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Text from Pages 1 - 132 of the 1950 volume:

the SpinnER 19 5 0 1950 PUBLISHED BY JhiL S ni il L GASTOniA HIGH SCHOOL GRSTonm, noRTH cpRounp Mary Anne Spencer, Editor Margaret Bess Edison, Business Manager 0 ] ir High The Spinner has become a tHnition at Gastonia School. It is the purpose aflK publication to portray and perpetuate the ideals olT Mrnool. The pictures of the students and of the man |pp experiences of school life make a memory bpgj B ur graduates and help to keep alive the T aims of a high school education. Guided by the wishes of the student body, the 1950 Spinner Staff has made no effort to depart from the traditional philosophy of the book. TEnTS ADMINISTRATI0T 5 LASSES activities ATHLETICS FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS DEDICRTIOPI As the second half of the twentieth century looms before us, we of today see a world crisis that threatens the existence of our tomorrow. Education for peace is the condition of our survival, and it must have a high priority in all our programs of education. In the words of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, wars begin in the minds of men, and it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed. However much the political and economic arrangements of governments may contribute to world union, the peace must be founded upon the intellectual and moral union of mankind. Along with the reorganization of the Gastonia City Schools according to the 6-3-3 plan in 1949-50 goes a continued faith in our American Educational System. It is the role of this high school to produce the democratic leaders for the unified world of tomorrow. Therefore, the Staff of the 1950 Spinner dedicates this yearbook to the effort of education for a peaceful world. FRCULTY OFFICE ASSISTANTS Miss Becky Barton Mrs. J. V. Pruitt Miss Catherine Adair LIBRARY AND BIBLE Mrs. Mildred Hampton Mrs. Caswell Taylor Miss Christine White i j QQOQOQOQ 00000004 FRCULTY HISTORY DEPARTMENT Mr. Russ Bergman Mr. C. S. Burts Mr. Marley Sigmon Mrs. John Charles Grier Mr. J. V. Prltitt Miss Jinsie Underwood MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Mr. H. C. Fouts Miss Hazel Bowman Mrs. Walter Wray Mrs. Maxa Kinlaw " v© . x. Ykr»£L-QM Miss Alna Kiser COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Mrs. Oscar Sappenfield, Jr. Miss Betty Mintz Mr. J. Price Leeper Miss Evelyn Howell Miss EIarriett Moore Mrs. E. J. Phillips, Jr. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mrs. Ylia Puig Walsli Mr. L. O. McCollum I L FRCULTY ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mr. L. N. Connor Miss Sara McWhorter Mrs. J. Price Leeper Miss Jean Sackett Miss Elizabeth Cole Mrs. Helen Ratchford Cltlp Mrs. Margaret E. Pursley Mr. Robert B. Riddle LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Ylia Puig Walsh Mrs. Maxa Kinlaw Mr. I I. C. Fouts Miss Elizabeth Curry Mrs. Lamar Saiitli Miss Geraldine Rogers Mr. Ernest J. Phillips, Jr. Mr. B. E. Littlefield, Jr. VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT Mr. Robert L. Stapleton Miss Carolyn Moser JiitaB |pi , i , l o , fca a -j i , ' fj Be „v i _.’ •« b V ! ... ni ■’ mf --I fv T3t£l| ’ J- " W Vk ' »W ISg : T |2| . jfe | • % 4t Ka t jflfl 1 I m f. 4 tfv SfH ■n ion s. entor CL y i c - i L—?. , C y £ 0 add w 7 OFFICERS John Neely President Henry Boshamer Vice-President Katie Spurrier Secretary Ted Moore Treasurer Mary Anne Spencer Class Editor Jimmy Armstrong Monitorial Representative 1 5 X. l A, . , 1 ■ IM [L i Brackett, James William Aaron, Roland Warren Adair, Billie Sue Adair, Doris Marie Adams, Betty Jane SEfllORS Armstrong, Jimmy Brevard Barker, Doris Jline Barnes, Ruby Nell Barnhill, Lander Lee Bradley, Patricia Ann Barrett, Steve Gary Barton, Robert Odell Baltcom, Bonnie Melissa Bivens, Robert Lee Bridgeman, Joan Blackman, Dorothy Magdalene Blackwood, James Daniel Blankenship, Dottie Jean Blanton, Barbara Ann Bolick, Bennie Drusilla Bolick, Robert Kelly Boshamer, Henry Carlyle Brackett, George Calvin 1 9 5 0 SPINNER Brown, Edna Malinda Brown, Hubert Alvin MM Brown, Ruth Wilson Bryant, Billy Eugene | ’ Bltchanan, David Nathan Bumgardner, Dorothy Lee Cosey, Margie Marie SEBIORS Caldwell, Doris Loltise Carpenter, 1 ed Franklin Carver, Evelyn Jeanette Coltnts, Robert Terry Carson, Roy Wilson Cashion, Betty Sue Cavney, Mary Jacqueline Chambers, Evelyn Virginia Chitwood, Dorothy Sue Clarke, Doris Ellen Clary, Marshal Blake Clary, Nancy Jane Cline, Jewel Rose Collette, Betty Jo Collette, Mae Joyce Connor, Dorothy Mae Cox, George William SPINNER Craig, Ben Truman Craig, Claude Craig, Edythe Ruth Currence, George Robert Davidson, Dorothy Ann Davis, Doris Jean Davis, Ruth Angeline Davis, Stella Mae Davis, William Harold Deaton, Billy " Joe Dellinger, Elizabeth Jean Doster, Thomas Archie Dover, Virginia Blair Edison, Margaret Bess Epting, Frances Ellen Falls, Wilma Ferguson I eatherston, Ruby Tay " lor Ferguson, Frieda Falls Ferguson, Virginia Hunter Ford, Betty Elizabeth Foster, Betty Fou Fox, Dennis Fee SEfllORS SPINNER Foy " , Dorothy " Findsay " Froneberger, Margaret G. Fuller, Mary Ann Gaddis, Kenneth Vernon Gaddis, Fonnie Marcella ■HB Gardner, Charles Robert Garver, Barbra Louise Gettys, Edna Duke Gold, Patsy Ruth Grass, Alice Lavonia Griggs, Doris Leola Groves, Mary Geneva Hagan, Betty Jean LIamot, Anita Loliise Hanna, Charles Wilbur Hanna, Eugene Jenkins Harmon, Frances Marlene Harris, Saaimie Frank Harrison, Nancy Sue Hawkins, Patsy Ann Henkel, Bobby Allen Heracklis, George Herring, Ruby Olivia Hicks, William Wagner Hoffman, Barbara Pauline Janice Camelia Jenkins, Hilda Faye [enkins, Marilyn Lorene Le Croy, George Ernest Jimison, Ray Glenn Johnson, George I Iowell Johnson, Martha Jo Jolly, Donald Anderson Leventis, Peter James j Jones, Lessie Gerdlyne Jones, Slie Dolores Kale, Norma Jean Kayler, Roger Allen Iyendrick, Charles Leonard, Jr. Kennington, Grady Shelton Kincaid, Joanne Kirkman, I Iorace Cecil SPINNER Lewis, Barbara Slte Lineberger, Patsy Lineberger, Peggy Ann Litton, Betty Jean Long, Catherine Sherwood Long, Ruby K athleen I Moore, Doris Marie SEfllORS i Lucas, Elda Jo Ann Lynn, Barbara Jeanette Malone, Sarah Jane Manning, Mary Eleen Mason, Mary Elizabeth McCarter, Martin William McCluney, Richard Clark McCllire, Betty Mae Moore, Ted Lewis Moorhead, Robert Burns McGill, Glenda Joan McSwain, Billy Gene Meek, Catherine Anne Messick, Carlton Lewis Millen, Peggy Allen Miller, Betty Jean Mincey, Charles Richard Mincey, I Iligh Norman SPINNER Morgan, John Dudley Morris, Richard Kenneth Price, Richard Arlen Morris, Robert Spargo Morrison, Juanita Freeman Morrow, Valerie Joyce Neely, John Starr SEIIIORS Nivens, John Jackson O ' Neil, Mary Elizabeth Owens, John Walter Painter, James Lee Propst, Juanita Patsch, Arthur Vernon, Jr. Patterson, John Carroll Patterson, Junius Gustavius, Jr. Penegar, Kenneth Lawing Petty, Larry Kenneth Petty, Maxwell Eugene Philbeck, Doris Marie Pierce, Rose Marie Pilkey, Irene Annette Ponder, Mildred Poovey, Jerry Postel Powell, Dorothy Armstrong SPINNER Quinn, Robert Neil Raby, Norma Jean Ramsey, Frances Juanita Ratchford, Herman Eugene Raxter, Dillard Eugene SEIIIORS Smith, Evelyn Sue Rea, Carolyn Reading, Ann Joye . Smith, James Richard Redding, Alice Carolyn Reeves, William Earl Roach, Donald Jay Robertson, Frances Anne Robinson, Catherine Anne Rucker, Joanne Marie Smith, Norman Ray Sanders, Frances Grey Sawyer, Jewel Geneva Schlagenhauf, Elizabeth Setzer, Joe Ross Shannon, Josephine Marie Kincaid Shirley, Mattie Doris Slater, Gloria Gay Smith, Don Erskine SPINNER Sparks, Dorothy Jean Sparrow, Anne Baity Spencer, Mary Anne Spivey, Charles Mack Spurrier, Katie Lee Stewart, Sarah Elizabeth Whiteside, Becky Rhodes SEfllORS I Street, Dorothy Patricia i Stroupe, Peggy Glenn Styers, Patricia Ann Summey, Helen Frances Thomas, James Ross Travis, Betty Jean Tucker, Mary Doris Turner, David Sampson W T , iz • .1 v r oi . - WAllace, Richard Earl Ward, William B., Jr. Warren, Erlene Jackson Warren, Willie Lavine Watts, Ida Madeline Weber, Freddie Edward Webster, James Elbert Wheeler, Royden James , y -fL m 9 5 o SPINNER Whitworth, Jack Lyday Wilfong, Mary Ramseur Wilkins, Donald Monroe SEfllORS Wilson, Nancy Elizabeth Wilson, Peggy Joan Wingate, Patricia Adelyn Withers, Joan Patricia Woolley, Eleanor Lee Wyont, Mary Louise Yoling, Mable Juanita Yoltng, William Daniel Page Thirty-two Dickie Trevartiien President |ack Turney Vice-President Rachel Warlick Secretary V Clarke Starnes Treasurer Rosemary Ormand Class Editor Jack Falls Monitorial Representative c. Adair, Donald Grant Aldridge, Hobart Theodore Alridge, Robert Carl Andrews, Patricia Ann Andrews, Rebecca Sue Armstrong, Carolyn Joy Bame, Norma Faye Banner, P atsy Gilmer Barnes, Wanda Lee Bentley, Glenda Jo Bernard, Donald Wayne Best, Lola Anne Bisaner, Richard Asbury Blair, Helen Hemphill Blanton, Eugene Blair Bolick, Carmen Hilburn Bollinger, Mary Lolt Bookout, Joyce Marlene Boyd, Annetta Carolyn Bradshaw, Jettie Ray Braswell, Jesse Thomas Brooks, Juanita Mae Brooks, Max Eugene Brooks, Ray Andrew Brown, Velma Sue Bltmgardner, James Blair Byrd, Susanna May Capps, Martha Neal Carrigan, Aubrey Preston Chaney, Joan Juanita Clifton, Robert Ingram Cline, Harold Jennings Cloninger, Charles Wesley Cope, Edith Carolyn Corn, Gloria Joanna A ' _■■; -Y., W dyd?- d A -WWfWWz- _ - (T • C!r- rfunior la5d V -= " -= =a- Costner, Martha Frances Crawford, David Charles Crigger, Carolyn Sue Current, William Ange Davenport, Barbara Joyce Davis, Joe Blair Davis, Patricia Anne Decker, Joe Dean Dellinger, Paul Lewis, Jr. Dickson, Mary Louise Doster, Oscar Lee Dye, Mary Geraldine Eddings, Faye Gwen Eden, Harvey Clarke Ellis, Ernestine Emmett, Danny Duke Faulkner, Mildred Beatrice Ferguson, Janie Mae Ferguson, Sally Ann Finger, Sara Virginia Forbes, Katherine Lavenia THE 1950 SPinnER Franklin, Carolyn Maxine Gibbs, Audrey Lee Glover, Dana Joan Glover, Phyllis Lee Gold, Barbara Jean Gold, Betty Jane Gordon, John Boyd Graham, Mable Llewellyn Grant, Betty Jo Greenlee, John Everette Grigg, Bonnie Jeanette Hamm, Hannah Geraldine Hanna, Janet Marie Harkey, Doris Joan Harris, Patricia Ann I Iarrison, Grace Irene Hart, Mary Ruth Hartsell, Myrle Louise LIarvey, Barbara Anne Hayes, Peggy Jean Haynes, Mary Frances Haynes, Robert Franklin I Ieafner, Bonnie Joan Henson, Garnett Nelson Hicks, Ima Jean Hill, Robert Golden FIipps, Samona Ruth Hoffman, Betty June Hoffman, Helen Frances Hoffman, John Douglas Holland, Mildred Moore Hopper, James Sydney Hovis, Betty Jane Howe, Charlotte Dickson Howell, Lois Clementine LIuffstetler, Jennie Maxine Huggins, Dorothy Katherine Hughes, Janelle Altdrey Hunt, Anne Houston Muss, John Robert Jackson, Clinton Eugene Jenkins, Roy Pressley THE 1950 SPiniTER Jenkins, Mary Ann Jenkins, Nell Rae Johnson, Peggy Jean Jolley, Margaret Irene Jones, Mavis Frances Keziah, Janet Geraldine Kiliveros, Chris George Kincaid, Evelyn Anita Kinlaw, Johnny Bradley Kiser, Robert Lee Knox, James Michell Lambert, Larry Nelson Lanier, Jerry Sidney Ledbetter, Sarah Eugenia Leigh, Carole Joan Levinson, Gary Lachman Lewis, Edith Paliline Lewis, Nancy Ann Lineberger, Dorothy Gelene Lineberger, Jason Rufus Lineberger, Mary Drucilla Lockaby, Jesse Starnes Loftin, Lenton Lamar Lollis, Ellen Amelia Long, FIarry Glenn, Jr. Long, Nancy Emma Love, Mary Ruth Lyon, Pauline Mackerell, James Theodore Mangum, Addison Goodloe Marsliall, Rebecca Ann Mason, Lillian McLean Matheson, Charles Leonard Mauney, Frank Maxton, Jr. Mauney, Samuel Wade Mlill, Betty Rlith Nivens, Donald Kirby Oates, Shirley Elizabeth Ormand, Rosemary Ouzts, Eugene Samliel Owens, Dorothy Elizabeth Page, Gerald Clark Melvin, James Alexander Montgomery, Mattie Geraldine Moore, Evelyn Pauline Moore, Eligene Farrell Moose, Elisa Morrow, Fred Torrence, Jr. Mudd, William Colombus Page, Jackie Ann Parker, Nancy Slie Parrott, Evelyn Jeanette Peach, Mary Loli Peterson, Sandra Joan Phillips, Patricia Ann Porter, Dorothy Elizabeth McAllister, Mary Slie McAteer, Mamie Louise McClure, Barbara Jean McClure, William Wesley McLaud, Patty Ann McMahan, Donald James McNabb, Joyce Vivian Price, Gloria Dawn Ragan, Jocelyn Sikes Ramsey, Donald Charles Rhinehardt, Marilyn JoAnn Rhyne, Alfred Dickson Rhyne, Billy Baker Rhyne, Dorothy Lee Rhyne, June Eloise Rhyne, Margie Jean Rhyne, Rita Ann Rhyne, Oscar Lewis Roberts, Frank McKinley Roberts, William Stliart Robinson, C. Price, Jr. Robinson, Charles Reid Robinson, Shirley Lanaska Robinson, Sloan Shelton Rose, Evelyn Lee Ann Ross, Hligh Herbert Sahms, I Ielen Louise Sawyer, Bill Eligene THE 1950 SPinnER Scoggins, Betty Cherlene Shealey, Margaret Rose Shirley, June Shubert, Jacqueline Clay Shliford, Jack Brooks Smith, Elna Louise Smith, Gloria Ann Smith, John Bark, Jr. Smith, Marvin Wayne Snipes, George Thomas Spargo, Barbara Ann Sparrow, William Henry Starnes, Clarke Robertson, Jr. Starr, Carleen Elizabeth Stenenson, Paul Torrence Stephenson, Gerry Marshall Stewart, Martha Frances Stowe, June Carole Summerow, Norma Cynthia I erry, Barbara Ann Thompson, Charles Spencer Traynham, Dorothy Agnes Threlkeld, Mickie Turner, Rena Joyce Turney, Jack Donald Vaughn, Ray Ira Walker, Dariel Edwin Walker, Marjorie [ean Walker, Pete, II Wallace, Barbara Jo Warlick, Rachel Harrelson Waycaster, Neal Jack Weaver, Ruth Norma Webb, Evan Lassiter Webb, James Boyd Webb, Lloyd Thomas Webber, Carl Harold Welch, Anna Letitia Wiggins, Richard Leo Wilson, Eleanor Rose Wilson, Elizabeth Anne Wilson, Marilyn Burr Winkler, Mary Evelyn Wyrick, Barbara Jean OFFICERS Carl Jackson President Catherine Morrison Vice-President Barbara Ann Tugman Secretary Dick Mason Treasurer Robert Oakley Class Editor SOPHOmORES Abernethy, William Clyde Adams, Elizabeth Joanna Adams, Minor Revere Alexander, Anne Grace Alexander, Walt. Allen, Dallas uVihtb ck ] f HH T Y,i W [£ I m AiIOUS’TI 1 L J fh . W 0 Arm Bard ' ! ' ) William, y Barker, B etty Rose Barnes. Barbara IoAfc: ; ! A i " - Barnes, Sarah 1 . J ANlt |rKhill, Glenda MarlAs JE rnhill, William Blahum Barrett, Martha Merlin m Barton, Joyce Damaris Barton, Martha Inez ' •Beal, Maxine Elljot » ■■ « - q Beal, o A . Bell, Shirley Ann AAjtAsf f i . ■ l ' Bess, Albert Leon Black, Carolyn McChesney Blankenship, Robert Glenn Blaylock, Frieda Mildred Boyd, Betty June Brackett, Earl Kenneth Brackett, Ralpli Blair Bradley, Faye Larkin Bradley, James McKee Bradshaw, Edna Mae Bridgeman, Charles Ronald Bridgeman, Edgar Ray SOPHOmORES Bridges, Charlotte Mae Brooks, Martha Elizabeth Broome, Richard Lamar Brown, Bobbie Frances Brown, Roger Dan Bumgardner, Shirley Jeanette Bltrgess, Lynda Nan Burroughs, Jeanette Barbara Cagle, Maxine Polly ' Calhoun, Betty Carol Campbell, Georgia Muriel Campbell, Trylba Artricia Carpenter, Jimmy Robert Carson, Carolyn Augusta Carver, Annie Ray ' Chastain, Horace Franklin Clark, Gene Douglas Cline, Earl Edison Cline, Ervin Henry ' Cochran, Myra Lee Christopher Franklin , Ray ' Colvard Costner, X-Villiam f C. 9- " ' k L ' i ✓ ARSHALL Davis, Harold Hltbert Davis, Mary Lou Davis, Rachel Delane Dawn, Lois Jean Dellinger, Bobby ' Cedric Dellinger, Serobia Jean Dettmar, Mildred Delores 1 -4 ; SOPHOmORES Dimeo, James John Dixon, Margaret Ann Dixon, Norma Elizabeth Dixon, Norma Llicille Drum 1 ,, Gwendolyn Montana Drlim, Nancy Catherine Dunaway, Harold Glenn Dlinaway, Henry James Eldridge, Robert Clifton Elliott, Etta Jane Ellis, Joan Fleming Ellis, Mary Loli Emmett, Betty Jean Emmett, Paul Dean Etcliier, Doris Louise Etchier, Louise Patricia Evington, Barbara Jane Evitt, Maxine Genette Falls, Donald Gene Falls, Doris Yvonne Falls, Mary Enola Farrar, Joel Underwood Farrar, John Franklin Faust, David Holland Ferguson, Blair Eugene Ferguson, James Franklin Ferguson, John Richard Fore, Willis Hershel Fox, Charles Eugene Frederick, Tommy Lee Froneberger, Doris Mae Frye, Barbara Jane r _ _ QsCjLsf C, ■ $ Nct e £. • ' £- -XrIZscH. L 2 V I V N Gordon, Jane Patricia yVDtxA-O v » Griffie, |erry Robert “C Groves, Jean Abney jj m S ' JL U-sfj ' | Hagan, ' Eva Geraldine Hamilton, Betty Ann Z?JZa3L V js ASu, Harmon, Mallie Sue V4 .. Harper, Henry Daelin Hamrick, Byran Alcy r Hanna, Billie June s t)uuLAJ L £kJHJLAj Harrison, James Berwell Harry, Ann Allison Hawkins, Bobbie Kay Hayes, Cecil Maurice Hayes, Helen Maxine Haynes, Charles Ritcii Haynes, Ruth Faye ■ vj ' . Hedrick, William Herman Helton, Peggy Loretta Herring, William Henry Hicks, Phillip Lathan Hill, Betty Davis Hill, Murray Carol Hill, Peggy Ann Honeycutt, Wallace Blair Howell, Marian Lucille Hoyle, Earl Gene Huffstetler, Frances June I I uFFSTETLER, JOYCE ElLEN Huffstetler, Nettie Jo Anne Huffstetler, Thomas Reid Huggins, Sylvia Ruth I Iltnsinger, Melvin Eeroy Huntsinger, Eugene Lee I Iltss, Jennie Margaret Hljss, Webb Hunter Jacks. ' Jarrett, David Medli J AI A T) JenkiKs, HE Er6®£iUR . Jenkins, J ) ermelia Ann Jimison, Joyce Ann Johnson, Jo Ann Johnson, John Milton Jolly, Lorene Jones JTm ? ° ' N Jones, IIarrill Love Jones, Maxine Joyner, Charles Whitfield Kilpatrick, Joyce Ella i Lewis, Mary Lena ‘ ' Lewi Rachel Blaj CC ' .-eL. Lineberger, Janet Lingerfelt, Ruby Geraldin - £ Long, Charles Glenn, Jr.. Lowe, William Franklin- Lowery, Robert Nelson Lyles, Gary Paul Lytton, Katherine Louise Maloney, Eugene Douglas Mann, Robert Leroy | 18 Marr, Frances Aline 1$ Mason, Richard Harrison N Martin, Gloria Ann McArver, Franklin Brown, Jr. McCarter, Janet Sue ■v r l McCarter, Fee Colien McCarthey, Juanita Fee • McClure, Marshall Franklin McCready, Doris Jean McFee, Gary Fee Melton, Maxwell Daxter Melvin, Ann Kendrick Merrill, Gary Everette c 4 V 4 1 Millen, Billy Brandon Miller, Charles James Millsaps, Hazel Jeanette Mincey, Jimmy Fee Lj i f ' ‘ ' 4 - K - 0 " Monteith, John Ervin Moore, Miriam Mae Morrison, Catherine Hollister Moses, Mildred Beatrice SOPHOmORES Myers, Richard Lamar Newman, Ronnie Eugene Norris, Elizabeth Bradie Oakley, Patsy Louvera Oates, Margrace Amelia Ormand, James Franklin, Jr. O ' Shields, Frances Ann Oxley, Eugene Emil Parker, Clyde Bentley Parrott, Jackie Eugene Payne, John Charles Pearson, Julia Anne Peninger, Charlie Fisher INiillips, Mary Faye Phillips, Patricia Ann Pilkington, William Earl ■ Posey, Rudolph Charles Powell, William Alvin Powers, Joseph Kenneth I-’ropst, James Franklin Pryor, James William Oueen, Lula Katherine Rankin, Larry Houston Rankin, William Steve » Ratchford, Dan Jenkins Ray, Betty Jean Ray, Editli Bell Ray, Loretta Geraldean Reagan, Harrison Weither Rector, Gretchel I eid Reid, Cynthia Carolyn Reid, Rachel Kay SOPHOmORES Rhyne, Floy-d Burt Rhyne, George Robert Rhyne, Janet Delane Riddle, Nell Patrick 5 FA Robinson, Lida Carolyn Robinson, Martha Louella Robinson, Samuel Craig Ross, Bonnie Sue Rlicker, Carolyn Ruth Rliff, Marilyn Loy- Russell, Judith Juanita Shearer, Libby Shearer, Mary Alice Simmons, Ralph Emerson Simpson, Shirley Lou Sisk, Betty- Jean Sloan, Barbara Ann Smith, Betty Sue Smith, Elidina Smith, George Cley ' eland f cxk- j Smith, Robert Eugene Spencer, Jo Ann Stewart, William Andrew, Jr. Street, Gladys Estelle Sty-ers, Audrey ' Suggs, Nancy- Ann S uMMEY, CaROLY-N DaWN Summey, Jewell Lee Summey, Wilma Jean Talley-, Thelma Catherine Ihompson, James Clifford, Jr. Tugman, Barbara Ann SOPHOmORES Vaughn, Alex Hames Voyles, Carolyn Marsliall Wallace, Doris Jo Wallace, Wanda Delores Ward, Barbara ]ean Welch, Nellie Belle Wellman, John Dudley Whitaker, Joan Ruth Whitesides, Sarah Maxine Whitlock, Slte An n Wiggins, Evaleen Marie Wilson, Frances Isabelle Wray, Glenn H. Wyatt, Margaret Emma Yarboroltgh, E[enry Edward Yoder, Grier Stanley Yoder, Sarah Nannette Yoder, Shirley Elizabeth York, Joe Reynolds York, Maxine Page Fifty ■ monuoRiRL councn The Monitorial Council and the general body of monitors are an integral part of Gastonia High School. These two groups with their basis upon an honor policy have offered guidance to the students, and have been of inesti- mable value to the school administration. Gastonia Senior High has a statewide reputation for good citizenship and has zealously guarded this record over the years. Ben Craig Chief Monitor George Le Croy Senior Assistant Jimmy Hopper junior Assistant Jimmy Armstrong Senior Monitorial Representative Jack Falls junior Monitorial Representative Harold Davis Sophomore Monitorial Representative Page Fifty-four Ben Craig George Le Croy J Chief Monitor .Assistant Chief Monitor BOYS Boshamer, Henry Carlyle ; ' Craig, Ben Truman t,E Croy, George Ernest • ' v - Morris, Bobby McSwain, Billy Gene Moore, Ted Loliis l i _ John Starr Patsch, Arthur Vernon Petty, Larry Kenneth Price, Richard Arlen Franklin Wilkins, Donald Monroe Bernard, Donald Wayne Hopper, Jimmy Sidney, Jr. Roberts, Frank McKinley Webb, James Boyd Alexander, Walter Eugene Broome, Richard Lamar Funk, George Irvin Herring, William Henry Jimmy Hopper Jimmy FIopper . Assistant Chief Monitor ...... Council Secretary GIRLS Blankenship, Dottie Jean Harmon, Frances Marlene Hagan, Betty Jean Lewis, Barbara Sue Kale, Norma Jean Howe, Peggy Ann Sparks, Dorothy Jean Redding, Alice Carolyn Spencer, Mary Anne Spurrier, Katie Lee Blair, Helen Hemphill Gold, Betty Jane Howe, Charlotte Dickson Moose, Elise Mltll, Betty Ruth Warlick, Rachel Harrelson Armstrong, Mary Louise Black, Carolyn McChesney Dawn, Lois Jean 1949-1950 FOR Page Fifty-five EDITORIRL STRFF Mary Anne Spencer Kenneth Penegar . Doris Adair Virginia Dover . . . . Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Typist Page Fifty-six BUSI n ESS STRFF Page Fifty-seven Gastonia High School is proud of its band, one of the most talented high school musical units in the state. The band, over eighty in number, makes a splendid appearance in parades, concerts, and drills. It is called upon by city and state to play for exhibits, political rallies, parades, high school and college foot- ball games, and the annual Shrine Bowl Game in Charlotte, North Carolina. At the State Music Contest and Festival in 1949, our band received a rating of “Superior. " A number of its members carried off top honors in the solo and small ensemble divisions of the contest. The members of the band are as follows: Donald Bernard, Ralph Brackett, Harry Beaker, Hubert Brown, fames Bumgardner, John Butt, Jennings Cline, Jack Costner, I larvey Eden, James Harrison, G. N. Flenson, Jr., William Herring, Robert Hill, Earl Hoyle, Eugene Jackson, David Jarrett, Louis Jarrett, George Le Croy, Donald Leonhardt, Jimmy Long, Garland Atkins, James Houser, Wil- liam Lowe, Robert Mann, Charles Matheson, Page Fifty-eight GRSTOniR HIGH SCHOOL BRRD Ernest Matheson, Martin McCarter, Bill Mc- Swain, Harry Jordan, Billy Le Crov, Billv Jerry, Don Lewis, Buddy Carothers, James Melvin, Robert Moorhead, James Ormand, Jr., Larry Petty, Dan Ratchford, Earl Reeves, J. B. Smith, Jr., Clarke Starnes, Paul Thomas, Jerry 1 hompson, Robert Rosebro, Bobbv Stowe, Clyde Moss, Thomas Whidden, Richard Trevarthen, Carl Weber, Lorest Roberts, Don Owen, Kenneth Parks, Robert Rhyne, James Whitworth, Grier Yoder, Betty Adams, Shirley Ann Bell, Nancy Crisp, Betty Jean Emmett, Mildred Faulkner, Do- lores Jones, Bettv Jean Litton, Rosemary Or- mand, Carolyn Reid, Mary Anne Spencer, Mary Frances Stewart, June Stowe, Audrey Styers, Doris Jo Wallace, Rachel Warlick, Evaleen Wiggins, Nancy Wilson, Mary Winkler, Doris Yarborough. Maxton Mauney and George Johnson are flag bearers for the band. I he majorettes are Betty Ruth Mull and Jean Ramsey; tumblers, June Rhyne, Sue Criggers, and Rosie Pierce. Page Fifty-nine BIBLE CLUB As a local unit of the state organization of Bible Clubs, the Gastonia High School Club has for its motto, “Serving Others Loyally. ” The club offers instruction, fellowship, and opportunities for service. Membership is open to all high school students. OFFICERS Kenneth Penegar President Patsy Gold Secretary Hubert Brown Vice-President Katie Spurrier Treasurer Members: Doris Adair, Anne Alderson, Buddy Aldridge, Patricia Ann Andrews, Doris Anne Anthony, Jimmy Armstrong, Faye Bame, Wanda Barnes, Glenda Bentley, Doro- thy Blackman, Carmen Bolick, Robert Bolick, Allie Bradshaw, Jesse Braswell, Joan Bridge- man, Frances Bridges, Flubert Brown, David Buchanan, Dorothy Bumgardner, Susie Byrd, Joan Cannon, Martha Neal Capps, Dorothy Jean Carpenter, Betty Sue Cashion, Evelyn Chambers, Joyce Chapman, Joyce Chastain, Dennis Childress, Dorothy Chitwood, Betty Jo Collette, Joyce Anne Collins, Jack Costner, Martha Costner, Edythe Craig, David Craw- ford, Dorothy Davidson, Ruth Davis, Bettie Dellinger, “YViddy” Dickson, Frances Epting, Wilma Falls, Mildred Faulkner, Virginia Ferguson, Sara Virginia Finger, Mary Anne Fuller, Kenneth Gaddis, Margaret Gilreath, Jane Gold, Jean Gold, Patsy Gold, Mable Graham, Betty Jo Grant, Johnny Greenlee, Jean Idalk, Clara Hall, Janet Hanna, Joan Flarkey, Mallie Harmon, Marlene Harmon, Pat Harris, Patsy Anne Hawkins, Helen Maxine Hayes, Ima Jean Hicks, Ruth Ilipps, Bill Hoffman, Flelen Frances Hoffman, Jimmy Flopper, Janie Hovis, Lunette Hovis, Peggy Howe, Johnny I Iuffstetler, Barbara Huffstetler, Barbara Huggins, Frances Flughes, Mildred Hyleman, Joyce Jacobs, Anne Jenkins, Roy Jenkins, Peggy Johnson, Norman Kale, Cecil Kirkman, Carolyn Kil- lian, Barbara Lewis, Betty Jean Litton, Sue McAllister, Betty McClure, Catherine Anne Meek, Valerie Morrow, Martha Ann Moss, Geraldine Mullinax, Shirley Oates, Margrace Oates, Kenneth Penegar, Max Petty, Doris Philbeck, Gloria Price, Sue Plyler, Carolyn Rea, Dot Rhyne, Jean Rhyne, Anne Robert- son, Anne Robinson, Luanne Rose, Joanne Rucker, I lelen Louise Sahms, Frances Saunders, Jackie Shubert, Billie Joe Smith, Edna Louise Smith, Mary Anne Spencer, Katie Spurrier, Sarah Stewart, Pat Street, Pat Styers, Helen Summey, Mickie Threlkeld, Marjorie Walker, Barbara Jo Wallace, Dick Wallace, W. B. Ward, Jr., Erlene Warren, Willis Warren, Ilallien Whitworth, Lina Whitworth, Mary Wilfong, Donald Wilkins, Pat Wingate, Patsy Withers, Eleanor Wooley. The Future Teachers of America Chapter is Gastonia High School’s newest national organization. Sponsored bv the N.C.E.A., its purpose co-ordinates with the nationwide movement to build a strong teaching pro- fession. Its membership is open to all Seniors who are interested in the teaching profession. OFFICERS Martin McCarter President Carolyn Rea Vice-President Norma Kale Secretary Members: Hubert Brown, Ted Carpenter, Cecil Kirkman, Katie Spurrier, Anne Robert- son, Joyce Jacobs, Mary Anne Spencer, Ro- land Aaron, Norman Kale, Pat Patterson, Kenneth Penegar, Louise Wvont, Evelyn Chambers, Barbara Huggins, Rosie Pierce, Carolyn Redding, Martin McCarter, Ted Moore, Don Wilkins, Anne Sparrow, Virginia Ferguson, Virginia Dover, Betty McClure, Peggy Edison, Carolyn Rea. FUTURE TERCHERS OF RITIERICR THE D. 0. CLUB jf- - 4 1 A J f m 1 ilWf A IP FI EE 4 ..ut - j •7 fl A p v B The Distributive Occupations Club is organized for the study of better business relations between student and employer. An annual banquet is given for the employers. The officers are: Billy Jo Deaton, President Bill Hoffman, Vice-President Joanne Kincaid, Secretary Madeline Watts, Treasurer Members : Billie Sue Adair, Dorothy Arm- strong, Andrew Barneycastle, Dottie Blank- enship, Doris Caldwell, Howard Davenport, Joe Davis, Bill Deaton, Gene Ellis, Charles Evington, Marcella Gaddis, Barbra Garver, Lewis Glover, Doris Griggs, George Herack- lis, Olivia Herring, Bill Hoffman, Betty Jo Hooker, Yates Howe, Faye Jenkins, Ray Jimison, Martha Jo Johnston, Joanne Kin- caid, Lamar Loftin, Everette Lowery, Maxton Mauney, Charles Mincey, Hugh Mincey, Bobby Quinn, Norma Jean Raby, Frances Ramsey, Eugene Raxter, Earl Reeves, Eu- gene Roberts, Jewel Sawyer, Jo Shannon, Doris Shirley, James Thomas, Spencer Thompson, Ray Vaughn, Madeline Watts, Bobby Weaver, Jack Whitworth, Louise Wyont. In this organization those students who work part time, with particular emphasis on salesmanship, are banded together in a fellowship that makes for a better understanding among its members than would otherwise be possible. Miss Carolvn Moser is teacher and sponsor in the Distributive Edu- cation Department. The officers are: Joan Bridgeman, President Glenda Bentley, First Vice-President Anita Hamot, Second Vice-President Midge Froneberger, Secretary Max Petty, Treasurer Pat Street, Promotional Editor First Year Students: Glenda Jo Bentley, Jerry Edwin Beaylock, Carolyn Annetta Bovd, Patricia Ann Cannon, Aubrey Preston Carri- gan, Betty Lou Elmore, Barbara Ann Harvey, James Raymond Haygood, Betty June Hoff- man, Mildred Moore Holland, Lois Clemen- tine Howell, Frances Josephine Hughes, Evelyn Anita Kincaid, Ellen Amelia Lollis, Hugh Norman Mincey, Doris Marie Moore, Dorothy Elizabeth Owens, Robert Wilson Patrick, Maxwell Eugene Petty, Reta Ann Rhyne, Gloria Ann Smith, George Thomas Snipes, Ted Edwin Warlick, Foy Jean Welch. Second Year Students: Dorothy Joan Bridgeman, Stella Mae Dayis, Wilma Fergu- son Falls, Betty Elizabeth Ford, Margaret Gertrude Froneberger, Anita Louise Hamot, Elda Joan Lucas, Glenda Joan McGill, Rich- ard Arlen Price, Evelyn Sue Smith, James Richard Smith, Norman Ray Smith, Sarah Elizabeth Stewart, Dorothy Patricia Street, Helen Frances Summey, Betty Jean Travis, Erlene Jackson Warren. 1 THE D CLUB SCIEflCE CLUB The Science Club, formed at the be- ginning of this school year, was de- signed to bring together at regular intervals those persons especially inter- ested in science and to promote fur- ther interest in the field of science. To cover a broad scope, the club is divided into biological, chemical, and physical divisions. The meetings are held twice monthly. The organization’s advisers are B. E. Tittlefield and E. J. Phillips. Officers of the club are: president, Mary Anne Spencer; vice-president, Donald Wilkins; secretary-treasurer, George LeCroy; and reporter, Kenneth Penegar. Members are Betty Adams, Carmen Bolick, Robert Bolick, Martha Neal Capps, Joyce Chapman, Betty Jean Em- mett, Shirle y G aines, Dolores Jones, George ' LeCroy, Bill Lowe, Bob Moor- head, Pat Patterson, Kenneth Penegar, Grady Queen, Carolyn Reid, Betty Schlagenhauf, Mary Anne Spencer, Donald Wilkins, and Mary Evelyn Winkler. The Athletic Lcttermen’s Club, whose membership is comprised of boys who have met the requirements in one sport for earning a letter, has a total of forty members. The club was organized by J. Price Leeper, director of athletics, to foster and uphold train- ing regulations required of all teams, to encourage school spirit, to promote scholarship among athletes, and to ob- serve school nolicies at all times. Meet- ings are held monthly and on call. When members are not participating in an athletic contest, they serve as marshals. Harold Davis heads the club as president. Jennings Cline serves as vice-president, and John Neely, secre- tary-treasurer. Members: Harold Davis, John Mor- gan, Larry Eloffman, Jennings Cline, Ted Crunldeton, Henry Boshamer, Pat Patsch, Neal Waycaster, Marshal Clary, Freddie Weber, Grady Queen. John Huss, Richard Myers, Paul Del- linger, Ray Stewart, John Patterson, Bobby Morris, Richard McCluney, Donald Wilkins, Tack Turney, John Neely, Bob Gardner, Ray Brooks, Gaither Cline, Tack Falls, Ben Craig, Ted Moore, Bill Hicks, Timmy Arm- strong, Dick Mason. Phil Clarke, Den- nis Fox, Charles Hanna, Dickie Tre- varthen, Zeke Coggins, Joe Setzer, Ed York, Boyd Webb, John Lawing, Bill Deaton. LETTERmEn’S CLUB Page Sixty-two VOL. XXI GASTONIA, N. C., DECEMBER 10, 1949 NO. 3 I Twelve Seniors Make “Who’s Who — i -♦ 55 umor vesidSB Jptain of m ’arbara- Juniors Carnival Gala Affair BY ROSE MARY ORM AN 0 On Friday night, December 2nd, the junior class presented their carnival at the Armory. A capacity crowd attended the affair, which was climaxed by the cdWpathW of the king and quet n of Mi - ' 71 High School. Miss Kiser, tfi BHicient ' class sponsor, was selling of . tickets by Becky MarUf berger. Johr” Lockaby took Old Custom Still Popr W! BY CAROLYN REA The serin.- class has selected the students t ' ho will appear in tlie Who’s ho section of the 1950 “Spr .r”. These students were ch i on the basic of leadership, .ce, ch-’ t, and scholarship. IJ ,n were Mary Anne .n Neely. Kenneth Pen- .irv ’s .arner, Barbara entis, Katie Spur- air. Pat h, Ruth ggy ” , and Ben I over this list and _ .standing [fIMHPW’50. LetV these UlmR pond anS| features 1 1 I Thel l . . - cholastic ass. freshman, ip frepresen- o.ut- mysterious, We.- . ■ ■ the nam home i of t were turet die’s home Th ej jf of the most p carnival. to J Mrs. Walsh’s er was pres perstitious nature ' don’t work out Rosie Wilson. Miss Moore’s ho, sored the very e a chance” booth., serves recogn decorated “nvp ry melody” boot The frea rshow, sponsored Mr. Stapleton’s home room, proved to be highly entertaining. A certain English teacher received quite a shock upon seeing the “human monkey”! Another of this room’s projects was the mystery-package booth. Miss Kiser’s home room helped with everything in general and presented an art gallery. This was very entertaining, since the exhibit included childhood pictures of our faculty. (Continued on page 6) As v y? r „— , " " 600 Si T— s from 9 ..Cifc g GasCi p i schools _ .jticipated in the jjg 1 Christma! concert " B jwbich w $5|Sg v cn in the Gastonia our Scho auditorium last Fri- tollywoo K ' w lock, oiWMBfjay night and again on Sunday for the Civic Con Lft ernoon ' and LectureWndered such faW Xaking pajft were rf udeilts from rites as DebuVy s C an- de LuiieW. astonia High School C1 Street Liszt s Liebestraum . and Hoaev % _ ». i ; _ ‘ r , , ... FINE YARNS Published by the Students of Gastonia High School, Gastonia, North Carolina Editor-in-Chief Mary Anne Spencer Junior Class Editor Rose Mary Ormand Sophomore Class Editor Robert Oakley Sports Edit or Dickie McCluney Reporters Carolyn Rea, Kenneth Penegar, Joyce Jacobs Circulation Manager Donald Wilkins i editor of the k f his sopho- the Bible ar. councrr Amitative man class, vi .presi- ophomore class, vice- is senior class, and 9 football team, mernber of the student il in her freshman year, a rh,:s ' or, and a representative to an Vior policy conference in GreensWI ro last year. Pete — assistant business mana- ger of the “Spinner”. Katie — secretary of the after- noon sophomore class, vice-presi- dent of the junior class, secretary of the senior class, a monitor. May Day attendent, and treasurer of the Bible Club. Doris — assistant editor of tiie “Spinner”, a monitor in the tenth grade, president of her tenth grade home room, and home room re- porter in the ninth and eleventh grades. Pat — secretary of his freshman class , monitorial representative of his junior class, president of his homeroom, “king” at last year’s (Continued on page 2) CHEERLEflDERS Peggy Edison, Chief Cheerleader Anne Baity Sparrow, Cecil Kirkman, Senior Assistants Rudy Hart, Joan Leigh, Donald Adair, Mary Louise Peach, Junior Assistants Shirley Simpson, Charlie Ward, Franklin McArver, Sophomore Assistants CORCHES Mr. J. Price Leeper Mr. Russ Bergman Mr. J. V. Pruitt Mr. Marley Sigmon j i ' l |j I i I t FOOTBRLL SQURD Front row: Harold Davis, Charles Hanna, Henry Boshamer, led Moore, Ben Craig, Pat Patsch, Bill Hicks, Neil Waycaster, Mar- shal Cla yf Don Wilkins, Robert Barton, ' Dick McCluney. Second row: Phil Hicks, Paul Dellinger, Robert Kiser, Bob Morris, Gaither Cline, Edison Cline, John Patterson, Jim Painter, Jimmy Armstrong, Ray Bridgeman, Phil Clarke, Grady Queen. Third row: Ray Brooks, Jack Parrot, Greely Andrews, Harold Davis, Ted Crunkleton, Richard Myers, Claude Craig, David 1 urner, Dennis Fox, Zeke Coggins. Fourth row: Dick Trevarthen, Max Brooks, Maxton Mauney, Ray Stewart, Herman Hedrick, John Huss, Larry Petty, Garnet Henson, Hunter Huss, Freddie Weber, Duke Emmett. TJLaJUUj - 0 UO A ' John Morgan, Manager Minor Adams, William Anthony, Assistants 5 - ' " c.rijp.. i mi . VRRSITY FOOT Jimmy Armstrong Henry Boshamer Ray Brooks Phil Clarke Marshal Clary Charles Hanna Bill Higks John Huss Dick McCluney Ted Moore Bob Morris BALL PLAYERS Gaither Cline Ben Craig Harold Davis Paltl Dellinger Dennis Fox Pat Patsch Grady Oueen 1 Dick 1 revarthen Neil Waycaster Freddie Weber Don Wilkins Russell Wilson Ray Brooks Ted Crunkleton Jack Falls Jimmy Armstrong Marvin Ratchford BRSEBRLL TERfTl Coach Russ Bergman Gastonia High School is justifiably proud of its baseball team, which has for the past four years dominated the Class AA Conference. 1 he team has had wonderful coaching from Jimmie Powell in ' 46 and Russ Bergman in 47, ‘48, and ' 49. Most of the boys from the 1949 State Championship team are back for another year, and we are expect- ing to take the trophy in ‘50. Douglas Jamison Byrd Looper Larry Hoffman Bob Gardner Iennings Cline Gaither Cline 1 , aJ l First row: Byrd Looper, Jimmy Armstrong, Gaither Cline, Ted Crunkleton, Russ Wilson, Bob Gardner, Jennings Cline, Ray Brooks, Jack Falls. Second row: John Monteith, Manager; Bob Morris, Jack Turney, Ed Austin, Douglas Jamison, Fred Morrow, Ernest Beheler, Ed Robinson, Boyd Webb, Harold Davis, Manager. Third row: Jerry Poovey, Idaffey Jones, Pete Hoffman, Marvin Ratchford, Bill Deaton, Roger Kendrick, Johnny Lawing. VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: Marshal Clary, Johnny Lawing, Ray Brooks, Ted Crunkleton, Phil Clarke, Boyd Webb. Second row: Ralph Cline, Ernest Beheler, Bobby Morris, Charles I Ianna, Fred Morrow. Back row: Manager Ben Craig, Freddie Weber, Bobby Gardner, Eugene Hanna, Bill Hicks, Assistant Manager. Front row: Dick Mason, Fred Morrow, Tom Morris, Max Long, Mike McGinnis. Second row: Greely Andrews, Bill Aber- nathy, Loyd Webb, Jack Shu- ford, Hugh Ross, Joe Farrar. Third row: John Fluss, Paul Dellinger, J. W. Stiles, Carl Jackson, Manager Harvey Eden. BASKETBALL “B” TEAI71 Page Seventy-two » -. ' I • a ijvj 3 " - . ■ L if ggj5F iillwfv BEl SSf rwwMrJBfe- gP:, : .. - » . rjlfilf jab ' WBbbWBHI.- «P M haitoaiSSr r a«lir ia8 3 WBBwa - i -|, «Hri - if Iif- • .v .-r: Wl, o Th ese students have made definite contributions to the school and have been outstanding in different phases of campus life. They represent the true spirit of Gastonia High School. S, nne Sr wencer 2 ) oris -Al cur n c, rauf Most Likely to Succeed Most Accomplished Best All-Around Kenneth Penegar John Neely Mary Anne Spencer Dolores Jones Pat Patsch Mary Anne Spencer SUPERLATIVES Page Eighty-trvo The seniors, whose pictures appear in this section, were chosen hy the members of the Senior Class for their various characteristics which go to make up a “super” person. Prettiest and Handsomest Ruth Brown Dicky McCluney Most Popular Henry Boshamer Peggy Edison Most Athletic Marshal Clary Marlene Harmon ' ■■ ■ • • ! i i Page Eighty-three Page Eighty-four Page Eighty-seven - Page Eighty-eight PTlgzdSl P pJzSz. T Z i z, 7 2 — - ?€?- ' _.-• y ._ JMl iAz. tf yz-crxit y ' k- (JURY LRURDRY 2ft£sc yZ 2— ' x 4 s — J iyf ' k - r - t£ zk£ - C ' d f tj- 218 North Ransom Street sgg g- - Mc Jj 4 c Ozc y P l % , ' 7 S afy eu , Sz trCg, S VL- f Uy J02 1- ' ' Z . y,, °cf. i y . ky- . Congratulations , to the Glass of 1950 BRYANT ELECTRIC REPAIR CO., Inc. " SERVICE, OUR AIM " Phone 5-3466 Phone 5-3556 BRYANT SUPPLY COMPANY, Inc. £hdJticcd. obbeJiSt, IM f,? 605-7-9 East Franklin Avenue Gastonia, North Carolina Page Ninety-one A. M. SMYRE Manufacturing Company COMBED COTTON and SPUN RAYON YARNS Best Wishes of SMITH CHEVROLET COMPANY Gastonia, N. G. CHEVROLET SALES— SERVICE Page Ninety-two CRAIG MOTOR COMPANY 342 W. Main Ave. Phones 7257-7258 GASTONIA, N. C. Compliments of E. A. Bates and Company COTTON MERCHANTS GASTONIA, N. C. Compliments of Gaston Cemetery Park Gaston County’s Only Modern Burial Estate New Hope Road Compliments of MILL MARINE ELECTRIC, Inc. Contracting Electrical Engineers House Wiring — Lighting Fixtures Telephones: Day 5-1311 Night 5-0533-5-2296-5-3178 GASTONIA, N. C. Nationally Advertised Ladies Shoes _ 4. JC. Bh maardt m arctne r SHOES, INC. Johansen Daniel Green Tweedies Foot Flairs Phone 5-2355 247 West Main St. lAJedtern ' 4uto dociate +Sb ore Gastonia, N. C. Page Ninety-three O. G. PENEGAR COMPANY OFFICE OUTFITTERS “If it’s for the office we have it” Dial 5-1236 176 W. FRANKLIN AVE. GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA Underwood Underwood Sunstrand Underwood Accounting Typewriters Adding Machines Machines Electric and Standard Page Ninety-four CARSON SPORTING GOODS COMPANY 292 W. Main Ave. Gastonia, North Carolina Phone 5-2281 All Types Athletic Equipment and Sports Clothing Established 1880 READ THE GASTONIA GAZETTE For more than 70 years Gaston County’s Great Home Newspaper Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday 30 Cents A Week By Carrier In All Gaston County Towns Insure With WATSON Gaston County ' s Largest Insurance Agency FIRE— AUTOMOBILE— PUBLIC LIABILITY WORKMEN’S COMPENSATION— JEWELRY— FURS— MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS— ACCIDENT HOSPITALIZATION BONDS— BOILER WATSON INSURANCE AGENCY, INCORPORATED 139 S. Marietta St. MUTUAL INSURANCE Pnge Ninety five C ongratulations TO THE GLASS OF 1950 mPTTHEUUS-BELK COITIPAnY Gastonia s Largest and Most Complete Department Store EVANS COLLEGE OF COMMERCE GASTONIA, N. C. CHARLOTTE, N. C. CONCORD, N. C. Realty Bldg. 208 S. Tryon St. Morris Bldg. Congratulations Upon The Occasion of Your Graduation May the education you worked so long and so hard to get, yield you rich dividends, in health, happiness and achievement. We ipvite you to advance your training through one of our standard business courses. The same courses offered in all three schools. TRAIN FOR TODAY S FASTER MOVING WORLD Individual advancement, college trained faculty. FREE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE. You receive the benefit of the employment department of all our schools. Call, Write, or Visit The School Office to Obtain Latest Bulletin VISITORS WELCOME Page Ninety-six ET LAN RESTAURANT CANDIES— FOUNTAIN SERVICE DINNERS— SEA FOODS— STEAKS l A ' P. P. LEVEMTIS 8 COMPANY Wholesale Fruits and Produce Established 1912 ★ 408 WEST MAIN AVE. Phones 7225-7226 Page Ninety-sex’en YOU’VE TRIED THE REST NOW TRY THE BEST WHITE GOOSE FLOUR Plain or Self-Rising J. F. BESS CO, Distributors TO THE CLASS OF 1950 WE WISH THE BEST OF GOOD LUCK Rankin -Armstrong Company Gastonia, North Carolina Quality Furniture CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! GASTONIA LUMBER CO. _ 308 N. Broad Phone 5-2511 “We are always interested in your welfare ” RAWLINGS-TODD COMPANY FRIGIDAIRE-COMBUSTIONEER-MAYTAG-SEEGER-BENDIX WHITE-LENNOX-KISCE-CARRIER-PHILCO-YORK- SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Dial 5-2386-5-2387 212 South Street GASTONIA, N. C. Page Ninety-eight L. S. RANKIN, Agent SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY Gastonia, N. C. TELEPHONE 5-2306 Ennis Atkins RANKIN MOTORS, INC. Photography PORTRAIT mrMrrrrni COMMERCIAL 301 N. Falls St. Chrysler and Plymouth Phone 5-2541 Automobiles GASTONIA, N. C. MEMBER Phone 7254 iWf 150 East Airline Ave. GASTONIA, N. C. CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! Compliments of the ★ TEMPLE and LYRIC WEBB THEATRE THEATERS Page Ninety-nine Compliments of WARREN Y. GARDNER Compliments of Van, Slam ti. Jewelers Optometrists Bowl for Health RECREATION BOWL Phone 5-2642 212-216 E. Main GASTONIA, N. C. SPENCER-RHYNE COMPANY OFFICE SUPPLIES FURNITURE Compliments of 1 Jh e Jo fyue PRINTING GREETING CARDS BOOKS STATIONERY Phone 5-2356 Compliments of RAYLASS DEPARTMENT STORE GASTONIA, N. C. Page One Hundred GRAY and DANIEL, Inc. COTTON WASTE SELLING AGENTS GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of the Smith. StoisA, Compliments of N. C. 146 W. Main St. Phone 7296 Quality Merchandise at Popular Prices P age One Hundred One Compliments of THE GASTONIA MILL SUPPLY COMPANY Distributors Textile and General Machinery Supplies, Paints, Pumps Plumbing and Heating Equipment “Twenty-seven Years of Helpful Service” Compliments of GASTON SERVICE COMPANY John J. Leary J. K. Long, Jr. CAROLINA COTTON CLASSING AGENCY McCLUNEY S, Inc. Quality Apparel for Men 269 W. Main Ave. Phone 5-3931 Best Wishes of SILER GROCERY COMPANY Wholesale Grocers Gastonia, N. C. Phone 9721 V ' V ’ vC jwfbPffifG Nfk lRIAL yZ-Vv J ' ja s Sou h Marietta St r rELHPHONE . 48 and Seventh Avenue Gastonia, N. C. Page One Hundred, Two Ralph Waldo Emerson noticed in his lifetime that men were not using all their mental powers in their vocations — they were “getting in a rut.” To use his words, “The priest becomes a form ; the attorney, a statute book; the mechanic, ' a machine; the sailor, a rope of a ship.” Business, Industry, and the Professions in Gastonia need and want people who are trained to think and who will perform all the duties of a well-rounded citizen. May the Gastonia High School be the dynamic force which will prepare you for a successful life in your home community. Gastonia Chamber of Commerce B. T. Dickson, Manager CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1950 E, R, MORGAN General Contractor SKILL INTEGRITY RESPONSIBILITY GASTONIA, N. C. Compliments of L en 5 239 West Main Street Dial 5-1991 Floyd Dellinger Helen Dellinger P age One Hundred Three CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1950 SUNRISE DAIRY Grade “A” Pasteurized Dairy Products 509 West Franklin Avenue PHONE 6354 GASTONIA, N. C. Compliments of CARQTHERS FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 6337 Franklin Ave. at Marietta St. GASTONIA, N, C. Best Wishes of ADAMS ICE AND COAL CO.. Inc. GASTONIA, N. C. G. G. WALKER MOTOR CO., Inc. Sales and Service 130 West Airline Avenue Phone 9781 - Night 6341 GASTONIA, NORTH CAROLINA Page One Hundred Four Compliments of BEVERIDGE 3 j wsUuaL METAL PRODUCTS, Inc. Jsl xtiliL Stuiet yyisdaL (phoducLiu Gastonia, N. G. Phone 5-2641 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1950 H. Beveridge Co. OPERATING BEVERIDGE RENEEDLINC COMPANY Gastonia, N. G. Phone 5-2641 Page One Hundred Five Compliments of W. A. Dixon, Distributor DIXON OIL CO. Gulf Oil Products Phone 5-1562 GASTONIA, N. C. BELMONT, N. C. GflSTOn FLORAL GARDEriS Fresh Cut Daily “ Say It With Flowers” CALL 6380 Owned and Operated by Veteran of World War II Dan Buckner Dallas Road Yates D. Smith Overhauling, Moving, Erecting and Exporting of Textile Machinery PHONES Office— 5-5181 Night— 5-3144 Night— 5-3586 SMITH TEXTILE APRON CO. Picker Aprons and Beater Waste Machine Lags Compliments of PIEDMONT MOTORS, INC. 420 West Franklin Ave. GASTONIA, N. C. With Best Wishes cnt um BmoFL HOLSUM BAKING COMPANY Congratulations GOODNIGHT BROTHERS Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables ★ Dial 5-3496—5-3497 GASTONIA, N. C. 7 . e.eTi . i r 1 cr » r i - n 1 1 IX 2. d. Complimeyits of Gastonia Textile Sheet fTTetal (JUork, Inc. C ongratulations to The Senior Class on Their 1950 SPINNER Robert Gurney, President C. C. Armstrong, Treasurer GHSTOniH COIDBED VHRD CORPORRTIOn New York Office Main Office 389 Fifth Avenue Gastonia, N. C. Gastonia, North Carolina Page One Hundred Seven POWER TO YOU, CLASS OF ’50 NOTHING’S TOO HARD when we try hard enough — and what better place to try than right here in our own Piedmont Carolinas? Won- derful resources, mild climate, some of the best people in the world, opportunity envied the world over, a lot of work waiting to be done, and a gov- ernment that leaves you free to choose and work as you will. Putting economical power at your command is our part in helping to build a satisfying and rewarding- life. DUKE POWER COMPANY Compliments of CENTRAL YARN AND DYEING COMPANY, Inc. Quality Package DYEING AND FINISHING DIRECT, BLEACHED, BLEACHED BOTTOM PASTELS, DEVELOPED AND VAT COLORS Page One Hundred Eight Gastonia Mutual Building and Loan ITY JENKINS CLEANERS 1530 West Franklin Z y or vom v JvV ll f HHVUTMINT Va Branch Office 709 West Airline GASTONIA, N. C. 118 South St. Phone 5-1581 Phone 7332 GASTONIA, N. C. The Gift You Give With Pride Let MORRIS JEWELERS Be Your Guide Jackson’s Market IflrytA A Better Food For A Quarter Century Serving The Third Generation Corner of Main South Sts. Nothing But The Best If It ' s From MORRIS It’s Guaranteed IMIUELL BROTHERS IHORRIS Compliments of “Gastonia’s Leading Furniture Stanley’s Jewelers Store” “The King of Diamonds” Telephone 5-2621 Honest Values Convenient Terms 223-231 West Main Avenue 193 West Main Ave. GASTONIA, N. C. GASTONIA, N. C. CONGRATULATIONS TO Compliments of THE CLASS OF ’50 CITY PAINT STORE WGNC and and TOYTOWN WGNC — FM Page One Hundred Nine RADIO STATION WLTC 1000 Watts 1370 KC For you and your family P. 0. Box 1142 Gastonia, N. C. Compliments of S. H. KRESS CO. Compliments of dtcuikisuf. VYLcurfuruL UfmJiA- Gastonia, North Carolina 1216-1218 W. Franklin Ave. GASTONIA. N. C. Compliments of THREADS, Inc. ★ Gastonia, North Carolina Page One Hundred Ten SPINNING CYLINDERS CARD SCREENS PICKER SCREENS TINS FOR COMBERS GEAR CARDS CONVEYOR PIPE SLASHER WORK TWISTER TROUGHS ■ p JENKINS METAL SHOP, INC. Established 1912 TEXTILE SHEET GASTONIA, N. C. METAL WORK North Marietta Street Ext. Dial 6394-6395 Compliments of nORLflriDER YOUriG mACHinE compony GASTONIA, N. C. DNEY “Gastonia s Busiest Ladies Shop ” On The Busy Corner At South and Main Compliments of Spurrier Company 404 West Main GASTONIA, N. C. RED FROM CLEANERS Gastonia’s Predominating Cleaners Plant S. York at Chester St. Phone 5-4531 Branch 275 W. Main St. Phone 5-4331 BARKER SUPPLY CO. Hardware — Paint Sporting Goods Corner York — Hawkins Road Free Parking Dial 5-1340 GASTONIA, N. C. Compliments of Gastonia’s Most Efficient Self-Service Laundry KLEEN-KWIK, INCORPORATED 1226 W. Second Avenue GASTONIA, N. C. Finishing Shirts Our Specialty Dial 5-2532 Page One Hundred Eleven Compliments of SWISS CLEANERS Specialists in FINE DRY CLEANING RUG CLEANING— DYEING 1623 York Road Dial 5-3891 Compliments of (foh nA. amt JhsL QhiidMritu Shaft BEST WISHES OF Petty Machine Company 612-614 E. Franklin Avenue Phone 5-2161 Leon Schneider, Inc. Clothes for the family Established 1902 A B Shoe Shop Bicycle Shop 116 E. Airline Avenue Phone 5-5471 Compliments of RANDY’S DORRIS SUPPLY flnD IDOCHIDE CO. nORRIS [MIMIC CO. Automatic Heating Plants GASTONIA. N. C. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF ’50 Cdi n derelict Names You Know Shoes You Love GASTONIA. N. C. Page One Hundred Twelve LE ROY MANN M achinery TYlovsLkA. and (RLqqsAA. Serving The Carolinas, Georgia and Virginia CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF ’50 GASTONIA MERCHANTS OIL COMPANY Esso Distributors of ESSO Products Gastonia, N. C. Pave One Hundred Thirteen Page One Hundred Fourteen Trade With Us And Get Both Service And Quality JENKINS RENEEDLING CO., Inc. The Largest Comber Reneedling Plant In The World Comber Reneedling of all Kinds • North Marietta Street Extension Telephone 5-0522 GASTONIA, N. C. The Corner Cupboard Extends Best Wishes to Each Member of the Class of 1950 If It’s Drugs CALL VICTORY DRUG STORE Phone 5-3872 HUB’S PLACE HOT DOCS and HAMBURGERS 620 E. Second Street Gastonia, North Carolina Compliments of CRAIG FOOD STORE ALEX DQUGHnUT COHIPHIIY Makers of Fine Doughnuts 504 W. Franklin Avenue GASTONIA, N. C. BOYD’S GROCERY MARKET We Specialize in Dressed Poultry Western and Native Meats 129 East Main Street GASTONIA, N. C. Page One Hundred Fifteen Compliments of GOOD WILL DISTRIBUTORS Congratulations, Class of ’50 Leigh Food Products, Inc. 625 W. Airline Ave. Dial 5-1067 GASTONIA. N. C. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 251 West Main Avenue Phone 7248 Wm. D. Anderson, President F. A. Whiteside, Sec. Treas. Henry C. Jenkins, Assistant Sec. Treas. Mitcham and Company N. Marietta St. GASTONIA. N. C. Machine Shop Work Manufacturing Textile Machinery Parts Moving, Overhauling, and Erecting Textile Machinery Spur b Spiral Gears Bevei b Bobbin Gears Page One Hundred Sixteen Compliments of Peggy, Dick, Pete Compliments of W. L. BALTHIS 6 Dan Craig Rankin Craig City Wrecker Service Garage Body And Fender Work 24 HOUR SERVICE Dial 5-4002 803 E. Franklin Ave. GASTONIA, N. C. Compliments of Barkley s Food Store 318 N. Morehead St. Phone 7891 Compliments of H. 1 JOHNSON SON GASTONIA, N. C. COAL COKE Compliments of l hyne J ’(ower t- 51 Dallas Road Flowers For All Occasions GASTON BUILDERS SUPPLY Manufacturers of CHAMPION OAK FLOORINC Plant — Spindale, N. C. Home Office Gaston Builders Supply Co., Inc. GASTONIA, N. C. Page One Hundred Seventeen Page One Hundred Eighteen Page One Hundred Nineteen Compliments of Mary Anne, Doris, and Kenneth Compliments of GENUINE PARTS INCORPORATED Auto Parts and Supplies Compliments of TOWER DRIVE-IN THE STEAK HOUSE Carolina Ave. York Rd. WE NEVER CLOSE Curb Service Girl Carhops DOUBLE-COLA BOTTLING CO. Roberts Service PHONE 6011 • 279 W. Franklin St. Bottlers of High Grade Carbonated Beverage • Phone 5-1131 GASTONIA. N. C. MOBILGAS EXPERT WASHING LUBRICATION Page One Hundred Twenty Compliments of FIRESTOnE TEXTILES DIVISION OF THE FIRESTONE TIRE AND RUBBER CO. Gastonia, North Carolina Congratulations to the Glass of 1950 JACOBS FURNITURE COMPANY COCKER HIHCUinE HDD FOUnDRV COmPHDY Manufacturers of TEXTILE MACHINERY GASTONIA, N. C. ★ Congratulations , Seniors Page One Hundred Twenty-one LOUGHRIDGE MOTOR COMPANY, INC. BUIGK — Sales — Service Phone 5-1151 “We Service All Make Cars’’ GASTONIA, N. C. Compliments of Lineberger Realty Insurance Company 1 Compliments of GHSTOHIH ROLLER, FLYER ROD SPUME GENERAL MILL REPAIRS GASTONIA, N. C. THE MUSIC BOX 119 South Street GASTONIA Dial 5-2328 Open Saturday Nights Till 10:00 “Recorded Music to Meet Every Taste” GOO D W IL L iP R ESS Commercial Printing Programs — Booklets Direct Mail Advertising Phone 5-4500 Page One Hundred Twenty-two CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF ' 50 Belton Typewriter Company GASTONIA, N. C. Page One Hundred Twenty-three A ■.( (?.r J SLCULU .s2 £j£C A A yiy 1 ■j i jjAtjj AXX tV ) Ajcj ■‘j U.u £J!j - 2JL- A .Jyx -.y V, Xt cjy_y kj..XL JJ-f-C ' - s. ' (ft ' - Y j . V, J) X ctloo.. -• ' ,,4 utC’-jL J(I4 lA . A.Uri- ly-JT y ' PiJ yX-i tt xjL . jjc a, ' aMuj j j jL i A xjJ.iAALj AxjlxlJIA : JL , , y y . I t-AyYj Zc y y ■ JllajiX; y juju Js Auj . 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Gastonia High School - Spinner Yearbook (Gastonia, NC) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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