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Text from Pages 1 - 52 of the 1957 volume:

, 'lu-Siiiii: Our pride in our state of Oklahoma causes us to join in the Semi-Centennial celebration of statehood by dedicating this book and contents to the early settlers of our community. The above picture was taken from the main intersection in Gate looking eastward in the year of 1919. Our sincere appreciation to the sturdy pioneers for the heritage that is ours. fgllltlldl 5540? Jesse Perkins - Sports, Don lemmons - Snapshots, Walter Moore - Business Manager, Mr, Harvey - Sponsor, Rita Stockton - Assistant Editor, Maxine Samuel - Artist, Clara Shephard - Editor, ,fi YN f X STOCKTON HARVEY WILSON SMITH TURNER WILSON LONG BOND LOW RY WHISENHUNT LOC HNER Sahel gauee SONNY EILEEN RALPH ELIZABETH NEWBY Cook MAY KIRKHART Cook if if f Q LLOYD HEGLIN Maintenance 0 X KR M Z xi . 'X l x X X 5 Selection of THE PIRATE King for '57 rested the honor upon the broad shoulders of DON LEMMONS. Don's varied educational journey in the schools of Ramona, Oklahoma, Friends Academy of Haviland, Kansas and his Senior year in our school of Gate have been crowned by this salutation as 'His Honor. " Due to residence ruling Don was unable to be a member of the athletic teams but gave his support as a rooter in the stands. He contributed to the Senior play with an outstanding performance, also he is a member of the winning Gate 4-H Club, and the '57 PIRATE staff. By popular vote CLARA SHEPHARD was declared Queen of THE PIRATE for 1957 - the crown ing achievement of twelve years in Gate School. Her participation in several plays, musical programs, 4-H Club, softball, volleyball, basketball, yearbook and paper publications, school trips, and cheery smile have added to the richness of school life for the rest of Gate High. These years are gone but the impact of CLARA will remain and challenge the students remaining to higher achievements. 'l -.-,. it 'I I. M l-ligh School As superintendent of the Gate would like to congratulate the students and ade possible this annual for achers who m I6 1956-51 . ' ' ual will be a treasure to ' re- lhope this ann hers, and friends who the parents, teac eive one. - ld of educatio n brings c ' Every year the fie , lization that our goal is us closer to the rea 'rl our gr asp. ar makes us think withr The closing oi another ye about those goals we wish to achieve. ID giving so much time inhelpingwith extra- curricular activities such as this annual, you ' ourself for the extra duties in itizen- are preparing y 't necessary for good c your communr y ship . Sincerely A catw- N f 'A l r l u 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I S ' 7757 CLARA SHEPHARD Vice President WALTER MOORE ' President MAXINE SAMUEL Reporter DON LEMMONS Secretary-Treasurer FIRST NATIONAL BANK Laverne, Oklahoma I I aan 71445449 In the year of 1945 Clara Shephard was one of five beginners on an adventure in education. The number dropped to three during Grade three and remained the same through Grade four even though Walter Moore joined ranks as a fourth grader. From the fifth grade until Grade eight the members were two in number. Maxine Samuel joined the group during the eighth grade for a short time increasing the number to four. Maxine returned to the group for the tenth grade and held the number to three. Walter moved to Seattle, Washington, for Grade 11 and the two girls had things to themselves. Walter returned for completion of his high school education this year. Donald Lemmons joined the group for the Senior year enabling the class to complete their twelve years of schooling with a number equal to 80074: of the 1945 beginning class. The group has had its proportionate part in dramatics, athletics, music, 4-H, and scholarship with highlights being participation in five plays, two Regional Basketball finals, one Kansas City Royal Livestock Exposition plus numerous parties and trips such as the Junior-Senior trip to Red-11-Port and to the Atoms For Peace exhibit. Thus one cycle in the life of four Seniors ends so another can begin. cache 7042! We, the Seniors of 1956-57, being of sound mind and good judgmentn do will and bequeath the following: ,. Maxine Samuel's flirtatiousness to Bernice Whisenhunt and her Rock and Roll Grojrl to Charlene Dyer. Clara Shephard's ability to swim on the basketball court to Burl Landers and her chauf- feuring ability to Sue Merett. Donald Lemmons' sideburns and flattop to Gerald Newby and his drowsiness during Geometry to Jesse Perkins. Walter Moore's noontime lovers technique to Tommie Martin and his love for hot rods to Ozzie Avery. The open faced communications system sitting on the desk in the Gate School office is an interesting gadget---wonder what it can show us for the year of 1967 con- cerning the class of '5'7? 'Just turn this dial" says the instruction, so let us try the letter "S" for Samuel and Shephard. Wonder if the machine can get them both at the same time? Yes it can, for two people do appear and they are in the same room. The Samuel label is directing my attention to the gold sheathed figure of a rock 'n' roll singer that would put E. P. to shame. In the wings off stage Isee plenty hand- waving and directions coming from Clara Shephard, Maxine's voice and drama in- structor from New York. It plainly shows that the student has learned the lessons well from her teacher. Now to dial "L" for Lemmons. No change---just the two ladies leaving the auditorium and getting into a Iet Teardrop. Now the driver appears as Don Lemmons so guess the machine works okay after all. Up the ramp of an ultra modern Jet service room zooms our party. A young appearing man with familiar characteristics steps to the side of the Jet and finally we realize that we have brought Walter Moore, head technician, into focus without a change of the dial. Five minutes observation on the screen gives the story of the Class of '57--apparently the class decided their small number gave them strenghth in unity so upon completion of college by Clara and protege Maxine they formed a corporation with Donald and Walter, graduates of a technical school for jet propelled motorists and mechanics, Their corporation was called The Jet Airs and they shared in- come from Jets of music on the air and Jet propelled machine operators. Time for a nap so had best tum off the system, 1, vu """" alarms .J 10 i 42441 4 1 I , i . 1 F I i i Y A-ll':AZ1l:'l?4ll.:.ll-nl."li:-.rl:llnillillnl-'ln:2llnlsl4!l:.:Hh5nll1l,iIl1hllilimultil'l'llr:nIhll":lnHI. !llZ'lLlN:llll.wlr.!':l::n:lf.lullLlunlrlliurnnl5ll:l!l1LL'l'll-.Ul'll'n'.i"l.'ll'I1.1J:slr WANDA LONG RALPH DODSON ANNA STAHLMAN GERALD NEWBY SUE MERETT RITA STOCK TON JESSE PERKINS CAELISLE DEU6 u u F Y 4 I 1 1 r Jllunlillvilllil un ullll llu'ui1rllnuull lllnullllluiulnllllliurlllll1''l1uu.lMllllll!rn1rll'lnMl1MS1lullllnlHrnlllnLlIll1.lINuH1.LIl llhlbnnl LH run! I llln.Mll1u'DllIlul1.Hu ul Jimmie Perkins Darlene Larry Miller Wilson Bernice Tom Whisenhunt Martin Phyllis Moore Rose Charlene S hl I3 l'l'l3l'l Robert Mary Dyel' Avgry ShCPl'l3 rd Land el-5 GATE CO-OP AS S'N E I I . A I 4 1 4 N ! I I I 1 x W K i 1 'h'!lF'nll4:4'.lll'..rl1lll!:llmlil,IliLl4l!zluxxll:'ll'illll1-.l:f!Z'llllfl'1I1rn'!lztArLnl'llk11iu:11-:1l.l!,!l1ll:lll.lll1llulrl-1l:Lll'u1!l'!ilnlr:il'Ar:::lll'l:l1:ll!1l1lll1l!l!3slli:ll.xll1l'1:.nf1xllv-I-nilfllarlllll Eugene Dixon Dw aiu Adams Gerald Fitch 9 Konda Merett Buddy Zirkle Daurice Steinley Bruce Newby Delbert Dodson Larry Heinz BANK OF BEAVER CITY OWEN'S DRY GOODS Beaver, Oklahoma Beaver, Oklahoma I i l I 4 I 1 1 4 I I r I V ,lllllrlrnlxliLi2l'.lli:lvl1:,w'vlll!ll'l!.llllix:Ullr17l1il:l'l!lhll.!l.l:r.l'll'l:ll'l'l:14lnl'l!'lll:l.I'5-l1.llrl1l1hr'A1:lllll'.lll!lxllIIInl!KhllrsKlllulIll!nllL!lul.vl':1ll'l4ldl!x.l nll!:7,l!nwlx:.1lnlun! Sew Donnie Adams Julia Graves Mr. Smith N Joyce Zirkle Joyce Shephard Rodney Avery Mike Miller Jerry Perkins Mike Stockton Anita Fitch Travis Wilson Bob Lowry Merle Whisenhunt Robert Heglin Glen Zirkle Buddy Lochner Eddie Adams Russell Stahlman Nancy Whisenhunt Saud David Miller Linda Marilyn Terbush Newby BEAVER LUMBER COMPANY GOODNER FUNERAL HOME Beaver, Oklahonuin Beaver, Oklahoma 7454 Jerry Borth Carol Fitch Rex Stahlman Bonnie Graves Karen Miller Florence Shephard Linda Spurgeon DeLoris Sutherland Bonnie Zirkle 7044154 Geraland Bond Terry Heinz Jimmy Newby Stephanie Miller Susan Terbush ' 746ml Larry Dunn Tommy Kirkhart Tony Maphet Frederick Mull Roger Newby Del Roy Spurgeon Max Stahlman Jerry Twombly Stanley Williamson Terressa Allen Mrs. Wilson W HARPER COUNT'Y JOURNAL HERALD DEMOCRAT Buffalo, Oklahoma Beaver' Oklahoma Jimmie Shephard Marsha Tefb'-'Sh Terry Twombly Kathy Williamson Dale Long Norman Hein 76-ut Mrs. Stockton Vicki Miller Eva Heglin Jerry Dixon V Gilbert Perkins Ciuda Allen Shalia Sutherland Terry Maphet Susan Harvey Eddie Dunn Joan Twombly Dennis Whisenhunt Bonnie Stahlman Sue Lochner ENGLEWOOD CO-OP EXCHANGE OKLAHOMA STATE BANK Englewood, Kansas Buffalo, Oklahoma I I ,lnrlr-n I inilxlliflrlu A'llull'lllrl1.Ml.Nr'llu- ,lu'.l'l!llllnn!i'n" lihl lfln' '!'!l.m.l: all:,n1Jl:uhK"l.l.ll'llI:llllu'All'wIllll1lNh'll'.1lIZll l1.'l-lvullllllll-llv.l1l!:.K:lHnl:.:'l1nnlxlllln.lIllil:lhlh 2? The winners of the District Playoff, Gage, defeated us to end our 56-57 season. We always strive to better ourselves and also feel that we do better. However, our percentage - wise wasn't so bad since we finished with a creditable 545 average, Consolation Winners in our Beaver County Tournament, and pulled enough upset victories to make life interesting. We will miss two grad- uating teammates, Clara and Maxine, but will continue looking to the future for that perfect season. Our season record is as follows: Opp, -Gate BEAVER CO, TOURNEY Forgan 47-48 Forgan 48-38 Supply 32-25 Balko 24-35 Selman 35-52 Beaver 39-40 fCons, Win Buffalo -38 May 37-67 Turpin -37 Supply 44-49 Rosston -35 Buffalo 42-51 Englewood -43 belman 22-45 Buffalo Tournament Balko 34-38 Laverne 39 Beaver 45-37 Rosston 41 May 48-76 Englewood 40 District Tournament Selman 38-62 Gage 53-36 g COMMUNl'I'Y CAFE Gate, Oklahoma A LO' GLOBE CLOTHING HOUSE Gate , Oklahoma Laverne, Oklahoma U Y Ya 3 ,.1 N. 1, N1 1553- 'mufa Q f H :Ili 'un' J 'Wo WVU.. I Z The season of 56-57 has been one of surprises, upsets, and disappointment. Naturally we expected to win all the trophies, but we had to be satisfied with the honor of Consolation Winner in the Beaver County Tournament. We were filled with joy and really proud to be crowned District Champs after upsetting Gage in a thriller of a Semi-final game and defeating Rosston for top honors. As this is written we are scheduled for the Regional Playoff and hope that these honors continue for us. Our games and scores of the year up to date are as shown. Our years winning percentage is 600, Opp. -Gate Buffalo Tournament Knowles 52-53 Laverne 46-39 Buffalo 71 Forgan 46-39 Rosston 58-40 Selman 43 Ft, Supply 40-29 Englewood 51-47 Balko 82 Selman 29-47 Beaver Co, Tourney Beaver 47 Buffalo 53-49 Forgan 43-42 May 38 Turpin 45-42 Knowles 38-40 Laverne Dist. Tourn, Rosston 49-29 Turpin 33-35 Selman 58 Englewood 18-73 May 37-79 Gage' 50 Knowles 51-56 Supply 63-48 Rosston 44- LEADER TRIBUNE DEEP ROCK Laverne, Oklahoma Buffalo, Oklahoma GREEN'S SERVICE STATION BEAVER ABSTRACT OFFICE Gate, Oklahoma Beaver, Oklahoma S zi. 'S Ag ' X if -n W dr in A 'l ' , U ' i " M' U5 ' ,Q 5 V - ...W S ima RWM - . . , M wi ws 7 A . , I , V ' . X lxg' W' 4 ' 3 Y K 5 1 L f 'N"'f 4 . . . A ' I , fgi - , EA S . hm5 5 i,E N 1 ' 2, m h A 2 A . Q -A WW" W W W swf 1 ,Q is I X if 1 x V iw K i- 1 f-- x K: .Q , 5 2 J' Xi Q I . F , X 1 4 5' P4 Q Q i Aw' . , .L A X weld!! 0 4 ' Zaedezdad 1 gage Zac JOHNSON REXALL DRUG THE FIRST STATE BANK Beaver, Oklahoma Forgan, Oklahoma JONES STORE Knowles, Oklahoma Compliments of U. S, POST OFFICE Gate, Oklahoma S Eaaedall WALLENBERG HARDWARE Co, HAROLD HEDGES 66 SERVICE Laverne, Oklahoma Laverne, Oklahoma ANNA BEAUTY SHOP CURTIS GROCERY Buffalo, Oklahoma Gate, Oklahoma ' "c::.l'gl'a 51 4 .L 6-af no X I I , gl Y 'qw W FOSSEY'S GROCERY and MARKET Buffalo, Oklahoma .4- .4-1' Y , 'I' POORBAUGI-l'S SERVICE Knowles, Oklahoma x J. fm C1 YI 2 X ' - lf -f' I '1 1 KJV .- MQ COLVIN and ANSHUTZ INSURANCE CO. Beaver, Oklahoma BEAVER FEED and PRODUCE Beaver, Oklahoma P I 1 2 1 4 . i 1 I 1 4 i r 1 lrlilllltl '.lz'kl"!0rlnil1l.lllllll':l lrallllllnlllllf''ill11.u:.1-!1u:ll,ll1ll'.ll l4r!ll..l.' l:llll1'l1:lIlItitnll'irl1l'i:xAIll'Hi:1ll1:ll.lr4ll:Al.laL4lh!n1''wallnn'rLi1Ll-null II 7m gay 2382! h Sedan! Wana FARMER'S UNION CO-OP HENSON FLOWER SHOP Laverne, Oklahoma Beaver, Oklahoma ADAMS MOTOR CO, PERRYTON EQUITY EXCHANGE Buffalo, Oklahoma Knowles, Oklahoma Zdcftdm Zend SW! li. SLAUGHTER IMPLEMENT CO. HACKETT AUTO SUPPLY CO Beaver, Oklahoma Beaver, Oklahoma BILL BRASS CHEVROLET DONNELLAN HARDWARE Buffalo, Oklahoma Laverne, Oklahoma 4-71604 MOOREHEAD PRODUCE CURFMAN CLOTHIERS Laverne, Oklahoma Beaver, Oklahoma COTTERS STANDARD SERVICE DAUBER VARIETY STORE Buffalo, Oklahoma Laverne, Oklahoma LAVERNE PRODUCE Laverne, Oklahoma WAUHOB JEWELRY Laverne, Oklahoma '75 4 'J .xv, 'li ,All JQSNW, l - ' , Q U -ff 25- ', " .L , P' l -.' f' : - .0 Ez.. , .. '7 x l 'km ,. Y' ff A A s 0 -A " n A 1 ,-,,,,....-.--.... x P K I 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 A n P wl'l':l.'Alln:d'llll'n.Kl'lll'7llll!l'nl'1l1ll!lilLlll.plullli.I:'Ill5ltllllill'l:ll1ll!ll4:ll':Jl1lll'll-' l:tglllrllm,.nllwJ:!'.bLl.Zlnl'lall!21''i.lllltLl!llll'l1n'll nllzl ull:l!lL.1l'lI..n1l'lrxhl.:P'lJli'n:ll 775045 1416382 DARLENE and ROBERT 77604: Popalwz RITA and JESSE ,bw 'sf 9. SE CHARLENE and IIMMIE BERNICE and LARRY Q , - , 4 ..,,' ffl J. X mH3 1 V: l ,X flglyu 'wx 'pg' W , .I . pl. r .Hin - 1 , af it W I, -4' my L fm wax ..,. - ,, L fy ga: 7 .513 . . . 5' M if 1 W k 'wr ,,,' gl vs. --MXN L W jwofge 9, 5' Vw - M ,mf 11" ,A 6 . Q QM E if L, . fi 0-. QQ b .-k::s- ,. iw 5 i 1. 'IFN in nkl. , . ,gf X- hfl A V? x f fl 399 GATE HIGH SCHOOL SUPPORT YOUR Gate, Oklahoma CHURCH SUMRALL'S PHILLIPS 66 BEAVER HARDWARE 8a FURNITURE Beaver, Oklahoma Beaver, Oklahoma NX z P. , 1 , . . 6 1 f 1 1 , T 5 1 u Q N . if . 1 w r w x 1 . , , uv' ':'75mi1i'44f, 1 su., '- ' .W K ,' . ,,., - T212 WRAP. I in LITHOGRAPHED BY SA' Lon Pususmuc co. 5 DALLAS o 11-:xAs The Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR-MADE nv -, .V .F .W Lv . 1 , , W -. '. :"f A 4, am r - -1.: .. ' '4 , ' N "u J 4- - M, ,.,y., 'Q--1, ., Q15 -' ylpxff- ' ' 'I'-' 1 - .aw 4.32 , .'i... -4- Ai X! ,, mr, X . 'fmt-V-" K fvr,.1r'- " ,zgs I , Lg.. ' 'Q 'rf?1Q.?f,ggf' 'V jm.3"'-ffl.. Lf Ii ,,.,s,. W, L X-. A' : - . 04 . . W UM 4-s 1 ' ...W . '- ,g1,,,1, min- ' ,y. fr-' ' If-31? w Y-Q71 T' .W , . kk , J, ,. ..1,.' . , . ' Silt ,, 11:2 -4,-1, 1 114 ,Zi .W ,,,,. . 4: - ,vm w -mr' in .. wxxs, l. , ..:,.q'g' ivljx' W., ,xg 'if Q :..,,.f- - .' :E- C 'Q 1. .Q-, ,,-,, . 1 K.. M- f - y + X -:. 1 , - .1

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