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xix X I, QEERQQQXQFLS I 9123 SXBM Gates-Chili High Scho l 910 Wegman R d R hester, New Y k 14624 SNEAK PREVIEW ,Qi f-5 'Qt Looking Ahead . . . p. 1 Faculty . . . p. 17 il cum ' -1 as 51-'itil "fi E 1' -Q is i I f Clubs and Activities . . . p. 121 Teams . . . p. 141 LOOKING AHEAD Today, as we look ahead to our future, we don't realize how important and memorable our high school years are. Once our future has become a reality, however, we will long for a trip back in time to our days at Gates-Chili. lt will be these reflections of the past that Gateways will bring to each of us. Nw Seniors . . . p. 49 Underclassmen . . . p. 85 gg .. "L i ,A , If N mam. - 1 Looking Back . . . p. 167 Etcetera. . . p. 195 HAT'S AHEAD LOOKING AHEAD 3 U hLLL1f mu Ill: Li.I1Uf'Ef .L- ,I Q ,,3 .,3 if sf A21 Q . - Acfr QZQZ6., A look at how Gates-Chili stays . . While G-C is not exactly noted for its fashion flair, we do manage to keep up with trends of the times. For example, passing will always be in - fashion, so study we must. fabove left, center, and rightl Disabilities are very stylish but, seeing how everyone has one, not too original anymore. fleftl LOOKING AHEAD Suspenders seem to be a "fave" this year. Qleftj The same applies to having a car that matches your outfit. Cbelowj Sunglasses: last year this year and always are definitely IN Fashion! LOOKING AHEAD HEY, LOOK BT ME 1' ' ff'-gg Q fy M Al. 1 i r l it xx. LOOKING AHEAD QDA DMA A rg, H Top left: Here comes the little choo-choo train! Top right: "Hey, I'm a pink flamingof' Middle right: 'I just LOVE that face!" Bottom left: "You're not hungry, are you?" Bottom right: "This is my best pose!" i , Z' X, f-"fx x Ng Russo-S. N +-. ga :vs fvx xr 53,1 IX f XIX N-., ,-r xr, S Top left: lt's coming!! Top right: Girls, this is not Egypt! Bottom left: "Hey, l'm cool." Bottom right: "Is this an example of senior maturity?" LOOKING AHEAD um-i in i. ini. lun. -ni. ri-4-. F80 'll . c em I sl uzo can 1... p......... s mi if--ws will-1.--I ,mit -ll, I - .w...v.....f n.. A.,-,., ..i...A M.. ...-W.-, I 1 uw: N507 ww NBII H-it .-.Simi ..i Umw- rar. rt..-in mi...- nr. iuipy W" - ,. UG, U62 iz.. mini. r.l...- ny. mn-..i.y 'ni-lj CE-I , " F I, " rs.. 1...-.i, r.i...- M.. v-4 mu - ,4 N . uso win P45047 so sul Eu' U9' me I Emi mLI,j4-'I fm islam r.i...1pa1 Htl. maui' ' "1 ' Awsismrn rrtncipnl .,,-Q , fi . .V lx... by uw, ri .vm um L- Q, En, una Eirnao :un iocwuaooul: 'U' .1. we l- can 4. lj mnmry l ,Q -' L l.. wuz H,..H4, I .Li .- j L ,. ms can .. mn H ,um r ---- '- s uc -I Mm " "M'l UMM' - -. -4 cArcn:i1iA URM . can cw: cur E211 lf' K -I-UH sunt QWNWW Y -.........i.-. nw., .' uvuwigiuu W! V, :mg FQ ,.,,,,.,',,,,., Cu! A, us: xivciasnul I-N... r' we , C. -. -1 -1 lm 1 ' l r UNIT r-- rumwmuu I'-"" wize :mtl H"""" Ig " 'ff UZ' uno: - ..... .-.......r' ws I' "'f'f"" i - , ..- .1 I l I-- lp . .i. - - .. -Y L ,-. rl no it sim.- ' , ,I .zu ,- s .Q K-jlltgtu nooul, lil m my .gagumicfi ' cw. is I FIX ,J CHU mo wtrmw iam it il im NV I4 4 "'0' wma win wi mia wma mos H :mn ....I"' 5, Mig 1' ' H ' :sa ' rm uno sua nz: if 1gfin.m....f E, E sun sslst it lrim 1.4.47 wx E' 4 Tl? wanna sans Us :sol ues um mo! 1 1 . r. . nr 3225 um :soo mn. rnip mum av suv: meumu in ni mwsvmr mis usunmzuv L ., . Aon c ,l, 3.44 1 'fi wr. V 1 4 Til ' ' 'rl f' .',,.'i':14f3:, . ' if ' ui iz 1 I s . Q ,art-f.ff..:..e 115 s fc -- L . ' ll F. . my F? Maki? ' ' A. "Qi ii .il,NHiilIf1ll5CllOOl, ,f if .. w fn... ' r 'f fix h.:T'..1'.f'i1'.l'--' . .- . 0' if - 6? 4. fi xfKW..1'-.'.'9i if fjri l l- yk, , 532- Assn. ...i i.i..t- 1.4 i 4 fr.. .: 4.i.. 4, E i , ,I ,,,.K,3,,,,,, - .... . in il If I ir This page, top row, l to r: Seniors Mike, Chris, and Lisa show off their new clothes. Molly, Senior Class treasurer, gives her opinion of underclassmen and school. Bottom row: Maps of the school were a common sight . 4 4 half of the students needed them. Deciding what classes to sign up for is really tough 4 . . lunch and study hall sound good. Opp. page, I to r: Mrs. Treadway helps Mary Jo and Kathy with their schedules4 Obviously, that 6:00 alarm is just too early. LOOKING AHEAD 10 Militia 1' ,- 'L. Z 4. A, , i On the First Day of school, It was Basically the some old Thing, But with . . . A ew Twist On September 3rd, Gates-Chili students returned to school for the start of a new year and a new system. The entire district was reorganized, which meant that the freshmen were now a part of the high school. The im- plementation of this program brought 400 more students and many faculty members from the Middle School. Perhaps the largest ques- tion was, where do we put them, but this and all other problems were solved, and a smooth transition occurred. There were also, of course, the typical "first day" events: reunions with old friends, the meeting of new friends, a new schedule with a variety of classes, and of course, a chance to show off your new wardrobe. Guidance counselors were swamped for weeks with students wanting to drop one course, switch another, change into period 5 lunch to eat with their friends, or just fix a computer er- ror. Since both the classes of '89 and '90 were new to the building, there were maps everywhere telling them, "You Are Here," but unfortunately, not showing them how to get to "there." But, of course, the juniors and seniors were more than willing to tell them where room 403 was, or how to get to the cafeteria. By the end of day one, everyone felt a little more secure, and could say, "Just think, only 179 more to go!" LOOKING AHEAD ' X JPY C11 fi -pf-:D f kg, . Y' ,Aff M 5, Manx? LOOKING AHEAD v X flf""y'7 WNMM I L., it sa... 4 fi' On Friday, September 19, the Gates-Chili Spartans showed their school spirit at the first pep rally of the year. Mrs. Collichio led the cheers and taught the new freshmen and sophomores a little about pep rallies. The cheerleaders showed us their stuff while Mr. Tisa worried about cleaning up the confetti! The teams we recognized were Varsity and Junior Varsity Boys' and Girls' Soccer, Varsity and JV Football, Varsity and JV Swimming, Varsity and JV Tennis, and Boys' and Girls' Cross Country. Despite the blazing heat in the gymnasium, the Spartans remained "cool, calm, and collected. LOOKING AHEAD r. Wu mf, .s ,, K, if I -Ni., X i V V' Y'-'Y N Mr ,21- 'xr' We ,wx ff Yi. J v x Jr 'al W' N I I 1 Ja-N , W X ,Lx-4, Q57 4' Ti- AF? xXX fs! X 14.47 iff 'Dv b"X ' cad? K., QQ at 9. f A 1 , :EQ g A ,W . R ff fs - 'N xiswf' :wif x .,..f-Q-.L an d 0 inistration d mistration . cl imstratlon 'T1 JP O C F' -l -C Mr Trsa Bulldmg Prlnclnal Mrs Ewertowskl Prnnclpal s Secretary hi' Mrs Krenzer Mr Dewey Mr Rlley 12th Grade Vlce Prlnclpal 11th Grade Vlce Prmcnpal 'N 'vu Mrs Allen Mrs O Connor 12th Grade Secretary 1 1th Grade Secretar V 1 ,,,, Mrs Lenhardt Mrs Lobene Fmanclal Secretary 12th Grade Attendance Secretary 11th Grade Attendance Secretary x X ' i I G fs Y : e 'Vg r , ff 1. , A .xr-M,,., 'Q Ez... L M , .Ch X Y X . fr, I , , V, ,fe e . A nf , , G: K , . F 5 - O Y V, fn SA la cl n Ay, is Q, 5 Q I V , X , , . I H U Mr. Lazenby 10th Grade Vice-Principal Mrs. Mirrione 10th Grade Secretary Mrs. Pelano Mr. DeRusha 9th Grade Vice-Principal Mrs. Onthank 9th Grade Secretary i 1 Y "This job gives me splitting headaches!" 'v Mrs. Hatz :Jag 112131 I S8 95 .ID new S8 99 .ID sauela S 8 .IO sauela 10th Grade Attendance Secretary 9th Grade Attendance Secretary FACULTY on O s: rcs 'Q :S LD QD o s: as 'Q :S CD QD O CI G5 CQ dan 5' LD 'Q :s CD cv o C'- ru 'Q I3 LD FACULTY Mr. Re Mr. Tud s . 'J X Q, 6 Mrs. Shea Mrs. Hansen X 1' , .. . . . V3 f.. xv :zf'iQ X IE lf . k .1 .1 . ,R ar.. . . Mr. DiCamillo g s Qi ..- -is ,KY r - -fi Mrs. DuBr1n Mrs. Ashe K N Mr. Nichols Mrs. Nacca was swf .fi fr 5 K is g Y K i . h 'yi ,X M . s 1 FACULTY uepgn 80 ' sagxmaxoag Qpgn SDU nag allele ' s E. Q- on GDU nag 3 .cz .2 Tm CI LLI .c: .2 Tin s: LL! .c: .52 in CI Ll-I .c: .2 T51 CI I-LJ J: .2 EJ cz Ll-I .r: .Q 'Eb CI LLJ FACULTY Mr. Polito - T.I.C. Mr. McKenna - T.l.C. Mrs. Johnson 1fW' 3 f! 4!!'ff 2 . 2 '.., , . , Q' lg' '72 'W 'mlm 1' x fl Carlo Mr, Kor YK x x . Mrs. Valerio "Ns, Mrs Baker ra -i i ' x E x, .. +- - w N K X - ' XX .xx X Miss Uncher Mr Harvey Ms. Navin Mrs Coffey xm x F-I F14 111 Q11 v--I 1-1 Y-l l Fi F-I v-11 F! is :S +4 cn ,fs U o cn ug .QD -U :S +-4 cn fc: O o cn ug .CD -U :: 4-4 cn .rcs U o cn ug ,QD 'cs :1 4-3 cn ,fu U o cn i T., .,... , ,.1, gr., Mnss Fyfe vii Mrs. Groff Mr Middleton ,X x.. f Mr. Thomas M G f 2 Mrs. McAvoy FACULTY FACULTY Mr. Vanderhoof - T.I.C. . A W xx , L'L, f X i A Mr. Swift :X Miss Brescia N , 1 , , gf fi 4 A ,mf e 'Q , AN x I, 4 if , G ,W 1' Mr. McManis 1' .nluifel Mr. T A Q Mr. McLean Miss Wilcox x. X. , I Mr. Barron n . rs Andrews 5. Mr. Lewis Mr. Ickes C QD 'G UD Co o C'- 9 o UD CQ Sclen C9 . Sclerl CQ . Sclen Sclerlce . - ""'1 FACULTY ,QF 'um Am Mr. DeS ena Mr. D ASF' Mr. Sullivan Mr. Jo :Q Q Y M Natkin Mr. B Mrs. Jourdan Mr. Osborne A W I Mr. Bordonaro Mr. Costa Mr. D'AngeIo - T.l.C. Mr. LaMarca Mr, DeLorenzo I I "NJ FACULTY SS T12 si Bu 'I1 32 O C I" -! -C cn cn QD .E cn 5 CQ cn cn QD .E cn 5 CQ cn cn QD .E rn 'J CQ cn rn QD .E cn I'-5 m Ba 5... M Karniskv iss are an 'Q xi' Mr. D'Angelo 5 1 L I x 6 ',,,, Q-J!! T 1 Vi X Q apg 'x . K 4 ur ,..,,,,.g Xe-8 N 5 .f A M' .C. Q cn 5 Q cn 5 l" Q1 'J LQ C DJ LQ CD CD Q cn D Qn5uQ1 5 S8 'n Jw O C I' -I -4 'Tl O -4 I-' DJ :5 CD C DJ LQ CU UD 'Ti O -s "Tl C -1 0 0 .CI .-"Zi IU QD .CI 3 t0 QD ealth 1 IV th Se l Ga CGS 1 I'V ealth Se Mrs. Ash Mrs. Granger ar? V sr.rrr .,. . . ,Q i If Mrs. Bronte Mrs. Donald T 3 All Mrs. Forno Mrs. Sorensen ET o- "1 sv "1 YC ET O' '-1 QP v-1 YC C O' -4 Q2 -s YC 'FU - co sm 91 :s co no :s Q. 5 EE :s LO 'JU co no 9: :S cn FACULTY i... .T - 11- .1..1- CI .Q -4-4 G5 o :S 'CJ Ll.! . Physical CI .Q -4-I rcs o :J 'U LL! l Ca 1 . Phys' C: .Q 'I-' cts U SJ 'CJ LL! al Physic FACULTY +, I Mr. Oehlbeck - T.I.C. Mrs. Kuehn Q- 1 Mrs. O'Brien Mr. Briggs L, S- Miss Fisher Mrs. Keefe l.l 'ii Q ar: KV' 'A Y is .ki 7 K , -54N 0 X ""-.S Mr. Christina Mrs. C0532 legoadg S .18 IA O S8 1 x 32' 535.2555 QKSHEQT Mnss Marlow Mrs. Dembs A A YQ-..-I . leloadg S .18 IA O S8 I ww , WI leloadg S .19 IA 83 'Is O FACULTY lii.L - CD im 5' Q- C CD 1-1- 5. Pl. :D "C 1-1- CD 5' Q- C CD 1-1- 3. 93- :D "1 1-1- CD au1o1.1 ' sogulouoog I o 3 CU rn O o FACULTY -I3 cu u :S 'U I-Ll CD S-4 Q3 D C D CI O It-1 -'nl s Educa ver' Dri C O -E rcs O I3 sEd Drlver IN CI O FACULTY ... 'NK Ana- X1 4 47 I Q T fy. T Mr. Messina f , 1 Mr. O'Gorman x, xx X -QW + QQ i SN . wih- ff Ng 5 . , wx QA 1 f 3? ff Mr. Caruso is cum sauna mmm GM fn nnnrmnl , , CD C-' 'U 'U O "Y 1-0- CD 1-4- DJ 53"-. CD C2 'U 'U O 1 CD 1-1- Q3 v-ow v-on CD C 'U 'U O 2- CD f-f- Q1 1 CD C 'U 'U O Z1 CD f-1- Q3 v-0-. Ofl QS id CD :- O IZ C. O ug on TQ 4E omtors QS id M ' wif' ' ws. fs Mrs. Conte ' 4 . Z' "' - ' , A 1' -A ' X 'f V . n r' 4, 3 1 'li ,ii ' ii ' W 1 C I ' , ,V t 4 gn , K' . X-Xu, x Mrs. Costa xx,-,Q TJ- Mrs. Piccolo Mrs. Cipolla FACULTY f X- Mrs. Schmitt Mrs. Mrs. Pisano 4 N. Mrs. Wood L uh' f Qu- V . Q Mrs. Polvino - W AW Q 21 'M g - In fi, Mrs. Agnello Mrs. Hight Mfg, Laljuke 1 I W 1 NX. !mg5f if P! S8 s1oJ,1uo I S8 UO S.IO Q.- If I . sap FACULTY FACULTY 1 FACULTY Michele McCall Miss McCall is a senior at the Eastman School of Music, and she is teaching with Mr. Ekberg in the music department. She decided to go into teaching because, as she puts it, "I find it rewarding to share my knowledge with others." FACULTY Christopher Reynolds Mr. Reynolds attends Roberts Wesleyan College, where he is a senior. He is teaching music with Mr. Townsend, and says that he has, "always had a deep love for music." 'WWA ssts Shelley Logel Miss Logel is studying English at Roberts Wesleyan College, where she is a senior. She is teaching with Mr. Korneliusen, and she feels that, "English in general is important tor students to know. Not just grammar and such, but literature!" ta, Duane Reiman Mr. Reiman, a senior at Roberts Wesleyan College, is teaching math and computers with Mrs. Des0rmeaux. He says that he became a teacher because he, "wanted a job dealing directly with young people, assisting their development as responsi- ble citizens and human beings." The term "student-teacher"is a paradox, but that is exactly what they are, college students and teachers at the same time. Each student-teacher works a full day at Gates-Chili High School, and then attends classes after school to finish work towards his or her degree. Many also hold down part-time jobs, because their work as ,,-fxf, student-teachers is for the ex- perience, rather than the paycheck. Although they may only be with us for a few mon- ths, their impact on us can last much longer, as can our impact on them. Many thanks to the student-teachers at G-C whose knowledge and dedication is greatly appreciated. I enjoy being with high school students experience R LaQuay STUDENT TEACHERS and want to be a part of their learning Roberta LaQuay Miss LaQuay is a senior at Roberts Wesleyan College, and is teaching math with Mr. Swift. When it comes to student teaching, she most enjoys, "talking to students." FACULTY Is it "Homecomming" or "Homecoming? 99 is i. I - ve M ,mtv , Y 'H Q, D' ! XI I .Q X l J "Over the Rainbow" was the theme for this year's Homecoming Week. There were the traditional dress-up day and blue and white day with the addition of rainbow day, Hawaiian day and sweats and sneaks day. Events included the tug-of-war, bonfire, homecoming dance, the parade and of course, the game. Our Spartans won back the Spartan Head Trophy from Greece Olympia in a sound beating of 14-0. Overall, the seniors won Homecoming Week, followed by the juniors and sophomores with the freshmen bringing up the rear. Homecoming King and Queen were Darren Robinson and Amy Cervini accompanied by Sue Bellanca, Sue Bergmann, Missy Hiller, Beth lllingworth, Mary Ann McGuire, Grace Sciascia, Jim Gay, Steve Chapin, Mike Williams, Dan Mezzoprete, Steve Pitts and Dave Siciliano in the court. All in all it was a fantastic week topped off with a fantastic football game. Even the rain couldn't dampen the endless spirit shown throughout the entire week, HOM ECOMING 47 N i MM, Q . HERE 'S T0 YOUR HEA J i HEALTH WEEK . i1 -4 ,ij.'Q?i-..2. ' ,f 1- L,-mfsgs-.f "KG-Z':5i,.E'1QQ eniors ffm.. jx-'I' Our Senior Year Isn't The End pefer .fdgneffo ana .xdgoafinefh Iaurie .fdaerfi ,puny 'UW my Led memory of IIIQA nlwo! ia . . . aff flue Apeciaf fimea .9 Ima, wifL ai! my Ol XIII I friencla - flue leara anal flue mwaiem amiga. mall!!! gayeul' Jaurie .xdmico ina .xdmico Jamea .f4mlre palricia .fdnfea .jcmgerfy .xdnfinoro Charged .fdrgenfo SENIORS illl-1 .Lia .xdrgenfo Mrginia Jdrgenfo gina .fdrifoffa yofanda .xduione .Mean .jdudtta jenny .fdllffh jfdlfy .!4y2l'5 JOLGIIIILI fl' fmdllid Suaan v:al,aul'a MFCZGL gaflley W X in , 3 A vx I 4 - - . I My F s 'S Wicheafgarnum mary garreff yofanda Barrie WicAaefA?ale5 SENIORS .,1 -1 - nm, JWL IL ,AA ,A , fl Wi-Min? -9 CDMA! 'VAVQ .gfeplzen Kean gryan Z?ecL M Ime ofmy 1 pamefa gafea .kriafine gauer Dawn gayeur greyory Z?eacJA jim Bed 1 ,gow geffauia Qancarfo genincaaa ' jimoflzy gm! Mancini Wichuefgigefow .jgenneflz Mull SENIORS ,,,A. UN 1 C., . - J Iv. .- . 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Row 3: Pat McGrain, Anne Vossler, Michelle Kane, Joy Denny, Jennifer Shane, Ron Guadelli, Darci Cocuzzi, FRESHMEN Kelly Thurston. if-H1 XXX T' as - Kiesel, Edward Brinson, Pat DeCarlis, Joe Thrusha Henderson, C. J. Marcera, Dave Wayne King. Row 1: Diane Carter, Veria Travers, Lana Cantisano, Cheryl Wright, Steve Pragle, Xuong Phung, Christine Czubara, Rene Cropo. Row 2 Vicki Sage, Kerem Aykal, Everton Marley, Jeff Dacks, Gina Spennacchio, Mike Holler, Nhut Nguyen. FRESHMEN Row 1: Shannel Palmer, Lori Johnson, Elmer Sciortino, Bob Giannavola, Bill Cologgi. Row 2 Robby Todd, Paula Srodawa, Kim Ritzenthaler Tammy Trumble, Debbie King, Melanie Briggs Row 3: Scott Toates, Karen Hayes, Dawn Hiller Mclntee, John Mattey, John Kunego, Joe Negrille Row 1: Carol Ilardo, Lynn Lettro, Tracy Orlando, Melody Beckett, Cindy Palazzo, Gerry DeBellis, Chad Smythe. Row 2: Keith Lodato, Troy Beardsley, John Paradiso, John Foster, Doug Kiener, Kevin lnzinca, Joe Palella. Row 3: Paul Waydelis, Dan Flad, John Dallicardillo, Pasha Smith, Bill Hauck, Rick Kaseman, Cynthia Maffett, Dan Kellog, John Ammer, Dan Hunt, Alicia Urena, Scott Rice. 1, ' Row 1: Mike Boucher, Lisa Latour Michelle Leary Carlos Alvarado Sandy Terrana Amy Hauck, Alicia Baker Row 2 Alex Foldvarl Chris Branca John Ciulla Tony Vicaretti, Maria Gigliotti Mary Miller Row 3 Tom Krystan Karen Boas Greg Krautwurst, Scott Ebert Steve Coons Jay Lipka Carol Knapp Doreen Youngblood FRESHMEN Row 1: Nadene Zauaglia, Chris Kraus, Denise Gubiotti, Kevin Kopelciw, Missy Zauaglia, Tina Mitreuski, Christine Ellis, Anna Tuttobene, Paul Marinaro, Melissa Mack, Roseann Pulitano, Debbi Gates, Dave Jung. Row 2: Mark Adams, Jolie Deridder, Jeff Mauro, Steve Disessa, Frank Licata, Don Cocuzzi, Mike Rebis, Chris Nero. Row 3: Mike Thompson, Kevin Sommers, Dan Craine, Marc Folts, Dave Mistretta, Craig Statt, Chuck Enright, Steve Carey, Jennifer Socha. N,g1,A DPM i '22 Row 1: Cheryl Phillips, Lori Carey, Keith Allen, Trichia Hartman, Kevin Daden, Tanya Rickstins, Toni Lyn Palozzi, Frank Perez. Row 2: Joe Ferrigno, Brad Foland, Shelly Acton, Sara Kelch, Pam Kraft, Jon Sigismondi, John Campa, Scott Kleinhenz. Row 3: Scott Zollo, Eric Saxe, Scott Allocco, Desmond Jackson, Mike Kykendall, Kevin Gee, Sam Lucyshyn, Brandi Burgio, Stephanie Leigh. FRESHMEN Row 1: Ron White, Chris Muscato, Annette Mangini, Andrea Smialek, Kim Sine, Tina Zampatori, Louis Rizzo. Row 2: Heather Sahrbeck, Lisa Strassner, Cesira Palozzi, Sue Peashey, Laurie Stout, Gina Disalvo, Dena Brake, Laura Price, Keusi Reid. Row 3: Toni Carusotti, Christine Ramsey, Mark Stacy, Dave Bean, Chris Ruff, Shawn Gee, Steve Ogenovski, Steve Easton, Heather Quinn, Doug Noah, Carl Nicodemus. Row 1: Mai Lam, Kerri Regelsberger, Andy Miller, Carrie Marlin, Mary Sue Schiabarra. Row 2: Julie Lombard, Michelle Falleson, Carol Steer, Andrea Snitchler, Mike Charissis, Twan Nguyen, Sabrina Petrelli. Row 3: Beth Eddy, Jenifer Love, Jennifer Kendrick, Jeff Grizer, Greg Griebel, John Hannon, Dan Lavullo, Mike Crawford, Chris Yoder, Steve Ketchmere. FRESHMEN 90 l 4? if , ffff Row 1: Kim Kross, Lynn Guisepette, Kristen Lootens, Julie Rowcliffe, Judy Marks, Kim Rothfuss, Cheryl Wilson, Rick Ransom, Pam Cosway, Amy Smith, Mike Kulkin, Mike Leach, Dan Culross. Row 2: Celest Cooper, Sam Bouwens, Bruce Fernandez, Jaquie Hess Karen Tarana, Linda Gundry, Kerry O'Keefe, Scott Lazenby, Steve Clar. Row 3: Anita Srbinovski, Lynn Cangiano, David Wido, Lon Kaiser, Bob Roeper, Jason Noyes, Erik Nilson, Chad Roy, Steve Jones, Dan Pappa, Jeff Kent, Amy Casper, Bill Wyszomirski. Row 1: Nancy Letvin, Sandy Mangan. Row 2: Mark Merklinger, Brian Celgudico, Tom Alessi, Shawn Bauer, Renee Montanarelli, Sherri Robinson. Row 3: Dan Faraone, Gerry Maier, Brian Schurr, David Dennison, Vince Vitello, Eric Wheeler, Mark Neu, Bob Casper, Denise Darling. FRESHMEN . l 91 Row 1: Kelli Northrup, Gretchen Romig, Robert Buono, Andy Reale, Pete Tomasso, Wendy Freese, Mike Ginevra, Cynthia Mruk, Arlett Perry. Row 2: Jermain Robinson, Tony Marshall, Joe Dorini Mike Kelly, John Miles, Mike D'Ambrosia, Laurie Macaluso, Deanne Kosel, Nick DelPlato. Row 3: Rob Foote, Sal Angello, Scott Balsey, George Clark, Aaron Bourn, Steve Demanchick, Bob Heimrich, Joe Ariola, Gina Schuck, Cory Wilson. Row 1: Francesca Tomei, Jennifer Stocks, Lisa Byrne, Pat Woods Kevin Vogler, Randy Marsh, Leo Viola, Lynn Thomas, Paul Ofray Mike DeFazio. Row 2: Michelle Fierle, Rich Rago, Heather Barker Colleen Parrish, Tina Burgio, Tara Gamby, Mike Schmitt, Stacy Shanker. Row 3: Mark Simmons Dave Putnam, Katie Ramsey, Chris Chizk, Melissa Spiegel, Rich Gardner, Kris Page, Dionne Harvey FRESHMEN g - -1- Row 1: Marc Newberry, Sue Illingworth, Tracy McGinness, Jim Barbato, Julie Martindale, Marie Brunette, Mary Harisis, Dan Odell, Debby Kelly, Stephanie Kreuzer, Scott Anzalone. Row 2: Len Perno, Pam Pharmakis, Dennis Catlin, Mike Cipolla, Julie Argento, Eric Neu, Todd Dattalo, Chris Leary, Bob Dioguardi, Corey Allen, Tracy D'Ambrowski, Heather Lowey, Barb Tartaglia. X, '.q Row 1: Tuan Tran, JoJo Palmieri, Gina Morana, Rhonda Negelty, Tina Quick, Tina Grinder. Row 2: Dave DiPaolo, Mike Proctor, Tony lmpallaria, Bob Wood, Tomashesia Clark, Judy Manning. Row 3: Chris Freeman, Nguyen Truong, Alana Stevens, Lenni Pagani, Marcello DiCasare, Eyad Ashkar, Doug Smith, Jennifer Butera, Pat McFadden, Cindy Fisher. FRESHMEN Profile on . . sophomores class of '89 Vice-Principal: Mr. Lazenby Guidance Counselors: Mr. Tudman, Mr. Nichols Secretaries: Mrs. Mirrione, Mrs. Pelano Class Advisors: Ms. Wilcox, Mrs. Coffey Class President: Mike Matteson Vice-President: Becky Pietropaoli Secretary: Barb Asam Treasurer: Nancy Schwendy Class Mascot: Opus Number in Class: 390 Row 1: Tim Bennett, Gary Chilson, Rich Lee, Chris Measday, Don Sexstone, Alicia Hill, Cady DeCarlis, Maryann Rossetti. Row 2: Darren Mascia, Missy Cooke, Candi Gillam, Andrea Alford, Liz Srbinovski, Yolanda Villareale, N. Ariola. Row 3: J. Reina, Julie Mack, Steve Odell, Scott Butler, Tom Tsimboukis, Kevin Herbst, John Gentile, Erica Peirson, T. Lampley. SOPHOMORES -Li. fau- Row 1: Joyce Bisbo, Bea Kidman, Monica Hewitt, Missy D'Andrea, Cheryl Fowler, Tony Sidoti. Row 2: Joe Slocum, Jeff Savidge, Liz Murphy, John Van Bortle. Row 3: Steve Roidis, Don Laure, Greg McGrain, Lisa Warner, Steve Kostovski, Mike Gruttadauria, Ron Zeitvogel, Lui Piccirrillo, John Fox, Enzo Sacchetti, Mike Rowe, Lisa Scarpulla, Toni Mordenga. Row 1: L. D'Ettorre, T. Otto, M. Bevere. Row 2: S. McKinnon, D. Galski, S. Smith, C. McManus, D. Flad, T. Gliwski, A. Inzana. Row 3: Tracy Lette, N. Mastrodonato, J. Springer, D. Lama, Dan Ayers, S. Wallace, T. Coco, Shannon Bean, Sandy Scotto. SOPHOMORES ..-...,...i...... 95 Row 1: Gail Henderson, Jennifer Feiler, Kim Snyder, Danielle Taft, Ann Ilardo, Angela Wilson. Row 2: Jeff Burns, Bill Koehler, Eric Stanley, Craig Louis, Joe Ruta, John Mantorana, Chris Beach. Row 3: Terry Lingeman, Pat Slattery, John McConnachie, Darryl Rugless, Tony DiLettera, Steve Twitchell, John DeLeo. .0 1 f V Row 1: Bill Simms, Mike McDade, Bill Wood, Jeff Wittman, Noeme Panke, Kristen MacBride, Pam Paris, Debby Stiker, Wayne Solomon.Row 2: Doug Meier, Tim Rawlings, Veronica McCann, Cory Man, Brandon Ramsey, Marisa Privitere, Denise Cordello, Jennifer Gruzosky, Pam Erwin. Row 3: Bill Stojanovski, Paul Cody, Mark Schnoor, Pat Carguello, Ed Groszewski, Chris Mahnke, Tim Pearce, Chris Econemidis, Margi Turk, Kim Dickerson. SOPHOMORES ...ii an 'v ...fl TL! -.sail ei Row 1: Mike Touhey, Tracy Eichel, Sheila Merrill, Dena Licata, Brenda Stout, Dina Tamoutselis. Row 2: Tina Edwards, Kira Westrich, Chris Hammond, Sharon Martin, Wendy White, Maria D'Ambrosia, Massimo Catanese, Ted Sarganis, Tammy Rothberg, Jim Suplizio. Row 3: Kathleen Phillips George Mancuso, Allan Hansford, Matt Liestman Joe Jennings, Matt French, Todd Smith, Steve Sidor, Barbara Asam, Karin Reger. Row 1: Karen Tobin, Melinda Mack, Joe Mancuso, Laura Cotton, Tiffany Vogel, Sue Lippa, Kim Bullard, Kathy Rhoda, Jenny Galanti. Row 2: Ray Samna, Dwan Cox, Kirk Trombley, Jim Parnell. Row 3: Paula Cervini, Tara Grasser, Jason Wallace, Mike Vaccaro, Brian Jennings, Tom Collins, Todd Owlett, Dan Rao, Chris Thomas, Charles Thomas, Kelly Murphy, Gina Caracci. Row 4: Keith Fantauzzo, Russ Montante, Randy Whitney, Keith Szczepanski, Brian I-Iatz, Don Strassner, Chris Litto. SOPHOMORES ,,-.,-,,,,,.,.,.,,. 97 Row 1: Pat Seruga, Doreen Capaldo, Blake Kowalski, Christina Dentino, Heidi Buonaccorso, Ulana Luzecky, Shelleen Fizer, Lance Dawley. Row 2: Nick Lauricella, Tom Marano, Debbie Sailer, Marsha Skuse, Maria Gattellaro, Kris Coene. Row 3: Annette Caputo, Jennifer Norsen, Massimo Amadio, Carl Wagner, John lllingworth, Richard Melvin, Allan Kallstrand, Mark Derthick, Herbie Smith, Michael Tindale, Sam Simme, Jodie Peck, Chris Mayer, Rich Carapezzo. Row 1: Jim Schutz, Marisa Campo, Dawn Sterling, Tina Surace, Allyson Lake, Jessica Quick, Janice Weed, Tom Gommel. Row 2: Beresford, Michelle Vaccaro, Jodie Smith, Lisa Ceraci, Kevin Marzovilla, Mort Klepacz, Lisa Rice. Row 3: Jeanine Lipani, Brian Ritchie, Jeff McCafferty, Bob Hansen, Brett Eisenmann, Paul Kostpanagiotou, Mike Youngblood, Mark Arnold, Beth Kauffman, Oscar Colon. SOPHOMORES Row 1: Lydia Schenk, Mai- Loan Le, Kendra Bush. Row 2: Jennifer Mitrano, Jerry Rauber, Katie Stubella, Amy Boulter, Amy Donner, Shannon O'Mara. Row 3: Melissa Ayotte, Joe Mazzola, Gerry Price, Jim Santora, Patrick Montgomery, Steve Smallidge, Becy Petropaoli. Row 1: Amy Rentzel, Cristina Rodriquez, Jim Marshall, Roxanne Brown, Chaton Turner. Row 2: Mike Scott, Justine Barczak, Murrie Russer, Nhung Lam, Tuuyen Nguyen, Amy Chizk, Shelly Malm, Laura Hart. Row 3: Jennifer Balonek, Laura Blakely, Melinda Dix, Eric Velitovich, Brian Sommers, Dawn Kerbs, Greg Yanz, Jeff Allen, Nea Hawkins. SOPHOMORES Row 1: Brian Hicks, Tony Russolese Sandy Beedle, Lurleen Dougherty Mike Schmitt. Row 2: Tiffany Peeso Krissy Baker, Michelle Richards Kellie Hirschler, Tammy Palermo Dawn Zachera, Kristen Santangelo Jackie Scott. Row 3: Krissie Holben Rich Hutchins, Jeff Cottrell, Fabio Mazzulli, Mike Menna, Rick Zacharko Joe Manuse, Mark Barrett, Mark Eber, Mark DeGray 48 Row 1: Mike Olivo, Donna Spicer, Heather McKane, Missy Haase, Jamie Murray. Row 2: Mike Matteson, Debbie Gay, Karie Lombard, Mike La Marca, Rob Rittmeyer, Kathy Sanelli. Row 3: Ben Terziani, Mike Bernitt, Andy Sawczuk, Mike Swanton, Lou Cumbo, Chris Valerio, Vince Pallotta, Joe Giglio. som-i , ES 5 J l Row 1: Jeanine Taddonio, Donna Hoerner, Michelle Palermo, Kris DeFalco, Jody Hatcher, Chris' Zoccali, Cheryl McKinney, Tracy Donato. Row 2: Marshall Anderson, Bob Baliva, John DiLucia, Gino Avelli, Scott Schafer, John Keele, Michelle Leo, Michelle Sloan, Jule Richardson. Row 3: Kelly Hyder, Karina Purpura, Bill McConnell, Andy De Gendice, Bob Green, Brian Potter, Mike llievski, Bryan Gembusia, Nancy McCrave. Row 1 Mxke DelRossa Penny Whrte Demse DeGray Shelly Rothenburgh, Michelle Wing. Row 2 Steve Burroughs Tony Guglnotta Brenda Baker, Karen Leuci, Wendy DeWolf, Debbie Santnllo Dawn Routley Ken l-lodecker Row 3 Jeff Lettro, John Fracassi, Kerry Ahern Melanie Holly Phll Barme Tom Jensen Tina Infantino, Steve Stallworth, Ted SOPHOMORES l......... 101 Row 1: Carol Argento, Bobby Marsocci, Gamze Palankali, Robin Bellamy, Mai Nguyen. Row 2: Lori Powell, John Krystan, Alan Briggs, Derry Martin, Brian Bellamy, Ahmal Parker. Row 1: Kelly Forest, Karen Schulenger, Mary Ann Catalano, Marie Cognata, Courtnay DuBois, Tina Burns, Dina Scalone, Greg Congdon. Row 2: Tammy Calderon, Kris Romagnolo, Tina Digrazia, Sue Byrne, Nancy Schwendy, Stephanie Furioso, Tiffany Baron. Row 3: Meri Bozinovski, George Root, Doug David, Jamie Allen, Marc Henderson, Chris Mahnke, Ed Carrese, Nikki Christian, Lori Fowler, Marty Knapp, Terry Hayes, David Dann, Michelle Capuano, Tina Benner. SOPHOMORES SJ ,ffm 10' Row 1 Tina Ehremtraut, Al Spinosa. Row 2: Ralph Forte, Bob McConnell Curtxs Trauers, Louis Mclntyre. Row 1: David Sheets, Maria Campistrous, Chris Pisatauro, Amy Crawford, Kelly Farrell, Maritrese Vito, Laura Capone, Donna Mayer. Row 2: Craig Gerber, Denise Sulimowicz, Kathryn Walker, Noe Temtem, Kara Hillier, Chuck Cipolla, Laurie Bateman, Tammy Longdue. Row 3: Steve Ayers, Rich Vernon, Jim Jackson, Pat Brasley, Rosario Marlnaro, Christopher Miller, William Alberti, Tom Kelly, Mike Labarbera. SOPHOMORES Profile on . M. . Row 1: Mileen Hazard, Tom Foley, Tricia Gutowski, Sonia Bansal, Chad Cunningham. Row 2: Joe Cavallaro, Karen Barney, Brian Tabor, Karen Herbst, Michelle Thompson, Beth Blundell. Row 3: Marcus Miller, Chris Holdredge, Shawn Elliott, Ed Griebel, Mike O'Brien, Ermiclark, Mike Naud, Mike Grizer, Paul Cupo. f JUNIORS isulqg-111. in--ntiq--l-.-.- l class of'88 , Vice-Prilncipali Mr., Riley C Guidance Counselors: Mr. D'Alessandro, Mrs. Shea Secretaries:iMrsp O'Connor, Mrs. Lobene ,Class Advisors: Uncher,l Mrs. Kecskes sClassPresident:iDennis Broyldi s M r Vice-President: Leon DuPree C C Secretary: Lisa Page llrl f T Treasurer: Brian Tabor s Class Mascot: Black Panther Number in Class: 480 C r C 'X X wh' N 1 if? - f Ni Bow 1: Sue Surace, Lynea Bernhard, Katrina Watson, Gill Ann Blnnette, Christine Coulter, Britton Lui, Dean Laurla. Row 2: Monica Marcucci, Marian lannarino, Meredith Miller, Delinda Bianchi, David Prlestley, Jerrod Llbonati, Thomas Inguagiato, Jr., Carla Rosati. Row 3: Wendy Fusilli,Julie DeFranco, Lisa Page, Leon Dave Rowe, Phil Malfa, Ken Buskey, Matt Payment, Susan Avery. Cheryl Hildebrand, Colleen Marian Cassotta, Beth Jennifer LaBarr. Jennifer Todd, Nick LoPresti, Carl Martel, Joe Gorse, Bob Schott John Hill, Jon Lawson, Brian JUNIORS 1................... 105 104 Qc vw . 1 lime, ' , " J ,L X "HMV xr 1 wagf' ,,4,,f ,Mu 5 ., ZH ,, Row 1: Jackie Parrish, Jason Weinstein, 'Janice Durgan. Row 2: Michelle Neville, Lorna Hadclox, Juliane Barbato, Mike Ellis, Nick Mazzola, Merritt Snyder., Row 3: Lisa Hayes, Mike Baker, Todd Koepke, David Pizzo, Anthony Leuzgi, Dave Joseph, Joseph DiPasquale, Mary Testa, Chris Bernhard, Jeff Anderson, Meggin Carey. if J ,ff-v4Q f 1p"g:XY' 'li ' if . 5 ' B! 'V 'J an 1 "-"1 "UWM 1 Lisa Quagliana. J J e Mary Jane Cangiano. Row 2: Maureen Craig Jackson, Rick Wetzel, John Pelliccia, Tina Salphine, Jennifer Bour, JUNIORS .............i......... 107 Dix Brun Osipovltch. Mangini, Paniccia. Bqw Wesche, Dave Anders J ulsrud, Impallaria X1 I Row 1: 108 ' I Georger, JUNIORS . ' 1 , , . www- 1 . - yr .M n c ., 'Sw Xl. x xx. L. , L-S ..,,, 5-1,- a , ,z u ' Higgs: ,, ,..W x ll I R . ,. .. Q V O . Bsuxm . E. :E li ' - Zi , SQ:- f-. 0.1 1 . few.-pl.:-:f . V p,-Y 1' 2T1.'f' 4 x Q ir , 2? N ,-rs. Y L M.:-.4 Q .F 1 5 Q WW .tg 5 3 K! Karen McDonald, rinca, Tracy Meyer, Row 2: Cory Strapp, oraine, Bob D Desi Velk, Bruce Row 1: Julie Keady, Denise Cordonio, Debbie Stacy, Kevin Sillato, Dave Mancusso, Donna Obey, Tracy Clark, Rita Bonfiglio, Sue Coe og Row 2: o , lh D ug Allen 1-1 nr' Cipolla am on, ifer Jordan JUNIORS D 111 Row It Larry Cornett, Michele Villarcl, Julie Mastrangeli, Missy Anderson, Anna Forte, Michelle Glitzer, Stephanie Roides. Row 2: Chris Costanza, Mike Egan, Chris Rodwell, Ingo Wenzel, Pete DelPlato, Darlene Tom Je Greg O'Dell, Chris Hussar, Tricia Dalykas. rv?" 'sf' n k ,f"Q't Row 1: Terri Popiwny, Jumonsr Row 1: Maura Murphy, Chris Petsos, Michelle Fowler, Chris Iaccone. Row 2: Kim Newman, Lori Smialek.lRow 3: Tony Bartosiewicz, Jeff Fallesen, Norman Winegarden, Jeff Trombley, Dave Clar, Becky Scott -ff .4 i Row 1: Penny Shortino, Kelly Cogliandro, Michelle Andrews. Row 2: Kim Kinton, Angela Totten, Debbie Tucciarello, Patti Koseman, Frank Trobia. Row 3: Greg Price, Craig Martindale, Eric Stanley, George Millman, Dan Santillo, Lance Barcomb, Rick Quinn, Rene Rumsey. V JUNIORS ---1--.--ln 4- Row 12 Chuck Wysocarski, Renee Franzen, Lauri Cote, Deanna Platt, Tricia Ott, Janeen Cavuoto, Patti LePore. Row 2: Charlene Murphy, Pam Miller, Maryliay Pechie, Ginger Heitzel, Kristen Merklinger, Michelle Lippa. Row 3: Sonja Fitts, Jan Donner, Dan Cousineau, Kristen Kinsman, Jon Gatto, Kipp Brooks, Jason Milner, Ron Gerace, Jeff Maggio, Troy Maksymciw,nKeith Eichel, Don Benham, Rich Strassner, Alicia Rivoli. , 1 Gan, Cm Ll ,cf 'sw-L. Row 1: Rene David Manning, Jumoas ......................... 1-r I' , , , 1 9 V, 4 YWYJ., Taylor, Greg Heintz, Dan Brocht, Cotturone, Beth Bashaw, Annette Noyes. Row 3: Greg Brooks, Chris Kraus, Joe 4 'if ' XXX l E-5.3 'ig Lida Row 2: Griliava, Steve Magliocco, 6 JUNIORS .i............. 1 15 Cathi Mushtare. Row 2: Mrs. Frltsch, Mrs. Douidio, Popowich. Row 3: Mark Veltz, Cathy Hough, Chris Row 1: Tony Scuderi, Samantha Russo, Patti Johnson, Dana Gugliuzza, Michelle Larson, Dave Aspenleiter. Row 2: Leah Ricotta, Eric Schmid, Sam Rivituso, Tom Francino, Mark Burnett, John Mac Aulay, Chris DeLoria, Scott Hogan, Mike Watson, Mike Price, Lidia Natoli. Not pictured: Marisol Rodriquez, Lori Briggs, Ralph Cassata, Nick Whitley, Kerrie Baker. Row 1: Rick Grannon, Dawn Quick, Sherri Antinore. JUNIORS e 6 --..-...................... K P Af-Q-f 5 Bowl: Andrea Jenkins, Robbie Riker, David D Phelps, Tracy Weed, Joshua Fayko. Row, 2: Matthew Rigney, Mark Leary, Shannon Crown, Brian Holzschuh, Diane Graupman, Scott Keller RowD3: Christopher Liliie, Neil Davis, Lenny .ll l.. Q X., ii? 'Xf- sl I ' JUNIORS F, W, xv. 5 i xifli A X Yarn f I 3 - 1' V . gt V 24 , 9-2 Ai Q35 E M 7 , 4 v 5 5 , Y U Q n 1 "X A -A W 'A ,. ,. rf ff 'Gill' ' fs 4' ,rf Q mv-3,5 -.151-.b Q ,h ' ..".. --.- :- '.'.'.','- . . . . we s I? df. , .H-rf' -.g.yq.:.'.' 5 -' L... "3Z7T- S'- Ol O-BQ I 'llnv QQ 'i 'X nit , 0 :- J fl 117 If ..--f""' UNDERCLASSM EN - - i 'viti ...J 551 X es Lykl , My J Riagg, ,f-it v - 4 - Q L 4 'of 'X S 40 . 4? X955 11, A -gi' CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES s-s-------............- CD ay Gatew cu F' E zo z U nv o 1' E :I ITI CD The 1986-87 Yearbook Staff left to right, front to back: Rosemarie Cook, Editor Amy Chizk, Layout Design Jennifer Tappenden, Co-Assistant Editor Sonia Bansal, Layout Design Jim Pascoe, Distribution Nhung Lam, Layout Design Emily Cohen, Co-Assistant Editor Dina Cavallaro, Photographer Mileen Hazard, Layout Design, Treasurer Mike O'Brien, Photographer Scott Vogler, Distribution Scott Sorrels, Photographer Tuuyen Nguyen, Layout Design Mr. Korneliusen, Advisor Not pictured: J. B. Bailey, Photographer Jennifer Stander, Messages Lilly Stojanovski, Messages Melanie Steer, Messages Kristine Riordan, Messages Special Thanks To: Jim Gay, Artwork Mrs. Polito, Artwork One reason we possess a yearbook is to look at our immediate past in this in stance the 1986 87 school year Looking at our past is not only fun to do but it also enables us to see ourselves as we really are A yearbook IS also a form of a marker line by which we will judge both our present and future years The older we get the more narrow is our view of the past At present or at class reunions in our we will want to reflect on our youth It s a time honored tradition among humans Reflections is the theme of Gateways 1987 and it is the intention of the Gateways staff to accurately reflect the people and events of this year As our present fades so will our memories of it Reflections of 1987 will preserve and keep those memories fresh Mr Korneliusen Yearbook Advisor 3 . . . - 1 - ' D 7 Qc . s c u o i , . . future, individually as well as collectively, ' 7 CS ' 1, ' l , . . . . 9 , . . . i Cl ' ll ' Observer Row 1: Laura Barc- zak, Brian Tabor IEditorsJ. Row 2: Mai Lam, Marcus Miller, Sabrina Petrelli, Ken- dra Bush. Row 3: Mike Williams, Nhung Lam, Jerry Maier, Tuuyen Nguyen, Sue Bellanca, Pam Paris. Equinox Row 1: Candi Cartee IEditorJ. Row 2: Nhung Lam, Jennifer Kuhn, Sabrina Petrelli. CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES German Club Wie gehfs? Row 1: Richard Ransom, Carol Steer, Sam Bouwens. Row 2: Marcus Miller, Erik Nilsen, David Wido, Mrs. Herendeen ladvisorl. Spanish Club 'Mkt Row 1: Mr. Bianchi ladvisorl, Tom Gamble, Russ Montante, Colon, Alan Kallstrand, Michael Bernitt, Joe Cavallaro. Row . I 1, Heather McKane, Michelle Meyer, Donna Spicer, Jennifer C' Goue pasa ' Karie Lombard, Missy Haase, Alisa Brunette, Karen Dambrosia CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES 3: Missy Skinner, Melissa Rapp, Kathy Sanelli, Courtnay DuBois, Juli 4 DeFranco, Sherry McBride, Kristen Kunego, Colleen Foley. I Itallan Club I ' 0 Che c e di nuovo? Row 1: Tracy Donato, Beth Bashaw, Marshall Anderson, Jim Barbato, Chris Muscato. Row 2: Annette Preziosi, Amy Long, Tricia Tantalo. Row 3: Sandy Bee- dle, Veronica McCann, Melissa Pipitone, Kris Romagnolo, Mrs. Cinelli ladvisorl. Row 4: Bob Baliva, Todd Dattalo, Frank Licata, Pat McGrain. 14 t 5 WAFA C ii Hers, L s l: Gerry Price, Renee Montinarelli, Annette Caputo, Mai-Loan Le, Dina Cavallaro, Cristina , Dina Brake. Row 2: Debbie Stiker, Beth Boulter, Laura Hart, Pam Cosway, Noe Tem Tem, u Amico, Chris Charissis, Cady DeCarlis, Jim Andre. Row 3: Andrea Utschig, Kim Kross, Kelly Beth Eddy, Jennifer Love, Herbie Smith, Carrie Regelsberger, Kendra Bush, Pam Paris, An- I ' Taillie. Row 4: Melissa Ayotte, Jeff Grizer, Marc Henderson, Mark Eber, Richard Hutchins, Andy Qu esi-ce-qu' Dan Lovullo, Melissa Spiegel, Brian Tabor, Malvinder Singh, Robert Rittmeyer, Michael Not pictured: Miss Lare ladvisorl. CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES od Gates-Chili Service Club MEMBERS .Comprised of approximately 100 students . Goal is Jeanine Agnello, Laurie Alberti, Patti Aldrich, Yvette Amico, Melissa Anderson, Kim Antinoro, Helen Auletta, Sue Avery, Sonia Bansal, Karen Barney, Mary Barrett, Beth Bashaw, Sue Bergmann, Sue Bigelow, Beth Blundell, Diane Boeff, Alisa Brunette, Sharon Callahan, Kelly Camarata, Dina Cavallaro, Amy Cervini, Chris Charissis, Amy Choromanskis, Tracy Clark, Debby Cotturone, Karen D'Ambrosia, Louise Derry, Teri Duffy, Janice Durgan, Pam Erwin, Colleen Foley, Kelly Forest, Amy Gester, Kelly Gorman, Tricia Gutowski, Crystal Hazard, Mileen Hazard, Gregg Heintz, Heather Henderlong, Julie Keady, Amy Kelch, Michelle Kent, Virginia Kirch, Kariann Laba, Mai Lam, Nhung Lam, Keri Lazenby, Amy Lechner, Sue Lippa, Michele Mack, Karen Marriott, Jennifer McElligott, Kristen Merklinger, Chris Mikols, Nicky Millard, Lisa Neal, Kim Olivo, Naomi Pagan, Jackie Parrish, Sabrina Petrelli, Deanna Platt, Annette Preziosi, Kris Riordan, Lynn Rust, Linda Secondino, Stacy Shanker, Laurie Shilen, Mike Simone, Missie Skinner, Jennifer Smith, Ramona Stalnaker, Jennifer Stander, Melanie Steer, Lilly Stojanovski, Tricia Sullivan, Tricia Tantalo, Becky Tyree, Leslie VanOrden, Han- nelore Witt, Charlene Wojtkowiak, Chris Wolfe, Kim Wood. TEACHERS Erin Benjamin, Katrina Cartee, Julie Desormeaux, Sue Donald, Kris Kesckes, Rhoda Ride, Joan Stevens, Linda Wilcox. CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES raise money to help those in need during the holiday seaso . . . Grades 9-12 donated money in homerooms for five da giving a total of 52776.76 for the annual Homeroo Christmas Collection. 9th - 336389, Mr. Bianchi wfS47.07 10th - 542722, Mrs. McAvoy wfS81.01 11th - 572924, Mrs. Johnson wfS112.21 12th - S1045.61, Mr. Hickey wfS248.92 . . . Industrial Arts classes made and donated wood airplanes . . . Many faculty members volunteered their ti and money . . . Money was raised through a boutique sal traveling baked goods sale, and collecting pop cans . . . Loc businesses and organizations donated money and food Over 34000.00 was spent to help those in need duri Thanksgiving and Christmas . . . 20 dinners were given elderly shut-ins for Thanksgiving . . . 54 children at a d care center for the underprivileged were treated to Christmas Party with goodies and Santa Claus tDan Me zopretel handing out a gift to each child . . . Over 1 children and their families were given a special Christma each child received five to ten gifts, and the families receiv Christmas Dinner. "I would like to thank everyone involved this year in such beautiful effort to help those in need. Your pennies, food, a efforts all came together. Many of you wish to rem anonymous, but, somehow, I'd like you to know that tho anonymous dinners and donations have helped tremendousl Thanks for making Gates-Chili such an example of tr Christmas Spirit." Kathy Schaef Advisor awww Math League Row 1: Marc Newberry, Sherry McBride, Ken Czamara, Dan Culross. Row 2: Sabrina Petrelli, Phil Pickering, Melanie Steer, John Inzinna, Carrie Marlin. Row 3: Gregg Heintz, Brian Tabor, Scott DeGray, Jim Pascoe, Mike Houwers, Marcus Miller, Scott Vogler. Not pic- tured: Mileen Hazard, Nhung Lam IAIBUQQQ '-I 5 .- Chess Club Row 1: Jim Pascoe, Norman Winegarden, Malvinder Singh, Scott Sorrells. Row 2: Zoran Uskokovic, Bill Wood, Mike McDade. CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES Ski Club Jeff Anderson, Ralph Arbelo, Melissa Ayotte, J. B. Bailey, Balonek, Julie Barbato, Allen Barney, Mark Barrett, Tony Bartosiewicz, Kris Bauer, Mike Benitt, Sue Bergmann, Casey Bernhard, Tim Best, Mario Bevere, Meri Bozinovski, Roberto Calvaresi, Pat Carguello, Penny Carlson, Mike Cassidy, Joe Cerretto, Gary Chilson, Chris Cipolla, Paul Cody, Shelly Cognetti, Emily Cohen, Colleen Corrigan, Pat Costa, Todd Crego, David Dan, Mark Derthick, Kim Dickerson, Courtnay DuBois, Dave DuBreek, Mike Egan, Brett Eisenmann, Dave Erwin, Pam Erwin, Sean Flaherty, Thom Foley, Colleen Foley, Kelly Forest, Mike Franov, Cindy Fronterre, Jim Galovski, Bryan Gembusia, Gary Georger, Ron Gerace, Gregg Griebel, Mike Grizer, Jeff Grizer, Ed Groszewski, Denise Gubiotti, John Hannon, Jodi Hatcher, Brian Hatz, John Hatziefthimiou, John Hill, John Horne, Mike Houwers, Tina Infantino, Michelle Kane, Greg Karilias, Bob Ketchum, Amanda Kingdon, Marty Knapp, Todd Koepke, Matt Liestman, Sue Lippa, Kristen MacBride, Chris Mahnke, Nick Mazzola, John McConachie, Paul Jenny Julie Mahnke, Joe Mazzola, Meisenzahl, Rob Michalak, Chris Mikols, Andy Miller, Dan Miller, Jennifer Mitrano, Jamie Neefe, Todd Owlette, Pam Paris, Jody Peck, Chris Pet- sos, Becky Pietropaoli, Rob Pietropaoli, Steve Pitts, Deanna Platt, Jason Polito, Terry Popinwy, Marisa Privitere, Kerri Regelsberger, Todd Regelsberger, Amy Rentzel, Alicia Rivoli, Jon Roddy, Gretchen Romig, Ronette Roy, Jim Santora, Paula Sartini, Laurie Shilen, Kim Sine, Cindy Sine, Michelle Sloan, Dawn Springett, Paula Srodawa, Mike Srodawa, Jeff Stein, Ted Stiker, Greg Taylor, Barry Thrash, Mike Tindale, Kim Todd, Kirk Trombley, Jett' Trombley, Chris Valerio, Robb Van Putte, Amy Ver- na, Rick Vernon, Scott Vogler, Mark Wells, Kurt Worden, Greg Yanz, Missy Zavaglia, Tom Zavaglia, Sonja Zimmerman, Chris Zoccali, Anders Julsrud, Matt McLaughlin, Andrea Utschig. CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES Foreign Exchange Studen Row 1: Andrea Utschig. Row 2: Michael Portz, Ant Julsrud. 4' X sgfkgig 1 4 ' -je , EW ' 11 fifusi - Fizz v X 3 mee iff? 'ff , A 1. 521.-"' F , , A"1,"4,-il, ,, ' 5- . , , -1 A ., ...,,-M., ,, .,L4.,A,.. mm V --Q H-f. H, , 'Km' 'W , Q lf lil '5 A pi . X F . X , ,A--, Y V L. N .A V N X , W 5' vw'- J-: 32 dx -li . lk f-Jil. ll" r, F 5 f -' L qua, lg 5359 AQ: ,fi-.1 5 L4 3 7 iff? ' win? ,gag - ig ,Qt -Y, . v . , if -iv 551 ,. Q 'T l x .N- ., , A3351 1 M W I 3' ow! ., 4.1! , U .5 gh I fl! QW! . Wifi mil' 1' . ' 1. .i F , 7 Se W-W i - - iw il I , jj uf, I 'QM -QQ, .ff fww V I ' M .xr , A v V1.9 1: 4.1 .J ar fr ,, x A v5"'1, wW'iWms"!Af, Q3 xv 3' A xff '.: N115 - X 1.3 Blood Drive Row 1: Scott Jermyn, Sue Bellanca. Row 2: Brian Gallipeau, Kim Stevens, Chairman Margaret Matteson, Marisa Privetere. Row 3: Greg Lehner, Mike Catalano, Assistant Chairman Michelle Le Fleur. Not pic- tured: Mark Rizzo, Janna Beth Bailey, Debbie Harding, Jenny Balonek, Faculty Advisor: Mrs. French. Play Makeup Row 1: Maura Murphy, Amy Long, Dina Cavallaro. Row 2: Julie Mahnke, Denise Sulimowicz, Kathleen Phillips, Chris Cipolla. Row 3: Annette Preziosi, Beth Bashaw, Yvette Amico, Alicia Rivoli. ATIO AL I-IO S,- Row l: Karen Herbst, Britt Lui, Amy O'Brien, John Inzinna, Chris Kraus, Casey Bernhard, Franov, Joe Cavallaro, Pat Costa. Row 2: Michelle Buono, Amy Long, Maura Wachtman, Leslie VanOrden, Antoinette Preziosi, Chris Mikols, Kelly Gorman, Jaheen Yolanda Nieves, Jill Andrews, Jori Dukes, Jennifer Jordan, Malvinder Singh. Row 3: Eric Amy Williams, Mileen Hazard, Beth Rogers, Romona Stalnaker, Eva Elia, Sonia Bansal, Tric QI I I Gutowski, Lori Smialek, Alisa Brunette, Karen D'Ambrosia, Julie Keady, Fran Lanzirotti, Lis Neal, Michelle Fowler. Row 4: Jennie Tappenden, Michelle Thompson, Dave Clar, Greg Karalia Jon Roddy, Tom Gamble, Kevin Yackel, Gregg Heintz, Marcus Miller, Brain Tabor, Emily Cohe CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES Joe Carmen, Laurie McQueen, Mike Grizer. SGCIETY ,2"4m , ,, 1' Tim Best, Benny Butera, Peggy Pelino, Dina Cavallaro ltreasurerl, Crystal Hazard, Mike Ross Bellavia. Row 2: Hans Reafler, Phil Pickering, Laurie Shilen, Keri Lazenby, Kim Kariann Laba, Louise Derry, Chris Gillam, Katie Wilson, Hannelore Witt. Row 3: Joann Tricia Sullivan, Molly Koloc, Sue Bergmann, Ken Czamara, Amy Cervini, Candi Cartee lpresldentl, Rosemarie Cook fvice presidentl, Jennifer Dlx, Scott Vogler, Julie Mannke, Pascoe, Jim Gay, Mike Houwers, Rob Pietropaoli, Jamie Neefe, Cliff Jones, Dan Mezzoprete. pictured: Sue Wolff lsecretaryl. Steer, Tracey Knowles. Stacie Strauss, Mary Barrett. Row 4: Kris Bauer, Sherry CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES U' Freshman Class Council Row 1: Thrusha Henderson, Kerry O'Keefe, Jennifer Butera, Kara Jackson. Row 2: Kerri Regelsberger, Anna Taille, Dan LoVullo. Row 3: Stephanie Leigh, Carol Steer, Jennifer Ken- drick, Anne Vossler, Kelly Thurston, Mai Lam. Row 4: Michelle Meyer, Jeff Grizer, Cheryl Wilson, Anita Srbinovski, Amy Casper, Jenni Bigelow. l i' if .fy 4 Sophomore Class Council Row 1: Cristina Rodriguez, Heidi Buonaccorso, Kelly Far- rell. Row 2: Laura Cotten, Becky Pietropaoli. Row 3: Pam Paris, Shelly Malm, Stephanie Furioso, Dena Tamoutselis, Chaton Turner, Missy Cicchetti, Michelle Roberts. CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES M Junior Class Council Row 1: Wendy Hughes, Sue Avery, Janeen Ransom. Row 2: Sue Bigelow, Lisa Page, Brian Tabor, Michelle Magin. Row 3: Marcus Morris, Tom Gamble. v... iw Senior Class Council Row 1: Keri Lazenby, Sue Bergmann, Molly Koloc, Dina Cavallaro, Laurie Shilen, Mike Williams, Amy Cervini, Eva Elia, Tracey Knowles. Row 2: Kari- Ann Laba, Kim Olivo, Becky Tyree, JannaBeth Bailey, Cindy Fronterre, Ronette Roy, Fran Lan- zirotti, Lisa Neal. Row 3: Ted Stiker, Jennifer Dix, Stacie Strauss, Jamie Neefe, Chris Wolfe, Kelly Gorman, Lilly Sto- janovski, Julie Mahnke, Sylvia Smith. CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES Chorus. Row 1: Rick Ransom, Tanya Riekstins, Anna Taillie, Donna Meyer, Tiffany Vogel, Laurie Stout, Gina DiSalvo, Cheryl Castellana, Andrea Snitchter, Jenny Stocks. Row 2: Rob Knutowicz, Amy Verna, Melanie Steer, Lori Knowles, Tammy Trumble, Melissa Mack, Gail Henderson, Kim Rothfuss, Kelly Thurston, Carol Steer, Beth Eddy. Row 3: Nichole Hibbard, Lynea Bernhard, Kim Newman, Kelly Far- rell, Debbie Stiker, Kim Ritzenthaler, Dena Brake, Jori Dukes, Denise Wilson, Lori Hamilton, Pat Robertson, Sue Bigelow, Denise Degray. Row 4: Karen Tobin, Sarah Kelch, Vivette Johnson, Sue Bellanca, Eric Saxe, Paula Srodawa, Dina Tamoutselis, Dave Wido, Jerry Maier, Amy Chizk, Denise Darling, Lin Nash, Nea Hawkins. Row 5: Lisa Strassner, Heather Barker, Lisa Ann Wesche, Kelly Rudd, Lynn Giusepetti, Amy Smith, Dawn Zacherl, Leon Mayer, Shannel Palmer, Michelle Mack, Teri Duffy, Brenda Stout, Alex Foldvan, Tony Marshall. Row 6: Pam Kraft, Rick Hibbard, Katie Ramsay, Jeff Falleson, Brian Tabor, Jason Reiss, Jeff Cottrell, Robert Peirson, Eric Wheeler, Emily Cohen, Erica Peirson, Lon Kaiser, Doreen Youngblood, Mike Williams. Q I K7 Area All-State Chorus CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES Melanie Steer, Brian Tabor, Pat Robertson, Sue Bellanca, Kim Newman. . i 5 ' lx .Q 4 W, A x a'3 7f QI fs if K E w V N6 t A I! ' 1' ' ' it ff 6 5' if ' ' V,,': 2- 4 11' r. Us 'JE 1 .. gifs T ef , . I v . uc R13 f, .. V my . . V ,WXQNX P 3 'S . ff x - Q.. wp K N, , ' 1 .-0-s'EffT?f'j "M: g Htl:-Q vv', X f ' I I QI URS I .-1 K .- -E s ,vw ,V E A . l ll ,r... . - YZ.- 13 1- ' A 'f 'V 1 i 1:55 w. .g .g3g In -, -n W7 N M 1 ps-.. I- -A :X ' wa ' 4 I' f'l 4 Ay f 5' f 'E Y ,fig ? L W .. ar j. 2 4 F736-""' .2 -' 5- """" ' 4 - Q ,, , , 9' Q . Q ge, Q. V . 4 -V f A , , I f -W iff W A ' W -Y ' ,J faf. ' W M V , 3 5, an .1 VVS? :VL ,Nas 7 1, buf' L X111 J V V ,V 1' ,A V A Y - V: V, I. . - A 1 A , 9 V Vg V V V: .,V . ,V , ,,i.:,yV f" ,,,, ,. g, ' A '15Zf . f- ' 3- 2 x., , .Q '::f, Ji7 f 5 H 15 , xx ii N, 5 x V 'i w V6 M , 6 ,X .. .,W. V H V V , 4 , V ,,, V V VV " " ,Q 1 L f - 5 V, V V , , VV N ' VVVV V V f i A " V , f - S fx " "i5i2 W :MH -- ' -A ,r e Ag' - 4 3 faq, ' ff 2 .V " V V . V . 1 ,f'Q Lf V f ,, 1 x FV Z- V. a ' V' X 3- 'V - .ff-QQ J" ' 1 f ' 1 " ' ' , E+ Q 1 an LA '!f5w'!:it'Mf'f iff? National Merit Finalists Mike Houwers, Scott Vogler. 'R Homecoming Court Row l: Sue Bellanoa, Sue Bergmann, Amy Cervini, Missy Hiller, Beth Illingworth. Row 2: Jim Gay, Steve Chapin, Mike Williams, Dan Mezzoprete. Absent: Darren Robinson, Steve Pitts, Dave Siciliano, Maryanne McGuire, Grace Sciascia National Merit Commended Scholars Row 1: Emily Cohen. Row 2: Phil Pickering, Sherry McBride, Jim Pascoe, Tracey Knowles. CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES AV Club Row 1: Rick Hibbard, Scott DeGray, Bob Wood. Row 2: Jim Pascoe, Phil Pickering, Tom Gamble, Mr. Northrop. Row 3: Mike Houwers, Scott Vogler, Todd Crego, Rob Peirson. af' 3fl, 5r, Zifwipi c..gfI.. Geology Club Row 1: Julie Keady, Sabrina Petrelli, Mai Lam. Row 2: Gregg Heintz, Sherry McBride, Scott DeGray, Phil Pickering, Ken Czamara, Scott Vogler, Shawn Binnette. Row 3: Jim Pascoe, Melanie Steer, Mike Houwers. CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES 138 i ,QQQQ 'X Ns. iii I U 1 4 Student Government Association ow 1: Beth Rogers, Kris Kunego, Jill Andrews. Row 2 ris Weston, Chris DiNitto, Diane O'NeiI. Row 3 heresa Davis, Chris Kraus, Dan Cousineau, Chris Wolfe ecky Tyree. Not pictured: John Whitley, Advisors Mrs. onald and Mrs. Stevens. I .N Student Energy Research Competition Row 1: Brian Tinch, Ken Czamara, Jamie Neefe. Row 2: Scott Vogler, Kevin Yackel, Melanie Steer, Stacie Strauss, Ross Bellavia, Ralph Rosati, Sue Bergmann. Row 3: Jim Galovski, Mr. D'Angelo ladvisorl. Mock Trial Team Row 1: Mrs. Kleinhammer lcoachl, Jackie Scott. Row 2: Chaton Turner, Beth Blundell, Lynea Bernhard, Joe Gorse. Row 3: Pat Robertson, Virginia Kirch, Pam Fantauzzo, Miss Briggs lcoachl, John lnzinna, Cristina Rodriguez. Not pictured: Ed Griebel. CLUBS 8: ACTIVITIES ,av rf' Z' f"'S 41' ...J f 4 P1 , X M xx A T' "nn J' in ' A A us. fe- L 3 W ff! - .f Fall...FaII...Fa Row 1: Laurie Shilen, Pam Paris, Gillanne Binnette. Row 2: Kim Olivo, jennifer Mitrano, Kelly Farrell, Lori Hamilton. Row 3: Coach Bordonaro. Not pictured: jennifer Stander, Melinda Dix, jennifer Dix. FALL TEAMS Varsity Tennis 4 l.V. Tennis R 0 w 1 : K e r r i Regelsberger, Wendi Hewes, Mai Nguyen, Kris Lootens. Row 2: Tuuyen Nguyen, Kendra Bush, Michelle LaFleur, Patricia Tantalo, Barb Grassi, jennifer Smith, C. Schurkamp lcoachl. ..T-ll, Freshman Football v i I Row 1: David Mruk, Marshall Lucas, Troy Letta, Shawn Mcllmoyle, Dario Mazzola, Michael Marks, Loren Stroud, Michael Magin, Donald Temperato, Tuquynh Nguyen, jason Cornetta, Brandon Kindred, Mark Merklinger. Row 2: Kevin Stubella, john Ciulla, Shawn Gee, Kevin Gee, Ever- ton Marley, Stephen Demanchick, jeffrey Mauro, joseph Ariola, joel Reeder, Todd Dattalo, jeffrey Grizer, Matthew Morley, Edward Brinson, Marcus Folts, Dominic Cocuzzi, George Clark. Row 3: Ronald Pangrazio CCoachj, Robert Casper, jeremy Merklinger, Kevin Ingram, Samuel Lucyshyn, Michael Folts, Corey Martindale, Christopher Ruff, David Mistretta, Michael Kykendall, john Mattey, john Hannon, Steven jones, joseph Sciortino, Monte Nouden, jay Szczepanski, joseph Manigrossa, Kevin Dallimore, Scott Balsley, jermaine Robinson, David Tudman tcoachj. 1 Mums 'N-. 6 Nia . fp 'Xa wt ,,,, I-M 5 , f - f f , s EE K - , ,.,, , 1. .. 17, .,,, .z , 4, 2T'z'.k ,K ,I I gmc, -f ,, 1 5 afrf: , 4,5 ,. -6 .,, . .,, Vliiz i V K . in I I, sr . 'M'-1 ' We rd ' , f 2 f 1,u-ac.M..-..A. Swimmin Row 1: julie Martindale, Carrie Marlin, Amanda Kingdon, jolie DeRidder, Kari Laba, Anne Spennacchio, Lisa Neal. Row 2: Paula Keiner, Cindy Mruk, Jenny Gruzosky, Courtnay DuBois, Tricia Ott, Linda Gundry, Debbie Stiker, Lori Smialek, Keri Lazenby. Row 3: Pam Pesch, Amy Casper, Karen Herbst, Cheryl McKinney, Noeme Panke, Jenny Shane, Amy Crawford, Tracy Vander, Heather Burling, Sue Bergmann, Amy Choromanskis, Tracy Meyer. Not pictured: Katie Stubella, Mrs. Cody, Mrs. Lazenby. FALL TEAMS 143 Row 1: Sue lll- ingvvorth, Coach Oehlbeck, Laura Macaluso. Row 2: Stephanie Kreuzer, Annmarie Inzana, Alana Stevens, Nancy Schwendy, Becky Pietropaoli, Tracy McGinness. Row 3: Melissa Cicchetti lcaptainl, Yolanda Villareale. l.V. Football FALL TEAMS 144 il.- ' "' Q U pre5enfin9 . . . The Gates-Chili Marching Band MARCHING BAND Y 9 il 4' v fl f I l ! Row 1: Barry Thrash, Don Strassner, Alan White, Melissa Rentzel, nison, Missy Green. Row 2: Kara Jackson, Kim Bellinger, Kelly Lisa Tracie Stear, Betty Fortuna, Mileen Hazard, Tammy Smith, Alissa Husto Wendy Stratton Erin Adams Lisa Woodard Jennifer LaMarca. Row 4 Ph Aldi, Dave Dennison, Chris Leary, Tammy Dalykas, Shaemus Gibney, Dav 1 Stott, Mike Forest, Dave Stagnitto, Tim Johnson, Jim Girvin. Row 5: Amy Heather Balmer, Laurie Stout, Sue Avery, Crystal Hazard. Row 3: Alicia Hill n 7 7 7 I r Chizk, Cathy Tobin, Sarah Verna, Donna Mayer, Gevonia Allen, Daw Peters, Patty Young, Jenny Marsh. Row 1: Joe Cavallaro, Matt Marlin, Danell Daymon, Chris Dann, Kevin Pikuet, Mark McElligott. Row 2: Melissa Anderson, Gina DiSalvo, Tiffany Vogel, Karen Tobin, Melissa Ayotte, Jennifer McElligott. Row 3: Sherry Thomas, Tia Evans, Donna Lennon, Julianne Oehlbeck, Brenda Stout, Katy Kelly Forest, Ellen Robillard, Jay Young. Row 4: Chris Wojtalik, Luccitti, Mark Sydorowicz, Todd Burden, Scott Lindstrom, Chris Meas- Patrick McGrain, Jason Reiss. Row 5: Amy Verna, Marjorie Bishopp, Leyer, Patty Seruga, Tricia Dalykas, Amy Smith, Paula Srodawa, Wen- Drew, Joy Denny. The Marching Band was organized as an all-volunteer co-curricular activity ln August of 1983. lt was open to any student from grades 7 through 12, and in a few cases has included highly talented 6th graders. ln additon to the fifty musicians, the band has a "Front Line" consisting of twenty Color Guard members and twelve Majorettes. Their new uniforms were designed by a committee of students, parents, and staff, and were worn for the first time at the televised Lilac Day Parade in May of 1985. The band has been directed by Robert Zale, assisted by Les Johnson fmar- chingj, and Cheryl Pentycofe fcolor guardj. The season starts with a "Band Camp" during one week in August. The band practices two or three evenings per week for about three hours. Performances for this year have included several home football games, two New York State Field Band Contests, and competition at the NYSFB Championship Show at the Dome in Syracuse. The band placed second in the Novice Division. The band has appeared on television at the Lilac Day Parade for the past three years, and has marched at many parades in Gates, Chili, and with the Fire Department at Spencerport. This year's student director is Crystal Hazard, a highly talented clarinetist who has been with the Marching Band since the very first practice. Most members are currently from the Middle School, but the program is being reorganized to try to get more senior high band members involved. The experience gained by starting this program has truly demonstrated strength in character, leadership, and commitment in many of our students. Those who were original members and are still with the group are the backbone of its strength and have earned the respect of all those involved. MARCHING BAND as 'W' Q r -iqvr -Yhl .' U 2 arsity Football Cheerleaders lgfialq l SSH? Row 1: Kris Kunego, Nicole MacKay, Gina DiGiore. Row 2: Colleen Green, Stacie Strauss lcap- tainj, Mary Barrett, Michelle Magin. Row 3: janet Mayer, jill Andrews, Coach Oehlbeck, janeen Ransom, Margie Murray. .1 4' Row 1: Leon DuPree, jim Nickolini, Pat Robertson, Tim Page, john Palozzi, Craig Martindale, Eric Stanley, Rick Rinaldi. Row 2: Brian Leach, Mike Pantano, Shawn Elliot, Craig Valentine, Mike Miceli, Greg Lehner, Mike Grizer, Daryll Rugless, Mike Rudd, Steve Pitts, Tom Tette. Row 3: jeff Lukus, Ted Stiker, Okari St. john, Demetrios Xanthos, Wayne Hicks, Phil Leone, Steve Chapin, Dan Mezzoprete, Cliff jones, jim Mattey, jim Andre, Steve Green, Kevin Lor- raine, jim Mattey, jim Gay, Coach Briggs. Not pictured: Naiem Ali, john Letta, Mike Cassidy, Lamar Forehand, jim DiSessa, jim Koneski, jerrod Libonati, Todd Krenzer, Scott jermyn, Ken Buskey, Mike Srodawa, Kipp Brooks, Coach Brondon, Coach Pannoni. Varsity Football FALL TEAMS .........,.T.l 145 Freshman Soccer Row 1: David Rossi, Rick Ran- som, Ron White, Andy Reale. Row 2: Tom Alessi, Kevin Dadey, joe Dorini, Chris Bullard, Mike Schmitt, Russell Derr , Robert Buono. Row 3: Chad! Roy, Steve Ognenovski, Elvio Fernandez, Mike Cipolla, Eric Wheeler, Dan Pappa, Scott Zollo, Scott Lazenb , Mark Stacy, Mike Crawforck Coach Felluca. Z- F3 5 1 gr Jw :- Zi za Left julie Keady Kim Newman Tracy Coffey Dawn Sprin ett Mclgride.. Right: Row. 1: Norm Wlnegarden, Kirk Milligan, Pau? Cdpo FALL TEAMS 146 Stein, joe Carmen. Row 2. Mike Swanton, Ben Terziani, Scott Vogler 3: Erin Clark, Rich Strasser, Dan McBride, Mr. Morabito. LNH Soccer Row 1: joe Mancuso, David jung, Darren Mascia, jamie Murray, Steven Clar. Row 2: Rob Rittmeyer, joe Mazzola, Steve Smallidge, Bob Dioguardi, Allan Kallstrand. Row 3: Bob Hanson, Pat Carguello, Scott Mahnke, Keith Fantauzzo, Russ Mon- tante, jeff McCafferty, Billy Stojanovski, Coach Schneider. LXR Soccer Row 1: Tiffany Baron, Kris McBride, Tiffany Peeso, Lisa Ceraci, Kris Baker, Michelle Meyer, Gretchen Romig. Row 2: Laura Capone, Pam Cosway, Dawn Hiller, Margi Turk, julie Cergento, Annette Mangini, Michelle Richards. FALL TEAMS 147 - Varsity Soccer For the 2nd year in a row, the Boys' Var- AE 3 W 23 " 5 Z r I ,I sity Soccer Team showed their strength, and became the Section 5 Champions. Under 9th year Coach Jim McLean, they finished an outstanding regular season with an 11-4-3 record, and went on to defeat Mc- Quaid 3-0 and Athena 1-0 for the champion- ship. In the quarterfinal round of states, they shut out Nichols 1-0 for their record break- ing 15th shut out of the season. They played their semifinal game in the snow and cold, losing to Vestal 2-1. Team tri-captains Jim Galovski, Pat Tata, and Darren Robinson made All-County teams, along with Todd Regelsberger, and team high-scorer Sean Egan. Jim set a record for individual shutouts, with 13, while Darren was named MVP, and Ron Cira was MIP. Overall, they were seeded 3rd for Class A teams, and rated 9th in the N.Y. S. Poll. They truly proved that they are all winners!! nfl' INNERS!! Row 1: Tom Dardaganis, Ralph D'Aries, Roberto Calvaresi, Kevin Sillato, Lou Buono, David Priestley, Jim Galovski. Row 2: And! Profita, Paul Marianelli, Sean Egan, Casey Bernhard, Andy chwenger, Matt Payment, Chuck Cipolla, Ron Cira. Row 3: Coach McLean, Darren Robinson, Mike Bozonovski, Tony DeRosa, Larry Gilchrist, Peter Dietz, Pat Tata, Ozzie Mazzuli, Keith Kijowski, Cosmo Giunta, Todd Regelsberger, Tim Best, Keith St. John. FALL TEAMS 148 . ver 7 ccer Cheerleaders 1: Diane Boeff. Row 2: Patti LePore, Julie Contant. Row 3: Justine Barc- Row 4: Yolanda Nieves, Andrea Alford, Cris Franco. Varsity Soccer Row 1: Deanna Platt, Sonja Zimmer- man, Maggie Brown, Nikki Christian, Shannon 0'Mara, Missy Janicki, Lisa Girvin. Row 2: Amy Cervini, Karen Schild, Marie Mangini, Kelly Gorman, Michele Vaccaro, Sharon Callahan, Flonette Roy. Row 3: Charlene Cohick, Debbie Gay, Sandy Susa, Laurie Mc- Queen, Chris Mikols, Margie Mangini, Michele Buono, Tracy Richards, Cheryl Rivers, Coach Wilson. . . Q . ' , Mau. 4 ' - This year, the Girls' Varsity Soccer Team proved that you don't have to be a guy to play a great game of soccer. By defeating Brighton 3-1 they became the Section 5 Champions, and went on to play in the state tournament. The girls beat Lockport 3-0 and then lost to Vestal 1-0 in the semifinals. They ended their winning season with a 20-3 record, and they became the first team from G-C to win the Western Region Championship. Players Michele Buono, Kelly Gorman, Missy Janicki, Tracy Richards, and Laurie McQueen were named to All-County or All-Greater Rochester teams for their outstanding performances. The MVP was Sharon Callahan, and Marie Mangini was MIP. The team's leading scorer, Kelly Gorman, received All-American honors, and was named one of the top twenty high school soccer players in the country. Third year Varsity coach Steve Wilson, on behalf of the girls' soccer program, would like to thank "all of the students, staff, and faculty for their dedicated support throughout the season." Congratulations to another group of winners!! FALL TEAMS 149 Winter . . . Winter . . . Winter Swimmin Row 1: Tim Rawlings, Darren Mascia, Scott Lazenby, Dan Miller, Joe Carmen, jay Young, Chris Leary. Row 2: Coach Lazenby, leff Allen, Pat Carguello, Bryan Gembusio, Kevin Herbst, Chris Ecomomidis, Greg Griebel, Everton Morley, Mark Barrett, Coach Stanish. Row 3: Steve Easton, Tom Measday, Rick Zacharko, Matt French, lim Pascoe, john Thurling, Mike Portz, Eric Nilsen, Todd Smith, Jeff Fallesen. WINTER TEAMS F31 may t -47' JL 4 "Ju Gymnastics Row 1: Amy O'Brien, Kelly Farrell, Cristina Rodriguez. Row 2: Patti LePore, Colleen Foley, Amy Gester, Nancy Ariola. Row 3: Coach Crawford. Not pictured: Julie Barbato, Renee Franzen. Hockey Row 1: Peter Feola, Pat Mon- tgomery, jay Tarmino, Todd Polidori, Kevin Yackel, Carl Martel, Andy Beach, Mike Moran. Row 2: Mr. Weyl, Chad Roy, jon Roddy, Mark Rizzo, Bob Green, Mike Miceli, Mike Fedele, Mike Gruttadauria, john Alford, Mr. McLean. Not pictured: Bob Heinrich. WINTER TEAMS -.-..1i-1.. 151 fm A Varsity Wrestling Row 1: Frank Mordenga, Ralph D'Aries, Shawn Bauer, jim Barbado. Row 2: Mark Nucci, Gary Chilson, Kevin Comper- tore, Tom Reina, Steve Smallidge, joe Giglio. Row 3: Chris Mohr, Brian Som- mers, Kirk Pittman, Gino Agostinelli, jeff Wittman, Phil Sinopoli, Keith Eichel Bob Mendenhall, Coach Hosenfeld. r Wrestling Cheerleaders Row I: Annette Caputo. Row 2: Andrea Alford, Margie Mangini, Danielle Taft. Row 3: Yolanda Nieves, Lori Meli, Maria Gattellaro, Cris Franco. Row 4: Justine Barczak. WINTER TEAMS 152 illli Row 1: Leon DuPree, Tony Russolese, Chris Zocali, Bob Giannavola. Row 2: Laura Cotton, Maryann Catalano, Heidi Buonac- curso, Kerry O'Keefe, joe Ariola, D. j. Sexstone, Greg Con don, jason Arena, Mark Merklinger, Sarn Lucyshyn. Row 3: Erin Clark, Kevin Sommers, Brian Potter, Mark Neu, Steve jones, Vince Pallot- ta, Brian Ritchie, Coach Serpe. Freshman Basketball Row 1: Pat Woods, Tom Alessi, Mike Cipolla. Row 2: Todd Dattalo, jeff Kent, Elvio Fernandes, Mark Stacy. Row 3: Bob Roeper, john Hannon, Dave Put- nam, Steve Coons, john Mattey, Dan LoVullo, Scott Ebert. l53 154 l..i....l,,,, l.V. Basketball Row 1: Beresford Lawson, Steve Clar, Brandon Ramsey. Row 2: Blake Kowolski, Chuck Cipolla, Dan Rao, Ahmal Parker. Row 3: Dave Lama, Craig Norman, Ed Groszewski, Ed Carrese, Bill McConnell, john Ill- ingworth, Coach Barron. 5 'J cowl as I.V. Basketball Row 1 Lon Karelus Mellssa Ch I d Clcchettn Row 2 Kara jackson Nancy Schwlndy Stephanie Funoso Row 3 Stephame Kreuzer Becky Pietropaoll Sue Illmgworth Darcl Cocuzzl Row4 Yolan da Vlllareale Dlna Scalone Laura Macaluso WINTER TEAMS I Va I Row 1: Nicole Mackey, Gina DiGiore. Row 2: Ronette Roy, laneen Ransom, Kris Kunego, Maryanne McGuire, Colleen Green. Row 3: Coach Carol Oehlbeck, Stacie Strauss, lill r I e Andrews, Marie Mangini. Row 4: Michele Brown, Tracey Knowles. AA' 1 1 v.'.i- Safeafywl ff gpiiii PM-'fs EC Row 1: Ken Buskey, Chris DiGuardi, Chris Kraus. Row 2: jeff Wynn, David Clar, Tom t TU5 LR l Gamble, Tom Wheeler. Row 3: Coach 'ir -.5 IJ ,T Oehlbeck, Clifflones, Tim McGinness, jim L l Mattey, lim Gay, Curtis Nash, Rick Reyes. V 't Basketball Y WINTER TEAMS .l......i......"' 155 Varsity Volleyball Row 1: Wendi Hevves, Missy Hiller. Row 2: Lori Hamilton, Beth lllingworth, Shelly Malm, Michelle Fowler. Row 3: Coach Vanderhoof, Deb- bie Gay, Renee Kendrick, Andrea Utschig, MaryBeth Matteo, Michelle Magin. l.V. Volleyball Row 1: Murrie Russer, leanine Taddonio. Row 2: Kris Baker, Maria Cam- pistrous, Robin Bellamy, Tif- fany Baron. Row 3: Coach Dow, Veria Travers, Kellie Hirschler, Tina Infantino, Dawn Hiller, jenny Bigelow, Laura Capone. WINTER TEAMS 156 i..i,T,-l,- X 5 f XXX 1 'I f. X af-'E ff' 'ir .i ':- ff'-' K. l is :wmfv 'NM' A 5 ' VW .4 L. 'Pwr'- - - JPART 3 sal 4 if V. Basketball x QQXES 047, T Varsity Basketball Row 1: Kelly Gorman, Missy Janicki. Row 2: Debbie Gay, Lisa Page, Keri Lazenby, Charlene Cohick. Row 3: Beth lllingworth, Renee Kendrick, Sonja Fitts, Trina Watson, Chris Craver. Not pic- tured: Tracy Richards tmanagerl. 1: Krissy Baker, Jeanine Taddonio. Row 2: Wendy Freese, Lori Bonnie Martin, Beth Boulter. Row 3: Sabrina Petrelli, Nea Jenny Bigelow, Melissa Spiegel, Dwan Cox, Annette Mangini, WINTER TEAMS Letvin. Not pictured: Margi Turk, Julie Argento, Coach I-light. ,..-T.,.T..,,- 157 158 --------.........-...........,. - X I.. Spring. . LV- Golf 11 3' Row 1: Don Strassner, johno Kunego, Brian Ritchie, Row 2:p Stephen Abbe , Brian Lui, Todd e Koepke, Coates Vanderhoof. Not pictured: joseph Giglio, p 3 X N ' , I X ,161 3 If Row 1: Richard Lee, Kurfwoiden. Rdw 2? Iasoh iieissfRoI5i Pieftopi3alij Cozsikh Vanderhoofg Not pictured: Captain joseph DioGuarcii, Cindy,Glitzer,g,Kevin. p.f,, e o Bater, Mark Ebef. 4 , ,i U Q SPRING TEAMS Tr2lCk 84 nr af gs. """'i Field Row 1: john Martorano, Ben' ny Butera, Casey Bernhard, K joseph Carmen, Pat Carguello, jeff Anderson, jeff Stein, john Murphy, Gregg Fox, Dan McBride, Dan Broch. Row 2: Steve Bur- roughs, jim Wedderburn, 1ohniToepper, Sean Corke, Eric Lettau, Steve Pitts, Mike O'Brien, jong Kim, Scott Sterner, Sean Binette, Norm Winegarden. Row 3: Pat Robertson, Coach Tom Neary, Naiem Ali, Marcus Morris, john McFadden, Nick Der- thick, Paul Sochia, jim Gay, - Dough Schroth, Charlie Kelly, Mike Srodowa, Gary Valen- tine, Mark Itterman. s Bong 1: Captain seji Ronette Roy, Chaton Turner, Annette Caputo, Cathy McDade. Row 25' Michelle ivaccaro, Molly Koloc, Michele, Mack, ,Laura Capone, julie Keady, Robin Bellamy. Row 3: Romona Stalnaker, CaptainffSl1erry'Mc8ride, Sonja Fitts, Laurie McQueen,,,Captain Kelly Gorman, Nea Hawkins, Brenda Baker, Sue Bigelow. Not pictured: Donna Capone, Varsity coach jim yangierljroof, assistant coach Marianne 90dY' jj my j IG TEAMS 159 Varsity Tennis Row 1: Dave Mancuso, +Tonye Ciaccia. Row 2: jerry Wager, Tom Darda?anis,. Mike Kelly, Keith McMil ean. Row iQ 3:e C oe1ch, Horg ' donarcgm, Bob Shute, Ross Bellavia, Stefan n Le nsureer, Tofn G:iinbleQ Dar? ren Robinsong' rg if nn i MULUQY- BOW C04ChZeHiickQYg'1eff Wfeiegm, jarfiie n e Ed eini 'Gebrge j0neesffNQotpictured: an MeilIer,fNieckfdioer- maiosgeeellean Zacherl, Lou Buenos lnee SPRINGTEAMS-J - - f , . ,g. , , 5, A 5 5, 1+ ,S f .-,::. -S4 5: 1- iv, .ng ' .f Je: - ,...--1 eX- 13' The re s8 Gam ble, 'iBrari klinEe. Row 2: f NVQ, Kim Davies, L bri' Cidldella, Lisa 3: :Coach AguFIia, Chris Craver, 1 l Rbsatli, Mis sy Hilled Cindy Sullivan, ' Micheile M agi !1 , Bria n Tbor Ndt pit:- tu red: Suie Sr11ith, Tracy l 41' ,,k' Ex G- 'wifi ,WN ' g,,pQ3 ,Q 9 C nf 51? 6 K' A ,.., ' ff- . W 1 'Quill I 4,2 Varsity Row 1: Mike' Padulo, Dan Watl son. Row 2: M,ikeRudd, Mike Ciranni, Scott Hirsthler, Steve Leone, Mark McGrath.,-kRow 3: Mike Fedele, Cliff jones, Rick Reyes, 'Kurt Brcioks, kEIyieS Reyes, Dane Mezzpprete, e,,,,,ee hm Neu, Steve Chapin, C0ach McManis. keeeee keeek ,eee s e - X Q ii ws... f-.vN..... Kelly Gorman All-American to all of the Spartan Teams!! Gorman gets top honors Gates-Chili prides itself on the success of its students. With help from many people Gates-Chili Senior Kelly Gorman has become a role model for many in our community. Since Kelly's 9th grade year she has been involved in 14 athletic seasons in Track, Soc- cer, Basketall, and Volleyball. She is Varsity Captain of the Soccer, Basketball and Track teams. Kelly has been awarded the Gates-Chili 1985 and 1986 Ethel Fuss award which is given to the top female athlete. Kelly also was honored as the 1986 RochesterfMonroe County High School Hall of Fame Scholarship recipient and has been named one of five finalists in WVOR's 1987 RochesterfMonroe County Sportwomen of the Year. Kelly's top interest in athletics is soccer, and she has been given top, honors as a 3 time All-League selection, a two time All-Greater Rochester selection and a First team All-New York State Selection. However, her highest soccer honor was given to her when she was named to the Secondary School All-America Team for 1986. With all of these athletic involvements, Kelly is a member of National Honor Society, Geology Club, Service Club, and maintains a 96 grade point average in the Gates-Chili GOAL program. Kelly comments on her successes at Gates-Chili: "Much of my success is due to the constant support of my friends, parents, coaches, teachers and the community. None of this would have been possible without their help." All of us at G-C wish Kelly continued success. TEAMS Congratulations Girls score shutouts U3 Girls' basketball -5 Reyes sparks al' . . - Nw- Sgygggn 8335- wang gm 1. ' , ml , Ho I McGinnesa18.DlGuara6g,Jones2.glar:, Qgjgxwzeiief-195502 523 f- 3 Q -"'- D Q an G-C Gy nastsFly1ng lg I K'::a.:s2?'a::.L!'hf.v,n2x:zf".ff.,ui..,".,ui1 om rn g: Fm QQ - O 5 CD None. gi 5 Egg? 332:55-:fi-TE"3'S 3 gn U E m 3 By Ron Wysocarski Webster on Janu Y 13- The UQ :Q m U ""' 1..."" 2 Ph 1' ESQ' 25.530 'fngg' mn! 0 N : H Gates-ChiliNews Spartans defeated Webstenoggs 82, Q 9.4 3 5 wa. : 3 1 93 gg ma n- ' ' UI Oo -.O-H oo .. - 'E.D.. w 5 L m 333 QETESSESOEE. 'Q l m m 31 The Gates Chill gxrls 89.1to47.90. 3 Hg: ww gtgfsqjg -. I gp 2 55, :rs -'rig-. Q-UE ge 5 U3 f-o- 3 ' gymnastics team 44-4 recordy Spartan Kelly Farrell won 0530 525.8 O 5 gel 3 Q3 Wag VD- QSSH 51455 O v : m 3 f setsomeseasonhighsinpoints theAll-Aroundtitle4wxtha33.15'g'g-E 3 5 Hsggggpgs L' 8 52.59 QS!"-I b m I 9, .' for events atameet against total score whlle fellow-Elgag Egg Qiqioga -uh -. 2-2,3 S2-59 E52 IU Q -as 61.-1,355 rg 5-45.831320 o:"g'53i2+l Q2 O -Q o. cwsw 2-5.-. CD Q . .-. ,Q 1 9:---,gg ::g.51f-Q. -hgggw gg C 5 SEQM gi-ff? EWS' O gb" nl- Q : 2 E,-rg Far? 0 SSZSQQEDEESJQ gig? 5-gwgsgoe -1 E. F202 ZQSE 'OS' O n -do 5523 '- d'8"i'i,:.O--5' f"f5"fTee'-5531562 fg gags 'Avg-'Em ap" O 99 : m 1-' 5 'EQ age? C33 gQ'g9gS:r9mEg3f5fe5-,S EQQSQF3 CQ -s Sf? 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LOOKING BACK 'milf' ummm. '1' NPN 1, "'hh - Ol' ward yd I l 9 X fpm- . LOOKING BACK U' f I K A . K t Q5 i J , , .K J ' . v,.4,K: 4 x K K f" ' .,1. t- , I t f , 1 b F I ,. 1 ll I 5 K ' -s 5 . s .. QL Q: X1 'V MQFQQN Y 1 '- ', Q 8,3 v . . fwwgwww f-st -XQIIWWWWPSNQ ,W www 18952: 45.4 QQMWWK pgs'-fvwww Qilllmmfff QIFWW f ' Axxk ' --, STILL THE BEST EVER Class of 1988 LOOKING BACK ... 173 i -ZLLI 5 Q. V , ,aff f f 1 .,".','. ,- W - .i ,fy-,.t f g QS A TGUGH ACT T0 FOLLO .lil 175 Miss Fyfe has been teaching at S Gates-Chili for twenty-eight years. She attended SgU.N.Y. Brockport, the University of Rochester ,and the University of Colorado.tShe'll miss "The people" most of all, and after twenty-eight years, they'll definitely miss her. C Miss Fyfe chose to be a social studies teacher because she, "Always liked history even in elementary and high school and teaching it fwase s one way to use the knowledge." Her favorite ex- cuse given to her by a student was, ultsvbleweesout the window on the gthruwayf' and "My ,dog chewed it up" coming in a close second. ' C After she's gone, Miss Fyfe wants to catch up on all the things she hssnwshads time to do: travel, take some college courses,,sew, garden,,read, or, do volunteer work. Good luck in retirement, Miss Pvfe., l s c or . . ii-Tr, 1. ,ZW .L iw C ' 1 s i A glut, '- aw, ,f Mya, -r fm f ,:','.- , L L gk 'Ah :S A. my xv I at .ww ,si . I I 41", 2 " . 4 WA- f,- 'ls llfwl 1 rg, . my 'f gg, . . , " ,W ' f V , ,, ,.,, -5.15, 4 tl 4' is 'V ' ' ' . ',,f, ,gg , 4 - ' -e' til is fr A-1 s, , .ag f .r or - ' mgi1,,g7:5. l N C V, ' 'L " ' W 'gf ei'e M if . , , M W ' 3551 Ahh! if A .n f we if Q,33f ,V , Ay." h 5 , V K ,f Q 'if 3 'NST xr 1 ,Q ,, ff- Nils, A K 1 wx , -l ,W .K 42- '- , - g. 1, M Qt s ik ."fN f L+-1: Mister llllllaflonl . Mr. Whatford decided to become a teacher out of "Interest and desperation, not necessarily in ,that.order." He attended Plattsberg Teachers' College, Buffalo State Teachers' College, Brockport Teachers' College, and Rochester Institute of Technology in order to complete this education, andfhas ,taught at Gates-Chili for twenty-five years. g C Although he is moving on, Mr. Whatford will ,miss the people here at Gates-Chili. For him, the association and interaction between himself, the gstudentsisandisthe staff will definitely be hard to replace. C , Now that he's retired, Mr. Whatford wants to move to a place where he'll, "Never see any snow again." Afterso many Rochester winters, can you blame him? Every -teacher hears countless excuses given for unfinished assignments. Of course Mr. Whatford is not exception. His favorite is, "My sister ate my sketch", ' Gates4Chili won't be the same without Mr. Whatford teaching students all kinds of art, and we'lli all rniss himf'Good luck and lots of sun, Mr. Whatford. Everyhello leads to goodbye . . as -kr' .,,,,. ,,,,,,....-N ,..-f' Wi W I . I 4, n M V AM, 1 ...7 X, '- ,I 1 N Q A A I BOD. ,2,.. X l- 4 , V vs H 1 r 'im-we .JB X if tr wt ,A , X Wm ,gi A-,. WMU N . Af ,- 'll 1 - 4 J ri Q, If f ll if -'I ' r J? fl f' ' U f w 54 1 - 2 . fr N ' .'-1' '-1. 01 gtk f .1 X 1, WV 45, il .577 .f5'L"' ,. t', YWJ ' f ax-' , - o ,- .NH .pf ns LJ pr , N EJJPJ ,Q-ur45'.: 1 EQ V-V: Q. In 9 1- 3 5316- W - - Af' . f- Q- -A' F .J f " "3-9" :g',"1i:x. 'A-xi'b'J M I -43' 1-Llg ' f . q E ,1 X 1. W'f'v..o.-.W r '1- .- ," -XgJ,, ' ,047 S L . 1 , D7 K 9 in . 51. '3 1 4 132 . ,. ,nag?'t'Aj,.,ngjgq5-We '. -" -. 4 '- 9- ' --M v m, 5, -A -,I x ,K-1 l. Li.' , ':,,,,,f "' L' -" A. ' - -L 'V ik: ,QVFM uyzzy. -me, C-.ff L4 va 9 s sw "' 511' 'W 'LV-xrs '-fz - A -1 -J -, .',. ' 'A 3. X Q ' ,. . xx- - .4 - . vga- ' i f 2 ---- -- 1 J Q Q. 4 .Qf i' Er' if-1. A' x.:,'-,z.I- A X 2- -pf g V r", i' ' E N ,, 4 H, at A . ,. X J " ,,.,- A ff, -' . ,U K, HE , ,X f' 1- .' . L, " , gg'-1 . , x X 5 -'W , 2651 f ' 4 1 . A V J ' , 52 . , ' Qi f,- . 5 ,455 ,. f , . 4 ,X , X f J X If f V. A HALLOWEEN 1764: .Q xg? ,kzgvl 'S , - .51 -, ' -,JVM ,- 58's A J 3121 The Graduating Class of l987, 1 ' d l ein of Sound Ol Mind an B s Body Does Hereby Bequeath Mr. Middleton -- an untraeeable phone line and Lyndon LaRouehe's phone number Mr. Polito -- a jar of Elmer's glue Qfor his chest hairl ,, Mr. Tisa - a squirt gun, roller skates, and a snowball W Mr. Osborne - Audrey ll Qfrom Little Shop of Horrors! ll Mr. McKenna -- a lifetime supply of crossword puzzles Mr. Korneliusen f- Pat Boone's tailor, No! ff better yet, David Lee Roth's A-Q Mr. Jourden f- a cameo appearance in, "Hagar the Horrible" ll, Mrs. Johnson -f a new rubber chicken i e l ll ll Mr. Rohrberg f- an orang e Mr. Topp f- infinitely many integrals Mr. Swift f- a great musical for next year knot better, just greatl an ,, Mr. Johnson I a ski trip where everyone remembers their bus number it ll ion with Christie Brinkley f if h forgets thernl it Mrs. Collichio -f a photo sess ' ff sunglasses tfor those frequent days when e ' nd llO cornets . . ." etc.l Mr. O Gorman Mr. Zale I H76 trombones for the big parade, a Mr. Whatford -- a one-way ticket to Florida , Mr. Oehlbeck ff a copy of Mr. Christina's book, Glow to Stretch, 'N remember'?l Townsend -f a doorbell that plays Tchaikovsky's "Symphony in F p Mr. Minor if 4" - d ts that take turns at speeds under 35 mph ll 1 v 5 l Mr. Caruso Stu en t nk l l . Mr. Poness - a Sherman a Class of '88 -f- the orange hall Mr. D'Angelo -' Pandora's Box I Mr. Lalillarca -- a normal coffee mug ' The Men's P.E. dept. f- a cure for the curse of the Senior-Faculty it fe ngratulations Basketball Games The Women's Faculty Basketball Players Our co lil ll 'Ei' LooR 5 177 , S J Q4 Q 1 X ,f ,"'A : 'If 5 A . 1 .QI vm of IX' I Closs Muslclons John Thurllng ond Crystal Hazard j if xppl., - Iwi 11' " 3 4. A? 1 ts 1 .,. X Q, ' X ,wtf TN , .. -. . , ww- X dv Xi' -X . 1 ..' nik, -w w 4, -' N " g Q X , V 5 3 1 ' s x 1 , . , O 1 ? 1 6 2 Q 1 'la .""f Q4 N 'N 'fs I E .ww "?Q'7i fU5Y N fiat, -aw lr hite and delicate. high tech yet oddly primitive, the plane looks like some elegant insect or a sleek, latter- day pterodactyl. With her reedlike central wing slic- ing across three slender cylinders, she might have been designed by an austere modern sculptor rather than an leronautical engineer. In an age of space travel and supersonic Bight her mission is a throwback to a dilTerent kind of odyssey: to fly not faster, but longer. Not higher. but farther. Voyager is a flight of fancy, ofquaint possibility. A round-the-world flight without stopping and without refu- eling is one of the last firsts ofatmospheric aviation. Perhaps be- t, tuse such a feat had become almost an anachronism, no one be- fore had tried to accomplish it. The flight was always considered impossible because no plane could carry enough fuel to take it 23 000 miles. But last week, while the attention ofthe nation was directed toward weighti C .2 -I-I CU Q S 'U "F QD X O O 1 Sport ma e 86 Fli ht of Fancy Voya er makes cz quaint quest for immortal matters in Washing- Ronald Reagan to TIME on his reaction the contra l U While I-he Advise, ,ohn lrislts ol action Pvindexier in l are allways xgxgxzg iapparcnhthc benwehe lrisksznitlcosts resigned iofinaction may be . . .even moi gg me ,c tlainaging. is Videfl eec or eEthicsi There is bitter bile in my throat these days. l've never seen the sharks circling like they now . 3 Zlftf. X ! .co E: 19... : ,i ah..-,,l-'-2 f 1 , ff5:CZy.i.q, H , gl QPF? 1 . .. The President on .1 1 ,, Oliver North, n Ol KU Qenffal bctrztyetl g figure in the H - I ff scandal C IS 'I ' Nation N bt N Lmq 81101 1 zuauzqs, YE. si, Wll sgsug aauas, Lil CIT ,.. ,.. .a fl T 'P ,i aNmBehavior - Religivne iili ii Waiting to roll: planes backed I 1. F' F I liver Stone sprang up in bed and found fear staining his sheets. A dream had startled him awake. He was I6 years Out of Viet Nam. but in the dream. "they had shipped me hack. Somehow they found me at the age ol' 38 and sent me hack. I woke up in a sweat. in total ter- rorf' That was two years ago. Now Stone. who earned a Bronze Star and a MASH unit's worth of physical and emo- tional wounds in the jungles ol' Viet Nam. has transformed his war experi- ence'----the bad dream he lived through for I5 months in i967-68-into a lilm called Platoon. With craft. crackle. a little hombast and plenty ol' residual rage. he has created a time-capsule movie that explodes like a frag bomb in the consciousness of America. show- z I 7 0 Q CIS yW . ayztreall PUE.:zi'E45 S::Gf'5' o:.2:RE1-,ff o:.UrE:':,:g:. C-crc.gUco:" iff-img gs' 5.52-CQLLE M...-mF""fD" G-1525:-N2 mc-RtnQ':.'w fi"-' m"F. w5':?0 'ii rt"c:GVJf7 :a,'fTa:'E9.,5-' E' 350520 .- . -rd3:::fD -'..J G G a'e2.,'5- wgugwag 2:f3:Q.2"t :,..U:: '- :24fF5jZZ"" .. .- GZTEQWQE 3 "1..I. 1- -JLG:-,AQ1 :jCITUQ""I'lU ,rsgfgsra i3. 5-,-JCC-. 3 QA 'Q N G Viet ing how it was back then. over there. Begin with a birth: a baby-faced sol- dier. Chris Taylor iCharlie Sheenl. is de- livered from the womb of a transport plane into the harsh light ol'Viet Nam. He will lind death soon enough: four patrols in the lilm. four wrenching revelations. On Chris' first night patrol he watches. paralyzed with fear. as the enemy ap- proaches and another new hoy dies. On a second patrol the platoon enters a village that might be My Lai: anger goads Chris w h o LES" M a Elias, above: 9 LLL A said ao! Juepnz W! : Y: C4 'Q z o E To R 'Cs Q : N1 so Q E k fb of Q E M. F4 b 3 Q S Q rx. atiuzjap suaqoy Us Q. m m F 5 Q is 2 5 stzq .ia1s1oq 01 E UQ 1-4, nagpauuog V UUE! SBX9-L E 12 BSHUEA 1, 5' 0 '1 CD Ul Fl' 5' CD E 5' mi N5 -S ga 2. 'E UQ? We :E WE :rg IQ?- U 3 3. il 2 EE '13 -'Ei O OE. N Si' 022. gg, O -1 Ml F -l -on CD 'i-'xiii Gannett News Service TOP SELLING SINGLES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 At This Moment. Billy Vera and the Bea- Ckist La Vie, Robbie Nevil Shake You Down, Gregory Abbott Open Your Heart, Madonna Control, Janet Jackson Land ol Confusion. Genesis Someday, Glass Tiger Change of Heart, Cyndi Lauper is This Love?, Survivor Victory. Kool and the Gang 10 TOP SELLING ALBUMS l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 B 9 O H 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 B 9 10 'ro i 2 3 -1 5 s 7 a 9 ia T0 1 2 3 4 5 'e 7 a 9 Slippery When Wet, Bon Jovi Bruce Springsteen 5 the E Street Banu 1975-85, Bruce Springsteen Third Stage, Boston Different Light, Bangles The Way it ls, Bruce Hornsby and the Range Night Songs, Cinderella True Blue, Madonna Forel, Huey Lewis and the News Dancin' on the Calling, Lionel Richie Control, Janet Jackson P COUNTRY AND WESTERN SINGLES Cry Myself to Sleep, the Judds Fallin' for You for Years. Conway Twlttl You Still Love Me, Dan Seals Hall Past Forever, T.G. Sheppard Leave Me Lonely. Gary Morris The Carpenter. John Conlee I 'll Come Hack as Another Woman, Tanya Tucker How Do I Turn You On 7, Ronnie Milsa Gotta Have You, Eddie Flabbitt Straight to the Heart, Crystal Gayle YTHM AND BLUES Stop to Love, Luther Vandross Candy, Cameo Jimmy Lea, Aretha Franklin Control, Janet Jackson Come Share My Love, Miki Howard As We Lay, Shirley Murdock C'esl La Vie, Robbie Nevil Falling, Melba Moore I'm Not Perfect, Grace Jones Misunderstanding. James "D Train" Williams P VIDEO RENTALS Short Circuit, CBS-Fox Video Cobra, Warner Home Video Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doo Paramount Pictures Poltergcist ll: The Other Side, MGM! Home Video Raw Demi, HBO-Cannon Video Maximum Overdrive, Karl-Lorimar Ho Video Down and Out ln Beverly Hills, Touch Films SpaceCamp, ABC Motion Pictures The Manhattan Project, HI-30-Cannon The Money Pit, Amblin Entertainment P VIDEO SALES indiana Jones and the Temple ol Doo Paramount Home Video Jane Fonda 's Low Impact Aerobic W KVC-RCA Video - Sleeping Beauty, Walt Disney Home Jane Fonda's New Workout, KVC-RC Video Star Trek Ill: The Search lor Spock, Paramount Home Video The Sound of Music, CBS-Fox Video Star Trek ll: The Wrath ol Khan, Para Home Video Witness, Paramount Home Video Secrets of tha Titanic, National Geog Video Raiders oi' the Lost Ark, Paramount Video TOP GROSSING IIOVIES 1 Platoon 2 Outrageous Fortune 3 Light of Day 4 Black Widow 5 From the Hip 6 "Crocodile" Dundee 7 Critical Condition 8 Star Trek IV The Golden Child ' in ir i, ,Wifi Q tart, I WWA Y 1 V -N .1 vu av? as t ik Q ' ' 2 'E .MM fp ., , In 'X W 11 4, 'fm N . Ewwxgw V, Q, U R V W Q, www: W4 Cx J my ,QW WW' -45 L v . ' R I' ,M 'v b - pf in yy 1,- V K f:1Q3:f'W N ., , vi Q N , 9, -- j ff . N iq ' mfg- M- yen 1 -wg .- ' , .P 1, N Y. ,mv . -1 K b A -ji 4. x f if A A nv-'W' :E . 1, N H 3 My 'K i M K ,V . ,K x . H' - sw Fei 'Z 4 41 ,ima ' M ,IL H -5, 'Wm Q2 sy Pi 'Jw 1 X ...E bf' lx 1 Nw L w 119. W Q L Ri '11 s--. 57 'ggi' Awww., .' 4JE2g' ff'--UP WarL igltarmalfib .jgennefk wafface jorieplz Mffaredf J4,,faf 9, 1969-.z4,1rifI3, 1987 JJ, 2, 1969- Wm!! 3, 1987 leCemLer 22, 1967-.fdugual 10, 198 Time Did Not Allow That We Would Know You Well. Yet, It Allowed Enough for All of Us to Know That We Need Not Weep, for You Have Seen the Beauty of the Earth and Sky and Trees and Sun. They Have Been and Always Will Be a Part of Your View and We Know That You Will Never See Ugliness nor Be a Part of Future Sin. We Will Carry a Bit of Memory and Later - When the Blanket of Comfort We Call the Past - Envelopes Us, We Will Bring Out Each Memory - Each a Note of Your Life, and We Will Hear the Melody That Is You. LOOKING BACK 186 . .,l w X WefTIoCo X 'Q Z I JN I 1 , 1 . 17 J, S ' " u p, ,, ' A . " 'S LOOKING BACK 187 At Gates-Chili, we not only get an education, we get Memories to last a lifetime! f 1 LOOKING BACH ' 11 -. 1. ,A' I i 5 4 ,-X 4 i"l f 'Q W 1 ' In 1 . N 5 34.51 . X xi SV Q' I fl Y ' - o i ri' 7,1 4 '. . fmt. En Z' -. ..,,.. -qui ' 2 '31 i .I ' ' . H - E , wk? 1 53: NME g,?..v9"' V4-f 6211- WAHM b ,VA' . 4- ' W , , ,, an .- A f A , J ga -ab , . . ' 2 3 Q .3 Q - ,L --fx ' Q 1 Swim i s 5 I R4 l p Q3 ,Q-' 5 1, -T f 325 Qi' : LOOKING BACK "I J x , , , FQ ., lk , X- ,gf ow ' f ew- Q Q an l HQ! - : ' , v A , ,, my x MSN-3' 5 ' :E - A 1 " H ' ra in f vp, vi ' 4 if YS. W.-1, mf K H . 4 . O 3 .X , ir N 'Zi f d Lknff-1 , -, ' A X " .Q Y ,VK 5 - WWW WLEIM. Zfgvyg .1 iam V Q -1 an .. Ex ' M-'fvfr ' M. 4 'Q 4 . 4' 1, FLW" Q, Q if f'-f '6- ,vw K Qw , v+fK' A Zim TY -1 A 'fl 5 ' ik 6 i 'b 'hiwpzayfa bl Q S. . A 1 YQ x Y X 6 . Mi xx-j ll 'QS I v, If ,Ni 52' f fx .At ur J ' 1 , ,, 5 x - W , , . X - .. n L ' 1' 1 ' 'A' ': V .A H, v' '. , D ' Y 5 P V N5 'M V, 2' ' . 1 -. LA, Q ' . ,ag ' ,,f1vlt -I . ' If +241 ""' " M 1 VIL fy '-X" . h 3 .qnqft 7295? 'M 4, - ' - f 1 - A2 ' ,Af . "1 ' ' x r LOOKING BACK 190 ' 4 Nw, . A M .A ' ,f 5 ,, 4925 I 2, 15 ,Q ,in ' tw x. -v -VB' X56 RS-K fx ff? . ,rfs . 'X , quail? -W ,....-...-.,,...-..-... I x .!' gm- 3?5-a-"" W r A V 9455 W' J l. -9 ' .' ffit I WI., n ,fa i - 1 w .3.fig53,,.v f q ' ,'g3?f1fi'Ml5 ' rw 95 I ' X u A Q 44 rf -gm in " ' ' ""-P gk t ' ' L 4 2, T . 0 - Thanks to all the students who donated these pictures. 191 -.U ,. FH . , - .R . 4 Friday the 7 3th brings bad luck to the senior teams I I ' E I Senior - Faculty Basketball Game 17" Aggies!!! The annual Senior-Faculty Basketball Game was played Friday, February 13th, and the one game win- ning streak started last year by the seniors was quickly destroyed. The faculty, disguised as The Empire Strikes Back characters, had no problem destroying the rebel forces. The morning game was close and could have gone either way, but the Empire won it, 48-45. In the afternoon, a new group of seniors took on the already exhausted faculty, but couldn't take the victory away from them, they lost, 52-42. The problem of the faculty aging each year while the seniors remain the same age didn't seem to matter. Entertainment was pro- vided by the senior cheerleaders, who went wearing togas, tacky ties, and shades. Thanks go to the four senior coaches, Cliff Jones, Tim McGinness, Jim Gay, and Rick Reyes, and to everyone who attended, helping to raise S1600 for the scholarship fund. While the 13th was nothing unusual, two weeks later, on the 27th, something new came to be. The first Girls' Senior-Faculty Basketball Game was played against the women faculty. The faculty got off to a great start, winning 31-17. This game will surely go into the G-C history books, even if the guys' game doesn't. LOOKING BACK 193 W W ,SPRII GUQQQK 65 AOWHAT T0 no Q5 spring brea NOTHING LESS O SIDE "" 'WEE Q9 QSI E55 BY S 5 SIDE Class Ring 89911 g 9215 99 Q30 NS Pufenf face JANET JACKS ON 09, 'if' 169 Rock wh SQUYWQSXQ M icmii Vice U .LQHEEHPHS GU 65 GOA W5 633,32 391: - or ' Q reP0" C 3 j , QrrQXXgB?iExNeRPKxo N o FaSh1on VAN HALEN Fresh ear ECUP s E 5 ' QQ 3 For better 'B and for wors 550 Q O GRCW U - Qu 0 SUHl5l:UN l5tNtHAL'm WAHNINL1: uummg smoxrng Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Your Health. PXy E L ew IE oon lg Ing, WXQXX Reflections ,O N N 3 W O 90 C? EH?-ffv ,r 9060 M66 , 9 Nm dm JomqXNN0 ul P I 5 Mak M CD .IE DEC-I-f'NEXffNl IDI '33 C rr'o l rsrs X rbfoes ggi 66' gf! -4 Elf When they were freshmen . . . .r" un - Q.. , P - Ai' .-ff' -. 3' , 3 -e ' . ,vv - Qtnvlr' S wie, 1 f' n 3' - .Q 1 ' Q mls- :1 P52515 - H A 1 4,-,-. ls ' 'Q e. fs -1, Sheff , ' i e' ' s. 2 . -I ye., 5 ' 'L I' .. 'T , ' '1 ' t f 4 0 'fy , ' ' 531 WT ' - . via e 'C "" - 1" 'Y'-N' , - xi ' VJ-',w , ' -'f " -4 .rf ,- , ,.. v' '.. U" 1 wh ff- - my-,. -if-an - M e h. , -e ,, .gg ., he-Q My 3 ' x ' ' ' :lf Q' rfigfgzf- A 4.0 LOOKING BACK 196 - Etcetera WH Wfwfvfixawwixsy ?Tvwv1Q'U "L!i?lQJfHWffjD H+ TRW? -, t -. , W V V. 1 1, . M ,M x. , 1 W... . ,h w . . ,. ,. ai ,.. , .. 4... ,'1- 5 F, ' ' 5 b 'A'A, QA N " ' f ' ' ,L.. ' "f- .... ' .Q ,, ' - f 5 ie 'WT' g Xvh. WA f 4 ,L 3 . 'f ..'wif!'s.!Q.p,v - -W msxff1aggg1!fi?3mf2eg:g5gEda'l ..,fQd3 s:v xf', P f ' , ez,-Qw. F -q,- .. W - 5 , V f ' --N- pn .S Q , S ,H " Qg3M.i2g? if ,x,,- . . x fv: , . Q' , V " -' - 1-. Y ETCETERA Messages To: Weej Message: No more sllly hlgh school stuff! Me Zak and Amy - August 3lst! From: Mur To: My push up pal Message: Ittlfu camp, paddleboats, lemurs, sllllness, our candle, new years. From: Mur To: Lumpy and Wally Message: You guys are the best frlends anyone could have. From: Eddy To: Jennlfer B. Message: l'm glad we've been so close this year! Let's keep ln touch! From: Jennifer D. To: Rossy Message: You've been a big ape with all the glrls! Keep lt up! Koko! From: Kurt To: The gang Message: We're outta here. l'm gonna mlss you guys. Keep In touch! From: Love Becky To: Tuuyen N. Message: Il you weren't slck of being depressed with together there are 2 more yrs From: ??? To: "KarIe Darling" Message: "What do you thlnk you're doing???" Friends forever! KIT! From: From "u" To: Steve C. Message: Actions speak louder than words!!! From: Beth To: Quick Message: Nlce! Just Relax frlend From: Hlr To: Message: "We're the Beepers, Glve us a Cheer, So will stlck around one more year!" From: To: Message: TOOT TOOT - HEY - BEEP BEEP! From: Mare and Klm To: Marlann C HI Message: -N- JOEY From: Dave G. Love, Klm K. To: Michelle Message: lt's been fun sharing lockers for two years. Good luck In your senlor yr. From: Love ya, Trlcla To: Amy Message: We have had a lot of wlld tlmes the last 5 years. K.I.T. From: Love ya, Trlcla To: Tonl, Christy, Rlta, Marla Message: To my other family good luck wlthout me - l'm out of here! From: Mlchele To: Andy and Cosmo Message: Cl Slamo Dlvertltl Quest' Anno, Slamo Amlcl per tutta la nostra vlta. From Ozzle ETCETERA 198 To: The Gang lChrIsy, Tonl, Rita, Marial Message: Keep in there you'lI be out of here someday! From: Mlchele To: Llsa Message: Wanna sleep In the Mustang tonight? Who's beeblng the horn? uhvoh. shhh! From: Luv ya, Cyndi To: Bud Message: Don't forget plmp hats, skllng, Vermont, and the blllards! l'm gonna die! From: Mlc To: Thom Message: Remember Brooklea, Run-Around-Sue, and Amerks game? I love tlckllng you! From: Love, your locker partners To: Mr. Rlley Message: You owe the SENIOR CLASS over 100 locks that you cut off!! From: SENIOR CLASS OF '87 To: Ann S. Message: Annie, Annie, are you O.K.? Last tlme l'Il say It. Happy?! From: Love Always Lorl S. To: Colleen Q. Message: 13 yrs. together, looklng for 13 more. Your'e my best frlend. Love From: Lori S. To: Mlke IIS! Message: I loved watchlng your games. You're a great player. I love you! From: Guess Who? To: Dave S. Messsage: Get your head out of the alr - Want some spolled milk? From: Debble B. To: Margie Message: See you over the years glad we're frlends. Good Luck with Tom! From: Love ya, Carmen To: 47 - Message: I'lI Love you forever, In my heart we'll always be rl. From: 56 To: Mlss Fyfe Message: Best to you ln Retirement. From: The G. C. Faculty To: CLASS OF 1987 Message: BEST OF LUCK IN YOUR FUTURE. From: MR. DEWEY To: Katie Message: You know It, deflnltely, frlends always and forever and ever and ever . . . From: Luv ya, Chrls To: Kevln Message: You weren't here but you were always on my mlnd. ELEPHANT SHOE!! From: Klmmer To: Miss Faulkner Message: We mlss you!!! From: The G. C. Faculty To: Zach Message: Let's go out, can you drlve! From: W I T T To: Maryanne Message: I hope all of our dreams come true and we stay frlends forever. From: Phyllls To: Jen Message: 7 years now. Always let your Ilght shlne through. J.C. Rules. From: Tracey To: Rosemarie C. - Yearbook Editor Message: Thanks for the terrific job and the ulcer. Best of futures, From: Mr. Kornellusen To: Andrews Message: The Wlnter Ball, Christmas, Friday Nights, and Buffalo. These were great. From: Kraus To: Lori fChlcky'Bitl Message: Through all our fights I love Ya little Sls. I'll miss you. From: Tracey fTeetl To: CAT Message: I have a one way ticket to Japan, want one? From: W I T T To: Kelly and Scott Message: Thanks for the laughs and good limes - best of luck to you! From: Chris and Jlll To: Jlm P. Message: Thanks for keeping the secret and lifting the boxes. From: Mr. Kornellusen To: Mlke C. Message: Glad we got to be good frlends. You're a super speclal person! From: Mlchele B. To: Dave R. Message: It was fun whlle lt lasted, mlss you already, don't forget me! From: Colleen Q. To: Dawn B. Message: You're the best, Thanks for all the laughs and good times. From: Tracey S. To: S. O. Message: Let's work our problems out. You're a great friend! From: M. V. To: Mlke Message: How'y ya Cutala? From: Chrls and TreseMari To: KeyMaster Message: WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE, . . ??? From: GateKeeper To: Grutt Message: I Love You From: M. V. To: Amy C. Message: Thanks for all the laughs ln Sclencel From: Tracey S. To: Chrlssy and Jorl Message: You guys are one of a klnd, I love ya! From: Meggln To: "Shorty" Message: Homeroom ruled! Remember EastVlew Mall? Let's keep In touch. Love ya! From: "Bud" To: Ann S. Message: Thanks for all the laughs, Toronto, Here we come, watch out! From: Colleen Q. To: Ms. Unchers 8th per. Class Message: We're really her favorlte class! From: Her best student To: Michelle B., Marybeth M. Message: Thanks for all the laughs about Kelly and Molly! From: Tracey S. To: Mr. Dewey, the Secretaries, and Advisors Message: Thank you for . . . UH ...YEAH,..UH...THAT'SIT . . .! KKIDDINGI From: THE CLASS OF 1987 To: MR. K. Message: Thanxx fer de BEST Englesh klass Ever.?! lJUST KIDDING!!l From: Lllly To: "'KeyMaster"' Message: IGuess this ls IT. . . I'II mlss you very much! From: "'GateKeeper"' To: Culie Jontant, Paco, Chunch, Grapfrulta, and Jewls Message: Balking Wacktords, Junebugs, Blcycllng, Islets of Langerhans, "BONK," YL"h' From: Stllly Ltojanovskl, Finesse, Spamunch, Walnutta, Lewis To: Phil and Mlke Message: You guys are tooo much! Thanx for the laughs and the memorles From: Jen To: Kathy IRUSHI Message: Remember: Dan, Putt, Putt, chattlng, my cousln, the party? Sorry hafta babyslt! From: I Love ya, Amy To: Chrls W. lbrotherl Message: What am I golng to do wlthout you ln homeroom? From: Sue lSisl To: Julie C. Message: Thanks for sleeping with me and helplng me to find the Ilght! From: Love always, Jennlfer D, To: Tony D. Message: Danke Schoen, Danke Schoen, Thank you for the joy and paln From: Bambi To: Klm W. Message: Thanx for the memories - you're a great buddy - keep In touch! From: Jennle To: Wheels Message: Ace! Wlldcats! Caprice I Road-Rlppln' Torque! Orange Jullus! Burger wlth fries! From: Jimbo To: Ralph D. Message: You're totally mint, my oplnlon wlll never change, stay that way. From: T.D. clo 87 To: Krlssy Message: Thank you - You are the bestest frlend and I love you forever! From: Germbreath To: Pattl Message: Thanks for the great year. And for always being there. From: Love Jay To: Lamaroux Message: Cheapshot - pennyhockey champ From: Wayne who? - Gretzky To: Bob D' Message: Keep on golng with the bearded clams. From: Dave S. To: 4th period lunch IMMBKSPSI Message: You guys are soegreatl lthought I Would say slll, huh!! From: Love, Loulse To: Soozi Q. Message: You've been a great Friend. Good luck In the future Love Mike. From: Farmer Mlke To: KeyMaster Message: No Sleep, HALSTON ZVI4, Blmmers, Luaus, RARRRGH! SCRATCH, J.A's CHEST and BODY! From: GateKeeper To: Small Fry Message: Hey! Always remember The Wall. It ws the best! From: Bis Mac To: C. Mlkols Message: Crossfcountry skllng, 2fper.Mrs. ROYGBIV, Physlcs, Thanks for the laughs! From: L. Stoianovskl To: Frlc Message: Although I don't always show It, You mean a lot to me. From: Love always, Frac To: Rob Message: This year has been awesome! Thanks for belng such a good friend! From: Kurt To: Regelsberger Message: You're such a geek! Remember our ski trlp Ifudgie tool "you're awesome". From: Kunego and Helvle To: Jennlfer K. Message: You've become a good friend, hope It lasts! From: Ralph To: Hubby Message: 1994 wlll be awesome! Don't forget the Senior Ball ellher. From: Pooh To: Tom Message: "Thanks" lor llstenlng to me! We'll both find someone! "your Mlnt!" From: Love ya, Janeen To: The Yearbook Staff Message: Thanx for all the great tlmes, sorry I can't stay - bah! From: Jennle To: .IannaBeth lBool Message: I feel llke Dorothy, you're the scarecrow - I'll miss you most of all. From: Love you, Krissy - babes To: Class ol 88 Message: Let's Party From: Dee To: Jlm Message: Thank you for your frlendshlp. You're very speclal. Don't change. From: Yolanda To: Feet Message: Goldfish, M8iM's, toothpaste, paper mache, soap and long nlghts. From: Toes To: Gloxum Message: We're belng followed. From: Gloxem To: Chrls Message: Are those buns fresh? What's your shoe slze? From: Llsa To: All "Rudds Party" Alumni Message: Let's do It again some time - soon! From: Tha Bartender To: Mrs. Todd H. ICHICAGOJ Message: Maybe Someday? Fake Wrestling, Chocolate Chips at 2:00 AM, KENT and OSWEGO! YEAH! From: Mrs. Andrew P. ITORONTOI To: Burger Queen Message: Have lt your way! From: McDonalds To: SHE-RA Message: Top'o the mornin' to ye! Was today a Golden Day? From: IRISH MIKE To: Deano Message: Scented candles and that bearskin rug sound better everyday. LSTNT From: Love, Sparkly To: Paul four chaulfeurl Message: Thanks for everything you've done for us! From: Dummy and Dummler To: Chrls Message: Dancing, shopping, guys, Alabama - we've shared Interesting! Let's stay BEST. From: Tra To: Lindell ' Message: You get on my nerves sometime but you're a great SISTER. From: Shlonda To: Crystal Message: Thanks for being the best friend ever, I'II miss you! From: Hanne To: Colleen Q. Message: Don't ever forget the Spanking and the "Little" plnch. From: Love Dave R. To: Lorl M. Message: l'm glad I got to know you, I enjoyed our talks, Love From: Janice D. To: Paula Message: l'm glad we met because you are the thorn ln my side. From: Love IICKI Stan To: Rob Message: Let's Keep Rockln with Triumph! From: "Joe Bone" To: Na Na Cola Message: You're the best frlend anyone could ask for and best Myrtle buddy. From: Love ya, Meggln To: Mr. HoHo Message: Remember Stlcklets, over and under, URAQT, skllng, spurt spurt, Kleenex and Howard From: Love Your Panda To: Phll Message: Don't forget the Saran Wrap! Maybe foll? No paln, No galn! HaaHaa. From: Love Janeen To: Joanle Message: Thank you for everythlng. From: Chrlssy To: TRA Message: We made lt through 12th and we're stlll best frlends! Amazing! From: CSSY To: Kim Message: I want to thank you for listening to all my probIems.' From: Jackie To: Lori Message: We finally made it, now it's time to heet de road! From: Sue To: Margie Message: Things haven't been great but hope we stay friends, FOREVER! From: Your Best friend, Lisa To: Mike S., Jim A. Message: Do you know any girls that need a ride. A From: Paul I To: Grace Message: Thanks for being there! I Love you lots! From: Sandy To: Scott Message: We have been through it all, hope we stay Friends at MCC. From: Mike To: Ted S, Message: You really don't know what you missed out on. C'est la vie!! From: A favorite 46 To: Sue and Shellie Message: You're the best sisters In the world. I Love ya! N. D. rules! From: Sara To: Mich - Message: You're my best friend, Iet's always keep in touch, Love ya! From: Bud - To: Paulina Message: No ice - I'm allergic to lt - Ohnothere 'smymom ftalk too fast?! From: Dummier To: Deano Message: You own the only key to my heart. l'll always love you. From: Love, Sparkly To: ST ENDS IJ. C.! Message: You will always be my ST ENDS, l'll love you, FOREVER! From: BE FRI IL. S! To: Fran Message: Eros! The Curb! Pizza Hut! Darien Lake! WE had the best times. From: Me To: Gretch Message: You're a special friend and you make each day a trlp From: Jody and Lori To: Cheryl, Judy, Julie, Ann, and Anita Message: Lunch was fun. I'm glad I've become better friends with you guys. From: I love ya all, Mlchelle To: Donna O Message: You're a great friend, Have fun next year! Down with SFB! From: Love, Cindy To: 3rd period Italian class Message: FELICITA!!! From: Becky, Stephanie, Missy To: Amy and Colleen Message:'You two are SOOO . . . NICE. Remember you owe me a ' 'dollar! From: Ralph ICousin! To: R,E, Message: You're the best ever. Thanks for being you! From: Marce To: The Bud Man Message: You're a real special friend. Keep in touch. From: Love, Cindy To: Michelle Message: Thanks for all the great memories and thanks for just being you. From: Love M.B. To: Sharon fDriver! Message: Scavengers, - Machine, Cross Country Skiing, "We lost you!" ??7 THANKS. From: The Navigator, Stoge To: Colleen W. Message: Hey locker partners - library, umbrellas, sliding down c hall land Falling!! From: llove ya, Shelli To: Scott Message: Thanks for being a friend and help on homework all this time! From: Melanie To: Cani Message: l'll always remember the special times we shared. I Love you. From: Miko To: Varsity Football Team Message: Left Wing, Right Pizza From: 175 To: J.A. "Green eyes" I74! Message: Scavenger Hunts, "SlLENCE" Math notes 12R, May the "FARSlDE" be with you . . .! EGGS!! From: l'll always miss you. Love ya, "Teddy Bear Shirts" ILS! To: Jeff, Jason, Barry Message: I had a great time skiing with you geeks, Joking of course. From: Short stuff To: Pea Hater +91 Message: Don't worry someday they will stop putting peas in the soup, From: Pea Hater 1:2 To: Steve P, 0178! Message: You are the GREATEST, "SCHIIISHH, YA MIGHT BE", SAGEWBRUSHHHI!! TEAZZZERS! From: X-Spank's SISTER To: My Partner Message: Kisses Hello! Hey, how's the chalr llft! Ha! Ha! I Love You! From: Your Partner To: Tommy ' Message: You're the best brother anyone could ask for, l'll miss you, I Love You! From: Love, Colleen To: Bitz I., Miss H., Tim P. Message: Going "out" to lunch! l'll Miss you's, stayin touch! HSCHIIISHH - MIGHT!" From: Love ya's, Stoge To: The Velemint Skiier Iyou Frenchmen you!! Message: Take my breath away into the brisk, wintery slopes of the Himalays! From: Le Chapstick fmy lips are sealed with . . . Qiu, Qui! To: A. Pat ' Message: Mi quorido hermano, ra amo siempre, De tu Hefmanito. From: Jeff fJose! To: "Stoge 4'2" lBilly! Message: You're the greatest brother. l'll miss you next year, I LOVE YOU! From: Love, "Stoge 41" fLilly! To: Mai Message: Well! I wonder how things will be without you?? so stick around. From: Sis To: Pat C. Message: Congratulations, to our son, Pat, on a job well done. From: Love, Dad and Mom O To: Terry w the FAKE tooth Message: 1 10999 Millionth fights, THANKS. lt's all behind us, miss ya, and take care! From: Take a Wild Guess??? ILS! To: My lunch table 5th 1st semester Message: Thanks for the most embarrassing lunch! Hope I never see you again! From: Mileen H. To: Colleen Q. Message: May our friendship last forever. From: Lisa "WIshy" To: My Euchre Partner Message: knock once for black and pass for red. You're a great friend! From: Your Euchre Partner To: Iggy, Unis, and Pooh Message: We've had some great times. Keep in touch,,love ya From: Tracy IShellie! To: Johann Sebastian Bach Message: Thanks for your music and your inspiration From: Zoran U. To: Danice Message: F.E,S in C.P's S.W.? What will we do with C.P.? From: Love, Lou To: Kelly Message: What problems! You J.M. me D.P. oh no! Pont's, B- port-skate faster!! From: Christy To: Both E.A.'s Message: I'm glad we are together and hope it stays that way From: Sm EA To: Phil Message: Sarcasm, OK? You've been a Friendly's l'll NEVER forget. Take care, shake. From: Scott ' To: Sherry Message: Things have a way of evening out In the end, Keep in touch. From: Jim To: Sandy Message: We have had some good times and some bad times. I Love you. From: Grace To: Mrs, Karnisky's 8th period class Message: You're all a blast! This was my favorite class. l'll miss you! From: "Loop" To: Tracy Message: Thanks for all the laughs - Will you remember me when I'm gone?!! From: Jen D. To: Jeff Message: You've made this year one l'll never forget! I LOVE YOU. ALWAYS. From: Dingy To: Tom, Gary, Thom, Dave, Joe Message: You guys made my senior year great, You're the best friends a guy could have, From: Tommy To: Kara M. 8: J,C. Message: You're new friends I'm glad we have met! l'll miss you both! From: Love always, Kim To: Chris B. Message: Will you be my friend? Do you still llke me? From: Ralph R. To: G. and Dar Message: We've had many good times and bad But we made it through all. friends! From: B - - - To: ALL YUGOSLAVIANS HDRAGI MAKADONCV' Message: "DRAPI CE KAJ SHTO NE TE JADI!" May another "CONVENTION" come your way!! From: DA RASTI TE GOLIME, NE DEBILlE!, MNOGO POZDRAF OD LILA falias ANDY! To: Chris Message: "CBHERClKSY" - Forever. 0 From: Love Always, Becky To: Steve G. Message: Are you taking requests? Matching out fits! Don't call me "geek"! From: Your lab Partner To: Jr. Drooler Message: If friendly "whatevers" turn romantic no more click, you stlll got me. From: Your Arrogant Friend To: Hilda , Message: Thanx for all the great times, you really are a super friend. From: Bertha To: Chris and Steve Message: Cut it out Steve! Thanks for being great friends. From: Jenny r To: Alan K. Message: Social Studies was great, thanx for making me laugh. Keep in touch! From: Shellie To: Jeff Message: We're looking at the snow, Julio! From: Jenlta and "Loops" To: Glltzer Message: Our HO-HO fan. From: 6th period lunch To: Jen Message: Birthdays, ice cream, and Lionel! Thanks for the times we've had! From: Love always, Chris To: Pager Message: Good luck, Graduate !! and Remember that I Love You! From: Laude To: Amy C. I Message: We've been through a lot together, Thanks for being such a special friend! From: Eva To: Molly, Kelly Message: Thanks for the rldes, and the great times! From: Love, Chris To: Jim Message: Grandma got ran over by a reindeer! From: Studyhall Sweet Hearts To: Todd Message: Just wanted to show the world how much I Love You! From: Jennlfer To: Phil P., Mike H., Jim P. Message: Another year of math and English. Thanks for all the laughs! From: Melanie To: Zeke Message: How Is that Motor Scooter of a car doing, The Green Machine. From: Ralph To: Laurie Message: lt's been great knowing you! Have fun at Wegmans! From: Eggo To: Amy Message: Thanks for being a special friend and always being there. TES Forever From: Love, Becky To: Sue and Candi Message: Rule number one: don't put contact paper over your locking bar! From: Who do you think? To: Nicolo P. Message: Thanks for your music and inspiration. From: Zoran U. To: Laurie A. Message: Syracuse, here we come! You're great and I Love You like a sister. From: Trish To: Marty B. Message: Thanks for all the hugs. You still owe me 3 basketball games!! From: Love: Jen D. To: M. T. Fadil Message: We are better looking than ever. BIG Ideas! SUAVE! 1987 Baseball Champions! From: Hirsch To: Keri L, Message: "Grab some wood there, Bud!" basket ball was fun. Thanks for everything! From: Beth To: 7th period lunch Message: You all rule! It's been a real blast. Thanx! From: Kelly To: Ronette fRonnie! Message: All through high school, you've been a best friend, I love W' From: Debbie fDebs! To: Shanaon T. Message: We've had some wild times. My eyes are purple! Like that PICKLE? From: K.I.T. - Jeaninne S. To: Debi IDEBELO! and M.A. Message: You are the GREATEST neighbors! l'll miss you's. I love you guys a BUNCH! From: THANKS for EVERYTHING!!! Love, Lilllooo! To: Jennie Message: You're a super-special friend and I love ya lots! From: Melanie To: My Homeroom Buddies! Message: Keep a watch for that peeping head. From: Carla To: Ma'am Message: This is the last one - so don't lose it! Be careful. From: Kid To: Debbie B. Message: Don't forget. I Love all glrls. From: The Stud To: Jen fC.C.! Message: We made it! Go wild! I'm gonna miss ya, but what memories! From: Love, Becky To: Jake and Mike Message: You guys are truly odd but very special to me, Don't change. From: The Red Hun andfor Tina I To: Jennie Terrorist Message: I.O,U.: 'Nuff said! Maybe not. . .T.C. Wits - 1992. From: Em C. To: A SRTA Karnisky and Senor Bianchi Message: Gracias para sus ayadas en esto grande ano. Carinosamente. From: Jeff C. IJose! To: Julie M. Message: Wasn't Zalculus the best? You're positively super! Let's keep in touch! From: Love always, Jennifer D. To: Col Message: not 32 its 34!!! From: Ree To: Sean E. Message: I Love ya! From: U-Know-Who To: Bestanini Message: Where dld that name come from anyway. You're my party partner! From: Ralph To: Pete and Carl Message: You guys are cute-a! From: Amy and Trish To: Mike Message: I'm glad we got to be good friends! Keep in touch From: Eggo To: Judith Message: You are the best! We wlll always be close. I Love you FOREVER. From: Susan To: Nick, Maria, Rita, Christy, Toni Message: We are the best of friends, it wlll never end. From: Your ICos! fFriend! Rob D. 87' Q To: Don and Keith Message: Thanx for being such crazy guys in lunch, wethought it was great! From: Helen, Michelle, Charlene, and Diane To: Kymmie Message: I luv U! Thanks for llstenin' to me! You BEST call me! From: Neen To: "Scooter" Message: Agrest first year Varsity, All-County Band - Remember "No limits!" From: D. J. L. ETCETERA 199 To: Tricia Message: lt's been fun: an hour ride home from work. Please K. l. T From: Shannon K, To: Stacie Message: What can l say? It's been GREAT!!! CHOW! CHOW! CHOW! From: Love ya, Kevin To: Both the XXX's Message: You pervs! Check It out!! ls it a 10-Maybe an 8! From: Just R-rated To: Chrissy Message: Thanks for being such a great friend! We gotta keep up traclitlon! From: Love Always, Lee To: Annemarie, Message: Your friendship means so much to me. l'll love ya Always! From: Steph To: Mark and Lisa Message: You guys are great friends, we've had some great times, K. l. T From: Shannon K. To: Murrie and Marissa Message: Thanks for listening to me and my problems. You both are truly great friends. From: Love, Stumper To: Kelly Message: Thanks for being a great friend. From: Love, "Wishey" To: Scott Message: You mean the world to me! Love for now, Friends FOREVER! From: Love, Kelly To: Wendy and Adele Message: Gym class was great! Volleyball is our game. Winterball time. From: Moose To: DerGood Message: Thanks for a great season - Europe was the best! From: Llghting To: Todd R. Message: You love me, I know you do. But . . .Well, you know. From: l'll miss you. Mol. To: Varsity football Team Message: Always remember the PADMASTER! From: Hlcksie To: Melissa Message: l can't wait to cruise the Caribbean. To the best ol friends! From: Love ya, Karin To: President McBride Message: Good Morning! California will never be the same! Crayons! What a friend! From: Vice-president Cook To: Frogger Message: "May l have a chocolate mllk shake?" UNO!" From: Brat 02 To: Sue Bee Message: Florida, Winter Ball, vertical blinds, and swimming were great because of You From: Restless To: Amy, Keri Message: Laundromat. sundaes, Dunkin Donuts. Wangchung, the "cottage" it was a great yr! From: Rookie and Frogger 200 ETCETERA To: Traye R. Message: Remember the D and the T Goals, and Baa-haas? What a riot. From: Juls To: Kelly G. Message: BOSTON BOUND!! Hope Forehead doesn't want to hitch a ride up! From: Mol. To: Marian l. Message: l Love You. You're the best girlfriend anyone can ever have. From: Andy B. To: Mary, Oscar, Noel Message: We'll miss you! Have fun without us. From: The Six Seniors To: Ralph and Tlm Message: lt's been a BLAST!!! Don't ever forget how to party it up!!! From: Your friend, Kevin To: Michelle R. Message: You hot thing you. We both LOVE you. From: Roberto and Mike To: Beth Message: Thanks for always listening and caring. From: Love MB. To: Sue and Lisa, Message: SENIORS -! MORE --! Here's to all the good times! From: Love. Keri and Amy To: Julie Message: Remember the good times, l will never forget you From: Terry To: The Howies Message: All kidding aside, you are both very sweet and special to us. From: Tim B. and Cosmo G. To: Amy C. Message: lts 4 TuUyen Amy not Tweeing. . .l lts been fun! From: T.N. To: Erica P. Message: lt's been fun in Chemistry and everything else. What dld we have in . . .? From: T,N. To: Chris M., Amy S., Eva E., Fran L., Julie M. Cindy F., Message: You have been super all year. Thanks for all the good times. From: Lisa N. To: Chris, Colleen, Pam, Cyndi, Dawn Message: Temper, Hyper, mouth, Strangeness, loose. The best of everything. Good luck! From: Sue To: Linda H. Message: The Mikes live on. Forever man and Say it isn't so. but its all under. From: Michelle To: Jello . Message: You've always been there lor me. We've gotta keep having those parties! From: Wild and Crazy To: Wendi Message: How about Dinner at Perkins??? From: N.O. To: Dawn S. Message: We're off to see the wizard . . . High School was a blast! Love. From: Lori S. To: Mrs. Stevens Message: Thanks for being there when l needed someone to talk to. From: Kris To: Mary KHA HA! Message: You shoulcln't go out with 24 Italian guys named Fred. From: Micky To: Sue Message: One still doesn't equal two limaglne thatll, still friends, have fun at Clark. From: Rroossee Marie lhow do you spell that?l To: Franken-Berry Message: Just Relax. Fun for everyone. He's yellow. Buford T. Justice, you're H-Atrocious. From: Chach To: Todd R Message: From: To: Hans Message: Four Great Years. Now there are 4 more, Keep in touch. From: Most Likely to Succeed To: Julie C. Message: l'm so glad l got to know you - you're the best! From: God Bless always, Jennifer To: Jr. Drooler Message: Let's go to 5 ' 7 e 9, bet we'll see cowlegs and the rest of the click. From: Your Arrogant Friend To: Jennie Message: Thanks for being such a great friend! Keep in touch! From: Hanne To: Jeff S. Message: Elephant shoes forever: babies and everything. You are the best. From: Sue M. To: Kyung Chang Message: You're an awesome friend! Thanks for being so nice! From: Kurt To: The Gang in the Orange Hall Message: Thanks for all the good times and memories to tell my Grand Children. From: Hatzi lThe Greek! To: Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders Message: We didn't "wipe out" this year! lt's been fun! Good Luck From: Stacie To: Loops Message: Spanish 2 years, Pass the Regents? Let me know! What's the latest? From: Donna To: Mr. Popular Message: Who loves ya - Dawn and "your" baby? Not anymore. Just this fan. From: Michelle To: My future Wife, SHLONDA Message: "A Love like OURS will NEVER end." Lots of Love NOW and ALWAYS. From: SHAWN To: Bruno Message: The Mall, Skiing, Dancing, Buffalo, Toronto, and Friends always. From: Shelley To: The Drum Line Message: Always remember "page one" and the memories that go along with lt. From: McGLT's To: Jewels tCORRUPTEDl Message: Stop wearing RAINCOATS! Can't you see you get too early for curfews. From: Chauffeur lNOT CORRUPTEDI To: Yack, Witt, RRR, and Zack Message: We were the greatest and the summer hasn't even started. From: Bestanini To: Fedil, Yellow, Claccia Message: Put your hands on the car. We're going to jail. From: Roberto To: Peter Message: You're a great brother, Good luck next year and with Shannon. From: Jeanine To: Mary M. and Nolie Message: Two crazy Puerto Rican girls l'll miss you both! Good luck always. From: Love always Kim S. To: Shannon Message: l'll love you today, tomorrow, and always, stay mine. From: Peter To: The Worden Message: Off to college to get what we've waited lor. Rob'lI too - someday. From: The P Pusher To: Diane Message: You are the best friend anyone could have. Thanks for being there! . From: Chris To: My little Michael Message: Sweets loves you - a lot! Thanks for being there and loving me. From: Candycane To: Chell Message: You've been a great friend! Friends forever!! From: Love, Shan To: Pldidle Queen Message: Thanks for all the memories! Good luck in college! From: Mashed Potato King To: Huey and Duey - Message: Who needs sleep? We don't! What are we making next? From: Love ya, Louie To: My Euchre Partner lJ. T.l Message: STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE! You're a SUPER GREAT FRlEND! From: Your Euchre Partner KJ. KJ To: Ed Message: Words can't explain how special you will always be to 012. From: Becky To: Trlshay Message: Thanx for being there when l needed you. Best friends forever. From: Dawn To: Rob R. Message: This was a year to remember. Glad you were a part of it. From: Pam P. To: Chris C. Message: l'm so happy we are getting along better this year! From: Your sis To: Amy Message: Have you heated the front yard lately?? You're a great friend! From: Tracy To: Jules Message: l'll have one flaming koala to go please. Thanks for all the memories! From: Love Ya! Eva To: Jo-Jo, Candie, Kriss, Kim Message: Thanks for being the best of friends. From: Deena To: Paul Message: Remember: Math, Noe Neck, SMILE - when he looks and lneed help! From: Pager the Ill To: Mezzo Message: Before graduation l guarantee it. Even without a homerun!! From: Rubble To: Jennifer Message: Smile! You're a great friend, l'm going to miss you desperately! From: Amy To: Jen lC. CJ Message: Even though alot has changed we stuck together. l love ya lots! From: Becky To: Sean Message: I had the best times with you, hope we have many more. From: Love Michele To: Lisa Message: Let's stay best friends forever. From: l Love you, Jackie To: Shannon Message: l'm really glad you're Peter's girlfriend. You're a very special friend. From: Jeanine To: Ann, Colleen, and Lori Message: Three years of lunch together has been great lun! From: Joann To: Tevye Message: Great Job! l'm glad l met you this year. You're a sweetie, From: Villager To: Dave Message: Remember the uglies and the wise men. Oy!!! From: Terry To: Beth. MB, Mich, and Tracy, Message: lt's been AWESOME! The BEST! FOREVER FRIENDS! l Love you guys!! From: Missy To: Varsity Hockey team Message: last 4 yrs, l will never forget the comments and Victories. thanks. From: Riz, 013 To: Oz and Cos Message: Thanks for introducing us! We never thought we could be this close! From: Love, Margie and Phillis To: Bear Message: Stan-n-Paula forever, or until you stop crawling, l Love you. From: Blanket To: Jim Message: lam yours forever! Thanks for coming into my llle. Love you! From: Love. Jack To: Jackie D. Message: Hi! Good luck with everything. Just one more year, FriendIy's RULES!! From: Jen H. To: Tracy Message: Friends like you make life great. lt's been a really good year! From: L.A.L.A.5, Katie To: Lin Message: Twelve words aren't enough. Remember . . . "Beach Bums", Someday soon! From: Love, Sue To: Chelle Message: Thanks for being the greatest friend a person could ask for! From: Jus! To: My lnlerno lThat's all l need.l Message: My 69er. Oops! No Oops, My real thing. MMM linll L.M. Yes. From: Your girl lTeddyl To: Henri Message: l miss you. l hope we work things out soon. Love ya From: Love Bunny To: Yodle lay hee hoo! Message: Remember, you -- busters love a rainy yo, but not a Yickie Poo! From: All Yo'ed Out To: Junito Message: "You're better than all the REST. Who dol Love the best!" From: Carlnosamente, Lona To: Dave Message: Thanks lor all the good times. you'lI always be a special friend. From: Love, Held! To: Keri Message: Thanks for brightening my days and being there when l needed support. From: Y.O.V.P. To: Lori Message: No matter what, we'll always be best friends, l love you forever. From: Love. Dar To: Scott Message: We were meant to be together. No matter what happens - l love you. From: Always, Andi To: Scott Message: You're a true friend. l'll miss all the lun we've had. From: Sherry To: Tim Message: Thanks for being my best friend and being there when l needed you! From: Beth To: 3 and 6 Message: We will always have three. From: Missy To: Eva Message: I hope you someday realize how special you are! l Love you lots! From: Love, Jennifer To: Rosemarie Message: You're a fabulous friend, who cares alot and is lots of fun. Fromz Siierry To: Yolanda N, Message: Guess who? Thankxx ior being there always! I Love ya lots from: ithe original? Mutation I To: Eric L. Message: Hang-loose days, Fiddler. Ali-County. 21 A must, Ski trips, "scary" talks. From' Emily To: Lori K i' ' Message: I hope what we have will last, you are so special to me, From: John O. i To, Melanie Message. Promise me we'Il he 'friends forever, 0.K.L? lt's a deal! Love ya! lFrom: Louise ?To: Lisa M. Message: You better learn to write your name. VH miss you. L 'Remember me. From: Love. Mary M, To: Michelle Message: Fm glad we are still good friends. You're a great rperson to talk to!! K :From Helen K To: ALI RN f Message: Yo babyg whaik up? You're Sweet. Cool, and Fun. Keep in touch, L From: Pager 443 . To: Jen B. Message: Ii's been rough! X-mas party, mir parties. Rock me 5- Amedeausl, Love ya! From: Love: Colleen To: Aim Message: Getting los! on expressways, hotels, long talks. F guys, parties and Beachbound! i From: Best friends forever, Her 5 To: Julia, Eva, and Kris K Message: You guys are the best. I couldn't ask for more. Love ya! From: Fran - . To: Rust, Jordan. Cavuto Messagea You guys are awesome! Thanks for everything! Catch you on flip! From: Love Rudd To: Jackie Message: - What happened to JAQUlE?! You're the greatest!! Love ya Ibis and lots!! I From: Debi To: Roberto. j K Message: Keep your hands where they belong and maybe someday --? From: Love. Margie A Toz Poochie Message: Maybe someday we can try again! Remember "I don'i card!" Friends Always!! From: Love, Twiggy To: Dawn Message: "NON I haven'i worn it yet!" l'rn going to miss you,: ALOT! K From: Missy To: Fribble ' ' Message: CONGRATULATIONS! You survived high school! Friends forever. K K '- From: Love Jubilee To: Stix Messagea Football games, 12-1 at boxing. 10 donuts. basketball at the Y, undefeated 921. From: Bones TD: Maryanne Message: You are a great friend, Thanks. From: Lisa To: Mike F. Message: HUM! We're too good! Job! You're too much, Stay - Sweet! From: Love Margie To: U and Lipps K - Message: What-a-Muff! What-a' y'a!l! rule IS! 'Fromv Jo Rho A A To: The Halloween Gang Messagezh Leave me and my sword alone! . From' Timmy B, To: Colleen F. V' Message: Thanks for being my best friend! I Love you! Keep in touch. K From: Love Kim To: S.B.. AC., K.L.. P.K., L,N.. K.L. and J.T., J.P,, DM., TM.. and M.P. Message "Ladies and Gentlemen" - May you havel every suckzess! You will be missed! From: Mrs. L. To: Jimmy Message: Thanks for all the speclal times you've given me. I Love your. A From: Forever yours. Amanda To: Jody .Messagea Thanx aomuch for always being there. You're the best. Luv Ya! From: Roxanne To: Honeyfry Message: You'!l always be so . .special to me. l love you always! From: Snooch To: Sean S. K Message: I Love you! From: Michele C. To: Pak T, , ' Message: Even though you're a Geek, we'll miss you!! Thanks for the laughs!! . From: Kris and Jilin A To: My 6th period lunch lable Message:-You guys were great, keep supporting the ho-ho factor. From: "Me" To: Gumby K Message: Peace iPiecel to all and may Beverly be good to us. From: Dave To: Frank Message: You're the best thing thafs ever happened to meqloye you FOREVER! From: Love, Annmarie To: Adam lSweeiiel Message: You're everything to me! I never want to loose you, Don't change! ' 'I From: Michelle KBabyl To: Moose for Worm?D Message: Remember, X'maS tree. Nerds, D.F., Get out of lawn and never return! , From: Tracy ' To: Mike Messageg Desplte your rude . - girlfriends, I sill! love you! From: Your sister, Shammy To: Janeen K Message: You're a very special friend ofniine. I hope vie aref g K friends forever. ' From: Love Annmarie To: Mike Message- You're a great friendr Thanks forgverythirig. Yoxfvg. Helped mefalot. g ' From: Yolanda Jo: My girlfriend Teddy K 3 - Message: Thanks for always being there! We'll las! forever! ! Love You! 1: .,. . Frorn: Yoiif boyirienri P.J. Toz GLITZ Message: Wham happened to she garbage cans and green things!! From: NIGHT RANGER. To: Todd Y K K Message: Thanks forthe best times of my life! l'lI always love you! ' f From: Alisa To: Kellynlen. Janeen , L Message: What's ihekscoop? You guys are great! I love ya, From: Love Lynn To: Margie and Carmen Message: This is our last year. We are going xo have the Best times after this yr. K Fromz Friends Forever Teresa To: My 7th period kunch table. Message: Lunch was great. Don't forge! Mustard, "Samples", and "1 wonigo to Nev," From: Love, Sonia B. To: Mr, K. Message: Thanks for the best-i English class in 4 yrs. I'il miss you! From: Jennifer S. To. Aki lHatzii K K Message: Vm going to miss you next year! Feta cheese. Keep in Touch! if I " From: Love Jennifer Tm Shellj . Message: "Best Friends", Lets hope college is what we expect. Together forever, From: Gonzo cfo 82 Tot La uri Message: ii was great getiingkgo know youihis year, Good luck! From: Teri cfo 87 'V-To: Trlcia'G. . 5' ' Message: You're a good friend. I hope you're in my classes next -year. '.', K. t From: Mile H. Tot Catalano Message: Vm glad we became friends, Thanks forthe rides, breakfast, the Winter Ball. From: Dina e . To: Burt Message: Saranwrap?!!! Don't leave home withoui it!!! 'V From: Reynolds To: Sieve K fi f ' Message: What would we have done if we didn't have Sth per. kcomputizrslasi year? K . From: lLove you.'Chris To: Mom, Messagecilt was hmhavins Vw ai school my last year. You're great! From: I Love you! Lori To: Staoie. Maryann, Lisa Message: Myrtle Beach! S.A.! Party! The Funky Four strike again! r i K From' Michele fo: Tigger Z 'LT V- nf Message: ll years - 2,000,000 Fights. Too many memories, Keep ln touch, 5 f f 'fr- From: To: Miss Kamlskfs 450: per. class 'Messages The Grizwalds Rule 1 From: Margarita To: Melanie S, V K 1:- Message: Thanks for typing the messages. from: Mr..Korneliusen 5 To: Michelle T. fonly other girl in chem! , . .5 Messageffhe odds were in our' favor. bu! they weren't worth the eflori. From: Miieen H. ' K To: Dave S. Message: Thanks fora!! the good times - You're a UGREA friend -Y "whaiever"!!! From: Love: Debbie B. Tu . To. Ozzy and Cosmo Message: Never forget the toungeiinjthafcheek joke - - . maybe li wasn't a joke! From: Beth To: Sean K i . Message: You real do have awesome eyes. From: - , ' To: Tracy Message: Do you have "The i 'Question' ol Euthanasia?" From: Chrissy To: Kelly , 1: in Message: Your dreams will come true. l'lI be there all the way. Always. ' I , From: Loxie ya Patti I gTo: Amy Message: New Years, BowlIri'.- Cookies at my house. Bean -- Smelly. From: Dog-ma To: Mis Message: Thanks for being the 'greatest sister In the world -05 -, even long distance From: Jen To: Mrs. Shea ' Vi V' Message: Hi Carol fjust one io remember us by!! From: Mike and Brian To: T. S. Message: I LOVE YOU!! From: J. P. info: Joey Cav. L, Message: Well, now you're rid of me. I hope you're happy - l'm sure not. I love you. From: Your Sis K ' ' To: G. C. Football Messagm STRIVE You Studs, STRIVE ' ' From: 43 To: PAGEH ' ' K 1 Message: Why Are You The Greatest? Because You're YOU From: Love, RAMPAGE To: Beth Message: You are the best friend A person mould ever get - THANKS From: Tim To: Palazzo Message: I'll never forget you and all the laughs. lBurp! Do you . . , ya know. . J ' From: Love Ye Always, Teresa .Ton Colleen To: Shelleyu A Message: The Raging Bore. M.T.L.'s, Vermont I and Il, Miami Game, Mirage. Tent., From: Amy To: Gonzo , no . Message: Good luck with Dawn. Hmmm! Best friend ever. From: Snorky To: Chrissy Message: You're the greatest. Thanks Iorreverything. Good luck in college, K ' K From: "P" To: Carla. Cabby, Rags, Cars Message: Thanks for making this year great. You're the best. The Ambulance? . From: Friends Forever Missy To: Yolanda Messagei You're a great lriendi Remember Jim and Darren: nicknames. Sam danced wf . . . From. Friends forever Missy Ta: Toenail Message: We've had a lot of great times. Good luck next year. From: Pic To: Jack . Q K , Messaget Thanx for always being there. Next year - Seniors! No more Alfred! Yeah! From: I Iova ya Sax K ' To: My 4th period Lunch table Message: You guys are the best, lil! never forget you. Next year - Seniors! From: Sara To: K. D. Message: You're a great friend and always will be. . , From: M. V. To: Marshal , Message: Thanks for the foreign vocabulary lessons. Remember - Dor. Plat, Lip! from: Budist Lover A Tot Cindy Message: "Hello, ls Tom there?" Do you dream that yet? From: Yvette To: Lori S, -- Message: You made me laugh so hard, you put me in stitches. Thanks. .k.. i From: Love, Colleen Q. To: Tammy P. fMessage:hHey "Mom" this yeafs 'been great. T'll never forget you. From: Love Colleen To: Mitch and Jeff K Message: Bowlln' 86! Bowlin '87, More to come. you guys are the hast. Missiyou. - From: Donna and Amy To: Susan K Messagellh hope you never forge! Octoberfest Weekend ai the Condo! I won't. From: I Love You. Jackie K To: Todd Messageznlfil always remember you. From: MB, To: Geafiinne 5. 'E Message: We've had alot of good times leaving school and alot more. K.I,T. From: Shannon Messagzriiope everything turns out o.k. Good luck with you know who! From: Kelly To: Shirley Message: 9 years 1Betty please pick up your hashblackai From: Love, Laverne To: John and Jason Message: What does chiqulta mean? It better be something nice! From: The chiquiia banana WOMEN To: Bro and Caro! Message: Who will we iight with next year? You guys are the greatest! From: Love, Louise and me To: Deana Message: We're still best friends after 7 years! Don't forget the Jack and Pepsi! From: Love you, Kriss To: Clndl Message: Fm glad we're great friends! Don't ever forget Midtown or pumpkin! From: Love ya lots, Krlss To: Brandon Message: You're always there to kick me into reality. You're the best! From. Love ya lots, Murrie Tn: The Breakfast Club Message: We'Il always be together no matter how different we are from each other. From: Murrle To: Teddy Message: In my room, love you down iender, tender love. nothin' bu! trouble! From: P. J. To: Kelley H. Message: Thanks ior everything. You are a great friend and a great person. From: Karie To: Kim N. Message: Next year we rule! Thanks for a great year. Friends forever! From: Lon To: T. G, Message: Going to prove yourself? You're great at basketball. From: Love Blondie To: Wendy, Lori, and Wendi Message: You guys are twits. Thanks for being there! Can'! wait for 88!!! From: Kimmers To: The Gang ' Message: You guys made this year the best! From: Jenny A. To: Dave S. Message: Hope we stay the Best of friends. Good luck ln the Future. From: Rob D, '87 To: Paula Message: italy, birthday parties, scary movies. my driving, long talks. Friends, From: Goatie To: LAURA Message: Amerks, Dancing! 4 Thanks for being a great lriend. Future in Buffalo! From1 Love. Bruno To: Penny Message: Even though you love a ETCETERA 201 baldy lPhll Collinsl, l stlll love you. From: Michelle To: Lorl F. Message: ll you need anything just call, l'll always be there lor you. From: Michelle To: Marlene Message: Hanging Honesl Wegmans lPaull, AMERKS Ulm J.l llrlamiltonl, Buffalo State! From: Laura To: Peggy Message: Bashin lt! N.Y.C., Magic Notre, Maxlms, Alabama Slammers, HELLO! From: Laura To: Micheal "Cookies" Message: These past 8 months have been excellent! l truly Love You 4-ever! From: Forever Yours -- Nancy To: Kimrners Message: Don't forget Black Creek or anythlng we dld in the 4 years. From: Friends always - Annunz! To: Krlssy Message: Thanks lor listening and understanding. l'm gonna mlss you. Love Ya! From: Fran To: Eva Message: Thanks lor always being there. Don't forget the good times. l Love Ya! From: Fran To: Sue Message: How much S for Physics from Pennsylvania to New York vla ATT? From: Jamle , To: Laura Message: What ever happened? Maybe things will get better - Slbley's - Wish you luck. From: Amy To: Colleen Message: Glad we became good lrlends -- 2nd period gym Ilves - Whaaat? Shrnellyl From: Amy To: Doosiekins Message: l'll always love you . beyond words. You'll always be the "best friend" From: Beetleumpkln To: Myrtle Beach Buddies Message: Though we have not left yer, there's nobody l'd rather travel with! Frorni Julle lSpankyl To: Puppy Paws Message: I love you more than l can ever say!! From: Gummy Bear To: Marl Message: Cloudlo, Italy, France, Brian. adolescence. we've shared everything! l'll miss you! From: Amy To: Ma'am Message: Get prepared to be the Chauffeur again. From: Your daughters roommate To: Amy C. Message: Amy, whatcha wanna do? What a great name! From: Love Amy C. To: 7th per. A-P Physics Class Message: You've never seen me party belore. From: Cindy F, 202 ETCETERA To: Mr. Wllson and the Glrls Varsity Soccer Team Message: We did lt! SECTION 5 CHAMPIONS 198619 l'll never forge! ltl From: Mlchele 018 To: Todd and Tim Message: l'm gonna miss you guys teasing me all the time. You're both really great!! From: Love always Michele To: Shorty and Kim Message: We've had many good times that l'll never forget. From: Love ya, Kara To: M...l, Message: You are the greatest cousln and lrlend I love ya! From: Kara To: The Crave H13 Message: Studio clty ls walting for us, We gonna have lun. Ya From: Stephan To: The teachers ol G-C Message: Your nightmare ls over. lpassed. See ya! From: S.C. To: RI: Message: Why alcl da time you eat cherry ple?! How's your shoulder?! From: 18 andthe gang To: Sue Message: Cool Beans!!! How's your Calculus coming?!! From: Kevin To: Ducky A Message: Sony things dicln't work out between us. l hope we're stlll lrlencls. From: Mailbox To: Katie Message: You're a great slster. l'm going to really miss you next year! From: Me To: Allcla Message: Florida, Skiing, Doritos and Cheese, The Beef Patrol lives on! B,B.B.B.S.F. From: Love Always Chrissy To: Nerd Message: You're A Cool Guy! From: Ralph To: Candl Cakes Message: You're so lovable, huggable, sweet, wild and everything else. From: Mikey To: Genlus 1 Message: Physics was so wlldl l'll always remember that gravitational force. From: Genius 2 To: Smelly Message: Hope you and me stay together FOREVER! From: Love ya your little Vacuum To: Barb Message: lhope your future will be brighter than your past. Llfe is long. From: One of the past To: Chrissy Pissy Message: l love you and your sexy! From: Guess who? To: Jen Message: Glad we are friends. Thanks lor the message. My name ls spelled with a K. From: Guess who? To: Krissy Message: You are my Best Friend. Let's keep it that way. We have to llve together! From: Krtstlne To: Tina Message: l'm glad we are talking agaln. We will always be friends. From: Love ya Kris To: Collen Q. Message: Finally graduating. Couldn't have made lt without you. Friends tlll end! From: Lori S. To: Chris lBratl Message: You're gulllble, brat, catsup, and a great friend! Don't talk on counters. From: Sean To: Cheri, Missy and Chrlssy Message: Thanks for the "Best" tlmes - and many more to come - love ya! From: Debbie B. To: Piggy . Message: l love you - even ll you are a wimpl Oh, but please! From: Yours truly To: Letta Message: You're stlll a mama's boy but l give up. Maybe. From: The Jap To: Lil Rudd and J. J. Message: Sorry l hlt you guys, Hope there were no bruises. From: Love Lynn To: M. H, Message: Jaaanel Amazon!Pygmy, S.S. -- Uuughl lan Buchanan, GREAT YEARl Later Dude. From: Ms. H. To: Kris Message: We've been great friends. l'll never forget 7th, Sth period lsklppingll From: Boell To: Boet! Message: You are great, but you never shut up! l still love ya! KIT. From: Krts To: The girl who bumped my car Message: Thanks lor being one of the Sweetest people around. Remember French, TP? From: Love. the guy whose car was bumped To: Eva E. Message: l've never ever seen a glrl as beautiful as you. l'rn crazy! From: Your Secret Admirer To: Leslie and Tricia Message: Hey Yo! Good Luck with your senior year. From: Kevin To: Carla Message: You're A PAIN but You're my sister and l still LIKE you. From: Ralph K To: Charleney Message: Friends forever: we had so much lun bowling and bubbs. From: Lynnie . To: Senlor Class Message: We are all great kids and we've had a lot of good times. Good Luck! From: A Senior To: Rob P. Message: O.K., l could be stuck with worse people to eternlty with, From: The best friend of your better hall To: Llp Message: To bad Coke lsn't It any more. From: Mtg To: Jody H.o Message: You're a great friend, stay sweet. From: Gretchen To: Mr. K Messao: l guarantee l won't be so qulet next year. From: Mileen - The Future SENIOR To: Lisa Message: l'm glad we became lrlencls again. About time we grew out ol it. From: Love ya, Carmen To: Yolanda Message: Remember the dreams we had that we talked about ln lsr perlod. From: Jackie To: Kelly and Jlll Message: Good luck wl all the lobsters and especially the men ln Boston. From: Ktmmi To: Hatzl Message: Malo theo, Greek hllls, hair gel! Thanks for the laughs! From: Jennifer To: Lilly Message: l Love You! Thanks lor 3 great years! From: Love, Jennller To: Krissy Message: You have helped me change a lot, Thanksl ILove you! Prom: Kristine To: Nicky Message: You are a good friend to everyone and a good person, don't forget that, From: Kris To: Wonderful Message: This year was awesome, Your partles are great. Good luck next year! From: Wacky cle 87 To: Sue Bee Message: Thls is our year, Keep in touch always. Good luck in the future. From: Gonzo clo B7 To: Mrs. Stevens Message: Careers was great. Thanx for all the help over the :- years, Good luck! From: Terl clo 87 To: Tricia and Mike Message: You'll always be class couplelto me. l love you guys, l'll miss you! From: Dina , To: Becky T. Message: l'm gralelul we go! closer this year, Let's stay ln touch and go sledding. From: D, Cav. . To: Donna Message: Cereal, potato chlps, cake, and whatever else we ate that night lremembefl? K From: Colleen To: Melch - Message: English was a bust! Keep those poems, they'll be worth money someday. - From: Tony D. To: Carl 020 Message: Dld you ever use your three dollars? From: Guess vvho?! To: Candi Cakes Message: You're so lovable, hugable, sweet, wild, and everything else. From: Mikey To: Our Cha ulfeur and Mouse Message: Ralncoars, parks, parking lots, beach, T. D., loodwars, Frlendly's. From: The Corrupter - Rocki To: All my kids Message: For the best time ever, You make llle great. llove ya. From: Patti a.k.a. Grandma To: Jill Message: Thanks for all the talks. Never forget, you deserve the best. From: Love ya, Patti To: Kimberly O., Lisa N.. and Sue B. Message: lthlnk you WOMEN really have it together. Please don't lose touch! From: Daniel M. To: Sphinxxer Monger Jones Message: NYC, DARIEN LAKE, RUDD'S PARTIES, YOUR FURNITURE WOMAN. THANKS, YOU MORON. From: Clcwnrnaster Mezzo To: Slugger - Message: Remember 2001, Lexington Manor and New Year's Eve. Thanks lor the laughs. From: Palazz To: Crew Chief Harmor Message: Hey, how long 'til Dennis has to worry about his job, manager? From: The un-bohsey twins To: Jelf 153 Message: l love you now and l'll love you more and more everyday. From: Love always, Debbie To: Mr. D'Angelo and the 2nd period Physlcs class Message: Thanks for trying to keep me awake guys. From: Debbie H. To: Chris G. Message: You are Forever mine no matter what! From: Hun To: Hair Message: Thanks for making me laugh especially at you. From: Sprout To: Katie Message: l don'l know what I would do wfo you, Thanks lor everything. From: Love Chrls To: Pager Message: Why? l guess l'll never understand, lt's too bad. Hold on Tim. From: Yo Mltch To: VARSITY WRESTLJNG CHEERLEADERS Message: Thanks for making our season awesome! We're ell We love youl From: Margie M.. Lorl M., and Cris F. To: Small EA Message: No more trees - "would you llke those eggs scrambled?" From: The large EA To: My Bahles Message: l'll always love you, an l know we'll be together Forever From: Love your Bables To: Osvaldo M. Message: The best ol luck In college -- l'll always be here lor you! From: Phyllls B. To: Kerl and Amy Message: Lots of laughs, lots of smlles, lots of love and lots of memories! From: Thanks, Love ya Kimmer To: Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders Message: Hey guys, we finally dl it, nl Awesome, to-tally. Hit itl From: T.K. 43 To: "me" Message: 6th lunch was real, you're a great and lun friend. From: Colleen To: Rob Message: l'm so. . . Happy. Rubey's have Power. Remember that essay that ls due . . . From: Arby To: Ciao Chris Message: Glve me a call, l'm still your lrlendl From: WITT To: Chrls Message: You've made my llfe speclalg thanks lor everything. I love you! From: Jill To: Sue and Llsa Message: You two are real beaut eh? From: WITT To: YACK Message: When can we have another scavenger hunt? You llck-wld! From: WITT To: Suzanne g Message: l hate you, shut up, leave me alone, l'm just kidding, again. From: Alan To: Rose C. Message: l'm glad you were my llrst edltor! From: Love, Amy To: Laura B. Message: Your house is behind mlnel l hope you like Webster. See ya. From: A.C. To: Jennie Message: Best of luck to you. Remember Sailor talk!! l'll miss you! From: Kim To: Tricla G. Message: Good lriends are hard t find, l'm glad l came by you. From: Sonla B. To: Klm Message: You're a great frlend. Keep up the weirdness. l'll miss you. From: Hanne To: Lln Message: ll was nlcellun having you ln my school agaln this year. From: Your sister To: Klrk Message: The beach. l-tops, who was really darker? More great limes io come! From: Cris To: Lub ks I I Message: I Love You! No one could ever take your place. I'm gIad you're mine, I I From: Hot Stuff To: Jennifer Message: BeI1's, Pizza Hut, McDonaId's, remember the good times. I'Il come visit. From: Sue To: Mom Message: It's been fun being g introduced to all my dad's! Love ya! From,:.YOUR,WONDERFUL . DAUGHTER I ' To: Melanie K . Message: We've been friends too long to grow apart. Keep in touch, From: Jennie s : i To: Em C K Message: You're the best! T, Ci. WITS in 1992. Need I say more? From: J. T. To: Mr. K. Message: Srnce lget 5 free. I figured I'd give one to you. I I Thanks for everything, From: f'D" Cavallaro . To: Kathy IRushI Message: Thar guys after us. lfm scared! Lock your door! God bless this! From: -I love yar Amy 1 To: Annmarie Message: "Are we gonna go out tonight? You call me!" Ho! Summer Nights? From: Love ya, Janeen To: Missy. Steph, Becky A Message: "Tesi? I dIdn'l sludyl did you?" Cheat, Cheat! It's been fun! . , . 1 L From: Love yas, Janeen I To: Kefly and Lynn Message: I'm glad our lockers were next to each other! lI's been fun! ' I I I I From: Love ya guys, Love Janeen To: Ms. Burger King Message: You're so immature. have it your way! .K From: Christine tMcDonaldsJ ' To: Dlna - -V K . Message: You're one oi a kind, gIad we became close From: Mike - . - To: 4C50 Message: You're a Imlestrange but you're still one of my best friends. From: Ca! i ' To: Lisa and Teresa I Message: You guys are the greatest!! You know we've had xhe awesomist times!! , From: Best friends forever. Margie To: Mlleen H. .- .. i Message: You're the best "best friend I could ever want, Yhanks Ior everything. . K K - From: Love always, Sonia B, Tn: Dummy : I I Message: I still like you even for the things you'-fe done to me. From: Gu!lihle' I ' I To: John K i K Message: She's finally gone, lt's about time, I'II love you always you make my life special! lpooky and forever!! From: Me ' To: Ross B. . K .V Message: We survived! Our neiik step is becoming doctors. Good luck always! K A ,L ,V From' Rob P. ' To: Kurt W. . . Message: Good luck at college! Don't get too many women. Your a great friend. H - From: Rob P. To:JrII1 . -7 Messageg Thanks for bexng a good friend. LeI's keep in touch. K . From: Love yaffricia f 'L 'I i To: Sprout K , K Message: I hope you grow up to become a Jolly Green Giant! From: Hair fx 5. ' ' To: Michele B. and M. B. Message: Thanks for making this last year a great one, Keep in touch From: Ozzie .'i- ,:--. ' To: Melissa I i Message: Our lriendshlbhhas been great. Don't forget our talks. Triumph, and more! K From: K.l,T, Love always, Cyndi A To: Steve and Chris H KVVK i Message: You two are the best! ' I From: Love always, Katie To: Gary G, Message: Remember "Mexlcanf'?g ' will we ever agree an Physics? From: Love. Katie To: Scot! K' A A Message: I Love You Very Much! Bea rj From: Love always, Kimberly To: The Yearbook Club Message: Il's been great working un the book with you. F f From: Amy To: Kimmer 1 Message: "Hey little girl, want some candy?" y K From: Love, Peaches 'S' To: Peter I K I Message: l really will miss your daily visits. From: Love, Mom , . L To: Peter Message: I love you forever! I'm gonna love you for eternity! From: Forever, Shannie To: Julie Message: l'll miss you next year, All those years at gymnastics were :he best! ' From: Love always, Amy To: Fer Massage: Beware of the kitchen. . table. I I From: The Copy King To: Chrissy ' Message: Lefs go egging! We're a party animals! You are special to ITIE. From: Love always, Amy To: CSC Message: NYC, movies, Mickey I D's, basically, memories to last ag liiellme. From: Rosiemahree IRKCJ To: Lisa Message: You're the greatest ever. You're a blast!! I - I From: Julie 510: Mr.SQuIIxvanL. .VV.K E. by-gf, . Message: Joke ofthe ddy, Irogsi "-l and worms. Thanks for being a fun 0 Riihvrrls. ' i, f . From: 12th grade Ian ' Jo: Rookie . 5, ,ig Y. Message: I am glad you swam!! II was our hes! season! From: Love, Frogger ' xii To: Mezzo V- : Message? Thanksffor ali the good' I times. I'lI miss you' Er-om: 9th grade-Iocker neighbvrg L To: Eileen Message: That weekend in A Corness was theshest, thanks again! from: Your friendly neighbor To: Kris B. Message: What 3' year!!.Thanksf'y .- for making it so special! Hove you! From: Kon H V V. 'I'o: Jim I If I Message: ll's been Real. In been K fun, bufit hasrffbeen Real Fun? From: Snah k'I'o:OzzIiandPhQ'Ilisk :-li' : Message: The best couple l'll ever know! Good lugkralwaysli. .ig Together 4-everi' A ' From: Love, Marg To: Melissa " ' ' Message: Congratulations on a great year of voIIeybaII..Ynu aregl the best! From: Love Chugkles To: The loser of the Double or Nothing bet C' I Messaglm No matter whai I'!I I I ' always love you! From: You know who! To: Faculty and StaII Messageg Thanks for a great Ilrsg ,K year and making me feel' - welcome, From: L.,L., -4 , ., .V Qi To: My forever friend - Snooch Messageswaddle I do without K, i YOU? Even through tough times, friends are forever. -Brom: Your LmIe.Honey-,Fry I To: Michelle Messagqgvo Whassup. Ms. .111 Hollywood? Always Remember 1- "Jaane!" -- Check U Later, RJ -f - , - f . From: Lona A To: Henri' :.l" V Af Message: I'm sorry it ended this way. l'll always love you. 'K 13126186 M Forever!! ' From: Love Bunny Torx Chipi I L' Message: Remember Mr. I I-Iawallankand Mr..CIing? How caog Iget so lucky? From: Dale To: The OriglnaI Womanizer Message: BACK. Thanxs 4 being afgreat friend! Your noseis poking.: me? From: Your "href bodyguard K To: Mlssie I Message: Howdy guz! II's been K great! Glad we became sri close! From: LALAS, Katie To: Chasey f ' m", s 'f Message: Lee's go egging! We're party animals! Yao are special to r mb , . . K From: Love always, Amy To: Stefanie I A Message: HYE! 5501111 Beskv Toi Ganchi QQessageg,Remember: "Ihere's,np place like homeff Deckithe halls: Games wi bananas! Z L From: Tiriky '.:', Q. . To' Christine I Messageiihankijor everything , - oh and you are gullible! From: Love Me 1 ,M K To: Lvnene and Noel M?ssa9?? You 9956 a'e,'P9 9094-I . Iriendsf I:'IY missigjou bothf Good' luck Ifrom: Love always Kimi, .ti To: Beth Ianother 01 hockey Ian! Massager, Irvin, are the pigs inside yet? You're a super friend. From: Scooter Tc: Denise I Messagegffhanx for being my "older skier" and all Ihefa:IvIceg-1 VII miss ya. From: Roxanne K To: Rose Ann Messageg You mean morehto me A I than anything Iorever, I Iove you ,"' F rom: Terry Bla Ile: 'E LVV' Kxi' A 1 Message: You're the best there is and so special Iorpe. I love ya From: Rox 'K Io: Tr1cigzG. :ji 5 Messagef We survived ssmcis I French and American history. Gongratqklions' . iz j From: Your buddy Topnxcir Message: What can I say that you dpn't know! l'll miss ya kid! From: CCC 1 If ":: I ' " TQ: Iialph D 5 h HessagefBesl of lock to youg Maybe someday! Erom: LoveSha1fon . . I A H To: 198741988 Girls Varsity .Soccer ,::k e iy, j. Message: Keep the spirit!! From: Love 110 To: Clel Chin I Messagerstep on Rake, hit a pole, farm a deff! -'11 5' From: Sue To: Cox arid Oz i E 'hifrl Message: Maybe we should have a better get away pian! I I From: Love, Spy I and Spy II ' Ilhink!I To1AllofVI2amio'sF11endsI I Message: Keep the Ialth! Never Regret, Never Forget. Eat f BananasI. Stay Crazy! I I From: A Banana Lover T55 Canaan, mug Amy Message: You're the funniest girls I know. and you goys mean a lot -1, to me. ' From: Tom To: Mezzo, CIIII Message: You guys madekfootball fun.: the PCT. sure didn't. : I From: The "Chubs" To: Pee Gee I I I Message: I had a great senior year, Howhabout you? lHag1-lay From: LItIIe Lee I I To: My girl . . .1 . Message: Hey babe! You'II always be my girl! I nub you! From: Your guy - To: L. S., M., A. C., K, LT, M, Message: Teachers: Chunka Franelll, the fiend and DONT , NIONKEYWITHJWI , From: Love Keri I 'K To: Shelley I TQ : fr, A Message: Buf'lI!e, Toronto, Dance rho N.A.,VWater Skiing. Mustangs. Malls, a Mess! "1 ' "kf From: Love BRUNO Tai colleen I ' Message: What It be like. Iike?! NADA you'e the best. I love youI From: Dani.. I I To: Debi I . . . Message: I'm glad that we are still great Friends. K From: Jaqkie s ' ' To: rl Night Ranger Fan K Message: Ikwill follow you. CALL MY NAME! LOVE YA LOTS! KEEP ONVLOVING 'EMI . k From: 01 Night Ranger Fan To: My eternal Iove Alysia, Messagefwe make the perfect couple and pretty soon IVII be official! ',k. , From: Love you forever, Timothy Toy-Jlll I K Message: Thanks for always being there. I will always love you, -- 0 Smale. K From: Chrls 'rar The REAL 'mhgs mem Message: 1, 10, 24 and more! I..ret's flop, bosnk and M: LJ Love Ya! From: Your Student ISquir1I To: Julie I I I I Message: Thanks for always Ilstening. Your friendship means a lot to me! Love Ya! From: Tracy ' To: Myshell IPoohIyl Message: ffPooblles RuIe!'i God we're YUMMY! Thanks for everything Babe. From: KymViPoobIyJ To: Kym IPooblyI K I Message: You're ihe greatest! Thanks for everything. I Love Ya! Friends Forever! H From: Myehelle IPooblyl - To: Janeen K Message: SunnmeifO "86"vuas lun. "Raspberry, Peach", Le!'s have MORE! , From: Love An nmarie 7 Tok Annmarle I 'k" I Message: I can'i live wlihoutgyou! You and Me Forever! or From: Love Frank :'l' 'K TQ:,JoeG., Message: You're a good Iriend in good and bad times. From: Love Ya Always, Murrie To: Bruce and Redwood Message: Check your backi Knock f my hands apart: Sundae Crunches: I'1I miss you. From: Chuck Alaisnhiouse To: Greg y K Message: 'II Love You". From: "me" Toi Jerrod L. I I I Message: Good luck next year Mr. Muscles. I love ya, I , From: Snatcher ' To:kJiIl, Nicole, Held! Iand Allison! Message: What was I th1nking?!!! From: Kristine TQ: David F. Message: Our friendship changes every day. but you're always special to me. From: Cheihe C. To Manhaw Message: You are the greatest and l'll love you 4-ever From: Nancy To: Rob Message: The prom, homecoming. I'Il miss you next year! Take cave! From: Rosemarie To: The Breakfast Club IT, M, R, C..B, S, J, LI Message: How about June 19. 1997. donuts In the large cafe. 7:15 am. ' From: Rosemarie ' To: Sue s Message: Serious talks and nomo- serious talks. they'-ze all been great, From: Love. Becky To: Tracy Message: I know you want both, Jefl and Elvin! From: Amy To: Grace and Frank Message: To the sweetest in the world: How do you feel about marr1age??? From: Sue and Jef! To: Chris W. ' K Message: "When are we getting our dividends?" I'm glad we beiame friends! From: Dina To: Rosemarie Message: You've been a great editor. Good luck at University of Illinois. From: Eggo To: Becky Message: You will aIways be very special to nie!! Thanks Ior everything, From: Love Always, Chris To: Bobby Message: I want anokher ride home, how about it. , From: Beth To: My Buddy Message: You'1e the awesomesl coolaclousisi In the universe. Can I have a Big Mac? ' From: Your Buddy To: Dr. R, Bill. Pa! and Shlrl. Message: Gufiaw K From: Tired and worn out, Dave, Ed. and Laverne To: "Squawk" Message: What no muggings? Parking lots, 3800, cold raincoats? Thanks for being you, From: Love the moose Iorever To: Tracy Message: Your good company in the morning. l'll always think of as a Irlerxd. From: Ken To: Chuck Massage: Already 2kand hal! years. We can make It babes. I LOVE YOU! From: Missy To: Allan K. Message: lt's not me! Maybe someday you'II Und out who it is! From: Love, B. B. To: Ozzie I Message: Thanks for not telling! ETCETERA 203 lphone!l You're a super lrlendl From: Love Margie To: Debbie Message: I would've never made this year WITHOUT YOU. You're the greatest! From: Love Roxanne To: Coach Lau Message: Thanks lor being there during the tough rlmes. You are special. From: L. To: Keri Message: Thank you for being ihere when l needed you. I love you! From: Scoyy To: The October 31 Gang Message: This Halloween we'll really get Tlmmy and his sword! From: Kristen a.k.a, Julius Ceasar To: Laurloowski Message: Mickey, Stogam, The Beatles rule, July 14, who could forget! From: Love Kristen To: "Stan" Message: Mouse can't joke around or be myself Jck 6 bay dlc always, From: "Paula" To: My mouse Message: I'm glad everything worked out lor us I love you always, From: Triple P To: Mr. K Message: You think l caused problems this year? Wait until next year! From: Sonia B. To: Scooter Message: A super year, a super friend, lots of fun that'll never end! From: Irvln To: John Message: I love you - forever. From: Crlsty To: Klmboe , Message: Hope this SUMMER ls as fun as last! Thanks for the rides. From: Love ya, Suzanne To: Bobby Message: l want another ride home - how about It? From: Beth To: Mrs. Pullto Message: Thank you lor doing some yearbook artwork for us. From: The Yearbook Staff To: Editor In '88 Message: Yearbook, summer workshops were great, thanks lor the lriendshlp. From: Editor in '87 , To: Chrls C. Message: Thanks for listening and thanks for being a great frlend. From: Lon S. To: Gandhi Message: Although things dldn't work out I'm glad we're still friends. From: Sharon-Pass To: Tweety lP. JJ Message: And a One And a two, Your Jane Fonda tape ls overdue. From: The Gang To: K. Hebb 'V Message: You're a very special 204 ETCETERA person to me, you ALWAYS WILL BE, SERIOUSLY. From: Super J 8 To: X-Wegmanlle lGxegl Message: Darien Lake, Volleyball, Aliens, the beach, thanks for being a friend, A , From: X-Wegmanlte lLisal To: Chrls M. Message: Thanks for being such a great friend all these years! From: Kun W. To: McLaughlin ' Message: Anytlme One on One. See you on the slopes In Vermont. From: Roberto To: Mr. Costa Message: l'll miss you so much, Good luck with your future. From: Kyung Chang To: Michele' Message: Wanna go driving around the mall again? Remember no talking, pay attention. From: Tracy To: SHERA Message: TITZEL, NIK GOLDEMOM, LINGERIE. CHEST SIZES, T'HE COMPLIMENTSQ From: JANNABEAST To: Amy L. Message: I'll really mlss you, you're so special. Have n great senlor year! From: Love Always, Jennifer D, Tn: Dastardly, Defiant, lmajo, Jumpirf, Bubbly Message: Villains, heroes, Hungry Hungry, lt was all lun. Good luck! From: Super To: Krla R. Message: Thanks for typlng the messages, From: Mr. Kornellusen T01 Scott S. . Message: Thanks for the photos. From: Mr. Kurnellusen To: Doc Message: Thanks! lknew I could always trust you. I'll miss you. From: Love Melinda To: STEPHON Message: Great Friends! We'll never make Canada!USSR on L time! From: CRAVE 13 - To: Sue, Thus and Berg Message: The cottage loops! the LAKEI, swimming, muscles and putt-putt even! From: Love, Keri, Kewi, and Lazz To: Kim Message: Smiles, Laughs, Hugs and Tears - We've shared them all. l Love Ya! ' From: Love, Keri To: Mom and Dad Message: Thanks for all your K support throughout the years. l Love you both! From: Love Always, Keri To: Girls Swim Team Message: Good Luck! I'll miss you all, Remember the eyeliner? a From: Love Captain Amy Lou To: Sonia B. Message: STOP fllftlng with all those Lboyslk Going to Nevada? Just kidding! L From: Mlleen To: Zoran U. Message: You are THE GREATEST PERSON and MUSICIAN in the WORLDl From: Zoran U. To: Jen and Sue ' Message: You are both the best. Thanks for two real lriends. lyour ridel . From: Tom To: Jenny T. Message: Thanks for the 3 years on yearbook. You were great and stable! From: Mr. Komellusen ' To: Ched f K Message: I'll miss you lots next year! Stay wild and crazy! God Bless! ' ' From: Love, Jennifer D. To: John T, Message: Thanks for introducing me to tromboneQ cool muslc and great skiing! From: J. B. , , To: Trish Message: l takea lot ofabuse from you. So what, Keep In touch. From: Lava, Pillsbury Dough Boy To: Dixie Cup Message: Thank you for 5 everything! You're the greatest friend! l love you! From: USE To: Droopy ' K Message: Thanks a lot for all the good limes l think l!'s equal now, From: Jim To: Cindy ' Eva ' Franny 'I Message: Someday we'll all get what we want. You're ,K irreplaceable and genuine! From: Jules To: PUDDING ' Message: You are VERY speoial to me. Don't ever leave me. From: GUMMY BEAR To: DUCKIE Message: I'll stop the world and melt wlth you! l love you! I From: DUCKWOMAN To: Jennifer Message: You're the best ever! You mean lots to me. l love ya! From: Cabbyklns H To: Cond' Message: The great white north awaits lplus the 3:1 racial From: Su: To: Krissy and J. B. Message: You're the best! lt's good to know that someone appreciates my humor! From: SPANKY To: Kun Message: You're the sweetest guy I know. I'm really golng to miss you. K From: October 29th twin To: Son Message: You'll be my good friend forever Kbecauw you're strange!! From: Love Trish To: MIKAEL Message: You've given me more than you know. Lel's slay in ' much. From: J , B. K f To: THE ILLINGSWORTHS Messages: You are the best people l know. Thanks for everything, K From: Love Always Tim To: Jlrn - Message: l hope your last year was the best, llke you are. . From: Love Herself To: Gonzo ' Message: Besf friends forever. You'ra the hast. l love ya. From: Love ya Panke To: Betka Message: Glad that we're best friends and remember "Mi Dreml Mitre Gulev"! From: Love ya always. Showgun, Tlnthe ' " To: Nhung L, Message: Remember all those crazy, funiilled, unusual times we've had? From: T.N. To: Tracy M. Massage: Glad we hang out together. Good luck with Jack. From: Love Trlcia G. To: Todd, Jim Fabio, and Mike R, Message: Not until l'm married! From: Becky To: Mel . - Message: You're the best. l'm gonna miss you next year. I love you! ' L From: Carol To: Britt, Karen, Sandy, Mona, Sue, Louise, Pam, Tracy Message: Lunch was fun. Thanks for all ofthe good times. From: Melanie To: Katle Message: You're a great friend and listener. I'll miss you! From: Love, Ronette To: Laura B. Message: Remember to write, You're the dearest friend anyone can have, I From: Nhdng L. To: M. B. - Message: Thanks for the rides and talks. Good luck. From: The Duster To: Tracy . - Message: Don't slip! The furniture man -- you're saved! I quit - sureya do! K K Fromt Who else? To: Davey C. Message: You're the greatest best friend I could ask lor! L From: Joe To: Droopy Message: We'II never forget the Frau, Deutsch or the Lingerie Department. From: Plllsbury Dough Boy To: Kim. Janice, Michele, and Aimee Message: l'm glad I met all 4 of you this year. Thanks a lot. From: Lon A To: Comrade Message: Our lrlendship ls special, like no other, don't ever forget the regtime, ' From: Comrade To: Mary Sue Message: "Sufi", I.G,'s, feet, dishwasher, "bella vene qua". - what a year! From: Fran I Toe My slster Lori Message: Remember, Yod'll have more of a tan, but less ol MY wardrobe. , F rom: Your sis, Michelle To: Lori S, Message: Well, this ls It, we're finally graduating! but walt . . . "are we"?! From: Love, Colleen To: Steverlno the Pizzaboy Message: Porsche and Stevie Nicks rulel Never do anythlngl wouldn't do. From: Your locker partner To: My Word Processing Partner Message: I coulcln't of done it with out you. Work Alone! Wanna Sklp?l From: John's neighbor To: Scoot Message: Dieci, Dieci Napoli. Cha RR? Turn around its Mr. AFTERSHAVE! SHMOKE!! From: BFF Y:rHo To: Castle Message: Le!'s deliver Dom. Pizza. From: Me To: Peg Massage: Always stay as sweet as you are. P.S. My mom found Herb, From: Eva To: Kris Message: Remember Chemistry, coming in late, smelling the matches, lt's been fun! From: Mary To: The glrls In HR 329 Message: ls she looking yet? Yes - we must be having a juicy conversation! From: Allcta To: Lisa Message: Remember the summer . . . your pool party . . . Labor Day weekend . . . From: I Love you, Jackie To: Mrs. Ride Message: Thanks for all your support. There's more "Quinn's" on the way! from: Colleen Q. Ta: Punkyfrlend Message: You're really special, I'll miss ya. Remember - nice sweats! Mickey Rules! From: Basket case To: Mickey I7 Message: My half brother, good luck, keep ln touch. I love you. From: Lisa and Brutus To: Dave Message: You are very special to me, l love you. From: Nance To: Amy and Jennifer Message: You guys are the best friends around, Remember all the great times. From: Love Jen To: Jack! Message: You made my senior year a blast! Thanks for everything. From: Love ya lots, Yo To: DBRA Massage: You're the greatest friend anyone could have, Love Mike. From: FARMER MIKE To: Llssy O. Message: Stay cool. Stay away from Ray if he's gonna hurt you. From: Love, Mari M. To: Kathy B. and Kathy K. Message: I hope the both ol you stay best lrlends. Stay cool. From: Love Mary M, To: Lor Message: We've had many great tlmes - hope !here's many more From: l love ya, Yo To: J. B. Message: l only need three words for this message: I Love You. From: Love Farmer Mlke To: Buhxwheai Message: One year left, Let's make it our best - searching for SNOW BUNNIES. From: Your Brother Mike To: Ralph R. Message: Good Luck! From: Car To: Toucan Sum Message: Soccer '87 will rule. I Keep in touch, From: Rarla Cosati lRarsl To: the one Not In control Message: Come here I gotta tell you something. HHOOWWI You can't resist. From: the one IN control To: Strlngbean Message: You've been the best frlend anyone could ask for. Stay that way, forever! From: Love ya, Jellybean To: Neener. Coleen. Bridge, Mtch and Dee Message: Thanx for letting me invade your table. You're great, I Love Ya. From: Kym To: Jlm -- Mr. Ears - lDumhol Message: Thanks, I couldrft have gotten here wlthout your help in math, etc. From: Sherry ll or 2 or worse?l To: Dawn Message: Live. Love, Laugh, and eat worms. From: Kerry To: Christy M. Message: Remember the good times - seeing the poor girl stranded and driving by. From: Love Michelle To: Tricia lNeesh!l Message: Our Senior year was awesome! See ya ln Syracuse, l hope. From: Laurie lAn9iel To: All My Friends From The SENIOR CLASS of '87 Message: Thanks for making my last year the best ever. GOD BLESS. From: Cindy To: M, B. Message: Wiihoui you l would of never made NHS or been accepted to any college! From: Thanks. Love Always. Michele To: Jennifer K. Message: Our highschool years have ended but our friendship wil last forever! From: Love Ya, Kara To: "The Crave" Message: You and everything yon do ls awesome. You're a great frlend. From: Stephan C. TO: Cliff Message: Thanks for being such e special person and such a special friend. From: Love M, B. To: Wishy Message: Keep on laughing! and good luck with SS.. lknow you'll pass. From: Kelly To: Beck Message: Breathe, Breathe, HYE! Don't ever larger the pear! From: Steph To: Deb and Kath Message: You guys ate the best. l hope we'xe friends forever. From: Karle To: Kristen, Michelle, Sonia, "the gang., Message: You have been great. Vou're always there to talk to. From: "D" To: Peaches Message: Thanks for a lourth chance. Don't ever forget our love. llove youl From: Sceeters To: Julie Message: Thanks for making my senior year great. l'm going to miss you. From: Love, Colleen To: Joe R. Message: Why do have to make everything so dllflcull lha, hal From: Porkchop To: John Message: Remember New Years? We've had some great tlmes. l'll miss ya! From: Kris To: Laura Message: l'm glad we have been friends for so long. Never forget all the memories, Fromx Shelley To: Jeff and Paul lLittle Deucel Message: Aren't we great! Don't forget how lo have lun. From: Jeff lBoy Wonderl To: ANDY B. Message: May 28, 1986. LOVE lS FOREVER! l LOVE YOU HUN! From: LOVE YOU LOTS, MARIAN l. To: 3224-34 or MTV Message: "l hope we can be more than friends someday, I will wait." From: Gulllble To: Phil. Rob. Rich Message: You guys are the best, stay lrlends, From: Scott To: Sonia B. Message: Boys are jerks! Thanks lor listening. You're a great iriend. Nevada? From: Mlleen H, To: Mike 0. Message: Thanks for the photo memories. From: Mr. Kornellusen To: Kathy and Kathy Message: You guys are so funny, Remember: Dunkln Donuts and McDonalds, KlTv From: Shannon K. To: Dimple and Strawberry Message: Holy cow, what the calves, purple, eyes that melt butter! From: Love, Stub To: Lush Message: Basketball games, use what we have, socks held up with tape, u r awesome! From: Love ya, P. 5. To: Greg Message: You're the best hmther in the world. You're the klng . . . ol parameciuml From: Kane and Julie To: Wendi lwedglel Message: Volleyball Rules! Can't wait til we rule! Which way you wanna drive? From: Lorl lGummyl To: Yolanda Message: How is my awesome cheerleader? Love Ya. From: Chuck To: Kim Message: We've had a lot of great memories that l'll cherish forever! Beecher , . . From: Love, Colleen To: MM., L.A,, M.B. Message: Could Spring Break be more fun?! S.A.! We gotta do It again! From: S.S, To: Shelley Message: Our Mikes! Mirage, Wearing black. You're the best friend I could have. From: Laura To: Mrs. Ride's 5!h period class Message: Whafs the matter? From: Kelly Tc: The tidybowl girls Message: This year has been the best, From: Bean To: Yowho Message: Sempre rlcordl Antonlor e Salvatore. l hope we stay friends forever. From: Scooter To: Sara and Sue Message: Thanx tor always being there. -'Ml' I From: Shellle To: Mom and Dad , Message: Thanks for all of your support and guidance, I love you. From: Love, Kelly To: Fran Message: Thank you for listening to me. You're one ln a millionl From: Eva To: Bologna Message: Hymrn Baba Bing Thanks for being a good friend. From: Snorky To: Deke ffl, 112, 84 Message: Don't forget. Last Weekend in July, The fifty-fourth - 1988 From: Deke K3 To: Cipolla Message: Hey you viddy W or should I say Jaccuzl Mama? lt's been awesome! From: Love, you l-Don'!-Carey To: Kelly Message: "Chubby" one last time before Boston, Keep the secrets safe! He! He! From: Yvette To: Lisa W. Message: l'll always remember "the Swlsh"l Thanks for the laughs. l'll miss youl From: Love, Colleen Q. To: My Bestest Friend Diana Message: The last 4 years were great. The ones comlng are better! Oh - 2:10 and 4:10! From: Your Bestest Friend Nancy To: Colleen Message: Sometimes we don't say anything - we don't have to. True Friends Forever. From: Donna To: Tom . , Message: l'm sorry, I hope we'lI still be good friends. l'll miss you! From: Love, Ronette To: Pooh Message: Be therefor mein 1994! From: Hubby I To: Amy Message: You're the best friend l've ever had. I Lave Ya! From: Love, Jennifer To: Mezzo Message: See, l saved you a. dance! Always stay sexy! Keep in touch! From: Love, Colleen To: Dan R. Message: You are the Best. Let's have another good summer. From: Love, Nancy To: Chris M. Message: What is your phone number? From: Love, Nancy To: Phyllis B, I Message: l'm glad we are friends. Hope we will always stay that way. From: Love. Cos To: Chris C. Message: What kind ol dressing would you like? . . . BBQ From: Love Cosmo To: Bora Message: Even through the tough tlmes. l'll love you forever, From: Theph To: John and John Message: Good luck with the band. What are you going to call lt? From: STS To: Donna and Brad Message: Brad control her. From: STS To: Charlene Message: l'm glad we've become better friends, You're a sweet person. From: Friends 4ever, Helen To: C. B. Message: You're a real rlotl But l still love you! From: Alias - You Knowl To: Pat C. Message: l rake back all the cracks I made, bu! you can keep the lrlendshlp. From: Nhung L. To: Anyone Involved Message: Please, no more parties at the Cotton house! From: Laura To: Kaile Message: You'll always say potato and l'll always say pototo, From: Jenny To: Kuri Message: 13 years is a long time, Thanks for being a speclal friend. From: Love, Chrls To: Kurt Message: Stop staring at me! Fromz October + 3 months To: Amy C, Message: Thanks for joining yearbook and the dedication you've shown. From: Mr. Kornellusen To: Jen Message: Let's go break some fences and, lose our wallets - or jogging at 7 am. From: Love. Jen To: Jenny B. Message: Tropical or peach, BBQ chlcken wings. Wegmans, Best Friends Forever! From: Amy Ta: STEPH Message: I LOVE YOU. From: JOHN To: Becky Message: lhope we always stay best friends! l Love Ya, From: Jenny To: Lori Message: Thanks for not inviting me to Colleen's Birthday Party. From: Left out To: Kurt Message: Who's got the dirty mlnd? Thanks lor cheering me up. Love yal From: Fran Tn: Tom and Jlm Message: Thanks fdr the awesome tlmes! You're great to have as Friends! From: KEVIN To: Chrissy and Cosmo Message: Look! The gas gage ls rising! Who could be filling It up?! From: Alicia To: "The Breakfast Club" Message: We've been through a lot together this year. l love you guys! From: Love, Heidi To: Cosmo lBrlllol Message: Want me to drive? You might hit someone! I have my permltl From: Love ya, Alicla To: Ross Message: l'll make sure you come to all our summer parties. From: Ralph To: Sue Message: Closer friends makes it better, lt's great being neighbors. From: 7:15 To: Jlll Message: Watch our, Boston! Tl1ere's a lobster loose! From: Kasey To: My Fuzzy V Message: Thanx for being so special to me. Hey - l love you. From: Geanlnne To: Amy Message: Roomies at NAZ? Let's share a Suite with Rick and C, J.! From: Mari T01 Becky Message: Wa've been friends for a long tlme. Love ya! Where's my purse? From: Trish To: Vmva-your-a. we all should be Message: Wlld Cat, Caprice, Putt- Putt, Darien, Market Place, thanx lor a 2 home. From: Rally To: Oscar and Kara Message: l'm real glad we became better friends. Remember me always, From: Love, Mary To: Cristina Message: No matter how far apart we'll always be friends, Good luck ln Canada, From: Nhung To: Yolanda Message: Never forget the great tlmes! Nou guys, the blanket ls movlngll From: Clara Kflarla the dusted lHall To: Noel and Lynette Message: l hope you both last lor as long as eternity does. From: Mary To: Kevln Message: l'm glad we became friends this year. Stay mint, good luck! From: lee skating student, Teri clo 87 To: Jack Message: Skipping, forged passes, comlng ln late, etc. lt's been great! From: I love you, Yo To: Nolle Message: l'm glad you came to this school. Stay cool cuz. Remember me. From: Love, Mari To: Janna-beast Message: Will it ever be possible for us to not laugh on stage? From: She-Ra Ta: Debbie Message: RIGHT THERE! RlGHT THERE! RIGHT THERE! Frum: Dave To: Jennller S. Message: Thanks for typing the messages. From: Mr. Komellusen To: Mr. Whatlord Message: Best ol luck In retirement. From: The G, C. Faculty To: Year book members Message: ln dedication to your outstanding efforts, l raise my cropper to you. From: Nhung L. To: Amy C Message: Typlsl, 60 minutes a word. Hm!!?! Next year same time and place. From: Nhung L. To: Missy Message: We must hold on loosely but don't let go. From: Love Chuck To: Sweetpea Message: Weekends are going to be great next year, l love you. From: Chuckles To: Jewels Message: Next year you're on your own - clun't get into too much trouble, From: Sherry Ton Klmmer and Ken Message: We've made it through the good times and the bad. l'll mls: you both. From: Love, Amy To: Snuggles Message: Thanks for being there you mean the world to me. From: With love, Llp: To: Jim Bob Message: You are very special to me and l love you lotsl From: Love Mlssy To: Tony C. Message: Raachaacha you are a great look guy. llove you. From: Tina B. To: Mileen H. Message: Thanks for watchlng the money. What radio station? From: Mr. Kornellusen To: Sonia B. Message: Two years down. one to go, Thanks lor the dedication. Dump the radio! From: Mr, Korneluisen To: Tuuyen N. Message: Thanks for joining yearbook and all your effort. From: Mr. Kornelulsen To: Dina C, Message: Thanks lor the yearbook photos. From: Mr, Kornellusen To: Wam Message: Eddie Murphy, the punch, the wave, Zol, Tanya, Owww! and Zappa! C'mon! From: BFF Yo-Ho To: Yo-Ho Message: Remember the good tlmes ln the closet! From: Warn BFF To: The Goss! pen Message: That made the year more fun! Keep me informed when l'm gone! From: Broe To: Danny Message: l call you a zeek a lot, But you're my favorite zeek around. From: Jen To: Missy C. Message: Twelve words can not express how much l feel for you. From: Love always Jim To: Sonja, Deanna, Michelle, and the gang Message: You're the best friends I could have. Thanks for the fun tlmes. From: Kristen To: Julie, Cindy, Eva Message: Thanks for all the laughs! You guys are crazy! Keep in touch! From: Kelly To: Missy and Tracy Message: Never forget all the special times. Section 5 Champs: YEAH! From: Love, Kelly To: Sue J. Message: Remember all night parties, that big truck, crowded cars and guitar man. From: Louise To: Sylvia. Fran, Jules Message: So what are we gonna doin Spanish Hall today? From: Eva To: Maura and Lynn Message: One more year! Thanx lor being great lrlends! From: Amy ETCETERA 205 To: Colleen Message: Lets never forget all our great times together. You a great lrlend! From: Love. Jen To: 3rd per. German clan Message: Talking, Laughing, got any gum? Its been great! From: Mary To: Rhonda Message: French was alot of fun subjunctlvs tense. what's that?,k Mlle Lare Help! K From: Mary To: Aunt Sue Message: Letchworth - 50. Mr. bcllybutton Oct. 20 Journey Blanket Teddy bear From: 5085-10 Tc: Frank Message: l'Il mlss sitting with you on the bus. You're a great friend. From: Kelly To: Marshall Message: You're too funny! Never change. Always stay as crazy as you are. From: ORM 43 To: Yvette Message: Thanx for all your advice on Jlm and nails. You're the best! From: Kelly To: Mr. Messina Message: Thanks to you, l'm not afraid of those skids anymore! From: Kelly To: Amy Message: You always S.Y.T.C., I love you!! From: Mur -To: Mike Message: You're the best! l'M very lucky to have you as a friend and boyfriend. -K K From: Love, Trish To: Cheryl M Massage: HI ya! From: The big blue car O To: The Big Yak Massage: Thanks for being my friend for so long. Remember the llttle girl. From: Wheels To: Amy Lou, Message: Hey Baby! We've K survlved It all - the good, the bad and the GREAT! From: Love. Karl , To: Huey and Louie. Message: Orange stockings? Sewing lessons? Late nights? lt was worth it for sure! From: Love. Duey To: The goo! one Message: l love you always and forever. From: Menda To: Chrissy Message: "Rain ls good" From: Jen To: Lisa V. Message: Thanks for being there when I needed you. From: Celene A To: Gwamma Message: I love you so much I don't know how to say lt! From: Kasey To: Deb Message: Thanks for being there all through the years, 206 ETCETERA From: Celene Tm Tm holder ohm --K" Message: Lets rank! BBG ME! l'm hungry fqr a big mac. MMM llnf.l From: the holder of the "G" L L To: Varsity girls soccer Seniors! Message: Good luck with everything you do! From: Gymph fCarlal r To: Ozzie and Andy Message: Well guys, wefre finally done with school. Hope we keep in touch From: Cos 9 To: Alicia R. Message: All kidding aside, yeur frlendshlp means alot to me. Practice dancing. From: Love, Cosmo K To: John Message: You will always be so special to me. I love you. From: Steph ' , To: Mick Man Message: The world ls ahead, that doesn't mean you still can't have fun. A From: STS K K ' ' To: Greg Massive , Message: Keep bn pumping. just don't blow out your back. Fr0m:VSTS To: Jim G. Message: The winter ball was . e , memorable. Thank you for satisfying my curiosity From: Emily K 7 To: Jay Message: You mean everything to me and always will. You're so special. From: Lbve always. Patti To: My Zth per, lunch buddies .K Message: You are the greatest L friends a person could have. Lets Party! I r . N y L I From: Love always Jennifer K. To: Hskyung rs r ' Q Message: Theselpast 6 years have been great. KIT. Good luck. From: Teri r I To: Theresa 1Message:'Good luck next year. ' Keep in touch. Friends always. From: Teri , L To: Rob, Kenneth, Julie, Carol Message: Each gl you is special, Thanksllor caririgand being there. KIT . From: JB. , g To: Kyung Messageg Your awesome! Thanks lor the lessons ln Korean and for making me feel special. From: Kris 1 rf To: Becky Message: There were close times and lar times but we were always friends. L From: Sue :'ll ' :Tor Cindy and Pat . A Message: We survived first year together, couldn't do it without you. Thanks. K K he From: Larry K To: Sue - Message: ls there Homeroom in college? Best of luck at Clarkson. K.I.T. -1 '- - From: Chueestopher To: Candice Message: Glad we remained friends. Are we divorced yet? K From: Christopher -Qi - I ffr To: Melanie S. Message: To a sweet, adorable 17 - caring friend. All the best in everything and God bless. L From: Love, Dina 5' To: Buclxer and Jenny , Message: You giiys are the 5 FUNNIEST. PLEASE KEEP IN l LOVE YOUSI , From: Sue "' To: T. .Q ,I Message: We gotta stop gettlng in so many fights. K From: Amy ' 13. -1 K i K f. To: Chris Message: You shouldn'tchase girls ln your car From: Becky anti Amy To: Tricia Message: We'vg had a left of funfi this year! l'm lobklng to the future. Prom: Love, Bocky To: Dan B. Message: Computers was fun, madllbsg editor, luhlo, mess up my half, floured cashew. ' From: Rose lno, it's Rosemarie! To: My Sls and cuz Message: Don't ever change or g move away, hope you marry cookie, Wuv you LFrom: Qina K To: Tlna Message: Thanks for always being there. You're a great lrlend. ' From: Nancy To: Monlca F. I A Message: l'm glad we're stlll bat friendsr-Thanks for everything. ' f V From: Michele C. To: Lynn W. ji' sf K Message: Puerto Rico? Maybe next year!! Basking In lun and sun!! Keep saving!! ' ii' " From: Kris "-- -" Kunego 'rar N1gHiln.ngaf'r1.r.m Messagek We have to stop kidnapping kldsfkgsnd leasfe Greg K aloneurfdlsel ' ' H' From: "ME" 'fox and Ji ' Message: Thanks for letting me sham your loclcerg l'm gonna miss' E you guys! l H From: Michelle To: Frank Message: "I want to know what K love ls" 1' will always cherish our' memories. From: Love K , To: Oh Henry Message: Remember Nell's house, Basement. garage, woodi my ' room, and the car. From: luneed you, Samantha To: Justine Message:tI'm glad wdregfrtends, 1 Ycu're a sweetheart! Remember A l'm always heret From: Michelle rf' To: The coolest guy I know Messagezn Thamrrfi everything! I E7 love yon. Wanna bofnk or flop wlth me? I from: Guiccl Girl. .5 y Tu: Shtrty M. Message: Any squaking lately? 3 You've been a great friend! Keep in touch. From: Tracy . i 5 1 ' To: Mrs.'K. and lf K Message: Someday that big picture vfindowl I'll love you - always and forever! Prom: Mr. K. ancll. fo: Patti K Massage:-You're:a greatfrlend. I'll always he there ibr you. l K Cheerleadings' great. From: Ygly I To: Lozlle Messageg Do you want tn funk and say yo??? 5 From: Treesa To: Fanny Faddle Messagezffhanks for being there and for being such a great frlendq From: Little Debbie Te: Karen ' K 5 K Message: We have shared good times and bad. Thanks fm being Akyk my frlemi. 'Z 3 From: Alisa To: Ronette kill J K Message: We've been through a los. awqumes and bad, lfhope whateverhappens to us is for the best. From: Torn f -5 To: Cfndy lSully's slsterl NlessagerYou're a great friend. Thanks for getting me out of my Bockl In I Fwm: Donna CA.-T. and 'FJ 5 A IQ: Christy 2010, .. K Message? Luca, Marketplace, Pontillds, Brockport, Party? Where? lffliagra Falls I From: Love KelIyF2013 To: Jennifer B. i 1 Message:nThanks'for being a great friend all pf these years. Friends Forever! ' ts' K 5 . From: Love Margie TO: Phyl ' K 'K Message: You're the best! Florida was the greatest. ,What bqdies! Beach ur up! 'le' 2- From: Lorie Margie Tb: Comte ' E Message: The time we spent tggether yas welliworth it! K Pfam: naw Margie ' ' L Phyllls. , . Q I Message? Soccer games. guys, talks, laughing, crying -- it was A Mbffh ltlgffi - t .r':' A From: l Ijove Ya, Margie K 5001 -, .. 5 Messagei i"Yaahl fl know exactly ' - what you meanl"fThanksl You're the bestllg ,ff f. Fsom: Lorie Mlsa9' Ta n.c,.3+ af 1 e M Message: One year left? Heck, to the summer and end of junior year! li' ' From: Love Moose Tu: Lung Had amid' l M Message:lDon't ever forget all the gqod times! I'll nqyer forget you y aims elese his ' From: Love ya, Beth alle: MB. in ki in ' Message: "Oopsf' dld l get you M. BR "The:End". f5CarvIes1', forever! ' A f ' K From: Love, Uhrnm To: "Calm" Messagegffhree days - no I Pfohlemsl' -Q 2 7 ' s From: "Busy" 7 T6: Michelle andlllinstlne 4 s Message: You guys are awesome friends. llove you both. Keep jammln'! . L - From: Love Andrea r Tb: Becky i ' Message: Hye! Remember RIGHTTHERE, we're goonna cdmblne tomorrow. You're great! From: Love, Shan To: Bob H, and Darrell lbuckwheatl Message: Lock at those buts, How cute. You guys are the best. From: Love Kim S. To: Noeme Message: Germany, Austria, Garmlsh, chlken and slap dancing, Alphonse! From: Kristen To: Scott Messagezyfhanks for morning company. proud of achievements, trying hard pays. From: D, g ,g To: bumb Steve Message: Thanks for being a great brother. You mean a real lot to THEY From: Year bumh sister Tina To: .l,V, Basketball Cheerleaders Message: We wiped out Fairport and everyone else! Frpm: Yolanda To: BB's Message:,gIt's fimeito grow up! Frbmz Sue and Michelle Te: forenza and ed: Message: Tell Freddie I said Hye! From: Benchee L To: Phil Message: Hi! Sorry the year armed off on the wrong fact! Glad ' we're friends. Fmm: Love ya Janeen To: Deb Message: Good luck In the radio world!! D6n't play to much NR. F.F. - Prem: Love Jen A r To: Message: Thanks to all my friends who made coming back to Gates worth lt. Prem: Love always Katie M. To: Susie Messagerllfrn going to miss you neiit year. Good Iubkl From: Your best friend. Amy T61 Steve S. lmy little brotherl Message: You're the best little brbthevl Talks andhugsl I'll miss you lots!!! Prem: Love Margie M lyour sister! To: Henri Message: Never forget 4-L86! The junior prom was awesbrnel I love you. Frqm: Love Bunny To: Smool Message: On the good ship Iolllpop sunk 21 times. From: Sniffy T61 K.C.R .lll f Message: Te quiero y te amo para slempre! The Suavest. Sl tu eres! g From: MH, Top Wlfeyilsu-2-ql B. Message: Freddy, frosting cupcakes. cabbage patch, broken light switchg ' Prem: Hubby lTamfe-pooh! P. To: Patetriek ' Message: You mean everything to me. I love you forever and ever. From: love Pootsie To: Kurt W. Message: You blg ape, G.C.C. all the way! From: Hansy To: Lee Wee Message: lwon't tell if you don't Thanks for the late night talks. From: lstill like html Love Gee Wee To: Michelle, Kymmle, Colleen, Bridget etc . . . Message: Lunch has been a blast. Thanks for all the laughs!! From: Love ya all, Janeen To: Kathy lbushl Message: Nice, real nice. He did the mash! Who made the phone books? From: I love you, Amy To: Class of 1989 Message: '87 was the best, next year we show our class our pests. From: V.P. from class of '89 To: Mr. K Message: What would you do if a bomb was inadvertently left in your briefcase? From: Your faithful staff To: Ken Message: Than: for your advice and your friendship - they've both helped a lot. From: Jen To: Sean lA.E.l Message: KEEP SMILINGH! From: Chris To: Annie Message: We talk too much, got any water, can't wait for summer. From: Skinny To: Yearbook Staff Message: It's been a good year and I'll never fargo! it. Thanks for the memories. From: Sonia B. To: Paula C. - Message: We made it! through good and bad times. I'll be here. From: Love Janlce To: Sondra Message: You are a great friend and you keep me laughin' - you're silly. From: Sholanda To: Mike and Aki Message: There is nothing like speeding in a mall, or forgetting ymn purse! From: Love, Jennifer To: Jen Message: Nothing like going tn Midtown fwhen lt's closedl From: Mike and Ak! To: The class of 1987 Message: We've shared the best and worst of times. We are family!! From: To: Mlleen Message: We've been through lots. Our lrlendshfp still stands, and always wlll. From: Love Sonia To: Mlkelley Message: Thanx for being a great friend all these years. Keep in touch. From: Your adopted sister Tb: Tom l Message: l LOV YOU HUN BUN PILE OF PUN!!l From: Love ya lots, Margie To: Franny Message: I love joking around with you! Driver's Ed was an unforgettable time! From: Kurt To: K. Hebb Message: Too had we couldn't be right now, it was all worthwhile, seriously. From: Super Jo To: Fedil, Paul, and Ciaccia Message: What a team! Steal lisjs, block doors, hop in car. lntanglbles. From: Roberto To: "Dew" Message: Dew you out there Dew? YEAH! Stop growlin' like a bear, From: Take care - Slow To: Debbie Message: Be there Friday! Good luck In the future . . . Debbie-n-Dave. From: Love S.C. To: English Schaefer Message: The help and attention are appreciated! Hug the monsters! From: Candi C. To: Joe Bowe Message: We've had a great year! From: Mr. Ford To: Michelle T. Message: Please no more Chemistry homework. Thanks for caring. From: Love Sonia B, To: Rob Message: Thanks for the lunches! We love you! From: Your best friends To: Kathy B. and Kathy K. Message: Lets keep in touch! l'll miss you both very much! Good Luck! From: Love always Kim S. To: Julie Message: Thanks for always being there it would've been impossible without you, From: Terry To: Jennifer J. Message: l know we'll always be friends forever. You're a very special friend. From: Jeanine A. To: The Bruse Message: Remember fries, Payday, orange soda. See ya next season! From: The duck To: The gang Message: l wish we were as close as the old days. From: A.C. To: Lynea B, Message: l'm glad we met. lt's been fun! From: Love Aim To: Nancy S. Message: l'm glad we're friends! l love you, and l'll miss you. Good luck! From: Love always Kim S. To: Shepard Message: Why is it shaped like a boot? Take care at UIUC, ok? From: Sheperd To: Kim Message: You will always be in my heart. From: Love Pat To: Peter Message: Hey cutie! Keep that perky smile. l love lt! From: Shannon To: Shannon Message: You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. l love you. Fromi Peter To: Glllann Message: You're a great best friend! Thanks! Remember things could always be worse. From: Jenn To: Paula Message: We've had a lot of good times but 7th grade science rules! From: Donna To: Bestanlni Message: Let's have some drinks and solve a couple of problems. When. and where? From: Witt To: The Beastman Message: You've proven a beast. Have a great summer WlT . . . You've earned it, From: Your little project To: Stacie Message: Super powered jet lighters, R.l.T., cheering, prom, fallln', memories. From: Tracey To: Dlna Message: We've been through so much, but we finally made it. Keep in touch. From: Love you always, Tracey To: Dewey and Louie Message: We didn't know howto sew -Q now we do and never again 0.K.? From: Huey To: Dearest Aki Message: Take your BMW, family and had attitude back to Greece! HaHa! From: Love Wendi To: Allan K, Message: Maybe someday you'll find out the color for sure? From: Love flow To: Margie and Cosmo Message: l know you two belong together - so get It together, From: Cupid Phyl To: Cosmo Message: You're a great friend l hope we always stay in touch. From: Love Phyl To: Mags Message: You've made my senior year very special. Thanks, l love you. From: Phil To: Maggie Message: l wish you the best of luck in your senior year, From: Phll To: Mags Message: l'm gonna' miss you next year while l'm away but l'll make up for it From: Phil To: Dawn fmy daughterl Message: l'm glad we became close. 3 and 7 were great. K.l,T. From: Love ya, Patti To: A, Message: Sorry it never worked out. l'll always love you. Keep in touch. Goodbye From: B. To: Letch Message: You're the best. Hope vve're friends forever, Remember the Red book. From: Tony D To: Donna Message: We have great times. l'm happy you're my best friend. From: Colleen To: Kim Message: That's all I want, that ski pole fthat's alll and , . . From: Colleen To: Penny Message: Transmission problems, redlights and hybrids From: Collen To: Tracey K. Message: Thanks for all your guidance through the years. GOD BLESS. I love ya From: Dina To: Sue W. Message: l'm glad we got closer this year. Great sense of humor. Good luck at Clarkson! From: Dina To: Wicked Message: Stay cute and always remember l'll be here for you. Good luck! From: Wacky 4087 To: Mr. Hicky Message: Adv. health was fun. Thanx for the great times and the laughs. From: Gonzo '87 To: Waka Message: We didn't always get along but the times we did were fun. From: Wacky '87 To: Jim A, 4-74 Message: Niagara Falls, Exit 48A, the truckstop! l'll miss you: good luck! From: Love, Jennifer S, To: Patrick Message1 You're the best brother a sister could have. l love you! From: Jennifer To: Matt Message: You are hilarious! Good luck always. l'll miss you! From: Jennifer To: Gwamma Message: Thanks for being a great friend. llove you. From: Kimmi To: Kelhy Message: Thanks for a great 9 years of being my best friend, I love ya' From: Kimby To: Dan and Rob Message: Bears vs. Cowboys! You lose! Wanna make a bet next year? From: Kara To: Phil Message: Just wanted to tell you how much l really love you. From: Love Carmen To: Sue Message: lcould have said a lol but l love you ls enough, From: Phil To: Jennifer Message: You're always there, you are my best friend. Don't forget about 5. From: Tish To: Marithese Messages: Good luck in dancing, You're a great friend. Let's stay that way. From: Sean To: Ronette Message: l'll miss you. You will always bein my mind and heart. From: Tricia To: Amy Message: Let's stay good friends forever. Don't ever forget our 20 and 22 discussions, From: A T. To: Mom and Dad Message: lt is finally over. . .the baby's graduating. Thanx for everything. From: I love you Bomber To: Chris and Rita Message: You two are awesome detectives, When do we open the business? From: Love ya both, Llsa To: Chris Message: No matter what, we're friends apart but forever together. From: Love always Katie To: Steve Message: Thanx for always being there for advice, love and laughter. Love ya. From: Love Bikini! To: Kris Message: Wanna go to Midtown? N-l-CE. ltalk like you. ls your leg on fire? From: Luv ya, Cindy To: Colleen Message: We've had some good times. and many more to come! Friends forever. KIT From: Luv ya, Cyndi and Lisa To: K. Q. T. Message: Oreos, flipflashes, Ground Round, and anything else I can think of! From: Dr. Dee To: Shannon Message: l'm really glad we became good friends this year. Remember the big K. From: Love ya, Tricia To: Sean Message: l'm gonna miss your gorgeous eyes and smile! Good luck your Senior year. From: Tricia fChrls's frlendl To: Eva E. Message: Relax, schools over. Thanks for being such a great friend. Good luck! From: Rob P, To: Amy C. Message: You are very special. Nicest girl l ever met. l love you! From: Rob P. To: Teresa Message: You're wild! The bologga's spoiled and the baby's on the way! fhal From: Your best friend Lisa To: Johnny Message: We have been through alot together and l hope we stay together! From: Lisa To: "Lobster buns" Message: Myrtle beach ruled! Gummy bears rule! Your skiing stinks! From: "Dacldy's girl" To: Tom R. Message: Remember: JP. skiing M.D. A.P. D,P. Those were some awesome times! From: Love you forever Margie To: Greg, Brian, and Scott Message: You guys are super friends - stay that way! From: Mike To: Hatzi Message: John, John, John, John, John, John. . . Hl! From: Mike To: P.S. Message: Heybu youbu! Thursdays are we in trouble? Remember P.S.. I love you From: Love Lush To: MTV Message: Do you have anymore "Depends"? From: Me To: Amy Message: You're very sexy, l love you a lot! From: Heinz To: Michele Message: Chat dance jeam make and joke will always live forever! From: Sue To: Colleen Message: lt took so long to find it, but your friendship means a lot to me! From: Love always, Amy To: Consules Message: One year left - with everything we hate - Seniors finally! From: Rublihp To: "Mar" Message: You're awesome - stay that vvay! Friends forever! Keep in touch! From: Nukes" To: Curtis Message: l'll never forget you boo! From: Love Sondra To: Shlonda Message: Well we made it now what are we supposed to do? From: Sondra To: Kelly and Cyndi Message: Thanks for being my friends. From: Joann To: Chrls and Steve Message: Let's play Euchre! lf not there is always a party to goto. From: Ralph To: The Viddy Women Message: Viddy - viddy - voom -- voody and Harry -- Harry - Kreshna all the way! From: Viddy onion To: Chris and Steve Message: You are 2 great friends. l'm going to miss you. From: Cheryl To: Jen and Renee Message: l'll never forget those basketball games. From: Mongo To: Lori K. Message: Glad l met you. Next year we gotta join the volleyball team! From: Gretchen To: B. F. F. Message: You're like a sister to me. Best friends forever. From: B. F. F. To: Darrell fplaydough cheeksl Message: I love those cheeks babe. Ha Ha! P.S. Where's my sweatshlrt?! From: Love ya Kim To: Marly Man Message: Did you eat the government cheese father? From: Cindy To: Tracy. facy Message: Oh no! By 1988 you should at least have 20 more cars, From Lynnie To: Katie Message: Can you please help me with the calculus? From: Ralph To: Kurt W. Message: l hope you have a wonderful future. Good luck!! From: Kevin fKyung Changl To: Dawn Message: Sorry. l don't have a chance to give you flowers anymore. From: Kevin fKyung Changi To: Peter D, Message: We were meant to be, Thanks for being you. I love you. From: Nicole M. To: Stuck-up lDawnl Message: Don't forget all the good times. l'll miss you. From: Snub lDIanel To: Tracy Message: You're the greatest friend ever. Thanks for everything. '86 Champs. From: You're best friend, Missy To: Sean Message: You're the best friend ever. Thanks for everything. From: Love ya Missy To: Darren Message: l love you now and forever, From: Love Missy To: Queen B. Message: What's up or down? Don't do anything I vvouldn't do - have fun! From: Madame S. To: Rossaaay Message: lf my golf game deteriorates next year - you'Il know why. From: The Beast To: Stacy Message: l'm mushin'. l'm Mushin'. Keep up the sense of humor. From: Hanne To: Laurie B. Message: Thanks for all the wonderful times. From: Joann H. To: Hansie Message: You've been a great friend! Thanks for all the math! .rl hunting M2 fishing. From: Kurt To: My Buddy Message: Thanks for super times Skiing! Bill Cosby waxing skis biber snaps. From: Love, your buddy ETCETERA 207 To: Toddy Message: l'm glad you came to Gates. Remember 1 l love you tand mud piesl!!! From: Love Sue To: Traye R. Message: Our friendship has lasted a long time. Hope it lasts even longer. From: Juls To: Scott lShepherdl Message: From spelling bees to now, 5 years of friendship. No more dented cars! - From: Rose . . , marie lshepherdl To: The yearbook staff Message: Crop those pictures, grease those pencils, but have fun too! Thanks! From: Your Editor To: Dan B. Message: Don't forget about the styrofoam balls. Thanks for an embarrassing lab! From: Sonia B. To: Mike Message: l'm not speaking to you, you're a brat!! lremember "True BIue"l From: Pam To: Patty G. Message: Jay T-n-Vanessa T always and don't forget it. From:? To: My Honey Message: l love you twice as much as you say and do love me. From: Your Honey To: Candie Message: Believe it or not, sisters are forever friends. From: Your sis, Chris To: Dawn Message: l'm glad we're still great friends and hope to stay that way for life: From: Wimp To: Rob Message: Hey - trust me! What are you doing next Thursday night? From: Jen To: Chris, Katie, Jenny, and Heather Message: You are all special friends, l'll miss you and always think of the good times. From: Debbie To: J.A.L. Message: l'm looking forward to our future together. All my love forever. From: Future D.A.L. To: Mummifer Message: Through good and bad, you're ALWAYS been there. l love you. GOD BLESS. From: Dina To: Lisa !2l Message: You are a cool chick, a good friend. Hope it stays that way. From: To: Piggy Message: l think you know who's stranger, and l know you know something else. From: Dan the slob To: Colleen the Machine Message: Hey good lookin' what's cookin'? Thanks for the dance. l'LL miss you! From: Dynamic Dan 208 ETCETERA To: Steve 678 Message: The yolk is on you!! Or should we say your house! ' From: J, L, J, P To: Gatekeeper Message: Suntan oil, tanning powder, whipped cream! Hawaiian luahs forever. Z14! From: Keymaster To: Buckner Message: Good luck next year you're the best barrel, l know! From: Love Pager 843 To: J . Jordan Message: Thanks for the good memories. Call me anytime! Hot tub? Jello? From: Love Tim 4:43 To: Chrissy and Tracy Message: You gals have been great friends, l've enjoyed all the great times. From: Lori To: J. lllin' 422 Message: Good luck next year in football - Remember, NO MERCY From: Pager 143 To: Sue F. Message: You're a good friend and you mean a lot, l'll miss you. From: Lori M. To: Kevin S. Message: LOVE YOU LOTS From: Your secret lover lK.S.l To: Jewels Message: You're a terrific friend. Thanks for always being there, it means a lot. From: Sherry To: Pete and Nicole Message: You two really have made this year fun for me. From: Lori To: Lynn Message: Thanks for being there for me! You're the greatest! From: Love Ronette To: My Jr, Friends Message: You guys are so much run. l'll miss you next year. From: Love Ronette To: Gina Message: l'm otta here. 3 more left for you Good luck! Chin! From: Love ya, Nancy To: Droopy Message: How's them underwear? From: Kerry To: Dawn Message: llove you and keep you in my heart forever From: Love David To: Scott Message: Thanks for all the laughs and all the fun. From: Your friend Dave To: Cathy M. Message: l'm sure going to miss you. Thanks for making track more fun. . From: Love Michele To: Laurie Message: lt was great knowing you, keep in touch. From: Lisa "Wishy" To: Missy Message: You're the best sister anyone could ever have!! Gonna miss you! From: Dawn To: Missy Message: Can l have your room? From: Your sis again To: Nancy. Stephanie, Laura, and Missy Message: Thanks for being my friends all of these years. l love you! From: Becky To: Dawn Message: Thanks for being my twin. From: Love Trishay To: All my pals Message: Thanks for being my friends. Good Luck! Have fun! From: Tricia To: French 4 Message: Good luck for the future. Merci pour les temps bien. From: Love Tricia To: All MY Senior Friends Message: l'm gonna miss you. Thanks for everything. Good luck. Come visit me!! From: Carolyn S. To: J: B. Message: Like mom said: Thanks for taking care of her kid, Love ya! From: Carol To: Jim and Amanda Message: Don't interrupt us . . , who's driving? HO-HO, charlie horse? Girls from Olympia? From: Kim To: The Late Wookieman Message: Remember our cold, starry nights together and smile. "Cherish" memories. From: The Late Wookiewoman To: Gloxem Message: "DON'T BE RlDlCULOUS!" From: Gloxum To: My Messy Locker Partner Message: Guys, Talks, MCC, solo-flex, fmel J, M, M, E, R ,.., fUl S.J, M. Charlies. From: Your Messy Locker Partner To: Pamela Message: "l LOVE YOU!" Now everyone can see. Aren't you embarrassed?! From: Susannah lha hal To: Marty Meee Message: You've been there for me through the good times and bad, XOXO! From: Sue-Beee To: Oh Michael Pooo Message: l . . . Love. , ,You! Let's go SHOPPING! KIT cuz you're Sooo special! From: Oh Sooozie-Q ldnt dnt dntl To: KAREN, Wendi, + Chris Message: "Ne Me quilte pas" To the BOOGER MONSTER storybook authors! We Rule! From: Susannah To: Melanie Message: Special talks, music, the musical, sleepovers. All part of our Friendship: From: Suzie To: Kim Message: To my Best Friend. Words can't express how much you mean to me. l Love U! From: Love Colleen To: My Girlfriend Message: Thanks for being there and being so special. l'm starved! Feed Me! From: Your Boyfriend To: To my bestest friend Message: l'll always be here whenever you need me to lean on you! From: From your bestest friend To: Laura lmoml Message: What the memories . . . holy cow, what the purple. Do they melt butter? From: Kerry To: Yearbook Staff Message: Pieas, Croppers, , Trapped space, Deadlines, Help! But it was a blast! From: T,N: To: Karen H. Message: The guys were geeks, class was boring yet we had a blast!!?? From: Nhung L. To: Todd E. Message: English was a blast. The years in school together have been fun. From: Good luck! Teri C10 87 g To: Chico, Junior, Stripe, Poomookle Message: Thanks for all the laughs - l couldn't have made it without ya'! From: Rico - Boom Boom - Gizmo - Renee To: Scott and Jim Message: Remember: Act your age, not your rank. From: Sherry To: M. B. Message: Volleyball was fun. Thanks for all the talks and just being there! From: Beth To: Kelly H. Message: Good luck in the future and the guys. From: Dave S. To: Jim Message: "Don't give me no lines!" From: Missy To: Susie Message: All we've been through together, l still love you! God bless always! From: Love always, Jennifer To: PEARL, Gumby, Gary, Tom and Danny Message: BREAK CAMP BOYS! PlECE?! PEACE! From: J. C. To: The Fiddler cast and crew Message: You guys made my Senior Musical the BEST it could be! Thanx. : From: Tzeitel To: Diane Message: l'm glad we are still friends. How about that English class! From: Helen To: Kim S. Message: Stay cool with Scott don't let him bug you. Remember me always. From: Love, Mary M. To: Gina D. Message: You're the-greatest! Thanks for everything! l love you for it! From: Love: Colleen To: Ern Keebler 080 Message: Keep on training, and be the best you can be. From: Pager e43 lBersl To: Mile Message: Remember we have to stick together. There are only a couple of us left. From: Love Tricia To: Jim C. Message: l'll always love you as much as l did yesterday. From: Jennifer D. To: Myrtle bunch Message: l'm glad we are all close Please let it stay that way. From: Little Lee To: Amy and Chris Message: lf you ever need Hot Chocolate you know where to go. From: The king of Hot Chocolate fJohnl To: Dan Message: l love you more than words could ever say! Thanks . . . for everything. From: Christy To: Rick Message: English was awesome, l'm glad we had so much fun. Good luck! From: Your "pen" pal CHA! HA!l c fo 87 To: Rublihp Message: 48 days? No. l'm here. Rudd's, no comment. What? No more food?!! From: nitram To: Lori H. Message: Thanks for being there to listen. You're a beautiful person. Love ya! From: Kimmers To: WITT Message: Keep your worms to yourself!!,Thanks for the great times. From: YACK To: Mezzo Message: l'll miss you picking on me. Good luck and keep in touch: From: The little Page To: Bobby Message: Even though we fight sometimes there'll never be anyone else like you. From: l love you Dina To: Oz Message: l've admired you from a distance, l think you're AWESOME!! From: - A fan - To: Pete Message: S.S. has been great, How's your cheese -. Live it up sweat pea! From: Katie M. and Tracy V. To: Jim K. Message: l love the way you make me laugh. From: Lisa W: To: Hanne , Message: l'm stuck!! !Physicsl You're the best! The fun times were great. fEricl From: Kim To: Mike P. Message: Man, you're getting small, Better get to it: From: Hans To: 13 Message: The domination isn't complete. Bali Kumbali. Keep in touch. From: A Higher Number To: Sara Message: Keep this school cool, 1 at least try, and remember I love you. From: nuap To: Kara Message: l will always treasure the good times we have had! From: Love Jennifer To: Beetleumpkin Message: Things went badly but l will still love you forever. From: Doos To: John Message: Co-captain and Big Sta: The last year of Frank. Ain't it great? From: Jim To: Melinda Message: Be good next year when l'm not here to keep an eye on you! From: Love, Jennifer To: Jori-Bird and Krissy B. Message: Are you still my little sisters? l'll miss those safety kisses. From: Emily To: Jon and Sue Message: Good luck through your high school years! Have fun and study hard! From: Beth To: Mona Message: You're such a tard - but l love ya anyways! l'll miss you! From: Louise To: Sophmors Message:Don't forget Mich's and Steve's house the day after ZXZITIS. From: STEVE To: Darcy Message: Just a sophomore: No way! From: The 2 tall seniors in the red hall To: Caffine Message: Teach Poochie to bark. Careful in the swamp. Thanks for being friends. From: Love Moose To: Missy Message: l'm so glad that we've become great friends. Thanks for teaching me how to ski! From: Love YA, Beth To: Kendra B. Message: l'm glad we're still best U friends. Looking forward to varsity nextyear! From: - To: Rosemarie Message: l owe you a lot of Thank You's - some day you'll collect. From: Sue To: Pizon Message: These messages are dumb. Keep in touch. From: "Joe Bone" To: Chris C. Message: lt's hard to say l'm sorry but easy to say lcare. From: Bestanini with love . To: 3 and 6 Message: Lets rent a bus. From: Love, Nance To: Mich Message: l'm glad we've been friends through our school years. Keep in touch. From: Diane To: Hiedl and Michele Message: It's been great ln lunch and everythlng else. Always remember me. From: Love, Cosmo To: Pet Freshman Message: You will always be an under classman. Not enough class. From: STS To: Shawn B. Message: Calm down, wait untll next year! From: STS To: Kim K. Message: Friends Forever or what?! More wild times and memories to come, trust me! From: Shelll To: Chris C. Message: To my favorite Slime queen - Good luck next year - Don't forget me! From: Tim P. To: Nancy Message: Hope you have a great Senlor year. Stay in school. Good luck. From: Terl CIO 87 To: The G. C. Wrestlers Message: Thanks for a fun season! You guys are great! We love you! From: Your Managers To: Helen Message: l'm glad that we had lunch and Engllsh together remember the fun. From: Dlane To: Chrlstlne B. Message: You wlll always be my BEST FRIEND! From: Love Jennifer To: Dlna IV.P. Marketing! Message: AE, Computers, Perklns, Chl4Chl's. It's been fun. Smile. From: Chris fV.P. Personnel! To: Julie lJewelsl, Fran lFranny!, Eva IE squaredl, Message: l'll miss our awesome tlmes but NEVER forget them. I love you! From: Krissy To: Mr. Caruso Message: You get a gold star in MY book! See you at Wendy's! From: Kelly for is it Lisa?l To: Colleen Q. Message: Flnally graduating . . . walt, wait . . .are we? Yeah, that's the tlcket. No GTE. From: Lori S. To: Michele B. Message: l'm so glad that we've become good frlendsl Thanks for helping me out! From: Beth To: Joe M. Message: Here's to all the special times more to come. It's been real! From: Lori To: Big Brlan G. Message: You wimp! Physics is the worst. You made it cool though. Thanx! From: Tom To: Paul Message: Coach of the year. clunky. Bio magic. Bonzo. Maklng fun of everyone. From Chach To: Schhhlndy F! Message: You're a good drlnker although we've never seen you drink. ISage! From: your 666 per. AP Physlcs To: Brat -02, I3 IFROGGER and ROOKIE! Message: Water, baby-powder, lotlon, mushed apples, shampoo, condltloner, vaseline. . . What a War! From: Brat ll lBlondiel To: Scott Message: For a Ilttle brother, you're tops. l'll miss you. I love you! From: Love, Kerl To: Mlss Karnisky !Spaz! Message: l'm glad that we are such good frlends, It means alot to me! From: Love always! Mellssa A. To: Rlco Message: - raisers for everything! Best Friends Forever. Be here for you Always! From: Chico To: "Traci, Poo, and Unis" Message: You guys are great! Stay sweet! We'll be frlends forever! K.l.T.! From: "Iggy" To: Class of '87 Message: Best to you From: Mr. Tlsa To: Dlane Message: Remember the "ClGARS", the 190 Proof graln alcohol, the good tlmes!! From: Glna To: Scooby Roth Message: I love you forever! Thanks for the Special Tlmes! Gates H1 Roth 02 From: Love Scrappy Gates To: Sue B. Message: Susan, Susan B., Where are you?! Thanks for belng my friend! From: Lori S. To: Tlm P. Message: I did NOT do what 2 Poots :!!! From: Chrissy To: My Buddy Message: Babysitting was awesome! Always remember popslcles and feathers. From: Your Buddy To: YACK Message: FIGURE OUT WHO WROTE THIS ONE WADHEAD! From: ? To: Cosmo and Allcla Message: What's It gonna be? - Huh! Huhh! or Huhhh!!! From: Chrissy To: Sean E. Message: You're a real cutle. See you next year?! From: U-KNOWAWHO To: Blake K. Message: I love your nose! From: G.R. To: Gretch Message: You're a friend I would deflnltely trust my pet frog's life with. From: Lori To: MEGGIN Message: YOU'RE A PARTY ANIMAL, SORRY THE CHICKEN POX SLOWED YOU DOWN. From: Ralph To: Sue Message: What would life be without Saturday nights! Thanks. From: Guzzo To: Jlm G. Message: It didn't work out, but l'll love you always. Good luck! From: T.D. cfof B7 To: Glrls Varsity Softball Message: You guys are the best. l'll miss you next year. We're rl. From: Love, Cindy To: Jellybean Message: Finally '87' thanks: best frlends for ever. See you at the wedding! From: Strlngbean To: KEVIN and TIM Message: HEY WADHEADS. WE'VE BEEN AT IT A LONG TIME. LET'S KEEP IT GOING. From: Ralph To: Krls B. Message: You are the klndest glrl I ever met In my life. From: Kevin fKyung C.l To: Scott Message: Moonlanding, somersaults, nallpollsh, peaches, parks: What a year!! l'll miss you!! From: Your naive and Innocent frlend forever To: Dummer Message: l am glad to say you are one of my best friends. From: gulllble To: The Lunch Bunch Message: We've had a lot of fun singing together. See ya next year! From: Amy To: Lisa Message: After all this time l'm all Yours forever. I Love You. From: John To: "Young One" Message: I will never forget that nlght, 2001, going to his house. - fSteven!l From: "Bad AttItude" To: Michele B. Message: Glad we became so close, hope we stay In touch. You're super. From: Mlke C. To: Stacle S. Message: No one could ask for a greater frlend. You're the best! From: Love Michele To: Ralph, Dean and Yack Message: We had some great tlmes, don't let It stop here. From: CAT To: Paul, Mar, Sean Message: You're all gullible! From: Helnz To: Amy R. Message: Hey! l'm always Sparkly! Sc Make Me. Remember Head and November 25. From: Love, Kristen To: Mlsh Message: Need a tynol? Mike, Mlke, Mlke . . .BEST FRIENDS FOREVER! From: Love ya always. Shan To: John Message: You can always make me laugh! You helped make thls year special. From: Love always, Amy To: Pager Message: Squat Squat Squat PIZZA! From: Mr. PontiIlo's To: All Students Message: The orange hall is ours! -- Underclassmen Stay out! From: Class of '88 To: Sean Message: You'll always be a BRAT! From: Brat To: Timex 43 Message: We'll have to settle for frlends so always keep In touch. From: T.D. cjo 87 To: My Brother Ross Message: Thanks for all the money - you're the "BEST" brother - I love ya!!! From: Your V1 sister Debbie To: Missy Message: You're a special friend, Let's stay that way forever. From: Love, Sean To: Rlch Message: Hey stranger, l'll mlss you next year. From: Trlcla To: Mary-Jo L. and Mary M. Message: You both are new frlends. l'm glad we met. Good luck always! From: Love always, Kim S. To: Chris M., Jenny and Heather Message: "Takln every shot we took the town." "My Sock!!' lRemember?l From: Love, Katle To: A "LITTLE GIRL" Message: You're just so immature! Why don't ya groweup. You have a BAD ATTITUDE!! From: Another "LITTLE GlRL" To: Phyllis Message: You're the greatest and l'll love you ever and ever. From: Your Bables To: Debbie and Roxanne Message: Good luck in the future. From: Denlse To: Dawn Message: Thanks for always llstenlng to my problems and glvlng advice. Keep In touch! From: Love always, Trlcla To: Becky fllttle slsterl Message: Good luck and enjoy the rest of Hlgh School. l'll mlss you. From: Rob fblg brotherl To: Paul IDILI Message: Donut real Qulck, who cares, you plece of -, he Is yellow. From: Mlke To: My Honey Bunch Message: I cheated on you, you cheated on me, but l love you!!! From: Your Sweetheart To: Krls Message: You've been a great frlend! Good luck, KIT. Don't forget McDonalds and that night. From: Luv ya, Cyndi To: Lllly Message: Too many memories to wrlte! You're my best frlend! I love you! From: Love, Jennlfer To: Jlm 085 Message: Thanks for the Plnk Panther, l'll always listen, take care of yourself! From: Guess? To: The small EA! Message: How about 2 dozen, DO 3! take your shoes off! NO TREES! From: The medlum EA! To: K.L.L. Message: Sharlng "quiet" tlmes and "rowdle" tlmes and even "wet tlmes". You're special. From: Love, D.J.L. To: Emily C. Message: Thanks for the 3 years on yearbook. Enjoy New York Clty. From: Mr. Kornellusen To: Jenny B. and Jenny D. Message: Jennlfer Amy Jennlfer, Amy Jennlfer Jennlfer, Jennlfer, Jennlfer, Amy? Stop breaklng fences! From: Amy To: Michelle F. Message: Love you always. Good luck ln Atlanta. l'll mlss my best friend. From: Penny To: Cln Message: You've made my senlor year one to remember. Where's you're hat Clnd? From: Eves To: Tlm Message: Wlsh I got to know you better. Good luck wlth your gultar. From: L. A. To: Katle, Heather, Jenn Message: Oh my God! It's, It's him! Follow the llmo. . .faster! From: Love, Chrls To: Mr. Wilson Message: You've been qulte an Influence. Thanks for EVERYTHING! Section Flve Champs!!! From: Love, Kelly To: Joe Message: High Sweetheart! How's Tonl? Love ya, From: Dee To: Sam S. Message: I love you and always wlll. Please let us be friends again. From: Shellle To: Heather Message: November 15th and 16th . . . OUTRAGEOUS From: 01 Lionel Rlchle Fan To: Mr. Poness Message: THANKS! From: Jlm F. To: G and Dar Message: l'll mlss you guys alot but l know we'll always stay close. From: B. To: Mag-ple Message: We've had some pretty wild tlmes and never forget drlvlng a standard! From: Love ya, Meggln To: The Breakfast Club Message: The Bang rell! It's been great waklng up together. From: Chrls and Becky To: Mom and Dad Message: Maybe not through my actlons but through my heart, I love you! From: Your one and only Ilttle glrl To: Krls Message: You're the greatest sls ever. Thanks for always being there. From: Nancy To: Chrlssy and Debble Message: We may of drlfted apart but you stlll mean alot to me. From: Love Michele To: Debbie and Brenda Message: l'm glad we're friends - you guys are the best! Don't ever change. From: Love ya, Bridget To: Trlcla Message: l'll mlss ya next year. Be good to Mlke! Keep In touch. From: Eggo To: Colleen Message: Thanks for llstenlng to all my problems. You're a great frlend! From: "Me" To: Held! Message: Frlends Forever, through good and through bad. Love From: Dave To: FRANK Message: I hope we are always together. "I love you"I!! From: Love Always Annmarie To: My Skllng and Game Partner l5'l:l Message: A kiss Hello. "Jan. 10, l987", l'm glad everything ls "OKAY" Squlrt. From: Mrs. Inferno f95'1ml To: Mona Message: You flnally made lt! Thanks forthe great times. l'll mlss you! From: Chubby Cheeks To: Mutation Message: You're a great frlend. We've had some great tlmes. Hope they contlnue. From: Yoly To: Jennlfer Message: 01 Dave Fan and rl Nlght Ranger Fan!! Forever!! Love ya forever! From: Deb To: Llsa N. Message: Thanks for a great time at the Wlnter Ball. I love ya'!! From: Your friendly neighbor Islander Fanatic To: Colleen Message: l'm glad we became good frlends. You've helped me through alot. Thanks alot. From: Tom To: Tony D. Message: To my closest frlend who I can tell anything - love you always. From: In all seriousness - Letch To: Klmml Message: Our frlendshlp means so much. NOTHING can ever change that. From: Love ya Gwamma To: Donna Message: Bowling 86, long talks, Sunday drlvlng, good friends last forever. From: Amy To: Amy Message: Ya shmelly - ya Hoodlem and most of all MOVE!! From: - To: Tony D. Message: You loved the leters, I ETCETERA 209 loved wrltlng them wlth Jorl durlng 7th!! From: The best around To: Chrls Message: l'm glad we've been friends for so long. Thanks for everything. From: Diane To: Wendy L. Message: To the ultlmate executioner land wlerdol. l'll mlss you, mon amie. You're speclal. From: Tweedle Dee To: Lynea Message: Hold on to P.K., he is really a great guy. Good luck! From: Teri CIO 87 To: Kris R. Message: Parenting, ha! You're a great friend, and l'll mlss you! From: Love, Jennifer To: Yearbook Staff Message: Thanks for an lnterestlng and memorable year. Watch out for Sonla and I. From: Mlleen H. To: Glllann Message: You're fun to party with. Have a great Senior year. Good luck! From: Teri cfo 87 To: Jill Message: THERE'S A LOBSTER LOOSE, EEK! Thanks for everything. I love ya' From: Keebler To: Tracy Message: Got your shoe? Thanks for belng a great friend. From: Tracy To: Teresa Message: Hey Dude lt's been great knowing you for all these years. From: Love ya, Carmen To: Jennlfer Message: Bed-buddles forever! Thanks my frlend. Kisses. Mlss You. From: God Bless, Julie To: Mlke O. Message: You're emotionally confused, a pest and worrywart but overall I guess you're all right. From: N.L. To: Tom Message: Thanks, for all the good tlmes, and helping me through bad ones. From: Love Always, Ronette To: Loulse Message: ANOTHER year over - another to come? We'll see! Love ya lots! From: Melanie To: KATIE Message: STOP BABBLING! From: Ralph To: Dawn S. Message: To my ONLY frlend. I wlll mlss you a lot. Take care. God Bless. From: Dlna C. To: CAT Message: If you could bowl like me you'd be awesome. You're a stud. From: Ralph R. To: Shannon Message: l'm glad we became so close this year. You're a great friend. From: Becky 210 ETCETERA To: Cadyshack Message: lt's been fun dudette, classes weren't that dull! See ya on the courts. From: Tweety To: Diane O. Message: Thanks for all the fun tlmes. Keep ln touch. From: Love Michele To: J. B. Message: Thanks for the photo memories on yearbook. From: Mr. Kornellusen To: Trlsha Message: We've been best friends for 3 years. Let's stay that way. From: Love ya, Jennl To: Rob Message: Who is It thls week? Thls year has been awesome. From: Eggo To: Becky Message: Thanks for belng you. Love From: Me To: Celene Message: l'm very glad we became good friends keep it that way - Toronto?? From: Sue To: Pete 422 Message: You're awesome at hockey. I love ya! From: - To: Befrl Message: Thank you for the best 6 years of my life! I love you! From: St. Ends To: Katle Message: Help! - In the orange hall, From: Steve To: Mlssy Message: l'm glad we're good friends thls year. I hope our frlendshlp lasts. From: Yolanda To: Jlm G. Message: Thanks for yearbook artwork. From: Mr. Korneliusen To: Fran Message: Keep in touch when you leave. l'll mlss you! From: Marlsue To: Steve W. Message: To a great brother, good luck next year. From: Your Slster To: Lorl Message: We've had lots of fun, but please no more yearbook throwing contests. From: Kerry To: Tom T. Message: You're a very speclal person and your frlendshlp means the world to me. Thanks. From: Love Colleen To: Yolanda Message: I mlght not show it sometimes but I wlll always love you. From: Love, Chuck To: my Secret teller Message: Come here! I have a secret I want to tell you! From: Your Secret teller To: Lorl Message: l'm glad we were Irlends. Good luck after graduation. From: Kelly To: Mrs. Kelly's 8th period English class Message: lt's been fun collecting Jasons referrals. What a class. From: ? To: Jake fel geeko HA HA! Message: Wlll a bunt cake and a coffee table do, on my birthday? From: Samantha ll like - alot youll To: The Volleyball Team Message: We're the best! Want to reserve the warehouse for a party?! Canada!! From: 41 To: Molly Message: We did lt! Thanks for always being there! Purple Barrettes and Forehead! From: Friends forever, Kelly To: Amy Message: We have a speclal frlendshlp that means a lot to me. Thanks. From: Love Colleen To: Next years yearbook senlor Message: Our flghts were bad In other years. Next year they'Il be worse. From: Your best friend To: Shelly Message: l'm glad we're stlll best frlends! l'll always be here for you. From: Love ya, Heidi To: Lush Message: Thursday's coming we'll know then If we're In trouble, get ready! From: Love ya, P.S. To: Nance, Becky, and Mlssy Message: You guys are the Best! What would Ido without you? From: Steph To: Ken Message: You're a very speclal friend! Keep In touch next year. Love ya lots! From: Melanie To: Skiing Wubble rl Message: HOWIE LIVES AGAIN! Let's lodge lt! concussion! JIRANAMO!! Only 2 Runs?! From: Skiing Wubbie 12 To: Erlca lsllck! Message: The year wasn't the same without you! From: Love, The Crew To: Julie M. lD.! Message: Remember the Fort, Tarzan Vines and peppermint tree? EO '68 Llke Yesterday. From: ? To: Dlna Message: No matter how much we flght I care alot. From: Love ya lots Rob D. 87' To: "The glrls in lockers 1432-1442" Message: Thanks for lettlng me live with ya. Wish ya all luck. From: "Mr. Funny" To: Lockers Message: What a year. Stay ln touch, please. From: Scott To: Kathy K. and Kathy B. Message: Stay friends forever. You're both wlld and crazy glrls. From: Love ya both, KLM To: Kelly S., Llsa W., Chrls C., Lorl S. Message: lt's been real, lt's been fun, lt's been real fun. Thanks From: Love: Colleen Q. To: F'Dll Message: A Doughnut real quick. putt-putt, who cares! We are the slickest. From: Chach To: Pager Message: Look down! GOTCHA!! Ha! Ha! You horse! From: Love, All lweakness! To: Ozzy Message: I wish I could turn back the hands of time. From: Cindy To: Wacky Message: You're a great, crazy friend. Don't forget all of the wild tlmes. From: Wonderful To: Kevin Message: Dec. 13th, New Year's, ValentIne's Day. lt's been a great year. From: Krls To: Amy Message: Vermont, the bathroom at Swaln, the welt, Hello, and comradeshlp! From: Love Shelley To: Tony Message: You're stlll wondering what a M.T.L. Is - you're still one, From: The Comrades To: Dan Message: Thanks for all the great tlmes and great talks. Don't ever change. From: Love MB To: Tlm Message: Thanks for the speclal memories. l'll always care. From: Fran To: Mlke D. Message: Why do you have to hog the bathroom In the morning always? From: !Your brother! Rob D. 87 To: Cliff, Message: Homecoming, long talks, laughs - the good and bad - l'll mlss you. From: Kerl To: Mlke H. Message: I love you forever! From: Jenny A. To: Dlna S. Message: Remember all the good tlmes, they will be In my heart always!!! From: Love ya, Rob D. 87' To: Greg L. Message: l'm really glad I met you thls year. lt's been outrageous! From: Love always, Stacle S. To: Beep Message: Stulplns, hot tubblng, and Myrtle Beach!! You're the best! Keep in touch. From: Beep Beep To: Hun-bun lM.M.! Message: Forever yours. I love you! From: Me To: Stubbles 044 Message: Thanks for everything. Remember, Football comes Flrst. Good-Luck. l'll mlss you. From: Love, Michelle x14 To: Amy Message: We're finally outta here! We've been through alot, always keep In touch. From: Laura To: Steph Message: We may fight alot, but I hope we're best friends forever. From: Love Sandy To: Llsa-Llsa Message: Thank you for belng my best friend. I love you always. From: Dusty To: Yolanda Message: Let's do breakfast and you drive. From: Jackle To: Beth and Mlssy Message: You both are really great, Thanks for Iistenlng to me. From: Tracey S. To: Twlnkle S. Message: TSIO - "The friend I have In you . . ." -Thanks. From: Love always, Juble To: Cindy S. Message: Hey "Vern", read my llps, "thls year's been great!" Thanks for everything. From: Love: Colleen Q. To: Mom and Dad Message: I finally made lt, thanks for your support. I love you! From: Love Colleen Q. To: Tracy and Chrls Message: We have to have another Whopper get together and punk out hair. From: You know who! To: O.V. and V3 Message: Don't forget Padu's, Ted's, and ChrIs's houses. Want another Tokyo Sunrise V3? From: V2 To: Jason Message: l'm really glad we got to be friends, you're really speclal. Call me! From: Love ya, Sara To: -Iorl lJ.D.! Message: N.Y.C. was the greatest, especially when you're a Charlle's Angel ha! ha! From: Love ya, Meggln To: The G-C Baseball Team Message: Thanks for a great season. You can never have too many gumballs. From: Love ya, Karen To: Sr's on Girls Varsity Basketball Message: It was a lot of fun. Can you come back next year? From: Lisa Q24 To: TommyT. Message: Gym was great! You're an awesome partner! Friends Always! From: Love, Margie To: Scott V. Message: Thanks for keeping the secret and llltlng the boxes. From: Mr. Kornellusen To: Chuckles Message: I thlnk we're stuck! IHA! Together FOREVER! From: Sweetpee To: Dlna C. Message: You're like a slster, and always will be! Let's keep In touch. From: Love always, Jennlfer lMummlfer! To: Scotch-on-the-Rocks Message: You're leaving me?! What'll I do?? l'm NOT totally corrupted yet!! From: Screwdriver To: Jlm D. Message: Thanks for belng there, you helped alot and l'll Always Love you. From: Love, Jen D. To: Stacle, Mitch Message: l'm glad we got so close and are great friends. From: Llsa To: Sandy Message: Cupcakes wlth forks, cord, Sean, rappln, hockeygames, lots of fun! Thanks! From: Beth To: 1986 Soccer Cheerleaders Message: You guys are the best! We had an awesome year! Good Luck! From: JUS! To: Colleen Message: Can you believe Lumpy? A referral! Physlcs rules. Chlche it mlght. From: Love Kim To: Keri Message: Have a great tlme at BGSU. I am golng to mlss you! From: Scooter To: Jlm N. Message: Thanks for all you've done for mel I Love You! From: Tracey S. To: 6th perlod lunch Message: What?! No juIces?! llcees for Vanessa!! From: Kelly To: Tony lSlck Puppy! Message: You're a real SICK PUPPY! Go cover your pool! From: Love ya! Karen lanother SICK Puppy! To: Jen Message: Thanks for always belng such a great frlend. I love ya! From: Love, Jen To: Tl Message: You've been a good friend. Thanx for always belng there for me. K.I.T. From: Love, nlnne To: Chrls K. Message: Thanx for making me laugh ln Art. l'm gonna mlss you! From: Love Ya, Shellle To: The Gang Message: You guys made thls year the best. Sidney, Funnels, We are funny. From: Love, Buck To: Klmble T. Message: Nine years and counting! You know I luv ya and always wlll! From: Kelble K. To: Mlke F. Message: Thanks for belng there for me all the tlme. l'll mlss you. From: Love, Michelle To: Pauly Message: "Go rlght, left, back!" "l'm gonna FALL!" lHaI Thanks for flowers! land gum! From: Mlssy To: Spy II Message: Sharlng secrets. dreams and talks - You're the best! Drlvlng ltreesll Duck fast! From: Love, Spy I To: Jeff L. and Steve G: Message: You 2 are great singers. Pete Townsend would be proud of you. From: Debble To: Nhung L. Message: Thanks for the effort on yearbook. From: Mr. Kornellusen To: Kris R: Message: Thanks for belng there and being a very great frlend. forever From: love Tina I. To: Shellybell Message: Remember when we called each other that? We still get along well! From: Suzle Q To: Jolle Message: It's great sharlng a locker: We'll stop in more driveways again. From: Tracy To: Mom Message: I couldn't ask for a better Irlend or mother! I Love You! From: Jack To: Fish Message: What will I do wlthout you? Nothing probably! From: Lips To: Ms. Hollywierd Message: Remember the bloodmonster and STAY OUT OF MY POOR BUSHES! Remember B. P, From: To: Jen Message: I know that you will always be there! Thanks! JUNIOR PROM, TORONTO!! From: Jackie To: CRASH Message: Yo dude, radical year. B.P, - G.M.W.A.S,, blood monster, HO, Doc, Awesome. C.U. later From: Ms. Hollywood To: Leslie lSnIffyl Message: You are the greatest friend anyone could ever have!!! Forever Friends!! From: Love ya! Tricia lSmootl To: Katle Message: Hey Rubber Duckie, want to go to Marketplace in a whlte out? From: Your Friends always Tracy To: Colleen, Lori, Pam, Chrls, and Sue Message: Thanks for everything! l'm gonna mlss you! Behave, have fun, good luck! From: Tammy P. To: Cosmo Message: Thanks for all the fun tlmes. I'll mlss you alot next year. From: Love, Heldi To: Kldd Message: You are a dream come true. Thanks for just being you. From: Larrold To: Krls B. Message: You Llttle Monkey, you're a real Sweetie: Keep In Touch! From: Love, Hans To: Nick Message: Hey "SPURT", You're still special to me, I'll always be your frlend. From: Love, Janeen To: Llnda Message: Jane, shut up! The stewardess rules! We're stuck pal, We need help! From: I mlss you! Amy To: Mrs. Shea Message: Not just a great guidance counselor - but a friend, too. Thanks for everything! From: Dlna To: Hanne Message: Thanx for sharing boring study halls and being a great frlend! From: Jen To: Lynn Message: l'm glad you and I became friends! Have an awesome summer! From: Chrls To: Paradise lSWl Message: Glad lt all worked out for the Best. I Love Ya Lots! From: Sunshine ISN! To: FOOTBALL FANS Message: SUPERBOWL BOUND INEW YORK GIANTSlt1 From: dl GIANTS FAN To: Mike P. Message: So, you've survived Amerlca - Good luck and I'll mlss your piano playlng. From: Jen To: Varslty Wrestlers Message: You're awesome! Thanks for the memorles. From: Cris and Margle To: Kirk lthe Ilshj Message: BREAK A LEG! "87" From: Ralph To: Witt Message: Personal law, Scavenger hunt, hockey, White Ladies Castle, and New Year's Eve! From: Your pal and Berlin fan To: Kevin Y: and Mike F. Message: Don't you think you should llke a real team like the Flyers? From: You know who To: Kewl Message: Here's to Brooklea, the "Cottage", Glass Tiger, and Senlor year. Everybody Wangchung Tonight! From: Love, Thue To: George M. Message: Y. L., lrondequolt, Watson, WindyGap, Saranac, Champion, Gates-Chill, Awesome! From: Snah To: DEKE PARTY Message: Toronto - The Fifty- Fourth, last weekend In July, 1988. See ya then. From: Emily To: Mary Jo L: and Mary M. Message: Stay cool and out of trouble. I'll miss both of you. Good Luck. From: Love, Mary M. To: Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders L Message: We did It! First Place in Pom Pon Competition! Awesome! From: Love: Colleen To: Llsa Message: Thank you for some of my greatest times! I love you always!! From: Love, Y. B. F. To: Chrls Message: You'll always be special. l'm looklng forward to the future. From: Love Always, Becky To: Mike S: Message: Calculus, 4th period euchre lsomeday I'll wlnl, almost related, thanks for the laughs! From: Rosemarle To: Rosemarie C. Message: l'm glad I could always count on you. Thanks. Keep ln touch. From: Love Always, Sonla B. To: Okey Message: You're a great frlend. l'm sure you won't l.M.M.E.R. From: Um To: Mlke Message: Mike, mlke, mlke, HI! From: Hatzlefthlmlou To: Candi Message: Everything has to change, but the memories wlll always be there. From: Rosemarie To: Snob Message: Get your nose out of the alr. long enough to say hi. From: Stuck up To: Scott H. Message: Hey Porker, I should tell everyone, how you used to WEAR SANDALS. From: JODI To: Tommy R. Message: Being with you has been the greatest! We'll stay together FOREVER! From: I LOVE YOU! Margie To: Shenen Message: Thanks for everything! Remember "Vroom, Vroom!" Shh!! Don't trlp over those yellow mushrooms! From: I luv you! Shanlne To: Grover Message: Thanks for being the best frlend ever!! Wasn't Physics fun? Love ya! From: Kermit To: John Message: I hope you keep your promises. Ask, maybe I'll tell. From: Chris To: Mrs: Marquardt and Laduke Message: Thank you for everything. Good luck with your future. From: Kyung C. To: Klm Message: Let's have some more talks "DR. RUTH" You're a very speclal lrlend, From: Love ANNMARIE To: Kelly Message: We've shared many good times together. You will always be very special. From: Love, Scott To: Michele B. Message: Thank you so much for being there this season. lChili backs all From: M10 To: lStogej Message: Lilly Bo-filly-fe-fi-fo-fllly "LILLY" From: Sharon Bo-Baron . . . To: Suz Message: Toes and feet for at least 5 more years - let's do 20 From: Cand- To: Pookle Message: Blg Smile - Blg Hug - Always From: Love - Pokey To: The Gang Message: lt's been great this year. lLove those funnelsl From: Bean To: Lorl M. and Crls F. Message: It was the best cheering with you's!! We had WILD and fun tlmes!! From: I love you both, Margie To: Be Frl Message: We've had some great tlmes and many more to come In college! From: St Ends To: Rosemarie C. Message: Thanks for all the help and encouragement. From: T. N: To: The Great feta cheese lover Message: Thanks for the physical abuse, but lloved It just llke you. From: AKI To: Phil, Mike Message: Say Jlm, what about the Ilatlands? Nobody kills jokes llke hlm, right? From: TRUNC Per. 1 To: Gary B. Message: Thanks for all the special times. You're my best frlend: I Love You! From: Michelle M. To: Annette fthe 41 Hockey Fanl Message: Elmer, don't forget to bring those plgs ln: You're a great frlend. From: Scooter lJeanlnej To: Ponger, Tonger, Donger Message: l'm staylng ln CG! See ya In the fall: From: Onger To: To the gang Message: We had a lot of fun trips! From: Love Grace To: LII, Message: hey Walnutta! Get psyched for September! Love Always, From: Jul lallas Grapefrulttal To: Lilly S. Message: Thanks for typing the messages. From: Mr. Kornellusen To: Shannon Message: You've been through - , but you never forgot about your best frlend. From: Shannon To: Corruptor Message: St. Plus X, Chuck E. Cheese, and Shavlng cream wars forever. Take care. From: F. V. To: Julla Message: You made this year great, thanks, stay mellow. From: Llsa Joey A. To: Yolanda N. Message: Getting away from you, graduating in 87, was llke llvlng -, and entering heaven. From: Todd To: Sherry Message: Enough bawdry jokes! There's little peace to be had with Jlm around. From: Scott To: Mlleen H. Message: Don't forget: lockers, phones, malls, plzza, "black" mall, lunch, maturing and "boys ara :ar-ks" From: Love, Your "ST ENDS',' To: Judy Message: You're my best frlend. I never realized It until thls year. From: I love you, Grace To: ALL SENIORS Message: PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! From: Ralph R. To: Muttly lDawnl Message: Enjoy 'em : : . but don't FAIL 'em!! IHA!! I love you stlll! From: Missy To: Standar Message: If we go sledding can I brlng a raft? From: WITT To: Mrs. Andrews Message: To my favorite teacher, thanks for the passes and 4th period cookles. From: Chrls To: Jackle Message: Thanks for being a true friend and for always belng there. From: Jeanlne To: Ronette Message: You're a terriflc person: thanks for helping me - I'll mlss you! From: JIII To: Rlz Message: Have some ple and chill the most. From: WITT To: Pllppy Message: l'm Dead. 12:00 night: Thanks for memories to a truly great frlend. From: Whlppy To: Julie Message: When are we golng used car shopping lbut end up at the malll? From: Tracey To: Amy and Kerl Message: Thanks for always being there for me when I needed someone to talk to. From: Thanks Kim To: Spy 1 Message: A better get away car, and some new Ilesl!! From: Love Spy 2 To: Fabio M. Message: Thanks for always cooling me down: when I needed lf! From: Love Phyl B. To: Kenny Message: Thanks for all the good tlmes together. I'll never forget you! From: Love always, Lori To: The 1986-87 Basketball Cheerleaders Message: 41!, Best Overalll, Howle!, VIctory!, It's been great! Good Luck In '88. From: Michele To: Jenny and Heather Message: l'm so glad you guys are friends of mine. Sr. yr. wouldn't have been the same. From: Love Chrls To: LISA Message: We have had so many laughs there ls more to come. Good Luck with John. From: Best frlend forever Teresa To: Stacie Message: How can 12 words say thanks for belng my closest trlend? From: I love you, Tracey To: Corey, Julle, and Tla Marle Message: Best of luck ln the future. Friends forever. From: Love Always Teresa To: Beth Message: I'll never forget you, you're the greatest -I love you. From: Tlm To: Susie M. Message: To my potential roommate! l'm glad our frlendshlp grew. Don't ever change. From: Dlna To: Mr. K. Message: Sorry about the aglta, I really dldn't intend lt! Mlss me next year? From: Your headache of an editor. To: Debbie Message: I wouIdn't have survived gym or psychology wlthout you. Thanks Deb. From: Chris Tu: Bltz Message: You Mess with the Bull, you'Il get the horns From: Dlck V. To: R.R. Message: I stlll think you're the supplelst. From: WITT To: M. B. the slob Message: I respect you more than myself . . . Well, I shouIdn't get that over zealous. From: D. M. the pig To: Phil Message: You've been a good frlend even though or a pain sometimes. 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'I U, ' W" k K 49 V Z1 , ",.?if-RY n'3g3lf2"-53157 7 I if -J iff, w, ,Q 'f if I W af' Y' A. Mew haw, ,-an . ff N ' ' 1 H --Wg yi 1' ff '22 ' -A H? W fx . Agarem tg3.'ii?i7?6'wi:--. ,, . V - ---' V gif, , -rffw ,gp m 2200 Buffalo Road Rochester NY 14624 247 6724 Good tnmes are always ln season' GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1 987 THE GATES CHILI R SENIOR HIGH TEACHE ASSOCIATION Wishes the Class of 1987 The best of luck' Best wlshes for the class of 1987 1635 Brooks Ave Suite 2 Rochester NY 14624 436 1200 Sugar Creek Stores 247 1849 3095 Buffalo Road at the Intersection of Buffalo Rd and Coldwater Gates N Y 14624 S Best of Luck Class of 87 0 CD CRE ORS Of C OU CE EN S D PLO AS AND UPS 5 G0 5 Bose! vhs Restaurant and Cocktanl Lounge 430 Spencerport Rd Rochester New York CHILI COUNTRY CLUB X 'jj Golf Course and Dnmng Room 760 Scottsvxlle Chxln Road f 61? fe Phone 889 9325 18 Hole Golf Course Banquet and Weddmg Facllmes letta Rd 3313 Ch1l1 Ave 2171 East Henr R h ster NY 14624 Rochester NY 14623 oc e C716l 889 9624 l716l 334 8688 aw Swun SCIVUBB Inc Complete Pool Maintenance CHEMICALS ACCESSORIES POOL Kurs L' 9 9 l l ' ...scars so --- - .L . W Q, , - ' ...a 'CI .ij 9 W,,Gf'ffSZWE7fll75'C'11e1 5 N C 0 R , 0 ,, A Best of Luck 1987 ' y ,, ' 1 JMU., ' 3 'Q - bs N! 0 0 4 7 "' X31 , ft NX, , . a The Vanden Portrait W ' ' 5 ':, . l I I rg a y all 1 , V , , t T ' i J L My A J ' t ,, l V-.2 I . -,L 5 at t 1 M Z , ,sg 6 i 3 1 526, ' I ' A f. ffl f 'E f ,AAV L VAZAV ' Z , A , if ,V ' It's What You Want It To Be. The Varden Portrait is a timeless commemorative of your graduation. Xour Varden portrait will speak with distinction. For over 50 years, the name Yartlen has meant the ultimate in portraiture. XVhen settle for less. you graduate, don't Y TM Qafdgn K I 6 THIS IS THE TIME i.l-l-1 . This Is The Time This is the time to remember 'Cause it will not last forever These are the days To hold on to 'Cause we won't Although welll want to This is the time But time is gonna change. Billy Joel f A X :Q xx xl fv- ....,

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1987, pg 194

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