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-,- ' '- f ,V K- 1 3'-Zigff-1' 'QVC W . .3 4 3. 7 -d. ' . hr , ..9,vgy'Q -ff n. .QA ,. ',- v"' . 4 7. f 45? A. , sr . n.: -, F" -, . 1-, ' 1-aww . adv' w, ..',., , , ,., 3. ix' V. I 4 4 . 1. - L "' JL , . wa: jg' ,. 1 , ""' v'-. ,V - -X , 1 'ffx Af. " '4 1 -V . . . , . U . . . ,.,,, f .1 ' . HL 1.41 ' K . ' .- ' ' .. 1, ,fi 'gn' . 'f' '. '14 ', " "' . M," 1 - iii, . . A' - - N A gg. ...Lb 3, -N . W. 4.41 'I 4 1 4..--,,. 1 1 L ,Z 'U H- I "nf '..- A fi." 5' Q 'fy 3, 'V I . f..--.3 A A :1 , jf A V r. ' 'if:.1.:,,,' :f .. l-.' .. ' 1 xfwgg f i' 'J H I, , . .f,. -E." " 1 ' H 1 - . 5-eglf., ' , ,A f-'..f,:,gNff .1-13-j 1.,.'f'f 'fiavi f ,. . -- ' f' .-. . ' ' 'J ri A 'C' 'tl xe- W' i . 'E 4 3.- Q -H 'AQ N ik ,A T 116, .w?. . H I ii" 'Es ., if A. ff J- U v f, . f 'I 1 A. . 1 W 1 . 7? A FL ,A , ' x ig ' 4 A r ' -. 1- ' .4 N . A-r Q-5, X Q. aff' . FH . ff Q Q -' .,r . ' A. ' 5-- ' - "fi '41, , J . v -1. 4. W ,,-fl l .L Y A1 ' v .1 ,.,.y Nm X v . . , ,, f ...i 'K 4., Y ... 51, Q-124?.?'. ,gif A . 2' X war- F : ,gg .f - V iff. . ' 4 r ' " J. gy-I-r W 7 'Q if 1 5- A J' ,vt . , - 1 :L 1 . 4 L pq 1 - Aw: w,.- , . , x ' ' v" -:QL-' L.-ww ..-Q . M.. a...1,,.- '1.4.Q:,.wL3s'f'i3 . .,g .3 v 4- a fr i ,,-5 ,il . ,.-- A ,aw 5, 1' 'fxvi 'V Hi. - YP 1. N 1..lf 'ls' ' xv' 1' T ,T-.m. ,ge 'HA 4 x, s x F T ... f,. . we .. ... 1 Af, . .L 1,- ,,,.. . N W H .3 ,E . '4 in .. ye I Y ,. -ii? -F W 5 ' '71, , 1 A .lx , -,. v-K V A.--eg --1 ar hi QM - Y can H, '55 , J, , 7 . -5-.QV Z1 Hg. ,, H." '. .. A-,j '-. 'J' :ua , I lx . fig, . 'lrj' .Q , ,.- :js i - . ,vu ,mL4ig1.-, uf ,A ,. V. .QF . , V 4.4, , .'..,L. ' ,.'-,rrp , K,,, ug . :A ' . A eff, 'vm ,,-v:,-1-L Q' ,V ,gf yy, - , ,iw :il . waz. ak x i E1 fi ' : . W '-571 sf ':3l' A " , . JT - fp f.f . gi V:-y., L, ,, ag, ms, i"'I -t' 5-17 -, .,- I ,. TQL E? "f Q is ,, : ':v.. 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'A W, fgx 1 3, ,L .V.h X, 5 " 4, , 'Sz F .' 5331 Qi? . ff is , f .ff , P3 'Qu 2 1-1-,f , A .1 Q Al .. -A f f ' f - Ph 31+ .113 .P Q ,ZA an .gg V 5' . ,JM U Y , if f V - ,Il D- fig? X x V A , it - I t K' ..:' E ll Q Z fx "2 if 1'-t Vi A ,P 'fa Aff. Y , 4 , I , n Y' G . ' ,ig . K, .1 5 .9 gbebyk U ' . aw' ' kia" i 2 "H 2,1 -. ' U -an m,!li,g1. ff' L V 1 1 iifaf "--lv" . . .ef P 41 - - - I ' .gg 5 Y' r V - V . , -51 ',, Y' ' il . ' ,, 1 l P K , R . -. .Q f an , '1 Il' I ' ' 'H' ' if' if , - 1 . .4 V . -- V u ! 'Ti -,W . gf: A L . . " . fl .V wi , 5 1121- I . , .3 P.. WAVAVAVAVAVAVN AAAAA AA li :: S M E 2 'A 2 B! : PRINTED BY QUEEN CITY Pnlurms Co Cnmnorm, N. C. 0 KJ THE SPINNER 1935 PUBLISHED BY I-I E L A GASTONIA HIGH SCHOOL GASTGNIA N c lW V 1'- H H iz 214 QW!" 34 51 , Fr T S E. N I O R C S S . .rv Q. -,, -'W . X , 1 l' f Yr NJ ,H 1 ,fr v ll XXXXXXXXX xg? ye' fi G 'sb fl -f-f. ' 4 , , f f,Q' 4-, k'-7' " t ' "L.f-."- 4- -1 -v - .. -v, If J.-.uv FOREWORD WE are happy to submit to our classmates and school friends the SPINNER for 1935. ln presenting this volume, we are mindful of the hearty co operation received from friends of our school and we are most grateful for it Our supreme hope for the SPINNER is that it will spin the thread tying the receding pres ent and the approaching future and in the years to come when recollections of school days are dim that you will often turn the pages of this book in order to live again the happy days of 31 to 35 T HE STAN v - . fl t ' ! I . fl ' 9 ' ll , ' - ffl' ' , . ' . M . . . . Nlllq Y I . M - 1. ,f sll W , ll x N, X SC ef 13 'il X 'YL W , "r "'f-1 5.3 f-'if a-'tx'.5'f' 1' .-Tr"S- l - Y He'-1, .1-L7-'RAf4'i"', H 1 Yi-E-.riifi Q I T iaQg ,"i 321.1 if 5' 'Q 'x 'lf It sl 'Q if gl 0, tgp ss O f S t 0 S H N 0 V.-q...--..-Q,-- ,...-' .-,-,, -va, f .-Y 2-, .74-Ar-Y- , - Y v if' Ag' " 'A' 7 W 'Af' 7 W ,. Y.- -.,. -,,,, l , '45, l i 1' ' it l I 'W i r l . Y, F P , i F l W ll X . -XP iv Miss SARA ANITA MIMS I D E D I C A T I O N l ' We gratefully and affectionately dedicate this volume of 'J' the SPINNER to Miss Sara Anita Mims, friend of high , school students and sponsor of our Senior Class. 1,111,111 We shall always cherish the fellowship and struggles 7 . that we have had together in high school and precious I among our memories will be the one to whom this book 1 ' i is dedicated. : f Q ' 1 uf f 1 I 4 V f Y snr, 1 1 4 .I will J-all 74, 4. 1. gr - - --lgrrig' ' Q f Leg-fi--'mint-rd If r-1-Ui-uQnQnt-1-f'A"' f 5 I A 1 , I 4 . 4 S I S J S I 4 1 S I S 1 S Ijx ss!! a if lfllflllll SPIINNIER CONTENTS -1 -l--Qooo-i---- Classes Q: A c t i U i t i e s Advertisements 6 1935 1 l H 1' 'S IP FI N N fl' IR We -AA. n' ., A .. 1 GAs'roNxA Hxau ScHooL GASTONIA SCHOOL BOARD CHAS. W. GUNTER S Chairman W, P. GRIER . O.,,, ., Secretary R. C. PATRICK ..,.,, ,,...,O,,O T reasurer R. S. Barkley R. L. Sanborn H. Price Lineberger Chas. L. Spencer Chas. L. Wilson 7 IOS? .VJ -141.11 'A' M'-'KJ M4-f fe ff-L-'sf' ' . 57 -1 J ' 1' .4 XV"-f Lwv , ' I 74' M VLC! ,Q el I sl . i - l " f i gj i ,LAJ4 g,4,g,6Yf FACULTY W. P. GRIFIR, SUPT. ITRANK I.. Asiiuzv, PRINCIPAL A. R. Baird L. O. Mc-Collum Catherine Bass Beulah McKenzie Catherine Baugh Sara Mc-Wvhorter Ella Bradley Sara Mims Susan Calder Margaret Pittman Rena Mae Campbell Fred Ratehford Susan Gregory Neta Belle Scarhoro Charles Hamilton Mrs. Lamar Smith Myrtis Keels Robert Stapelton .kj King Jinsie Underwood ff 5 ,bflertriide Kiser Betty Gray Long Mrs. H. S. Mackie Martha M c-Adams Mrs. Joe S. lVray 8 I U .u i Margaret Underwood if C. D. Whisnant l Mrs. C. D. Whisnant .lanie VVhitesides 'rl' nn ni 5 M N N ma me 67712363 , 'pm A 5 S991 fi A 5 ' Q 1 It - 1:-,,,.,, ':v ,g 'n : 8 - 35? I Q . . .A , . .,V . Pg, FF? E S H M H N f f '- f 13' " ' "--'-:Q Wflffi V ' ' . . Q - - , ,x..,, L. ck , 'A 7 ' ca P H nb rvx o PLE 5 ' 4 -Fl ., 4: nv M J A V if I - 9 ' l J U N an H 5 ' Q4 ar-:4 2igl,. .f 411.iQ i ' 'EK V , : .4"',. 9 1053 'I' H IIC IPI! N IN III IR DAVID SIMS ANNE GREGG MASCOTS This page of the "Spinner" we grate- fully dedicate to our mascots, Anne Gregg and David Sims. We rejoice in the good luck you have brought us and feel that you are the golden keys that will unlock the secret door to many pre- cious memories. 10 105-3 .IC 1lAl il' .S PM N N EI' iii SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS BETTY LOU THoMPsoN ., . .C ,, S . President CLAY u7ILLIAMS0N 7 ,,., Vice-President LILLIAN CRAIG , CC,, ,7,, ,,,, 777,,,, S e c retary RICIiARD N. Avcoclc, Jn. , ,,,, ,.,,.. T reasurer Molto: "Not at the summit, but on the wayu Flo-wer: Daisy Colors: Gold and White 11 14,11 ' 'I' ll l' SP1 'N N l' li CLYDE ALICXANDER ALLEN Vice-Pres. Homeroom, '35, Spanish Club, '35, AIARY Rovrn AI.I,PZN Rlc'nAnn N. Avcovic, Jn. Monitor, '33, '35, Asst,-Chief Moni- tor, '35, Moniiorial Count-il, '35, Marshal, '31, '33, lli-Y Club, '31-, '35: Serra-tary-'l'rcasnrer County llifY. '35, Vim-e-Pres. Loc-al Ili-Y Club, '35: French Club, '31-, '35, Senior Class Play, Treasurer Senior Class. '35, EUNICE IVA BARKLEV Basketball, '32, '33, '31, '35, Mana,f.1:er Basketball, '34, Spanish Club. '34-. '35, Stunt Night, '34, May Queen, '34, Captain Basketball. '35, President Athletic Association, '35, Monogram Club, '34, WELTHA VERENE BATTLE Spanish Club, '34-. President Spanish Club, '35, LAWRENCE EUGENE BELL Monitor, '30, '31, Captain Class Basketball, '34, Baseball, '34, '35, Monogram Club, '34, '35, Football, '35, Senior Class Play. l JAMES 'r BLACKWOOD I Spanish l ,'3f','35. B li! A 'J A ww ff' GnovEu IJUNCAN Bovn, JR Football, '30, '31, '33, '3-1-. lullllilgfillli Club, '31, '33, '34, '35 lN'Ianag:er 'I'rac'k, '31, Senior Class Prophet, JACOB CARGYLE BRASWELL JE. Class Poet, '35, Lois ANN Ba1soN Monitor, '32, '35, S Basketball, '32, '33, ' May Queen Attend t '34, Athletic Associat 4, '35, Spanish ' , '35, 1 31. ' Ngtu ight, '3 Dancing, '34, Sec-retary Homeroom, '31, Hiking Leader, '34, Class Basketball, '33, '34, Dance Leader, '34, .4 'D l f I 4 lllllll. .Sli ill I Ili GRACE JEAN BROOKS New Hanover High School, '32, '33 '34. CHARLES KING BRYANT, JR. Class Baseball, '35. YATES XVOODROVV CAMPBELL Declaiming, '35. Treasurer Homeroom, '35. Senior Class Play. CALVIN A. CARPENTER President Homeroom, '32. Vice-President Homeroom. '33, Senior Class Play. NANCY LEE CARPENTER Marshal. '33: Asst.-Chief Marshal, '34: Hostess, '33, '34, '35g Cheerio Club. '33, French Club, '34, '35: Literary Society Critic, '34, '35: Senior Class Play: Asst.-Editor "Spinner"g Valedictorian, '35. L...1l 13 lqix IJORTHY KATPI CARVER Spanish Club, '34, '35. 4.4 T 'rv RUTH RIQBEQ-g,A C-hsu JV . bp 5 l Dralnatiil '33. '34, ,' " grls'19te'l1l!etic Ajsociigtiqn. 733. '35, ' '35. ' " VX! Hiking bg,aQ'EI'. '34, 'iiif f, if Frencf Club, 5. , ' usi wi M .1 - ' ffm. ' 5. Mon grain! 'lub, '35. CATHERINE CATHEY Monitor, '32. Girls' Athletic Association, '34, '35. Senior Class Play. Dancing, '34, N Apparatus Class, 231. Dramatic Club, '35, I W 1 , ' r, I, JJANNIE LIA!Yl HILDRESS 'Girls' And pic A sociarmu, '34, 'as. Dancing. '34-. ' Apparatus Class, '34, Swimming Class, '35. Basketball, '34, Spanish Club, '34. SARA ROSALEEN CLINTON Vice-Pres. Homeroom, '32, Cheerio Club. '33. Dramatic Club. '34, French Club, '34, '35. Senior Class Play. Class Historian. 1 l LILLIAN NEIL CRAIG Monitor, '33, '34. Vice-Pres Sophomore Class, '33. President JuIIior Class, '34-. Secretary Senior Class. '35, Vice-Pres Homeroom, '33. President I'l0Ill0l'00lll, '34, Dramatics. '35. JA NIII LI-1sLIIf: CIIAVVI-'ORD LOIS FIf:IIuIJsoN CIIAIvFoIzII MARION W. DELLINGER Baseball, '34, '35. Class Basketball, '35. EDNA IRENI: FITE All " il' ll N N 'I ll! I10LA BRYTE Foy Spanish Club, '33, '34. '35. FREDERICK M. FRANCUM Spanish Glee Club. '33, '34, '35. Treasurer Spanish Glee Club, '33 '35. onxerooin o ll II' ee, .I. H C I I Itt '3' 1ss.IIsiIss 1' "" , X I B IC Mana ei 'bnnner" '35, I1AIl0LD W. FRANIQLIN IIICLIQN ELIZABETH FIIEIZIQ Girls' Athletic Association, '34, '35 Apparatus Class, '34. Swixnming Class, '35. Dramatics, '35. BLANCHE FRONEBERGER l'l5I 1' fPfl'III4 MPI lil vw I Klryil Wi. I X EJ! I-j 9':xlyRpygitB0E32. EA CZILBERT 'Ui f I .K CHARLES B. GILLESPIE INEz RHODY GOODSON Spanish Club, '34, PINKE LOUISE GREENE French Club, '34, '35. DOROTHY GRIFFIN Ml1SiC Club, '31, '32, '33, '34. Secretary Homeroom, '31, Girls' Athletic Association. '33. '34. 1 Secretary and Treasurer Home- 1 room. '32, 15 1933 I ELLEN CELESTIA GRIGG Spanish Club, '34, '35. MARY CHARLES GRIGG Spanish Club, '34, '35. MARJORIE HI UNNIN Secretary H oo . '85. ' Girls' At e Associations' Dnncin - atu. I s, n to 5. e i Class Play. ,KT 'Val - I J fy Q , ' "LIZ f A 'Q f 'V' 5 7 "V,'.f.1 MARTHA GUNTIER .J Class Basketball, '32g Music Club. '32, French Club, '34-. '35, Presi- ' dent French Club, '35: Secretary ,JI and Treasurer Class, '33, Monitor, " '33, '34g Marshal, '43 Chief Mar-Q, shal, '35, Editor-in-Chief "Spin- , ' ' ner", '35: Hostess, '34, '35g Salu- ' tatorian. DONNIE I.EE HAGANS Ill VIC! li O X V- ul! I llq lp 1 A . Wjx- fffaif f ' f' ,411 K ,V 33 FV ' - 'I' f ' 5 3 3 VO FWD' -f rf 1' lY'Qif'ff.r'J N'O 'XA ' QGIE A'riANE VAN? , 12 , M. '9lN:gIi:mTlV'3g , 'jf SE etax-y anflw"Ilge urer Home- fg! ' room, '34. , 4: 1 'JI ' U ,Sb 1' 2 N HAWKINS Wj! 'jgJ:11iisliBPJa2?'3lL 'fig . Qi uljlee Ql 3,573 . Cl , 3 9 jf DJ - w V if ,J ' A I K1 X .jg nj l 5 " 3 BQ X If-s' i . CIEOINIE Wn.soN HAWKINS CAROLYN HENDERSON French Club. '35. H. STANLEY HOLCOMB, JR. Basketball. '33, '34, Baseball, 34. Football, '34, Monogram Club, '34. Senior Class Play. .fi',f',OL" I O,NEIL REVERE HOLTON French Club, '35. WILLA BARBARA HowELL Senior Class Play. Drainatics, '35, wf""'lwWl. W' aww' K EEN UE' E Qjgsiioi, .',"l-L. Wi' ,E-ww gagifkg GLADYS JACKSON Vice-Pres. l"I0lTl6l'0OIl'l, ':i2. GEORGE ALTON JENKINS Band. '33. '34. '35. Senior Class Play. Business Manager "Spinner", '35. .RUP 'llllllll .EPEIIW l' I LIILDRED ALINE JENKINS Fashion Show, '32. CATHERINE JOHNSON Girls' Athletic Association, '31, '35. May Day Attendant, '34. BIILDRED FRANCES KAYL-OR THOMAS KENDRICK Spanish Club, '33, '34, '35. SARA E LIZARETH KILLIA N Vice-Pres. Freshman Class, '32: Music Club, '32, '33, '34, '35: Presi- dent Music Club, '35: Secretary Dramatic Club, '34: French Club, '.4, 353 Vice-Pres. French Club, 255: Girls' Athletic Association, '34: Monitorial Council, '343 Monitor, '34: Hostess, '35: Asst. Editor "Sninner", '353 Senior Class Play. I-J L,4J.Jf' wffkflsx X fr LILLIAN LAVENDER Secretary and Treasurer Fresh- man Class, '32g Secretary and Treasurer Homeroom, '33: Presi- dent I-lorneroom, '34, President Senior Literary Society, '35: Moni- tor. '33, French Club, '34, '35: A'f'llQQI'l0H Club, '33: Senior Class Play. BIARTHA JEAN LINDLEX' Salem High School, Salem, Ind., '32 '31 , V . BIACK WILSON LITTLE President I-loinerooni, '32. Monitor, '33. Hi-Y Club, '34, Spanish Club, L, '35. BIARGARET BJULA LYTTON ELIZABETH ,NIARTIN Pelzer High School, Pelzer, S. C.. '3l. Anderson High School, Anderson, S. C., '32. Dramatics, '35, 1 'llllll' SlPlNNl'l I A OLIVE ALToN LIORRIS NORh1AN Monnow, JR. CLYDE MARSHALL LIOTON Spanish Club, '34, '35. EBBY LEE BIURPHY Monitor, '32, '33, '34. Monitorial Council. '33. '34. Manager Football, '34. Manager Basketball, '34. Football, '34. Basketball, '34. BERTHA MAE MCCOY Hlafflia 18 f 11141 VVILLIAM KING MCLEAN WILLIAM L. NEVVTON Spanish Club, '34, '35. Football, '35. Monogram Club. '35. Senior Class Play. Treasurer Freshman Class, '32, O RIARTIIA LOUISE PADGETT Glee Club. '32, JOHN RALPH l'ARnoT'r Monitor. '32, '33, '34. Football. '34. Baseball, '34, '35. Basketball, '31, '35. NEALE PATRICK Class Basketball, '35. 'Mill' Jl'LlI'INQI'iH MARY NELL PROPST Vice-Pres. Homeroom. '34. EDXVARD LANDERS QUINN Baseball. '34, '35. I Basket ll, '35. ' HENRY GLENN QUINN Declamation, '30. Hi-Y Club. '33, Spanish Club, '34, '35. WYLIE SAVANAS QUINN, JR. Spanish Club, '33, '34. JAMES AUBREY RABB Football, '35. Assistant Art Editor "Spinner" '35. Class Basketball, '35, AURILLA RAMSEY Orchestra, '32, '33, '34, '35. Spanish Club, '34, '35. HENRY RANKIN, JR. EUGENIA RATCHFORD Dramatic Club. '33. Spanish Club, '33, '34. Senior Class Play. - , ' 7 Sec etar 0 er '32. . sia, ' Hi-Y Cl , '3 I ff French lu . '35. ' f f Debating Club. jg. Cheer 'L er. '35, , vice-Pr r s Senior J NE SCHUL z an 'fwifqilfii I si ml , '34, ' As. ' I y ' 5. A h y, '35. lay aw 19 l I .,.., . 1 K , Y, 1 V'!"l,10 ' il Elil ilk .S EP ll N IN V. ll! J 0 VJ" V, mf: ' kjff.-A f-' LIARGARET Lo1'IsE SHELBY Dramatic Club. '33, '34. French Club, '34, '35. Music Club, '34, '35. Girls' Athletic Association, '35, Monitor, '32, '35, President Honieroona, '32, May Day, '35. Dralnatics, '35. ROSA AIILPZIIBII SKINNER President llorncroom, '32, President Holnerooni, '33, Dramatic Vlnb, '3 1. Basketball, '32, '33. Senior Class Play. CARI, IIAsliE1.1, Sl'l1INCl"ll Band, '32, '33, '35, Orvhestra. '32, '33, '31 Spanish Club, '35. EVELYN PowEL1 THoMAs J ' Mfufg, v ,QQ-zzf-7u,f, ly . rw- f I T11 ,TU 'V '- 1 3 fe , f , ' LIARTHA FLOWVE THOMAS Spanish Club, '35. BETTY Lou TAHIOJM P502-4 Music Club, '32, Monitor, '32, 'B . f '34, '351 Monitorial Cpuncilgf' ! '33, '34, '35, Asst. Chi orf '34, '35, President Sophof Class' '33, Marshal, '31, '35, Pxredid-6-1-it"! Holneroom, '34, French Club, '34 '35, Secretary and 'Treasurer Li terary Society. '35, President Senior Class, Senior Class Play. LENA ADELAIDE THOMPSQN CATHERINE Xfl0LA 'TODD Music Club, '32, '33, '31, '35. llrnnintiv Club, '31, President llonlerooln, '34, Monitor. '31, '35. lVIill"Sllill, '35. Glee Club, '35, Senior Clnss l'lny. Drnmntivs, '35. C IIA nLEs Bo N N ian Tonn Band, '32, '33, '34, '35, Hi-Y Club, '34, '35. President Hi-Y, '35. French Club, '31, '35. Assistant Manager "Spinner", Marshal, '31, '35. Host, '35. Senior Class Play. President Honlerooxn, '35. EMILY ELEANOR TORHENCE Spanish Club, '34, '35. I ffzgvfilr' ' IP I N IN 'II ll I Q s U N E Swimming , , " '34, Dance Dr a, 4. J I Athletic ss c' ion. '33, '34, Music lub 35. Tre rer onieroom, '32, Che rio ub. '33, Senior ss Play. '35, Art Erit "Spinner", '35, Secretary Home-room. '32, Treasurer Hmnerooni. '34, ALBERT VAN SLEEN CLYDE ROLAND WILLIAMS Spanish Club. '32, '33, '34, '35, EMILY WHITE WILLIAMS Monitor, '32, '33. Music Club, '32, '35. Dramatic Club. '34, '35. Last Will-Testament. JEAN CARMEN WILLIAMS French Club, '34, '35. Dramatics, '34, '35, JAMES CLAY WILLIAMSON Secretary and Treasurer Junior Class. '34: Vice-Pres, Senior Class. '35g Monitor, '34: Chief Monitor, '35g Hi-Y Club. '34, '35, Secretary Hi-Y Club, '35g French Club, '34, '35g Secretary French Club, '355 Senior Class Play. BLANCIIE EVELYN VVILLIS Secretary Glee Club. '31, Spanish Club, '34. BETTY WILLIS Girls' Athletic Association. '34, '35. Swimming Captain, '35, French Club. '34, '35, Monogram Club, '35. NIARIAN WILSON Vice-Pres, Hoineroom, '34, Monitor. '32, '33, '34, Marshal. '35, Debating Cluh, '33, '34, '35, ANNIE LEE WINGET French Club, '34, '35, Vice-Pres. Music Club. '35, I lll, SlF'llNNlIVlll . Curso N WxTHEns Baseball. '32, '33, '34, '35, Monitor, '33, '3-L, '35, Marshal, '33, '34, '35, Monitorial Council, '34, '35, Foot- ball, '33, '34: Basketball Manager, '35, Monogram Club, '32, '33, '34, President Homeroom, '33. ff u I -My I v X ' f' f f X. f li: ,N I Lag ,Q Biff Lf ff nisli Club, '34, 'BQQ Hostess, '35. 47111 ' ' "Spinner" Staff, '35. ' f mm' Athletic Association. '-10737 I-ligli School Octette, '34-, '35. Secretary Homeroom, '33. DORCAS EDNA WYATT Secretary and Treasurer Home Economics, '33, '31, I Ky' f r ' , ' LM ruff ,fi H ' J I I 1 f. f' ' f ff! 0 rw N ,fif 317, BIARGARET ILENE WYNN Girls' Athletic Association, '34, '35. Apparatus Class, '34-. Swimming Class, '34, '35, French Club, '34, '35, 22 10.55 'll' llsll li S P ll N N lli llkt SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Early in September, 1931, three hundred freshmen set sail on the good ship "Education". We had as our destination, Graduation, and we were seeking that illusive dream-Diploma. Many became sea-sick at first, but our captain, Mr. Frank L. Ashley, aided by his first mate, Mrs. Joe Wray, guided us into more peaceful waters and we settled down, anticipating a very enjoyable voyage. At last came the end of the first lap of our journey and we arrived at Sophomore to refuel. It was during our stay here that we encountered our first exciting adventure. Sara Killian won the State Federation Hymn Playing Contest. About seventy of our crew, who found the sailing too rough, had disembarkedg so we now had on board about two hundred and seventy-eight. Also, we had been forced to leave be- hind our first mate, and so upon stopping to refuel, we took on a new one, Miss Annie Glenn, who was very valuable to us in many ways. We also secured a very helpful second mate, Betty Lou Thompson, who remained with us throughout the entire journey. On board we engaged in new and entertaining activities. We soon finish- ed the second part of our journey, and Junior came into sight. Our destination did not seem very far away now. This third part of our voyage, with Mr. Ashley continuing to pilot the ship, but with Miss Martha McAdams as first mate and Lillian Craig as second, was made on a much rougher sea, and we lost a few more of our crew. However, the ma- jority of us had become experienced sailors. We had more responsibilities and were beginning to feel our importance. We took an active part in athletics and furnish- ed from our ranks some of the outstanding athletes. At this time an enjoyable event on board was the Junior-Senior Party. And now we have come to the last lap, the final stretch-Senior. It is to us the most important and also the most enjoyable. We now have as our first mate Miss Sara ltfims, who with her second mate, Betty Lou Thompson, is safely guiding us to our destination. Some of our crew have won honors. Dorothy Griffin's essay on Good Citizenship was acclaimed the best in the county. Sara Killian, who was chosen to represent us in the i'Ruth Bryan Owen Trip to Washingtoni' contest, won third place in the state and was given a gold medal. Also from our crew came the best actors, we think. The superb acting of Stanley Holcomb, Arleigh Skinner, and Catherine Todd in the Senior Class Play, "Mignonette," cannot be surpassed. Our voyage has been one of the best with few fatalities, and all of the disturb- ances at sea were overcome with little trouble. Land is in sight. Our dream is about to be realized. We have won our dip- lomas, and though none of our members will ever be genuii, we will always strive to reach the pinnacle in life. ROSALEEN CL1N'roN, Historian. 23 llflih .i.1l.l 4 'l 'il llll llf S lj l N N llt llt l SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY It is the year 1950 when by a strange feat of medical science the prophet of the class of 1935 of Gastonia High School is awakened from a state of suspended an- imation. It is indeed a changed world which now greets the eyes of the prophet. who is still a youth due to the effects of a strange gas received in a war which the United States fought with the countries of the Orient. The victims of the HOPIUM GAS", as it was called. were not harmed but were merely paralyzed to such an ex- tent that they were entirely inactive. Your prophet was one of the thousands who were thus affected. A few of the victims who were not hurt otherwise were taken back to America in order that their cases might be studied. After ten years of constant research, Dr. Henry Rankin and the eminent chem- ist, Gene Bell, perfected an antidote to the gas and were successful in administer- ing it to their former school-mate. The reunion of the former school boys was a happy one. It was decided at once that they join the "GREAT WVILLIAMSON and CARPENTER CIRCUS." The owners, Clay Williamson and Calvin Carpen- ter, made them such a splendid offer due to the fact that they had received so much publicity that they simply could not refuse. After the first performance had started, wl1o should appear but the lovely Emily Williams Patrick and l1er husband, Neale, king and queen of the bareback riders, resplendent in glittering tights and astride dark black horses dashing into the big tent. Close behind them came Willie Boyd and Inez Goodson selling candy made by the well known confectioner, Mack Little. With a blare of trumpets Haskell Spencer and his band entered, and along with them came the world's funniest trio of clowns, Stanley Holcomb, Tom Kendrick, and Norman Morrow. Holcomb was discovered in a high school history class. Next came a procession of fan dancers led bv the ravishing beauty, Rosaleen Clinton. In the front line were Barbara Howell, Annie Lee Winget, and Edith Allen. Just the band stopped playing the new song sensation. "SHE WAS ONLY A WOOIJCHOPPEIVS DAUGHTER, BUT SHE HAD NEVER BEEN AXED," written by the famous torch singer, .lean Williams. Ringmaster George Jenkins entered. George announced that the team of Max Rhyne and Susie Killian would give an exhibition of interpretative dancing. Following the Hrst movement of the dance which, by the way, was never finished, Ruby Hawkins and O'Neil Holton, aquatic stars went through a series of fancy dives. Hoyt Blackwood, their manager, became nervous and left the show. He forgot to pay them before leaving. The girls then hired Clyde Allen as their law- yer. Hoyt hired Lee Hagans to defend him. This alone proved his mentality. As the performance was getting under way, County Sheriff Wylie Quinn, and his two deputies, Bill McLean and Charles Bryant dashed into the arena and arrested the owners and the entire cast. After several trips the sheriff finally had the cn- tire band of entertainers incarcerated. It developed that the circus had been under the complaint of the Rev. George Hawkins and his wife, the former Eunice Barkley. All the performers were al- lowed to go about the jail at certain times for their good behavior and on one of my afternoon walks whom should I see but the world famous gunmen, Ralph Parrot, Ed Quinn and Albert Van Sleen. The authorities were looking for their com- panions, Dorcus Wyatt, Martha Padgett and Kathleen Huffstetler. An election was held the next week and all the prisoners were released on promise that they would 24 1 fl 'i mi 'll' lille llf 5 IP' ll N N llf llt vote against the Reform Party led by Helen Wood and Margaret 'Wynn, returned missionaries from South America. These girls felt that they would be successful and promised to close the burlesque show run by Lois Crawford, Martha Thomas, Dorothy Carver, and Betty VVillis in the notorious south side. The doctor and the chemist returned to their professions after the brief sojourn with the circus, but the prophet decided to wander about and accepted an invita- tion to visit New York and "THE MAYFAIR NIGHT CLUB" run by Betty Lou Thompson and June Trout. The girls always were famous for their ability to en- tertain. Arleigh Skinner and Eugenia Ratchford were the floor show beauties. It was whispered around Wall Street that two different sets of escorts from brokerage firms were required every six months to keep these girls in hand. Martha Gunter, Nancy Carpenter, and Martha Lindley were doing quite well as cigarette girls. One of the outstanding features of the big city night life was the clubis own dance review, "THE CORN-FED GIRLS FROM THE SOUTHLANDH. Among the beautiful girls were Ruth Cash, Margaret Lytton, Lola Foy, Edna Fite and Nell Propst. The featured vocalist was Aurilla Ramsey, who was accompanied by Doro- thy Griffin. VVhile I was glancing around the spacious ball room, Richard Aycock appeared with Mrs. Aycock. Richard was gaining much prominence prosecuting Jack Wilcox and Charlie Todd, who were charged with jewel smuggling. Mrs. Ay- cock, the former Carolyn Henderson, had changed very little since her high school days. Everything she was told went in one ear and over the back fence. Ebby Lee Murphy, a pawn broker entered and greeted several well known figures in the world of finance. He was accompanied by five of his oflice girls: Mildred Kaylor. Ellen Grigg, Alton Morris, Bertha McCoy, and Emily Torrence. Murphy was worried about his business-even his ofiice girls' finger nails were in the red. On the suggestion of Zoe Gilbert, a policewoman, I decided to visit a few of the shops on Fifth Avenue. A large sign which read "SHANGHAI LIL'S SHOES, INC.", met my eye. Upon entering I saw Lil Lavender herself displaying her dainty feet as she modeled her own creation in latest shoe styles. She was assisted by a bevy of pretty ladies including Janie Crawford, Lib Martin, Evelyn Thomas, Lena Thompson. and Blanche Willis. Bill Newton, dressed in a glittering uniform. was standing nearby. I learned later that he was the doorman. After talking over old times with the girls, I decided to visit a clothing store and was told that Cath- erine Catheyis establishment was the best. It seemed that Catherine had married Clyde Moton and had moved to his animal farm in Africa. Clyde stayed at home and sent the furs to Catherine, who had gone to New York and opened the store. Lillian Craig, Gladys Jackson, and Pinkc Green worked with her in the business. Just as I was about to leave, Carson Withers, manager of the Giants, entered and suggested that we go back to Gastonia and look over the old home town. We boarded a plane belonging to the Braswell and Francum Airlines which was piloted by Aubrey Rabb and the hostess was Katherine Johnson. Upon land- ing at the city airport a short time later, we were greeted by Chief of Police Clyde Williams. Clyde took charge of Carson and I was left to take care of myself. Just as I was about to sink into desperation, who should appear but Annie Mae Chil- dress. Annie Mae invited me to spend my time while in the city at her hotel. I later discovered that she meant money instead of time. After a brief rest at the hotel, I decided to take a tour of the Main Drag. The Hrst familiar face was that fC'0ntinucd on Page 27j 25 IU5"3 Yllil, 'll' H If LS llilll N lit lli THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA COUNTY OF GASTON CITY or GASTONIA We, the Senior Class of 1935, being in good spirits and of sound, sane fmaybej, sober and reflective minds, at the present time, and realizing that our sojourn at G. H. S. is fast growing to a close, and knowing we must soon pass from this life of exams, flunks, speeches, trials and tribulations, do hereby declare, publish, and make known that this is our last will and testament. Article SECTION I 1.--To the Faculty we do will and bequeath our sincere appreciation for their many kind acts and noble efforts shown us while under their care. Article SECTION II 1.-To the Junior Class we will thc Senior privileges and the balance Qif anyj of our treasury. Article Article Article 2.-To the Sophomorcs we do will our scholastic achievements. 3.-To the Fl't'SlllI1CIl we do bequeath our dignity. SECTION III 1.-I, Sara CSusiej Killian, do will Iny galloping gait to Dot Hanna. Article 2.-We, Grover Boyd and Gene Bell, do will oIIr places on the bench to Ham and Henry Childress. Article 3.-I, Weltha Battle, do will and bequeath my pet freckle to Dixon Wood. Article 4.-I, Arleigh Skinner, do will Iny "come hither" look to Mary Lillian Rankin. Article 5.-I, Dot Griffin, do bequeath my giddy giggle to Helen Pearson and Thelma Spargo. Article 6.-I, Marjorie Gunnin, do will my bored worldliness to Mary Jeff Regan. Article 7.-I, Catherine Todd, do will Iny "family pridel' to Sara Robbins. Article 8.-I, Bill Newton, do will my "peskiness" to J. R. Warren. Article 9.-I, George Jenkins, do will my winning Upoisonalityi' to Billy Rankin. Article 10.-I, Lillian Craig, do bequeath my extra poundage to Sara Sue Moss. Article 11.-I, Martha Padgett, do leave my "gift of gab" to Mary Katherine Kellv. Article 12.-I, Barbara Howell, do leave my flirtation ways to Porter Stiles. Article 13.-We, Carolyn Henderson and Helen Wood, do bequeath our conta- gious grins to the highest bidder. One at a time, please. Article Article Article Cashwell. Article Article 14.-I, Catherine Johnson, do will my indifference to Martha Jenkins. 15.-I, Clay VVilliamson, do bequeath my perpetual yawn to Dan Shields. 16.-I, Emily Williams, do bequeath my Mae West Hgure to Eleanor 17.-I, Buddy Morrow, do bequeath Iny bright remarks to "Mac" Anders. 18.-I, Eunice Barkley, do bequeath my athletic prowess to Alice Smith. 26 IUSB 'll' lil Tlf .S IP ll N N ll' ll? Article 19.-I, Martha Gunter, do will my history grades to Fred Byrd. Article 20.-I Rosaleen Clinton, do will my ability to recognize Hi-Y boys to Milly Glass. Article 21.-I, June Trout, do bequeath my ready blush to Dot Wallis. Article 22.-I, Betty Lou Thompson, do bequeath my "perfected knee action" walk to Martha Adams. Article 23.-I, Yates Campbell, do leave my one and only English answer to ".Iigger" Ritchie. Article 24-.-I, Stanley Holcomb, do will my irritating deliberation of mind to Walter Reedy Thompson. Article 25.-I, Richard Aycock, do leave my "New Bird" fstripfdownj to R. B. VVilson. Signed, sealed, and published by the Class of 1935 to be its Last VVill and Testa- ment on this fifteenth day of March, Anno Domini, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five. 7 EMILY WILLIAMS, Testator. lVitnessed by: E. Z. KUM U. R. NERTZS N. O. Go SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY fContinued from Page Qltj of Helen Frieze. Helen told me that she and her former schoolmates, Blanche Froneberger, Mary Charles Grigg, and Weltha Battle were running a farm sold them by Lois Brison when she moved to Lincolnton to become mother of a ready made family of seven. The girls said that the produce business was exceedingly good and that they hoped to make enough money so that they could go to Europe to see Marjorie Gunnin, who had married a penniless Russian Count. Not being in the market for produce, I decided to see a movie. On my way to the theatre, I passed a grocery store and was hailed by Henry Quinn. He was very much excited because Mildred Jenkins and Jean Brooks, two old maids, owed him a rather large bill. He threatened to have them prosecuted and said that he was going to hire Harold Franklin as his lawyer, because in securing Harold he would have the sympathy of the court. Just then, along came Charles Gillespie and invited me to be his guest at his theatre. The invitation was readily accepted when he told me that Catherine Todd and Jane Hanvey were the stars of the pic- ture, "Why Boys Donit Leave Homef, A short time after the feature started, I was seized by a drowsy sensation. Charles insisted on calling in a doctor. Slowly the scene changed, and I awoke in what I was told was the operating room. Over me stood Dr. Marion Dellinger and three nurses, Margaret Shelby, .Ieanelle Schultz, and Marian Wilson. The doctor shook his head slowly and said that the effects of the gas had returned and nothing could be done. Then came a strange desire to lapse into insensibili- tyg then a rushing revival of soul and vision of the last short time of life passed on. A weakening heart pounded against my ribs, and a struggling soul strived to liveg but at last the web of sleep was broken and slowly your prophet passed on as the day melts into the night-but where? GROVER BOYD, Prophet. 27 IOS? Q 1' H na 5111111 N nf , 2-H + xp ., ' -' ' 9 7' V 5, , N. ., , 'K ' X ENQ, - ' , K X i .1-.:. 'A 'X , Hs z , 1 My eJ.. ,V ,RM riff. A 'A ' xg , 'I I Jjyff ,095-5. I ."l1"', 5,2 -F A 1. Iu yeg l tl X i . 1 49 ' 57 PU ,iq ,U " ,j31fQ K L. . ' ,ff K -if -'Y ' Jw l X :naw In 1-"'5Mr.M , , 05, - "'-gleam'-1 LOU vm? . . if-" 1 iw -..:k I ' . 'SF' "HN--7 'if t J' ,, ?3N'K if? f'-x.. -:5--..,.:'SZ1' , 1 1. is .fy-755 I , - V 'N 5 gf l,.l,7,1" as-A . . 1, uf W' 1 V if U x -5 lv . I, - ' 3 ' - J" 'J 1' - ' - ax , ,K A F L..vVB'aarr Q.- ' ' "mm ' 1"'u', Yew" ,I V K , lr ' KV Invxifb, 5 "."N...-. 'I ' 31 R iff?-T mf fig .au -, jf, f 1755? ,,f'wA. ', A 5 ' -tg., -Q' - 15" y A V X K L. 3: V V, x - 1 Q1 ' AAR' 1 X ' ll B:g2A..f' nf L'TY1a1-i arid. -- eq ...fb - Elbl 3,u,.,,v 5 28 14141 'll' llll lli S lll ll N lli llfl SUPERLATIVES Most popular girl Betty Lou Thompson Most popular boy, 7A..... George Jenkins Best-all-round girl ,,,,.l ,.ll. S ara Killian Best-all-round boy Ebby Lee Murphy Typical senior- ,.,... -..Marjorie Gunnin Most influential Betty Lou Thompson Most accomplished ,,.,,...,.,. Sara Killian Prettiest ........i.......,..... -------June Trout Most handsome l..,., ....... . -Eugene Bell lllost musical girl ,,,....l,,,,,,, Sara Killian Most musical boy. ....... Haskell Spencer Most athletic girl, .... --Eunice Barkley Most athletic boy. .....,l, Carson Withers Most sincere ....,..,,,,,,., Margaret Shelby Most studious,--- .,..., Martha Gunter Most polite girl ,...... ,Margaret Shelby lllost polite boy ,,.,,,i.,...,,, Charlie Todd Best sport ,,,,....i,,..,......e.,.. Betty Willis Most cheerful-L .,,,,v.l, . ...,,, Helen 'Wood Neatest .............l, Betty Lou Thompson Best girl dancer ....,i.. Lillian Lavender Best boy dancer .......... Clay Williamson Most nonchalant ,......, Calvin Carpenter Most indiyferent l,,,l,l,.r Norman Morrow Wittiest ...,,,.,,,,,.,,...,.,,, Calvin Carpenter Biggest heart-breaker A .------------------- ----.Eugenia Ratchford Sweetest- ,,,..,,..,......V,,,,,,l,,,,,, June Trout Best dressed girl Betty Lou Thompson Best dressed boy, ,l,,v,,.... Henry Rankin Most bashful ,.,,l,,,....,..,..l,,l Willie Boyd Cutest. .......,,,,,,,,..... Eugenia Ratchford Most dignified girl- ,..e,, Jean Williams Most dignified boy ,..,,..l Charlie Todd Biggest flirt ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dorcas Wyatt Biggest ladies' man--- ----. Grover Boyd Friendliest, --.--------..----. -.----- H elen Wood Zllost attractive -------- Marjorie Gunnin Zllost original -----.------, Calvin Carpenter Biggest bull-shooter ---, -.,- G rover Boyd Most conceited girl---Arleigh Skinner Most conceited boy ---- Norman Morrow Lasiest ---.....- ----- -..- , ...------- N e ale Patrick Biggest equivocator -------------------------.Lawrence Newton Most talkative. .....-.---- ------ - - Nell Propst Biggest pest, .--....----- ,Lawrence Newton SENIOR CLASS POEM The stress of school days buffets like a storm, It serves to sweep away each barrier tall That keeps us from the straight and upward road And then 'tis gone-it seems short, after all. What purpose have they served-these busy years- When they have passed and gone upon their way? W'e find a road that's clear from obstacles That leads to dawning of a brighter day. J. C. BRASWELL, Class Poet. 1053 i .fm 15 Xi ,iq u .11 yn., aww' xi , 11V F 1 Q 2 mama QH111 rl 1 L--- 1 E ka 1- vi iv 1 1 1 'Z N x Wire 5 V , iz, rn DC H O SS CLA OR NI -1.. 2 ma TS va M x Qi S1 -3 A 1 1 1 1 Cr! I-P A BE ELIZABETH -N 2 Q. TS fa M x Q-1 RE DAN Moo and Treasurer Secrcfary MARTHA ADAMS 'White and ed R Colors Rose ed R 07' 0 Tal' Fl ny 'Character is the cornerstone of success Jlotto ,4 'i'H's1Pil Nitin if JUNIOR CLASS James Robert Abernethy Thomas Jackson Abernethy Charlie Adams Howard Allen Boyd Altman Mack Gallant Anders Jasper Columbus Arthurs William Austin J. W. Baird Henry Connor Barkley J. VV. Bivens Robert Black Hal Worth Blanton Banks Elmer Bolen Finley VVatts Brawley Robert Sumter Brawley Fred Madison Byrd Cyrus Johnson Carson Henry Glenn Childers Flowers Alonzo Clark Tony Coletta Maynard Crain Clyde Crenshaw George Washington Dailey Lawrence Columbus Davis Howard Falls Robert Pursley Falls Martin Luther Frederick BOYS Jolm Charles Grier Charles Walker Gunter Billy Hall Howard Ham Luther Perry Harrison Fred Ernest Hashagen William Edward Hayes Charles Edward Helton William Dawson Henley Robert Miller Howard Charles Veron Huffstetler Leonard Edison Jenkins Ralph Franklin Johnson William Marshall Karesh Julius Loyd Lail Robert Lasater Peter Pete Leventis Max David Long Raymond Roderick Long Stanley Mantooth James Thomas Marshall William Eugene Mason Charles Frederick McArver George Kinsley Millen Robert Grady Miller James Daniel Moore John Morrow Howard Glenn Moss Ralph Lloyd Moton Cecil Ward Parker Richard Parker William Kermit Parker James Allen Price Hugh Brison Pursley Wilson Ragan William Lamar Rankin James Reynolds Rawlings Ralph Richie Joseph Baxley Roberts Sam Lowery Robinson Glenn VVilliam Rockett Robert Russell Fred Schlagenhauf Basil Sherrill Kenneth Sherrill Dan Russell Shields DeWitt Smith Thomas Hugh Smith Maurice Stewart Walter Reedy Thompson Ben Tipton Fred Franklin Wells Gates Johnson Williams Ike Moore Wilson Charlton Whitfield Winchester Dixon Andrew Wood JUNIOR CLASS Martha Adams Etta Fay Ballard Marion Balthis Leona Barnes Mary Elizabeth Belue Leafybelle Blanton Fannie Etta Bradley Vernie Bradshaw Nora Elise Carter Eleanor Cashwell Helen Coon Dorothy Craig Marie Dimmette Elizabeth Dixon Mary Ellen Eggers Nellie Elliott Edna Falls Ruth Ovida Falls Corabel Fort Millie Glass Frances Elizabeth Glenn Dorothy Latrelle Gunnin Dorothy Hanna Margaret Campbell Harper Genevieve Herring Ruth Eugenia Hiatt GIRLS Margaret Joyce Hoffman Thelma Jane Holland Mary Katherine Holtzclaw Evelyn Maurice Howell Minnie Leona Hudson Janie Huffstetler Ruby Thelma Huffstickler May Henry Hunt Emma Dora Jenkins 1 Martha Gertrude Jenkins Mary Katherine Kelley Faye Lavender Cecile Legare Dorothy Lindley Margaret Alice Lineberger Fannie Alena Little Dorothy Elese Long Pauline Grey Martin Maudie Marie Merrill Sarah Emma Moss Sara Sue Moss Mary Geraldine McArver Mildred Elizabeth McCullough Mildred Elizabeth McKee Clara Newton Helen Pearson Rougenia Petchios .31 M933 Betty Plyler Mary Ragan Mary Lillian Rankin Alice Wilson Ratchford lla Redding Elaine Reid Rhyne Sara Eloise Robbins Dorothy Roberts Ethel Elizabeth Robinson Louise Rebecca Rockett Alice Cornelia Smith Alice Gwendolyn Smith Dorothy Smith Sara Elizabeth Spargo Thelma lris Spargo Gladys Aline Spencer Annie Armour Stiles Susan Porter Stiles Flora Kate Stroup Alice Sumner Lillie Mae Thompson Jennie Vaughn Tomlin Dorothy Wallis Dorothy Walters Bessie Catherine Wilson Maxine Lavada Wilson wi f ,f 1 X ,? --1 Z I-14 X . 7 X 5 M M if I , lg VJEXM! N , S-gg M ly 15? , : 3' 5 QL X ,Ji U X " Yo Q ' JJ . J yy E 32 bl E If 73 XA Wx P U N2 5 X +1 ies Q E fb? Agp O N fn J ' U2 Q55 I 4 ' 3 V 51 W: fz fy' w LFS , ?4 Y W O H W 'ff 5 i M fizivff E fw' 0 N U1 E3 5 Lf. 1 9 if X E 3Qi:lj?l1?2, d gi XFX 22? 354, QS A xfxiiif f 2, N Q3 32 ,Rui-X ff if ff 2. jf fix I' J VKM 'lllltlllli SPIINNIER SOPHOMORE CLASS William Craig Alexander Joseph Eugene Allison Graham Armstrong William Lawrence Aycock Roger Charles Bell George Van Birmingham George Stewart Bowden Harold Cl 'de Caldwell 5 . . Glenn Canipe Robert Ernest Woodrow Carothers Willia Paul Carver ni . ' Gus George Combis Elbert Larry Crawford Dennis Miller Dixon James Edward Fayssoux James Forney Fisher Exlice Monroe Fletcher Franklin Edison Forbis .lames Boyce Garland Jack Harving Garrison David Truitt Grigg Kenneth Lee Groves Bobbie Lee Hamilton Everette Jack Hanna Charles McLin Hardin Charles Wed Hawkins Carl Holmes Hedrick Charles VVilson Holtzclaw Lloyd Christopher Hope Harry Edward Jenkins William Clifton Jumper Bobby Fred Kelso Quinton Patrick Lane BOYS James Farr Latham Lawrence Newton Laughridge Wm. Edward Leeper Hazel Wilson Lewis John Wilson Lewis Sherwood Thomas Lewis Wm. Earle Loftin Ralph Lee Long Wiley Theodore Mackie Ben Truman Martin .lack Roland McArver John Ralph McArver Niles French McLaud William Gaston Medlin Wade Hampton Meek Rufus Ogburn Miller Frank Wesley Morris Kenneth Basil Morris James Edward Moser Hubert Wilson Moss Warren Jay Mullinax James Charles Neil Ulysses Craig Neil Herman Elijah Nolen James Herbert Oakley Reid Allen Parker Frank Carl Patrick Ralph Clinton Patrick Lorne Cameron Payne Harry Joe Price Joseph Clarence Price Paul Douglas Quinn Ralph Edwin Quinn Vllarren Gamaliel Ramsey Joe Trotter Rankin John Olan Rankin Robert Sloan Rankin Charles Brice Ratchford Harry Lee Rhyne John Lineberger Rhyne Jack Oline Rigsbee Donald Bernard Rohinson Lamar Thea Robinson William Murray Severance Eugene Silverstein Earl Hope Sisk Olen Eugene Smith Chester Clifford Stewart Robert VVade Stowe Jacob Leroy Suggs, Jr. Vllilliam Turner Talley Hans Jacob Tausch Charles Carroll Thomas Joseph VVinston Timberlake George Andrew Trakas .Iunius Randolph Warren VVilliam Charles VVhite Carl Franklin Williams Earl Gaston VVilliams Earl Victor Willis John Edwin Winchester Alvin Edward Witttn Clyde Roscoe Wright Wm. Harrelson Yancey Charles Alexander York Norman James Young SOPHOMCRE CLASS Sara Elizabeth Alexander Vallie Mary Vance Anderson Sue Baher Mary Ruth Baird Mary Catherine Baker Anne Lewis Balthis Clara Helen Banks Eloise Mary Bell Nancy Juanita Bell Margaret Rebecca Bindeman Frances Mae Bivens Eva Irene Bolch Velma Ruth Bolin Faye Elva Bradshaw Isabelle McConnell Bradford Helen Louise Brock Odessa Inez Branham Thelma Bumgardner Catherine Mason Carpenter Mary Emma Triephinia Clanton Sara Ruth Clemmer Rachel Beatrice Cline Brooks Clinton Jennie Juanita Cloninger Helen Rebecca Coffey Ruby Josephine Conrad Pauline Annette Coon Beulah Mae Craig Leila Mae Craig June Allen Culpepper Henriette Dannenberg Catherine Ella Davis Nell Dixon Sara Marie Falls Katherine Elizabeth Fisher Mary Sue Fisher Lois Elmer Fox Helen Catherine Fox GIRLS Sara Catherine Francum Genevieve Bradley Fuller Alma Catherine Gardner Janelle Garrison Nancy Kennedy Gray Alice Caldwell Guion Frances Inez Hair Mary Jo Hamilton Myrle Delana Hancock Lois Louise Harmon - 'y Elizabeth Harris Francis Harrison Mae Hawkins Gertrude Hoffman i - tha B. Hope Marilee Ann Hudson Aurelia Huffstetler Gladys Marie Jones Miriam Kaufman Ruby Genee Keener Antha Jeanette Kendrick Ruth Burwell Kendrick Florence Elizabeth Kirby Lucy Elberta Lee Catherine Edith Lewis Catherine Leila Lewis Marie Elizabeth Lewis Nancy Dorcas Liles Janice Willeta Little Sara Ellen Long Dorothy Lee Lucas Beatrice Alice Lytten Willie Neil Lytten Carrie Juanita Merrill Nancy Shirley Merrill Carolyn Clark Morris Martha Elizabeth Moton Freida Farrar Myers as 11935 Mary Maxine Nesbitt Amanda Louise Newman Mabel Thelma Nolen Catherine lurea Parker Nell Plyer Nell Ethelda Pursley Margaret Helen Quinn Catherine Morris Ratchford Helen Rcid Helen Louise Rhync Viola Francis Richie Mabel Pcttus Robinson Roberta C. Robinson Catherine Lorenzo Sappcnilcld Nancy Evelyn Setzer liuhy Lee Short Margaret Elizabeth Shrum Mary Elizabeth Sims Jane Estelle Smith Marie Elsworth Smith Jinnnie Frances Sneed Mildred Louise Stacey Clara Della Stephenson Evelyn Franklin Stewart Mary Elizabeth Talley Virginia Terrell Lummie Augusta Tucker Carrie Bell Wages Helen Catherine VValker Orene YVhite Annie Sue Whitesicles Evelyn Lorraine Wiggins Rebecca Livingstone Wilson Lorce Daisy Xvllldilillll Florence Withers Ruth Woltz Mary Adams W'orknian Ruth Evelyn Wyatt IP. fairs? WM Apf a uywf UM 1 'ff' I Wx! 1 G Ms, Y r r,? wg, YJ, L eq 3 V 3 X Hx 4' . fl f 1 1. lg as 'O-b 2 N TS 9.5 Lk QE mls B Q.: mer Ba So Q: 1 mg Q Q22 HE" 4 'QLD Zu S-4 ew EU GSW 5 gi wgs fa Ulm' S 41,5 'dji Q, E A EX wwe 'Zi Q9 ' WEE ui, ,, 'fi'-A 5- H-IQ7 D f"4- 42 min: 5 n."fIZ S mai' mc: ECG FAQ: EE QQ" if ,gy ii? I" r 'C Q 52235 " 3077 34 ziggy LZ mga z X 1, W K 19. . Q f ,ii Q M TH SlPllNNlElR FRESHMAN CLASS Billy Abernethy William Frederick Adams George Andrews James Angley Arthur Alexander Armstrong Hugh Watson Armstrong Glenn Harold Barkley Jetor Edwin Baucom Theodore Campbell Baucom Lawrence Solomon Baughman Robert Ashnay Beauchamp Marcus Reece Beaty Donald Belk Robert Houston Bell Edward Ernest Bethune Dever Poole Biggerstaif James Black Ellis Bolmon John Fred Bookout Carrol Glenn Boyd Edward Oree Bradshaw G. F. Bridges Clarence Robert Brooks Harold Beeler Broome Harold Ward Brown Harry Miller Bryant John Frank Bumgardner John Rufus Carpenter Miles Love Carpenter Frank Rankin Carson Joe Harkey Carson Henry Lee Carver Thomas Leary Cashwell Michael Buenavista Cloninger William Gresham Conn Wilkie Conner Hugh Brickett Craft Charles Clinton Craig Don Craig Wilson Craig Raymond Floyd Crane Frank Elliott Crawford A. E. Culp John Laban Currence Robert Brandon Currence William France Curry Harold Boyce Dale Paul Franklin Deal Henry Wesley Dees Clyde Lee Dellinger Arthur Wilson Dixon James Calvin Dixon R. L. Duncan. Jr. Lyman Joe Echerd Robert Walter Edwards John Luther Falls BOYS Paul Sherman Farrar Vifilliam Elliott Fayssoux William Brown Ferguson Roy Haskell Ferguson William Reece Fite Clyde W'esley Fibson Roy Lee Forbes Cleveland Albert Fort Jennings Bryant Fort Frank Leon Foy Grier VVillian1 Friday Robert Jarvis Freize Walter Lee Freize Arthur Hamilton Fuller David Ephlin Gillespie George Evan Glenn James Robinson Glenn Marshall A. Hagans Walter Therran Ham Billy Hanna. Jr. Earl Ray Harrison Clarence Harvell Paul Furman Heavener Clo,-zhn McCoy Heffner U. C. Hicks William Arthur Hoffman Grady VVOodrow Holbrook Clarence Holland G. Lytle Huifstetler Harold Lee Huifstctler Ralph Huffstetler Robert Patrick Huifstetler Henry Elmore Hughes Charles Mack Huskins Robert McCleave Huskins William Franklin Hutchinson Edward Jacobs Frank Jenkins John C. Jenkins Sterling Lee Jordan Robert Loeb Karesh Albert Johnson Kendrick Arthur Bland Kennedy Samuel Wilson Lane Andrew Pete Leventis Stanley Jesse Lieber Charles Lindley Fred Surgeon Long William Hooper Long Paul Grey Love James Lytton William David Mantz Harold Anderson Marshall Harry L. McArver Calvin McDaniel Charles Niel McKnight Curtis Atkins Michael 35 11935 Spenc.r Jennings Michael William Thomas Minges Herbert Dewey Minnis George Faucette Moore Paul Everette Mullinax Henry Musard Raymond Frank Newton Robert VVilling Owen Torrence Madison Owens Preston Parker Frank Scott Paylor. Jr. Raymond Alexander Perry Herman Stephenson I'oweIl Joel Earl Powell George Beauchamp Price Paul Daniel Queen Kenneth Harold Quinn Mack Quinn George Glenn Ratchford Ralph Ray Charles Rhyne Fred Wofford Rhyne Robert Glenn Rhyne William Edward Rhyne Arthur Ross Rigsbee G. Evan Rockett Lloyd Warren Rogers Spaulding Fisher Rollings Norman Ross John lngle Setzer Max Samuel Skinner Armisted Burwell Smith David Smith Henry Jackson Smith Robert Calvin Smith William Napoleon Snake Charles Lewis Spencer Sheldon Spencer William Marshall Spencer Mike Stathakis Pete Tom Stathakis Carl C. Storey Charles Clinton Stowe Ray Charles Taylor Henry Glenn Thomas Fred Hill Thompson William Boyd Tyer Edward Angelus Vlaservich David Blair Walker Harvey M. Walker Lloyd Excell Welch Charles Armstrong VVetzell John I-loward XNilliams Roy Williams Lacy Paul Willis Howard B. Yancey " JSPIIININIILR FRESHMAN CLASS Mildred Sue Alexander Mary Clare Allen Charlotte Armstrong Betty Lois Atkinson Eva Mae Austin Lela Gwendolyn Barker Margaret Barnes Muriel Beal Janie Sue Bell Ruby Aline Bentley Fay Bethel Margaret Black Ruth Virginia Black Ruby Bolin Zuba Lee Boyd Dorothy Omega Brackett Florence Bradford Virginia Craig Brandon Donnie Belle Braswell Sarah Middleton Brockman Virginia Maude Brookshire Dorothy Cabaniss Lillie Mae Cannon Lillian Candace Carroll Margaret Edith Carson Fay Jeanette Carver Helen Louise Cauthen Elsie Elizabeth Cleary Helen Ray Clemmer Anna Frances Cloninger Hattie Mae Compton Martha Conrad Elizabeth Ann Covington Helen Marie Craig Rachel Whitsides Crawford Grace Elizabeth Creasman Frances Madge Cunningham Mary Lucienne Curlee Verdi Lee Darnelle Mable Neal Davis Thelma Deal Anne Louise Dellinger Nellie Rose Dixon Juanita Mae Dover Elizabeth Dow Margaret Dunn Sara Eleanor Elliott Marie Elizabeth Emmett Christine Elizabeth Evans Dorothy Lou Falls Julia Rebecca Falls Pauline Ferguson Juanita Frederick Beatrice Irene Froneberger Leona Frances Froneberger Mary Edith Gallagher Helen Bryte Garrison Martha Hazel Gettys Mary Faith Gibson Doris Kenyon Gilbert Flora Jane Gilbert GIRLS Dorothy Janet Glover Harriett Elsa Goldberg Naomi Nancy Goodson Mary Frances Grant Ruth Griggs Marjorie Vree Hagans Betty Moore Hall Gwendolyn Hamilton Virginia Belle Harrelson Aleata Chrintie Harrer Margaret Jane Harris Evelyn Eugene Hartman Helen Tecora Hartsell Elizabeth Mattie Hayes Eloise Pressley Haynes Ruby Bernice Haynes Pearl Mae Hinson Viola Mae Hoffman VVilma Holcomb Lola .lenkins Holland Mary Elizabeth Howell Peggy Howell Geraldine Perry Hudson Iberia Kathleen Hudson Mabel Blair Hulfstetler Vera Nell Huffstetler Mary Luvera Hull Marie Shuford Hunter Irene Mabel Hutchins Martha Elizabeth Ingram Edna Eugenia .lenkins Eleanor Goode Jenkins Katherine Elizabeth Jenkins Mary Lillian Jenkins Ollie Rhea .Ienkins Louise Jones Haidee Ruth Kimbrill Elizabeth Kincaid Pauline Mary Kmickley Margaret Lambert Nellie La Neave Dorothy Ann Lazenby Hazel Pauline Lazenby Isabel Elizabeth Lewis Dorothy Mae Lineberger Lucille Margaret Lineberger Carolyn Elizabeth Lineberger Lois Irene Little Mary Lou Mackie Elizabeth Mahaifey Sara Louise Mahaifey Bernice Virginia Martin May Lutrelle Martin Nell Rose Mauney Evelyn Sue McArver Ethel McCarter Olive Frances McCraw Merle Hope McCullough Sara Montuez McIntyre Anna Sue McLaughlin Sue Frances McSwain Edna Sylvia Messick as 19.55 Sarah Frances Michael Ann Randolph Moore Margaret Moss Ellen New Ruth Oaten Myrtee Panner Thelma Eileen Paysour Martha Pearson Mildred Verdell Pearson Genevieve Peeler Sara Philhower Alma Louise Pope Annie Delle Pressley Bertha Marie Price Aileen Ragan Margaret Rankin Lois Redding Ruth Redding Alma Rhyne Dorothy Elizabeth Rice Margaret Richards Pauline Zerma Robinson Margrace Ida Rose Vergie Mae Russell Sara Frances Saunders Clyde Louise Scott Elnita Sellers Wilma Setzer Clara Amanda Sipe Ruby Sipe Margaret Virginia Skinner Doris Slatkin Frances Ruth Smith Maude Kelly Smyre Clairee Spargo Mazel Spargo Frances Lee Spencer Irene Elizabeth Spencer Mary Fay Spencer Mary Stephenson Margaret Gwendolyn Stewart Fay Elizabeth Stiles Ruby Lee Stroupe Mary Luttrelle Tate Sarah Delilah Tate Gladys Elizabeth Thomas Rachel Thomas Sarah Elizabeth Warren Mildred Pauline Waters Jane Watwood Sara West Anne Whitesides Ethelene Whitesides Virginia Dare Whitworth Virginia Wickon Ada Wilson Mary Ruth Wilson Ruth Vivian Winchester Helen Louise Withers Virginia Withers Thelma Louise Youborough YPIIN 13 IK J 1 - Y I is ij' ' , N , -.N r 'X N f V ' .' f f pf-K I I . M kjggfznd f C ' I 1 'mira "' ,L ,," ,ly 'N 1 if " ,l 1. I .fl rf "s1'??i'275f3!' ?':f" 1 W k Q f A f X I Jive Qmfm wswP4,,4f4ffx3xf.Q ' api 'Www' ng? Wig gffsillvkfr-Wmfs' X ww- 11 ff' '. ff5n'MAfM f21 --1,4 ,uw 5 ,R f ,AJ - f-Q3 ..a,gf Bb 'Lg.g3E?af', . ,Z i . ' 2. 1 fci 5? gf'-s S 'x .4 " ff- 'P ' . . 'if I ' 4 N ES 1 U t , V In gk , X M AN if 1 N . 1,191 . -5, V 4 K: P- n M 1 I ip 3,1 Z qlrgllg' X 5 .'J ' ' f.gfAffxHi ' .4 7- MLA' l?1w45'1fi'+l'7 f-'v mg ' -F. 'fl 1 ,i ff I qv' -V ' I3 f ' f ' a H I U 4 xx ', . Q .. jx Q ef-I f if :w"32' ' -"'f"-J' tw-if WJ-'1wAf f-w'u X 'fifiv' NJ"-'57 'F .Y ' 'V xFI44L"l D 1 ,Q-un'-sv ." 1.-Vw. .. I ,I gig 1 f',h- 11935 TIHIIIYI SIPIINNIEIR 1 SPINNER ' STAFF G Sponsor Miss BETTY GRAY LONG ' . Editor 3 MAIITHA GUNTER '- I Assistant Editors NANCY CARPENTER SARA KILLIAN A Art Editor 6 JUNE VIVROUI Assistant Editors HELEN Wool: AURREY RABB A Business Manager V N. 1 GEORGE JENKINS Asst. Business Manager CHARLIE Tomo 38 M935 JAM 1-Mfiagaaiz afewf KZ TIHHE SPOIINNTQRIR Za!-4045 1 MAR SHALS MARTHA GUNTER ,,77 . ,7,,,, ,,,....,..,,,,7,........,,,, C hzef Marshal NANCY CARPENTER ..,,,, H Assistant Chief Marshal LIARTHA ADAMS ,, ..7, ,...,W , , - ,,,,,,.. 1936 CATHERINE TODD RICIIARD AYCOCIK, J sss.... 1935 CIIARLIE TODD 7.,..,.,,,,,,s.. ,7... ELIZABETH BELUE ...,,,, 1936 BETTY LOU THOMPSON NANCY CARPENTER ,,1.., ,,,,,,. 1 935 IKE WILSON ..,,1,,,,,....... .,1,,I. MARTHA GUNTER ,,7.. 1935 TNIARION WILSON DAN MOORE ...,,,,L, ....,.. 1 936 CARSON VVITHERS ,,,L. A L T E R N A T E S MARIE DIMMETTE ,,1,, VVALKER GITNTER ,L., 1 936 -LLL 1936 JANE HANVEY ....L, MAX III-IYNE ,.,.... 39 11935 1935 1935 1935 1936 1935 1935 1935 1935 l 1 1 'li Hr.,l2+.5Rl!gEhl':l3 R N Vx, .,, "qt i M O N I T O R S LAY XVIi.I,lAMsoN , I. ., ,,,,, ..,, I , ,, ,, Chief Ricimim Avcocic , liifrrfrv Loo 'I'1ioivii'soN Roisifzwr I,AsATicn l4lLIZABlC'I'II BIQLUR ,, Bill Adams Richard Aycock Eloise Bell Elizabeth Belue Virginia Brandon Lois Brison Flowers Clark Mary Curlee lNIarie Dimmette Rebecca Falls Roland Ferguson Leon Foy Martin Frederick R. J. Freize Nancy Gray Marjorie Gunnin VValker Gunter Betty Hall Bobbie Lee Hamilton Nl If MB E R S Myrle Hancock Jane Hanvey Martha Ingram Frank Jenkins Harry Jenkins Robert Lasater Charles Lindley Janice Little William Loftin James Lytton Mary Lou Mackie Jack McArver Margaret Moss David Nantz Sloan Rankin Helen Louise Rhyne Max M. Rhyne Sarah Frances Saunders 40 103 'S Senior Assistant f hnf Senior A.9.s'i.vianf flhllf Junior Assistant Chic Junior ,-Issistant Uhiffj' Margarct Shclby Dan Shields Elizabeth Sims Burwell Smith Henry Smith Mary Smith Maude Kelly Smyre Sarah Spargo Rachel Thomas Betty Lou Thompson Winston Timberlake Catherine Todd Dorothy Wallis Dorothy Walters Clay Williamson Ike Wilson Marion Wilson Maxine Wilson Carson Withers I 'lI'lHIllf SIPIINNIQR l MR. hfn. M R M R H- , w -Q-.. ... , l ,Q 1 Hifi l HIW'CLUB gain! I Raj I., l, OFFICERS QW-h CIIAS. HAMILTON Faculty .fldvisnr CIIARLII: Toon , , , President J. Y, Toon ,,,,,,,,7,,,,,7. ,,,,, I Slponsor RICHARD N. Avcocic , Vice-President F. L. ASHLEY III,,,II, Hon. Member CLAY XVILLIAMSON , ,,LL, ,L Secretary WV. P. CQRIER ,,,,,,, Hr 11z. Mevrzber ROBERT ABFIRDTETIKY ,, Treasurer l Jack Abernethy Robert Abernethy Howard Allen Boyd Altman Richard Aycock John Chas. Grier Walker Gunter Fred Hashagen Billy Henley ZVIEMBFRS Ike Wilson 41 H 9 I5 5 Robert Miller Howard Marshal Karesh Robert Lasater Dan Moore Max Rhyne Basil Sherrill Dan Shields Charlie Todd Clay Williamson A I f I ff I 'ill H llf S IP ll llylti I , MONOGRAM CLUB IJAN BIOORE , Lois Bn1soN M R. Fu E Boyd Altman Vallie Vance Anderson Graham Armstrong Bill Austin J. VV. Baird Mary Ruth Baird Eunice Barkley Eugene Bell Roger Bell Hal Blanton Grover Boyd Lois Brison Ruth Cash Annie Mae Childress Ruth Clemmer Lawrence Davis Marion Dellinger OFFICERS D RA'l'CIil"fJliD MEMBERS Luther Harrison Stanley Holcomb Ralph Huffstetler Vernon Huffstetler Henry Hughes Martha Jenkins Bob Lasater Fannie Little Janice Little Sara Long Kenneth Lytton Dan Moore Frank Morris Howard Moss Ebby Lee Murphy Amanda Newman 42 1 O ii 73 ,. , 7 I,7'l'Sll1l'71,t Sr'cr1'far'lf and Trwasurrfr Sponsor Bill Newton Ralph Parrott James Pricc Ed Quinn Ralph Ritchie Sam Robinson Fred Schlagenhauf Alice C. Smith Alice G. Smith DeWitt Smith Henry Smith Maurice Stewart Porter Stiles Mary Elizabeth Talley Gates Williams Betty Willis Carson Withers illlllrllillif SlPlIlNlNlIilR BAND AND ORCHESTRA I FSLIE O. McCoLLUM Van Birmingham Robert Brawley T. L. Cashwell Cleveland Fort Leon Foy W'alker Gunter Luther Harrison Robert M. Howard George Jenkins Mary Kelly Billy Loftin Max Long Gene Mason MEMBERS 43 ll 9 53 5 Director G. K. Millen Sara Moss Cecil Parker Roy Parker Aurilla Ramsev Sloan Rankin A ., Murray Severance Kenneth Sherrill Earl Sisk IDYL , Haskell Spencer Sheldon Spencer Charlie Todd Alvin Witten T Hllif SIPHNNIEIR SPANISH CLUB 0 FFIUIGRS Wr:L'rHA BA'rTLi: , , W H v,,,,,,7 ,,,' V 7 N V 1T,,,,1,-nf EITNICFZ BAiuiLicY ,,,,, , , Y, ,,,,,,,,,, ,H K W S,.C,.,,fa,U F. M. FRANCUM .,.. , W, M 1'rga,9m-pr Miss NETA BICI.I,E ScA1u3onoUG1i , Jack Ahernethy Clyde Allen Howard Allen Jasper Arthurs Hoyt Blackwood Fannie Bradley Robert Brawley Lois Brison Fred Byrd Dorothy Carver Eleanor Cashwell Annie Mae Childress Howard Falls Lola Foy William Green Ellen Grigg MILMBERS Mary Charles Grigg Dorothy Gunnin Fred Hashagen Genevieve Herring Robert Howard Ruby Huffstiekler Ralph Johnson Marshall Karesh Pauline Martin Marie Merrill Dan Moore Howard Moss Sara Sue Moss Clyde Moton Ralph Moton Lawrence Newton 44 l 'il .3 3 7 Sp onsor Cecil Parker James Price Henry Quinn Wiley Quinn Aurilla Ramsey Ralph Richie Kenneth Sherrill Alice G. Smith DeWitt Smith Haskell Spencer Alice Sumner Billy Talley Martha Thomas Emily Torrenee Clyde Williams Helen Wood KEN 'UJJK 'tb 'XMAJN ofw 1 'll' IH! Ili PII N ll: IR 1 FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS LIAIKTIIA GlTN'1'ER ,, Y - ,, , ,,,7 .,,Y,.7,, - ,, Presirlerzt SARA KILLIAN ,, , ,,,,,n,,,,, ,,,g,,,,, ,,,,, , , ,,,, , L ,,,, ,, , Vice-Pre.s'ident CLAY WILLIAMSON , L ,, H ,L L ,,L,, LLLL I Secretary and Treasurer BETTY Low TI'IOMPSON ,,,L,,, ,,L, , Chairman of Program flovrzvrziftee Miss 1,0ROTHY KING , L,,,,, , , ,.7..,..,,,,, .. .,,,. , Sponsor Fay Ballard Elizabeth Belue Nancy Carpenter Ruth Cash Rosaleen Clinton Marie Dimmette Martha Gunter VValker Gunter Carolyn Henderson Ruth Hiatt O,Neil Holton .M IC M H E R S Sara Killian Lillian Lavender Raymond Long Mary Hagan Mary Lillian Rankin Max Rhyne Margaret Shelby Basil Sherrill Dan Shields Sarah Spargo Anne Stiles 45 H955 Porter Stiles Betty Lou Thompson Jennie Vaughn Tomlin Dorothy Wallis Dorothy Walters Jean VVil1iams Clay Williamson Betty VVillis Ike Wilson Annie Lee VVinget Margaret WVynn 'll'lHllllC 5lP'llNlNllfllRl DEBATING CLUB Rom III' lxlllihl-Ill Ilowmm IIIOMAS JACK AnEnN1c'r1iv IDAN Su11cLos LIARION XVILSON Jack Almernethy J. YV. Baird Mary Ruth Baird Roger Bell Calvin Carpenter Harriet Goldberg Robert Miller Howard Marshall Karesh Vic: l Tl szrlznt 7 , , SI'C7'lfllT'11 News livpclrtcr Jeanette Kendrick J. C. Price Brice Ratehford llflax Rhyne Williaiil Rllyne Basil Sherrill Dan Shields George Trakas 'll' llll lli S ll? ll lli lil l MUSIC CLUB OFFICERS SARA IQILLIAN , , tsts ,,,, 7,,7 .,,. ,.,,A.,,,. ..,. ..,,,, . , , 7,,..,77,7,,A I l r 1 'SlIl1f'7Ll l ANNIE LEE WINCSET EEEE 7.,,..,,,...,,,.,,..,,,, Vice-Prvsiflfrlii R.0BEIiT BRAXVLEY ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,A S ecrfftary and Treasurer BIARGARET SHELBY ,,,,,,,,,7 Y ,.,,. . ,,...,,,,,,, Reporter Miss BIABEL LITTLE ,,,,,.,, E,,,. S ponsor DI E M B E R S Mary Claire Allen Robert Brawley Ruth Cash Elizabeth Anne Covington Harriet Goldberg Virginia Harrelson Carl Hedrick Sara Killian Mary Lou Mackie Ellen New Sara Philhower 47 JUS? .leanellc Schultz Margaret Shelby Margaret Skinner Maude Kelley Smyre Annie Stiles Porter Stiles Catherine Todd June Trout Ann Whitesides Emily Williams Annie Lee Winget ' lil f. xl I il ' ' Viv . 3 I 'S 'I NNIE X -'l Ilvi X 4 1- ,zyf , as 5 5 ' x, ' ..v GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION I I'lIiN1cic BA1cK1,i:Y ,, , 1'r1'sifl1fnt ALICE C. SMITH A VlCI"1,FI'.9l!1I'7Lf .IANICIC I.I'l'TLIC ,,,, , , Sffcrvfary DIARY RUTH BAIRD . , Trcrzsurcr lh'IAUDE KELLY Sivivur: ,,,, .. ,. , Press Rcportcr BETTY WILLIS ,,,,,, , S'ZC'l7II7lll7Lg Sport I1I'dI1I'7' ltIAR'I'I-IA .IENKINS ,,,,, ,,,,,,, B CZ-S'ln'l'fl1Llfll Sport Loader NANCY LILES ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , .Hilcing Sport Leader SARA LONG ,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,, Archery Sport Loader FANNIE I,1'rTLE 7,,,,,,, Baseball Sport Imrzrlffr Mas. C. D. WHIsNAN'r Girls' Physical Education Dircctor The Girls' Athletic Association has thc largest active membership of any club in high school. There are enrolled as active members nearly three hundred girls who have participated at some time during the school year in some sport. The following sports are held during the various seasons of the year: swimming, bas- ketball, baseball, and archery, with a weekls practice for hockey in the spring. This year the organization presented a Play Day program to which girls from eight nearby schools were invited and during an entire afternoon team games, individual contests, and relays were held. This is the Hrst event of this kind to be held here. May Day drew the usual large audience and the Robin Hood theme was exceptionally attractive. Mrs. Charles D. VVhisnant, Girls' Physical Edu- cation Director, was again a most capable and interested sponsor. 48 . - ru 193: x i IIC ,r Wvlfm nc lr 1 Long Row, Left to Right: Louise McCullough. Fannie Little, Louise Rockett. Sara Emma Morris. Carolyn Morris, Katherine Lewis. Annie Mae Childress. Elizabeth Lewis, Bobbie Clinton, Mrs. Whisnant, Margaret Harris. Vallie Vance Anderson. Betty Willis. Ruth Cash. Helen Wood. Dorothy Walters, Ruth Falls. Bernice Martin. Christine Evans. Amanda Newman. and Eunice Barkley. Short Front Row: Alice C. Smith. Isabelle Bradford. Back Row: Janice Little. Katherine Davis. Nancy Liles. Nell Elliott. Ruth Cremmer and Porter Stiles. Sara Long. Archery Leader. is standing in front of the target. ARCHERY One of the most outstanding sports in the activities of the girls this year was Archery, there being at least thirty of the girls participating. The leader was Sarah Ellen Long. Since this was the first year of Archery in this school, the American and Columbia rounds were used. At the end of the practices, a class tournament was held, the highest Little John. The May Day theme was based on the Robin Hood legend, and archery was used with this. 49 H933 'Il' all lli 5 IP ll N N Ili ill is ff? A Whisnant Stapleton Mrs. Whisnant Ratchford C O A C H E S The success of our athletic teams this year is greatly due to their coaches, who have with much care trained and inspired them. Mr. Wllisnant and Mr. Stapleton, in coaching football, Mr. Stapleton in coaching boys' basketball, Mr. Ratchford in directing baseball, and Mrs. Whisnant in coaching girls' basketball, have spent much of their own time in helping to form teams that are good and true repre- sentatives of our High School. With much appreciation, admiration, and pleasure we dedicate this page of the Spinner to our coaches. Gastonia High School is fortunate in having the high type of coaches she has, and expresses our sincere thanks to them for helping to make our Senior Year one of success and joy. so 1953 flllltlllli SP. CIR Front Row, left to i right: David Gillespie fassistant managerl, Lawrence Newton, Eugene Bell. Sam Robinson, Ralph Parrott, James Price, Ralph Huifstetler, Bob Stowe, and Frank Jenkins, lasst. 1ngr.J. Back 1-mv, left to right: Coach C. D. Whisnant, Howard ' Hughes, Robert Lasater, Captain Carson Withers, Dan Moore, DeWitt Smith, William Austin, Henry Childress, Ebby Lee Murphy. J. W. Spargo, Henry Smith, Manager Frank Morris, and Stanley Holcomb Knot in picturej. FOOTBALL The 19341 edition of G. H. S.'s football team went through a fairly successful season considering its weight, size, and experience. With only one letter man eligible out of the ten that were in school, Coach Whisnant molded a very scrappy football team, which showed considerable improvement each game. With this experience gained and with the return of fourteen letter men from the 1933 and 1934 squads, G. seasons. Gastonia Gastonia Gastonia Gastonia Gastonia Gastonia Gastonia Gastonia Gastonia Gastonia H. S. football should be able to atone for its own past two gloomy S C H E D U I, E 0-12 vs. Belmont ,, .19 .--....19 vs. Monroe 7 0 vs. Greensboro ,c,,,,20 0 vs. Shelby 0 vs. Bessemer 7 .......12 vs. Kings Mountain V.-- 38 -.-. 0 vs. Concord ,---..-----.-- -----,4f9 vs. Ineligibles 6 N-- 7 vs. High Point ...---26 .... 0 vs. Salisbury t,,t .,,, , .13 51 ll 9 13 j laik? c'9AF4,N Xuan, In oo..,'7'LA.4,-' Bal, 7 Ng Yiwu. Sl l ' 'ill ll li .S Eljl N lf V .,W,.,,3 ...W - Left fo rifflzl: Fannie Little, Annie Mae Childress, Alice G. Smith, Mildred Mc-Kee, Christine Evans, glary E. Talley, Elizabeth Lewis, Eunice Barkley Cllaptainp, Martha Jenkins, Porter Stiles, Amanda . cwmnn. Buck 1i,flIl'Z Mrs. Charles Whisnant. Coach, Janice Little, Manager. GIRLS, BASKETBALL TEAM This year's team enjoyed a very successful season with an even number of wins and losses to their credit. The team was led hy Eunice Barkley, a senior whose play up was outstanding, and whose place will be hard to Hll another year. Mary Talley and Fannie Little held the other forward positions. Each of these players has another year in which to develop, The guard positions were Hlled by Alice G. Smith and Martha Jenkins, as regular players, and Amanda Newman, Annie Mae Childress, and Mildred McKee contesting for the third position. Porter Stiles as forward and Christine Evans and Elizabeth Lewis as guards, were reg- ular substitutes. Janice Little was an excellent manager and Mary Talley was the trainer for the year. The work of the coach, Mrs. Whisnant, has done much toward helping to develop better players. Class games were held as usual with the Juniors winning the championship. SCHEDULE Gastonia Sacred Heart 12 Gastonia- vs. Dallas 441 Gastonia- Bessemer City 30 Gastonia- vs. Charlotte 17 Gastonia- Sacred Heart 20 Gastonia- vs. Charlotte 144 Gastonia- Dallas 26 Gastonia vs. Clover 56 Gastonia- Clover 27 Gastonia- vs. Alumni 3 Gastonia- Lowell 22 Gastonia vs. Faculty 16 52 ' IU--SJ 'll' IIEI lt .S EP il N IN .lr QI? Front Row: left to right. Fred SClll2lgCl'lll2lUf, Edgar Quinn, Howard Moss, 'Will Austin. G 'z l 1 -X t' . num . rms Illflg' Bark How: Manager Withers. Bob Lasater, Coach Stapleton, Boyd Altman. Ralph Parrott, and Manager Bell. Mascot Talley is sitting in front. BOYS, BASKETBALL TEAM Gastonia High's basketeers have just finished their most successful season in the past several years. Out of the three or four lettermen and some raw material, Coach Stapleton developed a fast combination. Although not having a championship team, the team won two of its conference games from stiff opposition. Coach Stapleton, with the improvement shown in each game, and the fact that only one letterman is leaving is looking forward to the '36 season. With these bright prospects, it looks as if the G. H. S.'s bas- ketball teams will be heard from in the future. Gastonia Opponents Gastonia Opponents 440 Lowell .. . . 8 22 .,..,., . Dallas 9 27 ., .. Bessemer City .... ..1O 19 fHigl1 Point . 21 11... . . +Greensboro ..., ,. H26 26 .... Charlotte ,, H 55 17 .... .... . 'XSalisbury . . .16 19 ....... .X'Greensboro . , 28 16 .. .. .. +I-Iigh Point , . .31 28, .,.r. . . Abbey Reserves I8 , . Spartanburg . 30 332 ...... .. .Totals .. . ,, . 3941 26 . ., ..... +Charlotte ...... .... . .31 1 - 17 ...... -, Dallas .... ..... . .. -.-26 +Conference games. 10 ,,,.. Spartanburg ..... .. . 36 Won 5 Lost 10 36 ...., , .. ,'fSalisbury ...... .. H35 Gastonia-Average Points 22. Opponents-Av erage Points 26. 55 IUSH Front Row, Left to Right: Bobbie Lee Hamilton, Ralph Parrott, Maurice Stewart, Carson Withers, Ralph Richie, Monroe Fletcher, Marion Dellinger, Gates Williams, Lawrence Davis, and Mr. Iiatchforcl, Coach. Bark Row, Left fo Right: Grulxam Armstrong, Henry Smith, Ralph Johnson, Howard Hain, Wilson Kagan, Fred Kelso, William Austin, Henry Childress, Dan Moore, E11 Quinn, Charles Helton and Coach Ratchford's 1935 hopefuls are hard at work for thc ball season. The prospects for a good season are very bright new outfits and we have nine or ten lettermen reporting for expecting to state race as Hve of these two or three March 27 Wednesday Shelby March 29 Friday Abbey Juniors Date April 2 April 5 April 9 April 12 April 16 April 24 April 26 approaching base- as we are getting practice. We are not farther, in the our former teams have gone. We have a schedule of nine games with being scheduled at home and four away. We are hoping to schedule Play at Gastonia Belmont Abbey Gastonia Belmont Gastonia Shelby Gastonia Gastonia Lincolnton April 29th to May 4-th Western A.A. Conference Finals ,, K 'Il'IHl1i'IP'lINX1F1R TIL X X x.,---1 , 1 90k W i Tue :aes-r M' h U3 f i I 'r vf fi 4 I3 . , vu. fy Q ff v J- Wig' f' . :af i . ' oft 1 ' 5f!i ef"'i' 1 W L pt -K ,QM . . ' I IV ' ,'l.v!,,as' 4 ,.-.Mac Q -M ' I 51' ,I :jp Q 1 5 , 41,5 ge. Gy----Rf 55 , , , , ,pq .L . y 1 x xx5.fIf- ,f . -f 3 ,fy eg xx 1 54, xg -- ' v- . , - K' A sf ' - -' .. , , 5 m.,.,,.:,'93 I gfi 'Ci fat Q 7 ,QA Sw! ax ,f X, 0 ' ,-f fc. f H- ' :N - 4 il '?fIff'Q' e "1"Ff" Q T ,Jo " ' V L ' if 'u r-"I 4, 'gd' X w. f af Q A L. -,M ' 4 4 va H?" ' 4 'Mi-v - S 1 A-2-Y1,c1fZ9fv77+f,. ,X -, -- 51 ,uf FA. 9 0 L..-4, ': ,kg ,7:A.,5,,,-,' V I Y f---- ,a...fp.,x in 5 , . fyg , A .-,e '.-A-: wax N Q , 'Q f 4, 1' MP1 V - lk ,H Q , wff f 4 4 ' A L . H4 J 'f1 f' . " -f , :s ig gf", .'gW?HTxnWf!ij-f,g..l'V5w,THQ, ,,. . W 4 vwgsx. I - in--":.."Ef: . ' F - .qv - I uf' jf A 1. A '. 1' ff-f-.-L.f:-ff-.fc cj - k , - -L L I Lug:-x 1',xlfffgggsi-,,:.q:E,1M wn::.,qrJ,'gpE1-' ' A ' ' -' X . H 'f--4:-' '- ' 91.3.2 v . ' lf' - ' -L",,,,f'-.,5rK1235' 7,-M ,-,wr ' , k W' , ,f ,- If . - , ,313 .W x , . , -cv "1 5 - . V.-f-YA - fy ' ' I' -. ,A 1 - 1 ' ' Us A L N K f e - . ". N 4 ' ' I li fan" ' :, . . - - - t , ' . fjy' ',' , , - -A , - ,.,,, 1 Ss., 1-sff' YG 11 3'-Q.,-f f 1 X, . - " "':"' . '-- 1 xr 'gf 4' - ', , , I, I ' ' . W' ,4i".5Rg1 . q -. 1 .f-,iff ff" x , H , gg.,-Zi 1" V . , i I , f V A-' . "M ,-- , 1 1 ' f 'L-Qhfx' '12 .' , ' Y , -' '- .' f 1 . A, ' ' . T' 1 " . , , . 55 H9 3 5 THE SPHNNER On your shoulders will soon rest the responsibility of the civic and industrial leadership of this community. VVe are deeply interested in your educational develop- ment and we wish you well as you enter upon your larger careers. GASTONIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Gaston Post No. 23 of the American Legion is keenly interested in progressive schools for our city. The schools have co-operated with us in our program, and We are very happy to Work with you in yours. We Wish for every member of the graduating class happiness and success. -queb- GASTON POST NO 23, THE AMERICAN LEGION 56 11.0535 3 r TIHIIE SPIINNIEIR Compliments of New Way Laundry Quality and Service PHONE 844 Merit Shoe Co., Inc. "Better Shoes for Less Money" For The Entire Family at Popular Prices Compliments of Standard Hardware Co Hardware and Paints 852-Phone-853 GASTONIA, N. C. Finley Sign Co. Creators of Compliments of Pure Oil Co. c.AsToN1A, N. c. . . . . A. . S d Dlstmctlve Signs E. NYOSZS: Agents Edis Place Compliments of Best Pete Walker Beer and Wine Phone '22 Shoe Repairing YI 935 'IFIHIIE SPIINNER A. H. GUION, Dealer AIRFLOW CI-IRYSLERS AIRSTREAM CI-IRYSLERS ' PLYMOUTI-IS A Floating Power and a Floating Ride PHONE l359 Ill W. LONG AVE. Saunders Dry Cleaning Co. OLDEST AND BEST Our Aim is to Please You PHONE I44 319 E. FRANKLIN AVE is 1193 5 'Il' H Elf S IP ll N IIC IR Compliments of Grocers Baking Company Bakers of "BUTTER KIST BREAD" FATE ADAMS, Proprietor A. 8z B. SHOE SHOP Phone 1450 Q ,2 Compliments of Gastonia Daily Gazette FOR BIORE THAN HALF A CENTURY GASTON COUNTY,S HOINIE NEWSPAPER Gastonia lee Cream Co. EAT HONEYKIST ICE CREAM It Has No Equal 59 119 S 'S T H TFT PM N N IF R MOTHERS THREAD THE THREAD THAT IS 370 STRONGER Smooth - Strong - Beautiful THREADS, INCORPORATED GASTONIA, N. C. A Product of the South" Neal Hawkins Transfer Co SHIP BY TRUCK Phones Office 465--Night 1088 I-IAWKINS AND WILSON COAL CO. RED CLOVER COALS Phones 318 and 4-65 60 I U S 3 TH lt SlPlIlNNllilR GASTONIA MILL SUPPLY CO. Textile and General Machinery Supplies Paints, Pipe and Fittings Plumbing and Electrical Supplies Compliments of Compliments of Rankin Armstrong F W Woolworth Furniture Co. ' ' Phone 37 Co' SHELBY STUDIO H igh Grade Photographs l22 W. Main St. Telephone I96 SPECIAL PRICES ON SCHOOL WORK "Photographers to the SPINNERJ, I Compliments of R. H. ADAMS Moore Motor Sales, Inc- ICE at COAL liwatch the Forcls Phone Go By" 61 M0535 'HYHIIIQ SIPIINNIPQIR HOME OF Compliments of Qupen of nfgst CITY SALES AND and SERVICE CO., INC. The Dodge Place Nosoca Flour C. M. STILES 8: CO. Complime ts Sweetland R esfauranf Of ED S. KEMPTON QUE "Serving the Best Always" F. C. TODD, INC. Textile M aehinery and Parts PHONE 1568 Compliments of Complim t Kennington 8: Finn of Commission Agents For COTTON WASTE THE SPORT SHOP 62 10 3 3 'll'll-llllfl SIPIINNIICIR Compliments of WINGETQRAWLINGS JEWELRY CU We extend our congratulations and best wishes for your future Y our Jeweler This Space Donated By the Following Concerns: Kennedy's, Inc., Drugs Kay Dress Shop Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Smith Glass and Frame Shop James Whitesides Ennis Jackson Groceries Bou Tailoring Co. Jeweler Dry Cleaning and Watch And jewelry Repairing Alteration PRICES REASONABLE 127 E. MAIN ST. Reid Craig Gastonla Hardware Thanks The Class of '35 For Their C Patronage at Lunch Hour ' Ornpany 63 1193 5 'ill Hi IE S PIIN N llii IR Compliments of P. P. Leventis 86 Co., Inc. Wholesale Fruits and Produce GASTONIA, N. C. Phone 826 and 827 Compliments of , Red Front Cleaners Campgmem and THE VOGUE Shoe Rebuilders Compliments of The Model Laundry C The Best in Laundry Service .15 ff qpmpliylwkts of. Compliments of f QTQQGTHERS AND c. W. BOSHAMER -' I f" E Wholesale' If A Flour and Feeds 64 1935 'll' H lk 15 P ll N Ili R Peoples Bonded Compliments of Warehouse GASTONIA and p COCA-COLA Storage Co. BOTTLING CO Cocker Machinery and Foundry Co. Manufacturers of TEXTILE MACHINERY GASTONIA, N. C. Compliments of Bryant Electric Repair Shop Compliments of Spencer Lumber Co. 65 1053 I 'alIxHlliSIP1INNlI1IR Complimcmts of ARMINGTON HOTEL AND DINING ROOM 5325? 55952 Compliments of Compliments of B kl M ho Lineberger 8z ar ey ac me Com an b Works p y Insurance--Real Estate cbmpzimms of J. COHEN CO. ORANGE CRUSH BOTTLING CO, sPENcER.A1'K1Ns BOOK CO. Gastonia, N. C. 66 14935 'll' llll Ili 5 IPI! Ili IR Compliments of C0mPlimfmt-9 of Goodrich Silvertown The Young Stores Men's Shop Compliments of Rustin Furniture Co. . . ' , Ifflflfith Flowers" l Af. l JFLQRISIF 4 J 1 I I . I 1 . A f f '-,W ...JVF '--frm.,-1.41 I ' ' T 1 wif., , N f , - ' ' This S pace'Domzted' J - 1 , 4 , , -. ,Ia , , The Junior Class 67 M1933 'llq IHI IIC ll? Il N N IEIR AUTTOGRAPI-IS W . . ffm W, W W mf 717491711 wwf Wg, 65fa,,,,h,,, , f4,,f,f,,f fz,,3,,,,,,, LW awfa, - eff. djff X ,W zzz Y +- zffj-,JEFWLJ ,. f-iw"--M 'PWW7' L .f . CM -4,,2.,,,1,Q!,, ,J - fgwvfa-f4:v,7'-'aj U'6'dJ 1, h 4 1, 7 ' ' 1' , A 1. N' ' - ' x ,, 1 xx' 'V' '- ' K f , , f Q90 Q 68 H9 3 3 be 4 A. .1 'rf' 1 , . ' Q . fv "'r1 Q It'-vii , 4' Li'IPfi,- ' "1 f Q -a 'QL-1 -r f, 5 1 , if ve f. Arr' .. 755353 ,, ? - 3 K ' f X LQLQ b, ' 11 .3 :F . AT '3- . J: A 54 . Fa.s1gfT YQ... , .541 .' fills J' 1 L ., ww Q N. W me , 4 .5 I. - 5 f- , L , 4 A Fl? . U ,M 5 my . ' 'Q 5. . ,,.f .R 41 ' 5 .if :E fi A ,549 , f fs X a L 'FfL 4-'-if T , V. ' QA, :Q..e'5 rg , SE. 1.-,ff ,!f-, vs.. 1 412 ' 5,91 -.wh 5 E' 'E '+ , Q . 4.:,,f'r- . .. , . --4, gg: uf 1 nf s- - . 1 51. ,L 14.4. , -51, 2-yn, .Q ' '. :fy a ' - , ,. 2.3.1 -r -5: . Q. , 1 7,1 --Lf-wif 325, 15- be-vs' Y! , 'fi Q Q 'F 1 4 A.. Q , 4, 5 if Vi: I. '57, A-. :gi r ' ""'! 1 r v Pe G M , V , 1 L r- a 1 4. ,Q ' 411-ax: :,l.1,.... "-:rf:.f- ? K1-PL. lg. '-4:1 min, . -1, '11, 1 "Qi ., .gh r . .Xj.,,.L 35,-12TH 8.831112-ii' ..V'x' - 1 ,., ff, -Q A , F rf 5 fi ,. at. ... v ,Q .,. ,- , ,- r JV' rf... ,N My . . , 1 'rbvi H 1 k fx-, 'I ' , N, ff ,. -, 'ws'-'ff 'gf' ' x-.svn 1,-. i- 5: - 143 , H, , v ,.., ,..x in 1 1 , , , i ..1w'q p-X, ' -. f 1 ,J 'n ' ,i .tm J' S kk- -,',.' Y I ' ,-e i .UI r 1 Q. ., J.,,, J T ... tl, -T V x Miyw fl 1. 1 .1 A. ... 5 :fu-f-'Hz - i xuzgi- , 1 ' 1 ' 35: -fi 'Eff' " .,-IQI5, -J' , wifi. .ana :,,- t -,- K--, Q , W. -,.-f: L -.""xc., --f' H -- ' 4 V: - . ,N .,, 4 15 qgg ' 4' :,x'5 5 t ' 1 ., 'v ,VY ' 1 A-as :QQ , Kiliieffj k-L Ei M559 M' Fw? ' L2-' ffl. 5 ff' -' ' 'if-..i11.. V- K :EJB . . U. an n A in s'-1.1 J' -I Y' 41,1 hw 1-.. H-'QL - ' x .v 1, wx. ae QV", ' r a 'L 7:1-'55 ' I 51"-E: ' r 1 - ' . f ,l', 1T f J ,Ji .' f 1 1,4 1 '-J' ' '12 1 "' ' '. -- .fi 4 V it HY? X gg J-ggi.-K I.: ' . 'i ' H" if 2 1 4 L ,- H Y: - 1 :Q ,R -5 rj , V Qifilfi-F54 if 1 ' -"- "'. '. -an .2 -' 1: ., .v -r qi -Q5 -' . Lu, ' -F-?r 1 ' W r"ff""7 , A x 'j.,Y...,'g, Q- K ' 5.4.92 M 1, -"g 'L-' A-5 ' ' QW 1. -x 4- ' , 5, X 641,32 Z7 ,fs 'Q-1. :J lf? 1 ., ' L. , ., 1 . g,.f'f,,, - 51... 54' ii? L '..,. 7' f-Lu.. .f --in Q--21. 9 ,Q k ,. 3' -' ' 4 I'4-F' , 'f ' -'-Q 1 -H.,'w -. 15.1 -Q . ! s. ,- , , L Q- 'V 1 ,Lg rv Jn, a t' 4 I1 "ir , -x 41 Y , N , .s A Ju 'xii ' H ,A J' y- V 9. ' 'IT' "3,1l'?E . .Fi F 25' xi .42 .445 .fi ,J '-Nix? . 4,1 1 'Z 'E . "ia -14 ,H-LPI ,,, .,,.1 51

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