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. . L E A 3, ,. 1 fi x , 1 J. 0 Cv! MEM MA 1357 ZQMSLQWILQ V ibm I i ?wUwf km,.,ig+ g ll1 I I I I IT IS OUR HOPE IN PRESENTII' THIS 1957 EDITION OF THE GASTG GUSHER TO PORTRAY THE SPIRQ THE TRADITIONS, AND THE ACTI ITIES OF C-ASTON INDEPENDEI SCHOOLS. ESQ JMINISTRATION SCHOOL LIFE WHO'S WHO SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS ' CLASSES ADVERTISEMENTS WIWD 'ik-'-L ,,,,'f:fq,,,,, o.,9: ge f f"'11 ' , A1775 ' 'fr,h37f..'f.' ll VII mul Wi 5 ug EE Q 24 HWY 55 , . . 'Q hgh.. wl'.,!!i. 'nn '. . - SHI' :ii ff' ll 'V' A'-iw ss !'-M51 are ,tg dy, It xlugywx ,Mn In if l M f '- sw 5' gag,-.,0::,. -'s-' --:-- :V - ,,' N, 1? ' r L vj ,Q-EQ ---E r-" ' T we-ff The Gaston Independent School District has progressed 'in twenty-five years from a one-room frame building to a beautiful terraced campus of over forty acres that includes six brick build- ings and seven wooden buildings. The school is set upon a high hill overlooking the Tyler-Henderson highway. It is referred to as 'fthe Hill" by most patrons, efres, and students. The Gaston Common School District was created in 1925 when Miller and Mount Hope schools consolidated to form a centrally located school. The land for this new school was a nine acre plot donated by Mrs. Irene Gaston, and for this reason. the school bears her name. The discovery of oil on September 2, 19.30, provided funds for the purchasing of more land and for the construction of the present school plant. L- On August 28, 19.21, the Carlton Common School Di-strict con- solidated with the Gaston District, and on December 2,2 of the sanze year the Gaston Common School District No. 36 was given the title of Gaston. Independent School District. The Buford Common Sehool District eonsolidated on October 15, 1934: and on June 1, 19.16, the New Harmony School District was added to Gaston Independent School District. The growth of the present school plan-t, begun in 1931. has never actually ceased, for the school is progressing from year to year. Each year brings new equipment and facilities. Plans were made this year, 1956-57, for the construction of a new athletic field house. Gaston Public Schools con-tinue to progress yearly, and the evaluation of the sehool at the present time is probably over a million dollars. 1 f- - AM, . ,ff ' ,lf "' " av , ' .L Q... ff 9 ff If . -. -'54 l"V"7 x 4 1 S. 1 , 1 v O ' 1 nsxtsu ' P f4f.,- ,r f V ,K-fl' gr. can ll! Wil 3.4: was ' V W' nal J W Ill A I H-My TT . , I ' Q 'f ' ,,, , , 7' ., f' gf rf fag' 1 Sli In ' 9 I V? Q 1 ' if ff eee4e :ml Q 4 1 '-05,11 Wt' xx p 4' A "V .- "' nl-M - , SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL "k""'W'7fL 5ivL,vfw12' l SENIOR WALK M-.m,z...M-..v.LM ,.Q'M.,...,1f -.. .M 2 -2 , i i ' M, Le' ' ' fl Mr. Paul Fess President Mr. Sam Adams Vice-President Mr. KV. F. Kiker Secretary Mr. 0. L. Anderson Iwi, BOARD MEMBERS work behind th scenes to improve our school. BCARD OF EDUCATIO ' Mr. W. S. Dillon, Jr. Mr. Dan Dickeson Mr. H. L. Tolleson QT'S BIG BUSINESS running a School, but lvlr. Duran still finds time for personal coun- eling with students. MR, JQHN DURAN PERI TE DE STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE, B.S.g UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, IWLED. I if KV! MR. LA. STEPHENSC PRINCIPAL HIGH SCHOGL VYEST' TEXAS STATE COLLEGE, B.S.3 , STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE COLLEGE, MJ ISSUING PERMITS to absentees is one of duties performed daily by Mr. Stephenson. 'lf , THOMAS approves playground equipment re 'ed for use in the Elementary Schools. R. DEE LEE THOMAS PRINCIPAL EMENTARY SCHOOLS IRTI-I TEXAS STATE COLLEGE, B.S. AND M.ED. U -L.-,Y-.., . . Y ...v-.--.,--.-.v-...---.-.W--W,-vw-,.,,,,H -W 1 - Y , V . rf' ' 4 f 1 sfo f FACULTY ,o MR. JAMES ADAMS Shop and Asst. Coach East Tezas State Teachers College, B.S. ef MISS INEZ BALLARD Sixth Grade North Texas State College, B.S.,' Stephen F. Austin State College, M.A. MRS. LOUISE BOREN Librarian and Annual Baylor University, B.A. MR. CHARLIE BOREN Coach and Physical Education Baylor University, B.S. and M .S. MRS. HAZEL CARROLL Spanish and Registrar Southern Methodist University, B.A. MISS ELLA BARTHOI Commercial Subjects North Texas State College, B.A. and M.B.A MRS. VESTA COOPII Seventh Grade Stephen F. Austin Sta College, B.S. and M.A . ADA MAE CROOK Egcompanist and Clerk MRS. VVILLIE RI-IEA DEAN Special Education Southwest Texas State Teachers College, B.S.,' Sam Houston State College, M.A. Nia... MRS. ELSIE DENT Kindergarten Southern Methodist Universityj Stephen F. Austin State Collegeg East Texas State Teachers College MR. JOHN DENT MRS. FRED DUNN MRS. MARY LEE DYSABT Public Speaking North Texas State College, B.S.,' East Texas State eachers College, M.Ed. Fourth Grade Stephen F. Austin State College, B.S. and M .A. Mathematics Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, B.S. MISS HILDA GAUT Seventh Grade Stephen F. Austin State College, B.S. and M.A. F----fm--.--V-.-'Tv - FACULTY Q4 1? ir' 'L 2 .g, ,A Q? ,lx I F .,. , WDW. - 'll .- ',.' MR. DOYLE GENTRY Junior and Elementary Physical Education Stephen F. Austin State College, B.S. and M.Ed. MR. OZZIE GRAMLING Sixth Grade Stephen F. Austin State College, B.S. MR. A. W. HAMILTON Band University of Arkansas, B.S.E. and M.Ed. MISS DREEBY HASKIN S MRS. VELERA HENSON First Grade Fourth Grade East Texas State Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College, B.S.,' College, B.S. and M.A. Stephen F. Austin State College, M.Ed. L MISS EVELYN HOLMAN Third Grade Stephen F. Austin State College, B.S. and M.Ed. MRS. RUBY HUDSON Physical Education East Texas State Teachers College, B.S. and M.S. FACUL -y 7.37, v .., , --aww Y, .VW CULTY f,Sf,.annv L-:icsgitt 'G xii H 'xgNi wh 0 gun ,Q ,'-,:,,, wwf "N 'il' 8 an 3 4 X s , MRS. JOSEPHINE MISS ARMIDE KEETER MISS RUTH KIRKHAM JENKINS Junior and Elementary English Registered Nurse Librarian North Tezas State St. Joseph's Infirmary North Texas State College, B.A.,- College, B.A. University of Texas, M.A. MRS. LOUISE LEE Second Grade Stephen F. Austin State College, B.S. MISS VIRGINIA KNAPP Social Science and School Paper Texas Technological College, B.A.,- University of Texas, M.A. MRS. ANNIE LLOYD Fifth Grade Stephen F. Austin State College, B.S. and M.A. 'ax n ,UFS ,W f - ii t ig K. t , it f my -f G X' S MRS. FREDDIE McVVILLIAMS Fourth Grade Stephen F. Austin State College, B.S. 'I I A .,,, ar. .. ...... . .- v... .- . ,.-V--..... --Y. . 7 qFACULTY MISS JOE MARIE PHILLIPS Home Economics North Tezas State College, B.S. and M.S. MRS. GUSSIE PARKER Elementary Music Stephen F. Austin State College, B.S. and M.A. I . ' 5 9' is 1 3 es V 1, .,,: te'e eelol ' it who ..' D MRS. VERA SCOTT MR. SIDNEY SIMPSON A Secretary Assistant Coach and Henderson Business College Physical Education Arkansas State Teachers College, B.S.E'. i ,-----fr' . --Y '-- Y 1 1 , Ygk , ,,, . . . , 'P' , L, I ., iikx ' If film .K MR. H. W. RAWLINSON MRS. BESSIE V. ROA Vocational Agiiculture Choral Music Sam Houston State Eastern New Mexico College, B.S. University, B.A. MRS. BONNIE BELL ! SMITH A First Grade Stephen F. Austin State College, B.S. and M.Ed. s a Q f . . , . vvWv,W - -'Www MRS. LORENE STEPHENSON Fifth Grade Mary H ardin-Bay lor College, B.S. GENE SMITH Science 'ity of Texas, B.A. FAC LTY "+...,,!i MISS FANNIE MAE STONE MRS. LULA B. English and Annual STRICKLAND Stephen F. Austin State Third Grade College, B.A. and M.A. Stephen F. Austin State College, B.S. and M.A. MISS BILLIE SUMMY Bookkeeper Federal Institute MRS. ONIE J. WADE MRS. LURENE MISS LILLIAN WATSON Social Science XVAGGONER Mathematics Stephen F. Austin State Second Grade North Texas State College, B.A. and M.A. Stephen F. Austin State College, B.S. and M.S. College, B.S. and M.Ed. IN CHOIR ROBE Mrs. Onie Wade pursues one of her favorite pas- b times at the church organ. "LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON" is an old saying that can be applied to the Simpson family. Here Coach Simpson teaches his son the fundamentals of basketball, as Mrs. Simpson looks on approving- ly. . .,,, THE FACULTY OUT OF CLASS il. THE FAVORITE HOBBY of Mrs. Ruby Hudson is her son, Larry, here enjoying a hike in the woods with his mother. fi 1 THE FINISHING applied by Miss Ruth to the unique Christmas tions displayed in her "STAR", Miss Lillian VS favorite cow, gets persona tion from Miss Watson at time. CLASSICAL RECORDS from her collection serve as COFFEE BREAK TIME finds these teachers ha a pleasure-filled pastime for Miss Ella Barthold. sipping coffee and exchanging pleasantries. ,ii 1. x A K 5 s 5 Us M 3 ai? R R X My QQQ VACATIO E h F 5. w w V 1 1 i E i V l RELUCTANT STUDENTS seem in no hurry to begin the new school year as they chat on the front steps the first school morning. Yawning students and reluctant teachers marked the opening of the 1956-57 school year. Meeting on Sep- tember 4 for the jirst time, the pupils and teachers began to settle down. to the regular activities of the school year. For a while, the o17'ice was overflow- ing with students ioho wanted their schedules changed or with new stu- dents who needed to get their sched- ules. Then, as this quieted down, club meetings began, and class officers were elected. Thus the year was launched with a good start toward being a very successful one for both teachers and students. ,LH . i Ul"i"It'I'I t'UNI"l'SlUN, t'l'e-:its-tl Ivy stiltl1'lilstl1'sil'i Nvlit-sllilv 4'il:liig5e-S, is tailu-ll vztrn- ut hy Mrs. II:l71-I t':uri-ull, nt-w rt-gistr:u'. .mil - Q NICW S'l'l'lll'IN'l'S :uvnit instruvtimns :intl Sl'ill'tllli4'S :lt an tzllnlt- in the- liIn':u'y. Nl'IXVl.Y-l'1l.IfIt"l'lfIIl .luninr Flaws prt-sitit-lit, th-iw SICNIUIK GIRLS, l':ltl'i1'i:i 'Tipp :mtl its-In-twat Fus- Atlanms, zissuim-ra tht- tlulit-s ut' his nllim- hy pro- szuly, pause- tu glzum-v ut. tint protilm- pnrtruit uf 4-4-1-tlilig with tht' 4-It-vtiuii. llc-lwvmi tlrnwn hy Holi Wnml, :L vhulk artist, who pw-sviitt-tl tht- tirst Smitliurll Asst-mlily i'l'0Kl'illll nt' tho yt-ur. SPANISH TEACHER, Mrs. Hazel Carroll, center, and amine the scrapbook on Spanish Customs and Culture 'S L2 IN THE BIOLOGY CLASS Mr. Gene S111 and several of his students observe habits of the goldfish. pupils, Mary Margaret Johnson and Jerry Costlow, ex- if 4-" by the Spanish II Class. ws.. COOKING DAY ACTIVITY in the Home- making Cottage takes place as the third year girls prepare a meal. THE MEMBERS of the speech class re- ceive notebooks from Mr. John Dent. I 7, MAJ.-p.:r,:1a gfxssaoo , 7 wi'5IfA3335Q f - sw Almg.. l MAWWM ., . qw an """"""-w-LJ. 1 in l N 1 SECOND PERIOD P. E. GIRLS examine the new health textbooks issued to them this year. THE ALGEBRA I CLASS, under the direction of Miss Lillian Watson, works on square roots in one of their daily assignments. CURRENT EVENTS are discussed each Friday in civics by a panel composed of three class members. ,,g.u:5i SHOP II STUDENTS look on as Hyman Allred, center, puts the finishing touches on the table he made in shop this year. OFF T0 DENTON and the Texas High School Press Association Con- ference are DELIGHT delegates Tommy Stuckey, Jean Tedder, Rex Barker, Carolyn Craig, Ann New- comb, Sue Freeman, and Miss Vir- ginia Knapp. I-IILLTC ON A SIGHT-SEEING TOUR 0: tin, GUSHER delegates to the Annual Clinic, Jack Lowe, C: Posey, Jimmy Pool, and Kare ran, explore the Senate Chaml the Texas State Capitol. SENIOR LETTERMEN, Russell I son, Kelley Waggoner, Hou Bradberry, and Neal Rogers, ei ine the trophy presented to G2 for the 1956 Football Bi-Dis Championship. V, GHLIGHT DISTRICT FHA HISTORIAN, Pat Chance, assembles the FHA scrap- book with the assistance of Miss Joe Marie Phillips, FHA sponsor. FACING A VINE-COVERED CROSS, on which each student has placed a flower, the choral group sings as Junior High pre- sents its annual Easter Devotional. TYPING WINNERS look as Miss Ella Barthold, typing pins their ribbons on the ulletin board. They are: Karen luran, second place, Jack Lowe, first lace, and Sonny Nations, third place. DESTINED FOR BIG D, the Gaston High School Band prepares to leave for the Texas State Fair, where they were invited to play a concert. A Y -I Y W W .,-,,,,. .,,,,,, ,,- vwv V., .V ,Y,,.- - -w - V - -.-..-.-W-W.---v--v---v-H-v ppvvvww'-"""" 'D'F "W" Lj.e,, gm 627444. . A THRGUGH THE YE ,, 5 s . AWAITING REGISTRATION CARDS Seniors, Gerry Pirtle, Shirley Guytine, Curtis Harvey, Harry Stone, Betsy Musick, Linda Croft, Jean Tedder, and Huey Crisp, begin the year in Miss Bartho1d's Home Room. THE ARRIVAL of the Senior rings brought "oh's a ah's" from Tommy Stuckey, Betsy Musick, Jean Tedd and Willie Dee Lambert. V SELECTING FORMALS for the coming proms and banquets is an exciting experience for Senior girls, Gladys Whitehead, Gerry Pirtle, Sue Freeman, and Carolyn Craig. O SENIORS " AND SWAY' their annual A1 H THE SE ICR ff ORMER STUDENTS, Clair Branch, Nancy Scott, Linda owe, and Adrian Burk, return to the campus to give the niors a few pointers on college life, with Tommy Stuckey, Enter, acting as moderator. THE DAY BEFORE THE DEADLINE for their term research papers iinds Seniors making good use of their study hall periods. :mas Party ,t Teen-Town. K'WE'LL REMEMBER ALWAYS, GRADUATION DAY," Sen- iors, Kenneth Thomas, Jean Tedder, Sue Freeman, Kelley Waggoner, and Carolyn Craig, agree as they try on their caps and gowns in a private style show. MMZSMU REGISTRATION give p an opportunity to che L former classmates an teachers. HO ECOMI C REFRESHMENTS are served to each former graduate upon his arrival to register. EXES AND TEACHB dulge in a delicious served in the cafete fore the game. Y' 1 15 1 wi X ammmmfvfkf 'T THE REFRESHMENT BOOTH, sponsored by the FHA, takes care of a rush crowd. HALLGWE' A, Q. P-6 . ti W Y X. REIGNING ROYALTY of the Hallowe'en Carnival is Queen Judy of the House of Kiker and King A. L. of the House of Layne. KINDERGARTEN COWPOKES "swing their part- ners and clap their hands" in an old-time square dance. "BINGO!" is heard many times the night of the carnival THE FINALE of the Hallowe'en Program comes when some lucky person "strikes it rich" at the Pep as the Seventh Grade students and their "horses" Squad Bingo Booth. come onto the stage, concluding the program. . 'O NIVAL , HALLOWE'EN DANCE, sponsored by the GUSH- IR, is enjoyed by the high school students and exes. THE SURREY WITH THE FRINGE ON TOP" is he subject of this clever skit presented by the Sixth Grade. "WHO'LL XVALK THE CAKE WALK?" This cry is heard coming from the Band Booth. E3 K 'Z ix . if ,MV n..41-Lp-g..L,. L . THE CROWNING of Judy Kiker as Queen of Ha11owe'en by King A. L. Layne is the high point of the Hal10we'en Program. CHRISTMAS COM I S .gi TO GA TO i SOPHOMORE SANTAS, Kay Herrington, Carolyn Posey, Judy Lacy, Cathy Theriot, and Connie Flor- ence, decorate the Christmas tree for the Sopho- more Class party. THE ANNUAL FACULTY PARTY is enjoyed by the faculty members of Gaston Schools. S I 1 ? nf- , 1 ,., , V, .,..,.,,,.,,N - . f .W v,,N, A V O., YW, , ., ,wr ,,,.,,, my f 'G if,Tg,w li. Q am . VH: . ra BK... klt i FUN AND FESTIVITIES combined make up the party given for Miss Dreeby Haskins' First Grade children by their mothers. rl, LOOK WHAT I GOT!" is the cry erally heard as Miss Hilda Gaut's 'enth Graders open their Christmas ZS. REHEARSING for their annual Christmas program, First Graders pay close attention as Miss Gussie Parker illustrates a dance step. MAI TEN NCE STAFF LADIES OF THE CAFE Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Corenne Decker, Faye Harris, Clara Tedder, Lola Anderson, Eloise Strickland, Opal Hale. mis, :Mm BUS DRIVERS Mr. A, A. Swinney, Mr. Joe Allen Jones, Mr. Roy E. Green, Mr. W. G. Ferguson, Mr. Travis Smith, Mr. George Jones. 45575, .- ,in , V my Wharf 4 wif ffl '55, M. if me ri ax wg Pirswggim M --.-.,-.-.--......., .2-W .f .ff .. W A M vagfwmmwy Q , k - -- M .,,,,,....,.Qg.,f..3f..7.,., . .1 !""1 nl' QS 4 Q CUSTODIANS Mr. C. W. Dorsey, Mr. A. B. Strickland Mr. M. A. Hunt, Mr. W. E. Finley, Mr. S. W. Ellis. , Q- G A 'livin Q' 15' A 5 E3 all ,..,...-WT--Y-Y -- ,--- vi' ""'f" JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL ELEMENTARY SCHOO1 Wig Q V N n,,.,,., , Z, ,,LL, 5Iypfw,,,:,EL,,,:miTW TGMMY STUCKEY MR. GASTONITE ,P V ffm: ,W w w esw an 1, uf v ff-54.114 Ks N. ha ww W 1-sf, 4, L "mr ef Zi: M f Mug 'gyiiiw 13 2 3 ,A mimi Q , W 'gas ax Q gm ai K Maw W 'e Yin -42,351 :,,,,,f-52. , W ,amy " wx .whi ff ' 11? Vg 121 feigxl L' air ff s xy , V VE MW, , , MISS GASTO ITE SUE FREEMA as - "" 7 l ., ar BETSY MUSICK BAND Ifflwl .1lAlSl'l'lyf has O!lf5fCHlCl7l7Ifl QlHlIl4flf'Clf1'f1'7l,S for flu? U'Im'.w Who award in Izumi lla-calmer nf' har interesf -in m21.Sz'c'. Ifvlsff has bam plagzing 1-'larimff for light yl'z1rs,' tlzrcfc nf lhwsr years, she has played first or mln vlarinet. Bcfsy has lzevn a nzajarrffta far four ycfars. Sk? mls hvad 'majorctte clurlag lzffr senior yrar. Betsy has been a lmnnl officer for the past two years, xarml chairman during her jzmxior year' and zricfe-p-residwr! flaring her senior year. Aside from playing law' crlarimfft, she has ac'f3ampa'm'ccl sm'- eral solos ami' is pianist far tha stage band. avi ""1-M 5 1 ki -15' SUE FREEMAN ENGLISH In hm' fwfr years of sfudg Sue has done superior 160 in all phases ofEllf1l'z'.slz-liferallfre, gram mar, and compo, tion. Altlzaugll she' prsgfws the two latter types, she espel ally en-joys shaft Rfarics. In zvritirzg sin' displays spew abilities in re'svf11'c'lz, In o1'gczn'i:alz'wz of maferial, and fransition of llfazfyhl, Sw quite 2'7Zf07'f'Sllf'd -in newspap writing, am? in aflllifilm to her zrarlr on the DEVIL DELIGHT she has prepared a -zefcfekly colfzemn for the lon ?lUK2l,'S1IIl! pe 72 NEAL RGGERS VUCATIONAL AGRICULTILRE For fam' years NPaI's majvv' fa-rm afar! has bmw to gw beef cfaftle, pa.wffu'vs, and kay c1'ap.9. To improzfv his has Neal rz:c1'c1i1,'cfl thrmfgh thc Sears 1306111101: F0llIIdfLti0?l' Mill Iron llomlrm IIe'1'41fm'd ball, T0 ,fmfd his I1 ard ha plmfzte cmd grew for gwzzizzg and hay the 1'1fc'rmlmr'11zIecf pasta: gm8.5:es and Il'f1Ill7lC'S, ifzclucling thu latrst mm, love gras Neal will I'6'I'l'l'l'C his Ixme Slar Frzrnzvr Drffzrw fllis yaa This clegrw, haswd upon f'CU'l2II.l'lfl and lwflcrslzzjz, is U highest degree the Slate of Texas FFA can confer ape two pear cent of its 40,000 mem-bers. TOMMY STUCKEY J OU RNALISM Five years on the newspaper staff, and two years on 2 annual staff have made Tommy Stackey the outstanding :dent in publications his senior year. He has been on the nnal staff as clnb and orts editor, bat his great re- snsibility this year hassgeen the DEVlL'S DELIGHT. Lmmy has been editor this year, but in order to reach this sition he has served from junior sports editor in the rhth grade to his present position. Tommy has a concise, clear and correct journalistic style writing. He is able to help any student with his report- ? problems and is also capable of handling with skill the write, copy, headline, and make-np problems of the pitb- ation editor. He placed fourth in the regional writing atest for journalists last year at Kilgore. He is now inning to enter the field of religions journalism. The IS publications have been better because of the work Tommy Stzlckey. BOYD WALL MATHEMATICS Boyd, although a junior, becanse of his ,enthusiasm and cellent record in algebra and plane geometry has made r himself a place in Whois Who. Boyd realizes the importance of mathenzatics in his osen career of engineering and has found that mathe- :tics offers him a rich opportunity for original investiga- rn and discovery. JEAN TEDDER BUSINESS EDUCATION Jean is a challenge to fellow bilsiness students, and has orved her skillful accoflnplishinent of bzasiness training in r club work. Her pleasing personality, her sincerity, her :asant acceptance of problems with poise, and her apti- ie and persistence have 'won for her the honor she now lds of Who's Who in business education. WHO'S WHO KAREN DURAN HOMEMAKING Karen Duran has been an outstanding student in the homemaking department for the past three gears. She has eornpleted two szmimer home experiences and has been an active member of the Gaston Chapter of FHA. Karen has served as a member of the project and degree committees, she is pianist of the local chapter, and she is president of District IV FHA. She has acquired Junior and Chapter degrees and is a candidate for the state FHA degree and state OWCGY. Dae to her diligent efforts, her interest in FHA, and the skills acquired Karen has earned the honor of ont- standing student in the hornemaking department this year. KELLEY WAGGONER BOY'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Kelley has shown his ability as an athelete and leader during his years here at Gaston School. He has taken part in all sports, and was an outstanding football and basket- ball player. He was selected as one of the captains of the Red Devil Football team, and ranks in the supper part of his class scholastieall-y. KENNETH ROGERS SOCIAL SCIENCE An avid reader is a prime requirement for a to-ne student of history, and Kenneth Rogers is the best example in Gas- ton of this qualification. An intense curiosity for the hu- man element in the story of our country is another necessary quality. Kenneth, because he has both attributes, has been chosen as outstanding in social science this year. HO'S WHO L..- V Qw3 ,i5I MERRITT GRAV ES SCIENCE A willing and capable student, Merritt is efrceptionall interested in the rarions phases of science. H-is willingnes to spend the extra time and effort to understand the theorg which is all important in carrying ont the practical aspect of such a coarse, is largely responsible for 'winning the honor. He has been at student of superior standing in ger eral science, biology, and chemistry, a fact which has als added to this honor. These a-chierevnents coupled with hi ability in mathematics aiorrl him a fine opportunity in tk field of science. IWNRMNI FIR 2021-22 lsfwu e. s r-WM iuusfbft as momma mum Q N CAROLYN POSEY DRAMATICS The selection of IVho's Who in dramatics was acconn plisherl through lVll4'l'jJI'6ff1'f'lll6 rearliny of dramatic mate rial. Most members of the dramatic eluh were reluctant t denztonstratc their abilities. But Carolyn, the "trooper" tha she is, togeflzcr with her zcillingness to tackle anything tha will not bite her first, came through with flying color: Some of the qualities that cleternzine a good actress are personality, brains, and a nrillingness to work. Carolyn ha all of these, at e JY I 1 V i f iea Q X ,I H, , -5, if 5 XX ,y . kt kk 'AO - ' 1- 12+ f C- , 3 A ----s le if iw M X. N mimi? t , . i,,is.... l l HYMAN ALLRED INDUSTRIAL ARTS 4 Hyman, having completed his courses in Industrials Arts, as found that to master the rnanipnlatizfe skills brings an vzner satisfaction that ,few other rzeeornplzlshnzents afford. its oeflstanding craftsmanship on the many projects he as completed shows that he has mastered these skills. Je will be able to use these traits in the future foward a izselihood as well as good home rrz.a-intenanee, LOUISE BRIAN LIBRARY A friendly smile and the desire to help others are two rnportant qualifications for library works. Louise Brian Qossesses both in abundance. She has freely given, of her 3:7728 to make the library a Convenient and pleasant place 'or study. With two years of experience to her credit, louise has two more in which to develop her potentialities io the fullest. he i We s We 4 X I MARY MARGARET JOHNSON GIRL'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION During her years 'in high sehool Mary Margaret's abilities in physical education have been observed and they cannot go unnoticed. She is the typical student for zohom the edu- cational psrofession is wanting and a, consistent "team worker" who is pleasing to her classmates. Her interest, her eagerness, her neatness, and her personcll enjofyment of health, reereation, and physical education give the Whois Who award to Mary Margaret for 1957. """"""" ""' " M--""Q-...L-Li.A F3 LX! i,,1.,'1,,i.,f?N,49? f'L.l REX BARKER CHORAL Rex is a very zvorthy student to receive this honor of Whois' Who in choral. He is an excellent music stzlflent, and is very rnneh interested in all types of music. Other than choral club work, Rea: takes part in all band activities on the campus. Rex plans to make music his minor in college. HO'S HO I I ir- ' a Wi Ln. I ,... ' SENIOR CLASS OFFI Social Chairman Mary J Reporter ...... Sue F Sponsor .... Mrs. Onie 5 3 Vice-President .. Neal Social Chairman Kenneth'l Secretary-Treasurer Ann Ne President .. Kelley Wa REPRESENTATIVE STUD Elwanda Hunt Huey IEPRESENTATIVE STUDENTS osalyn Elliott Gene Adams IIOR CLASS OFFICERS ent ...... Gene Adams ter ..,.. Sonny Nations resident Boyd VVall :ors . Mrs. Mary Lee Dysart . Miss Ella Barthold l Chairmen . . . . . . Sandra Connelly . . . Rodney Hudson .. ..., Rosalyn Elliott . . . . . . Bobby Anderson :ary-Treasurer ie All A W9 Q..--4 rl 'M fe lf ,H LY p ill 5 l Ot Picturedb . . . . Barbara Blackford J? 0-.,, - gulf' I of l mm, gg-uw vu fbi KW, 'I-L--., --one .r...,,- -M -ff" elf Q! my . aw iiggjim Qimm we wg 'ummm-mms QB! EQ! 'FFR ., ,gf -N V,-A 1,,f wwf all 2 S fx? sfgivivg ,fefqitzibrrx ww -2 'L'-Sep.. gaitiif MQ" ' SUPHOMC PRE CLAS Sponsor OFFICERS Miss Lillian V President Mike Bla Vice-President Juanita H Secretary-Treasurer Reporter . . . . ........ . . . Connie Fl , . . . Larry Cle Social Chairmen Dale Brenda I Sponsor . . Miss Ruth Ki: 34:41 URW' SWT? REPRESENTATIVE STUDED Fathy Theriot Mike Blackf 'M rf 2 in , gm 1. PM f , 'S 4 ' 2' V aff 5 . . a- ,r , nfs 3' 5. Q: X 1: . nl: 5: mf, 3 .. ' 1 ' 4, 1 .Qi 1' - ' ' 'fir , Q ? A. Am N Q 116. Q . , pr A omg i N., i iawwgqg quiummw .U U' Y ., -, '- -get gr' , K ,Vi -2:11 4 si Q, Y ii -iff K " 4.2, y. A - 51' 1- sf rf' a 3 sw-w,,vz: i -K Agri' if Q 5 if 1-,lf V- fm 4sf?"'1 J, H 3 EIGHTH GRADE CL OFFICERS Reporter .,.. Johnny ll Sponsors Mr. H. W. Rav Mr. Johl Reporter Lula Belle President . . Mickey Co Social Chairman Jack Fr Vice-President Kenneth 4 Social Chairman Barbara V5 Secretary-Treasurer Don Sli l RE PRESENTATIYE STUD' Carolyn Spec-ht Charles I SALUTATORIAN Sue Ffeenlan HONGR STUDENTS VALEDICTORIAN ' Tommy Stucliey Hp SWEETHE ' Hit' if 11 lE Jr ff V 5 V? 4 FHA VITY-l'l' ROY , Kvllefb' Wzii-Quorum' ' EL yk. . X ' as Q Fl N JTHA LL SKY lf! ETHE Szmdrza Uunxwlly Nilirllfi EHS FUR FUO'ffS:'1l.l.f 2-BNA' Hl1I'PH If Lixuizi Hardy, Eighth C, Jilillliiil Huilzmri, Sophia Gladys White-Ywaul, Se Szirtcim Vmxue-lly, .Yun Jzmfei. Juhmamx, lfrvshl 5'G.H.. an ij' SVYFIFZTHFIA RT mx Cxi3l1Tiiii'!' NUM! NPEPIS FOR X N ll HUC BETH EA RT Belle Simmer, Eighth Grade rm i:7U1ll'L'ii2l', tiophomcwe mm Teddest. Senior ra Neli Heatcm. Juniar ,lolyn Wrigm, P're+shman 'gp'-nun--F im 2 FFA SWEETHEART Rebecca Cassady FVVUV www H 'W' - ' IU' Y i , . A ty f , rwwe' MW' 3 ,f ,U A V V 'wg-XM. f'?g2rwrf.xu1 mfg l-'v'wiWI'f.- MQFWN 7 fin' 'V ,' 'WATT 715114 ,nffrw 'ww :Q f f. -V WU, , A NV A F 4" ,A f5"eHZ4955ff2uw, l 19 M5157 2 vim 'V Av WT? 1 V - W gm , . .1 gf f 1 f49,35,f,g3.gml,fzg.,ff,g,,g 3, M1 V, ' -' ' i Lf'-5 1 9. A f ' - f elm' gggg--gpzagw 7 A LQ, w?'1f'9.-ivsif3155957555 L , 3 E F E I r R N L w . BILL CROFT GASTO 'S OST HA D O GASTGNS MUST BEAUTIFUL CAROLYN PGS EY NOMINEES FOR MUST HANDSCME ,, , Ar,, V 'iff' gf. 'Z' nf?-'ffzli ' , :fi 'gg-QQ-iff A - - A W -'iwfggak , Y NEAL ROGERS KELLEY WAGGONER NOMINEES R EB ECCA CASSADY LINDA CROFT FOR MOST BEAUTIFUL pm- E .-v-"' The GUSHER stay? was for in having Jejjf Hunter, talented actor of 20th Century Fox S and Kim Novak, lovely scree of Columbia Studios, as select the 'most beautiful girl and most some boy at Gaston. Sb' X615 Qx AQQAEGMQ? U Q3 my f i P I E f if E -fy ff Q Q' ff .ge ff ' W N ag 5 I L A gg? Q 9, 1, V. .. ,K K at 77 .5 Y ., ,S , if Bi , F . W? ig ,gli 1+ 4 f an 5. 4 Q 4 Q Q i Vi: ii:J!"6"'W f W- if Q 4' K 1, 5 V ' . , , s V,-. .. l E IOR FOOTBA- , BLDISTRICT CHAMP! SEASON'S SCORES i , I We' 41 X N0n-Confere- s X K Leveretts Chapel ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, , , ,X , 7 l Center 777,,,,... . ..,,,,,,.., ,,... , ,Q ,.,,,,,,. 6 1 Jacksonville ,,7,7, 1 .,,,,. 12 1 Sabine CCCCCCCCCCCC o 51 14? ' ,.,,llClCCl 59 Q London , 7 ,.,,,, f ,,,,,,,,,7,, 13 5 , , 1 O nfe A nce Game 1 Q Carlisle 7, - , Y,7,., 7,77 ,,Y..,,....... 1 Y , 19 l Chapel Hill , ,, ...,ve. . , ,,,,,e,7, , fy' 7777,, 7 Lindale 7,7777, .e..,.. A H f , ,7,7,,, .... , 14 , Overton .,,v, W ,,7,,,. ....Y...7V,Vw,, Y,77, 6 4 Q 21 Troup ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,.....,..,,,,,,,,7,, , ,,,, 1 ", Game E Kerens ..,,,,,,,, N ,,,,......ff . 7 21 , mga!-:S 'Q eeeeeeeeeeee eeee eeeeeeee o 7 SENIOR HIGH FOOTBALL COACHES examine the ' football schedule for this district on the bulletin board in the high school building. They are Charlie Boren, Head Coach, and Sid Simpson and James Adams, Assis- tant Coaches. Q if fr, X x ' ,' x If I 'ef W, -wo J. t Is 'I Qu ' I it OOOO O P r 1 2 Kelley Waggoner Dick Hunt Houston Bradberry Larry Cooper Quarterback Halfback Halfback Halfback All-District , M 1 L , . L H Z I t Eefj v A S l VVZ, E 3 ska if Harry Stone Kenneth Rogers Bill Croft Rodney Hudson Fullback Tackle End Guard All-District J...xo1111,H1o- 1 WCM-, 6 1956 RED DEVIL FOOTBALL SQUAD First Row: Donny Ricks, Jerry Brian, Charles Thomas, Gerald Evers, Donald Forsythe, George Jones, Harry Stone, Dick Hunt, Carl Furqueron, Houston Bradberry. Second Row: Rodney Hudson, Ben Arnold, James Dickeson, Merritt Graves, Don Lee Wooten, Don Long, Bobby McClellen, David Pool, Jerry Pool, Gene Adams, David Cooper, Kelley Waggoner. Third Row: Coach Charlie Boren, Manager Anthony Adams, Terry Irick, Bill Croft, Don Wells, Kenneth Rogers, Gaines Dickeson, Huey Crisp, Malcolm Taylor, Russell Hudson, Larry Cooper, Manager Ed Roy Simmons, Coach Sid Simpson. Gene Adams Jerry Brian Terry Irick Ben Arnold End Halfback Guard Guard . i ,- ,sl Don Wells Carl Furqueron Russell Hudson George Jones Tackle Halfback Guard Center as Q .1 - , W, . A V ., vv.-,..,.v-...,..-- - - --.W,.,,. H THE SEASON Gaston s Red Devils got of to a slow start in the 56 season when they were defeated by the 5 sw AT A GLANCE Charles Thomas Don Long Halfback End AFTER A TREMENDOUS GAIN over his own right tackle, Left Halfback Houston Bradberry is "bounced" by an Over- ton Mustang. FULLBACK, Jerry Brian, and Halfback, Houston Brad- berry, team up to put the Mustangs back for a loss. Leveretts Chapel Lions by a score of 8 to 7. This game was played on the night of September 7 at the Gaston stadium. Con- tinuing in the same line, the Devils treked to Center the next week where the Rough Riders trampled them by the count of 25 to 6. The third straight loss occured when Jacksonville's In- dians and the Red Devils met in a hard-fought skirmish, with the Indians coming out on top by the narrow margin of 13 to 12. The following week the Devils downed the Sabine Cardinals 59 to 7 in the first win of the season. "G, H. S. beat the Wildcats" was the cry which rang through- out the halls of Gaston High as the Devils prepared for the on- coming game with London. The fired-up Red Devils pulled a sur- prise attack on the over-confident Wildcats, and the score was tied 13 to 13 until, in the last quarter, a Wildcat broke loose and ran all the way for a touchdown. The final score in this exciting game was 19-13, in favor of London. A Homecoming crowd greeted the conference play as the Devils won over the Carlisle Indians 19 to 14. This game was played Saturday night, October 20. But the next week the chances for the Devil's third straight district crown were given a severe shock when Chapel Hill's Bulldogs beat the Devils 12 to 7. In a "do or die" situation the next week, the pepped-up Devils journeyed to Lindale, where they scored 1.6 points and held the Eagles to only 2 points. Overton was Gaston's next victim as the Devils "tromped" the Mustangs 64 to 13. Then, the next week, the Red Devils defeated the Troup Tigers by a score of 21 to 6 to take the Dis- trict 17-A crown! "Beat who? Kerens!" Pep all the way was with the Devils as, November 23, 1956, they jour- neyed to Tyler where, in a bi- district contest with the Kerens Bobcats, Gaston emerged vic- torious by a score of 21 to 13. fm 3 mv - D3 1 3 125, U it wx as , 1 Huey Crisp . End wa ": I 5 Malcolm Taylor Quarterback 1-7 5.7 13: 'J V'ik IW? f- . f 6 Ed Roy Simmon Manager But all good things m to an end, and the Mart halted the Devils' winnin at the Palestine stadi night of November 283 racked up 20 points to C 7. So ended the 1956 seas Devils had 6 wins and 6 a bi-district crown, and two boys on the All- Team. 1 'K iw - ww' , David Cooper Merritt Graves David Pool Bobby McClellen Center End End Halfback io Donny Ricks Gerald Evers Jerry Pool Don Lee Wooten Halfback Guard Guard W""i?if3'S+12 ,W Halfback ., f,2m'feigssv.: K .X W , is Gaines Dickeson James Dickeson Donald Forsythe Anthony Adams N Tackle DEVIL HALF- , Dick Hunt, ers around left N help set up line drive for 1's lighting Guard Tackle Manager an I 1 ff! I 3 if 5 ap 5 ci t. . n FOOTBALL SQUAD First Row: Robert Dickeson, Manager. Second Row: William Harvey, Jerry Murray, Milton Clark, Don Springer, Bobby Bates, Jerry Thomas, Jerr Blake. Third Row: Bill Theriot, Johnny Metcalf, Robert Williamson, Cecil Morgan, Robert Guytine, Edwin Jenkin: Mike Tolleson, Jack Franklin. Fourth Row: Mr. J. B. Adams, Coach, Wayne Connelly, Douglas Lowe, Jerry Stafford, Duane Gibbs, Micke Copeland, Billy Whitehead, Beverly Thomas, Kenneth Cooper, Mr. Sid Simpson, Coach. . ,, ' i nn! ..... -A aiu! p 'i1Q, 1 ,Q lp, ' C0-CAPTAIN if - C 1 Duane Gibbs W' C0-CAPTAIN Beverly Thomas PASS PRACTICE finds members of the Q Junior High Imps Football Squad try- ing to catch three passes in a row. 4.........,.,,, -....D4.. ,, .. ...... 1957 RED DEVIL BASKETBALL SQUAD rst Row: Rodney Hudson, Sonny Nations, George Jones, Carl Furqueron, Kelley Waggoner. cond Row: Mike Blackford, David Pool, Dale Finley, Ed Roy Simmons, Manager, Malcolm Taylor, Charles icy, Merritt Graves. lird Row: Coach Charlie Boren, Bill Croft, Don Wells, Gaines Dickeson, Neal Rogers, Boyd Wall, Coach Sid IIIDSOII. IOR BASKETBALL WITH BAGS PACKED the "Devils" leave for a non-conference game with Arp. A PART of the "Devils" warm-up practice is a few trips up and down the bleachers. CONFERENCE SCORES We Carlisle .A.... ,.,,, 5 1 Chapel Hill ...,, A..,. 5 9 Troup ..,,....,. ...., 4 2 Lindale ...,, .,,... 3 0 Overton ,,,,,. ...,. 4 1 Carlisle ,,.... ...,.. 4 6 Chapel Hill .,... .,... 5 5 Troup ,,,,,.,, A...,. 4 2 KelleyG3ZIaggoner Lindam 47 Overton ,,,,l, .. 45 Neal Rogers Center Boyd VVall Forward Charles Lacy George Jones Guard Guard The 53 67 48 55 62 65 53 54 49 59 F. 5 57 25 as 17 u F 3 2 Q 2 2 1 8 53 1 ' 3 'gg V A i -IL,' A 1 ' . , AL' "Q Q W g we - , .:V Ii bg V' lg: ' I 04 21 x BASEBALL SQUAD trst Row: Terry Irick, Neal Rogers, Don Wells, David Pool, Bill oft, Bobby McClellen. :cond Row: George Jones, Carl Furqueron, Rodney Hudson, Lck Hunt, Houston Bradberry, Gene Adams. ird Row: Coach Sid Simpson. ? TRACK TEAM lrst Row: Charles Lacy, Malcolm Taylor, Don Wells, Dick Hunt, en Arnold. econd Row: George Jones, Merritt Graves, Sonny Nations, David Dol, Houston Bradberry. hird Row: Coach Charlie Boren, Boyd Wall, Gaines Dickeson, eal Rogers, Ed Roy Simmons, Bill Croft. PRING PORT AT THE SNAP of Coach Charlie Boren's gun, Dick Hunt and Ben Arnold are off to a breezy 100 yard sprint. IN A PRE-SEASON PRACTICE Merritt Graves, Charles Lacy, and Boyd Wall talk over plans of the coming tennis t0l1I'l'lalI19l'1t. 5 F, X fu :QV A ,jing,gkiwgggvrndflv . i I ' p",..i5" 97 TQ . Q' 1 -fr W A 1 M 'AM' A -H- L fag T' 1 KAY WEAST, LINDA CROFT, MELBA HUNT, AND fi?-ji, , GLADYS WHITEHEAD check in baskets after a strenu- E ' X' E A' ous workout. "STRIKE THREE" is the cry heard as Pitch: Karen Tresner and Catcher Carolyn Specht "far Lula Belle Stone in a softball game. THE ART of serving a badminton birdie is demonstrated to P. E. girls by Mrs. Ruby Hudson, Girls' Physical Education Instructor. GIRL ' PHYSIC. JUCATIO gajtzxzgef . i I Uwlw Mita , l l THAT BALL!" girls from the fourth per- P. E. class shout as they participate in one of favorite sports. TENNIS HOPEFULS, Janet Johnson, Mary Wall, Mary Margaret Johnson, and Barbara Taylor, pose before going out to the tennis courts. THIRD PERIOD P. E. girls gain the initial art of playing volleyball by learning to keep the ball in the air. S 11 . , . qv ,af - i-. r----, -1 --H-k "-"""""""' H" """"""'-""' "ww" ' w 4,0 , V H ' X x 1 , L 4 f ,, L, L 3 P V A i P Q l GYMNASIUM -r,,,-v-ff , I J, MMQBF FOOTBALL TADIUM ,4 ...,,,, , , g-.. 777+-VY Y 15131 ' ? .'h X, . Xl ll! x, 3 -Xvfxfk 4 Q. Hn, ,, A? 4, I 'Q , Q 5,21 5 jx i f Q , Q . x , U K M254 CO-EDITORS, Jack Lowe and Karen Duran, work together on the cover de- sign for this year's annual. PLANNING THE LAYOUTS for the year a Layout and Art Editors, Barbara Blackfor Rosalyn Elliott, and Mary Lou Theriot. AD COPY is written and typed by Ad Mhz gers, Pat Chance, Connie Florence, Wall, and Dale Finley. Q 1 sf, ! .4 Y 1. 5 " ' 1 i F , W f... X I ' A PORTS EDITORS, Kelley Waggoner nd Carolyn Posey, with the Business anagers, Shirley Guytine and Jean edder, compare the layouts of other books with this year's copy. HE FILING of the club membership is a 'ge job for the Club Editors, Sue Freeman d Kay Weast. IPCORN BOXES are assembled for the 'day night game by Concession Managers, my Pool and Juanita Holland, assisted by ist, Laura Nell Heaton, and Concession mager, Louise Brian. L-. 'N MONEY from the sale of yearbooks is checked in by Cathy Theriot, Mary Margaret Johnson, and Joyce Richards, Class and Circulation Editors. ,fd '1' DEVIL' DELIGHT DELIGHT EDITOR, Tommy Stuckey, looks on as Miss Virginia Knapp, Sponsor, approves a drawing for the Christmas edition. The Kilgore Interscholastic League Press Conference and the Texas High School Press Association trips were the highlights of the year for the newspaper stajf. The DELIGHT won its seventh All-Texas Award at THSPA, and Tommy Stuckey, Rez Barker, Sue Freeman, Carolyn Craig, Jean Tedder, and An-n Newcomb were the representatives that the staff sent to the THSPA con- vention in December. A Christmas party and a dinner during the spring semester were the social activities of the DEVIUS DELIGHT as they completed the eighteenth year of publication. ASSISTANT EDITORS, Sue Freeman, ll Graves, Ann Newcomb, and Rex Bark amine the criticism scorebook of the STAFF ASSIGNMENTS are checker Carolyn Craig, Headline Editor: B Dorney, Club Editor and Art, Mary garet Johnson, Girls' Sports Editorg Davis, Junior Sports Editorg and l Waggoner, Boys' Club Editor. ., fm, ,W E- V..M.,,A,, - 3 -:Er P9 f .ms , 1 H. , w W, , , KH I I E an . 1 ' V3 1 1 . -,. ' T :Q AL ' T T MQ -X' V xii? ei-1 it i' --.... ..,. 3 , 5 i if 9' F ? p t"'v 3 1 5 if FLA es 1'-Q K I 3 STAFF MEMBERS combine their ef- forts to run a page of the paper. They are: Bettye Ferrell, Typistg Jack Lowe, Typist and Art: Rebecca Cassady, Co- Print Manager and Artg Jean Tedder, Co-Print Manager: and Rosalyn Elliott, Feature Editor and Art. i 5 THE GASTON HIGH SCHOOL BAND 5 5 S S v A E I ! A V l E E T P. i I I . . , K I L, f VV .?1'.k K 1 f un WE 0 5 -F .vm Q-v. Q ,, , -.MA ' mf 1 - ' Q' Q, . .. wi - I N ,, X ,Nm K ,Q 114, . .,, , ,, ,, ,, Q,"2.?,R A A' T1 ' A Eg-fig , ,K , ,. . N L- .ydbvfw V. ,. .N fix - N Q. . ,N ww f . x I . ,A , . ' M f 7' 'Tiff' " 1, : . . , -1-,V , . ff , .. A. wh +V 2 . wg, . ,-q ,M - fi TQ ff A F ' - gif? K A HS' 19 K - fm H Yi . If . f Au :S"?? w-.., fm,,. . fwggk .. iff. 5 W- 3-M. X 1 ws 5 , . by 5,9-52:45 al , ,rua-walgiff-:QE ,., -any 4 ,NJMWQ Hz az V V v . N N, ,. .,i,,J, u M ,.,. , 'si a. 1, ,M M fswny, , gpg, fwvfwl M.. Q., 1, Q, .,.,, sv , 53 an-,K n lik. 'sg La P52 wk My ww- ' A ' if A" X' L,'Ix-V' X13 Sw, .1 -,wi ,M . ,,.x.,, My , , , . -,H . . W .gg I , ,5k 5Sgj..5v- .gy E 2 ,ig wg k-V, k V3c,7 fg-3.., L .' -aw ,Wk ,, Y , , ., ,I t -Q K ,fig A 2 ' f 'vi' My ,,,, , L , . . 'E 1, in MQ ,. :W 'M i , . -- , .,. fl' 1. 4- Q fx H.. , .fi . - '4 W 32 3 , an E .,, k . Q Y .Q A A 'f. 1 " , .W , Betsy Musick CLARINETS Carolyn Barker Betsy Musick Jean Tedder Gene Harris Bettye Ferrell Sandra Connelly Joyce Richards Beth Cooper Barbara Walling Mary Romberg Elwanda Hunt Barbara Lowe Frances Pickering FLUTES Karen Duran Alice Whitehead Kay Herrington Linda James Sammie High Carolyn Specht is 1 --W ab 4 V I DRUM MAJOR Connie Florence MAJ ORETTES Kay Herrington Karen Duran Bettye BA ND ROSTER Ferrell Judy Lacy PICCOL0 Cathy Theriot ALTO SAXOPHONES Dixie Davis Betty Crocker Nancy Freeman Lula Bell Stone TENOR SAXOPHONES Jack Lowe Jo Ann Courcier Doris Lowe Kathy Musick BARITONE SAXOPHONE Mike Blackford CORONETS Charles Lacy Dale Finley Judy Lacy Phil Davis Charles Smith Jack Franklin Charles Pool Robert Bailey FRENCH I-IORNS Tommy Stuckey Laura Nell Heaton Connie Florence Rex Barker BARITONES Jerry Costlow John Woods Pat Chanc. BASS HORNS Mike Kelley Jimmy Pool Boyd Wall TROMBONES Hyman Allred Edward Jones Walter Ellis PERCUSSION Pat Chance Bobby Andersol Carol Henson Ann Newcomb Gwen Wright Bobby Bates Sonny Nations Kenneth Thoma BA ND OFFICERS r .. .... Rex Barker er ..... Tommy Stuckey ,ry ........ Jean Tedder Shairman . . Elwanda Hunt 'esident Betsy Musick Chairman . . Bettye Ferrell Kenneth Thomas Chairman . . Sonny Nations Chairman .. Charles Lacy ent s rf I BAND DIRECTOR Mr. Alexander Hamilton HOMECOMING NIGHT the band s "Blue Skies" from their company , position, while the majorettes and 1 major perform with their umbrellas. Summer rehearsals opened another eventful season for this year's Gaston High School Band. Under the direction of Mr. Alexander Hamilton, the band began rehearsing the first part of August. This year the band presented a series of twelve half- time shows to the football audience. With emphasis on precision drill, the shows also included intricate twirling routines, major- ette dances, and a fine selection of jazz and swin-g numbers. The band had the honor of going to Dallas to the State Fair, where they had been invited to play a concert. They also went to the homecoming at Stephen F. Austin State College in Nacog- doches. The marching season was climaxed by the marching contest in Longview on the night of November 27, 1956, where they received a Division II rating. 2. gf Q ii r JU IOR BA D First Row: Byron Lee, Beverly Goss, Louise Stevens, Victoria Goldberg, Sue Williams, Linda Dodson, Elizabetr Heaton, Brenda Sellers, Charlotte Tarrant, Matalyn Taylor. Second Row: Sheriden Dillon, John Henson, Lee Roy Wall, Don L. Anderson, Francine Franklin, Bobby Dillon Douglas Jackson, John L. Thomas, Ann Langston, Sallie Nye, Marlene Tennison, Paul Maynard, Gerald Stewart Winnie Arnold, Lynn Costlow, Bill Montgomery, Ernest Ledger. Third Row: Otis Pirtle, Anthony Elliott, Eugene Layne, Jimmy Bynum. S Q Z ,i BEGINNER 'BA D First Row: Joyce Thomas, Danny Dallas, Brian Taylor, Sandra Cooper, Ann Pennington, Bill Courcier, Sandra Sue Summy. Diana Mathis, Judy Nicol, Geneva Cooper. Second Row: Jerry Grisham, Diann Harvey, Virginia Brundage, Billy Allee, Ronnie Freeman, Ruby Hamilton, Sam Sherer, Judy Littlefield, David Stroud, Jerry Marshall, Ruby Jo Dickeson, Kim Tolleson, Robert Whaley, Paul Hardaway, Gayland Thomas, Dean Stroud, Nancy Stone, Roger Richardson, Kenneth Ross. Third Row: Lynn Akin, Gary Crisp, James Middleton, Charles Goldsberry, Billy Nye, Wayne Autry, Dale Con- nelly, John Lynn Duran. W.. .M M., irst Row: Mike Blackford, Kathy Musick Jack Lowe Betty Crocker Gene Harrls Mr Alexander Hamxlton irector. econd Row: Judy Lacy, Bettye Ferrell, John Woods Dale Fmley Charles Lacy lhird Row: David Cooper, Pat Chance, Hyman Allred Conme Florence Boyd Wall Mlke Kelley TAGE BA A new organization on the "hill" this year, L6 Stage Band, began rehearsals during the immer months. When school began, the md got off to a good start by working on frangements of such musicians as Stan enton. The band, directed by Mr. A. W. amilton, meets every Tuesday and Thurs- ay at home room period. F 1 PEP "WHO ARE THE DEVILS?" yell the cheerleaders as they begin a noon pep rally. X. ' 5? t hx df i 'W i - at '54 .. 'Q' . ' ,L A if me , 'Q 5 H. f , I 5 s I E . , PEP SQUAD SPONSOR, Mrs. Ruby Hudson, pauses at the entrance to the high school building before beginning a day of work, 1- 2 it x , , s I Q' X V E X L cf' 4 f First Row: Jo Lane Williams, Gertrude Ellis, Sandra Anderson, Lynda Newcomb, Gloria Forsythe, Linda HIGH SCHOOL PEP SQUAD Second Row: Louise Brian, Mary Wall, Kay Weast, Janet Johnson, Janie Crisp. Third Row: Mrs. Ruby Hudson, Sponsor, Gerry Pirtle, Carolyn Nye, Rachel Montgomery, Juanita Holland, Stroud. Fourth Row: Carolyn Stroud, Sue Freeman, Shirley Guytine, Mary Margaret Johnson, Carolyn Craig. Fifth Row: Mary Ann Blake, Willie Ann Garrett, Gladys Whitehead, Janet Furqueron, Janice Rogers, Rosaly Elliott, Barbara Taylor, Carolyn Walker. J M W i 4' M' 1 3 V ,M ,fy S5 'A A AD N1 NL.. fl 7 'W A F IQ A. i'-' ,lf ' Q A+ " ur . HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS Carolyn Posey Annabelle Pirtle Brenda Dorney Linda Croft Rebecca Cassady JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Jo Lane Williams Kathy Musick Mary Wall Carolyn Specht THE CAMERA catches the Pep Squad in action the night of the Homecoming Game with Carlisle. CHORAL GROUP CHORAL CLUB OFFICERS Vice-President . . Bobby Anderson Reporter . . . Tommy Stuckey President . . . Kenneth Thomas Social Chairman . . . Sonny Nations Secretary-Treasurer . . Barbara Blackford Librarian . . . . Gloria Forsythe Social Chairman . . Janet Johnson l i CHORAL MEMBERS First Row: Mrs. Beth Turner, Director, Sh Guytine, Gladys Whitehead, Melba Hunt, GI Forsythe, Linda James. Second Row: Mary Wall, Dixie Davis, Bar Taylor, Gertrude Ellis, Sandra Anderson, L Hardy. Third Row: Brenda Dorney, Willie Ann Gar Barbara Blackford, Janet Johnson, Prebble dan. Fourth Row: Bobby Anderson, Kenneth Tho Sonny Nations, Rex Barker, Tommy Stucke RUCTIONS are given e choral group by Beth Turner on a song. ,M awww. . W A A . ,A ,,. muff , Q, mm- -1-lil., fra! Q, ... .ww u . Q Q33 summit: 21.4 qii9Q1nm-avg 5' 'K v FUTURE HO FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF GASTON First Row: Karen Duran, Patsy Woods, Juanita Holland, Jo Ann Courcier, Carolyn Posey, Marie Bynum, Mary Romberg, Willie Ann Garrett, Mary Lou Theriot, Sandra Connelly, Carolyn Nye, Barbara Lowe, Janie Crisp. Second Row: Shirley Guytine, Janet Furqueron, Rosalyn Elliott, Doris Lowe, Carol Henson, Joyce Richards, Melba Hunt, Mary Wall, Janice Rogers, Jo Lane Williams, Brenda Dorney, Annabelle Pirtle, Nancy Free- man, Mary Johnson, Janet Johnson, Gwendolyn Wright, Kay Weast. Third Row: Barbara Taylor, Patricia Tipp, Virginia Bates, Rebecca Cas- sady, Willie Dee Lambert, Betsy Musick, Ann Newcomb, Bettye Ferrell, Kelley Waggener, Pin-Up Boy, Judy Lacy, Linda Croft, Carolyn Craig, Karen Thomas, Louise Brian, Karen Tresner. Fourth Row: Gerry Pirtle, Kay Herrington, Gladys Whitehead, Betty Crocker, Connie Florence, Pat Chance, Jean Tedder, Sue Freeman, Idell Linton, Dixie Davis, Rachel Montgomery, Cathy Theriot, Miss Joe Marie Phillips, Sponsor. MAKEF FHA OFFICERS Historian-Parliamentarian Rosalyn E Pianist and President of District IV . . . Karen D President . . . Rebecca Ca Vice-President Ann New SongLeader Bettye F Secretary ...... Jean T Treasurer ..,... Linda Public Relations Oflicer Sue Fre 8 T GASTO ERING ROSES from the by the Homemaking e are FHA girls, Barbara Taylor and Mary Lou t. These rose bushes Jlanted as a project by r members. FUTURE FAR 1 Robert Williams Franklin Hudson . Neal Rogers Larry Cooper H. D. Rawlinson . George Jones Carl Furqueron NEAL ROGERS checks the knotter on his hay baller ln preparatlon for early hay crops. fi, f If .i.J,g5.. 10 511 06 A, 'X " ' 'QQ' . Q9 4' . up ll , XJ irax-1'i,f1 sf' I ,X A 0 e 4' 5 .4 me 0. ' .,. Q? sh . QL ',tv,s l , Y 1 Q' . pg kv galf ts .thx FLTLRE FARMERS OF GASTOlN Flr'-tg Row B111 Boden Edwm Jenklns Wayne Connelly James Dlckeson Davld Cagle Robert Wllllams Frank lm Hudson Gene Harrls Hyman Allred Robert Dickeson Beverly Thomas Jerry Murray Second Row Jerry Stafford Don Wells Carl Furqueron Curtls Harvey Kelley Waggener Wlllxam Harvey Paul Fess Dee Taylor Mr H D Rawllnson Sponsor Thud Row Billy Wh1tehead Larry Cooper Russell Hudson Huey Crlsp Ed Roy . ... l ,UVM 4' I- ,v,,, 8, L S3253 U 'Q ,ng U .74 9 STANDING BESIDE his prize winning load of pulp wood, Hyman Allred smiles with the satisfaction of having the largest load to hit the market. TRIMMING HIS PINES will be Dee Tay- lor's last task before the trees are ready for market. it 712, , The Gaston Chapter of the Future Farmers of America began its activities early in the year by attending the State Fair in Dallas and visiting many of the exhibits there. Later in the year the FFA boys also attended the Houston Fat Stock Show. The boys entered four teams in the Chapter Conf ducting Contest at Longview and five teams in the livestock judging contests in Kilgore and Commerce, Texas. They also entered several soil judging contests and attended field trips given by the Soil Conservation Service. The FFA members attended three barbecues, one in Kilgore and two in Henderson.. They also made use of the farm shop in the Vocational Agriculture Building by making many useful articles for their personal need. takes pride in caring for them. CHICKENS are Russell Hudson's secon year Vocational Agriculture project. Ru sell has a good group of Leghorns an ,-1'-W '- ATICS CLUB DRAMATICS CLUB OFFICERS Secretary ........... Linda Croft Reporter . . . . Joel Franklin Social Chairman . . Carolyn Posey Sponsor . . . , Mr. John Dent Vice-President . . . Huey Crisp President . . . Kenneth Rogers CLUB MEMBERS First Row: Janice Rogers, Annabelle Pirtle, Linda Stroud, Patsy Woods, Carol Henson, Rachel Montgomery. Second Row: Joel Franklin, Kenneth Rogers, Huey Crisp, Louise Brian, Carolyn Posey, Sandra Connelly, Mary Lou Theriot. Third Row: Janet Furqueron, Gerry Pirtle, Linda Croft, Kay Herrington, Patricia Tipp, Virginia Bates. Fourth Row: Gerald Evers, Carl Furqueron, Rodney Hudson, Malcolm Taylor, Don Forsythe, Mr. John Dent. CRAFTSM CLUB CRAFTSMAN CLUB OFFICERS Vice-President ...... Bill Croft Sponsor ...... Mr. James Adams Secretary-Treasurer . . Kelley Waggoner President ........ Dick Hunt Social Chairmen .... Rodney Hudson Neal Rogers, and Jerry Brian Reporter ....... Gene Adams CRAFTSMEN Don Long, David Pool, Ben Arnold, and Don Lee Wooten are shown putting the finishing touches on a coffee table. CLUB MEMBERS First Row: Don Long, Jerry Brian, Rodney Hud- son, Don Lee Wooten. Second Row: Ben Arnold, Stanley Shaw, Neal Rogers, Bill Croft, Kelley Waggener, Gene Adams. David Pool, Dick Hunt, Curtis Harvey, Mr. James Adams. RE 'LTEACHER ASSCCIATIO or PAR sf' 6 5 41, 62' 'J' 'rv 5 . wrt. 75 U -4 1 :-1. 3 :T 4 .g.... rj 'b Sl' if 58" by ' 7 . fo l89 SIEWLY-ELECTED PRESIDENT, Mrs. Phil Iossett, takes charge of the first PTA meeting. 'TA MEMBERS are in charge of selling con- essions at the home football games. OBJECTS To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, church, and community. To raise the standards of home life. To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth. To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teach- ers may co-operate intelligently in the training of the child. To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest ad- vantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education. I If President . Treasurer . Historian . . Vice-President Parliamentarian Secretary . . A stil ,z PTA OFFICERS . . . . Mrs. Phil H. Gossett . Mrs. Benoit Stevens . Miss Evelyn Holman . . Mrs. Stacey Dorney . . Mrs. Winburn Smith . . Mrs. G. H. Jackson . M, HOME ECONOMICS COTTAGE AUD ITORIUM AND INDUSTRIAL BUILD IN nf F' ' xv "Wa HYMAN ALLRED REX BARKER DEVIL'S DELIGHT, '55-'57, Assis- tant Editorg Band, '53-'57, Repor- ter, Choral Club, '56-'57, All Region Band, '56-'57. BEN ARNOLD Football, '53-'57, Track, '53-'57, Basketball, '53-'54, Choral Club, '53-'54, Special Chorus, '55-'56, Craftsman Club, '55-'57, G-Club, '55-'57, FFA, '56-'57. HOUSTON BRADBERRY Football, '53-'57, Track, '56-'57, Baseball, '53-'57, Basketball, '53- '57g G-Club, '54-'57, Dramatics, '56- '57g Vice-President of Sophomore Class, Reporter of Junior Class. S NIORS VIRGINIA BATES Pep Squad, '53-'54, Choral '53-'55, Band, '54-'57, Dran '54-'57, FHA, '53-'57. DAVID CAGLE Band, '53-'57, FFA, '53-'56, I tics, '53-'55, S IORS 'Nga A mg, I A 5.1, if i YJ! 0' wail? REBECCA CASSADY EL'S DELIGHT, '55-'57, Co- Managerg Pep Squad, '53-'57, leaderg FHA, '53-'57, Presi- Dramatics, '53-'54, Choral '53-'56g Who's Who in FHA, 63 Nominee for Most Beautiful, 75 Football Sweetheart Candi- '54-'55g Social Chairman of man Classy Representative Stu- of Junior Class, Social Chair- Jf Junior Class. LARRY COOPER Football, '53-'57, FFA, '53-'57 President, G-Club, '5 4-'5 7, Secre tary, Craftsman Club, '55-'56, Sec- retary, Social Chairman of Fresh man Classg President of Junior Class. CAROLYN CRAIG lL'S DELIGHT, '55-'57, Head- Editor, FHA, '53-'57g Pep d, '54-'57, Choral Club, '54-'55: latics, '53-'54, HUEY CRISP Football, '53-'56g Track, '54-'57, FFA, '53-'57, Sentenelg Dramatics, '56-'57, Vice-President: G-Club, '55- '56g Representative Student of Freshman Class, Representative Student of Senior Class. JERRY COSTLOW Dramatics, '54-'55g Band, '54-'57, Choral Club, '54-'55. LINDA CROFT Choral Club, '54-'55g Dramatics, '53- '57, Secretary, Pep Squad, '54-'57, Cheerleader: Representative Student of Freshman Class, FFA Sweetheart, '55-'56g Football Sweetheart Candi- date, '53-'54, JOEL FRANKLIN Football, '54-'55, Craftsman Club, '54-'55g Dramatics, '5 6-'5 7, Repor- terg Social Chairman of Junior Class. E IGRS SHIRLEY GUYTINE GASTON GUSHER, '55-'57, -Bookkeeper, FHA, '53-'57g I tics, '53-'54, Pep Squad, '53-'E Cheerleader, Choral Club, '5 Special Chorus, '55-'56. SUE FREEMAN GASTON GUSHER, '55-'56, Club Editor: DEVIL'S DELIGHT, '53-'57, Assistant Editor, FHA, '53-'57, Re- porter, Pep Squad, '53-'57, Reporter of Senior Class. CURTIS HARVEY Football. '53-'5-lg FFA, '53- '57g Craftsman Club, '54-'57. 'Yu "f' I 6 RUSSELL HUDSON A Football, '54-'57, G-Club, '55-'57, Baseball, '55-'57, FFA, '55-'57. I BILLY JOE HUGHES DICK HUNT Football, '53-'57, Tri-Captaing Bas- ketball, '53-'56g Track, '53-'57' G-Club,'55-'56, Craftsman Club, '54 '56, President: Reporter of Sopho- more Class, Social Chairman of Junior Class. 1 r E ELWANDA HUNT '53-'57, Social Chairman '53-'55, Choral Club, '53-'54 late for Band Sweetheart, '55 ,epresentative Student of Sen- LSS. IOR if 5. Jzmrzr- lala ,, , :ss br: , fs ' ij' 1 rw 'Nl f . I llvfifferf P,-A ffl ' A zz :Jug gg' - 'fl' ISA- ' .15 C3155 iffy,-g1s,f,fg.2. ,S Ap DOROTHY UTZMAN JAMERSON MARY MARGARET JOHNSON GASTON GUSHER, '56-'57, Club Editorg DEVIL'S DELIGHT, '56-'57, Girls' Sports Editor, Choral Club, '53-'55g Special Chorus, '55-'56, FHA, '53-'57, Pep Squad, '53-'57g Candidate for Football Sweetheart, '55-'56, Representative Student of Sophomore Classg Social Chairman of Senior Class. W ILLIL DEE LAMBERT FHA, '53-'57, Pep Squad, '53-'54g Band, '5 5-'5 6. BETSY MUSICK ANN NEWCOMB DEVIL'S DELIGHT, '55-'57, Assis- tant Editorg FHA, '53-'57, Vice- President, Choral Club, '53-'55g Band, '54-'57g Dramatics, '53-'54g Pep Squad, '53-'553 Secretary-Treas- urer of Senior Class. GERRY PIRTLE Choral Club, '55-'56g Dramatics, '56- '57g FHA, '56-'573 Pep Squad, '56- '57, Social Chairman of Junior Class. E ICR NEAL ROGERS Baseball, '54-'57g Football, '54-'55g Basketball, '54-'57, Track, '54-'57, G-Club, '55-'57g FFA, '54-'57, Treas- urer, Craftsman Club, '55-'57, Secretary-Treasurer of Sophomore and Junior Classes: Vice-President of Senior Class. KENNETH ROGERS Football, '53-'57, Tri-Captain' Bas ketball Manager, '53-'56, Bayseballi '53-'54g Dramatics, '56-'57 Presi dent, Representative Student of Jun- ior Classg G-Club, '54-'573 GASTON GUSHER, '55-'56. HARRY STONE Y Y Football, '53-'573 G-Club, 55- 573 FFA, '53-'57. TOMMY STUCKEY DEVIL'S DELIGHT, '53-'57, Editor: GASTON GUSHER, '53-'55, Club Editorg Band, '53-'57, Treasurerg Choral Club, '53-'54, '55-'57, Reli- gious Council, '53-'55g Who's Who in Choral Club. STANLEY SHAW Craftsman Club, '54-'57. JEAN TEDDER FHA, '53-'57, Secretary, Ban '57, Secretary, Choral Club, '5 GASTON GUSHER, '55-'57, Bu Manager, DEVIL'S DELIGHT '57, Co-Print Manager, Dra '53-'54g Social Chairman of more Class. i E ICR 5 MARY LOU Tl-IERIOT ,heerleaderg Secretary of Fresh- Classg Representative Student of mman Class, Choral Club, '54- 'Dramatics, '54-'55, Secretary, , '54-'57, GASTON GUSHER, 57, Layout and Art, Band, '54- KELLNEY WAGGONER '53-'57, Vice-President, Crafts- Club, '54-'57, Secretary-Treasf G-Club, '54-'56, GASTON IER, '56-'57, Boys' Sports Edi- DEVIL'S DELIGHT, '55-'57g mall, '54-'57, Basketball, '54-'57, mall, '54-'57, Track, '54-'57, dent of Senior Class. KENNETH THOMAS Dramatics, '53-'54, Choral Club, '53- '54, '56-'57g FFA, '53-'54, President of Sophomore Class: Representative Student of Sophomore Class, Band, '53-'57, President. ALICE WHITEHEAD Choral Club, '53-'54, Band, '53-'57, Dramatics, '53-'54, FHA, '53-'57. PATRICIA TIPP Band, '54-'56, Majorette: FHA, '54- '57g Dramatics, '56-'57, Choral Club, '54-'56, Reporter of Freshman Class. GLADYS VVHITEHEAD Choral Club, '53-'553 Dramatics, '53- '54g Pep Squad, '53-'57, Cheerleader, FHA, '53-'57g Senior Candidate for Football Sweetheart. it UNIOR Gene Adams Bobby Anderson Carolyn Barker Barbara Blackfe Marie Bynum Jerry Brian Sandra, Connelly Barbara Coolv Bill Croft Da-vid Cooper James Dickeso UNIGR Rosalyn Elliott Janet Furqueron L Nell Heaton Franklin Hudson JU IORS Rodney Hudson Melba Hunt X Prebble Jordan Mike Kelly 1 Terry Irick George Jones 2' E Q Q Doris Lowe Jack Lowe Charles Lacy Donnie Long Bobby McClelle UNIOR A Donald Nicol David Pool Montgomery Sonny Nations Charles Thomas Boyd Wall Taylor Don Wells Malcolm Taylor Robert Williams X John Woods Loretta Baker Mike Blackford Bill Boden Louise Brian Patricia Chance Larry Clements K " f H, 'f Jo Ann Courcier Dixie Davis OPHO ORE M ass' ,. Kilim YL , is 'V- K iz f Dale Finley Kay Herrington Juanita Holland Roger Jackson Judy Lacy Connie Florence Don Forsythe Willie Ann Garrett Gaines Dickeson Brenda. Dorney 3 3951. van' MNH' , li i f f X ' g g L ...Q-sink" ""nm"' 'Sf any .uh-""""' Donny Ricks Janice Rogers T . V L:' Carolyn Nye Annabelle. Pirtle Jerry Pool Idell Linton Barbara Lowe Elizabeth Mattison Robert Mitchell Carolyn Posey OPHOMGRES Ed Roy Simmons Linda Stroud Burl Dee Taylor Cathy Theriot Karen Thomas Patsy 1Voods Don Lee VVooten Clara Jo Jennings FRESHME Anthony Adams Betty Crocker Phil Davis Wayne Connelly Robert Dickeson I Paul Ray Fess 3 J anne Crisp Wmiam Harvey Edwin Jenkins Janet Johnson Jerry Murray Nancy Freeman Duane Gibbs Robert Guytine 3 L S F F RESHME 'U"""'!" Jimmy Osborne Jimmy Pool Jo Lane Williams Evie Wood Joyce Richards Mary Romberg Gwendolyn Wright Jerry Stafford Beverly Thomas Mike Tolleson 4,1 Karen Tresner Mary Wall Kay Weast Billy Whitehead -W Wm, Sandra Anderson Jerry Blake Buddy Clark EIGHTH Robert Bailey Mary Ann Blake Mickey Copeland Kenneth Cooper Charles Ellis ? Q Bobby Bates ?2 Roy Brown Li 5 Q Beth Cooper ude Ellis GRADE , , .mwiii nag ,, n f - ,:. f- - 4' n , Walter Ellis Franklin plter Holloway L Linda Hardy Inman Linda Jamgs Edward Jones Gloria Forsythe Sammje High Wilma Inman Thomas Kelley Johnnie Metcalf 511 4-U4 J. W. Lambeth EIGHT Douglas Lowe George Nye Cecil Morgan Wayne Pace ar Kathy Musick Joan Pennington Lynda. Newcom Frances Picke ,4,. RADE Charles Smith Don Springer fry Thomas w Lula Belle Stone Carolyn Specht Carolyn Stroud 5581 Bill Theriot Carolyn Walker Barbara Walling Robert Williamson First Row: Don Anderson, Essie Lee Arnold, Winnie Arnold, Dana Ray Benson, Jimmy Bynum. Second Row: Lynn Costlow, Mary Ann Crisp, Bobby Dillon Sheriden Dillon, Linda Dod: son, Steve Dorney. SEVENTl Third Row: Anthony Elliott, Roger Ellis, Miles Ford, Fran- cine Franklin, Victoria Gold- berg, Beverly Ann Goss. ,, - I In ny . KB,-1 THANKSGIVING finds the Sev Grade in Mrs. Vesta Cooper's 1 preparing for a school programl Fourth Row: George! ton, Elizabeth Heatoi Henson, Douglas J acksl Langston, Eugene Lay 1, ii- . M , 'gg ij f' g . A . , , i"A5 K i K 'a A' A 1 A ix A . 12 M ,jj -,,,,,. , 'Q l lie ""' F BQ' A , A i fwfr U ' if ,JN s 'M ' ii 7 255 if Q4 GRADE ETUDENTS of Miss Hilda Gaut's h Grade discover that geography important factor in international ms. Row: Ernest Ledger, Second Row: William Mont- Lee, Joe Ed Martin, gomery, Sallie Nye, Otis Pir- laynard, Elise McAllis- tle, Earl Rogers, Brenda Sel- lers, Louise Stevens. f it ssli l IL Vt,.:,L . SQ :Fi I I Iii :-' ' , fl " i S, Third Row: Ruth Strickland, Fourth Row: Sandra Trahan Gerald Stuait, Charlotte Tar- Darnell Utzman, Gordon Wag rant, Matalyn Taylor, Marlene goner, Lee Roy Wall, Sue Tennison, John L. Thomas. Williams, Dennis Worrell 0 t f S . at Q1 ,ikevliigff Y f, ., 1 it 'Q' ll 4 ,,ir S , Q K ww AG 'f SIXTH GRADE THE SIXTH GRADE listens as Miss Inez Ballad reads a side- light story on the exploration of the world. First Row: Lynn Akin, William Allee. , . JR ' ,f ' A . T a A A f A N r ,,' I- , M ,f' W " 5,4 :i.l- A3 PF fr" , m e I if Second Row: Wayne Autrey, Larry Beene, Virginia Brundage, Dale Con- nelly, Genieva Cooper, Sandra Cooper. Third Row: Bill Courcier, Gary Crisp, Leon Crow, Danny Lynn Dallas, Ruby Jo Dickeson, John Lynn Duran. . 15, 1 " xy H , o , V., T Fw. A , sl X' 'E' b 'fi fi A I , LR J. x in Fourth Row: Jimmy Ferguson, l Freeman, Joseph Garrett, Charles berry, Jerry Grisham, Ruby Ham Fifth Row: Paul Hardaway, Dian: vey, Vertia Mae Inman, Billy Ke: David Kennedy, Barbara Lincecul l w -o 'Wx' ,s , ""' 'Jas a d 5 uv' yy ' ' 4 ' M e d Row: Diana Lea s, Ronald Meyers, James ton Ronald Montgom- hirley Newell, Judith Row: Billy Nye Ann igton Michael Ricks Richardson Kenneth Samuel Scherer. Fourth Row: Nancy Stone, David Stroud, Dean Stroud, Sandra Summy, Brian Wayne Taylor, Gaylon Thomas. Fifth Row: Joyce Thomas Kim Tolleson Jeff Ward David West Robert Whaley Linda Wilson. SIXTH GR DE MR. OZZIE GRAMLING'S Sixth Grade is entertained by Sandra Cooper's interesting story. First Row: Judy Littlefield, Jerry Marshall, Betty Mae Mar- tin. 3. J " .,, m y ' .9 in W' , -. 9, a I- ,Fai "5 it V 1 aj' L v ia!"-" Q .I W X Q Q 3 ' 3 R li al. Nl .. E' .a' 3 A FREE READING PERIOD is enjoyed by Mrs. Lorene Stephenson's Fifth Grade. FIFTH First Row: Bennie Akin. D A Secfmd R0W1 Jimmy Al'I101d, Gay Third Row: James Dodson, Sue Fourth Row: Billy Jones, 3 f r Barham, George Brown, Edward Freeman, Sharlot Guytine, Linda Langston, Kenneth Malone,S P 'W ,-5 Crawford, Arthur Deaton, Jane Hunt, Dwight Huntsman, Danny Musslewhite, Jeanie Ne ' Q. Dickeson. James. Richard Newton. , ,yy i t 'a f qv A , :li 'X ivehiei f X AE ., dx ,f in 7' U 2- 4 ,S ii 2 mg ww X X, . . 4 1 ...Ass 'C' , , .Msn- L airy, K f rf i I ' L 1 buf' is 'F' V ' E .iv I 3 VVV ,:.,., I V,s,,h V my In 1 i v '-a gain. A - I ,figs I 5 iff 1 J Ima, 5,35 G i.., , X 1. it GRADE .d Row: Lloyd Odom, D'Wayne 2, Phyllis Pugh, Johnny ay, Nina Romberg, James 5011. MODELING CLAY is one of the favorite pastimes for Mrs. Annie Lloyd's Fifth Grade. ,X li Ma -J' 1 f- - A gf.'fv"1 'l W' First Row: Mike Nye. Third Row: Linda Gay Smith, Fourth Row: Nancy Wallace, lr Nancy Specht, Wanda Strickland, Patsy Welch, Dotsy Wells, Cecil Albert Taylor, Wayne Utzman, West, Leon Wood, Kay Wright. me - 3 Jerry Wadle. lu... ! an is so ' you E- 3 cu-If as o 'Wk M 7. - if l 'iii ' H 1 I . V i .,l. yygr 4" A4524 f iii s A A mana G I h -da, was A, , "" 1 it ivan' We I 3 Q A ""' ' -r ix. A .f -M-lfslw 1 -. FOURTH , if GRADE MRS. FRED DUNN'S Fourth Grade class prepares scenery for a Thanksgiving Play. First Row: Linda Adams, Billy Arnold, Annell Ashby, James Berry. A ' n r, M, '4.-7' Q F he aft Ji' 5 J g - X . us. md 3,8 few . N, V "nr""!P A X ai ww , JH R 5 'F , . 5,522-f ' , I Second Row: Betty Birdwell, Roger Brown, Billy Browning, Albert Brundage, Jane Ann Bynum, Randy Carlock. 140136121 Third Row: Ellen Costlow, R: mond Dillon, Ronnie Fergus' Charles Ferrell, Linda Fowl Janice Gill. Fourth Row: Laura Gresl Jerry Hardaway, James Hud Katherine Inman, Ann Jack Betty Johnson. li l! S' I , .:,,, TJ 12 . 2 3 .dis A df , , -13 5 ,yss . ,,,Q: V V 4 at iffy, I - , , ....... A '- , . ii A A ili K v u L ,. ., ' E' V J V J lie -, I 'A :Q A R ' '-i A A L' 5 ',.' -" V N in -, ' - . 'ii bi J ld W , X72 5 Ml ' e is A ' I 2 ' izifjfyl ,lei-"'.e7:f'5'i . 1 :L I J S Q in Aaah: fag v',-. - I , Elias V L A vwktgq , Second Row: Warren Larrimore, Ralph Ledger, Karen Lynch, Vicki Mathis, Carol Moorman, Glenda Morgan. L Row: Jimmy Johnson, Johnny ison, Mike Jones, Larry Kennedy. i to T mf? KY A U' vlrz V am JSI? 5 Q as wp- if. if ax 1- , is ' V 'i':"o " fa sq Mg if Third Row: Betty Norman, Jimmie Lou Norton, Glenda Sue Oliver, Danny Pirtle, Micheal Rawls, Donna Kay Richards. fm. ,, W5-ltr 1215 V 'rn M FO RTH GR DE "IT'S A SMALL WORLD," dis- cover the students of Mrs. Vele1'a Henson's Fourth Grade. Fourth Row: Sammy Ricks, Kay Rogers, Norma Rogers, Donna Simpson, Lynn Smith, Waylon Smith. 1 y -::V,o:a ,,. it S it ye- 1:5 . -. , 'fi Clip oi" 'wa y'LL xl.. ,, J! 'V Z. X L p k n S Qi at H , f in 5 'Y 1 'a i fi ., , , . First Row: Maxie Specht, Gary Stephens, Jerry Ste- phens. ws A f it S .. '-- 8 3 I x 1 Second Row: Nancy Stephen- son, Betty Stone, Lynn Strick- land, Gary Stroud, Ray Allen Stuart, Lynn Tarrant. 2 at Q at S -...ff Third Row: Lavelle Taylor, Michael Theriot, Gail Tolleson, Vernette Trahan, B o b b y Wadle, Toni Waggoner. FQURT GRADE THE FOURTH GRADE I DENTS enjoy listening to Freddie McWilliams read a a after lunch. T Fourth Row: Johnny Vi Jerald Wall, Kenneth l Wayne White, Garland sett, Pamela Wooley. Z A: , """' 1 at r - 'Ee' 7 2 , Eiy ,1- . If" ' 'F 5 1 . .... .fy midvf I ......a" 'A ,, W' a - "cf p -"' a., J' Q' a -t , r . , ., V , 'X A in I if Z V AA BQ.. it icq, Q . . h --A-. t .Z E , "'Qr'Hr . a n an ff, . T l ,F m fb. if Q 'Q ,. A 'H if. THIRD GRADE ' STUDY is an interesting sub- rfor the students of the Third e in Mrs. Lula Belle Strick- s room. Row: James Adams, Second Row: Mike Bates, ,lia Akin, Haskel An- Don Boatwright, Connie Box, L, Timmy Arnold, Willie Gladys Brown, Ann Clark, ld, Sammy Autry. Don Cooper. g if-of K A A , 9 G, M ' 4 3' Q. f e , r is all p -Q Pi 1,3 A . i , ' W 'i is Q' A W WT M Effzwil' A .- ,,,f" Third Row: Steve Cooper, Fourth Row Thomas For Larry Crawford, Alice Marie sythe Nora Gresham Bruce Deaton, Ruth Dinwiddie, Jan Goss Lynn Holt Jajuana Hudson Mary Nell Inman Y ,, L Y , xt 1 ai' xx M m,JaVx,x X 4- ' X, i-,., A 'S J' 5? THIRD GR DE THE LIBRARY is put to use by Miss Evelyn Holman's Third Graders as they increase their knowledge by reading. if First Row: Dick Jenkins, r 'ii vii' L my i i Second Row: Juanita Third Row: Jimmy Mar- Fourth Row: Jerry Nor- Fifth Row: Larr , ' Johnson, Linda Jones, tin, Bruce Mathis, Betty man, John Nye, Diane phens, Karen S1 'Z ' -', Judy Kiker, Bennie Sue May, Richard Minyard, Posey, Laura Romberg, Sharon Stevens, ' if Lambert, Janie Lambert, Sue Morris, Joe Mussle- Gail Sherlock, Jean 'Y ' V , A. L. Layne. white. Smith. , Qi, a 'JF' L 1' Walling, Linda S1 Welch, Malcolm Vi 5 Q hii W , if M viii, I ,4 sem H' J .A ni uri , , iv Ni , X . V A2 ' gk wi! V v,,r: il, ,' ...,,. K ' ' L .A - Il A s icl i , , W 4.1 Q ,'ii if I in fi ' o . v , . if f .1 if it r J J S 'K+ lcycc Q7 J .: - ' - t -"' af V ...sf I ' 5 y 5 . h .V -'- . , Q 4 A i WY' """""' x xt, M 'ew l 4 'HQ is 'cgi-.,.,,,,, 4, l' -5' 1, ,F . J 3 5 .4 ' , ,, , "' W ,,, h Vi . . af, uv 1 "2 - 'Wifi' f ' , ' Q "a+' c F , ' L .3 ,, ,,, J M 4 X N -!" . , ni-lk A A .n- in , - lg... Third Row: Shirley Fowler, Bow: Louise Akin, Pat Second Row: Donna Boat- g, Sharon Arnold, How- wright, David Crow, Beth utrey, Gerald Bailey. Dinwiddie, Paul Dodson, Myr- tle Ellis, Linda Forman. 'BV' 'i.. is K iw Alu 7 Gloria Freeman, Karla Gos- sett, Emily Huckabay, Ray Hunt, James Kelley. SECO GRADE CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES of various types are enjoyable for Mrs. Lurene Waggoner's Second Grade children. Fourth Row: Dan Kennedy, David Mathis, Kathy Minor, Barry Moarman, Carlus Mor- gan, Kay Murry. fr' F I I . C ' Q A D fw ,'f,,i --V iiytss i ' y yay lf f ii.. 5' yt 6, W W K Q V' A 5 ' M 9 a at ix I... . ef: If . Q ,N , ., A K K .1 We I' ,vii 5 A , , mia' , Q I ff- . , ,x g A N 'IWW . ' 'E t .f - if ,. 'f h 3, V if-ka I -f F --f a l e ... Q "'i. .. at A ii'l n y ,AIT ' at f'lfJ,' -. ,Tv-J fi Q sis-df -ma ..,4 K Li, , W Q First Row Mary Musslewhite, David Newton Virginia Odom, Second Row: Larry Pickering, Ronald Pool, Charles Rich- mond, Judith Salyer, Gloria Shuttlesworth, Calvin Smith. Third Row: Lynda Smith Judy Specht, Brad Standardi Tommy Stephens, Sue Strick- land, Larry Stuart. SECONJ GRADE "DOWN ON THE FARM" ' theme of study in Mrs. Louise Second Grade classroom. Fourth Row: Chris Sui Iris Taylor, David Th Lee Thomas, Darlene sett, Linda Sue Woods. Q.. f ' ... at n r :gs I -l'c W ,, ' pf A - Q an Sl E-if 'W i 'i': ' 4 A Hi fi, K ' ,. .- ' Q E I fd V 4 I. , - D "'-""' .eee f of ' . eg L get , H I I if tml! if 1 iq wf"fl:" ' .V 'L in : Z, . W -k ll ,QQ , is I ,, ..,.., .I KM - 1 :,. db? tza: h 3 f , ?i M 'tin' 57" ,rf ,b ' ...A . - z icli. f 5 i ff. to l Ll -- , L E H W .L y, ' 'A , -" -fl Q D -i....,m,...,..,waNq,, .,., . L ,, , ,.f,.L. ,, . ,A ,L .44 .,. . FIRST ERADE ll' GRADERS of Mrs. Bonnie Smith create images through se of the crayola. ,owz Larry Allee, Alan Larry Bates, Charlsa Clyde Brown. ks, Second Row: John Clark, Mary Lou Connelly, Danny Courcier, Carolyn Crawford, Diann Dallas, Gary Davis. J 1 ......,yy , In B - rw fi"f3' 'Q "" D . ,e of .- 4 . - QW if l ' B i L N , , A j l'1: ..,. T' V M .. 1 nur . i x ff , i -Q A in 1 K a Kr it Inf. fa E' ii 'F .. A:-- VV' . 1' r , . n Q H V' gf' W Win M ' E5 le ' . A 'saefe an slel e i if . V w . , ra 7 f ' ... .a r r . . .. C"LL V W CV.. P . Q. , W 'fe -It , I Third Row: Ruth Duran, Randal Dysart, Mary Lillian Elliott, Donald Ellis, Ronald Ellis, Janet Gill. Fourth Row: Daves Graham, Elaine Guytine, Malcolm Hardaway, David Husband, Imogene Inman, David James. 10 a av' r 'lv' 6 . . . sl- Q 14 3 K -.. A A X , . .. -V .1 it V 'fl A. -1 'D 'O :Q v '1 S f f , 'ai',,,ff, v' if J . V . on as 'ff bmw. First Row: Robert Jones, David Mathis, Gary Mathis, Carl Martin, Tommy Pugh. Second Row: Charolett Rich- mond, Margie Dell Robertson, Barbara Romines, David Ross, Jimmy Smith, Leslie Smith. F111 T GRADE AN INDIAN WAR DANCE is formed by Miss Dreeby Has First Grade with the help of Third Row: Tommie Smith, Wayner Sue Smith, Bobby Sparks, Melvin Specht, Rex Stevens, Katrina Swann. Gussie Parker. Fourth Row: Jerry ' Clifford Thomas, Ranell Jeana Wallace, Linda Walton, Glenda Wilson 4 . lv v S , S F1 7 A K P S Q an ,T , 4 f ,gs Q -wvi A ,S ., , , rg 4 1 in . 1, S , at I K- f'f-Sa V V ,,V,.,, S V4 S, m X y m ' 2 S S J, QS - f I ' . X .WI If K SS 1, in ' m ...rf P'-1. Sr S V ' final? , 1 S- ' f' , if 3, 1 S , Q Sw ,,,. k k S' ft S -U Q -t- A 1, f A lV'i ' S ',.--'- . li, - W W 7 v. W - if I X my-A k ! X ,,, S, 1... N4 as S A 1, asf ii 1 Q? ' S ,S if ,S Q if X4 W mp - f 1S. gf' S i S 'H ' it H Q' ,QS -- ,, ASTST A .W ' V S " S A S I " SSS X S --f l A r W" s E ,Y ' " . S 1 Lk A ,., K Q-A 5 F A r ef A r S aa S mlmj i t c h fi S jg, S a Q V KVVV K, Y K 'HIGH I kk S N g L ' H SS 'gr LS i Q - , S4 ,vi 3 A I D M.. Q . 1 if PECIAL vUCATIO P X C . Larry Chevallier MRS. WILLIE RHEA DEAN'S Special Education students gain knowledge through play. 5' I E .. -. A ,W is L K - it EA . 3' ' fw y x , - gg " . Ervin Deaton Jeanette Ellis Milton Metcalf Elizabeth Odom First Row: John Andrews, Jimmy Clark, Second Row: Billy Ray Fegerson, Carolyn Reba Costlow, Johnnie Dinwiddie, Beverly Forman, Marilyn Fowler, Paula Garner, Elliott, Kaleta Ellis. Patricia Graham, Paul Jackson. -xj R51 " f.-3 JK' fall vii o-.xx vii W .,,. .ie .. 5, wi I -FE '1 1, is 91 S K I , wil' I I "" . 1 I- ,, -4 H ww aw- 1 KI DER- GARTE THE KINDERGARTEN CHILDREN, under the direction of Mrs. Elsie Dent, learn the fundamentals of good mar- keting. First Row: Loring Johnson, Peggy Jones, Eugenia Kelsey, Kash Kay Lambeth, Debbie Larrimore. Second Row: Steve Lynch Vernon Minor, Donna Morgan, Dale Morris, Martha Mussel- White, Carl Rocky. Ii of :vw l e k r 'J e k 1 40 Cu. Q . Third Row: Robert Romines, Wayne Seelbach, Tobie Sim- ons, David Simpson, Walter Smith, Kathy Stevens. Fourth Row: Kier Strick Joe Glen Summy, E Wayne Titus, David Willi Donna Wilson, Diann Zim man. 'dd Nm an ar , j ..,- fl- . . - xf, ' V A 9 V it aa , ,-, ' V 1, 7 1 P 0552, 'Sigel' ,mdk K X .L Q Qi " " 'f' - I fl f ik frw lF"1?"f.' ' Q 5 . . ...,. . a J 'J 5, ,. 'f .al l 'Fl M , "' if 3. S qv.. .1 S , . 'Tlx E , 'fn fi V , i ,, if I l " " 121:15 l A """"" f f3b5.a.5st" i .4 Us it r L 5 A o! - - - "'A 'lv D -, , ,f K Tim - . M lr' or s 41 ' -1" ' T ., you fu- E 1 -4' ,A , 2. 4 .gg - ev-f - - A - '. . kiw i' .'.4 V it gk, ' .. if , , Q' . o r l . . saar yyy X T . v v i T' f ' . f- is . v , 1 , Q Y 9 -g f if, ,Q f. E ,,.k .4 L.. 1 iii V, 1 M, ,Qu ff'-t 64 fl. 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