Gate City High School - Blue Devil Yearbook (Gate City, VA)

 - Class of 1970

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Gate City High School - Blue Devil Yearbook (Gate City, VA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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) ' A .j . T 0 tit i » t I i — £$ _l Tllf «... -J. • 1 ; » r . ' V -r - r CPU ' » ' ,u kj | ♦ — ' - " ■ ■ lilT 1 ' rwiiilirrmr-B te •• 9? 9 " Sc ? s- , , ? ; “ - Scott County Public Library GATE CITY, VIRGINIA THE SOUNDS AND OF BIG BLUE 2 COUNTRY!! FURIES Hilllllll HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES " DO THEIR THING. " m THE CREATIVE STUDENTS The Fury Of A BLUE DEVIL HOMECOMING! THE CROWD-PLEASERS 10 HOMECOMING — THAT WONDERFUL HAPPENING M ' S »» BACrtOAU 14 THE QUIET MOMENTS THE SERIOUS MOMENTS THE INVOLVED STUDENTS s - TURNED-ON and TUNED-IN 18 19 SCHOOL LIFE: " Beating the BLAHS " 21 22 IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME SUPERLATIVES MOST DEPENDABLE Rosella Owens Keith Derting Allen Smith MOST POPULAR Dinah Smith J. B. Broadwater MR. and MISS GATE CITY HIGH Sharon Monroe Tommy Greear 26 28 Danny Lawson MR. and MISS JUNIOR MR. and MISS FRESHMAN Danny Harper Debbie Slyger Danny Smith Jama McGee 29 OUTSTANDING TEENAGERS OF AMERICA Patti Bolling Sue Blessing 30 Tommy Greear GCHS TOP TEN James Hammond Terry Wininger Sherry Fuller Sonja Lawson Patti Bolling Beverly Hammonds Martha Jennings Juanita Williams 31 32 RECOGNITION— CLASS OF 70 THE BEAT GOES ON - WORKING OUR WAY TOWARD SATURDAY 37 THE BEST OF EVERYTHING THEY PLAYED THEIR LAST AND THEIR BEST Johnny Frazier GKTECITY Tommy Greear GMECITY Daniel McMurray Our ’69 Squad Jimmy Rose, Denny Burke, Phillip Christian, Tony Fink, Bobby Thompson, Johnny Miller, Terry McGee, David Cornett, Jeff Light, David Porter, Stanley Rogers, Danny Bishop, Danny Smith, Rickey Shaffer, Jackie Gilliam, Greg McMurray, Wayne Winegar, Tommy Greear, Gordon Quillen, Ronnie Hughes, Randy Gibson, Marshall Lane, Gary Spears, Phillip Rogers, Pat Loggans, Charles Tittsworth, Riley Boy, Terry Carter, Don Frazier, Daniel McMurray, George Wolfe, Huey Ervin, Mike McMeans, Don Newton, Billy Mullins, Mike Collins, Bob Robinette, Gary Frazier; Managers - Skipper Quillen, Randy Lane, Jackie Potter, Dale Smith, Alan Doughtery; Coaches - Harry Fry, Sandy Blackwell, Lynn Reed, John Vicars. 42 Danny Bishop Terry Carter gm terry Wayne Winegar Jackie Gilliam 45 THEY JUST MADE IT LOOK 47 Gary Lark Blue Devil baseball team: Philip Rogers, Jackie Gilliam, Joel McDavid, Glenn McMurray, Gary Lark, Tony Gardner. Second Row: Coach Harry Fry, Danny Smith, Harold Willis, Stanley Rogers, Frank Castle, Pat Loggans. Third Row: Gerald Miller, Joey Herron, Ronnie Hughes, Jerry Smith, Danny Lawson, Tony Fink. Scorekeeper Alan Dougherty and manager Ryland Jennings. THE DEFENDING CHAMPS OF 1970 Pat Loggans Glenn McMurray Jackie Gilliam Tony Fink 49 Tony Gardner Scott County Public Library GATE CITY. VIRGINIA Blue Devil track team: Jackie Gilliam, Johnny Frazier, Riley Boy, Charles Henry, Wayne Winegar. Second Row: Coach Lynn Reed, Paul Oaks, Tommy Greear, David Jones, Preston Dougherty. Third Row: Glenn McMurray, Scotty Hillman, Gary Frazier, Bobby Hill, Rickey Page. Managers Randy Gibson and Ryland Jennings TRACK— A CONSTANT STRUGGLE FOR PERFECTION BASKETBALL SENIORS— THEIR NUMBERS FEW BUT THEIR ASSETS MANY Charles Henry Glenn McMurray THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY " BLUE DEVILS " J.V. BASKETBALL TEAM 56 Kim Rhoton, Sandra Cleek, Pam Rameriz Robin Hubble, Kim Campbell, Teresa Ervin J.V. CHEERLEADERS VARSITY Suzanne Newman Patrice Quillen Toni Lindamood CHEERLEADERS Dinah Smith Lisa Quillen Our cheerleaders: Spirit, Drive, and Ability Cindy Sells UNDER DIRECTORS SUPERVISION . . . Director Mr. Ron Wilcox Student Director Jim Baker President Kathy Kane Vice President Pam Miller Secretary-Treasurer Lou Fry Senior Representative Dennis Cox Junior Representative Susan Reed Sophomore Representative Nancy Kane Freshman Representative Stan McConnell 8th Grade Representative Pam Shelton Librarians Linda Frazier Deborah Bates Drill Sergeant Eugene McClellen . . . OFFICERS WORK FOR HARMONY 62 1 970 GCHS BAND CHORUS 1969-70 GCHS CHOIR ' -s W- ? ikfSM i o m k £ A T o7 ‘2 -I jayr wflk, ' e L iiiii ML Mm fa w J!aTA InH v -• 1 Eafw a Touring Choir Prepares for Concert President: Leah Johns Vice-P resident: Sue Blessing Secretary-Treasurer: Kathy Breeding Reporter: Ruby Wolfe Sponsor: Larry Hartgrove 64 THE BIGGEST AND BEST YET Freshman Choir COMMERCE CLUB Preparing for the Business World OFFICERS— President: Della Tipton Vice-President: Janet Starnes Secretary-Treasurer: Freda Byrd Reporter: Sharon Monroe 66 Safety Patrol Board of Officers: Anita Vanzant, Susie Huff, Cathy Alley. SAFETY CLUB Better Teenage Drivers OFFICERS— President: Danny Bishop Vice-President: Preston Dougherty Secretary-Treasurer: Becky Jennings Reporter: Dinah Smith Sponsor: Mr. James Dye Senior Members Junior Members SCIENCE CLUB The Aware Students Sophomore Members 68 MATH CLUB Those Who Inquire Senior Members Junior Members Sophomore Members Sponsor: Mrs. Marie Miller President: Leta Sumner Vice-President: Sherry Wininger Secretary: Preston Dougherty Treasurer: Verlinda Broadwater Reporters: Dennis George Harold Willis 69 JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE Senior Members Sponsor: Mrs. Virginia Davis President: Janice Brickey Vice-President: Gary Blandenbeckler Secretary: Claudine Quillen Treasurer: Gale Hobbs Reporter: Barbara Smythe, Dennis George 71 SPEECH CLUB — Mastering An Art Sponsor: Mr. Frank Quillen OFFICERS- President: Patti Bolling Vice-President: Libby Vicars Secretary: Susie Huff Treasurer: Clay Anderson 72 I i i LIBRARY CLUB— A Service Organization t 1 jtfpl President: Peggy Tipton Vice-President: Jane Parks Secretary: Nancy Parks Treasurer: Donna Smith Reporter: Judy Estepp Social Chairman: Geneva Gibson Program Chairman: Kathy Taylor Publicity Chairman: Nancy Elliot 73 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Emphasis On Academics FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Working Toward A Goal Sponsor: Miss Hazel Culbertson President: Kenneth Smith Vice-President: Don Taylor Secretary: Sandra Cox Treasurer: Anita Vanzant Reporter: Sherry Wininger 75 BRUSH AND PALETTE President: Ronnie Peters Vice-President: Susie Huff Secretary: Lyndell Blankenbeckler Treasurer: Tony Chapman Reporter: Riley Boy Sponsor: Mrs. Betty Stapleton 1970 BLUE DEVIL STAFF Socks It To You!” A New Look For ' 70. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF BUSINESS MANAGER . ADVERTISING EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR CLUBS EDITOR FACULTY EDITOR . . . CLASSES EDITOR . . . JUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS . . FRESHMAN CLASS . . . ART EDITOR CIRCULATION EDITOR TYPIST Sonja Lawson Rosella Owens Patti Bolling Pat Musick .Jimmy Baker, Sharon Compton Cathy Dougherty Leta Sumner Janice Brickey Jerry Noe, George Woods Pam Ber ry Ronnie Peters Sharon Monroe Sherry Fuller, Preston Dougherty 77 DEVIL DATELINE STAFF Changes for the Better Terry Wininger Editor 78 SPANISH CLUB Active in 69-70 Sponsor: Mr. Charles Flanary President: Judy Fleenor Vice-President: Debra Hensley Secretary: Betty Mann Treasurer: Juanita Vaughn Homecoming — A Third Place Win FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA " Toward New Horizons " President: Rachel Rasnick Vice-President: Sue France Secretary: Diana Lane Treasurer: Sharon McClellan Reporter: Kay Tate Chaplain: Judy Sanders Historian: Cathy Hamm Art Editor: Wanda Quillen Song Leader: Marsha Neeley Recreation Leader: Sherri Cox Photographer: Almedia Robinette Parliamentarian: Rita Peters FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Learning to Do, Doing to Learn OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Reporter . . Sentinel . . . Billy Moore . . Danny Davidson . .Frank McMurray . . . . Darrell Lane .Martin Gillenwater . . . Eddie Bellamy Eddie Bellamy and Billy Moore were delegates to National FFA held in Kansas City. 81 VI CA SCOTT COUNTY The National spotlight is on VICA Youth because the members of VICA— The Vocational Clubs of America— are a very important group of young people . . . the trade, technical, and industrial students . . . the youth upon which our nation will depend on in the years to come for a continuing high level of productivity and technological advancement. VOCATIONAL CENTER VICA OFFICERS President Eugene Peters Vice-President Gerald Fraysier Secretary Kay Powers Treasurer Barbara Fraysier Reporters David Baldwin, Larry Catron Parliamentarian David Hicks PREPARING FOR LEADERSHIP IN — THE WORLD OF WORK — SHOP REPRESENTATIVES and SCHOOL COUNCIL Auto Mechanics, William M. Whitley, Danny Addington; Cosmetology, Kay Powers, Trellis Williams; Drafting, James Berry, Roger Free; Electricity, Gregory Tipton, Rick Jones; Electronics, David Baldwin; Food Occupations, David Hicks; Masonry, Eugene Peters, Elmer Fletcher; Machine Shop, Ronald Estepp, Gerald Fraysier; Printing, James Hurd, Barbara Ann Fraysier; Welding, David Repass, Larry Estepp. 83 DEVILS AHEAD Mr. Freddie Fugate, our principal A LEADER UNINHIBITED in mind, in manner, in spirit ; Aware of the times. Alert and astute, Planting seeds of amazement in the minds of all. AN INDIVIDUAL Miss Brenda Panned Mrs. Mary Musick Miss Jane Ann Sandidge Office Staff FACU LTY Planning your future .... Exploring World Geography .... Meeting Winston Smith and Julia .... “Just who is this Geoffrey Chaucer?” A NEW approach to OLD problems. Mrs. Frances Ann Culbertson Mrs. Jean Blackburn Mr. Sandy Blackwell Miss Hazel Culbertson Mr. Jonathan Castle Mrs. Virginia Davis Miss Marilyn Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greear Mrs. Linda Mahathy and Mrs. Shirley Foster Mr. Larry Hartgrove TEACHING A hectic gym class The first frightening driving lesson . . . . 2x — 3y = 8 “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” 9Q Giving TIME in service to others. Mrs. Louise Quillen Mr. Lucian Dougherty Mrs. Audrey Maddux Miss Cathy Smith and Mrs. Fostena Parkey Mrs. Myrtle Blessing Mr. Ron Wilcox Mr. Chuck Flanary Mrs. Marilyn Stallard Mr. Frank Reed Mrs. Betty Stapleton ■ I ■ Mrs. Barbara Hartgrove GUIDANCE Straining your lungs in band .... Cutting up in study hall .... Expressing yourself in art class .... “Te quiero!” Working TOGETHER for a cause. Mrs. Gladell McMillan M UED I Struggling with Mrs. Miller’s homework . . Seeing a great football team .... E = MC 2 “Watch that test tube, Charlie!” The world YESTERDAY and TODAY. Mrs. Leola Olinger Mr. Jimmy Dye Mrs. Myrtle Valley Mr. Johnny Vicars Mrs. Linda Starnes Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fry SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT, Dale Whetsel; VICE-PRESIDENT, Charles Henry; SECRETARY, Teddi Winegar; TREASURER, Sharon Monroe; REPORTER, Kathy Kane CLASS OF 70 Cathy Louise Alley Nancy LeAnn Allman Donald Douglas Anderson William Clay Anderson Jennifer Hope Arnold Gilbert Delaney Baker Linda Diana Baker Patricia Clare Barber Larry Edward Bartlett William Eddie Bellamy James Freddie Bellamy Danny Ray Bishop Danny Wayne Bishop Lyndell Kay Blankenbeckler Carolyn Sue Blessing Patricia Lynn Bolling Billy Berry Booher Daisy Correna Bowers Riley Martin Boy Margaret Jane Bradshaw Brenda Sue Bright 97 Robert Darrel Bright Karen Annette Bright Joe Bond Broadwater Verlinda Mary Broadwater Freda Marcella Byrd Phyllis June Carter James Larry Carter Lois Diana Carter William Terry Carter Larry Anthony Catron Thomas Edward Catron Jennie Marlene Chapman Thomas Anthony Chapman David Alan Clark Linda Carol Clark Roger Ann Coleman Rose Ella Coleman Dennis Nelson Cox Denver Nathan Cox Margaret Susan Cox Sandra Kaye Cox Bertha Charlene Culbertson Danny Lynn Davidson 99 Janet Deloris Davidson Phillip Edward Davidson Roma Rosalee Davis Barbara Ann Dean Nina Fay Dean Terry Wayne Dean Betty Jo Derting Keith Monroe Derting Gary Wayne Dishner Thomas Scott Dishner Barbara Jean Doughtery James Preston Doughtery Laura Lynn Doughtery Nancy Lee Elliot Deborah Ann Estepp Judy Lynn Fleenor 100 101 Elmer Paul Fletcher Carolyn Sue France Johnny Carter Frazier Roger Dale Free Sherry Lynn Fuller James Martin Gardener Tony Allen Gardener Allen Gibson, Jr. Marvin Wallace Gibson Martin James Gillenwater Jackie Darryl Gilliam Samuel Bruce Gilliam Eugene Barry Glenn Larry Glover Teresa Arlen Godsey Kathy V. Gray Robert Thompson Greear Brenda Sue Grizzle Jackie Lee Hamilton Donald Raymond Hamm Beverly Jean Hammonds James K. Hammonds Patricia Carol Hammonds Lonnie Dale Henderson Brenda Kay Henry Charles Michael Henry Samuel Leonard Henry Patsy Diann Hensley William Walter Herren Carolyn Fay Herron 102 Autographs anyone? Evelyn Dianne Herron John Dale Hobbs Linnie Louise Herron Ellen Sue Huff Bobby Joe Hill Barbara Ann Hutchins Scotty Woodrow Hillman Martha Jean Jennings 103 Robert Dennis Jennings Leah Alyce Johns Dennis Marcelle Jones Judith Jones Margaret Rosemary Jones Rickey Lynn Jones Katherine Potter Kane Jerry Ellis Kilgore Nathan William Kilgore, Jr. Bobby Lee Lane Ronnie Gene Lane Gary Michael Lark Carl Lawson, Jr. Sonja Lolita Lawson Patsy Ann Lemmons 104 Harlow Eugene Leonard Toni Adele Lindamood Delores Elaine Lowe Hubert Eugene McClellan Jessie Qualls McClellan Ronnie Clayton McClellan Daniel Keith McMurray Frank Marion McMurray Glen Maurice McMurray Jackie Lee McMurray Patsy Sue McMurray Elizabeth Louise Mills Clyde Woody Minnich Sharon Yvonne Monroe 105 Charles William Moore Ida Christine Moorehead Billie Jo Murphy Suzanne Newman Janet Newton Elizabeth Faye Owens Rosella Owens SENIORS see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Richard Allen Page Nancy Elaine Parks June Shirlene Peters Patricia Faye Peters Velma Darlene Peters 106 Emma Jean Pierson Charlotte E. Presley Jimmy Gale Quillen Pamela Kay Quillen Patricia Lynn Ramey David Alien Repass Patsy Arlene Repass Elizabeth Laura Roberts Patricia Frannie Rogers Judy Mae Russell Anthony Dowell Salyer Pamela Kay Salyer Sherri Ruth Shaffer Beverly Raye Shelley Garvey Carter Smallwood 107 Dinah Kaye Smith Kathy Jane King Smith Robert Kenneth Smith Sharon Diann Smith Sheila May Smith William Allen Smith Kathy Louise Smythe Carol Louise Stallard Beulah Faye Starnes Janet Fay Starnes Deborah Gay Stokes Leta Yvonne Sumner Linda Eleanor Tankersley Charles Donald Taylor Michael Lynn Taylor Emma Inez Templeton Della Viola Tipton Peggy Jean Tipton Sharon Elaine Todd Gladys Rebecca Turner Anita Sharon Vanzant Billy Ray Vermillion Barbara Kay Wampler Dale W. Whetsel Janis Lee Williams Bow to King John I and His Court or else! ! ! ! wm Linda Coleen Tipton Agnes Starnes Stewart Vicars Williams Juanita Ann Williams Sherry Lynn Wininger Terry Gwyn Wininger Teddi Duann Winegar David Wayne Winegar Ruby Loretta Wolfe Now listen. Don’t hurt ’em unless you have to!! CMECltt SENIOR MEMORIES 111 Friends Fun-times Four Years Where did they go? CLASS OFFICERS: Bob Robinette, VICE-PRESIDENT; Sharon Compton, TREASURER; Pat Musick, PRESIDENT; Jan Bellamy, SECRETARY; Gordon Quillen, REPORTER. JUNIORS Jerry Arnold Susie Arnold Barbara Baker Jimmy Baker Randall Baker Patty Begley Jan Bellamy James Blair Lynn Blalock Gary Blankenbecker Joe Blessing Patricia Bowser Brenda Bray Kathy Breeding Janice Brickey Debbie Bright Debbie Brooks Denny Burke Martha Calhoun Connie Carter Rita Carter Benny Cassell Elva Cassell Billy Catron Philip Christian Ada Clark Daniel Clark Teresa Clendenin Debra Collier Diana Combs Sharon Compton Randy Cross Bill Culbertson Vicki Culbertson Cathy Daugherty Sandy Davis Janice Dean Cathy DeBord Jackie Dorton Winfred Dougherty Karla Dunham Kathy Elliott Dinah Ely Juniors place necessary accessories on Devil fan’s car. Danny Enix Huey Ervin Tefesa Ervin David Falls Joyce Fletcher Danny France Barbara Frazier Gary Frazier Lou Fry Delores Gardner Karen Gardner Patricia Gardner Ronnie Garland Dennis George Joe Gibson Violet Gibson Betty Gillenwater David Gilliam Michael Gilliam Charlotte Gilmer Deborah Glenn Jane Glenn Michael Hackler Danny Harper Freddie Hilton J Deborah Hensley Jill Hensley Judy Hensley David Hensley Evelyn Hilmer Gale Hobbs Joni Howard Rita Jayne Sandra Jenkins Muriel Jennings Sherry Johnson Cynthia Jones David Jones Marilyn Jones Angela Joyner Jean Kerney Rita Kimbler Glenda LaForce Darrel Lane Dennis Lane Diana Lane Lynn Lane Judy Lane Patsy Lane Paula Lane Darrel Laughlin Charles Lawson Kent Lawson Pat Loggans Susan Lyons Elizabeth McClellan Gary McClellan Sharon McClellan Barry McConnell Eddie McConnell Mary McConnell Cheese! 4 Debra McCoy Harlan McDavid Joel McDavid Neawanna McGee Terry McGee Don McMurray Linda McNutt Betty Mann Wilma Mayes Jerry Meade Pam Miller Alan Musick Pat Musick Jane Neeley Pam Newton David Nickels Paul Oaks Carolyn Osborne Debbie Osborne Jane Parks Armanda Patrick Ronnie Pendleton Jean Peters Rita Peters Bench-warmers Ronnie Peters Teresa G. Peters Teresa K. Peters David Porter Sharon Poston Frankie Price Gloria Price Norma Price Charlene Quillen Claudine Quillen Gordon Quillen Judy Quillen Wanda Quillen Rachel Rasnick Susan Reed Tony Reed Carolyn Rhoton Bob Robinette Brenda Rochester Roger Sampson Judy Sanders Barbara Sapp Allan Sexton Kay Shaffer Betty Smith Donna Smith Marie Smith Patti Smith Wanda Smith Barbara Smythe Gary Spears Jill Stapleton Ricky Sumner Dava Sweeney Cathy Tate Donnie Tate Jackie Taylor Kathy Taylor Tony Taylor Wayne Templeton Gerald Tipton Charles Tittsworth Juanita Vaughan Elizabeth Vicars Sue Whitaker Mike Whitley Hope Williams Daphine Williams Sharon Williams Harold Willis Charlene Winegar Kay Winegar Hope Wolfe George Wood 121 Class Officers PRESIDENT, Marshall Lane; VICE-PRESIDENT, Kay Tate; SECRETARY, Jama McGee; TREASURER, Rita Jett; REPORTER, Lisa Quillen SOPHOMORES Lowell Addington Donna Akers Steve Akers Ronnie Akers Paul Asbury Gary Baker Mike Barber Randall Barger Deborah Bates Ellen Bellamy Penny Bellamy Phyllis Blair Glen Bledsoe David Bowen Jeffrey Brickey 122 James Bridwell Johnny Bright Michael Bright Pauline Bright Pam Brooks Dennis Byrd William Carrier Sharon Catron Anthony Chapman Leslie Clabaugh Deborah Clark Kathy Clark Mitchel Clark Michael Cleek Shirley Clendenin Mary Coleman Glenna Compton Duffie Cox Sherri Cox Melvin Culbertson Carolyn Darnell Martin Darnell Charlie Daugherty James Daugherty Glenda Davidson Linda Davis Steven Davidson Sandy Davis Cathy Dean Jennifer Dean Sue Dean Gary Depew Pamela Depew Lennea Derting Betty Dishner 123 Eva Doran Allen Dougherty Jeffrey Draper Diana Duncan Debra Elliot Jo Ann Elliot Sharon Elliot Janet Estepp Judy Estepp Larry Farley Sandra Farley Roger Fields Tony Fink Sharon Flanary 124 Aha! We’ve got you now. Jerry Fleenor Kathy Fleenor Don Frazier Linda Frazier Melissa Frazier Rose Frazier Tommy Freeman Peggy Fugate Janice Gardner Phillip Gardner Sandra Gardner Daniel Gibson Geneva Gibson Joyce Gibson Martha Gibson Randy Gibson Alice Gillenwater Dickie Gillenwater James Gillenwater Earl Glover Martha Gray Emma Jean Greever Billy Hackney Roger Hamm Tommy Harper Donna Hartsock Donna Helton Karen Henry Jackie Hensley Margie Hensley Rita Hensley Suzanne Herron Judith Herron Sammy Herron Patricia Hill 125 Donna Hommell Doris Hood Gregory Horne Kevin Houser Robin Hubble Ruth Hunter Lanny Jackson David Jennings Ryland Jennings Rita Jett Tommy Johnston Terry Johnston Kyle Jones Kathy Jones Nancy Kane James Keith Mike Kelly Dorothy Kerns Andra Ketron Deborah Kilbourne Evelyn Kimbler Patricia Kimbler Arthur Kindle Ronald Kindle Benny Lane Dennis Lane Jenney Lane Kenneth Lane Marshall Lane Raymond Lane Darrell Lane Danny Lawson Joan Leonard Jeffrey Light JoAnne Lunsford Kathy Lynch Starretta Lynch Donna Lyons Glenda Davidson Donna Matheny Tony McClellan Margaret McConnell Billy McDavid Freddie McDavid Henry McDavid Wanda McDavid Emma Jean McGee Jama McGee Gregory McMurray Loretta McMurray Norma McMurray Wanda McNutt Mary Miller Sonia Miller Teresa Morgan 127 Billy Mullins Larry Myers Garland Nash Patricia Newland Jimmy Newton Students of today, Leaders of tomorrow. Jerry Noe Barbara Osborne Mary Parks David Peters Linda Peters 128 Ramona Peters Glenn Pierson Jackie Potter Florence Powers Kathy Price Andra Quillen Carl Quillen Eileen Quillen Gary Quillen Jan Quillen Judy Quillen Lesa Quillen Linda Quillen Pamela Rameriz Donna Redwine Gary Reed Rita Reed Kathy Rhoton Kim Rhoton Phillip Rogers James Rose Virginia Salyer Jane Sampson Charles Sandidge Cindy Sells Herman Sexton Sherry Shelton Teresa Shelton Janie Sims Rita Sims Sandy Slyger Danny Smith Donna Smith Jerry Smith Gary Spears 129 Ronnie Stallard Michael Stapleton Tommy Stokes Detta Tankersley Kay Tate Barbara Taylor Gary W. Taylor Gary L. Taylor Linda Taylor Mike Taylor Teresa Taylor Ellen Tipton Randall Tipton Susan Todd 130 Everyday this hall gets longer and- mwww Ginger Tomlinson Benny Vermillion Betty Vermillion Donald Wampler Joy Whitley Dwight Williams Kathy Williams Martin Williams Roy Williams Trellis Williams Clarence Wininger Rita Wolfe Vickie Woodward Helen Wright L-O-N-G-E-R 131 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT, Dale Smith; VICE-PRESIDENT, Ann Quillen; SECRETARY-TREASURER, Joyce Elliot; REPORTER; Joy McGee. FROSH Linda Addington Jimmy Akers Jackie Anderson Karen Anderson Alma Arnold Becky Arnold Kathy Austin Kathy Babb 132 Patricia Baldwin Terry Baker Ellen Barnette Tommy Bellamy Pam Berry Roger Bishop Larry Blair Jeffrey Bledsoe Susan Bowen Burnace Bowers Mary Bowers Ann Brittan Jerry Broadwater Bobby Burgess Debbie Calhoun Kim Campbell Linda Camper Ronnie Carrico Bruce Carter Connie Carter Lisa Carter Rose Carter Julia Castle Randy Cassell 133 Craig Chapman Martin Chapman Randy Chapman Sandra Cleek Danny Clendenin Debra Clipse Boyd Cole Dana Cole Patricia Coley David Collins Mike Collins Allen Cookenour David Cornett Bruce Cox Patricia Cox Tony Cox Debra Curtis Jerry Darnell Roger Darnell Cathy Davidson Micheal Dean Louella Delp Bruce Dockery Sheila Dougherty 134 Sherry Dougherty Ricky Duncan Diane Dunham Karen Easterling Roger Easterling Joyce Elliott Bobby Ervin Deborah Ervin Annette Estepp Gary Falin Danny Falls Donna Fields Just what 1 always wanted!!! 135 No. 1 Safecracker!!! Roger Fields David Flanary Barbara France Melissa France Barbara Fuller Terry Gardner Larry Garland John Gibson Wilburn Gibson Martha Gray Richard Greene Virginia Greever Cathy Hamm Betty Hammonds Diana Harris Sammy Harris Phillip Henry Darrell Hensley Julie Hensley Kathy Hensley Patsy Hensley Ricky Hensley Virgie Hensley Joey Herren Robert Hickam Karen Hommell Tommy Hommell Billy Housewright Ronnie Hughes Jane Hurt Darrell Jackson Dinah Jayne Mark Jenkins Cathy Jennings Mary Jane Jennings Ben Jones Marsha Joyner Philip Ketron Wilma Ketron Dana Kindle Sue Kinkead Betty Lane Kathy Lane Margaret Lane Mike Lane Pamela K. Lane Pamela Sharon Lane Randy Lane Ronnie Lane Terry Lane Gary Laughlin Karen Leonard Mark Lindamood Jackie Maynard Margaret McArthur Steve McClellan Clint McConnell James McConnell Stan McConnell Stephen McConnell - Harold McDavid Teresa McDavid Sammy McDavid Joy McGee No! That way! Mike McMeans David Meade Margo Meade Gerold Miller Bruce Nickels Don Newton 139 Benny Oaks Beverly Oliver Delores Osborne Pauline Osborne William Osborne Sharon Page Darrell Parker Patricia Parker Jenny Peters Linda Peters Nelson Peters Ronnie Peters Delores Phelps Jackie Pippin Pam Pippin Ann Quillen Charles Quillen Diana Quillen Jackie Quillen Kevin Quillen Stephen Quillen Linda Rhoten Michael Rhoten David Riner Almeadia Robinette James Rodifer Carlos Salley Darlene Salyer Dale Sanders Sherry Sanders Lee Roy Sandidge Ottalee Sandidge Anna Sapp Bobby Sexton Kathy Shaffer Ricky Shaffer Stanley Shaffer Connie Shelly Debbie Sizemore Robert Sizemore Debbie Slyger Buster Smith Dale Smith Danny Smith Kathleen Smith Paula Smith Robin Snodgrass Dedrick Spivey Debra Sprinkle Jeanette Sprinkle Mary Sprinkle Gwen Stewart Judy Taylor Shirley Taylor Retha Teems George Thacker Larry Thompson Wayne Thompson Elizabeth Thornton George Tipton i 142 Julia Tipton Marshall Tipton Mike Tipton Steve Tipton Deborah Vanzant Mack Wade Teresa Ward Robyn Warren Butch Williams Bridget Williams Karen Williams Kathy Williams Phyllis Williams Jeff Winegar Lorene Winegar Randall Winegar PASTSPRESEI r;j n m JL £ li ilw First the meeting . . . . . . Then the list . . . Then Entree . . . Then talk, talk, talk . . . . . . Finally SUCCESS . . . Then the signature Now we’ve got money, money, money. Property is the fruit of labor; PROPERTY IS DESIRABLE; IT IS A POSITIVE GOOD IN THE WORLD. THAT SOME SHOULD BE RICH SHOWS THAT OTHERS MAY BE- COME RICH, AND HENCE IS JUST ENCOUR- AGEMENT TO INDUSTRY AND ENTERPRISE. LET NOT HIM WHO IS HOUSELESS PULL DOWN THE HOUSE OF ANOTHER, BUT LET HIM WORK DILIGENTLY AND BUILD ONE FOR HIMSELF, THUS BY EXAMPLE ASSURING THAT HIS OWN SHALL BE SAFE FROM VIOLENCE WHEN BUILT. . . . ABRAHAM LINCOLN March 21, 1864 Burger Chef Food good enough to leave home for. A Lynn Garden Drive Kingsport, Tennessee Everything to Build Anything Bristol, Va.-Tenn. puirti| BRABSON, urwitwie SUDDEN IPa) sl S ET RVI c E Phone 386-3921 EAST JACKSON ST. GATE CITY, VA. K heie 7 he Piece Pcyht SCOTT COUNTY MOTOR, CO. General Auto Repair HAROLD DeSPAIN, Owner Phone: 386-3701 Gate City Virginia DONS MOTORS, INC. SCOTT FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE, INC. E. M. Craft, Pres. Dick Odle, Mgr. Phone: 386-7862 Gate City, Va. What a difference a name makes Phone : 386-3301 386-7342 Weber City and Gate City Virginia Buy Cooperatively and Save FLANARY ' S GROCERY Hilton Rd. “We Give Top Value Stamps” A G ELECTRIC CO. Authorized General Electric Dealer TV and Appliances Phone: 386-7531 HOME SUPPLY COMPANY Furniture and Appliances HARRY G. PENLEY Phone: 386-3981 Gate City Virginia CENTER STREET RESTAURANT “Quality Food Served In A Pleasant Atmosphere.” Weber City Virginia Kingsport Tennessee COMMUNITY RECREATION PARK YUMA RURITAN J.C. McGEE ' S GROCERY General Merchandise Esso Products Yuma, Virginia 386-3629 PERRY S DRUG STORE ‘Your REXALL Drug” Phone : 386-3482 386-7334 Yuma Virginia Weber City QUILLIN HARDWARE CO. Over 67 Years of Service F. R. QUILLIN E. A. QUILLIN PHONE: 386-3691 ADDINGTON OIL CO. Distributor- Shell Oil Products When You Think of Fuel Oil, Think of Addington Oil J J AUTO SALES 386-3961 Route 3, Yuma Road Phone 386-3902 Gate City Virginia 148 SHELL Virginia THE STATE LINE MARKET THE THRIFTWAY MARKET Gate City Virginia Gate City Virginia THE CAMPUS DRIVE-IN Weber City Virginia Courtesy of GILMER TRUCKING CO. Nickelsville Virginia LAKEVIEW ANTIQUES x h Mile West of Gate City On Big Stone Hwy. 23 58 “Open Every Day” Rudy Nina Herron Box 455 Gate City, Va. 24251 Phone 386-7544 After 7, Nites W. L. WAMPLER ' S Moccasin Valley Road Route 2 Nickelsville Virginia GATEWAY RESTAURANT “Where Tourists and Virginians Dine.” Two Dining Rooms-Curb Service Gate City Virginia NICKELS GENERAL MERCHANDISE Groceries— Dry Goods— Produce Snowflake Virginia 1 DOBYNS-TAYLOR Hardware-Furniture-Jewelry Sporting Goods— Appliances— Toys Serving This Area Since 1922 Kingsport Tennessee | Courtesy of DARI-KREME Nickelsville Virginia Our Compliments To The CLASS OF ’70 DALTON ' S YOUNG MEN ' S SHOP Store for Dad and Lad Phone: 247-7041 241 East Center at Cherokee Kingsport Tennessee BARNIE CLEO GROCERY Groceries— SHELL Gas and Oil Route 2 Box 265 Gate City Virginia THE FIRST VALLEY BANK “A Full-Service Bank Serving All Banking Needs.” Weber City MEMBER FDIC Virginia HARRY B. WELLS KRISLEE ' S DEPARTMENT Gate City, Virginia STORE “Knowingly we will not be undersold.” Gate City Virginia HACKNEY FURNITURE THE MUSICENTER HAYNES GRAY GROCERY Furniture, Appliances, Musical Instruments Record Shop Gate City Virginia “High Quality for Low Prices” Hiltons Virginia CHRIS DEPARTMENT STORE SCOTT COUNTY INSURANCE AGENCY Where Your Dollar Buys More Quality Merchandise At Low Cost UNITED STATES FIDELITY AND GUARANTY COMPANY Box 182 Phone: 386-7557 Gate City Virginia Gate City Virginia B B RADIO AND TV THE STYLE SHOP Sales and Service Complete Service At Reasonable Prices Weber City Virginia Ladies’ and Children’s Ready-to-Wear Phone: 386-3141 Gate City Virginia AUTOMOTIVE NICKELS and J. A. COUNTS SON SPEED SHOP, INC. Serving Scott County Holston Shopping Center Auto Parts Weber City, Virginia 2425 1 Custom Equipment With The Best In Jewelry Gate City Virginia HARRIS GROCERY DEE ' S CLEANERS Jim Harris-Owner ONE-HOUR MARTINIZING Phone: 386-7131 Hiltons Virginia Gate City Virginia ONE-HOUR MARTINIZING COX-MILLS MACHINERY CO., INC. Weber City Ford Tractors New Holland Balers The Most In Dry Cleaning Weber City Virginia 417 S. Wilcox Drive 245-5149 Kingsport Tennessee FULLER BROS. ESSO GROCERY KINGSPORT ELECTRIC CO., INC. 151 Wholesale Electrical Supplies 201 East Market Street Snowflake Virginia Kingsport Tennessee Tennessee LUCILLE S BEAUTY SHOP Specializing in Hair Shaping, Styling, and Coloring Phone: 386-3091 Gate City Virginia RHODES CLOTH MILL-ENDS SHOP “The Best Buys In Fabrics” Phone: 386-7629 Rt. 3, on Yuma Road Shop and Save Where Every Day Is Dollar Day At DOLLAR GENERAL STORE Gate City Virginia BALL BROTHERS FURNITURE Bristol— Kingsport— Johnson City Tennessee Gate City Virginia MARK NICKELS NATIONWIDE INSURANCE COMPANIES SCOTT COUNTY FUNERAL HOME, INC. Air Conditioned Chapel Oxygen Equipped Ambulance Two-Way Radio Weber City, Virginia Phone: 386-7021 JOE S SERVICE STATION AND GROCERY Route 1 Nickelsville Virginia LAWSON S BARBER SHOP Holston Shopping Center Weber City Virginia RICHMOND V S HARDWARE Complete Line of Hardware Home and Farm Tools— Tru-Test Paints Phone: 386-7902 152 Gate City Virginia Gate City Virginia The subjects you’ve been studying in school are important. The fact that you’ve learned them well and are entering graduation is, too. But these things are secondary to how well you will use what you’ve learned in the years ahead. As you contemplate the future, remember that your efforts will have been for nothing unless you use each day to judiciously apply and doggedly multiply the knowledge you have attained. HAMLETT-DOBSON FUNERAL HOMES Fall Branch Kingsport BAYLOR-NELMS FURNITURE CO., INC. Kingsport’s Largest Furniture Store Phone: 245-4159 125-31 Broad Street Kingsport Tennessee Compliments of TRI-STATE DISCOUNT CENTER CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’70 SCOTT COUNTY HERALD-VIRGIN IAN, INC. 1401 East Stone Drive Kingsport Tennessee Scott Printing Company Gate City Virginia Precision Auto Tune-up Specialists Ml LEX Phone 245-5181 2409 E. Stone Drive Kingsport Tennessee ' Nothing Is Permanent In Fashion But Good Taste. Kingsport Bristol Johnson City WHOLESALE ELECTRIC, INC. THE Lighting Center “One of The Largest and Most Complete In The South” 421 West Sullivan Street Phone: 247-4109 or 247-7151 Kingsport Tennessee Compliments of MODERN BEAUTY SHOP Gate City Virginia LYNN GARDEN FURNITURE CARPET CENTER, INC. 502-6 Lynn Garden Drive Kingsport, Tennessee Phone: 245-5781 HOME FEDERAL Savings Loan Association Johnson City (Home Office) Greenville and Kingsport Steve Sells and David Stallard’s 3rd Floor ROSCOE M. DAUGHERTY TURTLES, GIRDLES, AND LADY’S UNDERWEAR Open 24 Hours a Day STITCH SAVE FABRIC SHOP Selma Fleenor— Owner Lou Ethel Davidson— Manager Gate City 153 INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance Complete Insurance Service Phone: 386-7412 Virginia RHOTEN SMITH FURNITURE CO. Phone: 386-7462 Weber City Virginia Rowe, Thomasville, Kroehler JOHNSON-McCONNELL INSURANCE CO. For all types of Insurance Are a Few of our Brands Broadwater Bldg. Charles Broadwater, owner Gate City, Va. Phone : ' 386-3861 Custom made Draperies Accessories Compliments of WEBER CITY DRAPERY SHOP Holston Shopping Center NICKELSVILLE MEDICAL CENTER Weber City, Va. Phone 386-6281 Nickelsville Virginia DeVAULT ' S INCORPORATED SHELTON ' S SELF-SERVICE 14 LEE STREET BRISTOL, VIRGINIA 24201 Complete Line of General Merchandise Shell Oil Products Route 3 Gate City, Virginia DONALD S FURNITURE CHAPMAN BROTHERS LUMBER COMPANY „„ fS l v,» “Everything For Building” Phone: 386-3811 Gate City Virginia Heating, Sheet Metal Work, Air Conditioning, and Roofing JOHNSON-HILLIARD INC. HOB-NOB DRIVE-IN 1 1 00 East Industry Drive 247-4176 Kingsport, Tenn. Custards, Short Orders, Sandwiches Phone: 452-4538 Gate City Virginia GATE CITY FLORAL SHOP Compliments of Flowers for all Occasions 901 West Jackson JERRY ' S THRIFT SHOP 386-3931 Gate City Virginia Gate City Virginia NICKELS PRODUCE Compliments of SOBEL ' S Wholesale Fruits Vegetables Gate City Virginia Kingsport Tennessee Compliments of YUMA BEAUTY SALON J. C. PENNEY ' S Kingsport Tennessee 154 Yuma Virginia Yuma hemine gobble, me. femtotl Sma’tteMJfen ' .ShoJ) PARAMOUNT BUILDING BRISTOL, TENNESSEE 37620 BILL S FURNITURE SHOP “Upholstering Specialist” We Build Custom Upholstered Furniture Phone: 245-8511 981 Lynn Garden Dr. Kingsport, Tenn. Let’s Be “Frank” About it The Best Place to Buy FRANK S FOOD COMPANY Food Service Equipment Under Institutional Wholesale Kingsport, Tennessee 247-7629 BENJAMIN MOORE PAINT STORE Paints— All Colors Inlaid— All Types Carpets— Indoor, Outdoor Regular Carpets of all Kinds Weber City Virginia GATE CITY PLANING MILL Quality Building Material Phone: 386-7962 Gate City Virginia FRAZIER AND MANN 155 Weber City PURE Fuel Oil Virginia MASSEY ' S Compliments of CRAFT TRANSPORT CO., INC. STOP AT ONE OF OUR MANY LOCATIONS Gate City, Virginia Telephones 386-7112 - 386-2511 STAR MOTORS AND FARM EQUIPMENT BILL OSBORNE - OWNER AND OPERATOR Phone: 703-386-6191 U. S. Highway 23 Gate City, Va. 9r ★ VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION We can’t all be Thomas Edisons, but the rewards he and other inventive people receive — profit and honor — can be the goals of every trained, dedicated graduate in America’s Free Enterprise society. APPALACHIAN POWER CO Congratulations GRADUATES THE WORLD IS YOURS Now, Let Us Bring The World To Your Doorstep Every Day KINGSPORT News (Daily Mornings) Times (Daily Evenings) Times-News (Sunday) p ? r — [f KINGSPORT NEW CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION Anderson Ford Latimer-Looney Chevrolet, Inc. Alley ' s Plymouth Center, Inc. Barnes Motors, Inc. Cox Oldsmobile, Inc. Tom Yancey, Inc. Harry Mills, Inc. DAUGHERTY BROTHERS ' CHEVROLET, INC. Kingsport Tennessee Scott County’s Largest And Most Complete Dealer CHEVROLET-CHEVY II-CAMARO-CORVETTE AND JEEPS Complete One-Stop Service Owners: EUGENE DAUGHERTY and DARWIN DAUGHERTY Serving you better— Saving you more Gate City 159 Virginia ftt ' r. Chemicals Plastics x Fibers Kodak 160 TENNESSEE EASTMAN COMPANY a place to grow... “What we do during our working hours determines what we have in the world; what we do in our play hours determines what we are.” George Eastman More than 15,000 Eastman people and their families, joining with their neighbors in the civic, religious, governmental and recreational activities of their communities have made a better place in which to live. Doing their share in their leisure hours has, indeed, determined what they are — and has helped make their communities what they are. 161 SCOTT COUNTY LUMBER HARDWARE Weber City Phone: 386-7401 Virginia Kingsport -Your Friendly— OAKWOOD MARKETS Home of K-Saver Stamps Double Stamps With Each $25 Order Tennessee MILLER AND SON PRODUCE CO. Your Friendly Purina Dealer Gate City, Virginia P. H. NICKELS 1890 Compliments of Compliments of BAILEY-ISAAC STORE Gate City Virginia Compliments of JUNE ' S BEAUTY SCHOOL Phone 386-7362 Weber City Virginia FULLER HILLMAN Kingsport ■ Tennessee J MONKEY ' S CITY MARKET Gate City Virginia WHITE CLOUD LAUNDRY Weber City Virginia VIRGINIA FURNITURE MART Weber City Virginia Compliments of WARREN FUNERAL HOME Phone: 386-6151 Weber City Virginia firestone ROBERTS TIRE AND RECAPPING COMPANY Complete Tire Service S H Green Stamps Firestone Dealer Phone: 386-3117 Weber City, Virginia -Also- Rogersville and Kingsport Tennessee JERRY McMURRAY INSURANCE AGENCY “Your NATIONWIDE Representative” AUTO-FIRE-LIFE Phone: 386-6851 Weber City Virginia TYPEWRITER EQUIPMENT CO., INC. 1022 East Center Kingsport, Tenn. Phone: 245-3541 ROYAL Typewriters NUNN ' S SUPERMARKET Quality Groceries and Meats Weber City Virginia Real Estate and Insurance JACK QUILLEN INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE H. B. Quillen, Jr. Main Street Gate City, Virginia 386-7361 The Largest, Most Modern, And Complete Department Store Between Roanoke, Va. And Knoxville, Tenn. You Will Like Shopping At H. P. KING CO. Bristol, Virginia Tennessee BROADWATER TRADING COMPANY Your Red “A” Feed Dealer Gate City, Virginia Phone: 386-3652 PROFESSIONAL MEN OF SCOTT AND SULLIVAN COUNTIES 165 - r " WHITNEYS BUSINESS COLLEGE Phone: 245-7761 1 10 East Center Street Kingsport, Tennessee WHITE WEBER CITY FLORAL Complete Floral Service Day Night [ 386-7031 LOWE ' S SUPERMARKET Weber City Virginia Weber City, Virginia In the Village Shopping Center J. A. McCURRAY AUTO PARTS, INC. We Give K-Saver Stamps Phone:225-4651 Kingsport Tennessee WEBER CITY MOTORS Transmissions— Service and Repairs Wheel Balancing- All General Repairs Phone: 386-3295 J. M. Williams Weber City, Va. McDonald ' s ' McDonald ' s is your kind of place. ' Kinsport, Bristol, Johnson City, Tennessee Compliments of COPPER CREEK RURITAN CLUB Congratulations Seniors Remember “The Man From Nationwide Is On Your Side” To Insure HOME CAR LIFE HEALTH See My Dad DARREL BOLLING Phone: 386-6141 Gate City, VA. Route 2 Gate City Virginia COMPLIMENTS of SERV-ALL, INC. 928 West State Street Bristol, Tenn.-Va. INSTITUTIONAL WHOLESALERS Phone : 968-2101 Institutional Distributors of Catering to— Schools, Restaurants Cafeterias, Hotels Hospitals, Etc. Maxwell House Hotel Restaurant Coffee Groceries and Frozen Foods 167 2 ? It J - I ■Man MASO Warren Long Kingsport, Tennessee Phone 247-6215 ACTORS Carl E. Peters Weber City, Virgini; Phone 386-7284 JEFFERSON SALES Pumps, Chlorinators, Softeners Kingsport Tennessee GATE CITY FUNERAL HOME QSQ Air Conditioned Chapel Oxygen-Equipped Ambulances SUPERMARKET Gate City Virginia —Phones— 386-7033 386-3772 Gate City Virginia Compliments of JIMMY ' S FURNITURE CO. estemEjuto Associate ggjg Store Gate City, Virginia Your Family Store Where Your Money Buys More WGAT Phone: 479-2360 AM FM 1050 104 Pt. 9 Nickelsville Virginia PRATT S FARMLAND GARDEN YOUR GARDEN SUPPLY SUPERMARKET West Sullivan at Revere - Dial 246-2521 Kingsport, Tennessee PAUL FANSLER GROCERY Gate City Phone: 479-3937 Route 3 168 Virginia We Give S H Green Stamps Portable teaching machine Sturdy. Self-contained. Ready to use anywhere, anytime. Needs no batteries or other power source. Nothing to wind, load or prepare. So simple to operate that any child can manage it, so compact it can be carried easily in one hand. And it lasts for years— even for a lifetime. Books are the original portable teaching machines. They’re still the best— and the most economical. KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. COMPLETE BOOK MANUFACTURERS KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE 169 HARRELL S ESSO STATION STATELINE ESSO Hwy. 23 Virgil Harrell Esso Weber City, Va. Phone: 386-7621 Hwy. 23 Weber City, Va. Phone: 225-4251 BOB S ESSO KETRON ' S AMERICAN Stateline Virginia Phone: 386-7740 US 23 Stateline, Va. Dial: 225-3891 Automative Transmission Service WEBER CITY SHELL Weber City, Va. Phone: 386-3311 JIM ' S ESSO STATION Gate City, Virginia Phone: 386-6781 GATE CITY SHELL Gate City Virginia Compliments of CITY ESSO STATION PAUL BRIGHT ESSO Standard Products Weber City Virginia Operated By P.H. D.N. Herron WEBER CITY ' 66 Gate City Virginia Weber City, Virginia Phone: 386-3221 GATEWAY SERVICE STATION MOUNTAIN VIEW ESSO Gate City Virginia Gate City Virginia PULP AND PAPER TECHNOLOGY OFFERS YOU A GOOD CAREER Write any of these universities for in- formation about pulp and paper careers and scholarships. SCHOOL OF FORESTRY NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY POST OFFICE BOX 5516 RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLIMA CHAIRMAN, PULP PAPER TECHNOLOGY STATE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF FORESTRY AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY SYRACUSE, NEW YORK CHAIRMAN COLLEGE OF FORESTRY UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON SEATTLE, WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT HEAD DEPT. OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING THE UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ORONO, MAINE DIRECTOR OF PAPER TECHNOLOGY MIAMI UNIVERSITY OXFORD, OHIO ' ' AssY- MEAD THE MEAD CORPORATION HEAD, DEPT. OF PAPER TECHNOLOGY WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN 171 Compliments of BROADWATER DRUG " YOUR PRESCRIPTION STORE” Gate City Virginia Compliments of CAS WALKER S Under— one— roof Discount Center Weber City Virginia Compliments of Best Wishes to the Class of ’70 R. L. KANE AGENCY General Insurance Gate City Virginia SCOTT JEWELERS A Complete Line Of Fine Jewelery Expert Watch Repairing P. O Box 505 Gate City, Virginia THE CAVALIER GRILL Keepsake and Virgin Diamonds Bulova, Longines, and Accurtron Watches Gate City Virginia Phone: 386-3272 BROADSTREET FURNITURE Area Code 703 “Where Good Furniture Is Not Expensive.” Kingsport Tennessee ELLA S BEAUTY SHOP “Over the Musicenter” ELLA LOWE— Owner and Operator Phone: 386-3511 Gate City ■ Virginia Compliments ot THE CORNER GRILL 173 Gate City Virginia FARMER’S WAREHOUSE BIG STAR WAREHOUSES 1 and 2 MI LTON HUGGINS LEROY TOWNSEND 1 and 2 FORD HUBBLE CLYDE CHILTON CHARLES GOSE WILLIE COMBS, Floor Mgr. SCOTT COUNTY TOBACCO BOARD OF TRADE COZART’S NEW WAREHOUSE RALPH OSBORNE, MGR. GEORGE GILMER, Floor Mgr. I INDEX Advertising 146-174 Band 62-63 Baseball 48-49 Basketball 52-56 BLUE DEVIL Staff 77 Brush and Pallette Club 76 Cheerleaders 57-59 Chorus Club 64-65 Classes 96-143 Commerce Club 66 DEVIL DATELINE Staff 79 Faculty 86-95 Finale 176 Football 42-47 Freshman Class 132-143 Future Farmers of America 81 Future Homemakers of America 80 Future Teachers of America 75 Homecoming 8-13 Homeroom Representatives 4 Junior Class 112-121 Library Club 73 Math Club 69 Mr. and Miss Freshman 29 Mr. and Miss Gate City High 26-27 Mr. and Miss Senior 28 Mr. and Miss Sophomore 29 Recognition 33-34 National Honor Society 74 Outstanding Teenagers 31 Principal 86 Safety Club 67 School Life 84-143 Senior Superlatives 24-25 Sophomore Class 122-131 Spanish Club 78 Speech Club 72 Sports 40-59 Top Twenty 30 Track 50-51 V.I.C.A 82-83 175 Yes, the times are really a’changing. In this turned-on world of today, you either change or become obsolete in your own time. I have tried to bring a little of this change to the 1970 BLUE DEVIL. The verdict is yours. QMjQGTIj 3 1720 00280 3969

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