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Mrs, Margaret Frost Mr. Darrell Crossler Bach. of Science Bach. of Arts. G. B. Frost, Principal V DEDICATIDN Dear 8th Grade: He, the Annual Staff of 1955, wish to express our appreciation by saying 'thank you' through the dedication of this year- book. The Annual Staff wishes everyone in your class the best of luck all through their high school years. The lnnual Staff Standing: Roger Scheer, Ronny Evans, Jin Davenport, Jim Gulliford, Jerry Tucker, Eddie Hirte Sitting x Leland Bailey, Darlene Joaquin, Carol Larson, Slnron Rlrte, Harle Movfhirk, llohs Thomas , has Xlulke. staging: Errol Mowhirk, Rex Herron, David Vail, David Hoore Royal Scheer, Eddie Hlrte Sitting e Connie Stewart, Annie Howell, May Haywood, Lois Evam, Donalee Gliver During the Halloween season the Annual Staff sponsored a public dance. The music was supplied by Stubby M lls orchestra. In keeping with the season the gym was decorated in the traditional Halloween manner. The dance was well attended, and may be come a regular feature in the future. Janet Glunz Mr. Don K. Paul ldvisor ANNUAL STAFF Hay Haywood Editor ... 32, 4 xv 4s22f7.z3QF. , , Annie Howell QQ 533, W ln. Editor Mm. '5'ffMTwH Y lg X, A X 11 X Y SEH URS is , Y, , W5 . V315 K .wx 1. III!!! F! 1' WSE: A ' "' w g .'A A ' sv-E N. , 1? :r I x x Mf 41067 X Mmxwifvagffwfiii MMU- ' ff!-t' W'- X l A -.,J,??:6,, V uj,2?":?'+"Z'sX ,x I Kd , M ' 'fiif 4, , W ' N L "5'.fg2',:,, ff'-" Yay Haywood 0.1.1. 1-2-3-I1 Class Representative ll Class Secretary 2 Clase Vice President 3 'Custers Last Stand' 3 Christms Play lt 'The Villainous Villain' Annual Staff 2 lasts me 3 Editor ls Rex Herron Basketball 3-ll Track 2-3 Student Body President lt Class President 3 Class Vice-President 14 Sec. Lettermen's Club 3 Editor of Newspa r ll Cross-country 3-Ee "Pennington Case' 2 vnlllbllly wedalnf' .h Lettermen's Club 3-11 Class Representative 2 Christmas Play 3 Annual Sta!! ll David Moore Basketball 3-lx Student Council 2-3 Class Pres. lt Christmas Play 1-2-3-ln Band 1-2-ll Lettel'men's Club Pres. ls 'Hillbilly weddln' h Trans. Lyle, Wash. 3 Trans. Gates, Ore. la Vice Pres. Class 1 David Vail Basketball 2-h Track 3 Student Body Sergeant-at-arms h Class Sergeant-at-arms 1 nComin' Round the Mountain' 1 "Custers Last Stand" 3 "Hillbilly Weddin' ll Cross country h Lettermen's Club 3-h Christmas Play 1-2-3-h Annual Staff ll Band 1-2-h "Pennington Case' 2 Lois Evans 0.1.1. 1-2-3-h Class Representative 1-2 Class Sergeant-at-arms h Class Secretary 3 Yell Leader 2-3-ll Ba d 2-h Pep Club 1 Annual Staff 2-3-h "Comin' Round the Mountain' 'Pennington Case' 2 'Casters Last Stard' 3 wH111b111y Wbddinn h Newspaper Staff 3-h Ass. Editor h Student Body Vice-Presid Student Council h cristmas Play l-2-3-H Sports 1-2-3-h ent Royal Schaer Class Vice-President 2 Sergeant-at-arms 3 Secretary h Basketball 1-2-3-h Cross Country 3 'H111b111v weadinn u "The Villainous Villain' 3 Track 1-2 Lettermen's Club h Boy's State 3 QM? M JW Wffzw MXWQ My 91 W MMW O M , Af' ,M if WW W iUfQ l 'Mw W WN! Kwik? WL' 5 ww M SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS lay Haywood, Rex Herron, Davin Moore, Royal Scheer, Lois Evans, Hr. Frost The Senior Class officers were: CLASS ILUIIERI Pink Chrllaiiioh Prllidinte e e e e e e enlvid Moore Vice-Pres . . . . . . . .Rex Herron CLASS MU!"I'0a Soon I1earned,eoon forgotten sOOe'Tr.ll e e e e e e eROy'l1 Schler Class Rep.. . . . . . .May Haywood CLASS COLORS s Pink and Blue Sgt.-At-Arm. . . .Lois Evans lddioreeeeeeeeeemo ol Be Frost fx fx Q 1 i f bv CLASS WILL We,the Senior class of l9S6,wish to thank 0ates High School for everything that we have accomplished. We wish to thank the Faculty for all their ce-operation in helping us tn prepare for our future. As a sign of our appreciation we therefore bequeath: To Mrs. Frost, 10,000 new books for the library. To Hr. Croesler,a good future in his new school. To Hr. Paul, a class of students who like American History. To Hr. McCluskey, e pair of Sergeant'e stripes. To Hr. Frost, our sweet disposition. I, Rex Herron, will ly ability to get along with teachers to Otis, and my ability to get along with cars to Irnu. 'I a so leave my slvnese with the opposite sex to Jessie. I, Royal Scheer, leave W business ability to Irvin 'fhekeg-5 to Donalee, my ability to stay out of trouble. I, David Veil, leave my ability to stay away from girls to Irvin Tucker, and ly artistic ability to Allen Haywood. I, Lois Evans, leave IU ,ability to get dates with Sublimity boys to Donalee Olive:-5 HU gift-of gab to Jessie Cupps. To Annie Howell I leave my boy!!-iend's old corn-cob pipe to puff on forever more, and to Louise Haan ny bottle of "OLD FAITHIUL' to tide her over. I, Hay Heywood, leave, nv tranquil ways to Donalee Oliver. I, David Moore, leave my height to Errol Hciihirk, and lv ability to get out of work to Otis Chance! my ability to drive a beat-up machine, I leave to Irvin Tucker. HOW' LOOKED THEN David V. 'I'm touvhk' 44W nI'm cute 'Nics dovzie' WLeave me alonen , -I L 9- f ."f ,ff-?"s': j -- K Q ' 0' , WOh what a cute birdie' 'Baby it's cold outsiden i'5vS9 N. ol Bostoglgt W " Hasan!! Str e get 1gQ!iL Stu d,nt a Bod ates High 3' Preaiden school u Gat 8 8, m.egOn if' "9 Jf'Jf' Jf u ov?-01 June '23, l9B6 , 15, 'Q CUSSPR ol gh Scho t the old Bcho i 1956. Ps Gates hi 1:0509 esents e clsss o tes, 0 i you pe of the the 35 k, Ge Body all o ning: ne oi 0 s Student to keep end heppe w owns o d when sh ut Deer omlsed - -bouts Lots no l sterte thing b V9 N, Ps . . Hell, l pr informed oi the where e l will start off with Luis Evans. bluaest western dence halls -ln the U. S. lt sl bouaht the Lumsvklle Yrevlllion. from then on she did no bug dence halls, with western bends. Herb canes Hay hsyvfoed. Me? hes spent ner recent years ln retirement eiter e lone, herd business career. She sterbed out when she left school as a typlst ln e lerse firm, end from there she gent 5 on up the ladder until she owned her ow!! business. 9 Rex Herron is the next one on my list. Rex has done very well 3 Q in his dere-devil business. lt seems that he will do anything if W the price -ls right. lt wasn't very' lone eco when l reed in the paper Y sbcilt his stsflnv 'Ln e house while they exploded en etomle bond! 3 Q neerby. This, of course, brought hxmlkets oi moneys well,enoueh 6 to peg his hospxtal bills anyway. Y 'Then comes Dsvld hoore. Deve has done very well 'ln his New 3 'la -eereer. he 'ls nov commander-ux side! of all the nn-nee of the world. Y have ls planning to have his gecnt 1-emdexso. his yacht is the old battleship Hissourl, which the new cave nun ror his bravery. C! ' 'vie csn't forget Pavel Scheer. Royal now owns one oi the biggest cattle ranches ln the world. Be started out with onli MO acres end new he owns ell of Texas. he is dlckerxns the U. S. Oovergmwnt ebou e loan. They, the govergmwnt went to borrow enough money to pay oi! the setlonel debt. new 1 will tell you what l have been doing. 1 now can the 1e1' est mortuerv in the United Stems. lt covers ell oi M0 acres. l hsve been working her!! trying to bug out General Motors so l won't have to psy so much ior my heerses. Well, l hsve a few customers get beck to, so l will close for now. Sincerely yours David Vell- v sl 6 5 Q5 ,Q bv 0 H UTUNE OF OR U Vms ra 555 Qfvfsan 1:3 MTC wif OF ,W Sli 14, 3, fm 'f-v-...W h -aww, 1- - , me 2, .. - M E if ,K ,, an j W' ' x ,Hua Q' Q 'Elf' 9 K Emu MLS. 5 ff W J 3 5: Irvin Tucker Ellen Chance Jegsie Cupps Keith Powelso H IUNIORS This year the Juniors started out with nine class members. Be- fore the first semester was over Keith Powelson moved to Glendale. The class officers were: President . . . . . .Bleu Chance Vice-Pres . . . . . .Jessie Cuppe Sece"T1'Qa8 e e e e .Annie Sgt.-at-sms . . .Janet Glunz Class Rep. . . . . .Otis Chance Class Advisor. .Mn Crossler The JuniorsSsn1or Prom wee held on Apr-11 20, 1956 and the Banquet on May 25. During the year we sponsored a Pie-Social and basketball game, and a card party. They were put on to raise ml-,gy for the Prom and Banquet. J anet Glunz Annie Howell Donalee Oliver Otis Chance SOPHOMORES ,WP 424, A'f4h-ff X QM on fy The 1955-56 Sophomore Claes oonsiated of three atudeuba at the begining of the year. They were Wanda Dodge, lbberta Chance, md Errol lbihirk. About e week before Chriet nae, Wanda Dodge moved to Leavenworth, Waehing- ton. On the twenty-second of September we in- itiated the Preellen Clue. Clan offieera are: Plflid.lteeeeaeaeaeeeaeeexribl sO0a'T!'3llaeoeeaeee eeoenbbiftl 6111000 ld7iI01'eeaeeeeeoeeoeeaaeenfa DOB Ka The Sophomores helped the Juniors with the oonceeeions at the basketball glllla The Juniors alao sponsored a besketball gane and pie social with which the clan aaaiated. FRESHMEN Rodney Sghaer Mattie Phyllis Neal Rodney Stubbs Carol B311 Allen Haywood Connie Stewart David Riddle W The Freshman Class of 1955-56 consisted of nine members: five boys and four girls. Presi-dQntesseeeoeeesesseeeosmyllis Noll Vice-Pres. . . . . . . ..Connie Stewart Sec.-Trees. . . . . . . . .ocarol Ball Sgt.-Atearmsu.. ....A11en Hqwood Class Rigg .................Rodney Scheer Other members are David Riddle, Rodney Stubbs, Walter Ihomas, and Jean Hartig. During the first semester, Jean Hartig moved to Shelton, Washington. On November 18, 1955, the Freshman Glsss sponsored a 'SADIB HAWKINS' dance. alf, Pr 'TW131-nag Darlene Joaquin Ross Klulke Sharon Hirte Eddie H1116 Cargl Larson Jim Davenport Razer scnaer Aloha Thom' .um Gulliford Mama Mewhirx Jerry Tucker Leland Bailey 19 O EIGHTH GRADE The year started off well for the 7th and Pth grades. Class officers were as follows: President: Eddie Hirte Vice-Pres: Ronny Evans Secretary: Marcia Earnhardt Set.-at-Arms: Jim Gulliford The 7th and 8th arades held a dance after the Scio game to which the whole student body was invited. The music was supplied by the Frontiersmen Ronny Evans 1 L :QM sfo :I l""'!4 iff 's NZ li, I 354 I. H , 1 1' 1 if 1-.1 ' i I .. C s 1 . ,ily um, .- Penny Newberg Jlck Frost Kermy Hartig Janice Novak Leatte McCall SEVENTH GRADE The 'Ith grade gave a party for the Sth grade because they were the winners in the member- ship dues contest. Judy Stewart Jann Chgllgndgr Patsy Christiansen Last fell Kenny Mertig moved to Shelton, Washington. Patsy Christen, from M111 City, moved in to take his place. Sharon Stevens' picture does -not appear on this peeep however, she is a member of the 7th grade class C011-en Edison Wayne Devine Patrills Lute hi Kirk Nygard Harcie Bernhardt 1 , Q . P D Hrs. Frost - 'ith and 8th grade class advisor Ms, f, .,,f1,1f, !A,, W., gt LETTERMEWS CLUB TH GRADE TEAM Standings Coach McCluekey Rodney Stubbs Otis Chance David Vail Irvin Tucker David Hoore Walter Thomas Kneeling Errol Mcwhirk lllen Haywood Royal Schaer Rex Herron Rodney Schaer David Riddle Left to Right Errol Mcwhirk David Vail David Moore Otis Chance Irvin Tucker Rex Herron Royal Schaer Hr. M8Cluskey Hr. McCk Hr. HcCluskey Standing: Mr. Crossler Wayne Devine Jim Davenport Jim Gulliford Jerry Tucker Eddie Hirte Kneeling Benny Cuppe Roger Schaer Kirk Nygaard Ronnie Evans Ross Klutke Larry Schroeder CHEERLEADERS The C.A.A. officers President. ........ ........ Vice-President. .... . . . . Secs' TTBlaeeeona sues sgt"t'lrmseeoee one Advil01'eeoeaoee uano onoaeee Rbbbrtl 0118000 Cates High in the Junior Olympics , Rich-Jumping contest. RTO I .Donslee Oliver .Jessie Cupps .Janet Gluns .Roberts Chance Mrs. Frost During the year the G.A.A. sponsored three ICT-ivifff-09' s swimming-party, U cooked-food sale, md sm Athletic Banquet for all the boys in the High School.. Roberts Chance, one of the girls who represented von first place in the Phyllis Neal, Carol Ball, Connie Stewart, Ellen Chance, Louise Hmm, Annie Howell, Mrs. Frost May Heywood, Lois Evans, Donalee Oliver, Jesse Cupps, Janet Glunz, Roberta Chance fa' wx , W . STUDENT COUNCIL Left to right! Hr. G. B. Frost, Jack Frost, Lois Evans, Errol Mcwhlrk, W J! , Rex Herron, Elon Chance, Otis Chance, David Vail, Jim Davenport, May Haywood and Rodney Scheer. 7151 N div ? The Student Council Officers for 1955-56 WSP!! Chair'man..................Lois Evans M, Secretary. . . . . . . . . .Ellen Chance Adv1sor.......... Class representatives were: Student Body Pres......... Senior.............. Junior............ Sophomore.... Freshman..... Fth grade . . . . 7th grade................. MP- G. B. Frost Rex Herron Hay Haywood . 01,15 Chance Errol Hcwhirk Rodney Scheer Jim Davenport Jack Frost Sponsoring a carnival at the begining of the school year and choosing Christmas gifts for the cooks were two activities for the vast year. Some of the members attended the Region Four Student Council meeting, held at Corvallis last fall. At the Marion "B" League Inter-School Student Council the school was also represented. NEWSPAPER STAFF 'Bae Junior and Senior students have been M D . r' Aggigorpaul putting out the 'Pirate Press' regularly every two weeks since school started this year. Editor......................Rex Herron Nu m Q ' 1 f L 51 351 dau-Q fdgg: ' ASSte Editaoreeaae neue Boys S orts. Girls sports Jokee....... Jr. News . . . . Senior News. some NCvSeu Freshe N8w8e Lois Evane David Vail Howell 8: Royal Schaar Irvin Tucker . . . . .Janet Glunz .Nw Haywood ..... Chance .Ellen Chance 7th Ge 8th News.... ....David Moore Society.......... ....Louise Haunk General News.. . . . . . . Advisor ..... ...- Typieta .... Donalee Oliver .Jessie Cupps . . . . .Lois Evans Donalee Oliver Hay Haywood Hr. Don K. Paul -. 1 NE! X6 111, 'xorlrcx C ,EJ 1 X, Q fn K X QL vf if if if V JP he V ff' '7' LN 4 xfixxx ni Ko NY y 'W L 4, Om. l' -wx V VJ ex 1 ,ra x. XX WL .qv hu 1 x JAP X0 -I ix. .WO 60 inf 6. .F if V ,X .Ye 5' 0 1 0' JN V32 V S JT -1 1 '1 we Xe S Jrcf U ky X03 Nb5bska 1 J' ,Y f H sd QX Q vox Xe wa or X ,txt M 6 k Xrxr NN, Xre. ,YL x 9.4 Lf ,L X 5, u N. Sa ' i xc fy ,O Y XML 1, 'J ' JM ,xr vcr C0 ,ge Qu w N mf' K V1 --X .1 ,of x' , " Sy' v -' 0 C 'tr U QM X Bw ,JM M Q1 'X Q' Ux L, V C P9114 Xrfu iz, J Alina We fly Qin K0 my N-C' x Yau 9' w V f ye' we N 9 L' 4 Q, 'Cb XIX vw' .lr Q9 V 4 gr NN.. Ga x, IAN. Q' n-at NJN AOD vp Xen V? Ot' -1 -my '1 N 'X J' wb Xvxo' Q' Q Nom- fin, vrfyx Xl. Z MTV? f ik ag' 5. .rbi ,cd TC ff' x cw 9 AVN CN 3 U fx E 'L Rf " 'J U r ' N- of WK- X' VJ fx '74 v N-1 .Q X ' 'F . Q VJ if Q' h -0 ' 031, QN11 X it X02 1 J.,-'N ey i vw' . I, 1 .X V L L. 69 X, V Us vwa V' cv' ffdrffyl ' 'V 16 I OL, N N2 ' L Nb ,hc w Ad .Y fy X Wadiyekx ' - W' PX ea A wk Q 5 sNAPsHoTs ff vyffflfffyfff W :swim f C, J WW! MW W! W ..l.- 'F' WM i , Jffjifjwjgyj 'W aw' W' w,M ?W,,W,f5Wu -WW ffawgf My My N y M MW 555' 2 ' M db, Q HOV if ji 53523 M UVM' M M wig Wm iif R AP ffifiv LV fuk' Qw TQ? 'AL Qofiigisg 3233 I . ,,.1..u. . nw. ,. ..:,-, , W, AmLl -V - -- -fu--in fffzfw CLUW 3 - 59 456 ,QZEZG ii ff, YR- iff Qfdfffffw' Q Ds qi Www in igyfw WS wr w Z"-2 N339 ,M My www ' wif 2, INTER- COLLEGIATE PIRESS FACTEL:lgaHS0McEitCQFFlCE ' QXX X ' ' ' X XXX 1 X X XX XX XX4 " X' XXXX" X X X ' " X " XX X ' XX X X XXX XX' X X X X XX'XXXX X ' w X XX' X 1- XX X S XeX X-1JX.X: X 'XTTUXXXX SX. 1'XXXX'XX XXX X Xi ' ' X' 1 ' T WX X XX, XXX X" IX XXXX XX X- XXWKLXX. 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Suggestions in the Gates High School - Pirate Yearbook (Gates, OR) collection:

Gates High School - Pirate Yearbook (Gates, OR) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Gates High School - Pirate Yearbook (Gates, OR) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 11

1956, pg 11

Gates High School - Pirate Yearbook (Gates, OR) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 34

1956, pg 34

Gates High School - Pirate Yearbook (Gates, OR) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 26

1956, pg 26

Gates High School - Pirate Yearbook (Gates, OR) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 40

1956, pg 40

Gates High School - Pirate Yearbook (Gates, OR) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 40

1956, pg 40

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