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, 3 ' . ' , L 1 4 1 . x1 f , ,Q . . ' , ' ,A -4 . f .4 - -.. ,,1,! ' 4.-.Y Y A . . VUUY OF 5 N10 - XC, YBQOK X W? U, A ' M 'va .ff c- I K A, . . it fi, -3 1' N.. W q.4"" -f ,, 5. in---""----"- N ADMINISTRATIQN -.... 41196-l 3 Q il fn ....-.X Mr' . Toner-Superintendent El' hrs Bewley High School Subjects Taughtd Band Q Glee Mr McDonald High School Subjects Taught 9th Math, U S History, Baseball Coach, k Boy's Subjects Taught Arts 8 Craft, Library, Shop I Mr Mailing high School Miss Urban High School Subjects Taught English II A III, Journalism, Public Speaking, Typlng I R II, R Bookkeeping 1 Miss Baldwin I1 h School Mr Palmer High School. 5 II, 3 Driver S Educa S b h gp F Subgects Taught Football tion U Jictsl SUBIP Ome' C 8 Basketball Coach Biology Onom CS ' Girl S General Sc enc , Physical , P E ' Q Enblish I Science, c olld History 1 W I I 1' ' I L . il 'gi Q rv "ck - 4,2 0 ' Q . Q - 0 O O 1 P.B. Q IX A L All In , .. . . kg, x ., I x X!-f N, . H." . I YF I llyc 1 o . ' - 1 X - 7. - uf Q J. L1 Q I-, ' - I . 4. I " I L.: :D ,- i A e 0 I A fr O 'Z N " , - Q -, K ,A W f ,.-.4 K :ly ou.,- 9 s l:::fc:l'i-rcsmnfzf-fue N f' Name Born Date Class Officer Pep Club Gleam Staff Annual Drama Glee Carnival Queen 4 Student Council Born Carbondale, Kansas Date April 10, 1933 Gleam Staff 3-h. Drama 1, Miss Cherry Blossom, 3, Battle for Billy M, Send for Aphais. Glee Club l-2-3-L. 5tUd9Ut Council 3, Class Rep. Class Officer 3, Student Council Rep. G. A. A. 2-3-h, Class Officer h, Student Council Rep. Patricia Harris Silverton, Oregon September 10, 1933 2, Sec.: 3-B, Trees. 2-3, Vice-Pres.3 U, Pres. 3-M, Vice-Pres. 2-3-h, Editor. 1-2- 0 1, Our Towng l, Miss Cherry Blossom, 3, Battle for Billg h, Send for Aphais. l-2-3, Sec.3 h, Pres. 3, Sec.5 h, Gleam Editor. Name Born ,Los Angeles, California Date July 8, I933 Transferred h, Grants Pass Glee h. Student Council h, Class Rep. Lettennan h. Basketball U. Baseball h. Football h. Drama h, Send for Aphais. Name Born Date Born Date Class Officer l, Sec , 2, Treas G A A Pep Club Gleam Staff 2 3 h Ammd l23,EMMn,h,RHmr Drama 1, Miss Cherry Blossom, l Glee 1 2 3 M, Treas Carnival Prin Student Council 3, Annual Editor, h, Annual Editor Born Hillsboro, Oregon Date August 3, 1933 Letterman 2 3 h, Student Rep F00tba11 2 3-h Class Officer Il, Vice Pres Stmdent Council h, Letterman Rep Janet Hoodenpyl 2, Student Rep 3 lx Pep Club 3, Pres , h, Sec Gleam Staff Drama l, MISS Cherry Blossom, 3 Inner Willy, h, Send for Apha1s Band 3, Sec , Lg, Pres Glee Club Stude Name Gleam Staff Annual Drama Glee Student Cou cil Letterman Basketball Baseball Name Born Date Gleam Staff Annual Drama Glee Student Councll Name Born t Edward, Nebraska Date June 3 1933 Class Officer h, Pres Drama 3, Battle for B1ll, h, Send for Aphais 3 h Burn Glee Stud nt Councll h Letterman 2 3 h Basketball 3 h Football Born Gaston, Oregon Date March l 1933 Class Offlcer , Student Councll Rep 2 3 D l, Miss Cherry Blossom, 2, Slnging Ghost, h, The Sun shlne Twins rna Newberg, Oregon October 29, 1932 2 3 h 1, Miss Cherr5 Blossom, l Our Town, 2, For Pete Sake 3, Battle for B1ll, h Send for Aphals 1 2 3, Llbrarian, h 2, Music Rep i l 0 1 - , o . 2-3. 2-3. . 0 . 1"'2'3'l.l 0 5 0 ml 1-2-3-L. I Football 1-2-3-L.. 2 XJ GQ Ao As " " o M. U. m ' ' 9 . . , S . Name Laura Klng Born Guion, Arkansa Date Aprll 9 1932 Class Offlcer 2, V1ce Dres , 3, Vlce Dres D, Sec 'I Pep Club 3, Vlce Pres h Clean Staff , ss d Glee Carnival Prin. 3-M. Student Council h, Treasurer. Annual l-2-3, Ass. Ed., 3. Drama 1, Our Town, 1, Miss Cherry Rlossomg 2, Singing Ghost, 1-2-3. Kelth Holloway Stratford, Texas January 23, 1933 erred Laurelwood, 2 Officer 3, Pres Staff Drama 2, Slnglng Ghost, 3, Battle for Blll, 3, Inner Willy, h Send for Aphals, D, SHHSh1H9 Twlns 1 ee 3, Glee Club Rep , h ,tud nt Council 3, Glee Club Rep , h, Vlce Pres ett 'nan Basketball Baseball Football Born McM1nnv1lle, Oregon Date April 6, 1933 Class Offlcer M Sargeant-at Arms 2 3, Sports Head, h Dports Head Pep Club Drama 1, Mlss Cherry Blossom, h Send 'o 1 Aphals Glee arg! UQ? ' QQ N JBC XJ gk! jififf .J 7 ykybfxip 1 U L XX JANET 1 HOODEINPYL 5 , PAT HARR O hx U m nd DIANE Sw tsl' B h e Sons SS 3 M dome c , l.oRNA MAE K Ngowsky ERP cl GERALDINE L 1.1 mg Sufi -Facsh Gu. am ,-,feed KEITH 5 K Ts Mhawk S OVQS 'F B IJ men " e Don SFIDA IEE! bl KOBERSTEIN ,ep + 1, GENE S g1gB7s0PBuRN HOODENPYLS P H0 Vrewsntesy Y 'U .F e"'uY DANCINGSC ' Un 'I' k D T DANCE In Hve Ju k CounTr'y P ro eff NI HTS s c, 'I' Leg 4 7 eo 5+-el. AWYPI Le wsealvy lfj Xkfx ' Q99 PD M CJ X f' X DX .Q fx 2 2. KN A 11 y ' 22 '14 ,w 1 I X 'N Yx N , D J C cr- o X- Q K 0 , Vo Q for . C I r .,,, ers wh MaY0r 'l' 3 ia o gala 0 WoIin'L S EJQTM- of 9 Ma 4 es G 'Ran I1 Romances Love af is besf KI S 1 'op' La Les in need ? 'L J Fo J- I . TNG-tok our I. U, rne o 6Prvce - Pu ac Accownfq ni' 8 I 6 O aft ' 'fo ' . o fi ' X U' Owh der, 6' er on' N A0 tzf: Day of Magid! ' ..5o ' N 3 or wr , 1' 1' c ou.- R 4 ' 8-I0 pe iq I' , 4 C an I A AI -Y ' C f , . ' f-"1" - :, 'lk Y - If Y ' : gilnlfnmvztnzlf Ia ll Diane Elllngsworth, H111 take my memories Hith me Cecil Koberstein, Will my hair cutting ability to the fresh en Pat Harris, H111 the headaches of the Gleam to the future editor Don German, H111 one hot Hater bottle and one bottle of aspirin the student body Marilyn Olson, H111 my coyness to Virginia Eide Don Spidal, Hill my ping pong ball to Sonny Flett Janet Hoodenpyl, Hill my peroxide bottle to Audrey Vanderzanden Gene Hoodenpyl, Hill my cow to Pete Ellingsworth Laura King, Will my berry patch blues to Lorretta Hart Dean Burn F111 my ability to tell jokes to George Ing Lorna Kiser, Will Loretta and Lula Bell to anyone Hho Will have them Name Lorna K Diane E Cecil Pat H Don G Marilyn O Don Spidal Janet H Keith H Geraldine L Gene H Laura K Dean B Weakness Ambition pills beautician certain man houseHife scenery at real estate night agent sleep Newspaper reporter Lynnetta get all 1's food Chef at the Waldorf girls coach dancing join the IBVBS teacher Encyclopedia salesman men get married horses farmer strawberries Bob trouble Comedian nd up barber pole painter teacher checking parking meters census taker coal tender on a barge baby food man ufacturer the Army baby sitter Bunion remedy old maid horse trader violin teacher joke book publisher 55 i I, ' ' . I, . I, ' . I, . to . I, ' . I, . I, . I, Geraldine Lane, Hill my ex-men to Delores Spink. I, . I, - I, . . I, -.... -.......,.. l............ wi -. xl . 1 B ,ji 'Y' 'T Back ROW R Neuenschwander, J Campbell, L Brizendine, Mrs Bewlej AdV1SOP Front Row L wells, L Kiser, D Spink, Hudson, L Hart X , HW HISTORY During the school year l9h8-149 the class of '52 were the W of the school. The class of 19 members endured the initiation and class party. Carole Hudson was the candidate for carnival queen and out second. Roberta Nuenschwander joined the Sophomore class which then numbered lb. Helping with initiation was an enjoyable privilege for Juniors. Class officers were- PresidentllIOIOOOOIIOCIOOlOClOlOOQ.lUCOOO etta Vice President,,,, ,,,,Roberta Neuenschwander SecretaIY6Q0000l000000 00000ol0lolLoretta Treasurerttlllttlttotili I Otitlcarole Student Representative , , , , , , , , , . , , , , , ,Janette Campbell quet and Prom, the Juniors are busy adding to their class funds JUNIOR CLASS ' OFFICERS Class rings and pins came before Christmas. y xt W ounn, V m gg Qggj so ..,. s p M f .f A A 2 ! g gi? E5 S5 x lt Z' X 53 5 w C Q --S ffrff S g ll , X I W With the responsibility of giving the Junior-Senior Ban- Y -xxx 8 A5 Q 'T' C Batik Row Neuenschwander, J Campbell, L Brizendine, Mrs Bewlej Adv1sor Front Row L wells, L Kiser, D Sp1nk, Hudson, L Hart X X ng? I " K HISTORY Durlng the scnool year 197.18 L49 the class of '52 were the of the school The class of 19 members endured the inltiatlon and class party Carole Hudson was the candidate for carnival queen and out second Roberta Nuenschwander joined the Sophomore class which numbered lb Helping with initiation was an enjoyable privilege for Juniors Class officers were President Lalletta Wells Vice President Roberta Neuenschwander Secretary Loretta Kis r Treasurer Carole Hudson Stud nt Representative Janette Campbell With the responsibility of giving the Junior Senior Ban quet and Prom, the Juniors are busy adding to their class JUNIOR cuss funds' OFFICERS Class rings and pins came before Christmas 1 f r vb v 1 A ., K rt xx '--, xy .1 A 13 -f in 3 R. - , , . ,- ? as xX X W IX 315 RNC 5 X K f nu Xx X A37 i xx Q ' e ,xv ff, 1, NN h 'iQ xml Hmm 1 HR W SUPHCMGRES 2' First How M Llttlefield, D Ag e, I Weldon, K Epllng, P Taylor, D Barr, G Brockman, V Danlel, E Helntz Second Row D RlCHtBP, L Connor, W King, V Ashwlll, H Beck, E McGlone, G Ing, D Turne Thlrd Row D Ackerman, D Bryant, K Taylor, R Connor, L Kopplln, N MOPF1SOU, E Ellingsworth, R McLeod, J Karr, Mr M 1l1ng Advlsor, S Flett HISTORY The freshman class of 19119 numbered 314 students Pro a bly the b1gg8St event of the year was 1nitiat1on, follow A by a party in the evenlng The candidate for carnival queer was Vera Keightley Thls year there were 28 sophomores Inna Weldon was sophomore PFIHCGSS for the carnlval The class officers for th1s year were President, ............................ .... Vfola Ashwell Vice-President ....................... ..... Deloris Rarr Secretary Treasure.............. .....Wanda King Student Councll Hepresentative.... ....Sonny Flett Sergeant of Arms ............ .... ............. Ken Taylor G-LLIJ-S . ffxxfh gL3Y' rs SOPHOMORE OWFTPWPS , 3 - V L Lifgtim.-at-' ' ,f 7: ' 2 I 1 D T1 ., 'Z -T X 1 . . ' ' ' 1 s ' X 0 , T' Q I ' - Q.. ' - L V ? 'I:,,. Y w , S . . : o Q S 9 o o Y . . . Q Q o o s o o o A . s n o o o - o o I' . . Y . l l f . Q Q . . . . o ' 0 Q A 0 o e ' 0 Q . . -1 - ' ' . . . Q 4 Su Q l 0 . 5 . - 0 . . f . FIPSL Row N Ag e, L Gardner, A Vanderzanden, Gardner, D Huston Second Row R Adamson, D Ma teson, V Elde, L K1SGT3 J Cochran, B Ag e Third ROW J Spence: R HUCISOUQ G Kurtz: E Groves, N Snldal, Mr Palm r-Advisor !,f 7 HISTORY Lhe most lnterestlrg and 9XC1t1Hg event durlng the year was lnitiatlon ln September There were daytime and even ing programs with a party afterwards The Freshmen enjoyed the carnival The1r queen candldate was Prlncess Lynnetta Gardner Durlng the second semester the class sponsored noon hour dances on Fridays There was no admlssion charge and very o e was welcome Class Off1C8PS were Presldent Richard Hudson 1ce President Lorre+ta Gardner retary Nancy Agee as rer yd d 30 tudent Representative Norman Spidal Audrey Vanderzanden Mr Harry Palmer FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS SNA S I Sleepy Tire Gal Hypnotized T' buslul 'E 1!! H Stunt Irs Bewley Look at the Birdie cum Sun's Bright Look at Me , 'ft' Two Sisters-. 5. 2 Wfx. na ? :W 'w v C 6' Z5 E23 irst Row K Taylor, R McLeod, D Burn, D German, S Flatt, E McGlone, L Kopplin Second Row E Ellingsworth, C Kobers e1n, K Holloway, R Hudson Th1rd Row D Ackerman, G Kurtz, G Hoodenpyl, D Spidal, L Brizend1ne, J Spence, E Groves, N Spidal G Ing, J Karr, K Epllng, N MOFPlSOH, D Turn r, R Adamson, Mr Palm r Poach The Caston Greyhounds ended their 1950 football season with a r ord of one w1n gain t f1Ve defeats Lack of we1ght was the main factor whlch Contplbuted to the losses the Greyhounds suffered The Greyhounds dropped two close decislons one to an arch r1val, Yamh1l1, by a score of 20 to 19, the other to Forest Grove HBH team, 13 to 6 The Grewhounds also suffered the worst tPOUUC1DE in Gaston's football hlstory as th V rboort Fly1ng Dutchmen flew off wlth a 66 to 6 r 1 V over Gaston The loss of Don Spidal and Gene Woodenpyl from the roster, was a gr at blow broken chest bone because of a fall from a tractor In the only w1n of the season, th Greyhounds fought to a 31 to-O victory over St Paul Although the Greyhounds didn't leave a too 1mpPeSS1Ve football r cord as far as w1nn1ng games was concerned, they d1d leave an 1npress1on as a hard f1ght1ng, h1gh SD1F1t d vroup of at letes who never sa1d d1e Players Games Holloway Koberstein Flett Sp1da1 Mc Glone Hudson 19CO Football Scores Yamhill Gaston St Paul Verboort Nehalem Salem Acad my Forest Grove 13 1 o 0 u s 9 o o o ' ' ' 0 7 to the team. Don suffered from a djglcfdtgd shoulder, and Gene received a . T.D. P.A. T.P. 6 3 1 19 6 2 1 13 6 1 0 6 ' ' 2 2 O 12 6 1 O 6 6 1 o 6 20 19 0 O N 66 rl 6 K ho n O 8 2 5 n 6 n 6 H fgwltvthnll Seated C Koberstpin, S Flett, R Hudson, D Burn, P Elllngsworth, K. Holiowai, R. McLgod, D: Spidal, 6. German. .Standings H. Palmer-Coach. 'A' BASKETBALL REPORT Gaston played a long 23 game season this year and finished with a win loss record of lk wins against 9 defeats Gaston defeated Verboort, the only other 'BW school in washington county, to earn the right to play in the district HBH playoffs, which were held in Astoria In the first round of a sudden-death elimination, the Greyhounds fell to Knappa Svensen, Don Spidal led Gaston's scoring parade this season with 25h points, and a ll point game average, closely followed by Keith Holloway with 253 points, and holding a 12 7 game average Five seniors, Holloway, Spidal, Koberstein, German, and Burn played their last High School Basketball games this year for Vaston High There will be only four returning Lettenmen for next years squad They are Flett, Hudson, Ellingsworth, and McLeod Free throws Name Games Att Made Holloway Spidal Koberstein Flett Hudson German Burn McLeod 101 GASTON OPPONENT Won Won Lost Lost Lost Won Won Lost Won Won lon Won Won Lost Won Won Won Lost Lost lon Won Lost Lost 16681 'TTTE2 Salem Academy Yamhill Vernonia Vernonia Nehal m Perrydale Yamhill Banks Colton Detroit Jewell Woodburn B S Perrydale Knappa-Svensen Jewell Woodburn B S Verboort Garibaldi Nehal m Colton Salem Academy Knappa-Svensen Knappa Svensen 0 Ave . P.F. F.G. 1.2. . 20 93 55 62 99 253 12.7 23 112 S2 55 25h 11.0 23 76 no 51 97 238 10.2 23' hS 22 no 85 192 8.3 23 25 lb 35 L6 1 6 u.6 b 21 51 2 38 31 82 3-9 E111ngsw6r6n 17 10 2 13 6 1h -8 9 5 1 3 2 S .6 10 0 0 3 1 2 .2 2 bl 3h 63 11 35 M0 37 M9 36 37 uv 39 78 36 31 . 52 55 33 L1 ho bl 35 6h . . 3h 38 36 35 37 ho 17 75 3 . . h7 66 25 Sh 3 S6 h2 , 50 61 hl 65 L18 h8 Sh M9 - S2 ""' 955 QE cl Ellingsworth McGlone Karr Morrison Spldal Brizendine German Bryant NBH Basketball Report The Gaston Pups had a fairly even season thls year w1th a stand1ng of 13 WIHS and 7 losses The Pups were coached this year by Lyle Carter for the first part of the season, and by Vic Miller dur1ng the last part of the season Both coaches came to Gaston as assistant coaches from Pacific University Richard LcLeod, Dean Burn, Lloyd Brizendine, Emerson Elllngsworth, and Jim Karr supplied most of the punch for the Pups Don Bryant Jack Spence, Nell Morrison, Nonnan Spidal, and Everett McGlone fur nlshed the remalnlng power for the Gaston Junlor Varslty Gaston Opponents WOR WOR 'WOT1 WOR lost won lost won won won lost won won lost won won won lost lost Salem Academy Yamhill Vernonia W Vernonla 'NN Perrydale Yamhlll Banks Colton Woodburn B S Perrydale Knappa Svensen Woodburn B S Verboort HBH Garlbaldl Nehalem Verboort WAN Colton Salem Academy Knappa Svensen 36 ' 146 20 55195 39 ' fi '5 . lost 28 Nehalem 63 ' Q 37 3 .. 62 ' Y'-' V 20 k 36 . K Q X 314 - . . A 32 l 15 - 31 . . 33 15 . . M8 39 M7 19 23 - CQ5wvhnIl o, rvuusorl, R McLeod, G Ing, P Ellingsworth, H McDonald Coach Seated K Holloway L Brizendine, G Hoodenpyl, D Spldal, D Genman, K Taylor, E McGlone , L Kopplln ijmvb G29 fir 41' fr Ag? X if ,169 4?QE2 Xvagk 1-A ua? O Gaston's baseball team turn d out this season with the absence of experienced players, and dry weather There were only 3 remalning lettermen this year Cecil Koberstein and Keith Holloway, who were stationed in the infield, and Don Dpidal, an outfielder The remalnder of the squad consisted of Richard McLeod, Everett McGlone, Dill Agee, Neil Morrison and Delmar Ackerman pitchers, Don Turner, Dean Burn, Norman Spidal, George Ing, Lloyd Brizendine, and Don 15ryant-outfielders, Sonny Flett, Richard Hudson, Jlmmy Karr, Don German, Emerson Ellingsworth, George Kurtz, Kenneth Taylor, Lawrence Kopplin, Jack Dpence, and Karol Epling lnfielders A. T motifs! ,gf - ,, v - V-- -v.- -fy..-., up 4-avg. .L.g.ouu, ug L'.LU U Ile . 0 0 0 o " o : 0 o o 0 0 o o o 9 Q o .N Z D-Q N' Y' M4 -535 X 4 52 - M 4- X ' 5 ' 29 ' . ' 'K f G., 3 ' 'f' ' J lf, E, 9 l' w 1 - X: .V I4 I . N . fm 'P' , 4 N av ' M' - . Vfrgyxt . 'll 4 fc .5 ' a . ef-if - " - f N 5, J' B o 2 0 A - ' 0 . 'R Qu - ca. mv., 1- 511 1' 4' 5, . ., , A I 3, ,yy, , Mfg' ' fvflg 'fEg:,:.f, ,I 'V 1-T 'fii Q3,f4rq O 552, ' .: 7 wi . , . . . T' ' f SL. , ig, ' L' ff. bv, . E , 4 t :S 1 A 'gil , M. 1, .f f '.1 -L ww Y' .ml if" ' ln, tuilvni nunril Seated P Harrls, J Campbell, L Klser, L Klng, C Hudson, D Elllngsworth, C Kobersteln, N Spldal, D Burn, S Flett Standlng D German, G Hood enpyl, K Toner Advlsor, D Spldal, K Holloway I X2 Jvfff Q9 The Student Council is composed of the officers of the studen+ body and a representatlve from each class and or anizatlon e student councll handles all business affa1rs of the s+udent bodr must purchase a card 1D order to partlclpaf ln atbletdcs, belong to any school organizatlon, or be SW 0fflC r Of a club e purposes of the students council are It nomlnates one or two people for an Off1C6 before the election It superv ses th flnanclal affalrs Ol th student body It gov rns the student body h It audits the books of the treasurer 7 'I i,XV ' . . 1 ' . ThJ Student body tickets are sold to the student body . The Stddents Th, .1 ' 1. 1' . ' V 2g lt., 9. ' . 99 0 3. e . tuiwui nunril Seated P Harrls, J Campbell, L Klser, L Klrg, C Hudson, D Elllngsworth, C Kobersteln, N Spldal, D Burn, S Flett Standlng D German, G Hood enpyl, K Toner Advlsor, D Spldal, K Holloway 1 ,f,,f"' 1-ff" ff Q9 The Student Council is composed of the officers of the st1den+ body and a representatlve from each class and or anizatlon student councll handles all business affalrs of the s+udent bod! must purchase a card 1n order to part1c1pa+ 1n athletics, belong to any school OFg3HlZ8tl0H, or be GW 0fflC r Ol a club The purposes of the studen s council are It nomlnates one or two people for an offlce befor the election It superv ses th flnanclal affalrs Ol th student body It gov rns the student body h It audits the books of the treasurer Y K Y ' . . 4 ' .L The Student body tickets are sold to the student body - The Stddents ' . ' Q ge Q 1. Q l'. ' e 2. i , 9 ' ' ' ' 9 . 3. e . Stuncut ,Gaim 'ld Sea King, reasurer, Carole Hudson, Secretary, Kelth Holloway, Vlce President, Cecil Koberstein, Presldent, Don Spldal, Sergeant.-at-Arms, Dean Burn, Business Manager Standing Mr Toner, Advlsor Q9ft'1rv1f5 X., L Nos S X fi Q , I '90 s Q Sh tum, 'i 'v P 1 M " Y 3 ff M fa' 16 - o .- .. if " Q ...., Y 'Q E ' 1 J v. 5 K V J y 4 Q o o ' O ' -, n ' o ' o 4 0 0 I C O C a Y 11 -xx x ,xi gb First Row D Barr, C Hudson, P Harris, L Kiser, W King, D Ellingsworth Second Row L Gardner, R Neuenschwander, P Taylor, V Ashw1ll, G Lan , H Beck, L King, M Olson, J Hoodenpyl Thlrd Row L Hart, V Eide, S Weldon, Fourth Row D Spink, L Kiser, I Weldon, A Vanderzanden, L Gardner, L Connor D Agee, L wells, E Helntz, J Campbell, V Daniel P W"- I if Mae' HISTORY The G A A is a club consisting of all the g1rls in high school In order to be a member each g1rl must pay twenty five cents a semester for dues The G A A is organized to promote sportsmanship, phys ical efficiency, and athletic accomplishments In order to receive a sweater or award a girl must earn points by participating in sports and activities outside of school This year we have started intramural sports to give the girls more of a chance to earn points Throughout the year some of the G A A activities were l. Luncheons prepared by each class. 2. Selling hot dogs and pop at home games. 3. A Mother's Tea. h. A formal dance. 5. G.A.A. Convention at Coeur d'A1ene, Idaho. The officers of the G.A.A. were: President, Pat Harris, aident, Carole Hudson, Secretary, Wanda King, Treas- G' A' A' OFFICERS urerg Diane Ellingsworthg Historian, Deloris Barr, Student Council Representative, Loretta Kiser. M. Littlefield, N. Agee, D. Huston, G. Brockman, L. Kiser, Miss Baldwin-Advisor. : 0 : I Q l O , 'WWF 1 1111" w 4,1 9 Q First Row P Ellingsworth, G Hoodenpyl, L Brizendine, K Holloway, D Sp1dal, E McGlone, D Genman, Second Row H McDonald, D Ackerman, N Spidal, K Taylor, G Ing, E Groves, L Kopnlin, Third Row N Morrlson S Flett, C Kobersteln, R Hudson R McLeod, L Kopp n if Letterman Club Officers A ffffx X rx ,!f!,, Letterman History This year's Letterman Club consisted of nineteen mem bers, ten of whom were new George Ing, Sonny Flett, Ken Taylor, Rlchard McLeod, Richard Hudson, Norman Spidal Don Genman, Emerson Elllngsworth, and Ernest Groves For the flrst t1me 1n history the Letterman had an in1t1ation day for the incomlng members The boys being initlated turned out in amusing and unusual costumes Mr McDonald was Lett rman advisor, and the club of ficers were President Vice Presid nt Se retary Treasurer Stud nt Council Representatlve Cecil Koberstein Lawrence Kopplin Don Spidal Gene Hoodennyl film 11111 Back Row: L Kopplln, F Urov s, L Brizendine, U Uefman, L HFGHSF: Hoodenpyl, D Agee, L K1s r, L Connor, S Kurtz, H Beck, Thmrd Row Ba r, L L1ttle'1eld, G Lane, M Olson, J Hansen, D Spink, W' King, Helntz V Elde, A Vanderzanden, S Weldon, Second Row K HolloNaV McLeod, R Connor, D Matteson, B Agee, P Ellingsworth, N Agee, Huston, G Brockman, L Wells, L Kiser First Row D Elllngsworth, Gardner, P Harr1s, R Neu nschwander Glee Club Report Thls year's Glee Club offered a new type of entertain ment for the students, the Dancing Club, taught by Mr ani Mrs Lee Bricker of Pacific University The lessons proved to be valuable to everyone and also great fun The danclng lessons were held every Wednesday nlght for n1ne weeks On due tenth week a Christmas formal dance concluded the lessons The Glee Club, consisting of h8 students, presented an operetta , USend For Aphais or Bugsn, wnich was a great suc cess A concert was presented in the spring and the year was ended with participation in graduation and bacca laureate al1',g 1199 ,, 11!-iz, Z 111' 'IJuull :J o W 99 0 C e Plus Of lcers J. 1 Q o . G 0 0 U ' 2 Do F To . -L. 0 0 ' ' ' ' E0 ' v 0 . 0 0 A : . 1 1 R, 9 0 0 0 0. Do 0 ' ' : ' . N. Morrison, S.Flett, C. Koberstein, K. Epling, I. Weldon, V. Ashwlll, L, 4 . o 9 . o 1 7' 0 9 4 44 J , d- 1. JJ X r,,, J iz il C 9 1 itllil J Gleason, M Pleshnik, B Philips, T Paterson Second Row L Epling, H Haines, J Morrison, N Agee, H Oppenlander, L Wiseman, B Agee, G T Wllcox, L K Epling, J Morrison, D Leamon, G Burns, M Eickhoff Third Row Ashwill, R Bryant, R Hudson, N Spidal, N Morrison, Elllngsworth, Mrs Bewley Director BAND REPORT h3 students were enrolled in band th1s year both high and grade students The members of the band began WOFk1Hg for a 82,000 goal with whlch to buy uniforms for a marchlng band at Gaston The first money maklng event of the year was a concert given by the Forest Grove Gleemen on November 15, which was sponsored by the Commercial Club and the Mothers Club In February the band gave a concert at which admission was charged Later on two concerts with Amlty High School were glven, one at Amity, the other at Gaston Besldes the concerts th members of the band gave cake and lce cream sales throughout the year ba d was run on the order of a club, with offlcers, however, it The band consis+ed of The n was a class, and the students received a full credit officers of this club were President Janet Hoodenpyl Vice President Karol Epling Secretary Lorretta Gardner Treasurer Shirl y Kurtz C-4-L BAND OFFICFRS I o ' .0 , . o ' . o . z 0 ' 0 . Hoodenpylg S. Kurtz, H. Dethlefsg R. Roe. AStanding: J. Cookg S. Flettg E. ov' . , . . -?li!!II', 4. llll 4I1l B Baldwin Advisor, J Hoodenpyl, P Taylor, H Beck, M Olson, D Ellingsworth, L King, C Hudson, P Harris, W King, L Gardner, L Kiser, L Gardner, D Barr, K Eplingv Pep Club Off1CePS The Pep Club, the ples of are , leadership and cooperation among the girls, organiz d last year to aid the yell leaders This lization conslsts of thirteen members, including the yell leaders Four new members were initiated in Octoben Marilyn Olson, Lorretta Gardner, Pat Taylor and Wanda King The unifonms worn by the girls consisted of green cu lottes and white sweaters with green and gold emblems The Pep Club sponsored several sales during the year in order to raise money to help pay for the uniforms Pep Club Off1C8FS COHS1St6d of President Carol Hudson Vice President Pat Harr1s Secretary Treasurer Janet Hoodenpyl Spaniih law Seated S Kurtz, L Gardner, V Ashwill, L Gardner, A Vanderzanden, D Ellingsworth Standing D Ackerman, R Hudson, K Holloway, G Ing, Hrs Bewley Advisor tvs? QWWM ,asses asfagosrawxea baggy, cs-af' members of th1s club were a selected group of pupils with average grades of 1's or 2's The ma1n purpose for this new organization was to determine whether or not the pupils would be interested in languages in future years Meeting were held on Thursday mornings from 8 OO to 8 MS Cr? dits were not glven Club officers were President Keith Holloway Secretaries Shirley Kurtz and Lorretta Gardner 'V Q essay? xi 9 11llIIIII'ik l x " ' , Z! ' J A Spanish Club was started this year by Mrs. Olive Bewley. The ,rf K SEPTEMBER First Day of School Football Season Opens Frosh Initiation and Party OCTOBER Iowa Tests Pep Club Initiation EirstDanc1ng Lesson NOVEMBER Journalism Contest at G A A Luncheon Annual Pictures Taken of DECEMBER Basketball Season Begins Christmas Formal Christmas Vacation Starts JANUARY Back to school 2 8 3 Final Exams 17 R Letterman Initiation FEBRUARY Annual Pictures Taken Band Concert Basketball Tournament at Astoria MARCH St Patricks Day Party Operetta 23, 24, 8a Easter Vacation Amateur Auditions APRIL First Baseball Game Junior Play Band Concert at Amity Band Concert at home Senior Week End 19, 20, G A A Letterman Banquet MA G A A Picnic Jr Sr Prom Spring Concert Music In May 10, 11, 8 Baccalaureate Graduation Student BodyPicnic Last Day of School 18 1 55257 Xflx X ,f49f XX' ggxq ax X 3 7 5 29 29 24 , 18 UI Oo 5 A . . . Q y 21 C- ' 27 5, 1 R 8 P 22 X X 2 ' X J 2 18 29 if X G. A. A. Luncheon 14 J? 14 21 23 . 16 A 22 I Ol Es Ao 25 YJ 27 2 6 6 11 , . 12 2 R 21 , e 0 0' lf! Y C 0 Q 2 0' 0 4 9 12 15 17 , 18 fimfuiirfrlq I Fx., rg, EJ' Y U 1 Af 'A af ff g A P N. t 5 V. lx A' L ,,' U, T , V P 0 Q 0 - I Q 0 ' Qinurft 7 Ivnm Siaff tanding Mr Niemela-Advisor, D Sp1dal, K Holloway, D Ellingsworth, L Wells, G Lane, J Hoodenpyl, L Klser, R Neuenschwander, C Hudson, G Brockman Sit+1ng L Hart, P Taylor, J Campbell, L Connor, D Splnk, P Harris We have a group of faithful students worklng on the Gleam this year They are as follows Editor Pat Harris Asslstant Ed1tOF Carole Hudson Feature Ed1tor Geraldlne Lane Assistant Feature Ed1t0P Roberta Neuenschwander Pr1nter G Advertlsing Manager G I' E A M Proofreader Circulation Manager Reporters 0 Sports Reporters.... Typists.... . Janet Hoodenpyl Gwelda Brockman Louise Connor Lorretta Hart Pat Taylor La Retta Wells Dolores Soink Lorna Mae Kiser .........Don Spidal .........Keith Holloway .........Diane Ellingsworth Roberta Neuenschwander .........Janette Campbell ...........Lorretta Hart Advisor.......................Miss Franciene Urban This is the first vear a course in Journalism has been offered The Class published the Gleam. .am it M" jg, Q u , ,, XJ. .- - 4 an ,. ,L 'Q' . . S - I 0 0 0 0 . . 0 0 0 0 I 0 0 - . Y . I Q 0 0 0 0 0 . C C 0000000000000o0u00a0ocouoooooouooa Q . .......'. '.'....,... . . 000000000000000u0ua000 . 0000 , . 00000000o00000000000000000o0 . O . W 00n000 00000000 000000000000 0000 ' .1 0000 0000 Q 0000000000000 000000 00000000000 000 W 00000000 500000 L 00 0000.00 0000 nnnnl Staff N A L Klng J Eickhoi' V Ashwlll F Urban Advlsor, U bplualp 2+a?ggTgS Fletiiei Holloway, C Kobersteln Seated P Harris, R Neuen schwander, L Kiser, D Ellingsworth, S Kurtz, A Vanderzanden, D Barr The 1951 publlcation of the Hi Lites is the thirteenth edition The annual staff is as follows Editor Assistant Editor Typists Senlor Reporters Junior Reporter Sophomore Reporter Freshman Reporter Club Reporters Sports Reporter Gleam Reporter Artists . Ads Proof Reader Pub11sh1ng Company. . Diane Ellingsworth Shirley Kurtz Lorna Mae Kiser Loretta Kiser RobertaNeuenschwander Laura King Jeanette Eickhoff Deloris Barr Audrey Vanderzanden Delor1s Barr Viola Ashwill Keith Holloway Pat Harris Nancy Agee . . Delorls Barr . Cecil Koberstein Sonny Flett . George Ing Pat Harris Yearbook House J ' : . - ' - j ' ' ' ' o o Q 0 ' : . 0 - Q 0 ' ' . ' . 0 : ........................................... 000000 0 000000 0000 0O00OO00 0000000 0 0000000 00 00 0000000 00 0 OOOOQOIUO 000 . 000 0 OIOOOOOOCIO ... ........ ..Pat Harris ..... ... 0000 0000000000 00,0 00000 00000 0000000000 . ego oooca eo 0100 000 000 0000 0000 0000 0000000 000000 0 00 00 . 00000 . Ol 0 00000 0000 00 0000 00 000000 000000000 U' 5000 00000000 000000 . ' 00 000 111151111112 1111115 Standing D Turner, D Spidal, L Brizendine, G Ing, M ss Urbar Hudson, J Elckhoff The Sunshine Twins, a three act comedy by Dana Thomas, directed by Miss Franciene Urban was presented April 6, by the Junior Class The setting was the home of the Robinsons In the plot the twins belonged to a Sunshine Club whose motto was to create good will and cheer While creating good w1ll and cheer they got their father fired and wrecked their s1ster'3 chance to go to Hollywood Connie Gabby Mrs Robinson Ur. Robinson.. Norma Robinson. . . . . . . Glen Robinson. Mrs. Ellis.... Bebe Prather.. Leo Prather... Vail Porter... Pauline Doyle. Lorretta Hart Donald Turner Janette Campbell ..Ke1th Holloway ...Loretta Kiser Lloyd Brizendine Jeanette Eichoff ...Carole Hudson so eoooGe0I'ge ...Donald Spidal ... ....Roberta Neuenschwander ifgiii H O 4. Director. Seated: L. Hart, L. Kiserg K. Holloway, J. Campbellg C. O OOO! C coll . . Seated K Holloway, L Connor, H Beck, L Gardner, P Ellingsworth Standing K Epling, R McLeod, S Flett Z' The Glee Club operetta, directed by Mrs Olive Bewley, was pre- sented Wednesday, March 21, 1951 in the High School Gym The oper- etta was a comedy entitled N Send For Aphias or Bugs W Hain Characters were Mrs Coop Janette Campbell Miss Spinks Helen Beck xsjb Hr Larkspur Sonny Flett Deacon Barns Dean Burn Aphias Bugsby Keith Holloway GYPSY Queen Lynnetta Gardner Mary Lee Shirley Weldon Boyoeeo ooooooooo 0 ooooan oooooooooooosoooooeoooooooooxarol Besides the main characters there were three dance groups, the gypsies, the soinsters, and the boy and girl review. Also the full glee club participated in the choral n mbers. CQL L ' kfal A ' A S ? . ' ' -f or Q V 1 A . , o Q- ' 9 U U C 0 QOOIIOI ...".... B Q . ...I ...OOU Ol.. .....l.l I IIC' ll.. g' A 'dir JUS Y 9 , ! .,. .ww ,,, 1 p J 1 Qi , 6 l k NV 'VQJ' I 1.1 1 f. 1 ,f , 1 ff' f 1'. X 1f,1' L, nf J 'P . -5 x 7! y 5 r' fi f xref' Af .h f I gyfl W . ff" f ff iff yr -- 56' c IA " Jer' A437 RSP? D' x 1 iffy -21 fs., IJ v WA U ,lr , 1' 4, z vu. ' In 5 U ff' :RJ . J ' ' " .K ' ' P 1 ' N g ll I X XX I .f fix N lil. , NN 'J I x ,5J , , E90 , 1 Kgov E cf? k ft L lv ,vu 3 K 'A I Y . Nj., I 'I ,'2. X X 3 . 5 d df' mlknlf zfli N9 dog: , 9-gf' find of ' Apu' 'lf 'Jn w'f.,4 ,b 4' .su A , f S. fkixg ., , M x N., QAAM Aw,k,w' .lk x jwggygggwv 4 A 02. Z 'w ,fff .V-1""'7 " 1 -M ' ,-M-M ,.f"' . V," 1-. fm , ff 7 , .xx 'I' ,"'A! " . ,fy ., uf, N G R I O TO THE CLASS OF REMEMBER, FOR ALL DAY BANKIN IT IS FIRST SECURITY BANK Beaverton, Oregon 9 OO A M to 6 OO ALL DAY EVERY DAY INCLUDING SATURDAY Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve System C O A T U L A T N S l 9 5 1 G : . . : P.M. CE CE nth? n Hgh way Se rwce Sfafz on 5llEl.L EASTON , OREGON 4 4, -+ PHONE 17051 FEED SEED BUILDING MATERIALS CEMENT PAINT LINOLEUM C I O A FRIENDLY AND RELIABLE GARAGE STON PFCFEADY OUR BEST SALE SMEN ARE OUR SATISFIED C USTOMERS - - CCIQIEADY LET US HELP YOU WITH WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY T FORFST GROV1 1 CU. YOUR BUILDING PROBLEMS O HELP YOU OREGON MARKET GROCERIES and MEATS AT A SAVINGS F J , MEAT CUTTING and CURING 'g l GASTON , OREGON K. xx sixk'E Q I ' PHONE 16054 Smunc Seavnce ., 1' F I if P1167 I C II -lgx NL! dl J 2 I: K 113:55 X CIIRHHTIOU LUITI BER CO WE DELIVER ANYWHERE EVERYTHING FOR YOUR BUILDING CARNATI ON LUMB ER COMPANY DIRECT FROM BILL TO YOU WTHERE IS A MATERIAL DIFFERENCEV FOREST GROVE PHONE 5181 SAVE WITH FIRST NATIONAL, LOW COST CHECKING ACCOUNTS FOREST GROVE FIRS AFFILIATED WITH THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF PORTLAND B A N K 0 - A-- I - ll I I ami Evans annual bank S f ty D p it B FOREST GRCVC1' OQEGON YAVA RVING THF HOMES OF FOREST GROVE Furnit e I t i D r tors F ank C Broders n Aft B d PS S S 4 0 C Loans - a e e os oxes Saving - Checking Accounts - , 1 f d SE J ur - n er or eco a r , e ro e en 1 T FOREST GROVE 00 STORES f SHOE 'STORE O BOB DAVIS K FLORIST FLOWERS BY WIRE 'ruA LATIN VALLEY PLUMBING Q IA HEATING co 49 PHONE 4752 .QA Conqrafulahons To T' he Class of N51 T UAUKTIN WXllEY CUMNIEIQCIAI CUJB 0 . 5 ORVAL HUTCHENS Hardware - Automotive PROP. YTHING FOR FARM AND HCHE 20-46 gain.. REST GROVE REGON FOREST GROVE fl. .W 9 I AW Q I I. b . Q FOREST GROVE FOREST GROVE N' N O Aben JTOQII THE ACE TAVERN Jewelers Diamonds Watches Jewelry Hillsboro, Oregon Phone 5682 GASTON, OREGON Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repair CQUARY5 D E P A N E N T O NEXT DOOR TO POST OFFICE Clothing Shoes Philco Appliances Forest Grove, Oregon X K SELLERS ,em J A ! CSELLS Fon LESS? Hardware and Implements H I Electrical Appliances FLORIST Corsages Weddings Funerals w Novelties A J FOELKER Hillsboro, Oregon M E Rotary Tillers FREE PARKING PHONE 59' Forest Grove, Oregon I R T . T S R E 4 , ff X Y T X 1- - a I . Q IA no m We wish to thank the following sponsors STITES CLINIC HUGH D. STITES, M. D. R W. A. THIERFELER, M. D. Physicians and Surgeons Forest Grove DR. A. V. JACKSON Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon Forest Grove DR. HINMAN, Dentist Forest Grove ELWYN W . COON Forest Grove DR REX WILSON Chiropractic Physician Forest Grove DR MARCUS E WALTZ, Dentist Forest Grove DR KINES Forest Grove DR FORREST F BUMP, M D Forest Grove Ecomorvw PHONE DRUG A EHSUN JHU9 125 5 SECOND ST F L ANDERSON HILLSBORO, L T ANDERSON OREGON HILLSBORO , OREGON PHONE 4901 GASTON BAKERY 'THE HOME OF GOOD THINGS TO EAT GASTON OREGON For the Best in Groceries and Meat it s o Pers rocery R A BEWLEY SID COUPER 2026 Main St Phone 1551 WE DELIVER HA R RISCDN HARDWARE SCHOOL NEEDS PAINTS GIFTS DISHES HOU EHOLD NEEDS GOODS panw EA Hamm 2 M GASTON OREGON Lester H Hug hes REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Phone 1094 Forest Grove Ore on Hamnlton Motor Co FOREST GROVE PHONE 1151 W . 1, . U 'NW'-U59-9 Spencer 7TloTo'r PHONE 5701 C A ,.,,,g,,, O CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH 318 East Main Street Forest Grove, Oregon Hillsboro, Oregon Phone 5841 More Than 56 Years' Service in Washington County Q' PONTIAC 'Q 4 II 5113115 dr Cars UV6 0 fdUfUA7f ,df PAST 1? -I-:VO OGG-+l0hS Serve PRINTING OF DISTINCTION 5rd and Washington in Hillsboro East end of Pacific in Forest Grov Phone 251 Hillsboro Phone 6061 1 F C Nw H i O FOREST GROVE'S HARDWARE ' in :" Q I 7 0 L ' +0 For A Complete Banking Service Tmmglio mwfmN cn m mm. OF HLLLSBOPO wx H snort? Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation JWM '5 -Q ,Allx Forest Grove, Oregon Why bother? Use oil! Hillsboro, Oregon w Typewriter Co OFFICE SUPPLIES FOR WOMEN Phone 5054 112 E. M 1 Where you find the new, a n' smart styles Hillsboro, Oregon COMPLIMENTS OF THE FORESTG GROVE THEATERS TIP TOP S - ' T' T ev 'J?5hA1q T iiiii "ffii:tPif- LJ f F' Pg I I I ' -,EifQ 5 6? nv-,-:" 'I " f' I CHA SE'S DRUG STORE PHONE 16051 SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE GIFTS GASTON OREGON EDR THOSE FXAXIQ THXIUGS' MHYHEWY JE WELERJ' 2042 Main Street Forest Grove There s a FORD in your future! Pacific Avenue Phone 1714 Forest Grove Oregon WASHINGTON COUNTY Nuns illltg YOUR LOCAL PAPER PRINTED IN FOREST GROVE OREGON Doherfy Motor Co. J.C.PENNEY'S WTHE HOME OF VALUESW FOREST GROVE PHONE 2141 TUALATIN VALLEY CO-O 214 WEST MAIN HILLSBORO, OREGON FEEDS SEEDS FERTILIZERS TI-IE GROVE STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP EVERYTHING IN PHOTOGRAPHY BILL EATON HANS RUNNING 1928 Pac F1 Ore on Forest Grove MER vvfmz 'N ENCY fffili ff' 9 'Mum MW REAL ESTATE. INSURANCE FOREST GROJL, OREGON - i.'c S 'U . , , f 4 A 3 g 21 , A A 3.2 " '3i'i'F5'f.E1p??s1 if ,A LA--N: f ff . i .,1V, -'Q . ' g 2 1, ,p :' -- A 1 fi 1' ' ' 1 COMPLETE HOME FURNISHER AI ERSONS GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES FOREST GROVE, OREGON The 1951 Annual Staff takes this opportunity to thank our advertisers for their patronage Also we thank the students who cooperated and helped to make this a better Gaston Hi Lites THE HI LITES STAFF Editor GIVE THE FINESTN . -, , A Q u If A O . , FOREST GROVE QEMNON J. -A I' TF' 1 - L ' A 1 . - Fern Schoeder NOTARY PUBLIC Bookkeeplng ACCOuHtlHg AGENT FOR RUSHLOW INSURANCE HOvARD OLANIE, REAL ESTATE GASTON ORLGON Meet your friends at GaSTo'n Tavern For an Enjoyable Evening FRED PENARV We Guarantee SATISFACTION on all Garments Cleaned and Pressed or DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK Authorized FLBXFORM Shaping FOREST GROVE 5usbauePsOl General Office 112 S Third Ave Hillsboro, Oregon Ph. Hillsboro 5101 Ph. Forest Grove 5711 Gaston Welding 84 Machine Shop GENERAL WELDING HEAVY DUTY REPAIRING Steel G. I. Truck cabs Trucks Lengthened Gaston, Oregon Phone 1723 OREGON FENDALL 81 VAN DYKE Frigidaire Eletrical Appliances Monarch Conbination Ranges Do Laval Milkers Forest Grove Zenith Cleaners WE CLEAN ANYTHING nWe're not Satisfied if you're not' Hillsboro Phone 2672 moms : 5 - I Ns xg, I, -4 K 4' X , gk 4 xx I " 5, i "-"KJV 'fn L6 V L N- ri., ' 4 4. , M' Q If R 5 X XV' M 'I X .U A 4 7 X v' is K 'fff 5 x Y -' ',,1,.4 -4 K f wx . ,, ff K 1 X K J , , . v 5' N 1+ 7 rt, ,ffl L X5 , x ' , M 1 y V , 1 wf' 1 Val I 2 wJ flax 1 ' 2 ' x I , V 3 W' I 0 I Q Y J 'pf XT' A 'V ul I J r. 'I A . "" .7 I' I xl . I A s ' X Q 'Av-J K Y ai W'L,.,r'v.,6v7 ' ggfgffif WWW, Wjiiiim' . E !mfJ5jSy?0fff'7f Q2 jf! oljfy gp if WNW mf N sf J, Ziff 5ijf5XfM "kua5jff9g?'Q?,'if if QfjQg 3f fiLf'ig fffffifi Z3 . , 'l Yr , Q . g.5i,T.f9'?A I' ww' U A wa ef , ogy If V Q wWM353MiiQ , B? Q 25 A, 1 I 7 . ,.., L. - I ' . , u ,. 1 . - - - V K I ., ,.. , A , -A , ,... fx!

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