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Q4-fzzl' -P7412 1-S?Q'f'f fd NQQXV IQ? S2- Glf?fl7lfVC3'f74ff'L 'qkqb 1' V N 4 W A, P Q - .--A-wa3Sa?..xi5qz-gg 1-,-:rx - .fg-w'44:djeS1yvs.:.g.'f1QgM,r-,z.,5Lv.i,.,.' , wqqqj, " , 4 i1 R- ff Ai . 3 Q 3 K' Q' ,4 fffs' 'ff ' Z L , A gn: ,. . , , in - , it ,. fs., v Aiwf, , V .1 P . 1,1 , M1 I -WTS I ,. . '-f H1 , gi w , ' 17 ' 4 ii ' ' 7 1 I 5 Y V, -I ,- ,Mid 1,5 f 760 EU Presented by SENIOR CLASS GASTON HIGH SCHOOL Gadsden, Alabama Ufealar Memories are like the leaves of a tree. They bud, become blooms, begin to fade and finally drift away. All too often the fond- est memories have a way of fading and giving way to the events of the present. lt was to record a favorite joke, to recall a favorite friend, a classic football game, or an old sweetheart, that yearbooks were created. Our efforts will be rewarded, if sometime in the future, you open your annual and feel a little pang of joy or sadness while following the pages of the record of 1959-1960 - your album of memories. The Editor Y ...wh 'll-B' Q 1. fs :Shri 'V U 4 79m L. r,x ' 'F' ,, ' 4: .gl 7. -,fi-1 J.. - - f J rf ' If, if-..Q::1j.' -R-,.,n:,'kt -"Avl4x '.' fl ."ff': -' -A- . , . ., ,f,.,,, :'zyQ.v,,,',:,, .af.'.,..- . -, syrn'-f 1:1 " ' gl, J.,-,',. . .. .Au . .. - v- . 3"-":- if '-.FQ WM hm V. 339:54-ff? if '.r'1" ' felis . ff lf if .iff S A '11 3' , Decimation In recognition of her faithful and friendly under- standmg, we are very happy to dedicate the first RED WING to Mrs. Viola B. Campbell. It is our hope that by dedicating our yearbook to Mrs. Campbell, we may express our gratitude and our sincere appre- ciation for all that she has done for Gaston High School Editor and Business Manager Advisor Annual Staff KNEELING: Pauline Panell, Betty Patterson, and Gay Nell Templeton. STANDING: Martha Rollins, Jimmy Pitts, Mack Davis, Faye Robinson, and Larra Dean Jones. Principalps Message Congratulations to you, the Seniors of the class of 1960, for your interests and ef- forts in developing this fine annual. You are the first class in the history of Gaston High School to show a real interest in giving full support to the development of this yearbook. I wish you success and hap- piness in whatever you may undertake. Sincerely, lf. G 321421K 15.1 wif? iff? 1 I dare do all that may become az many Who dares do more, is none. SHAKESPEARE , ,m5m,g-E1Q,.- e rxkkgfxgiylzlfzkgxy x S i 1 122191L22f5r,Sii?i2iv4Qs1w wisp'mf,fggwffgsifvffkufs-wfw9:aQ1 sfwfga 53554535-155'-?l2if:es 'E . ,.,. .Aw 2,.EA.m,.M A 4 1 :K .. -.ww:ffffwiesffzgffgxiifsfzaif:swfww 16521547www:IU:gg:E5sww,pw3?E5rzss'Q E fifff-zfezEzIzsemfiiisiwesiztmiisiiiibf I- I fmxgiffwi 1?rs,A:Ezs?5if:i'MQfQA1f2451M.: 2.11, IfW:Q223523XfiwfifzaiififisfiiiflffffWmffffi w ww A zkisfiswfsezglafggzfeszi 552fi5Q4Saif2I2V45IEKEa'Vi551Sfg2'Yifsr3sr:Qfi-WififfllfW'fYt?i?ffi4iNff5Qss'M ,"22e7i5sse2g?47if'W . if K ,rQEa?fSs125kvifXwaw1Q, m' iis'Z??5a fQ5f2?:2f:?EzXezegi?iif52',XEs715wi5SifKf?1i SQPSEEQQQA -' ,,.,,. .v,.,vwL2f-wav y gxg2s?gwMwgA ww-1,513 fx-1m 7 ..' M eggs,ggfQ5w,gszfg?gg3g2ig Ma' 4 5 Wm fr-21221if2E3svE5?ff1g:52ff:AfefL - - ' 1 -'-' 'i.C'f?f9V2.1Mt ' ' -YV -ffff Hslfwv 'EH W55. ?5Vl::fY'L5:5Ii' ,LFE 'ii' JQSQQE 'Nfl ,. f ' f ' 4' f.,mr3Mwm Ezf:wfwQaE,f4H,v5f.2rs,6EEwmg -A 51Mg2?g,iQg,5gQ,,,,,i,MgQSgmym..WVM X ,FJ Ae E'if'?i7Ig1Q11!' 21 - :N .:zg4gggxg,:: Tm E ,ZV q.:,A ..,V ,AV. . . V. .V ,E,,,- .L,.,i ,gkz H as J MRS. BARBARA NORTON B. S. , Business Education Jacksonville MRS. VIOLA CAMPBELL B. A. , English University of Chattanooga MR. A. C. FINCH A. B. , General Education Wofford College Pursued Graduate Work University of North Carolina Columbia University MRS. WALDO LAWRENCE A. B. , English Judson MR. THEODORE WALLACE A. B., Liberen Am University of Alabama MR. JOHN W. MCCABE B. S. , Physical Education M. A. , School Administration MRS. WAYNE GRISSOM B. S. , Home Economics Jacksonville MRS. GARNETTE USRY B. S. , Elementary Education Jacksonville MISS LAURINE ANDERSON B. S. , Education Jacks onvill e MISS RUTH ANDERSON B. S. , Education Jacksonville MRS. ADDIE MILAM B. S. , Elementary Education Jacksonville MISS MILDRED ANDERSON B. S. , Education Jacksonville MRS. P. M. BISHOP Fifth Grade Teacher MRS. ETHEL U. SMITH B. S. , Education University of Alabama MRS. IEFFIE B. LISTER Fourth Grade Teacher SENIORS . L-'V n LARRY WAYNE GUFFEY Senior Class President Beta Club Basketball Football Baseball 4-H Club Who's Who MACK ALLEN DAVIS Senior Class Vice-President Beta Club Football Basketball 4-H Club Who's Who Annual Staff IAMES WESLEY PITTS Senior Class Secretary Football Who's Who 4-H Club Annual staff BETTY SUE PATTERSON Senior Class Treasurer Beta Club FBLA Cheerleader Who's Who Annual Staff Glee Club 4-H Club Assistant Librarian MARGARET JEAN ' FA ULKNER Homecoming Queen Beta Club FBLA 4-H Club Who's Who GARY LAMAR COOPER Who's Who 4-H Club JERRY HUGH DAVIS Basketball Football Who's Who CAROLYN MAY HAYES Who's Who Assistant Librarian Transferee LARRA DEAN JONES Beta Club FBLA Annual Staff Glee Club 4-H Club Cheerleader Assistant Librarian Who's Who BENJAMIN CL EBURN HATHCOCK Basketball Who's Who Baseball KENNETH SPENCER JACKSON Who's Who Football LINDA GAIL MCCAIN Glee Club 4-H Club Who's Who KATHLEEN ALVERTIS NEWMAN Who's Who FBLA 4-H Club Assistant Librarian HERMAN RAY STOKES Football Basketball Baseball Who's Who 4-H Club HAROLD DEAN TOWE Who's Who Basketball Baseball Football 4-H Club SANDRA LA FAY PERRY 4-H Club Glee Club Who's Who MELVIN CHARLIE WADDELL, IR. Basketball Baseball Who's Who 4-H Club PATRICIA ANN PRICE FBLA Glee Club 4-H Club Cheerleader Who's Who FAYE REED ROBINSON Beta Club FBLA Cheerleader Who's Who Annual Staff Glee Club 4-H Club Librarian Assistant CLARENCE WESLEY WRIGHT, IR. Who's Who. DOROTHY FAY RODEN Beta Club 4-H Club FBLA Who's Who MARTHA IO ROLLINS FBLA Glee Club Who's Who Cheerleader Annual Staff 4-H Club Last Will and Testament Lamar Cooper, will my very good looks to Jerry Russell, but keep my love for Carolyn with me. Jerry Davis, will my ability to sit by Sandra in every class, to any boy whose girl friend is named Sandra. Mack Davis, being of sound mind C71 and body, leave my title as "Minute" to any- one who can't pronounce it like myself. Margaret Faulkner, leave my great height, 4'11" to Elaine Cargal. Larry Guffey, leave, for two Guffey 's are more than Gaston can stand at one time. Ben Hathcock, will all my titles fMoonie, Moose, and Beaniel to anyone who can't get away from them. Carolyn Hayes, will my love for Gadsden High, to any other lost Gadsdenite. Kenneth Jackson, leave my seat in Bookkeeping to Billy Bellew, and hope he under- stands what Mrs. Norton says, for I never have. Larra Dean Jones, leave, for I haven't missed a day of school since the sixth grade. Linda Gail McCain, being absent minded, hope who ever finds my books keeps them longer, and puts them to better use than I did. Kathleen Newman, will my ability to disagree with everyone, to Nancy Anderson and hope she keeps up the good work. Betty Patterson, being in partial possession of my facilities, leave to Jane, my sister, the wonderful times I've had at Gaston. Jim Pitts, leave my bad grades to no one, and give my title "Best Barber on the Gas- ton football team" to no one. Stingy, ain't I'??? Patsy Price, will my beloved Clarence to Nancy and hope she can teach him how to drive. Sandra Perry, having struggled this far, am glad to be able to leave so I take all my remains with me. Faye Reed Robinson, would will my place in the office, my path in the hall, and my job on the annual staff to my sister Emily, but Mother and Gaston can stand no more. Faye Roden, will my love for I. P. to Cathyleen Payne, but take my love for Gaston with me. V Martha Rollins, leave my ability to laugh louder than any boy, to anyone who thinks they can out laugh me. Ray Stokes, leave my place on the bench, my "I am an athlete" and my Ir. High romances to Bill Alford. Harold Towe, will my place at Gaston to my brother L. T. and hope he will use it to a better advantage than I did. Junior Waddell, will my ability to make it to town in time to miss all my classes, but back in time to drive the bus, to Wallace Chapman. Clarence Wright, leave my abilities to make Mrs. Norton and Mrs. Campbell mad to anyone who wants to fail and who is fool enough to do it. HSS 75051 The nineteen-sixty senior class Has really reached its goal at last. Though faces, yes, we leave behind, They always will be in our mind. Four years of work, sometimes of play Have led us to this happy day. We've had our joys and troubles toog Sometimes wore smiles, again were blue We may seem happy, though we're not, To go forgetting - as others forgot. We'll ne'er forget the help by all Were problems large or were they small. Though now we go our separate ways, We'll e'er recall those carefree days. We dislike leaving, as you may know, But the world turns round and on we go. We thank you teachers one and all You rescued us about to fall. Behind us now the school doors close What lies before, God only knows. Another word! It is our rule To greet each one at Gaston School, Before our turn to hear our knell, With a sincere and fond farewell. By - Clarence Wesley Wright Jr Alford Anderson Bellew Cargal W Cash W Chapman E Comer W Cook Copeland Cornelius Ellis Farnbrough M. Faulkner B Floyd C Glenn S Griffin Grizzard I-Iagood Hamilton Jackson as ,,,.. ik Rx I 4433 -Bi B. Iolms B. Lipscomb D. Livingston T. McA1ister E. McCurdy M. McCurdy P. McDaniel P. Panell J. Patterson C. Payne I. Puckett L. Rhodes R. Richard I. Russell I. Stokes G. Templeton M. Towe L. Wagnon J. Wells T. Wells fx six: -F .. ,, W ORES ish 1,,,X .N -L. ,N 1-1 as 4 li 5 f f I sfk gf W' ,X we l W. we eff T As.-na ,ff-M, -fm mu. wg A4 .fm .C 4: 01 At'-E 4 K 1 wan. 3 E 1 X 1 as " we S vs sf 2 'ir ' '91 ' M: Loyd McCain McDaniel Mewbourn O 'Bryant Pi tts Posey Presley Price Rags dal e Rags dale Richardson Roden Si ms Smith Taylor Thornton Tullis Waddell White more rm Avanam. 6' C. Bartlett I. Boatwright G. Brewster . Brown C. Brunson . Burchfield J. Carnes D. Conner . Cranford G. Garrard D. Griggs . Hanks R. Johnson . Lasseter R. Lasseter B. Lipscomb my iii S 555 . it -v St,y , hwy x,,,, , M PHD 'B 8 norm Mun pmt... 1. E ,:. ,,., His life was gentle, and the elements S0 mixed in loim, that Nature might stand np, And stty to all the world, 'Tlais was et man! SHAKESPEARE Huggins Igou Madden McCain . MCKiven Morris Parnell Pitts Pitts Rags dale S tevens Tolleson Vaughn White Whitten Williams Barnes Boatwright Boozer Brogdon Cate Clements Deerman Garrard Griffin Guffey Hale Handy Helms Hester Higginbotham JuNloR Junior - wg Q L , -f 95, .-3, Ni' ti?-'Y' . Alford . . 'W of ssss I 1 r ri M ' wifii I Q D. Anderson FND? , .kkh Q Q C. BiCkC1'S NOV Avnmuxme s W n . 2- i w ? my V' f" PHOTO Noi Available H95 C. Boozer' O. Bryant M. Burke C. Casey I. Conner C. Ellis I. Farmer E. Gay J. Glenn D. Hudson "W-.... 1 R. Hunter M. Kyle I. Lambert B. Longshore M. Lyles va. rf, ' :BV aa L. McCain J. McCurdy 4 M. McElroy zgg VX if 1'f khdr 4 M. McGinnis VL :QLL M. McKe1vey . K- Minton V. Minton P. Patterson :rr-' G. Ragsdare NA ,Q yyiy to C C y N. Stephens E. Tullis R. West W Willard W Wafford Hale Hanks Hardy Holcomb Hudson Huggins Hunt Hunt Kidd Lipscomb McAlister McClellan McDaniel Money . Morgan Panell Patterson Pinkard Pitts Pollard . Puckett Reed Robinson Sims Towe Vaughn . Waddell Wells Whitten Woodsmall ' Q voonuw ' ftmzor I 5 P. Barfield P Nav V. - K. Brown 5 "rf I ' I. Cargal ' ' ' M. Christopher - D. Q M, P. Christopher ' V ' t -J V rilr. I 5' fs. , Duncan , Elrod V M p p S, Farmer - sg, f p 1: Green ' 'M xp P Grizzard Af xx n f B "l 'f ANY Q K Q 1 5 tl 4- - ' . ' ' E f . it L F , fd 1 - AQ Q .. Z. R, 'T' W ' - W si U :.t,. L L " 5:5 x tss r iaas f 'S 1 Q vs P fig' ' Middx , f 'D r gif ' L' A , ' AY -ss. - . if P ' 4 4' ' P A 2 :'v ' F 3 :" ff' P if P f ' fin fri" st, WL V ' Y Q. s MX fs- "'f rmm -A 'Y S E 1"-ip, , 'M . t, if 8 1 ga vafh , -new qi ' as 5, 5 Lf ELEMENTA qs' 51 if Sli? 27932 5 9 153 :Z 'iff 5' 'i.:'a:. if-fggigkgig 533559455325 6 2 1 34 5W, ,,g .. ,K-iw S if 39 f--A H M81 , 4 'ffvv4f2,sw5J, fx, ,Yf . R 'G -ix S215 V 5 ami Clayton Clement Copeland Griffith Gunter Handy Harper Higdon Higginbotham Hunt Hunter James . Jenkins Kyle Lasseter Lasseter Leath Lyles Longshore McCurdy McElroy McKe1vey Payne Pitts Pollard Richard Roden Rollins Shormacy Sparks Thacker Thornton Tolleson Vinson Wagnon White Sixth Grade D. Brunson J. Burke B. Cargal R. Casey B. Cate f-' Y' ig, , M. Boozer M. Bouldin E. Brown rallfflkg. if if if . 5 ar-s , S. G .1995 1' ,M we Q B. L. Akridge T. Anderson ,W F Wh Grade Bankson Blythe Cate Christopher ft. P f A R. Clark I. Clayton I. Couch L. Cox M. Elrod R. Elrod C. Grace L. Green S. Griffin P. Hall M. Hanks M. Higdon I. Hudson G. Humphrey L. Humphrey P. Jenkins N. Jennings E. Kidd A. Lipscomb L. Livingston P. Madden R. Mayes I. McClellan L. McCurdy A. Panell C-. Parnell M. Perry C. Roe L. Taylor I. Thomton N. Thornton J. Washington C. Whitley D. Whitley C. Wiggins D. Woodsmall C. Alford, L. Ashley, S. Ashley, M. Bickers, J. Boatfield, M. Boat- field, M. Bowers. R. Bryan, W. Christo- pher. B. Croft, D. Cox, L. Dobbs, R. Floyd, K. Frasier. J. Gay, T. Givens, S. Green, W. Halcomb, D. Hale, V. Harper, D. Hudson. R. Kidd, J. Lyles. I. Madden, T. Mayes, S. McCabe, J. McCain, J. McFarland. B. McGatha, L. Mc- Gatha, A. McKiven, C. Payne, L. Puckett, W. Reed, D. Roe. B. Rowland, E. Sauls, B. Shortnacy, R. Sim- mons, L. Stephens, A. Thacker, I. Thacker. J. Thacker, I. Thacker, I. Thomas, C. Thorn- ton, J. Thornton, B. Tidwell, G. Tidwell. D. Wade, D. Wade, K. Wafford, H. Walden,' I. Walden, G. White, J. Williams. Fourth Grade . y-.. . 1 5 J. . Q Qw 4 View s h' 'R if -.. s ,E in 1 2 lx , -" J at " .5 -C- A 'Mi -r-,us ., ,-12:5 ' 'fiia .' V 3 'L hr. 1 . , gi zwvllld I . 1 1 A 1 ' f- 1 .pm 5- . 'YF Y' .,.- 1 , j ' 3. . af fi, A B, ...s.. 9 1' d m A - , .M ' 5 ' ,w A . - M A , W if -- " 1: al kk ' .., W9 V29 if v ' I 1 A, ,A,s , .1 xjxhtb "SL: fs V, QF 'f' if mils L pa. if 25532 S. Alford L. Bickers D. Brown Third Grade R. Bryan B. Burke C. Cate L. Couch 'SFA ff ...Q 551 mnvo M01 Avuuuf V00 IUSY mms mr Amina, flgggteergg Mid Cox Crocker Dobbs Duncan Givens Griffin Hall Hunter Lasseter M. Lasseter Leath Lipscomb Mayes Mewboum McCurdy N orfieet Panell Patterson Patterson Payne Pinkard Ragsdale Renfroe Richard Roe Shuberg Smith Sparks Stephens Taylor Thacker Thacker Wa de Wells Whitley Whitley Second Grade D. Brewster C. Couch G. Couch P. Fells B. Gay D. Gray M. Green S. Higdon F. Holcomb K. Hudson M. Humphrey J. Hunt R. Jennings W. Johns G. Kidd R. Kidd S. Kidd L. Langston M. Leath L. Loyd M. McClellan G. McFarland S. Morton S. Patterson H. Reed F. Robinson C. Roe B. Rowland D. Rowland H. Rowland R. Short R. Shortnacy D. Smith M. Smith S. Sparks J. Steele R. Stone E. Thacker M. Vaughn J. Walden I. Wood M. Woodsmall First Grade is e uf E. Barnes, D. Bartlett, A. Benefield, J. Boat- field, M. Bowers, R. Bowers . .rags set .2 ti E. Brown, I. Brown, M. Brown, L. Bryan, B. Burke, A. Cate, C. Christopher. M. Clark, L. Crocker, D. Croft, I. Dismuke, R. Duncan, S. Farmer, N. Frasier. B. Grace, R. Gunter, T. Hall, P. Hester, R. Humphrey, G. Hunter, D. Kyle. C. Lipscomb, J. Long- shore, S. Madden, B. Mathis, P. McCabe, J. Nash, S. Nicholson. C. Norfleet, S. Par- nell, M. Ragsdale, S. Renfroe, P. Roe, S. Rogers, B. Shaw. D. Smith, L. Sommers N. Sommers, R. Spur- ling, A. Stephens, I. Thacker, L. Thacker. J. Vinson, I. Vinson, R. White, V. Whitley, D. Williams, J. Wil- son, I. Wood. O! It if excellent T0 have 42 gimzff Jtrefzgila but it is lymfznouf To me it like cl giant. SHAKESPEARE M , :A - , -4:1 .1 W, f or I ERRY DAVIS Senior Fullback A11-County KENNETH JACKSON Co-Captain Senior Halfback MACK DAVIS LARRY GUFFEY Co-Captain Senior Senior Left End Tackle A11-County JIM PITTS RAY STOKES Senior Senior Halfback Quarterback BILL ALFORD BILLY BELLEW WAYNE CASH IUHi0r Junior Junior Center Tackle Right End WALLACE CHAPMAN LARRY GRIZZARD EDWARD HAMILTON Junior Junior Junior Right End Guard Tackle JIM PUCKETT JERRY RUSSELL JERRY WELLS Junior Junior Junior Right Halfback Tackle Left End TERRY WELLS CONRAD BARTLETT JOEY BOATWRIGHT Junior Sophomore Sophomore Left End Tackle Guard GENE CRANFORD RANDY IOHNSON JAMES BOOZER Sophomore Sophomore Halfback Left End KENNETH CLEMENTS EUGENE GUFFEY Freshman Freshman Tackle Quarterback Freshman Guard BILL HALE Freshman Halfback TERRY HELMS JOE HESTER EUGENE MCCAIN Freshman Freshman Freshman Guard Fullback Tackle IUDSON ALFORD PHIL PATTERSON KENNETH SIMS Junior II Junior II Il11'1i0I I Left End Halfback Right End STARTING ELEVEN GROUP GASTON WINS THIRD OVER RAGLAND 19-O Gaston took the kickoff and mounted a drive at the Bulldog 28. They moved to the Ragland 30 with a 21-yard sprint by Jackson the big effort. Here Gaston fumbled and Rag- land recovered. However, on the Devils' first scrimmage play they fumbled and center Billy Alford recovered. End Wayne Cash ran from the 26 to the 16 on an end-around. Stokes carried to the five Jackson to the four, and Stokes scored. Davis ran the point. Gaston went out at halftime nursing a 7-0 lead. Alford blocked a punt and end Larry Guffey recovered on the Ragland 24 to set up Gas- ton's second touchdown in the third quarter. Davis went to the 20 and Jackson to the 15. David got seven in two tries and Jackson added seven more to place the ball on the one. Stokes sneaked in from there. Stokes' running attempt for the PAT failed and it was 13-0. Stokes and Cash combined on a 34-yard pass play in the third period to set up the final touchdown. The pass put the ball on the Ragland six. Jackson went over from there. Stokes' passing attempt for the point-after was no good. The entire Gaston line showed well with Cash and tackle Mack Davis making a large share of the tackles. A capacity crowd filled Gaston 's tiny stadium to watch the home team win. SEASON'S SUMMARY This scholastic year 1959-1960 is the second since our recent resuming of football at Gaston High. In the previous year we finished the season with one win, over Appala- chian, and eight losses. We closed this year with four wins, five losses and one tie. We did not have a single quitter. Mack Davis and Kenneth Jackson were co-captains. The coaching staff consisted of John McCabe, Bill Boyd and Ted Wallace considered the season a success and were proud of our boys and of football in general on our campus. Much was added in the way of new equipment. Under the supervision of the Athletic Club a dressing room and a well lighted field were constructed. Many thanks go to this club and to the many workmen who brought about the realization of this happy dream. At the close of the season, the Athletic Club entertained the squad with a lovely banquet. Probate Judge Wiley Hickman was the guest speaker. The club presented to Mack Davis the outstanding lineman trophy and to Jerry Davis the back trophy. These awards are based on playing ability, scholastic record, sportsmanship and general con- duct. Our school played six "B" games, winning three over the "B" teams of Gadsden, Emma Sansom and Altoona. These younger boys did a commendable job. Our heartfelt thanks go out to those of our community who gave such loyal support. All-in-all we feel thatwe had a successful season and we are looking forward to greater achievement on the gridiron in the future. GAMES and SCORES Gaston 6 Walnut Grove Gaston 35 Appalachian Gaston 42 Gaylesville Gaston 0 Ashville Gaston 19 Ragland Gaston 40 Saks Gaston 26 Oha tchee Gaston 6 Southside Gaston O Cedar Bluff Gaston 0 Sardis f Rm STARTING FIVE .Q 17 I I K ' 1 S JERRY DAVIS MACK DAVIS LARRY GUFFEY Senior Center Senior Forward Senior Guard BEN HATHCOCK RAY STOKES HAROLD TOWE Senior Center Senior Guard Senior Forward JUNIOR WADDELL BILL ALFORD Senior Guard Junior Forward ff P' ff ,, LQ , r ' is Varsity Team B TEAM KNEELING: Ronnie Lasseter, James Boozer, Eugene Guffey, Judson Alford. STANDING: Coach McCabe, Mickey Thornton, Kenneth Minton, Gene Cranford, Larry Grizzard. Football Clteerfvmlers SITTING: Jane Patterson, Irene Stokes, Nancy Anderson, and Elaine Cargal. STANDING: Cathyleen Payne, Maudell Towe, and Gay Nell Templeton. Bfzsketfffzll Cheerleaders KNEELING: Irene Stokes, Nancy Anderson, Jane Patterson, Elaine Cargal, Cathyleen Payne. STANDING: Regina Richard, Clodene Glenn, and Maudell Towe. 1.35 V 3 , ,- -'fezxwhi' 1 -llnfiyfsi' xg :::f3f3fE51:.y:1-.:,4.. A we L we ' -- M:-15-:,.'::m. 32 LLQT 'vrvzwws -' s,,g,,W,2'w sH SffQ,. - ve f iw . xHz,?:W a1.: , ,Q-j1jf5ig5s,!E,, ww ,.5-M. .- 2 ::5!?1 in 5?..+ SWMMX. .A - -2m f.mm1xf , -igggklikziik K .: 'ZKYSEQ 2 11. M figillijsi :bf .V f 6 .Wg Ywpfffi M 1'f.wff11 . ,dx eg, ,,,,..,,L,,,, ,, A , VF rim sk QA 9 3 rf W. 3 A, 1 ' if 52245, 4 'H id , 2 W as f YY Z Ky w ff ,A 4 aw ..g:',,1 j f' , : fr F 3 A ev A 1159? fm ' - -- zfgeiyzaagi ge fefkgzf e ' - ',2,wfs2s .f-: 14 L4 .fy 5' in , , ,avi sew 'h ef: :ggi :gl ': wr? -E wffiffk fam A .iff ' ' a'j ,. Wmrxsv K il 2 ,mfivgixihil 555-lUiiSY:?'5 ff4sfrsg4zVsi?i2hf 53222 3 ,fewsfii1?fss?wz11sf'-A M 55-is 'wg fair '51 ., ,.: Wfis13sl:vil', ,. WW, ., -H, ,,Lmggffl.'Q',f-,HV f-,, M f,f,f,,?FxM X aww .mm fz5w,n,9f ffiifffff' wiv" ffaSM5vMwfw,1:- , M .QA1fww,- swf? 'V frzgafif :wg . .H mm, ,,,ff,:, s " Q. wwf W'w25fm,:f, riff sm? V 2, ,, .KV .f- -'F K fuihifii. K' NJ, All the w01'!d'5 a Jtage And all the men ana' 100712872 772 676137 players: They have their exits and their entrancexf And one man in his time plays, many pany, . . . SHAKESPEARE 4,4531 ,. 5,5 1,1 gf? H: ,g waswZ9f45x:fmZg,z,Jf714 . X f, ff 2.'f,1,,+ . - . - fi iff Yf"JA3Yir fxfiii W5 fl Q35 :sf 1: . A ,.,. , .1414 55i'fl"Sfz,L5,'ifQf7ig , ,M Www we , A .2 K hha, 1 , fi. X J, L A, an Wg ,, If 1 M, ' f Z a r- --f-Mfi:A.1:w 22-'HmyfgAf,w1,Hffy-:ez451fim.fm5s3e1S91wLgtifmw 43- Wm,-1: ff-1f'fgffg,g-:gsm M -,g,fgg,ff!gmwsi,w, : K .Newegg'fe.a.f.,,,,,,, ,X ,M ,,f.m?a,,Z,.,,5-yam,f .,msisggg15WW,a,Q .W Q, , V . if ri .A.Mis'5"Y'J5i591 , gm, FW . we ex g x. , --.- ., .... . W. M., ,WM W, A ., ,A 1' 2' ,I fm Xe: Qsvw-aim 'twin 3 's 'fviei " 52563 ,mm ,Mew ai W9 M149 , 4 ' , 5, if Q K 2 S E J 2 f if M, KQ5'ae2.y,a,3aEKgi R' ,im , Y, .. , - A. 1 . Q sl ..,, ,, . ' . QW M - ,V 1 Rai? if 2333, 'V if at 'I if Q gg 2 'X aff E Y t.,,.,a.. , ,em L ' -ff- '.:sf,:: ,: fr..-,iff '35 , m f'--'--"l"' 1" ' , '-ns--a-:-'- QQfgfgggim,gxfQ,s?f5fs,z?7,55qk2-ggegffgg,g,7,, ,,W,,W,Mm,MMMEaa?,vm,,hmM. MWWW.. .. ..., , ,N .W We ,. ,, Elsa 1, v r 5 Q Eff 'lwggri fl, f V"H,!ff Q3 .fs ig axx ,sb,4 g Y Sf! fa 5 1 5 , N- Jag an i,?,5Q,1 i A fi w if T X ,aw H2 mf? Q d 525 'in f 1 3? New P' - 1 J iw 'Q N' I it F' 4? 2? A + ff' 2.3 -e W if 1. www.-"" W" W M'L35"l?3 L..A..Mr!'l7' 7 - V Y VL H 1 'Y' ffygb mgfm Sir ,,',,"j If ,' Q7f'f7S:w.,'jQQIg, A i masses.. , , M Y W A.ASWQ m55w6wez,.L.r,Uafe,:Lz, " 5, B A V 2 V ERIE Beta Club KNEELING, left to right: Margaret Faulkner, Sue Griffin, Beth Taylor, Elaine Cargal, Becky Price, Cathyleen Payne, Faye Roden. SITTING, left to right: Faye Reed Robinson, Gay Templeton, Larra Dean Jones, Mary McCurdy, Elizabeth Ellis, Regina Richard, Patricia McDaniel, Nancy Anderson. STANDING, left to right: Carolyn Jackson, Myra Faulkner, Pauline Panell, Trent McAlister, Mack Davis, Mrs. Campbell Sponsor, Larry Guffey, Ronnie Lasseter, Barbara Floyd, Catherine Brunson, Sue Hanks, Jane Patterson. 5' U T U R E USINESS EADERS FB.L.A. KNEELING, left to right: Faye Reed Robinson, Larra Dean Jones Faye Roden, Margaret Faulkner. wif SITTING, left to right: Martha Rollins, Gay Nell Templeton, Barbara Floyd, Regina Richard, Elizabeth Ellis. STANDING, left to right: Cathyleen Payne, Kathyleen New- man, Mrs. Barbara Norton, Sponsor, Pauline Panell. F B l ,, A MEmcA CD ABSENT: Patsy Price, Betty Patterson. 5 High School Girls? 4-H Club High School Boys, 4-H Club Elementary Girls, 4-H Club Elementary Boys, 4-H Club I-leigh-ho! Jing heigh-ho! unto the gfeen holly: Mos! frienclship is feigning, most loving mere folly: Then, heigh-ho, the holly! This life is mo!! jolly! o SHAKESPEARE V r BEST DRESSED Margaret Faulkner Junior Waddell MOST POPULAR Patsy Price Mack Davis Senior Who as Who MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Faye Robinson Larry Guffey BEST PERSONALITY Carolyn Hayes Lamar Cooper CUTEST COUPLE Sandra Perry Jerry Davis MOST COURTEOUS Fay Roden Ray Stokes MOST ATHLETIC Kathleen Newman Harold Towe 3 'N Senior Who s Who MOST DEPENDABLE Larra Dean I ones Jimmy Pitts CLASS FAVORITES Betty Patterson Kenneth Jackson FRIEN DL IEST Martha Rollins Ben Hathcock funior Who as Who BEST ALL AROUND Bill Alford Cathyleen Payne FRIENDLIEST Edward Hamilton Carolyn I ackson MOST DEPENDABLE Trent McA1ister Elizabeth Ellis BEST DRESSED Wayne Cash Betty Johns MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Jerry Russell Regina Richard Sophomore Who as Who MOST ATHLETIC BEST DRESSED Catherine Brunson r Lawanda White Gene Cranford WITTIEST Peggy Brown Charlie Loyd MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Ronnie Lasseter Beth Taylor Larry Joe McDaniel BIGGEST FLIRTS Sue Hanks Randy Johnson fr V2- Senior King and Queen PATRICIA MCDANIEL and MACK DAVIS +e V3 C5 3 gm 93- 73? 741 Uadxl, . Olkfjfl AQ 0-522- Q2 4,38 Q? fog' 52. 39. H-yd C5605 "' 'QW 963 '-2:30511 20,23 Q52 2221? 2,2 QA? "1 1' 4 wr P' Honwcoming Queen and Escort MARGARET FAULKNER 3.11d JUNIOR WADDELL Queen and Alternates QUGCH and CONN i MARTHA IO ROLLINS Good Citizenshw Girl Tlaif above all - to thine own felf be true Ami it mmf follow, af the night the day, Thou mm! not than be fake to any man. SHAKESPEARE .--Q-...M ll, BRUNSON POULTRY FARM Route 6 In the processing room not only are the birds which are grown on the farm processed here but about 250,000 are brought in from other farms each year. After the broilers are dressed they are properly chilled and ice packed ready for delivery to your favorite grocery store. Jane Brunson is ready to devour some of the finished products. Gadsden, Alabama Inside the growing houses where ll5,000 broilers are grown annually, the broilers are kept for 8 to 9 weeks and then are carried to the pro- cessing plant. One of the delivery trucks here is on the way to market. Delivery is made from one to four times daily. lisa Compliments of DISTRICT OFFICE OF LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Gadsden, Alabama W. B, LITTLE, Manager Associate Mgrs. Associate Mgrs S D HYCHEQ S, B. JACOBS J, H, MARTINg BRUCE OLIVER Agents Lasseter H. Lasseter Barnard T. Davis Beard M . Dawkins Beauford D Elder Brooks R. Fresh Bynum L. Fox Cochran J. Gardner Hyche R. . Miller Pike H. Snead Spears R. Shelley Warren J. White Winters F. Gaston Vvxlondev whai- makes i-I' +as+e so good?" A ! 1 aomso unoez Auruomv or me cou-cpu comma uv A LABAMA COCA COLA BOTTLING r CO. Compliments of JERRY AND SARAH LASSETER "Graduates of 1956" THE M. 8: A. ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Contractors 234 South 6th Street Gadsden, Alabama "Congratulations, Seniors" G. G. CLEANERS Glencoe, Alabama .A I nnomfiun TIRES Compliments of IRA PHILLIPS TIRE SERVICE 3rd and Chestnut Street Gadsden, Alabama GCLU COURTESY CAB COMPANY Q 9 Radio Dispatched Q, pp 49 124 North 3rd Street -FOLK Gadsden, Alabama HOBART BELYEU, Owner FARMER'S UNION WAREHOUSE AND STORAGE COMPANY Compliments of LAVERTY PIANO COMPANY Gadsden, Alabama Compliments of POPE DRUGS Rainbow City Li 3-2622 Gadsden, Alabama "Best Wishes, Seniors" WILLIAMS PACKING COMPANY Gadsden, Alabama STAR SKATING RINK Gadsden, Alabama UNITED STEELWORKERS OF AMERICA, AFL-CIO Local Union No. 2.176 Alabama City, Alabama Officers: JACK RYAN, President ROY E. SWAFFORD, Vice President L. C. WALDROP, Financial Secretary GEORGE L. PALMER, Recording Secretary L. W. GRAY, Treasurer You'll like MELL-O Milk and Ice Cream MELL-O DAIRIES GADSDEN DAIRIES Phone Li 6-4619 Compliments of BUDDY'S FLOWERS Danny Smith and Janet Boyd tall A 6 ff 1 . F V1 - f C ompliments of FARMER'S 8: MERCHANT BANK Centre , Alabama "Cherokee's Largest Banking Institution" Member of F. D. I. C. "Best Wishes" JR. I. CLASS Gaston High School Compliments of RUTI-l'S Restaurant and Trailway Bus Depot ISBELL AND HALLMARK FURNITURE COMPANY - 53 Years in West Gadsden - "Out of the High Rent District" Gasden, Alabama Compliments of PERSONAL LOANS Gasden, Alabama GADSDEN P LUMBING SUPP LIES jl unnu m Gadsden, Alabama GADSDEN AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION FOOT BROTHER'S FURNITURE COMPANY Alabama City, Alabama Compliments of GADSDEN HARDWARE COMPANY Gadsden, Alabama Nesbitt Motor Company John Thomas Motors John Miles Motors Don Van Slyke Motors C. 8: S. Garage Yarbrough Pontiac and Cadillac Co. Pierson Chevrolet Rex Keeling Buick Co. Wiggin's Motor Company I AMERICAN DISCOUNT COMPANY "Best Wishes, Seniors" THE DRESS SHOP Gadsden, Alabama Compliments of USRY DRUG COMPANY "The Pre scription Store" 302 Broad Street Gadsden, Alabama Free Delivery Service H. M. HUTCHESON, Manager Compliments of RAINBOW MATTRESS CO. 1608-10 Alabama Ave. Phone Li 6-6319 Gadsden, Alabama Compliments of MARVIN'S L.T.D. Hardware, Paint Plumbing, and Electrical Supplies 212 Broad Street Gadsden, Alabama Compliments of MAJURE GAS COMPANY 220 Chestnut Street Gadsden, Alabama Compliments of LUCILE'S BEAUTY SHOP Leesburg Alabama Compliments of Compliments of LEON JONES ELECTRIC COMPANY 221 South Third Street ETowAH WAREI-louse co. aaaaaaa' alabama W. M. WILSON, Mgr. Cotton Storage Coal, and Fertilizer Dial LI 3 -4747 Compliments of ARTHUR'S DEPARTMENT STORE Alabama City, Alabama MALCOM PREWETT 8: SONS Ft. Payne, Ala. RED LEACH INSURANCE Gadsden, Alabama Compliments of A 8: P 307 North 27th Street Alabama City, Alabama ff rsync: C MERITA BAKERIES w Gadsden Alabama Compliments of CHEROKEE AUTO PARTS Centre, Alabama ROSS-GRA MLING FURNITURE COMPANY Corner 3rd and Chestnut Gadsden, Alabama Phone Llberty 33371 0 S Q Q Compliments of GADSDEN BUSINESS COLLEGE and SPEEDWRITING, SHORTHAND SCHOOL 213-A South 5th Street Gadsden, Alabama FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOANS Gadsden, Alabama Congratulations Seniors FIRESIDE FINANCE COMPANY Gadsden Alabama "For the Best Entertainment" PITMAN THEATER AND PRINCESS THEATER Gadsden, Alabama Compliments of NORTH GADSDEN CLEANERS Compliments of YOUNG'S INC. MEN'S APPAREL 618 Broad Street Gadsden, Alabama Phone LI-61474 Compliments of A FRIEND KELLY's SERVICE STATION SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT Centre Highway Gadsden Alabama . . .r Q , v H PIGGLY WIGGLY R. H. HARDIN, Mgr. 206 Broad Street Compliments of General Building Materials GI , Al VANCE SHOE STORE encoep QG ENCQE X a I '9 1 Q, Q ' N ER..:n,i, Gadsden, Alabama 'Se re -1. .T ' PILGRIMREST GROCERIES Route 1 - Gadsden, Ala. GORDON L. WHITE: Owner Compliments of SMITH BATTERY SHOP Batteries repaired New and Used Batteries Smith! Corona Nationals GAY TYPEWRITER AND KEY SERVICE GORDON JAMES - Owner JIM RIGNEY TYPEWRITER CO. 231 Broad Street Gadsden, Alabama Compliments of PHYSICIAN'S APOTHECARY "Comp1ete Service For The Sick" 951 Forrest Avenue Gadsden, u Alabama OSBORN BROTHERS INC. Wholesale Fruits And Vegetables 124 Court Street Gadsden, Alabama ,....fMW,T, M QQ J JZ mwzwhzz. mfg del, fnbafffv ---Wmfwfjzbf ---- jdmzwy gimme BIRCH ANDERSEN 8: COMPANY School and Art Supplies Gadsden, Alabama SUPER-D-MARKET Centre Highway Gadsden, Alabama Compliments of CHEROKEE COUNTY BANK Centre , Alabama "We cordially solicit your business" Member F. D. I. C. JORDON FUNERAL HOME Centre, Alabama ALABAMA OIL COMPANY Conoco Distributors Gadsden, Alabama "Congratulations, Seniors" LUKE'S DRIVE IN Gadsden, Alabama COLLIER BUTLER Funeral Home Gadsden, Alabama GIEGER CLEANERS Gadsden, Alabama CHEROKEE TRUCK AND TRACTOR CO. Main St. Centre, Alabama International Harvesters Dealer WILBUR SNEAD CA LDWELL SNEAD BOWDEN ELECTRIC COMPANY Gadsden, Alabama Compliments of BILL AND DON'S WESTERN AUTO Mgr. and Family Centre, Alabama CURL CONCRETE COMPANY Ready-Mix Concrete -:- Concrete Blocks P. O. Box 387 Glencoe, Alabama Telephone Li. 7-1321 C ompliments of S 8. W NEWS AND SPORTS LAST MINUTE li mi" mf, 112 South 5th Street Gadsden, Alabama "Congratulations, Seniors" ETOWAH ABSTRACT COMPANY Gadsden, Alabama C ompliments of BUGG FURNITURE COMPANY "Home Furnishers for the Thrifty" 402 Chestnut St. Gadsden, Alabama Phone Li 6-9411 What's this "Las Vegas" deal? I thought you went to B'ham. Compliments of DR. W. H. POWELL Centre, Alabama Complimentis of .,fQ.Qipfl.f1fi'i9E? HUDGINS FINE Fooos Gadsden, Alabama C ompliments of SHER WIN WILLIAMS Compliments of SAXON' S LAUNDERITE BQOSTER Dr. J, E. Bobo Chris Cafe Dr. R. A. Halfacre Clayton's Studio Dr. W. W. Patterson H. E. Howell Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Newman L. R. Chambless Dr. G. M. Banks Mr. and Mrs. Mack Scott Dr. R. W. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Herman Persall Andy's Sports Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fambrough Bill Adams Pete's Place Gadsden Beauty and Barber Supplies Sewell's Grocery Hardeman Radio and TV G. BALFOUR COMPANY Known wherever there are schools and colleges Class Rings, Pins, Cards, Diplomas Birmingham, Alabama Larry and his size 11 shoe I , , My ' Q. f f . , Y mir A. , f .W 4: gm , yfjz- f Nick Cottis, our photographer, and Coach McCabe with team. GRADY PALMER Route Three Gadsden, .Alabama Masonry Contractor Phone LI 71739 Junior Class TYPU18 Freshman Class Science Sophomore Class Study Hall 1 N .Av V ' 4 4 fi 1 W 3 ',.'i'lz. w , .mi X f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" 'Ewa' if Ks. 1. fy! 'fi 5 2 3 S 2 9 ? ir ,V .- V l Y 'T f ,f f i H 1. - 4 JV'-'--N" ' 12. 1-1 : L xi,f:',1..' 11 ': ff fx' -'fr--'--'---f-ff 5 Hi 4.3:-gi-f-5::.f's-jgw' L W 2 ' 4.f,1:'1r'u'w m1.,q-'ZW Q.-Z :Z f.f.- -' --T-'gf :---ff'-A-...-.,---, 1- ":-r,,.,.11....-:- ..- .r --rag-2,1-ru--, Y mar- 1-.".f.., - ,. . , , .. .. ,,- . rf... 1 ,. Ry 1 L X 1 .rj ,I-- - -x-., um, , ,N V .J',f' ,,,,, fi YEL X. T: f- 9-bn?

Suggestions in the Gaston High School - Red Wing Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) collection:

Gaston High School - Red Wing Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 18

1960, pg 18

Gaston High School - Red Wing Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 18

1960, pg 18

Gaston High School - Red Wing Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 30

1960, pg 30

Gaston High School - Red Wing Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 65

1960, pg 65

Gaston High School - Red Wing Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 9

1960, pg 9

Gaston High School - Red Wing Yearbook (Gadsden, AL) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 64

1960, pg 64

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