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'3llSlP.:fh1'iH!Al'l.6"'-vIsf??"T '.d'uu L6-ICSW' -1.w,,J.-ff. 'dll .-,Q at his-' lv e C,L ' .:x,f:.rfLu:,- ,"'!2.dri's5f' 'si-' ,-Ot'e1ll'fx f ,f z b -. .. - , . "M" M''f+""1'1Ff'+hv'U 71:4-wvimqg-ar' aff- - - if f H + 1 5' 23 5. JJJL. will gf In my hands I hold the future. Like coins, bright silver, copper, I must spend the brief hours and days of TIME. What shall I buy? Will it be dreams, a momentls laughter, or swift arrows that speed to find their mark far in the future? Now Is the Time 2 The CRESCENT Published by the Students Of Gatesville High School - Gatesville, Texas PUBLIC RECEPTION ROOM The design and floor plan of the new high school building is complete in every detail to carry out the school program in its entirety. The building structure is simple, substantial, and functionalg yet in its simplicity the building is very impressive. One of the main highlights of the building is the auditorium, designed to seat nine hundred people. Artificial plants add to the splendor of the decor in the auditorium. Another asset of the building is the inter-communication system which enables the administration to keep in contact with the students and teachers. The well-equipped classrooms are characteristic of the school program to make this school a greater Gatesville High. ll-l d The first-imp-ression oi- our AUDITORIUM school is the -guilfling GYMNASIUM 5 , f AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT HOMEMAKING DEPARTMENT 6 n SCIENCE LABORATORY Well-equipped departments aid LIBRARY The modern facilities of Gatesville High School classrooms offer each student an opportunity to de- cide for which vocation he is best suited. Each boy is given an opportunity to increase his agricul- tural skills in the ag department. The honiemaking department affords each girl a chance to leam the techniques of sewing and cooking. All students who are interested in the field of science are enabled to advance with the aid of the efficient science laboratories. When research material, good hooks, or a quiet place to study are necessary, the student needs only to go to the library. The book- keeping room caters to the needs of students interested in commercial fields. , 4 BOOKKEEPING ROOM EQ? ii? in successful teaching and learning Iii!! 7 A The L'American Flag" was raised for the first time over the new Gatesville High School building at the Armistice Day Program. With the raising of the flag for the first time over the Gatesville High School building, the students entered into a whirlwind of activities. The dedication ceremony, with the Senior Class acting as host to the citizens of Gatesville, launched the year's activities. The Fall Se- mester, highlighted by football games, was full of school spirit. Slogan posters and banners adorned the corridors. Pep rallies, street paint- ings, and down-town parades, with each stu- dent participating, exemplified the true spirit of GHS. The annual 4'Homecoming7, bonfire, with the presentation of lVlr. and Miss Flame, culminated all sporting activities. The festive occasion climaxing the football season was the annual Football Banquet. 8 E- The dedication of the new building fulfilled the dreams of the citizens of Coryell County. The students patriotically stand to sing the Catesville High School Alma Mater at a weekly pep rally. The Senior Class of 1960 will always cherish the honor of being the first to gather for an assembly in the new auditorium. The Football Banquet, highlighted by the presentation of the letter-jackets, added to the enjoyment of the activities. Painting the streets, a downtown snake dance, and the pep rally were each typical events held on Thursday nights for the home games. The Thanksgiving Dance, sponsored by the FTA at the Country Club, added to the 'Turkey Spirit" of GHS. The animated spirit of GHS continued throughout the basketball season. Little time was left for studies with the excitement of Christmas parties and pro- grams. The foyer, with a beautifully decorated tree, boosted the festive holiday spirit. The stirring pro- gram presented by the Junior Class made everyone realize the true meaning of Christmas. The holidays were a welcomed relief for the students and teachers alike. Then came the days that each student had dreaded all year-Mid-Term Examinations! The students gathered around the 'gHomecoming Bonfire The flrst basketball tournament to be held in the new gym to boost the football team and Homecoming Spirit. brought many ofthe GHS fans od stands for hi lt ideals ln the Spring 'La young man's fancy turns to lovef' hut that was not the case for most of the students of GHS, for they were enter- ing into many extracurricular activities. The election of each class favorite, best all-around, who's who, Mr. and Miss Valentine, sweet- hearts, and heaux produced enthusiasm' in each class. The Band Follies, featuring a trip around the world, highlighted the band's ac- tivities. Baseball, track meets, golf, tennis, and contests kept each student in a whirl. Finally, the day arrived that Seniors had anticipated for twelve long years-graduation. As the clock of time ticks off another school year, these are the activities which each student and teacher will cherish! The WC1 htlifter of the SS Hornet demonstrates his ml hty The punch howl was the center of attraction at the annual power FHA Ball. These are the times that each stud The Hcllorus line" for the 1960 Band Follies dressed as sailors to man the S.S. Hornet. It was a great thrill for the Seniors to don the traditional cap and gown for graduation. The cake walk at the Valentine program provided money for the March of Dimes. 2' ' ' 4 ' he 195 -60 school ear I3 Foreword Because time plays such an important part in the life of a student at GHS, we have selected as our theme for the 1960 Crescent "Now is the Time? High School is a time for gaining knowledge, Winning friends, and taking part in so- cial activities. It is also an hour of decision and dedication to our future plans. In the 1960 Crescent we have tried to illustrate throughout its pages how you, the students, use your time-Time of which you never seem to have enough. Time! '4We are hut minutes, use us well, For how weire used we soon must tell. Who uses minutes has hours to useg Who loses minutes has hours to lose." Your Editors, paw, Now 1s The Time for Dedication .... . . Personalities. . . . . Organizations. . . . . Athletics. . . . Classes .... . . Administration ...... Snapshots. . . . . Advertisers. . . . .19 .20 .36 .60 .96 1-48 158 170 ON THE BEHALF of the student body of GHS We wish to thank the school board for their efforts toward the welfare and advancement of our school. We especially want to express our appreciation for their diligence in promoting the construction of our new school building. These men give unself- ishly of their valuable time and talents to provide a sound education for the youth of our community. For these and many other invaluable services we owe our unending gratitude to the SCHOOL BOARD. MR. R. D. FOSTER, SR.-Vice-President MR. O. N. HIX-President Student Body Expresses MR. JOHN FRANK POST-Secretary MR. BILL SMITH MR. .I. T. DAVIDSON Thanks to School Board MR. JIM ERWIN DR. T. R. WILLIAMS atesville Citizens Present Gifts to ehool Beta Sigma Chi County School Board Girls' Basketball Graves Memorial Fund Huckabee K Nichols Mrs. Ollie Little Mr. J. C. Proctor Mr. J, H. McClellan Parent-Teachers Association Seniors '42 Seniors '55 and '58 Seniors '56 A '3'77'f""' V i . S it Q. ...... s Seniors '59 Mrs. Arthur Schloeman We, the Students and the Administration of Gatesville High School would like to express our humble appreciation to the donors of the gifts which enhance the beauty of our school. We are deeply grateful to those who thought enough of youth and the leaders of youth to present these gifts. We want you to accept our THANK YOU! Dedication MR. C. W. McCLELLAND We, the yearbook staff of 1960, think it is only fitting that we dedicate this, the 1960 Crescent, to a person whose efforts warrant such honor. Because of his love for music, his friendliness to the students, and his congenial personality, surely no one could be more fitting and deserving to receive such a dedication than Mr. C. W. McClelland. Now ls the Time . only ci moment of youth Personalities A school is made up of as many personalities as there are individuals in that school, there- fore it would be impossible to give honor to each and every individual. ln this section the most outstanding students, those who have truly excelled, are pictured. They have been chosen for their radiating friend- liness, winning smiles, enthusiastic outlook and leadership abilities. The honors that G.H.S. bestows on its students are Best All- Round Boy and Girl, Homecoming Queen, Class Favorites, Sweethearts, Beaux, and Whois Who. These personalities presented portraying courteous attitudes, good citizen- ship, and high scholastic standards are sym- bolic of the individual personality of Cates- ville High School. Lost, somewhere between Sunrise and Sunset, Two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. N o reward is offered, for they are lost forever. W w ..-, , ff-f 2 . K - .q Y'.-Y 1' W 4,1-wfw gf,,wQn.:5..'w-If -ff- :ffiffe-wiwwwf ,-,- :J 'fkk 4-f1ff,,+.,i m .',k '-:mm fAx,.f1-4-W7,:ww-wrAmfssfiv-+-fQ -sa: -f.- +w...:f5M. Q, 1-1'-,mmf,,.:w - - . , :.-: .,,.. 1 y if .fL. vvy' ww ,- , ff - ..,,. -fff - ,M Ae ,-,. Aw-fm, 1m1:f'f H7.f is-few, -f -1 in fx f f-., -f f -f,, 1-.:,,4,Qf.gqz1W:,.zwu.w .L It I , K .f X , L. H if V - .A 1- ueen Adds Color to Homecoming Festwmes NELDA BARTON Miss Nelda Barton, 1959 Homecoming Queen, was chosen by a popular vote of the student body of G.H.S. The vivacious Senior is 5'2" and weighs 109 lbsg she has brown hair and brown eyes and is known throughout the student body for her animated personality. Duchesses Await the ueen s 5 x MARGIE SIMS LINDA DORSEY The half-time ceremony of the Gatesville-Lam- pasas football game featured the presentation of the Homecoming Queen and the two duches- ses. Escorts of the three were members of the 1928, 1938, and 1948 football teams, three of the teams being honored. CHS Senior Favorites Nffgelgl 26 1212 Qjljjjof' Junior Favorites 5 i"'I,w E-fin-ff'1, is ' :V 5, if -A I 3 ilf H 1 'Q 515, 3 mm - .45 , 5952 L 42 Q 1 r r W s hmffil SM iifa' f AV? iiffesi sn yffupf Q 5655, Ra, am? 5 ww! f A z-gf! Kwik K Y 1 5592? .",,' 11, 'e z gf ,, 1 '.', sig :ZH 1 gf WSC 3- , 3 :1 3 gf 28 ophomore Favorites 2Q1Qff1j,2Qjf'1gm'1 + M , 1 GiQ'ff,jQfQ, Freshman Favorites 29 MARY MARGARET NESBITT BUDDY MITCHELL MARY MARGARET SCHAUB NANCY BROWN Baseball Sweetheart FHA Beau Band Sweetheart Basketball Sweetheart 30 1' 3 Q 3 J f f 5- 3 5 F 1 JOHN RILEY LADELLE BARTLETT ANITA COWARD Basketball Beau Football Sweetheart FFA Sweetheart MARY LYNN GALBRAITH Mary Lynn has excelled in her studies and in FHA Work. Evidence that she is well liked by her class- mates is shown by her many honors won. SHERRY LAWRENCE Sherry Lawrence is not only well known for her fine academic record, but she has been active in basketball and Gens Togata. s X 1 1 ' w i i 1 1 x K 5 5, Who? Who DONALD GREEN As an outstanding science student, student council member, and Spanish club presi- dent, Donald Green has been a credit to G.H.S. n G1-I.S. BETTY BROWN Since she has been active in basketball FTA, and FHA in addition to having been an outstanding student, Betty Brown makes a Wise choice for Who's Who. VIRGINIA BRADFORD Ginger was head majorette this year in the band. She was outstanding in FHA as well as excelling in academic work. Her favorite sport is tennis. MARY I0 AYRES Mary ,Io Ayres, who participates in band and FHA, is an excellent student Whose scholarship achievements place her in the upper IOZQ of her class. 34 MARY CATHERINE WINSLAR LINDA DORSEY Music and Mary Catherine are synonymous as she A favorite with the students, Linda has shared her has used her talent many times for the Hornet Band many abilities with the band, FHA, basketball team, and stage band. and her studies. In electing Who's Who, the teachers and students considered these qualifications. Student votes .,,,,t.. t... ,,t, . . . .,.,,,,,v 3002 Grade averages ,,.,.,t,,t,,,,tt,t,.tt....,,...,.,,t ..., t,,.,,, . . . . ....,,, .2072 School participation-each activity ..,.,,,t.,,,,,,.,,,tt,..cV.......,,,,,,,,,,s,........,,,.,,. 57k General attitude about school work, citizenship and cooperation ,,,.,. ....., 1 OZ Teacher-pupil cooperation ,t..s,t.V.,.......,...s,.s,t.ttsitst.ifrsfwff,f.....A,.s..Af.sff,ff.s-.,f... 10? These students are also judged on their dependability, service, leadership, patriotism, scholarship, and attitude. Runners-U p for Who's Who LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Kinsey, Bonnie Bundrant, Cynthia Summers, Mary Schaub, and Mary Margaret Nesbitt. Runners-Up for Best All-Round Jackie Dixon Golda Smith Martha Baker Jimmy Schauh Runners-Up for Favorites Carolyn McClellan, Cecil Bartlett, Judy Sanford, Edward Schaub, Martha Baker, Billy McDaniel, Waldhie Mack. Now Is the Time.. for things that matter Organizations Organizations in G.H.S. play an important role in the development of the students. These organizations teach the students something they could never learn from books-cooperation With others. Clubs also place re- sponsibility on the student and tend to develop leader- ship qualities. They also help to break the monotony of school life and incite interest in outside activities. The various clubs are organized with the purpose of helping a student become a well-rounded individual. All the organizations are an important part of school life at G.H.S. Know the true value of zimeg snatch, Seize, and enjoy Every moment of it. Q5 K3 gl wgwswga M 23 'FU A CI E Charles Graham Becky Donaldson his ,VV,,.r jf . f Donald Green Qxe., y iii' llll C I elel ., :, ,, Darla Blum ,ff Iavdff t'2s'z1-Jigs" is ?..1:G57'?:a5 WZ:5:"iEflsZHt"': G ' ' ' y ,, fieilff ,rg "L I 1 : t 1 w a 3 X s , V'-f .1 is ami A s N W, 3 gs K Q 5 5? ,M ai ,sz 1 f 3 nw as M fhfgfa , 'Q Y su ra as v V 1' 1, 'iff-,fs 3 2 1 , 'J mia w , - , A ., r M V 1 f 1 t H Y y Wu f- ff 5:12 A wsrzmi' i - 'I,5-TEILF XJ' Ziff Bob Scott we visas 'S AQ as tr ,V'. . In Qftti- 5' f If 'Q E f H ,,,, .5get-Q1-'afza3g:vaQ, vi, ,.:.:f,.: f . " .- . ' f if , ,xii ' +5 lfiff' ' 2' , ff - 1i:1z,5'i Johnny Vlladdill 3 8 HONOR, RESPECT, AND INTEGRITY are just if x a few of the qualities contained in a member of the 521 Student Council. These members of the GHS council maintain high regard and respect of the students through the various services which they render to the school. Better understanding between the stu- dents and the administration is achieved by this in- fluential organization, since each class is equally representedg and the members are free to discuss the problems of each class. v 1 President Bob Edwards confers with Councilmen y The Student Council Council members Becky Donaldson, Darla Blum, Carolyn McClellan, Sammy Petty, Johnny Waddill, David White, and Charles Graham plan the year's activities. , .,,, - Q.. ,riffs if i 7 R '. V i 5f'3-irfffh, - - .,kQ,-, .. , :,TW , .,. M git, .ring-r is i ff Y ,. Q ,M ITF' - l " . A ' .. 'aff -- 15.7-..,.f,f ' . ..eA5.f, -fez..,,re V 5 4 fm J L xy 3? 1 1 4 ,H t Wana: Z, 5 g + M ..., , .. ,U 1 w sr ' f 'Ms 2, Q il ,gg"g'4, QW i"Zf's is is "' ff 'D' -f fi" THE STUDENT COUNCIL BRINGS interest in extracurricular activities to the students as they sponsor such long anticipated festivities as Western Day, Sadie Hawkins Day, and the Homecoming pageantry. The members plan and conduct these activities which are enthusiastically supported by the student body. As an added honor this year the Student Council was in charge of the dedication of the new high school building. By the competent manner in which they carried out the program the members showed that they are truly dwerving of the high position which they occupy in the smooth operation of this school. l Mr. Pruitt and Mr. Mc- Kamie. an Example of Democracy Leadership by the Council is shown weekly as they sponsor a morning devotional. Here Donald Green, Mecca Gann, Joe Carothers, and Bob Scott begin the moming with a devotional for the week. -f'- ' A -? is 5 'Mt I-.lf - V- ' . , ,,,L1" . ', 'S- ' .ss .... tssra q ,. Bob Edwards David White gs E 1: TT-1 5 4 L QQ x55, gm seg 22 55 l' V is .1 1.-1,121 395.-as if f .r ..1w,-55.2-frm WL L Hgilxff 5- sg-.-3 V .st 2 : 'f "3 ,,j'i5g f' - at , . ff? --'- , was if . - - X . M D t i r etete l,'l f e t'.e ' ,ii C illll . ieil e ll J oe Carothers vm., mfg Msfsfwe- Carolyn McClellan Sammy Petty Mecca Gann Director C. W. McClelland is noted for his talents in writing musical scores for the band as well as his directing abilities. President MIKE BLANCHARD, Vice'-President MIMI WEST, Secretary MARY WINSLAR, and Rept. PAT SIMS serve as an integral force in the operation of the band. 1960 Hornet Band Receives Honor Rating i 1 TRUMPETS John Grenelle Danny Conlin Janet Dryer Judy Sanford Joyce Koch Ginger Bradford Nan Adams Duane Maxwell Bobby Kendrick Charles Jagler BELLS Mary Lynn Galbraith Jeanne Cummings PERCUSSION Sally Marlin Barbara Kinsey Mary J o Ayres David Freeman Rita Kay Webb Patsy Pearce BASSES Harrell Sanders Joe McCoy G. Hardcastle BARITONES Larry Bates J oe Orbeck FOR YEARS THIS organization has been a living backbone of the spirit of G.H.S. It is this organization which heralds the Hornets as they rise in pep rally to sing their fight song. It is this organization that accompanies the fans while they sing the Alma Mater. Through this organization the members learn how to cooperate as a team, not only as an organization. TEAMWORK IS A keynote in the day-to-day activities of this organization-Team- work between the staff of leaders in the band and those who support the bandg teamwork between parent and student. At most any time teamwork in the Gatesville Hornet Band may be found. BARITONE CLARINET FRENCH HORNS Shirley Williams .lo Lynn Skelton Mary Schaub :Elisa 137555 TROBONES gfgiijefgxffg Beatrice Noyola Pat sims Linda Donaldson Charlotte Derrick Faydene Spenser Affita Coward pam Adams FLUTES Elizabeth Stover June Hitt Betty Brown SAXOPHONES Mimi Kay West Janice Jones Bobby McGroom Ronnie Smith Charlie Wigiins Sandra Sanford R. B. McClure Patsy Quicksall Maky Nesbitt Linda Lipsey Martha Morgan .leanne Pfeffer OBOE-PICCOLO Renee Dyess CLARIN ETS Mary Catherine Winslar Carol Smith Ina Schloeman Carolynn Petre Johnny Winkler Belva Cooper Frances Turner Patricia Koch Kay Ray Martha Bratton JohntCu1'ry Gary Green .lane Tippit Majorettes Lead Hornet Band BEAUTY COMES IN numbers when Judy Sanford, Ginger Bradford, Joyce Koch, Mecca Gann, Anita Coward, and Jo Lynn Skelton head the band in march-time regalia as the "1960" Majorettesf' With patriotic and colorful banners Jeanne Cummings, Sally Marlin, and Rita Webb represent our school as the M1960 Flagbearersf' Beauty in Action WITH A TOUCH of glamour, an explosion of vivacity, a pretty smile, and a high stepping boot, the majorettes, feature twirler, and drum major represent the Hornet Band in a spotlight of color. The duties of a majorette and drum major begin in mid-July when they attend summer twirling school. From this time until marching season in over they devote many hours of their leisure time to individual and group practice. Drum Major-MARY MARGARET NESBITT Feature Twirler-MARY SCHAUB Assistant Drum Major PAT SIMS Around the World With the winging Gates Director-MR. C. W. MCCLELLAND WHEN BASKETBALL SEASON, dances, and the Band Follies roll around one may be sure to hear from the "Swinging Gatesf' This popular group is present at all these occasions as well as the annual Stageband Festival in Brownwood. To a member of the c'Gates,' this trip and the Band Follies are the highlights of the year. This year the band has a special period devoted to their efforts and as a result a combination of talent and opportunity has brought fame and fortune. Those who have heard and seen this group will always remember 'LTHE SWINGING GATES." The Football Banquet was accompanied by the "Gates" as they gave one of their first performances of the year. DRIFT MEMBERS George Hardcastle Faydene Spencer Pam Adams Edward Schaub Pat Sims David Freeman Johnny Durham Duaine Maxwell Bobby Kendrick, Charles Jageler Mary Wlnslar M1ke Blanchard Mimi West Renee Dyess and Charlie W1 gms G Club is All-Americans Jackie Roach, Jerry Gilehrest, Bob Edwards, Jimmy Gooch, Steve Fore, John Riley, Nub Donaldson, Bob Scott, Douglas Lipsey, Joe Barton, Bubby Mitchell, Elmo Powell, Jackie Miller, Charlie Shepherd, Jackie Dixion, Jerry Dyson, David White, Sammy Cockrell, Billy Saltow, Roger Huckabee, David Powell, Sponsor: Coach Al Langford. Joe Carothers, Vice-Presidentg Byron McClellan, Secretary, Jackie Dixon, President. . WHAT IS NOW known as the G-CLUB originated last year when a deluge of uletterjacket wearersv swarmed the school. Club members are identified by shining black leather sleeves and swaggering gray backs. These boys are representative of the good sports- manship, good manners, and good times which follow our athletic teams throughout their activities. IT IS A healthy organization and every letterrnan is proud of his membership. 4 Charlie Shepherd, Buddy Mitchell and Jimmy Gooch read "Gooch Makes All-State Honorable Mention." Margie Sims Jackie Miller Ladell Bartlett A FLASH OF color, a clap of hands, a snap of fingers, the vibrant cheerleaders of GHS give a familiar yell saluting our Hornets. This action may be found every Friday afternoon during the football season in the gym where the cheerleaders are in charge of the weekly pep rally. Again this same action will repeat itself as the group leads yells with the Hornet Band in downtown Gatesville. Before the day is over they will be seen "at it again" as they encourage spirit at the game. Attention, Interest . . Desire, Action Dolores Blanchard Mary Kay Woodley A Club With a, Purpose-The Librar y , LYWWWW Left to right: Jean Richter, Martha Parker, Joy Richter, Myrtle Pollard, Billie Cohagan, Louise Jacobs, Dolores Williams, and Jo Lynn Skelton. THE LIBRARY STAFF assists the librarian, Mrs. Bailey, in keeping the library in order, the books properly shelved, and in supervising the circulation of books outside the library. An important duty of the library club is to promote general interest in reading. To accomplish this, eye-catching book displays and clever bulletin board arrangements are prepared weekly by the members of the club. THESE GIRLS GIVE invaluable service as they patiently help the many reading enthusiasts and stu- dents looking for research material. Billie Cohagan, .Io Lynn Skelton, Dolores Williams, Myrtle Pollard, and Martha Parker offer their assistance to all. Mrs. Bailey points out some interesting clippings to Louise Jacobs. The Richter twins point out some of the good books found in the library. FFA Awarded Many Honors Qs, 1 Yi' 2, EA Palmer, Bartlett, Necessary, Coward, Pearce, McDaniel, Veazey, Blanchard, Moon, Draper, Wright, Henson, Miller, Wolske, Col lins, Bylan, Petty, Bankhead, Parrish, Chambers, Forrest, Moore, Wolfe, Charles, Vermillion, Jaeglar, Nabors, Helm, Gould Gilmore, Schange, Jones, Ortega, Martin, Williams, Saltow, Smith, Bond, Rhoades, Coward, Bylan, Fain, Bates, Williams, Price Wadkins, Johnson, Potter, Bates, Powell, Lovall, Barnard, Creacy, Poole, Lilljedahl, Lawrence, Hix, Shoemaker, Willett Rauschenberg, Dorsey, Braziel, Wendehorne, Mr. Adams, Mr. Winslar. Extracurricular - Extra F an FMR fo QF mst Grass Judging Teams from the Gatesville Chapter of FFA Sponsors Mr. S. L. Adams and Mr. J. O. Winslar have done always win. a fine job with the boys. THE FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA exists today in G.H.S. as a proper non-profit, non-political farm youth organization of voluntary membership. The FFA is an extra-curricular activity having its origin and root in a definite part of our school curiculum. THROUGH THIS ORGANIZATION boys from fourteen to twenty-one years of age preparing for farming learn among other things how to conduct and take part in a public meeting, to speak in public, to buy and sell cooperative- ly, to solve their own problemsg to finance themselvesg and to assume civic responsibility. The foundation is built upon leadership, character development, sportsmanship, cooperation, thrift, scholarship, improved agriculture, organ- ized recreation, citizenship, and patriotism. NO NATIONAL STUDENT organization enjoys greater freedom of self-government under adult consultation and guidance than the FFA. The workshop furnishes the boy an opportunity to prove Initiation provides fun for everybody-even the initiates. his skills. FTA Member Receives Recognition MEMBERS: Schaub, Blum, Mack, P. Sims, Cummings, Webring, Brown: Coward, Dorsey, M. Sims, Stubbs, Maxwell, Hitt, Tippitg Post, Kendrick, Nesbitt, Galbraith, Baker, McLaughlin, Lovall, Waddill, McDaniel, Donaldson, McClellan, Cockrell, Woodley. THE FUTURE TEACHERS was organized to acquaint students interested in teaching with facts and experiences associated with this pro- fession. The local club members substitute for the elementary school teachers. A HIGHLIGHT OF the year was the money- raising F.T.A. Thanksgiving Dance at the country club. The dance provided fun and entertainment as well as profit. YEARLY DUTIES WERE undertaken as the State Convention at Denton was attended by many members. Another yearly duty was the presentation of a nominee for regional Mr. and Miss F.T.A. Miss Margie Sims, a Senior member of the club, placed second in the contest at Mexia. THE FUTURE OF America lies in the hands of the members of the F.T.A.-the club full of future. Pat Webring, vice-presidentg Pat Sims, reporterg Betty Brown, presidentg Margaret Mack, historian, Jean Cum- mings, secretary-treasurer. Interest Grows in F A Activities FIRST ROW: Barton, Summers, Dyess, Worthington, Lawrence. BACK ROW: Loan, Quicksall, McLaughlin, Kellerman, Pat- terson, Mueller, Cooper, Hollingsworth, Skelton, Moseley, G. Smith, C. Smith. SPONSOR: Mrs. S. L. Pruitt. NELDA BARTON, corresponding secretary, RENEE DYESS, historiang SHERRY LAWRENCE, president, CYNTHIA SUMMERS, vice-president, PATSY QUICK- SALL, secretary-treasurer. THE FUTURE NURSES, CLUB was organ- ized out of the express desire of girls who wanted to l83I'I'1 more about a future career in nursing. Since organized three years ago, the club has progressed rapidly. During the time that it has been organized a tour of the local hospital and open discussions with local doctors and nurses have been made. The director and a nurse from a neighboring school of nursing also talked to the group and gave valuable information. Leaflets were distributed among the girls for their use. AS YET A charter has not been secured, but the chapter is attempting to reach this goal this year. FHA Promotes the Arts of Graceful Living Mrs. Kinsey, Poindexter, Summers, Cummings, Mack, Galbraith, Dorsey, Wiggins, Blanchard, Bradford, Mrs. King, Scott Gann, Bratton, Donaldson, Conway, Morgan, Pfeffer, Fanel, Scheonwolfe, Faarar, Ayres, Williams, Kinsey, Zapata, Wehring Smith, Barton, Worthington, Coward, Brown, Potters, Belts, Baize, Wilkins, Berry, Kelly, Thomas, Wiggins, Kelly, Winkler Sasse, Blanchard, Lam, Turpin, Chappell, Patterson, White, Baker, Holt, Jones, Parker, Blum, Pullias, Tippit, Spencer, Sims Rainer, Smith, Poston, Benner, Koch, Donaldson, Schaub, Blum, Bartlett, Little, Maxwell, Herrington, Terrell, Christiang Stevens, Perryman, Pruitt, Woodley, Koch, Buth, Vermillion, Richter, Mitchell, Wright, Carothers, Taylor, Brown, Graham, Parker, Turner, Marshall, Rauschenburg, Rhodes, Gaston, Claxton, Hitt, Adams, Stover, MacDonald, Russell, Herring, Johnson, Richter, Pollard, Blanchard, Ayres, Simon, Holleyfield, Burt, Holleyfield, Burt, Harrington, Dreyer, Dudark, MacBride, Loan, West, Sheets, Adams, Weir, Sims, Sim, Mack, Moseley, Boyer, Richter. v Pat Turner and Charlotte Mitchell are carefully carrying out Donna Sheets and Janis Farrar are demonstrating modem equip- the instructions on a complicated guide sheet. ment which helps freshman girls on to a more enjoyable subject. FHA-A Club With a Purpose TO MOST OF the members of the FHA, the privilege of belonging to this organization is a chance for a better lifega better life today and tomorrow. The FHA member gets out of FHA exactly what she puts into it. She is exposed to parliamentary procedure at the monthly meetings. the district and area meetings, and the state conventions. The business-like manner which accompanies these meetings may be met with enjoy- ment or boredom. It all depends on the attitude of the individual. To the girls belonging to the organization. the chapter offers different means of developing self-assurance and the ability to get along with others Truly, the organization is a key to a chance for a better life. Charlie Wiggins and Ma L nn Galbraith are demonst ' ry y rating Mrs. Kinsey and Mrs. King inspect clothing constructed by an attractive arrangements of gifts. beginning classes. 53 Photo Club Helps to Preserve Memories UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF Mr. Prince the Photography Club members James Pfeffer, Dickie Moreland, Sam Huey, Troy Johnson, Joe Jones, and Charles Fisher turn out the preserved memories for the school. HHOLD IT . . . I THINK you're going to like this picture." At least this hard working member of the Photo Club hopes so, for he lcnows only too well how tiring those retakes are. In addition to retakes there are the routing duties-developing the negatives, making prints, and mixing the chemicals for the developing solutions. These technical abilities-along with the art of getting along with Mrs. Bates and her Annual Staff girls-are just a few of the talents required of a Photography Club member. Without the Photography Club there would be no annual, no chance to skip class, and no way to preserve our memoriesg so long live the Photography Club. Pride and satisfaction are two rewards of an active member- James Pfeffer can expertly demonstrate his abilities at the ship. enlarger to his colleagues. ew Faces, New Places, for Hornets' Nest Student Council news must make the paper and these Research and Te5P0H5ibi1iiY HTC just two Of the tasks members are going to make sure it does. a member must undertake. ONE OF THE lVIOST FREQUENT CRIES of a Hornets' Nest member is LIDO you have any news?'7 Weekly these members may be found throughout the school compiling news items concerning the students and school activities of GHS which will be published in the Hornets' Nestis individual section in the Calesville Mes- senger. THIS SECTION IS OUR FIRST OPPORTUNITY to publish a paper about our school activities that may be read and enjoyed by the general public as well as the students. A STUDENT BELONGINC TO THE HORNETS' Nest becomes acquainted with the difficulties of compiling and publishing a newspaper-such things as meeting a dead-line, writing clear, concise reports, and contend- ing with the problems of a Hnewslessi' week. Patience, determination, a will to please, and a sponsor to ap- peasevthese are the Hearmarksw of a Hornets, Nest member. These staff members, -Martha Baker, Magaret Mack, Rita Webb, and Phyllis White, find their job to be a combination of pleasure and work. Mrs. S. L. Adams has proved to be a worthy sponsor as this is her first year as sponsor of the Hornet's Nest Staff. Officers: MIKE PATTERSON, sergeant-at-armsg ODIS NICHOLD, reporterg PATSY QUICKSALL, pianist, DARLA BLUM, secretaryg SHERRY LAWRENCE, president, WALLACE SNODDY, vice-presidentg PATSY SCHITOSKEY, treasurerg Mem- bers: Ayres, Morgan, Conway, McClellan, Rhoads, Scott, Powell, Wright, Lipsey, Murray, Petree, Parker, Sanders, Day, Hodge, Scott, King, Galbraith, Morse, Grunnell, Roach, Shepherd, Bernard, Floyd, Davis, Ray, Pfeffer, Brown, Yows, Zeigler, Nesbitt Henslar, Chambers, Dyess. s Gans To ata Obserfves Latin Week These "slaves" are earning their freedom by performing a stunt at the Cens Togata initiation. ANCIENT ROME WITH its influential customs, its famous statesmen, and its ambitious spirit is brought to life by the appreciative members of the Cens Togata. The monthly meetings of this nationally affiliated chapter of the Junior Classical League are character- ized by entertaining and informative reports and gay Latin songs presented by the members. THE ACTIVITIES OF the Gens Togata are highlight- ed by the observance of Latin Week. During this week the members, clad in Roman togas, spread interest in Latin throughout the school. President DONALD GREEN, Secretary PHYLLIS WHITE, Vice-President SANDRA GANN, and Treasurer DAVID BONE are the officers of the Spanish Club. Mrs. Helen Hopkins is the sponsor. Members are Johnson, Cohagan, Forrest, Barnard, Waddill, MacDonald, Marshall, Kinsey, Stover, Ayres, MCB ride, Meadows, Parker, Charles, Phillips, Martin, Cilckrest, and Skelton. El Circulo Espanol Adopts Title The C.H.S. SPANISH CLUB devotes its activities to transplanting the enchantment and charm of Old World Spain in America. A traditional Spanish Christmas is portrayed at the clubls Christmas party. The challenging pinata becomes the main attraction when one of the members is blind- folded, and he attempts to break the tantalizing receptical of candy and prizes. MOVIES, REPORTS, AND SPANISH songs all play an important part in the regular club meet- ing. These supplement the regular classroom lessons as Well as adding interest to the club meetings. The celebrating Spanish Club awaits eagerly the results of .lerry Gilchrest's blow to the pinata. This is a yearly occurrence in the clulfs activities. THE JUNIOR MEMBER SALESVVOMEN are: Mimi West, Nancy Brown. Peggy Blanchard, Ladcll Bartlett, Glenda Marshall, Linda Little. Deadlines, Headlines Absorh Crescent taff Editor Linda Dorsey and Assistant Editor Carla Blum worked hard and proved to he efficient at their job of editing the Crescent. Business managers Donald Green, Barbara Kinsey, .loyce Koch play an important role in managing business and financial affairs of the annual staff. and th 8 Mary Schaub, Golda Smith, Jeanne Cummings, Ginger Bradford, Renee Dyess, Anita Coward, Pat Webring, Sherry Lawrence, Pat Sims, Margie Sims, Maky Nesbitt, Becky Donaldson, Betty Brown, Cynthia Summers, Mary Galbraith, Nelda Barton. "There are two ways of coming close to poetry. One is by writing it, and the other is by reading it"- Robert Frost. This same idea may apply to the Crescent Staff and their attempts at writing copy and making layouts for the yearbook. First they write the copy, next, the sponsor, Mrs. Oran Bates, reads it-the staff members are required to revise the written copy. This writing and rewriting is only one of the tasks a staff member experiences while working on a book such as this. There are hours of time and work put in on tasks such as drawing layouts, align- ing copy, raising money, interviewing students and teachers, searching for ideas, having fun. Only a person who has worked on a publication project such as this will understand and appreciate the finished book. True, the members of the Crescent Staff work hard and are often tired by their efforts, but these efforts bring a reward which will always be remem- bered. This reward is not in the form of a book but in the delight and happiness they experience when at last the book is published and distributed to the student body. This is the honor that comes from being a member of the annual Staff A typical day in the Crescent Staff room! Q ow Is the Time . . . for strong minds and strong bodies ' . l My . is 'TQIT ' N Athlencs i K sres fi g VVIlAi G.H.S. has been provided a well-rounded athletic A ii fe' p program that consists of football, basketball, track, all S 1 , itfff' iaay i, tennis,. and baseball. From the first "kickoff" in the Qii gif 5 ,q Zig . Fall to the last "outw in the Spring, Gatesville fans . it fpp Si .' ,Vp , i 5 my are backing their teams with an enthusiastic spirit. 'M 17' , ', , The students are avid participators in athletics not i ps i ' it only as contestants but as supporters. This spirit en- 'f1,??f-"'i D p ,735 fi i "L-ef: courages the teams to do their very best in represent- I fi,ggeijf"j,'j M .21 syn? , ing their school in athletic events. Although we do if it E V ,J f f i 3 V not always excel in athletic contests, G.H.S. sportsman- V i A fa d' if ff V e ship remains undefeated. The race is not to the swift, nor the battle td the strong, but Time and chance happeneth to them all. 1 Coach BILL SCOGGINS Coach Scoggins is active and efficient in promoting the stability and prestige of our Hornet eleven. Gatesville's coach worthy of esteem, respect, and admiration for his splendid part in the football season of '59 is graciously thanked for the role he played in the team's march of success on the gridiron. Head Coach AL LANGFORD 62 FIRST ROW: .loc Carothers, Bob Scott, Jackie Dixon, Byron Mc- Clellan, Jim Gooch, Buddy Mitchell, Billy Soltow. SECOND ROW: Douglas Lipsey, Steve Fore, Jerry Gilchrest, David White, Bob Ed- Hornet Fans Admin Gatesville Gatesville Gatesville Gatesville Gatesville Cvatesville Gatesville Gatesville Gatesville Gatesville Hornets Hornets Hornets Hornets Hornets Hornets Hornets Hornets Hornets Hornets FOOTBAI l 36 28 30 26 0 12 16 0 44 6 wards, Roger Huckahee, Edward Schauh, Duane Lee, Tommy Cole. , THIRD ROW: Joe Barton, Charles Allen, Elmo Powell, David W Anderson, Charlie Shepherd, Jackie Roach, Jerry Dyson. lleamfs portsmanship Co l P l IHEDULE v 0 ...el 2 ,e,e 0 .,.,. 8 O ...,. 6 .e.,, 4 2 e.e.. 3 ,,,,. 0 .,ee, Midway Panthers McGregor Bulldogs Hamilton Bulldogs Hillsboro Eagles Killeen Kangaroos Clifton Cubs Fredericksburg Billies Brady Bulldogs Lampasas Badgers San Saba Armadillos Managers: DOUGLAS LIPSEY and TOMMY COLE Tommy and Douglas are greatly appreciated for the assistance given the team and coaches. Their loyalty and concern for the hall club u?ll never he forgotten by students or fac- u ty. Without Coaches Newcom and Dorsey our varsity squad's success would he limited. These coaches were rewarded for their long hours of supervision by a hard working group who attained a seasonal record of which to he proud. aches: NEWCOM and DORSEY 6 45 JACKIE DIXON Back The Panthers were stunned as Jackie Dixon raced down the field to gain the needed yardage Hornets Halt Panther Gatesville turned loose a flood of classy backs to roll back an omery Midway eleven, 36-20, as the '59 football sweepstakes got underway the first Friday night of the season. The first half was packed with alternating moments of exultation and anguish for Hornet supporters. The two clubs traded touchdown for touchdown in a toe-to-toe offensive duel. The Hornet offense looked crisp and sharp, especially so for early BUDDY MITCHELL Back CHARLIE SHEPHERD Back l for another first down in the first minutes of ROGER HUCKABEE play in the ball game. Guard ,n Upenmg Game l l season, as backs shook loose for telling yardage time and again. Midway put the I last three minutes in the first half to good use, but the Hornets stopped them with 1 stable defense. Desperate Midway then started trying passes, but in the closing stages of I the bout, they were effectively stopped by the Hornet's outstanding defense. l l V 'X y is .. z wif- " - . r is -Q 1 :aww A N Jef 1 ' 1 - ' ' ' A A Eifwiri-1-.' 4' . ' . L ffm-3 Q , , fi i,-,' - - , --"' S 1 f.f, -, g J fl is ts, f.-- ' , .4 i ' YQQ-if 2 " " " f fffiii 4 JOE CAROTHERS A ' ' if V . - 2 Back +5- rf zitli ' - , -I i, :. T' V- ' K ' , , 5, Wi :fxisz BOB EDWARDS Back E - l BYRON M CLELLAN Bfck Joe Carothers maneuvers himself toward the goal line, backed by his team filled with enthusiastic Hornets Rin Cowhel A Hornet eleven sproutecl new muscles as it moved along a flooring Hamilton eleven with a 30-0 hayinaker in a lnarvelously cohesive team effort at Holmes Stadium. Hamilton waged a Spunky hattle, hut the Hornet troops struck too quick, hit too hard to be continecl by their bigger foes. The Hornet defense showed signs of coming of age and actually craeklecl with authority during the thircl quarter and throughout the V. i T eg, , i r A 7, ., A , 1 3 :f r y , 7 I , ,O ,f'i "i,, 1 - iis ,,g,1: J,-O 'f,' ffgwi J OE BARTON Center ELMO POWELL Center EDWARD SCHAUB expectation for another successful Hornet win. End or Another Year game kept vise jaws clamped tightly on the hulldogs. After smothering H3lUilt0H,S initial thrusts at the start of the second half, Catesville zipped 57 yards in 10 plays for its third touchdown. Although Gatesville backs grabbed the glamour, it was the terrific performance of the Hornet Line that was most pleasing to Hornet followers. . 1- is t ' M lii' 1 s . "tt ,L , I V it -- r-.' t t DUANE LEE End BOB SCOTT Back JERRY DYSON Tackle Bob Edward's hands are firmly planted on the ball as the McGregor bulldogs stampede down Hornets Retain The first-quarter McGregor assault inflicted tortured Gatesville supporters with visions of another agonizing upset at the hands of the bulldogs. The Gatesville's advancing eleven cut loose to scuttle MeGregor's carefully-planned ambush, September 11. McGregor jolted the caught-off-guard invaders by storming to a touchdown in the lx, ,M if W DAVID ANDERSON page End 'Ski 39 t H2 . sm , ., I vga- -aa' V, X2 ff '-'W Q-. W. :L N'f:'fFi me J ' A ' L .ffm : 'fifflsslfr - -' , 5 D f H 1 ' 1 JIMMY GO Tackle X l OCH 55, , - 7 ., H fyfftf , , -L ff N qi , K em , I DAVID WHITE ' field after him, and Hornet fans cheer him on Guard in the stands. reasured Trophy I ' first six minutes of play. When the last cheer pealed across Wood Field, jubilant X Gatesville owned a soul-satisfying 28-I2 triumph over its No. I football foe. The I game was engineered in a give-and-take offensive thriller befitting a rivalry-spiked ' series made tingly by great games. l i iw I , , STEVE FORE Guard JACKIE ROACH Guard .,,,, is LARRY BOND Back Byron McClellan scatters some feathers of Hills- boro Eagles as he helps to clear the field for his Hornets Fly Go-geared Gatesville stampeded Hillsboro's hulking, hard-hitting defenses for three touchdowns in the first half and rolled over the Eagles 26-8, in a highly appreciated stimulating show. Hillsboro was bigger, but the Hornets were faster and quicker and more than matched the maroon shifted troops. The Eagles came back breathing fire J W paws-ff, 'ft ' i J . 555. V21 L, K ' Kiwi' JERRY GILCHREST Tackle r a is COY VERNON Back l advancing team whose progressive spirit increases with each game. l by Eagles ,, 5 .11 .A ,W we if ? li BILLY SOLTOW End after their halftime rest and surged for a third-period touchdown. But the stout Hornet defense stopped the rally and made a break to push across a fourth-quarter tally and regain their three-touchdown margin. This win showered new glitter on the Hornet record with four wins, no losses. l l A A L . AV A i L CHARLES ALLEN Tackle SAMMY PETTY Back eww JIMMY GOOCH BOB EDWARDS Coryell Fans Pick Most Valuable Players Jimmy Gooch was selected 4'Most Valuable Linelnann of 1959 by the Coryell county fans. Because of his great ability to block, he was chosen to be on the Super-Centex team. He has been recognized as the anchor of the Hornet line and also the rough and rugged football captain of the team. He is a junior and will return to the Hornet line next year. Jimmy is consistent and stands out as a Gates- ville High star. 72 Bob Edwards, a prominent Hornet star because of his perseverance and determination, was selected as the HlVIost Valuable Backw for the 1959 Hornet team. Bob led the team in his fullback position as a triple threat with his outstanding ability to run, pass, and kick. Bob scored more points for the team than any other playerg he was first in his punting ability and second in yards gained on the ground. FIRST ROW: Benny Bankhead, Bill Nesbitt, Pat Roach, Danny Shepherd. SECOND ROW: Larry Bond, James Morris, Billy Blanchard, Rodney Powell, David Martin, ,lohn Galbraith. THIRD ROW: Tommy Yows, Eugene Bond, Coy Vernon, Charles Bales, John Hodge, David Bell, Cecil Bartlett, Phillip Zielger. 'cB,' Team Players Are Tomorroufs H opefuls The 'LB,7 team has put in many long and tiring hours below the hill to achieve a most successful season. Success in the victories on the score board, success in the valuable experience gained, success in self-discipline are among the things which made this year of '59 one to be remembered. David Bell pushes for more yardage as he receives valuable blocking from a teammate. FIRST ROW: Carla Blum, Golda Smith. SECOND ROW: Barbara McLaughlin, Betty Brown, Ladell Bartlett. THIRD ROW: Sarah Stubbs, Janice Jones, Dora Patterson, Linda Dorsey. FOURTH ROW: Peggy Blanchard, Phyllis White, Martha Baker, Nancy Brown. Hornettes Strive Managers SHERRY LAWRENCE and PEGGY SASSE The managers are a vital part of the Hornette basketball team. Among their duties are putting out the balls and jump ropes at practice, keeping academic records on each girl, keeping game records, keeping uniforms in good repair, and running the pop-corn machine. Sherry and Peggy are examples of the fine girl sports representative of G.H.S. in that they are Well liked by the student body. l Sandra Sanford, Darla Blum, Pat Turner, Mary Woodley, Harollyn Ritcher, Becky Davis, Waldine Mack, Donna Sheets Ezelle Pruitt, Carolyn McClellan. or District Victory Coaches J. D. WARREN and MRS. ARLENE MARTIN Coach Warren's and Mrs. Martin's job includes more than that of instructing a group of girls on playing basketball at fifth period each day. Theirs is a duty that includes chaperon- ing the girls on basketball trips, giving the girls special coun- seling, giving medical aid, making the schedules, and being in charge of the money made. This job truly requires much time and patience on the part of Coaches Warren and Mrs. Martin. GOLDA SMITH Senior-Forward MARTHA BAKER Senior-Forward Tall Dora Patterson goes hands above her Brady guard to get the rebound as Peggy Blanchard and Martha Baker go 1960 BASKETBAI Gatesville , .... 30 Gatesville ,.,., ,..f 5 6 Gatesville ..... ..... 3 6 Gatesville ....t .v... 2 6 Gatesville ...., A.f.. 4 3 Gatesville ..... f.ffw 3 8 Gatesville ..... ---4- 4 4 Phyllis White keeps a protective hand on this Turnersville forward while Linda Dorsey and Dora Patterson keep a close, man to man surveillance on their opponents. The Homette team BETTY BROWN Senior-Forward in to back her up. The hard-luck Hor- Q nette team lost this first conference game. QHEDULE i l Brady .A,..,,,.. .... 5 9 N San Saba ....... .... 1 3 I Lampasas .......... .... 6 2 Fredericksburg ..., .... 1 4 Brady .,.............. .... 5 3 San Saba ....... .... 2 8 i Lampasas ........ ....... 5 9 t L N V showed good defensive play but lack Y of accuracy by the team forwards al- Q lowed Turnersville to win this game in X our invitational tournament. V 5 LINDA DORSEY Senior-Guard BARBARA McLAUGI-ILIN Senior-Guard PHYLLIS WHITE Senior-Guard DORA PATTERSON Junior-Forward PEGGY BLANCHARD Junior-Forward The score for the Hornettes went up two more points in the field-day game against the San Saba Armadillos. The final score was 56 to 13. Hornettes 66Stomp Versatile Dora Patterson reaches high above her guard to get off a shot in the Moody game, while Waldine Mack sets up to rebound. This LADELL BARTLETT Junior-Forward N ' Dora Patterson ran up 36 points in a burst of , scoring. Golda Smith and Waldine Mack were , in position ready to rebound. N an alla Y game proved to be a thriller with Moody one point ahead at the half. The Hornettes rallied to win the game in the last quarter by one point. JANICE JONES Junior-Guard NANCY BROWN Junior-Guard WALDINE MACK Sophomore-Forward 1960 SCHEDULE Gatesville ,,,7,77 7,,,,,,v 4 -0 36 Gatesville ,w,w7,7 ,..77, 3 6 55 Gatesville ,,w,7,, ,.,,,, 8 1 41 Gatesville ,,..,77 ,,.7,7 5 0 60 Gatesville, .,,,,. ,,.,,,, 4 2 60 Gatesville ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 4 1 74 Gatesville ,,,.., .,,.,, 3 9 46 Gatesville ,...,,. ,,,,,,,, 4 3 47 Gatesville ....,,, ,,.A,, 3 9 55 Gatesville .,,,7,A .v.,..7 4 3 47 Gatesville Y,,w,7, ..,..,7 5 4 69 Gatesville, ,,,,,, . .,.,, 62 57 Gatesville 7,,..,7 7,,.., 5 1 48 Catesville ,..,,,. ,7,7.,, , 51 46 Gatesville ....,77 ,,Y,.,,7 5 5 72 Gatesville 77.,... 5555555 5 3 49 Catesville Y.,w,77 .,,. 61 59 '60 6249, Team Hopes Jonesboro Hamilton Moody Jonesboro McGregor Killeen Killeen McGregor Hamilton Clifton Brady San Saba Lampasas Fredericksburg Brady Clifton San Saba for District Win FIRST ROW: .lerry Donaldson, Bob Edwards, John Riley, .lirnmy Gooch, Terry Post, Charlie Graham. SECOND ROW Johnny Wad dill Jackie Miller, Bob Scott, Jimmy Lehmberg, Otis Nichols, David Martin. 80 7 I Hornet hopes were high the second night of the first Gatesville Invitational Tourna- ment after the outstanding quintet had dumped Turnersville in the first round and then came through with a 49-36 upet win over Copperas Cove in the semifinals. The Hornets never had a chance against Midway. Although Midway dominated the tournament Hornets came through with a good performance and a well-deserved X second. l Hornets Place Second in Tournament Coach Manager MAX NEWCOM TOMMY COLE TERRY POST Senior-Forward CHARLIE GRAHAM Senior-Guard H Catesville moved into Hamilton for a non-district tilt. The Hornets were led by the rebounding of John Riley and Jim Gooch. Although they put up a Hornets' Hopes Higl The Hornets met San Saba in their second dis- trict game and bounced into a 9-2 lead in the opening minutes of play. A burst of scoring early in the second half shoved the Hornets JOHN RILEY Senior-Center V P'- X brilliant fight the Hornets were downed 55-39. l This was an important game in the Hornets' march to future victories. BOB EDWARDS Junior-Forward lor District Championship 1 l 1 16 points ahead. The Hornets staved off a late surge by the Armadillos to defeat them with a , 62-57 victory. JERRY DONALDSON Junior-Guard -fg- JIMMY LEHMBERG Junior-Forward Gatesville's 51-4-8 triumph over Lampasas moved the Hornets into possession of second place in the conference standings. The top point-maker Hornets Move Inn The Hornets moved into undisputed possession of second place by stunning Fredericksburg with a 51-416 triumph. Although their attack was not consistent, the Gatesville boys pulled to an 8-5 'M i :A Tl, gf, F' 7-H - i 5 for Gatesville was Charlie Graham with a total of 20 points. Big Jim Gooch grabbed off 15 rebounds. econd Place first-quarter head over the Hillbillies and were still in front at half-time. Gooch and Riley emerged as Gatesville's high scorers. JOHNNY WADDILI SophomoreAGuard ODIS NICHOLS Sophomore-Forward ' ' ' , 1 f BILLY SOLTOW SophomorzwForwa.rd BOB SCOTT DAVID MARTIN Sophomore-Forward Sophomore-Guard Hornets Close Season, With Victory The HA" team of 760 is an outstanding example of sportsmanship. Basketball develops leadership qualities and a sense of responsibility for each player toward his team, school, and classmates. These qualities are important in adjusting a player to accept authority and discipline. To work as a team and not an individual is the goal of successful players. The Gatesville Hornets closed out their home season by defeating Clifton in a non-conference contest. 53 BACK ROW: Manager Don Jones, Kenneth Schaub, Frank Shelton, James, Wright, John Galbraith. FRONT ROW: C. R. Cu1p,fBill Nesbitt, Bob Brown. Freshman Team and Golf Team Win Honors Danny Shepherd, Bill Nesbitt, Johnny Jones, Joe Jones, Coach Langford. This year's baseball team has all of the aspects of repeating its championship. It is alive with vigor and enthusiasm and ready to achieve its goal. The game depends on Bob Edward's ability to make a hit. Billy Soltow is warming up before an important game. .... w . . ' S E as sii i A if I My - Q .Mi V it ,..- . J ,, f l If ,ak Q ' E I' 'ii' ' gf" ' f l' 1 W 41 1 is .1 ii 6 .. , A ,,,, ,V it N Q ., J". :M , ' .5 ji I ' W mimi. .ssii as i , ' 'J i I- ises eii. -H iii? ' , --,V- 5: 'fi W... f f :' . - -K 'Q - ' sz j . 4.:1s"m. if . me A K , ' -- ' 1-' " 2 ,. LQ ,,., K May J I , gf xi VL., on 5. -,,.. .. 5, fs- af 1- .S . 5. k 4. 's 2 i ff' if'.ffa5+s'91.Pii'.,ifw5 .vfibaeiji we 23,41 .V ,- . if Their turn at bat is coming up next. Baseball Team, Fi hts for District Championship FIRST ROW: Bert Floyd, Jimmy Lehmberg, Jimmy Miller, Bob Edwards, Billy Soltow, Sammy Cockrell, John Riley. SECOND ROW: Joe Taylor, John Meadows, Jackie Miller, Jackie Dixon, David Bell, Odis Nichols. 88 Catesviileis tennis team is alert and energetic as they compete with stiff competi- tion in preparation for the district meet. These tennis partners do their best to win this game. Virginia Bradford prepares for a district tennis Quinton Pearce works at his goal to be a tennis meet. "Champ," T ' P7 G QTLHLS bCly8TS 0 to tate BACK ROW: Joe Carothers, Quinton Pearce, Charles Graham, Elmo Powell, Jerry Donaldson, Bob Edwards, David White, Coach Max Newcom. FIRST ROW: Charlotte Mitchell, S. Perryman, Sandra. Basham, Mimi West, Janice Jones, Nancy Brown, Ginger Bradford. 89 FIRST ROW: Pat Roach, John Meadows, Danny Shepherd, Bill Nesbitt, Benny Bankhead. SECOND ROW: Duane Lee, David White, Coy Vernon, Jerry Gilchrest, Tommy Yows, Edward Schaub, John Hodge, Steve Fore. THIRD ROW: Joe Barton, Sammy Petty, Jerry Dyson, Rodney Powell, James Morse, Phillip Zeigler. .1- f . . - 5 ' G- . .. fr ' it W' , '1 4 evJ'4g'i,q,e'11,p ' Jr ,.., 1 : , .- .1 eff, if ' I vi. ' ' Nil., 7 ,- fb V uf: ,.,- QM ,t ...,.. W, ,Wm . ,,.,,x.43 , M .. ' ' V - ' mio,-' wgjgw ' -Q - ' ' 2 1 P oft i -- " - - - gf - A: Joe, Danny, and David start off on the right foot for a season of track. COACH AL LANGFORD 90 Take Track ? E l Z s 2 E Coy, Duane, and Jerry are breathless as they complete a 100-yard dash. Coming after basketball to give a variety of sports, track is welcomed by all participating in athletics. Track is a healthful recreation as well as a sporting event. lt serves to develop muscular coordination as well as physical fit- ness. There are many track events in which the boys par- ticipate. Nancy Brown, Phyllis White, Waldine Mack, Mrs. Martin, Dora Patterson, Ladell Bartlett, Golda Smith, and Mr. Warren. Travel Fast hese track girls anxiously await the beginning histle for a dash. Each Spring after basketball season, the girls basketball team participate in field and track events. This helps them to develop speed and body coordination. Each year they participate in an: invitational Sports Day at Baylor Uni- versity in which track is one of the main events. Dora Patterson is demonstrating her skill at broad jumping. Phyllis White is shown handing off the baton to Waldine ,Mack during a relay race. 9I Volleyball is a favorite sport with these physi- cal education boys. They learn the rules of the game and then put them into practice. Boys' P.E. Emphi Coach Neucom instructs boys' physical educa- tion classes throughout the day. He is well qualified to teach the games, exercises, and health classes which are a part of physical education. This boys' physical education class is shown in the regulation uniform which consists of white shorts and white "T" shirts. They are putting into practice the exercise they have learned. izes Physical Development The boys of this health class seem interested as they observe the first aid practices being shown them hy one of the students. They will in turn practice the first aid. 9 I l These boys are developing their physical strength as well as good sportsmanship. They are taught rules and special techniques of the boxing sport. l w 5 l l i 5 These physical education boys watch with in- ' terest as two of their fellow students demon- , strate an ankle and wrist roll. Many variations of tumbling are featured in the physical educa- ' tion classes. Volleyball is one of the many games that is leamed during the year in P.E. This game is being played in the girls' P.E. room. Girls, P.E. Classe Mrs. Arlene Martin instructs four physical education classes each day. One day a week is spent in teaching health education. Co-ordination and good posture are being de- veloped in this tumbling exercise. It is a head stand and requires good balance. Enjoy New Facilities First aid is being learned and practiced by these three physical education students. In addition to learning the rules of a game, such as badminton, good sportsmanship is also encouraged. I I I I There is a reason for learning each exercise, I and this particular exercise- helps strengthen I the stomach muscles. I I I Now ls the Time.. to improve each shining moment as it flies . . . Classes G.H.S. provides a sound foundation for the future of its graduates. The course of study followed by students at G.H.S. is so planned to provide a basic knowledge in several fields of study. Required courses consist of instruction in English, social science, and basic math and science. Electives offered allow the student to select studies related to the field which interests him most-courses in advanced math and science, voca- tional training, and business education. This wide se- lection of courses gives the student ample opportunity to prepare himself for his future after high school, whether his plans include continued study or immediate entrance into his chosen career. Wisdom walks before time, Opportunity with it, And repentance Behind it. ggqigg3wgf4,sgjgggW'1,.+z1g5gV'-'ifi ,qfgilgw fi'nf7QYV51 ' , -1-1, if ' f' 9 , in in ., 4:Q2Y ' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: MARGARET MACK, Secretary, BOBBY KENDRICK, Presidentg and MACK LEE, Vice-President. Seniors SENIOR SPONSORS: Mrs. Nerine Kinsey, Miss Louise Hall, Mrs. E. C. Wright, Mr. Abram Prince, Mr. Lloyd Mitchell, Mr. S. L. Adams, Mr. Al Langford. 98 For the past four year THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 has worked toward the goal of graduation. The TIME of this achievement is near fulfillment. Looking back over those years and looking forward to the future, we find the tears of fond memories mingling with tears of joy. Our SENIOR year, especially with the senior play, name tag sales, concessions at football games, and the senior trip, holds memorim for each SENIOR. As we graduate we are challenged to be something in life, to put to use the knowledge we have gained these past twelve years. With this background acquired at Gatesville High School, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 is ready to accept this challenge. Girls taking senior homemaking are instructed in home and family relations as well as cooking and sewingg these phases of homemaking are helpful to the girls in preparing for their future. Mary .lo Ayres helps Bettie Worthington hem her garment in order to finish by grading time. One of the business courses offered to seniors is bookkeeping. The complete bookkeeping cycle is learned and a general knowl- edge of other business procedures is gained. .limmy Schaub is making the final check on his practice set. Seniors Meet Stiff Requirements Mary Catherine Winslar is helping Betty Brown and Sherry Law- Joe McCoy demonstrates to the class his understanding and renee set up the pulley equipment for their problem in physics knowledge of the problem in solid geometry. Courses in trigo- class. Physics is a course open only to seniors in order to prepare them for college. nometry and algebra ll are also offered to seniors interested in higher math. 99 AYRES, MARY JO Charter Memberg Basketball 57,585 FHA 57, 58, 605 Band 59, 605 Band Follies 59, 605 Perfect Attendance Award 57, 58, 595 Latin Club 59, 605 Hornet's Nest 59, 605 Pep Squad 575 Who's Who 60. BLANCHARD, MIKE Jonesboro 575 FFA 57, 59, 605 FFA Treasurer 575 Band 58, 59, 605 Band President 605 Band Drill Council 59, 605 Class Favorite 60. e t 1 j f ' f - 1 si-'MLfmEpQf.f?s1sI3Lff' sz-1 1 5 1 - fr 5 i -. HG' iff 4, , '- '-7 P . 4 :P"ff '1,,:,..s Je, ,,:.,':'l": " " ': ',,15Q ' -A f A I - "'h f -"r V A f' g f A 'K " " , - - . . . -, ii? f ' ' Efifke Rfk? ,iz:fQf .,,g ,'QLfT5'F5'5iT'f'V:flgq7ikBiff I I A in ' Tig 2 mi iw if " " , 'X-Wi. . .5 .sts -suv, - f ,V 3,5 ,fm 5 A A, f.-k. 7,Qk,N,,,m,. . ,E IOO BAKER, MARTHA McGregor 555 FHA 57, 58, 59, 605 FNA 585 Basketball 57, 58, 59, 605 Hornet's Nest 57, 605 Baylor Tournament 59, 605 Class Favorite Runner-up 59, 605 Run- ner-up Best All-Round Girl 605 Student Employment Secretary 605 Bynum Tournament 59. Todays Seniors BARTON, NELDA Charter Member5 Attendance Award 575 Pep Squad 575 Basketball 585 Crescent Staff 58, 59, 605 FNA 59, 605 Corres- ponding Secretary 605 FHA 57, 58, 595 Tennis Club 595 Homecoming Queen 59. it -Y i T BEVERLY, LANNY Charter Memberg FFA 57, 585 Vice- President 58. The seniors presented the first 'Tlag-raislnlg Ceremony" for the new year. Tomorrowgs Citizens BROWN, BETTY JANE Charter Member3 FHA 57, 58, 59, 603 Jr. Deg. 573 Chap. Deg. 58: Jr. Chapter Pres. 573 Dist. III FHA Parliamentarian 58g A8zM Leadership Con. 58g Del. State Con. 573 Pep Squad 573 Class Officer 58, 59Q Basketball 57, 58, 59, 60g FTA 57, 58, 59, 603 State Con. 59, 603 President 603 Crescent Staff 603 Baylor Field Day 583 Who's Who 60. f- W TM' -'Fair ,. M-fy.. WL., ' ' " "WP 0' , .,- . .,,. N -h-e . ' . M -,I'.35,.2F2L.EZi53L": ' .If ' -b g' ' f - ' f ' as - 7?1fsi SP5 viii? is Q 2355 S sf fx " 5 X 'xr ' Jwiif f 'Q 5- 2:5 . , - ., of E '.,' 3 iZ..f,'f,,L:T'2' 'ill- --.-5 .2 ff' "" l'f"fii5s2- I athe I ta,6. wi ' ' ' t'-t,ee I , . 3 1 i 1 . . ' 'ii3,5'y 1 BRADFORD, VIRGINIA Charter Memherg Band 57, 58, 59, 602 Maj. 58, 593 Head Maj. 60g Drill Coun. 603 Band Follies 592 Choreographer 603 TIL Twirling Cont. 57, 58Q NBTA Twirl- ing Cont. 57, 58Q First Div. Solo 58g FHA 57, 58, 59, 603 Jr. Deg. 572 Chap. Deg. 583 State Deg. 59? State Con. 59Q Chapter Officer 603 ASLM Leadership Con. 58, 593 Crescent Staff 58, 59, 603 Tennis Club 57, 59, 603 Council 58, 59Q High Mag. Salesman 573 Who's Who 60. TWU Band Festival 60. BUNDRANT, BONNIE JEAN Purmela 553 Pep Squad 57g FHA 57, 58, 59, 603 FHA Junior Degree 573 Spanish Club 58, 59, 603 Perfect Attend- ance Award 593 Hornet's Nest Staff 603 Runner-up Who's Who 60. BLUM, CARLA Cranfills Gap 573 FHA 58, 59, 603 Bas- ketball 58, 59, 603 Baylor Field Day Contestant 58Q Baylor Tournament 593 FTA 60g Crescent Staff 59, 603 Assist- ant Editor 603 Catesville Tournament 59. COCKRELL, SAMMY Lampasas 573 G Club 59, 603 Baseball 59, 603 FFA 57, 58Q FTA 60. COHAGAN, BILLIE Twenty-seven Seniors COWARD, ANITA Charter Member5 FHA 57, 58, 605 FTA 605 FFA Sweetheart 605 District Co- Sweetheart 605 FTA 605 Western Day Participant 58, 595 Crescent Staff 58, 59, 605 Band 57, 58, 59, 605 Majorette 59, 605 TIL Twirling Contest 58, 595 First Division Solo TIL Twirling Con- test 58, 595 Band Follies 59, 60. CUMMINGS, JEANNE Charter Memberg Band 57, 58, 59, 605 Charter Member5 Spanish Club 58, 595 Library Club 595 Perfect Attendance 57, 58, 59. 1 ',,"' ,',- , ,,,MfW,,,n My was . afzEu,35,am,m,M,,Y ,K--A - o,,, 5 Wi? 5,-95 vf--, TY' -' -"' I E . . "Si ' "M-I' ' .ff!7535?L,7'f5is'3"f1'A'L:-.:''jk of ff ff - 5- ,,, ., as 145, . , , 1 , wg? - "" so set'e 5 nf l sole 1 S DENNY, SAMMY 5 A 1 f ,'ee . "', , . -L , ' M"'W5! .-,VJ 'fs f Charter Memberg FFA 57 5, Band 575 gg, .,,.V, Spanish Club 58, 59, 60. I ',', . 5, , i 5 1.27, 'k,, 11555, . ' .15-1if3"' - ,, . -1 -1-.41 " " nroo . - . A A ' 5 U f 'L',,' ,, ,' , , , - f 'I ",, ' , ""' ' H ' -- f ' --" i 5 5, , , . CUMMINGS, MARVIN Charter Memberg Football 57, Track 575 ,- fiat-,sam 5 " --.. . ,,,'- 4' t'.' f-wwtef' A ww - FFA 57, 585 FFA Officer 58. rtt' 1 in I 5 ,, '-ii Y t,,' "-' j ' t 131513: if ' ' 7 5 S 5 IO2 F lagbearer 605 Band Follies 59, 605 FHA! 57, 58, 59, 605 FHA Senior Chapter, Officer 605 FTA 58, 59, 605 FTA Of- ficer 605 Pep Squad 575 Library Clubl 585 Crescent Staff 60. , l l Each senior welcomes an oppor- tunity to use the facilities of the library. Receive Band ,Jackets DIXON, JACKIE Flat 54, Football 58, 59, 60, Baseball 57, 58, 59, 60, Basketball 57, Track 59, FFA 57, 58, 59, 60, G Club 59, 604 Pres. 60, Runner-up Best All-Round Boy 60, Runner-up FHA Beau 60. E ,P ,. , .. , . :,. .,,... . .. ' 1 , :a v 3' 'F ' I I J ii 2225-Q7 I , , ',5 e1.,,,f,5,1,,vs f 5 1.55 Fi? - . 343 'i .52 'Fe' W' f fl' ' is-f psf' if , E if I ff 4.51 , i f f 5 5 , ,... I , Af.. , -I., ,aw 5 9 . 5 ' V4 ,gr ae, .ea .- ,s s M ' . I 'f mg: My ' -I g: , 2 iiiim ia " , ,, . rf' 111i"i'-sQ'7l.l,1!fl4!1:E52 9 , . .f .,,.t5,,..s5m5 sw 9 ,w9w:1,..,. ,Wi ffawmw DICKIE, JERRY Pearl 53, FFA 57, 58, 59, FFA Officer 58, 59, State Champion Grass Judging Team 58, 59, Greenhand Farm Skills Team 57, Radio Broadcasting Team 57, Western Day Contestant 58. mv Mm 'Hfj 5 1. J:U:,., , 1, - am- , ,,.,. -. fi W W M if 1 '-'-' 5' .,.. S' Ri E 3 Q ,M xi S its 'e it l J gf? X if til? Si 9 ' - , 1 'V 5 9 1 .-zf...,-1-q.1,.V,a - Q.. .aw -5 -.5551 fa., ,. fx 5 , '. "-' -' 1 ' :L ii- fx. , if "i' 'L - 1. ,X .9 .. 5,-1 ff - " ' 2 ' 5 ,ILL J .'-55533915 ., A 7 i " 5 . 1. 23239 DONALDSON, BECKY Nurnberg 59, National Honor Society 58, 59, 60, Student Council Secretary 60, FHA 57, 60, Band 57, Crescent Staff 60, Betty Crocker Homemaker Award 60. 1. ' ' A ' ' awe'-TfQ T if ' 9 9 1 ,,,,,,f. 2155? 1 ' 0 at - 'f',--egfvw'-W S 5 ,5'.,...,,f.MMm M, I .ii A ,. -V- A . f me 4.14,--fq,f,s+-vt .Q x P5 V , . 5-5,-Mi a -me 4 wf .,..l.,.,., .. , , ,,., ..,.,. 5, . 2 . .. . . A 5 ' 6 . ,J ' V W-i,..,X X " "'f'i'fF 2611 '1'- '- Y V V. ' .xv , .5 it DERRICK, CHARLOTTE Flat 4-9, Band 57, 58, 59, 60, Band Drill Council 58, 59, Band Follies 59, 60, FNA 58, FHA 57, 58, Clarinet Quartet 57, 58, Basketball 57, 58, 59, Annual Staff 60. DORSEY, LINDA Charter Member, Pep Squad 57, FHA 57, 58, 59, 60, Vice-Pres. Junior Chap. 57, State Con. 57, Voting Delegate Dist. Meeting 57, Jr. Deg. 57, Chap. Officer 60, Homet's Nest Staff 57, Stu- dent Council 57, 59, Sec. 59, FTA 60, Band 58, 59, Flagbearer 58, 59, Band Follies 59, Crescent Staff 59, 60, Editor 60,, Basketball 57, 58, 59, 60, Captain 60, Class Favorite 57: Class Valentine Sweetheart 58, Homecoming Queen Nom. 60, Who's Who 60, Best All-Round Girl 60. I03 Jeanne arrives bright and early to start the day off right. GRAHAM, CHARLES Plainview 495 FFA 57, 58, 595 Poultry Team 575 Chapter Conducting Team 585 Class Favorite 585 Class Pres. 595 G Club 59, 605 Student Council 605 Best All-Round Boy 605 Tennis Club 59, 605 Basketball 57, 58, 59, 605 All- District Guard 595 Captain 59, 60. IO4 DYESS, HELEN RENEE Charter Member5 First Div. Solo UIL Cont. 575 Band Follies 59, 605 Band 57, 58, 59, 605 Com. Off. 57, 58, 59, 605 Drill Coun. 57, 58, 59, 605 Stage Band 57, 58, 59, 605 Stage Band Fest. 58, 59, 605 Latin Club 59, 605 Jr. Class. League 59, 605 FNA 57, 58, 59, 605 Pres. 57, 585 Vice-Pres. 595 Hist. 605 FNA House- party 585 Crescent Staff 58, 59, 605 TWU Band Festival 60. GALBRAITH, MARY LYNN Kilgore 535 Band 57, 58, 59, 605 Band Follies 59, 605 Band Sweetheart Nom. 595 FHA 57, 58, 59, 605 Sec. 585 Treas- urer 595 Pres. 605 Jr. Deg. 585 Chap. Deg. 595 Delegate State Con. 585 FTA 58, 59, 605 Sec. 595 Junior Classical League 595 Class Officer 575 Soph. Class Favorite 585 Miss Flame 595 Pep Squad 575 Crescent Staff 58, 59, 605 Library Club 585 Runner-up Class Fa- vorite 575 Who's Who 605 Valentine Sweetheart 60. Seniors Host for FORREST, LYNN Charter Member5 Football 565 Track 575 Spanish Club 57, 585 Library Staff Artist 59. .1 GLW'-'i'1u?"U'K :?'l:a'g.i,1ffH 1lL:P?f?,s1CajMfiw5Y-T3 29'-aZ.5!l'i-f 35.9218525F"fJzX'5'Lf"lJIU 431 iiIU'?Ql5'-1194 we :wat szvzisrs- at ',efsa37.7,.f,,,,M5,,.-Wyse, ,A A .a no , Q, 5' -- 5 as L ' M 5' M1351 V tsiga 5- - . ""'fS-at mai M-ss.. V'-tfg5,.f7hiW3g'55 , 'fRQg+14iMw:pg,,s.' . V4 W up 4 T' ia mfs' Yrffamaasiifeg ' ' - ' ist'-Aff .V 5515111 5. 1-.-tg... --f. 1 ii, . f 222155 1 , I Mjljil-rl ff"f tf5,gfi15,,g-,,:f .,,g,,, qgwffft ,lv .V , Q fy, .vz,,.mf,,, f ' , 5 -1 2,1 - 5' ivfgaf ings: . 2,5 1 ' 5 ' ' if -,ff,,,, .. . - .1 i . 7 iii 7 tg , if N These Senior boys are enjoying ohool Dedication GULLEY, JOHNNIE Abilene 57. their daily "bull session." GREEN, DONALD Oglesby 54-5 Spanish Club 59, 605 Vice- President Spanish Club 595 President Spanish Club 605 Student Council Mem- ber 605 Who's Who 60. HARDCASTLE, GEORGE Levita 555 Band 57, 58, 59, 605 Stage Band 59, 605 All-Region Band Tryout 585 Second All-Region Band 59. Getting debts paid takes up Jimmy's time between 8:30 and 9:00. HUCKABEE, ROGER Charter Member5 FFA 575 Radio Broad- casting 575 Greenhand Farm Skills 575 Livestock Judging Team 575 Track 57, 58, 595 Football 57, 58, 59. ,K ft hz ta-3: "awww , ggggjyfgiigv f ' 'sf f- H mis-5,if. 551521,-f',.,Q.,.sW-'W'H""" "i,"f' , " "fi:':" '5-al?" tm. , ..,, . Wav, 1-as-1 -: .- iw . - f Wifw, ws 5' 4. 'E femmes f .Q-2:3725 'mf-f 11 1. V sf 'gt 4 7 '5 ' ' ' fa K A 9 -4 ,fx 52:3 gf gmt. , f .,, ,,..,w,.. , ,, ,,.m,,f ' ..,, .7 5 -' 5' of 5 , 5,55 . M . , , .l., ., .M S"Qi3ggfe,gf,151f , f M , l05 Billie begins her day by taking part in the moming devotional. KENDRICK, BOBBY Charter Member, Band 57, 59, 603 Stage Band 57, 59, 603 Football Manager 58g G Club 59, 60g Student Council 58, Band Follies 59, 603 Regional Tennis Representative 585 District Tennis Rep- resentative 59g Class President 60. ff I06 HUEY, PENNY Naples, Italy 553 Spanish Club 553 Band 57, 58, 59, 605 Band Follies 59, 60. KELLERMAN, BONNIE Charter Memberg FHA 575 Future Nurses 58, 59. eniors Produce JONES, J OE Charter Memberg Spanish Club 583 Coll Team 59, 603 Photo Club 60. s an 5 S 2 2 35 An exciting day for the seniors was the day they measured for their caps and gowns. Good luck, seniors! uccessful Play KOCH, JOYCE Charter Member5 Band 57, 58, 59, 605 Maj. 59, 605 Band Follies 59, 605 Cho- reographer 605 NBTA Twirling Contest 57, FH 585 TIL Twirling Contest 57, 585 A 57, 58, 59, 605 Chap. Officer 595 Voting Del. State Con. 595 Jr. Deg. 585 Chap. Deg. 585 Student Council 595 Jr. Clas 60 5 s Favorite 585 Crescent Staff 58, 59, Assistant Business Manager 60. KINSEY, BARBARA Jonesboro 515 Band 57, 58, 59, 605 Band Follies 59, 605 Band Com. Off. 605 Crescent Staff 58, 59, 605 Business Mgr. 605 FHA 57, 58, 59, 605 Jr. Deg. 575 Chap. Deg. 585 State Deg. 595 State Con. 595 Treasurer 585 Voting Del. State Con. 585 Candidate Dist. FHA Off. 585 Spanish Club 57, 58, 59, 605 Perfect Attendance 595 Runner-up Who's Who 605 TWU Band Festival 60. LAWRENCE, SHERRY Charter Mernberg Pep Squad 575 FHA 575 FHA Junior Chapter Parliamentarian 575 Basketball 575 Honor Student 57, 585 Perfect Attendance 58, 595 FNA 58, 59, 605 President FNA 605 Crescent Staff 605 Gens Togata 605 President Gens Togata 605 Basketball Manager 605 Who's Who 60. George is diligently practicing for Re- gional Tryouts. LEE, MACK DALE Charter Memberg Class Officer 605 Span ish Club 58, 59. lov 5 Class of 960 Boosts LIPSEY, DOUGLAS Charter Member, Football Manager 58, 59, G Club 59, 605 Track Manager 59. 'gf' J f rfr- ZW- L. 'ii-:rf-7 .wail f F. A i i 'Y .. ..... 5 -. L 4 V f -V . . Y 4 . K "'- 'aw Are you sure you can read that short- . ' 'A ' 9 3 5' A 'J : hand, Becky- A , A F 5 v 1 '- f- 'iw ..s-,,f',f -' iii' f Q , , ,,,, wil : r 1 -, f ,-gf 3 5 ' - e H . ,ff ' A : - -Q , amiga 'f"'A'L 1 L 'fwiffrs ' I a ji in McDANIEL, BILLY Killeen 585 FFA 57, 59, 60g FTA 60, Chapter Conducting, FFA Secretary 605 Valentine Beau 60. ,,,,., nfpafg 5, L? ,.,,'lrf A v l.,, .3 e .,,, ,,. MW ' iff Jrk' fV'f H EHS. -+7e-e, ,- ' .f ,,,- ',, 5 S " me xx f AHRE wg 1 Zwrfft E ui fw Q, o W fr an I wing ef we 3 E , S .,, ff , 1 s 6 5 V QA, f . , v . , 9 , ,f . - , A ,, , I , ,, ,,,b,e,..i , ,. 3 -.1 - ' "ri ,, , . , f A - ., ', ' "FOI L " ' P M , ,k,., ,L ,,,,., ,,, , K S ,AVV I .V .1 5 . , A, C, I08 '1 ! LOGAN, BILLY Charter Member, FFA 57, 583 Shopg Football 57. l Lif 55 in ti ,fx gs McCOY, JOE Charter Member, Football 573 Track 57g Band 57, 58, 59, 60, Band Follies 59, 60. 2? Mr. McClelland presented the proud senior band members with Uutstandin Personalities 'lVlcLAUGHLlN, BARBARA Charter Member3 Basketball 58, 59, 60Q FNA 57, 58, 59, 603 FTA 60g FHA 57, 58. their long-awaited and hard- earned jackets. McDONALD, GADDY Charter Memberg Tennis 57, 583 Chorus Club 57? Spanish Club 58. MACK, MARGARET Plainview 493 FHA 57, 58, 59, 60? Junior Degree 575 Chapter Degree 58? State Degree 593 Second Vice-President 60g State Meeting 59g Band 57, 58, 59, 603 Band Follies 59, 60g Business Man- ager 60? Senior Chorus 572 FTA 58, 59, 60? Historian 60g Senior Class Officer 60g Hornet's Nest 60. Douglas seems to be studying hard on his English IV. Is it MACBETH or THE CANTERBURY TALES? MACK, MARVIN Charter Memberg FFA 57, 58, 59, 60 L1V6Sl0Ck Show 57, 58. i,,'g,fr,9f.,,-W i ' . A , if ff'-2-iv . . I ' V A -- .. , . i s 0 W- . it 1 : - ' A 1 - Kfffeu.f'sS2ai5 1-as-1 ,L-fg:"'11-E+ 3 . -- 4 K ' 1 I iii: i5g2,i1if- . -' . . X gg?v1M5z,.g'2..,f., 3. ,zff ' 11: ' IO9 Carol, has your typing speed increased since last year Typing I? NESBITT, MARY MARGARET Charter Member, Band 57, 58, 59, 60, Drum Maj. 60, Feature Twirler 59, Maj. 58, Drill Coun. 59,- 60, Com. Off. 60, Band Follies Choreographer 59, 60, TIL Twirling Cont. 57, 58, First Div. Solo, Ensemble 57, 58, NBTA Twirl. Cont. 57, 58, First Div. Solo 58, TIL Flute Quartet 58, FHA 57, 58, 59, FTA 59, 60, Best-Dressed Girl 58,59, Honor Stu- dent 59, Stage Band Fest. 59, Crescent Staff 58, 59, 60, Baseball Sweetheart 59, Runner-up Who's Who 60. IIO MACK, PATRICIA ANN Charter Member, FHA 58, 60. ifiqg 1- gg: ,,,. , , ' ",' ' Y 51 enee Stewie? fvfnvfswfewfwr 5 rw 1 rgrfy., W. ale, K, . , H .1 earn, f- ' 2 'ff Y. fvwfixfdQrhliliiilr-Zfssw are f . f . ' .V " '-1 W-ist?-2a2fa'affgffii1.: ' 1 H L- - , -- -fr: I w'f-wvrfggxifi, '. f..s,- was A - wr f 5 L 3 ss J as 3515, nys r we? 1 -, f --.rf Ci' , ,, . at . ,. tw - ZSR53' .11 ,g -, , , . , 525 4 i - ry 57 1240 3: A n, 5,7 " ina, f g.s .y:.f . ,Q . we M . 1 f 11 , 3 - -v . t .'-"4 -' t, f!.,Zi ' f W. - ai V- H f W , ,r.,,' eff. 'y-fr 11.5, In 'ji 'Im Wig P rt , , if ,, .. ,.,,., K ,A F ,552 ii? Q es? a ,Sr 0 QE, -, - fzzgfzrzgfg . 1 , - ., W .. A 3 , . V. .. i 5 1 1 , . ,W MITCHELL, BUDDY Charter Member, Class Favorite 57, Moist Handsnme Freshman 57, Most Like a Movie Star 58, Perfect Attendance 57, Football 56, 57, 58, 59, Track 57, 58, 59, 60, District Track Meet 58, 59, FFA 57, 58, FHA Beau 60. eniors Take Lead MARLIN, BILLY SAM Bastrop 4-8, FFA 57. 5 45 Charles, Jackie, John, and Terry agree that their jackets come in handy on cold days. 55 5 H 2 es X az 3 5 E in 66March of Dimesv Drive NOYOLA, BEAT RICE 'Charter Memberg Bank 57, 58, 59, 605 IBand Follies 59, 605 FHA 573 Band Librarian 58, 59, 60, NEWMAN, PERRY Coryell City 503 FFA 57, 58g Judging Team 57. . - A ' Livestock 11 . ,,, 42-. .asf 1. ,L , f.., ,H .,, ,9..if.i-M.-,,.,,MW... , . if-. wif.mzwaggwswe an .7 ,,,.,15fg.,3 , K K Y . ' , ' ?:fr.-we-'ir.mQ:?1'i , fm- .. --,- ffm- ' gi f , 3? W, X, is ' i ' iifiUw1.:s'WHs1R!5'.sf .1 f ' 'L' 'ip -.vw -rv . VW gglqqir . , bf qiiiffqmi. fi -,,,,5.s,,, L.. A f, viii,-,gr 53:25 ..,.., ,,,,,.,,, H, . L . , . ,i,,,,1 .Q f , ,, .fig fgy V , ,. 1 ,, .. Y X, fi ..,,.. fp .. . , , - ---- fl! ff.-:- W 4 gf gwi 5 .QE 2435 A 5 U f 4 ,f X7 f fb .7 l J 2, i 4 ,R fir f 1, qv - ,.,... if? u 'iw K JJ.. fm? ' K ' S , . . K 4,-r,.,,, . ,. . 7 fg1g,' 4' ff V A g ,,, ' " .W V -, f- A V faffefwilww , Q he Sa fi 4 8 1 J . if sk W Av QW W f we ' Q KW ik KS ,fiimsra jf' if 1 if A NZ -irifw:+J:'Ji:f5hv.se3.'EtiEE -15:51 iLi1f','wie.4.35'wfH1 r ' :T'i.'YV'WWA JW"'fi' ' ..-4"m',"::" 44. . .. .. -- gf-yr u f si W J'QSwan"'4E6,wwmssfw9fK.,1g,igguir ., V- aw e - I .- f --e, ,K f.. ' - - . ' 1 , , qw- wsif-:f ,,.:,ri,f . A, - + , , 2-sii,,iewsz,fmwff . , , f,-:ff -W J , 7 .. . -'-i'-iwswl'--s:, -W- W-QQ"i4V'7 l,Izs"?5i2G:".? ' Wikxii-if-If? 5 'J 'P EZ' 7 SffiQsz'xWg.vs 5:3 Q f A ' ' 3, 152231 Tv -fff f f !'?fgn:f .ii -We X, f-.,.s. . . fri., , Szffs-7. 9fT?W'7?iQfn3:,?1':1 . .yimfgl-25 K . ui sf K :gf - ,. fi:-sf! - i -7'ii in V41 ' i A 1 e fiifw fl . f - ,gjgw 5 U s WH, -' K I .. 5 1 1 35:5 is 1 5 .-Gif Because of the well-balanced meals served in the cafeteria, John excels in sports. PEARCE, QUINTON Charter Memberg FFA 57, 595 FFA Treasurer 59, 60g Tennis Club 57, 58, 59, 60. ORBECK, JOE Charter Memberg Bank 57, 58, 59, 60g Spanish Club 57, 58. Drawing figures in solid geometry takes skill, doesn't it, Terry? RILEY, JOHN Charter Member, Basketball 59, 60, Baseball 59, 60, Spanish Club 58, 59, G Club 59, 60, Perfect Attendance 57. lI2 POST, TERRY Charter Member, FTA 60, G Club 59, 60, Class President 58, Student Coun- cil 59, Football 57, 58, 60, Track 57, 58, Tennis 57, 58, 60, District Doubles Champion 58, Regional Tennis Repre- sentative 58. Twelve Year, POWELL, ROGER DAVID Charter Member, Spanish Club 57, 58, 59, Track 57, 59, 60, Football 59, G Club 59, 60. RAE, JACKIE Charter Member, Green Hand Chapter Conducting 57, Farm Skills 57, FFA 57, 58, 59, 60, Tennis Club 57. 5 5 E i s sz 3 Lunch is one period that each senior enjoys! With Mr. Mclfamie SCHAUB, JIMMY Charter Member, FFA 57, 58, Football 56, 57, 58, Track 56, 57, 58, Runner- up Best All-Round Boy 60. , 7 5 1-, " "Elf - gg i Q.. , .ac I ', ' a s, K' y af-r E4 N 6' aaa 4? vi ? fig 1. g -,.. f- fs: .1 , s af '. "f?::. :-',v5gfN:..N2fk-'RfZifwr iq' , I .,,, , - wr: :T 1 ' ' ,2fii?2Wiaf' .Q ' . 1 .3 xg.. ' 'S , 5 4, r SASSE, JOE Charter Member, Football Manager 56, 57, Basketball Manager 56, 57, Loudest Boy 57, 58, Grass Judging Team 56, 57, FFA 56, 57, 58, FFA Radio Team 57, Livestock Judging Team 57. M my i5-wwf-M ar' at mi wt, 1 El s X 1. 55 . . ., , ., . Q .... ,.,, . Ea Q., " 4 - 1 ,. ' i , .fifrnfi L . si: Q z J ga ' is QE? 2 54 ails gi is? Ji a ., , ,.,,..4fy, 1, ,- - 5 . f .ul 1 f 2- i'72f:i5i55' L ' '- ' 'ICS it fi " f I if' ,- - . 5' ' ,V ' - 'Q - ' 'K ' I ' 12 H . 6 5 -7 1 " U K f - - uf qrf 2 SCHAUB, MARY MARGARET Charter Member, Band 57, 58, 59, 60, Maj. 58, Head Maj. 59, Feature Twirler 60, TIL Twirling Cont. 57, 58, First Div. Solo, Ensemble 57, 58, Drill Coun. 59, 60, Com. Off. 60, TIL Horn Quar- tet 58, Band Follies Choreographer 59, 60, Stage Band Fest. 59, Band Sweet- heart 6O, NBTA Twirl. Const. 57, 58, First Div. Solo 58, Runner-up Class Fav- orite 58, Crescent Staff 58, 59, 60, Jun- ior Class Off. 59, FHA 57, 58, 59, 60, Jr. Chap. Off. 57, TIL Typing Cont. 59, FTA 60, Scholarship Student 59, Runner-up Who's Who 60. Margaret checks out a book for a book report in American History. SHEPHARD, CHARLES Charter Member, Football 57, 58, 59, 60, Track 57, 58, 59, 60, G Club 59, 60, Class Favorite Runner-up 59, FTA 60, Spanish Club 58, FFA 58, Most Handsome Boy 59, Perfect Attend- ance 57. . i Qi il f. A A -----1 . and '5.. aQ Z e xr it ,gait I I "-, I K lg " 'ifiix 5525- is ' I -, -+ 'lil-x wg gig ' gf - , , H t V , ' f " . ',- 1:f,.,ef ta-'ffm ',.f:.fH.w,. . , ' 'fig 1576 - ai --ww, I esfvfxz 21, ,ts -.-- --V V , w - 1 ? gr- ,E .,,,:.Qgf,1gsfg K-l-,Ux,j1,.:'1 ig., .1-. ., , V.,, . , II3 SHIRLEY, EUGENE Charter Member5 FFA 575 Greenhand Chapter Conducting Team 575 Baseball 585 Class Favorite 595 Basketball 585 Class Favorite Runner-up 57. SMITH, CAROL Charter Member5 Band 57, 58, 59, 605 First Division Clarinet Quartet 585 Band Follies 59, 605 Band Drill Council 595 Band Librarian 585 FNA 58, 59, 605 FHA 575 .lunior Degree 575 Perfect Attendance Award 58, 595 TWU Band Festival 60. 9114 Eight SIMS, MARGIE Charter Member5 Pep Squad 575 FHA 57, 585 FTA 57, 58, 59, 605 FTA of- ficer 585 Second Place District Miss FTA 605 FTA State Convention 595 Tennis 595 Cheerleader 605 TIL Typ- ing Contest 595 Crescent Staff 595 Home- coming Queen Nominee 59. SIMS, RAYMOND Charter Member5 FFA 57, 58, 59. eniors Graduate SIMS, PAT Charter Memberg Band 57, 58, 59, 605 Band Reporter 58, 59, 605 Drill Coun- cil 58, 59, 605 Second Regional Band 605 Band Follies 59, 605 Stageband 57, 58, 59, 605 Crescent Staff 59, 605 FHA 605 FTA 57, 58, 59, 605 FTA Officer 59, 605 Hornet's Nest Staff 57, 58, 605 Class Officer 575 Stageband Festival 58, 59, 605 Assistant Drum Major 605 First Division Trombone Quartet 575 Band Commissioned Officer 58, 59, 605 Best Girl Dancer 595 TWU Band Fes- tival 60. it E vs gl if il D 5 2 Buddy "Napoleon" Mitchell was the final contestant on "What's at M id-Term SUMMERS, CYNTHIA Charter Member5 FNA 57, 58, 59, 605 Pres. 585 Sec. 595 Vice-Pres. 605 House- party 585 FHA 57, 58, 59, 605 Sec. 595 Treasurer 605 Jr. Deg. 575 Chap. Deg. 585 State Deg. 595 State Convention 605 A8zM Leadership Con. 585. Sophomore Class Off. 585 Crescent Staff 59, 605 History Award 595 Perfect Attendance ,595 Runner-up Who's Who 60. I My Secret Ambition" presented by the senior class. STEPHENS, WALTER Charter Memberg Band 57, 58, 59, 605 Band Follies 59, 605 FFA 57, 58, 59. SMITH, GOLDA Arnett 535 Pep Squad 575 FHA 57, 605 .lunior Degree 575 Basketball 57, 58, 59, 605 Baylor Sport's Day 57, 58, 605 FNA 58, 59, 605 Corresponding Secre- tary 595 Crescent Staff 58, 59, 605 Boys' Basketball Sweetheart 595 Runner-up Best All-Round Girl 60. WEBB, RITA KAY Charter Memherg FHA 575 Perfect At- tendance Award 58, 595 Spanish Club 58, 59, 605 Western Day Participant 58, 595 Band 59, 605 Flagbearer 59, 605 Band Follies 59, 605 HOfHCt,S Nest Staff 60. TURNER, DWAIN Jonesboro 575 FFA 57, 59. II5 WEHRING, PAT Charter Member, FHA 57, 58, 60, FHA Junior Degree 57, FHA Chapter Degree 58, FTA 58, 59, 60, FTA Vice-President 60, Pep Squad 57, 58, Library Staff 59, TIL Typing Contest 59, Perfect At- tendance 57, 59, Crescent Staff. WHITE, PHYLLIS ANN Charter Member, Pep Squad 57, FHA 57, 58, 59, 60, ,Iunior Degree 57, Chapter Degree 58, Spanish Club 59, 60, Secre- tary 60, Hornet's Nest 60, Basketball 60. WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY Charter Member: Band 57, 58, 59, 60, Band Follies 59, 60, FHA 57, 58, 59, TIL First Division Solo 58. II6 WILLIAMS, DOLORES Pecos 50, Pep Squad 57, 58, Basketball 57, 58, FHA 57, 58, 59, 60, Library Staff 60, Hornet's Nest 60. Senior Girl Wine WILLIAMS, BOBBY Charter Member, Football 56, 57, Track 57, 58, FFA 57, 58, 60. Zim -fi f 7?-Q 'S ' '. ,1 ,.., 1 "ff, ' " i - A 1 F 1 - H 7 ,,,,,,,,,, .uf ,.,, , ,,.. f ,. A ' ' . ij 1 - 7 M - ' ' ' f, , .. ,,.,., ., ,gf.,,,.,,., ,- ,Y g -, - 2'-jew-,,,Q,wv,'gtgef 1 . -yrf 2weuf-s,1a',Wse,nf - my ' ':.vW-2-sag - lg va: ,pei 5' ,.,, K v F 7 f F- 1 f I A ' V - .. '-:7'1.?.wg1 KWH' , , H ,I .c, ,,f..,.. The seniors must be economical fi ig S tate H omemalcing Honor WORTHINGTON, BETTIE Mountain 53, FHA 57, 58, 59, FNA 58, 59, Secretary 59, Basketball 57, 58, Baylor Field Day 57. WOLSKE, DONALD RAY Midway 59, FFA 57, 58, 59, 60, Foot- ball 59, Creenhand Sentinel 57. ., 5. .. 3 3 .'- 2 , ' 2,113 ,, ' - f.2zi1:41f, s? W'?r 'fi . ff - ' - '- . , 1 ff"M'3,P' 7 WINSLAR, MARY CATHERINE Charter Member, FHA 57, Honor Stu- dent 57, Band 57, 58, 59, 60, Drill Coun. 57, 58, 59, 60, Corn. Off. 60, Band Follies 59, 60, Stage Band 59, 60, Stage Band Fest. 59, 60, Off. 60, First All-Regional Band 59, 60, All-Regional to cover their many expenses! 1 .. -- , I . , Q , ,h ,gi,7,g:f--so - . gif 1, is ., , ,, 1,-1 ik f 5, f , ,VVV C ,ryy - ,-" i ' 'Y ., ., gs, zfYfU i - .31 1 w ,ff 3 7 ZAPATA, DORA Charter Member, FHA 58, 59, 60, Span- ish Club 58, 59, 60. Band Concert 59, 60, Sec. All-Regional Band 58, Band Sweetheart Nom. 60, First Division Clarinet Quartet 58, Spanish Club 58, Off. 58, 59, Perfect Attendance 57, 59, Who's Who 60, TWU Band Festival 60. Heavily laden with books, Barbara completes a typical day at GHS. H7 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: JERRY DONALDSON, President, NANCY BROWN, Secretary, and JOE BARTON, Vice-President. Juniors JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS: Mrs. Meharg, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Whitt, Mr. Henry, Mr. Warren, Mr. McClelland, and Mrs. Bates fseatedl. Il8 As a new school year begins the ,IUNIORS find them- selves in a whirlwind of excitement, for new experi- ences and new duties await them. These duties begin with the selection of two junior boys as the president and vice-president of the Student Council. The honors do not stop there, for there are juniors actively participating in the Spanish Club, Latin Club, Library Club, Hornet's Nest Staff, Crescent Staff, Future Homemakers, and Future Farmers. There are others who share in these new experiences and do their part in promoting school spirit-members of the band and the cheerleaders. This class boasts the greatest number of players on the football squad and the basketball squad. The highlight of the 'junior year is the junior-senior banquet and prom. Even though the juniors work enthusiastically in various activities and organizations, they still are re- quired to take five courses Truly, a life of excitement and new experiences! Proper techniques of typing are demonstrated to John Bamhill Jane Tippit, Virgil Helm, Sarah Stubbs, and Ronny Fisher find by Glenda Marshall. current events as interesting as early American History. 16 Credits Required for Juniors Virgil Helm assists Mrs. Meharg in a chemistry experiment. Trigonometry fundamentals are demonstrated by Jackie Roach. II9 Barnard, Harold Bamhill, John Bartlett, Ladell Barton, J oe Bates, Tommy Bell, David Adams, Nan Anderson, David Baker, Minnie Bales, Charles Credit must go to Glenda Blanchard, Sandra Gamm, Judy Mueller, Peggy Blanchard, Mimi West, Lynda Powell, Juniors Deck Hall, and Louise Jacobs for the Christmas ' decorations. pr Christmas Benner, Sandra Blanchard, Glenda Blanchard, Peggy Bond, Eugene Breslin, Robert Brown, Nancy Burks, Louaine Buth, Barbara Carothers, J oe Carothers, Joyce 2 Dickie, Ted Donaldson, Jerry Dreyer, Janet DYSOH, JCHY Edwards, Bob Fain, Reuben Cooper, Belva Creacy, Bill Curci, J im Denny, Marcia E ! Is this a general meeting of the Council for Advance- Junior Boy Head ment of "Junior Boys?" tudent Council Fisher, Charles Fisher, Jerry Fisher, Ronny Fore, Steve Forrest, Nathan Gann, Sandra Geihler, Jerry Gooch, Jimmy Goodrich, Sue Helm, Virgil Hinesley, Lewis Hodges, Kent 2 3 2 Z 5 Jacobs, Louise J ageler, Charles Johnson, Troy Jones, Janice Jones, Johnny Jones, Mat Hollingsworth, Janis Holt, Wilma A dramatic scene is portrayed by Mimi , West, Virgil Helm, Jackie Miller, and 3 l 1 . l Juniors Presem 1 4 1 1 Kelly Patsy Kelly Peggy , Bob Edwards in the Junior Christmas ' program. w w v inspiring Pro mm I Lam, Jeanette Ledenham, Joe l l l V w Ledesma,.Ange1ina Lee, Dwaine Lehmberg, Jimmy Little, Linda McClellan, Byron McClure, Raymond Meuller, Judy Moreland, Dickie Necessary, Jerry Netrles, Arnold New, Floyd Ochoa, Cleto Marshall, Glenda Maxwell, Barbara Miller, Jimmy Miller, Jackie The annual selling of mums by the juniors adds more money to the class fund. Juniors Near Goal- The enior Year Ortega, Gilbert Ortega, Henry Pamter Edwm Palmer Donny Parrish, Betty Patterson, Dora Pearce, Patsy Pfeffer, James Pool, Jerry Poston, Carol Rauschenberg, Patsy Richter, Jean Richter, J oy Roach, Jackie Saunders, Laurinda Sanford, Judy Powell, Elmo Powell, Linda Price, S. L. Pullias, Gayle i x X Q Mrs. Lowery accompanies singing juz girls Peggy Blanchard, Louise Jacc tudent Body Pick Schaub, Edward Schitoskey, Patsy Seward, Charles Sims, Dale By Parrish, Patsy Schitoskey, Lynda ell, and Carol Poston. l 1 iunior Head Cheerleader Smith, Bill Smith, Charles Spencer, F adene Stephens, Norma Stubbs, Sarah Taylor, Carolyn Voss, Kirby Wadkins, Jimmy Ward, Betty West, Mimi Kay White, David Wiggins, Charlie Thomas, Jackie Tippit, Jane Turpin, Betty Veasey, David I , Underclassmen mix with juniors Euga Bond, .Toe Barton, Jimmy Lehmbe Juniors Attem i Bill Smith as they go to an assem- in the new auditorium. H . ,lass Meetm Wiggins, Ruth Williams, Glenn Wolske, Gene Woodley, Keith Woods, Laddie Wright, Charlene Wright, Daune The concessions stand ai- fords another money-mak- ing project for juniors Arnold Nettles, Betty Tur- pin, Sandra Gann, and John Barnhill. I3I SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: JOHNNY WADDILL, Vice- Presidentg DAVID MARTIN, Presidentg MARTHA PARKER Secretary. ophomores SOPHOMORE SPONSORS: Mrs. Clyde Bailey, Mr. Max Newcom, Mr. Don Dorsey, Mr. Bill Scoggins, Mrs. Marshall King, and Mrs. Crawford Scott. I32 The proud and eager SOPHOMORE Class has passed one more milestone toward their main goal-gradua- tion. Their aim is to be a part of the entire school organiza- tion. In following this aim, they are well represented in clubsg they boast a cheerleader and a majoretteg and a large 'percentage are in the high school band. In the athletic fields of basketball and football, the boys take an active part. The class as a whole gives its support to all school functions. As time passes on, Gatesville High School grows old and majestic, but the spirit and enthusiasm of its students never grow old. This class does much to add to this spirit and will continue to do so in their remain- ing high school years. Biology, the science of life, is seen best through the microscope. Vocational Agriculbure is important to our future farmers in crop Doris Dudark studies a slide before getting a close-up of it. In and animal raising Dewayne Martin, Royce Chambers, and Duane the biology lab students have a chance to apply their knowledge. Gillmore are calculating the percentage of oats in feed. Visual Aids Enrich ophomore Classes Asia is a wide area of study, but in world history class it is Stated problems require application of the basic skills of Algebra covered. Mr. Scoggins points out an important city to ,lo Lynn l. Mr, Boyer is helping Helen Loan to solve a problem. Skelton and 'Pam Adams. I33 Adams, Pamela Ayres, Doris Bartlett, Cecil Basham, Sandra Bates, Larry Blanchard, Delores Blanchard, Vickie Blum, Darla ophomores Near Bond, Larry Bone, David Boyd, Martha Bray, Lola May Byrom, Beverly Chambers, Royce Chambers, Sherry Chappell, Doloma Charles, Donald Charles, Ronald Christian, Claudette Cole, Tommy the Half-Way Mark Dyson, Glenda Edwards, Annie Featherston, Joyce Featherston, Leslie Floyd, Bert Callaway, James Gilchrest, .l erry Gillrnore, Duane Gould, Fred Hensler, Mary Herring, Brenda Herrington, Shirley Coward, Bobby Curci, Bobby Davis, Rebecca Donaldson, Charles Dorsey, Harold Dreyer, Doris Dudark, Doris Durham, Johnny These Sophomores really believe in initiation! Sally and Doris put June to the test. Hitt, June Hix, Walter Hodge, John Huey, Sam tudy Opens Soplwmores Jones, Bryan Jones, Sammie King, Brenda Lee, Jan Loan, Helen McDaniel, Lou Ann McDonald, ,lo Ann Mack, Waldine Marlin, Sally Marshall, Don Martin, David Martin, Dewayne Maxwell, Dwalne Meadows, John Meeks, Carol Ann Millsap, Billy oors to Understanding Mitchell, Charlotte Moseley, Mary Nabors, John Nichols, Odis Parker, Martha Patterson, Mike Patterson, Linda Paul, Ronald Perryman, Susie Phillips, James Poindexter, Sandra Pollard, Myrtle "What would high school life be without time for social Ming?" says Billy and Joe to Ina. Poston, Mary Potter, Marion Dee Quicksall, Patsy Ramirez, Ramona Rauschenberg, Joe Pat Rhoades, Terry Russell, Jo Ann Sanders, Harrell E s 5 ophomores Learn Sasse, Peggy Schange, Robert Schloernan, Ina Scott, Bob Seeman, Charmaine Sheridan, Jerry Shoemaker, Billy Sims, J. R. Skelton, .lo Lynn Snoddy, Wallace Soltow, Billy Starr, Robert the Value of Time Waddill, Johnny Weir, Jerry White, Dwaine White, Robert Wilie, Charlotte Willett, Doylene Willett, Phillip Wolff, Jackie Wolff, .loan Woodall, Jerry Wright, Elsie Stover, Elizabeth Tabors, Sandra Taylor, .loe Terrell, Sue Timmons, Dewayne Turner, Pat Vermillion, Mary Vernon, Coy Wayne FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: THEDA GRAHAM, Secretary-Treasurer, BILL NESBITT, President, JOHN GALBRAITH, Vice President. 'Freshmen FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSORS: Mr. C. D. Boyer, Mr. J. O. Winslar, Mrs. S. L. Adams, Mr. C. S. Hereford, Mrs. Alfred Hopkins. I40 The FRESHMEN are now beginning a new era in their lives. The first year in high school brings new changes as Well as challenges. Starting with the fresh- men year, the students receive five credits toward the twenty needed for graduation. The main project of the class is to sell magazine sub- scriptions. A record sale was made in two short weeks. The freshmen are eager to participate in school activi- ties and are well represented in sports, clubs, and honor positions. Pep Rallies, school dances, and banquets are some of the new activities to 'which the freshmen are introduced. As the year passes, they realize that in the future years of their high school days it is up to them to promote the loyalty and high ideals for which Gatesville High School stands. Latin I students learn the basic fundamentals of a foreign lan- The parts of an engine are explained to a group of agriculture guage. ' students to help them in the world of mechanics. tartled Freshmen Take Five Subjects The Freshman General Science students use modern instruments Freshman English students work hard to master the art of good to study the solar system and its atmosphere. writing and the proper use of good English. I4l Allen, Charles Baize, Sandra Bankhead, Benny Barnard, David Belt, Mary Benner, Dollie Berry, Patsy Blanchard, Billy 5 5 is Freshmen Tackle Boyer, Susan Bratton, Martha Braziel, Gene Brooks, Don Brown, Betty Brown, Bob Burt, Virginia Bylan, Bill Bylan, J eff Carothers, Carol Ann Claxton, Gladys Collins, Robert Hard Academic Courses Donaldson, Linda Draper, James Fairchild, Faye Farrar, Janis Farrell, Kylcne Freeman, David Galbraith, John Gann, Mecca Gaston, Belva Gillmore, Leta Graham, Theda Green, Gary Conlin, Danny Conway, Chrissy Creacy, Nancy Culp, C. R. Curry, John Davis, Nancy Day, Marshall Derrick, Nina Grinnell, .lohn Harrington, Margaret Henoger, .loyce Hinson, Larry Holeyfield, Carol Ingram, Annette Happy irls cuddle Freshmen Make Recon Johnson, Judith Jones, Harold Jones, Don Koch, Patricia Landry, Earl Lawrence, Larry Lipsey, Linda Lilljedahe, K. L. Lovell, Ashley Maxwell, Bruce May, Wayne McBride, Alva hard-earned awards. McBroom, Bobby McClellan, Carolyn McHargue, Malcholm Merrit, Howard Moehring, Phillip Moon, Cecil agazine Sales Moore, J. T. Morgan, Jimmy Morgan, Martha Morse, James Murry, Gwen Nesbitt, Bill Ochoa, Fred Ochoa, Mike Onofrey, Sharon Parker, Leslie Parrish, Robert Paul, W. P. Petty, Sammy Petree, Carolyn Pfeffer, .leanne Potter, Catherine Powell, Rodney Pruitt, Ezelle Ray, Kay Rainer, Gwendolyn i z s l 2 E Freshmen Exhibit Rhoads, Patsy Richter, Harollyn Roach, Pat Sanford, Sandra Schaub, Kenneth Schoenewolf, Maxine Scott, Linda Scruggs, Morris Sheets, Donna Shelton, Frank Shepherd, Danny Simons, Shirley School pirit Veazy, Connie Vermillion, .lack Weir, Lola Wendeborn, Gary West, Carolyn Wilkins, Betty Winkler, Johnnie Wolff, Winford A Woodley, Mary Kay Wright, James Yows, Tommy Zeigler, Phillip Sims, Christine Sims, Ellamae Smith, Ronnie Smith, Zula Tabors, Donald R. Taylor, Yvonne Thompson, Mary Helen Turner, Frances Now Is the Time.. for wise counseling . . Administration The high school administration is composed of a group of qualified men and women who are completely dedi- cated to their chosen profession. They contribute their time and effort to the student body of Gatesville High School, hoping that through their leadership and guid- ance the students will gain in knowledge. These high school teachers not only emphasize academic work but also the importance of our American heritage and the individual in our society. G.H.S. teachers sponsor class- es and clubs and participate in many school activities. This provides a closer student-teacher relationship. Well-arranged time is the surest Mark of a well- arranged mind. a I 2 f 5 Q 5 1 'N w x 5 Z 1 3 5 S Q Mr. Mcliamie Realizes Life-Time Ambition MR. L.C. McKAMIE M.A., BAYLOR UNIVERSITY Superintendent of Gatesville Public Schools For the past twelve years, Mr. L. C. McKamie hasserved in the capacity as superintendent of the Gates- ville Independent School District. Because of his untiring efforts, the students and teachers are priv- ileged to be a part of a new high school building, which is a symbol of his 'outstanding contributions to the youth of Catesville. Ready on all occasions to give of his many talents and abilities, Mr. Mc- Kamie has endeared himself to all who know him. Mr. McKamie is very active in civic affairs. He can be counted on to palticipate in all worthy causes and he gives freely of his spare time to help Catesville grow. Among his other accomplishments, Mr. McKamie is a member of the Lions Club, and the Chamber of Commerce: the is also an active member of the First Methodist Church. The faculty and student body salute Mr. L. C. McKamie as Gatesville's "MAN OF THE YEAR." Mr. Pruitt: A Friend of the Students MR. S. L. PRUITT lVl.A., Texas Tech High School Principal Mr. Pruitt begins his school year by helping to select new teachers and by setting up the students? schedules. During the year the daily average attendance records and discipline of the students are two of his responsibilities. As a friend of the students, Mr. Pruitt always has their interests foremost in mind. MRS. CHESTER GIDDENS School Secretary School Board Achieves Goal MR. J. T. DAVIDSONQ MR. JIM ERWINg MR. R. D. FOSTER, SR., Vice-Presidentg MR. O. N. HIX, President, MR L. C. MCKAMIE, Superintendent of Gatesville Public Schools, MR. JOHN FRANK POST, Secretaryg DR. T. R. WILLIAMSg MR. BILL SMITH fnot picturedl. The Gatesville Independent School Board is the most active group of men in our community. Many long hours are spent by each man in attempting to better our school in every way. Obtaining a competent school staff, composed of a superintendent, three principals, and many classroom teachers, paying of bills that are in order, selecting of furniture, and de- ciding upon repairs to be made are decided by the board members. Of course, the highlight of their duties for the past several years has been the construction of the new high school building. P.T.A. Presents Portrait of Mr. Mcliamie to School STANDING: MRS. RAYMOND FLOYD, Third Vice-Presidentg MRS. JOE BOONE, Fourth Vice-Presidentg Mr. O. D. BATES, Elementary Principalg MRS. BERT FLOYD, Second Vice-President? MR- L- C- MCKAMIE, Superintendent? MR- T- W- BRUMBALOW, Junior High Principalg MR. S. L, PRUITT, High School Principal. SEATED: MRS. ROY PHILLIPS, Treas- urerg MRS. OSCAR BRATTON, First Vice-Presidentg MRS. NORRIS SMITH, SCCTHHTYZ MRS- BILLY MANNING, Presi dentg MRS. OLLIE LITTLE, Historian. Gatesville's Parent-Teacher Association plays a big role in promoting good relations between teachers, parents, students, and the general public. These interested parents are indispensable in the organization of such a complex business as our school. The Parent-Teacher Association's Executive Council-comprised of the elected officers, the principals of the three schools, and Mr. McKamie-plan a program of activities for the year. Some of these activities are a chili supper, concessions at Homecoming, Educa- tion in Family Interests, and a talent show in the spring. Mr. Sam L. Adams M.ED., A8zM Agriculture, FFA Spon- sor Mrs. Sam L. Adams B.A., Trinity English I, Hornets' Nest, Freshman Sponsor Mrs. Clyde Bailey B.A., T.S.C.W. Librarian Mrs. Oran D. Bates B.A., Sam Houston English III, Annual Sponsor, Junior SD011' sor, Junior-Senior Ban- quet Mr. C. D. Boyer MS., Baylor Algebra I, Office Re- cords, Freshman Spon- sor Teachers Take Adoantag The English teachers certainly look pleased about Mrs. Bailey's flower arrangement. Mr. McClelland is seeking the expert advice of Mrs. Lowrey and Mrs. Adams. Mr. Don C. Dorsey Miss Louise Hall B.S., North Texas M.A., Baylor Biology, Assistant Coach, English IV, Senior Play, F r e s h rn a n Basketball Senior Sponsor Coach f New Facilities Coach Langford is busy giving the coaches a Hchalk talk" to explain his new idea. Mrs. Kinsey and Mrs. King proudly show Mrs. Whitt the furniture in the new lab. Mr. John Henry Mr. C. S. Hereford B.B.A., Texas A8zM M.A., Texas Bookkeeping, Commer. General Business, Geog- cial Math, Junior High raphy, Freshman Spon- Coach sor Mrs. E. E. Lowrey M.S., T.W.C. English I, II, Sophomore Sponsor Mr. Al Langford B.S., M.S., Howard Payne Algebra II, General Math, Head Football Coach Mrs. Nerine Kinsey M.S., Baylor Home Economics, Senior Sponsor, FHA Sponsor Mrs. Marshall King M.S., Baylor Home Economics, Sopho- more Sponsor, FHA Sponsor Mrs. Alfred H. Hopkins B.A., Washington State Spanish I, II, Latin 1, II Mr. C. W. McClelland B.M., North Texas Band, Junior Sponsor Mrs. J. B. Martin B.S., North Texas Girls' Physical Education Junior Sponsor Mrs. Travis Meharg B.S., T.W.U. Chemistry, G e n e r al Science, Freshman Spon- sor Mr. Lloyd Mitchell B.A., Baylor American History, Texas History, Senior Sponsor Mr. Max Newcom B.S., Baylor Boys' Physical Education, Assistant Football Coach, Sophomore Sponsor Set Higher Goals an The basketball coaches have gathered to plan strategy for the coming season. The science teachers are working to keep our modern science de- partment in top shape. Mr. Abram Prince Mr. Billy W. Scoggins M.A., Texas B.S., Howard Payne Physics, Counselor, Sen- World History, Assistant ior Sponsor Football Coach m 5 I 1 tandards for Student Body Mr. Boyer is explaining the method of keeping the daily office records. Mr. Adams, Mr. Winslar, and Mr. Hereford enjoy a cup of coffee during the break. Mrs. Crawford Scott Mr. J. D. Warren B.S., T.W.U. B.S., Sul Ross English Il, Speech, Soph- Occupation, Government, omore Sponsor Girls' Basketball, .Iunior Sponsor Mrs. Max Newcom Office Secretary Mrs. Bently Curry Office Secretary Mrs. E. C. Wright B.A., North Texas Typing I, II, Shorthand, Senior Sponsor Mr. J. O. Winslar B.S., A8zM Agriculture, FFA Spon- sor, Freshman Sponsor Mrs. Kelly Whitt M.A., Baylor Plane Geometry, General Math, Junior Sponsor Now Is the Time. for laughter . Snapshots Emotions of many natures are found and revealed in the life of G.H.S. as disclosed through snapshots. One finds these contrasts in emotion in the following pages of 'lsnapsfi Joy may be found in the crowd as the Hornets push over for another touchdown contrasted with sorrow as the Hornets miss district co-champion- ship by one game. Seriousness as shown in the patriotic program presented by the speech class is contrasted by the foolish participation in the donkey ball game. Formal and informal sentiments are represented at the banquets and honor dinners as well as the informal parties so well known of G.H.S. Pride and regret can also be found creeping into the life of students at Gates- ville High School-pride in a high grade or an honor Wong regret for wasted time. Our yesterdays follow usg They constitute our Life, And they guide character And force and meaning to our present deeds. sow? 1 P'- 1 2 ' Km, w,Q Q '-E55 5 -nw. ' p ,A Q2 x , Is this a new cha-cha step, Bill? Say p-e-a-c-h-e-s, Judy. Robert, I fully recommend this book . . . Cynthia, can't you make change? Cheer up, Dewayne, only four more hours to go --" This is Band? ? ? Fans battle cold at Homecoming. L' sms. .. mssi- I ' , xx sms .ssifi gigfm,wg-.:sf?:q1..Qs:V,-fs 11 1 as -gfsfigoi: if syiivf. ' , -i QQ . nw, ---.,f,s,,w1,sss.sN fi ' n oY ' o,ook. Q i ,. ,o,o 1 v'i'Z ',if oo oo . looo Lo M, oo o , T E s ooo ,ooo T oo olo ,,o, T Y' 'si if J oo is s 1 fyo ' L',, no ooo fA:1 AAP, s .1 T ooooo 4 z o ooo oo oo oooo 3 H Ayky , ,..k , ,F ,AV, I K f K, , 1 , ,bbbieiataivvaisiw-ailsQmilkgeei-QQQQQQ in "" Q sfwoassneaa so s T s - -- 35 55' T T n i'QQQSQQf, o o ,ig QfQ5bfs?+s'2?7s?fi91s,m"'g559if ' ggggigoge an ewgigiisgofgiagg , fs soigfi T o -- . 3 " fbi - A A .ns-,.,Wfafl,, - " ' Go, Team, Go! Senior homemaking girls watch a film Students enjoy FTA Dance. 1 mnuszf Movie stars in the making? New traffic cop of CHS-.loe Gail? GHS students receive awards. Tell us the secret, Marshall. Men of leisure??? Nelda Barton greets visitors at the dedication. Don't be cruel! Sing us a song, John. What a pose! Mimi Kay, a typical angel? Pat, wake UP- A new style band The band marches on. X W e 11 , ' ,M -A T, 'Q - ri' y Viv! K: V 1 , . rl, ,. ,wk K V K Q, my VV ., S 42.155 M . . ..: . Q' ' i " .:" 7' ' Q ,' 71' V. ffzfiff' - . A 3 Mi-Q L 7 'T V 1, .Suk ,,., T i T 'Zig A '5 "AA i . s kg ' H - -- - f rf. Jr if .. ,fx xr. P k- . HQ-s rf., , .,1 as 2' ey' X ,. 1 ,, , K ,Q 7,'A Q ,O'f':m?'f 'IQ b ' "fi fl, , 4' ' J - R2 wif I , ' I . -1- - . - . as-.-152:95 ' f? T -- , -1, lg-s ,. , , 1 ij , W , i iff'-u ..,21. ,': , A , A, is - -gy-sg ig, , f, .1 is fn A - X HL is ,g 'f 9 ww. ,. H .. ' ' 5 ' " ' ' 'wssv4iiEi4zl J Jfrwfym uf, ' 2 's V...v ,,.. ,. ,- V, .K , lv frrg A , .WL , 5 ,, W , , , or 'f , , , 4' Eff' Sf' ' -l?r1: x 7 ,, : 2 Q is ' Ti! s Q' ,- ,Q A f 1 'J 43 Vx V 5 3 , 'Z it W 5 fs 'i ff' 'Y I 4 2 9 'A S! BN ,eg e , . gg ws is M iff" T - M, ffm . .,,., ,, ., E , K jr A K - f' . ' ' V I Jil ws,,,.,,i x 3 The members of the physics class test their horsepower. What fate is in store for Linda, Jean. Will Keith and David be tomorrow's chemical quackers? The piano is hidden, but we know it's there, George. Is something different about Mary Jo? GHS presents girl drummer, Pat Sims. Students participate at FHA carnival. Is this a style show or Latin initiation? Mary and Ginger, is this a new dance? Has John chosen a new profession as street c1eaner?? Linda, Francis, and Carolyn have early morning gab session We-,ve been invaded from outer space. Is this a mob fight or a regular Thursday night street painting? I66 Mr. McClelland and his smirkish grin. So this is what the Annual Staff does? J. What are you doing, girls? Get in the act, Ladell. Ten cents, please! DOI1,t ICH SCCI'6iS, Pat. Quinton, get to work. Don't brag, Betty Q David presents his part well in the junior Christmas play. Chemistry students proudly show atom projects. Penny, Ladell, and Nancy get together for an afternoon snack. Are the football boys taking their beauty rest? Is Mary Jo the new drum major? Students gather to back Hornets. Celehreties of CHS? ? ? New type of transportation at donkey basketball game. Q, ..,, if . :ggi , -- .n,,,' I "QQ: uf ,, 3.1 -,-: :Ai,,e:ia In ,Ewa I. -Y 55251 4 . , ,,.. , ' ' 1 3 - I kk ',:"G w, ' .. , - 5-'Ski-' f , W r 1 5 5 5,5 - kfv'5 :2'ss1,5:.. A , ' ,i ,ng A 5 A "5 5 in s - f, i ft ,' , . I pf 4553- ima f ,I ' if .if -rw. .H M, . W, ,,m., ,:s, ,., ,...,,,: , ,. , L.. ,K Q, Q.. 'Q . +I L Yi f " H14 w ig - 91 sa, is A .A -- f i 'I ' ,,..,. ' ,, Mg, W ., -. :.,MstsQ4- ,4,.f.. , .W -. ,M-an - -: 7 Q,-uf. - M... ,f it 1 ,4 V' .' Mk g K. Dickie and James-photography experts! Seniors hand out programs for dedication service. Now Is the Time.. for increasing business . Advertising As the clock of time ticks off another school year and another Crescent is published, you the reader, must stop to realize that the success of an annual does not rest entirely upon the Crescent Staff. The Advertisers and Boosters truly make the difference in a successful or unsuccessful annual. These businessmen show through their unselfish contributions the spirit of co- operation. Without the loyal support of the Crescent Boosters and Advertisers, you would be unable to enjoy this annual. We, the Crescent Staff members wish to extend to each of you a heart-felt "Thank You.'7 There can be no persevering Industry Without a deep sense of the value of time. Q 2 i Q E is 3 3 5 5 S 3 5 S 3 5 E Q 3 E 9 3 5 2 S Q E 5 gl 4 Q S E 3 s 9 E 2 E 3 2 E .2 5 r 5 C . ' f I f .. .. , , ' : - . , f ,. , ' , H - f'-fvv H"-f .QQ f- f .-1 12-if '1 -f -A .1 : : ., A 8: P Food Slore Beard, Oley, Dr. Blackburn Poullry 8: Egg Bri+ain's Barber Shop Brown Clinic Brown, O. K. Brown, Roberl' W. Campbell, Leona Cinderella Beaufy Shop Communify Public Service Conway Service Sfafion Counfy Treasurer Davis 5c, l0c Sfore Firsl' Baplisl' Church Foresf Beaufy Shop Fos+er's Drug S'I'ore Freeman's Prinling Press Gafesville Co'Hon Gin Ga'I'esville Drug Sfore Gafesville Frozen Food Loclrers Galesville lmplemenl' Company Gafesville Land 8: Absiracf Gafesville Painl' 8: Wallpaper Ga'I'esville Seal' Cover Company Gibson's Sc, l0c Sfore Graves Florisl' Hoplrins, Col. and Mrs. House of Beaufy Hubby Reese Jones, K. R., Dr. Lewis Shoe Slore Lone Sfar Gas Company Lowrey Clinic McClellan, Byron L. Modern Cleaners Modern Food Mari' Morgan Service Sfafion Neuman's Deparlmenf Sfore Nol'l'e's Aufo Supply Nufhingsville Sfaiion 8: Grocery Odom's Grocery Sfore Pfeffer, James, Dr. Posfon lmplemenf Company Powell, R. E. Ray, Ofis, Dr. Re-Nu Cleaners Relail Merchanls Associalion Sadler, Wade Sandy's Aufo Service Sim's Radio and TV Top's Laundry Vogue Beau'l'y Shop Washburn's Garage Whi'l'e's Aufo Williams, Thomas R. Dr. Winfield's Hafchery Mr. Koch, Bill Eckert and Jerry demonslrralre fo Joyce Jrhe fine service given af KOCH'S H UMBLE STATION Olis Nichols and Wallace Snocldy examine eleclrical Jimmy Miller and Sieve Fore selecl guns al supplies al' HUCKABEE ELECTRIC AND JIM MILLER ARMY STORE REFRIGERATION SERVICE Bellie Worllsiinglon, Pal Sims, Cynllwia Summers, ancl Sherry Lawrence are relaxing al' MORTON SCOTT AN D SON AniTa Coward and Barbara Kinsey are admiring The Chariie and Danny Shepherd consider The advan- arrangemenTs aT Tages oT a new PlymouTh aT HOUSE OF FLOWERS SHEPHERD MOTOR COMPANY T Mary Lynn Galbrailrh and CharioTTe Derrick Try Their Bonnie BundranT and Raymond McClure learn The skill aT washing cars aT are OT cuTTing rneaT aT GULF SERV-U CENTER WATTS WHOLESALE MEATS Bobby Kendrick and Margie Sims porrray Hwe par? of Jrhe banker and his sfenographer a+ TH E NATIONAL BAN K 'Zfau can DEPEND on FINE FOOD PRODUCTS f ' vm ..-- 5 mgjv' 5gvg:.':IfJCr I ggi E?" .E 'E.,'h11Q'1E X U " . iinu. ' u ni ii J nu ns V4 -2 9 shun Sffr-:'::f- gr 1 X, 1 , 'UF-tix X if ' f cow? WS , ' 'I Ceuta, we a , IIT '. l,,,. pg lliy "M Mimi Kay Wes+ and Peggy Sassee know Jrhe lm- X I i QFQM poriance of a good insurance policy ai - 4, - -'L-fefffil E. L. CUMMINGS INSURANCE MORTON FOODS DALLAS - FORT WORTH . Lusaocic a Quinlon Pearce and Nelcla Barlon learn Jrhe paris Pal' Wehring and Maky Nesbill are signing for an of a slcelelon al insurance policy al MEDICAL PLASTICS LAB HORACE JACKSON INSURANCE AGENCY Janis l-lollingsworllw and Palsy Pearce are working Terry Posl. Nub Donaldson, Jim Gooch, ancl Dwaine lwarcl al Lee use lime linoiype machine al HOLLINGSWORTH FEED MILL GATESVILLE MESSENGER -I xl A1 WN V WEILIEVATS R If I I t siausfixnnesrixi e f I I 5?rgQ:.ITiIli lk:Vif.N I I V, I Vi V, Becky Donaldson and BeHy Brown s'rop for a coke a+ ERWIN HENSON'S PHILLIPS 66 STATION MILL AND EI-EVA-I-OR I I Mary and Jimmy Schaub are weighing a Truck af Donald Green and Gadoly McDonald seem In+eresI' eoI in GUII produclrs soIcI af G. P. SCHUAB GULF OIL CO. MILLING AND GRAIN I g 2 Mrs. Jim Mariin shows David and Mike Mariin and Mary He-nsier, Paula Cole, and John Nabors seem To Sam Huey ihe fine qualify of cleaning done a+ have found iheir dream car, The i960 Ford, ar MARTIN'S DRY CLEANERS MILLER MOTOR COMPANY Penny Huey, Ladeil Bar+le++, and Nancy Brown look forward +o aiier-school refreshmenis ai' THE DAIRY QUEEN Bill, Jim, and Wal+er Hix choose Jrheir wesfern equipmen+ a+ W. T. HlX'S WHEAT 81 GREEN WRECKING YARD Wrecker Service Used Au1'o Par+s EXPERT BODY WORK REASONABLE PRICES Sou'l'h on Hiway 36 PHONE 60l-W2 Mecca Gann and Pafricia Koch seem inferesfed in The moolern conveniences offered by W. M. CAMERON AND CO. Susie Perryman and Sandra Basnam icnow ine cie- i pendabiiiiy of Jriie produclrs sold by W. M. Cuiberf af HOME XXIAAUIMXIIIFR TEXACO, INC. i RAI 'X Qx. 1' -1'-":f .V , 3 i w 2 .. 'z f L" James Pfeiffer and Jeanne Cummings like Jrhe fea Jrures of The l96O Chevrolei' ai POWELL CHEVRCLET Nan Adams and Charlie Wiggins enioy Jrlqe service Barbara lVlCl.augl1lin, CarolSmHl1, and Pa'l'riCia lvl li f l Jr cl Jr CITY DRUG STORE PERRY BROTHERS Renee Dyess lwelps Marshall Day selecjr a bracelel' al Suzanne Drake, Dianne Drake, and Suzanne lvl Mordie admire a new lelevision a+ BENNETT'S DEPARTMENT STORE DRAKE'S FURNITURE STORE , Z More C Jr l T buy and us l Qualily Ch kd D y PFOdUCJfS H1 ll David Powell and Joe McCoy are inspecling a Jr oilner brands combined +ank Sold af TH E PURE MILK PEOPLE McDONALD ELECTRIC co Linda Dorsey, Van Jones, Cecil Dorsey, and Ginger Bradford find +l'1a+ The I96O Buick cannor be beal ai JONES-BRADFORD MOTOR COMPANY f 5 is We ,Q 'N , Mrs. Ward lakes diclalion from Mr. Thompson al Byron McClellan inspecls Jrhe fine qualify of clolhfng sold al THOMPSON AND MCCLELLAN INSURANCE Phyllis While. Golda Smilh, and Mary Jo Ayres sign for The-ir checking accounl' al GUARANTY BAN K AND TRUST COMPANY Parricia and Vickie Hoilingsworrh are purchasing Marrha Baker is waiiing on a cusiomer af groceries from Larry Lawrence ai' HOLLINGSWORTH FOOD STORE MEEKS CAFETERIA 81 CAFE Dwaine Maxwell ancl Johnny Waclolill approve of Jo Carol Freeman and Carla Blum selecr The b Jr Jrhe fine merchandise ar grade maierial ar RHODES DEPARTMENT STORE THE FABRIC SHOP Joyce Koch and Gene Arnold appreciaie The Wide Delores Williams and David Veazey clioose line 'iruil' seleciion oi gills ai al' ARNOLD'S ELECTRIC BAUMAN'S SUPER MARKET I , , , l l f. , Vi 'Z A f, X, K I -Vf g Mike and Linda Pailerson enioy ine pleasani ai- Glenda Marshall +ells Jimmy- Lelwmloerg of The su- rnosplwere of perb service oi ROUND-UP CAFE CENTRAL BUTANE COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS From GEO. B. PAINTER Re-aI+or for 'Ihe Progress of I'I1e GATESVILLE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT Mr. Dansby IeIIs Mrs. I-Iuckabee of The advanhages of a savings accounf a+ GATESVI LLE SAVINGS AND LOAN Complimenis of a Friend l 1 Crescent Report A YEAR AGO . . . the beginning of our Crescent story . . . selection of new staff members, editors, and business managers brought renewed interest for the 1960 Crescent. Spring activities were surging-the senior play, junior- senior banquet, western day, father-son banquet, mother- daughter tea, junior sock hop, and graduation. BEFORE WE KNEW it, it was May . . . There was a feeling of sadness and anticipation among the student body-They were leaving the old high school building which held many fond memories-Then in September they were to move into one of the most modern, well-equipped high school build- ings. IT WAS a hot summer . . . Work continued on the new high school building. Some of the students were busily engaged in sporting activities, social events, some were even working at various jobs. THEN IT WAS September again! A new high school build- ing awaited the student body! There they were 114 gawk- ing freshmen, with lost looks on their facesg 110 sopho- mores groping blindly from one class to another, 113 juniors picking up 'Gloose endsv to prepare for their final high school yearg and 80 seniors realizing for the first time they would soon be facing the future on "their ownf' WE LIVED FROM Friday to Friday-thrilling to cheering crowds, marching music, and outstanding plays on the gridiron. School interest continued to rise in assembly pro- grams, the FHA Carnival, and banquets . . . Then it was Christmas-two short weeks-followed by mid-terms. SECOND SEMESTER AND registration! Students vowed they would buckle down to get the most out of their classes. Then basketball, baseball, track-all the spring activities were in full swing. ONCE MORE GATESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL had been named one of the outstanding schools of the state! AND NOW OUR final shipment for the 1960 Crescent. Our Last Word .. We and our senior co-workers-Nelda Barton, Virginia Bradford, Betty Brown, Anita Coward, Jeanne Cummings, Charlotte Derrick, Becky Donaldson, Renee Dyess, Mary Lynn Galbraith, Donald Green, Sherry Lawrence, Mary Margaret Nesbitt, Mary Schaub, Margie Sims, Pat Sims, Golda Smith, Cynthia Summers, and Pat Wehring-wish to express our appreciation to the student body, administration, advisors, and boosters for their invaluable support, encouragement, and cooperation. There also goes a vote of thanks to Mr. Prince and his photography club, composed of James Pfeffer, Joe Jones, Dickie Moreland, Sam Huey, Charles Fisher, and Troy Johnson. To the junior members of our annual staff, who played an important part in the financing of the CRESCENT by selling spirit ribbons, we give credit where credit is certainly due. We also would like to express our appreciation to our understanding and inspiring sponsor, Mrs. Bates. The above mentoned were indispensable in our having ready for you-your 1960 CRESCENT. Your Editors, dr z5l6.,,,., Your Business Managers, 6 f ' do A Dream. . n . the ground breaking for the new high school A Reality . . . ci new building for Gatesville High -A Adams, Nan 40, 52, 120, 182 Adams, Pam 41, 52, 134 Adams, Mr. S. L. 48, 49, 98, 154 156 Adams, Mrs. S. L. 140, 154 Administration 148 Advertisers 170 Allen, Charles 63, 71, 142 Anderson, David, 62, 68, 120, 164 Ayres, Doris 52, 57, 134 Ayres, Mary Jo 33, 40, 52, 56, 100, 165, 184 -B- 99, Bailey, Mrs. Clyde -47, 132, 154 Baize, Sandra 52, 142 Baker, Martha 50, 52, 53, 74, 76 100, 185 Baker, Minnie Mae 50, 120 Index Blum, Darla 38, 52, 56, 75, 134 Bond, Eugene 73, 121 Bond, Larry 70, 73, 134 Bone, David 57, 134 Boyd, Martha 134 Boyer, Mr. C. D. 133, 140, 154 Boyer, Susan 41, 52, 142 Bradford, Virginia 40, 42, 52, 89, 101 Bratton, Martha 41, 52, 142 Bray, Lola 134 Braziel, Gene 48, 142 Breslin, Robert 121 Brooks, Don 142 Brown, Betty 41, 52, 56, 142 Brown, Betty J. 33, 50, 52, 74, 76, 101 Brown, Nancy 30, 58, 74, 79, 91, 121 Brown, Bob 56, 87, 142 Burks, Louaine 121 Buth, Barbara 52, 121 Bundrant, Bonnie 34, 101, 175 Bales, Charles 73, 120 Bales, Charles 73, 120 Band 40, 41 Bankhead, Benny 48, 73, 142 Barnard, David 48, 142 Barnard, Harold 56, 57, 120 Barnhill, John 119, 120 Bartlett, Cecil 48, 53, 73, 134 Bartlett, Ladell 66, 78, 120, 179 Barton, Joe 45, 63, 66, 90, 118, 120 Barton, Nelda 24, 51, 52, 162, 177 Baseball 88 Basham, Sandra 34, 81, 89, 134 Basketball 74 Bates, Mrs. Oran D. 48, 134 Bates, Tommy 48, 120 Bell, David 73, 88, 120 Bell, Mary 52, 142 Benner, Dollie 52, 142 Benner, Sandra 121 Berry, Patsy 52, 142 Beverly, Lanny 100 Burt, Virginia 52, 142 Bylan, Jeff 48, 142 Byrom, Beverly 134 -C- Carothers, Carol Ann 142 Carothers, Joe 39, 62, 65, 89, 127 Carothers, Joyce 52, 121 Chambers, Royce 48, 133, 134 Chambers, Sherry 56, 134 Campus Life 158 Chappell, Deloma 52, 134 Charles, Donald 48, 57, 134 Charles, Ronald 48, 134 Cheerleaders 46 Christian, Claudette 52, 134 Classes 96 Claxton, Gladys 52, 142 Cockrell, Sammy 45, 50, 88, 101 C h Of B'll'e 47, 57, 102 o acan, 1 1 Blanchard, Blanchard Blanchard Blanchard Blanchard Blanchard Billy 48, 73, 142 Dolores 46, 52, 134 Glenda 52 121 , Mike 26, 40, 48, 100 , Peggy 52, 58, 74, 121 , Vickie 52, 134 Blum, Carla 50, 52, 58, 74, 101, 185 I92 Cole, Paula 179 Cole, Tommy 28, 34, 63, 81, 113 Collins, Robert 48, 142 Collins, Shirley 163 Conlin, Danny 40, 143 Conway, Chrissy 41, 52, 56, 142 Cook, Pamela 162 Cooper, Belva 41, 51, 122 Coward, Anita 31, 42, 48, 50, 52. 102 Coward, Robert 48, 135 Creacy, Bill 48, 122 Creacy, Nancy 143 Crescent Staff 58 Culp, C. RX 87 Culp, Claude 14-3 Cummings, Jeanne 40, 43, 50, 52 164 Cummings, Marvin 102 Curry, Mrs. Bentley 157 Curry, John 41, 143 Curci, Bobby 135 Curci, Jim 122 -D- Davis, Nancy 56, 143 Davis, Rebecca 75, 135 Day, Marshall 143, 182 Dedication 19 Denny, Marcia 122 Denny, Sammy 102 Derrick, Charlotte 41, 102, 175 Derrick, Nina A143 Dickie, Jerry 102 Dickie, Ted 122 Dixon, Jackie 45, 62, 64, 88, 102 Donaldson, Charles 135 Donaldson Jerry. 45, 50, 83, 88, 118 Donaldson, Linda 41, 52, 143, 177 Donaldson, Rebecca 38,52, 102, 178 Dorsey, Mr. Don 63, 132, 154 Dorsey, Harold 48, 135 Dorsey, Linda 22, 25, 34, 50, 51, 52, 102 Draper, James 48, 143 Dreyer, Doris 135 Dreyer, Janet 40, 52, 122 Dudark, Doris 52, 133, 135 Durham, Johnny 135 Dyson, Glenda 135 Dyson, Jerry C. 4-0, 45, 63, 68, 122 Dyess, Renee 40, 41, 51, 56, 104 -E- Edwards, Annie 135 Edwards, Bob 39, 45, 63, 65, 72, 80, 83, 88, 125 Ledenham, Joe 125 l v 1 I -F- Fain, Reuben 48, 122 Fairchild, Faye 143 Farrar, Janis 52, 53, 143 Farrell, Kylene 52, 143 Featherston, Leslie 135 Featherston, Joyce 135 FFA 48 FHA 52 Fisher, Charles 54, 123 Fisher, Jerry 123 Fisher, Ronny 119, 123 Floyd, Bert 56, 88, 135 FNA 51 Football 62 Fore, Steve 45, 63, 69, 90, 123, 174 Forrest, Lynn 104, 123 Forrest, Nathan 48, 57 Franks, Dennis 161 Freeman, David 40, 143 Freshmen 140 Freshman Officers 140 Freshman Sponsors 140 FTA 50 -G- Galbraith, John 56, 73, 78, 143 Galbraith. Mary Lynn 50, 52, 53, 104, 175 Gallaway, James 135 Gann, Mecca 40, 43, 52, 110, 143 Gann, Sandra 57, 123 Gaston, Belva 52, 143 Geibler, Jerry 123 Giddens, Mrs. Chester 151 Gilchrest, Jerry 45, 57, 63, 70, 90, 135 Gillie, Doris 161 Gilmore, Duane 48, 133, 135 Gilmore, Leta 143 Gooch, Jim 45, 63, 68, 72, 80, 84, 123, 177 Goodrich, Sue 123 Gould, Fred 48, 135 Graham, Charles 23, 38, 80, 82, 89, 90, 104 Graham, Theda 52, 140, 143 Green, Donald 33, 38, 57, 58, 105, 178 Green, Gary 143 Grinnell, John 40, 56, 143 Gulley, Johnnie 105 -H- Hall, Miss Louise 98, 154 Hardcastle, George 40, 105, 165 Harrington, Margaret 52, 144 Helm, Virgil 48, 118, 123 Henager, Joyce 144 Hensler, Mary 56, 135, 178 Herring, Brenda 52, 135 Herrington, Shirley 28, 52, 135 Henry, Mr. John 118, 155 Hereford, Mr. C. S. 140, 151, 155 Hinesley, Lewis 124 Hinson, Larry 48, 144 Hitt, June 41, 50, 52, 136 Hix, Walter 48, 136, 180 Hodge, John 56, 73, 90, 136 Hodges, Kent 124 Holyfield, Carol 52, 144 Hollingsworth, Janis 51, 124, 177 Holt, Wilma 52, 124 Hopkins, Mrs. Alfred 57, 140, 155 Hornets, Nest 55 Huckabee, Roger 45, 62, Huey, Penny 106, 179 Huey, Sam 54, 136, 179 -1- Ingram, Annette 144 -J- Jacobs, Louise 47, 124 J ageler, Charles 40, 48, 124 Johnson, Judy 52, 57, 144, 160 Johnson, Troy 48, 52, 124 Jones, Bryan 136 Jones, Butch 144 Jones, Don 48, 87, 144 Jones, Herald 144 Jones, Janice 41, 52, 74, 89, 124 Jones Jerry 79, 84 Jones, Joe 54, 89, 106 Jones, Johnny 87, 124 Jones, Mat 124 Jones, Sammie 139 Juniors 118 Junior Officers 118 Junior Sponsors 118 -K- Kelly, Patsy 125 65, 105 Kelly, Peggy 125 Kellerman, Bonnie 106 Kendrick, Bobby 98, 106, 176 King, Brenda 136 King, Mrs. Jeanne 52, 53, 132, 155 Kinsey, Barbara 34, 40, 52, 57, 107, 134 Kinsey, Mrs. Nerine 52, 53, 98, 155 Kirby, Linda 161 Koch, Joyce 40, 52, 109, 173, 186 Koch, Patricia 52, 144, 180 -L- Lam, Jeanette 52, 125 Landry, Earl 144 Langford, Mr. Al 45, 62, 87, 98, 155 Lawrence, Larry 45, 144, 185 Lawrence, Sherry 55, 57, 109, 132, 174 Ledesma, Angelina 125 Lee, Duaine 62, 67, 77, 90, 125 Lee, Mack 90, 98, 107 Lehmberg, Jimmy 80, 83, 88, 125, 186 Lipsey, Douglas 45, 62, 63 Lipsey, Linda 56, 108, 144 Lilljedahl, K. L. 144 52, 58, 125 51, 52, 133, 136 Logan, Billy 108 Lovell, Ashley 48, 50, 144 Lowrey, Mrs. E. E. 155 Little, Linda Loan, Helen HMC, McBride, Alva 29, 52, 57, 144 McBroom, Bobby 41, 145 McClellan, Byron 50, 63, 66, 125, 184 McClellan, Carolyn 39, 56, 75, 145, 153 McClelland, Mr. C. W. 19, 40, 118, 154, 156, 166 McCoy, Bill 40, 108 McCoy, Joe 40, 99, 183 McClure, Raymond 41, 125, 195 McDaniel, Billy 48, 53, 108 McDaniel, Lou Ann 52, 136 McDonald, Gaddy 109, 198 McDonald, Jo Ann 57, 136 McHargue, Malcholm 145 I93 McLaughlin, Barbara 50, 51, 74, 77, 109, 182 McKamie, Mr. L. C. 150, 152 -M- Mack, Margaret 50, 52, 98, 109 Mack, Marvin 41, 50, 52, 98, 109 Mack, Patricia 110, 182 Mack, Marvin 109 Mack, Waldine 52, 53, 79, 91, 136 Majorettes 42 Marlin, Billy 110 Marlin, Sally 40, 43, 136 Marshall, Don 57, 136 Marshall, Glenda 52, 119, 126, 186 Martin, David, 53, 73, 30, 132, 136, 196 Martin, Dwayne 48, 133, 136 Martin, Mrs. J. B. 75, 91, 94, 118, 156 Maxwell, Barbara 50, 52, 126 Maxwell, Dwaine 40, 137, 185 May, Wayne 144 Meadows, John 52, 88, 137, 188 Meeks, Carol 137 Meharg, Mrs. Travis 119, 156 Merritt, Howard 145 Millsap, Billy 137 Miller, Jackie 46, 48, 80, 88, 126 Miller, Jimmy 88, 126, 174 Mitchell, Buddy 30, 45, 63, 64, 110 Mitchell, Charlotte 53, 89, 137 Mitchell, Mr. Lloyd 98, 156 Moehring, Phillip 145 Moom, Cecil 48, 145 Moore, J. T. 48, 145 Moreland, Dickie 126 Morgan, Jimmy 145 Morgan, Martha 41, 52, 56, 142 Morse, James 56, 73, 90, 146 Moseley, Mary 51, 52, 137 Mueller, Judy 51, 126 Murry, Gwen 56, 146 -N- Nabors, John 48, 137, 187 Necessary, Jerry 48, 128 Nesbitt, Bill 73, 89, 140, 156, 160 Nesbitt, Mary Margaret 40, 41, 43, 48, 100, 177 Nettles, Arnold 126 I 94 Newman, Perry 111 New, Floyd 126 Newcom, Mr. Max 63, 81, 89, 92, 132, 156 Newcom, Mrs. Max 159 Nichols, Odis 80, 88, 136, 174 Noyola, Beatrice 41, 111 -0- Ochoa, Cleto 126 Ochoa, Fred 145 Ochoa, Mike 145 Onofrey, Sharon 145 Orbeck, Joe 40, 111 Ortega, Gilbert 127 Ortega, Henry 127 Ortega, Lee 40 -P- Painter, Edwin 127 Palmer, Donny 48, 127 Parker, Leslie 57, 145 Parker, Martha 47, 52, 56, 132, 137 Parrish, Betty 127 Parrish, Robert 48, 145 Patterson, Dora Jean 27, 51, 52, 74, 78, 91, 127 Patterson, Linda 137, 186 Patterson, Mike 52, 56, 137, 186 Physical Education 92, 93, 94, 95 Paul, Ronald 137 Paul, W. P. 145 Pearce, Patsy 40, 127, 177 Pearce, Quinton 89, 111, 177 Perryman, Susan 52, 89, 137, 181 Personalities 20 Petree, Carolyn 41,, 146 Petty, Sammy 39, 48, 71, 90, 146 Pfeffer, James 54, 127, 181 Pfeffer, Jeanne 41, 52, 146 Phillips, James 137 Phillips, Charles 137 Photography Club 54 Poindexter, Sandra 52, 137 Pollard, Myrtle 47, 52, 137 Potter, Catherine 52, 146 Potter, Marvin 48 Pool, Jerry 127 Post, Terry 80, 82 Poston, Carol 127 Poston, Mary 138 l Powell, Elmo 45, 63, 66, 89, 128 Powell, Linda 128 Powell, Rodney 48, 73, 90, 146 l Powell, David 45, 83, 112 Price, S. L. 128, 156 Prince, Mr. Adram 54, 98 Pruitt, Ezelle 52, 75, 146 Pruitt, Mr. S. L. 150, 151 Pruitt, Mrs. S. L. 50 Pullias, Gayle 52, 128 PTA 133 MQ.. Quicksall, Patsy 41, 51, 55, 56, 138 -R- Rauschenberg, Joe Pat 48, 138 Rauschenberg, Patsy 52, 128 Ray, Kay 56, 146 Rainer, Gwendolyfn 52, 146 1 Rameria, Romona 138 Rhoads, Patsy 52, 56, 146 l Rhoads, Terry 138 Richter, Harollyn 52, 75, 146 Richter, Jean 47, 52, 128 ' Richter, Joy 47, 52, 128 Riley, J0hn 31, 80, 82, 88, 112 Roach, Jackie 45, 62, 69, 90, 128 Roach, Pat 73, 146 Russell, Jo Ann 52, 138 1 4 -3- Saltow, Billy 45, 48, 62, 71, 85, 88, 138 Sanders, Harrell 40, 138 Sanford, Judy 40, 42, 53, 128 Sanford, Sandra 41, 75, 146 Sasse, Joe 113, 162 Sasse, Peggy 54, 74, 138, 176 Saunders, Harrell 40, 138 Saunders, Laurinda 128 Schange, Robert 48, 138, 160 Schaub, Edward 52, 62, 67, 90, 129 Schaub, Kenneth 87 Schaub, Jimmy 53, 99, 113, 178 Schuab, Mary 30, 41, 50, 52, 113, 165, 178 Schitoskey, Patsy 56, 129 Schloeman, Ina 41, 138 Schoenewolf, Maxine 52, 146 Scoggins, Mr. Bill 62, 132, 133, 156 School Board 16, 17 Scott, Bob 38, 45, 62, 67, 80, 86, 138 Scott, Mrs. Crawford 132, 157 Scott, Linda 52, 146 Scruggs, Morris 146 Seeman, Charmaine 138 Seniors 98 Senior Officers 98 Senior Sponsors 98 Seward, Charles 129 Sheets, Donna 52, 53, 75, 146 Shelton, Frank 87, 146 Shepherd, Charles 45, 62, 64, 113 Shepherd, Danny 56, 73, 89, 146, 175 Sheridan, Jerry 138 Shirley, Eugene 114 Shoemaker, Billy 48, 138 Simons, Shirley 52, 146 Sims, Christine 147 Sims, Dale 129 Student Council 38 Stover, Elizabeth 41, 52, 57, 138 Summers, Cynthia 26, 34, 51, 52, 115, 160, 194 Swinging Gates 44 -T- Tabors, Carolyn 129 Tabors, Donald 147 Tabors, Sandra 139 Taylor, Joe 88, 139 Taylor, Yvonne 147 Tennis 89 Terrell, Sue 52, 139 Thomas, Jackie 52, 130 Thompson, Mary 147 Timmons, Dewayne 130, 160 Tippit, Jane 41, 50, 52, 119, 130 Track Turner, Turner, Turner Turpin 90 Dwain 115 Frances 41, 147 , Pat 75, 130 , Betty 52, 130 Sims, Sims, Ella Mae 52, 149 Margie 25, 46, 50, 52, 114, 146 Sims, Pat 40, 41, 50, 52, 114, 163, 165, 174 Sims, Raymond 114 Sims, J. R. 138 Skelton, Jo Lynn 40, 42, 47, 51, 57, 132 Smith, Bill 129 Smith, Bill 129 Smith, Carol 41, 114, 182 Smith, Charles 48, 129 , Golda 51, 52, 74, 76, 91, 115,184 Smith Smith, Ronnie 41, 147 Smith, Zula 52, 147 Snoddy, Wallace 56, 138 Sophomores 132 Sophomore Officers 132 Sophomore Sponsors 132 Spencer, Faydene 41, 52 Starr, Robert 138 Stephens, Walter 115 Stubbs, Sarah 50, 74, 119, 129 .V- Veazy, Connie 147 Veazy, David 48, 130 Vermillion, Jack 48, 147 Vermillion, Mary 52, 139 Vernon, Coy 70, 73, 90 Voss,'Kirby 130 -W- Wadkins, Jimmy 48, 130 Waddill, John se, 50, 57, 85, 132, 139, 185 Ward, Betty 130 Warren, Mr. J. D. 75, 91, 118, 157 Webb, Rita 40, 45, 115 Wehring, Patsy 50, 52, 116, 167, 177 Weir, Jerry 139 Weir, Lola 52, 147 Wendeborn, Gary 48, 147 West, Carolyn 52, 147 West, MimiKay 40, 41, 58, 89, 130, 163, 176 White, David 45, 63, 69, 89, 90, 130 White, Dwaine 139 White, Phyllis 52, 57, 63, 74, 79, 91, 116, 184 White, Robert 139 Whitt, Mrs. Kelly 118, 157 Wiggins, Charlie 41, 52, 53, 130, 182 Wiggins, Ruth 52, 131 Wilie, Charlotte 139 Wilkins, Betty 52, 147 Willett, Doylene 139 Willett, Phillip 48, 139 Williams, Bobby 4, 48, 116 Williams, Dolores 47, 52, 116, 186 Williams, Glen 48, 131 Williams, Shirley 116 K Winkler, Johnnie 41, 52, 147 Winslar, Mr. J. O. 48, 49, 140, 155, 157 Winslar, Mary C. 40, 41, 89, 99, 117 Wolff, Jackie 48, 139 Wolff, Joan 139 Wolff, Winford 147 Wolske, Donald 48, 117 Wolske, Gene 131, 177 Woodall, Jerry 139 Woodley, Keith 50, 131, 144 Woodley, Mary Kay 46, 52, 75, 147 Woods, Laddie 131 Worthington, Bettie 51, 52, 99, 117, 174 Wright, Mrs. Beryl 98, 157 Wright, Charlene 56, 131 Wright, Duane 52, 131 Wright, Elsie 139 Wright, James 48, 87, 147 -Y- Yows, Tommy 56, 73, 90, 147 -Z- Zapata, Dora 52, 117 Zeigler, Phillip 73, 90, 147 I95 f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The World's Best Yearbooks Are TayIorAmade" A - ."1 .Lv -40 , , l 0 D I f. 1 ' W -if - 1 4 5... . w I f 'x 1 4 .II U ' 'I Nl 5 Y .54 'qi ZF, . -1 . " '1 Y' 54. ni Ss, ' .19 7 . PL, QC 14. -- -- 4- . - f psf- .1 rf' - .H, ' 41' ' J "": ' - 'Tai I i,,-f 3? ."' P .' 'n' fi " .sf vi,:5'QYL-,..' ,Jr Yr: " va in 91' 1:7 ff A , . - f 4 ""4'fb 'wiv 'S' . uni' ' 'K' " 'I Kiln

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