - English Ill, Lit- erature of the Super- natural MRS. DEBRA GREEN - Algebra and Geom- I etry MRS. IEANNE HAG- GARD - Home Eco- nomics - Sewing 68 MISS BARBARA GLENN - Physical Education and Health MISS KAROLINE GOEPFRICH - Librar- ian 4 MR. IACK GREGORY - Mechanical Draw- ing, Chairman of In- dustrial and Fine Arts Department MISS BARBARA GOEF - Algebra and Geom- etry MR. LEE HARTMAN - Modern European and Early European History. MR. LEE HARVEY - 8th Grade Math MR. DONALD HENSEL - Chemistry and Ad- vanced Chemistry MRS. CAROL HENSEL - Physical Education and Health MR. CHARLES HENSEL - Business Math, Consumer Economics, General Business Training MRS. IEAN ANN HOFFMAN - Earth Science and Contem- porary Science MR. IOHN HOWARD - Poetry Through Music, Cinema 69 MR. CARL INNO- CENZO - 8th Grade Science MR. IAMES GRAN- ATO - 71h and 8th Grade Science MR. PHILLIP HUGHES - Sociology and Psy- chol08Y, Economics, Practical Knowledge MRS. PHYLLIS IOSLIN f' wsfkw 1.55 - English I MRS. PATRICIA LUT- NER - Home Eco- cial Studies MISS KATHLEEN MATTSON - English ll, Ill, Crisis in Litera- ture MR. I. EDGAR MAR- TIN - 8th Grade So- MR. ROBERT MASKA - Physical Education and Health MRS. NATALIE MCFEELEY - Secre- tarial Office Practice, Steno-Transcription .f,, .2 J., .. p - f S.. - -l MRS. BETTY MCMA- HON - Spanish 71 Ka ., fi ,.,.........--, MRS. LOUISE MASTER - French, Chairman of Language Depart- ment MRS. CAROL AMESCI- CHOWSKI 4- Reading MRS. LUCY' ME- CRONIGLE -- Eriglish l, lI,' Literature 'of Adolescense ' H V MR. DAVID- MOONEY f- 7th and.8th Grade MR. DANlEL ME' GRGNIGLE -+ Physical Education, Health, Athletic Director MR. ' ROBERT ' METZGER - ' 7th ' Grade Science V 1 I ff MR. RlCHAR.D.NlEL- . .3 .L Y SON - Booklgeepirig Science, m I V MR. ROBERT MOORE - U.S. Historyl and Il r -15a-,W l LV 3 F i ' if 1 l- .t.:'rL3' -.-if 1 ,- A , .r J," - 'i N" , ' r -1555 . Q is 5 , ,L ifeigmsiff 1, .-1 I fy . A V 4-55, . , ,4 ,. -1-gf ie rr? K fm 3 f R Q RWM 4 'za ,,.--1 -. ' 553. 1-Q -+11 args J .1 . '-' 'R a .,1-, 1 . L A K fi 13- N -:I .. fm! .Rift E ri .. rf..-f. .-mf-.Q ,fm me 1,45- i 'Q-V, R H Y 'fr-'f M45 Sym I I ,ff fr far? -H aegsifzf .- . M MR. ARTHUR NOR- MANDIN - Art MR. WILLIAM PARK- ER - U.S. History I and II MR. RICHARD REEVES - Building Trades, In- dustrial Arts, Mechani- cal Drawing MR. THOMAS PITUK - Instrumental Music MR, THOMAS RENDE - Industrial Arts MR. PETER RYAN - 7th Grade Math .3112 'gy ' I , ' ...VU g. .. F,"':" i -'T W 1 TQYY5? 2'3- Af xy' Oi-v 1 if '31 'fhfziv 1 'I R' vi.. . V F MRS. IANET TORKEWITZ - 7th Grade Math ,. r- Mi , ' i A .l xlwg Sl? 0 xg, A- N V29 Z Ir-I 4. -3: Ji ,N J ' I . Y . .Q A ' ni if MISS ELAINE SASSI - Algebra and Geometry MR. EDWARD SCHAEFFER - Phys- ical Education and Health MR. DAVID SELLEN - Instrumental Music MRS. MARIORIE SCHWARTZ - French and Spanish MR. DAVID SHIN- NICK - U.S. History I K. Q A N if V MR. THOMAS SIMEK - Algebra MRS. CYNTHIA SMITH - Art MR. RUSSELL STETSER - Law and Personal Typing MRS. MARILYN TISOT - Typing, Stenogra- phy, and Clerical Of- fice Practice Q: 19 MR. IEFFERY WAG- NER - Special Educa- tion MRS. IRIS WARNER - German I - IV MR. WILLIAM WAT- SON - 8th Grade Math, Algebra """'l MR. IOHN WARNER - Math 12, Physics, Advanced Placement Math, General Math, Chairman of Math De- partment MRS. NANCY WEB- STER - 7th Grade English MR. R. Lawns wit- KINSON - English II, III, American Litera- ture, Science Fiction, Sports Literature, De- bate, Creative Writing, If lah 1, V wg, A Chairman of English Department. Q 7. 5 i 'V li Cafeteria Ladies Mrs. McCabe, Mrs. Kappra, Mr. Rossi, Mrs. Slotter, Mrs. Duer, Mrs. Flippin, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Stanley, Mrs. Avis, Mrs. Mercantini, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Gismondi, Mrs. Conaway, Mrs. Lynch. Bus Drivers Dolores Applegate, Marlene Badiali, Lona Bilotta, Edward Falco, Eleanor Falco, Leon Lentz, Simon Mc Leer, Elizabeth Mower, Dorothy Nickerson, Helen Reyn- olds, Philip Russo, Angelo Schallus, joseph Simpkins, Walter Watson, Barbara Wetzel, Catherine Yahrling. Janitors joseph Burleigh - Head Custodian, Robert Bruce, Frank Campbell, Stephen Cope, Glenn Dougherty, Daniel Kinsella, Rocco Puzzutello, Steve Skabuk, Walter Trakimas. ALCOA WRAP J? fl? mwtf-"f cw? QQ, S ttf' 6 L LQLL fi ,, 'K Do what you want to do. Be what you want to be. For I'm not you and you aren't me. lt's the will of your soul, and the strength of your heart, that decides your goal and sets your life apart. - Neat .,. qfll Rf .12 I I l xl l ,' V' A K L 1 T 1 V . w M, .J ,..,....wN!VW... X PW 'X X. W' rr ik .1 I I .. W , 1, ff : . ' it 1-75252. ,- S. flw' : . A H . f r. gym. In NN.. . :" . -L3 .V .V V .. if 1 . H . ' . 45 - -'S r M W. I V I ",, 'V X p s x A , g x A A ,. .. ?- ' 3 'ff Q H r :,4, 'Dai' rr .- if Q.. H. ra' V A 7 l flli, Q J' XZS. . 1: A fl , A. lim a' . 1. " llrff! ' V A " l a W' A' , . . if " f i . ' .E w.. 7V . 'HH f .x f I. Achenbach D. Barnett R. Brophy C Adamski M. Barney H. Bryant S. Anderson B. Bennett F. Burger S. Anderson E. Berg T. Buriess N Andrews L. Billings 1. Busc er S. Ayres R. Boguszewski l. Bustard R. Baals l. Bowker S. Cahill I. Barger M. Brassbunger 1. Cambell . A ill M , .A 1469 A R. Card E. Cipriani I. Comuso I. Connelly 1, Cipriani 1. Comp D. Connelly M, Convery Class Officers of "77": Chris Corboy, Treas. Colette Larmer, Pres. Annette De Candia, Vice-Pres. Tina Harmer, Sec. 80 any . .. 0 1 L V 2 . K' QM - , A iffy .f Q . wg. A in X K I " 1 A' 4,0 3 , I. ..qk,frn, . - I L. Cook S. Cooger H. Costello S. Cook C. Cor oy G. Crawford -su- W xv R. Crawford D. Daily Class Of 7977 . l 4 za, - i w XPP. 5 . -- vf... 5 ' ' .r Q . K- . .. SQ: 4-aff . 5. A K S. Dandrow A, DeCandia 1. DeGenova K. DeMarco J. DeMareo T. Demiduke A. Desiderio M. Devine D. DeGiacamo T. Delorenzo K. Donahue M. Donahue M. Dougherty I. Drach L. Dulaney T. Eisenhert Ks inns .. s- l. Federico I. Flem C. Flowers M. Forsman S. Foster A. Frisk K. Frizell N. Gagliardi 0 T. K. Gaganaugh M. Gavin M. Gelespi S. P. D C . Cruff P. Hagerthey T. Harmer D. Harvey H. Hand S. Hecht M. Hee M. Heenan I. Helm L. Henion D. Hogale F. Hood E. Hoover C. Higgins l. lohnson 8. jordan D. Keenan V. Nruora S. Murphy I, Moore A, Moore S. Nerl H. Moore BI Moore l. Mowbray 1 T, Muller I. Muller C, Midget R. Moore F. Meaps D. MmSorely M. Mslnlire I. MLC.nlI . Marllno P. Lumas , Marks l. Lounsberz, . Mallman M. li sm om Malony B. Ulf: . Malone I. Llghlmp . Magee R. Lex . Madden IJ. Ley . Mamkerell IJ. lvwlll F. Nissezone G. Pialek T. I. I. R S. A F. Nolan O'Brien O'Ieary Palmer Bayer Penolina Pfister S. Pizzulo I. Powers K. Powl I- Price P. Price B. Pryzwara l. Ramsey P. Raney 1. Reader H. Reed P. Reim B. Riddle C. Reimen I. Riffets C. Riggins B. Rodenbough G. Ross A. Schonewise K. Shrift D. Romano A. Russo R. Sheller D. Sleminger lx Smith P. Sqyri'L D. Stur is G- Telerski I Hulourni- 1. Stewart L. Tarpgy L. Thoman T. Sqyres P. Sligale Taylor B. Thortson M, Tierney K. Toomey K. Towels I. Trechock K. Tripodi B. Tumilio l. Turner R, Vekkos I. Verenaull I. Villari B. Wakley C. Walker T. Ward N Wvlsh D. Whiti- M. Wileczek F. Wilson F. Winters M. Zandlo R. Simcox V Silk P Sincavage 5 Singlscr y A 1 .2 L '1-. W' A . , .gc Q ,. W., ,'1jjg.:.' ' - .., :gy W, i i if fm L, El' , l 1 Q 5. .-4' H7 - 'UU M. N L, L Cffl fan.. C. Anderson L. Anusky C. Aregood B. Bailey L. Bailey C. Barbone I. Barbone C. Barnett A x I fy 'v---ff. 1 9. I 4, ,cl ff N -1 .- I. at if S. Barney 1. Bast B. Beck D. Bechtel D. Benedict D. Bicking M. Billings N. Bitting 7 - x , V.-74. . 'C QW l , my-W f Aff , lm l. .I M W... 1 xi Z af if if +62 z w A . V' - "., it A V A ": Af- ' : H a ' ' ' . . C' eei .a i V ' : tif .', ll jflrr 1 ' me My l . 1 l if Q Q .....' L - S ' y V VVV' l 3,5 ' I M VV 5,-.A . E' M 'i,. .L 'll ' ' H fl . sk. eii L , ,ck - w . . f n. L. Campbell L. Card H. Carson M. Campbell P. Carl C, Caswell -V L. Camuso P. Carr M, Ceaserano A 5 s f 4 Q.. ,W. 1 1 :J 'f ff" ,gil f . ,Q My .f 2, , f , Wt ,al , 1 B 3 S. Bowen 1. Brennan I, Brown K. Brown D. Bruno G. Burger L. B as C. Cyamp ,155 A f B, . ly. .pf-f . , Y . fr .,. W if we .. s. E. Centeno C, Choate R. Chrzanowski Class Officers of "78": jeff Sheppard, Pres., joe Seville, Vice-Pres., 4Mi- chelle Ceasarano Sec., john Kimo, Treasur. are missing from picturel Treasure. 86 . r . 1 E " A J., ..,., L ,X V..Q R. Clark H. Clay M. Cerino .. V L 1 J .WIMI ff Af' M. Q, .L , - . 9' ' ' .15 .5 n .:. 1, 'li' 4. .. , V -2 1, a- - A x , , N Alf.: -9:72 55 an I fir . A .V NME 3 , an- w--f ... , liz: 'V' ' . , . . .... af" X iz .H Al' If M , .... . .' M. Cohen 1. Conway D. Culver l. Coleman D. Cook N. Davenport .. M. Coleman L. Crawford K. Dean In T - I X A Class Cf 7978 'i 41,4-. ., '3 ,U S 'Y .f fx U p . L' - I my n " 5533. .. .v D. DeBenedicts S. Dipper K. DeCecco C. Dolppins D. DeFabio K. Do bow C. DeGeer A. Doolin L. Demiduke T. Dougherty P. DeVine L. Doughten S. Dick I. Dulurzio S. Dilorenzo M. Dunn e is ' " 'gg 4. s . .,., . X ... 'Jn ,1 . . g ,. ' , if - . .4 i .I- .Q 4 f"' .4- m W E. Durning D. Edelman S. Everwine R. Ewing R. Everwine L. Farren S. Farren N. Federico L. Finn L. Finn l, Fluck G. Florig L. Flowers S, Foster P Freeman H Frvunrl f ,f '. Frommer Galanough K. Gillesppie D. Green . Gunther . Hampton T. Hartsell R. Hassel P. Heenan CI Helm S. Hendrickson F. Hess P . Henning M. Hoban D. HoFgIe A. Hoi ay D, Holmstrom B. Idler K. Kappra R. Knissel B, Hood C. Ireland R. Keen A. Kordeck C. Idler B. jackson K. Keller 1. Kordeck 88 may D, Kramer B. Laylon C. Lewis S. Lighlcap A. Laga B. Leahy C. Lex C. Lisk M. LaRoche I. Leonetti C. Ley K. Lisle A. Lucas D. Malinoslmi M. Mailman L. Marcone D. Mariano S, Marino S. Maple B. Martin S. Mawson C. Mercamini K. Nicaffery M. Mcknighr M. McGovern R. McGregor E. McGuiness I. McLaughlin B. Midge! B. Milk-r I. Miller K. Miller D. Moran I. Mower K. Murphy I. Norwood Q 1, O'brien T. O'brien A. Owens D. Parker L. Parks D. Pessano D. Peters P, Peters G. Peirson K. Peterson I. Pelilo B, Phelps M, Pheips H, Phillrps E. Potts S. Rader M. Raspa M. Reeves N, Ru-gg IJ. Rogers R. Royal k, N.runrIr-rs I Shmurn M Nr hrull D. Schweggan S. Simcox 5, Sharm L, gmnh M. Schweiggarl S. Simmons l, Smith BA gmiyer 1- Seville - F. Sims L. Smith M. Snyder 'E W1 ' if '4 S. Sohl D. Stafleri S. Stremmel C. Szatkowski H. Spellman I. Stewart D. Strompler G. Tanngr I. Springer l. Storms D, Sutton K. TBPKHI D. Tr-rrito N. Thilo G. Thomas T, Thomas M. Tight' l. Tripoldi S. Tucker IJ. Voll N. Volpe R. Villari A. Wackes D. Walker K. Ward I. Weiner B. We sh B. White E. While L. WieFand M. Wi ecleck T. Wileczedt T. Williams D. Wilson M. Wright D. Young V WA' .rv e A .xr-f ff J MP2 ,H ,.Q..,VV 5 M. 't A v is ,....:ff' H an in "'A n Q , Ps. 1 VK fr-.A ,, . -4-.M .V 'tr B ,352 is bf. .. 4 4. ' -M' My y , B . N.. if Qi' 'i 455.7 K ,r A M.. . if twefy all R. Abrams . Barger D. Alloway Bast A. Armstrong . Bastien IV Astorga B. Bello L. Augatis T. Benett M. Badger S. Bennett C. Bailey G. Berry B. Baker S. Bezdziecki y nary? ,., I f .t xii .1 ,J r ' V . ' -Mr' '. " fff,,. 1 'r'- ii' kkkk , 757 , . f ' V- . , V ' A 1 5 Y - , fy , .,,' V :, K V? K fl - W., . if i ., . .f y sz E KX A xr., V. V. il . ' t 5, 'fi ,.,.. L. Caldwell I. Care! C. Callahan C. Carney T. Carbrey F. Cheety . , nv -4 1. Clancy B. Coleman R, Clifford C. Coan ,fs B' l V. Bloise S. Brophy ,i A. Brousseau E gfsrglvski Class Officers of "79": jerry Tasca, Sec. Mark Hoppe, Pres. QRich Kinkade Treas. Bruce A. Budry Bailey, Vice- Pres. Missing From Pictureb K. Buzby D. Caldwell - 1. K. Connors inn . ' 3 'ff o K W., 6.....r T. Convery I. Costanzo D. Costello ' x 4 N .L 'Q 1 ' : :J A . - -.Nw .. -. 'HL Wi. 5 . al .X -. . 5, ' 1 'X 1 . 'K .. r H ,. .fy . , X N , Q .,,, X . F .L.. ' -" "gh " '59 ' 5 " 1' If 'gg Y'-. 1. f . i , fi ' X 'Q 2 , I ,R K ' . . . ,. o k.VV A "",,., an ' Q ,' M' ' . X txt Y K ,- 2 Si? xii X , , ' K. Costello P. Culberson T. Creamer I. Cyganek K M. Cromley D. Dean , K 4 -+ ' 5 ' Q-+2 . ff N Y ' ,Q J "F fh . Lf Z 1 9 9 5 i My -. J . ,... if A . " ' 5 'A H. DeBenedictis J. DeBenedictis M. DeGenova D. DeLeo K. Diedel D. DiMiceli 1. DiStefano B. Diuullio 93 1. Dominico K. Evans J. Dominico l. Fay C. Donahue B. Fererra S. Dunn P. Foxworth l. Durning M. Frumenlo K. Eaton R. Gambly L. Eberly C. Ceilings 1. Edmands V. Gehring Gill Glabsky Gobin Grant Grasso Gravatt . Green Greenb erg sf'z"F'O33O Grutl Haas Handr Hansen Harrington Harris Hayward Hess F. Hildebrand R. Hinkson I. Holstrom M. Hood E. Hoover M. Hoppe L. Hornaback P. Horseman P, Huberty C. Hunter R. Kelly R, Kinsella I. Hufhas 1. Hurst D, Key l. Hu mes L. Hutchinson L. Kiefer fl SQ CVT 2, L Z , Nr.5gi4M,3M,,,, i x s ' ' ,l. ' 1 EX Vg f 'X ,f Y 3.0" 'fsiif' K. Kllng F. Konstany T. Lagaic l. LaRoche I. Krawisv l. Laggy E. Lasqwskas M. Kreloff l. lapp D. Lastimc S. larson D. Maloney D. McCann I. leo M. Manum R. MmCoy K. leo G. Marguona S. McCoy L. Lee L Marks I. McGlnns-ss V100 D Marlin K. MmQuald0 L. Llghu ap G. Marlln C Mc Sorvly D. Logan M Mc Bndv l. Mead M. Lum us T. McCabv T. Mead M. Midas C. Middleton K. Miller E. Mitchell M. Moore B. Morency K, Muholland B, Mullin I B. P. P. C. . Oleary I S. l. . Munyan Nebel O'Brien O'Connor Ohrenich Parker Pettolina H. Pierson l. Plotts C. Poirer l. Powers E. Ramsay K. Redington K. Reeves W. Reeve D. Richardson D. Robertson A. Rumaker B, Sabetta K. Riddell M. Romano M. Rumaker C., Sander D. Rinear B. Rose I. Rutter D. Salvatore F. Svsko R hhmnlwr W. Smith 5. Srhauflcr R Sheik! N Nlunuum R. Smiwr L Schwvigan M. Sholdcrs I Nmnh D. Spencer I. Spenser S. Stanley R. Str-phans D. Sligalv L. Sunon I. Swcvtvn M. Swvlgmt K. Tarplcy 1, Taska M . Te-laar C, Thomas C. Thomas R, Trlrolli C. Unrath V, Uldavmes P. W1-Ish C. Wvan B. Wh I9 M. Wirer B. Wozniak L. Wozniak K. Yahrling I. Yeager B. Zimmerman ...Fi f f .. Nw. . fix 3 if if B wi' ,. xf f i J V9 "ff F. Aimino B. Allen E. Amorose I. Armstrong G. Baile G, Bakery 1. Barbone D. Barger qxki by El. Ln. isa 'H . as y x B' J r tx 'f ii- .. , .QVK .Y .SE 7 ' . .QL Ar. . N? va 'E W .x.. I' fa .J I I 1 c " i' rs- -' 1,532 ,L ' A, 1 . -rf S. Barne G. Bartell L. Batten B. Beckett C. Beckett E. Benedic S. Betchel R. Biddle I ati .. . if ' , -ily ' E.. .x Q XX If I Ht, . ...fb Q -a.k, ' nic!! z D. Biernacki Z, Biernacki V. Bloise B. Brearly L. Briant L. Brown D. Browne C. Burke K.. -. 9-, . .. X., YW 'if' Rxxgx Hx X will ,. 3 x 1 if '92 gg' . my -er .sg 'L D. Burke N. Burke K. Busch B. Busher - 2 hi' w Q5 ,v sz? , N ' ! . fl 3 - .aw 1' , , 'F' , a S A. Campana D. Carruthers S. Chipman R. Campbell C. Carter I. Cirariani H. Campo M. Caswell S. C anton L. Carney W. Chaput M. Clay ad W X 1 .wh CX? A '- . . , ... ,,. an .V 5 ,anal f N 'X 2 x ,W yn V V. Y K X S. Clay G. Co e S. Cooper B. Connelly P . . .5 ' i .. , my " v ' ' M24 Y 'Q' Y ' fills ..--J Cf. R- E: it 1 ix F1 'r iiihq K I T. Connelly S . Cortese L. Cowles S. Cox . .lx Q wh .J K 1 K K,.'.K ' f " 'J' Q' .5 Y I , 9' 1 " " 45' F ig K f ,g"i,,. , vu ' K 1, K Q., wi? KK, H j l lqll? ax.. if -iw? is 'ra .f W l ' .. A ,ii , Q- , fx -.KKK"'i:6' 'Q v- f ' as " K ,K 'f.- ,H-rf 'l if . 2' 'f X 1 'ks i 1- Q L X 1 ' ..: K X ., KK fl. - ' L1 .. 1 -" K H . F 5 "' . 4. . W i .ff k K' 4 ' 1 2' ,fill KKK C... 5- ., Q . KKBMK M ,S . . B. Coyne L. Cunningham R. Crawford M. Cupairola H. Crell I. Curry 1 i B. Crowthamel P. Cyganek K wa., , K KK -N gy, I ,, " ' Hr- . .3 K 55 ,K .fi KK- - xy K X 1... K K K f, KKK KK I l Q 42. , 4 Class Officers of "80": Mark Margiotta, Pres. jim McDonald, Vice-Pres. Barbarba Crouthamel, Sec. Mickey Caswell, Trea- sure. 99 XK. .-ww, .y.,,.y. Wsrf I. Daley 1. Eisenhardt T. Dececco D. Enright D. Deleo D. Erdley P. Demareo S. Everwine M. Dixey M. Evans K. Dolbow D. Evely P. Donahue G. Faul s S. Doughtery C. Federico -ii . ,-"xf W, 1. R K,.. fr. K D. Finn C. Ferrara S. Flem D, Foster C. Foxworth S. Fried R. Frizell E. Galeria 1 I ' I D. Cheung G. Gentile IJ. Godshall N. A. Green l. Grosla L, Hagmaivr M. Hansen P. Hanstcin I. Halt hvll B, Hvany D. Hot ht I. Hu' D. Hvllyvr M. Ht-Im T. Ht-mphill O. Heaman 1. Herman D. Hclrifk B. Holliday S. Honabach I. lohnson D. Hornabach L, Iones S. Hunter B. luHaz F. lanis W, Keck 100 K. Kee an R. Kline S. Kreloff P. Kesebiewsku A. Klingenberg C. Kyscr P, Kgrer I. Konstamy L, Kyscr . Kilpatrick M. Krauchak M. Latshaw D. Layton V Lombardo W. Nfidldfwlil M, Margiolla M. LeHam L. low-II K. Malone O Marlin C. lindsay D. M.uGrvgor S. Mantrni D. Martino S. Logan C. Mdrirlrrx D. Marrhrom- M, Masks M. MaCaffery M A. L C. I. P, K, . McClain McCreary MrGovern McGuarn McGuire McHenry McHugh 1. McDonald R Mcborlc K. Mem holly B. Mc-rcanlini B. M1-rcanlim B, Moyer G. Mccls B. Molineaux K. Monsu U. Molloy S. Moran I, Morgan T. Mowbray K. Mullm T, Murphy I. Murray S. Muriaugh M, Nebel S. Nicotra L. Niebish K. Noddin D. Pasley M. Payer D. P1-mo l. Petroski D l . P att T. Polk K. Quick S. Raffo 1. Ramsey L. Ramsey B. Reim R. Rio g E. Rodqiquvz I. Royal I. Rufci T- Russo E. Schaufler ' G. Scott R. Shyrock W- RY-in T. Schiavo I. Seeds W. Simmons I- Sankus M. Schonewise G, Shvtlvr . I. Singiser G- 56'-lnd'lfS M. Schiiltes W. Sha-wbrooks B. Slaughter 102 8. Smally C Smith L. Smith P, Smith I. Smith M. Sparks D. Swcanngvn K. Sutton D- 5Pdrks C. Stcffans L Sweeney E. Thoman I SPBYKS I Slvvvnson S Swr-vnvy K. Tnghfl I. Totnalou- A. Tropiano I. Van Vecn T. Vekkos V. V1-nest' L Ward R Watkins H Watson D. Waynv I, W1-Ish T. Whitt- L. Wim-gand D. Wlvnbrrg R, Wiloc zck K. Williams C Wmltlot A, Wizov R. Woodward S. Wrvn S. Wnghl I. Young S Youn W. Ivisftglt ,f l my r 4""5af... C A if W4 ' 1 -ky .. ...B A - 3211 . A ,Q .W . . ,. We .J my 1 Q L Q L ...f- fd' 'ls ., W. ii if X' fi C355 'ff .,,g l 5' SL or ,. A L, ' Q., V, nv 'G-..1wJ'!' A 2 5" X al ' g' l A K ,,kf V ,... V-VL 7 M. Allen M. Bailey R, Alloway I. Barbone R. Anderson I. Barger E. Andrews R. Barnett D. Armstrong D. Beck D. Armstrong K. Becklelv l. Aruanno M. Bene ikt S. Auerback B. Bengel ' iff, . K ' uf 4 ifif . .' - 2 ,v 6 , rv? 5 1 1, 5 1 vm ... ..Q,. I. Bertotti R. Beutler P. Brasberger 1. Brown K. Brown T. Brown C. Brownawell D. Bruce , l 'H pr.. H... ,,,., 2 59 " I 5 . I if ff' r. fs-1 W, ,f ,, ,M f ,Xl E. Bryant B. Buscher W. Caldwell M. Calfln ' L 'Q-Jar' 'Nfllylj ' 4 1535, f 1 .,, f- Vv , . .. 9 s lf ' f... -2 1' .Q . M . 5' fr Q. 5' 3, , , D. Carlin C. Carroll C. Carson M. Cesarano Class Cf 7987 2 ' 4. J ,ga -L .lf K' nz . '47 L. Cheety L. Chestnut C. Chonka A, Clanton .5 lf: 4 'Q "W ' 'ai H, Clay R. Clayton 1. Connelly K. Conway T. Craig D. Delay T. Dobbms F. Costello T, Croulhamel D, Dis-dvl l. Dolbow S. Costello B. Davis G. Dupaln M. Dolcmv I. Dellcnediuis C. Dcsidz-rio D. Domno l. Domln M. Donalnuz- P. Donahue W, Doughtm-ry C. Dunn K, Durham M. Duming P, Durning K Hton L. lm sson R Ewung T. Farrvn l. hulls S. Faulls 5, Fawns B. fonlon Fl-Iwrman . Hvas A. freeman V. Garrom- S. K L, Gohnng M. Ceilings L. Covli T. Gran! 1. Gray B. Creatrex W. Griffith G, Haas l. Haley H. Hammcl W. Hampton M. Haney Q Hart Heady Heenan Hem hill S. Hentgickson Hetrick Heuel L. Hilbert 1- Hill Holmes S. Hornbarh R Hughes Idler jacob jones Kenyan M. Key M. Kirschner C. Kramer 1, Langori C. Kimo I. Kish C. Labance W. lasauskas B. Kinkade R. Knowles M. Lag y B. I. Layton R, Kinsella K. Kohout D. Lamfnert a B. M I.. D M B. I' . T. 1 U O'H.n.n Paul lx Pnnuullu R Ohrvn I Uluxrr N1 Osvvs uh I P.4ll.ml1- P I IJ lk Pl'fl!'ld Plush-1 Phe-lps Phu-I ls Q Pqlkvr H P.nlu'r I P.ulu-r NN NN l D Phq-ips Phulhps Pu-rsun N Vlulls U Plum K. Plnlls I Pnlns P Pow! R Pm-sl I k.nhm U Rn-buk T Rodvnlmugh I Ryan H- Slnqdydgq N1 Rnlnhnnslu A Rudnguvl I Sq-vnllo IJ Smglwr K. Rnmhqrmhxrn W. RUJYIHUPI 1 qw., U, xnudq-1 4, Rnllu 1. Rurndlm' I Nhllllnglurd ff wa , - Rf., wake f a ,v .irr :L3g,g,,g,, pf, .- made ' c lx. Suudc-1 I. Snnlh W 'sum-I S Thom I, Sparks f. Snow IJ. Swm-vu-n R Ihompxon IJ Spark P, Slamy 1 . Tarplvy I Tnwlvs M, Smallvy I. Slrumphvr B, Tana Iwi hom lm Turning llmh--rg Wa nn-I Wdswr Walsh Walsh Walxun vi Whlu rail k Yagm Whnl' Wllm ll'k Wllllams Wnlllamx Wllsun Wlllharlk Wood C, Yhvaulnn I lunnlsky udbmll' A--C-T-I-O-N nur..-.-..m-f mw- Co-Captains - Vicki Braun and Terry Baxter NN Missing: Kathy Towies Laos-.12 . Bev Welsh Lisa Parks Y 14 S . ' k 7711? :L S- ' ,, 'HS' . 112 Carol ' Pasley I A-C-T-l-O- In '7 6 Fay Layton julie Kizitaff Stephanie Ward Terry DiGrazio Debbie Carlin 113 Linda Bailey FRONT ROW IL TO RJ: M. Coleman, I Marconi, B. Cooper, I. Moughan, 1. Car- ney, I. Villari, S. Cage, T. McCabe, N. Werntz, E. Yahrling. SECOND ROW: A. Pe- ters, D. Carbrey, K. Gravatt, R. Ireland, C. Lambert, S. Donahue, B. Ohrenich, E. Del- Grande, C. Carey, B. Aregood, M Sweeney, B. Yeager, I. Seville. THIRD ROW: Mr. Maska, T. Elison, D. Busher, S. Martin, .AA S. Cooper, F. Sojouner, F. Heaney, L. Tar- pley, I. Connelley, I. Price, B. Bilbow, M Anzaldo, S. Dixie, I. McGaurn, H. Clay, Mr Moore, Mr. Shaefer. FOURTH ROW: Mr Fieger, G. Bartlett, B. Freed, E. Centeno, C Choate, B. Matsuk, K. Coyne, B. Royal, G Braun, E. Berg, I. Boker, C. Carroll, I. Tighe, I. McLaughlin, A. Lucas, I. O'Brien. 'IXL ' I ' fl 'T"""" 'Bl' M . U... Grid 114 Football is a great game that has a lot to offer whether you win or lose. It was a disappointing year in the win-loss column, but there is a very fine line between win- ning and losing. This was proven Thanks- giving Day against a highly talented Dept- ford team. We lost some close ones, but we gained respect from all of our oppo- nents. It is a smart man who gains much from his setbacks in life. I feel confident that the experiences gained during this season will prove valuable to our players and coaches in their future endeavors. Congratulations to joe Carney and Eric DelGrande as both of these fine athletes were selected to the All Conference team, All Gloucester County team and All South jersey Group II All Star team. To the seniors, I wish you the best and ask you to remember it is not where you are, but where you are going that is impor- tant. View failure as success turned inside- out. Think positive, set your goals high, work hard and you will be a success in life. - Robert C. Maska if W 4 .:' ,,! lfs s Q E' A f if ww. OPPONENT GATEWAY West Deptford 12 Clearview 7 Eastern 7 Paulsboro 6 Edgewood 24 Highland 0 Wi Iiamstown 14 Glassboro 0 Deptford 14 Seniors 3 lay Moughan - ICO-Captainb joe Villari - iCo-Captain? loe Carney - lCo-Captainl Eric Yahrling Eric Delgrande Gene Lambert Ken Gravatt Nelson Werntz Clay Cary Doug Carbrey 116 Coaches - Mr. Maska, Mr. Schaeffer, Mr. V L , Moore, Mr. Fieger wi. , .,,..m 4 . sf. fOr, Y I 1 Q Q Bruce Ohrenich Alan Peters Bill Cooper Rene Ireland ia 1 Funk. E' rf all Mike Coleman jerry Marcone Tom McCabe Steve Cage ll7 0 mf G FlR5TRow KL TO R2:L. Parks, c. Smith, c. Dioiacomo, I. HeiSer, I. Federico, Mrs. Ventura, R. Chapman, P. Phelps, K. Powl, Hensel- K. Handt, T. LaPann, S. Avis, C. Miller, D. The 1975 Gateway Varsity with 7 seniors on the starting team, Chris Smith, Toni LaPann, Karen Handt, Rosemary Chapman, Sue Avis, Pat Phelps and loetta Heiser had a season record of 9-5-1. The team advanced to the State Sec- tional Semi-Finals before losing t Haddonfield 1-0. Karen Handt, Chris Smith and Janice Federico made the All-Conference 2nd team. The j.V. team had the best con- ference record l7-2-2D and first place in the National Division With 4 juniors and 7 Sophomores, Gateway can look forward to oth- er successful hockey seasons. Gateway Opponent Clayton 3 1 Triton 6 0 Williamstown 0 2 Highland 1 0 Clearview 0 1 West Deptford 2 1 Edgewood 2 1 Eastern 0 0 Glassboro 0 2 Washington Twp. 0 1 Overbrook 2 1 Kingsway 3 1 Deptford 1 0 Williamstown 3 1 Haddonfield 0 1 FRONT: M. Lipscomb. BACK ROW KL TO RI: L. Smith, M. Sczcepanski, 1. Hutchinson, N. Federico, B. Phelps, C. Adamski, B. Miller, G. Tanner, C. Helm, D. Torrico, D. Culver, S. Lightcap, D. Malinoski, C. Mercantini, E. White, K. Gillespie, Mrs. Hensel. FRONT ROW IL TO RJ : N. Riegg, M. Romano, D. Wison, I. Wilson, K. Gravatt. SECOND ROW. L. Smith, C. Callaghan, D. MaLoney, L. Cadwell, L. Schweigart, K. Reeves, B. Baker, S. Gladski M. Tighe, M. Cromley, D. Marks, Miss Tarpine. THIRD ROW: S. Coy, M. lawor, B. Greenberg L. Lee, D. Staffieri, D. Martin, 1. Durning, C. Carney, L. Lightcap. 118 I I aren Handt - QCO-Captain! Toni LaPann - ICO-Captainl Chris Smith Sue Avis Patty Phelps Rose Chapman loEtta Heiser Cynthia Ventura Carol Miller 119 FRONT ROW TL TO RJ: D. Sparks, I. Ma- P. Malone, BACK ROW: B. Seville, M. loney, M. Amino, T. Hellyer, S. Payer, V. Mclntire, G. Piatek, G. Hellyer, J. Larson, 1. DiTullio, V. Federico, I. Ryan, Z. Zrinscak, DeMario, T. Telaar, l. Farren, J. Gunther. 'MW'Haiv.vuH...awm.M,......... ,, ., ff Despite losing many standout players from our 1974 Champion- ship team, we had an outstanding defense this season. Only 12 goals were scored against the team in 13 games. George Hellyer and john Larson were selected to the First Team Olympic Conference and Dave Sparks and Tyson Hellyer made Second Team. ..' 5 E . ,, .s FRONT ROW IL TO RJ: M. Wileczek, K Dean, R. Gamley, B. White, M. Frumento E. Lasanskas, H. DeBenedicts, D. Benedict, P. O'Connor, AS. Miller. SECOND ROW: K Burby, T. Sabetta, L. MacKerell, D. Lartinic I. DeGenova, B. Saunders, G. DiLorenzo K. Costello, F. Spicer, R. Coleman, B. Mar: tin, THIRD ROW: D. Cooke, R. McCoy, R Knisell, S. Dick, G. Margiotta, C. Lewis, J Connors, S. Larson, D. Connelly, B. Bengal Mr. Forst. 120 GATEWAY SOCCER Opponents Gateway Opponents Middle Twp. 1 0 Deptford 0 2 Clearview 3 0 Highland 0 1 Edgewood 2 2 Triton 0 2 Overbrook 1 1 Williamstown 0 1 Glassboro 0 1 Eastern 0 2 Washington Twp. 1 0 West Deptford 1 0 Woodbury 1 0 Tough "Breaks" Hurt Gators -. I john Larson George Hellyer Vince Federico -1 is ' -ffl " Andy Zrinscak joe Farren Vince DiTuIIio mf.-J M' f , W ,, , ff, 9 P , C C . Bob Seville Joe Ryan IOhf1 Genther 121 O KNEELINC D jones T Squyres J Hogan 1 ING: Coach - Mr. Folcarelli, A. Munyan, OLeary B Powers I Sheppard STAND M Mantini, P. Reim,G Todd Gateway X-Country 1975 Gateway's X-Country team kept its winning tradition alive in 1975. Although the team was inexperi- enced, and had only one senior lGlenn Toddi, they were very suc- cessful by finishing with a 'IO-5 re- cord. Among the highlights of this year's team was getting the 100th overall victory. C-ateway's lifetime record is now 101-24-1. Returning next year will be ju- niors: Amos Munyan, Don jones, Paul Reim, john O'Leary, Tim Squyresg Sophomores: Bob Pow- ers, jeff Sheppard, Bob Leahyg Frosh: Mike Mantini and john Ho- gan. 122 Sept. Oct GATEWAY X-C 1975 10-5 GATE. OPP Highland 49 15 Overbrook 32 23 Triton 24 35 Glou. Cath. 24 32 Clayton 20 39 Eastern 38 19 Glassboro 25 31 West Deptford 16 39 Deptford 29 26 Williamstown 31 24 Wash. Twp. 18 40 Woodbury 23 36 Gloucester 16 43 Edgewood 27 28 Clearview 24 31 Win Century Mark Glenn Todd Patti Lightcap 123 I. Munyan, M. Schwigert, B. Layton Moran, P. Lightcap Ziff l Q 2. .3 Nancy Wilkins Linda Parks Karen Handt lf Girls' basketball team finished their sea- son with a conference record of 9-6. The girls won the most games in the history of the school. One of the highlights of their season took place Friday, Feb. 26 as the girls beat Eastern 38-34. Eastern was the number one team in their division. With the defeat Gateway pinned on them, Eastern was put I out of first place and into second. The j.V. team had a tremendous season Kim N355 lemme Weeks with an over all record of 17-3, This was one of the best records in the conference. Coach Tarpine is looking forward to good things from these girls next year. The Frosh girls also had a winning season I with a record of 9-2. OPPONENTS GATEWAY OPPONENTS WOODBURY 46 15 WASH. TWP. 26 32 KINCSWAY 52 31 CLAYTON 23 39 DEPTFORD 31 24 WILUAMSTOWN 17 35 , CLEARVIEW 40 31 WEST DEPTFORD 29 59 GLASSBORO 30 28 EASTERN 24 31 HIGHLAND 25 48 WILLIAMSTOWN 20 52 TRITON 40 31 CLEARVIEW 38 26 1 OVERBROOK 23 22 EDGEWOOD 10 64 T WEST DEPTFORD 19 31 GLASSBORO 38 34 WASH. TWP. 50 33 - EASTERN 35 34 I Q N ttf. K . - Cindy Gruff Co-Captains Linda Parks and Nancy Wilkins with Coach Tarpine Maria Convery lane Hutchinson f..,.uf f, A 'fwizzm If ix-' .'i:' 7' Hoopsters Hustle In '76 Coach Lee Harvey Courtesy of Gloucester County Times Steve Rumaker, Captain we C Q -E . 'LL Dave Louco joe Carney Frank Wilson This year's club met with much adversity. The loss of key players periodically due to sickness or injury didn't help matters, but the Gators still remained competitive. Our three seniors, Captain Steve Rumaker, Dave Louco and joe Carney lived up to their mature status to become the three most productive performers on the team. They certainly will be missed. Our six juniors and one freshman rounded out the varsity program. - Coach Lee Harvey 126 Greg Piatek '. Mark Forsman OPPONENTS GATEWAY OPPONENTS WOODBURY 47 36 AUDUBON 44 53 WASH. TWP. 42 52 TRITON 66 61 DEPTFORD 45 64 WILLIAMSTOWN 39 52 CLEARVIEW 55 44 WEST DEPTEORD 63 41 GLASSBORO 59 68 EASTERN 68 62 HIGHLAND 37 41 WILLIAMSTOWN 61 51 TRITON 45 75 CLEARVIEW 59 53 EDGEWOOD 63 70 WEST DEPTFORD 36 45 OVERBROOK 60 57 GLASSBORO 36 45 WASH. TWP. 58 67 EASTEN 44 43 Tom Aregood Nzwlgufk Tum Ward 127 Mike Degenova 101 Gator Grapplers Do It!!! The Gateway Wrestling Team wrestled it's way to a 15-3-0 season and the Olympic Conference National Championship. Our first tournament competition this year was the Pennsville Christ- mas Tournament. The team finished third but we had many outstand- ing preformances. Mike DeGenova 101, Gary Crawford 122, and loe Villari 170 were champions, while Rene Ireland 188, finished third. To top off a great tournament, Gary Crawford was voted the tournaments outstanding wrestler. Our dual meet season was super finishing first in the Olypic Confer- ence for the second straight year. By finishing our season at 15-3-0, it intiled us the honor to be voted 4957 on the South jersey top ten poll for the fourth consecutive year. Gateway's performance in the District 28 Tournament was admirable? The team finished second among a field of eight teams six of which are rated in the South Jersey poll. We finished with eight medals. joe Degenova 129 repeated as District champion. joe is now only the jim Hurst 118 joe Villari, Renee Ireland Co-Captains Doug Carbrey 115 Gary Crawford 122 joe Degenova 129 Clay Cary 135 second Gateway wrestler to win back District titles. Other place win- ners were Mike DeGenova 101, Gary Crawford 122, and Ioe Villari 170, all received second. While jim Hurst 108, Clay Cary 135, Iohn DeMareo 141, and Rne Ireland 188 were awarded thirds. The Regional 7 Tournament was loaded with the most outstanding talent in the state. But we managed to get a third at 101 with Mike DeGenova. Gateway dominated the Olympic Conference all star team with sev- en wrestlers. The list included, Mike Degenova 101, joe DeGenova129, joe Villari 170, and Rene Ireland 188 on the first team. With Doug Carbrey 115, Gary Crawford 122, and Ray Simcox heavey weight, on the second team. In closing I wish all the underclassmen and seniors much success. Thank you, Coach Rende DPPONENTS GATEWAY OPPONENTS MAPLE SHADE 41 12 Tom Rende Coach XUDUBON 46 11 ' f SISHOP EUSTASE 51 9 GHRISTMAS IOUR. 3rd 2DGEWOOD 53 6 SLASSBORO 44 6 I NASHINGTON TWP. 22 26 'IIGHLAND 20 26 NILLIAMSTOWN 25 17 TRITON 32 12 EASTERN 35 9 DEPTFORD 25 22 CLEARVIEW 40 9 OVERBROOK 26 24 PITMAN 58 3 PAULSBORO 13 32 WEST DEPTFORD 32 18 WOODBURY 34 14 ' KINGSWAY 42 12 Rene Ireland 188 Ray Simcox Heavyweight rl... john Demario 141 john Price 148 joe Villari 170' 1 d I dd Senior Members I' o 9 TOP? A- Munyan, P. Reim, B. Powers, T. Squyers fmanagerb, G. Todd, Mr. Ballinger. FRONT: D. lones, I. Hogan, M. Mantini, 1. McGaurn OP: P. Adams, 1. Muntan, B. Layton, M. chweigart, D. Moran, Mr. Ballinger. FRONT: Z. Olavarria, L. Thoman, D. Sincavage, S. tremmel, P. Squyres. ' 131 I. V. Wrestling TOP ROW - B. Kelley, C. Choate, B. Sawyer, P. Henning, M. Wileczek and Coach Normandin. FRONT ROW - D. Costello, T. Hannah, P. O'Brian, H. Clay, 1. Brennon, R. Palmer. Frosh Wrestling TOP: I. Tasca, R. Turing, I. Scott, 1. Yeager, P. O'Brien, I. Wegner, D. Costello, Mr. Ryan. FRONT: D. Adamski, T. Convery, P. Kelly, l. DiStefano, 1. McCabe, L. Wozniak, M. Handt, N. Hayward, E. Saunders, B. Wozniak. 132 Dm .Ag - TOP ROW - S. Rader, E. Harrington, C.. Mariotta, C. Murtaugh, T. Aregood FRON ROW - B. Yeager, 1. Seville, 1. Bowker, M. Aimino, P. Brown, and Coach: lohn Fisher 1.13 N99 4... J' 'ini' TOP5 L- Faffen, D- Kramer, C. DeGeer, D. Green, S. Marino. FRONT: I. Trechock, C. Carney, H. Moore, C. Caswell. 133 5 W Q9 U3 T FD r-r QD 2 I. V. Cheerleaders ,len STANDING: L. Schaum, L. Purseglove, 1. Conway, C. Ireland. KNEELING: 1. Phelps, M. Raspa, K. Ward, S. Sesco, M. LaRoche, L Frosh Cheerleaders 1. UBI.- -. FRONT ROW TL TO Ri: B. DiTullio, K. Redington, 1. Astorga, 1. Costanzo, T. Higgins. BACK ROW.' L. Lenny, R. Tricolli, B. Rose, L. Gagliardi, D. Bryszewski, C. McSorIey. 134 - - Q 4 TOP ROW - P. Brown, C. Murtaugh, G. Mariotta, B. Mullin MIDDLE ROW - M. Green, D. Lastinec, R. Kinkaid, M. Midas, Coach Shinnick FRONT ROW - G. Gruff, M. Sholders, T. Carbrey, I. DiBenedictis TOP: M. Wiler, L. Smith, P. Huberty, P. Grant, L. Honabach, Miss Glenn, I. Kordeck, A. Grasso, L. Lightcap, S. Coy, B. Greenberg. FRONT: K. Evans, K. Reeve, L. Hutchinson, M. Tighe, M. Cromley, D. Maloney, N. Riegg, K. Kelleher. 135 W QD Um 7? l l jul T U3 CD r-h QD I QW An Homecoming 1975's winning float was the Sophomore class. Homecoming theme was "Horror Movies." Home f'- , H . sw A frightening view of the Senior class float. 1 . '41, iii, tiis' . alt ' w Homecoming Queen loanne Dalley surrounded by Senior attendant Trisha Campbell and Gate- way's junior Miss, Donna Meeks. Mike Schiavo escorted loanne while lohn Schrull and Martin Scott escorted Trisha and Donna. Seventh grade attendant Dottie Phelps lescorted by Bill Idlerl, Eight grade attendant Cathy Steffans tMike Payer! and ninth grade attendant Lisa Lenny lRichard Kincadel. . K 1 . 9' l 6 'N Q62 + g S is ,Wh A gsm S 4 l je.. i .. N W gm j,x 'X' fm- fi-Q" Q -V Office Aides FRONT ROW TL. TO RJ I T Smeltzer. BACK ROW: M Shrull, L. Marcone, K. Mc- P Donald, D. Carlin, Phelps, T. Di Grazio, B Humble, C. Choate, P DeVine, L. McGovern, S Simmons, S. Everwine, l. Crowwell, D. Pallante, D Salvatore. i sl Harysell, K. Towles, N. Bit- jf' 'Q ting, M. Wacker, S. Lee, F. X5 S r , We Guidance Aides FRONT ROW fL. TO RJ! L. Smith, P. Peters, T. Gag- liardi, L. Marcone. BACK ROW: M. Dunn, B. Kean, L. Dulaney, D. Hartseil,K. Tapkin, D. Tarpley, D. Volpe, B. Hummel, B. Miller, K. Handt, C. Smith, 1. Forsman. ,. ,i, ty! .N 5 1 0 UFSG S Aides Visual Aides 1 y " ,rx A if is I RONT ROW: IL TO Ri L Asher, lizer. FRONT ROW KL. TO RJ: L. Kiefer, D. Torrico, N. Wal- ters, L. Ramsey, N. Leahy BACK ROW: Mrs. Fean, L. Farren, L. Finn, I. Miller, D. Ott Library Aides .Wh :fed 5. r FRONT ROW IL TO Ri: P. Szurek, H. Moore, D. Nordaby, 1. Stewart K. Lee IIN TREE2, I. Hogan, L 141 .ff 4 L I Marching Band The very active 1975-76 "Marching Ga- tors" continued to lead the way in school spirit at Gateway this year, providing a musical boost at pep rallies and adding col- or to Gateway football games. The march- ing unit also represented Gateway at sev- eral civic functions, including a number of parades in our sending districts. Highlights of our season included participation in field competitions in Phillipsburg, West Deptford, and Clayton, in which the Band and Band Front both won trophies. The Thanksgiving football game was the scene of what may become a continuing tradi- tion in the Gateway Band program: the performance of a group of dedicated Band Alumni for a very appreciative audience. An important factor in this year's Band was the relative youth of our group. Nearly half of the members were students who had never marched before. In light of this, the progress that the group made throughout the season was fantastic. We will miss the Seniors that have provided us with leadership, enthusiasm, and support during their years in the Gateway Band. ..- .11 a. ..1... . B. Rupert, E. Benedikt, H. Campo, K. Costello, I. Curry, K. Dean, D. Edelman, B. Foreman, A. Green, L. Henion, T. Henion, E. Hoover, D. Kish, R. Kline, A. Klingenberg, R. Knissell, E. Konstanty, I. Konstanty, M. Kreloff, N. Larson, G. Martin, K. McQuaide, M.,McQuaide, G. Mills, R. Mills, B. Mullin, K. Mullin, H. Phillips, C. Poirier, B. Pryzwara, S. Raffo, B. Ryan, 1. Seedes, P. Squyres, C. Thomas, R. Thomas, D. Volpe, D. Walker, T. Welsh, V. Hankin, D. Bruno, D. Morency, L. Roff, L. Etschaman, T. Mowbray, R. Vekkos, C. Mossop, S. Cook, S. Murphy, D. Wayne, R. Ewing, S. Stremmel, B. Pryzwara, L. DuLaney, 1. Miller, V. Nicotra, S. Mantini, M. Williams, M. Hee, K. DeCecco, B. Marks, D. McSorely, S. Schaufler, C. Wean, M. Wiler, R. Crawford, P. Huberty, M. McGovern, A. Owens, L. Thoman, N. Welsh. v f 1' 'N' f L ,Q A ,, ' t - "--vw. ,M Nxt' A Color Guard Captain - B. Pryzwara, Sargent at Arms - C. Mossop, LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Owens, L. DuLaney, J. Miller, M. Williams. Flag Lt. - M. Hee, Head Majorette - V. Hankin. T42 Color Guard LEFT TO RIGHT! N. welsh, L. Tho- man, M. Wiler, P. Huberty, S. Schaufler, K. DeCecco, M. Hee, R. Crawford, D. McSorely, B. Marks, C. Wean, and M. McGovern. Majorettes Majorettes LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Raff, T. Mow- bray, D. Bruno, R. Vekkos, L. Etschman, B. Morency, and V. Hankin. Rifle Squad LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Murphy, R. Ewing S. Stremmel, D. Wayne, S. Cook, M Williams. Sr. Concert Band Ant FRONT ROW KL TO RJ I E. Benedikt, G. Martin, H. Phillips, D. Volpe, R. Kline, L. Henion, C, Foreman, A. Klingenberg, T. Henion, P. Squyres, K. McQuaide, H. Campo. BACK ROW: l. Curry, R. Thomas, T. Welsh, E. Konstanty, B, Pryzward, D. Kish, B. Ryan, 1. Seedes, M.. Kreloff, D. Walker, R. Knisell, K. Dean, N. Larson, R. Mills, C. Thomas, A, Green, B, Rupert, E. Hoover, D. Edelman, M. McQuaide, G. Mills, S. Raffo. jr. Concert Band KNEELING IL TO RD: B. Phillips, M. Dolente, H. Hammel, L. Walker, L. Kyser, C. Kramer, D. Nikerson, D, Moore, I. Kish. MIDDLE ROW: A. Clanton, B. Dougherty, B. McFeeley, 1. Martin, H. Parker, B. Heenan, K. Yager, l. Langon, E. Andrews. BACK ROW: K. Donahue, M. Laggy, R. Martin, B. Hampton, M. Haney, M. Mihlebach, S. Chipman, B, luhasz, l. Herman. 'JK i 4 The Gateway Concert Band provides the opportunity for Gateway students to perform mu- sic of a more serious nature. ln playin pieces of various stylistic perio s, the musicians et a chance to perfect the skilfs and ain some of the insights that help oster a greater understandin and enjoyment of music of ai kinds. Our main responsibility has been the performance at our an- nual Christmas and Spring Con- certs, and the Concert Band also provides music at the Baccalaure- ate and Commencement Exer- cises in the Spring. Out of the large group also come the musi- cians or our smaller groups such as the Brass, Woodwind, and Per- cussion Ensembles, which enable our musicians to perform works characteristic of these media. With our Concert Band, students of Gateway receive the varied ex- periences, in both large and small ensemble settings, that hopefully will expand their level of perfor- mance abilit and their love of music as welL jazz Rock Ensemble gn FRONT ROW IL TO RJ : C. Foreman, M. McQuaide, A. Green, K. McQuaide, H. Campo. BACK ROW: Mr. Pituk, N. Larson, K. Dean, S. Raffo, L. Henion, R. Knisell, D. Walker, E. Hoover, I. Seedes, D. Edleman, M. Kreloff, D. Kish, B. Pryzwara, G. Mills, T. Welsh, T. Henion, R. Mills. Band Aides LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Welsh, C. Mossop, D. Edelman, D. Volpe, H. Phillips, M. McQuaide. f , I, Dedicated to the performance of contem- porary "popular" music, the Gateway jazz- Rock Ensemble has been a "show-stopper" at every appearance. Highlighting our activi- ties this year was a joint performance with the Glassboro State College jazz Ensemble for a Gateway audience. Besides performing at our annua seasonal concerts, the Ensem- ble also toured the elementary schools of our district, creating an increased awareness of the Gateway Music Program in "future" Gateway music students. The jazz-Rock Ensemble is strictly a volun- tary organization which meets in the even- ings, so the level of interest and enthusiasm must be high among the members for the group to enjoy the success it has had this year. Senior High Chorus FRONT ROW KL TO RI: N. Bitting, D. Robertson, K. McQuaide, A. Moore, M. Haney, B. Eaton, T. Krusch, L. DuLaney, R. Mills. BACK ROW: H. Phillips, E. Greenwood, P. Szurek, L. Ewan, K. Petersen, L. Byas, D. Meeks, L. Henion, B. Hummel, R. Vekkos, T. Henion, N. Welsh, Miss Donnely. The senior high choir is made up of students in grades ninth through twelfth, who rehearse everyday fourth period. Many students give up their lunch period in order to participate. The choir performs a wide range of music, from popular to classical. One of the highlights of the Christmas concert was the performance of a difficult cantata in Latin. Selected from within the choir, the Madrigal Singers are a group of ten to twelve singers who perform music written especially for a smaller, more experienced choir. The Madrigal Singers rehearse after school and at night. Students in the choir are eligible to audition for various regional and state honors choirs. Bonnie Hummel, a senior, was chosen to sing with the 1976 All South jersey Chorus, and Bettina Krusch, also a senior, was chosen as a member of the 1976 New jersey All State Chorus. 146 l A ,gff junior High Chorus FRONT ROW IL TO Ri: R. Beutler, H. Campo, E. Thoman, L. Walker, C. Kramer, D. Singiser. BACK ROW: I. Curry, S. Megary, S. Wright, B. Hampton, B Busher, W. Chaput, S. Chipman, T. Stevenson, P. Kiter, LA. Vekkos, K. McHugh, S. Auerbach, R. Rodenbaugh, M. McFadden, M. Latchaw, H. Parker. Madrigals W 4531 U l V fr? l W We 1,7 QW' 5 y TOP TO BOTTOM: T. Krusch, B. Eaton, Miss Don- nelly, K. Peterson, P. Szurek, R. Vekkos, L. Hen- s' N, ion, R. Mills, A. Moore, B. Hummel, if W l . 5 V I 17' W '7 ' .i1,,J1fT"f ' sl V wwfiifilb. 'Y N. Senior High Student Council FIRST ROW IL TO RJ : B. Phelps, C. Adamski, K. Badger, T. Baxter, L. Demiduke, C. Louis, 1. Seville, L. Marcone. SECOND ROW: C. Miller, C. Ireland, K. Bezdzecki, A. Kalabus, I. Benkert, D. Romano, D. Culver. THIRD ROW: B. Welsh, C. Helm, C. Gruff, C. Chestnut, M. Scott, I. McCall, 1. Shepprd, FOURTH ROW: Mr, Dawson, P. Lightcap, R, Noddin, S. Payer, I. Villari, A. DeCan- dia. FIFTH ROW: V. Braun, E. DelGrande, P. Phelps, K. Handt, T. LaPann, C. Smith, I. villari. Senior High Student Council Officers junior High SITTING: judy McCall, Vice-President, Vickie Braun, President, STANDING: JoAnn Villari, Treasurer, Carol Miller, Secretary. ,f Everwine C. Carson, M. Handt S. Larson FOURTH ROW: C. Cell, J Tasca, E. Ramsey D. Deleo, C. Mutaaygh I. Seedes, S. Chapman, P Walsh, P. O Brien. ,. T FIRST ROW IL TO RJ I P. L. Walker, D. Miller, R. Alloway, 1. Langom, M. .. Margiotta, B. Tasca, SECOND ROW: K. Eaton, D. Souder, W. Caldwell, W K. Durham, I. Seville, THIRD ROW: A. Wizov, H. Campo, E. McGo- vern, B. Crouthhamel, L. Hutchinson, B. Rose, B. Allen, R. Abrams, S. Q.. 3. Q T l t 4 SITTING IL TO RJ : M. Anzaldo, S. Payer, T. Aregood, B. Aregood, T. Squires, A. Meduri, D. jones, D. English, G. Todd. STANDING: Mr. Dawson, I. Carney, P. Reim, J, DeGenova, j. Vallari, I. DeMario, G. Hellyer, l. Schrull, M. Scott, B. Seville, M. Amino, D. Sparks, A. Zrinzack. The Gateway Key Club continued to sponsor its traditional fund raising and service projects this year. The football program and Christmas shopping trip to Woodbury with underpriviliged children were ma- jor projects in addition to the Easter Egg hunt. This year, for the first time, a Gateway Key Clubber, Doug Carbrey, attended the KeyClub International con- vention in New Orleans. The Key Club joined the Woodbury Kiwanwis Club in founding the first girl's Key Club in South jersey. The Keyettes are organiz- ing with Mrs. Randee Smith and Mrs. Iris Warner, the advisors. 149 Key Club Officers: Pres. B. Ohrenich, Vice Pres. T. Squires, Sec. B. Seville, Treas. S. Henry imissing in picturel. ational Honor Society The National Honor Society is a very im- portant and very active organization in Gate- way. It conducts fund-raising drives for uni- . cef and the March of Dimes. Other activities include an Annual Spaghetti Dinner and a '50s Dance to raise money for service pro- jects. Two awards are given at graduation to seniors who are not members of the N.H.S. s College bowl competition with chapters in other.Ciloucester County High Schools pro- vides fun and an opportunity to test our skills against our peers elsewhere. Thebiggest ser- vice to Gateway is the tutoring program for students at all grade levels. All members vol unteer to participate in this program. Mem bers also volunteer to give service to Gate- way library and conduct an annual "straight- en-up the library" day. Officers: ISTANDINGJ, Martin Scott KSITTINCJ , Nancy Wilkins, Dave English Kim Nass. FIRST ROW KL TO RI: P. Condell, C. Miller, V. B.raun,,T. Baxter, K. McDonald, SECOND ROW: Bezdziecki, B. Pryzwara, P. Lightcap, S. Ward, C. Pasley, 1. Heiser. THIRD ROW: C. Smith, J. Carney, Klingenberg, B. Dandrow, R. Rippey, Miss Maltman. FQURTH ROW: K. Handli T-Ml-alfaflni l-yW6Cl4S Adams, K. Nass, G. Todd, G. Hellyer. FIFTH ROW: N. Wilkins, B. Kean, 1. King, D. English, D. Meeks, . K. li P. 1M A Scott. T T . Q i , , V , V, , Z L Polaris Staff FRONT ROW fL TO RI: M. Scott, 1. Schrull, 1. Benkert, A. Schonewise, 1. Stewart, D. English, BACK ROW: K Bezdziecki, D. Volpe, D. Sincavage, F. Hood, P. Adams, A. DeCandia, A. Kalabus, I. McCall. joe Benkert Casst. editorJ Kathy Bezdziecki feditorb. ga A339425 Spanish Club K. Kellsher, 1. McCall, Mrs. McMahon, M. 7ST ROW: IBACK, LEFT TO RIGHT! Mrs. McMahon, I. McCall, M. Hoban, P. Shrader, L. Mazier, T. Nola Hoban, Miss Causton Hood, S. Greenburg, D. Volpe, Miss Causton ZND ROW: B. Hood, A. Holladay, 1. Edmunds, C. Ander M. Billings, L. Billings, C. Gunther ON THE GROUND: 1. Federico, L. Byas i. tal! French Club Fi FRONT ROW: ILEFT TO RIGHT? V. Braun, P. Adams, M. Gillespi, B. Pryzwara, L. Parks, P. Price. BACK ROW: P. Malone, D. Meeks, N. Wilkins, T. LaPann, S. Mawson, Mrs. Schwartz, T. Martino, R. Crawford, B. Pryzwarar V' Braun, 5. Ward, p. Adams S. Dandrow, K. Ward, T. Harmer, A. Moore, M. Scott, S. Ward, B. Pryzwara 152 lf' e+"'?a 'Tr FRONT ROW: P. Cipolone, 1. Larson, P. Condell, 1. Weeks, C. Lex, G. Olavarria L. Cipriani, E. White, D. Malinoski, S. Hess, L. Etschman, P. Gra ZND ROW: L. Wozniak, 1. Seville, S. Miller, 1. Comuso, E. Mitchell, D. Young, M. DeGenova, K. Dean, L. LaRoche, M. LaRoL'he, K. Callaghan, C Chanoux 3RD ROW: B. Rose, R. Trocolli, D. Torrico, G. Tanner, A. Owens, K. Petersen, S. Schaufler, N. Welsh, L. Thornan, K. Toomey, A DeLandia, R. Vekkos 4TH ROW: S. Barney, M. Wiler, K. Murphy, E. Hoover, L. DuLaney, L. Ewa, P. Szurek, M. Tierney, B. Rupert, M Schweigart, S. Larson, I. Buscher, R. Brophy, M. Aimino, K. Hampton 5TH ROW: S. Dunn, 1. Kordeck, D. Culver, B. Marks, B. Cook, M. Hoban,l Miller, L. Henion, R. Mills, I. Gabel, I. Maloney, I. Stewart, B. Yaeger TOP ROW: I. Sheppard, R. Matsuk, H. Kyser, M. Hoban, H. Clay, C. Martin E. Hoover, S. Shinn, F. Spicer, 1. Conners, C. Lewis, R. Knisell, P. Reim, A. Schonewise Latin Club r BACK ROWS L. Ewan, M. Hoban FRONT ROW: A. Schonewise, P. Condell, F. Spicer i. J 153 I Congratulations, Shafer !!! Xgigolgbff ' 8 I .. I LHS. 5 . 6 ll C fast tt .asf-.M 5hdFF6r'5 clone. i+a 'in Shafer Henry has been setting swimming records during his four years at Gateway. He is three-time jew jersey State champion and current record holder in the 200 yard Individual Medlay. He is also two-time Medlay winner in the Eastern Interscholastic High School Championships. On the national scene, as a Freshman, he was double winner at the National Junior Olympics in the 200 and 400 Individual Medlays. He has also won these events for three straight years at the Eastern U.S.A. Championships. Shafer had qualified and competed in every National A.A.U. Championship during his high school career. He is currently ranked 7th in the United States and 12th in the world in the 200 meter Individual Medley. He has the honor this year of being chosen A.A.U. and High School All-American. We would like to congratulate Shafer for his success and wish him the best in his career. He is a credit to Gateway. ..,. V... .. ....... wg., Munchkm's You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown ChaleBo n S oopy Lucy Patty L nus Sch oeder loe Drach Ron Mills Carol Wean Dara Torrico Matt Lightcap Pat Walsh Frosh Football F3 . GATORS GMO ' TOP: Coach Badiali, C. Abate, P. Brown, B. Simmorman, D. Costello, C. Holmstram, S. Stanley, I. Yeager, P.Wckh, 1. Hughes, B. Bello, C. Murtaugh, M. Kreloff, Coach Hensell. MIDDLE: P. OBrian, B. Wozniak, B. Anusky, H. Elton, M. Midas, T. Cinveny, R. Turing, H. Rastien, R. Kinkade, M. Hope, j. Tasca. BOTTOMJE. Beck, H. Berry, D. Aduski, C. Ohrenich, C. Gill, T. Carbrey, B. Nebel, M. Hand, P. Kelly, B. Bailey, D. Beck. n K . -W 'K M -.. - 1 .. . ...t , . - TOP KSTANDINCJ : M. Hoban, M. Bailey, B. Ohrenich, 5. Martin, C. Bate, 1. Carter, 1. Connelley, E. Martino. FRONT KSITTINGJ: B. Cooper, B. Matsuk, S. Dixey, C. Ohrenich, H. Elton, G. Hood. 156 Youth And Government The Youth in Government program at Gateway participates in two activities sponsored by the Y.M.C.A. The first is a "model UN." program where a group of five students study the economic, social, cultural and political aspects of a foreign country and then represents the country in a mock assembly held in Washington, D.C. in December. This year our students represented Great IL TO RJ: M. Scott, 1. Weeks, K. Bezdziecki, I. Larson. Debate The Debate Team has been extremely active this year. At the time the yearbook went to press, the team was undefeated and in first place in the South Jersey De- bate League, which consists of 16 teams. Also on the agenda for the Spring are two large tournaments: Glassboro State Col- lege Tournament and Rutgers College Debate Tournament. The Debate Team has an exceptionally long season which begins in early Septem- ber and continues through early May. Since they put in so much hard work, the members of the team deserve your sup- port. KL TO RJ: G. Hellyer, D. English, C. Miller, T. Squires, D. Meeks. Britain and Israel in an assembly with 112 countries being represented by young people from the Middle Atlantic states, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The other program is the "New jer- sey Youth Legislature" where individ- ual students will research the current problems of their state, write-up a pro- posed bill and defend it in a mock as- sembly at the Capital Building in Tren- ton. All successful pieces of legislature are forwarded to our actual state repre- sentatives if the bill is valid and realistic, appropriate actions are taken. rkofvr Row IL TO RJ : L. Thoman, K. Bezdziecki, c. Miller, BACK Row. S. Magee, T. Squires, D. English, Mr. Wilkinson, D. Connely, D. Meeks fs ll ll Mom Our Advisor Being the editors of a yearbook is an endless 'ob. There are constantly dead- lines to be met, layouts to be complet- ed, copy to be tyEed and information to be gotten. We ad our problems, as all editors do. First, a theme had to be selected. Next came dedication. The senior class voted and a re-vote had to be taken bacause the votes were so close. But, the hardest job by far was the senior section. There were as many different opinions on how the popular- ity polls should be done as there were seniors. As the editors, we chose what we felt would be best for our yearbook. A special thank you to those people who stood behind us despite these and other problems. There were, however, many high points to working on the yearbook. It made our senior year a real enlight- ment and we're glad for that exper- ience. We would especially like to acknowl- edge the help of and thank most gra- ciously: Mr. john Fisher and Mrs. Eve- lyn Shinnick for all of their help with the dedication, Mr. Bernie Badiali for photographic work, our photographers jack Stang and joe Benkert, Howard and Mark from Zamsky Studios, Mr. Terry ffTop Cat" McGovern for his ter- rific ideas, Tina Krusch for her out- standin art work, Mrs. Natalie McFee- ly for time use ,of her typewriters, Dr. Theodore Lempert for the "Charlie Brown" photographs, the journalism and Layout and Design classes, and the unknown person who saved our lives in regard to the dedication. An especially warm thank you to our adlvisor, "Mom" - Mrs. Brenda Bur- re . The Editors of the 1976 Profile Anita Kalabus and Bonnie Kean KNEELING Q TO Rl j Benkert j Stewart, A. Schoenwise, FIRST ROW: B. Kean, A. Kalabus, lEditorsl, K. McDonald, j. McCall, B. Dandrow, j Villari j Klingenberg B Krusch SECOND ROW: K. Toomey, A. DeCandia, L. Ewan, T. DiGrazio, T. Gavin, K. Bezdziecki, D. Meeks. Yearbook Staff And Editors Going Nutsie KooKoo on Profile '76! 5' Cf3C3k5E4E525 SG Editors Anita Kalabus and Bonnie Kean look over the busy picture schedule. Some senior staff members look over yearbook materials. ll QQ fy Sw 2625 V ,xg sggiiwiw Nj 1 X 576 . M Y-ffl 495520 OWKML, QZZQJ? Ll UULC 344 gf ffm VWOWMWMH fm glib, as 1 milf, M M ang 4,0 Zig 437 f ,. , A Ur WL! ff riff' I QM 420 Qzumfj' ,w2:Ju"fg22H my Su 1Zfoj?vLefLJ9ze,aJ,fm720?r7Uwigo07m,,gO Ofouiqj mf.

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